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The Ledge 1904-10-20

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i^%r%>%r\<%%%9 i
•     .      - -      i i
tW%^*VV%^^'%>%%'V*pS# i
-..-'""X '
10^ !F you y^ai
edge reguTarty
Volume XII., Number 2.
l" "--v .. —■       ■       ,_r —
Price, $2 a Year, m Advance
UFe Tn Nefson
Judgo Leamy and Mrs. Loamy
of Grand Forks were in the eity
the past weekix o
Alfred Olson, ono of the old-
timers of Nelson, left this woek for
Goldfields, Nevada.
G. A. Proulx of Lardo, one of
tho "owners of the Buffalo group,
on Cascade creek, near Poplar, is
in the city.
Colonel W. S.„Ray of the Molly
Gibson Mining company was in
Nelson the past week, and 'left for
Port Arthur, Out., Thursday.
W. - J. Robertson, the Nelson
furniture man, returned Thursday
from an extended visit to Halifax,
N. S. He also - visited the St.
Louis fair.
A. D. Hnllett, Greenwood's
chief of police, was in tbe city
Monday night, presumably trying
to locate the Liberal candidate for
Yale-Cariboo, who left here a week
ago and has as yet failed to furnish the promised dispatches to a
local daily in reference to Liberal
enthusiasm in the Okanagan.
Ed. Angrignon, one of New
Denver's    most    popular   young
_business__men._,_was__,in the eifcv
Monday last. Mr. Angrignon says
business has improved at the
Lucerne in the past mouth, largely
owing to the number of men employed on the waterworks system,
and tho activity at Rosebery, the
zinc smelter town a couple of
miles distant from New Denver.   ,
Owing to having to publish both
a Nelson and a Pernio edition of
the * paper this week, and Mr.
Lowery being at Fernie, The
Lkihie wasn't issued Monday
morning. However, the usual
number of newsboys congregated
in front of the office about six
o'clock Monday morning. Some
wag, coming along, informed them
thore would be no paper as Lowery
was drunk and smashing things iu
the Bodega saloon. Down street
tho wholo mob went helter-skelter
yelling: "No Lkddk this morning; Lowcry'a drunk I"
Charles P. Webster, traveling
correspondent of the Vancouver
Mining Exchange was a caller at
Tub Lkdoe office thin week. He
is on a tour of the camps of Yalo
and Kooteuay districts and should
receive the support of prospectora
and mining companies, as the
Exchange is the only paper on tho
coast that haa "played fair" with
with the mining industry of the
Interior. It is the intention of
he management to enlarge ihe
Mining Exchange, making it the
largest as well ss tbe most au*
thentio mining journal In the
In tlie police court Saturday the]
case of assault brought by a China*
man working in the eawmlU
against one of tbe mill hands camo
up. The accused pleaded cruilty
to rolling the chink iu tbo saw*
duet and was relieved of $24 in all
try the court; Tbe chink didn't
wyytM iu ix/tut uftiug tt> m feiigm
iuuM»i*»U.ou _*u*_v, fry -tttving
"sot" right down on something
real bard. Frank, a Chinaman,
was arawwd ot nerving bine grout**
... ...'it. \f>etut.^,A,'av.     A.*   »#i   \»mt.l lit
Chinese ease*- there were extenuating circnmstanctK, Frank claiming thai the grouse came from ths
U. 8. A,   The pry waa put under
Mm for tffl,  wf»Ft W.m w.f**»g**
Ths f>ers m who told the groone
li** i-oninbuti-d il *-._&.
Quito a number   of Poplaritesi]
are wintering ia Nelson.
Four cariboo were shot last week
a short distance from Goldhill on
the Lardeau river.
Harry Graves, the popular conductor on tlie Lardo branch, was
in town a few days this week.
J. 0. Moore, provincial road
superintendent, camo in from
Kaslo Thursday and left for EaBt
Kootenay Friday.
, S. F. McKa*£ of the Poplar saw
mill was in Nelson this week,  on
his return trip from Calgary, where
he sold 100,000 feet of lumber.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Baxter
opened up the Bird creek wagon
road by driving through to the
Ophir properties, in Ashcroft's
new landeau and best. pair, a distance of thirteen miles.
W. A. McKionon former night
operator of the C. P. R. at this
point left Wednesday for the south
where he will spend the winter.
Mr. McKinnon is one of the
smoothest operators that has work
ed for the C. P. R. for some time
past. His many -friends greatly
j TogrWhliTIeavlng^ "~
This week a deal [ was put
through by Aid. A. H. Clement by
which the Roisterer and Gosnell
breweries were purchased by a
local syndicate, represented by -J.-
J. Malone and Gus Thomas. A,
company has been formed and already more than the required
amount of stock has been subscribed by local business men. It
is the intention of the new com
pany to improve the plant arid en
large the output of the Roisterer
brewery aud closo the other down
Billy Doyle is working lit llo.ebery.
Charloy Adnoy was 'In town from
Poplar last waok.
llarry Angoll lias movod Into town
from the Bosun ranch.
Tho Roman Catholic church is givinff
a concert and dance in the early part
of November.
A.   W. Strickland, manager of tho
local branch of tho Bank of Montreal
has gone to tho coast for a short
Frank Switz, an Italian minor known
an" Irish Mike," was killed at the Idaho
mlno Tuesday. He drilled into a miBsed
A slide carried away a portion of tho
electric light flume last Tuosday. and
tho town is now outwardly in darkness
for a few days, although tho local
mental lights shine as brilliantly as
Some of the finest peaches grown in
B. 0. were raised by J. II. Moran in
this town. This shows that tho Slocan
is not only the richest mining camp but
also one of the best fruit growing portions of tho province.
Wm Tomlinso* is over from tho
Lightning Peak group on Kettle river,
and reports work progressing favorably
and prospects particularly good. A
trial shipment of five tons has been
sacked and sent but to tho smelter.
Friday morning funeral services were
held in the Presbyterian church over
tho remains of tho late G B. Chandler,
who died Monday last. Rev. W. G.
Brown officiating. Tho attendance was
very largo. The body was then carried to the wharf, followed oy a largo
number of the residents, and thence
shipped—to—Dorehostorj—N™B;~ Mrsr
Chandler accompanied the remains.
Our Grit friends are deluging tho
town with campaign literature, and aB
wo walk tho stroets wo see .taring at
ub from every part of tho town some-
like tliis: "How Ross Won in tho Yukon," "Surplusses to Burn," "Slfton on
Permits,""Why Mulock Put tho Pry
Under Lowory's Claim," " Laurior and
tho IForolgnors," "Tho Loyalty of
Bourassa,"'• What Big Bill Has Done
tor the Slocan," etc. ,
At one of tho leading theatres
where the serried ranks of youth
and beauty wero sparkling like a
sea of glory, in gay and costly
attire, a favorite actress dropped a
part of her gearing—toll it not in
Gath I—her garter, in fact. Who
this actress is will bo told by her
press agent, never fear.
Two proud and prominent gal*
lanta mado a plunge for tho circlet,
each socking to recover It. A
scuffle ensued which merged into a
fight. No flashing swords hail thoy
as their forbears of olden times,
but each drew lib trinity barlow
knife and began carving tho other,
liko striking Chicago butchers after
a derelict maverick, and the
way they slashed each other will
be better told after tho coroner's
What became of tho coveted
garter is not known, but, uo doubt,
| some Gloomy Gum picked it up and
restored it to its fair owner. Thi*
is a small matter—the incident we
mewn. What loom* up to Ilimala*
yan heights and Matterhorn magnificence is the demonstrated fact
that tho days of chivalry, long
gone by, havo returned In their
Mike O'Neill, of Atlin, was sentenced to six months at hard labor,
being convicted by Police Magistrate Taylor of tho theft of $125
from Wylie Sherman, a Caribou
Crossing farmer. O'Neill and
Sherman wero passengers on the
train from Caribou to Whitehorso,
O'Noill had a long bottle of "stark
naked" hootch from which ho induced Sherman to drink often and
freely, aud when he reached the
comatose stage he (O'Neill) extracted tho money from Sherman's
pocket. O'Noill practically admitted tho theft.—Whitehorso Star.
Active sloping has commenced
on the Reco.
Ten men are now at work on tbe
American Boy.
Brindle and Thompson have
commenced work on the Marion.
The lessees of the Silver Bell
ship another carload of ore this
The Slocan Star is shipping clean
ore direct from the mine by tbe
The Noble Five is being surveyed, and development will'be started
this week.
1 The shaft on the Last Chance is
down 200 feet, showing up a large
body of ore.
A new vein has been opened up
on the Cindrella, assaying 90
ounceB in silver.
A carload of ore was shipped to
the Nelson smelter last week from
this upper tunnel of the Payne.
The samples of ore Bent from the
Ottawa to the Nelson fair assayed
2260 ounces in silver to the ton.
Thirty-four tons ot ore were
shipped from Slocan city the past
week. The total tonnage to date
is 1,8-47 tons.
The lessees of the Mountain
Goat, Surprise basin, have struck
a good paystreak of ore and sacked
several tons.
Operations were resumed the
past week on the Rockland, the
with a crew of eight men.
Five inches of first-class ore has
been crosscut on th^ south drift
in the Myrtle. Native silver is
freely sprinkled through the ore.
Chapleau affairs still continue to
occupy a great deal of .attention.
A new turn of events occured this
week when E. Savage, the manager, returned to tlie camp and weut
up to the property. He declares
he was put in charge by the new
company, and he will not give up
possession of the mine until all
liabilities have been wiped out.
