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The Mail Herald Feb 11, 1911

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $60.
Interior Publisnmg'.Co., Agts
The ivi&il-Hera
-JUFilA, B. c
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
V1.17-No. 10
$2.50 Per Year
Same as That of Last fear Although Number of
Changes Have Been Made-Power Plant Hot
Under Discussion.
Lawrence Hardware
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Contrary to expectations tha council meeting oi Inst night was n veritable love least, every member being
in thc spirit and of one accord. Except for a little jarring note here
and there in thc preparation of the
estimates, an.l a mild kick from AH.
Abrahamson as to certain mis-statements emanating from the press everything went along merrily. The
power plant was apparently a dead
issue, as scarcely a word was uttered
on the subject—it being understood
that the work at the plant was so
near completion thnt nothing more
need be said on the subject for a
time at least.
The provisional estimates for the
year was the principal topic dealt
with, but inasmuch as these had been
practically cut and dried at an informal meeting the fore part of the
weak, there was little else to do but
formally assent to them by motion.
This was done.
The estimates provided for an expenditure of $87,986.20', but of this
there is a sum sufficient consisting of
arrears of taxes, book debts, mouey
in bank, etc., etc., to cut the amount requi.ed for this year down to
$38,435.38. Taking this amount required as a basis for the tax rate of
the year it should vertually bring
the rate to somewhere between twenty-three and twenty-four mills, as
one mill on  practically every     $1402
meet these reductions. Hpecial atten
tion tbis year will he given streets
and sidewalks and the sum of $2,250
was asked for to meet repairing expenses nnd another $2,250 for construction.
The amounts upon whicli the     tax
rate is levied were as follows:-—
Administration      $ 8,76O.O0
Public safety   Ill,655.00
Public charity      2,100.00
Public convenience     7,925.00
Public education   23,0O0.O'J
Special rate account
Deduct as  per
.. 3*6,392.00
Less arrears to hand .,
Cash in hand and in bank...
Less local  improvement  $ 5,33*.O0
$ «,974.93
Add ace. in Bank of Coin....? 1,655.00
Bulkhead Drops at Three
The latest reports from
the power plant is that
the bulkhead will be dropped at three o'clock this
afternoon. This does not
necessarily mean that the
power will be on to-day
from the new plant, although such might be the
".ase. There is considerable slush ice in the new
flume left there by the
recent operation of the
plant, and it will be necessary to cltar thi j away before the machinery is set
in motion. It iscofidently
expected however that the
power service will be continuous from the first of
next week.
Book debts
Total   ...
.. 7,528.94
Total    $51,594.20*
Total    18,158.87
Grand  total    $3*3,435.»3
As will  be  noted  the special
ot the estimates is levied. The coun-  account is by far the largest     item
cil, however, in order to be   on    the  0f    expenditure  and largely accounts
safe side, and considering it     better   for the present high rate of     taxa-
to be safe than sorry, decided     that  tjon,
the tax rate on city  property  shall      a communication was received from
be 25 mills on the dollar, the same
as last year and the tax rate on
property outside the city for schools
shall be 8.86 mills. This is practically decided as the rate for 1911.
Alderman MeKinnon  raised  the ques-
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Ot^ico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30,000.00
5,5S'o, jOO.OO
Julius Cashatto demanding the sum
of $135 for use of his pump at the
power plant, being at thc rate of
$5 a day, and also that the council
take over the old pump and supply
him with a new     one.   It is alleged
tion as to whether it might not he that the men at the works had brok-
possible to pare away some of the en this pump. This, however, had
S1.C00 placed  in the school estimates   |,Mn  repaired,  and  thc council    took
for repairs to the old school. Alderman Abrahamson did not object to
the estimates of the school board,
but nsked for a more detailed statement as to the requirements   for the
the view that Mr. L'ashatto's demand
was a deliberate holdup and refused
to accede to any such demand. A
pun nt)MO,) 'ply Xq apoui sum u»h*oui
MeKinnon  that the sum of $2.50  per
Branches or Agents at all principal points InlOanada.
Agents in Great Hritain and United States—London, hiiRland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn Kx-
cha'nge National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Francisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank, Spokane— Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposit* of $1 and upward, recdv-ed, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
says: "I do not find any ground fpr
complaint. The United States has
never, and never will be able to
compete with us in asbestos. Asbestos is of more that usual interest
these days owing to the announce -
ment that Amalgamated Asbestos
has partially reorganized and appoint
cd Mr. J. D. Sharpe, late mine manager of the Pittsburg Coal company
where he had charge of 32 mines in
which over 7,500 men were employed,
to the generalship of the corporation. Since the asbestos merger was
elTccted, it has been felt tbat the full
saving in operating costs has not
been attained, but plans arc already
under way whereby at least $40,0*00
a year in administration expenses alone will be saved."
Although opinions differ amongst
the lumbermen, the feeling seems to
be that Canada is not giving away
anything that will hurt her although
fear is expressed that Americans may
build so many mills on this side ol
the border that overproduction will
Local manufacturers aro not affected to any great extent, although Mr.
K. Drummond says that if the bounties on stetl rode are withdrawn on
account of reciprocity or on any
other account, the results will be
disastrous to the industry.
year. This will be asked lor from day from Jan. 10th till the day thc
the board before the school estimates pump was returned to Mr. Cashat-
are finally passed. t0's farm, Tit  offered him,     together
Some of the amounts cut from the with nn addit onal $10 for supposed
estimates as prepared at the inform- damages. Mr Haflnrr, engineer for
al meeting were ns follows:—Assess- Smith, Kerry nnd Chace, who was
ment account, $350; jail furniture,$50; present at the meeting considered
Inquests, $40; repairs to flume, $150;-this more than fair, and the motion
rebate on taxes, $250; donations, passed unanimo inly.
$1,000;  pound $250. i    An account o' Mr. Newman's,  min-
Thrse     reductions, however,    make   us $237 force ai count, nnd $680      cx-
no material difference in the amount  tra cement, war passed on motion pf I
to lie levied for, as increases     were   Alderman Abrahamson and Alderman
made to certain other departments to   MeKinnon.
p. gums 8 Company. <£td.
20 Per Cent. Discount Sale
Is Now in Full Swing and Includes
Everything in Stock
Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Street
Our .Him Is lo Pleasp.
The Store of Good Quality
The People's Store
close ton
.d  vain
ill  Willi Illi
One of
outside markets wc
,(U   thii  Wl
Hy nlways keeping In
2 fins Red Sockeye Salmon for 25c.
John Mclntyre Sr Son
Council Board Believe They Fay
Too Much for Articles Supplied in Quantities
Tins yeas in contradistinction to
other years all city supplies for public institutions and conveniences will
he secured by tender. Thc chnnce
was suggested by Alderman MeKinnon as chairman of thi* linancc committee, who noted in going over the
vouchers that the city in every instance paid the full retail price of
every article furnished. Every business institution, Mr. MeKinnon remarked, took this method of cutting
down exiwnses, and ask why the city
-hould not adopt the same method.
The other memberB of thc board wero
unanimous, and immediately ac
qiilcsced in his opinion, the mayor
remarking that sometimes be believed the city paid more for these goods
than the ordinary individual purchaser. Acrordinely a motion was passed authorizing the eity clerk to call
for tenders from city merchants on
goods required by tbo city in quantities.
Millions Are Angry-Fish Interests Pleased-Asbestos Not
Montreal, Feb. 8.-The industrial
and commercial world has had ample
time to digest the reciprocity announcement and It Is much easier
now to get a clear nn.l concise view
from those vitally interested in tho
way thc affairs of tbe country arc
shaping, than it was directly after
thc proposed agreement had lioeu
mude known. Much to thc surprise
of mnny, Montreal, llie centre ' of
manufacturing in the Dominion, is
not as heavily hit as might have
been oxpocted.
The millers are angry, at least
most of them are, and arc preparing
for battle.     They declare that      the
Taft Thinks Canada is Premature in Attempting Reciprocity
Washington, Feb. 8.-K U. H. administration senators had any doubt
about thc attitude ol President Taft
toward the Canadian reciprocity agreement it was removed when Senators Crane and Carter returned to
the Capitol today Irom a conference
with thc President at thc White
Mouse. The messago which theso
senators brought to thoir colleagues
was that there must bc a vote on thc
agreement at thc present session or
Congress will be called back in ox.
tra Bcssion almost immediately alter
adjournment March 4.
Although Senators Crime and Carter declined to discuss their mission
to tho White House, tho report soon
leaked out that the President was
insistent on a vote. It is said that
he made plain his belief that thc
country generally favored thc adoption of n reciprocity treaty agreement with Canada; that the hill to
put the agreement into force will
pass the House with a large majority and that the Senate would enact the mensiiro if given opportunity
, to vote on It.
Thc rules of the Senate, which permit iintiameled discussion of a mcas
I ure arc the principal barriers to a
, vote In that body. It Is known that
Senators Heyliiirn and Ilailey are blt-
I Icily opposed to thc ngreemrnt and
i that the opposition extends also to
I mosl. of the progressive Republicans.
Some of these senators have hinted
j that their relations with tho White
House have not been sufficiently plea-
Jams, Jellies
We have a large quantity of Crosse & Black-
well's and Lipton's Jams
and Jellies in 4 and 7 lb.
tins and 1 lb. glass jars
that we want to move
this month.
We are making a reduction of from 30 to 40
per cent, on the above
high class goods.
Ontario Honey in I lb. Glass Jars, at 25c.
Pure Maple Syrup.    Buckwheat Flour.
New I aid Eggs.    Ontario Pea-Fed Bacon.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Hay, Oats. W heat. Barky, Beans, Shorts, etc.
Bourne Bros.
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Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
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Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
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* n> g o
co — ZZ. »♦
_ o
3  ro   —-
proposed facilities tor shipping (latin-   sunt,  ol  late  to cause  them  to exert
dian wheat to American mills wilt
inin. H detrimental effect on the milling in lustry which will result in
substantial loss to the Dominion.
themselves  In special ol an administration.
Senators Crane ami Carter enteral
nl   once  on  a campaign designed
Valentines lr. to 12.50 each, very
large variety to choose irom at Mnc-
.1. nal is drug store.
i The lish trade is delighted with the'advance the President's program. Al-
prospcet ttt thc free handling of lish ••-.„,|y they have conferred with other
bctwcin this coiintiv and the United senators who arc especially friendly
States, which it, Is declared will hen to the administration and have
boon to consumers and fishermen (ought to enlist their services in a
"like. j movement to obviate thc necossity tit
Tbe nsbentoH Interests, who      were  an extra scseion.
ns apprehensive as anybody   because j    The Impression has prevailed at the
I Canada turns out over eighty     per
run. of the asbestos ttt tho     world,
Ilin.v Almond ('ream for numbness arc breathing sighs of relief, Mr.
ol the ,-k;n nnd cbnp, Mc. n bottle, ' Thomas MclJoiigall, president ol the
,,t Ucw«' diug store. I Amalgamated   Asboutus Corporation,
capltol that President Tall  would in
sist  on  votes on both the Cnnndinn
agreement and  tbo hill  to create    a
permanent tatifl board, but this partially was removed today.
