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The Mail Herald Jan 17, 1912

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 41 Empiro" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it isj
unsurpassed,    Price $(>0i
Interior Publisiung Co., Agts..
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 18-No. 4
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W. J. Kerr, President of Canadian Highway Association Heads Big Deputation Before B. C.
Ni'w Westminster, B. C, Jau IX—
Big appropriations vvill lie made by
the Provincial government, at tbe
present session, for the construction
Improvement nml maintenance ol
roads In Uritish Oolumbia, This nn-
nouncoment wns made by Hon. Thos.
Taylor, Minister ol Public Works, to
twenty-eight Canadian Highway Association representatives, who waited
upon the Provincial Executive at Vic
toria this week.
in speaking ns a representative ol
the association, I'rcsidcnt W. J. Kerr
ol New Westminster, said thnt tbc
attention pnid to roads by the department ol Public WorkB was very
gratifying and augured well (or thn
future. He realized that with the
many culls made upon the nuances of
the province, the department could
not possibly accomplish nil that it
might wish, but he hoped to Bee
work of a permanent nature carried
on without a halt lor many years to
coine. Ill Ins oplnlottlt was bceter to
construct a few miles of permanent
loads thut would be a credit to the
province, and that w.ii remain ns a
monument to ibe present administration; pernancy, instead ol mileage,
should be the aim of the depart ment
When an attempt is made to construct ii long stretch of road with
only a limited amount ol money, the
work must necessarily be more or
less ol a temporary nature, and this
means that every lew years extensive
and  expensive  repairs  must   be made.
Spcnking more particularly of thc
Yale Road, the highway over     which
thousands of Aracrk'un tourists vvill
bo coming to Canada this summer,
Mr. Kerr called attention to the necessity ol laying a hard Blirface pave
ment over this road trom New Westminster to Blaine, Wash. While the
cost of this might seem to be heavy
when it was considered that this
work would be of a permanent nn -
lure, and that no repairs would be
necessary lor perhaps lifty years, the
economy of the proceeding wus ut
mice apparent. The nature of the
""hard surface pavement" was uot
specified in the resolution. In reply -
ing to thc renucst of the deputation
the Hou. Thos. Taylor dwelt at Borne
i length on the work accomplished by
j his department on the Yak' Hoad
during thc past twelve months. He
', stated that his department was now
in ii position to proceed with this
Improvement with more diligence ou
account of the establishment of three
stone bunkers, one at Sullivan sta -
tion, one nt t'lovcrdale nnd the third
at l.iiugley. The minister also intini
ate.1 that the department would pay
particular attention to the Trunk
road.-* of the province this year, leav
ing to the municipalities the care of
Hie fee,his of these highways, with -
,nit wholly Withdrawing tin' support
given in the past to these cross
country roae6.
Mr. Taylor promised be would look
carefully into the advisability of
putting down hard pavement as suggested by tlie Canadian Highway Association, and that as the scheme
had his entire sympathy he would
■ onsider it favorably.
•'TBr-lnn- "S^
$72,000,000.00 6
i-ipal ii. ioi ■ in Cmiiula. O
Jnitcd States -London, England,   (S
'"'i  i   N kUontl Hank,   Corn Bz>   j£
I <K>O<HH><MK><HK><KH>0<H><>{H)O<K><
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad OtFlo-a-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches ar An^nta at nil prin
Agents in (treat Britain  uud V
Lloyds B.»nk, Limited.    Ohioaff     ?ll '
change National Bunk. Seattle-:-'* t'l - National Bank, San l'i.in
cisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bulk. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank. i
Savings Bank Department
Deposit* of $1 and upward, raoatod, and Interest allowed at
current rau- from date of depmit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Clearing Out at Cost Price
Bargains for Old  and Young in
Ladies' and Children's Wear
Mrs. A. G, Crick, • First Street
Eastern Poultry of All Kinds.
Local Milk Fed Turkeys and Chickens
Olympia and Eastern  \ sters
Smelts. Shrimps. Crai:
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
nill iilii-.li mu uilli il-   bright,   1
il.iM'ii ami Ingram y,    Bold  in   1
innl packagi
35c, 40c. and 50c
. per lb.
P. O. Box 20S           QROOER & BAKER
Phono No. 23
The First Meeting ot tlie New
City Council--5tanding Committees for the '/ear.
Tlle lirst meeting ol the new nly
council waa held last Monday even -
ing .it S p.m. There were present,
His Wor.-iiip the Muyor, aldermen
Abrahamson, Howson, McSorley, MeKinnon,  Uoiirne nnd Uurlicr.
The t'ity Clerk, niter the meeting
wns called to order, read the notice
convening the meeting. The council
having taken the oath ol ollice, it
was moved by AM. MeKinnon, seconded hy Aid. Bourne, that the rcg-
ulnr meetings ol thc city council dur-
nur the current year shall he held on
alternate Fridays at 8 p.m. The
lirst ol such meetings to lie hct.l on
Friday, January ISth, at p.m.—Carried.
ii* Woi hip tha Mayor (hen an-
nounced thi standing committees for
the year  I'll.' as follows:
Fire, Wat IT ami tight committee—
Alilermen  Alirnhnmson, cliairmnn,  Mc
Borlsy and Bai bai,
Public Works—Aldermen Howson,
chairman, Abrahamson nnd Bourne.
Finance Committee—Aid. MeKinnon
chairman, McSorley and Bourne.
Health and By-laws committee —
Aldermen Burlier, chairmnn, MeKinnon und Howson.
Il was then moved hv Aid. Howson
seconded  by   Aid  McSorley,   thnt  the
■tan-ding commlttaeaai  announced by
lliu Worship the Mayor. I* accepted
by   the  coin.nl.-Carried.
HiB Worship then addressed the
council nt some  length.
Aid. MeKinnon anl Ahrnhamson
then spoke about matters that would
eflect the Water nml Light department  durinc  the  current  year.
Aid. MeKinnon expressed himself
as being strongly in favor of tempering nil estimntes for 191] so that
the tax rate would be 25 mills or
less, nnd also made several sug -
gestions as to how this could lie arrived nt.
Aldermen Bourne. McSorley nnil
Hows,.n also -poke addressing the
meeting re sohoota, lire brigades, etc.
and "ilcrfd some rood lUggMMons,
which in tbtll opinion would lie In-
dueive t" greater iflelency,
The meeting  then adjourned.
Police Court
In the police court last Monday,
X. Blihato, a Japanese was lined
$25(1 for selling liquor without a
The city police took 18 gullonB of
liquor from the premises of thc nc-
ciissed.   The tine was paid.
Governor ot Yukon
Ottawa, Jan. 15—lt is aiithoril.i
tively stat.il the contest for the gov
ernorahip of the Yukon Territory
Hcb between Mr. A. S. Goodeve, M.
P . Mr. James MeKinnon of Dawson
Oity and Mr. (Ieorge Black of Vuncouver. Mr. Goodeve's chances of
securing the appointment nre snid to
lie good.—Exchange.
Dixie Miles Singers
The citizens of ltevelstolfe and pal -
ticularly theatre goers, will have a
pleasant musical treat on thu even -
Ing of Jun. 25th next, when Fergus
oil's Dixie Jubilee Singers will be
heard at the opera house. The Dixie
Jubilee Singers are Ilk' very best 00
the road toduy and have jimt return
.J   (Ins  spring   from  a  tour  through
'vigiaii'i.  Remember the dnte, Jnn .
25th,  seats  will   lie   on  sale  at     Mm-
donald'l drug store.
Killed at Ferguson
On the 9th Inst, while working on
thc Hume of the Ferguson Mines, Ltd
two of thc employees fell n tree, thc
top end of which caught Walter Tnylor crushing In Ins head and upper
part ol the body, killing him instant
ly, The deceased has lived ln Ferguson mnny ycurs und wns highly io-
spected in the community, he wns a
mnn of about '27 years of ngo, hnd
served his time In the British nrmy,
.mil wns through the South African
war. He wns a native of Surry,
Kngland and lenves a wife here to
mourn bis loss.
The coroner hns been notified an
Inquest Is necessnry.
Machinist D. J. Jackson Carried
to Death by Snow—Ex Mayor
Hamilton Had Narrow Escape
With regret we huve to announce
the dentil of Foreman Machinist Dan
id J. Jackson, ol Revelstoke, who
wus burled hy a snowslidc, 17 miles
east of Itevelstoke on tho C.P.H.,
whilst hurrying at the cull ol duty
to the reBcue of thc derailed cast -
bound,  on  Sunduy,   January  14.
Early Sunduy morning word reach
ed the city that two cars of tho east
hound pussengcr wero derailed by a
snow slide at a point some two mil-
'es eust of Rogers Puss, on the main
I liue of tho C.P.R.
Tho work train was nt ouce ordered from Kevelstoke for tho scene of
tho nccideut, to ussist in clcuring up
tho wreck. Ahout seventeen miles
cast of Revelstoke the work train
run into a snowslidc, nnd whilst engaged clearing the truck, another
slide came down, overturning tho
three rear ears of tho work train.
Attached to tho train was the Sup -
eriutendents private cur, In whicli
Supt. Kilpatrick and cx-Muyor Hamilton ot Revelstoko were riding. The
dead man, Machinist and Brake Inspector Dauicl J. Jnckson was Btand
ing outside tho car when the slide
came, the snow caught thc three cars
and when it hnd passed, th*' Super
iiitenilent's Car was oil the track nud
filled with snow, going over a sixty
foot emhuukment, whilst Jackson
was nowhere to be seen. After twenty minutes hard work, Dr. Hamilton
wus dug out of thc cur, just iu time
to snve him from sullocatlon, nnd
unhurt Btivc for n few bruises and
scrutches. But the body of Jackson
had licen carried away and burled
deeply in the snow nnd it was some
hours before bia lifeless form was recovered from thesnow, bouio lifty ft.
Iiolow tho track.
| Brakemnn Ashdown, ot the work
train, had n thrilling experience, a
car swept away by tlio slido passed
right over him, und he was rescued
by the men of tho work twin, who
located him hy his feet, which were
sticking up out of Uie snow.
The slido, which caused the death
of Machinist Daniel J. Jackson, OC
currcd about 12:30 uoon on January
1 Ith, und lute that Sunday evening,
the body was brought home to bis
sorrowing wife and family at R'vel-
The late Daniel J. Jackson, was a
native Cunniliun, horn ln the cily of
Montreal in the year 1869, being 43
years of age ut tbo timo ofhis death
Practically his whole lifetime he had
worked iu the railway servloo, prev
ious to coming west he was   iu    the
| shops of the Grand Trunk at Mon
treat, whilst for the past Ihriteen
yours ho has occupied tbe position ol
machinist     and  air   brake    inspector
with the c.p.u. at Revelstoke, Deceased was a prominent, member of
the Machinists Union, and last year
was a member of the executive nnd
Third Vice President of tho Conser -
vative  Association  of  this cily.      He
was a married man, with bis home
iii Reveletoke, and leaves a wife and
Boven children to mourn his loss.
I (If a genial disposition, deceased
possess,il a host of friends among his
workmates nnd fellow eltizoiiB, and
the newfl of hiB untimely end, came
as a great shock throughout tho
city and district. Su printed words
enn act as a solace in such u Bad
ease as this, but it mny bo some
comfort to his relatives and sorrowing friends to remember thnt Dnnlel
J. Jaekson died liko a brave man.
whilst, rushing at duty's cull to tho
help of a train on which Bomo of his
fellow workmen of the railway service nnd tlie travelling public, wero
supposed to be in distress nnd great
The funeral takes plaOe todnylWednesday), the 17th Janunry, nt !) n.
in. from the Roman Catholic chiirrh,
nnd is being conducted  by thc Mach-
InlstB Union.
