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The Lillooet Advance 1911-07-29

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 Vol. 2 No. 2
$2.00 Per Year
Rifle club meet see page 4.
D. W. Rowlands of Savona, is
in town on a combined business
and pleasure trip.
Work at the hatchery is now
in full swing, there are at present six men being employed on
the weirs.
Miss Irene Keary left yesterday afternoon by auto, on an
extended visit to Mrs. Harry
Logan of the 19-mile house.
J. Rowbottom made a flying
visit to Gunn creek this week
and reports everything looking
exceedingly well.
R. T. Buxton, traveller for
Leeson, Dickie and Gross of Vancouver, spent a few days among
the local tradesmen this week.
Mrs. R. Smith who has been
visiting Mrs. W. Manson for the
past few weeks, has returned
to the coast.
J. Hunt who has been on a
business trip to the coast returned last evening and left this
morning for Gunn creek where
he has mining interests.
Game is reported to be very
plentiful this season. Six goats
were seen on Friday morning at
the back of J. Dunlop's store on
Cayoosh creek.
Dr. S. H. Haynes of Victoria,
arrived last evening from the
Cadwallader district where he
has been for the past two weeks,
looking over the likely investments.
Messrs T. Brett, H. P. Keary
and Chas Keary arrived home
last evening from the Bridge
river section, where they have
been on a fishing and prospecting trip.
Dr. Irving of Kamloops and W.
S. Mitchell of Notch hill made a
flying visit to Lillooet this week,
by auto. It is reported they completed the deals for the Foster
and Dickey estates.
W. H. Slipper who has been
spending the past few weeks
here, fishing and recuperating
his health, returned home this
week after having spent a very
beneficial time. He went by
w»y of Lytton in the Auto
J. Rowbottom registered at the
Gunn creek hotel last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A.  F. Noel  left
their ranch at the Big Horn, and
are on a prospecting trip up the
I    South fork of Cadwallader.
Dan Hamilton and Geo Gibson
are still hard at work striping
j the bedrock on Dan's claim, the
Boulder at South fork. They report very favorable indications
and will undoubtedly make a good
clean up this fall.
Messrs Ratcliff and Carl have
located quartz claims on the
South fork and are now busy
running open cuts on their property which lies to the north of
the Lome mining company's
Slu'cing is still going on at the
Marconi Hydraulic claims at
Sucker creek, and Ferguson and
Walker must be credited with
great energy for completing the
mile and a half ditch which is
now in full working order.
P. H. O'Connor came in from
Anderson lake and Blackwater
and is at present making his
head - quarters at Gunn creek
! weere he will prospect this season. He likes the appearance of
country and intends doing some
Wm. Leach and Bert Williams
have completed their contract of
50 ft on the Pioneer mine, and
paid a flying visit to town. Bert
will be occupied at his ranch for
some time, and Bill has secured
another contract from the owners
of the Pioneer.
F. W. Smith has left the camp
at the Lome mine in company
with Sugar Alexander, to operate the big ledge that he has had
i for the past few years, at the
head of Cadwallader and McGillvary creek. In all probability
Smith will shortly start perations
on a larger scale.
The ladies of Cadwallader Ck.
intend giving a dance shortly in
the Coronation mine dining room
invitations have been received by
all the boys in the locality, it will
undoubtedly be the event of the
season, also like everything else
the ladies undertake, a great
i     success.
'* Gaspard packed in two prospectors as far as the Cadwallader mines. Wm. Kedd and C. E.
Powel expect to put in the whole
summer in that vicinity prospecting.
Mrs. D. Hurley and her daughter Minnie are thoroughly enjoying their visit to the Lome mine
and have already located a good
Huckleberry patch, so that pie
will undoubtedly be one of the
delicacies at the forthcoming
Grant White and Geo. Bell are
rushing through the haying at
Tyaughton ranch in order to get
up to their claims on the upper
Tyax. They expect to do considerable development work this
season which will show up the
property to a better advantage.
W. Jones of Fairhaven ranch
is busy with his hay crop, and is
supplying the two road camps,
Nos 1 and 2 respectively.. The
rock work and grading is progressing favorably and due credit must be given to all concerned.
