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The Mail Herald 1910-03-05

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 The Mail-Herald
Vol. 16   No  17
KKVKLSTOKE. B. C. MAK0I1 5. 1910
$2.50 Per Year
An Accident Policy
We have been requested by
the Perfecto Diamond Point Fountain Pen Company to'", offer with
each pen sold at $2.50, the above
policy with all premiums and registration fees prepaid.
This is an absolutely guaranteed Pen, has 14k. gold point and
if not satisfactory can be returned.
The Imperial Guarantee and
Accident Insurance Company, of
Toronto who issue this policy, have
a Government deposit of $100,000
' An
Sim Slide at Rogers Pass Wipes Out Snow Service Gr-Lw—75 Men Killed Including Five C.P.
li. IcrEirien, Two Engineers and Conductor-
Four Relief Trains to the Rescue.
(in Iho lop "f tho terrible il Una tor w\
Kvnrott nn lho flront Xorlhern nyntein
in tlie CuHoudoH when two Lrnln I"'"1
oi ptiKHoniforu wore hurled i<i otoi'nilj
in (In' midnl of un uvulnnehOj Ihero
eoinoa tho nown tins mornlny "f a
Hooond if not w orno disuHloi' i Imi i-
righl n( homo und han emitted the
vvhoto eommunity n (front  ahoek.
Mi'ti    who   wen-   known    linully        Uiul
who wore nlivo hut n few liours njfo,
und ongugod in Iheli "ailing in the
C.P.ll. Hor\*iee nre now lying cold in
doath, their liven snuffed out ut a
momentH notice, Tho awful calamity
thai hns thrown UevoUtoke into ti
Mint)' of cotiRtornntion is tin- worst in
the history of ilus division, nnd Is appalling in its detallfl nnd (Ik- BUddeu*
ness "f the utter annihilation of strong
mon • *11__• iti_r€*eI in the duty of thoir calling.
Tho dotnils of the terrible Occident
timi wiped nm whole gangi of men ;ii
Uogora I'uhh early thin morning are
lacking up till lhe lime of going to
prose Imi wo nre nblo to publish im (
near as possible lhe true facts of lho lerUttl in-iuril's
DEA'l II UHlNfilNfi AV\|.. Willi.
It appears that a work train wiih
snow plow anil rotary wore workim:
nt a deep snow slide al about mid-
night Inst niiiiit in file vir inity ol
Sir,-,I IT which is the now division <>n
tho summit ,,f Rogers Pass. No. IT
shed has been discontinued for    'snt,,,'
linic  owing   to   lho  tact   tlml  all dun-
,', whon a (inin was quickly made
up mnl dospatchoil lu lho scimo ol lho
LIST III'  hll.l.F.II.
I i< till     11,,' i Into ,,f going lo pros -
wc hnvo booi nblo lo gol more ihun
mongro ,1,'tails Inn .ubpond a lisl ol
killed .'imi Injured.
Ileportod killed aro:
I,'. .1. UUCKLEY, C In,u,r.
V   I'llll.l.ll'S. Engineer.
.1. .1. FUASF.Ii.  U,,„,l Maslor.
T, (UUFFITHK,   Fireman.
\. I'OTBUFF, Engi •.
A. JOHNSON, Foreman.
('. ANDERSON, Foreman.
I'. WELLENDEIt, Foreman,
I). .1. MACDONALD, Mason Foreman
as well as olghl of his gang whoso
names are nol yel known definitely
.Million.   Iti'alii'llian.
ti. Nichols, Bridgomau.
.1. M.I.I'.W.W. llridgemnn.
Thirty    si>\,.n    Japanese     who nro
Know,i, Imi  probably more than   lhal
as well as many  llindoos,
P. I.e ('linn,...   both legs broken, in-
Low Prices  on  Canned  Fruits
and Vegetables This Month
All varieties of Smoked and Dried Fish for Lent,
Pancake Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Pure Maple Syrup,
_ California and Ontario Honey,
A Cull Stock of HiiiiKvarc incliiditip; MtC'un 's Sti.ws,
t Ranges, Furnaces, Enamel and Tinware.
S?   Sherwin-WilliamB1 Paints and Varnishes, Alabastine
and Muresco Wall Tints.
General Metrchans
C.P.R. to spend $3,1,000
W.      Phillip*,      J.  .!.     FraMT,   R.  .1.
Buckley and one Jap,
r luotor Buckley  was one ol     the
fii>i to bo rescued by those who arrived on  thu scene kooii aftei1 the tlia as*
An appropriation of uppt'oximiilolj
811,600,00(1 for beltormeuts and lin-
provetnents to bo carried oul i Kin
year on the I'nolfle Divitiion of the
CnnadiAu Pacific railway wns recently
made by the Board of director*.
There vvill bo a I urge expenditure for
improving tin' terminal facilitte* in
Ai Field tho yard will bo enlarged,
and an addition made to the engine
house. The Kamloops yard will be
revised ami additions made. The nun
pauy will also add six uow stalls to
the en urine-house nnd build n machine
shop. The largo increase in trullic on
the main line nece**itates a very Lurge
expenditure for sidings and spur*.  Kx-
iln- posl oflice for n year were l*<s
For the three month* ending January
Ml*t, 1010, the receipts from tin- Bale
uf stamps were 389.25, Lasl year ii
oohI the post ofiice department |600 t<»
delivei   mails  at   Folt  (Ieorge,
late Wires
tensions will bo made to all yards,       Ive-tordiiv
Bridge   construction does not  figure 1,1   .  ,i.
tor, ,„„l wns conveyed „, Ol,icier only I      B big ilem  .his year.     Tl, '   '
a ~1""'' llisl"  a™y ,,Mt ''"■'l h'""r"   lever brid ver the Eraser rivor     al
"" '"' 1"'1 ,l",v' Cisco    uiil be replaced     bv ii     lieavv
Vi. Phillips was found l.,'s„l,. lusjm- | l|inil|Lr|i   mn    lfj bD M|ppUed by t,
Thirty men were killod by dynamite
(his morning af  ■' uneuu.
Tin- report that John Houston of
Fori (ieorge is dead i- incorrect, John
i- al IJuesnelle and N recovering.
Death list En the Great Northern disaster in the Cascades i- now tl8. Cascade station  is  also swept   away.
li  i-     reported  thai   Mr.   Macgovran
M.  r.  r. mude     a sensational charge
n      the  B.   ('.   Legislature
n( appointee to judgeship
eanti- j WftS  fUgUjve   |"M,n,   justice  and   mlnVr
of u idow - and orphans.
. || J fi *     ger from s~now    slide.  I apparently |  ."• J;"11111"?.T ,ou,!u .H0"'ue '"V"" Ithrough   spun    lo be supplied by the I      .,       ._...      n
iDiimonpn Hopiwapo In      a ^>> i"«i»-i r '," '        r |»«j,ii   New Scnedule for Operators
I.UI        Ml IMW tp      uf m.ahi ]    .^      TiM <i!Hn ,n |Ulm, „,., |e „ hord -in„"J,' for liberty   n ,„„„,.„,. „, |nl. e ^kl*     ir, ,,„, K„(l.      Hmmlncnl    telegnipliers of Wlnnip
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
I    new   trark    tlie    illcn|i\ fMlieliee     ol      ll 	
hod mifthl  be uvoided.     The slide in I"1"" "':' '" ". *n "V**6? l""'."""n>; In number of large bridges In the K
formnny   '""  ''"' '"'"      "T8,1" ?!        ™.ttt Itenn>'fl wi" l,° nnishod l,»8 BOnl"
quesl i.,ii was one ui the first
years     ni     thai    point and tlie snow
snow was too much lor them nnd they      ()wi|1[, ,u |h|, rnpid ,|0V0|opln(.,l(    ,,f
I'rim'i,,,',,, telegnipliers ,,f Winnipeg
..nn,','t,"I with Initl, the Commercial
ind liuilroud Telegraphers Unions, an-
,            ,.    . ____,        .  ,,    ,    ,,   ,      I     n living death, unable t,, extri-I.i    f   "   ,„.,,,,;,,,,  ;,„i,, ,,.,   ;,', ih,. m Bounce tl,.,:  a  new scale affecting uli
plow  outfit   iii  charge ,,f  If.  J,  lluck- . ,       .      , r glowing  in.lu-li\   in  the uk- ,.,,,,
,,•„,. themselves from the clutches     of t„naffl,„  VMey whavves ,„„| (.,, i |. f; M1_^ : * • Lir. i. (.1,.-. - ,,„  the I   I'.I..  .ystcm is
will i''1''"- drawn up, and will shortly Ik'
ley     was Ik'iiih    i.ihi,1,,v,.i1 hi clearing
, .        .        ,    , , the »now.
uway iln1 obstruction, ouow  had been
falling    steadily    for several days ,»n
tl,,- higher    slopes of     tlm mountains
ains v,,',',' despatched  to the
hut none had fallen on tli*- lower alii-
Hairs so that no further danger <»f a
recurrence of the slides  was  anticipn*
Becno of a,, i,l,nt >,„,n as they could be
mude     up and    men rrom arrowhead I km.    t     [ioaera^Y
and Kamloops     were brought up and |a|)t| ./,' Slne|tei. tTun'ctloBi
tn facilitate tl„. handling nf fruit   	
,     ,   ... 1 , !>.■<,,,I,',1      1,,   tl„. nil,.ial-  ,,f  tin-  ,'nmi,'
lir erected at  Okanogan  Lamina.'.  Ke- '
,      ,    ,,    , 1     .    aliv   t«.  decide   ,ii„,m.       I h,*  ,-.,ii,linons
lowna,  >ilrririi|.rlarr,l.   I crilntna ni„l   at  '
,- .- , ...      ,       in   ih,.  new   m h,.,l,il,.  ar.'   unknown  ex-
Vernon.     A,'i\ engine houses will     be
,    ^. ,1 ■ 1      .',■[,t  that  ii   will  mean an incroase   it,
ihr nelkirks      ' .
wages over old  ichedule. No trouble is
Phone 251.        Quick Delivery. P. O. Box 181
Birds of
a Feather
Flock together they say.
You will be more than
pleased with your dinner
if you let us supply you
with meat, whether it be
,   ,        ., ,     , , sent nut to     aid in tin'     rescue work.
ted as the t,,ns of th.. lull- would 111,1    ,.
_——_———■—________■  '
cither ,,n thi* ground or ,,n their wuj
there with shovels and picks ii being
impossible to ,is,> the Bnow plows ow-
iny to the bodies being in the slid,',
So great  was tho force ,,f the nvnl-
be alTi'itisI by the thaw. While engaged
at thr task of clearing th<. track the
several Langs of men wi-i-,. all at work
at various points ,,f the slide.. Without any warning an enormous avalanche nf tntis nf ice llllll sllliw sil,I,I,'illy became detached from the hit! nbove
and     gathering     impetus as 11 swept   ,    ,, ,   ,       •,   ,        ,,      ,,,,   ,-
B  , 7 ' , ',    Imilily  up and deposited on the BUll ol
down the slop,'-, stunk the \\o,k
train with tremendous force filling the
cutting with thousands of tons of ice
nnd snow and burying the entire crew
uni!,',' about thirty feel ,,f debris.
"I' ^^^^^^^^
thu ~h,-,l while the lender was hurled
onto th" top ,,f the l„',l some f,','t
Rscapo was  impossible owing to  il,,-
nature of the    ,",tiinu' when  the slid,'
Boodling Charged
Revenue Continues to Grow
Paris,     March    I    Merchants charge :    Ottawa,  March   I    II ,,m,,ihs  rev-
thai     there has I  wholesale l„„',l    ,.,,„,. f,„-    {\u. Dominion for February,
ling in the manipulation of the mil- increased 81,071,I'll over the same
lions contributed bj tho world by the month lasl vear, Ihe total for the
world for the relief ,,f flood victims, i month being 83,174,S'24. For the
Ai .1 mass meeting lasl 11 iirli* an ofii. ,,|eveii months of the present fiscal
,ial  accounting wns demanded. [year the     revenue amounted     to $54,-
 |'m.'.'::T. or hnlf n million dollars     ol
_    ,   _ inerense     ,,\.-,'   I'.'"7.   ihr   banner yea
fort George ' n.. ,,,;,i g„in i.„ o., ,v,„ month is
815,Kil,Jl"<.      li   the  ,..;'      loutinue
The Fori <"!i
fall  bill       foUl
urge Tribune snvs:  Lust
••1 (A. ri
Poultry, Beef, Veal, Mutton or Pork
Green Bones Chopped for Vour Chickens Daily
Tenderloins, Spare Ribs,
Steaks. Chops, Ox Tails
for Soup, Boiling and
Stewing Meats.
We cater to particular
people and satisfy them
every time.
Phone orders promptly
attended to,
So sudden was the disaster thai the descended and  the men just  died
men had  no  time to make lor safety, ti„.;,. pogtl,|    uilih. ,,„.„  ,ln(|  Asiatics,
and Hied an awful death, being crush- jnpa  .,lhl   Mi,,,!,,,,..,  aJ]  went   out  to-  H""«ton)  we,
ed by the mas, ,,f i,,. thai  thundered ,r,.,i„„. |to remain nt  Fort l.corgo during   the
.1 nines  ( owio,  \V.   Kennedy nnil    .John
Hinted  on  a-   likelj
i.. gain at ihi- rate il '.■ expected thai
the figures fm the yen, to Maul. 31sl
will   total siiti.in,,,.	
Foi lv     huve wintered here.
down  upon  them  .„„l  overwhelmed  by 1" RaUwnV  men state  lhat   slides      are   "i"1''1'-
the  avalanche  thnl   filled  the rutting |c „g    Ul,w„    in entirely  new places \L™[ }«■"  ' '"|>   soundii heard were
II       .'"I,-.   M .,.!,,
where they were working.     The train   ,|ris year, aud  lho   crows ol outward
was completely buried and no   race of   „ir| |mvnrt]     trains repori  thai     tl"'
the sing-song calls  ,,f  Indian \..ut!.-
I'he steam whistle ,.t  a saw  mil)
the awful  calamity could be seen ,-\
lillll,  t,.   Mr,   nn I   Mrs.  ('    M.   Field, .
II   '     F,   Vi.
