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The Mail Herald Mar 26, 1910

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The, Mail-Herald
^ _
Vol. 16-No. 23i
REV ...    TOKE. B. C. MAKCII 26- 1910
$2.50 Per Yepr
r* ^^(^f^^<^t^tfi^^^«|ll<fi^r|jl|?l^t^^f||)t^<j?i^»«$>fj?fj )£;
to Promise
We have just  put in  a
window of genuine
Bargains in
Making a Choice of any
article in the Window
At One Dollar
Among them are a selection of Vases which sold
at from $1.50 to $3.00.
Royal Doulton& Wedge-
wood Jugs, hand painted
China. All good lines at
Bargain Prices.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
School Board Skirmish With City Sidelights on the Question ot
Council-Stormy Meeting   I Location
lliu' uf ihi' most     sensational
stormy meetings of public botlii
nml "When fi reek meets flreok" his been
,.v,,i strongly exemplified  ihi- week In    lhe
lii'lil  in   Uovolstoke  look  plure Thfrs- lather    strained   rriationship   .m iii.'
day  night  when  the City Cnuueil and   hetw     the     school   board  unci   lhn
tlie School  Honrcl  Innl another     joint ' ''>'  Council,  leadiuii   ul   times   to  ul-
moeting in try mi I arrive ai u settle   ' '  "I"'"  hostilities over  lhe matter
ment  over  the school  site. "'  selecting  u  sile  lor lho now   school
ST0K1I  UHICWIV;. building.    Tlie wl 1 board's propo*
The pent   up feeling*  of some of thn al,  as  slated  in  our  lam   issue,     wus
trustees  aii'l aldermen on  their re-spuc- lurned down by  the Council,       At   a
live argument"  ul   limes  reached fever   subsequent    ling   the   trustees    sug-
heal und     seldom han    .-i public ques,   gested ihut the     mi j  bylaw  should
iV     linn  aroused  so much  bitterness      mi be put before     llu-   people   for a new
fjj?   iiiii' pari  nf ilie     citj   ami school "Hi- ochool,  also another money bylaw    in
A- A' At A' At A' At At At At At A' A' A' Ar A' A' An A A A «*> An A- A- A Ay An
* ^» ^W^# ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ tt nw nw nr nr nw nr nw nr nw nr nr nr nr nr nw
iuls.     The trustees locked horns with purchase  block  5'J, which lias been tho
I lie  I nun. il  ami  ai   first   it   seemed  as cause  of  the    deadlock.      A  plebiscite
if no settlement would be made     and was also asked for, in uceordance with
, there    would be a deadlock.  The com- lhe  request  of  the Council  for      three
jmiltee     appointed      to  look  into  lhe sites—namely    on  Oth  street,  block  •1-
(mutter of securinn  ii i ible n rediic- nnd  the present   school  grounds.  This
tion mi  the price of block ,VJ from the apparently   satisfied  both  bodies,    bui
Hull-Cross-Sibbald   syndicate,   received v-'-  left  in  abeyance pending a  reply
a reply during the   duy from Calgary   'mm il wners of block 52 as     to
■ that a reduction ol X"11" would be whether ihey would come down in
made. The trustees met Thursday their price of x|ii,iiiin. li U under-
night  and nfier     more or less healed stood  that  a reduction of 8500     was
I discussion  n   recommenilution was de-  made.    On   Thursday night the sel I
Ap    cided upon thai  the Council be asked trustees met     to discuss their verdict
rj|)    ilu  put  a  bylaw   before  the  | pie for aguiu, and  suggested  this  iim,,      tltnt
830,0(111 for n new school: that  another the bylaw  tot' SMO.OOO for a new school
"Z      bylaw    im  si.T.'.n he pul   tp   purchase I"' submitted  to  the  people;, also nno-
V     biock -'2. an.l  the rights in block     53 I her bylaw   ol 84,755 tot' the purchase
•t?    and Wynn street, beinu  half ihe price of grounds, namely block 52, and   the
f*?    ni the said block, also to show in this rights in block 53 and     Wynn Btreet,
An    bylaw   that  the i'lll prii'e "I block 52 being hall th'1 purchuse price of     the
a    anil ailiii'iiii  rights is s'.i..'iini and that 'ot,  the governmenl  paying the other
2     il"','    government     will pay the other half.      \     plebiscite    was also to be
J      Iiuii: also    ilim  a plebiscite be taken luken on    the same three sites above
nP    on thr ights, namel.v   block 52, the mentioned,  block 55 lo be used   pro-
*$»    present    school grounds and blook 50 vlded the ihoney bylaw carried.
Ap    on inii street. All previous motions on Thi<    w.v, 9„bmitted to the Council
Ap    this question were rescinded .,„,  ,.1,.at,„i  L.onsiciel.ahie heated    dis-
^       The  recommendation  was plnced  be- ,,,„.•„,„ ,,.,„.,,,uv.     The suggestion did
2,    '""' ''"' l'ounril. „,,,     ,.xa,.,K.    „„,.,  ,he view* of     the
T        AM'   M'Ki »  X1 |J  aaa]nM  i"''i"!' Council ami alter     much haul feeling
-r     inu the present  school grounds in  the hm)  Uvu ,,,,,,,.,.,1, „ resolution     was
qp    plebiscite, a-  they would be too f .,_,.,, llul   ,,„.  ,W(1 „„„„.,. bylaws be
Ap       Md.     McCarty wanted to pul     lhe >ubmitted nt once and thiil   the school
ttwo Inlaws together. i,,,:,,,i |„. requested     to     hold a   lair
Aid.  Abrahamson  would  like  lo see p|ej,iwita     on    i|„.  two sites  namely
the new  - I I on the presenl grounds -,.,.„.,n :,. |lllt] ,-,t, ,,,,,,,,,
(lilo.U 53) than go upon ''ih street.
A,         Mr.  Manning pointed oul  ii     block s"»   *•'•   Mil1"'   '«  -"'"--b   I"-'i»n't
X     .VJ wa* ,,„„..,l down, nib -i. i     wa. '""''"''•-  ""   ,l>"  P1-Csenl   "i!"  :v~  "   w
f    .1 Ij   alternative.     Tlie  plebiscite ""' '■
was  in  aniinlaiiie  with   the  < ouncil's afi
wishes, and  the trustees had done all ""'
Ihey were asked,
Iln.     Mayor    said  thai  lhe Council
had accepted the     othei  recommendation in the    morning and agreed     i"
ilie plebiscite on ih" ihrce Bites.
Mr,  How -,,n stood by liis word,    nl
two iii"ii,'i   bylaws  to show  the |	
pie what was i»iii_ doi e,
TIT  ini! TAT.
Our Store is well stocked with the materials for this
necessary work. We carry ALABASTINE and
MURESCO the Sanitary Wall Finishes in all colors.
FLOORGLAZE, an excellent enamel for Floors, Oil
Cloth or Furniture.
GRAN ITI NE a hard Varnish that will stand wear.
Oil and Varnish Stains, Furniture Polish.
A full line nf Sherwin-Williams Paints. Varnishes, Linseed Oil, Handcraft Stains, While Lead. etc.
Rrooms, Brushes, Mops, Soap and all kinds of Washing
Groceries Hardware Stoves Harness
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under  which the  branch**
of this Bank are able to Issue Droits on the pin«.ip<jl points
In the lollowlng countries:
Austria-Hunirarjr    Finland Ireland
Belgium Formosa                      Italy
Brazil France                         J*pan
Bulgaria Fr'ch Cochin-China  Java
Ceylon Germany                    Manchuria
China Great Britain             Mexico
Crete Greece                       Ncrway
lVuniark Holland                        Persia
Egypt Icclat.1                         Philiipinr Islands     Wesl Indie*
Faroe Island India                           Koumama
REV.-LSTOKE    BR»N^.H-A.    H.     ALLEN.    IvIGR.
South Africa
Strait! Suitlei
West Indies
and clsev
,■- a*, in how niiirli the children
these play grounds; only about
I,,,in n day -. the rest of their l"i-
stire piny time Bcems to be spent in
the streets. We ilo nol grudge the
children piny ground room if they will
u— it, Imi they <liiiiilil not be allowed '." run ii"' nil over the Btreetsiday
iinil niL'lit as well n- become n imi-
Miii,.' tn iiiiil'i.'. As lor block 52, the
prii'e ii high, but ii "ill be higher in
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
$10,000 000.00
Branches or Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States— L, nili'n, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bunk, tnin Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Hank. San Eiau-
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Spring Lamb
Beef and
P. Burns & Co.,
Mi   Manning
itltnl mi two nionex   bvlnws and ihey
nl the bliii-U
\Vi. have lieliniteh dc   ^  '""   itar" :"1'1  "H' '"""K  ,9  a
able  nililiiiiiii   in   lhe  school   minimis,
and tor a new school site, being close
Aid. M Kinnon: 1 protesl attains) >" ll« l""-,'m "*°o1 a"d bei."B "*.
this. We in.' nol here to be breed i, mi,ttW> BtlnPted ;"r 'll" to»owin8 ?ul
to anything, I, don'l care whether you °< ,l"' ?overnment - strong BUggestion
give ii- anv othei chanm ■ , Kie "f '"""'"' "'h""'- H>e governmenl
didn.l  mee'l   the  iru.tees   lhat  way.   I   >"   '      -'""""'^     '>-"""'   "'. I""  '"'
dollar for dollar    "i'.li tho city     on
,,, 930,000    for a     new
., I ! mnl  ii  will  t^ik" nearly double
lhe niiiiiuiit    in build and     equip     a
■ I S-roomcd schoo). Then comes ilie
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
don'l  stand to be drille I by you and
have :,  linger  pointed at me and "told   "mount
fiiut I  iiiu-1 do ;liw hi  ihu'..
The Mnj spluined thai the inone)
bylaws    had I n    decided on before,   -	
i .,., ,   ,■ ., IllieStioil        nl    II       -II''.        I'lllllli     iilllllioil
that morning.     I lie plebiscite was the    ' .               .        '      .
.   .     .     ii, '    rn favor ni centralising  schools
.uu i tin- deadlock now. ,             ,                      ,
.•I- -li,,nn In   the vote lasl  year,  and
it is probably the same now. Both tho
i ,it, il uiul     the School Board     aro
agreed     thnl    a school on iiiii streel
i-niild he ui.Miii'i'n. uni, ii  being real-
i/,"l  ilml    widely     separated  schools
would be difficult  to ln"U after     and
    ,.\i',i'-ivi' rn opcrato     iui I  ilml
, ml   schools   would   lie  mora  econ-
.   ,    well as falling in lino with
•l ,■   proviin   .1     _ nmenl  who nro
■ m   the     .-iii    "ui.   consequently
I,, be
• the
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.     Interest allowed at tiighost current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Mr, Manning      IVe have bei
«,- havi l the I   "   i    i    jl's wishes
in make hni 1    i
AM.  Mi-Kinnoi .     Well   . m'l  you L'el
up uu.I huve     tie     nerve to say thnl
llii-    lil- In   Iw   -.1        lu      I'l"'    I   ' llll   'Ji'l
up too and den and thnl i
ni-l   -ii   ti,,..
1 li.' Mnj oi      i \\ 'iui'1. Iii
' iy b
gel  ii start.
U.I,  Mil  irt;       If the
il   l"t   lliei'i  li.i'.   il.
\11.  II,■■«'. ion        i ■
■ I
lie    i.l   I
Ud,   McC'ui
■I   if'1
Mr,   M ini  ni,       'I lii*
|iln\ ;   we  li.i-. •     ■
' l SSATION nl   ,;n- I'l
Aftei   furlI..-I      iii
less  heated,   \'.'    ! rimbli   I
onded by   \ d.  ' "■■ Iwi
there remnins but "ne -ite available,
thai "ii bio -l. •"-' which will hnve t"
.        . i    , .i il required Iqr the     new
I'l     will   osi  *'.i."      hall
will li- paid by the pooplo
other half taken onl  of     the
■  nt,     lin   i- "ne of tho
In I iu-   iliiii   the  I I'le «iU  be
: .,.     „ic [or,       'I he pi'ox     and
, oi     ,i     Ihe    matter hnvo been   vol \
lull;      ih ;i lied     mil   by    the  si I I
. ,r ,! the cily council and     ihey
down the .?30,0fi0 bylaw, ns by doing
so they would forfeil the governmenl
L'l'unt which would never he renewed
again, and Revelstoke would not   get
the new school  the n 1 of which     i-
ilwing so sorely felt. Tho present Bi'liool
is over crowded; the two .-l11i,- rooms
are condemned and with the increasing
number ot scholars something will
huve to lio done.     Revelstoke, us     a
whole,    fully    realises the n I ol    a
new school, and will not imprudently,
from any cause, jeopardize the governmenl grant. As for tho purchasing nl bin.'k 52 aud tli" accompanying
piece of Iniiil—ihe lane through the
present Bohool block and the, road
where the liii_'li school -tninl- ii is
apparently necessary when the disadvantage ni a school liuilt upon '.li"
city limits mi iiiii -tree! ii" taken into ' mi i'iiTutionf
Tho tv\<> money bylaw- aro published in lo-day's issue and ih" publi'
sliinilil read them carefully, and ni ike
them selves familiar with what they
ai" a ikoil to vote tor.
to the Council this morning. The
aldermen were divided in their
opinion as to the advisability of
this. Some pointed out that at
the last joint meeting when the
trustees were asked to bring in a
fair plebiscite. Mr. Manning virtually told the council that they
would bring in a fair plebiscite.
