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The Marysville Tribune 1902-04-26

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 tLbc  Iftlarysville
vol 1.   NO. ?G
$2.00   PER   YEAH
Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. AvCor*, President. B E. Walker, Gen Man'gr.
Paid np capital, $8,000,000.    Reat, $2,000,000    Total resources, $05,000,000.
A general banking business transacted.  Deposits received.
London. "England" Offloa 60 tiombard Street.
Cranbrook Branch    hubert haines, Mgr.
Government* is  After
License Board..
The   Towns
Meet  ot tbe
Foot   Bill
*&t#Mt**«****9********** *M*«***«**4*M!**«»**«*****«»«
Wnolcsale and Retail
Hardware    Merchant.
Mining Hardware a Specialty.
Remember the
Pioneer Hardware Merchant,
Central  Hotel Dining
Under the New Management of Mrs. J. Lindsay and
Miss Jacquish, they beg to Announce that they have
taken charge of the D'ning Room < f the Central
Hotel end propose to run it in a First Class manner.
Cranbrook  Hearld's   Demand  tor
vestlialion  Acceded
\ to.  i
1 >
i >
The Big Store.
The Big Stock.
The Big Bargains.
Fort Steele Mercantile Go,, Ltd, Cranbrook. f
$$44i&t&l>Wt&b4'Q> *^**-'M-****'^*-fc'><!*-* t*i-!.**i*'*-'^J*«*<l^'!>-!^'i^-S-^i-Sy^J>
A Proof....
ol tbe business we ire doing Is the amount of good, we are using. Besides our bl>; opening stock we received a b'g rar juet tkree day. before
Oiirlltmati, Tbl* ha. been to'.d and another cr has been ottered aad sbce!'l
nrrlve aoon* ihe first o' February,
1) in't f< rget that our Mr. Miner d c flue repairing and uplmlsielng
OUR MOTTO: Honest Gjode, Honest Piioos, Honest D»iiliinf.
The Kootenay Furniture Company Ltd.
ij, P, FINK, Manager. Cranbrook
lead Quarters for Mining and Smelting
Men. New House, New Furniture Homelike and Comfortable.
^w-,*,v.„-. »»- ,»*&\^**<$**5>^>-8-*-'*' ^i4eii^rii^^^>^^4>lr^>ie^^ii4^e%^
®a^*®*®*®¥6^®*®*®i®*®*9i tw+'&t-f+w+W!!*®*®*®*®*®*®*®
The   Royal Hotel
i his hotel is now open and ready for guests.
D. McMillen. formerly with the Cranbrook Hotel, is
|he proprietor, and he proposes to have ,
From Cranbrook Herald.
The inevitable bee been announced.
Prom authentic source, the new. cornea
to Tbe Herald that a commlailon has
been appointed to investigate the count-
leu rumor, tbat bave cast the reputation
of several official, in this district under
a shadow, and placed a blot on the fair
name of South East Kootenay. In ever;
otber district in the province Ibe commissioners and license inspectors bave
been appointed; but this district still re-
mains without an) one appointed to these
positions. Tbis is not due to neglect on
the part of tbe officials at tbe coast, but
with a desire to have the rumors sifted
down and the truth secured.
This is what The Herald has maintained from the start. If one or more
of tbe members of the license board
bave been guilty of taklog money from
applicants, let this fact be blazoned
forth. If only two have been guilty and
one innocent, let the innocent one be
freed from tbe burden of suspicion. And
if none are guilty, if none have been in
fluenced by money or other considerations in tbeir decisions, Ibis fact should
be proven beyond all question of a
doubt, and tbese men placed in a position in this district where no discreditable rumors cau reach tbem.
It is not pleesant for any man holding
a public. position to know tbat be is
viewed with suspicion and that his
official honor has been attacked. No
innocent man need fear an investigation
and a free and open inquiry should be
hailed witb joy and thanksgiving.
It is understood that the investigation
will be no whitewash affair, but on tbe
contrary it will be thorough aud far
teaching, including all offi rials connected with the granting of licenses. Subpoenas wiil be issued tor all whom the
'.'ouiuiissioners have reason, to think are
iu a position to know anything of any
wrong doing, directly or indirectly, and
evidence is being secured at a rapid rate.
Tbe commission Mill have In deal with
the questions of money paid other than
tbe law provides, and influences exerted.
If it 'inn he shown that such has beeu
the cas,', ihere wili be a lot of i.<-w oflje
ials iu South Bust Kootenay. It it can*
not be pruv-.ii even to a rensonable ex
tent, then Ibe men who have beeu subjected to all kinds of indlguiiies as the
victims of tbese rumors will be doner
The Herald wauts to see fair play, aud
uo blame attached to any innocent man,
It alao wants to see fair play with Ihe
people, and if tbere is a member of Ihe
board or any one connected with it, wbo
haa taken one cent directly or indirectly
from any applicant for a license, The
Herald hopes that his name uuy be held
up to the scorn of the people of Ihe entire district and tbe produce. There
are honest men in South Bast Kootenay
and if there is a dishonest man holding
office, if there is one who holds an official club over the beads of tbe people for
tbe purpose of compelling mem to disgorge, tben let him be scourged ficm
utbee, and an honest man put in bis
That ia wbat Tbe Herald wants, and
tbat is wbat tbe people want.
Saturda-f,' last aa w tha Brat friendly
contest between Marysville and Klmberley foot ball teams. It was a closely
contested game from atari to finish, the
play beiup bard and fast throughout.
Everything went smoothly until near
the end of tho aecond half when Mr.
Elwell of tlii Kltnberley team aide stepped on a stone, twisted hla ankle and
broke a ligament. Tbe. score at tbe
ond of full timo waa oaa to nothing
In favor of Maryaville. A'. Bales scored
the lucky and only goal. Wm. Olark
refereed tbe game tn a most satisfactory
Tha return game was played at Klmberley on Tuesday evening, which wit*
nessed a hard fought contest In which
neither side wonld claim much en-sari*
orlty over the other. When there waa
no goal scored during rail time It waa
decided by the captains of both teams
to play ten minutes each way. Daring
the first ten minute, the Marysville team
scored and during tbe laat ten minutes
Kimberley scored evening It np. Wben
tbe eatra time waa played It stood 1 to
Tbe Marysville teem forced tbe play
all the way through tha first half. In
the second half Klmberley palled themselves together and were on tne aggressive,
Dick Joyce waa hurt ln the first half.
He got Into a pretty rough mix up and
came out with a bleeding nose, a black
eye and a slight fracture of tbe small
bone beneath the eye. He had to retire
from the field. In the aecond half Fred
Halnea got into a mix up and received
a bat on the head that put him oat of
business for a few minutes. Water waa
applied and Fred way soon game for
Tbe goal for the Miryevllle team was
scored daring tbe first ten minutes by a
prettv comoluatlon between Kelaey,
Hill and Haines.
During ihe last ten minutes Klmberly
scored and Walter Ilartln was the lucky
man.   Joe. L'ndsay acted aa referee.
After tbe name the team was Invited
by tbe Klmberley foot ball club to dinner which was awaiting them at the
North Star botel. When the boys had
done full justice to tbe sumptuous
repast tbey were asked to remain and
a'j y a quiet dance arranged by the
kindness of Mr. Drew. The music was
supplied by Messrs. H'gh«*arden and
Elwell and de.plte th • tidy1 feelings
was well timed by the boys and their
lady friends. At 13 o'clock Mrs. Soper
provided a charming and tasty lunch
which was et joyed by all. A large
crowd drove up from Marysville and
also from the North Star mine. The
dance bn ke up abou*. 3 o'clock, all
well pleased with lie evening's enjoy*
ment and everyone hopes It will not be
the last.
It Will Advertise District
and   Province.
Thai    the    Fame    of    British
Colombia  WIN be Spread
Moyie   News.
From ths Movie Leader-
Sam  Grant  left   for  the  east last
Thursday.   He will be absent for about
three weeks.
Park, Mitchell St, do. have the contract for taking out 1,000 piles SO feet
long and eight luchea at the small end.
Bishop Donlenwlll of New Westminster aod Hot. Father Cocolo were In
town tba first of the week. It was the
bishop's second visit to Moyie,
J. II Hawke has disposed of his interest in the freighting and express
business to Frank Nelson and Is now
looking for a new location.
Victor Desnululer of the Central botel arrived borne from tbe eaat last
Saturday accompanied by his bride.
Mr Desaulnler evidently bad an enjoy
able trip and now seems to be the hap -
plast man in town.
A force of men baa been employed
tbis week taking out tbe old boilers at
tbe St. Eugene compressor and making
room for tbe two new ones, which will
be Installed as soon as they arrive from
the east. Tne old boilers were condemned by the government Inspector a
short time ago.
Marysville is to Have a School.
At the meeting held lu C. K KeiJ's
drug store on Monday evening last.
there waa a fair representation of tbe
nusln. ss men of tbe town. Tbe meeting wa. rather Informal, The church
question was first approached. When
this question had been put on tbe shelf
pro tern the very urgent question of a
school was taken up.
The difficulty here was the manner of
organisation. After a good deal of
discussion from men with families and
others, the meeting decided to take
some action In the matter and finally
Mr McNeill was authorized by the
people present to correspond with the
authorities to state the present need
uf a school In Marysville, The meeting
then adjourned,
Copper la March.
Movements of considerable magnitude and Interest have taken place In
the copper market during tbe past
month, ibe stocks in England aod
France having been augmented to the
extent of 1070 tons, while the visible
supplies arc 3101 tons highest. In view
of these figures Jt Is not surprising to
find tbat the price of standard baa
dwindled from ■SS 111, Od. to a,S*S lie.
per ton, The arrival, from North America at B'ltlsh ports have been much
smaller than made good tbe deficiency,
tbe total supplied, Indeed, being larger
tnan any reported for a very long time
past.—Financial Times.
Moyie Leader In Its Filth Year.
Our older slater the Moyie Leader has
entered her fifth year and we take this
opportunity of wishing her many bappy
returna as also her genial and bright
tidy pa-pa; Editor Smyth. Smyth
deserves credit for tbe way ln which
he and his paper have stayed wltb the
country ln good weather and ln bad,
and those of our readers who know
the ever smiling "Fred" will, we know,
agree wltb us Mr. Smytb tells us, In
a very short and modest paragraph, announcing the entrance ef the Leader
on Its Sth year tbat tha business people
have give him "liberal and stedfaat
There appears to be some dissent support during good times aod dull
among the Liberals of Fernie from the | times," We are glad to bear It because
acceptance of E. C. Smith aa tbelr can the Leader has always given good ser-
dldateintbe next provincial election, j vice as an advertising medium and Its
One prominent metrJber of the local or- ; proprietor dtservna the confidence and
ganu-.att.on In discussing the matter j support of the community.
with a Free Press representative .aid ! Our wish io the Leader Is, la the
he would make a fight for a Fernie words of Kip Van Winkle, "May yoa
man.—Fernie Free Press. live long and prosper."
Thare la no donbt In tha world that
British Columbia, aa a province, has
been handicapped so far as growth and
development ara concerned. There
are many reaaona for this. Situated,
aa our Province ia, on the very western
fringe of tbe Dominion, aeparated from
the more populous parts of tha country
by great atretchee of r*lalne and seas of
mountains It baa been left out in the
cold, lo to speak, and Ita wonderful
resources have been as an nncnt book to
tha people In tbe east. To tha people
of Europe, except ln a very exclusive
mining circle ln London, It has been a
.veritable "terra incognita," Time and
time again the British Colombian meeting a friend ia England, wben on a
visit there, has been addressed thus:
"Oh yes British Colombia, South
America somewhere." People don't
know and don't care where British
Columbia Is and get it mixed ln their
minda with British Honduras, British
Becknanaland and the hundred
and cae British eomethlnge tbat are
scattered all over the world.
As we have mentioned ever since the
Marysville Tribune haa been published,
which by the way Is alx months count-
log this Issue, the people of British Columbia should do all tbey can to let the
outside world know what we have In
our country. The government do, It Is
true, get out some pamphlets and so do
the railway companlea which are more
or less distributed throughout the east
and Europe; but more than this is wanted. There are vary few persons residing ln the province who have not at
least one friend or acquaintance In tba
east or lu the old country who would
be interested in knowing something
about British Columbia and even If they
are not materially Interested themselves they in tarn will know some one
that Is, and will tell them what they
have heard and by thia means the story
of tbe resources of this great western
province will be scattered abroad very
much ou the endless chain principal.
A word from one satisfied settler ln
the province Is worth more than a
hundred government pamphlets. We will
know thlt; wc, everyone of us take the
word of a friend and value It much
in .re than anything we see In print.
We say, therefore, keep telling tho
outside world that which you know to
be true aboat British Columola.
South East Kootenay Will Receive Only
From the Herald—
The estimates for tbe coming year
have been handed down. The revenue
is expected lo amount to $2,13-1,568 65,
some of the chief sources of wbicb are:
Property and income tax, including arrears, $535,000; Dominion government,
$.105 968.05; land sales and rentals, $117,*
000; Chinese re.triction, $40,000; limber
licenses aud royalties, $80,000; timber
leases, $110,000, and from tbe fisheries,
A summary will abow how largely the
province is dependent upon the mlniug
industry for ita revenue. Some of tbe
details are: Free miners' certificates,
$175,000; mining receipts general, $80,-
000; mineral tax, $130,000; royalty
on * coal, $130,000; making a
total of $515 000, whereas tbe mining
districts bear their ahare of all the other
sources of revenue including the $150,000
that ia expected from tbe poll tax.
