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The Ledge 1904-09-26

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\ £*-
S£P38l9& Sb
Volume.XL, Number 53.
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
There aro 45 men working at the
Ottawa. ,
Thirty men are working at the
The Northern Light iB taking
ore for shipment.
The Fisher Maiden wagon road
is nearly finished.
Tho lower cross-cut on the Ottawa is in 110 feet.
The Graphic will make a shipment in a few days.
Work has commenced on the
May group, Twelve Mile.
Softer rock has been encountered
in the long Rambler tunnel.
Ore is being sacked at the Alice
and Zuni, on Spring creek.
The face of the vein in the Mercury has plenty of ruby silver.
Last week , the Enterprise shipped 20 tons, and the Ottawa 23.
Rich gold ore has been found on
the Climax in the Alpine basin.
The Pioneer group will soon be
doing business with tho smelter.
There are several inches of steel
galena in the tunnel of the Omego.
On the big vein of the Mayetta
a set of timbers goes in every day.
Tho Ottawa has shipped an immense specimen to tho Nelson
Russ Thompson and Arthur
Rriudlo may get a lease on the
C. E. Knowlea, a zinc man from
-JopHn—•hag—!«**»«_ hiai.Aftl.iW—tha
Slocan mines,
=l--a-_,S=J*,«*'«* ___-______r--"._ITH*__
I1CVH      l_n_H^M~—_iiin|j'\,T_-va-.»g—
On Goat mountain tho Rea
Idea is being prospected higher Up
the mountaiu,
George Bulko is shipping two
tons from the Blanfioul to tho
Chapleau mill.
It is reported that M. S. Logitn
has an option on tho Mountain
Con for $55,000.
It is expected that work on the
Howard fraction will bo resumed
in a short time.
On Goat mountain Barker and
Burgess are busy sacking high
grade oro on tho B B.
Tho Moniter Mines Co., haa
opened on olllce In Now Dover,
opposite tho poHt-olilce.
Fred Carlylo haa a contract on
the Mayetta, a claim belonging to
the owners of the Ottawa.
Pat McGwire and Tom Armstrong aro inspecting tho proportion
around the NaiiHon group.
Snyder Bros, havo a contract to
cut and deliver at the Ottawa 20,-
000 feet of mining ti inhere.
Last week the Payne shipped 22
tons: Ruth, 10; Slocan Star, 81;
Ivahoe, 21; Last Chance, 20.
The Last Chance is shipping ore
from it« deep workings, 1700 feet
from the apex of the mountain.
The mirvey ol the Moyutu. group
haa been completed. It coniprisen
uiiiu claim*, and four fractious.
Work ha* commenced on the
Dilley preperty, Lemon creek
after an idlenea* of many yearn.
Three men are working at the
Naneen. No ore will be shipped
until the rnwhiding Moanon open*.
Thank* to the care of A,   L
Reeve   all   the   building* at the
Speculator and   Ailington air  in
nhip shape.
The Kilo, Edison, Neepawa,
Club, Cripple Stiek, and Mack
Prince are getting shipment* ready
for the smelter.
Twenty men are working at the
zinc enriching plant at   Ko*ehery.
A Cute Trick
With the aid of the C.r.R. the
city of Nelsan turned a neat trick
on tho 17th. When the men received their cheques for August
about 70 of them found that 82 had
been deducted to pay the.road tax
in Nelson. Some of thorn "were not
liable for the tax for various reasons, and these were put to a loss
of time trotting to the city clerk's
office to have the mistake rectified.
The men do not object to paying the road tax if it is legal, tint
they are strong in denouncing tho
method of collection. They dislike
to be treated as though they wero
mere slaves, and incapable of attending to their own business. They
fail to see what the great C. P. R.
lias to do with collecting the
accounts of Nelson and think that
this city has enough of officials to
collect its bills without playing
sharp tricks and humiliating the
working man, the backbone of every
city and land, The action of the
city in the matter is a slur upon
the honesty of labor, and why a
great railroad would lend its aid to
such business is beyond our comprehension, unless some industrious
official wiehed to make a-rake-off.
This matter will bear ventilation.
If the C.P.R. carries a charter for
the collecting of taxes and other
debts the public would like to know
it, If they do they should be more
courteous and at least hand a man
a statement of" the account before
The method of collecting the Nelson road tax from the workmen of
tho C.P.R. is a slap at the independence of man, and should not have
been tolerated for an instant by any
of the men.
Tlie destiny of the K. & S. is tlio
topic of the hour. It may be made
standard and tacked on to tho O l\ 11
J. W, Power in now owner of the
Sandon hardware store.
TlioC. P It. trestles near town are
being repaired.
Win. Hood ia working on the /.inc
plant at Hosobery.
Mil* Mnble Cliffo ia again in the tole>
phono ofltco after g|icmliiig a year in
tho east.
Tlio 10 per cent bounty cheques have
commenced to arrive.
Tho new hospital will be ready for
occupancy by Christmas
J, 10. levering is giving up teaching,
and will study medicine in Montreal.
Alex Crawford ig rebuilding Ills re*
-idunco in Huston.
A   llltt   NAStliSAKK
London, Sept. 25.—Nelson, a
thriving little English town to
which Andrew Carnegie proposes
now to give a library, is a living
instance of the value of a name.
Not long after the battle of Trafalgar, some tiuker, tailor or other
persons established a tiny wayside
inu, and called it after the naval
hero. There was nobody on the
spot from whom to expect custom,
but the road led to aud from populous districts. Travelers stopped
at the place aud presently a cot-
tago or two began to raise, then
more of them, and the name of the
public house answered for the
whole. That was the nucleus of
the present town. Now 40,000
people live around the site which
the old innkeeper chose and called
after the name of his hero.
From The Nugget
After all that has been written on
the subject by the Liberal press of
the Interior, Bob Green is not going to build an $8,000 house. Well,
what if he did build a house in
Victoria? Other cabinet ministers
have done so. If we are not mistaken Fred Hume, wheu in the
cabinet purchased a residence in
Victoria, and no one appeared to
think he committed a serious crime
by doing so. Mr. Hume is a Liberal?—IHt-is-notr-wrong-for-a-Lib-'
eral cabinet minister to own a
house, it surely cannot be vory.
wrong for a Conservative. If Mr.
Green chooses to spend his wages,
or salary, or income, in adding to
tho comfort and happiness' of his
family ho should—like any other
wage earner—bo allowed to do so
without criticism. His public acta
are fit subject for criticism; his
private life is his own.
Winter quarters aro being built
nt the Colorado, When completed
oro will be taken out for shipment
hy Ralph Gilletc and his partners
A shipment of 7 1*2 toiiB of rich
ore from the R. B. on Goat uioun
tain arrived in Nelson on  Satur
day.    Mr.   Burgess wvyn  20 ton*
more will be shipped this fall.
A carload of lumber linn taen
shipped to tho Molly Gibson for the
new bniikhoiiHccB. The lumber
will be xent tip on the new tram.
The government fa repairing the
wagon road to the mine.
J. O. Ryan returned to Knsln
laid week, and hit* increased the
force at the Soho and Tom Moore,
A abaft fa being *unk on the Soho
by twoshifts and then- it* no tiuubh'
from water. Tunnel work is l*>-
iiig done t,n tin; Turn Moore, </<*.
which a foot of clean ore has recently l»een struck. It Is supposed
that the Rambler vein run* through
the Soho group.
Harry NeweomU haa taken a I earn.
and Itftnd on the Texan and OoW'
Every person in this district will
give  W.   A.   Galliher credit for
having the accounts of Carlson &
Porter, sub-contractors on tho Lar-
do Gerrard  branch,  paid by tho
government.   Even greater credit
would be given Mr. Galliher were
it not for tho fact that his law partner is collecting from 5 to 10 per
cent of tho face value of these accounts from tho creditors of Carlson & Porter.   It fa possible that
Mr. Wilson is legally  entitled to
this privilege, but at present we
are unable to ace how ho gets into
tho game,   it is a well established
custom   that  the  client  has the
prlvilage of selecting his legal adviser and paying him; in this ease
it appears, the  custom  has been
reverml, and the lawyer retain,-!
the client, paying hiuiftclf for unsolicited *ci vice* out uf fund* appropriated hy the Dominion   government for the relief of creditor**
of a bankrupt firm of railway contractors,    it may be that the firm
of Galliher & WiIhoii   are entitled
to thin 10 per cent rake-off, owing
lo the effort* of Mr, Galliher.  n*
member of parliament, iu inducing
the government at Ottawa to itiin-
Iiui-ho the creditors ol   Carlson   ,S;
Porter; or it  may lie   one  of the
litiiiit'HJtift iiicthodn p<« itlt.ii i> tlm
Li!h lid p-tity of payment for  service* rendered.    The connection «»f
the [tartner of W. A. Galliher,  M.
P., with  the distribution  of   thin
money, and the reason for bin   10
per cent coiunil-sion,   fa sadly in
The World's Assay
Two trains collided near Knoxs-
ville, Tenn., on Saturday, killing
75 passengers, and wounding 100
more. Disobeying orders was the
R. K. Brown lost his life in the
Ymir mine on Friday by not regarding orders. The cable attached
to a bucket in which he was riding
broke and he was dashed to pieces
at the bottom of the shaft.
At Vancouver the prices of lumber and shingles have tumbled.
There are 20 detectives still hunting for the chaps who held up the
C.P.R. express two weeks ago.
A despatch from South America
states that peace reigns in Uruguay.
The London Times thinks Harry
Marks is not respectable enongb to
sit in the House of Commons, and
is opposing him iu a personal feud
through its columns. The Times
prefers morals iu others to brains
The news from Mukden and other
points where the Jap and Russ
make death is very slight and consists principally of stuff sent ont by
correspondents in order to supply
the demand for something fresh
from the seat of war.
R. G. Tatlow has gone to England on a pleasure trip.
It is not likely that the B.C.
