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The Ledge 1904-09-05

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,   0
! you w.tfiecorTie^e
\ Soldrposi IF.'yoU vgad
| The", ue^se regutafTy.
Volume XI., Number 50.
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
A amall force is working at the
Soho. .
The Wakefield closed* down last
The; Bluebird shafts are being
pumped out.   '     -     •
There are 600 men , working
around Sandon.
Three cars of Mountain Con ore
nettedj$13,000. .     '
The -Payne continues to Bhip
iron ore to Trail.
* The;\Veymouth, on Ten Mile has
been crown-granted. ;
W. do Rose has finished his
contracts at the Sunset.
Last week the Enterprise shipped 2b, and the Ottawa 44 tons.
J. W. Power has three sets of
fours hauling ore from the  Idaho.
Last weak the Slocan Star shipped 31 tons; Ivanhoe, 28;   Payne,
■44. '"
Nine minei-s are working at the
Queen Bess developing the lower
workings.     ~ '     ~
Dr. Arthur has put a force of
men to work at the Silver Glanpe,
Bear Lake.
Silas Henderson has * made * a
good strike on one of his Payne
mountain claims.
Penny, Milroy and Jim Macdon
aid have taken  a  lease  on  the
Omega, near the Last Chance.
The Red Fox will ship another
car in a few days. - Fred , Johnson
—anai3tBOrge~X1.0UUBi-ouu- mc-nw *»r
ing it under lease..
v Nothing is known at Slocan
City of the proposal to build a
smelter at that point. It is a Nelson newspaper dream.
The force has been increased at
the Recoi This year the mine has
shipped over 600..tons, and in a
Bhort time the shipments will be.
500 tons a month.
Geo. Aylard and Frank Culver
are working a claim adjoining the
Alpha, near Silverton, under lease
and bond, Tho property is owned
by Briggs and Grady.
In No. 2 tunnel of the Bismark,
on the south fork of Kaslo crack a
rich chute of galena has recently
been uncovered. Tho amount in
sight ia worth about 920,000.
Although not closely sorted the
smelter returns gave $15 in gold
and 91 ounces in silver for the car
of ore shipped from the Real Idwi
No. 2, of Goat Mountain. Goat
Mountain ia being extensively
prospected this summer.
Only a few years ago when Cor-
respondoneo Schools were  being
founded for the first time the pub-
lio waa sceptical aa to tbeir success.
What waa an experiment liua been
provon beyond a shadow of a doubt
by  the  International  Correspon*
.denco Schools of Scranton,   Pa.
Seven liumircd thousand students
havo boon enrolled during the past
•twelve, years in this school  and
thousand of graduates express entire satisfaction of tbelr courses of
/  itudy.   : :__ ,__
W. R. Hearst, who owns three
daily papers in New York, two in
Chicago and one each in 'Frisco,
Los Angeles, arid cultured Boston,
with his wife and friends is registered at the Strathcona. His visit
is one,purely of rest aud recreation,
and he has no intention of starting
a paperin NcIbou, New Denver, or
any other part of B.C. For years
he has had a desire to visit this
province having often hea:d his
father speak- of the grand scenery
along the Arrow lakes and other
parts of the country.. He is delighted with the climate and says
it reminds him.so much of Califoj-
nia, and will spend many days in
and, around Nelson testing the
ozone and occasionally 'dropping a
line to the fishes of Kootenay river.
He is glad to get away from the
fierce war of U.S. politics, and
brace his"nTrvMs~M¥trOuiy~affiid
the glorious climate of Southern
most bitter opposition, Hearst certainly takes the automobile. His
career in building up the New York
Journal wss a Lio Yang from the
Jap side. He fought the Associated
PreBS and nearly everything else,
but his brains land the colored ink
won the fight and today he would
not trade anyone of his papers for
Nelson's leading excitement. Dana
made one paper. , So did Bennett,
Greeley, Watterson and others, but
Hearst has built up at least three
of the greatest papers in the United
States and never, fell in the ink
barrel. Mr. Hearst goes fishing at
Bonnington falls today, and we
trust he will get 30 on the hook be.
fore the sun goes down.
A Lkdor Special
-Poplar. B. C„ Sept. 4.—The
payment in full of the bond on the
Spyglass has given new life to the
camp. The force "at the Spyglass
is busy building bunkhouses and
getting ready for a winters  work.
A capitalist from New Brunswick has a deal on with Dr. Rogers
and partners for a group adjoining
the Swede.
Tbe sawmill is crowded with
orders from Trail, Kaslo and other
Kootenay points.
Whiskey spoiled a big deal this
It Is lawful to kill fftiuio (any varla
ty) prttria chlcken.ptarmljran, fool ben,
. from Seat, lit to Dec. Slit, Inclusive.
Wild dock of all kinds, bittern, mat
dow lark, plover, and hsron, Sept. lit.
Caribou, waprt*. elk, moose, and hsra
8«pl tit to Dte. Uili, Inclusive.
In on* season no ona may kill mora
than tan door, five caribou, throe mountain ahasp, five mountain goat, two
buck tlk, two bull moos*, or 9ffl© duett
nt   tnwi\M«   «Wo. fawn,   K.nprhsh \ *«""« *."„ '* .*.,.
WackWrd,  chairmen,   hen naMSMit.'*"'
linnet, Skylark, thrush, robin, quail
English partridge and guil may not ba
kWad at any timo
?} h ""'*«•*'<' tn nep trims *rnrt*.
anar*H, gins or baitad tine* to catch
It Is unlswfat to ase batteries, swivel
Bunt or sunken punts in nan tidal
water* to taka wild duck or &(•<"«,
It it antawfnl to export animals on
wlrds mi-nilon-wl In taw atau*.
It \i unlawful for non'residents to
British Columbia.
The Hearsts come from the
Southern States although away in
the distance there is some Scotch in
the family. Mr. Hearct is a fine
.specimen of physical manhood. He
is over 0-feet high, 41 years on
earth, aud says that he does not always work 18 hours a day. Undir
his white hat beams a face full of
strength and kindness while a
smooth shaven chin gives him an
immense advantage in the water-
melon season. We have chained
up the bulldog, and the Napoleon
of the American newspaper world
will be perfectly safe if he should
drop in to get a few cheques cashed.
Hearst is a genius in tho art of
making a newspaper pay, and one
of the most remarka'ilo men of the
age.   His father made a vast fortune in British Columbia and the
west so that Billy had a college
education and plenty of pocket
money,   The senator gave his son
the 'Frisco Examiner as a start in
life and he went at it.   About nine
men in a million would have sue*
ceeded as Hearst has.   In spite of
the fact that he had millions behind
him he made the Examiner pay on
its merits as a dispenser of highly
seasoned mental pabulum, and always works like a country editor
chased by a sheriff,   In fact if
more country editors worked  as
hard as Hearst there would  be
fewer failures in the business   He
is full of enthusiasm and loves the
profession for more than the mere
money that there is in it.  lie does
not need any more money, for he
already has enough to keep him
and his'n for several centuries,
Hearst is a Napoleon In the art
of gathering able lieutenants around
him to do hi* bidding, and tbia la
A night policeman
Blake Wilson was
W. H. Sandford was in town last
will patrol  the
in the city last
St. Petersburg, Sep. 4—Liaoyang
has been abandoned by the Russians, and the Japs occupied the
city at nine o'clock this morning.
Kuropitan has wired for tlie 6th
army corps.
Stakslberg's 1st army corps reported cut off west of Liaoyang is
safe. "
Saturday night Kuropatkin wired
that most of his army was south of
Yen Tai, and 10 miles north east of
Liaoyang, and the balance on the
right bank of the Tai 'Use river.
This message gave relief in Russin.
It is not clear whether the Russians are still retreating or again
facing tbe foe.
After the general fight Orloff's
detachment lost 1500 men by a Jap
attack in a cornfield.
No guns were lost in the retreat,
and the stores at Liaoyang were
The  Russian    Admiralty
ordered the Diana disarmed.
This is the blprgcat day in Sandon
since the fire.'. -   - -
Alex Crawford was burned out at
Beaton a tow days ago.
Paddy Murphy has a tine lot of nam.
pies from the Lucky Jim and Wluslow
Hov. R J. Melntyre and Miss Ada
Pound will be married hero on Wednesday.
F. H, Hawkim has bought the Pay-
streak building and will use It for an
assay oflico,
Rain put out the forest fires .♦hat
threatened to make Three Forks only
a black spot,
Tho Miners Union aro building a
new hospital. It is on Runnysldu, near
A. Shilland's rnsidence.
All tho tinhorns were fined ten dollars last week. Those who could not
settle trero given tho Blued.
After two yean spent in Arizona,
Colorado and California, Charley
Becker returned toRlocan last week,
Being high up. the Eagles hatched
this morning will certainly not liavo to
wait for wings, thoy can all fly now,
II. T. Lowery who (or the past 10
years published the New Denver (B O.)
