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The Ledge 1904-08-15

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Volume XL, Number: 47,
Phice, $2 a Year; in Advance
Ore has been struck on the Josie, on
Dayton creek.
A new tunnel is being driven on the
Great Western.
European Hrmr are bidding tor zinc-
ore in this camp
Tho Colorado is again being worked
to its full capacity.
The Trail smeltir will be making
lead pipe this month.
Mr. R. W. Iiathbourne has taken a
lease on tho Silverite.
Last week the Enterprise shipped 40
tons, and the Ottawa 47. t
The owners of tho Kilo will erect a
mill and work the property. ,
The Hewitt continues to ship large
quantities of high grade ore.
At the Ottawa 40 mun are working.
It is the anchonof Slocan City.
The force at the Tvanhoe and several
other mines has been increased.
Frank Griffith  is ninninar a tunnel
• on the Black Cloud, on Ten Mile.
Lower down the new tunnel at the
Lucky Jim has tapped the lead.
The Payne tram from the mill to tho
C.P.R track has been remodelled.
The Slocan mines have a large
amount of bounty money this month.
The Provincial Mineralogist inspect-
. ed Red and Goat mountain last week.
F. C. Green is doing underground
surveying and other work at the Ottawa.
Twenty tons of Legal ore will be run
through the Chapleau mi'.l as a sample
teat.   -■■'-.
John Kinman and his partners ship
ped a car of ore from the Neepawa last
week. " ^
J. C. Fernow is expected in Rosebery
this week to commence work on the
'"'fcinc plant.
Another tunnel and upraise is being
driven on the Sunset    W. do Roso has
 tlin fnutraot.'" O .      ■   ...       -n
Ore carrying $160 in gold and 284
ounces in silver has been struck on the
Mollie Hughes.
Work has been resumed nn the Cap
ellii. An upraise.will be driven fncnrv
ncet the two levels
Margaret McCuaig in advertising Gu«
Johnonn out of the 0 K No 2, a claim
oait of Three Forks.
Oharles Culver is building a 100 ton
concentrator for the Cork mine, on the
south fork of Kaslo creek. »
Tho Payne has put in another zinc
(separator, tho ono that was buried in
tho Kansas flood a year ago.
The Silver-Lead Association dolds Rh
annual tneetlngln Sandon on Tuesday
About 50 members will attend.
Last week the Slocan Star •hipped
1117 tonss Ivnnhoc. 22 s Pnv.o, 80;
Mountain Con, 42; lUmhler, 60.
.M. L. Grlmmett nnd (I. II. Wright
are applying for a crown grant on the
Margaret, a claim on Tributary creek.
\V. II. Sandifcd has moved to Victoria from New Denver am) J. 0 Harris now uctN an caretaker of the  Ronuii.
On Lemon Creek Joe Bottler and hl«
!nuttier* have n claim with a ledge ir,0
eet wide that shows values of *8 in
The M<il'<o HiigliPH will shipacai of
ore In a few itnya The ere will In
loaded In hulk from a chute alongside
the railroad.
.I«i*k Campbell and partner* received
|2 HH for one car nf ore shipped fro»n
No. I tunnel of tho Payne Their lea*'
li prnlltahta
The Mountain Gnat owned hy A. T.
Garland hi*  e«n i^wA and h'»eded le
llndnett and KMftelt.   The !»«*• U f. r
turn yearHj and th#  hotv?  far   flfl/W
The clahn'le In Jackfon haMn.
John A Kinch I* «liiwlv recovering
from a long attack of nervlnuM tiroatra
tloti. He lint his home on llavden
lake, Idaho Overwork U the cause nf
John's hreakdmrtt In the e-trlv dart
of Hip Slocan F'tirli and CVnnnhell bond
pd many properties, and maderonsiiler
able money out of the. F.nlerprlae.
There Pi men w«i kin* at Hie Mountain Con. Mel.ro I aid Thntnp*o>
have talon* up the twmd nn the Con.
and will nuke e fo»tntie out >if a mine
th*t waa once turned down lir a wi»e
KuglUli eiiwrt In lh«» n««*l ten week*
the Con «l|| «M|i -m tons of ore the
loriMt gr»d» #1 arhfeH wilt **««y '*<»*
ounce* in allm.
Tokio, Aug. 14.—(Noon) -The
Naval engagement iu the straits of
Korea is still jn progress.
Tokio, Aug. 14.—The Russian
armored cruiser Rurilc was sunk in
the engagements in the Straits of
'Korea. The armored cruisers
Rossi a and Gromoboi escaped to
the northward heavily damaged.
Washington, D. C. Aug. 14.—
The Japanese Legation has received a cablegram from Tokio
dated today, saying: -
"Admiral Kamimnra reports
that our squadron, after five hours
severe fighting with threi ships of
the Vladivostok Squadron on the
moruing of the 14th iu the mouth
of the Tsueshjua Island, sank the
Rurik. The other two ships,
which appeared to have n suffered
heavilv, fled northward. Our
d images are light."
Another cablegram from Tokio
to the Legation says:
"The Commander of the Take-
shiki Naval station says that our
fleet reported by wireless telegraph
that tho Vladivostok Squadron was
sighted at 5:10 a. mf, on the 14th.
The cruiser Takasbiho subsequent-
Tokio, Aug. 14.-(3 p. >.)-•
The following casualties bfcve been
reported on the Japanese side during the action of A-agust 10th. The
battleship Makasa bad four Officers
killed and 20 meu seriously wounded. The armored cruiser Yakumo
had one officer and 49 men killed
and one officer and 11 men wounded. On board the armored cruiser
Nisshin, ten men were killed and
seven officers and nine men wounded. Tho armored cruiser La Suga
had two officers .and 15 men
Tokio, Aug. 14.-~>(4 p. m.)—-
Vice Admiral Kuiuimura encountered the Russian Vladivostok
Squadron at dawu today north of
T>u inland, iu the strait of Korea,
and attacked tho enemy at once.
The battle lasted for five bourn and
resulted in a complete Jnpancw
victory, The Hus-ian crulwsr
Kurik was sunk and tho cruder*
KiiHwIauml Oromohoi fled to the
northward after having sin inineil
damage Vice Admiral Kamimura
eablen tho Navy Department that
their injuries inflicted upon our
vf.vA'l.i WLXf. hlijjlit. Tin; fate* u$
tho crew« of the Kurik k not
known, It is pretuuihM] that many
of them were killed or drowned.
The .Strength of the fleet under
Vice Admiral Kamlnnirn is not
known, but it h preauiiied that he
had the Ailsiima. Mhiiiiin,. Iwnte.
TakaHhiho atul other light erul«et>.
