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The Mail Herald May 11, 1910

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Vol. 16—No. 36
^/^iVKLSTOKF. B. C. MAY 11. 1910
$2.50 Per Year
Summer Goods
FOlik GDJir
Shooting Ceeb Results in Com-
(IiiiiI,- fin Iwin   ipp 'uiu I  lii'fcii'c    J.
Tenders 1st tor the New School
Building on Sixth Street
LAWN MOWERS AH the Best Makes,
from $4.50 to $10. They run like a
bicycle, cut like a razor. Grass
Catchers to fit.
REFRIGERATORS-White enamelled in-
side-$30 to $65. Cheaper Lines
from $12 Up.
the latest one out "The Wonder"
just a little better than anything yet
Garden Hose
We have the best ever sent to the
West. Ask to see our " Red Record" and
the "Green Peerless," every foot guaranteed. All the latest goods in Lawn
Shears, Garden Sprays, Pruning Shears.
Lawn Sprinklers.
ii ,-
•MI..M.-.II;        I).
ii.    Vi.  .Una-
Hodgson   Plumbing  .^   Heating    Co.
ul   Vancouver,  85,11511;   Lawrence   Hardware   Co.,   MI'i.'JHII.
Lawrence Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
\     special       llll)?tlug      uf   llii-  Sl'l I
I   II.  Jackson, -I.   I'., al   Iln- police . ..iut Uoiird   «'i     lll'lll  yestellliij   mi.uniii-   |.,
I im  'Iiiii'! iv night, i-hurgcd with    hool open and  Id   thi' IoihIits  Ioi'  llm I'i'cr
I  ini' with ,i -in vv .ili intent   In murder tii'"     nml hunting of llm new    ,rhool
!   Iliil."i i     Mall. surveyor In- ('.   I'. building   for  Uie city.
K.   Imi   ',   ,i     -.-ilin- lav.    Mil}    Till. I>-    II0W1OII   occupied    llll'     .llilil.    llll'
I                 A I LOSE  SI! WE. '""  l"""'(l  '"-''"B  Vi'e*en\.
fieri   llnll    lai.-.l     I ili l i'i  know   tli" 'I r\|ii:i;s I) 1'I"\ 1.1)
. ."   i'l.   I wa* "a Hi" i .  I'.  K.truck* 'ii,,. following  iiaiil'-i- f,
I on  Sn hi}   nil.-ni" n  Ik-i   ii-ar    T. utru-tion  work  were r
, Kightnii's house,  ivhiih i- just    n-.irth I'oolo  .\   I'riiiltlolini,
ol  Iritt'k, uul  tulking  i" (.'.   Ilolliind. McCarthy,     n|:i,iiiiii.iiii
. I *uw accused i-oniitig, staggering hamson, si I.~i:."i.i;ii.
wiili u gun in hi- hand, \ei u*od wus
shouting "u''i away," nnd waving his
arms. Holland then crossed tho
track. I wenl behind a wood pile at
the  rm ini-  of   Itighlou's   house,     -lu-l
then Godwin  lired  in,,.,   .1,,'  .11- of       A"  lhe  """l'"' '" """''l'"'
II," triu-k.    ked  -"'in.  he was  nf- QUESTION OF  I.KHAI.I IV
tor in.'.   A., iim,I iiH'i.ii I no names,      lf-   r« '"-'   l,"f,"v u" tlisc,,SH    ,h"
an.l   - ni'il  drunk.    I   miiii,'  from    In- "'" le,'s'  u"  lm,!"   '"'  '""a"'  lhM    we
[hind  tl„. I  a„-l   the ai'i-used  lifteil lmve  "  l"-''1  ri-1"   '" l'"11'1    ""    thia
gun  ngain.   Holland  wenl   up   lo   him ,'1'"M '"'"'   ™"  l:l" '  '" ri,.v  l''"l"'i'y.
and accused wenl  along  the truck  to- ''""' ll"' ,l"<1'''"' ™'>»0<  "-'' i'    arAen
wards the depot.   Accused was    about    ''">  llaVe ''"' '' Is "' '''
33 yards     from me when he lired.     I FOR SCHOOL I'l RPOSES
had  an denlings  wiih  the incused    al       '■   Vo'ing:   A   r lution  was  passed
all before. bi  lhe city council in  1(105, moved by
I'll. kill. THAT Ml Uilll.iitt AM-      Foote, and seconded    by    Aid.
T.   Righton  said:    I   live  in  u  shack ,'"lnld'   ,lml   ,lli"  l,l'"'k  '"' '"""-1"    '"'
just north    of the track.   I saw   Hall sU"" f'"' "'h""1  I""!"'-"-.  Aid.    Mi-
run   round   the  W Ished   and   heard   a ('alter  •'",l   l''"i"  ll"1   u"i'"-'
man    say    "there's   someone shooting      ''■   Edward*   Tli ,1 of this block
us."   Hall was only just  clenr as  tlie '" vested  '" l,,e ,ilv •'" ' ,l"1  '"    ''"'
gun was lired.    I  saw accused, put  an- "'h""'   h"'",i'  ""   '*   ''"'  ***'  "'     ''"'
other    cartridge in  the gtiii ami    take   l"' "' <''h""1 site.
on i.   Holland    then stopped  mm. N-    Abrahamson:   Things  are differ-
Accused said "I'll kill that Shardlow "   """'•  ''"' ",l" "' 'Ii""'1''  including
and went up the track.   The gun wad- Portions out.-i.1,- the city  limita.
were found in front of my house. The      p"  Edwards:   These     outside  | pie
fence picket,     exhibit  A. wo* lull    of   '"'" ,'lV'"1 live mi,ls  Il*' dollno ''"'
new  -Iml  holes  and  identilied  as  part s'1""'1     Purposes, and  the law allows
of Iii- fence by  Kightou.     SI}    house l1"' '">  '" llix ,l"'"1 ''"' interest    nnd
was  Bmothered  with  shot:  there were linking  fund  on   the  debentures.   The
none     there     before  this.   The shots »t'1,°o1  board for  IIM17 have, paid    for
nenr|v hit  Hall. ,l"' clearing  of block  W anyway.
Lacrosse and Lawn Tennis
Gotulsjin all tl e 1 cm makes.
Slozenger, etc.
Rubber Hose and Lawn
Mowers, Garden Sets, Garden Seeds, Flower Seeds.
In Hardware, Paints,
Stoves, Harness or any of
the numerous lines we cany,
our stock and prices will be
found up-to-date.
Crooories   Hardware
I-'.   Ifiiiiii-iiii  -aid:   1  live jus!   north
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hove recently been completed under which   lhe  branch**
of this Bank are able tu issue Drafts on the principal points
ln the following countries:
Austria-Hungary    Finland
Egypt Icelu.i
Faroe Island India
Ireland Russia
Formosa                       Italy Servia
France                          japan Siam
Fr'ch Cochin-China   Java South Africa
Germany                      Manchuria ■    * Snail.-, Settlei
Great Britain              Mexico Sweden
Greece                          Norway Switzerland
Holland                        Persia Turkey
Phillipine Islands    West indies i
Rouinania and elsewhere
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Olfice—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches «r Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agente in Great Britain anil United States-London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, Sanfran-
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane-Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of *1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch    A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Watch Revelstoke Grow
Fruit and Vegetables
When Everyone Uses
P. Burns & Co.'s Fertilizer
Try a Sack of It For Your Lawn
I-'.    Young:   We    cau't alter    things
ol the    C. I*. K.  track.   I know    the """•   ""' l,eoPle have v"''"1 the "lo"'
accused and live near him.   I    ».,- nl ''>  ''"' ''"' s,'l'°"1 aMfl "'"''' '' built °"
!• i- house with Shardlow on Thin-lay sivlh street-
l.-i-i.  Ihere was  some  trouble lietween l(-  'l'nPP'nK;   Vet, and look    at   the
them there.   On Baturdu.\   afternoon  I w*"'- ';l"i"'1 "nl-v ''>' ■> '"'  "'  '-""'■
mi'l  Shardlow and we started out for   •u,,  ' '-1"'-'   Tl"'lv :- » '"'  nt <liir'
the range.   Accused had a gun in his ''n'""' '"''"''"i legal and moral rights,
hand and began abusiug and threaten- l:-  |:,I"'"'U:   ft is the legal    rights
ing lo shool Shardlow.   Accused    had which """'''"i "-■
I n  drinking.   Shardlow   and   I   wenl Fl KM  I'll.I. HI Y l-.ND
up towards the range .nil .'.it    near R.  Tapping!   I  tlo not  approve    of
Long's Brewery when I heard a    shot tlii^. and want i" be on record that 1
'and turning ~a« acitmed with the gun. am  .-is.riiiii>t  putting up il«' school on
.Shardlow xaid he must report    this to 9th street,   It i- very wrong, and   we
:   the    police.   I     «a- 300 yards  away i>s men can't do what we know t" U'
wlii'ii the >liui wenl ..IT. wrong.   I     protest     against  it,    and
UNPROVOKED SHOOTINtl stand alone linn in m> convictions n>
II.  Shardlow said:   1  know accused,   a man ol     busii    We could easilj
and    was at lii^ house with Rennison build and pay for tin* school on block
on Thursday.   Accused was there too. 52 now.
I Innl tm trouble with him.   On Sat - E.      Edwards.   We    could    nol  buy
iit'ilaynfi,.nm,m     I     passed    accused's block "i-1 for less than 815,000 now.
bouse ami saw Bennison and    Stacks VOTE OF TllK PEOPLE
nml we all m.-iii  t" the range-   Accus- I-".  Voting:   There i- nn question  ns
ed .am il ..i his -hark  I- yar.l- off   m the \    I iliinli iiiiii  lhe cosl  of
with n gun (exhibit  Hi.   Accused call- the  new   school  i-  n little high,    but
ed ' vial  ''"ul  names,    saying: -   Mr.  MUler has r immended this type
"Yoo li   . .-..u  -   ni .-, I.   .  I'll    blow of building, which will be cheaper    in
your I     head off.   I  said    "I'm    the the long run,
S lown  ii  mighl   go off."   Accused \.   Abrahamson:   Where  i-  tlio  high
repeated  hi-  swearing,  he wai drunk, school  going, ii  will l>r a Ymn    Way
M>   companions  and  I  n ilked on and   lor some childre  walk if it i<    in
coming to Long's Rrewerj we stopped, the 0th sti-eel school building!
I    then    saw      accused    following me. R,  Howson:   Block    50 Was    liniiL'ht
I wanted to phoue the police Inn was for school pur|K>ses and cannol  bo limit  allowed  the phom   In   Mr,   Long. <k) for anything,olio.
I wenl up bank   u I Inj down, taking F, Voting:   Thai i- true.   Ai  I laid,
olT mi  white stra«   hat,   I saw nccus- I would like lo have won a less costly
1,1 go 'i- in   i-  lirann       I hei   henitl    ichool, but, if lhe | pie voted for it,
= ,n shot,   I  wenl   back  I • meel   Hall   I there i-  nothing else lo Iw done.
wii- '-'■" i nn-     from  Kightou's house Bl'lLDINO   I I Mill: i.Y.Y
"hel ''  """!    ' ,v" ,l1"-      I'.  Fdwnnls:   Vi. ,-   ,1   I  den
iil in   , very ilmltar maun r io Hall.   ,|„,.,   ,  ,m,0K h  [, UiUn|  ,,, .„„.,„,
"'"'  ' '"'',| '"'     lm     '       '      " I    ih.- lowest.
ili-1  n .'  hi I   no use I \
Summer Suits
We have a wide range of 1910 ratt?rns. m?n's and
youths'; Light Grey, Brown, Green and dark mixtures. Every suit cut from imported do h: stjU
strictly up-to-date, with fancy or pkin cuffs.
This is a good snappy line that pells regularly at
$20.000       OUR   PRICE--S15.00
McRae Mercantile Co., Limited
'"'  " ' " ' '"'   :" 'I"    i brer*   a,-  I,
""' " jhlj  capable
I     N ouiig    Vet,   .    m   know  all  tho
nil    I hui'-'l
M \n:i:i W. EVIDENi IC
"■ > -       -   it i-i I a- in    the
iin-t    of the on the    track.
I    ised wB*  lying down a- If hiding.   Bm|  Vollnff.   ,   I;.  T „,,„„      »
""' "'";,k '''" -""' ] -   !""»di   Abrahamson declined lo vote
 ,l""-    "f "■    x '"" |    li.  Tapping    aid   lie  did  nol   ol -
ea  threw  emptj   cartridge awaj   wlien   ,,, ,|„
I  found  the carl i Idge   i ex .
hil'ii  B) there    Whi - -i .-,'' used
said he wanted to   lion I SI irdlow the
l     l -In ini     I move that the tend-
I Foote i  l'i   ■ lolini bo a  icptod,
I     ^ oun      I        md thnl I ho mo
Hon    curried,   Foi     Me* i ■ Edward*
.in-1 m n-i -   '.:-i tint?   the    w "i I.
