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The Mail Herald Apr 27, 1912

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Array *
" Empire," Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     I'rice $60"
Interior Publismng Co., Agts.
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
iterior Putilishing Company
REVELSTOKE. B. 0, APKfL, 27, 1912
$2.50 Per Year
Racquets V $2.50
Nets  2.50
Markers 4 00
Sticks for Boys      75c
Sticks I'or Men 	
  $2.50 to 3.75
Gloves, Halls, Nets
Bats for the boys        "5c
Reach's Hats (best)   $1.50
Balls for the Boys      10c
Gloves   50c
Gloves       up to 4 00
Masks   .........               $4.00
Shoe Plates per set 35c
Mitts                $2 50 to *8
Counters, each             75c
Protectors COO, 7.00. 7.50
Special prices to Clubs
The "Cleveland" still the favorite
The Standard, A GOOD ONE   ..
Boys' Cleveland
Foot Pumps, 75c.    Bicycle Bells, 30c.
Trouser Clips, 5c. per pr.
Outer Covers, 3.50 each.
*50 00
  45 00
45 00
        Bicycle Horns, $3.
British Inner Tubes, $2.25each.
Repair Outfits, 25c.
For the Baby, at	
A splendid choice of Best makes
Fishing Tackle Steel Rods
Automatic Pistols      Revolvers
12 to $6.00
I <KHH><H><><><><H>CKK)^0<><><H>0<K)-<>9
Imperial Bank of Canada
^^^^^^      Hoad Ot*lco
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
-Toronto, Ontario.
Hv.'in.-hi-H ur Agents at nil principal points in Uanivda.
Agents in Oreat Britain aud United Stateu—London, England,
Lloyds Bauk, Limited. Chicago— Firm N iMonal Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seal ii. '\ . .. rial Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National 11 *..,». Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits.of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
►oo-oo-oo oooooooooooooooo-oo 0
To Commemorate the Stone Laying of New Court
House By a Ten-Page Issue, Illustrating the
Development of the City and District
Fashionable Millinery
Latest Shapes and Styles
Mrs. A, G, Crick, * First Street
1 lb.
will refresh yon with its iiri'^iit,
flavor ami (ragrsucy. Sold in
lead packages.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per lb.
P. O   Box 208
Phone No. 23
Sheet Music and all kinds of
Small cTWusical Goods
Call and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
The occasion u[ thc corner stone
laying ot tlie New court hulls.', was
considered uy the businessmen ol
Reveletoke aud tbo proprietors ol the
Mall-Herald, an opportune time upon which to bring out a special edition ol this |)ii|ier, containing a resume of tlie progress umi develop •
ment ol tlie city In the mutter of
volume ot business aud erection ol
buildings, etc., gcucrully, und with
special reference to tho handsome und
costly permanent works undertaken
herv recently by the Provincial government.
The decision to bring out such an
edition, was only tniule uu Thursday
last uiul it is ouly owing to the kind
assistance ol voluntary helpers, and
with the promise of help from the
Board of Trade aud thc city council,
that the edition could be prepared In
so short a lime. Tbc proprietors o!
the Mall-Herald, in view of the generous advertising patronage regularly given to this paper by the merchants ol Revelstoke, did not i< el
Justified in laying any of the addlt -
lonal expense Involved In this b-uciul
edition upon their shoulders, c.en by
the process of Soliciting spoC'.'i! ud-
vertiBing. Tire edition will be, bow-
ever, Illustrated with auy ets available at tbc short notice given, aud
will be issued on Wcdnes-lay next,
Muy 1st, the day liclore I re ceremony
Auy businessmen possessing newspaper cuts of their premises which
would a.I..i a tlle pages of this spec -
ial issue, arc requested to band same
free of charge  to the  owners,  in the
special edition.
A large number ol extra copies ol
this edition, probably one thousand,
or over, will be run olT, il is hoped
that the Hoard of Trade nnd the city
council will see their way to hiking
over jointly at least 750 copies for
distribution as advertisements ol the
illy nf Itevelstoke and tins district,
n copy will be presented to our dis
i nguished guests who aro I" honor
uur eily wiih their prcBsnce lor the
occasion, and extra copies can be so-
cured from this ollice, by all desiring
same, at the cost price of product ion
The regular advertisements will appear as usual in the special edition,
which takes the place nl the usual
Wednesday's issue, except, thai the
entire front page will lie taken tip
with the write up , of the newCouri
I louse.
Our regular advertisers are roquoNl
cl lu make special note ofthe above
Ihey are tho parties who will gain
i'i,' greatest benefit from thc arrange
ment, at least, throe thousand copic>
ol the edition will tie circulated, an.l
tbe reading matter containing the In
t"st nnd most authentic statistics of
progress and development of Revel
Hoke, will become a standard ol reference for publicity purposes for the
next  twelve or eighteen  months.
An edition of this character, gotten
out on a clearly business basis, will
also strike its readers as lieing far
more sincere and valuable than would
be the case, of a possibly Inrgcr i--
•uie whieh might on the lace of it by
quit the vessel, declaring that the
collapsible boats on the Olympic
were uusi'iiworihy. The Olympic is
lying ol! Hyde, isle of \V',-'ii, .v.th
14011 passengers aboard and no posBl
bility of sailing before noon tumor -
row, if then,
There,  were  reports  that  sum i      .,!
llic  passengers hud      refused  t >  anil,
■ but for the present all remain aboard
! the steamer,     It also wns reported
soon after the  strike was begun that.
I ihe company  had  succeeded  In  get -
ting men to take the strikers'  placet
: but  this  proved incorrect.
I     As   a   matter  of   (act,   the   difficulty
.lias extended to the crew,  which nowj
declines to sail with  the  "black leg"!
' llrcmen who were brought, aboard to I
| day,  and  the  Uritish Seafarers'   l;n   |
1 ion  is supporting the  men.      Pickets
arc  patrolling  the   docks  to    pi evenl
the recruiting of  "black  legs."
According  to  one  report the  strikers  were  misled  into  thinking      that1
some   of  tbc  collapsible  boats      bad
been  rejected  by  the  Hoard  of Trade
and   It  is thought possible that      the
misunderstanding will be cleared up
tomorrow. Among the passengers
aboard the Olympic Is thc Duke of
in to tbe Mail-Herald otiicc not later | t|lp proRPn(.e nl too obviously booster
thuu  Monday morning,   the  ii'.lth      of
April,  the best of these cuts will  be
published,  as illustrations  ouly,  aud
| advertising,   bc  discounted  ns merely
I a special pulling or profit mongcring
¥. M. C. A. NOTES
On Monday evening the first run of
the season will be taken, thc boys
arc going to meel al the Y.M.C.A..
and at 7:110 p.m. tbey will all start
together for a short run. At the finish there will be u meeting of all interested in running, the object being
to form a Harriers club. Uutil fur- j
ther notice Monday evening will be
reserved  for running.
Thc Hoys' Bible class is eiill    on
the     move.   This class meets     every |
Sunday morning at 10 o'clock.     The ,
attendance  has  been  goud   thus    lur.
This is one of the best things iifun-j
./..'.I iu tbe V.M.C.A.
Iju.tc a few summer tickets have
been taken out already. This is a
good opportunity for men who arc
interested in sport of any k:nd lo
get into thc game. Baseball, running,
jumping,   pole-vaulting,   shot-put,  etc
A meeting of those interested in
photography Is called for Tuesday
evening next at 8 o'clock.
London, April 24—Neurly lifty t i mi
sand people attended the rc-pl tyod
cup final at Sheffield today between
Uarnsley and West BroiiiA'icli Alb n.
the former winning after extra time
by thc score of 1 lo 0. Tufneil s-: i .1
the winning and only goal o! V. e
game. West Bromwich had thc advantage of a stiff wind iu wiint ng
the toss. Nevertheless, when they . p-
ened lhc attack, Shearman mace a
lot of ground on the wing before getting in a dangerous centre, winch
drew goal-keeper Cooper cut. Instantly Barnsley got going, .\Ioorq_
racing terrifically on thc extr-me left
Some confussed tussles in midfield
led to another Albion adv.iii;e, when
Cooper endangered the goal by leaving It to make a weak ilei-t.-tce.
West Bromwich Albion certainly had
the best of the first half, but received
.Considerable assistance !iom thc
.heavy wind. Haid ground 1 ir bered
both  sides  consi-dcrnbh.
By the win of thc Blackburn Rov-
. ers yesterday, they won the champ -
kinship ot the First League ann Derby  County,   and   Barnsley   will    play
In  the flrst division next  year.
At Climax Hotel-Coroner Dr.
Hamilton Will Hold Inquest
On Thursday last an unknown laborer walked into ihe climax hotel,
about one o'clock had a couple of
drinks and sat down in a rhair.
Shortly after it. was discovered tbat,
be was dead. The city police were
at once notified and Coroner Dr.
Hamilton proceeded to hold an inquest, swearing in the lollowing ill
liens as jurymen:—A. K. Kinraid, K.
A. llradiey, Kenny McRao, K. .1. Kol
cy, Robt. SqiiurcbnggH and Klank
As there was very little evidence to
submit to the coroner's jury, it was
deemed advisable to simple bin y tlio
remains after the jury had iK-cn
sworn in and made the cu-tomery inspection of the remains. The formal
hearing of the evidence and thc pro -
ceeding with the inquest being adjourned for a lew days till mure evi
dence has l»ecn secured. I'p to thc
present time no information ol any
kind call bc obtained about thc (licensed.
Gun Club Shoot
The weekly Bhoot of Revelstoke
Gun Club was held on Wednesday la;t
and resulted as follows:
J.   H.  S.  Munro  21
A.   J.   McDonell    „ Hi
W.   A.   Sturdy   'i'2
J. G. Bnrlier  'ii
Vi.   A.  Koote   ,	
Vi.  II.  Lawrence   19
II. Cummings  14
C. D.  (loepel  19
R.  Howson  14
A. MeCarter  12
.).   H.  S.  Miinro  'i'l
A.  .1.  McDonell  21
Vi.   V Sturdy  22
•I.  ft. Barber  21
W,  A.  Foote  17
il. Cumming*  ll
C.  D. Gospel  19
Woodmen At Home
Last  Wednesday  evening.   Mountain
View  Camp  of  thc  W.O.W.,  was    at
home  to  its friends,  a  large number
of  whom  attended at     Selkirk  Hall.
An  enterlaining  program was supplied, Messrs. Albert Arman, Jack Boyle
Paul Sampson, H. Ballard and < thcrs
contributing   instrumental   and   vocal
selections  with  much  ability.  A   not-
. able   item   too  was  tlie  "Woodman's
I March" on the piano, excellently play
2°   ed by  Miss Dlnckberg.  while thc com
edy  sketch  by  Messrs.   AUwood    and
Hardman, provoked much laughter.
