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The Mail Herald Jul 23, 1910

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 "Empire" Typewriter
Por ease of operation and
perfect ion in   results  il is
unsurpassed.    Trice $00.
Interior Publishing Co., Agts.
"---      '*- .
■       i.y
p-^Kfling Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 16-No. 57
$2.50 Per Year
4 Tit for a King"
This is the expression of all
who see our display of
Salad Bowls
We were fortunate in securing a continental traveller's samples of these
Artistic Bowls—no two alike—all beauties and works of art in their decorations, and at prices that any  can   buy
From $ 1 to $4
Kootenay Town Endangered by;;;;;;;1/;
Flames—-Heavy Losses
tlm tlirono.
In  his  i-t'ply   Ihr  king wild
Foundations ol national glory an
in tbe homes ul the pooplo ami
n     unshaken      uiily   while
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Tno extreme drnuglii "( tho past
[ow weeks has resulted in disastrous
iiii's iiii over tlio province, and hosts
nl tin' dghtors havo I n   hard     al
work in nil sections trying to pro
vi'iit the spi.'M'i ol tlio flames, and
destruction "t proporty, Moro or
loss wild and unauthentic reports ol
tho ilnmago done hnvo I n circulated, although tin' loss ii considerable
A spocinl from Nelson on Thursday
mIuIi'iI timi inn nro lighters aro work
Ing frantically tu save the town of
Siiii'l'in from destruction, The Dames
havo crept within ono mile ol the
place, and if winds oomo up tho
town will bo doomed. Tbo rescue
train is in readiness to take tho
pooplo liuin tin' city.
Thousands ol dollars worth ol tlm
bor in tbe Slocan and Arrow Lake
districts has been dostroyod, us have
srvci-iii ranch buildings and valuable
li fo of niir raco and nation
in strong, simplo ond pure, Tho work
ot lho church religious and charltablo
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Otfico—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Ag 'n's at all principal points in"Caniu1a.
Aeents in Great Britain and United btates-London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- First National Bank, Corn fcx-
clmnize National Hank. Seattle-Seat tie National Bank, San trail-
Cisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane-Exchange
National Bank. .
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondent-* solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
The tire lighting is being done
n scientific luisis, and it is now
llevod tbat further damage   in
Hull and Arrow Park districts
been averted.
At Slocan Junction new fires
Throughout tho Crow's Nest l'nss
tbe timber Bros are still blazing, the
damage being practically confined to
the timber limits.
Nelson, July 2''.—IJnmage of over
$2,0011,0(10 and several lives lost is
the latest report from the ilistricts
swept by tires.
Notwithstanding all reports to the
contrary, Sandon is still on the map
though Burrounded by fires. Three
Forks has not been burned outright
but the mine buildings between Three
Forks and New Denver arc gone. The
Bros in the Knslo ilistrict aro under
Tne lire wardens give great credit
to the Canadian PaclBc Railway Co.
for the assistance tbey are rendering
in combating the tires. In the more
dangerous places they have fire patrols following the trains, with a
good supply of water on bnnd, and
wherever any incipient blaze is noticed along the track it Is quickly extinguished. A suggestion hns been
made that the company place a
sprinkler, something like that used
hy the II. (". Electric Railway
company on its lines, and
this the company is now considering
The town of Chase on Lake Shus-
wap, was in grave danger of being
wiped out of existence. All day a
fierce lire wns ranging in the timber
and as it crept down the mountain
side nnd nearer and nearer the town
there wns n general feeling of uneasiness. Tbe wb.de mountain lying
to the southeast of the town was
nlirc. Fortunately the wind changed   and the danger period passed,   a
g 1   deal   of  valuable  timber      hns,
however, been destroyed.
From nil sides comes the reassuring news that the heavy rain has
put out many of the fires.
assumos oaeh year
tieni significance."
Replying to u similar addross re
contly from tho convocation nl Canterbury, the king snid:
"I desire lo promote Ihe pence nnil
unity of nut.Ions, to SOCollll nil eltort.s
for the nlleviulioii ol sickness and
Suffering uiul to Stipporl every wise
ami well eonsidorod schema for the
public i; i.    i uni onoonragod     in
nil  this  by  your  good     Wishes      llinl
prayors f"i God's blosslni t nil my
endeavors uud am Iml Hied by the
lieliet  Ihut   the ends     W0  pursue       in
harmony with the toaohlngs ol ibe
church will he aohlovod only while
we seek in faith uud humility thut.
perfect standard ol conduct and sacrifice   revenled   to  Christ iuu   men."
Ilis    majesty     spoke  in  a similar
strain  in  response to several      other
addresses.   Taken  as  a  whole,   these
utterances    nre
most  striking
ments that have emanated from tin
throne iu ninny years..
Chinaman Scalds Chambermaid
with Pot of Boiling Soup
A dastardly assault was mndo this
week by u Chinese cook employed ut
the Oriental hotel, upon one of the
hotel    cliiitiibeiniiiiils. It   appoars
that lhe girl wns iu the kitchen putting irons on the stove lo which
the  Chlllk   objected.       Wolds sooll  I'd
lowed, tin' Chink finally getting In a
rago nml catching up n largo pan ■ >(
boiling soup, hurled llu nleiils lull
iu tllO girl's luce, lbe hot liquid
causing iireudful Bcalds,
'I'lie      Chlllk       wus    nn est ed       nud
brought up tins morning al the   po
lice court  on u chnigc of assault, he-
Ing changed (rom assault with intent,
to do bodily harm,
0, S. MeCarter appoarod for tho
prosecution, The charge was proven nnd the accitsod was llneil $57.50
in nil.     The line was paid.
Fooling  ran  high  when  the affair he
came  known, and  it.  would  not.  huve
adjudged to ho tho  taken much to cause the men In th?
religious   pronounce-- vicinity of the hotel  to Iiave lynched
the Chinaman for bis brutal deed.
Canada's Thirst
The Canadian people last year consumed more spirituous liquor and
Iohs beer thnt in  the previous year ,
Demonstration ot Orchards
Mr. W. K. Scott, Deputy Minister
of Agriculture, bus left on an extended tour of the province, preliminary to the allotment of the govern
according to the ollicial statistics of ment's demonstration orchards to
the department of Inland revenue, re various sections. The Deputy Min-
cently issued. istcr    will      traverse  the   Kamloops,
Uf spirits the consumption per hoad Okanogan, Kootenay, Columbia,
of population in tbc Inst ilscal year Valley, Boundary, Cranbrook, Ross,
wus  .615 gallons,  of  beer  5.276    gal.   ,,md  nlul  neighboring districts.      He
and  of  to-
lons,  of wine .'.17 gallons
bacco 2.715 pounds.
In tbe fiscal year of 1909 the con -
sumption of spirits per bed was .80
gallons, of beer 5.348 gallons, of
wine .08.r> gallons, and of tobacco
2.010 pounds.
The latter increase in consumption planting,
is not out of proportion to the increase in population, aud compared
with the old days there is a substan
tial decrease, Thirty years ago two
gallons of spirituous liquor were con
slimed for every head of population;
now it is less than a gallon.
does not expect to decide during bis
travels the precise locations of each
of the demonstration orchards, but
rather to select the localities in
which these Wlllbe placed. Final
selections, will, however, be made
in ample time for autumn and spring
NcmT Is The Time
When ymi appreciate being able to buy
where you know they are kept cool and
at the right temperature. Our meats are
shipped in twice a week in Refrigerator
Cars and our Cold Storage Plant enables
us to turn them over in Prime Condition.
P.    BURNS   «S*   CO.
Golden Sawmill Burned
Golden, .Inly 22.—Tbe Columbia
River Lumber Company's sawmill
was completely destroyed by lire on
Wednesday night. At the lirst alarm the mill was ablaze   from   one
end to the other. The planing mill
machine .-hops nnd light pinner plant
were saved, and are working today.
None  of   the   Btock   in   lhe  yard    was
destroyed. The night, watchman
was reported missing, but turned up
later.      The damage  is $300,000,
G.T.P. Strike
Montreal,  July 22.—A strike of all     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tbe conductors and  trainmen  on  the   and all players are requested
A special meeting was called ot the
executive committee of the Y.M.C.A.
Baseball league last night, lor tbe
purpose of re-adjusting several important matters. Beginning Tnos-
day, July 26, and continuing on
through the remainder ol the season,
games will  he called at 11:13    shnrp,
to be
(Irand Trunk Railway system went
into eflcct at ball dast nine o'clock
on Monday The strike is the outcome of the failure to arrive nt nn
amicable aettlomeat. The committee
demand the adoption of the standard territorial wage, but President
Hays refused to agree to this de.
inaiiil. A strike vote was taken last
week all over the system and the
men were practically unanimous for
a strike unless their demands were
grunted. The ultimatum o( the
men was made known to tlie dresi-
ilent at a final conference today, hut
President Hays absolutely refused to
grant the demand nnd tbe conference
was accordingly broken oft and a
strike was called uud went into of.
feet  tonight.
Over four thousand men are involved iu the strike. The strike involves all the members of tbe Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen and the
Order  of   Railway  Conductors,   which
priii tica ily    mentis nil tlie trainmen
"11 both passenger aud freight trains
The ongtneors nnd Oromcn arc of
course   not   involved,   as   Ihey   belong
to different orders.
The closing of  the shops,  it  is    es-
on time. The next schedule game is
Tuesday evening, between tbo business Men nnd Intermediates. On
Thursday evening tbe Beavers and
Business Men will play od one of
their postponed games, and on Friday evening the Corloy's and Intermediates play ns per schedule.