This however has no* been none.
After much discussion acting-
mayor Trimble (Mayor h.milton
havfdg been called away) t-iked
I'm' siime definite decision on ^he
matter. The aldermen could not
agree on the plebiscite and the
meeting broke up.
d io     tl,"   ■'" «  unanimous    i
■ ,ii  iho bylaw    and toko n pi
to location
people   a-   si   '
ti ilii'ii- decision
l nl "   a   I'l'"
('mi Iderablo
i, n i'i-
11      in       a
■   - "   i;""k"-   "'"       ""'"'  '   "' '       '"
hloel   52. """ '•"> '-"""'' ''"'  "  ,s noW     "P
Cavricd. "' ''"' !" '1"° ' ' "ocld0.
i ■ . ttlll
would li" nm ■  tool! li "ii il"' pari ol
ii,,.     people  i 11   Ihink "f i irn'.ng
Another Deadlock
The School Trustees mel this
morning over the school site and
finally brought in a resolution
lhal the two money by-laws in
themselves are sufficient plebiscite and that no other plebiscite
is required. The board also felt
that there might be an awkward
situation if lhe by-law to purchase
Block o2 failed to carry and the
plebiscite went in favor of building there.
The resolution was submitted
Attempt to Wreck Train
I he I"," .■ a are wot king o
  attempted wrecking   ol
■I   on Wednesday ni
ii   pile  nt   ■ .-1
• ni  thi •• ch n for il."
' i - •   i ,f
Kamloops.    i loing east     it was    im-
lie  lor  in., ■ '.   .,:, I, ii -
Lyons when hi
Un. .• through  ii :.   all
u at-
■ 'I holdup.     VVhei   I
"7  he  handed     \t illis    Am
j.iieer. a no '
had h
■ . -   ■ ,
. I  -i\  ii,--  Irom  the  track.
1 hi he men
■   svho ""I   ].' i .
the im ii   . i
". .'     to-nigl i. Page
SATURDAY, MARCH 20th, 1910
Look!  Look and Read!
Actual Comparison of Eastern Catalogue
Prices, Freight Added, with
owson's Prices
Winnipeg price
Price delivered
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
"   $9.60
Dining Table
"     14.40
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
"     13.00
ii               ■•               ti
"     14.00
"     5.20
"      7.20
Dominion Spring
"    4.00
Child's Cot
"      7.20
Ostermore Mattress
"    16.50
We make our profit by shipping in car load lots,thereby
saving freight rates. Bring catalogue giving description of other
goods not specified in this list toujour store and we will prove our
statements. Remember we deliver goods and^set up free from
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
  same   street.      Mr.   Rotlnv
\   eery  successful  social  and  concert
was  held at   tli"  Woodmen's    If"
.rn     Thiirsdni     nielu ;
shop i.n lti.ia.lua>. and  Sain Henry is -    The  Lady-smith  Chronicle  rightly  re-
ei-eclini!  a  residence at  tli id of   the   „„„.i>:      «Tnere  .„,.  m.|llv   w|„,      ()(,.
nl'        lhe
hank,  intends; erecting a handsome re
Mil",,",' O
lake   from
lieve that  it  is high time the specula
Uev.  Mr.  Hell presided.
larire trunii ni men hnsili  cui^ugajd   oi
hi-   uvi,  .nre   I „   lhe,,iv"   '■'"'ll   '"   ]W'"'"U   f'"'">»»•'•'   ''eoeiv-
,-  soon  a-  the clearing  is   '".'.:l ,l""k- P«fti™larly in  the larger
,'ti'i" i,"I.
Mr. ami  Mrs. Vi. Y. Jordan paid
visit  io their ranch at   Kdgewood this   VB'ue"' the mosl  ^astrous  I
cities.     Canada  has  had  considerable
• .pencil.,-     with   inflated real   estate
week, and id ir 1 ivith Uo- Williams ,h"  -"'"'»   ' '»   ',"'""-'!'   which      Win-
"'     '••    ,,lllt'l f  Nelson  I,a-    hi-   o( |hi)    ]n%e „ipcg passed   in   the  years   ISSI      ainl
the    construction    „f ,l„.    e„i,r„„,ol,l      ( ',.„/.,   „  ,,  ,,nvi ,, ,„.,,. IW2.      Winnipeg  did   not   re, over from
hnililitiL'' mi  nroadwiiN   at   present    lay-
i.'i"   liiiiinliilii.ii   an
illL'   tin
acquisition  i"  the town  when finished.
ment.      The building!   will   be  quite au
S.   I..   Mackintosh,    inspector    nf   the
Canadian     Hank    ol*    I 'minuet.
font   well  .In.-  .rn  hi-  premises,   which   ,hi"      '""""  '"'.'  """'''  lhnn  B  decade'
ivlll I,.' ilmvn  in lh.
lhe   Kev.   Mr.   Ilirl'u
,  0|   ,|L,.   and   i ther city  In  t'anadn      • ould
hale  revived oven  in  tii.it   space     of
-   nf  r.in-i anii.   '"'"'      lliu k  ni  ihe  Manitoba  capital
Mm.   has  .ni iviil   with
carload     of
."■■ ■   ,   ni, I  a ill   reside nn  his
i-   two-thirds
bell ,.f ih,, world.
if    ihe wheat-
Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.
Pacific  Division
SKAU3H TKNDKRS will be received
up to noon «>f Monday, -Uli April, 1910,
for labor and material I A) and labor only
(li i required for erection of the following
No. 5 I'raiue Station ;it Chase.
No. 7 Frame Station at Kuskin.
Cold Storage  Huilding  at Sicamoua
frame and cnncrei e.
lir.ii   Packing    Mouse  at    Vernon
frame and concrete.
Fruit Packing House at Summerlatid,
No, J. Frame Freight Sheds at Ke
lowua, Agassi/., Mission Junction and
No. I Standard Section Houses at
lVtn \ ■•. H.it ues Creek.
Camp 16, Spuzzum, Ruby Creek 1
Westminster Junction.
No. 3 Standard Bunk Houses at Sa-
vonas tTwo) Kamloops. Mile A Thompson Section, Muuro, Senilin, Basque,
Toketic, Lvtton Wve, Chaumox, North
Bend, l'aril p 16, Mile 11.1 Cascade,
Spuzzum, Kuiiy Creek, Westminster
Junction and Mile 13, Shuswap Section*
No. 1 Bunkhouseat Field.
Fire Hall and Hose Tower at Revelstoke.
One stall frame engine house at New
Plans and specifications can be seen
and proposal tonus obtained at offices of
Resident Knuineers, Nelson and Revelstoke, and l >h ision Riigiueer, Vancouver.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Division Engineer,
Vancouver, B. C, March 16, 1910.
March Jfcth—*U
For Sale or Rent
Eighty acre ranche, about
five miles pouth nf the
City, about 15 acres under
cultivation. One team of
horse?, mower, boiler, rake,
plow, sleigh and wagon
and other farm implements. Terms can be furnished on  application  to
.   LUZ./.I,    ' Revelstoke, B.C.
WANTED—To sell a practically new
Eastman Folding Kodak. For pnrti-
culara  apply at  Mail-ITcrald ollice.
Movins Pictures To-night.
just     paid  Nukusp ,i visit   anil is   very ,„,;  .„ ,„ ,,,,  |)n ,,|(,    ,ll)m wn __
favorably     ii.ipivss,.,!   with   the    iiii.nv      Mr        ,m<  „„,,,  h;.   ,„.,.„..,   ;„      ^
I"'''SI'>'<1". ,1   ,,     . V..         .           IIMmiIi    It
A  mei'ting    nf the S'nkii>p  i'nrmers ' Haigh.     IV i   'I'l;
Institute, al   ivli'uli  lhe Imai-il  of Trade „„.„ „ml  n ihly known.      Ml
,'   tlv iviimniis'  institute wen mil   Mr- I                             V'n
Ily  iii\ii.',l   tn   inn.   mis   In-.,!     ai    lhe where  tin fter  theii
Woodman's   hall  -t   few   ila\s  ago when vesttni
il   was dei iilni   in  inaiigui ite -,   .
litnil    fruil  fair at   N'akusp i his    yen
'•' •••   'li-    derision   ih,'  i 'til
ei   ed      in    iii"  work   of 01 mini M
anil   appointed   its oliio'i folli I   ,
I!   i     president,   William   II" ter,   Ml'    ;    ,    nt
1'.;   llm .   viie-piesiilent.   V.  II.   I
; ■ .-I'li'iii.   I'hi intus   Ahriel.   dire i ■      ■   \
...•-.   I'.   ',.   I     :        m   1     .'     1   r
■I    I han Her,   I     It,  II nnl ■ g,    I      tt
. .   Mi.     II,   riil .1. |
11.   Vesliiip:   tiva-uii-,-.   II.   I.    H
It is
■    ■     i     P   II
West Kooteoay Steam Laundry
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Your White Curtains properly and promptly
cleaned. Satisfaction guaranteed in all lines.
Woollens a Specialty.
Phone 73.      Office Corner 2nd. St., and Mackenzie Ave.
i    M
mr-il in I el
.    ■ ''
Iln ilil ing (i
8 Styles in Overcoats
Eight distindively different
styles —each an artistic triumph
for the Fit-Reform designer.
We start this spring season
with the finest Overcoats we
ver shown the finest in
Style, in pattern and in workmanship.
And the prices      ,/*y**^tv
I 1 ffr^     *$r<\
make   these   (j f ^ \4
0v' ,the ffiFEfORMS
grea alues   \\ JrJ
W P tonight.
11. c.
Garden Freshness of "SALADA"
Fresh and fragrant from the gardens of the finest tea*
producing country in the world. Ask your grocer for
a package to-day you'll like it.
 Bliu'li, Mixed auil Natural Green, 40c, 50c, 60c and 70c per lb. ——•
Scotch  Whisky
Keeping up the Standard.
Watson s Scotch Whisky is known the
world over (or its unvarying quality and
exceptionally   (tne   flavor.
Every hottle you open has the same smooth
taste the same rich, full-bodied flavor, the
same characteristic aroma.
Wc use the old-fashioned Pot Still method
ul distillation.
1 hen we leave time to do its work ol
maturing and mellowing.
To ensure against the necessity of shipping
any whisky hefore it is properly mjtnred, we
continually keep a stock of several million
gallons, absolutely our own properly, ageing
in wood.
1 hat is why our whisky never vanes.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR" — A m,l,l. lliurouidily umiutrJ Scotch.
"NO. IO"     A IiiII.IhmIi.J. richly flavored Sc.i.-li.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited  -  Dundee.
Garden, Field
and Flower
New crop now arriving from our growers in England, France,
Holland, Canada and the United States. All tested as to
vitality and purity on arrival. Tbe beat is good enough for our
customers.   Catalogue free.
Business will be continued at our old stand until May.
After that in new location, which will be announced later.
3010 Westminster Road     -
VANCOUVER,      -       -      B. C.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Import direct from country of origin.
iiiiiUHUiriiuii-icrigiiitJioiiiBiimi aiiaiiiiriaiiiiiiitDniioy iiiii
iim ji .iii a^iinii/y,irJii|iiijH siHjj^iimiciMi iiii; iijii
iiiii iiiiii JiiiiiitiiiiH»iiBi:iii(i! igiiiiBM!Ei3!iiE3to^iriC;i i;m
iii|| iiuii iiiiimia;i.^Dmiiiili ieiiiiiiiiiiiisihiiiiiioii,iiiii
■iiii iiiii: 'ti&taiHiiuiiiiiiiiii'i; tiBaiaiiiiiibiisiii^iiei iiiii
i"m» iiii<!i rr sKTir<ri.i»regiLBsqiiiiiii   ■niiicriitiiiitiiiiiiiii  mini
Page Peace* weai Beit   Btylei for i,nwn>., Parks, Psrmi and Railroadi.    m.ooo miles of r«g«
i ■ I 7uioo Page Gates now In UK In Caoada. Oui I'Jhi Fences are IwUer than ever,     fiet
ii i,li ii i>i li ei ami booklel «■
' E. G. PRIOR & CO.
