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The Ledge 1904-09-19

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! you v/?n become uke
^^^Soforpoi-] if you pgad
Votive ^i V<^ Vrf!l become fflfc
1 'vjfis
SEP 321904   \ IN ^dse res-j-^-y?
,,__      - ,-,T.l!Tl»N**»_rvw»-sa-a_:l"	
Volume XL, Number 52.
Pkice, $2 a Year, in Advance
Over 50 Eagles flew at Moyie on
John Gusty is building a house,
and settling down for life.
For County Court cases Fernie
holds tho record for this year.
Half the town talk of going to
Nelson during the Fair week.
There is uo chance to skip your
ante in Fernie. The device in use
is worthy of a patent.
Johnuy-behind-the-deuce is prospecting for iron, and already has a
few millions in sight.
It may be a false alarm, but it is
reported that Bill Tuttle has leased
the Hume hotel in Nelson.
Larry Doolan ia again roadmas-
ter, after an absence of four
months spent in recreation.
The main street is littered with
,building material, and the sound of
the hammer is the only  music in
the air.
The glare from the coke ovens
at night gives the scenery a tint
that makes it resemble a pastoral
scene in Dante's Inferno.
The Napanee Hotel had an opening on Wednesday evening, and
Tom Whelan entertained half of
the town until daylight chased the
Friedrichsrhuhe, Sept. 18.—
Prince Herbert Bismark died this
morning at 10:15 o'clock. The
end was painless.
Since he ceased to be foreign
minister on the retirement of his
father in 1890, Prince Herbert Bismark had taken part in public
affairs only as a member of the
Reichstag. His attitude has been
that of a man not appreciated by
his sovereign and who was waiting
in the back ground for an opportunity to resume his career.
His delivery as a parliamentary
speaker improved year by year.
He always declined to join any
political group, steadfastly calling
himself an independent.
Prince Bismark's father trained
him for his successor as Chancellor
of the German Empire and advanc
ed him rapidly in  his  diplomatic
Affairajn,jwJ^ichL„D08ition  he took
Ladysmith, B. C, Sept. 18.—H.
Edmunds, a prominent mining
man, was killed here today by a
yard engine while walking along
the track to the Tyee Smelter. Mr.
Edmunds was accompanied by W.
M. Kiddie who was also struck by
the tender of the engine and is at
present in a critical condition.
Both men had heard the train
coming but supposing it to be on a
"Y" failed to get out of the way
in time. Edmunds was a member of the Prince of Wales Lodge
Number 517, F. and A. M. An
inquest will be held.
Borne, Sept. 18.—Father Agios,
the newly appointed Apostolic delegate to the Philippines, was today consecrated Arch-Bishop of
Palmira. The ceremony took
place in the, Benedictine Church of
St. Ambrose of Massina, Cardinal
Merry Delval officiating, assisted
by Arch-Bishop Chapelle of New
Orleans. Father Agius omitted
the usual luncheon after the consecration, giving instead a generous sum for the poor of Paris.
Napanee is plated inside and outside with beautiful plates of thin
iron, but there is none of it in the
Miss Ethel Blackman is visiting
friends in Cranbook.
The Argenta wagon road will be
finished in November.
W. D. Power is visiting his
former home in Quebec.
J. J. Shea and Miss Alice Williams were married last Sunday.
Joseph Streit and Miss Annie
Rogerson will bo married today.
The government has put  in
new circulating library at the Record office.
Colo Mnrchison, formerly of this
city now has one of tho beat hotel?
in Fernie.
A. E. Brae has returned after a
long trip to England. He has been
in the employ of George Alexander
for 14 year*.
J. W. Macdonald, manager of
the local bank will bo married on
Wedneaday in Winnipeg to Mias
Dunn, of St. John.
M. J. Ualpin aud Mien Ethel
I*eater were married in Ottawa a
few days ago. They will make
their home in Katdo.
Mini Maggie Mcleod ban had a
very proaperoua bualneaa wince she
Opened atorc in Cranbrook. She
has a millinery opening today, and
it in aafe to Hay that her atoro will be
crowded with the elite of Cran*
The vote on the Kootenay Ore
Co. exemption bylaw wan 91) for
and 21 again at. Tho voting on the
Electric Lighting bylaw waa 100
lor auu «a#  t*g«H_a'»t,   ........... ...  .."".
CUl.trtt-tn KU  iii-    W..C   ^iiiliX    Jj_)V<
been let and work already  commenced.
»tii.t, itwnv.rRATitri
Toledo, Ohio, Sept. lS.-Max
Wiley haa auccftaafully defended
hi« tiff of light weight champion
***reafl**r of the world hy defeating
John Belliter of thia city in two
fetraigM falls,  caten-M-catch-cai..
part in nearly every important international transaction.
The title of Prince Bismark and
the large fortune of the deceased
will go to his seven year old son
Tbe estate is now estimated to
be worth 84,000,000 exclusive of
the lands.	
Vancouver, B. C. Sept. 18.—
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, president
of the C. P. R., and party arrived
here this evening on special train.
Sir Thomas said that there was
nothing of special significance in
his visit, it being merely his annual
tour of inspection over western
lines on which tho company is doing a largo amount of work. Party
leavcB tomorrow for Victoria and
will return here Wednesday, leaving" for east on evening of 8th day.
New York, Sept, I8.—TI10 British Steamer Kennett, which arrived last tiight irom Guanaco,
Veuo-iiela, brought tho first cargo
of a*phalt shipped from that coun*
try, since the conceasion of the
New York and Bermudcx Company haa been in the court*. The
cargo waa whipped by tho receiver
under ordcra of high court of Venezuela, ('apt. Torney aaya he doe*
not know who the cargo ia conaigned
to, but the ve**el ia under a time
charter to J. 11. Wilt cheater and
company. ITe aaya another ateatner
London, Sept. 19. -The "Daily
Telegraphs" Che Foo correspondent says:
"Two Germans aud a Cossack
who have arrived here from Port
Arthur asserts that Ceneral Kuropatkin told General Stoessel that
he must hold out until January
and they say that the garrison has
amunition and food for six months.
This probably is greatly exaggerated.
"Other refugees say that no
fresh meat is left at Port Arthur
and that the garrison there is reduced to 8,000.
"The destruction of  the coast
ing a mine is confirmed."
of truce are ignored, numbers of
dead Japanese who have been lying
on the slopes of the hills of the
northeast of the defences for weeks
past are still unbwried and the
stench in Port Arthur from decomposing bodies is almost unendurable.
There has been no fighting Bince
Sept. 1, with the exception of artillery and qutposfc exchanges. The
Japanese shells have done great
damage to the hospital and other
buildings in Port Arthur but the
loss of life from these bombardments has been very slight.
Madame Stoessel is at the head
of the Red-Cross work. She is in
constant attendance at the hospitals. The soldiers consider her
the guardian angel.
The Newspaper Novikrai has
been suppressed for one month for
having published matter detrimental to Russian interest*.
Buenos Ayres,Sept. 18.—According to despatches received here, tho
revolutionists of Paraguay are concentrating their land forces at towns
parallel with the railway aud havo
cut oi! supplies and communications
with Asuncion. It is evident that
the revolutionists are planniug to
make au early attack upon tho capital or to starve the government
into submission.
Lhassa, Sept. 10.--( Delayed j~-
The departure of the British Expedition has been fixed for September
23. The weather in already cold
and there haa been hard freezing.
The men are ill supplied with winter clothing and are likely to nutter
In crossing the paHsea on the wa> to
Gyangtae, where there are some
stores of warm clothing.
By the Emperor'* orders, the
Chineae Ambati haa proclaimed
Tashl, I*amaof Shigatae, to succeed
to spiritual dignity of the Dalai
was expected at Guanaco  to  load
for this port.
t.U.Xl. bill,   •iiiti ui:\h
Belgrade,  Jtopi.   IH.—.John   It.
Jackson,   American   Minister   to
\.afv*r*t*a, S'«»j>vmiUi..»v. ,_-.>_■ .;.•"L~v;,'i,, <;'-"
arrived here from Athena to attend
the coronation of king Peter.
Toronto, Sept. 18.—The Ex*
Black wateh liaud left hero hy
special train at one o'eloek thia
moreing for the northwest. They
arrive at Fort William Monday
morninj? riving an "afternoon and
} 1 "ireT^*i*» ennerrt. iherr*. and reach!
Winuipcg on Tutu-day at midday,
where a great tvctplion atft.il*
them. They will 1«», welcomed hy
•Sir Daniel MarMi'inm, tiie M•*;>.■•.,
the lo*al regiment* and St. An-
drewa wK'iety.
St. Petersburg continues without
official confirmation of the report
that the Japanese are advancing
north of Mukden, and the statement is therefore not credited at
tbe Russian capital. General
Sakharoff reports that there has
been no fighting in locality of Mukden Friday or Saturday, but notes
the arrival of reinforcements for
the Japanese along the whole line.