The I'ublic .School and High School
will play oil a postponed game Mon
day evening and the scheduled game
between the J.B.O, and High School
will be played on  Wednesday.
Gun Club Shoot
I    The following are the scores for the
weekly  shoot,  25  birds:
McDonell  22
Mctiee   22
Sturdy    21
Miinro   19
Harkins  18
Lawrence    16
t'rouyu   Ifi
Devine   13
Blakely  18
|    McDonell   wins  the  button  in  class
A and  Miinro  in class II.
I   Following is the scores of the
ly shoot   for the  Hunter  Ann-.
litnati'd, will throw out ol employ l   V0Be ami Dupont Powder Co.
Fire Protection
Vancouver city electrician McOros-
sail believes that tbe public should
be kept fully Informed as to the Ure
protection afforded. To carry out
his ideas along this line he Is now
w.nkiiig "li n plan which will Inform
every houeeholder the method by
which the Bre department may be
called promptly.
The plan consists in the distribti -
tion of cards to every residence giving the number and location of the
fire alarm box nearest the bouse and
directions for sending in an nlarm .
These cards arc now being printed
and the work of distribution will be
carried out in tbe near luturc.
ment 2,000 men in Montreal, 500 in
Toronto, 500 iu London, 100 in
IH i at fm il ami at large numbers of
other points ill  the  United   States.
The  I Irand
not strike.
Trunk telegraphers will
No C. P. R. Strike
65 birds,   both  barrels:
McDonell.  28,   IS  yds.
Sturdy,  ll'..  IK yds.
McC.ee,  21,   IS ybs.
Lawn nee,   HI,  10 ydH.
Mdnro,  84,   Di yds.
Harkins, to, 16 yds.
Devine,   in.   It;  yds.
Blakely,  12 and out.
Btoiiyn.  30,   16  yd;*.
Mill II wins the vase nnd Sturdy
tin*  fob.
Clearing Sale of Ladies' and Children's
Trimmed Millinery
at Cost Price
Mus.   a.(i. Crick
The King Speaks Out
Montreal, July 2.1.—As the result
repeated conferences extending over
Borne weeks, a iieiinite agreement wns
reached last evening between the Canadian Pacific Railway company anil
its conductors and trainmen, and all
possibility that the C. P, R, men
Will follow the example of the (Irand Editor Mall Herald
Trunk an.l go out ,m strike is now ■ s„. . ,pleftM Mltvl „„, H|mcu ,„
removed. your paper to collect   the account ill
your Inst issue of the Big Biddy mill
fire, Tho writer gives considerable
| credit, if not all, to the work  of No.
Methodist  church  services   on
(lay as follows:     11  a.m. and 7
m., 2:30 p.m. Sunday     school
Bible elasR.     The pastor,  ll.  .1
80 p.
London, July 22.—England Is coming to realize that in Oeorge V it
has a ruler whose chief characteristics are those of a Christian teacher
This (art has made a deep and lasting    impression     on    tho    religious
The  kirn:  gave further evidence    nf   with  a   brilliant   future.      The    pub"
lus   leaning   toward   the   church       re- |lie   Is  cordially   invited   to  these  oer-
I  lire brigade.      While a numlier      of
the  brigade  were  on  hand  they    did
not put in an appearance until    the
nre bad practically cleaned up every-
Intyre, will be the preacher for   the   thing!     The men who did  the work
day.     Miss Olga Bracewell, A. T. H.,   In saving    valuable!     and  property,
"f  Birmingham     Institute of    Music,   were the mill mon, assisted  by      the
who Ih visiting her father in the city   two  government  gangs  and       teams
will  sing a  solo at tbe evening ser-   at work in the vicinity.     And, 1 may
vice.      Miss  Brarewell   Is  a   vocalist   add,  Mr.  Donald  Mcintosh,  who was
speedily on  the spot wiih  his team
1 think I know the men of No.    1
STOVES   McClary's, Kootenay, and Sask-Alta
Famous Cook Stoves, Graniteware,
PAINTS   Sherwin-Williams'  Paints and Varnishes and other Hest Brands.
HARNESS   Team   and  Single   Sets,    Whips,
and Sweat Pads.
Rope,   Nails,    Fencing,   Builders' Hardware,
Sporting Goods
Try Bourne's Choice, orSpccial Tea at 40c and 50c. a lb.
Bourne Bros.
V /
Men's and Hoys' Strata
and Linen Hats
Half Trice
We are clearing out all our Summer Hats at Half
Price. Boates and Negligee Styles in plain and
rustic braids, medium and high crowns with
narrow and wide brim—all must go.
Hoys' Wash  Suits  at
Half Trice
The best little suits that were ever ofFered for the
money. Every garment well made of good washing: material, (ialatetis. Crash Linen, etc., in all
white, natural and stripes. The styles include
Buster with Sailor Collars, also Sailors.
McRae Mercantile Co.
Slicing off steaks
Is   our   daily   duty, also trimming   juicy
masts,   tender  lamb and   corn   fed   pork.
Our   Choice  Meats
selected with skill, sanitary surroundings
and jtisi right prices, should get your trade.
Come in, il only to look around.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
grip mn pho
iiii.nr tbe northern ibore of l.uke
Superior and thoroughly enjoyed
tbeir holiday, Tlu-y linked the
abort*     caret,illy  except   "ii  one      oc-
catlon when tin- temptation to make
I. 0, O. F.
Tbe  lollowiiii-    "lliieis    ..I    Selkirk
Lodge, No,  VI. I   ii. O. V., were    in-   a ehort ent acroae a bay  proved Irre
tailed    on   Tburidaj edenlng, July  slatible,     At tin- and ol the expert
Mill,   by   ll.   ll.  (I.   M .   it.   D.  Mellon- '
aid,  at.sir.ted   by   I'n-t   lii nnd-  Cnllin,
A.* i  and .lamieson:
N. ii.- it. B, Bquarebi
\. (..   K. O. McRae.
Secy.    .las.   Miitbie.
TieiiM.   it">  Itel aid,
Warden—J, Hooley.
i'oii.   ('bn*-   North,
It. B. N. ii. -O. ll. Knight.
I,, ri. N. ill—Jiih. Jamieeon.
It.  rt.  V. 0.—0 W,st
I,.  S.  V. li.--K.  Smith.
it. B. rt.—('bus. Newsoroe.
I-. rt. H.-K. Trimble.
Inside tiiinrillan—3, I.yon.
oulside I'liinrdina—Peter Hooley.
Chaplain—to.  \. foote,
'■cntiy in reapondlng to an addreu
irom tbe convocation ol the northern province, containing n-sBiirancesi
ul loyalty to him, his family     and
Moving Fieturei to-night.
Moving Pieturei To-night,
brigade and tbey are too manly a lot
to desire credit   were credit    is    not
due.    Yours very truly,
I W, 0, Calder.
menl tbe) ehook hande ami protnleed
curb other not   t..  do  it  again.    Thin
will convey to readeri far better
than a long description, an idea ot
their experiences, "Canoe Trips in
Temagamt", describing tba conclus-
i"iis [rom the experiences of several
mus,.ns in lire ranging, is a most readable article, PSshlng stories trom
several provinces are timely, while
big game hunters are not forfotten,
and articles on sheep and bear hunts
furnish line reading. Mr. Vance's
experiences with minks will attract
all lovers ol our wild animals, and
may tempt some to try their hands
at similar work. In addition there
aie many other articles, every one
appealing to those interested In some
lulu Dnri and Pun I phase ol outdoor life, and the whole
JUlJ tlUU DllU UUll forming    a      number   no    sportsman
Fascinating la the best description should miss,
that can be given of the opening ar.
tide, "Canoeing on iJikc Superior." I Tbe estimates for railroad work irt
appearing in the July number ol Rod the Kootenay and Boundary by the
.onl (lun In Canada, published by W.   CfP.R. during the present year total
,1. Tnylor Ltd.. W Istock, Ont. The  over 11,080,000.  Some 300 miles     ot
writer and a companion, despite tho railroad extensions are planned.
dgleiul predictions ol their friends, which will includo the Kootenay and
planned aud sarrled out a canoe trip Arrowhead branrh. Page 3
SATURDAY, JULY 28, 1910.
Zbc flDaU-lbcvalfc
r   . 1.' HKD WKI1NKSIM1  ANU
-UI'IU'W   Al
Jiitcnoi' pubUsblno Company,
Subscription   Rates
InclutiiiK potitage lo Knglatid, Unltod States
.iml Canada,
...    1.511
....   1.00
Hy the year llhrough pontollloe)
yuarli    "
J JH  . Ill.s ilNO promptl) executed ul reason
able r.c <■-.
TKHMS   r.L-ti.   Sut'-i rii'tli* I*, puyiiblo In ail
Loga DOtioeb 10ocnu por line flwt Insertion,
ftoenUpei line oacn itubHoquenL i mm* ition
Measurement - NonparleJ [i'i llnea mako unu
im.-h|. Store and genonU bualuotta an-
Dounoomonui $j So por Inoh por month,
Preferred poaiUonn, its por oonU tul-
dltU&iL Mn iii-, Marriages ami DwiUih,
dOo   each  [nuertloiii
Laiiil noilceti $,.,** AU advertisements
snhjecl loihe approval ol tho nianagoinonU
SVanUNl and Condennod AUvortlsomonU:
Agenu Wanlod, liulp Wanlod, Rt tuu lions
wanted. Situations Vacant, Tuaohom
Wantea, MuolianioH VVantod. m words or
lv- :-.. .-.'ii additional lum Mt coots,
Changes lo ^landing adverttsonii.nts mibi
in-in ny 1* a. m. I nuMlay and Friday ot
en'ii week tu Mwure k<mx1 display.