VICTORIA AND VANCOUVER Fence «nd C.te. in Stock
_   ' SATURDAY, N A ltd I 26th, 111 10
Page 3
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
ANY available Dominion Lands within tlio
Railway Bait m British Columbia, may
ba homes tended by any por-ou who is thu .solo
baadof aliiiullyior euy male over IB yearaor
hrs, to tna extant of mio-tnmrter *ecimu of lw)
m'rtc- mure ur nt ■■•.
Kutry must bo mude n»r^»ii»lly «t tho Iwal
laud uftlco for the di>Ln«i In which tno laud la
situate: Eutry by i>ro*y amy, hnwnvnr, ho
mads on certain roudUtopB by lho father,
Bothar, sou-daughter, bn>thor or Mster of an
ititeudiuK homesteader-
The homes'oador i- retiuirmi to perform tho
cnuditiou.s connected therewith under one of
*he following pious :
(1) At least si* months residence npon and
cu'tivetioii of the liunt in ouch yonr for thr»o
[ti If th* father (or mother, if tho lathe* [g
deceased)id tho h'imo>toiuU>r resides anoint
farm in tne vlolnlty of thalaud entered f<<r, tho
requirement ^ as to resideaoe may Imi satisfied
by >uch pa's n rositliug with the father or
(S> if tbo settler has hi- uermanont residence
upon farming land owuet' by him lu iho vicinity of ins homestead, the requirements as to
residence may he satisfied by residence upon
tho said Im i'i
Sii mouths' notice In writing should he«ivon
\i\ tho CoiirotsMtmer nf Dominion Lauds at
Ottawa of Itttaotioa to apply for patent.
1-OAU--'l*oal iiiiniug rights may 1» leased for
h period of twenty-oue year- at au annual
rental nf 91 per acre. Not moro than 2,680
acres shall Iw leased to one individual or
compauy A royalty at tho rate of five cants
per ton Shall be Collected OO the merchantable
.0.1 .tot w  w  C0RY
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N B.   Unauthorised publi PS Una of   this ad
vertisetuent will uot be paid for.
■iity days from date I intend to apply to the Chiel Commissioner of
Lands lor purchase of bind situated
•bout 1611 chains up, from month of
Wood River, post planted about ICO
ehains above mouth of Wood river and
marked E. A. Andrews, S. W. corner
post, theme north 40 chains, east 40
chains, south 40 chains, thence west
following Wood river to point of com-
I>ated this 10th day of December,
Notice to Contractors
SEALED T. NDl'.liS. superscribed
''Tender for School Building, Arrow
Park," will be received by tho Hon.
tlie Miiiisii'i' of Public Works up to
initl Intruding the 'list day "i March,
11010, for ih ci'tiiiii and completion
of a largo one-room frame school building In the Vinir Electoral School
j   IMiin.s, specifications, contract,     and
forma of fonder may li n on and
alter the Till day of March, 1910, at
the office nf the Government Agent nt
Nelson; the office "t the Government
Agent ni Rovolstoke; the office of the
Pennock, Arrow 1'arU, and at the De-
Secretary of tho School Board, J, N.
partmenl ol Publio Works, Victoria.
| Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bunk oheque or certificate nf     deposit on a chartered bunk
'of Canada, made payable to the Hon.
the Minister of I'ublic Works, for a
sum equivalent to ten per cent ni the
amount of the tender, which shall be
forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract when called upon to <lo so. or ii he fail to complete the Hork contracted for. The
cheques or certificates of deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers will be returned
to them upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not lie considered unless made out on the forms supplied
signed with tlie actual signature of
tho tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes  furnished.
Tho lowest or nny tender not necessarily accepted.
Public  Works Engineer.
Department Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., March '2, 1910.
•ixty days from date I intend to apply to the Chiel Commissioner of
lands for purchase of lund situated
•bout 140 chains up from mouth of
Wood river, post planted on north
■iiie of river and marked P. A. lied-
■trom, S. E. corner post, thence north
49 chains, west 40 chains, south 40
chains, east 4H chains, containing 100
•teres more or less.
Dated this     10th   day ol December
Accidental Death
Mill Men Meet
•ixty days from date I intend to apply to the Chiel Commissioner of
Lands for purchase of land situated
•bout 140 chains up from mouth of
Wood river, post planted on north
side of Wool river and marked G. E.
Hedstrom, S. W. coiner post, thence
north 40 chains, east 40 chains, south
40 chains to Wood river, west following river to point of commencement,
oontaining 160 acres more or less.
Dated this 10th day of December ,
TAKE NOTICE thnt I Percy Harold
Pearse. of Trout Lake, B. C, occupation engineer, intend to apply lor |ier-
snission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. W. comer ol lot 472S, thence
•ast 20 chains, thenco north 'JO chains,
thence west 20 chains more or less to
lake shore, thence south easterly a -
loag lake shore about 30 chains to the
8. W. corner ol lot 4728, thence north
•long western boundnry ol lot 4728
•bout 10 chains to point ol commence-
ment and containing 40 acres more or
December 16th, 1909.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Weil Kootenay,
Take Not ice lhal  I,   M. K. LflWSOD,
of Kevi'lstiike, housekeeper, Intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described landii
Oommenolng at a posi planted at the
south-east oorner of l.ni 8,868, and
marked "M. K, La'wson's North-west
Oorner Posf'i thence lOobalns south)
thenoe 11 chains west: thence 80 ohatns
north) thence 20 ohatns east) thence
•jii'liiiiiis north t" line of Lol 8,888)
thenoe along said line to place ol commencement.
Dated October 18th, W00.
Nov. 17 ll'.   MINNIE K, LAWSON.
WANTED—Two or three u'""d
pen iei. iii  Notch Mill    M'i'lv by lol
tor, giving experience, and wagi
mated i" P.O. Bos -l. Salmon  Vrm.
For Sale or To Rent
Two 6-roomed houses and 1 acre- "f
anil. Been  cultivated  for years.     All
bids of small fruit. A l'""'I location
ust outside of city limit.,—84,000.00.
Half cash, Will -,d 1 or rent any pur -
tion of this property,
A good investment, hum i- your
Speaking at Vancouver mi the criminal problem, of which he has made n
Islieciul study, Aid, Stevens suid many
1 ;i man was handicapped in life be-
■ can<e of his circumstances, heredity
'ami     environment.     Theii'    are iniinv
Eggs for Hatching
Eggi for hatching from the follow ■
iut-; imported pure bred Btocn:
S. C. Rhode Island Reds.-82.00.
Silver Laced Wyandottes,—42.00
Barred Plymouth Rocks,-$2.00
S. C. Hnl? Leghorns,-$2.00
Cornish Indian Game,—92.00
White Crested Black PoKsb,-$2.00
Emden C.ees«>.—S3.0U.
Imperial PeUin  Ducks.—41.75.
Also stock from  the above for sale.
MRS. U. A.    UPPER.
crimes, according to imh- law, hut «unlaw ni;:Ut-i- frame rm legislation muk-
ing inquiry aa to the cause of such,
li-' advocated correction instead of
punishment, .t- the latter made men
more vicious. Scientific treatment of
prisoners and healthy employment,
kindness and love are needed t<> oh-
I tain humanitnrinn results. Ninety
I per cent, become criminals through
I'lie L'hatii -iOy^ in our own city
should he abolished, because such men
mises, The people are our udministra-
are victims of our own licensed pre-
tors and our legislators arc the reproduction of public sentiment. When we
direct legislation nnd bo m«-n
enough t<» inquire into tin* cnuse of
crime, then the present system which
i- weak will be changed, and men, instead  of being confined in our prisons
and   penitentiaries,   will   become    _ 1
ui/t-ii- of tin* state.
Realty Men Protest
Several matters of great importance
were discussed and dealt with ai the
general meeting of the Mountain Lumber Manufacturer*' association held nt
\.'l-.in this week. The one lo which
greatest interest attaches perhaps is
• i decision to adopt the Mississippi
valley rules in the grading of the belter classes ol pine lumber. The object
ni this is lu get a better classification
nl grades in this particular Uiul ol
lumber.   The meeting also endorsed the
odd lengths r lution adopted al  lhe
conveneion of western Canada lumbermen helil ai Vancouver a lew months
ago. Among other matters taken up
were labor conditions, the position tb
be taken be]  the lire insurance companies when ii -ii- iii Nelson in regard rn lire insurance matters and re-
'■ni legislation at Victoria, particular
ly that relating to the tenure of special licenses, the extension of time
granted by the government! being heartily approved.
One of the nin-i satisfactory features of the gathering was the spirit of
npiiiiii-iii which prevailed, all the
manufacturers present agreeing that
ihi-- promised to be a record year for
the lumber industry in this pari of
the country.
The Royal Chef
Notice is hereby given that
sixty days after date I, J.
Ill-ill, occupation, carpenter, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner oi
I.amis lor the purchase of the follow -
ing described land, commencing at a
post planted about 'JU chains south oi
Wood River ami about 160 chaini from
the mouth and marked J. Brill S. Vi.
corner post, thence west SO chains,
north 20 chains to bank of Wood river, thence following south bank oi
Wood River easterly about SO chains,
tlii'iii e 20 chains south to point of
commencement, containing 100 acres,
moro or less.
Dated this 10th day ol Dec,     1909
G. E.  Heditrom, Azent.
\'   a  n iin.'  of  real estate agents
of Van, ,1111 i-i- this  week  the following
resolution  ua-  unanimously ndo| I: ~"  famous  has  already become  the
I    "That   we deprecate some nf  the ad- |"Royal     Chef"    thai   il  goes without
vertising  methods employed b>  agents saying  thnt  the interests of our local
tu |.iiein.  before ihe public lots    and Iheatre-going  public  i-   at   high  pitch
'subdivisions,   .-pe. i.i'il'    appi'iilinc    to "'  expectancy     over  the  nppronching
'ihe small     investor     and il utsid igngement  of this  notable attraction
I public, undei   the guise of large     pro- 'i1  'l'" opera house.
iii-  and quick returns,  which  cannot, V, reproduction ol n musical     kind
iu     the    ..piiiion   of this meeting, be has created such n flood of Favorable
realised, and ive     would     r mmend criticisms.   Everybody  speaks  of   this
outside    investors      to make inquiries musical     -how as     the mosl original,
from   recognised   financial  nr  banking ihe mosl  thoroughly comical, and the
institutions  ..-  to bona fides  and ap- mosl   clever entertainment  of iisk'nul
proximate     values, before   purchasing that  has hcen     witnessed for     many
fi nn    am nssei - or by circulai.
I he ii ■■•■in., was well attended.
Ilie Canadian Navy
Notice is hereby given tr.at GOdaia
Irom date I, W. Andrews, occupation,
miner, intend to apply to tbe Chid
Commissioner of I.nnds, to purchase
the following described land, situated
about 200 chains irom mouth of Wood
Uiver aud a post planted on south
side of river and marked W. Andrews
N. E. corner post, thence south 40
chains, west 40 chains, north 4U
chains to point of Wood river, thence
following bank of Wood river to point
of commencement, containing 160 acres more or lees.
Dated this Huh day ol Dec,     W09
years,     The  same  beautiful  and  stupendous     production lhal  made "The
Royal Chef" oi f the notable nttmc
lions     of la-i      season will be seen in
this city.     The scenery is spoken   of
Tic  ',o'.;;i . -1Im,,ii-il cvpcndiiun    ati three inll <ia:_'' sets of enormous sl/o
Ksipjiinnlt  Ioi   maintaining the Pacific as realistic and beautiful and includes
Iroi   oi the new  I nu   ■       navy is   and massiveness, The w irdrobo is also
81,0! -,i      Detail!   ii"     as  promised .,- being very beautiful, arid
The inquest on tho bodies of Jacob
Osor, Hns l.aakso anil M, J, McKay,
who were killed on Monday at the
new power dam look place Wednesday
night, Tho following composed tho
jury: Vi. M. Lawrence, (foreman), !'"■
II. Iloniii", W, II. Pratt, ('. IL Il'ini".
S. Sutherland, A, ,1. Mad II.
A large number ol Italians, employed iit ihe dam, were present, fl, S,
McCartor watched tho proceedings on
behalf of Newman & Co., lho contractors of lho Wink.
II. riibson, tho foreman, slated thai
on the day ol ih" accident Iwn holes
hail I n drilled and loaded with dynamite in the face "i rock on the east
siile of the river in ordor to innke a
groove io lake th I of the con-
crate. Those holes hail been lired ami
the     three    docoased    Innl come  back
Irom  li h  mnl  he  H>1<1  them  to drill
two more holes. The bottom hole
was drilled ami lhe -I iim pin up iii
oilier  lo  L'cl   lo   the   top one.   lie      was
Ktanding nboul ten feel from the men
at ihe ili-ill'iin:, ainl suddenly heard a
shout. lie turned to see if anything
had happened to ihe dam, ami heard
ihi' crash of timber and saw the men
dashed into the water, fius Laakso,
the foreman, one of the deceased, wall very competent man and thoroughly
aeipiainieil willi roek work, There
was no particular danger at thai
place and iiii cracks, although the
rock was seamy generally. None ol the
men had expressed any fear of lieiiiL'
there. Whenever there is danger ol
the rock slipping, posts are always
pm iu, hut mt cracks could lie seen at
ihis place and posts were therefore
unnecessary. The rock that fell camo
from jusi.above the men drilling, a'"l
it appeared (quite solid. If the rock
had been loose they would have ile-
leeted if, esneciallv as the men had
gone over the face of (he rock with
picks in-i after the holes had been
lired. None of the deeensed had ever
expressed fear of working ihere an 1
no coniplaiins had ever been made.
