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Vol. 2 No. 3
$2.00 Per Year
Rifle club meet see page 4.
Dominion Election September
21.   Get in touch.
Mr. Drummond, Indian agent,
is again in our midst, dealing out
the necessary.
Mrs. M. R. Eagleson and Mrs.
Ed. Dougherty drove down the
Lytton road to the Stougenberg
ranch last Sunday, on a visit.
B. Stevenson of the 100 mile
house on the Cariboo road, drove
in with his automobile from Ashcroft on a visit en route for his
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Logan of
the 19 - mile ranch drove into
town last Saturday evening and
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Keary.
Tuesdays stage brought in the
smilin? face of M. R. Eagleson
f re r. \ ictoria, he is greatly benefited by his vacation. He left in •
B. Stevenson's car for Clinton,
on Wednesday.
J. Birch of the North fork
was in Lillooet this week and
registered at the Victoria hotel.
He reports the crops all around
compare favorably with the showing of Lillooet.
Toe. Russell, local game warden arrived in town Thursday,
after having been on patrol in
the vicinity of North fork of
Bridge river and Watson Bar
C. Phair, Government agent
is away at present assessing and
collecting taxes, his route goes
as far north as Fort George and
as far west as the end of Chilcotin. He will be away about six
Pearl Mays made a hurried trip
to town from the Pioneer mine
to secure the services of Dr. H.
A. Christie to the assistance of
Mr. Frank Holton the foreman
of the mine who was taken suddenly ill with paralysis and in a
precarious condition. The doctor left immediately and through
the courtesy of Captain Kinder
the steamboat was held on Saturday morning until the arrival
of the doctor. Last evening's
report is that Frank is considerably better. The Advance sincerely wishes Mr. Holten a complete and speedy recovery.
Pemberton and Lillooet Districts Described by President of
Vancouver Board of Trade
Mr. A. G. McCandless, president of the Vancouver Board of
Trade, and Mr. W. H. Collister
have returned from a ten day's
trip covering the ground between
Newport and Lillooet by way of
Pemberton Meadows, the Birkenhead river, Andeison and Seaton
lakes. This is along the line of
the proposed railway to the Peace
River which the coast merchants
are now anxious to have constructed, in order to be in a position to compete for the trade of
the Northern country which is
now being rapidly filled with settlers. Asked as to what he thou
ght of the country travelled thru
Mr. Candless stated that its resources exceeded his most sanguine expectations.
"It is generally conceded that
the timber between Squamish
and the Pemberton Meadows is
alone sufficient to justify the construction of a railway. Along
this line there are numerous lakes
well stocked with trout, which
would make ideal summer resorts
Green lake and the Green river
falls are picturesque in the extreme. At the falls the water
rushes through a narrow gorge
and drops some 170 feet in about
1000 yards.
"The Pemberton Meadows are
about 30 miles long by two miles
wide with the Lillooet river running through the entire length
of the valley. The land is in my
opinion equal to any in British
Columbia for small fruits, vegetables, ' potatoes, hay, etc. The
yield is little short of marvellous.
At Ronayne's ranch, near the
center of the valley, we saw a
patch of strawberries that were
planted last year. The berries
were of a good size and the yield
exceeded anything I have ever
seen before. But it does not pay
to raise anything except stock
owing to the fact that the settlers have no market, being unable to ship anything to the coast
on account of the cost of transportation. At present the only
means of reaching this district
by Howe Sound is over a trail
nearly 60 miles long, which in
some places is about on a par
with the famous Skagway trail
of 1877. While the residents of
this district are less than 60 miles
from Newport where a steamer
calls every day they get a mail
only once every two weeks. Passing along to Birkenhead river
where the Dominion government
continued on page 4
J. C. Rackliff who is prospecting on the South fork, paid a
visit to town and left on Tuesday's boat for the mines in company with Messrs. Abbott, Peterson, and the Grull Bros, who
will be employed in doing considerable development work on the
claims located by Rackliff and
F. A. Jenkyn of Vancouver accompanied by A. Landon of Seattle, Wash, were passengers on
Mondays Lytton stage and departed for the Bridge river mines
to meet Mr. J. Hunt and examine
certain mining properties in the
vicinity of Gunn creek.
