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The Mail Herald Jan 5, 1910

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PrOTlaoial Lilrttf
" Empire " Typewriter
For eese of opernti n mid pirfeo'imi
■ n results pr dncid, tliie machine
js unsurpassed.   1'iicr—)f80 C1.1-I1.
Interior PublihingCo.,
The Mail-Herald
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Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 16   No. 1
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Thanking our many patrons
for their liberal patronage throughout the year, for Iheir unstinted
praise and universal satisfaction
in our desire to please them with
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Hoping for a continuance of
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Lawrence Hardware Co.
3 ^efe^^cAjQfe^esi^^ts^;^ ^a^a^&^g^^^;
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offlco   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branuhra ■> Agents at nil principal p.-i?>t« lu Curjada,
AkpbIs In Greai Britain and United States— Lnndun, England*
U..yds Hunk. l.iiniifH. Chicago- fiist National Hunk. Corn Exchange National Hunk. Beattli—8e»ttle National Bank, Ban Fran-
Cipro— Wi'll« PHrgp Nevadn National Hunk Spokane- Kx. hangc
v.,.:......i  ii....1.
National Bank
Savings Bank Department
Depnitta of $1 anil upward,  received, and Interest allowed at
irrenl rate from date of depoBlt,   Correspondence nolii Ited.
Rcvclstoke Branch- A. 8 McCleneghan, ft'gr.
Annual Meeting and Election of
No. 1. Firo Brigade held their annual
olection of olli'ers in the assembly
room at tho Fire Hall ou Alonduy.
There waa a lull attendance of members, his worship Mayor Lindmark bo-
ing the only guest.
Chief Abniluimhon took the ohait'i
and tho usual routine business was
carried through. Tho election of olli-
cern caused oonsidorablo interest) there
being contost« for ulmost every position.
Tho following are tho officers ior iho
year 1010:
Chief—Chas.  Abrabamsoii.
Assistant Chief—S. Neodhani
Soc.-Troo .   II    Cunningham  Morris.
i apt. "f hoso- J. Jamieson.
Capt. of Hook   ind Laddor.   S.    Lo-
Vt tho closo of the general mooting
a liberal cold collation was served, On
being '■ailed upon to address tho bri
gado .Mayor Lindmark i xpres cd pleasure at being present at the meeting
aud declared that ho favored neither
ond of tho city more than the other,
and ho had always tried la put both
on eqUal footing. He dilated on the
progress of 'l"i cilj expressing faith
in Itevelstoko's prosperity and urged
that all friction between th<' two ouds
of the citj bo eliminated, itegurding
civic eloi liom ho pointed ».n i I hat ho
had had i hard time ns mayor but
had put all iii- energy int.. the city's
pnigre - He had
which had worked foi
I.in1 of the cilizeii .
The Ktutemenl thut
a liuaiH'itil crisis was
a ld»'l "ii the city.
Referring i" tho new power dam he
explained thut this was n necessity,
and that tho old nuc would i osl the
city us much yonrly a* the iutereai
and sinking fund for the new one, Tho
now dam would be more reliable,   and
cheaper in operation than il Id one,
there being iMUO h.p. available. In -
dustries should l>e oucouraged with
heat) power. The I'. P. I!, will buy
power at 2Jc. per k. w. hour, Mr,
Itniy approving of sonic, A grist mill
and foundry could very well be estab-
lished here with cheap [tower. He was
working for this end and WW going
east in February to make connections
and bring about the establishment of
a first 'lass Hour mill. He went ou to
point out that he abhorred all narrow tnindedness and knocking Ho was
glad <" meet P, IV No, I for the city
owod then much "The more you do
for people," he said "the more they
ii ••■ you." The feeling botweeo tho
two brigades and the tipper nnd lower
ends of the town and all rivalry had
i"■•■ii discontinued and a feeling now
"f friendly competition oils tod. His
Worship dwelt briefly ou tho chief issues "f     il ining civic campaign,
briuging out many forcible view-; the
general progress during 1009 was also
taken up.
In concluding ho aid he was glad
i" see Mi. Hailey present, an old tint
er and oonnocted with tho brigadi
completed, having been clone by J-
McPhnrson. The new work consists of
two main piers, on which will roat a
IIowo truss, 161 feet long, spanning
the stream. This truss is being fram -
ed under tho supervision of C. Harvey.
Mutlruss work is being laid round
tlio piers to protect thorn and they are
lillod with stoue. This part of tho
work is under tho supervision of W.
Flaming. Tho false work for Iho erection of the truss is all in place. 11.
F. Cough is in. charge of tho iron
New Year's Day was kepi as a festival by ill*1 ohurohos on Sunday.
Matins and     ehornl celebration     of
Holy Communion was lield al  II a.m.
and  the  Ueelor  look  us  his  text      at
the eveuing service     "Now Things     I
Will  Declare."   Uofettsuce was made to
a- a now  time and (;<id the au -
Time is a gwal  mystery    ami
be  dolined.   Time  is  tho  stock
u hifh      lift*      id triado.    Wo  niu- (
on the brighl    idc of life and use
properly.   God  ^ives  new  phases
good council
genernj Wel
ti itj   wtid  in
R ppitcful Ue ami
and glimpses of truths but science and
modern tlioutfhl cniitioi break down
religion and creed, We shall see new
glimpses and visions of the beauty of
IJoliucHs and 'iudiiip-s- through which
•c shall come i"> find. Vew visions of
hcuven "ill be mauifestcd !«> us. Time
improves character it' applied right, In
conclusion lio urged all to make use
nf their opportuuiti)*^ and not throw
time iiuay.
i in Sunday He\ , Mr, \Xc\\ u<. former*
ly of Arrowhead, entered on hi- duties as pastor <>f tin- church, having
iii- * returned from Scotland, where In
had been taking; an advunced Iheologi
i al course. There were fairly good
congregations morning and eveniug. In
In evening discourse Mr. tfelvin said
lie wished the pasl in i*oimection with
the troubles of the L'reitbyteriaii churches in this i*ity should be buried and
In wisheil lo hear nothing about it.
Lei them ntnrl this Sew Vear anew as
a congregattont and endeavor to do
the work thai lay bcf>re them with
unity and singleneas *»f purpose. For
Ida part Id would i ■ "i to do hij
duty  as the minister of  the church.
New year's Day
The vear 1909 has run its course,
and with the striking of the midnight hour on Friday the New Year
IPTM was ushered in. Few there are
who will not look ba.k on the past
twelve months with joy as well as sorrow; joy Ul that they may have Wri
bountifully supplied with God's good
gifts, good fortune, health and pros -
parity; sorrow, if thoy have lost those
near nnd dear to them, and have had
their share of sorrow and suffering,
;ii"l even if we have In any way had
rouse for sorrow yet there has been
much brightness nnd joy in life, and
the partaking of God's blessing daily.
Much of life's plonsure depends on ourselves, If wo have neglected our op-
porlunitios we have only ourselves   to
Special Committee Appointed to
Arrange Details
Ottawa, Dee. 80.—Arrangements have
been sol on foot for the preliminary
work of organizing lor the groat Conservative convention. The special committee appoint.!.! by Mr, Borden, has
made the following recommendations:
llj That a committee of titty (of
whom not more than twenty Hliall be
j members of parliament) to bo known
as tho committee on preliminary arrangements for I lie Dominion (jonvon -
lion of tho Liboral-Conserpative party.
i" bo uppoiutod by our leader.
{■J) Thai I he said commit P'c bo
culled together at Ottawa for the Hrst
meeting on suino day in tho month of
January, 1'Jlb, to decido on the best
way of getting tho whole party
throughout tho Dominion to join heartily in the s.nd convention, and to arrange tho --yst.-in oi obtaiuiug delegates  '" 'I inveufi md all     uther
mutters uounoelod with tho same,
(■i) I'hat while it is the opinion of
this committee that tho Dominion Con
U'liliou should be held in iho city <»|
Winnipeg two or three days previous
i" the niiuupog exhibition, which
should bo early in duly, the linal decision ■ '- to 'in! place of holding said
convention should bo left until tin;
lii-t meeting of tho committee ou pre
111r1111.11-> arrangements, and that in
tho meantime, Air, iiordcu bo asked to
couimuuicate v\iih the Conservative
provincial prime utiuistors, with tho
Conservative loadors of Lhu opposition
in provinces which huvo u Liberal go-
M'lnnnni. and also with tho provincial   i "i a ulit '■    Issoeiatiou   lixei u ■
ii»es  In  He.-.' provinces  wl      such
exii i. ■""!  i."|n. si   thoii  opinion as lo
tho besl   time and     place for holding
tho i out loll, in     urdci   that      theii
views   ui.'ij   be  laid before  the commit
tee "ii  proliuiiuarj   ueruugemeuts     «i
ii    ' ling in January,
ill ^ "hi committee furthut recom
mend, iliai oaeli member "I parliament aiul defeated Conservative oan
didate, bu requested to consult the
oxecutivo of tho Associatiob for hid
electoral division with tho object of
obtaining Iheir views, and I'ni iho
whips of the respective provinces be
requested to transmit imm.'.li t.;ly to
each defeated Conservative candidate
copy "i ihi?, recommoudation and invite an expression of their views   and
We] wish our friends
and patrons a Prosperous and Happy New
be afraid of
your shadow
make a. good
tl pinions
of their said
Pythian Sisters Dance
On the Same
On every rack and in our
ice chests, the finest of
meats, poultry, and smoked
hams and bacon.
High Quality
Selected  by   level-headed
experience   to   safe-guard
your   health   and     purse
Quality High, Prices Low
and  a  fair  trial  will   level
your names on our books.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Maundrell Meat Market
Green Hones Chopped for Your Chickens Daily
'Phone 251 P. O.  Box 181
Aid. Slono laid he was not piiltyof  l,lm""'    ri""' """" ''"' "" mBn
being with any clique and was inno    '" ""' >'"" B0W eowmenoed wo 	
ent an to bei„K on the "Club" slate,   I'"' '""• l,,,"',"': "li;"  ""• lmbl ,,v"lv"
and knew nothing ol the icheme,   ami  modth" hav* 1""l-,|"    ,'pl >"> '" Ii"v''1'
denied that be had been willingly bee,, ","il"' '""k  '"' briBhl 'id° "' 	
put on. II" would stand by Ward III ""ll """ ''"" "" "*" ,hu Un": "' ,910
and let them Bah him n. hi,,, fie did propwly. "e oat! most of us look
not want any other wards or clique*|baek ""'' """•"" u""   °" "'"     v'""
that    is pawed and HO in it an  nutf-
i" dictate to him.
Brief remarks were made by 8. N"ed
I,am. .1. 'lamiesou. II. Cunningham
Morris, II. f'ook and others.   8.     I.e-
|feaux  and  II.  Cook   reel 'I  vocal   he-
lectlous and the meeting cloied wiih
"Auld Lang Byne." \ neal louvauti
■ aid "f the election "I ofBoefi arid
Jtew V«ar l!dn wii, preeenU)d to taoh
of the brigade by Mr. Morris.
Mayor Lindmark was proposed and
ni opted a- an honornrj membei "f
ih" brigade
lllecillewaet Bridges
I In- railwa.t and traffic bridges acroea
ih" lllecllliwncti south ol Rovolstoke,
are a scone of bustle this winter, The
railvra)   suffered considerable from  the
Inch Wat",     I,, i     pi ing, ,1 astern
concrete abutment     supporting     the
,.■ 1 inIdge on ih"   outh side    being
undermined,   Now     extensive matrns-
has b""M done and piling drivon
in protect   ih" pier from  further   dam-
oi'l a n"v\  ihan,i"l for tho rivor
,v being nit in lirinL' iho water   hmk
i" it- original    course.   Tho damaged
pier will be ,",,,(",■'"I. Ih" wo,I, i-
belng iiirried out  by  a  "lew   under 1).
Hwanney, and W. Killer, bridge    and
building Inspector, i- L'i\i,,kf tho work
moral     niptn lakln,  ,1,  I'   I'ordo, t
i  , i, ii in, prepared the plans,
I h.'i nl"iii'-nl" ih" i     I'. II   bridge .
■i \"M.in"ii,     ni"    replacing     ih"
replm inu '," ualln In el.■< «lliell »,.<
■ mi..I una.1 in-1 yrai The in-w Work
i    "ii   i   plan piepaii'l   ll)   K, I     ' I till
I'll.  pio\ni"uil engineer,  and  i    being
il       under       the       supervision   of   I',.
Irunble      ihe pile driving l,n«     been
ury of bright thing! for the one   upon
u«.    "In   today  already   walks   tomorrow.''
New   Year.   Pay   pullfd   very   quietly
in ih" "iiy, much of the oustomary vi-
siting in social circles wai abandoned
owing   to      ,h"      fierce  gale   that   was
blowingi   Even    tl lemenli    broke
away from tho wonted calm, and
Boreai breaking loose, oolobratod the
New V'oar »i'li as much vigor as anyone     Ih"  BUOW  was   whirled  aboul   in
dri/Ut,    banking   up    high in places,
burying sidewalks, f, es and paths in
ils gleaming pall. Tho u'ale raged mi-
aballngl} till Sunday, whim lhu wind
■udilenly fell.
In -pile of ill" boisterous weather,
a number of citixon* look In tho vnri-
"ii    amusements    provided.   Sumptu ■
on    ibnii", ■  wore    ' i vod   lit   I Ii"   ho,"Is
and restaurants, while the evening was
mostly spoilt In social talk and in -
door pastime.