At St. Petersburg it is reported
that cholera has broken out in Port
Arthnr. There are 14,900 sick and
wounded people in Port Arthur and
God atands at every bedside.
Extremes meet. It is unlawful
to shake dice for drinks ia Phoenix.
For the first timo coal is being
shipped from Nova Scotia to Mexico. A steamer left Sydney last
week with 400 tons for a railway at
Vera Cruz.
Lord Strathcona haa given $50,-
000 to tho McGill college in Montreal. A similar donation to the
newspapers of Nelson wonld help
A despatch from Toronto says
that tho PreBbyterianu are sending
more missionaries to Formosa. They
should bo tough aud well preierved,
J. .T. O'Rourke had his nose battered in a train wreck at Forest,
It ia reported that Senator Mc-
Larcn has nued tho C.P.R. for
$125,000 upon account of damage
to his timber lltnlto by forest fires
along the Crow road.
While fishing in Alnskn last week
three Indians found ilontingin the
sea n lump of ainbergrii worth
804,000. It will probably be the
death of them.
A. Lapointc is building a three*
storey hotel in Kninloops.
Ten inches of snow fell at White
Horse last Sunday. There is more
freight for Dawson at White Home
than tan be handled this scanon,
In Victoria W. J. Pendray has
Iveon paid $75,000 hy the C.P.R. for
his property adjoining the site of
the new hotel.
The smelter at Boundary Kali-
will be blown in on Thursday,
The Great Northern Railway intends to proceed immediately with
the construction of a line of railway from Midway, in the Boundary district, to Princeton, in the
Similkameen, via Hetlley City.
The riches of the mineral deposits of tho Similkameen Valley
are to be turned i ii to the Granby
smelter at Grand Forks for reduction; James J. Hill president of
the Great Northern, owns the controlling interest iu the Granby
smelter; the Granby people own
large interests in the Tulameen
Boulder districts, and so it comes
about that James J. Hill is going
to build a line of railway right into the heart of the Similkameen to
act as a feeder for his smelter and
lines of railway to the Bouth of the
boundary line between Canada and
the United StateB.
A Step Forward
London, Sept. 25.—Glasgow, notoriously a city of shameful sights
and Bounds, which never seemed to
profit much from Sunday closing—
meeting tho usual fate of those who
attempt practical prohibition instead of wise limitation—has tried
another method, that of 10 o'clock
closing of public houses. For three
months the system has been in
vogue, and already there is a substantial betterment, so steady in
progress as to give solid foundation
port of the experiment states that
"the diminution in the week-end
•drunks works out at an average of
26 per week, and taking the returns
for complcto weeks the figures show
an average decrease of 32 per week.
The figures for all cases, including
'drunks.' show a decrease on the
whole of 48 per week." From this
it will be seen that as usually happens, decreased drunkenness is accompanied by a commensurate falling off iu crime generally, a notorious fact which ought to have produced greater attempts at reform
than havo yet been made. Liverpool people havo suggested early
closing for their city, but there may
be local circumstances which render that course not so certain of
effect an it has been so far in Glasgow. Tho control of the drink
trade haa always been full of intri*
cacies, and some people suggest that
persistent inebriety be punished
by a term of street sweeping or
public appearance in the stocks, as
it was under tho old Act of James,
iw an alternative in default of forfeiting (We shillings to the church
wardens for the use of the poor of
the pariah. It was an ecclesiastical offence in former timeM, and there
is littlo doubt that pulpit proclamation of confirmed wrongdoer*' would
go a long way to diminish the crime.
However, Glasgow, enterprising as
ever, has reason to congratulate
Butte, Mont., Sept.   25.— Judge
The K. & S.
Spokane, Sept. 25.—R. C. Morgan, general supcrinendent of the
S. F. & N., and W. H. Fortier,
auditor of the road, have gone north
to meet I'VE. Ward, general super
intendent of the Great Nsrthern,
and Robt, Irviug, general manager
of the Kootenay Railroad and
Navigation company. The four
officials will go over the properties
of the navigation company, which
include the stoanier line on Kootenay lake from Nelson to Kaslo,
known as the International Navigation & Trading company, and
the Kaslo & Slocan railway, from
Kaslo to Sandon.
It is understood that this is an
inspection trip prior to the absorption of the K. R. & N. by the S.F.
& N. October 1.
Albert Genest had his nose
broked on Saturday while working
in the sawmill.
A man named Whiteley was
brought to the city last night from
Slocan Junction suffering from a
gunshot wound in the arm.
Gentlemen visiting the city during this week will have plenty of
time to leave their measure for a
winter suit with Taylor & Me-
Rev. J. G. Shearer talked to a
small audience in the Congregational church yesterday afternoon
upon Sunday keeping. His remarks were reasonable, and not
particularly fanatical.
There will bean epidemic of poker
next winter.   Players are piling up
.Jne Wint. i will winter ill the   lloiin-
Tctn S/illHileiii litis rented (i  Iioiisn In
Him 1*17,mid hill Mnxwcli 1, working
l'ii,t,'» r.i.M'l. 1 • t• ■ 1 r •J'nriM, Cifv
moncyllieTrTn order tolJuThltTvben
the nights aro cold,and players bold,
Btack up their gold upon any old
hand they happen to hold.
Conductor Peck has returned
from his jaunt to Winnipeg
whither he went to attend a meeting of conductors. He reports
Winnipeg as being full to the roof,
and some .Hitting on the brake-
There will bo a grand Bonspiel
in Nebon during the winter, and
it is probable that the local curlers
will import a carload of Scotch
whiskey from the east, especially
for tho benefit of the chaps from
The C.P.R. nmchinists aro on
strike for higher wages between
Fort William and Vancouver.
About 35 men in Nelson tjuit work
on Saturday. The men should have
more pay, especially in this city
where living expenses are so high,
George Horton who sells the famous Blue Prize cigar was iu town
last week. He says that for the
present real estate priws have
reached the limit iu Winnipeg,
and that Portage La Prairie will
have 25,000 inhabitants in less than
10 years, George alHo remarked
that Billy Harmer was keeping the
best hotel west of Winnipeg at
Maple ('reek.
A Fertile man eauie in yesterday
to sell iih a snake, He said that it
wan over 200 ft-.ct long, ut'd be kid
it fenced in at present. He would
have brought it to the Xeboti Fair
but thought transportation charges
were too high, We declined to
muke a bid, and then he informed
us that Bill Tultle was too bony to
come to the fair, nil il was an even
bet that Tom Whelnii would teach
William Clancy, long recognized as | here.
one of tho   two so   called   llein/ej    Owing to a shortage of water thi
judges of Silver Bow country,   hn* t'ity Council
Ore sacks are not very plentiful
in Nelson.
W. Parker was selling goods at
Oro Denoro last week.
Typographical triumphs are 6till
turned out in this office.
"Big Jack" Robinson has gone
to work at the Molly Gibson,
Mrs. Paul Smith and daughter
returned to Spokane yesterday.
We called on tho King this
week and traded $7.50 for a ton of
Billy Noble was in town last
week, aud called on Alex McDonald.
That bright dramatic star, Jessie
Shirley, 'will shine in Nelson all the
When looking for groceries Simpson & Co. can give you some valuable pointers.
Sir Sandford Fleming, one. of
Canada's grand old men spent a day
in Nelson last week.
Hugh Williams is in town from
Poplar after feed for his horses. He
will winter in that camp.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Stanley
mourn tho loss of their first-born.
The child died yesterday.
A million old newspapers for
sale at this office. Call early, and
avoid beingdisitppointed.
J. H. Love has moved his office
into more commodious quarters on
Haker Street, just two doors from a
There will bo a lively game of
caused a Herniation by a statement .j^,',!"> ,1'"•'      '
.   .1      .*   ..1   .ii  'in ■  •     ! I hi* will cause loss
to the effect that the Hciiizo mining ;.,,,„,„ f(1 )n,lliv ,,),,,
Intercut* In Butte  have   1 11,  01 •'thinking that*tin
will noon   Is- taken   over by  tie 1 wi»c iiinf
of witter
in "^iNelson next week;
Toni Whelan is coming up from
Dukea, lords, baronets and the
elite of tlie world always stop at
tho Strathcona when they halt at
Fred Hume has ordered a
dynamo to supply his own electric
light. This is one result of the
dim system.
In Bonham, Tcxaa, a lady entertains the people by riding steers.
This is an attraction the Nelson
Fair overlooked.
Business haa been dull this week.
Only one man called to tell us
that we wero cultus, and had
nothing in our upper stope.
Brown & Co. and J.W.Gallagher
are doing the clothing trade of tho
city. Visitors to the Fair can make
money by buying at these stores.
The pleasure of a dance in
Fraternity Hall on Friday evening
was heightened by two Si washes
giving a ilsh'onting Indian war
The boarder* at the Strathcona
must have made the ghost walk.
The front of this grand hotel of the
mountains won touched with jaint
last week.
It la the aim of Taylor A Me*
(iuarrie to retain each customer
once obtained, The secret of their
success fa the excellence of the suit*
made by them.
Bill Brodtly an dOltie Harris have
returned from a hunting excursion
on which they killed plenty of big
game. In part of a day near Sanca
they caught 105 Is-autiful trout.
In sending in his assessment J.