Tbe expenditures are expected lo total
$1486,11731, distributed as follows:
Public debt, $493,140; civil government,
$263 ado; administration of justice, $111,-
112; legislation, $44,195; public irstitu-
lions (msintenance), $198,390; cbaritiea
and bospitals, $74,800; administration of
justice (otber thau salaries), $110,900;
education, $411,140; transport, $21,200;
revenue service, $17,000; miscellaneous,
$137,370; aud public works, $662,210,
msde up of, works and buildiugs,
$200,150; government house,
$4,700; roads, streets, bridges and
wharves, $395,350; surveys, $12,000; and
contingencies, $50,000.
Cranbrook gets another teacher, making four in all. Tbe district of South
East Kootenay gets $14,500 for this year,
tbe same aa North East Kootenay, which
will not permit of of much in the way ol
roads, trails and bridges.
Interesting   Facts   oa
East  Kootenay.
R. L. T. Galbraith of Port Steele, recently made hia annual trip to the ln.
diam of West Kootenay. While in Nelson be waa interviewed by the Miner on
the conditions in South East Kootenay,
and gave the following businesslike account of the situation:
"In Hast Koolenay at present business
is dull except nesr tbe coal mining centers and along tbe line of the Crows
Nest Southern.    Portal la one of tbe
latest towns to come Into existence in
Bast Kootenay.   It is situated close to
the 'international boundary, where the
Kootenay river flows into the state of
Montana.   It was formerly  known   as
Linklighter's Hudson's Bay post, and is
in tbe midst of a rich farming and stock
raising country.   A considerable number
of settlers have come Into the country
there during tbe last year, and tbe prospects ft r tbe ensuing year are good.    A
customs house ia stationed there.   Nortb
of Portal, the next town on the new railroad   ia Elk  Mouth,  where  the  line
crosses the Elk river.   The track ia now
laid to that point and aa soon as the
bridge is finished, which is expected to
be about May 1, tracklaying on the other
side of the river will be proceeded witb.
The next station is at Crows Nest landing, on the Kootenay river, a few miles
from Blko, which is ■ point of call for
for the ateamer.   The grading on the
road from Elk Mouth to Elko is nearly
completed  and  work is being pushed
vigorously, operations being carried on
both day and night by tbe army of men
employed by tbe contractors.   At Elko
times are very good at present, the business men doing a good trade.     At Morrissey considerable building ia in progress, but tbe townsite is not yet on Ibe
market.   Fernie ia alao busy, and Michel
is a lively town, a large amount of coal
being taken out.
"At Maryaville work is progressing
steadily on tbe smelter, and the prospects
of both Kimberley and tbe first mentioned (own are bright. At tbe latter about
50 men are employed on development
work at the Nortb Star mine, and the
reports are most encouraging. On the
Sullivan, it ia tbe intention of tbe management to put a large force to work aa
soon as the smelter is completed to
supply it witb ore. Port Steele is quiet,
but the mines, especially on Tracy
creek, are showing up well. On Wild
Horse creek there will be considerable
placer mining done tbis summer, tbe results of the last aeason's operations having beeu tbe best obtained for some
yeara in that district. Ou Perry cteek a
great deal of work haa been done during tbe winter, particularly on the deeper propertiea. A party of Wisconsin
capitalists have purchased a number of
placer leases and nre putting in a hydraulic plant ou thia creek to work not
only the bed of the creek but also Ibe
bench plncer lands. Craubrnik is progressing fiivor bly, and at Worthier a
sawmill is to be put in which will probably help the town considerably." Cap-
tain Armstrong, of the steamer Nortb
Star, bad just passed through before Mr.
Galbraith had left Port Steele, on his
way to Tobacco Plains, and it ia his intention to run the North Star between
tbe boundary and Port Steele during
high water. A good deal of prospecting
will be done through the entire section
this season, and altogether. Mr. Gal-
braith thought that aa soon as the silver-
lead question was settled Soutb Hast
Kootenay would be tbe best section of
British Columbia. He was one of the
first to reach Eaat Kootenay, and is as
enthuslaatic as ever as to its wonderful
resources, and knowing it tborougbly
has good reason to speak aa he does.
The St. Marys Branch Sure
to be Built.
Another Fraud Exposed.
"Deer surs," sbe wrote to the medicine firm, "my husband was all run
down, We trlde your aelabrated compound three botla, but it done no good.
He's ded, So I brand you as a frod.
Mrs. J. P.mklng.
"P. S. He was run down by a otto*
mobeal "
Oistnrbe-i Belgium.
"Uneasy Ilea tbe bead tbat wears a
crown." With the hand of almost every
subject In his kingdom turned against
blm, at odds with his queen, the beautiful Marie Henrietta, who la said to be
dying with heart disease, andthouaands
of workmen on strike, King Ltopold,
gayest of all monarebs, Is seated 00 a
totterlog throne. Having apeot tha
best part of hla life In tbe pursuit of hla
personal pleaanres, Leopold la poorly
equipped to meet a great revolution,
for the fact cannot be disguised tbat Iba
peopl of Belgium ate in revolt and only
await tbe time and a leader to make
tbelrpower felt to overthrow tha mon-
archy and declare a republic.
Advice Abont Fire Insurance.
A very proper and Indeed neceaaary
step has been taken by the Dry Goods
section of the Toronto board of trade
ln Issuing to retail dry goods merchants
in city and country a circular which
contains worda of warning with reaped
to fire Inaurance. One aentence In this
circular urges merchants to seek tbe
best and most reliable companies In
which to place Insurance, and adds
wbat Is quite true, namely, that mer
chants buy Insurance as they buy nothing else, frequently giving a line to an
agent with whom It Is well to be on
good terms or whom they wish to favor.
It Is poor compensation for the "favor"
an Insurance has dona bis friend tbe
agent, to find after he has been burned
out, that the company is onable to pay
the loss or perhaps contests the claim
on Insufficient grounds.—Monetary
II Will Make Thia  Tows  th«  Busies!
in  III  of  Soulh   East
It begins to look aa If tbe Great Nor*
thern wonld take the Initiative In getting a road up the St. Marys valley.
As soon as the road between the
Great Northern and Fernie ie completed, it Is pretty generally understood
that that company win proceed to build
from E ko north to the St. Marys rlvar,
and up tbat valley to the Purcell range
also securing lake terminals, and connection with Hill's road In Weat Kootenay. Thia would give tbe Great Northern a complete circuit through tha
rlebeat mining diatrict of Brltlah Columbia, and a atrong pull for future business.
It Is a question, of course, aa to
whether tbe C. P. B. will sit down and
tamely submit to this invasion. In all
probability, there will be a pretty fight,
and Marysville will be the center of the
contest. The building of a railway is
going to make lively times hero this
summer, and Marysville promises to be
one of the best towns in Eastern British Columbia.
There are the very beat of reasons to
believe that one of the roads will build
tbis summer and possibly both. The St
Marys valley Is an Important link to
tbe Jim Hill system In British Columbia
and It Is fully as Important, If not more
so to the C. P R. Of course the latter
road has already a survey made up the
valley several miles. Tbe Great Nor.
thern baa a charter In tbelr handa and
can build wben they aee fit.
Which ever way it goea, Maryaville
Is bound to profit, as It will be headquarters of all opentlons. Elko Is
pretty lively during the construction of
the Biltlsh Columbia Southern, but Elko
la not in it to any extent to what
Maryaville will be as soon as this road
starts up the valley. There will be not
only the railway, bnt the smeller, tha
two saw mills, and the large mining
interests that will contribute so largely
to the business prosperity of Marysville.
Cranbrook  News.
From the Cranbrook Herald—
The Nelson News, the successor to tbe
Miner, has arrived, ami ia a credit lo
P. J. Dean, the proprietor. There ia
room iu Nelson for a newspaper lhat ia
not an organ.
Charles McCrtady of Golden Is back
on tbe Crow aa tie inspector for the C.
P. R. At. McCready bas a line of friends
from Macleod to Kootenay Landing who
will rejoice over bia return.
A. Leitcb ia expected borne the latter
pari of the week after an absence in tba
east of more tban three months. It will
seem good to see Mr. Leitcb around
town again. He was about Ibe first man
in Cranbrook and bas become a part and
parcel of tbe town.
Quite a number of people are taking
advantage ot tbe fine weather to visit
tbese days. The train runs Tuesdays,
Thursdays snd Ssturdays, and gives several hours in Marysville, which niakea II
very convenient for Cranbrook people.
Superintendent Jamiaon's family arrived last Saturday. Mrs. Jamison and
the children visited Winnipeg, Chicago
and otber points on the way out from
tbelr former borne at Parnham, Que ,
anil were greatly pleased with the s| -
pearance ol Cranbrook.
Married—On Tuesday, April 22, 190J,
at tbe Presbyterian manse, Mr. George
C. Kobliina, ami Miss May C, Jack Rev.
Porlune officiating Mr. Kobbiti. is as-
sayer al tbe Nortb Star mine aud Miss
Jack haa been a well knowu scboo
teacher in Ibe district. Tbe Herald 1 »-
tenda hearty congratulations.
N. Hanson of Wasa, was in town st-v
ersl dsys last week. Mr. Hanson hns
been making some extensive improve
menl. about bis handsome home, wbicb
is conceded to be one of tbe finest places
In all East Koolenay. He haa arranged
lor the installing of an electric light
plant, and the whole place will be
lighted by electricity hereafter, theih-
namo to be run by water pawer.
Qeneral News.
Queen Wilklimlna of Holland Is pro-
greasing In a satlafactory manner. There
ia a talk of establishing a regency fur
six months or until ahe bas fully recovered.
London, April 10.—The feeling In
war office circles la that peace will be
declared by June 1. Ut. Hon, Joa. Cham-
berlaln'a firmness In resisting an armls
tlce bas broagnt the Boers to a sense of
the hopelessness of their cause.
The plague now raging In India, according to Information from Lahore, Is
the worst on record. The mortality Is
aald to reach f.nnn dally. A^K^^H^^^^^^^'-^^Jf^-^A^-^sJe^
a story of the Days When the Stave
Tuiim Fioarlshods
"Soil, liu! Three iininis un the port
bow!" shunted John Tregnskls from the
foreroyal yfti'd, where be wns repairing
the service of the footrope just where il
hnd ttut chnfed in the wake uf the must.
We wore homeward bound in Ihe ship
Hnrknru froui ports on iliu Mndras coast,
loaded witli sugar in the lower huld uud
unr 'tween decks rull uf bales uf cnttou.
We hud been favored with splendid smith
cily winds ever since rounding the I'upe
nf Oood IJope, and tve hud touched in St.
Helena tu jini n sailor ushni-e why wus
dying uf dysentery.
Thi' Btruiiu southeast Irudes were blowing with vigor, and we were bowling uit
our nine knots un hour with nil our stun*-
suiis set tu starboard. Tbe wind wus just
a trille on the starbnard quarter, and we
bud tin' weather clew nr the mainsail
hauled up. All hands were busy tarring
duu'n the rigging preparatory t" pitfnilug
ship, fnr tlie Miirkuru wus ti smuii Bum
Indinmnn, and Captain Gulliver wanted
her i>> he aplek uud spun when she hauled
Into lhe Loudon docks.
I was wbttl the owners culled u "midshipman," my rnther having paid C30
preiiiiiini in them for lhe privilege nf my
wearing n brass bound, cup, with tbeir
house Hug un ii, un.I u blue uniform for
ilie few weeks while 1 was ashore.   Tbe
rest uf the year I cleaned mil  lieu ips,
fed ihe fowls, ivnslicd the captain's
clothes, kepi the steward's books, assisted
Bum 111), Ihe negro ennli. uud turned Ihe
grindstone fur Chips, ihe carpenter.
Every Sunday 1 wu- allowed nn the poop,
and, having on old "pig yoke." wus allow-
ed to "shunt the situ," working nut Ihe
latitude by the old SD.4S method and Invariably gelling it wrung.
1 used to go aft with feur and trembling
willi my ealcnliiiinns worked o.i a slate
and hand it tu the "old man."
"Nn wonder I am gelling gray and
wrinkled," ho was accustomed to exclaim,
"with such u blue nosed imp as you to
work my soul holt out.    Here the ship is
In 15 dogi s ll) minutes north latitude,
and confound me if ynq haven't ligured
her tn the northward nf the line. Take
thai, und that, nnd thut. yoti young s'wiib.
Why didn't you stop in your father's nf.
tiee clinging ink? You're lit only to cat
and sleep.   Get nut nf this!"
On this particular occasion when Tro-
gaskis hailed the deck reporting the sail
in sight I was up in Ihe inizzentop selling
up lhe topmast rigging wiih a "handy
hilly" tackle, assisted hy unuther midshipman, who also hailed from London.
We were not high enough up to make Ihc
strange craft nut. but in about half nu
110111' she hove in sight nnd we cuiild see
her plainly. She wus hull down and her
canvas seemed to be in rags, Hupping In
the breeze.
"On deck there!" I shouted.
"Hello!" sung out the cuptnlu, who
was walking the poop, pulling bugs clouds
uf black smoke ont of a moutb Ihal
Stretched from ear to ear. "What du you
want now? Can't you set up that rigging without nny help? Clap a stopper
un vnur jaw tackle and go on wilb your
"Please, sir, there's a queer looking
craft in sight from here. All hur sails
seem tn have blown uway."
The old man gave n grunt and come
aloft to have o look ot ber, currying o
pair of good marine glasses slung around
his lied;. He gut nn the uiizzen topsail
yard und observed her closely fur live
minutes. Then be hurtled down on deck
nnd told ihe steward, who culled lhe chief
male, whnse watch it wus below. Meanwhile I (changed n few wmds Willi lhe
second mate, who Immediately afterward
mured nut in a stenluriaii voice:
"Lay down from nloft, every mother's
sun of you, ami bring yuilr tar buckets
with you."
