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The Mail Herald Dec 6, 1911

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For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed,    Price $601
i Interior Publisnmg Co., Agls.
The Mail-Hepald
x £..
-Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 97
$2.50 Per Year
the best
('  *L       *T THE
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Otnco-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches «r Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Oreat Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chictigo— First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 aud upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   < 'orrespnndence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Useful Xmas Presents
at Treasonable Prices
Mrs. A* G, Crick, • First Street
Winter Butter Supply for Families
Save money by getting your winter Butter in
bulk.    Get our prices.
See us, telephone us, write us, or give your
orders to our driver.
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
Robin Hood Flour Beats Them All
Mis. H. N. Coursier tarries off two first prizes
with ROBIN HOOD FLO UK. The special prize
we offered and'also for the best loaf from any
Hour.    If you want good bread use Robin Hood
the flour of quality.
P. O. Box 208
Phono No. 23
James B. Gets Life Sentence for
Murder and Jobn J. Fifteen
Years for Dynamiting.
Los Angeles, Pec. 5— Jumes B.
McNamara, confessed murderer, was
sentenced to life Imprisonment here
today by Judge Walter Uordwell.
His brother, John J. McNamara, sec
retary ol the International Association ol Bridge and Structural Iron
Workers, who confessed to the dynamiting ot the Llewellyn Iron Works,
wus sentenced to tit-teen years In the
penitentiary. Twenty-one persons
lost their lives in thc Times disaster
No one wus killed in the Llewellyn
Los Angeles, Dec. 5—James li. Mc-
Namara's brief confession, penned by
his own hand lute yesterday, und
bearing many evidences of a mun little skilled in letters, was made public.   It N as follows:
"I, James li. McNamara, -defendunt
in the case ot tbe People, having
heretofoie pleaded guilty to the crime
of murder, desire to make this statement of fact (nnd this is the truth):
"On the night of September :il>th,
llllll*, at 5:45 p.m., I placed in Ink
Alley, a portion of the Times building, a suitcase containing sixteen
sticks of SO per cent, dynamite, set
to     explode  at  1   o'clock  the     next
orning. It waa thc intention to
injure the building and scare the owner. I did not intend to take the liie
of anyone. I sincerely regret tbut
theEC unfortunute men lost their lives. If the giving of life would bring
them back, I would gladly give it. In
fact, on plegding guilty to murder in
the tirst degree, I have placed my life
in the hands ot the state.
The Annual Meeting of
thc Revelstoke Conservative Association will be held
on Wednesday evening,
December 13th, at Selkirk
Hall. All members are
urgently requested to be
r. d. Mcdonald,
Indianapolis, Ind., De,-. 4— Behind
the doors ot the vaults of thc federal building here tonight, silently
watched by two guards, the books
and documents which are believed to
contain evidence nf criminal conspiracy for dynamiting that will involve
an "Inner Circle" of nearly two score
ol men and unlock th? complete sre-
ret of a reign of crime which has resulted in the confessions of John J.
McNamara and James B.  McNamara.
"My investigations of the books
and documents of the International
Association of Bridge and Structural
Iron Workers produce evidence which
tended to show that nearly 40 persons were in touch with John J. McNamara previous to hi< arrest and
that these persons were up to no
good," said Prosecuting Attorney
Frnnk  P,  Farker here lonight.
"A number of the letters In the records of thc iron workers which were
first seized by thc Indiana authorities
nnd later turned over to the federal
authorities, show nothing on the surface, but the very manner in which
they were written proves that they
conveyed a message that would not
be understood to the casual reader,"
continued thc prosecutor.
Cups on Exhibition
At R.M. Smythc's ci.ar store there
are on exhibition three handsome silver cups, special prizes for the coming Poultry Show. These arc donated, one by Hon. Thos. Taylor, another by the Lawrence Hardware Company, while the tbird cup is donated
by  thc  Oaigary  Brewing  Company.
Secretary Stnytbe oi the Poultry
Association says that he has already
had many enquiries for premium listH
Irom the various surrounding towns
nnd from present appearances, a num
Ler of the distiict towns, as well as
others, will send birds to this show,
which now promises to be a record
breaker of anything of the kind ever
held in these parts.
A Pretty Operetta Being Pre
pared by S. S. Scholars
The operatta being prepared by the
Sunday school of St. John's church,
promises io be very pretty and entertaining. It Is entitled, "Mother
(loose's Visit to Santa Clans." The
opening scene is laid in Mother (loose
land, with the Mother Goose characters, all in appropriate costume, preparing to start for the land of Santa
Clans. The next scene takes you to
the home of dear old Santa where a
light royal welcome is given. The
following is the program:
Opening chorus, Mothei* (.loose's
Land; Solo, The Little Bird that
Tells; chorus, Six Jolly Beggars; solo. Dr. Foster; solo and chorus, Old
Woman that Lived in a Shoe and
her Children; solo, with violin accom
imminent, King Cole nud Three Fiddlers; Two-part song, Eight Twink-
1 ng Stars; grand inarching chorus by
Mother lloose's company; solo, Old
Woman that Swept the Sky; Duett
and chorus, Jack Sprutt and Wife;
lour-part song, Dr. Foster, Woman
that swept the sky, Nannie Btticoat
aud Bo.Peep; chorus, Chilly Winds;
Sctne two—chorus. Eight Brownies;
bong, Eight Snow Fuiries; chorus,
Right Blackbirds Baked in a Pie; two
Part song and chorus, Nannie Etti -
coat and North Wind; German Lullaby, Mary Quite Contrary; lullaby
quartette, Women in the Shoe, Mary
Quite contrary, Nannie Ettlcoat and
PO-peep; chorus, Twelve Dolls that
Santa left Behind; chorus, Santa
(Inns' Fiv,. Heralds; song, Santa
Clans; chorus. Hail Father Santa
Clans. Fifty voices; chorus', Home
Sweet Home.
In addition to the singng the following will take the dialogue paits,
Mother (loose, Tom the piper's son,
Jack Horner, Two B ggars, Boy Blue
Teter Pumpkin Eata.
Thc children aiv busy every day
with their practices and will present
Ihis operetta in the Edison theatre
< n the evenin; of Tuesday, December
I Ml.
By the Provincial Government as
Police Magistrate for this
Mayor Hamilton, who has been act
ing police magistrate during the past
year hus been appointed by the government police magistrate for the
city of Hevelstoke und has already
entered upon the duties of his new
In making this appointment, the
government has made no mistake as
the new magistrate has many i|tiali-
tics highly fitting him for this high
ollice, nnd the appointment in Uevelstoke is most generally considered a
good one.
Inttumanity to Woman
Victoria, Dec. 2—The liquor license
'of Mr. and Mrs. Bell, of the Clinton
hotel, about thirty miles from Ashcroft, hus been cancelled by Attorney
General Bowser, in consequence of
inhumanity and callous indifference ot
the licensee on the occasion of the
death several weeks ago of Mrs. Barlow, of Victoria. While in the death
throes of consumption, she was refused shelter in the hotel on the
ground that it was full up nnd the
other guests objected to consumptives. She died in an uutomobile out
side the hostelry, after being exposed to the intense cold lor two hours.
In the police court yesterday, Coil
Porter (who was recently brought
back from Prince Albert on a charge
cf stealing certain articles (rom the
C.P.R.) appeared to answer to the
above charge. Several witnesses lor
the prosecution were beard, the ac -
cused reserved his defence and waived
the reading ot the evidence.
Mayor Hamilton, the presiding
magistrate, then formally committed
the accused to stand his trial at the
next court of competent jurisdiction.
(,. S. McOarter appeared for the pros
ecution, and Charles Gillan for the
As it is expected that a county
judge will be here tomorrow to hold
court it is possible that the accused
may elect a speedy trial anil his case
ba heard yet this week, or his trial
may not come off for some time, us
the county judge shall have the fix
ing of the day of trial.
Women to the Front
This is woman's century, They arc
liming to the front and why not 7
Women doctors, women lawyers, women preachers, clubs, saleswomen in
all departments, not even the sacred
crder ol the drummer is safe. Th«y
hive already invaded this in "many
lines and made successes too. The
merchants of Hevelstoke are alive and
up-to-date, and being so have concluded thut the best line of chocolates to handle are Gunongs celebrated "G. B. Chocolates." Not only on account of the quality being thc
finest in the land, but the packages
arc tbc dnintist and all contain their
full weight. Try them, test them and
they  will  not be found wanting.
The lady representative of this well
known dim has arrived in town and
signifies her intention of being present nt the Fancy Dress Ball tonight.
So look out for the G.B. Lady, and
pay her all the honor due.
Masguerade Ball To-Night
All the work iu connection with
the fourth annual masquerade ball
under the auspices of No. 1 Fire Brigade ure just about completed. The
decorations nt the opera house will
be very hnndsonie. Everything is being done to make this year's ball tbe
twst ever attempted  in the city.
There promises to bc a large at-
I n lance of guests when the first
dance of the evening is called.
A Good Show
Last evening Wm. H. West's Big
Jubilee MiiiBtrel Show more than
made good ut the Edison theatre.
The house was well filled. The singing by the various performers was cf
a high order,thc melodies being sung
in real Southern style. The final
chorus "The Battle of Cinder Hill,",
was quite  real  and for a time carried
tiie audience Into tht past.    The en-
t it.iinment throughout was strictly
first class ,,ii.I it will be good news
for imr lenders to learn that this
-nn.* troup will on tbc ltlth Inst,1
present t.i the Itevelstoke eiti»ens an
other equally  good entertainment but
ol ■ diflerent character, particulars of
which wiil appeal in the Mail-Herald
In later issues. So keep your eye on
ihis papei   d i full particular! about
I the rot in ii entertainment of this big
Death of Mrs. Grant
Mrs. Alexander Giant died at her
home yesterday morning after an
illness ol only a few dnys. To thc
many friends of the deceased lady
the news of her death came as a
grwit .shock. The late Mrs. ('.rant,
who, with her husband and family,
hive made Revelstoke their home lor
a number of years past, has by her
lovable disposition endeared her to a
wide circle of friends, who today are
mourning her sudden denth. To her
husband and her four young children
ami to her father nnd mother, Mr.
and Mrs. Pratt, of Salmon Arm, and
to the brother and sist-eis, the heart
felt sympnthy of lh.' whole community will go out to them in their hour
of sad affliction.
The funeral is taking place this atternoon. ...
Moving pictures at the Edison theatre tonight.
Comfortable Theatre
Tho proprietors of the Edison theatre have just completed a numlier
of alterations and additions to the
Edison thcare, which makes this
popular little theatre one of tho
cosiest places of entertainment ip
the west. A new furnace hns just
been installed, which will add greatly to thc comlort ol the patrons.
Everyone visiting thc theatre in the
future will find it warm and     com -
They have also spent cousideraMc
money in their moving picture booth
making it entirely lire proof. The
(lie underwriters in a recent visit,
pronounced It the best and most-up-
to-date moving picture booth in the
west. New machines have lieen ad -
ded to tho outfit and those visiting
the house are assured of as good pictures as are produced In any theatre
in the world, for no better are shown
in any part of tho world today. An
added feature in tho near future will
be n first class onhestrn. Their fire
exits are all protected and assurances ol safety arc in overy way apparent.
High School Attendance
following is the attendance at   llie
Revelstoke High School   (or   llie  month
of Nov., as compiled by Hie Principal
of tiie school. Miss I. J, MacKenzle:
U _    a. i
High sohool, Div. I.  ..    20   <»2 40   li
Div. II...    17   U106   li
37    HI 77 Ifi
For (food eyge jo to Mclntyre'e.
Dainty Sugars and Creams, Nut Bowls, Card Trays,
Pickle and Butter Dishes, Cake Trays, Rogers Bros.
1847 Knives, Forks and Spoons.
Sheffield Carving Sets in cases two to seven pieces,
Child's Sets, Fish Sets, Pocket Knives. 150 varieties,
Safety Razors, Razor Strops, Scissors in sets, Shaving
Brushes, Skates, etc., etc.
Very pretty Vases, Bowls, Candlesticks, etc.
New Designs in Fern Dishes, Bowls, Bonbons, Knife
Rests, Salt and Peppers. Tumblers, Sugar and Creams
Decanters, Wine Glasses, etc.