It is estimated that the completion of these sections will take
take place in about five weeks.
. Joe Shuster, Thos. Alford. and
John Lucas have located claims
in close proximity to Gunn creek
lake and at present are showing
some good specimens. The vein
has been stripped in one place
for over six feet and no walls in
sight yet, so in all probability the
boys have struck a good thing.
Joe says it pans good and they
are prepared to do extensive
work shortly.
J. L. Owen of the Pemberton
Meadows is a visitor for the first
time to Lillooet and is highly
pleased with the appearance of
the town and local conditions. In
company with the mail carrier
he made the trip over the Lakes
in record time. Mr. Owen has
one of the banner ranches in the
meadows and is full of praise for
that section. In addition he is
also very much interested in
prospecting and has great hopes
of the future of that country as
a mining centre. In all probability we shall hear more of this
in the near future.
No high water and no mos-
quetoesjs the general report from
the Meadows this season.
Pat Dermody and family are in
good health and quite busy at
present. There are no grizzly-
bears around Pat's house yet, as
it is a little early.
Will Haylmore is still busy
fighting fire in the Meadows with
the co-operation of some of the
natives as assistants. Makes one
think of ice cream soda.
William Elliott and D. Cough-
Ian are busy at present erecting
houses on their respective ranches and are expected to make a
visit to town for supplies, in the
near future.
Jack and Ed. Ronayne are busy
with their hay crop which is exceptionally good this year and
there will be no fear of a shortage of provender for the horses
next winter.
Mr. Punch, road superintendent, has a gang of men at present working on the road between
Ronayne's and McLeod's, and is
doing good work which will be
appreciated by the settlers in the
Thos Graham, foreman of the
Birkenhead Hatchery, and his
bunch of men are busy at present
building a weir across the creek
to secure the salmon. It is expected that there will be a good
run this year and preparations
are being made for their arrival.
Mr. J. McKenzie has just arrived from a visit to the coast by
way of the Squamish and undoubtedly made record time on
the trip. He reports that estimation of the Pemberton Meadow land values are as good as
ever and everyone in the city is
very much interested in the future of the valley.
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Lewiston, Me. - Will Leahy,
the 15 year old lad who disappeared June 8, and for whom the
Boy scouts have been conducting
a country wide search, has returned to his home. He has been
no farther away than Portland,
Me. The   Lillooet  Advance
The Lillooet Advance
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A. E. LUDWIG, Manmjkr
Extracts from the report
of W. Fleet Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist, for 1910
The Spokane group, owned
by Dr. Christie, of Lillooet,
and others, is situated on
the headwaters of Holbrook
gulch; the mine cabin is at
an altitude of 6,520 feet and
the upper tunnel at 7,050 ft.
This upper tunnel has been
driven in 20 feet, disclosing
a quartz vein about 30 inches
wide, cutting through diabase country-rock with a
N. 70' W. and a nearly vertical dip.
The quartz is, in parts,
quite heavily mineralized
with white and yellow iron-
pyrites and some copper-
pyrites carrying values in
gold and silver. A sample
taken of one of the well-
mineralized portion of the
vein gave, upon assay; Gold
$7.20; silver 0.7 oz. to the
ton; and copper 2.3 per cent.
A lower crosscut tunnel
has been started to cut the
vein at depth, and had been
driven in about 160 feet, but
required to be driven farther
before the vein might be expected.
A system of later basic
dykes was noted as following up the course of the
gulch, forming a small subordinate ridge, on which,
near the mine cabin, a small
shaft had been sunk to a
depth of about 15 feet on a
crushed zone in the diabase,
about three feet wide, which
showed some copper-stain,
and from which a sample was
taken for assay, which did
not, however, disclose any
The mine cabin is at the
entrance of the upper limit
of timber-growth and the
mine is above timber-line, so
that all mine timber has to
be hauled nearly a mile.
The proper entry into this
section is by following Big
Big creek, and this would be
the route used should more
extensive mining operations
be undertaken.