Tokio \n joyona over tl»» news an it
give* Japan mant^ry of tie fm and
London, Aug. 14.—The bark
Inverkip from Melbourne to
Queensland was sunk and twenty
persons were drowned as the result of a collision off Fastnet Rock,
Ireland, last night, with the British ship Loch Carrer, from the
N London, Aug. 14.—The British
Torpedo boat destroyer Decoy sank
off the Sicily Islands last night as
a result of a collision with another
destroyer.    The crew were^ saved.
Cape Town, Aug. 14.—The
United States Atlantic Squadron
arrived here today.
St. Louis, Aug., 14.— Worlds
■Fair. The Admissions last week
were 666,607. Since the opening,
6,925,595 admissions.
Constantinople, Aug. 14.—A
band of Armenians has been attacked by Turkish troops in the
village of Schamirun, five hours
travel north of Bitlis, Asiatic Turkey. The villages are reported to
have been destroyed.
London, Aug. 14.—The stock
market during the past week was
steadier as the dealings were very
small and the business mostly concerned the fortnightly settlement.
The American market has been
brisker,  prices rising appreciably
the general outlook for American
goods is considered to be promising.
The other markets are noteworthy
features, and not likely to show a
revival so long as the political situation is gloomy. Operators hope
that the fall of Tort Arthur wjjl be
the signal for peace negotiations. .
Many telegrams arrived at this
office last night that it was impossible for us to get in this journal.
Wo regret the fact, for press dispatches are worse than eggs. They
spoil in a day.
The St. Eugene at Moyio has
had a payday dibbursing $25,000.
Most of the money has been sent
out of town, very little being spent
for whiskey. Owing to a lack of
water the concentrator hats been
St. Petersburg, Aug. 15—The
Bourse Gozette ha.? received the
following from its Liao Yang correspondent :
"Twelve Japanese regiments
have left in the direction of Port
Arthur. It is stated on trustworthy authority that the Mikado
has ordered that Port Arthur must
be taken at any cost if it necessitates the suspension of operations
in Manchuria, and it is quite possible that the main Japanese force
will proceed to Port Arthur within
a few days, Rain has stopped all
St. Petersburg, Aug. 14—A despatch from Mukden states that the
Japanese Port Art.iur airny bus
been largely reinforced and has
taken up position in two large
bodies, one on the heights between
Lung Wu'ng Tao nnd Pigeon Bay
and the other on the hills near
Louisa Bay. Guns have also been
placed on the heights east of Wolf
London, Aug. 14.—Information
reaching here from Paris is to the
effect that tho foreign office is not
yet able to state the position France
Captain Fujimoto anticipating
it's escape during the night if pos
sible to attack merchant vessels
entered Che Foo with two destroyers and found the Russian destroyer Ryeahitelni remaining un-,
disarmed. Lieut Terashima was
then sent to the Russian vessel
with a message to the effect that
the Ja| anese commander expected
him to leave by dawn or surrender.
"Trussian commander refused to
comply with either demand, and
while the conference was still going on, he was heard instructing
his men to blow up the ship. At
the sama time, he caught hold of
Lieut. Terashima and threw him
over board. Our interpreter was
next thrown over board by some
Russian sailors and others among
the sailors showed signs of resistance.
"While this was progressing the
foreward magazine exploded killing
one and mortally injuring four of
our men. We then captured the
destroyer and retired. Lieut.
Terishima and ten others were
wounded." »
wHTHkeTup regarcirnYtlu^Tsmre^H
the Russian torpedo boat destroyer
Ryeahitelni at Che Foo by Japanese
ships. It is i-ointed out that the
matter is one between Russia and
Japan, in which France is not
diractly interested. Should Russia
protest against the seizure France
will act as an intermediary in ac-
coroBTJCe with, thej^roemejit by
which she is charged with the care
of Russian interests in Japan during the war, but her attitude will
depend entirely on that of the
Mikado's government, which it is
impossible to forsee. For instance
should Japan thtow blamo for the
affair upon a naval officer, apologize and give up the Ryeshitelni,
the matter would bo dropped.
St. Petersburg, Aug 14—By com-
maud of the Kmperor, Foreign
Minister Lamsdorff i as instructed
Annie Allen was murdered
on Friday afternoon by Joshua
Bell. She was living in the Red
Light District with Annie Swan
when Bell came to town with a
prize fighting outfit. He had
they lived together in Spokane.
He lay in wait for her about 2
o'clock Friday afternoon, and stabbed her so that she died in a few
minutes. Both in a few minutes.
Both are Negroes. Bell was captured in a few hours, and he is
sure of hanging as this murder is
the most cold-blooded in the his-
-foiy of the- K^OlSKSy.
All tho wells drilled at Dover, N H
ate pumping lnrjro qmmtities of oi
sinre. 4iootin<r Tho ertmpnny are
much (tinted over th« How of oil in thin
now district Tho old w«lla lire ketip
Ingr up thiilr nvenitrit Hlmwlny; tin'
whole district Ik good fur n roiiMnni
mpply of oil Thev now have HO wi'lK
drilled.       ;	
running on ft two-third for several the 1{us,sian Auilmwwior »t Parin
day p.
Gwrjre Temppsl, nf Calgary awl \Vm.
Cr.iiietiiii.of Wiitisipt'ii turnum. aided the
to reijueHt that France on behalf of
Russia tdiall li>dgc« a strong protest
with the French Minister at Tokio.
agaiiiMt what Is described aw an outrage or violation of Chinese neut-
""». » lyl'?,r,4, J-,ft'',u K, ftfl.. ."*•.*• wlnrfiilw of inter
whh'li will include  divat   Mil*,  I.«'|h-! •   ,      J,
brultce, Miilfciiifl lint. Calgary,  Mac-1 volved in theatta*
Nelrtitn opera huu»o  iu their wiSHtfin ... .....
circuit.   >lf. Teinpi'M> .trying to ar- j rnlity and of uulverwilly recognized
roatioual law, in-
ttaek on the KuhhIaii
'«•"•»-»»»» Knntrtrmy ludnw /'>'%'''«"-! turpwlo bu4t dcaU^tT Rvi»UiUtl»i
the other  Ureal    lull*,   Lethlirldge,  .    * , J        '
Medicine: Hat, C«lg*r.v and puitit* mi j »>  » neutral   port.     I he   foreign
the iiinin line to Ik't'dMuku a«<J  Ko.4 j ,(„WeiH havn a!w> been informed ol
jthe Uuwsiaii declaration and tin*
! Rii«i«kn Mluimi'rnt IVkin in clmrg-
Henry Ktege and T. II Iloben are ! «'«l to proti-Ht t<» the<'hine-c govern-
>uffeilbjrfn«iirliriiiii«ti»ni. ineut with it'fwnw to the imiiw
J.»« Wutlor r«t..nn'd thin w«ek for »!u,„.Illw    ,|,«    violation    of    the
New York, Aug. 14—No cattle
were killed today at either of the
so-called Beef Trust plants, although officials of both companies
maintain that they have a sufficient force of men in the plnct'S of
the strikers to kill up to. their normal capacity.
