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The Lillooet Advance 1911-08-26

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Vol. 2 No. 6
$2.00 Per Year
Miss D. Hurley is assisting on
the Victoria hotel staff these
Miss Katie McLeod left this
week for the coast by way of
Lytton, on a business trip.
Thos Parker of Nelson, superintendent of weights and meas-
im s, was in town this week on
a lour of inspection.
Dan Hamilton, miner of Bridge
river, spent a few days in town
this week, and enjoyed the pleasure of a trip in the Eagleson-
Yule auto.
Mrs. Sebring arrived in town
this week, from the ranch in the
Bridge river section. After a
few days visiting friends, she
returned home; she reports all
well in that section.
Miss E. Spetch, dressmaker,
arrived in Lillooet this week direct from England. She will remain in town for an idefinite
time, the guest of Mrs. Cox; she
will cater for the ladies during
her stay.
Frank Herman of Quesnelle
Forkes, has returned to Lillooet,
after an absence of fifteen years.
Frank was formerley foreman
for Mr. Hughes in connection
with the Ample mine on Cayoosh
Alex Phair and Albert Brett,
returned from their trip to Mc
Gillvary creek, where they escorted Mr. Williams of Vancouver, to the Anderson lake mine
After examining the property
Mr. Williams left for Cadwalla-
by way of Mission for the purpose of making an examination
of the Blackbird property owned
by E. S. Peters and T. May.
Hunting Party
Major Foldfield, Mrs. Foldfield
and lady companion, noted hunters from England, arrived in
Lillooet by special stsge from
Lytton on Thursday. The party
is in charge of Tyee Jimmy and
his son Stephen; they left by
special boat yesterday, for the
hunting grounds, on a two months hunting tour.
The Lillooet Cottage Hospital
is now an absolute fact, and was
designed by Mr. Tait of New
The building is of an irregular
but artistic design, and is 36 x 32
feet with a neat verandah, and
the whole is covered with a picturesque Tudor r< of. The elevation is about 16 feet, including a
cement foundation of about 6
feet, there is ample frost proof
cellarage and provision has been
made for the installation of a
furnace when funds will permit
of it.
The building is erected at the
east end of the town on the old
baseball ground, the Government
having donated . the whole of
Block nine for hospital purposes.
It is thorougly built throughout,
and is a credit to Messrs Duguid
and Page, contractors and builders; and to all concerned. It has
all the usual conveniences.
It is the intention of the Directors to fence in the hospital, and
on the east, south and west sides
fruit trees will be planted, the
frontage will be devoted to a
lawn and flower beds. When
the plans of the Directors are
carried out a beautiful and useful
adjunct will be added to what
will be one of the prettiest and
most popular towns in British
We hear there is a new lubricating process called six in four.
Joe Shuster arrived in town
from the Gunn creek mines and
reports all well in that vicinity.
There will not be any services
in the Methodist church tomorrow.
Miss E. Gibbs returned home
from the coast where she has
been for the past few months.'
S. T. Farnsworth and Chas.
Pringle, both of Vancouver, were
passengers on last evenings satge
Two thoroughbred Jersey heifers arrived in, town from the
coast by way of Lytton; they are
for Mrs. M. R. Eagleson.
F. Dundas Todd of Victoria.
Bee inspector, arrived in town
this week on a tour of inspection
of the district; he seems very
enthuiastic over the parts he
has visited and reports considerable progress.
A party of surveyors arrived
in town the latter part of last
week, from up the Fraser, with
some thirteen pack horses. The
horses were sent to Ashcroft and
the men went to the coast via
Lytton. It is reported they belong to the Grand Trunk Pacific
We hear there are some good
orchards in the Okanagan.
From the remarks being passed
around just now, in must be hell
to be poor.
Mrs. Bromwich left this morn
on a flying visit to parishioners
along the Lytton road.
Rev. W. Bromwich left yesterday morning in company with
his three sons for Fosters Bar to
hold the usual Sunday morning
P. O'Connor, formerly prospector in the Lardeau country,
arrived in Lillooet after an extended trip through the Lillooet
river, Birkenhead river, Anderson lake, Bridge river and Cadwallader creek vicinity. He is
fully convinced of the great future of this country and will return in the near future.