Iiiii  he wa- against lho whole mnttei
iii \ iim. i i:mh:ks
lii -i . ban e he go     H nol
iim     tender*  lor  the  ln'-'iiitiL'
planl  were in >t en up, the    board
;;:"'-     v.:"""i '"''•' ' M»   feeliuai ihai   this  ua.  -,  very Import
kill SI Saw    fcuco
Rl pitted    with
shot     Found       he f in  » id    (exhibit
i1        '     -   en , ■ iiiii    E),
Chief  Pan
Inl.l   hint
mn part "f    lho biiililing, nnd which
lioiild be done carefully,
r   Voting:   I  ii" i ■• lhal   the  lowosl
. ler,   hi ii  nf the Hodgson  Plumb -
nu  iV   Ih'.iiiii.   Co., of Vat  ouvor for
'"'     '   "v   - -   "   lhe   s",;.:,.:. u- a--- I.
'-■"""I,v "' ""' |   |     Kdw ml     I      ■  I tha
1   '     I li nrii.il        I,.,        M.-
Continucd en Page 8
t. Thi
mnii.,n carried. For: Messrs I'.il
v. ird . V'ouug, Abrahamson.  Not vot
iiiL'.  K. T.i|i|iiii^. bj   a   strong  «■ •
Tlie cheque*  of  the uu- --i"!   ten-      -.   tin    Irj
tbrcrs were nnleiwl  lo lie returnetl "- No    '     n   biifnili
A i lution wa* pa I,    moved by   I - m
Mr.   Edward*,    and  seconded  bj     Mi      lie I
\    ,    . ihai  the citj  l»- asked to put    preven     I   .
i  i m -r npeniufl    fi ■'      bo   thnt i v
new  ichool     biiililing,  the  i-  ■
pipe beini;   loo   im ill igain.
'I I nil  i- :    ,  ill ■    i n I ■
ol 'I iilitirlion    of thi ■      'i
,i ,n< i ■ '        ba
li   Tnppiup   ii-ii'l'-i- il his i ;-'- II
it .mini     ,,f iIn- Board of S b »
l'i a item .    lal ni :   thai   lie
fm-  the     be t  interests of t '
Kuni't'iilly.    I ho   ni.-ii tor  v I
lill  next   i hn-  in-'-- i      i  - -
\   I ,   i king  the    ity to put   il
iu   lho  arc   Iil'Ih   "' le  thi - :
,,„  Second    tree!  - losed  lhe mi cting.   iioui
if iVi i ||
I ivo    bush  flrci    ■ irted  on   Mond
i,,  ih.-     brush    Bltirtlny  tho C,   P.  R. ' v
ii m l,    within  tho cily limit .  in
-. ji inin   .a'  where Vi tpria  Ro id  runs of dai ■
I, -iu   lhal   and  Doti| lo I
lire was eniisod  h\   tparks from  p
trains     I ho lii-'  I'm
alioui  9 p,  in.,  nnd began  to    pi
i ill  ii   u;,    deemed  uoi es   ir     to  - all      5 -   -'
m      No,  I  I'm' brigade,  who   nth ki; .   ,     ■  v i     . i
extinguished  It. Thosnmo •'   nil \    M.t'.
10:30 o'i Ioi k  another blaze   itai led In I i to-
aa adjoining urea u( brush and fanned
Bush Fires
Challenoe ftccepted
'^^'^■'^■■l Page
WEDNESDAY, MAY  II,  llllll.
OOK!       LOOK        AND        READ!
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue prices, freight added, with
Winnipeg price   Weight   Freight   Total    Howson's Price delivered
Kitchen Chairs 50c. 101b.
Ki die; Cabinet $6.75 1501b.
Dining T;ible 10.55 1651b.
Dining Chairs 88c. 121b.
Dr.isser and Stand 8.95 1501b.
  1.25 1601b.
Bed 3.55 601b.
Bed 5.3'j 68U).
Dominion Spring 2.4-0 601b.
Child's Cot 5.10 751b.
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
23c.       73c.
$3 53     $10 72
3 87       14.42
3 52
1 59
6 94
\V.. tiniki' nur I'rnfii Kv shiiM'ii't.' in car loud Ini-, thfri'liy Having freight rules. Bring
nr-iliigiie lining ileM'rintiiiii nf other goods ti"' P|iKm(1p<1 in thin list to iMir Rlor<' nnil we
mil nrnvH ntir  tntemenis.    I'-iiieiiilii'i' we deliver goods and t-el up free from brenknge.
HOWSON    «S.    CO,
lte|idlr* ul iill kinds neatly carried  o-i
iiii-ji-ie met lum mirk aepeulalty
l-.sliiiiiueH nfven on any iiluss
of work.
Front     Street
1 £ KVELS1H )KK, 15. C.
Tlii! Power Contract
All.    Abrahamson    -nil  Ilie  lumber |)entlonl   lionki
used  Iiy  iIn- eontraetoi' ivtm ,-iill  lum- is  said      llinl
her,  nml  ,  uherens    the  upei'ilirations tha  I'niidevillo
called for Xo.  1  lumber. the     "tniKl"
'I'lie Mayor sniil  they eould nol  pun« houses.   The
iIn-  estimate  unless  ii   wnv. iinaniinous headed  li>   llle
igs   for   llllll II,   .'nnl   il
Sullii nn  \' i nnsidino .
ni ignates,   will    book
.il ii-.-utinn-     ul     iheir
independent produeers ,
SeliitbnrlK  nn I   hciblnr
as thej   lin!  not n full ■
Mil.  Ahrnhamson:   Wh
man   do?   Will   he   I -a-.,-  li
t here?
I     will   \e
\-  t'n.. iui,\   Ii.-im- more higli-elass    ut-
U'lli'tiollH   I,   nkeil      llll'llllgll   iln-   V.irlli
IVflSl   ill,iu   llu-   Kl.-iw   iV l'i luuji-r  svllili,-
I'llto, ami  llir warfare will lie an inter-
l    Mi.     Ilaffner:   lie mitsl  .1., so    iill   csiing me.   Tlicnlro patrons are pleos-
y   \\.   he  linisliea  the work     If you wish    in   ed   lo  see   lhe     independents  breaking
fiuve  ili,- contractor  to complete    the   into  the     Northwestern  field,    for    it
work  vnu iim do so.   We huve    done   moans more nnd bettor attraetions fnr
all  we '-milli  in see ii  done fight   ami   the ninitseineni   iceking public.
ihe contractor hn* done his best.
Aid.      Vbrahamson:   I  don't    agrei
A special meeting nf ihe City t'oun
,il    wa-    held    mi    Mond.iy.    I'resent
The   Mayor,  Alls.   M.-Kii   Cowan
Abt'iihunison,   Hew-.
Ahl. Cowan, chairmAn nl tli
&  I., committee, -aiil ihe meeting was
called  in consider making a  payment
in  Mr.    Y'wniun.    contractor, "ii    account  of ilu- power 'linn-
Mr.   llalTnei-.  nf  ilie engineering firm
nf  Smith.  Kerry  &  Chace,    was also "'"' >""'	
, Mr.     llu'■'. '!•:    n ilh   the    labor enn -
111   at ten liiliee. I .
, ,,       ,,i                             : i ..   l il,..,. lllllntis,   uni     freiLrllt    llnhl-uii-,   he   has
Ahl.    Abrahamson   cons'.dereJ tney ,.,,,.,
ii                  i.i-             .... 'I'l,., hail   an  up-hill   li|_ht.
shnulil  nnl   rush   this    matter. lhe ,   .,   .        ,   ,,
i     i ,                   ,; ;    ,   .... fr,..„ "      was    ileeuliv!   in  hnlil a     -i ,„
contrnct    had been unsatisfactory trntn
his poinl nf view from beginning tn
Ahl.     MeKinnon    said    the   810,	
cheque ihey held nf Mr. Newman's
was nn fault nf t hefts as it was ow-
ini.' I" Newman «S-- t'n. notputting up
their bonds. They Innl used Newman
& Co. better than thej had used ihe
city. Mr. Newman hud refused tn
sign lhe agreement drawn up by their
solicitor tn protect the city in enn -
nection with  the extension nl time nn
A 11 l!U A' II K AII, 11. ('.
Special  Attention given  tn  cotninercliti
iiit-ii   uiul   toll Istn,     I'Ti'sl-ehiHs   BUUiph
I luoniH. I'liie-i -eeiiery  in Uriiisli Cnlmn-
iila, overlooking Upper Arrow Lftke,
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Miniiifm Lur^ii for nil rtit!.-.nri «if   bnildiiiK*
for*Hil« In 1ar«0 Of mm till qtmntitUil
• nt lh* lowest l'rices for ' u-li.
Ml kU\d\'.i1 hnildiiiR ntid;i>lHiicriUR
Foote & Pradolini,
Wit and Humor
llnw- is your buy Fritz getting along
'eftl   in ilei Iloge?
Aeh!       He   is  halfback   ill   'ler  font-
team   nnd     all   the  way   buck     in
meeting    mi Tuesday    night  to
with the matter.
Aid.   Abrahamson   untUnl  ,,   written   ,
statement From iln  engineer, ..
BOWMAN Mil.I. Ill liN I'.i;. | "
I-".   I-'..  Sine,     managing-director    "f
ihe  Bowman  Lumber Co., waited    mi      "Look here, doctor, Imw much    are
ihe  council   in   regard   tn  th"    burner   >"" K°'ng lo ''hnrgo ine fnr this oper-
the    eity     required     fm-     ..     puhlii   otion?
safety.      Mr.  Sine  said  they  proposed      "(Hi,  you've  gol   enough   tn    worry
i.i _',-!   Ili gauge iron   Ifl    in   lift., anil    you   nnw.   «ill»iiil   facing  thai."
build il increscent  shape facing   south. 	
II.-  thought   thut  wn  el il,.  ih,
lhe contract. ""„         "How shall I break the news to   my
The   Mayor    Baid Aid. Cowan   had    "'."' parents    that    I    have   failed in    my
.. ,, In   Mr.   tfews:    li   ivnuhl un niini,   '.in   '
given  more a'teiil»on  to  this    mattei oxams?"
., ,     i        i it i ,   -.   i,- ''* '    anl   ne   JI      reel    hiL'h. a-     <>i    n
ihun   anvbndv  else ami  brniuiln   in Iih - ' ....     ,     ,  . .      ,, ..
'       ' ,, ,   , .        , space rn id uh wmil.l le. :!.-, ,,,  m        Merely   telegraph    them: hxamma
recommendatnon.      He wnnltil n    sot- .'
del before .Lev  went  further whether '"*■    "'^  ":"  bu,ners "" "'•■    """"
the required notice be waived in case pl,"l "'*-'"-'»™   and  K«»" ■   A
,    . . steel      Imr , i.     rick   lined  « .nt>l  cohI
of this meeting oi  not. ...,„.,        , ...
Ahl.     Hews    moved.   Ahl.   MeKinnon *'" '   ""'  ' W   ""   '  "" *  •'"''•
 inle-l.  that   .m.i-"  I aived. whe™*      "'"       bu.T   ""'    l""1 ''
•ould lv pin  up within  a niniith.
"Merely  telegraph    them:
linn over.     Nothing new I"
Aid. Abrahamson -ah! tin- wa- too
important a matter in lye rushed
through unless Mr. ( owun would
take all tin- responsibility, Mr Newman shnuhl have the n
was due to him.
Aid.      Cowan     said   Ihey    were  -till
holding back    86,  »1 in    ample
security fnr the city.
The motion i-- wBive '       ■   of meeting was   tli,.,,
Mr.   HafTner exp
ii i wn this i
rn- hail attempted  I
VI I     \1 i   : unison   said   llle  ritj     'lid
'-"•   « l'iii   anything  unreason il
Ahl.  MeKinnon said the « • iken
' is   -lue  i,i complaints  by  ritizens  as
mger     from      lire  an !■ i   existing
Mr    Sine      ■->-.. wer.'
i  ■ • i-
lone of  worrying  ab If ;
• -   ■ he   -;•-..   ,,, _   ■    ■
bill   the  water came up   u '     -■■-
gate-house    pier    The no  « u
completed  to   11"  leet,   ns
.--   it  l    ■:
Francfi:"° for ten
nt    ih.-    w,,rk    was dom
gate-house piers,   pillars
iiii,, •
aiel  w-,rk   ii.-! m   -lain.     I   •
-i.i i i -I       -
wa- entitled  to the (
I-i p.-r --"nt  I i be  held h
ever     further      ->    -:
'I'he  fill ng rf tl
ed.   Hi
temp- to  it
lake  it out I .   .
river   ;,,    om| I-
Newman     id told
thing hi
- ■   ■ .   ■ .:..-■■
I-        ,'      .■ M I
lid ,Mr.
- '
\   :    i .  .
Mi.   II ,-'■   ■
M dd  Vr.
not ncto/1 rpiiic righl
\    :      '-I   I.  ■ ',1    ..
. ;      ... ...
Ml II PI I--
'     ■
-.-.,.-■-. :    -
Ihem               eh
• ■ I   i... rid   ■
M'l.   1 'owi        . - - - ; il
lie  eit;     rili ilor     afi|
pi oposed  pa- nn nt in  ihi-
li. (acl  ihey had lo pay it.
- I
■ I
il    il
i              n
M .il
You  judge a pair of shoes
j  somewhat   by  the  way  they
I  iook   perhaps you jud;*e them
• hy the way they feel, but
' -t   ured that if they do nol
:"i.   - nfortable, the chances
are ten to one thai they will
If it fail
sor n
/.   if. ffuldrn
E.    G.    BURRIDGE
Tinsmithine, Repairs,   Hot   Air
Pipe and Furnace Work
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Splendid residences.