\., Inu ,.   ll inion (I,,
lido     at     lingers  Pa--  w:is expected, |now
slide ilml  usually
comes down in :l,.,i vicinity, Tho verj-
discolorod mounds win,,, close <
incii were buried nlive. No. I
is about   I j miles from 1 il.e ier,
liuu  I'IKI   SI.IIIIm with I	
The slid,, stretched fnr over r,"" feel   snow on tho top the whole mass   was
l..riLr in,. 1 in     places was over :;" feel   sot in motion.
deep.   Over'  IH HI   feel   of   the  .-lied       W.'isl ALL   LOCAL   MEN*.
lorn  away and  added  to  the destruc- |   The victims of lho disaster .,1 ial
ii,,,,,   the massive timber being splin-   ly nil hw-nl men, anl well known and
tared     to     match w I,     t) I the   the news of the accidonl  has filled all
survivors hastened to ti Ini iei  uilhtho   lievelstoke with consternation.       The
hoard     three  ti s n day.     Ln-d Vnnienl   engi ol   Kamloops,    wns
.   fall  there     wasn't   11  stuked  town    i,,t j;,,  ,1,,. ...   i| ;. ivei-k.
or .1  rond .,1     Fort  fleorge.     Today .
'"■''   I vy rain- „f the past  low dav.. have  «™«>   "'  1'0'''  '■'^ r™' '' ::;   ,;'"    „..,„..   „„   ,l„. ,„.„   lurW__,  for      th.
! <l  lh" lower layers of s„„w and   ;"'"'"""     "";"'^ '   "-">   I"- ";"   .„..,, ,    .,. Jem.kell Mu, ,liTl.
,|,.',i,„,ros,,l  masses of flesh | S.1^,..^™™™., »™ TJ .Tl "!.    '           '   "       ' '" « "      '<"   W.D60 *
and loi . • '."- ntoi  lo the Canadian
\\               ■ ■ Co., Tor, nto,  for tV.
■.  1 ,iiti
1 in ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the  union,  and   busil    men  a,lie, li-''
tbo names ,,f tl„- -,,,,, on v. lii, ll
tlloy nre healed. I.a I fall till re wall,,   talk   ,,l        I rill':    I'l-h.       In        lill.f !_______________________________________________________________
I mon Ihs     ovor     230, 1 a, res of land      Vi\ ihe
dniie      I n        i.,l.,"!   1 ,1   ii 11 lei -.   and    '' ■ ' l't' ! "'" '•"
\ iini,   noii.e.  of  inti ntlon  to  i",,' base    log, wl ,   lie de
——————————————————————————————————————————      ■____■,,        , ■ r    the "'' I- ''" OW
news which was wired into lievelstoke.   slide i    1 h.   worst  in tho history     of.""   ' " ■ ■■ 1 ,| ■
.,    . .    ..... ithal  was    in ,".i-i. ,„■.■ four moi I hy .1. I      llutehi on,  bu   11
CUAWKK     "FECIAL.    Everything »«"■     Lnst full tho trnveller f,  '     ■■  I   I
1 1..1   .i« il,n   outside was  from  four davs  lo      two   slulF,  fortunately  without   an)   serious
  1 ■ beinu dune I,, oxtricuto tlio . .
,.        ,   , ■,,  1    ,       i,  ,.,1,.  r ,.   week     on    the rond  between Ashcrofl    "
, 1 -     \   train will  leave slioi 11 >   im .
p   1 „  nnd  Fori Ccorga (330 miles),     loan;
,  ,    .      , ..... . '/„     I,,,,   i, -,. *,.,-;   Itlie II.1'.  Express  Coinpnny, ownirs  nl
help in thi   In I. ..1 dgging out     tho Chnnn   1    on the lr,nn Uul  1- so Ben •
,    ,.      ... .      , 1     1 ,,   , 1  ,,i,,(.,  si     i„. 'iini    currying  stnge    ines  und       •   11
bodies. The lire bells «  ro nine ur the ouslj    nirl   thnl  it  11  doubtrtl  if     Ho
.... ,, 'ii      ,.,.,i;i,,,,, ,,,' ,1,,    bouts,  are   advertising   'hat   from   I-:
itv and every avn nb 0 mnn was en w,ll    recover.        lh nd 11 ol tin
^^m ^^B ,.,.        |,,,,|  In     \ in    I ro    w ill   Innl     ,11- al
-11., .    .11  1 he mountains 1 ■ vorj      oaii ' -
! I'orl  1. ..,'.'.' in  1 Inn.' daj B  fi..,,,      A -Ir
croft.     la 1  fall  250  loltei    and  sop-
On receipt ,,f the tidings <>i  lh,   aw
fui   calamity  the  Cl'.It.   ollicinK      ni   I iblo is beinu done  to oxtricato tho |
once prepared wrecking  tmill    with re   '"
lief ei'i'w- aad called foi  volunteers lo   lievelstoke with fort)   bodie
led and pressed Into the Herviee i"i tho
n .'ue ,,f il,,. victims,
'I he re p ,nr ,• wai   nobl 1 ■ >,  lhe pari
of all   who were called  and  ill  11  shorl
space of time a large numbei  of men
wiih  shovel    assembled at   1 lie   lep,
with  medical  men, druggists  nl 1  olh- J
and other slide! are imminent.
I'J    .   Linoleum i,i   IToivson's.
1       dns     in    carpels nt llowson':
Ma,   ir sale.
ial of il iiill deliveries in a month.
ni'aii'li   addressed   parrels  wo    lho   to   I    A  la
Today  tho deliveries a ver  1000   a   Hi
month.     A  year ago  It,' receipts      of   St.
I'"W-   11,
li I   .
al  I!,
Card.     ■ :  I
IJ   .     -'..■■ .
Kodul ..   I
il  H  .' ■  ,1. ..
C ,ld Tab
jpplii ■
li i,  I'."'
Di   . l'i     2
TllK MAli.-t! i:iw\ LI), RE      L    <
SATUHI1AY, MAlti'll p, I'.HO.
Actual Comparison of Eastern Catalogue
Prices,  Freight Added, with
.owsons rrices
'... n   eg price   Weight   Freight   Tola!   Howson's Price delivered
inn Cl   ;
hen Cabinet $6.75
,:. Fable 1C.55
|     Dining Cha 88c,
Dn sse  and Stand
Bed 3.55
Bed 5.35
; ' i in in Spring 2.<VO
n Id's Cot 5.10
Os, .              ress 15.00
101b. 23c. 73c.
150b. $3.53 $10.72
16511). 3.87 14.42
121b. 28c. 1.16
1501b. 3.52 12.47
1601b. 3.76 15.01
601b. 1.41 4.96
681b. 1.59 6.94
001b. 1.41 3.81
751b. 1.76 CSS
We  make our profit by shipping  in  car  load lots, thereby
ight rates.    Bring catalogue giving description of other
gt cified in this list to'oursto      and we will prove our
$ .    ! err.ember we deliver goods and.set i p nee from
liPll   %J    UUit   JL\CVC_lOl1llf!vC«  mJo \j*
:  ■ *".r!!3rK:',K:'inie'.^__Eri'.'; :-;:iiK3wra,!i.«iairari   - •«r'.^rs.t!_'ai
uoi!.!,,!' oul til lhe plan is eminent ly
|U i he pre enI nrraliLieni, nl |,ra,'l i
dally iii, studying is clone ai the
Bohool building, lieeiluliiins follow
nn,, nf(er an,.ilier  from  fi.,'111  a.m,  un
til    |    o'clock,   and   al    llolllu   in   lhe   nf-
i n from .".  i>, i'i o'clin I,  pupils do
their Btudj inn,
T|„,i arii privileged In go Imek to
ih,, chool house in ihe nflornoon lor
ih,.a , ,1,1s if thej lil.e. and Inaeliors
are   lllel'e   lo   lend   ll,   islal,,','   if  need,',I.
\i .", in ihe afternoon when tiny
lighl is hciriunini! In lie lei , - Iroiiu
or, n in '■ Intel. il hn fnded en I irei}
ihr   . Im rl        .        full}   , iiinplelnd,
 I   iviirl ed  In, d,in„ hy  nr-
lili.i;'1   light,
'I ne  ", illy      In  , ehiinl'    plan  menus
I'M       mil        |   i     lie       al,,nil
fl  ..,   i    IO  in   i1 "      ,  ning,  Imi   since
the  r'rri ' ine  r,f  , he  dn}   pel mils  ,,f      It
llOlll I", IVI leal ilill    it     I 111,   eVl'llillg
all.l    J el    :,.llilil       i.i'    the    I,.      ■      ,||,|    ,'il I-
I„   lied  i,,   '.I    o'clock,  children
llltl    cninplnilll    lo   Inal.e.
IM..W  «'OHKM  F.WOIiAlll V,
'J        'i , li-llI   j enl        Ini oral,-
I) ! eepii ■ lm,\ in e| I longer 11, ',, 11,,-, ivorild , > nlherw iso,
Alan, u ho co ,<■ fl ■ in |,<».,,■ Iinines lit-
lend ■ 'I,,'. I ,1" -.Mid, 11," f,,,-,,,,,',,,, and
work in  the afternoon,  slndying iheir
1 lis   iii   I' \ .'iiiii'.' i.       In   ihis   \v ll}
Ihey tlo in I "", all the lienelils of
"d , light ';, a, " v In. I. the school
ni'ii il'.'iii, nl im ml I lie} thoiiitl, hul
such  an nrrnnLreinelil   is  held  lo lie sil-
|ir ., Id      , liedule of hours
which u ' nol perinil n l„,\ lo
woiI; i ,"! ... to hool Ion, « here tl"'
n, ■  I ' ,f  l,i    „ (irking  Wus     '",,,.
i , nit, in Miiinenpnlis who contlnuo
to   ',,   !,.  " I I   nn   lhe  old  fnshii I
,        '   In    I'll.'    ni     ||,     II     .     It'll     fill*    L'l'.'l'les  f|',,tll
w lhe  lirsl , enlh  or el.hth,    ill
C •., Iieli      -, n, i,  ,i        me y, tunger  and  in
j] lhe i'   ■ imh      i   rapid     row lh,    i.l
',!, Im    lieen dc, me i  ,     er  In maintain lhe
I »hl   ' lule.
Guaranteed Full Weight
"SALADA" Tea is weighed by electric weighing
machines. The. net weight is printed on every
package. We absolutely guarantee it to contain
lull weight without the lead covering. Have your
grocer empty a package and weigh   it for you.
A"'t" _ IV i' "i"
6_\<_tt-' .VLWJJ V.i..!sjJwS3 ^^^
iled "SALADA" Packets guarantee   full   weight and tea
unequalled for goodness, freshness and fine flavour.
 II.'icli,  Mixed a",I Natural Qroon, _0o, !iBc, 00c and 70e por lb.	
Stampl   Oul Tu_epcu!osis
Willi tin     l  It'll     in    \ ll  H     (if       l.'llllpillL'
I ..
Ml   the   iniuri ,1   nre  heitii ,1    fm , , ,, ,.   i
mil   inl,, r i.l,, ,m  ihe   unci ioi i  I    lorn
I   ,,, ,,,a      ,|,,;  . Ill' tl ■''.   '      ing   to   til       ': '..',,Ill'    , ',,,,
1        ' lion nl  l.nlioi'  hus  o. en  ran ,.
lear the 1 rack.
n a,
: '  ac...
H .   .   ied
""ll" censing  campaign   ugiiinsl   the      dread
,   .     ,,,,:„, „,      .  ,     li'1'    ""l'!      -!    '"  »   '      "ll"r" disease. Man)       good    re lilts  huve
       «"    »'"'•<■    -  Iltuineil   and   , he   ,,„,-,„',' for
i-    lor  tin iini inlnrniii    on  tlio |„, nt, ii
i    .
I      ■ .    M.T ■ I
"''i'     ... ll     ..if, ,„, ll
■ '"'
eleet rie   ll
I, rival, ,■'",.
I.., - trail   \'n   -'■",     was
...   n   in  tin '"til
■   . '■'    the pas,    , ivhn ft    i
li'nel     |«1     ■ ■ lh  I       result
Tl tailed  li i ....
. . |,.|,
Earlj to Rise, I:"i 'y to School i
^till   'jii-MtiT  work   in   the  futtu ■      ui'o
\i'i\   hi i   lil,
tn (his nmvrmi'nl ill" \uiprh ;iil l'"o
tied Ltiim nf I nhor is bi im I ik-IumI by
;,ll   iln-  li.   i,,i-i "  i uiintry.
'I hi-  Inhorinu  ini'ii  ■ it"  '' nmtfj   roii-
lizc\   |n'(ibahl\   mow   I Imn    iti> nliu elsto,
ii   , .■        [\ fti      M l M'li-j        I'llll'
vvlittf   plnpuo,    ami
\ uh     nil ft      - lion    woi'kinu  together
11 ,i>      in.'iii' '      to     i Ii<-   public   health
■     .       m   in   iln* :,.it  far
i-        ..iiii   future.
i (•Mflrri ii    ii  mennh
imj   ih    horrors *»r iulH'trulnsiti
■ •  follow ii  ■       tops  mi  iln- pari     of
11- iii j  men  .1 ml  ol li- 1 ■ 1
1 , iin inm*iI     an i';ii ion      for    shorter
lo     1     h' 11 vimtim ni eight
.'.  1 i-.i <(*il      'l -ni nuls  for hij hei   -    ■ 1
pi'l'lOl llll'il.
i<nl   ■ >!   oiit-i   *(loiir   i'\i ■ -
 .1 •    ■>■ li   air
11 riulal ■ of   tompei ate   ha
il -I i!',   t  ,1    :"ll    of    1 ill'
vi   k   at   '".i-     01 i' full
I InUIren   adjn nil  lo
I'MHtll ■,,.,.*' jtl-
lhe *weai uliou
iiuii y   al   loasl
Scotch   Whisky
The Maturing Process.
Everyone knows tluit   whisky,  no matter
how j.!>>,ni,   no  iiutt'iT  liiw  carefully   distilled,
11.11 ;l possess age in order to he palatable.
An in,ma tm',I whisky, even though distil al Ir in (': very 'o t harley, is harsh to the
taste     bites the I  n it
tr is not, ' ., ver, \.tn\ nerally known thai
in oraor to pnttpn'lt/ main re Scotch v\ hisky, it
iiliui'lJ I .' a;   I 1 , .   Ii   . 1 y wood.
