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The Mail Herald Jan 6, 1912

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"Empire" Tyfjewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is]
unsurpassed.    Price $601
Interior Publishing Co., Agts.
The Mail-Hepald
^Visiting Cards
rior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No.   104
$2.50 Per Year
Plain'                           75e.
Nickle Plated           $2.00
With Ankle Supports
$1.60 to $8.00
Plain Hockey Skates   75c
McCuliough's   R a c i n g
Skates  $5.50
Nickle-Plated  Hock ey
Slates  1.00 to$5
20 different styles
Ankle Supports
Skate Straps
Skate Screws
Hockey Sticks
Shin Pads
I <H>0<K>0<K>00-0<><)-O<>00^0-CH>0-0-C><
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Otfico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches or AKents at all principal points in Canada, Q
Agents in Great Britain  sntl United States—London, England, A
Lloyds Bank, Limited.    Chicago - Kir-it National Bank, Com Kx- J£
change National Bank.   Seattle—Senttle National Bank,  San Pran- O
Cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Banc.    Spokane—Exchange Q
National Bank. I
Savings Bank Department V
Deposits of $1 and upward,  received, aud interest allowed at   X
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited. y
Reveletoke Branch —A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.    £
t ■—1
Clearing Out at Cost Price
Bargains for Old and Young in
Ladies' and Children's Wear
Mrs. A, G, Crick, < First Street
Eastern Poultry of All Kinds.
Local Milk Fed Turkeys and Chickens
Olympia and Eastern  \ sters
Smelts, Shrimps. Crai.
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
TEA     TEA    TEA    TEA
We have just received a fresh new stock of Teas
and Coffees includ ins the Hell Blend. We also
make a specially of Blue Ribbon, Saluda, Tetley's
and Ridgways, Moon Suen, Silver Spoon and
others.   Our stock of Coffees is unsurpassed.
P. O.  Box  208
Phono No. 23
Increase in Number and
Results to Be
Tlir Second Annual Winter Show ol
the Kevelstoke Poultry mul Pet
Stuck Association, was held in tho
Prill Hull Hevelstoke on thc Hnd, 3rd
und 1th ol January, 1912, uud wus a'
tremendous sucoess. Over three hundred birds of a very high average
class were cooped, Severn) exhibit -
ors with lurgv entries were prevented
from  beiiiR  represented  owing  to tho
Inclement weather, notably Mr, Q.
M. Smedley ol Bnderby, whose rcpii-
tutioti us a breeder ol Black Minor -
eus hus  been established  throughout
tins  district.
Whilst thc absence ot these cxbih -
itot'H iH to bc regretted, the Association ure to be congratulated upon
the cIubb, quality antl number ol the
exhibits, exceeding as it did the exhibits of lust year In every respect.
The Drill Hull made an ideal exhibition hull, hnving ample room for the
coops to be placed in single tiers,
and being easily maintained nt the
roiiuisite temperature. Considerable
improvement had been made in the
coops, in having cloth backs und
fronts, giving the ei|Ulpmeut a very
attractive appearance. As is inevitable in competitions of this kind,
there were a considerable number of
disappointed exhibitors, but the general opinion was expressed that Mr.
T. W. Edwards, who nctod as judge,
hail given consciencious aud lubor -
ious eflorts with a view to doing
justice to all, which opinion will he
confirmed by the publication of the
official results, and he was willing
und anxious ut all times to explain
tbe reasons uud grounds (or the nw-
Quality of Exhibits—Fina
Issued Monday
Mayor Hamilton in Lucid Speech
Reviews Financial and General Status of City.
mils made; he. is u gentleman ol
evcu temper and judgment in dealing
with individuals, well Qualified to
fill thc onerous position he held.
On Wednesday evening Miss Stow-
art of Oaigary, nddressod a meeting
of 'fanciers In the upstairs room at
tho Drill Hall. Mr. H. P. MeKinnon
Hou. President of tbe Hevelstoke Association, presided. Miss Stewart
wus passing through town en route
to the meeting of the H.C. Association in Vancouver on January lCth
to 19t.li, nnd at the request of tho
committee, kindly consented to deliver, a lecture which was greatly appreciated by all present. Mr. T.
W.  Kdwnrds nlso .spoke.
In order to avoid any compallnts'wn9n ret'riug Muyor Hamilton took
which might result from a hurried thc platform at 8:30 p.m. He was
preparation of the final prize list, supported by Aldermen Lawrence,
the management of the show nave AbraUamsoDi uud MeKinnon; City
decided   that   the   lists   will   not      bo
,„   , ,.,     „. „ ,,. ,„ , ,   ,   Clerk      Lawson also occupied  a scut
issued     until    absolutely     completed
and checked,    wheu they will be uv- ua tho P'utforni.
allable for publication, and will there      Muyor   Hamilton,  utter   referring in
fore appear in full, in our issue    of  tones of regret to tbe poor utteud -
Wednesday next. 'ance ot rstepayeMi bl.iclly stuled tbc
The    Show waB un  unqualified  sic
Alderman MeKinnon Scores the
Ratepayers for Their Lack
of Interest.
Commission form of Government
Suggested by Alderman
There was a very small  uttenduuee
of  ratepayers at the   Kdison  theutrc
object of the meeting beiug strictly
non-political and called purely uud
simply for the purpose ot enabling
the ratepayers to heur tbe financial
statement reud, uud to receive Irom
the retiriug council an account of
their stewardship.
The Mayor then proceeded to read
thc financial statement us givcu in
lull  elsewhere in  this  issue    ol     the
-f the"interest"whi'c"h  »»■"-««■■"»■   elucidating  certain  it-
ems for the beuolit  oi his hcar'.'rs.
cess, nnil the prize lists will show
to what un extent the opportunity
wus tukeu advantage of by tbe fanciers of th-e city and district, i.nd
the Hevelstoke Poultry and l'ct
Stock Association nre certainly to
be congratulated upon tho succiss
which hns attended their efforts,
proof as such siiccobb is, of tho ability anil zeal of the officer'; of the association
their   members   take   in   thc  further
mice of their pet hobby.
Prime Minister's Message
Victoria, B. c., Dec. 20.—Premier
McBride, through the columns of thc
News-Advertiser, ---ends the lollowing
New  Year's message to  the people of
British  Columbiu;
"I um grateful for the Invitation
to extend through these columns a
New Year's message to British Colum
bia, and gladly avail myself of it.
During the pnst twelve months the
province has experienced wonderful
growth in population, industries and
general development. Extensive ruilwuy construction nnd large additions
to the merchant murine hnve been
necessary to supply the demunds for
greater transportation facilities, und
on all sides there hus been heullhy
uud  well sustained  progress.
"Kor thc yeur 11)12 there is a certainty of an increased impetus along
uli liti's that muke lor natural advancement, und wc mny look for a
large itillux of settlers, as well as the
investment of vast amounts of cup-
ital in the further development of our
natural  resources.
"With this bright prospect  In view
We may h!1 with peace and happiness
surrounding us, enjoy u  bright     and
prosperous New Year.
Most sincerely,
Wddding Bells
Among items culling for special
uotice was thc rc-purcbasc ol Debenture X at pur, by means ol funds
available iu tho Sinking Fund. This
one debenture was small uud repur
On Wednesday atternoon nt live chasing mude a saving of »SU per
o'clock. Miss M. B. RohBon dnught- year aud tbe difference between four
er of -Mr. und Mrs. J. C. Robson, ot and five per cent interest. Tho item
Third stteet, was united in. marriuge x.1,273 extension to jail, wus not es
to Mr. E. R. Butler of Summerlund. timated for, but becume absolutely
The home wob very tastily decorated necessary owing to overcrowding ut
for     the   occasion.   The    bride    was  the juil.
charmingly uttincd in a gown ot After thc reading ot the cash state
cream satin with renl lace uud penrl ment Mayor Hamilton proceeded to
trimming, and entered tbc drawing read the balance sheet, sbowiug a
room ou the arm of her father by debit of $504,000, whilst thc sinking
whom she was presented for marriage fund items were not puid us the es-
In her hand she curried a beautiful timuted taxes of *34,lttW were aot
boquet of pink und white carnations, received in full by the end of the fin-
After  the  ceremony,   which   was   per-   uncial  yeur.
formed by Rev. R. J. Mclutyre, the The arrears of general tuxes $18,-
guests sut down to a very dainty re- 100.23 aud arrears of local improve-
past. The table was decorated with ment tnxes, sewers, $13,030.00, aro
white  chrysanthemums. outstanding  assets.   Both    these  It -
The happy couple left on thc even- ems arc absolutely good, especially
ing tram tor n tour ol tbe const cit- arreurs of general tuxes, whilst thc
ies after which they will take up Sewer tux urreuts are awaiting the
their residence in Summerlund. Mrs. result of tbc visit of Mr. Blbbald to
Butler has lived but a short time the count in connection with the Sew-
in the city, but during thut time she  eragc situation.
has mado u host of friends, who re-; The falling off in revenue from pow
grot very much her departure, hut er nud light is due to the power
join in wishing herself nnd husband pluut beiug out ol action lust
a long and happy, marriod life, spring. This cause ulso uccouuts for
                   !the iucrcuso iu cost of fuel, coul bo-
Field School Report
ing  burnt  whilst  the  gas   pluut  wus
being used ns u substitute  for wuter
Skating Rink Fire
Lust Monday, New Year's Day the
big 100 ,\ 150 foot r.katiug rink was
consumed by the tiory fiend. lu
speaking of thc aflair, Manager K.
Hopkins, to a Muil-Hernld reporter,
Thc tire broke out ut 5:10 Monday
afternoon. It was caused by un explosion of a coal heatin:- stove, the
gas having nccumuluted. Owing to
tbe fact thut the walls of thc dressing room were papered the lire ignit
ed very quickly and in ubout twenty
minutes the big struct ure was consumed. The rink wus Valued ut $13,
'■uu and was owned by Dr. Suthcr -
land, Chief I'arry, Tom Bain and
Constable Terry, lt wus Insured for
Some boots, skates and hockey
sticks were lost in the lire. Mr. W.
Hayward, u machinist, und W. 0,
KIklngton, were the only people just
ut hand when the tire started us the
skaters had left the ioc and somo
were in the dressing rooms, while
others were on theii   way home.
II the tire hail occurred a few hours
Inter when the crowd was on thc ice
probably lives would  huve  been lost.
The .11 .-ii in was given immediately
the tire wu- discovered, but from
thc  lirst   the  building  was  doomed.
Oreat credit is due to the fire
brigade for saving thc residence owned by Mr. Manning, which was in
such close proximity.
following  is the  monthly  report ofl    These     gentlemen aro  the  financial
Field      public school  tor the    month  stutemeuts,  und  they   will  uppcur in
'ending  December,  1911; |tomorrow's issue of tbe Muil-Hcruld.
I Prescribed school duys, lb; days iu I fiuvo lew wordH to udd of gcuerul
session,  10;     totul daily uttenduuee, I intorest.
-M»i totul uutuaf attendance, 186; | Tha first problem wo an all inter-
average dully attendance, 12.02; aver cstcd iu is the itWtl problem, us you
age actual attendance, 11.50; pupils ' Wero uwure, u by-luw was put thru'
attending during month, 13; boys, 5; aome years ago establishing u sower
girls, 8; greatest number ot pupils ny*stein (or tbis city, bused ou a
present at nny session, 13 leust 10; frontage tux. Wbeu we came Into
highest register number iu uso to Onico older councils bad deemed It
date. 22; number ol monthly reports unwise to proceed with the entire
sent to parents, 0; tardiness of pup- ,,yBteni ulong the lines originally laid
ils, 7, visitis to school, 4; has Clause down, wo hud to obtain special log-
6 of Article six been strictly observ- js|ation to discontinue ccrtuln pored, yes; huve nil other Hulls and Hog tions, amJ w|ljc|, WUH ,«adi|y grunted
tilat,..ns been observed, yes; what the previous council put in thc ecu-
class of British Columbia Certificate trai section ol thc sewers, at a cost
do you hold, T.C. 'exceeding tho estimates,  aud  wo de-
May   Agustu  Hunter,  Toucher.'Cided after long deliberations to    go
Public Schools Re-Open Monday
Moving picttires ut tbe Bdison tlic-
utre tonight*
ahead with tho oustcrn und western
sections, und the sewer system ls
uow practically completed! It bo-
The public schools will reopen on cam0 ™e»<««y to Increase tbo front-
Monday, January 8th. All pupllB "B° U,t to mcct iutom,t ,l,,d »'»"»«
should return promptly In order that i'"n<1 charg0''' '""' we d,ew u» ■ **•
they mny bc able to do as well asi1"" """""* thc 'ro,lt"Ke tux *3'75
possible on the grading examinations ',or ° 25 ,Wt ll,t' tlli8 b'U* "evcr
.The .lamination, will be completed "aB8<!d tl* cou"ci1' Alderman Slb-
by the end of January, und thc' ^Id has gone to the coast with a
grading will tnke place on Thursday/"* *° ol,t,'i"lnK «<"'ci''' ICRislution
February 1st. On thnt date, also, •»»»■■ Ul° "«". "•••*«>', Water and
a beginner's clu-s will be organised 88WW B01V'MB to l,,! <*""Holldated and
in each school for children who have cllul'B<"1 UBUi"st the «"eral rVvenuo
reached the age of six. No pupil will of tho ***• but i lloul)t '' wp Bllu"
be admitted into these clnsses after l,e ul,lc tu ol,tlLl" thiH ">'unge. We
the 10th of February. I,mve had tu W "ut certain    money
from the g?neral funds for tbo completion of this sewer, but this money
will all come buck as soon as the
busls of .-barge for tho sewer ls de-
Moving pictures tonight.
Remember the Outcust nt the Star
on Monduy night.
Dealers in Hardware of All Kinds.
Guns, Ammunition, Harness,   Horse  Blankets, Whipe
Stoves, Ranges, Enamel and Tinware
Faints, Oil, Varnish, Etc.
Crockery and Glassware
Plumbing, Heating
We are prepared to undertake any work in this line
Groceries, Fruit, Vegetables
A Very larqe stock of Fresh and Up-to-Date
Carried in This Department
Hay,  Grain and Feed
Agents for McClary's Famous Stoves, Shejwin-
Williams Paaint Co., Canadian Oil
Compunies, Ltd.
We pay special at'.ention to Mail Orders and Shipping
to Outside Points.
BIG REMOVAL SALE ON during month of January
Hardware Dealers      GROCERS     McClary's Stoves
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
People who know .what eye strain is and have got properly
fitted glasses can recommend the use of glasses to others who are
troubled with headache and eye strain.
Having hail over 10 years practical experience in testing
eyes and fitting glasses, 1 can guarantee satisfactory results.
If you require treatment you will be recommended to an
oculist, so you are perfectly safe in coming here to get tested.
No charge made for testing.
Our prices for glasses are very reasonable.
Jeweler        F. G. BEWS,        Optician
tContinued on Local l'ugei
January Clearance Sale
Wc arc offering all of our hiyh grade  winter stock at
Men's lienvi ribli-ol t'mlcrwear JOc ami fix       Heece lined I'wlrrwear -;"c
it. v'   in.irrwe.n nt   HM.i   I'RiClv   This Includes such high class line*
ai Stanfield's am! Tarnbull't.
Boy's Suits at HALF I'RIC B.
Wc ha\e 150 |wir of Men's High Crade Shoes, COtlblsting of ill Mies,wbich
regularly sold fur 15:40 and M.oo. now »elliiin for (3,65.
Boj I Bchool Shoes, all M/e-.. sale price tl.bi.
See our Windows and Bargain Tabid for Snaps
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
* IATURDAY,  .1 VK. Cth,  1912.
SATURDAY, .TAN. 6th, 1912.
Wood for Sale
Mixed Hard Wood, 16-inch $ 7.50
Cedar. 16-inch     6.00
Wellington     11.00 per ton
Briquettes     8.75 per ton
Bankhead Hard Coal expected in a few days
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
She flfoall-lberalo
jiitciiiM publtflblnfl Company,
K,  JOHNSON, Manager,
si'itl TON,   Bditor.
I v..
hnve iiIhh scored some big successes,
and  uh  oltlBeDB  who   hnve   done     theil'
heat i.'i the welfare ol Revelstoke
during the time they have boon In
harness at the eity hall, tbey deserve nnd should receive, the thanks
ol the ratepayers.
Legal notices 10 cents per lino lirst
insertiun, 5 cents pur line each
•ubseijueut Insertion. Measurements Nunpariel (12 Hues make
one inch.) Store and general
business announcements <2.lib pot
inch per month. Preferred positions, 2b rer cent, addith nal.