Suitable building Lots
Those interested will do well to call
anil sec us ln-fore deciding to buy.
You ran obtain fair rates for l'irc Insurance in reliable companies with Dominion Charters.
Call and get figures.
Money to Ivoan on Residential Property.
(Jor. Second St.and Mackenzie Ayenue
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Ciftare,Tobacco.
Meale 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Vegetable and Flower
Ornamental and Flowering
Best varieties of
Send for Catalogue
7Ht, Granville St.   P. O. Itox 1063
Vancouver, fi. C.
\\\ kimls [Reasonable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
Sun-in' tion Guaranteed
\i. '/.. CRAWFORD
l nr. 'I Inril Bt.   nml  RobfOn Avenue
'yeai  -
1   it     i.
,'     .   indo"
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
See Its "Artistic Arch"
Of all the 20 improvements of the clever-looking
Napoleon Shoe the feature which best pleases the
eye of the buyer is the Artistic Arch. Special lasts
are made for every pair of Napoleons—foot-sculptured
lasts—and inside there is a stout steel arch which
snugly holds the instep.
That free, athletic stride which marks
the man of action is not possible when the
arch support of the shoe fails in its function.
Showing the Napoleon Shoe is a
pleasure—whether you come to see or
to buy.
Sold everywhere in Canada, the
United States and Great Britain at the
same price—$5, $5.50 and $6.
Scotch  Whisky
A Genuine Highland Whisky.
There are hundreds of brands of so-called
"Scotch Whisky."
Many of these are not genuine.
For your health's sake, confine your choice
to standard brands; use a whfsky ot recognized
Watson's Whisky is one of these; distilled
in the Highlands of Scotland—the district
acknowledged to be the best in the world for
whisky distilling.
We age our Whisky in Sherry wood, and,
after careful blending, it is bottled in our warehouse and sealed with an adhesive capsule
bearing our name.
Every such bottle carries r/itb it our unqualified guarantee of purity and quality.
insist     on
"THREE STAR"—A niU. tWr.ugUy mitunJ Scotalk
"NO. IO"—A lull-koJi.J. richly ll.vor.J Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited  -  Dundee.
Superb Spring Suits
—suits that show their class in
every line and curve.
One, two and three button
styles — in single and double
breasted effects — created by
the greatest designer of high
grade garments in Canada.
These  are   the      tgp^
Suits we cordially   N   FIT-
invite   you   to
inspect. 12
Revelstoke,  D. C.
Page I
Notice in licrifiv given llmt nn <i|i|ili-
tntion will he made under Part V. nl
the "Water Act, 1900," tn obtain a
license in the Revelstoke Division <>l
West Kootenay District,
(a.)   The name, address nml  Upa-
tion ul the applicant, Jacob S. Wiens,
Nakusp, ll. ''.. iiuii grower ami vegetable gnrdoner,
(b.) The name i>f ihe lain., stream,
or source (if unnamed, the description
is) Little stream, unnamed, running
out nl small lake J nf mileea-l of said
(c.) The point nl diversion, '2l> roils
west nf ea.i end uf lm 2, sub-division
of lot 4274 Croup il).
(d.) Tho quantity ol water applied
for (in cubic feet per second) one cubic foot per second.
(e,) The character of the proposed
works: Taken with «t«id 'ivrizti.- Irom
tream to garden.
(t.) The premises on whioh the water is to be used, Lot 2, Subdivision
of Lot -l'J74 Group (1)  Kootenay.
te.)    The purposes  for which    the wa
ter is to be used,—irrigating vegetable
(h.) If for irrigation, descrilie the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
•create.-—1 acre on west end of Lot 'J
sub-division of Lot  4274 of Group (1)
(k) This notice was posted on the
14th day of March, 1910, ami an application will l>e made to the Commissioner on the 14th day of April, A.
D.,   1010.
fl) Give Ihe names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands are likely to
be affected hy the proposed works,
•ither above or below the outlet,—
Ruisnall Bros.. Robert La Hue, Xnkusp
B. C, below outlet.
Dattd Manh  lfith.,  1910.
(Signed) m.lli.
Nakusp, B. C.
In the Goods of Thomas Beecher
Metheiall, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all per
sons having claims against the late
Thomas Beecher Metherall, of Ping
ston Creek, deceased, who died on or
•bout the 4th day ol September, 19(19
are required m send hy post prepaid
or delivered to the undersigned, solicitors Ior Ibe Administrator, their
names, addresses and the full particulars ol their claims in writing, and the
nature of securities, if any, held by
And take notice that after June 1st,
1910 the Administrator will proceed
to distribute the assets of the deceased
amongst the persons entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims of
whicb he shall then have notice.
Dated at Revelstoke, ti C , ihis Llih
April, A. I), 1910
Revelstoke B. C.
4ws Solicitors for Administrator
Eggs for Hatching
Eggs for hatching  from  the follow -
ing imported pure bred stocn:
S. C. Rhode Island Reds.—82.00.
Silver  Laced Wyandottes,—$2.00
Barred  Plymouth  Rocks,—82.00
S. C. Buff Leghorns,-*2.00
Cornish Indian (lame,—82.00
While  Crested   Black  Polish-82.00
Emden Gecse.-8-1.00.
Imperial  Pekin   Ducks.—81.78.
Also Block from  the above for sale.
MRS. R. A.    I'PPKR.
Certificate of Improvements
" Harry" mineral claim, situate in tin-
Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay nisirict.
Where located; -On  Poplar   Creek,
near Poplar Townsite.
TAKE NOTICB thai I, A.R.Heylanil,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B. 25405,
Intend, sixty days Irom date hereof, to
npph to the Mining Recorder (or a Certificate of Improvements, (or the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of the shove
And further take notice thai action,
under Section 37. tnusi he commenced
before the issuance ol such Certificsteof
Dated this 15th ilm of April, A. II.,
To Au. Whom It May Com i:iin:
Take imi ino thai. We, Julllia Dounal
anil A. K. llnigli. of  lhe town of   Na
knsp, iii lhe Province of British Columbia, inlend lo apply io lhe Chiel ol
Provincial   Police   IHI   days   after I In'
date hereof, for the transfer of licence
belli by II. .1. LaBrash, of the Hotel
Grand. Nakusp, to A. K. Ilaigliand
Julius 11  nl
Dated nl. Nnkuap, H. C, I his IBtll
day of April.
.III.iim llm i. il.,
up 211 lm A.  I'). II whii.
reek. Big Bend. Apply E. A. Brad-
Royal Crown Cleanser
There's Goodness in Every Grain
And a Coupon on Every Can
It Brightens the Home!
Import direct from country of origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Jobbing   promnllj   attended to,   Agent  (nr  all kinda nl +
Trees, Planti, Hull,-, etc.   Lawns .uul Gardena taken care a*
nf   for   tin-   Summer.   Tertna reasonable,    Twenty yeai • 0
experience. J
Residence with F. G. Frisby.    Phone 80 *
i^» %,'%■%'%.<*.'%. %%%%-%%%•%-%<%'%'%-%.-%.*>•* %%%%%«.%.% n^nw
Advertise in the Mail-Herald
tf0 BI N fl 00D
!i,„.„,l   Hlliiu-JRllllllllli! i!i,ni„i-.ili!Bliiiimnil.,„Jlh..„:!Mill,..,,! Ill I I 1 lliii     III Ill   li. li:
Robin Hood Flour
"The Flour that is Different"
, ^*/i
We must stand ready to prove
it and also prove that the difference is so marked, so worth
while, that you will feel this is
the flour you ought to use.
That is exactly where we do
We ask you to take no risk.
Buy a bag of ROBIN HOOD
and give it two fair trials. If it
does not prove perfectly satisfactory, so satisfactory that you, too,
say, "It is really the flour that is different," you may
take it to your grocer and he will give you back
your money.
Will you make the trial on your next flour order?
it MOOSE JAW, SASK. limited
i    T.-v-i.'V
You will buy "The Traveller" shoe this
year because you will hear about it hear il
often—hear of it from the makers, ami they
know everything that is in il, from the la:;t
touch of the outsole lo the top of tlm uppers.
You will hear of it from the dealer, and he knows
"The Traveller" shoe from what his cu.-stomers
tell him, and you'll buy it again because your
own judgment will tell you it's a different shoe
—a better shoe—a shoe that not only fits, but
always stays fitted, because the unseen parts
are built on honor-there is no "sham" in
"The Traveller" shoe. Remember they'll fit-
we have a last for most everybody.
Fruit i im tj Association
llu'   re-orgiinizatiuii   <>i   the   I'rovin -
Fruit  i [rowers'  A ■ -,, intion,    during     ih-'    conference  ni   repe ntative
'•nil   grower*  iwei ll;   ', Id   .      Kim
loop*,   will   roKiill   in   bellslil      i..
(mil   growers  of  lhe   pi r>\ ince.      li     i-
nii il I,, ili- Mi,,',.-, nl th
'hnl   lh 'iv     shrilll i       m      ■ iim     . ,1111,11,11
MM       I       M.I IVllil'h      I M   , ,.;1||
meet      mn h  other  tin i
M    i      :■' , ,',i. in-   ini .ill .■!    in    j II
i unifori        ■ ■ ■ •      .pro
pel I;   in I. i.  .,, I disiribu        i,
, mi,:   11 nnspiii iittioi    ■:..-.        ■     th.'
best  iiiiiil,..! m   Thi- :i— in-
i.'ii'l.'.| !., In in-  fi nil  growei
nil    illl'll     1       , ..llllll.ili    |,;:-!-.    ini   m  llU  ,
.'lill   llllll       us-istaiici H,,,.
itlVlilvi.il    ill    li,"  if      OUI
fruit,    li   i-  ilm-  ,,
fotve.  Inn   it   i-  i.i li.' valuable alio in
_   supplies   .;'   lowesl   i"
in in ing ing   ' he  greatest   ; ,,  .      ■  in- ,,
in transporiiii imt probii m-.
The  work  of  ih"   ■  inii, n fo
presenl   sen-on   nill   be   uloiiu   llle  foi I
I. A  priri     i»i  of siip| 1„.
•i'ii!    1,,   III,'lllll,,I m     'I hi-      , im      !„•      '1-,.,|
1,,   -," iim-   good   . ,;,'. ie .   nt   the    .■
|"i ■■-.
■2. A list of wlmli
tiibutors     of  ,,ni-   inii-   :.   being     prepared  for disliibutioi    ii    "...  uexl   I w
::. Imp   repoi |< nl  ll •    in I
of mii'  competitor-,  .... . '" ■_   •
Washington   an I  Out it io,   v I
tributed   monthly,  or  ■,'
ed n l\ i-.ilih'.   Tl,,.   \..,, i ||;,,,;   :.  j.. ,
ing a li-t of shippers   u tig As
sociations of ilie |,i"'. ■ . I listri ■
billion among the w holes d ■■... If ■ „u
••in' ii,H in, Iml,',1. kin Hi mii luting
,tiii,.uni  uf fruil  a\ i   ibli
I.   I'l,,-   Hoard  ol      Hoi lun
kindly  eonsenied   lo  ..       the   \ — in
lion  lhe use of ih„ ivee . .    of
Market   I 'ommissi ,     I     i      M.
ami  these  nill le. sent   by  «ire 01
ler    i.i nfliliated asso i ,-,—   lll(|    jn.
dividual  members.
5.  A   nii.iilliK    repoi :   of •     '<
fruil   siipplj   will  be  publ d i
li.  A    Fruit   drawers'    \--'„ ialion   in
lhe pro vi me mnj    1Hili.11
oi ,i    small    fee,    m, !  ■! ,-  .    ire  the
benelits    memioned    above.    ,lf    your
disirii'i has nn Inenl   issm i ui,,,..    snd
i I-   one,   the  ollieer  of   the  nssocia -
tion  will  be     glad  to  help you
olle   ul'   the   llest-OKSl'   ni   -n     .--
7. An  annual eoaferen, ■■ «ill  bi ■
next year al      Vi. toria,  to whi li    .ill
members  nr.' weh-onie     I i.i-      nl'erei
"ill Ih- ol    ^iva!      i-8l ..   !.,   ill    i,ui;.
u'i", ,\ii'l -.
Am- mn' interested , fruit growing
.■an secure the abi • ulvnni i_, - by
sending  one  dollnr,   •  •■    .■ i  i
to    the    -.'. ivt.ii'. .
I'.e, ail-.-   ol   lh-   pur| ■   and    inn     ,,!
thii    Association,    i:   i-  the  pri\ ill _
and duty ol everj  fruil   grower  to   i--
-o, late  himself  with  i'.    and    lo    his
inin   in   making      it    ,   - ;        The
advantages     in   membership  outwi
iiiiiiii'ii—.i   il -i ol lhe s un.'   I.i.'i-i-
fruil  grower -I I.l     .,-.• ,'i-  ;, Huen •■
io make  iln-    A--,„ i ition   i  ■. iluable
I(-  M.  Palmer,  ['resident,  Kan p*.
tt.   II    V inslow, >.• ,.!.,! i 'I i..,- .
|)e|i.o tmenl   of   Vgri   ilture,   \      toria.
New Productions
I'l auk    Vi .    Heal', .1, i||..