OORRKttPONDKNOK Invited  on mattora of
puhiu* Interest,   Uommuuloatloo   to Kill-
tor   DiUSt   l>c  acconipanit'tt   t>y   nainu  of I Illt*
writer, not DooeesarUy fo  pubuou Ion, bui       , ,
a* ovuleuce o( Kood faith.   Uorresp ndonoe     "M
ntiould bu bnui.
We are now offering for Bale lots in this most attractive
Buburb, itn close proximity to tlie CP.R, Shops and Ollices and
its sheltered situation makes it especially desirable to those
home ma kern who wish to add gardening lo the general attractiveness of their holdings, The snow goes fully two weeks before
any other part of the Town, and being sheltered from wind and
storm, fruit trees flourish exceedingly, while its high position
ensures good drainage and freedom from evils peculiar to low-
lying lands. It in attractively wooded with spruce, lir and pop-
lar and the lots we now offer are the best value ever offered.
Tlie view of mountain nnd valley is unsurpassed and a more
charming residential part it would be impossible to lind anywhere in the City.    The present is the time to buy.
Al,  llA.NK   HrU.lilNtl   UKVU1.
HIIIKK.   11, U,
Money t-o loan.
OffiOM: llevclitoke, H ('
Ueo. S. McC'aktkh
i.  M.  I'lNKHAM'
Uraubrook, Id Ui
J, A. Haiivkv,
^^^^^^^1    li.iii later
Hulicilur, etc,
Soliclloi iur:—
Tuu Canadian Hank uk COMMERCB,
Tuk M0L8ONB Hank, Etc,
FlltSX ST.,   •   KEVELSTOKE, B.O,
witiT supply  lm* nnl nary   11 use
U80, ami rut Ially   nr llro pui
poses,  tlio my atitlinrltlos    havo  Is
sued    ill,       warning,       Kvorytliinn
ronnil tlio lown lu 1
nml  evoi y 1 laill i"i
in guard against  tir
dry ns
Bllnlild h
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
i Kiigiiii'ei'ing
lliix UKi, RkvklbtokbImerclal  Held
c. w. o  w.
Mountain View Camp. No. 229
■ Mfyw Saoond and  ITuurlh  Wodnoulaya lu
each month, n ^-Ikirk Hull.   ViHit.ni   Wood
meu , * *m. ... j   nvlt id   * iviuind.
W. l*: u.-i'.iiiiNK, con. Com.
JAS. MilMVIIK, Clork.
Kootonay Loilcc No. IS, A F. a. A  M.
VV ic with ciiiisiilciiililc Intoresl
lliiil the I'liiiiiilinii MiiiiiiIiii'I iirois Ah
soclatlon tlirniiirli il:- legal counsel
hns allogod ilml tlio new British
Columbia Companies Act Is ultra
'■•iics ni tho provincial logi Inl lire, iu
ns much ns it trammels companies
chartered by the Dominion purlin,
ini'iit. nml ,'ilsii British companies nii-
ihi'iizi'il tn ilo business     tlirougl t
tbc li"tniiii"ii Tlu' Foileral government, wliich has the power if disal
lowance, will, In nil probability, not
deal with tho matter till Octohor.
The matter is n very Important ono
and aflecting ns ii dues n largo com
the quest iuu will raise
in important constitutional issue.
Now that the preliminaries ol the
Third Annua) Pall Pair have been
started It, is up to the city us n
whole us well ns to tbe outlying districts to co.operate in the movement
m.i securing English capital,   and   an
extensive ndvortlsing campaign is bo
nn-   cut I   "ti   ill   connect inn        wit tt
1 llieni, iii ibo dally nowspnpers, The
littie is perhaps n little Inopportune
nn account "I Hie recent ruhhor and
'nil  dotations, which havo   attracted
'nml locked iii» ii i l 'icnl nf money
which seeks n speculative invest inenl
lu view ut the largo amount nl
United siiiics capital that hns gone
intii tho Uritish Columbia lumber
business, il is high tunc thai n sy
sieiuntic eltorl wns made to havo
English eni'iliil ci'ine in also. It bus
licen n matter ot regret t" Canadians
iu the piist to sec so much ol the
'milts trom iheir valuable timber
going to foreign Investors. If good
properties nre placed on the Uritish
market now, and Bane promotion is
practiced, perhaps In tho course ol u
fow years tlio tables will be changed.
Nothing would please Canadlaas
more than that English capital
should secure the major sluirc of tho
timber in  British Columbia.
There seems to be no more promts.
Ing or ilttlllg Held for English enpit-
al than ll. 0, timber.
There is urgent need, however, for
the exercise ol extreme caution in
this matter. Over-capitalization or
luck   of caution  in   tho    selection    of
u!'.B*7ifi'uw!'"Tii'mU' '"'" ''"'''""''' '"'' ""-' ,"i,'s ul" timber properties would endanger tbe
MASONIC Tl'-M- tiinntc .success. II has been Bald by whole Iut ine of the English capital
's,,,,,,. thai  imt'im-   s to be got out   n, Uritish Columbia limber.     At the
11 ,t li, un Urn third
Holiday in em-h
mouth nl 8 I' ui,
\ i -niuu lirolliron
iro cnrdlnlly wul-
si une
,.( the
lun  ,n return for their ilonn-
Tlint   is a  vei v  unritizenllke
tn    tn! ■   uf it, ni J with thnt
J. T. POLLOCK, Master.
CHAS. J. AM AS  Sl.' hktauy
M-.uU overy Tliur.--
iut>   iivenitiK   iu   S',1*
kkirk Uall ai lo'cloek
___  fVUitiiiK h-ethrati tiro
cordially lnTtt-8-d l" attend.
L   PROBYN, N.O.       JAS   MATHIK.skc.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26,   Rovolstoke, B. C.
MUT8 -'
OR -ti mi-utti.
Hall    at   9
Kimiif 'i-*
.1   Wl
o'clock,     v mil ut
..rilntlly .nviu-'l.
D   A.
Mm' in ILU,'!, C.
U. H. BKlli'Ki
spirit  abroad iho fan  could nev<   bo
a success, nml we believe Hint, happily, t',' majority "f iiiiii minded
citizens ',' ii"'. look at it in such a
Bordid L-l.t The Idea nf the fan-
is imt t. sec now* iiiinii each can
make out nl it. but tu advertlBO the
cii.   ami district:    i    Live residents
I nml others, chiefly  people    from  the
outside,  an  opportunity   I"  visit,    us
and  see     what   wc  cm,   i!"    t"   !»"   t
our advantages, our commercial mul
natural     resources,     nnd in demon
strate  what   Industrial  opportunities
there mc here      i in the othei  hand,
iln   fair  will  encoiirnge  our a ■       I
h. smith, m. ni k   turists, inin  growers, st..ck breeders
HI 1  others, besides  •jivim; evt l
u cbnnci   tn have at  least     nne holiday celebration and fete 'lay in    the
i    Without  t1       •     •
businc ' ants  the  fair
, will fall  flat, mul   it   is  'lur. f. :
m   hoped that    the  -
Meets   in   I. i'.d. K. Il.ill  ney    tu '   lh "'  h!"'"'i ","1
rapping''   Opera llousi . every *-.-.-"iii|    I able tbe fair oil
; th Monday in month. H :, lai
Visiting   brethren    cordially    wel. | crowd rHU h)
nu an    sume    ret irn lor I
nit lay, b
nt   K. A S,
outset, it is devoutly tn be hoped
Hint cure ami conservation will (.-ive
the movement a healthy stint. A
1,uiul,ui despatch from an Important
Source, after discussing the recent oil
ami rubber flotations, and comparing
them with British Columbia lumber,
Boraewhat tu ilu,- advantage "f the
bitter,  says:
; "It is the must absurd nonsense to
Imagine thnt th" lumbei market can
be made iu the same way as rubber,
'I'he former preludes gambling mi any
large -cnlc ami it would he a thous
ami pities if su'iinl lumber Investments camo under the head nf a
gamble in Bl
There Is no rea ion nt nil why B.C.
lumber projects should not be (Inane
cl .ui KtiL-lish markets.
Mt. Begbie
I   .  K .   I   l   IKI Nl B   II SKI i:
Kec.-Sec, ll. \V. Edward
Zbc flDaiUlbevall
l'"".1 ImpresBion "f "M
■■ ■' ul. il'.-     and   the  ui *
. .Mc • ttling here.
1 •',".
!~    'llle:,     ■
*    *    .
American »r. : — ■ »n tell ui ih.
.. . .^    '       .-.    ii»^i»e
■»-     eat   tha .-t-.cv.
Fly Pads
Not I (K  is  IlltlllCllV tllVEN   lllllt   nil
Innpliriition will l»' niiiilo under Part
V. nl' llm "Wnler Ad, l'.lbll," lo obtain
in lii'i'iici'in llie Ui'vclslokc Division of
Wesl Kiiiitciiiiy Hislricl.
in l Tlio nan:!', ttdili'i'ss nml occupation of the applicant, The Corporation
nl' Uiu Cily uf Hevi'lsioki', n iniinicii'iil
corporation under thu laws oi Brltiali
tli I'm' milling purposos) Preo Miner's
Ci'i'tilicnle No.
(li) The name of the lake, stream or
•source (if unnamed, thodesoi'lption is)
A stream Mowing oil Mount llevel
stoke in u valley In n sotitlu'rly
direction and emptying Into lhn llle
cilh'wai't river, a poinl aboul half ii
mile west of (lively Creek Brldgo,
(0) Tho point of diversion nl   u
point about 2500 feel above sun level on
said stream.