R. P. Bishop, P.L.S. with his
party of surveyors left on the
automobile in charge of "Dave"
. Yule, for Quesnel on Wednesday,
after completing numerous surveys in the vicinity of Pemberton
meadows and the lakes. They
will be employed in survey work
jn the vicinity of Quesnel until
the snow flies.
Mr. Moses Foster has sold his
ranch at the 15-mile. The reported price is $25,000. Mr.
Mitchell of Notch hill is the purchaser and will be an addition to
the local family. Mr. Foster is
endeavouring to secure a domicile
in town.
Mrs. F. Kinder and daughter
"Dot" visited town Wednesday
from Terrace Hall.
John Lawson came down from
the grading camp on Mission mt.
last Saturday.
Mrs. Focault. Miss Scott-Elliott
and Miss Francis, all of Ashcroft
were visitors to town this week.
They left for home this morning,
Divine services will (D.V) be
held in Methodist church tomorrow as follows: Sunday school
at 11 a.m. Evening service at
8.   Mr. Richard Clarke will sing.
Joe DeShields is very busy with
hammer and saw on the new addition to the school house which
will certainly be a great improvement when finished.
James O'Brien and Frank Nelson registered at the Excelsior
hotel on Tuesday on a visit to
town from the road camp at 11
Harold Burkholder arrived in
town this week from the ranch
en route for No. 1 road camp on
Mission mountain where he will
be employed.
Improvements are still being
made at the Victoria hof A
twelve foot writing desk i . the
use of guests has been placed in
the sitting room. Mr. Barr did
the carpenter work.
Ralph Webster an old Lillooet
boy visited Lillooet the past week
and made a flying trip to North
fork of Bridge river; and is at
present employed on the new
road being made at the 11 mile
Chas Noel left this week for
the Lome mines where he will
take the position of amalgamator
at the stamp mill. According to
all reports there is a nice dump
of ore ready to be milled and a
good clean up for the summer is
the prophesy of those who are
supposed to know.
A. H. Martley has just returned from his ranch l>e!ow Texas
creek where he has been making
improvements in the shape of
fencing and building a house.
Arthur says that he has got one
of the prettiest ranches in the
country with lots of water and
sunshine. The   Lillooet  Advance
The Lillooet Advance
Published Every Saturday
Land notices (6 insertions) $7 00
Coal notices (5 insertions) 5 00
Display per inch (each time) 60
Legal per line (each time) 10
Reading notices per line 20
Subscriptions payable in advance
One year (postage paid) $2
Six months      ,,       ,, 1
D. W. ROWLANDS, Editor
A. E. LUDWIG. Manager
Extracts from the report
of W. Fleet Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist, for 1910
The summit group, owned
by W. Jones, Babb, and others, consisting of three claims
—the Summit, South Side,
and North Pole—is situated
at an altitude of 5,000 feet
on the north slope of Bridge
river, a couple of miles above
the mouth of Alexander ck.
and directly across the valley
from the mouth of Thomas
Green creek. On the mountain-top and forming the
edge of the bluff facing the
river, there out-crops a very
large basic dyke running in
a north and south direction;
cutting through this in a
general N. 40" E. direction
are a number of quartz veins
carrying iron, zinc, and lead
sulphides, with appreciable
gold and silver values.
There a number of exposures of the veins on the
bluff hillside, slightly developed by open-cuts and pits.
About 50 feet below one of
these outcrops a tunnel has
been driven in for some 40
feet, disclosing a somewhat
irregular quartz vein carrying a small quantity of the
minerals described. Some
400 feet to the east of this
first tunnel, at an altitude
of 5,175 feet, a small upper
tunnel has been run in for a
short distance.
The main tunnel was start
ed in at the outcrop of a vein
striking N. 40' E. but the
tunnel was driven in a due
east direction for 50 feet,
leaving the vein on the left-
hand side; at this point the
tunnel was swung round to
the left and continued for 27
feet in a N. 40* E. direction,
when the tunnel was again
turned to the left in a N. 50'
W. direction and continued
for 10 feet. The tunnel has
thus run away from the vein
and by calculations would
have to be driven 28 feet
farther in the last direction
before it would cut the line
of the vein.
A sample taken of the ore
as it could be hand-sorted
assayed: Gold, $8; silver, 2.2
oz.; lead, 10 per cent.
