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The Ledge 1904-09-12

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 ^ *.-.r~___s8_SarJ;<;r:&Pi&^;ft
mmBrnWrnW nHH ____________s^        ^^___PF
J  SofOr^&rF you j-^ad
Volume XL, Number 51.
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
Ore is being sacked at the Nan-
sen group.
A few men are working at the
A genuine deal is on for the
A lead stack will be built at the
zinc plant at Rosebery.
Tho Payne was located thirteen
years ago last Friday.,
The Mountain Con ..shipped two
care to Nelson on Thursday.
The main drift on the east vein
of the Ottawa is again in ore.
The lessees of the Edison and
Neepawa are working a union
There are six men at the. Bis-
mark, and $16,000 worth of ore in
The Eeco is shipping three cars
of ore, and the mine never looked
Considerable work has been
done on claims above the Cork and
Prof, Walker is gathering samples in the Slocan for the Toronto
Ton MelroBe and partners have
plenty of ore in sight on the Bev-
enue group.
There are seven men working at
the Neepawa, and about 25 at the
In stripping the ledge on the
Lou Dillon a foot of clean ore has
been exposed.
New York, Sept. 11.—A special
cable from London today to the
New York Herald, says:
Capt. Voss, of the three Master
Tillikum, two and a half tons,
which anchored in Margate Harbor this week, is perhaps the only
Cockle Shell navigator who has
made money at the business. His
crew consists of an expert advance
agent who looks more at home in a
top hat and a Prince Albert coat
than in oil skins.
The Tillikum travelled forty-one
thousand miles, starting from Vancouver, B. 0., three years ago and
finishing in a tank of the London
Hippodrome next week. It is
nothing but an Indian dug-out
canoe, forty three years old, thirty
feet long, two feet six inches in
depth of hold, with a tiny cabin
protruding fourteen inches above
her deck. Instead of a bowsprit,
she has a carved bow like a viking
ship and her three masts look like
small bean poles. It spreads thirty
eight yards of canvas. The old
salts of the Margate  shake their
Last week the Enterprise shipped 20 tons, and the Ottawa the
same amount.
The signs indicate that the ore
chute in No. 2 tunnel of the Cinderella is close at hand.
A car of ore iB ready for shipment at the Rouse on the north
fork of Carpenter creek.
A small shipment from the Highland Light on Ten Mile gave smelter returns of 490 ounces in silver.
Only a day shift is working at
the Payne, and the force at the
mine and mill has been considerably reduced.
The lessees of the Gibson are
taking out enough of ore to pay
expeuses as they proceed with the
Prof. Parks oxainined tbe Silver
Bell last week, and is now looking
at some properties in the interest
of George Alexander.
Owing to the lack of water tho
Slocan Star mill can only work one
shift, and the force at the mine
has been largely reduced.
There ia considerable doing on
tho south fork of Kiitilo creek. At
the Silver Bell, Nets Martin has
several cars ready to ship.
Above the Jo Jo Bob McPherson
is still running on tho Milton the
long croaacut upon which be has
worked for the pact three euwvmcre,
Since Richards and Williams
made tho gold strike ou tho Jo Jo
they lock the tunnel at night mid
pack the rocks of rich ore to their
On Goat Mountain Barker and
Burgee* aro getting another car of
high grade ore ready for the imcl*
tor, and tlie Real Idea No. 2 is
doing the Mine.
It I* reported upon good authority that the Great Northern rail*
way will put iu a plant at Kaah
for separation and concent ration of
lead and _inc ore*.
Seven cars of tine ore in bulk
were sh(p|*d on Saturday from the
Lucky Jim lo Kiwlo worn it will bo
=f-/\ _ __! __*] i tivn _
W^=fc"V*»*t_» T/ v*~
the Tillikum has ever weathered a
gale, but the Skipper is armed
with proofs. He attributes his
success in riding out all kinds of
blows to a canvas sea anchor of his
own iuvention. As a "Mascot"
be carries the skull of the Indian
who carved out the* canoe. On
the Pacific a green sea carried
away his crew and compass and
sent them to the bottom together.
With this exception Capt. Voss
bad no serious accidents.
TIIltKK   FOltKflf
Angus Cameron has bought the Peake
Hugh Niven has recovered from a
threatened attack of catarrhal appendicitis.
Tho largest brakeman Is the world
caught 16 Unit itt one sitting near Rosebery last week,
Recently 17 lots havo boon sold In
Ilosebery, prliu'ln«.l!y to Calgary nnd
Vancouver Investors.
The tires on the north side of the
town became so hot the other day that
many of tlio inhabitants packed tbeir
goods, and prayed for rain.
John Sheridan In in town. John
went to Mexico In '67. Pike's Peak In
T>0, Idaho In to, hut had to come to tho
Slocan (or an ideal climate.
The contract will soon be let and
work commence upon the erection
of the buildings for the zinc plant
at Roseberry. The buildings will
)e four in number and it will take
over 350,000 feet of lumber to build
them. Fifty men will be employed
for several months in the construction. The buildings will have a
frontage of over C00 feet. The
buildings will be finished in January
and the machinery installed in
February. The^machineryJiB] now
on the way from England except
that to be purchased in Canada and
the States. WhenJ completed the
plant will*have'cost 8100.000,'and
will employ from 25 to 30 men.
The main supply of ore will be
drawn from the Monitor mine at
Three Forks. In October machine
drills, pumps and other machinery
will be placed in the Monitor and
by January 90 men will be working in the mine, making Three
Forks once again a hive of industry.
W.'C. E. Koch, one of the most
liberal and energetic men in the
country, has been awarded the contracts for, the buildings, and it is
needless to say that there will be no
delay in the work. The works will
be built under the supervision of
J. C. Fernau, M.I.C.E. The Ledge
wishes the enterprise every success,
and those able officials of the Moni-
.1*QP„M,_Gi ntahAW ARttn*t_Ki-wt_ JK nov.
«r_>-,   •_-_..      ._.._.w«-v_.£,V-    _,»■_.    .--.vu.    _   e_.B -
Wni. Houston has returned from the
Mrs. John Milllngton has gone to reside in Vancouver.
A, T. Garlund is having his ranch
surveyed at'Sallsbury creek,
Qub Carlson shipped a lot of railroad
iron on Friday to Heppner, Ore.
.Tames Anderson was married in
Wiuuipeg on Thursday to Miss Whel*
Randall Kemp is eddlng a paper in
Alaska, and Peck McSwain is making
Jokes in Kettle River.
Joe Carton has returned from Meadow creek where ho had been foi
months developing his claims.
Robert Kmox one nf the most obllg.
ing pursers that ever punched 1 a ticket
on Kootenay lake it now agent In New
Westminster for tho N. VV. V. & Y.
ity. M. D. McKimioti is his able sue*
wssor on the Kaslo,
$7,000 TAKEN
Vancouver,  B.C., Sept.Jll.--C.
P.R. west-bound trans-continental
express, known as No. 1, was held
up by three masked men last night
a few miles west of Mission Junction.^ Train was late and was travelling at rapid speed to make up
time when engineer Scott was surprised by a masked man who pointing a gun at him commanded him
to stop the train. Tbe engineer at
the same time noticed two other
armed men climbing into the cab
from the tender. Seeing resistance
useless, hejcomplied with tho command and stopped the train. While
oue man remained on the locomotive to guard the engineer, the
other two took the fireman and
made him cut off the mail and express car from other part of train.
Conductor Ward, noticing tnat the
train had stopped looked out, but
The Cork ha* 25 men in the
mine. The machinery for the 100
ton mill is expected every day.
Several carpenters are working on
the building which should lie completed in January. The lumber
(a being aawn on the ground by a
portal) e, Tho Cork has much to
do wit i the prosperity of Kaalo.
W. J. Sutton, of  Victoria ae*
coui|Miiil''d  by   W.   II. Bandford
Miss Few is leaching school in Three
George Graham, formerly purser on
tho W. Huntor Is mate on the Hlocan.
S. n Clement was uurried iu Vancouver recently to Lottie Dennis of that
Charley IStlhles U mixlnir high balls
at the Arlington, Tom Tnhln sayi ho
hold tho same Job when the town had
no whiskers and craps wero shot on
Labor Day was a groat success, Slocan defeated Now Denver in Ihe rilio
match by 1. points, Ktciwi* k, Thoiua»,
Hicks, Stopher ami Mi Heal li wero tho
principal Atheltttu*. Tin- Nelson
Amateurs walked awav with ihn local
juveniles deftiatliif I hem fight tn a
goosogg. Tli« basketball ganio wa*
won by the. Nelson lad'es. The Hint
prise) in the drilling was won by Gil
liang and Mdlllilvray, «f Itosaland.
Most of th« visitors caine from Nelson
and itoinlaud
A tiikwwk wsHHsrHr
!    I?ri«hAw», Wept. 11, - In Uwiiiii
New Guinea the natives attacked
have made this week a thorongh j
examination of the   Noble Five,]
and   adjoining   properties.    Mr.!
Button   In  an  enltnetit geologist,'
and Ih acting for Jame* Dunsrouir.
He. waa formerly a profeaeor in the. ,   _  ,  „  „,   , ,. ,„ ,
Michigan School of Mine*.    It ia «>«Catholic Mission and killed two
reported that   W.   II. Bandiford prita*t».  three Brother*   aud   five
who ao auecceafuUy opened up the Sister*.    About .10 of*tlio nailvea
«_p(«i..drtora. .-..«„. w. •Ttf^JXtttel*"'***'" ">"*>.«—
ir»tn tatiwua #>_wt"ii£fw. i , .<h«.    iimj •««>«<.<t4 «w *...-.. »..*.
