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The Marysville Tribune 1902-04-12

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 VOL   1,
•Np.   ^.7-C
Hhc  tmarjjsviUe  -Xribune*
Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A, Cc-x, .President. B E. Walker, Gen Man'gr.
Paid up capital, $8,00p,000.    Rest, $2,000,000    Total resources, S6S.000.000.
A general binking business transacted.  Depasits received.
London. "Enn-land." Offioa 60 Lombiwd Street.
Cranbrook Branch    hubert haines, Mgr.
Wholesale and Retail -»
Hardware    Merchant.
Mining Hardware a Specialty.
" G. H. MINER,
Ploneor Hardware Merchant,
Public   Improvement   that
is Greatly Needed
It    Would    Save    Time   und    Distance
For  Ever> body  Around
Remeir-ber the
Central  Hotel Dining
***-**********■***#********  ***9*******j***********?**
Under the New Management of Mrs. J. Lindsay and
Miss Jacquish, they, beg to Announce that they have
taken charge of the Dining Room «f the Central
Hotel and propose to run it in a First Class manner
One of tbe things that will help to
build np Marysville Is the proposed
bridge across the St. Mary's river.
The importance of tbis public work
cannot possibly be over estimated
The distance, tbat not only the
people of Marysville but tbe Perry
creek people also, haVe to travel to
reach tbe railroad, as things are at
present Is ont of all reason and tbe
people of tbis district should use every
fair means to Induce the government to
Inaugurate work on the bridge at the
earliest possible moment.
Tbe people of Marysville driving to
Cranbrook have, at present,  to go by
Three Railroad Men  Have a  ('uecr Ex'
perience at Kitchener.
From the Herald-
Last Monday, while Conductor Hunt's
train was st Kitchener, a big rain storm
came up accompanied by heavy thunder
and Qiskes of  lightning.     It  became
necessary to chain a car, and W. Wilson
and J. Breniner, two of the brakemen,
and tbe car repairer at Kitchener, got
tbe heave chain out of the caboose and
with it over the shoulders of tbe three
of tbem ctarted down the track,   Tbe
storm seemed to have increased and tbe
sky  *»aa    overshadowed    with   heavy
clouds. Suddenly there was a crash aud
a mass of brilliant fire seemed to dart
from the heavens, centering upon the
chain csrrM by Ihe railroad boys.   All
three were prostrated aod it was some
time before tbey fully recovered.   Tbeir
bodies were burned in  places and tbeir
systems  were   filled    with  electricity.
Each one carried a watch and on exam-
inatlor, later tout day Mr. Tate found
tbat all of tbem bad been highly magnetized by the shock.
Fred Duniont, who was down the track
about half a mile, saw the flash and he
said it presented a brilliant spectacle, but
that he was filled with fear as he saw
the stream of fire reach down to where
HARfl      FflllfiHT      RATTI F I «"-"* g'ory for the Unionjack by giving
IIHIIL*      IUUUIII       Un I I LL | (beir |ivea (or llle cause,    Aimrg those
J killed and wounded Cranbrook had four
" j sons, and the intelligence of the disss
trous results carried 'sadness  to many
hearts iu this town.
William Peters, who was killed, had
been a fireman ou the Crow for some
time, and was well known in this district.
S M. Lissert, J. C. Grafins aod Alex
McDonald bad worked at the lumber
mills in Cranbrook for quite awhile and
had many friends here.
Many     Canadians     Killed
and Wounded.
Soutb    East   Kootenay   Name*  Among
Those W ho Were Killed and
Another Furnace and More
Roasters Planned.
way of tbe St. Eugene mission so °aa to Iib* men *ere carrying the chain, as be
cross the river, the distance being bought they had been killed wben tbey
twenty one miles where as If the bridge
The Big Store.
The Big Stock.
The Big Bargains.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd, Cranbrook.
*lr4>Q&&M&1^ ,
A Proof....
of the business we are doing is the amount of gooda we are using. Bestirs our big opening stock we received a b'g car just three dajs before
(Juris mas. ThU has been sold aad mother car has been ordered and should
arrive aoout lhe first of February,
D n't I' rget >hat our Mr. Mloer d e  flue repairing ani uphotstelng
OUR MOTTO: Houost Giods. Honest Prices, Hones  Dialing.
The Kootenay Furniture Company Ltd.
J. P. FINK, Manager. Cranbrook
were built twelve miles would be all
that wonld have to. be travelled. Tbe
people of Perry Creek have at preaent
io go to the mission also to get to
Mirysvllle, whereas four to six miles
wonld be the distance if the bridge
were built.
We are well aware of tbe fact that
tbe government la a great body and
tbat "great bodlea move slowly," but
the urgency of this caae should make
tbem "get a move on" .for once. Tbe
people of this dlatrict pay their taxes
and they have a right to air their vlewa
and to Insist on a reasonable amount
of recognition ontbepait cf tbe government.
'The next thing wanted, and It ahonld
be constructed at the same time aa the
bridge, Is the shirt road from Cranbrook to Perry Creek. List fall the
proposed route of ibis road was walked
over by several Cranbrook clllz-.ns.and
a road not more than six miles in length
could be built at no great expense from
Cranbrook to Six Mile creek.
These matters of public works which
are necessary shtuld be mat.ers ol
Interest to all good citizens aud we
trust the people ol Marysville will pull
togettier and use their best efloits lo
luouce the' government at VioiorU* lo
buld this very accessary bridge ami
ibis very nece-sury road
dropped.      ^^^^^^
None of tbe victims care to repeat
the experience, although they all escaped without serious injury.
Fernie News.
From the Free Preae—
Fernie is to have » new furniture
boose. ' The members of the new mercantile concern are W. O. Robins aod
H. H. Brewer, tbe latter being formerly
connected with J. b.' Quail. Work has
already been commenced upon the business premises, the site of which is between the Northern hotel and Martin
O'Reilly's dry goods bonse on Victoria
BIO    Mil.!.   AT   ttAKDNE:*.
Head Quarters for  Mining  and   Smelting
Men. News House, New Furniture Home
■ like and Comfortable.
A Strong company Arranging to  Put in
a Plant There.
From the Herald—
Arrangements have been about completed to pul iu a big saw mill plaul *t
Wardner. It Is understood tbat Golden
parties are largely interested in tbe enterprise, and tbat tbe mill will be built
tor tbe purpose of handling timber on
tbe upper Kootenay aud its tributaries
Tbe C. P. R. will be asked to build a
spur to the steamboat landing aud tbe
North Star will baudle the product that
is to go up or down the river.
A meeting of the Fernie gun and rifle
association was beld on Tuesday even*
ing at W. P. Cuthbert's for the purpose
of organizing for tbe season. Tbe following effl'ers were elected: T. B Mc-
Ilmoyle, president; O N. itoss, vice-
president; J S. T. Alexander, secretary-treasurer; E. L Wrlglesworth, cap.
talo. Another meeting will be held at
the same place on Tuesday evening
Dr. W.Illams of E.ko arrived ln town
on Monday evtnior. He has almost
completely recovered from the tD* cts
of the accident whlcn gave blm so close
a call for his life two weeks ago.
Tbe East Kootenay Bottling Works,
of Cranbrook, bas decided to establish
a branch in Fernie. Machinery for the
local braicu is now ou the way and 1.
expecied to be In operation for the first
of tbe summer trade. The opening ofj
the Fernie branch will mean the ex
pendiiureof over $3.000upon lhe plant
London, April 4.—Tbere was severe
fighting all day long March 31 in the
neighborhood of Hart's river, In the
southwestern extremity of the Transvaal
between part of General Kitchener's
forces and tbe forces of Generals Dela-
rey and Kemp, resulting in tbe repulse
of the Boers alter beavy losses on both
The Canadian Rifles especially distinguished themselves, one party, commanded by Lieutenant Bruce Carruthers,
holding its post until every man was
killed or wounded.
Lord Kitchener's official report, dated
from Pretoria yeaterday afternoon, ssys:
''General Kitchener (Lord Kitchener's
brother) sent Colonels Kier and Cooke-'
son from Vrlekutt, western Transvaal,
March 3r, to rrconnoiler toward Hart's
river. Tbey soon struck tbe track, of
guns, and carried on a running fight fou*
eight miles, following the track through
the buab. Emerging on a plain large
Boer reinforcements advanced against I
their flanks, forcing the British troops to J
I Some Dividend Payers.
Koasland Miner : Early ln March the
Ymlr Minea, Limited, paid a dividend
which makes tbe total of tbe profits
distributed among Ita shareholders 828,-
000. The North Star, of East Kootenay
paid 1 1 2 centa per share a few days
ago. Thia company has divided $373,-
000 among tbose who hold Its stock
certificates. It bas a reserve of about
$200,000 ln ita treasury. On March
20th, tbe Sunset divided $0,000 among
Its stockholders, making its total profits
circulated $3t),000. The Rambler-Cariboo declared a dividend of one per
cent, payable April 1. This company
will now bave dlatribnted about $138
000 among Ua shareholders.
company   i;xpi
:<*T.S    l,|(i      „,.„ Sf
And the Pay Hull Will be  V ey
Increased   In   Conse*
The    Cranbrook    Herald    bas   th*
following regarding Mr.  Hull's state-
>   —   to   plans   to   enlarge   tbe
Tha V. V.
Big  Slice of
take up a defensible position, which tbey
A E, Road Gets a
Public Bonos.
Killed :
Vancouver, B. C. March 31.—-It is reported that a contract waa entered into
today between   tbe  Dunsmuir government and McLean Bros., contractors of
tbis city, for the  construction of the
#*.—. .-
From Cranbrook II-raid.
Mr. Prank McMahon of Moyie, and
Mi-h Soper of Klmberley, were united in
marriage at Moyie, Wednesday, April 9,
1902, by Father Coccolo.
Mr. McMabon is one of tbe proprietors
of the Kootenay hotel,and a "jolly good
fellow" with a host of friends who will
wish him well in the sensible move be
bas taken. Tbe bride bas lived in Klmberley for several years, and has a large
circle ol acquaintances throughout the
Tbe happy couple were remembered
by their frienda in a most substantial
Tbere was considerable excitement
upon the arrival of the east bnund train
last evening.    It appears lhat a man
boarded the seLond-class coach at Crea-
ton Juuc-.lon,   He  waa taken off   the
train at Cranbrook, where he was held
by D . King as a smallpox suspect.   Dr.
Bonneli, medical health officer, was advised by wire to have the coach sidetracked at Fernie and the passengers
in lt vaccinated, ao as to minimize the
the  possibility  of   infection.   Accord*'
ingly Dr. Coraan and Officers   Barnea
ana Henderson were on band when the
train pulled into the depot.   The coach
was side-trackr d and the work of vaccinating the passengers therein commenced.    All submitted their arma to
the  doctor with but .two exceptions.
Informations were laid agalnat them by
Dr, Corson, under the health act, and
they were locked np In the car for the
night.   They will be given tbe option
today ot complying with the provincial
regulations or spending sixteen daya ln
tha detention hospital.
®*®¥S*G)*&VM<<W)*®«i)VsS*®+<d* *\V*<1 1 ■*^'>*v>*^*^*<!>*®*®*<!>*®*®
**m-*!'--*f-»!*--^»-**-*<'**« M>$>M4&&»&e>$«tyfr$
The   Royal Hotel
This hotel is now open and ready for guests.
H. D. McMillen. formerly with the Cranbrook Hotel, is
the proprietor, and he proposes to have
Marysville Heady For loot Ball. *-*
A meeting of the Marysville foot ball
clnb was held on Monday evening lu
Noruian Hill's store.     A  large crowd
assembled at 8 o'clock and tbr principal
bualnesa waa 10 organise.     N. C  McKlnstry waa elected to the cbalr  aod .
Dr. O'Hagan Secretary for tbe preaent J
meeting.   The lirst business tratuacted
was to elect   inkers.    The following
officers were elected :
Patron, (I  W Hull.
President, M. A. M. Kenzle.
Sec.*Treas.,F. W. Mitchell
Esecutive Comlttee, N C McKlnstry,
F. E Haines. A. Bales, S  Liddicotte.
Captain. Norman Hill.
It was decided that the membership
fee be $1.00.
It was aleo decided to hold a meeting
every Monday evening after practice.
There is no doubt that Maryaville can
get a good team and tbere is- no reason
why the town should not support a
team. All of our players are strange
to each other yet, but nevertheless 1 bey
commencing  to  play   tbe   game.
Death of N. MeL. Curran's Mother.
Ottawa Citizen: Mrs. J. % Curran
passed away on Saturday evening at tbe
residence of ber son in law, Mr. J. B,
Fraser, 30 Cooper street. Deceased,
who wa* the relict of the late J. B Curran of Kingston, was iu her 85th year.
She wa* of Irish descent, and a lady ol
many sterling qualities of heart and
mind. The other members oi her family
are Rev Canon Curran ol Algiers, Africa; Nt il Curran ol British Columbia,
aud Harry Curran of Cbapleau. Tbe
funeral will be private.
All tbe boys need Is lots of practice
Arrangements are belag made so as 10
have a match with Craubrnok or some
oihi r town on the 24th of May
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s* <^'^s-i'^«><*^4x'**$4''*>-■**-^3^^
I Icetrie Light.
The Sullivan Group Mining company
are about to Install'an electric llgnt
plant In connection with the ami Iter.
Their first object in doing this was,
of course, to light the smelter buildings, but they are willing, provided
lhat a large enough number of the
citlzeus will take the light, to nut in a
large enough plant to light the town
Biectrie Unlit la uot only the most
convenient llgnt tbat there Is bnt lt Is
also tbe safest.
In a wooden town, such as Marysville
Is likely to be for some years lo come
the safety of electric light cannot bo
j nver climated. We wonld ad, 1st
even one who has a bnlldir.g In tbe
town to light It with electric light If
they are given the opportunity.
hastily entrenched. Fighting ensued at
close quarters until the Boers were repulsed on all sides. Delarey, Kemp and
other leader* vainly attempted to per*'
suade tbeir men to [enew the action?