The headwaters of Holbrook gulch are only separated from the valley of Bridg
river by a range of precipi
tous mountains, the distance
being not more than four or
five miles, but this route is
so steep it can only be followed by experienced prospectors unencumbered by
horses or baggage.
From Holbrook gulch a
route was taken across a
ridge to the westward and
down over a snowslide to the
great basin on the summit of
the Tyaughton range of
mountains. On the west
side of this basin the main
Tyaughton trail was found;
this is a trail much used by
the Chilcotin Indians when
travelling to Bridge river
during the hunting season,
and follows Alexander creek
down to its junction with
Bridge river, some eight or
ten miles above the canyon
on that river.
The whole summit of Tyaughton mountain and its
slopes—in fact, all the upper
Bridge river district — was
found to be covered on the
surface with a deposit of
powdered pumice-stone, som
etimes in pieces an inch or
two in diameter, evidently
thrown out in recent times
by some volcano.
The Tyaughton trail was
found to be almost obliterated by fallen trees, so much
so that, although the start
from Holbrook gulch was
made at 8 a.m., it was 5.15
p.m., before the first open
flat on Alexander creek was
reached, a small opening and
meadow at an altitude of
3,500 feet, taken up some
years ago by Oliver Brett,
but later abandoned owing
to the continued summer
frosts due to the elevation.
On September 2, the trail
was followed down Alexander creek, and at about half
a mile from its mouth the
Babb hydraulic plant was
The Babb hydraulic plant
is situated on Alexander ck.
about half a mile from its
mouth, and is held by a syndicate or unincorporated company. The property was operated in a small way in 1909
but not during the year 1910,
being in charge of a watchman only. The gravel-bank
that had been worked is on
the left side of the creek and
is quite extensive; the bedrock is slate, somewhat irregular as to dip, rising
slightly into the hill.
The fall of the creek for
2,000 below the mine is so
flat that the tailings have to
be carried in a block-lined
sluceway, but at the end of
the flume a good dump is
found at a fall in the creek.
The irregularity of the bedrock has caused the excavations to assume very irregular form, and conducive to
economical working.
The plant consists of a good
water-supply under a head
of 340 feet, taken from Alexander creek about two
miles faHher up, brought
down the right-hand side of
the creek by flume. The
pen-stock is 16 inches in diameter, of iron. The water
was used through two 7-inch
giants assisted by a by-wash
from another small creek.
The company has erected
suitable mine buildings and
a small sawmill, sufficient
for its needs, driven by
water. Although not at
present working, it is understood that, although the plant
is, as yet, only a prospecting
one and has not been commercially successful, it has
given sufficient encouragement to induce the company
to continue operations in
An interesting deposit of
carbonaceuiis shale with coal
was visited on September 2;
this is located just above
Jones' ranch, on the steep
hillsideto the north of Bridge
river valley, and about two
miles down-stream from the
mouth of Alexander creek.
The river valley here has an
elevation above sea-level of
about 2,300 feet, and the so-
called coal-cropping is at an
altitudeof 4,175 feet; ahorse
trail extends up the mountain to an elevation of 4,000
The upper portion of this
mountain is capped with
more or less horizontal beds
of volcanic deposition, consisting of scorriae, breccias,
overlying a whitish volcanic
crystalline flow, and overlain
by beds of volcanic mud and
gravel in which are beds of
sandstone of irregular thickness.
Interbedded with the intermediate series mentioned
are one or two beds of a
black carbonaceous shalefrom
1 to 2 feet in thickness, in
which occur lenses of coal,
these sometimes occupying
the entire bed, but always
retaining the lens shape.
This coal, while not developed in quantity, gave the
following remarkably good
analysis on a small sample
of clean coal; Moisture, 8.1
per cent.; ash, 5.6 per cent.;
volatile matter, 33.6 per ct.;
fixed carbon, 52.7 per cent.;
total 100 per cent.