Hard on Blondes
"Blondes are but evidences of degeneration and weakness. All thc vlg
or nr.d I * irv ol the hiimnn race hns
been Concentrated in the brunette,"
says a Flench scientist. The blondes
of Fiance nre up in arms against the
.insertion and  the man  who mnde It.
Moving pictures nt tho Bdison
(lieatrc  tonight.
The lirst meeting of die    iicvel
stoke Agricultural Association will
be held In tho City Hall on tho Seventeenth duy of January, PH2, nt
,8 o'clock p.m., for the purpose of
adopting by-laws, appointing olllcers
lixing the dnte of the Anniinl Meeting and the trnnsnetion of genernl
Ask nnyonc who has seen our pictures and Ihey will tell you that
wi* have the best pirt.iil'CH, best. Beats
nnd tlie only lirst cluss moving picture boUM in Itevilstnk.'. take their
woul, nnd come  to  llu; Bdison.
Moviug pictures tonight.
Smallpox Ties Up the Mails
OHoWa, Jan IS All iiiiprcccdeii ' I
situation regarding the local malls
arose nt Otlnwn today. This morn
ing a sorting clerk was said to have
been found to have smallpox and n
Hurry arose in all the local brain Im
but while tho Medical Health Olliei
of  the eity  had  power over nil     tho
other departments he could not oon
Ind government property, and he
Waited  until  live o'clock this evening
to get permission to quarantine bbe
mail institutes. Meantime this after
noon lho muils were distributed, but
at five o'clock rloso guard was put
on the building and those persons
who hud only entered tho rotunda
woro held up for quite a while until
Dca/rrs in Hardware of All Klrds.
Guns. Ammunition, Harness,   Hase Blv.nktts. Uhipc
Stoves, Ranges. Enamel end Tinware
Faints, Oil,  Varnish, Etc.
Crocktry end Glassware
Plumbing, Heating
We are prepared to undertake any work in this line
Groceries, Fruit, Vegetables
A Very larqe stock of Fresh and Up-!.-Date
Carried in  This Depot tment
Hay. Grain and Feed
Agents for MeC/ury's Famous Sicyes, Sherwin-
Williams Paint Co.,  Canadian Oil
Compunies, Ltd.
Wc pay special attention to Mail Orders and Shipping
to Outside Points.
BIG REMOVAL SALE ON during month of January
Hardware Dealers      GROCERS     McClary's Stoves
January Clearance Sale
Wc are offi ring ill ol mir high grade winter stock al
Men ir SOc and I * i i nderweai SOi
Boy'   L'ndei HAM   i'i<*( l . ludei smh i*,jKi-, tiut lines
Turnbull •,
H,,-, ■ Suits ai ll M.i   PRI< B
We have I    pali of M consisting of all >i<es, which
irlj    ild Ioi •"- ;'i T.! $6 00 now Kllini ■
Boj - S<   ■•<    -m *  . all lites,
See our Windows and Bargain Tables tor Snaps
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
the  Medical   Health  Oilier      released
them.   All employees a>ere held    lor
'■Mini, nil mn     Those   during   the   dny
had    wandered amongst tbi    public
without rest!
nubile  had  gone  m  and  * nl    is (In i
pleased and tbe mails weii
At live o'clock  a rigid quarantine
was enforoed and no employee   thnt
was  caught      was al
until v.m cinated, and thi M that did
get nwiy must he vaccinated i ■' ■■
(hey return in the morning Unlet
Medical      Health   I Hlicer  is    sntlslled
Ihey   are   Immune,    Me.iut :ine  all
mall mai I.t received in 0 I
being  held, and the  |fbi le
wns  cloned   until   a   thorough   Ittl
inm ot all had bees made by U ■
ial  powers.   At midnight [Ufflif
• if  ma.l  matter  was  Complete,      and
all   matter   held   up   was   released  for
Mivery.   There   w,ll   likely   bo  aboul
race   raooinated,  Those
mails rcoeived up till early alter' *
•SOi   0' I   and  mnny more of tin
'taut   mails      hnd   nlreads
.ii'h. 1  bail I.*  the hour of  nntili -
*•; llsssse and quarantine.
long lasting i'".ii   11
ito Coursier's.
Leave     ymir    orders for Unit Coal
■   Dav-
Wh ll   I   ni I   Cl 1:1*1
tu   have   th"   hes' *   Hi"   wl  A
, ttt have the best ,*ver played tomov
< iu Kevelstoke. WEDNESDAY,   JAN.   ITtb  1912.
the:ma.il-:h:e:rjll:d, revelstoke
WBDNB8DAY,  JAN. Uth 1912,
("Wood for Sale
Mixed Hard Wood. 16-iro h .            . .$ 7.50
Cedar.  16-inch     6.00
Wellington     11.00 per ton
Briquettes     8.75 p»*r ton
Bankhead Hard Coal expected in a few days
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
. >_ y-■■>,-....:iji
Zbc nDail-lberalb
| cty. At the laBt session ol tbc House
.i now Acl was paused governing the
formation nml conduct ol Agrleultur
al Associations, which rendered it
uecCHBary  that the alburn ol thia  So-
Jntertor publtsbtng Compans, , ,,lv M ftn Agricultural Association
i ns distinguished irom a Turf    Association Bhould he    put on a proper
J.  K.  JOHNSON,  Manager
BALl'H ti. BORCTON, Bdttor.
WEDNESDAY,  JAN.   Utb 1912.
It le n rnoet     regretaldc [act Ihut
almost .very  winter some lives    are
lost in  thc snowslidcs  in  the  ruotin
t .t in section  ol  the     C.P.R.   Via all
recognize  that  the  railway  company
has done its best to combat this evil  by  building  snow  shed-  und t/tber
track protections at   an    enormous
coat and  yet with all  these precaut -   can  now  legally male
ions, accidents happen.   The one that
occurred some short distance west of The nnmc ol tho Incorporated
lievelstoke Iu6t Sunday morning
particularly s;ul, as thc deeensed was Western
the bead ol a large family ol young
children. The tuking of n life by
accivlent at any time Ia bad enough,
imt when the victim is a mnn o( fain
Ily  (lie  situation  is  aggravated.
That Dr.' Hamilton escaped with
his life is almost miraculous nnd we
are glad to report that he is on tbe
high way to recovery Irom his thrill
mg experience.
looting nnd with that object iu view
a new Association has been incorporated Under the new net known ns ehe
Hevelstoke Agricultural Association,
mul the membership In that association costs but one dollar per year
and nil residents of Kootenuy nre cl
lgible for membership and each person bas as much to say in its ufluirs
ns another, The tirst directors of
tho new association arc the same
persons us were the directors lust
year ol the incorporated company,
and these may he changed at any
lune by vote ol the members ol the
new association which association
claim to Its
iinual  grunt from the     government.
pnny bus been again changed to the
Turl Association. Limited,
which company has obtained from
ilio t'ny an extension of the lease
of the grounds and have undertaken
to provide from private sources a
num sullirient to provide the grounds
with proper buildings In which to
house the exhibits nt tho nnnuul [air
and tbe Agricultural Association will
given thc right to use the grounds
You get " Down Weight," up quality" and a fair
Price when you buy Hardware from us.
We have everything you want in Hardware from
a carpet tack up.
cTVIice and Rats don't like our traps, but you will
like our business methods. Our traps hold rats and
our square deal methods will hold your business.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Howson Block
what is beyond ilis comprehension, Presbytery, where he remained six
For what it gives to the public is tho years, alter which lie received a call
very spirit of melody nnd tuneful to iMcrritton, which be accepted,
harmony, spending several years in that charge
He  wns forced to retire   I  Mar    ago
owing     to hie tu    * '   health,     nud
^^^^^^^ since thnt   time  1      d cllne  has been
n       ...      _. .. nil   Ml ■ Palon is survived by b i «id-
HiirrBirs rian  lives breater •«. who wasMi        Patterson
ot Glasgow,  Scotland, nnd two dau-
ASSIStanCB .eWers, Mis. Alfred T. Crutcher,   ot
(ilintii,  China, nnd Miss  Jessie    Mc-
Ottawa, '.I—Tbc fultilnient of preelection promises ol greatei aid for
agriculture are already being commenced by Hon. Martin Burrel] by
menus ol steps to assist held crop
competitions,    eed   fiurs  nnd  provin-
lor fnir purposes nt a nominal rent-jelal seed exhibitions, which
it     will bc seen   receive lticreuwl  aid.
by assisting  in
and  advertising    competitions     and
lairs,   the securing and  paying ol  tbe
expenses  ot  expert  Judges    and    the
printing ••;  reports.   Any   prize money
had to    be provided by agricultural
  ' .il per year.   Thus 	
The  presentation  ol  the      "Private   that   the   nllnirs   ot     both     concerns      Hitherto   Dominion   assistance
• iry"  at  the opera house    last   have been put on a proper legul foot   rendered
Monday evening was  well done. The   Ing nnd that every one in thc   com-1
various  parts  were   played     without   munity who takes any interest  in tbc
too much force.     Mr. Cuttermole and   annual fair will have nn equal     say
the Private  Secretary are     spcciully   with his neighbor if he puts up    his
worthv ot mention, while nil thc oth   dollar membership fee  and  the  Agri-
er parts were cleverly acted. ! cultural Association is    assured     oi  societies  through  grants  from     the
The opera house wns quite warm decent buildings for its purposes nnd provinces. This worked well lor home
and comfortable, and tbere was a is assured of its legal right to draw provinces, but badlj lor others. Ii
pretty good attendance, so that tbe the government grant and to a long  will pul •■■■ nee on the same
whole  entertainment   can  justly     be  usage of the grounds for fair purpos  looting, on a  basis ot a  refund     of
termed a success. i    at a nominal rental. ol •'•    imi * '   iwardedin
It is a pity that more of the citiz-     The company owning the lease were  prlxes, under certn d Itmitatli
ens don't turn out to some of   these  not prepared to     put     any   further     Under the new coi rganis-
theatncal nerformances.  If the good  money into Improvements and build-  ation  work   tbe  selection  and    pay
people ol Revelstoke were paving   a    ugs     unless     the term of tbe lease  ment ol Judges 11  I* 1
to Vancouver, they would think   was extended by the ce  toi a lurth-   ihe provincial departments ol agrucul
nothing of     taking     In thc theatre "' twenty-flve years si* as i*. enabl    tare
there while  in  many  eases  the  sum.'  'hem to stand     some chance ol gel       The      I
troup comes to Revelstoke and plays  ''«*-' at least some part of theii mi a     ■ *,,     to tMs waj      I
t, a Bmall house.   There are     good  <v back, then-lore the city counoil of  appi   '
shows Iced    ere  for  thc next  few   19U granted the further lease to the
  ...    ..; which are famous and  company winch as above stat. i      -   Dom
no inti ligent     tizen should fail    to  now known as the Western Turf   U-1
take  then For  further particu -  soclition and is made up    f     thos
the  Mail-Herald columns,   citlsens who tirst   put   up  the  mone-.
 to  "pen the grounds and made     an compel '
annual  fair a  possibility.   This lease
requires the expenditure of a sum of
■    by  the company in permanent
j improvements  within   five  yenr". |th**p;r expenditures.
l.eish ol Niagara Fall.  N.   Y.;     and
three sons, Thomas     Kip of Cripple
Creek,   Col.;  Dr.   Jumes  I'liloii,    and
David   ti.   of   University   College,     of
Mr. Paton rendered mose useful Ber
are   to  V1PC to t|)(, Preabytorlan church     in
Canada.   By his  kindness  of  dlspOSl-
"'"" ition and fidelity to     duty he     made
irgatHStng * ,,, ,-^y  friends   who sincerely     mourn
his loss.—Canada Presbyterian.
Now On
Get Your Share
'■'**. I-Herald:—
De ii   3ir,—I have been tt [tie l   '    ■
Personally I    am of opii rhe
ihcif hopes  ,.f  ever  getting any
the President and officers of the Rev-  their money imck are grou
te Agricultural Bodety, Ldnxlted they are public spirt ti
Western Turf   Is   clalIon,    to -■<■• a fair here wb-ei .