"Fifteen hundred Hoer* participated
the engagement but they had suffered
too heavily and -cleared away to tbe
northwest and soutb. Tbe British losses
also were severe. The Canadian Rifles
especially distinguished themselves, oue
company, commanded by Lieutenant
Bruce Carruthers, holding its post until
ever man was killed or wounded. Others
of the forces showed great steadiness,
allowing the Boers to advance within 200
yards of tlicni, and repelling them witb
a steady rifle Are."
Ottawa, Out., April 4—Lord Minlo
has received the following cable from
Cape Town concerning tbe casualties in
till engagement of the Second Canadian
Mounted Ri lies on March 31:
"Dascbpoort, Kleinbart's River,
March 31 —Lieu enants R. II Ryan and
W. G Louilin, formerly of the Northwest mounted police, are dangerously
wounded, along with Lieutenants G. B.
McKay of Montreal ai d R. V. Markham
01" New Brunswick. Noncommissioned
officers and men killed, 9; wounded 40..
The following ia the list of casualties:
son of John Perry, Gall, Ont.
Corporal ALFRED SHKRITT, mother is Jenette Sheritt, Brantford, Ont.
Deceased is the' well known bicycle
champion rider.
Private W. T. PETERS, Cranbrook,
B C, next of kin, Mra James Daws
Peters, London.
Private VV. VOLLRATH, Revelstoke,
B. Coext of kin, Chas. Vollrath, Armstrong, B. C.
Private M. G. HUSTON, London,!
Oat., next of kin, bis mother, Mary A. |
Huston, St. Mary's, Ont.
Private C. N. EVANS, London, Ont.,
next of kin, his father, James Evans,
Port Hope, Ont.
Private W. P. K. MILLIGAN,*Peter-
bnro, Out., next of kin bis mother, Margaret Milligan, Clare, Ont.
Corp. W. A. KINSLEV, Toronto, next
of kin, fatber, Henry Kinsley, Selkirk,
Private T. B. DAY, next of kin, D. C.
Day, father. Shallow Lake, Ont.
Private A.  WEST, .Montreal, next of
kin, '. Weat, fatber, Couldhurst, Bng,     j
Private D. H. CAMPBELL, Brandon,
Man,, next of kin,   Dougal   Campbell,
Foss, III.
Private* We*t aud Campbell were
dangerously wounded in tbe engagement
and died later.
Privates. McLeodHoward, Montreal.
Private S  M. Lissert, Cranbrook, B.C.
Sergt. A' Milne, Calgary.
Private J. C. GraGu., Cranbrook, B. C.
Shoeing Smith W.   II. Hunter, Winnipeg.
Private J. C. Fisher, Vancouver, B C.
Private L Stratton, Moosuuiin, N. W.
Private, B. Hodge, Virden, Man.
Private F. W   Denncliey.
i'rivate Chalmers,  Calgary,  N. W T.
Atnoonos Derrab, St. John, N. B.
Slightly  Wounded
Sergt. C. R. Othen, Brandon. Man.
Sergt. Thos. Western, Portage la Prairie.
Private A. Forley, Winnipeg.
Private J. Simons, Nelson, B. C.
Private P Ilendy, Rossland. B. C.
Private  Alex . McDonald, Cranbrook
j Coasl-Kootenay railway.
A cash subsidy of (4000 per mile is to
be given and a bonus of a million acres
of land. Norman aod Hugh McLean
are in Victoria today fixing up the deal.
It is understood that the contract will
be submitted to the legislature in a joint
bill with McKenzie aud Mann'a Cana
dian Northern scheme.
The Coast Kootenay road will connect
with the Hill system at both ends. At
the coast end it will join tbe Great
Northern system now under construction
fram Liverpool, on Fraser river, opposite
New Westminster, to Ladner, and with
a ferry system from Lfldner to S'duey,
on Vancouver island. Connection with
Victoria will be bad by mean* of the
Victoria & Sidney railway, while a
branch will be run from the mouth of
tbe Fraser to Vancouver. In the Boundary country the line will make connection with tbe Hill sy.tero to Spokane,
known as tbe V. V. & K , and Washington and Great Northern.
Tbis contract witb tbe McLeans is
practically a victory for the V. V. & E.,
as tbe McLeans obtained a charter for
that line, and have been lighting bitterly iu recent years against great odds and
powerful opposition to get government
The sudden reversal of the Dunsmuir
government's opposite n to V V. & E
j is believed to be owing to tbe fact that
! it hopes to secure a favorable opinion
from tbe public on the bill embracing
both tbe Canadian Northern and the
Coast-Kooteuay schemes, which it could
uot do with tbe McKenzie and Menu
contract aione. It is cons dered a clever
ment   as
G W. Hull, general manager of tbe
Sullivan  Gronp Mining  and Smelting
company, tbe company that ia building
the amelter at Marysville,  came down
on  Tuesday's train enroute to Grand
Folks and Republic.   Speaking of tbe
work at Marysville, he said everything
waa progressing In a most satisfactory
manner,   "Just as soon aa we have the
roasters  completed that we are now
building, work will commence at once
on four more,   and  another furnace
thns  giving   11   roastera   and   three
furnaces, and a capacity of 225 to 290
tons a day.     And, a* tbe need* rise,
tbat   will be increased   from time to
This ia evidence of the fact thlt
Marysville Is bound to be a permanent
place, and that no money la to be spared
to make the smelter a big winner. Tbl*
will be good newa to ihc whole district,
and will have a beneficial effect on mining generally ln South Eaat Kootenay."
Fort Steele News.
From Ihe Prospector-
Things  are   beginning   to   hum   on
W.ld Horse ceek.     The placer mines ,
located on tne creek  will be extensive T
ly operated this year.
Considerable Interest I* being centered on the big Iron deposits on Bull
Grundy Aukus has a small force at
work on the Viking property which is
situated on Tracy creek.
II. Haines, manager of the Bank of
Commerce, and u.,W. Matthewa, repre-
aentlng K. G. I).inn & Co., were In town
on Saturday last.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. Fraser were In town
Jules Hnrel, Tobacco Plains, wa* at
the Imperial Tueaday.
D. Griffith was down from Wild Horse,
Tuesday. He reports active preparations going on among the placer minea
Rev. D. McKay Reld left on Wednesdays train for Wetaskawln, Albt.
A. (Ire/, run aeroaa two beara while
cutting wood on hla ialand ranch.
Cranbrook News.
From ths Cranbrook Herald—
Tbis will bave a tendency to liven up
Wardner and give it a permanent industry, thus bringing belter times to tbe
Elko will have a great celebration
tbis year.     The  citizen*   will bold a
leeting in a few days to make arrangements for the event. Tbe people in that
town will do it right. Of that tbere Is no
Superintendent Jameson's family are
expected in a few days. Tbe C. P. R.
house on tbe hill is being put in readiness lor their arrival.
Dr. Harvey of Montreal, has been in
town the past week. He will go to Victoria to take his examination for the
province and will tben return to Cranbrook and be associated with Dr. King
in tbe practice of medicine.
It is stated tbat Constable Morris, in
paying his laundry last week, in a moment ol absent mindedness, wrote the
j name Ping Poug on the face of the check
and tbe Chinaman presented it at tbe
bank. As tbe features of the Chinaman
and tbe name wa* familiar, tbe check
was promptly paid.
Captain Armstrong, one of the best
known river captains in British Colutn*
I bia, was in Cranbrook Sunday. He will
operate tbe steamer North Star on the
Kootenay again tills season, and will not
take her through to the Columbia aa he
bad expected. He expects to find business iu the lumber and produce traffic.
J. L. Gates, who is now managing the
Victoria botel at Fernie, waa in town
yesterday. He had beeu visiting his old
borne at Klmberly, and was pleaaed to
notice evidence of activity in tbe sur-
rouuuing mines. "Tbe resumption of
work ou tbe North Star and Sullivan is
bound to make things lively in tbat part
of tbe district. Marysville look* all
right and is bound to be a prominent
town and a prosperous one."
Work at the Estella mine is being
prosecuted with energy. The tunnels
are to be run several hundred feet so
tl at progressive work shall be kept
ahead of the levels already drifted.
Private H. Hawes, Halifax, N. .
Private J. N. Biswanger, Halifax, N S.
Tenth Canadian Field Hospital—Severely wounded: Private John Grant
Gunn, London, Ont.
Cranbrook Heroes in llattle.
Last Sunday the news was received of
the battle fought where Cauadian troop.
Several good catches of trout were
made by local fishermen during the
past week.
Mra. R O. Jennings and Mils May
JeDnlngs relumed from a visit to Fer
nlc on Thursday.
L, IV, and Mrs. Patraore and H. Kershaw returned from a visit lo Fernie on
The shipments of ore from the mines
In the vicinity of Slocan for the year to
date are as follows: Arlington, 771
tons; Enterprise, 180 tons; Ottawa, 7
tons; Neepawa, UO tona; May, 5 tons;
Pay Streak, 5 tons; total, 1,028 tons,—
Western Mining World.
Are Almost extinct.
Rossland Miner: The superintendent
of the  Rocky   Mountain   Park, Banff,
Alberta, reporta that tbe buffalo In tha
park continues to thrive,  and the increaae baa been most satisfactory.   The
herd now numbers thirty bead, being
an Increaae in three  yeara to fifteen.
In the United Statea, too, only a  few
buffalo are left.   Wltb tbe exception of
a score   In   Yellowstone   Park,   a few
small scattered helda In  Montana and
one or two other western state*, tba
buffalo lo tbe United State* bare passed away.   Where formerly there wer*
millions of these lords of tha pralrlrs
now there are probably less than Iv*
hundred on th* entire continent     It
seems a pity tbat more of tbem could not
bave been saved.    They  were slaughtered Indiscriminately and lhe result Is
practical extinction.
smelter at .Sandon.
Koasland Mines : A site has been procured for the proposed smelter at
Sandon which J Ryan Is promoting. It
Is just outside the city limits and we I
adapted for the purpose, The Sandon
people ara giving the enterprise every
encouragement. Tbe design will te
what is known as ibe Vulcan type, the
same as that which has been erected at
Ferguson, and tbe Sandon people are
with Interest watching how that ore
will turn out. If Mr. Ryan's proposed
smelter does not eventuate tbere Is a
disposition now to erect on* anyway, If
tbe Vulcan ayatem prove* a *ucce*» at
*"■**•'."—'r-ffiKwa AND YOU  AWAY.
RcV.a that over ilic meadows ring:,
Flowers tbat n::t!,e tlie May,
lint hi -V (im ihc world of tlie ■uniroei' sins
And you away, away!
And you away, my dear,
Willi tlie tlgh and the falling tear,
U'uat can tlie green world sing or say,
And you away, away?
Morning there on the hills supreme,
Earth in its rosy ray,
Hut how can earth ol the morning dream
And you awjy, away?
And you nway, my dear,-
Willi the sigh and tlie fulling tear.
What can tlif hTOi-n world sing or ssy,
Aud you away, awayf
— Frank I*. Stanton.
| A Highwayman's I
I Juliet &  ® 0 1
A  ' .-l,..hr;il,..|   Author'*
Weird Fanoy.
Hy .ll'.inri! T. QllLI.-r-Il-COlCU.
<?♦ I I ♦*> ':■■. ♦-*>••*♦ v !*>«■•-•,♦♦<•< •'»♦
Tin' house, in question wns wlmt
Peter tbo Scholar (who cdrrects my
proof sheets) calls ono of the raslnurliy
sort—tlio front facing u street ami the
back looking over a turfed gai'iTon,
with n Ii 1110 tree or two. :i laburnum,
nml a lawn tennis court niiii'Ued cut,
Its white lines plait] to see ill lhe stnr-
liKlit. At the ond or the garden n dcor,
painted dark green, led Iuto a narrow
l:ine between high walls, where. If two
persons met. one hail to turn sideways
to let the other puss. The entrance to
this lane was cut In two by a wooden
post ahout the height of your hip, nml
Just beyond this, iu tlie highroad,
George was waiting for us with lhe
We hnd picked the usual time—the
dinner hour. It had just turned dark,
and tlie church cluck, two streets awny,
wns chimin'' the quarter after S when
Peter and 1 let ourselves In hy lhe
green ilonr I spoke of nud felt along
the wall for the gardener's ladder that
we knew was hanging there. A simpler
job there never was. The bedroom
window on the lirst floor stooil rlghl
open lo tho night air. nml Inside was r.
faint candlelight flickering, just ns u
cureless maid will leave it after her
mistress has gone down to dinner. To
he sure, there was n chance of her com-
Ittg back to put it out, but we coultl
hear her volt*e going in the sei'Vntlls'
hall as we lifted the ladder ami rested
it against the sill.
•She's good for half nil hour yet,"
Peter whispered, holding the ladder
while I begnn to elimb: "but if I hear
her voice stop 1*11 give the signal io I e
I went up softly, [lushed my bend
gently above the level of the sill nut!
looked in.
It was a roomy place, with n great
half tesler bed, hung with curtains,
standing out from the wall on my
right. The curtnlna were of chintz, a
liaik background, with limning red
popples sprawling over it. and (lie
fitl'tlici' curtain hid the dressing tal le
ami the candies upon it and the Jewel
case that 1 confidently hoped to stand
upon it also. A bright Brussels carpel
covered the floor, and the wall paper. 1
remember—though, for the life of tue.
I can not tell why-was u pale gray
ground, worked up to Imitate watered
sill;, wiih springs of gilt honeysuckle
upon It.
I looked around nnd listened for half
a minute. The house was still as death
up here—uot n sound in I lie room or In
the passages beyond. With a nod t-i
Peter to hold the ladder linn I lifted
one leg over the Rill, then the o'.hi r.
dropped my feet carefully upon Ihe
thick carpet and went quickly around
Ihe bed lo the dressing table.
But ut the corner, and ns soon lis
ever I saw around the chintz curtain,
my knees gave way, nnd 1 put out a
hand toward the bedpost.
Before the dressing table, and In
front of the big glass In which she
could see my white face, was an old
lady sealed.