(Continued Next Issue)
Notice is hereby given that tbe
reserve existing upon Crpwu lands
in the Lillooet Distriet and in tie
Kamloops Division of Yale District,
notice of which was published in th
British Columbia Gazette, dated
May 5th, 1910, is cancelled in so far
as the same relates to the lands in
liillooet District surveyed as Lot*
numbered 1.833, 1,832. 1,831, 1,«:'0,
1.820.- 1,821, 1,822, 1,823, 181'-',
1,819, 1,809, 1,806, 1.810, 1,811, 1,
817. 1.816. 1,813, V55, 1/54, 1,
W0.. 1.fi39, 1.638, 1,611, 1/53. 1,
652. 1.651. 1,643. l.fv<2. 1,701, 1,64.4
1.645, 1,646, 1,647, 1 648, 1, 649, 1,
829, 1,828, 1.836. 1,826, 1/2.4, 1,
425A. 1.430 A. 1,62'., 1/31. 1.61".
1.622. 1 R37. 1.636. 1.635, 1,«34 1.-
614.   1.615.  and 1.616.
Dennty Minister of Lands
nniiartmcnt nf Lands.
Victoria. B. C, May 2Rth. lr.IV
Notice is hereby given that the tc
serve existing    over    vacant Crown
lands in Cariboo   District,   situated
on the South Fork    of    the Fraci
River, notice of which, bo.ar ng date
of June 26th, 190., was published ih
the  Brit sh Columbia Gazette dated
August 29th, 1907, is cancelled in so
far as the same relates to lands sur-
\eyed as   Lots    numbered 3,0-!0, 3,-
040a,  3,039,  3,019,  3,042,  3,051,  3,
062,  3,04:1  3,041,  3045, 3.044, 3,077,
3,070,  3,082,  3,078,  3,079,  3,080,  3,
081,  3,083,  3,088,   3,085,   3,(86,  3,
087a,  3.087,   3,091,   3,099, 3,100, 3.
030 '3,108, 3,112, 3,129. 3,130, 3,132.
3,133, 4.135,    3,134, 3,035, 3,037.  3,
036. 3.038, 3,046,    3,047,  3,054a,  S.-
0')4, 3,057, 3,053, 3,084, 3.097. 3,105.
3,101, 3,095,  3,096.  3,098,  3,106, 3,
102, 3,103, 3,090a, 3,090, 3.111, 3,115
3,124, 3,125 3,126,  3,119a, 3,119, 3,-
116,  3,109,  3,110,    3,1.0-1.    3,107.  3,
04fia,  3,059,    3,048, 3,055,  3,056,  3,
066,  3,065a,  3,063,  3,062.  3,061,  3,-
060,  3,058,   3,065,   3,067.  3,064,  3,
069.  3,070,   3,071,   3,073, 3.068,  3,-
072,  3,075,    3,074,    3.092,  3,094,  3,.
013, 3,093a, 3,113,   3,117,  3,120, 3,~
123. 3,127, 3,131, 3,128. 3.122, 3.121,
3,118, and 3,114.
Deputy Minister of La-ds.
Department of Lands,
Victoria,  B.C.,  May   Kith,  1941.
WolHIH i.s hereby M'lven Ihat the reserve <*s-
^' tablished over certain I ■ d.i in the Ciirlhio
ami LiltiKM't Districts, notice of which beating
date. June 8Hth. 19(iK whh published m tin British
Columbia Cassette on July 2nd, 1908 is cancelled
in ho far as the same relates to the followinir sn -
veyed lands in Townships .V_' and 51. Lillooet District, viz.: Sections I. 2, :i. !". tl, 12. IS. M. ir..
Fractional Sections Ml. IT. Suctions IS '9 2(1. ■>. .
22. 28, 24, Fractional Seclion 86 S'ertiot s 2\ 27. 28.
Fractional Section 28 Set-tiers 80 8 . f-2 "•<■. HI:
Fractional Section « it" and 'tri. nil in Township '■?.
and Sections :i 10, Fractional Section . . SecMon
18, Fractional Section It. Socti. r> 21 aril 23, nil \„
Township fit. and that all I ho aro'-ement'oned
lands not already alienated be |i'e-eniptinn hu\e
boon not aside for tho endow men I of the Unicoi.
sity of British Columbia.
rorf.ut a. kf.nwick.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department
Victoria. B.C.