For Permanent Streets
At o special committee meeting of
the eoiiiuil ill' tore part of the week
the question of undertaking some
permanent work on thc city streets
eras under    consideration.  The    tn
tentlon, if the ratepayers assent to a
bylaw empowering the council to go
alien.I with tbc work, is to do a
little thorough work each year until
ii good system of «trccts and sidewalks is installed. The council expect tO put this hylaw shortly in or-
'der tn secure machinery to facilitate
tho work.
Moving ricturei at tbe  BdiSoU The
atre to-night,
5* Taylor, First Minister
Vancouver, B. C. Feb. 8—It Is Understood here that Hon. Thomas Tay
lor Is to he the flist minister of railways in the provincial government
holding the portfolio in rounectlon
^itli hi. present post as minister of
public works     K. 0. Gamble,   chief
engineer of tbe public woiks department all probably be the deputy
mlnist. i of the new department and
J. !•".. Uriftlttis will succeed to Mr.
(•amble's position.
To keep tbe hair from falling out
try nn "pedal grower, put up In
75c. bottles at Macdonald's drug
IM*™*™ SATURDAY.   FEB.   11TH,   1911.
Opportunity has been the keynote of many a fortune, and it will be
for you if you invest right. The opportunity is now offered you to
invest in Oil,Coal and Gas. The Arrowhead Oil, Coal and Gas Co., Ltd.,
incorporated Jan. 1911, is now placing* on the market for the first time
a block of
50,000 Shares at a Par Value of One Dollar Per Share
Terms of Payment:   25 Per Cent. Cash on Subscription;   25 Per Cent, in Thirty Days:
25 Per Cent, in 60 Days;    25 Per Cent, in 90 Days
The Company has sufficient faith in its property to throw the first big block
of stock upon the market to local buyers giving them the first and probably the
only chance to get in on the ground floor of this valuable property.
This Propetty has been thoroughly examined by Samuel Aughey, Ph. D., L.l.D.
E. ML and his repcrt, which is more than favorable, can be seen by prospective purchasers at the office of the Company in the Taylor Blcck, opposite the Lawrence
Hardware Co.'s store at any time during office hours from 8 to 12 o'clock and from
1 to 5 o'clock.   Inspection is invited.   No shares will ever be offered below par value
The object for offering this stock is to raise funds for the development of
the Company's holdings at Arrowhead, B. C, consisting of 3,200 acres (as soon as
licenses are procured bycompany) of the best Oil, Coal and Cas Lands in the Province. Mr. J. 0. Bradley, the Managing-Director of the Company, has already given
demonstrations of the quality ofthe gas of these lands at a dozen or more business places in the city, the proprietors of which are very enthusiastic over the
illuminating qualities of the gas. Anybody wishing to see this test can do so by calling at the
Company's Office.
The Arrowhead Oil, Coal and Gas Co., Ltd
HEAD OFFICE:       - Revelstoke, B. C.
OFFICERS:   President. W. S. Webster:       Vice-President. D. McCarthy:        Secretary. E.M. Allum:       Treasurer, A. 1. Macdonell. Managing-Director. I. 0. Bradley
DIRECTORS:   T. H. Corley.   W.S.Webster,   A. W. Thompson.   E. M. Allum.  D. McCarthy.   I.O.Bradley.   A. J. Macdonell.
Che ADaU-lberalb
jntertor pubttsblno Compans,
Gbe nDatllfoevalb
Al&rman MeKinnon,  in hid ruthi
blur.- •   ilght-to-the-pjlnt  .iiui
ner. take*- our I Bta .if I eb-
ruary Ith l    taal   lot  their apparent
apathy of ten months     ago .n      not
Ung Bt h s back then     in     hi.-,
*   lenii ii ■>' with v llii I
Mr. Kewmac  was treated I
.6    cntract.       Mr.  McKlnnon's
• oint li  ne.. tak.in.   No J. ubt   11 nt
that timi   i.i. u..:.; man ha.'. '.It that
he had tb» hacking on the part ul tii
he Has,     a
. have li.-n toll
• * ant      Uul
■•■   *.-■•,*
i    .*
t the ( n- were
I havi        •      i     L-r<at
r. tb   t
trad    i
• • ; thej
n *   •*
■>  '
of with ti ■:.
como I  we      1
:i    • ■    i
•      .!   nnl
ol which we
\ * *  week    n -    M n
thi  ■    ii thai
■   ■:*   I    i,l,   'll   ■    -■ 1(1
■I..1VI I     '
tatnoenU      th
nn I
h' ■  irgWBeni   cant   I
11 i ■ .' Mr.  M Kinnon     i
i*   *  *     lonthe Ai.'...   We i*
ti at the ] ere i ick ol
'BanHJiead Hard Coal
Wellington Soft Coal
Always on Hand
Briquettes,   and   Furnace,  Egg, Stove
and  Nut Sizes.
Revelstoke  General Agencies. Ltd.
Real Estate and Insurance
• .
• ■■
ficacy even at th
Pi :* the   •
we ni
im" in .-in
.   i
i'h Wn
that    ^^B^^^^^H
i. ,
leave It to our reader*   to    extract.
.. B
Hi It
I either.   But i -
pei t ti     .;.* ii
in,     I thi   •■nn lllng       .I
.i        Dp       Ifi       H
',.'       I.*    Ill,II
itel ■ ■   :.,n i i eoog
Bise personal anil petty itrlfel inside
tin..' ..".*•
up,   A i,
*   * *   u.i i.i ..
i   ii .in nal Ion    that'll  fetrh   lnrn.
capital anil adverse to the interests
of the people. They iliil it nicely. It
was not a "roast" like Fred Wnrren
gives, hut a nice, respectable jab on
the short ribs ol the judge. It seems
that the editors bave mure Friends
than the judge, tor rhe legislature is
preparing to legislate the poor fellows out of jail. If the body eould
legislate the judge into jail, it
would be a happy omen of the -future
"Frankly,   however,
this    paper    believes
:  to be filled with editors.   Not
with editors who write or say things
rd, bad or indifferent, true or un-
but,      rather,     those  cowardly
whelps  thnt  are afraid  to  say    any-
ints.   It is bad enough
to alius,   the freedom ,,; the press by
. ag to the virions ele-
men- mini, the worst yel-
bettet   than  the  coward
'  i community, but never
- its betterment. The
hunts his hole when-
He   iilches
tax] ayers by his po-
He adds      to
:.    ii ■
■nun the people
■ ithlng
. nl nn   ' - is tly.
'your paper concerning the position
of the city in respect of the Newman
contract ami power plant.
I take an interest iu these articles,
necausc they purport to treat author
itatively of a matter affecting the
municipality of which I am happy
to l>e a citizen. I have read them
as stated, with much curiosity because I am at once si ruck by the
oraclean wisdom assumed by their
the editor of author in forecasting the dreadful
that the jails culmination of the matters and people affected by the contract— and
r.a.ling between thc lines I see a
man carrying an axe upon his shoulder looking for some little boy to
grind   it.
1 grant you there are, perhaps,
some matters and people open to
crltisism in connection with the power plant operations. But why not
deal with the unadulterated facts—
not distort and exaggerate them as
you have done.
First let me satisfy you as to tho
existence of a contract between the
city an.l Newman. 1 have seen such
a contract; and also know it. was
duly Bi -in*.! nnd executed and can
vnui h for the fairness of its clauses.
If you or any Incredulous people
doubt me satisfy yourselves by going
*.*  ..tines ,,f thc city clerk. There
Sixty Years the Standard
A Cream of Tartar Powder
Made from Grapes'
been expended on the construction of
I am sure all the superfluous   <iuest- ; the plant by those to whom the work
do   any
him then aa they are now,            nn- RDITORH iii'tiHT TO UK JAILBD.
tortunatelv    a*   Mr*   McKlMlon   su>s. Ute '
• thm express their   con Bise pel icnal and petty strifes inside The following is from the Te
, ttoni   thro >-i.     the this * "•■                                            Im l«      ■  CM
• the ::.      Tlu*. of course ' -'     ":"
we believe thai The Ontario Provincial flovornmenl   lali                ail hy n r lean dlffl
tbe wfu {          ...   . ,,„,, KllUld ,mv, aboul i*.   . nn .1. .. hill, It la un culty, ami, usually, aeti   n   n boom
..,..- | , ,, ,,. thej bave ■'■■■• tood, which will tend to    less*.., ,*,„, n thc oourt,   Up In Beattie a
„■• nicationi <>'"   deplorable ",, ,„ . ol dtwtruo   t le   ■<  papet  nten have   bom
„,n addressed  to the     Mall-HemM "ve nnd even fatal dm ns a   result ordered to  lali bcoauao thoy crltlclx
then   in ...tii.'. words we admit that's' Impropoi wiring of buildings,
it tie
iimi. wm lavorablc   to
inns which have been asked   In   the
columns ..f your paper would be coiir-
*,* mi I  properly answered.
Sow, granting there exists n   contract .  let ns enquire win i her it*   has
!, i-n ini i        oul    attsfactorily      and
inesB like manner,     II     you
in .....I  11..ii  ilty Fathers be   Bby
then ol   ■■ i h**>  might  have
...  ii.  li      m     n
i **. •■   cile **   ini.i.iu*!.  in  n*- ,■■.-!  nl
' i,   full imn ni nl i lu* obligations un-
:   the clauses ol tbe contract.
*.. ■   hoi ii  advisable
tin   Bxlst .a,' clrci in tancea?      I
,  i, i    The imi remains thai the
* i  laj' construct Ing ond equipping tho
,   •   iiant        Id be i   coal      the
city in, Ichs a sum , han al      pre It nl
■*   :, miitt'-i ..i lad i am ol opinion
• hal  mi ."•',ii     :■'■ in i     i ■ [lendlture
bave been t ntailed   according
ii,*,'-  i on pul  d i ward
b, ' • mil    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
if i in.* thai its adoption would  ly.   Tbey hnve taken them too   ser
■ ..'I. *i. b II      it  is,    l
■ ni. I thi it leasl '■"' tnin to all   fall
eity .*   * 'l people,  thai    li i num is mnk
pe Wa month)   Ing no handsome profll out ol     his
.nn* ContrMt; thal  no cl' "icmls,     as
has been unwaiinnirll*. alleged, are
■ .. nnl
I n ihei iimi the ong n wi . Smith,
Ken > A ' b too, althoti tb much ni
fault in thelt eatirnatea, hnve enined
*ioiv ii.iiiar nf ilu* * Ion. On
the contrary,  Ittdgins  from the vast	
amount uf time and labor which have  completion   ol tbc   work before
ing  ban Ii**'!
* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ted tn
■   . .1
•    nun
mmeni     fl   li
' ;
I i.    lei
te.  tnr
l.'.h.  nth.
Mall llii'ild
in*ni  :'ii    i have mnl wiib   i
umi,   i    mil  mm li iuu losll v   ' ho
tide appearing in roojot imtutu
was entrusted, 1 nm bound to
that the cltlzena are indebted
llieni to no small extent..