The strikers declare that the
failure of the big plant to kill was
because there are no men to do the
ItlCIl    1'OPI.AIt    OltK.
Spokane, Aug 14—C. L. Glenn
has returned from the mines of the
Broken Hill Gold Mining company
on Poplnr creek, in the Lardwiu
district, B.C., one unile from the
town of Poplar and half a mile
from the railroad.
The property consists of two full
claims, and the stockholders of the
company are mainly iwidenis of
He ha.« with him samples of rich
ores, all of which show native gold,
and are fiom a shaft 15 feet in
Said he: ".We had a small streak
of ore at tho surface, w.iicii haw
The Supreme Court will resume
uperutirtis in Nelson on October 3rd.
.1 B. Wlnlaw has lost $14,000 by the
liuriiiuir of his logalu'the slocan valley.
Liic.Miill at Pings ton Creek, opposite
St Leon Springs commenced shipping
lumber on Saturday, .,
Jocul) Paver and his brother* Dave
\\a.\a been appointed selling agents in
15 C. for a Montreal cigar firm.
ltoadeis .'•liotild roinember that the
Led/e irppears every Monday morning
ai.d govern themselves accordingly.
The Sumlav dinner menu issued by
the Hotel .vnathcona is illustrated anil
one (,i the mo*>t interesting publications
in the city.
With the inception of - a popsiblo
game with Hevelstoke.tho Nelson La-
crosee Tcaiii will not again go into
action this year. , - a
John Masruire, will give an entertainment on Wednesday evening for tho
benefit of the feminine f-ufferera of the
'Colorado striko.
Even the hens in Nelson do things
on a largo Tscale. One bird turned'a
blackjack this summer. Sat on 21 egga
and every one became a producer,
Frank Tainhlvn now mixes the tonics
in the 8t!iitlicona. He spent the eum-
mmin Poplar, and has great faith in
iluit camp, and one canvas memorial.
Owing to a slight mishap while cleaning out the boiler the steamer Kokaiee
will lioV leave Nelson this moruing The
steamer Kaslo will take the rim leaving
here at 8 o'clock. ■'''{ ■■"   . -    •
The waterworks of Nelson "should
have an asbestos flame;'"On the hill.
Thi« coiihtant. dread of a water famine
is disastrous to all of us in the city
who use it as a beverage. v
IV.rcv Oo<"
widened to 18 inches of arsenical
iron, assays of which run SS2(iO in
gold and ?">+ in silver. We arc
now running a tunn« 1 on one of
the leads, of whicli there are five,
to reach this rich ore shoot at
'•The tunnel is '!.';','.• jit "•_ feet
and will )iaVe~to be run an additional 100 feet, when it will rea.ih
a depth of 125 feet below the apex.
"The discoveries were made, in
the district only a little more than
one year ago and our'company has
been at work only ;i couple of
months. I return to the mines tomorrow t > give my personal aiti'ii-
tion to the development of tlo
issued a 1
loe'rti pa pi
in a pleas,
tho inve
' has been tit
lbs has just
meat, to tho
jce Kamtcopa
i the eyes o
I oiorning ««'
5'ianner should
" i>sslon   upon'
iO'ithin reacb
In Julv the rtlocan Minns made tin*
following Miipm«iits:
Payuo Tom. lit
Slocan £tar :iv,
Iteco   |I
Knth  .'I
Idaho      'Jin
Ivarihoe l,»;.
Jo .It)  ,'JII
Alberta   v>' i Greenwood   anil
Phii'iiix,   Aug   M. -- Shipi t-
fioin  mines of  the   It itnid.tty   f* ri
the past   week are :   <;runb\ ihokt
to  Granby   smelter,   10,020 toon;
Mother   I oilir    t<»    the   < i|, «o«o.»ti
Hinelter, !MKS tons;   Kinuia  to  tl.i«
N"!    hi   wilii'ller-,
'"—nrT"n.n;;r   "■ """  -
Tourist Ar
make   ti
every tout
of his siin _
Sam Br-
•nark on .
around. J
never coi.
incitni^} '
Jim  Ik
many yean
liiiiesoine rn
t)knnor.o.   »?   ..
smi, and OiinkH thai,.
.Iiition of 20,00:.) tiefure ina.
On «andy, Eagle, -lO.Bird h
ereekn  jitht   below    Nelson    llu.
onouijb go'd »o build nti empire but
huniH reamii capital chascH ralubous fm
away,   1 hern Is no section In Arlaona.
New, M.<xii'o  or Coloindo that   nans
nearly a* well ami yet (here Is nothing
• I'limr.     Why?   A«k i the spooks, that
iiu>k iii the night. <»
J A ioli.to.FrMl Hnin>,T Madden,
J. II M.itiii^oii,;K., J Suiiir^,-John
H...iiibe.a, T. » May, ,Muloim& Tregil-
>n-, l»r l.«- Bail, Rig Jim McDonald,
I) I^r.ei/.el. Or. Arthur and J. H.
. JI..u>titii *ie. tht*. only- individual* still
i hi.' btiMm'w in Net ton who were in
i.iiMiie.* when thw writer flrat kicked
!!,.• .iiiKt off big patent leather* on
l>;il«i'|- Mrei't
eray poiutw.
<Uy havingi>|il one   of In* claim* in
«neutrality tnay have,
Pip lim»»llafion of water wnrlti by a j     „, . .      .        ,,    ,, .,., „,,
llo««l company -.11 uhmiiimmv «h two      ^ok",' A"« H    ,V-W I».m.--!ho
feik». itittvy department Un* ij»-iti<tl   tin*
Ottawa ,,	
rixlier Maiden
It tmhlur        ,
Suiikcl ....	
i m in:* to the ever increasing hunltiefi
A. I.fin Inn recently tetured larger
i..vni!.,-» I y moving Into the atnre re-
.. iiK vto'.tt.'il bv Hfrtdley & Co.. Oil
Oil!, i   M..et    Un, Qurcn Studio it
' KSfio tons;  Orn   (tenoro   to   (ir.inlo
•ji 11 •
ji | smelter. .'!:! tms; Reliauee to 'O'.m- , ...   ..    „.  ..