On the main Bridge river
valley, just above the mouth
of Gunn creek and opposite
the ranch formerly occupied
by Arch. Trevarge, the hills
are generally low and rolling
although rocky and precipitous in places, rising above
the valley to a height of 400
feet—the mountains being
about a mile farther back.
The rock-exposures on these hills are chiefly volcanic,
agglomerates, etc., which
have been cut by numerous
basic and porphyrite dykes,
very much weathered and
decomposed on the exposures. Accompanying these
dykes are lenses of quartz,
scarcely sufficiently continuous to be styled veins, but
sometimes of considerable
length and reaching a thickness of 2 or 3 feet. These
quartz lenses carry in places
considerable quantities of
galena and stibnite, lead and
antimony sulphides, which
contain small values in gold
and silver.
A general sample of such
mineralization gave, upon
assay: Gold, 40c; silver, 0.6
oz., the sample was not assayed for lead or antimony.
On this series of quartz
croppings the North Star and
University mineral claims
have been staked by W. W.
Jones, Christie and Smith,
and a small amount of work
done in the way of open-
cuts, etc. On the former, in
an open-cut 10 feet long,
quartz of about 4-feet wide
is exposed carrying lenses of
stibnite from 3 to 4 inches
wide; on the latter several
open-cuts have exposed a
vein showing extensive mineralisation for a width up to
8 inches, but not averaging-
more than 3 inches. These
quartz lenses, while not continuous, seem to be more or
less in line, as though following some definite Assuring
which has a strike of N. 40"
E. and dips at an angle of 45
degrees to the south-east.
The Wayside mine is located on the north side of the
Bridge river valley, about
three miles above the mouth
of Gun creek and opposite
the mouth of the South fork.
The property was staked by
John Paterson, and is now
held by H. M. Babbetal.,
of Lillooet.
Here the country-rock chan
ges from the prevailing character of the lower valley to a
diorite, a large body of which
is found on the east side of
Cadwallader creek, extending down into the valley of
Bridge river at this point.
Through this diorite country-
rock is a regular fissure, with
a strike of N. 30" W. (mag.)
and a dip of 30 degrees to
the south-west, cutting into
the hillside nearly at right
angles and so outcropping
down the face of the hill,
which has a slope of about
20 degrees.
Running in from tne outcrop on the vein are three
adit tunnels, Nos 1, 2, and 3.
No. 3 tunnel is the highest:,
at an e'evation of 2,950 feet,
and has been driven in about
25 feet, disclosi; g in the
general tissue a quartz vein
about 20 inches in width and
of considerable regularity.
The tunnel was the first pro;
pecting workings driven by
the discoverer, and the vein
here is seemingly at its best,
having clearly defined walls,
and being well mineralized
with iron-sulphides carrying
appreciable values in gold,
samples of hand-sorted ore
tunning as high as $30 to the
ton in gold. No. 2 tunnel
has been driven in from a
vein out-crop for 135 feet,
starting at a point some 270
feet lower down the hill than
No. 3, and at an elevation of
2,680 feet, on what was supposed to be the same vein;
but, as the intermediate outcrop between the two tunnels has not. been uncovered,
and the dip in the upper tunnel would appear to strike to
one side of No. 2 tunnel, this
is by no means certain, and
it may prove to be a parallel
vein. The quartz vein at the
portal of this No. 2 tunnel is
i:b jut 12 inches wide, and
continues in for some distance of this width, pinching
out, however, at 90 feet in,
to almost nothing, but again
widening out farther in. Still
farther in, the vein splits into three stringers, and so appears in the face at the inner
end of the tunnel.
On the dump just o itside
the tunnel there is a pile of
about 15 tons of ore-- quartz
heavily mineralized with iron
sulphides, expected to carry
good values in gold. A sample shipment of ore from this
dump was taken out by pack
train in September, 1910, but
no information has been obtained as to its assay value.
Occasionally a little free gold
visible to the eye, is seen in
the ore, but it does not occur
in quantity, and the values
are chiefly in the sulphides.
No. 1 tunnel, at an elevation of 2,590 feet, or 90 feet
lower than No. 2, has been
driven in for about 150 feet!
the fissue or crushed zone is
Notice  is hereoy   given   that  tno
reserve existing   upon   Crpwn lands
in  the Lillooet District  and in    lie
Kamloops Oivision of Vale Distrirt,
notice of which was published in 1 h>'.