At whist, those winning the prizes
were:—Miss Haymeycr, Mrs. Cormier
and Mrs. Webster; gentlemen Mr.
Westly, Mr. (ironstrom and Mr.
Dainty    refreshments   were served,
and  an   informal  dance  closed  a very
delightful evening.
Strike on Olympic
Belfast, April 24—Messrs. Ilarlani
& Wolf have dispatched twenty-three
lifeboats, eaeb with a capacity for
sixty-live persons, to Liverpool. It Is
New Trade Arrangement
Ottawa, April 2:1—Hon. (ieo. K.
Foster lias stated tbat negotiations
looking to a more satisfactory trade
arrangement between Canada and
Australia aro progressing favorably.
Mr. Fo-ter does not know when he
will be able to go to Australia to
complete arrangement- now being
It has been rumored here thut part
of the new trade scheme would Involve tbc grunting by Australia of a
preference for Canadian lumber by
the imposition of a duty against I'nited States lumber. Mr. Foster will
not discuss this phase ol the question.
The dute for the beginning of the
inquiry ny the British Honrd of Trade
Commission headed by Lord Inch-
cape, has not been fixed, but will bo
announced shortly.
A meeting of the D.R.A. executive
will be held tonight lo consider thc
sending ol the Canadian Bislcy team
to England. The trouble between the
D.R.A. and the National Ride Abbo -
ciation has been practically settled
with the arrival in Canada of Col.
John Barlow anil Col Crosse of tbe
National Rille Association. A Canadian Bisley team will proceed to England shortly and tbc announcement
as to the eomnuiader o! the team will
bo made In a lew days, following a
conference between the Governor-General and the Minister of Militia and
Defence. Colonels Barlow and CrotM
will have for Toronto on Sunday.
Ool. the Hon. Sam Hughes. Minister of Militia, mi .ail.* to proceed to
Kngland this summer to witness tbe
Salisbury plain manoeuvres. He will
'be. accompanied by Lt.-Col. Morrison
D.S.O., editor ol the "Ottawa Citizen," who will go as chief ol stall.
Tbe government bus prohibited thc
importation ol all fruit from lbe Ua
wiiiian [alattdl owing to the preval
Bnd there of the Mediterranean fly.
The inset attacks northern us well as
southern fruit. The principal fruit
imported trom Hawaii is pineapples.
Mr.  Anderson  of  the  Exprnni.utal
McDonell    «! reported that thev arc lor the Olym-.li'»»» »*■«■« here has been sent to es-
stur.iy    16'pic  whicli i« to proceed to tbo Mer- tuMiHii anew experimental   farm at
Barber  21 Uev to receive them. Windermere,   B.C.,   for   which   proper-
Foote  "|    Southampton,   April   24-Wbcn     Iho ty has already been purchased.
Gospel  17  vAite Star liner Olympic, sister ship
■Sturdy  wins the  button  in Class A;'of the Titanic,   was ready  t.o mi.I to-      Fountain  I'ens,
Poote  10  Class  B,     and  Howson    In   day for New  York three hundred    ol at  Bews'  drug store
ClasB jj, tbo    men and engine room  wi rkcrs IM9«
sec our I tg d.bpiay
Any   pet   for
Carden Tools      Rubber Hose        Lawn Mowers
Carpenter's Tools.   Wire Fencing and Gates
Bicycles or Repairs    Stoves    Paints
Fishing Tackle      Sporting Goods
Guns, etc., we can supply you
Heavy Hob Nailed Outside Counters, per pair       $2.60
Heavy Wax Sewn Shoes, per pair  $3.50
Medium Litfht Vici Kid, per pair  13.00
Loggers' Shoes $6.00
Will give good satisfaction.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
To Get the Best Results
From Your Garden
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
The new hats we are showing are all in the
latest styles. They are "American Shapes
and Shades, something new and different, as
it were, in mixtures and finished felts. They
are decidedly dressy and natty.
We are agents for the famous Hawes Von
Gal and Stetson Hats, also the Buckley Hat
which   has  a guarantee  for three   months.
McRae Mercantile Co.
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
:iok Hj
E. G. Woodland
E. P. McLean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and Partridge Wyandotte
P. O.  BOX   181
*p**p^p» HA l' i:i-\\ ,   VPRIL 27th,  1112
•SATURDAY,  Al'llll. 27tll,   l'.h'i
Some Snaps in Local Realty
House and Two Lois on MacKenzie Ave $4,100
House and Lots on Firsl Sti eet  3,500
House and   Lot, South-W sst    Corner
Douglas and King Stree!  1.500
House and Lot, Fourth Street  2,850
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
the flDaiMfoevalb
SATL'llliW   AT
gnterior publisbtng Gompans,
j. K. Johnson. Manager.
RALPH G.  BCR1 TON,  Bditor.
* in were upset Iiui .inl m.i see
lh ni."
"Hurely  thoro  worr boidc    terrible
* i os     noiong i br   women    leaving
: ib.Mr husbands?"
"No, they all thought they would
mic.'I them again soon. Wc were
IrlEhtencd when sho Bank, iiiii wr
' It  thai  we would  tic picked up."
v,ji.p\ §.;;>„;..*
8 \li RDAY,   VPRIL 27th,  1912
Uev. J, W, Stevenson, minister
Itegulai Bervlces on Sunday ai ll
.i.m. and 7 .in p.m.; Sunday school
.■iml adull Bible cIhsbi's at 2 80 p.m.
Mid-week prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8 p.m. Hearty congregational singing ami Bpecial music hy tbo
choir. Strangers and visitors arc In-
* ted  lo tbc services.
,*   *i      * |aj    Maj   ■'' *i    ihe lormnl
i >i roi  Btone la; Ing ..I the Now Court
Hou •* *.;  1* ivelstoki    Is  to lake place
r and city * ouncil bave is
an .m .i.iii"ii to all lodges, puh
.:      md citlseni .  to  attend  the
whilst   the   school  children
:"Mat en mass, and a public
..V has been declai *i.
The ceremony,  marking as  ll   will,
pooh In the progress and develop
ment <■! "tir city,  should I.e taken a.l
rantagi   ol by everyone as ibe mom
ent  upon which to seise l"i  the pui
pose '•', unanimously ami whoUhoari
,-:iv  voicing our realisation ..I     the
vast   progress  which  Revelstoke    bn
m.i.I*    :   tbe past,  .iii.l  our lalth    in
tbe   umi. Hate approach ol the great
er  things  wbich the tuture holds.
Evei should  be present at
. \.: 'isea   pn pared  i..   Lemon -
strate by bia attendance,   ind   In   a 	
ptimism    tbc  lalth     that
,,   .   ,;.,„.     u  ,,,  ,i„. .,,,|*.| ,,, ,:i ST.  PETBR'B  CHURCH,
prosperitj  ol Revelstoke,     and     the     Holy     Communion     every  Bunda'j
luture   Which   await-   this   I  IJ   ipomlng   nt  X  a.m..   and  after  morn-
,,.A.t Jog   piayer   on   tbc   lirst   Sunday      in
eaeb Month.
Rev. c. A. Procunier, rector. Mat-
Thc  ."■ ;,...   i       ini .,,  ,,  „ n,   „„,!  Bvensong at 7:30
U.  .1.  Mclntyre, pastor.    Sei-
vicea on Sunday at  n a.m. and 7:89
p.m.; Sunday school and Young re«-
, le'.-.   llihle  clasBcs  at i.ii)  p.m.; Weil
i Bdaj a' s p.m., Epworth League
meeting; Friday evening, Junior ami
Senior ebon- practice, A cordial welcome awaits tho public at all these
Tastes Like and is Eaten Like
In .inr experience In tho handling ol
drugs and thetllclnes, wo believe wo
hnvo never had experience with any
remedy that gave smii great satisfac
I ion to our customers as do Rexall
Orderlies. Tins Remedy is not like
any other laxative or cathartic. It
contains aU the Komi feature ol
othor laxatives, but none ol thoir
our oun lalth m Rexall Orderlies is
so strong that we oiler them tu -you
wiib om own positive personal guarantee, that it tbey do not thoroughly satisfy yon. you only need tell us
and wn will bund back to you every
penny  you   paid us  tor tbem.     Tbere-
foi'e, in trying them upon our recommendation you take no tisk whatever,
Roxall Orderlies taste like and nre
cnlsh like candy. Tbey do not gripe,
cause nausea, excessive looseness, or
othor annoyance. Thoy act so easily
that thoy may In' laken at any time
day or lllght. Thoy are particularly
good (or children, aged, or delicate
persons. Tbey ale put up in convenient tablets iu three sizes of pack
iiffe-s.    I'r,ecs,   llle., 21,c. and 50c.
Remember, the Rexall Heine.lies can
be obtained In this community only
ai our store—Tbc Rexall Btore, W,
Hews' drug store.
■    isue, tbat thr r
p.m.,  every  Sunday.      Litany  on  tlm
~.iwnnll- .'.ul  l.u ■'.rr sct.OI1(| Sunday, and tho Ant, Com
Compan;    have  decW .1  upon ..n  ac
option of jpen.tions ;i th<
mUnlOD   on   tbc   Third   Sunday
Matins.   Sun.lay school every
! maps ihroujtbuu   ,,,,}. ,lt *.■ ;iu p.m.   Choir practice   oi
l.str.ct.   will   be  pleas int   i nd
.mr foi   ihe business men * ,'     lb *  .
,.ii 1   the  nti* ".-   -•■■"■ I.,I
ver>   im;>* '  in nl   Was
>   Mr.   ''    S    I'.ckir.      IV
uu  Pleader,     ib*-
i. *.  . ■ • I    by
,:   •     was
■    - on oi  tae  management  to
- season u.th a view ol as
. rami n ■■•'
(r m tbc manuhicl
.- •   and should tbe re
t» of tbis si - opei il ons provi
•   • , • -   eved that
ice upon   a
; ermanenl boat'    Under the new   ot
,        ■ t   mills  may  be
camps ad
- ••tn.
Tli - mean much for Revel
th-      duty     '    •
- i  •
•  : 'a dee re '■
-   •
I|  any -
r ill
■   '■
■•  ■■ •
....    -,, .       .  •
1    .        '
■ •*•**.
Fridays at 8 p.m
hum   lilock   west of   McKenale avenue
. *i B I street.   Ret    r   .i   i'have,
B. A., pastor. Sunday services al
i m ai d * 10 p.m . Sunday school
.1 adull   Blbli   claaaef  al -
I  .l.l.iy      al     ■   p in
Meeting; Wednesday at  E p.m., cburcb
Prayer Meeting,   a cordial   nvitai
led   to all services    str.i
ir.ude  welcome.
St.  Krancis    ot    An- violic
ii. coruer ol    Fifth    street   and
McKenzie avenue.