Mr. K. C. McDonald of Vernon
and Liberal candidate for Yale-
Cariboo, arrived in town from
Ashcroft on Thursday, by auto,
he was accompanied by L. Stephen of N.C. bank, A. M. Leitch,
and J. B. Bryson. A Liberal
meeting was held at 8 p.m. in
the Santini hall, it was fairly well
attended, but lacked life, the visitors doing the majority of the
applauding, which left a none
too good impression.
A. W. Healy of Vancouver,
spent a few days in town this
Henry Schwartz arrived in
town this week from the hills;
he is expecting his hunting party
in, at any time now.
Messrs A. Owen and P. Duck-
smith of Bellingham, were in
town this week, canvassing the
district for photography.
The local Civilian Rifle club
were out on the range this week.
Some very good shoU are reported to have been made.
James Dickey left for his ranch
at Texas creek after a visit of a
few days to town and a trip to
the 15-mile house on the Ashcroft
0. Erickson, prospector, arrived in town this week from
Bridge river for supplies and returned to the camp Wednesday
Bert Lucas and J. Hunt returned from Gunn creek this
week, after having examined
certain properties belonging to
Joe Shuster.
LOST.-A gold ring, with initials J. W. engraved on top.
Finder will be liberally rewarded
by returning same to Eagleson
Mrs. Spetch arrived in town
from Pemberton Meadows, and
is the guest of Mrs. J. Bell. She
will return to the Meadows on
Messrs Ratclih" and F. Abbot,
arrived in town from the South
fork of Bridge river on Saturday
last, for supplies, they returned
on Wednesday.
School Picnic
The Methodist Sunday School
picnic took place this week on
the Dougherty estate. The major of the local children with
some of their parents and teachers were in attendance. Games
of all kinds, and ice cream and
other refreshments were served;
a general good time was spent by
one and all. The  Lillooet Advance
The Lillooet Advance
Published Every Saturday
Lund notices (9 insertion!) $7 00
Coal notices (5 insertions) 5 00
Display per inch (each time) 60
Legal per line (each time) 10
Reading; notices per line 20
Subscriptions payable in advance
One year (postage paid) $2
Six months      „      „ '
D. W. ROWLANDS, Editor
A. E. LUDWIG, Manaoeb
Extracts from the report
of W. Fleet Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist, for 1910
The Countless mineral elm
adjoins the property of the
Ben d'Or or Coronation Company, higher up the hillside
away from the creek, and
has suffered from lack of
water-power, although unlimited water might have
been brought in by a ditch-
line from the main creek.
The property was reported
as being owned by William
Manson et al, of Lillooet,
and has not been worked for
some years.
The only workings that
could be found on the property was an open pit some
60 feet long by 20 feet deep,
on a quartz vein about four
feet wide, as exposed. The
strike of this vein, S 65* E.,
was different from any other
vein worked in the camp,
and the dip was nearly vertical. The quartz from this
opening was treated in a
crude arrastra, and is said to
have carried a fair amount
of gold.
The old arrastra was a tub
9 feet in diameter, in the
centre of which was a vertical shaft driven by a horizontal water wheel attatched
to it by a radial arms; to
the outer rim or edge of the
water-wheel were affixed
buckets into which impinged
a stream of water from a
nozzle, under a small head.
The reason given for the
non-working of the property
was an insufficiency of water.
The Pioneer mine, consisting of one Crown-granted
mineral claim, is situated
about half a mile up the ck.
from the Ben d'Or, and almost at the creek-level At
this point the creek valley
has become narrower, and
being farther up-stream, the
creek level is much higher,
so that, although the quartz
veins are about the same
elevation as those previously
mentioned, they here outcrop
only slightly above water-
level in the creek. The
country-rock here is the same
as noted in the other claims,
and the quartz veins are fou
nd to be very regular, and
with a constant strike of
nearly east and west. Two
distinct veins have been opened up, and surface development would seem to indicate others.
The development of the
property is not great, but
the conditions under which
it is being worked are peculiar and worthy of special
note. It is a " one - man
mine," being owned and operated entirely by one man,
F. H. Kinder, who is not a
miner by trade, but who,
single-handed, has successfully mined and milled enough ore each year to make
a comfortable living.
