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The Mail Herald Apr 24, 1912

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation ami
perfection In re ...Its it. ia
unsurpassed,      rice $(i()l
Interior Pubhsmng Co., Agls.
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 18 -No. :;>>
$2.50 Per Year
Sticks for Hoys       75c
Sticks for Mon
12.50 to ;5.7.r-
Gloves, Halls, Nets
Hats for the boys "fie
Balls for the Boys      LOc
Gloves 50c
Masks $4.00
Mitts $2 50 to 18
Protectors 6.00, 7.00, 7.50
Reach's Hats (best)   $1.50
League Balls 1.60
Gloves up to 4 oo
Shoe Plates per set       35c
Counters, each 75c
Special prices to Clubs
The "Cleveland" still the favorite $50 00
Thc Standard. A GOOD ONE 45 00
Boys' Cleveland   45 00
Foot Pumps, 75c. Bicycle Hells, 80c. Bicycle Horns, $3.
Trouser Clips, 5c. per pr. British Inner Tubes, (2.25 each.
Outer Covers, 3.50 each.    Repair Outfits, 25c.
For the Baby, at 	
A splendid choice of Best makes
Fishing Tackle Steel Rods
Automatic Pistols       Revolvers
12 to $6.00
I <KH>O<><><H>O<><>0<HH>0<><><^<KH><
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed - 6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up -      -      6,000,00^00
Reserve        ...        -        6,000.000.00
Total Assets,       -      - $72,000,000.00
Branche* at AK«nts at nil principal points in Oanada,
Agents iu Great Britain anil United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—Kirs' N'i'innal Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Sflattle-Seatu v..lonal Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National £.«.«.. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Duposits of $1 and upward,  received, aud intorest allowed at
ireut rate from dato of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
curreut i
Revelstoke Branch—ft. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Fashionable Millinery
Latest Shapes and Styles
Mrs. A, G, Crick, * First Street
will refresh you with its   bright,   spicy
flavor mul (ragrancy.    Bold in 1 H>*
Wil package*!,
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per lb.
P. O. Box 208 GROCER *& BAKER Phone No. 23
Sheet Music and all kinds of
Small c^Vlusical Goods
Call and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
C. S. Dickie, Resident Agent for Sir Wm. Her,
and Superintendent C. I, Lindmark, Make Important Announcements
It. will in' good iicwh to our readers
tu learn autuorltlvoly, thm tho He
iTivri'K uf tho Dominion Sawmills
innl Lumbor Oo., I.t'l.. do nol In
tend to ceaso operations In tho mills
mill camps this season. This announcement is official. Mr. Chas, v
I.iinlinurk, superintendent (ur the receivers "I the company, In an Interview  with  the Mall-Herald reporter,
"Yrs, oporatlona win shirt immediately, nt mn nulls and rumps, »i
Tuft, Three Valloy, ComapWi and
UuhcuiIc. Thr receivers expect to employ about 200 men ut each of the
nulls, Camps umi logirlnK railways,
ut Tuft. Three Valley mid Comaplix,
making In nil 600 men whilst at Cascade nliout 100 men will he employed
m und iiiiiiiii.I the mill. There will
thus be about BOO men employed in
thc  Itevelstoke district.
Logging railways muy be operated
at Taft und Three Vulley. Owing to
the fuit that the company is late In
commencing operations this spring,
the work will he pushed With uli poB
Bible torco, in order to get the season's cut out before winter.
Tbe receivers will use every cndeiiv
or to engage only white labor il with
in the range ol possibility, that is It
whitemen can be obtained. The work
at tbe mills and logging camps will
start just as soon as the necessary
repairs to the mills are completed,
which will lie immediately.
"Last week I made a trip of LsBptC
tion to Cascade, C.rand Forks and
Greenwood, aud as far as Midway, I
went ten miles up the river from Mid
way, returning to Nelson nnd from
there on to Creston, (rom t'reston
up the Kootenuy river as far as Tort
llillldnbo, I made selections ot some
storage plares for logs in the Kootenay river, which will hold thc logs,
if necessary, till next season. I may
sny that some of our camps are already started up, lor instnni-e Camp
Seven, and men are also workiug on
grades  and logging roads     at    Tuft
mid Three  Valley  putting thom     In
good ciiinlitiiiii,
"ii is my Intention to push work
tor nil thai is in it, lm tins season's
Alter Interviewing Mr, Undmark,
the Mail-Herald scribe wns granted a
Bhort Interview with Mr. O. s. pickle, resident agent ol Blr William
I'lender, tho receiver mul manager,
appointed by tho court In Kngland.
Mr, Dickie suid in part.
"ii is the Intention ol tbe manage
ment to operate this season with a
mow to ascertaining the real uom-
mercial value ot the properties, Irom
the manufacturing standpoint.
"ti the results of this Boaaon'sop*
ii nt inn- nre siitislactury on the In-
i ri'sis Involved, it Is bolieved that
uu entire re -organization upon a per-
mi nl   basis will  tie carried through
"I have assoiiateil with me In the
management Mr. ('. K. Undmark,
whose long experience and practical
knowledge ol the industry In all its
branches bus already proved to bc ol
much value in the work preparatory
to commencing operations.    I might
aid that Isaac Hale, has been appointed by tbc receivers to thepoBi-
t.on of manager of the sales department, with hea'diiuartcrs nt Revelstoke. I would like to add that we
look to the community to assist and
co-operate with us In our endeavors
to establish a sound and profitable
undertaking in their midst."
Mr. Hate, lhc new sales manager,
waB thc next official interviewed. Ho
i.i id:
"Thc receivers ol tbc Dominion
Sawmills, Ltd., bave removed their
head office of sales department, fiom
Calgary hack to Hevelstoke, where I
expect lt will he located permanently
"1 have just returned Irom a sale;
trip to Alberta, and have disposed of
a very considerable amount ol lumber, and orders continue to come in
rapidly, and prospcets are generally
bright. It is thc intention of the
management to ship only everything
up to the standard grades, tbe great
est  rare  being   taken  that  the  Hume
mIiiiii be maintained hy an efficient
Bervioe anil prompt shipment. It is
the intention of the sales department,
to ro-arrange a retail yard Htock in
town, with a new stock Irom various
mills, which will include a atock ol
roust material comprising the best
Coast lil' linisb obtainable, so that wr
can    unsure    our ctiBtomore ol new,
bright material of our own stock and
tbe best for interior finish, from llie
coast  for  higher class  business.
"We solicit, the patronage ol all
lunil consumers,     builders, eontrac
tors, and will show tbem an elllnenl
personal service, we being thus placed iu n position to supply anything
required In the lumber line, tor build
Ing purposes.
Calls Not Ignored
iu reply to the telegram published
by the "News-Advertiser," tbat the
Herman Bteamer Frankfurt did not
respond to the call ol tho Titanic,
Professor P. it. Blochbergor, editor
nnd proprietor of the "Westllche Oanada l'ost" Vancouver, sends un tbc
following; "Bremen cable gives following trom Captain of Frankfurt,
Arrived BCeno ol Titanic disaster 10:40
o'clock Monday morning in responss
to wireless calls, too late, saw t'nr-
I'litiua, Virginia mil Blrma. Frankfurt UO miles uway when Titanic's
mil lor assistance wus received. Made
all possible speed. This was signed
by Messrs. Oclrielis & Oo., tha New
York agents ol tbc     North    German
Lloyd Steamship Ool
Caps Exploded
Will Double Track Line
Vancouver, B.C., April '22—Kcvis -
ion of existing grades and surveys,
for double tracking the Canadian Pacific main line l>etwccn Vnncouver and
Calgary, a distance of over 600 miles
are now under way. The work is in
charge of F.K. Busteed, former general superintendent ol the British Columbia division, who has established
double tracking between this city nnd
I'ort Hammond is now in progress.
This is thc most extensive Improvement undertaken by the O.P.R. since
tlie completion of the main line and
will involve the expenditure ot mll-
lions of dollars within thc next five
years.  Face to face  with the early a.l
vent of the two rival transcontinental roads with lower grade- than the
existing line, the O.P.R, is confident
ot making betterments which will ut-
[ord it lacilitiec for meeting competition on an equal basis as regards op
erating expenses. A good deal ol revision work tor the section between
Ruby Creek and Kamloops hn*. lieen
performed during the past two years
It Is realized that In many places the
new line will not closely parallel thc
present mntn line. Th.s was thc expel icnce in double tracking tbe main
line of the C.P.R. between Winnipeg
and Fort William as the new line at
many points is several miles distant
from the old route.
Last Chance for Free Land
A reservation ol lertile valley land
is now open in Mexico. Homesteadu
Free. Only requirement is to have
6 acres <rf bananas planted within ,r,
years. An authorized roiupany will
plant tbc bananas mid market them
on shares. Your Share should bring
tSOn per acre annually. The .lantbii
Plantation Co., Block 1009, ruts -
burgh, I'a.. U.S.A., distribute Mexican
land in thc I'.S. and Canada. Write
'or particulars. You need not go to
round Not Guilty
Information scceived from Ashcroft
this   afternoon   announces  that      Mr.
Stuart Henderson, K. ('.. has bcjn
honorably acquitted of the charge of
embezzlement laid against him there
by Titer Gjillstud, a Norwegian farmer and client   ol   Mrf Henderson. The
hearing In tbe Police court only occupied three minutes, it is stated.