Services—on    all icept
■i-.e fourth of each month Lo« mass
...tb Communion ..f the Faithful *t
- a.m.     High  M *   m.,
l.i-,-tiao    iMctnni**.    for ci:
" p tn.   Roaary with  Bendlcl
ibe nissied Bacrameni ; M p.m.
on week days—Holy     11*.- .r,-
. ng  at  7 ie.      i 'onf.s-
. .iri  fv-trf evtniog after  7 in
■i the mornings bei *i>*  ■>' ,-.
J.  0.   McKer,. ,
Not Much Afraid
Calgary, April 2G. — Billy Allen
don'l seem to take much notice of
the tlireat that Tom Flanagan mado
recently to the eflect that ho would
take action against Allen if be
fought Bayley for the Flanagan belli
lie bus said nothing about the mattei to anyone, but bas started truin-
iii,: ni Ottawa, and whether tho belt
is at stake or noi. be will meel Bay
Icy and ths rtv-uilt of the contest will
.lend.* tbe chbmpionsMp ol Canada,
in the lightweight  class.
To Westerners tho whole aflair looks
like as though the Sporting Club of
Toronto wanted in bold all bouts tor
tliv I.clt iiiulsr It.s own roof. This
,- o ridiculous thing to .lemand In
boxing, for bouts for championships
cannot be confined t-- one place exclusively.   Promoters do nol   .are to
.'.. to Toronto when they can lind a
plate more suitable lor tbe contest,
and where a larger gate can be sc
cured. Besides, certain boxers do not
. are t.. do all the travelling, and a
man who lives at the coasl would
would not consider a trip all the
wgy t.   Toroi   o.    It is much fail
to divide ihi       ..-Line*,
an l both >e.ir part ,.; the expenses
Ali. *        i nol T. iiiin*.    Burns
that   he   will   rom.*   to   lias-.,   u about
the 111 to  train.      Ba *    .
. .*      ,me
.. -
t       the
■ m ■•   eve
■    ■
- f\;..  ted t       itti       ' '
As the afternoon of Thursday,
May 2nd, next, has been fixed
as the date for officially laying
the corner stone of the new
Court House, I hereby declare
that afternoon a public half
holiday for the City of lievelstoke, B. C.
Dated at Uevelstoke, this 19th
day of April. 1912.
The Police have been instructed by
the mayor to notify oil citizens to have
tlicir buck premises, yards, lanes at
back, cleaned ol all garbage, and have
sunn* removed lo Dumping Ground by
Muy 1st, 1912,
Anyone found with dirty yards after
said dale, will lie prosecuted,
11. M. I'ARRY,
Chiel ot Police.
Two Ollice Rooms, l2xlS, on 'be
ground lloor iu Dominion linwalils
Uttico building. Lighted avl hci.ted
With janitor service.     Apply  '.j
Receiver and Manager.
M.,y *       '
*    *eek.
, . I
r«iil.l*l>   atnp.  t tt.itta,   |1>H   inMi.   baal
tba Ihrnii aur) liin-M.       •   •   •       J*~>
Stories Not True
• ■I
* *
■ ' Nee   '"•*
■    ■
Hoe ■ •• ird .•!
i uronti     SI *   *■ - I'a" -
I   wa-   ,-   nn     •-  '
on  Bond*} wbm tie r* i am  a rotlt
■ ng of tb* boa)  "..it  t,... i about a
Mm cam ■ terrible ringing   ••(
belli followed i.y tbe ioetoi *hi
nvrytlnm.- SPM ali rjfbt,   b« Hint *'
hud  lirttrr  ti^* OUT  litelx-H-.  Tht   t"i
tfaert  «<•!•' a M     of
tbem, belt i ','1"' «oui,n mn
,.   on   |-«H|    i,i-i     tl,,.,,  M.tiic   ot
,.,-n   w„nt"»l  tWO  l.»dti*
■I - ,    n 1 •" I Iw'  boal to
leave.   1 beaiJ  u.'m«"ids tbst    t*(.'
Meet me  at  the Savoy.
Il.unnioeks   Irom   $2.50   up,   at      tt,
Howson's .
Some nice ucernge near town, 'I.N.
See the "Sui;.'ir Bowl" windows for
Saturday   specials.
See Howson's show window lor
Hammocks and Couches.
Any magazine or hook you want,
ask for it at Macdonald's drug store
II it is ranges or stoves, see us, \V.
'arry,  auctioneer.
Pai'Bnlps, carrots, turnips, just in
from the farm,  line quality, nt    Mc-
li lire's.
Royal Hose Talcum powder, one ol
the nicest made, only 26c. a tin, at
Macdonald's drug store.
The Sugar Uowl ice cream l',rb*rs
are now open, tbe largest and most
up-to-date  parlors  in  tbe  city.  ...
L'arnutions, Dallodiils. Hyacinths,
Kreesin, Tulips and LeHuce lor Cluster.-J.  Maley, Dig Bend Road.
if   you    want a nice   comtortablu
bom*,  call  and n,-e  what  Il.N.  Cours-
tn  olfer.
The  "Sugar  Howl'  tee cream par-
are  now  open.   The  largest and
ii  in     the
if .'  .- lu nit ure you reed, n    fl.
i'arry,  auctioneer.
Your  lo.-** ates  i.'.isoii -
.,  real estate ti
■ ti   .a   at   the   Sugar   Uowi      for
.thai   boi   of  ch* . .in      vuff,
ST,   or   sweetheart   will   „p,ireci -
i ••'
•*r   in  fact
Parry   i mi on
«  bushes I planting
m every month,   order now    foi
If  B.   Cressm.in,
Revelstoke,  B.  C
•    i
fiM.in      . . *.»lstoks
We are now located in our new
building and prepared Willi a fresh
Btock of the purest of drugs mul, up
lo-dnte appliances to till your pre
scriptions. Bring iiieni along and
get the best nt Macdonald's drug
Howson's     are      Ilio   lirsl,   to  show
Iheir  hummocks   Ibis season.
When you put away your furs foi
summer, get some of our moth lull
ers, cedar Hakes, eamphor and moth
balls,   also  largo   and   small   sizes    of
moth(bags,   at    Macdonald's     new
drug  store,
Do    VOU   OWN   PRORHRTY in Bdmonton ?     Heud     us   Description,
best price und terms for quick sale.
MUSIC—Miss  Johnson,  pupil  of  A.
Miller,  F.R.A.M.,   London,   in  prepared to take a limited number of pupils  for  tuition ln  music.   For  terms
apply at     the     residence of J.    K.
Johnson, tirst liotme  west of the hospital,   (first street.
Competition     for     Now      1'nivcmity
Buildings to bo Demoted at Point
(Irey,      near      Vancouver,     Uritish
The Government ot British Oolumbia invite Competitive l'laus for tbo
general scheme and design for tho
proposed new University, together
with more detailed Plans Ior tbo
l.ulldiugs to be erected lirst at an estimated  cost  of  $l,r>OII,000.
I'rizcB of $LU,0OU will be given for
tho most successful   Designs submitted
I'urticulors of Iho competition and
plan ol Bite tuny be obtained ou request from thc undersigned.
Tbe designs to be Bent in Iiy July
lilst,   Din;,  addressed   to
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria.   British   Columbia.
,/;  m    »    '.<■<,
Examinations lor the position ot
Inspectors of Steam boilers and Ma -
chtnery, under tbo "Steam-boilers Insertion Act," will he held at the
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, commencing May 19th, 1912. Application
and instruction forms can be bad ou
application to tlle undersigned, to
whom the former must lie returned
correctly tilled in, not Inter than May
1st, 1912. Salary, ijlilo pcr month, in
creasing $5 per month per annum to
a maximum of $180 per month.
Chief Inspector ol  Machinery,
New Westminster, B.C.
Barred     Plymouth    Rocks,   S2.F0;
Rhode Island Reds, J2.00; White I ek-
ins Duck, $2.00; White I-Om.lcn (irsc
eggs, 50c. each; Duy old chicks; Dry
old ducklings. Stock for Bale. White
.md Hull Leghorns cheap. Write or
'phone 212, New Grove Poultrj Faim
Mrs.  R.  A.  Upper Prop.
And in the Matter of  Lot 4, Block
27, Revelstoke City, Map 636A.
WHRREAS a certain title devil of the
above mentioned property lm?, been lost,
vi/: 28th NOVEMBER, 1904, Matliew
M. Pettipiece to ('enl F, l.o ior convey-
ol said lot.
This is to give notice  lo anyone  Into
whose possession the aforesaid titi* deed
ma) Iiave comu and who ins .m> know
..i  the   whereal null   of the vibl
*b-M.l todelivei the  same  to  Samuel K.
Roe,   Require,   District    Registrar    ol
Land Titles  Nelson, B. C,
And   liiithei  ink.*   uotice   that   failing
reduction of this deed within  four
•        ■■  * i the first publication
i   thai   the snd  IiiMrnt    Krgislrur
will proceed to Issue .,  Certificate ol
dd Lot in the  name ol
Hugh Bruce, of Revelstol-e, H.C.
Dated at Nelson, B. C,  this -Itli dav
.,( April, A. H.   i •
\M     R   ROI
iiikirnt Registrar,
"In Wyoming"
"Casey Jones"
Tom Marks Stock Go.
Tapping CBL AUwood Mgr
Royal Mail Steamers Sailing Kvery Saturday
Wireless and Deep Sea Signalling Appatatus
S. S. Megantic
i Triple N. if w
S. S. Laurentic
i ii
Sailj May  llih, June 8th, July 6th.
May 25th, June Kth.July I 3th
FIRST CUSS, 132.50.   SECOND CUS8, J53.IS.   THIRD CUSS, |SiSS!s°| S3? 50
one-olass l I  Cnbln service
Twin-Screw S. S. Teutonic     Twin-Screw S. S. Canada
i ■ .' i i • i i . ■
Saiil May ifltli. June ISth, July I Ith.    M^y 4th, June 1st. 29\l\
$55 nnd up, Third Cluss. $.1?.fib. $50 nnd up. Third Class, $31.25
All Ml, .mii. i       ill lunn  Wdtlln  ll, . ..Un.     il   ' nn '" . .
I'.inberk night befori  islllngi     No lintel cspei ler cbsrgei
Company's Offices, (III), Seoond Ave., Noar Cherry St., Scaltlo
ouse Clearing
Nnsli nnil Hours, Turnings, Lniiilicr, Two Boilers,
Whool Barrows, Derrick and Irons, Building Supplies
in Lino ol' Cement, Plaster, lime, (toolings, Glass, otc.
One Houso, 8 Hooms, with Baths, Furnace, Basement,
Ete. All modern conveniences. Price Bcasonablo. Easy
Two Six Boom Houses, Bath, Furnace, Modem Conven-
A Five-Boomed House with Bath, Furnace, Basement
and all modern conveniences.