 A in II   Olli. Igll	
^ OTICE is hereby xiven that the reserve ustab
^™ lished over certain lands in tbe Cariboo and
Lillooet Districts, notice of which be'arina- dale
June Moth. 1908, was published in the British Colli Sola.Gazette on July 2nd, I9fl8, is cancelled in
so far as the same relates to the followinir survey
ed lands in Township 48 and 50. Lillooet District.
namely. Factional Sections 2. 3, Section 4. Fractional Section 5. Fractional V.. 1-2 of Section it.
Fractional Section 7. Sections S, 9, 10. Fractional
Sections 11. 12 18: Sections 14, 15. 1(1 17. 18. 19.20.
21.22. 28. Fractional W. 1-2 of Seclion 24 Fractional W. 1-2 Section 25, Fractional Section 211.
Sections 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 38. 34, Fraccional Seclion 35 and Fractional Wesl 1-2 of Seclion 38. all
In Township 48: Fractional Sections 2. 3. fl. 7. HI.
11.12, Seciionf 18. 14. Fractional Sections 18. HI.
17. 18. 19. 20, 21. Sections 22. 23. 24. 25. 28. 27. 28.
29 and Fractional Sections 30. 31. 32 33.34. 8K and
38. all in Township 50. to permit of the said lands
heinK located by pre-emption entry only.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department.
Victoria, B.C.
It is believed in Ottawa that
the general elections will be held
during the last week of September. Parlinment will sit for
three or four weeks, disolving
about the middle of August. The
date of voting will then be fixed
for the interval between the end
harvest and the arrival of |the
Duke of Connaught as governor
general. His Royal Highness
will reach Montreal on October
12 and the government wants to
have the business well over and
things running smoothly by that
time. The signing of the diso-
lution order is likely to be Earl
Grey's last official act in Canada.
Nanaimo.—The small steamer
Belfast lies a total wreck off Vancouver Island, near this city, resulting from striking a rock and
rock and subsequently catching
fire. The Belfast left Blubber
bay, Texada island, for Seattle,
w\A\ a cargo of lime, and was
heading for Nanaimo to discharge
part of her cargo.
The water coming contact with
the combustible cargo caused a
fire in the hold of the vessel, and
with the smoke and flames pouring down her hatches the coaster
went down and is a total loss.
The crew of the vessel landed
Australia's Census
The final census returns for
Australia have now come in, says
a Melbourne telegram, and give
the population of Australia as
4,449, 495. New South Wales
leads with 1,648,212 inhabitants,
but West Australia has only
280,316 and Tasmania 190,808.
Valuable Gift
Mr. Arthur Cheatle, F.R.C.S.,
has presented his private collection of several hundred specimens
demonstrating injuries and diseases of the human ear, to the
Museum of the Royal College of
Surgeons. Mr. Cheatle is well-
known, and is one of th cleverest
specialists in the British Isles.
Montreal. — Electrical storms
unusually severe, accompaniedjby
hurricane gusts of wind and rain
did considerable damage in Montreal today. Lightening was responsible for several fires.
Calgary—So serious has become the shortage of corl, caused
by tne Crows' Nest strike, that
Alberta industries are forced to
import fuel from Pennsylvania.
In order to prevent a tie-up of its
entire plant one coal company is
bringing in 4,500 tons of Penn-
sylvenia coal. The freight on
this coal alone will cost the company a pile of money.
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Geo. E. Trorey, Man. Dir.       VANCOUVER, B.C.
Lillooet 13 Years Ago
Lillooet Prospector, Aug. 19, '98
Delivered    When    Promised
and  Correct When Delivered
The Lillooet Advance
Lillooet, B.C.
Province of British Columbia
NOTPJE is hereby given that all
Public Highways in unorganized
Districts, and all Main Trunk Roads in
organized Districts are sixty-six feet
wide, and have a width of thirty-three
feet on each side of the mean straight
centre line of the travelled road.