Mi. Qjil] tad, in the    Information,
alleged that lie bad given Wr. lien
demon a sum ol till" two years ago
In order to pay oil a mortgage on IGO
acres ol land in Alberta, and recelv-
i I a notice II oiu Mr. Hender on thut
this bad been done 11, alleged that
Mlien he tried to rent the land this
spring be was informed that thc
mortgage  had   not  lieen  paid.        He
accordingly swore oul an Information
Wr. Henderson was ar rested iu Van
couver on Wednes.lay altcruoon lust
al bis hotel.
At tbe time of his arrest Mi. Henderson assured his Iriends that there
hud been n mistake in tbe matter. He
Mid he would easily In* utile to clear
himself of the charge on bis return
to  wshcroft.
Mr. Henderson was a candidate for
the Liberal party in LlUoOel nt tho
rcient provincial election, and for -
mcrly  rrproscntgtivc tor Yn'e.
Lytton, lt. 0„ April 21—With his
l"ft hand blown oil at the wrist, his
thumb and two lingers gone from bis
right hand, both eyes blowo out and
a number irf ghastly wounds tn his
alidomcn, (lodlrcy Kugg, powdcrman
lor J. S. Washlok, was brought in
from Cisco Inst night and taken to
tbe Kamloops hospital where bc died
this morning.
Jint liefore quitting time he started to open a box of dynamite de -
lonntors ln n rockcut where the Wash
tok steam shovel is operating and in
some unaccountublc manner tho caps
exploded. Th. re were KX) caps exert
ing n force of M pounds. Contractor Washtok. who was near Iltigg, had
Ins left eye badly injured and several
of the copper caps penetrated his left
arm. A bla.ksmith's helper was also
wounded  in both  legs.
Kugg was a German, his family liv
ing in llatfoid. Wisconttn, He was
ConSOiOOS and aide to converse Immediately after the accident but wns
unaqle to assign a cause for the accident.
To fly to Dawson
Acting Minister ot Mines
The last ISSUO "f the B.C. Huzcttc.
contains the appointment of Hon*
Thomas Taylor,    minister of   public
works,  to the  position ol acting min-
ter of mines, dur ng the .'ibs* net ol
l'icmier McBride Irom thc province.
Two Things Indicated
That big New York hotel that had
lo change its dainty, esthetic liquor
bulfot lor women into a common linr
Ior men, because the women would
not patronize it. serins to prOTe two
things:  First,   that   tbe stories of  lbe
drink hnint among women are greal
ly exaggerated; and, second. Unit
it's always safe to start another bar
Inr  men.—Judge.
A company i- being formed In In.iv
son to finance nnd Carry into rUOea-
tion a daring adventure in air '.ligation that is probably without pi r
ii I lol except in the passage o! the
Alps a yenr or mon* ago. TIM nro
gram in tbe rough is to secui-e the
services of avintor of  the  first  ian»
to make a distance night tr.un Vancouver to iln- Kioudyke capital, »'in
ning much fame for MflMSlI an'. incidentally advertising the YlH; .', nr.
other lines than that ol gol.l production. It is contended the trip cau be
made without  difficulty  over the  I ' .1
knot mountains. The Bight Will be
tbe feature of an aviation meet in
midsummer, in regard to Which negotiations are in progress .Vila the
i Wright Brothers, Fnriuim. Fin i i nl
other bullous i.ii.linen [nvltattoni
will also l>c extended to Mr. Mel ir-
dv.   Mr.   QibMfl   and   ,1.11.   Woods,    ol
\ietona. and Mr. stark rf Vancouver. Should the aviator I.m sue. <s
' lul mul reach Dawson from \ ..nn n
ver, lt should be but little troul le
lor him to loud up with gasoline nnd
continue IiIh Journey as far north as
thc North poke. Ily so doing be
would win much honor and laurels,
ami, if he card to, he could lecture
a la I'enry mid Cook, and rake in a
few   barrels of dollars.
Premier for England
IMi'ituei   mid   Mrs.    Mcllri.le,       with
the Premier's   secretary,    Lawrenoe
Mncrea.   sailed   fi "in   V-u    York       on
April zotb, and wiii be Accompanied
by  D'AKJ  Tate,  who  is on a limine
ial  mission  in  connection    with    thc
construction "i the Pacific (ireut E»u
tern Hailwa).
Burned to Death
Nortll Bay, (Int., April 21—Sell
wood, on the Oanadtall Northern rail
way, north of Siulbinv. was lhe scene
al a lire in which seven dwelling
were destroyed and two children, n
daughter of Fred Itivard. aged L\ and
,'iiiothei daughter 4 years old, were
burned to denth. The parents had
left ihe house to visit n neighbor li»-
ing near, leaving their six children
in bfld. A lamp which hnd lieen left
lighted, exploded, and the flumes
Spread  niptdly  and  liefore  the    ehll
1 dren could be rescind two had perished, tbily a bucket, brigade was available to light the finmes. ns    Hell
J wood Is a smell village.
Garden Tools      Rubber Hose        Lawn Mowers
Carpenter's Tools,   Wire Fencing and Gates
Bicycles or Repairs    Stoves    Paints
Fishing Tackle     Sporting Goods
Guns, etc., we can supply you
Heavy Hob Nailed Outside Counters, per pair $2.00
Heavy Wax Sewn Shoes, per pair $3.50
Medium Light Vici Kid, per pair   13.00
Loggers'  Shoes           $6.00
Will give good satisfaction.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
F~t^   SWIFT'S
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Boys' Spring Suits
We have a larger stock to
choose from than ever we
had in Boys' Clothing
Boys  Double-Breasled Suits
made of imported English
and Scotch Tweeds
Prices--$5 to $14
Boys  Buster Brown Suits
in very pretty styles, suitable for the little fellows.
Prices—$4.50 to 85c.
Boys' 2-Piece Suits
Double-breasted, made of
best Worsteds
Prices, $6.60 to $16
Boys  Odd Pants
Bloomer Styles. Prices,—
BOc, to $1.75
Boys Soft Felt Hats
Prices.    $1.00. $1.25, $1.50
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
IG. Woodland
E. P. McLean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and Partridge Wyandotte
P.O.  BOX  181 WHbNESDAT, AI'HII. 34,  1912.
Some Soaps io Local Realty
House tind Two Lots on MtxKenzie Ave
House and Lots on First Street	
House  and    Lot,   Soulh-West     Corner
Douglas and King Street	
House and Lot. Fourth Street	
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Every Wheel Will Stop
Che flfeaiUlbcialfc
BiTDRDAK at '   Montreal,     April   22-M is planned
REVELSTOKE.  B.   C. .,,,. ,
miring the coming iwak, to pay     a
JntertOC Pttblt8bin0 C0inpail»,  tribute to the late Charles M. Hays.
News From Halcyon
R, A. Johnston, who Iihh been tela
graph agont at this point for the
last, two years leaves In a tew days
im* Kolowna, where he lum accepted
a position as tolegraph agent lor the
government  al  thai oity.
A  record crowd ol guests lor   thin
time nl the year are at present may
Ing at     tho    BprlngH.   Forty guests
bave iipeii here all week.
ll. Schoflold, M.P.P., and family
ai  prcaont al  the springs,
A. li. Mars "f Oaigary, Bpenl a lew
days tins weok at the spriugs.
H.  McLean,  M.P.P., ol Nelson,
Kpi'iit   a   few  days nil  hi.-i way tn
n (rom the coast cltlos.
J.   K.  JOHNSON,  Manager.
RALPH  0.  BOBUTON,  Bdttor.
WEDNESDAY    APRIL 24,  1912.
unique hi tho history
MV.I'V    wll.'i'l    nn    dn*
(irand Trunk  Pacific
' tbi   i ii -;  rcdiculous propoa
ils evei   made t" the public ui  Bi II
':.  ' 'olumbia, is uow  being pui    i i
ward bj       •       ' organs ' ti   'Ik* i '
•   it     thi   electors   il  i. i It'Miy |lmve nol  yd   hern made, pending
nf I'anaila when
Grank Trunk,
and affiliated
inns iii Canada and the United Bta-
tes will simultaneously stop for kcv-
eral minutes during tbe course ol a
memorial service. ThiB is not merely
in emphasize the lnss these railways
have sustained, but to give the thousands nt employees In the two countries mi opportunity to Join in the
memorial sorvice in spirit fnr the
chiel tbt",   have lost.     Definite    plans
expression ol the wishes of the late
Mr. Hay's family, but it is expected
i special Bcrvlcc will be held during
tho latter pari of the weok, at Hie
American Presbyl irlan church, of
Which Mr. Hays was for many years
a member.
As far ns possible the h adquarters
mures will  bo closed so as to    give
the officials and stall an opportunity
to join  in  the service.     While     the
The memorial    Bervleo will    probably    he
for  the  colleagues and  stalls  "f  tho
late Mr.  Hays in the various railway
enterprises of which he was the head.
I it  will also lu* for his friends.   Ii  is
tne -trong partisan is Inclined to put J niso ] ikc-ly that the other great trans
piiri.itmn systems centering in   Mon-
Ivanlage  of   i'..i      ,"p
proachlng  hj * i led  id, to ele -i o non
partj  membei   to fill  tbe vn inn v  at
Ottawa,  i.ni.-e.l  i.y the promotion ol
Y.S   ■'• ■■■■■■ ve to a seat mi the Rail
.   ' ommlseion.   The argument  a I
ed in favoi  "f such a weird pro
originating in the Cranbrook
■tated  by tbe Inland Sentinel  "( Kamloops as  being
I.* •.*• •  mi       -    • ■ ong enough  with
"it     another     hidebound  adherent,
■ It .- c..mm hi   knowledge   that
trenl,  will  he represented.