Nolhilig more of iinporiaui'i- "an be
ehroiiieli'd  OXcepI     that   I he   N"i\    tear
iuis woleouted In In Iho whole elly In
various ways, antl general health was
drunk   in   ih" pro i| j   "i   lhu      New
Yiso born,
To Correspondents
Will  ll oil" i   'i id ill   « Ii" forwards
lie- significant cnel  on iho    civic
udmilii- Irnlion fill lln pa I year kllld
l\ i ml ii I||| nam' ii f lie l W" "an
,'l\e    III"   pllblli    till     l.'iiilil    .if   hi^      u
piini remark ' tt Idle Wu know tho
wiii"i   wo wouhl i itli ■   have hii   di
reel authority i ■ ill name In oon"
Motion with 11 p,  T,d. M.H.
fine of the most enjoyable dances of
the season took place on N'ew Year's
Eve under the auspices of the Crystal
leinple No. 3., Pythian Sister-. A
feature of the programme was ,he mid
night dance, when to the lively strains
of th" orchostra, and tho jingling "i
number- "f b"lls, the roquiom of tho
Old year \\ a - chanted and ill" Veil
year was uehorcd iii with joyous celebration. The decoration of tho opera
housa was particularly tasteful, a now
schoinc being introduced., Garlands of
evorgrcon woro used in profusion with
a snow effect, the wholo being realistic
and decidedly appropriate The Revel-
stoke Symphony Orchestra provided
excellont muaic. As the eveniug advan
cod the aumbor "i dancoi • increased,
mid by midnight the hall was crowded
A number of the members "i Company
No. 3. Uniform Hank of tho Knights
of Pythias, were present ill uniform .
and assisted   tho  ladies  in  sorving   ill"
very ample (upper provided
R, Gordon officiated h, master     of
ceremonies,   Mention should bo    undo
of tho emblematic color yign over   the
itage, eniiying th" title and colors of
ihe local   Temple
Dancing was kepi  up till iho   mall
hoUl     "i  'In, Now   Yeius   Day,  and    a--
ih" yen, of [010 was ushered In com -
pliineiiis of the season and «i lio   foi
0  blight      nnd      prosperous  ,\ew   Year
were freely passod round.
Vott can't cast a sh.ulow in the dark, and you
can't btand the light unless you are dressed well.
We can dress yon well let us coat you over
with one of our Blue, Black, or Grey Beaver over-
coats, h will please you. We satisfy oui cu.'tom-
ets. We say "customers" because when a man
once lets us clothe him he becomes a customer for
A clearing sale of Boys' and Youths' Overcoats
and Pea Jackets, sizes from 22 to 35 — S1.85 to S6.75
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Anonfeernents liove recently bevn c
of this Bank me ahle to latUe
In the follow
River Bank Danger
Owing to tlic acoumulntioii ul ion
hiihI tho f:il-'- work and Blruvlura of
ilii> now Columbia Uiver Irufllc bridge
hi'ir, tin' river fiua yona iuto u new
chandol and now »woei»n Hlrwitlj
ugointil Iho enh1 bunk, bohiud tho Vic
toi'in hotel, nnd where the nhorc end
ni iht- fi\ i njipront'h 'if lhu bridge
rotiunt'iH'Orf, Thin dii ei tiny ol 'li«'
inKMi Inn been ln«trumentul in wn Ii
injj nun) iIm- luttiK itt thul i«'iiin. aud
n iili'itihlc erodlon linn taken [ilacei
which, if allowed lo continun, would
hi1 ii menace to tho Oriental hotel.
Mobsi-a Gillette & Maedonnld tatc
they have (ml in noventy five feel *«f
irmiiui-- work uloiij thai poiIluu o(
ilir ii\t>i Imnk where 'ho erailou
taking [ilace, which ii Lhoughl will
|ni'\r*ni anj  fin iIm-i  datnugu.
Coittu and  ••>■• (ha nlco choice al Ihe
■aid ni   Me-.   l\finM.I\' .   third  ntreel ,
t"» 'ou   (Thuri daj)  nfternoon,      In
fiid of tlio Patbotiq, chuTcbi   Culirmry,
liHinlknvliiw md oftndy tablet.
AimIHr -ll\jflg-M7     FinUnd
Hrl^ium Fonnoia
Braiil France
Bulgaria Kr'ch CochinChm.
Cevlori Germany
China Great Britain
Crcto Greece
Denmark Holland
Egypt Iceland
Faroe Islands India
NO   DELAY   IN   ISSUINO.        ruLL
•mpleted unclet  wlilch the hiMwJw
In.in*, on tho pnttclpal poinu
■ t»;v . ountrlc-i:
frcand RUMta
fap in
Phillipinc IslaiuK
t~A.    H.     ALLEN.    MGR.
South Africa
Strain Sell
West Indie,
and else
'  lul'llbli
Hockey Season
ug i
uiiglil    iiul  ill"  publla will \k nlTorderl
tl !'l'"i innit>   "f   wil,ii'i.-i,i^       HOIil*
, Im ■ li." ki'y.
I i," i..   t    in rN.'.'ll'iii  uoudition unit
III,   mil.  i . .1     . iii'iii    art diiiuu  tlioir
.   lo Ollhiilli    dnli'l-   .i-   Null      nH
in   li". kV\    i In-   unit, i,   an''   il   ;     (.li'.,.
00    lli'    ihl i.■:,'.■   '    "I   Hill
lei  gitmoi ii lni\iiiL'  its  '|'i"i    ol     'i
I  . fff0^sssTffssssssssTssTss*s*sTssTssss^**L_^
■ , ill-- 'In -i   iw i Iiul    Im
Iim\i      gnl  ml1'     lino  inul iin- doui
nigbll)  prncl   i quit*   i numbw
oi keen pm ■ uf wanlod    1
augment     i in      d iso, iatlouj   and   11 ■
various    captains   aud  mauagori
auxioui i" "■   now  and inten*
ini'inlii'i -.
' I     .IM'I     1,1     Oil   	
"' 'll',','.
, City,
'■ '    M. O. A.
Jan ^M   ,    A
Mn,ol",» Hl      '»"     promptly si
.  ■ tin end >.(     ,h<
p. in
i't'iun    ii'iii'     V'ei
k,oii. i^ijj^ijjjjjj^sjjj^s^pi^i^|ff^iniB|iaiiaH
i, i- iii.. ii
in   olid ■■  iii-,.
II",i       lull ul    ll,.       „|„   a»    \|,        ,,      ,.
I nliruni    '• -     In Hi      ini unl   , , ,
  K.,,,,,'lv.      hoMW  i..n,",,,,w.   |TI,,„,
II       \l. K ,  l.'ir..i     d"v>      alt.in.'.in     (ulii,,,,,.    linll(1koi
'"im'   i  ■'• i".u;  ' iiul   in.I onndy tahlen.   I'm, ,*»U     <•
teams, •    »»!0« 1» aid of Cathollo Ohuwh.
<Jbc  flftail-lbcralo.
PUBLISHED WED   k.shay as
■Ulterior pubttsbing Company.
Subscription   Rates
Including I'o-tss.. ti   Kugland, l   ■ cd .States
.tun i anadu.
.  l.oe
ni ut reason-
By the jrear [through postofilce]
(juarler "
J J'ii     P.1N I I," i :i nil ll> "X'
anio rates,
rBHMS—i'd.-i..   Subscription* payable in ad
Legal noticet i its pel ' ;  Insertion,
S oenu per Iii h «u ' '  Insertion
MewureuieuK Nonpari, i - i«ako "'"'
inchl.    Store   and   k business are
nounoomenu  s-' sn   i Per month.
Preferred  p, nil on« oont,    ad-
ditli oal    Ul ll      -I - »nd   DoathB,
. '   Innei ,
,..,..-..       ... !-,, r:is"iii"iil.
, matumenwiit.
,      . libi ire ini
,,., ,   ...   ,.. itod. SltualtouH
wanlud,    -i' ..." '"'■■     ti ""' i-
w.,,:..'., m ■ . ted,  io words or
...  .•..   each   . . bin    1"   ci in i.
i ..,:;. - ii   - rUsempnl   munt
.. ,n i... e   .   i )  '""i bridal   oi	
u«sii week loi-ecne^       ii-pluy.
CuHKEdl'ON'DEXl "'   on mattore pt   <^_
public iiiun-i.   i umcalioliH lu kill;    jTT
uir   must   be   > pauied   by   name  o      f%
writer, mil in iru) >"  publication, bill
) evidence ol sot ■ '■ ''•   Correspondence
lould be br., '
Kighl Roomed   Huu-p on Second  Street, close in  lo
centre of Town, at $25 PER MONTH.
Six R-iomed Mouse on Fifth Street.; all modern except
furnace; exceptionally warm for winter,  at   $25 PER
Seven Roomed House on Third Street; plumbing com-
plete,at$25 PER MONTH.
Five-Roomed House on leased land for sale at $200
Four-Roomed   1 louse on  Fifty Foot  Lot,  for Halo  at
I r \1    liSTATK,
I ,   I 11' I    AM
[MAT   !\S( P. \X' 1
-l.o'. Id
Omars    Imn••- '; i'aotl Bom>mo Rkvto
81UKK, 11. 0.
.Money Ui n>.i ■ ,, ,,     ,.      ,       ,. u ,,
Uffioesi Kevi - uko, H C.   ( raubnink. H. I ■
You'll Have to Hurry
ueo. S. MoCahtbh
J. A. Habvky,
Cmnbrook. li. (J.
S ilicitor, etc.
SolicilOl l"i : —
Ihk l.v.saiian Bank of UuHMXUUt,
THK  M0L80N8  liANK,   ETC.
i jiiiM.iii si.Mll'll
i'lov-iiniai Lanii Surveyor,
Mining smveyoi
;,;      J       .1,     AVI-..-.II',
l",.\   IUU,   ItKVKLbTOKB
Car   of
UBT lillli oliliKHs IN KARLi
F. Burns & Co., Ltd.
W   Itl.N   ,V
,i     IM)   RKV BLKI'llK
H. ( .
. 11,.        He know ol nothing to ehanite spoils to tlie victors" lias unfortunate'
 ditions     iieecssnrj   lo sneli      i lv been  ho extensively copiod in Can ■
ei'vii-c.  nor '1" wo believe  that   from .ula,   although     nbsolutcly  imltritish.
a   iiublie jii'int   "f  view   i-   there       un One  of  the ln-st   soetions ol the  Dom ■
 .  ^ i   reason   for  the nbnniloninenl    ol inion      Civil      Service  Act   is   \"    14,
A||      , „ r- .,'i.lr. i--.il ii'lVi    "if   pro] '(I   Inenl   servne.    n iiuiever Nvhieli   provides:    "Xo   officer,   clerk   or
I,-., i-u K'-. whJ o,i.e in>"ii|"   reason exists  i-  purely Irnni   n      rail employw  in   llic  civil   Service  shall be
attention, [loinl  of  view, nnil  M  is only loir debarred from votinu at  any Dominion
in tho llonrcl    of  I nule intprestocl thai or provineinl     eleelion,     if, under the
C.   W.   O    W should   be   iclvi cd ol   tin   reason, law      [ovoriiing   the     <niil  eleetion  ho
Mountain view Cnn.p. No. -220 >i» ii   is  possible       inns may     lie li.'i     tilt"   righl   lo   vote;   bin   in,      -.mil
. .i  K.ui-.li  IV..S1-. -a..)- ii    ,,,,,„!  ,,,,:, ollifnr.  clerk,  or employee shall      en-
II 1. U..II V.M.I.I '
me;   ihe  improvcil      service  promised, (rage  in  parlisun    work   in  connection
■hi.i wnicl       • ioei   oxpo< willi any sueli election."
ting • I'"'   in"  such change i- embodied
— in  the government   i>!  tho provincial,
\  i'I.i  \\    ! i, \ m nl-1 municipal  and civi.   services,  the bet
Tlie   regular meol ||„   ....
.   li.        V'-ni,    VSouil
nee oordia ... ' -; •'• ■■
JuilN' I AIlLoOS, Ian. < em.
J   M '.' A      . Clerk.
Snowshoe Tramp
1 he  regular BOmi-wookly tramp     of
tho Ski and Snow Sins' Chili look
pluco last night, In the absence of
I'ield Captain ■'. McMa'rtin, vico Captain Miss llanlie led the run. taking a
route, along the I'.in lieml road, diverging across country to Columbiu I'ark
and back through the Old town. The
snow was in cxeellent eoiidition, and
tin- tramp was votod one ol the best
this season.
Don't Read This
Read Allen's Big lid
...Revelstoke Opera House...
J. G. and Aqqie Marion
STimz & co
Wednesday, Jan. 5
Joseph Jefferson's Famous I'lu
Thursday, Jan. 6
ells of Shandon
The Great Irish Comedy
Special Scenery
"hangp of Piny Friday and
Sat. Matinee and N ghl
Representation   8:1b  Sharp
Sea's now on Sale at C. R.
Macdonald's Drug Store
A Public Citizens' Meeting la hereby
convened to be held in the Edison
Parlor Theatre on Friday! .launary
7th, 1910, preliminary to Hie Municipal Elections about to be held. The
meeting will commence at h p. in.
Why Pay Kent when you
can ()wn your I lome '
Dwellings,    Building Lots
and   Acreage.
Also Business Property
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
i :
LjLIujU ||   r
mm ,t
- '
. '
Your 'Xmas Gift
For n Suitable, Sensible nnd
Pleiislng Present for Father,
Mother! Brother, Sister or
Kriencl, then' \k nothing to
compare with a Handsome
Piece of Furniture. We have a
New Slock.