San   Frnin i-'.,   iii„ i .   '   ■:,,! mii .     'i, ,-
lak 'ii nlliii<   ,•   I.VI7   In'..   I' ,
I hi .ij,,.   Ill     Mi        -'
ever olTered   in  llii-  m II
• "■1,-1    li       :m    :    l,i_    I'. ,        ,      ..   ... -     ,.   ,
I mind i   id,   I,- it lii
ol ll _   I      tern pi
I.,  look   t| !
Mi    ll.il'.'    .I lion I
.11'!', ||      tl
[mine anil
I illl|„,-      !■   • to     |
unlabel   ,,i   -I, .« .  whi, I,   | . I
la-!    -.vi-,"I.    " i'i     :
\ •_..'
I _'iii/,-l    New    \
II , I I     - ! »   . . ' '
th,'i"l",     in
detail     I I list  i--,
|il.'   » Iln   It !'.       ,,,|!li\.-il    llle,:      ,
will also ly
tel    l me       ■    .        Mi     II
ill.'   S|U      I II   i i|. •   ■    I
the I., i i for over I
not  evei
n , ,       , .
Musical tcKhardts at Edison Theatre Man 24th
May u'l-   11."  RwIm Bell   l: •    ■
famou-     Ri khanlis.      .N, «   II-
Mny 27—Tba   Scottish Prima Donna,
lllaa ileoaio Mel    I' •      rt  Coi
carl Company, Rdiaon Thaatra.
June 0—ranndn'^     lamous   corned   •
"Jimmy  Fax"  nnd  his slnr Co.,
in New  Edlaofl Thealu.
>      -
■      ' Page 4.
WI'.llM'.SDAY. MAY   II,  HMD.
Zbc flDatl-lberalfc
.-All! II 111 Y    AT
jntct'lor publishing Company,
Mil. .   riptlon    KatCS
llll'lll linh- |.i,-l,i«i' lu   Knuliuiil. I lilleil   Suae-
.    I.IKI
mill i'iui.1.1.1.
Ily thu year (through uoatoflloo].
Quarter "
J  III      KIN I IM. |i>,ilil|,11) i x,,llll I'll III I'UllsOIl
lllllf i.l i-..
1'KHM-   i iwli.   Bubscriulli ,e payable In ml
l.i'K'il iii.ii,',- I nl-  per line  Ilml   liwortlon,
,, ,'i,i-i,i-i-lm,' uaoh -iili.-iMii.-ni liiMirtlon
M,.,-,ii,i,„iii - Suntiiirlol |1S linos make ono
Intlil.     m .!,a   uoiioral   buslnuss un
ii,,, in,in.- ?.',"  pei'  !■ pei' month.
I'r.'l.'ll'.'il    pusillulis,     iM     por     I'l'lll.      '"I-
.Iiiii .nl. Hull,-. Marriages ami Doatha,
•.'   eaeh  in 'i rl Ion.
l,,ii,l aulloos *7..'»i All inlvi'i'ii-iiiiii'iii-
-hiiii'i'i un ho appruviilot thii iimuaitoinuiu.
Willltnl uiul I  Ini-i'il ,\,lv.'ili-,'ii„'iil-'
VgunU, 'A .i I. Help   VVullloU, Situations
« lilted, sanations Vi.i'inU, Teiii'hei's
Wuiileii, Mechanics VVantod, Hi words or
less Mo., uaoh lulilllloiuil lim' l'i coats.
Changes in standing advertisement; mUBt
bein le :i a. iii.  luosday mnl Krldaj  uf
Bl ,|| wi'i'k In -enure utinil display.
GOKHKSPONDENCK inviled   on iniiUel-s ot
public iiuere-i.   Communications u, i-n
lur  in ual   im aooompanlod   by   nan f
wrltor. mil. necessarily fu pubUoauon, nut
a-... i.i"iiiT nt'^iHvi faith. correBpondonoe
Rhoilld   hf lirief.
Glearview Addition
At prices one quarter of those asked
in ni her parts of'Revelstoke
It is one of the mosl desirable locations in the city
for Residences and has a superb outlook, fresh air, no
wind rn' Imt aii'.
liberal Discount if Pu chase Made During April
I'll.,      worst   feature ol  lhe   sillliition
owing     tho      denlh ol King    I'll-
    ward Is   the eltocl  on   lhn [inainiul  -il
JLJABVEY. MCOABTKH ti       ]f    wc    ,„,,„,     i„„,    the
-•■-■ cable novices  received from   I.melon the
BABRIBTER8, BOLI0ITOB8, ETO. n  i   „ ,;  „    ,.iV„ a  .,„
Orrtocai  laraaiAt, Bask Buudim Kicvai,   -'• "v"m «'"  '«" » «' a '  " .""
hhiih. li r. the in y niai'Uei- ni  me ivorlil, i tm-
Money to loan, ,.,|.,  v\\\ l„.  n particului'l)   heavy  suit- n
OfBooBI Knvulstoko. H 0,    I raiibrmik, B, I , """       l)J
Gko.s. MiTAiiTKii •■"■''■   Man>'   dettls  wero   l""1"1'  »'"-""'''• Forks, wh
4. M. I'i-.kiiam-             J. A. llAin-KY |ti      |     „.,,- ,, |iritish eniiitnl wns like-  :   i..
lli'v.'l-loke I rniil.nii.W '
  iy  in lie,nine interested  in     ' ana.han
riL.LlA.Vl I. UKlCiliS enterprises,   nml  even  in  our    district ,-,„.   ln(]  ,.,,,,„.,.,v.    |)eVeln| nl     worl
we know   of land  and  liniber ilevelop- ()|)      | ■   • »
inenl   plans   which   were  almost   closed ,ni.l|j.,,,.iv
Ali,nu Iwelvo years ngn when lhe inin-
ini.' In,,mi wus mi In ili" Windermere
ilistricl lie settled ni Wilniei. where
he   liuill   a   Ii it l'i,   ami   hus   mail"     Iiii
In.    ihere  since.    Me   ivus   nlso   inter
,.-i,':l in iinotlier luilel al \iliil.
When ilm Cobalt boom wns on In'
wenl there for a few months uiul Inlaw ni . keenly m niched new mining
eiimps. I a-i \ ini' lie -nn prospectors
u, I',,ill..ii I Ciinnl ami lhe> reported
to liiin locations i li. > hud in nl". Un
Vpril .'"ili lm Menl i,i \ an, ouver, ne
cninpiitiiiil  by  a   friend   from     Wilmer,
amI      iii,   ,l;i\      all,n tt al'il-   l\ ai      joined
In .1. Mel.eod, a well known Winder-
mere prospeclnr, Tlm purlj stayed al
i In, lluiismuir lintel ul   \ iincoui er, ami
lu. .1.    | >:t --Hi.','   for    I'ol l lalnl    l  anal      III
ili"     -er,nnl     -I,'.iiiiii'  lenvinu   in,   lhu
 ili  ai'ii'i' iheir nrrii ul.
I I,,,  N.-ii    \,lv,'i"i-,,,-  -ai-   Mr.  Slurk
rel ',1  !,, ili" citj   'I'n,'-ilm   mil  Innl
mi Iiiiii s|."„,ii , ash nnd , nlualil" papers,  thai  lm lefl  hi-'     luilel wiili    i«n
I,,',,,,       i,    mid   l.e-   nol   li",'ii    i
in,,,, lie i- a niaii ol sober hnbits,
well able !., lake .ai" ,,! himself, llm
probability i- tlml lm lias none lo
look ai sonic mining prospects mi is-
laml- tn'nr     \'ain'oii\nr.    rather    than
llllll    lie   llllS   < nine    In    Lll'lll.        \\ Imll    in
Vnn nm,a lm bonded a number ol min
iim   properiies  he owns  in  llm  Winder-
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor for:—
Thk Canadian Hank ok Oommercb,
Thu Molbonb Hank, Etc.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Million; Sin veynr
McKkn/.ik Avknuk,
Hi ix IH6, Hkvklsthkk
CONTACT flllOl I' I'.nMii.li
The Coniiiei  uiimp ol .'inin    ,'laini
ai    I.i--..   Harbor,      llm    new     eoppet
fold c„   lhc wesl eonsl of Mores-   '""«' 'I'""1''"'1   '" ''   '   A    '!' '»'">.
In   Island,  has  been bonded lor sum,- ">"   Mt'  S"T1"'"   M»»»«  i""1   |l"v"1"'
noil     by      Hindi    Cannon    of    (irund    '"  '' I"",v'  :""1  "  '* I"-"1"    •'
- nndersl I  .„ !„• repre-   '»»>'   >'""  i"'»v '   Ml'   T '"	
Unite  mining  interests. '"Il"'-  "'  >>»  »'"■'>''"•"-
Mr. ''ai a lefl  here a few  days    ago 	
al.. is lo be started
Shack Burned
menl   plan-   which   were   aim.,-!   closwi      Ijntoly. ..       ,       ,                 ■ ,    , s      ,
.. ,                     .           .i.i >horilv a iei' i»o o clock ,ni Sunday
up, Imt   which may now   lie ohond 1 m    .„.,ipp,.tv ,u jo ns   the mine own- .     '             ,,■,,■      , •    ',
,         ,                      .              ,... ii.. itimliiii". Nn.   _   lin-   liliuinli' re.elied
o.v  'I'" iincertnin condition  into "lull ,.,, |u   n,„,   y   Tail,,,',  F.  ('.    I'.lli.ui. .,            ,       .             ,   . ,,
,                 i a  inll   lo a  lm rn i uli' shuck   uiil     m,rlh
ihe  money     market   hus  been   thrown, |m(|   ^    finwinc,   no«   t'liidei'  bond    in
li   the effect   would  lm   In kill   lhe   \,'ill-    li,,!,,,!
-ini.'  lm..in   alone,    it
ol llm C, P. I!, ua, li-, occupied In \\.
Hherker. When ilm liie apparatus arrived ilm    building     wus well nlijlu.
I'lie lire was upparenlH  causeil    In   a
terpnses   mnl   investments    am    likelj    w      v     :„„|  (,.,.,     „ „   .    |  .,,.,.,,,.,1. '
,..,ii • Minoli'   whmli   wa-   tftnndih£   tmai-     the
I,, suffer    nlone wnh purely      specula-   ;       ,,,   lU,  ,.„|vi,,,.   ,|„.   lun„ ,,„   „.,||
•i-, witidow.       lhe   oi'iillialll   of   lhe     house
in., in.iim.v     nn,lenient        I he se is   |)ft(]  ,|(lt     v,.t   |,een encountered.      lhe   ,    ,.
I   Wiunipi
>'JT."i.illlll     and      wh
would lm  L'in"l.  Imt  ad  legitimate en-   (Um„,|     npeni
pitalists    for
nlinuiiil-    me
l.t  lam  advices   tlm  liuniriuu   wall
""   '"       ue     in.!      iei   In-ll   en. i.iilileleil.       llm ,                  ,                  I'           ,    ,1      ,;.            f
,            i   ■      .       i        i    - • h:i\um      lleen   H'ail.ll_r   al    the   Utile      ot
°     "M'     K;7-.'1""1"     ,    Contact »r  is traversed by a l«rB0 , ,„.,„.,,     ,-, ,,„,„„    ,,,;,„,
": ;:i i":""f °'v ;f;; lott-BrttHc bo,l} [,f ""i^""" o,-° <-...bm nr t,;.., n,.- «:,n ,,,..1 .-..ii-
denced b.i   the tnci   thai  the abandon- trough which nre intersporsed several ,                   ,,         ...,          ,       ,    „
 "I  i- •■!" ""■'■'' "' many    hnancial ,„,,,.. ,,, i,,  |, ,,,,1(1(.     n,i,„.,,,i r„nninB                             , ,                    , „
, , -i - i surrniiiKled bv  a  mass ot  Haines,
and business enterprises, son I them ,-,.,,,,,     SW(.ntl.t.n     to thirlv-eiirhl    per                                   ',,    ,   ,       ,   ,    ,.
,.                      ,     , ,     ,-        i ,)l()|      wrappillo   n   nlankel   round     his
i   iii.i'la.      u hicli    were projei le 1  Ui
ilm British  monej   markets.
All eotlltlllllliial lour, ailill'es-ed to l',i-l
ollice,   Rev, l.sloke, will have pimiipl
■ni  copper, m,,1,| \ .iln,.-  i nn-i
SIT.   ii!„l   dlvei   S|s   per   I
Th..  main   .,re  body
11 I I' I l,,il|,|,|,l|J        |,        l.l'IIIIM,        1,,,,,,,, ',,
llll IUT II p 1 o    .       i ,     , t   . i       i
heuil inail,> hi- escape mil  of tlmilooi
'"•   rcsP      *    ii...  it........  I.,,,,.'..,.,  il,., l,l,,..t..i   ..^    1,
the flames hurninu.  ihe blankel  a--    hi1
w. ni.   Tlm house wa- lt"tted,
|i.ii,',|  no lu   a  number    of      ..., ,-      ,i     ,   ■     i,
I lv   -.na ices   ol      1 he   briBnne
mo  called inin  requisition.
c. w  o w.
Mountain  Viovo Camp, No. 119
BV..,.,r   Rnoond   and   F.mrlh   «,.,lii.-ilnv- 111
etch month. In Selkirk Hall.   Vi-iun   Wou.1-
mou conli.il'v e,vite,l •" Hloilll.
w   K 'i- Holtv i: i'i". '"om.