Would Work if Ihey Dared
part)   ii st.  relegating the needs     ol
• - tents to an Inferior place"
It *,s not oui     intention to   waste
time   di<CUSSlng   such   profound  stale-
menu,   ibe  rather      we would accept
them  as  tbe  repent rut   utterances  of ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
these "Daniels uf the Liberal Prees"     Lytton,  April 22—Thc  I.W.W.  held
who, .i!t..*r many years, have at  last n ,,H.,V, meeting here yesterday about
come t<   judgment. ,-   bejng  *„■,,„,„,.   An agitator from
- tbe party under tbe lead   v.,u, WM th(. ch,(.. Bpeaker, S'„ tiouii
ol sir Wilfrid Laurier, resting i,. hM hM„ reported since the dyna-
nii  .. i)..r.ty.  mled  the  Do-mitlng  .,,   Yale Thursday   no.-ht.There
.'  Canada,  solely as  partisan   |(! sd|] „  |,1(, ,.anln ,,f
.HUB    The people "f the    Went
lintish Columbia,  who dai
r,i t.. h dd     political vi.ws differing
frnm t!*.-.  favored by Quebec, during
■    * *        were   insulted   and   if
. al      .at.Test*- "f     the
1 bc ■ ■•   bartered away
of Eastern party  poll-
■   - ... mere given to   tbe
, mi nl oi govern
rks at     Vancouver port was
tlClaUS      whn
rernment to act
mmtgration guards,
lU.I        Sold tlle
•   men of British Colum
tl n .mini s gold and
'    •■-•-     '      party   politics,
K In I .-.ime.
rt, ::■■-  tn ! fruit orchards
iwni w-h.ch i ould     be
tl it   the   1 arty   poll til
the m Idle west
■ hange     at
amp nf strikers at Vale
and nne near Ashcroft.  Work  is pro
ml- between 1 lisco and Hope,  hul
• ist of Cisco everything is still clos
• I down eicopt ihe steamshovel al
Savona. li Is stated thai s numlier
ol contractors on tins section would
: -Mine operations could they secure
A   large  percentage  of  tl
**iv Baid to be willing t" return     t..
work,   but     are       kept   t   ::
t brents of violenci   and .1" not
* risk their lives foi ordinary day
How to Grow Hair
It  has     b "ii     proved thai   11
tain  the  ln( redlei
•.ill positively grow  hair
contain    tln>  long looked foi
- proven every day.
This preparation  .- calle t S *
re Dandrufi and I
Being daintily    per!'.'
Kev. Allan Wilkie held services at
the springs Inst night a good crowd
Hen Graham and Mr. Homos, nf
Comaplix, are guests here Hub week.
Mr.  and   Mrs.  MIllOll are alsn here for
a   f.w   days.
Mr. Anderson nf Greenwood, whn
had tn be conveyed i" tho Bprlngs In
a rig a few days ago, is getting around  nicely.
Vmong tho gueBts frnm Hevelstoke
the past w,ek are .las. Carmichael,
T. Paint, I'has. Carlson and J* L.
1 lurlcan,
The waler is rapidly rising here at
present, caused Ity tiie warm days
(Jit Howson's cash  prices on Inini-j,
Court Holds Marriage Valid
London, April 21.— The appoal from
Ml. Justice Kenny's decision, in the
now famous Ne Temere cant, wis dismissed by the Inr.l chief justlro oil
Saturday   In   a   judgmont   win-a   said:
"In my opinion the decision : 11 the
council ol Trent as ii has n.vi promulgated iii Ireland is appllc.1.10 to
and controls Catholic marriages aid
makes the. presence of two witnesses
necessary to the coremony, and any
ceremony which is not In accordance
with its requirements In regard to
the presence ot a priest and two witnesses is null and void. The decree ol
the council of Trent though coercive
and conclusive Irom the standpoint
of the Roman Catholic church is not
recognized by law, that is, common
law. Tins distinction must not be
inst Bight of when dealing with this
quest ion—whether the marriage In
winch the court was concerned wus
u-i"'ii at common law."
Turning from the law of the Unman Catholic church to the common
law, his lordship snul, ni tbe present
case they had the substance and essential conditions of a marriage valid at common law. The contracting
parties intended marriage and the
oouple married had Interchanged their
nun ual consent, one to be husband
an.l the other to be wife, in the pres
enec of ., pnest In lndy orders, At
common law the presence of any oth
er witness was unnecessary to con-
si.tut. n valid marriagi He was
therefore ol tbe opinion that there
was 1 _• i and valid marriage, according to tbe law of tbc realm and
tbe matt r was an absolute and non
"i.i; tct :   marr.aire.
As the afternoon of Thursday,
May 2nd, next, has licen fixed
as the date for officially laying
the corner stone of the new
Court House, 1 hereby declare
that afternoon a public half
holiday for the City of Kevelstoke, B. C.
Dated at Revelstoke, this L9th
day of April. 1912.
The Police have been instructed lij
the mayor to iiotif.. all cili/.ens to have
tlicir linck premises, yards, lams ai
hack, cleaned of all Herbage, and bave
same removed in Dumping Grouud by
.Mav Isl, 1912
Anyone found with dirt} yards aftei
said date, will I'm prosecuted,
II.  .M.  PARKY,
I'hici ul Police,
I    Victor   Hornless      Machines  11  from
:$20 upwards.     Kdison  Phonographs,
1 from     $1^.50    upwards.—Revelatoke
Music  Store,  McKemslo Avenue.
We arc now located in our new
building and prepared with a Irosh
stuck of the purest of drugs and up-
to-date appliances to lill ymir prescriptions. Bring them along and
get   the   best 'at   Macdonald's     drug
Howson's are the lirsl In show
their  hntiiitioeks   Ihis season.
When you put away your (lira for
summer, yet, somo ol our moth killers, cedar llakcs, camphor uud ninth
halls, also large and small sizes ol
ninth bags, ut Macdonald's new
drug store.
no   yuu   own  rnuriouTY in isd-
montou V     Send     us    Description,
best price and terms tor quick Bale.
MUSIC—Miss  Johnson,  pupil of A.
Miller,  l<\rt.A.M     London,  Ib prepared to take **i   Inn   ed  iiumhoi  of pupils  fnr  tuition  in  music.   For tcrniB
apply at     tho     residence of J.    K.
Johnson,  lirst bouse west of the hospital,   Kirst  street.
Spring House Clearing
Sash anil Doors, Turnings, Lumber, Two Boilurs,
Whr.nl Barrows, Derrick and Irons, Building Supplies
in Line nl' Gomcnt, Plaster, Lime, Roofings, Glass, etc.
Two Office Rooms, VM1, cn 'be
ground Boor in Dominion bnwaiils
Ollice building, Lighted avl bei,ted
Willi janitor service.     Apply to
Receiver and Manager.
at      It.
Meet  me  at  the  Savoy.
Hammocks Irom $2.50 ui
Howson's .
Some nice accrage near town
Sec the "Sugar Bowl" windows Ior
Saturday  specials.
See Howson's -how window tor
Hammocks and (.'ouches.
Any magazine or hook you want,
a.-k  for  it at   Macdonald's drug store
II it is ranges or stoves, sec us, \V.
'arry,  auctioneer.
Go C'artB, the largest aud bint as
sortment ever displayed In Revo oke
ai Howsou's.—Qet their cash 1 rices.
t'arsntps, carrots, turnips, just in
fl'OtO tbc farm, line quality, al Mc-
Royal  Hose Talcum powder, one ol
tlm nicest made only 26c. a till, at
Macdonald's drug store.
ia1 Sugar Howl Ice cream r.riors
an* now open, the largest and innst
up to laie parlors In tbc city. ...
' ai:iat."iis,      Dadoiluls,   Hyacinths,
There was cumulative evidence of mu-1 Frettla,  Tulips and  LeHuoe  Ior Bus-
. .-..   ling Formula  ter.-J. Maley, Dig Head Hoad.
If      yuu      v. ant    .1
:   in-    * all and met
■ ■iter.
gal   Bowl
now open
* omlortabli
*•* imi 11.N. Cours-
I'll,'   1.
Tbe  "Sugar  Howl''  ice cream par
pen.   Tbe largei     .'.d
mott U]  t'l-daic  proposition  111     lbe
...rniture  you  rce,.,  .-cu W.
Seven Million letters
'll. '
.:        '■     I 11 1    IALVIA makes s mi ' tated I Wbtte
matt        .*•. Macdonald   roui   Iruggiat
tors of tbis pi  ,mp',rt   tin    prep u.i     madia.      '* lai
rom ( nto     RereUtoke    ami a inrtre ""     ''■'
..ttie,  can    • •   estimated  that  in  all about   7,iHI0."'J8
erred to bjr oui * nia.
.= furniture you reeu
I'arry,   auctioneer.
.,:,— reason
ii   lJuw;      rot
ymir      v lie,
lor  lun.