All hands gut down ns smartly as they
could, feeling very mueh surprised.
"I wonder what nils the old hunks
now?" growled nn ancient sen dug, whose
grizzled locks hung over his shoulders, "I
guess il is snine dodge lu gel exll'll Work
nut nf nn Inmost crew. If ho hud sailed
Willi sumo nf the buys I used to go tn sea
villi, he'd have boon b'islcd overboard
long before this."
.lust at Ibis time lhe port watch come
on deck, muttering nml growling, for ii
was  only   four   bolls   In   lhe   after i
watch, and thoy thought they were sale
until 4 o'clock.
We tnnk ill nil tho BtUn'solls, hauled the
mainsail up snug nnd kepi nwny n couple
of points, beading direct fnr the strung, r
wiih Ihe flapping sails, which was now
plainly visible from the dock.
The skipper and lhe males held n close
confabulation on the poop aud watched
the craft through their glasses.
tu a lit tie* while we were close alongside
of her, heaving to about a quarter of ti
mile lo windward.
She wus a three tnusiod topsail schonn
er. Not ll snid was to be seen nn her,
decks. If sho hud boen ahunduned. U
must have been in a hurry, fur every sail
had boon left set. This wns evident in
the nautical eye. although the canvas
liung in Hitters from yards and guffs
She was lung and low ond, judging from
her general npponrance, must hnve been
very fust. Originally sbe had been point'
ed iilaek. but nuly a few paichos remained
In tell the tale. Sun. wind nnd sen hud
loft n her grayish while, and ns she
wallowed In the trough nf lhe sou slip
looked weird and ghastly nnd ghostly,
"I loll you lhat I here craft is the Flying Dutchman;" snid he of the grizzled
"Plying Dutchman be domed! replied
a cockney sailor who hailed from l.iine-
boiise. "Vmi ortor knnw better. The
Dutchman Is a full rigged ship, and that
mic is a topsail schooner. Gray liolr ain't
always a sign of wisdom, judging from
the likes nf you."
Presently we gut the order to lower
nwny iho captain's gig. which hung from
the pun davits just ns wo bnd bolsletl her
up   after   leaving   pnnr   Olson   nslmre   III
Helena.    Accordingly   we lowered  ber
Inln ihe water, und she was duly iiiiinnul
by her regular crow of four. I. wliu um
now spinning this yarn, pulled bow.
We rowed right around her, looking for
a convenient place to climb on Iter deck,
hut llndlng none we just made fust io the
mn in channels hy the pointer, and I, being the youngest, scaled her side nml
jumped over her mil m ber deck, Jum
abaft the main rigging. Everything wns
as nent as iiitiepeuee. Tlte ropes were all
coiled snugly mound the belaying pins,
nml there was uo sign of disorder nbuut
the decks. I throw over tho end of cue
nf Iho running genr into the bunt so that
the skipper might hang on to it and
clamber up. The old man caught hold of
it nud. having u lot nf low cunning, Just
tried Its strength. It wns su rotten that
It ported at once. The skipper muttered
an oath and looked daggers at inc. Finally he climbed up with the help nf the
painter, and after passing the hunt astern,
with oue hand In Hike care uf her, we pro.
ceedod tn investigate.
The vessel hud evidently been a clipper.
Her skylights wore beautifully carved,
and Ihe cuiupaiijuiiwiiy lending to her cub
iu was as elegant as thnt of u yacht. The
door, however, wus lucked. A thick blue
mold iiieriisted the glass uf lhe skylight
nn the inside, and the frames would uu!
lift up. The hatchway leading to the
fuioeasllc was olnsely burred and hulled,
while the fure nud main hatches were
tightly buttoned down.
rnpiuin flu,liver, while cruising nruunil
the decks, stumbled across an old rusty
noli crowbar, and with I lit.** he pried open
he doors uf l-bo nfler cniiipaiiiunwuy. He
peered down heluw. and it was dusky and
murky us u liiiuu.
He sung nut: "Below there! Is there
unyhnily below?" And then he hesitated
ns if in a quandary.
This wns she first time I ever'saw Ihe
old fellow show the white feather.
After a lillle while he braced up anil,
seizing the cruwbur. broke open the cabin
skylights, using, as il seemed to me. uu
necessary force in su doing. A mysteri
.ins. pestilent odor ascended frutn the
"Ou down below. Hill," said the skipper
to une uf liis bunt's crew, "and see whnl
there is."
"Captain, I'd rather jump overboard
and never come up again than go down
lhat there cunipniiiniiway atone," was the
reply nf tho Beared sailor, whose timber*,
actually shivered wiih fear.
"Vou wretched coward, you've drunk
your last mt uf grog aboard my ship!"
roared lhe skipper ns lo plunged down
the cabin steps.
I followed him ut a cautious distance,
being far more frightened thnn be was.
The stairs led down into a handsome and
lofty saloon, beautifully hung witli oriental K.'ipostry. In a mn hog ny swinging
tray abnve lhe cabin table were decaliters
ntu! tumblers of cm glass. Although everything was covered wiih b'ue mold un
inch thick, ii was evident thut a careful
steward hud been acellsl-UUied tn rule over
the destinies uf tbe snlunn.
On either side uf tho iiiuin cabin wore n
number nf doors leading Into staterooms.
The skipper tried ihe one nearest the
stern un the starboard side.   It was luck
"Pass down ihat crowbar, Hill," said
the enptnin iu quiet tones. He no longer
put on the air of a swaggering blusterer,
hut acted as though be was iu church listening to a sky pilot.
The crowbar wns handed him, and witli
it he pried upon lhe stateroom dour. ' A
strange and startling spectacle was revealed, Willi her head buried in the cusli-
inns of n low couch, on ber kuees before
the image of the Blessed Virgin and with
her jet black linir' hiding her chocks nnd
descending in raven torrents down her
back was a beautifully dressed woman,
Beside her wore u hrcvinry and a rosary.
The skipper started back ns though ho
had been shut. The woman actually
seemed to hoar the "Excuse inc. madam,
for Intruding," he began, but at thnt moment, realizing that she could not he olive,
he look hold nf her gently. Al his liisl
touch the form collapsed and Tell lo lhe
We all rushed nn dock nml found lhe
Hnrknru wlth'9 bailing distance. Twenty suilnrs were sent on board Ibe strange
ship, ami it was curious to see how brave
wo became when re-enforced by such n
lot of sturdy jnck tars. Tn mako u lung
story shun, we ransacked lhe vessel from
stem lo stern. In her lower hold we
found the skeletons of 2*i0 persons, nil in
iron manacles, There were just 'iW ut
ihein. because I and o fellow midshipman
counted llioni by order of the skipper.
This accounted clearly for Iho vessel.
She hnd been n shiver and had boon abiln-
dnncd. though fur what reason nobody
could understand. She hnd probably
drifted for years off lhe African coast
fnr nut of the truck of ships, nnd this no j
counted for her nut having boon reported
before. A sudden shirt uf wind must
have wafted ber off lhe hind nnd driven
ber Inlo the highway of Ibe ocean frequented by homeward hound East India
Tlie mystery of the woman wns deeper
and darker. A brown sheet of paper,
with big spots nil It, Idling clearly of
leni'S, and some fndetl characters, which
looked like Spanish, wus found beside
uer.   Nobody could Interpret It.
The mate wauled the captain to low
the sehuuner to St. Melons nnd sell her
fur what sbe would fetch, The skipper,
being unc of tbe old school and superstitious at thnt, wouldn't listen lu him. Mo
snid he wns going lo burn her, aud burn
her be did. A barrel of coal tor and a
bundle or oakum judiciously arranged
worked admirably, nud the poor Africans
bad u splendid funeral pyre.
HoodooH of  the   Vellotvafone.
One of the wonders of the National
purl; of the Yellowstone are the barren
uud oddly shaped rocky columns known
as lhe ilnoduus, because of thoir re-
semblance al a dlslunce to fantastically
dressed human beings.    Hoodoo mountain
lies iiboui liny miles m the southeast ur
lhe Grand canyon of the Yellowstone and
minis a distinct iiuracilon hy Itself.
High up nn lhe side of Iho uiuiinluin. niol
obscured from view nt a short distance,
lies ii low. lint tract or basin containing
large numbers nr rocky pillars, shafts und
spires, wmn into I lie .most grotesque
shapes by Iho acllnn of lhe elements.
The forms of nultnnls, human beings.
churches and n iiiuliiiude uf animate Olid
Inanimate olrjects can be iroced in the
rucks, lhe variety being limbed ouly by
ibe iningination of the hohuhler. Tilt*
sinrins nf ages hove worn deep channels
tinning the rocks, tbrnugk which the visit-
ur wonders ns in n bewildered labyrinth.
It Is a weird spot, and une never tires ul
threading its rocky mazes and gazing
upon time's sculpt tilings.
TolMtcco la the  Dent  Insecticide.
Must of the insects common to bouse
plants dislike tobacco us much ns duos Ihe
cleanly housewife. The best wny tu use
It as an Insecticide upon window plants Is
to secure o good handful uf tnbacco
steins, place ihotn lu tin old basin, pour
boiling water over ibom and lot then!
stand fur several lining. Then drain off
Ibe liquid into a basin or tub deep enough
fur iininorsiiig the tops of ynur plants in
and dilute il with wnrm waior until It
shows only n faint tint uf brown,   Then
lake up the plants at a lime and huld
them, tups down, in ihe water, washing
ilicm clean.—I.ndies' Hume Journal.
Ok, don't be lorrowlui. ifWiau.
And dou't I* ir-rrowlul. |ra..l
Tilting lhe year togrther. m.v d-ir.
There lin't more nv-lil ll.un day.
"Til. rnlny trcather, rny darling,
Tin:?'* wim-a tlay heavily run,
But, tilting tlie year together, niy dear.
There lOl't more clni.il limn flun.
We are old t„'.i.a i- iv. niy
Our head* an- I' whig
But, tatting the jr.ir all i
You will alwaya lind in,
my Star,
We have lind ,iur May, mj darllngl
And the
Tor tl.i
But Cod
Cf ll,.-
, Rod. mi- '
mill "f Ural
i i* coming, ray dear,
ild tiie snow;
<il life, good wife,
I,, him.
—II lalirandt Peals.
llcl'tre* nml   Aller.
Before mnn luge a wife is a beautiful
fancy.   Afterward she is a sulemn fact,
nnd   fnets nre always stubborn,*-Haiti-
inure World.	
"See here, Wiilio. what do yon moon by
staying away from ficbnnl so often?"
"I'm doin1 It for yuur soke, dour teacher. 1 (ind tint I am falliu' lu love witb
ynti."—New Vurk Journal,
Ilia   II nnnlMiul.
Yonsf—Wuulil you call his automobile a
Crlnisonbenk—Yes. It will run nbout
Ion minutes uud tben break down.—You-
kcrs statesman.
llcscrlMiitf   the   lliirunlii   Sale.
"And then," said the girl who reads
the funlball news, "sbe went through the
lino for a gnln of live yards of slightly
duinugcd silk."—Chicago I'ost.
slnkliiK ll Tender.
"What's all that noise out thero about,
"Didn't you order your steak tender,
sir?"—New York Juiirnul.
Didn't  llelleve  In Them.
"Willie," said his father os be proceeded with the Injing nu of hands, "I am
sorry to have tu du this—It hurts tne more
than it dues you."
"Woll." returned the precocious young*
stor resignedly, "I never did believe in
these here sympathetic stiikos anyhow.
They always du mure harm than good."—
Chicago I'ost.
'.-_• A Jfurdorcr'e Touch ,on  SE
ss -it     the luocrument Baany r'.:
H t      e;l u:m.
= , !!lllll!lllllll!:ill!l!ll! WWII IWIWIWWIIf
Die!: [tntiist-y ami I lind gone west to
make our forlitncs. Wluil Ihal menus
none lint uu eastern buy who bus tiled
it can toll.
We roughed it together, sometimes
faring well when we happened to lull
into the e.iuip ni' a hospitable westerner, but mora nt'ieii trumping it from
Village to village bulking for ilic work
which wna ucvor I'liiiuil ami wondering
when we should strike our "streak" of
Finally we separated. Dick tu take
tbe position of station agent itt l.ake-
villo. a llc'.v reltlenlelil. mid I 10 go on
to Ulvcnlaln. leu miles beyuiid. lo bold
a similar pusltlou. u <■ could mlk by
wile, but we found thai further communication would be iiupiissliile, fur
we were well lied down nnd after our
separation did Hot see mill oilier
Dick was n gentle sort of follow, one
of llm.se dreamers who never get on In
n worldly way. but the dearest companion Imaginable. 1 missed lilm terribly for owbilc. hut bis occasional
talk nt the wire Inlil me lie was alive
ond well.
One aflcrtionii there come o frontic
call at the wire, nnd I hurried to the
Instrument to bear Dick tapping off
the words thai the express train boil
boon delayed tiiul to huld the "runaway," due nt the stiitlon ten minutes
Inter, mitU I beard from him. Directly after the message came tbo line;
"Express train in sight. Something
wrong. Stond by." I wolfed n full
minute; then came Dick's familiar tup
lap: "Express in being run by strange
hands. Tbey have slopped nt this Bta*
Hon.   Send relief."
There was u second's silence; then,
before I could Hash the iiliirin along
the line, the lapping began again. It
run: "Everything all right.  Uobdlvy."
1 signaled for blm to repeat the message, and again cniiio Ibe words: "Everything nil right,   tioodby."