G. I!iclmrdson states that the
wheat around llailmy, Manitolia
was not hurt  much by the rust,
an- liiviile tti refiihe ill '•'"' '•,a' *' w'" ^',''<' '* '"'►'hels to
the aeie.     •
in <-i j <>f in*.tor-,
ittitl ineiiiiveii-
'i put  in iii'ititt*•.
ei« v father** were
would Hlwit^x have filelil)
iii their tHiik.    Tin' ■ cilv
with   its  Hpoluj'v   h>r  an   ••hHiie
light, ami ils failing water supply
• peaks volumes fur the lack of giavi the city on Fiday evening, but «»»
\nii-i Trent Ten M«e ' I M c,a',n* 0u Kl>ri,,« c,wk-    ,,ttVtJ
h \ Moore mull John SV mtuer have an
CoamegoldhaiilKitiipaiiHe'IatUie intereut with  Neweomb,  and the jltK*1* *** |»i*eli«*ti  iu   Outaiio,   the j tuny oVfci the ituiulliiig of the *»u-r
iuMs or. Springer crwk war fllownl \^Xii\ jj, for   $■_•?> fl^O.   Jarnt-s   An*!^'^tor* wtrnut U\ know the why and' wm\m (ar «>v»t*l month*
kl ItmJ III r.-1'liUlilllOII.    III.-*   llHIt »'*-!       , .     . ,     ,   .   ,, .        ,    _
'I ,      .   •   ,     1        , .,       ,        ,,   *    A 'irot^t „trnbiHt tnltltif* writer from
ljrti.lj»ktk>kMirt(,w ..m.v.v.-.   •••■'■"•-it,,*! iiiormuin   bv   the  Until* owners
jodHU* piactiM-d  iu   OitUtlio,   tht
i nf „nr v\v\t
1 4
City   hy George Stol.I.   On   theUpriwni A. T. Garland aud W. V
h1o|«h iimt the falls are small veins! p»(>wo«th are owner* of th*> claims,
carrying goni. i^w Motrins   which lead  to tin
the wherefore of it.   The creditor*i
nf Carlson K Porter would like to
Nearly all the awwwwiment work
for tho witfon ha« lieen done on
Springer Creek.   The Cripple Stick
bonding of these claim- wan found
on the Cowboy by   Wm,   Mottbe.
 „.. _ ..,.,.-   It consists of a foot of rich galena
and Myrtle are working four men and carbonate* that ho* tacit traced
each, white large force* arc engag* for over 100 feet.   For a time ship- to tail »t un-  omKiiiftiuitiismum.^f
ed at the FH.w.l.  Pvvtwe,   and   Ut*, menu will be vnadftoVM the Jack-'next dt.ov tu Tribune. oftlec,  Raker ,    Hu, mu rtin-u.1* wiom.ii «.ii'«iii«i
Uwi, ton wagon road. Street. W.Parker.    I lioiun Ifjftli on WwhiewUy oveninj*.
r    |>    1 . i .   ...    « , .■   ,, 1,1    ,,11   »,i,.  li,.,.
KltU**  'HJl'l   till~'\   MHlklVki    I'C)    V.llllOH*,!" 1      ' ' ,  "■      . , ,    .     . , .,      ,   ,
11.      _*»".      1      11 '«    |«.t(.ek »ml iiiovni iii'.o touii, win i! Juliii
edtopay lor a legal adviser who|WHiUr.., 1* vi.iiinjr   V.««niv#rf ami
had not lieen retained hy them.       j Uhv. Tliorrt|M*oii ha* utrmk w.tnn Imr.l
 ..___  j work at ll»».«j!irry.
When in U> the Fair do not fail!    Mp%  Mt-IMienj-n <*n.l Pete M,.rr»y
the Woikingman'HStore ";;l"»*"»«»w"^ '"•" •-•" M«»»,nl»
Amalgamated Copper company,
In an interview Judge Clancy said;
"I believe the .Montana div
Purchasing company has sold, or is
preparing to ncif, it* proiM-ity.
,.**2U turn (o toy   p_mm.vi!   *.uu<--
ledge three ab«tia*toit* are at woik     J lia-Jeti wiite.-m* fioin w>Uh'it
in examining the record* and (Uk-' Atli»» that he will »Jo,«.v«»*.ke Tn**
'.'r^^'^^rLiVl'l'1/^ T,'nov*'*'Mof tho Montana   Ore Purchasing l,i.i...r.  while it   remain*  frnrh**
company pru|tcrUe»." land independent.    He eneh>*<cH 85
Humor* !lHVO   OtTII   tOe   lot   10e   «im 11 n nm i>   •mm   .iu,...,...     ..",.,
wutt two month* of the sale of the the bulbdog until   \ugu-t,   ino".
lleinxe pro|H>rtie* to the  Amnlga-  If the world was filtid with  in<>re
mated, despite  strenuotia denials men like Hnslett our bank account {the «
hy Mr. Ifelnxe, and Judge Clnney's would be hi fat that  an  ordinary j their
In adopting the cash system the
Fied Irvine Co. will eventually
build up the grcatcnt dry coeds store
i«i th< intei tor. 'I heir milliner learned her tint!* in one of the greatest
cities in the Foiled States.
Sir Thomas Shaughiiessy wa* in
1 for tlio winter totiritt trmtc.
!.■»'•.• tn ,.»li <t* »l,iu riftif>d Wo
«re worry for ue wanted the* **reat,
man to write u* n short essay, entitled; ".'am. one, from Matinn to
Tbe drensingrfMimsin the Nelw.n
s4-ne lamps are not safe amid the
paint and drapery, e*|teeially when
actor* are in a nub to entch
me*". The management are
Htatoniciit is regarded a* almost string of but ros mold nol |nok it j evidently l^iund to ***e that the
authoHtntfve th.'»t th*'-deal has nr'f.wo hlook* without psptng for'ehanee* of fire are rednrrd to 11
will be ihortly eoithtiiuniaUd. breath. I minimum. ->_y
Eleventh Yeah
The Ledge.
R, T. LOWERY, Editor nnd Financier.
Published every Men lay inornltiK In the com-
mere ial cuntr. of tho Kootenay.
Subscription, ii a year in advance or $< BO If
not »o paid.
Fellow Pilgrims: Tim LeixiK is located at
Nelson, B. C, and is trt»< e I to many parts of the
earth It has never been raided hy the rherlff,
anowsllded by cheap silver, or subdued by thu
fear of man It works for ti.e trail blaster equally
as well as It does for the chamniiRiie-flnvorert
trust tiend. It aims to be on the ritrlit side of
everything, and still lirtnlv believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked In lartre
doses. It has stood the test of time, and the
! paystreak has never entirely pinched out, al-
th.uifli at timeB il has been no IdsKor than the
shadow of a knifeblade. It knows that one of
the noblest works of creation Is the man who
always pays the printer.
Address evcrytliim: to—
Nelson, B.C.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subsc.rip
tion is due, and that the editor
wants once atraln to look at
your collateral
he proper upbuilding of the human
The reign of the ice man is drawing to an end, aud the coal man already has his paws upon the throne.
Pori.Ait is now without a parson.
Some ageut of Satan must have
been putting plugged nickels on the
collection plate.
A school has been established in
Paris to teach people to sleep. One
is needed in Sandon to teach the
way to keep awake.
It seems strange that > iu a country so full of churches as Ontario
that the politicians are the most
corrupt in the world.
Blue Laws
At a meeting of the City Council
in New Westminster the other night
the Rev. J. S. Henderson, C. W.
Houghton and G. H. Morden appeared on behalf of the local Minis-
Alliance, and the Church of England, and requested that the playing of the band on Sunday be stopped.    After the parsons had delivered their reasons why the band
should uot be allowed to discourse
music on Albert Crescent Sunday
afternoons the weak-kneed Mayor
and aldermen discussed the matter
in favor of blue laws, and the Mayor
was given the power to take whatever steps he thought advisible in
tho matter.   As he has declared
himself opposed to Sunday concerts
it is easily to see what he would do
with the Sunday concert.   If the
playing of the New Westminster
band is full of discord it might be
advisable to squelch their wind upon auy day, but if their music is
allright and  they are prohibited
from playing on Sunday tho blue
law crankB have won a victory,
and liberty is struck another, blow.
No bondage is more galling than
that enforced upon the people by
narrowMiiinded treed boosters, and
if the citizens of llritish Columbia
do not look to their rights this province  will   eventually   become  a
land of slaves and ridiculed by the
intelligent people of all tuitions.
Be temperate and you will be
happy. The Indian says : One
drink, good; two drinks, too much;
three drinks, not half enough.
Nelson for running a street car or
riding in one on any day of the
D. W. Higgiks, who came to this
province in 1858, and has been a
prominent figure ever since, has
just published a book entitled, "The
Mystic Spring and other Stories of
Western Life." It is filled with
readable stories of the early days in
Yale, Victoria, aud Cariboo, and is
a welcome addition to Western literature.
Last winter Ontario was rendered desolate by snow and frost, and
last week an earthquake shook that
province. These are just warnings.
If the Grits do not cease being corrupt, especially around Sault Ste.
Marie the earth will open up some
day and swallow the entire country.
We would advise all the good Tories
to come west as fast as possible,
ere it is too late.
that a faithful record of each day's
happenings was being   kept, and
this rather surprised him.    Opening it at the beginning, he read :—
"I am nine years old  to day.
Looked in the glass, but whiskers
ain't sproutiu' yet.''
"Sassedaboy.   Got lickt."
"Pop borrowed ten cents for car-
fair; that makes 81.15 he owes me.
Wonder if He ever get it."
"Jimmie stole my ball.    I
ickt him for it."
"Ast Pop for some of my money
ann he gave me a nickel. I want
1' We fellers got up a baseball elub
to-day. I'm picher. If I had that
doller 15 I could get a uniform."
"Pop got paid to-day and giv me
my money."
"Mama borrered a doler. Dam
these people, anyway. A feller
can't save nothin."
"Ast Pop about banks. I want
to put my money ware carfair ain't
so skearse." .
"Got lickt again."
There was more of this, but
"Pop" had read enough. As a result, there was a conference, and
now t he arrangement is to pay 5
per cent a week interest and settle
every Saturday.
The "kid" got hiB "unaform."
Try one of the tonics at the
Victoria Hotel
Victoria Street, Nelson.
W. E. McCANDLISII, Proprietor.
Best tlollara-day  Hotel  in  Nelson
Board and room, six dollars a week.
Board and room by the month, twenty-
five dollar..   Meal Tickets (21 meals)
five dollars.     ______
No Liquor Sold on the Premises."
'Phone 183.