Come uii'l ohoose your Xiniis
R. Howson & Co.
First Street
li-w isi'.ki. Land District,
Di-i.i" i ..I  West Koi'leiinv.
'I .ke N.ii.ie ilmt 1,  M. lv. Lawsun,
■ if Kttvelsiuki, liuiisekeepei-, inieiul lo!
■ |i|'iv- I'.r |'i'i ii'i-.-'ion  io |.iit'rli;iM' Ihe
lollow ni; ili-si ni.. ii I ml-:
(  iie-tii ii v ;i< .' |n'8l pliinterl nl tbt' j
■ mil ii nnil   ei'ini'i   oi   Lot  S.tKtei, nnil j
.ii.ok,.1 ".u. K    la.v.i.ii'.-  North west
i'oi-ii. r Piin' :   II"-. e-   In . buiiiM south! I
thence In i liains vv. si; i hvm < 20 ubalns
i.i.l' h; ibi'iii'i    2"  ehiiilis   i-.i.-l: ilienee
Lllell.ili.i-   III '   ll    I i    nl     li'l    8,tK18|
i Iihiii'i    'li     .   i-.'l -  In t   I'   | llll    l»l  I '"'
iiieiii eineiit.
Iinliil ueuiliei- IS. li. lUOO.
Nov. 17 it.   AllNNlliK. LAWSON
tJOKiaaa.'-i — .
Is it not sure that Soda Biscuits made and packed r.nrl i
Foley's are. will bs th' most aatisfyin ; for yon to its"1?
Th« rnnt^riels  rend  rr.K"
"Pfi-d as
In r>, ley's Wnitorn.
made Bodnn you cot
purest     m«lo   -ul"      per.
L-ctly prepared.
Made In ih-) Bee'
Equipped Pnclory In
Canada *'A ivestorn
Factory," and alwaye
shipped the eame day
initio nivor from Old
Shipped In ■poolalty
prepared tin pails, with
the easily reploced top*;
They a»c tho e-vcot*
est - fl" vori-n, fVenhcet,
criepeet, most entinfy-
Ina   Soda   Biscuit   so d
lonn of aoda-blscuit, nv.'-ei biui'tt-
fully flavored, freshes from th   fn-;ory.
No fnctory In Crnadn is r« new rnrt
complete in equipment is the lurtory
whore Foley's Rodus are made, Every
modern device for the making oi bis-
nutfl  liLii been Installed,
Every Foley Soda IS ALL GOOD
KOOD Nothing is put into il thut Is
not nourishing, und healthful, andenai-
ly digested.
The r'ehneps of flavor, the FRESHNESS of Foley's Sodas ore not
equalled, When you buy Foley's,
not-v tlnv air-proof, dust-proof and
moist re-proof construction of the
box.      Then     remember    also     that
Kootonay Lodeo. No. 15, A F. & A M.
Sl'l --
,\        .f,   Jli.-i'M   ii-.-.ti. men
j     '    -'■- ' ■ 	
f   -     - -^      i^2K •   '■   *
J. T  i'o 1.1."  K, M
• HAS .1   »M IN, 'u hi : m
: i"
\l u   UAILW'AYS
...      ■
I AM; Mil'li i: thai I L'erej Harold
I'ense, of Tl'OUt Luke, U. C, OCCUps .
lion engineer, intend (o apply lor permission to purchase the following do-
-'•ribed lands:—
I    Commencing at  a  post  planted     at
iho  N.  \V.  corner ol lot   1728,    thei	
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air oast 20 eliains, thence north 20 chains,
Pipe and  Furnaie Work thence west 'Jo eliains more or
Inke kIioiv,     thence south easterly a
these   bUouitS   were   mado   tho   day
they    were   shipped     ami   yuu   will
realizo why Foley's Sodas have sweeter flnvor and crisper freshness
than other sodas.
Foley Bros.  Larson & Co.
bbb mtmsa rrnrriBfi"m,tiif ■ ai
£.   G.    BURRIDGE
these Hi ''nl     i"
herd  vv 1	
A   bill   ".I    lim llniiM!
KLKIKK LODGE 12, I. O. 0  F,
TsTf^v    1,) ..
kirk H
f \i-iiii .^ brethrac i'ri
orals   1 in v.'-'1. i" atteud,
- ABMAN. N.O.      'AS   J1ATH1K -
v.i-t. thing in Luking netion to gel the
|tju, llend . mini iv opened up In iiul-
w 'iv - "tiitiiiitn -a( i"'! Noti that new
'I"- country
(lie I i'i"-i 1 olumbiii \ alle\
'" ■     \        unn ittii       v-'it!      1  g 1
■ f  1 In
Cold Range Lodge, K of P.
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.
MKJfi •   ..   ■. .     K  ■
in. fi moDtl ■
ii»..      »t      " 1C« '111
T. P    SM1T11. '    < .
O. H. ."KOI  S    K     .:   :.    * a.
J    li   11 HI 1
Zhe ii^.nt=li)ci'aio
, ,   k m-, u a b 1
vyleswortl  \
be iitluinvil 1
.......      1 i. , -      .
md  11.
km -vv
\     M
long laki' -diore about 30 chains to 'I
Connaugl-t Ave.   -   Revelstoke  s   VV. corner of lot 1728, thouco north
along western     boundary ol   lot -1"*^   1
"      about Id chains to point of commencement ami containing -1" acres more or
John Forbes
1 6 D A \
Mr. John Forbes, of Forbes
Mackinlay, Real Estate
Agents,  623 Pender Street,
VV.,  Vancouver,  B, ('.. will
the   Queen's   Hotel,
a few days
ou1 the 5th of Janu-
e pleased to see
u ties who have Van-
roperty which they
or parties who
t in Van-
'  ■
if 'ho
rsrorr k 'i',
Uocember 16th, 1909.
"lessTo J   The Vernon fire showed the need
§f our
The best safe-guard in which you can invest. Every hotel should
be fitted with these as a matter of safety to occupants. Every house
should have one on its roof.
Only 45c. a foot.    Sample on view here.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Court of Revision
i am: NOTICE thai I shall hold 11
Court "f Revision and Appeal, under
the provision of tho "Assessment Art"
pecting the Assessment ltoll< for
the Rovelstoke Assessment DistricL ou
WEDNESDAY,      I III-:    20th  DAY OF
■ lAMAItV.  1910,
it  tho hour "f ten o'clock In tho hue
. , ut the Court Uouso, Revelstoke,
Dated al  Revelstoke this '-'■-ill    daj
■ December,  1909 il29lf.,
1     M   l'li:i.H.
1."it". ..l  the 1 .un 1  "i  ll'-v 1 ion,
lllll    \|i|.eal.
% -»v%^*v% «w-v*w% 1
Import ilireet Irom country ol onyin.
, ■  i
l\ II        l.l.'v. |i   I
ll II    lllll
-.        ■    . .    '
. ..,, I
'  I
I    .       I I   ..     . It,
I    '
nf  tin    I'm iii
.   ..  itter
.... .... I,,, ,,|  objiii I   "I   v llnlali in.      viiil,   il
llic Janl  ' nrriip'ioii  h    i  ii
Electric Trams in Okanaqan
IV 111
11.       I"
lied        lo j Ii
,i    Il,i I . .     '
i I   ■
the   i In-   . "iii|niii.    hefori    Ihi    Ve	
ilhlii    hoi"'  '■    h .■■.     mi I   . ■    i.   •     il      I I...      ■  ,,i,|..ii,v ,i,ll
I""' in      ul       Im   nip    l.u        II  il
\i.'      ipnlil"       In  Ik   I '. 'I   li
imlilii     .it'i".      lim    'In.I,      ii ill      i.,1,  down   While   \ ill. v
il ''ii      from   I   ti,.l.    In  \. i I  11,rii. «■    in
II     the     KllhlM li.i,        .• ill    I".    ,   I . .1   ' .
l|i lllll
I.I   lllll
.■iv |. r.      I i..
ii.ii,       'ti'l   i'    '      I'
,i.    "'I '!.'
I'.nii   li
P.   li
policj  "i     Ihs   llio i'"n'i
II   i
i i
i   i   ii
.In       'I    '   'I '      "l   ll ml'- '       W
ll .    I	
I       II      \|. |l,i,i I
i Mill iii  l i|iii.|ii,..i. \. I	
I'" ' rill I'Im       i     Sol '•"   I'" lllsll
i olumbl'
WANTUD      linnile  niiiy   I: ."I,
km per   or  tinii'i,' p| m    tlexlres
'ily   i|H ilill- 'I       11  li'l   Ill'I'S
i-I   .liir. i.| Onl.iiio lln lei   •.
It.il. v ll..     Apple    \V,   N.
Hum     M ii ll.ial.i.
WVNTKI)   KNOWN      Pm-nUln-il
i...in in i .-nl    -v it h breakfast If
'  iiuii ni    Apply ai MnMlii il,l.
I '(HI '.Al K    '!'• -in, ..I   llrivv   Wnrll
Mi.     >! •   i Kiln.i' .mil Driving
Mn r     i  ii. I ii   I He. mill.   Itivil
•I ok<   «.. •■ null (  n,,   Llll,
(ii i:\ni \i. ii .1 I'll-- 'in:. l(..| mi
ii.'I    llveinu   ami    Plain   -iwiiL'.
Ml '      ( "Ok.   '('.II |HI'rt   Bini k,
nfi-i .in
,'iil; HKN'I     Inn i inil  li' ..in   l"i
I,'Khi IL n-i'ki'i p ni;.    Apply ai
■i     n , iM nfii"
\ i '        I'l l.h      \l     I.V|,. |'| ||    |,:„lv
V > ... 'i'i '| In I \|l'ly   'llli'i'
'I    I. .1 ".II  'I'l',
Kl)   I i .in     or
• ■    Ilill,   i.\     i   . riltplti      no
.,     \|.,.l-    I' n    It.,i   'H I,  City,
it \. I I ll      \      l	
mill           Ipplj    mi>I.   refm
ini:      \l I ,   I I  'In. itiy   ini'l   ml
ill      in." ii     I   in   In.     ....ii   ll I    I ho   Itevel -
iloke Sawmill (lompan) ..  Dig  I'Mdj.
W'AN'I I'll  KNOWN.   II   i"   rent,
imiir   .1 1 lion ,..,  II.  v. ' ""I !'■'
WAN'! IH     v    hnl.v      lenographor,- •
■ii.nj  |8S i"'i  month.   Ai'plv     "iii".,
■ in   |.,i|".i
Union Hotel
Under Nnw Mitnagi menl
Stewart Macdonald
Mill i ■•'ii •; \ i. il i
Hpeolal \t'i iiliiin itiveii Iii Kiiiniieri'ia
null ami I'M IsIh, I'ilSl ela*- Hilllipll
iii.niiH. I'ltiesi Hennery in Unllsll Collllll
liia. iiveiln. kiiHi I ni" i Arrow Luke,
W. J. LiRhtburne, FVop.
Mniuiihi-lurnrl   fur (ill r\n - -" .  (if    btlildillgl
fur -ni- in  h,u:r"ur small qUBtltltttl
m th« li'Wfist prinert fnr i-nah.
mi klndu of i in'-iiiir BDdJplm(erlD(*
Repairs of all kimU neatly curried mi
Hievele and linn Work a r|ieeiully
IliHtilimteH lifven on flliy ehiMs
of work.
Front    Street.
Palace Restaurant
McKonziO   Avenue
Fruit, Candle", CigBrsjToliacro,
Mculr- 85 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs. ;
Verna Felton and The Men Players
6 - Nights - 6
Monday, January I
Opening Bill
Miriam  Michelson's famous Comedy-Drama
In The Bishop's Carriage
Repertoire Includes:
"The Second Mrs. Tanqueray."
" Mrs Dane's Defence."
'Jim, The Westen er."
" Sherlock Holmes."
»' nn
The Trirli
i, '>
Every Play In Our Repertoire is New to
This Part of the Country
Prices: 25c. 50c. 75c.   Plan at Macdonalds Drug Store
I Just Tribute to Those ot
Public Service
(Ferine Free I'reaa.)
''The City Council meets Umiglii."
Uid you ever consider what thai has
meant in iho punt year? Tlioir meetings, including committee meeting* ,
have averaged more lliau two uiglitn
per week for liie year 19U9. During
their term of olhce they have aecouip-
lishcd a lot of good work for the city.
J lay are all busmen* or proleuuiuiiul
Ulcu «i.".' lime in vuluable und who
n|i|iie ■ i.itu the value of num. The |ri
vale cilueu iloeii not realize the ire-
uiendous sneriliees lhat must be undo
by tiie.e geiulemen in order to aucnd
■" the busiue.-s ol the niunuioiluy .
They have their reward in tlie aeu-e
ot duty dune and iu the criticiim oi
those who (or personal reasons have
i."'. been satisfied with their policy.
The aiiin who lh salistied sckloui laaei
the trouble to express his sentiments.
Hut the kicker ii always heard Irom.
1 lie .'"until of I'ju'.i could not tic -
eomplilh everything in the .ourto of
a year. Koine was not built in n Uay.
There will lie work (or the . nun il of
It'ln and for the council of 2000 A.II,
for that mutter. The council of 10011
minht hum held mk sessions per week.
Ihey might iiave given twenty four
hours oi their tunc per day lo the ml
uuuisiraiion of civic business. I'hey
might have mudu more tinproiemetits
by doubling the tax rate.
