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The Ledge 1904-08-29

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"• *'J&&.
rfipn;' IF. you r$ad
Volume XI.; Number 49..
Pkice, 12 a Year, in Advance
-   ' -*       tIFK' IN   NKLSON      .,
There was a heavy rainstorm in
Rossland last night.
. Fred Williamson is in the city
waiting to see the^Faityjj^j^^^
HJWm. Koch has finished building
the Alice mill at Creston.       ""=»
^(Before the sun goes down Nelson
may have a stock exchunge. t£Sr>.
G. B. Batho is a J. P. at Ferguson, aud Chris McDonald at Lardo.
0. Strathearn, Kaslo's leading
Stationer Bpent Sunday in the city.
The Nelson team will play la-
crosse^at the New Westminster
Fair.^   .    -
A. L, Houston has gone to Poplar to increase the force on the
Bed Rock. ' '     , .    "
The wires were down in many
places last night and 30 wasworn
out by the time it reached '.tars' of.
fice. , '    .
The.funeral of T. J. Heddle
took place Saturday under the care
of the Miner's "Union, of which he
was a well known member,
Al Graham who recently committed suicide on Texada Island
was well-known in the Slocan having attended bar in Sandon for a
long time.
MoBt of the 'phones Charley
Walmsley got yesterday were path^
etic aud from Grand Forks. They
all wound up with these Bad words,
"Send me 50." •   ,'
Dan McLachlan came in from
Creston on Friday and stopped a
a couple of days iu the city to say
New Denver.
M. Avery, IL P., of Sharhot
Lake, Ont.; and his son Fred were
in the city last week. . Mr. Avery
iB a brother of H. H. Avery whom
he had not Been, for 30 years. He
has an interest in one of the sawmills at Arrowhead.
Attention is called to the advertisement of the Blair Business College of Spokane appearing elsewhere in this issue of the Lkdok.
This school is a reliable iustitution
aud affords a good opportunity to
youug people to secure a' practical
Ymlr has nine hotels nnd three
Dr. Dixon is iu tho camp looking for
developed propertlos.
From 800 to 400 men arc working In
tho mines tributary to this town.
E. W. Wlddouson will give a silver
cup (or the best exhibit of U. C. oro at
tho Nelsin Fair. No eainp barred in the
The Porto Rico Lumber Co. employ
60 men and auitt their product to Nub
son, Uosslatid, Trail ancf points in the
Northwest The logs are brought down
t •« Halmon river. John Do war is
In Ymlr the miners have one of the
Victoria Aug. 27.—Steps were
taken here today which will likely
result in the early development of
coal lands in^Southeast Kootenay,
B. C. Representatives of the
Kooteuay Coal company, composed largely, of Spokane men .and
some of Grand Forks, have agreed
with those acting for the Nelson
syndicate upon handing over 100
claims to a third company, which is
tp(put in a railroad and coke ovens
Judge Prather of Spokane and J.
Mcintosh represented the Kootenay Coal company, while F.
Teetzel of Nelson agreed upon the
proposal for the Nelson syndicate.
It has not been - revealed who is
back of the third company. The
company is to be capitalized at
810,000,000., A charter already
exists for a railway through that
territory, for which the Dominion
subsidy has been voted. -
Phoenix, Aug. 27.—For the current week the tonnage from Boundary low grade shipping mines was:
Granby mine to Granby smelter,
8550 tons; Mother Lode to Greenwood smelter, 315S tons; Emma to
Greenwood and Nelson smelters,
1098 tons;„ Mountain Rose to
Greenwood smelter, 100 tons; Oro
Total for. week, 12,939 tons, total
for year to date, 528,419 tons. The
Granby smelter treated this week
10,500 tons, or a total of 388,348
tons for the year.
The local government haB issued
statistics of the approximate mineral
production of British Columbia for tho
first six months of the present yoar,
compiled by the minister of mines. Tho
figures given shows a most encouraging
increase over the production of the pre
vlous yoar, especially in tho case of
silver-lead ores. Moreover, the pro
duction of tho last bIx months of thin
year will ho considerably in excess of
the first six months. Tho amalgamation of large concerns in tho Boundary
district, and tho Installation of Beversl
concentrating plants in Rosstnnd, en*
sure an Important incresso in the production of silver-lend and low grade
ore values. The total production Is as
follows: From January 1 to June 80,
1004: Gold! 123,889 ounces; silver, 2,.
037,061 ounbes copper, 18,518,880 lbs,;
lead, 16,600,000 lbs
• Tho total production during the whole
year of 11)08 was: Gold, 282,881 ouncen;
silver, 2,01)0,001 ounces; copper, 14,459,
031 lbs.; lead, 18,0B»,283 lbs
Port Arthur flay Not Fall till January
Quest hospitals in the country. There
are 16 boils with room for eight more.
An operating room hat recently been
fltttdup with one of the finest operating    The Post-Intelligencer   of   Seattle,
tftblfi* In thft pwvlnw, 'There are ov«» Wash., glvea the total r««tpt* o? goW
400 subscribers ami the hospital serves
tbe country between Porto Rico and
WaueU. fluftaait! thseo trained nurses with that genial surgeon, l)r
Dohisrty, at the head of the institution
tiuorge ft. Coleman of this town
camped where Nelson now stands 84
years ago- At that time I here was one
log house in that section near where
the 0 1'. It. shops now stands, and it
was occupied by a Frenchman named
Wlllett. OoUiuaii was accompanied by
II. J. Wilson, O It Ulllls, James Mar'
dock aud Dill Thompson. Thompson
was a notea trappttr. commonly known
as Swamper Hill ami a great favorite
with the dusky belief oftho forest.
At Hall's Riding Jaefc Palls and John
Dewar hate a mile of placer ground
under leas*. Coarse gold sampling
about 60 cents to the yard has been
touud upon many parts of the ground,
Mr. Fallow* who exanlmed the ground
recently ha* gone to I'oittand to enlist
from Alaska and the Klondike for the
yMri'niHngJunuRO, I0CV4, ni tlfl,O0o,.
000. Up to June 2*.', 117,000,000 had
been received at the United States Ah
say Office at Seattle, and bctwe*u June
■n and June 80 about f?,000,00C eame
In. Advices to the north are to the
effect that In the year beglnlng July 1st
retelpts will be larger than in the preceding year, as this season on the
Klondike has been the best experienc
•d In the next four weeks receipts of
gold dust at Pacific Coast poiuta will be
very heavy.	
LiaoYang, Aug 28.-—The Russians retired from Anchshan yesterday after a fight which commenced on the morning of Aug. 24
and continued in a desultory manner until the order to retire was
given on account of the situation
to the east. The order was received with disappointment by the
troops. The retirement was made
in an orderly manner. The plain
between Annshanshaii »and Hai
Chang was covered with Japanese
troops who burned the bridge and
shelled the railway station after
the Russian retirement. '"TheRus-,
sian losses amount to 400. The
Japanese are advaucing with great
London, Aug. 28.—According to
a despatch from Liao Yang, an
artillery ..battle has been in progress Bince seven o'clock this morning. The Russians main position,
is what was the formerly the out
post line of the Liao Yang garrison.
—Juhn~Vviriquisi? rece-ived-the-bal-
ance of the money due on the Spyglass on Saturday, and will return
to his home in Michigan. The Spyglass is 11 miles from Poplar and
has been worked steadily for several
months. Oro will bo Bhippcd
just as soon as the wagon road
is finished or the rawhiding season
opens. A meeting of tho company
will take place ou Tuesday when
theiprico of stock may be advanced.
The citizens are concentrating
their efforts upon making preparations for Labor Day. Everything
will bo iu readiness by next Monday to take care of tho immense
crowdB that will visit the Silver
City upon Sept. 5 &6.
There are four oases of typhoid
here, 20 in Cranbrook, and it is an
epidemic at Wnrdnor.
Tho annual meeting of the Presbytery for the Kootenays and tbe
Boundary country will take place
in Pernio on Sept. 13. The lust
annual meeting was held In Nelson
when Fcrnie was t-elected for the
next meeting place. About fourteen Presbyterian divines will visit
Fernle from outside points.
Chief of police Waring is gradually working some needed reforms.
A wheel of fortune game has been
stopped and tli«instrument whipped
to a more congenial dime. One or
more gambling rooms have been
warned to cense operation*, anil
some of tho more notorious vsgs
have taken a gentlo hint and left
the city. As soon m an officer is
appointed to look after the city's
prisoners and to superintend street
improvements these individuals
Will not be askctl to leave town.—
Free Press.
Liao Yang; Aug. 2(5.—(10 a.m.)
Delayed    in    'transmission.—The] was  a   bayonet   fight yesterday.
rapid advance of the Japanese har-
forced their fighting lino to within
about ten miles of the Liao Yang,
east and south, and guns are heard
north and east on tbe Tailz River*
Liao Yang, Aug. 25."—(Delayed
in transmission.) — After three
o'clock   yesterday   the    Japanese
St. Petersburg, Aug. 28.—There
The    Russians   retreated,    loBirig
1500 men and six guns.
Lio Yang, Aug. 28.—Tho Russians have been ordered to full
buck and Btay close to Lio   Yang.
succeeded in commanding Kaofeng-
shik from Pao Sbanhkan where
their advance first began on" Aug.