Ledga, ha» moved to Nelson, B. C,
whoro ho in now publishing the Ledge.
which Is famous tho world over for its
wi'; humor and satire. Mr. Lowery Is
one of the ablest wrlinra in the West,
and while his articles are mors) truthful
and realistic than tho famous "Arizona
Kicker" article*, they are Just a«
mirth-provoking and mike bis paper
popular ou both tide* of tho border
May the genial Mr. Lowery live to be
a thousand yean old and make enough
money out of tho Ledge to enable htm
tousogoldeotwthprlcks after partaking of throt square meals each day.
The Russian losses on Saturday
were 3,200.
It is reported that Kuropatkin is
22 miles n. e. of Liaoyang.
Wheeling, W. Va. > Sept. 4.—
Ambrose Dalton has been arrested
for whipping his mother to   death.
Frontera, Mex., Sept. 4.—The
homo of tbe lighthouse Keeper was
burned yesterday and four lost
their lives.
Londoj, Sept. 4.—Chartley Castle will be sold by auction on September 15.
For the first time on Friday the
Cedric sailed with all its $750
state rooms taken. Several
Lords and their wives were the
Sandy Hill, N. Y. Sept. 4.—A
fire today cost tbe Griffin lumber
mills nearly $50,000.
Chatham, Mass. Sept. 4.—The
Cora May from St. John struck on
a bar -last night.   Crew saved.
Fall River, Mass., Sept. 4.—
There is no settlement in sight of
the textile strike.
Cleveland, O. Sept. 4.—The
capsizing of a 32 foot naptba launch
on Lake Erie last night drowned
John D. Bagley, Al Treiber, Paul
Sartner, Jules Hurtig, ail of Cleveland, and Max Hurtig of New
Findlay, O. Sept. 4.—Five men
killed at Upper. Sandusky today
by. explosion of nitro-glycerine.
XV. A. Harvey has removed to Nelson.
Mrs, F. Johnson is in the hospital at
A sawmill lis to be built at the mouth
of Evans creek by Lidgate Bros.
Jim Bowes has furnished his hotel at
Rulowna with the finest furniture obtainable, and is sure to make a fortune
This is the biggest day of the year for
Slocan. and tho crowds are coming from
all directions It will be a day of pleasure, and joy uncontiued. There Is
plenty of beer, bacon and beans in the
camp, and If you miss rfgood old mining
camp blow-out It will not Ira ihe fault of
this pnper.
Having made a pile the editor of tho
Drill leaves this weak tn gaze for several weeks upon the tights aud sounds
of Oriilia and other places in tho east.
During hit absense that genial son of
CallfoFnla, Thomas D. Tobln will have
charge of ihe entire works from pen to
ink barrel, aud it is a safe bet that Tom
wilt make life Interesting around the
burg while Charley Is getting new Ideas
in the cent belt.
Miss McLeod U removing her milli
nery store to Cranbrook,
Ii Is rumored that the sawmill may
soon uo again In operation.
No 0 bridge, near Wbltowater, has
bwn rebuilt, and trains commenced to
tun to Haudou ou Saturday.
The south fork of Kaslo cr*»k with
ita coming great mines Is having a good
effect on the business of the city.
Dr. Itojeri and his partners have a
deal on with a New Brunswick inau for
tbeir claims adjoining ihe gwode group,
Poplar creek.
XV. Y Bradshaw, wife and family have
gone on a visit to Toronto. Mr Brad-
ahaw rewlvwi * Ulegram on Friday
that hi* rMtbtt * as dy mg.
J. C Feroow arriv*d In the city tail
Nell Morrlnon has returned to iMioe-
till from Poplar.
Mr* W  H. Rtarkman. la keeping a
of wonrV V»'ww,w!,,rt"« *mm-%a titmi*m I
Mr. Utntfttwifget nattwutt appoui(«4
a.tmt for lim sain of iota in KosobWy.
In New York the strike against
the Beef Trust is ended, and the
men go to work Wednesday.
" Boston, Sept. 4.—While insane
Minnie McKeuzie killed patrolman
Sturdivant, and with a gun stood
off 10 policeman for fivo hours and
fired 50 shots.
New York, Sept. 4 —If not set-
led in 14 days great cuts will be
made in westward first |and second
cabin rates about Oct. 15.
London, 8ept. 4.—The German
Emperor will visit England for 10
days in November.
London, Sept. 4.-—Lord Strathcona has bought the islands of Col-
onsay andOrnsay from the McNeill
estate.   They are 150 miles long.
New York, Sept. *.—A Herald
cable from London says that for
the first time in its history the Institution of Civil Engineers has left
its home In a body. They sailed
Saturday for New York and will
visit Canada.
Montreal.—Sir Chan. Tuppor has
gone to Halifax.
Frederick ton, N. 11. -Mr. and
Mrs. Clarke and danghter Mary, of
Cuverhlll were burned to death yesterday at Pout;!**.
St. Petersburg. Sept. 5.—The
murderer of Piehvo has escaped
from prison.
Toronto.—Hat old Kennedy, of
Nova 8cotla wa» killed by a street
car on Saturday,
Winnipeg, 8«p,4~ A man sup*
posted to be T. Borden, auicided
this afternoon.
The basehallfira will damjo this t»v»n«
_ Fifty sump* are working at tbe
New York, N. Y. Sept, 4.—
Fourteen persons killed and nearly a score were injured in a five
story double tenement in Attorney
St. an early, hour this morning. It
was one of the worst fires in the
loss of human lives that has occurred on the east side for several
years, although tbe property loss
was slight.
The fire occured about three
o'clock in tbe morning and there
was considerable delay in the sending iu the alarm. The dead include four women, one man and
nine children, raging in age from
three months to twelve years.
Many of tbe injured were taken to
the hospitals, and it is thought
that some of these will die.
.Among the injured are four
firemen, who were ou the balcony
when it fell. Tbe small number
of men among the killed and injured waB due to the fact that most
men who lived in the building followed Jhe_.custom_oiJhe._jtreejB___m__
the hot weather and were asleep
on the roof while but few of the
women and children were there.
These on the roof made their way
to safety over neighboring roofs.
Meanwhile the members of their
familes who bad remained in their
rooms found escape cut off aud
panic reigned throughout the building. When tlie firemen reached
the scene some of the tenants were
jumping from the windows and
from the ends of the fire escapes
that reached only to"* the second
floor; others were crouched in the
smoke in the small rooms aud narrow halls.
A number of daring rescues were
made by firemen and police, and
tbe conditions under which they
worked were unusual and difficult.
The loss of life was due chiefly to
the fact that alterations wero being
made in the tenement building.
Tbe basement and the first floor,
the latter about six feet above the
Nit) a walk level, had both tteen cut
through, tbe front and rear walls
having been removed and the upper floors being supported by steel
lieama that the workmen were
placing. Tho only exit from the
upper floors who by a way of a
amall bidder in a part of the build*
Ing that was tinlighuxj.
Twelve families lived in tbe
bouw) and it is tiuppoaed that tear
ing away of the lower floor was
done so quickly that certain of the
tenants who wished to move fioin
the buildlug wjre unable to get
their furniture out and thus were
compelled to remain.
The work of alteration had   not
T. J. Lendrum will spend tlie
winter in Mexico.
This is not the close Beason for
ads, and no one will be shot dead
who brings one to this office.
Lance Gilchrist brought back 26
brids from Crawford Bay, but
forgot to leave a brace at this
The Slocan train gets an early
start this morning and leaves at
9.15, instead of the regular time of
10.45.      .
J. G. Simpson & Co., and The
Montgomery Co. made a location
this week that will greatly fatten
their bank accounts.
Charley Olsen was in town this
week. He has lived for 20 years
at Ainswortb and has saved a pile
of money by not moving.
There are times in Nelson when
the electric lights act aa an incentive to the increase of profanity.
They should be thrown out, or the
rates cut down.
The world still moves slowly.
Some of the inhabitants havo not
yet discovered that this paper is
printed in the greatest city of
Southern British Columbia.
R. F. Langford pushed our door
open this week and remarked that
he was writing up Kootenay for
the Winnipeg Tribune. He didn't
say anything about getting a bunch
of ads in Nelson.
While at the Silver Glance mine, -
near Bear lake Dr.   Arthur was
painfully injured about the head
by falling in a mass of moving
the city on Friday.
Nelson should have the names of
the street* tacked up on the corners, and the buildings numbered.
If tbe Btreets were better lighted at
night it would help some of our
citizens to get home earlier.
The saddest moment iu the play
of CamiUe on Friday night was
when the old man'a goatee fell off.
The mist from the heroine's tears is
supposed to bave loosened it. On
the stage be sure everything sticks,
and then go ahead.
C. W. Busk has invited the
Launch Club to spend the day at
his ranch, and tbe entire fleet will
sail this morning. Allan Lean, of
the Queen Studio, will accompany
the expedition and photographically take everything in.