Dis'illedin the Hig land ol .n tlaiid, fr, t"i
pi e, ,11 Itea barley, Wntson s "hi ky is sti'red
lor yen., i , Sherry ( a-kn and tlie ■ .;■ ily ol
our warehouses i.t such lhat we nevei n J tn
withdraw any f r shipment until we are quite
sure ii is matured t • that degree of "mellowness    for which our brand is tamed.
Insist     on
-r-n-j-af^.r-iiaaiu-tiin __c_.2i
pt ^.c^.'it'raTC'Vgiin
•THREE STAR"     A mild, thoroughly mntureJ Soldi.
■NO. 10"    A full-bodied, richly (I .vor.d Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited  -   Dundee.
Io ft MR
Having purchased the plant of
the Revelstoke Steam Laundry,
we intend starting operations in
the Steam Laundry business on
Monday, 7th March, 1910.
Wo solicit your patronage for
the following reasons:
1st. All work tn be guaranteed
2nd. All articles proven lost
through negligence on the part
of the t mployees of the < ompany
to be satisfactorily replaced or
paid for.
3rd. All work to be promptly
turned out
Ith. Businesstobe on a strictly cash basis.
Price Lists supplied upon application.
Our motto will lie "SQUARE
In   tlio      innlier   ,,f   lie!, a   Purvey,
ilceaseil, An,I in the m.-itlcr ul tlio
"Official Administrators1 Act"
by order ,,f lli> Honor, .1. A. Porta,
County Judge, dated lho liiih duy ,>f
February, Il'l", Goorgo S. McCartor,
Official Administrator for that part of
Kootonay County comprised within
the Rovolstoke Gloclorni District, h,n
been granted Letter- of Administration
to administer all nnd singular the estate of Rebecca Harvey, deceased, intestate.
that all claims upon tho said estate
must lie sent in t,, tho sai,l Administrator, at his office, Imperial Bank
lil.ick, Rovolstoke, B. C, within 60
days from  the date hereof, after which
|MP  '
l„  io lake
l,\,Mo ir    nro nov ' "  ,    ant. . . ..
■ in
' ".'   rr-oiit
j West Kcotenay Steam
E. BarrnoloiiKli, I'ros     ' ■;. C. Shcnror, Met.
W B. Koberts."'   -oo».-T. ens.
f>ai Experiments
I-. ■  Itii'toil   hy   Lho
li    i inino  \\ hot-
. orl   '   .   ,t   i imo  in  wail ;      !>i ilorifio powor
■    .                   ■ iit.f    .   l''or
i imi ui  t wo lots
(I      ,.         i    ■■ i    ■ i'ir< il "ii
.    iini   tho  othor
ink                ■    in it'   I'oi i  maul h.
.i       • HI iini'
i! wu    liiuii'lii   Lo
.I i.i r nnd  bui net] in • ompuriHon
i r ii tho of land   I ored
i . ',',i.i',. grott-
i» r   i,. .ii       I I,.' , ire to Ik;
i ued.
l ho     Imperial     ba  '. ' ivo arranged
for n finf new building Lo Kam-
time all proceeds will bo dintributed
among tin* parties lawfully thereunto
Dated this 'Jill, daj  of Feb., 1010.
Official Administrator.
All kinds
onable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
Satisfacti' ,11    iunranteed
Vepretable   nd Flower
Ornamental and Flowering
Host varieties of
Send for Catalogue
786 Granville St.   P. O. Box 1063
Vancouver, I!. C. BATUUDAY. M.Mit'll S, Itiin.
.   UA     , LtEVELSTOKlfi, B- <_•
Page 3
Closing Out Frices
Fruit ui Crnnttiat TiTTe
M.iill.l.  I MVKIiSITY.
l.o,'nl examinations     in    Thoorotieal
Music lor a!i    mi,'-     will bo   hold
A I'l
In.   ,1     |,|'U,'t it'.'ll    l-\ ,1 111 I Illt 1 |,,11S I'llll-
iliieteil by  li,    II      c.  renin iiiiiI     an
A    ocioto  Examiner     lor     all control The regular mooting of tho Hoard ol
trom   Vancouver lo     Winnipeg)      hold |',.m|0     Ui,, |„.U     ,MI Tliursihn   ni  In
Irom Ma} 2nd   to May 21st, 1010 star „;,|
ting nl  Vancouver,
"      lining •     |i   i fl   of   i'ii   iii ii'    pill, ii- li  li  i-ii'i'i'tl i,|,      I    Application  I is, llllod in  and ac- i|„. ,.|,.-,i,-.
by MllJ', 1 I I.   t   i|   ml ti tflil    |n  |,l | lll'il-( l nllliH'1   lurpnirif    '  compnniocl by fee*,     must  roach     lho (1ENT.H \ |. lU'SINESS,
Sjilt-ri   ,   M  i     iiiilcl   iiiii  i)t|i    lini-, nu   in uiul t-li i k.    '   Control Olllro In Montreal on or     bo- The secretary rupm ted llmt  the mut-
l.ui il e 11, i   .   'i   ' |. i li nil |. ii i I , .   It i  ii i, i  , In n    t Of. tip,             .   foro April   1*1   101(1,     Forms aro     ob- ler of M. Cnldur in   Hiving ono of Mr.
One   ,i   ih    11 hi   K'Ik t,r i .■    ri   n>>\   it   I .( . ii   nil lintlii <j       tninnblo from  ('.  M.  MeFnrlano, Ron Meltae'    bo}    frnin ilrmviiing,  and   of
oral Secretary, 323 Shorbroolto St., W \\r.  Miller, bridge
ju^_v'a^'_i_in______r7 il £___^i—
RiT^thwla" ,""'1"" Bsgnlor Monthly Meeting—General Business Trsnsacted
ie regtilnr mooting <>
le     wuh l,el'l     on '
ith    coiiipiirntii'i'lj    in
■   ■   :li.'
\\       '    lhe e, mmission
it  .      I,i    ...   what
viirii'tn i-, h
I   lllll.   n 1 I 11 ■,
pi i ,   '2-} i'i I  I li , n il |.  Hyi t-,
25c. imi , VJ   i '  110. Illfil   : ■ ■   III I , in ,• Iln ( i if I i ll-l liu
60,( I'd In '   i ■ ii, li i i   i ■ , • ,i'. I i - ii i | i i, m ur lin
U',i'i i' i!   , 'iite, in iill t-iv.i   ni i   | riin-,
Greu'l oi m ii     cl |'in,if  n   nl   -mi-  and ) ii(oe, fron >,'■'.
per lim (ui- im |
m. j;
(lit |';.\> DJPAl K   N<    (-HOUNDS
3C1C Vw.iirirsKr Fcad, Vancouver
liie  ngelll     iM   show   good   vnltlo for   menta  nl    the    I
their lands     the}   would    nol do bu -i- ' nnd when I    y \
ties*. n    I
Westv ard  Uo!   magazine, of Vaiicou- tin   ■
ver,   wrote    asking for a     descriptive       Mi    Mel   irter;     V.
u rile up of !.'"> el itoko, for publi, al ion mueh in      ti
it,   ii eir   Hut ie (■ Iters  N bor.     'I ho 'lore,      II
Uoanl rle, idetl  lo    upply  lhu necessary it.
i,i...111,.11 i,,11. |    Hi'.   Si '
INCItl              i I'.Si IMI'TIOV near     Iui
(i. S.   tlel    mm. . |, lirninii of lhe 11} can be had,
Vice  I'residenl   A.   .1.   Mel) II  was  in    f-uv   f mi  reported  lhal   lho com- Mr,    \
mil   liiul     de, ideil   to   inerense      ll," romiiiji     !. "
I'"'..,'!'      ■ ibseription  feo   to  8.'  :- •        re do
oiiiinm.     This was ratified. I
Tlie    iiiii i.-t  of  the pamphlet  adver- -'''  il   :'
ii  ine,   lie  i,l  Inke  wn     ilis, n . ,.,l.      il„. r t
iving'"ceretary poinling oul   thai   Itcvolstuk DOMINION   ,     111.II   WORKS
tiniii  reeeiitl}   in a snow -.Ii,I,'     ha*   hud  iiolhinu    lo     send uwii}   lo those i;  . M '    I'lei          I      move  llinl   the
Information  aboul   lho yearly  exam-   I,,.,.,, brought   lo  tlie notice ,,i  lho ( i.lj    who  were eni|tiiring  aboul   llcvclsloke, Houiil ir I   the     II       uiuii (iovi
Inntions      for     dipl a  of   Licontlnto   Council  who  had reporled  ihem  lo the   '""'  ''"  ivdvnntagi to di  ide 11. I
'""l -1''  ' I      Mu*.  I'..,.'.  can  bo ob •   Royal   lliimaue Soeiely,                              I     V,   II     Ul  ,,       Von,   I   have ninti}   en- wliieli   ;!                               ,         ...      |ma
lainetl  from   lho (lonornl  Secretary,       I    'II,,' unit tor    ,,f  ih,   mail  fr   I)..«     <|uiriei.     from      England  uboul   Hovel im   ilieiioti,     nm
uio  lo  < i,,1,1-1 renin   wits   in   the  hand   '   '"'•" and have nothing  i,, send. Kiiolena;                                         om tho
FOP  r3'R   OT   tO   Rent                       I.   i... I...-.  11, - I •.. ..^. J   having      H- Cunningham Morris:     As one   nf Cm,                                 resident,
requested  him   lo  include  llii*  In      tlio M'10 cotninil   I  mighl   report   lhal all be placed     in  ;,      i                liootci
eslimnlcs.                                                     |tlio mnller for lhe book  has nol  been district   to look                              in  tl„.
S,   A.   Sutherland wn    nominated   n(handed  in.  several  of  lliosu  who  pro ma I       ol  pub                   ,   .
member  to bn nlccled  ne.vl   ling.        mined  lo give     write-ups     on certain foi                                     u|
COMMUNICATIONS,                    subjects  nol   having done  so.  When all A-  it   i
From   ihe  Forestrv  llrnni-h,  Olliuva,   " f•>   i*     in     there will bo onougli nearly  nil   lhe
I if tins  properly.
A  l'1,,,,1     investment
E. 1'ii'Ann.
pe li
Two fi-roomod I sos and   I  acres ol
land. Boon cultivated for yonrs. All
kinds of small fruit, A good location
just   outside  of city  limit,.-  8-1,000.00,
Half cash,  Will sell or ie,,i  any por -
stnting  tlml   ilie necessity for. consorv-i''"' » 21-pngo booklet. upper coiuili
now  is your   ing [ol.oslB    „.,.    v,,,.y grent|  Iltiv|sinB.      Mr.   MeCarter:     We don'l   waul   any, |    Dr Sutl I
tho Hoard  thai   Mr.  Knochtel     would  'onK winded nrticlos,  but  Bhorl  pith}   tioi
give a  -cries  of  free Ic'lui'es ,m  fores-   statistics and fuels. 'J'lie Seer, Revel should
Eggs for Hatching
Eggs for hatching from the follow
try, and asking  tho Hoard  lo
lor a date.
_■;,!.,     in      dat„ I intend lo an SjnupS.S Df CHOadtflll  Homestead  Regulations   ** taipor  pure bred stocn:
Inxty days from dato I intend to ap- '   r                                         3 S. C. Rhode Island Rede.-W.00.
nlv   In       ll,,.     I'l-.f   (\,nii>,issiot,er of      \ 'N '  "v„ilul,l„ 11 ,,..,,  I.inuls will,in  ll-o ,,.,          ,         ,   ,,.
P'y lo     UR    l  commissioner 01 \   Railway Bnlt In British Colombia, may Silver Laced Wynndoltes,—$2.00
, \     ttinlwiiy
Lands for     purchase of  land situated   [■» lijanosteHdoii by any per'ou wb~o is tho sols
i-OMil nl li f,i,iily,nr any nml,. ever 18 ymtr.sef
re. I     I. • Bill llllll ,-,|„,,i,..,   mm  ,,  ,,,  Hid
le'r,- iiniri, ,,r t,,s-.
about Uiu chains up from mouth ,,f
Wood River, post planted nn,nil It1,"
clmins above mouth of Wood river and
marked E. A. Andrews, S W. corner
post, thonce north I" chains, cist 4o
chains, south 10 chains, thence west
following Wood tivei to point of com-
Dated   this     1 lit li   .lav   of   December ,
8909. i     \    \\DREWS
tt    \\ni;i tt -
iv ( i ;
' "tr,  ,,.• mu   ,■ porsiiliHll)     l  llti,  lorn I
l„„" riffle,. f,.r ;|r„ ill iricl in which Ihe land ll
i,'..',t":    Rntrv  ....   proxy  may,  l„'W"\„r. bo
," ' I,     ",'     ",    ' . li.tili.,1,-   by   ll,u   rutlier.
3"'"".' I..'.',"!, i,r,.i!,,.r ..r Nl.ternfan
in'", 'I,   ■' ' ..„r  ,, )l,|. r
The h,tines,c„,l,ir Is roqiilreil r,. perform tl,,'
o,,a'iti-i,s r,.i,i,,.,.|,,,i Uhm-uiii. under one ol
il   ,i
,n    Vi least   nt ,,„.nils' r„-i,i,.'<o Dponand
i     1 ,i.e I.iii.I in eaeh .,■„    for three
■     ■  ,■•■, i, ,  ,' n
'i -   ' i'   ' n
,     Ml,     -M     |     I   ', |,U       ' I        ■       I   ■
I* le  rni     • I	
,    " '., ni   with ,'.',   .
M'l." ,    IMH
., ..    ,11-1,"
• I
..,   nl
'    ,   ,	
i    ■   n.'
. ■•■    I
., ltvt.1t.til ..,
. ' live • mil
,       liinitatil.
I.'   ,,f   .,   .    v     ,.r.       ^
.1, ,11   ' ,,.      ,..
imiij      i       nlly in ll
n ri..,.   ball •;..,
 ,■   ,1
W,  It, ,',IHY,
" J ", 'I     ■ - "( ih" I ri.tr,
N   11,     l'i :,,,,| ..r,-„...   , , i...    ,
\  .i   anient will ,, i bo na -I for.