The foreman, tins l.aakso. could have
stopped the work there if ho had considered ii dangerous,
I A. E. Foreman, engineer in charge
of the work, stated iiuii immediately
previous to the accident he was stand-
inur only a few feet from the scaffold
where the nicn were drilling, looking
for seams in  the rock that  might  re-
iquire grouting. He saw none. It
i ■
was not dangerous to work  there except for the pieces of rock that  might
full from the slope above, but  in    this
place the overhang made work  underneath    safe. Laakso was a competent
man.     The lock that fell was a large
slab and came out of a pocket, there
I being no crack there of any kind. The
nicn were taking all customary     precautions to ensure safety,
j   J.  Holiday, a laborer al  tho work,
saiil that he was working there in the
hole shovelling dirt at the time.   The
rock fell before     he    heard the shout.
I There were no cracka in the rook ami
inoiie of     lhe men had ever expressed
any  fear al   working at  this  place, or
say ii was dangerous,
0, Olivito, laborer, said he had no-
liieil cracks in the rock there and had
told somo of the men that the place
was      dangerous. This witness  was
very unintelligible and hi> evidence
had little semblance of what      really
I Mr, MeCarter, on behalf of the Newman Co., stated that Mr. [fewman deplored lhe accident and asked anyone
who eould throw any light on the actual fads of   lhe  incident   to  do   SO.
The Coroner made a brief summing
up reviewing the evidence of the olli-
I'inls at ihi' work as well as the laborers.
\    I'ordicl     of accidental dentil wns
returned by lhe jury, no blame   being
' nt Inched to anyone
ITighway traffic act.
I'lie Pennsj li aiiia railroad ■ omp-
any's revised rules foi- employees, just
promulgated, ha"' mused ronsterna-
tiiim because one oi them prohibits the
use of tobacco in mn  form.
t'.l'.U.  SI MMKIi  TIMI-I ABLE,
i."ill-nil  Manager  Burj   of the  * una-
diati    Pacific railw a>,     mi hi- return
io Winnipeg    from  i he west,  at   e
look up wiih iln. officials  ihi- question
of  summer  tii 'nrds.     While      it  is
|l ..-hi lik.lv llmt 1 i-i year's -■ lull, il" will li" ndherred in in un- main.
there will he an improvement in th"
coast to coast -,i i ice a- well a- on
many of the brunch lines.
The present  c -ivi ':    i"
nl In on,' ni all ihe superintendents
of ili\i-inn- who will L... ovor tie- inn
ning lime submitted iui- th" vnrious
-".lion- -i. a- to lie familiar with the
service    thai      will  be  required      this
i . p. ii  will mn ii nvi:i;   HOPE
The C.P.H. i- likely lo begin • "ii-
strnctioii oi a line ihi- spring over
■l," Hop.- Mountains. Tin- C.P.tt. location survey was completed a few
day- ago le' ihe engineering party
under W. I. Basset, a well known rail-
way engineer, li i- understood that
a maximum gradient ni 'J.'J per cent,
going,wesl ha- been secured. Thi- is a
lower gradient than thai so fm- secured h\- ihe American road. The
proposed line will cross th" mountains
at a higher elevation, then going from
('nqueludlti summit a maximum grade
of I  pei cent  has li  secured all   the
way to Penticton, at iln- foul of "ka-
nngan lake, a distance "i l'i" mil.-.
Two vnu-. ii i- stated, will ->v the
completion of a direct ' I'.I! line between Hope and the Knot,Ml ii -. The
Fraser will be bridged at or below
Hope and connection made with the
main line.
Mr. II. McLeod, of Prince Rupert,
chiel purchasing agent of Messrs. Foley, Welch ,v Stewart, lhe G.T.P.R.
contractors, having Just returned from
an inspection trip to Alberta, where
the company is engaged in ihe construction of a section 1-u miles long
between Tote .Inline Cache, SO miles
west oi Yellowhead Pass, reports thi'
work has been sublet ainl camps have
been established along almost the entire romr. It is expected thai the
contract will be completed late     next
Archdeacon Abused
Mam h.^tfi, I-nj. Mnri'h S'> For <■!'-
iiiLr Scripture in nupporl oi h\< claim
that Lhe moderate u-t> nf nlcohol is
harmless, Arch leaoon Sim Inir, >>f T.«'t>-
don, h.v- brouffht on himwlf th»' bitterest Nonconformi»t attack a clergyman of the EnglUh E«tabli*hed church
lin- had t" face, perhaps in a zenwn-
"Remember .Vw.iv-," naid Archdeacon Sinclair, in addrewing St. Anne'a
Church here, "that cm tlie occasion of
lii- tii-i miracle Our Innl created a
large quantity oi wine ti* increase the
harmless merrimenl ami happiness "t"
tin- we Id ing guests/'
He further declared that thf S. ri|<-
tures iln not condemn the u-«" "f al*
coholii beverages, but condemn their
,ilm-..'. Mr concluded by Raying tha*
Ihe attempt to crush the liquor trail'1
bj "unjust, unequal and <l'^nropor-
lionate taxation." was "a part of the
Socialistic movement which threatens
tin- libert-es of Knglnnd "
h was thi- latter utatement that In-
caused  iln- mosl   strenuous opposition,
I , ■   ' ■           Down]   ■ .: ,   ''.in.' fir.
nf  I"                 nd " IJ im i .       ipo«ing
nf 1        \v\\   I'n--
tu ..  s| |3,	
i    .          .            , ..|. . |      .  .     , nisei's,
I'..'  pay, ci   .   tf lfi ill  ci      n I   103
,,,, ,   , ■               ■ , i   |{ i         ■   I"i,000.
I pkecp of ci 'li-ir. Ilo
many consider     it  the mosl  oxlrava-
gantlv gowned chow In America,
Breach of Promise
TAKE NOTICE that 1 intend to
mnke application to the Superintend*
ent of Provincial Police f ir n '.runnier
of retail liquor license of the F.c i
Hotel, Camborne, B, (', now held by
nu' to II   (',. Ware.
Dated thi, 16th da) ol Feb, 1910,
Imo. J. A. TUF.W.
Pnskatooti,     Sil,.-  In  lhe Supremo
('.uni n rase i- slated in which Caro.
lino       Kcli..".       SI lio.il   li.e ln-r.    lli'L'ina,
ii"    Mi hue!   11 iv c .   f.n ini'i'.   l.nniean.
for breach nf promise of mnrrln("o and
Foi nai I      d   '   "I'd.   $?,  ,| IM1.,..,,     Both innr    nro   ''Jo
l   I's'tuimalt,     »1C0,     i'-    latter |y(,nl,   ,,,- .,._„. ;lh(, .,,,. ,, „n Catholics
''■ " l's" iTho plaintiff alletres  thnl   tho promise
' i ost. L.M ,,,.,,1,, j,, |tin.-,, when both were ro
In  ai                ■ ere will  be I    innnnl '  ;,|,.n|    ;,, ||„, ,.,,.(
nditui               ml ii mm' le ■ '   . ag  I    ,,.,      . .     ,            .    .       , .
I he   ili'li'liilnlll    Mllinn! -   Hint    I lie   pro-
>'.".".|" I'1 . , ,.,, 1,1.1
-    - ,   , in  .   mi    imrclv c Iiii il. thai    ho
'■■ m ■ i  lhc pro- .      , .       ,  . ,
a. mt   in -  linn,   iim i'l   in   a   post-
I'.ri i,,U   i-  sl.":,.ii.ii'  " nh  In
Rritish     pii."- I   ■ mi-els
ol   abn ■•   l?nil tn each,  2'2,-
ii'i'i  I ; i.'A.- ,  li      ' loll feel       and
i     I 25 knots.
Bo     ind i   i im". ; i\ , nl     ii.' a
Curfew  lnv.   ttndi r which nu j oiino lor
■   '   i   lied mi
., te,   - r,'clock
tion to marry, and thnl owing to the
ii v of in  crop  in mm ami ions,
I... i   I'm i Iii iii i means, further thai     ho
I,.'    never refti ed  In marry tho plain-
lilt, Si\i\   I. ' ii'i    of a sentimental nn
lure, written  by   Hayes, will come  in
n- ovldence.
Moving Picture, to-nlght,
Valuable Information
The   pioi ini'ial   poii. "   ai"   ' iri llllll
lie letter t'li'in  ih" II.f. ni t..i ii.'\ -L.'.'n-
end in regard t" the ilighwuj  i rail ■
liegiilalinn act.       Tho circulai    I    • *
lhal  ii i-     unlawful for nnj      lo
.li nw oi .Iiii" oi er a public highu i;
in U, r. oasl of tho Va i ade Mountains,   lllll IMlL'i'N   '•!    li'lli'l"   '   l M > HIL
a load in excess nl lho following:
iin tiros :'. Inches whip   2	
Iln   lires  ;',  iii,      wide  nnil   undei    I
1)011(1 pounds,
' in tirei   I in. w ide an 1 undi i     n
(i"iiii p nl-.
(In tin- fi iii.     uiil" and ■■■ ■ '   0 1
pounds and ovor.
li i unlawful io drag logs or iim-
her over in along any public highway.
Tho aliov" Information will be ol
v.iini- lo team -iters an I otheri using
wagon .
Firemen Will Strike
('hi,. ,.--.   M li  I   JI    Ml hope      ol   n
|..- ,  . :' ||    n !   ■ ■ i       ■■'■'
e\i»tinu  betwcpii Ioi omotive   liremen
and '■■ . !     ihe  difTeretil   i
ompnnies     hax  i n  practi
n 11 led     I ' • ■ ■
been unable 1
11.   •
1       P
n pluye 1   "fi
i ■ ■     ■ ■ ■
An Appreciation
The Great  Northern rallrond will im-
mediately undertake    lhn ci it
of additional snowshed, al  VVellin
ami on each aide of lliu'     ccl'.on il
Cascade    division,    to   cost po
11.   r M
Vs ol '■■ 1
II  ■    .
■ip i;>". •
he ke up  hi-
i' nl       th"
I' ■ ' i ■    pi
II ippp
lion nl
ere    I l«t,
fur   old     '      '     •      the i
I:    i VPP1NG,
Page 4.
Zbe flDaiUlhecalfc
interior BMibllsbtna Gompang,
Subscription   Rates
Including puKtagu tu tCuglund, Uutlud SUilos
nml Uuiiudu. *
...    1.50
Hy tlio year [through uotflottlue]*. ■■
Half " " " ....
Quarter "        " "   l.w
J Jli    lUX'L'lNu promptly oxeoutod at reason'
atiiu ratett.
TKHMS—t'lu-ii.   Bubdoriptlontj payable Le tul
Legal uoiirc- iu cento per Lino ftrsl Insertion!
A eouis per Uuu each bubseuuenl hiMirtion
MuaxureineiM - Nouparlul |i_ linen make one
Inch], dioi'e ami guiiural buHiueui an*
nouncomenls $2.A) pur Inch per moinh.
Preferred pusiUuns, 25 por cent, ml-
diiit v.il. Births, Mtirrlagud und Deaths,
600   eaeh  uwrimti.
Land nuiii-».- 17.50 All advertUotnontd
siiUleut Lu the approval of the mauatfumeut.
Wantod and Coiidumtud Ad ver tl semen is:—
Agonu Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted, Sttuatlonn Vauaut, Teachers
Wanted, Muclwnies Wiiiiiixl. 10 words or
losd 25e., oaeh additional line lu cunts.
Changes In standiug advurtlseinentA must
bu in hy U a. in. I uosday and Friday of
e*eii week to neoure good display,
CORRESPONDENCE invited on ninttors of
public iiiicrcii. OoiuuiunioattonH to Kdi-
tor must bu aooompanied by name of
writer, not neoedsaxiiy fo pubuoaUon, but
&* evidenoe uf .\ » id faith, Corrosjiunrtonou
should ho hrittf.
Orriosa :  Imperial Bask Building kkvkl-
Kl'OKK,,   11. C,
Money to loan.
Of"cen: Itovalstoke. B 0.    Cranbrook, Bi D.
Oeo. 3. McOahtkr
A.. M.   HlNKHAM4 J, A.  Hakvky,
Revulsloko, ('ran brook
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor for:—
Tan Canadian Bank ok Commerce,
Tue MoLso.sa Hank, Etc.