J \s. MoINTYKK, Clerk
Kootenay LodgD, No. 15, A  F. * A. M.
• ,    ^-.v.   _        Tlm raattlar nmei
a \ cno.N vi. i "
., , , -i,        tunnels.
While   urn   .M.'ii nn i i     'I'.,!.    ■ .
II,,,      properly,     nccordinu   lo   those
am   i-   thai   ol   a   1 nn 11 .■ I   mon ll'cllj ,111 .... ...
. . who    hllVI'   I'Mlllll 1    ll,    I-        likelv      lo  ,
. -,ll,l„,-,.'l  I.. I." I'l
Ii t    „« Brade miii',    li   is  I,,- |
mereh   i In in he .       . ,      , ,
inted   .'"ii"   a-,-'   above   -.'a   level,    ainl
ton   ,,i onu ■ ,,
' '   ■"•' hnr ■ |   ('l.a.l.aui. in,'.. May 2.   .lol,., Steen,
'  \MI'I'.I.I.I.  ItlMCIt. .,    promineni     farmer     of    Chatham
nl    ilm r.'-ihiit-   Township,    wns     struck by  lightning
proper!)   I" ,dei Campbell  riv-    .-oil  instantlj   killed  iiii- afternoon.
:,.   ■     i   _ I    ileal       Ali,nil     lhn 'clock   Chatham     and
Shocking Fatality
1 nn   rnifilinr  ,u""
Inai i— '»" I ,' "m   ■
M isnNI' TKMI'l.K
nan'..   ,.»    H i
Z^*r:.' •
. m.   \ '.-Uniii l)r«t!i
-nn    ordiaUy   w«l-
J   T   l'ULl.ll   K. M ■
CHAS  J   AM IN   ~i. nil! .si
SKLKIKK LODGE 12  1.0.0  P.
. il«y -■ -
Wk-irk Hi
  Pvi.-itmn or^thrtL **e
cordially iuviled to atteud.
I.   PBOBYN   S.li.        JAS   MATHIE;-!'
Cold Range lodge, K  of P.
No. 18,  Revelatoke, B. C.
MKKTS  ..VhllY   ABUSE-    i I
except In r '
,'»,"i nnDth,
Hall    al    5 "•       • Kltlnj
Enlfhta»ra oortlallj  n».
l'   i  li -.. , . \:. ■ ' C,
Q. H. HHiJl'K. K   'it  H    t  -
T   P    SMITH   II      ' '
l,,i,,. in  iln- district, vicinity wa-  visited  In   the most dan-
■ niiiii,.il   thai   a  seven    i,,,,i perous electrical storm in years.     Mr.
been struck. Tlm Steen and hi- young daughter saw ihe
,,,.   .ni!                      inned, storm  coming  and  went   mn   into  tha
probable   thai   in   ihe hiirnyard   lo  gather in a  Hock  of goalie    nf lun:-.     They  were  in  a   field  bank    of
ni,.-   ,i  ih,. place, ilm  barn  when   lhe  storm   broke  upon
ii, in.   line    flash of lightninu    struck
londed  hj   a Mr.   Hteen.    His  dnugliter,    who    was
-ink some  distance  away,  fell   ilm  force of
I'hi          an- llm   shock   anl   was   sIiiiiiiihI   for  all   in-
...   ,| -innl.   She turned townrds her lather,
only  lo -ee him   totter and  fall. When
\   Kin,I I \ \^   III  \ reached    I.i-    -ide he was dead.
death  lia\iiiLr  been  instantaneous
■     Mill
'      ■' ,i •'   \   ,n-
n,   1.
I ,,    .   •    M 11 KI
\\.  .'■- !,     I        I I      I I      I II   '
Tap| '' "■
M   ■■
Visil    .'.
coon d.
He     11    W
Zbc nDaiUH^cralb
■■ - :V   '
ttKDNESDAY,  M \ ,
I)i    •
l. .■' 'ai        '
lettci    ■    I        '' " I    i
I -. ■■'■■''
. i,     il," l!   i conntrii
i i, !,-l bi
,„   ■    ■      Ioi     1 nnn     n poin        n i
I,, i,    I,,,
,t po   il,' ,
Mothers' Day
SoUnn     \i-,\<    adopted     tlu-   annual
"Mothers Day"  ami  iut-  fixbd on    tlie
1     Sunday in  Mny nf each year
■ ■ n-MMn.   On tlii-- day moth-
;;i.  in (h-     oxpeuiatly  roinembored
mi ver sal   motherhood  exalted    in
■..ui  of every  man,  woman and
I |ip      plan   is   in   ni;ik<'  il     not
nnl)    i    pntimental  observance,  hut  an
.   iti! lothe it «i'li    ano
i   !■, ii iiiii    power  thai    cornea
■■ (   ,, lum     I li-'    weai ing
■ ition, or other    w hil
.    ■.   i ■    till     .'Inlll-'MI     i.l      I I Ul ll
l»- imll . \ ideiv >• i hat
n   '    In    moi her
■   , K»moi \   if dt'M I
;'i "in     hon n  i In    >\n\ t
■ ■ i.   . >,(| in ,  ;i  tele
latin    phone, or
iif I ni'   pn loflii •
■  I      foi
iii'i .in-'-,
liar ity;
■   i j    '   T   ,-i V .ill
mn I"" - I
Capital Paid Up       -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund - -    $3,500,000
Has/>5 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Sunshine  grates  have
. maximum  strength      J
Sunshine    Furnace     has
four triangular grale   bars,
each  having three  distinct  sides.     In  the
single-piuce and  two-piece grate  no   such-like
provision is made for expansion or conttaction,
and a waste of coal always follows a shaking.
On the left-and right-hand sides are cotter pins, which when
loosened permit the grates to slide out.    These four grate hars
are made of heavy cast iron, and are finished up with bulldog
teeth.      The teeth  will grind up   the toughest clinker ; and
because the grates are made in sections, not only can nothing but dust and
ashes pass through, but after each shaking a different side can be presented
(0 the fire. AIm), with the Sunshine grate there is no hack-breaking
movements attached 10 the shaking. By gently rockingthe lever, first on the
left and then on the right, the ashes are released on both sides,and fall through
into the pan.
nf Hi ii i.l, < .ilumbta.
imhip, n
■  i
' ,i     I" ■
Man Missing
■I     .
|    I    ,...!,■
iii    llii niiilrj     i"i   Iwetfty
[I I
Id   i,.
In   nppl;    fui      i
Ml        ill.'
I'l.'i  im     .   i ..    , iij      iii nil
"Ml        ll
Dul.'.l M .  ll
'     I       II WW. I   II.
\i . ■   ■ i Ri i  r 'm       'i ha
Ismoii I ' li. trdl i. No« Rdlaon
M            I In. Scottiah  Prima  Donna,
Mi   i   Jo II ie   Ml f/ttl lil.'in   nml    ''uu-
. 11 Companj. Edii on Theatre.
•'Tlii' flnur and lard uacd inanynodaa may lie good, Imt thnl i< not all
timi is wanted in a aatiafying biacuil    ii i^ nol all that Foley's Smlaa
"M   !■
■IiimmI llavor i eaaentiat. In aeourina the p;ood Qavor ol l''iilry'a
Sodaa we recng.nhe tho lm|>ortanco ol n pprfoctly-opcratlng ycaat.
Wc tul." im cliuncca with uur ycaat.    Wc could buy it from mitsiila
nm' i i   al I i ', Imt we -In nol do  ti    u'i i lie ycaal uaed in  Foley's
■   i    In in our own Factory and by iicctiring perfect working o(
that yeast, wc gel the delightful llavor lur which Foley's Bodn> nro
mr,  never flat nr paaty    always  sweet, crisp  and good
nil ihu    iv through
Foley Bros.  Larson &*Co.
Musical Eckhardte at Edison Theatre May 24th WEDNESDAY,  MAY   II,  1010.
rtgt 9
If our methods suit you
toll others. If they don't
unit you toll us. Any criticism of our mode of
tloinn buoiuess will In'
Fresh Fruit
and Vegetables
Oranges, Bananas, Lemons
Grape Fruit, Cherries,
Strawberries, Lettuce, Cab-
hade, Cauliflowers, llad-
ishes, Cucumbers, Itipe
Tomatoes, and (ireen Onions arriving daily. We
get ih- in nfti n. \Ve keep
thriii fresh.
We are always able to
supply the public with
these goods because we
carry a large supply of all
(.'ream of Wheat, tlrape
Nuts, Quaker Oats, Breakfast Gem, Wheat Flakes,
Force, Malta Vita, Orange
Meat, Wheat Berries, Puffed Rice, threaded Wheat
Biscuits, in packages, and
Wheat Granules, Corn
Meal. Meota Flour, Boiled
Outs, and Graham Flour,
in small sacks. All new
and fresh.
Jams, Jellies
Now is the time we are
being asked for .lams and
.Jellies as the supply of
fresh fruit put up last
year is nearly all gone.
We are in a position to
supply your needs with
all kinds of good articles:
Crosse A' Blackwell's in lib
and 21b glass jars, lib and
71b cans; Wagstaffe's in 1
and 25b glass jars, and Mb
cans; also a cheaper grade
in 51b cans. Keep us
on your list when you
want Jams and Jellies.
Alwavs a large supply of
Hay, OatB, Wheat. Bran,
Shorts, Chops and Cracked Corn, at prices that
cannot be duplicated.
Get It at Hume's
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Wi' recommend high grade
tea because we know from
experience that it gives
griMitrr satisfaction. Wo
have just received a large
Hliiiniiont of high grade
tea in hulk, whii'lt we procured through one of the
hest tea experts in the
west. Let, us send you a
pound. We also carry a
full line of package leas
in II mi Lais, Blue llili-
hon, Tetley's. Lipton's,Salads, Five O'olock, Ben
11 or, and Japan (ireen tea
The coats this season for
Boys are a little longer
and easier fitting, sleeves
with fancy cuffs, fancy
flaps, lapels longer, and
knickers lined with strong
dark silesia, double seats
and knees, well trimmed
and cleverly finished.
The Lion Brand Make
in all the new shades, selling with us this season in
sizes 29 to 31 at 16.60, 18
and $;i.
Boys, come in for one of
our Two-Piece Double-
Breasted Suits and ask
for a Lion Brand make.
They are fully guaranteed
and worth the money we
Get It at Hume's
At this season of the year
men commence to look
for new hose. If you want
the best at the cheapest
price we can supply your
demands right now. We
import our hosiery direct
from the Old Country
manufacturer and we can
save you from 25 to 50 per
cent on your summer
stock.    Let us show you :
SUCCESS—Black Cashmere seamless sox, equal
to any :'>5e. hose on the
market, for 25c.
cashmere, white toe and
heel, seamless. You can't
produce its equal elsewhere
under 50c. See it and be
convinced that it is the
best 35c. sock on market.
Three pairs for $1.
L LA MA—The perfect fitting, full sized, all wool
cashmere sock that we
make our leader. Medium
weight, 50c. per pair or il
pairs for $2.50.
Fancy Cashmere Hose
Black cashmere with silk
embroidere.l clock in all
colors, seamless, at UOc.
Fancy cashmere hoBe in
green, brown and fawn,
with silk embroidered patterns at 75c. per pair
Fancy Lisle hose, self
embroidered clocks, wine,
pearl, bronze and green,
at 50c. and HOc. per pair
New Laces
A hundred new patterns
added to our already great
Inii' Btock, making a eol-
li'iiion not eq lailed in
any town in tins country:
Plauen Laces, Valenciennes, Torchon laces,
Maltese Laces, Guipure
Laces. You can spend a
pleasant hour any day
looking over the laces
5c. to $1.50
Frillings and
Did you see the new
Frillings and ltuchings at
Hume's. They are just
lovely. This remark overheard on the street from
one lady to her friend,
about places the showing
They are interesting, and
some are put up in boxes
25c. per box
Specials for
Thursday and
pair of Ladies Cloves in
Lisle Thread, etc., any
color and size, and a lot
of different kinks at per
Lul' TWO
GLOVES—Aboul 200 pair
for Ladies and Misses.
Any size and color and no
2 pair alike,  ail at 50C
Take the Elevator
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders.
Send the children to
the Btore.   Come yourself,
Have our city traveller
call at your home for
Fancy Hose
for Women
New Fancy Hose for Ladies' they ire |. ipular f ir
weiirin.' with 'h" new
Spring i Ixford Shoes.
Rome very pretty polka
effects, and floral de'igns
in Tans, Modes, Greys, etc
to wear with the fancy
colored slims, at   per pair
• :±
A special full length lace
hose, Tan, Black, White,
etc., pretty designs, all
lace, extra spliced toes to
heels at per pair
Dutch Collars
Dainty Jabots
Periodically some striking
new ideas in dress accessories appear at a time
when conditions are ripe
for a radical change from
what has long been worn
till people have tired of it.
Of such is the Dutch Collar and the Dainty Jabot.
They have sprung into
imme ise favor. A splendid assortment on our
counters at present from
25c. to $1.50
An opportunity to buy a
line of goods at the same
price as Toronto stores
sell them. A direct importation of Delainettes,
pretty and fresh, for Kiui-
onas. Wrappers-. Ssoques,
etc.. and another line of
patterns in strip'-.- for
waists, etc., at per yard
Take the Elevator
The Elevator is the most per-
[,,,'t type of passenger elevator
made. We spared no expense to
get the best and most reliable. All
the safety devices so lar produced
vou will find on it. The mosl
approved automatic safety brake.