Filbert Hotel
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Boom ia
conducted on strictly first-class principles.   The rooms are
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing* Everything
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c.       Tickets $7.       Main St., Sandon.
If yon are looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
mouths at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Home cookiug, and the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
The public men of Canada made
millions out of the C.P.R., and it is
safe to say that the experience will
be repeated in the case of the Grand
■Truuk_Pacific.„. ,	
The trust magnatesiin the States,
put up $10,000,000 to help out tbe
Republican party. A pile like that
would help some at the Dominiou
election in Canada.
Typhoid is more or less prevalent
in East and West Kootenay. It is
a disease of the stomach and generally ^fastens upon reckless livers
in September and October.   You
The electric light in Nelson is so
poor that lamps have often to be lit
in rooms where it is used in order
that ordinary priut can be read
without discomfort.
The way to get favors from a
politician is to grease his hand, and
sprinkle it all over with soft gold,
Try it when you want some concessions in your district.
As a rule when you hear a man
ranting about the way he would
wade in blood 'for his country it is
time to reach for the Union Jack
and hold it tight in your two hands.
A Plain Fact
The editor who is honest and
fight* for the rights ami liberties of
the people against the encroachment* of Htate, church, and corporations find* hliuwlf etiiiHtnntlv
Htuhhing hi* toe* ngttiiiHt boulder..
The people who admire an editor of
that kind are carelc.it how they hack
him up. With few exceptions they
expect him to live ou wind, while
they take their adM nnd job work to
mute *ervil« paper that is afraid to
utter an opinion for fear that some
HubMcriber might get warm and cut
oil   hia  *uh*crtptbn.    A   fearlc.*
,,(tt»r.   -,■,«.■.»  tn,.A     „*..,« »
)ii'VlniMiiin, t>r rJ i- 5.i(• ^>i,> n.'tv.'j
packing the Hag, and imaging for
ammunition. Cm.d* i* full of
nervile  paper* whose editor* are
ct*H»<VJ     tA    ♦tw,'i>>      >,•*.,       .1       tt   ,   .
bread. They will kill an opinion
any lime for a job of printing, and
there la little chance of Improve*
men. until the public bring their
There is a hotel iu Now York
where a room costs as high as 8125
a day, and a modest rnenl can be
had for $12. Some of tho bed*
cost 810,000. There is nothing in
ll.C. to compare with thiH hotel not
even at Three Fork*.
Thankh.ivino luv ha* been fixed for November 17, instead of some
date in October a* has Ixh-ii the
Canadian custom for some year*
past. Ah that fa just after the eh«*
thins will his over the (frit* will kill
two turkeys with one stone.
Ni.i>i>N will he full of farmer*
Ihix week, If they will call at our
olli<e we will in«tru<t them how to
enjoy life in n great city without
laving to t< UgMph home for mure
money. We will nfan trade sub*
for prize pumpkins or big onion*.
Now that the rtudi i* on for oil
in K»st Kootenay St fa just a* well
t*i x«un fia.it tot- i'oioiiiiuugiiierti'i
iiu'ikt p.i)« i\ ct'utri a gauon upon
all crude petroleum produced In
(Canada. Thi* i* alwtut <W rent* a
barrel and of it*elf give* a handanme
I pttHi- 'ia» Via- KutMif,* o'l ihlftr wriiis.
cannot get itm the air like smallpox, but must eat or drink it. Probably the best way to prevent it is
to avoid, eating or drinking anything. Still, when taken typhoid
germs should be boiled, baked, fried
or roasted. Taken raw they are
apt to get gay, and cause a funeral
in tho family.
Many a union man never thinks
about any other trade but his own.
For instance he will shout for protection to his own work, and then
buy goods without the label. Take
the cigar business for instance.
Nelson and this country are filled
with cigars made by tho almost
child slavo labor ot Quebec, and
many union men in the west pay
no attention to the label when they
dip their hand in tho box for a weed.
If they did few scab cigar* would
bo smoked in Kootenay, and fewer
millionaire* in the east would
build themselves up at the expense
of labor in tho cent belt, and the
generosity of the western people.
Is the pioneer hotel of
Three Forks, and a pleasant home
for the weary traveller. Rooms
reserved by telegraph.
grand Rcicl
is the homo for all
Slocan peoplo visiting tho great gold
camp. Taaty meals,
fine liquors and soft
beds make it a pleasant home for
3acvb$on *'Anderson,''Props.
newmarket fiotel
new Deliver
On the road leading to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for man and his horse.
Tho bacon, beans, beefsteak, eggs, oats, hay,
boozerine and cigars cannot be beaten in the hills
of the Lardeau.
Opposite Court House and new Post*
oflico. Best 25c menl in town. European and American plan. Only white
labor employed.   First class bar.
Nelson Exhibition
Sept. 28 and 29.
Single Fare Return
From all Stations
Rovelstoke to Fernie
Including Branches.
Is the home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
' ■■'■■  ■■■'■■■ I .               ■■'.   .  ,IJ. ■■-■   ■      ■■ .. ■..•'1
Of the Miner's Union Block
is the only hall In the city suitable for Theatrical Performances, Concerts. Dances and
uther public entertainments,
For bookings, write or wire—
Secretory Sandon Miners' Union
TEt Interior view. Seating capacity S50; mot!
em stage auullancca; furnace healed throughout: population to draw from, 1.600.
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done   at   Nelson's   printing   emporium-----^	
The Exchange Hotel in Kaslo is
like an oasis in an Egyptian desert.
Slocan folks Sock to it like bees
to a flower garden.
World's Fair Rates
Next Selling Dates.
Oct. a. 4, fi.
Fhom all Indications the Spokane
Interstate Fair will be better attended and more worthy of patronage
than any previous fair held In that
city. The horticultural and agricultural department, the mining
department, the Mock and other
department!) will each be under the
care of npeeial inanagera thia year,
who are making every effort to get
together exhibit*! that will be repre*
(tentative nnd really creditable. The
ainiiM'ineiit and racing feature*,too,
promise to lie of a higher order of
excellence than heretofore. Tlie
railroad* havo granted apecial con*
ceiwioiiM, Crop* aro large and price*
high thin year, which mean* a proa-
porotiH community with the money
and opportunity to attend tho fair
tUU fall aud help to make it a _uc»
A    .Ot M»   VINA-tUIKK
The Jtecideitl*. reading of a young
boy'* diary, hy hfa father, in an
Students' Rates East
On Sale till Sept. 20th.
Low Selling Rates
On •_!« daily Sept. lb to Oct. 16.
Have fresh meat every
day at Sandon, and in
all the Bhops operated
by them in British
Columbia. No contract too largo for this
firm. Armies and
railroads Btipplied on
abort notice.
The Cigar Box, Kaslo
Importer of High Grade Cigars, Tobaccos, and Smokers' Sundries.
Dealer in the Sweetest Candy, and tho
Choicest Fruit mado and grown in
the World.
For full particular* apply to local agctitt
J.H. OAlt.l.lt
IM' A.N.Uon.
A.tl. I*. A., Vuniwivir
y ...
4*«b    v^*U*l4
teuton to both the parent*, and may
I nerve to net other* thinking a bit in
Hm:kntlv in Kingston a eondtic
tor waa artiHtt d for running a street j the right direction. The youngest
car on Htinduy. Iluggiw arc atllli wan uineyearj>oItIaMtorttimeago.
dollars lo the editor whoee heart driven In that tit v, and few of the and arnnnfi* hi* birthday fflfr*wan a
anaayft no feir, and whose pen .§j people «op eating on Holiday. Up; diary. ICe kept it religlooftly from
CVCr on ttc aide uf fuuAmi, aud U>d..Usuuo>. 1.,.* U*-o nitettiviUn day  U» »U>,tottd Ut« ptttttiil found
K. & 8. Ily.
Lv 8:3»a.m,-8andon-*Ar 4:25 p.m.
Arlo:_fia.m.-Kft*lo-Lv 2:oo p.m. I
iiV ...-U p,ui.-i-_.«io~Ai- i tHM) a.u>. I
Ar.:..op.ni,~>;d!kjn-Lv 8:oo a.m.
.ic_-W tnld to all mrta of th* Unit**! j
8UU- auti C'«iiMil» via Gmtt Northern
•ml O. II k N Coinmnr'n Hue*. I
n t,i .iii.tt.it jiiiii.itiuhi  thti tin m uti' i
ROBERT IHVINO, Ittntgtr, KaUo,
Hotel Strathcona
|_%%%%%%%%%%%*%%%>%%%*%%%%^%%>%%%%%%^   *"V%%%*f
Ih in a delightful location and from it* balconies
can he .ecu all the beauty of the grand wenery
that . urrtiutulH, henut in, uud adoruH tho buny
ofty nf NelMou, It fa the home of tourffifcu antl
huaine** men from all nnrtu nf the world, The
etifain* never d.tt*r* in the mlrr* of mw.lnerltv,
and every room i» an enemy to insomnia. If
you need room* when on the way in. touch the
wire aud the deed ia done,
# VANCOUVER -»• NC_»ON. ■ C. f
L%*w*v5 L%
%i 4%%%-vw
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C. Eleventh Year
On GappbTfnS
Gambling is a bail thing for some
people—the losers. I have never
known a winner to have conscientious
scruples. He has no objections or complaints to make.   This is natural.
If you are not a winner, quit—if you
want to. If you like to lose, and can
sand it, that's your business. Thaold
adage applies here as well as elsewhere,
"If at first you don't succeed, try again."
It is rigid adherence to this principle
that keeps the same—any {fame—go-
i'tg. When the losers quit, Wall street
.shylocks and stock-jobbing joints will
suspend operation along with all other
games of chance. This is absolutely
tho only way to stop gambling. There
is an element of chance in almost every
venture in h'uthau life.
It is worst than a waste of breath and
ink to ask successful gamblers to forego
their pleasur? and profit. You can stop
horse racing—maybe—but you cannot
eliminate the gambling instinct from
man. Chase the "tiger" from one lair,
and he will go to another Stop one
game, and some othor method just as
effectivo will be invented.