A large assortment of Vases, Plates, Pitchers etc,, in
Limoges, Wedgewood and other makes, Tea sets, Dinner sets, Chamber sets, Jardinieres, Teapots. All
these have to be sold before we move into our new
store, and prices are put right down accordingly.
Our Grocery Department is well stocked with new-
season's Fruits, Peels, Nuts. Choice Fruits, Vegetables
Potted Meats in glass, finest brands of Canned Goods,
Huntly & Palmer, Carr, Christie Biscuits and Cakes,
Webb, Frys Cadbury Chocolates, Nut Bar and splendid line of Candies.
We have a very large stock of Roasters, Bake Pans,
Cake Tins, Jelly Dishes, Saucepans, in fact everything
necessary to get up a Christmas or any other dinner,
and we shall be pleased to have you call at our store
and see all the good things we have to sell.
Hardware Dealers     GROCERS     McClary's Stoves
p Hams   Bacon
T Silver Leaf Lard
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors for Swift's Products
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251 P. O. Box C
Christmas Shopping
The shrewd buyer is looking around for Xmas Gifts,
We have just opened a tine assortment of Xmas Jewelry
and invite you to come and inspect it.
We are able to spend more time with you now and
show you the pretty things than during the last few days
before Xmrs, when everyone is in a rush.
Every article purchased in this store guaranteed aa
F. G. BEWS,    -   Jeweler and Optician
Young Man land also the
man who stays young I make
it a point to try on some of
the Smart New Styles we are
specializing in Overcoats.
Prices: $15 to $30
WKDNl'l.'DAY,   DEO,  Cth,  1911.
We have been informed by the Bankhead Mines
that they will forward us Briquettes within the next
few days and Hard Coal about the middle of Decern-
what is I'icUt and what is wrong aad about
The prices will
Briquettes, per ton
Broken Coal, per ton
Egg Coal, per Ion
Nut Coal, per ton
Wellington Soft Coal
he as
per ton
$ 8.75
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Lid.
J unjust  law     wliicb   sin**.*;li*s   out      one
' great Industry which produces wealth  appi'c
' and from  which  llie. whole communi-  in*-;  them  for
|ty reaps the greuter proportion     of simply enforce
I the honotits, to be a target, not only
lure pullets, aud these will not
nto the producing class much I ctore
one bull the cost of produc
i they know just ua well as their rep- tion'.' I need not ask whether he :i
! reKcutativc    knows that It is a most aware that  rbe law has i.eru evaded, January 1st.
' beknows it.   He knows that we have     As foreshadowed at the    Outset o!
ached his late government, ask-! the contest, several ul the White Leg
many   years   past       to
the law, and that   he
t only   and  his satellites,  in  the  vain  hopss
£be flDail-lbevalfc
Jntertor g>ubU*elMng Gompanj?.
J.  K    JOHNSON   Manager.
RALPH  G    3CRUTON,   Editor.
I ■ *i**l he has made. As an onlooker
il appeals that Mr. Knowles was not
eunvci'sant with the subjects hu was
dealing with and allowed bis statements to reach the press too hastily
it can be anything but flattering to
111." supporters of this Moose Jaw M.
P., to sic him so completely shown
up   hy   Ml.   Watts.
the  farmers,
the      mere
of domestic, but of foreign eompcti- of winning Hi- votes
tion, without any protection what- strenuously opposed
ever whereas all other Industries in enforcement of tb:' law or of th*
Canada are protected. And Ins plea dumping clause, made for the purls that the farmers will have to pay pose of protecting ihe honest InduB-
a higher price for their lumber if jns- tries of Oanada. Does the honorable
tlcular in- member know that British Columbia
Lc£al notices 1" cents per Une lirst
insertion, 5 ceuts per hue each
subsequent iusertiou. Measurements Nonparlel i.1'2 lines make
one inch.j S'ore and general
business auDuunc-meuts t'2.bf) per
inch per month. Preferred positions, 26 per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages and Heaths, 5t)c
each  insertion.
Laud notu-es $7.60.  All  advertisements subject to  the approval  of
tbe  management.      Wanted      and
Condensed       Advertisements   :  —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
nations  wanted,    Situations    Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
' Wanted,  25  words or    less,    Hie,
ear:,     a.ldiiiouai     line  lu cents.
Changes     ii.   standing advertisements    Loiiat.   be   in    by  'J  a.   m.
Tuesday nnd Fridny of each week
to secure good  display,
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters  of  public     interest.        Communications to Editor must      be
accompanied    by    name of writer
n**t    n"cessar>ly    (or    publication,
but     as    evidence ol  good  faith. ]
Correspondence should  be brief.
Including  postage to England,  United States anil Canada.
By the year i throuch  postoffice)  (2.50
$20,000 Challenge by A. E. Watts,
of Wattsburg, B. C.-Tlie
Government Will Investigate
tice is granted to this part
dustry. Let me ask Mr. Knowles and
Sir Wilfrid. Laurier, "how did the
Liberal party lifteen years ago obtain possession of power'*'" Is is not
a fact that Sir Wilfrid button-holed
thc great manufacturers of Canada,
and said to them, "my friends, you
have not received a square deal at
the  hands of your  own  party,     and
although I cannot promise you on the ent factories she can
public platform a full measure of pro valuable customer to b
Lection, support me and 1 will promise to take rare ol yon." He appealed to the country under false pretenses and tbe free trade Hag; protection wa- granted to thc leading
Industries of Canada, but the lumlicr
industry  Was left severely in the cold   country  obtains  any   benefit
Kor    over      twelve  years  the  lumber   importation   of   foreign   lumbei".
manufacturers of British Columbia
have appealed to the late government asking for simple justice, fair
play, but unfortunately tbey were not
in the same position as thnt occupied by the great, manufacturers in
other lines of business—their poor
contributions to the campaign funds
were not deemed worthy of consideration. The culprits, the founders of
combines, were unhappily Conserva -
tives, t.he fruit growers of British Columbia were Conservatives, an.l are
! Conservatives, consequently both tn-
I dustries     were    made a special  mark
Manly men admire an opposition
lhal dares to criticise the wrong do-
ui-'s uf am government, provided the
c lam   is  based  upon   truth,      but
the greatest producer of lumber, is
one of the greatest customers Alberta and Saskatchewan huve, tbat B.
0, imports over Bfty million dollars
worth of agricultural products per
annum? Surely he must be aware
that if the lumber industry of British Columbia is laid In the dust with
her smokeless chimneys and her sll-
longor be a
Does he and his kind wish to k'ill
or throttle the goose that lays the
golden egg for the poor oppressed
farmers on the prairies? Hoes he
know or ran he show any one particular instance where a tanner in the
by    tha
he not aware that thc consumer pays
just as much for lumber today as he
did before the American lumber was
dumped on the Canadian market'.'
Does Mr. Knowles forget that the
manufacturers of British Columbia
were not prosecuted as he and others
of bis kind desiio:!.' Hns he forgotten that the retailers who had taken
the cream were prosecuted and convicted? Docs the honorable member
forget that the hooks and accounts
of many mills whieh were presented
to the commission for examination,
showed that the manufacturers were
making next to no profit? Does he
nol remember the remark ot thc Hon
Thos. Qreenway, chairman ot 6the
commission, who said "we hive to
look for other causes why the ecu
sumer pays such a great price for
bis lumber." Probably he will
remember th? proofs 1 myself
Thos.    Green way,    chairman  of
of Wattsburg, I. C.-4lie;lr^:3m'p''f,,K'v,'"MI'i,>(''"
The intzo.luotion of Reciprocity wns
another indication of vengeance aimed at the chief industries of British
In the interests of truth, to which
Mr. Kuowlc- is presumably  a strang-
  er, I     wish  to say,  tirst.   That     uo
nil u the criticism is composed of one! combine met at Calgary; second, that companies were
c.-.iic of base falsehoods similar to ] the lumW associations meeting there tog more Man hall the total pricj
ui..sc emanating from Mr. Knowles I did not decide to ask the government obtained for carryin; the lumber a
.. Moosejaw, people with well bai - to put a duty on lumber; third, that tew hundred miles, and Mr. Green
wnod minds are apt to analyze the ] they mad.' arrangements, either ver- way said that tbe matter of trans-
whj and tbe wherefore ol the stand bai or written, to put aU the lumber portaMon was the ih'r' cans,' of the
la en by the Honorable member. ! business of British Columbia through exorbitant prices extracted from the
it is a well known fact  that    mere one  ollice;    fourth,  ueithcr    was any  consumer.     and   that he would     sc
bave arrangement  made  whereby  all com-  that   the     matter of transportation
es-1 petition was to be removed; (ifth, the   was  thoroughly   investigated.      Need-
at th it  time raceiv -
horn pens are now In the heavy moll..
In some pins this was caused !iy too
early batch.ng, but In three pen-; this
Is caused by the fact that the birds
were laying before received at Hasl
iius Park, and as usual In such cases
tbey have stopped layin; nnd gon •
into a molt. These birds have every
appearance ol having bc. u led too
rich a ration prior to the competition,
A fuller account will be published
in the ollicial organ of the British
Columbia Poultry Association. "The
Successful  Poultryman."
Your Electric Fixtures
with W.
your    orders for Gait Coal
B.  Robertson or Andy  Dav-
ticians  of u puerile nature
a  rule  some  sinister  motive,
■.ally   When engaged  ia  g     hase  at-   Press   of   Canada   was   not   called   up-
that  mntter wus lelt    in
The Poultrj  Show  the tirst  week In
January      »iii     soou    come around '
from '.>u„; tan lie learned Kevr.sloKc I
,..    ,  j:-.,'.   main   oUlSlde  v..-mi
*   - • *   i- on.    i here is    uo
u am that i.i.- show  .-..uai,.l noi
tbe best evei  held  in B.< .
"  •    •    ,.*   ; .■   •..       , , aug.
I not  leai ■■  too
-   mi •■* a     bill sin. ud
complel        irrangvments early.      in*
••  list  that  has    been
this  --how   speaks    well
1  of   tbe   occasion.   Let
* i   be  .- apoultryman
man   this     poultry
mi   Iraws uc.tr    to    tb
■Mt,. i.-  the iiues-
■   arises  who  the  var
w.ll   hkcly   I.e.      In-
1 at   tin-      t.me.
.    lite     mayoralty  contest.
There <% tbat
tion ol the^.-
..   acclama
that this is     .,
wn. '
thai make      a
jt *■  m *..  ■    ■   a', lerman
but i
IW  ta) !;..,!
fairs ean     malu
lathi:      li. chut- I .*     .,   n, i. ol       ind
ii  ; 'i-'. u .    .;. ■    tb  i.io
payers '••  t    * b	
v.'..n above ai!    ■ •     . .<».   -      will
i .*. t in theii  dutlM,
Anj   man   ■■ '■■■   no spi    • ■ •■• I * n and
•<T'' ii  - 'mI' to c.vc tin* office due
l mm le ,, dismal  (allure,
*•* bate   i   thii      ..*   appears   an'
A.     K.      Walt-,   thc   w 'II '
known  lumberman   .' Wattsburg,    B.
c.    ii win n hi .'i "lit    ■ tbout gloves
Mr.  Knoule*,. M p   .,! MoOMjaW, Sas.
for certain    statement    which     thai
gentleman     is credited   with  making
regarding the Domlnioi    government1
and  tbe  Lumhir  Manuf-gctwers  Asso-'
r.jition.   In Mr.  Watte both  th   gov '
rrnment and the lumberman have aa
able champion     »ho bai hem in the
,i*.*k of  the kiud  of which  Mr.   Know   ■
es   is   guilty.
first,     be charges the government
wi.b  lieing  the  tool  of combines, und
Bays that the British Columbia lum-
inrinen's Association has be*.u shown
to   ue  a  combine.    Mr,   Knowles    was
a member of the Royal    Commission
appointed  to  investigate the charges
j.nii-i   the lumber manufacturers ol
Br.tish  Columbia several   years  since;
therefore     when be says that it     Is
proven that the Lumber Manufactui
is   Association   is a combine    be    Is
;.*l;„ lately    stating    what  be knows
t"  Ik; an absolute  untruth—it  really
.(.serves   a   stronger   term,   bill   as     I
propose  to  confine  myself  t"   parlia
.Military language I will not say that
he is a deliberate liar.    The commie
b on alluded to sat  foi   many
ai i  II Mi.  Knowles'     statement     Is
true 'i   was the duty "I that commissi ou when delivering the result
d< liberation      to parliament to have
ri commended th**     pros icutton
*!   gi 1   combine.
