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The Ledge 1904-08-22

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 /'•'  .
-f -
~'ti    v"**
-i>., --
<*.   .
- *fc    '
~-w.l •
„    *
"Volume XL, Number 48.
Price. $2 a..Yeah, in Advance
• ; "New York Silver; 57f .
There are" 14 men working at tlie
>  Lust Chance.
The Wakefield is working a full*
force, back of Silvorton.
Three miners  and  a  cook are
'"'■' •  working at the Surprise.
,&v...     The Highland,   at'   Ainsworth.
*    ,.  closed down on Thursday.
Last week the Enterprise shipped
20 tons, and the Ottawa, 44.
Six carloads of zinc ore went to
j..   Antwerpjlast week from the Payne.
:  At the head of Twelve Mile the
v   lead Kan been struck on the Myrtle.
There are 18 men at the Molly
Gibson with Alf Oleabn as foreman.
The Ottawa is "using the assayiug
outfit, once-in use at the Galen*
Farm.    • -'    ; ', '
An eight inch vein assaying 1200
ounces in silver has been struck on
the Antoino.
Ore is being sacked at the Legal,
aud winter quarters built at the
* Last week ther Ivanhoe shipped
32 tons, .and the Slocan Star the
same amount.   °   - "_;.-
The Slocan Star declared a divi'
dend this mouth of $26,000, and
the Sunset $8,000.
This week the Payne Bhipped
three carloads of fine iron ore to,
the Trail Smelter. - .
The Real IdeaytNo; 2, shipped a
carload of Goat mountain ore to
w   Nelson on Saturday.
.copper has. been, struck  oh  the
Brownie Boy, near Cody.
The Slocan'Star has over 2,000
touB of zinc ore on band awaiting
the erection of an enriching plant
in the district.
A bylaw to exempt the Kootenay
Ore Company from paying taxes
for ten years will be voted on in
Kalso, Aug. 80.
Thomas Jones hag returned to
Victoria from Quatsiuo Sound
where he inspected an extensive
deposit of ziuc ore.
E. M.^Sandilanda is now apply-
ing for a crown grant on the Mollie,
a claim on Noble Five mountain
owned by John Vallanoe and J. F.
The Mayetta group has been purchased by tlie owners of the Ottawa, and a small force will be put
to work at once. There are nine
claims in the group,  .
The Associated Silver-lead mines
of B. 0. held their annual meeting
in Hnndon -on Tuesday. A. O.
Garde was elected president, and
Nick Cavonaugh, Secretary.
All lead conocfutrates shipped to
Europe from Canada will receive a
bonus of,11.0 ft ton. None will be
•hipped until the local smelter*
find it impoBBiblo to smell the supply sent them.
Considerable gold in being found
in tho ore taken from the Jo Jo on
the north fork of Carpenter oreck.
Tho Slocau evidently has a golden
streak running through it and Three
Fork* may again be a city.
Pal McCuo ha» a email force
working the Utica, on Paddy's
Peak. There art) nine tsitr-loadi of
ore at this mine, but owing to tlio
condition of the trait It cannot be
shipped at present. Medio Iihm
labored a long time with tho Government to have a trail built to
Paddy's Peek, but without success,
and tblnks he will not get It until
he can command more vote*.
And Only One Thousand
Dollars to Square It
Now York, Aug. 21.~In a
special cable to-day from London
the New York Herald has the following: That the much Vaunted
system of police identification at
Scotland Yard can send an innocent to penal servitude for a long
term of years is a fact that has
been rudely brought home to British people in the case ■ of Adolph
As compensation for groBS miscarriage of Justice in the collection of the unfortunate Swede,.first
in 1880, and again in 1896 the treasury has granted him the suiri of
$1,000 as a 'solace. England-is
discussing the .disparity between
the suffering inflicted by the law
on a. man guiltless of any wrong,
and the compensation offered when
the mistakgw^as discovered.   ,
One or two newspapers have tried
to work up a sensation by the amusing head lines, "An English Drey*
fus," but in the main the press has
taken this extraordinary story soberly and seriously. - '
The Times points out that while
no. money can really compensate an
innocent man for spending several
years of his life in a prison, as a
convict, for the treasury to make
any grant whatever is an extreme-
jv_rare-eveot. _!Tot_more_than_ten,
times in the last hundred years haB
the treasury department done anything of the kind.
The term, English Dreyfus CaseJ
is in every way a misnomer. In
the first place the Home Office interfered as soon as it saw good reason to doubt the justice of the sentence. Secondly, while G. R. Sims
made himself Beck's advocate in
the columns of the Daily Mail,every
paper in England without exception raised its voice for the victim
as soon as it was evident that truth
was on his side. Iu the work of
justice neither petty jealousies, nor
rival papers, nor politics played a
part. Both press and bar are advocating an investigation of the
whole case by an independent authority. -^
Mr, Sims, who has Known the
victim personally for 20 years, has
shown that the 'case has a far more
serious aspect than was first believed. He proves step by step that
the conviction was not merely a
most extraordinary case of mistaken
Identity, but that Beck was a victim of what Ib "Nothing short of a
conspiracy to procure the conviction
of the prisoner by suppressing facts
which would have Insured his triumphant acqultal."  • j ■
The fact is clear that Beck was
originally convicted of stealing rings
from unfortunate woman, largely because It was believed he was ft
certain John Smith, who bad been
convicted in 1877 of the same offence under exactly similar circumstance*. Yet, while hk identity
with John Smith played a preponderant part In the evidence against
him, It wan ruled out of court and
the prisoner wan not allowed to
prove an unquestionable alibi.'
Medical evidence wa* also forthcoming to *how that whllo John
Smith wan ft Hebrew, Beck was not,
but all thut the government did In
the light of thin fact was to remove
from Beck'* prison garb the lettering which indlcatad previous conviction.
.;    BOUND TO   PKKl) H1H
Worcester, Mass., Aug. 21. -
Senator Hoar is resting comfortably aud has taken more nourishment than he did yesterday.
Beunos Ayres, Aug. 21.—An
artillery' engagement has been
fought between the San Jocomino
battery and a body of revolutionists in which the latter succeeded
in dislodging the guns of the Government forces.
Special  to The  Lkihik
The Parker Co., of Chicago
through their agent, S. S. Luff-
man, of Kaslo. has placed 40,000
acrea of timber limits, principally
on the Duncan river, with capitalists of Duluth, Minn. A mill capable of cutting 150,D00 feet a day
will be erected at Procter. The
mill will be built so that it can be
enlarged at any time. The Duluth
men expect to cut five billion feet
of lumber in this province.    "
. Dover, Aug. 21.—W. S. Greasly
the third man to enter the water in
an attempt to swim "the straits of
Dover this year, and who started
this morning, gade up the trial after
an;hour and a half, owing to ex
tr^me low temperature of the water,
Russia Throws Down tbe
Gauntlet to China
Shanghai, Aug. 21,—Shanghai
was thrown into a fever of excitement this afternoon by the arrival
of a Japanese torpedo boat which
was sighted coming in south at 4.30
p. m. She passed ,Woo Snug at full
speed and started up the river for
Shanghai. The U.S. Torpedo boat
destroyer Chauncy slipped her cable
and followed the Japanese vessel.
The Japanese boat was cleared for
action. She anchored off the cosmopolitan dock, where tbe Russian
cruiser Askold is undergoing repairs. The Chauncy came out and
anchored between the dock and the
destroyer. A foreign pilot ship reports having Been a Japanese battleship and two cruisers cruising 60
miles outside of Woo Sung. There
are at present no Chinese men of
war in this port, but the Taotai has
asked that a Chinese cruiser be sent
immediately. The Russian consul
here flatly refused to disarm the
Askold or the'destroyer Grosvui or
to order them to leave the harbor.
1 The Taotai has notified American
Consul Gooduowy who is doan oi
the consular body, that China can-
not protect the foreign settlements.
Pittsburg, Pa.r Augs 21.—The
Amalgamated society of Iron, Steel
and Tin workers yesterday declared a strike agaiust the Carnegie
Steel Company to go into effect
In St. Paul, Minn., on Saturday
a tornado wrecked a hundred buildings, killed ten people, and caused
a loss of $2,000,000. Tlie loss was
equally as great in Minneapolis.
Bjisi'Ul   to TllK   Ltimr.