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
Revelstoke,   *   B. C.
Yon may find a mistake in
our accounting, let ui know if you
do. We have installed the finest
otlice system possible and are doing
our utmost to keep apace with the
times. Yon can help us if you'.let
us know of any mistake that might
*9-!x "alW r«cr» fi.
WEDNESDAY, ii,\v ii. inin
UtiMi      I'.i ill I'll    I IMI' SI I I'lll II.
i Ilium. Im,I..J I,,,,, ami Hiilpluir
:.; u,i-   lirsl   I'lnplnyi'tl   us   ti   I'i'iili'il,
f,„ - , i, , uh, in i iilifornia. Tlio
("i i nlu    n-i'il     in nn l\    times     waa
ii    , iiiitaiiH-il   1,'iim,'   yuan
i ",'   ir   ivi'll     ti    inll.        Tin'
1>!I      IMM"        if    I III'    -|,l :n     WU'     I I'l',!        up ■
pint.i ul en   Sun   ■!" '     ' uli'    li.'
 I,"   lie    ■ Hi I ive   :  i '■ ill
Iln I      ilti-iicli'il   li,.'   I Itli i
III  , ,       ,    i     II I '1,,'IIIMl-
li I.,     u. .11,   mi   ih"     i., uniii. i     I..
I ,111    I III'    ill'   : I ,i' I i\ .■    I'M ipel til
tl III Ml, |l" fill"} fllllllll        llllll ill,'
in-}     ilepenileil     il| I Iitlilu
I'olnpi  I nl       In',.        iml      -lllplllll
I.i .      ulphi li ll   ii '      llii'ii
I'll hum      liiul     ill.'    I,"   '     till lllll
nm liuu'     an I    Mi]|,i,,ii     spi-u} a
It'll      '        I"     ' I     llllll    11 nlllll
tl      '     lii'ii    uilulile  -ulpl
Si ii llii   i      linn   went      111   n.nK       llllll
i ■       tl'llele.'l      i w    f,'i null i.      I he   lin-
in. . -   ,m      in    ill were    eliinili -
nte I,   i lie   pri'pni a i ion   -iniplilii'd     uiul
I 111'    , ,,   I     li illli I'll       at,, il    \'. ■■    l,.,v .
iiii fiii-ii ill i  ii itlim      ,      follow,
I.'i nl      iilpliiii-,   .'"   Hit    "I   lime,
nn     i"     illniis ni  ivnter.     This    mi\-
tu in  li,     prepnri 'I    a-    follov,
I hi      I."    iillnns nf Iml  wuter add
i -       n . .     i It mi   pour  in   i lie   -iil|,Mi,.
lir    ii       in,     lloil   :!i"   mixture
li'.in    In   to     "ill     miii'ii,'-.
Thi      i        ulii ieiil   in    pi'.ulii.'i'      the
I un    ipilllltilV      nf   slllpllilli'.      I lie
in      im I I I     ia, a   li.-  diluted     in
form foi ij trillions nnil *lionld be applied  at   ..iim'   .
When ila- lime-sulphur is pirn "I
in thi -I'l.-o taiil. ii -lionlil l».
rtrninirf ilirnuirli puiiin Harking, or
Hiiiie nilii'i material of similar
ii.ii'ii'' in tnko i.iii nil lumps ih.it
wmilil , lin; the -|Ma\ nozzle. li ,-il-
I.."' I to stiind for uni -i.'.ii length
"i   I imi'    lifter  prppni'ntion,     ilm   liuu.
Klllplllll       I'l'}    I   llli/l'-    mil        I n
alii" .mi.-in li it li" desired in use
spra;     Ilml   ha-  become    i rj stullized,
(lie   iiiixlnii'   .-an   In-     ht'al.'<l     auain   mi
u'   i"  dissolve     tl rytnls.    li   iiii*
i- done  id.' mixture nill  be at    Ironi
ll-    IvfulV
To irei tlir In-i results anil pet lh.'
in..-I   m.1,,1  mii   nf nu.'  spi"i\   ih"  liini'-
Biilphui'    -I hi  In- nppliiil  ,-it     nboul
I", weeks before lhe bud* ..(.,-ii in
tl"J spring If it i* rn,i possible to
L'''l "i"i an or, hard ni llmt lii, . ,1,.
imi lii'iiilnte i.. In'cin liulu    u« i\ . fm
a   -|'i'aviii_'     m.i'.     i<   ||.   _ |
seetieide a- nne Inter, bill i- not
quite -,. ellii'ielil  ns   ,  fun." i le
Th" spin}   inusi     lie  .• ij.i ; .■ i
nn „|  pressure,       ami   the   ithuli
 '"I.   »i;l,    ill  ii,:
lliiii-ouirlil.v      sprayed Inenl
bIhiiiIiI I" tnken in ; ■ n ,\,e
■ ' " I.-,    erotelies    of limbs,    ....  .    for
it  I-  I  where    man}   of th.-     ■  .
enemies        mil     disease     eenn-
found       Wooly    nph
iu ih" liu- state  ■,!"
ni   uni.'--    i   vers   strn
• Iinin_     -i    .
I",Ml'      |.     ■      ■ I
i      ',.     flnrden
ihi-   jives   a   di r   ■
I"■■ etrnie ;•:■■    ill plan
'    re    should   be   tnkei
sulphur  I"
V-      '
1 holllil      I
Attacked By a Rattlesnake
Vernon, May 5.—C. ■'. Whiten hud
ii narrow escape from death the other
duy. While driving to the house of a
friend mi Long bike he had ocoaaion
to g i ,' I tin' rond for a few yards near
the nine-mill' post und while pushing
through the brush he almost trod mi
a four nm1 n tinli h ni rattlesnake. The
ri ptile Struck nl Ihe   funic   lime   Ihut
i !h irlie   ini.d"  un  iiiviiliini uy   Man
I'lli'knillil  null   lie  blow   fi II    on    his,
watch, saving him from  n  piinoture
.1    ('. liilihlllllh, Win, ttus Willi   llllll    lit
the   sntne    time,    promptly   >.i"t    lhe
r ptile.
Drug Stores Take High Stand
K'iiiimiimi, v,t., May 6.—The nn nt
d i-iie nnd i in port uu t action taken by
ihe American Pharmaceutical Asm-
ointion since that body convened here
yesterday nn rning occurred when the
convention, as a whole, placed itself
on record as advocating the abolition
of alcohol as u ci mmodity on salo in
all American drug Btoresand earnestly
urged tbe elimination of nil tm flic in
what it terms "bablt-fomiing drills "
118    llllllllflll     tn   public     tllnrnls     nnl
detrimental  to the   best interests nf
the American in pie.
Stable Groom is Bridegroom
New York, Mr>- 5—Mies Ethel
Croker, Richard Croker's daughter, is
siid tn bave Bailed fur Kurnpe on the
steamer Adriatic, for which vessel her
passage wns booked some time ago.
oilicers. nf the line said that the pas-
"•fi' engagement hud been cancelled,
Rumors that MissCrnkfr bud recently
married John G. Breen.a riding academy groom, have been vigorously
affirmed, und even more rigorously
denied. Ureen wee alto said by passengers to have gone un board the
vessei tndav.
A Generous Husband
abi ilu ■        11
' ;
' ■ ■
for lire.   He I
■' ■' ' ' . ■■•    ol
I    -   on   -md   Mr     flarrie   nnd
ally trill act a    the 11
V    ' hnl?.
Weekly Halt-Holiday
Sydney, Australia, Mhv 5.—Hon, C
*• Wade, premier < I New South Wales
in response to ji requpst, by & Ur#r»
and influential deputation, has notified lii** intention of introducing a
iiill providing h universal Saturday
ERXINQ   THE   DISJ-'OSAL.  OF   i-»o-
.\ LICENSE :u cut timber can be 10
qulr< d only at public oinptut;on. a
rental ot & per square mile \b charged
fur all timber berths excepl those situated west of v.i,' for which the rental ia
ite uf i cents per acre per annum,
IdJtJon tu the :er.;.i-. dues **•„ tfit
fo lowinst rates are ofcarg«4:<-
>.i« ■■   lumber.   ju   cenib   per   thousand
reel   B.M.
Railway   ties, eight and nine feet lone.
id 1 W cent* ea   ■
e. •• bolts. 36 cents a. cord.
All other products,   '> per cent on  the
A    i.'*nse ;s !apued so soon hb a berth
1 te: rttory no
fimher can  be rut  on  a  berth  untU tb«
..- ;      ;
Permits to cut una granted
• I   • , LSI
ur actual -       -* ■     wjuin
wi.   .ise.
.   obtain
permits to Is   f wood for
i.i e   without    vimpotitlon.
ss   . 1  ■«   •      rmit  are
(1.50 per thou tuare
fc     Of   a;..    mood   ex-
ept oaJc; -       ... -    -
foot for 1 ■*     1 .  .-2 to tf
for feoos
■ • itss; and H
^   -   OOftM.
Bases for graglj k      . .   -*3 axe .itued
-   years,  a;   *
• /r i.'.r^rr,
.&r,tu   may   be   pur based   -     :
n.   *     ;^  for anthra-
- «. rm,   may   nt
on 1
eats poi
..-  t- '-'•
Entries  f r  land  .'or  »*•;.( j.tu.-;.    .
•    .  1 . r at the
*>   ..r - lituated
- at sad      Isstrs      .•   mi
■    .: • Inter or
.:,.  . -.g-M
. 1 ■   •'.     -'    -    ■ DM   OI *
; » m\t*>)
A   !•♦-
. --..... . erfonn the
s ed there?
hi    '       -    *• .   t -. p
1    ie pra
.... .      .   .    *
1 own 1 illdlngv
, . . ■ f the fs
Is deceased *       •
■ ■
i   #n-
l for -
.   -*m,-
r  to obtaining y«*"nf  n 1
■uoh  p<-r»'n  -Mid-r.g Witt
■   ,n- ther,
i< ",-r   hnn   bis   pennant ni
pon   farming  .n:..i   owned   b>
' ... itsttd   the
he  Aft  a* 'o rt>nUipnc*
may *>*»  latlsftsd  bv  rssld»noe  upon  'he
ADPMrP'.on  for pat^n? should h*» msd#
■ , a heforp th» local
ib-sg ,   homestead   nrp*"
Before n-jskir.* B.ppUcstlon for » wi^n'
- mo-i'ha'   noMrv
In   wrlflrif   to   »h"   fVimmlMlont*-   of   fV^
Lands   n>   O'tHwa    of   eh»  inten-
tion   "   lo 1
W.   W.   fr)R7.
r>pu+v   U!r.]»i*-r  Of  th*   Intftftor
imliiv li.iv r -I'liiM'il  1 lir sen ioo
of .1   "';i\ iii".t.   Any persons cIqhm'oun
ul*   hftViny    I hrir       .'In-.-Is   Of   COS   | I
I'lt'iitii'd,     should  loavo \mhv1    nl     tlio
police station
Chief 0! Polini
T.'.ki-   i)
l'n>\ in .
retail 1
Know n 1
II. C„ f«
I'M"  l0
M10.   ::,
ST0'l H I
it ire I Iml we intend to make
ih lo the S11 pei Intention 1 <>f
1 Polii i' for n renewal of our
pior tir't'iHii \\>v tho pre mi tea
?   the   r.elnnr]   I \.   Xnkusp,
h 1 If veni  from .luno 30,
lecemher 31st,  1010.
Oplvie &   M Kitrick.
I,   1910,
,1,.    nn
1- -■   llinl   Mi   .1.,
ll'lrl      lllll'
in nppl.v     to
0 Siiperin
l.'lll      Ml
Provincial Pol
fur 11    pe
III   of
In-   iri.ii!   liqm
liconso  fm
Iii.l- '-
House, rilncii
11.   C,   foi
ll.-llf   VI
11   frnin   Juno
I'.'in-    ti
imbei  31st, liiin.
Hy. Coy
IV   .'ll'il.
Take notice that 30 days after dato I
in tend to appli to the Superintendent
nt Provincial Police [or a^ renewal of
the retail liquor licence for the Union
Hotel, Arrowhead, ll. C. tor the half-
year from June 30th, 1910, to Dec. 31st,
Dated Mai  Itli, 1910,
May 4 lm. \V. |. I.i,;irniri<si:.
Take notice thai I intend to apply l
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
license foi the City Hotel, Arrowhead,
K C, for the half year fromjune 30th,
1910, lo Dec. 31st, 1910.
Dated,May 7th, 1910.
nia\ i lm JOHN' CALEY.
Take notice that 30 days after date
«i-inicnd to apply to the Superintendent ol the Provincial Police fora renewal
of the retail liqucir license foi the Lake-
view Hotel, Arrowhead, B. C.,'for tlie
half year from June 30th, 1910, to Dec.
31st, 1910.
Dated Maj 4th. 1910.
M'li   I llll. CHAPMAN'S  lliWIN.
Notice is herebj given that 30 daj-s
after date I intend to apply to the
Superintendent uf the Provincial Police
renewal of the retail liquor license
for the Queen's Hotel, Comaplix, B. C,
for the half year from June- 30th, 191H.
to De -   :■'   1910.