All above dwellings situated on
Third Street
For Prices and Terms apply to
GEO.   1).   SHAW
P. O. Box 295.  Revelstoke, B. C.
Inland Revenue Standard for Cigars is 22 lbs. per
1.000. By statistics our Union contains 25 lbs. per
1.000. That proves quantity! What about quality ?   Ask the Smokers and Try One yourself.
People ot Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me  Before Investing.
W. PARRY Conducts Auction Sale
Auction  Mart,  Mackenzie Avenue
Every Saturday at 2 p. m.
Consisting of Iian«es, Cook Stoves, Parlor, Diningroont and
Kitchen Furniture, also Carpets, etc.
Big Clearing Sale
Consisting of Saucepans. Tea Kettles, Pots, Pans,
Wash Tubs. Wash Boilers. Fry Pans and numerous
other useful articles.
Sale commences to-day. II your kitchen is in need
of utensils call and look over my" large assortment,
from which you can select just wha' you need.
/. C. Hull, First Street, West
SATURDAY,   APRIL 27th.   1912
Parties desiring Information regarding the Vulley ol tho Gurdcn ol
Eden, can obtain name tree ol charge
by writing to Mr. J, H. JoIiubou,
Malakwa,  13.   0.
Editor  Mull-Herald: -
Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Venn, ol
Alberta, arrived ut Malakwa lust
Wednesday evening in search ot a
new home. This week they visited
several prospective locations aud it
is more than likely thnt they will decide to make the Garden ot Kden
Valley their home. Mr. Venn says
that he was attracted to the liurdeu
of Eden vulley from an advertise -
ment drawing hiB attention to the
vulley. The reasonable price ol laud
has also aided to no small extent iu
•drawing him to Malakwa. He is u
practical man as well ns his wife.
People like these are the right sort
ut settlers to welcome to the Eden
An unconfirmed report la current
here this week to the eflect that thc
C.P.H. is seriously contemplating
putting In i|uite a large stutiou
house at Craigellachie and an extensive yurd. Color is given to this report from the presence of the C.P.P..
engineers  In   the     neighborhood.   In
The Valley of
"The Garden of Eden'
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-2o,ooo:Acres
Character Cf Land   Principally Level.
f.harartor nf ^nil   Bench   Lands,   Clay   Loam  and Vegetable
UlldldWrJI   Ul   OUII   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Nft Iitm it urn   Pos't've'y no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
liU III lljUIIWII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Climate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL 111 RAl 1) Each Week
view of these indications many ol the
Craigellachie settlers arc feeling very
elated over this turn of affairB.
Ploughing is progressing rapidly in
Bden Valley and some ol the crops
are already in.
It is no uncommon thing lor Malakwa rauchcrs to be raising green onions and other green vegctatdes ny
Victoria Day, May 24th. or fully a
month earlier than any other point
in the district. It is the mild climate and early Bpring that is one ot
thescveral benoflts that ie crowding
Garden of Kden lands to the front by
leaps and bounds. Nowhere in the
Kooteuays can garden produce be ob
■tained earlier and of a better growth
ihun at the famous Garden of Eden
Many of thc ranchers in this lair
valley will in addition to mixed
furming embark in the bee culture.
Here where there is so much sunshine and su. h an abundance of wild
clover and other wild flowers. bees
will prosper without a doubt, and
b-esides they are exceedingly profit -
able to the owners.
It is hoped that in thc near future
tbc culture of celery and bees will be
really live issues at the Garden ot
Kden anil thai Malakwa ranchers will
not only be noted for growing the
best fruit and vegetables in the country but also the test celery and honey to bc found anywhere.
. . It Might Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters tire the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent Uur.record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
Weekly ami monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, -'1 meals lor $6.IX)
A. P. LBVE3QUE, Proprietor
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.3
Enlarged  and Improved.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Rat<ii $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Cup Final a Tie
Laughton CB. Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.|
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. • Meal Tickets, $6.00
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C. BATCHELOR,       -       Manager.
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
Special Attention given to commercial
men ami tuuriit*. Fllll llm Dimple
rnomD. Fine«t aeenrry in British Columbia, overlookinn Upper Arrow Like.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A irlul.it French ragulilnrinfter Inlil. Tlif*.
pill* ...*■ eiccedmglr poweiluI In trgul.llng lhs
Reneritl-fcporllnnntthf Irmxlr .v.tern. Klful.
ill theip ImltilloDi.  Dr. <t. T»«'« «.« mid it
llll bn*, nr thir*-lor llll.    Mill. I I i mi mlrttt-.l.
Th. Retail Iim. Co.. At. C.th»rln.l. Ont.
W    .   I iahthnrn*   Pron    S^/]feftj| Gu/V
w. J. Lightburne. Prop ...un-,.(..... «»fh<
B lb. Ihro.l .»d la.il.
roadhi,   mr*. cold*. k..!|
...      30 vt.li
Loudon, April 'ib—Special trains,
wbich ran from nil parts of England
brought an immense crowd to nee
w.-si Bromwich and Barnsley piny to
B .lr.'i»' in Hi. English cup linnl nt
the Crystal Palace grounds this utter
noon. Though both goals were often
iu danger no goal liml been floored
When lhc linul whistle blew. No more
interesting cup linul ban been fought
out lur years at the famous grounds
than that of today, mainly for the
tact thut both clubs have made good
records  in their  respective  leagues.
The gloom over Kngland ub thc result ol thc Titunic wreck undoubtedly kept many nwny, but in thc Bpac-
ioiis standi) uiul around the ground
a dciiHc mass of humnaity was gathered.
ffett Ilromwich, who have been in
tlie Heiui liual un eight occasions have
twice licen successful, in deloating
Preston in the tinul In MWH und Aston Villa fuur years Inter. Darnsley's
only other notable light in thc cup
was two years ago, when, after play
ing Newcastle United to a draw at
the Palace, the cfub lost at Liver -
poul by two goals to nil.
A rough estimate of the attend -
nine places the tlgure at 60,000 persons, and throughout the course of
tbe contest the up ami down nature
of tlie play brought many anxious
rm.in. nts tu the supporters of * otli
teams. While football in the cup linnl is never good, today's game whs
an exception (ur it was one ot the
most brilliant tlnals ever played at
the   1'alaec.
Hurtialcy's captain woll the tons,
and the Thistles immediately became
aggressive and Tailor failed to place
n in,mi iiui centre from Dowser. A
break nwny by liaiusley was spoiled
by Truvcrs being off-side. Hurtropp
forced a corner but lt was not bui -
cckbIuI. After this tlie llarnsley goal
again and again underwent narrow
escapes, but thc defense wa*. uilnrlr -
able ami saved thc day. After some
midlleld play by Urattley ami Hart -
ropp the latter cleverly eluding Ten
nington plar.il a line shot. which
struck the side of the not.
In tlle second half the Albion continued to lie dangerous, Cooper, thc
llmlialcv custodian, lieing called up -
on repeatedly and making many brilliant saves. I'enningloii broke up thc
nttack ot the llnrnrfley forwa'ds con
ttnually when In shootlug distance,
his play at back being one of the out
standing features trl the game. The
Albion  goal   was   also   frequently    in
danger, especially at three quarter
time. When the great contest was
over the words were: "We must see
the  next gatnef
Among the notuhles present were
the lord mayor, Lord Koscberry, Sir
Vi. Soulsby und Lord Kinnnird. the
head of the football associniion.
Following arc the results ol yesterday's  football  games:
Aston  Villa 2,  Newcastle  I'nited 0.
Dury  1,  Manchester City  2.
Liverpool 2.  Sheffield United 0.
Manchester United 3, Oldham Athletic 1.
Middlesborough-Woolwicb Arsenal;
Preston North Knd 0, Sunderland 1
Sheffield Wednesday .1,   Evcrton  1.
Tottenham HotBpur 1, Dolton Wanderers 0.
U.uckpool  1,  Birmingham 0.
Bradford 2,  Notts Forest 1.
Burnley 3,  Huddcrsfield Town 0.
Derby County 4, Gainsboro Thn
ity 0.
Fulhum  1, Grimsby Town 3.
Glossop-Bristol  City;   postponed.
Hull City 1, Wolverhampton Wan
derers 1.
Fosse 3.
GI0B8OP   3,
County  2,       ljeicster
Bristol 0.
Hi i bt ..I   Rovers   1,     Him gilt,*ii      und
Hove 1.
West Ham  United 0,  Stoke 0.
Milwull Athletic 2.  Coventry City 1
Queen's I'urk Rangers 1, Ley ton 0.
Brentford t, Norwich city o.
Exeter City 1. Crystal Palace 1.
New iiK.iupti.il i, Bouchuptpton 0.
Watford-Plymouth     Argyl*•;      post -
Luton 7, Reading 1.
Swindon Town  1,  Northampton '.
I'utrick Thistle 1,  Motherwell 0.
Celtic  1.  Rath Rovers 1.
Paisley  Ht.      Mirren 2,      Hearts ol
Midlothian 0.
Airdric OniauB 0, Aberdeen 1.
Knlkirk 1, Hibernians 0.
Dundee   1,   Hamilton   Academical  C.
iJiieen'B Park  1, Greenock Norton 0
Rangers     "
\rscnal 0.
It.. Plymouth 1,
Devon 7,
Gloucester 3.
Cardiff 13, Llanelly 3.
M. Bridgend 0.
Bristol   13,  Pontlpool l»,
Baldness is Generally Considered
A Sign of Advanced Age
A bald-headed person does not have
an equal chance with one blessed with
a Ilealihy head of hair, because baldness is too generally accepted ss an
indication ol age. Many large corporations have established an age
limit, and refuse to take men over
35 yearB ol age as new employees.
Probably 65 per cent, of bald-head-
Sd people may regain a good bend of
healthy hair if they will follow our
advice and accept our offer. We have
a remedy that we positively guarantee to grow hair on any bead, unless
the roots of the hair are entirely
dead,their follicles closed, and the
scalp has become glazed and shiny.
We want people to try this remedy
at our risk, with the distinct understanding tbat unless it doss exactly
what we claim it will and gives sat-
letnction in every respect, we shall
make no charge for the remedy used
during the trial.
We know exactly what we are talki
ing about, and with this offer back,
of our statements no one should scoft
doubt our word, or hesitate to put
our remedy to an actual test.
We want everyone in Revelstoke.
who is suffering from any scalp or
hair trouble, dandruff, falling hair or
baldness to try our Rexall "93" Hair
Tonic. We want them to use it regularly—say until three bottles have
loen used—and if it does not eradi -
rate dandrufi, cleanse and refresh the.
scalp, tighten the hair in its roots,
and grow new hair, we will -return
every cent paid us for the remedy for
the mere asking. There ts no formality expected, and we exact no obliga
tion from tbe user whatever.