(il) The quantity of water uppliul
for (in cubic feet per second) ien cubic
feel per si iiii.
Ii'i Tlm character of lhe proposed
works III and ll! inch pipe line In
connect willi Bridge Creek.
ifi Tlie premises on which the « iter
is lo In* used tth'scrilii' snnii'l. Tin*
Corporation of llie Cil) of BoveUtoke
igl The purposes for which the water
is to Lo used, Goneral municipal pur
(h) If for Irrigation iln<ciilin lhe huul
Intended to he Irrigated, giving acic
til If lbe iv.itci* is lo ho used I'm
power or mining purposes, ih scribe
the place w hero ihe water Is tube re
turned to some natural 11111111110', ,)IH|
ilm ililVi'ti'iicc iii nltiliidc be In'
point of divfisiuii and point of rei uiu.
ijl Area nf Crown huul  Intended Io
be occupied by the proposed  works
aboul I'i ami's.
ikl Tbis  nolice   was   posted   Oil   lhe
1 lii li day uf July, llllll.
and applicall 11 will be mado tn lhe
Coiniiiissiniiee un    lbe    lfilh    1 I.iv   ol
August, ;i!ll|i.
li) lliii* llic name and address nl' any
riparian proprietors ur luinei's who
or whose lands arc likely 10 In* nlTectt'd
Iiy tho proposed works, cither above
nr below llie outlet,
I. llaiu'i-, V. Marino, ,1. 10, Smith,
W. Crawford, balance Goveriiiuuiit
(q) The boundaries and area of llu*
municipality areas follows:
All thai piece ami parcel ul' land
situate, lying, anil being in Kootenay
district, in ibe Province of British
Columbia, hounded as follows.
Commencing at a poinl when' tbc
southerly limit of llm Ciltiaillnii I'.i
eitte Uailway liglil-ol'-wav intersects
iln Columbia rivers thenco following
ihe left bank of ibe Columbia river
down stream to tin* point where lhe
easterly limit of Kurd street Intersects
lhe Columbia river; lliencu northerly
along tin* east side oi Kuril street to
the centre of Third street; thence easi-
lerly ahuig lhe centre line uf Third
street to its Intersection willi llie west
line of Hokeby aveutu ; Iheiicesoulh-
i'1-ly along llie wesl line of It il 1 by
avenue to its Intersection with the
northerly litnil oi Fourth street;
thence along the northerly limit of
fourth street to lhe easterly limit of
Boy lo avenue; llieuce southerly along
llu- easterly limit of Bnyli" avenue to
iis Intersection with sixlli street;
thence ensU'rly along tin* noilherly
limit of Sixth street to Its intersection
wiih tbr westerly limit of C niiiaitghl
avenue; thence   southerly along the
western side uf Conoiuight  avei lo
its intersection with lue northei'ly
limit of Kighl  street!  llieuce easterly
.hu:;   lhe     lllll I lll'l lv   limit    of   Klglll
>! ic 1 I" 1 In* ivclerly limit of ilie
right-of wnj of lbe Artuwlieail hrnnell
"I t In- i iinadinn Pacific linilwny;
thence iln Kiime cuius,' for seven
hundred l7b0| feel tu tin* easterly limit
.I the pn.pu ed townsite; theuce at
right angles with Uighth Btreel lo a
poinl 'iu'b hundred leet (SOU) norlh ol
;In- nortlievly limit of tlu* Canadian
Pacific Railway main line right-of-way
1 hence m n westerly direction nml
I- trallel tu tin- Canadian Pacific ll.iil-
w i\ 1 igln*,.| in \ l" ilu* bunk ui llu*
1 "liiint'ia liver; ihence down Btream
:u lhe poinl il liegiiining, anil contain-
iug five hundred aud ninety-five (u8o)
acres moit ' i 1- ss.
Vppt   s malt ly   the   number of
m.i nits i- 1,-500,
* The place of ilu- proposed reserving   iln*    presenl   city
iin* means  by   which   ii   i-  pro-
■ •■ water   Tank.
rn*' i!i;\'i*:i.vi('ki*:.
BRt'i E \. LAWSON,
City Clerk.
• ui... *     ite t
■  ■» ■ : an 1
ol all
*,,'      11
•   ■ ■
,     .. ■ .    ■
1    ■ tion, t
li* :n :        * ! ' anada, c\i'*
the Pacific i-i'   \'
ilc    Canadian       ml   >   -"ook 	
■*•!',  al!  the  flie=   and   ihr   diseau
.11 1* *   .   , , -i * .  are
■t   "'it  in   London   in  the
Certificate nl' Improvements
Surprise, Welch ami Adellliu (fractional) Mineral Claim, situate in the
Trout Luke Mining Division  of   West
Kootenay District,
Where located: On Surprise ('reck.
North fork of Llll'ilo rivei'.
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, O. B. N.
Wtlkie, acting as agent for William
A. Foote, Krei' Miner's Certificate
Number B 18430 and David Morgan,
P.M.O., Number B 0-1060, inli'iul, sixly
days from date hereof, lo applv to lhe
Mining Ki'eoi-ili'i' for a OertlHoato of
Improvements, for ilu* purpose of
obtaining 11 Crown (Irani of the above
And further take notice Unit, action,
under Section '17. iniisi ho commenced
before the issuance of such (Vrtiliciite
of Improvements,
Dated thislihd day of .111 tit'. A. D.,
11. B. N.  W1 i.tiik,
Trout Lake, B. (!.
Tu 'nil*: SIIAIUCUOI.DICIIH ot'' nil*:
I'n imh Minimi ami DkvicloI'-
mkntCompany, Limited Liability.
Notice is hereby given that lbe
Annual Meeting ni' llm Shareholders
ol llu* I'ri nee Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability, will be
held al Llio Company's olllces mi Mac-
Kcn/.ii' Avenue, IlevelBtoke, B* ('., 011
Wednesday tin* Twentieth dav "f July
A.D., llllll. nl llu* lioiii'of eight o'cloi'k
In tho afternoon, fur tlm purpose uf
electing olllcers for the ensuing year,
and I'ur other purposes relating to the
management uf llm Company,
'I'he Trnnsi'i'i'. Bnok ol ibe Company
will be closed iluringjlbc fourteen days
Immediately preceding tbt' meeting.
D.ilcil al Kevelstoke, B.C., Ibis lilllli
dnv of June, lllll).
W. I. Billons.      W. I!. KollUIITSON,
President*. Secretary
germ?  tOO,
■!   '      I
- iluinn
\r.'i.. B. ''.
Nm favored     thi
1 arely    Imi
tbt burden "f ona    sxtren
'■I     i i.iinit:'       . on lit i"U-,   fur        in
'   ' Imi        The  recent  COploUl
ei  in 1 .-ii  :ii  il.e very nick
nl tlml  a "lei  sturni    die
• sultry miii cyclonic   cos
ere, and re-
to thin  normal.    The
heavy imn hns beer  111 trumental In
■•    *     ■  •■ •   manj  Bre   mi   o■ • I
ed    considerable
1 ol     pn   art)  ot cat loned by the
Ute dry spell.
This Here Soap is Good!!
The pul lit are n minded thai lawn
kllng * nly permissible bo-
I .M "ii it ■ houn "f 7 p.m. ami k* p.m.
ti privilege that may t"* illscontlnued
ni any time, owing t.. iii" protracted
1 ■;, *.* atbet, nt-" tin* ni vi
1 ■    ic ■ ed against  unnccemai y
w-afctc il Antl 1 "1 b aklng tap Tbt
dry wnthei may continue Ioi Bomi
time     vet  and In order to conservo
napl tlml  napthy
Sn:* •■ rnv
I'rinnd to ttac
Yours Soapily,
Mrs. Herbert McKinney
Te cher of Voice, Piano and Organ
Pupils prepared lur Toronto Conservator)
nl  Music.
Local  Kxmiiinuliiius.
Studio:   Second Street
Till*   KKYl'XSTnKK
Second Hand Store
Wc Buy, Sell nr Exchange
all kinds ol Household
Bush Fire Permits
Settlers un Dominion I.amis can get
pcaiuiis ai lhc Provincial I'olice office,
Revelstoke, or any ol ilu- Provincial Eire
Wardens, provide! they comply with
Sections 5 ainl 6 of Chapter 84, Hush
Fires Act,
J. K. Mi:1.i*:an,
Divisional Warden,
MHUufactnrtd for All cinii&«» of   buildiugi
for^ltlt in liin:*fi or  -'1.11,1  j.iiiiitititi
I Bt iti* low-But prlotl for 1'anh.
\il ilml'-.ol bniMiiiR atidlplsitorlug
Foote & Pradolini.
Tmsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Wood and Coal
For Sale
Life.   Accident ami  Fire
*   , hi •
City ami Huburbin I.uiu.
Full particulars upon ap*
■ 1 mn.
W. B. Robertson
Horses for Sale
I ii.i* 11' 1 .v Hullion,
II te ie .1 ■ ) 'i'llll/ 1 "nil ng,
1 nm Young  llay driving ami liil
in*.' Uelding.
1 ine Bay driving mul ri'lin^ M,ir<
'.VI III   cull.
Can   i'C *-■'en  at th* Mill, ai Hi,
Revelstoke Sawmill Co.
WANTED      Fourth   ( in      Bnglneet
Apply t" West  Kootenay      Bteam
l.aiin.ll \ ,   Ili'Vl'Islnke,   11.  0.