The interval of quiet has afforded
General Kuropatkin opportunity
to strengthen his defences, and he
haB received large reinforcement-
since his retreat to Mukden. There
are indications of a revival of the
struggle for the powtmion of Port
Mukden, Sept. 18.—The armies
having recovered from the effect* of
the fighting before Liao Yang an
early development in tbe situation
may lie expected. A mysterious
move eastward ia on foot on the
part ul the bands of young Chinese
suitable for military service. All
the leading Chinese who bave aided
the Russian* are leaving Mukden.
Che Foo, Sept. 18.—(9:30 p.m.)
—According to Lieut. Prince Bad*
/.ival of the Russian army who
reached here laat night from Port
Arthur, bearing de*ipatchr-s from
Lleut.-Gcueral Stoewel to General
London, Sept. 19.— It is asserted
in a despatch from Tokio to the
Express that the Japanese are
vigorously shelling the Russian
position at Mukden, preparatory
to a general advance and endeavoring by a wide movement to cut off
Japanese armies, the despatch
adds, are disposing in the same relative positions as in the fighting
at Lia Yang.
Paris, Sept. 19.—The Journal
Genoa correspondend reports that
he travelled to the Nice in order to
file the following uncensored despatch:
"The situation throughout Italy
is most serious. At Rome the
council of ministers has called out
two classes of reserves in order to
reinforce the authorities. Premier
Giolitti has postponed a journey to
reinforce the authorities.) Premier
Giolitti has postponed a journey to
Raciongetti which he had intended
to make for the purpose of extending his personal congratulations on
the birth of the crown prince. At
Porto Novo Crowds of people stopped the railway trains, many
children   lying  down   before the
engines. Troops were powerless,
One person was killed and several
were badly hurt in a collision with
soldiers at Genoa, where the strikers  prevented   the   departure of
trains. Railway tracks were also
torn up near Rivarolo. No trains
left Milan Sunday night.
PaBadena, Calif., Sept 18.—Acting on behalf of a relative congressman McLachland has requested the
American State Department to
make an investigation regarding
the death of Louis Blaisdell at
Madrid, Spain, several weeks ago,
and the detention of his fourteen
year old daughter in a convent near
A raj u z.
It ia alleged that Blaisdell died
in the prlaon ward of a military
hospital In Madrid of injuries received while resisting arreat.
trr.ru ktuikk
There are about 70 men working
at the Ivanhoe.
The Jackson concentrator is being overhauled.
Another big strike has been
made on the Mercury.
Andy Peterson has a lease on
the Ontario, near Cody.
Work is being pushed in the old
working of the Surprise. __
The Payne Bhipped 33 tons of
iron ore to Trail last week.
During August the mines in the
Slocan shipped 1667 tons.
The Red Fox and Antoine each
shipped a car of ore last week.
The Slocan Boy has been leased
to R. H. Gordon, and partners.
The Slocan Star mill has closed
down owing to a lack of water.
Seven inches of steel galena
have been struck on the Mascot.
Last week the Slocan Star shipped 110 tons; Reco,  20; Ivanhoe,
Mrs. Bolander left for Spokane
ou Thursday.     ■ ■    •
Mrs. Harry Aylwin is moving
to Denver House.
The Rev. and Mrs. Mount left
for. London Eng. last Wednesday
via New York.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Taylor and
daughter returned from Nakusp
last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Aylwin of
Ten Mile were in town on Tuesday
when their youngest child was
Billy Valentine was in town thia
week for a few more provisions,
lie is at work on his property near
the Fisher Maiden.
A real fine new Alter Cross haa
been anonymously presented to the
church of St. Stephen by a former
resident of New Denver. The old
Cross hns been sent to Nakusp.
Pltteburg. Pa., Kept. I8th-The
• Iviaory board of the Amalgamated
Aaaociation of Iron, Steel and Tin
Worker* met In thia city yesterday
New York, N. Y. Sept. 18.—A
special cable from London to the
New York "Herald" today says:
{"A notable instance of enterprising newspaper advertisement is
that ofleied by the "Daily Mirror,"
one of tho youngest of Sir Alfred
Harmsworths publications. The
Mirror is offering it'a readers a day
attheCiystal Palace for the expenditure of a half penny on it's
issue of September 24th. On that
day u coupon from the Mirror will
admit to the palace and the occasion in U» be celebrated by lirat appearance iu thia country of "The
Kiltiea" a band from Canada.
All the features of the Crystal
iPalace will be open to visitor* with
a Daily Mirror  coupon,   purchasable for one half penny   with   the
paper thrown in.
i'.veiy  gttliiieu.   wc  make  U ii
guarantee, of excellence, ita pre*-
! tige won   iy utudiotia attention to
detail*. Taylor^ Metiuai He, fash-! a-Kay office in   the  old Payt-trenk
ionable tailor*.
'Ihe Kaglea hold their  first
gular meeting thia evening,
JnmcK E. Wood ia secretary
a mining company in Arizona.
Paddy Murphy ia  working on
the Winalow, in the Lardeau.
John Hilchoy ia visiting hia old
home in Nova Soota.
Arthur Duff wiil return to   Sandon in a few day*,
F. II. Hawkin* i* fitting np hia
At the Kootcuav Saloon iu Han-
lAYtorr mo* ropi.AH
PreaidentT. J. Shaffer wiil go to *'» >™ do »** '"^1 an introtlm^
..     t .     tion to get a drink.    Put the price \
Youngatowu on Monday to take
peraonal charge of the fight again*t
the Carnegie Steel Co., *teel hoop
on the l>ar ami th**
tin' rent.
inker will do
Kuropatkin, the temper of the bel-i«-*P*«M'«»*'
Vlvvfiy* have a l«>tlle of Sandon;
Wer in your pocket when you goj
fishing.    Write   to the New York'
ligerenta at Port Arthur haa reached I    John Pierce, a**i»ta»t pr< aideut
an    alwolutely   misreileaa   ntage. of the AawclaHon, who ha«* been iu |$r,.w,.ry ami get a «•«*•'
Prince Uadzivil declare* that the'charge of the strike, returned from
n>en of »>nth armies are absolutely! Yoongttown today and aaid there     Voutr Fall Suit.    We don't
i I'tH.infiW    \i\   their
li.»ve von run  ««•! **> M<M*d   a
*,nt«fO*d*m. i waa no change in the aituauon. me W|jt tf,yWj„.ri. „!„<» <„. tin- miih
General St«e»*«l haa addrt*»ed hia company ia«till operating two milla money •* j**-'"** •*>••»«• * •'■<■'■
garriaon staying that it Iht J-oaiw>* *. <'.ir*r!, H.W at ths>lnw«-r plant 'I'"*"""
and  tin:
Wagi-f fur f\\»
<■    i . ...      v.;,.'.
rl   murtiio* t»t«'«t in
?t f l[*      *. \ '* t I * *l'!."*
tHkrwsiv. % forme* i'Mttmiiinu, »<-; ..r< 4
V_*.'*»",, tn Oitl
noldiera entered the fortrea* it will at Yoongatowm,
he impo.Msible lor loeir ortieiir* to j»._>v.-* ^ '.v. iw,..,
control them and prevent a ma_»
acre.   &or thia irmmi I,ieut..«e*i. ^.^..^ tmjr„ange. the «lm„r, ,.■,,„!«.I
Maaterton, Griffith * Co., Trattj    Tll<. Kootenay Malo.in.in *.wlonj«towWf-i(t makinK no «-»J«ti«» *« purcbaaer into the pe-man-Mit |«»- ^^^ «Z'«« .W« 'ti * ».*
Lake, have ail the •upplica needed! |« uever .H.ov*»Vi«..*d b\ *•lw«.pUer1{',lv»fi.»a fr-nrin*? iVt Arthur.    In trm.    Taylor ,*,  Me<.nanii>.  the  ,„,„, «it-.«"tl>t'!<»!>„-.,v.-rUn«l ;.«.»-*,.-y
<»r Hhi-key that iiaa U*« it* vigor. U-onswpienee of the fa<l that flap up*t«Hiite tailom. »•!! *»%»*.
Onr clothing givea to the wearer «h"'' >••••«*?««"» *' «•'•*•
»Uti', «_»t w«'«'W t<i _•>   tli*-!"-  \*i!t)    dit
by luiiiUk camps aud miuei
Copper King tunnel No t ia in
22 feet. No. 2 40 feet.
Poplar, Sept. IH.—Tunnel ou
Mother l>ode ia in 1)5 feel,
Ti*il> will Ik' tuiiH up Rapid
Mini <'Wade <mk» by government
thi« tail.
Fin* tleatvoyed maga/ine at
HuvtdW group. Walker and Olaon'a
f.^t.ir» »»nnt«» fton blaekamith ahop
iw\<\ 1mriT\««! ttrotw****
! fiiK noktii avail
Arn»ihff large tyvdv of nre ha* b**n
|.r«f*»i\ *htch waa »*il to tt*tf j» hi-
r.l «mt give* |.r«mt*»* «l Itr'&K t«'*r
tluti i»v*»r.
Snd your watch to O. Mtrath<-arii
K a*h», for rer*air*.
I ^^^^1^^.
Eleventh Year
with their announcements. Our
bank account was 6hot to pieces in
the late Slocan war, and until it
walks again we will have to let our
pen work short shifts. This paper
has an immense circulation and
when the business public discover
the fact the rush of business will
make our upper stope dizzy with
financial vibrations.