The original leaseholders of the
Chapleau have been talking freely
of late also as to their intentions,
it being given out that thoy would
commence operations this week
with 2G men.
The past fortnight's developments tu the alue oro markets of
the Joplln district, while decidedly
profitable to the mine operators,
says tho Lead and Zinc News, are
In no wise dominated by conditions
existing in the spelter trade of tho
country. Zinc ore this past week
almost reached the highest price
level which has been created iu
the previous history of the rinc Industry of tbe United State*, For
top price IM was paid for ore
which a fortnight ago was Hold for
14.1—an advance of 110 per ton in
the ore market in the face of an
actual  deelinis  in spelter prirm
m rfI  Strange to say,  the   reports of
pristine splendor to Cincinnati. -1 steadily advancing ore markets has
Commercial-Appeal. \ brought forto HUle or no increase
• tn the demand for spelter.   "   "
Each time a woman ignores her
councienc**, gat*n rings a fare.
To leave «>m*Mhin« tiro-tid fa not
necetmry to prove onemif a liar.
Marterton, Griffith & Co., Trout
Lake, have all the »npp)les needed
by lumber camps .and mines.
Visitors f> Sandon need never
fear th* panic* of tmnger. Ths
Heofam Chop House fa always opm
On thfl
contrary, holders of spelter had
been steadily refusing to dinpose of
their product for less than  five
cent* per |*ound m Wie .St. l^itii*
market.   Bids of $4M were frequently refused during the  (list
half of the past fortnight, a move*
ment which was wiw  from  the
(luuctbtri.'}»,(..t .irC <,U"*, i-tpw.ullj
when tree ors msrk«H* were elimb*
Ittg higher each day.
if **"***"
A beautiful young woman of this
city required the services of an
alienist to inquire into her mental
condition as tho result of a love
match  opposed by  her parents.
Liko thousands of  other young
girls who havo given their hearts
into the keeping of men of their
choice, this young lady has possibly
been hectored and and ridiculed
until sensitive nature at last gave
way under the strain ot parental
displeasure.    Now that it is too
late   these   same    well*meaning
parents would gladly sacrifice tbeir
own   lives   that   tbeir   beloved
daughter might again aes tho light
of reason,   And  yet how many
families there aro whose happiness
has lieen forever clouded by the
well-meant interference of a father
or mother in* the love affairs of
their children.   Noble-hearted girls
have Iwvn known to pine away and
die >• tlie result of such actions
while their grieving parents were
ignorant of the trim cause of the
malady.    Whenever the natural
dictates of the heart are opposed,
..... f,.***-..^ «,«_«. .*   .«*<<•    «p_i   iMt**H
•y.vJ.vJ.'J  mw* tk< .(lv-*.'! i-tA|Kiu*4i-.<_<—
!*arts News,
Ju.t received a .strong line of
irwaMn* *im*m nt nrirwi fmtn   *f4
wen and upward, Tlie B.U. Furniture Company, Fernie,
At tbe Kootenay ftaloon In Kan-
don yiiii do not new! an introduction Ui gH K dtlnk.    Tut the pric«*
on the bar and ths mixer will do
Ei L. Hart left for Nova Scotia on
Charles Copp is paying tho camp a
short, visit.
Mrs. E. L. Ma-torson visited Trout
Lake this week.
Jack McHale loft Wednesday to spend
the winter in Nelson.
Turk Brown has moved into his new
residence on Second^strcet.
The sawmill shipped four carloads of
lumber to Calgary this week.
Engineer Crawford of tho Lnrdo express is building a residence at Gorrard.
Miss Anderson, sister of Gust Anderson of the Grand, left this week for
R. G. McLeod and sovoral of tho
shareholders of tho Spyglass from Nel-
aro in Poplar.
Alex. Smith waB in camp last week
looking over tho Klondike group on
Tenderfoot creok.   *
Word has been received that the deal
on the Hecla and Heckler Fraction haB
been declared off."
Roberts and Woodrow report anew
strike of free gold on the Golden IJnl-
corn, Rapid creek.
E. L, Morand and family arrived in
town Monday and have taken up their
residence in tho Royal.
Andy Garvey has gone to Rossland
to do assessment on a claim adjoining
the I XL in that camp.
John Keen went to Nelson on Monday
to attend a meeeting of the oxocutive
of the Liberal association.
Mossre. Lammers and McGoldrich
the timber areas of tho district.
Ernest Harrop is receiving congratulations on tho birth of a son, which occurred in Nelson on tho 2oth ult.
J. C. Hanson and bride returned Friday from Spokane and havo moved
into their residence on Marquis avenue.
Tho Morgan-Beach hunting purty returned this week from Ilowser lako,
Thoy bagged throe goats and a variety
of small game.
Oflicor Simpson and W. E. Marshall
visited Ilowser and Lardo this week,
the former a. an escort, and the latter
nlso as an escort. '
GuBt Anderson and Fred J. Uazon
have ttakon up a water right on tho
Lardo and will start a brewery, or a
Btampimll, or a sawmill.
Mrs.Alox. Wilson, Mrs. Smuck, Miss
Morgan, Miss Beach, .Frank Holton, P.
II, O'Connor, Monto Morgan and the
•'kid" am camping at Howsor Make this
We have it on tho authority of no less
a personage than Sir O'Sliaugliiiiusy
that tho tardo express will run ruiru*
larly this winter, weather permitting
and traffic increasing.
Armstrong & Altnitrom have closed
tho Poplar hotel and havo gone to )Um-
land for the winter. An addition wilt
be made to tbo building snd tlio hotel
opened again in the early apring.
Work ha* been discontinued on the
Copper .King (or the winter. About
one htindrod faot of tuniieliiii* linn Imon
done during tho season. Tho lead is
76 feet In width, carrying copper-gold
The tunnel on the Mother Lrxlo in in
100 feet with the ore well In the face of
the tunnel. Manager Cota leavi* thin
week on bualuoM connected with tho
futuro development of tlio mine, and
will upend a mouth at tho co*»t.
Work on tho Mwwlo group closed
down thin week, tho u«w mamger <»{
tb« (Jrest Northern Mlnem, 11. Crilly,
harlng decided to devote hi* whole at
n-ntlnii during 111* wlnt-tr to tl># •!<•
foloptriMit of tho Cambornw propertl'*
of the company.
A recent suay from ihn trad in the
upraise of t!i« .Spyglass jiavu U07.5
ounce* fn alfvor from tho quarts and
gray copper; WR ounces from the quart e
y,1 ni' hit,    Till,- i.V(.v';' t'..,j u.\1 },V !,./_■ „v
far enroontirm! In tht mlno mill #iv«
| a food set |>roSt.
A deal I* now nn for a group of d_lm»
near the brad of IjiIuj crork, and «4-
Ji»«i..l# Wrt. MHHtlX   Jl I I'll J>       III*  ti Will I
if John Chbrn and the ileal la being nut
through by Wm. fkhmock. Tho lead
lnar.oi.t-4t fix* in wMtfi,tr«rr*lri$f ax
bijtti •* 70 f«r cent. xin_ Tho nro will
havo to be taken ont by vay of Keslev
If you know any good news bring; _ The band played sweet music on
it to this oflice
Mtb. Jennings and son will return from New York in a few
The Italian band in Fernie disr
courses music that would sound
well, even in New York. °
Iu this issue ao attempt is made
at publishing the current news,
but what a difference next week!
The Ledge makes no attempt at
getting up much of a paper this
week. Too busy getting the plant
in position.
The entrance to the new Bank of
Commerce building on Victoria
avenue is a work of art, and admired by all who- pass along Fer-
nie's main artery.
Fernie should have a good curling rink. Nelson players are anxious to come here several times
during the winter, and promise to
buy all their Scotch whiskey in
town. °
A Jnp was fined $50 and costs
last week for raising a disturbance,
but not in Lio Yang. He had
over $1,000 in his clothes when the
police searched him which proves
that money must be easy in Fernie.
Cole Murchison has sold hiB interest in the Imperial hotel to
Joseph Jean, who is now sole proprietor. Cole will stay in "the city
until spring. After that, he may
go to the Okanagan, and look at
the fruit trees.
Tlie coal miners of Fernie received something like $50,000 in
wages last Saturday. Probably
$25,000 of this will bo spent in
Fernie, $20,000 go to Europe, and
Big Tim of Toronto will get most
of the balance.
The Elk Lumber Co. will build
a now sawmill Houth of tho bridge.
The present mill will be torn down.
The now mill will cut 20,000,000
a year, and employ 175 men.
This means more business for Fertile. Tho new plant will be running by next May.
Prof. Cooper liko everyone else
in Fernie has dono well during the past week in phrenology.
The Professor haa boon blind for
24 yearn. When at home ho lives
in Cimir 1)' Aleno city, and is one
of nature's nobleman. He fpeaks
well of his reception in B. C,
especially In Ymir, Sandon and
The good people need uot be
nervous because there is a now
editor in town. This old paper in
its new place will not break any of
your idols, or bring sorrow to your
soul. It will 1h» devoted to news
and some clean humor, so do not
bo afraid to come in nnd band us
thu necessary collateral for a subscription.
Mis. i:. Todd brought delight to
many a feminine heart in Ferule
lafct week. Khe had a inilliin-ry
opening in thu new Todd block,
aud ably ai-wistcd by Mis* A.
