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 hi».-^jBW*-^ Jl'> <>"**^"
'*^^;^e^   tVV'J^p**'-'
UWarysvillc  (Tribune*
Vol i.   .no.
$2.00  t»ER   YEAfc
Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Ho». Q.o. A. Cox, President. B *S. Walker, Gen Man'gr.
PaM ■! capital, $8,000,000.    Raat, $2,000,000    Total reaouroea, $65,000,000.
A genaral banking business transacted. Deposits received.
London. "Hngland" Offloe 60 Lombard Street.
3  Crai jfook Branch    hubert'haines, M8r.
*>»»•*♦•»**•»*•***«*»•♦•**«***♦ *««**•»**«*««*****«*«••«•*
i. A few more Bicycles at cost from *23 to $36.   A car
load «f Carriages just to hand, also a good stock of
Harness. A full line of General Hardware always in
Stock. Plumbing and Tinsmithing in connection..
Rtrnetrber the
Pioneer Hardware Hecobant,
4tewW^>H*HHHee»»*m| ♦»•»♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦
Having taken over the business
of Frank McCabe I hereby solicit
your trade, and will be pleased to
satisfy your wants. We have a
fine line of Groceries, Confectionery and Hardware.
The Big Store.
The Big Stock.
The Big Bargains.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co, Ltd, Cranbrook.
! !|4>iHt>44>t*r>*-*^-M>-M^
A Proof...
of tbe business we are doing I. the amount of goads we are using. Be*
aides our big -»**enlng stock we received a big car joat three aaya before
ChrUtmM. Thi. baa been aold aad anether ear haa been ordered and ahonld
arrive aoout the first of February.
*0 .n't forget that our Mr. Miner doe. fine repairing and npholstelng
OUR MOTTO: Honest Goods, Honest Prices, Honest Dealing;.
Tbe Kootenay Furniture Company Ltd.
J, P, FINK, Manager. Cranbrook
4®*®*®*®*®*®*®*®*®*®*®*®*® ®*®*®*®*®*®*®*®*®*®*®*®*®*
^*V*Wt*^******^*******   »»*W»W#*»WN»1tW#*»W#W*#
Head Quarters for  Mining  and  Smelting
Men. New House, New Furniture Home-
J    like and Comfortable,
The  Royal  Hotel
This hotel is now open and ready for guests.
|H. D. McMillen, formerly with the Cranbrook Hotel, is
[the proprietor, and he prdposes to have
The  Work M  Recovering  Bodies   b
Being Vigorously  Poshed.
Cranbrook Hers Id-
Mr.   Blikemore's  Report.
Mr. Blakemore, the well ltaown mining engineer and former manager of the
Fernie coal mines, bas given ont tbe
following report for publication:
"I am willing to express an opinion on
the present position and tbe prosptcta at
the Fernie mine, bnt make do reference
whatever to the past or to anything
wb' seeded the explosion.
"l tot hear of what had happened
until the Sunday morning wben I reached Revelstoke on a return trip from the
Slmilkameen valley. I at once telegraphed the coal company expressions
of sympathy and proffers of assistance,
and reached Fernie as quickly as possible on Monday night. I visited the
mine on tbat evening and again today
Tbe general superintendedt of tbe company, Mr. Stockett, and the government representative, W. Fleet Robertson (provincial mineralogist), and Alexander Dick (mine inspector), were tbere,
We had a long conference, during which
Mr. Dick gave me without reserve tbe
fullest informstion obtainable with reference to tbe state of affairs, and Ibe
course adopted to re-enter the mine and
recover the bodies. In addition I con
versed with many of tbe workmen who
were perosnally known to me, and
whom I bed brought here from Nova
Scotia when opening up the Fernie mines
in 1898. From the information obtained
from them and from my own investiga.
tions. I came to the conclusion that tbe
disaster was due to an explosion of coaj
dust and not to tbe presence of gas In
any considerable quantity. Without
giving all the technical reasons in favor
of this theory, I may say tbat I arrived
at, the conclusion mainly in consequence
of tbe effect of tbe explosion upon the"
mine and upon tbe bodies of tbe victims.
II a large body of gas bad been exploded
tbe mine would have been wrecked to a
far greater extent, the bodies would bave
been mutilated, or at any rate a greater
number of tbem would, and there would
bave been mare distinct evidences of
fire, both io tbe mine and upon the bodies. As a matter of fact tbere is but tbe
slightest evidence of fire ln any portion
of tbe mine which has beeu explored,
and this conaists ot slight charring and
one or two cases of superficial coking on
the surface of tbe coal, due to local
causes. A gas explosion with such terrible fatalities resulting would inevitably
have caused the mine to cave is to a
very considerable extent. As a matter
of fact the caving in is moderate compared wltb what is usual under similar
circumstances, and has not prevented
tbe officials from maintaining a current
of air in circulation throughout tbe
mine, the only actual difficulty in the
way of this being the destruction of the
overcasts which, however, have been repaired with little delay.
"As to the exact manner in which the
explosion originated, it Is impossible at
the present stage to decide, and may
never be known, but It must bave been
due either to tbe ignition of a small, body
of gas which originated the coal dust
explosion, or to a blow out shot producing the same effect direct.