Mr. Knowles listened to the evi
lence given at that time un>l no
di Ibt he will rem. nil-1 thai I til '■• I
*t.i- substantial i thai ll was itter
Ij   Impossible to form ,, comblm
an>  combination In rade
wh n the    whole     market   u  Canada
.'a   open ti   the competitii f   th,.
world,  seeing that lumbei   mas
* nly unprotected Industi y
Therefore   the   absurdity   oi   his
marks is evident  to     auy  obsei
I*. i sun.
Mr.   Knowles  (tated  that  the  'New
Gi   ernment bad gone down und
pressure   brought   to   ' ■ *
-.   thi' lumber combine of tbi    •
■   tn line recently nn't
'lie   realllt   ol       its    d>'l,li.*l ■
i1 ■     mont  brawn announi *
Press of C inada bad    •■ ei
;     upon to publish.     The
\   ociation,   amongst
ei   thing      had  decided
■::  through  only
ipetttion  was  to  if re- 'operation
fit   made   to      tret.
govern m   to put a duty     on
gh lumbei       II   Mr.  Knowles can
on  to  publish  the  foregoing  mis-sta
tements as  quoted  by   Mr.   Knowles.
Un tbe  morning  of tbe  meeting al
lulled to I  was approached      by     re
porters, aud I told them tbat u cor ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
red account of tbe deliberations oiicbly investigate th? reasons and
would be supplied by tbe Secretary th' causes why consumers have to
of the Association as usualf   Instead   Pay exorbtant  prices  for lumber    or
less io say 	
Now, on behalf o. all he Lumber
Associations ot British Columbia, I
say. that the government is invited
to  appoint    a    commission    to thor-
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Cash Outfitters for Men who Know
I of obtaining     reports from tbe .Sec
' retary,   representatives   of  Grit    or-
'guns issued  uu  untrue  repoi t  of what
'took place ,u the meeting, evidently
an emanation ol their Imagination,
made to suit sm I. members uf tbe
opposition as Mr. Knowles. lt is
true that i few* strong suppoi mi- ,,f
the t., mi ii: gi pi .nn at and Kecipi"
citj ii*i propose mil stronglj ur^ei
that we should demand protection
from  ' Ive  government.
Ths proposal was not entertain
angle individual Conservative
membei then presenl .,: '.,.■ meeting;
and   * .      lecrde   ip'*n     was
th.it   we  simply  soggcal   t.    I...   i on
th'-      law
as   it *. •:.     St itutc   books
ah* iuM  be ■   those who
.ii.l are evs ling tbe law
and  tbe cui iii i
trai 1   I*.  'ii ■      .'f reign
law al
.':.-      t .    ' TL.
i anient,
-'.'     ii.
ine    f   '.
•  ■       li   -ay*, further, "ne»
more  Hagrast  i
I ba aged  Mr.  Km
- ems      an I    f  li
..■!.i    .i .11   know     what
i    .     • bargee, but
a litUe      ommoi, -i ns   applied
ii,       •   rather
iiii,' in in
oi   tl, i . rum. o
to  mark   eanse of     Cal om     the
1 prod
other necessaries required by new settlers Morions:  into Canada,  whom we
all  wish   to  encourage  In every    Way
possible.    It   is   not   tbe      desire    nor
the   policy   ol   the   manufacturers      of
lumber  to  take  the last  a*x  or     the
last      -love   of    the  new   settler,   as
d  by  Mr.  Knowles.    It is ill our
interests     to    encourage and not to
kill  the  eflorts  of producers,   whether
of  lumber or   of    agricultural
The  lutni   rm n   ■ :   British  Colum-
t.ll  welcome and  assist any  in-
. omo * i  by  the government  for  ths  purpose,  and  personally  I  hope "ii I*     mor" to  meet      the
'able   member  from   Mocsjjaw a-
,, membei  ■'. one more commission of
investigation,   which  1 trust  will pro-
more  beneficial  r.-sults for    th-e
■   oi id ,   than  all   the  ahsor-
o. w. o. w.
Mountaiu View Camp,  No.  229
Meets Second    nnd     Fourth  Wednes
days    in each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen arc
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS,  Coa. C0m.
If they go wrong, don't worry, but just
Phone to No. 284 in the day
or No. 40 at Night
and they will immediately be attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
with electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained etherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.
for you.
Let us do that
A. G. DUCK,   -   General Manager
Store and Office, Old Howson Biock
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant    Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR,        -        -^Manager.
12-inch and 16-inch lengths
Furnished House on 3rd st. To Rent, $20 a Month
Apply" for particulars to the undersigned
1'lloN'l*: J7(,
Office on Second Street, next to Cummings Transfer Office.
Barristers,   Solicitore,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank  Build iug  Revelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Otlices—Revelstoke,    B.   0.,     and
Cranbrook, B. C.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harve;
RevelBtoke, Cranbrook
Provincial  Land  Suveyur,
Player Pianos, Pianos and Organs
Our reputation is well known for square dealing.
We enn ^ice vou better prices, better quality, tlian any
Oilier house in llie trade.
WHY ?   Call and we will prove lliis staUiucnl up lo llie
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Mining 8urveyor,
Mckenzie avh.,
BOX    106,
f-r.mm:-- OfU
appointed   uy      the ■
p, o.
.      WALLACE
Box  116, RevelBtoke, B.C.
Egg-Laying Contest
pared ta pul oo to !•<■ torfell
to any cbarlte * *,* tltutlon tbat
m v be named lij u wtratore, and i
hcrebj cballi age Mi Knowlee '<, put
up .i similar sum to be forfeited, in
m.i ■(: he fails to prove blsaltegattone,
.,n 1 il Mr. Knowles is not. prepared
lo answer the challenge I demand an
upolog; "ii behalf ,,( tbe Lumber
nun's Association noil fin bebnll ol
Hi' nwnilrrrs '*f Hi   iroverniruni whom
Can     Mi    Kn*
f"im I. i
combine     in reel
tbe markets ol Canada
imping nf lumber
I 01 IIT
' ti, |e wben
are open to
ui   an)   ■ >t li'-i
liimiionti**; busHMM lm Mw past <iuai   |„  i,,.,, „ persed and rillfled   for wimt
ter  of a  century,  fourteen years     ol   purpose.'   In  the  hopes ol  catohing fl
wbirh   time  be  has sptnt   in      British   |< i   paltry   Votes  fioni    elfish   fin nrt
('■ilumbjB.   As a further evidence
lhe     crirrtitn.ss  nl    the
made by Mr. Watt* he challenge! op
^^ of' ■       	
statements  irnnomy  l" save Jl.ua and  lose V2H
i lire through principle   ol fal»e
. I.
KnowleR evi hutlv   i    in,t   a "tiid
i-nly the Mons.'jnw M.i'.  in a  wager lent ol   human nature ni  bc     would
.,; 820,000  that  Mr.  Knowles cannot   know thai     farmers, hi,,, ulhci  men,
prove   the    tatemiTits   thnl   it   Is  al •   have  a  keen  IcOSe  ol  Justice and    i<:
product   from   all       ipiait'T     of       t li ■
i-i'ii • in i, thnl pi * io'-f .- nol pro-
t*** •** i bj a tarifl' Is be aware tbwl
at the present t.m*,- lumber I being
put Iree on board i are  In  the Un
stales  ai  from  17  to Sx  pel   tl	
nnd feet'   Is be aware that  i he
of   the   logs   alone   from   which       Mr
lumber Is manufactured hi the ;-<t,ntes
. toes la   P  i"'i   thom ati i  feel '   I
,i" ,il B   bhal    the   sum ll   *       ! mm *    m.'.mii
by tbo ri 'vit** 'i manufacl urers in th i
t'triMii ;'.t;,i .,    tiie commit
ii*..,,.i ihfll  the iwtt cowl o-f produc |
tion of lumbei  exceeded 113.f>0     pel
laiiii-'.imi : i*t ■   Im he a■•' are thai I b
l iini,. i   i    lieing dump  I  Into Onnu lu i
lire,r, ■• **n.i    Sgt  Laying Contest,!
i'   aUBpteei of   the British   Reguial:
■ mi:*,*   Aenociation,   Van-'
couver     Board   and    the   Provincial
Pll   • .*, ,,r 1,   I lei      -Uth   tu
•■■ imgbom
Hen ..
Pi a   ■ I
Pen   10
' '
i* i-   10
! .   ,   .  :        I        *..        *
Pen u'i —Barred iv.ek
i'ine<l   HoekH
Bufl '" iai'.- iton
1*1 ■.ml   yet
i    Ben tetnperatui
*     * i*i'M3
•r re,   '■'• 10 deg
i    Avei **.''■ recel   <l f* r   i:f,i
per dozen  Rata toll on   • ■*
SU inches ol   snow (ell on   be    •* i
November, „nil twelve mehen oti Nov.
I2tb.   The iveiL'iii  of   mow mi    wire
netting  can *-i  the snpporU to nice
in i     mm ii damage  *a.,h done
Th ii ■   vci m in, easel ol (rost I in
Heveral I'enn, notably pens f, 111,22
LODGE,   No.
and A.  M.
meetings are held
A A.  F
ONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each montb
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W.  B.   ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
SELKIRK      LODOE   12,   1.  O.   0.  F.
Meets every     Thursday evening   in
Selkirk  Hall  at 8 o'clock.     Visiting
brethren  cordially invited.
.1.  B.  HOOLEY,  N. U.
.IAS.   MATHIE,   Secretary.
i...   I
d*l  .
* i*,ii
MT.      BKCBIE,    No.  Mbl.
OF I. 0. F.
Meets in  I. O   O.  F.  Hall  next   to
Tapping's  Opera  House  every  soeond
soil  fourth   Monday  iu  month.   Visit
■ in brethren  cordially  welcomed.
<;.  W.  BELL, C.  11.
WM.   H.   CAMERON,   Hec.-Bec
Mil.I) CAN',B LODOB,      K. of    P..
NO.   Vi.   RKVK1.HTOKE,   11.   0,
Meets  every   Wednesday  except    thf
Third  W*dn>.*day ol ttoh  month      in
Oddfellows'   Hall at  8  o'clock.   Visit
| ing Knights  nre cordially  Invltod.
.1.   Y.   SIMPSON,  C.  0.
0.  H.  BROOK,  K.  ol II. A H.
M. ol V.
Storm Doors and  Windows
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The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
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I'lioue No   „'M
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millions of feet iit ' 25, 11, 2-9   in
f*::n    e.iitiHiHi , : Imma-
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rcl ibt« Pretn h ndni.it >r: never Inlh. TbeM
piii nre rjteetdlngh bowerlul in r-ciiintlnar ita
Kcuoralivo puitlnn tnihe lefnuliitilwili H('in«
nil rttp.tp Imltatloni »r. rl* T«n'e nre Bold nt
*f(,i hns, "r lliTfo lur 111. Mutlrri lo nnv «'l lrr«-".
The nrsbrtll lum Co.. St. Cathftrtnee, Onu
UNDER .UM'R'KS ni' 1'IKI! hricadp: Nil I
Rcfitshmcnls Served ul Midnight
prizes given rot the Best Lady's, Gentleman's and Coinlc Costumes
_ lor 1'iirliiultirs A|*piy lo S. Needham (heil or Thos. Sited sec.
« WKIINKSDAV,  DEO.  Ctli,  lllll.
WEDNESD \Y.  DEC, Mb,  1911.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $3,000,000
With its large -number of branches, agents and correspondents, Tbe
Canadian Hank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
thc world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
A .'.JO
Cheques and drafts on (ill countries of llic world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
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Boot and Shoe Repairers,
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Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - -    $4 600,000
Has 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohos.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, 6. C. Branch, W. K. PRATT Manager.