JZSmEZ lho^b!r SI ^ *™*^Z* aS i • *to "^ "**!•
•hipped 777 ton*.    Owing to to* 20 men are working in tlie mine,
ack oi water witti «U«h to run   ■ whw hM i^*^ _w fw>l
the mill onl, 20 men are working from No n f   ^ Ant, %% % (!   th *
rm th** mirt*\ and   tr»***u*  wiav   r**'   ,,-aai   ,»        .*...,.     t  '.«   '.,     ,     *M
he would be shot. He at once saw
that the train was held up and the
brakey was told to warn passengers
to hide their valuables, while tho
other brakeman was sent back to
Mission Junction to notify tbe operator there to send word to Vancouver for assistance. As soon as
the train had been uncoupled tbe
engineer was ordered to draw the
express car ahead a short distance.
Then he and the fireman were
forced to get out of the engine aud
accompany tho robbers to express
car under threat of blowing the car
up with dynamite when expressman
Mitchell opened the door and was
promptly disarmed. From the ex
press car the robbers secured 86000
in gold dust and $1000 in cash.
They next visited tlie mail car and
secured registered mail bags, contents of which are at present unknown. Having secured the booty
the men retired into bush and
struck off in the direction of Fraaer
river, their intention evidently being to cross it and make for the
American side.
After tho robbers' departure the
engineer ran back to the main por
tion of tho train and coupled up
and proceeded to Vancouver.
A special train was made up here
nnd a powse of C.I*.H., city and
provincial police left in pursuit of
the robWra. No wonl ha* been
received from them *o far.
1'iihWMiger* were not molested and
none of tlie train crt*w were robbed
of any |x>r*<»n*l enVl*, It is thought
the rtilnVrw imagined that tlie* clean
up of llif Cariboo CoiiNolidatcd Hydraulic Company would be on the
train aa they amned surprised at
tin* xiua.il amount of gold dust package. This in the first hold up on
the CP.K. if uot iu Canada. (Our
oceurrd'JA ywu-M ago betwmt liftiii-
m«n «.,fl Trmtnt** whr»n »1l»r»OiW>
1 **?f4-j »n\t"Tv VA )
New'York,'Sept. 11.—Germanic
aground off Sandy Hook.   All safe.
Philadebhia, Sept. 11.—The steamer Columbia collided with a
launch ami eight drowned.
Edmonton, N. W.T. Sept. 11.—
Governor General and party arrived here yesterday and received
a warm welcome. Lord Minto
laid the corner stone of the New
McKey Ave. School, and left at
noon for Strathcona from whence
he will leave on his trip to Battle-
ford overland. Lady Minto and
children proceed to Regina to
await the arrival of party.
"Even in Sandon some of tlie boys still
draw to 18.
Jim Bell is behind the range at the
Mountain Con.
The merchants of Sandon are doing
an immense business.
Joe Moret has returned to Sandon,
probably for the winter
Wearv Willie was in town this week
and made a small fortune.
Sidney Norman and E. M. SandilandB
took a look at tho Mercury on Thursday.
Billy Parham is perfectly sober and
has a line of novels that will delight any
lover of fiction.
Jake Kelsen has been out of the hospital for some time, but is still subject
to fainting fits.
It is an even bet that John Regan
will not stay in New Brunswick, unless
"h_"g6tB"maTriedr" — ~	
The Sandon Chop House is open dav
and night, and the beefsteaks are always large and tender.
Fred Holten's tame bear ran away the
other day. and died from lead poisoning
near the Madison slide.
Red Paddy came to town the other
day and had his hair mowed lie is now
rustling auotner slake for Kettle river,
Tho now Miner's hospital now in
course of erection nn Sunnysldo will
cost about |0,000 including furnishings.
Mr. Turnoy, who came from London
to examine the Hendryx process spent
a few days in Sandon the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Pratt
F. II. Hawkins is fitting up the old
Pay streak ollico as an assay ollke. He
is moving it back and putting a handsome porch in front.
Paddy Murphy would rather pound it
drill than eat, so he inteuds to put in the
winter at tho Wiuslow, one of the bent-
looking gold properties in the Lardeau.
Mike McAndrowa is in Cody, fairly
well but still walks with two chuck, He
has a hot spring back eight miles from
Nakusp that will some day become
Cliefoo, Sept. 11.—The latest
advices from Port Arthur says that
the Russians on September 4,
shelled the Japanese covered
trenches in front of Pali Chuang
and destroyed them. Everything
was quiet along the line during
night of September 4, but in the
morning it was seen that the
Japanese outposts had crept closer
into the Russian lines. An incident of recent bombarding of Port
Arthur was the striking of the roof
off a hospital by a Japanese shell.
The Japanese fire was drawn to
the hospital by the placing near it
by the Russians of beacon signals.
One small Russian scouting party
succeeded in creeping close to the
Japanese entrenchments on Comer
mountain but the barking of
dogs gave the alarm and prevented a further advance. Japanese
reserves poured into the entrenchments and opened fire on the Russians but a shell from a Russian
battery lauded in the trench and
killed many of the Japanese
soldiers and the remainder retired.
This enabled the Russians to oc-
Anothcr cellar is
New York  Hrewor
g built at the
The proprietors
'7- -
find it dlflicult at times to supply th<
groat demand for their beer.   It is tbe
host beer made in this country.
A grouse lit on an empty building the
other day, and a local *p<
cupy the trench until dawn. The
trench evidently was unimportant
for tho Japanese made uo attempt
to retake and the Russian scouts
withdrew shortly after day break.
On September B, a small body of
Japanese troops captured some
outpost trenches upon the high hill,
which is not far from Corner
mountain, but upon the approach
of a Russian detachment they
evacuated this position without
Mnkdeu, Sept. 11.—All quiet
here. A service held today for repose of the sools of the dead. It
is reported that the main .lap force
lias retired to Yen Tai.
Cliefoo, Sept. 11.—(7. :i0 p.m.)
A Chinese who left Port Arthur
the night of September B, arrived
hero today and reports that the
Jap troops to the number of ft,000
control Louisa liny to the north
west of Port ,vrt! n\ and
The Railway Commission took
plenty of evidence, and said bye-
Tom Collins has gone to Tono-
pah, but has promised to return
The Ledge has the largest circulation of any weekly paper published in British Columbia.
A Chicago firm will establish
large lead corroding works at Montreal.   Nelson missed it.
The number of The Ledge Phone
is 115. Ring it up when you have
an ad that is ripe enough to pick.
Miss Grace Bonner will present
her character sketch "Esmerelda"
in the Methodist church this evening.
A Pullman car was attached to
the Slocan express last week, and
the natives thought the C.P.R. had
gone crazy.
J. A. McDonald has captured the
wholesale fruit business of tbe province, and ships five tons daily
from Nelson.
The Nelson Opera House is to be
remodelled. It should be made absolutely fireproof so that no lives
will ever bo lost in it.
The last heard of Wings (J. T.
Wilkinson) was from the top of a
glacier in Alaska where he had gone
to cool off after travelling 4,000
miles through India.
R. A. Brown, the popular newsagent, was married to Miss Nellie
Ediams Lownsbrae last Thursday.
resideuc© of And_ew Jardhie, in
......   .....,-...«• a local sportsman shot
at it 10 times before the bird succumbed
to its injuries This proves the a-ner-
tion that this is not a gun camp and
any tenderfoot is safe within the limits.
Harry Tobias who mine into Ains
WulUiin H,l Milh Ai WiitieUt; )««_ Wit
In Sandon (or Mtme time    Like many
Japs are in control alno
Buy, to the west of Port Arthur.
This Chinese was taken to Port
Dalny and on the way passed
through five villages where detachments of  Jap   troops  numbering
In Cuba, Kansas. 27 women put
on war paint and wrecked four
blind pigs where booze was sold
without a license. It would take
more than 27 women to clean up
tho places in Nelson where liquor Ib
dispensed without legal harmony.
R, F. Langford came west to
write up the fruit possibilities of
B.C. for the Winnipeg Tribune, but
has become so enamored with the
country that he has bought 1G0
acres of land along Kootenay lake
and will return next winter to Bottle upon it for life. It is an ideal
climate for him around these parts,
and he pr.fcrs it to tnat of Alabama, California or Winnipeg.
Nelson should assist and encourage all tlie camps in tbe Slocan and
Lardeau. The deep strike iu the
Last Chance, resumption of work
at the Noble Five and the building
of a $100,000 zinc plant at RoBe-
1 that the' ^ry» am* t*,e u***ma**: development
r  .„        of Poplar, Trout Lake and Ferguson
oi   i igeon wwtnH ft gfeat deal of trade (or tb|||
city provided we have the right
kind of business men. Nicklu
minds wilt not build up a city. We
must have business men broad en*
ough to occasionally forget themselves and help other*. There is
cinihiderable   finding   against  this
from L'.OOO to 5,000 were quartered
Seoul,  Korea,   Sept.   11.— Four | city on the outride, owing to an ex
of the crew  of   the   Italian third !«'<*«of pork in soraeof our promin*
other pioneers he finds Kootenay too I oImhh •■rtiiwr Puglc were MINI lawt i '*"' P*0!1,0'
dull and civilized, ami pmpowN to Loon |, " , .•••_.»
hit the trail (or the burning sand*, if  -binwlay     in     ihe     harbor    of      W.  H. Hoarat said In Spokane
Nevada or the dost tombed bill* <»f'Chemulpo and rixt«'««u other* n-u- *bat he had never seen anything in
Alaska. ' (k#wl m      ||mi fumw <(f |(|irM       Kuro|M. to equal the «cenery of the
l«abor Day opened with the amim-he- _i„.n_ »rii.. •..•mm ..%.