British     Columbia   Gazette,    dated
May 5th, 1910, is cancelled in so fai
as the same relates to the lands in
Lillooet District    surveyed as  Lots
numbered   1,833,  1,832, 1,831, 1,830,
1.820,      1,821,     1,822,   1,823,  1.81-■,
1,819,  1,809,   1,806, 1,810, 1,811,  1,
817,    1,816,     1,81?.   1,(55,  1/51,  1,
640.,   1,039,  1,638,  1,611,    1.653.  1,
652,  1.651, 1,643, l.fM2,  1,701, 1,^44
1,645, 1,646, 1,647, 1648, 1, P4*\ V
829,  1.828,   1.836,    1,826,   1,824, 1,
425A.   1.430A,   1,621;   1,631, 1.61".
1.622. 1 R37,  1.636. 1,635,, l.ft34   1
614.   1,615.  and  1.616.
Pcm-tv  Mi'm'ster  of Lnnd«
rtiw.irtmpnt nf Lands,
Victoria. B. C. May 2<Hh, lr'IV
Notice is hereby given that the re
serve existing o\cr vacant Crown
lands in Cariboo Distriet, situated
on the South Pork of the Prase I
River, notice of which, bear ng date
of June 26th, 1907, was published in
the Brit sh Columbia Gazette dated
August 2-Jth, 1901", is cancelled in sn
far as the same i slates to iands sur
>eyed as Lots numbered 3,0:0, 3,
0.0a, 3,039, 3,049, 3,042, 3,061, 3,
052, 3,04.1 3,041, 3045, 3,044, 3,077.
3,076, 3,082, 3,078, 3,079, 3,080, 3,
081, 3,083, 3,088, 3,085, 3,086, 3,
087a, 3.087, 3,091, 3,099, 3,100, 3.
0 9,'3,108, 3,112, 3,129, 3,130, 3,132
3,133, 4.135, 3,134, 3,0,:5, 3,03',, 3,
036, 3.038, 3,040, 3,047, 3,054a, 8,-
014, 3,057,-3,053, 3,084, 3,097. 3,105.
3,101, 3,095, 3,096. 3,008, 3,106, 3.
102, 3,103, 3,090a, 3,090, 3.111, 3,1.15
3,124, 3,125 3,126, 3,119a, 3,119, 3,
116, 3,109, 3,110, 3,10.4, 3,107, 3.
046a, 3,059, 3,048, 3,055, 3,056, 3,
000, 3,06r,a, 3,063, 3,062, 3,061, 3,
060, 3,058, 3,065, 3,067, 3,064, 3,
069, 3,070, 3,071, 3,073, 3,068, 3/
072, 3,075, 3,074, 3,002. 3,094, 3,
013, 3,093a, 3,113, 3,117, 3,120, 3,'
123, 3.127, 3,131, 3,128, 3.122, 3,121.
3,118, and 3,114.
Deputy Minister of La-ds.
Department of Lands,
Victoria.   B.C.,  May   >6th,   1911
MuTKJrJ is hereby given that the reserve ee-
11 tablished over certain lands in the Cariboo
ami Lillooet Districts, notice of which bearing
date June 80th, 1908 was published in the British
Columbia Gazette on July 2nd, 19os. is cancelled
in so far as tbe same relates to the following surveyed lands in Townships 52 and 54, Lillooei Dls.
trict, viz: Sections I, 2. 3. to. 11. 12. 18, 14. 15,
fractional Sections IB, 17, Sections IK. m. 20, 2.
22. 28, 24. Fractional Section 25, Bed Ions 2C 27, 28;
Fractional Section 29. Sections 30, 8', 82. 38. 34:
Fractional Section s 85 and 88, ull in Townfhip f2,
and Sections8, 10, Fractional Section '. Section
1:1. Fractional Section 14. Sections 21 and 2!\ nil in
Township 54, and that all the aforementioned
lands not already alienated by pre-emption hove
been set aside for the endowment Of the University of British Columbip.
Deputy Minister of l.a
Lands Department
Victoria. B.C.