She wore a blazo of jewels and n low-
gown, out of whicll rose the scraggiest
neck nnd shonlders I have ever looked
ou. Her hair was thick with black <]■ e
nml fastened witli a diamond star. Be-
twoen Ihe two candles the powder
showed on her cheek bones like flour
on a miller's coat, Chin on hand, she
was gazing steadily into the mirror before her. nnd. even lu my fright. I had
time to Hole Hint n glass of sherry nnd
n plate of rice und curry stood at her
elbow nmong the rouge pots ami
powder puffs.
While I stooil slock still nnd pretty
well sen red out of my wits she rose,
st:II staring at my Image in the glass,
folded her linnils modestly over her
bosom und spoke lu u deep, tragical
"The prince!"
Then, facing sharply around, she
belli out her thin arms.
"You hnve come—ut last?"
There wns not much to sny to this
except Hint I had. So 1 confessed It.
Even with the candles behind her I
could see her eyes glowing like it dog's,
nuil an uglier poor creature this world
could scarcely show.
"Is the ludder set ogulnst the window V"
"Since you seem to know, ma'nm,"
sai.l I. "It Is."
"Ah, Romeo! Your cheeks are ruddy
—your poppies nre too red."
"Then I'm glad my color's come back;
for. lo tell the truth, you did give mo a
turn Just nt lirst. You were looking
out for me, no doubt"—
"My prince!" She stretched out her
arms again, nnd, being pretty well at
my wits' end, I let her cmbrnce me. "It
bus been so long," she said—"oh, the
weary while! And they 111 treat me.
Where have you been all this tedious
I wns not going to answer that, you
mny be sure. Hy this timo I bad recovered myself ■ulilcieutly to guess wUui
v.... i.. 1.1 iiiu  . i .us was n mad
nnnl of lhe family below, nml that the
gntue was in my hands if I played with
decent care. So I met her question with
"Look here." I snid. "I'm running a
considerable risk lu braving these persecutors of your'n. Hadn't we better
(dope nt olicnV"
"I am ready."
"And the jewels? Y'oti won't leave
them to your enemies, 1 suppose."
She turned to the dressing table, lifted her jewel case and put It Into my
"I am ready," she repeated. "Let US
be quick and stealthy as dentil."
She followed me to the window and,
looking out. drew back.
"What horrible, black depths!"
"It's as easy." said I. "as pie. Y*0U
could do it on your head. Look here!"
I climbed out lirst and helped her, setting her feet on the rungs. We went
down in silence. I choking nil the way
nt the sight of Peter below, who was
looking with his mouth open nnd Ills
lips too weak to meet tlie curses end
wonderment thnt rose up from the
depths of him. When I touched turf
and handed him the jewel case, he took
it like n man In n trance.
We put the ladder buck In Its place
and stole over (lie turf together. But
outside the garden door Peter could
stand no more of lt.
"I've a firearm In my pocket," whispered he, pulling up. "and I'm going lo
Ore it olT to relieve my feelings if you
don't explain here and now. Who. iu
pity's name, is slieV
"You mug! She's the original Sleeping Beauty. I'm eloping with her, and
you've got ber jewels."
"Pardon me, Jem," hi? sii.vb In his
gentlemanly wny, "if I don't quite see.
Are yon Inking her off to melt hev
or marry her** For how to get rid of
her else"—
The poor old creature had baited, too.
three puces ahead of us nnd waited
while we whispered, with the moon;
light Hint slanted down Into the lane
whitening her bare neck nnd Hushing
on her jewels.
"One moment," I sold nnd stepped
forward to her; "you bad better take
off those ornaments here, my denr, und
give them to my servant to take cure
of. There's u carriage waiting for us
nt the end of the lane, and when he lias
stowed them under the sent we can
climb in und drive off—
"To the end of the world—to the vory
rim of It, my hero."
She pulled the gems from her enrs,
hair and bosom and handed them tu
Peler, who received them with u bow.
Next she searched In her pocket and
drew out n tiny key. Peter unlocked
the enso, nnd, having carefully stowed
Hie diamonds Inside, locked it again-,
handed back the key. touched his hat
and walked oft' toward the dogcart.
"Sly dearest lady." I begun, us soon
ns we were nlone between the high
walls, "if the devotion of a life"—
Her bare arm crept into mine.
"There is but n little lime left for us in
whicll to be happy. Year after year 1
have marked oil' the almanac; day by
day I have watched the dial. I saw my
sisters married and my sisters' daughters, nnd still I wailed. Bnch had a
man to love her und tend her, but none
had such tl man ns 1 would have
chosen. They were none like you, my
"No, I dure say not."
"Oh, bul my heart Is not so cold.
Take my band—It Is lirni nnd strong:
touch my lips—they nre burning"—
A low whistle sounded nt Hie top of
the bine. As I took her hands 1 pushed
her back, und, turning, ran for my life.
I suppose that ns I ran I counted folly
before her scream came, and then the
sound of her feet paltering nfter me.
She must have run like u demon, for
I wus less tliiiu ten yards ahead when
Peler cnuglit my wrist and pulled me
up on to the buck sent of Ibe dogcart.
And before George could t:et the horse
going her band clutched nt the flap on
which my feet rested. It missed Its
grasp and she never got near enough
again. But for half a minute I looked
Into Hint horrible face following us and
working with silent rage, nnd for half
a mile nt lenst 1 heard the patter of her
feet In the darkness behind. Indeed, I
can hear it now.
Tlie modem malady ot love fa nerves.
Love, once a simple madness, now observes
The stages ot Iii. |jnssi.;uate disease
And ia twice sorrowful, because lie sees,
Inch by inch entering, the fatal knife.
0 health of simple minds, pive tne your life
And let me, for one iniunj'.-lit, cease to hear
Tlie clock forever ticking in my ear,
The clock that tells th- minutes in my brain!
lt is not love nor love's despair, this pain
That hhoots a witless, keener pane; across
The limple agony "[ love and loss.
Nerves, nerve*!   Oh, lolly ot a child who dreams
Of heawn and. waking in tlie darkness, screams!
—Arthur Hymens iu Saturday Review,
o *ITtt„*» **11_»^ o
.8 o
Nonncimlonl  ITfcllefa.
Half n century ugo omens were still
generally believed In, So, too, were
charms. 1 had u cousin who seriously
undertook to charm nwny warts nnd
was believed lo havo succeeded, She
wns-supposed lo have Inherited the
secret from her father, u Wesley nn
minister. My uncle, n farmer, uud by
no means it credulous mini, when about
to visit London Tor the first time, feeling some trepidation, consulted n doc-
tor. The doctor handed him a small
vial of quicksilver, which wns certain
If kept In the pocket lo avert nil harm.
Doubtless the doctor laughed lu his
sleeve, for doctors wcro then getting
Incredulous, and I remember It being
commonly said of another practitioner
that he believed neither In Clod nor
devil. Nearly twenty years later, when
a cousin who, born a W'esleynn, had
turned Quaker nml came np to London
to the anniinl gathering of that body,
he showed me, with a smile, the Identical viul of mercury. Ills mother,
good soul, had borrowed It from her
brother so that her son might likewise
benefit by It.—Westmlnstor Bevlew.
The £tnl>l>i>rn M,in.
You think II shows strength to be
Stubborn nnd unforgiving, but It's a
mistake; it shows weakness. The
meanest soul In the world enn pity
himself nml nurse his troubles; ho gets
n sort of enjoyment out of II. it's
awful easy, too; It ain't necessary to
have any purliciilar tfllent, nor anything but the commonest brains; In
fact, it ain't necessary to have mueh
of anything but n seliish disposition.-
Eleanor 0. Iteed, In "The Buttle Invisible."
"My dear children, don't you know It's
wilted to play hall on the Sabbath?"
"Who's er playing hall? We's going
ter golf, wo is."	
Aa   lie   riiHN.ru   Ont.
"Yes," said the man who hail been sent
to break the news to the widow, "lie died
without a struggle."
"Then," she replied, "somebody must
have been kind enough to keep the buttle
full nntl within easy reach."—Chicago
"Odd lo hear from him again, after
all these years! 1 wonder what made
him write directly he reached Southampton!*'
PrlscIUn Baberlcy glanced Inquiringly from Hie open letter ii. her hand to
the mirror cvei' her drawing room
mniitolpleco as though her reflection
might possibly answer the query.
The wistful mebillcholy of her expression wus dm? to nil illness which
hnd left ber almost totally deaf; though
the fact was scarcely uoticeable,thanks
to the knowledge of lip rending she
bad acquired, and when Ill's menus
fulled she resorted to the tne of nn ear
trumpet, or an Ingeniously constructed
"Ob, tlear! If only I hadn't been
deuf: men have n "horror of deaf old
maids! But I needn't let him know
Just at tll'St—he always spoke distinctly and was clean shaven, which means
n great deal to mo now. I'm sure 1 can
manage it," Bho resumed meditatively.
"I will set blm talking of bis campaigns."
She crossed the room nnd touched
the bell.
"Catherine," she said lo tho maid,
"Major-1 mean Colonel Ewni't will bb
here presently, Send up hot toast with
tlie ten nliil extra erenm."
A moment after the maid held aside
the heavy plush portiere and n tall,
military looking mnn, with a flowing
gray beni'd and mustache, lilled up the
"flood gracious—n beard ns well!"
Miss Baherley murmured, horror
stricken, as she caught up her fuu nnd
went to meet hint, holding It gracefully to her lips.
"Ah, major—colonel, I mean"—she
corrected herself agitatedly—"delighted
to see you! It's like your good nature
to call so soon. How you have altered:
I should scarcely hnve known you."
"Y*>u haven't changed In lhe lenst
degree." he snid gallantly, slinking her
hand between both bis. "Why, It
seems only yesterday that we suld
'gootlby' ut your sister's garden party."
I|is tono wns gruff, biit hearty, nnd
somewhat above the normal pitch, and
she managed lo catch a word here and
there ns she watched his lips anxiously, holding the fan lo her own.
"Yes—or—I hnve a littlo garden
here." she njoincd hesitatingly. "But
'oir.e und sit dcftvii. I wnnt lo hear ull
nlvjul   yourself  and   your campaigns.
if course 1 learned n grent deal from
he papers, hut 11 Isn't the same ns a
personal narrative, so you must just
rell me from lhe very beginning." -She
seated herself opposite him, her eyes
till lixed ou his face.
"Uenlly, C'elin—1 may call you the old
lame, may I not?—there Is nothing to
toll, just the usual changes from hill
tntlons to Hie plains, and vice versa;
: i n the outbreak, which we quelled
ifter some sharp lighting nnd losing
:ome of our best fellows, and that's
ill. You dptl'l suppose," he resumed
lif-n lower lone, "that I've come here,
lirocHy 1 ret foot in the old country,
.1? In'!: about my campaigns?"
She heard the note nf Interrogntlon
anil dropped her eyes ratlicr "dlscou-
eci'ledly. murmuring un unintelligible
"I want to talk something fnr more
ntoreslliig," he continued softly—"thnt
■oncerns you as well ns myself. You've
no Idea what pleasure It Is to see you
again—nnd to lind that you—thnt you
are not married."
"Uenlly?" she exclaimed after a
slight pause, cleverly simulated surprise in her tone.
"Y»i, It has always been In my
thoughts," ho rejoined eagerly, his
courage rising. "1 should have spoken
before I went nwuy, but do you remember remarking once that you never
intended to marry unless the mnn who
nsked you hnd something more to his
credit than n blinking account. Thnt
wos why I exchanged and went
abroad. I did think of writing when I
wus out there, but until these frontier
affuirs were quite settled I thought It
fairer uot to nsk you to He yourself to
me, ns If I'd beeu bit It might have
been n blow to you. Of course that
was taking for granted you cared a little for me." And lie concluded smiling
rather shamefacedly.
"Indeed!" She smiled also, feigning
"Now, confess, Colin, this Is not altogether a surprise to you. liven If It Is
—you do not lind It disagreeable?"
"Denr me—how strange!" she exclaimed hesitatingly, alter a slight
pause, still keeping her eyes llxed on
his face, while sho bit the tip of her
fun nervously.
Sbe broke the silence at last with a
little regretful sigh.
"Is tbnt nil?  It Is most Interesting."
"All, Colin," be sighed, "you nre Just
as tantalizing and slantl-olllsh ns ever
-but- I like you nil the betler for It."
Ami lie leaned forward with nu ndmlr-
Ing glance at the fair face and shapely
head, crowned with neat dark brown
"Yes. may people have told me the
same." she replied complacently, catching the end ef his senlcnce, nnd, noting
the unpreelnllve glnnro. she concluded
that he alluded to the modern style of
halidresslng she hnd adopted.
"But you needn't be staud-ofllsh with
an old—or—admirer," he udded quietly
and reproachfully.
"1—1 beg your pardon—what did you
Bay ?"
"Oh, nothing, nothing," ho responded hastily, fearing he bad been too precipitate. "What a charming room this
"Now you must have some tea," she
said, after rather an awkward pause,
laying down ber fan, nnd moving to
the table. "Being nu old maid I'm
rather fussy, so you must not talk
while I'm making It—It distract* my
attention," she added with a forced little laugh.
He watched her with growing pleasure as hor lumds busied with the cups,
the lamp rays touching the gold In her
"It's like old times, watching you
make tea, Ceiia. I wish lt would be
my privilege always."
"I told you not to talk," she said
with playful severity.
"But I must. Don't be so tantalizing, dearest. I'm not to touch tea till
I've had your answer, till you've promised, in fact—" ills voice dropped to an
earnest whisper, and he crossed the
room to her side, "to be my wife."
She glnnced nt him bewildered.
"Er—er—In fact, of course, scarcely
In theory," she said vaguely.
"Colin," he exclaimed, "what on
earth do you mean ?"
A dend silence followed. She saw by
his face thnt something was -ivrong,
nnd her agitation Increased when he
commenced to pace restlessly about
the room, muttering to himself ln an
"Ever since I've been abroad I've
lived and worked in the hope of one
dny winning you, but now lt seems ns
Sho looked up puzzled. "Whnt did
you Bay?" she asked desperately. ""I
did not quite cntch It, but lt Is your
own fault. I told you not to talk while
I mnde ten—two lumps of sugar, isn't
lt? You see, I've remembered the cor
reet number—and half the cream Jug-
you were always terribly greedy, col-
one!! There!" She handed him tlio
cup nnd caught up her fan. "Now you
must begin nil over again. I don't
think you've lost the spice of humor."