Brown, late of Toronto, idie displayed a lovely tuiHOi (incut of bain
that gave gr-nt Hatinfadion snd
surprixed the fair sex. mho throng*
ed the ntor« from early morn to
lata at night,
K.B.K. 8t'»in, gpn<*ral repn-senta*
tivo of tlie Ik'll Piano Co., of
(iuelph, Out., was in town la*t
week and appointi-d Mr» Todd
local agent, 'ins Bell piano took
diplomas thia year at the Nekton
Tbe young son of John Gusty's
has no further use for hot stoves.
The water in Fernie contains a
little arsenic, but there is none in
the whiskey.
Fernie is more than 4,000 feet
above the sea, and some days' you
can almost touch tho clouds.
Coal is delivered to your door in
Fernie for $3,50. This fall the
coal is better than it has ever been.
W. F. Martin, one of the fastest
hockey players Rat Portage ever
had arrived in town last week,
and has taken a position with Gordon & Matbison.
At the end of October, L. R.
Forbes will spend a month's vacation in Ottawa. His wife has been
visiting her relatives in that city
for the past month. •'■
The Ledge office in Fernie is in
the Lundy block. It has a bake
oven in the rear end, and an hotel
across the road. This makes it
easy for the staff when thirst or
hunger attacks them.
The new Todd block on Victoria
and is a  very  substantial brick
structure.   The entire flat upstairs
has been leased by the Eagles for a
lodge and banquet room.   One of
tho stores   is  occupied   by Mrs.
Todd, and the other will be iu a
few days by Charles Richards, the
well-known,  and   popular   merchant.   Tho ill-luck that has hampered his path in the past has been
all brushed aside through his energy and attention to business, and
in more commodious premises he
will be better prepared than over
to take charge of his over increasing business.
All tho C.P.R. trackmen between the Eat and Kootenay lako
will assemble iu Pernio on Saturday for a celebration of their own.
The great railroad of which tht-y
are an essentra! part provides tbe
500 of them with freo transportation, although they would prob*
ably got here if they had to hit ihe
tiec. At least 100 of them will sit
down to a banquet at the Napancc
Hotel, Thomas Whclan having
been engaged to furnish that number with all that is good to eat and
drink. Hairy Doolan Mill probably carve allelic turkeys.
Work at tho mih-Iut Ii progreMlng
Fifteen men are working at th« Kill
liviiii tramway.
H. K. Rwitiy has told bin .torn t-n J.
O. Tcinpli'ton of Calgary.
W. ,1   Young hat ojh'im*! a h*rt-*r
Hlinp |n ihiii town,
I'ml l.ix> Iut* not yet rw-d Ihn day
that he luiild an hotel in lloo»v|||«.
Th* payroll at  Moyl<« la fcH,«« a
Hurry HooUn baa been made psr*
mnni'tit rrwutmMiet
*" -''    *  §       fjt    -   *■■--'-   -       —-- — -— *^*'     4
tnwfi \nrt vi'Sr,    **,rwtt ri« t> rnMti.Vilt-'    •'#'',,, HoMil-on fcr<tn*wM«M n *»«*t»,*.*>»rt
warehmiRP ran 1m» obtalnwltbo lMl|'*t,Ky ,n l-'r»«»«'«,«"-
Co.    will diatribute their
from Nelnon.
Before long Ferule will l« ilw
wwiiti i ivv hi i., x... ii i,h*» hml
much trouble in the pant. The
explosion, two »«Hk<*# and the big
fire would have killrtl many a
town, but not m with Fernh. It#
energeti** citiroijn have aurvivetl
aff tjii-fr trii»ifiF.-«, an<f an' tajiM-ty
Tin* Sughent cash priors are paid
for CTMik stoves and   furniture at
The King Edward is one of th*
largrtHt hotel* in Fernie. Itron*
tsina 27 rooms, and is fitteil up
'.>)('.K   A   VU"A     U>   tlw>    ttrtilbili    t>[
0    . _»__-__...       I poahing on to th« mail that i<*Ad*(gtt**t*.   Ki»p ths King Mwsnlrw
Bendy our wa^h^iOMtralb^iii'^ a u.uuuUiu  uf  Ul  U...W  av* {>»«»*■   u.Iml  wU-mi you buy jour
Ka*Jo, fot upairt. oounu. ticket for Fernie. Ji -I..OA jj&tv+g-
"Maud, that little boy next door
swears like a trooper. I hope you
don't play with him."
"No, mother, not now. He's
taught me.all he knew." ,
White—I've noticed that the
wicked generally get what they
Black—And I've noticed that tbe
good don't.—Life.
The Ledqe.
K, T. IrOWERY, Editor and Financier.
1 laf 0
menial centre of tlie Kootenay,
Subscription, $2 a yenr in advance or $2 60 if
not so paid.
Tub Linus can 1 o traced to many parti of the
earth It has never Ihjcu raided l»y tho fjliorlff,
snowslWed liy cheap silver, or subdued by ihe
roar of man It works for tho trail blazer equally
aa well as it docs for the ch.iini«Biie-llavorea
JtrustSlond. It alms to bo on the right side of
everything, and still firmly talic-ve*. that hell
should Im administered to the wicked In larpo
doses. It has stood the test of time, and the
pnystrcak has never entirely pinched out, although at times it has been no bitter than the
shadow of a knlfebl.idc. It knows that one of
tho noblest woi*s of creation Is the man who
always pays the printer.
Address everything to—
Nelson, B.C.
A pencil cross In this square
lldloates that your subscription la due. and that the editor
wants once again to look at
yoar collateral
The Ledgre in Fernie.
The removal to and the publication of this paper in Fernie needs
little comment in one way, and a
great deal in another.   Its editor
recognizes tho great future that is
Kootenay, and has gathered all his
forces to the town with the payroll.   We need no brass band to
announce the fact that we aro in
town.   Our work will speak for
itself and needs no padding.   This
paper, after a few minor difficulties
are pushed away, will always be
found in the front rank.   Its editorials will be original, and flavored
with a Western  experience  that
commenced long before tho trails
were blazed into ono of Canada's
greatest coal towns.   Its city and
district news will bo breezy and interesting, and  seldom dipped in
vinegar.   Its selections of the beBt
in humor, Action and literature,
will alone make it a pleasant companion in every cabin, palace nml
home.   It commences business in
its  new  home  with  the  largeM
circulation of any weekly paper in
this  province,   a  fact  that  will
gladden tho heart of every advertiser.   Its job printing department
will be the birthplace of many a
typographical triumph, ever blending beauty with stability.   With
these few remarks we hoist our
flag amid the smoke of Fernie, and
trust that it will never come down
until tho last car of black diamonds
is dug out of tho hills, and the mil*
leninm makes us all the samo size.
Ouit editorial matter is scant this
week owing to the fact that we are
busier rustling business than Bill
Galliher is catching votes.
The circulation of this paper is
limited, to a million, so get in early
and subscribe. We still have tho
bulldog, but he is awfully lean.
It is a good thing to fire customs
oifidals once in a while. Many of
them become too tyrannical when
they hold office for many years.
TnE Russian forward movement
is something liko the man with
three wheels in his head—one
moving forward and two backward;   v ■
The Conservative party wants
Canada to own the Grand Trunk
Pacific. It is about time Canada
owned something. It has been a
picnic for grafters, for many years,
although we still have the privl
lege of using the C. P. It. when we
have the price and are civil.
Within ten years there will bo
more than 20,000 people in Fernie,
and with coal at its door and iron
"Lot ub," said tho ardent youth
To the journalistic miss;
"Lot us," shyly, "go to press,
So that we may print a kiss." .
One edition soon was done-
He knew what ho was about,
"Our success is fine," he said,
"We must get some extras outl"
Bishop David H. Groer, of Now
York, recently took the American
girl to task for frivolity.
"I, for instance, am not frivolous," she said. "On the contrary
I am fond of cooking. I often po
into the kitchen and help our
. "But perhaps your help," said
Bishop Greer, with a smile, "is
like that of a young girl I used to
know in Wheeling.
"She went into her mother's
kitchen one day and told the cook
she had como to help her.
"But the cook frowned.
" 'No, no,' she said. 'I have
too much to do today,' "
Rabbi Hirsh, of Chicago, was
riding iu a crowded street car, and
rose to surrender his seat to a lady.
Before she could take it a young
man plumped himself into it. Tho
rabbi looked at him in disgusted
silence. "What's the matter?"
demanded the man; "what yeh
glarin' at me for? Yeh look as if
yeh'd like to*eat me." "I am forbidden to cat you," answered the
rabbi; "I am a Jew."
at Bull river, it is bound to be the
the Pittsburg of Canada, to say
nothing about zinc and other
smelters, which will havo a tendency to make it look like Swansea.
Never be small about anything.
If you steal take a railroad and you
will be honored in the land. If
you steal a pound of meat or a
loaf of bread you will be branded
as a villain and probably be put in
a place where tho bars prevent you
from falling out of the windows
and breaking your neck.
This is a world of ceaseless
change. A few days ago wo had
three subscribers at Nakusp. Ono,
after eleven years, grew tired and
•topped his paper, whilo another
took the typhoid route to a hotter
land. The only subscriber wo havo
left in the birthplace of this paper
is John Hector, and wo trust that
ho will always be rich enough to
pay tho printer.
A lady in San Francisco engaged
a Chinese cook. When tho Celestial came, among other things she
asked his name. "My name,"
said the Chinaman smiling, "is
Wang Hang Ho." "Ok, I can't
remember all of that," said the
lady, "I will call you John." John
smiled all over, and asked, "What
your namee?" "My name is Mrs.
Melville Landon." "Me no mem-
ble all that," said John. "Chinaman he no savey Mrs. Membul
London.   I call you Tommy."