Petrolea, Ont., Aug. 21.—There
is great excitement here over the
striking of a new oil belt'in Moore
township only six miles from the
town. Lowery Bros, and their
asBOciateB were laughed at when
they commenced drilling in what was
considered a dry territory, but the
gushers now pouring out oil in that
section has set tbe country wild
and huudredsare flocking in to buy
and lease land. Drilling rigs are
being set in motion in all directions,
and Petrolea once again 1ms the air
of a boom town. The bounty of 52
conts a barrel on crnde oil adds interest to the rush, and makes speculation more profitable,   ,
Three different experts turned
down the Mountain Con boforn Mo-
Leod and Th itnpwn took * lease
Birmingham, Ont., Aug. 21,—
That Hmokliiflt may steady ft man's
nerves under the moat trying cir-
«<!«      f      *"       it
■flit UVUU UlfUM <fc  4IIVJ HIV |/*«H.*«i.-i vuu»e»»«nv»-» •■»  wt«»«»«U    ...    »»«
«2 miWn «"d fcWir' ihi^t• IuJajuw   «w* iJ Sajmurl   JTiMmi   I'trrntcd
here yesterday.   Holden went to
With ono oar of ore tlioy paid for
th* property, and now' have |86>
000 worth of ore In sight. Thin
prove* that the miner who dftv by
ponnda the drill knowa more about
mining than many of the to-called
export* who know mora about
lacing yellow booK and lampling
Scotch than they do about tbe
mln«r»t§ thftft nalnr* hai inflMwM#d
In tbe roeki.
the "mflMd   calmly   emoklng a
cigar.   This wa* ;iwm»m«nt*d upon
In his cabin near Notch Hill
Isaac Cuchrane, a' young Scotchman was found dead on Thursday.
While temporally Insane he had
shot his head off. He was to have
been married in a day or two. His
sweetheart left Scotland several
days ago,	
Duck Lake, Saskatoon, Aug. 21.
—Constable Charles Beckwith, of
the N.W.M.P., accidentally shot
himself at Muskeg Lake, on Thursday. Drs. Munroe and Ponner at'
tended him, but the patient was
beyond hope before they reached
him. He leaves a mother in New
Brunswick, and a tester in Massachusetts. Tho inquest will take
place at Prince Albert.
Winnipeg, Aug. 21.—A large
party of Winnipeg grain dealers,
inspenting tho western wheat fields
reached Napinka last" night. A
despatch from that place says the
grain men were delighted with the
wheat threshed and on threshed.
There will bo 20 or 25 bushels per
acre. The sample is free from
Rust, and will grade high. Sam-
plea were collected from different
towns and were all of good  grade.
One of the leading paint workn
In New York Is buying lead from
the Trail wmeltor, owing to Un
great purity. It Im the purest lead
made in the world. The silver is
on a par with it for the UnlUd
State* government purchased tie
white metal lined In making coin
for the Philippines at this celebrated smelter. _    ,_,
.„.   KKW tmffVRN
T.   K. Lane his gone to New
Mr. Bate*, of Vanrwiver, was It*
town this'week.
Rev. C. A. Mount leave* for
teiigiauu in repteuiiMir.
Charley Nelnon eeoaped to Nel-
■on for two days thi* week.
T]ie waterworks eumpftny wipwt
He contends that Russia ignored
China and China has not the, means
of making her obey- them.   ;
Consul Goodnow has called a
meeting of, the consular body to
take joint action for the protection
of foreign inhabitants. The Askold has docked adjacent to the
warehouses here of the Staudard
Oil Company which are valued at
over a million. The Stardard Oil
Company has demanded protection
for its property from consul Goodnow. „
The dock whore the ABkold lies
is owned by British interests. On
one side of this dock is German
and Dutch property, and on the
other side American property.
There are eight American, one
German two British aud four
French warships here.
Shanghai, Aug. 21.—The Steamer
Haitin which arrived here today
reports having sighted a Japanese
squadron showing no lights last
night about 05 miles sonth cent of
Shanghai. The U.S. Monitor Hon-
a, dock and two torpedo boat destroyer* have been ordered to be
reotly to protect the neutrality of
H|#(:UI   in  THK  Utm«
an ahowlng that the murderer wa* to commence work late In SeptHn
who attended him, Mated that thef
condemned man merely did  it to i
•tindy hi* nerve*,  and that the
c'gar had the desired effect,  and
that instead of apparent callout-
ii> m he died with a prayer nn   hi*
The Ijidlm' Aid «»f tlm Prenby-
terian Chnrvb riivp nn fee erenm
Hocliil on ThurwUy.
The bridife«'p| o it«* Hmith'* *t»»rw
ha* Imh»ii tftljr-ii itMiiy ititd the r-fitiv
MHtd with rook* and v*aW.
RochoHter, X.Y., A up. 21.
—Although not working the
mine on Hilver mountain the
owner* of the Hartney group
ate not idle.   They are btmy
enlarging their chemical and
! ulne smelter at Denver, Colo.
When completed lliuy will install a plaut at Ni»w Dunver,
B a, f*rlv net* »<i»rin».   Th»«
riror'fKn U n wiNhmm Iwtyond all
question having been tried on
; all kind* of xine ore.   It ha*
: pfmml the expei iintmuit stage
end i* in ditilv «**• »r«»atln«
the tine orw of Colorado. Tlie
oomjmiiy   lw»*   t-hosen   New
Denver ** an idwd sjKit f«»r I
Hip envfinii «f their smeller
in ItriiMi Colmrihi*.
Glencoe, Minn., Aug. 21 —A tornado
■truck the townships of Rychvalley tind
Bergen to-nigbt ki'ling four persons,
destroying thiusands of bushels of
grain, "*and many barns, houseij and
sheds.' The* atorin extended over
many countries
Winnipeg, Aug. 21.—The Imperial train carrying president Hays
and party of GT.P. directors, arrived here over C.P.R. today.
Tomorrow they will inspect Winnipeg and then on to Vancouver in
the evening.
London, Aug. 21.—Tho extinct
Baronetcy of Tyrells, formerly of
Thornton Hall,' Buckinghamshire
is being claimed by a poor ciihiuaii
named Benjamin Tyrell. Ho alHo
claims ownership of Thornton,Hall
estfttoi, which are nearly five milep
square and the Craker Marsh Hall
estate, near Ottuxoter, Staffordshire. Tyrell'* claim rests on the*
contention that ho is adirect descendant from John Tyrell, third
sou of Sir. Thomas Tyrell who
died in 1705. The cabman contend* that the estate* illegally
pMsed into the poMtession of the
Cavendish family through mar-
Hnge with hi* own family.
a vinb ofnoie.
The Great Northern Mine* ban a
fine office on Baker street In Nelson,
Thi* great company saw some tirut
ago that Nelson is destined to Ih-
the mining centre of British Columbia and moved In. In their window
Ih displayed Route of tho Hurst frt'c
milling gold orn on thin coiillm-nf.
It come* from the mines of thin
company in th<* l*rd««*u and NV!-
■<m should take an interest in the
country north of here as lis development mean* a great d»v$l to tide
city. The aatnpttvi from the Kwedt
group now on exhibition at theii
office are rich' onough to <|nW'k<>i
the poise of any man vented in gold
rook.   Call at the office and glad-
flmi n»rtH*> nvi**  *nA »»!«•»» vr»nr«i>lf mi
idimof %hn*va«t mineral wealth still
The Russian Cruiser Novik
Blown to Davy Jones'
Locker Yesterday
Washington, D.C... Aug. 21.—
The American state department today received the following cable
gram from United States Minister
Griscom. "The .Japanese fleet sunk
Novik off Sanklmlin to-day."
The following details of the attack on the Xovik has been received at the Japanese legation.
The captain of the cruiser Chilosc
reports that the Chilose and protected cruiser Tsushima attacked the
Russian cruiser Novik at Karsa-
kovsk, Sankhailin Island on the
morning of the. 20th. On tlie morning of the 21st the Xovik, which
had been heavily damaged, was
stranded and partly sunk. The
Tsushima was hit once in the coal
buuker, but the damage has been
repaired. There was no other
damage, nor was there a single
casualty on either of the Japanese
Cbefoo, Aug 21.—It has been officially confirmed .here that the
Russian cruiser, Novik, was sunk
to-day off Korsakokaby the Japanese protected cruiee, Cholose.
TokloT AugT^n^C^^~n0~
After a severe engagement with the
protected cruisers Chilose. and
Tsushima, the Russian cruiser
Novik has been vanquished. The
fight occured to-day. After it tlie
Novik iu a sinking condition was
run ashore "* in 'Norsakovt-k
harbor on the Island of
Sakhalien. Details of vessels
caught up with the Novik yesterday and that running fight ensued.
Tho contest wiiH.terininnted early
this morning and the captain (if
Chilose reported the engagement iu
a brief telegram which readied tho
navy department here this afternoon. He says ho first attacked
the, Russian cruiser Saturday after-
noon and that on ^Sunday morning
he inflicted heavy damage on her.
The Novik nearly sank hut beached.
Ohefuo, Am* 22. (11 n.m.)—Tlio
Japanc.io have swept the Rut-siaiis
from Pigeon Bay, and captured the
Northernmost fort of the western
line of inner defences of" Port Arthur. The RuBsien artillery prevents the .Japanese from occupying
tho fort at Pigeon Hay.
Tho Eagles will fly to Kokanee
park tm Tuesday.
These are tho days when A. L.
McCulloch earns his salary.
The Athabasca mill is cruahiug
HO tons of gold ore a day.
The struggle for knowledge reopens in Nelson today. Nearly all
the children are full of sadness.
James A. McDonald, of the firm
of IX M^Arthur & Co. haB gone to
the Const on a visit to his parents.
Another paper is spoken of for
Fernic Nothing new about this.
It is the same old story in a new
J. A. Buckham, since he opened
his store in Field has found business so good that he Las to enlarge
the building.
Several of our prominent citizens
have been drunk this week, but
none of them saw anything in .tha
astral world.