Date   M -   4th, 1910.
Mi I. II. Yiir.VC.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
VNY available Dominion Lands within the
Railway Belt is British ('oiutnlilti, may
im homesteaded by nny perfou who is the nola
bend of a family,or nny main ovor IK years of
n«». to the aztontof oue*quartor ssotion of ltd)
acres mors i»r lessi
Kut ry most ba made parson a Ily m tlm looal
land nflion fur tint district In whioh tho lund Is
iltnatei Bntry hy proxy may, however, ho
iiimln on oortaiu roualtlons t»y tho fat hor,
Bother, son. dauffhtar, brother nr sister of an
lutoudluB homesteader*
The homes'eader Is required to perform the
ooudltlouH oonnsetod therewith under ous of
lho fnlluWiiiK plans :
ti) At leant six months' rostdenoe uponaud
onltivation of the laud in aaoh yonr Tor throe
(8} If the futhnr (nr mother, if tlm father Is
deconied)of tho hnmoNtoador resides uimua
form in thf vicinity of theland entered (nr. tho
requirements as to residence maybe satisflad
bj mob porsou residing with tho father or
(8)   If tin* sot ilor has hi- permaueut residence
ni'itn fnrmiiiK li'tiil Dwnoii hy him   in  lho vicin
Ity of his homestead, the requirement)! as ti
residence may ho satisfied hy rsildenoo npoi
iho said lm d.
Six months' imt ic in writing Bhonld hn slveu
ui tlm Commissioner of Pomlniou Lauds at
Ottawa nf Intentioa tu apply fnr pa taut.
Coal. Coal mining rights may be leased for
a period nf twenty (ino years at an annual
rental of fl por arm. Nnl more than 2,500
Hcnts shall ho leased to one'Individual or
company. A royalty at the rate of five cents
por ton shall bonillectpd on ihe merchantable
.■n.n tniiifui,
Deputy of ih« Uinlster of tho Interior,
N H, unaathnrlsed publication of this ml
verlisdinont will mil ho Da Id fi>r.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
iRow ia tbe Ciinc of Meat' for SccD iiMantino
JBcauttfB i:»oui' (BarCcns
.\   liiijfo assorttiii'iil "i l''n".li i'i.ihI.'ii .uni Field s.v.k, Inrluclinir
Ml I.l.   HKItiCiS    PKKRY'S    MAN'S    MiKENZIK'S
AND HLMtPKK'S.    Kinu Lnwii Uriins, Clovur,  Inn,.ilu, Ali.iii.i
The Paget Supply Co'y-
that I intend  lo appli to
Supei ntenilent   of   the  Provincial
■ • ■! the  retail  liquor
Hotel,   Hurl' -n
fi : the hall year  from June
Ith. 19
erintemlent "t
■ n  Hoi
11 B C.,  for  the
T.il,.' notice ilml thirty days after
data I intend to upply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of Liquor License for the St.
Leon Hotel, St. Leon, fir.. f,,r the
half year from May 31st., to December 31st., 1910.
Thirty days after date- of this advertisement wo intend to make application to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of
Retail Liquor License for the Grand
Hotel, Nakusp, B.C., bom July Ut to
December 31st., 1910.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged ami Impioved.    First-Class in every reapoct.    All modern convenience*
Larue Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to make application to
the superintendent of provincial police
for a renewal of Retail Liquor License
for the Kootenay Hotel. Hurton, B.C.,
for the half year endin'c December 31.
Dated May 1st., 1910.
Take notice that 30 days after date
I intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal
of the retail liquor license for the
Hotel Beaton, at Beaton, B. C, for
ihe half-year from June 30, 1910, to
December 31st,  1910.
Dated Hay 1th, 1910.
Rids are requested for ihe following
'nl.'-  up to  Saturday,    Hay 7th    on
New    Bank of   Commerce, Revelstoke.
Exi ivnting, Masonry, Plumbing, Heating and Metal \V,,rk.   Carpentry, Painting and    Glazing,    Sand  and Gravel
ilil.   yard.      Plan-,     and   Spocifi-
i'I'm- ran  he seen at tlie    Bank    of
or by n|i|i!yinL' to    W. H.
[   moil    II.,li'l.
n,- -iiiy i.'iiiIm  i,,,i  necessari-
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock al a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds.
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
West Kootenay Steam Laundry
Revelstoke, B. C.
Send your Blankets and have them
Properly and Promptly Cleaned.
Satisfaction guauanteed in all lines
Phone 71      Office Corner 2nd. St., and Mackenzie Ave.
WANTGD   Smarl   office   hoy
r ' Box 206, -'iiy
Ho Ing Pictures to-night.
ro LET—Furnished room, suitable
■ ither "tie ur two gentlemen.  Centrally li oated.   Apply thin office.
..     ■
R   \l   EVAN
WANTED—A caretaker fur the V
Apply tn v  m.i   a  Secretary.
It  you  want  n niirn  invoitmonl, nnil nn*i
Hint will *tnml thn r.lttnte,! innpentlon wntn
Tlie Over-Lnntl  Financiers Limited,
VANCOUVER.   S   C.        mil, I    IS
BtTS   VANl "i vi R  REAL  ■'
ffa    offer f'dl    quarter a'-nin Imperial
'ark,   beautiful     loention,  natty   term i
Write  for  pn.rliniilo.rw.  Wei tarn   llrokei
gt  '„.,   72fl   Pender   St.,   Went,    Van-
eouver,  B.   C. a.18-8.
II I   OR   Rl  . r-Rai
■ it,      Vpplj      '.,     M' M ,. j
Clanwilliami  B   ' to
Our logs are stamped
on the end "E" arid all
persons are warned
against taking them or
the driving of nails or
spikes therein. Do not
touch our logs.
Revelstoke Sawmill Co.. Ltd.
Bohemian Glass Blowers
With his Company of Expert Glass Workers
will give Exhibitions Niffhtly for Two Weeks
To-Night. Wednesday Eve.,  May 4th
At their Stand on Mackenzie Avenue
30th Annual tour and first appearance in your city of the
only company of Glass Workers who have delighted thousand*
in all parts of the world in their wonderful and peculiar style
nl' entertainment. WEDNESDAY, -MAY  II, 1010.
Pad I
iw. "T' i.isrmr.
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock if printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTHenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
Recount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
Tea That is Always Fresh
"SALADA" is grown in the finest tea gardens of
the Island of Ceylon, picked every day and reaches
you not later than fifteen weeks after being gathered. Its native purity and fine flavour are preserved
in air-tight sealed "SALADA" packets. You
are guaranteed   tea of  unvarying good  quality.
Ask your ftrocer for a package to-day.   You'll like It.
  Bluck. .Mixed aad Natural Qrcon, -i \, Si c, i  c uud 70c per lb.	
DON'T   KICK   Mill.
Among   'li*'  many good  ihitii
in  ili.' address iii.i'li' In   Mr.     Roberl
Quay Ir nl   tho npcuinc  dI ih"    i ini'ml
Foremen's   Association wns:
"^<ui un li, your simps when you
go home. There is ;i fellow ili'i. with
whom        you       hnvo        mil       lit-t'ii
Ln iln' besl nf terms
He has    done something you 'l-l nm
|like.   We .ni' prone in (imply give thai
j fellow ,, ki.l.. Thai i- imi the ael ol
,i lug man: ii represents a small mean
spirit. Vou make yourself smaller
every  time you 'In  mi.Ii  a   thing,      li
I is un easy thinjj for an ollicial in
throw    another  man  down,   hut   your
I lie    i ;..'ii."at    i..dd.-ii.  IV  i'.,    but
h   ii  lm- been I'niiipiii';   '■       ii-
lle used  and  lasl  year  il  wai  nol   used  .,1   all.
c. v i;.   wi)  its    i ''in m i rcs.
W   l.i.l".".'.       \l( '      7' I he    i    ::   .      ill
Ni I ii      K.'iilw al    l*.,ni|'.irT.    all.I      in
iiim li.ini..   have  iirrived    r    in     ay"*"-
,' '      .a,  wage  -' h ..-lules    \* iii li      has)
ibjeri   of    i   |»iii.'    for  -"ine
Mill'.      ^"1 1    ll."    I  I all'"'-       ni      iim
' iinipnni'- i" " i: ni" al -lai'i gel sub-
-lainial increase. In,' nihers have i>••.-n
un n".l   dou i'   ,,r l'   ii   deninud   rel ."-'1.
'I ', .,.' eeinent ai rivt d at i-- Ma -
"hiin-!-, I-'. ..hi- per hour; pattern
in J ■! -. ih" . ,l"i - ..nil blacksmiths, 2
i "in-   an  Imi,r in. I.., "il.iiii ikers
ai.-  al   a   il adlock.
Tl,.'  I'ompany   have   turned down   the
aim in lii'.. -I,.,nl.I be i,, lifl  peopleup,   "" !'  "' ''"' carmen ami    steam lit-
IVhat .an I dn n, make a man better?   "''-'  "'"'  tl,cs0 ll:lV" "I'l'1"'1    '"'    "»
Whal  ran   I  .In  m make him  a  better   arbitration  I."anl.
factor in ilm niche that he lill-in life? j       „„,      M0UXTAIN    ENGINE.
, If  si,m,-body   has  knocked   him   down*
pick    him  up ami  Bay:      'I     am    your       Tl"'   h"'-"'-1   ''•   ''•   "•   hi.ninnli' ■
friend; what "an I .In fm- you?' What tllis division "as a visitor in th" In-
have you done? Vnu have mail., a cal yards mi Monday and attracted
friend nf that man. From that mom- considerate attention. The loeomo.
eni he sit- up nights i<> work for.you, ,ivG was lmiU "' Mom real last June
as he i- ready to work overy day to '"' u"lk "" th" hi- lllM "' l'i'lli- ""tl
show vnu that he is il„. right ' Wind is •''l""" -"" I'"1 **•>' heavier and
of man.   Then  that   fellow  goes     m.t   "'"''''    powerful    than    tl"-    1000     '--'.
and saysyon are all right,   lie is her-    " "-'"''  -'""  ''>'   ,1"'  '''''' "'     N"-
aiding vour name with praise every- ''•'*'" '■ "' ''"' M""''' ''"ml""""' ' l'«
where.'* with four large eyclindprs,    '«.■   • ich
sid", each cylinder driving three wheels
ami s,, placed that the front '*o
whi. h are the low pressure pair an
be operated independently from ihu
rear wheels nr high  pressure.
'Ilie local    train between   Vancouver
und  Revelstoke continues to grow    in
publie Favor, especially Bince ihe sleep- ,
ing .'ar service has been attached, and
A new device i- the operating ofthe
reverse lever by steam.   Thi- mamoth
nn  pull  a  load  ul  700    tons
this week the train did the biggest
business Bince ii started. The arrangements  ol    the C.   P.   II.  for    handling .•'"-"",
,|,:.    ,,.„;„       ,.„        „    ..   „     ,1      ,        ,r over   the   Selkirks   without    all}'   •'   ■:',
tins   tiain   are      now   excellent.     Two I   , , .' .
sleeping ears are employed  in   the ser- ;
vice, one     being     left   in  Revelstoke
over   night.   Passengers    desiring   to
take  the  local   train  can   thus  go    to |1US0 ls Pr«,!lic»U>' "" "PenmeW.
their berths in  the sleeping ear     any  UAI.It IAN     RAILWAY       LABORERS
time    before departure on  the    night I STRUCK
they are  going west.   Passengers    for
the south   can  also occupy  their her -
ths   taken   on   the   route  from      Van • I
corner   till   next   morning   when     thev ,i"'"  ''•'  '1'" ' '   '''  R"  '" ""rk ""',he
.'an take the  train ,outh. *    l'"'"1'      ,trUck  "n  M""'">'  '"'       :-'r
'IV     travelling    public speak mosl   "T   Th" f the leaders were ar ■
highly of  this arrangement    of    the  "''""' by tho "">' P°,,oe '"'" u>timid"
divisional    QlT.cials, and il   is    ,loped  at.ng other men who were willing    to
this local service between    Vancouver w     ' "T ,rightened '"",1        ■"
 l 0,1,1        -ii i ■ BO.    1 hi-   wlinl"  gang  api*'uied  at   *he
unit Itevelstoke Hill Income a  perman- :  .# , „      ,
ent   ,,ne.
Winnipeg,   May   Ith.—The locomotive
although she is j,.,i capable ol making
In    miles    an hour nn tne flat.
Engil r Carmiehael is in charge. No.
.i  large gang oi     ' lali< ian I t
[brought nut this week from Fort ttill-
city gaol on  Monday   and  stated  they
had signed a contract with the C. P.