Although the present, electric power equipment, hns cost much—bul not
ton much—I am convinced that the
work completed la of such a substantial ami enduring nature that we
may confidently expect it to stand
Indefinitely. If the money expended
heretofore for power equipment had
been disbursed  us wisely,  the  people
Hut  ot Revelatoke today would   not   be
un- complaining of the excess of estimates, necessary In complete the work
in a satisfactory manner.
Permit me a furl her word with re-
leri'iiii* to the letters by Mr. Ratepayer and Mr, Hon,i Publico (?) ap-
poarlng In the issue ol the Mail-
Horald paper on the 4111 inst. It
would .I in thai these people had ho-
come aroused by the aggressive articles ci nlu.in -I  in your pnper recent
loualy Iml not lo,, wisely. I think
if ilii'se MrtoUl minded citizens—If
th", be would pny less attention to
i" i and itreet corner talk, and
give umi'. time io ascertaining the
true actions ol the council, from
miii' authentic source, they would
t   i   i   readil]   tooP to criticise   the
dolnga ol the city officials. Por their  here and should pull    together
benefit  1st me call attention to    the  make this city second to none
fart that at pnwnt su, li eflorti nre n,,. Dominion
   put forth as will  ensure      th.
spring IreshetB set in—a matter
which should tie ot consolation to
these worried citizens.
In conclusion allow me to state
that in my opinion the hostile attitude adopted by your paper in arraigning tho civic authorities bolero
its tribunal Is not for the city's welfare. In th,' past Itevelstoke has to
its  sorrow  witnessed  much  factional
i  and   petit   animosities;    and    I
think it ill-becomes you, a strang-cr
in our midst, to speak  thus. For
although, perhaps, unintentional   on
your part, such talk tends but to
resuscitate and kindle into flame tho
dying embers ol wnsteful flres that
we had happily, nnd ns wc thought,
for all lime extinguished. Hnthcr I
would counsel you to commend to
the piilrtic thc sentiments expressed
and cherished by our worthy mayor,
Hr. Haml.ton, and recently by yotir-
uelf published per hucc verba.
"Rovelstoke Is on the eve of nn era
of prosperity. Thc city iB in n most
enviable position. Let us 'forgot
Petty differences ind nil boost (or
the city. Don't knock those who are
doing the best they can for the city,
but help them along. This city hns
been so mixed up with petty strife
that any mnn offering himself for
public ollice might nn well get out
of the city.   We nil have our homes
HsvcUtoke, Feb. 7tU.
SATURDAY,  FEB.   11TH,  lllll.
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of lhe World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Having purchased the business formerly carried on by K.   A.
Spring we are prepared to execute nil orders promptly.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 1J4 Degree of Ilea
Natural Hot Water in Baths.   O       All Year
Rates from $12 b $15 Per Week
The Largest Stock" of Smokers'
Supplies in the Interior
We aro the riolu people tn do business wiih.
We are carrying an especially good line this
Come in and we will show you that present
for hubby, father or brother that was worrying
The Cigar & Pipe Business is Our Business
and we know it like a book, and you get the
benefit of our information.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Have your architect prepare your plans for
your new building early and get my figures on
your work.
Are to lie found in abundance in
our linen of WINES, LU-JL'OKS,
etc. Our liottleil goods are a
pleasure In anticipation and a joy
in realization. They are the best
that is bottled, rich In llavor,
delicate to the fastidious palate
and refreshing at all times. Prices
lowest in the interior and our
swift   delivery   of   all   orders    is
i'i*.mil to none in the Dominion.
look:      look      and      read:
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue pricep, freight added, with
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress
Winnipeg price
2 40
3 87
6 94
Howson's Price delivered
" "      70c. 1
"   $9.60
"     14.40
"    13.00
"    14.00
"     5.20
"     7.20
" "    4.00
" "     7.20
"    16.50
We make our profit by shipping in car load lotp, thereby Raving freight rales. Bring
catalogue giving description of other goods not ppeoified in this list to our store and we
will prove our statements.    Remember we deliver goods and set up free from breakage.
R.  HOWSON & CO    -   Rkvklstokk. B. C.  j
mi-mi. nitwmi.'MMiuveamBmiiamBKammBamBasmmmaKmwmammmitmm iiiiimb i mm-z*-£0
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest  the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged r piuvud.    Firm-Class in pvery reBpaot.    All modern convenience
I.ar^e Sample KuoinH.
Rat- ^ $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
.Can aclian Pacific Railway
Los Angeles, California
WEDNESDAY. FEB. 18. 1911
9:30 a. m.
Fare from Eevelstoke to Los Argeles, return $115.60
Carriage and Sign
Shop In alley] hack'of B.J, Bourne's
store, Firsl Street,
First   Class Work Guaranteed.
Prices Reasonable
Resilience Cor. 3rd St. and It. lisonim*
■ II    ■
Above fare includes berth antl meals from
Seattle on the -going trip.
For full in foi irat ion regarding those and other
excursion rates, Epply to nearest C. P. Ry. Agent,
or to
R. G McNellie,
District Passenger Agent,
Calgary, Alta.
We ai\' Headquarters for
Pacific Coast Tested Seeds
and RosesiShrub?,Chinese,
Japan, French and Holland
Bulbs and Ornanienlalsi
also Implements, Bee Supplies. Spray Pumj s, Fertilizers and small fruits.
Catalogue Free.
.   J.  HEB^RY
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manager
Repairs of all kinds  neatly done
Bicycle ami Hun work a specialty
EBtimaies gfven on any clans
nf work
Front       Street.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pire
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
importers ard Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars nnd Cigarettes
New Line
Stirrup   Attached
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C.
Edson Lots
Just .1 few "I il'cin left
Call Early and Make Your Choice
;for sale
Hay, Oats, Wheat,Bran
and Shorts
Oi'i'ici*.:   C'nr.   McKenzie Ave.
and Second Stkbbt
PHONB   ".).
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manaqer
CAPITAL,- $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
With its large number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bink of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly n>"l at reasonable rates.    Kates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of lhc World, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can bc negotiated at The Canadian Hank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Revelstoke Property
Ore Car Gall Coal expected rext week.
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
A RRO N lIHAIi, H. •'.
Bpedal Attention given to commercial
men   ami   touiiwtn.    Pint-claw   fmnj>1-
rooms, Fines! scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
VV. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Every boi of GIN PILLS is sold willi
a positive guarantee of money back if
they fail to give prompt relief and to
effect a cure if proix-ily used.
We know just wiiat GIN PILLS lmve
done for others and will do for you.
Wc know that GIN PILLS have been
sold in all parts of Cartada lor years and
to-day are the most popular and most
effective kidney remedy in the world.
We know that GIN PII.LS will
promptly soothe the irritated Bladder,
relieve congestion of the Kidneys, take
away thc soreness In the Hack and
through the hips, and completely cure
Kidney Trouble and Rheumatism. We
positively guarantee that GIN PILLS
will do this and wo pledge ourselvmi
to return your money should GIN
PILLS not do all that wc claim forthem.
Buy GIN PILLS on this guarantee,
backed by the largest wholesale drug
bouse In the British Umpire,
50c a box—6 for f .1.50-at dealers or
from us direct. Sample box free on
request. National lirug ami Chemical
Co., Dept. W.,     Toronto. 54
MtiDDfaRtortd for ah ciutm*f of  bolldtugl
For snlfl in lum or imnII qt»antii ies
ut tlm low(v-.t wife-* hiromth
Alt Itl&dfl of 'mi in nf it-ni plastering
in ilurmLmi
Foote & Pradolini.
Fruit Lands
Galena  Huy  land^ in j>nroeln of
10 or 20 acres or en Wuc.     Corres-
mlence invite(
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
For Sale
12 Room HoiiHf, Furnlshet1,
Biiiinblo for Unomitig [ioutr, nenr
C.P R. Bhopp. A Bargain. !•• r
particulars apply to
Shilah's Gure
nui. My  Blopn < «>ni!li.*i,   curps cold*
th. Ibroal and lunds.
 h  i.l-i
lie ciuta-
MAGIC LANTERN nnd Slides lor
unle, good outfit, rli ii i Thomas
Plimley,  Victoria. 11. C.
bor,     for   sale,      cheap.     Tbomaa
Plimley,  Victoria, li.  C.
A  six room  limine  to  rent on  Sec
ond street cant ol McKenzie avenue.
Apply  II.  N.  t'oiiraler. It,
TO LBT—Seven Roomed House on
Third Street, Including bath room,
Iml nu.I colli water, electric lights,
and Furnace. Glow, to O.P.R. hIiuph
Apply to L. Cashatto, Third Ht.
BSTRAYBD On Baturday. A Bull
Terrier Pup, brown ipot around
letl eye and ear. Adviss the Mail-
llorald Office.
WANTED Woman to cooli in hotel,
wngea$80per month. Apply,I. H.
Young, Comaplix, li. <'.
WANTED- Hy experienced hoi k-
keeper and stenographer, position
anywhere around Arrow Irakis dlstriot. Cun a .*.i-i in store or Iiim-
keeping, lumber buslm SS, etc. Ah*
stalner. references. A.M,J. oare ol
Mail lli'.n.u.u.
A summary of the voting on church
union by the various synods ol the
Presbyterian chinch shows the east
in favor of the move.
Happenings In Europe at the time
of the "black death" are being repeated in Manchuria, where a. plague
ie raging.
J. \V. Morley, ol Winnipeg, lias
been elected vice-president of th?
International Association oi Master
A large number ol applications will
come up for consideration at the
next session of the Manitoba legislature.
Six persons were killed and several
Injured ln a wreck on the Grand
Trunk near l'aris, Ont.
John and Andrew Peterson, two
homesteaders, living in the Outlook
district, were asphyxiated by coal
gas. I
It is rumored at Brandon that the ,
G.      T.  P.  will absorb the    Brandon
.Saskatchewan  and Hudson  Bay  line.
Thc Toronto police are making a
careful scrutiny of all papers pertaining to the Farmers' Bank failure.
Greorge (li'ey, a brother of Sir Edward Grey, was fatally injured by a
lion while hunting ia Africa.
B. V. Newton, Conservative caitdi -
late was elected in the provincial
.y election in Hussell.
It is reported that C. ('. Chipman,
of the Hudson's Bay stores, will retire on a pension.
The     Methodist   church    extension
ampalgn is meeting     with generous
Walter Bingham was killed in an
elevator at Odessa, south of Indian
K severe storm has again tied up
inilway tratllc in northern Suskatche
Winnipeg's building figures for January show an increase.
At the agricultural convention at
Regina, Hon. W. li. Motherwell urged that a change should be made in
ihe system of naming western Canada wheat.
Oats, grown by Hill and Sons of
Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, captured the silver trophy sweepstakes at
lhc  Columbus Corn show.
The action of the C.N.R. in not
completing the Thunder Hill branch,
was criticized in the Saskatchewan
The committee at Washington that
is considering the reciprocity agreement will not hear deputations from
jissatis tied interests.
The civic authorities of Winnipeg
Will overhaul the street traffic sys -
tern and report on plane for solving
its difficulties.