(■rand Forks got the printing for
its celebration in Missouri, but expects to thaw the crowds from
around home.
J. J. Whiteacre has appointed
1). McArthur & Co. agents for tlio
Mason & Risch pianos for Nelson
and the. Lardeau.
The Tribune has a kitty. If you
hit it every corap in the shop will
jump at you like a Jap pumping
lead into Port Arthur.
M. R. W. Rath borne, the well
known mining man of Silvcrton,
will-join, tho benedicts on Wednesday, and remove to tho Coast.
Billy ICellem, well known in
Kaslo, Puplar and Rosslaud was
recently held up in Arizona by two
miisked men who took all his summer's wages.'
.Small ads, such as Wants, For
Sale, Lost; Found, Strayed, Stolen,
etc., coat 25c each insertion in Tun
Lkdok. Birth, Marriage and Death
Notices are 6nc.
With the exception of tho engineer of tho Kokanee everyqne'en-
j iyed the excursion to Procter on
Thursday night. Procter is the
Rockuwny of Nelson.'.
paradise it comes nearer to the
real thing than anything the scenic
guide-books talk about. It is
within easy reach of Nelson, and
tho altitude never allow* the Know
to entirely molt.
Iu Nelson alt subscribers to Tub
Lbimik will receive their paper* in
tlio PtiHt-oiliee. They are deposited
in that ofllce at 7 a.m., and arc obtainable when tho wicket opens at
8 o'clock, and sooner to boxholdeiH.
Joe Dowuea ho* been appointed
poundkeeper. He get* $.1 for a
horse, $2,fl0 for u cow, 50 cent* for
n dog, and 25 cent* liberates a chicken. Joe warned ti* to keep our
bulldog tagged or he would certainly gather him in.
Miss JoIiiih has gone to the Coast
in swuch of the latent styles in
millinery,    I'pou  her return the
I.I Ki:   IM    Nf.l.SON    (('ontliiiH'il'
Four Mile Point was a gay spot
on Thiiiwliiy. The .Sunday School
of the Congregational church had
a picnic, find rwiclii'il tin' '"tninitig
ground* on the Innnelies of MehsiH.'j *?n«olil Company, or Nelson, will
MePlici'. Lumen, 'Holme* ami {display n M.ok of millinery that
MiithcHon. All the ii>tit<<iitn of the) w,il '""'K ^Mrtey to all the Indies
lunch baskets were spread in 0„,,!«nid make every innirie.1 man .with
vaHt. swet pilc.ai.d «.<i,>li*.i< prae- -» hS,,li* l',iuk •""""" »)' to the bill
lically illustrated.     Not   it *-l*il^* |
got the stomach ache, which speaks j Jim> Butler, the only Uraiiliuii
volume* for the pics and calo «.      ; prompt-etor, iu   Kootenay, wa*  in
Fish hike i* in Kast Kooteiiiiy on! town ycteiday, He re|MirU« the
llitnis mountain, an I hvit' tlie] cluim* aiound Poplar looking well
trail about 2ft miles from Sanc/i,! but wiy»« there Is lint n tender:lreef»
The lake i« almnt a inile loiii; nml' *leak in l he entnp. Joe had « tin*
literally filled with mountuiu trout, \ Utg of muii^U-k with him nntl i< the
Iu theVummer of '(r>, o. M. Ilnr-loitly pro-picfor in this couutiyjwho
ris, Dun MtHire, Jack Henih aiidfearHesa eant.
Donihl Ihrrls caught lit'.') trout; nriH,4, jj^thcote, Manager of
out of thH lake in r ne •!*>.     Ih.< „(). ,.|hk of comm<.ri,tt |„ kelson
(lull ran from 5 to In ii>rhi» m
length. 'Ihe party proerved all
the li*b by   pntiitig   them   in  th*
miflU' «Sft| *tl!tt «lH'(litrl."ll   ov».|' i««pl|
tiiver, nnd it w»i» nearlv two
practically tintwtehed in ibis won* I months lie lor« I lie l»et i»t the l»>*li
derful Kootenay. W. U. Pool, who j were eaten by the pmty while at
ha* mined in California, Mexico, j work ii|mi» iheii- clakniK "oi oi .i
Alaaka, Montana, ld.ih» and many glwler Hows a ereek that einptiet
othif *tnt»»« mnvm fir.it he h«* nevrrMoto Fi»h lake. Whil«* *ittiii" *m»-
eeen any eounuy th;*t eipials lilri- on a Jog with their ii«ki-*J fnf in pnii.' lieavily
Uftli Colombia in .he eitunt and the water where theen#k join* the
riorinea* of It* variom minerals, lake the trout would play ..round
and think* that tlied •> is just over 1 their pedal extrcmitfc* and often
the divide when n\\ He world will! Wt*» their toe* in mistake for lw» t.
tip it* bat lo th* Ur.hau and Nel-; Drove* of Cariboo mn tje seen in
t*s, j the vicinity, and for a *j.uttHnn .
lift- tieen prornoted and will leave
fur S in Francisco in a few weeks.
While pleated at his advancement
.  ... .   ... ,      ...... i,. .,,   .....   ...
;."!'»i«'fMti iinr whM" vtoere \\n
i,,u Hi-en tor so tunny year* in tit*
Imitking husincM.   ■
P. Hums & Co are doing tome
I,,,«((,»*«n, Thi* gr«<*t lirm is shin-
to lM«*on and Kur-
.»jKi«( and ha* the eontmrt to mipply
nine railroad* nnder construction
in fiiii.ula and Moutftim with meat.
They also liavt the contract for th*
meal soppliea for the big Irrigation
(J1. R. lUtdiiii AlUit*. e***1*!^
^ 1$\ *
TS£ LEDGE, KELSON, _.C., AUGUST 22, 1964,
SSlevMB Year
Evebt child
every, genius a
is a genius, and
child, some, wise
head has said. Both are'broke as
a rule because genius generally rises
above the filthy touch of lucre and
lives iu the clouds.,   .
The Ledge.
R. T. LOWERV, Editor *nd Financier.
Published every Mon <« morntng in the coalmen 1»1 centre of the Kootenay.
Subdorlptton. it a year In advance or «8 60 If
not no paid.
" Fellow Pilgrims: Tint L.«ih>k is located at
Kelson, B. C, and Is traced to many porta of the
•arth It has nover been raided by the f>herIiT,
snowsllded by cheap silver, or subdued by lire
Uar of man It works for tue trail blazer equally
as well as it does for tbe champaanp-flftvor.-d
trnstflend. It alms to be on the right side tf
everything, and rtlll firmly believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked In largo
doses. It has stood the test of time, and the
paystreak has never entirely pinched out, although at times it'has been uu bigger than the
shadow of a knlfcblade. It knows that one of
thsaoblest works of creation Is the man who
always pays the printer.
. ., ything to—
Address evcryt
Nstson, B, 0
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscrip
tlon is due, and that the editor
wants once Again to look at
your collateral
Ledge and Nelson
The Ledge appeared in Nelson
for the first time last Monday morn-
ing, and met with a warm reception.   This paper has been born
three times.   It was ushered into
this  cold   and  sometimes  adless
world at Nakusp in the stormy
were few papers in the interior of
this glorious B.C. of Dick McBride.
After 16 months amid the burning
sand* of Nakusp it was taken   to
New Denver to buck starvation, and
build up the country.   And now,
after a decade has floated on to
eternity, it for the third time has
risen a* the only paper west of
Winnipeg in Canada that is published on Monday morning,_and
gives the busy and beautiful city of
Nelson the proud distinction of being the only place in all Canada in
which a paper appears upon every
morning of the year.   The Lkdob
will do more than this for Nelson,
It will make the name of Nelson a
household word wherever tbe English language is lisped or spoken.
It will attract attention, not only
to Xelaon, but to tho entire province of British Columbia.   Owing
to tbe pressure of work we have
not the time for a few week* to
make it all we are aiming at, but
just a* *oon «m we have Isesoed «11
tbe ad* in town and injected our
bank account with a shot of free
milling we will take the limit off
and go at tbe wide world like a
Shay engine heading for Phoenix.
We do not Intend to tip hull over
and inundate the community with
the accumulated evil of centuries,
nor do we intend U* tear down all
the idol* dear to the human heart,
and deluge the land with tear*. We
intend to run a fearlee* paper, but
one that no honewt man need fear.
Oar strong suit will be home-grown
humor flavored with the new* of
tbe day.   If you like our stylo do
not be bashful like a sweet divinity
of 10, but throw your ads at u*
like a Nelson pitcher in a hot ball
game. Uo not be afraid. You can-
uot injure our feeling* nor ruffle
the frill* of our Immaculate dignity
hv iwnln* In  wlthno*  eeeemrmy
•eel handinf n* % \m?, fat *d.    !>n
not stay away from uh.   Tlie bull-
flog Mi In the cellar, and our shot-
goo has nothing In it but tbe smoke
of other d»v*.
the blue with red. It was the air
that drove them through the corn
at Antictam, and made the blossoms quiver in the peach orchard
at Gettysburg. Through four years
of hell (war) it cheered the followers of the Lost Cause, and freshened
their souls in the face of defeat and
despair. Now, a generution after
Lee Badly handed his sword to
Grant it is heard in the North with
equally as much pleasure as it is in
the South. Thus does the march
of time erase the blood stains and
make unity where once pain and
hatred cursed those who had lost,
even in the face of victory. Dan
Emmett, the. old-time minstrel, recently deceased, is credited by many
with writing Dixie.