K. to word for 91.75 a day.   The men
put   to   work   "ti   handling
in    boii    cars,    and     they
saying     that       81.75     .»
pay  foi    -ib
it  was ..,  very serious otter..- •.-»
.intimidate men against   n"'km^ i
..nl. i.'i  ih.'in  io be I-" ked   ip  ti i...
in.'ii returned  lo work.   The men Uo
had    ll'-en
Lountess  of  Uniterm,  famed  as  being I .   ■   .   ,
ihe   lirst    locomotive   ever    seen    in    i -      i
..     .    , , "h."       ;
Manitoba,   amved   „, .he   city from   ,|;1V wa, n,„ h ,
Golden, B. (.     1,  was expected that  ,„.„,, wo,.k    .,   „   Jmekio|1    .,_    p_
the   engine would       be   brought   fioni                                                                                    v
.... ,     „        ■»*••«•"• read   the   lontraits      when   gave     the
tiolileii mi ns own wlieelbase, but this             .■                                            ,,
,       , ,       . men  Free  transportation  tn  II. (.    at
was  found to be    impractical! e.        It v.. -.                   ,.                 ,            ,        ,
,.      , .     , fl.ifi a  day.    He pointed nut  tlia- the
«a- tncroforo raised nn tn „ Mat    cai                    , i
i-i i i    i  ii  ,              . rontract  did  not   -i i
whicli     was   diih   billed      in     '..-nera i i      i      ( i
., ...                  ... 'ar w.ik, therefore the  must    go    to
Manager Ueorge  llurv,    at     Wnmi-        ,          .      ,,                ,
' "         • work   again.   H"    warned           ■  ■ ■  -,
peg.    II,-i" il   vdl   undergo   a   ilu,rough ,i    .
1 I! l II        . • """     1
overhauling and will lie put in ns
good condition as it- age permits. It
will li' re-painted and made attractive in appearance,   and   then in   all
,,,..,,,. '   .        complained  that  I ittli   meat    •> ,s
nrobabi Itj   will  thi.  .„„„,„,   Bad    „  _.,.„.„ „„„.
l".-<   I" Ung    ,'l.,""  In  tho park  fa„„g   ,	
i the i an., ii ,n p ii ifii  dopo! .ci lliggina , i
nr      i ic    •■ ■ ■    ■ ■. •   -..\
.   "   *'"'  '''",  •'>' '"■""    M ' '"     '"\T'"|..   l;      ... , ,r
' ■ ■ i  •    lo     lhc    pioneei      ul..    ». , ,        ,
..•■I" • .-
openlnn  up ihe wesl  when    iln     .,, ,  ,,
""■ men   ■"•  the more il .■
timer up|icarcil nn the    ■• n.- in    mike    ,, ,    i            ,   ,
"ll.. on i'.il,'.   h el treati I
transportation    nasioi        lis    coming   .    i i                       i , i
»   had ilw ij -i."    other    il   •■ • .      • I
markod   in ne«    area, the   passing of  ,, ■   ■
II "I nv.ait   and .uh.nl  of the ra  -       ,     ., ,      ,  .,
Knottier      i le nl •
i          i  ,     .. .   ,. '""  had  r... righl   to
Superintendent    John  McLo an,    in ,
i          ,    ,      ,.                ,   '   ' lr>ke  "itii" it due ■                 pi       i,.
speaking nf the    Countess of   hififcr n ,  .
i,i.           ii       i                .         . . " '   '""   ■'""'     "r"      therefore iab.      -o
' ■      night,    anl   lhal   he saw  the    old ,,,„; , ,
.                     „ 'puni-nni'.nf..
locomotive Firsl  in l«7fi    I'  had been T . . ,.
i        i.       i. ' l 'i    nn                                     . -,
brought to Winnipeg two yoars before ,   ,    , ,                   ,   ,      ....
;,    is-r i. ii,
"i   1870. ll      in    brought   down   (he ,,, j ,   .,
„  . , under   the btions  and
Red inei on a I. irge a   nl  that time ,i, , ,
.i a ,    i. "'   '"" ■' ■ ■"
there wai no rail loadm    into lho ■ ;,\v
Th,- locomotive wa    Intended  lol
in construction work on  tho line run-
nlu i  from  St,  Itniiif ue    to    -, ll.iil,
Mr. Viliiiin added thai the l,,como-
live was  bull I   in   1871,   md
il  is much    mallei  thai lo-j       ''"r""'     W" '    M"'     '"' -'
".I,,"..' lay,    It ws   of .. (ail   •'""""• "" ' ''' n '"    ' North Edi
i/i'   .ml did  OJ ell nt    crvi.'c. wa« gored In   .'• ilh
I'm a tiiiiiiii.i ol years lhn locomo-   ; ' "' "■« li
'<• ''  w i     ii ed   nl   ih"   luml l •'	
tho    Columbia   Rivei    Lumber   Co.,   n>w llu ■ I'tcd to
I'lii.'ie ,i v. is kna todoio.
Gored to Death Page
WEDNESDAY, MAY  11, 1010.
Boot and Shoe Display
Our Stock  Larger Than  Usual.    New Spring Designs
LADIES' PUMPS Undressed Kid in
Black and Brown, ankle strap, new
heels. l'rices from $3.00 UP
Patent Leather Pumps, Black Dongola
Kid Pumps. Tan Dongola Kid Pumps,
and Tan Box Calf Pumps,
OXFORDS Special Prices from $2.25 up.
in Tan and Black Oxfords, Dongola
Kid. regular $3, now $2.25. Shown in
a great variety of styles. Patent
Leather. Tans, Dongola Kid, Box Calf.
For Ladies. Special dongola kid, reg.
$3, now $2.25. Thoy represent the
smartest styles shown this season.
BOOTS AND SLIPPERS for children and infants, a nice display of
dainty  lines and exceptionally pretty
kind tnat will stand hard wear.
Meadumea C. M. and I) Y. Marpole
and families will shortly reopen iheir
residence at Savuuaa. Mrs. C. M.
Marpole and her son, Harry, huve
been in poor health lor some time Jiatt
but her medical advisers think tl at
the climate ot the dry lelt will boi n
cause a recovery. K. Marpole, .Ir. will
also probably accompany tlie party.
H.J. Hoylock Mt on Momlsy nio.1 t
to take over his new duties bb manager ol the new brunch ot the Imjer-
ial Bunk at Chspe, Lake Shuswap.
Mrs. Huylock and family acoompauii d
liiin. Their many friends here will
wit-h tliciii every success in their iu\v
borne, Mr Verral, also ol the local
hank stulV, will uaiiat Mr. Hayluck at
the new branch.
The Rev. S. ITiillinicrc has just arrived iiuin   England to    take   up   his
duties as imumbeut ol the  Augboau
church at Atrowhenl, N.ikns|i anil adjacent p..hub. Mr. l'hillinn.re is an
aotive aud energetlo oleryman and is
besides a good and earnest preacliei
and an ardent churchman and speaks
in enthusiastic terms nf his new field.
To enable him to over his largo territory Mr. Phillimore has brought with
him a line 10 h.p. gasoline launch Ioi
use ou tbe hike. Mr. Phillimore
preached nun ning and evening on
Sunday last at St  l'eteis church.
Donai.ii.~on—At Revelstoke, on May
9tb, to Mr. nnd Mrs. Ross Donaldson
a daughter.
Tort Hope, Ont., has been badly
damaged by fire.
The town ot Steveston was badly
damaged by tire on Sunday.
The French elections have resultul
in the Socialist party attaining power
Iiy a substantial majority.
Sir William Van Home has resigned
us chairman of the Cl' R. and Sir Thos
ShaughDesBV has taken his place.
\Y. .1. Curtis, piano tuner, will visit
the City aboul May24th, 1010. Orders
left with H. Manning will receive
prompt attention.
The regular review of Ml. McKenzie
Hive, 1..0.T..M., will take place on
Thursday next at 8 o'clock p. in., at
Masonic Hall at Second Street.
The new luminous are street lights
arc uow in operation in many part.- of
the city and are proving a greal BUC
cess, the urea illuminated being very
K. 11. Tiueinan, the well known
photographer, will pay a business
visil to lievelstoke oi. May 16th, when
his studio will be open to the public
for aboul ten days.
A steam shovel working near Post
Ollice bill, on the c.l'.K. at Sicamous,
overturned in the mud on Sunday.    A
v king :i;iin   was   despatched and
the shovel replaced "ii the n
It. Smith, laborer was charge
night at   the   city   police  court wit
theft ol a looking glass frrm a certain
houee in the red   light   district.    He
was lined $25 and  coats or in di
7 days.   The fine ■>..-
anti n dell I i I
and other
structi.it.     ii   the    pxrt
lal , .-•        . I ■        right
and li
1 ..-     .
To those who ha\'o not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the hest
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
(Cnutiuueci from Page Oue )
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Spring Tonics!
$1.00 a Bottle
Pre crlptioi
Bews' Drug Store
,  "         R
Fred. Fi west, ol Albert Canyon, in a
ity to-day.
Dr. VV, H. Sutherland is at Victoria
nnectii o with the medical exam-
. ii< making a  biui-
...ie.e.  where  he  bag a
branci. il
authority that
■       ■ ■      - ■ ' ' ed  Bir Thos.
'   K., if
'  ■   atter • ac      '   Sir \V°m.
Mr and M ri. F. I i te taken
1   ."..ii nt
nagei  ol
Mr. Allan
-   Mill
i      rj and   Fellow-
nee lor tlm
'I here wn- » large attend
I veil.   The
lali ol the society repi rt the li '-.H
making iteady progreai, 'having
hiwornrj very i>o|iular |q the city.
and warned him to say nothing. Accused said In' Bred al Shardlow, not
Mall and ilu' Bhell was loaded with
salt and could be found where he was
arrested, I went with Sergt. Sturdy
on Sunday nnd found the cartridge
lim yards from High ton's lencc, also
the wiids opposite nnd near the house.
,1 lir fence and house wall wore lull ol*
shot, some of which 1 picked out.
The shots in teuce and house wall
were in lino.
A certificate limn Dr. Hamilton as
to the accused's sanity was produced.
'1'lu' case ivus remanded For -I hours
tn allow of another witness lor the
prosecution being obtained.
On resuming tlio case lust night, I'..
M. Clay was .ailed, and staled he had
heard accused threaten to shool Shardlow on Saturday afternoon. Accused
was greatlj excited and under the in-
lluence "f drink.
C. Holland corroborated Hall's evidence, Btating he hoard the accused
say "stand by there Shardlow. I've
got you," al the same time Bring the
gun. Accused was about 60 foot away
rom Hall when tho shot was fired,
nd put another cartridge in the gun.
Accused M't'iiioh excited and drunk.
Says mind is shaky
C. Godwin, the accused, siato.l thai
he had never seen Hall at all, that he
had fired ai Shardlow, n~111■_: n shell
loadod wiih powder and salt whioh
«onld nbl kill even a bird. He wus
too lar away for the charge i" reach
iho man and be did not Use any shot.
The shol must have boon in tho fence
and Iioiim' wall before. Shots would
spread more any how if fired at that
distance. The gun he used was an' old
■ ae, .iini as he fired, Shardlow entered Righton'a house and didn't oonte
oui again, He wanted lo scare Shard
low, He was afraid of Shardlow, be.
■an-.' Shardlow had struck bint. Hod,
. I thai in 1001 ho had suffered
fractured skull In England,
anl the doctor had warned him
again being roused to anger. He
was afraid  that ho mip-ht do Shardlow
.1 ii nm. and  tried to   drive
.'      Hi" mind   wns   -l.-iliy   -ino
i hui -.1 .         ■ -ii irdlow had struck
'. irdlow knew  thai  his    dog
■' " hen  ho
I OSfim I Kit  1'iilt   I RIAL
ised I it
Corporation of the City of Bcv«
lioi ■ p ."i'i it.
! eapei I ■ ■'
i ll    II -I M   'Ml
Fm iln*.      p
The New Styles Are Exquisite
Come anil View a Sup-
passing Delineation  of
in Spring Costumes and
Princess Dresses,
Hero, iii the full
chni'iii of newness,
will he found tba
mosl, comprehensive
nnd complete exhibit
of Spring Fashions,
In oosl nnii's ami
Princess Dresses.
Our displays are correctly expressive of the
prevailing tendency in
feminine appareling.
Early buying ia
now advisable, Our
prices arc baaed solely on the Intrinsic
vuliu'of thegarmente
—you can buy here
now as low as later
elsewhere und In
the meantime enjoy
beings mon" tbe first
to wear the fosci-
naling new styles.
These offerings aro
Indicative of their
splendid values.
Ladies' New Costumes
We are showing Costumes in tbe newest coloring and latest
materials, with a style lit and finish that is not equalled in the city
ami nt prices that are very reasonable.
PRINCESS DRESSES ln Voiles, Panamas, Linen ami Percale.
COAT SUITS in Linen, in White, Blue und Tun.
LINGERIE DRESSES Lawn and Mull, In all sizes, in white,
blue, pink nnd helio.
Ready-to-Wear Garments
Everyone remarks on our showing of Ready-to-Wear garments, and say it is far the hest ill tbe city.
I'.i.i Cl    \.
i w. nx,
Oity Clerk.
Seeding Time is Here
We have a full line of Guillen und I'ield Seeds  in
stock.     Onion   Sets,  Clover  und   Timothy,  Sweet   -
Pons. Nasi ui liuin land other seeds in hulk,  also  u
quantity of Lawn Crass Seed.
G. W. Bell
O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
Send the little ones and let ihem trj on a Pretty Coat all
-i.. - mid styles in this line.
Ladies' Skirts
A nice range of Ladles' Skirts for SpiinK and Summer weai
ilno a nice line ol Washable Skirls, cool and comfortable for warm
First Street
Fresh   consignment   of Dried  Fruits
and Fruits in Tins at  Attractive Prices
Orders Promptly Delivered.
McIntyre   & Son


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