Minister of Public Works.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B. C, July 7th, 1911      1-12
PUBLIC NOTICE is heieby given that, under
the authority contained In section 181 of the
"Land Act," a regulation has been approved by
the Leiutenant-Governor in Council fixing the
minimum sale prices ot first- and second-class
lauds at $10 and $5 per acre, respectively.
This regulation further provides that the prices
fixed therein shall apply to all lands with respect
to which the application to purchase is given favourable consideration after this date, notwithstanding the date of such application or any delay that may have occurred in the consideration
of the same.
Further notice is hereby given that all persons
who have pending applications to purchase lands
under the provisions of suctions 34 or 36 of the
"Land Act" and who are not willing to complete
such purchases under the prices fixed by the
aforesaid regulation shall be at liberty to withdraw such applications and receive refund of the
moneys deposited on account of such applications.
Minister of Lands
Department of Lands
Victoiia. B.C., April 3rd. 1911 39 -57
I, Alexander McEwen of Empire valley, I'.. C, rancher, give notice that, on
the 5th day of August, 1911, I intend to
apply to the Water Commissioner at
his office in Clinton, B.C. for a license
to take up and use 5.6 cubic feet pei
second or 200 miners inches of water
from China creek in the Clinton Division of l.illooi-t Water District. The
waieris to be taken from the stream
about one hudred and fifty yards above
the junction of China creek and Grinders creek and is to be used on lots 154
and 155 for irrigation purposes.
I, Alexander McEwen of Empire Valley, II. ('., rancher, give notice that, on
the 5th day of August, 1911, I intendto
apply lo the Water Commissioner at
his office in Clinton. B.C., for a license
lo take and use 5.6 cubic feet per
second of water from Grinder creek in
the Clinton Division of I.illooet Water
District. The water is to be taken from
the stream near the falls situate about
three hundred yards above the junction
of China creek and Grinder creek, and
is to be used on lots 154 and 155 for
irrigation purposes.
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A. W. Smith. M.P.P., left on
Tuesdays stage for Victoria, on
a visit.
Elmer Richey arrived on last
Mondays stage from Vancouver.
J. G, Morrison has gone down
to Lytton to look at some claims
owned there by himself and partners.
W. F. Gibson and W. H. Slipper returned Thursday evening
from Cadwallader creek after a
short visit.
R. H. Brett has sent for several copies of "Jews and Gentiles"
Secure them at the post office
store before they are all gone.
Geo. Irving, the plasterer, returned to town last Saturday after an absence of a few months.
Mrs. Irving and family are at
present at the coast.
Fred Appieyard is building a
neat little house at the bridge
near Seaton lake, and expects to
have it completed shortly, when
he and Mrs. Appieyard will occupy it.
The work on the Lillooet-Lytton
road will probably cease tomorrow. It is hoped that it is only
temporary and that the necessary
money will be forth coming for
its completion.
T. A. Brett, clerk in the government office here left town
Monday on horse back on a tour
through the district collecting
taxes. He will go as far as the
150-mile house on the Cariboo
road and will then come down
through Dog creek and Empire.
He will probably be absent about
three weeks.
The public school opened last
Monday morning with Miss A.
Davidson in charge.
T. C. Harris returned the first
of the week from 'Cadwallader
where he had been working on
some of his claims.
Mr. Scott a mining engineer
from the coast agent a few days
in town this week and visited
properties on Cayoosh creek.
Miss Noel a sister of Arthur
and Chas. Noel is a passenger on
the stage today from Wisconsin
and will make her home here
with her brothers.
The salmon run in the Fraser
has been falling off steadily since
last Sundays spurt. The cannery-
men are again becoming very-
R. H. Brett has started work
on the water works ditch, which
he has by contract. He expects
to have the ditch completed by
the time the pipe arrives. The
pipe has been ordered and will he
along in a few weeks.