W   Parry,
B tette.a I
K3inm duui-uM iCi-u-nca
Competition lor New University
lluildings to he BJerected nt I'oint
Grey, near Vancouver, Uritish
The Government of British Columbia invite Competitive PlaiiB for tbc
general scheme and design lor tbe
proposed   new     University, togotbei
with     more     detailed    t'lans lol   the
buildings to he erected hrst at au es
tlmated cost of $1,5011,000.
frizes ol $10,000 will he given (or
llic 'in.,.i successful   DcsigiiB suhniiUci,
Particulars of the competition and
plan of site may be obtained on request irom the undersigned.
The designs to he sent iu hy July
illst,  1912,  addressed  to
Parliament Buildings,
Yictor.a.   British   Columbia.
Ono House, 8 Booms, with Baths, Furnace, Basement,
Etc. All modern conveiiiences.   Price Reasonable.   Easy
Two Six Hoom Houses, Bath, Furnace, Modern Conveniences.
A Fivo-Roomcd House willi Bath, Furnace, Basement
and all modern conveniences.
All above dwellings situated on
Third Street
f.,v   :   &A&
Kxanimaii ns for the position ol
Inspectors of t'cimi Killers and .Machinery, under tue "dteani-boilcrs In-
Bpection Act," will he held at tbc
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, commencing May 19th, 1912. -Application
and instruction forms can he bad oil
application   to  the   undersigned,      to
whom tbo former must be returned
correctly tilled In, not later than May
it. 1912. Salary, 9180 pei month, in
creasing -J"! per month per annum to
a  maximum of $180 per  month.
( lm f   Inspector  of   Machinery.
New Westminster,  B.C.
-»l ••(      K'
St •  -        • *..-.
•    i |l ■ If  su
In I
'       ■     ' r<      i
' ▼»    ht-
f thi     Di
-  •
olitlcal site
I ,;  ;.,. ||    tO    tb
!•(   K'      I ,1
. Exclude Hawaii fruit
■ -      Sunell, nun*-i<i   '■;
ultural,    ;- com I i Dg tl ■
■' problbittnl Hn* import*
•ion Into Canada •■.' fruits Irom  lhi
■ 10   I/>land«.   nt Dg   '"   the     pre
ralanee on those Islands ol Medltei
ranran   fruit   |>wt.    Th.-   ,ns<"'i irould
•in    fust   as    much   i image to fruil
Kfnii  in Canada  hr to productions
.•( ., tropical climate, if it onoi gal
thoM    Tii" United  state-  gm
■ ■:■ i |ng   the     ad
lity   4     prohibiting     Hawaiin
fruit.      and   it   IS   pnfcslble  that    i" nl
"In Wyoming"
"Casey Jones"
Tom Marks Stock Co.
pr*"*  pl.iniii.-
Bloom cveiy ,,.* now   foi
 mmmK j immediate     i-tieri    j:  it   , r,
 , Ri  ■ stoke, ii  '
■  line of i
shown     ui
And in the Matter  of  Lot 4, Block
27, P.evelstoke City, Map 636A.
WHEREAS a certain litle deed of the
ibove mentioued property lias ben lout,
.-tl, NOYKMIIER, 1W4, Mathcw
\i. Pettipiece to Cecil P. Taylor convey*
,1 >ald lot.
Tins is  ■ give notice  to anyone  Into
■ "ii the aforesaid title deed
■ i ime and who  lias any know
ie lie nl  tlie   whereabouts  of the nald
silver the same  lo Samuel R.
iu11<■.   i.i ■ ii      !'■ ii.u.ii     i i
I,.oid Titles. Nelson,   'I. <-
And fnrther take  uol   e thai  railing
lhe production of this do I  -a thin font
■ thi date "I tbe in     • nblicatlon
hen "i lhal   thc k*iid liistrici   I * gi u ir
■ill proceed to Issue a Certificate '
Title of the -.nd Lot in the name ol
Hugh iim. i   nl Revelstoke, B. C.
il '       a  li  C,  this -ith dn, !
I Vpril   V. Ii    ; ■
BAM ( . i-    ROE,
Uisti a i Registrar.
For Prices and Terms apply to
GEO.   1).   SHAW
P. O. Box 295,  Hevelstoke, B. C.
Inland Revenue Standard for Cigars is 22 lbs. per
1,000. By statistics our Union contains 25 lbs. per
1.000. That proves quantity! What about quality ?   Ask the Smokers and Try One yourself.
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Before Investing.
IV. PARRY Conducts Auction Sale
Auction  Mart,  Mackenzie Avenue
Every Saturday at 2 p. m.
Consisting of liaiiRes, Cook Stoves, Parlor, Diningroom and
Kitchen Furniture, also Carpets, etc.
Tapping t'Ri. AUwood Mgrs,
White-Star-iiominion gag
Koyal Mail Stcai      s Sailing K' cry Saturday
Wireless and Deei Sea Signalling Appatatui
S. S. Megantic 3. S. Laurentic
i  ■ Waatei    e-U
Sails rt*y  Hi', >8tl., July 6lli.
May 25th, Jn     I Mh, July Hilt
ona-oliUH   I I   r.nliin »or»lc«
Twin-Screw S. 8. Teutonic     Twin-Screw 8. S. Canada
,ngt 18,00(1 hoi ■ !'■ ' ' '
Saiil May 18th. June 15th. July I ith,    May 4tli. June 1st. ^th
$55 nnd up. Third Class, $32.50. $50 ind up, Third Class, $31.25
All itniliM'fi -nil li  Mi*u'i. i|, . tiling *il  QtwbtC.
i .,„i.„ i, „1(.|,! i„i,„.   ini..',*.     No bntrl fxpcimm,     No tnidiltr chirgw
Company's Offices, 819, Beeond Ave,, Nnar Okerry St., Seattle
Big Clearing Sale
Consisting ol Saucepans. Tea Kettles, Pots, Pany.
Wash Tubs, Wash Boilers, Fry Pans and numerous
oilier useful articles.
Sale commences to-day. If your kitchen is in need
of utensils call and look over my large assortment,
from which you can select just what you need.
/. C. Hull, First Street, West
WBDNESDAY,  APRIL 21,  1912.
Parties desiring Information regarding the Valley ol the Garden ol
Eden, cau obtain Bamo free ol charge
by writing to Mr. J. 11. Johnson,
Malakwa,  B.  0.
Editor  Mail-Herald:-
A remarkable epidemic ol painting
mnnia has spread throughout thc
valley with thc result that buildings
arc looking spick and span in their
new coats ol  paint.
Mr. Eric Ei-ikeon is certainly demonstrating tbc necessity ot up-to-
date barns. The present bam iindcr
construction will huve concrete Hours
and   thc  latest  improvements.
Hot beds ure goiug lull blast and
thousands ut celery plums ure being
raised (or June planting.
Thc acreage devoted to celery grow
iug promises to be tar in excess ol
previous years and nill doubtless eclipse Armstrong in the  ncur tuture.
u ■*■
**»1 Jjrf£&ttm,
The Valley of
"The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and  Extending  between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-"20'0O0-Acre8
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
f.harartar nf ^nil   Bench   Lands,   Clay   Loam  and Vegetable
UlldldWrJI  Ul  OUII   Mould, while on Lower Lands Black Loam
Nft Irrm ttinn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
l!U III lyailUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Climate   Freezing is Average Winter Weather.
Prices of land reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
Mr. Humphries, Becretary ol the
Malakwa Farms, Ltd., paid a short
visit to the? ranch. He expressed bim
sell as being very satisfied at crop
prospects for the coming season.
There appears to be every indica -
tion that before next fall many new
families and land owners will l» recorded as "Garden of Kden Settlers"
Following: the many enquiries that
have all winter been reaching here
asking for information about local
conditions here, comes the word that
many prospective land buyers will ar
rive here during May, with a view of
personally inspiring the mnny oilers
for fruit lands that are in this valley. Thc non-irrigation of those
lands, together with the special ad.
aptability of thc soil (or fruit growing, as well as the unlimited mark -
ets for all kinds of produce within
such easy access haB placed the Garden ol Eden lands in first place to
all home seekers.
Many of the old settlers will lol -
low the example *-et by one ol thc
pioneers. Mr. lCric Erikson, and will
build commodious mit buildings on
their  lands this year.
It Might Be Cold.
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continet.l Our.record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, •       Haloyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,     .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged..       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.00
A. P. LKVKSQUK, Proprietor
Laughton CR Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. Cl
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
StHctiy| First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
jr. albeet   sto:lt:e    peop.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props-3
Enlarged and Improved.    Firat-Claas In evory respect.    All modern conTenlencet
Large Sample Rooms.
Rat/ o $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR.       -       cTWanager.
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51 Phone 295
Calgary, April 88.—the lollowing
interesting dispatch line licen received  Irom Toronto:
Tom Flanagan is going to make
things hum Ior Tommy Burns ami
Rilley Allen, the Canadian lightweight champion, it thc proposed
fight between Allen and Tom Baylcy
ol Victoria tor the Flanagan belt,
emblematic ol tbe championship ot
the Dominion, carded to bc {ought at
Bassano, Alberta, on June 19th, is
put on.
"Those people must think they own
thc belt, and huve a nerve going
nhend and arranging this content
without getting the permission ot tho
National  Sporting Club," he sultl.
Allen is under a bond ol $200 to
light only before the National Sport
ing Club lor this belt. They can
light all night if they wish for the
title,  but  not  for  the belt.
II Allen or Burns had been reasonable, nnd asked (or the Club's per -
mission to contcs-t. the belt, we might
have agreed to their wishes, but Allen ls not going to peddle the belt
all over thc country without lirst
getting the club's consent. I will
take action against Allen If he lights
for the Flanagan licit  in tbc Went.