Tn   itiON't' Two    im m .in'i   roomi,
cniltnlly loeatld,     A|>i'ly this ulBco.
Capital Paid Up        -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund       _■ _■    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels  Promptly [ Delivered
Baggage Transferred
Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders at Steam Laundry Office
Clearing Sale of Boys' Soits
4 Suits, Size 22 $3 50 to $4 50 for $2 and $2.50
6 Suits, Size 23 4 00 to 4.75 for 2 and 2.50
4 Suits, Size 24 4.00 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Sizo 25 3.50 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
Suits, Size 26 3 50 to 4.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 27   3.50 for    2
12 3-piece Suits, 27 to 2,3, $5 and $6 for $2.75 & $3.50
Mian fi Sutherland
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hove recently been completed under which  the  branch**
of this Bank are able to Issue Drafts on the principal points
In Uva following countries:
Austria- Haogaty    Finland Ireland
Faroa Isturii
^^^^^ lodia
MO   DLL*'    IH   ItSUINI.
Formosa Italy
France Japan
Fr'ch 1 , - hi., -1 'liin*.   Java
Germany Manchuria
Great Uritaa Mexico
Greece Norway
Holland Persia
South Africa
Straits Settle)
Phillipine Islands    West Indiea
Roumaiiia and elfiewhwa
rt Indie
You   Like  Music
Here is Your Opportunity I
ICdison'a Phonographs and Records.Graphophones,
Accordions, Banjos, Guitars, Flutes, Piccolos,
Violins, Fittings nf nil kinds nf finest quality.
Sole Agents for the Noted
New Scale Williams' Pianos
All kinds <>i  Instruments  tuned and repaired.
Work Guaranteed
A rail nt Uk' music store mi McKenzie Avenue,
adjoining the City Hall, will convince you of the
quality of the Roods.
.J. Bin oh am, Mgr. I
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Co. Ltd
SATI'ltU.W ,  .1 ll.\  23, 1910.
Page 8
LOOK!        LOOK        AM)        READ!
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue prices, freight added, with
Winnipeg price   Weight   Freight   Total    Hcwson's Price delivered
" $9.60
'• 14.40
" 13.00
" 14.00
" 5.20
" 7.20
" 4.00 :
" 7.20
"    16.50
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
■   12.47
i.       i.
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
We make our profit by shipping in ear load loin, thereby saving freight rates, Brii ;\
catalogue giving description nf ntber goods nn! specified in this lisl in our store nm! we
will prove our statements,    ltemember wo deliver goods and sel up free from breakage.
-*•*,•>'. w*
T\   ■>'-
CO.     -    REVELSTC >KE, 1 i. c
Fruit Lands
We have tor sale 80 acres of cleared
fertile lands ready for cultivation and
planting, half a mile from town, to be
divided into small blocks to suit purchasers
If, Madam, we could take you right into our
Model Hakery at the Mill, where all our tests are
made, you would see exactly what we mean when
we say, " Robin Hood Flour is Different."
You would see how favorably it compares with
other flours in respect to color.
Its superior quality would be plainly visible
to you.
You would quicker realize why you are to add
mon: water than usual when using it.
The bigger loaf made by it would lie before you.
Seeing it, you would note its closer texture no waste,
'lasting it, you would admire its finer flavor.
In short, you would surely decide that you ought
to start using Robin Hood Flour right away.
But, Madam, if you cannot come to our Hakery,
we can help you to have belter Baking Results of
your own.
Use Robin Hood Flour yourself, and prove that
what we claim for it is true.
We supply the flour-qualiiy. We
give the guarantee. It is up to you
to gei the benefit.
Have you asked your grocer
about our Money-back-guarantee yel ?
Saskatchewan Flour Mills Co.
Moose Jaw, Sask.       «
This is the best land in the district, being
very fertile and suitable for growing fruit
or vegetables—no irrigation needed. This
is a paying investment.
Apply to
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
All kinds
Reasonable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
Satisfaction Guaranteed
('or. Third St. and Robson Avenue
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Iui|<iuveil.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $l a day,    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBBBT     STOXTE      FPiOn?.
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
Wow is tbc nunc ol ljcav for Sect1 planttnq
JScaiuitv U?out (Battens
A   large assortment ol Fresh Garden and Kield Seed*.
sil.il.   BRIGGS   FliRRVS   MAYS    MiKENZlE'S
ANU BURPEE'S,    Fine Lawn Grass, Clover, Timothy, Alfalfa
The Paget Supply Coy.
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruil I lgarB,Tobacco.
Meals -i'i cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Our logs are stamped
on the end "E" and all
persons are warned
against taking them or
the driving of nails or
spikes therein. Do not
touch our logs.
Revelstoke Sawmill Co., Ltd
Repairs ol all kin-l- n^itly carriel 01
Bicycle and Gun work a specialty
Estimates given on any clans
of work.
Front    Street.
To Trappers
3,aw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
P.   B.   WELLS,
Exportor of Furs
In a message to the people ol Canada in the Toronto Globe, Sit- Byron
j E. Walker, president of the Canadian
Hunk nf Commerce, says:
We are becoming accustomed t" the
.idea that we possess the area of cultivable soil and other natural re-
sources necessary to support one of
the largest of the nations in the
western hall "f the world. We are
receiving new population nt a rate
unite ns large ns we can care fur,
having regard to those already in
We are told that we are to feed
nations whose food sudply will be-
come exhausted, and we are to sup.
ply, if we will, raw material in or-
der Hint the wheels of other count-
:ries may not be Idle. Wc also have
jthe water power, the raw material
anil the quality of labor whieh will
make us one of the greatest of the
manufacturing countries In the western world. We have a climate tit
to produce a great race physically
We aro rapidly conquering the difficulties of transportation on our
mvn land and water, and we arc link
ing ourselves with the rest of the
Iworld across the varlods oceans. We
have n sound system of law, a sy.
stem of education doubtless inadequate    to  our  needs,   but  improving
Wood Furnace
The McClary Magnet Wood Furnace has a fire-box opening
that admits the largest chunks of wood with ease—wide,
deep, generous in size as the Magnet is in quality of material
and workmanship. The wide opening saves you work,
becau'.,c you can use wood lhat you would have to saw and
split to get through the narrow, shallow lire-box openings of
ordinary wood furnaces.
Instead oi making the fuel
fit the door, the Magnet
door is made to fit the fuel.
It ii i i: i i . i u,y t;> get
tht . '■ ■ out of a Magnet
as it is in put In'
becau opening of the
ashpit .   jusl as generous
aa  the lire box   opening.
Vnu .     :.i i *i> the I irth
, i ind 11 * love the
r and speed
—iiii i ,i ning and twisting : in. trouble nor int on-
venien c These two id
vantages are good reasons
why you ought to use a
Magnet Tl"' McClary
agent in tlir nearest town
will welcome the chance
to give you many more.
Write to the nearest McClary branch for booklet.
London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St, John, Hamilton, Calgary,
For Sale by Bourne Bros., Revelstoke
an excellent banking system, and our
national credit is so great as to be a
possible source of danger. If we
can but conserve our resources, we
are, therefore,     assured  of material
prosperity.        tnd 1,    it    seems so
sure Unit we shall be one ot the
richest ol tne newer nations that we
are rapidly becoming a vain and self
satisfied people.
But while these brilliant prospects
are well (ounded, is it all right with
us us a nation. I nm sure that all
is not right. We have seen a democracy which began with almost the
noblest principles ever declared in a
national manifesto, and which certainly was far from believing that
j money was a measure of national
'greatness, become by too much devotion to money-making a vast nation
of discontented people ruled by a
few plutocrats.
Is this to be our future'' Is not our
mensure of success todaylargely one
of money'' What is the use of deay-
Ing that we arc at present too much
| in love with material prosperity. But
we are not so grossly in love with it
as our friends to the south. We can
still recall tbe time when a large
part o! our people nad other ambitions. We still recognize that no nation built on material prosperity alone can enddre.
When we find a man who has demoted his life only to making money
■and who has not created anything
worth while in doing so, who cannot read books, enjoy beautiful
thiiiL's or indulge in sport, we hnow
that he has thrown his precious life
away. What then must be tbe fate
nf a nation which does not give due
place to the intellectual and the artistic in
The writer has spent nearly fifty
years in a business in which money-
is the chief coi in.     He lias   spent
much of bis life in the study of our
Industries and In the acute study of
the balance sheets of industrial concerns. He certainly does not under,
value industrial effort or the money
arising from it*  It was Kate Creen-
way m oi f tier poems fur children
whn suid the wise thing about money: "It's bad to hade money; it-B
worse to have none"—bad to have
tn" much ami worse to have too
Hi f the  greatest  aids      in    our
nation building will I ur Industrial pro pei ity; but let us remember
ihut this prospet Ity should be like
three meals a day to a wi'tkingman.
it si ild merely give a bat Is oo
which to d" tbe real w.uk ol the
nation \i"i the real work is to
build p the intellectual life ol our
people t" create teachers, jurists
i ,i - ; hilosophei i. scientific in
1 ' and artists; military
leaden and soldiers lor our national
delcnci greal administrators ol public ti ists; and generally, men who
whether '*n tbe platform, in the
Counting house, or in the market
place, nn* nol ashamed to urge tho
supreme  importance of  chnracter.
The Chapter of the General Order
ol St. .Tohn of Jerusalem has been
awarded t" Conductor Thomas Reynolds ol tbe C.P.R., ns well as a sil.
, ver medal lor bravery In tho Spaaisli
■ river train wreck, Page 4
.ATrilliAV,  ,11'l.V 23,  llilu.