Herbert S. Stone, the publisher!
according to the, New York Tribune, described' at a dinner in
Washington the amusing methods
of a newspaper writer who used to
furnish avticies at a set rate a
He was onco commissioned to do
a serial story for a° Chicago paper.
The etory as it proceeded from
week to week, was interesting, but
it contained many passages like
the following:
"Did you hear him?"
"I did."
"Truly? '
"Where?"   .
"By tho wall."
"Today "
"Then ho lives?"'
"He does."
The editor, sending for the man,
said; "Hereafter we will pay you
for the letters in your serial. We
will pay you so much a thousand
Tho young man, looking crestfallen, went away, but in the very
next installment of his story he introduced a character who stuttered,
and all through the , chapter were
scattered passages like this:
"B-b-b-believe  me,   s-s-s-sir,  I
BENNETT &•MURPHY/Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.   The rooms are
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Electiuo Light, Hot Air, Modern,Plumbing, Everything
Ur-TO-DATE. .'.""''■■
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c.       Tickets _>7.       Main St., Sandon.
If you are looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Home cooking, and tho finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
ljenry $\w
newmarket fiottl
new Denver
am n-n-n-n-n-not g-jf-g-g-g-guilty.
M-m-m-m-my m-m-m-m-m-mothcr
c-c-c-c-committed this c-c-c-crimo.''
A iiAitn trail often ends at Easy
The oil lioom in
sensation in II. (3.
the next great
Thkhk is ono gr.*afc advantage in
nuning a paper in Kurnio—coal is
Tiii>k are the days when the
candidate has a good memory and
always wants to shako your hand.
Wr still
,.11,.,4       ....
believe that one of tbo
A sailor, three sheets in tho wind,
sailed into a revival meeting and
took a vacant sent in tho first row.
After a hymn had been sung tho
oxhorter asked thoso of tho congregation who wanted to go to heaven
to stand up, It arose enmasso,
leaving tho son of Neptune seated
lie looked around with a look of
unfeigned disgust that iwrdorod on
contempt. One of tho captains
left the platform, ami accosting the
lad of the briny deep, Inquired:
"Don't   yon   want to go to
boa ven?"
" In course I does," he replied.
"Then why do you not stand
"Well, shipmate, I wants to go
to hoavon,  but not with such
bloody crew a* thi*,"
A little boy, who had a good idea
of his artistic ability, was found by
one of his father's friends at work
drawing' a picture.
"What are you doing?" he
askod tho boy.
" I am 'drawing a picture of
God," replied the boy, hardly looking up from his work.
"Why, you cannot draw a pic
turo of God," said his friend. "No
one^draws a picture of God, because they do not know what He
looks like."
" I know it," replied tho youthful artist, "but they will wheu I
got through."
Last week a strapping negro
woman was up beforo a magistrate,
charged with unmercifully beating
her boy,
"I don't understand how you
can havo tho heart to treat your
child so cruelly," aaid tho magls*
"Jodge, haa you been a parent
of a wufilcBB yallcr boy liko da. ar
cub of mino?"
" Never—no, never I" With
great vehemence, and getting red
in the face.
"Den don't talk; you don't
know nulling about itn-*Phila*
delphia Ledger.
Always have a bottle of Sandon
beer in your pockot when you go
fishing. Write to the New York
Brewery and get a case.
Is,the homo of all Slocan,people traveling to and from Poplar. '
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
-—-   ..'-■ -i-   .' ......    -    .
Of the Miner's Union Block
Is tho only Iiall in the city suitable for Theatrical Performance*, Concerto, Dances and
other public entertainments.
Vox bookings, write or wire—   s
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
"(__ Interior view. Seating capacity 380; mod.
em stage aoullances; farnaco heated throughout; population to draw from, 1,400.
JLUSUj   il.!,. ii3H'ilJ'.!,' ^.J'.'i   33;,!; ^'h.U:r,
Tnita* I* more raonoy in tht>
smoke of coke ovens than there Is
in ail the snxmerv around N>w
Co$*iDKiU!f« the temptations
thrown in their way railway conductors are no more dishonest
thun any othfir rluw of people.
While money it god to most people,
Jew can rmmt the chanop to make
in easy dollar.
8am Jones, the evangelist, while
preaching in Georgia, recently, aaw
a well dream*! young man leaving
i.iivi \,iiuiv,,i,     ,-iiiaimu^   "wm »1HJ<V« _..
tho alweonder, Jones thundered:
" Young man, would you rather
go to hell than sit here and hear
me finish this -sermon ?"   Stopping
a momr»nftand sr-raf^hFrig fiN hwid,
the young  man replied:   " Yea,
tor, 1 think i would,'1
outside tbe door.
Soon after King Edward VII.,
then tho IVlnco of Wales, had won
his drat Derby, ho, in company
with a friend, hailed a hamtom in
Piccadilly, and directed the man
to drive to Whitehall. When they
alighted, tho friend, in giving the
driver half-a-crown, inquired
whether ho was aware whom ho
had been driving. "Now, don't
come it mister, ploaae!" remarked
wwi), itiutw aiu k a uay pam
but m ha. soiuebouy UieM to kid me
ni 'ow the Shah of Persia or the
Hemperor William's Un a-ridlng
in my keb," "I am not joking,"
*'iVi Mm Mniini^ ttyhy. '* _i»e gentleman who has ju*t alighted la the
Prince of Wales." "Wot oM"
came from cabby, with an incredulous wink. "Then you can tell
I!hi* g**n«F*>man whaft jrwt alfgfcted
aa 'ow the 'onto wot'a bin a-poltln'
ami Hepped 1 im along w 't'ertimmon.' Oee np,
 "In_.Mo8cpw__! said Nathan
Haskell Dole, translator of Tolstoi,
"I saw a little child crying miserably one afternoon. He walked
slowly down one of the principal
streets, and his howls soon brought
a big crowed around him.
"What is the matter, my child?
What troubles you?" every ono
"The boy paused'finally. He
looked at the multitude which had
assembled. Then, lifting up his
voice, ho shouted in a shrill treble:
" 'I am lost. Will somebody
se take me homo to Ivan
Troubetsky, the champion clothier
of tho South End, who has just got
in his now stock of spring overcoats, suits, neckties, shirts, hats
and umbrellas, which ho will soil
cheaper than any ono olso in tho
city.'" ■	
"So your engagement is broken
oil?" said the girl tn grey.
1 'Yes,'' replied the girl in brown,
frowning at the recollection.
"What waa tho matter?"
"He basely deceived me. You
see, it was this way. I asked him
one day to promise mo that he
would never again smoke cigarettes.
Ho promised. Then I asked him
to refrain from tho use of tobacco
In any form. Ho promised to do
thai Later, I told him I bad a
horror of anyone who tonched
llqnor, and ho agreed never to
touch It. After that I suggoated
that T thought the clubs had a bad
influence on young men and I
ahonld expect him to give them
up, and he aaid he would. I nlao
took up the subject of gambling,
and made him promise that he
would stop playing cards and betting on horse*."
"Well yon didn't ask him mnelit
I suppose be deceived yon In the
matter?'  . ,
"Oh, nol 1 could havo forgiven
that. But just when I waa con*
gratnlating myaelf that I at least
had reformed ono young man I
Jonod Uim no tiidtt t need any
reforming. He positively waa not
addict**! to any one of the bad
habit* I made him promise to
adtndon. It was a terrible ahock,
aud I broke off the engagen.<>nt
right away. There waa no longer
anything In It to make it inter(*t* j
tat*" j
Victoria Hotel
Victoria Street, Nolson.
W. 13. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Best dollar-a-day Hotel, in Nelson.
Board and room, six dollars a week.
Board antl room by tho month, twenty-
five dollars. Meal Tickets (21 meals)
five dollars.       :r
No LiQuon Sow ok Tnm Pkemibeb.
'PllONB 188.
On the road leading to
Ferguson ah4 Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for man and his horse.
The bacon, beans, beefsteak, eggs, oats, hay,
booy-erino and cigars cannot be beaten in the hills
of the Lardeau.
With which is Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, $8,700,000.      Reserve Fund, 13,000,000.
Aggregate Resources Exceeding $83,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President. B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed
J. L. BUCHAN, Maiiagor.
Terms Spot Cash
The Exchange Hotel in Kaslo is
liko an oasis in an Egyptian desort-.
Slocan folks flock to it like bees
to a flower garden.
W. P. Tlereey
Phono 265 Baker St., Nelson
■JW-tfM»**¥**'*«V*«V-tW» y^-ijAjAj***ji*rA*^^t***m*^*A**A0
T.G. Procter
Real Estate
Mining Agent
Ranehos and City :
Properties For Sale
Several Choice Blocks of Prultlands
Improved snd unimproved, con*
venient to Nolion on the West Ann.
the Kootenay Valley Co.
Hare 80,000 acres or the best teloc*
ted lands in East Kootenty adjacent
to tbo projected Kootenay Central
Railway which will be built shortly.
Price from 13.00 to $10,00 per acre.
Five yoara termi. ,
Hotel Strathcona
0 *
Is In a delightful location and from it* Iwleonlca
can lie seen all tho beauty of tho grand scenery
that surrounds, hems in, and adorns tlie busy
«_*     «p_p*-**!Mpp. «*.*«*
«„>'»V »..'_'.•* iiW.i Hill  yi.iU '<j*   -vc-J   Mtit'.t.. ,   Ti_*.
cuisine never drag* in the mire of mediocrity,
and wwy room Ia an wmny to lusomnia. If
yon need rooms when on the way in, touch the
.1 ii. i..i'   *
p»*-*,_  v*****  p,fc'»p*l*  W^ WW,**.-",,
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C. THE LEDGE, NELSON, B.C., OCTOBER 20," 1904.