1 held the Instrument in my hand
nml debated with in-i-sclf upon my
course of conduct, I did not wont to
needlessly send the alarm along tbe
line. Ou lhe other band, why bail Dick
sunt bis lirst message? 1 touched the
Instrument and nsked, "Is everything
all right, Dick?" Aud lhe answer
came hack, "Everything is all right."
It did uot seem lit nil like Dick's
lunch, but I loid It lo nervousness nnd
quieted my fears while I waited for
the "runaway,"
I recalled thai Dick bad told uie over
the wire the previous evening that the
"runaway" would have s large sum of
money aboard, which It wos to transfer to the express ul his stallun.
When the "I'linn-'Vay" came up. I notified Ibe engineer Hint the express was
waiting fnr blm at l.nkevllle. ami 1
nlso casually mentioned Unit the alarm
bud cume from there, but that lifter-
ward I bad received a message that all
was well.
lie seemed disturbed and advised me
to repeat the story to the lulled Slates
marshal aboard, which I did. with the
result Unit the train pulled out of the
Blatlotl prepared fur emergencies,
though neither tbey nor I thought anything of ihc hasty message thut bud
lioen Unshod to um.
Ten minutes Intel' the message came
over tbe wires from l.nkevllle: "Pound
train lu charge uf blgbwaymoit. Dick
Ramsey murdered nt instrument. Object was to rob the 'runaway,- but we
overpowered them nfter a desperate
struggle. Notify tlie stations along the
line to semi relief."
Tbis, In brief, wns the story of the
death of Dick Itainsey, nml after I
bod seen blm laid nway In the grave-
yard at I.okevllle I packed up my
goods and Journeyed farther ou, for I
could not remain su near the scene of
my old friend's death.
Well, strange things happen, and
nfter 1 bnd found a position witb the
some company DO miles nwny 1 was ns-
signed back to (.nkcvlllb.
1 found Ibe village grown Into a settlement of very fair size nnd the simple littlo station replaced by a very pretentious one, while the bumble lillle
churchyard when' they had but-led
poor Dick Itainsey was gay wltb How*
Ol'lug shrubs, nnt] spires ut marble lifted themselves bole and there among
the trees. Dick's grove wns El 111 marked by the rude cross I bud placed over
Well. In the du'.Los of my new posl-
tluu I am nfruhl I forgot Dlclt, and fur
weeks nt a lime 1 never thought of tbe
mound behind the church and the poor
fellow wlm bad come with me from
home and whose Joys and sorrows had
been mine fnr so lung.
In Dick's place at the Instrument
there sat an hnllesl lillle cbap. uud assisting ti: ii i was il mil her lad. for the
siailon at l.nla'vlllu uuw boasted half
a dozen emploveoa.
High above the statiun. ou a bluff
that commanded Ibe finest view In
town, was the home of the president of
the company, a man wbo bud fought
■I-- ny up nud who now boasted his
.- .lis.
The president was a toll, dork man,
Willi Kteru features, hut a kind heart,
and uflou 1 watched blm with envy as
he alighted from bis private car and
entered the handsome Victoria which
carried blm behind bis spanking team
up lo bis home on l.nkevllle heights.
Often the president did nut go up to
the city, and on these occasions lie
wired me ou his private Hue, und I
wiled to the city for blm.
One day, chancing to alt at tba in
strument, there came n call on the
president's wire, find, responding. I received this message: "Let me know If
the rood Is clear."   - —
A minute tutor I colled up his private
wire ond tapped.' "The road Is elonr."
"All right." came bnck the answer.
It was a simple enough message, but
lt set my pulsus throbbing. Mechanically I touched the button und repeated the message, "Tbe road Is clear,"
and Immediately came back the words,
"All right."
I sat nt the Instrument like a man in
a dream, nnd my thoughts were with
Dick, who bad sat at the same spot
live years before find bad touched that
same Instrument. What was there In
that reply that so fascinated inc. or
was It the anniversary of poor Dick's
death that made me fanciful?
That afternoon tlie president come
dowu lo the station ou business, nud I
looked nt blm closely. He must have
seen me watching him, for be shifted
his position uneasily and nervously
handled the Instrument, I may say
thut be was an expert operator und
preferred telegraphing bis messages to
writing Ibem.
As I watched blm I remembered
bearing the strange story of bis rise;
bow from nn operator on a distant road
he bad suddenly become u stockholder,
s director nnd Dually the president of
the road, und how his wealth and holdings were known far and wide.
lie seemed III al ease lhat doy. and I
withdrew my eyes uud busied myself
elsewhere. But more .an once be
caught me 'noting at him.
Twice that day tho president drove
down to the station, and slowly he
drove home again, ns though be were*
disturbed about something. The third
time he enmo It was almost (lark, and I
heard him send bis coachman home,
telling him that he would follow soon
on foot.
Kor half an hour the president busied himself around the station, n most
unusual thing for him, aud when bo
finally took leave it was to walk hurriedly away iu tbe direction of tbo
churchyard, a Journey which I ofuu
took myself.
Scarcely realizing what I was doing,
I pulled my cap over my eyes and
started after blm. What excuse I
would make If be turned und saw me I
knew uot. I only understood that bohk.
force was pulling me onward nnd that
same force wits taking mo over tho
same road aud in the very footprints
of President Greydon of the l.nkevllle
and l.aska railway.
To my surprise, be turned the corner
as he reached the church nud. plodding
his way past It. opened the gate which
led Inlo the churchyard and slowly
wended his way among the graves.
Noiselessly I followed him. Through
ihe narrow paths we went, he the sub-
stance, I tho shadow close after him.
But, horror of horrors, he stopped!
And. my God. be bout over Dick Ramsey's grave! Lower and lower be sank
until be was upon bis knees and bis
bonds were spread out upon the sod.
In the uncertain light of the rising
moon 1 could sec lhat he threw hack
bis head, that bis face was drawn and
deadly white and thut bis lips were
1 must have stepped upon a twig, for
a sound bctrAyed me. Springing to bis
feet, he turned and faced me, uot ten
feet nway.
Willi a cry of rage he sprang toward
me. "So you followed me!" be cried
fiercely between bis teeth. "You dogged my steps!"
He wns u powerful man, but In the
struggle which followed I enslly mastered him and hud him pinioned, white
and panting. "Do not add another
minder," I said fiercely, "to that of
Dick Ilauisey."
"How tlo you know?" he whispered,
"1 recognized your hand upou the
wire. I was the agent ot the next station when you—too!; Dick's place—you
remember—live years ago—today!"
"Oh. tlod, yes!" he cried. "Shall I
ever forget? Wheu I had to come to
this cursed place to live. I thought It
might disappear after awhile. But II
grows stronger every day. I live with
It, see It, hour It—thnt poor fellow—all
the time! Yet I had to do it or be killed. There was a gang of us. Oh. oh!"
h« cried, nnd, breaking down utterly,
tbe proud president of tbo road burled
Ids face lu his hands.
It was a strange scene, we two there
In the moonlight, licenser uud accused
be trembling. I revengeful.
"1 tried to lend a better life," he con
tlnucd, "and ou my gains I succeetli'i]
well. But, oh, tbe misery of these
years! I thought tonight If 1 could set
his grave ond piny upon It I might be
forgiven and have rest." His eyes
sought the spot where poor Dick la;
with crushed skull
"What nre you going to do?" I asked
after we hod stood there In silence.
"Give myself np now, I suppose,"
sold he.   "There Is no other way."
The next day Ibe whole country was
ringing with tbe strange confl'Ssliiii ot
President Greydon.    lie mnde n clear
breast of It and was so manly and sin
cere In bis repentance Hint nobody wa-
sorry when l.ls aeutfuce was pioci.l :.
o term of Imprisonment Instead of il
death penally, which Is su sitmmiirl! -
lienII out to criminals In the in-west
the  western   towna. — Columbus   I'
i i#.->.«^.«^.«.a—-^-.-'X'>-.->>..-cs-»-f>^.'>.i-Oa.s*>
*  a
0  0
lloiv to Make Chon Nner.
For those who like or who think they
would like the famous Chinese dish,
chop sitey, the following recipe, which
any Intelligent housewife can follow,
was given by W. E. S. Fnles, for several years vice consul at Ainoy:
"I'or four persons two chickens' lifers, two chickens' gizzards, ono pound
young, clenn pork cut Into small pieces,
Iinlf an ounce of green root ginger und
two stalks of celery. Saute this In a
frying pan over a hot lire, adding four
tiiblespoonfuls of olive oil, one tnblo*
spoonful of vluegar, half a cupful of
boiling witter, ono teaspoonful of
Worcestershire snncc, half a teaspoonful of Bit It, black and red pepper to
taste and a dash of cloves and cinnamon. Wben nenrly done, add a small
con of mushrooms, half a cupful of cither bean sprouts or French green pens
or string beans chopped fine or asparagus tips. The seo-yu sauce which Is
eaten with this delectable dish can be
procured at any Chinese grocery,"
No Dream.
Winlfred-I thought Uncle 5",eb acted
queerly when be took dinner at our bouse
Gregory—What did he do7
Winifred-He tasted Ibe victuals on his
plate, aud then I saw blm pinch himself
and beard blm mutter: "It's true. They're
real potatoes."—Chicago Tribune.
Tbe Story of a Man Who Was
Thought Fit Only to Blow
Bugle Calls.
' '*^-i^.*»->.«-tIr-a^."-a>«>-»-».»-*|-«^"-*>-»-«>*»»
Hans Mueller used to toot a trumpet
In the Third cavalry. Hans wns more
or less of a butt for the Jolys of- tinmen of bis troop. He took ull kinds
of gibes with a good nature that was
us perfect as it was stolid. The trumpeter knew more about music thnn be
did about muskets. When for awhile
he tried what the ether men called
straight soldiering, he was continually
getting tangled up witb bis ciiulp-
lueuls, uud on several occasions at
skirmish drill bo enme within nu ncc
of sbootlug himself. His comrades
told Hans that as long us be confined
his efforts to killing himself tbey would
offer uo strenuous objection, but that
If he got real careless and shot the
head off some one else be must look out
for trouble. As a matter of ftict, lip
did oue dny come pretty close to putting a bullet through the heart of Scr-
geuut Peter Nelson, who forthwith
thrashed Hans In uu approved style.
Captain Kobcrts called Haus "gross"
and said thnt he must stick to his
The edict of bis cblef mnde Haus
feel bad. Ho blew the whole scale
of calls from reveille through fatigue,
recall and drill to tops, but his soul
wasn't In his music. Down deep lu
Hnus' soul tbere enme tbe thought that
somehow be was not like other men.
Tbe smartness of appearance which
characterized Sergeant Nelson, Corporal Brady nnd a score of privates bo
knew could never be bla. There was
lacking ln his mnkeup that something
which gives dash to a soldier. Huns
used to fall over his feet In a most tin-
military way, and his unnds were never In the proper places. Tbere wns
one thing, however, that could be snid
for him, be always tried to obey orders
Implicitly. He generally blundered
while making tbe attempt, but the Intent wns right, nnd that covers a,multitude of sins much more serious In
nature than mere blunders.
The Third cavalry was In the Wyoming country ln the Elkhoru creek region. There bad been n good deal of
trouble with the Nez Forces, nnd L
troop had been kept on the Jump most
of the time for a month. L troop was
Hans' outfit. There had been one constant succession of scoutlngs. It had
been necessary to send small squads In
half a dozen different directions ut one
and the sumo time. The trumpeter had
been forced to stay with the main
body, which was not n very big main
body at that, at ull times. He had
been In everything in which the whole
troop was engaged, but tbe Idea of
sending Hans out on n reconuolssniice
where coolness nnd the subtlety of Ibe
devil were necessary for safety was
the last thing thnt ever entered the
head of tbe troop commander.
One dny, however, one of the coldest
duys of tbe second winter mouth, It
became necessary to send n scouting
paity to Investigate the rumor of Ibe
approach of n band of savages. Now, it
hnppened thnt the whole command
was fagged out, and this iu a nutshell
Is the reason why Hans Mueller found
himself for the first time In his life In
a position of neute responsibility. He
wns ordered by Coptnln Roberts lo
proceed with Sergeant Nelson nnd two
privates northwest until something
was "folt" or until tho sorgonut was
satisfied that a wrong report bad been
turned Into tlio camp.
When the little body set out, the fatigue of tbe Individual members of the
troop showed that It was uot, so to
speak, Rtrong enough to keep these
sumo individuals from giving Hans a
sendoff. Hans hod a carbine and n revolver. His trumpet wns hanging up
on a peg. One of the bystanders said
to the sergcantin command: "Look out
for Hans If you happen to get Into n
scrimmage. Tho first thing you know
he'll forget himself, nnd he'll try to
blow 'retreat' on bis cnrblne. You may
lose one man If Hans puts his moutb to
the wrong end of tlie borrei."
Then they said u few other things to
HniiB. He wns told to be sure not to
get bis canteen mixed up wltb his cartridge belt and to mnko sure thnt he
took note of the Inndmnrks on tho wny
out so lie could get bnck to camp In a
hurry If be happened to hear un Indian
shoot off his gun. Hans took all this
well enough, because the thought of
uctually going out on a scout wns sufficient to knock all other things out of
his head, resentment along with tbem.