The Ledqe.
R, T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
Published every Mon-lay morning in thu com-
„   menial centre ofthe Koolemiy. >
Subscription, ?. a year in advance or $8 60 if
not so paid.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk Ledob is located ai
Nelson, B. C, and Is traced to many parts of the
earth It has never been raided by the fiiorlif,
snowMlded by cheap silver, or nulidued by Ihe
foar of man It works for tt;e trail blazer equally
as well as it docs for the ch-mn,-iKiie-„avori>d
truRt fiend. It alms to Iks on the rteht side of
everything, and still firmly believes that hell
should lie administered to the wicked in lurtfb
doses.   It has stood the lest of time, and ihe
faystreak has never entirely pinched out, al-
hough at times it has been no liitrpcr than the
shadow of a knlteblade.   It knows that one of
the noblest works of creation Is the man who
always pays tnio nrlntor.
Address everytnini." to—
Nelson, 13. G.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subserip
tlon Is due, and that the editor
wants once attain to look at
your collateral
Bishop & Financier
The Bishop of Canterbury was in
Toronto tho other day, and judging from the city papers one would
think God had struck the cent belt.
Column after column was devoted
™!0".o6*greatruji-_rw_i0 urnwssTujwv
a year by being an adept in pomp,
ceremony and the power of the human voice. His common-sense utterances are paraded in big type by
the servile press in order to catch
the pennies from those who stand
in awe of anything dressed in robes
and called a bishop. J. Pierpont
Morgan accompanied the bishop,
but w'aB scarcely noticed, so intensely is Toronto stuck on any great
figure in tho religious world. Morgan is a man who has made millions, not by toiling with his hands,
but through scheming with his
brains to gain possession of more
wealth than he could use in a million years. Through stock deals
that many times were nothing more
than legalized robbery ho crushed
hia opponents, broke many n heart,
and is now probably travelling with
a bishop in order to stick balm on
* wounded conscience. Wealth
covers a multitude of sins, and we
are certain that both Morgan and
the bishop consider themselves real
good men, one with hia millions,
the other with his S75,000 a year,
whilo out in many a cold street tonight a shivering child is longing
for a crust, or the soft side of any
kind of 1ml. If Christ waa ou earth
would lie be the aame as the great
men of finance and theology, or
would ho preach in the street ami
give hia hank roll to those vslm are
weary, hungry ami Imike.
A Story of Prints
Hijji-i; thin paper limt Hung it*
banner over the outer wall many a
print haa atuck type in it* olli.v fori
a time and wandered away to ohter I
aeeneaof activity.    Out of iori<w.|
* t
ity we have rounded them up, » ,*|
here (a what they art' doing.    \IU<;
Fra*er ih in Kamloopa nulling fori
insurance policiea.  < 'barley Smith*
o*^«f»*j'n   -w-uln   n    fi *l,.,w   J,    <*< I
tel.itig the folks around in tilt* alij
bhmtt it In lata ad;.« mti "l\m l*»Uuj
ia guiding the Drill.   Tom i>*  a I
nWlosv»r>tinr nnd f»rm*'it.,.. .. ui.'.^ 1*   »
upper Mope the light of genittx, but }
he l« too modest to let jt *hine.j
Billy Evan* ia running a paper in!
Ka*t Kootenay, ami doing fairly j
well for • man who haa ml«taken
Ilia vocation. Johnny Ungataif ia
trying to tud all tk uovcU. j_uvlt
eat all the meat in Trout Lake.
Johnny Cole is breaking brimstone,
while Seneca G. Ketchum has been
camped at the gate, for a long time
trying to get transportation from
St, Peter. Long ago Harry Pyman
got 30, and went to push clouds
with the angels. Long Primer Jack
is hunting a remedy for tired feelings somewhere in Oregon, while
'•Bill Nye" Bissel is chief of a paper
iu Miinroe, Wash. Weston Coyney
is stacking gold in Dawson, and
Billy McAdams is rustling job work
in Vancouver. George Miers is
under the starry flag, and Dave
King is looking at a four-Hush in
some part of the world. Edi is
iu New York, and Richard with
his ma, whilo H. M. Walker trades
subs for potatoes iu the Eden of
Canada. Weary Willie is smoking
a cigarette in Vernon, while Peck
McSwain is drinking tea in Kettle
River. The printer from Missouri
whose name we have forgotten went
back to St. Louis and started the
World's Fair. Jim Grier was banished to Poplar and is making The
Nugget one of the brightest gems in
western    journalism,    while   W.
Edwin Mertens, away back in Carlton Place, walks the floor at night
with a baby in his arms. His wife
has an equal iuterest in the cause
of the procession which commenced
ou August 30.
The tables were turned on the
C.P.R., near Mission Junction not
long ago.
Movixo as he has in the past
Kuropatkin is liable to strike Nelson for the Fair.
Tho Jap soldiers get four-bits a
day, and take more chances than a
mucker in tv Rossland mine.
TiiKui; are two churches building
in Moyie ami the. editor of the local
paper is learning to say his prayers.
Tte revival of operations in the
Slocan means a great deal to Nelson.
Are you doing anything to get a
share of the trade?
Canada is becoming more like
the United States every day. Train
robbers held up a C.P.R. train at
MisHion Junction the other night.
ViMi'oit* to the Winning Fair
tliiH year were allocked when they
viewed the wonderful display of
fruit from B.C. They thought we
only raised gold, lugs, li-h and hell
in thin province.
Sii.vi:ii dejM*i-it- t.f great licluir;-
liave b-en found in the Temi»kam*
big district in Ontario. I| j* ntuUd
tlint in three ni<nilli« nw» innti took
out ?7<»,'«><». Th«-iv niMid l*e Mjiist-
truth in the report fur M>veii town-
*-iti,> •.^'♦., «*-K<'.-»ij>   «»i-»-|| nl,lk< <i.
Tin- i*> the only Mouthy morn-
in)* p.tpi*i wej-t^f Wiiutipeg, but iu
spit> of the grand monopoly there
are days when itt> editor knoweth
nut ,4.1'  .'j».i   -uj'mj   nuntt   lit*  i'MU I
iu.iv.ji .*> i-1- ii.niin u|*m lite gt'tmMt
atuif that kwpa the whnels of com*
meree from •wiueaking, |
You cannot down Eber C. Smith.
He is now writing articles on coffee
for the U.S. government, and doing
it so well that there are no grounds
for complaint.    In the early days
of Rossland Eber ran a paper in
that camp  and  proved that his buoys them up as nothing else will,
_ _   _        ._ £_*-•>_*_-"-       -•      _•!._*__■»     1. •.<-*> a     _-*-».     «-__»_* — —*-    _-_-
nerve was in  harmony
iron-capped hills of that locality.
A. discovery of tin ia reported
from Manitoba, and already a Winnipeg paper is building a big tin
factory near that city. Better wait
until the tin mine is deep enough
to produce. Reports of finding tin
bave come in from all over this
continent, aud that is all that was
shipped. Manitoba will do well to
get its tin out of the wheat and
never mind looking for it in the raw
with the Ieven ^ *^ey *iave *° suPPor* an
army of fat parsons iu order to get
the consolation. Any individual
who has thrown off the mud that
clings to mortal life knows that
there is nothing to fear anywhere,
and that the pleasure of doing right
is a sufficient recompense in itself.
The Golden Rule is the best religion, and the breaking of it causes
about all the misery that man runs
so much appreciated that we can
easily keep from attacka of indigestion, and have given up all hop*
of dying from Bright'a disease,
A man in Maryland having read
one of our articles in a New York
paper writes to us to find out what
we think of a religion based on conscience. It is allright provided you
have a conscience. Conscience is a
product of civilization and training.
Without what is called conscience
a man is just the same as any other
animal. With it properly developed and in active use a man becomes
a gentleman, and does not need any
religion. Religion is for the weak,
for the fearful and ignorant.   It
'BrcwAiui of joy. A woman in
Paris, Texas, recently went wild
with joy over tlie victory of the
prohibition party, and in the midst
of her delight her heart broke in
twain, and she became one more
victim of intemperance. Toucan
be intemperate in many things be-
•sidea-the-gulpsbua—of— boozerbut
booze is so energetic in its action
that many people think it is the
only stuff that causes death or bad
The Chinaman makes a fortune
in B.C. and takes tbe money to
China. We roar about it and put
a §500 fee on John. Tim Eaton
makes millions out of the Canucks,
and buys the lumber for his new
store in the States. B.C. Ribiet
piles up the dough from building
trains iu B.C. and puts hiB money
in Spokane realty. If Tim
and Ribiet wore pigtails they could
not get in the country. Beiug white
everything goes, and the riches of
this wonderful Canada of theirs are
cheerfully given to build up another
An kiutor. in Manitoba writing
to uk for nn exchange states that
our style of writing is entirely new
in the east and is certain that it
could be admirably adapted, Our
style has been adopted, adapted and
stolen in almost every place outside
of Manitoba. In Texas and many
other far-off sections of the world
editors constantly steal our para* m 	
graphs and pass them off as their still the button waa  not on  pro-
own.   Around homo our paper ia j»erly.