mml of 76 Eagles.' Then everybody h'"'"*' lUt %aml *M
took a driuk, and the sport* iiiiiiiniMitdi ; the idiclls did hut little dainag*'.
i *i**.*vr t-mois) r«iei %n
(.allium Is «tt« nf the r*r»t of metals
I and wa* »H*4*tvv#»i*il In l«J"» by a Frown
«*i«ntlst.     It   t* of a fravlth whlt<»
Torn Campbell took 1st prine in the, »in- i
gle band drilling mutest and (UffSeali
.ml. KHeel Slrd, and K. Urowder. lib j
li ithl iiiche-  was the best   duduiue
made.   It  NOtiob) twk 1st, and Harry*
Nash -nd priw* in the foot rate    A
Kennedy got l«l In the idiot llirmsiiiiir,;
ar.iiotii. T.tCf itvi. K*4.; 'in;?, tl.r !. ■«*
rare In _H 15 »#»eo!i»i#, Sainton lf*m '»** '
iiiit kin iikcd out by sit at till* nt     S.iu
dun won in tho fo«ib«|| inan-li agsinrt
Sllvrrton.   (♦«*«. McKay was Isf in «!<•
Victoria Cross race, and VV If fMte!
son i*nd    In tho donble hand drillio.
fOMnH rVftlld* lllr«»*..Of tife*M»n*«i»t, g*»«
l*t prlxe, drilling-*i !•!»> iiuhe-;  Imm-
I frflS O tUHttti, HM, JH»« »«»«»•-»» «i .*«*i ,
J i1t.to.UV .111,, Mi'IVi'V,' r.,; •' r.iVi-ni- MV
III tlip horse rnce llii'l'i N'lven'a Ithotie
Pet got tinder the wire iir»l and Hilly
ButttMl'* tiktiti*rtt Jij.'-jJi, **.'..■'•<■!!. 'A .
lienwick won the iuutplit,' umlr*.lf. Iu
toe pti»,-< tiirl.t ||  Mrt,elt*n, nf Sairbm.
Tliere \* ntiuo*t nn entire -uh*
peii-iuli of uctive tijwinlitillrt ImIwii-II
Kii-cjhii and Jh|>jiimw.
Si.   IVtereiiiir^'.   Sept    II. No
li<-»lilil.ii>» ywterdnv II in «»id
that \'i«'«iroy Ale<i*-tT In.* r*"-tKtt*»*l
Tokio, Sept. 11
lost lT,.Wl>kill«Nl
Lino Vang.
St.   i'rti'Yulniirg,
wounded r»t
t>(1(-   n  :n.d   '.v,f- ••:!.1<;<
«iut  th*   <iopii<' !»,*,<
KMHI.       Til**  Ullll*''- fWt
I.ihau t*n!ay.
,-;■ llif
i«( it   i
kid off at any time.
'i#„ »»'l  t;
Sgl'»»   L'OCi*
.  . 1    \ ..«.   'II".. ..   1.,     ..,,..,,., I      )    „ t   M,,1..,|   ft.,
„.   .....      -...   .    ..wiy*. .W       " • ^        t,w.,.       it'J*.^*.*,', .                                                                                                                .,,,.,,,.-■,,.                      .                                                                                                                                                   '     " ................
The Ibes, at one time advertiaeil haa been eneount*red which amayalbwnih.ownup                                 paint oi a» c. *r < r. .*. in ^^\i^^^^Si^ u^S Ti^K «»_ «*low..r, M*
in the Toronto papera aa having! 125 omtm in ailver. and  fiO per!   An Iri.h **kti«« -ad **h*< »»«n»a- #*r.U. the wan«th «f tbe band i« tnfti h„ «,««„>* rr»r,tr,t iv«n M.odiiwav. *"■•« a»«ut'_«»iiaiin»
|2,000,«W worth of ore in right, eent lead.    Ix.ui« Pratt h highly itl«>n<«h**i.*i*I hm-H»N we**.               \rttnt io m#*»t  il«»"  *«l»*t«r.«e    H«t.«*>f N«n*lard. and l>tn Ma<-«M.aidof ti.i- >'"'' ""••"[«''-f*f'",]'"f f"*' v '',
la^btln|adverti^Iforaale to pl«*a^I with tU atrike « il Im»t«!   Th# „m     . tr,iB N,„rt wWh Spy.t.aMiiM»».itir»ig.«i««. «.m-. « ^l^ZF^^^^mm^^ t^MMtSi       """
•ali-ff a frtdf men* ftf f14M.SS ol».foitt hit heUef thai the Rlocatt will * gr»/.**s W#«rV»^l In ».,wi. on Wl»r." ^tlrar1»««» w m»4 -tiMcs.il «M **f»*'llr;Zw4^r!m fn rh"" t-*l  "ni ir!.! •»„ rhc Rslhmsre, «-rm. the rr-i.
tainnl against it by wrveral Kaalo j yet, hares*.>in«ol the <\*+\**l andl   imr#i Ifcxnb fs «»rf*Bitii» • a <-omr««f»*1%*'-*-P"M,»'**'1 ,*" mHM] ",*UI,« ut> \ MaHjark ««nie*tt. bui tt.-i.st «( •*•»• (»■.«« »»**• lv.t»tu< • Uwi« are .. «•;!.*!«
mlni»r»»                                             | _rr*>atewt gah-na mines of the world. ? «/> A*v»1m, i-Him* /»,-. T<**fde**J*»»i vr»rt '
wards*»f |I'»"M"s^».
• n«tt was ftoi sent in (<*r TmhHcattan.       •»( htfh grad*> dry ore in «i|*l«t
y \rr«)w and  Kootenay lakea,  and
HOHioll    «•! I y(,t   j,,,   (H,|    not   mV)   |JW   grtt,„h.Bt
nights that we have in Kootenay.
Thi< Totiriftt AftKOciation should
make capital of lii*> vinit and remark*. It is apropoa to mention
that '.'O Venn* ago llearl'n father in
n»ni|4iny with Haggen owned the
lllue Bell ioim>,op|MiH|t<* Ainswortb.
Tliey Mpplinl to the B.C. govern*
'unlit aud ol.iainid a grant of ms
lowut-liipn |iroviiit*d they would
l.iiibl a railroad to connect Kimt-
eiiiiy lake with the (Vduuihia rivrr.
Aftt-r making a etirvey of tbe Blue
lloll win., stiev -ndil.Mtlv n»H the.
Hut lew |*o|i»i rcaiixv Ibe imn.tn*tli
in*, Sf'iw«> k>* tti# nr- b».*lliN( >«.-irtg wwl e*t
in Hie Hlstk llill«. N'ot bwc a»*» il.*
Hors-shoe Company put teams at work
«'"?ni,i»i? tit*- »<i»(»tf r«ftt. Ire**) I* «• . »-
i>«Kiy     id ttie iiieeiiinne a mrw oi limit
*»* put at srnrk driving a. inunrt  «•*?
iieaib, aiitr «hirh il was tit,   ;»4 * ith
.•'.*« |».uri<l«o( Mark raowdor «i«l i.;»«t
e.l, bieakliu* 30,0s'l (mis •»! ore   Sir •.
ittteifleiit tUlwaid*. Mamoii «u.r. t at
this delirat* operation will l*s v* ' /m-
ed at least n dorem timsM ^  * »» trtfr «»■*»
is* loo itiucti earth n-    jV-v-'' *«*■«t •
"«i« with thla ..Men ^^-ttarn»»f.
»♦) t*t -ail for
Eleventh Year
Last week a strapping negro woman was up before a magistrate,
charged with unmercifully beating
her boy.
"I don'.t understand how you can
have the heart to treat your own
child so cruelly," said the magistrate.
"Jedge, have you been a parent
of a wufless yaller boy like dat ar
cub of mine?"
"Never- no never !" (with great
vehemence—and getting red in the
"Den don't talk; you don't know
nuffin' about it."
Ethel—My father is looking for
a clever young man to work in his
Jack—I am not doing anything.
Ethel—He said a clever young
The Ledge.
R, T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
Published every Mori lay morninf? In the com-
mcr<l»r centre of the Kootenay.
Subscription, it a. year In advance or $S 60 if
not so paid.
1   ■' - ■    v>  ■	
Fellow Pilgrims: Thr Ledge is located at
Nelson, B. 0., and Is traced to many parti of the
earth It has never been raided by the fherlff,
snowMlded by cheap silvor, or suiidued by ihe
fear of man It works for tue trail blazer equally
«s well as It does for the champaRiie-flavored
trust tiend. It alms to be on the right side of
everything, and Pttll (irmly believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in large
doses. It has stood the test of time, and the
paystreak has never entirely pinched out, although at times it has been no bigger than the
shadow of a knlfcblade. It knows that one of
the noblest works of oreatlon Is the man who
always pays the printor.
Address everything to—
Nelson, B. C.
A pencil cross in this square
ildlc-tes that your subserip
lion U due, and that the editor
wants once again to look at
your collateral
A Great Light
This great paper is priuted at
night, and just as it went" to press
last Mouday the electric lights committed suicide, aud candles had to
Jae_ jiuuted up in order to get out
The Toronto Telegram has not
mentioned this paper for a month,
Why this silence, oh, Black Jack?
Canada is still without a mint
although wo started to build
one at Nakusp eleven years
ago. A. mint in Canada would
make money from the start, and we
cannot understand why the govern-
maat does not build one. It must
be owing to the influence of the
bankers who prefer rag money to
the solid coin.
A stranger, passing along the
road in the South of Scotland, was
surprised at the perfect solitude in
which ho found himself. Coming
to a poor man who was breaking
stones by tho wayside, he asked
him if the road was well frequented. ° •'()' ay,' said the man, "it's
no ill. A cadger gaed by yesterday, and there's yersel' the day."