The main No. 1 tunnel was
started some four feet above
high water in the creek, and
has been driven in for 100
feet as a crosscut tunnel,
cutting at 70 feet in from
the portal No 1 ledge, a
quartz vein averaging about
18 inches in width, on which
drifting has been done to
the west for 30 feet and to
east for 10 feet. At 100 ft.
in the tunnel cuts the No 2
ledge, a quartz vein from 24
to 30 inches wide, and on
this a drift has been made
to the left (west) for 20 feet,
from which a raise is up 16
feet; a similar drift has been
made to the east for 55 feet.
There are other small tunnels and openings on the property, which, while not extensive, prove the quartz
veins to be more than ordinarily regular and persistent,
and to carry some good gold
For reasons which will be
understood when the methods and conditions of working the property are considered, ore carrying less than
from $20 to $25 could not be
worked, and, consequently,
the workings have had to
follow the richer ore-shoots.
The owner has apparently
done all the development and
mining single - handed and
alone; the ore has been mined,
filled into sacks, and, when
necessary, hoisted by hand
and carried, either in a wheel
barrow or by the owner on
his back, to a home-made arrastra—described later—capable of treating from 400 to
500 lbs of ore a day. If wages can be made, and apparently they are, by such primitive methods and the total
absence of capital, it speaks
well for the gold-tenue of
the quartz mined.
The arrastra is 8 feet in
diameter inside; the vertical
shaft supporting the arms is
driven by a belt connected to
the horizontal shaft of an
undershot current water-
wheel placed in the creek.
The property has considerable merit, as a small mine,
the present output as it is
being run would not exceed
$600 during the season.
From the Cadwallader ck.
camp the creek valley was
followed up for about ten
miles over a rough, and little used, trail, following the
creek and on an easy gradient, where camp was made
for the night, near creek-
level, at an altitude of 4,100
feet. The next morning,
September 11th, the summit
was crossed, the ground being covered with snow.
The trail out of the Cadwallader creek valley zigzags up a steep, burned-over
ridge, rising in about three
miles in a direct line to an
elevation of 6,800 feet, Tbe
summit is devoid of trees or
scrub, and in summer is
grass-clad, providing exce'-
lent grazing. Several quartz
ledges have been staked on
the summit, but the recent
snow had covered up all traces of work and the showings could not be found. Proceeding southward from the
summit, a decent was gradually made into the valley at
the headwaters of McGillvary creek. The upper portion of the valley is on the
edge of the timber line, and
consists of a series of grass-
covered basins dotted over
with clumps of balsam and
spruce trees, a most beautiful place in summer, but indicating heavy snowfall in
winter wit an open season of
only three or four months in
the year. The trail down
this valley is an old Indian
hunting trail, not inviting for
for travel, and frequently
takes to the sidehills and
timber to avoid the canyons
which characterize the valley
One day's travel brought
the party to the forks of Me
Gillvary creek, about five
miles from its mouth and
from Anderson lake. Here
camp was made on the evening of Septemper 11th, at
elevation of 3,900 feet, good
feed for horses being found
where forest fires had many
years ago removed the timber; this was the only graz-
ing-place seen on the lower
ten miles of the creek.
N.B.—The pioneer mine
has changed hands since the
writing of this report, and
is now being worked on a
Notice  is  hereby   given    that  tuo
reserve existing upon   Crpwn lands
in  the Lillooet District  and in    lie
Kamloops Division of Vale District,
notice of which was published in tho
British     Columbia   Gazette,    date.I
May 5th, 1910, is cancelled in >o fai
as the same relates to the lands in
Lillooet District    surveyed  as  Lots
numbered   1,833, 1,832, 1,831, 1,830,
1.820,     1,821,    1,822,   1,82:5, 1,81\
1,819,  1,809,   1,806, 1,810, 1,811,  1,
817.    1,816,    1,813,   1,(;55,  1,'5I,  1,
040.,   1,639,  1,638, 1,641,    1.H53, 1,
662. 1,651. 1,643, 1,642, 1,791, 1,644
1.645, 1,646, 1,647, 1.648, 1, f4'\ 1,
829, 1,829, 1.836,    1,826,   1,824, 1,
425A,   1.430A.   1,62s   1,631, 1.617,
1.622,  1 637,  1,636, 1,635, 1,^34    !,
614.  1,615,  and 1.616.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B. C. May 2fith, 1MV
Notice is hereby given that the re
serve existing    over    vacant Crown
lands in Cariboo   District,    situated
on the South Fork    of    the Prasei
River, notice of which, bear ng date
of June 26th, 1907, was published ir.
the British Columbia Gazette dated
August 29th, 1907, is cancelled in so
far,as the same i slates to lands sur
veyed as   Lots   numbered 3,0-10, 3,
040a,  3,039,  3,049, 3,042,  3,051, 3,-
052,  3,043  3,041,  3045,  3,044, 3,077,
3,076,  3,082,  3,078,  3,079, '3,080,  3,
081,  3,083,  3,088,   3,085,   3,086,  3,
087a, 3,087,   3,001,   3,099, 3,100, 3.