J. W. Callahan, of Selma, Alabama, says that McCarthy was the
author of Dixie. Writing upon the
subject he says:
"Old Southerners who remember
the  days of  '60- 65   know   well
enough that Harry McCarthy, the
Arkansas comedian, was the author
of "Dixie."   McCarthy was a native of a country town in Arkansas
and was reputed to be an idler and
a loafer, bntflad a talent for vocal
masio-which-made him-famousr-He
married a lady who had as sweet a
voice as ever a bird poured out and
the two made a "show,"  which
drew a crowd wherever they appeared.   They formed a combination with a party who had trained
birds in 1862, and I saw their performance in Selma.   They had a
cockatoo,   which  came  out and
waltzed on the platform at the command of bia keeper, reared up to
hisTull height, rateed his feathers
like the quills of a porcupine and
shouted,  "Three cheers  for  Jeff
Davis!"   McCarthy had printed on
his bills the words of "Dixie" and
the whole story of his early life and
the circumstances sUrrouuding him
suggest the composition;   I met
him and his wife in 1874 at Nava-
sota, Texas, and he died soon afterwards.  No one ever thought of robbing Harry McCarthy of the author*
ship of "Dixie" in those days.   It
was a shrewd advertising dodge of a
ministrel company after poor Harry
had shuffled off this mortal coil.
Emmett wa* no more the author of
"Dixie" than I am, and I am quite
sure my talent never ran in that
channel.   The authorship  nhould
not bo left in doubt, as it appear*
to be mm.   There will bo no more
opportune time to sottle it than
now, and thi* may call the attention of Home who can throw light
on the qtU'Htion of authorship."
That t* the way. Write something good, Hoiiii'thing thst permeate* the Houl and make* a
human atom think ho 1* part of
God and the literary thief
open* his facial tunnel and yell*,
"I'm that fellow:" This kind of
human *p»wu i* evermuly to steal
the produrt of another man'* upper
*tope, and proclaim to the world
that he i* a genius when hi* mud-
soaked brain \* too barren to give
Talk is cheap but it takes money
to pay the printers.
He who drinks aud turns away
will live to drink another day.
Nevek touch an idol.    If you do
your mind may never rest again,
The dark horse sometimes wins.
New Denver is to have a smelter.
Nothing matters very much, and
we should recover from every shock
in 48 hours.   	
The race is' uot always to the
swift. The cbubber sometimes
breaks the game.
The Ledge has the largest circulation of_any.weekly paper in
British Columbia.
Many a man in thin city', has
wished as success but failed to dig
up an_ad or loosen his grip on two
plunks for a year's read of this jour-
ual,.. Kind words we appreciate,
but the chap who walks into our
office and silently lays down the
dough speaks more eloquently to
our soul than an orator whose appreciation of our efforts to publish
a good paper reaches no further
than the lips.	
Canadian capital is being sent
into Mexico in large amounts. The
Canadians, like others, can always
see greeu in the fields that are far
away. The opportunities for making millions in British Columbia
are almost unlimited but the coun
try is too easy to reach. If we
could move Kootenay into Mexico,
or the United States, half of Canada would fall dead with exertion
from attempting to get there first.
' "Papa, what is the rest of that*
old saying about the fool's money?"
i"Ohythe wise manandthe:f6ol's
money are soon united..''-
-   ,V-"  "    FORGIVEN      _./>_ ;  \
Missionary (out west)—Did you
aver forgiv^ an enemy.   .     '.   ' '
Bad MjinVWurist.
"I anv glad to hear that.* What
moved your inner soul to prefer
peace to strife?1' ,  ,    .
"I didn't hove -mfgun."
•- , - - .-BENNETT & MUBPH Y, >rbpriefore    ; f   "r -.
The Eilbeftis now; the beatj hotel in the Slocan." v" The Dining-Boom isV
' *'    conducted on Strictly,first-class, principles.   The rooms are'
V   large, comfortable and properly taken"care of. ~"-. _.-
Electric , Light; Hot - Aib, ; Modern' Plumbing, " EvbrVthino ,;
...   ."'      '  ''  ". Up-to-date".-'i    -\s~-   '•■•:.■' • V ',.'
We Set the Best Meal in Sandbri
Meals 500.      Tickets $7.      Main St., Sandon.
The friend who still lives but
never speaks is a greater loss to us
than anything else. '"
Money is of no use to the dead.
Remember this when you are trying
to' beat tho printer.
When you have $100 it is appendicitis. When you have $1 it is
j ust-the same eld indigestion;	
There is one advantage in full-
fledged socialism. The burglar and
•train robber would be unknown.
In the United States, the dividends paid by all the banks are less
than the dividends paid by the gold
and silver mines. The copper
mines pay greater dividends than
the railroads. From the time of
discovery to 1903 the United StateB
haB produced 82,360,000,000 in
gold, Mexico 8181,000,000 and
British North America $142,000,-
000, These are facts that should
not be overlooked by Canadians
when they are seeking investments
for their surplus capital.
It is human nature to
those who are better than
and to
Conjurer (pointing to his cabinet)—"Ladies and gentlemen^ I
now call your attention.to tlie
great illusion of the evening. : I
will ask any lady in the audience
to step on tbe stage and enter the
cabinet. I will then close the
door. When I open it again tbe
lady will have disappeared, leaving
no trace."
Husband (to his wife)—"Matilda, my love,, do oblige the gentleman and walk  up."—Answers.
A correspondent ih Belgrade
writes: "The bitterest rarcasm on
the Servian situation was made by
an Englishman who has a Smattering of the language. In the park
there was a notice stating that
something or other was strictly forbidden. I asked him what it wop.
'So far as I can make out,' he replied, 'it says: "You are .strictly
forbidden to kill kings in the park.
There is a place specially provided
for the purpose." '" _       '
«■  '    ^ -
The preacher in a small Virginia
church had just announced bis
text,  "Thou shalt not Steal."
With which is Amalgamated ' *    '
Paid up Capital, 18,700,0001     ' Reserve Fund, 18,000,000. ''
Agjrrejrate Resources Exceeding $88,000,000.     '  '
HON. GEO. A". COX, President. B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
Deposits Received and Interest AUowad
Have patience with your neighbors. A mullet acts differently
than a Hon for nature has made
tbam so.       _____
Parties.who have a stock of fish
and bear stories in their upper
Btopea will always be welcome in
our office.     _____
Nelson should reach out a strong
hand for the tourist trade. There's
millions in it, and from what we
observe around the city most of tbe
people are after millious.
Results prove that when mining
investments are made with due regard to the ordinary rules of business losses from mining are much
less than in any other line of business, '
All down the ages man has
labored under the mistake that God
made man. Just tho reverse. Man
has always made a god after his
own image according to the age and
Poi'lak is deatlnde to lie a great
camp, but it would develop much
faster if the business people of Nelson would take a greater Interest in
Its welfare. Building op any section of the country la simply building up this city.
Ix Nklko.v the only business thai
Is restricted to a certain number la
the selling of hooie. A thousand
print shops or any other kind of
shop can open* tip in this city/ but
only 20 can sell boom If It la right
to wdl booiie every body with the
price of a license should have a
ehanee.   There should be no favor*
t>noBe_vmo"are not^
Soon after the college commencement the world begins to take the
conceit out of the wise graduate.   ,
A girl goes to a woman with
an Oriental name to get her band
read but when she wants it held
any man will do.
There is more fun in. wishing
you were married when you aren't
than in wishing you wern't when
you are.
Fortunate 1b a young man who
gets badly defeated in a political
contest. He gets discouraged and
settles down to business.
When you are taking a girl home
at night it is very intelligent of her
to cross over to the dark side of the
street without your saying anything about it.
The difference between the way
a man and a woman drees is that
be can look like a boiled lobster
and be fairly comfortable while she
can look like iced lemonade and
think she Is a hot Scotch.—Exchange.    '■  t   ' •  ".
Is. the home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
''•■THE-  "'■'
Of the Miner's Union Block
Is the only hall in the city fnitabie iyr The*
'tric-1 Performance^ Concerts, Lances and
tber public entertainments.
For booklng»,"wrlte or wire—
Secretary Sandon' Miners' Union "
7 SANDON, e;C.
■•_ Interior view. Seating capacity 8»; mis'.
urn stage nuDilances; furnace healed throughout: population to draw from, 1 Mo.     '        .    -
Down in Dixie
When the North aud South did
birth to even a parody on Mary'a
little lamb.   Since lime he<ran lt|"*** ———
Ii*n been ever thu*; tho credit of j   A I'Ar-KU that contains nothing
giving a great production goiiif to] but new* may be of mm* ootiveit-
fome plnhfftd with a lying tongue, ienwj tolhane who read tbe uewa
i!L_^_„___..i.,..ii!    ' of the d«v h«t m an adv#*tWni«it
love in deeper than | for the city its influence it merely
higher than ihe mountain*,! local.   Almoat anything with •
■ometimee more difficult to1 head on It can poblieh a paper filled
Tommy Mohr of the Broadway
Theatre entertained hi* friends the
other day at the ltingllng shows
and was reminded of a story.