Uirths, Mainages and Deaths, 50c
each insertion.
baud notices 17.50. All advertisements subject to the approval ol
tho management.     Wanted      und
Condensed Advertisements
Agents Wanted, Help Wantsd, Sit
nations wuutwl, Bltuatlons Va-
cant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, 25 «ords or loss, 2Jc,
each additionnl line 10 cunts.
Cbnuges ii. standing advertisements must be in hy 9 a. ui.
TuifJify nnd Friday of each week
to secure good ,! •, I •
CORRESPONDENCE invited on mattei s o! public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by nnmc ol wuter
Dot necessarily tor publication,
but    n*   svidenci  ol good faith.
A movement is un fool having (ur
its object the Changing .>( thc nmn.'
of tho Rovelstoke Agricultural Bud
ety to that of "The RevelBtoke Turf
Association." lt will be recollected
by old residents of tho city, that
some vents ago, after ,*. thorough dis
I cussion, the name originally reading
"Turf  Association"  was changed  t"
I tbat ..( the Agricultural Society and
■ uow the proposal is    made to return
I to the old imme.
it lias beeu represented t.. the Edi
tor, that before any further change
Is in.ibe, it would be advisable    for
full   ei.tiHi.leratu.il  to   be   given   to uli
si*lc- ..f tin' question.   There ure rcsi
dents "i    Revelstoke,     who ure also
supporters ol the society, who    ob-
i ject to the it'.pose.I change of nume
| arguing that to be    successful,    the
U.iciety should    command 'he united
r.upport of thc community, fuder the
listing     name this iH forthcoming,
imi if the inline is changed to imply
a   purely  sporting  organisation,   'ben '
a division will be created and a certain amount   ..I support   tuny   be with ,
i   This subject may be looked upon in
s.'ni.' quarters as a trifle, tbe tcoQci
Will  murmur     "What's  iti a  nume,",
hut there is sometimes a good deal
n uame nit.*r oil, and the mattei-
Ladies, Watch Out!!!
Fur a chance t<> save your Pin Money. We guarantee to give you tho best prices, hest service, best
Roods and best delivery in the city.
We are placing over $1,000 worth of useful
household articles on sale. Positively nothing over
10c, 15c. and 25c.
Come in and look.   We like lookers.
We also offer you the best line of Graniteware,
Tinware anil Ironware that we can oblnin at the
lowest prices ever offered in this City before.
The quality and prices of our Ranges and
Heaters cannot be beat.
Sale Starting Thursday, January 4th. 1912.
Revelstoke Hardware Go.
Howson Block,.  -   MacKenzie Avenue
thnn he is in training tor. Now it
strategy enn bo used ut all, it. can
be need in this wuy, that knowing
tbe average weakness ot mile runners
you eould train yourself to go very
lasl in the tirst halt. In the hope thnt.
you muy run your opponent, who
may have trained in n diflerent way,
o« his leet.
A tow words on the stride, il is ol
very  great   Importance,
For the beginner to develops an
easy manner of striding, lor In a
hard nice like the mile nn easy stride
is bound to bc ol assistance. The
knees; do not need to bo lifted as high
as in the shorter runs, but whatever
stride you adopt, must, be smooth,
easy nnd springy, the longor thc
stride the better, provided the prospective runner dues not over stride
ill his attempt to gain ground, and
thus acquire an exaggerated style.
Below   is  a  list ot some good men
our onerous duties, but wo have the
satisfaetiini "f having done our very
best for the city, often at the expense of om own private business,
and we have shown favoritism to uo
nnd their time:
T,  P. Coneff, 4m.  IS 11-5 sec.
.1. Itinks,  lm. 10 3-4 see.
(i. W. Orton, 4m. !l 4-5 sec.
P, J, Parker, 4m. 2'.1 2-B sec.
Physical Director Y. W. 0,
.thank every one ol you for tho loyal
General Business Transacted and Import y« nave given me, without
that BUpport   It Mould  hnve beeu lm-
Old Outstanding matters put possible i,., „.,• to eonunue tins™*
' I am strongly "f opinion
in Shape tor New Council  ; !»*««*■ °<«»•»*. ^
nn the UOtb ol December, the   old
city  council  met  together tor    their
last time, In the eity hall.   Aldermen
MeKinnon,  Barber,     Lawreuce     nnd
Abrahamson, with City Oiera Low -
1 son were In attendance wben Muyor
■ Hamilton took the chair at 8 p.m.
The   minutes   ol   lust   regular   meet-
I'ing beld Deoember  ii.th. also ..f    tne
! special meetings beld December 22nd
'and 2ilb,  were read and approved.
I   The     annual statements of   school
expenditure were then  submitted  by
the Finance committee Bbowing that en*t ;or theiI.
the public schools bud accounted fur referring     tc
that in  the
gained  by  tln.se  gentlemen  who    nre
retiring at  this period  should  not bc
Correspondence should be brief,
--.- i should is* well
I aro made
The fnet that tbe name bas already
* - ; been changed   ince I     some
Important^    .Id controversies maybe
ie\ ived, whilst  '      ■       ni's  ol swil
t.. snother
<£§# $■'■■'»'■ ■
iATCRDAY,  JAN   Sth,  1912
, cblng (rom one nam
.   old city council  ol  ReveUtoke  -'able to i
Iden thai an organization >o uustab
■    n January
-   will be chosen     VII  iiom
I the clt)     .     betwi  ti the
fU,6S9.!M) aud tbe high school $3,67-11
making a total ol 122,283. Various
communications were then read und
ordetod answered or lilc.l. Mr. W.A.
Gordon ol the city ball stun, having
Mghed bitori changes' »PP»«d '°r u" "Kn;u!,c of Balary' ffas
granted the sum of     $75 per month
Irom the 1st   December.    Mr.  Hobt.
Smith,   I'l. ared   belore    the
council to give expert evidence regnr
ding the complaints Irom tbe C P.R.
ling  the encroachments ol    th •
city  in connection     with the    i
lost, and 1 trust that Home ol the
old aldermen Will again appear at
thiB board, although for myself, my
private business necessitates my retiring nt the end ot this term."
Aldermen Lawrence, MeKinnon and
Barber also spoke a few words,
thanking the retiring mayor for tho
able umi courteous manner in   which
at till times he hud fiillllled his responsible duties during an exceptionally strenuous term of ollice.
Mayor Hamilton, thanked all pros-
kind words, and after
the loyal manner iu
whieh he hnd boon supported by thc
staff at the City Hull, anil the entire
personelle oi the Municipal Service,
he declared the last mooting ol ths
old council duly adjourned, nt 10p.m.
Provincial Poultry Show
Everything points to the probability thut the provincial poultry show
to bo held In the machinery hull ut
the Vancouver Exhibition Association's reserve, Hustings l'urk, Jan.
15-lH will bo tlio greatest ever held
In Uritish Columbia. Already many
entries are booked Irom the pralrlo
provinces and from the r.H.
The regular prize list was published In September and has been pretty
frooly distributed. The special priao
list is now out. Anyone who is interested can obtain d copy ol either or
both trom W, Coats, 413 Granville
street, or frnm U.K. Kolston, 4*24
Pacific Building. All enquiries should
be addressed to the show secretary,
box 1202. Vnncouver. The entries
close on January 6—Ex.
The One Mile Bun
Rovelstoke Lund District.
District  ol West Kootenuy.
Tnke notice that 1 Horatio Lsvorue
Rothwell ol Nakusp, l). O., occupation bonk manugur, Intends to apply for permission to purchase     the
following   described   lunds:
Commencing «t. * post, planted 120
rhuiuH south ol the North-east Corner ot T. li. 41274, theuce south 80
chains, theuce easl about 30 ehuins,
to Arrow Lake, thenco north aloug
Lako about 80 cbains, thence west
about 20 chains to point of com -
mencement, containing about 21M
acres more or less.
Hated  December 2'.'th.   1911.
Horatio Levernc ltothwell.
1st issue Jan. Ctb.
p m   "a
Othei   ■■-;.. t
Tie nam,' and standing ol
looiety tance, not
I he rit.-nil*. t - thercol   but to I
community and public upon whom It
mibjei t   ■  ■
,; (2 noon aud
.  -th.
Thei My no fie
e the avei ag   mi
mt ■' ap
pro    •   •   ..' the duties owing to the
: himself, as is     the
municipal nffa        Pal   a*
alwaj      alluring,    and
■■ n. 'act
.    itizene ol i. ould
Interested in th
tbe i .-bts or wrongs ■•! dis-
■    •  China, Turkey oi even Timbuc-
■ ■ ii  ..- tbt ■ ,tv''
•   .  tht   lally lives >•( then.
■ tn    ■ i' i"1   cuu-
The lac  table lack of inl
mutters     which .«  tbe  great
I city self governc
■. : ■ oi
the t.
•     * - •     • i
- ■  .*■ tions Ihht .
. •                                   I        tba «mi .-     .;•
I pari formed theli
The one mile run Is one ol tho
hardest runtiiug events on tbc ontirs
program, and the necessary endurance cannot  be  cultivated  In  a  weok
station, and bia raporl  wa '   "'  a montb,   - as a  genernl thing
and laid over Ioi  consideration     by  In a year.   Cross country running is
tbe  incoming council. considered   about   the   best   work      a
-j-iie     ,., ,;,,..     then passed  rapidlj   prospective runner can  do to lay   a
itanding  it foundation  (or   ths subse■
: to clear up ti,* lining necessary for the one
■ :'. -   mile
,,:*1  lor     Training for  the  une  mile  may  be
must  largely depend  lot   support and ** , ,   ,   :        ,,r „f T <,.>74   ,■,,„,...„ <c„,th    on
..... *, egun at almost any time of the ^rear  ir 01   '•   '" n*74'  taenee soutn   *
'   i  very g 1     time     tit not the   chuius,
r     wuter to    tart   In the  winter time
•    ■ ind develop In tbe spring.
trom th ite running and walking at a  about 2 chains to point of commence.
.- tour or five miles everyday  ment,     containing    about 1C0 acres,
i8  more or Icsb.
walking  and  running  will      Dated December 29th,  1911.
the muscles and gradually de- BURROWS HENRY
laying powers which can    be  »'er Horatio  Levcruo Rothwell. Agent
ither way.
tbe  weather  has become
Igh   to  permit   track   work
-> Mm., the follow- j
■   mmended, and will
lyes :■   training:
all we ask  li   that  n l
hastily,  bul  rat
be dei
and   with   it   view   t.
.sis ol  ll,.*   •"
Mt oitime. the i
er are open, and   ■ . '   lpl   '«      '~ " hM f* '"'
to publish commit • "
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenai
Tuke notice that 1. Burrows Henry
Rothwell of Nakusp, B. C, occupa
tion gentleman, intunda to apply for
permission to purchase tho lollowiug
described  lands
j Commencing at a post planted 40
chnins south of the North-east Corn-
. L. 41274, thence south B(
theuce eust about 20 cbains,
to Arrow Lukes, thence nortll nlong
Lake  about 81)     chains,  thenco  west
Dixie Jubilee Singe's
D x.m     Jubilei
.    ■ *
class  that  ba*
Negro longs
*-.a>- s plee
red, and It   i
ntn-ism   -
• '
Oif ■ '     • ad
",'nU.-.   '
•    *. ..r      •
■   ■   ...
■It,-* I    *» ; •
.   *  , machine!
... :    . .* •:
,".*.. I   t hf
.   tin lasted ■■•■
r , stely    Sited tl
.-!,•-! out,  nol
ver*   beard
'   '
■ i lot any evi
•   lance of Mi    i
0   I'er Horatio   Levcruo ltothwell
; Jan. Mb flrst issue.
Revelstoke Laad  District.
District   oi West Kootonay.
Take      nolice     that     1.     Harry   I.
do ..no  Laudry of Rossland, ll.   0., occupa-
half at  an easy )og.     Ol   tion, mining, intends to npply for per-
naif a mile     at    o   mission to purchase tbo full..wing de
do  it  in  say  2  so.-ined Innds: *
and     as    the      I lummetieing      at     a    post planted
I cut M  down abou1  10 ohalns    west ol the Bouth-
j wo>»t Oornsr nl Lot H148, thonce north
,    half  mile at 40    chains,     thence    west 80 chnltia,
hursday              .  of     a railo thence south 40 chains,     thenco cast
Friday  do  J  ra.lo N obaini to point of commencement,
notbei containing 320 iiccoh mora or le-;*.
i lay un   on Dated Deoember, Bth, 1911.
Cream      J I
Made from grape Cream of Tar'
far; absolutely free from alum.
For   sixty  years   American   housewives have found Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder a guarantee of light,
pure and wholesome food.
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
to LET—House on   Second street.-
Rent $15 per month.    Apply Revel
stoke  General  Agencies,   Ltd.
Furnished Five-roomed hoims for
rent nt ones oil Fourth street.—H.N.
Coursier. t.c.
WANTED—Oilers lor   new laid eggs,
and  fat  chickens.     Apply,   Vlckcrs,
Salmon Arm.
LOST—A Purse containing a sum ol
money, at tho I'.l'.R. depot. Kinder
please  return  same  to  Mail-Herald
LOST   On  Dec.   lath,   between toot of
Columbia river bridge und  Cabin's
much, on roadway, otic Lady's Fur
Mull.   Reward    $10.     Apply   Mall-Ilor  111c  purpose  .,1 electing    persons
Herald  Office. to  represent  uicui  111  tne    .Municipal
WANTBD-Marrled   man   seeks   wyk,   L'oUnoU as Mayor and Aldeiuicn, aud
office cleaning, futnnces looked at- ;»'su ll" «m Purpose ol electing three
ter, etc.,  by day,  week,  or contract
Kor  full  particulars apply    A.    1'.,
I'u..li<- Notice
eti ctois nl tue
cistuae,   mat  t
111   l. ie     s.u.l     e
is horebyglvon to the
municipality .>i Rev-
require tue preBOnce
,*. tors   at  tne     1 ity
Uiera s uiuoe, 1 ny null. Mackeusie
Auiiiic, in tne uuid t *tj on tue Mn
January,    1..1-,  .n   ili  o'clool  noon,
as a hoiisc-
lHt     IS.
laa '.      I'er   I).
•   .- . I report       I ■ ka, N.D., Hers
mi '   mg     The Ditles ...me to the opera
r.r.r to the !.. an   here j.ith.
•    f theli      •  - * "'
1 .     - . .
■ ■      *
m<*n    f..r
bad oeeupied tbe poaition ol
1 pis g bas
t u a long
•'     *.
sell   1..,
laj  "if ■ * ,    1  tbree   Is .**.   ,»t      „
*. ,*     laSi       nt tii.-   t   li*    ■
Fisher, Agent
Hint) School Re-Opening
*• Hi-  ia» of strategy   d tbe one
chief citlwii  of     Revelatoke,   '•' ■*,'■,   ' *'  tbe mile u,ero is
n„mii  eoBttntie • "■■ '• as to rtrategy,
mile   rmmei  must kn»>»* |uet
,    seeoBtpReh * r"" r"n* and wben    be
irh    w> bav.' bad big pn, mn i bis
to gruppie with and  iolve      Wggei I W* •■'■"    Wot ngardlete
of   Vhat bis rlvnU  ere doing.       Tho
 ling councils f..t   a,mo years     to l^ung    mnei   »lll Bnd tbis very dH
Boms Inolndlng m ' .'dems B««ll as tiny are not good ludgesof
aching staff announces thai In ordei did, the power plant. *»ater sewer '""'"■ and aloa themeelves to be run
to write ..1. tae tiamlnal •■■ In Jons i*/.-. and extensions, and ais.. the On ,"" "'"" ,('ot '" "•• "fs' 1'"1' d*U*. '
and July, 1912, candidates must   ,,1    nndal prnblom.   Wn Iirvi' hnd fo gi\ '" ''-'"lv to a.Innl thai tbe flrst half
■   remem
, ||   t It"-    * - .re
,.,.  1 <. tbat tie
have     published   Irom time t" time     Revelatoke     High  School  re-opene
'uli nn.l     Impartial   Bcconnte ol tbe  f..i the coming hu months' term on
broceedlnge, thun placing every v,,t«r Monday, ,tntM -tb. with an all   day
,*. ,, po-itiou t'l jud».  Ioi dlmsell as  -..*H,...a   fn view of the Irregulai at    probably than will trouble tht   ■
to the re')iiitemeut.s of the city   ur„i tendance at thi   High Bchool during
tbe steps taken to meet same i.y bis the term, Bept. to Dec. i'ui, the te
repreeentatlvee,   And ■,!■  notnlnatton
.|.*,i.  January '•th and election day
January  llth,  all  voters  should    U      .....
tleavor to act ns they believe to he tun.) nt leasl ninety percent   ol the a great dea) of our time tothfe work |°>Ue is   nm at a far greater    speed
n the '.est Interests of the eity,        Idays Hhpol      li  January to and  ve have all worked bard ind   il.lhan the leoond,  but a well trained
^p    retiring    m.-i> >  and council I Junt  i'H'2, since It     mil 1st utterly tu lurther the Interest* ol the city,  sthlete who knows oxnctly bow fast
-,lllV   jii( 1   ],,,,, ,,,aj j,, (i.iii,*, they  impoielhU to prepare student!    win, Maybe we   ban nol receive much ap   '" can do 'ns .vent ihould not allow
bave doublees mnde mlstakee;    tbey J attend irregularly, preclatlon when we have retire I from nny opponent tq make him go fsster
The Star is the Besl
Show in Town
Saturday  Program
Godfather Drama
Gold liuuh Drama
Mondav's Program
THK OUTCAST    Moral Drama
Mutt nnd Jeff antl the Goldstein
Burglars Comedy
The, Price is Always thu Same
Mail-Herald Ollice.