039/3,108, 3,112, 3,129, 3,130, 3,132,
3,133, 4.135,    3,134, 3,035, 3,037,  3,
036,  3,038,  3,048,   3,047,  3,054a,  3.-
054, 3,057, 3,053, 3,084, 3,097, 3,105.
3,101, 3,095, 3,096. 3,098,, 3,106, 3,
102, 3,103, 3,090a, 3,090, 3,111, 3,115
3,124, 3,125 3,126,  3,119a, 3,119, 3,
116,  3,109,  3,110,    3,104,    3,107,  3,
046a,  3,059,    3,048,  3,055,  3.056,  3,
060,  3,065a.  3,063,  3,062,  3,061,  3,
060,  3,058,    3,065,   3,067. 3,064,  3,
069,  3,070,   3,071,   3,073,  3,068,  3,
072,  3,075,    3,074,   3,092.  3,094,  3,
093,  3,093a,  3,113,   3,117, 3,120, 3,'
123, 3,127, 3,131, 3,128, 3,122, 3,121.
3,118, and 3,114.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department, of Lands,
Victoria,  B.C.,  May   .26th,  K'll.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby (riven that, unt'er
* the authority contained In taction 181 of the
"Land Act,', n lejrnlatii n was approved by the
Lieutenant-Governor in Council rmt-i* the minimum sale prices of fi Bt- ami second-class 'ard* at
$10 and e5 per acre respectively.
This regulation further provided tl at the pr c as
fixed therein shoiM apply to all land* with lesicrt
to which the applications to pun hase v. ere given
favourable conside-ation after the d?U'e of fluid regulation, namely April 8, 1911.
Vurther notice is row fflvftn that by vir*ua of a
regulation approved by the Lieutenant-Governor
in Council on the 10th ,-t May. 1911. that the regulation dated the 3rd of April. 1911, he held nut t"
apply to application!* to p 'retinae vacant G'own
lands which wer* i-weired by the Assistant
Commissioners of Lands on of before 'he s id
April 8rd, 1911 »nd with reaped to which the required deposit of fif'v cents nor acre had rc-cn
received by siid CMrpnlaHioners on or Iteforo tin-
said April 3rd, 1911.
Deputy Minister ot" Lands.
IVpartment nf Land*
Victoria, B, C. 16th of May 1911. vi
I, John Beer McPhtiil ol' Lillooet,
farmer, jjive notice that on the 18th tiny
of September, 1911, I intend to apply
to the Water ("ommissioner at his office
in Clinton, B.C, for a licence to take
and use 30 miners inches of water per
second from Eleven mile creek in the
I.illooet Division of the Lillooet Water
district. The water is to he taken from
the creek about half a mile from its
entry into the Fraser river and is to be
used on lot 1304 for arriffating purposes
far more extensive scale,
and from late reports its
showings are runing high.
Cadiz.—In protest against the
execution of the mutineers on
board the battleship Numancia,
the entire business life of the
city wassupended. Stores were
closed, street car lines stopped
and streamers of morning were
dropped from the balconies of
houses. A process on of labor-
ites marched to the palace! of the
governor and voiced sentiments
denouncing the executions.
Fifty-one Days Trial
New York. — Thirteen members of the New York Live Poultry Cammission Merchants Association were sentenced to three
month's imprisonment and fined
$500 each last week for conspiracy in restraint of trade. The
members of the so-called trust
were found guilty after a trial
lasting fifty-one days. Execution of the sentence was deferred
to permit the defendants to appeal."
Mine Plant Burned
Valdez, Alaska. — The stamp
mill and power plant of the Cliff
Mine was destroyed by fire last
week, with a total loss of $12,000
The boilers were saved and the
stamps are probably uninjured.
Orders for new equipment were
cabled to Seattle and the mill will
be rebuilt as soon as possible.