A    HOT    TIME
the edition in time for breakfast.
Getting cut a morning paper by
candle light seems like climbing
backward, and does not speak well
for a city that is supposed to be up-
to-date.    Puts us in miud of Sault
Ste. Mario when the electric light
company was so poor they could
not buy wood half the time.   No
wood, no light.   In Nelson it must
be no water, uo light, but nothing
causes more profanity thau to have
the light pinch out when you are
reaching for a jackpot or just going
to press with a page of news hot from
Liaoyang.   It is enough to make a
saint cuss his mother, and the parsons of this busy burg will do much
towards tho decrease of brimstone
language if they will pray with the
city fathers until a perfect system
of   municipal lighting  takes  the
place of the senile affair that hr.lf
the time burns a hole in the night
like a stranded firefly, and tho other
half lets darkness prevail without
cutting the rates at the end of the
Axdy Olskx after living for 42
years in Cariboo has sold his ranch
and gone back to Sweden. It strikes
us that the name Olson must be to
the Swedes what Murphy-is to the
Irish, Smith to the English, and
Tonald to the Scotch. You hear of
the Olsen's everywhere, even tit
Ainswortb. We already have two
taking this paper, and have room
for the balance.
The Lkdge contains a chute of
humor that will be worked more
extensively just as soon as the public fill this paper with enough of
to prospect the entire country. No
paper ever published in this city or
country has been more appreciated
by tho reading public, and if cir-
cnlation counts for anything it
should soon be filled with all the
ads that it can stand.
"May not be new, but I just
heard it," said the man at the head
of the table. "Give it to us." "Man
from California said that they raised
cabbage out there as big as a wash
tub. Man from Missouri said that
they didn't brag much on cabbage,
but he had been iu Kansas City and
had seen three policemen asleep on
one 'beet'."
It is more than likely that the
great gold boom of 1U05 will be at
MAci.koi> is yellow enough to he
a gold camp. Kvery inhabitant in
ten wears tho pigtail.
Xklhon is much in need of Jan
elociric system of light* that will
keep burning. The present system
ia an imposition upon the public,
Tim km are looking up iu Atliti.
The local paper haw bun eiihiiged
and a man by the name of Collin
rallied a |f»<M>hoii*e the oth»'r even-
It is now said that the Japs are
not Asiatics but Jews. It is supposed that they are descendenta of
the Lost Tribes of Israel who got
away from Palestine iu the early
days and failed to return. Judging from the way that they havo
put the Russians on the pike a suspicion has arisen that a few Irishmen have drifted into their ranks.
If the suspicion is true tho soldiers
of the Czar might as well go home
aud save further expense.
I.v Port Arthur Stoessel in the
egotism born of his religion telegraphs the Czar that God is helping
him repel the Japs. Judging from
the godless Associated Press reports
it would seem that God is also
boosting for tho .Tups, although
those brown warriors do not recognise Him in their daily devotions.
It seems to us thut men who mur-
dt»r t'avir fellow nuu\ vrholwM'e
would be more in harmony with
ihfir job if tin-) lewiguiml the
devil as the power behind the gun.
.Surely a good God cannot winclioii
the awful deeds of men animated
hy the lust for blood and gain.
A prominent senator, who claims
to be rather more cultivated than
some of his colleagues, prides himself on his knowledge of Italiap.
-During-a recent-visitto-New-¥orkT
he patronized a street bootblacking
stand, and as he got into the seat
directed the bootblack, in his best
Italian, to make haste, as be was
trying to catch a train.
Tho bootblack stared at the
senator for a moment in apparent
perplexity, then answered   briefly:
"Mo no speak English."
A newsboy standing on the corner had witnessed the incideut
with interest.
"He ain't no Frenchman," he
observed, confidentially, as the
senator got down tho stand, "he's
a Dago.   Talk Italian."
The Japanese proprietor of a tea
shop iu the East-end of London
has beenjmuch annoyed by the incessant howling of his neighbor's
dog under his window while he was
trying to sleep. There came a night
when his patience gave way. He
raised the window ; stuck his head
out, and called to his neighbor in
terms that indicated that his English environment was gradually undermining his native politeness.
"Mist'Jones," he said, "will-yon
do me a kindness for request the
honorable dog that he stop his honorable bark? If you don't, by
gosh, I knock his head off !"
The boy's teacherjbad taken him
to the zoological garden with his
class mates. Upon their return the
teacher asked that each should
write an easay on some of the animals he bad seen. Here is a sample from a bright-mined eleven-
"Lions always walk except wheu
they eat and then they growl. There
roar jb most teraifying to men and
ai.i. i:.vii:n  ri'
An innocent looking German boy
walked into a drug store the other
day and faced tho proprietor.
"Haf yon got some bees' stings
for rheumatisms?" he shyly iu*
"Ikes' stings for rheumatism,"
the'proprietor repeated. "Where
did you hear of that?" "Why,
muthcr vas renting it by do newspapers," replied tho lad.
The proprietor laughed.
" I've seen something of that kind
iu tho papprs," he said, "but I
won't attempt to offer you anything just a* good. Where is the
"In ile luuidt und in de arm,"
the boy replied.
"Well, see here," said the proprietor, with it sudden smile, "I
haven't got the cure on myshelves,
but I keep it iu the backyard.
You go through my door und walk
around my ilower beds. When
you see four or live hee» renting on
other beasts when heard in the
forest, but when they are in cages
it sounds like they were sorry about
something. Their tails are not so
long as a monkey's according to
their size, but keep switching all
the time, and the seals can make
just as loud a noise and have more
fun in the water. They are cats,
no matter what you think, aud
their size has nothing to do with it,
and they think without talking.
Once a donkey stole a lion's skin
and went around bragging about it,
but the other donkey's got ou to
him because ho talked so much.
That showed he was a donkey.
Keep still when you aro thinking.
Irving Bachellcr, tho author of
"Eben Holden," was born in the
northernmost corner of the State of
New York, and everybody there
knows him and has a standing invitation to see him if they chance
to go to Now York city, a journey1
few of them undertake. Recently
a woman who used to supply tbe
Bacheller family with fresh vegetables when Irving was a boy went
to the city to visit a grandson and
called 'on the author. On her return she met a friend in the local
post-office and said: "Tell you
what, Irving has got things mighty
fine since he begun this book-writing business. Rugs on the floor,
and pictures on tbe wall, nnd all
that. And not a stove1 to bother
with—the whole house is het by
Captain George Archer, who recently gave up bis post of bodyguard
to John D. Rockefeller, heard, during his nineteen years of service,
many interesting and odd things.
"Yes," he said, the other day, "I
had some strange experiences while
while I was working for Mr. Rockefeller. "I halted a good many
queer, people at Mr. Rockefeller's
outer door. I remember a Baptist
minister I held up there last year.
He hailed from a little town iu Vermont, and he talked like a brother
to me. He told me all about a
minister's life in the country. It
isxr! t~an~easyli fe
Filbert Hotel
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.   Tbe rooms are
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing, Everything
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c.       Tickets $7.       Main St., Sandon.
If you are looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Home cooking, and the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
fienry Stege
newmarlw fiotcl
new Denver
Is the home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
**•*•*•*■ •        " ' -   II1       I   .... ..,1    -.„■■ .11,
Of the Miner's Union Block
Is the only hall in the city Buitable for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
■ For bookings, write or wire—'
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
"EH Interior view. Seating capacity 350; modern stage anullanecs; furnace heated throughout: population to draw from, 1,600.
Job Printing
prised to hear how some country
people treat their ministers. Why,
this man said that one cold winter
night he was hustled out of bed by
a woman he didn't know and ordered to come right away to her
house two miles off, because her
sou was sick. 'But I don't know
you,' the minister grumbled. 'Are
you a member of my church ? Am
I your pastor?' 'No,' said the
woman. 'I'm a member of Mr.
McWade's church. Mr. McWade
iB my pastor. I don't care about
calling him in though. My son's
case is contagious.' "
Send your watchjto 0. Strathearn
Kaslo, for repairs.
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
__   •—_•
Tin.ur. is Ktill gold in lUttM.n.
The other day two men took out in
IK hours 120,000of the yellow stuff called at the home of the hrideV
Hum  *n  out  * itiim   on   i.niKi.Hto, pan ia* tin-u m ,.n« i  un; uiiiumg.
vreea. \ tie vn.» in'fiii.ii? 1.1 itiiuig m* rt'ii-
_, , „. , jder** nil about the event nnd wished
Tttr jvrs***nw» of U . K.
Nelson is an excellent
The editor of n  eotinlry new-
paper in ofien  i* own reporlorinl
ftuflf !V We'l, !»'"! "'.'I'.'.v -4 hi* '.'SjH'f-
ieiuvh ..hen out aft, I «op* thoilhij 8 floww imt tri' Ui P,Vk t,,cm "P"
make intending n-» ling. Thcedl*! The lioy nodded and went out.
tor ol a lh.tiri.hing journal ia a lI" wm B°,MJ nt lcftHt tm «•■•»«*«".
northern Ctilifoiiihn town iweutly
When he came back his face was
ml and his now—where an angry
k>, it f,
,,,( v,
,««, ...