^i|,..iih,.!iw •"! .,..,..   ..«,!  i ... ,, „^',""" "" "ver Kootenay for the ex-
-■yhj Minlter, ...> tons;   total   lot   tlie|  ..j;,.,,,.-,. ttt H* ».Imtograpfilc prrt-lmtlonf.
' ui'i-k, M,I2'.Moii-; to'il toi v'.ii »(<• v"'^'J lo'"l  H'^iery and  i>ointa of
' .-then v« for Hah>.   I'leturex fram
, 11.11.  .    4.1 I..M/W   ..III". Ill   III.i       -.i.i-i-.      .I      ,,.!
"l.U» •, -l^i.M/o Jon.",     iniiii.v    -hh-i-i
l.v.'j ler ihi* w<k treated II Olil i,.i^ nf;
•""lore, or :!<• l.oin |ui,s tbi   v».ii. i
Total I'M-
Mia. Twogowl   m   ill   *nti tvjih.iiJ
The ho-pital rontairiid fnn tatiiui-
lant week
KwtaCameron i*  lt*lng   the  Three
IV.jU-1 road
■ *   IH  ti'lO-
Water it w »carce arnuiul Movie that
tli<» Kfilnoiw no longer I'dii Id In the
whi»key,   aiw!   tiaih*   am  twroming
«. L. Stiiee i* in charge of th« f-IMI.
depot.   Mr and Mr». Uarrrtt am on a
two iiionilif vli.it to tbf fnm.
rt**lor«! nimiuerre.
81, IVt«n>bnr|(, AugU-^p.m.^j^'ion';4 Si,w Uii Mu,h'u
A Utittdiin Account of tbelaat navel
l«ittlc between the .)ap*ne*e anil
tlie Kuenhu FU'ctH. iudicate that
• li.. r»,„.,,.,j,. »,„.„.ii , i„,„iu ..„ I •'• *"• Feriiotr fm* wir^l fur a team
the JaiHitiOHM toipedo boat« ^U"- _n,t Wotk w.Hc,,nmei,c« i« a le« «l»i*
telneil th«4r nrevlona r«»roitatinr« fnr I «w th«- Zine nlam «» Ro«h»i»«tv
«w> drvl«f» ti|» «w(«i» tn »W«» Vk'« \»U\<* \ darilif bv Wiaklnf e« ett^nV o^vwl NlfV nOiptn«n «nM hU hn\%*» «t«t t<.»
at th«mmM l«r th« rammer b<»lidav» j - «/.n«j|r,in In tt«n»» fm..„Minftl|n **'•• W«dchM««t Ihren* fntka «nhf»
tlmSi. KuceiM nmreuiremr ren jh*» !      .     .   . .       "     . fOMnn"0,_j Teiee i'tuk* |*oH«   are «.«,k.i,it  «»i
-,. ...        i  i 11       » i • .,     ■ . ,       .   !    Arthur Ntau!* li via lin,» hi* li.mii
The ♦.termer Smear, i« laid up for re- ! following stiti'iiient eoueerning the! \",n • Sentia
IV I'iMiinriiletil: I    Mr» I*. J   Hi-W ii #f.'ulou   » I"*
"Ait-onliug to rt-p,?t«,  reieivwli >l".»»'i» 'o* o.
toillte, the A^Iixltiwoftiol K»«uini.i     Aillmt Tliomr^n and family tmo
,   . ,       ,, , inoved in from Fir.- \allfv
M-longitig  to   the   hri-t   destroyer     ,,.».,     ..
,, , ,    ,, ,     ,j    IVte Macdftnafd la'« the ti.,apitnl  at
tlcvt, meve de^KUcUfil ii\ «<*ftreh of Spokane mii, Khlnry tioubie
fhf* finiMrt,''?  rl.ir. i   ./.^i#,^r...l  ,I,.,.?«..»       «t r* .
I:«l *lll:|l   HI   »   II I M
Butte, Mont. Aug. 1;:, .1, Hi
MeJKeiimiii, a miner iii tin* S«s«i
-«tiiI mini', wie- iii-tanlli kil'■ i
to*lay while wnlkiiif h.vkwHid-
MeKeiiiein'- p-utiK-i ■■ ■»- n>v>«t . -f
lino laiiiig a  heavy  pl.titk.   e I • i
\i..|j,;., ...    ......    i i
-MkUilig ■» di«t.Hie«' <>i   .'.'iti I, .-I    l„- >i
»'oM-iii<f-t. When Mt K' iu.
leiovi li d hi load u,t.4 «i .i
iiMf-t t i <t j<Hy.
1-. i
I „l
"■«t an-t piii'tmlia niitarged
>% \l. Iliiri'i* lot* returned to the city
ill i ill.i,ig Ihico moiithi devrlopment
>*< ik ti tiic I|.iiri* group owned by
\l<- ' K, Ihit-ia and partner*, "ihla
*i •;,! .. on White Fish Kretk (it IU»t
ki. s.t , nnd ban one, of the lwat ahow-
..»k » copier hi the jirovlncB The
tiiniiiii.,- n| tin ;.r»i>Hi«r at Maryavide e
• « inii-'-awav >'lUtavea tmiluney to
ii-ia«t mo o thla rich 'aertlou «>f
!' »',
n.Mti'r known an Hilly,
io»y will irififcea tour "of
.Hiifctmeen end Tnlameen
•ure'i Itridge and coming
l-r'"'*W«*i thr.V  d.» »'.*
•    the fumwi of Wlndv
'•f «t   Ailitmla,    They
i uf «i .'i*nfTM phice) feat met
lonntry with a view l«
■id rrmrracM. and other
Nirety m»rm' M» wM*.   Am #mf'm f,*{e't«l •ilmirwa the effeirtlfeiUM'e   a!r. leral rw»t#-.«*«i» tm,ffff*''w*.
mt ►ren tlt»n
there I* hardly enough water to wa#h
ttw* #r» aM rarrir *«^< »♦*•* l«tf'Hr*
I ttped^d   the   m<ivement*
K-i*>i*u fJet-t.
i   ..'I putting »illi» under Hie Sewinni-Vet tod        ....
of    the1'.,     ...* , ,,      in t!,e (tmtV».f>
,y^    (1»l tl»# w«l».T*orli«, »,f V.-w ti.-^,,-.-*
They UhtuA » u>L*\ fv-i, Tfc*NW Y«tV U.e*ef> U v. )■
* 'Urged    Necomment tie e*#ary.
iVi'-   f-v^:\j«finf-?;t   fi i   tV.f1
Aug. 10.