April 10th, i9li
here distinct and the walls
perfect; the quartz vein, how
ever, is of variable width,
frequently pinching out, and
not nearly as strong here as
in the upper levels.
The property is equipped
with suitable buildings, etc.,
but not worked during the
past season.
(Continued Next Issue) THE LILLOOET ADVANCE
C. P. R. Steamer ' 'Emptess of
China" is wrecked off Japan.
The passengers are all rescued,
but the ship will probably be a
total loss. Mr. R. H. Brown,
late managing editor of Ashcroft
Journal, was aboard and we are
glad to learn that he is safe.
From reports we understand that
amongst other passengers he was
housed in a temple and afterwards proceeded overland to Yokohama.
Sacramento, Cat—So as to seal
the entire Pacific coast against
the possible introduction of the
Mediterranean fruit fly from the
Hawaiian Islands, State Horticultural Commissioner Jeffrey
has taken the matter up with the
authorities of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Small
vessels and one large steamer
ply between Honolulu and the
ports of the north, and the California horticulturist desires every
possible precaution to be taken
so as to keep the fly<>rom getting
into California.
While the states of Oregon and
Washington and the province of
British Columbia have not taken
so much interest in the exclusion
of the fly, which preys upon
fruit and trees, it is thought that
action looking to investigation
and inspection of fruitshipments
if not a ftrict quarantine against
fruit, will be inaugurated. Ships
from Honolulu land at Vancouver
and also at Gray's Harbor, and
it will be at these ports that the
danger will lie. Mr. Jeffrey said
that while there are not so many
in the northwest that the fly attacks, the danger is always present so long as a port is open to
Honolulu shipments.
We Ewen Edwin I ell and Mark Robert Eagleson, farmers at Clinton, H.C.
give' notice that, on the 31st day of
August, 1911, we intend toapply to the
•Water Commissioner at his office at
i'linton, B. . for a license to take and
use (3) cubic feet per second or 100
miners inches of waier from <ut Off
Valley Creek, in the Lillooet water district. The water to be taken from the
stream about the line between Lots 270
and 271, for irrigation purposes.
Clinton, B.C.
VT OTICE is hereby given that the reserve estab
*^ lished over certain lands in the Cariboo anil
Lillooet Districts, notice of which bearing: date
June 30th, 1908, was published in the British Co-
lu Sbia Gazette on July 2nd. 1908, is cancelled in
so far as the same relates to the following: survey
ed lands in Township 48 and 50, Lillooet District,
namely. Fractional Sections 2, 3, Section 4, Fractional Section 6, Fractional E. 1-2 of Section tl.
Fractional Section 7, Sections 8. 9. 10, Fractional
Sections 11. 12 13; Sections 14, 15, 16, 17. 18. 19, 20.
21, 22, 23, Fractional W, 1-2 of Section 24, Fractional W. 1-2 Section 26, Fractional Section 2t>
Sections 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33,34, Fraccional Sec-
tion 36 and Fractional West 1-2 of Section 36. all
in Township 48; Fractional Sections 2. 3, fi, 7, 10,
11,12, Sections 13. 14. Fractional Sections 16. 16
17, 18, 19. 20, 21, Sections 22, 23, 24. 26, 26. 27. 28.
29 and Fractional Sections 30, 31, 32, 33. 34. 36 and
36, all in Township 50, to permit of the said lands
being: located by pre-emption entry only.
Deputy Minister of [.amis.
Lands Department,
Victoria. B.C.,
April 7th, 1911
Does Distance Prevent
Your Visiting Vancouver,
and taking advantage of the vast selections of choice
values offered to the public. Our Mail Order System elim
-inates the matter of distance. Through it you may purchase and have sent to your home free of postage and express charges, any articlei i o i rbig ancouver store.
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Geo. E. Trorey, Man. Dir.        VANCOUVER, B.C.
Lillooet 13 Years Ago
Lillooet Prospector, Aug. 20. "98
Delivered    When    Promised
and  Correct When Delivered
The Lillooet Advance
Lillooet, B.C.
Provincie of British Columbia
NOTICE is hereby given that all
Public Highways in unorganized
Districts, and all Main Trunk Roads in
organized Districts are sixty-six feet
wide, and have a width of thirty-three
feet on each side of the mean straight
centre line of the travelled road.
Minister of Public Works.