NOTICE  IS   I1EKEHY i;l\ K.N    thai
■ixty dais from dale  I   intend  to   ap
ply to     the     Chief Commissioner     ni
I.amis for     purchase  of  land  situated
about   ll" .bains  up from mouth     ,,f
>V,,,..|    rr er, ed mi norlb
wide ,,f river  an I  maiked  1    A     II. .1
■trom, S. E.      , nei  post, I hen, e north
40 chains,  wesl   1" -1 an-,   south      10
chain-, east   10 el tins,  containing  160
acres more or !.■...
Dated mis     Hull   day of December . .
1909 ' :    IN THE MATTER OF A.N  APP1 I -
I'   A. HEDSTttOM        (cation     for the     issue of a duplicate
ii.  E   HEDSTROM      Certificate of    Title to l'..,i  (6 acres)
Kaent.    !"'  s""1''  ''•''M  «  "'  l'"' North     U.   I
i  of Section l'o. Township 2'.:,  Range
2, West of lho simIi meridian.
1 ii  is my intention  to is ue at  il ,• expiration of one mouth after tho   first
Sixty dins from data 1  intend to   uir-      • ■ - ..,.:,,„ i„„.„ ,       ,., ,■
1      puiiiu.iin.n  lieieot  a  duplicate ot      the
ply to     the     t'hief Commissioner     ol  (',,,.t;i,, ,• tli    ,     ,,       i
w* l el Il'l'   lie   ol    lltle   to   tbe   abOVO   Ineil-
I.and- for     purchase .i   and situated   .; i     i i ■,  ,,,    , , .».,,.
' , .   lion,,I       I.in.I   in   llic   name  of  William
about  140 chains up From     mouth     ot [.•,],,,. s:,„;,i,   „ i ■ i   ,•     •.■    .    ■     ,
' iJOgnr smith, winch Lertificnlo is dat-
Hood     river,     po.-t planted on north ,„t ii,n i-.,t, v ,,. ,. i, .. ,,,,,,,       ,
11 '■>  t.,e  i.iiii [Novcmoer I.'".i unu num-
isitle of tt,,,,.]  river and marked G.  K.   i„.n.,| i|-,7,i\
11,..l-'r,un,  S.      Vi. corner |„,-t, thence
north  in chains, >■ > >   10 chains, south
Barred Plymouth Rocks,—32.00
S, C. Rut? I eglioi'ns,—S2.00
Cornish Indian Gnme,—S'J.OO
White Crested  Mark  Pblish,—S2.00     wards buildiit
lim,I, ii i leesc.—S3.IHI,
Mr,  McDonoll:     A 21-pngo booklet is have a  publ                       ■ I             such
too  big,  something smaller  would   be Hie,     mighl  be made.
I   The    Hoard foil   thai  such  a lecluro !bettor,     tt'o had bet ler call a n ling Mr.  ",! i
entailing  tho     cosl  of hiring  tho hall   "'  ""' oxeculiyo next   week and decide year.
etc., would nil benofii   Ikvelsloke, and   "''''''  we want.     \\,-  have tho mono} I       ,i. TRAIN*.
ii  was decided  lo  reply  refusing      tho   f'"' ''  ;""' ll,r '"'"k should be gol oul. !   Dr.            rlni           \                        ■■   ,
oiler, on the grounds that a hall could I SUNDAY POST OFFICE CLOSING, is     wanted b                                 trnii
nol  be secured.                                                I'ho inconvenience of closing the posl Iron    her,    to  *                      nd  3   think
!    A,      S.  Goodevo,    II.    I'.      Ottawa. ' ollie,  Sundays was freely discussed. '■< lhe      iaiil          for                   can gol
.wrote stating  that  the Dominion Gov-      Mr.      McD ill:      li   should be     lhe il   pul  on,
ei'ni t w,,,i|,l nol   tnko any steps to-   duty of everyone  lo  protest      against   of   i .■    .,  -.       |'| '■;
wards building a mntlrass ,,„  the (',,• . ■I''"- meet  Ihe (.  P.   It.   In       with  thai
luniliia   river,   or  at   all   in   any ,,l"  the I     l'1"'  Mayor:      If the  Hoard  '.'.i'i  pn   i leijiiest.
I'he meet ii • ■    !.
Imporial   Pokin  Ducks.—SI."S. provinces,,      But   if it  would  bein  the   n resolution  lo llinl  elTecl   I  will   lake
Al.-,, st,,.!, from  the above For sale,   interests of navigation il mighl do it.   '' "I' "'''' ll"' tTly Council.
MRS. R. A.     UPPER. TRANSIENT LICENSES. |   0. S, McCnrlor:     I move that it is
The Cranbrook Hoard of Trade wrote   '"  the opinion of this  Hoard  thnl    the
fi if?    ,,-!. ui; for a united elTorl  nn the pari   closing of tho   posl  ollieo on Sundays
£■»'' '  i'4 f,,.,   ol ,,ll  boards ,,f  trade  lo bring  about Iis   utfuin '   •'"■ public   inleresl   ami   to-
roucr [^
Inn amendment   to the Municipal Cluti-   '"".v nnnceessurv
"""Wtogi      „. A,.,, whercb,   uillcrant |alld „ ,„   sen S lay  labor
tee  il  d   ,,.,l les-
b}   itinerant laud agents ~''" S lay  labor    of     the posl  ollice
;''ifi   'r>A'E    .''"";1,1  '"'  ",:"!r  '"  !"'.    n  license   fee >l:,n' n"'1 only  hus  lhe effect  of incon-
oi-irrl    "' 'v'"" L'vor'V  >ix  months when   doing venieneing     the    public. Thai   the
H'l't'r..'   business in I',. ('. cities. .Hoard  semi    copies  ,,1   Ihis  resolution
The Muyor:     The ( ilv Council  is in '"  i1"' Govornmont      ut  Oltnivii,     lhe
utltles        i . .    , ,,
favor ol  this  too, but  lhe City Solid- I "-'master    General,  Senator Boslock
lor said      that   legislation would  have '""'  ''"' '''■     '■  mliers,     Thai     lho
t,, be mude  In secure il.      I   hope   the secretary  give all  publicity  possible tii
amendment      will  go  through  ami      I ''"'  Board's  dissatisfaction  of  tl •-
: (fEl JTflKE   think  the  Hoard  should ask Mr.   Tay-   [1bi'-  u"1      that   the City  Council     be
lor to sup, on   the amendment.     Tho '   '"' '" l::'"   '"   matter up ns woll.
i~I      R      ^VXQI^IP'X   i"''i  "'""'""'  '" "'l M'-  Tnj'lor   to      "■  McSorley: I second  the motion.-
■ Isstorlnfi
Mach inist
\ |i KJI   -   ..' ■
.1. i . i,i.i.     i ..'   •   '.
II. .In ".I H ', ' . on, -I. Ps,
oi tt dm ■ . h.irgi of harboring :: ..i'i ... A | ' ■. of " not
" -
II.-. evider t on n
. ■ ■ li, lb, en attacked I ■ dot i ., li".
t'. .1. \ . r
boil ■ .'-..,.,..
h.     T.     i li illitl ,'. ' ,■ stion
nenin •■   Mr.  llut  hison mini    nf
!''■   Fraser:     This  henvv  license   feo I SECRETARY'S SA1 VRY.
will     work     a hardship on K tnny '    Mr. MeCarter:      I   think  ir  only  f„i,■   '■" -1"-'v'1'^"1'
land agents     who     want  to sell fruit   '''ul  the secretary should receive some      "     ,
Deputy Distrii t  Registrar,
40 chains   to  tto.,,1   river,  west   tollow-   .       .   .,     . '     .
Land Registry Ollne. . 20 |,„
ing   river   to   |,,,int   oi  eoiiim rmetit ,
containing  160 acres moro or less.
Dated  this      10th    day ,,i De, ember .
m, B. ('.. Jan. 22, 1910.
Notice      is      hereby given      that
sixly        days      after      date        I,      J.
Brill, occupation, carpenter, intend to
appb.   io the Chiel pommissioner     ,,i
TAKE NOTICE that I Percy llar.,1,1   ' ;" '   ''    :i"' I"'"1"-'' "' the follow-
I'earse,  of   Trout   Lake,  H.  ('., oeeupa- , l;";    ''     nl   ''   lttnd>   commencing  at    a
tion engineer,  intend  to  apply  for per-    P0,t  I1""''  i'1'""   '-" chains  south of
mission to purchase the following de-   Wood Rivcr ond sbout |,;" ' ll!li"s'"""
••■ribcl lauds:- l'1"'  ""null and  ia.uk,,I  .1.   Brill   S.   IV,
Commencing at  a posl planted     at ,''"'"'"'   P0,t'     ''"  '' "''l SO chains,
the N.  W.  corner  ol  lot  4728,    thence """''  20 ,h""    '"  '""k "'  ""'"l  <tv-
•ast 20 chains, thence i...ith 'Jo chains. "•      i: "'" ■    following   south  bank   ol
thence west 20 chains more or less  to U ,,,:   Un"<   '"  '"'■■-■    ll"'"   80 chains,
lako shore,      theme south easterly  n - ''""" ''  '-'" '!lli"'     south to poinl      of
long lake shore about no ehains to tho commencement, c, .    160   scree,
S. W. corner of lot -1723, thence north """
•long western boundary ol lot 472S
•bout HI chains to point of commencement nnd containing til acres more or
December 16th,  1909.
Daied this Huh day ol Dee .    1909
.1. 111.11.1..
'.. li. lie,I -'i'.in. Agent.
'■   iii   carried oa, hinds, in  t"niici r and othei   places,   'cmuneiation for :       en
      ' n; i specialty
i •-.-   ',' t'  », any class
',1   inrb
Front     Street
Ptll'W<»    j)/icf O *1V*Mrtt  ' '  v''"'     cannot  deliver  tho goods. I    ^r-  ,|,s
1  aiilK,L   l\Otai,i _!»2l      iii. moreover, enn use discretion   "<*■•
Mi.  At-
pe.llv I    f    '
McKcniie   Avenue
SB Ct'lltB.
'   '     '.   '.1
' ■
G. S. MeCarter:     The idea     i's that   kins is now the right mini in the posi-   "
since many people who hnve     bought | tion and should be recompensed     for' '"-    "
real  estate   have  ,,,,(   beer, able to gel    ll'" '"'^A' work email,,I. ami i: i- un-   I";1'1" -   :
lilies      Ihe  houvj      li.-. n-,.   fee  would   '"'•'  '" n~k  him  to do  ii   for nothing.       "'"
Imvo  'l"   .■''.   '   '.:' preventing mam.    of   '  move     thnl      the  secretory be paid   v'''~
 |the  real  estate   „   from   doing  busi-   sl:'" I""' milium  for In- services.
rley:     1  second  that.- Car-   :" '"'  "     ' '      "
i .1
i I    ol
t ea 1 i n
.-I, ii,. tin      red
in  issuing   the  li —.  and   if tho  real j OI'I'N   NIU   BRIDGE.
estate man  has  the goods and  is sell-      The    advisability  of  holding   a  cele-
"■-  "ii 11 1  i,:;!i     and enn shoii  nu-   '"'ntion   in   I r of  tl peninu      of
oi   i i. .    he i- -. llii,"  with -.-   ""' '"'''   Iruflic bridge was ,li-.,;..,,].
.      lilies   he  w   ,,;,:,. :   U, the1    Mr.  McDonoll:  I  don'l   think that   ii    "     '   "'    " ~n''1-'
license, "■'"■ inlli  ns  the real es-   ;"  worth  il spense entailed.
.   ' !      'i-i ,i .... i
A.   H.        in*>, Proprietor ,   that the busi  is  so |   The     Mayor:        Tne    matter    was      V"
remunorative  Hint  thei   would be will-   '"'""i:'1"  "P before lhe C il but was "!''
ing t„ pnv. reforred  to ilie  Hoard  of Trade as be- '   '  '
11. It. Ail.in-:     It would be better to''"S moro in their depurtmeiit. Bui    if        "       " ,'"-
make the livens,  prohibitive for unless   necessary ivo will eo-opernte with   the '    :
-   i'l       he  «li.      n
'    '..r
I    ,
Rltn    111'AH, B, ('.
Kpee  .     i".•',,".,  even   to   enn,ii,eread
reel,    HI il    lOU Ists       1'iist-class   sample
ronnm. I ", .-i scenery In Britieh Coltim-
liiu. in-...In king lipcr Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Send in your orders for
tin's excellent coal
Dry Cetor, 4-Foot
$3.75 Pep Cord.
Residences,  Building Lota
Fruit Lands
First Street     Tel GB.
Notice Is  hereby  given   ti.nt BO days
I Irom dnie I, W. Andrews, occupation.
.,      ,      , , ... , , miner,  intend   to apply   to  the      Chief
Rev, I itol   l. oal District, : .   . ,   ,      ,
Dlstliel -     Wesl Koi ;   ,  ly, Uommi   lionei     ol    Lands, to |,,i.
Till.,. N.'1      lhal  I.   .'.I. K. Lawsfltt,   the following ,1 ii„.l  land, situated
of Bevel loke, hoi per, intend to  about 300 ohelns irom mouth of Wood
i'l'.V'v f" V"' r :,', ,"', ""'l'"'' "" Uiver »nd „ post pl_nud on     south
lolloiion: il,1-, , iln ii ' inusi .
Cm,nn I.. ', ■;.       pi   I planted nt the "''" "' nv« end narked  A. Andrews
south-en t   corn I   ul   I ,i  8,008. nnd N. B, cornet post,     thenoe smith    40
marked   '.M. k.  Uiwsnii's Nortl    • chains,     we»\    40     chains,  north 40
Corner Post ;  llietico 41) chains nmitli; ,   •                       ...
thence 4(1 ch.ii.iHWi  It thence 811 el ii '"""* "   I"""1 '" u''   I river, I
nortl,: tl,,,,,,    ,, nbalne ,., li th  '   lowing bank ol ffi    in
20chains  th lo "ne ol  Uil  8,008;.ol , mencomsnt, containing 160 ae-
1 ic.s more ,,i I,  .
Illl'lieeliu III
Dale,I October 18th, num.
Nov. 17 il     MI.NMI. I.   I AWSON.