H!!lV!te!h!„^!l:!_!l.!,T!,^„!tl»«'lr frail cuft   whidi  M.rl..«.l> | _ MwJoi-kMil^MU.UM.r.M.i.ertforjtn.yer.Md^verh^
iriue of <ier»rt> Wait**
ft-'.,.l.T,l,   ?*!,<(•
A  tnottgagt<
»o„',    i...      i   <:> -..
fur P.*J ."»(«* !hh»
I milt thmk tu» jftin »t C«r«(«u '►>• tjie «u4 ;
! of Augtiti *
"Coritinti'tngthe^irc!. they die-1*i<*rl»* •Wteltmi-'rmn at in*- tv-ioo«".;cj,i,.,,p,, j,n .id.-ot of ti,.- \.
tMvereil that »he 1^1 enteml thet'«•*«»«•• frwjii.1* »»* »-««* i^arf '|ril. tt..o ...lo.Kiriv .,f |„,|.-„,
rd to-4r llo-Iv«f,|, w-mi:i     llaiKroioel. *
|f>   • P
Th* t'nttetl Hiatew t« prartiraPr t«ar««
Of tin met.   W »b all il» minf ral w<-at|o
it hMiwIltit.ifii'ie. and. tloii-h pro- I    Mr». Jj|»ne« Harmtr, wife of h* (:. P.f    Mr*. Caldwell di«l at ihe reaidet.ee of •_,.„# j,r rn.« V. « »« .....
Crtinjt ha« ».♦.», canlcJ on a-Mdii.ti-U   II. r»»adtii .»ler at M.dii«« Hal. «**  berU«iij<btert Mm. J  11   |i««m>ii, l»*i ™'ri   ' l m r    * , ta raier tUniilver in Uo*»atiM.
rihU »|,lf»ndd metef. no   wotkah   « bitten hy * tattle »«.ate  irculi  *««   I nemlay.    '|»w   t*»h   »,«»  h^eti  wf       "The .lapane*e *i ip* wiitH tint*     fm I.atw»r l»*r the lwi_|. » w  1 „r *«
4#f*iUee*-*#'e  b^ leered.    |t|h_dik«««Mnilatirn(a<lMieitme.   A*  belro*,! endeMw^I i« tier »«,«,- i*ir _id# t|»* i oi t but t • Itua.i.n. failed ',»■•»■ «i>« «MWbl»f. eM lb*ie »df bfi!Wllrt,Mlt, *,;,,...
<*f ateafiv^^l   LnMiniM «Nrtrv,! thla teeavHtef tr.eyeir rfe ratoe tM»« Sydenham, fMrarfo,   whitre fntarnmor ma*lum' °* * UM * • K"**'**0" <*,,««.   r,,f,H»(,„14f wra7,,*u ,k<  »vt,!_,    vw ' <"»'»»*''•" ». ' »».ety .,
io i e an.aU tjuni,      fgeorJi. | ere eleuctutEtg tbetr akua and ere t*ii-4. i »ill U4ei4ate K» kevw. :ten&e«tiee. *'"    i»ud tott) tut tea m iditioti
iiimtj; '^e i ovi-r* I'to
tr.e I'.iilwny whi» It it
|i'rl il   to
W  t
«..., \V
f i ■   Nj.
g.Hl.g* I
.   »l*    :!>     '■
/I'f,   M,
♦  f,!       ..
••.il?    .'
» If,-
,,M,I ,■
'»   t 111
i !|.;t.,«
.  'int.,
■■i  1   "0«|»
<»'.%'•»   "...
s.«   _t,l
f:.»i    I.,   i
t.l-  s...,.'.*
i •' I ill-l-
,'ei, H»m„ alter wefka of
i   %.-,   o.entig  »n<j  hterillv
I   -e«ritleffsel(.'» **4v «**
» fight* t'htMa ■»'« «f
t t,e *mM t. * for
oi   tit*   M **♦•
V*et« '.n
/ T':
THE LEDGE, NTET.^OV. Rf\. ArQUST 15, 1°04.
Eleventh yFAR
(Bj- the Mental Vibration J <ne).
Three Forks, Aug. 15.—La>t
night Hughie Niven took a drink of
water in mistake for Scotch whiskey, but full hopes are now entertained of his recovery.
Sandon, Aug. 15.—At three
o'clock this morning a barrel ol
vinegar in Jake Kelson's faeton
soured on the world and passed in
its cheeks by spreading its remains
over the floor. Jake has wired for
a new barrel.
The Ledge.
R, T. LOWEKY, Editor and Financier.
bank account, and once again recline upon the soft and easy side of
prosperity.    Bring in your ads.
Published every Men ay mornlnu In the com-
mertlal centru of the Kootenay.
Subscription, W a year in advance or $J 60 it
not so paid.
Kellnw Pilgrims: Thk Ledgk is located m
Kct«on,,B. C-, and Is traced to iitany parts or th
earth "It baa'never been rakted by the lierlff,
inowrtlliied by cheap silver, or Milxlucfl bv iluteal of man It worts for t c trail nluzei equally
as well as It doea for the ehumpaime-flavor d
trust liend. It alms to be on the right side f
everything, and r-tfll lirmly believes th.-u hell
should be administered to the wicked In larmi
doses It has stood the test of timo, and th-
■i paystreak has never entirety pinched out a!
thouKli at times it ha» been no bl:.'trer than the
shadow of a knifeblade. It knows that oneu:
the noblest works of erealiuu ts tht man who
always pays the printer.
Address every thiuif to—
Nelson. B. C
A pencil crow* in thin square
l;t Heats'* that your sunnrrlp
ti id it due, ami tw the editor
tr:iin*'HK.-U twain 'to look at
y >tlr collateral
Like truth the live ad is mightv
and will prevail.
New Denver, Aug. 15.—A litt'e
after 2 a. m. Henry Stege's bantam rooster flew the coop and
waked every guest in the housi.
The bird is still living.
Why   VVe   Returned.
came 'into" j
limited njj
square luel
w'as "a  lil if
)wn since we
ivboiit, and
to gi't a
[no Nelson
Tig  cui;p
with its fa
King, whij
How We Escaped.
After living for ten years in a
town dead  to enterprise and  expending thousands of dollars in a
vain effort to  push  New Denver
into the upper slope of prominence
it is sad to be compelled from a
spirit of self-prest rvation to abandon the location and  plant other
stakes.    But it had to be done or
else   sink into oblivion   with  the
moss sprouting through our silken,
hirsute foliage.    We would rather
ho ground to death under the piti-
le-s wheels of commercial competition timo rust to a finish, like a
pile of scrap iron on a hillsid<\   So
tlie other day we pulled out of New
Denver, bug, baggage and bulldog,
leaving the water barrel and   the
blitek cow to their lonely fate.   We
are not lost.    Simply moved onto
die Rome of Kootenay and a wider,
field for our love of work.    Our departure from the old camp was like
.t!io burial uf Sir John' Moore.    Not
Biuxa in your ads. Do not wait
for an introduction. Business before ceremony.