Tbe Amateurs will play ball at
Slocan today, and fully expect to
gather in plenty of glory and tbe
medal. They beautify the diamond
as follows; ii, Jackson, p; R.
Bard, c; C. Cummings, Ut b; R.
SwarU, 2nd hj I. McKay, 3rd b;
K. Weir, m.b.; M. McCandllsli, l.f.;
W. Sturgeon, r.f.; G. Gore, c.f.
In three hives on bis bee ranch
at Ainswortb, J. W. Smith has
700 pounds of honey. In two
weeks bis bees made 200 pounds of
the sweet pioduet, and it is sun*
posed at odd times that they worked the flower garden* of Nelson,
although it is generally reported
that a bee can never again find his
hive if it get* away from ll more
than three miles.
The surveyors who are running a
That wlucAtera are taking advantage of modern inventions to asaiat
them in teaching is demonstrated
hy the International Correspondence Hchoola of Scranton, Pa,, tn
the use of the phonograph for teaching foreign languages. Record*
duplicating the instruction papers,
which are written In both the for-
|elgn Isutgujup* and KuglUh. are
nrcrwaluted of the removal of the! p|»r«! |n the phonograph ; so that
ntw International Boundary boo «»»'t ftro wieapes from the building and (the otudent get* lue ~vm Jet* pr<*
Bo"B,,"y C,t5'. *IbJ,?1'""l _eon,l"!?th« M-coud floors.   When the fir* foundation while he reads the lea-
long ago have been backed over the
dump of failott if his upper slope
bad not been lit with thu right
*s..»>*      Tflo omit mnr tint, h«» T»s»r-
i> «*. -
fumed with the flowers that grow
nearest tbe throne of literature, nor
his mentality capable of grasping
tho bright "at  thought* that pa#«
; m.,1'.--.
at Hall H
AfM(.SfJM»Ji!Bjr tbj sttMWtr.at •»*Li!!,"f?..!.!!* h** "**"■* lh* 8rtt *•**
Coast Mr*
Amos Timmpi>oii f,a« re-1 »"** w ■w,r*
nation among tho hnmasteadert on the,
United States sldo of the border   Iter- j occur*! tbe panic-plrlekeii tenant*
man Utet'orchard Is tpliitn two, «ne j found fire taeapea had led to tlu-
J.Ul!J   M    \%V    Villi I'll    P'MSIV      1»MTt-V'
MauinV house and til Improvements!
are now In Canada.  The-*  srttUrs
!have filing receipts from the V. H «ov* (I*'***-* wttitwl to)»rf<e* ty ).»mp-
smts. When a lemon 1* completed
the pupil recites Into a blank record which is then forwarded to the
i*J|,A*ll»    tt\m   An*"Prt*H*<««        *T*»*»S> sifts.
jn'ci'lj* i.M-'-ftti*   '"ere   wwil   rvnl.tent* wav \*%rn foesd-m lahf*naf»»a
the fourth and fifth flow*     Many',*" ^ ««*** P«*tv w,hiU» *•*
1 may be Utousanda of miles away
from any one who is aide to apeak
VHNICiC roiiK*
On Satnrday montln*r, An* '!». Wm
Provincial llnme,
Charleajnnde* and brother ware la | «^imwt and %h'at will he done ai»ot | Ing to the  sidewalk   and   to   thejjn*^'J^j^t^
t    We  are Custom • Tailors
tfcoot without a licanse.
, making a journal grow amid the'fYsrfnc^w^w-ar**-..
25iE!J£^ lhme,, ^ ** •t*^w' "Uh™ "* m iMthlf of the mi off nmeicape*.
Oo«tt,rdie.l at the l^lnclal llmne i -^IZZZ. ^ (l. T^?Z] wet'^kti" -trth-     The fire iaauppr^l tehave ^Ig^^^^^r-!
pmloop., age.1Tt,   He waaadmiiie.1     The work of cultiuj tlie cloth of        N cauneil by tho eiplusfoni of a amp «wth«*nd mske them In Mttb a
to tho homi'iart May frmn iIieKorttenay'our ciotbee if done acfatititieai y by r'"i,BW"  ~ ....  A      ...  ......   .,»   w»y they will not onlv *■
J"-  L"J- •---"-* - a/wi     ||^««faHlllli*C>i..T^l'l^^^l^t«^ T.y*    '
High* jUkisb*v« all tta **wlto»■ tw«il«*t Mn"-   !lwi11 *«*» r«<-"<' »« lb« ' '     - "
} through the air, but when It comes j district, where Im bad mud at ro»k tn vxiltr% ruiu-ra •  sitlo and
lli*;h-('l«Mi T.iilt'fT-.
iMm Tailor*, Baker «t, Nelson.      by lumbtreampa and ininea.
two upper floors.
»*»«•. •!«'
'' r^^-v4-r. ^^?^*r^^" -"^^^a^^.?^'' * "^
Eleventh Year
The Ledge.
R, T. LOWERY,'Editor ami Financier.
ed every Mon lay morning In tl
menial centre of tbe Kootonny.
Subscription, U a year in advance or $8 50 If
not so paid.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk L-Imjk is located at
Kelson, B. 0., and Is traced td many parts of tlK-
enrth It has never,been raided by the clierlir,
snowsllded by cheap silver, or subdued by the
fear of man It works for ti,c trail bla/^r equally
as well as it does for tho chuiniuKiic-fluvor.-d
trust fiend. It alms to be on the right side if
everything, nnd still (Irmly believes thai hell
should be administered to the wicked In liirws
doses.  It has stood the test of time, anil lho
?„ystreak bas never entirely pinched out, al-
hough at times it has been no l>i_i*or than the
shadow of a knlfeblade.  It know* that one ol
the noblest works of creation is the man who
always pays the printer.
Address every thing to—
Nelson, 13.0.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscrip
tlon U due, and that the editor
.wants once again to look at
your collateral
through us all will grow if properly
nurtured, but it cannot grow where
the pulpit-pounders harp upon fear,
hatred,, revenge and matters that
pertain more to the flesh tbitn they
do to the luininified ether of the
diviue spirit that is everywhere, if
you only catch on how to tap it
without breaking the circuit. Advanced minds will grasp our meaning, but to fchoso floundering iu the
mil'.* of mortal things this article
will read as if the author had been
in Chinatown hitting the pipe.
Sunday in Rossland
When a mining camp gets dull
tbe parsons generally 'wake up and
find that tbe people around them
are very wicked, and commence to
pour hot theological shot into the
ozonic, arena. Iu Rossland tlie
other Sunday two outside baseball
teams had a game which caused the
Rev. Geo, E. Smith to grow enthusiastic and denounce all Sunday
noise and desecration except that
made by church bells and choirs.
In this world the majority of people think that those who do not
act, think or do as they do arc
either crazy, foolish or wicked. Mr.
Smith belongs to this clasa, aud
having been educated in an atmosphere of theology for the purpose of
earning his beefsteak and mushrooms he naturally strikes a blow
at what endangers bin profession or
draws a dirty mark on one of bis
ideals, but to our mind ho ih not a
Christian. Ho states thut those
who play or look at hnseball upon
Sunday should be prosecuted and
suffer the penalty provided by law.
No mau imbued with the geuuiue
spirit of Christ will advocate the
punishment of a man for any crime.
The man who has the clear goods,
if lie cannot win others" to his way
of living by bis eloquence, example
aud argument never seeks to clutch
them in tho arm of the law aud
force them to act aa he does. Only
tyrant* do thene wicked thiiif-a and
the sentiment uttered by Smith is
the same that all down the age*
has caused blood to run like whit*
key at an Irish wake. Smith complains about the noise disturbing
divine services but aaya nothing
about the annoyance that church
bulla are to many who wiait to re-t
in bed upon Sunday morning. When
wrapped up in ourselves wo arc
prone to ignore the right* of our
neighbor*. The Kinging of the
average church choir ia ju«t a* annoying aa the uoim of a baaelrali
pine to the man who doe* not participate i n either. I n t lit* «<y «•« of t ho
Power behind all matter it in mi
VHA*-f»   tl«»>»W   #A   *Atl««    t.',M ,     «':    ■    Tf,. .
tVnxi ntij tthvr dn
Some of the strongest men in
America do not eat meat, tish or
The Ledge is the only paper in
Nelson that has a subscriber in
Turkey. *	
Miners having gold" nuggets
weighing from one pound upwards
can always leave them on exhibition in this office.
If after visiting tbeir districts
the cabinet ministers feel certain
that they can defeat the Tories tlie
election will occur aud be-all over
within two months from today. If
they think otherwise tbe misery
will be prolonged.
f. Bryan Hughes, tho . practical
joker, and a friend were-walking
down Broadway one' day "when
Hughes said, "I'll beta dollar that
I can go up behind that actor- and
shake him without his resenting
. "You   know   him, "   said    his
"Never saw him before; in my
life," said Hughes.