Department of Public Work*,
Victoria, H. C, July 7th. 1911      1-12
PUHLlt; NOTICE is hereby given that, under
thn authority contained In section 131 of the
"Land Act," a regulation has been approved by
the Leiutenant-Governor in Council fixing the
minimum sale prices of first- and second-class
lands at $1(1 and $5 per acre, respectively.
This regulation further provides that the prices
fixed therein shall apply to all lands with respect
to which the application to purchase is given favourable consideration after this date, notwithstanding the date of such application or any delay that may have occurred in the consideration
of the same.
Further notice is hereby given thut all persons
who have pending applications lo purchase lands
under the provisions of sections 84 or 3ti of the
"IJMid Act" and who are not willing to complete
such purchases under the prices fixed by the
aforesaid regulation shall be at liberty to withdraw such applications and receive refund of the
moneys deposited on account of such applications
Minister of Lands
Department of Lands
Vie toria. B.C.. April 8rd, 1011 39   57
I. Alexander McEwenof Empire valley, II. C, rancher, give notice that, on
the 5th day of August, 1911, I intend to
apply to the Water I ommissioner at
his office in Clinton, B.C. for a license
to take up anil use 5.6 cubic feet per
second or 20(1 miners inches of water
from Chinacreek in the Clinton Division of Lilloo'-t Water District. The
water is to be taken from the stream
about one liudred and fifty yards above
the junction of China creek" and Grinders creek and is to be used on lots 151
and 155 for irrigation purposes.
1. Alexander McEwenof Empire Valley, ',('., rancher, give notice that, on
the 5th day of August, 1911, I intendto
apply lo the Water ("ommissioner at
his office in Clinton, B.C., for a license
to take and use 5.6 cubic feet per
second of water from Grinder creek in
the Clinton Division of I.illooet Water
District. The wat"r is to be taken from
the stream near the falls situate about
three hundred yards above the junction
of China creek and Grinder creek, and
is to be used on lots 154 and 155 for
irrigation purposes.
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Miss Latalien arrived in town
and is the guest of Miss Noel.
Mrs. Robb arrived in town lasl
Saturday evening from Ashcroft.
T. Cole of Pavilion who was cut
some time ago by his mowing
machine is now able to he around
T. J. Derby, of Crow's Bar,
spent last week in town and has
gone to the Bridge river to take
a look at the country.
A. M. Fraser who has been
employed at the Golden Cache
returned to his home at New
Westminster on Tuesday.
P. Burnet. P.L,S., spent Sunday in town. The major and
party are surveying a number of
mineral claims on Cayoosh creek.
The frame work of the new
school house is up and the contractors Messrs Duguid & Miller
are pushing the work.
The carpenters have about finished the cottage for Mrs. A.
Mcintosh at the west end. It is
very neat and nicely situated.   »
Frank Tinkham and wife have
moved to town after camping-
out several weeks near Cayoosk
creek. They are living in E. S.
Peters' house on main street.
F. Thomas who have been pros
pecting on Cadwallader left this
week for Lytton and Spences
Bridge where he will work on
some claims in that vicinity.
H. Atwood one of the owners
of the Pioneer came down from
the claim Thursday night and
will remain in town some time as
he has not been well lately.
Mr. Paul Santini is having a
furnace put under his store and
will have his whole building heat
ed during the cold weather with
hot air. R. Atkin the tinsmith
is doing the work.
H. Hodge while up Cayoosh
creek last Saturday helping Major Burnet's party survey mineral claims, accidentally fell over a
cliff about ten feet landing on
some very sharp rocks bruising
his shins. He. came to town Sunday and received relief for his
bruised limbs.
James Rowbottom and N. J,
Pendergrast returned to town on
Sunday after an absence of several weeks. They located claims
on McGillivary creek and also in
the Blackwater. They will return short h to Black water and
work on their respective claims.
When leaving McGillivary creek
Rowbottom cached the most of
his grub and on his return from
Blackwater found to his sorrow
that most of it had been stolen.
He has an idea who it was and
swears vengeance. To relieve a
prospector of his cache in the
mountains is a rather mean offence, and no pity should be
shown anyone found out in such
an act. During his sojourne in
the mountains "Jimmy" added
to his long list of game, by killing the largest grizzly yet found
in this neighborhood. The Lillooet Advance
established a fish hatchery about
four years ago, there is found a
country and climate altogether
different from the valley. The
elevation is higher and fruit such
as apples, pears, plums and cherries seem to do very well.