24 aud also their position nt Laing
Chikshan, on the east, iu such ajgeiltine in
way as to force tlio Russians ceu- killed
tre and right Hank compelling the
evacuation of Aushashau today.
The Japanese south front therefore
is several miles nearer Liao Yang.
At 3:30 yesterday Japanese shells
from a concealed battery began
falling in a road lying to Liao
Yang, thus threatening to sever
communication to the west. The
Russians still controlled tlio road
to the north. The Japanese lire
ceased iu the evening but commenced again this morning upon
"theXaoTengslIi kT~pTSI lion j*TnTt~as
Buenos Ayres, Aug. 28.—Relations    between     Argentine    and
Uruguay are strained owing  to   a
raid made by insurgents upon Ar-
vvhich   a  dozen  were
Toronto. -Bill Galliher in an interview-in tho Toronto Telegram
states that the Dominion elections
will take place this fall, although
tbe date has not yet beon fixed. He
also said that if any new blood was
to be infused- into the Cabinet it
must be from British Columbia.
Bully for Bill!
tHOBT   Hl'T   nun
Ubor Day will bo celebrated In a
royal manner.  A special train service
.«,..,v „—„ .. ~. ,~~ h*»b»e»M*aH4teilfije Nskuspaim* lake
capital with a view of working the I ftoints.   A satisfactory service from
N'etaoft lias ante been arrangMl. I Me train) tw| ^^ w„n.
iiow M>*w wilt tea** tMmtti itt Uw
morning than wual and return fa ths
baa been engaged and a laige o owd
fe«M that city U o*r»*ctwl There will
bt> W gi veil in jw/w. r owim u, nnsi"
batt, dulling rattiest, HHe match, foot
and Mcyele rare*, (jatedonian sport*,
and a ball In tint evening, with a few
drinks at odd moment* will raaUtfep-
gravel t.t Macaitmy,  u no i* «<h hk-
waxlu) J.vv I'Viiwr V-W j.rfAiflVVv ^rtiv
tome m'atWnery front the Fern mine
and do business t ttnmsslves Below
iKiui llfcS't', mt tht *%lwm ihtt iht:
Peterieii brother* are working by hand
Last summer the Petewen^s nol«l
A claim at itawson only sf«Mt long
measureil up aud down the valley tlte
way tbe stream run*, and extending
arrosa the valley from Hm to rim, b
being worked mid Is payliiit aimirrn
turns te lis owners    fliu diinlnuiivo
1*»»« l>i,« Hwn  n-nrl»o,l i»v»r •lni«p IWI?
the Russians did uot. reply, the
Japanese apparently suspended
their operations to reconnoitre,
while the Russians fell back to a
more favorable position.
The gradual withdrawal of the
Russians before the Japanese
advance, the Russians consider as
increasing the security of their
position, as it is freely acknowledged that the Japanese are able to
beat them in detail in the mountains.
There is still.heavy firing in ths
direction of Aushanshun.
Numerous reliable repott* which
havo reached here are to the effect
that despite the extreme JapuucBe
methods of the past fortnight to
perfect a blocado of Port Arthur by
means of sinking''all junks near
that place, the Russians outside
Port Arthur are considerably under
estimated as is also the resisting
power of tho fortress, which is
likely to hold out for two months
and possibly until January.
Contrary to the belief hero that
the Japanese had taken the outer
forts ub Port Arthur it is
now understood that the Russians
up to Aug. lo wero successfully do
fending a live mile circumference
and thut though the old tow u was
receiving an average of 25 Japanese
shells daily the cafes and clubs
properly safeguarded, continued
open, and there was order throughout the town. The Japanese occasionally shell the new (own
and often attempt to rusji the outer
trenches, wnuetimes arriving to
within 100 yard* of them, when
they are unable to support their
own, owing to the mortality iu
their ranks.
The wounded from Ktiofeugshik
are arriving hm> Hutay,
Kamloops, Aug. 28,—The city
fathers strongly protest against the
Imikling of a sanitarium for consumptives, near Kamloops. One-
1 lingers;are not welcome in this
healthy community.
The Kootenay Central surveying party under the management
of T. S. Armstrong were camped
this week at Four-mile creek.
Tlio survey has been completed
from JaiTray to Four-mile creek.
The route selected is most favorable to railway construction. A
grade of 2-10 of one per cent ha;*
been established. The party are
now engaged in selecting the route
into the town of Fort Steele.—
Tlie scarcity of water is having
a disastrous effect in tho running
of the St. Eugene concentrator.
The mill is running on a little over
half feed, and it is doubtful if the
shipments for the month of August
will be over 1G00 tons. In July
2900 toiiB of concentrates were
made. The flumes are furnishing
very little water avid even with
a Bmall pump forcing water from
the lake it is hard to get a sufficient quantity for washiug the
con cen t rates. —Lead er.
As a sequel of the suicide of the
young Scotchman Cochrane at
Notch Hill last week, the following despatch from London ia of interest.
laee's search for a wife for Cochrane, a British Columbia rancher,
has had a tragic sequel. Hev. Mr.
Duncan, of Salmon Arm, British
Columbia, gave, Cochrane a certificate of character, and over six hundred i'.\v\* applied in answer to an
advertisement. The sueceKsfiil
£irl was to have left, Loudon Sunday night to embark on the Lake
Manitoba, but on Saturday morning a eablo was received from Rev.
Mr. Duncan stating that Cochrane
hud died suddenly.
Mr. ('. L. Haggith of the Itncky
Mountain Development Company, head
quartei■- at Pini'lior Creek, wax In town
selling block for lite coinpiiny. Tliix
cum|miiy bus beverul oil cluiinH on the
emit iriope. of tlio Rockies about 40 mile*
south of I'lncher Cr«»k, Ono il Ineli
well struck a HO0 barrel How at the
dwjitli of 1020 feet. Another well 8 ineh
in diameter is down 400 feet. The
llowlug well was cappod and tliu Cum
paiiy Ih now putting ItW.Wflof ItsftOO,-
000 Sharon on tho market at half
pai valuo, 60 cents, to rahui fuuns to
build a refinery Tho relluory will bo
built at tbe Company's towmite.Oil
City. It will hoof sufficient capacity to
treat all the oil likely to be found for
British Columbia mmhIh poven members to tliu iloitsu nf^Coiumons, Quebec
sends Hxty-livu. ltusnlt—British Columbia's needs are syNtenmtlcnlly neg
lected, while Quibee rejoices lit n pie
tlioroof np|irnprinti<mi*. l''ur IiiKtnneo,
In the Supplementary Ketimntoi*, Bri-
tlah Columbia in Hpite of iu two thousand llllll'H Of C'OHHi lillO (TflH Ollly ^',000
for wharves while the Frimch province
receives no less than flityiMia!—Veruon
Jack Madigah was killed in Gold-
fields, Nev,, in a gun light.
AugtiHt Heinzo will run for Governor o( Montana on tlio anti-trust
Bert Oak mini killed Frank lien*
nett atllillsboro, Ore., with a knife
on Saturday.
Tn Colorado Peabody offers troops
to help tho sheriff keep order in twine time in Uielotafity.   The refliiory
New York Silver, 56J.
There was a big payday at the
Ottawa a week ago. ^
A. W. Strickland has bought, a
third interest in the Club from J.
Around Sandon more than a
dozen properties are working under lease.
Last week tho Ottawa shipped
41 tons; Black Prince, 22; Enterprise, 20.
Everything is being put in shape
at the Rockland for working a largo
force all winter.
Tlie Silver Leaf, Garibaldi and
Rome have been granted certificate
of improvements.
Fred Stock is increasing the force
of the Cripple Stick, a property he
owus near the Ottawa.
The government will reconstruct
the wagon road to the Molly Gibson, and enable that mine to remain in operation.
Samples from the Real Idea No.
2, on Goat Mountain show 8160 in
gold and 276 ounces in silver.
Gout mountain certainly has some
of tlie richest ore in the district.
M. R. W. Rathborne has sold
his interest in the Lorna Doone to
the Ileuett company. Frank Culver owns the balance of the Lorna
Dooue. It is a valuable property
aud adjoins the Heuett.
J. C. Fernau arrived in the Slo—'
can last week, and will commence
the building of the zinc enriching
plaiitat Rosubery immediately. The
tho  machinery   purchased.     The
plant at Rosebery will be tho first
of tho kind in Canada.    It will
concentrate ziuo concentrates, and
handle principally ore   from  the
Monitor mine.   The plans for the
zinc smelter at Ferniu will be finished next  month.   The,  smelter
will manufacture spelter and-will
be built with a view of eventually
handling 100 torn* of oro a day. The
present available supply is about
one third of that amount.
.,t , * v,i„ r„+ ttnnm
Villi YM.rONl> rus
two aa}«am«wt *tippu»eu iv ««
o irre»»jwmuent» bavmg vameia* iu
fieir pot&emion wero captured outside their line*.
A big liuttle li* pxpi'cti't!
Vancouver, Aug. 2H.—ThaTel*
ford trial will comment* on Thursday, atul It, X, Mrf,i*nm irflf enn«
duct the pnawcutiou.
Although scarcely mnr^|
grouiHl 11<\S lo tbo heart of the ikhf>*t
part of Kldorado. Utt Mimmrr the
rlaim was thougtit to 'im mmh*^ out.