D. Fraser and P. Santini spent
four days up the North Fork of
Bridge river this week. They
are taking a look over that section to see what chances there
are for mineral locations, and
were well pleased with their trip
and favorably impressed with
the showing. The Lillooet Advance
Saturday, July 29
Men, who, on the trade question, talk disloyally in Canada
are the breeders and fomenters
of disloyalty,
Those Canadians who inspire
editors, even of the less influential newspapers in England, to
write stuff questioning the loyalty of Canadians because they are
following in the footsteps of the
Motherland, are notorious mischief makers, traitorous alike to
Canada and the Empire. In
earlier days the state dealt severe
ly with such characters. In our
times we have to rely upon good
sense of the public to rate such
mischief-breeders at their true
Old countrymen resident in
Canada are in a position to distinguished between the ' 'fixed,''
sensation -mongering sheets of
London and newspapers of reliability, but unfortunately many
Canadians are led into believing
that the fulminations of some of
these London journals are really
British opinion of Canada and
(:u nidians. This is where the
mischief is being done. The antagonism of the Canadian people
is aroused. For the sake of
gaining some cheap party advantage there are men who would
stir up discord between Britain
and Canada. This is discreditable and disei;aceful.
A lot of newspapers and some
public men went off at half-cock
the other day on the proposition
before the Imperial Conference
that the Dominions should be relieved from the operation of the
most-favored-nation clause of
the old treaties. It was disloyal,
they said. After consideration
the Conference unanimously a-
dopted the proposal, which was
nothing but fair.
Canadians will act wisely if
they listen to the true voice of
the British people, as they hear
it from such men as Premier
Asquith, Sir Edward Grey, the
Duke of Connaught and the King
The lack of discrimination in
sending English press comment
to Canada, without qualification
as to its source and authority, is
a matter that Canadian newspapers might look into at an
early date. - Winnipeg Tribume.
The annual meeting of the
Lillooet Civilian Rifle Association
will be held in the office of the
Secretary on Saturday August
5, at 7.30 p.m.
A. W. A. Phair,
DON. and B. C. LAND
Victoria   .   .   B.C.
Represented by Samuel Gibbs
Victoria Hotel
M. R. Eagleson, Prop.
Finest Liquors & Cigars Good Stabling
Lillooet,   *    =   B. C.
—  —.— . _        ...        - .    .     _ . ' .  .   jr. r
Excelsior  Hotel
First Class Table and Good
Liquors and Cigars.
B. C.
Complete Stock
of Ames Holden
Leckie; & Hamilton Brown Shoes
Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods, Patent Medicines, Paints,
Fishing Tackle, Kodaks, Post Cards, etc.   Special prices for cash
General Merchant
General Merchant
Forwarding Agent
Ship Goods To Lillooet in my Care
Prompt   Attention   Guaranteed
LYTTON        - - - -        B.C.
Natural Resources
Security Co., Ltd.
Masset Townsite, B.C.
Cresent Bay Orchards, Naksup, B.C.
Basque Fruit Farms, Basquet,
near Ashcroft, B.C.
G. J. Hammond
Head Office:
Bower Building
Vancouver, B.C.
—:o: — ■
Branch Office**:
Fort George,
The Colonial Intelligence League has established a representative in Vancouver. Miss D. M.
Davis of 1020 Nicola Street, who
invites applications for women-
workers of all sorts.
This movement aims at the
immediate benefit of the educated women in England for whom
the league hopes to find suitable
careers in the Dominion. There
are waiting in England now over
a hundred women and girls of
the very best type, who share
the eagerness of their brothers
to find scope for energies and a-
bilities in Canada and other overseas Dominions. These are of
two main classes — Those who
have a little money of their own
and those who ai-e entirely dependent on their earnings. In
either case, each one of them is
not only thoroughly qualified in
her own line, but is also able and
willing, if necessary, to undertake successfully domestic work
of any kind.
Miss Davis will be glad for any
help in this work and for any information as to reliable openings.
The fellow who realizes that
he is his own worst enemy might
try matrimony.
Voice over phone — Hello,
that you dear?
Miss Coquette-Yes! Who
A. —When a man and woman
get married they become one.
B. — Nonsence, they become ten
A. - How do you make that out
B. -The woman is the one (1)
and .the man is (0) the cipher.
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