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Ihe leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers ard Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
riME   AND    TIDE
Wait for no man or woman. Don't get
Old Ontario tie Home ol tiie
Industrious Honey-MakEr
There ure more than live thousand
beekeepers in Ontario, keeping nt
least ono hun-dred thousand hives ot
hues, baid Mr. Morley Pitt, provin -
rial apiarist of Ontario, speaking on
"Beekeeping for Women" belore Women's institute. Many ol theBe are
placed near kitchen doors, where th*.'
women at work cun "have an eye out
lor swarms." This is oltea u matter
ol convenience for the men who aro
interested in the bees, hut in many
rases the women do practically nil the
work of the apiary. So the question
is settled right on thc start that women can and Ho keep bees.
But why do they do it? It may Ive
for thc honey. That is H fit and
legitimate reason, for honey in u
wholesome and delicious addition to
thc family table.
lt. muy he lor the money. That also Ih a legitimate and lit reason. A
few hives of bees given a Utile attention at the right time will give their
owner five dollars* or so each per annum almost anywhere in Ontario. By
making bees ft specialty men and women all over America are
comfortable incomes. Plenty of women
nre wearing thrmselves out in offices
and schools who might make as much
money nnd more health anil happiness
in their own apiaries with a small
outlay of I'apital and somo eipcr -
Bees can lie bought in modern hives
nt prices varying from $2 to $10 per
hive (or colonyj. An apiary of one
hundred colonies well equipped with
all modern appliances will not
more than  $1,00(1,  usually lessf
throw in :, qiiMiil ty ol practical advice, and be a most helpful Mend lor
r   ,*;   in*.*   In   futuie  il'idiculUes.
The host time to begin is in May,
when onalhas the summer ahead, and
if through inexperience the hoes are
killed hy the following winter, one
will have bid at least one season's
experience. For that same season it is
best to start with only a few, then
the various loses incident to inexperience arc  n.l  so great
There are a great many kinds of
hives in ime, hut the l.angstroth
standard in Ontario, and beginners
will for many reasons do well to adopt the ten-frame or twelve-frame
size ot this hive. The bees should he.
Italians and free from disease. The
latter point is most important. Iu
ease of any doubt, thc local inspector ol apiarirs should he called. His
services can be secured by writing to
the minister of agriculture, parliament buildings, Toronto.
The following is u gooil beginner's
out (It—One colony of bees, preferably
Italian, in teii-fianie Imngstroth hive
complete with qtteoii excluder, extracting super same sine aB brood chamber, and cove.r. Three extra hives,
same pattern, with wire anil medium
hei.od foundation, sufficient to fill thc
frames; one spur wheel wire embeil-
iler; one bee smoker ot standard
nmke, none but the best is satislact-
maktag ory; one |,ec Vell of black netting;
one hive tool; one bee brush; membership in Ontario Beekeepers' association; a good bee book, a year's
snlscription to a he* journal.
This outfit is for    extracted honey,
an I is not usually recommended    to
lie.inners  because  of  the expense    ol
nn extractor,  hut a machine is    not
needed on the start.   The point Is, it
requires  lar less skill to get bees to
'store honey in    tha large extracting
cost' combs      than in the      small sections.
One ; very well,  once the honey is in     tha
frames, it   is  quit
mil rivalled    hy  tli'in  this  year    with
Hi-ir Buberb assemblage of illustrated hooks anl l.oy books! We can
only     s n.Ie    out    a   few:—"Father
Tucks'     New  Annual, I'he  Ohild-
ren's Shakespeare,.' hy Nesbitt, with
a foreword hy Ur. P.J. Fttrnivall,
"New Children's Stories from Dickens" and "Mother Goose Stories,"
etc. Tlicir calendars, Ohrlstmas and
New Year's cards, private grcoting
cards anil toy novelties, are not
eubnlled by any manufacturer in the
is world in their lines. Their address is
9-1*7 St, Antoino street, Montreal,
and a request will bring uny inform-
.'ition  you  may  deaire.
such apiary s-hotild st at least $5O0 i,,,^*, frames, it is quite as easy to
per annum profits. A specialist can j mi jt ullt and serve on tbe table as
profitably manage three or four such j tlmugh it were in the small sections,
apiaries with very little assistance, if whicb are so objectionable to the
full preparation is made in winter for i {,w8> When sufficient is being pro-
thc summer's work. Where help is duced io make selling necessary, the
hired,   the  number of colonies    which  outlay  for  an extractor is a small ad
McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
may he kept is only limited by the
apiarist's ability to direct the labor
of others.
Thc bee territory of Ontario is hy
no means fully occupied. One apiary
of oae hundred colonies, in a region
where some sei-d alsike is grown, averaged in 1903 eighty pounds of white,
extracted honey per colony, and was
increased to one hundred and thirty
colonics. That was by uo moans a
large crop. The seed close to thc
aPiary was a splendid yield, while one
and a half miles away it wus uot
worth thresh'nr, showing that th?
bees have not louiul it necessary to
go that far for honey, und the fertilization ol those blossoms has heen
neglected. With due respect* to already established apiaries there ' is
plenty of territory where fruit and
seed growers are sulTcring heavy loss
for lack of bees to fertilize their bloi
soms. and where thousands of -dollars worth ot honey is wasted annually for lack of bees to gather it.
The market for honey is only in its
in'ancy. This daintiest of foods is
practically unknown in most Canadian homes, lt is almost never advertised. At present it does not need j enough,
to he. It is picked up so rapidly at The problem of swarm contral is
good paying prices that th? market -discussed quite fully In a bulletin on
isusunlly hare before new honey Com-1 the subject published nt thc Agricul-
es. If Ontario farmers and thsir, tural college. Ktittice it to say hero
wives and daughters were keeping en-! tint it is quite possible to prevent
otlgh bees to save the hi ney that | tli' trouble and worry o! natural
now goes to Waste, a bit of judicious ! swarming entirely, without losing
advertising would so increase tho any on thc honey crop, and whatever
consumption that the price would ; increase is desired can he made tirti-
not need to be lowered, and tho mar fislally with far less trouble than the
ket would be even more uniformly old vexatious process of climbing
healthy thnn nt present. j trees after swarms.
dit onal expense. But some prefer to
pn duce section honey. Some people
also prefer to fly or motor or cycle,
but  they   usually  learn to walk  tirst.
A good location for the apiary is
the orchard on account oi the shade,
but the progressive farmers cultivate
their orchards uow, it may be neces -
i- iry to choose some other spot where
th- hives will get shade in tbe hottest
part of thc day. Them should be a
southerly slope, if any, and good pro
tectlon from cold windB.
After disease, the main difficulties
ol beekeepinp are wintering and
swarm control.
The requisites Ior good wintering
are. firstf a good queen and plenty of
hoes in the hive, and plenty ol good
.-tores. Thtn tho hive must be put
into a dark dry room, in the cellar,
wh-re it can be kept uniformly at a
temperature of about 12-45- degrees,
in 1 have plenty of ventilation. Or
else it must he warmly packed out
of doors on its summer stand, where
it will he sheltered from cold winds.
Tho entrance must Iw left open always, so the bees will get air, and be
able to Hy out whenever it gets warm
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Many people keep bees purefy for
thc love of It. There ls something
fascinating about the inhabitants of
a hive. They are so active and alert
as they come and go and tbe spice of
danger gives zest to a desire for a
closer acquaintance.      Just    pause, if
Space will only allow here a few
hints on the profit and pleasure to be
derived by women keeping bees. Those
who are interested can obtain fuller
information on any special point, or
can have their names placed on the
lulling  list for tho bulletins and lit-
you will, in front of tha entrance und ; eraturc published on the subject from
see the quick little run with which time to time by writing to Morley
one of  the  guards will  come  to   the   Petit,     provincial    apiarist,   Ontario
front to see who goes there. Then another and another will follow and you
are soon Invited to move on, with a
suggestion thnt force will be used if
necessary. What can they have in
that box which is so precious that
tbey will guard it with their lives.'
lie ng initlatod to the wonders of the
Interior does not lesson the Interest.
Indeed the mysteries increase with
experience, and the usual result of
studying bees is a case of what the
fraternity calls "Bee fever." Few
who hnve onee kept bees are ever
quite content without them. Then
the duties of bhe apiary arc so pleas
ant, always in the "great out-of-
doors" except when the weather iB
such that it is pleusnnter to be inside, when the inside preparation
work    claims     attention.   The  work
Agricultural   college,
Guelph,  Canada
GUNS.—A Drenching Bit Is lined for
giving a horse a dose, HtB on the
horae like a bridle, thc bit being hollow with a hole on the Inner side,
through which the medicine runs Into tbe throat. The head Is pulled up
and the medicine poured into a funnel attached to the hit. at the cheek.
One man can drench nny horse with
this bit.
A Balling Gun is used for giving a
Ball without putting the hand In the
mouth. Kvery bottle or package has
i-omplcte instructions for Its iwe.
SPECIAL NOTICK-There ls absolutely no danger in giving over-doses
Is mostly clean and seldom heavy, ex   none of our  Internal  medicines  being
cept where  large  apiaries are run at, poisonous.   And     all external rented
hirli      pressure.   In   that case        tho
apiarist,  wh * n a women, hires a man
to ijo the heavy lifting.
Many   beekeepers   have   lret-n     made
by   the  bees  themselves coming    and
clustering  on *,   iree  nr hush  on  tbo
premises.    No cue could    reject    this
gift  of the  gods,   nr refuse  the little
viBitorn n home in a soap-box or nail
keg.    This   is   mii   excellent   and   in-x-
prnove   Way  to  beg-In,   but   on'    may
wait for years for It to happen.     Thc
next best  way is to  viatt a neighbor
beekeeper an.l   buy a swarm from   him
ies  may   be rubbed   ln  with the hand
unless  otherwise specified.
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1 went to the Islands of St. Pierre and
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Two Men Who Committed Robbery Captured by 1 Irate
Citiie. s at Ssdro-Woolley
llellingham, Wn., Dec. 4—In a pitch
i-d battle yesterday afternoon at Be-
dro Woolley, a small town south of
Bellinghnm, participated in by 500
citizens and two desperadoes, who
had held up and robbed a saloon, one
ol the badits was riddled with bul -
lets, aud will die, while the other was
captured after a desperate hand-to
hand tight. The bandits names arc
Walter Foote and Fred JameR. As
soon as they found out they were sus
pectod, the highwaymen, followed by
a posse, had to run to the outskirts
of the town, where they barricadod
themselves behind logs at the foot of
an embankment and opened fire on
their pursuers. Rifles, shotguns and
sticks of dynamite were used with
which to dislodge the men. After
Foote had been shot into unconscious
ness and badly burned hy exploding
dynamite, his partner James, used
up his remaining ammunition and
then surrendered.
The citizens escaped without injury
James has confessed to a number of
Samaria Cured Him, and He Helps
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anlckly .top. coatfha,   rarei cold.,  heal.
I. throat aad lunds.       ...      39 casta. WEDNESDAY,  DEC. tub. 1911.
WEDNESDAY, DEO. Uli, 1911.
In the Matter ut an Application ioi
the issue ol a duplicate Certificate o.'
Title to Lot  Hi, Block 21, being part
i*:'  Section  27  .iml *14,     Township 23,,
Range 2,  w<-.-t   ol  the  6th  Meridian, ■
Towr ol Revelstoke, Map ti3GA.
Notice le berebj given that lt is my,
intention  to  issue  at  the   expiruiiou
,.f one month alter the first publication  hereof     a duplicate of the Certilicate  of  Title  to  the  above    men- '■
t.ontsl lot   In   rbe  name of  Fredericka |
Tieile,  which   Certificate is  dated the'
16th day ol October, 1906, and num-jopder Cttncc.1Hng  ulld  annultag     and
bered  6164A. amending all that portion of map or
Dated  this  loth  day  ol  November,' plan t;49A,  Illock A, Hevelstoke,    de-
In the County Court of Wost Kootenay, liolilen at Revelstoke, in the
Matter ot the "l'lmis Cancellation
Ai't,"  1900,
In the Matter of John  Andrew Mala
to cancel I'lan  U49A filed lu the hand
Registry Office at  ibe City of Nelson, B.C.