"Tbe development of scientific knowl
edge especially during tbe last fifteen
years, bas established for the first time
the true character of coal dust as an ex.
plosive elemeut in a mine, and the re-
searches of such well known experts as
Prof. Galloway of Cardiff, and Inspector
Hall of Lancashire, foi.owed by the findings of the British coal dust commission
have fully demonstrated tbe possibility
of a terrific explosion of coal dnst, possibility without any assistance from car-
buretted hydrogen, and in my own ex.
perience I bave known of numerous in
stances in which a blown out shot bas
caused an explosion of coal dust in a
working room in which no gas bas evei
beeu known to exist. Tbis occurred
frequently st one time in the Caledonian
anil Dominion No. I mines of the Dominion Coal company, Cape Breton
while I was in charge, and is well known
to many of tbe workmen who are still at
"Assuming, which I must certainly do
that the reports ot Inspector Dick, recently reprinted, are correct, there couS
not have been in any portion of the
mine a sufficient body of gas to have occasioned such an extensive exposion
except ou the theory that a large feeder
had been suddenly "struck." Against
tbis theory, however, ia the fact that all
the coal seams in tbe Crows Nest basin
are exceedingly porous and give off gas
freely at all times, but are unlikely on
that account to contain any pent up volume, and although the issuauce of gas is
constant, the ventilation, if properly directed, is capable of diluting and passing
It off harmlessly. I think therefore that
it is impossible to come to any conclusion than tbat indicated above, and especially as from the first moment these
mines were opened, they have beeu
demonstrated to be in the fullest sense
of the term 'dry and dusty.'
"You ask for a full explanation of the
■omewhal technical phrase, 'a blown out
shot.' It la a charge of explosive wbicb,
instead of expending its energy it tbe
back of tbf bore bole, shoots out at tbe
mouth of the bole, projecting a body of
flame. I bave known this projecting
flame to extend for as much as fifty feet,
and, of course, to come with terrific!
force, .causing extreme concussiea and of,
Vi>&sm*W&»*St>\     EAST  KOOTENAY  A  WONDER,
I Those «Who Were  Enemiesf
1   In wf r Will Be Brothers
In Peace.
from Cianbrook Berald.
London, Iune a.—In the hoose of commons today the first work of the treasury and goverment leader, A. J. Balfour,
announced the terms of peace in. South
Africa, ai follows: His excellency, Lord
Milner, in behalf of tb* British government; his excellency, Mr. Steyn, General
Bremoer, Oenerrl C. K. i'ewet and Judge
Hertteog acting in behalf of tbe Orange
Free State, and General Schalkburger,
General Reitx, General Louis Both* and
General i Delarey, acting in behalf of
their respective burghers, consent to
terminate the present hostilities and
agree to the following terms:
(1). The burgher forces in Ihe field
will forthwith lay down their arms and
hand over all tbeir gnus, rifles and ammunition of war in their possession or
under tbeir control and desist from further resistance and acknowledge King
Edward VII as their lawful sovereign,
Tbe Winner and details of this surrender
will be arrnnged between Lord Kitchen*
and Commander-General Botha, assisted by General Delarey and Chief Commander Dewet.
(1). All burghers outside the limits
of the Transvall and Orange river colony, and all prisoners "of wsr at present
outside South Africa, who are burghers,
will, on duly declaring tbelr acceptance
of the position of subjects of hia majesty, be brought back to Iheir homes so
soon as means of transportation can be
provided and means of subsistence assured.
(3). The bnrghers so returning will
not be deprived of their personal liberty
or property.
(4). No proceedings, civil or criminal,
will be taken against burghers surrendering, or so returning, for any acts ln connection with the prosecution of the war.
The benefits of this clause do no extend
to certain acta Contrary to '.he usages of
war, which had been notified hy the
commander in chief to tbe Boer generals
and wbich will be tried by court martial
after tbe close of hostilities.
(5). The Dutch language will be
taught in tbe public schools of tbe
Transvaal and Orange river colony,
where the patents desire it, and will be
allowed ln tbe courts of law for tbe better and more effectual administration of
(6). Possession of rifles will be allowed in the Transvaal and Orange river
colony to persons requiring their protection on tsklng a license according to
(7). Tbe military administration of
Ihe Transvaal and Orange River colony
will at the earliest possible date be succeeded by a civil government, and, as
soon as circumstances permit, representative Institutions, leading up to self
government, will be introduced.
(8). The question of grsntlng the
franchise to natives will not be decided
until after the introduction of self government.
(9). No special tax will be imposed
upon landed property in the Transvaal
or Orange River colony to defray tbe expense of the war.
(10). So soon as tbe conditions permit it, a committe of which tbe local inhabitants will be represented, will be appointed in each district of tbe Transvaal
and Orange River colony, under tbe
presidency of a magistrate or other officials for the purpose of assisting in tbe
restoration of tbeir homes, and supplying those who, owing to war losses, are
unable to provide for themselves, with
food and shelter and Ibe necessary
amount of seed, stock, implements, etc.,
indispensible to the resumption of their
normal occupations.
Bis majesty's government will place at
the disposal of tbese commissions the
sum of three million pounds sterling and
will allow the notes issued under law of
1900 of the Sooth African Republic, and
all receipts given up lo officers in the
field of the late republics or under tbeir
orders, to be presented to a judicial commission which will be appointed by the
government, and if such notes and receipts are found by this commission to
bave been duly issued in retuin for valuable considerations, they will be received by the first named commission as
evidence of war losses suffered by the
persons to which they were originally
In addition to the above named free
grant ot three million pounds sterling,
his majesty's government will be prepared to make advances on loans, for tbe
same purposes, free interest for two
years, and afterwards repayable every
period of years with the three per cent
interest. No foreigner or rebel will be
entitled to benefit under this clause.
course ignition of coal dust whenever the
air is heavily charged with the same.