WANTED—A situation
kociier by middla n|;ed lndy. Apply
Mrs. A. Tristram, Genodxl Delivery
Revelatoke, B. C.
cliool  Trustees.
The mone ol nomination ol candi
dates snail be as tpilowe -
The candidates  sUall  lie  nominatttd
111  writing,  the writing shull  he sub-
BCTlbed by two voters of the .Municipality as proposer and uecoudcr,    and
snail  be delivereil  lu    tho    Returning
A  8NAP-11 you  want a   good piano   uma„. lU   uu)   u„,e |,otwqon ,,,» au,9
cheap and on easy terms.    ThiB of- ' o( tl)l8 HO(/1L.t. ,,,,,1 j ,,. „,,    ou   the
fer      is open  for  a  tew  days  only.|day „, ,Nl,mil,„,„,„; ,im|  lu  u,o oveut
Call  nt A.  fl. Duck's store on McKenzie   Avenuo U.lli  2t.
WANTED—A gn! or woman   to   do
general  house  work.-Apply   at  the
Mail-Herald  Ollice.
LOST Between fourth street and
the star Theatre, a gentleman's
Gold Signet Ring. Finder will receive reward by leaving same at
the nflice ol the Oummlngs Trans
fer  Company.
Onlv kooiI producers need
apply* State references aud
experience. Good opportunity /or capable person.
J. W. W. Stewart,
Managing Direct"!,
The Monarch Life
Assurance Co'y,
WlNNll'KG, Cnnoila.
Couiuiuuicatious coufldeuiial.
a b
Now Hold the Fort
in Revelstoke
A large variety of Dainty
11 ixt'st   in half-pound, oiit'-
pound,two-pound and three-
pound sizes
Tlie Finest in the Land
and Canadian   cTWade
40 years experience
Half a Block East of McKenzie
I'or Terms and Particulars appli
d.  r. Mckenzie
1 ol n poll   being  aeeesRary,  such    poll
I nill be opencti ou Thursday, the mu
day "i January, lt)U,   iu   the   City
links Oitice, in the City Ol ltevel-
► t..|>e and kept open between tbe
1 iniiir of ilin.* o'clock in the lorenoon
ami the hour ol 7 o'clock in tbo
afternoon, tor taking and recording
the VOtOI of the electors of the suid
t ity of which every person is hereby
required to  take notice   and    govern
Unwell accordingly,
1 Tlie perbous qualified to be uoiuiu-
• ated (or and elected as Mayor snail
be such persons as are male Uritish
bUbJectS of the lull aye ol twenty-one
years and aie not disqualified under
auy law, aud have been lot the six
mouths next preceding the day ol
nomination the Registered owuer in
ths Laud Registry Ullicc of lund or
real property iu the Oity ol the assessed value on thc last Municipal
i.'Mi.rw*;! ltull ut tine Thousand
Dollars or more over uud nbovo uny
registered judgment or charge, and
who are otherwise duly iimilitlcd as
Municipal Voters*
The Persons qualified to be nominated tor anil    elected as   Aldermen
shall be such persons as are main
UntiBh dubjects ol the lull ags of
lil years and an t disqualified uuder any law and have been lor the
six months next preceding the dny ol
nomination the Registered Owner In
tba  Land  Registry (Mike,  ot  luud  or
real property In the Oity ol the as
Messed value, on tbe last Municipal
Assessment Koll, ol I'lif hundred
Dollars or more over ami above any
registered judgment or Charge, anil
who are otherwise qualified as Municipal voters.
The persons qualified to ia< nominated [or and elected as .School Trustees shall bc such persons as are
ilounehi/ldcrs anil being Uritish Sul
jects ot thc full age ol twenty-om
years and otherwise qualified to vote
at an election ot School Trustees.
Every Candidate nominated shall
signify by a writing accompanying
the nomination paper, his consent to
such nomination, except In enso Buch
poison be absent Irom the Municip -
•nitty when such absence shall be
stated iu thc nomination paper.
Kvery candidate nominated for
Mayor or Alderman ahull, on or before the hour ol 2 p.m. on the day
ol nomination turnlBh thc Returning
Ollicer with a statement lu writing,
specifying the land or real property,
upon  whicli  he qualifies.
Given under my hand nt Kevelstoke
this 2nd day of January, 1912,
Returning omwr. SATURDAY,   JAN. 6th,   1912.
SATLRDAY,   JAN.  6th,   19U.
Pirates Raid British Ship
\ ,'iiii'iiiivi't, H.i*. ;M .Details were
brought by Hie Empress i.f Japan of
the piracy of the British Bteamer
Shoion  ami  the  murder ..I   Chiel I illi
eel* ll. .1. Niehoisi.il after u gallanl
fight in which he ami Captain Johnston killed sis pirali's. The Shulim
from Kongmoon for Kong Kong with
nil passongers had ils officers' quarters riddled with bullets.
Tlie  OhlnoSO   pilot      who  held      the
wheel was   in   league   with tlie   pirates
and   while Captain  Johnson  slept ami
Chiel Ollicer Nicholson kepi the
watch be nm ilie steamer ashore ut
Staunch Island. Nicholson awoke the
captain but volleys came from tie'
land. Then the lleot nf Bmall bunts
came ou in tlie darkness ami thirty
1'iiales clambered ..ver the tail. Captain Johnson ran (.. ini cabin lor
bis nil.', bnl liuin,I (hal bis aiiimiiui-
iIon bad bi'i a sinliu. lb* then wrlg -
gled i hrough a small poi thole "a tho
Blicltt  *        le of 11 tameri Iractur
.rn* two rib .nal armed «.th it ro
\ .*iv. r went after ihe pirates,
In tbe laco • ■; tlie (usllade ol rilles,
Chiel   Officer Nicholson tan    in   bis
cabin, *   II   i  ■'..■  nn.l   iinuuai.il ...a
ami joined tb*- captain 'l'i.en there
wns a lllll. 'ihe Chinese passengers
t,'..k no part and only two were hit
I .tray bullets while lying in then
bunks. Captain Johnston had but
i .ii. bullets .in*'. i.M sin.t two pirateB
and   made for shelter.
Nicholson, with a Btaunchion only,
upporl *n;; .in aw uiug lor Bhelter, ia
i-eil a pang "1 pirates ainl broUgb
t..in of them down when be waB Bhol
iu th,* abdomen an.l left dj Ing on tho
deck.   Then tin*  i.,rati*s wenl   lor tin'
..--li cngln    'm;'  be [ought  thom
.•a wltb a s.al I.n.: i**i ..: watei, Lew
log Inin, th. pirates then looted the
vessel,  'in.   pas - i gers wei o  lined up
and  li'l'!*Md "I   theil   luggage,   it   being
.a tin- BampanB.
The bodies .•: dead pirates were
thrown Into the river and then com
i **'■ made oil in their Bampnns.
They  gol   aboul   12,<   I
'ibe steamer Kwong Yuen was also
i'.i.ite.I and Bome Chinese wen* killed
Trade is at a standstill ou the WeBt
river whieh is now patrolled by
British gunboats.—Ex.
Excess Freight Charges
Bometime past tlie RevelBtoke
Board ol Trade have been trying lo
obtain i"i tli*' merchants ui this city
a refund ol excess freight charges
iti coal iiiin (Tort William, shipped
lo Revelstoke and paid belore the uo
-,itn .it,i u id the *>7.50 rate. This
matter having been taken up a second
time wah tbe railway company, the
Secretary ot the Board advises that
the C.P.R. have notitied him thut
tbey are unable to grant the request
ami tla' matter will noa be brought
ti. tlie notii'.' .*; the Uailway Com -
mission, as deeded at tin* las Board
of Trade meeting, :a aa endeavor to
obtain a satisfactory settlemcut.
Kootenay take Frozen
Nelson, Ua'., Jan. 3—The west arm
1*1 Kootenay lake opposite Nelson, is
frozen * ver with two Inches • ■! Ice,
ill    ■ sitating  the    steamer      1\".
. ,ii hour be.',in' schedule time
t.. bi ik tbiough. Tb. l .' is s.> thick
along tin. shores ..f the Kootenay and
\" .:■■■     '.at   many   i.f   the  land
ings   can't   be   made   ami   scores      oi
ranches are  cut  ofl.
.1. ii. Johnson and B.F. Somerville
paiil a visit to Revelstoke last Tues
day. Mr. Somerville had a couple "f
boxes ol white Leghorn chickens for
the puiiltry show.
The Business men ol Revelstoke last
iii.'bt played i*..wls against tbe Cor
ley III.use at the Y.M.C.A. alleys.
Result   Corley      House,   two  games;
B li .a. 11  Men.  one  game.
Miss M. Johnson, teacher nf the
Junior department •■( the Michel pub
ool, s li" Has been spending bei
Xmas vacation with her brother, .1.
K. Johnson, left for Michel by tb"
...miii train this morning
Tin*   bl ipltal     •   -Iims   I"   thank   Mr.
and Mrs. Wallace i.a  one tm Can's
* iit *   Mi i.  Udy ba "ii.* box ap
pies;   Mis   Rainy   for  fruit,   nuts  and
,.ne  turkey.
Five ear loads of Lump Coal in
St.iek. -Lump Coul 19.00 per ton —
Nut Coal $8,011 per ton.—nt tha Palace  Livery,
Januarj IS The distinguished Bug
lish Oomedlan Mr. 0, James Bancroft, in  "The  Prlvato   Bscretary,"
January 2b -Dixie Jubilee Singers,
January 80—Philharmonic Society on
January 81—Mr. Clifford Lane Bruce
in   "Tin' Thief."
February in—"Tin' Barrier."
February 26—t.'uslle     Square    Knter-
Moving pictures at the  Edisou to-
Financial Statement of thc City of RevelsloKo ior the Year 1911
Cash  Receipts  lot tla-  Your   lyll.
I! U.ANi"e...   AT   lat   .1 VNUARY,   1911,
Molsons   li.u'i,,     Current   Account
Cash    on     baa.I   	
Heal   Property   Tax    l'Jll  	
Ite il  Property Tun     Vrrcars
Local linprovomenl Tax 1011   	
Local Improvement tu\ inrears .
Bower 'fas     Commutation  	
Tax     Sale   Costs 	
Trade     Licenses           1,791, ill
Liquor     LlcenaeB      8,7	
Dog      Tax    '        329 00
Road Tax       1,083.ill   * 12,490.19
1,61 Ml
286,111    •
1,2 il 1)9
1,01     ■
12 19
1,866. 18
Police Court Fines
Weighing     Fees 	
pound Fees 	
i lemotery Receipts 	
; lower c.nun.ii a.ns 	
Plumbing   Permits  	
Bl NUR1E8,
Interest   on  Arrears ol Tnxce
Intoresl    on     Savings hank ace.
Accrued   intorost,     Debenture   x
Accrued   Interest,     Debonture   Y
Hi'.il     li i.iii'
itoiund  tor  School  Land •    	
Hoi ind      	
From  Molsons   Bank
Less l(\ |.'*i . .
Si ll'iill.S
Hi.*,,.rr..inail       CiM.nl
Government  granl  lor
 $ 3,592 10
i*> ....
205.50   •>   5,011.88
It I I
■ '      '
1,2! I „
•   M   .     	
„ 20,000,1 "
|   ,  10     0
12,   il   * *
liixci .** "i i *'i oipts ovi r payments ...     ■ i- ,0
Less Interest on Debentures Ior Water
Light  and     Power    11,61
Debenture x $ 9,000 * 8,802.90
Debenture   Y   $5^,000  	
I,.. ,n lor Mackenzie Av. slib walk
Savings Hank  Debonture s  	
Savings  liana  Debenture fi     ... ■
Interest on   Sink in: Funds  	
Sav nigs Hank. Sinking Fund 	
Savings    Bank,    Debenture   U
.    i.i.      13
1 1,491
{   i.Ml.;.:,
I-. 106.
S 1
$ 2,700.011
.■■!  ...
.   l.h.v.).;
9,1   1.11
•J li
Municipal   3
Water   and    Lighl   	
Local     Improvement   	
Sinking   Fund    Accounts   	
Sinking    Fund lor l'Jll  	
On   i Ipen      Account S
Tax  Sale  Surplus	
Coupons,   not   pr.:,. i '  tl   	
Advance.   .Mackenzie  Avenue  	
Debenture   Y     	
Special      Rnte     Acci nuts   	
Hei ng excess of  assets  over  liabilities
... 1   .
11   ...  . II
117,511.: -
;.:.*,   79
■  '■
I.J 10
• iO-.i i
8,81 1.11
* 1
* 7.t.:. 9.07
i.'li .:* ■  I,
i ** [rom  Water
Revonue Irom Lighl
Revenue trom p..umi
Met *i     Kent   	
Tapping   .Mams   	
Installation  and  Fixtures
printing and Stationery ....
Elec. It. and M. ('ower house
Wuter   It.   and      M.
Elec.  II.   &  M..   City  	
Fuel   lor   Gas   Plant   	
Postage ami Telegrams 	
Biding Heat at Power House
Fuel for Power  Houi e
Telephone  Account       	
Clearing  Log  Jam	
ii : ., i  on Water at 1 Ught Pel t
Interest   on  Muni.  Debl	
i lashato,   Pump   	
Balance Profil    	
Balance  Prodi   brought   down
14,2     *
1,9 I, ..
1,761     '
1 014.95
i 48,577.61
.   ..    2.77:;.:.:.
..  . .       728.46
2*82.0 '
....     7,661.02
.     .     3,000.00
I u
.; is..-,::.m
18 747.29
in addition to tin
Cost, Municipal and
■ I .■•-■i OO, also the It iv
.,    Profit  has  Increased free   ol
street  lighting  (.• 'he    amouni  oi
use of    water   Ior   sn iei     ami fire
Cash Expenditure for the Year 1911.
Election   Expenses      $
Postage and TolegrtunB 	
Printing and     statu.nery 	
(ill.i ■   Expenses   	
:   las      2
Audit     (Balance  1910 and  1:111  	
Inl iros!   rani	
i-'e 1   	
Janitor and     Supplies    	
Legal   Expenses 	
Registration   ol     By laws 	
A.In 1 Using  ami  Publicity    	
Ollice     Furniture 	
Consolidation   ol   Dol ontui ts   	
Mayor's     Remuneration   	
1 [onlth     Account    $
Pit ml nf.'.   Ins| i'i'ti"ii  	
PoltCO Snla. i. b     o
i'..i 1 e Clothing 	
Jail   Maintain e           1
■ l.ul   li'urail nro   	
Pin 1 Ior dai 	
Prisoners     1 lealth 	
Prisoners nothing
PoHc ■     Geuernl    Exp * * oh
Magistrates Bnlurj     	
Bi c lal  Polico
Firemen     Paj menls    1
c.p.li.   Firemen  Payments
Fire  Brigade  Equipment        	
Fill'  Hall  1 pla ep nnd  El| eases 	
Fire Hall     Caretaker 	
Fir ■ Alarm Repairs 	
Firemen   Expenses 	
Firemen     Accident    Insurance  	
Fires,  General   Exponsea  	
Insurance on Buildings   	
Repairs to Buildings 	
Dog Tags 	
Cemetery Caretaker 	
Sewer     Connections     I
Flushing  Silvers  	
Sick ami  Destitute  *<K
Donations      1
Sti.Mis & sil.'walks construction   *$ 2,
Streots   &   Si.li.ialK*...  i *| I frs       2,
Sidewalk     Construction      I
Cement   Sidewalks	
Snow Service 	
Weigh Scales 	
Tools    and    Implements  	
Cutting     YVi'rds. 	