Do you know the cause of most" railway accidents?" asked a Divleion
Superintendent on tho Lake Shore to
mo the other day, as we were waiting
on the platform at Ashtabula.
"What causes most accidents? Why,
disobedience of orders j,' 1 answered.  .
"Yon are only partially right—tho
causo lies deeper. Why should a railway employee disobey orders?. Why
should an engineer run past the station
where he is ordered to stop?—it iB his
own lifo he cndangors mo6t. Why
should a trnin-dcspatcher send out two'
trains facing each other on one track?
Or why should a switchtondor throw a
switch in front of a fast express?
"You call these thing, accidonts,—
but that tn not tho word—they aro the
result of wrong mental conditions: and
this wrong condition is usually domestic
"Doyou remember whon two passenger trains met, head on, out in Indiana,
last yoar? Tho engineer of ono of those
trains had in his pocket an order to take
the side track at a certain station. Ho
ran hy that station at the rate of fifty
miles an hour, and in live minutes thero
was a crash that simffed out fifty-four
lives and two hundred thousand dollars
worth or property.
"I knew the engineer. Lot us call
him Hank Bristol, for that wasn't his
namo. He was married to a smashing,
dashing, beautiful creaturo, and thoy
boarded at a hotel—had no children. 1
boarded there, too, and we aU made
eyes at Hank's handsome wife. She
used to play the piano and sing a little,
and recite, Tho love ot the one plain,
honest man was not enough for—she
craved tho admiration of the clever.
She wasn't a bad woman—just an idle
one, who spent every sparo cent Hank
made, on finery, and, of courso, wanted
tho finery and herself admired.
"Hank was proud of her, too. One
evening he kissed the dear creature
good-byo and started out to make a
night run. He wont to the roundhouse, and at'the last moment the Ol'
Man decided to save Hank back and let
him take out a .special carrying the
President aud DircctorA)f tho road, In
tho morning. Hack was tickled—it
was'a great compliment to him. He
went home to tell his wife—he used to
tell her everything.
"But when ho got home, she wasn't
there—8he had gone to tho theatre with
a boot and shoo drummer.
"Hank went away and walked the
streets all night—his wifo nevdr knew,
and I believe she doesn't yet. Ho walked tbo streets all night aud ran out tho
special in tho morning.
"But after that ho was never tho
same. Ho used to confide in me—he
just had to tell some one to keep his heart
from bursting,
"He grow absent-minded, lost flesh,
appetite gone, was nervous—the doctor
snid he should quit coffee and cut out
half the tobacco.
"I know what was the mattor—he was
jealous. I told him so—and he laughed
a laugh that gave mo gooseflcsh. ' I
jealous? Why, Bill, you don't know
me—1 jealous? The idea! No, I'm only
married to a damned fool of a woman,
who makes my heart eat itself out with
grief because she lives on the fringe of
folly. Why don't I leave her! My God!
Bill, that is tho trouble—I can't—I love
"Hank didn't work on our road or I'd
never havo let him touch a throttle-
valvo, even if he'd been my brother.
I knew it would come. He was found
under the engine, the order that ho had
disobeyed In his pocket, and a picture
in bis watch of tbo woman who caused
tho disaster.  No, it probably has never
dawned upon this women that she
caused the wreck. She wore deep
mourning and the cutest little black
bonnet with a white ruche. She was
tho moei fetching widow you ever saw
—and she knew it.
"Yes, that is what I said—marital infelicity causes the railroad wrecks and
most others, too.
"The only safoman is ono whose heart
is at rest—who has a home, and a wifo
who stays there and minds her business,
looks after tho babies, has no secrets,
and does not mako eyes at other men—
that's the kind! 1 know every man
that works for me, and I know a disturbed, distressed aud jealous man a
train-length away, My heart bleeds
for 'otn. but I serve the public and none
such can run an engine for me.
"Do you see that man in the blue
overalls down there at the end of the
platform? Well, he is the engineer who
will take out thia train. See how calm,
satisfied and self-possessed he is; he has
no cares, no anxieties beyond tho desire to do his work well. Seo him now
walking around his engine, lovingly
looking it over. He Ib not bo awfully
brilliant, but ho will never disappoint
you. Now, when wo start, about two
miles out, you will hear the engine
give three soft tools, and over to tho
left, a little woman will come out of a
white cottage and wave her apron!"
The conductor called "All aboard!''
The bell clanged warningly, -wo stepped
into the coach and the train started.
Wo had reached tho outskirts of tho
town and wero skimming along at the
rate of thirty miles an hour.
The engine gave three short, soft
whistles, I saw the white cottage, a
woman standing on the back porch with
children holding on to her Bkirts all
'around—she was waving a big check
"What did I toll you?" aeked the
Superintendent—"that man's heart is at
rest—he will nover forget an order—he
is safe—his mind is free, so he does his
work! He is at peace with himself and
at peace with the world. You can always trust a man who honestly loves
and is loved honestly. Penelope is 'preferable to either Phryno or Phyllis.''
The JaP '1 ArrieHca
The Pacific northwest yields every
variety of product possiblo of cultivation In a temperate climate, and contains every resourco capablo of being
applied to tho uses of man—oxcept one.
Its mountains are full of gold and
silver, copper and lead and zinc. Hugo
deposits of iron lio adjacont to millions
upon millions of tons of coal. Its forests constitute the world's great reserve
supply of timber and Its rivers in their
headlong career from high altitudes to
the sea form a porennlal sourco of energy unequalled in any other portion ot
tho globo. One groat exception to the
universal character ot the riches of
this quartor ot tho continent thero is,
however—there are no developed flolds
of potroloum. This consideration lends
particular Interest to tho reports of a
groat oil Hold occupying tho southonot;
orn portion ot British Columbia, the
sonthweistern corner of Alberta antl tho
northern portion of Montana, which
abuts tho Canadian province and ter*
rltory. Tlie discovery and development
of a productive field of petroleum In
this locality would round off and com*
pleto tho tnlo of tbo valuable resource*
of tho Pacific northwoHt ■■ nothing else
could do. Therefore, while* from ono
point ot vlow the story of efforts put
forward to open up tills presumably oil
bearing territory ia only tho story ot
certain pioneer speculators endeavoring
to enrich thomsotvoH, irom another
point of vlow It may bo tho history ot
tho foundation ot an Industry pregnant
with advantage to the towns and oitliu
and population gent-ally of the Pacific
The existence ol petroleum In thia
part ot the country would piobably
never have been aututtctori but for the
(act that very rcmarkabta Mcp-go ot
tho oil occur, on« lu Alberts, one In
Montana on Klntla cre*k, and «ever«l
in British Columbia, ono of tbe latter
known as the Big Spring on Rag* creek
insittg* .«fifcs*i..t} nw.'itsful aatural
phenomenon to a',tract wMMprtad attention. The formation ot the country
wis put down by jrmlogiutt *a belong*
ing to tbo Cambrian era-i series of
roclts In which scfaneo declare* It Is
Impossible for petroleum to occur.  Dr.
undoubtedly been known lo the Stoney
Indians from time immemorial. It occurs on the main east and west trail
through the south Kootenay pass and
at the present time tho Ilocky Mountain Oil company of Calgary is boring
several wells in tho vicinity.
Tho British Columbia soopagos, In
particular tho Big Spring on tho Sago
crook, woro first discovered by Thomas
Jefferson in 1883. Thomas Jefferson,
or ''Uncle Jeff," as ho li familiarly called, was ono of General Miles' scouts
during the No*/. Porco rebellion. After
the Indians wore subdued, bo settled
down to trap boavor along tho tributaries of tho Flathead river, and it was
while engaged In trapping that ho discover-1 potroloum on tho creeks.
"Undo Joff is still a halo old man of
04, ablo to conduct parties through the
mountains and making not only nn efll*
ctont but an entertaining guide,' over*
flowing with a wealth of interesting ro*
mlni.concoj. It is to bo hoped that ho
woltdcrlvo a comfortable competence
to cheer his declining years from the
fruits of his old discovery,
Jefferson mado uo eocrot of his dls
covorles and by 1871 tho seepages of
petroleum wore as wetl known as thoy
aro today. Conditions woro entirely
different, however. No means of transportation existed and even the great
coal measures of tho north were going
a h-Kj-ing (or «Uivulo|iniuiii. In tb.u
yoar tho late Dr. Helwyn, then rotlnd
from tile noat a* director of tho Cana
dlan Geological department and living
In riulrninsnt in Vancouver, made a
trip through the country, riding from
Plnchor crook. Alberta, over tho divide
to tbo Flathead river, and then up tho
river to tho prettent root* ot the Crow't
Ncst Paw railway, He described In
hli report the various seepage with
vtvtdne** awl accuracy.
So tbo matter lay tar names year*.
Then tho development ot cop*
js*_if mine*, th1* dewMttvl for eofew, tb*»
opening of th« IVnto mln<*», and eon*
•traction of the Crow's Neat paae rati*
way, a aeries of remarkable evonti with
which mriftt Spokane prmplo era famll
lar and hy which many of thorn have
btnefltod. This lod Dr. Daweon la hU
district of Montana and on Cameron
Falls creek in Alberta. Great success
is attending boring operations in theee
localities. But the evidoncesTol petrb-
loum exist largely in British Columbia.