From there we followed the
old Cariboo road to the head of
Anderson lake, a distance of a-
bout twenty-five miles. There
are a number of settlers along
this road, and while the country
generally speaking, is rough and
mountainous, there are many
stretches of rich bottom land.
Anderson lake, about 15 miles, is
crossed by canoe, but I understand there will be a small steam
er running on this lake next summer. After crossing a portage
of about one and a half miles
Seton lake is reached. Seton
lake is somewhat larger than
Anderson lake, and is the entrance to the Bridge river country, which is now attracting considerable attention on acconut of
its mining possibilities.
* "Lillooet is about three miles
from the mouth of Seton lake
and is reached by a very good
waggon road. Here the same
conditions exist as in other parts
along the route. Although the
finest kind of fruit and vegetables can be raised, it is impossible
to market anything for lack of
transportation, the nearest railway point being at Lytton, nearly fifty miles away. The whole
country is crying for a railway.
"Give us transportation and we
will show what we can do, is the
cry all along the line. I just
want to add that this road must
bj built, and when it is built it
will be the scenic road of America. There is hardly a mile from
Newport to Lillooet where the
road does not follow some lake or
river, and the snow-capped mountains are nearly always in view.
J. D. Nelson, who ran the preliminary survey for the Howe
Sound & Northern Railway from
Newport to Lillooet, accompanied
us as far as, the Birkenhead river
and gave us valuable information
as to the elevation, location and
grades of the line."
Subscribe for The Advance, and
get the home news.
The annual meeting of the
Lillooet Civilian Rifle Association
will be held in the office of the
Secretary on Saturday August
5, at 7.30 p.m.
A. W. A. Phair,
DOM. and B. C. LAND
Victoria   .   .   B. C.
Represented by Samuel Gibbs
Victoria Hotel
M. R. Eagleson, Prop.
Finest Liquors & Cigars Good Stabling
Lillooet,   -■   =   B. C.
Excelsior  Hotel
First Class Table and Good
Liquors and Cigars.
B. C.
We have just added McCALLS to our long list
of First Class Agencies, and carry a full stock
Patterns.   Our stock  is  most complete in all
departments, and our prices right.
General Merchant
General Merchant
Forwarding Agent
Ship Goods To Lillooet in my Care
Prompt   Attention   Guaranteed
Natural Resources
Security Co., Ltd.
. Masset Townsite, B.C.
(resent Bay Orchards, Naksup, B.C.
Basque Fruit Farms, Basquet,
near Ashcroft, B.C.
G. J. Hammond
Head Office:
Bower Building
Vancouver, B.C.
Braneh Offices:
Fort George,
The untutored mind of the Indian or the savage often appears
strange to us, but there is sometimes reason in what at first sight
seems eccentric. A South African tribe has an effectual method
of dealing with boers, which
might be adopted by Western
peoples. This simple tribe considers long speeches injurious
both to the orator and his hearers, so to protect both there is an
unwritten law that every public
orator must stand on one leg only
when he is addressing an or-
dience. As soon as he has to
place the other leg on the ground
his oration is brought to a close.
London. —Dr. Blow of Calgary
has interviewed Lord Strathcona
and secured from him a promise
to give $25,000 to to the Calgary
She — I consider, John, that
sheep are the stupidest creatures
creatures living.
He (absent-mindedly) — Yes.
my lamb.
He—Ah, speaking of electricity, that makes me think—
She-Really Mr. -! Isn't it remarkable what electricity can
Knicker—Bread is to be sold
by weight.
Nuwed — Then my wife can
make us rich.
Perhaps you flirt with a crimson car.
And list to the motors sing.
But your fun is small when
compared to that
Of a boy with a piece of string
Livery and
Feed Stables
Horses and Rigs  for  Hire.
Express Delivery
Light and Heavy  Dray ing.
Lillooet -      -        B. C.
ASHCROFT       -     " -    B. C
Lillooet Meat Market
Fresh Killed Beef, Pork & Mutton
Large and small orders
given our personal attention. Satisfaction
Fresh    Vegetables    in    Season


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