The Manitoba government has promised to appoint a commission to
Inquire into drainage lands taxation.
The city of Winnipeg will appeal
direct to thc Privy Council in its
light against the Street Railway
Thousands of cattle are in danger
of perishing in Montana as a result
of the range being covered with ice.
Judge Myers orders specific de-
detaiis to be furnished In the charges
against Mayor Evans by E. IJ. Mai-
A heavy mad from ih**' north reach
ad Edmonton after lorty duys on the
Stl  have can*,!'.! a great deal of
trouble on the Gooee Lake branch of
the 0.N.R,
The repoi I bat th i ana Han 11.1
isit* Rainbow bad been wrecked wai
Homesteaders are steadily ousting
the ranchers from tbe Medicine Hal
A Symposium of What is Happening in
All  Parts of the  World *
T.I'. O'Connor says that since the ;nated James Coffan, of Middlemiss,
death of King Edward there is no one stockman, for Parliament, and Dr.
n   Europe  a  match  for  the  emperor  H.  A.  Wilson,  of  Wardsville, for tbe
f Germany in international politics.  Legislature.
The Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence River Steamship Companies
have been acquired by a Toronto syndicate in which E. B. Osier and W.
D. Mathews are interested.
Richard O. Boehmer, treasurer of
the Ottawa Street Railway Employes' Dnfon is accused by Emile O.
Tobalt of obtaining $100 by false
pretences.   He is out of thc city.
An unknown woman of about 35
went Into a Guelph hardware store
and bought a revolver, making an
attempt to Bboot herself, which tho
clerk frustrated. She then hurried
The city of Edmonton has askod
Albertan government for power rights
on the Grand Rapids on the Athabas
ca river. The dams would provide a
maximum of  lin.oOO  horsepower.
R, H. Hope, registrar for Went-
worth County, must return about
$2,0CO to the city of Hamilton, because Judge Snider has decided against him in a dispute over the apr
portionment of fees.
Mayor Jos. Thompson, of Tllson-
burg, bas resigned because of pro-
. ttg t.* unseat him because he is
a Division Court bailifl. He will re-
.1.-11 the latter job to again be a
mayoralty candidate.
Mrs. Green, 21 Cameron street,
Hamilton, believes the man found
.1. a.I on a train at Thief River Falls,
Minn., was her son Thomas, formerly
of that city.. Her daughter has iden
t.lied a newspaper picture and     des-
Judge Snider, ol Hamilton, reversed the decision of Magistrate Jefls,
who acquitted Robert Gardner, proprietor of tho Waldorf Hotel, of sel-
boy hnd made the sale without his
ling liquor illegally, because the bell
knowledge or authority. His Honor
said lie disbelieved the evidence aud
imposed a tine of $50 and costs.
Battles Against Alcohol
Montreal, Feb. S.—Early this spring
two campaigns are to be commenced
One is to be against "the worldll-
.ness of Montreal" and the other iB
to lie against tha liquor trade. The
first will extend to the city only, lbe
second will start in Montreal, then
I branch out to the provinces and eventually cover tba whole of Canada.
In spite of an increased police force,
111 spite of a morality squad, in
s;.ue of the work  of private individ-
ii- and societies, it is alleged that
Montreal is becoming more immoral
and less godly every day, Thn liquor crusade will bc directed    by    the
0 licrs of   the     Dominion     Alliance
who,  despite many  setbacks,      have
1 a 11 successful in closing up      -ome
d the resorts in the city.
Tim stoamei  Tltania       * ni
.11 the Wa '.iiir'i'i.  coast.
Hydro Electi Ic > omml ish n engineer are looking lor storage dam
sites on the upper lakes ,,; the Bon
necbere   Ivel. Eastei n 1'anada.
At     Windsor, Miss Mary  St
of  Alexandria, and  Miss  Hose  Adair,
ol Montreal, took their unal Vowt at
St.  Mary's It. 0,  Academy.
Twenty five young women madia
the final vi.ws ln tbe chapel of the
Convent of Jesus an.l  Mary at Heche
liira, q   *     anl  titty  others  took the
West Middlesex Conservatives nom-
In the Same Boat
Tbe electric light plant, which wns
put out . f commission the greater
p.ut of the week, on account of the
lied on which tbe engine was laid
being composed of inferior concrete,
which crumbled under the strain
which tli" heavy runs submitted it to,
i-i again furnishing electricity.—Nico-
lafValley News.
De,n't feed the children highly seasoned food. Don't allow them to uso
pepper freely.
An old fashioned  Shetland     shawl
Id   lie  washed   in  bran and warm
water, no soap.
Clue a tape measure firmly across
tha   liiin   edh-e  ,,I   your sewing      malt    a —  much nm"      when
. ... .ng.
A tiny  bit ul  butter li often      an
ivement  to cake  Irostings,      in
, ■ •■ niiy coffee, chocolate, mapio     or
In the south they often add a toa-
*  of  Orleans  molaBses    to      tho
bacon.    It makes the     moat
Brown boots may be blackened by
rubbing  the blacking  well  into    tha
with  a   raw  potato     and thou
C.P.R. Timetable
No. 1, arrives     6:48 a.m., departs
7:00 a.m.
No. 97, arrives  6:53 p.m., departs,
7:15  p.m.
No. 2, arrives 12:30 midnight,     de-
arts 12:45 midnight.
No. 9-S, arrives 8:45 a.m., departs,
1:05 a. m.
South  train leaves  Revelatoke at 9
a. in , arrives Revolstoke 5:25 p.m.    '
I Saturday, fed. hth, iiui.
Following are the averages for
batting anJ bowling put up by lievelstoke cr.cketers both at home and
abroad for the season of l'JIO*, and
presented at the annual meeting on
Tuesday evening la.-.t.
Matches played with outside teams:
Muir-Smith, 130 runs in 8 innings,
average It.'i(.
Barnes, 69 runs in C innings, average 11.5
Maley. 71 runs in 8 innings, aver -
age i.a
Fleetham, 14 runs in 2 innings, average 7.u.
bourne IU runs in S innings, average 6.i>.
Br.er ii runs in 7 innings, average
Field  21 runs in  0 innings,  average
Foster     I'J runs in 6 innings, average 3.2. I'
Goring c runs in 1 innings,    aver - '
age 3.u.
Crowe i'i runs in S innings, average 2.87.
Jackson 20 runs in 7 innings, average 5.86.
Bonallo 22 runs in 8 innings, average 2.75.
All    matches  played  during  1310:—
Muir-Smith  I'ii runs in le innings,
average 19.3.
Shaw 71 runs in 4 innings, average 18.0.
Maley 242 runs In 19 innings, average 12.7.
Brooks 89 runs in 7 innings, average 12.ii.
Bourne 192 runs In 18 Innings, average 10.7.
Barnes 121 runs in 12 innings, average  10.1.
Bonallo 120 runs in IC innings, average  8.0.
Woodman 22 runs in 3 innings average 7.3.
Jackson 74 runs in 12 innings, average  6,3.
Fleetham 31 runs in 5 innings, average £.2.
Upton 22 runs in 4 innings, average j.it.
Mason 15 runs in 3 innings, average  5.0,
Westerberg 38 runs in 8 innings average 4.7.
Foster 41 runs in 9 inn.ngs, average  4.55
Goring 63 runs in 14 innings, average 4.5.
Wardale 46 runs in 11 innings, average 4.2.
Crowe bi runs in 13 innings, average  i ,&.
Brier 36 runs in 10 innings, aver -
age 3.6.
Field 4S runs in 14 innings, aver -
age 3.43.
North 27 runs in S innings, aver-
n-**   -J.37.
Maley, Jack 'i'i runs in 10 innings,
average  2.9.
Arman 18 runs in S innings, average 2.3.
Young 3 runs in 2 innings, average
Matches played with outside teams:
Bor.al. :.' wickets for 93 runs, av-
erage 4.9.
Muir-Smith 24 wickets for 122 runs.
average i*-'.
Ba:: .its for 26 runs, aver
age 5.2.
M.i. 122 runs,    av-
era.-    ■
Fleetham 4 wii keti Ioi 12 runs, av-
F ster 1 wicket for 2*1 runs, average 21
Matcl.es pla
i I" ■ n-av
erage   i.7.
Fleetham 11 wickets (oi 58 rune av
trage 5.3.
*   ■ 14 runa, avei
■•. :.r.,
-. M . r 29 wickt ta lor   I
i. •'     -•■   6.24.
■   -':."..:.        n
' I
Hr.. r • ta for 41 rune     avei
Bp  I.l
7 7.
«rage 7,-.
u keta lor 11
■ i.
B    : :*   _• wii '■:■•■    lor 1
age  •
Wai I       keta I      I
ira.'       I  '
I*' rti: 2 wickets lor 27 t .. aver
Brool    !     '. ■■•    Ioi  29 i aver
n-    14.5.
Oi ring 10 wickel - lot 117 r in *   *■■
erage  14.7.
Shaw 2 wickets for 30 runs, aver -
age 15.0.
Jackson 1 wicket for 15 runs, average 15.0.
iin Thursday evening a basketl<all
game at the Y.M.C.A. was played
between the Col'ley un.l Daniels teams
resulting in a victory for Daniels.
Score, Daniels 30; Corley, 22. For
the Daniel's team McLeod scored 6
goals from the lloor, MeCarter 2,
Woodland 5 and Daniels 2. For the
Corley team Lawrence 2, Tapping 2,
McMahon 1 and Corley 0.
A rink of curlers from the Mess
hereby challenge any rink Horn down
town to a gume at live rink on Tuesday next, losers to buy a hug of
Hour   to  be  donated   to   the   hospital.
The curling tournament,    with the
exception oi' a game between Hamll-
' ton  and  Rae,   was  practically  finish-
, ed  up this week.   The  Calgary      cup
! goes  to  the  Knight   rink    and      the
Burns cup to the Rae rink.   The Eq-
. uitable cup is the only one to be finally contested for.
AT 11 MtATiiti
"Managing Mildred," a play in two
acts und composed largely of a story
embodied in one of the most popular
comic operas of the day, un.l containing music from grand operas and
several comic operas, was thut which
the English opera singers and symphony orchestra put on at the Kdi-
.-oii theatre on Thursday night of
this week. The story is well put
together and the musical numbers so
cievcrly introduced as to have the
appearance oi belonging to the play
itself, although as intimated, they
nre almost all taken from other comic operas and interwoven in tbe
.itory whicli is also taken from a
popular comic opera. Bearing this in
iiimd thc play cannot be termed orig-
ii.ii. and also bearing iu mind thnt
,t was played by former members of
operatic companies, it cannot be
gainsaid that "Managing Mildred" is
nothing bin a vehicle for the exploitation of four excellent and wcll-train-
i ed voices, the possessors of any ouj
of which would do himself or herself
justice iu many a larger and more
■ pretentious company. ln this potpourri of musical selections the tour
members of the company displayed
excellent talent both as vocalists
and actors, and that the large audience was highly entertained and
pleased with their efforts in both dlr-
"I'tuuis was evidenced by the con
tinned rounds of applause. The com
pany is a first-class aggregation of
singers, who act as well as they
sing und Bing us well us they net.