Streel   Blgne  	
Car of  Bewcr  Pipes 	
LeBS   K.ivive.i   	
Public   Works     I* partment    	
School  Trustees     (22
New   School    22
Interest on     General Debentures  i 7
Interest on  Local  Improvement   Debt.   5
Municipal  General    {7,840.0(1
Locnl     Improvement   5,£28.63
Municipal tor W.& L  8,576.00
Water     and   Light      I.00O.O0
::..!. i'ii
980. Ml
$   7,498.1«
* 10.iM8.T7
187.27   f    1,714.37
3   8,144.94
*:....2 hi.ta.
'   ',   Debentures     purchased   $ 9,168.80
Savings    Hunk,     Sinking    Fui,ils        1,405.93   J 24.303.39
New     Jail    * 3,273.37
New   Tool  lliinse        96/Jfl
Fire  Alarm System  ...      240.Si.
Cement     Sidewalk,    Debt.  S     93.90
Road    Machinery,  Debt. X     8,912.90
Water  and   Light   Debt.   Y     33,264.91
Mackenzie     Ave.  sid-alk     2.O10.87
B   rors        4,5117.91
Sundries        101.31
Molsons  Haa*.   Current account    S 2,580.90
Cash  on  Hand          800.03
Arrears ol Taxes,  General * is, 1:1c.2:'*
Arrears o( Taxes, local   improvement
f 81,827.1 1
Molsons  Dank  Current   A< unt  	
iumlrj   llel.it..rs   	
i 35,300.27
ct.,     Hall ami    Furniture ...
$   5,800.00
.»   7,500.011
Fire   Halls      	
Fire  Alarm    Bystom
Isiii.itii.n   Hospital  	
Other  Properties  	
.     2,300.0!)
$ 24,950.00
Streets  and   Sidewalks                  	
$ 58,000.00
Road Machinery and Equipment	
.   U,«00.00
. 109,286.30
Capital     Expenditure  	
Book    Debts and    St.irk  	
sei 1 sites,  buildings,    furniture,
Savings  Hank   Account   	
Oity   Debentures  purchased   	
....   10,861.16   8839,386.06
I 81,000.00
,|  38,768.04
.    9,168.80   ( 47,936.84
»716,3*68.4 7
Statement School Expenditures 1911
it. n*
Baluriet.   I mn I* -t
Secretary .
l'i luting 	
Grounds  .
Medical Officer 	
Insurance  Renowals
1 hereby certify   thai   the above exhibit is a true   ami
Correct  account  ol School  Expenditures for the year 1911
It.  S.  SqUardbrtggS,  Chairman.
T. W. llradshaw,  Becretary.
Audited and found Correct,
W. T.  STEIN  & COMPANY,  F.  C.  A.
City   Auditors
Pllbll*         High
.$ 11,780.00
1,1811. On
1,923 sa
1(8 UH)
,| 18,630.159
New Year's Party
P. [. I. Elections
(in Monday evening last, Mr, and Charlottotown, P.E.I., Jan. 4. «•
Mrs. Goorgo Garner entertalued a -j-iio provincial elections yesterday renumber of their friends at a New su|t0,i ,„ a complete landslide in tav-
Yoar'S party. The event was ol more t„* 0; t|le Conservatives. Only ono
than usual interest on account of the Liberal is left in the assembly. Hou.
date bolllg also the birthday ot Mrs.'j^ RicbBrJl)| ltudl>r 0| the opposi-
Garner, and tho popular hostess, who y^ wh(J wus returned for th< 8ec.
was charmingly attired lor the occas-' oni ,)lBU.i(.t o( priDCe. In thc other
n.n in a beautiful pink costume, was ,ourtc<,u districts c'ODservativcs were
the recipient of many eongratula- succcl.b(ul, Tbe ,*0uncil election had
tions. the sume result. Only oue Liberal wae
The ovoning  commeuced  with  pro -   returned in the fifteen districts— Mr.
Kiesbive whist, prizos tor which wore   A. McWilhams, wbo also     represents
later awarded as follows:-lst, sliver   the Second District of Prince.
candlesticks,      Mrs.    Boyle;  2nd,    W. I MEMBERS  OF A8SEMDLY
Whitby, the 3rd,  booby prise,    being !    Following are the results ol tbc ae-
Bocured by Mr. Edwards. semhly elections iu the various   con-
During tbo evening Mr.  Juck Boyle   stitueneies:.
favored   the.  company   with   linely  ex-   Prince  County—
ecuted selections on tbe violin. Mr.
Whitby was tunny in his comic song
"I'm Mr, Muggins," while Mr. H.
Hraham sang in tine style "Asleep in
lhe  Keep."   nml      "Thn Banderlero,"
Fust   District—8.  T.  Gallant.
S >n,t  Dis'.rict—
Third  District—A.E.   Artenault.
Fourth  District—James  Keunedy.
Fifth District—J.  A. McNeil.
Mr.  II.  W.   Edwards also contributed   Queen's  Couuty-
witb  funny  stories  and recitations.
Dainty refreshments were served by
the ladles ami  the evening  was  very
much enjoyed by all present. Before leaving several of the guests
spoke of the CRti-em and regard In
which Ml. and Mrs. Garner are held
by the community, and wished Mrs.
darner many happy returns of the
Obarlottetown—W,  s.  Stewart.
First District—M. Kennedy.
Second  District—J.   II.   Huntain.
Third  District—Dr.   Dewar.
Fourth District—J.  B.   Martin.
King's County—
Fust   District—John   McLean.
Second District—A.  Simpson.
Third  District—J.   A.  Dewar.
Fourth  District—A.   P.   Prowsc.
Fifth  District— T.   McDonald.
The returns for  the election  to the
Legislative   Council     are   incomplete.
| lt is conceded however thnt    Mr.    A.
In  loading  a  sleigh  from the skids   McWilhams.   elected  from   the   Second
District nf Prince will be thc only
Liberal councillor. All the other dis
tricts  elected   Conservatives: —
First   District—J.   kirkham.
Killed at Nakusp
the hook with which the sticks are
raised, became free of its load, and
the logs falling back caught the victim Charles  A.   Door,  breaking and
crushing all bis ribs. He was Immediately brought to the hospital at
N'akusp sulTering grent pain, and died
a Couple of hours later. This wns on
December 80th last, ami the news of
bis sudden death cast n gloom over
this fair town and tho New Y'ear's
The decease,1 was employed by thc
Quance Lumlicr Oo of Nakusp in haul
ing logs from  tbe camp to the mill.
Becond   District—A.A.   McDonald.
Third  District—.1.   A.  McDonald,
Fourth   District—M.   McKcnrati.
Pllth  District—Hon.   J.   A.   Mathle-
fon— Exchauge.
Uev. O.   A.   Procunier,  rector. FirBt
and hnd  only  been employed on    the   SunJay ufu.r  Kpipbanv.   Services    as
job a couple of weeks. follows:-8  a.m.,  Holy      Communion;
After the acoldent he wns unable to   u am,   Muttins and Holy  Commun-
give  but little  Information,   but  it Is
inn;      7:30   p.m.,    Evensong;   Sunday
claimed that he had wofked recently sch(,„, al ■, M in the afternoon
for the Dominion Sawmills Co., at
Revelstoke, originally hailing from
Ontario. Tbe deceased was about 40
years of age and leaves n sister Mrs.
A. R. Blackburn of Vancouver, who
kepi an hotel in the terminal city
Coroner Hose of Nelson, who was
Communicated with advised that an
liiquoKt   wns unnecessary.
For  the  Baptist  church  on   Sunday
next.   Rev.   K.   J.   Ch.ive   will    speak
' on   the   (ollowing   subjects—Morning,
I "The  Second  Mile' ;  evening,  "Proving the Gospel."   All  are welcome.
Tbe late Charles Gustave Abraham
son was horn in Sweden on Fenruary
8th, 1S5H. He immigrated to Cana -
da In lv81 nnd along with his brothers   John   and   Andrew,   engaged      lu
contracting for the c.P.R.    between
Winnipeg and Heaver, which occupa -
tiou he followed till 1881, when he
moved to Itevelstoke in the spring of
188S, where he with his brothers
built the Central hotel, where a
strictly      tirst-class    house   hns  hcen
Rev. R. *). Mclntyre, pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m Sun-
do. school nnd Bible class -i at 2*1
p.m. Sermons appropriate to the
season will lie preached. Subject in
evening. "How Old Art Thou." Special music by Junior choir in the
morning. The Senior choir will sing
in tbe evening the anthem "Son ot
My Soul." Epworth League on Wednesday evening nt 8 o'clock, under
thc Missionary department; Junior
choir practice Thursday evening; Sen
ior  cboir   practice   Friday   evening. A
maintained under the name of Abra- eordlal welcome awaits the public at
hamson Bros., ever since  1886, ""  thfs" services.
The Inte Mr. Abrahamson was mar- —	
lied to Miss Josephine  Stone in    the PRESBYTERIAN   CHURCH,
year IS92, from which union there Kpv ,, w Stevenson, minister,
were four children, Oscar, AlUct, SerTicM at u „.m. an,i 7.30 p.m.
Douglas and Ethel. The deceased Tomorrow the Sacrament ol the
was throughout his long resilience at' i,„ra'B Supper will be observed at tbe
Itevelstoke very prominent in all ' murning gorviee. At 2:30 tho Sunday
movements tending to the general SCb„0l and Bible classes will meet,
welfare oi the public ami was Chief There is an organized class for young
of Fire Department No. 1. He was|nlct)i al8„ OD€ for young women, and
of a generous kindly and amiable dis „n >0ung people not attending else-
poBition, un admirable husband, par' where nre cordially invited to become
ent and son, whose loss is most' members. The subject ot thc sermon
keenly felt hy those Immediate rela- ,„ the evening will he "Tbe Parable
Uvea wbo arc left to nourn his lose.   u[ the Soils."
Before you stall out Shopping,
don't fall to read this column.
whieh la bristling with pointers for
tho bargain seeker.
Tbe Outcast is the best show for
tho money ever seen  in Kevelstoke.
McDonald's ding store on (Sundays
will be open from lu to l p.m., and
also in tho evening.
Timothy and Prairie Hay, Oats,
Wheat, Mill Feed, etc., at Bourne
Bows' drug store is open on Sun-
days from 10 to 12 a.m. and 4 to 6
If you do not see tbc Outcast you
will regret it, at tho Star theatre.
Seo the vaudeville and moving pictures at thc Edison the tirst of next
Wo have quite a stock of coal oil
and other heaters in all sizes. These
have to be cleared out thl* month.—
Bourne Bros.
See the Vaudeville and moving pictures at ihe Kdison the tirst of next
MUSIC—Miss Johnson, pupil of A.
Miller. F.R.A.M., London, is prepared to take a limited numlier of pupils for tuition In music. For terms
npply nt the residence of J. K.
Johnson, first house weat ol the hospital.  First street.
Ht. Francis    of    Aasisii      Catholic
church, corner of    Fifth    street   aod
McKenzie avenue.
;->, i '•.'.»- on all Sundays, except
tbe fourth of twit month. Low mass
wltb Communion of tbe Fultbful aft
8 a.m. Hlfh Mass at 10:30 a. ra.,
Christian Doctrine for children at
2:30 p.m. Rosary wltb Beadlction of
Tbe Blessed Sacrament 7:30 p.m.
On week daya—Holy     Maes     ev»ry
ni.'i-nin,-  at  7:30.      Confessions      are
heard every evening after  7:30
In tht mornings before Mass.
J.  0,  McKenzie,  P.
Faust at Opera House To-Night
Sanlord Dodge and company will
present Uotbe'a Faust at ths opera
house tonight, using tbe Sir Henry
Irving version of the play. The stage
crew of the company will be at work
all day arranging thc stago bo tbat
this drama with all of its electric
and scenic eff-acts can bo presented
Mr. San.onl Dodge and his company gave a very creditable per-
l-formance of "The Right of Way" at
the opera houso last night. It is to
l* regretted thnt thoy were not greet
ed with a larger audience as tho play
was Indeed worth seeing
The opera house Is now well heated, ao the public can rest nsiured of
this fact, which can bo testified to
by those present nt laBt night's p-d*
formsnee, , S.\ iTKliAY.   JAN.  btli,  1913,
SATURDAY,  JAN. 6th,  1912.
Head list oi Colonial He* to
Honors-Man) Canadians lr
mayoralty and live minutes for alder
An  objection  was
31-Thc   New   Year'
•   l!..-   i' ,n   le a  short   "iie u,
a  result  "f  the  honors conlerred l>;
King a a ing the durbai. but tno
covers a  wide range ol civil
mts,   polit lolans  and  men ol  dis
t n'tlon, the various pro-fesslons in
.. inm.:       eing included.
.  .:.   :,,  ,s well  reprost nted In    C
coloulal list  which Is headed by Ro  ■
*.    !....: i Boi den, thc Canadian n.   i
. .*■ -in's a  prl\ y  i*..uur.lb   .
.  three peerages are contorted,tl i
Ms being  Sn  Tinana    Ulbsi   I
i ,,i mh b ....   govei noi   ol   Madt us; s
I . toi   main   youi   Ic i
11  ..! the Wi l-l. pul i*   lu tb** In
*   mm. ns   and   Samuel   Hope   Morlc
ivernot  ..; tbe Hank ol Englun
Am.        '        * *     * oi.ma.-  in.*  W
* ui mun ol the Si Ibou
e; Tb ■'" *    Skinnei.    a
*   I'.It., an.l      deputy
ilml.-*.a  Hay  Com
Beechnm    \ alenl Ino
toi   "! the foreign     ite-
■ •• * the   London  Tun.'-.     11.
I:.*:*.   i; ■ ;gai I    tbe  uovellBl;  s.    .1.
land owuei   ol   Eng
ind Canada.
i   *     Canadians    honored    besides
i   * It ■,  are  Col.   John   Mor-
lleut nant govei noi    "f
Joseph Pope, deputy
•• ■   ol  Ext * I nal affairs, who are
•    '.   ■    ' 'ommnndei  ol St   Ml
Ueol ■■■    Thoma    Coop
di putj  minister ol liuati tc
ol  the    Hath; Lieutenant
phe Forget ol  Moi treal
i.   0   .:  ui    Toronto,     both
members ..f the Canadian purliumeni
Knight Bachelor.
lei  Woo,Hey     Prowse   ul      New
ilso  made n I'ompan -
...n    .(  thc  Uatb     Sn   W.  Max   Aitken
Sol i    3col a.   and  Dr.
1 ctcd to fellowships ol
' * •   R iyal   i' median  institul i   « hlle
-    -'  lii.n  ol  Illaatfotd   is  to re
a medal  for specially      I it ng
i '■•  of ability and merit.
raised as t.. the eligibility lor ofllce
ol Mr   Cameron, inasmuch as it  was
declared  that   Ins property  was regis'
tered In his wife's name,  Mr. Camor ,
on was, however, declared (|uallUod<
Tbe arguments ol each eaadidale
cannot ho given In detail, but a brief
gynopsts will give some idea of the
meetings debate. The open city fan
didatos argued that tbo open city
will bring people to town an.l limes
Will be good, Ihere will be plenty ol .
work  for  the  doctors,  Inwyers,   under
takers, policemen, etc., aad who ran
jxpect these to advocate a closed
city'.' Tho closing law is aimed at
the   corking man.  who has not time  tlH' ;->'uu'''H oI
during in.  day to It uent the    bar w "' transportation ol their pro
r n.   wua. will ii* v do on Sunday  <""'«' <" tUo M™in« oontre "' frro"
was  another  tiuostlon,  as  all  people  head, during tbe summer months, .1.
.io not want to ro to church?
little more  to  put   two  kinds  Invar-  a     good pinch of paprika or a tiny
lably  before the family so that    ex-   pinch ot Nepaul pepper.     IMuce them
! tra   relish   might   ho   given   to      this   together  Into  their original      shapes.
part  ol the dinner.
Bel  them In a hot  oven on a b
In  Switzerland ol course cheese    is   sheet   for a few  minutes,   tailing great
■rvi'd ia abundance   It  Is n feature care  tlml   the  broad  does not     get1
Local Items of Interest
from Dur Dwn Correspondents.
In  order  to meet   the  demands
Galena Hay for
Who ln'lp',1 most to develope our
country? The Hud mi's Uny Coin
pany,  and      how    did thoy do  il   bill
with the use of whiskey. (Laughter-)
we believe In tho freedom of the
individual, nnd statistics show that
more liquor is sold in a closed city
than an open one. Saiil nnothiT. the
present meuus "f making money at
-.: 00 *i day is too alow When a man
cull ilean up $16.00 and more eaoh
nighl why hinder bim gambling, besides there is lots ot fun ami good BpOndlng II
Una's. Another saiil. We are just as
aiiMiais to reduce crlmo as raise tho
morals nf (be people as these oilier
gentlemen but tbey go about tt In
tbe wrong wuy, we must educate tbo
1 pie,  etc. I    Christ in.