:.. .se known to yo l  i     *••-   tbe  their money back or     no- •- ,
preset.-   legal  |   Sil on  of the     com-   Mtiterpriae  in  getting   the   ■*     • tions
pany  and the newly formed Agncul-  the  two     organizations  or.  s  H li •      P
tural lei  I    remove footing is to be    commended rather     nee nvmt not exceed Jiooo    unless
ilian criticized.
:ri truly.
GEO,  9,   tfcCARTSB
misunderstandings  Whi
the min Is ol l >me jieople.
The Revelstoke Turf     Association
'..rnit-ed, was formed some years ago
ss a limited company and     ai
from tht Citj   . lease for ti n   i ll
Isari *'f tbe part ol Col I
Park : *■• r* ii losed hm a lait ground
and i •.!•■ tra *•**. and that company
stock to rn;se money to tn
prove the grounds, etc. Subsequently li ti-,.- letermined to form an agricultural society but instead
those the     n charge of aflnirs gmug
Musical Treat
It Is frequently remarked tbat those
• mall   towns  are  ,i(      *i
disadvantage  In  one  Important    re
spect.   They   rarely   have a  chance   to
isai   really good music.   By the vis
,.'   • of tbe Royal Moelwyn vVdHh choir
f male voire-    which  will  gfve
more thnn  l.nflO.OOO a
.   00 I
Tii--*    ■        • .■..:.-
■     .:   '    Bl   '
Manitoba      IMM
itehewan,  MOM;  Alberta $2non.
la'e Rev. Thomas Paton
Board ot Dance Censors
.    l|    >'       .."        *        ■
"turkey   |
■ •   ...iii/" tn  public iiniiH in
,  be arret.'
terms   of
ni.o.it  it ;n  a     proper    manner they   cert  here  on  Monday,   .Inn.   29th
im Christmas night     Rev. Thomas
paton ay at his home lo  tb* ordinance male and  female cen
tbe   ompany organisation abovr
referred to und changed the name ol
the  company  to  th»   Revelstoke  Ag
dcultural   Society,   1/imi'ed.  and    al
Ihoiiith only those who were actual
ly sbareholdei-s in the company wee  aggregation.   Kvery chorus is
entitled to a voice in its aflnirs     it
at Ht. Catharines,
Mr   i iorn m Crofthead,
Scotland,    la IM*.       When quite   a
the police department   will attend all dances.-Kx.
'    • if *,f   .ii  Application for
the opera  house,  music lovers     will
have nn opportui        not to  li*e nsg .    _     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
Tiie Moelwyn rhoir in one of yonnt! innii be  v")t to China, where
the  best known  In  Wales.   It  l«     n he associated  lumself  w.tli  the  work
w.-ll   trained  and   perfectly  controlled of  'lie  Uritish and  F
n rev !*i"tv, later being eon - ■•■ "f " Duplicate OertiUcsrts ol
elation   In   Interpretation  nnd  81*1*1 Church of     BcotlaBd      IB '   '   lt:"r*       r'':
sosmn that all persons who took any  tic fcclin*.  The ohoir was founded In there   Aftei  working ' *i    >1"'"1   hsiag part of Dtstiiet
interest In the matter    were treated  UM n"'1 "lnc,> Hl"" *' ll;,H    aoWswd many   ears id- health hi '   '     '   Otont I, Mai
bs members nnd held ofllce    whether asuaosss upon success and today It lowing  in attack ol eholsra, and h hersbj firm thai li is
they  held      any  "hnres or  not  nil  ol   stands  prnctienlly  w.thont  rivals.   In'was forced  to leave  China     II"  I MM   mv   Intention  to  Issue   ll   "'■' MPlra
which  was  of course  quite  irregular .competition with other choirs It  has to Oanada .."'I <-"k up     mMtmaj   >,.,,, **( oi • month aHel the Mr * pl>
nnd  improper    The government make  carried ofl trophies nnd prizes to the ' work  among  the  Chinese  of  British   UCatlfin  hereof a     Duplicate of   the
•in annual grant to assist agrleultur-   value ol »2IS,(HX>.   It. was the favorite' Columbia,
bl societies  and     ihis  old compnny,   choir of the late  King  I'Mwnrd  VII. |    tn 1AM lie  wai   nrdnlned and  IndOi
which was formed     under the    Com-   Part of the program "' l««h conOSTt   ted Into the ministry of the PreShy
.      ^rt nml  „ot ut)<ier the Agrl-,i» Welsh muiHo rendered in the Welsh ' terinn ehiirch ol     Canada,  and slnoe   the
ite "I Title to iin* above men
iloin"! lott  n 'he inline of Barney l,
r'liitnl.iii,   wlilrh   Oertlfloate   is   dated
cultural   Associations   Act   has  nnnii      tongue hilt In its extensive repertoire   then  linn   been In n number   ••!  . hal	
ally received the grant from the gov-  is to lie found the best  music of nil   among others  Itevelstoke and  Brand
ernment such grant being based   on nations,   But no ooi In the sudisnos, Forks, B.C    lonw years ago ho cams
a 30 n ni
day iif January,  1909,   al
and  nunilieied   10079A,
B.C., ttta  January,  19W,
U» numbw Pl members ol thf «oci-  need far thnt he Is    going to her Vast and tpok up work in tho Bnrrlo  W IM. JM 17      Wstrlct Heglslrar,
Mietdrah Qrganiza
The Volliig Men's Class of lhe
Baptist church met for organisation
for the winter on Tuesday evening ot
this week, ut the lioine ol the pnstor
Rev. K. J. Obava. The lollowing of
Ucei'S  were  elected:
President—R. D, Colhltts.
Vice-President—J.   Mclntyre.
Soorotary  Treasurer—It.   Tyson.
Appointment, of    various     commit
tecs postponed.
The name selected  I)}   the class ls a
secret   one,   involving   the   molto    of
ths  elms.    All   men  nre  invited      to
come and Join in a practical working
ut of the name  MIETDRAH,
Monday evening the 11.Y.I'.I', lift
gin u series of monthly studies on
India. The text boon to he studios
is "India Awakening." The subject
for Monday evening next is " The
People of India," A cordial welcome
extended, S p.m. Monday at the Hup
list  church.
There lias been quite u lot of mining activity here the past week. Mr.
A. UlvailS has sold out his interest in
the Spider Group to Rightsoii llroe.
for a good ensh figure. Some men
have been put to work in thc lower
tunnel of the Spider which is 130' ft.
deep, and thc ore body hns widened
out  aud Is looking good.
The* rawhide trail to Oamborne for
two miles has been opened up and
ore is lieing shipped.
Vi. Strutt has just closed another
important deal for the Rambler
claim the purchasers being parties in
Comaplix one and a hull miles from
Camborne. It is the general opinion
that this camp Is about to experience a new life this spring ns there
are quite a few parties lookh." after
properties tn the camp
J. B. Hobson Passes Away
The deatli took place at the family
idi'iHY, uuu Rockland avenue, \'i«-
torla, Wednesday morning ol John
It. Hobson, one of the best known
tinning men In the province, He has
been in falling health for some time
and only recently returned from Cul-
Iforiria, where he has hecn on a (rip
!"i liis health, He was 51 years of
age and a native of Dublin,  Ireland.
Mr. Hobson had been associated
with gold mining on the I'acilic slope
for mnny years, and after being in
tercstcd in the industry in Cariboo
nnd several years ago organized the
Consolidated Hydraulic Mining Coy.
at Bullion, -Quesnel Forks, of which
be was manager. This led nfter n few
years to the Guggenheim interest
being attracted lo thc Cariboo
to take part in the claims owned by
(he Company, In which they secured
control. After spending u large
amount ot money the New York capitalists ceated to take further Inheres!  In the properties, but meanwhile
Mr. Hobson turned to develop some
leases he had in the district, and in
l'.'lO he brought in water to hydraul
ic his new gruvel interests nnd last
yenr he wns operating them when he
had to leave on account of his fail
ing in health.—Ashcroft Journal.
TU  I.KT—House  on    Second street.—
Rent $15 per month.    Apply  Revelstoke  General  Agencies,  Ltd.
WANTED—Offers lor new laid eggs,
and fat chickens. Apply, Vickers,
Salmon Arm.
WANTED—Married man seeks work,
office cleaning, furnaces looked after, etc., by day, week, or contract
Kor full particulars apply A. P.,
Mail-Herald Office. 4t.
WANTED A girl or woman to do
general bOliSB work. -Apply at the
M ul Herald   Office.
WANTED North Vancouver I'roporty
near Second Narrows or close into
Oity, We have buyers aud want
your listings, owners only.—Peoples
Trust Co., Ltd., 125 Pender street,
West, Vancouver, B. 0.        3t.J.l0
POR BALE—About 150 tons of baled
green feed, also a quantity ot Timothy hay.   For  prices write, N.B.
Sparks, Mllnerton, Altn.      lit. J.10
WANTED—By lady,  furnished    room,
well heated, centrally located, with
breakfast if possible.     Apply P.O.
Hot (7,
Now Hold the Fort
in Revelstoke
A large variety df Dainty
Boxes   in  half-pound, one-
pound,two-pound and three-
pound sizes
Thc F'inest in the Land
and Canadian   cTVIade
10 years experience
A. G. DUCK,  - Electrical Store
Day Phone-284 ■ Night Phone, 40
And Still They Go!
Several Second-Hand Pianos good ss new.
Speeial line of small goods (or Xmas.
A lasllng present is a musical Instrument.
Ask us for any musical Instrument In the world and we can get it.
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Have Been Used With Success
Four generations have improved them until they have no
Keep your horses, cattle and other stock insured by having on hand a supply of Pottie's Remedies.
Sold in Revelstoke by ARMSTRONG & CO
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our orices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
To the People ol Revelstoke District
Win s|ieinl needless dollars Oil fuel hills this winter, when
lorn • mall Investment in a lew STORM WINDOWS and a
door or two you can save at least SO per cent, of vour
present outlay in fuel ? Maybe you hnve never considered
this.    Think it over nnd you will he convinced.
If you invest now in a few slorni windows and doors
you will SAVlv Till: IK COST long hefore tlle nl rival ol
SpriiiK- Ask those who know and ^et vovu order in now.
11 you are contemplating building a House, stoic or
Business Block in the Spritif-f, or adding an addition to
tlle House, now is lhe time to talk it over. Come to us
with yonr plans and let us Rgure it out for you. You will
profit by mu- «ide experience and SAVE MONEY.
We give estimates freely ou all kinds oi CONSRUC-
TloNAl, WORK, and your enquiries are solicited.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
P. 0. Uox 295       GEO. D. SHAW, Prop.        phone No. 261
12-inch an-d 16-inch lengths
furnished House on 3rd st. To Rent, $20 a..Month
Apply" for particulars to the undersigned
Office on Second Street, next to Cummings Transfer Office.
(iiih   good  producers need
apply,   stnte references and
experience. C.ood opportunity lor capable person.
J. VV. VV. Stewart,
Mtnftginfl Director,
The Monarch Life
Assurance Co'y.
Communications confidential,
For Your Seeds
Ornamentals & Fruits
Henry Seed and Nurseries
We have tlle finest Slock oil tlle
Coast. Last year, my first yenr
in the business, was badly handicapped; owing to the want of
stock, but not so this yenr. Send
us your orders and we will givr
you Satisfaction. Sec our new
catalogue, it is tree to you.
A. R. Macdougall, Proprietor WEDNESDAY,  JAX.  17th 191J.
WEDNESDAY,  .TAN-.  Irth 1013.