'M'OTICE is hereby given that the reserve es-
^™ tablished over certain lands in the Cariboo
and Lillooet Districts, notice of which bearing
date June 30th, 1908, was published in the British
Columbia Gazette on July 2nd, 1908, is cancelled
in so far as the same relates to the following surveyed lands in Townships 52 and 54, Lillooet District, viz: Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. 15,
Fractional Sections 16, 17, Sections 18. 19, 20, 2 ,
22, 23, 24, Fractional Section 25, Sections 26, 27, 2H,
Fractional Section 29, Sections 30, 3), 32, 33, 34;
Fractional Section s 35 and 36, all in Township 52,
and Sections 3, 10, Fractional Section II, Section
13, Fractional Section 14, Sections 24 and 25, all in
Township 54, and that all the aforementioned
lands not already alienated by pre-emption have
been set aside for the endowment of the University of British Columbia.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department
Victoria, B.C.
April 10th.   911
We Ewen Edwin Hell and Mark Robert Eagleson, farmers at t linton, B.C.
give notice that, on the 31st day of
August, 1911, we intend to apply to the
Water ('ommissioner at his office at
Clinton, B.C. for a license to take and
use (3) cubic feet per second or 100
miners inches of water from Cut Off
Valley Creek, in the Lillooet water district. The water to be taken from the
stream about the line between Lots 270
and 271, for irrigation purposes.
Clinton, B.C.
NOTICE is hereby given that the reserve estab
lished over certain lands in the Cariboo and
Lillooet Districts, notice of which bearing date
June 30th, 1908, was published in the British Co-
lu Bbla Gazette oh July 2nd, 1908, is cancelled' in
so far as the same relates to the following survey
ed lands in Township 48 and 50, Lillooet District,
namely. Fractional Sections 2, 3, Section 4, Fractional Section 5, Fractional E. 1-2 of Section 6.
Fractional Section 7, Sections 8, 9, 10, Fractional
Sections 11. 12 13; Sections 14,15, 16, 17,18. 19. 20,
21, 22, 23, Fractional W, 1-2 of Section 24, Fractional W. 1-2 Section 25, Fractional Section 26
Sections 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33,34, Fraccional Section 35 and Fractional West 1-2 of Section 36, all
in Township 48; Fractional Sections 2, 3, 6, 7, 10,
11,12, Sections 13,14, Fractional Sections 15. 16,
17, 18, 19. 20, 21, Sections 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28,
29 and Fractional Sections 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36 and
36, all in Township 60, to permit of the said lands
being located by pre-emption entry only.
Deputy Minister of Lands,
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.,
April 7th, 1911
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Geo. E. Trorey, Man. Dir.       VANCOUVER, B.C.
Delivered    When    Promised
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The Lillooet Advance
Lillooet, B.C.
Province of British Columbia
JJOTICE is hereby given that all
Public Highways in unorganized
Districts, and all Main Trunk Roads in
organized Districts are sixty-six feet
wide, and have a width of thirty-three
feet on each side of the mean straight
centre line of the travelled road.
Minister of Public Works.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B. C, July 7th, 1911     1-12
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that, under
the authority contained In section 131 of the
"Land Act," a regulation has been approved by
the Leiutenant-Governor in Council fixing the
minimum sale prices of first- and second-clsBs
lands at $10 and $5 per acre, respectively.
ThiB regulation further provides that the prices
fixed therein shall apply to all lands with respect
to which the application t» purchase is given favourable consideration after this date, notwithstanding the date of such application or any delay that may have occurred in the consideration
of the same.
Further notice is hereby given that all persons
who have pending applications to purchase lands
under the provisions of sections 34 or 36 of the
"Land Act" and who are not willine to complete
such purchases under the prices fixed by the
aforesaid regulation shall be at liberty to withdraw such applications and receive refund of the
moneys deposited on account of such applications.
Minister of Lands
Department of I*ands
Victoria. B.C., April 3rd. 1011 39-67
I, Alexander McEwenof Empire valley, li. C, rancher, give notice that, on
the 5th day of August, 1911, I intend to
apply to the Water < ommissioner at
his office in Clinton, B.C. for a license
to take up and use 5.6 cubic feet per
second or 200 miners inches of water
from Ch nnc reek in the Clinton Division of hilloo'-t Water District. The
water is to be taken from the stream
about one hudred and fifty yards above
the junction ofChina creek and Grinders creek and is to be used on lots 154
and 155 for irrigation purposes.