"Tbis blown out sbot may be caused
in three ways at least—either by drilling
the hole further into the solid coal than
the undercutting, or shearing, and so
forcing it to do its work against an unyielding substance, or again by putting
an excessive qusntlty of explosive in the
charge, or by insufficient tamping or filling afte/ the charge has been placed in
the hole. In either case a blow out shot
is certain to result, aud as the result of
thirty years experience it is bard to say
which is the commonest cause. I have
no reason to suppose that the officials of
the* company were negligent in any of
these respects, and do not suggest it,
but I am simply explainiog the details
of the theory wbich I bave formed as to
the cause of the explosion.
"Witb reference lo tbe future, I am
satisfied that tbe officials of the coel
company are doing everything possible
at the moment to recover the missing
bodies, and restore Ibe mine to working
order. Of course, rescue work is both
d fficult and dangerous, and one can
never tell what may happen. If, however, tbe present rate of progress is
maintained, I think that all of the bodies will be recovered wilbin a week from
date, and tbat in a few weeks the mine
will be shipping coal to its full capacity.
Il is certainly one of the most remarkable features ol this calamity that ao little
damage has been caused to the mine.
"(Sg'd). W. Blasemore."
Provincial Mineralogist Kobertson differs entirely from Mr. Blakemore's conclusion, and declares that the generally
approved theory of tbe cxplosiou, holding the machine work responsible, is
necessarily incorrect, as the machine is
found witb boles drilled, but not yet
charged, and therefore in no way connected with the explosion.
Cranbrook Newt.
From the Herald—
R. O. Jennings was broughtdown from
tbe North Star mine ten days ago with a
badly sprained ankle. He returned
Tuesday on crutches.
A clerk's union is being organized ln
Cranbrook. One of the objects of the
proposed organization is to close. tbe
business houses at 6 o'clock-
Fort Steele is preparing to celebrate
Ihe Fourth of July.   An excellent pro
gram will be presented and a good lime
is assured for all wbo attend.
W. H. Wilson of Quebec, has opened
a jewelry store on Armstrong avenue.
Mr. Wilson is an optician aa well as a
jeweler, and looks upon Cranbrook as a
progressive and prosperous town.
Every arrangement had been made for
a large crowd to attend Corpus Christi
services at St. Eugene Mission last Sunday, but unfortunately the day was so
rainy that tbe trip had to be given up.
One week from Saturday tbere will be
a cricket game between Englishmen and
Canadians. The proceeds are to be gives to tbe band. Tbe spirit of rivalry is
strong between tbe two teams and tbe
game will be a warm one.
Tom Rsder of Moyie, was in town laat
Friday. Mr. Rader has great faith in
this district, aod firmly believes that tbe
time is coming when South Eist Kootenay will figure as one of the richest sections on the American continent.
Charles, J. P. and Tim Farrell of
Moyie, were In town last week. Tbe
Farrell boys are old residents of tbis
district, and if every man was as industrious in the work of promoting tbe best
interests of South Esat Kootenay, as tbe
members of that family, it would be a
glorious thing for all of ns.
Captain Armstrong was in town last
Saturday. He says that be does not expect any high water on the Kootenay
thia year, but tbat the highest stage on
tbe Columbia will not arrive for several
days yet. When it does be will take the
North Star through the canal to the other
river, where he is confident he will find
plenty of business for her.
Superintendent Jsmiesor. since coming
to the Crow, baa bad bis bands full.
Never, s'nee the road was built, bas
tbere been such a succession of storms
and consequent disaster In the wsy of
mud slides and washouts. Tbe superintendent, Mr. Erickson, roadmsster, and
Mr Stocks, superintendent of bridges,
have hardly had time to sit down to a
meal in their own homes for the past
three weeks. They are getting everything in excellent shape now.
Up to date Andrew Carnegie has
given {67,000,000 to public libraries. If
be would give a like amount to the
press the world wonld soon be educated
Somebody should put Andrew next' to
tbe fact tbat the press needs money.
iH-rtrJct   Haa   Unlimited   Resoarus  St
Great Richness.
Cranbrook Herald-
That South East Kootenay ll a district
of great resources is a well demonstrated
fact. And now cornea tbe report of an
immense deal tbat will involve the great
coal and iron interests of the district.
The Spokesman Review of the i*IM Hit.
had tbe following article, tbat contains,
without a doubt, more or less truth, and
gives an idea of a movement that eventually will mean tbe establishment of
greet Industries in this district:
A number of Spokane men are interested in one of the biggest coal and iron
deals ever put through in tb* Pacific
northwest, involving neatly all of the independent coal clsinls of tbe Crow's
Nest district and the principal iron ore
deposits of Koolenay lake. Among tbose
interested are W. 11. Dowsing, Maynard
Cowan, A. L. Davenport, A. L. Paine and
Robert Ewart. Over a million dollars
ia involved in the desl. lt is reported
tbat-the great steel trust is negotiating
for the propertlea, and with the Dominion Iron and Steel company will erect
steel and iron works some where in
southeastern British Columbia. A dispatch to the Spokesman-Review last
night says:
"One or tbe biggest desls ever put
through in South East Kootenay ia being
consummated by the Dominion Iron and
Steel and tbe United States Steel corporation, otherwise the steel trust. It is
reported on the very best authority that
the Canadian Pacific Railway company
is in with tbe two companies and that
the three will form a company with a
capital of $5,000,000 to handle the properties, but it is impossible at tbe preaent
stage of tbe game to get a confirmation
of this latter report.