The bet was arranged, Hughes
advanced from behind, caught the
man by thu shoulders and shook
him violently. The actor turned
"I beg your pardon," said
Hughes; "I thought you were my
friend Mansfield."
The compliment was too telling.
"My dear sir," said tbe actor,
"you are much too kind."—New
York Herald.
If you wish to succeed in this
world, of tears always do your work
a little better than the other chaps
in the same line of action.
In St. Petersburg little Alexis
yelled when they ducked him in
the water to christen him, and those
present thought thst it was a good
sign for Russia. A nation that
works on aud believes in signs,
omens, and witchcraft will eventually wind up in the asylum or the
We were called to attend our
flock at Poplar this' week, and in
consequence our editoral remarks
are rather limited in this' issue, but
we are getting ready to print an editoral page thut will jar the cobwebs
iu many a moss-grown mind. We
do not intend to break all the idols
in the world, but will point out the
Spots that mar tbeir contour.
In advertising the Adirondacks
an eastern railroad states that tbe
woods are full of deer. If they had
said beer the ad would have drawn
bigger crowd?.
The Grand Forks Gazette must
have run out of cap N's, or it surely would have mentioned tlie great
excursion from this city.
Port Arthur is not troubled
these days with commercial travel-
lei's. In spite of tlie boom none of
'them call at the town, unless they
ride in on a Japanese shell.
Vanity springs eternal in the
feminine world. • In London nearly all the old ladies in tho upper
stopo dress "as though they were
but 20 years old, and still tinkles
ed, _____
Tin; falling leaves remind us that
our coal cellar is full of void, our
last winter's rubbcra hung up in the
mud near Three Forks, and our
bank account thin enough to pa*w
for the soul of a delinquent subscriber. [iiiimi
Inwimsia la ubw cured by looking at movingpicturcH. Yenrwngo
wo always) cured it by going to
church, but a really good remedy Ih
to work long hour* and eat very
little We work longer shifts than
any editor In the world and know
the value of the remedy.
Hon Brniiirrri'jthe huinori?t,iM CO
year*, old and m far »h wacari learn
wa« never drunk U, Id* life, IVr-
ha|>» that In why he i* (10 yearn
wld, and «.»«• M%«* amid thu to****
of I'rsnftdeiiit. Anyway I'sstfidcna
ift a prohibition tow u, nnd the
iieare-4 pla*** l<> *_**-l gloriirnl in \m
A rigelr**.,
Otto Kossendale was burned
to    death   in   an   Oregon    hotel
surprise us for lie was certainly the
most cold-blooded deadbeat we have
met in a decade. His death reminds
us of tbe fact that every individual
who has wronged us sooner or later
meets with an awful death. Rosey's
case is no different* than a score of
Annapolis, in Nova Scotia, is the
oldest town in Canada, and celebrated its three hundredth birthday this summer. It is four years
older than Quebec, and has a population of 1,200. It was for 40
years the capital of the province,
but when the seat of government
in 1748 was removed to Halifax the
blow staggered the old burg, and tt
lias never been its self since.
, It is said, that King Edward tells
with great glee that when in the
west of Ireland last year he one
day went into a cabin whose only
occupant was an, old woman who
sat by the turf fire smoking an old
clay pipe. Tlie old lady welcomed
the king, and asking him to sit
down wiped a three-legged stool
with her apron. The king did so,
and said. .    -
"Do you know who I am madam?"      '
"Begorra! I don't," was the reply.
"Well, I am the King of Eng-
land."    ;
"D'ye tell mo sol" said the old
lady in a tone of surprise, and
then, remembering tbe rights of
hospitality, she took the pipe out
of her mouth, wiped the. shank
with, her hand, and, passing it to
^REASON ENOUGH  -      -    J;
Ye'ast7-"What makes you-,think
he lost His political job?" '   *..'
Oimsonbeak—"He told me. he
was going to work next week.'' • •_;
KO'OD.rOR   BROKERS ■   -.'
,     •     '',_      - ,,    -v-    ..
Beef is getting scarce, they say,
Yes, and so are bams;
Brokers needn't fret a bit,
- They.can live oil lambs.
.'"I!' ' , -_
Bencon--"Why   are   childhood
days  always considered  so
sant?"   '
Egbert—"Because it only costs
half as much to get into the circus
then!" „    '
"Has your dog a pedigree?"
asked the garrulous woman. •
"As long as your. tongue,
ma'am,"   was  the  reply  of the
;    ; V.    .       ;BENNETT-& MURPHY, proprietors"^. :v -,   ,    ■
The Filbert is now the best;hotel in.the Slocan.;r  The.Dining Room is
*'-"■ .-/conducted on strictly, firet-dasaprin^ '* Y
i    ''■■ large, comfortable and properly.taken care of.-,    -.-.-.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing, Everything
"-""        ;     ' TTp-to-Date, _     -..,;-
owner of the dog.
'Church'-^ «I
see   Roosevelt
quite a bather?"   ,
Gotham- "Parker, too."
"We ought to have a clean cam
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50o.      Tickets $7;       Main St., Sandon.
If you are looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few daysr weeks or
mouths at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Home cooking, and the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates. '\
fitnry $\w
ntwiMrket Rote!
Dew Denver
the.king, said:   ."Will yer honor
shnioke.'' — Philadelphia  Record.
1 '.}
,'tlmi Hi.i kill,
walk »n all
on MotaIaj thjn.HjM.d_ij, All |#»i-|foum for i*rm> ii.inui«, four
•out who rend tht air with the kind! timett a day.   The theory on which
nf fli*»n^i»l» Smlll.
i   .-r   ■'     i-..,,i-vi,ii..    i,      . .   f
gfifelittr *iu to bold thuuli M'ivii^(i»/or the patient •'»
■■*i*» '•,'■**   isi'ii   ^bi*^'*
band tht other night, might an well) uin mnede* around tliu vermiform
navethelr time for prenliiiigngslnni appendit are IrrrHight into play and
Is of life. When luinlii* j Mri'iigtlicueil by Ihi* qttadrufiesbtl
frtsKtl m that they can*cure, which arc ohumiJ when a hi*
rwsl go*»pei no ehtirrbf p*i| w*lk»e»r*»l. *'*»hr'r»»a*i»pef.iiteff,
lpty, and n<> man wiii dofand the IimaIi/."! intlaeiniatkm ha«{ what alio meant
TLc   d.Viuitj   U..U   »tiik*V)«>)>|is*ituitUy so ••ubt-Hlr. f "ifo tu r**pa."s
Emmeu and Spelt is the name of
a book that tho Government has
sent us from Ottawa. We havo
not read much of this work yet as
we have not finished the big die*
tlonary that wo won at a raille last
winter, but from ita appearance we
arc lead to think that Etntner ia an
interesting story, in fact, good as
the wheat. We have laid it away
until we ruturu from threshing our
nnggeliw At Poplar.
Whfv peoplo get »iek the flwt
thing mo«t of people, and many
people do ia to stuff them with
food. Food acta aa a poiaon when
given to the nick, but it ia difficult
to make people understand tbia in
their aniiety for the recovery of
the dear relative. When nick
never eat anything until recovery
in complete. Try It, even when
yon have a cold, and you will b#
forprinetl and the doctor disappointed.
A yoeog man fiom Roatland waa
••t»|'<7 im »v»c mHAtmvtiimtii yoiingl
iW)   uuii uiu   nuk   u»vw  courtsgtt
enough to propone to her nntil be
left town, then he wrote and got
for reply th* aimple word* "Go to
liecaune he aaya thena are Ihe facta
in the case; She knew that I
knew that papa wa« dead, and abe
knew that I knew the life b« bad
ffttr?, and »h# Hrn*»*r t.h.tfi J fcn*!w
when   _h«
-"If you could tell a woman's
age by her teeth, like a horse's,"
remarked the Observer of Events
and Things, "a woman would be
more inclined to keep her mouth
shut." - ■
"I'm all in," said the girl, nearly out of breath, after her twentieth
"Well, you don't look it," remarked the young man who noticed her decollete-dress.— :—
Is the home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.   V
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BBOS.,~Props.
Is< one  of  the
Hotels in these mountains where the stranger feels
at home. The landlord has a smile for every guest,
aud the creature comforts of the Hotel are unsurpassed in the Silver City, The meals are free from
lead, the beds from bugs, while the fluids on the bar
produce a reasonable amount of exhilaration without
a disastrous result in the morning.'.
W* George Clarke
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done  at Nelson's   printing emporium—-
Edwin A, Oliver in Yontters Statesman.
"Good morning," said the lady
in fashionable attire, as she approached the Teller's window in
the bank.
"Nice morning," continued the
smiling female.
"Yes," said the Teller, turning
his face away to escape tbe strong
odor of violet extract.
"Family well?"