Vancouver Exhibition
The opening day ol Vancouver's
lirst Exhibition is fust, approaching,
aud there me busy limes ahead for
the management. Entries for the
various competitions are already rolling in [rom ail over the province
and Canada, So many applications
have been mude [or space by different   liililiiifiiel iilers nnd  business       or
ganlzatlons that Managci Hoy is at
Ins wits' end to provide adequate ac
r*'iiiiii"iliiii"iis tor iii.'iii all,
The exhibition will !»■ thrown op
on to the public on Monday, Aug.
i.'ith, but the ("iiiiiil opening will
take place the next day, when Sir
Wilfrid I.miner will dedicate the
buildings and  the grounds    i"      the
I iii.- nf  I tii 11 i.li Cold in bin In      per
The horse show will bo ono "f tho
greatest  ovei   held  in  the Domln	
There will  he races every afteri n,
aad band concerts galore. Then*
will also be a parade "f the live
.-ti"-k every afternoon ut - o'clock.
There will be n great Jumping con
test, over six jumps, open to both
lady and gentlemen rulers.
The housewife is getting ready her
preserves, jiiins. homo made bread,
Bcones,  cakes,  needlework  aod  fancy
work; and tl hildreii aro becoming
Interested in the various competitions in domestic science open to
The dog men will all bo al the c\
hihitii'ii with iheir canines.The Vancouver Kennel Club hns taken charge
"f tins department. 'I'lie parade of
all led d"i;s ill the evening lifter ten
will iml he the least nt.tract ion ou
the grounds.
The first meeting "f the British
Columbia Poultry Association will
he held mi the grounds during exhibition week. 'I'he cull for this meeting, issued hy M. A. .lull, provincial
poultry expert, has met with u very
hearty response from poultry men all
over the province.
Railway Time Table
The following is tlie new summer
timetablo of the C. 1'. IJ., showing
limes of arrival and departure of
train nt  Kevelstoke.
No. I iinives 0:U,">| departs 0;2S a.m.
No. '.if arrives 3;'Jo departs 3:46 p.m.
Not ."i arrives 4:55, departs 5:15 p.m.
No. 2 arrives  12:35 midnight,      departs  12:15 midnight.
So, '-'ii arrives 11:30 a. in., departs
11:50 u. m.
No. 0 arrives 9:20 a. tu., departs
9:40    a. in.
Leaves Uevelstoke 9:36   a.  in.,    Br-
iim lievelstoke -4:30 p. m,
Mails Close
The mails close at Revelstoke us
Kor eastern  points—9  a.  m.       and
p. m.
For western polntB—4:25 p. m, and
7:45 p. m.
For southern points—9 a. m.
City mail boxes are cleared week
days at 7:45 a.m. and 3:15 p. m.,
and  Sundays at 3:15 p.  in.
Having   removed    mj     *'; a
frmn the Paget Supply I'm;
tu the office of   the  Revel
General Agencies,   Limited,  all
orders left there will be pron
,1   P. SU I HEBl *
- . * * isor to
Phone u.        E.W.B. Paget.
lay ot Aug
tion will be made to thi
ent ot Pi lal Police,     (oi
i: ai  fei   ■ I   ' he  lii en e for thi
■ all in and n  the
* ■       Hal       .11"
tel, a'   Halcyon,  l:   t
Mcintosh to ft llliam     Boyd, ol Hal
Brit       i olumbla.
Dated  this  llth  day nf   I
Harry  Mclntn h
William Boyd,
Farm For Sale
WAN! I'D  TO   H.I.I.   I ni"  nl    11",
,,. re .  ni e  I"' al ion,  clo      *.,   railway
;in*i    • I I    I ""id road,  well   *■ aterod,
40 acres    good     bottgm    land.      Pho
good fruit land.     Apply to Y. ti i
Malakwa,  II.  C. t.o.
WANTED — Fourth Class Bnglnoci
Apply to West Kootenay Btcam
Laundry, lievelstoke, U. C.
TO    KENT—Two     furnished   rooms,
centrally located.     Apply this olllco.
Corporation of the City of
Oity property In arrears for luxes
up lo'Hist l)ec, Ilii'S, will lie sold at
Public Auction at the City Hall at -
o'clock p.ni. on Saturday, August 'jotli
iuh'ck a. LAWSON,
.lv 'in Iiii Collector.
Corporation of tlie City of
Assessment   1910
given that the Court of Revision
ofthe Assessment of 1910 will be
held in the City Hall, Revelstoke,
B.C., on Wednesday, Aug. 3rd.,
1910, at 7 o'clock, p.m.
Bkuck A. Lawson,
City Clerk
Dominion  Lands
Railway Bolt of  British  Columbia
The ilule ior ihe coming Into force
of the new regulations 1ms been
changed.   A newdale will be sei later.
I'ntil further notice no entries to bn
granted in the New Westminster district and east "i Range 13, west of
sixth meridian inclusive.
Ottawa, June 2». IBlt).
Certificate of Improvements
" flam
Trout  Lake
Whi *
mul  P
Free   Mill
i: •'
if "I.: i
An !  '    '     • t actioi
MA A    -i
*    . at
ition of 1 ■
Ioi t y  'In .   ,  I he
ply I., the   "ind Board b
to . ■ 8     and
Thomas  ffal ih,    of  Uevelstoke.    tbe
retail liquoi  licen ** '■ ny me
■ * '  of the
stoke known n    tbe Hotel,
Dated  July 9th,  run
.11 I, 10(1 JOHN   LAUGHTON.
Special Attention given  i"  commercial
men    and    lii'irisls.     First el,is«   lam pi I
rooms. Fluent   cenery In British ("lum
Ida, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, .Prop
r? a^K'ti^,
/"t   li-   fl'"-•'"v"- '.'; Alt L^-*sl\'l|*Ji
fig m^f '^
I 3ffi|     • m
W^~Tm^%, Jews*
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock «gf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVlenus . Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash riATtlUIlAY,  JULY  38,  191(1.
Page 5
The Klevator in in perfect
working order these days
Take advantage of it to
get to the Bargains in the
Drygoods Department.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Sanitary Hair Goods
A new lot of Hair Turbans and Hair
Bolls. A new light weight Hair Roll,
very full at
35 cents
Dutch Collars
Nice Crisp While Lingerie Dutch Collars
for the hot days. They are a delight.
Several new styles at
25c, 35c,50c
White Lawn Muslin
White Liwn Muslin at 10c. A really
great bargain this lawn, -40 inches wide,
pure white snowy finish. You will make
use of it some time. Better get 10 or 20
yards on Monday while it is
10 cents
New Lot of Cambrics
A new lot of thoBe famous  Dinting-Vale
mills Cambrics in a host of new patterns,
among them a plain navy, plain raspberry red, Copenhagen blue, and brown
all at per ynrd
15 cents
Japan Paper Napkins
They save washing these hot days, protty
colors and ilor.'.l designs, alto white crepe
and watered patterns. They are sanitary
and at the price we have them, very
100 for 25c
Skirt Waists
linen and Vesting Shirt Waists, not a
cheap class of waists but when quality is
considered they are the cheapest waists
ever sold in town. All the swell waists
have come from Hume's this season, this
particular lot are selling at
Preserving Fruits
The preserving season is going now to its
full extent aud you can bet your money
that we havo what you want:—Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherries, Apricots,
and Logan Berries. Get your order iu
early as the supply  is  limited.
Table Fruits
We are always loaded up with table
fruits :— Oranges. Lemons, Bananas,
Canteloups and Pine Apples.
See Our Display To-day
Fruit J
The Slater Shoe
A few late arrivals have just come to
band and among them are lhe stars of
our Slater slock:
Men's Green Calf Oxford
A beauty, built on the new nob
last, with perforated tipe and
high Cuban heei.   Price—
The present demand for Kruit Jars here
made us buy a large quantity and we
are therefore able to sell at a price that
will make you think we get our .lars for
nothing. The famous Crown brand is
our money-getter. Pints, Quarts and
Half-gallons. Thu famous Tartan brand
of Rubber Rings injall si/eB.
Button Bool
Black patent vamp, with either
grey or tan corded tops. Large
metal buttons. Short vamp.
A neat  and  dressy boot.    Price
Get Hume's Prices on
Fresh Vegetables
omen s
Button Boot
Ilia' k (inn Metal with smoke
corded top, medium size poarl
lmtton-. Made on the short
vamp swing last, with plain toe.
Neat, nobby and serviceable.
We are giving our Special
attention to Fresh Fruits.
We can help you if you
are preserving. Call in
and see the assortment.
House Furnishings
We have a choice range of Nairn's Scotch
Inlaid and Printed Linoleum and Floor
Oilcloth, in lloral and tile designs. We
imported these goods direct, and as there
has recently been a large advance in
these goods, our prices are exceptional.
Beds and Bedding
Our line includes a choice line of well
selected designs in Iron Beds, Folding
Cots and Baby Cribs.
A full line of Health Brand Mattresses
in four ip'alitiep, the best medium and
low-priced mattress on the market. We
also have the Snow Flake and Florida
Felt Mattress, which is eijual to the best
filled cotton one, at a much lower price.
Get Our Prices
An exceptionally fine line of feather and
Down pillows, prices from $l..r>0 to $3 ~b.
Also Cushion Forms iu all sizes.
Bed  Comforts
We handle the  Maish  Laminated Cotton
Down Comforts, in very  attractive colo:
ings and designs.
l''rom now until they are all gone we will
give extraordinary hargains in MEN'S
have slill two full tables of hats left and
among these are Borne of our choicest
stock. They are all in good condition
and are all this season's stock.