"I picked me norne of done been
lleant In]™"^'„"«i,o"V«««V WMiple a grioii!,Wil,»" ••«PS*cil% wuiaikesl.
chlu,wfor!Bend-orr uh vvell.    Th.. bride's mr,-!     "«>id )0ll?"   said   the   amused
the   imirw  A«**wiMrirt  to «av
H i
few words,
i urn
Uiii   imii,     ' iitiini    looming,!*" '•" ' 	
,|«vi,ifcel any better?"
erhap*   they  »*-"*-| Mrw. j0»t**/' -ai.I th«* t*<iit«,r
  called to get M>ine of the details of"    "•"* *W% f(,r m,!»" t,,ft ***   P!»*
in APennnylvaniaiitownthefliie the weddim*.''   "Uoo.liiesw,"   „>;«•«*•)"«•••••   "H,»« for my bruder."
At an author's reading in New
York, in which Mark Twain took
part, wheu it came Twain's turn
to epeak he walked slowly to the
front of the platform, glanced down
at the reading stand in a puzzled
sort of way, aa if wondering what
it was for, and then carefully picking it up ho walked over to the ex*
trcmo right of the platform with it
and left it there.   Then, returning
to the centre of  the platform  he
faced thu audience aud   remarked;
"Have more room  to  talk  now.
The piece I am going to speak is
one that require* plenty oi room—
for the gestures, you know.   Can't
do a subject justice without  the
space to-cr—motion it off."     It
wa? upon another occasion that Clemens introduced the solemn  and
dignified   Professor    Stowe,    his
ucighlior in Hartford, to an audience before whom he was going to
lecture, by soberly delivering himself of these wordi,   "This is Pro-
fetwor Btowe," jerking his thumb
over his shoulder at him, "who is
going to talk to you when I get
through.    His  lecture nmv ho a
trifle dry, but I can e;tve him   a I
ftr*t class) recommend ft* a vltlwij
and neighbor.    IIi» backyard joittif**psr     ?-
mine up in Hartford.  My hennery f|n     £
It right up next fc> bin faiice.   Und! y y     4
it there now for going ou (iftecu j
yean*—and I've   never  iniwwd a<
Tito Exchange Hotel in Kaslo is
like an oasis in an Egyptian desert.
Slocan folks (lock to it like bees
to a flower garden.
The Cigar Box, Kaslo
E. L. SfllTH
Importer of High Grade Cigars, Tobaccos, and Smokers' Sundries.
Dealer in tho Sweetest Candy,/and the
Choicest Fruit made and grown in
the World.
Try a thousand of my best cigars.
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Retail and Wholesale.
Hotel Strathcona K
Is in a delightful location and from its balconies
can be kpoii nil the beauty of tho grand scenery
that HitroundH, hems in, and adorns the busy
city of Nelson.   It is the home of tourists and
i' i
i» i
i» i
1,'JjJ,'3.VI:  .VJTLJ
ihv  J.vJ.a _>J w.iri3.'/.>i'j;"lj,l
aud every room is an enemy to intoninia. If
you need tvoma wh.u ou the way in, touch the
wire and the deed in done.
earing out loud j* #100, or plied Mrs. done-* in dimnay, ''they-j
thrr**»^fc*Jjhi fn fhe fi,i*f,if.\ Th<>' 're all n/ni". Yo'i outfit to have'
capuiu tnBpek train would have come last night. They me. every
a red, roari^j; time in that camp.    • ecrap."
L%v**v*v5 L%
-v! «W*v%-v5
Every foot in thi* country nerds
a boot or shoe.     The   Royal Hhoe
Alwayw have a  bottle of Sandon
beer iu your  pocket   when you go Store, on Baker utrett, in Nehsoo,
(Uhlntr.   \VHt«  to the New York jean furnish any   kind  offootwenr
Brewery and g*t a case,
| that i* required.
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
* Eleventh-Year'
r^unS up ?n japan
A. G. HALES, in London Daily News.
■    •■■   ■
Whilst I was hung up in Japan it
struck me that there were places on the
coast that mijjht in the near future play
an important part in the as yot unwritten history of the far east.   Giving: out
that I hail abandoned all hope of doinjsr
any work as a war correspondent, I
moved   around,  ostensibly  fratherinj?
material for n lecturing tour and for the
making of a book    One day I was dining with a Japanese noble of high de
gree, who took me over his works and
showed me how tho Jape make swords,
with tools as primitive as those used five
hundred years ago.   Tho next 1 was
amongst the coolies in the rice fields,
with my Chinese interpreter, picking
up the social and industrial life of the
country.   Later still I was looking at
the hot springs neRr Myineshota, and a
few days afterwards I sat at the foot of
the sacred mountain, Fujiyama.   Then
I [drifted towards the coast and saw
many    things    which    would    have
been forbidden to the war corresponr
dent    Everywhere I saw soldiers, drilling, drilling, drilling, for the nation is
being turned into soldiers; the prnning
hook is being beaten into the sword, the
ploughshare into the lance and the next
generation of Japanese will  feel the
strain as all nations who plunge Into war
on a great scalo feel it sooner or later.
The thing that_ struck me most forcibly
in my wanderings was the utter care
leanness'with which the coolie who is
called to the colors leaves  wife  and
child.   A lot of false sentiment has, in
rhy opinion, deluged the world's press
in regard to the Japs, and nowhere iB
this more apparent than in the matter
of the soldier going to war and his wife
Love, as we of tho western world understand it, does not exist in Japan.   A
man leaves his one working bnllock or
his one skinny donkey with regret, because it represents so many yens to him,
but, as far as I have seen, his wife and
his daughters he cares no moie about
than for the stubble in the field!   This
may bo an ugly truth, but it is a truth I
AM _B—TTT   «STw
him a reassuring wiuk and passed him
as a stranger. He went chasing a very
rare variety of butterfly right up
against one of the automatic disappearing guns a uay or two later and the
next day he was shipped off to Shanghai. 'You can't take too much interest
even in butterflies in Uji. The Japs
think an awful lot of those disappearing
guns, of which they have quite a number. There is some secret attached to
themitliat I could not loam; it was sold
to them by a Scotch engineer. I may
be wrong in my estimate of human nature, but I fancy that my American
friend was more interested iu the secret
of that gun that in the capture of that
butterfly, tare as the species may bave
Mr;Johri A Church, one of the first
mining engineers ever graduated from
an American institution, has written an
extremely interesting article for the
Mining Magazine, of New York, entitled "Mining Past and Future." Alluding to the history of mining in
America, Mr. Church says:
It is only a quarter of a century since
the yield of British copper ores was
about 9 per cent, aud of foreign ores
smelted in'British works about 15 per
cent. America was then a large contributor to the Welsh furnaces; and
long before our continent was spanned
by railroads, ores, chiefly of copper
and silver, were gathered in desert
regions, and after a toilsome wagon
haul wore taken by the most devious
waterways, or by a long railroad journey, to a shipping port, and landed in
Cornwall, after a trip that in some cases
covered from six to nine months.
Thie, was the history of even such a
remarkable mine as the Anaconda, and
many of ub can remember the exhibition of Industrial courage with which
the owners of the erection of their own
smelters under conditions of fuel sup
ply and freight that were forbidding.
men fought or got drunk. In the age,
following this savage age, woman did
not work outside the house. Man made
the living. ' In this age, tho woman
wants to bo a wage earner. She wants
to make money. She has done well as a
short hand stenogapher, earning some
money, and creating the usual amount
of jealousy between the married
heads of divers firms. She has done
some right good work as a doctor, a
nurse and a lawyer—but in this field,
she has not done much because she is
too apt to tell the truth. ISuw, she
wants to enter the field as a mail carrier, aud the government says she must
wear pants, We object. Some how we
have gtown used to skirls The bes-t
thing about a woman is hor lap. When
your old heart is full of grief land you
want to cry a little you lay your head
on a woman's lap. Palsed bo the rule
that would destroy that lap by btfur
cation. Where would you put your
scissors or spool of thread. A woman's lap is a family home.
It must not be broken in two.
You see your sweetheart coming up
the street, now, and she looks like an
animated hour glass, with a place
around the waist where your arm can
rest. That is tho idea of a woman, and
while this world is full of charge we
don't want woman to change from
"Sweet Alice, Ben Bolt" to Dr. Mary
Walker. And we won't have it, if we
have to support herourself.—A. M. B
In Windles Gatling Gun
1 Enroll now for Book-keeper, Shorthand and
Typewriting. Graduates are In demand. Seid
for Catalogue.
may wear her fingers to the bone work -
ing for a little rice, his daughters may,
and will, go to the "Yoshamusa," the
city of outcasts, if she Is of a pretty face,
but that does not trouble him
Kobe is a place that may figure boldly
in tho future history of the oastem
world.   It numbers some two hundred
odd thousand Inhabitants.   There are a
few hundred of fairly rich Japanese, a
few very rich natives and some well-to-
do Europeans there, with a mass  of
Japanese peoplo who never, from the
cradlo to the grave, know what it ia to
have a decent rag to cover their hides
or a full meal to (111 their bellies.   It
is a pretty place, fairly well fortified at
tho entranco, but not ono of tbe Japanese strongholds.   Ships on tholr way to
Shanghai call there, nnd the life of tho
placo is fairly good.   Kobe Is at tho
entranco'of tho Inland Soa of Japan,
coming from the southeast, nnd all Its
fortifications, such as they aro, front
that way, hut nn serious effort has been
mado to render it a plnofljDf much mill*
tary or naval utrength,   From Kobe 1
went to Uji, nnd here I found tho military nnd naval peoplo most active, (or
It l» from Uji that all, or nearly all, the
transports start that take troops to Port
Arthurjand tlio other hostile bancs   Uji
is guarded most jealously; no living
man can carry n camera openly there,
and yet, with all their caution and innate cunning, tho .laps iomotlme» overlook little ninttem Hint Are worth attending- to    I was told that I would be
sent out of the place if I did not either
hand over my camnraor destroy it.   1
dropped my camera over the wharf after
removing the lun*, aud tlie.it 1 studied
off to n tittle Jap shop whore photographs
were for wtl*  I had buan there tiefor*!
and for a prlcu1 obtained from a ran of
the moll what I wan not allowed to take
for myself.   That sort of things   hold
good all over   Japan.    The   photo
graphem am good patriot*), but—well,
yeui are yens, and a roll of tlu»tn will
go far in Japan,
\")\ is A *f«it that will never bf taken
without • bitter flight from Ihe »ea
•*t*j<i *5ik, nor (rats ttw U'.vl***-! «M«»
its ex tit strength it li hard to gaujr#,
lKf«u*4» atrntrief are postal all over the
plaw and »pl**e dog a man's footita**
night and day. There Is a lot nf humor In Japanese war crtrresfmndmicft.