Life itself is a game of chance, marriage a lottery, aud most people born
into the world today are accidents.
Even the Bible compares the Christian
life to a race course.
There are many ''endurance'' and
'speed trials" in which one may be en-,
tered. Mo_t people, however, run unplaced—are "never "in tho money.'1
" Comparatively few havo been able to
win an "East street" purse, much less
the "Millionair stakes."
In tho "Business Handicap" most
men "blow up" in the stretch.
In the "Political Derby" not a few
get "left at tho post." In the race the
jockey is a very important factor.
Hnnna will go down into history as
the premier jockey of his time. In the
recent Nomination Stake races at St.
Louis August Belmont grave Judge
Parker a "beautiful" ride. The trouble
with Teddy is he wauts to ride his jockey. This snows strenuosity, but bad
j udgetnent in a race horse.
""IVafl^a game oflTieflsrirT^inch_i«v
tions stake their fortunes and their
Professional life resembles a game of
poker more than anything else. It
gives better apportutiitles for "four-
Farming resembles euchre, for tho
reason that the trusts hold both "bow
ers" and fix tho price of all tho fanner
has to Boll, and ever, thing he has to
buy. They manage to "euchro" him
out of his just profits.
Newspaper men, preachers and wage
earners play a game which closely resemble "craps."
Criminals play tho various games,
unfairly, and sometimes go lo jail and
sometimes to tho United States Senate
for "loading tho dice, using "dope" and
"stacking" the cards,
Tho law never did and never will
stop games of chance, You may stop
racing, close every gambling den, Including tne stock markets and boards
of trade, and men will bet on tho weather, elections, tho probable gender of
unborn children and flip coins In order
to woo tho smiles of flcklo Fortune.
Every man—even tho assoarcd,
long-nosed variety, who Insist upon
sticking his elephantine proboscis into
other people's business—thinks ho has
a right to do as ho plca.es with his own
Tho effort on the part of short-haired
women and longhaired men to regulate
every act of one's life by law is Idiotic.
Imbued with the spirit of personal lib
«'ty, evwvy bvave nun rnvntu at tho
cUnk of liluo law chains in tho bands
of thwte crunks.
The gambling Instinct is stronger in
some people than In other*. To illustrate:
"A pssMnger on a train wanted to
bet his companion 15.00 that tho train
would reach its diminution on time Ha
iefutcd. The other offered to bet him
live that It would get in late, and he
ilMllnetl lie then tried to bet him ten
that it wouldn't get in at all. Jmt tlmn
a* the good man reached (or hit money,
a wreck oceurod and he was hurled n
hundred feet In the air. As he came
down he met tht gambler going up.
As Itiey passed In mid air the gambler
yelled, 'I'll bet you • hundred tnat you
reach hell before I do!'"
WUb tivU UUpotUton liv all mankind,
T»**»*i1*flnn *« th* <m1v thine* rwwMble,
lMth«Kam«r*ep.ay*d absolutely (sir
—whether it be boise racing, btut.net*,
When a man sells stocks •••short," he
bets the amount of his margin that they
will go down. When he goes "long"
on the^market, he wagers bis money
that it1 will go up.
Think of one of these shylocks emerging from some of these gambling
dens on La Salle street to attend a
meeting of the "Citizens' Association"
called for tho purpose of discussing
ways and mcaMs to stop horse racing in
Chicago! It is amusing to see the
aforesaid "reformer" crammed to his
chops with the unearned fortunes of
others take tho floor to denounce "gambling." Such sublimated hypocrisy is
enough to queer them with the devil.
When it comes to the question of
gambling, "let him that is without sin
cast the. first stone." The air about
Harlem, Hawthorne and Worth wil1
then not be so "rocky" aud Sheriff Bar
rett's office windows will be in no danger, of getting smashed — Windle'.
Gatling Gun.
When Galliher run for office,
Why, t'would done you good to hoar
The way ho cussed monopolies,
In riugin' words an' clear;
Tho papers had his picters,
An' his fambl.vs', even' one,
They 'lowed as William Galliher.
Was "the deestric's fav'rite son."
When Galliher run for office
Why he run both morn and night;
He seized each farmer's homv hand
An' shook 'em left an' right-'
He kissed at least a thousand babes;
Sleh words assets quotes
He whispered into mothers'ears
To rivet fathers' votes.
He ran both late an' early,
On the stump he'd oft orate.
How as "rings  were crushin' labor
Jes' as sure as any fate,
But it came along November,
An' he cussed the more, thovjsav,
When Galliher run for office
And the office got away.
There is no reason wiiy any matt
shoujd be out of a job. Most anybody
can make a living now until the snow
falls catching rattlesnakes alive and
chopping their heads off.
This is not one of those mythical
jobs like catching mosquitoes and pulling their teeth. There is really a big
demand for men, wemen and children
who want to make a little pin money
capturing rattlers. England has suddenly taken a great fancy to American
rattlesnake bags, belts and novelitcp.
On this account the rattlesnake skin
has gone up iu value during the last
thirty days more than. 50 per cent. One
professional snake catcher in Pike
Country, Pa , says he has an order for
1,000 skins.
Few people have any idea of what an
immense trade is carried on in America
in snake skins, Men in all parts of the
country follow snake catching regularly, and some of them make large incomes. The Newark tanners receive
salted skins from all parts of the United
If the catcher knows how to capture
his snakes without bruising the bodies,
and also knows how to skin them, he
can always find a ready market in
Newark; which practically supplies the
would with snake and alligator leather.
The most common method of catching
rattlers is with a hand net or forked
stick. Some men use a sharp steel
pointed stick or shear. Others who
go after the big fellows set traps or
snake snares. These tire mado by tying live birds or rabbits inside an in-
closure of wire netting. When tho rattler xoes in after his supposed prey he
is in for good. , .
This is given to show that America is
the greatest country under tho sun and
that thore's no end to the field of diversification. People naturally expect to
pick cotton at this season of the year,
but if cotton plays them false it isn't
necessary to sit on a goods box and
groan. There are snakes in the country
and snakes are worth money. Go catch
them.—Honey GroveSigral.
Following is Superintendent Morgan's
report on work on the Swede group
since the Great Northern Minos, Ltd
commodation of the men were erected
•'Actual development consists principally of  prospect work.   The surface
became ths owners.   Tho group  was has been stripped for a distance of 800
located in June, 1903, by Eric Stand,
Henry Magnusson and Ben Lawson, and
is considered by experienced mining
men who havo examined it, the richest
property in the Poplar camp, and possi
bly in the province. Mr, Morgan's report follows:
"As requested by you, T hand my report of development dono ou tho Swede
group—the Goldsmith and Gold Hill
mineral claims-by the Great Northern
Mines, Ltd. The group Is situated between ono and two miles above the outlet of Poplar creek. Tho company commenced development work in October,
1008. Our first work was to build about
a mile ot trail to tho claims at a cost of
9125, after which buildings for tho no-
(William r. Kirk, In JUUwauketi tfeiiUiial.)
Ef yu ban wise, and ay s'pose yu ban,
Yu kuow 'bout Yenerat Sheridan:
But maybe yu ant remember the day
Ven he yump on horse, and den he say,
"Ay'm yutt about tewcuty-sux. inilet.
Home rebel taller* ban start big row
In Vinchester—ay ant know yust how,
But ay teuk dey yemp on tome Yankee
And trjis.it to ana dem £udu bi,uk
So Yencral Sheridan hear dc.o guus
And drank ooinu coff*. and eat some
And tai di» har landlord "gutkhy, Ya.k!
Ay skol pay, my hill ven ay kom back!"
ivn he ride *o fast that Mimo he any,
"Val, now ay ban tsitam milct'away!"
I)e«e cannon* ban roaring glide and
It ban tough game  for dis Yankee
And Lieut. Olson lis tai hi* pal.
'Ay Un*. *<> hku duo Im run Uk h*«'."
Bo dey *Urt to inn, or els* retreat—
Dis ban noder name for gude cold f/M,
And dey run so fast *nm day can go,
Lr.1i Uututiuns lurlug desu Yuptf, yu
"_'«•« whl»r*ajr Sheridan, "Yump, old
Aj' ..v.v.l >'.'..' .*..','.v/..'. j,v.» v.Vw.W.',' suuu.'
preaching or politic*. When fraud isf £»ft*"*™ •'£•• «*»««* faity***,
IZn^mZmMH*, |.u.W in• *#*«*., gm Urn M« il*. mm*r
offender to th* limit. I Val, Yencral Sherrldan meet his men,
8»w»***>f th**** "eo^-lf f**Jv" r*ft?tl*' And h<***«, ,"h''*rt»w*n*th!|tlf-n*«.lt*vrt.
who £0 Into hynU:iU oivr horte ra-inj;/ Ay hope ai *.ko) immw gn U> Imvwt
*r« large own?.*  of   wattrtd  triutjKf dew r.b.1 Sveri** ant  lickol by
stock*, threuth which they   rob thc.l eleven!
public In broad daylight. Other* watch Yust tu n around, now, iu yur* track—
h* *tofk markets tor a c*>mif« to R»t Com on, yo fatter*! Wr* grins hack!"
wvnfthirijr fir nathitiff, Net * h** «I • And yu bd ytirc lit* •!<•>• veni b_<k, tn,
tl.t.w (UW« f«-i<(>«ti. .* ha.w i*'.>i*»i itif Ar>«l |-mt)(udni«irii)« m tU*. i*t>i*l «•.*««».
mm* If rirti,'liftling l» wind, •*»•**<*<. | Bat soidint• h«a cai«le*« *»»« of guns
St ■._,« *n«k ItUii* *ky. \ And Vieyn •**! wrts S*Ui«s»i tor tmat\
feet in length and we have good ore the
whole distance. An open cut has been
run across the formation for a distance
of 1000 feet. Over this area gold values
found running from $5 up to thousands
of dollars to the ton. Ore from a 10-foot
shaft-7J tons—was sent to Camborne
for a mill test and gave returns of $37 50
In gold to tho ton. Two drift and one
crosscut tunnels have been run.