Proviuciiil Land Surveyor,
.Mining Sutveyor
Box inti, Rbvelhtokb
Al.UIN &  EVELEItill,
Vancouver AND Kevblbtukk, li, C,
All t-niuiiniiiiiutiutis addressed to Post
office, Koveltilolce, will have prompt
c. w. o w.
Mountain Viow Camp. No. 329
■ Meet* Second and Fnurlti Wednesdays tu
each month, in Selkirk Hull. Vinitln Wood-
mon oordlally Invltod m nrt„mi.
W. K osiiokm: I'on. ikim.
.IAS   MrlNTYKh. I'lrrrk
Several   houses,    Furnished
and   Unfurnished
Dwelling houses from $1275
Building Lots in all parts of
City at prices ranging from
$100 up.
inu\   school  bu-ildintr. the     electors     according in the provi-
Aiiil whereiiii to meet  the expenditure   skins of unci in  the manner proscribed
s provided b\   said estimate ii  i-  ne-    b.v  the miuiit'ipti! Clauses Act.
Head n lirst time tho lilith day
of  March   IHU).
Head 11 second lime iln- 20lh day
ol  M.ir.li   1010.
Head n third lime the 2fith day
nf March, llllll, ami passed with
lhc unanimous eminent ol tho
hWivcd the assent of the electors the duy ol
cessary to raise,     mi  the pan ol     tin-
Miinii ipulily  the sum  of 83(1,0011.00.
And whereas ii i- deemed expedient
to raise upon the rred'l nf the Mnni-
cipnlily the sum of 8:10,111)11.llll lor
school  I'm'! "-I-   :i:'ni i'ii.
\n 1 « hereiis the total umoiint re-
qiiired to be raised mum illy by special
rate for paying the said debt nnd in-
terest thereon and For i routing u sin'i-
r11l:"  fund for pnyiug  the snid principal   p.ipi.
debt   within   twenf.-live  years   is      for |; nstderod. ndopled  and  linallv
imeri.sl   sl.'ilin.llli  mil   ■'■ r  sinking fund passed h\   the Council the
SO*-!-!,  mnkini!  n   lotal  of  JW-'i'J'J.OO, ,|nJ   M[ I<iIn.
And     whereas      lhe     amount   nl   llic Mayor.
whole  ruloiibh'  land  within   the  Muni- City Clerk,
cipulin   including the  territory      com-      TAKE  Villi I',  thnt   lhe above is a
prised   within   the   Itevelstoke      School   lrm, , ,,|u   ,,f ,|„.  propo-ted bylnw  upon
District   fm   -i-l I  purposes   nn-ordinii   which tlu> vole of the Municipality will
to   the   last   revised   nssessinent   roll   i-   |„.  mken     n\  the     Cily Ci,all's ollice,
81,077,:-:'...Mi. ('((j.   ||;,II, corner of Second  streefnnd
SOW     THEUEFOUIC     iln-   Municipal   Mckenzie  Avenue,   lievelstoke,   li.C.  on
Council   "i     the  Corpnratin
i      llic   Thursday, April "lh,  IUI", between tho
Oh, The Gay Easter Bonnets are With Us Atfain!
The Delight of The Ladies -The Joy of The Men :
They Spread Out on All Sides-and Extend Up and Down;
They Eclipse The Old Sun. Moon and Stars—and The Town:
But They Can Not Outclass Your Old Friend
TKoyal Crobvn:
It Shines Forth Like The Glad Easter Morning
Golden West Washing Powder
Cleanses-Purifies   Beautifies
'Tis as Pure as The Fresh Easter Lily
.S'rf.-r ///(• Coupons for Premiums.
EiHSH Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Kootonay LodRO, No. 16, A. f. 4k A. M
Ttm  r»trtiliir m&ti
Inin .ir« HaI'I in   \i*
o Idfe.Uw HmII. nn
the third m-i. i**) lo
■urti mouih »t ft
■ m. VtsitluJtbr«th<
r*u coriiittllj ••!
peniiimen 1     poln y    for * 'anud l."     It
«iii-1-  up  it-  opinion   ■>
tin* "hi „.iiii-.ii i-iii  of   t i ',u, t-ii ci  :. ,\ \
in co opei iiiioii    with the     \dmir i!t\
would  nol   ■'•'  w'.' hoitl   ni trul   ■' •
Eurupt1    ' ■ ■
J   T.   POLLOrK, M*-im:
SELKIRK LODttfl 12. t. 0.0 F.
U*i*«tP «v.,'j Thur-.
■my  ■jraulnfl   in   B*l<
irk  UmI   in | ..'I'li.rk
^^^^  PVtlltltif br»thr«n nr»
cordially invito in nitend.
L   PROBYN, N.O,        JAS   MATH1K-n ,
Cold Rang;* LodRO, K. of Pi
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B C.
MttKTS  k VKKY   WKliNt
except I'mrd Wt*«Jn«*»dH)- 01
eacbmuuiti.mii"    »ddl«U  *•
H»i!    n   B   n*e\ >cfc.     vimting
Knlgbuuru uordiallT   nriu-.l.,
T. P.  SMITH, (   a
G- H. HKOiK", K   of   K   A -
J. B. SCOTT. M    nf P.
he     J e      Hoard
'   i ■_
■   v\ enl -  iin< e crenl ion.   ft  Is   ron*
i  now   by philosophers     of     nil
M-hooU,   that     not    on i   tlio procrress
Imt  -in \ i\ al  "i our ra< e  depends     oi
■ :.'.,  and  the moral
inrtion from  be-
ind   trust  in  liod,      and  that  be-
 I   u holl> .
I. istei    be-
■._ -      .  npjthe ountn     ll
in I  universu
i . ■   • ■ i i . ■   ■ ',
- '.-■'}■;■,
ild  hu-
ri upi \< i\i     i'l
lU   ol .     ■ I>''
[nt    *on<'
I. °- ''•
c.iriiT Moi m Bbobie,    I
Meet*   in I. ii. ii   I'. Hull   m v
THpping'K  Opera House, every fi
Mini I iv in month,
Visiting! brethren    cordial!
i"iji' 'I.
I       IX,,   I   I   MIKM  B   II Mil I-
Kec.-Sei. H. w
Zbc fl&ail-lberalb
^ - ?-
M i
Corporation of the I
of Revelstoke
i ■. i n
IVomlnwortri  tlerlnrwl
. ■     Devcl   t. i'i
Lund- like 'i"
di.inin.iti'  iln-     wi  i   il tl o;    • "i
(.llllCfltGtl   inti
m in.   ("Mi  i -, i    i-   i ■ ■
in irkel ihlo a   eti
n   ■
Tli.' T 	
fining  ii    no     '.n    •■    "I     "•   ' '
•  ii i   nol    i
lion ni .i '  in i'ii 'I' na h«n tin
Citj   nl   Revelstoke ill  open meelln;; us- ,|H.     |)on
seinbled elim-ts  ns lollows: o'l-loek p.m.
I,   It  shull  lie lawful for iln' Muyor HHt'CIC   V  I.AWSON",
nf ill.' forporiition ol the l'it\  ol Rev- '            Clerk  of  the   Sliinii'ipal  Coun
elstoke I'm-  ilir  imrposes uforesuid, nnd     	
In- i- hereby u'lthoriserl, to borrow on
iln' iTi'ilii ol the Munii'ipulity b.v vrny
ut debentures hereinufter mentioned,
from ■iii\ person, persons, firm, body
or bodies eorporule, ivho mtiy be willing   111   .-llll illlill   lliu   M'l    us    11    luuu.   il
Mini nf motley, imt eW'eediinj in thi'
whole the sum ol Thirty Thousand
(s:',ii.nun.mil Dollars and to eaiise .-ill
such sum- -n riii-i'il or reretved to be
pnid into the hands of the Treusini i
nl ih.' Corporati
i-i-i,,k,'  fm'  BJ | ^^^^^^^^^^^
wiih il lij.'. t hereinbefore reeited. |
■J.   li  .-had be lawful for il»' Mayor,
rn' the saiil Corporation ol the     Pity
nf Revelstoke to cause any number of IIYI.AW  \0	
debentures to be made executed      and A  I'.YI.AH  to enulble tlie Corporation
i —iii*-,I  for  such  sum  or  sums  uj  may of the City of  Revelstoke i"     raise b.v
be required for tho purposes und     "li- way  of debentures   the sum      of  Knur
ji'i-ls   nforesaid   uol   exeeedinu   however Thousand     seven      hundred    ainl  fifty
Hi" sum  of Thirty Thousand  fWO.nnni (.sIToll.llll)   Dollars  for  Ihe purposes  of
Dollars.      Such debenture-*  shall  be of the  Hoard nf School  Trustees of     the
the     denomination     of line Thousand City  of  Revelstoke,
($1,000,110)     Dollars    each and all     of Whereas   lhe   Hoard  of  School   Trtis-
-ii, li debenture* "hall  be sealed      with   i f the  I'ii.r   ol  Revelstoke      havo
tin-  -cal   nf   the  Corporation   nf      the in  pursuanco of  the powers granted to
City  ol  Revelstoke and  signed  l>.\    the acted by     Section     32 of  lhe "Public
Mayor and Clork thereof, "Public Schools  An.   11105,"  an  re-en-
;'..   The     -aid debentures  shall  bear acted by Section    '.'.2 ol     tho "I'ublie
ill- date of HUH ami   Sel I-     Act,  I WIS,    A udmeni  Ael,
-hill  In- payable in  twenty five years I'.iiii'i." caused  to be prepared and laid
fi.,in the said date in lawful money of before lhe Muni^pal  i uuu-il a detiul-
Canada  iii   the ollice of the     Molsons i"l estimutc of     the  sums  requited  to
Hank   al   Revelstoke   aforesaid,    which meet   special    or  extrnorilintlry  expen-
place  ni   payment   shall   be  designalerl ses  which may  be legally  incurred   by
'by the -aid debentures, und  shall have   tli"  Hoard, and  -mil  estimate has I n
attached i,, thorn coupons for the pay- considered  and  finally  approved      li\
nii'iu ,in interest, and tli" signature to the Council.
the interest coupon* may li" either And whereas the Miid estimate pro-
written, printed, stamped or litho- vides for the purehusc of additional
graphed. school grounds \ i/: Hlock 52, op-
I, The -aid debentures shall bear Posito ll"' l"''-''i" school buildiiu! and
interest al the rate /if liv" per cent. H" "ghts in thai portion of Wynne
Ti per cent.) per annum from iherlute st|-eet -""ll' of Second Btreet ainl ninths I. whiili interest   shall be     paid ning down lo Uoverntuent street     be-
-"iiii-aiimialK   ai   the oflii-e of  the Moi- l"',('"   blocks 5S  and  53;   the  Irlpngu-
-<iii-  Hunk  ni   Revelstoke aforesaid   in ll11' I1''''" "' llllul '"'"l-  1',i,"l> :,s lying
lawful money ,,i Canudii on  iln- '" ll"' Bue'  ihereof and all licliis     in
dav ,,f                         ,, i ,,,, ih,, lhe  lint"  running   through   Hlock      .VI
luj   ..I                      i.-l tiveb   in each at a cost of ^USOO.OO   .,f     which   the
,nc|     even    mu     iliiiin- ilu- nn -v I'rovincinl      GaVernmeut     contributes
ihereof" uiul  ii   shall  be expressed      in ?l"ill.HII leaving " 1 T."i<• to be raised on
ml debenture to b  payuble. l,>e part  of the  Municipality:
:,   It   -hall In- lawful  for Mayor     ol     And     whereas    to i i  the e.xpendi-
the said Corporatii f the Cit\     of ll111' tlfi     provided In   suid estimate it
Itevelstoke  ti gotiute  aad  -"11    ih" is     necessarj      lhat   the  Municipality
aiil ili-li.-iiiur    any of them     For should raise lhe sum of 8I750.UII
.... iimn pnr, nut in no case -hall iln- And  whereas  it  is deemed expedient
aid      I.-In i : ires     or any nl them be   l" ''nine U|  lhc credil  ,.f the -»nini,-i».