I, Alexander McEwenof Empire Valley, '.I, (.'., rancher, give notice that, on
the 5th day of August, 1911, I intendto
apply to the Water Commissioner at
his office in Clinton, B.C., for a license
to take and use 5.6 cubic feet per
second of water from Grinder creek in
the Clinton Division of I.illooet Water
District. The water is to be taken from
the stream near the falls situate about
three hundred yards above the junction
of China creek and Grinder creek, and
is to be used on lots 164 and 155 for
irrigation purposes.
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1 Lillooet 13 Years Ago
Lillooet Prospe.-tor, Sept. 16, '98
T. J. Cole pf Pavilion was in
town a few days visiting friends
this week.
Dr. Sanson was in town to attend to the wants of the people
of this section this week.
The Ida May men made another
good strike on their property
lately and she still keeps showing up satisfactory.
Ab. Brett left for the coast
last Saturday via Lytton and
will be absent for about three
The Lome arrastra is finished
and the overshot wheel is being
put in in place of the turbine.
They should be started in about
a week.
Paul Santini and D. Fraser
spent a short time up Seton lake
this week on a fishing expedition
and succeeded in making a good
Our neighbors Jung Kee had a
big pow-wow going on at intervals for the past week. The celebration was in honor of the
Chinese freemasons annual meeting.
J. Knowles and Mrs. Knowles
came in from their ranche at
Pemberton Portage last Saturday
and are visiting frends in town.
They will leave for their home
in a few days.
A shooting ma h or chickens
took place behind the Pioneer
hotel on Wednesday afternoon.
The chickens heads were put
through a box and with a 22 rifle
quite a number of shots were
In reference to the coins found
in the Methodist church after the
social. Mr. Hughes informs us
that after he made public the
fact, the capital was applied for
ten times beyond the amount
R. P. Banner arrived in town
from Vancouver last Saturday
and left next day for the North
fork of Bridge river where he
went to look at some mining properties. He returned last evening to town.
Donald Fraser a brother of
Duncan Fraser proprietor of the
Excelsior House returned from
the Kootenay having gone there
several weeks ago from here.
He reports things as being good
in the new town of Brooklyn.
R. Dixon arrived in town late
Monday night from Pemberton
Portage having came from there
in one day. He hails from Boston and has been on a tour thru
that part of the country from
the coast. He left on the stage
next morning for his home.
The dredge at Big Barr is reported to be working very satisfactory, over two yards a minute
is being handled and it is looking
as if a successful run is at hand
It is a dipper dredge and has had
good management from the start
The company has also a first-class
lease of the Fraser river bed,
from which they will no doubt
be rewarded for their efforts. The Lillooet Advance
Incident    Showing    the    Milit;
Courage of the Montenegrin.
In military courage the Montenegrin
probably stands at tne head ui European races. The best wish lor a baby
0") is, "May you not uie in your
oed,' and to lace death is to mail or
uj> oiay a joyous game. 6a>s V\. J.
a.iliman in his  "Autobiography."
1 have seen a man under a heavy
i urKisn lire deliberately leave the
tienches and climb the breastwork,
oniy to expose himsell from sheer
uj avaao,
Wnile lying at headquarters at
Ureabuk, awaiting the opening ol
to.- campaign in 1677, 1 was waiting
one ..ay with the prince when a buj
oi sixteen or eighteen approached us,
e..p in hand.
"Now," said the prince, "I'll show
you an interesting thing. This boy
is the last ot a good iamily. His fath-
<t and brothers were all killed in
tne last batlie, and 1 ordered him to
H'i home and stay with his moi her and
Slaters that the iamily might not be-
r.'ine extinct."
i lie boy urew near and stopped bo-
fore us, iiis bead down, his cap in
"What do you want?" asked the
"1 want to go back to my battalion."
"But," -aid the prince, "you are
the last oi your line, and I cannot
ailow a good family to be lost. You
in list go home and take care oi your
'the boy began to cry bitterly.
"Will you go home quietly andsta.
there." said the prince, "or will vo.i
take a flogging and be allowed lo
The boy thought for a moment. A
Hogging, he knew well, is the deeties:
.iispraee that can befall a Montene-
t-i in;
"Well," he broke out, "since it isn';
for stealing,   I'll   b2  flogged."
"No," said the prince, "you must
go  home."
'Then the boy broke down utterlv.