To All Whom it May  Concern,
Notice is    hereby    given    that   the
petition ol John Andrew  Mara dated
the 28th duy of October,  l'Jll, for an
1911,  Nelson  B.C.
3 \.\ll. Kl. R,  ROE,
District Registrar.
Land District,
ul Yi eel Kootena; .
.   •        tice  that  1,  John A. Stone
:  Revelstoke,  British  Columbia, oc
scribed as follows:
Commencing at a point opposite to
the West side ol Kootenay street aud
the .South side ol Douglas street, and
running along tho .South side lit) feot
i Douglas street 492.32 loot to a
pust south ol thc centre ui Block 111
r:.'iu 649, thenco lu a southerly direction 186.48 feet to a post on the
hank of tbe Columbia Hi ver, thence
.a a westerly    course 521  feet,  theuce
But the Fight is Only Beginning Says the National
[rector's Association—Chronologica! History
of Los Angeles Times Dynamite Case
Namiiru, and a few  years for John J.   their     counsel,  hold  that the McNa-'
The   indict inenls   against   John     Jf   maras  and their  attorneys  saw     tha
Iui*  complicity   in the  Times disaster,   handwriting on the  wall  and became
d    on  convinced that  a much -better solution   first day  ol Decomber  next,  upplica-
itll  concerned  could  be      reached   tion     will    be mado  to  tho Superin-
Notice is hereby given  that, on the
.11.   it   is  expected, be  ipiashe
notion ol the district attorney next  for
Tuesday, as it. is sad John J. lumsclt
lid Dot direct the blowing up ol the
j Tillies, while h*,, has pleaded guilty
to the charge of hftvlng caused the
Llewellyn Iron Works explosion, in
which ho lives were lost. Thc minimum sentence for this oflonce, according to statute, is one year, and
ttoare  is  no  maximum  penalty  lixed.
by I, mutual agreement ut this juncture.
of tho three l-os Angeles morning
papers, one, the Tribune, stated that
the application of the principles ol
thi> Golden Rule was responsible for
the change In the plea ol the McNa-
niaras. The business men who
brought pressure to     hear on     both
I n.ler  the  same section  of the  penal  sides, it says, realised   that if  one side
cupation  hotel-keeper,  intend  to    ap- j Northerly  1411 leet to the South Kast
ply  lor  permission  to  purchase    the'1'1'?  boundary ol     Canadian    Pacilic
lescribed  lands. Railway     Company  parcel 5,  thence
C mmencing il i posl planted at Masterly 67 teet to the Easterly end
North Wesl Corner ot land ap- °i Canadian I'acilic Railway Cum
. : foi to I..* purchased by W. B. : '"'">' l""'ccl ''• thjlice in a Northerly
Hoi ■crt,.,i: ..nl Marked "John A. \ direotion along ths east m.I ol Can-
Btone'8 S.W. Corner," thence north adi<"> ''"'i''0 Hallway Company par-
forty chains, thence east forty chains cel ■'■ 4,U7 k'et. throce Northerly 20
thence I      forty  cha:n .   th nee   ""•  lu the     point of commencement
-■     forty  chains  to  the  point    of!"11  Douglas street,  will be heard  be-
commehcement     and containing    one
and  sixty acres more     t
Dated   17th   October,   l'Jll.
I'er   James  A.   Shields,   Agent.
Noti •   is hereby given that at the
ition      ol one month from    the
first     publication hereof, the    Revel-
cultural    Society.  Limited.
intend to apply  to  lhe  Registrar    oi
mpanies to change the
■  .:*.* i.mpany  to  "Western
ation,  Limited."
Dated tbis  l "th day of    November,
1911. N.18.DH8.
tary   of  said  Company.
Laud District.
trict ol West Kootenay.
rake notice that I Edward  Itussell
iii, ot Nakusp, B. C, occupation
coutiactor,  inteuds  lo apply lor per-
miss.ou lo purchase the following ile-
*.'d  lands:
Commencing at ,,  i".,st planted    40
chain.- so Ith of N.  K. Corner ol T.L.
41274,  thence  soutb  SO chains, tbence
east  abo It 20 chaius, to Arrow Lake
tbence  mirth  along  Lake  about      SO
US,  tiici.ee west ahout 2 chains to
pour, ol commencement,     containing
.•     it  100 acres,  more or less.
Datod S. ptember 13, 1911.
t. 23—Nov. 22.
fore Ilis Honor Judge Korin at the
Court House in the City of Kevelstoke, British Columbia, on Thursday the 7th day of December, A.D.,
191*1, at the hour of 10:811 o'clock iu
the fore-noon or so soon thereafter
as tbe application call be heard.
Hated at Revelstoke, B.C., this loth
November, A.D., 1911.
Solicitor toi   Johu Andrew Mara
In lhc Matter of the Estate of Louis
Sodermau, deceased.
Noiico   is    hereby     given   that all
creditors  aud   others   having    claims
against    the    Estate  of    Louis  Sod-
ennan,  late of     Arrowhead,    1).    C,
deceased,  who died at Arrowhead,  B.
t'.,  ou or about the 'Jtb day ol July,
1911,   are   requested   to send   to   the
i.n lerslgned,      Solicitors  for   August
icrson and  Herman  Carlson,     Executors     of the last Will  of sa.d de-
L-.asctl,     within   K)    days trom date,
lull   particulars  of  their  claims, duly
verified, and that alter that date thc
said Executors    will proceed to    dis-
tr.bute the said estate amongst those
entitled   thereto,   regard   being      had
only to those claims which the said
Executors    shall   have then  received
Dated November 15th,  1911.
Harvey, MeCarter and Pnkham
Solicitors  for   August   Peterson    and
Herman    Carlson,   Executors ol
the Last Will  of Deeensed.    liOd
Land   District.
■ ■   st  Kootenay.
Take that    I,       Fredrick
I, ol Nakusp,    B.    C,
reman,     Intends to ap-
[-mission  to    purchase the
.   ed   lands:
C mmen   nj  at a post planted 120
cha.;-- south     :  N.  E.  Corner ol T.L
South  "i chains,  ihence
* bains  to Arrow  Lake
liotig  Lake  about    hu
ies!   about   2U  chains
immencement, contain -
.ug acres more or less.
T'-it. I Septembei   13, 1911.
E.U.  Vipond,  Ageut.
LlyUUR ACT. 1910.
Notice is hereby given tbat, on tue
fcrat December next, ,.,,
tloD      will    i*«  tn.,.le  tu  the  Bu|
ti .a    ':     I rovindol   Police    Ioi
renewal    ol  the    hotel license t,   .    i
. .   by  retai'.  Id  the  hotel  known
tho Bt. 1,4'on hotel, h.tuate at St
' .       .n ths    Province of     Hi Itisb
:   -   1Mb    l..y  ol  S-yte id.tr.
August 7, llllll— M. hi. Smith, under
under the name ol J. B. Bryco, registers at the Hotel Chapman, Los
Angeles, Irom Seattle. He remains
in thc city until August ISth.
September U—Smith registers at the
Hotel Argonaut, San Francisco,
(inm Chicago. He had simply moved from lu*. lodgings at 2410 Mission street.
September 18- -F. A. Perry joins
Smith at the Argonaut, registering
Irom San Francisco. He had been
living at. 3660A Twentieth street at
the home of Mrs. 1). 11. Ingersoll,
within a block ot where Smith had
lived  in   Mission  street.
September 19—Smith, under the
name of Bryce, with Perry, make
arrangements to charter the launch
Pastime from Douglas A. Burrows,
in Oakland. On the same day, A.
J. llryson, believed to be Perry,
began negotiations with the Giant
Powder Company in San Francisco
to purchase dynamite.
September 20—Smith and Perry deposit $500 with E. H. Baxter, part,
owner of the launch  Pastime,  say -
iag  thev  are  going  to make a tour     , ,
out  now
of the bay. Tbey answered the descriptions ot the men who gave the
names of Bryson and Morris at thc
Giant Powder offices in San Francisco.
September 21—Launch Pastime arrives at Saiisalito, and the two
men dine at the Hotel Miramar.
September 22—William Morris calls
at the Giant Powder Company's of
lice iu the Kohl building and enquires about the delivery ot the
dynamite arranged for by A. J.
llryson. Later a man giving the
name ui .1. B. Leonard telephoned
the company that the launch Peerless would call for the dynamite at
the  factory  at  Giant.   The     same
Tho  police  lind   W.P.   Lawson,  who
lived in Grove street with Oaplan.
Lawson admits   anarchistic tendencies and his wi'u was  raised among
anarchists   in   New   York.   Huth   are
friends   of   Emma   Goldman.      Cap-
bin is found to have    disappeared,
(1'i'Mi rting his  wife and children.
October 25—Special grand jury sworn
at Los Angeles and taking Ol testimony  begins.
January  5,   1911—Twenty three  indict,
meuts returned  by grand jury, placed  on     secret,  liie  and  bench  war -
rants  issueif.
April   12—Ortle  McManig.tl  anil  .1.   II
McNamara arrested  in Detroit and
taken  to  Chicago.
April  2'i—John  J. McNamara  arrested in Indianapolis.
October II—J.B. McNamara placed on
(rial  in  Los  Angeles. V
December   1—J.    B.   .McNamara  pleads
to murder in blowing up the Times
and      John    J.    McNamara  pleads
guilty   to   dynamiting   the   Llewellyn Tron Works in Los Angeles.
New  York,  Doc.  2.—"The  fight  has
only just  begun.   This  is  only     the
first chapter.   What  wc  want to  find
who were  the  men     behind   the   McNamaras,   and   this      we
purpose doing."
This statement was made today by
Walter Drew, chief counsel for the
National Erector's Association, which
employed William .1. Hums and his
detectives to investigate the Los
Angeles Times case.
Los Angeles, Dec. 2.—Tint othor
persons implicated in dynamite conspiracies elsewhere may I ** arrested
in San Francisco and Indianapolis
and that the McNamaras may be
called to testify was reported early
The confessions ot the two brothers
were received with much interest in
labor  circles  and   thc   Ctntral   Labor
code, Ortie Mr.Mnnignl will be
Bisntenced'as he is expected to plead
iiiilty lo a similar indictment. for
having wracked the plant of the
Llewellyn  Iron  Works.
The total cost of the trial to tha
state thus tar Is estimated to be close
to $21111,11110, and the abrupt ending of
it is calculated to save tho country
marly $1,000,000.
!     It  was  reported      today    thai     the
compromise did not extend to the
abandonment ol the bribery charges
n gain st. Bert H, Franklin.  "It is our
conceded a little and the other did
the same and ll the spirit of revenge
woro swept aside and the spirit of
charity applied, a bitter light would
eiiine to an end.
The Tribune gives Lincoln Steffaiis,
a magazine writer, the credit of having Induced the business men ol the
city to suggest the compromise.
I The Los Angeles Examiner announced that the McNamaras defence
crumbled as a result ol the arrest of
Franklin, while the Los Angeles
Times, tho newspaper     whose     plant
duty to prosecute this case," declared   WilK  destroyed, spread  across its front.
District  Attorney  Fredericks today.    Page the     statement tbgt the McNu-
The  McNamaras  passed  the     night   maras  were  forced  to confess through
wi b a heavy guard at their
• loirs. Five armed men were
li a ,1   near  tbeni as tbey  slept.
day aluminum letters spelling Peer-  rjouncn  [SBUed n statement declaring
less  in .duplicate     were    purchased   its,,H   agui.n8t  lawlessness   and   disor-
liom   the  Moise-Kliukner  Company.   ,,,.,. of auy kin(1
by  men answering the descriptions      ,.Th(,  central  Labor  Council,"     it
says, "stands for tlu uplift ol society. Wh.n the McNamaras were arrested and illegally deported from
Indianapolis to Los Angeles, organized labor    believed  that it was
extra force patrolled the street outside the jail, ainl no one was permlt-
t.'l  to loiter  in  the  vicinity.
This morning lbe brothers were
In sv. Telegrams of various kinds began to pour in from friends expressing sympathy. Many declared thnt
th ■ McNamara's had ollered them -
i '! ves as martyrs.
1 The McNamaras maintained Iheir
cheerfulness. Their calmness at tho
moment of their confession had not
•be-in forgotten by a startled public.