"Tbe properties taken np are the C.
P. R. iron properties at Kitchener, B. C ,
which have been bonded at (800,000, and
the better half of the coal fields at Blairmore, Alia. These coal fields lie nortb
and south of tbe C. P. R. and the two
properties are thus directly connected by
rail at a distance of about 130 miles.
Taking  Vf  Coal   Lands.
"W. Blakemore, acting for tbe company, has secured 90 day options on the
following coal properties at Blairmore:
The Hastings Syndicate tract, owned by
an English company; the Livingstone
tract, tbe Frank tract, and a .tract beld
by local parties at Letbbrldge, Alberta,
and It is reported that be has obtained a
similar option also on the Fishburn tract
at {300,000. These tracts represent somewhat more than one half the total coal
area at Blairmore.
"Mr. Blakemore ia preparing to work
all tbese coal properties during tbe three
months of his option by taking ont large
bodies of coal from each tract and testing it thoroughly for steaming and coking qualities. The tests for the coking
qualities of tbe different coals are being
carried on an extensive scale by mesns
of tbe coke ovens at Frank. Alia.
Tesling  tke  Coal.
"It is Mr. Blakemore's intention to
pick out tbe best tracts from tbose be
bas control of at present and then to obtain options on tbe remainder of the
coal area, or as much of it as possible,
and put it through a similar process of
This work on tbe coal will take the
better part of tbis season, and tbe only
work mapped ont for tbe Kitchener iron
properties is tbe annual assessment work
required to be done on tbe claims nnder
bond in order to keep the title in good
Steel   Works   at  Kitchener.
"It is believed here .that next season
(1903) will witness the erection at Kitchener of extensive steel and iron works,
and tbe plana and preparations for tbis
immense plant are aald to be already
prepared and to be in the bands ol the
United States Steel corporation."
Spokane  Men  ia  IL
W. H. Dowsing of Spokane, whe is
interested in the Fishburn tract at the
Blairmore coal fields, confirms the dispatch. He says: "There are associated
with me T. u. Proctor of Nelson. B. C,
R. E. Fishburn of Chicago, V. II. Baker
of Cranbrook, B. C. Mr. Baker was one
of the original owners of the Fernie coal
"The Fishburn tract contains about
9000 acres, lying on each side of the C.
P. railroad track, but the bond calls for
possibly not more tban 6000 acres. Tbe
bond is for a larger figure than tbat
named in the dispatch but I do uot care
to state tbe exact figure at preaent.
"Maynard Cowan and Davenport,
Prine & Co. of Spokane are interested
in tbe Livingston tract. The Kitchener
iron properties, lying near Kootenay lake
were sold to tbe Blakemore syndicate bv
C. P. Hill, formerly of Port Hill, Idaho.
Mr. Blakemore was formerly engineer
for the Crows Nest Coal company and
uow represents Montreal and New York
"While I sm not advised tbat the deal
bas been pat through, I bave every reason to believe tbat it will be, and that
it will result in the greatest induatrisl
development of East Kootenay ever
known. Tbe coal in the Blairmore district bas been thoroughly tested and 1
do not fear Ihsfresult of tbe tests upon
wbich the establishment of the steel
plant is contingent."
The Tribune $2.00 a Year
Aa Eastera Financier Takes a Roseate
View of Patare-Nataral Wealth.
Mr.T. P Coffer, vlce-pres'dent of the
Dominion Permanent Lao Co,, of To*
onto, and doe of tbe leading capitalists
of Eastern Canada, visited Grand
Forks, B. C , recently on hli annual
tonr of inspection. H a company bas
extenslv* Investments In tbla province!
especially ln the Boundary dlstricti
Making his headquarters In Grand
Forks. Mr. Coffee, since his arrival In
the west, bss made visits to liepubllc
and to Phoenix for the purpose of per-
sonally familiarizing himself wltb mining conditions, and In speaking to a
Free Press correspondent he said :
"I am connected wltb financial Institutions, which have been making in*
vestments In British Columbia fer tbe
past twelve years. Beginning In a small
way and st a period wben the latent
possibilities of the province were not
realised la the east, we hat* watched
your smailng development with no little
Interest aud year by year have constant
ly Increased our holdings. It gives me
pleasure to state that our Investments
have all been eminently satisfactory.
My associates have adopted the policy
of Visiting the province annually lo
order better to be able to watch tbe
tread of dev61oj>ment. This policy kaa
been steadily kept ln view and will be
maintained In the fnture. All things
considered, I bar*reached the conclusion that no better Investments ln Canada can be made than tboie offered at
this moment by British Columbia, whose
growth and progress during the past
flve'years bss been simply phenomenal
and la unsurpassed by any of the older
provlncea. There Is unlimited capital
available ln tbe east bnt considerable
missionary work has yet to be accomplished before absolute confidence lo
the character of your Investments Is
secured. The effects of Indiscriminate
wlld-cattlng of mining properties lndl
dental to new mining regions were decidedly felt ln eastern cities for several
yeara and produced a reaction which la
only now beginning slowly to disappear.
It will take some time before confidence
Is fully re-established, but I look for -
ward to
A New lad Brighter Era
as soon as tbe merits of your legitimate
mining propositions become more widely known. An Intelligent appreciation
of the mining Industry especially of
Southern British Columbia, already
exists ln a limited circle and this know*
ledge Is bonnd to become more general'
ly diffused.