And she flashed a nervous little smile
over the top of the fan.
"Celia," he said slowly, raising his
Tolce till lt rang through the room,
"this Is uot a time for joking."
The anger in his tone nnd his hurt
expression frightened aud bewildered
her; with a gesture of despair she turned away.
"If only It hadn't been for the mustache!" she murmured, half audibly.
"Mustache!" he exclaimed eagerly,
hopefulness staring into his tone. "Is
that your only objection? How I wish
I hnd known before I came! But I'll
have It off directly."
Uo wns standing beside her again,
and now he rested his hand on her
shoulder; but she shrank from bis
touch nnd turned away, half crying
and wringing her hands.
"I thought I could have managed,
but I shalt have to tell. I can't go on
like tills," she sobbed.
"Tell me what? That there is some
one else?"
He turned abruptly away, and flung
himself lu the armchair, burying his
face In his hands.
"Just my luck," he said brokenly.
"But It's hard after all this time, and
now when It seemed all plnlu Balling
to hear thnt—thnt-I have .a rival.
But," reproachfully, "you needn't have
kept me so long In suspense, Celia."
A moment's silence followed. Then
she left her seat nnd walked to the
fireplace and stood looking down nt
him, toying nervously with her fan.
"I can't hear whnt you say," she said
at last desperately, flinging the fan
from her. "I should have told you—I
am deaf, but I couldn't bear to use my
ear trumpet just nt first, because I
thought you would regret having come.
I know men have a horror of deaf old
She laughed hysterically as she produced the trumpet from the little bag
at her side and adjusted It.
"It was just my silly pride," she continued quickly, "and I thought I could
manage with my fan. You see, It has
this tube In the center, which carries
the sound through my lips—and then—
I understand Up rending—If It hadu't
been thut your mustache conceals
"Is thut all?" he Interrupted eagerly,
starting up and placing bis hands on
her shoulder. "There Isn't anybody
"Anybody else, where?" she asked,
"I mean any one you enro more for
than me—whom you intend marrying?"
"X—no—" sho faltered, the color rushing Into her cheeks; "but what an odd
"Not nt all," he answered delightedly. "Can't you guess, Cclln, what I
hnve been nsklug you, or—" and his
eyes twinkled merrily—"shall I begin
all over again?"
But It wns scarcely necessary, for
though she blushed still deeper she did
uot now resist wheu he took her hands
In his.—Mainly About People.
I'nViand**   Early  Coin*.
When England was being mnde Into
mincemeat nud blocks of renl estnto
by tile Saxons nud Dnnes, silver nnd
brass were lu use ns currency, but the
Normans subsequently Installed tbo
nrlstocrutlc metal and left tbe democratic brass to tnke enre of Itself.
Gold was first coined by Henry III.
and copper made Into British coin lu
1072. Tin was used for coinage In
liJso, aud the natlouul farthing was
made of tbis Cnmbrlnu product, with n
stud of copper set iu tbe center. In
101)0 nnd 1001 tin halfpence were issued In considerable quantities. Thu
only pure gold coins Issued In Hug-
Ush history were those of Henry HI
"Good morning, Mrs. Stuhhs."
"The best money could buy, Mr. Trice."
Only Working.
Ilnmomlet (the nctor)—Odds, sirrah,
what do you mean by hugging my chorus
Scribbler—Why, wlmt are yon kicking
ahout? Didn't you hire me as a press
agi*ut?-Ohio State Journal.
The Draaen Game In Which Detective Bob Plnkerton Firmlly Took n
Hand nnd What Happened After
He Made Ulm Break.
Bob ninkcrton, the famous detective,
once told this story with grent relish:
"I was traveling from Chicago to New
York. We'd only been out from Chicago
for nbout half a dozen hours when my attention wns attracted by the peculiar
conduct of a party of four well dressed
ami somewhat larky young men in the
siiokiug compartment of the car on
which I was riding. From the beginning
of the journey I had noticed tlmt these
young chaps had been#observing me pretty strongly, and 1 caught u couple of
them pointing to me aud nudging each
other—I'saw the thing out-of the tail of
my eye—when the conductor approached
my seat and addressed me by name.
"Therefore wheu I happened to catch
Eight of a little game that was going on
among the four In the smoking compartment I kept them in good view, although
I didn't suppose they knew I was watching them. I saw that n quart bottle was
being passed around qpjong them pretty
freely. Now, there was nothing unusual
nbout thut, of course, but I Immediately
formed strong suspicions when I observed that three of them were only pretending to take their drinks of liquor out of
the glass the porter provided, while the
fourth, n young fellow who had a lot of
exceedingly valuable jewelry scattered
nbout his person, wns actually gulping
the liquor down nt a grent rate nnd was
obviously becoming foolishly intoxicated.
Now, it naturally struck me as a queer
thing, the cautions nnd furtive wny the
three young chaps emptied their glasses
Into the spittoon wheu the fourth young
fellow wasn't looking, nud in view of the
lutter's possession of so much fine jewelry it looked like a fair calculation that
they didn't menu any good to him.
"Finally, when the fourth man was
very much intoxicated, to Judge hy his
bo-Sterotts manner, I saw the three who
had been dumping their drinks tip each
-other the wink, and then oue of them,
after looking around with great furtive*
ness, pulled a small vial out of his vest
"I am free to say that I possessed quite
a degree of inward excitement over Uie
prospect of nipping such n brazen piece
of 'knockout' work right during the accomplishment thereof. The young man
with the vial signaled to one of his pals,
and the pal poured out a stiff drink from
the fresh bottle which the porter had
just brought in. Then the young fellow
w'th the vial dropped ahout ten drops
therefrom into the glass of liquor. Now,
you might suppose that it was up to me
right then to 'cut in,' but It wasn't. A
man can't get the full punishment prescribed for handlers of 'knockout* drops
until he has actually Served the stuff to
his victim, nnd 1 wus so sore upon this
party of three robbers lhat I wanted to
have the best case possible against them.
So I kept my hand out of the business
until I could see the end of the play.
The youth who had used tho 'knockout'
drops handed tho doped glass of liquor to
the intoxicated chap who wns manifestly to be the victim of tbe three, and he
took it greedily and gulped it down. Then
he gradually censed his boisterous talk-
tug. rested his head back on the cushion
of his chair and, v. ith his mouth wide
open, apparently yielded to the effects of
the 'knockout' fluid.
"As soon ns he had succumbed—I saw
It alt through a glass pane in the partition lie!ween, the smoking compartment
and the body of the car—the three exchanged significant glnnees, and then
they leaned over their apparently unconscious, companion and began to strip him
of his jewelry.
"I reached the door of tho smoking
compartment In two jumps.
" Trolly coarse work, sons/ I said,
just showing tlft-m the gun 1 had in my
hnnd, but not levelling It at them, 'and I
am surprised thnt you should be so foolish as to tldnk that you could get nwny
witb the goods lu such a raw way. Now,
I've seen the whole game from tho beginning, and the three of you nre to con-
eonslder yourselves.corrniled, as perhaps
you know my name Is Plnkerton, nnd I
have the authority to put you under arrest.'
"The young fellow who was being robbed when I broke In slumbered on wiih
his mouth wide open, and the other three
looked terribly alarmed, Their faces got
red. and they begnn to reproach each
" '1 told you he was Plnkerton,' one of
them snid bitterly.
MJI didn't want to get mixed up In this
job, anyhow,' said another.
" 'Even if Plnkerton wasn't on the
train you idiots ought to've known how
this train Is watched,' said the third.
"'Say, what are you going to do with
us?' nil three inquired of me at once.
" 'I'm going to take tlie bunch of you
off the train nt the next stop nnd make
complaint against you,' 1 replied, 'and 1
can give It to you pretty straight thnt
you're nil In trouble und a whole lot of
"Then the 'unconscious victim' couldn't
hold lo nny longer. Lie jumped up nnd
let out a ronr that drowned the screeching of the engine's whistle, and then he
fell back into his chair and held his sides
and shrieked. Tlie other three likewise
toppled into tbeir chairs and just moaned
witb joy.
"Oh, well, ft didn't need any end on
collision to make me see how tbose four
young reprobnlen hnd fooled me. I saw It
then, all right, while they fell back In
Ihetr chairs nnd rocked themselves In
their Rlei*. They offered me n drink ont
of the quart bottle. It contained tea. secured by the porter from the dining car.
The user of the 'knockout' drops pulled
the vial from his pocket and drank off the
contents right before me and smacked
hip lips and remarked that he hadn't tasted «>iich rattling good cistern water for
several mouths.
"The four young -scamps were university lad* on their «*itj - "*, for a bit of a
trip. They had rccQffliir.fd me from pictures of mo published In the Chicago papers ns soon ns ihey got on the car, aud
they had 6xed thp scheme up on me. I:
hit. and 1 bit hard, and (tint's all there is l
abont It I didn't sny a word, hut Silently I
conducted' th** four of them lo tin* buffet
car and lulri them tbat it was all on me."
— Boston Herald.
r icase come In your native dress/1
Ostend —Paw. wlmi is n "white He?"
Paw- It   is one  a   woman  tells  when
she says. "This is m sodden!" to a suitoi
who   has   been   eathtii!   around   for   fiv-t
venni.- t'h;    N ■ « w
Elntorateneia of Modern Fnnotton*
___      Spoils the Fan.
"Did you ever think how complicated
good times are nowadays?" asked one
middle nged mnn of another. "Remember what good times we ased to hnvo
without nny previous spread or ceremony? Well, those days were worth I'ung
tn. When I watch my. children trying to
enjoy themselves, it positively makes me
tired, everything is so studied, so elaborate, so mechanical. N
"Tnke my daughter Grace, for instance. She receives nn invitation to nn
'Informal whist party.' What does she
do? Does she act pleased and dance
around as ber mother would have done
tweuty-tive years ngo? No, indeed. 'Oh,
bother! What shall I wear? If I go, I've
Bltn'ply got to get a uew gown,' is what
she says, and for tlie next week she Is
breaking her neck to get the rig ready.
The affair conies off, nud she conies home
and half the time says she was bored to
death. The fault isn't with her, for the
next day a gang of her friends conies in,
nnd by scraps of conversation which drift
to my enrs I know thoy were ull bored.
She is nbout the average type of girl,
nud, no use talking, she isn't having the
fun her mother had. If she is Invited to
a really formal function, it's enough to
turn the whole house upside down. She
doesn't get any real pleasure out of it at
nil aside from the excitement either,
"It's the same with my son John. But
I won't go Into details ahout John; only
when he even takes a girl to the then tor
his pocketbook looks ns if on elephant
had stepped on it afterward. There's violets nud carriages nnd a dozen other fool
things, while if it's anything more pre*
teutloue thnn the theater—well, my checkbook suffers. Don't care about the money if tht» boy really had a good time, but
hi' doesn't.
"It's all right to talk about this being
the nge of tlio young person, but it's not.
We used to get up simple impromptu little affairs, invite a congenial crowd "nnd
no tomfoolery about it. Kven u picnic
now is a state banquet in comparison
with the good old larks we nsed to have.
These poor, blase, modern youngsters
may be pushing us old fellows to the wall
n bit with their precocious cleverness;
hut, oh, my. they are missing n lot just
the same, Sny, do you remember that little dunce nt"—
But nt this pointJn the conversation
the middle nged man struck a reminiscent mood, so nny more ideas which he
happened to possess on the modern good
time were left unsaid. But there Is a lot
In what he did say, now isn't there?
Love nnd n cough ennnot be hidden.—
"The fiternnl Cits*1
To some temperaments a danger sign is
aa irresistible lure.—"The Strength of the
Marriage is not the end of love, but It-
is the true end of a love story.—"Rosa-
lynde's Lovers."
Uncertainty is the only certain element
in the life of a man whose brain is not
petrified.—"Elder Boise."
Wo are all puppets of our Lady Vanity, who pulls the strings nnd leads us
many a dunco.-"Onr Lady Vanity."
The wider your understanding nud the
greater your charity the more patiently
yon will live and let live.—"The Van
Is It well to return and test the materials of the bridge which hns just carried
thee over the flood in safety?—"She
Stands Alone."
There is something that Is much more
scarce* something tiner fnr, something
rarer, thnn ability. It Is the ability to
recognize ability.—"The Philistine,"
All workers like to be bothered a little.
It ts a wise woman who does not bother
them too much. The attention Is •flattering ns long ns It Is not annoying.—"The
The heart of a man Is always ready to
admit a ray of sunshine, and it takes only
n smnlfone, after nit. to dispel the shad
ows when love dwells thereiu.—"The
Portion nf Labor."
It's just the worst part of ordinary life
thnt one Is fettered with a ready made
identity, often n horrible misfit. In the
choosing of which oue has no voice at all;
A Queer Mnrrlnjre Cuatom.
The Scandinavian bridegroom gives
bis betrothed a prayer book nnd many
other gifts, which usually include n
goose. She, in turn, gives him; especially In Sweden, a shirt, ond this he InevtP
ably wears on his wedding day. Afterword he lays It away, and under no circumstances of state or poverty will he
wear It again while nllve. But he wears
It lu his grave, and there are Swedes
who earnestly believe not only In the
resurrection of the body, but in the veritable resurrection of the betrothal shirts
of such husbands os hnve never broken
their marriage vows. The Swedish widower must destroy upon tho eve of his
second marriage the wedding shirt his
first wife gave him.—Woman's Home
Some En-ffllah Men*.
According to Tho Canadian tlazette a
woman lu England said not long ago to
one who came from the city of Quebec.
"I suppose you frequently see the falls
of Niagara?" "Ob, yes," was the reply.
"I often take ■ morning walk there before breakfast," adding, "It Is outy about
COO miles."
According to nnother story, nt the time
of Queen Victoria's jubilee In London
a Indy of rank sent nu Invitation for a
garden party to some Cannrlhins. It
wna-a very pleasant letter and wry kind
Iv f\pr*»nsi*d. nnd she ended  by  saving.
Loat the  Hundred.
Willis—What makes you so blue, Wallace?