Those who were present at the scene
Observed a flush on the otherwise
pallid face of James 11., while the
ruddy countenance of John J. was
unchanged. The prisoners told the
jnibrs that they were glad thc ordeal
was over. A formal statement by
th-m was  taken during  the day.       G
I The alarm clock device, with its
fulminating cap touching oft the nitro
glycerine bomb, ia accepted by the defence as the method by which James
B. McNamara destroyed the Times,
bul Attorney Dnrrow insists that the
amount ol explosive in the bomb
Could not have caused the wreck entirely. The bomb exploded and gas
was ignited, he says. Then the lire
at* up what the explosives had not
demolished. This Is Attorney Daring's  explanation  and   it.  is  believed
■ J times     B. cannot     throw any moro
absolute proof, and likewise dwelt at
length on tbe theory that, the Franklin arrest was "too much for the defence."
It was a happy coterie of ten men
—comprising eight sworn jurors nnd
two talesmen passed tor cause— who
spent today at their homes, relieved
from serving on the McNamaras jury
tendent of Provincial l'olice for
renewal of tho hotel license to sell
Liquor by retail In the hotel kuown
as tbo Glacier House, situat at Glacier, ln tho Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 28th dny ot September,
191.1. Sllds.
Canadian  Pacillc   Railway   Company,
Rovelstoke   Land  District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, William It.
Reid, of Arrowhead, IJ. 0., occupation, merchant, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted nt
Angus McKay's South Wost Corner.
Post, Lot 501, und running north 40
chains, thenco west 40 chains, thonce
smith 40 chains, thence east it)
chains to point of commYncemclit,
contuining  1U0  acres,  more or leBs.
Duted August :13rd,  1911.
Corporation of the City of
Notice Ro Severs
of Smith and Perry. The same aay
the owner ol the Hotel Miramar
at Sausalito notices that the Pns -
time's name has been changed to
Whereas under tbo "Locui Improvement Sewage Assessment By-law No.
IU0, 1907" provision wus mudo for
the construction of a system of sewers in the City ot Revolstoke, the
funds therefore to be provided by
special rate of frontage tax lovied
equally upon the land or real property  aud  portions of  same in  or  on
,.  , ., .    .   <<<<<<<<<<<<<_<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<. , or    fronting  or    abutting  upon    the
light on the subject, as be is sttppos- ,   , ..  . ,     ,
,      ' . ,,     ,     .    streets  and  lanes  immediutely  bene-
cd to have left town  immediately af-
September  2*1—Peerless leaves  Satisa-   violation of the [uw an<]  that,  under
Notice is hereby given th.it under
and pursuant to the powers ol    a al
contained in a certain Mortgage   flat
. 1  22ud  March,  1902,   made  by  I ho
les Turnross to Lucy Law and by her
a.-sigued  to  Patrick  Burns  hy  Ir.deu
tare duted 20th March, 1905, then
'Bered for sale bj   tender Lot 111",' .u
Group One,  Kootenay  District,  Bave
and except  10 acres thereof  compris-
ed  .u Certilicate ol Title No.  1105BA,
the  lands  oll-ered  for sale  contain n-
a.out    15u    acres    aud being Bituate
n ar Trout Lake City  in the District
of  West  Kootenay.
Tenders      addressed     to  the  under-
sl  tied  Solicitors  for  the   Mortgagee.
I'atrick Burns, will he received up to
,.:id including the 25th day ol
i er, 19U.
Terms ol sale cash.
Duted     this Jrd day ol November,
I'll, at Revelstoke, B.C.
ilurvey,  MeCarter and Pinkham,
Solicitors  for  Patrick  llurn.-.
lito at 8 a.m. Smith, with Perry
or Munis and a third man. load
tbe'dynamite aboard the Peerless
at  Giant.
September 24—Pastime pass tl steam
er Sonoma m  Ui:30 In the morning
and  anchored  ■■!!  Sixteenth  Btreet,
Smith San  Francisco,   She was no
tired by Capt.  Bui ns ol the launch
James N. Gllett, and John II.  Nei
son,     who  was  a.in.ir 1  the  t Hieti.
Thai    ifternoon   tht   Pastime     waa
seen ofl     Hunter's     Point, headed
towing a skill.   At r>    p. m.
the  Pastime  wa-  moored  in  11   i
• rl Btreet  wharl by a tall man ans-
lescrlptit ti  ol  the  man
■ce.] t  !.,r  'be dynamite, to
September .*    Th    i^-t.me left How
art -treet   wharf -ettirnt*.!
to Burrows res   and
the circumstances, a fair and impartial trial was impossible. On thc
theory i.f the innocence of all. until
proped guilty, it came to tba aid of
1 with moral and financial
help, rpoti tin* guilt of an accused
person being established, the Central
Labor Council Insists upon a rigid
enforcement of the law."
Startling as was  the  sudden confes-
.—: ■ -n  uf gully yesterday afternoon    of
•lohn J.  McNamara     secretary     and
irer   ol  the   International   Asso -
u     ol    Bridge and   Structural
I * ii     Workers,     and    bis     brother,
James  It    McNamara,    the    one     to
causing  the    Llewellyn  Iron     Works
-ion.   and   the   other    the      Los
. i.i        taster   that    cost
'       m tt  was   more   umaz-
I le ol Los Angeles to-
ter setting thc alarm clock bomb under the Times building the afternoon
preceding the explosion.
"I tell you, James B. never really
Intended to kill anybody," declared
Attorney Darrow, "but I'm not excusing him on that ground. 11 ■*, man
while committing burglary, thereby
overturns a lamp and that burns u
building and its occupants, he's responsible  for  all  of  it."
Asked as to when the compromise
was settled upon by both tlle McNam
ai us that they were to plead as they
•li I, Attorney Fredericks declared that
"it never was settled until it happened."
"Frankly, I didn't know that it was
really going to happen till the last
minute, though I hud every reason
to  expect  it,"  he  declared.
He added thut strong pressure was
brought to beur upon the detence iu
the last twenty-lour hours before the
confess., i He snid tbe prosecution
gave tbem the ultimatum that both
men   must  pleail  guilty.  The  brothers had
'*'      Land D.strict.
rict oi ViMst Kootenay.
rake notice tbat James A. Shields.
••! Itevelstoke, L,-it«,h Columbia,    oc
'   ;* i.  intends to   apply
'ur permission to purchase tbo follow
ing deMirii'ed lands.
Commencing at a punt planted al
tbe South We?t Comet ol Lot 2,12,
Group 1, West Kootenay l)i.-,ti,ct, B.
C, und marked "James A. Shields'
South Kast Corner Dost," thence
west about twenty chains more or
less to the south-east corner ol Lot
Ii7l2, Group 1, thence north 40 chains
thence east 20 chains more or less to
the north-west corner ot Lot 2773,
thenoe south 40 chains to point ot
commencement, and containing 80
acres more or less.
Dated  August 29th.   l'Jll.
Andrew  Kitsou,  Agent.
Navigable Waters Protection Act
K. S. C. Chap.  115.
S'otlce   ,.*i   hereby    given that the
Gi.jbona  Lumbei   Company.  Limited,
i., ne applied to the Minister ,A Pub-
I     Works lot   Canada 'or permission
onstru rial Tramway frnm
ninl on Tlmh i   i* irth    ;:n;,     over
i      Columbia Rivei   to connect  with
•    Idlng nf the     [levels oke and Arrowhead  Branch ol  the t anadian   Pa-
.  i   Railway  Company, und have dc-
pi sited   with   the  .-a, I      Minister      of
Public Works ropies of plans and description   of    site ol snrii   proposed
work,   and  have  aim,   deposited   with
tb ■ District Registrar  ol  Land Titles
!..[   Kootenay at Nelson,  B.C., duplicates of such plans ami description ol
Dated   November  23rd,   1911,
Macdonald,    Honeywell  -Jt   Graham,
Ottawa,   Ont.,      Agents for    G.  S.
MeCarter,   Itevelstoke,   II.  0.,   Solicitors  for   tbe   Applicants.   N.25   .Wil.
Shiloh's Cure
anlckly slop", coughs, cam cold;. h«*»l»
ie  uuiim and  lungs. ■   ■   ■  it cenw
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  day   to learn  that   big   busiiii-ssj^^^^
1  aUo*   " surrender In a a pretty  good idea oi eome ol
e''  i""np> ' -J'*     I' ■     th-at things known about them   and    this1
the  vessel.   An examin '  prominent       ui Dees m n **:  Los An- may  have  perhaps  helped  along  the!
launch  proved  that the name Past-   ,. Boence   to   bear revelation.    For  a  long  time  it    had1
• on  and  thc de - heen apparent to those      who     have I
•    "'• studied the case that Jumes B. cured
nly   licen   nearly Httto for  his  own  life    und      gladly
-  in    the    courts,    wniil.l *,,,,,! | h,-.*,   no to his death    if    by
»nd -i.,h  action   hi* c,uiil have cleared  his
bai '•' the citj - bi other.
Curiosity  over th*- startling end of
Tl" '"'■"    li    great  Oase is rife today.       How
-'"'l'' *idnsel Ioi the  defence  know
their  wlllingc-ess  lo yield,      for    the ,,)   tin*  guill   ,,f  tbe  defendants' When
time  had  been   c another
name   .
-, ,*t,*in;..*t* j. ,   Smith     i  Bryo
Perry arrive in  :
: -*.-.st. ; I lew   Bai
: tm,re .  Perry went   with
„ belli.,.*. ii* i-i i bapmeo
October l—T ill I d ■ blows
up sari)  ,n the in,lining.
' ittobet ii   Smith   and Per
ry  leave  Los   -ingeles.     Doth  went
*  -
home ■ '.   Mrs    Belle  Ls
Mm.  I.
William     M ri whirb   ■
same  Bmith   •, e  whi n be or l t -*1
the  dynamite
*    '*    cr   If,*
marked   '      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ui .i vacant bouse  it
i"'"!" m Uw hope that   .■ ,.  the compromise first broached?
tin *s -   •• .md tint     an  whatol   lie bribery charges that were
'"'  """*' mad midst   of   negotiations for
'-'""it   ol  the  trial'.'These were
•'"r "'     ' ..   were generally -pro
mt for all !...|.
''"", ' '■  M' '•"''■ " ' the d   trict attorney* <A-
tbe defendant
they     were
N'"""' '  •■•'      ■ • i ,,t   ,. ii ttfaeexplanation of
wnumee. f,,r th» accusing side with its i,ist, *     Utorney  Fredericks,
■li * I    ii luce 1   lhe    defence
lited by  the said workB.
And whereas the said By-law has
been acted upon by tbe construction
in part of the works therein provided
And whereas the Council deemB it
inadvisable to complete said works
as originally provided for and contemplated by said Byjlaw and have
determined to amend sai-d By-law an-d
to cause a readjustment ot assessments to be made upon tho lands or
real property and portions thereof
immediutely beiudited by the said
works so carried  out  in  part.
NOTICK  is  therefore  hereby    given
that n statement    showing   the  lands
or real property and portions thereof liable to and proposed to be specially      assessed  under  thc Baid  rcsd-
■ justment nnd the names ol the own-
I ers    thereof   so far as the sume can
be ascertained from the last revised
I assessment roll and otherwise is now
on llle in the Ollice of the City Clerk
and is open  for inspection during  ollico hours.
A sitting of the Court ol Revision
will be hild on the 12th duy of December, l'Jll, at the hour ol 8 o'clock
In tho atterno. n at the City CHall,
in the City of Revelstoke, to hear
und determine any complaints or appeals against the proposed readjusted assessments or accuracy of front-
a.'.e measurements or uny other complaint which tho persons interested
may desire to mnke nml which is by
law cognisable by the Court.
All notices ot uppeul shull bo served on the Clerk of the Munlcipul
Council nt least eight days prior to
such Court ol Revision.
Dated the 17th dny ol November,
l'Jll. t.d.
Oity Clerk.
Broadview  (Fractional) L.   H. un
Indiana Mineral  Claims,  situate      iu
the  Trout  Lako  Mining  Division    ol
West Kootenuy District.
Where located:—On Greut Northern
TAKE NOTICE thut I, 0. B. N.