It was sold awl the n«w owm-r iuuntitl-
ataly biigaji a-ork In thu bclrmk     He
lion tailed bedrotk »ivi l» iw» iwurt *» «'«« Utijf io-«ioirun.
took ont ene«gti to |i«y f«r lb* claim j -	
The purchase prit* ws* filio.  The pay i.n* uon mimmi
found then mav hav* bi*n fiHrewdbj 	
warily rleh, but the ground wwmstnhf
rich to a considerable eilent yet, and)    I^MHlon,     Aug.    'In.-
Teller county.
Jack ]«awlon was i-enlded to
de.tth on the tug T(tii|icxt at liver-
itt, onBattuday,
The Iwarn are uinklng it hot for
tourists in Yellowstone park.
Four Spokane lxiyn rode the
brakes to Seattle, and wero put in
Germany is not in favor of penny
The Imttliwhip LoiiMana wax
launched at Newport N>*« on
A cloudburst hit a Hsitti* Fe train
nwir iiinda   fVil
IWe« loel
will 1") iii operation in nine moutlin ami
it will employ uO uum
I lie ml (rum tlut ll'iwui;,' well itK,<a>M
tri per cent illiiiiiliiatli.),'..il, a v«iy hiijli
pir(uut»i»t indeel. The (;>i»i|cauy*»i
claims adjoin thono of the Veuconver
' bl Company which has two boring- out
tits at work The Great Northern, it is
espected, will tap this Held when tliv?
imlimtty Is put on n dividend paying
hard*, -l'eriile Free \'n.*».
Cru'ljje t« ni*-'% I I'
Ctmibv Dimmit b.i,. gum: u, hU lunn-
»n Tpxno.
Un* Adams In lonkinsr st the»eenery
ni«nr Vhiorla.
Tlnii'wfay ««« a civic holMuv nml flu
,, ,     ,        .      lltTttit'ti *aw Fry cir*<»k,
J. U. Fornow Is exacted to arrive on
A dance was given In Silvorton on
Friday evening.
John Williams has struck a steady
job at tho Al'ii'io
Tho K. of P s are At Home this evening to their frionds, ,
Miss Webb aud Mra. Harry Aylwln
have returned from the Coast.
If. H Ackinan is sellfnir hirt chickens,
aud Bljf Saudy has the lumbago.
The black cow still appears melancholy and often rubs bor noso sgainnt
thu old Liiuuu olHco.
Mrs. C. W. Aylwln and children are
leiivlnu for Portland, Ore, where
Charley has been for some time.
J.O. Harris, Margaret Harris, H. J,
ti. Angell, C. J Campbell and M. L.
Urimmeitaro the directors olthe new
water works company.
Mi»s Ksstman, of New Westminster
hit* takwi vhnrg* if th* Prttnarv fehool.
A iniiulicr of. bachtilors were* at the
wharf when eh« arrived.
The hotel License at Koselwrv tins
iiuiuul i.ff, imliifi to a roituti boiiso.
The Iniiillurd waiflven unlllThurixlay
to sell the balance of his booxe.
Alex McKay, welbknown as Big
Sandy In very ill with Inflammation ol
the kidneys, and may not rmiver. He
weighs nearly 8uo iMiunds, and for bis
utfr i7j> U {itobably the struniest tnau
in tbe world,
W C, Lawrence who bad been work-
in/ at the <m**»» for a short time «li«l
in the liiMpital at Slucan a f««w days ago
nf puenmoiila Tim Miners Union took
i iisrg* ol inc Iuii«-f at and bm wai i'urint
iu !Siw Denver The dt%ea»rd bad
l'v«<d for many years In this town and
lr*te*« wife and family, Ih*y will
It-inn f»i Michigan on Wednesday.
WH.I.   -nllAltB   IW   lUUSIV
il    jrn . •, llul.irl,
tembef o psMwabiy tfw* greatewt nay in ««f*^f*Ho«« mtm n*tnv utadn to" work it 1 *    i        t
lb* witttau UUtavy of abwau, Citu.j K^^^^,  lt mJlWt wovkot last; ,     •*/    •'•P*"**1 #
and bring all vo«r neighbor.. Jwlater. ' -'Americana fan iy taUw.
An enprtwe tram tan iiitoMomc?
freight ear* al Furl Worth on $*»
j0 oc, ur| urtlay and wveroly Injure*! four
j Tins (!*M«ur D'Alene mine* atf
i yiehlittg a million il(ill«i» a month
-Uux-i .• a •n1' <j*m|»lo3rit»ff 2,tJ00 men.
vy, ami A tich strike has been made on
tbe Last Chance, why >oi ttipuii.
L, W i.Utk !.*«
\n  ».i. ■• i, <
I    uttnwa-ll.e  Hntinb   Columbia
gwiit- to Wbji(;i.i<^MM,M,,0<'nw*r" *n»toh»ve esMtfin
having quit th«*#ervkf of ihe K. «v ,« al! eotnpetition. Th© bounty ban in*
**mim' j (tmtyti the opening of !#*•<! rlejwwitg
After tilting tl;e NVhJtfwater l-ei-pl hm,Uttm&  ddMN).'IwOftUW of  Ihe
u*fw««ii(»t(Hiniy, iHlmnmuA mh'M'anil gold.  A win-
Hil. Iii. i.n ,|.f,!(.» tbe rr pott, tl.nt ht* is  I*") n*§ w*«*«^ » »W»ell«r it 1Ult*
i Innhlitig art t«i»«> tK.(i»e hi
IVrt>«|xi it n a |T.*tSi«in .
A. Is  !t«H!ari«i U n lw > n>sri
«f»v»     lt<* i* •mrn In? »■-«*«>! al
, ta it'll «Uiiig iVi'OtiUi.f.i n'vU.
Vui«»ia. itiK-kbiirn ant) not I fin) the Govern*
rnHtt to MWri'ftti Inspmor to t%p* rt
on thi; bounties to which it (a en*
I' -..V    ..--        »'.  H'-J-*^ •-:-"•"    "'      ,--.--.- -*1» ,-.   ■>-. ,—   -   -",*>      ,*.'^IrW       -i1    --.<"   ^   "\l,
might find some measly little 10'
ounce thing to square his bill with;
ubV Nothing but big nuggets goes
with .us now,' because we are saving
up to go to St. Louis, and we want to
have the price of a night's'lodging
witlTu8.". -    '  "'•'
The Ledge.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
Pabttshed every Monlay morning in the com-
men laf centre of the Kootenay.
Subscription, ti a year In advance or H 60 If
not so paid.
Fellow Pilgrims: Tuk Ledob is located at
Nelson, B. O-.and is traced to many parts of the
' earth It has never been raided by the "herlff,
snowsllded by cheap silver, or subdued by ihe
fear of man Jt works for tlie trail blazer equally
u well as It does for the champagne-flavor- d
trust tlend. It alms to be on tho right Bide i f
everything, and Hill (irmly believes that hell
should be administered to the,,wicked in largo
doses. It has stood the test of time, and the
paystreak has never entirely pinched out, although at times It has been no burger than the
shadow of a knUeblnde. It knows that one of
the noblest works of oreatlon Is the man who
always pays the printer.
Address everything to—
Kelson, B. 0
A pencil cross In this square
Indicates that your subscrip
tlju Is due, and that the editor
want* once again to look, at
your collateral
The Brown Jap
The Japs will soon have their big
opponents backed over the dump.
In the present war the Japs have
astonished tho world by their wonderful nerve and great skill in
handling the things that cause-sudden death.   The heathen Christian
sueers at the brownies because they
are learned pagans, but the Jap
has certainly tapped the lead that
is filled with success Ho is a good
cook and takes no stock in holy
water or unholy whiskey. He
knows that temperance, exercise,
health and strength are all brothers.
Fear is unknown and soldiers who
fear nothing, and are a unit in
'holding np their flag can only be
made to quit by annihilation. The
Jap is also almost entirely free from
syphilis, while the Russian army is
tainted with it in every rank. The
Russians are gluttons and drunkards, while the Japs are just the
opposite. The elements of defeat
lie within ths Rush's own camp.
He does uot live the correct physical life, and his mind is clouded
with superstition. His brains are
mud, and be fights like a machine
turned by a crank. Tho Jap is full
"of enthusiasm and lives better than
any soldier that ever cut a throat.
Hence if they do not win out in the
fight that is astonishing the world,
we will put our judgment out of
commission and cease to bo a war
Tho Wrong Name
A terrible story of wrong comes
to as from Port Arthur. Not the
Port Arthur of brownies and blood
bat our own dear Port Arthur at
the]head of Lake Superior. It is
reported that many men have arrived there from tho Soo in search
of work, who state that they could
not get work at the great Soo works
because they were Tories, and had
the courage to let it be known.
Matters must have come to a pretty
pass In the party-curved province oi
Ontario when a man has to well his
soul and lihert? in ornV t« twf
labor for his hand* nnd hr*wl
do not say this from a Tory standpoint, but from one of common
sense and justice. Since the Liberals-took the reins at Ottawa they
have belied their name. They have
sought to crush an honest press,
and to keep the masses in ignorance
for the aggrandisement of them-
salves and the parasital professions
that fatten upon the fears and ignorance of the poor and unlearned.