He got out of patience one Hun-
day when the missing button had
Ik the United States 14 Protestant sects are banded together for
the purpose of making more stringent divorce laws. They evidently
have gone crazy on the subject, for
just the opposite is what the people
need. The marriage laws should
be rendered more stringent, and
then divorce would seldom occur.
When two harmonious natures are
blended together there is no thought
■of-divorce,—W-hen-harmony~is dead
it is cruelty of the most despicable
kind to force people to live in daily
hell for the purpose of satisfying a
lot of mud-pated parsons in their
idiotic views upon the right life.
Common sense is needed in the relations of men and women, and the
last place to look for it is within
the confines of the general run of
churches. Any sect or sects that
attempt to increase misery by holding unwilling souls in fleshly bondage is a curse to any nation, and
should be taught tho right way to
live before they ruin tho race.
Mayde Marye had a hard-browed
ram, as black as any crow, and
everywhere that MaryV went
the ram was sure to go.
It went with her to Ziou church
one peaceful Sabbath day, and
Marye thought it.would behave
iu a religious way.
She wisely counselled it en route
and begged it to be good, and
ram my shook , his whiskerettes
as if to say he would (not.)
A deacon met them   at  the  door
and said 'twould be a sin to see
a wicked beast at   church,  but,
rammy butted in!
The deacon got a plexus punch
that stretched him on the floor
and tho subsequent proceedings
interested him no more.
The congregation rubbernecked
with, widely staring eyes, the
superstitious thinking it was
the devil in disguise.
A sister from her. seat arose—she
fain would hence depart—but
got a chug behind her back that
almost broke her heart.
■Twill expel the sinful brute,"
cried Brother Pettigrew, but in
his midst the rammy's brow
was buried p. d. q.
A choir man threw, a prayer stool
to crush tho warlike ram and
landed it with vigor ou poor
Marye's diaphragm.
The preacher said that kindness
would subdue wild beasts and
birds and moved towards the
waiting pet with soft endearing
Then came a dull and sickening
thudl Tlie pastor, where was
he? Go ask the sister in whose
lap he lit ungracefully!
Then sent they for the butcher
mau, who slew the aged ram,
and fixed its moat with chomi-
—calg—and~8old it™for spring"
lamb. ^
—James    Barton
Denver Post.
Filbert Hotel
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.    The rooms are
large, comfortable aud properly taken care of.
Electric Light,. Hot Air, Modern Plumbing, Everything
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c.       Tickets $7.       Main St., Sandon.
At home stations the private
soldiers' washing is usually done
by the married soldiers' wives,
who are .xpected to sew on mis-
fling buttons and do repairs, for
which a small sum is deducted
from the privates' pay.
Pat McGinnis had a good deal
of trouble with his laundress; Sun*
day after Sunday had his shirt
come back with neck button off or
elae hanging by a thread. He had
apoken to her on the subject, and
ahe had promised to see to it, but
made him late for parade, and ex
''Bother the woman!   I'll see if
writer, Big!i Clin'tgjv« hern hint thia time,
•   _    ■ _>       I
Somi iiiimi like tin
Bill (ialliher ia often miMakeii for anyhow."
a iMiraon when amongHt atrangerx. He then took the lid of a tin
Not lung ago white viaitiug a rtm.1 blacking box, about three inchea
diMritt in Ontario, he htoppe.l for j„ diADieU-r. drilled two holes in it
dinner at a farmhouse. Ilia boat w|th a fork, and rawed it on to the
had no doubt whatever that the neck of the shirt that waa next to
stranger waa a preacher, *o vihtn bo washed. When hia washing
they aatdown he aaked Bill lowy came hack he found that *h« had
taken the hint; aho had made
buttonhole to fit it.
one of the funny paper*of Ontaiio.
recently  copied one of our juicy
paragraph*   without   credit.    The>
honeat editor of Ihe 1'opl.ir Nugget!
r>ti!>li«hfd it  with ererli* fo fh«* In*'
dependent.   For a uelt-deflnerl rea-
jou ilm [^.LiU ;'uuki> u> t.»,
grace. He put his hand to hi. car
and wild: "Excuse me, my friond,
but I'm no damned deaf todav I ran
hardly hear anhwa you talk in a
loud toni».'» The farmer'a wife
hurriedly put in : "He* wanted to
know whether you take cream in
your coffee."
Wi:  havb  wme choice letter*
from St. Irfiuia that we will publish
ju»t m Hum   aa   wo   get a few
more ads.    Rustling ad* keep* oar
Hfen*ry tnafei* in «nr» ba<+_;rr)iind.'     .. ....
_„„ii.,._uj   t   • l        II    **lswt*rtoD, UnlhthA Co., Trout
and the world it loam* a heap of U1w, hjlvf M ,v ,upp!S^ need* ,1
goo I >iuh l»y not hii.ng titia paper] fcy lumbercampa and mint*.
fienry $tw
«   «
If you are looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
Now Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Home cooking, and the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
ncwmarKct rlotcl   *   *   Dew Denver
Is the home of all Slocan people .raveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
 -     - . "..."■   ...   .,-L    .-■.ll'MUJI 'HI,'   "      »U,.ll..iU.-_.    -..!
Of the Miner's Union Block
Is the only hall In the city suitable for The-
anioal Hertyri'jaii.-s, Concerto, Dunces anil
other public, entertainments,
fc'or bookings, write or wire—
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
.1-_ Interior view. Seating capacity :)S0; mod
em stage *.M>ii_ncc9; furnace healed throughout! population to draw from, 1,500.
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly'
Adams,     in
A hunvdrum British poet complained to Oscar Wilde of the neg-
ect with which his poems were
treated by the critics.
"There seems to be a conspiracy
of silence against mo. What would
you advise me to do?" he enquired
of Wilde.
"Join it," was the uneonsoliug
Tho Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
is never snowslided by cheap beer,
or whiskey that has lost its vigor.
The Exchange notel in Kaslo is
like an oasis in an Egyptiau desert.
Slocan folks flock to it like bees
to a flower garden.
The Cigar Box, Kaslo
E. L. SniTH
Importer of High Grade Cigars, Tobaccos, and Smokers' Sundries.
Dealer in the Sweetest Candy, and tho
Choicest Fruit made and grown in
"tho World.
Try a thousand of my best cigars.
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Retail and Wholesale.
B8E3 Kjca-ats KXS sstasjse
Hotel Strathcona
Vt   £%%%1
Gueat:   I want a good poterhnuse;
steak. i
Walter: (lent* that order poter-''
%t»«t«, wir*- *».*) mjiuMiir to make.
• deposit, irfr.—Chicago Tribune. J
Send your watch to O. Htrathcarn
Kaslo, for repair*."
Is in a delightful location and from il* balconies
can be wen all the beauty of the grand scenery
that surrounds, hems in, and adorns the busy
city <d NHmhi.    It is the home of tourists and
.    . .        .. .
»..'.«(,.V«i(,_   ••_>•.<  Mil    J».»M.»> 1*4    (III!    Hllllll, . MtJ
.'/.w'ivH'tx',' i.c.tu' ui.m*. itt till, ut.il>. in miAuuvt'uy,
and every room is an enemy to insomnia. If
you i»t*d rooms when on the way in, touch the
wir»! and the deed is done.
0 #
9 WW
B. Tomkins. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
'  •^»gr'*™*ll*»****»B^   1_t__u*** •*****■—*.    g
r^^^^.^^-^^^^ ^^^*^^\ r^*^^^\ ^^-^^^%, i
***^^^*»^^|   -_.--—-^*^*y-.-       -J      ^^^»^^**.^^j/     ^^^|ll^*^*"»***^^ji     kJ____J^»***'«B -.
X Eleventh Year
FoTTy oF lirip^HaTfsfin
From tho day when tho Slavs and
kindred tribes accepted as their Czar,
the brigand prince of the Varangians
(a wandering1 horde of land pirates) to
this eventful hour, Russia has persjs
tently pursued the policy of Imperial
What has it done for her!' After all
these years of seeming success it has
brought tho imperial government to the
verge of destruction.
There has not been one day in all
those centuries that Russia'..hand, wero
stained with innocent blood. Practicing oppression abroad, she established
and maintained a despotism at home as
dovilished and damnable as ever cursed
a race, or nation.
By fire and sword she has won to her
standard the broadest expanse of territory ever brought under tlie dominion
of a Hag, Tho "glory" of expansion is
here, The governmental policy of
of Russia is black with infamy, red
with cruelty, and saturated with blood.
Her throne rests not upon justice but
brute force. The Czar governs not by
law, but by prison bar and bayonet.
The ruling classes,'the lirienl des
cendants ot the Varangian pirate
princes are well pleased with themselves aud their Czar. But the people
—their victims—hate and abhor, while
they wait, work and pray for the hour
when destiny shall bid tlietn strike tho
shackles from bowed necks and bleeding
limbs, and become free men. Standing
erect in God's sunlight, armed with
righteous miglit they will smash to
smithereens Russia's reeking throne and
mangle to junk both scepter and crown.