The local school hoard is having
considerable dilUculiy engaging the
proper     teneher from  the    numerous
applications    reoehod,     bul judging
trom    tho number ot teaohers    who
have   already  urrived   in   thc   "city,"
the  diliiculty  will soon  h«  over,
Kev. Lindsay, tho local minister,
nud C. K. Somerville, tho Camel
Creek school teacher, were registered
ut tlie Duckingliam Friday nighl.
11. F. Somerville captured the special prize sllVW cup (or hest duck and
drake. Special pri/.o for hest dozen
white eggs and third prize lor White
Leghoi'iui aiid I,. M. Johnson third
prlia (or Partridge Wyandottes, nt
the Hevelstoke Poultry show.
We arc hnviiig our first touch of
real winter now, the thermometer
ranging from 5 to 12 helow zero lor
thc  pnst week.
L. M. Johnson haa secured tho agency for this (listrict of thc CiiBtonia
Tailoring Co. of Toronto. Samples
in the latest styles (lig leaves) cloth
es may he seen any time at Buckingham Palace. Wc congratulate this
energetic young husiucss mun ou his
(iin- of ihe host evidence... of the
industry of the settlers nt Mnlukwu
is the thousands ot posts piled along
tbe C.P.R. trucks ready lor shipment.
k medical doctor with head-quart -
ers at Malnkwu would have more
practice than our pessimistic correspondent ol last week seoms to think.
He could touch at Three Vnlley, Taft
Malakwa, SiciimoiiB, Annis, and up
to Seymour Arm. It would ouly ho
a matter ol a short time until he
would have a good practice. He
could also look uftcr tho camp work
Some of u» also object to tho pessimistic note sounded forth, wheu
announcing (hat uo speculator has
as yet appeared to put up a hotol.
The writer ol these lines met two
gentlemen a short time ago who tried to secure a meal at a house nonr
the station and were informed hy
the man thnt his wife would not give
a menl to King George if ho Called.
This, despite the fact that a liberal
sum was offered for the meal. When
the Superintendent of Missions Ior
the  Presbyterian  church  called,     he
The Garden of Eden"
Situated at MALAKWA, B. C.
Just 32 Miles West  of   Revelstoke,   and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
f.harartnr nf ^nil   Bench   Lands,   Clay    Loam   and  Vegetable
UII(ll(tCU/l   Ul  OUII   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
No llTMlfinn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
I1U III KJtllHHI   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Climate   Zero is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
had to 1 leep In a log bouei * smptj i
ui rose 1 he track; being retu ed bc
commodatlon by ihe onea wbo could
hove given it. it ih not this way In
the mi tlemeul, b it mm the al
11 i:- There are about IS people
hoarding at Malakwa at the present
time. Would ll pa) to board all
these? Besides, any settler would be
wilting io pay lor a bed over night,
rathoi than u.ilk out lor thnt enrly,
train. In view ol these fnets. why
wouldn't .in ii it I pa] U la quite
une that wi* a*, nol  want a bar here
If 11 ni.in bad  1 1 '. general
in     conjum ' th ;
house and kept *. | >od «ta k on hand
Inol coming on tbe road | be would
n"i "iih make it *. pa] Ing propoti ■
tion bul he would establish a splen
dl 1 I u ttness. [1 li s well known
(aot    tii.it  imn,ii.*.is .■; dollai ■     are
sent awaj everj  moni it ol     this
vnlley to Rovelstoke und Winnipeg,
because we cannol get what wt want
une ol the biggest di i ■■* *.* ks tltii
place ilus is simply that tboss who
own nil the Irontage would not sell
u square Inch to a nmn il he wanted
t" bury bis mother In law, They
boast ot It. rhat's bad enough; hut
tho settlers Ioi .1 long tims bave tall
ed t" see the situation, They are
now allvi to It, and Malakwa Is not
going to ; ■ ban Hi appe I by nny
white elephant oi dog in tbe manger
policj : tbi who own "all the
Irontage." Perhaps some •■( my re-
adei will * ■ * budowy hand ol
whal would transpire i women bad
theii way.
our i nd  ,'■ ied ul   Mala
kwa is a batch ol young ladli ■ ol a
marriagi al It      ag     au     applicants
please applj .it     Buckingham Pals •-.
where   n      complete     list   ol ■•'...
bachelors Is kM| t on Ole,
Mr.   Lindsay,   the  misslonor)       Is
(.•tiie t" Sicamous. He will return
under cover of the morning darkni ts
.*:i*i mingle once again amongst us
lol  a tew  duys.
The settler  who * tbe din-
nere "f the festive season, (orget   to
tell u Mint lie hnd been dunking
when he penned the tlowery dsscrlp -
ti"ii  Which  lie  gave  us last week*
L. M   Johnson's    chickens     got a
i.ui,ui  at     the     Revelstoke  poultry
show.   Docs .hm.  one know     it     the
crate they were     shipped  in net    a
Youi -*i>s the same.
up the mmm
The Peace River Country and its
Wonderful Possibilities-A
District ot Great Promise
In an address nt Edmont.ii recently! Mr. J. R. Cornwall, memboi . r
I'ence River, gave an address »D
"Thc Newor Canada." Among ul mr
thine?, Mi. Cornwall Baid:
"In the .Ir>s gone by there used lo
le a time when scientists arbitrnril,
define.! the i orthern limit ,.*( wheat
production. Drawing a line on the
mnp they MM thnt north ot thnt
whent would never he successfully
crown. Those scientists were clover
mon, hut they were inistnken. Their
nrbitrnry line has been pnsaed long
ago, nnd today nobody knows what
tho northern limitation ie. Albortn is
roughly speaking, seven hundred miles
from north to south. Bdmonton
Bits on lntitude 53. A degree ot latitude is roughly 66 miles. 1 huve
seen with my own eyes 30,(100 hush -
ols ol the finest wheat over grown
standing ripe in tho field in lntitude
67, At tho World's Fair In Philadelphia the gold modal for the world
was taken hy wheat grown In latitude
■59, ot Fort Ohipewaynn. How Inr
north of this wheat can be success -
fully grown I nm not prepared to
linenrd, ns 1 have u desire to retain
my reputation nnd no desire to tax
your credulity. But there is u form-
tilu which scientists work out which
Is bailed on elevation and latitude.
Kor every hundred feot of lntitude
they Hgure a given numlier of miles
ol latitude. Thc lower the nllitude
the farther nort whont can l>e suc-
Coss.nlly grown. Here in Bdmonton
we nro approximately 2,200 feet above
sea level. Forty miles north of here
wo pass the watershed nnd conmonee
lo go down north. From thnt point
to thc Arctic Ocean It Is a continuous drop. Three hundred milos north
ot Kdmonton the altitude Is 1,200 ft.
HtHI farther north It ls still lower
until the Arctic delta ol the Mneken
/ie Is reached. Tho Cariboo miners
used to say, 'Oold Is whore yos lind
It,' Apply thnt to wheat and you
liavn my Iden "f the northern limitation."
1/onvlng tlm subject of wheat cultivation, Mr. Cornwall dealt with tbe
waterwuys ol the uortb, pointing out
that there aro not less     than     four
thousand milos ol     navigable waterways.   "The Upper Pence  River," he
said,   "is navigable  for  nine  hundred
miles.   When I say navigable I mean
'to say tbat it is ono of     the   finest
waterways on the continent. I myself
nmong  other  accomplishments,  claim
to lie a river pilot.   I     have steam-
boated on thc Missippi,  and I     can
[ nssure you that the Peac? River is a
'■ better steamboating proposition than
Iho   Mississppi,  on   which the  United
States  government  hns  spent     more
than five hundred rail.ions  of dollars
"Possibly some of you hero tonight
are not aware thnt tl ere is a port in
Alberta ut     whieh steamer-; drawing
seven feet of water can reach     from
tho ocean.   The name of the port is
Fort Smith, at tbe extreme northern
boundary ol tho provinoe.   it is four
i teen hundred miles from the     mouth
'ol  the Mackenzie nnd every foot     of
thnt river can he nav gated by steam
ors drawing seven feet  ol  water,     a
greater draft than the Mississippi offers for the same length of stream."
Referring to the wnterpowors of the
' north, Mr. Cornwall gave what is pos
|elbly the first comprehensive     state-
' ment o-f the power possibilities of the
north.   "Tho water     powers of     the
north," he said, "are roughly ostim-
' nteil nt     7*7*6.(HH) horse  power.        On
Pence River, nt the Verm il Iou chutes
there is n drop ot 15 feot.  which    is
very similar to the  Chaudiere,     but
capable of deaeloping     much greater
power. This rapid constitutes one of
the two breaks In tho navigation of
the northern waterways. The other
nt Forth Smith, on the Slave whore
in fifteen milos of river there ia a
drop of moro than 100 feet, capable
of developing at least 300,000 horse
power. On the Hay River thoro are
two falls not recorded In any standard geography which resemble Niagara in wine and drop. Tbe power pos
nihilities of these falls are unestim-
atod and unknown, llut besides all
then* there arc lunumei tilde wuter
powers tho very existence of which
Is known to only a few among the
nrgonnuts and fur trndcrB.
"Possibly I may appear dreamful
now when I say that tbo day will
como whon these powers will all be
developed. For what purpose? you
nay. Woll, wo In the north have
dreams of the dny when thoro will lie
pulp nulls established capable ol supplying the IT0ftd,
"This much I wnnl to mnke plain
to vou bore now, that tho idea thnt
lumber available for human requirements on tins continent is nil n mistake. There is some timber in the
north, possibly more than anywhere
else, and n great deal of pulp wood,
the product of which will eventually
have to tnke the place of lumber.
But I have no feur of milking this
prediction that lumber will never ag
ain he ns cheap as it is today for
the simply reason that there is no
more timber.
Mr. Cornwall pointed out that the
most southern boundary of thc Asiatic province of Tobolsk (Russia) is
55 milos to the north of the latitude
of Athabasca Landing. Thut is to say
the whole ot it is considerably north
of nny rail connection or extensive
settlement in this country. And yet
in the yenr 1905 thc official returns
of the provin(e of Tobolsk show that
they produ.-ed in Tobolsk 4,770,000
bushels of wheat, 4,444,0-00 bushels of
rye, 13,818,000 bushels of oats, hnd
in their fields 3,884,000 head of live-
stuck, nnd exported, mostly to Kngland. IU,711,440 pounds ol butter.
They have a city farther north thnn
McMurray whi.-h hus B population of
43,0*00 people. ..i '. M"-ir country nnd
climate are, general, j speaking,
ahout the same as ours, alt OUgfa not
quite so favorable for farming pur-
I Mr. Cornwall finished with a general reference to the minoralogicnl possibilities of thc nortll. (Icologists, he
said had proven to a demonstration
that there an* enormous values in
salt, in asphalt, in petroleum, in
galena, in copper, in mica nnd in iron
"Railroads will   bc  built into    this
country," concluded     Mr.    Cornwall.
"This not n political tiilk, and I do
not want to   sny     anything     which
would nppcnr to make my talk into
| n political one; hut I do say that DO
'matter what  government prevails thc
, insistent demand   for the opening    of
'the  north cannot  go  unanswered."
Half a Block East of McKenzie
tbere ari still enormous stores     ol     tainen
January i.j—Dixie Jubilee Singers.
January  iti—Philharmonic Society  en
|    tortalnment
' January 31—Mr.   Clifford Lane Bruce
i    ln   "Tho Thief."
February IC—"Tbe  Barrier."
. Fibruary  2J—Annual   Concert   of  the
.1. H. i'.. in optn house.
Hhruary 16—Cattle     Square    Enter-
Por Terms ami Particulars apply
D.    R.   McKENZIE
WOOD!        WOOD!
I have Kin Cords of (ireen
Birch Cord Wood for sale at
$3.50 per Cord
on thc cars
Canoe P. 0.