But the business of serving   pub
lie is not aueh a thankless task after
all. The mass of the electorate of
Feenio approve of the administration
of the present council. They say little
and accept the service of their repre •
•eutatives as a matter of course. If
they don't get » sidewalk or a sower,
or a water sorvicc pipe Ihey "kick/
If they get it they let tho matter
drop. Jf the ta\ rale i-. higher   than
they anticipated (hey say unplni-uint
things.   II it  appeal*  to  llmm  ns  rea •
sonable thoy are satisfied, and smi.- -
(action is iiilont.   There are a l"i     ol
people    in     this  city  who  nre  saying
little ol our Aldermanlo Hoard.
The  Free   ['ress  lakes   this irppocWU-
Ity of voicing the sontlmonts ol   that
silent    body   of the     electorate.      The
Council of 1800 dosorvo tho tbanka of
the people of this city for the cnoi •
Kttie, capable and buslnoselllro minium-
in which they have conducted ih" affairs of Hemic. I li.'v have spared neither time inn labor iii fulfilling tho
duties'ol their olliie.   They have Work.
■d irjitv/jiii ihanki or hope ■•( rswird
ot'ier limn the satisfaction of heeing
thai the business of the city is con -
ducted along business lines. They are
rounding out their term of office with
u record which muv, vviihuiii reflecting
on the work of previous councils, bo
aaid to he tho most, satisfactory in
ihe history of tlio city.
We congratulate tbc people of Fernio
on thair proven judgment in selecting
the mayor and council of l'.m'J and vie
believe iliat the great majority of the
ratepayers are with us when we give
credit to thai council for tho most
business-like udmiuietratioii since the
incorporation of the city.
An Early Easter
Now thut the time honored festival
ot Christmas 1 tlliy lias passed into history, Christian people wiil turn their
attention to Easter, the tiuul act   in
the great religious drama which gov .
erns our lives and closes as well us
begins ihe Episcopal year. Because of
the vagaries of ihe calendar over
which we have no control, Revelstoke
iu common with every other community thut i-cognizes Christianity, will
celebrate Easter earlier ihun usual .
Lent will lie-in on February 9th., or
fifteen  days  earlier   than  it  did      lust
year, so thai Easter Sunday will follow on .Mutch 28th instead of April
lllh as il did in tho year just passing, Tim Vernal Equinox always occurs mi March 'Jl.-t. I Ins habit ("rilled a lang time ago is unbreuknble.
This is taken as a Sited point , nnd
Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the vernal equinox, If thi. is not
clear, work it out with a diagram.
\e\t Easter will be the second earliest
in the last quarter of u century. In
IllU-l only was it earlier.
Strange Death
Mauley, Susk Dei-. 22.—A report
reached hero that Mas Heincig, a farmer living about II miles west of tho
town, via- found dead 200 yards from
hi' lial. wiili a rope ami halter
shank lied in an ordinary knol around
Ills neck ami tile other end tied lo
(Im branch of a  tree.   Tim body   was
found in a ki ling position ami   ihe
rope tied in ii loose loop,   From   tho
ini.iiii.il .a' ih" li".l- death from hnng.
a ill i...i   I. in. been possible.   A-
ilie hod)   li.iiI lien  there all  night    it
Ily     il"/' 11.      N"     HgllS     "I     V ini
I'll ' in!'!   Ih'  ilct,'«ted.
Lecture by W. Gribble in the
Opera House
At the opera house Thursday evening
Wilfrid Gribble, of Toronto, lectured
to u small audience on Socialism. W.
W.   I.efeuux presided.
The speaker contended that under
the present wage system the workers
were worse off than under the old system of slavery, us in Belling their labor power they were governed by the
law of supply nnd demand, nnd they
hud to offer their labor for what they
could get for it iu order to live.
Tlie speaker condemned tho present
system of government as well as that
of industry and contended the only rational slate was lhat of the industrial
commonwealth, iu which production
should be for use and not for profit.
On the new basis u man working two
hours u day would earn an equivalent
nf I'JfJ'HI a year, so that the workers
could live in luxury Instead of ns now
barely ekeing out nn existence. We
characterized such terms as justice and
charily as merely "giilT." So-.-alleil
charity was like throwing snowballs
into lull lite  In  "...I  "IT   the  heat.
Christianity was a farce under the
competitive system. Men who professed to lw good Christians and ending
themselves brothers on Sunday would
I"' i'Hiii'l Monday morning trying
to do each other up in business. Toronto was a city of churches -and also
■ if B&loons—you could not throw- n
Stone without hitting one or the oilier and the conditions of child labor in
factories there was condemned. Labor
produces everything; capital produces
nothing. The man who voted against
I his class was worse thrill a scab, Hoboes were the deal ion of their present
system. Do away with the system nnd
they would do away with  the  hoboes.
a  fancy dress ball  mi   Friday evening,
also prizes for the best   make-up,    and J
fancy dross,   Everything  is  free;   eon.
eluding with a sumptuous fea-t, which
shows what, tlie Eagle*1 lire made of,    ,
Ice in tho lake is funning and is giv- i
in:; the C. P. li. boats the usual am-;
ount  of  trouble.
Tho C, I'. It. will pro red ut once
with the erection "f an additional
wing for die Emprew Until Victoria.
It will consist of 70 rooms.
I'm an   our   own  eorrOHpOlldultt.)
I lie Christmas tree held in connoc
lion with the I'resbyterinii Sunday
School proved u grand stlccoas both
socially 11111T financially, nnd tho children arc in be highly congratulated upon their accomplishment, also some
praise i- due thoso who no unflinch *
Ingly 'billed the little 'inc.
11...  \i row head    Kifle • 'lub arc jot -
tine; up    u shooting match for    New
Years Day, and have an aliiimliuii supply nf geese, turkeys etc.
Th« Eagles of Arrowhead »i» giving
(.'apt. McCarthy has resigned his
position as Captain of ihe sis. Piper,
and is now- on the Wha Chan, C. I'.
K. Transfer Tug.
Captain Soles is in charge <»f tho
(ien. Chapman, popular proprietor of
the Lakcview lintel, is away to the
<'oast on a combined business and
pleasure trip.
.1. ('. Cormiek, who bus had a
position   with   tlie   Arrow   Lakes      Co.,
as bookkeeper for the past four years,
nas resigned and leaves for Vancouver
at once, -lack is a favorite among the
noys und will Im greatly missed, but
we wish liini success always,
nify by a writing accompanying the
nomination paper, his consent io such
nomination, except in case such person
be absent from the municipality when
such absence shall lie stated in the nomination paper.
Every candidate nominated fnr Mayoi
or Alderman shall, on or before lb*
hour of two p.m. of the day of noiiiiii
ation, furnish the Upturning otlicer
with a statement in writing, specifying
the laud or real property upon which be
Given under  my  hand  at Revelstoke
'his it'll day of January. 1910.
Returning Officer.
A Prosperous New Year
Messrs. C. It Hume & '". reporl
thai   the  business  done   al   their  store
here  liming   the   pu-l   vein   lias   I II I he
best nf any previous year, the total
volume in all departments    cm- ling
'■Veil    llieiC   lllii-l    SlingllillO   e Sped lit il ills.
\n hotter denionstrutloii of the city's
progress can be had lliau that of ?ho
business carried on at the stores. When
money is scarce nnd limes hard, people are Inclined to cut down iheir living expenses, and consequently the local merchants feel it first. The last
year has been a bright and busy one.
There is an uir nf optimism ttboul our
people, and feeling thai Revelstoke is
on llic wave of an era of general prosperity, confidence in the
growth of the city has been strongly manifested this year, and in con-
se.ipience people who huve itiuile money
nro .spending il   right   here.    Iltiine     s>
Co.   Il.no   gtlllgell      the      feeling    of   the
public and slain thai the Christmas
trade this year showed an increase, of
over ."II per cent, over lasl yottr, A
notable feature of this increase is the
tact that iIn- largest pari of it has
been for cnsli.
Many oilier local stortikeopurs will
tell llic '-ame story and testify as to
the groal iiiiprovcincul in trade generally, especially towards tlie Inltor end
of this month,
Indications point In a banner year
for lillll and i| is more Ihun probable
thai the Improved conditions locally
will allraci new romnM to make their
homes hero ami in i nin in the great
work of developing nur city und dis -
iriel, of which r\f\\ one hns a right
lo be justly proud.
Public notice is hereby given to the
electors of the Municipality ol Revelstoke, that 1 require the presence of the
said electors al Ihe City Clerk's office,
I ilv Hall, McKenzle Avenue in the said
city, on tbc 10th January, 1910, at 1.'
o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing
persons to represent them in the municipal council as Mayor and Aldermen,
and also (or the purpose of electing two
School Trustees.
The irnsle o( nomination o( candidates
shall be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated in
writing; the writing shall be subscribed
by two voters of the tnulllcipol.lt) as propose! aud seconder, and shall be delivered lo llic Returning Officer at any time
between the date ol Ibis notice and -' p
in. nf the day of nomination; and in the
evenl ol a poll being necessary such |ml|
will In- opened mi Thursday, the I lib
il.iv of January, 1910, in the (lit) Clerk's
iiilicc, in the * 'it\ ol litvelatoke, and
kept open between '.be hour of nine
o'clock in the forenoon and the hour of
seven n'cloc1' in the afternoon, (or taking and recording the votes of the elrc
tors of the said City, of which even
person is hereby required to  take notice
and govern himself accordingly,
The persons qualified to be nominated
fnr and elected as Mavor shall be such
persons as are male British subjects ol
the full age of tiventv-oue years and are
not disqualified under any law, and have
been for the six months next preceding
the day of nomination the registered
owner in the Land Registry Office of
laud or teal prnpetti in the City ol the
assessed value on the last Municipal
Assessment Hull of One Thousand Dollars or more over and nliovc any regis,
teretl judgment or charge, and who arc
otherwise duly qualified as inunicip.il
The persons qualified to be nominated
fnr and elected as Aldermen shall be
such persons as tire mnle llritish subjects
of the full age of twenty-one years and
are not disqualified under any law, and
have been for the six months next preceding the day oi nomination the registered oivnrr in the Land llegistrv tiflicc,
nf laud or real propertv if the City of
the assessed villus, nn the lasl Municipal
Assessment Hull, nf Five Hundred Dollars or more over   and   alitve anv rigis-
tered judgment or charge, and who are
otherwise qualified as municipal voters.
The persons qualified to be nominated
(or und elected us School Trustees shall
be such persons ns are householders and
being British subjects of the bill age n(
twenty one years and otherwise qualified
to vole at an election of School Trustees.
livery candidate nomltlsled shall sig-
Synopsis of Camdlii Hsfliesteid legoJatlois
VNY anu'labla Dotni'iiiin I,ami* wut.iu the
Hailwny Halt ih Hntiib »Vanillin, may
!-*> ii"ii estemied ti) Nti) pur mi *'... is it>e lull
bMd of t itrf.llT.nr any "-eie o?M I y«a*> "f
**•. t" ilia t»iii!ni nf M„«-<jii«rtar »eet..<ii ul 1W
rii're,- mora «>r It**-.
Kotrr mu»t b« nidilt i • :■ « i w • l<x>tl
Iftud iiftict for tii« di-in i iii **bn h 'tm laud U
«ituAt0: Ki.irj by i r i; ma;, h<>war«r, '•*
mnua oti tor lam <... ;.:m ;, ■ by 11..- fall.Pr,
r--i!«v .. i, da'i.'l.irr hroirier ur -i-iarnfan
wiianiliiiff h<>nit-taa<Ur.
Th« linen*-* •niler i- fiiiiirt'l t" peSffom lL*
O'tuuUI'ibfl  connect*! lottawilli  ni/tlti uut ul
Uifl lot lowing |iltau-i :
1,1- At.MJtrtll niontti-' r^-i'U: rt i- • -i'l
C'lliiTmi'ifi ■ f tlia Und in Mftl fMI ft lb fa
Cis   If tlit fathtr (nr nntbar, If tbt falfatrli
ilrtrrrf'-,), ,.|   u*    hoSIM'tfcUtr   FWlClM    fit- ti a
f.inn iii ilif .ir-inii) nf the laud •ulvrwl f-.r, tbo
rctjuirdinvula n* u> r***! lanct ui«> Iw* »ati^tla<i
by -uch I**"' ii rrt-tdinn arnii Dm fathar or
i,Si If lb* nattier bai hll ptmtUiMl f ■ ularrn
U|"tiu farnililS laitft iiwoa   >■> htm lb   Urn *iei«i
it) «ii it,, i inietsdi iha raqulrtisuti a« to
r I'laiK'" iixi) La -riii ;■'. t>> r*«ldwict ut-u,
ti* Hid 1   lid
Hii niwitb*' DOllM i'i *riting* •hiitlld bfffitM
b* tba t uUiUii'.".Khef "1 1 oni'i i. li Lii <is at
Uiuui ul lutetitiMk la .«: i- i tot pateut,
i OAts — * <>al ti   i.i'sf r...'! *    n-i» ba  if ■ -i for
M      l.ffH '1     Ul      IftlU    )   ..|  ■     ;,'«!■     at     Hit    II   tl      ll
rental u| II \mt Hera. Su| tUUN Hihii |«M
iirre* iball I." .f« -i lu ntia lodlfittull fir
rompnii)     A royalt)   at il.e  rnta of fire rant-.
|HI   'o'i     I.H.,    .r.o    ,er>i|   i,|,    tlia     II. I"'  l.r-     ntllfl
90ft| tinned.