There is little room for discrimina
lion in any of the lour voices, as all
are  splendid  ami   while   th,*      ;.
* *  took  best  wall   ill •
ill*'   "Miserere   Scene"   trom   I    1
gave the best  sei
ents of the company.  I; wa
ably well rendered,     although      Lee
smith,  th,*   tin**;*,     sb iwi.'.     some
what   ihe *i       in
ti ;i in*les.
Soc •
l .    Ihe   in.'
iiim "Victim • •:' B
Th iniae A   E I
.m.i a' tending In
i    .    a .*
,* .    ramatii
Quel   ..* ' .: ■
.1 * s  Eves.
* *
.-■■•1   Ki'.'.it   ne.    Tb -y   will
lu the Matterol the Estate of
K II. H ivnea, d< ui m-mi.
Notice is hereby given lhat, al' cied
it.it. uud oi lien* I>.vim; claims' m iuat
Estate ot Eine.-l It U li.iyiu .-, I .le oi
.il *lnk .ni, U. 0., deceased, wu iiicd at
Kivi'lstnltP tin i r ubtiui lhe I" li dui
ol li oi in'' r. l'.llll, nre r quiit'd ti
se il to llie nml.'isit'e l  S .lici" i>  Ioi
I)   Villi.    11:111 I s el.ll   Uol.iit.    HoilROn.
A Imn 11*. rm.us . [ llie Eala'.e ol mi.
(Ic cii-.ul, wi' bin (il) d.iys lioin dun
full , ,u. icuLiis ol tb.-n claiius, iinil
idrilled, and thut after that dale tin
sad Aduiiii'stritois nil piooeed to
ill-*ii *iite   the   snid    otetn   anioipBi
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kooteuay.
Take notice  that Mary Ann    Bain,
of Revelstoke, B. 0., occupation married woman, intends     to apply     for i
permission  to  purchase the  following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the north west corner of T.L. or lot
0110, and marked M.A.B south east
corner post, thence west about 80
chains to the east line of lot 7965,
thenco north about 40 chains to the
Lake foreshore, thenco along said
shore lino in a north easterly   dlrec-
tl,o-e,„'iil,d thereto regard hei* t had I^"about eighty chains, and thenco
only in limn,   cl.iiius   1.1    which   sunt I        .,     . °     ,    . ,
. i    ............    ...... i,    ,    .,    ...  | south about 80 chains    to point     ol
Montreal, Feb. 8.—Senator Landry's question in the Senate concerning American spies at Quebec during
the Tercentenary has caused no .end
of talk, especially in military circles. It has also recalled the fact
that Canada, with the exception of
her Corps of Guides, has no secret
service of any account. The Dominion police, of course, intimes of peace
do all the government sleuthing, but
ihey are not numerically strong enough, have not the time and are not
properly trained to obtain military
intelligence. It is interesting to note
that, in this respect, during the Ger.
man war scare, which became so ncute
in W07-C8, officers of the Corps of
Gui.les received instructions from
headquarters at Ottawa to keep
their eyes open for Germans who
might be nosing around trying to
jet Information about tb3 Dominion.
As far as can be recalled only one
man was under suspicion and he
turned out to be nn agent for a
patent electric lamp,
*•>*, fc-'K* ■'
IKn^Jf tttWi}
iC^W'- L
rbmYowc Money,
*Si7iraeucc IW! £
YsWauUvoyoadokKW $
ftjat we are paying - c
c~4-Z Interest^ $
peraraiutn cre3\te8 mt% (;.■
ou savings deposits($1- O
k upward) subject loWtiV m
draw-al br chettue & * $ J
5£ Inters $
Ii.ivh   Llll'lll   re
Administrators ahull
ceivnl nol ice.
Datid January 10th. 1911.
II AliVI-.Y,  MoOAHTEK &   I'lNKIlA.M.
S  licit.ir.- for   II nd    I.     Hiynea
mil   K  belt    IIi.ii-.om,   Adtiiini--
Iralora  ol   the   Estate   ol   -mc
,111 lill. i
In tli" Matur of the L- u.i ol August
Johnson', lUceasul.
Nolice is ben by given that all cred
itir- mid utliete bavins < Uinta Hg-iinet
ibe Kitnti" ol \ngii-i Jolinsou, lute ol
Hi vcl-toke, H. t!, di'ci'.'isi il, «li iliul
,t Revelatoke nn or about llie 8ih dav
il September, 1 Hit), urn rupiirid to
-lend to i ne uniii iH.gn,tl s. bun. ra for
William B. Robertson, Adiniuiatratoi
of the Ks'.ute of Bniu ilt-coo-id,   witliii
iii) dui s Irom dnte
heir claim?, duly
DltCNKKNN'KSS   CAN   Itli   Cl'ltl.H
Old Fallacy Tbat Drunkenness Caunot
Be Cure.I Exploded,
Many men 11 link whn desire to sto|
ih,- habit.    Whisky,  however, has tin
.li'l uilu. ll   llle  i,...ilil  11...li  unJ   LIUI
i  er.iv Ing  that   la  not  t..  i ■   *.* nl
ni.I   the   man   must   have   whisky   <>
something lhat will remove iin- urui
'in ,in ;  build up ih.   **..*,. .a,   m.i  i ■
tore  ilo*  ii. i * ei
Bam trhi  l'i'* •- rlptlon    ;   *
ng, Bten iei    .* i
.;. neral hi alth and m     * - *
.ily   ihs;...-.     il    ..   . -      li
,,,-it, ,. sa and od
il    llllll    rn*     i   thou
,      i
.     ■ i. . I
loapltals.     li B n
. '.in.,.I.i.    an.l
.Hill.ll .'IS    01
Read   ■■■ hi I    Vira    G	
-.ti> ..r |t and
-   .
bleaa  youi
I Nan-*     ■
-. ^M	
\   I I.l  I     II,! \l    I'M K \G1
outime deposits of-
Sip TTjiitb & over. *
We invest money forrtients
general Ifnanciai business.
We want^ur saving accnt
& ifpu arc not saving --
ryaTemsdicaRY", * * ■*■ ■*■
Commence NOW WlHillS.
Deposits \rf mail '^^ ^
^j- easily fcmcllec)—  ^*
full   |inriicul.ra   ol
veritli (1,   Hiid   that
fter thnl ilme the said Admimttiatot
vi 11 proceed   to   di»lribute   tbe   Baid
"niaie nniiiiight 'li* se entitled   ihereto
regard being hml oily   io tlio-i* claims
il   wbioh   baid   Administrator t\i«\l
have then receiied  notice.
Datid January lOih, l'Jll.
Hakvi.y  Mc  auti.k .t 1'inkimm,
Soliiitors for Wiluam li, K.i1 ert-
ton, Adtniiiii-tratui ol  lhu K-iale
ol lbe -.ml dice.Bed.        .111 lit id
Dated Dec. 19th, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
cf  Join
all cred
In the Mi.it* r oi i be  Esute
T Jm,pa, diceasi d
Notice is hereby g^en lhal
ors aial olliei.- b.vine claim-, n^aioai
he Estate ol J  bn T. J.Iiub,   lac   ol
bvl-tolii, IJ Cdeucasid,  alio died
at Sica room" on or about t. c  ll.li duj
.I Aigii*-*, l'JIO are r, q liieii  in   aend
io tin unilcrsignid Sulu-itora lor  Mar-
i.ba Jam Jiuua and   Thomas   Kilpai-
n,*k, Ailirtihivtru'r x mul   Administrator of the Eaiateol b.uiI ili oeaaed, with
in (in d»j> fioin daii- full  pnriiiculare
I tlit-ii claims, duly  it iili d, uiul that
Iter that dale the   said   Adiiiiiiiefra-
trix »nd  Ailii'inistrntor   will   proceed
to distribute the said  cata'e  amongst
tbose uititl'd   llnr.io   regard   being
bad only to those ols ms ot which Haiti
\.tl11,11|l-1rh111x    anil      Actll lniftratoi
ahull liav-H then reo-ived ni lice.
D till Januiry ltbb, l'.IU     Jll 60d
Harvey, .Vol akh.r it Pinkham,
Solicitors for Munli* J.ine Jnnec
and  Thomas Kilpatrick, Admin
iatniir x  and   Admit istiator  ol
the E-Uie ol said deceased.
In the Matter nl th.  Efate  of  Janie-
A. Magee, di culstd.
Notice ia hereby piven lhat all eret]
itois mil ut In 11> liavng i-liiinia aguinbt
Entate of .1   ines A   M»t'*e, lam   of
Chase, B. C, deveaaid,   win,   ditd   at
ci" 1-ioke ou or ub ui tbc   Mtb   day
I November,  1010,  ac   pquired   ti
ci d   (• the undi rt-'ui cd S. Iicitors   lor
Small E   Magic, Kxi cn.nx ol tbe last
villi!-ni I  iiictasul,   within BOdaye
from date   liill   partioulara   ol   tlicir
ilairoa, duly veriUed,   aid   ihat  alter
'Ini date tic mi id Executrix nill   pro
ceed   to   distribu.c   thc   a .id    estate
hroniigat those entitled thereto rcgaul
M in), bail  i nly   lo   those   claims   ol
which paid Executrix dial!  have then
received noticp.
Dated January 10 h, 1911.
Harvey, VoCauter a- Pinkham,
Solicitors tl   Barali   E,   Magee,
Ext cuirix 11 the   Lnat   Will   tl
dtceahed. J 11 800
Revelstoke  Lund  District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice  that Thomas Hope,  ol
Revelstoae, li. C, occupation    Vard
foreman,  intends  to apply  'or    permission to purchase the followijg de
scribed lands.
Commencing at a post planted
about halt a mile iu a soutuerly direction Irom lot 7585 and by the
north east corner of K. Evans' J.ie-
emption, marked T.H. i.ortb Wi st
corner post, thence south ili chains,
thence east it) chains, thcu-io torch
lu chains, theuce west 2U eha'.u-i to
point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 17th, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
Uevelstoke  Luuu District.
Uistrict of West Kooteuay.
T'u&e notice that Abraham Ake-
huist, of Nuiueld, Englund, occupation, Pit Foreman, intends to apply
ior permission to purchase the loilow
.ng described lauds.
Commencing at a post plantid
auout half a mile in a northerly direction from lot GHu north went com
er post and marked A.A. south WCCt
corner post, thence east auo u bU
chains to the line of lot tbS6
uvcuuie) thence north abjat ili
.iiii.ii.. to the north west eornjr ol
.ot M>86, thence east about Ht, than,
to the south west corner of lot 758"),
.It* ii,i* north to the Lake snore,
theuce about 81) chains westerly Id-
lowing along the Lake shore line and
thence south about 40 chains to the
po.nt of commencement.
Dated Dec.  19th  ,l'JIO.
Per V, Vi. Terry, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that H. W. Crawford,
of Qerrard, B. 0., occupation engineer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following de-
ucribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted ten
chains from the south east corner of
It'ullmer's Pre-emption, Lot 7491,
thenco west 40 chains along the south
boundary of Lot 7491, thence south
21) chains, thence east 4U chains,
thence north 20 chains to point of
commencement. Containing eighty
acres more or less. Located by,
Dated December 2nd. l'JIO.