"Oh, yes, very well.   What can
I do for you this morning?'^
J'Been on your vacation, yet?"
"Not yet," very impatiently.
"Nice weather for vacation?"
MPamily away yet?"
"Going soon, I suppose?"
"Something I can do fdr you?"
said the Teller, very much out of
patience, as he saw tbe lino grow*
ing behind the fussy woman.
"Y-e*a, let mo aee. What day
ia today?"
"Today la Friday."
"Oh, yea, Friday. Ycaterday
wa& Thursday, of course."
"Those people are getting very
impatient behind yon, madam."
• 'Muat keep you very buay here?''
"I suppose you're glad when
Sunday cornea, to you can have a
day of feat."
"Do yon want to make a deponit
or draw «ome money, madam?"
"Oh, yc#. I almost forgot; why,
I want to make a depoalt. Oh,
dear. I've forgotten to make out
the ticket, won't yon make it out
for met"
"How tnneh?" aa th* Teller
mopped bin brow for the fifteenth
"Let me *mI I think it is 134,"
fumbling in her pocket.
"Your book plesaft."
"Oh, my! Nor, Ian*! that too
bad! I've come away and left tho
book and the money at home.
Well, III diop In •gain. Good
"Some of tho women out in   the
Philippines are great prophetesses,''
said the traveler.
"Well, I suppose a prophetess
has very little on h.r in her own
country," replied his jocular
Stop at the Queen's.Hotel when
in Trout Lake City.
Send yourwatchJtoO. Strathearn
Kaslo, for repairs.
Always have a bottle of Sandon
beer in your pocket when you go
ttshing. Write to the New York
Brewery and get a case.
The Exchange Hotel In Kaslo is
liko an oasis in an Egyptian desert.
Slocan folks Hook to it like bees
to a flower garden.
The Cigar Box, Kaslo
H-^# !—_*• <Oi   ml 1 1 1
Importer of High Grade Cigars, Tobaccos, and Smokers' Sundries.
Dealer in the Sweetest Candy, and the
Choicest Fruit made and grown in
the World.
Try a thousand of my best cigars.
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Rotail and Wholesale.
Hotel Strathcona
la in a delightful location and from ita balconies
can bo *ecn all tho beauty of the grand scenery
that surrounds, hems In, and adorns the busy
city of Nelson.   It is the home of tourists and
t'i.'.U,.',V-   _,_Ti»   u._t4* lu   «u«   UiltU U.   Ut«Att«A,t'Ujl>
and every room ia an enemy to Insomnia. If
you need rootoa when on the way in, touch the
wire and the deed ft done.
Every foot In thfi country needs
• boot or shot.    The   Royal Shoe
j Store, on Baker street, in Nclaouf|
••Id. f e»n fnrniah any  kind  of footwenr
| that is required.
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
^2H^2m^m*mimtmm^^i*^^0Mmmim^gmil*^i&****^ mmm^*^-~^mmm   +mmM0~~-^rmwm   _^_^"-**"»J_^   ^^—w——»^^^  ^^—_~-.-.«^^—   •____■"'*"™*^_s_s# •_B__i*—™"*",^___f M
'^W^^^JBp,^J^^^sW,^^^^^sW»^|j^^^sW1^l^^^_k^^J ^^^K„^l 'lJP,^ '^^Ws^^l ^^Waa^^J ^^^s_s»*«^J ^^Ws^^^J^^^Bl^JL
^*JM^R*»m*J^^^mm*^^^*mmw*^^^^mmmMi^^B^mm*m^^  _pWs_^.   *sB^a» m^mwmm^^ Pi|sWsjsjps»aW| #la»»is_i»ii«»j«^»Sl aHbM_M(Ms*s^sl JHs_n_sas^s«it^sV__IVi9Bll Wi$$%&fc
Eleventh Year
m ^?a^Ur> %Japar^'|
£^Q,- /.  -*: Prom Reynold's Newspaper, London,- England       •-'■-■«- fljfl
,.   UrANTEB, a boy foi* a European hou*u »kittle
il    English   preferred,  but not " imcess-iry.
Waget eight yen monthly.   Apply to. Atr=>-.—
Being", in need of an extra servant in
tho house,* we innocently hail tho above ■ .
'translated into 'Japaneseand put in the|*f ntI,e,rnon bV "irth  will
advertisement columu of a Japanese-
-   newspaper, ^,'
The advertisement appeared on Satur
day and on Sunday morning1  1  wm
awakened at 0.80 a.m.-by an unusual
bustle below.   A knock at my door wns
followed by the information that I was
wanted.- Hastily slipping on a dressing
gown I hurried downstairs, to be con
fronted by a well dressed student, who
assured me ho could spoak a little Eng
lish, and therefore'had coino to be my
servant, but would wish to attend school
all day and do his work at night, as he
wished to learn European habits and
EngllBh language., I wa8 endeavoring
to make him understand he would not
suit at all when the door Opened and
another came, then another,.and before.
I. knew how they had got there my hall
■ was full, the garden crowded, and looking bbyond, to my utmost astonishment
1 could see them still coming/until the
house waB about to  be surrounded,
..There happened to be" no one, in'the
houBC' who. could speak English, a^nd I
i began to feel not only bewildered but
■■  alarmed.   No one spoke, everyone was
silently polite.   But'their faces!   Oh,
, dear, some were like those of seasoned
criminals, and others were those of re-
.- fined students, while among, them I
could distinctly see those of the "gentle;
. man" class. I spoke in-timid tones to
a few of these, ■ saying, '.'EigohanasU
maska?" (do you'.speak English) At
once oue or two eagerly eaidj "Yes, 1
can speak." I gratefully turned to these
but my task began to grow more diffi
, cult, and I was beginning to want my
breakfast. So I singled out one and
asked him to ccine and .speak privately
\. with me; It took me half an hour to
hear him in broken'English explain his
qualifications, which .wore' thosu of a
. English. And so it was with many
others after him. - They offered to come
without wages, if I would only let them
see how Europeans live and let them
hear English. This 1 would not do. I
knew from experience it would be a bad
. arrangement,' and I wanted a servant
not a student; so I tried some young
men from the country, then some poor
old men who wi.hod to be boys, and
then the gentlemen. (Nothing, however,
was gained and I was beginning to be
exhausted, and they still kept coming:
At last I sent for an interpreter, and my
troubles seemed nearly londod. We
chose a nice clean nrnii, and I thought
it'waa settled But no. Thoy would
not glvo up hope of being accepted; and
tnough I had a paper written and stuck
outside, saying, "Klmaerlmashta" (It Is
settled). Altogether 1 have had over
four hundred applicants in two days.
Also I have had a huge pile of letters in
English and Japanese—nomo more than
humorous, some so pathetic as to bring
tears to my eyes. Tho following is tlie
typo from tho studont;—
' 118, Waaeda, Isurumaklcho, Wshlgame,
Japan.  June 19,1004,
Mnda.n S.,—I will write with my all
sincerity.   I have seen tho Advertise
ment which you want a servant who
swoeplngand cloanlngat to-ilay's new*]
p.inor, I will hope to become that candt*
dile,   PImho appoint mn, examine my
circumstances,   lama student highest
class in higher normal school department at Waieda University, and f havn
long mimor vacation from Juno lit to
July 25th September.   Thsreforn I hop-
to ttudy practical KtiglUh convortation
in this hotyclaya   I am seeking an Englishman who admit to live in tho same
hnusa wlih me, but there was anyone,
than 1 And von   I will u lad to sen you
1 am never mind toll aa your fervent,
became my object to study English
Then 1 will receive no money for ««rv
Ing you.  Pleaio allow ma to live in
time homo with yon and trutch me
English ronvrruln whan you havo Hint)
—1 hop* with my earnest spryot
I da n«t know your nrof«wiion, yoar
circumstances, hot I am only atudent
twenty.fonr yeara eld. I knew nothing
bnt I o»n understand taw, pllllcal ocon-
my, and Ittelature but but a llttla
Thornforn fwlll toll you soma 'little to*
tereet story, translating from Japan***
able to continue the education of .their
sons, and the craving to" iearu English
is quite pathetic    Even the poor'mas
sage women will aslc (6 be taught and
do. tho most
menial work for the .privilege of leaning tho English language daily. One
of my applicants was attending: one
of the' highest and' 'most expensive
schools in Tokio. , Another came Jn his
beautiful silk kimono,- which in iteelf
must havo been a small fortune. To
get English free of charge a man will
do anything. Wo cannot help but admire their pluck nnd preseverance in
facing the most distasteful work to gain
their object. But, of course, there wore
some who capie because they were poor
and noeded work, One' man put hi«
head in his. hands and said he had come
twenty-eight miles.,- His disappointment was so great it distressed me very
much. In Japan It is the same as-.in
America or England Tho servant
question-is a.difficult onoi though,'ol
course,.difficult from different causes
hero than elsewhere. - ■ ■ °'
. It is dlflieult to realize in ' tho old
country a "gentleman" wishing to become a servant, yet it is a fact here
many of-my-applicants sent in their
cards first, as if they had come "to pay
me~a vi6lt. The boy we have chosen is
bright, clean and quick, He has plenty
of work to do, and yet he thinks his
eight yen (16s). a month is excellent
pay; but it is a privilege to be here;
he thinks, and his dozen words of English will increase in a wonderful de
gree. Ho answers our call by "Yes
'sir," and it is difflcu't to make him understand I am^madam, and not sir. In
conclusion, after my late experiences,
it is wiser not to advertise if you need a
servant when you come to Japan.