The closed city candidates said that   town,  the
tho open  oity  brought   lu a  most   an*    the  order
Nelson is putting his linn abeam
launch and carrying equipment Into
commission tor that service. This
boat will also ho available tor carrying   the   mails  and  lor   general   parcel
delivery within n ton mile radius of
Arrowhead ou the lake, at moderate
Ily    till.
ng foil
mean,  it   is  hoped
want   will  be met.
.   ami   Ml.-.   VV.   Slolghthomo   anil
Billy, arrived home on Saturday
theii   visit,   to   thi'   State  of   lo-
i pass d ,.ll quietly in
usual dinner pal ties were
,f  the  day.    Many   of    our
desirable '-lass of I pie, endangering  young     people were to Calgary  and
morula,  property   ami life,  ainl cans    ll.mil. others stnya.l home nml enjoy
ing the lowering ol tin' reputation-ol  ed  themselves
tin* city.   Seattle was used  as aa i",   Christmas
fairly   '
children  tor
Ml .  It..b.il
ai  ilu* home
umplc of the exodus of the Bcum   ol
Boolety   when  the  liil  was on.
Thai civic righteousness wus that
.. Ii.i'li would i'xalt a people and bring
prosperity to any city. It is a
strange thing that if more liquor is
sold ami gambling done In a cloBed
..ly than aa open one, (bat these peo
pie whose business is allected are not Christmas tree
ardent advocates ..{ a  place  thnt   en-
cos   tba   law.   Thai   stat allies      ul-
al   universally   show*   that   an   open
u, '.time and graft  go together.
Ihi' law regulating closing hours is
leal   ami  for any candidate  t" take
the rink
Bervlce at ll o'clock was
attended, especially by the
r   whom   il   w'as   especially
Kidney spent
of his sou m
Bankh'i id.
The best yel was tin' generul ver
diet in regard lo (be Sunday Bnhool
md program held in
st. Stephen's church on Friday, the
a2ud inst, tlie church was sin.ply
packed and muny late comers could
not even ge' In. ISach child, t" (he
tiniest l"t acquitted themselves admirably. We would like to make
iu the markets .it   U n
Inti'ilaken,   too   brown.   Take  out   Ibe slices, dish
Bmmeuthal, Qruyere, Moudun in
ul nil   up,  sprinkle over  with   grated  choose
round   those  districts
A   choose  (ou
lo be lound on tbe choose stalls
rkits   ibis   being    na'
Ited      Mell   an ounce of  butter in
Choose placed  on an
Immense pleco of  pan, and add
of  an  oz.   ot  Hour,
try,    It is cut  in slics and people   sifted,  then Ht if in quiodly  one gill of
about clev-   milk,  and allow the mixture to thick
take the chnnce of going
Oil  o
cluck  in  the morning
lug in eat   a  on, stirring continually with a wood-
When     tho
urge  piece   piping   hot.    overy cucubu on      hiiuuii,    nnen    trie    mixture  has
farm in the Swiss  el Be  mailing dis Cooled,  beat  ia the yolks of two eggs
trlots is distinguished by some kind and 2 oz. ol grated Parmesan or Clio
which      is   its   special    lino,    Italians ddar choose.    Whisk   the      whiles      ol
serve  grated   cheese   willi   soups      as eggs     very     stitlly,  and  incorporate
yvell as  with  macaroni;  they   Intro- Ihem lightly  Into the  mixture.  Sciih-
duco ii  into ihe preparation ol vog on  with n pinch ol cayenno or white
otubles  and  such      growths as   leeks pepper, ainl  pour into a  greased tlre-
and  fennel are      iniuiensily   unproved proof souttlr.    Bake  In  a  fairly  quick
by a dash  of grill
English choeae li
ity,  and  there  are
.1 cheese.
of excellent   qual- ,
many      dillrrcut
oven for about, fifteen minutes, until
of a nice golden brown. When cooked
spriiiKle   over  a   little  grated   chocse.
makes.    People   scarcely   seem   to   an-: This   mixture   enn,   if   preferred,       be
derstand how*  much  moro nourishing [ baked  In small cases  instead ol ono
and easily digested ll is when cooked largo dish.*—Ex.
No one makes n Welsh rarebit   better.—— ■	
thnn the English cook, but  it Ib    a
fallacy to believe  thut   the dish   is es
sentlally English oi that ll is Indigenous of     Wales,   H  originated     al
Mea.lon.   in  lbe  Cuuton   oi Hernc. The
i.ailiil ol thai town, In whose papers
the recipe was (..and. concluded    his  to     purchuse
ii'slrultioiis by  advising those      wbo   lnmls.
served the dish to semi the best wine Oommenelng   at   a   post   planted
round with  it  .nil  tbe  rarebit  would about the south west corner ol Alex.
work  wonders |J.  McDoncll's     application to     pur-
WELSH  KAREBIT. chase, thenco uorth 80 chains, tbence
Cut up i, oz. Cheddar cheese,   Iree west    lu   chnins,   thence   south   8U
from rind  Into small  pieces,  put this chains,   thenco east 40  chaius    aloug
with   half  a   tencuptul   "I  milk  ia       a lake shore to point ol commencement
saucepan  m   small  slewpan.  stir   till containing 32(1 acres more or less,
the cheese is quite dissolved,        add H.  HBFFRON,
a pinch   of salt   and   popper to  taste
Itevelstoke  Land  Bistrict.
District   ol  West   Kootenuy.
Take  uotice that   1,   11.  Hellion,    ol
Arrowhead,  11.  ('.,      occupation   Line
man,   intend  to  apply  lor  permission
be following described
Mock City Council
he stamI ba pen city means op special     mention .•!     the part Santa
in advocacy* ..[ the violation ..f law. clan.- Heralds, by four girls, who In
It means also that  the mayor wh,. is their costumes of  whil,- fins and gilt
about to take     oflloe ami    who will tering tinsel looked the pint as com
swear   that   be   will   enforce   the   laws Ing   from   the   frost   laud,   aad       war
Is prepared to     perjure bimsell   and greatly  applauded by the audience. A
openly  declares so.   if be advocate
When hot stir in. if liked, a well
beaten egg. Continue to stir till the
mixture is smooth, but do not allow
it lo boil. Have ready three slices
of toasted broad, butter ono side and
place on a hot dish. Pour over
quickly   the  cheese  mixture  and serve
Take three slices ■•'. freshly toasted
bread    ami iut int.. neat squares —
about 1;, :a. eat them ..pen, butter
l the cut slices lightly, and sprinkle
Jover wit11 plenty of grilled Parmesan
r Cheddar Cheese.    Season each with
*  ■■■ I ng meeting
Kpworth  League was held  in the Mi
-    • urch mi Wednesday evening
Th.* .' •   enship department hud decld
■    • the program for the evening
tl •    .lection  "t a  Moclt
Ex-Mayor     Lindmark     wbb in the
I  • \;m ■   thing   "I  the
• ■■ .*- a: v  t.. he .,  mun-
■* ■.   ind the propel t\
■   i candidate for m . ...r
ria   name ••; tin  city
•elected   fas Boi indei  - upec
Ibis city it  was
■ .-•■:   bad  for yeai « Ide
ovetnt 11     was started
meat ol law nnd
thai  would
il  conditions    i '
'   •:. '
• ■ *       .
: ipi  -    rere duly tilled
lowing candidati
.   .•    closed   ot  open
. q*en City- Candid ite li r May-
Mi    W.   .1    Dav,,-,  :..r aldermen,
I    Mt.  Percy (Milord,  S    Vins-
-    * R u 1   I   .1
I.    ■
Foi late foi  Ms
•;      '       d tor aid
'.. Wai It. J. ;
Mclntyre,    E I,  Corley;    w ,: |
tiBg    I   il   M.    \: '■•'. en-
\ ;.'.nt meeting
• me
i an open citj. can you trust  such    a
'man in the mayor's chair. Tht hotels
land pool  looms and dance halls are
for  n  consideration  granted  certain
privileges,  it     they      are  honest men
they won't take more than tbey paj
for   it they are not honest,  the    city
,ought to teach them it pays    to be
Fathers, sons and othoi   workmen
, bt '" a.' w,tb tii
Sundays.   Tin   fnmllj   da)    ■'■"•■ men
are free from t>        r ■ keep
er ought  t" huve  ti -     Sundnj   I
which In* i ■■* ' ■ hoi men do that
*  in* works - the week
The election  told ■•
and resulted  as lolli <
Pol   May,.:    Mi     k    . am
Aldermen   for      Ward   I    1     *. ■'
H    Maxwell.
W.,1 ,;  . .     l;      I,   M.Int* :.■
Ward  I—J. C
Thi   council   •  . com
\  bill  Ior      pi
Susannah Dol
ferred to the Hi..
Tin- *
iCtloll was taken and the sum of
{10 was realized to be used in dc ■
fraying expenses ot the tree. Mill, w. Swerdfager as Santa Clans.
made much tun aad merriment, ami
needless t" say this was the part
that was enjoyed most by the child
\ftet the chlldrens' good night
chorus ami Cal Save the King, the
evening's fan ended ami one ami all
lelt feollng that au evening spent
with tin* cbildn *
and  profitably  spent
'    fht
LOST       Bet
- .
rewai .    ■   •
the office irf t:..
'• ■   Company
.  ■ ituflt      used    much
ent t
■   ■
■   •
I'er W.P'. Ogilive, Agent
Dated   this  2Sth  day   of  November,
i'UI, tirat IssueDecii.
Itevelstoke  Land   District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notico that 1, Alex. J. McDonell, of Hevelstoke, It.C, occupation Hotel Proprietor, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following  described  lands.
Commencing nt a post planted near
the north yvest post of Lot TM::, east
of Oape Horn, nenr the south yvest
coruer of T L. 18498, thence nortll
SO chains, thence wist 80 cbuius,
thence south 80 chnins, tbence east
SO chains, along lake shore to point
of commencement, containing M0
acres more or lesB.
I'er W.F. Ogilive, Ageut
Dated this 28th duy of November,
I'.'l 1. lirst issue Dec. 2nd.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol  West  Kootenay.
Take notice that l. Ralph Parker,
of Revelstoke, It. ('.. occupation hotel
clerk, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at it post planted near
II. HeSron's south west corner, being
the south-west point of Ralph Parker'- land, thence east 10 chains,
thenco north 20 chains, thence west
10 ehains, thenre south 20 chains,
along lake shoro to point ot commencement, containing (orty acres,
more or less.
Dnted this 28th day ol November,
Dec.2, I'er   W.F.   Ogilive,   Agent.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rd.sbifl Him. )i regulator) osttt lalli. TIicm
pillj nre excetdtnglv p twcil-il in regulating tho
generative p " n < f tin- irnudp *\«t.'in, Ketu?e
■ll cheap Imitation!    Dr. <U Tan'e are Bold at
k'i •     \. nr llirce (<»r fin,   M»ile<l to any iddnUe
Tii« -.oii.-it in nt Co., Ht. rMharlnee, OnU
Wednesday, Jan. 10th
C.   P.   Walker   Presents
And Company
Richard i>insley Sheridan's
Brilliant Comedy
The Rivals
Elaborate Scenic Equipment
Handsome Costumes
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B, C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
A. G. DUCK,   ■ Electrical Store
Day Phone-284 - Night Phone. 40
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke. B. C.
Sold by Hobson & Co
Shihhb Cure
(I.iii 1.1 v   -.to;., i ....itli*,.   run**,  cold.*   lunti
the (br'.nt .od lund..       .   •   •       2.1 . - >.i.
'>. -1 ».
\ i :   fV    V) '   f
Thr Brocken Scene       Sundford DodgcGj
Opera House, (To-Night)   Saturday,   |an,
pped   with ilie l"'st   horwi and
md liiiifvrau'' to any
and HkM teaming a specialty
I-. McCauty, Proprietor
Phone 201
12-inch and 16-inch lengths
Furnished House on 3rd st. To Rent, $20 a Month
Apply for particulars to thc undersigned
ll'HOKK JT'>
Ollice on Second Street, next to Cummings Transfer Ollice.
* \>-      *
To the People ol Revelstoke District
Hurtled ic ..in  l . ti
■■ ' t.il I'ui'ip   " ii" Imi'
' nn.
..in   i*. *  tlianki t.i
..( -ai ibltii mii
* .|.|.    ..u'i   rm i • '•. .it
- . i    ..1,. I.
'   *   ;*'' *   ■      Mi'
perl "t   iMiit'ti
11, tn* • i ■
ii I on •   i   ri ' •■   ind
U.....I   .m.I    linn
• ..nr    Kiltotnlni   Rra.ln
i'.,..tm      i'* !";• ''I* I Fm        ' "'■
.hi.: ■ mil hwi in tii<- i ii
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
i. i m i
' j .. ii. -H\". i'i
And Still  They Go!
Hevcfal Sccouil-llaiiil I'hinua good a-, new,
Mptrlil line "I mull goudi lm Nin.is.
\ l.ntin   i*n in; I* I, muilcal Instrument
.\-~ii ni i.n ..iiv intuits! Inrtrument in lhc world and we i.m Kd ii.
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Have Been Used With Success
l-'niir generations havo improved them until they have ny
Keep your liorsos, cattle and other stock insured by hav«
ing mi hand a supply of l'ottie's Remedies.
Sold in Revelstoke by ARMSTRONG & CO,
SATURDAY,  JAN.  6th,  1912.
BATtJRDAV,   JAN   6th,  1912.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manaoer
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000 REST, -   $8,000,000
With its large number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of tbe world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins,.roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Record uf Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
Reserve   -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
$ 3,1)00,001)
* 4,0o0,000
Has 83 Branches In Cnnatia. and Agents and Correspondents In all
the i'r in r.i iini Cities in the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoko Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors Anli=Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous I'ene-
taiiR Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harnoss Makers
Smokers' Supplies for Xmas
The ul'l irliaMc m.w has the largest ami best line ol Smokers'
Supplies ever in the City, und our prices nre ti^ht. Fiftj brands
ol ciKHrs to choose from.   Price In m $1.1"per box up;   not made
It Mil scrap either.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
i Uir stuck   oi   Calabash   I'ipcs  is  small   on   account   ol   tbc
crop beiug a {allure tbis >ear and qualit) poor.
Briar Pipes in cases (rom 91.00 up.
Ask for the lam,uis II. I>. B.   brand.   Bvery   pipe   is guardli-
Cigar ami Cigarette Holders, t'.i-rs and Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Trays and Pipe Racks. Tell us what you want and «c will
unit mu. tf you cannot call, phone 37 and goods will be sent t,,
jour luuiic I'or approval.    Buj early while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows him, he will
toll you that the whiskeys we are
sidling arc the bent. Call mid lie
convinced. No household should
be without a Kttpply of (in Harvey's Speolal Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapin Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
llll years old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines mul Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold by all
the leading hotels or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importer* and Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Clgarsttss
Wait for no man or woman. Don't get
McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. UALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
At the Hotels.
Arrivals  lor  tba  week ending  Fri
day. December 2'Jtlr.
T. M. White, New Brunswick.
Capt. Robertson, Arrowhead.
-MisH J. Parent, Nukusp.
K. Q,  Daniels, Kaslo.
A.   P.   Smith,  Kuslo.
.1.   1,.  Normcr, Nelson.
J.  A.   Smith, Notch Hill.
J.  li. Mahoney, Calgary.
Q,   RawBic  and   wil,',  Collingwood.
(J. W. Fullerton, Kdmoutou.
0. Jork, Rodgers Pass.
11.   I'roctor,   Vancouver.
Pred  Sanders,  Vancouver.
J. I'. Gay, Vancouver.
Miss Bl.  MulBonelf, Arrowhead.
Wm.  Moson, Arrowheud.
Kate Bostocd, Kamloops.
Ed. Mallagbrau, Arrowhead,
Mr. and Mrs. c..i. Haddock, Van
li. 8,  McCannel, Regiua.
A. Melnnes,  Hegina.
W,   II.   Stewart,  Regina,
Mamie Stewart, Region.
lti'iiu Stewart,  Regina.
A.  L.  Morrison,  Arrowhead.
J. M. Hurrltt,  Vancouver.
it. ti. Patterson, De
Arrivals lor week ending
4th, 1912:—
0, Pranson, Calgary.
P. Anderson, Oaigary,
R.  A. Noble, Calgary,
H. Parmer, Calgary.
A.   llennick,  Calgary.
P, Heiinick, Oaigary,
F. Somerville, Malakwa
Anbroe,   Kamloops.