We are established     right here   in
Revelstoke,  and make this offer with
a  full  understanding  that our  busi -
ness     success  entirely  depends upon
the sort of treatmest we accord our
customers,  and     we would not dsrs
make the above offer  unless wc were
positively certain that  we eould gab
trtantiate   it   in   every  particular.   Rr*
member, you can obtain Retail Rem
edies in this community oaJy at   our*
store—The Rexall store, Walter Have
drug store, McKcuare Avenue.
Just received—a new lis* art TVnurs
goods. best values evei shewn in
■acquets, nets and 1912 tennis balls—
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd. Saturday, aphil -Tth. una
SATURDAY,  APRIL 27th,  19i
WANTlflD-   A   gnl   for   a   hotel.   Wages
... ni.no per month.   Apply io     Mrs.
i    ii.  10.  Nellis, First stroet ami Uun-
j     naught  a.t'iua*.   RevelBtoke,   B,   0.
TO   LIST   One  double  .md  on...  Blnglo
|   loom nicely     lurnlshed.   Apply    to
Mail Herald.
99*tron   - -   *"«*  - ^9resi5ei^t:
/"rKt Canadian Highway Association
Mi i ume high public **pir
It aud thi  sii gle purpose ol bt -
* ..:,.,*!,i   mi*  lo  a   stun I
ard that credit to thi    I ..
■ cample totbc wot Id ai
;.*.%••    **     ■:  ....   11..-Lin .   tbe  !"■ 11■
.•ni, .md W. .1.  Kerr, hold
■ *     ; ghest   posit Ion   in  the i Ifi
*   mad i'.      Highway   Vssocia
•   ol     patron and president
Th Highway will ue    an
accomplished (acl  within tho next few
and     tbc outside world  « .1
then  known  that   In this  bin id  Dominion     thore       - a load mote  t.'i.in
.* over which nu uuto-
mol He mn travel from coast t * const
.::   afi •.  nnd with comfort, The coun
try  tbat ..tiers  th*.*     wealthy  tourist
Uiv    plen lid  roads  that Canada  w.ll
havi    thi   magnificent scenery nnd ex
nal oppoita:..tu*s ol inve tment
will     reap   a large harvest    - *.n  its
• -rs.
Tl ■   ociat Ion     was lot me 1    iu
Nm Westminster, B.C,, 'ast N ireui
ber, and it was at this neetint; that
Mr. Ken. a wealthy resident .; tbc
coui-t an I the prim-ipal tnu/cr in t lie
convention tbat   resulted in    "c terra
■ ■:   ' -   01 ial loll,   was   i I it'll ,1
pres.dent.  Some  tune  later  th.   Gov
■ m al  *•:  Canada, whose    ac
tivuy  ,n thc cause ol good loads is
wall know  to those Intcrest-M  in tbi
work.   .>.i-  approached and requested
•..  permit  bis name to be used
that ol Patron, the (ollowing rosolu-
lion  being  forwarded to Una a'*. i   a
meeting oi the executive of the   association —
President   W. J. Kerr,
Vice-President  a .  B.
-ac.udcd      I        	
"His  Ri yal  Highness the  Dnki     o(
Connaught,   Governor-Genci il    I  t"a
having   in       many   ways  shown
roads, a , I  more
particularly In h.s speech Icon)     the
throne at  the  last  formal opening  ui
■  therefore,
"Resolved,  tbat  the secretary    tx-
i in i     I..     His    Royal  Highness Lhc
i banks oi 11 Ulcers  ol  thc Canadian
Highway Association lor Icun.biii; his
i ii il mi'Ik'. io the cans,' ol roads un
provements, and lm ther,
"Thai t he iei etnry respectfully In
tortus Ilis Royul Iligbn.s thui it ia
tin* e.iiuesi desire of tho members ol
this association that His Royal High
ness Bhould consent to become Pal
i, a ol the Canadian Highway Asso
The following reply was received a
lew days ago by P. Wl Luce, sec re-
t iry of the   -tssoclation:
Government   House,  Ottawa,
lie.it*   Sir.--
l .uu desired i.y ibe Governor General t" acknowledge receipt of your
letter, ami tn inform you in reply.
that His Uoyal Highness will be pie
a ;el io become ration of the Canadian Highway Association us request
rl by vi.in* tSxecutivc committee.
His Royal lliglnies is much inter-
isted m tin* subject of good roads,
and wishes your association every
luccess,   1 am,
Yours faithfully,
Arthur K.  Sluden,
Private Secretary."
The Duke of Connaught has long
been Interested in good roads anil
has shown in many ways that he is
strongly in sympathy with any move
ment that will tend to better the
iian imitation facilities of this or
.my other country. Travelled man ns
he is, and trained In observation ol
things that mnke lor the public weal,
Ilis Uoyal Highness ha- put to practical use the knowledge gained in
Canada, England, on the continent,
and in foreign countries, and he be
lievos be has acted wisely In allowing
his name to become associated with
: he enterprise father* .1 by t.i ' ana-
• i.an   Highway   Association.
"Good  roa.ls are a social  and rco
.'..nne necessity, and g I roads   we
I 111 have ail ovei Canada before I
am ready to acknowledge that thc
work of the Canadian Highway -*-■
elation is finished." Says President
IV, .1. Kerr, and be mean.- every woi I
.; it.
Report iii L. C. Executive Meeting in Vancouver—Arrangements ior Winter Snow
I*.-* i    ■ .
■     '   *
*    ■• tbe B.C  in -
retary  »mj
\; ai t Irom tts
. ■   . •     .
'. K8-OC.
I to assist
i  . - .    •« .
t.i.    Mr    J. J.   r>ey,;
-  .-l
dent poullr;
■   ' tiuja
'     ' . !
A:. ■      ■■ r thc I li
i'la>   •
■ ■    I
lor tb.   '.'• Ba-sUi
ton  "f  i ilds,   Uta.,  Mr.   I: n kei      ol'
C .: :-•■* . .md Mr. T. Vi. R Iwai
Vtcl tl.e nai    belore    the
Iation,   fiom  among  these thn ■
|gf    W ,11    *>m    :*• lei'tl'll
The meeting adjourned al   10 30]
| WANTBD—At  ouce,  a  good      dining
I    loom  girl,  for  the   L'liion  hotel  ut
Arrowhead,   11.   C.
FOB BALK—Some Furniture, beds,
etc., can be seen any evening alter
ti:JU o'clock, Coiner Fourth struct,
and McKeuzie uvenue.
FOR SALE White Leghorn and
Rhode Island Ited hens and last
year   pullet  .    Apply   to   Mrs.     doc.
Morgan,  Douglas street,
WANTED—Clerk, who can operate a
Typewriter. Apply Superintendent's
ollice, C. r. li.
WANTBD—Two rooms In house ol
Private family for light house keeping.   Apply   to  Mail-Herald.
WANTBD—General Blacksmith, good
wages to right man. Apply Palace
Livery, F. McOarty, prop.
FOR SALE—Official Townsite Lots-
Port Hardy, northern terminus ol
Vancouver Island, $125 each; $15
cash. Will bc worth $7011 when rail
way is completed—Seven, Winch
Building,  Vancouver, B. C.
WANTBD—A gentleman looking lor
a large front room, also with
hoard if required with respectable
family. Address Professor Vovres,
Box 152,  Kevelstoke, 11. 0.
TO   RENT—Good   Hed rooms.    Apply.
Housekeeper,      Dominion   Sawmills.
Also  well appointed otlices.
H.N. Coursler has just listed me ol
the most modern, comfortable and
well situated homes in the city. Call
nud  obtain particulars.
Notice is hereby given that Willis
.John Armstrong, ol Revelstoke, B.
'.. will apply for a license to take
ind u.i six imi miners inches ol watei' out of Mill Creek, whicli flows in
a southeasterly direction through
Section 29, Township 25, Range. 2,
West of thc t".tli Meridaii, and empties Into Touch Watha river, near
Big Eddy. B.C., The water will be
duel ted al 201) feet above C. P. It.
track and will be used for Irrigation
purposes on the land described as :I5
acres, part section 29, township 23,
range 2. west of 6th Merldan,
This      notice      was    posted   on   the
ground on the llth day of April,  1912
I'h ■  applies! Ion      will   be Bled  In the
oti.ee ol the Watei   Recorder at   Re\
elstoke   Bl C.
Objections   may   be :   With      the
-aid     Water     Recorder ot   with  the
Comptrollet   ol Watei   Right-.    Par -
Buildings,  \ Ictoria   B. C.
WILLIS   J.   Ai'.M-T;
Applicant. ...
Thi  i   in.' - ''*■' ""'
.|inrr "■ ■  i'  "
Court ol  I"
to   investigate   the   Tltanld   ili-mln
..... thai
n   tbi erg       i *       It   ''
■   ick  bad   not    cen  there  ol    1l"'
Ume, i
Ii,  the Titanic had uot been endeav
oring  to make  a
duced  i*i  accordance   ■*■* *
boats  by  wireless,
ll   the chiel     Beer on I    Ig I be
time   of   impact   had   ;
nerve  of a
obey speed or,:*
li,  the  Captain   In
* •   had   stu* I
i      lookouts    '.
had   ;.<•.
eberg ha
lent   timi
Titanic   might   not   liai
.    Titanic  bad  not
id cs
., * ommodat
eadiy coK,
oat unsi
** kli
ba i gone        lut
Ul... * I     I
.■    iy thi   i Itanb
another si
iu*   Pita kept  ..ii.**.i  for
mon*   I,onm,   t,|».  loss   of    life
m.i' -   * en avei ted  ot   ■"■ i il
ly reduced,
II   i...   ntauii   bad nol * at i ied a t. Ire
ii -i.Uai.,..a,
if, Captain Smith  bad not   preserved
,* i e ; * tbe lastl
.:,  the ere ■*    ,*. i     uul  on he
tin had noi   acted  like bet ••
II, the accident  bad not occurred on
the  main  route    of shipping,
If, the Titanic  ii:"l  uot  been  such a
big   boat,   taking   Ibn-i*   bouts      t.o
rtuk,   with aii iiijuiy  whieh    would
havo  su-iil*,   a  smaller  eiaft   m      an
many minutes.
If,   instead  ol  British   bravery,    there
hud   been   a  paii'lainouiiim   of panic,
not a si/ilj   would  have escaped,
And   Senator   Smith  Hays
jf, only the passengers and crew had
taken       refuge      in   the   Watei    light
cumnui luicutu,     tbey    would m vci
1'vea huve auflcjreil from wet lent
gnu uf the Lum.
In   Ma .      .   ;   Al*
.a  a   portion  uf  thi
.   may  ue  leased  ioi   a  term  of
JI an acre.   Not   more than
-  will be leal
,i  .. ase a    I    ■ made
Dt in pi
Ageut ol  ■■
rn tbe rights applic.
erritorj  tbe
be      desri'ilitil     by  sections,     I
* one ol  sections,   ai
surveyed   territory   the  tract  a:
lot   ilia i   be  rtt .*
plicant himself.
b  ...ii.in ant
,   i     ■ i". winch  will   ue      re-
fun.led  if  the iIgbti   ij.| Iled  lot
not  a .t  uot  othi
chain able output,  of tl
rate of live cents por  ton.