Yale and  Kootenay   districts   are
prominent among the, several sections
scheme'^The Midway-Vernon railway
enterprise' is-also having attention,
represeutatives"'oi eastern capitalists
having lately gone over the proposed
route and obtained much data for a report, which itds believed will be favor
able U> early; construction of this projected railway.
Then extensive mining and milling
developments, together with the prob
ability of the erection of a smelter near
Hedley on theSimilkameen river, make
the prospects for a railway oxtention
through that country appear brighter
than at any previous time, while those
interested in the.agricultural and min
oral resources of the Nicola vallny and
neighboring country feel much encouraged with the outlook for tho provisions of transportation facilities foi
that section. Taken altogether there
appears to be warrant for the statement that there aro indications that the
near future will see decided progress in
the directions mentioned above.
The Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
is jjever snovslijled by cheap beer,
or whiskey that has lost its vigor.
i,£.,k--P--..i :__j	
indications of even' greater industrial
progress in the near future than tho
substantial advances made in . recent
years, says tho Victoria Colonist.. The
activity in tho preliminary prepartionp
for railway resources of the province i»
steadily if not speedily being provided
for.. The Golden and Fort Steele newspapers are sanguine now that tho survey is being made of a routo. for the
Kootenay Central railway, which is to
connect tho Canadian Pacific Railway
Company's main line at Golden with it*
Crow's Nest branch, south of Fort
Steflle, that the opening up of tho Upper-Columbia and Kootenay valleys hy
this means will result in a considerable
expansion nf the agricultural, mining
and lumbering Industries of this part of
East Kootenay.
The Fort Steele, Prospector says:
"Tlio Kootenay Central Railway Is an
absolute necessity. Ore shipments to
tho amount of 200,000 tons have been
assured. The timber resources of the
Kootenay valley will bring a largo ton*
tiajre- to this railway, Tho agricultural
roaourcoa of the yalloy are being de
voloped, and will bo an important facto-
In securing tonnage for tho new railway.'
Whether or not this Is rathor a rosy
view of the immediate prospect for a
sufficient tonnage to warrant the early
construction of a railway is doubtless a
matter that has had tho serious consideration of (hone most concerned, vlar
those who will bave to And tho money
for the rnnitrupflon of the railway,'   It
Is  certain that there are promising
mining camps along   Ihn   tributary
stream* of both the Upper Columbia
and Kootenay river*   In several nf
theeethrtflecurranreof large shoots of
ore that ran be mined and treated at n
profit has beuu proved   Much valuable
timber Is also valuable for utilisation;
while there ii a good fluid for agricultural and horticultural development I
arenas to mnrketa h« provided for produce   So it would teem that the san
gulna anticipation! of the district news
paper* are In a largo measure warrant
ed by ihe existence of conditions favor
•hie   to  Increasing dnvelopmcnt and
much material advancement.
Bnt it ie uot In East Kootenay only
that Indications of progre** may bo
aeen. Thow who have succeeded itt
ln*trtel«# %fln*!ii»«*«i!<' *»i»*<i»»m
Enroll now for Book-keeper, Shorthand and
Typewriting. Graduates are in demand. Sei (1
for Catalogue. •
Grand hotel
is the home for all
Slocan people visiting the great gold
camp, Tasty meals, J
fine liquors and soft
beds make it a pleasant home for
3acoD$on $ Hndmvn, Props.
On tbe road leading to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for man and' bis horse.
Tbe bacon, beans, boef-
steak, ^ eggs, oats, hay,
boozerine and cigars cannot be beaten in tbe bills
- of the Lardeau.
Is tho Loading Hotel of
HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor
mvymm* *mvm aave time. Alter| motmlnl„ „,,„,„>w^* w"^
day T (till m*$ afoot- a yaar Bw do
yett think with my propofjil I am no
akuentariee with you and I wrote m
Order   your   Fall   Suit
Natty Suitings now arriving,
P. P. Llebscher,
SllvM«*'i Bon Ttllor
Ovor Wallaco'Milter block, Baker
St., Nelson. Special yearly ion-
tracts for Prewiing, Repairing and
Cleaning, fjloods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awn-
inga made to order.
J. R.Cameron
„»>V(_ wmw % »ii« awiMiiwi »1 «iy i»«
politeneat,  Plaaee alow met I am waiting your ree|MMtabta answer^-1 am,
K Maoao.
rieaaa alow me, I adopted Japan***
enalem tnr *mA my teiter.
Theta la n« donht thai thu tertIWe
*_• Ii.> t.ki»t-tl uni«li •nlicting in tin*
couniry,   Many father* havtt not been
an electric railway will bo built to provide tranapo-tation-tacilittae tor mlnlnr
propertlee on tho Duncan river and
IhfWH"*! Ha Hrtwxw !»%*» t*> *T«'-*<;'««
Jake. In tbe boundary, loo, there are
favorable pretp«cta for railway bulttlittp
to mining «»mp« kaawn ta promise, a
conahkrablrt lounago of ore. The prn-
Ht looking to the coni'.rucllon of a
railway np to tht north fork ol the
Kuttie river Irom Urand Fork* is« live
ri'ie, and rsiported recent dUrnvt»rtw i>1
Sar/i' hrtrti#f «| ■>»•/ «re in Fianklbi
J camp hav« liurt-ased Interest in thil
,*'!U)   V'lllll   1)
' \r    * *
Suit of Clothes
Ha hat the nohhieat suiting*
w»rbm*it«hi|> i* th# bttt.
SANDON,   .   mfcjffffl
From Crow's Nest, B.G, to
Flathead Townsite
la rmly a Hist a ere »f *?2 mile* awl there'
U k IW»»»«lrt«»(i»ii*    Wwil.*». !irttt.l)<»l •'•»,
etc, fi»rn<»hiH at < tow's .S«*»t    A| il* (
lo A.(i'«U>. l>i<i»'*.Vr4,itC
has been moved from New Denver to
Nelson, bag, baggage and bull-dog. It is now published every Monday morning and circulates two
hundred miles from its home before the sun goes
down. It is one of the most valuable advertising
mediums in Canada, and probably has the largest
circulation of any weekly paper in British Columbia.
It will always contain racy paragraphs, breezy editorials and the latest news by wire and otherwise.
Find  enclosed Two  dollars,  my subscription to &
The Ledge for one year.
Gut this out and send
in with some collateral.
The Job Printing
Department contains something less
than $60,000 worth of material which renders it
possible for our artists to produce typographical
triumphs upon short notice. Orders taken for any
kind of printing, from the dwarf-sized visiting card to
the leviathan poster. The work will equal anything
west of the Bed River, and the price will not suspend
your breath for even a second. Send your orders by
wire, mail, or word of mouth. They will have prompt
attention, and satisfaction will reign supreme when
front* #*#%**#»♦, «*M><iw
ft«~,- _.obo wu uur .uo rnnuug.    rastemis no on
the wall for it will not appear many times.   Our
neififilnOrfl     HOIefl    «*    Kfflr*    rsnrifin    4riy 4-nfl* ' «%l_'I'*'* *V   »»-l. *_     -,-*.'*
they sell.
'mF'W ,"cgB»*' *"C,."*« >ar__>»4 pr_jm m^rm prr*a;
■-^OIcSsi|___^_B._B_%c;-^«_-^%-^«»^ THS LEDGE, NELSON, B.C., SEPTEMBER 5, 1904,
. Eleventh Yeas
1    »"■■"-'■"
We are specially fitted up to do all kinds of
repairing. Look into your jewel cases, you may bave a
good brooch which only needs a piu, or a ring which needs
a stoue reset. We may use the old setting or reset
anew. If stoues are missing we will furnish new ones at
a very low price. We want your repairs as we aro sure
to please you in doing the work. Do not neglect your
diamond setting, it is perhaps time you bad it reset;
this is our special work and we guarantee satisfaction aud
safety. On receipt of a postal card wo will mail you a
wooden box to insure safety in transportation.
Patenaude Bros,,y^lS^^'SA^fieYson
T.G. Procter
& Co.
Real Estate
Mining Agents
Ranches and City
Properties For Sale
, (18 Miles From Nelson )
Family parties can bo supplied with
fresh milk, butter, eggs, etc<, from the
Home Ranch. Reduced Rates by the
w«ek.   Apply to
Nelson. Outlet Hotel I rocter
—   .a	
Meals at all hours.