In thc agreement made with Allen
by Tommy Burns, he was to box at
Banana lor this belt, and Allen was
under the impression that he could
do so;  but even  if the sporting club
ol that oity rofuses to allow the belt
to be contested lor at the coming !
bout, it will make no difference to
the winning of the Canadian championship, (or there is no doubt whatever that Allen and Bayley are the
two undisputed champion* in the
lightweight class in this country and
the winner o( the contest will bc nc-
What M It
With the caution of sciencei tho
two Germans whn have been so successful with cancer in mice warn thc
wotld not to conclude yet thai the
terrible disease i- about to be controlled in humankind. Suppose, however,    that    the     optimistic view »»
cepted    by     the     public as thc real j riKht nnd thal th< cure can lK tnaa
Sperlal Attention given lo commercial
men and tourists. Kirst-i Un* sample
rooms. Finest scenery in Uritish Columbia, overlooking Tpper Arrow I.nka.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop wmA"
Dr. de Van's Female PiTTi
A reliable French regulator; nrver (nils. T\\rio
pllll Hie ru rfdinjfly powerful Id regulating tha
generative portion ol the lemalc system. Kef ime
til cheap Imitation*. Dr. <U Tab's ara sold al
M a bni, nr three lor 110. Malted to anv nddreia.
Th* fteaball DroK do.. Bt. C»th»rln«e, OnU
Sbifobb Cure
... rnadh.,
•ad lund..
cur., cold.*   h..li
Notice is hereby given that Willis
John Armstrong, of Revolstoke, B.
C, will npplj for a license to take
and use six (6) miners inches of water out of Mill Creek, which flows in
a south-easterly direction through
Bection 29, Township 25, Range 2,
West of the 6th Meridan, and empties Into Tonca Wntha river, near
Big Eddy, B.C.. The water will be
diverted at 200 leet above 0, I'. R.
truck and will tie used for irrigation
purposes on thc land descrtbeil an (15
acres, part section 211, township 21),
range 2, west uf Bth Msridnti.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the llth day ol April, 1912
Thc application will be Hied in the
otlice ol the Water Recorder ut Revelstoke,  Bf C.
Objection!  may  lie  liled  with     the
MM     Water      Recorder or  with tlie
Comptroller   Ol  Water   Rights,     Far -
liamcnt Buildings,  Victoria, 11. C.
Applicant. ...
hampion ol tbc entire Dominion.Thc
bcal was competed Ior und won by
Allen, and it he is defeated by Bay-
ley it docs not matter whether the
club gives up the belt or not, the
title is lost. The Toronto club docs
not need to think that it can offer a
belt was competed (or and won by
of Cnnnda and have every bout (or
that belt tuke place iu Toronto.
In fact there arc few holers who
recognize the belt ub emblematic of
thc championship. There are few
sport writers or sportsmen who do bo
and if the club does not wish to let
thc belt go out o( Toronto, why Allen will meet, Bayley anyway, and a
real representative belt, that can bc
contested lor nnywherc, and repre
scnting the real championship can
easily bc found.
However, Tommy UurnB did not intend to turn down thc donor of tbe
belt or those controlling it. It was
merely an oversight tbat an application to get tbe sanction of the club
wus neglected. Allen did not state,
in his acceptanee that tbc Toronto
bporting Club had not given trim the
privilege to accept all challenges for
the licit and that is how tho matter
stands. It wn- understood at thii
end that Allen would lii it with Mr.
Flnnagau. However, an explanation
has been sent to tho ^porting Club
of Toronto, and Tommy Burns has
asked to grant thc privilege to con-
pet* (or the belt at Bassano. It tho
club turns it down, Allen and Bay -
ley will still box for the champion -
ship o( Canada, and the belt will not
bother tbem or the people much.
(erred to man, are thc antivisection-
ists ol our proud country going to
stand idly by and let cancer lie conquered without a blow on their part
Inr thc mice'1 Thej have introduced
aoother "iavestigation" hill in tbe
New York legislature, to substitute
their knowledge and judgment for the
know.edge and judgment of our best
scientific bodice, but is that quit--
enough? Summer approaches; what
are these humane societies doing (or
thc protection of the mo-quitoes and
thc flic8'.'-Collier'i Weekly.
Montreal, April 21—By dircctioo ot
the board of directors of the Grand
Trunk nnd (Irand Trunk Pacilic railways, cabled this afternoon (rom
London, Eng., W. Wainwright, vice-
president of the (Irand Trunk railway
will be in temporary charge of the
aflnirs of that company and K. .1.
Chamberlin, vice-president ol the
Grand Trunk Pacific, will I* iu temporary charge of the affairs iri the
latter company.
WANTED-A giri for a hotel. Wages
140.0.) per month. Apply to Mrs.
Q. E. Nellis, First street and Connaught avenue, Revelatoke, B. C.
TO LET—One double and one single
room nicely furnished. Apply to
WANTED—At once, a good dining
room girl, (or tbe Union botel at
Arrowhead,  B.  0.
WANTED—T«o rooms in houae ol
Private family lor light house-keep-
ing.    Apply   to   Mini Herald.
WANTED—General Blacksmith, good
wages to right man. Apply Palaoe
Livery, F.  McOarty, prop.
FOR SALB-Offleial TownelU LoW—
Port Hardy, northern terminus o<
Vancouver Island, »125 each; J*:,
caah. Wlll be worth |700 a han rail
way is completed—Sevan, Wincb
Building, VMoourar, B. C.
WANTED—A gentleman looking -for
a large tront room, also with
board if required with respectable
family. Address Professor Vovres,
Box 462.  Revelstoke,  B. 0,
TO  RENT—Good Bed-rooms.    Apply,
Housekeeper,     Dominion  Sawmills.
Also well appointed offices.
Il.N. Coursier has just listed oie o(
tbc  mosl  modem,  comfortable     and
j well situated homes in the city. Call
aud obtain particulars. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 21. 1012.
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2*1,  1912.
Has Strong Advocate in Mr. P. E.
French, Famous Horticulturist,
who Asserts it is Possible.
(P,  E.  French,  U.S.A.,  Asst.  Ilort.i
Thi   growing  nf  crops  between t.r-
clianl troBa until  Ihey reach produc
tive use i^ one of     importance  not
only  i"  the  individual fruit grower,
but to the economic stability ol the
fruit Industry an a whole. \ few
yearn ago, a luck ol Knowledge hS to
the successful marketing o( tueae ir-
ii! crops, Blich nrt Huiall fruits nud
vegetables, together with a wave ol
enthusiasm lor absolutely clean cultivation ol orchards, discouraged tins
practice. There has recently been a
Change in both respects. A great in-
coease in tbc available market, and
the discovery that carload produc -
t."n was an essential to success with
main-crop vegetables, togetber with
Experimental prool that careful men
could grow later-crops with Bnancial
succesa and without injury to the
trees bave materially altered the sit
Tliere aie, however, certain requisite.-, to success. The soil must be
deep, in good physical condition, fer
tile, and he possessed of adequate
moisture. A suil in condition to
Bupport only the growth of the trees
cannot carry both trees and intercrop without injury to the former. A
tirst steji is to get soil in proper
condition by tbe use of cover-crops
oi   barnyard manure. ' 6
The climate linisl also be suitable.
Wealthy apples thrive, and attain the
best results in districts where tomatoes and corn can be grown sue* ess
(ully. Early vegetables arc success -
fill only where they can be produced
in time for their market. Some non
Irrigated districts are so dry in the
summer time that many inter-crops
requiring a large amount of mole!
ure suffer or fail. These points all
require local  -tudy.
The third important requisite to
success, and perhaps the most ini -
portant, is the market. Co-operative
marketing ie almost essential iu get-1
ing a new district under wuy. Carload production us mentioned above,
is often most desirable. Given a care
(ul study of thc entire situation, success is reasonably assured.
There ;s usually a living to be made
from thc land while the trees arc
coming into bearing age. Many
crops  which  will   bring  good  returns
makes the trees grow late In the fall
.iii.l ihey me sent Into the winter m
a soft and iinripened condition.  When
int -rcrous are  grown  an  open  strip,
fn.* from crops,  should  be  left     on
each side nf tho row ol trees.     Tho
wl th nf this strip will vary some
wh it   according to the kind ol   crop
Por an  ordinary  hoe  crop  the space
fn* of crops Bhould  be about     lour
feet on each snlc of the row of  trees
tb.'  lirst  year,  and  this urea    should
be   widened   each   year   as   the      tree*
| grow older.   This     should  be     kept
cultivated  regularly  throughout    tne
growing season,   Tho roots of a tree
generally      spread   farther from     tlle
trunk than  do  the  branches, so that
in no     ease should     crops bc grown
Within a loot     and     onc-hiiK ot the
hue below   the  niitsiile of  thc branches.    The      drier    the    land the less it
should   be   cropped   unless   'irrigation
water is available,
i inly annual crops -hould be grown
in fruit plantations, In general, some
low growing crop winch demands
good tillage and comes ofl early    is
h."st. Almost any vegetable crop
may he grown, but with all such
crops Ihe question of markets Bhould
be carefully considered beforo planting any large area. In any section
t li tp is always something in the way
of vegetables that can be grown at a
profit, The kind ol crop grown will
also depend largely on the type ol
soil and the location ol the orchard
I ii nin or liny Bhould never be grown
in the orchard. They are especially
objectionable because they do uot
permit the cultivation of Hie soil nor
shade it sufficiently to keep it (rom
baking, (if course, such crops as
wheat, rye, oats, clover, etc., may lie
grown late In the season as cover
crops tn plow under, but If grown
(or grnin or bay it is too hard to
preserve tbe moisture and tlie phyel -
cal condition of the soil is not improved. A hoed crop is much more
desirable. Tlie growing of nursery
stock :n young orchards should be
discouraged. This crop makes the
same demands upon tlle soil ns thc
orchard Itself, and it does not allow
the variations in cultivation and
management which are possible when
different crops are grown. Nursery
slock is knowii to he particularly
hard on land, so much so that nur -
rarymen seldom grow two crops ol
nursery stock in succession on tho
same area.