They hnd left the camp fur behind
them. Sergeant Nelson, who *ivns nn
old and tried campaigner, turned to his
men and said. "We nre getting near
lhe place where we tuny expect to see
something." Then ho spoke seriously
to Hans. ".Mueller," bo said, "you're
not half ob bud perhaps as the troop
makes out, but I tell you honestly tbnt
I'm kind of afraid of you wben it
cuiiics to n pinch. Do lhe best you can
ami don't run. Ah a matter of fact, 1
think Hint .Um Crosby was pipe dreaming when bo brought the rumor of reds
lu this vicinity lulu crimp, but you may
have a chance to sec trouble and If you
do nlcase stick."
That waa a pretty tough thing to
have to aay to a aoldler wltb Uncle
Sam's uniform on his back. Stick!
Mueller's face went almost white under realization thnt the true significance of that admonition wns that tbe
sergeant had n pretty stiong fear In
tils heart tbat this trumpet tfioter was
n coward. Stick! He would show tbem
If be was only given a chance.
Sergeant Peter Nelson wns an old
-.un tried campaigner, maeed, but that
dny he made n mistake. He led his
throe men straight Into nn ambush.
There were a score of painted Nez
Forces straight across their track. The
Indians had very little cover, but tbey
used It so artfully that the old soldier
sergeant bad actually thought that the
bit of embankment and the few scattered bowlders did not offer cover
enough to conceal a Jnck rabbit.
The first Intimation of tlio Indians'
presence was a volley. Sergeant Nelson went to the ground with n wound
In Ills side. One of tho privates, shot
through tbe shoulder nnd leg, fell with
him. The two men crawled behind a
couple cf rocks and secured temporary
shelter. At the savage volley Hans
Mueller's heart went to bis throat.
With the other private, who. like
nans, was iinlilt, he fell back about
forty yards and went behind an adequate cover. There for live minutes
tbey exchanged shuts witli the reds,
who, In accordance with Indian custom, would in t charge across the open,
but depended rather upon being able to
pick off tbe Soldiers and then tu go forward without danger and take the
scalps. Hans Mueller found that he
could use his carbine. His heart went
down out of- bis throat. He locked
nruund him nnd saw Unit there was
some chance of holding the savages off
for hours. Out beyond he saw bis two
stricken comrades. They were not
dead. He knew tbat because lie saw
them move and occasionally weakly
r.-ilsi- themselves and send a shot In the
direction of the red foe.
Ho ns said to himself, "Those men
must be brought bnck here." Tben ho
handed his enrbino to his comrade nnd
with It his belt nnd nnlmunltlon. "You
mny need these," he Bald, "If those fellows hit me." Then he Jumped over
the rock In front of blm, und with his
long, shambling, nngnlnly stride he
made for the side of Sergeant Nelson.
The Indians pumped nt him. The balls
whizzed by bis head, cut his clothes In
three places nnd spat spitefully Into
the dust nt his feet. Telling Nelsou to
grab his carbine, Mueller raised the
sergeant In his nrtus and mnde bnck
fer cover, his track all the way marked
out for bim by the shots of the savages. He dropped the sergeant under
the shadow of the rock and then stood
ou bis feet.
•'Where you going, Mueller?" said
Sor/jeniit Nelson feebly.
"I'm going after Dodds," snid Mucl
Ior, and bo cleared the little rock to the
front once more.
"God bless you. Mueller." wns whnt
be beard above the cracking of the rifles to bis front. He reached the side
of ibe wounded Dodds, raised blm and
started back with blm across tbe strip
of hell. Twice he staggered ns volleys
rang out, but lie reached the side of his
comrades and placed Dodds between
Nelson and the unwounded trooper.
Then linns Mueller fell dead.
Relief came to the three surviving
cavalrymen. The two wounded lived.
In the little cemetery nt n post In tbe
fnr northwest there Is a headstone
which is Inscribed (litis:
"Hans Mueller, Trumpeter and Soldier. His Courage Was Bullet Proof."
—Chicago Record-Herald.
flo any business. I've got to know. 1
could pet tbe same thing In two minutes In America, nud I'm uot going to
leave the room until"—
Tbe minister pressed nn electric button. In walked two guards. The minister spoke to them In Russian, and directly the drummer found himself
walking down the Nevsky Prospect
with an uncongenial escort. As he
thought the matter over In Jail he concluded tbat bis band was not strong
enough, as he put It, to bluff the whole
Russian empire.
Within an hour be was led back Into
the presence of De Wltte, who told
blm that a decent apology would save
further trouble. After the drummer
made It De Wltte gave him tbe In-
formntlon, with the reminder that It
wns not wise to be rude to minister!
of state. 	
Porlnaraeae Hotel Clocks.
It is the fashion for Portuguese
clocks to strike the hour twice over.
Heaven only knows why, for certnlnly
the people are not so keen about tbo
profitable uso of tbelr time thnt tbey
require to be reminded thus of Its
flight. The bnblt Is apt to be Irritating,
especially in the night, when your bed,
like enough a straw mattress and a
bran pillow, chances to bo near one of
these monsters which dings Its four
and twenty strokes at midnight, with
a pause between tbo dozens which
merely stimulates expectation. If thero
are five clocks In tbe establishment, all
witb sonorous works—and the supposition Is reasonable—tbey will, of course,
differ widely, so tbnt tweuty-four may
be striking, with intervals, during a
mnddenlng half hour.
You may happen to want to know
badly which one of tbo monsters Is tho
least mendacious, and the bells at your
bed bend communicate "with two servants, one n Gnllego and the other a
Portuguese, ln such a case ring for tin
despised stranger without hesitation
He will be with you In a minute, fresh
and smiling, though bnlf naked, anc
If he distrusts his own Judgment about
the clocks be will not mind saying so
and hasten to nwaken tbe landlord
himself rntber than tbat you should
remain In doubt.
I regret to add tbat his more conceited fellow servant will more probably
say whatever first comes to bis tongue,
moro heedful of bis own comfort than
of your desires.
Attacked by a  Heron.
"I've hunted everything from gray
squirrels to grizzlies," snid a veteran
Philadelphia sportsman, "and the nearest 1 ever cume to being seriously injured by any sort of game was one
time when n wounded bird attacked
and tried lo kill me.
"I wus a boy then nnd went down to
a creek that flowed through my father's farm to watch for a mink. It
wns early In the evening, and n blue
heron came and sat within tempting
gunshot I knew it would spoil ray
chances at mink to shoot the bird, nnd
I didn't Intend to do It; but, kidlike,
raised the gun nnd took aim just to see
how I could kill It If I would. I lowered tbo gun nnd then raised it again,
Every time I raised It I would touch'
the trigger gently. After nwhlle 1
touched It too bard, the gun weut off,
and I started toward the heron, which
wns wounded.
"I thought It would be a good scheme
to catch tbe bird and started to do so,
wben Its bill shot out like a sledge bummer nnd Btruek me between the eyes.
When I enme to my senses, lt wns dark,
and lt was several minutes longer before I could remember where I was or
what had happened. A littlo harder
und the bird would have killed inc. 1
shudder even yet wheu I think what
would hnve been the result if the bill
had struck one of my eyes."
The f,aet Gladiatorial Combat.
Gladiatorial games were prohibited
by an edict of the Emperor Constantino In A. D. S25, but from some cause,
probably tbe loudly expressed disapprobation of the people, the edict was
allowed to fall Into disuse, and its penalties wcro never visited on Its violators. Daring the reign of Honorlns
the defeat of the Goths In Italy was
celebrated by games, but In the niliist
of the lights ln the amphitheater ot
Vespasian a monk named Telemnchus
found bis way Into tbe arena and parted the combatants with a large processional cross.
The populace swarmed over the barricades and tore tho monk to pieces,
but tbe moral effect of the heroic net
was permanent, nnd In A. D. 404 an
Imperial edict abolished gladiatorial
sports In the Coliseum aud shortly nfter throughout the Roman empire. The
fight stopped by Telemnchus was the
last In the Coliseum, aud that structure
Is now consecrated to tbe honor of
Telemnchus and the Christian martyrs
wbo perished In tbe persecutions by
Nero and otber emperors.
Two Cruel Panlabmenta.
Tbe gantlope, or gantlet, was military and naval punishment for theft.
A man bad to run tbe gantlet of a
long file of bis fellow soldiers, each
provided wltb a switch, and to prevent
tbe sinner going too rapidly and to see
that no man. Impelled by motives of
friendliness or kindness, fulled to strike
bard, a sergeant walked backward, facing tbe aald sinner, with a halberd
pointed at the hitter's breast.
After a lengthy experiment this was
found to be Inconvenient nnd degrading, so recourse was bad to another
method, a variety of the same species
of torture. Tbe offender was tied to
four halberds, three In a triangle nnd
a fourth ncross. The regiment or company then filed off, the cnt-o'-nine-talls
was placed ln the bands of the first
man, who gave the culprit a Insb and
passed on, handing tbe cat to the second, wbo also gave a lash, and so tbe
game went merrily on until tbe offense
bad been expiated.—London Graphic.
Tamed Him.
An Amerlcnu drummer, frosb from
our direct methods of business, drop
pod In on M. de Wltte, the Russian
minister of finance, one morning to gel
certain Information necessary for th"
Bale of his goods. The minister refused
It. The young man persisted. The
minister still refused. Then the young
man made the eagle siren IP. "You're
the only miin who can give me what 1
want," he said.   "I'm not going buck to  ablny like marble and aa smooth and
my folks nnd tell them thnt I couldn't  polished aa glass.
Tbere are two curious things about
cats tbat are not generally known.
Yellow hairs, however few lu number,
always Indicate the female. No male
ever bad the slightest tint of yellow.
Tbat la one curiosity, and tbe other
is tbnt a blue eyed cat Is always deaf.
To be sure, blue eyed cats are scarce,
and It Is possible tbat some deaf cats
may not be bluo eyed; but wherever
you find a blue eyed cat tbat feline
Is absolutely Incapable of bearing thunder.
Ancient Builders.
In Lahore tbere Is or was a massive
building made only of bricks aud mortar, but the builders, who erected It In
about 320 ll. U„ understood their business so well thai the fabric defied the
engineering efforts of four successive
governments to remove It. India, too,
can show plastered buildings white and
lloiux'iH'Hft.   Dry Throat, Sore Throat,  Bronchial Troubles,  Cough-*',  Coldn nrd Ardliuin
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Resides tho annoyance of throat irrltat-fron puhjic speakers seem to bo especially susceptible to bronchial
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Use a pancake lifter to place cookies
on tbe baking tin and to remove tbem.
To clarify fnt sfter frying throw in a
few slices of raw potato and simmer
all for a few minutes.
Grease spots thut have become hard
and burned in on ranges may be removed by rubbing with a few drops of
kerosene on a cloth.
Sometimes the fishy smell will cling
to knives and forks after oily fish like
salmon or mackerel bas been served.
Cut a lemon, rub them with It, and tbe
disagreeable odor will vanish.
Sometimes a large roasting pan, being Infrequently used, gets rusty. To
prevent wnsh It well after using, dry
It In the oven, then while warm rub
It over with a greased cloth and hang
lt nway.
Old newspapers snve work In the
kitchen. When you have any "messy"
task on band, like dressing a chicken,
pickling over fruit, etc., lay a paper on
the table, gather the litter up with It
and burn nil together. This saves
scouring the table.
Why He ltf.iic.TPd Ilia Youth.
"Why, Brother Dickey, I hardly
knew you, you're looking bo young and
spry!   What's up now?"
"Well, sub, I'fte studyln' 'bout glttln'
married ergln, dat's all."
•'Getting married?"
"Yes, sub. I made de 'qualntnnee er
n young gal terday, en she 'lowed dnt
ef I'd shave off my gray whiskers, en
chop off de hnlr what on my head, en
stop li.npln' wld de rheumatism, en
wear cloze what come out de Bto', en
smoke Bc-gara stidder pipe, en stop
preacbln' 'gin dnncln', en secure my
life In ber favor fer a hundred dollars she'd marry me. Dat haw come I
look so young!"-
MINARD'S LPT Believes Neuralgia.
A woman naver    pxitB   off till tomorrow what she can wear today.
Wo publish simple, straight testimonials, not press agent's interviews, from well known people.
From all over America they testify
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The photographers) show cases
where couplet aro quito taken with
each other.
That woman was created from a
rib is perhaps the reason that she is
even unto this day a bone of contention.
Chronic derang-SI)-rota of tho stomach, liver,
mi'! i >Iood 'iro spo-dily r-dm'ovoa by the active
pr.uciplo of tho ingredients ciilorinf-r into tlio
composition of Parmoloo'.** Vugctablo Fills.
Those pills act fspncitiaiHy ou tho deramjnd
organs, s',i mulatto-* tu actum tho dortnnnt eiifir-
tfios of tho system, thereby removing disenso
und renewing 11 o nnd vitality to tho a£lictod.
In this lies tlio icront &orret of tho popularity of
Purineloe'a Veffetuble Pills.
Man is the image of God; why run
after a ghost or a dream ?—Emerson.
A good    companion    makes    goad
Better go about than fall info the
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Ontario, Quebec, Maritime Provinces
Eastern and Western States
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WlnoiprwCHy Ticket, Telegraph nnd VtaUjbl
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Tiie man with fringe about the
bottom of his trousers has a poetical look.
Miliard's Liniment Cores Bonis, Etc.
It is funny that the people whom
society hns thrown overboard aro
not in the swim.
■arua and Scalda.
Id cases of burns or scalds, wben
the sklu Is unbroken, cover the burn
wltb white lend palut, glycerin, fresh
lard. Unseed, olive, sweet or lard oil
or soapsuds. If tbe skin Is broken,
pour a mixture of oil nnd llmewnter
(either Unseed, olive, sweet or lard oil)
In equal parts over tbe Injury. Tben
place a soft piece of white linen or
muslin wet wltb the oil mixture on tbe
wound. Then loosely wind a bondage
over this, removing It from time to
time to wet tbe linen wltb tbe oil mixture. Never attempt to uncover tbe Injury.        	