A chipmunk came iuto our office
the otlur day. Probably mistook
the nuggets on our desk for hazel
In some parts of B.C. the rabbits
are accused of spreading forest fires
The rabbits do not deny the allegation.
Lightning recently smashed a
church in Bayonne, N.J. This is
a strange event as God surely would
not ueed tho insurance.
[o the Silver
{lie Slocan,
and th.
Mi tor, and
Jdow over
lays when'
fough and
Tipen ; when
Pmark of (lis-
"the plug hat could
Seated ; when it was no
Face to get drunk before break-
1st, and the rattle of poker chips
kept time with the muni.; from the
piano end of Baker street; when
all was hope with bacon and banns
on the side; when condensed milk
reigned supreme and the roar oi
the street cars did not jar tho rest
of the trail-blazers, But there
camea time in the fall of M)2 when
depression flung its mantle over
tho young city and we followed the
stampede to Kaslo leaving Oil
Stanley a chance to make a fortune,
and eventually wear diamond.-.
Since those days wo have bad u
strenuous existence, having published papers in nine towns without
being arretted or chuml by tie
sheriff. For ten years we boosted
Now Denver while Nelson an.
Hmdon all the while furnished tin
sinews of war. Ho, aft>r a lino
tho brick ho it wo fell on us and wi
have wandered Iwek a^aoi to Ma>
in the metropolis
us a |M*ir of win}]
pointi" out an uitkn
hing of the black cow as she stood
upon the beach and yelled for us to
come back. Not a hand'reached
us a dollar or a gold watch. No
Iruin bene the retreat as the deckhands rustled our munitions aboard
the steamer.,^ Old Nevada shook
oTrro'igits am*. ;-aidJiewaa sorry be
•tipped the paper, white"U*i!iU
Stege, game to the end, ran to the
boat with the copy of a new ad.
As the steamer steamed away we.
looked at the peaceful, sleeping
town and saw it dream bury itsell
in a bunch of Dead Sea fruit. We
could also see a lot of swine lighting over the rotten contents of n
swill barrel while a diamond (uncut) lay glistening in tho sun by
their side,    liring iu v'»ur ads.
Auound Port Arthur these days
when the Japs want to make a
wonderful charge they imagine that
they are ruuning hotels in St.
A knife with a blade 30 feet
long is on exhibition in St. Louis.
Some local editors might use a blade
like that on each other to Home
advantage, and furnish the town
with a*red sensation.
Slocan City, Aug. 15.-~Tlie
troops have not yet marched on t»
Sandon, but a great battle is in
Silverton, " Aug. 15.—Father
Dan has just split a pair and tl e
rubbernecks are anxiously watching the result.
Kaslo, Aug. 15. -Charley Belir-
mau expects to have a roof on the
big tunnel before the snow flies.
Poplar, Aug. 15—The postoflice
has a full set of stamps in operation, and shipments are being maiie
every two days.
Ferguson, Aug.   15.—Gold  h.t
been found near the  Eagle  office.
Some printer is supposed to have
hurried it.
Dowie accounts for the hot weather this summer by the presence
in the air of millions of little devils
sent here to torment us by the
devil himself. Ho does not say
what the little chaps will do in
January. Probably roost with the
Trout Lake, Aug. 15.— Johum
Laugstaff occasionally wakes u\
and takes a big nourishment.
Aiusworth,   Aug.   15.—Charle\
a moM.Vii an. u,iu
Nearly all women and many
men will enjoy this delicious bit of
satire written by Mrs. Wilson
■Woohrow and published in a recent
number of the Life;    '""■-;■
They had quarreled at the ball
the night before over some trivial
matter, as lovers will, and had
parted in anger.
At the earliest possible hour the
following morning, he hastened to
seek her and  beg her forgiveness.
She was already in the drawing-
room when he arrived, sitting   silent among a group of   sympathizing friends.    His heart smote him
vvhen he saw her heavy eyes, the
deep lines of suffering ou her face,
and noted that she was still wearing her gauzy ball gown.
"You are ill?" he gasped.
She shook her head.
"Only a   woman can apreciate
what she has endured,"   ventured
one of her companions.
The girl smiled wanly. "Leave
uie alone with him,M sho murmured. "Perhaps I can make him
understand. '   ■■
"My love, my love," he moaned,
"have my unthinking words
•vrought this havoc? Was it for
my siike that those eyes kept vigil
through the long night? Did my
cruel words so crush you that you
iad no heart even to remove you:
iainty gown?"
"We were both to blame," slu
siid gently; "but if you kue \
tvhac I have suffe id, you would
forgive the unju.-t repioaehes I
heaped upon you. Listen! When
I entered the house last night, all
was dark and still, everyone was
i.-.leep, and I—T—" her voice
trembled; "Iliad to sit up through
ttie long hours because—"
"Because   of   my     unthinking
words,    darling, '    he    broke   in
Tilt.   SLACKS    KOlt     'DliAKESr."
"Yes," said the boarding-school
teacher, ''1 think that is a model
letter for you to write your fiancee.
But, of course, you will copy it
leaving out those numerous
spaces?" . Oh, dear, uo!" replied
the girl; "those are for 'dearest.'
I have it on a rubber,stamp."
Sermons  in Saloons.
At tho opening of a new saloon
in New York tin-other day Hisluip
Potter delivered the principal ad
dress,    It  seems   as   though   tin
milleuiiim is at hand when parson-
bless boo/.eiine,    If the movemcn
becomes  general   we   may   e.vpce.
some tiny to see Mil Met.end ope<
up   in   the   uii,iiii..(4   ttiUi   pi.ivi.
while   Frank  llrown takes i i th
C illection.     I'.ul'ly  Muiphy  WonU,
look well ringing Old  Hundred i
l»:!ly  Itelitiet!   Would not go to hie- ;
lining  the  .-.erviee-.      *l  !\iltn r.
.lick    Allen,     F.d    1.1. him,    Jo
Renter .i.'l tin  lit,
thee  urc.'if.- in K
in this city by giving everybody
free drinks. The exact date of the
event has not yet been discovered.
Rossland, Aug. J5.—Tho population is 30 times greater than it
was 10 years Hgo.
Phoenix, Aug. 15.—A man spent
Righteousness is doing as we
ought to do to our fellow men,
caring for qui* own health and
morals, and being good citizens.
Certain political laws are intended to prevent wrong-doing, and
help the people to be just and live
harmoniously. But moneygreed
so largely rules in politics that the
building of righteousness needs
other means and laws.