Potatoes may be mentioned as a
crop well adapted to grow in young
orchards, It is a staple commodity
nnd is often shipped across thc con -
Uncut, but in order to do this the
rommunity   must   oro.luce  a   sufficient
can be grown between the rows of early potatoes are grown a cover
tree*, while they arc young, but it crop of rye or wheat, or sometimes
should always be rememliercd that | clover, may be planted after the \t
tbe young trees arc of first import ■ tatoes are harvested. Potatoes thrive
nnce, and upon their present health, ' best ou the light or medium soils
and vigor depends thc future use -' but occasionally heavier soils are
fulness of thc orchard. | found  tbat  are  adapted to the  crop
Inter-cropping of young orchards is  Potatoes require  tbe cultivation     o(
generally  discouraged   [or  thc  reason   the coil in  the spring and early part
of the summer,  and consequently are
that the trees are likely to he neg -
lectcil or misused and the soil de -
plctrd of plant food and moisture. It
is by injudicious cropping, however,
that young orchards are often moBt
seriously injured. Extra care should
tie taken to maintain the fertility ol
the soil in* the application of manure
and fertilizers.
The growmg ,,; light crops is a
means ol keeping tbc laud stirred,
when it might otherwise be neglected, and ,f the glower is caeeful lu
.. * that the physical condition ol the
land is Improved, and adds enough
plant  ti.'od  to  supply   the  loss,      the
.* • crop; >g ol orchards for thc
Brat few year* may be a decided ben-
eflt. Tla danger is thai the fruit
grower might continue too long and
expect too mu*h Irom it- When thc
orchard cumes into bearing, give it
tbt   .ntire land.
In orchards not less than twenty-
Bvt feet apart tbe land should rarely i.e cropped mure than three years
*.nt apple * rcbardc set thirty leet oi
• :v*r may im lightly eropped four or
'ive years  f »x'.ra good care Is taken
In irrigated wrtinns there is n ten
.'..■:,'>■ •■ ovei rrlgatt If there are
inter-crops, This, of course, Is detr
meii'     •    thi   trees   Q lit* oftes     it
nmong the best to grow m the     or-
Kai'ly corn, onions, carrots, beets,
etc.. are good crops to grow as In
ter-crops In the .young orchard, because ihey all require good cultiva-
t on nnd generally tempt the manager  tn  liberal   fertilizing.
In fruit districts where can
tunes are hemg built, BUch crops as
inmati.es. c.irii and beans may be
grown, as it is often difficult lot tht
Factories to gel a sufficient supply
i*' these crops!
When  clovers  or   vetches     r
It is well to leave B goi d wide itrip
uneach   side of   trees (or  cultivation,
especially where irrigat
citable,   so  that   the  trees  will      not
Buffer Irom lack of moist
crop can then be tat '    ind    the
second crop allowed to .-
i -idcr next  spring.   Th:s  supplies  nit
i igen  an.I  a.I*is    bumu    to 'lie  soil
Bmall fruits are ofti
'■"ops and sometlmei
r suits.  Busb fruits  should  never    be
: I anted wltnin aim   * * I
.,: trees, and tbe ground needs extra
 l cultivation.   There
.tiger .,f   inu nor : 1Mb ll
..i the orchard    ta      rrlgated    ser-
ARE you wondering ho-/
•*V this year's styles vv 1
look on you? Largely depen
on the corset vou wear.' 1*0
iure that you g^t an up-to-cJa !
mod0! the one that suits yo::r
figure -by asking for
The best rtocee sell ihem. The variety
of models meets e*«»;' woman's requirements. Stylo book letl free if you write
Cromplon Corset Co.. Limited, Toronto
at      ■•—*
I mus strawberries nre soni'.'timcH
grown with good results. There ia
not tbe danger of over-watering this
crop that there is in tho enso* of tho
bush fruits, as the strawhurry season
is over quite  early.
Young orchards should never be left
ill sod. Hod lands arc not only drier
thnn cultivated ground, bill t hey aro
favourite breeding places of insects.
.Mice often harbour in sod lands and
they often do considerable damage
tn young trees.
There are a few eases where sod
tuny bc grown in old orchards, hut
it is the exception rather than tbc
rule, lu such a case as a Very steep
hillside where there was plenty ol
moisture available It might be uu
advantage to leave the orchard in sod
Tbe grass should be out and left on
the  ground.
Vic are often asked i[ it Pays to
grow iuter-crops iu the bearing or -
chard, There i- no doubt but that it
does pay. One cannot expect to get
two crops of produce Irom the same
ground. The roots ol the bearing
trees require all the ground for the
best development of the tree and
fruit. The only crop that should be
grown iu a bearing orchard is a cover crop to plow under.
The writer does not advocate cropping thc yiiiing orchard in all enses.
Where a grower has sufficient capital
to carry bim over until the fruit
trees are bearing it may le better
not to take anything off the ground.
He has a much better chance to cn -
rich the ground by plowing under
leguminous crops, as .lover, etc.,
when thc trees are young than when
they are large and bearing, It is
sometimes hard to get a good catch
wbenthe trees are large and shade tlie
ground. K one is in such n position
he should bc able to have the ground
in a better condition when the trees
are old enough to hear fruit than the
man who is obliged to grow intercrops. However, we are not all able
to do this und we must bc governed
largely  by  our  circiim-tatices.
Taking the situation as a whole it
would seem that ihe opportunities
for the small fruit grower arc encouraging, not only to make a living, but
an itu-omc us well, while liis orchard
is coming into bearing age. Many
men are making extra large profits
from the inter-crops, but some are
doing it at the expense of thc orch -
aid. However, this need not. lie, i(
extra good care is taken to replace
plant  (ood  and  humus  wbich    is
Kevelstoke  Land District.
District of  West Kooteuay.
Tuke notice that Adelard S.  Dion
din, of     Halcyon,    B. 0., occupation
shipwright,  intends to apply  lor permission    to     purchase the (ollowing
described  laud:
Commencing at a post planted UU
chainB south and UO chains west of
tho southeast corner of Lot 7072;
thenco south JO chains, thence west
2D chains, thenco north 40 cbains,
thenco cast. UU chains more or less to
point of commencement, and containing eighty acres, more or less.
Datod March llth, 1312.
Adelard  K. liloudin.
Hugh  Pattinson,  Agent.
Revelstoke  Lnnd  District.
District  of  West  Kootenay
Tako uotice  lhat Lana  A.  Uloinliti,
of Halcyon,   D.  C,  occupation  turn' -
rietl woman, intends to apply for permission    to     purchase  the  following
described  lund:
Commeuciug at a post plauted on
tlle South Boundary sixty chains west
of the south-east corner ot Lot 7072;
theuce south 2U chains, thencc et-st
40 chains, thenco north 20 clmius,
to said south boundary of Lot 7(172
thenco west along said boundary 4(1
chains moro or less to point ot ccmi-
moncemeut, contuining 80 acres u.oro
or less
Duted March llth, 1912.
Luna  A.  lilondin.
Hugh l'atinson, Agent
Meets  ovory   Und  and  ith  Thursdays
In     Oddfellows    Hall,    at  S  o'clock.
Visiting  Templars aro  cordially  in -
vited to attend.
Vi.  E.   MUNSON,  S.  C.
A.   D.  TOUllNEH.   H.   fc).
Barristers,  Boi id torn,  Etc.
Imperial Dank  lluildmg Kevelstoke, B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—Kovslstoko,    B.   0.,     and
Cranbrook, B. O.
Ueo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. a. Harvey
Hevelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial  Land  Huveyor,
Mining burveyor,
BOX   lflfi,   RKVEL8TOKB
P. O. Uox 146, Kevelstoke. B.O.
lost Iiy the growing of crops. It must
always he remembered that where
crops are growing between the trees,
tbey are taking food material out
of the soil, and that ,t i- necessary
tn fertilize tbe ground well in the
meantime, so that the soil will not
lie in nn impoverished condition when
the trees begin to bear.
Marred Plymouth Rocks, $2.00;
Hlmile Island Heds, JU.UO; Ahitc I ek-
ins Duck, IU.00; White Bmden Ctfsc
eggs, inc. each; Day old chicks; Isy
old ducklings. Stock for sale, v bite
nml  Kuf!  leghorns  cheap    Write    ur
l '*   -'!-'.  New  Qrore Poultry Kaim
Mrs. R. A.  Vpper Prop.
Coal min.ug rights ol tbe Dominion
in Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta, tbe Yukon Territory, tbe
Nortll wset Territories and in a por-
tiun of the Province of Br.tisb Columbia, may be leased Ior a term of
at an annual rental of 11 an acre. Not mor- than
I leased to one applicant.