The peii*
fiii'iiu-h I.ln*  Agent Wll m
ii.,Minting (. :  the inii *; tant 11    ol
merchantable soat mit *
royalty  thereon,   il  < b	
lights are n< t  being opeiated,    such
returns should  be  lurnlshed    il
once, a year.
The lease <■ 11 Include thi
Ing   right*   only,   but   lhe   losses     m*iy
be permitted to    i trcbaae whatever
available eurface rights may
sldered neoeisary for the working ol
tbe mme at. the rate ol    $10.00    an
Jfor full    Information    applli al loo
should be ijiadi* to the Secretary   of
the Heparin I ul llu Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub Agent
ol Dominion   Lauds.
W.   W,   CORY,
Deputy MimHier ol the Interior,
N.n    Unauthorised  publication    ol
thin advri tiHciueiil will not be paid
ttovoletoko Land District,
Dlstriot of West Kooteuay.
Ta:iu notice that Adciai.l S. Blondln, ol Halcyon, tl, C, occupation
shipwright, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following
described  land:
Commencing at a post, planted 20
ehains south uud 20 ciiains west, ol
lhc gouth-oast coiner ol Lot 7072;
thonce south 111 chains, theuco west
211 chains, thenco uorth 10 chains,
theuco cast 20 chains more or lms to
point of commencement, and contain
ing eighty acres, mora or less.
Dated March  llth,  1012.
Adelard B. Blondln.
Hugh  Pattlnson,  Agent.
Revelstoke Lund District,
Dlstriot ol  W'est  Kootenay
Take notice   that   l.ana   A.   Illonl.n,
of Halcyon,   It.   C,  occupation   mar -
fied woman,  intends to npl'ly -oi I ci
mission   to     purchase the loUowlug
described  land:
I'onimcucing at a post- plauted on
the South Boundary sixty ehains went
of tho south-east corner ol Lot 71112;
thenco south 2ii ehuins, thencc cist
in chains, thonce north 21) chains,
to said south boundary of Lot 7072
thenoe west along said boundary 411
chnins moro or less to point of commencement, containing Kll ucres n.oro
or  loss
Hated  March   llth,   1912.
Lana A. Blondln,
Hugh Patinson, Agent
R. Z.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for   Flexitime   Electric
Reuhleriee Por. Srd St. anil Robson a.i
Shop iu Alley back of R, J, Hon: lie's
Store, l-'irst Street
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnsught  Ave.   -   Rovolstoke
Corporation if lhe City
of Hevelstoke
*..en   that
it is absolutely  necessary  that    ills-
nature  be rc-
McLean,  Oity  Medical
Health Officer or other     pl.
aa soon as known.    Failure to do this
rd' r.
I)   A    LAW -"'■
City Clerk.
New Lightning Method
Oil Painting P ilnted Walla
Cleaned like new.
Kevelstoke, B < .
No,    21,    ROYAL    TEMPLARS    Ol'
Moots   every   -inl   ai.,1    illi   Thiirsilayii
ni     Oddlellows    l-l...I,   al. B  o cloci*..
Visiting  Templars me  cordially   invited to attend.
W,  !■:. MUNSON, S. 0.
A.  I). TOURNEH.  It.  S.
ANL 1'lNKllAM,
Barristers,  Solicitors, Etc.
Imperial Dank Uuilaiug Revel"
stoke, li. O.
MoLoy t.o Loan.
Olllces—Rovelstoke,    B,   O.,     and
Craubrook.,  i.. O.
Coo. H. McCartor,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Rovelstoke, Ciautn ook
Provlnolal  Laud   Suvoyor,
Mining Surveyor,
W .      11 .      W A L L A U 11
a ii c ii rr E c T
P. O. liox  llll,  Hevolstoko, B.C.
Rovolstoke,  B.   0.
Dominion and  B.  0.  Land  Surveyor.
KOOTENAY.    LODGE,  No.  ',5 A.   V
and A. M.
liegular meetings aro hold iu MAS
U.NIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on tho Third Monduy in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcome.
Vi.  THOMSON,   Vi. M.
W. B.  ROBERTSON, Bocrotr.ry.
COURT      MT.      BEQBIB,    No.   S161.
OF 1.  O.  K.
Meets iu 1. O.   O.  V. Hall next    to
Tapping's Opera  Houso evory  second
and fourth  Monday  iu mouth.   Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, 0. R.
WM.  S.  CAMERON,   Hec.-Sec.
0. w. o. VV.
Mountain View Camp, No. 'i'it.
Meets Second    and     Fourth  Wednes
days    in  eaeh  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen  arc
cordially invited to attend
A.  .1.  WOODLAND,  Con*  Com
SELKIRK     LODGE Vi,  1.  O.  O.  V,
Meots every     Thursday evening   in
Selkirk  Hall at 8 o'clock.      Visiting
brethren cordially  invited.
11.    SIEGFRIED,   N.  G.
JAS.  MATHIE,   Secretary.
GOLD RANGE LODGE.      K.  of    P..
NO.  2fi.  REVELSTOKE,  B.   O.
Meets every  Wednesday  except   the
Third  Wednesday ol each  month      In
oddfellows' Hall at  8 o'clock.  Visiting Knights are cordially  invited.
G. H. BROCK. K. of R. Sc B.
M. of K.
li win pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
I'm- Bayer and Exporter
Galena Uny lands in parcels of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Corres-
pondence invited.
John Shaw. Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P.O.Box 31, Revelstoke
Sewing Machines
A nice new Btock of Singer and Wheeler Wilion Sewing Machines
For Stle or Hire
... the month at Manning's,
All kiruiH 'if machine needles
H. MANNING,   A^ent.
Old Town,
itoke, B, I
hffore btlj mm wnir i.iii
:,.    ,,f   **...il in,*    i lotlK ■
foi the baeli.   i meke «
.,'■, nl Im
Shoe*., I'miii     **   Shirt
Blankets utirl .-■ et ytlilnK
I M.,,,iniiNiii business,
ShiMb Gure
(iinckly itotm conghn, cnri-t colij". hcnW.
Ui* Uuontand lunfs. •
Transfer      Dniyitn;
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42  ■    Ni^ht Phone 85
Smoker's Supplies
The nlil ri'linliU* new lms tlio largest nml liesl line of Smokers'
Supplies ever in tlie I iiy, nnil oiir priees nre linlil* I'illy 1'iaiiils
ol cigars lo choose Iruui, I'rice Irom $1.U0 per box up; uol niiule
Ir.^iii scrap either.
Meerschaum Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
iim  i.i,,.*1;   ,,(  Cnlutinsli   Pipes is suinll on  nccounl ol the
crop being n failure iliis yenr and iiualitv poor,
Iiri.ii Pipes in eases from .'i'l i"1 up.
Ask im the liiiiioiis 11. I>. 13. lm.n.l. Uvery pipe is guaranteed.
Cignr nnd Cignrelte Holders, t'.iscs und Lighters, I'oiielics,
Ash 'I'm*. • iml Pipe llaeks. Tell us whnl you wunt mnl we will
suit you. ll you rutinot culll phone 37 mid goods will bc sent to
your lu'tne ioi ii pi rovul.    Buy early while stock is complete.
's Cigar Store
Everybody knows him, lie will
tell you that the whiskeys we are
silling are lbe best. Cull and be
convinced. No household should
be without a supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frupln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
SO years old or Blaokborry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Ourstook
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled, Sold by all
tbe leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers iu.il Dealers in Furo Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
of Mac
D. GaUicano, Second Street
SIR EDMUND WA\.KER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRC, Genehal Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, ■   $8,000,000
With its larpe number of branches, apents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to efTcct collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
!90(i 1911
CapiUil        ....       * 3,000,000 8 4,000,000
Reserve 3,000.000 4,600,000
Deposits       ....        23,677,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments        -     27.4.r>7,0!io 38,854,801
Total Assets        -       -       -        33,090,192 48,237,284,
Has 83 Branches in Canada, end /Tents and Correspondents In all
tho Principal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourront rate.
Revelatoke Branch, w   h. PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors Anli-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is iillinK a lonp fell want and its water-
proof qualities are standing the test.
Wc carry a full line of the famous l'ene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoo Repairers,
Harness Makers
Blectric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol. ■'"■.*• r,.
1 i" it**! pi ip-ar l-sa        ■   ■ ih
\   ' 'IM   .11.   I   \|l, llll *. 1*1*     I*'      , *
renkiMil nwitr'1 »i ontff.    Phntpimn-ni   ■ .,
! ntkt vnu I new mnn.   Price Iflft box. ortwo Ioi
„ ll.   HlllM to anv nl't"">   TheScobcllUitu
ti cent*     to„*t.CMIi*rlnti, Out,
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
K. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
-\ SATURDAY, APRIL 27th, 1012
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. S- J*ume a Co.. limited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
New Lawn Wash
The finest line we have yet .shown.    All the new   ideas
in nhort set-in sleeves, low round eut and Dutih"
necks.     Lovely   line   materials  in  these
waists.    Trimming are really superior.
at $2.50 to $7.50
New Lot of Wash Underskirts
In Perca'es and Gingnams.    Certain to wash  and   not
too much trouble to keep in  eondition as  the
white skirt
at each $1.00
Another Clearing lot ol these
Chrystal Silks
Regular 25c. and 75c. goods
Goon Sale  THURSDAY at per Yard 25c.
Babies' Dresses
Did you see the lovely little dresses? Snowy White
Muslins fur Babies and 1-year olds. ?2 to $4 ones at
half price.    You can get some nice ones for $1.00
Wash Dresses
A great showing this week of Ladies' and Misses'
Wash Dresses, ready to put on, some beautiful creations, a Spring garden of colors, and in any size, from
$1.50 to $16
New Und
F-r Ladies and Children.    Fine knitted   cotton   undergarments, cool and light.    Just a   little  early
for these yet, but better pick yours while
the assortment i.s good
at prices 15c. to $1.00
A Clearing of a lol of old
Silks and Satins
Short lengths from 3 to to yards.    Thev arc ;sc.
and 85c,  goods
Go on Sale THURSDAY at per yard 50c.
Child's Rompers in good   range   of
colors, all sizes at each 50c.
Groceries and Crockery Department
Jellies and Gelatine
Make your own Gelatines and Jellies. This
fine weather you don't want to bc at bome cooking
all the time. For one of the best dishes for dessert
use Jellies and Gelatine,—absolutely pure, sure in
results—quick in attainment.
Three Packages of Jeliies for 25c.
Gelatine, 15c. per Package
Silver Policies
Have you tried any of our WONDFR
SHINE. One of the best Silver and Xicklc
Polishes on the market. No rubbing. No wear.