old  for  I"--  than  ninety-two und one- pulitj   the -uni nf .Koin- Thnu-und sov-
nil per centum of the face value, in- ''" hundred anil     fifty  i-si7.Vi.0ii)  Dul-
luilim.' tl i-i  of sale and broker- lars for school purposes as aforesaid
tge and all  other necessary evpen-,-. ^nd whereas the lotal amount     re-
I'here   'hall  be  levied  nnd  raised quired to be raised annually be special
eni   during  tli" currency     of rate for paying the smrl dobl and) in-
n.-iii in-,  the -uni ol     One  'Brest thei-     and     for creating     a
.   hundred  (81501.00) Dol- linking fund for paying the said prin-
, ni  of interest     ami cipal debt  within  twenty-live yearn   is
■    mm.  (SS22) '"'   intoresl     8237.50  and  for sinking
,',(  ,|„.     „„id """l     8I30.15,     making a  total     ol
I ii-iniii"- bj     u ftlui.Ou,
i  | ,,  ,,„     ,,11 I    And     whereas    lhe     amount ol the
i,      ,i(l win,I" ratable land within the Municipality, including the territory comprl-
;l,,. Munici- -"d  within  the  Revolstoko School Dls>
i           iiii-, li'icl lor   'liiinl purposes, according to
I     j*. iln-    I.,-1    rovised u»»cssmonl mil     Is
■ ■' I •' 33.00,
,„,i,l,,     0| \nw     I ill Rl I nill-. tho Municipal
n i   '  i'ii .a  iin- i'orporalion     nf     tho
'.mr nnd all    ' Hovel loko In open t ling as-
omblod "ii ii '.il a- follows:
,,,.i      ,,, I     li    hall bo lawful for tho Mayor
 ;,,l,. ,u   ,,( tli" Corporatii I  lhe City ol II"-
loko nu   iii" purpose aforesaid uud
\\ |j ,, hi- i    hereby authorised to borrow on
il I,, i    .,, :   I,, :i," credit ol ilm Municipality by wuy
.a ilcbontui't       hereinafter   montlonod,
Id   ,    i,,,.   from  an]   person,  (rersons,  firm,  body
inert     oi boil poi ato  « ho may be will-
, ,,   ,, iim    In    ,'li ai" "   ill"      null'   as   a   li'llll,   11
.   |2 „l   I he    urn "i  noy    nol i-m■•■•••linn in     lha
, Jo thi    am ol t'oui   I l.iiu .iti-l sov-
indretl  nnd  fifty  (W750.00J      Dol-
' ' . i        nl    ii.    .id    mil   I nuts       H<>
r reci    ed  i"  l«- paid inin  the
,     -, !    o|  il,.    11. a urer nf lh" i orpor
tin   I   tj   "i   Hovolstoko     for
||        pn                                    ,.          |{|    .;     ... the   |"ii|in"    if-,i"  aid    and   v.|lh        lh"
mi     n  Hylav   v.'. i               i Inbi lore  rei itod,
ild • I   2.   Il shnl   in   lawful fnr lhe M i; oi
II before tho fin- 'ol thi     url I nrpor iti I 'rv     City
■ ,.t '.    im. thr* assonl ol i  i;,   .                cause any number nl
debentures tn be mail" executed nnd
issiicdi fm' such sum or Minis us may
In- required lor lho purpose and object
aforesaid not exceeding however ilm
sum nf Four Thousand seven hundred
and fifty tSI7.Vl.noi Dollars, Suoh debentures shall In' nf ilu- denomination
nf tlm- thousand Dollars each except in
tin'    i us" 0f      f said debentures
which may bo for a lesser -uni nnd all
nf sinli debentures -hall In- sealed with
ihe seal nf ilie Corporation nf lhe
City nf Revelstoke anil signed by lhc
Mayor   and   I'lerk   thereof.
II. The said debentures shull bear
iln- iini"  ol 11110  uiul
shull be payable ill twenty live yi'iU'H
from lhc said dale ill lawful money nf
Canada at the olTico nf ihe. Molsons
Hunk nl Revelstoke aforesaid, which
plii,c nf payment shall In- designated
by tin- sui,) debentures nml shall havo
attached in them coupons fm' the payment nf itili'i-cst and lin- signature lo
ilm interest coupons may Im. either
written, printed, stumped nr litho-
1. The -aiil debentures shull benr
interest al the rnte nf five per cent
(fl per cent.) per annum from the date
thereof, which intoresl shull be paid
semi-annually at ihe ollice nf the Molsons Hunk ai Revelstoke aforesaid in
lawful money nf t anuda nn the
day  nf and iiii  thn
day nf respectively  in each
ami "v.-i'v year during the currency
ihereof nnd ii shull be expressed in
suid debentures in be so payable.
I 5. 11 shull he lawful fur the Mayor
nf Iln- s.-ijd Corporation of the City
nf Rovolstoke in negotiate and sell (he
snid debentures nr any nf them (or
less ihan |,ar. Inn in nn case shall
ilu- -aid debentures or any of them 1st
sold fnr le-s ihun ninety-two and ono-
half pei centum nf tin- face value, including ilu- cost of snlc iiiiiI brokerage and all other necessary expenses.
li. There shull be levied anil raised
in eaeh year during lhc curroncy of
die said debentures ihe sum of Two
hundred and thirty seven mnl fifty one
hundredths (237.50) Dollars for the
payment nf interest nml One hundred
nnil thirty and liflivn one hundredths
(8130.15) Dollars fnr (In- payment of
lhe snid ili-lii under ilu- said debentures by :i special rate sufficient therefor mi all ilu- ratable real property in
the said Municipality.
7.    It    -hall    bi'   lawful   for   lhe   Muni-
cipul Council of the said Municipality
to repurchase nny nf iln- said debentures upon such terms n* may be agreed upon with tbe legal holder or
holders thereof, either nt the lime „f
sale nr nt any subsequent lime. And
nil debentures st, repurchased shall
be forthwith cancelled or destroyed
and im reissue of debentures shull be
made in consequence nf such repur-
i S. Ill this bylaw tin. word "Muniei-
puliiy" shall lie doomed tii extend to
l ml include all territory nml. property
1 omprisod within the Revelstoke
School District und all such property
shull be liuWe to assessment hereunder as provided by Section 12 of the
said  "Public  Schools  Act,   1006,  Am-
euilmelll   Act,   1000."
0, This bylaw if passed shall take
effect nnil come into force nn ainl after ilu- Oth iluy of April. 1010.
in.   Thi- bylaw may be cited for all
purposes us       the "  Itevelstoke
(School  Board) Loan Bylaw No	
II. Ihi- bylaw shall before the final
passing] tlicrenf receive the assent of
tin- electors according to the provisions of uiul in the manner prescribed
by the Municipal Clauses Act.
Read  a lirst time the 'Jlilb     iluy
nf March, 1010.
Read a second time the 26thday
nf March,  1010,
lleinl a third time the 30th  day
ui March nud pussi-d with theun-
nnimous consent nf tin- Council.
Received ihe    ussenl  nf the electors tin- day tit
lli-iniisiili-rcil  adopted   mid   lirtally
passed  by the Council   the
tiny of 1010.
city Clerk.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is n
line copy i.l tin' proposed Hyluw upon
which tho vote of tin- Muni,'ipulily
will be taken nt the City Clerk's office
City Hall,  corner of'second  -.licet  uiul
McKonzle Avenue, Revelstoke, li. 0.
on Thursday April 7th, 1010, between
tlii>     hours nf     Nine o'clock a.m. nnd
Seven o'clock, p.m.
Clerk nf iln- Municipal Council.
Wanted Known
Kgg«, nr iluy old chi'-ks from white
Leghorns, brown Leghnrns; also
llhodo Islnnd Heds tinil White Crest
Hlai-k Polish; alto n lew dozen Lcg-
hnrn Pullets, nt reasonable prices.
Kgg-   |"-r fretting, ?'J nnil up.
.1. A. MORGAN,
P.O. Box 227, Itevelstnke, B.C.-8-( SATURDAY, MAHCH 26th, 1010
THE mail-herald revelstoke, b. c.
Page »
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us know of any mistake thut might
f' '/
Parrc 6.
the mail-herald revelstoke, b; c.
showed thai      iln-    people wanted n-n- I
; ti nl si-hiiols.     If we liiiil that (ith St. I
is  not  favored or bloelt 52,  Ihen build
on the present  school site, •  \
ScliofllEoaril and CcoMil Discuss..;;: '
School Site
I don't agree with Mr. Man
niuu lhal separate schools would U-
i liKii-,. ,'\iii-ii>i\ i-i   li'i   tin'  trustees      re-
i more eNpen
A   ioi,,,  meetint! ot  the City Council   '''"' •'"■'' ,li"i:«sa ,h" mat,"r
an I   iii-  School   Hoard  was  held      on j
•I!  ,i idaj   I"      discuss   the  school  site, j
All  the members were present.
The   Ma>i"   exphii I   lhe   discussion
»il  tin- I otincil over lhe request     If	
i ! I.   U'I  iiske 1  them   i"  recon-
.k'i lei     iheii      proposition.   II.-  pointed   '   ''"
., i,   lhal   thev   were  all   iinai imotts  i",    ' ""'''
liliiiK  iU an I   lhe rutins  in ttym
rhis  wns done.
i>.\laws wn iM.icniscrri:.
After returning from a discussion
.■in,ohm themselves ,!,•• trustees sub-
inilii-il ih,- following i-ecommenHnlion
tlml   a  l>> lii«   "! Sail.lllKI I,.- 1-1.i' ed  bi'
.■"pi.- i.'i   a  new   si I I.  nlso
hvlaw     for    Slli.llllli to hm
titunibli m   block,   11"-  I pie
il      le  thnl. 'I en  tli nisand  dollars wall, ,  liiith  for block 52.
Mr. Manliini! revii'Wi'il lhe siliiiilion
ovei , In' -ii-' ipiesl i.'i, during the past
ti'lliuu luiH iln- people voted I.n
i.-n;' ilisul i"n ba' UU neil I he money
bylnw down lor tin- bloi-k \\ ln-n bloc
fi-J i mill I,.- I'd ai bill il"' priii- ii i-
now . 'I liis yeur i lie 1,1"-1, li.nl L!"i
up In priii'. Tin- Htill-Siblmld (-.
had iiL'ree 1 I II iln- rights on ffj n
■ m!   lull    ill,-   -il"  -I li"'l   u.i-   ,l,i
s| ,| ami block Ml an.l also thai ., plebiscite li,- taken on llu- following sites:
llih -ii-,-,-,. block 32, .iniI iii.- presenl
school  grounds.
Mr. Kdwnrds: li is no use asking
lhe I.ami Cotnpun.v ," reduce their
Mr,   Sibbuld  won't   ""in" ilnw n.
Mi. Manning: Ves, ii is childish
For Wines* men lo go back there
Ml.     Y,,llll_ I     MILrM,-.-l     «,.    Wail    .111(1
see  ii  iln-   I.und   Company   will   reduce
i-treet   und  in  Work  •":'. for SlilKI;      lh"   ''"'"' l"''r''' .
1-oni I  I,.i-i sent   ill- clujquo but a street       M '■   ''''I'l"
rumor  had  evident!}   made   iln-  syndi-  ijestion
cate lia.l. down, as  thej   returned  iln- i
«1,."||."     .-uiil      refused   I" ilu  bii-iin
(Mr.  Sibbald  won't   reduce iln- prii-e of   I'1'''
■(tin.       fur block      .V.'.      Tl,,-  school
. -    ,       i- i -,-,i, ,.   i-ommendatioti be accepted.
J,,.;   ! agree ,t is loo  high ainl it they ,.        .
put  a Inlaw     ..,     bm  it.it would be I    Ai""' ,'"1''1""'     d>s™*"°"  "   *«   ''•"
oul,   ,.,'    salisfv    il,,-' holders.     Onlv   '■'"l"'1 "'''"     ■ """"""  '"' ■"'l">"><"<
lo see tli" land company with regard
to getting a lower figure for block
."•J and communicate with Messrs. TI nil
& Cross at Calgary a- well: meanwhile tin- I'l'ioiniiit-nilnii'in be left i,,
all"! an"".
'Hn- Mayor approved of lhe r?com-
' nii'iiilation     of     the Irustees, and ap
C. P. R.
Easter Holidays
Final Return limit March 50, 1310
March 25. 26. 28
I  endorse  that    sttg-
Mr.  How-on'     What  ever i- done let
ih" Council make ii plain to the peo-
Aid.  Ti uniii":        I  move  lhat   the feci immendatiou
After furthei
i-idi'd thut     a
two -ii,-- nre left, ili" presenl sil,oul
building     grounds nnd  the block     on
Oth st ,.  Mi- Miller states thai   the
former i- too crowded and thi-iv is no
other course except to build on llih
Mr.   llowson:       The, Board did their
Ji,--t  to get block ■''- reasonably     but
If  you want a sure invostment, and one
that will stand the closest inspection write
The Over-Land  Financiers Limited,
VANCOUVER.   B   C.        mch 12-2
\uinc is hereby given that an appli-
ution will  be mail ider  Part  V.  of I
I'.Y-l \w no. i in.