That fateful hour will come at no
distant day. Who knows but what,
driven from America by the sword of
imperialism, Freedom may find a refuge in Russia? Surely she must visit
all lands ere she is banished from the
world. As yet her smiles have never
beamed on the land of the Czars. Possibly some country where she has
hitherto been unknown may receive
and make her queen for over.
belief that they had established her
throne m-Amcrica. They little dream
ed that she would be driven into exile,
sia's military reputation is lost forever.
Her valting pride has been humbled in
the dust, and Japan has won undying
glory. Her Deweysand Schleys have
taken their places in the world's annals;.
Her Hobsons are too numerous ,to
mention, while her Grants, Logans and
Lees, have each carved for himself a
niche in war's temple of eternal frame.
Japan is fighting not for territoay, but
for a principal. She is trying to put a
stop to Russia's •'criminal aggression."
Here is where she gats my sympathy.
Japan deserves the applause of all
lovers of liberty.
Like the British lion the Russian
bear, hitherto in his career of Imperial
Expansion haB had to deal only with
weak people, poorly armed. In most
cases tbey wero naked savages, who
opposed their spears, to mausers, and
gat'ing guns,
England went up against the "real
thing*'in South Africa, and it took her
nearly three years to whip a handful
of farmers. It was necessary then to
pit five of her cheap heroes against one
Boer, to win. The Boer war brought
England to the very verge of financial
ruin, aud saddled her people with
eternal debt. *
Russia can never whip the Japs.
Trouble is brewing at home. Hell is
liable to break loose any instant in the
very shadow of the Imperial palace.
The Jap soldier is a freeman. The
Russian soldier is a serf. This tells the
tale. The Jap has something for which
to fight The Russian private is asked
to fight for his oppressors.
Natural sympathy for the white race
has robbed the Japanese of much glory
clue them for the way they havo conducted themselves irs the war with Russia. Had any white nation, who.«-e
whole country comprised less territory
than the. State of California, accomplished with the Japs have, the civilized
world would be filled with their praises.
War brutalizes people, but it is said the
Japsare the most humane soldiers in
tho world. Kvon when the great Russian admiral was slain at Port Arthur,
the Japs at home held public meetings
and formed funeral processions throughout the land in honor of their dead
enemy. Was the like ever heard of
before? They practice Christian virtues without professing them. The
Russians profess Christain virtues, but
don't practice them. Russia is to receive at the hands of Japan, the red reward of criminal aggression, and oppression. Her peasantry, her Polish
and Finnish subjects glory in her defeat and humiliation. Let us hope that
all nations may learn from her expert
ence that Imperial Expansion does uot
pay.—Windlo's Gatling gun.
The Spyglass
In accordance with a request from  owing that amount and also $22,000 due
—....  —
and the god of commercialism enthroVm.
ed in her stead. They could not believe that the American Eagle would
be transformed into a buzzard and feast
upon tho dead bodies of men who died
for the belief that government derive
their just powers from tho coiiBenJr of
the governed." f
Lincoln's words are true: "They
who deny freedom to others, deserve it
not for themselves and under a just God
cannot long retain it.'' Lincoln might
have added: "And when once lost, it
can never ho recovered,'^ When exiled
by any people, freedom never returns
to "cast her pearls before swine,'' For
this reason, if for no other, American
patriots should be careful lest they bo
deceived hy the glamor of imperial expansion, and endorse a policy which
denies to Filipinos the rights they claim
(or themselves.
RotiHtioau'tJ warning should blaze
from every editorial page, ami Hash
from cvnry pulpit iu the land. It should
be printed In every school book, and
committed to memory by All who love
the Hag of stars.   Hero is It:
"Oh ye people who are free, remein*
her tliu maxim Hint liberty may be
acquired, but never recovered "
Thi) world's history confirms tlie
truth of these burning words, ' Liberty
msy be acquired, but never recovered.'•
The Israelites, acquired liberty-
were led by a pillar of cloud by ilny
and n pillar of lire by night," but when
through lust of power and love of tr«>ld
they l"»t liberty, It could not be recovered.
Greece acquired liberty, anil   while
free tilled the whole world with light.
When she !<>*t lt,recovery was absolutely
lmpo«t»ihle, and today her greatnflMi and
„ glory aw fading memories
Thi* Roman llepuhli, acquired lib
orty, but who believe* that the denim*
danlf of her Cieeio* and Caesars conl«l
recover it in ten million year*'/
We might continue the march backward over the path of human progress
and point out the crumbling ruin, of
republic*, empire*, throne, and systems
of government and find no exception to
thi* rule.
In all land* whtfi'e frwlmn hits tu'vef
reigned, there I* hone.   ll«vfn*r*t**<mlr
Tho Nugget, Mr. J. A. Magee, manager
of the Spyglass company, operating on
Poplar creek, has furnished the following information in regard to development done, and other matters in connection therewith. Tunneling on the
Spyglass has cost slightly over $12 a
foot. The payroll at the mine last
month was $1,200. To those who are
familiar with tho mine and the work
done Mr Magee's report will, perhaps,
appear rather under than over tlie.
rn¥rkT-We*liope in future issues to
give similar reports on tho Lucky
Jack. Swede, Marquis and Gilbert,
Mother Lode, Copper King, Broken
Hill, Morning, Calumet and Hecla,
and other properties, thus showing that
although tho camp is but fifteen months
old, a largo amount of development has
been done with very satisfactory ro-
suits. Following are the facts in reference to the Spyglass company's
properties, and facts, only:
"As requested by you, 1 herewith
hand you a report of what has been dono
on the Spyglass company's properties—
tho Spyglass, Globe and Hawk mineral
claims, since the first of June of the
present year, on which date wo commenced work with a few uir-it. excavating a place for tents and cook camp,
near tho site of our present tunnels,
as at the timo we took possession of the
properties tho only possible place to
pitch h tent was about 1,500 feet down
the mountain, in the valley of 1'oplar
cieek Tho slope of the mountain is
about 4ft degree*, and in order to get
from the camp In the valley to when;
we wished to commence work it woe
necessary to make switch-backs (n
zig-zag trail), which made tho distance
about double, ami caused a loss of about
HO minutes time on each shift,
in two payments—December and February, besides some stock. Soon after
securing the extension, August llth,
we encountered the native silver, and
after driving in that until near the end
of the month, and making sure of its
continuity, Mr. McLeod and myself
went to Trout Lake to see Mr. Win-
quist, and after a visit to the mine and
considerable dickering we succeed in
the un-
securing a libera! discount on
making a considerable saving to the
"Since purchasing tho property we
have turned our attention to building
camps, so as to have tlie men well
housed before the fall rains set in, the
only work iu the mine being two shifts
driving an upraise to connect with No.
I tunnel, which w'jll give better air in
No. 2, Considerable ore will be taken
out of this upraise and that, with the
ore taken out of the tunnels, will be
shipped as soon as wo can get it down
for smelter test, The first pack train
with this ore will arrive in Poplar Friday afternoon.
"In conclusion, I might say, the Spyglass Company have built oi.o mile of
new trail this month, from the mine
down the mountain, connecting with
the old trail in the valley. This gives
us a fairly good grade and should we
secure the government aid we hope for
to make a wagon road, we will endeavor to continue shipping.'
Always have a bottle of Sandon
beer in your pocket when you go
lifsbing. Write to the Now York
Brewery ami get a case.
"As soon as wo wero able to camp
near our work wo stArtcd a tunnel to
tap the lead sixty feet below No.  1
tunnel, which had been driven about
thirty feet on tho leatl hy the original
owners, and I may here 'explain that
they had alio made n few open cuts
across the lead hi.her up.   In all there
cuts there is more or hss ore, and on
which showings we bonded   the property.   Tin-tunnel marred by myself,
which we call No, 2, was driven about
forty feet along Hie foot-wall, at which
paint tho lend cuimi in, and we have
tdiicu driven on it     We encountered
ore where we struck the Wad and had
(rotii '_  to •!  inches of  gray copper,
which tarried an average ol 2t«  oz
silver and a half ox In gold to the ton.
This continued  until   we reached   a
point IK. feet (mm the portal, where!
we encountered the native silver and '
black sulphide*, which soi»n widened to j
20 Inche* of ore.   <lf this we have not,
had any tests made, but from assays j
made from similar? ore out of Ni> I  tun-!
tiel it Is quite safe to sav the ore will run '
Unroll WW
''W (''.it:\t-•>{»'.
for Uook-kepjior, f.liorthmul nnil
(ir.tilusu* lire In ilcumiirl.   Si-mI
has been moved from New Denver to
Nelson, bag, baggage and bull-dog. It is now published every Monday morning and circulates two
hundred miles from its home before the sun goes
down. It is one of the most valuable advertising
mediums in Canada, and probably has the largest
circulation of any weekly paper in British Columbia.
It will always contain racy paragraphs, breezy editorials and the latest news by wire and otherwise.