•From personal observation I have no
hesitation In declaring that mining Intelligently carried ont by men wbo know
the mining business can be prosecuted
with as little uncertainty as any other
enterprise and with the added advantage of earning large profits. It Is quite
clear, however, that ample capital >*
required for the treatment of the 10*-'
grade ore deposits of the Boundary, 1
was quite Impressed by the recent ai-
tlcle ol Dr. Ledonx, of New York, dealing with mining conditions ln this district. The publicity given bis vievs
will probably result In tbe diversion of
considerable capital in tbla direction i
I reason that If he has convinced me
that mining ln the Boundary ia beilinear ried on very profitably, be will ts
equally successful In convincing others,
Indeed, after going through the Granby
mines at Phoenix and witnessing the
extensive operations ln progress there
as well as tha
Enormous Ore Reserves.
I feel I can speak with no little authority. Those mlnea are certainly amoi g
tae largest In the world and It Is apr* -
ent that nowhere else la the cost of
mining redaeed to ao low a tost. 1
walked around various blocks of solid
ore, each an acre In extent, ant 1 saw
one width of 250 feet and a length uf
700 feet. This Is undonbtedly the largest stope In the world and scltd ore waa
extracted from It) besides the width of
the ore body has not yet been determined as one of the sides of the stope is
still In ore. The mining of ore on the
surfaee In vast open quarries was one
of the most novel sight*, I ever win eased, and I was surprised when lnferif eif
by A. C. Piumerfelt, tbe assistant gti -
eral manager, lhat a contract for it.e
extraction of five million tons of ore
from the surface bad Juat been award*
ed,I'orter Bros., a firm of railway cc '
tractors. Cheapness of mining, ti e
self-fluxing character of the ore aid
other factors make the eor.dl»lo»» a>
moat lueal.
Extemive Develepntenl,
"Now that railway communication
has been established. Republic promises te be a camp of great Importanc
Until mv recent visit I bid no concept
Ion of the richness and extent of I a
or* bodle*. Tbe Mountain Lion Is developed to a depth of 790 feet ai d ha*,
1 was Informed, 23,000 tons of ore
broken down In tbe stopes ready for
shipment. Another Instance or txtr '
slve development Is the (Jullp, which
has 53,000 tons of ore blocked otu as
well as 3,000 tons of ore broken .'own
In tb* slopes. Without enum.rs ing
tbe list of mines I might add thu tue
Black Tall can steadily ship 75 tons a
day, and that the camp without having
regard to the ore already mlued, Is now
ln a position to maintain shipments ol
frnm 300 to 350 tons of ore daily to the
Granby smelter at Grand Fork.," *,*.* <
nlpeg Free Pre*. MARYSVILLE
The Smelter City
Of East Kootenay
Marysville has a smelter building.
Marysville has two saw mills.
Marysville will be a payroll town.
Marysville is growing rapidly
If you would prosper buy property in Marysville NOW.
Offices, Marysville and Cranbrook.
"Successor to Mcllride Bros."
The Oldest Established Hardware Dealers in East Kootenay.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Marysville Tribune
SIMPSON    a    HUTCHISON,    Publishers.
J. HUTCHISON, Business Manager,
Invariably io Advance:
One Tsar,      ......      $3 00
Hix Months,      .      ... 1 00
The Tribune is published'in the Smelter
City ol East Kootenay. It gives tbe news o
Marysville aud the district and is worth Two
Dollars ol any man's money.
Post Office Store
C. E. REID & GO.
Druggists and Chemists
We have Fine Perfumes,
Soaps and Etc Toilet articles
and Sundries. Also a Large
Stock of stationery.
Marysville, B. 0.
East Kootenay   -:-
-:-   Bottling Co.
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The  Tribune
Winter Schedule Ef
feet on October
AERATED   WATERS  of  all  kinds.
Syrnps,  Champagnes,  Ciders,   Olnger
Ales Etc.   Soda Water In siphons.  Tbe
most economical way to handle lt.
Cranbrook, B. C.
White   Laundry
1 have the only White Laundry In
Marysville. Give tbe White Man a
chance and don't boost the Chinaman.
11 M 11II gWWW llll I I'M1
Chas. F. Campbell.
East K.otenay'e Leading Undertaker a
Licensed     Embalmer,     Coffins,     Cancels,
Shrouds and all Funeral Furnishing con-
tantly on hand.
Telegraph and Hail Orders promptly at
tended too.  Open day and night.
Post   Office   Box   137 Cranbrook and
Marysville, B. f.
A New Feature
Tourist Sleeping Car
Crows Nest Section
Leaves Kootenay Landing
East bound Tuesday and
Leaves Medicine Hat Westbound Sunday and Wed.
Heavy frost on Wednesday night.
Court was held lu Kimberley on Wednesday.
C. E. Reld returned from Cranbrook
on Tuesday.
Mrs. N. C. McKlnstry visited Klmberley this week,
Laurler dr. Sons shipped four cars of
lumber this week.
Chas. Early returned from a trip to
Fernie on Tuesday.
Const. Forbes of Klmberley, visited
Marysville on Tuesday.
Very heavy rain and hall storm visited Mirysvllle on Tuesday.
The smelter company are putting in
their weigh scales this week.
S A. Kelsey left for Edmonton, N*
W. T., on Tuesday last.
John Gates of Fernie visited Marys
vllle and Klmberley this week.
Laurler de Sons haa Improved thtir
saw mill by putting on a roof.
Mr. Grace of the Fort Steel Prospector was ln Kimberley this week.
R. E. Beattie of Cranbrook visited
Marysville and Kimberley this week.