F. Fullerton, Vancouver
N.  Preston, Calgary.
Q, Pidicks, Rogers 1'uss.
P,   llumeniuk.   Rogers  puss
John Richard, Chase.
,1. Murphy,  Kamloops.
0,   Collins,   Kamloops.
One two or four seat 1'ord Runabout,
Motor mul chassis in la si class order,
leather upholstery almost us k°oi! as
new, Wains possibly mi.o spent on it
tor new water loolei* uuu a tyre or two
turn the uiacliintj would be as good us
new. Will take #00 cash lor tl here.
with lumps, pumps ,mil lubricating oil.
ll you wuni ii iiiiieliini* non t miss mis
snap.    Address
H. li. DR8W,
Camborne, li. C.
fc.    G.    BURRIDGE
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pfp«
and Furnace work
and Mrs. ll. O. Massnlng, Ver-
and Mrs. J. A. M..Million, Cres
und  Ml
tnsle, Sask.
F.   M.   Ulake,   Vausouvet.
Geo.   Grobe,   Vancouver.
J. 0.   Shield, Culbury.
Cbus.  Rcddock,  Culgury.
Arrivals lor  ihe week ending  Junu-
ury 4th,  1918:—
F. Fleshmau, Vancouver,
Jumes  E,  Huyes,   Vancouver.
0. A.  Jameson,  Vancouver.
J. A. Kcndu.l, Tntt.
R.  Rowc,  Arrowheud.
Chas.   Rtddiek,   Calgary.
M. Thompson, SicumouB.
Vi.  Gowun,   Cardstou.
E,  W,  Sbutfot-il, Vaucouver.
Mrs. W.ll.  Fleming,  Greeuwood,
0.  P. Uamestcf,  Diidulo'
it. li. iiarkin, Arrowhead.
A.  J.  Kinneor,  Sicamous.
T. 8,  Hay,  Vancouver.
0.   U.  Ireland,   Salmon   Anu.
S. L. Bryant, V'uucouver.
N.  Baptie,  Vancouver.
M.  J.  Cork,  Arrowhead.
W,   L.  Crawford,  Rogers  Pass.
G. H.  Kdwards, WalachlDC.
H. Parsons,  Winnipeg.
G.  G.   Cody,  Vaucouver.
G. Vi. Fullerton,  Kdmonton.
E.T. Tbompsoii and wife -Vancouver
ff.  W.  Bradly, Nelson.
R,  Rowe,   Arrowhead.
li. R. lluttler, Summerlund.
A. Parker, Veznon.
A. Huydcu,  Vernon.
I..  M.  Johnson,  Malakwa.
C.  A. Morris, I'cuticton.
Mrs.  H. F. Mundy. Three Valley.
B. Brandish.  Enderby.
M.  Connotly,  Bund.
Thos.  Taylor,  Victoria.
Arrivals tor    wick ending Friday,
December 29th:
n. ii. HiHreu, Arrowhead,
G. K.nit..n,  Stannous.
C. Gcrurd,   Sicamous.
J. H. Burrows,  Sicamous
U.      "block,  Golden.
A. li.  ,'tukin, Camp Three.
J. Gbw, RoJgerB Pubs.
J. Wilson, Vernon.
Vi.  lirick   and  wife,  Arrowheud.
J. Gnrdin. Vancouver,
J.  Wilson,   Vernon.
J. 1).  Mahoney. Culgury.
Q.   Kauhar.l,  Armstrong.
A. Swauson, Arrowhead.
J.  Davis, Notch HUH
J. IK Muboney. Caleossc.
lill   lidgc,  Denton.
II.  A.   Johnson, Nelson.
J. H.  Mcintosh,  Bpokune.
0,  Bwsmoo, Wigwam.
Allan   Wilkie,   Nukusp.
Thomus  Wilkie,   Nakusp.
Arthur Wilkie, NukuBp.
\iii\.iis t,.r week sndini  January
Ith,   JU12.
J* A. Lewis, But,.. Man,
r* j. Mellon, Button,
II.  Kennedy.  Beaton.
.1    II.  Wilson,  Halcyon.
Mrs.   A.8.    Abbit.*n,   Cruigullcrlu-e.
II    Kirk und son, Arrowhead.
l-'riitik   King,  VaOOODVSr,
Mis.  Mundy,  Three  Valley,
Mrs.  Welsh, Three  Valley.
0 vi. Oartwrlgbt, Ottawa
J.   (.'.   ('autts,  Toronto.
k   \   Winter bsrg, Vancouver.
Ann.,1h  tor      week  ending   Friduy,
December 2'Jth:
I'eter  Manor, Rodgerg PaSS,
Nick   Manor,  Rodgcrs Pass.
G.  O.   atratifler.  Westport,  Out.
lv   J. Dusautry, llodgers  Pals.
T. Klrieslu, Calgary.
Toney   retry,   llulilui.
M. II, McAulay, Rodgsn puss.
Vi    Melville,   Rodgers   I'iiiin.
C,   Jones,   Nelson
•I.  I'ornnck. Calgary.
J.   Dusautry,  Rodgers Past.
Q,  Haas on, Arrowhenn.
iir,'    iv   Palmer,  Moose  Jaw,
1 Hi own.  England.
.1. Corinb k, Calgary.
Mike  Black,  Winnipeg.
It. LusaH, Rodgers Pass.
V   Danieb, Rodgsn PnB«.
B. Kuoillrk,  Rodgtri  Pass.
i    Wi,it.,,   Rodgers Pass.
F   T.iyli.t    OoidSO,
H. J. Brctlori, Rodgers Pais.
Geo. Fuley, Duluth.
SYNurold   Ui-  bu»tL nimiHG
Coal mining rights ot tlie Dominion
in   Manitoba,   Suskutcliewun   and   At-
1 bcrtu,   the   Yukon   Territory,      iho
1 North-west Territories und in a por
tion ot tbe Provinoe of British Col
uuibiu, may be leased lor a term ot
twenty-oue years at an anuual rout
nl of il an acre. Not more than
2,660 acres Will bc IcuBOtl lo one up
I Application for leusu must be made
by   the  applicant  In  person    to    the
'Agent or Sub-Agent ot tlie distiict
iu which the rights applied toi are
ln .surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions ot sections, uud iu uu-
BUrveyed territory thc tract applied
lor shall bc stoked out by the ap
plicant,  himself.
| linch applicant must he accompan
iei by a lee ot J5 wbich will be re*
funded il thc rights applied lor aro
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty Bhall bc paid on tbe merchantable output of the mini* at thc
rate ol live cents pcr tuu.
The person operating tb" iniuo shull
furnish tbe Agent with sworn returns
'accounting for thc full tuiuutity ot
merchantable coul mined and pay the
'royalty thereon. If tbe coul mining
rights ure not beiug operated, such
returns should bc furniBlied at least
once u your.
The louse will include the coul tnia-
mg tights only, hut tho lessee muy
be permitted to purcbaBo whatever
available surface rights may bo con-
| sidcred necessary for tho working of
thc mine at the rate of J10.UU nn
For full information application
should be mndo to tho Secretary    ol
[the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
ot Dominion Lands.
W.  VV.  CORY,
Deputy  Minister of tho Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized  publication    ot
this  advertisement   will   not   he   paid
WOOD!       WOOD!
I have 10(1 Cords of (ireen
Birch Cord Wood for sale at
$3.50 per Cord
on the cars
Canoe P. 0.
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Revelatoke
SELKIRK      LODGhl  12,   1.  O.   O. F.
Meots every     Thursday evening   in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock.     Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
J.   8.  HOOLEY,  N.  G.
JAS.   MATHIE,   Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BKOBIK,    No. M61.
OP I. O. P.
Meets in I. a O. P. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera Houue  evory   second
and lourth Monday  iu  month.   Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
U. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.  B.  OAMERON,   Rec.-Ssc.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain View Gamp, No. 22t.
Moots Second    and     Fourth  Wednesdays    in  each month  in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially Invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Coa. Com.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K.  ot    P.,
NO.   26,   REVELBTOKE,   B.   O.
Meets overy  Wednesday except   the
Third Wednesday of euch month     In
Oddlellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially  Invited.
J. Y.  8IMPB0N, O.  C.
O. H. BROOK, K. of R. * B.
M. ot F.
KOOTENAY      LODGE,  No.  \a A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfollows' Hall
on ths Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W. B. ROBBRTBON.  Becretary.
Barristers,  Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank  Building  Revelstoke, ll. O.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—Rovelstoke,   B.   O.,    aad
Cranbrook, B. O.
(Jeo. 8. McOarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
. . It Might Be Cold. .
It is always hot in tlie plunge at Halcyon Hot Spring,
whose natural not medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent* Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verilied by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor.
Halcyon. Arrow Lakes
«—■■■■■■■■■■ OPEN  NIGHT AND DAY"""—■—■—■»■
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant — Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR.        -        .^Manager.
Provincial  LaDd  Suveyor,
Mining Survsyor,
BOX    106.
From Jan. 2nd
All Prices Reduced,
Ladies'    Tailoring   Our
Fit Guaranteed
Opposite Csntrsl Hotel
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosuhonol rniouaa-wyntn* in ti,t iMi
 " '    III |ir *pti  Ulii    m . n.l fir.
vltn a ml Vitality, rtrniKtmedrray nnil all Reallll
ttrtkneu avlit-r-i it .nrt. rhoipho-aot * ll
mika roil i ii,*, mi.mi I'm. e in a Imi. or two lor
II. '( "■*'■*, .,.!•„ . th* Booboll Drag
Co.. SI. «'»ii,»i I„••. Ont,
Bold at Macdoaald's Drug Btore.
Packed in
GO 4   o pound
In enramni mtl >n r>f tie coronation of
Kin^firdtyr \V" KldffWiyt" biVtpUl nn the
m.irut a or nat'-Mi tin ol n inn-t pfi tumqut
uwtf dtthr*] btnitnirefccc Itm 1 t.tiimu
ol Kim* iswrrc V, l»ncrii Mar) InHthC Prime
ol rttlefc   Bpci lil i .ii" '^ hivr \    n tl ■■ ri < I
nn i '>W
rc'Ttcnlir^* ( tniMt ...... Ah:., Au»trtlUl
('nly a HThllrt ntinJtrr blfi bflll InpOltod*
I'riup 'Min. I t I nt;  « und ti tl
H. J. McSORLEY, Proprietor.
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
Central Hotel
11 ■
-      ■-   —     ^..-.. m^^^tm——m^ss—^——m»
Abrahamson Bros., Props. ]
Enlarged   end Improved.    Firet-Claen in every reipect.    All modern conreniSBCSI
Large Hample Koome.
Ratfrs ^2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
W.      H.      WALLACE
P. 0. Box 146, Uevelstoke, B.O.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
F. D. Box 31, Revelstoke
Lalo Polisher of Howson's
Furniture Store
Repolifthes.   Makes Old Furniture
Estimates Freely Given.
Drop Card in Post Office
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
Telephone Huime No. 07
Telephone Ctiuiii No. 2lo
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Union   Hotel
JUST m:\vi.v repaired
$1.50 PER DAY
Weekly ami ttiontlih rat,- f> be srrsnged.      Meal Tickets, -1 meali int $6.00
A. 1'. LKVKSQUE   Proprietor
. . . lUlm&sor Ibotel IRcstauiant
European plan
Aontbty Soatft
Open S)a\: an? Wlflbt
/Real IHchets. $0.00
Xauobton & Cn-pptno, props. "'ffiS^,
.Satisfaction  guaranteed
Agent   for   Flexitime   Electric:
Residence Oor. :trtl Ht. and Rolwonare
Shop in Alley bsckol K. J. Bonrne'i
Stun-, l'irit Street
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's-
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,   Agent.
Hpecisl Ait«n, i ),.— to rommsrclil
men snd touriatn. Fint-rlsai sample
rooma. Kineat arwnery in Uritith Colnsa-
bis, OTerlookinu Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Fruit Lands
Gslenn Hsy lands in parcels of
10 or i;0 acres or en bloc. Corrw
pondence invited,
John Shaw. Agent
Box 616 Arrowhead
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42  -   Night Phon« 83 SATURDAY,  JAN.  bth,  1912.
SATURDAY,   JAN.  Gtli,   1912.
Mr, Lindsay U esbyterlan stud
ent) held Borvice at the ball ou Now
Year's Dny. Tbe attendance was not
.ill thut could lie w -bed, but pre -
Bumably the cold snap prevented
some ol our Edenere trom venturing
out, _,
Mr, Linnsay is not iiiute certain
yet when he will be removed t" Rutland,
That rtw hundred population ib
worrying Bome "I tbe antlers. Does
.t Include Three Valley nnd TattV
The population ,*( tho Malakwa
School District (fri m Bowie Bection
House to Cradgellaclile Btatlon, some
eight inih'si in i-."'.
We wonder if any medical man bat
heen prospecting here lot a suitable
■ "ti and decided thai his chances
..; n practice berc are sn decidedly
slim that lie would bave to till out
bis time and gain a livelihood by
work on tbe government road.
No speculators iu hotels have
,-howii up yet either. With strenuous
opposition, by the majority "i tho
residents, to n license bere, n hotel
With an average ol one visitor por
week would hardly he a paying proposition,
Everybody Is wondering what tbo
paragraph relntiug to Mr. J. MUou
Is all about. "A Settler" cannot
have heen long in the valley, or be
would have .nhle,I a little to the average depth ol biiow nnd to the thermometer record. The snow fall is a
little less than in Revelstoke and
thc glass is always a few degrees
above that showing in that town iu
Mr.  and  Mrs.  t>.  IS.  Finacaue are
the proud  parents of n Une  baby girl
horns  on   Thursday  riorning  of thc
New   Year-
H. Bruhn waa ., visitor to Salmon
\rm   on   Wednesday,
1,. M. Johnson nnd B, P. Sumor-
ville arc among tbo many exhibitors
at  the RevelBtoke Poultry show this
rden of Eden
Situated at MALAKWA. B. C.
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20*000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
Character of Soil fed, wh,pd?' clay Loam -an- Vegetable
liie on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn Inwi limn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
IWI III KJdlU II   irrigated, and many creeks supply water tor  Domestic purposes.
Tins Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Glilliate   Zero is  Average Winter Weather.
Pricks of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. (i.. Watch this Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
Rdltor Mall-Herald:—
Dear air,—Tbo Valley ol the Llitnl-
en ol Edeu in just emorglug Irom the
holiday season, many sweet morsels
have heen prepared only to he de -
voiired Iiy the good people ol this
lu'aiilil'ul valley. Swell tables have
been loaded with every conceivable
dainty dish. Dinners were given mi
Christmas day hy K..I. Bosoly and
wife, assisted by Mrs. R.A. Ooppock,
.Mr. I''.. BUHcson and wile, Mr. and
Mrs. (itlo Johnson, Ml', and Mrs. A.
S. Aldertou and .Mr* and Mrs. Kile.
All reported a good tune. 'I'n linlli
the outer aiid inner man Ihis New
Year's Day wus being eelehruted ut
the homo Ol 10. Kricson, ,1. W. Chan
cillors and others. Verily, the liar
ia nl lOdcn's a valley ,,[ plenty and
good brotherly feeling ai the festive
Beasou,   '•,. ate   a     community     ol
gen,ial good fellowship and have lew
troubles to mar our gentle natures.
So let us begin  the New  Vear.
Uut there is a cloud hanging ovei
tbc home of .1. Mizon whose wile
has lieen very ill lor these many
months, is still very weak ami shows
little signs ot Improvement. She
heats her sufferings bravely with the
best ol bopes for the future,
It is reported that, our Missionary,
Mr. Lindsay, is about to leave us.
la* has oulj lieen witii us a few mon
Ihs I'UI. >n this shun time has en
dcared himself to tin' hearts ul t.he
people su (hat we are sorry Lo see
han go. .nal eaa only wish him sin*
Cl I in his new held. We are not in.
termed its lo who will take bis place
Mr. Scott, the missionary at Taft
and Three \ulle\, we understand, is
ahout to open a BCbool at Tail, maj
success attend him in his eflorts.