Eastward ot the Aid ridge seepage in
Alberta, which is only about three
miles from the summit, tho formation
is such as to rather daunt the speculator, and thia reduced the area suitable
for commencing operations to comparatively small dimensions. Thoro has
not been room for groat activity, al
though it is to bo hoped, upon the demonstrations now being mado, tho
field of operations will bo successfully
extended. In Montana also boring was
only commenced upou an iuductton
from tho British Columbia seepages,
and tho one existing on Klntla creek.
—David B. Boglo. In Spokane Uovlow.
There are perhaps 10,000 Japanese in
and about San Francisco, and several
thousands more scattered through the
State of California.. More, than half of
them aro boys in their toons or young
men in their early twenties. They come
mostly of good families. Many are of
tho proud Samurai caste. With little
money or none at all they havo como to
the Unitod States to get an education.
Wheu a Japanese boy of this class
lands in tho United States, ho goej to
ono of the innumerable Japanese em-'
ployment agencies.0 Usually he doesn't
know a word of the language. His
countrymon coach hira in a few words
necessary to understand a domestic
order. Then thoy get him a job for a
low price as "second boy," or man of al!
work, often at a Iprice as low as $5 a
month iwith board and room and the
privilege of school time to himself.
Green as he is, ho learns fast. In a
week ho can wash dishes, prepare vegetables, sweep, dust, and make beds.
After that ho goes to a Public School,is
admitted to ono of the lower grades, and
begins a regime which makes the life of
a Scotch student seem like leisure by
comparison. Ho is up with the dawn,
studying until it is time to get breakfast and serve it. He rushes through
his dishes and is at his desk by 9 o'clock.
In the primary school recess of an hour
and a half he! is back serving luncheon,,
or if that meal is omitted at his house,
doing odd chores. After Bchool he races
through his housework, Berves dinner,
washes tho dishes, and iB back at his
books again.' And ho keeps that pace
up year in and year out. It would kill
a Caucasian.
All this is a great blessing to the
housekeeper of limited means. A fam
ily which couldn't afford a white servant
hires a Jap boy for $6 a month and his
board, , The wife does the cooking and
the lighter housework. The Jap does
all tho rest. There's only one trouble
witlnjthe arrangement. He is learning
all tho time, and when he has found out
bow to do plain cooking, Amorlcan|style,
mako moro money. Then the housewife has to break in another Japanese
boy.   The original ""help" goes on and
Provincial land Surveyor
Lands and Minora! Claim-Survoyod
and Crown Granted.
I>0. Box MS,       Office: Kootenay Bt„ KeUon
^'UwiJ ^lAMp-Aii'd ii  'Ii/IsiIIhI  rrjitirt  tkii ul (■,-•<. r.VfrM V. 1t»Ven **>
ol tbe feolofkal condition- In   the   **"**   * - ..     «...
Don't bo afraid to tako a suggestion.
It pays not to be. I'vo a friend who
dollghts tn ragging mo. Ho succeeds,
too. Whon ho hands out some caustic
comment that leaves a scar upon my
vanity, I bring up my battorios nnd let
go at him for all Tin worth. 1 orsonal*
itiosaro apt,to (ly, which is rather dangerous to friendship But that Is ono
way ideas are born, and tf you're wide
awake you can generally catch ono or
or two ou tho wing. Ideas have a
monoy value. Mover mind tf they aro
tutors, hot from tho bat, and sting liko
—catch thorn with bare hamlw, If necessary, but catch thorn.
Whon yon'vo caught your Idea, don't
bo pig-headed, and lot It lie useless until tovgottun ?f It en m*»<i from a frfond.
all right; you don't mind belli"? Indebted to a friend for a "mere Idea,*' If
from en enemy, chuckle to youwelf
over tho fact that ho baa unwittingly
given yon a valuable present
Yes, Idoaa aro valuable. It depend*
what you do with thorn. Hometiimw
thoy mean a saving In time in bookkeeping, an Improved systom or r»
du-tlon of expound. Suinotttnoa they
mean an eauler method of mtlocUngt a
way to eolt moro good*, a nipmm of at*
trading peoplo to your utoro. a happy
thought In displaying your goons nr in
ad vert I .lug, (lecattonally they mean
valuable Inventleoi .Sorac-tlmf* they
don't mean anything profitable, but by
all meant n*»i them Figure tho matter out aa well aa you can, and if It look*
at alt Likely, give U a t-lal. Vlvm U
, I the lilf-a nmvmi Ita-ntf worth!***, It will
,^r,t lead to others, eome of which am bousd
tl Have fresh meat every
(li day at Sandon, and in
**** all tho shops operated
by them in British
Columbia. No con*,
tract too largo for this
firm. Ann lee and
railroads supplied on
short  notice.
up until he is a pretty good plain cook
and is making a cook's wages. He
saves the money to finish his education.
Some day little Oki shows up at Palo
Alto or Berkeley, where Stanford University and tho University of California
are situated. Stanford ia run ou the
dormitory plan Thobedmnkes liroal.
Japanese, so if ho has elected Stanford,
tlio thrifty Japanese gets a job in the
dormitory. If it's the University of
California, where there are no dormitories, he takes servico in one of the
big studeut boarding-houaeB. And In
this situation ho does the work equivalent to a High School course—does it in
two or three years. When the studies
are top pu-zliug,theJap8 band together,
form a class, and hire an American stn-
dent to tutor them.
Students in Encina dormitory at
Stanford, going down to the Japanese
quarters in the basement to find out
what happened to that key, find tho
whole dormitoy course sitting like
statues at a table, studying. The keeper
of astndeht boarding house at Berkeley
finds her Jap boy peeling potatoes with
a geometry propped up on tho sink, his
hands working at one thing, his head at
Some fine August dav, the former
bedmaker or second boy enters..the
University. He has been in this country perhaps six or seven years. In that
time he has gone from a primary class
clear through a High school course,
made his living, end saved enough
money to take a four-ycar'courso in the
university, with the help of vacation
work. Happily, tuition at both universities is practically free.
Except for seeing him in the classroom, none of the white students know
he is there. He is living in some little
cheap room at Berkely or Palo Alto,
cooking his own rice and oatmeal and
studying, studying. He nods and
smiles politely as he passes on tlio campus; but that is all. Yet on graduation
day, he Is there for his diploma.
Some day tho university hears that
Sec our liDe of Morris Chairs
Veiour Cushions $8.00 & up.
Solo Agents:- Mason Risen Pian s
Furniture and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two complete sets of Bar Fixtures, one
British Plato Mirror 10x9(5 inches, new,
Letter Pressor, Billiard and Poo! Tables
Cash Registers and other specialities,
* Mall   Orders   Recclvo   Prompt   Attention.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
Order' your   Fall   Buit    now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
P. F. Liebscher,
Sllvertoa's Bos* Tailor
in the Imperial University at Tokio, or
has won a big Government prize for a
discovery about some fungus.
Whon you smoke a cigar
see that it Is UNION made.
Bluo Prize, Henry Vane, Columbus and
Havana Whip Cigars aro Union Goods
made by.
Rcprcnonto-I liy OEOROK IIOUTON.
J. R. Cameron
Is tho tailor to go to when
you waut a summer
Suit of Clothes
He has the nobbiest suitings
to select from, and the fit and
workmanship is cthe beBt.
While the plainest of
all rings, they are the
most important and
the most constantly
'• Hence tht -ctirability of
having diem well aud comfortably proportioarj. All
"Ryrie" ring* are. Send
foi mail-order catalogue..
Our wedding rings are
of solid 18k. gold and
range from $4.00 to
At tho lowest pricos
coin|>iilibit) with quality tho
hoadqnnrterfl In Nelson aro
la the pioneer hotel of
Throo Forks, antl a pleasant home
for tho weary traveller. Rooms
reserved by telcf-raph.
HUQH NIVEN, Proprietor.
Oppoilto Court House and now Pout-
office. Best 25c meal in town. European am) American pUn. Only white
labor employed.   First claim bar.
Canadian >> *
$16 55
Westminster Fair
Selling dat-w*: Oct. 1, 2, «*., 4.
Good to return till Oct. 13.
I'rIcei-GoM, Silver or Lead  M .03
Gold-Silver or SIlver-Loail... 1.... ..*l.W
P.O. Ilox 1)113 YMI1I.B.C
Gold, Silver, Coppor or Lead, $1.00 each
Any two, tl.50; any three,'12 00.
Snmplos by mall irecelvo prompt attention;
l'laeci (lolil,'It-tort., and Rich Oreo bought.
17-5 ArH|>aIioo.8t..   Denver, Colo,
p. o. box 18a
lil-nt I'OHitluii ;
itml oxi>e»Keii: full
■li'iiii ikiFiiriilile biiHlni*»
. rapid ndvnm-eiiii'iit; nitlHry
full lijBtriU'tloii- fmt nf clurKe :
Tlio -.Ii.NI.HOMJ
CO., Mniit.4,Toronto. (Mention thin paimr)
WANTKD-Quiekly. few pernoris tor-|>r(UMU)t
l»i:i* c>stHl> wlioU-milo Iiouhu nmong
mull merchant- ami Huenn. Iiocnl territory
of fuw I'ouiitii'fi. jlH salary iiml expcim.p»ia
weekly, Exixnibo money advanced, Culinnl*-
fciiin extrn. Vermuneut cnRAR-meiit. Hu»ino»-
miiTOrwfuI. l'revioua exiwrleneo not-Mwiitlal.
Kiii'I'iho keif mlilressod envclou', AiMre-n,
Sill KWNTKSIiBNT TuAVKUSUB, 3.5, I>C»rlioril St.,
IlM hail 17 ymih eiiwrivnoa in i
«       U. 0,        _
I y mi* exip-rloiioo In denUI work, and
wakM a specialty of Oold Hrtdg. Work, V Ult
made t" tlio Hloean r«fru!_rly.