Gordon Small bas taken a position as
engineer at Laurler St Sons saw mill.
Miss Crawford, school teacher, of
Klmberley was ln Marysville this week.
Miss Wllcock, dining room girl at the
Royal hotel left for Cranbrook on Saturday.
Miss Dudley, C. P. R. operator of
Klmberley, visited Cranbrook on Thursday.
Dr. King of Cranbrook, visited Marysville on Monday on professional services.
Thomas Wellman of the Manitoba
hotel Cranbrook, was ln Klmberley this
Mrs, T. Armstrong of Fort Steele,
was visiting friends ln Marysville this
O. H. Becker, trifflc agent for the
C. P. R , of Nelson visited Klmberley
last week.
The  Cost  of  One  Redaction Lesson*
ed  by  New  Processes.
Progress always progress! The wonderful development ln the way of treating ores of various kinds and the cheapening of the process by which these
ores are treated means a great deal to
tha mining world at large and to British Colombia to say notblng of what it
means to Booth .East Kootenay. Properties that have been lying dormant
for years, owing to the Impractiblllty
of smelting their ores under the old
system will now be ln a position to ship
and smelt.
Tbe fact of the Sullivan Group Mining company building a smelter at
Marysville Is a sign of the times. This
Is the first smelter that has been started in South East Kootenay but It will
by rso means be the last. The vast Improvements made In the treatment of
ores by the new methods will without
a shadow of 1 doubt, have a tendency
to Induce capital to build, not one, but
many smelters ln this district. The
time will soon come when the vast
mineral wealth of this, one of the
greatest mineral districts on the con-
tenant, will no longer be simply lying
in the bowels of the earth, but will be
treated and turned lato the marketable
article and wlil go towards Increasing
the wealth of this great district. The
fact that tbe cost of the rednctlon of
ores has been decreased so much will
without doubt tend to make low grade
properties Increase In value.
We aay, as we have of An said before.
South East Kootenay Is all right and lt
Is a good place to tie up to.
fori Steele Items.
From ths Prospecter.
It Is reported tbat W. P. Henry la taking good pay from his placer ground on
Wild Horse.
The farmers are making good use of
the favorable wehther to get thelrcropa
properly arranged.
North Star Lodge, A. F. ft A. M., will
hold Its regular monthly meeting on
Tuesday evening June 3rd.
The water ln the Kootenay river la
rapldy raising, at 13 a. m. on Friday
the water guage at the bridge registered a rise of ten feet above low water
The election of a school trustee to
fill the place of R. D. Mather, whose
teim Is about to expire, will take place
June 28th . Votlngjwlll commence at
11 o'clock a. m. ln the school honse.
The citizens of Fort Steele have decided to celebrate the Fourth of July. A
committee has been appointed to arrange a programme, which will consist
of horse racing, base ball games, tug of
war and other sports. Five hundred
dollars will be distributed In prizes.
Posters wltb programme will be Issued
during the coming week. If you want
a good time visit Steele on the Fourth
of July.
A. Bale, Prop.
Tbe Pioneer Hotel of tlie St. Marys Valley     +
Foar  Bean  la 24  Hours.
Bears are fond of sweet things. A.
H. Blnmenauerand son Richard, with
Jas. Marino, went up Wilson creek a
week or two ago, to do assessment work
on a property twelve miles from the
lake. In the cabin was a some maple
syrup that was left there last year. It
had soured and to get rid of it, lt waa
carried a considerable distance from
tbe cabin and emptied upon the groud.
In a few days a bear was seen at the
syrup natch, and a night or so afterward
a shot was flred st the animal. Some
evenings later bruin was shot from the
cabin window and the following dsy 'a
she bear and two cubs were encountered on the hillside. The mother was
shot and the enbs captured, and the
next day were brought Iuto town In a
sack.—New Denver Ledge.
For Time tables and ful", Information call on or address nearest
looal agent.
A. G. P. a. Agent,
Vancouver, B. C. Cranbrook
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson, B. C.
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The Tribune
$2.00 a Year.
1 HOTEL -:• •:•
J. R. DOWNES, Prop.,
The   Handsomest   Dining
> Room ln East Kootenay
Good Table and every ao* <
I oommodatlon.
Amerloan drinks   Leading
i brands of Liquors and Sohlltr.
i Famous Beer  dispensed by
the popular bar tender, Obaa [
W. tho undersigned Hand*ey A Woll wish
tn nolily our many customers and the public
that on and alter the 21st day ol March
lS-M. Hint tin parliierebip heretofore Mint
Inn between us Is dlsolvrffl by mutual consent. Mr. Hundley will cnlleet all bills nnd
par all ilcl.M of the said linn
I-uiil Handley.
J. W. Woll.
Bated Marysville, H. 0. Mnn* 21st, 1902.
All kinds of paper, drawn and Registered
bears nee and* Hines
Townalte offloe Marys-vine.
Office at Oranbrook, alao.
Beale 4 Elwell,
Notaries,    Insurance,    and
General Agents.
Klmberly Townslte Representees.
Mo.ry.vill., B. C.
bo vcurl
__ Maims
CdrvmoMTS Ac
proh.hlT P.tenubl
Saner for MCnritisJ«unt_.
roMb Mini & Co. receive
Anyone sndlnt a sketch snd drac-lptl-m may
an'oklr Mcen-Jw onr opinion free whether u
l>iY.«ntlfiii 1. proh.hlT p.tenubl*  Comnnnlea-
---.entbl. Branlhoo*	
saner for swmrlnf
  Erowiti >>» a i
vptciol notice, without dorse, In the
Scientific American.
a tmnrlsomolr lUsstrwtea WMtty. I^raMtelr-
e-nl.tk.n of sny ■cl.ntrfle Jonrn-J. Terms, IS.
rear I foor month., $L Bold byral newr-dMU-*-..