Wallace—Why shouldn't I be blue? A
fellow offered a hundred dollnrs for n
case of catarrh he couldn't cure, and I
let him try his band on me.
"Welt, what of It?"
"Why, he cured  me, confound ltl"-
The Braver Sex.
"1 am afraid," said a certain small
boy's mother, "that you ore overeating.
Aren't you a little apprehensive?"
"No." wns the answer after due deliberation. "I'm not afraid. You know ladies are  naturally timid."
Jack—Tou seem afraid to pop the question.
Billy—No. I'm afraid to question
Casey—Well, ye can't prevlnt what*a
past and gone.
Cnssijy—Shore, ye could av ye only
acted q tick enough.
Gase>—-How could ye?
Cassidy—Shtop it befoor It happens.*
A  Neighborhood   Advantage.
"Don't tho tramps evor visit your
"No; there's an employment agency on
tho comer."
Involving   a   Traveler,   a   Hackman
and the  1.utter's Advice.
"Some time ago," said a Cleveland
man, "business carried me on a swinging
trip through the west. I was due to
make Helena, Mon., on a certain afternoon, nnd tho connection from Ogden
wns a bad one. We arrived at Butte
about 5 a. m., nnd the train for Helena
left there nt 0 o'clock from another station. Bed eyed nnd hungry, I descended
to the dreary platform and gathered unto
myself u hackman. He assured me he
knew of a good place where I could get
breakfast, nnd that part of his tale wns
true, for he drove me to n very good
ehophouse, where an excellent meal wns
served me. So good indeed wns the coffee thnt I lingeretl over it until he bade
me hasten lest I lose the train.   v
"As uo other train left thero for Montana's enpitnt city until late in the afternoon I did as I was bid. Ou the hack
wns my.stenmer trunk, nud soon the entire outfit drew up at the station pint-
form exactly four minutes before the
train was to start. As I alighted tho
hackman advised: 'Better get your ticket, enptaln, while I get the trunk down.
You haven't much time left.' Sound nd-
vice that, which I saw the force of and
hastened to tnke.
"Returning with tho pasteboard In my
hnnd, I wns surprised to find the hack-
man seated on my solitary piece of baggage. 'Here, you,' I remonstrated, 'look
lively therel 1 wnnt to get that trunk
"Without moving ho replied: *You'd
better pny my bill tirst.  It's five dollars.'
"'What?' 1 gasped. 'I don't want to
buy the trap.1
" That's what It Is/ he made firm answer, nnd then he added: 'No pay, do        r ]
trunk check.  Babe?'
"With that he arose and stretched himself. He was a bit taller nnd a bit bigger
round, bnt I wasn't suro of the outcome.
1 felt I might, and then again I felt I
mightn't. He noted my hesitation and
took out his watch and turned the dinl
toward me. It wanted exactly one minute of train time. 'I've the same doubt,
captain,' he remarked quietly as he ran
his experienced eye up aud down my figure. 'You might do me or 1 might go
through you, but one thing's certain—
whichever way It came out you'd miss
that train.*
"This, too, was sound advice, and I
took it nud he five dollars, and tben, with
Ins willing nnd able assistance, both my
trunk nnd myself made tbnt train. Ten
miles from Butte a fallen bowlder blocked us, and there we tny all dny. Both
morning nnd afternoon trains rolled into
Helena that evening as ono. Ever since
1 hnve wondered if I had but known of
thnt bowlder's presence In advance
whether I would have taken the later
train in triumph or have gone to a hospital for repairs."
^ Dnffoonerr  In "Hamlet.**
The buffoonery once tolerated In provincial theaters is illustrated in nn anecdote set forth In the memoir of Bnrry
Sullivan, Wright, who wns the First
Grnvedigger, prepared himself to tnke
the house by storm by having incased
his person within a dozen or more waistcoats of all sorts of shapes and patterns.
When nbout to commence tho operation
of digging the grave for the "fair Ophelia," Wright begnn to unwind by taking
off waistcoat after wnistcoat, which
caused uproarious laughter among tho
Bi\f ns fast as he relieved himself of
one waistcoat Paul Bedford, the Second
Gravedi-ggcr. incased himself In the cast-
off vests, which increased tho salvos of
laughter, for as Wright waa getting thinner Paul grew fatter and fatter.
Wright, seeing himself outdone, kept
on tho remainder of the waistcoats nud
went on with his part quite crestfallen.
Hla Ideal Hotel.
When Ll Hung Chung wns In New
Tork in 1S00, he was much Impressed
by the splendors of tho Waldorf, in
which he nnd his entire suit hud rooms.
One dny he sent for the manager of the
hotel nnd nsked him, with the engaging
directness which characterized his in-
tercourne with occidentals, his age. his
salary and presently the cost of tho
building. When he had satisfied Ids curiosity in regard to varlp.Ua details of
hotel management, he said to Mr. Botdt,
"I wnnt you to comu back with me to
I'hiiin and build uui a hotel just like
"Why," Mr. Boldt nsked In surprise—
"why does your excellency wish to havo
such a hotel ns this?"
"So thnt I may hnve hot wnter whenever I want it," said Li Hung Chang.
Decide For Yourself By a Simple   Experiment if  You  Have
Kidney Disease.
Scores and hundreds of |nioplo who aro complaining almost dally of backache, pains.In the limbs, not
unlike rheumatism, and stinging, scalding sensations when urinating, do not know that they aro in reality
suffering from kidney derangements. Gradually they becomo thinner and weaker, experience more or less puf-
finesa under the eyes and swelling of the limbs, and feel chronic diseaso fixing itself upon the system.
It Is not necessary for you to undergo an exp«nsive examination to find out II tho kidneys ore diseased.
You can mako tho examination for yourself. Take a clean glass vessel and allow some urine to stand in it
for twenty-four hours. If at the end of lhat timo thero aro deposits ln the bottom of tho vessel you can bo
certain that tho kidneys are not in healthy working ordor. This test, accompanied by the symptoms referred to above, aro Indisputable evidence of kidney disease.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
There is no longer any question about tho efficiency of Dr. Chaso's Kldney-Llver    Pills    as   a   prompt,
through and lasting cure for every form of kidney disease.   Their combined action on   tho kfdneys and liver
enables them to curo chronic and complicated diseases which cannot bo touched   by   ordinary kidney-  medicines.   You can depend on Dr. Chase's-Kldney-Llver Pills every time.   Ono pill a dose.   25 cents a box, at all
. dealers or Edmanson, Bates Si Co., Toronto. THEMAETSVILLBTBIBME
Iodine stains may be removed by wetting them thoroughly with strong ammo*
uln water.
Cold starch Is improved if there Is added to every table-spoonful of starch half
n teaspoonful of borax dissolved in a pint
of water.
Every housekeeper should know that
soap, as it is an alkali, sets vegetable and
other stains nnd that therefore nil stnins
should be removed before articles are put
iu tlie wash tub.
Black lace may be washed in warm water to which a little borax has been added
In the proportion of a teaspoonful to u
pint. This lace should never be dried by
the tire, ns it will turn rusty. To sponge
it use an old black kid glove.
If discolored linen articles art boiled in
bine wnter two or three times, then put
into clear water nnd afterward rinsed in
blue water in which n small piece of
whiting hns been placed, it is said; it will
will make them look worth your trouble.
To prevent black stockings assuming a
greenish hri« sfter being washed a few
times,.use in washing them a soap free
of soda, and to the last rinsing water add
n teaspoonful of good vinegar. Wring
and clnp into shape. A hot iron has u
tendency to destroy (he color, mure particularly if they are damp.
Correcting n Mhfnppr«li*»*a-iioti.
Ned—Miss Stuyvesaut told my sister
that you asked her to marry you twice.
Tom—No; I didn't. I asked her twice
to marry me once.-
The race troubles will continue in
the country ns long ns men bet on
.the wrong horse.
tl oil hates a coward and the devil
lows a traitor.
Try tt.—It would b-o n fifos-9 Injustice to con*
formdthiit.it;\:ui ;nllii>aliiij,'ii.*TQiit~Dr.Thomas'
SljloctrtcOiJ, \rith tho ordinary ungUonts, lotions n:id snivc.-. Thoy aro oftentimes (nflan*
imtory (in.l a-;rin™e:!t. This Oil is, on thocon-
tiury, emi loutly coplinflf nnd Sooth Jug whon an.
piled extern illy tp rcli'-vipuiii, ami powerfully
rtmuiUa'. vhc-u swallowed.
Life is  fulj of trials ami the luw-
yeis nro glud of it.
Love thy neighbor ns  thyself   and
justice will  havo sway on enrth.
Messrs  C. C. Richards & Co.
(ientlemen,—Last winter I received
great benefit from the use of ■MlN'-
AIIU's LINIMENT In a flsver-a irttnek
ot' LaGrlppe, nnd I havrt frotpieiitly
proved it to be very effective In
cases of Inflammation.
Never sny fail.
Truth  is its own reward.
Falsehood never fails to fail.
"Truth  is stranger than fiction."
SuKKPI-'RSSS't.^g iMdiirt to  anr-roiia ok-sUa-
mont. Tht.-aclicatoly cousHtutoa, the financier*
tne business mnn nnd tnoso whoso occupation
nocpssltatos great niontal strain or worry, all
sulier moro or loss irom it. Sloop is tba groat
restorer of n worried brain, nud to got sloop
cleanse tho stomach from nil IrapuriUoswith a
few.doses of Partneloe's Vcggtablo rills, gelatine oonted, c(nifaiuin*T no mercury, ana nr**;
iTv-irantcod to *rivo satisfaction or tho money
will bo refunded.
Troubles come when least expected.
J3o   prompt    in    keeping your  np-
"Fromiso but littlo, and fulfil whnt
yo i promise."
For tho Hound Trip to
Feb. 17-22.
For further   particulars  apply   to
any Agent Canadian Northern liy.
Traffic Manager.
Cures Coughs and Colds
at once. It has been doing;
this for half a century. It
has saved hundreds of
thousands of lives. It will
save yours if you give it a
chance. 25 cents a bottle.
If after using it you are not
satisfied with results, go to
your druggist and get your
money hack.    ....
Write lo S. C. Wem,s & Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
Karl's Clover Root Tea corrects tk. Slomacb
PeiiTO Lussier of Lac VVeedou Was
Indeed, in an Unfortunate Plight
—lie Expresses. His Thanks   Por
ft Complete Restoration
and Strength.
1 Health
Br-enkln? It  Gently.
"Well, John, how are things going at
"Why, sir, the magpie's dead."
"Poor Jack!   What took him off?"
"We think, sir, it wns entiug too
much horse ment."
"How's thnt? Where did he get the
horse meat?"
"I am sorry to tell you, sir, that both
the carriage liorses died."
"The horses den(11 Whnt ailed them?"
"It must have been overwork drawing water to the fire."
"Fire!   Whnt fire?"
"Why, sir, the hall wns burned to the
VGrent heavens! How did thnt happen?"
"It caught Are from the funeral torches, sir."
"Whoso funeral?"
"Your mother's, sin"
"My poor mother dead! How long
was she III?   What was the matter?"
"Well, sir, sho never held up her head
after your father's death."
"My father tool. Tell me the cause.
SpeaR. man!"
"He took to his bed as soon as be
hoard the bad news, sir."
"Had news!   What do you mean?"
"That the vessel that held his whole
fortune had been lost at sen.'*   •
Sow. Ilere'a a Man—
"What," asked the dreamer, "would
rou do if you could he a king for a day?"
"Ale?" answered the practical man.
'I'd borrow enough money to live on for
'he rest of my life."
Young folks in the country often
make love nt a rattling gate.
Luc   Weudon,    Quebec,   Jan.   20.—
I (Special).—Pierre Lussier is a    farmer who like every other    husband-
'inur. has much work which must be
.done in its season.   Many of a (turner's  duties    will     not admit  of a
'postponement;   they  havo  to  \jq  nt-
jtCMlec*. to promptly, and poor Aloiis.
Lussier had not the strength  lo do
those toilsome   tasks.     Ho had    no
children    to   help him on the   farm,
and ns  vigorous and     trained arms
aro necessary, ho was feeling    very
downcast on account uf his Inability
and  weakness.
ITo had one of the worst forms of
Kidney Disease, and this reduced his
strength to that of a mere child. The
pain ho had to bear was very great,
and always seemed to come or. iiln
worse just at tho time that he had
some important work to do.
Ite had suffered   In this way    tor
.■er twenty years, sometimes !
sometimes worse, but always
and suffering, and constantly growing worse, till for tlie last two
years he was unable to do anything,
He decided to try a treatment of
Politic Kidney Pills, and from the
very lirst dose he began to improve,
After he had used eight boxes lie
wns well enough to work again, but
he kept on using the pills till now
he,is well mid strong.
For years lie could not walk a
quarter of a mile without assistance,
but recently ho walked eight miles
without resting.   Ho says :
I owe it all to Dodd's Kidney
Pills, which have done wonderful
things for me."
This cure of sucli a severe case of
over twenty years standing- is ro-
gafded by our people here who know
the facts as littlo short of a miracle.
Truth doesn't always come uppermost at the start, but it gets there
sooner or later.
Man is
as positive as woman    Is
Give a man an
i tumbler full.
inch and lie wants
JIM'S LINIMENT Relieves Neuralgia.
Common sense In an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom
Falsehood travels faster than truth,
but while falsehood dies, truth lives
itultPto. Jlarie, Owen Sound, Tor-
out ii nnd Easfcvlq Lakes, T*i;ri.
Jay, Thursday und Saturate	
xuosu Prl„ and Sup	
■.nirom, xoronto. now
Katti vhiaU rati., dally	
Ifat I'orf-uKCund inter-neilie to point j
-Alois.nr, L&qdn Rpnnotand ia tar rim-
d taw points Thurs*only	
Forty eo It l'i.iil-ic\!*'*a:i(!im,C\iV.iry,
Nlu-.il   llllCl      ell     J.i'*.t*:H;-y   I'l.-l
nil coast polnUtOnlly .,
Portagelu PraU'io« ijuuidtm and inter mod iuto points duiiy except
Gladstone, Nuftp-r.vti, Uinaedosa and
iit-naieaiate pblnt ■•*, daily axe ut
(teal X-ic.'ro, \'orktr.n m-d ktoniH**.!.
late points, Mon,, Wod,, and "ri.