Dated iln- loth daj ol I).   .    IMS
\\   \m>;;i W8
Union Hotel
l mltr New Management
Stewart Macdonald
How to get'
T"HE object of al! expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure while loaf
And this object is attained
by the use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whitencsi. It bakes into a
pure while loaf. So, you
sec. to get the really beauti-
ful white loaf you must use
_y ' 4^,  hard-wheat
\vJ/>     „«.»«  ,'sijff    and better
IVt mm HMO W        oreatf.«
V/c.lem Cmd* Flour Milli Co., Ltd.
Oh.-r. Wn'i.„.,», M«n,rob»
Mr.  MeCarter:      l!   woiiltl be i,,,,,,,-
siblc lo .j.m aiij of i he iniiilsters here
I jus w,  ihey  are  loo  biisj   over the
se--u,n.   ami   irallic  on   the   r IMI.    i.
uncertain,      h   would  do  no  l I    to
| have  ihe ll,,.ai',l- ,,i Trade From   olliei
cities here and a i elcl rol ion « n ilil iln
ition      (or
|    Mr.   MeDonelli      The   I'"    il   I ■    ,,..
funds and  w Iui: ■ er \. , ■  tl ■ would
have lo be done i'i| hi « I   ,,*i   *
a   lol  of     moliel .      'I lie  i in "  . -I..,, i
too. I     .
I    The      Mayor:      Anyh, •■       the bl
Iui- nothing lo do «ith    lie i uy.     |„
linn outside     the md the Cit;
' Council , riiitioi  make n      	
Mr.   Mct'iirtei    I mo' I   wu   f,
I go any celebration, bill      ■  ;        ■
' I  Ihanl        '■•   lb"     Mi     i.'i
ainl      Ihe  i In "i ii  lent   foi   llm  hi idge,       I
thnl  is the h ■ h
|    Mr.    McS, tie, .     I  - I       motion:     Carried.
(til.I Mill \  SI l,\ I \
Dr.  Sillherbi nl       I  \
j th.-  Toaitl    . '    lh,    ,      ilnion  fiov,
■ niei.i   |,'ibii    mirks de
an .'in in,,a   lo examine  the Columbia
: above Ileal h  Rapid    und      - v, hat i an     i  trse  I
l„. dime    fm nam boat i
uiul   |..i\■    ll„ ■ ■    approprial
for lhc worl   entailed pla, ed in the t ne ,
i Inu les,      i ,,n i'i,'i-:' :.    ■ ...     i
of supplies  would  follow   nt once,        I
would also  include Canoi   llivi r,
Mi        M   I,, ;  ,n I     . ■,„■,]   thai
('an led.
Tl ccrotary wrote lo  Mr.      I aj lur   I
; for information r,\ ardit     tin     movo I Malm
'  II.
il Pttore 1.
'(Luc  _©aiMbcral&.|
l'UUU,-,lli'.0 V, I'.IL. h.-nAY  AND
3-nterloc ipubltslMno Gomfean.,
Subscription   Rates
Inolu-tiitf pustogo to Kiitfliiiid, liiuc'l Stale!
and t .,„.ei.,.
By tho year Jthrou.li iiusloillco]    t-.'*i
Halt    •;     ;;        ;:            -^
Wuurtoi      ''""
Jjii    kin I'INu promptlyuxuoumdat«__!-■
utile rilLtiH. ,,    .       ,
iKUiiis-iusii.  sui,-cri|,tii)its payable in aa
Ugal nullum 111 Willi* i'ii' line lint insertion.
itiunl Insertion
; iu linen mukc ,„„'
,,,!    I,,.-Ill, 91!   ,i,i
noli   por inuiiiii.
pel     cent,     mi-
Hcent.- poi' line V'1,1'
Men-,u onl. Nonp,irl
inclll. DWIl'U llllll Hi
liulllieeuieuls $'-■■•" 1"
I'luluneil    |„,s,ll„,,-.
ilii.iinil.   Hull,-.   Murria_ua  mid   Doathii,
Mm     etii'll    ,11-, I'l l<>".
L.o,,l    i.'.l,,','-    »?.•*'      All   „.lv,:rl,-",i.,'„l
..„ .1 uiUioniipruvalofthi iiiiiimitoiiioiil.
\s,u,i,',t mid U iei,-"" M.,'i!i-,'ii','i"-'
aJoiiW WatiUid, Help  W ui "l- Bluallons
w.iicl.    Bituallons     V I.    Tonuliurii
Wi aud, .M.'.n.uu. - «'« ■   ,;-  "   ,unU ,01'
;,   .-    _£     ,'.„'l,     11,1'bl '     I.""     I",    "'"'•
I'h.niKc- in Miuuliim ,,.:.ti,->;,,,'.„''" """ '
u,.„, i.j "J ,.. .„. Tuosdai and Krlday ul
utcti week losoonroguuu ill-piny. _
I'llltltKsI'llNllKNCK mviieil on niiiii,',-,,!
Mil,..,- „ii,'i',>i. f'.nini,.,,„'i'i„„- :„ Editor ni'i-i be noooiupaiiled hy name oi
writer, not uoooasarlly lo pubtloation, hut
,i- evld ,ooe ol ^.,u,t faith.  Corrospondenoo
siioiill be brief.
AM) 1'INKilAM,
Ul'OKK, B.C.
Money u> lon.n, ,   - „
OIBoob: ltovolstoko, B C.   Lraubniek, K, I .
OBO. s. MoOahtkb
J, A. Haiivkv,
, 'raubrooli
Seven-Roomed 1 louse
for $1(175.
Lot 50 x 100 in t
)le locality.    Cash $(17
i, balance to
Eight-Roomed 1 (ouse.
all modern
and furnished.     1
50x100, centrally located.
For sale at
$5,000.    Terms
Five-Roomed  1 louse.
L\'tit rally
located  for  sale
Building Lots for Sale
in all parts
of the City at prices
ranging from $100 upward:
T1T1LL1AM 1. iiltiUUb
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor for:—
The Canadian Bank ok Commerce
Thi-. MoLSo.Ne Hank, lire.
ri;isoNi:ifs' i tii.ity.
The qtioHlinn n« lo putting prisoners
in oil}' gaols to some proelienl nnd
profitablo use has been freely discussed
Every ril.v must be pro|)arad to ox-
pond n certain amount tin the keep
nf prisoners who have bccnine such
by in,,re or less serious infractions of
the law lull it is only fair thai those
men should be mndo lo work for Ihoir
keep a,,,I ill tlii" way recompense the
authorities lor thoir expense and
trouble ,>f prosorvinu law and ordor.
Justice, cnlllKil     l,e  ailmini-li'i'cl   with-
mil    a   ,,'i'lail,   111 mt   lit   est    anil   it
is Olllj   leasmiahle   III 0.\| t   lllllt  tbn.se
who I,real, tlio law -In,uhl be iiiiule In
pay lor it. Vie iMitlorne lho proposal
,,l i In- Mayor and I'olico Commission-
el's in iln'ii' siiLTcesiion ,,1 slni'ting a
melt i'i'.- lor the ben,'lil ,,f city prisoner-. I'he rock can be broken and
used on streets [n the near future, and
the   prisoners     will be pul  to     sonic
 "        ^__^____   heal,h\      an,I     priifitoblt cupntion,
Moreover tho knowledge  that   tho   le-
ileie is -,,,,,, thing Inwiniiting aboul    li, f  ninny crimes,      "A   life  for   a   t|jmn  ,,f  breakini:  stones   is   before   all
a  n, w  country for lhu man wiih capi-   |jf0» should bb miiintai I.   These aliens   those who mine under  the bnn ,,f lho
lal  to invest  or  that  belter capital of LhoxM ,,,.  ,,.,„„,„   ,,,.,,   wMlo  ,h„v  ;m>   |uw |„.  ,|,,v  |,.,boos  or criminals,  will
youth, vigor, and enthusiasm  to     ex- porhaps   lend  to  le.-en   the amount  ol
,       ,,., . ... .  ,,     t iint.,,1,match'     (nleialcil     in  ,,ur enlln-   ' '
pend,      Ihere ,- pomothing nf Hie las- ihoBe iron try who nl   limes infest    the
,.:,,,, I Ioi,   whi, I,   il„,   ,..,,,, 1,1, ir   fc,Is when    "V,   l'i'"   penple  will   lint   s|an,I  fnr   lhe     ■. ,     •'i t i    •     ll
,in.iiimi  win, 11  ine gamoiei   loeiswnen i     r c-ity ami rail u- ,,f a vory undesirnblo
he is placing his money on lho red or violation ,,f the laws ,,f their country   t.|llss ,,(     hiimnnilv.     There are  loo,
•he black.       The     choice ,,f location, by such nndosirable classes, nnd   that   -,„,„. prisoners who net  terms moro or
however,  for  the gambler, means  loss nssatill   in  whatever form  mi  the per-   |os9  BCVore  f,,r rlruiiKonnoss  ami  othor
or profit.     Willi   the western I'.. ('.  in-   s,,,,,  man  or woman   will   meet      with   |)ettj, Mini,-.  „  wno |,nVB wives and
ve-ior     or     locator, it  simply means the full  reward ii  justly deserves.     A   families  dependent  on them. These mon
urealer or   lesser profit   in   the      Inrgo lew   severe  lessons   lo   these  aliens  will   „0|  ..,.„(      ,,, „nn\  ;|lll|      ,|H.;,. faniilics
majority ,,f    cases, ami if ii     should show them   ju-t    wlml  Uritish law is,  consequently suiter, and  perhaps     bel
menu 1..--. the cnuso is usually   somo- ''i"'l what  public Bcnlimcnt will do.  li   ,,„„,. :1  burden ,,,,  lhe cily.      In  ihis
tiling  other  than a  mere mistnke in  .1 'is to  be hoped  lhal   in  ihis ease     ihe   regard   the lluelph   Mercury says:
.h,,i f  location.   By locating in   lie- .lap will get  lhe utmost  limit  of     the ^    "The  phm   lo allow  flic prisoner so
velslol , mi-,al<e can be made. law  as a  warning  to others  lluit_wo mueh Ior hi- day's work, and give     u
 _ '"  B-C. will not, tolerate tbe heathen- |proportion of lhat  to the support   ,,[
Till'.  I.'AII.W AY   AGREEMENTS. '"" Practices ,,f people who can never  his  family  i-  ihe    mosl  eommendabli
Shamrock Leaf Lard
Imperatop Hams and Bacon
Dairy and Creamery Butter
Mince Meat
Fresh and Smoked FiSh, (All Rinds)
Eggs Strictly Fresh
P. Burns & Co., Lid.
illlv   fair   tn   1
II,    Al'ilrille   <n\.
ny  part   in common with
I"'   font lire,  perhaps,  of all.   ll   has  been  a
FIRST ST.,   -   KKVELSTOKK. B.O. \eriimenl   to ndmil   thai  in  the railway   l"'"l'l'' '" Uri.lish Dominions. wl,ilU ,„,;„,  ,lf  lhc, ulU{m -,.h,,m„  i.hn(
_ I legislation      they   havo   brought   down      Sllch    thinb'8    nre     lik"'>   to hnppon |lho   punishmelll   ha-   fallen   on   i h
j..,..,   again here, and we would suggest Ihut
iltv.  The
KOai'.Kl BJUin                                    th„v |,nve     ,n.„|„ j, ,  ,!„.;,. promises   "u"'" '"■"■' ''"'" "'' % '" ""ggest mat inocenl  as olton
Provitici.il Land Surveyor,   io lhe el -. despite the recent stale  "  '>''""-'•''' P»>i™     force he  sustained,   prisoner win, serves his  tern,      within
UmiUK &UI veyor  nienl  of  McKen/ie &   Mann,  thai   they   "-I""'"!'.1   nl   times when   the eonslnb-   il„. walls suffers less than the destitute
I.l 11.
n.iiil.:   ll
i.,x iU(i, Kkvklstokb
it ml ,,f mi.'s   >e*  '"'' employed  on  duties  othcrwiso   famil.i  left mil   in  tho world wiih
Al.ltl.N .V:   KVKI.KKIH,
Yam iti'VKtt AND i
I tracts -uh- l,m"  I'"1''''' VV("'li'  "ue'i   ns   i-  the case means of     support.     The new   system
mined will  therefore In  this respect bo """'      l'"''lir  protection   is   nocessnry will   breach   that   one  greal   fault       in
Stttisfilcton    I,,   lhe   peo|,le.   I,.!,'."l   l'i.' '''     '"    ''"""'   ,""1   ''    ifl   f'''-"'   '""'   'in-    the   i ris,,,,,,,,.,,,   system   and   provide
'..nn,  I   LM.es      further  tlmii   prom',-..I vvls """">   "' '""'l;lil   lh"  ""'""^ "'   th fortunate      fa y  will,   better
in  ,;,,.,,  ,,  ,„.,hc-  special  provision  for ?'»'»'»>E '""' '"'"'^  l'"'i"" and  safety support   perhaps  thon  tbe erring falh-
£i \ i-i -loui    B   I'.   ll"'     ''unndiun   Sorthern enlerinc   the »' the homos. er ever gave when at liugo.
All ■ iiuiiiuiiiciii
, lllce, li 'ii-if
i anndian   Sorthi rn  enl,
Citj  ,,i Knmbiiips.
,ns a.loi'ess,.,! I,, l',„i !     I'l"'     I'l'iiviijiv lmwever,  accepts
_c   will have pnunpi ■ further ,,-|
ilttli      ; li ,e tl,     origin-
all}    -l.lle.l    in    lh .
up an}   deli, ii   in revenue and  ■   fieiidi
1,1,,'   ,'|-    Well    us
and   inier.-i    an.I   [iiis   uddii
c.  w   0   w
Mount tin   Vina. Cu — p   No. 2^9
I Moot*   Booond   nml   l''",nl,   y>.'- iii'-" ,v-' i"    i,,!j,.    ..'■ ..   , . •' ;■
r.,1. Mienli,. ,;  Hellork   HilU.    \ isilll,   Wood-
men oordtelly invitod to attond,
JOHN iAmI."N  ' '■«•. ' "in.
J. AtclNTYl K. Clerk.
Kootenay LoUljo, No. 15, fl   F. * A. M
prill .,,    : h
the   pull
ll I
I'he   I i     . mpti
.   '" u.-.r moat.