Th* Flnlablna- Tonchea.
A girl who bnd been very clever nt
college came borne the otber day and
sold to her mother:
"Mother, I've graduated, but now I
must Inform myself In psychology, philology, blbll"-
"Just wait a minute," said tbe mother. "I hare arranged for you a thorough course In roustology, bollology,
stltehology, dnrnology, patcbology and
general domestlcology. Now, put on
your apron and pluck tbat chicken."
They were driving together when
Miss Rocks, unsolicited, gurgled forth
her views upon matrimony. "Love Is
a dreary desert," she said, "and marriage nn oasis," whereupon Mr. Shyly remarked that "certainly It did require a deal of sand."
M Good Name.
Toss—Oh, yes, she rnarrte-i • man
with a highly honored name.
Jess—What! I never considered
Scadds a highly honored name.
Tess—Well, you should see the W8J
it's honored at tbe bonk.
A man should Dot lose his tempei
oftener than once In ten years, and a
politician never.
The first Sunday paper In this country was The Sunday Courier, begun at
New York In 1825.	
A Clear Caa-*.
"Has your husband ever shown any of
the eccentricities of genius, Mrs. Wattles?"
"Oil, yes. He hod his new automobile
nenrly llirco weeks before he started out
to break the records."—Chicago Ileeorl
Mr, SI. A. (rauthier, of Buckingham,
Gives His Experi-i-nce For the Benefit of Other Sufferers From This
Terrible Malady.
From Tho Tost, Buckingham, Que.
We venture to suy that m our town
of a,000 inhabitants few business men
are bctOer known that Mr. SI. A.
Gauthkr, the young and hustling
butcher, of Slain street. He wasn't
however, us energetic or as hustling
a couple of years ago as he is today, and for a good reason—he
wasn't well. Having gone into business ere reaching Ins majority his de-
sre to succeed was such that no
hee*i wus paid to keeping the body
in tlie slate of health necessary to
staml a strain, and in conseiquuice of
the extra demands upon the system
It became run down to such an extent that epihitsy or falling sickness
resullt^l, and these lupsx-s into unconsciousness becoming alarmingly
freciuenl he consulted physicians aud
took some remedies, but without
beneficial results. Finally seeing Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills udverlistd ns a
cure for falling sickness he djcided to
give tlKiu a trial. As to th-:; result
the I'ost uannot do better .than give
Mr. Gauthicr's story in his own
words : "'Yes," said Sir. (Jauthier,
"for nearly four years I suffered from
epihpsy or falling ills, which took
me without warning und usually hi
most inconvenient places. I am just
twmty-four years of age, and 1 Uiink
I started business too young and the
fear of failing spurred me to greater
efforts perhaps than was good for
my constitution, nnd the consequence
was that 1 became subject to those
attacks which came w'thout any
wanning whatsoever, leaving me terribly sick and weak afur they had
passed. I got*to dread their recur-
ren«*-j very much. I consulted doctors
and took their remedies to no purpose, the fits still troubled me. ]
saw Dr. Williams' Pink Pills advertise^! and determined to try them. I
did so, and iho medicine helped mo so
ttyuch that I gol more and kept on
taking them until today I am as
well, yes bettor, than I ever was, and
am nut tro-ubled at all by efpilepsy or
the fear of the fits seizing me again.
Thinking Hire may bo others similarly afllictcd, I g;ve my story to the
Post ; it may perhaps lead them to
give this great medicine a trial."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a positive cure for all diseases arising from
impoverished blood, or a weak or
shattered cond'tion of the nervous
system Every dose makes now,
rich, red blood and gives tone to the
neTVes, thus curing such diseases as
epilepsy, St. Vitus' dunce, paralysis,
rheumatism, sciatica, heart troubles,
anmmia, etc. These pills are also a
cure for the ailments that make the
lives of so many women a constant
misery. They arc sold n boxes, the
wrapper around which bears the full
•ume-—Dr. Williams' Pink Tills for
Pale People. Can be procured from
druggists, or will be sent by mail,
post paid, at 50 cents a box, or six
boxe.-. for $2.50, by addressing the
Dr. Williams Sfed'cine Co., Brock-
Vtlb, Ont.
The mining expert is not necessarily a melancholy individual because
it is natural to associate him with
tin dumps.
The disease a man dreads, that he
flics of.
Too need uot -sonfih at! nluhi r id rli«turb you
rtonds ■ tliero i** no iH;cu»ioii for you runui.i
tho risk it c.mtructiutf inflammation ot tit
InngsorconsumptioD.wfilloj'oiicnuKOt Bickl-y
Aatl-Consumptivo Syrup. This moaicuio curr
coughs, colds, inflnmmnt.on of the lanjrs. m.
all throat and chest tronbleb. It promites
free nnd onFyoxportorntion, which immodnto!
relievos the thioal uud 'lun^3 from \ tsoJ
Pipe dreams are not restricted    to
It is hard to bring either a prizefighter ot a bald-headed man to the
It Is only Docessary to read ths testimonials
trf be convinced thnt Ho!loway's Corn Cure if
unequalled for the rcmov.il ot corns, warts, etc.
It ia a complete extinguisher.
Thu    submitting    to    one
brings on another,
MIMD'S unfflENT fir Sale ErerywHere.
Tho man who marries a spiritualist generally    only  gets    a  milium
Monloy Brand cleans and brightens every
th'nff. but won't -n ash clothes.
With    tho   dealer  in    second-hand
goods it is never too late to mend.
Fools mako fashions and wise men
follow them.
Last yonr the salo of ngrierultural
machinrry in (Jreeco was four-fold
that of tho previous yoar.
Plow, or not plow, you must pay
your rent.
He   who sows bramblts must   not
go l*nivfo«t,
ISO Kinds for 20c.
It is n fnrt that Halwr'B VPKfllaM-aand fluvvir-
wmkIs nro found in mora gardens
j and on mora lanns ili-.u uny ollior i,
in Alin'riia.    Tlirruin rcamm for tlii*.
We own and opcrale over tux) m-n-s Ior
tho production of our (.lioi-'CbmlM. In
, order (o liiilui-o yon to try tlirm
v.oiiink.'1!.i'fuUuwiii*-; uui'i*u>   i
Fo-f*XD Cents Postpaidi
SO klr.ii cf nml lF-.-rii.in rsdlabc*. V
IS maenHltcDt i-itrllciil m.'luni,
llls.il. Klurli-lLi f.iin.t  ..,
tb iw-Tli't** li'tlu*--** l.'.rlrllf*,
1J»|-I.*-i-i!-l I'Ptl mirf-a,
0j un-vi'mmlj In until u) flon,-r •frd*-,
In all K-fl kinds positively fiirntaliinfr
liiii-li-lj. of   chnnnlnK  flowers »n>) ,
loin nnd lota of cnOfc-9 VWlBhlct./
toiMIht with onr meat. rnlMoiiuof
(rlltiiif nil AbOtlt Tmlnte nti'llva  *'
Oatiind Itromusand Spoils, onion
Ecpd iui-"c.n jir.iiini, eta,, all for
woo. la I'auudlan stamps.
U Crosse, Wis
EvmvRnnYwho T>innt3 pooda °f nny
»55."jL.-.-r: — ns, kind, olllior in the home or
irlcet garden, will secure the best rosulta from
from J. M, PERKINS, Seedsman, 220 Markot St.,
WINNIPEG.  MK Soeil Annual froe.
Snnller'a Adrentnre Wltb a Band ul
Mexican Bandits —Some Ex-icrl-
encea of the Tenor Mario— How L:t-
blnche Pnt a Bear to Fllfflit.
Many years since, when traveling
Willi somtt friends In Mexico, Cliailes
Santley was captured by Ualflireed
bandits and, being urable to pay ibe
large ransom demanded, caiTled off lo
Hie mountains. Over supper tbe sing
er, by no means weighed down by
bis misbap, chanced lo break into sou;-.
which so delighted the brigand chief
that he demanded an encore.
Santley saw his chance nnd e.\
pressed his willingness lo comply on
condition that lie nud lil° companions
were granted their release. The sup
gestlon wns accepted, 11 nil for over two
hours was the sluger's voice raised lu
such exquisite melody Hint the bandits,
true to (rbeir word, allowed 111 in am1
those wiih blm to depart.
The late Joseph Mans had n some
what si in 111' i- e.\pei'ii'ii"e. Vein's back,
when with a companion bulTcIo hunting on the American prairies, he was
captured by Indians ami carried lo
their camp. When nt liis wits' end
how to extricate himself from the
dileuimn, hla friend su/rgesled tin* pirv-
er of song. Forthwith he eoniinouml
an operatic selection Hint so delighted
bis cantors that they loosened 1,1s
bonds and ui'-i'U III ill. at Ihe point of
their spears, to eoiitlifuo.
Luckily his voice had n sniiorlllc effect upon (he Indians, who one by one
dropped asleep until, Just us be wns
on the point of stopping from exhaustion, the Inst pnssed inlo the realm*
of dreams. Then he nud his companion quietly stole nwny.
Ills wonderful voice on one occasion
placed the great tenor Mnrlo In n somewhat Invidious position. When traveling wltb some companions in Spain, he
fell Into the hands of a party of marauding gypsies, who demanded tbe
customary ransom. Mario, tickled nt
the situation, answered their request
In Impromptu song, which be delivered
with such exquisite mock dignity that
bis captors with unanimous acclamation elected blm captain of their band.
Tbe singer diplomatically acquiesced In
their decision, but lu Ihe course of the
following day contrived to make bis
escape with his friends.
On another occasion In Madrid the
same singer, as he was returning late
one night from the theater where he
wus engaged, was arrested by the police In mistake for a political discontent. In vain he asserted his Identity.
He wns carried before their chief, who
likewise smiled Incredulously at the
captive's asseverations.
Greatly angered, Mnrlo vehemently
demanded that his friends should be
forthwith communicated witb, but tbe
odlcial shook his head and remarked
that If Indeed he were the grent tenor
be possessed in his voice a sure means
or proving the truth of his words. Ten
minutes Inter Mnrlo was bowed out
with many regrets aud profuse apologies.
When traveling to Tnrls with some
other ladles, Mine, (iris! bnd a thrilling
adventure. At a small wayside station
a mnn entered the carriage, imd It soon
beenuie evident from bis threatening
gestures and eccentric behavior tbat he
was a dangerous lunatic.
Though ber companions were panic
stricken, Mine. Urlsl retained complete
presence of mind nnd wltb tbe utmost
composure begnn to sing. At once the
maniac was quiet; his whole attention
was riveted on that mugulflcent voice,
and he remained the most appreciative
of listeners until the train reached the
next station, where he wns secured. It
transpired subsequently that be wns n
maniac with homicidal tendencies who
had escaped from an asylum.
An amusing story Is told of Lablache,
Ihe celebrated bass singer. One dny
as be was strolling leisurely through n
I'reuch fair s cry was suddenly raised
that a bear bad escaped from the menagerie. The crowd fled In every <tl-
rcctlon—all save the singer, whose massive proportions precluded tbe Idea of
rapid motion. Amid Ihe general com
motion he among them all stood unmoved, calmly awaiting tbe advent of
the ferocious beast, which sure enough
came slouching rapidly toward blm.
Wben within a few feet, It halted ns
though to gather Itself together for a
final rush, wben Lablache stepped forward and from the lowest depths of
bis Immense cbest sent forth such a
thunderous roar that tbe terrified animal turned and Red.
Wben Will a Mnn Be Too Rlrlil
What will eventually be tbe limit of
Individual wealth? naif a century
back "ten thousand a year" was eon
sldered to be a vast fortune. Then
"fifty thousand n year" wns lhe phrase
commonly used lo describe ibe Income
of fabulously rich men or women. I-nt-
cr we took to speaking of "million
aires." In quite recent times the "multimillionaire" Willi twenty millions hnd
reached the limit of |i"lvnlo wealth;
then forty millions. Now the limit has
risen to a hundred millions, nnd already the word "billionaire" has come
Into use In the United Suites. Will lhe
n'Hltlbllllonnire ever replnee the multimillionaire?—London Slumlord.
Tbe  fllrttinlnce.
No matter where a mnn was bom,
be swells np and claims to be proud of
It.   There Is no way of knowing If the
favored spot reciprocates the feeling.
Pnlnful   All   Around.
Dumlelgh-ll was nn awful trial for
me to make thai speeell tonight,
Mlldmay—Don't locution ll, old boy;
Just think what the rest of us suf-
Not  Nealecled.
Dobba—Ton ought to do something
for tbat cold of yours. A neglected cold
often leads to serious consequences.
Mobbs—This oue is not neglected.
Four or five hundred of my friend* art
looking after It.
Hew Attraction,
Towne—I see dayman bad to pay
Miss Koy $25,000 for breach of promise.
Browne—Tes, and now he's trying to
marry ber for ber money.—Philadelphia Praaa.   .... _  .
ffliis a mm
This Man Was So Dad That II© Was
Almost Paralyzed—A Wonderful
C'nec and a Very Happy Cure Hy
This Excellent Remedy.
North Temiscamiague, Que., Jan.
6.—(Special)—At the flouglas Farm
neo.r here 1'ilves Mr. W. II. Jollihsloji,
who toduy considers himself a very
happy man indeed.
The cause of Mr. Johnston's happi-
■css is liis somewhat sudden anil
very remarkable recovery from the
most severo caso of rheumatism ever
seen in this county.
For a long time ho sudor e'd With
the rheumatism which gradually
grew worse till il llircfttoned his life.