W. W. (OKV.
Deputy nf tba UIoUlQf <>f U,e ininrj-.r.
N H.    Ltjatilhortrad pobllOaUtffl   of    Hi-   ad
»ariiMjtiitii. will not be paid for-
In ih. in itti-i of il.e Land  It. ^i- ry
Act and In I be Inal "i of the 'full' In
I In- S. K ipinilir .f Section 6, Township   SI.    iWgr    d.     VI est     of    I be    nth
iiteri'li'itt (ixcpt ."HI Hcii . and the
CI' H. Hgnl of nn) I l'inviiiii'ol ft ('.
Whereas Ihe t Clliflcnte ot 'I'itle No.
9,936 l to the iilove hi H'llilHlllPlil s ill
Ibe iiainc nf I'i-Ihi Scoll hns In in lost
or destiovi'd ami ipplicut i.'ii has Is er
made lo nn. for a duplicate thereofi
Notice is In-ti i.y given thai n duplicate rettlllcnle 'i   til In   In   lie  III..VI'
hereditaments win ii- IssiuhI mi the
nx pi ration  of ihlity days    < 'be
dale nf 'lie (list publleslloll beieof
mil. s« in Ibe iiii'siiiine vilid ohjei linn
io Ibe roiiliaiy is niade to nit- In
Dlsttlcl Keglstmr
Untl Heglsiiy (tfflrt,
Kiiinli'mis. H. 0.
Dec. 15,1909. U*e 18-lm
A\ the Grand Trunk Pacific Branch
Lines Company ".ill apply to the Parliament of Canada, at its present session,
for an Act fuither amending: ihe Act in-
corporating the Company, Chapter 90 o*
the Siaitiles 0(1906, as amended by Chapter So ol the Statutes of 11)09, hy author
izim.' ihe construction of ihe toliowing
addi ional lines of railwayi—
111 Krom a |xvint on ihe Western Division ,1 the Gran.I Trunk Pacific Railway
Ih-ivvcch the east limit of Kanirc is and
ihe vie si limit of Range 17, west of tba
third meridian, 1 hence in a noulbweaU-rly
and wcsierly dirrctkm 10 a point
[ iu the vicinity of Calgary, Alberta,
or 10 a p."ut on the line which
the Companv is authorized, under paramo ipli 14 of clause 11 of *aid Chapter 99.
to construct 10 Calgarv:
ti) From a point on Ihe proposed line
mentioned in paragraph (1) between the
east limit of hange 10 anil ihe west limit
of Range --H, west M ihe ihird meridian,
thence in an easterly and soulheasierly
direction to Regina or 10 a point in the
vicinity thereof!
|j) Prom a point on the proposed line
mentioned in paragraph (21 between the
east limit of Range 24 ami the west limit
01 K-ni^e 27.«csi ol the second meridian,
io Moose Jaw, or 10 a jioint in ihe vicinity
Ul From a point on the Western Division of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
between Aillandand Wsdnwrigbti thencr
in un easterly and southeasterly direction
lo a point on the Hue which Ihe Company
is ainl'.'ii/ril, mulct paragraph 13 of
clause 11 of said Chapter 99, to be constructed 10 Battlefordi
HI Prom Regina, or a point in Ihe
Vicinity thereol, thence in a southwesterly
and westerly direction to I.eihbridge. or
10 a point in the vicinitv of Lelhhridge on
Ihe line which the Cumjiany is, under
paragraph 14 of clause 11 of said Chapter
99, authorited lo consirvct from  Calgarv
10 Ihe souihern boundary ol the Province
of Alberta al or near Coulls.
(6| From a point on the main line of
the Western Division between Moose lake
anil Tele Jaune Cache, thence through
the drainage ol the l learwater River,
HoiiHi'arte River, Seton and Anderson
Lake* and Ihe l.illoel River or Ihe Squa-
mish River, or lietween the lasl two
Rivers, to Vancouver, Hrilish Columbia;
authorizing an issue of bonds to iheexlenl
ot S.v.oon, a mile of ihe said lines ol
railway, numbered (1) to (0 inclusive anil
1 nuipiisiiig tt<r said lines within what aio
defined l-v the said Act as the "Maniiaba,
Saskatchewan and   A.tierla   Exiensions";
suth       ij,  ssue of bonds to the extent
of $50,000.00 a mile <f Hie said line 01
railway numbered |d) and comprising the
said line within what is defined by the said
Acl as tin- "British Columbia Extensions;'
ami also amending paragraph 11 of clause
11 of the said Act, as regards the southern
terminus ol Ihe line thereby authorized, 10
be Constructed from Regina to the International Boundary at or near North
Dated at Montreal this 19th day of November, 1901).
dec 19 im     tsUwHar for Apssicaats- MAIL-HERALD KEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Scotch   Whisky
A Brand to Depend on.
la  tliere anything more
1'inJ. atter acquiring Q  likinii ^^^
or   beverage,   that   while   occasionally  lioud,  it
is not  uniformlv  good.
annoying than  to
for  a certain food
v   g.
That often happens in the case ol whisky
It cannot happen with Watson - whisky.
I'nif, ,!i quality   is  ensured  for this
brand,   by   the   mo-t   rig i   care   in   d stilling,
blending, a cing and  bottling
The i   and  the mellowness th il corn
mend W.i -nn's to yon   when   (irsl   you  I y   it,
never i ed to deteriorate oi  to vary in
1 use oi Watson a Scotch confirms
the sligl
Co i
"1.1   friends
e\pres-eJ   <
in   their
pinion   of
c mtinually    helping
it,  the wnilJ  over.
,t,   and
n nils ol
t. •^aaCTCT.-jrssgaanfe i
o n
I 9 1 O
l\m  Mayor
fUP.EE STAR''    \
MO, 10"     UtilUo
. Limit!
f. Mccarty
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store If Committee Kooms—SelUrk Hall-Open
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose piow
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans,
Ba ley,  Breakfast Foods.  Mayer's Celebrated
Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Pa^et Supply uoy
suitably furnished
market afford! ■
Cigars.    R its    i
with   tin-  cho  ■
•;-t Wines, Liquors
■ '-i »*-"'
9          ;S
1' «^m3
■a-'.. J
lo the Electorate of Revelstoke
A ■' i . .. numbei ol the representative eiti
,'i'ns ol Revelstoke having requested me to become a
li late loi the position ol Mayoi ol Revelstoke, 1 consented upon the tindeistandinjr ilut gentlemen in whom
ii,' tleeloi ■ ivotild u ' iiave confidence would undertake
to run as Udermanie candidates, in order to ensure the
ekction ol a Council competent to deal with the serious
situation confronting the Cit\ of Revelstoke.
Brielli   the  object  ol   mysell  and associates, il
elected, «ill be .
lo lace tin- financial situation by obtaining a
i1 implcte gra: p ■: tin Cit) 's finances, and take the citizens
into out confidence b) issuing an absolute!) correct and
the position will be clear to all,
.us sups to   restore  the credit of
plain >i.ii
and then i ike the i
Comer Third 5-& Campbell A.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
-,,     lisposing
sm..ll  advance
• p,  '
sin ir
Doyle and Allum, Limited
. ndcavor
. .■ uning a
iccause ol   us
ng in
md o ho: e
.ned, and
. m i ks,   etc,
i  time pi i h   litis I that
.   those
a so '
i   the city,
1909 A. D.
of the Past Year's
Central Hold
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
£ You Don't Have To 1
Go i make
your  Real    E
boke Land Company Ltd.
have the h I e City.
Lots $150 up. $100 up.
Kirnt-t I.'- I" •""
I ,i.'.  Sttini It' H
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
I Kootendy Avenues Ltd., Agents |
year 1009 bus now run its
course and vanished into tho dim
• lindowland of the past. Like nil other years Hint most nun hnvo seen
ii has brought varied fortunos to
pooplos, placos, communities nnd countries, V.'t it in tlio good fortune ol the
people »f Rovolstoke, looking at it
from a local sons", that its joys have
far OXCCedod its sorrows, ami it loaves
behind it a cup overflowing with the
promise "t ^ood things for the future.
Willi iii" exception of the loss of some
loved "in- nnd fellow citizens, pioneers
"I tho old days, as well as the ynuug
and budding children, Providence has
dealt kindly with but |"'"|il". and ill"
city has been free from any serious
epidemic of sicknesH and disease, In
ilmont every lino indicative ol the
growth "i the city Kovelstoko shows
lor the past twolvc months a most
commendable increase. 1'- homos have
multiplied, its schools and chuoches
have Bteadily progressed, now- liusiness
bouses and enterprises have been regularly established, and tho merchants
all report that tho business of I'JP'.I
wan the host both in volume, briskness and cash returns, nil demoting
lhat money is being more freoly circulated,     and      tho people an in -
paratively on easy street,
The |io|iiilaiiiui ha., notably increased and the real estate and property
of all residents ha- boon largely im-
proved and correspondingly incroasod
in  value.
Improvements in inunieipnl work on
ti pcrmuttcnt basis iiave boon carried
out and llevelstoko enjoys all tho privileges of a modol lily in regard to
Hotels Imvu been enlarged and refit-
led on n lavish scale, and merchants
buvo imported larger and better stocks
,,f commodities in older to supply the
rapidly growing trndc of tho district.
Tlie |ic-i olliei! .mil iiisliini lion-", go-
\ el'llllieiil ollir"- and banks nil show n
grntifyiii|j iiierense of revenue, speaking more loudly than words of i h"
lily'- progress, in fad over) line
hows progress, steady  and pcrinnneui
ii" boom progress - which s
■ omiueiid iis"lf lo the prosp
iel' lis   in   ih"  Uovolvloko iii trill.
h would mil li" well lo pn -
i h"  \ em   u 11 h. "ii   | ..hi i« 'il." i, iii(i
olliei ■   "ni ■ d" ii"   ih"  progro
• I. . olopnieul   of   the  i it)   nnd   nd
'..iiil'iiii-    during  WW.
tn v r.ru niNtis.
\ [urge addition was made lo
('. I'.  I;   Hotel during  the sprio)
iis ■ •iiiinoil.ite th" ini'i'ea.-ed tolirisl
Irai ■ I Both ih" i .nil si hotel, and
ih" Orieutul huie been doubled in
-i/e, haudsoiiielj fitted and found,
making Ucvelstoke particulnrlj well
oil iii ilus respect.
I lie new Molsous Hank building i u
handsome and lolid structure, mak
iuu' a line addition to tho central busi-
ne     block.
A lurge number of private residences
linve been erected, denoting confidence
in ih" city. Among business structures are the ttlobe Lumber C'o's. olli
ce  and  sherls,     Revelstoke  Sash      nnd
li '  Factor)   building,  Amateur  Dru-
miiii i-  club's Auditorium, new hospital
wing,   It,      Smith's  survey  ollieej  bellies  many  smaller buildings for      in-
(hl-trial   purpo	
Ilav " been largely carried out on
permanent linos, adding lo the value
. city property, noulevards plnu-
t"d with shade trees lone been put in
in the easl end residential sectlou; eo-
ni.'iif I'l'.wniu round the business sec
lion nnd down Front street, material
'ho nppcarau f   the
\    ompleto   oworngo system is
died, whii'h will place     the
lition    "f  l("' "1-tok" am •
In dthii   '  in tho province,
Mi -   I ns in' n paid to the
■ lie |.. oplo  bave ovory
'"■     i ol "f 'In--"     public
 I  • ii" in
hiel i  'li" i ily is
■ ■    .    "si  powor
in  "...I"   which  ih" :tnil h.p.
"hl;iii" was pun based
. Hi -I    in    oi'i. i   to secure s
ice during  tho oxtrome
.'ll"l \"W       tllHt      ill" 'I"
■ ."■ plant  ha i so great ly in-
lam hi    '" ei   found no
i "    ontract  wns let    last
mouth Im   'i complete    Iru   which
'ii"  li^Jlii   and  puwol    pl'inls
.■ ■! progresi
i a" pn-'    ""-   has been uniipio,     in
■ mi' l         " i..I mini-
""■ii   'li" nun   ,iii.I    onset ol oiincil, in  -.!     ill
1(11  "I     I II Mil
""I       III!
"Ill ll
un l"i,
ll     I'"     I'. I of
I      I'     l:
of sill] ioh «ill  benelll   i he "ily
In   ' i  I'    ll
Mi   I'.'o •., ii"                          i ol
I1    fl    hi     proini .'i   il ily
In     !■ ii    hop    . ii. be '• in iiiI..I
mil   n"'l     I hi .1  thai  ih"
  ""     will    'lo      ill    ui    ,1       |i"W"l lo
help     ■■       "■       i .1   hoi   [irogre I li"
ii" '■! '"I" i pi'   nov   i. .li -"  thai   ii
o work hand
"        I.   Hid Will'      111"      '      | .|l|l  i||J
lor mutual banefll
nd  opening      up
Dnsidorablo     and
many promising orchards  nre now tho
rosull.   Mica  mining hits bwn receiv-
considerable attention  ol  lata, the
Tho publicity   campaign     is linvimr1 'jivs.-.   Developin
good  results,  while  few matters  of lo-   the land bus broil   import   and  of such  n   nature      as
will bring good results to.the     city
hnvo boon left untouched,
Now industries am gradually   being
opened   up     locally.      The Canadian
< Hank of Comtnorco oponed its     doors
j lasl    spring,     and    has     made rapid
| strides,  the manager reporting  a large
1 volume of business  being  done.     The
j Rovolstoke Sash nnd Door Factory
has been running steadily since its
commencement. Revelstoke is one of
iho first cities in II. C. to manufac -
turo its own cement pipe for (he sewerage system. The Maundrell Meat
Mnrkot, openod this Bpring has made
a Largo bid for loi-id trade, nnd has
don" an enormous local a-' well as a
shipping business,
In compliance with tl"- i"'(ii"sl of
the people tho 1'rovinoiul (.tovurnmeut
are constructing a traffic bridge ovor
tho Columbia River. This will open
up a largo area oi valuable lands across the river.