 11 ' I'll"
M ,S"M   TK.MI'I.K   ■
.    ,' .
t ,i, third M,■„.,..) ,n
meutl,      '    *
oordisllj   w«l-
J   T   I'lll. I., !■ h. M i-n n
i HAS. J. AM \N   S: i ,., ■
SELKIRK \MY)i.Y. ,:'   I  0 '»  K.
V .   i,    T
H    HUIU -'
brothrsQ ',r«
,-   '.: ITHIK -
c<>rui»  y la
L   PHOBYN    ••• .1
March  6th, 1910.
A Union Religious Mass Meeting will be held on
Sunday evening at half past 7 o'clock in the
led by Evangelists Lewtas and Reed.
There will be a grand service of sacred son":
lasting about 15 minutes, consisting of old songs
thai ran be sung by the whole congregation, and
duetts and solos by the Evangelists previous to
Idress to be delivered by Mr. Lewtas.   Will
eople kindlj come in time to be seated by
eve   so as nol to miss any part of the
sen ■. ,:' song.
Coid Ran^e Lodue, K. ot P.
Ho.  26,  Revelatuke, B. C.
it...   -.   -
I   P.   H111TH. I . C.
li. H. BBI I  -    8
,   , •   W      ■• ,    .;
: .
Zbc _TDail*HDeralb
N     s   &
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangement* I rly beer  a n      ted under which the branches
ol this Bant   are able       Issue I    it is on Ihe principal points
In Lhe unifies:
Austria- Hungary    Finland id
^ ormott
Rra/il Fr^r.   >■ .,
pute ft   h Cochin ( bin*
■ (fr huria
Grreca k        «v
South Afrirm
Str.ms Settle
k a it /(Hand
nr UUrvls     VWst fndlet rf$
■ Klanda ,v,.-whtrt
REVELSTOKB    BRANCH-   A      H       ALLBN.    MOR.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents amr Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the ...World.
At all Branohcs.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Import direct from country ot origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
«T.    ALBEET     ST03ST_G_      PEOP.
Horse-Shoeing & Carnage WorkaSpecialty
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are   disposing  of  their  entire   Stock   at a
small  advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on     Diamonds
jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watchei-
Doyle and Allum, Limited
■    nil Fu i    I i
.    , i     '.;,    "
Fr. 1
H.i il  Ml,.       [llltl 1 I'
In f pub .. 1,,L.|,
il ten ■ . . ■! hn ,,'
i    ,.,'1       ,      • m im    ,,f   |,,, ,
linn    Mm   I   .  ■   ,   i.j.     .-,.■   ,        houlil
■ '     111(1    .',      I,,'.'l'     ■       I;,,,,!;,,',I r.n      I ,.,
'    '  !     ,    ,.""■    ",,'„':' ,■   .,      'in       lh<l
,..''.., M , I  1
nml thr  ,.|
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital P'tid Up
r',il>li.' lifo nl i •! mi   Britain. It la Mr. rWnri,        ■, , ■      \     .   , , „.,\.  ,i
I" "■,'- rluty in iv  i;.,, ,,,,, ,.|i:ii.'l       I.. ,|.i nv0)  |n  |h,   proven
I:,.,, ' ',, (  in "I.,
i ifii ilon, r.ni'l.,,,,1,
I .loyri >..., lonal  I lank,  I Ioi n Kx-
Hank     Honttl N.ii lonal Bnnk,   Han I'', ,,,
'■'.    W '....   Natl ". i m un.    Hpokane    FSxchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Depoalta ,,f $1 and upward,  ,■..     d, and  Intoreat allowed al
,,,,,,',,, rate i.n,,, I , •■ ..i afipnall    Oi ri   rpondewee lolloltdd,
Revelstoke Branch   A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
'.•i'Vt'.s it." '--.'.' ••• '.- '.»K- t<-
Garden, Field
and Flower
New Drop now arriving from our growors in V. i^laurl, France,
Holland, Canada and the United States. .\ll tested as to
vitality innl purity on arrival. Ttie beat is good enough for our
, ustomers.   Catalogue free.
' Business   will   lie  continued   at  our old   stand until May.
Alter that in new location, which will he announced later.
1 ■ 'ia
3010 Westminster Road
VANCOUVER,      -       -      B. C.
Advertise in The Mail-Herald—It Pays
A SATUHDAY, MAIft'H 5, 1010.
Page B
Our Milliners are home
from the Kastern markets
and will he pleased to see
you.      They   have   some
swell new things in Ready-
to-wear Hats for the present season.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders.
.Send   the   children   to
the store,   Come yourself.
Have our city traveller
call   at   your   home   for
Silk  Underskirts
Where is lhe Easter gown that cannot rejoice
with a Silk Petticoat, when you can have one for the
price of an ordinary cotton one. We have 60 or so
that must move along in the bargain procession.
They are $6 to $7.50 petticoats, and while they last
you can pick one at
Lingerie Waists
A score of new styles of Lingerie Waists and
Laundered Shirt Waists. They have just fluttered in
dainty as butterflies, full of the spring newness that
the ladies find so fascinating just now. Quite elaborate many of them, with various rich combinations of
Plauen Lace. Pointe de (luise, Mexican and other
styles of embroidery, but mostlv around the price
mo«t lacies like to pay
$2.50   TO   3.00
Wash Dress Fabrics
The stocks of Cotton Wash Dress Fabrics are
mountain high today. This spring more fascinating
than ever. Never have the clocking looms turned
out more attractive designs. Never before have col-
orists brought out such dainty colorings. Yours to
enjoy, these pretty I'reponettes at 250, These dainty
satin sniped Poplins 40c. Sheer Pontelle Swiss 25c.
Shontange '25c.    Batistes 25c    Perline Lawns 35c.
From time to time we have demonstrated our willingness^ and ability to
give you a Bargain in all our Departments.
We do not run a Bargain Store^or
Jew shop. All goods are marked in plain
figures at the priced we intend them to
be sold at, which is a fair merchantable
price in any market.
But occasionally we have stocks which
we find too heavy to carry in their respective line, then we resort to the knife
and cut the price to hang them out. In
instances such as these the profit comes
you're way.
Look carefully through|the list, sure to
be something interesting.
Mixed Groceries f
Arrived to-day one car load Mixed Groceries
including Dill Pickles, Sweet Pickles, Sour Mixed
Pickles, Sago, Tapioca, Evaporated Fruits, Canned
Peaohe?, Pears, Apples, Rhubarb, Pumpkin, Blueberries and Pineapple, lieans, Peas. Tomatoes. Corn,
Raisins, Currants, Breakfast Poods. Canned Meats
of all kinds. Canned Fish in every variety. J Jin fact
everything that is needed to make our steck complete.
No order too small, no order too large. JWe have the
goods.    We can till it.
Fish Department
The Lenten Season is now on and we are again
to the front with a full line of Salt Fist. Give us
your order and let us show you what we can give you
in the Fish Department. We have a nice line of
Labrador Fat Herring that we can recommend. Also
Salt Cod Fish from the Maratime provinces, that are
extra choice. Holland Herring in small kegs. Salt
Solmon  Bellies and Salt Mackerel.    When you want
Lettuce and Celery
Always a nice stock of   Lettuce and Celery on
hand.    Fresh and good at reasonable prices.
Black Peau de Soie
AU Silk and Mousseline Satin
finish. This item of news ought to
bring a few enquiries to the Silk
counter. Beautffully dved a soft
deep black. Bonnet's French make.
An actual $1.25 silk for
75c, per yard
Japan Taffetas
While looking over the Silk stock
we find we have a lot too many
Japan Taffetas, so down they go.
You can use some of them for Waists,
Little (iirls Dresses, Suit Linings.
Any color, '27 inch, wide, (10c. silk at
35c. per yard
Pure Cotton Fabrics
From Merrie Fngland this week
arrived a deluge of those famous pure
cotton fabrics, such as Long Cloths,
.Mandapolaines, Nainsooks, India
Mulls. Splendid cloths, no starch or
dressings. Heady for the needle.
For Ladies' and Children's under-
muslins they are supreme.    From
10c. to 25c. per yard
I ml f
New York
If you go to New York or any
other metropolitan center, you
will find the best-dressed men
wearing the same Rega! Shoe
styles we have on sale right here
in our store.
are famous all over tlie world for their exclusive custom style and quality. The new
models embody every fashion-feature found in the most expensive custom footwear. Moreover, Regals fit like made-to-measure shoes, because they are made io
quarter-sizes.    Come in and look over the new Regal styles.
PRICES:    $5,1$5.50,   $6,   $7
C. B. HUME <S_ CO.. Ltd.
House Cleaning Helps
The House Cleaning time is here
and we are here also with the goods
you need:—Brooms, Brush*., Wash
Tubs, Wash Boards, Clothes Lines,
Clothes I'ins, Washing Ammonia,
Clothes Blue>, I'earline. W.i-hing
I'owder, Gold Dust, Soaps of all
Kinds, Mops, Window Cleaner-, nld
I Hitch Cleanser, Bon Ami, Sapolio,
and Lye. In fact we have the goods
that makes piny of U/ash D.iy, and
makes Bouse Cleaning easy When
buying House Cleaning (ioods
Get It at Hume's
Scotch Flannelette
From   Bonnie    Scotland   some
stout dependable   Flannels and Flannelettes have  arrived   t,, gladden the
md   ivarm   the body,    Ti is is
the   Flannel Season,     A  little can
list   now    in    keeping    just   warm
enough   will   be the best in.-urance
against Spring colds,
\  special   Scuteh   Flannelette,
lovely colorings, soil finish at
10c. per yard
See tlm Electric Coffee Mill—
a grand new "llobart" machine.
We can give vou genuine steel cut
coffee, either ground or pulverised.
in a minute's notice.
Fine Art Sateens
For curtains or upholstery work wc have a showing of Art Sateens that
are attracting attention. Such pretty colorings. Such dainty and quaint
designs ara not usually seen in goods at this price.
An English Cloth at 15c. per yard
N OU may find u mistake in
our accounting, let Ul know if you
do,   Wo havi  installed the Bnest
ollice system possible and are doing
our Utmost to keep apace with the
times. You can hi ip us if yen let
us know of any mistake lhat • Ight
occur. Page G,
11_  M A11 i- H EH \ li I) R M    i .mm iv E, B. U.
nnd  two streams ,,f  n    nr were ,1 ,,"
|,..|      inii,      III,.,,,,   llllll  ilirli   tlio ,1,'iiM.
mi k,   unai Ij   sulTocntod  tlio men     at
llu> no/.: lo Foi     ,■-,"   tin',    I	
«rs. J. 0. Sibbald fclirM. izr Z'i:™^"«    "
Attacked by Jap
Tho London Daily News quotou   the
following examples of school boy blun-
."  '""       '"'    ''"'     f,'°'"    encroaching     Oil    ,|,.,.s   whioll   wer8 gen,   ;„   tQ   „„,   rjnivor.
'   -ily Corocspondent  tor u prize oompo
onliiieil   lo  llii1  walls .-in '  under
lhe dillii'i in   of lonitiiiL'
Sn hei'    own houso in hi    nl lit, noor,  Hem       lire cimu-in y oi  locnuue       Tho earth is au obsololo s] fold.
wilhoul  .,,,,   -    '■■  nud   li Ij lho     worsl  pints.        Smoke wenl  up ,    Lorc]  );.-■ l.-i-li was tha firs I  uiun     to
gashed with ., knifi   win   lhu I .-inu ' "'    '" 11"' "'"   |,,"v " "'r ""'' soo the Invisible  Vrrouda,
xperioi  ■   nl Mi  . •).  "■  Pibbuld   lasl out oi the window    si,  .vine   thai   the Shakospeare  founded  "As  Vou   hike
Wediiesda;    iften    ■„. I''nil'h' drnnghl   up hot ween   tl ■  parti- ,,••  ,„,  n boo,.  ,„,.,„,„ ,v  „,;,,,.„   b"y
lll'lll    ,      '     ■ ! \ ''""■    ■■"'  "   »       woul"    '■'"' rtrawn 8ir OUvor ,,„,,,„
,„      ; .,    , ,,.,„ . l1"' ''"'" "i1 :l  "  hml   "•;''   '   ""'     Tennj   writes "In  M,
" !    '"   " , kit hen.     The well din   led  si
ly   I'llM       Of   11        Hill
  hn I I he d,  it'oil ' ii,' '   and
King Edward   l\   had uo r lain,     bj
| | || ' ■. ■ ,,.i, .u.-.1   .. ...     ' .
,     ih,       iln    '     Ii ill, I owed   Innl
,,',,I,,'.:',,al   right   lo  II,,'   r.,i.;lisl, lhi',,n,..
<:<■,„': ■    Eliot   I.n   „  wife  and  child-
" .1 , . t ..t.i < ' 1   '    t' lit
,    l!l" R"   ■'       "[| l"" ' ''"' '■'■' '   ron to mourn his gonii.
' ' ' : ri "      "'     Tl,' Tcsl   Vet of 1073 wns |in sod   to
    ":"'''  "" """'""; '  :''"'" hoop 1,','inar,     Catholics oul of public
' i, „ '        ';'•'"""   ' i ■
"     " ''' ■" »«mry  h died of anting palfreys.
I her lions,   l""1"   NVI   »■'-  gelalinod during the
! ' ' rti—i, an-' R'anp
ml asReit fi.r i bl  ii-ll Dli     tl.d|Jjt_
led _____
■lames I died from argue.
An     anglo     is  a  triangle with onl\
I',,',, 1, i,'\ olution.
Gender    shows whether a man     is
tnasculine,  ferainiuo or r,«.,ilr'i'.
, ,' '
n\ .
'   u t,      gel       n,.   S: . ■■   has   [oiin I  i n  u .'po led
v "I,     in  tov n, and n   ki     ll, ■ ... ;     ,      ,   |    ho|    ,1  Soutl ivnrk,   '""  '"'''s'
'     Lei,     «1. Tho .lap said   he England, who, in     his evidence given     ,:,'"»"'<lr    teaches   us how lo bisex
eon       lhe  n and   nuked before  lhe Censorship Committee     ro-   'lll"t'ls'
1 n       ., n,     '■:    ,,   i        met   hy      llic ,,.,,,ly.     strongly odv, rated   i   -renter
frocdoin for dramatic al t,
.-ill  tlm way,  and do nol  moot  unless
'■      ■   I ' Supporl of thia kind is all the moro
sil1      irikiug   in  vic«   of  still    .  live  preju-
i with a l.nif,'. niokii
' "     dir •   .  ".,, .  I   tin   il" atro  that  exl
" ■     '' ' '■   i, |, IV i  ability lo
it ii]       liravo and ■        hi,   hill
..sr.  in I .'  i he
-■.' oiix lllin :   bill  evil   il    lhe   theatre i<
Mi oxti aordin in   foal ur    in   it,,1     cou-
you bond them.