His principal trouble was lu his left
side, nud il was so l-ad that his aecll
stiffeaed so that he could scarcely
move it, and was beginning lo foci
Paralysis. The pain would go away
for a time, but return with greater
force, and a strange feature of his
case was that after the pain would
leave any part, il lefl behind il that
prickly "pins and neodles" sensation.
He thought Umt perhaps his smoking tobacco had something to do
with it. and he gave this up, but re-
received no benefit at all until he
used Dodd's Kidney Pills.
This remedy he found to be a complete arnd absolute cure for his malady, nnd very soon after commencing its use, the pain began to leave
him and now he is strong and well.
That suoh an extreme case should
yield so easily and quickly proves
that Dodd's Kidney Pills Wll Curo
any case of Rheumatism.
A paper of pins is not without ils
fine points.
My creed is very simple—thnt goodness is the only reality.—Emerson.
When it comes to telling their ages
most women are old enough to know
Often Leads to Serious trouble Unless Prompt Stops Are Taken to
Check it—How This Can Best Be
Indigestion is a trouble that is
very common is infancy and early
childhood, and unless prompt measures are taketn to control it the result is bery often. It prevents the
vents the proper growth of the child
and weakens the constitution, so
that he is unable to resist other disease that are more dangerous. Fortunately, however, the trouble Is aa
that is easily controlled. l'ro|ier
food—not too much, but absolutely
pure—plenty of fresh air and Baby's
Own Tablets, freely administered according to the directions, will soon
put tlie sufferer right, and make
both mother and child happy. Mrs.
W. E. Bossum, of Kingston, Ont., is
one of the many mothers who has
proved the truth of this statement.
Sho says ; "When my little girl was
about three months old she had indigestion very badly. She was vomiting and had diarrhoea almost constantly. She was very thin, weighed
only four pounds, and although she
hod n ravenous appetite her food
did her no good whatever, 1 had
tried several medicines, but they did
mot help her. Then I heard of Baby's
Own Tablets, and procured a toy,
After giving her the tablets for a
few days, the vomiting and diarrhoea ceased, she began to improve
at once and grew plump and fat. I
nlways give her Iho tablets now
when she is ailing und tho result is
always good. Baby's Owm Tablets
are the best medicine I havo ever
used for a child."
These tablets will promptly* cure
all the minor ailments of little ones,
such as sour stomach, Indigestion,
colic, constipation, allny the irritation accompanying the cutting of
tenth, etc. They are good for children of all ages, and crushed to a
powder or dissolved in water can be
given witli absolute safety to tho
youngest infant. If you cannot obtain Baby's Own Tablets at your
druggists, Ihey will be sent postpaid
nt 2.1 cents a box by addressing tlie
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Broekville, Ont.
A GUARANTEE*-"! hereby certify
that I have mode a careful chemical
analysis of Baby's Own Tablets,
which I personally purchases in a
dru.2 store in Montreal. My analysis
has proved that lhe Tablets contain
absolutely i:r> opiate or narcotic ;
that thoy can lie given with perfect
safety to (lie youngest infnnt ; (hat
they are a safe and odlcknt medicine
for the troubles ihey are Indicated
to relieve and cure."
Provincial Analyst for Queboc,
Montreal. Dec.  18,  L001.
Sinn l    people  go  alirond   to     complete their education  and  some    to
IX'gill    il.
It's n pity the average mull do
not lose bis tongue when ho lus
his head.
No sooner does one physician discover some new disease tluui all lie
oth'T.s try to suppraaa It.
Man Is never Bnlisfled. .lust whei
ho has acquired enough monoy to retire on he joins another lodge.
Tooth      Q/rc
Powder    "**
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth
Autodont Liquid >,c l-iise Liquid -*i«' Pn»itar 7<c All
norcd,! bymallloT fliuprica.  &*in|iletui pottage jr.
HALL Si RUCKIiX.    New Voile
Jolly I
JL\ things
will be insured if tuaong otl.tr good thing's you
have provide! a tVILMAtt* I'H.n.i.h., th«n a
JoyOUt cliniiix te ».uru to be yonr«i.
Providence hi'.s blamed yoti with b good crop, so
surprise your family, who have nlso worked, by ordering a new
Williams Piano.
All makes of organs for Bale.
We u-uolly have a number of  good   piano?   and
organs slightly Used, fur sale cheap.
Forrester & Hatcher,
Free to Men!
Are you a weakling? Are you one of those unfortunate
young men who, through ignorance and bad company, have
contracted nervous spells, weak back, varicocele, gloomy
forebodings, loss of courage and ambition, loss of confidence,
bashfulness, despondency and weakness ? Dr. McLaughlin's
Electric Belt will cure you.
Are you a middle aged man suffering from varicocele,
prematureness, indigestion, constipation, rheumatism, lame
back, etc ?    Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt will cure you ?
Are you an old man, declining before your time, having
lost all ability to enjoy life, with prostatic trouble, lost
strength, debility, pains and aches, and general decay of
organic powers ? I can cure you with Dr. McLaughlin's
Electric Belt with free suspensory for weak men.
I will send you, sealed, free, my beautiful book telling
about it if you will send this ad.     Send for it to-day.
dr. ^ b. Mclaughlin,
Office Hours-!) A.M. toS.») P.M.
120 Yon-re Street,
For Sale Everywhere
Try our Parlor Matches.
They produce a quick LIGHT
without any objectionable
fumes.    :•■.•.•.:
EB B. Eddy Co.,
CANADA.        '
OsHmJu tukty /%*UsWXa/ AM& OS
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth more than      REDUCERS
Two ounces of impure soap. EXPENSE
Ask for tho Octagon  Bar.     If   your    grccer cannot   supply,   write to
LEVER  BROTHERS,  LIMITED,  Toronto, lending   '
„ and   a   trial  sample  of   Sunlight Soap   will
Tg   his   namo and addreBS,      J
bu sent  yoa   free of cost.^r
la this District      -*--------^-*--*------**--------------**---------*--*--------*-----------**-*-*---:
ol what wc think is the finest grain-growing land in the "*"-ortliwv«*.. The
lands ujuler cultivation ln tills DtBtrlcl have unquestionably giv.n during tlio lust soven yours, a higher average yield of grain tliull any Other
district either in t'-iaadii or tiio United Slates. We tliink that grain growing can he coiwlucUnl more safely in this district, and with a certainly
of surer  returns   tluui   In  any   other district  wheru wlu-nt  is grown.
Whon ii Is consider.tl tluii the average wheat crop of the United
mid that wheat has averaged TIVIIN'TY-NINK I1I\S|II*I.S TO TI1M ACKH
In lliis district, the value of it us a wheat-growing district, is at onco
manliest. Several farmers in lliis distrlrt have over FII'TY TIIOUSA.VII
11LS1IKI-S OP WHEAT for sale this  smson.
We have sold ul.oiit ONT, HUNDRED THOUSAND ACRES since Iho
1st of October, 1001, mostly to Ajnerlean farraors, This is a great opportunity for anyone wishing lo get prune wli,-nt land in u district whiilh
is fre-> from early frost ; whore ilOOli WATER abounds; und w-Jii.-li is
well   supplied    Willi     IIAII.WAY     PAOLIT1BS.
Write us for particulars, maps etc SECURE I.AND AT ONCE, 111%
PORE THE HISR Our prices nre from sl.no to 18.00 an acre, with
I.'ASY TERMS of payment
Bell fii-it.Jiu. *'i i 145*00,   Mm!-.' o(
■ toiler iteel   '■■■ Rimm t» rail nr
lf«ik, can'tblownn.OusnrtlMdto
poolcttba.feedinl hpqrs-juKltP
lii'-tiwPt-T-ih i'liM-lc tBiibit Wii-iet
ft-wny. V. i.i ii.-ul u.iirvr "!•, L'ttU
ai-v'H' ftu'I jirlct'i* iiittllotl frtu.
*j UNLET UIDW4M CO.. Boi 3S3
(U.H.f*«.Cy,«.r.ift.m,iu , Lon«Jrn.Ont
$12 00 A roc
to r prf-uont  nil   np.
Sdating ngaibs.
ome to truvi-1, ot.li.
ori for local work,
Rapid promotion
nndincrcaso of Bat-
try. Ideal cmploymont, row brilliant [fnofl]
beat plafie) obi established llouso.
tiradlty-Gorrctaon Co.,'Ud., Bmntftyrd, Ont
WJlOH ii. ybllfig mnn calls on a fflri,
and nlie miyfl slio fcols n» If nho hnd
boeil up lalo thu night before, it \i
timo for him to trot along townnl
-Hloway k Champion
Write U> un for priced of SCRIP,
Get our List of  la-andc-*.
Stocks und  Rondn Bought and  Sold.
Wo can fumii-.li tho eiaot amount of
Scrip for any pnyment on Dominion
Lands.   Do not pity catUi,
It te imfftfr lo Hay that your wtfo
is given to Incondittry spepchoa .hist
tyocaufia she aaki you to p*t up tn
tlm morning to miiko tho Oreo,
W. N.  U. No. 3(!0. MARYSVILLE
; ******^****4********a^'***************t*,******4r*
> *++*+**+**+**+*****+****4-&i **-.■--.-. ..........
The Smelter City
Of East Kootenay
Mairsville has a smelter building
Marysville has two saw mills.
Marysville will be a payroll town.
Marysville is growing rapidly
If you would prosper buy property in Marysville NOW.
Offices, Marysville and Cranbrook.
The Marysville Tribune
SIMPSON    *    III ICI1ISON,    Publishers.
J. Ill' rcHISON, Business Manager.
Invariably in Advance:
Out. Ymr. -f-i 00
Six MoiiUib, 1 00
Insurance is I Ot lluinry It I  a necea- Sliver-lead Quotations,
ally.   See HoiCu. i        New Yorki March l4 .
FOB SALE —A Restaurant and Groc-  *" Silver,
ery business aa a going concern In Cranbrook.   Alto a Two Story  house and
lot cheap  and  on  easy terms.    See
"Hutch" the Real Estate man.
Tha Tribune Is pnliliHli.il in the Smtlter
City of Rust Kootwiny. lt gives tbe news o
Varysville and tho district aud is worth Tiro
Dollars of any man's money.
"Successor to Mcllride flro»."
The Oldest Estab'ished Hardware Dealers in East Kootenay.
Crat-brook, B. C.
la      enjoying     lovely
on that fine insurance.
Buy sharea in the B-itlan Colombia
coal'company, 25c. each. Remember
bow the Crow's Nest coal shares jumped from SI to {88. See Hutch. Ouly
5,000 for aale ln Eist Kootenay.
Subscribe For
The  Tribune
For Insurance, aee 'Hutch-"
Fishing la very good ln Mark creek.
Tomy Turley visited Marytv.lle on
Better   put
See Hutch.
Frank McCabe la selling ont every
thing at coat.
E. J. Peltier vialted the town on
Insure your life and your property
with "Htatch."
The work on the amelter flume la progressing rapidly. -
Archie Currle drove down to Cranbrook on Friday.
Mr. Hawkins of Kimberley, waa ln
town thia week.
Meilcan dollars,
London,  Mirch 14—Silver, 2J lsdj
copper, £54  a,   d; lead, £11 8s, fid.
64 1-2
43 1-2
4 12 12
12 50
Post Office Store
C. E. REID & CO.
Druggists end Chemists
We have Fine Perfumes,
Soaps and Etc. Toilet articles
and Sundries, Also a Large
Stock of stationery.
Maryaville, B. C.
East Kootesay   ■:-
-:-   Bottling Co
Kimberley   vialted
Winter Schedule Effect on October
AERATED   WATERS   of  all  kinds.
Syrups,  Champagnes,  Ciders,  Ginger
Ales Etc.   Soda Water in siphons,
most economical way to handle it.
Cranbrook. 11  C.
«,,i.,i„i, tt**************** 1 M-t-
White  Laundry
Tlm    Farrel    of
frltude this week.
Mra. Rj'ckmau if Cranbrook, waa lu
town on Tueaday.
Mra.   Slater   of   Cranbrook, visited
town on Tueaday.
Dr. Sawyer, V S , returned from bla
trip weat on Tueaday.
Mra.  Fenwlck of Cranbrook visited
Maryaville on Tueaday.
Mr. Collloga of  Kimberley    vialted
Maryaville this week.
Mr. McGllllvary has been laid np with
rheumatism this week.
A New Feature
Tourist Sleeping Car
Crows Nest Section
Leaves Kootenay Landing
East bound Tuesday and
Leaves Medicine Hat West,
bound Sunday and Wednesday.
For Time tablee and foil Inf. rraat-
lon call on or address nearest
local agent.
1 have tbe only White Laundry In
Maryaville.     Give the White Man a
chance and don't boost the Chinaman.
E. J, C0VI.B,
A. G. P. a,
Vancouver, B. C.
J. S. CARTER, D. l>
, Nelson, JI. C.
GMs. P. Campbell.
Ettut K .otenay'e Lending Undertaker a
I.iieiiKi'il     Embalmcr,    Cofflns,     Cancels,
Blirouila und nil Funeral Furnishing content!-.* on haiul.
TeVgruph end Mail Orders promptly at
tended too.  Open day nnd night.
Tost    Olllee   Boi   127 I'runbrook and
Murysville, B. ('.
Subscribe For
The Tribune
!.00 a Year.
(HOTEL -:- •:-
J. R. DOWNES, Prop,,
The    Hani.no--o.eat    Dining
Boom in Bart Kooteoey
Good Table and every  ao-
! oommodatlon.