Fresh Milk For Sale
Box 691,      Revelstoke
It will pay you to
make a c ill at
F.   B,   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,   - Revelstoke, B. C.
before inning your out
fit nf working clnlhes
for the bush. 1 mai * a
specialty of hogging
Shoes, I'snts, Box, Shirts
Blankets and everything
requireil in your business.
Itevelstoke l ...n.l District.
Dlltrlet of West Kooteuay.
Take notico thut I, Burrows Henry
Kothwell ol Nukusp, B. C, occupation gentleman, iuteuds to apply lor
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted 4<l
chains south ol the North-east Corner of T. L. (1874, theuce south SO
chains, thence oust ubout 20 chains,
to Arrow Lukes, thence north along
Lake about bit cbuins, theuco west
about 2 Chain! tn point ol commence
ment, contuining ahout 1U0 ucros,
more or less.
Bated December 291.ii.  l'Jll.
Pcr Horatio Leveriu* ltothwell, Agent
Jun. 6th lirst issuo.
'    Itevelstoke  Land District.
District   ot  West Kootenuy.
Take notice that 1 Horatio Levernc
(Kothwell   of   Nakusp,   11.   I',   OCCUpa
tion i mil. 111 .imi ii . Inl i.'i.* to .,'
pl) for permission to purchase thc
following   described  lands:
Oommenelng at a post planted ISO
ehains south ol the North east Corn*
er ol T. L. 41271, thenco south 80
chains, thonce east ahout 10 chains,
to Arrow Lake, thonco north along
Luke about till chains, thenee wist
ubout jn i Ii.iii.h to point ol com -
mencement,      containing    about     2"i
am • • more or less.
Dnted Deoember 89th, uu.
Horatio   Levcruo  Hothwell.
1st issue Jan. 6th.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days alter dato application will be
nia.le lo llie Superintendent ol Provincial Police fur the tansler ol th*'
license lor Iho Hiile ol liquor I.y ro
tall in and upon th. premises known
ns  the City   Hotel situated  nt  Allow
hoad, iintish Columbia, trom John
I'nici to Robert Caley ol Arrowhead
Dated this l.lll  day ol January P12
JOHN   CAI.K'i .
Jun 10 1st Issuo       Holder ol License
Shi/ohb Cure
ant' Mv   .Oil.*. < iniilli*..    . nr.**.   , .,l,|...   h, „l
it Ibroat ud lun it,      .   .   .     30 tim.
Tnke notice thnt the annual tenet
al meeting ol the Reveletoke Agricul
lunil    Society    w.ll be held in the
city Hall, January 1Mb, ISIS, at  I
o'clock   ill  tlie  evening.
ii ';.on oi    oiiicmis and    general
v.. ii. ROBERTSON,
* Cool milling rights of thc Doui.uiuu
iu Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon T*-i i Itoi >, tbe
North-wesi Territories and In .. portion ol the Province oi Bi
uiuhi.i, may be leaaed lol t term ul
twenty one yen- ..t an annual rental   of    41 an acre    Not
2,.">t,iJ acrea  will   tit   .cased   to one  applicant.
1    Applical iei  must  !.•
>   the applicant In  i*. i son   t      the
Agent  or      Sub Agent  ..;  •
in which the rights applied Ioi     ..re
s,t ii.ited.
ln surveyed terrlt ry * must
! ho    described
nui, d.vis.oln   ol   >>•' t."'.-,    .
>■ .i ■>. >* i  teirtti ry tl    tr* I
f..r .-lull   i.   |*   *
i licant blaueU.
Bach appllcai I
led  ' | re
funded   .1  the i I toi     Wl
Dot   I it  uot   otherwise.    A
royalty     »h.iii the m.'r-
chaiit ... .,   t-,je
rate "I  m,  cents per ton.
The per*
furn. hi      tgsnt with »»■
inttng Ioi  tho full quantity     of
nun .i.mi.. Md  and  pay the
i..>.iit>   thereon.   If the coal  w
lights .ii>- not i.eing operated,    such
returns  ihould  be turn,shod at loaat
once a
The lease  Will  Include  the coi .
Ing rights only, but the leesei    may
be permitted to    purchaee whal
available surface  rights  may   bl
etdered neoeaeary lor the ».*ik.ng of
tin   nm..  .it  iii,* i ,*.* .,[    $10.00     .in
Foi inii     inlormal
I h.Mil.l   i |   in.,.'.    *
the Department ol the Interior,   ut
I tiiw.i,  or to 1 Siil, Agent
' Dominion Lenda.
V-   «   OORY,
Di i' itj  Mlnlslei  .*: th,* i
I     N.l •     n      ,,•
tins advei .ii  not  i-c paid
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosplionol' " issetetyssr    sl
 , io lit | -1
tlni ami vitality.   I',.
irakntei tnttti »t r   i rhn.piimo.i •   i
make v"u« now man.   I I .
It.   Ma.lH t-mnvs ! ! ■- The Soobrll Di a I
I Co., St. t Mliarlnta. (Inl.
Sold st Macdoasld'e Drug Store.
l.auJ District.
Diet] ict   Ol   Wl it   Kootenay.
Tako iiot.ee that I,  11. Hcllron,    of
rhead, B. C,     occupation Lineman,   intend   to apply for permission
to     purchase the following described
■ uioiicing    ut    a    post    planted
■       :  the soutb west corner of Alex.
J.   McDonell's     applicution to     pur-
, thence north mi cbains, tbence
west    iu    chains,    tt.nce    south    80
chains,   theuce oust  40  chains    along
lako sh, it* to  poiut ol commencement.
contain.ng 880 acres more or less.
Por W.K. Ogilive, Ageut
Dated   th.t   2-th   day   of   November,
i'i:, flrst (MueDeeS.
Hevelstoke Land District.
District   ol   West Kooteuay.
Fake notice that 1, Alex. J. McDonell.   of   Hevelstoke,   B.C.,   occupa-
* Hot . Proprtel r, intend to apply lor permission to purchase the
l.llowiug   ,|, nJa.
' ••liiiii.-n. , *   . near
tbo north  west i*.   I ,*: 1.. *
ipe Horn, n ith   w.et
corner ol T.  I..  184*8,  thence     north
hains,      thence  west   if) chains,
thonce south N obalas, thence   east
nus,  along  lake shore  to  point
ol .lining C10
acres mure or less.
ALEX.   .1.   MclinNKLL.
Per V\ I*'. Ogilive,   \.*
■lay   ..(     November,
i.ist jtsui Dec
■toke Laad District.
District  ..I Weat  Kootonay.
Tako      notice    Hint     1,     Harry   t,
ol Roeeland, B,   I  . occupa
mining, Intends to apply for per>
tbe following do-
'1  lands
mmenclng    al    ■   pott planted
about   In chains      west  ol the South-
Welt foi ner of  l.ot *.14\ t hem*,  north
40    chains.      tin nre    west  10  chains,
thenco east
ro ch.. t ••; i ommenoemeoti
contuining .120 acres more or le«s.
mber, ith, mil.
HAllltV  1.   LAUDllY.
1st Is. Jan.f,     Per D. fisher, Agent,
Shi/ohb Cun
am.ki*, -iop**. ..lush*., saree eetga ksais
io  Uiroai sod   luns*. ■   ■   ■   li seaM. WEDNESDAY, JAN, Wh tea
WttTINEflDAT,   JAN.   17th  1912.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
With its larcre number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is nblo to effect collections throughout
the uoi Ul promptly and at reasonable tidies. Rate! will bc quoted on
Cheques and drafts on nil countries of the world, drnwn In sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or nny other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce nl reasonable rates.
Record of Progress tor Five Years
* -1,01111,00(1
Capital      .... $ 3,000,00(1
Reserve  3,000000
Deposits      ...      - 28,677,730
Loans and Investments         - 27.457,090
Total Assets       -      -     - M,(i!io,Hi2
Has 83 ni -iini. 'ii s in Canada, and Agents nnd Correspondents In all
tho Principal Cities In tho World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoko Branch. W. H   PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors Anli-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long fell want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous l'ene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoo Aepalrors, Saddlers Harness Makers
Smokers' Supplies for Xmas
Tbc old 1 dial >ic now bas the largest and besl Hue ot Smokers'
Supplies ever lu tbe City, slid onr prices are ti(;lit. Flftj brands
ot cigars to choose irotu. Price from $1.00 pei box up; not made
it-in scrap eithei.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
uur Muck  d  Calabash   I'iiic*. ii small on account ol the
cropbeniK n failure this year aud qualit) poor.
Kri.ir Pipes in cn.-1's from 91.00 up.
Ask foi tbe famous 11. B. B. brand,   Even   pipe  is Ktiarau*
Cigar and Cigarette  Holders, C.m-s mnl Lighters,   Poi
Ash Trays and Pipe Racks.   Tell us what you wanl  snd  »r «ill
rait you.   If you cannol call, phone 17 and goods will be sent  m
your home for approval.    Hm curly wink* -t.to.-l. is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Bi 11 yi i ily  knows  inn .   be ■
t.*li yuu iimi the »hlski •     n
selling are the best.    Call and be
convinced     Ni
l .   u Ithi i.t   h  supi ly  . f   * m Harvey's Spccnl   Scotch Whiskey:
Frapln liqueur Brandy, .
80 years old  di   Blackberry Brandy
f.*i Medicinal pui;
,.f choice Wines si
kinds are uneicelb .1
the leading hotels, ur tel^*.
G. H. Rawlins, Manager, Tells of
Improvements Being Made
Montreal, Jan. 18 Mr. tl. ll. Haw
Hns, milliliter i.l tlie I'.l'.H. llunll
Bprlngs botel, who lum been at tbo
Windsor station f>>i~ somo dayB, gave
some mi..i mat uni wiib regard to tho
i.Ik iiniirovi'iiu'iiiH being mado by tbc
Oanadian Paolflc at Banfl. As announced some time ago, tbe 0. P. it.
are Huh winter oarrylng out Improve
meuts in the extent ot live million
dollars on tbeir Btxteen botels, Nearly every ouo ol the O.P.R.'S system
of hotels is iioing improved, Included
in which me important additions to
the mountain hotels, At Band tbo
work being oarrled on tins winter
will greatly Increase the capacity ol
the hotel.
"The Improvements wc ure making
ut Banff," said Mr. Ituwlius, " are ol
u permanent charaoter, Wo havo two
I liinulrcil men on tbo ground and aro
working them in night and day shifts
in order to rush tbo work to completion, vie mo tearing down thc old
mlndle wing, and arc erecting In its
place a large reinforced concrete
structure, fourteen storeys In height.
This will muke the Uanll BprlngS hotel the highest in the Oanadian Itock
ies. Tin> addition is two hundred feet
long, si'viuty leet wide and of entire
ly tlroproof construction. Besides bed
rooms, il will contain dining rooms,
a largo rotunda, etc., ami will l,o
furnished and decorated in the must
modern fashion."
Mr. Rawlins further stated that he
already had heavy bookings for iho
coming season. "Last yenr," he suid
"there wns a capacity business" but
just now it looks us though 1'Jia
would see an even heavier travel
through tbo Rockies tlinn did 1911.
1.,'ist season the hotel was till.-.l to
capacity a few dayB aftei it opened,
aud while it bad not then been In-
t ended to put up such a large addition us that now under way, It was
Inter decided that an the hotel wns
so distinctly popular, sufflctont extra
accommodation ought to be provided
at one time in order to last lor some
"This year one ol the big attraction at the hotel will be tbc new
golf links. Vic opened tho links to-
wards the latter end of the season
and they were distinctly popular .
This year the course ls being great-
!\    Improved,   new   bunkers   ar.*  being
added and tbe greens extended    und
the i.nks win uu doubt bo the scene
..I man] closely contested games this
coming season, The location ol the
Hnks could not bave been better. The
Bow Uiver runs through them Irom
end to end nnil on all sides loom up
the mountains. A club house has
been built near tbe "take oil" and
the hnks are connected with the hotel by a charming toot path. In thc
nine weeks the .inks were open last
over 1500 visitors 'went round.'