Rovelsloko has only just awakened
to tho fact thai she has great prospects in agriculture and fruit growing.
On nil sides are prosperous looking
farms and orchards, while land is being
steadily cleared and put under cultivation. Tho Telephone Company, in order to accommodate the farmers, lias
run telephone lines lo many of tho
adjacent rum-hos, including (hose of
Messrs. Hume & l.nwson, l.an/o's, Mc-
Carty's. 1.. Hagnr's, McDonell, MoRao,
('. It. Ma'do.i.'dd. Hay, otc.
Ono of  ih" most   important  ."hemes: („,. (|10 hardiest prospeotor, tho enter
in preparing land  for agricolturo   this  p.-ui,^   busi is  man  and  th" monied
year  was   Ihe  strain   plant   secured   by   investor.    Tho future of our "ily is jn-
i'.    I'.     I iii.liu.iik     for clearing land,  ,| n|,„i,|j    mooted  with  iho growth
1'his plant is capable of slumping   an  ,,; ,|,is aistri.i and West liootenny in
a.i" a day.   Su.'h plants will  bo     of | gonoinl, of which Revelstoke is a most
inipoiiant     ."iili".   With   the develop
d"P"sils being of great extent and
value. Gold mining in (he Bond, although not active last your, shows
signs of reviving, while lumbering on
all sides is brisk and firm. Lack of
transportation up tho Big Bend hrfs
hampered development, but realizing
the vast importance of thai section of
country, it is probable that both Governments will assist to remedy tho
difficulty. The Cnnoe River trail hns
been made available from Revelstoke,
nnd n ferry placed at the confluence of
the Cnuoo and Columbia rivers en -
allies travellers to go between It.jvel -
stoke and tho route of the (trnnd
Trunk I'a. il" Railway. This nniwa to
the north is a groat thing for Revo! -
sioke nnd the more development tho
north undergoes the greater will !*i ihe
benefit to this oily.
Throughout tho district last year
times wore bright and money freely
circulating. I.nud, mining, timber
and properly deals eommeiieod in lVHjy
will be probably concluded in 1010 ?o
the good of ul|, and the marked dovol.
opmont of the natural resources of the
Our citizons need tioi look buck at
the past except to gather its lessons,
and theru nre some. Rovekjtoko'a Stalls in the uscendaut and its zenith will
■ i" in     ilue course.   Tho future     io
bright with promiso to the wuolo district. Rovolstoke will stand on her
own merits. She can show advantages of Inn-    own; inducements ouough
gri'.-ii   benefit  in  rapidly making
uble  lor cultivation  a  large  area      of mm{     ,,f      iho surrounding     mineral
lands surrounding  tho city, wealth,     vast   umber areas, extensive
SOCIAL. agricultural     districts,     and physical
Soeiull)   Revelstoke lius   had  an   "v geographical  udvunluges for transport
cellent year, tho social *id". ol city life with  the upper country, as well      as
being  of great  vultio  in  iii"  liurnvoni -1 other points which ul ou"" give     our
oils  progress of  tl immunity.     The city  a  distuicl  cluiiu an  a  commercial
rCdisou  Parlor Theatre has In  ti  feu centre,   Kevelsloko's prospects  for   the
luro in    providing  clcuti,     instructive, j coining yean   i-. very  bright.   In     the
an.I  interesting  performances,  and  the face of the natural ros cos surrouud-
inuungement   have decided   that   n  new ing here and  (he     progro s made     in
building   i     r   .ni.    \   ne"     parlui ItlliU  Ituvclsloke cuii uever be deprived
thoatro is being lilted up "n  Firsl  St. ol   hor   position.   The   cilUun
to li" oponed in February.
The  vi     M.  i .
i ho boys'
men!   "'   ih"  in
stoke p"   essi
for  oill   youth,
v.   Im     done   ",."ll	
Ulli    ill"   '■   I'lili   I'lli" I
llll'lll   .111.1  ll Ill til '•
lilutiou   ii "If.    Revel
a vfllunbla eilj   home
iv hero moral,  phv iii n
luaiily   training  i^  aimed
will   keep   ni>   its   repulu
moutul   and
nun ,i> tlie    l ouveutiou titv
i'.   Fire  Chiefs    ( onvontion,   Forei trj
i uuveution and olliei   iiupoi tain meul
lings  having been lipid here.
The Fall Fan i   now an annual   o>
"ill,   nnd   is     doing   Ulllcll   I"    eli "in '
th" !"•: slbililios of ih" distrii t.  Spoi I
i- held in high repute, being keenl) en
tored    into     in ever)   branch.   Moun
tninccritig  i""k  a  popular  hold     hoi"
lust year and  ha- many devotees.
(.i:\i.r\i. imi'kiiv liMENTS.
Among iho many and general un
provt'tui'iiu in and around th" "itv "t
fccleil Inst your ai" ni" Lindmark
Trail up Mi. Revelstoke, th.- opening
up of  Victoria Park  and  th" orection
of u Chalet  at  ih"   uniniil,  tin tub*
lishmouf of a post office at tho Big
T.ildy. ih" introduction of a firo limit
by-law, a socond traffic bridge ovei
the llleeilliwnot a new and complote
liamowell Fire Alarm system throughout iho city, improvements to iho
cricket ground, Ihe opening up of residential lot, at Cloarviow behind tho
('. P. K. hotel. The Provincial Gov-
"iiitni'iil hns promised to erect n now
Court House this year al u cost of
approxilnuleh   8100,000,     and   to   .on
stder establishing u Lund Registry
Revelflloko's   resources     m    mining,
luinbering, fruit growing, scenic, auu
spoiling adv autagos have been fro -
iplolllly ndvortisod, both at the Dominion Fair at Calgary in IW»» and also ut the Spokane Fair this summer ,
when at the bitter a Bpocial exhibii ol |
minerals from looal and distriot wines
was taken grout interest in by thousands  "f   ipoi'laloni.
Education iH making rapid strides,
and the need of a new school to no •
commodate the increasing number ni
children is being badly felt.
Revelstoke scholars during Itinfl have
hi lained many successes, an instauce
ol this ben', shown in tho recent high
school examinations, when the whole
of iho candidates passed. It is groti ■
lying io ii.." ulsu thai A. F. Miller,
lah'p riui-ipal of the public school
hoi",   was   appointed   school   inspector,
wiih houdqunrloi's in  Rovolstoke.
I IKIi.MI N   t\li  POLICE
K.'.il   "La ii lo I." congratulated on
the  fact   (hnl   'luring   1900   there    hnvo
leiiieuili"! this and both in .lull and
prosperous moments stand b\ 'hen
' il) ami In their individual aid, help
in tin' upkeep "I "in 'iv i. pre tigofoi
onuuunity' suki Therefore whet
ever can bo done lhu. yoai ol 101"
li)  out citizens (•• encourage ihw    nu-
ci iioiii   a iii"n  home city, to ad
vurlisu is i   resources and in oncourag
itlg  Hade, should bo eutOl'od upon in"'
the I). I llis lc6..on ol  1000 nm i not Ik   lorgot-
leii.   Ihe reward is not far oil,     anH
to     tlio.e     who, in   pa i years, have
borne the burden aud     heal   of     tin
da), io ih" " who ("i years bavowoi
lied  i'«ii      ih.-  advancement  ol   Revo!
-i"kc, hei  iu teres la and development—
to ilioin bo iho greatest honor. 'Nino
lieu  Nine has passed;  a year of sotinil
improvement all round.   I "t  101'J     be
sveu a boiler one.
Moose tor New Zealand
I in- i;. M. S, Orangi wiilod truiu
Vbucouvoi «»ii I'ntlay Last un what
wili probably ho hor lu^t vuyuyo ou
i in- i lanudian-AUBtraHai] nrntu. tii\%
n.'i. mat in 56 round trips a&OBs iho
L'ai'itiuj making a loiul distanot o(
>j-t."ini mites. Sfao wah built in IbsH,
.iii<i during hor sorvice i»t»» nvvor bad
.in acoicioui oi any kund< ii»*i Aoraugi
. M.t- Witn liur linn voyago 10 uiuubo
•i:t aocb puBBungari, uoimigned iu Ui«
„nuw /.t'lnaiiti UovernniQuti wiiu w«
unaeavormg u> iniroduoa iuuo«u into
un' Boutnern Uomuuon. Jiuu is tn«
-•■'-oijti attompt ut acclimatising Can
.I'liaii animals, ^ome years ago ttw
iiorangl tool" 11 moubu t,uuta# but 10
uicU bsturu roaching ilouuiuiu. 'lhu
i j j ■ r,.*n i. uonslgnmont cumou iium Al-
uurta ai.-i will l>u turned \vomt un arrival  al New  /aaluuvi.
simcHiiiy htiair
A grui.'somu iiight unit l'i. AlnCafiiu)
us he answered u call to one of the
"instruction cuiiipu ul bumuu to il
lend a patient burned almost lo n
ei'LHi) through iho iguiliou ol ni'iinp
lug powtfer, and ili'i buruiug oi a
.mi. i. of one of lhu workers ou the
rifUVof-way. During the cold spell
in" stumping powder with which hn
wuu blowing out slumps aud roots bu
' iuu" trosen, aud bo bud lukeu a dox-
on Hticku of il iiu'i placed iii.-in behind
urn Htovu to thaw out. I ho ubuck be
lug "iil> u luil-J nnd the slumping
powder very couibusiiblc, and exploding, iiiiiliiial) the tin papei iviul the
wtiolii lulcrior of tliu dwulbug was a
""tiling iniiHH of ll,iiii,... Iho inmates
of the place were ablu lo gel OUt without injury to llieiiiHulves with the oi-
Iception of a daughter, who was acting
in housekeeper and cook (or the party
been bin  low fires In  the elty,     nnd'""', unfortunato young woman baoami
little  I"     ol  proportj     The only   lire
"f any ac ol  im    the destruotion ol
ild P. Burns block on January
8th, I hunks lo verj ouTulonl fire brigades, dl .mall outbreaks have been
prompl i    ■ oped  with  and   little  dam -
' 11.  'I"ll".
Law   an.I  "id"!   have  boon  xeulousl)
kopl  i".   il"  looal police,   md     Revel -
toko I    ' lav abiding cin     ' he police
,|"|".     ll.iil      'I'll'       I"     lis 'HI.
ll I
Reveli loki  mti I l""k i" I
hi'iiiined in by iho lluuiuH and before
she could be rescued bur clothing and
(ho Heidi on her arms and body wore
burned ulmost lo a jirisp.
.Ins. .1 Hill, of the (ircal Northern,
contends, thai  with the advance in Ihe
cost of nil materials required lot con«
in" ii"n sin! maintenance of ruilrondo
il>" large railroad nyntenis of llm
"••lull) io.- having ♦rouble (o innks
snda mc»'
ff you  bii)   an   UntlgU  Uaiiiorii   and
Miburbsi""  ''"^ti" ''i'1", you will buy no     ol-
adjacent territories lor her    gro-' b«r.-Sold ut 'fuok«'| .Mudio. THR~MATL-EERALD KEVELSTOKE. B C.
f&Bss-wmiimim ssssssbbb
We are gradually removing our Dry Goods
stock up Ptaira. Some
big bargains in Ladies'
Skirts viii Flair?.
Take elevator.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke
and surrounding towns and settlements. Our aim is to place before the
purchasing public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail t'rders..
Telephone orders.
Send the children to
the store.    Come yourself.
Have our city traveller
call al your home for
Bargains in Ladies' Suits, Coats, Skirts
tin" onlv   Ladies'   Suit, size 32, skirt 35, in grey and
green" si ripe, Tweed, nice  heavy   warm Biiit for a
small   ladv   or iii 	
Regular $15 for $9.50
i   only   l.ulic.-'   Suit,  si/."  :!(j, brown  stripe cloth,
newest   season   style, well   lined  and thoroughly
Inilored, u        	
$25 Suit for $i5.00
One ouiy Ladies'   .Suit,  navy   'dim   strip'-  clu'li, -ilk
liii'i!. -bi'tiM not .-tav long at the 1" '••■ on il   now
Regular $25 for $15
I i v on li.i vei.'t gol o-.it' ol I ie■ ■-• ■. i '■■ wit in* M'lliuu al
a b.irgnin you'd better linrry. v\ ■• have selected
nil sk rls up In -t'. ".'i an ' plat i*d i hem nn n
counter tip-stair? i tiki »l>-v:iti
The Skirls thai u-n illy sold up to -+1'> tvu huv • pi ic id
alongside of these, tli-v ut all Panama-, \ uile .
Wool    Til'ft-t as,    rli  .    well    vviriii     v.iiii  n iliee.
Take elevator and get a swell skirt at       	
We are not giving
away goods nor yet
throwing all our stock
on the counters at half-
price. To tell you the
exact truth we have a
number ot lines we are
clearing, and any ot
them are going at a big
bargain. If you can do
with any ul the linos
mentioned the price
saving will be worth
while. Very wt'll worth
your while to prospect
around our different
Ladies' Ready-to-
wear Department upstairs.