They cling to the customs of the
past like an Alabama coon to a
spring chicken, and aet more like
egotibtical fools than sane men. To
us they act like disguised Tories
from the Dark Ages. You could
not make us believe that we have a
Liberal government in Canada. It is
simply a re-incarnation of the chaps
who hung around Jerusalem in the
early days in order to spike the
greatest socialist of ancient times.
• Do not get discouraged. The
darkest hour is often just before the
Jap labor is not appreciated in
Port "Arthur and the head tax is
very high.
Colorado is talking about some
more foolish legislation. It wants
every mine to make out a weekly
report for the government.
The United States makes more
beer than any other country, but
when it comes to good rye whiskey
Canada still holds the bottle.
Nelsox is a very peaceful town.
Papers have been published in it
for over 14 years aud not a single
editor has gone to heaven over the
gun route.     	
Tiirv are so rough in the cent
belt. At a lacrosse match the other
day in Havelock, Out., the editor
of the Hastings star had his eye
knocked out.       '"
Toronto bemoans tho fact that
beefsteaks costs as much as J8 cents
a pound. Still, there is porridge in
the city and there is no immediate
danger of a famine.
Ik South Africa tho Chinese are
already deserting their work in the
mines. Although yellow they do-
dine to be treated as slaves by the
English mine-owners.
OwtNTi to a preumtre of other
matter this week, we have had to
leave opt two sermons a.id a poem
written by thu younger Booth, entitled, "The Tinhorn's Lament,"
Ri'shkll 8auk has got 170 millions of dollars, and is not satisfied,
for at 88 he is still doing business,
lie did not make any of it in the
newspaper business, although with
his pile a man would be safe in
starting another dally In Nftlwm.
his children. Such a policy means
rain for any country, and the en*
•lavement of its people. It means
the death of manhood for *nrh man.
be be king or peaaa.it. Every man
should bave the right to vote as be
pleases, and worship any god or
creed he chooses to follow. If tbe
report from the Soo be true it la a
Ik England tho other night J.
W. Ward went to lw<d wearing a
tight shirt collar, lie wan found
dead the next morning having been
fwjnf t^ collar   T1iV'l<"auf'.11i"r:1ri
The Chinese'have made a record
in Canada. One of them was buried
in a Roman Catholic cemetary in
Montreal the other day, and followed to the grave by 60 of his countrymen. The Chink is a diplomat.
He will do most anything to catch
the washing.
In the Alps this summer 92
mountain climbers have lost their
lives, while here in Kootenay not a
climber has ended in a funeral
The Nelson Tourist Association
from its perch in the tobacco smoke
should make a note of this and
push the fact that our mountains
are majestic without being vicious,
and that you can get right on their
backs without falling off and increasing the demand for crepe.
', An earnest man said to have descended, from a, man who once wore
a gorgeous "coat of many colors"
iu Egypt, had rented a house and
was about to sign tlie lease, when
tbe real estate agent remarked:
''Of course you understand that
there is no bath-room in the house."
"Dot makes me no difference,"
was the reply, "Ve only wants it
for one year."
'      COLD   BLO06KD
Congressman Livingston of Georgia expresses amazement at the cold
blooded way in which Republicans
consider public questions. "They
seem to regard every conceivable
subject from a party standpoint,"
says Mr. Livingston; "reminds me
of a story they tell about a New
.York drummer who died suddenly
in an Atlanta hotel. The coroner
telegraphed to his firm, saying :
'•Your representative died here today. I- await your instructions."
In a few hours after this answer
came back; 'Search his pockets for
orders. Express his samples to
New York. * Give the body to a
medical college.' ,;
Ths disadvantage of a dual'language was made apparent to ub
this week. JThe Post'-Office Department at Ottawa seut us the regulations this week, relatiug to newspaper, printed in French, and as
we forgot that language years ago,
we are compelled to1 hire a translator or grope along in the dark.
Just as well, perhaps, to be ignor-
ant when you run up against a roll
of red tape, for the more you know
the less you will be appreciated by
the power behind the mail sacks at
Tiie Methodist Advocate says:
Just at this time the country needs
a religion that will make a man
pay his debts. Shouting doesn't
settle accounts with God or man.
Wo bouncejright into a man and
put him out of the church if he
goes to a ball or a theater, but
never say a word to the pious scamp
who never pays his debts. People
who do not pay their debts do tbe
cburcb more barm than dancers or
drunkards for there are more of
them iu tbe cburcb.
TnE Christian Endeavor societies
of Connecticut are protesting against
the breaking of a bottle of wine
over the prow of the battleship
Connecticut when it is launched
next month, and want water used
instead. We quite agree with them.
It is a wilful waste of good stuff to
throw wine,at a big ship when
water would do just as well. By
all means christen the battleship
with water and send tbe wine to
us. We will keep it in a safe place
until it is old enough to present to
a modern temperance society.
From reading the Carson Appeal
we bave got a bright idea about the
effect of too much gold. If the
mining boom that has bit Poplar
and the creeks around Nelson keeps
on growing it will soon be timo to
find another standard besides gold,
lleforo spring wo may be able to
write something like this: "Today
Joe Dowuea came into the office
and handed us a two pound nugget
for a year's read of Nelson's latent
literary excitement.   He bad  no
owtnlW   own*   ftlfHr»m»b   fc«   t.v«V«.*
f! <SVW  !bi»
. The other .night at dinner Martin
W. Littleton, President of the Borough of Brooklyn, told this story:
• <.'Un a cabbage patch owned by a
negro in a Southern community oil
was found. Speculators offered the
negro $20,000, which he accepted
without waiting to consider another
argument agah^t ihe umjoJ «ullar«.
Tub potft-oftlce in N'tlwm did a
treat rmsintftadnrincr th> t»a«rt. ww>k
selling post-oiTic« orders to Italians.
It is a surprise how buaineim keeps
np when so many are sending their
money to Italy, China, Bruce, Nova
Scotia and Big Tim.   British Col*
<rmrf"f>tK In bis ^jigort
great blot upon the Urit party, and umbla is certainly hot cakes to tbe f*lt mean becauiw Joe looked all
augurs defaatfn Jbufiitrirw, and « Heritable wnrlil.
30 iiilimk'S. We did not think Joe
wa« treating m right In trying to
find tbe smallest nugget in  tbe
♦win Hi with wMHi tn mtr ««  on w«
threw the stuff at the flab in tbe
window next door and marked Joe
dead on onr list. We had juat re-
celved a ten pound nugget from tiie
C.P.R. for boosting that road, and
proposition said to be $40,000.
" 'How*b this about your cabbage
patch ?' said Mr. Littleton to the
negro. 'I understand you bave
sold it for $20,000.'
" 'Yaas,that's true, boss,' replied
the negro'. 'Yo see, men come
pickiu' round my place an' dey say
dar's-oil. heab. Dey say, "We gib
yo' twenty thousan' dollahs," I
say, "All righ\" '
"I am told if you bad waited a
day or two you might have sold it
for $40,000."
" 'Yaas, massa, dat maybe so;
but a bird in th' han'B th' nobles'
wuk of God.' "
hulks of viva
Hero are some rules that are
worth keeping. Out them out.
Put them up where you can see
them. Look at them every day.
They are written by Burguess
Charles H. Pennypackor, of West
Chester, Pa., and published in the
Philadelphia Ledger:
First. Don't get mad. Leave
that to the dogs.
Second.   Walk a mile a day.
Third. ^Abstain from pork.
Few Jews bave, cancers, tuberculosis or smallpox.
Foutb. Eat moderately of good
food. Get bread baked at home.
Get butter from some honest
farmer. Eat all the apples you
Fifth. Be clean — In person,
abode and conversation.
Sixth. Don't forget to speak to
everybody. The salutation of a
good rcracmbcranco is joy to tbe
Seventh. Stand up straight;
look people In the eye while con.
versing and speak tbe truth..
Eight. Respect age, honor age;
treat all older people courteously.
Th. ir heart* are tender and true,
»V«ft   f^AWr   **t*l*    1»rM*    •#•*•** f».,1.     I*    ""
nflvirp of cM j.cojdo.
Ninth. Get to Heaven by alay.
lag at borne and making your
Heaven there.   Hake comrade* of
f AM* f»fSHfl*Aw Von   iV.vs**  .„ , , ,1   **
^ '■'--<*>.*«. .,.'-4   m^,
from borne to get good fellowship.
No club, no society ean supply the
place of the fireside, by the even*
Ing lamp at home.
Tentb.   Sleep in a well ientl-
"A. fool is" a'man. who "acts
friends thin^ he should,.,
A thief is one-who steals
of bread and[is caught. *.    .    /Vj;
Ani embezzler is one who steals a
fortune and .dines and wines' tlitjse
who should punish him!
An architect is a man who builds
houses that no'one can live in and
then makes his clients pay extra to
have them made habitable..
A clergyman is one who is, paid
to work on Sunday   aud   tries   to
create a monopoly.
. A just judge is one who pleases
both the plaintiff and defendant.
A poor man iB he who has no
. Even the efforts of the humorists
do not, seem-, to have impressed
upon the world at large the important place which baked beaus occupy
in the typical BoBtou household.
A true story' which come' directly
from the Hub City illustrates the
sacredness in which the properly
prepared bean is held there.