"In «small town down South,"
he said, "a circus went broke. The
•tar of tbe show, to whom the
greatest amount of back pay was
doe, wm Xerxes, the human cata*
pult. He could put up a 800
pound dumbbell and put the eighty
pound shot.
"Tbe wise proprietor §j1<1 he
would pay off all claims lo alpha
betical order.   Ofconrsetbe treasury   waa exhausted before they
reached M.
"A few days after the proprietor
called together hU company for
twrrttmnituMrm nn m «»«» Luet*   f>«H
nf etlnrinp jwwp*»H«.   Th<* ntrrme!
As be pronounced the words a
burly negro in one of the rear
benches slapped his knees vigorously.
After the sermon tbe preacher
met his parishioner. "Allen,"
said be, "before my sermon, when
I announced the text, 'Thou shalt
not 8teal,' I noticed from: the pulpit that you slapped your knee.
Why did you do that?"
The man hesitated a moment before he replied. "You done reminded me, Bah, to-morrer's our
weddin' anniversary, and I done
-promise Lize a chicken dinner."
It has remained for a Memphis,
Tenu., surgeon, Dr. Alfred Moore
to unmask the dreaded appendix
vermiformis that has so long
wrought havoc with tho human
race. This'strange survival has
long baffled science m to Its origin
and its function, but the Tennessee
doctor after much thought works
out tho problem, illustrated with
extraordinary illustrations, in the
New York Medical Record. Minus
the pictures, the wrgeori'a condu*
slon is that the appendix waa "the
distal end of a tube that led lw>w
the vitcllus to the lower part of ihe
embryo." That's all-jiirt the
"distal end of a tube." Mankind
may now breath easier. It ii not
k> terrible after all.
The Cigar Box, Kaslo   ; |
Importer of High Grade Cigars,
baccos, and Smokers' Sundries.
Dealer in the Sweetest Candy, and the
Choicest Fruit made and grown in
the World.
|   Try a thousand of my best cigars.
ii - ■
Mail orders receive prompt attention.,.
Retail and Wholesale.
jillll   illi'llilM
Try one of the tonics at the
understand than the hardest pn,-'with newabutitrequireaaometbinf
not apeak Dli <> was tlie long that position in Euclid. Take lot* or it j ebte to produce a paper that will be
•purred tbe to) • in grey to fpatter for it is good lor the aouL i quoted wherever the aua shine*.
man waa one of the first to volunteer.
" 'Ah, Xerxeal' §aid the boat,
bwrinninf *n writ* th* immr*
** "Xerxes be —I' roaied tbe
strong man.   My name Is A Jail' "
Maaterton, Griffith & Co., Trout
Lake, have all the topplie* needed!
by lumbar damps and mines.
"Mister," said tbe little boy to
the farmer leaning over tho fenci»,
"the mule baa rnu away and spilt
my load o' hay. Won't you come
and help me put it on the wagon
"I will," said the farmer, *»lf
you will oome over here first an'
be'pmeglt my cows out o' the
afraid farther wouldn't Ilka Out?"
"Why irouMo*t bat*' gwrkx!
tbe farmer.,
V        '      ■' '* V
"ha always taught me to look out
for him first."
"Where Is your father?" saked
the farmer.
"Please sir," said the Utile boy,
"he's under the bey,"
Opposite Court House end new Post-
office. Beit 95c mssl In town. European and American plan, Only white
labor smployr-d.   Pint clans bsr.
"Voou SHOES ron
llclson fair
Second Annual Exhibition of the
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Association
September 28-29
Novel Open Air Attractions
Winstar Ms* Ust.
J* & Annsble, Bee., Nelson, B.O.
A bHAVt,
I** tttwUy |M|wit puimaheu
at POPLAR, a O. It given
all tho newa of that great
year to any addre*. Send
your money to—
roriAH, a. c
< ~~r
Eleventh Yaa--
THE LEDCIE, NEtSOti, B.&, AUGUST 22, 1904
•~_i    -   *•
,t :The total lead:"conten_tn'of ~the ore
smelted at, tho.Trail,  B;;C.-.smelter
, for tho, year ' elided* ' jJune]"j' 80th,
1904,"wereM0^483,425 pounds,/an increase of 2,08o,871 over the priding
.'year'.C •■ -_____^____--! "--.^'_
••'   rV-'tHKLKAU BOVNIT   .s     • >■"
,'. For the 'yew ending June ;80,' 1901,"
themineowners of B. C 'earned and
claimed a bounty on lead amounting to
$174,174 64. ."During'that time'a-Httle
more than 12,000.tone of lead were de-
■ Hyeredto the smelters,at Nelson and
'. Trail.- The Nelson amoltor received 7-12
of the amountJ"      ,. "
The  Canada. Foundary „Cotnpany
havo'closed a contract with the. Canadian Northern Railway  for a .bridge
.over; the North ; Saskatchewan -and
.northwest of  Battleford, at   what   Ik
known as the Second Crossing,
It will consist of 11 spans, and  the
-total length of the steel, superstructure
Vill be approximately 1,870 feet, not
- including the length of the approaches.
The total.weight of steel entering into
the structure of this bridge'will, be approximately 8,500,000 pounds.   .    -  ,
.    __ : _^_.— ^        \
•The Canadian residents on tlie Rand
celebrated Dominion Day in Johannes
.burg by holding a banquet. It ,was a
splendid success, and a representative
gathering of Canadian attended Col.
S,B. Steele, formerly of the Northwest
>,Mounted Police was' in the chair, and
Mr, T. H, Robinson,'an old Halifax boy,
was secretary of the- committee in
charge of the affair.
Among those who responded to "thi
various toasts were Sir Percy Girouard,
Dr Brenuan, formerly of Toronto; Mr.
R. W Thompson, Mr. F. W; Bell, Major Mclunes, D.S O.TM it McKibben,
Major A E. Hodgins, Mr. G. K. Shepherd, and Mr. W. Simpson.
Returns 'from the Nelson, Smelter*, for
the year'^'riding June 80,'-1904) show
that 51 niiues produce 14,042,688 pounds
of lead during that period. At" the' pre
sent time the most important,"lead producing mine: in the Kootenayu, is the
Highland, at AinB worth",, which has
earned $87,057 of the lead bounty. >■ ■   '
,   .-   .GtJTS HER THIItD TEKTn
Mrs.-'Hester Trudow, of Lo Sueur,'
Mini , whose age is 98 years, and who
until lately had been entirely toothless
for thirty years, began six month.-) ago
to cut her thud set of teeth, and has
now a complete outfit of new imtura
teeth, both uppers aud lowers. ■• She
claims that she has acquired her new
t >eth by eating each day a teaspoouful
uf!powdered oyster shells.
The labor troubles 'of some of the
western states have" had the effect of influencing much American capital to go to
"Mexico where the union ~Aiid strikes are
as yot unknown. But all, is not roses for
the labor employer in Mexico. The
labor though cheap -Ib not as cheap as
appears, efficiency considered, and then
the Mexicaripeon is notoriously unreli-
able'as to'tenu-eof "job." He quits' when
he Kt'tsa miserable few dollars ahead and
he is a great sticker for feast days and fut-t
days. The mining manager has to face
the labor problem, wherever he is and
one of his chief elements of success is
the degree of skill with which he nan
dies it, assuming, of course, that He has
a mine.
The other day in the city of'Des
Moines a humane officer was called in
►o arrest a woman for beating her four
year old son with a buggy whip. ■
- The woman did not deny the accusation, but said she whipped- the boy be
cause he would not say his prayers.
There were welts on the little fellows
back to show the mother's cruel blows.
She claimed she .was justified, She had
often been whipped when a girl for .the
same offences Only] by the throat of
immediate arrest and fine was she prevailed upon to refrain from such punishment in the future.
*   A S4.000 GOLD   BltlOK
A gold brick-reported to be worth'
about $4,000, says the Camborne Miner,
the result of the past 2C days* run of the
JGroldfinch^nL jMiiakeB,oufcj>n Satut_
day hy A.-F. Rosenberger. This is the
first brick turned out by this mill since
last January, from which time until the
J8tbof July tlie mill was out of commission. Development woi k has beei-
in progress on the Goldfinch property
for some months past;'and it is.said tha<
rich ore has been encountered. Considering that the bulk of the ore treated
was taken from upon surface cuts, tin
amount obtained at the cleanup givus
one an idea of the value of the property
Paterson, N. J —Tbe League for the
„ Common Good of Hiiwthoruo wants nil)
onecausht in the streets of that towi
alter 8 Si p in. to be arrested unless li.
can tfivo a good ivfison for belnr out
st that hour.   The league lias asi.ed th
borouifh couiu'il to endorse iln'iii in tlil
crusnile against "night hawks" mid t»
subject will be taktw up at tho tneuti-
of the council next  Monday   eveiiin..
lbs league believes that adoption <•■
wui'lia unworn will prevent any iiiuu i. 1
sets of which the good people of t
town complain.   Tne lesguu nnks tlim
the fire holt bo used as a cm few, the
boll to  be   rmifK  at ft o'clock as s
warning, and sgsln at 8:80.   -
For several years the. China and Japan Telephone Oompany, of Shanghai,
China, has been searching for the cause
of perforations of its lead covered
cables, it being assumed that small
holes discovered in the sheathing from
time to time-were the work of small
bullets., Later it was discovered that
the holes were caused'oy a species of
wasp .which lays its living eggs.in bamboo during the months of July and
August, safe'from natural enemieB.