Mi. i'. K. Somerville has resigned
bis position as teacher ol the Mala
Uwa school and Ihe new teacher, wo
understand, is a lady from Salmon
Ann, wm have uot yel learned bet
With New Veal Greetings lo all, 1
am ever llie same,
THt 9TO1
jand drink.    Nana   is one  •*(   11
■ |e blgbly  landed  by a  nied i al t>tud
—'— ,; .    Thtthei   one     day    come       bj
A Ime Story of life Tolil in • • ■ "■ paui ivn        'i,lul
* antkropist,  whos ■ t los   ntuuj   ■"  ua
Hoyino hcturcs       Uw ****i"'',,ed u,[u to,|",iv:"""
•m >:,  ludgmeul  <•:  the t burnt
Diflerent     persons  bave  necessarily *.    ,,,,.,-im    n, tbo buxom
■' rent   Unites,  tan  there  is ., class m eg ll,.,*,,..,th i,,,-   *.•:.,.*■ .
which appeals to all clas- i ..at.-  in Bymputhy   ■
-    I  moving picture theatre     pal fortunately  placed   thuii  i.* ■   •
* -.      And s pictui         ''mh a |„. prevail* upon bei  l
that  whieh *■  .     ■■ ihowo , tutlon.   The   deinni I                  •"'
•  •■     - •  ;  ,>,,*.,tre iai  Monday Jan
■    ■    :. ,.-,*!.   why   it   « 111   I"'     ap
v  every   moving      I "';'*' '   : b I  ar    Boi
i, fie fact  thai the  -tory \,,un  installed
• - ,'. -   it jusi  "tie id  those ov ,... ,,,,
vhich bave happened In tn.' Il\ ■*,,,, amanuens
-     :    •*  many,  and   is Bttllhappet ■..■tit  hand
every day, and whieh exemplifies   the menj  tin,;
■'. Dryden'a assertion that' Not n,,, doctor  ■
• • '    ,*■*•.  the  pant  bas pow- in.tte,' stating  that
b ,n the i ■■   ol most    ' anything  bappe
■t oui   history  which Mn*s  that  S'ai i
■     ■-      Id       l»t OUt  COUld  *                  do ageless     i'l.        Pl
■ ■>   ,**.     : f-f .    -   tb       .a. -■ .*. ni.
-.-•                 •                   " il'd* and  at   the   m>" '
I    rbe Out ma, after «omi
rt Isrni!                    ■" seats t" take   ■[* I■•
■ •-                                             »j the     institution     I
• .    -         -•      t to tbi            •* .• n.,' rouimitt.-'  ,*••
*■ • grot ii.,'Ions    tod  *
.*.'..•.',        . [real  asqutsH.* n
• . itter,  ii:   •■■ tni                     I ,* *.-.■•
- Jt»( ion to otben • ••*. iron ber
. ■> •  .       .*         s work an ••
msnitj                          • - *   ,.- ■ ind the inin a.
uta)          * bm amongst
,   •• |,a. *                 I bei .          ,;.:   -* *., roui  icl ■
■   .'"•     n, *. *      •                                                    ner r.
-  -. t, gives  bei    iei    ibotoi   *
illt we cannot rei i                 undolni
*,ii   ting   tbi    in.,-    '..■*.. ,i seller,   and   In   tin*   e.,'ir>"*
*.**. •   mnnnei         ■ I *       I :..*r visit*, to tbt       Iatiranl
.*, .* ■ ,•*•    j thsrn. Thi -    .*- *.:.*■   -.a ,,  •*,! merlj   tat ■ mi
-,...;    *    ,  ,   •    ■ i,.* •..,   .                  lent we hit ••■ previous
*   from  titsi   t,.  last.   Ul       * elerreil     to     •*,*, n,.* pbott
■ ■
•I. *■
and  th*- '
i hope, en routs "■ ;••
■    ■        nre ms     '* '■■ •'     ""* 'Md rscogntst    irhotn ihe original ih
■  . •    enl   mport has    **■'■   " ide He proci     ■     tbe Institution    ind
■ *■„,.  nnd a"'  once  is .'  left  to   m endeavorn to ." '  Nnne to g" imrk t,,,
-  *   *     t.i «niin.s,* that anything hei   old  life,    Ihi   refuses,  and     tbslwomati   ■ tl   •  pas
tl .      is apparent to the on student leaves, vowing vengeance  Hi '   ■'
..   R supposed to tak,- plate, as concocts a utorj dealing with Nana'* been won over, *.*-  .,,,
,,,. •,.,.,.t I., have t*. >ay it.     so past, which he causes t,, ,.- publlsbsd.ei  powei Ioi   ■
• ilt.i, thi  case   ■; a ti"   '.I'm',   Indeed, In a local paper, and then sends   II   'oi evil
the liltn iienrn Iln* hail mark ol clean with an anonymoui Isttei to tin*',an
lin-wu  ot  treatment   wiit   large   upon mlttee.   Nana m fntui by  them with
t     Tbe aetiug  throughout  Is of thc the fael.H contained In the story and
nt.   one,'   alimits   that   hei    |,nHt.      tine
hwii  revwildd.      In  a  Hue  Hecn,.,   it    .,
highoRt order, ami nothing Bnei that
tliC   hrightd to     which   some    Of    the
'fading characters attain dining the
pief could  he  desired.
In the opening ocene we ure Intro ■
• luc-eil   tO one of  I had  type of  restaur I Nana  lo of n shall"*   nnl'in*
in(   ,,,,h   I..,,  prevalent   In  continent-   women  members,  whn lormei!
Pretty Gypsy Gets $150
'She'!   pretty,
Immediately made apparent  that  the her arms sre tatooed,"   toveiitj   ast
love   wlit'-h   the  nu'inhnrH of   the  com old   JoMpb   fling  > '   I 'Id   thfl   Md
mltteie     proleas to entertain   towards l.rnte  In   .Inmalen   I'oliee  ( ourl   Id 04
rhe plaining ho*   hi   bad  hi spar nti i
nn Irom 'I'.n
Fresh Milk For Sal<
SOAP      sii.M'   - SOAP—Tha Rev
elstoke Meat Market has just opened up a fresh shipment ol Swift's
[among soaps, among whieh are the
Wool Soap—'lhe Pride soap—the
Laundry soap- toilet soaps also. The
Pride cleaner, The prices for these
soaps are right .-o don't (all to call
nnd inspect this great variety bi tore
purchasing yonr Christmas s.eips.
Drlquttti I now in order early.
Rovolstoke General Agene.es, i.td.
is  herchj   given  lhal     undei
and pursuant   to the  powers ol sale
contained In acertalu  Mortgage dated -'.md March,   1902, made  n\  Char
rn ni'.-a* t" Lucy Law and by ber
'assigned  lo Patrick  Hums by  [nden
tun   dated  2,1th   Match,   I'm:,,   tint,   i
ollered lor sale by tendei  Lol  u 17 In
Group imi',  Kootenay  District, save
md   except    in acres   therenl   eompris*
■■ i ,n Certificate ot Title No. U06RA,
-m .. .| .,; ,i*, ntttlnl
ibout i ." ute:, ami being situate
near Trout Lake City lu the District
■ : West Kootenay.
rendei addressed i" the under
Dol ' Hon f,,i tiie Mortgagee,
Patrick Hums, will i,e received up ta
ia I i'liu,'   th,' Mtb day   of   N'oM'Ill
* .ish
Dated this   Ird day "t November,
'   Revelstoke, it c
ll„i ■' .    dcCai tit   ami  rnikhiim,
I.a   I'uli,, k   Hm i.
i.n   t    hat'     "li    wh'l'h    lenders
■ a *i ol Decemhei
11 will pay you tn
niiikc ;i call '''lu
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer innl Exporter
OM Town,   -  Revelatoke, B. C.
Ittfort bu) mg 'amt oui
lit   of   wi.'l.ii*., I   '
hn th,' hiiib. I make a
IpKllIt) ol Logging
Shoe*,, Pants, Bo«, Shirt*
Hi.mket**, nnil everything
r«<|itirediti'."iit bufltni M
,i cities    vheie the 'leml  motides nre  braced     Iter
the  atttnrtinn   rather  than  the food'Shrink from ber a
II    Ml
.del oi vi i im*. j   Dangoi i   * I.** foi  mh   ha*
would  (loin   With   11 mil    i Id   i m ,i
Box 691,      Revelstoke iVJ'.^.V....;."^.*
, i'», , ..1,1,.   h*>«l#
Navi|;;iblc Waters Protection Act
K. s. c. Chap. 115.
Notice is hereby given that the
Gibbons Lumber Company, Limited,
have applied to tlie Minister ,,: Public Wot;,., im Canada lot permission
tn construct an Aerial Tramway Irom
Dominion Timber Uertb 316, over
the Columbia River to connect with
., ..ding ..; ih. Kevelstoke uu I Arrowhead brunch ,,f ihe Canadian Pa
eiiie Railway Company, and bave de
posited win, the sail Minister ol
Public Works copies of plans and de
scrlptlon ol site oi such proposed
work,   and   have   also   deposited   with
ihe District Registrar of Lniv' rules
l,,r Kootenay at Nelson, li.i'., duplicates of such plans anl description ot
Date.i November -Mid, 1911.
Macdonald, Honeywell fi Graham,
Ottawa, (int., Agents ti,.* li. S.
MoOarter, Reveletoke, D. <'.. s.dic-
itoru lor the Applicants. N.L',", 30d.
In the Matter of an Application lor
thu issue ,,( a duplicute Certificate oi
Title lo Lot in, Block 21, being port
oi Section 2i and ji, Township 2J,
Range 2, WtHt oi tin* i.th Meridian,
Town  ol  Uevelstoko,  Map ft'ittA.
Nolh-c   is   hereby given that it iH   my
Intention to Iuhuo ut the expiration
ol one iiiniith afiei the Inst pn I .,
tion hereof a duplicate of the Cer-
lilu'ale   of   Title   to   Ihe   above     m-n
tloni 1 i,,t  in the uatiiM 01  iTredericka
I     le,   .vli. h   1 ertlBoate  is  dated   the
Lib  day  ot October,   1800,  and  num
i.mI   i.II.IA.
Haled 1 li.m l.llh day ot Noveniher,
l'.Ul,  Nelson  II.C.
SAMIT'T.  It.   ROB,
District  Koglstmr.
Hew li toke   Land   Dlstl ll I.
District of West Kootonay,
Take notice  lhat  1,  lingo Koch,  ol
Vancouver, B.C., occupation, traveler
Intend  to apply lor    permission     to
purchase     the      following     denn ibod
OoDfflcnclflg      ut  a    post     plnntcd
about three-quarters ot a mile uorth
of Lot Md ou Arrow Lakou running
west su chains, thenco north 411 ohalns
thenee eiiHt HO chnlnB, thonco south
t'l Chains, along the Lake shine to
point of emnineneemeiit aud Containing three hni'dred and twenty aeres,
more or lens.
Dated November ith, 1011.
Kt (10 KOCH,
N.JjJ.1.1 Vet W. Ogilive Agent
lu the Mattel   ol  the  Estate ol Louiii
.- oderman, deceased.
1    Notice   is   hereby    given   that all
creditors  and others having    claims
against    tbe    Kstate of    Louis Bod
ermaii,   late ol      Arrowhead,    11.    C,
deceased, who died at  Arrowhead, D.
('., on or uboul tbo Uth duy ol July,
1911,  ure   re<iuesti I   to send   to   tho
undersigned,      Solicitors  im*    a■-.
I',   i rson  and   I II riaan   Cal Isi n,      Kx-
editors of tbc last will of said de
. , i, within ii days from date,
full particulars i the.r claims, duly
veriUi'.l, aud that after thai dale the
said Executors will proceed to dis-
triliiilc the said estate amongst ihosn
entitled thereto, regard being bad
only   to   those  cla,ins   Which  tbe  said
Uxccutpra   slmll   have then i oeived
Dated November 15th, 1911,
n.n vey, Met .iit.-i  an I Pinkham,
Bollcltors for Augusl Peterson and
Herman Carlson, Executors ot
the Last Will ol Deceased,   tittd.
:    Itevelstoke  land  District.
Diet riot "i ).. .t  Kootena .
! Taka n.,t in* thai I, Jobn \. . .loan
of Itevelstoke, llntish Columbia, occupation hotel :*,. ep. i, ml nl to apply lot permission to purihase tho
loil*.wm,: described land
i * mmenclng at a P"..t  i. i il d     at
the North Wesi i'mii I land applied tor tO he |*m i lla: * I l,y W. B,
Itohertson     and      Marked    ".lohn   A.
Btone's B.W, Corner,"    tbence nortii
folly   ehains,   linn B east   foi ty I haimi
thenee      smith    forty   chains,   thenoe
west      lorty  ohalM t"  thc   point    ol
commencement      and  containing    ono
hundred      and sixty  acres  moro     or
Dated  17th October,   l'.Ul.
Por   James  A.  Shields,   Agout.
Noticu Is hereby given that at tho
expiration of ono month from tint
tirst    publication hereof, the   itovei-
utoko Agricultural Society, Limited,
intend to apply to the ItoglHttar of
Joitlt Stock Companies lo change tho
name of the Company to "Western
Turf  Association,   Limited."
Datod this ISth day of November,
T'll. N.lS.DflH.
Becrctnry  ol  Bald  Company.
Loave your orders for Call Coal
with W. 1), Robertson or Andy Davidson.
I if
I '
SATURDAY.  JAN.  llth,  1912.
SATURDAY.   JAN.  f.th.  1912.
i UtacxamMstsmm
Bargains in Fancy Goods
See the New Cash Carrier
Are You Getting Your Share of Bargains at Our January Sale
Look carefully" over this Advertisement, then come in, look around and verify" the Items advertised
A table ot" odd garments of ladies and
children's underwear, some are all
wool, others mixed cotton and wool
a good range of sizes, regular price
75c to $1,00
Price now is 50c
Still a few of those handsome silk. Mar-
quesette and Net Waists. c_/4 good
many" ladies got a bargain at this
table last week.
Get yours at $3.90
■^Another lot of Dress Good i go on tlie
Bargain Counter this coming week,
They" are Tweeds. Homespuns.
Basket Weaves, etc.. worth 75c to
$1.00 per yard.     They are a good
January Bargain at 50c
Remnant counter piled high these days
with odds and ends of almost everything. You will surely find something you need here.   They are
Priced for Quick Selling
50 Ladies Skirts, black and colors, $8 and
$10 skirts,
All going at $4.90
Groceries and Crockery Department
Canned and Bottled Fruits
We are just opening up a large shipment
of Crosse & Blackwell's fruits in glass jars and
cans, These goods arc known ihe world over
and have a world-wide reputation. They are
made from the best selected home grown fruit,
bottled and canned under ideal conditions
within a few hours of being gathered straight
from the orchard. It is dillicult to tell the difference between these and n\ jhly stewed fruits
In 1 -lb and 2-lb glass jars, 4-lb and
7-lb cans All varieties
When you think yon need a little cheese
for lunch try ajarol McLaren's Cream Cheese
or a package of Ingersol Cheese, It will satisfy your uste and make you want for more.
These cheese are made from the purest ingredients, aro absolutely free from any chemical
preservatives and have and exquisite flavor,
McLaren's are put up in 4 size jars
at 15c, 35c. 55c and $1.10
Ingersol in half-pound package at. .  20c
Pickles and Cocoa Bargains
MflUlay   and    Tuesday, January Nth  and
9th, <^.ne offering
Stcglfj^'s High Grade Pickles in quart buttles
|T   30c
Rowat's Mixed and Chow-Chow Pickles in
pint bottles at 20c
Cowan's and l.owncy's Cocoa in  half-pound
cans at       20c
This is a chance for you all lo slock up for the
winter wiih pickles ami cocoa. These are net
old goods  but strictly new, Iresh Stock.
Remember this stile only lasts for Two
Days    cTVIonday and Tuesday
N'evei before have wc had such a demand
for our high grade, i eshly ground Mocha and
|ava Coffee. Through perfect blending, giving it an ex |ujsitc flavor, iis d.-mmJ has increased wonderfully. If you try it once vou
will com; back an J ask for it igiin. We will
grind it while vou wait.
Try a pound of our best grade at . . 50c
We still have a few boxes of thc host
grade of apples in stock Wagner, Jonathan
Northern Spy, and a i'.u o her varieties and
we guarantee the quality of everj box. Hotels and restaurants will make no mistake in
buying our cooking apples al $1.75 per box.
Lay in a stock now, as they are sure to bc
, higher in the latter part of thc winter. Our
tabic apple*, are all wrapped to insure their
m is the bit; month for Fish. Wc
offer a fine assortmcnl ol Smoked Kippers,
Mi\ Codfish in 2-lb blocks, Labradot l;at
Herring (salt), Holland Herring in kegs, and
all kiuJs ol canned fish to bc had on the market,    Don'l forgcl us when you want lish.
Fruits and Vegetables
Lettuce, Celery, Swecl I'm.noes, Bananas
Oranges, Lemons and fresh Pineapples arriving today.
Here is an item of real interest to the
thrifty housekeeper. During our
January sale we will give you a reduction of 10 per cent on all sheetings towelings and pillow Cottons.