Amerioan drinks   leading
brands of Liquors and Sohlltz
Famoue Beer dispensed  by
1 the popular bar tender, Ohas )
W. tlie un.lersignnl Handley ft Woll wish
Io notily our muny cu.tomera and the public
lhat im nnd utter the illst day ol March
1802, that the partnership heretofore exist
lag between us is dlsolveil by mutual consent. Mr. Hundley will collect all bills und
par all debt* ol tbe aaid Arm.
Paul Handley.
J. W. Woll.
Dated Marysville. D. C. March 21st, 1002.
Beale A Elwell,
Notaries,    Insurance,     and
General Agents.
Klmberly Townslto Bepreaentives.
MniTsville, B. 0.
AH kinds <>l nnp-u-a drawn and Itei-lslen'd
lnnurunce uuil Mines
Townslte oflfioe Msrysvllle.
Office at Oranbrook, also.
Trade Mark*
Anyone Minding a ■ketch and deflci-lptlnn m.r
rjnlekly uncertain our opinion tree wfictlier «n
MiviTiiinn In prnb.tilr patentable. Cnmmttnlrn.
 -—Brientini. Randbookon i-nienta
; neeiiey tor securing patent..
I'nteiita Ukun tFirouijh  Muna A Co. receive
.out tree flMent
Patents uken tliroucl. „ -
rectal notice, without clinnto, lu tho
Scientific American.
A hwidiomoly ninntratod wefklr. J,*H*Mtjstr*
cnlatton of any ■dentin-: -hiurnal. Tcnim, 18 a
r«ir: four n»mtbl, |L Bold bjall ncwnd-ulen.
--BllcISrSrJa v su wartiii"" ua
Miss Dudley of Klmberley, wheeled to
Marysville ou Monday.
Jas. Findley of the Sullivan mine was
In town ou Wednesday.
Mlas  Mlllan  of Cranbrook,   visited
Maryaville on Tueaday.
Mra. C E Reld of Cranbrook, visit, d
Kimberley on Saturday.
Mra.   Corry  ot  Cranbrook,    visited
Klmberley on Satuiday.
Mr.  C lrmin of Cranbrook,   visited
Maryaville on Saturday.
C E Reld accompanied Mra  Reld to
Cranbrook on Tuesday.
The fanlly   of Mr. McNeill arrived
from Nelson on Saturday.
Miss Coleman of Cranbrook, came np
on Tuesday to aee the town.
Mrs.PreatofCranbrr.uk, was up on
Tuesd ij taking some views.
Mrs. Hope of Moyie is visiting fa'r
parents Mr. and Mrs. Bennett.
Mr. McMillan jewler of Otuw.,
visited Marysville on Tuesday.
Chaa. Stoddard who has been alck la
now able to go to work again.
Mrs. Soper of the North Star hotel'
Klmberley, waa ln town tbis week.
Mr. McMan'a residence near th*
smelter ollice Is nearly completed.
Laurie & Soni (hipped one car of
lumber to Craubrook on Saturday.
Rev. Mr. Bjwerlng, Mrs, Bowering
and child vialted town on Tueaday.
Rosa Palmer of Cranbrook, visited
Maryaville and Klmberley this week.
Joe. Lindsay who haa been 111 during
tbe week is able to be aronnd again.   D
C. Campbell of Fernie, apent a few
daya In town thia week visiting friends,
Mrs. Corry of Cranbrook, wife of
Conductor Corry waa ln tows on Tueaday,
Mrs. H. D. McMillan who haa been
very 111 during the week la greaily im-
J. D. McBride, Cranbrook'a hardware
man waa in town doing bualneaa on
Mr. Elwell of Klmberley, who got hi.
jukle hurt playing fool ball la slowly
Mra McNeill of the North Star mine
took In the dance at the North Star
on Tuesday evening.
Mrs. C. E. Reld, wife of our well
known druggist and optician visited
Marysville on Tuesday.
Mr. McKent'e of Robltisi.u & McKenzie of Cranbrook, vialted Maryaville
and Kimberley this week.
Win, Clark arrived In Maryaville on
Saturday and started to work for
Piapet & Currle on Monday.
Ms G. W. Hill is slowly Improvlor.
Tbe P' oplt of Marysville will be glmi t..
learn of Her ultimate recovery.
F. W. Mitchell visited Cherry Creek
ou Saturday. Mr. Mitchell talka of
starting ranching In that district.
Chas Finch of Finch St Jones lumber
dealers, returned on Monday after
spending a few wt-eks with friends In
the Slates.
Wliliam Trout who bas been for some
time emoloyid by the smelter company
received word on Thursday evening
tbat he waa appointed Superlntendert
of tbe American Buy, near Sandon. .Mr.
Trout * many friends wish hlro success
n bis oew venture.
To  the  People  ot  Marysville.
I take this occasion to thank the
people of Marysville for their patronage since I came here, and hope that In
he future I may be associated with as
many friends as I found here. I recommend io my old customers, rny r»iccessor
Mr. Albert Ma.lor, wuom they will And
a first class man to deal wlili.
Frank McCabe.
Coal Mines of This District.
Cranbrook Herald—
A, Dick, inspector of mines for East
Kootenay, returned laat week from
visit to Victoria. In an interview he
stated that the coal mining industry of
the Crowa Nest Pass is making rapid
progress. At Michel tbe company ia
taking out 600 tone of coal a day and ia
putting up 212 coke ovens. A large
number of tbe miners from Nanaimo
and other Vaucouver Island mines have
come over recently to work for the company at Michel, and the town is building
up rapidly. While a tunnel was being
run fiom lhe line of the tipple near the
creek to connect with No. 4 tuunel a
magnificent vein of coal 10 feet thick
waa discovered of tbe hardest and best
lump coal tbat has yet been discovered
in this part of America, Tbis coal is an
ideal domestic coal. Thia new tunnel is
to be 700 feet in length when complt ted,
and all the coal from No. 4 tunnel will
be brought out through it. It is expec.
ted that it will be completed next month.
At Coal creek quite a little town has
sprung up near the mines, which are increasing in shipping facilities all tbe
time. Of the six veins that bave been
uncovered for working, into which eigtit
tunnels have been run, Nos. 1 and 3 are
IS feet thick. The mlnea are turning
out 2000 tons a day from these veins
Fernie is very lively and a good deal of
building is going 011. At Morrissey the
coal company has erected buildings sufficient to accommodate about 200 vtork-
men. Considerable development has
been done in opening up the veins and
an immense lot of coal is ready for shipping, aud is ouly awaiting the completion of tbe Crows Nest Southern to oe
shipped. Quite a town has beeu built
up tbere, waiting for occupancy for the
arrival of tbe railway, wheu a Inrge force
of men will be put to work The town
site baa not yet been put on the market,
but Mr. Dick said I e thought lhat it
would be a good town very quickly. Bellies the dtifiing 011 the veins thai lias
been done, ventilating apparatus has
been put iu and all made ready, so that
wheu the railway reaches the 1,1 ne, pro
viding an outlet fur tlie product, shipping enn be commenced immediately.
Ponger and  Plngstress.
Tbe word -'ponger," indicating an
exponent of the art or science of ping-
pong, bas lately sprung Into existence.
Do the users of this euphonious but
back-boneless noun reall-* wbat they
are respors.ble foi? Witness the result :
If a man ,rho  plays at plngpoog la a
Then   a   singer of   a   "singsong" Is a
If the "aonger la a "singer,"
If the "aonger Is a "singer,"
And tbe man wbo says it's wrong must
be a "wronger.'1
'f your charming partner at the game's
a "plngstreas,"
Then an o*jpratlc nlghtlngale'a a sing-
If tbe song ahe alngs ia anng,
Is the game of plngpong "pnngl"
And la the  girl who lingers called a
—London Dally Mall.
Bale & Small, Props.
McNeill & Clayton
The Pioneer Hotel of the St. Marys Valley
If you wish to prosper
Don't forget to patronize the merchants of the district
PELTIER,   Of  Oranbrook,
It the nearest whole-Saledea'er in
TEAS from 45c. to 65c, Mocha aod
Java, Coffee Butter aad Eggs,
Biscuits and Confectionery. We
also will soon have Green Onions,
Radish and Lettice fresh from
the hot bouse.
Liquors, Hay and Oats,
»«#»**w**#-#«»iWir*###»*»»»   «*MUUI««<M«(l««*a>««««cc«C««
**************************  ******** ********** ********
Pieper & Currie,
Having sold my
place, I will
dispose of my
Stock at cost.
Bargains for
Dealers in Paints, Oils,
Glass and Wall Paper-
Painters, Paper Hangers and Decorators,
Marysville and Cranbrook.
Fernie   News.
From ilic Pme Preaa—
Ths* Infant sou of Mr. ami Mrs, H, W.
B.rnea itkd od Wednesday, i'lie child
was but three weeks old. l.il animation
of tee iuugs was assi^ni-d as the cause
■it death
W. L Darl ng, accountant for the
contracting firm of Breckinridge St.
Lend was lo 'Ferule on Tuesday. He
-.ays tbe coal company la advancing
ivork rapidly In the laying ont of the
new town of Morrissey and bas ;com
menced the clearing ot another large
area for tbe erection of a number of
Wm. Keay, deputy collector of customs for tbe outport of Fernie has been
confined to his room for the paat three
daya. He ia suffering from a severe attack of tonsllitls.
Conductor Grow had a close call for
bis life on Monday morning. He waa
on a box car wnich waa being pushed
up upon the top of the C. P. It bunkers. The car was moving along at a
lively rate and when the highest part
of the bunkers was reacned a telephone
wire strung across t,he same caught
Grow about the neck. The fo.ee of tne
.mpact w„a very great, tlie conductor
being thtotvn several lee.. Fortunately
be alighted upon tne deck of the car
aid escaped with a aevere shaking up.
Had he uiissed tbe car ln falling he
would have bad a sheer drop of 40 feet.
It is said tbat tbe box cars are very
.eluotn ruu up on tbe bun'lera so tbat
tee trainmen had no kaowledge of tbe
low wire. The wire waa raised immediately after tbe accident.
A movement la on foot among tbe
uiercnauts of Fernie and other coal
milling points to form a protective aa.
soclatlou. Oie of the objects sot-gut
la tbe legnlatiou of the credit system
*o tbat tne meroban'.s will no longer be
|ireyeil upon by tat Ciass ol peo,- e who
never have and i:ev«r will pay tut what
they get. i'be idea Is lor tbe iner*
cbar,is of tbe d ffe■*J111. pulnts to compare notes and in tbis wav spot all
wlioie accounts are nut worth carrying.
E ii-, R.-gera cami? here accompanied
hv VV H storr-t of Scr.nit'ii- the great
I'ean Iva.-ila coal mining centei. It la
aald that Mr. Storrs It to he the new
ma .ager of the Cro**'s Ne*t Pass Coal
company, a position which has been vacant for the last six months. Mr. Rogers has, it Is aald, been over tbe Pennsylvania coal fields searching for the
right man for the placo witb the result
indicated.—Montreal Herald.
^>:"*S. $i^^$$>J-^Zt?-i?
Good   Work.     Good    Materia
and the Prine,
Marysville, B  0,
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh and Cured Meats,   Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply tbe b-st
S'cur t'nHt* It
solicited.   W* have marUeia lu all the ptlo-
nf Btltl'li Coiurnhia.
Send to—
REID & CO., Cranbrook,
For overalls, boots and sh es, rubbers,
underwear, hats, caps, and everything
a man wears
Marysville Llverj
PAUL HANDLE**, Proprietor.
Teams and Drivers, Pack
Horses and SaJd:e Horses furnished for any point in the district.
Maryaville and Klmberly
*9*******J*t***9***99<n**0  W*******9***-**9*m99***
MarysYilles' Clotling
DOUGLAS   LAY,   A  R. & M.
Licenced Provincial Assiyer
Lite analytical chemist and control
■ aaaayer to the Karib Mine company,
J*very Description of .Mineral Analysis.
Prompt Attention to Samples by Mail
and > xprcss.
Office ond Laboratory.
Kootenay St. Nelson, 11. C,
Eust Koofetsoy stuck.
Crow's N-st Coal,         8
Nu nil Star,                             iii
ou llvau,                                10
Call and see Onr Stock of Miners'
Supplies In Hoavy Shoes and
Rubber Hip Boots. Alao a Ne-
S'oclt of Cent's Furnishings
Marysville, B. C
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
Offliinl Wnte'i Inspector (or Ihe C. P. R.
Cranbrook, B. C
Feed, Sale and Livery Stable-
Pack Horses Furnished at any
Will take Contracts for any kind
of teaming,
Maryaville B, C,
<**s>-£ ***** i-M'M44^&^fri&$>4i®&&Jil
Barr.st.r, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook and Maryavlll, B, C.
Clothes Washed at the Low
est Prices and Good
Work Guaranteed.
Notice Is hereby given tlat all per.
soo. cutting Green or Dry wood on the
lownsiie «lli be pro-ecuted unless tbey
can produce a permit from the Townslte
agents. Permits may be obtained by
applying at tbe townslte rfflce and pay
Ing 60 cents a cord ln advance. By
Tbe Marysville Townslte and Development Company.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Sole Agenta
East Kootenay Hotel
0 (V-r.>'W.»;yii(?vrM^ «i(»^.'frS*S*srSYS)rsy5i^^
When you are hungry  and want a good
meal    Oo to tbe East Kootenay.
When you are tired and want a rest.  Oo to
the Eaat Kootenay.
Whrn you are thirsty and wnnt a drink.  Oo
to the Kent. Kootenay.
ln (act wben you are in Cranbrook.  Stop a
the L'ust Kootenar.


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