Albart Mellor bas Improved his present premises by building an addition at
thi rear.
Mrs. John McDonald of Fort Steele,
visited her husband of the Central hotel
this week.
Mr. Cree, Insurance agent at Fernie,
has been visiting friends tn Klmberley
this week.
W. H. Bullock who is taking evidence
for l'cence commissioners was ln town
on Monday.
Dan Urqnhart Presbyterian mlsslonery held service at Klmberley on Tuesday evening.
Mrs. F. E Simpson visited Marysville
on Saturday last and took aome views
with ber camera.
Conductor Caven is running on the
North Star branch during Mr. Corle
absence ln Montreal.
Mrs. B. White, late of Klmberley bat
now of Cranbrook, visited friends In
Klmberley this week.
Tha telephone line between Marysville and Klmberley has been oat of
ase nearly all week owing to tbe heavy
winds. .
T. Armstrong of Fort Steele bu
secured tbe contract for tbe corugated
iron work ou the amelter and atarted
work oo Wednesday.
Lawyer Thompson ef Cranbrook, was
present at the licence commission, held
at the North Star hotel Klmberley, on
Wednesday morning.
Owing to tbe heavy rain on Sunday
last there was not a very large crowd
assembled at the St. Eugene mission to
take ln Corpus Obrlstl.
Bs": Jennings wbo haa been ln the
hospital at Cranbrook for the past two
weeks with a sprained ankle.returned
to Klmberley this week.
Peace was announced tn Marysville
on Thursday when the Union Jack was
hoisted by Messrs. Warren, Teabone,
Warrett, Early, Hutchsson, Haines, F.
Mitchell, C. Mitchell, McUregor, Bales
and Sliver Cat Bob. After tbe raising
of the flag they all went to the Marysville hotel and drank to the health M
the flag.
Sympathy  For  Fern.-.
Cranbrook Herald—
Oue Wednesday evenug tbe Cranbrook board or trade held a special
meeting to consider the terrible dissstei
tbat bad befallen tbe sister town of Fertile. W. T. Reid was in the cbair and
W. F. Gurd officiated as secretary.
The question of taking action to secure
contributions for tbe widows and orphans of Feroie was brought up, and a
resolution extending the sympathy of
Cranbrook, and providing for a committee to solicit subscriptions was unanimously passed.
Two or three otber matters of a minor
nature were presented and acted upon
As  to  Advertising.
Advertising baa long since Ceased to
ao experiment with the modern business man who desires to keep up with
the procession and obtain a fair share
of business, but tbis from one who haa
had experience nevertheless Is worth
"It Is needless to say that persistent
advertising Is a great aid In building np
and maintaining a business and giving
prestige to a store. It keeps the store
and Its goods constantly before the eyes
of the people and after a time the accumulative effect Is aitonlsblng. Regularity and persistejey form tbe basis
of all successful advertising.
"The merchant who orders his advertising ln tbe paper when he feels good
and orders it ont when his mood changes
will never reap much benefit from his
work. Tne state of a man's liver is not
a safe barometer by which to regulate
expenditure or enterprise. The merchant ahonld advertise on principle aad
not form caprice. He should not feel
tbat he Is doing the proprietor of his
paper a 'avor every time he hands bim
an advertisement to print. In very
many cases tbe obligation is all the
otber way, even tho' the dealer pays a
good price for tne apace.
"A good newspaper is more deserving of respect than almost any otber
Institution ln a modern community.
The work lt can do In the upbuilding of
a town or a business Is almost beyond
calculation. It should be regarded
more is a public Institution than a private enterprise, and should receive the
hearty support and co-operation of
•very business man. '
Moyie   News.
From tbe Movie Leader—
On account of the presence of diphtheria In town tbe school will be closed
all of next week.
Thos. Rader Is in the Northwest Territories and perhaps will decide to make
some Investments there.
Mr, and Mrs L. M. Mansfield of Jaffray
Miss Cardiff of Cranbrook and Mr. Balfour of the C. P. R, were ln Moyie on a
visit last Saturday and Sunday.
A very plesact dance was given on the
platform at the recreation grounds last
Saturday evening. It was the first of
tbe season given there and tbe attendance was very good.
The Odd fellows' dance which was
postponed from May 24 on account of
tbe Fernie disaster will likely be given
next Friday evening. Definite arrangements will be made at the next meeting
of the lodge.
W. L. Reld returned home Wednesday
from a months visit to Regina ana tbe
Northwest Territories. He came borne
by way of Revelstoke and Nelson on account of the blockade on the Crow's Nest
line east of here. He had a very pies-
ant trip, but was glad to get back to
Moyie again.
Nelson News: James Cronln, superintendent of the St. Eugene mine at
Moyie, passed through the city last evening on bis way to Moyie. after a six
week's visit at the coast. He states
that nothing has transpired as to the
starting up of the mine, the preaent
tendencv of the pi Ice. of lead and silver
are not giving much encouragement.