Theso insects.then bite through;the
lead \y sheathing, frequently making
s'eyiral attempts,beforo making a complete preforation.
Twelve back numbers of Lowery's
Claim, all different, and a- opy of
Float sent lo any address, poptpstil
Address.  R. T. Lowery, Kelson, B.C.
•    ^     ——NELSON, B.C.	
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Fittings, etc., always
on hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought-Hy the carload. Repairing
and Jobbing.
Victoria tfotel
Victoria Street, Nelson.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
till BY THK OtH.1.8
~—-'UUT'THKUAT to »avis life —~
Cincinnati,  O.—With rare presence
of mind Dr. Sidney Lange saved the
ife of Mattie Smith of the City Hospita:
by laying open her  windpipe with a
■ilnglo slash    The young women was
•firiff(!rlii« from a constriction   of the
throat, believe to be due lo swallowing a
teach stone.   She 'had just reached a
ward when she was seen to turn blue in
'ho face and fall back with a gasp.    A'
tasty' examination   showed  that her
'ireathlng was completely arrested. Dr.
.ange was called.   One glance at tin
voman told him that speedy action was
.eccssary if the life was to be saved.
Mot waiting for the preliminaries to an
iperatlon he pulled ou*~«' kesn-bladorl
kuifo and deftly drew it acrots tho woman's throat, cutting the flesh to tin
vlndpipu. Shots sahjt to be out of
Best dollar-a-day  Hotel in  Nelson
Board and room, six dollars a week.
Board and room by the month, twenty
five*"dollars.   Meal Tickets (21 meals)
five dollars. '   •
9 No Liquor Sold on tub Premises'.
'Phone 183.
air of B.C. is perfumed by. their
aroma <*,<*, -^
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
St.*, Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning, Goods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
The Emma mine in Summit camp h«»
•Hfontly boon sought for by three dlff r-
nit corporations. Shipments for two or
'hreeyesrs prove the oro admirably
t'lopted for fluxfng with other copper
>res, and all the smelters are glad to
jet It-   ; .     .
The property oil«limlly belonged to
\V"'t 8mlth*nd Mscksusle & Mann,
the railway contractors, of Toronto
Dowle'i "unkltiod" ton secmf to Mr. Smith sold his one quarter interest
htva been lucky in pronpectlng for love to the Ndwn Smelter people, who have
In the bills at SwUserland. A despatch boon working ihe property for many
from London say* that the Oonern months. Whf n thn Montrsal and Ron
eArrjwpoiidont of Tho Dally Msil wirw tou Oonnolhlated merger was bslnv
that MIm Kuth Hofcr, of Constance, the formed, it was phnnwi to turn In that
weslthirat young woman in Switser thres quarter Intermit In the Emma
land, who went to America recently also, but othera seemed to want it, so
with Alexander Dow In, Is soon to be the Montr iwI and Roiton people took an
cone the erlde or Gladstone Dowit, the Interest In the Mountain Roue, adjoin
"miMmcd" son oi tho Zinnia. in« the Kmms, sud It Is supposed that
Tho dw|«itch says further that l!l»» the Kelson psptr had secured the re
Hofei is consldirwl not only the flehMi mslnlng three qusrtars in the Emms
young woman In Switzerland, but the    It now sppeam, however, that tho
most beautiful s* well.  H»r fortune i* British Columbia Copper Company has
mllmstod st 15,000,000, sod this vssl not Imwui suloep, snd has secured « bond
sum Is to be turned ever entirely to the   mi tbe rvirmlulog lutareat in the Kmms
Zionist treasury    The cArrnspnndeni from Msrkensle & Mann, Little is ssld
says her iMMiutiiul chateau on Lakf locally sboat the deal, but the two
Constant* i« in the market*, snd that all smeltrm srn workl .g loge'her In th*
hsr large propsrty hidings in the Ipwn mailer, snd the British Columbia Op
SRdtis.enylrfl'rsSrete be sold lo the per Oompsny la*t week had wn« dla-
shortest possible tlms mon I drill trstlne done on tho Emms,
As the propstty U converted Into sinkisg about 400 f«et or moveo( holss
esih It will be turned over to tho man la diffsrent parts el tho pronertr.
wno proclaimstttatvslt"Ifllijaii lit,* | llw brums is being worked right
Jus* iiwwt i* tiHWin iAiwwacouveris   *i«my, suit, <»ms (iisettsny a quarry-
Onler your Summer Suit now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
P. P. Ucbscher,
SUvtMita't U«nt nihr
JR. Cameron
Is the teller to go to whim
you want « summer
Suit of Clothes
He has the nobbiest nultlng*
to select from, snd tits fit and
workmanship is th* best,
nf thi:
dry nnnns
lis captured her on his lourot the Con
tineftt s few meeiha eg*, snd er*«» U
forshi* part* asiled for Amsrlcs tho
rumor wss eurrsnt that ska was intend-
fn« proposition, Is operated economical-
r, >fclr^sf to tbo Gie»irood,Oranbr,
Prali or Noi*oi» smtU«r«, as thny may
b' «M« Ia t*k«   tii« ar» for  fla« int.
* * •
ea ior Uie u.iDf ol Uisflwurtv>ookisseo.'. i More IUsa Mi.tKKJ tons have born ship.
—  — I p*d from th* Emr a Is tit* ls«t t ir*«
Stop ti the Queen's Hotel wheo'ytsrs.      «___«____.
In Trout Like City. !   ..  _;.  t.  „.        . .
.   _ _j_ Kvery foot in this country nre*ls
i»liool orslHW*.     The   Royal Shoe
Th* Koolsrmy Salortn In flandon HfoM», nn Balrrtr SfrMi.  In Nrimr>t
is never •nowslided by cheap l>eer, cm fornisb any kind of footwear
or »fnlsk^y lh»* h«« !<»*< It« rfgor. that f« requlrpd.
it* tlie larnreit in the
Slocan. Ladieft out
town should wr?te for
si«intnln>tf r»i» rtvAprni
PHOTO£R_PMtnS        #
JWMCOWVtSI »•• * til ON, ••__
has been moved from New Denver to
Nelson, bag, baggage and bull-dog. It is now published every Monday morning and circulates two
hundred miles from its home before the sun goes
down. - It is one of the most, valuable advertising
mediums in Canada, and probably has the largest
circulation of any weekly paper in British Columbia.
It will always contain racy paragraphs, breezy editorials and the latest news by wire and otherwise.
-—   N
 Pind~enclosed„Two=doUara,^my=subscription to
The Ledge for one year.
Cut this out and send
in with some collateral.
The Jot) Printing
Department contains something less
than $60,000 worth of material which renders it
possible for our artists to produce typographical
triumphs upon short notice. Orders taken for any
kind of printing, from the dwarf-sized visiting card to
the leviathan poster. The work will equal anything
west of the Red River, and the price will not suspend
your breath for even a second. Send your orders by
wire, mail, or word of mouth. They will have prompt
attention, and satisfaction will reign supreme when
your gaze rests on our Job Printing. Paste this ad on
tlie wan tor it-will not appear many times. Our
neighbors need a little space to talk about the goods
they sell. T
N^4*va^,<f-.\* ji "
Eleventh. Yeab
than by any otkar Liability Company in B.C.
Ksr !»arti««l*n Writ*-
ricDermid & HcHardy,
NILSON,        ■■■ .-I—   ...       ■■      ■==■
A^onta for Kast and
We^t Kootenay
JTI   Have fresh meat every   JTJL
llj   day at*Sandonr and in. mBJ
*^~*     nil t.hfi nhnna nnei'fitorl     4V-A
all the shops operated
by them in British
Columbia. No contract, too large for this
firm. Armies and
railroads supplied on
short  notice.
We are specially fitted up to do all kinds of
repaidug. Look into your jewel cases, you may have a
good brooch which only needs a pin, or a ring which needs
a stone reset. We may use the old setting or reset
anew. If stones are missing we will furnish, new ones at
a very low price. Wo want your repairs as we are sure
to please you in doing the work. Do not neglect your
diamond setting, it is perhaps time you had it reset;
this is our special work and we guarantee satisfaction and
safety. On receipt of a postal card we will mail you a
wooden box to insure safety in transportation.
Meals at all hours. -
Manilla and Kamloops Cigars for sale.