  ■       ■■■   ■ ~—
St Louis
World's Fair Rates
St. Louis $60    Chicago $65
Soiling datOH: Oct. H, 4, 5, i»7, 2H, 211
XoU> additional <lntw.
Change in Time
Oct* 9th.
l'lirtiftilftn* from UhiiI akoiiU*.
Il l«, A , S*I*«rt,
v.. .i.i.ivi.i:.
A. li, I*. A., Vum-i.tlVel
iM^thbnrhtwl ol th« lntart_athttal
boBftdiiry Ktrtiy mom than 90 ywira
ago, and in ihto r«*i«rt thwn ta not on«
'H ,W_'*i-p.l*ki-.w..j.'<, '.w„   ^ 1... .i,,..^..»iv   '„,.    i., ..j   (1
lrMtlcatioit«orr«trol*Rim. It it fair to
■wtmo that at tint Umo ths tmptgm
ware unhnova to him, becaow tho *p-
pear«M« of petroleaAi onftw m-rti eir*
cam-iaarei would havo uiKloubtedly
prMWitAt a **fr)h|im *f **r«*»r-MMli*i_* |».
tete-t to tali ffr«*t rimtttvtr,
,tI flhw wnfrt* tlwn wb*t i« "kirnvn ni
oil flfSdii, trtntporlatlon rt*|n| no Ion
trtr an ovfirwhelmln,-* diiTlcnlty. in
[M7 an art w»* ftumA In Rritltb On
bimbta (or th* tnen*irift«ment of enal
to Pfovn mvatttabk*.   but Ih-v** t. uiim
thin(-»nre, none of thwri will lw any
'«t*«. tiulaui you m.1.
.11      | T>
rnoapiMtoTt to mmm total horn nrwlff
Yttj «uy and tolUble termi. trie
an»M«« vert tew fa\r>rabl_ in Mon-
un« and AlrMWtt, bnt II U sot by any
m-Mita maaut that tho oil flald do«w ooi
iist*n*1 nvet both th« Maltt and t«nr|.
toty. IttlVtAt th* pmmtMl tin*. ik#
*fM«*it»'*»t ai-tlvHtr  i-idli  In  tins Rwlfi
Mn«lr-al tvntiifa nnA Btatkmwv at
O. tHr*iUmni'n, KasUi.
wwTfiiY mm.urn works
——NtltOM.B.C —
MMtertort. (Irifllth tc Cn.. Trout
Invito, havo all Urn euunlia* mttl****!
by lnnib«*r tramp* ami min**i».
Viaitora to Hantlon ntMrtl never
f«*r  th* rjtnsr*. r»f  hnnjrw.   Th«
tli; .\Jdri<%*tmpigt*in AlhmU }i4v..Correut,fei. Mrivh and nnu,iicr rtMik]Hftnd*_*n(1mri livraw-ifalwayaoj'**-
MiM nwtl Mifrln** Marf»lf»**T. ihmpU**
SUoek o/SJia/lbitf, IxtiiUgK tU., a\**yi>
<m hand. KMimatan (ori«t*di«il. .*kr»*t
Iron bought by the r**l<.ad. ttfpalrlnic
and Jobbing.
B C. Tnavit,
«twrt «t tin* <lufw**ft*p lfot*l wlwB
in Trcmt I-tilt* «ty.
.llHO W*p.lin|tnlfr Hnailp
loo.noo liulli* now In .iiulc frimi Hi>U.nil
rniwi- and Ja|-in.
Tlint'fiAntwi  «»f   rwnT   AMti  ««•
ltH«tln*l**nilr«nt, |t«**a. (Ir^Nhnu-f
unit  Harrlf flanla  tut  rail   I'lanting.
U.Mt.i «li,._<, -,v4 U„,p..c.4i.'.
flartt**,   fl»|.l  *.n<«   rinwrr  *+*4:
Alwayi in   t>»h to <nr.a>rti.
rr.BTIMKKitfc-flKI* IIIVW* ti MUPI'l.fRa.
(lrr**l  lfKi«*  fall of  I'linl., Col   r..w<r*.
r*lipr*l Work.     Itui dlnwi and »**,■*»*« mt< ot'* ill.
tJ»uki»_* Im, m call and «v»mt„* .t«,k
Want-cxi Immediately
A ■->-----_1  T'MMW ITh'I*1 *liWi*»l,  StWMl>«l!>HI
/iKUIIll* «><»wt«T*/«M(N.fra*.tt«^*.
fir   «.«4i|*»y »v»kly; Oik* inm,   tb«i« it
IiUf minify In tW* mutk x<tt mi»t*» itth * wen
Over MM>ncre», ^,.^.-
il'tailciM, <p**r am «*im <1 Umtmtf *v* _ i»« in* l-
in« lb» *m*(*A Aa4 t»»« »*rt<*_.. fpi'*«t ».*» i
•Nti lianlHn ipUntlritf Wf Will it*Btftr «•'«!> w
rmtUt , ••» la #n»l ttifi,Un», fr*l«M |..i 1 Oaf
a«iMi<*i*M.»o»*f ilittpl_r* th.l IliU tin* iJt
k>«,4*K-*i'>-a(4*rU.'m.  A|>|4y *uit t.* i. i_v_
Pel ham Nursery Co.t
Ut WiTl in»V»- tmngmtwuU f'if' » »1 *>wi r»
j or Up* _»•<»_«»» M »!!**_*_.« _trr*»«/n«». I
V  from imllv. atoiiM,
ate Jnwcllerj, made
In* ttalcb ri'iialruiff
NICKKIWON the -tiw.ller. Oakt-r Hl„ Nil
H  Hnnd'in, 11.0.   Mtwtlnira In lit* Union Hall
every KriilpWivwiIiikat 1:10
i-onlUlly inilud ui att'iid. J  K Uivknino,
Nulibinraiid; A. li.C«Aio, Vli;»Unnd| W.J
nMimiTT, Ktrrrtaty.
VUltliit* lirrtlimu
"   K. Un
n Milt,*, cvi-ry WcpdimHlay cv«nln| »l lo'etwk
Iiillm IMI'lun (■rtntl.p lull. Katnlon. Hninunitnit
liiutlirrii will nulle a ryiliian wilriiim-. H,
|ka_ciuik,C!.U.      Al.lMkli 1, IIAU,
I01IN MiI.ATCHIJt,  Dominion and I'ro
i)   vlmlal l.aiul Kurvayor.  Ntbruii B.0.
It, HKYl.AW), Kiynoeor andl*fo*taclal
UndHurniyoi.  KAMUI
IIOTKI..   VMIK.   All m."l.i-n
twril-.   H«iii| k riNinii III i.piiiih'-
Ii« niily itr,.ti i*m ipp.ti'l in Vmir,
ii.m.av *i(i.i:oj», I'niict*.
'I'lIK KINU'M HOTKI.In K»ruo*Hillili tip>*Hr-
1 ful «ipiiii> for all lr.»i-|pf« I.. Ilw Untrari.
K_i»iJi.. u.*m r  A.VK MAItliKH, I'rmw-uir.
I   null ,\ii,iiip»ii (Un, Mit>4U,**ii*nli. ItiKittit
N'p.tlillp- jrll.i- -!.<•-1 tht
/ r U|, !•< tl.
ii "
to ll«) tafa.
whlu* fc*l|i cwiitptyfil.
>I»«T  f ll *l>l tit* -»I4
U tin* *jt«t «| a day M
l.t.p)ii«I.    tl
mauinV. a THK«iit,i.t:N,
f,.i.»*flr Ilia Clark
a.   o*lr
U thi* l*«M »| a day Mri _)•» Nrlanr,.  /ml
*btl* _pili» tmi<Up)n«I
ii*tt|*rii t*i».
HIp»«»i n**M|.*a* I
_ti;l'j« ,»:*:* l.s. alii
I'tKIIOI HON to Hi* h-nw »t
•hen «»w>T an* In pCrrmMM.
*<:«. t*5ftr*irift f*»
K. & H. Hy.
l,v h:;l«ia.iii.-vHiimlon-Ai l:2«"» |
Ar lo.t.'»H.!n.-Ka*lo~lA *2:ini
Lv l.ik>p,u..-Kn.«li.i-Ar lltoniuu,
Ar4:.'»*li«.ni-l.v Nrcio n.w.
HfVt>** will! in *\\ ^mrta r»( Hi.* tltdtod I -—-—— — __-___-__-_.
ami O. ti 4 X U*i|«ii-<'. biuv.. j JJ^^^iiV,***•'     **'' *
Ft* i-titihn j*»*h'_5*i <i,M •?*•!'■'* *4
MIM.RT tRVfKO, Mtnagvr, Kaalo
Tttr.   HM1TT«*<*«I»
a.   <*% «i.,| l
MOTM.IUIh. otrl-
IIh* U-t lit ih» |jr|.>   (lold <w*.rr*
n » n«- rfc-.p»»#     i; i.v i >> miwis.
V/iiolo«nlo   -_toroh»o-«.
I   MA«'IHir« • »;«».. ¥ffe>*wk» M»».
A. tiMi>w. t.i<«-Mt-. a>.4 Minim aanJi-a.
I* r r*H»iiao*» * en., *«*l«*, lie  Wa. *#»
Steamship Tickets
A$i$i?  I«,r
11,   »»■» l»»Wn Im !*•' l*_f*
Airi ul* l»r I"*Vp*4 \mt.