A Boston mamma received an
unexpected summons one Saturday
afternoon which involved her going
down town forseveral hours.''Mamma must go at once,." she said to
her bright little boy" of five years,
but who will take care of the beans
in the oven?"
"I know," came the eager and
confident relpy.    "God will" _'■,
_        ' o
Here iB an amusing story' about
late Dean Gilbert Stokes and the
eccentric old verger of St. Bid-
dulph's: "And'1 who, my good
friend, takes the lead in Sunday
school matters here?'' the dean
BSidyiu ~bis-ui0st"Hsuav6'TpneS} to
the verger, on their first meeting.
"Well, I do, Bir," was tbe proud
reply; "there ain't no other echo-
lards but me and Sir John in tbe
parish. I learns the children on
Sunday afternoons." "And what
routine do you follow?" enquired
the dean. "I fust reads 'em sub-
stracts from tbe Gorspels, then I
gives 'em a little cataplasm, and I
generally winds up with a few interesting antidotes, just to keep
'em from getting too restless. But,
The Filbert is now. tbe>est ^bbter,in^he Slocan. V ^he Dining Otoom is:
.."■V   conducted on strictly fir^dasa.prinpiples.-^
large, comfortable and properly token care of,
■ >
.Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing; 'EvVrwhinV':
\\  ' '■ '-   ..„ _-' -.--•'•' ,  Up-to-date.-;   ■   ^." ^'.    ■- "-;!'-* ,.-.
Wie Set the Best Meal in?
..   Meals 50c. /.Tickets $7.  '   Main St., Sandon.      ,s   .
„,*.'   With which is Amalgamated ;-'
HEAD OFFICE-TORONTO,      : '     ,:   "-
.   Paid up Capital, 18,700,000.    ' Reserve Fund, 18,000,000.    ,
Aggregate Resources Exceeding 183,000,000. . - •-'  :
HON. GEO. A. COXJPresidemV        B. E. WALKER, General Manager.-
,   Depo&ita Received and Interest Allowed'
of .course, sir, I always tells 'em
iu bibulous language."
They had been engaged only fifteen years, but it seemed a long
timo to her, and sho was growing
"Darling," sho said, iu gentlest
accents, "our betrothal has been
very sweet, has it not?"
"It has, it has indeed, my own."
"But it baa been very long, don't
you think?"  '
".Yes; it has been pretty midlin'
long," he rejoined.
"I was thinking dearest," ibe
continued, playing with bis watch
and castlngdown her eyes, "that our
betrothal la nearly old enough to go
out and work for its living. Couldn't we bave it learn a trade, or get
it a clerkship, or put it out at interest, or do something with It so
that we might realise something
on it? It bas been hanging about
home so long,burning gas and coal,
and now it is nearly grown. It
seems like a shame to bave it doing
nothing so long."
"Whit would you euggeet?"
"We mlgbt get married."
"That's so. I never (bought of
They are going to be married
this September.
T.O'CAt. >1Mt Wf:
Stop at the Queen'* Ifote! when
in Troul Lake City.
Send vonrwatebfteO. ti*rath*«r*
Kstlo, for repair*.
Musical goods and stationery at
O. Stralhearo'*, Kaslo.
Is the home of all Slocan people, traveling to and from Poplar.
meam AlWAYS beapy.   MolUfcHLAN. BEOS,, Props.:
. Of the Miner's Union Block
Is the only hall In the city suitable tot Theatrical Performances, Concerts. Tances and
■ther public.entertainments;
. For bookings, write or wtre-   ^   ^ -
"Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
SANDON, B.C.     .
TO Interior view. 8eating capacity J»{, tort-
em stage anoyances; furnace heated throughout: population to draw from, t Mb.
The Cigar Box, Kaslo
E. L. SfllTH
Importer of High Grade jCigars,
baccos, and Smokers' Sundries.
Dealer in the Sweetest Candy, and the
Choicest Fruit made and grown in
the World.
Try a thousand of my best cigars.
Mail orders receive prompt
Retail and Wholesale.
Try one of the tonics at the
Oppnattrt Court,Houm ami n»» Port.
office. Rest 3fte mea) tn tevn. Euro-
(man and American plan. Only white
labor tmployed.  Firtt tlaaa bar.
nelson fair
Second Annual Exhibition of tbe
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Association
September 28-29
Novel Open Air Attractions
Writ* far IMmUh.
J* E. Annable, See., Nelaon, B.C.
Is a weekly paper published
PURLEY WARD, SAitwm"!,™PUB'"rc\ ""J1"*
Chrongh hl« TOgon thinking tbatlto.
Every foot In tbla country needs
abooiomhoe.    The   Royal Shoe
, . - , ....   Store, ou Raker etrcct, in STebwu,
iatad room,  doow and windo#t «»,»fornw, »„y  kind of footwear
wida open.
Ibal I* it*4uUtt4.
A1.WAV* M*m AT
gold camp. It costi $2 a
year to any address. Send
your money to—
Forum, a. a, •&rr
Eleventh Yeas
THE LEDGE, tfELSON, B.C., AUGUST 29, 1904.
1   t   Wi',
, A~s a cold'buBinesn proposition, let me'
. give-you -this: 'I would not trust an
, amateur gambler as far as you could
rjing Taurus by'the tail.        -•
- I will not do business with a man who
plays cards for money if'I can help it.
"No individual in my employ—or'any-
bod^ elso'S—who plays cards for money
can ever hope for promotion,
* A profosEional gambler may be. hon-
. est, but your' clerk  or  business man
.who indulges in a quiet game of draw,
" is a rogue, a liar and a cheat.
And the man he cheats most is- himself,'" ■"".■ .     '   •
-And tho only man he realey-deceives
' is himself.                -'
And the man who deceives himself
and cheats himself will get no,chance to
cheat me if the matter can be avoided.
Beware of the white face, the soft
hands "and the. impassive -smile of the
poker-player!   *   .,   v . •
The amateur gambler is not necessarily a bad man—primarily his intents
are honest.1 He plays first simply for
recreation;; then to add interest, the
game transforms Itself into penny-ante.
From this'to betting all ithe money he
has, is a very easy .evolution ,whji^he
fever is on,.   . '  -'$&&*'
He wlus;    •        ,.   .   -        ■'  ° ■
But to quit when you have won, and
not giye~ your opponents a chance to
' win their money back, is more or less of
a disgrace.
•He plays again—and Iossob
..  Theu he wants a chance to get his
money back.      .
-He plays first only in the evening—
an hour after supper.
- Then if he can get away from work
at four o'clock and play until supper
- time, ho will do so^ just as scores of government clerks d6 at Washington.    In
. tho evening he plays again—excitement
in the air—challenge is abroad—he will
- come out even, and'then quit.   Men
who have work to do canuot  play all
■night .and do business the next day, ao'
But Saturday night the game goes on
until daylight.
Of the "morality' of gambling, noth
ing need bo said—all I affirm is, that it
is simply absurd to enter on a habit
where success is defeat, and to win is a
Tho successful amateur gambler graduates into a- professional; be has to, for
business men shun him.
No man who plays cards for money
can keep bis position long Tho fact Is,
none of us have a surplus* of brains, anei
if you are going to suceeed in business,
all the power you have to your credit is
demanded. The man who can play cards
at night and do business in the daytime,
hain't yet been born.
Life ii a bank account, with so tnuuh
divineenerg'y at your disposal, What
are you going to do with it? If you
draw your chocks for thin, you cannot
(or that—take your choice. And above
all, do not draw on the Iteuk of Futurity by breathing bad air, keeping bad
hours and bad;eompany. <
Tbe nan who succeeds in business it
tho one who goes to bed before ten
o'clock at nights end only one thing I*
he Jealous of, and that It oat door ex-
erclte.  ....-,
Gambling rata a man of rest; and the
keen edge pfhli life is lost Iu ihuftllig
the pasteboard*. All he given to his
employer or tho world U the discard.
Outside of bin play he ii a weak, Inefficient pemon. and hit weakness Is
very apt to manifest itself In burdening
hU ttiaadt. The curse ui gambling
doee not fall on the gambler alone, any
more than i<m the drunkard alone iuf
ferforblijotult, Suffering falls upon
every one within the radius of the gam-
bier... . .
If your gambler Is on a wlar?, he
very often comet around fer his wage*
before paydays then he gels to discounting hie ealarv to a money »hark|
then, if heeau, he will "borrow'' his
%y before be earns it, without first coon
WUUf y*e. H« Intend* to pay it bark
—eh, yea! .. ""  ' ■.   '
He wins and pay* it back
Tali earoeragM Mat to borrow more
tbe neat tin*, lie Ukee more in order
to win wot*. He la new obliged to
play heavily beeattM W# debt* are a<v
It la an old atery. and doseee <<. men
td     «H„ „   CM,,..    ,   ...    »     1« t«     .1 ,.    •»
Out Vnilli-ii^uii r.ttVc- jiiAti j,.iii.ni- *i.
tbf pokritare—the Itnpawlvr, wiJu-
far* with It* c»M wnU«, It rtv*wl#
rtotMng—notMng bat nntruth ' And
the pTlndpal msort it r*v«at« nothing
t» reveal: it avm wet tokea tmlb, t«l
«r»l, sympathy, kirtdnfM, love, nor intellect.