A wide variety of Men's lloaters in Knglish and domestic straws. These will be
on sale at exactly one-half regular price.
All the rest of our Straw and Linen Hats
will he old at One-third off marked prices.
These prices will last until
the Hats are all gone
Our New Tea aud Coffee Department at the back of the store on
lhe (iround Floor, is proving a
convenience. We have a fine
'• Hobart" Klectric Coffee Mill and
can give you genuine steel cut,
ground or pulverized coffee while
you wait.
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke and Arrowhead
your Orders ! Setd the children
to the Store ' < ome yourself, or
have our City Tiaveller call at
your Home for Orders. No Order
too large or too small for us to
handle. It pleases us to see that
Customers get the liest of attention. VaS' 8
SATURDAY, JULY 23, l'Jlli.
Children'j   Muslin   Huts,   Wash   Hats,   I'n-
tritmiieil Hats, Ail Summer Flowers, Millinery
Trimmings, all at liall-price.    Home Milliners
iliis is your chance  to get what you want at
just ball-price.
lfio.   best   English   Prints—Sale   Price   lUc.
ISo and '20c. Ginghams—Sale Price 12,1 cents.
'20c.   Delainettes—Sale  Prico  12,-tc.  per yard.
Cross liar Muslin, Stripes anil   Floral designs,
regular 20c.—Sale price ISc. per  yard.   Other
lines selling at 2f>c, 35o., anil fiOc. per yard.
Reliable Goods at Sale l'rices.     All  goods reduced for immediate clearance.     Wash Skirts
and Hlouses.
15 pairs Ladies Tan and Black Oxfords.   This
Benson's most  desirahla shapes,    liegular *|m,
now $2 per pair.
100 pairs odds and ends of Oxfords and Slippers, nil selliiiK less than wholesale prices.
Men's Heavy Working Shoes at $1.50 per pair.
Men's   heavy elimtii'-siile   hoots,  regular *|3 60,
Helling now at $2.50.
t" nderskirts,   Night     Gowns    and   Drawers.
Women's Summer Vests.
Dainty Dress Muslins, regular 20o., Sale price
12}c per yard.   Regular 40c. Sale Price 25o.
100 Men's Straw lists, reg  .f 1 nnil $1 7.ri—7,rie. each
uncial    tnsi-s  paid  before    the
of    the special discount
m amounts to nearly  $1,600,000.
W.  I.  Briggs, Gus I.mnl ami     Fred
\    * -*      lea' ii Tuesday   lor   the
Big Bend    to    isit  their mica prop -
Tin- entire I    lings ol tbe    Pacific
*    a   Mine Co. on  Vancouver Island,
been purchased by the C. P. R.
for 44,	
The Lailios Gui.d of St. I'eter's
church have given tin* eontract ol the
painting ol the outside ol the building to J, Mi Leod,
The Atlanta Stat.* Senate baa passed a bill declaring tbe drinking of
iatoxicatii.. on    passenger
trams a  m       mi inor p inishable  hy
a fine or imprisonment.
Arrangements are being made by
the city foi thi • anlng ; of the
cemetery and keeping the paths and
lots cleai ■ ■ grass and weeds.
Tbe fraternal lodges will assist in
the work.
The office start ol the Big Eddy
mill, who were burnt out of house
and home on Tuesday, have opened
up a new ..fflce at the corner of 1st.
St. and i mna ighl avenue, In the
i'l'.ck  opposite the  Union hotel.
Advices from Band state that Miss
.,: .     twi     Ki..lish     ladies,
guests at the I   ti    and whose names
are yet  unknowi    have been missing
. -.     The  police      are
the ni    ntalns for them
irsting     uf
- *   - n Thursday, two
irth •       tinctly
These trei ibably
-      .    ■   ■ . M
*   temperature
A genera   meeting       • bt     Agi *
I oi      Moi
■ - *  clock in the
v it/  Hall       '■ • '    - me< tii g tli- Bn-
mmitl ■!     as     to
made    with
il '• r.-sted
the I reli   med
Ma. ben    last
: thi  R, M. R . nearly
Luck]   Jim  mine
tain red through
- mt"      the
mpany with
■ *   . siting      the
■    ind               t goi      t In time.
■m > a ■• M*      ol      the
• ■ ..• Mo *i.tain
■t   at     the
• •   ■        '■ tode, In Vlctoi
-**■*.       * an '
■    the park,
■ . .
-     ** ii a    ,*■ ,t' rday
••    Deput]     Mil    '
• bat be bad
from JI i
the  prairies,
ho ltd avoid
• • . . i    ,i   trlb
ting thel  points due to at   * •
em running   -"ft
in ! and     advising
■ •  ■ i,:    market* and can-
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the loading linos in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Here are n lew articlea chosen
at random Irom ouf lar^o
-■   >k "I Ti Mel Goods
Witch Hi/?'   double dittilled J5c
Ben/o Aimonrl   Crtnm   for   Ihe   Com-
p'ciion SCO
Waih Rate* 15e and T o
Palm fr »    w •i     Leave*     Toilet     WaUr
&0C    Si.00    12 to
Crunhpd Ro*e Talcum ?Gc
Cold Cream 75c
Bews' Drug Store
Tin- iny council have decided to
appoint a city plumbing Inspector,
Tlio full report of tin' city council
meeting lust niRht will lie published
in "iu* next issue.
Tin' citj council have resolved to
l'ivi' 11 grant of f2r.11 i,i the Agricultural Society for the Kail Fair.
An act  requiring  the installation of
modern   rescue    apparatus in     coal
Miincs, is proclaimed t" tuk,*     effect
"ii November 1.  In this week's  B
The    city council,  has,  In  ac
ance with tbe wishes ol certain rate
payers  In  tl"'  vicinity,  decided
abandon the erection of the new t""l
shed hi   the  corner  of Third
and  Boyle * Id    it    on
the  present   gaol      irnmn.t
pur track.
A  hush hi.* Btai ted on  Pi * lay      b
mil ■ so this side ol On
ami spread    with  great    rapid I
u,,*     hill to the  south ol the track
Fire Warden Stewai t au !
were al the scene,  while a large nmn
i„*r "f CP.R   ni"n  were Ughtin
B .in.*- and   *i* ■•■I' n • thi ■ .
in* round  the hill   Into the  valuable
timber  In th« vallej        T
, - irted from
■ .    piles uh ' i rnrk
*   the  i'    P    R   ••"''
burning  i|
it ■ ti    ■'    thai    tbe
ive at last
bind tlie two I        ■
Kenzic avenue fr..m Fil '    treat     to
Victoria i
lanes are very 'lurk and would aflord
good cover tot any burglar who wish
.-.I to operate there
only ii ihorl while ago       Ll  hi
these lanes will materially aid     the
ni^ht police,  besides rendering  prop
H t *,* mora Hafe.
The second roui :  of thi   lal
lawn tennis match,  between     teams
representing    the   uppei    and lowei
towns, was played on Tuesday night
"li   li.   N.   Courslei ' I   lawn        In
of a Hiiper abundance ol flesh,     the
players    showed   surprising agility.
The match, whieh was iinllnmbnrl nw-
1111? to the dusk romlntr on, tood "1
7 5 in fnvr.r ol the uppei town, and
i W. M. l.nwrenee nnd iluy Earlier for up town and tl. -1. Ht-ewarl
and a. 0, Urookcf    ("I down town.
The   game   WBS   I"   have      lieen       enn
i mi Thursday, bui owing     to
the wet weather it WUS BbW-i-JvueiJ.
There will be s Scandinavian service t"iii"i i*"« , Sunday 24th, at four
o'clock  in ' I"* Ba  '   il  church.
J.  K.  Taj Ioi   bai   - Id  bis
i"  i;   (iordoi been renting
the sum'* time.
ted tbi
rt-commendati  * the Police  Com-
■1      w.
* *.
keeping and  - A
has Mi.*'
ing.     A
I |c
V   Taft
: ji y
\ii   i -  .ii   mi* ,i     iron
■   ll    It    A tl
.1    Veltch,   of   Vai
eil the itafl of tbe Moi ions Bank
i.i a, 11  in   •     left t	
it   i" his grand parents   at
'*. nm oiiver.
in and Mi i ll Hamilton re
turned on Th n iday ii om their hon
■ *, moon trip to ea torn points.
Mr. and Ml i, Hal i y Mi Into h ro
rently ol Halcyon Hot Spring, hi tel
have taken up then rnldonei tn
Proposed Poultry Association
A convention rl the  proposed   1'in-
vinciul   Poultry  A-m I'i.uiun   will be
lipid in tbe Convotiti a   Hull   Kxliil.i j
Hon Ornm da, Vmicouver on  Angu I
18th, I'.i It)
Tlie bu-iueseof the Gonvciitloii will
lie to cniisiiler the oi((iiiii/.ilion ol llu*
" British Oolunibiit Poultry Aaaoii-
iition," and the adoption nf a Constitution nml By-laws,
Stilted in a low words, t lie <■ li lot ain
and oi j"ctn of tho Uriiisli Columbia
Poultry Association in " Better Poul-
ry ainl iniiro ol it.'' The Held ol
vork will engage every poultry intor-
at. It will Heck to disseminate
throughout the Province a thorough
knowledge ol tlie latest nml most
progressiva methods of rearing anil
jaring [..r domestic (owls: lia par-
ticnlar mission will hu in secure a
more widespread interest in thoroughbred poultry.
'llie chief agencies in be used in tl e
furtberauoe ol tins ol jcot will bo U e
Poultry shnw.