Horse-power is li'.' distani'i! one horse
can enrrj n pound ,,f wnlor in an
Gravitation is that which il thoro
wero none wo should all tly away.
1,1     ' '"      ■  '  ' '    '     vi,  ion    of m   i    " brimd  nin
A  vacuum   is  a  larg
whore lhe pope lives.
empty  space
'n'"      ''    'I' "    I "!;i:' Vi0i,    "     1} Hi ,',,      ,,     . ,.       | |, |, ,       „,      |      nl„0ng
i  '" •'■   '»'     *1         ihe ".   ;." aim   hut our A. ™' '■
,            ,.f ■      i Mrs.  Sil,.          '    ■ christian.
mvn' Vie lind   n   law   more of I hose  in  the
both  Lntii Now  York     London    Sim's corrcspou-
will,  .
'MM '        ' |1||.     ||,
•., .      ,i hear     hoi
•.,. , nilriglil
,  ' ' :     ' I.P
flKAi   f.,   „%, vt>.,.. *■.'.      ai  ' ' 'fl
■ ftssfiEiiBj ■■■   '
I','' _^'^--_fi^^*'V-*■*•■>   :'    ■-"-
__________E_-^^! L±
If, Madam, we could take you rifiht into our
Model Bakery at the Mill, where all uur tests are
made, you would see exectly what we mean when
we say, " Robin Hood Fit ur is Different."
You would see how favorably it compares with
other flours In respect to color.
Its superior quality would be plainly visible
to you.
You would quicker realize why you are to add
more water than usual when usiiij, it.
The bicger loaf made by it would lij before vou.
Seeing it, you would note its closer texture no waste.
Tasting it, you would admire its finer flavor.
In short, you would surely decide that you ought
to start using Robin Hood Hour right away.
But, Madam, if you cannot conn to uur Bakery,
vc can help you to have butter Baking Results of
your own.
Use Robin Hood Flour yourself, and prove that
what we claim for it is true.
We supply the flour-quality.   We <v*",	
give the Ruarantee.     It is up to you
to get the benefit.
Have   you   asked   your   grocer
about our Money-back-guarantee yet?
Saskatchewan Flour Mills Co.
Moose Jaw. Sask.       *
I ' • .'"
■ "■'",'
and Teutonic,  have l,,n      iiiec  realised   dencc:
,1 In   ilive  v nine r i   ii"-  plaj.      Ill      |,, i  .;;n
,      . i ' .    ■      ■        mu      i ■    l
fell   , • ',..
m   Irip]    I ,ind
■.nil   tn  tin
theatre  ,,     llic)   ore  m nt   to   their  les-
- . ,,      Hi.'
,,u  ,.f caslt nmv uol
in, lh
■I   woman   ,,,,(   of
Thos.   Heekel   used   lo  wash  llic    feel
TISII    COLUMH1 \    [>l Till'.
M V'lTKH OF THK "Winding    tp Act"
 '  '    n< l   :'''  ,,rum"   »f leopards. in Tlli:    MATTER OF    Metr, lilau
Romulus obtained     the first citizens       Gold and Silver Mining Company
.     i'•'''! Her",     '»   Knrrlinil,   Shnlios-   (,,,.    i;.,  i,.       ,,i,,,,,;.,,.  .,  |i„miin „„,,. .ri  i     o    ,-     r :.,,;, ...i
lu shield-
ing   Imi     ■ . r     Mi s.    Sihhalil   i    eive,
.nil..I   :■
■'"   .
li,','. I M'..1'1
.   I'   ' ;
with   In. .lap. <!. Ki ■, '"' :
e„  0,,. ,„„.., ||,„ ll
l ■    irded   a     i. '    ■
,|',,,i:,L: u lunatic usy-
I    ire,
N   ai..
..[ hardcau,  IV ('..  I imitech,
Is",:  |„.r'M,rial  liability)
..,'., |. Iniii |i
'   |
St.,   . e t'.l'.U. (
\J,,,  ■
c;^iciai Conditions
II  :■'.    in   Kntjl'in I,   -h.'i.,       ,-,,,.    j
I'',,,.,.. ii     ol    '.. ■    Inm,
'''I  "t'har Unit"      ■     II       Vlgehini ul      » nibols ure used wl
'" ' ■'■   ""      >"U don'      ...    wh  ■  you  ore talking '    NOTICE   IS   II KIM-T.Y   Given      that
1   '  '   ";'1,      "    !   ' ■       d i ,   |), ;.; ;   Uegi Irar of  ihis     Court
v   '   Ui      lie   ;        a   maa who kills      a    will  on  I'l'i,(ny,  lho  ISth  day of  April,
\    I).   I'.llll, ul   tho Court   House     in
day is  ll mtli organ   ihe     Cily of Vancouver, in  lhe Prov-
• "i'l". iin,. nf     Uritish    Columbia, at eleven
'■   !"   i     ii   aversion  to the truth.        o'clock  in  the forenoon, sell  the     fol-
v  'l; "   - ' i-  il>" -la f -ni    lowine described properties:
o wl     i they wen S, h.edule    one  as  follows:   "Triune''
                        Mineral  Claim   liiinu   lot   51IS1;   "Kamloops" Min."  Claim being lol hlOfi; "En
lei'i , i ."  Mineral Claim being lot riliS'J;
"Silver     Chief"    Mineral Claim  hoinii
f   the   lot  56SI!;   "Kumloops   Fraction"   Mine-
iii ..,' Speyei  ,v  Co..   rnl (lain,     being lot .",fi-'t:  "Revenge'
I      Mineral Claim  being lol   fitiS5;  nil situ-
ate in Group one, in the West Kootenay District of Uritish I',,Inn,I,in nnd
i,' the    IVoul     Lalto Mining Division,
■   re   irdi        subjeel   lo  u  mortgag ■  conveyaiico
in  Ice  ;..     .1.   II.  Ashdown,      William
,;,. Wl  . M.I I),  il.  Forbes dated lho 21  I
,,f March A.D., 190G to si i ire tho paj
men; of S123.S00 with interest as
llion oul. also schedule ".'\m, as
follow       Mow   Vale  Mineral  t'lain,  bi
.   in,:   lol  .'.:i'J.',;   "Boston''   Mil oral Claim
. ...   being    lol  5320;   "Chicago"      Miuernl
,       i in-   • luini      being      lot   5327;   "Montreal"
Mineral Claim boing lol .',:i^s: "San
Fran, i co" Mineral Claim being lol
.'"'.-m "Fail-view" Mineral Claim being
5330; "Metropolitan Fraction"
M ii oral ' laiai being lot 5331; "Chicago Fr.r lion" Mineral Claim being lol
5332; all situ ite in said Trout Lake
Mining    hi. i -ioi, and     in Maid Group
Revelstoke Flour and 'Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Miner's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
-. W. B. PAGiT J. W'ISON
'>ui__»M»;)r:, "'Ti_fc_'fffTTrr7''TTTrT •'-'nwimnrvi
S I -
Central Hotel
one,     Also  ichedulo Three aa follows
hoi 7047 in said Group ono situato
,,,;.r Troul Lako City in the Province
of Bi ;-i il   Columbia,
lid   properties   will   bo  sold  ir,
i,'"i    according   to   the
imod    chedulcs;   twenty      per
"irt  ..f il,,1 purchaso price of  tho pro-
h   ichedulo  shall be paid
in I   tho balanr a
,       ■
II ,,i lho said
beine appro
Tinsm.thmK. Repairs,   Hot   Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
i'    ni,
/Morahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Impioved,    FirHt-Class in Bvery respect.    All modem conveniences
1.1.rue Kamfrle II,,,ens.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
E.   G.    BUKRlbG--
Iflctopia Haiet fire
Connaught  Ave.    -    RcveUtokc
i   ,  rl.,
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Pair
F.   B.   WELLS.
BxDorter c\? Fura
I : \l
... .,     I the
*     I
tnl   |l
l   .
ii iv in. for Sals
H    M  Ul l.'Mllr.
|, Liquid iloi. 	
l:,;'r   '"' '■ Go olino  haunch, The Tonku, '-'I   ft.
"'■ '■ ' ..!,.'       I       \    I,,., ,■     powei  engine.
'' l'1" I              new, I), troit built. For terms
In the in ai 1.1 ,,f the estate    ol tl.,
late      Chun.   F.       Noll i  ,   il"i,',i nl,   al
parties who hove nay hillr, or olalin
again i il," deceased C. F. Morris an
horeby requested to hand in tho s'lin.-
in writing to the undersigned nn    or
i      ■    •       rli       '
t of the lil ./.■ iii.,
v Ihe kiti hen Clul
i  ,, I,                    ■   Identl   Irom effort  to i                                                                ed                   .   . ,'...      ,,
ll ■■ '   OGI ,,rr",l , '",   in           .... I       hoillll                         , |.     plj
n   ■    ,|((fir Mnf| w„]|.i ported b)  the .,',/,,... ired
\ li   1910
A   n   rf. I i I m.I l:.
IJ      iei   I:..  , Irar,
-    II. I
Sfiinijle Mill for Sale
particulars write to Box 73,  Rev I1'"''."" M'""1:1'V' M.aroh 7tll> |,JI", »'<•
TAKE     NOTICE that  I Intend     to
make application  to  ti,,-  Supetintend-
\    mall     I,,,...,   Mill !■',,,  g0le,  En    ent "! Provincial I'olice for n transfer
i-i,,,', boiler,    Jointer,  Porkin    Shinglo   "'  r8ta"   |i'l""r  license  "I   the      Evi
linn,I machine     bolters etc     Capo itj    Hotel, Camborno,  B.  C, now held by
3B,000 poi  'Im       \pply to ,n" '" "   '•■ w*re.
The Ml   M Ml'.l l; CO,, Datl''1 ll"''  1'*"1' (l'.'   "' '''''h- 1910.
Wigwam, 15. C.    Imo. J. A. TUEW.
which date no i laim on account
be recognized.
It.  II. riiQUHAltT.
TAKE NOTICE that I intend ti
laVe application to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police for a transfc
of my liquor license of the Bentor
Hotel, Beaton, It. C. now held b;,
mo, to J. A. Thcw.
Dated  this  15th day of Fob.  1910
lmol A. EVAN'S.
/' SATI l!l/\Y, M UM'II
rage 7.
/to>>:_j',..   ■ *9
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
I      Our stock gf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTHenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/4ccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents f r the famous
$60.00 Cash
:;!b flOODi
Italian Tribute
and Stock In States
 __ I |u<      Italian   So   - Ij   has   roqm
I uh  Uj publi^I)   lho  li. '    ^  name       an
companied ijy loss of Life "-•"    :■•■  ■ ;, Uimra\
•v. ol  the I'.i.   I'"'   'I rr, ,,,1 who 0
Ilia     ,1, mii     , ■ li)   being burnt
near the     1 I.        I hi
fo     ■.   "
|{, Dli ; so .....      3.00
n   I .    2.00
I-'. Tcivn , 2.00
It.  I'ratiro   2.00
I;   ,   . 2.00
It. Jlieiui     tn Ml
Mike Itoiu ..
.   1 Ininpogna
t;   \ 11 iiuio .
I ' '   ls  n ,.oin rnnieil  by  I,,--  ol  life
nil in,    I11111I1I1    le  lion of  propr i'
,\, ,',',: m!  in  all  pnrlr   of  lhe      L'i iled
■     ,,... other ilny,   I'ni'ts  of      I
ripe nre nl n  ivported  nl   the mei
11 i_ 11   11 nler,      Contii neil        ' hn\ ■■
I'm  i'i]   llu,  .-'■ i iver oil    of
nml   I'ii i ,    'ill     ill ■         from   lh,   effect       of     the recent    II i in
llncivte I. |,', i,.,    .,.,
l''i',,n,   nil   n\, ,'  il:,'  i,,1 1  elliptic     if .llir     1 (',
I   .   em   IV11 llington   Stnt,      om,      10      k- J
i-i,     ..:    inprcccdcntcd   hiij:        ilei     I'l
!'.     \
been  , '■,,    I,  bu loir
«ashed     mvn).    live   lost nnd       locli    ,    •
drowned, \    I'n   '
II), ,,   ,..,,111      I   lull.,    k   IViIl
il!   till
meltil   .  nml
1      '
,    '■    '
i.'i"     : ■,'. high    .    .,
ivnter is  pronu ed     fm  l«
leu  I
II . Ironds  lire  .-.r    ,       inilsl
half 11      cl,     '.,:,.     niineii    I
nre being      liel, i   ip.    Telr gi
telephone      ivire*   1 lown,   uiul       ill
, «,,iu,ui,ii,.i 1;.,,,   i    nil
In lilnho, S'ei ,.!,. Ohio Vn.ll    , Ki
County,  Utah  niul  oilier parts   i,
pro| .', '■;   bn ■  been   'renieml,,11
Colfax,     Wash.    Ml it Mon,I
and uni il noon on 'I Inu* ulay I lu   v 11
continued to riso until thero was four
feel  ' ,f v ater     in  I lie princi[ial   itrc I
nml  business centres ol the  cil) .
strong was  tho    current   ..t' llu   wai
1 !    tli
I  ,. .   ' ,
r   1 ..   .
, :  '.
1."  Defeli
■• ; ...
I.. Item li
\. Cove
■•    '   ;
' . .    I'ul HI",- '
It, Uurine
,,. Cal .     ■
A. 1 Irespati
li   l'„.,   ,
,:. 1. ,,'   ■■ a
1    .1   ,,,,', I,i'l'      of   housi ,
,    ,             1 ., Innn lilllli
;.\\,iv ,,,,,I  ;lie r i-l'   on ...w. 1 1!...,,',     ...
'  ■        1             ,     ,   ■ , .-1.i'ii,' ' .'
were forced   lo   eek   -I,- It, 1   ,.,, lhe up- ,
.... ., .    ,       ' •.    r  .1     i ,:   , . .