Revelstoke  Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice tbat Silas Maddock
IJrook, of. Lethbrldgo, occupation,
Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing described lauds.
Commencing at a post planted at
tho south east corner of ot 7U45,
and marked S.M.U north west post,
ihence south 40 chains, thence east
10 ehuins, thenco north 40 chains,
ehence west 40 chains to point ol
Dated Dec. lbth, l'JIO.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
Revelstoko Laud District
District of Wost Kootenay.
Take Notice that 1, D. McCarthy,
ot Rovelstoko, ii. ti., occupation,
■^ontiacLor, lULend to apply lor a
accuse to prospect tor coal and petroleum on tho louowiug described
Oommenelng at a post planted
auout three miles South ol Arrowhead, li. ti., and ou thc South side
or cranberry Creek and opposite the
■iiouLU ot said creek; ihence east 80
-uaius, llieuce south 80 chans, theuce
•vest 80 cuaiua, thonce uorth 60
uaius, in ail  ulii acres.
Dated th.a 14th day of Dec,  191U.
D. McCarthy, Locator.
Per J. O. Bradley, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, J. II. Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, real estate
agent, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted 2u
chains west of tho S.E.C. of L. 7585
theuce south 40 chains, thence eust
ID chains, thence south 40 chaius,
thence east 40 chaius, thence north
40 chains, thence east 10 chains,
theuce ii..nii. ii chuius, thence vest
40 chains, thence south 20 chains,
thence wesl 20 chains to point of
commencement, containing 440 acres.
Dated Dec. 23, 8910
DecUl Per R.  Smith,  Agent.
Will Cet $1,0(0
i *
*    :
money  n.l!  be l.u
Moving 1
atre to-night.
'   -
A i'. i    i i  .
M.,ni ,
i  ran:,i    ok .   II     I I,
a   m. Pinkham,
LODOB,   No.   15 A.   E.
\    M.
M A rf ■
8 are
.I.A     ll
12.   I
Ah    N.   i.
Revelstoke Cricket Club
A pleasant evening ^ill be given al the
Selkirk Hall,   Monday, Feb. 20th, 1911
Lomnicncinj; it S p.m. Sharp
Moving Pictures Dam e
ADMISSION - - 50 Cents
Tickcis Can He Purchased from Any Member of iln: Club
m it    it.   t .   wii. a
:       :•       ,    ..I'-     ETC
.1 i Mc
i.i age        eoti per   le   01      over
12 yearn .,f nge, Juki.      Advanced,
•■    li.ll I,!*-'   . I, :    I lll'l'"
quarters *ii an hour, ones '.r twice
weekly,  ih  desired
TWO Ini     *,      •   .,m*i*.     I'llll,,,    nil  |    I lll'IHI
Pupil! prepared for Tm onto I lonai i
witoiy  ol    Music.        Local   cmim-
GOLD R DOB,     K   ol    i' ,
0KB,   ii   '
■ pt   the
Mi        in
: *,
tl   ii   , ... K   of it
M    of V
i 01 RT      i: ,       UK'.I.IK        ■    il'l
M *    ,., i  ii  ii  k. Hall n
Tapping's 'i;.im  ii* i seoond
ami fourth  Vfon lay in moni h   Viell
thn       iiiniiiv wel'*..i i
'     a   ElBLL, •'* It*
WM,   B    0AMBR0N,   lbe.-Soc.
Ri vi'b'i'ke Lind  Dis'rict.
Diatrio* ol West Kootenay.
Taken tice that William  Kennedy,
.( Revelstoke, B. C, occupation*, Bpeo-
nl Coiiftahle, intends to apply lor per-
iii.— it.n to purchuse the lollowiug de-
rril.nl lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
>.he Kouth-east corner ol Lot filiiil),
in mi' north 40 ohaine, ibetice wenl
10 clmiiiH to pre-emption No. 2(12,
hence north 10 eh Ine, ilu nee enst 8';
•imin-, thence rooth 68 chslni to Lol
So lib l.V iiion. in-   .|'i eb .in», thenoe
.un lael i- ti  1. il No, I Kill,tin in*,
• ti-i 2H cimim in p iut ol uommeuoe-
In*.,l January 7 I , 11)11,
Pi i T W, li.i in. Agent.
iti ke Land hi itrlct.
i.i \\ e»i i;.. >ti nay,
I  iki   in.'  ibal   I'l. di*. ink VV T'll I
*: lli'vcl Hike, ' Ci lipil  n.n   I'.   1)01
Ipll      nn  i*. i nn    n.n tl
the      |..!i..u ing     iliiri ilinl
ind •
K at  i  pn il  i I,inli'il al
he \<ii 11, i. • i ' ni in ' p.. i nl Lol 272,
.  . i. .*   Moi ii.   fniiy   chain*,  Ihenne
11  i  -.  * li.oii i, iIn nro Honil, forty
hence  Weei   foi i y   ohaine to
...in' of i iiiinii.'ini ment.
Km*in in      IV  TltmiY,
pei Michael Cindy, Agent.
Dated .1 inuarj 801 b, 1011.
f,i, good
0, w. 0. v;.
M*. .nliiin  \'lcvi'  Camp,  No.  229
Vteetl  Heron.I    ind      Fourth   Wortnee
in eaoh  month In   Selkirk
Hull.     Visiting  Woodmen are
rordlnlly  Invited  to ut'sad
II. W.  HOWARDS, Cob, <',,m
Iteveletokc Land District.
l imi i .ei  ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that William Brown, ol
Uevelstoke, 11. C, occupation, Clerk,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase tbu following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the north west coiner of lot C140,
marked W. B. south west corner post
thence east 40 cbains, thenco north
40 chains, thence west 4U chains,
thence south 'lu chains to point ol
Dated Dec. 13th, 1310.
Per V. W. Terry, Agent.
rtevclstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice thnt George A. Stewart, of llcv'elstoko, B.C., occupation
gentleman, intends to apply for per-
mn.ii.u to purchase thc following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west comer of lot 7965,
innrkcl li.A.H. north west poet,
thenco enst 4U chains, thejee hi ith
nix chain! to the north cast corner
of lot Min, thonce west 26 chains to
the north  west corner of    lot    8407,
thence i li  114    chains,  thenco  west
15 chnltiH,  thence north  40  chains  to
point of commencement.
Dated Dec. Hth, 11110.
Per K. W. Terry, Agent.
Itevelstoke Liuud District.
District, of   West Kootenay.
Tune notice that James Vetera, of
.vutueld, Kngland, occupation, ones,
layer, intends to apply lor permission to purchase tbu lollowiug ue-
..eiioed nm.in.
Commencing at a Post planted at
ihe south west coiner oi lot M,.v...
..a.! iiiaiK.,1 K.J.I', south oast corner
post, thence west twenty cbains,
ihence north forty cna.ns, tli,mo
eust twenty chains, thence ....mii lo-r-
y chaius to point of commencemeut.
Dated December 24th, 131U.
Dec31        Ter Fred, (J. Terry,  Agent.
Itevelstoke  Lund District.
District of  West Kootenay.
lm-. ..i.i it* tuat X, A. J. McDoucll
of ltevelstoae, B. C, occupation,
ilotel Proprietor, intend to apply
ior a license to prospect for coal aud
petroleum ou tho loilowing described
Commencing at a post planted
ubout three miles bouth of Arrowhead, li. C, aud ou the south side
of Cranberry Creek und opposite the
mouth ol said Creek; thence west HU
cbains, thence south mi chans, thence
east t>U chains, thence north -Ml cbaiue
in all (140 acres.
Dated tbis 14th day of Dec, 1910.
A. J. McDonell, Locator.
Per J. O. Bradley, Agent.
lievelstoke  Land District
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat I, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, Intends to apply for permission to purchase tbo following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
thc N. K. Corner ot Lot 6140 G.I.,
and marked M. S.'s :•*. K. Corner,
thenco north 80 chains, thenco west
70 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, theuce aouth
40 cbains, thence cast 60 chains
to point ol • '.min n I'm. ni, containing 480 acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911.
Per O. P. Smith, Agent.
one hundred and sixty acres of
good bind, very little clearing, situated on Kngle Lake, Chllco ltivcr;
close to Skinner's Ranch.
Price, I7.r,0 per acre; One Dollar
per aire ensh, balance In one, two,
three and four years.
For full particulars, write to P. O.
Box 17M, Vancouver, B. C. It.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice that Mary Cornelius
Brook, of Lethbrldge, occupation,
married woman, intends to apply tor
permission to purchase the following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted nt
the eouth east corner ot lot 7046,
marked M.C.B. north east corner
post, then' u west 40 cbains to the
line ot lot 2463, thence south along
said line about 40 chains to the line
of lot S300, thence cast 40 chains
along said line, thence north 40
chaius to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 16th, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent. THE   !&A.ITj-ttElTl^L,TDn    REVELSTOKE
SATURDAY,  FEB.  11TH,  1911.
January Bargains
In All Departments
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- /*«me S Co., Aimited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Weekly Bargains
Through the coming weeks and
months we have decided to put on
Weekly Bargains in our Men's Furnishing    and   Shoe   Departments.
These   bargains will be advertised
in the mid-week issue of this paper.
They will consist of  one  genuine
bargain in Shoes ana one genuine
bargain in Men's Furnishings every
week.   When we say bargains we
mean    bargains — genuine   price
smashers.  You will recognize these
snaps when you   see them  every
time.    Remember—one bargain in
shoes  and  one bargain   in men's
furnishings each week.
Regular $5.">0 and $0.00 boots at a price which
will make you realize their worth. They are all lhe
product of J. and T. Bell; all bear the union label.
Genuine Goodyear welt.
dull matt top.   Medium Bole and heel.
VICI KID BLUCHER—a snappy, serviceable
shoe on an up-to-date last.
BOX CALF BLUCHER-leather lined, Doctor's
special.   A natty Bhoe.
Sizes 6 to 9 1-2, $4.25 pr.
All the balance of our last season's Bhirts will be
put on the bargain table and sold at the one price
for all. These lines comprise soft fronts in Prints,
Zephyrs, and Oxfords in neat and attractive patterns.
A few lines of snappy stiff front shirts in plain and
fanoy pnttcrns. They are all good value at the
regular price of -11.25 to $2 50, but genuine sDaps at
75c. each
Ladies Suits
5 only Ladies Suits going at
a bargain. Sizes 34, 36, nnd
and US. See them, you will
be interested at
Ladies Underwear
A clean up of Ladies' warm
Underwear, both natural color
and white. Vests and Drawers
all sizei1, at
3 Garments for 1.00
ladies' Skirts
30 Ladies' Skirts on sale
Thursday, Friday and Saturday at $3 00. Tbey are a
selection of odd skirts worth
up to §7, all colours and 6i/,eB
Ladies' Collars
Ladies' new laundered collars, embroidered new shapes,
pure snowy white at
Ladies' White Linen Liun-
d« red Collars, 1J inchfs high,
all Linen, good finish, at
Ladies' (lose
Ladies Black Cat bmere Hose
Full fii-liiiint'd seamless slocking at 35c. or
3 pairs for $1
Stockings tor Baby
Little Darling Cashmere
Stockings for lhe Little Tots —
Black, Tan, Cardinal, White
or Brown, at  3 pairs for ll, or
35c, per pair
Get It at Hume's
A new pile of remnants to
look over—Prints, Ginghams,
Flannelette and Cotton in
this lot. Coming on sj ring
sewing, you will do well to
look over these Remnants.