Manilla and Kamloops Cigars for sale.
Herr Wagner has heen touring Canada with a view to discovering
its advantages "aB a field for Genman
emigration -He expressed himself de-
lighted.and considers this couutry better suited to German emigration than
Brazil ;br.the South American States.
This eelf-appolnted immigration official
(staking back photographs of typical
Canadian cence to ,be used in illustrating his lectures.
"Toronto iBone of the loveliest cities
1 have visited, and is the finest in the
Dominion," said Herr Wagner, chaflg-
ing the subject-, it has quite the appear
ances, of a European city. In Winnipeg the Yankees and their methods are
too much in evidence. British Columbia has the fairest prospects of any of
the Provinces.
i'Lhave been in the States;" said the
editor, "and 1 cannot like them    Their
manners aro bad, and their deterioration 1 attribute to the thousands of
rascals and criminals   from   Europe
pouring Into their country.  This tends
to tho degradation of social life   /"Rascals have climbed to the top everywhere."  He stated that he   thought
England the grandest country in the
world.    The intelligent Germans,  he
stated, hope for the success of Ihe Rus-
rairiB, as they fear ia Japanese Monroe
s   s
With which is Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, 18,700,000.      Reserve Fund, $3,000,000.
,   Aggregate Resources Exceeding $83,000,000.        ■
HON. GEO. A. COX, President. B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
ColnmbuB and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
Goods, made by.
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented l»y QEOBOE HQRTQN.	
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted. •
P0. Box 503^       Office: Kootenay St., Nelson
Gait Reporter:   The municipal electric light service has been in operation
in Chicago for sixteen years   and the
city felicitates itself unpon the outcome
ofthe enterprise undertaken in 1888.
Not a few of Chicago's shrewedest mun
took an unfavorable view of the project when it was mooted, but the advocates of municipal ownership were
able to carry their point, being assisted
in their plans by the splendid showing
which the city's waterworks made annually, the net earnings of the same
reaching nearly $2,000,000.
City Electrician Ellicott has completed his annual report and we glean from
it the following facts:
For the year just closed the system
exhibits a profit of_$_97,0.9
Throughout Russia there's rejoicing-
,    It's a boy^ ,   °
All their happiness are voicing—   .;
It's a boy,
From theilowest to the highest,    .
From the""slowest to the spryest,
. From the wettest to the dryesl—
It's a ooy.
■Guns in loud salutes are gloating-
it's a boy.
Banners everywhere are floating—
It's a boy.
Hearty are congratulations v'
From the rulers of great nations,
And from people in all station-
It's a boy,
Happy is the Czar oft saddened—
It's a boy.
His Czarina, too, is gladdened—
It's a boy.
Happy dad and happy mother,
Happy girlB smile at each other,
Tor they've got a little brother—
It's a boy
There's a gloomy shadow lifted—
It's a boy.
Scenes from dull to gray aro shiftod-
Hopo that long had been illusion,
It's a boy.
Brings at last a glad conclusion-
It's a boy.
War just, now gets less attention-
It's a boy.
There is but one thing to mention-
It's a boy.
Though the Russians aro retreating
And the Japanete are beating,
Muscovites are all repeating—
It's a boy.
no no.
,'. M.' Gintzburger has been appointed General Agent toj the sale
of lots in the Town of Rosebery. \~
~- • A. St.G. Hameiusley,
Attorney for Owners.
P. O. BOX 105
__.__. i
.pHIRTY DAYS aft- r date We Intend to apply
' L to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, at Victoria, for a special licence to out
and carry away timber from the following tracts
of land,
Commencing at a post planted on the East
bank of the second west fork of Wilson oreek, in
the West Kootenay district, about 6 miles from
the mouth of the siream, marked M. H. K.,
S E.G., thence west40chains tbei-CQ north 160
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence south 160
chains to point of commencement. ,
Located the 28th day of July, 10o4.
Commencing at a post planted on the East
bank of Wilson creek, tn the West Kootenay
District, about 1\ miles above the falls, marked
J. B... N. E. C„ thence south 160 chains, thence
west 40 chains, thence north 160 chains, thence
east 40 chains to point of commencement.
Located the -8th day of July, 1901.
See our line of Morris Chairs
Velour Cushions $8.00 & up.
Sole Agent*:   Mason Risch Plans,
Of the Miner's Union Block
Is the only hall In tlie city suitable for Theatrical l'erformaures, Conceits, I lances and
other public, entertainments,
ifor bookings, write or wire—
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
•ttt Interior view
trn sUro iDullances; furnace heated throughout! population to draw
OkO>iWZM W!!_hWisOs
Have f resli meat every
day at Bandon, and iu
all tho shop, operated
by tham in British
Columbia. No con*
tract too large for thia
firm. Armies and
railroads supplied on
short notice.
At the lowest prices
compatible with quality the
seating capacity 3M| mod- headquarters in Nelson are
from, 1600. j -
Opposite Court House and new Port*
office. Best 8ft* meal in town. Euro-
{Mian and American plan. Only white
labor employed.  First clans bar.
THOMAS & ER1CK80K, Props
nelson fair
Second Annual Inhibition of tho
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Association
September 28-29
Novel Open Air Attractions
Writs for I'rlse List."
J* K. Annablc, Bee., Nelson, B.C.
ship the city has 8,>ent for construction
and operations 13,720,099
The total cost fur all kinds of city
lighting' is much less now than in 1693,
although the candle power supplied has
been largely increaaed     In 1.95 the
cost was $1,098,220, and light equal to
8,064,000 candle power was furnished
By 1900 the cost had fallen to $919,103,
and the candle power risen to 9,518,500.
In 1903 the cost was only (916,212, and
the lamps of all kinds were of 12,268,000
candle power.   The total amount spent
on the city electric lighting plant in
1908 was $257,451
Score another for municipal owner
■NP- "    '
Birmingham, Eng., has a mint which
In addition to turning out millions of
English coins does more in the way of
supplying foreign Governments with
coin than any other money-making establishment in the world.
A few days ago it shipped the first installment of a huge Egyptian order for
10,000,000 piasters/ The consignment
weighed five tons, was conveyed in sixty
cases, aud valued at 815,000,000. For
well over a century Birmingham has
taken the lead in- this literal kind of
monoymaking, As far back as 1797 one
ArmjsoinMjur^xMDk^SLiSEJ!^6 ^r"
3010 Westminster Bond.
100,000 Bulbs to arrive soon from Holland
France and Japan.
Rhododendrons, ,   Roses,     Greenhouse
and- Hardy  Plants   for   Fall   Planting.
Homo Grown and Imported
Garden,   Field   and   Flower  Seeds.
Y Always in   took In season,
Green house. full of Plants, Cut Flowers.
Flor.il Work, Buy direct and secure agent's
Catalogue free,' or call and examine stock.
special licence to cut and curry away timber
from the following described lands, situated on
the west end of Summit lake. In West Kootenay
District, commencing at a post marked "O.H.
S W.C ."planted about one half mile south of
A. R. Flnglaud's post, and. at M. Ointzberger's
N W.C, thence north 80 chains, thence cast SO
chains, tbenoe south 80 chains and thence west
8U chains to placo of commencement.-
DAM McLEOD, Looator.,
.*. FOREST PKI.TON, Agent.
Dated thlftSth day of August, 1901.
A 2£ Horse Power Gasoline
Engine for sale. Price $100. Address— R. T. Lowery, Nelson.
Vancouver, B.O.
Trustworthy lady or gentleman to manage
business in this county and adjoining territory
for wt'll and favorably known house of solid
financial standing. frtMX) straight cash salary
and expenses paid each Monday by check direct
from headquarters. Expense money advanced.
Position permament. Address, Manager, S1Q
t omo Block, Chicago, Illinois.
Twelve back numbers of Lowery'*
Claim, all different, and a copy, of
Float sent to any address, postpaid.
Address,  R. T. Lowery, Nelson, B.O.
Wanted Immediately
' Is the largest in the
Slocan. Ladies out
town should write for
samples or prices.
W,   R,   MEQAW,     SANDON B.C.
leh Government 4,000 tons of copper
coin, valued at about $4,000,000.' Among
the countries And Governments which
have gone time after time to Birmingham for their money are India, Tunis,
Canada, Turkey, China, Hong Kong,
Haytlc Sarawak, Tuscany, Venezuela,
and Chile.
In some instances, notably in that of
China, the coins were not made In Birmingham. As a matter of fact, no Chinese coin tins, ho far as is known, ever
been made outside the Celestial Empire.
The pride and prejudice ol tho Chinese
have to bo humored, so the firm sent
out a complete plant with men to operate it, and the coins were struck in
.China.  No fewer than eight separate
I plants have been- sent out to China in
this way.