Tins number will probably be In -
creased     by   several  thousands    this
W. Kuril; while in winter the skating
rink just being put up by tin' hockey
elub. Sleighing and dancing keep
nil in t.he neighborhood merry    and
in Edgewood and the ndjacent district of Fire Vfllley large ureas ot
laud have been cleared, to he planted, while tho streets and alleys ol
tbe townsito are being clearml up
this winter.—Dally News.
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importors mil Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars nnd Cigarettes
Our Liver}  i<   lipped with the best horses and
riK's   We a *-■ and bagg&i
part of the city   Heavy and cialty
Phone 20]
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
Progress at Edgewood
K.lgew,,..,|.   situated  on   the     I.       I
at tbc m*
ib    the    nat .
pennt tbuusauds ul acres ot
.ce.       The
hills ..ts ol
k ae a de-
mixed Jam.   .-
troul   char   i sd   •
■   od tbat 'he  K 1(1
■In- hohIh  ul   '
■    *
* 11 ae
Mr    Page  "f T
'   market      '.I
(umi, Ittted     ll
: -i «ro sspeeted
*...*'■        ll    :■ *
v   Durant;  wMl R   w.i
sun.   M    H .  uf  Blngls I      to
mnk.' his    *
profession next summer.
Action is being taken tc
a public ccliool  In  Wdgewood,  mean
■ in ■ Mi   ii ,i mi  , i the
ol   the community
ni I. m own bome
i'"ui    summor    plea ure    launches,
and i niiu.'H nm in* had tot lure
nt tlie large  lioutbouse owned by  J.
Tho  (uol   account   in  tho  City  Financial   Statement   as   published    last
issue, was erronouely charged to the
i Police    Department    us   -JUM,   but
snoiild havo road  aH follows:
Oity Hall  8247.08
Jail   21)4.70
h'lre Hall No.   1      Cl'i.45
l'-lro Hall No. 2   398.85
SMIohb Gure
quickly  Atopa condhfl*   cure*  coM.i
lha thrunl auJ lund*
...   hrali
£.1 «■ i-ii t.i.
Due two or lour sent T'onl Runabout,
Motoi iiiiiI chassis in flrst class order,
leather  upholstery almost as good .is
new. Wauls possibly $101) spent un il
lor new water cooler ami n tyre or two
then the machine would be a* k1""' i|s
new.    Will take- $200  dish   for  it   here,
with lamps, pumps und lubricating oil,
ll you want a machine don't miss tin*,
sn.ip,    Address
H. lv. DREW,
Camborne, H. C.
Until Released by Wonderful Sa
,      maria Prescription
1.Iquor Hula no Inflammation and Ir.
rltatlon ot tbe stomaoh and weukene
tbu lurvee. Tin itemly or periodical
(spree) drinker I. often forced to
■ luuk even agalmt t' /HI by hie unnatural phyelo I condition.
Samaria Prescription stops the craving, .-iei.lin the h«um, t.mliln up the
,.-in ml health nn I mukce drink actually dlatastedil and nauseous. It
lu taatele-sa and oilorluea. and can be
slven with or without the knowledge
ot tbe patient.
Thousand! of Canadla homes have
been eaved from misery and disgrace
by eorie devoted \ it*, mother or
daughter through this wonderful Canadian remedy* The money formerly
waated ln drink hai restored happiness, homo comforts, education and
respect to the families formerly In
want and despair.
Head tho following, on* of tbe numerous unsolicited testimonials received: .
" 1 can never repay you for your
remedy. It Is worth more than life
to me. My husband has been offered
liquor several times, lut would net
touch lt. He said lt had no chirm fer
Mm now. May Uod'a oholce blessings
ever rest on you, and yours, are my
prayers ever. No one Knows It but
those who hare tried It. as aoon as I
•nu I will see ethen that I know
would give anything te stos their husbands frnm (rink. 1 will glre them
your address;
" Mrs. K ■■-- ■, Dewtitten, Alta."
(Name withheld en request)
Now. If yen knew ol any family
needing this remedy, tell them about
it. If you have any friend or relative who haa formed ot le forming
the drink habit, help him te release
himself from lu awful eloUhee. Samaria Proscription Is used by Physl.
clans and Hospitals. ,i
marla Prseorlptlon. with booklet, giving full particular*, testimonials, prioe.
etc, will bo sent absolutely free aa]
postpaid In plain sealed paokage to
anyone asking for K and mentioning
this paper. /   Oorr»*r*adeno* tforejtr
confidential. Write today. The Samaria Kcmedy Co., Dept. 10 4H, Col-
borne street, Toronto, Canada. Also
for sale by 0. R. Macdonald, Druggist,  Revelstoke,  B.  C.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rei.able French regulator! never fails. Theso
pills nto exceedingly puwerhtl in regulating tho
ganftnttve V -rtion of tne female system. Refuse
all cheap imitations. Dr. de Van'* aro snid at
n I box, t three lor lift. Mailed to any address.
Th* Ht-otM'U Urui: Co.* Nt. Cutlmrli Out.
From Jan. 2nd
All Prices Reduced.
Ladies'    Tailoring   Our
Fit Guaranteed
Opposite Central   Hotel
Packed in
60 <   a pound
of  tl
.       - .ida,  It.iiia, Afri. I   Au.*i a ui
Al  Hi .1 .1...1,..
■   ;   ind   i ■   •
VttH     K'M   '
■  il,,*it   l.   Ralph  Parkei
-     I:   '
.■    described
, ....I
Commencing  il   i potl planted neai
ll   iteflron's   ■..•'.•    t coi nei   being
* it  poinl   ni  Ralph  r.'i
i*. I Imi, I,       lIl.Ti* •     *   i   '     I '
i^rth   Id chains, thence weet
IC     • Imn I,       them |    iouth   10   dnilim,
sl -'I,- Is ire to iM.ini ut    corn-
mi ii Mm, nt, . ontalfling fori v     u i
mnn' of leee.
iiiiti'.i bhii Mth >Imy ol November,
UAI,I'll   I'AUKIlll
Uoc.H, I'er  W.I<\  Ogilive,  Agent.
t-    Q.    BURRIDGE
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pip*
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Rovelstoke
BMLKIHK      LODUW  U,  1.  O.   Ch ¥.
Meets every     Thursday evening   in
Belklrk  Hall at 8 o'clock.     Visiting
brethren  cordially invltod.
J.   8,  HOOL1SY,  N. U.
JAb.   MATHlhl,   Secretary.
COURT     MT.     BHX1BIH1,   No. Ml.
OP I. O. P.
Meets ln I, t\ O. P. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera Houbc every eecond
and (ninth  Monday in month.   Visit
lag brethren cordially welcomed.
Q. W. BELL, O. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,  Rec.-Soc.
. . It Might Be Cold. .
It is always hot in Uie plunge nt Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural not medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
O. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 2*2-9.
Meets Second   and     Pourth Wednes
days    in each month In    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen arc
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Coa. Com.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K. ot   P.,
NO.  36,   REVELSTOKE,  U.  O.
Meets every  Wednesday except   the
Third Wednesday ol each montb     is
Oddlellows'  Hall at 8 o'clock.  Visiting Knights ors cordially invited.
Q. H. BROCK, K. ol R. * S.
M. ol F.
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
*^—^—m. OPEN NIGHT AND DAY ■ ■'"
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR.        -       (^Manager.
KOOTENAY      LODGE,  No.  i5 A.  P.
and A. M.
Rogular     meetings are held in MAS
ON1U TEMPLE,     Oddfellows'     Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p.  in.     Visiting brethren     ore
cordially  welcome.
W.  B,  ROBERTSON, Secretary.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Revelstoke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstoke,    B.   0.,     ud
Cranbrook, B. O.
Geo. S. McOarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial Laod  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Mckenzie avh.,
box 106,  revelstoke
H, J. McSORLEY, Proprietor.
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.]
Enlarged and Improved,    First-Class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
W.      H.      WALLACE
P. 0. Boi 116, Revelstoke. B.O.
li. w.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P. D. Box 31, Revelstoke
Late Polisher of Howson's
Furniture Store
Repolishes.   Makes Old Furniture
Estimates Freely Given.
Drop Card in Post Office
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
Telephone Mouse No. 07
Telephone Camp No, '215
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to lie arraiiRcd.       Meal Tickets, 21 menls lor $6.00
A. P. LKVESQUE, Proprietor
, , . Winbsot Ibotel "Restaurant . . .
European plan
Aontbls JBoarO
open Dai? nnd tUgbt
Meal delicts, $(3.00
XauQbton & Gappino, props. *ront strcct'
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent for  Flexlume  Electric
R*Sfldenoe Oor, 'Mil St anil llobaonatre
Shop in Alley buck of 8. J   Houme's
Store, l'irst Street
Special Attention gireo to commercial
men and tearists. First-class sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Fruit Lands
Galena Bay lands in parcels of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Corree*
pondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
Al! kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,   Agent.|Phone42 -   Night Phonc85
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
> WEIiNKSDAY,  JAN.  17th  1912.
WEDNESDAY,  JA.V.   17th  1912.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 3. Hume & Co.. limited
See the New Cash Carrier
Every day there are lines turning up while stock-taking that we want to clear out.   The price you
will find on them ought to clear them out quickly
10 per cent off on all Sheetings, Towelings and Pillow Cottons
Here is an item of real interest to the thrifty housekeeper. During our January sale we
will give you a reduction of 10 per cent on all sheetings, towelings and pillow cottons. You
will appreciate the saving on such staple goods as these.
25 per cent off the Following Lines During Our January Sale
We are offering the following lines at a great reduction during our January Clearing Sale:
Ladies Coats Ladies' Dresses Ladies Furs Ladies Fancy Collars
Ladies Fancy Handkerchiefs
Women's 'round-the-house
garments that are
stylish as well as
If you have thought ihst you must wear
dowdy, commoni Jace -garments to be
comfortable, just ast your dealer to show you
Garment* for Women
Tiy one on and see how perfect fitting and stylish
it is—soft, restful and comfortable.
Special Prices on these Dressing
Gowns during January
|    WE   ARE    WJAGENTSM      FOR   THE
Get The Home Pattern Style Book
t^A 15c Pattern Free
Ladies Flannel Shirt Waists
Made of all wool English Sheet*
ing Flannel; warm and comfortable, roomy" and easy* fitting; wear any* kind of a collar
with them; cuffs made to button or wear links.
Just $3-50 Each
This Week
Groceries and Crockery Department
A large shipment of Naval Oranges, Jap
Oranges, Lemons and Bananas arriving this
week. The stock is in the best of condition
this time of year and the prices are lower than
in the early season. Xuts and Table Raisins
arc also in big demand now. They possess a
high food value and arc a very healthful dish
this time of the vear.
We still have a few boxes of the best
grade of apples in stock— Wagner, Jonathan
Northern Spy, and a few other varieties—and
we guarantee the quality of every box. Hotels and restaurants will make no mistake in
buying our cooking apples at $1.75 per box.
Lay in a stock now, as they are sure to be
higher in the latter part of thc winter. Our
table apples arc all wrapped to insure their
Syrups   Syrups
Have you tried any of our McNally's Pure
Maple Syrup. If you have not; why not?
We guarantee this Syrup pure and appetizing,
made from the sap of the good old maple
trees in the forests of New Brunswick, there is
nothing on thc market to compete with it. Put
up in quart bottles at 50c. and 1 Gallon cans
at $2.25 each. When you try it you will use
no other.
Bovril!    Bovril!
Winter weather is Bovril weather ! You
will cat well, sleep well and look well if you
drink a little hot Bovril each day this cold
weather. One bottle will last you and family
a long time. It is nourishing and helpful to
your system. Put up in 2 oz., 4 oz., 12 oz.
and 16 oz.  bottles.