T.;c3.,Tlntr3.1 nndK.it	
k'apivi City. If:im tot .1, Winlol^Taes-
Mnn.,',Vod,, nnd Frl	
Jirdea, JDaloraiaa and intermediate
piiinta d lily e>;r. -\>t Sunday	
4apmka, Alumnda am! inLcrx-yliad)
points, dally excopS Sunday via
Tuos,KThur«andSat *
luraboro, So;*.!-:*; m.'J ii-tera-.'.ditit-j
point-i, daily rr.-jrptSiHinay	
Ipc-ituna, llujton, Areola and Inter-
rnouiaro noiat-.-j, tiuu., Wod,. nud
Fri. via Brandon 	
a  TiK!j.,-]:liur.,niid Bat, via Brandon
ncbysbn-o, Uu-scn, B-.'nful!*,-2-Mo-
van, l,uc3,,'i,hurs.iyat.. via Brand-
How's This?
Wo offor One Hnndrod Pollhrs Howard for
nn   caso i f Cii'a.-i'u t.iu  oaanot be curod by
Ilall'a Catarrh Cur-v.      ■     „ ■   , ,    _
F.J. GHBNE5A0O,, Propg., Tolodo O
We, the nnderalsuod. have known F J.
Chonoy for tho last 1I> year.-;, and believe him
porloc.ly honorah o In all business transactions.
iiutHiuancially able to carry ou-i t r-y obligation
made by their firm, , , ^ , , "J*.
vv*lst*kTi:l'.vx, Wholesale Prnggtsts. Toledo,
O. YfAXJUdSQ, Kinnan a Maiivlv, Wnolosala
iirnfr/Tisti', Toledo. O „
Jlall's Catarrh Cure Ifl tnkon internally, act-
Inff (lircelly upon tho bloodcnd mucons surfacos
of tlio system, Price %o pur bottlo. Sold by
all draajmsts, Testimonials free.
Hull's Family Pills are the best,
Baseball pitchers, letter carriers,
and preachers arc all judged by their
The* same opportunities make a
hero of one mnn, and an ass of another. "*
Aatniala  Learn  lo  D« ThU-ss  Tkat
Serve   Their   Purpoa-a-i.
"AdIuiiIs show* preat aptitude la learn*
ing things that are of peculiar interest to
them in the struggle for existence," snid a
gentleman from oue of the nearby parishes, "and I have been very much amused at times at the little things they do in
an effort to comfort themselves offd to
make life's burden as light as possible.
They are very astute at times.
''We have nu old bay horse which is
an expert when it comes to slipping tbo
bridle, and even since we hove discovered
his peculiar trick it is almost Impossible
to keep biin hitched on account of the
proficiency he has acquired by Jong practice. He is one of the best uatured horses
I ever saw, aud it is the easiest thing bi
the world to catch him. Really, he will
meet you half way In the pasture if he
thinks you are coming after him. He
probably does this because he delights in
slipping the bridle and getting away from
you and probably causing you to walk
several miles after sunset. For a long
time I could not understand the ease witli
which be would slip his bridle aud get
"1 was always extremely careful about
the throatlateh and would buckle it up
no tight thnt it would seem almost.cruelty
to animals to force It any farther. In
spite of this precaution, in a short while
nfter the horse was latched he would slip
tbe bridle, leave it dangling from the post
and gallop playfully down the rood. Frequently I would hnve to walk miles in
order to get hack home. I linnlly concluded to make a closer study of the fellow in order to find out just how it was
he could slip his head through a throat-
latch that bad been buckled so tightly under his neck. I learned how it was. lie
hnd a way of swelling the muscles of his
throat and neck until there wns probably
a difference of several inches at tlie point
where the throatlateh circled his neck
near the head. He would keep his throat
in this abnormal condition until be was
hitched and the rider wns out of sight.
Then he would relax the muscles, rub his
head against the post until the top of the
bridle slipped over his ears, and 'then, because of the laxity of tbe throatlateh, it
wns an easy matter for him to pull his"
head through the frame of the bridle and
skip out.
"In spite of the discovery, the old bay
still slips the bridle, nnd I suppose be always will.    He seems to enjoy it more
thnn nnyf-hing else ln the world, and I
■ever ptlnish him for ft now, ns this is
really the only fault he hns.    Bnt it is
very  trying  to one's  patience  when  a
fellow is forced to splash through the
mud for several miles, and after dark at
•hat." ______
tSnmy Han.
"Did yon marry "an Industrious,
working mnn?" snid .Miss Cayenne.
''Yes, indeed," said the girl with the
picture hat. "Harold is never idle. He
plays golf all summer and whist all win-
ter."— Wfliihlmrtnn Star.
Whatever   you   do in business   re-
that it   is originality   that
judge   the
by    those
cigars    a
he    gives
THEY NEVER FAIL-Mr. 8. M. Uourimst,
I.auKton, writesi "For about two years I was
troubled with Inward Piles, but by using Par-
molee'fl Pills, I wns completely cured, and al-
tlioiifih four yearn havo elapsed sinco then tho
havo not returned." "rnrmeleo's Pills aro anti-
bilious ami a specific for tho cure of Liver aad
Kidney Complaints, Dyspepsia, Cos'.iveaoss,
I 'ofldacho, l'Uos, etc., and will regulate the so-
cretiomaiul remove ail bilious matter.
The wise man acts only after careful deliberation. His mistakes are
Il' money talks, a dollar ought to
say muny wise things. It has cents
HMD'S LINIMENT for Sale Ererywto
Ilurkc im a  Dorc.
Tbe most eloquent essay carefully pre
pared hi'forHiaiid when delivered by one
Wanting the orator's gift? may as a
speech he an lit tot" failure. Hnrke h per
haps the most striking oxathplo of this
lie simply drove everybody away. This
is well and nWiislngly described by Lord
Ersklne to the American embassador, Mr
Hush, who had asked htm ahout Ilurlu-'.-
"It was execrable," snid lie. "I wns I»
the house of commons when lie made hi*
great speech on American conciliation,
the greatest he ever made, lie drove ev
orybody nwny. I wanted to go out with
the rest, but wns near him and afraid to
get up, Wo I squeezed myself down nml
crawled under the benches like n dog tin
til I got to the door without hhj seeius
me, rejoicing In my escape. Next day I
went 10 the Isle of Wight. When the
speeeh followed tne there, I read it over
nnd over again. I could hardly think of
anything else. I carried it with me nnd
thumbed it until it got like wadding foi
my gun."
Why the Detrolter Could Sot Bay the
Farmer's A it pica.
It was a Detrolter who was hunting for
apples in northern Michigan, and, having
got track of something extra, he drove
out several miles to see tbe farmer. There
were apples in plenty, and tbe buyer
started in to do business. He was checked
up almost nt once, however, by the farmer, who said:
"Stranger, did yon tnke notice of my
daughter Hetty ut the house?"
"Why, yes, I. Bay a very smart looking
girl," was tlie reply. "If she Is your
daughter, I must congratulate yon. How
many barrels of Spies did you Bay you
"Yes; Hetty is a smart gal and a good
gal," mused tho farmer without reference
to the apple question. "There are nbout
six fellers around here who arc shining
up to Hetty."
"Yes; a girl like her Is never without a
lover," said the buyer. "She'll be stopping off before.you know It. I should say
you had at least twenty barrels of fall
"But Hetty's a-Iookln' a leetlo higher—
a leetle higher. She ain't satisfied to marry no fanner's hired man. Sho kind o'
feels thnt she belongs nmong the style.
Did you notice her walk?"
"I noticed that she had a very graceful
glide for a country girl. How many
Seek-no-furthers  do   you   think  you've
"And her hair is done up same as they
wear it ia Chicago," chuckled the father
as he proudly straightened up. "Mcbbe
you didn't notice her feet, but she only
wears No. 4 shoes, and they've got high
heels on."
"Vest I see. But wbat about the apples? How many Greenings have you?"
"And Hetty's jest as good as she is pur*
ty. She has never caused us an hour's
trouble. If any one Is looking for a wife,
they might go a heap farther and fare
"But I'm not looking for one," replied
the "buyer. "I'm here to buy apples,"
"Vou dida't hear about Hetty, then?"
"And you didn't come out to get a loeh
at her?"
"No. I'm here to buy your apple crop." ■ -	
"Hetty would make some man a might/  thoy
smart wife. There ain't many like her,"   | cure
"Yes; she's a fine girl, no doubt, but t
couldn't marry her If I wanted to. I've
got a wife and three children."
"Oh, you havel Why didn't you say so
at once?"
"Because I didn't know that Jt made
any difference. Have you many Snows?"
"You can go right on, stranger—right
on," said tho farmer, with a wave of his
"But I'm here to"—
"Yes; I know. I've got tbe biggest apple crop In Michigan, and yon want to
buy 'em, but you can pass right along.
The apples and Hetty go together this
year, and you caa save your breath to
carry you out of the gate and lato your
buggy I"
Make the Mother's Life One of Cars
and Worry—How to Keep Baby
Healthy und Happy.
Indigestion is one of the moat
common diseases of infancy, and it
is also one of the most serious, for
unless it is controlled the constitution will be weakened, other diseases will find easy lodgement, und
tho child's whole future will be imperilled. At tho first sign of indigestion, or any trouble of the stomach or bowels, Baby's Own Talduts
should be administered. They act
With promptness and perfect safety
in strengthening the stomach and removing; the offending material. Mrs.
W. 0. Tefft, Murkham, says : "Up
to tlio time my baby was a month
old, ho was a perfectly health;
child. Then his stomach began to
trouble him. He looked pinched and
starved; his tongue was coated and
his breatli offensive. - He vomited
curdled milk, and was also constipated. After taking his food he
would scream with pain, and ul*.
though ho seemed always hungry
his food did him no good. Ho was
so restless nnd sleepless that I was
almost worn out. Medicine seemed
to do him no good until wo gave
him Baby's Own Tablets. I gavo
him the tablets and they helped bim
almost immediately, and in a very
short time ho. began to gain in
weight and is now rosy and healthy.
Baby's Own Tablets cured my baby
when nothing else helped him, and" I
would not be without them in the
This is the only medicine for littlo ones that, gives an absolute guarantee of purity. Milton L. Horsey,
M.A . Sc, (McGill) one of the tie-bt
known analysts in America, says:—
"1 have made a careful chemical
analysis of Baby's Own Tablets. My
analysis bus proved that the TabhHs
contain absolutely no opiate or narcotic; that they enn be given with
por feet safety to tho youngest in-
,fant, and that they are a safe ond
effective medicine for the troubles
are   indicated   to relieve   end
FBUE1.S    FitOM    THiS
Its Symptom)- Mu.de Manifest By u
Coated Tongue, Bad Bieath, Bad
Taste in the Mouth and .Pains
Extending to the Shoulders.
From the Broekville Recorder.
Sufferers from liver troubles find
life one of almost constant misery,
growing worse and worse unless
prompt steps and the proper remedy
bu taken to restore the organ to Us
natural condition. Mrs. Josepn Le-
claire, of Brockvill , was such a
sufferer, but has been happily ie-
leased from the trouble by the only
medicine known to thoroughly ie-
storo this Important organ to its
normal condition, once disease hus
fastened upon it. To a reporter,
Mrs. Leclaire willingly gave her
story for publication. She said :—
"Fur a long time i suffered severely
from complications of the liver and
dyspepsia, I would awake in the
morning with pains under my shoulders and in my stomach. My tongue
was heavily coated, and 1 had a
horrible taste in my mouth, especially on urisiug in the morning. 1
was constipated, and at times my
head would aclje so badly that 1
could scarcely let it rest on the pillow. There wus such a burning sensation in my stomach at times that
it felt as though there was a coal ol
flro in it, The pain was especially
severe after eating, and for months
my life was one of misery. A friend
advised me to take Dr. Williams'
Pink Fills, and I did so. After
using tho lirst box, there wus a material improvement, and in the course
of a few weeks longer I felt that 1
was completely cured. My tons'io
was cleared, the bad tasto left my
mouth, tho pains disappeared, and I
am as well as ever I was. lieiine
taking tho pills I suffered from liron-
chilis at times,.but it has pover
sincj troubled me. I can recommend
Br. Williams' Fink Fills to anyone
who suffers as I did."
Jlr. Williams' Fink Pills restore
health and strength by mukimr new,
rich red blood, thus strengthening
every organ in tho body, 'ihe/ tie
nut act merely upon the 'lymptoms,
as ordinary medicines do, but go directly to the root of tho trouble. In
this way they cure such diseases ns
liver and kidney troubles, rheumatism, paralysis, St. Vitus' dance,
heart troubles, sick headaches, anaemia, and tho irregularities that
make tho lives of so many women
ono of constant misery. Do not bo
persuaded to take any substitute ;
see that, the full name "Dr.Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People" Is on
the wrapper around every box. If in
doubt, the pills will be sent post-
for Si!.50, by addressing the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Broekville,
When a man is paid for playing he
calls it work.
Wheu a bee loses its temper,
out for a stinging retort.
Money -"nlka.
--Word, fail to express my love," he laid.
"My lon-pio at the tar's tt tolkal"
"Well, it you a«d help," aha replied, wkh a
'****JBnerabe- tbat money talka."
Tuos., liur.. Site, via Brandon,
ifet'in. St. Paul, ClilMxo, dally- ...
V.03t Sollarlt, Mon,, V>«l. and I'M..
.. Tt**:. 3-Jjttrs., and Sal	
Stonewall Toulon, Tnes., Th-ir., Bat. 12 !0 | IS.SC
Kmerson. Mon., U cxl„ and Fri I 7.r,0 |l7.10
1. W,,*u*S0N Era;        vJT'is. mcPhebson," i
tf«a. .'"c.r.t. eeB.Paja.jl**
The Amateur.
"Yes," pnlil the poison who line] attended (lie pni-ly, "MIhs Krepouniler tvttfl
there, nud we had to bog and beg her to
"And did r.ho play?"
"Oh, yes. I thought for a time that we
would have to teg and lie;- bor to stoD."