"No 1 drift is in 115 feet, and samples
taken along this distance give good
values in free gold. This tunnel gives
a vertical depth of over 125 feet.
"No. 2 drift is in (K) feet and shows
good ore most of the distance The
crosscut tunnel is in 50 foot, with about
80 foot more to go to tap the leod. This
is being driven to tap what is known as
the galena lead, und promises to be good
ore, judging from surface Indications.
An additional 100 feet of tunneling will
be required to crosscut another lead
abont four feet in width, which on the
surface shows 12 Inches of arsenical Iron
of good values, some of it running into
thousands of dollars in gold to the tou
Tho cost of development work to date
Is something over *5,O00."
[It is tho Intention of tho company to
erect a stamp mill on Poplar creek next
Krniill now l«r n*ik k<-i |« r. Kltortlitml *.ml
T>|>-«rlllii«f. l.r.iiiUUJi »rt ill (U'lnantl. Mttd
nod!,.Silver, Cen*t«r or Lead, fl Ou *»«cb
Any two, It wi; any thre«, t. u>.
Mml)1.1 l.» mall write, j.ec,mj" Mention;
I'U-fi (M'l, N«t«rt» nnd Ritli (»!*• It.urM
!?»» Araprtho* M.,   lUnvnr, Cola.
*w *»•**     w     w*"i""*»*»w"«*   <•**»*
n. riMWivimo
has been moved from New Denver to
Nelson, bag, baggage and bull-dog. It is now published every Monday morning and circulates two
hundred miles from its home before the sun goes
down. It is one ofthe most valuable advertising
mediums in Canada, and probably has the largest
circulation of any weekly paper in British Columbia.
It will always contain racy paragraphs, breezy editorials and the latest news by wire and otherwise.
The Job Printing
Department contains something less
than $60,000 worth of material which, rendersiL
possible for our artists to produce typographical
triumphs upon short notice. Orders taken for any
kind of printing, from the dwarf-sized visiting card to
the leviathan poster. The work will equal anything
west ofthe Red River, and the price will not suspend
your breath for even a second. Send your orders by
wire, mail, or word of mouth. They will have prompt
attention, and satisfaction will reign supreme when
your gaze rests on our Job Printing. Paste this ad on
the wall for it will not appear many times. Our
neighbors need a little space to talk about the goods
they sell.
ff... ~ m^**+m*~**^m w^K*mm**+^*   m^*******^^ i11^^*-!*^ Ji*1***-*^--**-****! >^ts_|NMtK^,_-S-_sji sj^^ji ^■^_tMMH__s_a_sB] ^_« _»__--i»»^ ^H___HW_,«_s_^ gKw)**^, «Ji^ pi-SW_. -~J*^ ^l***__»___-^,*1» m^Kmmmm Jsm^ |Ps\*»_w___-S»sl Pfl__MaH_a,^__. Ps»-_,_<_>-J__B J_L.._J_|
nelson fair
3010 WtMlraln.tur Kuml.
__»■* -ii in K.ii
i 100.0UU llulti. to niht timu (rum ltoUarid
 .., j Prince »mI Ja|>_n.
Kcconu Annual Exhibition of the namkntai. tu»:kn.
liltiiilnilrnilrun.,     lto.i>.,     lir^rtilinine
d   lUnly   flwnl.   fur   rnll   I'Ui.Mnif.
Ilunif Ui'.wn »nl lii,|.oil»J
(I-IiImi,   n#|it   nttil   M»»i-r   Mcrxl..
Alw.y. in  lock In m-_.hi
(.Ixu  WuWi   li.u   i,I   ii.i.U.   Cut   i>..Hvl:
Fl.<r*l work.     Hut rflntl »na »«tu** «ir»iit'«
l'_i»li*u* frw, or oil anil *t*,mln. .toi k
|iii|.r..».n«i.t..    **»nt|.U. |....i„.n, ,•.,„„..-.   \)\l      Mllil.OV.  H"h|7U,?Nl''
lion.   in. uHt, iir*|.. I-jj l...t.l li. Vmi;, I lU.UllAftr.Jiiir'iH.i^if.ltutal Work.and
KINI.AV M.I.Knl) I i.,|.n.-i.,r.    |    riitk*. » sji-rUily «»l IJ..W llrW«« Work.  Vim
P O  SOX 18B
Provincial Land Surveyor
Uu.i»kin\ MiitcrslCI»iKi*Suivcy<4
sin! frowTiOrsutwl,
|M.». Hi r*a,        f>%m   K<«*<**|' *., »*!•«•
Nelson Agricultural and;-
Industrial Association
September 28-29
Novel Open Air Attractions
Wilt. farl.lMLIil.
J-12. Annahlc, Bee., NpImmi, B.C
'I'llf, UIMI'M IHUKI.lii I ,t.H...i, i.,t. Ih-h-
I inl |n,iii>. for itll trtvrl>'r* l<i tli<- l.miiinu
Mtiiflc lt.» int. K   A.SK IIAItlil.lf IV^iirlor.
I'lll.Hll.M HIM MK, .Vfcl.V'S .;ui iir.li
1    mill Atnrrlittti iilmi.  M*>il«.l'.i-*itl». HiMih
ii ,m I i- u|. l*> m.   tinly  wlili,   ImI|. t-m|,|,j«i|
iri_.«t»ii*rt»ity ui tj«iti una
ii.mU I. thr sI.m-iii r*_uUrly
lattrninvr, II.(
<<I»WK % Ml IKK our *,.t. Jrwrlt«ijr,hi«>l«
  . _      _    ..             ,.,     VI   lt'>»i« ii.thi- «ti,i,*.     Kin* t»*l« ti t.|.-irni.
N'lliiiif v.lli.t*.l«ut tl«- iiUt-f rv>itllM «.<ii    .-U'hhl'»H».\ llw li*»lltr. lUkirNi ...\«i*mi
in tin- «».• MAI.uNK _  J Hl.iiIJ.1.1.'.**.       -■■'  ....-*_«
HAHTI.KTT lllM'Ni:.  ..rw.ilr tliu fl.tk ( .    BV*a*^*lyT   SOOIBSXIJES
viiiv it-ip mii|.i.-vh|   ii   w   H.ucii.K.iT, c"-*,:" *Vr y»'"*K*i».3*»,,i.n.o.r.
i.roiifn »»f !'~   *•»'"'•"   IK      MifMint. in llw I nl..ii Mull
'pill, iiiirr.i. rr.itfii'MiN u n* h n
Steamship Tickets
|       1v>itwlfrom K.ir.,r-n j.»ln»» 11* < »i »>ll»n
f *n>t Am*f|r_t, Uh*>«.   *m>I»  '••! ♦»ltln« *!*••*.
' H'.. -. ' f. Il- f _..i'tl„ll i..(..aU' ■."'..'. i   A'.: I    C.    I'
t H»- »t»«i «r- __
f ii n (,AHR»rrr,
r [' !!   \^i.< t. Vrw "i, ii vm
,    W.r. *. Cu».*iiIiif»,0. «.'**. ArTl.. Wl„t.ijK»f,
Wanted Immediately
A f?ot .t« ?;° *:'(, r,ui»:W. H'^'V-
tie lloadlMf wrrkljrt (I.IM trtr, Hi»r. I*
l4gtti'Hny lu Utl* ««l_  (■« UiH" iiil.f »■ a
Over (.00 acres. Z:^:i
tlv.ii .ii.-init iliiiirtTMiil Nurwir *!<» *• "" '"'*
ln« tli«rh<4i»Htt «ml li*^t  **»tl"*l^*t f'-r itf*fc**r'l
_„4*»_rft*ft*>tiMl*>ir Wft*ill<*«h*.r .-■-*_■« t«.
< u«ni .u*. ii, »;.i.,.i I'tiiiu.itiiii, ic i.'iH ,m..i. '>»•!'
»«•»***k*V#*v#f» Mv«i.l_4^ ih.4» till. !*'■» "I
l,u«lo*«irtnr,f«r lh*m    Ai|.Iy «"** t<* turn*
Pel ham Nursery Co.,
TOKOXT",   llir»RI"».
tW   Will ir.tk* _rr_n_*tn»>iit> j.,f l...»i »,r..|,,'y
or Ihe h_n<tllii. »f »«.(t.*i»r t#ttit..n*».
■ „.,;,!. «l„„tl„ ,
Mf|iiVN«l.,t III,UK, l'tupt.,1  i.
n^nv.  iikhtasvi*.   iiu'I'ki. i.n
*.    r*t «r,.1 tf>* !•*»» In lit* I._*•!•■    **'>'i! .
n. <r rnl.y «trull.k? »l i H" VNlliti1 lirrthrrii
■ ■'■!u*lr in\tvl t" «!' ml J K 1^ vmiki,,
\ ■: i- im..!: A. 1. r*«m. Vl<.<lr»ml. W  I
I. 1,-1 I   i t.  '«<!, Int.'.
*,tt<m'ii «*■,.!'.'
ri.viv iii'iw
WV ilOlMlMiti     i4.MI'Oh»U..
(Mill*   MltlflK   Ml    'I.      li.   Ill'   I'.
W"l»*»«ly Wi t|iir*t»J>r\titlU|» It »<i "l'-< k
i ;i : • I'jllit.n I'mlti. Hull. h4ii'lo»i    NJvuiiumji
li>».«r.„n.r.(t,     .tiimiij HiiLk His,
!         "'" "	
H.irilllN'Al.ll  *   III*.,   \Vl. •!• •■»>. M.r   j    „
i   li.u iiovAi.u • i:i»., y
lt<>. l>«»%. N-l**, ll«!
IJTAIIKICV * I'll.,   U II'II.Est 1.1; '<!»,',
i--r»ll,.S.l- ii  II I'
I I.lit.I *.|»\  A I l»„ N. i--i.. li .       :\     ..:.