Application .'or lease must i.e made
by  tbe u  person    '«.    the
Agent or     Sub-Agent *•:
whicr,  tbe  rights applied (or     are
In surveyed territory i lie ,,ind must
be     ilescrilied     by  sections.  *
* visions of sections, and in un
Surveyed terr.t.,ry the tract applied
fur shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.
*..t  mntl  *     a'
ied  ny a fee of 15 which will be     rn
funded  ,f the rights applied (or    are
not available,   but  not  otherwise.   A
yalty shall be paid un thr mer
chantalile output ul thc mine at tbe
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating tbe nine shall
[urnlsb  the  Agent Wltb swrnn returns
accounting lor the full quantity    ot
merchantable coal m d and pay the
yalty thereon. If the ri.nl m.n.ng
rights are not being operated, sueb
returns should be (urttlsbed nt least
once a year
Ths ,cn(n  will   .in ludl    i in a
ing  lights  only,   but  Uio  leSfSp     may
be permitted to    purchase whatever
available surface  ngbts  may  ut con
iidereii nsosaaary loc thi working ol
the  iriine  at   the  rale  ut     110.00      an
fi'..r full    Information    application
should In, made tu thl Serretary of
the Department of the Interior, lit
tawa, or to the Agent or Hub-Agent
ot Dominion Lands.
W. W.  0OBT,
Deputy Minister oi thi Interior.
N.il.—Iliiautho-ilwd publication of
this advertisement will not i.e paid
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexitime   Electric
Residence Cor. Uiil St. and Hole-ion aie
Shop iu Alley back of li. J. Bourne's
Store, l-'irst Street
Kevelstoke,  B.  C.
Domiuion and  B.  C. Land Surveyor.
LODGE, No. 16 A. P.
and A. M.
Regular meetings aro held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on tho Third Monduy in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
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McKinnon's Cigar Store
* >
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
OnnnnueH  Ave.   -    Revolstoke
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
i'ublic Notice is hereby Riven that
tt is absolutely necessary that dis-
1 .nlers .*f a suspicious nnture be reported to Dr. .McLean. City Medical
Health Ollicer or other physicians,
ae soon as known. Failure to do this
is s punishable ofTencr.
By Ord'r.
City Clerk.
COURT      MT.      BEGB1K,    No.  3461.
OF 1. 0. F.
Meets in I. a O. F. Hall neit   to
Tapping's Opor'a  House  every  second
and fourth  Monday  in  month.  Visiting brethren cordially  welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,   Rec.-8ec.
O.  W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. i'ii.
Meets Second    and     Fourth  Wednes
days    in each  month in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
A.  J.  WOODLAND,  Con.  Com
SELKIRK      LODGE  12,   1.   O.   0.  F.
Meeta every     Thursday evening   in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock.     Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
H.    SIEGFRIED,   N. G.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K.  o(    P.,
NO. 26,   REVELSTOKE,  B.  O.
Meets every  Wednesday except   tht
Third Wednesday of each montb     in
Oddlellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially invlt-ed.
G. W. GARLAND,  C.  C.
O. H. BROCK, K. of R. * S.
M. of F.
New Lightning Method
Oil Painting, and  Painted Walls
Cleaned like new.
I'aiKT Hanging a Specialty
Estimator Given
Mirror Making and   re-Silvering
(dam Cutting ai d Boring
GlaM Fruiting and Staining
Picture Framing) etc
Pricea Reserved,
D. wTbrill
Painter. Paper Hanger.LH •
RevelBtoke. B C.
Galena Bay landB in parcels of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Corree-
imndence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,   •  Revelatoke, I: C
before baying yoni onl
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specially "I l,"«Kinn
Shoe', rants.8o>, Shirts
Blnnkrts s(vleverything
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Sh/'Ms Cure
Animal     Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
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All kinds of machine needles
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Transfer      Draying
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Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol HflB" E2FS5Sln ,ht ,">d»
 ' tn lit pt.ip«r Inm   n : i**.i   i*-i
3nicH!» »inp» cmislii
ie tbroataod ll
■turn, 0Old«,   heal.
nit. '   •   ■  It cenu.
flm nil.I vlUllly.  Prfmnt'iroftonT nnri ill trxulj
ftM-iilfM ivtrtr-i at pn*.     Fhmpheanl a\\\
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The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Doalera In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarette!
D. GaUicano, Second Street
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., Ll_D„ D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -  $8,000,000
With its larjje number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable nttes. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
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Record of Progress for Five Years--1906-1911
Reserve   -
Deposits      -    . .
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
* 3,000,000
* 4,000,000
Has 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondent* In all
the Principal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rats.
Revelstoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
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V. M. C. I.
At ,*i meeting ol thoso Intorosti .1 In
funning, wliicb wun held on Tuea.lay
ovoning in bbe Physical Directors ol
ii.*.'. il whb decided to tnko oui Ural
run next Monday, leaving itic V.M.
CA. building at 7:30 sharp. Ai a at)
o'clock another mooting is to ■.•<■ I.i Id
nl which It is hoped llii'tv will lie
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Harriers club, A course wlll nl i i ho
measured oui tor tho runnara, mim;
Ing (rom 100 yanls to two miliia, All
Interested lu running nro asked (.>
attend  this  meeting.
'I'hr baseball ground hn      boon pul
In better Bhape, the govornmont roi
lor wiih put on it, ami it lias loll the
grounds in lirsl class order,
The reureal   grounds have    nlso
been rolled at the expense ..I lbe c.
P.R, Athletic rim. an.l the v.M.i'.a.
Tlir grounds are In flno shape to
bring iu an oiltBldO Irani lor bu&e-
Additional Business locals
Knit BALE Somo Kiiriiituii., beds,
etc., ran lie seen any ovonlug ullcr
11:30 o'clock, Oornor Ifourth Btroet,
and McKenzie avenue,
FOR sAI.!•: Wliii.* Leghorn and
Rhode IsfttUd Red lions ami Inst.
your pullet . Apply to Mrs. Joo.
Morgan,  Douglas street,
WANTED Olerk, who run operate n
Typewiltor, Apply Superintendent's
ofllco, C. P, It.
Don'l miss tho Toronto Clleo Tlub
at   tho Empress thoatro tonight,
Flvo knife ball bearing lawn mow
its, gl'uHH oatohers, uhonre, lirst nual
ily garden hose, Bprlnklors, couplings
etc, nl Bourne Urns.
Come nml hoar the emit comedian
Blngor II. Ruthven McDooald, at thu
ISmpress thoatre tonight.
Buildinc; Material
We have a mosl complete line of nne, two, or
Roofing Paper, Building; and Tar Paper and Tar.
three Ply
■i —
can   iik  ci;ru:i>.
Old Fallacy That Drunken neai Cannot
Be third  Exploded,
Until  further  notice  Monday  ovei
Ings will  be  kepi  open (or running
loiivin;,'  tho  V.M.f.A. al   7:80  p.m,
Opera House Improvements
The  enterpriRing  proprietors ot  the   ''
r.i *
*   Toi   nto
Empress  thcatn
*    ■     ited     T nt" 1..' I'1'4
q ..,:| ii.    Kmpress ihoutri
Maj   i*    Thi   Kenny,   Harvey  Bntci
■: -. Kmpros   ':** f't:
Maj     _■■    Thi   Greal   Nat...ual  Stock
Con panj    tor one  week.
,,,...   . ■   -     ■ Mildred l ipoi i
i,...    Empi bs  theatre.
As i'u* lime hi* arrived irhen you must do your sceditiK. wc wsli
tn ili i« ' "i'i iiUrntioii in ilu- I i* i ili.ii i.m seeds arc nil fresh and
     '••*•*     ili *l .uu  "hi "li* - li'l In shift' "II.    i'ar I Iiiii.ii  sit*, -ui'
lhc lir.st, I'ilhrr the Dutch Sit nr the Multipliers.
FLOUn AND FEED Wt huve jusi unloaded one car "I I'uritj
l-'lour, Om-t."ar ol Sn. I Titnothi Hay, Due Cai Peed, including Oats, whole or criishi-il, Wheat, Parley, t'l.tn, Mi.in. Slim Is
ami t bops,    Ifyou ■! |uiruaui ol Ihrse, I• t us quote you | rices,
',, * i .n S ive You M.*n<*\.
MacKenzie Avenue
ul,  arc
. ,*: the «' Lbodisrl
church will hold an opening day on
Thursdas afternool . Mav 2nd.
Th.* nl   I   O.O. V.,      wlll
,n the Metbodiit
ch .irh Sunday evening.
\ vs are I o al
un.l Selkirk Hall Sunday  night    the
to attend the  Methodl«(
Vi. G ]•'*■-'■ i. ni.in.is-.' ol ila* 1'a.ly
\ W( | s - n, spent Tuesdas of
tbis week in town on Ins *. iy I ome
from   tl
Tb, Society     intend
ti   .m,anient   ..a   l'i,
day, :■•      I   *Vpi 11 ll   tho St, Frgncls
■ ■:   B 30   p.in.
,n    the
Kj.w    • •     slit  al  ! 30 i' ill
-k.tt.il        fow ird
Mr.   Vi.   Minis..n       will
" ,11, in
* **
(fleers, etc.
-.' ■   : - *      H   ■   '     newlj    .