You will appreciate the saving on
such staple goods as these. Remember —
10 per cent off regular prices
c/4. table of Jabots. Collars. Belts, worth
50c to $1.00. all at a good
January Bargain, 25c each
25 per cent off
The following lines during our January Clearing Sale:
Ladies Coats Ladies' Dresses
Furs Fancy Collars
Fancy Handkerchiefs
Mens Furnishings, Boots and 'Shoes
We arc clearing out all the remainder of our splendid line of Winter Overcoats. Now, just when
you need one, is the time to investigate these prices. It will pay you. Kvery coat bears the famous 20th Century Hrand Label, and is up to their high standard ot" quality and workmanship.
$14.00 Value
Black Cheviot, 43-inchea long
silk laced lo the edge. One of
the smartest dress coats ever
produced. You will like it ou
$15.00 Value
A line of coats that we were
justly proud of at thc regular
price. Cut in the latest fashion
with easy, pleasing lines, they
come in black or grey cloths
wiih velvet collar, either in 45
or 50 inch lengths.
$18.00 Values
Tweed (Jitter with wide, reversible collar. Xo extra hardware around the neck and a
perfect lil, in hijfh as well as
low collar.
'• Muto" Coats, - In heavy
tweeds, full <(j-in. length, collar may be used cither close
fitting hi^h or as an ordinal*)
open collar.
Herring Hone Worsteds, plain
neat cut, 45-inch length, velvet collar. A neat, scrvicablr
coal, suitable for all occasions.
C. B. HUME & CO., Ltd
J SATmiUY.   JAN.  bfu,  1912.
KATTJBDAY,  JAN.  Ctb,  1912.
New Year's Bargain Sale
Girls' Winter Coats
Six only tiirls' Winter Coa' I, all this sea-
sun's styles. Sizes, 8, 1", 1:2 and 11 years
Sale Prices $4.50 to $5 Each
If vmi need a coat for anv  of tlio above
Ladies' Dressing Gowns
Made   from'  Eiderdown.     Sale   Price
Fancy Wrapperettes,     Stile Price      $10
aires you cannot afford to overlook these.
Sale Prices on all
Mens   Goods
Men's Winter Overcoats—Sale Price, $10
Men's   Youths'   and   Boys'   Suits,   odd
Trousers,  House Coats,   Men's   Underclothing.
Ladies' Tweed Costumes
1 Grey Serge Suit, Size 36 $10
1 Black Serge Suit, Si/.e 86           ...   $10
ii only Tweed Suits, Size 34, 3(5,  and  38.
Reg. $25 and $30.   On Salejat    . 116.50
Furs     Furs     Furs
One only.  Pony Coat.   Rog.  ♦i'i.   Sale
170,    1 only, French Seal Set   Reg. +70.
Sale Price, $50.   1 only Astrachan Set.
Reg. * 18.     Sale Price,                        $26.
Chllds Sets—tirey Persian Lamb.
Ladies'   Sable   Stoles   Ladies'    Isabella
Fox, Ladies'Marmot Stoles.    Price ranging from f3up.   The above are all new.
This Sale  includes everything  in
our Entire Slock.    Come Early and
pet first choice.
o4ll our Millinery -going  at  Half
Price at this Sale.
—— /
Mind Wass ol the C.P.R. telegraph
stall, lelt this week for Vernon.
.1 M. GriBSora "1 Taft, was n viB-
-. ■   iD town the middle ol tin- week.
Mr. Ed. Edwards has been appoint
government agent at Prince Rupert,
Hon. Thos. Tayloi spent Thursdaj
in town and returned west again yes
* morning.
W. H Robertson returned thin week
. • : Irom a I hristmae holiday trip
t*. Wini    • *
.-.  H.J,lick ol  Calgary,  was am*
■ the many outside visitors    here
• Bterday,
Mrs. Richard   Arnolt,  ol  Vancouver,'
niece of Mr. V. anil Mr. and  Mrs.  V O,
Crick, i- paying ilutn a visil.
li. Alton nl Golden, and S. Walley,
I  Calgary,  were  Revelstoke visitors
tbis week.
1   C. McRae ol Bdmonton, was do-
I   lualnesB in the city on   Thurs-
of this »eek.
Mrs   G.8.  McCartei  entertained    a
■ umber ol lady Incuds on Friday al
ternoon at Five Hundrfld.
Mr.  J. T. Teller entertained a tew
■ is Wednesday  evening  last.  Thc
leioi   being his  wooden  wedding.
Miss  Ci imp,  stenographer   at   the
n  Sawmills, leaves tint, wi-ek
' i  Calgary where Bhe will remain.
Bupt. Kilpatrick ol tbe V. I*. !'■ .
and family left on Thursday foi tbe
toast on a abort visit.
0 H T. Edwards, ol Walhochinc B.
'_'., was among the many outsiders
to     contribute    birds to the Poultry
Mr.  and Mrs. O. Glover ol     \
tiling  in tbe city,  thc
'  •     •   daughter,  Mrs. w.B.
Mi   Chavi    pastoi  ol tbi Ba|
• ."I.,  speaks tomorrow  at  tbe
■■ • t meeting  .:i  the  V.M.C.A       at
IS p.m. Special mimic.
Mr. W. Boyd, the genial propi
.. Hot Springs .-
,,i tbe '-ny on )■'■
*.*.-■-.     It.     retui
.  n t*,.lny.  Baturday
Mrs.   H. H.  Bteveni       •*     I H H*
tevi:.- tu—m■ ,.*r Ioi V am ■ ivei to
uttaWH    is  u   vinitor   In   the   City,   'u
Ottawa, the guest    I
• -    Mm    tt.  ll.   DoOaldl' t
i,   Clay, formerlj ■•!     '•'. i* i
.- it, re   .« \ tttlng bis hi an      *
■ i .   tew  days ind ixpeci
'■-day !,*r the Ml I pharnn       .'
-  nto.
ut tbe Motions
itafl   '   ■ ■ " ••    I being tl
' u. ■'■'■
Pure White Plover Honot in 5 II,. Cans.    This Is  soim-tliin^  vou
will lititl .iw fully nice at this season or the year.
HOME-MADE JAM    In pints ami quarts, glass  jars.    This  is
absolute!) pure and well put up,
SYRUPS    Pure Maple Syrup in bottles or cans, wliicb we guai
nntec to be lhe best,
MacKenzie Avenue
Vou i m't expect! lo
have all the comforts
<>f home unless you
bave one • •' \ our owji
tbc exai' locution "f
these homes tye bave
lor sale on Tliinl St.
only a short distance
Irotn thc C. P. R.
shops and Station.
to be independent
.un! not be paying
rent when vnu - ,m
easih pay f<>i .» home
through our loan
tt'ar.l Three held n political meet.-
mi; a couple ol evenings ago, to coo
aider tbe coming election. As a result of the meeting "■ Abrahamson
an.l Frank Bourne will be nominated
as aldermen
A. a Goodeve M P., who .hould
have been her, on Thursduj last, to
meet Hon Thomas Taylor, was pre
vented Irom coming by bis havini
attend a Lumberman's convention.
He led foi Ottawa via tbi Cro*
While     sno*    h|)",'.u*m on tbe    lull
hack ol town. Ml   Rutledge "f   the
Imperial   Hank   stall.    •    ■ *:t,* a
bad Injur]          i y   a
companion.   He   was   '..-■ I       the
hospital, bul  la now able 1
out  again,
\. G Brookei tbe popular t'.l'.U.
ticket  agent    has
*..i  agent  ol  th    C   P   ri..
with  beadiiuartei
many   fr en
he has been one
vil  be a t
■ a   Curling  Clnl
all th
tbe  curling  problem    *
.-    a  prewnt
,.',- liai    *i • ■    •
•  Board ol Trade *a« I
.  * .
*.   . „*
Mrs. A. B. Aldertoii of Cratgellach-
le, made a trip to It* velstooe last
Now that the Cbristnias vacation
is over, tbe Mall-Herald will appeal
"ii Wednesday and Saturday of each
week as hi retofore
The anuual meeting and cburcb so-
■   Ba| tlst  church which was
tu    c held on tbe  If I
t.ll  Friday,  February  tbe Jr.,'..    Kev.
II   ,.    Batabrooke     will    be  present
ind speak  ■ n  I bat  evening and
lol    -ing.
annual Veet
ii        rill   be hi
Ck  .ii  the even •
•   •   '
'    this   meet    . A
•   • • ■ grvga
■.■■ear*!       Van
'     I
tt      K
Rbaw, wl
Mr    K.I
OLD CITY      !
(Continued Irom Page  i.l
linitcly lixed, if the Frontage tax
pasBOS, as I believe It must, then
the matter will be Bettlod very rap
In summing up belore noinK out of
office, this council has bad t<, luce
Home very dillicult problems, power
plant completion, Including the new
Hume, whieh cost, about J8.000, but
whereby guaranteeing as aantc docs
an uninterrupted service, we arc enabled to make a e attract with the
railway company for power bringing
a large revenue Into the treasury. We
have uommonced upon permanent
street work, and have purchased the
necessary machinery so that succeeding councils can proceed as fnsl or as
alow as they wish. The auxiliary
water supply has been put in. and a
contract made with the railway com
pany to sell them one hundred thous
and callous minimum per day. at. 'I
cents,   on,'   of   the   best,   strokes of
business ever don,' for the eity. In
conclusion, I have Lo state, that
after holding ollice tor two strenuous
years, I experience a certain relief on
retiring from municipal life. I have
worked hard [or the city at a treat
many sacrifices to myself, and have
I endeavored to act fairly and in the
best Interests •". the city, I have
endeavored to be (air and to use all
alike. My etlorts have been ably seconded by the city s-tafl to whom my
best thanks are tendered. Also I
wish to thank those aldermen, especially who have been with me during the whole term of my ollice, for
their .support and invaluable assist -
anee. 1 believe [ retire with the
good will of the majority of the citizens, and although I am retiring, I
certainly will not lose interest in thc
'•allying on ot our city work. (IjoihI
cheers, i
| There being no questions, the mayor then called upon Alderman MeKinnon, chairman of finance.
Alderman MeKinnon then look the
platform:—Gentlemen, this is the sec
ond time I have appeared here on this
council and on the finance committee,
It has been my endeavor to keep the
finances as close as possible. The
rate of 2b mills is a very small part
uf the expends ol the city. Tbe interest, sinking (und and education
charges alono would make up a .",0
mill rate on the rity nRSCBSiuent. Thc
water and light did uot fall ofl this
yenr. hut all tbc items were correctly
charged against same which has never been done in previous years, thus
reducing thc net returns. Some ol
the money whieh is left over for fu-
■ ,re council.- to pay. like the balances inherited by this council, has
been spent wisely and tome foolishly
I consider that it has cost this city
- nei incorporation, 1150,000 to educate city council-, this city council
' ption to the rule. It has
■ *•" to educate us. Now Mayor Hamilton is going out. someone
will com,* in, and the est of educating them will be charged to      sub-
• i't  councils  in  the same  manner
• have had to pay tor the   nils*
-   of   predecessors.   The  small at
tendani    ben   tonight is a sample of
the . • •  ratepayers display in
tl Ity.    lt  this    city
whb  •.**•   a  go „1  r.iy M   would      have
ng ago.   The inexperience   ,f new councillors ie largely re-
':.    COStly   mistakes    as
tl ■• il nnd
-   wbich burden present
■ .,*!-* ol debt  and  Hn
The citrus remain
ire passed but
pocket    ,*    ■ ouched     for
kicks commence,     ol
,* ■   , •■
* tv they   oannot
nn -'  md ia
• , lal
i -f ip h * tats i
■ rioui.lv dom
■       ■    * foi
•   i
• •..*„.", iui
:. ...  *.
thus ensuring continuity ol policy
and economy, will hnve to be considered seriously. The council would
then have at their diBposal the experience of this permanent chief, tbor
OUgbly familiar with conditions In
the various departments. If you
have not made nny resolutions [or
ll>12, I hope you will mako this one,
to do nil you can to assist your rep
rcscntativi's by consulting and advising with them so that when auoth
er yearly nie'rting comes you will be
able to say, "This wiib thc best coun
ell we ever had because we helped
With a unanimous \otc of thanks
to the retiring Mayor and aldermen,
for their services, the meeting adjourned.
BEWS'  nitre; stork
Rexall Cherry
Cough Syrup
35c. 50c. $1 a bottle
Rexall Cold Cure, 25c
W i  : ••■ .11,11. 'ii*! ;' ■   '   -    rilii
11   trfllllil   ,em   mom \
• I uol - ilislai lol >.
Rexall 93 Hair Tonic
50c and $100
Fine .Linen Sationery
35c a box, 3 for $1
A New Stock of
500 Tally Cards
IVIil.i i Bridge Wtilsi
i.t lb
Office Supplies
i  |i .   I.eilgci
llool ■  *■
1912 Diaries
:,**;•.*.;     i* . * ■        i m li
llool .   etc.
Xmas Novelties in All Men's Wants
ifh -  Iri i. Poplin
ries, Mei ■ r i outs, Dressing
-     i:n   r '" -
•oi,   • or F ll Reform ( lathing
Hnd K'xii Rite Shoes,
Oddfellows Entertain
A most enjoyable time wns spent
last Thursduy evening in Selkirk
hnll, when the Itohcccas and Oddtel -
lows wero installed. Ilaneiug was the
order of Ihe evening, dainty refreshments were nlso served. The music
beiug of a high order. About 150
guests were present.
The joint installation of Hcbcccas
and Oddfellows, installed by District
Deputy (irand I'reBident Mrs. lieu.
Edwards and District Deputy Qrand
Master R. 1). Macdonald, were ub follows:—
N. o.—Miss a. Palmer.
V. Q.—Mrs. A. McLean.
Secretary—Miss  E.   Hooley.
Treasurer—Mrs. Geo.   Edwards.
Warden—Mrs.   J,  Ourven.
Conductor- Mrs.   N.   Abrahamsonj
Itight Supporter ol N.Q.—Mrs, P,
Left Supporter of N, G.— Mrs. I).
Kight Supporter of V. ll.—Mrs. H.
Iyelt Supporter of V. 0.— Mrs. J.
Inside Guardian—Mrs. .1. Q. MeKinnon.
Outside Guardian—Mlsa V. MctTur-
N. O, -H.  Segfrlod.
V.  G.—J.   Lyons.
Secretary—.1. Mathie.
Treasuruer—R. I). Macdonald.
Warden—C.  North.
Conductor—O. Newsoiiic
Right  Scene  Supporter—J.  Howson
Left   Scene   .Supporter—.1. Nicholson
Right Supporter of N. G.— B. S.
Left Supporter of N. G— G. A.
Right Supporter of V, G.--A. Wood
Left Supporter of \. G. — Len.
Outside Guardian—K. G. McHne.
Inside  Guardian—H.   Carpenter.
May 1912 Brirg You All Kinds of Prosperity
You can save money this year by purchasing al
this Store, antl still more in the year that is
ahead of us. We begin our Stock-Taking next
week and there are lots of lines that we must
clear out.
Fine new Winter Coats in the new materials ami
latest styles, now selling at $10,  $12 and $15.
Warm, serviceable Coats, full length,  at $5.00
Girls' Coats at $2.50, 1400 and $5.00 each.
Made of the best Beehive wool. All colors, V
neck knit in one piece, only $3.00. High neck
with collar, $4.00 each.   Just what you need for
Black Jersey. Brown and Cardinal Corduroy—
 ' 75c. per pair
McLennan CSb Co.
We wish to extend to you our sincere
appreciation for your kind patronage
and liberal assistance during the year
1911 and sincerely wish you a pleasant
and a prosperous New Year.
Yours very truly,
Advertise in Mail- Herald
Extra Special Snap
A Few Lots at
Only Two Miles from Posl Office.   Quarter Down, Balar.ce in 3, 6, 9 and 12 Months
A (fiance at the statistics showing the marvelous development taking place in
Saskatoon will readily convince you of the great possibilities of this cily as a real
estate investment. The average increase in Saskatoon Realty for thc last three
years is 662 per cent.    What better interest could you want on your money ?
has grown from
8,000 in 1006 to
2(1,1)00 in 1911.
for l'Jll has now
doubled the building permits of 1910
has over one hundred   wholesaler!
located there.
has nine operating
lines of railway.
distributes to 184
thriving towns
antl villages
will have a Street
car nystem operating next fpring.
The Starting of the Street Car .System more than doubled in \alue suburban
property In Calgarj 24 years ago. The same thing is bound to happen in Saska-
Iimiii next taring. These lots we are offering are well situated, being close in, adjoining tho ('ity I'ark, and are such exceptionally gootl value at $2T>0 that we are
safe In predicting that they will be worth $400 each in one year's time,
The Price of These Lots Advances $50 Eaeh on Feh. 1st., 1912
E. O. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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