It ie desired that every poultry
breeder and thote interested in poultry shall oonsidor tbis Association a>
having been organlz d !nr their pal-
iioularbenefit, It. is tlib intention lo
make the AsBOcislim nf llie lurjieai
possible uselulness,and to do this It
desires to get in touch with eve j
poultrymau un.l farmer in tbe Pro
While the ol'j -cl nf this Assnciati n
ij to benefit Hie poultry industry ii
tbis Province as a whole, and while
these bum-fits will be as free to nun
members as to members, yet as s
poultrymau nnd resident of thi
Province you ought to aid in tbi
It is thought advisable for Ihis
Association to become an aesic^ate
member of lhe American 1' u'try
As ocittti n. The American Poultry
A<m ciiitiou baa I eeu the foremos'
tictor in tbe development if ihe
present standards of domestic Inwli-
ada movtment that neks tn licnli e
and biiug lo youi very dm r tbe p W r
a il ii lluenee uf tb.it urganisali, n foi
t ie bettpinieut of cm ditions in you
own vicinity should receive your
liearly cooperation. "We believe ll i
\n.ericin Poultry Association should
ird eventually will, meet the iieul*
nil bicoine ii.di peiipable lo tvuii
vide-aw ke poultri mini in America"
An mutual report nil le publinlln
embodying tlie pnoetdings of tin
rgHiiiualinii meeting, ul-n articles Ol
,iuuluy -in j ele from leading authorities throughout America. Tuere wil
be inoluded in tlie r.poita dirtctoij
of poultry breeders nf the Province
Tne directory will contain i uly tin
names nf members, with their address
e-, snd varieties of fowl i red.
Meniieri only will be entitled t,
r cii'-e the annual rep it.
I In*    nn min Isllip   a iii he C'ii'1' '.-i ll
"I iii'i-ms  inUrested   in   ibe hie ding
..[ thoroughbred p mltry.
Membership in the Atsocia ion inn)
be secured  ij tbe paymeut ol  au an
II ill 111- uf $1
Breeders ui poultry have three im
portaut   reasous   fur Leoumiug mem
ber« —-
1. I in j wil  I • |' in building up the
- t ; iniding, iiittkiu^ lului
the business ol pioiucing tboruugb
bred poultry, and increasing ihe.e-
iiiand for tbv-e pn ducts
2. [be  Association   dnubtUss will
lead in I. ueut   to  pi ice  p u
,.-;. , r           *. uu .i  more econ un    1
i iiiua  to produce
I .UU".
U ,ons i f the Ansnciation
i    . -   nan   repay llie
iin-   bleeders  will
learn   mil ■,,
ii-   in JI.
n i.l     I   Agriculture,
B. C. Fruit
Victoria, July 23,—According to tho
latest report of Mr. J. 0, Metcalfe,
Uritish Columbia's market commls.
sionor in the prairie provinces, dated
at Edmonton July is, without exception the opinion throughout the
in which British Columbia's fruits
are being packed this year, is highly
commendatory, tbe same opinion be-
Ing expressed as to the condition In
whicli these fruits arrive at llll market centres.
Edison Theatre
The programme nt tho Edison
Theatre last night attracted a large
and appreciative audience, The colored entertainers, Mr. and Mrs. I'. D,
Kennedy In sunns rind music, received hearty applause for their part of
the porformanco. Tho moving pictures ".lonu oi Arc," tho kith! his
torlcal picture, was first class, aa also   the       "llainl  "1   .lllstiii'  or       The
Black I laiui Hocloty." The comodlos,
"Bravo ffomon "1 76" and " lie
pairing tboh lioine" were uproar
ioiisly funny, Tonight the Bamo pro
grammo will bo ropoatcd al two per
Stringent Liquor Act
* *   -
■ hi *
,,.i '
Moving i'ietiires  to-night.
ng Pii * ires tonight
Mi     \   ii   McCli i"*.'I'nn and I
lefl today foi  a fortnight' ■   Isit   to
't   t.i	
The Rev   A   U   De I'eni lei. Bl ihop
ei,*' i fm   Plow Wesl min ites and Knot
eiiay. * iii i»  consecrated on M lay
by His ''in''■   Vrotabl hop Matboson,
iu'iimi'   uf all Cauada.
Moli.y      In   loan  on  real   estllto,    II.
N. Coursicr.
A Snap
iming bouse mi two lots In
stoke, thirteen rooms, contral
to station, Prico for a short
only $2,500 easy terms. Lots
worth the price. For tbis and
uiver snaps in business chances
reality, enquire Golden Rule
rago Room ll Merchants Hand
ing, Vancouver.
Railway Time Table
The following is llm new summer
t imo table of tho U. P. It., showing
limes of arrival aud departure oi
train at Itevelstoke.
No.  1   arrives 0:0"i, departs G:'-'") a.in.
No. P7 arrives '2.2~> departs 3:45 p.m.
Nof "i un i\i*s 4:05, departs 5:1*5 p.m.
No. - arrives  Y2:'2o midnight,      do-
purls 12:15 midnight.
No. % arrives 11:30 u. m., departs
11:50 a. m.
No- fi arrives 9:20 a. in., departs
t):-10    a.  in.
i.lilies   Revelstoke  D'M>    a.   in.,     t?r
Ives Uevelstoke -1:110 p. m.
The Chapter of tlie Qeneral Order
of St. John of Jerusalem bus been
awarded to Conductor ThomaB Rey-
nolils of the O.P.R., as well as a sil.
ver medal for bravery in tbu Spanish
river train wreck.
WANTED—Chambermaid. Apply to
Hotel   Uevelstoke.
suite, cooking stove, and other articles of furniture at the residence
of B, M. ('"ok. corner of Second
street ami McArthur avenue.
LOST—Ladles hunting ease gold
watch, Elgin movement, on Thursday, July 14th, between Mrs. John
Carlson's house, Pourth street and
Mr. I'nttrnrT's ranch. Reward of
$5.00 will be paid <n tinder on re-
turning same to Mrs. R. Z. Crawford.
Revelstoke Land District.
Dis i i't of We t liu 'len.-iy,
Take notice thai I. Y. MiUahrnnol
Arrowhead, B.C.. occupation Lumber-
man, inlend to ap Jy for permission lo
i ui riii-e the following described lands:
Commencing al a post planted at
the Northwest cornel of Lit sail,
ilii'in ■'■ mi rl nr nv ivi'si: thence 60 ehuins
north to T.   I„  li 0211: thpnee 80 ehuins
e.i-i along the lin T.I,. 10020 to the
l-ikr -lion*: thence along Ihe lake
slime to point of ' "niiiii'iii'i'ineiit, eon
taining four hundred ainl eighty acres
more or le is.
KliU  Mll>   ,\|i (1.MII1 IN
Arrowhead, P. ('., .lune 2Hth, 1010,
jl> 232m
IllljUrt IStt ll 20th~ 1910
• i   Hi *   h ' iiiuinbin
150,000 in Prizes
ii PR KM 11
from all
li   .ni mu
lie returned
*  *
Trotting   in
,ni*i 11
Rnli li . - lose August 1*4.
\\'i lie fn e List   net iu-
forniMli'.ii in
M   UIU   *'   I II 'Mil   ,1   ,        ',     'II
i "iii' i Inhibition Asi'«i.iiuui
After Supper
No. 29
Wc areready Por another busy Sal unlay with our
usual variety of seasonable bargains. Everything we
advertise is exactly as we state, and the crowd of
salislii'il customers that we have every Saturday night
shows I liai our bargains aro appreciated. To-night
we will havo a lot of extra good values al particularly
low prices. Many of them we have no room to men-
lion, Imt you will find them here, prominently displayed and plainly marked,
English Prints
A liiK assort inenl, lin'ht
and dark, stripes, spots and
Moral desiens, Regularise,
After Supper Sale Price '•'
yards for .$1.
Hats and Bonnets
Children's Sizes. The
balance of our Straw Sailors
in plain and fancy straw.
Regular Price from 50c. to
$1.50. After Supper Sale-
Half Price. Also about 'A
dozen Infants Hats and
Bonnets at Half Price.
A lot of Remnants of all
kinds of goods. Most of
them are worth double the
price asked, but we must
get them out of the way.
After Supper Sale Price—
25c each.
Ladies' Drawers
About 3 dozen, a splendid
quality of Cambric, with
lace or embroidery trimming, insertion antl fine
tucking. They were cheap
al their regular prices, 50c.
to $1 50, but you can buy
them to-night as cheap as
you can buy the materials
to make them—Half Price.
Fancy Silks
A lot of splendid values,
suitable for yokes. Ap;reat
bargain at 50c. per yard.
Wash Belts
and Collars. See the lot we
are putting on sale to-night
at 25c. each,
F O- K Cm   O   C3   O
Good Bread
—and you should insist upon petting llie hest at all
thins- $j4»t oui*;*. Ouv reputation for good bread is not
tho result of chance. Our customers arc hatinfled that
cans is \\\t> mosl stitisfactory bread they enn buy.
Try it and ynu «ill become a regular customer. Our
Groceries Me also in keeping with uur bread.
G. W. Bell
P. O.  Box 208
Phone No. 23
Victoria Cross Tea (21b. lead pkgs) per lb. 50c.
Pilgrims-No. 1 Green Tea, per lb  45c.
Daddy's Coffee, in Quart Jars   45c.
Breakfast Delight,   Our  Special, whole or
Ground, per lb.      30c.
Phone  93.
McIntyre   & Hon
ol origin.
l=t. O.
Import direct from country
Ice Cream - Soft Drinks
All Kinds Furnished during
the Summer Season
Cowie's Restaurant
Advertise in the Mail Herald


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