For tho new kingdom oi Italy the
same thing was done in 1802,1600 tons
of "blanks" being shipped to furnish the
raw material. Again, in Marseilles,
the reostablishhicnt of the empire under
A ryanfa To sell Fruit trees, Raspberry,
-C».&*5_.EliB> Gooseberry and Currant bushes
etc Good Inay weekly; Outfit free. There Is
big money in this work for trustworthy men.
Over 600 acres. M.?:
ttvatlon, over 600 acres of Nursery Stock including the choicest and best varieties for Orchard
and Garden planting. We will dt liver goods to
ousto < ers In good condition, freight paid. Our
agents bave every advantage that this line ol
business can offer them,. Apply now for terms
ASSAYER                CHEMIST
Prlces-Goid, Silver or Lead   I1XO
, Gold-Silver or Silver-Lead tl.t>0
P.O. Box D1U . YMIR. B.O.
*3T  Will make arrangements for local ageney
or the handling of exclusive territories.
Steamship Tickets
To and from European points via Canadian
and American lines. Apply for sailing dates,
rates, ticket- and full information to any O. P.
Ry, agent or— 	
O. P. R. Agent. New Denvei.
W. P. F. Cnmmlngs, a. 8.8, Ant., Winnipeg.
Canadian o
Pacific Ky.
Gold,Silver, Copper or Lead, $1.00 each
 A—....«,„_•1_KAJ_ _ni!,tht>_-t   _t9_00	
 _lllJ*tlTV,-W*-~VV  |-_UJ-.,HVV,--.    -w.	
Samples by mail receive prompt attention;
Placet Gold, Retorts and Rich Ores bought.
17S5 ArapahoelSt., Denver,  Colo.
r  O.  MBLVIN,' Manufacturing Jeweller.
u i Expert Watch Repairer. Diamond Setter,
and Engraver.  Manufactures Chains. Lockets
and Rings.   Workmanship guaranteed equal to
anylnOanada.   «-----£--..--. ~   »«-
t«0, Sandon.
raiaaniuip f[u-r_.Ho-u «h<»> w
Orders by mall solicited, Box
from native stones.  L
M0KER8QN the Jeweller
igate Jewellery, made
Fine watch repairing
r, Baker St., Nelson.
Ocean Grove.--Capt. Charles II.
Stanley, a field officer of the Blue Button Army, who 1b down as "the Converted Comedian," and wiio Is leading
■orvlcei at the Rescue Mission at As-      ■
bury Park, N. J., narrowly escaped Napoleon III rendered necessary a new
choking to death while singing a hymn. .«••■».*•. 76° ton» of/ met*» wore In this
• •    - -.......  wav turned into money on French soil.
McXKOD  HOTEL. YMIR.    All modern
improvements. Sample rooms In eonnec-
The only first-class no' ""  "  '
As he opened his mouth wide on a high
note a beetle flew down his throat and
lodged in his windpipe' Tho captain
was black In the face before the insect
could be dislodged.
FouNorns 4 Machinists,
way turned into money on French soil.
—London Dally News.   v
MuBical goods and stationery at
0. Stratbcarn's, Raalo.
4, A SHAVE, «it
,£,  OR   BATH   4,
▼       AI.WAVH llKAOr AT       »»r
Try one of tho tonJca at the
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Fittings, etc., always
on hand Estimate, furnished. Scrap
Iron bought fay the carload. Repairing
' and Jobbing.
B C. TRAVIS, "»«"»
Victoria Hotel
Victoria BtreM, Nelson.
W. K. McCANOLlKH, Proprietor.
Th a weekly paper published
«t FOPLAH, W. U. llgnm
all the news of that great
gold camp. It cost« $2 a
year to any address. Send
your money to—.
Furniture and
j L liuei Uikilifc j
tttigitiwt n*
Wall Paper
Bent dollar -liny Hotel In
Board nnd room, nix dollar*.
a week.
, ilo-rd and mrii fey the month, twenty -
I rir* rlnllnr*.   MmI Tickets (ill maah»>
five dollars.     _______
World's Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson Slocan City Nakusp
Rosebery   New Denver
St. Louis $60   Chicago $6$
Toronto $87.35 Montreal $98
Halifax $121.80
New York $101
f bs only flrst-clsis'hoti^lTri'Ynilrr
FINLAY MeUCOD, Pioprjstor.
TUKKINO'M npTKLln Psnrasotitiaofaser*
(nl home for -II trsvelsrs to the Lsraesu.
turopls Rooms, V AUK BAR1IBR, Proprietor.
L and American pun. Mssls.tt cents. Rooms
from ire up to I). Oulr white help employed.
Nothingrellowabout the piece exceptthestol.
luthsssfe, MAIX)NK fc TRgqiliLDB.
QARTLETT UOVSE. formsrlf the Clerk
D Is the best IJ»d»y hotel In Nelson. Onlr
white help employed.   O,   W. BAUTLBTT,
««l»ndttMb«stliiUvsUrtlo. OoUisei
slvrsys welcome.     UliVIMBHOS.
„. old-
<VVlU>l«MMsU«   _Mle»l*Ol-iantfi.
Two rftmr*l<** mi* el Itar Piitnnw, one
Rrltith i'late Mirror M*»» InehM, new,
I +H+r \'r++*+i, lUllUrd aud Poo' Tabldf
tHKii H*jfimwfc Htm wutst /.|/f».,.«!,.«...,
M.ll OreVrs n«rH»#  Vromt*   AtWatVin.
R. Elliott, Kaslo. B.C.
°¥olr SHOES "*
*«So Ui^oa S<4ji m Tint PititMi^yi
•Pmwe IM.
MAtmrnuMi. wimiiom
Uttladrope of wlMlnm. little fraini
n{ common sense, are grudnally pereot
atiuff Into the mi^iiterial mind. At
Brentford. Kr»*{., the otbtr day a boy
«at charteii with laving stolen applet,
nmiMTAiMri inniNin   iln****1*'^ wUkiv, Uva jut^tutntte, while
l""'M 5 to write owl tiHy limwt. "TU«u al>aU iwtl
Meal apple*'* A Daniel-** atUtmoa—
cwsae t« 'p&ptmu
ffl.?-,    HIT m   *f»
Call and examine our Text
Books and local Students'
Ninety Day's Limit.
September 6, 6, and 7.
Low Excursion Fares,
For all eastern points will also be quoted
going via Fort Arthur all rail or lake
route, returning same or via Chicago
and St. Louis.
For full particulars apply to local agents
Wholesale M«f>
A chants. Orot«tt*» end Mlntna
_   ers In Butljr. E«(ts. Ooeese. Produce end
fruit, tfslson. II. O.
il MI'DCNON* CO., Nelson, B.O. Wbols.
Fj. salt deslers In Wines, Lk)uors snd elffsrs,
Asenta lot Ifabst bow. .
AU branches ot technical education taught by mail.
Circulars descriptive of var-
iowi countm givon free.
J. A, McKanghan,
Loeil R*»prescntative.
W. 8. Brodawck.
K.&B. By.
Lr 8:ao».tn.-Aandoa-Ar 4.2& p.m.
t •«»«•*«! tt m _.|r»«l*wTiv 9'*w» !».n».
_?4_iiiAuw; 5t!.!i/,St.
Lv l;3o p.ta.-Kaalo-Ar ll;oo a.in.
Arl*^k»|».i»,-X«l»H>»-L*f a*s)a> •.!■_
,   Ticiets aeld to all parte ol the United
! Statee aiwl CatuiiLa via Or*ut Northern
For forther partlealar call ob or ad*
rKOBEUT IRVING, atinagof, Eaalo,
GHmmraX  etoro.
«J t Or «e«rtas, Dry Ooais. Ets.
[R city t-inoftfrn. at, i.o.q,»,
IIC.  UetthMN til Ihe «•»_• Hs«
evwslat M tile vtrateer t-mhrw
OiBBcrr, Wwfsftrr,      ,
IoAIKlHtM tOIHjK NO a«.    K. or V.
Awl. Superintendent,   i|
f        avHOTOO»At»HCH»        f
tVAMCOOVtH »«» MCLtON, • C. t
fOtty rsT.l.AT(nffst,
fl fCrtalM>rt»itv«y«v,
A. 'U^u^^r^ui
lf4T_nninfi ■?!■  i up1
■fc.j,i. <
HA«.fCO*   *
HOT  irRlKOI     VW fssitl.
juMUiL-  _ ,,     - -  -..
bsmsis.  i pwflKes*^. sjesw ———™
nwikm. s*I*i|m wM screws.
..  SfNI_'_l  ll-M-
 H   Its * asm W*l
att"!l»\;r. uTiu-t	
•nn row fr/T tuns i«Htmbwt   Tf»« •_•!!• «-tly
»itkJt _^_Aa_.|_si_| __________Mk*__'kle_-_^____i
■ SJWm ajsjs^sjB^a/lBj^sij_asll W^sVSJBP__P^swsweW*a_saii/^^tt


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