H.H.Dlmcckreturred from Ymlr last
Thursday, where he went to examine
some mining property with a view of
purchasing an interest. He found the
property much better than he expected,
and be anif J E Crowe, also of this
place, purchased a half interest. The
property is the Pilot fraction and Is
sltnated about nine miles from Ymlr. It
Is a free milling gold proposition and a
recent assay showed values to the extent of a S108 to the ton. Mr. Dlmock
brought some samples home wltb him
that were well rprlnkled with free gold
Tbere Is a 35 foot shaft on the property
and tbe ledge has been constantly wld*
nlng and improving wltb depth. A
force of men Is now at work driving a
tnnnel, which will tap the ledge at a
depth of 100 feet. Messrs. Dimock and
Crowe since purchasing have been offered a handsome advance price on their
barglan but refused. It la considered
one of the very best pieces of ground ln
the Ymlr district.
If you wish to.prosper
Don't forget to patronize the merchants of the district
PELTIER,   Of  Oranbrook,
Is the nearest wholesale dealer in
Liquors, Hay and Oats,
*****^**99**9*****9*-*-*****   **to^*&&4*******}***%}****
************************** **************************
Pieper & Currie,
Dealers in Paints, Oils,
Glass and Wall Paper-
Painters, Paper Hangers and Decorators,
Marysville and Cranbrook.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh and Cured Meats,   Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply the best.    Your trade Is solicited.   We bave markets ln all tbe principal towns of British Columbia.
#£*««««««**«*«*«-»-»**-*««*« *************************
Send to—
REID & CO., Cranbrook,
For overalls, boots and shoes,rubbers,
underwear, hats, caps, and everything
a man wears
'*************************  *******j******-**9****9***9
DOUGLAS   LAY,   A  R. & M.
Licensed Provincial Ass-iyer
"Mr. Albert E. Wlttea."
To tbe researches of a London paper,
Inspired by an inquiry from "tbe enlightened Inhabitants of Sioux City, la.,
I). S. A." the British public Is Indebted
King Edward would bear If all his royal
and aristocratic titles were shorn from
him. The Inq llry was due to a discussion ln a social company In this town.
The London paper admits lt is a hard
question, but proceeds to answer. It
flnds tbat dymastlcally, King Edward
belongs to the Hanoverian line of
Brunswick-Luxeubourg, wbich name
to the throne of England with George I
In 1714. The family name was Quelph,
and to that family bave belonged the
English rulers since.
But the Ouelph family cannot give Its
name to Edward. His mother was a
Quelph, but his fatber was of the house
of Saxony. The family name of bis
father, Prince Albert, would presumably have been Mr. Albert Wetttn. Tbe
present king would therefore be Mr.
Albert Edward Wetttn, if be should
cease to be a sovereign and compelled
to drop all his dignities and find bis
family name. Bnt, as tbe London
paper (Modern Society) sagely observed
his family has been ln the king business
and therefore not ln need of surname,
since a period so remote that lt goes
hack centuries before surnames, aa we
now know them, were need at all. In
answering the inquiry, tbe London paper says that tbe king would be Mr,
Wettln If be should become sn American citizen; and It naively "wonders If
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing; between A. E. Bale
end A. J. Small, (under the name ol Bale a
Small) is this day dissolved by mutual consent. A. J. Small retiring from the business
and a. E. Bale collecting all bills and paying
all accounts
A. E. Bole.
A. J. Small.
Hay, 15th, 1003.
Late analytical chemist and control
assayer to the North Mine company,
Every Description of Mineral Analysis.
Prompt Attention to Samples by Mall
and I xprcss.
Office and Laboratory.
Kootenay St. Nelson, B. C
fa aa      Maui Vast    n*"ure w"e P,es'i■■••^', ™
■SAT*-i-SfflP I •*'«""- bo'rd ■djourD,:d
Then will be a meeting ol Licence Commissioners hold in Frrnle, B. C, at Court House,
ou lOtb, June, 11/03, at 7 p. m., to consider
the following applications:
Renewal, Alme Campbell, Klmberley, Kim-
berloy Hotel. ,
Renewal. James M. Carroll. Kimberlev
Ontario Hotel.
Rebewal, John Out™, Kimberley, Royal
Renewal, Charles Vroman, Cranbrook,
Wentworth Hotel. •
Renewal, Josoph Brault, Cranbrook, Canadian Hotel.
Transfer from Charles Early to Jacob P.
Fink of the Licence ol The Falls View Hotel,
Chief Licence Inspector.
Feed, Sale and  Livery Stable
Pack Horses Furnished at any
Will take Contracts for any kind
of teaming.
Marysville       •      - •      B. C.
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
Official Watch Inspector for the C. P. B.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook and Marysvlll, B, 0.
Sioux City is anticipating this resnlt as aa^-frtaaa**-*«-»*-e»»-e*-a*-a-»*-#»»
a resnlt of the great Morgan combine." fj;^^^^!®®®®®®!®®®®®^
Sioux Oity Tribune.
Good   Work.    Good    Material
and the Price. -
Marysville, B  C,
Notice Is hereby given ttat all persons cutting Urcen or Dry wood on the
townslte will be prosecuted unless they
can.produce a permit from the Townslte
agenta. Permits may be obtained by
applying at the townslte ofllce and pay
Ing SO cents a cord In advance. By
The Marysville Townalte and Development Company.
Simpson A Hutchison,
Sole Agents
East Kootenay Botel
When yon an hungry and want a good
meal.   Go to tbe East Kootenay.
When you are tired and want* rest.  Go to
the East Kootenay.
When you are thirsty and want a drink. Os
to the Eest Kootenay.
In fact when yon are in Cranbrook.   Stop ■
the East Kootenav.


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