"But," he cried, "I want to aveug ■
my father and brothers!"
He went, away  still crying, and' th !
prince said,   "In  spite of all   tb'°   ''
will be in the next battle."
"The  Man  of Destiny."
A very interesting pen picture ol
Napoleon is drawn by John Cam
Hobhousr. afterward Lord "Broug-i-
ton, in his "Recollections of a Long
Life."   He  writes:
"I had for some time a most complete opportunity of contemplating
this extraordinary b.ing. His me
is of a deadly pale, his jaws overhanging, but not so much as I had
heard. His hair is short, of a dark-
dusky brown. He generally stood with
his hands knit behind him or folded
before hiui and three or four tinus
took snufi out of a plain brown bow
Once he looked at his watch, which
by the way, had a gold face am i
think, a brown hair chain, like an
English one. His teeth seemed re"u-
lar, but not clean. He very seldom
spoke, but when he did smiled in
some sort agreeably. He looked about
him, not knitting but joining his eyebrows. As the front of each regiment
passed he put up the first linser oi
his left hand quickly to his h;;t to
salute, but did not move his head or
hat. He had an air of sedate impatience."
™ A Circular Rainbow.
A member of a party who made an
ascent oi Finsterrehorn some years
ago thus described a novel sight
which delighted the tired climbers:
The day we mounted the Finsterrehorn we wore treated to the rare sight
of a circular rainbow, the phenomenon lasting nearly half an liour and
forming a complete circle. Ther •
were heavy clouds lying some 4.000
feet below on the Aar glacier, and il
was on these that the beautifu1. brilliantly colored ring lay. A second
circle was also visible. We were near
the summit of the peak when the first
of the party observed it, and from
that point the face of the mountain
on the Grimsel side is almost perpendicular, giving us a splendid view.
Natives in Revolt
Lisbon. Aug. 8.—Advices received from Angola, Portuguese
West Africa, say the natives
have revolted at Lunoa, Hillaand
other places, and attacked the
European settlements. Punitive
expeditions, the advices say, are
preparing to leave for the scene.
as soon as possible.
Victoria Hotel
M. R. Eagleson, Prop.
Finest Liquors & Cigars Good Stabling
Lillooet,   =   =   B. C.
Excelsior Hotel
First Class Table and Good
Liquors and Cigars.
LILLOOET,    -    -    B.C.
We have just added McCALLS to our long list
of First Class Agencies, and carry a full stock
Patterns.   Our stock is most complete in all
departments, and our prices right.
General Merchant
General Merchant
Forwarding Agent
Ship Goods To Lillooet in my Care
Prompt   Attention   Guaranteed
LYTTON        - - - -        B. C.
Natural Resources
Security Co., Ltd.
Masset Townsite, B.C.
(resent Bay Orchards, Naksup, B.C.
Basque Fruit Farms, Basquet,
near Ashcroft, B.C.
G. J. Hammond
ilrad Office:
Bower Building
Vancouver, B.C.
Branch* OrticeH:
Fort George,
Sworn In
Ottawa.-Hon Kodolphe Lem-
ieux took the oath of office as
Minister of Marine and Fisheries
before the clerk of the Privy
Council on Friday afternoon. Dr.
Beland. the new Postmaster-Gen
era!, who arrived in the city last
evening, will be sworn in on
Cabins For Sailors
Toronto.-The special Coronation effort of the Canadian branch
of the British and Foreign Sailors Society raised $1,100. This
will provide four cabins for the
Seamen's Institute at Vancouver,
one cabin at Victoria and one
cabin for the Prince of Wales Institute at Holyhead.
Pecord Broken
Paris. M. J. Verdines, the
French aviator, broke the record
for a single long-distance flight
today, In competing for the
Michelin Cup. He covered 800
kilometres (497 miles) in seven
hours, 56 minutes and 36 seconds,
heating the previous mark of 702
kilometres (436 miles).
Subscribe for The Advance and
get the home news.
DOM. and B. C. UNI)
B. C.
Represented by Samuel Gibbs
Livery and
Feed Stables
Horses and Rig.-i   for  Hire,
Express Delivery
Light and  Heavy  Dray ing.
Lillooet -        B. C,
Lillooet Meat Market
Fresh Killed Beef, Pork & Mutton
Large and small orders
given our personal attention. Satisfaction
Fresh    Vegetables   in    Season


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