The Job Printing
Department contains   som^thing_Jes*l
than $60,000 worth of material which renders it
possible for our artists to produce typographical
triumphs upon short notice. Orders taken for any
kind of printing/from the dwarf-sized visiting card to
the leviathan poster. The work will equal anything
west ofthe Red River, and the price will not suspend
your breath for even a second. Send your orders by
wire, mail, or word of mouth. They will have prompt
attention, and satisfaction will reign supreme when
your gaze rests on our Job Printing. Paste this ad on
the wall for it will not appear many times. Our
neighbors need a little space to talk about the goods
they sell
ai'OKA.Ni:, WASH,
Grand hold
Im the homo for all
HIikvhi people vlxit-
ing (be great gold
camp. Tasty meal*,
fine liquor* and soft
beds malio it a pleasant home for
frcetwn * Jfttftnon, Prop*,
 a ~
^K__^ ^__>1 ^___^^___^^^
L*Jk_Jl**%_J L_»"*»>_J W*^ __*»llll'*__-^^*__-i W^*_J_r^W^w W^**_-W_t*^__/W1    "-m." W    ■__. __e^W W    *_■_ __**•**»_-. L-**^__. _■_-*__. ^M
_*__jK ps____j_.i iaa__H_a*~i ^**__~-*»*4.*^^____*^s»w*__._a**» ■•»*__... ,_■■*■-__■ *^,__-**** a****..,_._***. ■***_..,..._■**. ■_■■_.,...,...,_■-» ■**__„. ,_,»**- ****_.  ■**», ■**»•___-■***. _■**...__#•»*■. ****•____***** **»«_.w._*""1" ■**»•*
ed liberty, If America should lose «,|«ewal hundwd ohocm in silver, with I
I one to turee ounce* in gold,   litis tint-,
iter ia(e w in \m tnat ol others.
Ihe folly of Imperial Kipum-ion was
fitTf/"1 fttti'm ic/jiru'ly iliW>u#u.tl than iu
thaciiiteof Russia and Japan, itussia,
by "erlrwlnal a#gre»#.«>r„" ha*; grown
lerritoniiii.v until she is mom ilium
twicea* large as all lUirepe, while Japan Is about the   size «<f California
tiel Is In 1«'0 (eet now, and although tht !
orsb ttt/% 'W «..ihe, *hl- aSJ  thai di* (
tanue, il is certainly a very line chute, |
and IrVftu surface  showings   •••#  have
even* ei.tiint-iwee that lliere is plenty
of ore ahead,   In this tunnel we now
have a depth of about  tfiO feet and,
When war "wis first declared,Tand this |g*b>*r.g nearly foot for foot. j
Utile David inarched out to give battle* "On August Urst we had a payment j
lo Ootlath, everybody expected and j to make to the owners of 19,000, but as j
pwltcto.d*;.*'lky\.vU-y U IW>*.       *• had »«.t eiicotmiered the mam orcj f, ^[''er   your    rail    Milt
H-iwia's protii tie** has been swept chute at that time, we »-»*cnr**l an ei-i >•»•*.? Hutting* now arriving,
frum  IU »*•»». *»d  t>«*  i*n«i irm-e* termor* el thirty day«, to thst on  th*jf% P„ LfcbSChir,
hammered all ovar Maoclmria,   Kti*> «r*t day of thia month we wero still j tamm-i e».. nihr
Over WallaciJ-Miller hlock, "Baker
Wt.» Nehon. Sjujesa! yearly mil-
j tnn'tH for IVewing, Uepairbag ami
Cleaning. 'iootlH culled for and
delivewl weekly. TVntaaii'lawn*
ing* mailfl to order.
iitc rAftft tttfIcL
On tht! road leading to
.•Vrgnwn and Tttml I__kr
ha« ample ae< ouiuiodntioti
for man and hi* horxe,
V»»w nat'i'ii, ncaiiH, W'fl-
nt*ak, egga, oatn. hay,
hoozerino ami cigar* «-an*
not he hwtten in the hills
of the lAitleftii,
if*   ^   i*.ii«    ■.*._   iimi.ii »•   '!   I_»»«jr'»
%k 1 il-im   aJJ mn.i,u!   «   . *    • f>  _r
•O   1   H*tt   t*»t   to   *ltf   »<|.t*n,t.   lx.«tf*}lit.
ftolcrttl  T_Jlif n *^ *^* ^"^ ^ J • R» Cameron
mwn ran !p BURNS & co>
Second Annual  Inhibition <»f the'
m-cniii   a iiuuui   r.xnnmii'11  «»t   lie-   w m     ,,        ,    -, v W
Il    Have freah tneitt every   II
Nelson Agricultural and $ ^y at s»ud»n. *>.*•» Ju
lurge fur iVii**   Jf J
Ix the tailor to go to when
you waul a summer
Suit of Clothes
'!- h*-, th* tv_h!.;.-i* *«Uir,x*
to »*b .i from, and th* fit and
«orl.itiaii«hip i- the t»ett.
hy   them   in    l(nli*ii
ihia.      No   n*n-
ul.Kl.tT   TAII.OII
IS    till,   hl.t/CAS
Novel 0n€n
September 28-29 o ;;^;
s^ m^Ansu*    |'fl ;;;:;wa;;;;;;^;;;;; ft- THE NUGGET
fink GiiQums        jri      fcIlllrt ^      %1
BIG PRK.M.UM LIST    iJj A h a wwkly paper published
Air   Altr^rl^'H^- m_m -^5/ ... ihmm s» »» r«     .* mv,,,-
/_0_>_c..->af a*,    mm   last KM ;|jj t|)(1 ni%wn lff that   tfWtt
%tM rump.     It eowta ^2 «
ywtr t«> any ntldrcM.   Semi
n^v *fi
,)■ K, Annalde, Hcc., Nelson, U.t'.
 ..  _   -        • .VTI.A.VMr
Prom Crow'a Nest, B.C. to Steamship Tickets y,Ztw,
Flathead Townsite . .     ■>. ..- j ••■ -.<.   *
i', r>n\y » -ft .f.*ri>.'.i. f/( .. !.-.!■    .... *
*,*♦ a ffr*tc)«>.f« trail. «»u.'J**- \h\'kI» \«>'*,
««'c , famish**! at. t:t«e*'» N«-.i    A|-p1>
M A, «<X>P, <><-»"* NrM. I'> • .
•v y >
•I I. i,'H:i) i i
•i >.f I. *. -  *,«     ■* i
f<ufi,*fl. K. 9.
\ >:  -  ■
Eleventh Yeas
We are specially fitted up to do all kinds of
repairing. Look into your jewel cases, you may have a
good brooch which only needs a pin, or a ring which needs
a stoue reset. We may use the old settiug or reset
anew. If stones are missing we will furnish new oues at
a very low price. We want your repairs as wo are sure
to please you in doing tho work. -Do not neglect your
diamond setting, it is perhaps time you had it reset;
this is our special work and we guarantee satisfaction and
safety. On receipt of a postal card we will mail you a
wooden box to insure safety in transportation.    -
Patenaude Bros.,
Watchmakers and
Manufacturing Jewellers
T.G. Procter
Real Estate
Mining Agents
Ranches and City
Properties For Sale
(18 Miles From Nelson )
Family parties can be supplied with
fresh mi'lk, butter, eggs, etc , from the
Home Ranch. Reduced Rates by tlie
week.   Apply to
»    Nelson.
Outlet Hotel I rotter
With which is Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, J8.7O0.OO0,       Reserve Fund, &3,000,000.
Aggregate Resources Exceeding §83,000,000.
GEO. A. COX, President. B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
Deposits Uoi-eived mid Interest" Allowed
Wednesday, October 5th
British Columbia Day
HI   Railroad TieketH can he jmivhaHed at
I in TueBtlay, Oct. lilt. Good Ut:turniu„ Until (let. 10th.
I   Band Concert hy Fifth Regiment Royal iSiitinh Artillery Hand
of Victoria, W.C,    Big Vaudeville Program in front of
(iraud Stand. Six Exciting HaeoH.  $2,500 in punuM.
Hetiil for H«ic l'roimuii.
ROUT. II.COSOKOVB, Kemttry and lUinwr, sl'OKASK. WASH.
Furniture nnd
Bargain* Id
Wall Paper
Two eomplete setH of liar Fixtures, one
Britl*h Plate Mirror 1'iJtWinihen, new, I for the   wwtrv  traveller.
Utter Ynne*, Mlliard and PtK»rr_hl«» ri>}lomMj by t^Wrapli.
Ca»h R«|*iRter* ami other upetinlities, J       h   •
i Ih th« pioneer hotel of
Three Korku, and a pleanant home
MtU OitUr*  lUe*!**   I'mmpt   Attention,
R. Elliott, KaHlo, B.C.
AJ.MAVft 1(1 AliV A "I
HIKIH NIVEN, Proprietor.
I'ntil further notice tho 'Monitor
aud Ajitx, L'uniU'd havo moved
their olhVet* fnim Time Korka to
Ni'W iJeliVtl.
M. (Sisr/iumoKK,
- PHONE 34
w. 1
Blue Prize, Henry "Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
Goods, made by
oWinnlpeg, Man,
Represent.*! by GEORGE IIORTON.