A I1Y-1 \«    in   STOP I I' CERTAIN
111 in K> NO. ."," &  N'O. S3,
I    Whereas  n   is deemed  expedient      to
stop up port ions of iln- lanes as hereinafter tU'si'i ibed,:
.ill" Municipal Counr-il ol the Corporation ui the t'iiy of Revelstoke, in
open meeting assembled ns follows:
1. Thai rt 1 thai portion of the lane
in Rloi'k number Fifty (SO) lying be-
jtui'fii the westerly boundary of Rob-
on Vvenue nnd the easterly boundary
f McArthur Avenue as shown on a
plan ol part of tli" City of Revelstoke
and numbered ''■■J''. I. VNTJ all lhal portion of ill" lane in Rloek number Fifty-three (53) 1 > i 11 m- between the westerly boundary oi Wynn sin-f-t nnd
tin' easterly boundary "f Pearson St..
ns   shewn   on  a   plan  of  part   of      the
ihi'     Hater  Act,   l'.Hi'.i.     I.,  obtain      a . ,   ...
,. t>      i .  i     o-   ■ • ,   I'nv  oi   Revelstoke nnd  iiiunli'ivil  Md,
license m  the nevelstoke liivision      of
...        .. ...     . . lie and   il»'  same are herein-  ni.iler the
nest  Kootenav District. . ,....,
null,only     of     tsei'tton   .ill   sub--",lion
1 IJ of     Hi.-    "Municipal Clauses Act"
topped up.
Read a  first  time the sth day ol
.,   ,   -.-. ,. .,    pointed Aldermen Abrahamson, Cownti
iId.   Ihere was  no  other sue avail-   t
and Trustee llowson -,s n eoinmittee
nble  but  Bill st t.   I  don'l      believe
the people will pay 810,000 for block
f>2.     The     trustees are being  crowded
into  this thing,  the plebiscite Is onl)
n disguise to bit)  blor-k 52, the govern
iiii-nt iliil not give money to keep out j   There    have been several interesting
private citizens,   li   i-   unfair  to mani-   incidents in connection with  the recent
public io   force     people I" buy block   strained     relationship     between       the
r,-J.     The land company  won't  reduce  school board     and     the   city council
their price to the deputation  from the   which     show     how strong   the feeling
trustees.        Why does not  the Council   has been over the new school  site be-
trj  to get a, reduction'/ tween the two bodies.     Certain  rath-
Aid. Cowan:     ll"-i  of us favor cen-
er sweeping assertions were made by
Utilisation,  but   block   52  seems a sore   nienjbci of the Cit;   Council al  a n t-
point.  SI Ul wc allow   ,-i  few  ih,his-  jng on Thursday nl  the way  in which
-and dollars to stand in the way, and ,|„. „|„„,1 bonrd were lacking in dis-
...-n I a si'.".nun school away up u> the !.-lelioii in the preparing of their esti-
<-.,-! city limits. The cosl loo will be mates and had rather enlarged Ideal
increased.   Uir.   Manning'   Vonsense !),  ,,f monev lind should nol  nsk fi
Yes  Imi you  must  show   me  then.  Let   ,),.,„  was required,     Tl I board
»a      fry      and    gel   a better price for      ,,, defend  itself but   the chair deli] , I.  fi-J      Then   ur,   main   objections   ,.;,l„|  thnt      ,|„.     matter of estimates
'   I i Oth    treel ,. . ,   order nl   that  r . ■
Mi       Young      Centra     tl sen    ,. thing off. nltl       '        ho  rd    . -  on tlie 1 Ith day of April, A.
)i"-i  but  ..nr presenl   site  i    loo crow    [,.),   ;(   |uld   >.., tsell   |i     |<tin,
•le-l and S10, I is  loo  hu       >r block1,, Doubtless thi  mat-      ,:     Rivi   the      names and   add
52.     The lit}   i- in reasing  in     Ward ',,,,. ■   ,nv riparjai]     proprietors or licen-
I   and  ii  is advisable lo have a Inter on.     Thi are likely to
up there. ihem -    - beet ■ by     the proposed works,
Aid.  MeKinnon      I   I ive dispos ....       ti. low    thi      itlet,—
(a.) Tli" name, address and occupation of the applicant, Jacob S. Wiens,
Nakusp, P.. •'.. fruit grower and vegetable gai"dener.
(b.) Th" name of the lake, stream,
or source (if unnamed, the description
is) Little stream, unnamed, running
out of small lake i of mile east of said
(e.) Tho point of diversion, 20 rods
west of east end of l"t 2, sub-division
of lot -1271 Group (11.
(tl.) The quantity of water applied
for (in ciilii" feel per second) one cubic foot per second.
ie., The character of ihe proposed
works: Taken with mtxa truths bom
stream to garden.
if.) The premises on which ihe water is to be used, Lot 2, Subdivision
of Lol  -1-71 Croup  ill Kootenay.
(g.) The purposes for which lhe wn
ter is to be used,—irrigating vegetable
,''i . If for irrigation, describe the
land ini.r,ile.l to be irrigated, divine
acreage,—] acre rm west end of Lot 2
sub-division of Lot   1-71 of Group (1)
(k)   This  notice  wn«  posted  r-n   the
1 Ith  day  of  March,  1910,  and  an  np-
ttion     will  be made  to  the  f'om-
i.iivh. imo.
Read n second time the Mh day
,,f March, 1910.
Read a third time and passed
ih,- -il. da} of March, 1910 with the
unanimous consent of th" Council.
Reconsidered nnd linally passed
... .i adopted hy tho Council the ISth
,i.i\  ,.i March, 1910.
(Signed)     J,  11. HAMILTON,
City Clerk.
1 certify this is a true copy of     the
By-Law passed by tl"1 Council of   the
City of Revelstoke, P..C. Mnrch 18th.,
City Clerk.
iii\   intereet>   in the, Hu    -
pin}    to   avoid      beine    biased ,.
Mil. Ren
|, -I ■ -■■ pri .- frou
.   «■ im     dong
V. hi ■■- ■    MM ■ •
1   i ..!.   will   pn
f i  ■      ..'.'■
v. . il8 li.- more
Ruisnall Bn La R i - Yikusp
B   I      below    utlet.
Dated  Mir h I6tl .  19 n
- gned) m.16.
J \i OB i . WIEXS,
Xakasp, B. C.
«  i-fi  ■-, \
.v,,- ■ ,,,
[ would like I
v li.i,
«,-:• iin re moi
Mi    Manning
- .
more <
M      1.'.-
TAKE NOTICE that I intend to
lake application to *.he Superintendent of Provincia e for a transfer
r.i mv iiQuor     license     of the Beaton
I      by
to -J. A. Thew.
-,    \
Send in your orders for
this excellent coal
Dry Cedar, 4-Foot
$3.75 Per Cord.
Residences.  Building Lots
Fruit Lands
Firsf!Street     Tel 6B.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Tatt to Canada
Shingle Mill for Sale
hn I
••    ■ '
i '■'•
\rL'iiii"-ii' ■
"       " .
nan  I '    '  '      "" '
i r,
ind« Reasonable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging'
■   th n Guaranteed
( or. Third St, ami Robion Avenue
J      kinds  ni'ii' ' n
fork a
-,n »nj "Ihss
. ii ■
Front     Street.
for Sale
'. i
Mil   lil'ln     .:, I
.   | li   because tl
nol   f»vor|    Mo ■'
.,  I ait yi nr     Movlnit Pii lun    Ioi
-  i -ei Flower
.     r; KIDS
and Flowi i
Wanted Known
Bi       arietii    ol
■    t:   :  «s
i ..      i p;ue
'   <    !          U
i    \   MOT?'
i -,   ,                                        I.O.-91
.....           t- SI     f.f
er, B. C.
Closing Out Prices
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
ll.ivirip difpoFed of our mmery protintis to l.e oleaned up
by May, I nm pipparfd to offer special prices rn oil eaeh batgoins
splemlitl assortment of ornamental liens, acclimated Block,
having been crowing on uur grounds for years, from 10c. up.
One of tbe best selections, of roses it, B.C. in all lending
varieties, suitable for ibis section, in pood 2-year blooming ni/fs,
25c, each, K'Jn por 100, $150 per 1000, smaller ones half-price.
50,G00 fruit trus in leading varieties, Let me price your list
10,000 shade trees, in all sizes and prices.
Greenhouses full of plants in all sizes and prices, from $3
per lim pots up.
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver
Revelstoke Flour and 'Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Coy.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Improved.    FirBt-ClaBB in every respect.    All modern conTeniemer--
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day       SpecialfcWeeklylRateE:.
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cifrnrs/I'obacco.
Meala 86 centf.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
S|iei-lu Utentlon given to commercial
men and tourists, Flrat-claai samptt
plum.'., l-iiii-i scenery In British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
TirumtthinB, Repair*,   Hot   Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Connaueht Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
Hftnnrnctnrtd fur ttn ciH»»aa (if  hnildirifri
for'nilf) Id '■<-•« of    fvull  jiinniii m
C Al tlit lowwt (>rlc«9 for caih.
411 klndfl'of huiMliiK Hud.Dlaiterlnir
SATURDAY, MAIK'll 26th, l'.ilfi
Vage w
Local Industry
i ■ ii.
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock tf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
c7VIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
soon.   1 lie  bylaw   to put  n school   >>*
Gth  street   vvon*1   carry.     The Government  recommend     centralisation   too.
  Scattered schools will  lead to rivalry
Discussion re New School ■'Sj^i'lrp^0'^
besides there are other reasons against
a school mi iiiii street.
Ml ST I SI'. riRAXT.
I'lir  Mayor:      Vie miiil  lol   the | eople
ili-i-iili-, it  would be a, -liiiino to   have
tin' nn v bylaw defeated .md so Iom
Sixth Street
A  special  ii
i-il  was  lii'lil
lull  bfiard  pr
quest h\   iln>
oling ol iln' City f'oim-
mi Tiii'silay night with
nu to ili<.-ii^-< tho re-
i.li.ml board for lhe pre-
the Governmenl  grant.
.Vld. MeKinnon: Whal a nerve the
-,■liiiul board has to iro up againstthe
people's wishes wheti the^ have pre-
viouslj   decided  Ior cent
Ml. Trimble, This i- ., hold np
game    of    the Sibbald (lull ' ompany,
th" idea i if centralisation     is     a
loolish one,   I In    liildren have lo walk
ton far ni* it N.     It seel •  'hat
it i- only .i     scheme for .-. . ■• ,      "f
tcotindrels  i" pull a  lol  n ■ ■.   oul
ol  Iho city,     ( cntral - hools arts     all
Hon iense.
Mil,  Mi Kinnon:     --iv1'
a-  far  awaj   nnd  in -,i
AM.   Trimble       Vam
:ira','  bi hools,
\!d.   Vbrahamsi in:      Vou  - nn'l
|i ii,-  l,'-\ etstokc wiili  \ .in ,,nver.
Tin' Mnj "i I In- ' lovernnient has
advised n- i hat i he nt I i- i ooms ■ , t
In- abandoned iti th.' presenl s.-hool
...i.l i....m tuu-! lii- found somewhere
Aid. Trimble: Let u- be unanimous.
I  will  agree  t,i two b,vlaws,  one     for
>'-■",. I   an.I       (of   $5,01)0,   an.I  |, I   the
,, ,
!.,-  ' lot      'I •■-
paring  ..I  a   Inlaw   im- 830,0(10  fur    a
new  school mi Ooh street,
Tho Mayor: Vie should all be un-
unimoii* in our decision, ami unanimous wiih ilie school board, Central
schools liai,- boon much discussed In
tin- cily. Tli.- -rl,,,,,! board cannot
i.-.'i a i.iii- pricu tor nioi'k 52 ami I
agree wiih  them, a-  the price i       far
1""   high,        Tl itj    h.i-   a   -lir   "i   ils
..wu.     The school board should   havo
asked for Iwo bylaws; one i'.i- 825,	
foi  a   ii I I  ami   for 55000 as  lho
'ii\'»  share uf  the purchase pi ico     "i
ibliu l> 52. Tlie -ill' i- ii sore eptostion
ami tin- pooplo iiiii-i  decide ii.   If I hej
|iiuii down   ilu' purclin f bloelt   li'l
' tl'i-ii lho cilj will have l,o build on
(llll sireet. li seems though thai
wiili a school away  up there the cost
jui running tho si-1 1- would be greatly   increased.      However  we  must   itso
liiin (lovernnient grain ihi- your a- th,'
city can't ulTord in build unassisted.
Many | plo at',' much aguinsl   the (Ilh
'street   site,
| Mr. Hriggs explained that if lho
school board ostimates pass, then tlio
bylaw  i-iin bi' put, but if thoro are  lur-
jned down   the  ti-tis s can i-oine hark   I I'1" ''."i.l.'.
|within 3d days and demand anothor to , l '' "'  llll; IM;"1'1 '
bo submitted. I    ^'''-  Cowan:     Central schools     will
\  HOLD-IT i;\MIm ,w cheaper^ 75 per cent, of the people
j   Md. Trimble:     The government,     I   are in favor of it.     Somo    little time
believe,   favor  centralisation.   Mr,   Mil-   ■''-"  ''"'  '"•'"'""'-  '"' '   ""-"'"  favored
I ler however,   i-  of     opinion  that      it   "•     ■'""' w'lv     ,'''"  BUdden  switching
would In- better to build on (ilh street   Tl"' PeoPle B,,ould h'Vl'  "ll" ''-h<      **>
la- i- also Mr. Mannin-.     I would nev-   'l'"''"1'' the "'alter.