Crockery and Glassware
Stock-taking is now on, and we are making a big push on all lines of Crockery and
Glassware. We will make it worth your while
to buy these articles from us. All arc new
patterns, new designs and the latest make.
Cups and Saucers, Dinner Sets, Tea Sets,
Jugs, Vases, Fancy Trays, Water Sets, Mugs,
Water Pitchers and Jardiniers,
Big Discount off Any Article This Month
Canned Vegetables
This is the season ofthe year for Canned
Vegetables. If you eat more vegetables you
will feel the better for it. Our Canned Peas,
Corn, Beans, Tomatoes and Pumpkins are the
best brand on the market. Green goods and
dry vegetables are scarce and fiigh in price,
while the canned goods are just as good and
very mueh cheaper.
See our display of French Peas,
cTVIushrooms and c/4sparagras in glass
bottles, Beets, cAsparagras and Succotash in cans.
Bargains in Soap
On Monday and Tuesday, January 22
and 2,}, arc Soap Days with us as well as with
Cucumber, Olive Oil, Oatmeal and Glycerine Toilet Soaps, regular price 60c pcr
doz., at only 40c per doz.
Cold Cream Toilet Soap, regular price 30c
per doz., at only 20c per doz.
Remember, only* c^Vlonday and Tuesday*
Mmce Meat Matters
Monday and Tuesday wc will put on sale
Davies1 Mince Meat in packages at only 10c
a package, regular price 15c.
Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
We arc clearing out all the remainder of our splendid line of Winter Overcoats. Now, just when
vou need one, is the time to investigate these prices. It will pay you. Every coat bears the famous 20th Century Brand Label, and is up to their high standard of quality and workmanship.
$15.00 Value
A line of coats that we were
justly proud of at the regular
price. Cvit in thc latest fashion
with easy, pleasing lines, they
come in black or grey cloths
with velvet collar, either in 45
or 50 inch lengths,
Sweater Coat
All our Sweater Coats must be
cleared out by the end of the
month. To do this we are offering some exceptional bargains. Our
line consists of Hewson's and
Vancouver Knitting Co. goods.
Both standards of excellence.
Men's Pure Wool Sweater Coats
Both plain antl high neck. All
thc new patterns and weaves.
Tbey were good values at $!.'■"
and $5.00.
Sale Price, $3.50
Men's Sweater Coats
Medium quality,  high and  low
necks.    All »hades and pattern'.
Sale Price, $2.00
Boys' Hewson Sweater Coats
Hand   "liven,     good   wearing,
Pvre Wool.
Sale Price, $1.76 Each
Boys' Sweater Coats
Medium quality. Shades ol
lirown, gray and green. Exceptional value al
$1.00 Each
$18.00 Values
Tweed Ulster with wide, reversible collar. No extra hardware around the neck and a
perfect lit, in high as well as
low collar.
'• Muto" Coats, — In heavy
tweeds, full 52-in. length, collar may be used either close
fitting high or as an ordinary
open collar.
Herring Bone Worsteds, plain
neat cut, 45-inch length, velvet collar. A neat, scrvicable
coat, suitable for all occasions.
C. B. HUME & CO.. Ltd VEDN'ESIUV,  JAN.  17th   IMI.
WliiUNlfiHUAY,   JAN.   li'tlt   mi
church n   "Royal Orown Derhy Ten
New Year's Bargain Sale
Girls' Winter Coals
Six onl\ Cirls' Winter Coals, fill this son-
son's stylos, Sizes, 8, l", 12 and 14 years
Sale Prices $4.50 lo $5 Each
[f you need a coat for any of tho above
avros you cannot afford to overlook these.
Ladies' Dressing Gowns
Made  from  Eiderdown.    Salo  Price
... ¥4.60
Fancy WrapperetteB.    Sale Price...    $10
Sale Prices on all
Ladies' Tweed Costumes
1 Grey Sorgo Suit, Si/.e HO,                  J10
I Black Serge Suit, sizo 86               HO
i; only Tweed Suits, Size 34, 86, ami 88.
Reg. *25 and $30.   On Sale.al       *15.5u
Men's  Goods
"Men's Winter Overcoats—Sale Price, ■llll
Men's   Youths'   and   Boys'   Suits,   odd
Trousers,   House Coats,   Men's   Underclothing.
Furs     Furs     Furs
Ono only,  Tony  Coat.    Reg.   *!>•">•    Sale
|T0    1 only, French Seal Set,  Kor* ¥70.
Sale Price, 130.   1 only Astrachan Set,
Reg, 118.    Salo Price,                     25.
Chllds Sets—GreyiPersian Lamb.
Ladies'  Sable  Stoles   Ladies'   IsaLe'.la
Fox, Ladies'Marmot Stoles.   Pricorang-
ing from I3up.   The above are all now.
This Sale  includes everything   in
our Entire Stock.    Come Early and
get first choice.
cAll OUT Millinery going   at   Half
Price at this Sale.
1  nui uy   j
IIHBiHl    I'l
Mk   on
ll llll'lll
,1  l.'l,'
1 mul
1 i
ii'slim my
H •
I ho
Moving     I'.i'tui'Ch    ut    thc    KlIlSllll
•  1. .'I.l
Hereaftet  ..ll city council meetluga
will '..   reported ver-natum   bj
Mail Herald reporter.
The Golden bonspiel commences
the Slat  "l     January.   Pour
open to outside competitors
Tho Royal Templars will bold a
sooial .it the home nf Mrs. !•'. IV.
Laing, Sixth street, on Tuesday Jan
nary Wrd,
it is expi cted that an Baal u n in
uchcr ol considerable note will     occupy  the     pulpit ut    the    MethoJiat
church un Sunday.
A soda) auii literal) eveolug Will,
*. held tonight in connection w th
the Epworth League, at the home ol
Mr. J   C. Robson.
Come to Mr* Landmark's and gel
n cup "f tea unJ some i'l the < Is
Dg and good things the indies have
provided tor tomorrow  (Thursday.)
Mr. H. K. Cole ol lbe Watson Rael
I;   Company,  returueil last    Sunday
from r.olden and other eastern points
He   reports     the Hale oi Bdmonton
Brtj   very  brisk.
The Ladies' Aid ••! the    Methodist
eh'iroli are serving tea ami having a
tale "f li.'me cooking nt Mrs. O. K.
Llndmark's, tomorrow (Thursday)
atternoon an.l evening. Admission,
afternoon,  15c.; evening, 26c.
Au enjoyable party was held on
Friday evening at the home of Dr.
Sutherland,    about 36 guests     were
iresent. Th< main features ol the
evening wen cards and dancing, and
* genuine g od time was had.
nighl ih'  Snowshoe
•   imp up the Big    Bend
•a he:.   ' *      i'aCk to the hull .in.1
ments when the Uirlit lan-
: ped  to quite a     Into
Th'   J    B.   Watson  Reality   Co.   I
••  good Bales In Bdmonton prop
'->   tbis  month.   The runway devel-
•m..'iit taking place   tbere     .lurinc
I   •  gether .i.111 several i..rne new
• *    means a banner year f..r
this gron ng  testers metropolis ami
■•■rt;   values are predicted to rapid
ly advance.
Ir, '  • ..*!.,    there
.ilf.i'v iti excellent bird's eye v;prc
ol   Revelstoke.   Th,?   was   :..•
Pure Whiti Clover llonoj in 5 Ib, Cans.   This is something you
will innl nw fully iileenl ihis season or the year.
HOME-MADE JAM    in pint-snul quarts, (jlnsa jars,    This  is
absolutely  pure anil well put up.
SYRUPS   l'ml' MapleSyrup iu bottles or onus, which wc Kunr-
•uiiii- to be ilie best.
7 T
MacKenzie Avenue
You can*! cxpeol lo
have ;ill the comforts
ol home unless you
h't4\ e one **'• \ our nu n
the exact location of
these lionit's we have
for siir ou Thinl St.
only a short distance
Irom the C, I'. R.
Shops nml Station.
to bc independent
nml not be paying
rent when you can
easily pay for a home
through our loan
l>o not overlook the Bdlson'B    bit; Ins     conscientiousness all the   time,
program of moving pictures tonight,   hut   was wedged  In  tight    with    tho
snow and could not stir. Broken
pieces "1 furniture In the car helped
to save Ins life. He had about given
up hope "I rescue when he was   dug
out.      Supt.   Kilpatrick   linppened    to
.'. M. Field, secretory ol tbe Rev   k,,"w >'m wbero "'   Hamilton    was
The Board "I Trade Meeting i tiled
fm last Tuos,lay evening, was adjourned till Tuesday licit, l.muary
23rd  inst.
• •Istoke  Curling  Club,  lias just   receiv
"d a   handsome    cup  known as the
Fleishman  tropbey,   donate,1   Ml     i
Fleishman  of     Vancouver,    to
above club.
The  Uevelstoko  philharmonic  So -
eiety. having been unable to
• i t Ing .n tbe car and thus -,.
much time in having the men dig
lum out a*« they went to work exact-
in the right place. The Doctor
had only a small hole to breath
through the snow In the car. Ur.
Hamilton will likely take a lew
weeks vacation and a trip, tor     al -
ot approbation,
Mr. 0, I<\ Lindmark rolei't'ud •
present condition "i the choir
their   work   us   being  Blioll      i hu
church might well toil proud ..i
urged each member to ri'inomioir
Friday evenings engagement i.lw *>.**.
und keep up their roputatl in i ir Udel
ley, in this good work.
Tho choir sung "Plndom" bo'i re
dispersing tor home. Tlio i veiling
wiib one that     will  linger lodg  with
the most pleasant memories.
Burton City News
t'ht'iatuiuB mnl NOW Vein's huve
i ome and gone with their attendant
good timea and things have now drop
pod buck to the normal slntc again.
Turkeys wore exceptionally good and
tender   thia  season      nnd     were  well
cooked around and abuut Burton.
The  childrcns   Chrlatmns  tree    was
well up to the youngsters ozpesbn
tions, and thc dance held the s.imo
evening at "llollo Vuo" wns well attended by thc grown ups. Tho col -
lection for the music being gencruoiis
ly handed over to Mrs. It. Ste-70'IB,
treasurer  of  the  Liulics'  Aid  Society
Thu New Year's dance at the uotel
wub well enjoyed by those who at
Thc turkey shoots uo doubt pr v-
eii    success.ui from the    promoter s
viewpoint,  judged   by  the aoinl      ol
bring  which  was  beard  ipiito      plain
hy u considerable distance botn nays
of the river.
Wo are to have a 20x60 town hull
at last. Work will commence thlj
week by Messrs. Uurton, SclU'UBl and
Wldnegar, nnil the Indies riti.nl ■ m -
ing u Leap Year dunce to open the
Thc Rev, Mr. Ferguson lor-naily
open the New Kirk, Sunday, Jau
llth.  11112.
Capt. Saundorsoii is busy securing
timbers and iron to repair u.m t»tim-
age done to the dredge \ j Hit "s.s.
Kootenuy." Just a friendly Inva tap
from  Sandy  RoliinBou.
Messrs.   Rogers   and   M'lM.ttt'.,       V
Arrow  Park,     pifehascJ  a team i
horsCB from Messrs.   S'lu.u « Pirn
of  Ilurtou.
Fur cntehos are pretty good thiB
season in our vicinity. All thc trappers reporting good returns and R.