I  Hill*.   Mrl.ATA.IIIK.   imml-Hon *nd   fill    %lin UI I,ami Hiin*)i,r.   Kfl».||, II t
I   i     %! itrvt ivn   *.-. ..„.,.,,.,.,• i>» . i. <• .'
j\ ,   Ijtiiirt hurvrytu.   K **•!-< >
i; i'Mil.I *.o\ A 11
I,,   «il,. I. -I. t» in « i
.»*rl*#   Litk   nnml«T.  tit l.»»iry'»
Ct*ta>, »II  *>lf?»i**nl.   »*iil  «   *«■'>'   "f
Aj1iJi*_m,  It! T. !_-»*T7, Ki.'l*wi."li.<#
Atfuit* i' i r»' •! •■•»»
I     A.    M
' I ,    •> m i'.
A.     M. ItllS *l  l«,     \V f,   «•■>!..    I',
•   '■.   It"
•   t   *. i* i ? \     11 r
• 1 ,    < ■ T '.« lt»,   I»f!  <"< . ■■-•    '
i.ri->tiH« tt«,:*<f.i, <« .|tu.t».t »mlrl ** rn
t».»i fiv»l» n*n tlw l,w»rn». It liwfil Wn. wti
j. • trfftHti «t«l |,!»_v.r» l'r_r.rt     Ttt# l»r_w Ii l»l
,..ntj.lt.* ..tariff*   Tuikl.li, .t*_m tnd •it.,*.*r
! i'!'1 t'1 '.'vi.i..l* La.* l**i« t'iilt.i ,4 ' * ,*
i.utliM i *t-Ultra »"t'l liMir.lria It. »»trr- ) .1
*ll   lt».», kHri'tr, »ih1  •'orn.** nlln-n't    A
, •■'"      " 1 ' l'.i* t'4.*')iuiitt    r*vi Ui_;u \U..f
j %t,i t» <%t»i»,r ••■)_!_«lr«tl(ia, THE LEDGE, NELSON, B.C., SEPTEMBER' 26, 1904.
Eleventh Year
Do not fail
to Call
At  PATENAUDE  Bros,  exhibit  during
the Fair, you can buy a fine watch at a very
•   reasonable price.    The finest assortment ever
Patenaude Bros.
Manufacturing Jewellers & Opticians.     Phone 293
20th Century Clothing
Is without au equal in cut, finish, price and durability.
Prices range from $10 to §22.50, and no trunk can hold a
better investment.
FALL UNDERWEAR for men from $1 to $5 a suit.
BLANKETS, all wool, $2 to $5.
The finest assortment of NEW FALL SHOES in Nelson.
Strangers always welcome.
BROWN & CO. - = Nelson,
Only the best fruit handled
at easy prices.
With which is Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, $8,700,000.       Reserve Fund, $3,000,000.
Aggregate Resources Exceeding1 $83,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President. B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
Dejioslts Kcccivuil and Interest Allowed
J. L. BUC1IAN, Manager.
Wednesday October 5th
British Columbia Day
At the lowest prices
compatible with quality the
headquarters in Nelson are
The second annual fair in Nelson
will open on Wednesday, Sept. 28,
and continue two days. It promises to be a great success judging
from the number of entries made,
and the expressions of the public
throughout the entire country. The
exhibits will consist of Goats, Poultry, Garden, Field and Orchard
products, Flowers, Shrubs, Oil,
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper and
other ores, etc., ett. Amusements
of various kinds will be provided
upon both days, and visitors are
Biire of a glorious time. Good weather has been ordered and a single
fare secured from all points. There
are plenty of beds, booze and beans
in the metropolis and it will be just
like home to all outsiders. The city
will be fairly wide open and it limy
even be possible to spit on the sidewalk,  without being fined   §100.
Visitors from the rural districts will
be delighted with our street cars,
but are requested to bring candles
if they wish to see our eleetrie light!
The Fair will be the greatest event
in the history of Nelson, and should
not be missed by anyone who is interested in the progress and productions of Southern British Col-
uinbirv.    No shell   games on   the
street corners will be permitted.
The thousands who read this paper
all over the country can find the
best places to buy goods in the city
by reading our advertising columns.
Nearly all the live firms of the city
carry ads in this famous jonrnal.
An American commercial traveler in Japan writes:    "At Kobe   I
saw the yellow peril 1   My business
took me to Osaka,  to one of the
large shoe factories,  turning out
about  thirty   thousand   pairs   of
shoes per month for the army.     A
tannery is connected with it, and
the  manager,   a  conceited   little
chap, took me arouud,   and, with
great pride showed me the various
machinery used; even had the gall
to ask me   whether   we had   the
same machinery.    Fortunately for
my national pride, I did not need
the interpreter for my answer.    I
simply pointed at the little shield
on the machine—"—-Machinery
Works, Detroit,  U.  S.   A." -and
Just Received
From the
Up-to-date Suits, ranging in price from $15 to $25.
New line of Shoes, $3.50 to $6.50.
Fine Stock of Gent's Underwear, Top Shirts, Pants,
Overalls; Sweaters, Gloves, Mitts, and Rain Coats.
Complete Stock of Groceries, and everything a general
merchandise store should carry. Outside orders receive
prompt attention.
Phmae 196   P.O. Bex US
Prims-Gold, Silver or Lead $1.00
fiold-Silvor or Silver-Lead $1.60
1\0. Uox DIM
——NELSON, B.C.-	
presume he understood my meaning all right. The yellow peril
alluded to consists in the fact that
these people import our machinery,
have cheap labor, and these two
things combined form, according to
my ideas, the real yellow peril. It
is not the Japanese officers drilling
Chinese hordes in the art of warfare, but Japanese brains using
our machinery and conquering the
markets of the Orient—the world's
largest dumping place at present.
Herein I see the peril which
menaces us."
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Fittings, etc., always
on hand. Estimates furnished. Scrap
Jjon bought by the carload. Repairing
and Jobbing,
Furniture and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two complete sets of Bar Fixtures, one
British Plato Mirror '16x90 inches, new,
Letter Presses, Billiard and Poo! Tables
Cash Registors and other specialities,
Mall  Ordera  Receive   Prompt   Attention.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
Railroad Tickets can be purchased at
On Tuesday, Oct. 4th, Good Returning Until Oct. 10th.
Band Concert by Fifth Regiment Royal British Artillery Band
of Victoria, B.C.   Big Vaudeville Program in front of
Grandstand. Six Exciting Races.  $2,500 in purses.
8«nd far Race Program.
ROUT. II. COSOROVK, Seorutory and Mnntxir.r, SI'OKANK. WASH.
Order   your   Fall   Suit   now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Llebscher,
Sllvtrtoa'u Hon Tailor
T.G. Procter
Real Estate
Mining: Agent
Several Choice Blocks of Fruttlan.s
Improved  and  unimproved,   con*
vonientto Nelnonon the Went Ann
HanehoR and City
Properties For Sale
■ -*-W-**-**^->*-*^»r**-*^-»»-*-»**»*»»-**^S^ m«»
The Kootenay Valley Co.
Have 211,000 ncri'H of tlio bust Delected binds in Kant Kootentty wiJHeent
tn the. projected Rnuteiiiiy I 'outnil
Riittwuv wlileli will In- Itttilf xlini-tly .
Price from fll.oo to tlo.UO per aero,
Five year* term*.
J. R.Cameron
l.s the tailor to go to when
you want it Hummer
Suit of Clothes
I [(I  llllH   UlO  lloblliCHt   HUitilltfH
to Hulect from, and tlio lit and
workiiiniiKhl)) fa tho best.
obin-xr TAib'in
The artistic and varied display
bills of the Nelson Fair are fine
plates and quite decorative of the
places on which they are placed.
They are realistic and tempting
enough to make the mouth water
that tends to incite and arouse interest and enthusiasm in the development of the great resources of
the Kootenays and our inland in
the lines of floriculture, horticulture aud agriculture in all its diversified divisions, not forgetting our
mineral and metallic lines, which
also belong to agriculture, i.e., producing from mother earth.
Tho invitation to Nelson and the
Fair recalls many pleasant memories of early days in Ontario and in
fancy's view wo can again hear the
rich full voice of our old chum
Geordio Hamilton, warbling the
song of Glasgow Fair.
Tho sun frae the enRtward was pnepin'
And braid thro tho winnoehu did staro,
When Willie criad, Tarn aro yo nleepin7
Make hasto yn and rise to tho fair,
For tho Indti and the lassies aro ganpin'
And a' body's uoo In a steer.
Fio, hitHte ye and lot ns bo Ranj*in\
Or el ho we II be Innirnoine I fear.
So Tain ho {-ot np in a hurry,
And heijrli but ho mado hiniNelf mioil,
And a pint of milk lirose he did worry
To mak him mail' lou^li (or the road*.
And if walking fa good and the
weather line we may tako "shank*
mitre" and cut iutoks lots for the
Nelwon Fair. Siottik.
A white Aylesbury duck, in the
Wiltshire ^village of Foxley, has.
achieved a record in laying daily
from February 2Gth to July 13th
with one exception. The total
number of eggs laid iu that time
was 138. This duck should havo
beeu obtained for the Nelson  Fair.
special licence to cat and carry "away "timber
from the follo\viiiB described hinds, situated on
the west end of Summit lake, In West Kootenay
District, commencing at a post marked -D.M.
8. W.O.," planted about one half mile south of
A. R. FiiiRlaiidV post, and at M. Gintzlierger.
N W.O., thfiueo north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south'80 chains and thence wnat
8ii chains to place of commencement.
DAN MeLEOD, Locator.
Dated this 18th day of August, 1901.
From Crow's Nest, B.O. to
Flathead Townsite
is only a distance of 22 miles and there' fcne right raa»
Until further notice the Monitor
and Ajax, Limited have moved
their offices from Three Forks to
New Denver.