.   e
Patenaude Bros.,
Watchmakers and
Manufacturing Jewellers
flew %mt
«> •
If you are looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver' and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Home cooking, and the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
nwttftrket fiotel   «   «   HewDcmw
T.G. Procter
Real Estate
Mining Agents
Ranches and City
Properties For Sale
(18 Miles From Nelson )
Family parties can be supplied with
fresh milk, butter, eggs, etc , from tbe
Home Ranch, Reduced Rates by the
woek.   Apply to
Outlet Hotel F meter
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip CigarB. Union
Goods, made by
Winnipeg, Man,
Represented liy GKOBGB HORTON.
Neil Prest is in Frisco.
, McKinnom Bros, have started a
hog ranch.
,-v A.man from Spokane is iu town
looking for zinc.
."  Mrs. ^Twogood    is   recovering
from her late illness.
'   A. Shilland spent several days
in Rosslund last week.
F. H. Hawkius is building up a
provincial  reputation   as   an   as
Mrs. R. S. Chamberlin leaves
this week to join her bu?baud at
the Silver Cup, near Ferguson.
On Labor Day, 8500 in prizes
will be given for rock drilling, ami
8150 for football. Kemeniber the
Purley Ward continues to make
the best shoes in the Slocan, and
has to get an assistant to save
Shorty has returned to Sandon
from Rossland where he had been
for some time sampling water with
Tom Mitchell.
J. A. Caldwell, of McLeod is in
charge of P. Burns & Co's. meat
business, John Gusty having been
promoted to Fernie.
The only resident of Cody is confident that'that town will be a busy
burg when the ore that surrounds
it is mined and smelted.
ip tj -m
Is the Leading Hotel of
HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor
The Exchange Hotel in Kaslo is
like an oasis in an Egyptian desert
Wt We
Is  one  of  the
Hotels in these mountains where the stranger feels
at home. The landlord has a smile for every guest,
and the creature comforts of the Hotel ure unsurpassed in the Silver City. The meals are free from
lead, tho beds from bugs, while the fluids on the bar
produce a reasonable amount of exhilaration without
a disastrous result in the morning.
II. %mw Clarke
Job Printing
# That assays high in artistic merit,, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
Slocan folks flock to it like bees
to a flower garden.
Durban, Natal —The coasting steamer Penguin has been wrecked and 25
persons who were on board of her were
drowned. ■ The Penguin was chartered
to search for "Kruger's million*," alleged to have been sunk with the
steamer Zuiuland off the coast three
years ago. Four previous expeditions
with thejsame object in view have ended disastrously.
Grand pel
is the home for all
Slocan people visiting tho great gold
camp. Tasty meals,
fine liquors and soft
beds make It » pleasant home for
DacobSM $ Anderson, Props.
On the road leading to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for man and bis horse.
The bacon, beans, beefsteak, eggs, oats, hay,
boozerlne and cigars cannot be beaten in the hills
of the Lardeau.
Denver, Colo — Because Howard
Brying, of Kansas City, wan too fond of
his wife and acquiesced in every-
ed a divorce. \ »
"My husband had no backbone," said
Mrs. Brying, when talking, over the
strange reason for a divorce "Whenever I asked for anything I always got
it without question. There is no satisfaction in that kind of humdrum exits-
tonce for me."
Mr. Brying is travelling passenger
agent for the Northern Pacific, with
headquarter* in Kansas City.
Alex Lucas is looking at the,rain
in Vancouver. .
F. C. Gamble is inpecting the
wagon road at Argents.        .    .;   '-
KaBlo merchants report a steady
improvement in business.
■ A. Carney has been appointed
Inspector of timber limits!
M. D. McKinnoh has gone to
Seattlo iu search of more activity.
J. J. Casey has opened a night
lunch iu the rear of Smith's cigar
Ed. Latham looks as though he
had just ' returned from Port
Ernest Levy, of Rosslaud, took
a look at some Blue Jtidgo properties last week.
Bill White is dead in Nevada.,
In '93 he packed on the Duncan
with Abe Sparks.
A. R. Heyland has completed
the survey of six ranches on Kootenay lake and Crawford bay.
It is reported that Bob Greeu,
says the Kootenaian; is building an
88,000 house in Victoria. If so,
Bob must have struck a chute of
high grade political ore,
J. W, Cockle has captured a
beetle that is to the insect world
what the skunk is to the . animal.
He has Bent two specimens to Professor Fletcher, at Ottawa.
Lumber is being shipped from
Poplar to, Kaslo. Considerable
lumber will be/shipped from.,the
mill at Poplar this fall. It is the
only mill running in that camp.
That old landmark, the house at
Kemp's Spribgs was burned
Weduesday night. When Pat
Walsh passed it on a speeder at 6
p. in. there was no sign of fire.
The house was unocenppied and the
cause of the fire a mystery.
On Thursday fire burned bridge
No. 9, near Whitewater, and
caused the K. & 8. a loss of several
thousand dollars; . Traffic to San-J
don will be interrupted for a few
days,  unless   an_ engine  is sent
. Grand Forks,. B.C.—Jay .P. Graves,
general manager of the. Granby' Con
aolidated Mining Company has arrived
from Spokane He was accompanied
by Dr. W. VV-VanBaunof Philadephia,
a large-shareholder in the company.
They left for Phoenix to inspect the
Barclay Bonthfrone, representing the
Earl syndicate, a London, England,
mining corporation, owning, ^extensive
mining interests in the Slocan,, Mexico,
aud Australia, is here on a tour of inspection of the mines and smelters of
the Boundary'district.' He had an interview with Jay P. Graves of the
Granny company.
Musical goods and stationery at
O. Strathearn's, Kaslo.
PHIBTY DAYS aft r date We Intend to apply ,
I   to the Chief' Comml-sloner of Lands and
Works, at -Victoria, for a special, licence to out'
and carry away timber from the foHowInglracU
of land,   s   .   • -
.  .   •   ' .J FIRST   LOCATION;       *' .   -
Commencing at a post planted'ou the East
bank of the second west fork of Wilson oreek, in ' ~
the West Kootenay district, ibout 6 miles from"
the mouth of the stream..marked, M, H. K., "
S E.G.,thence west40chains theico north ISO
chains, thenoe east 40 chains, thence south 180
chains to point of commencement. •■
. - > M. H. KENNEY.    •
Located the «8th day of July, ISO*.    .
Commencing of'a post planted on the East
bank of Wilson,creek, In the West Kootenay
District, about 7} miles nbove the -falls, marked -
J, B... N. K.U., thence south ISO chalriB, theme <-
west 40chains, thence north 160 chains, thenco
cost 40 chains to putnt of commencement. ..
Located the *8th day of July, W04.
See our liDe of Morris Chairs
Velour Cushions $8.00 & up.
Sole Agents:   Mason Risen Pianos.
A 2\ Horse Power Gasoline
Engine for sale, Price 8100. Ad-
tlress—B. T. Lowery, Nelson.
Trustworthy lady or'gentleman to manage
business in this county and adjoining territory
for well and favorably known house of solid
financial standing, »*>.00 straight cash salary
and expenses paid each Monday by check direct
from ht-adquarters. Expense money advanced.
Position permament. Address, Manager, ¥10
> omo Block?Chicago, Illinois,
Hotel Strathcona
Is In a delightful location and from its balconies
can be seen all the beauty of the grand scenery
that surrounds, hems in, and adorns the busy
city of Nelson. It is the home of tourists aud
busineee men from ail parte of tbe world.   Tbeis
*»«l<»tn«   Mc».rn>   ,?».*
Strong'advlce to miners and others
to stay away from the Tahana district
for the present is given by D. 8tewart
a mining man of Grand Junction, Colo ,
who with his brother, has mined for
years at Dawson, In Forty Mile and
other Yukon Camps*. They now hold
claims en Fairbanks camp at Tahana.
Stewart says Fairbanks is undoubtedly a great camp, though it will never be
In Dawson's class. There aro more
than 8,000 men along Tahana and most
of them are not working. It is no place
for laboring men because mines have
not beau sufficiently developed to per
mlt ths employment of workmen
Money Is very scarce. Claims have
been located chiefly by men without
funds. Tho country Is staked in all directions for miles. Merchant" are
grumbling at poor business and lack of
cash. There are more than enough
stores to supply ordinary wants These
conditions will continue until mines are
somewhat developed giving the miners
an income to work their properties and
employ men.	
3010 Westminster Kond.
100,000-Vulbs to arrive soon from Holland
France and Japan.
Rhododendrons,     Roue*. ^-Greenhouse
aud  Hardy  Plants   for /Fall   Planting.
Home Grown and Imported
Garden,   Field   nnd   Flower  Seeds.
Always in  took in season.
Green house fall of Plants, Cut Flowers,
Flor.il Work; Buy direct and secure agent's
Catalogue free,' or call and eiamlne stock,
\        Vancouver, B.C.
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, 9100 each
Any two, SI SO; any three, $2 00.
Samples by mall receive prompt attention;
Placet Gold, Retorts and Rich Ores bought.   -
1785 ArajmhoeiSt.
tlch I
around via ^Telsou-and the 0. P. R.,
as the railroad has uo engines
above the break.