Our forefathers founded churches
and schools to promote   righteousness by teaching the people to fear
a god, a devil, and an everlasting
hell, and hope for   forgiveness of
sins aud a reward  of eternal   happiness in  heaven.     But the  progress    of   human    evolution    or
civilization   is by schools,   newspapers, magazines, books, making
and enforcing of laws,, the various
industries,    the   investigation    of
scientists, etc; and along with this
we see the continuation  of  wrong
doing—vices, social  evils,  crimes,
d iinkenness,  etc.,    which   shows
t i;it  the   Bible doctrines are not
Mimrsful in   IiU.ltliiig   righteousness, are not all  true.     Scientists
find    no  gods,   devils,    bell,  or
heaven anywhere, but they do find
causes for all of nature's   changes,
irrespective of    mail's wishes   or
feus, piety, or   profanity.      They
Oud, too, that man's success and
happiness depend on his knowledge
iI'd heed of nature's law; and also
THlt  IVAK sriiUT.
Admiral Schley, who hr.s completed and will soon pwdish his
memoirs, served in the Orient
some thirty yw: a ago.
"The Japanese," said Admiral
Schley the other day, "fight in a
way we can't, understand. All
these eastern races for that matter,
fight differently from us.
"I remember the case of an
Afridi that a British officer once
told me about. He raid that in a
certain campaign against the Afridis
a number of the natives themselves
took sides with the whites, fighting
their own people.
"The .^J'idi in a question was
one of th«e turncoats. He stood
one morning behind a rock, hopping about with greatjactivity, and
firing shot after Bhot at a figure
dim in the distance.
" 'Can't you hit that man?' said
the officer, drawing near.
" 'No sar,' answered the Afridi,
'I see him, but he dam hard to hit.
He is, sar, hardest man to hit I
"'Oh,' said the officer, 'you
don't know him, do you?'
" 'Oh. yes, sar. I know dam
rascal well."
" 'Who is he?' the other  asked.
"The Afridi  fired another shot
at the distant   figure.     Then   he
" 'Old dam rascal — be my
father.' "
"No," with a fresh
weeping; "because my
fastened in the back."
burst of
dress is
jf^mng we warned the nub- » dollar in town   today. ^MiTi
lie that this would be a hot aud
dry summer. No attention was
paid to the warning nnd the ice
man became king. Now we will
state that next winter will be dry
and cold, and if you wish to have
peace with your bank account buy
your coal early.
In Canada uo papers or anything
printed containing advertisements
of marvellous cures by patent medicines or appliances are allowed the
use of the mails. However, moue\
can still be sent by mail in rnymcut
for prayers by the clergy. In ttvci
we will offer a prayer as a premium
to every sulwcriber who sends u.-
i'2 for a joar's read of this journal.
Till': KamloopsSentinel Hays that
Dick Mi-Bride and Hob Green have
been seen hovering around Lillooet.
It w.'iyM that Di.'k wan di*gui-ed iu
i blaek coat, wig and mask, while
iiveu lookid as though hecariiid
•onceah'd   weapons.    Wo do   not
n-lieVe   our    IhilltHttM*   look    like
train tobb«r-<,although(liven inighi
i>\e a  bottle  in   ids (toekct, aod
. • sibly MeHiide may have rusth-.l
i new nut of ('bribes.
!)t":U*'! the pa-1 few week- forest
j.i'i ii iV.i doiii- <tgrv.it de d "f ^n il
in   Kootenay.    T iey Imve bur.eii
tip a gie.it (l.-.ii of tiiiilh-r whicii mi
live a te  ib'liiy  to liii-e th" j.iir
of ItuuVr   unl  inrreise  hnjpi <»•-■
ninoiig-t  null  in mi,    Tho  bur ij
of •" inui'ti tiiM.sh and uui|iT,'ro.\i!i
in.iket* it*.eii for iitoxpi-et i   « o
liniiiyoi'W nit • r;ti ditu-ovci i-* to  .
'result.     iiiliihrw  liiid   Uii-ir   Iio.t
eban'i    vitlioit  er:in: .b ^  in »e
I'nir   * !i!" »'ie d'-o-e -in ike   ,...i
Uieled i • a   eieei)   bettve-'O  lie- h>»
,hjii Jilt i  lltr too/1 ij- hnv-   m'!ii:i.
citizens are wild with joy.
Trail, Aug. 15.—Somethiig is
wrong with Jim Dawson. He. has
not aBkcd anybody to have a drink
Vancouver, Aug. 15.-Send us
your water barrel if you have no
further ut*o for it.
Victoria, Aug. 15 —Seven thoi.s
and people are asking  about t o
Ledge in this city.   The dead aie
Dawson, Aug. 15.—We will
give you 850,000 to move tie
Ledge to this city.
New Vork, Aug. 15.—Hiih-iU
Sage has not yet read the Ledge.
•Send him a copy, i»oi»t-paid.
TO   havk   r -OI-HI.K
A well-.VutV.vn railroad man \Vlii'
|vvd iu Nelson, with his wife re-
- sently attended tlie World's Fair
at St. Isolds. He had been ad vised
to stop at the Inside Inn, the immense hostelry within the gre;-t
fair grounds. He walked up to
the clerk at the hotel desk aid
asked, with the directness peculiar
to railroad men:
"Excuse me, Sir; is this the Inside Inn? And if so, is the proprietor of the Inside Inn in?"
"Yes,'' replied the clerk, with n
far-away look iu his eyes, "this lithe Inside Inn, and you will find
the propritor of the Inside Inn
outside by the inn's side. He hu
been keeping the Inside Inn foi
s veial weeks. He tells me that
once when he took an oc'an trip
he couldn't keep his inside in, but
fiat was* inside information, and
he didn't intend it to get outside.'
"All right," said the guest; "if
this is the Inside Ion, we uuiit t<
see iih inside as >veH u» ii* oiilsi<l<.
before we look   insido any of the
outside inns,    if we  like the  In-
side Inn's inside nnd oiit-ido I eti. r
t'l.tu we like tlie outside inn's out
»i h- and hmide we may   brl g out
t ings  from   outside .inside,  am
Htop tirade the  Inside Inn,      I!
cause we  won't  have  to go fii.n
th-'  insidi' oiit-iile or conn' bn'!
frtiili the outside tosile «lir» rtt'ii
Gov. John G. Hrady of Alasln,
i* vi-iiiug the World's Fair.
A ii|hiiUt  was ctnidoliiig   uith
<iov. Ihadly ion th'- fact  that or
nil-  arrival   iu  St,   Louis  he  had
ni'ii knocked down  by a  bicu'le
i d struck hi a (h Hey <iir.