Oar *<«i#tte ««*! thought* are baiMiitg
.-brain cell*, ami tat gamlilrr ia t-MiWii.jr
tefla of M\f.   Hf* fir*U **f nf •» »• th*
fate of tlatM Harm*.   Il five* nothiriy
■ way    Tit Mr**.  thelMt,if th*- m»'
liet'/jiujei fii#ii—}jtiM« Ux-'kun iut,   IU-
lies to friends, family, employer; and
busiuess associate's.   He.forever plays
a part,' Life to him is a game, of bluff.
And get it out of your head that the He?
does not look you squarely-in the eye.
The poker-player is-a'scientilic lieri
running ou the low gotr, and his eye-
look calmly into youra.   Ho 'is a8tute
Astuteness is only valuable in protect
ing us - from astute people     It adds
nothing of value to the community.
- Astuteness adds no beauty. to the
world, uor does it  make  life for any
man happier.
In stricfecientitic economics the gam
bier is a parasite and a thief. '. He consumes but does not produce.
If four men start in to play poker
with ten dollars each, or a thousand
dollars each, it is just a matter, of
mithematical calculation.before hU of
them will have nothing. All they have
will.go to the rake off = and for cigar?
and drink,,, and the midnight lunch,
which they would not need if they
went to" bed a a reasonable hour
No man can play the races continually and win. John E. Madden, who has
made a '.million ' dollars out of horse
racing, says that defeat and nothing but
deleat awaits tbeV bettor on cards or
torses. And of all the foo's.tho biygest
is the man who bets on ' a sure thing."
Madden has foiljwed the business for a
quarter of a century, and says: "I
quit betting years ago, and if I ever bet
again, it will be because the disease has
gotten the best of my business judgment " The bookmaker gets in all-
he has but to wait and tho whole thing
ia his., '  ■ *'     '}
It is just like ft game of stud-poker,
where the dealer takes care of the bets,
and gives the first booster an ace in
the hole. If the boosters don't, get the
"live one's" money, the dealer will-
he gets all the others have,- as sure as
death, It they continue to play.
Do not imagine that alt the gambling
is done iu the cities—man made the
made tho small towns."
Hardly a.village in America is free
from the scourge
Gambling' means blurred visions,
weak muflcloB, shaky nerves. Loss of
sleep, lack of physical exercise, irregu
Ur meals, bad excitement, form a
devil's monopoly of bad things—and the
eud is disgrace, madness, death and the
I am not a member of the Christian
Endeavor Society, tho Epworth League,
the Baptist Union, the Knights of Columbus, or the Society for the Suppression of Vice, and all I say hero is
simply a llttlo plain talk by one
business man to others, with all soft
sentiment omitted.
Boys, we need all the brains wo have,
in our work. If by concentration,
and cutting out folly, we lucceod In do
gree, we do well. But I do not believe
we can reasonably hope for success un
loss we eliminate the pasteboard proclivities—this as a cold business proposition! I am done.
Out in Colorado, the other day, a doctor told mo this:
Tuberculosis is only a bad habit.
It Is a form of (fulness   ,
There are various degree*of latrinest,
but consumption arliei from a laty
habit of breathing The Individual
doc* not use all of hii iunga, and th*
celts not nwd, collapse, the tuberculte
find a netting place and hatch, end
gradually the dUcaae spreads, With
coiihuuiplkm thoie U alwaya imperfect
nutrition, and mai-asslaillatioii comes
largely from tack of exercise.
The germs of tuberculoeli are in
•very lndlrl4u»l-«iUtence It a fight
between the faciioni of life ind death
Life li a matter of elimination. If you
uae all the Iunga you have, every day,
in tbe open air, even but for a short
time, you may get killed In a railroad
areldent, but you will never die of con-
And then my Ueuver doctor (old m«
i*«sjfi*S«s wha «««• t*i»j* in Cwktfade, or
wbe went there in childhood, oevattoa
ally die of consumption.
If a man, aay In Sew York 8tat«, ha*
Inclptcut tubcrvuUmis, ami gwwi to Co
lorado, ami there coiitlinins tlni hiiiui
mode of life ho followed In the East, he
il.V-J ,'.'. *..'',j.J (!,',,',■ ,i,i,,i,', hn.kV.A4 u»i MWuiU
bad he nu,»U>*;d at hinut.
Aad yet many p*»|A» arl»» (h*** *m
•umptlon gn te Colorado ami get wel.
Rnt the«« peopln not only changn tbulr
■fil~t,: *,.'*.*«».»     «*W,,    <tfut    *WJi     (l,atlg«
their entire eourtAttnir* a* w*il.
So let this be noted: Tefcfraph nper
atm», clerLs, booltktwKra, »iigr«|eri,
printer* and all tbote who lo New Bug
land lead eedenury ttvee, and are In
if.inirr»rfif fh« flM-nf Whlfrt Pnlgm, »i«i»
]in jm« a« jsucb danver la l>euv«r, iff
;'r,.vr r, in*,t th- mm: fiujt'ucaa ihcj,,
ihihwtd   W'»r«.    th*  «x>n*u«sp<i»rt
who go to" Colorado and get well, are
those who go out- on tho ranches and
liye out doors.f \    ■>
Horseback.riding shakes a man up so
that the breath enters every cornet of
his lungs, Swing an ax, swing a broom,
swing your armi and breath deeply and
slowly. Ittakes will, but exercise in
the open air.is the price of life.
The;.i)enver doctor is right—consumption is a di«ease of the will; People iu: New; England need not die of
consumption if they will only get out
and exert ihemsei\ 64,
, And so thoroughly is this fact known
ttiat in the city of Denver the "lunger"
gets very Bcant sympathy.- Every
s ire aud office and factory is on guard
against him.
. "Are you hero for your health?" And
if the reply is ^yes," he is damned on
the. spot No consumptive admits he
has consumption, but most lungers are
patent medicine fiends..
They seek a substitute for deep-
breathing and exercise.{ And they all
die before they find it out. Nothing
that can be poured out of a bottle and
taken with a spoon, will take the place
ofthe sawtbuck.
The lunger in Colorado who ie re illy
wise will swear i' faith he.is but there
to train for a prize fight or a long-distance pedestrian match, and then by his
daily life will carry out the idea.
The aversion to the stricken person
Is a good thing—he ceases to talk about
his malady. And if he can be made to
cease-giving tbe woodpile absent treatment, he will get well.
There Is a law in Colorado making it
a serious offence for any one to employ,
a consumptive in a bakery, dairy,
restaurant or hotel, or any other place
where food- is prepared or served
Customers instinctively boycott the concern that harbors the lunger. And so
they fall prey to the third-class boarding-house who charge a first-class price,
and get no one else but lungers. The
lunger has to associate with lungers,
for everywhere he is shunned and
scorned. He is a pariah, and only last
yoar a bill was introduced Into Colorado
"Legislature, requiring every consumptive to carry-a bell suspended-around
his neck and ring it, as th*) leper is compelled to cry, ^'Unclean, unclean!" Only
bum doctors, undertakers, and the men
who keep-the-ylunger-ranchesr'Mveir
come the consumptives to Colorado-
business men flee him as a pestilence.
This seems hard indeed; but if by a
natural method of fastening disgrace
on a sick man, he can be forced to bring
will to bear, ho can cure himself People live longer in New England than in
Colorado, if, they only hustle—and
hustle out of doors.
Disinclination to stir ia the damnation ofthe man with the so-called consumption taint The trouble is In his
brain, not his iunga.
The person who has will enough to
sleep out of doors the year 'round in
Massachusetts will snip the growth of
consumption in the bud.
■ Midnight suppers, steam heat, cushioned chairs, ease, and a Inzy habit of
life, are the " things the tuberculae
love. All this doesn't sound sympathetic, but it's God's truth.
Alwayn have a bottle of Sandon
beer in your pocket when yon go
fishing- Write to the New York
Brewery and got a case.
Order yonr Bummer Suit now.
Natty Suiting* now arriving.
P. P, Llebscher,
Over Wallaeeo&filler block, Baker
St., Nelson.    Special yearly coa-
traetw for I*rwwlnff, Repairing and
Cleaning.     Ooode called for and
* *•     ^      %.
•*«.•»<*.• *M    «IA*.J.
try*" mnflr |r. r.rtJiM
J. R.Cameron
!« the tailor <<t gn ta wfcett
yea want a «n«ai**r
Suit of Clothes
fie baa th* nobbiest wiling*
ta mtkitt ft'iiui, .uwl tU tit Awi
worirosfifMp It I«m btet.
has been moved from New Denver ;to
Nelson, bag, baggage and bull-dog. It is now published every Monday morning and circulates two
hundred miles from its home before the sun goes
down. It is one of the most valuable advertising
mediums in Canada, and probably has the largest
circulation of any weekly paper in British Columbia.
It will always contain racy paragraphs, breezy editorials and the latest news by wire and otherwise.
Find enclosed Two dollars, my subscription to
The Ledge for one year.
Cut this out and send
in with some collateral.
The JoDPrinting
Department contains something less
than $60,000 worth of material which renders it
possible for our artists to produce typographical
triumphs upon short notice. Orders taken for any
kind of printing, from the dwarf-sized visiting card to
the leviathan poster. The work will equal anything
west of the Red River, and the price will not suspend
your breath for even a second. Send your orders by
wire, mail, or word of mouth. They-will have prompt
attention, and satisfaction will reign supreme when
your Raze rests on our Job Frintinir. Paste this ad ton
the wall for it will not appear many times. Our
neighbors need a little space to talk about the goods
they sell.