Removes tarnish instantly. Price, 25c. per pkg.
Also a large stock of Matchless Silver Polish in
paste at
25c. and $1 Per Bottle
and Electro Silicon at 3 for 50c.
Green Onions, Lettuce. Celery,
Cauliflower, Ripe Tomatoes, Rhubarb, Cabbage, Oranges, Bananas,
Lemons and Grape Fruit arriving
Food That Serves the Appetite
The brands wc carry are the best and an appetizing and health-giving food, carefully selected
fish, and always uniformly pure, sweet and well
packed In pure oil. King Oscar, Sea Queen,
Crosse & BItck wel Is, Crossed Fish, Golden Rule
and Troidec.    tict your stock now.
Seeds of All Kinds
How about your garden ? Have you started
planting vet'. If you have, you cannot afford to
pass us up without seeing the quality and price of
TESTED SEEDS. Not only high grade Garden
Seeds, but finest pedigree FARM SEEDS as well.
Don't Leave Your Ordering Too Late
Pork and Beans
Another suggestion for your lunch. Pork
and Beans will save you a lot of time in your daily
housework, give you more time to be out in the
fresh air with your child, and more time to attend
to other duties. A delightful, nourishing food,
propcrlv cooked and easy to digest. Only a few
minutes time to cook.    In sanitan Jars, at
IOc,  15c. and 25c.
Regal Shoes for Men
The first season's output from the new Canadian factory arc now in stock. Absolutely the
newest lasts and leathers shown throughout the
Eastern Shoe centres, and at prices which will
astonish you. The new factory will save you from
ONE DOLLAR to TWO DOLLARS on every pair
of Regais you buy. Take a glance at our Show
window; s-^e the new styles and the class of leather
used in Regal Shoes; then come in and we will
convince you that our prices will give you better
shoes than you ever had before at similar prices.
TAN BOOTS are being worn more extensively
this season than for years. Ask for the new Gun
Metal Tan.
Men's Goodyear Welt Boot The new bump toe,
medium weight, antl heel. An attractive, serviceable boot, in either black velour. calf or gun metal.
 Price   $5.00
Men's Swell Last   Either in chocolate, vici kid,
or heavy bleck calf with waterproof insert above
the sole.   A last which fits any foot	
  Price—$5.50 and $6.00
Men's Roundup Last—The last word in high toes,
medium heel, Goodyear welt sole. Either in velour
calf or gun metal, tan	
 Prices, $4.50 and $5
Men's Belmont Last-A straight last, with a full
easy-fitting toe, heavy sole, medium heel, built for
service and comfort.   Either black or tan calf	
You can't afford to pass them up. Fhey are
built on regular Oxford lasts and will not slip'at
the heel. They come in quarter sizes, insuring you
a perfect fit.
Thc Round Up Last—It has proved such a success in the high cuts that it cannot fail to appeal to
ihe good dresser in Oxfords. High toe, medium
heels; either in medium or heavy soles. We can
supply you in black calf, patent leathers, or gun
metal tan*   Just a glance at the shoes will convince
you how good are the prices	
 $4.50 and $5.00 per Pair
The Nob Last—A particularly easy fitting high
toe model, not so extreme as the Round-Up, but
with more room.   In Cresco tan only.   Price—$5.50
The Boston Last A medium shape with medium
weight sole. Comes in black calf only and we consider it the best value shown, at $4.00
The Bump Last Medium heel and toe. Dressy
and comfortable. Comes in gun metal tan and
black velour calf    Price—$5 per Pair
-he Climax Last—An extremely new one.    Just
he thing for warm,  Summer  weaikor.   Tan gun
metal only         _        Price-Si.OO per pair
Our full line of Spring Window Curtains have just
arrived and wc ate in a position to supply your every
want, whether it is in Muslin, Madras, white or colors;
nett, white or ecru, or lace. We can furnish these either
by lhc pair made up, or by thc yard widths. These goods
arc direct importations from the Old Country manufacturers, and thus we arc enabled to quote you prices
whicli will discount anything you have hitherto been
Inlaid and Printed Linoleum
lush arrivals from Scotland; a complete line o(
inlaid and printed goods in absolutely new patterns. You
can't afford to miss seeing these before buying. We
guarantee lo cut these and lay them to your entire satisfaction.
Wc arc putting on sale to-day, (Wednesday), our
full line of Union Rugs and Tapestries. These were
extra good values at thc Regular Price; now you can't
afford to pass them up. Right near thc Millinery Department; after you have seen the Hats, take a look at
thc Rugs. BAtCRDAY,   AT'KII. 27th,  1 'H2
SATURDAY, APHIL 27tli, 19i3
Ladies' Spring Mantles
Thi se  are   ihis
Only   live   lefl
Price $S. 50. Reg
$12 50.
year's  importation,
Regular .1 iS.    Sale
$ !0 00; Sale Price
Ladies' Spring Costumes
Reg. $37.   Sale Price, $21.50.
$22.50.    Sale 1'iii e, $16,
Children's Wash Dresses
$1, and $1.25.      Special value.
Ladies' Wash Dresses
New American goods. Prices Irom
|>2 50, $ 1 und 7 00 oaeh, just to hand
by express.
Sec t )ur Table at ioc
value at imirli more.
per yard.  Reg
Hosiery for Ladies
Ladies'  Black,  Fast  Dye,
Cotton Hose, 15c. per pair.
Will Carry Boats
workors In mmiy Industries were roa-
dj t.i listen io tha extreme proposals
tflsney, pasiutigor agent jt'iat Mr, Mann camo to advocate ami
tho troublous times that hava follow
oil since last summc wero tbo nabur
nl result ol litis period ol hard work
cn the part ct the zealots iu question
Mr. A. I' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ol the North Pacific Coast, has jns-t
iMieiveil n telegram Irom the New
York office of his Co., whioh states
that all ut tlie lino ol his company
will hereafter he equipped with boat
or life raft capacity sufflolenl tor ev
eiy suul on hoard. This applies to
the following lines, whieh are
represented In Revelstoke by Mr. A,
0, Brooker,   Tho LlnoB ure ns follows
American Line, Atlantic Transport
iiui1. Dominion lino, Loyland line,
Iteil  Star  line,   Wl    Star  line,     ami
j White star Dominion line.
Extradition Ordered
New York. April 24- Alter examination   irf   lhe  I'Viileuee  in   lhe  ease    of
John McNamara, alias "Australian
Maok," wanted hy the Oanadian authorities fur burglary at Now Weal
minster, United States Commissioner
Shields today held the prisoner tor
extradition t < • Canada. McNamara
was charged with having burglarlaod
a garage and stolon au automobile
use,i Uy H gang "I crooks whn in Sop
tember last plundered the vaults of
the New Westminster branch of tho
Hank of Montreal and secured 1241,-
000. MoNamara Bought to establish
an  alibi.
Additional Business tocals
The 1.1.1,
.:    tie   Iln
a  trip tn
WI'.'K.    Hi'
Music   by Oity
Mi. ll   \. I.n.i son and Miss Lawson
*..   ■  tin ik *l   Irom  a  v Isit   tn  \ Ic
■  ria
Supt. C. V Lindmark,
minion Saw nulls made
Taft anl Thn..' Valley th
is expected home today.
Don't  lorge-1 -tlu* I.O.F.  "at liom i"
*   thc ..p.*ra  house  Monday evening,
'iie  29th   inst,   at   s 30  p.m
March   si    I   o'clock.
Band. ■	
Mountain  Vi< x < amp.  W.O.W., here
by   tenders  appreciative  thanks     to
th isi   wbo kindly  contributed to thc
program at tin*;.* .it home Wednesday I
evening  last.
By a    typographical    error In our
...st   .ssue   it      was      staled   that   the
li..ar.1. ol Trade wns to hold a meet
ing on Thursday,     April     iir.tli Inst.;
This should  have  read   the  Hand      ot
in the Baptist church on Sunday
next, the pastor, Rev. K. ,1. I'lu.-c.
will Bpeak on the following subjects:
Moroing, "Miracles"; evening, "A
New Lite Determination." A cord
ial welcome extended.
As tin* time hns arrived when you must tlo your seeding, vve wish
t.i <lr.iv, \ om attention to tbe luet that our seeds arc all freslianil
new siock not im\ ..1.1 one* lefl lo-duff off. i >ur union s<*t*. are
the Inst, cither the Dutch Su or tbe Multipliers.
FLOUR AND FEED We havi just unloaded one car of purity
I-'lour, One Cur ol No. 1 Tiniollii Hay, Due Car lfeccl, including Oats, whole or crushed, Wheat, Parley, Corn, Bran, Shorts
nud Chops. If you require anj of these, let us quote you prices,
We Can Save You Money.
MacKenzie Avenue
These pens fully guaranteed lo ho
solid II karat, eall and Inspect, nt
Bews' drug store.
'fry   one   of   1'inbyn's  speeial   dishes
of u'e cream called t.he "Carpathian-'
Fountain Venn, see our Ihk display
at Hews' tlriin j-tore. .'.ny pen lor
"Wiihoui. a lu'er us solo organist
in the country."—Courier, Brantford,
Ont. Methodist. church, Siilurdny,
Wni   Ith.
These pons fully guaranteed to be
11 karat, cull and inspect, at Hews'
drug stole.
We have all heard ahout the famous Boxing Kangaroo, but Mr. iliil
ord, physical director of the Y.M.C.
\ . .- also a confirmed believer in the
pugilistic ability   of   a   lighting  .leet.
(ir.  Monday   I ist  at   > a.m.,   it  the
church ui St.  Francis of AssUi,  Requiem  High   Mass  was  given  by  the
pastor,    Rev.    Father  M K .leie. for
souls ot those   v. I...
the terrible dtsastsi ..'.   I nan church,    Mrs.  H.  W. Mti
You Who Are Constantly Travelling
What Protection Have Vou in Case of ACCIDENT By Sea or Land ?
Drop in and we will explain out Improved Gold Botul
Accident r<>b»-v. double liability, onh costing J&Oa yeav,
$5,U00 on life .uul frlO.OW double liability, paying (J5.UU
week 1 j indemnity.
Remember tlie dance in the   opera     Mr. dim Lawrence    son of   w.  M
bouse on May 2ist. by the    i.alies'  Lawrence, returned home fiom     Mc
Hill Uni vei iiy last night.
Auiillarj   to tlie  B.  of  I.,   I*:
Mr. .lohn Munro, of Kirkfli
arrived  in  tin* eity  tins  morning  t..
visit  bis daughter  Mrs.   ti    Sec
ond Btreet.
Major     General    A     *t    lUotiharl
Deputy   Supreme  L'hancell f    tb«
Knights of  Pythias,  will
lodge uu ollicial   visit  on  IVedn
veulng,  May  1st.
On  Sunday  evening  in  the I'r.
met   denth   In   tli
the "Titanic."