Pat Perkins has a dog that was
bdru without a tail. He is a wise
dog, and gathers up all the dead
chickens around town and brings
them to Pat's back door. Pat says
that the smartest dog bo has ever
seen was iti Republic. That dog
could tell counterfeit from genuine
coin before it would strike the
ground after being thrown into the
air. The Bank of Halifax, at Re*
public wished to buy the dpg for
a coin detectoivA)ut could not al>
tain him at any price.
Wanted Immediately
AgentS GooMberry'
etc Good Ipay weekly j O
big money In tub work fo
Qver-600 acres
Fruli trees, Raspberry,
jrry and Currant bustles
'pay weekly j O.itfit free.  There Is
big money In tuts work for trustworthy men.'
Wn   hftVfl
under cultivation, over 600 acres of Nursery Slock including tbe choicest aud best varieties for Orchard
and Garden planting. We will deliver poodi to
custo. eis In good condition, freight paid. Our
agents have every advantage that this line oi
business can offer them. Apply now for terms
Pelham Nursery Co.,
ttttr  Will make arrangements for local agency
or the handling of exclusive territories.
Steamship Tickets
To and from Kuropean points via Canadian
and American line*., .Apply for sailing dates,
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral ClaimaSurveyed
1       and Crown Granted.
PO. Box 66),       Office: Kootenay St., Nelson
JO. MEl/VIN, Manufacturing Jeweller,
• Expert Watch Repairer, Diamond Setter.
^nuEngraver—Manufacturesuoains. j/ockeis
and Kings. Workmanship guaranteed equal to
•uy In Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Box
140, Sandon.
COME AND 8KB our Agate Jewellery, made
from native atones. Flue watch repairing
NICKERSON the Jeweller, Baker St., Nelson.
THK KINO'S nOTKLin Ferguson is a cheer,
nil home for all travelers to the Lardeau.
Sample Rooms. F ANK BARBER, Proprietor.
   Api, „ 	
rates, ttcknti and fall Information to any 0.
By. agent or-
0. P. R. Agent, New Denver.
W. P. F. Cummtugs, a. 878. Agt, Winnipeg,
rvrr" rt'tau
]<!   Jj.'; W.7'WJ' J/.'   3;.
you need room* w hen on the way iu, touch the
wire snd the dml is done.
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Mr. Bartholomew Donathut, of St.
Awiiewt, N. Il„ Canada** Atlantic
Bummer resorts, l» sipected In Vnncou-
ver this wtek, on e tour arrow Canada
Mr. Donifhus ii th* olden railway
roan In Csnadt, snd probably tho man
of longest railway sarvles In ih« world
Forty-iU years of eontlnuoui aervir*
m conductor, sterling with the old 8t.
Andrew's snd Quebec railway (the flnt
railway in Canada) which became tbe|
New Brunswick railway, until finally
It ia part of the Canadian Tadflc tyt-
A happening probably never equalled
In tUe railway world is that ol * train
er«w, of which Mr lV>m»»hn* form*1
part. Thuertw fort* period ol ever
twenlynf• year*, mw eontlnooiu service together, en the daily run between
.%. Aodiea'ft *t.d UcAdam Junction
As a merit of continuous and faithful
«c*le». Mr. Dwtaffcaft Km b*+n rt-
warded fry tbe Canadian I'udhc U%U-
way with a life p«a*ien, the fl'it man ia
be an rewarded, and it now enjoyinjr
an unlimited trip from roast to «»at
as a guest of the great Railway Com*
i»»r». : . (	
.S«r«l tour w*teb> 0. Wratl.mrn
! STatlo, tttr tx^Mlrw.
"May 1 rsquest you to publish iu your
daily IsBuoa tljror of an extraordinary
also shot on May 12,1004, by Mr. A. 8.
Laurie, of Mussellkooda," writes a Baku
to tho Mndras Mall. After statin? that
tho tlgor was a "shock of terror" to the
villagers, the correspondent doBcrlbos
the animal m ''twisting bis arrowy
whiskers on his majestic face with both
tho front paws," Just before Mr. Laurie,
who was watching his chlvalous exploit,
shot him dead on the spot with one
If you werevln a cannibal country,
how would you like to be thecanni-
balesT To Im> fad and fatted and slain
and spitted to decorate the interior of
your big brother? Ur>U, Mr. Edwin
Msrkhatn has told us in a poem that he
reads to overybody and everybody
reads, that man Is Brother to the Ox
Shall we carve our brother? No, not by
the ox eyes or cow-eyes of Juno! As
for the aheop, how can anyone see one
without tblnklitjr of a lord chancel lor?
New we shouldn't care to eat a lord rlmo-
•cellor, especially a particularly touchy
one like Eldon or Brougham.
Tlio Pljr bath a devil. The p\g In un
clean He is too bad to «ai. Yttthore
are plfs that do great service and aw
toe good to eatt those eajracioaa, epicurean notes thai hunt tbe truffle*. • if
court*, nobody but a prodlf al ton eats
is there anything1 in the vegetarian
[ plillosophy? Let's flud out. Is it meat
that makes you snap and bite at th*
breakfast taw* fa it meat that makes (
yuu «vik ttiuwjkwu uufe» tuts wus ut >our
bosomi Feed upon eaiads, like .NVbu-
ihiiiwuM Uit btmk* with the binlt.
If worst comes to worst, buckle your
>Milt tighter, FwluiaUlv, mvttyhoif
un* a titvt in out mi* titceo titty*. Lift as
be mild eyed, but net melancholy.
\/fin* eaters, and no longer ferocious
carrilvmre#.--Neitf Yorli 8nn.
World's  Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson Slocan City Nakusp
Rosebery   New Denver
St. Louts $60   Chicago $65
Toronto $8r.35 Montreal $98
Halifax $121.80
New York $101
and American plan. Meals, »5 cents. Rooms
from l.'.o up to (1. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the void
lb the safe. MALONB * TRKOILLUS,
DARTLBTT HODSB, formerly the Clark
P Is the best SI a day hotel In Nelson. Only
white help employed, a. W. BARTLKrr,
proprlttor. <
Slocan people when they are in Ferguson.
ODONNBL* BLACK, Proprietors.
,    eat and tbe best In the Lardo. Oold leekers
si wayi welcome.    OLVINBROS. •
'W'holatsialm ljCssroh|aAtsj.
_ era In Botter. Egiii, Oheesi, Prodi
rrolt.NeUoD, B.C.
oce aud
Nineiy Day's Limit.
September 5, o, and 7,
Low Excursion Fares
For ail eastern points will also be quoted
going via Port Arthur all rail or lake
routi*. returning same or via Chicago
and St. Louis,
IV full particulars apply to ioeal agents
6. P.A.KeftMR     iIoIpTa., vtB«««fvr
Always have e> bottle of flandon
beer fit yrwr poHrrt wh^n yfirt gr>
ilahing.    Write  to the New York
TRAniMomMPirfV f,f¥irtm
•Me>'«we>   ■
fV« w lip WmTw
Lv8:3oa.tn.-Sarldon-Ar 4:25 p.m.
Arlo:45a,m.-KAslo-Lv2:oo p.tn.
Nt«atner Kaalo.
Lv l:3o p.rn.-KMlo>Ar lltoo ».»,
Ar4:3op.to.~NeIaofl-Lv 8»o sv.m.
Tickets sefd to all parte ol the United
Stale* aud Canada via Ureta wwtben
andtl. R e\N Company's lit ee.
for lortber (laiUcalai caU on or ad«
EPKRODSON * CO., Nelson. B.O.  Whole-
, aaliilwltrs In Wines, Uuuori and elf an.
made to ths 8to?an retulerly.
OKwnssreU  Stores.
r t. KKLI.V, THREE roHKS, dealer In
•J. OrsoerJes, DryOoods, Bte.
gS'im11"! — WWft%
m-mmmm ■mmmmnmmmmi***m->m)miwamii
o Sandon, n^j. MeethiH la lbs Cnjoe :._„
s**!y f rldey mnlnf at trio yMuae bmhren
Oaaaen. Seertury
In ihe I,
*. «r f..
•I  tUKiftlUBdHarreyof. KebOB,B.O.        f
A    R BETLaHD, IU*aK«j« «.«4 PtwitwiU
r\, UaeTwrveyw, JTalbO    	
nAi.vooff ftwr arniNos   rt>e mm
Hint rfvulit ev*n
feriaai at list
Is sltaaitdimldare my
iinsrne, Illsweilknowfi
inseeft. tk«taiin hotel
steam aa4 seiewer
|sMtt*m,iriatl«aea«lBe«fal«1a   Itswslers heel
I tjj JJciv, Wi^.i'ir, *.w.' j.'*»u^4 .v..1..wiUj,   A
titr» crem for wve fwewniwr  Two malls eiltr
ejaS SliiaisiasS' t omeiaaifflittBe
Furniture and
Bargalaf in
Wall Paper
Two eomptete sett of Bar Futures, one
British Hate Mirror WtH inch**, new,
t^etter Piwwwj, Billiarri and Poo. TaHiet
Uaatt Reertstera and ether ee«rlalitf«j>,
0***» ¥****** irwaft  At
mUZUT HWNG, UiuaM^.KaalejR. Elliott, Km\Of B.C.


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