Faulds seturned from hi*- Edgewood
grounds with a good cntch  on Friday
The postponed debate was '.illgbt
out Saturday night, Jnn. Ctb, 1912,
and was well attended. The i cicty
is getting more popular every nutting. "Ik debating Beneficial." It Is
now resolved to be. so, but tbe dregs
iu the hottom of tbe debating cup
were not very bitter. Affirmatives
winning by three lone vote-'. Two
weeks hence "The Tariff Wall" will
•   torn down  by Messrs. Bchafer and
Soiiiain, and we shall have tree ai*
itiis to  the     Stall's, 11   Is     poBsililo
that  mi  iiitoi'-Bni'icty debute     Willi
Arrow   I'aik   will   lo nirnligeil      Ilus
As  nu   evident   (net  of  our  growing
prosperity,  wltuess the  laol   ol  two
now  large a tool Baies arriving here,
and   we  arc  sure   limy   are   hot   to   be
used   for   wood   hoxOB.
As ii lirsl Installment towards the
interior furnisliiiigH of the now kirk,
the Ladles' Aid generously handed lo
the secretary, Mr, s. Walker, tho
sum or |200 nml the secretary ts sun'
thut the Indies ar,' far from I eing
Y. M. C. A. Notes
Fob, Sfr-M'leMraha v. J.B.O
Fob.  27—Maple la'nl    V    UflUVOl'S,
Fob.  20—J.B.C,   v.   Micl.li *'b •
damns will bo counted instead    of
pins.    Two games   will    constitute    a
leagtto game,
[Ovor)   yuiltlK     niuu     who   bus     not
been     m    lo see the new  addition
should do so ut onco,
the     Edison  theatre foi    Jan       th    though be will have practically     re-
iiave engaged   the  opera  house     lor   covered In eflects
Feb.  20th,      when  their  tir-1   concert   awful  experience  m  a   week,   no  man
•rdeal with
% ol the  nerves which
can     ' a  trip
than anything >-ise.
will   lie   given.    Tickets   will   bl
sale at   in; cai ly  date      Vi, ■ n,  •■: -
are expei ted        ■   i resent al   I i
mulning practices
All those interested In agrlcult
matters m the district should  ba al
thc  meeting   ol   the    I] A<
soclation   tonight.   The   membership
toe is Jim', wbich entitles *. mei
to vote at all meetings    Now   .s thf
urn.*     to get  busy  os • ■ ...... ....    ,
for   next   fair.    All   Revi Isl -*■
,. .  , , .  the Virtr to   wit
ous should belong to the SO*
your presence will be a boo*
eity  ,n  general  and  the fair  In   pal
Choir Entertained
*■ •
.    il  Mr   C K
The  editor   was  more  than ple.ise:
.   •   ■      rt  Irom thl  'not that one thia morning to have a call from Dr
■ enterprising i.rrnn the  Revel Hamilton.   The doctor la badly bruls
■it'j.-     ■•             '■*. ■ it   the head.    '■"■'
la."   It   i.,i-     •■         . mother   week   will   be   Umself   again
geatod      that thai   14   was nn awful exper
■ -■   • •    when   th-"   inowslide   struck the
t'l  Car  ill   which  he wii'*
yes •• ng     asleei     a  hurled ths     car
• lor 1912, .*■ • t I            Bet an I
. ,i, this * 1      nt." the oar  over
c rcui                         *.;■• i ..*..**..,       i* ,   doctor     ret >   e I
•   -I'.Ph   in   i.*n, \la.l
alii-"   Hi - .   iime.
\ pleasing f»atur<* of the evei
tatnment  irat ■ prsssnfattto
Mrs    Dent     ■!,.■      ohoir   leader!   H»v
Mr    Mrlntyr"    n   a   few       well   .! —
rords paid   ,  tribute to the al
llness   of   Mrs    Dent,     thnt
il the eboir whs
ll .-■,*,*       lue   to   tbs   fact
her  work.
There .-     of att impt
nig  to remunerate her.  but .ish slight
ne .iHk.-'l     n.i    •*.    accept  Irom thc
THF, man who car
ries a Howard
Watch finds himself in
-m   n  alTair-s  lince
I nai hoo ! have I ,;" 1
Ho- ian.    "MowA«n Tin
ha« i   • -     nin? fa. tor in  every
'i idvtni "•
f be Rr t Howasd wai ilso the fir.t
•.   r- ,     ;,      :•  ". .u  made  in
I the tinw mod'-'* "  ' fi' "■
Ti the  pri<e  ii lower—and  the
V i
-,'.,■', "
» *.r :   •• ll   •  ■
I  prici ikkit  .ujfhcd.
f ■' Ki
Ic; | -., •:**/- watch.
allied from
F   G.  BEWS
D ' il'l Hi AN
Rexall Cherry
Cough Syrup:
35c, 50c. $1 a bottle
Rexall Cold Cure. 25c
\V(  :, ,   llitiicnd Un .1 teiiii i||i
nnl will   irfiiin!   mur   mono
if not -.-ili-dii' lorj
Fino,Linen Satlonery
35c a box. 3 for $1
A New Stock of
500 Tally Cards
\\ hint .md Bridge \'. li
Office Supplies
1 Ilea   I.i dget *    fourtinla, Csah
IllKlkv.    I!'  .
1912 Diaries
Rexall 93 Hair Tonic
50c and $1.00
In all kinds of Men's and Boya Wearinu
Dressing Gowns and Smoking   Juckets
for men a Specialt)
Shoesofail kinds and al ail prices.
Juu.  17—Lawrence Oo.V. OorlOJ  ll'se.
.Inn.  19—UiisineBsmon  v.Luwronco Oo
dan. 22—Y.M.C.A. v. Ramblers
Jan,  24~J.U.t',  v.  Oorley  House.
Juu.  3ii—Uusinesameii  v.  Ramblers.
Jan,   29—Y.M.C.A.   v.   Corley   House.
Jan. JI—J.B.O. v. Lawrenoe Co.
Keb.  2—Uusinessiiieii  v.  J.  H.C.
Feb.  5—Y.M.C.A.  v.  Laltreiice Co.
Feb. 7—Corley House v. Ramblers
Feb. 9—Uusiuessiueu v. Cutleys.
Fob, 12—Y.M.O.A. v. J.B.O.
Keb. 14—Lawrence Co. v. Ramblers.
Feb. 16—Buslnessmeu v. Y.M.C.A.
Keb.  19—J.B.O,  v.  HainblerB.
Keb.  21—Law(ence  Oo.   v.  Corley's.
Feb. 88—Businessmen v. Lawronce Co
Feb. 20—Y.M.C.A. v. Ramblers.
2S—J.B.C. v.  Corley  Mouse
I—HiiHiiiessuieii v. Ramblers.
4—Y.M.O.A.   v.   Corley   House.
ti—J.B.C. v. Lawrenoe Oo.
K—Businessmen   v.   I.iillii'ui'e Oo
11—Y.M.O.A. v. Lawrence i'n-
13—Corley House v.  Ramblers.
Owing to the large number ol mem
bets wishing to    participate In   the
bowling, il wns pressed upon us   to
lorm ll new lciiKiie. Four tennis con
.-.t.i tn to the league, anil the games
will lie i'I.ivm.I oil on the ulleys on
Tuesday and Thursday evenings, com
mencing ut S p.m. sharp. Thus it
will give all others who have not
been placed on any tenm an opportunity to have u game before eight
Jan.  18—Mletdrahs v. Beavers.
Jan. 23—J.B.C. v. Mletdrahs.
Jan. 25—Beavers v.  Maple Leafs.
Jan. 3b—Mictdrubs v. Beavers.
Keb. l—J.B.C. v. Mletdrahs,
Keb.  0—Ucuvers v.  Maple  Leafs,
Keb. 8—Mletdrahs v. J.B.C.
Fob.  13—Muplo Leafs  v.  Ueavcrs.
Feb. is—J.B.C. v. Mletdrahs,
Feb. 20—Beavers v. Maple Leafs.
I Mnr.  5—Beavers v.  Maple Leafs.
Mur. 7—Mletdrahs v.  .1. It.  0.
, Mar.  12—Maple Leafs v.  Beavers.
Mar. 14—J.B.C. v. Mletdrahs.
Mar.   19—Beavers v.  Maple Leafs,
Mar. 21—Maple Leafs v.  J.B.O,
Ucforo    you    start     out    Shopping,
don't   (all    to   read this column,
which  is  In isl ling  with  pointers for
the bargain seekor.
Moving pictures iit. lhc Edison
theatre tonight.
music—Miss Johnson, pupil oi a.
Mlllor, F.ll.A.M., London, is prepared to take n limited number of pup
ils  for   tuition   in   music.   Kor  terms
npply nt    the    residence ol J.   K.
Johnson, Hist house  west of the hos
pitnl,   First  stroet.
No dust, no smoke, uo loot In ll.
N. Coursier's coul.
See tbe Revelstoke
cut Flowora, phone ru;,
t.  c.
tiooii I'ooioi like Coursier's coul.
First class program ol ui >v|i ■:
piotliros  mnl  orchestra   music  ul   the
lOiiison theatre tonight,
WANTED   A    girl,    aboul    12  ol    1'5
years Ol age lo Jo  light, housework
and luke bare of a baby on Saturdays,   Apply Mull iii'i'ubl tniici'.
WANTED—Salesman for   latest   and
most   perfect  gasoline   light  in    the
world, Cheapest and bust light
known to science. Exclusive territory, big proiits, permanent busi -
ness. MucLiimi il Co., Culgury.,
A Its. B0d,
First class program of in i.ing
pictures anil orchestra music nt the
Eaison theatre tonight.
Port Mann news.—As the time i"i
the sale ol lots in the I'.N.Il. town
.. be at Port. Muiin draws near much
interest, is being mnnifcsli'il In this
western terminus, One and a hull
million dollars hnvo been Invested
(here during the pust. three weeks,
ami realty values nre advancing
icuiiily.   See    J. B. Wutsou Reality
Co.'s iiii for Snaps in I'orl Maun lots
Notico  is  hereby   given  that Courts
oi Revision and Appeal, under    the
provisions of the "Assessment Act"
nml the "Public Schools Act" tor tho
Revolstoke Assessment District will
be belli ns follows:—Court House,
Monday,     February    5th,   1912,   at
HI a.  in,
Dnteil  at  Hi'velslooe,   10th  Junuury
Judge Court  ol  Revision und Appeal
lirst issue  Jnn.  13th  1  w.
llic Royal Welsh Moelwyn IMa!'3 Voice Ohoir
Under the direction of Mr. Garcnco Robt on
25   Voices   25
4      Soloists      4
PRICES, - - 50C   75C.   $100
Tickets will be on Sale nl Mnciluiiald'N Druu Ston* l.m. 26th, I91J
\\ r are spcciull/.iiiR in all varieties in Season
ol Cut Flower*. Our ihowing is unsurpassed.
Come uiul Inspect tor yourself.
W   II. POTTRl'FP, Manager,
On South Road, Half a Mile from Town
A glance at the map will show you thai Edmonton must be \\iq logical
distributing centre for the Croat Peace River Country and Northern
B. C, covering a territory hundreds of miles square iv>w being opened up
by the Canadian Northern and Grand Trunk Pacilic Railroads. New
Industries are now heading towards this coming commercial centre and
thc railway development this year will he enormous. The C. N. R.
are putting in their Shops there and the C. P. R. are Bpending
$8,000,000 in the City alone. Everything points to a record
year  for  1912  and   Realty   values   will  rapidly aihar.cj.
Our Subdivision there called
is   located   but  2'A
miles from post office,
commanding   a     magnificent view of the  Saskatchewan river, and from its
convenient and  pleasant situation, will in the near future be
he centre of building activity, and
should   be worth  double its present
value in a short time.    Lots are now on
sale at
$150  EACH
$30 Down and Balance Over 18 Months
UV have for ^il<' .i few specially selected lois In Port Mann, the western
terminus of the I'. N. I!., at $276 eBch, with a cash payment, down of -175.
Over B million nnil a half dollars have been invested iii Port Mann during
thfl Inii three weeks, and these lots which adjoin the townsite will more
than double as sunn as the '*. N. R. Townsite is pul on the market in
March.    Cet in on this bargain at once for a quick clean up.
E. G. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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