Ten l.ntlies Cunts—all good warm cloth coats, mostly
sizes, 34, 36, 38, Ihe price was a lot mure than
vvlnii. they nre  now marked, going now al    ..   .
From   $10 to $15
'vvi-nly I)'/.tin 1'.huv 11 i t.'lki ulii' i- (in I. .ill.'- .aii
i■■ ni'tiiii'iii I'll u'.ei [rum Christmas, a nice
selection  c,l   patterns       Al   ihe pr ihej area
ilei'lillll   Mi'.lie'
20c. each or 3 for 50c.
,•**' '
,   .    . .*
"turm '
200    I 'al I     I.Hill.: '   I nsll-
nicie llui'r. iill si/.w, mixed
lot -, Saxony, I latnii, all
Hiiimlai'il makes ami all
11,mi la i 50o. hose Take
3 pairs  lor $1
Bed Sheets
l (JO White Lied
hi ■ i best lauiiiy
twili. extra iie.tvv
i utlon lull ! yutri:-
wide and 2J yards
long, lorn off ready
lu    hem.       lake    the
elevator ,.        	
85c. each
Extraordinary Values in Hen's Winter Dvercoats   Grocery Department
R-gulnr Winter l nits of black nnd gray cloths, up-to-da'o in every respect. A
styli-h coat for uny occasion and for any man. They tome in 4ti and 50 inch
lengt bf	
Regular $17.50 and $18, Now $11.50
THE "MUTO" OVERCOAT—made with special patented "Muto"
coll ir which can he changed   horn  a   regular   ulster collar lo the high Russian
collar in an instant.    I'irk brown and striped tweed-.   The beat the market offers
Regular $26, Now $17.00
MEN'S   RUSSIAN   OVERCOATS-™* ^aeon's popular over gar-
mem tor tnen. l!u-si:in collar, ulster cut, four deep pockets, boxed nation boles.
Dark brown and grey clothe,    Made only in 52 inch lengths 	
Regular $22. Now $13.00
Bargains  in  Boys'   Overcoats
If price Is an object we can assist you iu accomplishing your aim,     All our boys'
OvercoaU al greatly reduced prices.     \-k to see them, we inn interest you.
i HILDRKN'S   RED   RIVER   COATS ol blue blanket clotb, lined  with  red
Qannel ..... Hegulnr 16.00, now i 1,28
BOYS' I'LSTERS of gray cloth  with imitation   lamb collar and cuffs, selling
regularly at $6,00, can be bought now       .... For $4.50
UOVS' REAL IRISH 1'TiKIZK   REEFERS, dark gray.   Regular $4.00 for $2.50
BOYS' lTLSTERS, dark gray cloth, velvet collar,    Regular price $0,50, now $4.00
IliiYs' RUSSIAN  ULSTERS,   up-to-date  in  every    respect,  bigb   collar,   four
pockets,    l'urk and light browns,  liegular $0 coat for $(i; regular Si 1 coals for $7
Regular $22, Now $13
This is the time of year when you will enjoy a g iod Fish Dinner. W e carry a full
line of Suit Codfish, Librador Fat Herring, Sn't Sea Trout. Silt Mackerel, SUt
Salmon and Holland Herring iu email kegs.      Don't forget u- when you want fish
Hot Drinks for this cold weather. Try a bottle of our Rovri. in 2 oz. at 10 conts
I oz. nt 75 oentsj 'M oi al $1 25, and Johnson's Fluid Beef in id oz. at *1. \ good
drink, it warm drink and a nourishing drink.
Let u» i|tiote you prices ou Breakfast Foods, the freshe-tt on the maraet to-dav
Vnv kind you wnnt. tirnpe Nuts, l'ufied Rice, ('ream of Whea'. tjuaker '"»ate. Malta
Vita, Force, Toasted Corn Flakes, Shredded Wheat Biscuits, TrisOUltS, Wheat
Berries, Breakfast (Jem, tirange Meat, Carnation Wheat Flakes. Hurley Flukes,
Wheat Granules, Oatmeal, Rolled Mats, Buckwheat Flour, and -elf-Hiring 1'uritan
i>n Friday and Saturday wo will sell   French  String Beans at   lo cants a can or T
cans for $1.00.     liegular price 25 cents a can.     Iton't forget to get some.    Remem-
Ut the   price
15c. a can or 7 cans for $1.     Friday-Saturday
Every Purchaser of 50 Cents Worth of Goods
Out of Our Store Gets a Coupon Ticket
This   Ticket   May Draw Any One of Our Grand Prizes
PRIZE   1.     Mackay    Defiance
Sewing Machine, Value $55
- is a first class ball bearing, nickle-
• I, l-drawer machine.
PRIZE 2.   Silver Tea Set Four
Pieces, Value $25.00
PRIZE 3.—Gentleman's Gold-
Filled Case Watch, Open
Face, fully guaranteed.
PRIZE 4.—Mantle Clock with
marbleized  Columns.
is iii full swing turning out nothing but the best
Bread and Cakes. Try them, they are like the
Groceries 1 carry   CANNOT BE BEAT!!
(i. W. BELL.
These Prizes have nol ye1 arrived from  the manufacturers, but are
expected any day and then will be put on exhibition.    Any
one of these Prizes are well worth having.
The Day for Drawing Prizes Will Be Advertised. Get the Lucky Number
I'hi     British    I'olumbiu    Legislature
January 20tb.
lugta il   "tl'-"'     '    ''"'" RRU"
.   K.nigb.16 ol I'ythias ihi   ■
\     '.u-5'.    ulttsa performance   wil
toil ut  tho Edition   I li.'Hii''     "ii
lay  next,
|0M   H ll"   ■!-•'   '.I"     I mi-.    l«ll   IIH   l'".'
■ ■ "-I '•■!     lllUll        II      il
...       mu    |o»       uni      I i""' '
vi   .   with  ''•"' nun"--  "i lino
.,'.. i::lll"
n .    niiii.'i n   l in u
. .      by the police mogn
'    S ind ty a wall "I"
■  uiitimng - atorc bui  I
did uonsictoruole u imagi
[01 ti •' Ij   used
..'■■'.     'i..'. b is
.' ,  .-■■
■ i Bcoril
tm "V •■'■
^   parti l	
rorid, mtouui
j u'.- I Word
og in tne upper room ol mo i 'itu
ill tomorrow night  ni      - •■"
■•■   ii   .i--.     tiiu ail ■
III!   I I
. . •        | ■    '      vv "||
City Council i" install il■"•
work tin hi
uigbi and day.
Ihe lorry  al '  •
... iui     u utile hotweoi	
Otlll ll".'
able  w.is  lakei    ip
... itioh,
■ ■
■     "tl'.'l     tlUHll" I
. doi :uno.
r    l.    nn,.   tabli
ol  .1 riva
ii oerncd      No
•    ... i!,,. -|u tag,   i ',.■ i     r
■   .      .   .      |m'.. . ■!       .1
it  Wl
'    ■
ro   ui
ami M nl
1909   New Year Greetings   1910
After the most successful year I have as yet enjoyed I take great pleasure in thanking my many
customers ami friends for their kind patronage
and take this opportunity of wishing you one and
and trust 1 may enjoy the pleasure of serving
you again during the coming year.
P. 0. BOX ?08
Mra.   I'liiilin.-.i'ii  vvill  urn   roii
Thursday   (tomorrow.)
Mrs. \V.  M.  Lawrence wna ob
gel   "Ut   agi
Moiidav afle
Miss     .MiKi'iniv.     lato    ol    tteid A:
Young's Millinery, left for Vancouver,
Thursday last-
Mrs. John. MeOuiro roturnod     Now
Years   live from  a six  mouths'   visit
to friend* in tho oast.
Williuin McKcuzio of iho Cunadiuu
Northern, i- i nfer> with tho council relative lo terminals.
Your Insurance
is  one. ol   the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this br rich of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
ili'ittli iln'i-i' 'Mini' a brighter j bottov
cMstunco. Mortal denlh does uol ond
il,.' life of ih.' -"ul lint lends to n
life "I pencil in lionvon vvith God. Ho
enjoined .ill in liv faithful in litt' and
t.i do our earthly work well und reap
tin- ivvv.'iril ot' tin' glorious rosurroc-
tion. Roforomo via- made t" the deceased's devotion to the church, ho
being u regular communii'tiut, loyal
and faithful. Ilo was ready in die
nnd meel his dear ones gone befoi*o.
He had lived a good life and was prepared i" meet his Clod, Tho romains
were conveyed lo tho eomotcry, u
Inrgo number ol Friends following,
where th*' last solomn riles were performed.
Tin' pall bearers were: T. Kilpntriek
On Friday and  Saturday then-   will  G. s-     McC'arter,     Angus McLean, .1.
be a first 'la--    peiformqnce    in the MeGinnis, T.  W.    liuin, Willi       Vim-
Edison Parlor Theatre. strong.
Mr.-.     Purvis vvill receive. Thursday,
(.tomorrow)   afternoon   instead  of  the
fourth Vt'ednesdin  of ihi-  month
A  .-ji.'iial moetiug of  the I ity ' uun-
Cupl. Il."i.,i..      ui'l     Mrs.    Uouglus ,.11  wua |„.i,] yesterday afternoon vvi.ih
have been the guests of Mr. and     Mrs. \|.1V,„-     landmark     and Aid.  Snwyor,
tl.  S.  UoCarter during  the  Now   Year p,adolini,     Stone,     Wells, Macdonald
holidays. present.   The principal  busiuess  Irans-
Thomas   Hughes   led   Tuesday  night '""',l "■'"-  l"° signing ol tho contracl
I,,,   Montreul, where ho vvill enter   the "''''  Nowmnn &     Co., lor the power
Royal Victoria hospital  t" undergo n 'I"1"-
iorious operntiuii. Nlox'-'1 l,v   »,<I-  Macdonald,  sccoudod
hv   Aid.   I'rudoliui, That  tho contract
William   Itov.l,   ol   .salmon   An,,,,     a ^lKien  , ,„, , ■ ;,>. „,„, „    N,,wni(in     &
brother ol Mrs    I'homas  Hughes, is un   (,(|| fo|, ,,„.   t Jlim ,im,      tJ
inmate of the Victoria  hospital  here,   hoUfi ,nitlnlclloll ,„, BjglMX| nm, B0U. |
iasi.tle.-i.ig from  an  attack  of   pi.ott - („Mn. „„.    Ml|ym,   „lul city Clerk.-
tnoaia     and    pleurisy.   His wifo and 1 rjarriio
taniily ran..' In on Tuesday's No. 2. Mmv(| ,,y  AM      »„1|s   „,.,,„„,,,, by
Mrs. 'J'. Sturdy etieti'luincd the uior-   Aid.     Macdonald, That     tl ontract'
ry go round vvnist club last night   ni   with Smith, Kerry iV Chase, onginoors
her  l)emu on  6th  Btroot.    Prizes   were   for the new power dam nnd the     lily
won by      Mrs.      ,1.   Purvis ntnl Mr.  P. . >e .~iijiio<l and soaled by tlio Mayor and '
Urquhart,     "Au fait" supper ami dan   City  Clerk.—Carried.
eitij; concluded a pleasant ovoning. 	
City Council
Union Hotel fire
Shortly  after nine o'clock  last night
fire broke on,   in the kitchen     of     the
I      |V.      I'.r nl-li.-iu   and .1, -I    l'i     i '     i'v    irhuoli   resin I   iheil   iv.'ik
will      not dates      f"t   on  M"ti'lav   morning, over   t""     pupils
.ii, illg       lll.'tii-.-l'. -■ it     tilt'   |iillilir
"  l,rimer '■'''"-   *>" ""      '"
'       '   i""1'1""-'  '-'   M""1        	
I..r      the
fMlllllllllV     il   .l.-l'l   |'    III
ll.'lt'l    ill    till
power     plant  on the Ills
. were
that v
■ ■
Mrs.      Dent    entertained      the young
people "ii Monday    night at progres •
sive      vvhi-'.    Mi^^    Mi t-'arlane  necuroQ
nr-i   Imli.'- prize, a  silver hat pin; Mr.
if. It.  Robertson     winning    the    lirsi ; t'l,i"" ,Ioto1 ""'l sl"'p"(l alon" U""vi'
gentlemen's     prize,    a brass inkstand. Uu« 'owards lho mai" building.      Al-
After supiier dancing passed away sev. thouB1' ,,,",t-' wen " numbor of PfoP'8
. uour_ ili'.ui  ihe lire was not noticed till   it [
had  taken  a  good   hold  on   the   Wood-
On Monday, tho 27th, a very pleas- wol.|, in between the partition     walls
ant   Boci.nl evening     was spent at the Lf tho     kitchen and   lavatories.      An
homo "i  Mr. and Mrs. T. Rogerson, at jann wna turned in to No. -.'.     Fire
Arrow   Lake,  in  go -   and  dancing, ,itln ,llu| the brigado on ftrrivhiB     on
sippet   hi,'i refreshments boiug provid- {\t,. s,.,,n,, promptly extinguished      the.
ed by  the ladies, and muslo by   local   na a before     ihey hud reached     tho
."lent. main buildlug where several holes were
The munj  friends ..f Mrs. T. Kilpat- '"' '» lhl' Wlllls '" "nl'''' '" make sure
ri.k  will  regret  to loam  thai  she met that   lire  had  uol   penetrated  in.       It
with nn : iii.'tit on Monday by which IH ""*  km,w"    otnctly how the     lire
she -i i.i .1 ii fractured ankle, which occurred, but the worst part was bo-
will routine her to her hoUBo for some hil"1 ''"■ run|je i.n th" kitchen. Little
time Hi- Becidont was caused by a l('"' damage was doiie, although very
fall from a step-lnddei on which die prompt measures on tho pari ol the
j„g                                             fire brignde prove I     what      mighl i
We are offering a lot of goods suitable to the cold
wi'ather we are having, and the prices have dropped
lower than the thermometer. We are busy stock-taking
and we have to get a lot of goods out of the way before
we inventory, and will also need the room for the Spring
goods now on the way. Here are some of the prices we
are quoting: —
We have all si/.es both in separate pieces and combinations: We guarantee these perfectly unshrinkable and
will replace any garment that shrinks _We offer them
this   month   at  25 PER CEN1. OFt.