I taw an astute American n.w»pa*«r
This is also the history of Butte from
tho earliest days when the furnaces
turned out a product that was hauled
by wagon to Ogden. It is the history
of the Copper Queen, situated fitty miles
from a railroad, aud two thousand
miles from a market
The beginnings of the great district
at Clifton and Morecci, Arizona, were
mado when copper was hauled 600 miles
in wagons, and when nearly a year
was needed to get a four-ton locomotive
on the ground, The freight alone on
coke delivered at Globo was $42 a ton.
.... Frequently tho development
of the mines has led to the construe*
struction of a railroad, and the import.
tanco of some of the mines has been a
powerful Incentive to thu building of
continental systems;
Id view of American interests in the
Far East and recent developments in
that direction, one statement ia rather
Wo aro already reaching out into
other countries that afford sea transport, and I should not be surprised t■>
see the day come when certain great
mines which I visited in China will be
brought into the American market
Mr. Church refers in a graphic manner to the relation existing between recent scientific discoveries nnd the Industry of mining:
The wonderful rilacovciiea in clicml.
try make it almost certain that the
miner of the future will l« engaged in a
search for rare element* and perhap*
(or some that aro still known or not
fully Appreciated. The power of ck«-
trlclty haa given us the command of
(dement« which could not he. »epArated
except in minute speck* twenty-five
years ago and it is entirely possible
that new alloy* with valuable qualitlv*
will extend Ihe field of his usefulness.
The miner in (act has one uye applied
to a tt!li*«t-np«, Linking (or new fields of
effort, and the other glued to a micro
•cope, seinltiiiir for traces of tiieUl,
that ho may recover fiotn thu slags and
gat*** nt Ids wast* product*; HI* work
is bound closely with the development
of li'HiiHiMirtJitiuii, nnd InJeed with
every other industry, so that men who
ba-ttt a iui.m r»*ti*iii that r«?j«t« In
vetlumiit* in mining look with dismay
while their IkhuW (all Iu value bec*u»c
there is a strike among distant mines.
on** %*r*T  *<»r  •**»•***  t» ■•*'**«
Grand hold
is the home, for all
Slocan people visiting the great gold
camp. Tasty meals,
beds make it a plea
sant home for
]acob$on $ Anderson, Props.
On the road leading to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for man and his horse.
The bacon, beaufl, be>ef-
Bteak, eggs, oats, hay,
boozeriue and cigars cannot be beaten in the hills
of the Lardeau,
Order   your   Pall   Suit   now.
Natty Suiting* now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher,
Kl'v.rfon'a Hows Tailor
Over Wnlliice*Miller Mock, Raker
8t., NelMin. Speeiul yearly eon*
trnetn for i'reewing, Itcpnli ing »tnl
Cleaning. fituMir. uillwl for and
delivered weekly. Tents and nwn-
hxgf> mult to order.
J. R.Cameron W)
Is tlie tailor to go to when  j£j|
Suit of Clothes
He  »*»  (Hi*  lM».t..i.'«l   UUUi^i
to -elect Irom, and the lit and j
*»**rt;*t\»n«Kin i* the K*#t.       I
_»*..   *.   *•».,,.4. _■_,'_  «   ,,._._^ .„■■«'- *■,.,,..-   „.,..... *.^
ul  VI    inelhiiiV',     Uc   run    fi   fb;»VV.' I ——
suit nf clothe.* and carded uivh'T blfj    We are now told that an  alrnmt   In
arm * hook of butterflies, a really tman j •urinotuitable    mountain    has   risen
tlfnl collection.    II*  worn   til*   horn jarro** the path of tb« new woman In
•.pe-tacW and   nsner   talked of any her march to sweep man nut of the
«  ■>• .      . i      ,.      ,l -r .     .   .  v „,,.,.• t       i.-i ,.   .,„, -, 1 ,. ,   „ „vi  ,.t.,Vr>>-   Vr>
•.pokt* la him «" ihe war he *«niXjt»Htc cause th* ruts* »**• MmM a e*ri(*>r .»u»(
Ins shoulders and naid notniiig.  I knew t « ear "mat, v*»t and pane*. *    I he r»i w
the «iar» in spit** at his get up, hevane*! woman wear* well but she do***. »»!,__ n
one* betore in an «»at ftfiht* way owner i wear H'iH.   Jv» #lte ran't  earrv the FrOUt GfOW
i.l lit* world I had iu«t him and   work ' mail.   This it awful.   Mutt a woman | Flathead
ed an-inst him, but he wa* a ,,«tam*»* pot on pants a(l.-r alt'   Si.* rutin bare)        ,
wUeciiwjC   tisanJw-   Il»*.».    Wh.» l.« e«ap%i»e»a.   ••«*»">*•««*•■» *»«»^^^^^
imiliwl m* 1 «* s flti.h ol artii'ivanrft she g«w» after.   In tbe *.**.« old davt.i He , f-trt>!*>.-*/) st r */«*'» Se.t     .*,*»«>!■•  w^l
cm So hi* hard, thin fat*, hot 1 t>e»ljUie wennen did all tim vwk, utidti tin .It* A, GOOI*, CtcwV N ♦.-**, B.C. ' ""
. •** •**
•      _.     r)l.l»r>l  t,ui/v»;fl
)w's Nest, B.C. to O
£ .'J 'u>t"" «.vi't U.v't'',*
has been moved from New Denver to
Nelson, bag, baggage and bull-dog. It is now published every Monday morning and circulates two
hundred miles from its home before the sun goes
down. It is one ofthe most valuable advertising
mediums in Canada, and probably has the largest
circulation of any weekly paper in British Columbia.
It will always contain racy paragraphs, breezy editorials and the latest news by wire and otherwise.
The Ledge for one year.
Cut this out and seud
in with Bonie collateral.
The Job Printing
Department contains something less
than $60,000 worth of material which renders it
possible for our artists to produce typographical
triumphs upon short notice. Orders taken for any
kind of printing, from the dwarf-sized visiting card to
the leviathan poster. The work will equal anything
west of the Red River, and the price will not suspend
your breath for even a second. Send your orders by
wire, mail, or word of mouth. They will have prompt
attention, and satisfaction will reign supreme when
your gaze rests on our Job Printing. Paste this ad on
the wall for it will not appear many times Our
neighbors need a little space to talk about tbe goods
i *»
imy sen.
*^ '*^>^^*^^ ^^^^"^^ .^^^^^^ *^^jMM,.'^^ t^^> ____, <^^ *^^._.,_-„ ■
**-^^ ij^s_s/"^^,^sjsi *^^^^^f«frf ^Mf^^______" 1______^^^l____f ^___T^^'^___J' ^i_sjr^^-
R^s| «s>sws^M(WW_^k^H t^srs^K .^...^asTs^sTf ls^l*_«_»(«__sT^ssl *^***»^»___^^sTsls^ |V-Hak.^. , _*^s^( JsW|__._.^ ,h>
TSi'iB*r"*"issi pr^ ~im we "m m
_ ^^^. "    ^. g^^. ^CJiyL ^^||jL ^^^
*^^k ^^^r^^^^g "'^^—g ^^*^***^n^^f i^^-^^v^^ k^^^^-^^J s^^.™
■ -S^***B Je^m__._.^ ,««^'**»| A, ,_M _s^s*sfcBMW-a,^w*^ ^i^K>, j»^^s7| ^Sli,^ ..„„rf^^sTJ JP__t_, ,
Eleventh Yeah,
We are specially fitted up to do all kinds of
repairing. Look into your jewel cases, you may have a
good brooch which only needs a pin, or a ring which needs
a stoue reset. We may use the old setting or reset
auew. If stones are missing we will furnish new ones at
a very low price. We want your repairs as we are sure
to please you in doing the work. Do not neglect your
diamond setting, it is perhaps time you had it reset;
this is our special work and we guarantee satisfaction and
safety. On receipt of a postal card we will mail you a
wooden box to insure safety in transportation.
Patenaude Bros.,
Watchmakers and
Manufacturing Jewellers
T. G. Procter
Real Estate
Mining Agents
Ranches and City
Properties For Sale
(18 Miles From Nelson )
Family parties can be supplied with
fresh milk, butter, eggs, etc , from the
Home Ranch. Reduced Rates by the
week.   Apply to
Nelson. Outlet Hotel I rocter
With which is Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, $8,700,000.        Reserve Fund, $3,000,000.
Aggregate Resources Exceeding $83,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President. B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane
Columbus    and   Havana
Whip   Cigars.        Union
Goods, made by
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented hy G EOBGE H0RT0N.
The  following was taken from the
Toronto Globe.
"Samuel Brown of Forest hae been
appointed inspector to supervise  the
payment of bounties ou crude petroleum
produced   from Canadian wells.     He
will be instructed in his duties by Mr.