"Mr. Firth bas received the recog
lotion of thf musical  world,  both In
Italy and America, and ranks as one
;reatest  baritones   »■  well n-
i composer ..(     in Press,
London,     i mt     M* I *reh.  on
Ma)  tth.
Don't   fail  to  heal    Flancis  !■' tti.
the • .1,1
v    will give .i song an
will   Blng   the  solo,      Neu. .ng,   May   tth.    Mr.   Jurdan   was  ssl -
■., Thee "   Th
tress will '       I- Ufi   i Trag , .       ,n Kx
^_^^^_^^_^_^^_^^^^_^_ pos.t od
__\ l.-t.ify
The performance given Iiy tbo Toi
. Dto Glee Club i i   Wedi esday evening
Vpril 24th,  in tbe    Empress theatre
,;.*.. rtoke,  was
MacDonald,      tba
'/iirt> ,hree bour8i „, il,,,i., Mhelaure in au automobile *■:        y ford"; aotbem    Tarry^M
"■I,.,  --« musical,    vocal   ions powei   In
-    The    pro     that   prospet I
. ,      . i   th,* entire     Win ■
'-"'•"n   ' I'he   peoph
.jt   „..^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m\
„,,, .... .    . • ..   mtertalnmont
in \iow ol the activities of the I.
WAV. in this province it is interesting to read ill the London Standard
that that organization is suspected
of fomenting tbe labor interest in
Greal   Britain.
The Standard stales: People are ask
im; what is Syndicalism and who
are behind It? The answer bo the
lirst question is thai Syndicalism is
a By torn whieh aims al gathering all
trade union- an.let one head, so that
by a general strik? or a series of
BUCll strike.-, the whole of the profits
of Industry may become the property
of the workers. The answer to the
Becond question Is thai although tbe
name "Syndicalism" has lieen hor -
rowe.l from Prance, the real force lie
bind the Syndicalist agitation in this
Country   is  a   body  called   the   Indus -
trial Workers of the World, or    the
"I.WAV."   as   it   is   known   to      mem
This organization was formed about,
ten   years   aeo   in   lhe   United   States,
I.y   M.   He 1 n  and   a   numlier of other extreme disciples of    Karl Marx,
its object was to glvo Immediate ei
feet to the Socialist     teachings    oil
Marx  by  organizing the  workers     of
the world into one great union whicli ,
would  seek   to  overthrow  the  present
system by means of a general strike. I
A- a means towards its end the foun I
.bt- advocated lbe break-up ol tlle
•listing "craft" unions in eaeb country into one union based on class
Interest rather than craft or trade
.rn .rest. In due course these national unions were to be linked up with
the kindred organizations in othei
forming the "Industrial Woik
ers ol ti..* Woi Id " The organisation
■-.•eks in th.* main to promote     th'
il  -in   I.y  in...ins    of    a
.1  Btrike which we now know as
i   nve  years ago eflorts    were
Ml.I'l* I    foi,til,llll    ;;|   tlle   I'll
- lorn, and large quanl Ittes
tei  • published in   Chicago,
iai ters ol the organ-
i .-  *Miciii.it. I I,road, ast
imoni - iterested
ittl .M*t ■*!  I.,    ts
ing  in* ii Cull
Tenders will be received by the undersigned lor the erection ol an extension to RogOl'B I'ass Hoarding
House and a new Station Building at
Twin Butte, 'renders will be received up to Vi o'clock noon, May ith.
C.P.H. Resident Engineer,
Kevelstoke,   B,  0.
Ml Knights of Pythias are requested to attend Lodge Me.imt; on Wednesday evening, May 1st, to receive
Deputy Supreme Chancellor, Major
lieneral A. .1. Stobbart, All mem
i is of ih,*. Uniform Rank aro urgently requested lo bo present. Visiting
brothers cordially Invited.
11.  W. Garland.  0. I'.
G.  11.  Brook, K.of U.S.
Builihnc; Material
Wo have a most complete line of one, two, or three Ply
Roofing Paper, Building and Tar l'aper and Tar.   •
Which we have recently taken the agency for arc highly rec-
ommended by our local painters to cover more surface to the
gallon and wear longer I han tiny other paint on the
on the market.
The following are the different kinds wo carry in sizes
from half pint to 1 gallon canB!—Minerva Puro Prepared Paint,
Minervalac, Minerva Art and Craft Stain, Minerva Interior
Floor Paint, Minerva Barn Roof antl Bridge Paint, Minerva
Porch Paint, Minerva Hard Oil Varnish, Minerva Ploor Wax
make the finest dressing i'or polished floors.
Have you tried our "Silkstone" Hat wall color, it has a
finish as hard as stone and as smooth as silk and the surface
can be washed free from dirt without affecting thc color.
We slock a complete line of Poultry Netting in till sizes
from lil inches to Tl Inches and in mesh from a half inch to 2
inches, also Lawn, Field and Barbed Wire Fencing.
Garden Tools of all kinds, Tree 1'runers, Sprays, Rakes,
Hoes, Shovels, Forks, etc.
We have jusi received a complete line of high grade Sporting Goods at the lowest possible prices.
See our Lally Special Lacrosse Sticks, the best ever put
up, extra heavy guard and clock cord, and one combining
strength and lightness.
Our line of Baseballs, Cloves, Mitts, Heel and Toe Plates,
Bats, etc., cannot be equalled anywhere for quality and price.
You will "strike" it right off if you come to us for your
Baseball and Spoiling Goods.
Our "Special" League Bat will score a "home run" in
any ^amo.
We do not "pitch" stuff at our customers, but treat politely those who come in to look tit our (roods whether they
buy or not.   Come in and have a "business innings" with us.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Howson Block
ROOMS 'I'n  RENT—Suitable for mar
tied couple, iu- single,     uni,. p, <i.
Box 651,   Hevelstoke.  It.  I'.
WANTED   An     experienced     gcnarul
housemaid, must be plain cook. No
Washing, Wages twenty live dollars
per mouth.   Apply Mrs. 0. B.Hume
I'OR BALE—Rhode Island Reds, and
White Leghorn bens, also day old
chicks.   Apply to .1, A. Morgan, 1'.
II.  Box :'^7,   KevilKtoke,  H.  0.
Dr. J. C. Morrison
l'ost Graduate ( liicngu University
Specialty   All   Porcelain   and
Cast crown Bridge Work
Cor. Granville and Robson Sis.
V.ni.i.in ii
i iver Harrison's Drug Store
Phone Soy   5-2J8
"Johnson-Jeffries Fight"
6,000 I'eel of the I'ight from Start io Finish,
Sec all the Old aud New 1'ighlcrs.
Popular Prices,   -   35c, 25c. and 15c
May Gth—Toronto Ladies' Quartette- Prices   *j|
$1.00, 75c, and 50c.
■Jillii—■■■■■ HfidE
program  of  merit , stoke  Meat   Market mad
Mr   il   Ruthven  trip t.. tie   w
talented  concert irdn5   Mr   u"r'
well  Blled  hoiiM n  nud.   tl,.*  inp from  Holden     to   mt.   Morning subject     "The   Scarlet
1 *        a     .-    ol th     1  *.'■ *
* vs, bei i *ii ti.  s«t
- •   ;: i r e vi
;5th,   '*.i-    .   :.   .'■'   - II Ce* ■     .iri       viry '
*-l   ., ; irg ra ei  ol the
. ib •■■ esent   In I
• dibk ' ■  ''"!  ■
m, of * i  ■
-t   It    U.   -NfCi'
'.to    '   ■
sere   pai   At
■  ..'.       :■   *    * mi   ■
I ipi-nt     I
Howl Han   I  I    "*
i.or: i n I
• nterta nm.-nt
-ui i et   wai !    y  Mr.  ItniehPlw
iture ahead of My Faith Look* up to TW."
„,t   ,. .*. famous   ■  ' Hr. thm    1*.
in  is nn  ent
.ituie ,.i tin- fflndermet
Thuii<ua»   there  was   i  meeting     of
Saw Bodies in iceberg
he joint committees   ol   re|
■  •
OM     Ui.uu'cnicii'
* *
..(,..it   on  lhc  fnnn it
.•nt      ,t'.-i ••      •
to sink the Tits
■ui excellent' '   '   '• "    ""'   proVtn" nottth  "'
tert,  Including Hon. H   B ti
Hi i,   v. h   Ross ami     ii* ■
M  ,,,,11 Ige er«  on  nnd evidently  [r..wn
ll    ■«,' .    I l.'tlt     Inl
ind   Arm.in    ''■        ! '.'"r,_    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
•   I  i   ii,..',.- The steamer did
talnment  with ,--.**•     i lered i   good   form     '  eatei aim I   i .■■   lisctwi
.* i  M.it  ii..tlm,!•   > .»   i I. i upun
in 1 Labor
tntry,  including
t   Uuskin
* *t:..i* I.T: ■   ■   men
*f ex*
:. the
.    ,t   ilili'*   conn •
'*.    *    *     Mi   *l   '
.    | eopl •
.*    to
■   mine  in
cal Ism    is
11,   meal
■   ■
BEWS' mirx; stork
To Storu Wiih
Moth Balls
Cedar Flakes
Lavendar Flakes ,yourfUrS (\ W(>
Camphor Flakes !
Moth H.i;*- and i .uni i nmphot
Household Ammonia, (Qusrl Bottle) 	
per ^^^^^^^^^^^^|
KARLY r»BOROfAN, «nh L,'<>)fl mul illvtr hevtltcri edge, 1'rciirti
hurripr, in white and ifntcil |Hiperi<
1 bews THE REXALL STORE bews
Smart Clothing for Eastertide
!,i.  '   It idi
SpriiiN Sill
tlunlili .in one 'I..liar up
EASTER  NECKWEAR ill   the   lal.
ii. p,i..*. , I Ireen, I ■ »I"H
large i ngi toltavi   sn Idea ..I the  .linden and  patterns tbey
bnvr i" * li.....I* from
Fit-Reform Clolhing Slelr.nn Hah Foot-Rile Shoes
An Extra Good Buy!
We Have   SIXTEEN  LOTS   For Sale In
Inside the Mile and a Half Circle, only Four Blocks from Car Line and Sidewalks, adjoining the Properties owned by the C. N. R. and G. T. P. for yards
and shops. We cun show you by comparison of Prices in Moose Jaw
papers that these are a Positive Snap at
$1T5.00   EACH
One Quarter Down—Balance Over Eighteen Months
House on 25ft lot 3rd St. west $1000 Terms
House on 50ft lot 3rd St. east - $2650      "
House to Rent on Second St. West
House on 50ft lot 2nd St. east -    2800
House on 50ft lot Mckenzie Ave   4100      "
If you have a House to Rent, we can
Rent it for you.
E .G. FOLEY. Manager, MacKenzie Avenuo


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