Wilkie, ucting us ttgont for the Ohio
Mines Development Co., Limited,
Free Miner's CertiUcuto Numnber
B25597, intend, Bixty days from
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder lor u Certilicate ot Ini-
provemeutB, lor the purpose of ob-
tuluing u Crown Grant ot the above
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must he commenced
belore thc Issuance ol such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this 17th day ol August,
0.  B.  N. WILKIE,
Trout Lake. B. C.
Hevelstoke  Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice that I, 11. Heilron, ot
Arrowhead, B. C, occupation Lineman, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at u post planted
about the south wesl corner of Alex.
J. McDoncll's application to purchase, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 10 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence cast -10 chainB along
lake shore to poiut ot comm'.'ncemcnt
containing 320 acres more or less.
I'er W.F. Ogilive, Agent
Datiil this 28th day ol November,
l'Jll, lirst issueDec2.
J.B   Bryson"     are found
th avenue • olt|   On
ih     Identified   ,    pari  nl the     pui
i  made at  Oiaflt   •'■   th ■ dyna
mite       peel       * *■ *   I   ci Ptto       ■'   m
,,' the men who I *"k  the i,Pft„ PX!J!
he   leclared, "ihut Is some
thing which tl,e> alunc can explain."
Many     members ol the district  at
■'., IT.   however,   were   ,,l    thc
op n mi    iimi ti.*  defence   be i been
to   In v  down   its  in ms  ,ih a result,  not   only ol  tbe svidenoe  wbioh
ihere nt tb *  iesci pl Ions ol 'i"1 men
who purcbasi d the ds n imlte
October it   Tbe tarpaulin   In     winch
the dvn imii tppi d  is Iden
tified  hy  the maker  a.-  one s-,1,1   tn
n mnn giving lh * name ol WtHiam
I'apps, and ins address  i.'ii.r, Qrove
street.     W.P,   Lawson   and   D.   Cap
Ian had Just mnvdl trom  that    ad
Ol I* I.'i   lx   Mis.      Belle    l.avln,      Iii
whose boose Smith lived, i   arrosl
ed   on   an      Inform.ilinri    m.il   Ircltff   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
warrant  charging  muniei   and     is  noi tilth toi   uu    ■ ,'**n  today in this     On  lb* other band Ih se who par
lakcii to Los AngelcH to appeal  .i ■   connection, bill   it Is  known he favors   tlclpatcd In   the   movement   to  intlu-
ii witness before tbc coroner's Jury, | Hie Imprii men!  (or Jams 8, Mr   row ths iifrodanti to yield through
who * , the   I ite inn because
■   ; .  tbe 'ii'"!  which ,, oonvtcUon
ire     i. mi'   red.     i , ■ .   , „      migbi
I with   re/ard  to lut, physical   weltar-fl Is   h;i,.     „   , |, .   , i,,,,,,.,.,,   ,,f   tin*      Mc
NumariiH.   Thnl   the   Fianklin  Incident
Ion   I   it.,   acceptance  ,,;  bhe     com
|,i <*i.*i     I*    I.V   the    ilcleli I,.i.l  :    th   IIIHclvcs
11 believed In many (juai ben
We had s rery strong oase wbioh
every way yotl  looked  nt It,"said A-
Attorney   0, Hay
sal l tn ha'.*.*  arsaksnsd his heart
i'i   nounci in nt *,:
ii the ban li ot *iudge W iHei Bord
well. The dlsti M' at toi M, I tn make
recommendations,    and     usually   they
are accepted,  bul the court, is hy no
means  bouod  to impoM  tbt     ni nt ■ nlTtnut   District
.   . mDmi      Dei,••• Bordwetl    woul i  Horton,
Rovelstoke Land District.
District   of West Kootenuy.
Take notice that I, B. R. Reynolds
ol Hiii Istoke, II. C, occupation,
1 lerk, intend to upply (or permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a  post  planted    at
the South Wesl Oorner ol Lot 7818,
.uni mulled li. it. Reynolds North
Wi t  Corner  Post, thenco cast     80
chains to Ihe South West Corner of
T L. i<l b<, tbenee south about 4U0
Let to tbe North East Corner of
Lot 7(14,1, tbence along lino of Lot
7043 forty chnins, - west 40 chains
iouth and 20 chnins west to line ol
Lot 2112, thence along line ol lot
2112 10 rhaiiis north and 20 chains
north and 20 chains west to the
North West Corner, thence north
about MO feet to the place of commencement, containing K0 acres,
more or less.
Dated September 25th, 1911.
I: •'..*;.* inl.c Laud District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Tuke notice that I, Alex. J. McDonell, of Itevelstoke, B.C., occupation Hot:»l Proprietor, intend to apply for permission to purobase tho
following  described  lauds.
Commencing at u post planted near
lh- north west post of Lot 7952, east
ol Cape Horn, near the south weBt
corner of T. L. 43498, thence north
80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thenco south 80 ehains, thence cast
80 chains, along lake shore to point
of commencement, containing 040
acres moro or Icsb.
Per W.F. Ogilive, Agent
Dated this 28th dny of November,
DHL lirst issue Dec. 2nd.
Revelstoko Land District.
Distiict  of West  Kootenuy.
Take notice that I, Ralph Parker,
of Revelstoke, 11. C, occupation hotel
clerk, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at g post planted near
H. HeUron's south-west corner, being
the southeast point of Richaid I'cr-
kir'-i land, ttunoc cast 10 chains,
th nre north 20 chains, thence west
in chains, thence south 20 chains,
along lake shore to point of com-
nrnccment, containing forty acres,
moro or less.
Dated this 28th day of November,
Dec.2, Dor  W.F.   Ogillyc,   Agent.
Rovelstoke Land District.
District of  West Kootenay,
Take uotice that I, Hugo Koch, ol
Vancouver, B.C., occupation, traveler
intend to apply lor permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
al out three-quarters of a mile nortll
of Lot 8f,0 on Arrow Lukes running
wvst 80 ehuins, thence north 40 chnins
thenoe east >0 chains, thence south
41 chains, along thc Lake shore to
point of commencement and contaln-
imr three hundred anil twenty acres,
moro or less.
Dated Novemhcr 4th, 1911.
N.18J.13 Per W. Ogilive Agent WEDNESDAY,  DEC.  lilb, 1911.
WEDNESDAY,   DEC.   6th,  1911.
m   • 11 'iTirinntiMirimri ■
32 Colored Pajei
2000 llluitrationi ol
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+%> Dry Goods Department A,        Men's Furnishing Department
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packages and ugly. Our Huntly & Palmer
Biscuits are neither middling nor poor, but
absolutely superior to anything on the market
todav. Thai is saying a lot, but we can prove
we are light by sending you a small order.
The Home of the Little People
is now being lixed up with some of the dainties! and preltiesl packages of Xmas Chocolate.',
in lhe cily. Xuls, Candies and Crackers
adorn our shelves. Come before they all go.
We will put anything you desire away until
\ nu wanl it sent home.
A line of Fancy Knitted Ties especially put up
for the Xmas trade.     Each tie   in   a   separate
hollv   box.     Over   one    hundred    patterns  to
choose from and no two alike.
  Prices, 75c Each
Atkinson's Irish Poplin Ties
See our table oi new Brass Goods. Some
of the latest designs and patterns. Tea Kettles in three sizes. Trays, Jardineres, Teapots,
Fern Pots, Baskets, Candle Sticks and Vases.
Remember we carry China and Crockery. See
Our stock of Royal Crown Derby, Moorcroft
China, Royal Doulton, Japanese sets, Cups
and Saucers, Cut Class and Glassware.
See our large assortment of
Water and Wine Sets. You
will need one for Christmas.
Tea and Dinner Sets
Do you stop to think that the Xmas season will
soon be here. Have you thought of the friends
you will be giving gifts to. Just come in and look
at the large and elegant assortment of fancy china
and crockery.
TEA SETS—A dainty and high class bargain
in four different patterns of 40 pieces at
$6.O0 Each
DINNER SETS   Some of the best we  have ]
ever shown—97-piece Dinner Sets in blue and green
patterns at
$10.00 Per Set
« WEDNESDAY,  DEC.  6th,  l'Jll.
WEDNESDAY, DEC. Cth, 1911.
Sale of cTWillinery-
Our determination not to carry over any of this
Season's Hats. All Hats selling at prices to clear.
Regular, $12, Sale Price, $6;   Reg. $8;  Now $4.
Men's Coats
Oi)\i- .i few of these Heavy Winter Coats
left Good \aluc at $19 and $i /. To clear at
the low price of
Sale Price on Misses' Winter Coats, all
ilus season's goods. Must clear out at Sale
Men's Suits
In Fine, Fashionable Tweeds. This is a
value that should not bc overlooked by any
man wanting a suit.
Call in and see the bargains lhat we have
in store for you al ihis Sale. We are sure
you will go away well satisfied.
l.KKKAi \      Vancouver    an.l    Coast j
S'evt  moving pictures at the Bdison
•  n.^ht.
\ E, Kincaid returned yesterday
Ii >m  tne coast,
Retnembei Manning's tor ynur limn?
*   candy.
Mr. and Mim. inslie are ripen ili tic a
', k   laya  in the city.
Another shipment ol Christie's tiu-
■ -:  biscuits at Mclntyre's.
w llianison of Notch  Hill paid |
Rovelstoke .1  i;sit  ,,n Monday last.
Mo.in.' pictures at tlie Edison tonight.
Christmas    presents a specialty  at J
the   Bazaar  Tuesday  and  Wednesday,
atternoon aaJ eveniug.
Manning wishes you to particularly
note the cheap price ol his toys this
year. i
Un and niier Monday next, the
Star theatre will change its program
daily. 1
Mrs. George Knapp ol Kamloops,
the  guest   ol  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert
i iwson. !
If >,. ■   list    .'.I thai tlu'
Btai - the i st picture boow In town
It   is  rime  yuu did.
Hmi. Thos   Taylor is expected    in
-    -    this      week  end,   He  will
I.kely be here ,, few days.
r\  number ••(  prettily ili,,sse,l dolls
elect  irom  al   the  Bazaar Tues-
Wednesday,  I-tli and LSth.
*. •■    Scruton,  editor  ol     the
' •    Herald        -    expected  to arrive
tomorrow from tbe coast.
All  the  picl .!•-   shown   at  the  Slat
: ,n 1   new  iui.l  Been  here '
en theil to rhe coast.
ret the Court'ol Revision
llih inst, see the ot-
where iu this issue,    i
0.  I.   Fa     -, .   and     ■'.  It.  Shaw,<
■-;■■■      [the Bank of Commerce, t
here on Monday last.
We lia\ c in slock even tiling thai i .mi require lor your
Koias Oukes. Pudding* and Mine* Meat, All fresh
mul Kood. iucluiling New Raisin*, Currants, Peels,
Figs, Dales   Nui-, ele,
NEW   DRIED    FRUITS    All our   New Dried
I'Miiis Iiave arrived .uul ihey are certainly nice.    They
t o, sisi of Apricots, Peaches, Prunes* \?igs.  lVars and
Apple*.   OUR    GOODS   ARE  THE    BEST
MacKenzie Avenue
■•hip of thia body.
W. W. Foster, deputy minister ol
imlilir works, In n letter to W. J.
Kerr, president oi the gssociatlon,
outlines thc following route as the
most, practicable tor the construction
of British Columbia's portion ol the
Oanadian Highway:—Alberni, Ross -
land, thenoe to Trail, crossing the Co
lumbia by the new bridge now in
course of erection, and via Stimulit
Creek, along the Old Dewney Trail to
Creston, thence following the main
trunk road into Albertn.
While this route cannot bc consld
cred anal until all the reports from
the surveyors aud engineers have
been submitted to the department of
public works, it is not likely thut
any important deviation will be
Hy bis reference to his speech from
the throne at the opening of the
House of Commons on November 16.