Wool Ooods
A lot of wool goods—Bootees
Hoods, Wool Overalls, Toques
etc.   All in one lot, clearing at
New Rsjuh Silk, 28 incheB
wide—Reseda, Natural, Tan,
Brown, Navy, Green, Copenhagen, at per yard
Japan Tafteta
New Japan Taffeta, 27 inch
goods, and Momie cloth, any
Colo, you can name at
Soutache Braid
New Soutache Braid,all silk
No. 2 and No. 3 Braid, any
color you want at per dozen
New Goods
New Frillings.
New Beltings.
New Collar Supports.
New Ribbons.
New Waists.
New Gloves.
New Hosiery.
Every day brings its quota
of new seamnable goods. Our
system of adjusting Blocks always finds us each new season
with a clean, fresh, new stock.
Take the Elevator
The latest productions of Canada's best shirt
makers. All with the red W. G. & R. trade matk on
the band. We can show you the snappiest and
dressiest line of shirts ever brought into the city.
Let us show them to you—they are just opened and
you have no broken lines to contend with. All the
new Prints and Zephyrs with cuffs attached. Oxfords
that will wear for years. The new soft, double cuffs,
fine and broad pleats. These we can show you and
many others.
$1.25 to $3 Each
Every Shirt is a Coat Shirt
We are making a special push on Starches, and
as our prices are away down you cannot do better
than inspect our stock. We have them all. Silver
(IIosb Lump Laundry Starch in lib. packages, 71b.
cans and 121b. boxeB. Celluloid in lib. packages.
Canada Corn Starch in lib. packages, and Benson's
Corn Starch in Ub. packages.
We have just received a consignment of Snider's
Tooaato Ketchup. This is one of the best on the market. We also have Blue Libel, Heinz, Campbell's
Tabasco, and Bar Harbour. Look at our pric s before
(li, dtoWft Bc
We have juBt finished our stocktaking and have
sorted out a lot of odd lines that we are selling at a
big discount. A lot of useful articles will lie found
among this lot. tome in and look them over. We
have also a large range of Dinner Sets, Toilet Sets,
Fancy Plates, Vases, Tea Sets, Jardinieres. Teapots,
Jugs, Lamps and a thousand other articles with the
prices to suit most any one.
In this line we are offering a larg« assortment-
Labrador Salt Herring, Holland Herring in kegs.
Salt Mackerel, Canned Lobsters, Shrimps, t'lams,
Sardines, Oysters, Salmon, Herring in Tomato Sauce,
Smoked Red Herrings and Anchovies in bottles.
When buying Extract! vou want to be sure of
three things Quality, (Quantity and Price. In our
2J oz. bottles wl Sealey's Extracts you are sure ol all
three. They are pure, full weight and retail at tbe
same price aa most all -'>/.. Extracts. We also carry
I*)/, and lilo/.. bottles in a little less as fine a quality,
at a little less price.
Dry Goods Department
Second Floor
Take   the   Elevator
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke «««* Arrowhead
Watch the Window
for Special Linen
During January
^   __ SATURDAY,  FKB.   11TH,  1911.
New Spring Goods
Embroideries and Laces.
New All-Over Nets.
Nainsook, India Linen, Mad-
apolin, Long Cloths.
Indian Head, Fancy White Muslin,
Linen Suiting, Rellicotir Suiting, Check and
Stripe Zephyrs.
English Gingham
A   nice   line   at   12 '..c. per  yard.    Warranted last colors.
Boots and Shoes
Fifteen Cases \e\\ Spring Styles.
Men's Famous Striders.
Boys' and Misses' Ironclad.
For Misses
Boots for Misses Patent Calf, Box
Calf and Vici Kid.    Sizes ;,'.., 4, 4 1-2, 5,
For Children
In small children's sizes we Iiave a full
range. Come in and look around our shoe
department and inspect our line stock of
MINE mis
opera house,    on
Monday.    Feb.    13—Ladies'  Auxiliary
to Y.M.C.A.  meet at Y.M.C.A parlors at S p.m.
Race Meet at Rink, Feb. 17th.
Cricketers Concert Feb. 20th,
February  23—J.B.C.   Concert   in    the
April IS—Ladies'  Auxiliary to the B.
of P.. T.   Dance in Opera House.
Februaey ii— J. B. C. Concert in the
Methodist church.
I.O.O.K.   Ai  Home,
March 10th,
Allen Players,  Edison  theatre,
March 13th.
itlll IN BRIEF
Conductor J. Jamieson returned to
tbe city on Thursday from a three
months' tour ol California.
The ladies ot the Roman Catholic
church will hold their annual enter -
tninment St. Patrick's Day, March
Jack Bhuttlewood, -son ol Mr.
Sbmtlewood ol the Macdonald drug
more, arrived home from England
i I  Thursday.
Tho date ol the "At Home" ol I<
0.0.F., is Friday, March Iflth, instead of the 17th. as announced In
our issue ot tbe Sth.
Have you tried briquettes yet in
your cook stove or open Are place?
The Revelstoke General Agencies,
Lt I    bave them alwayB for Bale.
Bev, Mr. whyte. of Field, will address the Young Men's class at the
Y.M.C.A on Sunday afternoon,
These services are bright, short and
Jnterest.iic. oommenelng at 3 16.
Don't  torget  tbo shut  waist dance
i.nder the auspices ol Naomi Rebekah |
Lodce. No.  21,  I.O.O.P.,  in   aid    of |
We hnve just received a shipment of White Clover Honev put up in
five lb. cans, which we will guarantee to be absolutely Pure Honey,
and as tuis is the season for honey we would advise you to try thia if
vou wish tojget the genuine article.
The name "WagstafTe speaks for itself in regard to qunlity. We have
a full assortment of this Pure Jam including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach. Plum, Black Currant and Apiicot.j
A. HOBSON,        Baker and G ocer.
Is one of the most import,
ant items in your business
will look after  this brunch   of
the business for ynu.
kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
were:—Messrs. C. ll. Paget, F. II.
Wells, C. Vi. Young, with the (ollo-.v-
n,- as alternates -Messrs. J.D. Blbbald, W. K. Grubbe, and CM.  Pie d
Don't forget tbo shirt waist dance
under the auspices ol Naomi Hebekah
Lodge, No. 21, 1 tin.F.. m aid ot
tbe tuberculosis sanitarium at Tran-
iiuille, H. C, In Selkirk Hall
"ii account  of soft
mil   lie  no  skatin*,- at
tli ir
W   I. Hi Iggs, citj  solicitor
.-'::   ':   in a trip to
on lt-iral  business
Ladies'  Auxiliary   to   the    11
E. are     arranc.i |
dance  i n  Fr. lay.       Feb
Mr. Hilton, who lor some T I
•••n manager "l the Hank of    Com
inerce bore, leaves shortly lor     Vic-
the tuberculosis sanitarium at Tran-lt irla to    take irgi     I a  branch
quiUe, B. C.   in  Selkirk Hall,    Eeb.   there.   Mr.  J.  M   Qlbsol
.;.-*a Francis will tnko ins place bei
Wm   Cranston, theatrical promoter      Mr, J. P. McLennan has pece
•  *      Mail-Hi aid a   Halifax i immunlcatton  trom   Mr.  ii    :
,   ■   'containing a very ra   •        V'am   iver, enquiring as
< • The Timi, Tbi    Placi      i a bonspiel .- held In
[iri," a mus ' tlmates the
- Canada.     It ' sbonld he and that, al
of  L.
J. T. Te lei   -'.i
■ • -   -
Ml       nr,.;
'■    M    Lnwl
the  Tnt* D       the
To Achieve  Uniformity from
Coast to Coast.-—Opinions of
The following article by H. 0,
Carson, F.S.S., in the Financial Post
is of special interests ar thc present
To achieve uniformity in accounting
results, some effort towards uniformity in methods ol administration
must be made. This can best lie done
by provincial action, cither legislative or administrative. The depart -
ments of a city and the bureaus attached to each department should be
defined. Kach should be known by a
uniform title, with Identical duties
and responsibilities. Thn administration could well be divided under the
lollowing departmental captions, so
fnr ns expenditure is concerned:
1. General  government.
2. Protection ol life nnd property.
8.   Health and sanitation.
•1.   Streets  and  highways.
5. Recreation.
6. Charities antl correction.
It  will  be  observed that not    i uly i
capital expenditure, hut the operation of schools and public utilities,
are not included in the foregoing list
of departments. The omission is intentional. Public schools are not
governed or controlled by the municipal council. Their sustenance is not
derived from the general municipal
taxes, and therefore neither their income nor expenditure should find a
place in the current municipal revenue account. The same argument applies in part to all public utilities,
While controlled by the city, their
operation should be hold apart from
currtnt revenue, each utility providing its own statement. The only item
concerning utilities which should appear is the amount, contributed to
! current income account by each, on
account of debenture interest and
sinking fund. Thi' greatest care
should be exercised in this connection
At the proper time, thc city treasury should cause a debit to bc entered against such utility for the re-
Hiiired sum, and nlso     make certain
that a like credit to the city      has   *, nnch	
been entered in the books     ot   each
Having divided tho administration
into departments, the next step is
to determine the various groupings
to be classified under each. The suggestions following may be more or
less incomplete, nn.l capable of amendment or improvement, but they
will serve at least as a basis (or
further consideration.
1. Gtneral government— Mayor's
office, solicitor's ollico, treasurer's
office, auditor's ollice, assessor's of-
lice, clerk's office, engineer's olli.e,
ruder tbe miscellaneous, such items as elections, litigation and dam-
nee.-, public entertainment. grants,
expenses ol council, Interest and sink-
Ing funds, an.l expenditures special
.n nature,  Bhould be placed.
^.    Protection  of   life  antl  property
lice department, lire department.
; ■ * lads.
Health  and   sanitation—Administration, scavenging, Btreet cleaning
street sprinkling, flushing sewers, dis-
■   sundries,
t    streets and highways—Maintenance  "f   -treets,  maintenance of aide-
walks,    street  lighting,   grading,  cul-
a- Ma ntenance of   tbe
■    ma.nt.nanoe of  eanbni, main-
. **  ti Is   '  planting,
athletics     and relelna-
spectively. The cheques, apparently being siencd by Mr. Howtion, were
Immediately cashed by these business
places nn 1 in due course were presented at the Imperial Bank, where
Mr. Howson does his banking. There
the forgery was detected ns Mr. Howson in signing chctiucs always u-^es
the firm signature aiV.l never his personal name. It was quite apparent
tbat two men had been in tbis conspiracy to defraud, as the
face of the cheque in ench case was
in one h-andwrltlng antl tha endorsa-
tion on the back being the name of
John Nelson in another handwriting.