Li- con t  I., buy block 52 .-,i 810,000, I    Vld'  ''"'"-:  ' move ,1''"  ''"' Council
it  is a  hold-up gumo     and  the  people  "commend 'hat  the School Board   lie
won't   -tain!  fur  it:   All  we can  do is   lltUed  "' reconsider their proposal, or
I,, IiiiiI,I ore 6th street. i""'"1   ''"' ™uncil or recommend a by-
TIIAT  LETTER. i'M"   '"'"' 830,000  and  a  plebiscite      for
j   Ahl. Abruhamson: A Bite wai select-   ;h" sitc-     A  l",hlil' meeting     can   Im
ed lasl  year, und  the Oil, streol    site  '"'M  Bnd  l1"' whola matter explained.
tm 1 down by the people, ft is very      AM-  Abrahamson:     That i-- just the
strange why Mr. Miller, win, has ai- Bama :ls Iast >"■'"'■
ways advocated central Bchools has | i'i'" Mayor: No, thing's are difTer-
Buddcnlj changed his opinion, Has not ''"' ,,ow- '""' P°°Ple w-"l( " school,;
the Government sent a letter compel- ''"' >'''"' '"" litt,e interest waa tak.-n
ling centralisation, if s,, it should be init» '"" ""w '* ia realised that some
brought nut. thing must be done: let ihe people de-
i   Tin' Mayor:        No letter compelling   '"'" '' ■""'   relieve   us al, of th,-    re-
has been received, only advising. sponsibllity.
I   Md. Abrahamson:     Splitting up the I    Md. Abrahamson:     It would be bet-
schools  i- ,„,  B 1  and ih,- cost      will    '"'' "' v"<" "" "'" -"•' '">">     ''"'I'hen
be increased, ami a school away up
on  the ea-t   limits  is  wasted.   Politics
[shouldn't  interfere in ihis matter.     I motion—Carried.
hup,, (he Council won't Is- unanimous     A,d- Abrahamson did nol vote.
Ifor 5th street. The school board wero      ll"~1""   r«PPin8  was present,     and
(not unanimous at all.                                B*ve his  "I"""1"-  falling  in line   with
\l,l.  Bews:        The trustees proposi-  th ""'• "'   would "-'-'n f,"m <ho
the money bylaw.
:    M,l.  McCarty:     I second Aid. Bews.'
n would be turned down I am sure.   '"':">l "' "">  coercion was brought to
1    wnllld    III,
,-    !..   M-e
another i
ilebiscite  ,'H'al' "" '''"' '" rhange his opinion. It
would li.- a  mistake to build on   ilth
,   General   business  was  briefly discussed and th" meeting closed.
Valuable Remedy
Tilings are different now and I would
like to -is. what ih,- people think. The
school board seem rather exalted in
their ideas for finances. We must
think of future (axes, and separated
schools would lie very expensive to
run. ll would !»' best I,, refer the
matteo back. A bylaw- fm- 130,000 \.-w Vork, March 2o—Authoritative
could In- put ami a plebiscite taken on announcement of ihe i'n st authentic
the -it.'. cure rn" .heal cerebro spinal meningi-
Ald. Mekiiinuii: Separate schools ti- by means ol intra-ventriculor inure mure expensive tu operate and less jections ,»i the Flexner serum was
satisfactory. The public want central made at a meeting of physicians and
schools and I favor that mn. It is surgeons at tin- New- York Academy
very ridiculous why Sir. Miller should "i Medicine recently. Thnt this dis-
change hi- ideas from centralisation ease, which proves fatal invariably in
tu separating lhe schools, Mr. Pollock the cases of children under two years,
I believe is tin-  same;  such switching j has     i*      mastered through ihe re-
appetirs    m     me   funny.        Separate, seat h of Dr. Simon Flexner, head   of
schools   in- t,. me in, good, tlie grad- the     Rockefeller     Institute ot Medical
Ing being difficult; 95000 a- tin' city's Research, was admitted scarcely with-
short ol block 59 would be saved very mn opposition by the physicians.
And Its Keeping Qualities
SOME people find it necessary to buy a considerable quantity
of (lour at one time—sufficient to last for a lonr; period.
Naturally they are anxious to procure a f.our of the kind best
adapted to lengthy storage.
There arc two Important reaeoni why  Pl'RlTY Fi.OI'R
tl -    'luics.    One is thai it  is made entirely from
M.n.iii !-a Hard Wheat.   Tlie other lie in the fact that the careful
..try to produce  "Purity" absolutely i
rticles ot  tbo wheat berry.      It's   t!--_-  high n
Manitobn Haul \\'ii-;it Flour tli.it keeps -stands i.u'.^L-.t siura};.-.
Thai's  "Purity."
"Purity" flour may (.-st a little
l'i- m re than worth the did
Try it.    Watch rc.suhs both foi
uud yield.
"More Bread
and better Bread"
WisiihnCanadaFtoimMuxs C . LiMm»
MDUslSbB i.   '        ,
-    '■
1 Pag« 8.
SATURDAY, MARCH 20th, 1010
Spring  1910
Millinery Opening
March 21st and following days
We cordially solicit your inspection.
We are quite sure you will pronounce
it the finest display of Millinery ever
shown at this Store.
Campaign of Publicity
tn niniKH'tion Willi ili'L ivivnt an-
nuiinml puliuy uf lhe provincial go\.
ernmeni   tu  undertake  n  I'timpnigu  of
.-\ slcinalii'      ;nlvri li-nrj   of   llir   ivsuiii'-
its of Uritish Columbin in EaBtern
Cunwlii ii i~ reported to be the intention of tbe government to establish t\
publicity Inn.-an in Viotot'in, which
w i'l he prosr led over by a publicity
i'ummis«ioner. Thi-   ollicial,   i(       is
-ni.l, w ill direr I the elYortt* of publi
rity ullices lo bo established in Moni
[ real, Toronto ami Winnipeg, These ofli-
res in ih.' I'M -1 air h> lir managed bj
Hti.ii-li rulumbta men possessing ox-
tensive knowledge jf the ic-mnvc- of
llii- pros in.'e.
The  ni"-i   interestinu   lealu i   tl"-
Toronto list in mi ii'lv.iliie in t'atiii-
ill.ui I'..ml, "f I'..inn.,-,.,' tn L'I.. the
lin\ ine (mine based n|'"ii hopes "I n
still further in-re;i-e in ilie bank dividend rat,- nf niie per rent, beforo tho
end iii tin' year,
Tin' Meri'haniii Bank o! Canada has-
bought :i site for iln- Intnk premisoi
m I'.il,,, nml will open ii luuu, h there
ni once.
Grimes—Agnow,- At Spokane, Wash,
U.S.A., Mart* 19th., 1910., Conductor
¥j. 1.. Grimes tn Minnie iVgnew, both
of Revelstoke, IVI'.. b.v tie- Rev. C. 0.
Ken lall, pastor Vincent Methodist
Mn,i  h.
Mi. ami Mrs. I.. M. ITagar an- visiting in Vancouver.
E. '• . 1'ii'tnev das returned from an
textended visit tn Vancouver.
1 '•■■■ i .I'.il. are calling for lenders
Im   the erection nf a lire hull and hose
.   toil  ■:■   ::t    1 li-ie   shops    ll'Te.
Vi i '. Man hanl i- finishing up his
nnnn i! inspection nf ihe local Custom
House work Ior tli" yeai-.
'I'll.- body nf M, -I. McKay, who waa
till--! at tin- new powei dam Monday
last  i. being shipped tn California.
A 1 litii mal I.- >use bells for Bremen nf
f>' . 1 and -' brigades are being inatal-
le 1 bj the citj . in ring in , ircuil « ith
nn;   of the alarm boxes,
R. II. Trueman, photographer, will
ii-- a! the Revelstoke studio for one
wee .   mm .   ommencing Thut sdaj. 31st
Mar -.   ri  i     is     pn p ired in  take sit-
i itj les,
Ameri an   Sunday   new 'papet -
be ■ red from  Fort   Erie, Onl
S    -._■-■ It   is  said  li\   the  I
I nee     people thai   this
will   ipplj  to the »; ■ : li
It   the Englisl
rl--.   ■.      albituarj    foi     IU
i • ■  the attainn
i ■.
" - ■
tho us '
1 ■ '<   .
bn.   hal Wi
i. ■ ..      .
I , -,     .
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the hest
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
"Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Dark Blues Won
London, March 23 Oxford lowered
I the Cambridge colors on Wednesday in
, tli. annual 8-oared boat race "ti lite
I Thames, winning by three aud one-
half lengths, alter a race ol I! miles.
'I'ln- distance u.i- made, by Oxlord" in
211 minutes,   II  seconds, which is     27
seconds behind tl"  ■-!  time.     The
Oxford crew was in  lino fettle during
the entire race,
'I'll-: meet was the sixty -i\th annual
race between Oxford and Cambridge,
anil was along the Thames from I'm -
nam   to  Mortlake.
I The Oxford-Cambridge course i- H
miles. The first race In ihis historic
annual eontesl was rowed mi April
14, 1S41, mil was won b.v Cambridge
with :i margin of one minute lour seconds. Since then up to and including
1909 Oxford has won 31 times and
t nmbridge in limes. In 187" it wa»
n dead heat, and Oxford won on a
foul in 1849. Oxfords win on Wed
nesdny by '■'.[ lengths i- a duplicate of
last year's result, as to length of
beating, bill the time via- slower.
' Riverside clergy protested vehem%il
ly nt the holding of the presenl sen-
son's races in Hoi) Week ami did their
best to persuade ii"- university authorities :>> interfere and change the
date. Tli,- oQicials declined i" dn -<•.
however, ns the tiih-s will nol Benin
bi» suitable for a long Lime to -■nine.
-  'll ■.
The advent of sprine i- looked ii|"<n
wiih mingled feelings by the police
miii,--iItiei, !- : means the annual
traffic of louring hoboes, who have
lii-en winterini! in the warmer climes
south - if the intei na1 ion i i tine, and
n ho ■ nve n habit of breaking their
journi king a slop off here
■  -., break ihe monotony.
i imetil   of  Baptism  will
. |  . |
m.—Resurrection   nnd  il-  -i_-
.■ for U-.     Spei ial music.
,- hi dren.
Sunday will I*-
Thev  will  sine
In Eattcr Novelties
Rabbits Chickens
EjjK   Candy   Boxci
Chocolate Ekes
' Tin
. .. •,
i ■•      - '      il.-il i  .     ■ ■
Bews' Drug Store
'  ■
"i,-I   I -
I      . i
eluding  ''Tin    I'- lull m
the pastor »ill give
' sstei    in I  it-  M--.-H1-
ninc  the subiect   will
al Dili'
s tomorrow morn-
'•.'I  •■ ei '■■'-■: ut 11 a.m. and
■  7:30 p.m.   Special   music.    Ep*
.   ■    VIi    lay al 8 p.m.
eeting  Wedi • sdaj  al
I R.«
Hoi   I 'ii munii nd after
- ■■'.  ' !},,• morn-
Pi     i ionershall
■ three
ar, "T v hich Easter
is to b< ial Dio
b   ■. •
II      Vi      I'
Easter Neckwear
Come and soo our display of new, nobby
neckwear. We have opened a new lot t his
week, and are showing the season's novelties, in Fancy Collars, Embroidered Collars,
Stocks. Jabots, and Frillings, including a
large range of the Cord Frillings, in white,
colors and gold. Gold leads everything in
Spring trimmings.
Easter Belts
The prettiest we have ever shown. We
have them in Leather, all colors; Elastic, in
white, brown, navy, black and green, both
plain and steel studded, and in leather and
jet trimmings.    Prices from 25c. to $3.00
Lingerie Dresses and
Our stock of Lingerie Dresses is very
complete. We have them in white and
colors, beautifully trimmed with lace and
insertion, at prices from $4.50 to $22.50
Blouses in all sizes-Lawn, Mull and
Linen—priced from 90c. to $6.50
You will find our stock the most complete in town, and many lines that you can
get in no other store, while our prices are
the lowest.
FOK       c   o  0,0      Ci a O D s.
Our Trade is Increasing
Because we study our Customers
and supply the  best goods  obtainable.
G. W. Bell
P. O   Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
Easter Millinery
A tasty and unique display of Easter Hats just
arrived trom the East, fashionably trimmed and
bought direct from the leading Millinery houses.
The latest shapes and styles.   SEE  WINDOW.
Mrs. A. G. Crick,
First Street
List Your Vancouver
North Vancouver Properties
P. O. Box 137 Telephone 40SO
800  Hastings Street West,   Vancouver


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