His Royal Highness thc Duke of Con
naught put t.he stamp ol Ituy-al approval on the plan to construct a
Canadian Highway that Will reach
Irom roast to coast. His intimation
that the Federal and Provincial gov
ernments would work hand in hand
with a view to Improving the highways of Canada has already been of
great assistance to the men who are
lakin; nn active part in thc work of
Hi' Canadian Highway Association,
showing as it docs that, it only needs
proper representation to the authorities in order to secure at once the
commencement of this great national
enterprise. ,
Come and see the splendid program
ot moving pictures at. tbe lildlson
look At This
We have ninety cords of good, clean, dry cedar in 14 and
IG inch lengths. We also have cedar, fir and hemlock
mixed.   Get your orders in early for immetliate delivery.
The second anuual hospital ball,
of the Ladies Auxiliary of the has-
pital, which wns held In the opera
house on Thursday evening, Nov. 30,
was a most successful aflair, and the
ladies are to be congratulated, every-
th'n,' was so nicely arranged. The
supper, which was spread in the
Woodmen's Hall and all supplied by
the Liadies Auxiliary, was delicious,
lhe table decorations, cut glass,
tli'itii, silver and vases of Ohristan-
tlitiin, were tastefully arranged. Mr.
H.   Ij.   Rothwell as      floor    manager,
LIST 1912.
The  Court ol  Revision  will  sit    In
the   City Hall   on   Monday evening,
December llth, at 8 o'clock  p.m.
By Order,
City  Clerk.
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
.1. P. Capp, th- Calgary real es-
t ite man, accompanied by his wife,
was in town the fore part of this
K. ll. Knight ol the Boundary Coal
nnd Exploration Company of     Mid -
way. paid Revelstoke a visit lhe tore
partof this week. He left this ni.nti
.ii; for Nelson.
Mr. and  Mrs.   II.  F.  Hay  will    ele-
hrate tlit'n  twenty-fifth wedding :niiii
eersary     on      Monday  m-xt   at  tlicir
home,  Willow  Creek, to whicl, a  num
ber  o, friends  are  invited.
Th"    offices     ol the J.  B. Watspn
R alty Company are this week w
( vtng B general overhauling, In -
eluding painting. which will iii
much to the general appearance.
See the splendid program ol mnv
in;  pictures  nt  the  Kdison   tonight.
Contractor    W,  A. Foote,  left     on
Monday on  a  business  'rip  to  Sal
mon Arm.   He wai expected home on
Mrs.  II.  McLennan, of Wield,  is visit in-; In the city.
As will be seen by the official no
tice elsewhere iu this issue the annual meeting of the Revelstoke Conservative Association will be held vn
Wednesday evening th,' LSth inst, at
Selkirk Hall. All Conservatives
should be presenl al this important
Bow   an I   arrow   sii, ..t.i.j   *.*.       i,e a
special   feature   of   the   Bazaar,   fc
ten    handsome      prises  as  follows: —
Picture,   value   ■$•*,   two   turkeys,   two
lr;   fruit   cake    ham.      prize
tea,   live   pi.uml  box,  hat,   um-
brella;      ska'es.  pipe;      hand  painted
:i>-s;       Ink
stall 1;  cruet,    Competition  is  open to
all.   Come  and  win a  prize.
Route Across Province
T, ;.     ,:.   now  opt D.  call
early.   We will
be pit ised 1    put t tem away for you
li    s    Lively  nl  Seattle and  A.  I..
■ ,| • ■      ..... .--!,*   '. .-
tors In R tbt loo  Part of
-   u...;
Ti.. -i,  Hall will u open-
i B the La lies' ol the
\.-. '    ,     I, Tueedaj   id I  Wedn
*     Uth  ..ad  LSth,
A    K   Watts   thi   well  sn* wc  . im
■ ,'i     '   Via" •   .ri'.   B.C.,     p i 1
"toke  last  Mm■ i,'.
'      »»j  t*i Calgary.
!:*.•        erroi       our eofreepondent,
.■:.     notice  ol  tbe  Kite Ui
Clt •■• *    Y      I    H* C.,  was in our
• ( ne ! as  Vernon.
New   Westminstet.   B    C,   Ueceml-er
i     \ I though   t.-. :.   Highway
lt  is confidently exp ■ ■   .
h •_• will be in full Bwtag by the
: neit week,  weathei     ■ mltting  4.1
ready some Ice Is made st  the  rink
but     not     surticient to  wai I ml
formal opening to the public,
The Board  of Trade  wiil   m • I
morrow      Thursday      evening   in   the
i ,ty  Hall at eight, o'clock.    As many
mportent matters  will come    before
•   meeting it   Is hupwi th«t    thei*.,.
w.ll  be a larire atiendiinee.
The  rtock for the Revelstoke  Hard
u>* Company is expected to arrive
«eek.   The shelving In  the   new
Hi i   ni    Block, whtlob
i thin company, Is
■   ipment *
■ ..uni i * .   . ng    '   1"*" i
*   ,,'Mlll    ||t     l|  I     *      •
officers  [rom     man)
rl   and from HftSeRoo
the lattei    tht
iut   ,,f  the proponed
'  .ill.iliiin    I I    ■:.      |J
.[   the   Can
:,,,n.      who
found every business     man in     'bit
town    n  bead      *mpathj   ■■ Ith    the
:: iw about complete, ami barring ac     objects  ol  the   , *.,*.*,t,.*n    Manalmo
le,,* .   Managei   v.    A. Sturdy     tx ■   and  Vlctoi ive also bi I
-    ' I      itoek open for pub  • rt and ,*,,, ....'•
l.c inspection ■■■■   ■ Chrlstma . ably to the itrength i>f the memliei
was tlle right man in the right place
It was the tirst appearance of the
newly organized Nakusp Orchestra,
and we are safe in saying that their
music was of the hest and everybody
presentwas delighted with the music
supplied, dancing was kept, up until
the wee sm.i hours and it was a well
.satisfied crowd that left, voting the
Ladies Auxiliary of the hospital
dance an event long to he remembered in the history of Nakusp.
Mr. Jas. Sneddon attended the
Caledonian concert in Revelstoke.
!•'. W, Jozdan & Co.'s store at
present is the centre of attraction
tor the kiddie.-. Santa Clans has arrived there with a big consignment
of   toys.
Mr. Chas.Plant ,,f Three Forks, attended the hospital ball, also \ii-jit-
.11.'   Ilis   sister   Mrs.   Robt.   Abbie.
It    is     wiih    regret  that  we  le„rn
that Capt.      Fraser,  of    the steamer
Kootenay, is leaving     to  iccept    a
posit ii ui  .ii Vancouver.   Capt.  Fraser
who   ha-   saiU-d   the   waters     of      the
Kootenay an 1     Arrow Lakes  lor     a
:n er  *if    years,  is a man who has
many  friends and  his smiling
liuin*  will  be much misa..-l    iu
th.'  pii.t  house of the steamer Koo-
■   t   wi-hes go  w'ta  you
Skipper,  but we trust you will atruin
return to Bail 'he beautiful blue wat-
'  ttie  Arrow  lakes.
Mi      V    R     fordan  and   Miss    Rose
■ ■■I.  attended  the
,  ■ Iget.  who  has leen
the i'. t office, left
,i  !   who   is   in t lie
employ ol tbt  C P.R. at Trail.
lolph, wbo li ii been acting
||   n.'    tin-   al    '''imm        nf
M ■ '. ,ii lerburgb, left to   uc-
,"i •    i   im*   ■   '.   .:   Moosejaw,  Has.
Mi    Bert   He gb   *-  t onlhi  I  I
,1       ittaCk    irf    ill    grippe
I.ii '    tbt   K,     of
I1. i. i ng as i
ii   k. w   Crosby   wbo I
,*,-»   months      tl
,   III    Jat
in i      lighting  plan'   hat   f.
'       I     '
Furnished Five-roomed house for
rent at once on Fourth street.—H.N.
Coursier.  . t.c.
LOST—A Purse containing a sum of
money, at the O.P.R. depot. Kinder
please return same to Mail-Herald
ffANTED—A situation as a housekeeper by middle aged lady. Apply
Mrs. A. Tristram, Gene(al Delivery
Revelstoke, B. 0.
TO LET—House on   Second street.—
Rent -$15  per month.    Apply  Revelstoke  tleneral  Agencies,  Ltd.
WANTED—A good general servant.—
Hood wages. Apply Mrs. W. M.
Lawrence. Dec.  2  -l   t.
WANTED—Married man seeks work,
office cleaning, furnaces looked after, etc., by day, week, or contract
For full particulars apply A. P.,
Mail-Herald  Office. it.
LOST—Piano Stool, between S. Mc-
Mnhon's Blacksmith Shop and J.
P. Sutherland's residence. Finder
will be suitably rewarded by returning same to J. P. Sutherland.
Have" you realized how much
better you are served; how much
better the selection is, and how
much pleasanter it is for you,
before the stores are crowded.
We are all ready for the rush, and
you will find we have one of the
nicest displays of useful and very
pretty gifts for the holidays that
we have ever shown.
Our showing in this hue  is
the pretties! and cheapest we
have   ever   made.     All  si/es
from 22 Ui-12,   all   colors,   all
styles,   including  some   very
new ones.
A pretty  silk  hand   hag in
cream, pint-, Mile,   black, tan,
etc,    Only  fl.tO in  a  pretty
Nothing makes a more acceptable K>ft  than  a  P*«f  "f
our gloves.    We bave them
iti long ami short  (or all occasions, lined and unlined.   We
jjuarautec every pair we   Belli
In   every   sue,    in   Cluny,
1'laren.   Venetian   and    Torchon Centres Ul rli si/es.
McLennan C& Co.
Last year with our Xmas Fruits. We are
usain to the front with the best obtain-
ablelat the lowest* prices. Try us for the
fruits to make your cake or pudding and
be sure of success.
JOHN McINTYRE * SON      Phone ir.i
Shippers and Packers for the Hills
Revelstoke Skating Rink
Frank W. Hopkins, Manager.
Ladies single tickets        - - $4.00
Family ticket, not to exceed 5 members 15.00
Gentlemen's single ticket       - -       6.00
Childrens single ticket    - - 3.00
Secure Tics     Early and Have a Full Season's Skating
quickly ntop.i cottffha,   cures eoltls,  honla
tha throal and I until*       ■   •   •        23 cent*
The advantages of being able to offer exclusive novelties from
the European markets are considerable.   You will find
an entire line of exclunve fcoods at our store.
White Goods    Pnrl8n.i Ivory
The newest   lines lepr* ^ ninl
:n Hair. Clolli and 11 ttt Bruilies,
Mii" ■  . --*.i| .m.I I'owdei Roxcn
iii'l'," in 1.1'i.ks, Tray*, Coiiibn
to lines Sraaa Candi* Sticks,
.' indies tall to IA iiiiiics
SJceacli t" 84.00
1 ilnea Brats Tea Kettler,
$2.CO to 816.00
Manicure Sett, $4.00 to $10,(0
Klioin ami Silver seta
Tin- nol*l.ii**-i   ui'l  Im* i I.
uii tlie  iiiail.it  *im-   found  Iti
our -.torr.
Ladles Card Cases, -l to -* eac|i
Cents Letter Cases. $1 to K eacli
Cents wallets,    -    $1 to *7 i nch
Ladies Hand Bags, 91.JH1 in $1
The largest stock of the
above Koods ever shown in
■ "    ■      Ml nu *■'"■"  '■"■     *"■
We have jusi received a large stock r>f new
tfoods, consistino; of Men's and Boy's Clothing, Koots, Shoes, Underwear. Rubbers are
Our specialty.
Iinn't fall to come and inspect for yourself. We are the outfitters for men and boys
of Kevelstoke.
#:w) Down
Balance Over 18 Months
opportunities Edmonton Real Estate offers you for a safe, sure,
profitable investment? The unprecedented development of
Edmonton, the Capital City of Albersa, due to the remarkable
expansion in mining, agriculture and trade has engendered a
growth which has been little short of phenomenal; while the
increase in population, predicted to double in a few years, point
to a steady demand for Rea   Estate.
No. 35   RIVER VIEW LOTS   No. 35
two and a half miles from Edmonton Post Office, commanding
a magnificent view of the Saskatchewan River, is now offerered
LOTS  AT   S150   EACH
$30 Down and Balance Over 18 Months
This property, from its convenient and pleasant situation,
will in the near future be the centre of building activity and
should be worth double its value in a very short period.
Take This Opportunity and Reap the Reward
See Us for Full Particulars


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