Sawmill    C        h.i
* in   K.Ini'*n -
taken tbe J
"  '
•   • Mi
I *
'•'   ■   ■
Tbe      *    •    -
rtnnata ' ■ '     '
.- ■
Many men drink who ilrnlro to atnp
the habit, whisky, however, lms undermined tho constitution an.l created
u oravlng ihat is not to be denied,
and tin.' man must have whisky or
something that will removo tho orav-
ing uiul huiid up ihu system and restore the nerves.
Samaria  Prescription stops Iho erav-
ng, sti'iidli-H the nervcB, builds up the
| general health anil  makes ilrink ili'lu-
luiiis.,    Messrs.   Tapping    and   ally distasteful  and  nauseous.    Jt  is
i tasteless and odorless, un.l can be civ-
maklug somo  Improve ; en   with   or   without    tho    patient's
i. lent I-*. 11: ■-.   In   tea,   eofTee   or   l'ouil.      11
Is used rejularly hy Physicians und
Hospitals. It has cured thousands In
Canada, and restored happiness to
hundreds   of   homes.
Read   whnt   Mrs.   G. .   ot   Hull,
says of ll and what it did for her:
"It Is four months in-day since* I
started to use yi.nr Itemedy I lollow.
oil the directions, and had l.i,e I.est of
results. One week after I started 'is
h'K yonr Henietly the psllent slopped
drinking, and has nol drunk a Klass
Of liquor slnee. 1 hupo you Will accept
my heartfelt thanks. Hoping Qod wlll
blass your Remedy whenever tried, 1
remain. 0
Mrs.   O .   Hull,   Que.
(Name   withheld   hy   request.)
Now, If there is anyone in your
town who needs this Remedy, tell
them of It- Practical philanthropy
can take no better form, tf you have
u husband, father, brother or friend
who drinks, help them help them.
■ elves.     Write   to-day.
marla, with liooklel giving lull par-
i Millar*. directions, testimonials,
price, etc., will bc sent In a plain seated pHcka-f-a to anyone mentioning this
mammr.    Carre-soondcnce sanredlv e,.n
ments tu their commodious play
In.use. \tniini; tho .in,..' of their al
tnratlons is the changing i.l the stage
to pormit "f the using ol twenty fool
scenery ItiBtcad "I fourteen foot, as
heretofore,   The   management   hns al
8 stalled modern lavatories as well
aa hot nnd cold wator In tho dressing
rooms and In n lew weeks time thoy
Will re paper the liuiisi' an.l improve
pul   ill an  up 1"
You Who Are Oonstantiy Travelling
Whiit Protection  Havo You In Case it ACCIDENT Hy Sea or Land?
I n*.p in an.i we »ili explain nui Improved Cold Rond
\ ■ dent Policy, double liubilitv, mil) costing std i yeur,
-- IHK) .*n lid  anil  *'* *    ial ■:■•.*.    | nyiiijj JJ5.UU
weeklt indemnity.
The Studio ol Mrs. II. M.I.
will i.e elus.il until further i
. wing io tbe illness of ber little *■-• n
: all
Toronto Glee Club
tiie (runt us well
dnto sloping lloor, Messrs, Tapping
ami AUwood have provided for onlj
good attractions tor tho opera houso
In the tuture nnd tho Rovelstoke ell
llSetlB   can   I*. Si    assure.I   lhal   Ihey   will
have more than then* moneys worth
hy taking in the various events as
they are billed.
The opera In.use. with a Beating rapacity ol BOO, provides ample room
for tbe theatre goera "f Revelstoke,
an.l wiih the new Improvements jusi
nia.le the pul.lie will have every cum
fori when thej are guests at this
papular   play   house.      Fm*   infi.rma -
Hon  regarding   tlu ning  attract -   _
.   the list  ol coming events as  I
well as other references in  lho col -
• iiniis uf    this      paper from time    to
Lawn gross se?d, white clover, rod
clover, affuifu. timothy, seed oats,
barley, all kinhs ol garden and llower
it   la at  Bourne Bros.
I*' ilio*. Ing of    th
i oronto  Ul«   Club    ll    Rutbvi    Mc
Tii.   Toronto Glee Club is th *  can-
musical  company    torn Ing  * te   nnd    entertain
Come and heal  them al  the Km;
tonight,   l'rices tl,  75i    ami
Mi. and   '•' F. Vein
■   cri In   town   .
and Mr. \ .miii  li M   todi
•   fruit   lands ■  .  *
confidential.   Write  today.     Tne Su
'i.ni.i Romody Co., Dept. 16-49, Ool-
borne street, Toronto, Canudu. Also
for salo by l*.   R,  Macdonald,  Drug
I'lst,  Revelstoke,   II.   O,
Dr. J. C. Morrison
Post Graduate t hicago Univcrttil)
Specialty    All   Porcelain  and
J'ast Crown fridge Work
Cor. Granville and Robson Sis.
Inii.- Store
....   has   ret n u • '.
m  BronJel, Kootenay  lake
Ml M u-shal   and   Ml  -  Mai  h
Mr-.  :• turned   fn m  N'akusp,   I oth  do-
Phone Sei
Which wo have recently taken the agency for aro highly recommended by our local painters to cover more surface to the
gallon ami wear longer Hum any other paint on tlio
on the market,
The following are tho different kinds we carry in sizes
from half pint to 1 gallon cans:—Minerva Pure Prepared Paint,
Minervalac, Minerva Art and Craft Stain, Minerva Interior
Floor Paint, Minerva Hani Kool' antl Bridge Paint, Minerva
Porch Paint, Minerva Hard Oil Varnish, Minerva Floor Wax
make the linost dressing for polished floors.
Have you tried our "Silkstone" Mat wall color, it has a
finish as hard as stone and as smooth as silk and thc surface
can be washed free from dirt without affecting the color.
We stock a complete line of Poultry Netting in all sizes
from L'I inches to 72 inches and in mesh from a half inch to 2
inches, also Lawn, Field antl Barbed Wire Fencing.
Garden Tools of all kinds, Tree I'runers, Sprays, Rakes,
Hoes, Shovels, Forks, etc.
We have just received a complete line of high grade Sport*
injr (iooils at the lowest possible prices.
See our Lally Special Lacrosse Sticks, the best ever put
up, extra heavy guard and clock cord, and one combining
Btrength and lightness.
Our line of Baseballs, Gloves, Mitts, Heel and Toe Plates,
Hats, etc., cannot be equalled anywhere for quality and price.
You will "strike" it right off if you come to us for your
Baseball and Sporting Hoods.
Our "Special" League Bat will score a "home run" in
any game,
We do not "pitch" Btuff at our customers, but treat politely those who come in to look at our goods whether they
buy or not.   Come in and have a "business innings" with us.
Revelstoke, Hardware Co., Ltd.
Ilew.son Block
"Toronto Glee Club"
Led by Ruthven McDonald, Canada's Greatest Singer
Plan ni Macdonald's Drug Store
Popular Prices,     -   $1, 75c. and 50c
Saturday Evening
Tlie Johnson-Jeffries Fight
6,i no I'l'i-t
35c. 25c. nnd 15c
:   Bden.
iin  Munda) •    ■
i ■ mt"
Laughton,   F..UI th  (trrel
. I.i rk   out  ol   R
who is leaving :■
■ ■
■ .. ni. * ■
I to SI
, *   '
:•'.!   tln-ni   •
M    h    M.'.'   U I
i   I' R    I'.
'      -      nr*
tn  various nui series  and
■   i    planting,
•    ■
ni * in Burton,
ii - in* time to
'      ' , :*       Wits
i"!.. .inn -
tr ends
Up •
.i    to
in    Sol
An Extra
We Have   SIXTEEN   LOTS   For Sale In
Inside the Mile nnd a Hall Circle, only Four Blocks fn in Car Line and Sidewalks, adjoining the Properties owned by the C. N. K. and G. T. P. for yards
and shops. We cttn show you by comparison of Prices in Moose Jaw
papers that these are a Positive Snap at
S1T5.00   EACH
One Quarter Down—Balance Over Eighteen Months
I., .rl,, t  Bound I'.i Vi 1 Kdil
*    i  *
n, '\i             Worki    1.1 for J
New Spring Books
Worth  While
The Mi i i.n "i ■ Man           tl.2 •
(Talc "f thr Big Woodo
s|.Mii • *         erl I'i
11* * 11 ' *     ,   Hnn   *
Mlgm i
Mill nlnolnlelv prevent
hair from lulling out.
(Olive Siliriinri i           -'
ii- Who i                                 1
bews THE REXALL STORE bews |
Smart Clothing for Eastertide
.I..'.i*l' .'**;■   , Inm * * ■■:■'" ■:  ■ rloll u up
EASTER  NFOKWEAR                      1.   ill thl
in lio.«ii i.i i *   *     i         . iw oi   flowing
->                ■■ hnve  .hi Idea ol tin    h ,*:. *. nnl  pattern! thej
li .* • 1**1  ii"in
Fil-Riforiii Clolliing Stetson  Hats Fool-Rite Shoes
House on 25ft lot 3rd St. west $1000 Terms
House on 50ft lot 3rd St. east - $2650
House to Rent on Second St. West
House on 50ft lot 2nd St. east -    2800
House on 50ft lot Mckenzie Ave   4100
If you have a House to Rent, we can
Rent it for you.
E .G. FOLEY. Manager, MacKenzie Avenue
• ,ma m m m


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