In tine,   soft materials, ami
grey, all selling at
sizes,  both  white and
are going fast. They are the Fall Styles ami splendid
value at our regular price, bul they have to go at once
and we are now selling them at HALF PRICE
We have put mi the counter a lot of the best stockings
for boys that we have ever shown. There tne all sizes
fromi' to in. If voti buy two pair you can take three
pair.    Hurry up, for they will not stay long al this price.
We have gathered a lot  of   Remnants,   Dress Goods,
Flannelettes, Prints, Ginghams, etc., and have marked
them for quick sale. Come ami get your share of them.
in our gift distribution are 10411, 111)7, Ki87, 755. 871,
4572, and 41)31. Only the second andjourth have yet
been claimed. Look over your coupons and if you have
any of these numbers, bring them in  before Saturday.
|.«ii<!   I. iiiv-il.iu n.\  uniouini   lender in
■   ol lordi . will !»«■ remembered
occupied     tho
■ i not      gphei'iil "f ' 'lunula
i.p  Is""    For many     years
have bt'i-ri n very
Bargains in Ladies' Skirts
A choice line of Ladies' Winter Skirts,
ju^t the thing for the cold weather. Latest
stvli'S and .shades, at mid-winter pric< s.
Alterations made to suit customers fiyht on
the premises.     Inspection invited.
MRS. A. G. CRICK, First Street
Opposite the Windsor Restaurant
Wedding Beils
A quiet  weckling wim
[..•.' pi   i'   f Irani  Rritain, he
■ iKen   '"  tht*  forenoHt    place ,
Itnlhmi       in  ihe I'nioniel
A Happy New Year
IF Vlil It INCKI'-. \v-KI'
prosperity nnd \»y of
llvlou ii'iilag /"ii iii-ii Jo
pendent ujwn nm iiuod
wish' . there would lir nu
limit i" liilii'i
I ni    I lir   h ti uiliy   iiili'ii^t
.mil kin.Im    . "I   inn   ii/il nm-.
during Iimi n-e are thankful
.itiri extend In one atul nil A
\ ' t v   IIh|i|iv New  Vi'iif,
Bews'DrugSStationeryStore f
' i m  in mi: iii.ik k
iv.  Btw-m. ii    t    RBWi
i       A. Lit
\ I   ihe fin>n
in 'li.-   ity, r   Bu
ir tin
111     Hi"     I'l:
II r.
'' '
. ..nn.
■  : [ |      I i.
'.nil   build
'       :  I    I.       .  ■!      '     '  'HIIII'    '  I   . I'l'll
ii"i,  lo V.  .11, I     \
Iniildhi   il holii      li" i'1'..i       I'll..         "I       "      ('(J,'        I'"  '      III",  k.     Il'.ll'llll.l''
Ira i   oil  ■   liuililing
In- un ml [iiihlii . ii urn in. "i in,
v. ni I"- lll'lll mi I i idnj , .Iiiiiiiiii y , 11,
ni i p in. in 'I"- l.'li nn I'm l"i
I hi'nl "■,   11 j...' I  li.'ii .   I,:" nip  i„.'.|i
I'H'V I"'!   I.V "I"   ,   .        "        .       tlioi    'I
i "iiijiniiv.   All     inntlin      relntlng     lo
enoi nl 'ii v  buiinoH i will in. freolji 'li
i i.     "'I   Ulld    I ll''    lllllllllll    lili:ill"i:il      l.l"
lll'lll    M'll'l        I III llll'l'l ill^/    U|ll i "In
ll|"ll"     |'l"lll|lllv     III    B   |l.    Ill   ,   (I IH 1    ||  fllll
ullciitliiiico "f < iii/i'ii. Ii looked l"i
«    I
: .
li'lit'iili'il      nn
Ni'w Venm Dny m the reHidencc n(
Mi i, « S, Sloiin, W, Burn, "I Sun-
ili'ilninl. Rtiglnnd, "i Donrne llros.1
atiilf, nnd Mi..* .1 Mnl. ..f Vboi'dccn ,
Sriitliinil, Ivniii'.' ihu I'ljiilitii'liinj |nit-
ni i    ..ii    met   tii'      I li" Id'v    I. \t. Mull ollirinti'il ul
 I., "t Mrs   tl .iiK'iiv. ii ("vv frii'iiiU iMving pre-
ti   uni .    enl     I li" bride vvn. nltnndod bj   Mi
,,,, 11„, Miij Hum, mnl Mi Man- l''uiwnldoii
vi, I ....I,.. „ -ii|i|'..i "'I Oi.' groom Tii" U"v,.|. i"l,"
botiln   Mi   '.I:-.i    -vi.i|.li"iiv   ii" I,,., on,     .,( whii'h     ill"
1,1 Idi' '    via     m   ini'liilli'f,   vv     |.i"
,ii,.,      . hii'     ■ i      md |.l i' "'l  lhu M'uddiiig   Mun h .
■ill  u      Ini"   A  wedding    uppei   ■ i    |inrtiiken "f li.v
1 ii- i'"i i ■   ul  Ihe -I il iii" "I't'i't v
11" M.'iiil..'. ." "ini". Mi I'.ui I, »„, |,n..
tented vviil, ,i limiil "I,," dinner norv-
"" I"   I'   Hourne, "i. behull     nl     lho
Uoiirnu I'""      inii.  «I ml" appro
I"'."" iiddro " I I,.. Mull II,.ml.I
 ji ntulul	
Death of I. Harvey
IT        ill
I' I.'
- .1        llial
- till  '
       M .  .      'I       llnry
■■ "ii   rWereni v  In Ihi
next ■      ■  I:    '
'■ i' [il   Ihe  i"  itnlion nl      the
Hoard "I   I'rndi   In   i linnn,
*.""'l»''     hipmn I   nm     Iiiini'v
in live .uni i"n pound p.nl   ju i  opened  up al  i;    \\    |',,.||-
'I here will li" otillnnrj. hnnilkerehlaf,
ami   "iili'ls     l.ilil"     nl    ll,..       ,1"    ||    V|,
Kennedy' ,     llilrd      Ireol,  loinoi rou .
11 lino dm i afternoon, in aid of     thi
i iiluili"   im" i
ii - .i'l nm
■  '    i'   it     in
b Mi      il  .  .
it   thi   I     l-
■ i       ■ i iiiu'ii I,,
md   i . ted
II.   l"d   il,.     .i   ".
■■ •-.
"  in    iu
' rl       ."1 l.ii'l   i i
. pil   I      Hi     ii ,,   .
.Ml ...
I    III        II II.'   \l
II". ;.'".,   Monday
n  from   ll". '     li rtiikinn
I     ■ l'i '. i      linn li,  " here
"""il" '    il ii lend    "i 'i 'I nl '"ml
od In I  i" pari in ihe In In I
"  i"       " ih" dead,    I li" uhoh  prooo
dod   iii" "illiii   ii|i   Ilia "liiii'li.   ami    ill"
I'l'iiuiifiii iIk.hkIi nnd burial oi lie
read bj the Hot. i . \ I'roounier, who
I'li'i" ii"" a imi i ,.| ,,ii,ii from Mu- i"vi
'Il i appointed unto man onoa in
d|o," i ha I'li'ii' her dwell ou this
though i    dwleimlng    tbsl    ihrottgh
$26 per ton
No. I Timothy Hay $22 per ton
Lowest Prices on Bran, Shorts, & Wheat
General Merchant/n c
Telephone 248
Bowman lumber Company
i;"   lluwmnii   l.uiiili"!   ('ompnti)   ai"
huvii      i  La ij   viini"!    Thi'v   hnvo llvu
"i l.   ill mi ilia t'"
I liia  ir or, ami have Jim in in-
uy<Ml     in     loggiiiu "|".ii,ii.,, \i
1 ""I'  |". ■■• I""" 'I    log dug  il"
■"I- '   pn   hit ".I  ln'tn   Ihe  l\.   mnl    S
1  pan). thi        hnvo b till   i  log ■
1 1  hull it "ill" i" length,  which   in
1  in        pleii'lid      .hi l.i.       mnl
ihoroughlt    nli..    ihe I'l.ilii" i log
.'ini'   Oi"   I" i" I.   lai'.l      i|..,i:.    il,,.       |',,|.
"nl" ■   \ iili".   nnd  Ai I""   bake       I he
1 '    buili  mi'l,.i   ii |„ i   i |on
"'  ^l1    lluiiii',  'ii" i "in|  '    walk
illl(   bll lllll   i        ."I   In    ll,,, ,■       nli,,
 ii ii. io i"   '   plondld I" f
Stuttz at Opera House
On   New   Year   DllJ   till'  Stllll*  open
..I  iheb  ougngentelil   hei-e in a      good
i|nod   'T.iivil   "iiii-iili'tini;   ill"   i "ii'liliiui |
nf ihe wonther.   "Wnn Sit" in 111 utile"
»., "ii tii" li'iai'l Mu i- Iho third
lilti"   tlii-   |iluv    Ini-  boon   In'"'  mi'l       ll
improvoti on every m iipi*ucj, m•<-.
On  M lav   "Cryalal* t'fo—" a nau,
li. nl   da       in     vvlii, li     Mi .   ami   Mi^.
Siiitt/ prove tIioiiihoIvu« worthy ur -
I ii i   nlghl   il," i "li'liniii'il fane wn>
i nii'l at   ii pera Inni-i', the iiln.v
."ii i i"il of live 'ii'i... mnl ninny beautiful i.ilili'iinv.    Iii" pliiv  abound      In
' " i in i.iiii'n , enabling  ilie ai
III      I"   :"' II   lull   Heope   I"   I lll'll    I (lll'lll ,
I'.nii'lit   ih""   olforlng  will  he      tii"
.1" "|>li .l,.|i,.| "ii "I'l |'l:i' "||||i \ in.
Winkle," I hi' '"lii|ninv will ii'inniii
.ni i|i" liniinU until Slltui'iln) with a
I il"      I "liil'lii'ti.   niiilitiee.
'"   " I'j'"'l   "I      'I v.,,,,,,,,   "||„
t'htii'i'h   Miliinni,"   |(,.v,  t   \\       Ull[]
tt'ldri'HW'd Iho i big  ho mibjooi
'I'l™  ''"ii  will l„. held   ihi       Wed
'"""diij ovoning i n iho Mothodi l
L-liureli, Ihi' iuUJi'ohh will |,a givon bj
Itev.   Mr,   Mi'lvin.  mnl   tin.   (iibjoi'l   will
l>" "Tl"' l-'mnilv,   lidui'iiiional   ICxtub •
liilini.'iit- ami il,,.  Vouilg."   Tiiiinii'i'iiw
evening il looting will |)0 hold in Si
■l"1"1    'Inii'li.    Itiv.   Mr.   I'li'i'lnm,    will
ml'liv  '   Ih" n tint; "ii   "Moral      mnl
Sni'iiil   Itofomi,"   Kverj'  body  i^  wol
'"in  iii"" meollngH.
The Week ot Prayer
\ meeting ol tl itopnyei
III,  Hovel i"li" < ilj   i:ii"t"inii',     wijl
be lii'lil in ih" uppor room "f lho Odd •
follow Mull.       Iiiltliiin.vv   (Thill   'lav |
tti'i'l, ..I  I'lnvii   lervluoi wore     held
nf Ward  iu ih" l'.ii|'ii i "hutiii "ii Monday oven.
oil' ini'l'i   iln   direction nl the   Voung
I'eople   Honlety.   Avildin  wore given
in Mr. Evoretl Cameron mnl Mr. flop-
'dght el  9.S0 o'clock.   All votort    oflper,   Laal  nlghl  the  ting wn» held
Ward III at" roqatited    to !"•    pr«« again    In    the Dapllii church.  Th«
■"'.   '   lbs mealing I   of an Import• |ohslr wai taken bj tbo R»v,    «     t,
«ni osiuri I 'I'lft-, iv im ipoki I.., ;, i^w miuutei
Provincial Elections
11"' following mi. ill., linnl olHl'Inl iv
1 'iii. "i ih,. i","i,ii I'rnviiu'iul oleotloii
"■ given In ih.< returning olllcoi' in
tin   Kovclaloko  Hi'liiiK:
Kempaler,   Ul.
I.iiiiliniiili,   340,
Taylor,  788,
l.oi'Ai. OP'J ION,
Ini.  ."inn.
\gaiii»t,   lir,.
Spoiled ballot*,  ii1-.
'■"Ill   li'iini'"   I ."I.:.   lvuiL'hlv   nl       [»j
thiii'i will in-i„ii "ih,.,.,.. this evening,
A full iiiti'inimi'" i» roqt led,
I'V "t'li'i. 0,  II   Hllut'K
K, el H »ud 9,


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