At the lowest prices
compatible with quality the
headquarters in Nelson are
In Poplar and other parts of the
country complaints are* often heard
about the knockers in Nelson. In
support of it we print the following
letter: "Pleased to know that you
have a chance to place my property,
but I an. doubtful about your being
able to get your man through Nelson. Nelson is a bad spot, for several men I got that far were persuaded by men in your city to do
nothing. Some of the business men
in Nelson were so much afraid of
anything starting up in the country that they succeeded in stopping
them from investing, or drove tliem
out of the country. If your prospective buyer calls at Nelson stay
with him until you get him saftily
out of the city. Otherwise the
knockers will spoil the deal." This
certainly is a nice reputation for a
city with the men who are doing all
they can to bring capital into the
country. The knockers hurt Nelson
more than any other section, for
this city draws its business from
the territory surrounding it for two
hundred miles, and everything possible must be done to develop the
resources of the country if we wish
for a continuance of prosperity.
20th Century Clothing
Is without an equal in cut. finish, price and durability.
Prices range from $10 to $22.50, and no trunk can hold a
better investment.
FALL UNDERWEAR for men from $1 to $5 a suit.
BLANKETS, all wool, $2 to $5.
The finest assortment of NEW FALL SHOES in Nelson.
Strangers always welcome. .
BROWN & CO; - - Nelson,
Opposite Court House niul new Post
olliee.   Best 25c meal in town.   Euro
pt'itn and American plan.   Only white
labor employed.   First class bar.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Laiul- and Mineral Claim* Surveyed
and Crown Granted.
TO. Itox MS,       Offlc«: Kootenay St., Kel-on
founders a Machinists. -
——NELSON, B.C.——
A rich six* foot lead of pay quart-
was encountered on the Nelson a
few days ago. Gold can be horned
freely from the quartz, aud the owners are highly pleased with this
latest find.
Geo. S. McCarter and T. J. Len-
drum of Revelstoke were up to the
Beatrice mine examining the workings on Thursday. Mr. McCarter
holds a large interest in the Beatrice, while Mr. Lendrum is a mining man of considerable repute.
Mill anil Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock ol Khnltlnjr, Fitting*, etc., always
un hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron nought hy the cnrloitd. Repairing
and Jobbing,
B C. Travis, ---....
Victoria Hotel
Victoria Street, Notion.
W. K. M.CANDLIK1I, Proprietor.
Hf»t dollar a day IlMel in Nnlmn
Hoard and room, *1« dollar* a wwk.
Hoard and room by tin- month, twenty
llvn dollar..   Meal Ticket* (it mtahtj
the dollar*.
No Li-jnm S<»».r> o* tub I'ur.w-M.
Tat Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Kelton Asmnment DUlrict. Province of SriUafc Co1__.Ua,
I Ttrartts <.iw. vi.ti't ti,..
i   •* ■•    t.».   ^    .    i'
•lll't   |i, r . ,1,1.    .i,      ,,       ,ii,
• **■<»«" *"■» N lv «*..,,,        if
N i ««* 14 tV i #,-, i.   \ **» **»4..
«    i.,.t  »   I'e tmi:ii. • «») •* 'vM.f. ,V.I». \* I, at ■ lb» li>.i.l nf tnt't** »-'<fbf.   *>■«•). *l lfi»rv*ir! W**»##,
".I      «i    - at! ii i .. !   >it . t ti.. ' . j..iiitti, .-»M IIM U«r*lnittf<r wt ont.f >r 0»-->tll<>.j«r>M Ult*) _a(*li1 by
.,,.*,»,»  ,»-* in-ivi'tii,* l_*«'». ij »tIl>rtUI-V*4li)l__*. It Ilk. t'it.1
!•>■.»,{*• K>«.! Pr-»i*-rtf
b.u*.« It t.
*«»*«». A f.
cut ..'-'.n* \it.i-
t»f....,.*.  >r,t
,tr«1I"» !♦»■*<
'-«' tit >►»*.
•«* l.«l« •V.'.tllo''*' t
v. •.». r>>
Ki> *« "* I*.
U<' *)>.
» Clan*
■ \iin
at the OyBkr ten-stamp mill for
ths month of August yielded a gold
brick valued at about 86,500, being
the largest amount yet obtained
from a month's operations since
the mill was placed in commission.
It is anticipated that this record
will bo duplicated and even surpassed in future clean-ups, as the main
ore body is now being worked und
the ore is rich in tho yellow metal.
A force of about 25 men is employed
at the mine under the foremansliip
of A. P. Garrett. Milling operations are iu charge of A. G. Street,
a successful millwright of many
years experience.
Tim Lane is doing a big freighting business.
Dan Crouin is cooking at claim
45, Hunker creek.
Pete Annance has a road-house
on Chicken creek, Forty Mile, and
is doing a big business.'
Dawaon, Sept.   18.- Louie Le*
hert owns 53 Hunker, which is
valuable claim and ia working 18
men on it.
A. X). Williams managed to pell
hia big conc^Hhion to Detroit
capitalist*, and when last heard of
waa ranching in Mexico.
Hugh Brady fa packing here
He went on tho White River
ftampedo laa. year aud nearly hmt
his life. What lit worne he lout his
Ktock and $11,000. He iw, however,
now rich enough to be itt the hon*
pital with a broken leg.
Grant Thorhurn in part propri*
etor of tho Ktnpire hot«l in Daw*
Hon. It ia larger house than he
had in Bilverton. He was working at the hoUl two yeara ago hut
went off on a Vahle* atampede,
retoming via Tanana laat yt'ar
dt-atl broke and weighing l.'IO
■wjuiidn. Now he wt'lgha SKKl, and
wear* nhlnglea on Ida hank account, __  _  	
TIIK at'l.l.IVA'*
Frank P. Ifognn, one of the prorimt
t«reol thu Maryiville to«n*it#, #»ye
tbat tae oaimt'ikr> *~im.4i%4 *>... _h. _.« t
t»i!i«yi *u'i titw my.- i.\ hy').1''.u I't-m i.'irij"
tonuittv dayt. It U \hi> luU'nWtm of
t)»t! <*.*»jp*«iiy Hi* mttiahtKih «#tt »r>rln*r
tittl only a reflnery hut alio r«rr«dlrif
work* lor the innnntarlure »,( whit*
teart aii^i *« 'nih.-. )-/i>«, y**,^*. ;» h,a•, w*,».(,,,
BOihing of a coprwr Mack tatt>r on.
A PRINTER capable of managing a local weekly. Must be a fair
writer, good job printer, and of
steady habits. Good position for
the right man. Address, Box 1090,
Post-office, Nelson, B.C.
Is the largest in the
Slocan., Ladies out
town should write for
samples or prices.
Try one of the tonics at the
P. O   BOX 185
WANTED—Quickly, few persons to represent
IT ,1'iHK established wholesale house anions
retail merchant, nnd agents. Local territory
of few counties. £18 salary and expenses paid
weekly. Expense money advanced, Cummis-
sion extra, t'ermunent engagement Busines*
successful. Previous experience not essential.
Enclose self addressed envelope. Address,
S-TKitiKTEKDKNT TitAVKLEtts, 325, Dearborn St.,
3010 Westminster Road.
4   I
_\ after date I intend to apply to the Hon. Tne
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special licence to eat and carry away timber
from the following described lands, situated ou
the west end of Summit lake, in West Kootenay
District, commencing at a post marked •'D.M,
S.W.C," planted about one half mile south of
A.B. Flngland's post, and at M, Gtntzberger's
N W.C, thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thenoe south 80 chains nnd thence w«tt
80 chains to place of commencement,
DAN McLEOD, Looator.
Dated this 18th day of August, 19ai.
Prices-Gold, Silver or Lead ,  .Si.co
Gold-Silver or Sllver-L.ead td.bo
P.O. Box'Dli*..
Trustworthy lady or gentleman to rnuiM*
business In this county »nd adjoining territory
for well and favorably known house or solid
fimuiolal standing, t.o.00 straight cash -alary
and expenses paid each Monday by oheck direct
from headquarters... Expense money advanced.
Position permament. Address, Manager, 810
v.omoBloek,,,ChicaKo, Illinois.
A 2£ Horse Power Gasoline
Engine for sale. Price $100. Address— RvT. Lowery, Nelson.
The sawmill made a record last
When you want to advertise in a
live paper call for phone 115.
Flonr is now ground at Medicine
njvE7"bur7lhe mill St~NTBlswnnrjstiSl
in the air.
Miss Ethel Black man, of Rossland, is in town ou a visit to Mrs.
J. E. Harris.
In subscribing to local events in
Nelsou few towns are more generous in producing.
Saturday was C.P.R. pay-day in
Nelson, and probably $70,000 was
spent around the town.
It is just possible W. R. Hearst
called at tho Tourist Association
rooms when he was in tho city.
There are .'530 telephones in Nelson, and 230 in Rosslaiul. Three
years ago tho order ,was reversed.
A reader wants to know how
often and where the, bread in this
city is weighed. We aro short of
facts on the matter.
High taxation, a blear-eyed elec
trie light and a broken sewer are
three of the important ovents in the
civic history this year.
The Jesaic Shirley Co. took in
Si,200 upon the occasion of their
last visit to Nelson. It costs $800
a week ta run the show.
There has been considerable talk
in Nelnon lately about reduced
C.P.R. freight rates, and a nub*
Hcriber wishes to know what the
lower rates havo done for the consumer. He Mtitl pays 5 cents a
pound for onion*.