^     i>l.i>K*r tril.iir *■_• '"ii-
.Eleventh Yeab
than by any other Liability Company in B.C.
For Particulars Write-
ricDermid & HcHardy,
NBLSON, —=====     ■,
. Agitnts for East and
West Kootenay
We arev specially fitted up to do  nil   kinds of
repairing.    Look into your jewel eases, you may have a
good brooch which only needs a pin, or a ring which ne&ds
' a stoue reBet.     We may use the old setting or  reset
anew. If Btones are missing we will furnish now ones at
a very low price. We want your repairs as we are Bure
to please you in doing the work. Do not neglect your
diamond setting,, it is perhaps time you had it reset;
this is our special work and we guarantee satisfaction and
eafety. On receipt of a postal card we will mail you a
wooden box to insure safety in transportation
.Patenaude Bros,, u^SSSfiF!^™Nelson
If you are looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Home cooking, and the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
Have fresh meat every
day at Sandou, and in
all the shops operated
by them in British
Columbia. No contract too largo for this
fiim. Armies and
rail road h supplied on
short   notice.
ticttry Stege
newmarket fiotel
new Denver
T.G. Procter
Real Estate
Mining Agents
Ranches and City
Properties  For Sale
(18 Miles From Nelson )
"      dn"icootenat-i7A"Kk:	
a cool place tor a hot day
Fatnilv parties can he supplied with
fresh milk, butter, <-•££«, etc , from the
Home Ranch. Reduced Rates by tho
week.   Apply to
' Nelson. Outlet Hotel I meter
Is   one  of  the
Hotels in these mountains where the stranger feels
at home. The landlord has a smile for every guest,
and the creaturo comforts of the Hotel nre unsurpassed in the Silver City. Tlio meals arc free from
lead, tho beds from bugs, while tho fluids on tho bar
produce a reasonable amount of exhilaration without
a disastrous result in the morning.
01. George Clarke -
Job Printing
Tluit assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at Nelson's   printing emporium	
Meals at nil hours.
Manilla nnd Knmloops Cigars for sale.
Blue Prize) Henry "Vane
Columbus    and   Havana
Whip   Cigars.        Union
Goods, made by
W. P.  KILBOUffi & CO.
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented l>y GEORGE HOHTON.
Is the Leading Hotel of
HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor
The Exchange Hotel in Kaslo is
like an oasis in an Egyptian desert
Slocan folks flock,, to it like bees
to a flower garden.
Grand hold
is tho homo for nil
Slocan peoplo visiting the Krunt gold
camp. Tasty meals,
lino liquors and eoft
bed* nmko It n plea-
aaiit homo for
Oacobson $ Anderson, props.
On the road leading to
Ferguson nnd Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for man and his horse.
Tho bneon, beans, beefsteak, eggs, oata, hay,
boozerlno and cigars can»
not bn beaten in tho bills
of the Lardeau,
Forest Pelton, of Rosehery
in the city this week.
W. J; Twiss, the well known
life assurance orator lit in Nelson
this week and did a large business.
\ Ed Pyke was in town thisi week
spreading the good news about
something that looks like chaff, but
is really Malta Vita.
J. A". Whittier dropped in. this
week aud said that even California
had it drawbicks. He evidently
prefers the rich hills of the Slocan.
About tho easiest thing in Nelson is to get your name in the paper. It is not even necessary to
get drunk iu order to obtain the
James Vallance was in town .this
week. Jim says that Winnipeg is
certainly busy, but ho prefers the
balmy ways of Nelson's famous
climate.   •
M, K. W. Rathborne, of Silver-
ton was married on Wednesday to
Miss Maud Little of Nelson. They
will take up their residence in Los
Angeles, Cal. »
Sm,all ads, such as Wants, Fo,r
Sale,' Lost, Found, Strayed, Stolen,
etc., cost 25c each insertion in Tub
Ledoe. Birth, Marriage and Death
Notices aro 50c.
A despatch ' from Ferine states
that Bill Tuttle did not mind Ma
defeat as much as the fact that the
votes showed he was not as popular
as the duke from Italy.   •
About 150 peoplo from Nelsou
attended the races at Grand Forks
ou Thursday. Most of them returned with a dollar or two but
those still there will walk back next
Joseph Martin hasretumed from
a pleasant visit to his family in
Manitoba. Joe guides the gastro-
nomical department at Winlaw's
mill, and is no relation to Fighting
Joe, of Vancouver.
The owners of the Hecla, one of
the good looking claims on Rapid
ereek, near Poplar, were in'Nelson
"thinveefc:—Thoy~had—an- expert-
with them and it is their intention
to erect a stamp mill at the Hecla.
In Nelson all subscribers to The
Lkdoe will receive their papers in
tbe Postroffice. They are deposited
in that office at 7 a.m., and are obtainable when the wicket opens at
8 o'clock, and sooner to boxholders.
Nelson should advertise the fact
extensively when a civic holiday is
declared. Several people who
arrived in the city on Wednesday
evening wore much disappointed
thut Thursday was a dead one in a
business sense.
The cauliflower was ten cents,
but tho customer offered five for it.
When the Nelson grocer would not
cut tho price ho bought it and re*
quested its deliverance at bis residence about 10 blocks toward the
sky. Thus is the life of a grocor
made happy.
W. Campbell Patterson is in
Nelson from London. Ho says
that it is almost impossible to gut
capital in England just now for
investment in tho B. C. mines
owing to the war, and the fact that
tho present government is expected
to collapse at any lime.
Colonel Jack Egan dropped in the
. W. W, Harris.; came in fyom.
Rowland yesterday ou a visit to his
mother and brother. He states
that the Le.Roi is.still the anchor
of Rossland. His uncle "Billy
made a fortune out o^the Le Koi
stock in the early days.     •
Harry Graves, wife and children
returned last night from a two
month's, visit to New Brunswick.
Harry is * one of ■ the oldest and
most popular conductors in B.' C-,
and daring the. year he has been
running the Poplar express between Lardo and. Gerrard.
John Linebaugh '"has -the best
hack west of tho Red river. It
was built especially for the Nelson
trade, and is more comfortable
than the easy side of a Pullman.
Big Jack knows all the points of
interest around this beautiful city
and tourists should mark his name
in their book,s, and ring up Phone
35 just as soon as they reach, the
city, John charges for the use of
his hack, biit gives away his
speeches ijpon local events and
At 1 a.m. last Monday morning,
Joe Ryan pushed our door open
and dropped on tlie floor a ,yaliso
and sundry other articles, and requested the privilege of leaving
them until morning. Ho evidently
took our printing palace for an
hotel or some kind of a homo for
orphan?.' Ho did not ask for a
drink, but told us. that back in
Wisconson he was once a boss
man on tho upper deck of a Hoe
cylinder. The bulldog growled
and Joe ilew the tapes, and we examined his baggage. The valise
was so heavy that we thought that
perhaps Joe had just got in from
Poplar with a load of nuggets, or
else ho had'been hired by some local paper to drop au infernals machine handy to our pen, and take
to tho woods, so we. refrained from
a further search of the plunder and
waited for Joe. Morning came,
and no Joe. Bays slipped by,
and the mystery deepened. Then
we read au ad in the Daily Noose
about a lost valiso and bunted up
jh_eji_ccesBi>ry,before the fact and
convinced him that ft pays to
ProvinciaF Land Surveyor
Lands and/Mineral Claims Surveyed...
:  and Crown Gratried.  ,-
PO. Box 56S,        Officer Kootenay St.. Nelson
<r'c?iPDH°oVce!2   SANDON
See our line of Morris* Chairs
Veiour Cushions $8.00 & up.
Sole Agents:   Mason Risen Flan's.
3010 Westminster Road.
100,000 Uulbs to arrive noon from Holland
France and Japan,
BhoiiudeiidTong,     ttoses,     Greenhouse
uud  Hnrdy  Plants   for   Fall   I'lantltrg.
Home Grown and Imported
Garden,   Held   nnd   Flower   {Seeds.
Always in   took In season,    .
Green house full of XJlnnts, Cut IMoWers,
Flor,tl Work. Uuy dlreot ana secure agent's
Catalogue free, or call and examine itock.
Vnncoaver, B.C.
THIRTY DAYS aftiir date We Intend to apply ''
1   to the Chief Comml«slooer of Lands and
Works, at Victoria, for a special licence to oat
and carry away timber from the following traets
of land,   • •■ .„       •--»■„-..-
\ £lRST   LOCATION.. ">.   ,    V
Commencing nta post planted on the East
bank of the second west fork of .Wilson creek, In '
the West Kootenay .district, about e miles from
the mouth of the stream, marked "M, ft. K...
8 E. C., ttunce west 40 chains thet c<s north" 160 \ ""
chains, thenoe east 40 ehains, thence south 190
chains to point of commencement.        .. -
-'.,.,.       L M. H. KENNRYs
Located the S8th day of July, i9o4.   .
SECOND   LOCATION.^      -J. .
Commencing at a post planted on the East' -
bank of \V llson creek, tn the West Kootenay   .
Distrait, about 7» miles uboye the falls, rasrked   .