Glass, It washed In cold water, will ba
brighter and clearer than if washed ln hot
A pan of lime set on tbe shelves near
Jellies, fruits and jams will prevent tbeir
To clean mahogany wash It with warm
water and soap. Then apply beeswax
and sweet oil and polish with chamois.
A little kerosene oil judiciously applied
with a flannel cloth will do wonders toward renewing the youth of a sewing machine.
In bottling pickles or catchup boll the
corks and while hot you can press them
In the bottles, and when cold they are
sealed tightly.
A largo rug of linon crash placed under
the Bowing machine will catch threads,
clippings and cuttings und save a deal of
swooping and dusting.
Chinese and Japanese matting may bo
much Improved by sponging with strong
salt and water, but the wet must not be
allowed to sink through.
TlitTbcst disinfectant for use In the
bathroom is copperas; Dissolve a couple
of pounds of it In about a gallon of hot
water and pour a portion hot down all the
drains. It is eusily handled and has ne
.Such, an endorsement from so high
an authority, stamps Baby's Own
Tablet:; us the safest, tho surest and
the most reliable medicine for the ills
of children.
Iluby's Own Tablets arc good for
children of all ages. They reduce
fev-jr, euro colic, prevent and cure
indigistion nnd constipation, cheek
diarrhoea, sweeten the stomach, allay the irritation accompanying 1hc
culling of teeth, and promote sound,
healthy sioep. Uuarunteed to ton-
taiu no opiate. Crushed to a powder or dissolved iu water, they can
bo given with absolute safety to the
youngest infant. Sold by all dealers at 'M cents a box, or sent postpaid on receipt of price by addressing the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Ilrockville, Ont.
Many a woman's popularity is duo
to what she forgets to say.
Anxiety is the poison of life ; the
parent of many sina and of moio
miseries. Why, then, allow it
know that all tho future i
id iy a Father's hand.—Blair
Ooras eanss Intolerable pain. Hollowsy's
Cora Cure removes tho trouble. Try it and soo
what amount of pain is saved,
It's funny that a horso can go
mile by only moving four foot.
Rome men nro like dice—easily rattle,1, but hard to shako.
Success at lirst doth many times
undo men at last; many mny say
thut thoy had never boon unhappy il
they had not been happy.—Venning.
Tho phi who poses for artists always leuds a model life.
The superiority of Mother GrnTes' Worm Tt-
terminator is shown by its good eflootson tho
children.  PurchaKO a bottlo uud tiiw it u trial.
The manners which are neglectod
as small things are often those which
decide men for or against you.
Thorotfffh   Drnmnllo Crltlrlnm.
Two young men siit through the fir.^t
net nt a local then ter, then adjourned to n
netghborlug tavern for refreshment The
titihlg Wns lind end would bnve excused
tlie use of stimulants hy any but the piny-
ers. WIihi about to re-enter the build
Ing, only one could produce bis return
"It's nit right," snid he of the check
airily. "Vou remember hlin. lie's with
"Yea," answered the gatekeeper, more
doubtful thnn polite, "but he mny hnve
given his check to some other person."
"Hut he didn't," wns the convincing re
ply. "He's n stflinger here nnd butsu't uu
enemy in the city."
The giile opened wide.
A Happy Home
is mnde happier by a piano or organ
of satisfactory quality. Beyond ordinary comforts arc the delights of
music.   We sell the celebrated
^?   besides, wo usually have a number of
good Instruments,  slightly used   for
salo.    Our prices ond terms will not
impoverish you.
Forrester & Hatcher,
Are yau suffering; from Ner*-< us
Woa rioss, Kidney, Liver or 8i j-
maxr. Complaints, Rheumatlstv
Pains oi* Aches in any part ■ f
yatiffjo.ly? Do you feel yourar-
grovjlno; old too soon ? If you ; re
a ir.;-*.*! with ihe weakness tlva.
results from youthful folly ci
abusing* ilia lav/3 of Nature, I ca:;
curo vou If you will uso niy
The product of yens of study, tlio
realisation of the fondest dreams of
tho weak and worn invalid. It i.-i uoi n
toy belt, bufc a powerful, life-giving Rlec-
trfc appliance, which is now recognized
by tbo highest and best in tho medical
profession as tho only certain means of
restoring powerto wc'ilt and vital organs. -
Tlio strength is quickly restored and
losses corrected,    ttheuraafcio pains are
  quickly dispelled mu\ ail functions of tlie
body developed and made sfro.ig. It sends the blood with a gladsome
bound through the veins, carrying health to the body and happiness to
the heart of the despondent s dferor.
Pay When Cured.
T know there is no better way to prove my confidence in the wonderful curative power of my Belt tlian to curo you before I ask you tn
pay for it, and as 1 DO KNOW" that it will restore strength In evory
instance lam willing to cure first aud ask my pay afterward. .So if you
are weak, breaking down, or ni;*k in any manner ooino to mo, toll mo
your trouble, and let mo cure yon. When you are cured you can pay
me. This oiler is open to any man who will secure me, AU 1 ask h
that the man asking me to take hia ease under these tonus gives me
evidence of his honesty and good faith.
if* Al ITI-fMU Rewaro of old stylo, burning oleotrodo Rolts, which aro using
w#*V I iviiii nn Imitation of my cushion oloctrotloa. My outco contains huii*
dreds of tlieso old belts, discarded as uboIohs and dangerous by porsons whoso bodfoa
have boon Beared mid Boarrod by tbo baremotal electrodes. I will mako spootaltormd io
unyoue baving one of tlicsu old bnck-bin-iiois.
i\\y New niustrntod Book tell-* about my Bolt nnd
i\ly New liiustratoii iiuok teU-i about my H'-li and N
how it cures thu woaknoas ol" mon and wo'mmi.   It l* | COt***™ BT
worth   reading.    1   will Ken* It closely Healed, free. r B\ CL B
upon request.    Call, If possible, and 1   will   explain J*
my llult und wbat Ir. will do.   I will give a troc I Tpr?QT
tc«t to every seeker of proof of what my Belt doos. I ■ ■■ £-* I
Cull or wrlto to-day. J
DR. M, B MCLAUGHLIN, 139 Yonge Street, Toronto, Q;it.
OFFICE nOl'nS-Ou.m. to 8.30 p.m.
m-m women «° £Krt «■ «■>
$12DBA roc      ttttttfi.
BONA FIDE SAllRY    EffiQ'£*K&n
' find ir.crea*i of pi'l-
ni)*. Ideal employment, row brill-ant line*.;
nest plans; old ostftbllshed Huubo.
Bradteiz-Oarretum CD., IM., BmUfoni, o.il.
Mi'm. Homer—Aro tlm pictures yon
bought in Europe »ll landscapes ?
Mis. Nourlch—My goodness no !
Thoy ure every one oil paintings,
Miliard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Norn—You oughtn't to lot those
mon blow k I sees at you like that.
Uro—1 don't. I blow them buck
•evory lime.
Monkey Brand Soap will oloan n house fron
cellar to roof, but won't wn-h d->ili *.■.-.
Poetry is mu&lc in words; nnd music In poetry In sound; both excellent sauce, but they hnve lived mid
diet) poor that made them their me-.it.
—P. Fuller.
tlloway & (kiiipii
Write to u? for pricea of SCRIP.
Got our I.i.-t of Lnoda.
Stocks Hiid   Hondri Bought and  Sold.
We can furnish tho exact amount of
Scrip for any payment on Dominion
Landti.   Do not pay nipti.
An engagement rins on  the finger
a worth two In tho pawnshop.
A Saxon N«:ir Yaar'i Cnitom.
Many curious customs a-itf associations cluster around Now Year's
dny. Tho Saxons in "yo tldon
tymo" used to danco around an apple treo on New Year's eve, singing
a song, to insure a good crop, and
bells wcro rung to announce tho
death of the old year and usher in
the birth of the new. In other parts
of England at midnight the house
door facing tho west was oponcd to
let out tho old yoar, while tho door
facing tho cast was opened to Welcome the blithf new year.
Incense is mentioned In A. D. 490 as
usod In Christian churches, the occasion
beiug the baptism of Clovls of France.
A wlso mnn never interferes with a woman who Is minding ber owu business.-
The fact that Columbus was laughed
ot encourages * lot of fools.—Atchison
Wriin-i  Sliop.
New Floorwalker ita department Btore)
—Whnt ore ymi looking for, sir?
Customer—Small nd/..
Floorwalker— We have oo newspaper
department   Next street north.
Trnclnff film,
African Missionary—Mad you tho Rev.
Mr. Jones staying nt your hotel about
(hii'c weeka ngo?
African King—Don't know, but 1*11 get
the butler to look over the menu cards
and see.
Tn waterproof shoes make a tit 1st tin
of Bitot, four parts; oii re oil, sixteen
parts; WOS, ouo part; spermaceti, ou*
I»» Hen*, No Fire.
"Of course you havo your furniture
Insured ?"
"No; I don't see the use of It"
"Your flat Is fireproof, eh?"
"Seems  to  bo.    Th ore's  never tho
■slightest suspicion of heat in it"—
Philadelphia Press.
An Old Kiittrf.
Mrs.   Newwed—Are   you   fond
Mrs. Coyne—I love one.
Mrs. Newwed—Football?
Mrs. Coyne—No; my husband.—Boston Herald.
The   brightest   people  are   not
ways the ones who cast roflactlons.
Dr. J. D. Ko iogn'B Dyson cry Cordial te a
ipeo ly euro 'or dy.enlory, <li o rlm-a, elml. r.i,
mmrnor cptnplolm, sea sickness and o implalnis
inciden.nl to children teething, it gives Immediate robot to thole sailer ng from ilio affects
of indiscretion in eating nnrloe fruit, oucuin*
bern.ote. It acts with wonderful rapidity* and
never fails toeonquBrthodlsoqso, No ono n n l
foarehol ni if ihuy hnvo a bottlfl *>f this modi-
cino convenient.
\ nuin may smile, nnd smlto,  nnd
still be a temperance ndvocale.
market gardon^ v
nd, ether in ilio home ui
ri t!,o Ixw results from
from J, M, PERKIH8, Soodman,-30 MarltotBt,
WINNIPEG,  ita S«od Annual fro*
W. N.  U. No
/  S-onlightSoap   \
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth more than     REDUCES
Two ounces of impure soap. EXPENSE
Ask for tho  Octagon  Bar.      If   yoar    (;rccor cannot   lupply,   wrlto to
LEVER MOTHEUS,  LIMITKD, Toronto, soniling   liis  l:nmo and aililro.a,
w and   a   trial   sample   of   Sunlight Soap   w.il   bj sont  yon   froo  of coat.
m, y
For Sale Everywhere
Try   our Parlor   Matches. J
They produce a quick LIGHT •
without    any     objectionable •
fumes.    :■'.•.•.* •
hull, :
' Ok
• '"-E. B. Eddy Co., u""SL,
• •
• ••««•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*>•••••••
-V.JF"1 'WI-
**xml *V^r^e^&S^\\ma^*\ I MARYSVILLE
|HIWH.HUIIHIIIIIH-'lll'H'IIWItllt.Hlj.'t»♦ ♦ f ,
The Smelter City
Of East Kootenay
Marysville has a smelter building
Marysville has two saw mills.
Marysville will be a payroll town.
Marysville is growing rapidly
If you would prosper buy property in Marysville NOW.
Offices, Marysviile and Cranbrook.
The Marysville Tribune
SIMPSON    &    HUTCHISON,    Publishers.
J. IllTC1HSON, Business Manager.
Invariably in Advance:
One Year. |3 00
Sis Months, 1 00
The Tribune is published in the Smelter
City ol Eust Kootenay. It gives the news o
Marysville and the district and is worth Two
Dollars ol any man's money.
I i
Dr. Archibald of K mlerley, waa In
town Friday.
John McDonald, of the Central hotel,
who has been ill with his lungs at Fort
Steele returned on Tuesday. Mr. McDonald was glad to get back to Maryaville.
FOR SALE —A Restaurant and Grocery business, as a going concern In Cranbrook. Also a Two Story house and
lot   cheap   and   on   easy terms.     See
Hutch" the Real Estate man.
G W. Bull left last Tuesday for
Grand Forks and Republic. He will
return on Monday. Nest week he will
leave with Mrs. Hull for their former
home at Toledo, Ohio. He expects to
go to Washington before he returns to
confer with Senator Turner.
"Successor to Mcllride Bros."
Tho Oldest Estab'ished Hardware Dealers in East Koote-
CraLbrook, B. C.
(.}$>&&$*&>■&$>&&>■ m^^^<Se^c)x^4^S>
Post Office Store
Druggists end Chemists
We have Fine Perfumes,
Soaps and Etc. Toilet articles
and Sundries. Also a Large
Stock of stationery.
Marysville, B. C.
Subscribe For
The  Tribune
C.ean up your yards.
How Is your printing.
Wbo says Marysville Is behind  the
Work on the smelter Is progressing
very rapidly
M.   N.   Wright   payed   Marysville a
vl-.lt this week.
Ed. Elwell of Klmberley, visited town
on Wednesday.
G.   H. Miner drove up from   Cranbrook on Sunday.
W. F. Gurd visited our town on business on Saturday.
Insurance is not a luxury lt Is a necessity.   See Hutch.
E   J.   Peltier of   Cranbrook,  visited
Mirysvllle on Sunday.
Geo.   Leltch    of Cranbrook, visited
Marysville on Saturday.
Dr.   O'Hagan   returned   from Leth*
bridge on Saturday.
There   are  very   few   idle   men   ln
Marysville these days.
Reported Discovery Near Head of Kootenay Lake.
Winter Schedule Effect on October
East Kootenay   -:■
-;-   Bottling Co
AERATED   WATERS   of   all   kinds.
Syrups,   Champagnes,   Ciders,   Ginger
Ales E.c.    Soda Water In siphons,
most economical way to handle It.
Cranbrook, Ii. U.
White   Laundry
A New Feature
Tourist Sleeping Car
Nest Section
\ .
Leaves Kootenay Landing
East bound Tuesday and
Leaves Medicine Hat West-
bound Sunday and Wed.
For Time tables aod full infr rotation call on or address nearest
local agent.