A Chinamen convicted of start-
lng-.a bush__fire., near Vancouver
was lined $200. In Fernie a bunch
of Italians were fined $50 each for
the same offense with the alternative of putting the fire out in
lieu of paying the cash. They put
tho fire out.
Is, a first class trail. Guides, packhorsos,
etc., furnished at Crow's Nest. Apply
to, A. GOOD, Crow's Nest, B.C.
A PRINTER capable of managing a local weekly.    Must be a fair
writer,  good job printer, and of
.steady habits.    Good position for
Address, Box 1090,
Over Wiilliicc-Miller block, Raker
St., NcIhoii. Special yearly con*
tract* for I'lewing, Repairing and
(Meaning, (5ood* called for and
delivered weekly. Tent* und awn-
IngH made lo order.
At Pottsvillo, Fa., recently a
weddiug was delayed because n
funeral service was in progress.
Tho bridegroom lost courage and
fled to a neighbouring house,
whence he was sought by a party
of indignant maidens aud dragged
back to tho altar.
Post-office, Nelson, B.C.
Tor Unpaid Delinquent Taxna in the Nelson Aascssmont District. Province of British Columbia.
tiil.ii.'.!l\' '..' i .'..'■'  .'.".'. ,';.   ' '' ';,'''   - , '       '..   :,:    ,:    .' ' i. .,'.,, i    ,   .',,„• ,'.'..i i.'. ,.,.','',.,*■
N*l«i'i, I «tii»H "II "f ptililn- ■itlHtuii tin l.-ii'l. li, ii-ltinlti-r •■ I i.iii '.(tin- tH.*s„ii« iu ..-ltd H-l li, nltiifiir-ci niir. finllii'i1illin|ni'iit I.hhH uiifwlil hv
Mb! irfw.ti* mi «ln- IliirH Mint ilt> ol Jivi'iiiU-i, l;n,. „,,,{ I ,i ml, -it-.t* ,'.*u.tinl« 'i|*.<nw.4, uu tmiti.t! tliiii.,.! ..! ».|uiil«liii< iuii| «_|c, lillm ufoi
*m>iiint (iii" li nut Micimr t .-• t > I:
V„„ ,.    Ill   .„,     i ,,     ., .
|«c.,fiiti di nf I'r.'xm
D»llwlii, 11 K,
.-,..111 ll.il.,I I'.l .< ,. -.1. ill.'      .Inlll  u( t.i>!  -. .•  li.'..,.(i 1.
.mil i'iiiit,«lni(i„ ,'i hi if, trinriiiir l< •»
VW.kir, A. (J.
•\. I;.'iHurli r nf    -I ii hi k, Uhii? » ml. .Ihi.iuii id I^»t *]J.
(iruii)! i, 4i)(| i untilintn_ l-.i ;i. r. - ii,i,ti'i,r lr»-..
CuhirnU.* Ko-.Kimji llmlwn
r c«.
I,nl k'.i.Ufuii** I. j tut ('•■niihiiiii* J MI .*i n •» iiin'i-or l^"".
I N lifl.{ lit
I, A |,III,
i, U
Ottawa, Sept. 2i).—An order haw
been promulgated increasing the
pay of the militia hh followH:
ColonelH, per day, from 81.KG to $!>;
major*, $:i,f)0 toSljcaptuiiiH, $2.80
to 83; lieutonantH, 81.58 to 82;
provincial lieiitenanlH, 81,28 to
81.50. Hecruitfi for the first year
will roecivo 50 cent)), and if their
conduct fa good will get 70 cent».
The Hooond year they will get 70
centH and If their conduct ih good
00 centH and tho third year they
will get 90 cents and if their con-
duet fa good 81.
In August tlio Slocan Minos mado the
following Bhipments:
Pnyno Tons 424
SlocnnStar «4(l
Ivanhoe    155
Ottawa  22<l
HmnWor   128
Mmintnin Con  fil
Knterpri/.e    80
Wakefield .,, 102
Neoimwit  20
Coiimtock 20
Black Prince 22
Idaho 121
Silver Hell 20
Molly IluirhoH  2ii
Until  Hi
HlffhlHiid Lii-lit   I
Total I7(if»
Liverpool, Sept. 25.- The Canadian apple HeftHon Sh jiint beginning,
and two tlioiiHiind barrelh have already arrivud at Liverpool from
Thin country'H trade with the
Canadian grower*) is very large, and
MancheHter is jealotm of the monopoly of the apple enrgoeh which
Liverpool Ihvh cnlaMihln*d.
ManehcHter ineaiiH to get at. least
a tihare oi the apple trade if ponm-
ble, and fa nttempting to pcrsimdc
thoCaniuHiin (loveniuieiitiodwen*
trali/.e it by dividing it beiween
iManelieHl.i.'i', Liverpool and llrii4ol.
The Liverpool buvem are det*r*
p»»«Ut NfUiirt.nc.
•kt.UiiH.n mil, W'4,
HollKHT A.
,..'» „miC'jikctJt,.V.f.uu In stilus, \V\i| Kuutuuti'.
on the P.. V U. nnd pet drunk
while on duty. An engineer at
Kn*ginti wa.» **nt««no(e«l Un two yiears
in the peniteutiary for being iutox-
icntM while on hi* ewHne. Thi«
fa probably the uiont M>vere nun-
tence ever given a man for lieiug
drunk, and shows that the C.P.R.
endeavors to protect itH piuwengerH
at all hazards. Of all men the man
at the throttle should always   be
mined uot, to lie "decentralized."
and they have represented to Lord
Slratheona, High Commimlmier for
Canada, that it fa an advantage to
take the apple* to Liverpool, where
mo«t of the buyer* are gathered together.
They claim that at Liverpool the
beat pricen are rwdi-ed for the Can*
ndittn growers, and that at Man*
Chester buyers are too lew to make
tlm trade profitable.
When you smoke a cigar
see that it is UNION made.
Blue Prize, Henry Yatio, Columbus and
Havana Whip Cigars aro Union Goods
made by.
Repronentu'I by GEORGK HOKTON.
Poplar, Sept. 25.—Tho sawmill is
buzzing daily with a force of 12 men
cutting' lumber for export.
Arthur G, Johnstone lias charge of
the Post-oilico
It is reported that work wiil resume
on the Handy next month.
Tho Young Dominion on Cascade ck.
will make a shipment next month.
Two shifts aro working on the Mother
Lodo and over 200 foot of Hhaft aud
tunnel work has been dono on tho property within threo month..
There is two feet of ore in the fnce of
the lower tunnel on tho Spyglass.
Twelve men aro working at the mine
and a test shipment haa already gone
forward to thu smslter. The condition
of the trail, especially near Poplar
makes It difllcult for this mine to ship
oro at present.
Bob Green docs not forget hia friends,
Nell 1\ Mnckay is now i\loHrldo's secretary.
Mrs Glegerlch and daughter are
visiting friends in Nebraska
The tnatrimoiilHl epidemic has not
yot subsided.
AreherA-Hndilerihnve sold their interest in the Sandon hardware stor. to
.1, XV. Power.
Joseph Slreit nnd Miss Annie linger-
son were married last Monday,
Charley .loluiHon committed imldido at
Mirror lake Inst Monday whihi miltering
from mania polu, Ho cut his throat
from ear to ear with a r«/,or. Johnson
wiih a Swede, and had' lived In Kaslo
for eight years.
Send your watch lo O. Strothearn
Kaslo, for repairs.
Stop at the (Jueen'H Hotel when
in Trout Lako City.
Musical goods and Btntionery at
0. Btmthwun'H, Kaslo.
Mastcrton, OrlflHli & Co., Trout
Dike, have all the «mpplle, needed
by lumlier camps nnd mines
Visitor** lo Kaudon need never
fear the pangs of hunger. The
Sandon Chop Houseinulwayn op.it.
Alwi.y* have a   Uittle of Sandon
hour h\ t-rtti»* TMv-1-i't M'Ikmi vntt «rn
(Uhinf," Write t« the New York
Brewery aud get a enw*.
At the Kootenay Saloon in Ran-
don yot! do not ticed an Introduction to get a drink.   Put the price
v,.i vi,v.   ,.<V.
the rent.
A 2\ Horse Power Gasoline
Engine for sale. Price $100. Address—R. T. Lowery, Nelson.
Is the largest in the
Slocan. Ladies out
town should write for
samples or prices.
See our lino of Morris Chairs
Velour Cushions $8.00 & up.
Solo A.ents:   Mason Risen Planes,
-■   ■       ■* — i   tit-      ■  ■      — ■        i        ii iii'
Monday, Sept. 20
Return engagement of the popular Miss
Jessie Shirley
and her excellent company
In nn entirely nowiline ot piny.,  opening bill
Monday Night
SKATi* ftnrt'.t* (tit thr esviiit mttk
McDonald's fruit store.
1MUCKH: Wc and 7f>c.
_,.l\»      l.. I.     W.l.l.V',        111,1   MJ
WAXTRIl-fJiilc-kljr. !*•» \*t«m* lo r*nr**>nl
I »r.f *»il_till«li*«l *»li««Wj*-.fc,< hfin«« _m*m»
r«t»ll iiiprrhmtt anil
IVnrnncnt mimt*m*nt
nl l»w (tmntiNi.
n».   I/«!_l tcfHtorv
inn •■m
I IK uUri an.1 r<r«n-*> |4l.l
wtrklr.   K«f.-«i»- iiioikx «>|tnncr.l
 ■• r.ii
Kiif|.i-i>   mII
f'l'mif.iifi iivlmrliiiii
Il   »nl>lri..<iil    tut
i ui.TB]ii>ort Tn-vttn*. Jrt
nur ii.,Minf/,ii
iiinliiju.   Ai.Uri.i,,
, L*M«t.rn Mi.,
Ih a wccMy pnper puWinlied
at POPLAR, 11 C. It givca
all the news of thnt jfrcut
gold camp. U eosfg $2 a
year to any address. Head
your money to—*
I'oPi.'W. w r,


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