Parmaleejr, of the Trade and Commerce Department, who will shortly go
up to Petrolea for that purpose.    The
regulations which are to govern the
payment of bounties have been framed
and are>now being printed preparatory
to distribution.   All producers of crude
petroleum from Canadian wells are re
quired to notify tho minister of Trade
and Commerce of their) intention to
claim the bounty of 11-2 cents per gallon.   They must declare whore their
wells are Bituated and  the estimated
number, the monthly production, the
places and uancs of the purchasers of
the crude product and all particulars as
to ownership, whether it be a co-part
nership or an incorporated company.
The books of tho claimant and of the
purchasers of tho product aro to be
open to inspection by the supervising
office.   Claims for bounty aro to be
substantiated by certificate of the receiving stations   and respective  purchasers, as well as of the supervising
officers.   Samples must be taken at the
time of delivery of  crude oil sold by
claimants and a record of the'same
kept by the receivers or buyers. Claims
for bounty may be made monthly when
amounting to $25 or more per month
and quarterly when for a Iobs sum."
At a recent auction of unclaimed baggage by the Santa Fe in Los Angeles an
old trunk, tied up with rope, was sold
for $6.25. When the purchaser opened
up his property he found a miscellaneous
assortment of "plunder" which had evi
dently belonged to some old time miner.
Besides some much worn working
clothes, there were specimens of ore,
blasting caps, a six-shooter, a box of
cartridges, a couple of razors, and two
steer horns. The horns were tightly
stuffed with rags and, when uncorked,
disclosed 5281 in currency and $60 in
K°ld- _______________
Masterton, Griflith & Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed
by lumber camps and mines..
M.  Gintzbtjrger has been appointed General Agent for the sale
of lots in the Town of Rosebery.
A. St. G. Hamersley,
Attorney for Owners.
No doubt about it.—Taylor &
Quarrie's clothes improves the
appearance of the wearer.
Deposits Received and Interest AUowed
Spokane, October 3 to 9
With Large Displays in all Departments.
$2000 Offered for Fruit and Fruit Exhibits.
More than $30,000 in Premiums and Prizes.
Five or More Exciting Races Each Day. $12,000 in Purses.
Down Town Carnival Each Night.
Fifth Regiment British Artillery Band.
Free High Class Vaudeville Attractions Daily.
Fine Mineral Display,Dog Show, Art Exhibit, Etc.
Remember-Low Rates and Special Excursions on all Railroads,
Co-ocetlon PnvllcKin for 8*l«. Write for Premium List and Usee Program
HOIIT. II. COSGHOVE, Heeretsry and Manattvr.
At the lowest prices
compatible with quality the
headquarters in Nelson are
A 2i Horse Power Gasoliue
Engin/for sale. Price $100. Address—R. T. Lowery, Nelson.'
P. O. BOX 185
Telephone 22
See our line of Morris Chairs
Veiour Cushions $8.00 & up.
•THIRTY DAYS afterdate We Intend to apply
1 to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, at Victoria, for a special licence to out
and carry away timber from the following tracts
of land, '■'„ ■■.■■■
Commencing at a post planted on the East
bs-nk of the second west fork of Wilson oreck, in
the West Kootenay district, about 6 miles from
Ihe mouth of the stream, marked M. H. K.,
S E.G.,thence west40chains, thence north 160
chains, thenoe east 40 chains, thence south 160
chains to point of commencement.
, Located the 28th day of July, 19»4.
Commencing' at a post planted on the East
bank of Wilson creek, in tho West Kootenay
District, about 7J miles above the falls, marked
J. B„, N. E. C, thence south 160 chains, theuce
west 40 chains, thence north 160 chains, thence
oast40 chains to point of commencement.
Located the -8th day of July, 1804.
Sole Agents:   Mason Risen Plans.
Furniture and
Bargain* In
Wall Paper
two complf'tn nets of liar Fit turn*, one
British I'latfl Mirror KixINiliii-liM, now,
Luttnr Vr*H*ns, Milliard ami I'oo! Tahiti
Uaah UeffiKtorg ami other S|iiK'inllti«e,
Mill   Order*   Ifrwlrn   I'rompt   Attention,
R. Elliott* Kaslo. B.C.
Al.WAV* liliUiV
J» tlio pioneer hotel of
Three Korku, and a pleasant home
for the   weary traveller.    Uoonia
rvwrnnl by U'Ugrivph.
HUdH NIVEN, Proprietor.
Opposite Court House and new Post-
ollice. Boat 25c meal in town. European and American plan. Only white
labor employed.   First clasB bar.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral ClaimsSurveyod
and Crown Granted.
PO.Box-M,       Office: Kooteimy St., Nelson
"indications are not lacking: "that a
great wave of progress and industrial
activity is rolling over the interior of
the province. In the Similkameen and
Nicola districts many inquiries are being
made for coal and other mineral properties with the addendum: "when do you
expect the railway people to begin
building?" Extensive mining and milling operations and the proposed smelter
at Hedley add to the probability that
railway construction on the coast to
Kootenay route will isoon begin. The
great strides made in the Boundary in
mining and smelting equipment places
cheap smelting. Then east and west
Kootenay have never known such a
period of steady progress in coal and
metalliferous mining, in lumbering and
railroad construction. There need not
be an idle man in the whole of Yale and
the Kootenays at $2.50 per day for laborers. In the Similkameen Iproapects
were uever more encouraging and with
the coming o( the railway ten thousand
miners aud laborers will be required for
coal and metallic mining, for lumbering
and farming. All that is lacking now
is transportation. The Similkameen
and Nicola districts cannot advance further without it.
Hel$on fair
Second Annual Exhibition of the
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Association
September 28-29
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write for Prize List.
J* E. Annable, Sec., Nelson, B.C.
3010 .Westminster -load.
100,000 Bulbs to arrive soon from Holland
France and Japan.   .,
Rhododendrons,     Roses,     Greenhouse
nnd  Hardy  Plants   for   Fall   Planting,
Home Grown and Imported
Garden,   field   and   Flower  Seeds.
Always in   took In season.
Green house full of Plants. Cut Flowers,
Floral Work. ltuy direct and secure agent's
Catalogue free,, or call, and examine stock.
Vancouver, B.C.
special licence to cut and carry away timber
from tbe following do9orlbed lands, situated on
tho wost end of Summit lake, In West Kootenay
District, commenolng at a post marked "O.M.
S. W.C ."planted about ono half mile south of
A. K. Finland's post, and at M. Olutzberger's
N W.C, thence north 80 chains, thence east 60
chains, thence south 80 chains and tticnco west
80 chains to place of commencement;
DAN McLKOD, Locator.
Dated this 18th day of August, 1904.
founders a Machinists,
—— Nelson, B.C.——
Mill and Mining Machinery, Complete
Stock ol Shafting, Fitting*, etc., always
on hand Katimatos furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. Repairing
and Jobbing.
Until further notice the Monitor
mill Ajax, Limited havi* moved
their oflleeH from Three Korku to
New Denver,
M.  (i!Mziii:iuii:n,
Victoria Hotel
Victoria Street, Notion.
W. K. Mi-CANDLISII, Proprietor.
Bent dollara-day  Hotel  in  Nelwin
Hoard and room, hIx dollam a week.
Hoard mid room by tlio mouth, twenty-
live, dnllara.   Meal Tlckeli (21 m«afs)
llvo dollar*.
No Lioi'oh 8<»u» os tiih PiiKMiam.
'I'iiovh |HJ|.
tVt    v«»>A.u  _/Cnutt-eu«,   .*-,<•  iu   tut   tHitvu  S.*<M.--uu«-it  _/•»!.*«v»,   _.v*t-i<»«  v*    _*••»,*->   vvitU-i>M,
III'.JIJ'IIV HIVE VUTln: tut  ,,:,  v.*. l„i.ili,y  \U  |w. I'si, .u,} ,<, ui..1.h, A.!'. 1 '<<'«. *t 0;i-»nur nf lw(-.l*f o'clm-k. n'«in,*t •*,«. C.r.urt !!(•_•*
**.*_"!••]' *h*,^**,,.?, I'tt'^' *»<'1I<'»> *h'l*ri«l* tir-(*i«„rt<-r ». i .mi i,| Hh> |«.r«*m» In «»M IW lwr#ln«rt*r -« »-». I>rth* rt'llncju. nt tattt un|
Big Sandy has entirely recovered
from his iudi.poBitlon
Jim Croft and Pat McEwen returned
from Boston lait Tuesday.
Mallard and Dosehainps have quit
their contract on tho Capolla.
Dan McLachlan is applying for a
license for the hotel at Rosebery.
Tub T.kixik water barrel fell down
last week, and is a total wreck.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Taylor mid
daughter aro spending a vacation at
The Kev. and Mrs. Mount and daunt)
ter aro leaving next Wednesday   for
M. Glntzberger has removed from
Three Forks, and rented J. C, Colander's house.
Joo Parent and wife have moved to
Rmmberry from Nakusp; ho is at work
on the Sawmill tug.
J H Moran ii working on his property and expects to hhip a carload of
ore in two weeks time.
Mr. Logan owner of the Sweetgrass
came to town on Tucuday hoping to
make a deal tor the Mollio llugliu*,
Mrs. Munroo and child returned to
town after a lenghty villi tn the K.int;
they left on Sunday with Mr. Munroo
for the Fisher Maiden.
H*nrv Macdonald camn in town nn
Labor Day hoiiihwli«l drunk. Ho upeiit
ail his money for onion*, Mil, wlii*kov
and a jarknlfe. Tim h« took two 1'f
Kicgn'* rabbits, onl their tlinrntt deco
rated them with flags taken from the
Uum-h, built a Wi» on thu Inke »ltor*»
and was getting ready to have a »tt»w
when he was discovered and taken to
jail. He wan tried in Kaielmi, and got
•10 or ;w days, lleing shy the ten hu U
now helping Hob Lemon In. N-Unn, and
wondering   why a man will drink.