I have the only White Laundry in
Marysville. Give the White Man a
chance  and dou't boost the Chinaman.
Chas. P. Campbell.
East K oti.inj'ii Leading Undertaker n»d
Licensed Kmlmlmer, Coffins, CaHtets,
Shrouds nnd all Funeral Furnishing eon-
tuntly on hand.
Teli-icroph end Mail Orders promptly ut
traded too.   Often iluy und night,
Post    Ofliin    BOX
Marysville, II. <'.
127  Criinbrook anil
A. G. P. a.
Vanoouver, B. c.
J. S. CARTER, U. P. A.,
Nelson, II. C.
Subscribe for
The Tribune
5.00 a Year.
**«>•» ♦ •*♦•»♦ <♦-** **♦•♦* ** * *-***♦*«.
Wv-tlis undersigned' Hundley * Wull »l*.li
tn nutily "ur many ountomon and tbe public
that on and alter the 91st dny ol March
1001), Unit lhe partnership heretofore exist
inir between us i« dlsolvwl by nttittiul con*
Kent. Mr. Hondley will collect nil bills und
pay all debts nl the said firm.
Dated Marysville, B. 0
Paul Hundley,
.1. ... Wolf.
March -'Ift, 1002,
*Jl++*AM*. ********** ***«#•*
AU kinds of papers drawn and Bef-lstered
Insurance and Mines
Townelte off ce Mirysvlllo.
Offioe at Cranbrook. also.
j j'i'i> i   ~'"'   ■     i «--*,i^*'»*
J. R. DOWNES, Prop.,
The   Handsomest   Dining
Room ln Bant Kootenny
Good Table and every accommodation.
American drinks   I eadlng
brands of Liquors and Sohlltz 1
Famous Beer dispensed by |
the popular bar tender, Chas {
;. Armstrong.
Beale & Elwell,
Notaries,    Insurance,
General Agents,
Klmberly Townnito Representlvea
Marysville, B. r.
Traoc Mahks
Anrone pending n .ketch and dcnertntlnn may
quloklff Rr.rnrti.tn our opinli.n free whether so
Invention I. probably pstenwble. Communlrn.
tlonsntrlctlrconflilentmt. Hsndbookon I'atenu
pen*, free, 'ilile.t Mymirr for eerurlny patent*.
I'ntimte lulten tlirouub Mmm ft Co, receive
rpteiai notUO, without chares, ln tho
Scientific American.
A hr.ndw.molr llln.trstert weektr. I.sreer>t circulation of any ■ntentlfle Journal. Tornm. S3 a
rear: Innr months, $L Sold brail newmleatera.
Branch crflee, m F St., Washington, D. C.
Tommy Turley of Cranbrook,
Marysville on Tuesday.
John Duncan left on Friday to work
at tbe North Star Mine.
Prof. Hlghwarden bas removed his
barber shop to Klmberley.
A very heavy fall of snow visited
Klmberley on Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Peltier and child
visited Marysville this week.
Despatcher Ciapman, of Cranbrook was ln town on Sunday.
J. L. Gates, ofCernle, visited Marysville and Klmberley this week.
C E Held returned ob Saturday
after spending a week ln Cranbrook.
Rsv. Auvauclie, Baptist minister of
Cranbrook, visited Marysville on Saturday.
Harry Itlley left yesterday to take
charge of a machine at North Star
Mr. and Mrs. McBride and daughter
of Cranbrook, visited our town on
The smelter, company are putting lu
their new weigh scales mar the spur
this week.
J. P. Pink of the Port Steele Mercantile company of Cranbrook, visited us
on Sunday.
Mr. McCarter, of Reld & Co.'s store
of Cranbrook, was a Marysville visitor
R. Dudley of Klmberley, left for
Fernie, on Monday to take a position
with the C. P. R.
One of the first rain storms of the
season visited us on Sunday eveninj
and all day Monday.
Mr. Liurier shipped a car of lumber
to Cranbrook on Tuesday. What is the
matter with Marysville!
Better weather th.n this stctloo is
enjoying at tbe present lime cannot be
found lu B.ttlsh Columbia.
J. Wolf and Mrs. Soper of Klmberley,
drove down to Cranbrook on Saturday
and retnrned on Sunday.
A provincial detective 'bas unearthed a horse stealing syndicate iu wester;.
Manif.ba and Asslnlbola.
Elgar Holmes, bookkeeper for the
Fort Steele Mercantile company of
Cranbrook, came tip on Tuesday.
Qjite a number of the cltiiens were
enjoying themselves fishing this week
Tbey all seem to bave good luck
Mrs, Lawlar, cook of the Roval hotel,
returned from Moyie on Saturday,
where sbe had been visiting friends.
Mr. Fraser, the diamond drill ripen
for tbe N irth Star mine arrived Friday
and McKlnstry drove him up to tbe
Rev. Beacham, English cbiirch minister of Cranbiook, came In on Tuesday
and held service In the Royal hotel on
Tuesday evening.
The Main Street merchants have displayed commendable enterprise by
cleaning up the street in front of theli
stores. Ai a consequence the town
looks very much Improved.
Frank McCabe has opened a butcher
shop In the rear part of his.store, and
Is prepared to supply the demand of the
public. The citizens of Marysville
wish Mr. M:Cabe success ln bis new
W F Forrest, Superintend of railways
for Manitoba and British Columbia arrived en Siturday. lie-says Marysville has
one of the best townsites anil Is also
one of most prosperous towns In Man!
toba or British Columbia.
P. E Simpson made the first sale of
lnproved reality tn Marysville thi*
week. He sold Prank McCtbe's store
s'd properly to Albert Mal'or, of
Nelson, who takes p-isvs ion ni x
Situ dav tl' McO-ib.* will move bai k
to W ,'dner, 1* ere a o* trips nv Is putting
!.. a big mill, and In tho meantime pre-
peses to dispose of his stoc't at cost.
A report comes from Kaslo that word
bn been received tbere from parties
tbat gold exists on Cooper Creek, three
miles from Lardo. froulx, Ulvin, and
other men this spring gave the creek a
diligent search, with the result that
tbey have come to the conclusion that
gold does exist ln paying quantities.
They are now organising a company
and will give it a practical teat. Prouix
md Ulvtn are very reticent, but they
are Incorporating a company under the
title nf tbe Cooper Creek Gold Mining
Co. They bave a force of men working
on the ground and have located nine
claims.   Tbey are building a dam aod
ill carry all the waters of Cooper
Creek la a flume pist tbe ground they
Intend working A scow load of lumber
left Kalso a few days ago along with
other supplies, for tbe new company.
This lumber w;s specially cuj by tbe
Kootenay lake sawmill.
The gold Is decidedly coarse and very
often a pan of dirt from the surface
yields 25 cents. There Is considerable
truth lo the report as numerous prospectors .are going Into the camp-
Cooper creek, from the canyou to tbe
rlalway track, a distance of half a mile,
has been staked. People around here
are awaiting patiently for the company
to finish tbe dam and make the test.
If everything turns out as first reported
the stampede to Thunder Mountain aod
Cariboo nil! not be ln lt. About 20
years ago Colonel Fry at tbe moutb of
Fry Creek panned out a large sum. A
slide came down and covered his dig*
glngs and work was suspended.—Slocan
British Columbia News.
Excellent progress Is being made ln
the development work now being conducted in the Le Roi mine. Tbe contractors are pushing ahead ln the* shaft
and ln the drifts at the lower levels.—
Rossland Miner.
Victoria, B.-C. March 31.—Sir Henry
Strong, chief justice of Canada, will
retire from the superior court in September, haying applied to be relieved
to tbe minister of justice. Justice;
Taschereau will take, his place.
Several of tbe smaller towns ln the/
Kootenays  are planning to give race
meetings on   the  Queen's birthday ln
conjunctlonwlth otber sports.
From tbe annual report of the Cows
Nest Coal company we learn that tbe
net prqfits for the year, after paying
all operating expenses and all charges
of every kind, amounted to $370,848.30
After paying dividends at tbe rate of
ten per cent, per annum the balance of
(28.1411.89 was- carried .forward to the
credit of profit and loss; 1,313 men
employed during the year; 036 coke
ovens bave been constructed wltb a
capacity of 1,000 tuns of coke per day
Of the sum of $2,2.r,tj,548 06 expended bv
the company during the year, $911,-
407 15 were paid out In wages and 9346.-
092 41 for freight. The operations for
the coming year will be on a much
larger scale than that of the past
year—Western Mining World.
Bale & Small, Props.
The Pioneer Hotel of the St Marys Valley
Having sold my
place, I will
dispose of my
Stock at cost.
Bargains for
If you wish to prosper
Don't forget to patronize the merchants of the district.
PELTIER,   Of  Oranbrook,
Is the nearest wholesale dea!er in
Liquors, Hay and Oats,
+♦»♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦T+»ttt»t-*-*> •>»•*■•*••»■
Pieper & Currie,
British Columbia Will Be the Final   Rest
ing Place.
McNeill & olayton
A Montreal despatch says arrange
meois have been completed for the
shipment of the remains of -'F.ther
Pat" Irwin to British C >',umbia. It Is
stated tbat the family of th
■'eceased will erect a 'hoi-p^ta
t som: point ln Drlti b Co -
umbld, probab'y N*w Westminster as a
memorial ot the deceased—Trail Cieek
A   Kcrttuent Question.
Representative E C. Smith has asked
the Attorney General the folio n ing
I. What smount wan paid to the Government Agent at Fort Steele, re the
meeting of License Commissioners in
Fernie on Ibe 3rtt of December, 1901?
1. What amount paid out in connection with this meeting, and to whom
Qeneral News.
There was an anarchist.plot In Italy
against King EI ward.
There may be three regiments ln
Canada's fourth contingent.
A $30,000 station may he erected lo
Port Arthur by the Cf. P. B.
Flood damages la Tennessee will
reacii many millions. Twenty-eight
lives were lost.
Great d itn'lon exists amongst the
native wom*n and children around
Cape Nome.
'Alfred Pillcey is the new publisher of
tbe Lardeau Eagle. He starts in right,
and sets a good gait.
It is said to be takinj 1000 men to
keep Dawson warm ibese cold days. The
Alaska Yukon Mining Journal cjii >tes
oue of the ending wood dealers of Daw
s ,n as follows: "Of lb 2000 men *ioo
are sawing voorl in the city snd the
others are eng ged in making roads snd
trails and cutting tbe wood in tbe hills,
while tbe others nre occupied in hauling
it to town, and sellintt it to consumers
Four foot wo d se^ls fur -fto to $ 15 a cord
aud men in town charge from *f3 to #S
for sawing it.
The Sandon Paystreak gives Premier
Dunsmuir a dies'ing down that cuts like
a sabre nml must sting like a hornet.
The article is frank, and the charges
made are ol a nature tbat would make a
guilty man cringe like a slave and an
honest man demand reparation.
Says the Paystrehk: It Is reported
that F J. Deane is lo take Ihe editorial
management qI lhe Nelson Miner. The
Crows Nest Coal company will still own
the plant They have put up $5000 cash
for the linotype machines formerly used
by the Tribune. ,
The Golden Era has joined the ranks
of thedepatted. Tbe past winter has
been a hard one on newspapers run on
the peanut stand policy. A newspaper
is like any otber business, H must be
run on business principles.
Cooper creek, in tbe Lardo country, is
the la est plicer field, and considerable
excitement lias been aroused over some
of the finds. Some of the pans are re-
drted lo have run as bigh ns »J   c < 1 If,
Qeneral Stock of Fresh Groceries, Fine
assortment of Fancy BiscuRS and
the best line of Confectionery
in the town.   Give us « call.
Good   Work.     Good    Material
and the Pri<-*<».
Marysrille, B  C,
Dealers in Paints, Oils,
Glass and Wall Paper.
Painters, Paper Hangers and Decorators,
Marysville and Cranbrook.
. P. BURNS & CO.,
Wholeeale and Retail
Marysville Liven
PAUL HANDLE**,  Proprietor.
Teams    and    Driv-irs,    Pack
Horses and  SaJdie   Horses furnished for any point in the dis
.  Marv-vlll- and Klmb-rly
Fresh and Cured Meats,   Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry..
We supply the b*st.
Your t<ade Is solicited.    W.-have markets In all the principal towns of »rit!*). ColcmMa.
Send to—
REID & CO., Cranbrook,
For overalls, boots and sh -as* rubbers,
underwear, hats, caps, and everything
a man wears
*-*■*-**********************   *******'**?*******-********
S.  M.
Licenced Provincial Ass ■ yer
Lite analytical chemist and control
assayer to the N mn Mluj company,
Every Description of Mineral Anulysls.
Prompt Attention to Samples hy   .lull
and    xprcsH.
Office and Laboratory.
Kootenay St. Nelson, II. C.
(^«xS*M-«-*-$-M<5 <^em^^eMeH^^^®
Marysvilies*  Cloihing
Call and see Our Stock nf Mlnert'
Supplies In Heavy Suoes and
Rubber Hip Boots. Also a New
S'ock of Cent's Furnishings.
Marvsvllle, B. O
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
Offliilal Watch  Inspector for the C. P. K.
Cranbrook, B. C. —
Barr.st-ii, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook and Marysvlll, B. C.
Feed, Sale and Livary Stable-
Pack Horses Furnished at any
Will take Contracts for any kind
of teaming.
Marysville       -      - -      B. C,
Cloihes Washed at the Low
est Prices and Good
Work Guaranteed.
Notice Is hereby given tbat all per.
sons cutting Ortcn or Dry wood on tba
townslte will be pro»ecnted unless they
can produce a permit from tbe Townslte
agenta. Permits may bo obtained by
applying at tho townslte offlce and paying 50 cents a cord In advance. By
The Marysville Townslte and Development Company,
Simpson & Hutchison,
Sole Agente
East Kootenay Hotel
When you are hungry and want a good
meul.   Go to tbe East Kootenay.
When you are tired and want a rest.  Oo to
tbe East Kootenay.
When yon are thirsty and want a drink,
to the Eest Kootenay.
In fact whea you are in Cranbrook.
' tbe East Kootenay.
Stop 1


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