I,',   Moors  .,1   1I1. ,,' I . lines   mil rl      help   .,
arrived. ,,
Mnnv     miles     of railroad  1 nu k, belt,  1,101
sides  embankments   havo  been   washed    .     ,
I .    1.1)111!
Ifonils     and  tranic bruit    in  even      ...
..        . ,    , ,   . ...      ■•   I i.'i    1.:
tlu'c, 1 r,,t,  ;ir,'  waslieil  nut, and  11    will
I.,-     mil lis   before     normal   conditions    ,
\.   lalim
ure >"-  v    r  ■
I'ullmau,  Wu.- li.   Tin sdav 1 ■   ,.
, , 1    - ,!■ mi ,
were between  live .-■ n< I  Ir ,,  1  ". ,,     .... , .
, ..... . I.'.'.'
,,   u,  the streel    ..1  t'lillniiin,   111 .     a   .,
, ,        ,      I. I ocoror Ino
terrilic current   sweeping  tru.uriMi      tl,.'   ,.    ,.     ,.
.-it 1               1                        ' ■   '" "!:
lown,   ulii.'l,   hns rl,,r„'   1,    ! 111 . 1111           ,,    , .
... .                        A.  M111I1I,i
possible us      vol to esliniate. Ut,,' .
I'n, iii.•     and      iu,, , In
11 ■   "M.l  &   V,'. igation I' im|mi     brid
2 11' ■
. -,,
I »,
. -.'
I ..
1 11,,
..     I 00
.'! ,,',
2 00
.-■ 2.00
5 '„
.-. , ,. '
. 1.00
.. . 1.00
I 00
...    1.00
.     ...      J.on
.     .    1.00
.     1 00
' -,,,
I lul
s,,,'l ;,,,
'  ,'.-•  been    wept  oul   above    I'ull-
innii. nu,I  lho bridge timbers   sweeping
,l,,\\ 11   1 hroiigh   tl,,'  bilsinr ■  ,,i rl 1 i--r   of I
lho city  played  linvor   with  several  of
lhc stores,
A  furniture     store und  un I, 1
If establishment   woro  carried  out,       of-
I   .■ -.'."1 nn.   \,..u. .
.  . ■--■'. whii 1,  will   Ih'
,.\pi.it I" i  on   the f a
lone over tin    Ir
fins and furniture Moating off on       i
tide,  together with  I lie  lie 11
A  serious     phase ..:' lho Ilor ■! 1-      ,
threatened fuel fiimine.
1    w
c. p.    1;.
pill \    . .
Senttle,     Wash.,   Kightecii    feci    (if I there i                                        egret   his
snoM   on  the west slo| f tin       I -  were
cades and eight  feet  ,>;,  the easl    Ir p, lail;  walk
is  being     r-lianged  into    water    b)   a ,1  life,      lie  u is  ou,                       who.
warm wind from  Iho sea, and  llu   1 i\ thro  gl      ■            ii                      ,
. ra  lar '■  ' apiicity  lo earn   ,,»..,      tho bl                                                 ,f  tourist
di       1,  with   il ,•  ,, iii 11   that   Via liini travel,  nl              1                          -   fao
ton   Valleys   are  overdowee!,   railroads md   il                                             ombin-
compclled   lo   -,, 1   "„!   bu ii 1    .      nn I ed
I  bridges      washed     .,,   .     ;,-    ,!, Am  .                                     .,       W|M,
widespread       ll I  in  iwuily      yoni . ,                                            na  from
Witl'  railwa}    1  ., on   to l'o, f the C. P. K.,
' ;" '■ '~'-,':     ' the  I       mm..    I         ,'.,n-
ivaj      .'       to  lhe east, by the North- lau
era  I'aein,   main     line.    Thai   outlet, , .    .,, „;   .                  .... -,     „,  i;,.v,.|
however,   mn)   bo   closed   ,, .,         I other citii       -   ra "Johnny"
I by 1!,,' turbulent ' ■                     I    I, is U ,.             known ni             mad,     for
alraad)   threatening lo wash aw ,■  tho hi    manlin                              Itoquiescat
j   Cleveland, Ohio    \*   least  200     pei	
■on   arc    dend, many hundi "I ■ home-
'"•. ; of,'"l '■   ■■ "- EfiitKING
'" '' lown nnd  1      pn pert)   dam
n •■ ro idling hundrcils .,;' thou lands of
,l"il ,1     ,,,'     the mnln ,    ult    ,,l     the p, \M-; u , | 1;
have doi istn    I  Dhi 1 dur- I   At the I of   Uu
I that havo j 11a thr
I'      :,ll parts   of iii.- \
tori llarvr   . H    [|. K      II
iter al ''■ ■
>'■ I. Work In B. C.
1   .   A.
,' •     ti
I   ': .
[front  Montr, .
ItMO,      will   be or , for  bu-im
1 .
, ..,  i,    .        ' '
i/nlle;     ,., , ",n   ,      ' .
.   Ill    thi    in,'liu   ! 1
i I:",: '' ' v,", i! Card of Thanks
i 1 11..1    uni  v dnriii
in"      , .ui  in eon tnietion work l    ■ ■.                               my thanks
Whylc ntntr .1     thai    there woul lo tl                                I   Fire  Brigade
nbuii Innl    omplo) ment    foi eir      »l                       ren lored
ovnllnble men In Ihe wost, nnd ih,,,     -           Vie        Y,.       In and f.>r their
more work mighl   bi   uhderl I    '   rlcndid            •              mj  I ,'.lfrom
lh,. i'.;„.iiIi:iii     I'neifie if 1 h    in in «.■>     bumii
availnWo to do It, R. 1 -UOHTOJJ. m
Tage 8.
New Spring Goods Coming to Hand
See our New Linen Suitings, New Zephyrs, New Ginghams, New India Linen, New Dimity, New Sateens,
Table Linens and Napkins, Ladies' New White Cotton
Underwear, New Skirts and Coats, Boys' Tweed Suits.
Boys' Knicker Pants, Men's Odd Pants, Boots and Shoes
Just Opened 25 Cases New Spring Styles
Dur Spring Millinery Department
Miss Parkins, who has charge" of this Department, will be pleased to meet the ladies of
Revelstoke. You may depend upon finding all
the newest novelties for Spring. Datefof Millinery Opening will  be given later.
Oddfellows Fraternize
Selkirk Lodge No. li, I.O.O.F., re-
wived n visit [nun ml. liln Lodge, of
Salmon Ann on Thursday. During the
afternoon an exciting hockey match
wns played between Salmon Ann nnd
KevolutokO) resulting in a wiu lor tho
In,in,' team by '2-2. In th,- ovoning
lh,. visitors in,'l tl„. I,uul hi',it'll,'is in
lh,- lodgo n ..rn where lhe Inenl ollicors
put ,,ti lh,' 1st degree in n most ini-
proHsive manner. At lho close ,,f il„'
Lodge an adjournment wus mado to
the Biipper room where IiohIh and
gueutH s.it doUii io an excellent Buppor
supplied by Mis. llanbury. A long
guests s:it down t,, mi excellent supper
(cresting spcoehos wen. delivered by
lite visitors us well ,i~ tho home brothers. Suit's wore givou by A. Duck
an,I I., .rob) i'.     II. Uunuing occupied
ilir ' liiir. After n most eujoyabl?
fraternal ovening il»' gathoring din-
UOUN Hi, the 28th "mst.. the wife
of II. I-'. Ifnyloek, a daughter.
Some l',„,iI bargains in dwellings
conveniently   located.    II.   N. Couniicr.
Keep tl,,' dato in mind Si. .I.,1ms
Tea, Culinary and sale nl work, Mar.
18th. ai  Mrs. Laing's.
We a,,' pleased to !>,■ able tp report
that Mrs. .1. 1). Sibhnld is making ex-
oollciit progress towni-ds n very, after her trying experience nl Wednesday
'1'. Vi. l'..,in had i wire yesterday staling that Alox M, Donald, ll,,' brother
ot bis s.,1, in lew wus among the killed
in tl„- Im, ,,ii disaster. Deer ised was
on  lii-  wa)   I.,  RcvelBtoko  !., join     u
train crew   running out  ,,f her , th,'
C.  I', li.
Tl,,' Winnipeg Ministerial   \   n
has Btm '".1  >i ' rusiide  aguii »t  '        >"
church, an,I ladies ma>  lie requested to
rem,,ve  their voluminous  lids.   A  leading  church member  has  addri d     a
letter   to   th"   ni to, i ition   ,,■ liiitaiuing
iliai ii the)  wish...I t.> increase the at
tendance ,,(  'I,,' men.  the)  must   make
it possible fur them  ',, see the r
it     with..in     dm .:•!'     »l '■'■"
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded il not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
A  tremi n loin
1   mil ruck
Ih-iu.'.',!  Kn mkii   " ■    1
rospi ■   ibh   lot
bound C.  1'.  R. ti
trail:    for  the 1 ,
of debris     i in
ale 1,''    '  - 1
n, id
for thi
si'iit  ;      leal
ted          ever
- ■
W    Ily   ..        Voil£
■  1
Your Insurance
Is  (ine of   the   most   important  items
in your business
^ET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after thi.'       .rich of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
The Churches
Services »i.l bo held as follows!
l'ruyer     and  I'raiso mcoting  at  ten
Prayer und L'raiso mooting at ln a.
in.  uniii   10.48.
Public service at II o'clock, led by
Bvangolist Lewtas.
Sunday School at 2.30 p.in. sharp,
A lecture entitled "The Woman for
the Twentieth Century" will I,,' given
by Bvangelist Lowtns in lit,' church
at 3.30 o'clock,
instead of tin1 evening service liie
congregation will i,,in in ihe union
muss meeting in lh,' Row Kdison Parlor Thoatro nt 7.30, the service to !„■
led by Hvangelist Lewtas ami Reed.
Evangelist Reed will preach and Bing
at 0,,' morning sorvice. As many ns
possible should  hear him.
No evening sorvieo will bo held, but
the congregation ur,. invited r»» join
in th,' sorvice in tl,,. Sew Edison
TOll Ml A.
Tin- usual Sunday service in lhe Y.
M. (!. A. tomorrow al 3.15. Rev. Vi.
C. ('alder takes lh,- address. Stun,,
good singing is promised also. All
nifii invited.
School Attendance
Tin- attendance nt tin- Public schools
>r l-'.luiun \ was us follows;—
School Div.
■ School I >i.
/. _   f.
It > f
4t>9     112
,■■' enr
SOCIAL hd mm
Trying Experience
WATI IIMAN    I'.t IMKIl    lul:
H i   HOI RS  fN  .-NOW.
r   li      w.it, hman,
ul a unique     ex-
.    , i.     He   „ :    -ial,-
1 ' ■•■ when
/,' (    , Cura
■,   t .
lie •   Box
Hews'Drug.] Stationery Store
KKXT  l'i '•' I'   BMW l<
u.  IIRWB. H.    ■  IIRW
Ite l.
I   II
h«  party
him he would 1 until
I .    , , ■       'J ,.,,!., j        I I        loo
Notiee to Contractors
-RAXED TFNDEKS, superscribed
"Tender for School Building, Arrow
Park," will be received by the Hon.
tho Minister ol Public Works up t,,
ai I including the 31st C ty ,,i March,
1910, lor the erection and completion
,,f n larjje ono-rootn frnmo school buil-
!,,,_- in tho Vrnii' Electornl School
Plana, -,*,>•< iii,ation~. contract,     and
>,i  tendoi   ma)   In n  nn  and
thi   7th da)   ol  March,   1010,  at
ol the I lov ,,,,,,■ nl Agent nt
,       tl dine ol tho i lovci, ni
Revel  i.,ke    ll i   ,,!', rj  ol    lho
Park,  ar„l  al   the ll, -
>l  tl     S, hool   Bo ird, J.   \.
p ,, tmei i Publi,   IVorl i, Vu loria,
i ,' .- inpanicd
i-    I bnnl   nhi pie oi    oi r ill
dopo ,t '.,.      ■ bi . ten d b ink
ible ,,, tl,.' II a,
fforl  . foi     ,,
o ten pei
" ndei, whirl
'     M'l 11
il ho fail i n
od Ioi I he
lop ol
■  .       ition ol the ron
■   : i. ,,',l nn-
..,,i on ii,.       ,.      ipplled
Embroidery Special
Our EmbroideryJEdgings and Insertions have*
been admired by everyone seeing them—not only the
beauty of the patterns but the surprisingly low
prices have brought us many customers, and on
Monday we expect to have many who know they
will require these goods during the next few weeks.
LookJat|thesc prices: —
New Corset Cover Embroideries -some of the
prettiest (patterns yet shown. Rejr. Mc. Roods.
Price for Monday only 30 CENTS
F Six-inch Insertions—see new patterns—for panels in Princess dresses. Reg. ;$0c. Price for Monday only 20 CENTS
Four-inch Insertion —One of the finest antl
choicest lines we have shown. Reg. 20c. Price for
Monday only 12J CENTS
Embroidery and Insertions in many pretty
patterns.    Nothing nice ever shown.    Reg. 12. cts.
Monday,  15 yards for 25 CENTS
Reg. 10c   Monday 4 yards for  25 CENTS
We have lots of bargains in other lines. Come
and see them.
These Prices for Monday Only
FOR GOOD        CO   ODS.
ll.ivi.|*y,,u   iried  the   Robin' Hood   Irraiul?    11
makes tbe whltest^aud llghtestjbreadof any in
the market    We use it in the making oi our ,
bread.' , Try a "loaf and you'will be delighted.
Can be obtained iu 25. 50 aildJlOOlb sacks from
G. W. Bell
P.JO   Box 208
Phone No. 23
A nice and varied stock of Ladies' Spring Blouses
just pul in stock at reasonable prices. _Your
inspection of ihis Bhipmenl solicited.
Mrs, A, G. Crick • First Street
Opposite Windsor KesUurant
he  tender, I In tin
'I ho
..., I      inepl
l    I OAMM.K,
P ibli Works 1
Dep '■ I mi,     I'ubll, Work*,
V,  lot        I', , \l ,•  I,  _.   1910.
List Your Vancouver
North Vancouver Properties
P  O. Box 137 Telephone 4050
800  Hastings Street West,   Vancouver


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