%.  ii. oo*.ai.i>,
r'.uu   N*«t*»«, HV.
l^taut. »_d«nt»r»
Hli-li^il-   K-Uf
0*»n*»rflkl   etore.
I"   I* !
"t<« ar.«J fri:« r*»f-i»»iv
pnvlipmmiMiM,    A»i''-  f«r Miitr
•♦ft* fh-lip-t* *l».*ffltl <«f .«!*r«*tM»! Irt   •
11J  »_•'<>', f* -
ri b liAtiHirrr,
c v rt a^'.iit. it.• ifc«i»*
**l . r. ¥ ■ *u*-MWt«>rl*A, «».<*.*«, A**.-,   J. ._v,l4»■*.
t-.      „        t   T. KKI.I.T.  TIIBWIjro„K„,_*»l.rl*
t*■.'..»■ ',«li tpw-fa-.'.tgl p.t l*-Xp|»y'*
Cippfp** all #nf*r>*wt. «M a •!» •*
tfaM •>«! '••p ativ *M<-* ^«. ,t4
A44,«».   a. V, Li.-uiJ. Jn.l_i..ii. lit:
mm ^S^SSS^^^^^S^^^^sSSM^^S^
CHERE is nothing liko motion
if you would keep your blood
iu circulation, and your upper
stope from tbe bats of inactivity.
Get up early and go to work. If
you need a persuader to rise in
the early hours of the day invest
$1.50 in a SUNRISE, or $2.50 in a
MUST GET UP. These alarm
clocks wiil almost awaken the dead,
and you can secure from—
Political Notes.
, Bra Bill Galliher is still in the
field as the Liberal candidate.
It is not true that Papa Kaiser
of Eholt will vote for Galliher.
Peace and harmony outwardly
prevail among tbe two Tory factions in*Nelson.
menaude Bros.»~ 29$
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Pine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Our Leading tine .•—
Only the best fruit handled
at easy prices.
The Ross-Dcane cqrn^y aggregation is making  a tour of tbe
n and Kamloops districts,
Is the
Slater Shoe
For Men
Tasty Meals,
Easy Beds,
Nerve Bracers
Of Every
J.   F.   JARVIS    PROP.
* John HoustoNt says he publishes the only ••orthodox" Conservative paper in tho province.
As tho other fellows get tho pap,
it is possible that it pays to be unorthodox in politics.
TnB result in Yale-Cariboo depends largely upon which party receives the support of Patrick J.
Kennedy of Greenwood. Should
he decide to support cither Ross or
Burrell it might result in a stampede of the Caulficld wing from the
Socialist candidate.
Druggist and^
ffl  f$»  «$•
Prescriptions carefully compounded
and sent to any address.
Magazines, books and newspapers
of the day always in stock.
Just Offered
A new line of English Underwear that can't be beat,
per suit $4.00 and $5.00.
Also a nice line of Sweaters and Jerseys,
want for the cold weather, prices $1.25,
Jnst what you
1.75. and 2.50
You will find here a full line of Gent's Furnishings, such
as Suits, Pants, Overalls, Shirts, Collars, Ties, Braces,
Socks, Shoes, Mitts, Gloves, and a complete lino of
Groceries, Tobaccos, Cigars and Confectionery.
Phoa»l96   P.O. Box248
Duncan Eoss and Martin Burrell had a talking match at Eholt
last week. It is not on record
that anyone's political opinion's
were seriously disturbed. Still it
is just as well to have the candidates talk, and let them believe
they are making votes.
Central - Hotel
fi First Class in Every Respect H
LPJ MRS. A. JENNINGS, Pmopriotbibb. L*J
Tlavo ono of their lnrgeat Btoroa in Pernio.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters   Try a gallon
"Will be ready for business next
month.   It will lie up to date in
everything, and will bo a homo for
commercial men.
Palace Meat Market
KKRNrrc, n. a
Fresh and Salt Meat* of every kind.   FibIi anil Poultry in season.
J. McMASTER, Propr.
Ih ono of Fornio'a oldest and
bent known hotclu. Tbe
Proprietor's name in.
*»*_■**> •***«     m •    •
Wm. Eschinig.
«J*  *|>  ify  «&
11m opened in the Todd Illoek a perfectly new stock
of Millinery, Famj. and I)i> (>imm!h, Furs, Cow-is,
Ladies Hosierv and I'ndci wi-nr. Ribbons in endlc-M
variety and color. Everything in faxhion can be
found iu tliU store.
The Impepial  Hotel
(     Im tbe ll«:vw!>|ij*ti..voi in Fernie for Commercial Tmrelem
It is said that Governor Mackintosh, the Tory tandidate, is lost.
It would~be wisdom on the part of
his opponents not to take much
stock in the "lost" rumor, for the
governor iB liable to be ''found"
working in some part of the constituency, and also at the head of
the poll when the votes aro counted.
The rumor that the editor of
the Economist will be the Conservative standard bearer iu the
coming to the scratch iu good condition, is without foundation. Mr.
Carley assures us that he cannot
neglect|his business or jeopardize his
reputation for honesty by becoming
a candidate. j_____
What a wild, mad mob of enthusiasts the people of Ontario
must bo. When Borden appears
there the people flock from miles
around for the sole purpose of
opening their mouths and letting
tho gas escape. When Wilfrid
makes a- tour the Cap Sullivans
and Strattons and others whe havo
spent their private fortunes in tho
interest of pure governmont, tear
each other's clothes in tho mad
endeaver to get near tho great
chieftain.     ___________
Tita very obseuro individual who
hasn't been noticed by tho press
for fivo years, Is now getting into
the swim with both feet. He has
been either a "lifelong" Grit or
Tory, and now as a matter of con*
scienBO and in [the "interests of
pure govenimon" he '•turns from
his wickedness.." If he guesses
right, ho will probably get a low*
grado appointment; if be guesses
wrong, be will get the contempt of
both parties. In either case he
sinks into the obscurity from which
ho emerged for a brief period.
Rockefeller is down for a million
dollar subscription to the Republican campaign fund on behalf of the
Standard Oil and other trusts.
Pierpont Morgan individually is
pledged for a quarter of a million;
tbe steel trust is down for three
quartern of a million, the sugar
trust for » similar sum, the to*
bacco trust for a half million, the
coal trust and Pennsylvania rail*
wat for a half million *n*l *-•**•*;•*<**•.
Oct. 19-20
Return engagement of
Mr. Harold Nelson
and his excellent company
Wednesday night
Thursday night ■
Heart and Sword
Will open next month with
46 First-Class Rooms
Everything Up-to-date.
Seats on sale at McDonald's.
Prices: $1, 75c, and50c.
The Kaslo
Is a pleasant halting place
for pilgrims on their way to
W. II. Howe. i. a, *r. Ai.u _*•*•*•<
Ross & Alexander
i»Ai.i.i.->ir,l_\ i*><.K.I loRS,   KTC. | other welt
monopolies ittsoetategt with Wall
Exchange   Hotel
Keeps a lino of Norvo
Bracers that are not
surpassed in the Goldon
West, and thoro is not a
cigar in the house needs
a windy day to smoko
it. Furnished rooms always ready for the
needy. Poplar prospoc-
tors always wolcorao and
given tho best.
ri iiiiiiininnHinnmiiiiiiHim
picadilly Clothing I
ver- M
Heavy Pall and Winter Shirts, Over
alls, and Fleece-Lined Under
wear for Men. Fine
Selection of
•okas. Richards, Fernie
It is only a
question of
The department of public work*,
Ottawa, will shortly commence the
erection of tho new Victorian Me*
morial Museum, which ia designed
to house the geological survey and
museum* the national art gallery
aud the fisheries exhibit The
museum is to bo built upon tlie
site of Appln Flaw, at tho foot of
Metcalfe street. Tho building,
which will ho a four*story struc-
ture, will havo a frontage of 400
foot and a width of M foet.   Two
wings, one at the east end and one
pp. *■"*..
,4t* ..H,   rt<~*»»  -4.*l **l  *MO
Whon you will become a regular customor of
Sheppard & Elliotts
N.B.—A Traveller's Sample lot of
Dog Collars now in stock.
What Is It ?
Why It's
The Painter
I Joseph Jean
FKHXIK. ». <*.
OSk* In I.. T. W.-UWIi, Vlrt.»H Avt***
Union lestaHrant
Fernie. Famishes Meals at
all hoars, Everything first
known   lnt.*r«f*tffl nnrl 4X^U j^^ # ^^ u( _^ j^*,    j_tt
street for large tarm
Tho total eautpalgu eonlributions
to he raised from thf****. wmm« «o
PRfN'fJNQ - The Ledge ,ieo. ,c,„kn»a, Prop.
the center of the bnilding, on Ibe
front, tliere will he an eitensive
tower, wltile In the rear the enten*
:„t..w. <<>.... »_._.!.. vp.i. ..«»'i v..   »   r-vHtl-
reltahiy pot at ten miiHona. It tAreU, the ground floor of which
will le the large*! amonnt of money will be utllirwl as an auditorium,
etcrpnt into a campaign fund. !t and Ui« iipiaim for a geological
means the trial of the power of the survey ami library,
people. It means that the old Re* j The building will be construct^
pnfilfcau party with th* Uritlifiitircly of >iova b«otia utone, re*
monopolies is to lie reproduced on j lleved liy |Keplan sandstone, and
aliugcr miikUi wiU* Uh* ltmt» oi will <jost in tbe vicinity of one mil*
1 today. (Uon dollars.
5jj Kenny & JVIaelieod 8
W FERNIc, B. O. gg
i   -__


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