During the daya of the Nelson
Fair John Llnolwuigh will have
rublier tire* on tho bent hack In
Nelson. Strangers visiting tho city
mitt desiring to have a ride that
will not jar their nerven idimild
ring up Phono .'15, and John will do
the rest.
Speaking alnmt the electric light
itytiU'in in Nelson it in a surprise t<»
us ihat the people stand for th«-
rate* wheu tliu inefficient Msrvic« ii*
taken into consideration. Few
placfn ii#vt**tM,« a» wKtclvKl H^1-
trie light iMsrviceand it Ua plea««ur««
to vifit a town like Fernie and m*
tho bright lights annihilate the
Hlttll t HKIK
100,000 Utilbs to arrive soon from Holland
France and Japan,
Rhodortttntlrong,      Roues,      Greenhouse
unci  Uardy   Plants   for   Full   I'lantlng.
Homo Grown and Imported
Garden,   Hold   ami   Flower   Seed..
Always iu  took In season.
Gre«n house full of Plants, Cut Flowers,
Floral Work. Buy direct and secure agent's
Catulogue free, or cull and examine stock.
Vancouver, B.C.
A WAll .",« To sell Fruit trees, UaspoerryT
-v*.g«7J_f*.-*# Gooseberry and Currant bushes
etc Good ipay weekly; Outfit free. There Is
big money In this work for trustworthy men,
Over 600 acres. '%&£»&
tlvntlon, over 600 acres of Nursery Stock includ-
tiiK the choicest and best v&rletto* for Orchard
and Garden plautlui*. We will dt liver jroods to
custo > erg in jrood condition, frolnht paid. Our
HKont. havo every advnutnttc that this line ot
business can oiler them.   Apply now for terms
Pelham Nursery Co.,
«ar  Will make nrran(?cmants for local agency
or the handling of exclusive territories.
Nelson Exhibition
Sept. 28 and 20.
Single Fare Return
From all Stations
Itevolsiok, to Fertile
Including Branches.
See our line of Morris Chairs
Velour Cushions $8.00 & up.
Sole Agents:  Mason Risen Pianos.
Gold,Silver, Copper or Lead, $L.OO each
Any two, 1160; any three, 12 00.
Samples by mail rocelye prompt atteutlon:
l'lacet Gold, ltetorts and Rich Ores bought.
1735 ArnpahoejSt.,  Denver,  Volo,
pOMK ANU 8KB our Asate Jewellery, made.
NICKEHS0N' the Jeweller, Baker St., Kelson.
UelfKOI) .IOT1CL.   VMI«.    AU modem
ill improvement.. Sample rooms in conuec-
tlon. Tho only Hrst-olass hotel lu Ymlr.
 yiNLAY McLKOD, fioprietor.
'pHKKINO'H HOTKLin FersusonUaoheer.
I ful home for all travelers to the Lardeau.
Sample Itooms. V ANK ltARBEIt. I'roprletor.
I  and American plan, Moat*, Scents. Rooms
from »',e un to «. Onlv white help employed.
KfotltlnK>ellow about the place e_c.j>t the sold
World's Fair Rates
Next Scllinj- Dates,
Oct. 8,4, 5.
Students' Rates East
On Sale till Sflpt. 20th.
Low Selling Rates
On Ml« daily 8«|>t. 15 to Oct. 16.
For (till particular* apply to local agont*
J. M. CAlltKK
II. I'. A , S»Unn
A.O.I*. A., Vancouver
i «l«B*»-t_l K ,.*»«•.»» R.*sl'»*| I'"■
A««.."t --.; CiilMMr, >'#'•<» f<Mrt«*. W««4 lutt-Mj.
Stop at the Qtijwn'a Hott>l when
in Trout Lake City.
Mti*fr-*1 food* and utationery at
O. 8tmtb«am'i, KmIo.
Vi«J»on to i%ituU».ii t,««J (.uvv.l
ff-ar tbe p*np of hunger. Tim
Sm_4c« drop Houw ii -W*j • opm.
On \\\\-A (v<"V, 14 iitilotM Iwluw
JJflwn a gniiji of tnen are repair*
inf the wagou rot* I.
R. Bliindrll hai clo««l down the
Wiuilnor  mine  until the wagon
.I'tlJHi .l«   f'OJM-Vmi    burn   iw,-..    'c...
brtdgen repaired,
J. I). L. Berg ia Mill eiwaictit-
ttng for tho hanging wall of the
Al^tandHa'n enormoua ledge which
ia now 2$ feet wide.
John UarktteMN i* tfttadiiy working t.h*» Momlrif* niory, %m\ eori-
<idrr*Ue uoik Ik \mng dtme i u
obiter cUlma along Bird creek.
K. & B. Ry.
Lv H:^»a.in.-S.tmlor»-Ar 4:25 p.m.
»-i,^.**t«i m    U''«ii|r»_T,v 9.:nn r».ni.
Lv lr.'io p.m.-Ka_lo-Ai 1 ] mi .'i.iji.
Ai' l;3otp.m.-N«lfm«-Lv *:o*> •.,«*,
Tteket* mM to all part* ol the Unit<*l
<%***#*aiMtOat-rtiU vLa Grwil Nortbaro
HJld VI. 'li,   h, ,rt    \AIU(flkW) * Wj*.
For tort her |>articalaf eall on or ad*
UMBKKT IUVINU, Minaffcr, Ratio,
lit th« ttnfo.
pAnTt,MTT HOUSK, formerly th. Clark
D li tlie belt «1 a day hotel In Keiioii. Onl«
white help employed.   O.  W. UAIITLKTtI
TIIK 1IOTKL FKKUtmoN |s the home ot
I ttlocan people when they are tn VerKuion.
MCDONN-1, _ JJLAOK, I'roprletom.
L       I
eit and the tot In the tir.lo. Gold tm\m
alwayi welcome,     ULVIWBRQ8.
'Wholoaal*  M«ral-_vnt«.
t IIAOI>ONALt» * OO.. WnolM-U Mm-
A. cliintt. Oroctrie. and Mlnln-f 8on>lle,.
llo.KW,Neb.)ti, B.O.
• •Mli) Dutler. Kffin, CUmm, I'roduc. and
Krult,N«lion, 11.0.
i* rRRni'iiftM * oo.( N«tam, II.O. Whol»-
Vi.  "-Iiiili'ulcf" In WIiim, Liquor* nod cltf*r*.
AfftmUlor f»li»t l««r.
r A. M*!iONAI.I»,  \Vho)».»U Dealtr In,       I
•J ,  Kiuit, NoU-jii, IIC. •
Uu bid II jut* *nmr\tuf*U\t
mad* to Ilia «l<»f an r.jruUrly.
-_-r_*rr.r--_-y-r---gCT*gi **i"-b_--' .■-■'■■■ m"■",' -'.' . ••
a»nt»ral   Store*.
.i  -i—-■■!  t——f-*—rr-"r—>*rr-   c  mn-nmrr 1 i n- -n-mniii n   :   j   ...    i.
T T,ttM.t.V. T1IKR* rORK%,d__l«rt»
•1» fltsftrl**, l»ry «t->rwt*. Kt*.
-ssk**        il
Olt.VKR t!ITT 1/innR NO. St. I.O.O.F.
n H«r,*>it. M a MmtlniM In th* U»,.n H-tt
•vcrv Krldty *t*tnlnit at 14a VMiIm ttftUirtn
rwdUlly InHM to »!'-_4 J. It Lfjt»*inri,
V.,t.l*(lr»»!(l| A. I. Ckaio, VJr.OT-ndi W.j!
In (
Wrt*i»*-j«..*iK*-.« * .,,,...„
k. or p..
1 Unit «v*»t W«dn«*t»T tvfnlac at • o'rWxk.
th-IMI,l«nr**tl«IUII.tl«ndon   *4i
tmtMinw f*jO.
Aivttti'). Mux,K.H.AH.
tVANCOWCM .n. HfCtON, ■X.'
rnitH Mrf.ATCntK,   II«tr,I..VM and l*ro-
•)  vlnetel l_»»d Hurvtyor.  K«_-»n,U, C.
h     i. u".T'..l"*^.   '*-.'-,■"'«"*T»»'.»1nM»t
lY. UMlN.n.jw,  J<AKU)
fOON   ROT  N|>|||»i«a     Ta* «*o|.
•flaw at llatfttm U »lt«*i*4 amid ana at
tfc«ln«»l«•*•« lb* L<ar«rM.  IlliWfdln.ni'
,.«W*lth.MH^*«»rt_r***»rt   Tm tergt 1mw*<_
■•nttiiilti" «liint*ii TiirMSh, »1pnm »*4 ***>•-»
Miat, TbbMMMli tu»vf »'t«n rurtd f,t n.-u.
dmIIim. ittoitra aa«t r*t«*iltta. It* «_kt« k*al
nil ||vw, lMr»w, »M ,*«>•»•*% *n»«»ti, A
*.tt*»•»!(» f*4 tpttmmMng 'two mthtt. «_t.|
tad Nti|n*l-4 Mwat-itaat-Mk
et*T      '


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