J. B„ N. E. C, thence south 180 chains, thence
west.40 chains, thence north 160 ehains, thence
cast 40 chains to point of commencement. ' •
Located the *8th day of July, linil.
Wanted Immediately
AcVAll-fa To sell Fruit trees, Raspberry
•c*-iSt mn.VB Gooseberry and Currant bushel
etc Good Inay weokly; Outfit free. There U
big money In this work for trustworthy men
Hotel Strathcona
Im in a delightful location ami from it* bnlconim
ran lw» won nil tln« Wauly of the ^raiul ficciicry
that KtirroiinrtK, hmnn in, nnd fMioriiH tho bnny
city of N«'!*on. It in tho homo of tourist* mid
lmiinc*Mi men (rom all |mrtnol titcj worm, iut)
{mhtine never tlra^a in th* miro ol im-mocmy,
and every room in an enemy to insomnia. If
yon fiw»d room* when nn thu way in, tonoh tbe
wlro and tins deed in done.
other day aud w
two million dol
poker ocenoional
d tbHt if he bad
ar» be would play
y na a  diversion
%4 i%%%%3
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
mm mmmt m
from tho caroa of life. Tho Colonel
ih mm ou that matter a» no man
should Kit in a gatno with lea* than
that amount, especially in Nelson.
Adam Wallbridgo was in the bub
thin wook. He «elta cash reginteis
and knows B.C. front the rain*
touohod count to tlio foothillx that
butt into the horiion tliii Hide of
that great cow camp, Calgary.
Adam ia a wonderful judge of good
things aud baa taken this paper for
J. Davidson, of Nclnon, came in
on Tbiiraday to atart tho elootrio
light ayatem at tho Coldstream
Ranch. While ho was here, Mr.
Davidaon waa consulted a« to tbe
pioltablo cokI of greatly exieinliug
tlio present telepliono ayttem. It ia
proposed to form » local company
tn* »lilo r»«fn«ei» «m| If   I«   tlinnrrKr
J that th«Mty»t*m rnittht, Iw rtnt in for
$ If KKI.-- Vernon New*.     »
M(*.«am. IX R. Young and IT. TV
Lmt lato of tho VernonOkanagan
liitnd (!<>,, have dimolvrd partner-
- .      ,»     .. . ,       ,»
firm name and the agency for the
O'Keefo property, while Mr, Lee
takes charge of all the other property with the fiim.—Vernon
Nuwa. Bo "Windy" and "Bresty"
ii.tve parfefl. Trie Ni»irn flbnnfd
havofitAted which one will keen
the *'VyhiM.u -Armrtrong Ait-'
vtrliser, |
vertise, especially when a lapse, of
memory makes all things dim. We
now lock the door at 2 a.m., so
bring in your ads early.
Tho Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
1b never snovslided by cheap beer,
or whiskey that has lost its vigor.
Enroll now for Hrjuk-keenor, Shorthand and
Typewriting. Graduate* are iu demand. Herd
for Catalogue.
Is the largest in the
Slocan, Ladies out
town should wr*te for
samples or prices.
Over 600 acres. Sft^
tlvatlon, over 000 acres of Nursery Stock including the choicest and best varieties for Orchard
and Warden planting. Wo will dillvtr iroods to
euslo i ers In good condition, freight paid. Our
aRents have every advantage that this line oi
business can offer them.  Apply nuw for terms
Pelham Nursery Co.,
sr^laUlcence'to'cuT and'm^
from the following desoribed lands, situated on
tho west end of Summit lake, iu West Kootenay
P..rl'!?ti.e?mme"ol"B »t-".post marked"D.M.
*J ^K-^iit P»»ntoa. about one lulf mile south of
!&•«.■/VnMlautl^ V°*j and at M. Olntsberiwr's
. . 'O-i thence north 80 chains, thenoe east 80
chains, thenoe south 80 chalnaund thence west
80 chains to place of commencement.    .
DAM McLEOD, Locator.
\        IT0RK9T PELTON, Agent.
Uated this 18th day of August, MM.
A 2£ Horse Power Gaaolina
Engine for sale. Price $100. Ad*
dress—K, T, Lowery, Kelson.
. --_>prthy lady or .gentleman to mansm
bunlnusa iu this county and adjoining territory
for w*II aud favorably known houne of solid
financial standing, W«.oo rtraiuht cash salary
jutt expenses paid <ach Monday by ohtck direct
from htadquartera. Expense money advanoed.
Position permament. Address, Manager, siu
omo Block, Chicago, Illinois.
Twelve back numbers of Lowery's
Claim, ail different, and a copy of
Float sent to any address, postpaid.
Address. B. T. Lowery, Nelson, B.C.
A3SAYEB               CHEMIST
Prices-Gold, 8ilver or Lead .,,' .' si.co
Gold-Silver or Silver-Lead Sl.W
P.O. Box Du» YMIB, B.O.
or  Will make arrangements for lopal agency
or the handling of exclusive territories.
Steamship Tickets
To and from European points v« Canadian
and American lines, .Apply, for sailing dates,
rates, ticket* aud full Information to any C. P,
By. agent or—
^ m ^   G.n.GARBKTT,
,.r „ „ „      P- p-a' Aicent, New Denvei.
W. P. F. Cummlngs, G. 8.8. Agt., Winnipeg.
Mill ami Mining Machinery. Complete
Slock oiShafiiiijr, Fitting, etc., always
on hand Estimate! fumlhlictl. Scrap
Iron liotiRitt hy the curlond. IUt|)Ktrlng
anil Jobbing.
Victoria Ho^t
Victoria Strent, Notion.
W. E. McCANDL,lBI(, I'rourtetor,
llwst riolbirn-iiflf Hntnl in Nnlwm.
JVmrit ntnl room, six dnIUrs « wvok,
lloavd iti il nuMft by tlio month, twentv-
llv« dullnra.  Meal Tickeu (vtl menis)
Ko Ltovow fVw.n m tub PaRiirewi.
World's  Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson Slocan City Nakusp
Rosebery   New Denver
St. Louis $60    Chicago $65
Toronto $87.35 Montreal $98
Halifax $121.80
New York $101
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, #1,00 each
Any two, $160; any throe, 1200.	
8aJ?p'el,nb7.115.aU »«elve Prompt attention;
Placet Gold, Retorts and Rich Ores bought.
17»5 Arapahoaj8t..  Dvnver,  Colo.
T  °J  15t%yIA'   Manufacturing Jeweller,
i). Kxpert Watch Bepalrer, Diamond 8»tter
*£* S,ng^v\b "^nn'Mturii ChJnV1"l.«irts
undBliim.  Workmanship guaranteed equal to
tnyinuanada.   '    —' ■■-■■.. ^    -
140, Sandon.
Orders by mall solicited. Box
\J from native s
KB our Agate Jewellery, mads
stones.  yin»_wateb repairing,
s Jeweller, BaCer 8t„ Ne5o«.
UclKOD noTKL.  VHIBi    All modern
ir """wvemsnts. Samjils rooms In connection. The onh; flrst-closs hotel ta Ymlr;
 H1NLAV McUiOD, Proprietor.
THK KINO'S IIOTKLln Pergusonisaeliser-,
1 ful home for all travelers to th/i Lardeau.
»»mple Ibioms, K ANK UABUEB^rwrietor:
Ninety Day's Limit.
Reptember 6, 0, and 7.
Low Excursion Fares -
For til M«ilnrn point", will nUnhAnuntml
irolng via Port Arthur all rail or lake
rout«. riitnrnliijr sumo or via Chicago
and St. I-ouls.
For full particulars apply to local agents
Furnituro and
Unclar tilling
Wall Paper
Two complete *<*«» of Bar r-'liturw, ona
Biltisli I'lnui Mirror 4liDf»linhes, now,
Utter Vr*w*. iltltianl and foo: Tabioi
v n»li Hi"giM«i»»wi v>tlv*r iv.vx'UlitUy,
M.U Onf#rt fUutvr  Irwupt   .tticsilM.
K. Elliott. Kaslo. Ils€,
... ■ • ■   . *
K. &8.Ry.
Lv 8:.1oa.m.-8an(lon-Ar 4:25 p.m.
Arlo;4fla.m.-KMlo-Lv2:oo p,ta,
Hteamer Kaalo.
Lv ItJIo p.m.-Kaalo-Ar 11 too a.rn.
Ar4:3op.tn.-Nclwn»Lv 8:oo a.rn.
Tictratt Mid to all parte of thi* Unltnt
StatMi and Canada na < J rant Northaro
an«t l».H * N fJwnwinT'n hnftn.
For farther particular
IttlHERT IRVINO, Hinurar, Kaslo,
„ Is the best (I a day hotel lit Ne son.   Only
ll« help employ*.   0.  W. BAHTLICPT,
MODQ.SKItL a BLACK, ProprlMors.
Tn»   nitlTTANNlA  HOTKL lithe old-
est and the best in the Idirdo. Oold seekers
always weirom..     ObVIKMBOS.     """*""
WfooisBsua* Msjsohant*.
*   MACnoNALII 41 UO,. Wnolesolt Msr-
8T£!W..* °2" WR0LWIAL« OTAI^
H* •*»« Jeslerajn Wlost, LWuors tad
■V-W >ll«*n«»Wri«!«*5^«t«j»^k^|
«' SMI
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