Is the largest in the
Slocan. Ladies out
town should write for
samples or prices.
Wanted Immediately
A 0"f»ll"iue To'sell Pruli trees, Raspberry,
-f-wf*, d_.Ho Gooseberry and Currant bushes
etc Good Ipay weekly ; Outfit free. There Is
big money in this work for trustworthy men.
Over 600 acres. Ml;?:
tlvation, over ooo acres of Nursery Slock including the choicest and best varieties for Orchard
and Garden planting. We will deliver goods to
customers In good condition, freight paid. Our
agents have every advantage that this line ot
business can offer {hem.   Apply now for terms
Pelham Nursery Co.,
ASS AVER       ______        CHEMIST
Prices-Gold, Silver or Lead ., $i.co
Gold-Silver or SllverLead..........Sl.fcO
Ti'ustworthy lady or gentleman to managt
business In this county and adjoining territory
for Wfll and favorably known house of solid
financial standing. *in.00 straight cash ealary
and expenses paid each Monday by check direct
from headquarters. Expense money advanced.
Position permament. Address, Manager, 819,
v omo Block, Chicago, Illinois.
Twelve back numbers of Lowery'a
Claim, all different, and a copy of
Float sent to any address, postpaid.
Address,  K. T. Lowery, Nelson, B.C.
_2T  Will make arrangements for local agency
or the handling of exclusive territories.
Try one of the tonics at the
■■■.__„    ATLANTIC
Steamship Tickets
To and from European points via Canadian
I American lines.   Anply for sailing dates,
rates, tickets and full Information to any C, P.
C. P. R. Agent. New Denvoi.
W, P. P. Cnmralngs, Q. 8. S. Agt,, Winnipeg.
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, $1.00 each
Any two, $150; any three, $2 00.
prompt attention;
Rich Ore "
Samples by mall receive
Placet Qold, Retorts and
1780 ArapahoelSt.,
res bought
Denver,  Colo
OMK ANI> SBh our Agate Jewellery, mad.
v ,Jr_^iS,_l.Hlv.? »t.oue>-. "!«• watch repairing
NICKEH80N the Jeweller, Baker St., Nelson.
Nelson Exhibition
Sept. 28 and 29..
Single Fare Return
From nil Stations
Uevelstoke to Fernle   '
Including Branches.
Meals at all hours.
Manilla and Knmloopti Clgnm for sale,
Have fresh meat every
day at Sandon, and iu
all tin* HhopR operaU>(1
by tlioin in British
Columbia. No contract too large for thin
fiim. Armies and
railroitdK mipulied on
xliort  notice.
World's Fair Rates
Next Boiling Dates.
Oct. 8,4,6.
Students' Rates East
On Sale till Sept. 20th.
Low Selling Rates
On lalo daily Sept. 15 to Oct. 16.
MoLKOD   HOTEL.   YMIB.    All modern
improvements,  Sample rooms In connection.   The only flrsit-clasi hotel In Ymlr.
FIN LAY McLKOD, 1'ioprlotor.
THKK1W8 nOTKLIn Ferguson is a oheer-
1 ful home for all travelers to Ihe Lardeau.
Sample Rooms  V ANK BARBER, Projirietor.
l   and American ijlan. Meals, »& cents. Rooms
from urc up to *1 ....
Nothing yellow about
In the safe.
Only white'help employed,
tlie nlitco except the sold
BARTLKTT HOUSK, formerly the OUrk
. Is tbe best II a day hotel In Nelion
while help employed,
THK IIOTKI. PKRGimON Is the home of
.. Hlocsn people when they arc in Fer.uton.
MODONNKL*; BLACK, Proprietors,
For full particulari apply to local agente
II. I'. A , Nelson,
A,O.I'. A., Vancouver
*^ wc_^C!Q5o3
MtA     **»""<1II»    <Hr»l     "<■,!     M|;!!»'*jl    l*«*    ,*|,1|
•an«ai dtM-1« »>4 *>*mt t>*M
1* •»»,•,
i.Mf* un.1! ir«»m<l«»*, tnifll»l_t(tijr flftrt-ifljlill i!.» HtlMfflrtJlli* M*t_ «|J)|', tl
ir*l«l by
nW *.s*,i.l
.%»(>■;« nt PirniH A«w,eMt,
N.-«i(|."ll>/i >! l'r"i"ity
.,^.»_.^ j
h\t il*'*.'
I.TS.i'uJ.a™'" "°"'1 """jlsa weelily paper published
iui(»i_, U y.
v.iitii il.,t..i it: >; •
ami fiiittilntnit .*•
I.liirf . ,l,<(iM»l,iM,f !,«« H't.OtuUp I.
»i r-> more or •*«*■
Ut*.*r. A C
S  K ii>«#r*»f *.f -ni'ii i*i «. Mmr • tH>».-li«i.ion «>l U.I »it.
Otoiip I, •*_! ('..Miiiiititr 1*»' »!• rr» more»>r !*•».
. _li l».v,',*•,.j. •) tl,
•1 -..ii' < I.■ I■.v. ,".t*
n< l,i.
Tiw  « Int.t I
!>«.•*_.! N.U t  111
mpumim ttk. r**
Hotir.iti *. nr-s* ii k,
A»«'»'r *uU V*jili<aor, .VeJson Lomtt't. Waal EmAtmt,
Mimical good* and stationery at
The Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
ia uever onovalided by chrap beer,
or whiskey that has lost its vigor.
Your Fall 8ult,~We don't be-
lieve you can get m good  a fall
iuil any where ti\m (or the mum
money a*  here.   Taylor   k  Mc-,
I Qo&nif, Nelwn B. C. J
at POPLAR, H. C.    It gives
*i   >t     , r   _*■...«.
»i.i    \.\\<*   k.v,'i-i_>   y»     »».»%i»
gold cmnp.     It coats
year to any addreRs.
your money to—
pytPLAU, B, C,
$2 a
KAKUi h kmk:an RAILWAY.   •
K. & H. Ky.
Lv «:floa.m.-8nndnn--Ar 4:_*f» p.m.
Ar 16:45a.m.-Kaslo-Lv 2:oo p.m.
bteamer Kailo.
Lv I :ilo p.iii.-Kasio-Ar 11 :oo a.m.
Ar4:ilop.m.-NelKon-Lv 8:oo a.ra.
Tlr_«»ts noltl to alt part* of thn Unltntl
Staled and Canada via Ore/it Northern
and O, RAN Comr*n*'i line,.
J'or (urtiier partk'oJai call on or ad*
KiiItKHT IHV1NG. Mmsjrer, Ratio,
. uiafina nnfici #
.    est and the best In the Lardo. Oold seekers
always welcome.     ULVINBROS,    .	
*V^THolo-Mtlt>  -UEorohants.
I irAOnONAMi A CO.. Wholesale Mer-
il. chants, Oracerle* snd Mlntnu Supplies.
Box U*S. Nelson, n.O.
ers In Batter, Errgs, Cheese, Tradaoe and
fruit,Nelson, B.O,
V PKKIIUNON A CO., Nelson, B.O. Whole-
li,  sal* driers in Wines, Ltquwrs aud«!fsr».
.VgVlM* f<!» l'tlWt ll«!« ,
r   A.   Mc DON ALII,  WboUsale Dealer
fi.   Krult. Nelson, IIO.
flu had tf ye4r*»ii»rl«tir«Tin d
        ■ •     -A   'Brld
■j .g%
 .  _,-,-..., . j dental work, snd
makes a •pecUHy of 0»\A Bridire Work.  Visit
made to the Slorsn reaulsrly.
O«noral   Store*.
I   T. KKI.I.V,  TIIIIKK  rORKH, dealer In
<)t Oroiertt's, Dry Oootls, Kte,
H  HaadMt. II.C.. Hrellnte In the Unkm llsll
evtr« I rldsy cvcnlun st 1,10
cordially ln»tt*_ \a aitnd
Nnhl* Nrand; A. L Ckaio, Vtee Ursnd
OANMirr. Secretary.
VHttnK Urrthftn
J.  K   UlVKRllll,
•   W.JI.
k. or v,
**6n «i»»y W«4iw*ia,j evening at S mVUx'Ii
O  U**ta «v«»y W«4iw*ia,» «v«nl _
In tbe l>« Ihlsn Cattle llsll, Hsndoti. Hojottrnlng
*,..,#^»(.,, *f«M  rf,„^l.»n ^  f.«>vl>lnvi w,'lf,..ri(*      M
l»ss«»o_,t;,u.     Ai.'i.n J. Hsu.,h.K.Sia,
«i   flnrlilLendllornyor.
I>*)lu-»i and
Nelson. D. 0.
R. H>tVLANr>, Krmmm ••»_ Fre/irtftetltl
Mttl- fiMlliJ ill,    ilk (kf.lji..
HAf.TCOK hot aptttuna me Kenl-
tsrtwnat Het/r«n It »li-at*l«mldsee try
that rl*sl* *ttn the t.t>**»nt. It u wetl know*
ss • health and ptrawre rr«wt Ih* l*n*e kMtl
eeittaift* titunsr* Turkish, «t*»m and shnwer
I' UilUtt. Tlv..'.'.Aiwi'._> U*(u U'«ttk «v-.^vl at iU*ii-
rnsSism. wl-ilra sod nenrsirts its wslfr* ttcsvl
•II Itvtr, kMn«f, arwl «'ismt«h ellmvnts.  A
i »utu cut, fat waa t _.„    .
j tka i-lstrsiiliU t-m«r_eln_tioB.
i:ul*ju(u_   T\tv utsfli .421*-


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