It appears thnt this John Nelson bad
previously been employed with Mr.
Howson, but owing to his dissolute
habits was let out some time ago.
All efforts to catch him have so far
boon  without success.
Next Week will see Gathering
from East and West Kootenay
The Synod of the Diocese of Kootenay will assemble in Itevelstoke next
week, Feb. lf> and 16, for the transaction of special and routine business. All the clergy and many laymen trom both Kast and West Koote
! nay are expected to be present. Once
previously Revelstoke had the honor
in 1904 of welcoming and entertaining the members of the Synod.
The Rt. Rev. A. U. Depencier, Bishop ot New Westminster, will be present. Also Archdeacon Beer of Kaslo. It is hoped they will receive the
freedom of tha cily und the tisugl
Hospitality ot the warm hearts ol
the citizens.
7:30  a.m.—Holy  Communion.
10 a.m.—Ollicial  opening  of Synod.
ill'.30a.m.—Business   session.
12 noon—Noonday  prayers  for* Missions.
2:30 p.m.—Business session.
8* p.m.—Synod      Evensong,  special
preacher Rev. M. F. Hilton.
7:110 a.m.—Holy  Communion.
10 a.m.—Business 8688ton.
12  noon—Noonday  prayer.
2:30 p.m.—Business session.
Bowling Schedule
The bowling schedule tor the second part ot the Y.M.C.A. has been
made out as follows:
Feb. 13, Y.M.C.A vs.  Corley's.
Feb. 15, C.P.R. vs. J.B.C.
Feb. 17,  Businessmen  vs.  Corley's.
Feb.  20,  Y.M.C.A.  vs. Dent's.
Feb.  22,  C.P.R.  vs.  Businessmen.
Feb. 24, J.B.C. vs. Y.M.C.A.
Feb. 27, Corley's vs. C.P.R.
March 1,  J.B.C. vs.  Businessmen.
March 3, Dent's vs.  Corley's.
March 6, C.P.R. vs.  Y.M.C.A.
March 8,  Businessmen vs. Dent's.
March 10,  J.B.C. vs.  Corley's.
March 13, C.P.R. vs.   Businessmen.
March 15,  Y.M.C.A. vs.  J.B.C.
March 17,  Businessmen vs. Corley's
March 20, Dent's vs. C.P.R.
March 22,  Y.M.C.A.  va.  Corley's.
March 24, J.B.C. vs. Dent's.
March 27, BusineBsmen vs. Y.M.C.A
March 29,  J.B.C, vs.  C.P.R.
Business Locals
..it ;
summer    ot      this
- .  tbe <
t.me   in   tl:
The ■
■ ■ *    .   I'll
•'. : lag  In.m  In.-"-u
ieet ' '
,:•     tated   tl "ants not from
. •   • hut bad   drifted
i.x.i     tramp
\ ■■■!■..- of   St. Petei
•   *.!*.-     on
Th ire :.t*     «vi ning.     The   ' I
fffCH f..I
the     ■ im-nt        ..it     T      '••
.-;. man's    Wai lea    C   M
.'. i, Mesei B
',   .-   McCartei   «   R
; nn I,  K   W    Dunn   I
Rod C, W'.  Vo bstltuti
raet,.   Lay delegaU   '.. Byn
.in Vancouvei
. ome to thi
Th    - • ■   ee at   the  Bapt   I
next   -
musical    The eholi   irtll  tendei
an I
■    ' '
M.t!:   .'.* -*    ' ll .1
,i   111 ;.f   •
*l ! ... in
*     •
Rev   v*. preach
,ii i'.i
• tr. n '        '
\im     K|"i     '       i ■ *
j   j      n     Monde * n      al  - o'clock
,\ well nelected lineol l in ■■*
in i Comi   Vali mini     ic, to
. aline Tags md Scale,
entlne Port Cards.
u> will  ; * ki(j* all  llm
trade for til ill
Bews' Drag Store
• V     H'
Th**    •■■'
... .        ■
The   ■ u amp   we
le   [btful   luncheon a'   tbi
.    ..
' a    fall
"mm.   The  accident    was
ritatml lh    .....   *.ii,   tin*
* •   * .■       n front of th
bulk ii mil opening     The Ilo ■* ol the
...iii-i    *   iBkod   htm   tin n i,-li   this  op
. • n ttream toi iom« il
t run 0       Foreman Gibson hurried to
• ,, clock    i boti    rai tlee Friday  «
. i, ng nt   -    * . I. ' -      The      public      is
!,* I to th   '■ iei trices.
* II  •**,   i h *   .
M, c, a. in theti parloi   on Tue tday
i*,*     ll i, the object being to create
it greatei  Interei I In the     work and
a i.nier tbat members mny  become
..-iiii acquainted with each other
A Btrong committee baa been appoint
eti U, attend to tie alls, and on Mon
day afternoon next the Lftdlee' Am*  the rescue, and brought the mnn   to
diary will  meet   to plan  for provld
mr the   eatable     The personal!   ol
the committee li   n   li In •      Mi
i ..uniii   lira i haw, McRae,      Ne«
some,  Belli.   I'tai ion.   Hews,       Kltme,
Heard, Patterson,     Hem on,       The     Ofllo-p Men, hinders, typewriting pa
ladies "f the gytnni n classes are  pei    and ribbons    at     Macdonald
atuj-lsljlig In tlie bale ol ri'frcubmeutB. -drug Btoro.
•   i and   * : reel ion     Pool
a -   jails.
ll :   too I    and
:■.!,     tha lollowing   chart
al   tax, poll tax.
■ .  •
. ,.*
■  -
• *   *
aa in  'i u
■   id.   ii.   mean     the
d tbi  i,,
■ ■ :,!.",'. .|   Hi,.
»lll   »*■**..nn     it       now
and     pei     ma      ri al
You can buy incubator
ors at Macdonald's drug
Files, binding cases, diaries, nud
all olHce supplies at Bews' drug store
Ohapped hands and face cures. Big
i ortment at Mai-donald's drug
Hews' Cold Tablets and 12'J cough
cure, the happiest combination to
, "ire coble.
Our Leader hot water bottle, (in
black rubber) $1.7:. and     li.00     ot
* 11 IIH     htlllC.
safety,  but n ,t before hia face
*     i.n Ily  beaten an I  bpilsed
ii II hi •   louldera on  the  i
,in nm,
Cheques Are forget)
ii   hn     ili      (reek   been     the
,  1. .mi...i  ..f i levai  toi .-"I
i'   ii
ll I,   nun  ml mi'   in   the   ii.'.'i .villi*     I *.
do •      m   i..   |IM       Hotel  nun       in. I
.■ii.ie lii'i.;. i ;   k'ito   presented H	
im i-t.i rhri|tiea, which In oaeh     caec
ri i'i. . io. i   the   Jinn ol fiw.io     ro
MiTli lv
Revelstoke Land District.
Dl trict  ..i Weal  Kootenay.
Take aotlee thai  the Canadian Pn
Railway Company  Intends      to
lot   pel no n    to    least'      the
following tie ci I bed landa
i ..iiiiiniiiuu- iii I, posl  planted   on
bore iim*   .1 i ppei  Arrow   Lake;
in.I   post    Im'Iiiiii*.'   South    II       degrees
I.   listance ol nt feet bom tbe
. Hast cornet ..i Block 19 ol the
•    iin-.I   town     Ite   of     Nakusp,     iu
Lot   l'7  (I.   I   Arrowhead,  and      dis
ii,iim* Westerly     along     sniti
bore Lm' n .it tance ol 3860 leei  to
Int;   .ni point lii'iu Ing Hoiith 41
*'    i I.   i   tance ol BS7   leet
tbe Head block ol South     log
,kiihi- Wye, thenoe south Into tbe
1 i,i. i.t of i ppei   11i...i   Lake a dis
tance of M   leei   th t t Basterly and
liiinllei to the Shore lino ol     said
oik., a distance of WSO leet,     tbt noa
North a distune.'  ol  |O0  leet to  true
..ni ,,f i..mu,.ini inini,    containing
.   more oi leasl
i,.,i ,i i. bi ini *   "ii   1911,
Tho Canadian Pacillc Railway Com
1'iiiiv.      Per  K.   VV.   Ibitnnina,      Local
iio'iii ni w ii >■ ainl I .in r Agent, Van*
* OU  ' l
Are you one of the many satisfied customers who
have profited by our great sale, in which we arc preparing to move to more modern quarters with a fresh
and up-to-date .stock?    If not, why not?
We are clearing out lots of goods at prices vou
cannot afford to overlook. The freshest and best
stock in the city at thc smallest prices ever asked for
good goods.
See Window of $3 Silk and Net Waists
Dress Goods
Wc arc. offering a particularly fine line of Press
goods at a very special price.
Suit lengths of the leading shades such as biscuit,
taupe, wisteria, gobelin, navy, etc., in the i ewest
materials. Reg. $8 to $15, are now selling at One-
Third Off.
Plain and Fancy Dress Goods, in lustres, checks,
plaids, crispine, etc., all colors. Keg. up to 55c.
Now .'•(.sc.
Fine Mohairs, Cashmeres, Plaids, etc. Only
50c. per yard.
See Our 25c. and 50c. Tables.
They Will Surprise You
Ladies Fine Shoes
We are offering a real snap in extra good shoes.
These are the celebrated "Vassar" Shoe. Thev
come in Patent Colt, Dongola and Box Calf, in the
best lasts, and are very dressy. We h ve two prices
in them, $4.50 and $4.00 and are offering them at
$3.50 and $3.00.     Do not miss these.
We have a table full of the best value in remnants, that you cin lind. They comprise almost
every kind of goods, and are selling at a fraction of
iheir former price.
rffa-O. Prm Good     goods.
Your Winter Overcoat or Suit
If you haven't purchased them yet vou
had better come and look at our large
and complete assortment. We can suit
thc most fastidious in the clothing line.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Retorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
Biq Reductions in Underwear
We have some odd lot9 in Underwear embracing
some of the best of our regular lines which we are
offering at a very low price.
Men's Fleece-lined, Penman's.    Reg. 75c.    Now 50c.
Men's Truro Knit, all wool.     Reg. $1.25.    Now 90c
Men's Heavy Fleece-lined, Brown. Reg. $1.    Now 75c.
Men's Heavy all wool.    Reg. 1.50     Now   $1.
Boys' Heece lined, Reg. 45c. to 55c.	
 Now 30c. to 40c.
Boys'  Turnbull's. Reg. 50c. to 85c. Now 35c. io 65c.
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
The Stvle Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
William i. nniooa. ; Robert smith,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc. I'rovlnr.ial  Laml  Ktivcyor,
Solicitors tor:—Tho  Canadian imnk 1 Mining Surveyor,
ot Commerce, The Molsons Bank, j ,       Kiiglncerlng
-FinST ITHBBT   -   TlevclBtuko, 13.C. ■ BOX   106,   nSVlSLtfTUKH,


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