"ics," sstiil   the   (tovetior,   "to
\oid   the  Holh't\    1     stepped   ii
:r.|it of the  bic\el.-.      I   ex|ieetHl | *'«i»g tln« f-'ir. but can reniiiiii   in
one iiiriiteni, bill not two,    I   wa«.)*»ida or util-ide lot-   Inside  Inn,   i.
.oi    o |dg>b a-  J.iliu  fair   ofj'M,i,,«   ,ht'   "l)h~   •»"    >"H',,,   ,f''
Silk.T." grounds.    The other ime-  .tie til.
•J lio<!.ir," he   eKiiiue I,  "is a !'J' " «»<*>■''•". '»"«•  f«rui-h   nn tie.r.
i -k.i cl.ara.'ier.    He did a job of ji*»mfoitrt f..r the gnets'  niM'de   u
mt«i fi- than thnsi ibe  Iiisiil
abilities of mankind.
Eliza Mowky Bliven.
TIlKJ.tl'   ANI>   THK TUB.
From time itnmemorial the bathtub has been an honorable institution in Japan. Instead of a cold dip
in the morning, the Japs take their
b iths hot in the afternoon at about
five o'clock, and, begining at one
hundred degrees, the tendency is
to raise the temperature as one becomes acclimatized, so to speak.
One traveller tells of the Kawarayu
bathers, who stny in the tub for
several weeks at a time with stones
iu their laus to keep their bodies
from floating while they are
The usual thing is to have the
tub on the lawn with a ehaicoal
fire beneath it, so that one can get
into the water at 80 degrees/ nnd
sit in it until it reaches 100 degrees. At this point a "griffin, '
which is to say, a newchun, n
greenhorn, or a tenderfoot, usually
h is to get out, for it becomes literally too hot for him. But after a
year or two of practice, he can
nnunge 115 degrees or 120 degrees.
The Japs thein-elves can enjoy a
hath e\en at 128 degrees,
A traveller tells an amusing tale
of how he visited a Japanese friend
on At Home day and accepted  the
ff r of a liitii cm the lawn. H«'
^ot in when the water wa* tepid,
i«il i'iijo\cd it immensely up to
niiietN something Ju-t an he wa>
thinking of getting out his friend's
tin'uiiil ilaoyliier put in an up
jfiirioiee and liegnn to wash rice
it a well near by. Now, tho rt*
^nt.ltioo bittiiing dress of It Jipio-
en- i* like a footle-* sttickiug without a leg, or a buughole without a
b.irel idiiiid I, and our traveller
httdn't- It with liim   nf   »b<»   tluwv
HAH I)   WOltll   IN   It KINO   A   DOCTOR
A Lady asked Conan Doyle one
day why he had given up the practice of medicine,
'' Because the work was too hard,''
Doyle answered.
"Oh, it can't be hard to be a
doctor," said the woman.' _p-
"It is both hard and unpleasant.
And to prove it," said the novelist,
^iTTltuTyblTariouF my first "."case, -i
"My first ca?e camo to me \x\(
the middle of the night. It was
January and the cold rain was
falling.' The jangle of the door
bell awoke me from a sound sleep,
and, shivering and yawning, I put
my head out of the window and
said, "Who's there?'
" 'Doctor,' said a voice,   "can
you come to Peter Smith's hoiiBO
at once?"
" 'Whats the trouble I asked.
" 'Smith's youngest girl has took
a dose of laudanum iu mistake for
paregoric, and we're afraid   she'll
" 'All right; I'll come,'  feahl I.
"I dressed, and I tramped three
miles through   the  cold   and the
rain to Smith's.   Twice,   on the
way, I fell on the iey  pavement,
and once my hat fell  off,   and in
the darkness I was nearly half an
hour finding it.
"Finally,   though,   I    reached
Smith's.   But the house was dark
—shutters all closed—not a light.
I rang the bell.    No answer.    But
at last a head stuck itself gingerly
out of a third story window.
" 'Be you Dr. Doyle?" It wild.
"'Yen,** »ld I.   Let me in."
" 'Oh, no need to come in,   doctor," said the bend.    "The ehild'a
all  tight   now.     Sleeping    very
" 'But how much laudanum did
you give it?" said I.
"Only two drops, doctor. Not
enough to hurt a cat. I guew I'd
better take my head (it now. Tho
night air is cold. Good night.
Sorry to have troubled you."
I buttoned up my coat aud turned homeward, trying as \wmt I
could to stille my mortification and
•ingcr. But suddenly the window
wuntitled agiin, and the ►amo
volee- t"rktl;
t.ik   f.-r a sho. maker   one  ,|rtV. !'»«»*»•'«• tliaiMbnn  H»»*  Iitsul-   Inn
lei HI   lie Kiddle   »i   H.e   iob  thet *itll t'XlMUil* el.mt iiuMtdw  nt   the | Ho endured  noolbr-r   five d.t'reo«J    '"n.itrrV \\\m A*r
do-icik.-r i-died him indoor*. |lnn>   s.ile—titat   in,   tb«     li^id
i    •• -Ihi.-.  - thir-ty work  you »n>\ U*n'* s>de.    Iu
liiiir, John," sod tie  shoemaker!    But th-' clerk  ha.I
mildly.    'I iim k' >'M u> t-'ive vou a  f«ll<o io-i !•* tit" Insii
1 1^i.u_;l,l  1,11-
•hod then, with  death  by  '«'Hing! child had nuddtoly  taken a turn
hm wlul\jiM ^t wm,m    »»Wdl,  nUt do
,«t»ri.ti,j» hfitii  ft*  «h.»»  f.-Wj,
ha.I fainted atoi foiettl out with an involuntary \ellj vmi want?" I wtid.
le Inn «lrsk.Uhnt   attra^twl    much   attention.*    «»fto. t-r,tr»« T.i«r»« •t»&n-n>-
" 'Yc won't charge nothin"   for
lid* vbit, will ye?' "
think.    WJdch  itould }ou  piefer,  and In-JIbo)-  ui-tv  hurrying  uilf ITiw fact t*f iltut   iu  Japan  every-
^ *•,It-sos, The foie-t (i v »!*«• »Um\r> ih;ts .m ,old oi.ui, » iiiug .d .ih-o, ,i tumbler water lor bis o it-id.- and brand> |lnMly UttheM In purf* naturalibup,
ii.. ; li.i- have  h> tuin^ U> burn   in  th sjof punih?' j for bin inwle, though in  their ex-1 It i-their way, and it in   not till
_i-4fv.l<-r. :gh<riou* cotiiittT.   1'he fotf<i  fir I    •* *1 don't  wish to le  trouble-1citeincnt they got that which  wi* a F.u.opeau Iu* lived among tbeut      *"'v^f '«** 'n '•"* cowntrj' n+™*
,      ,    .. ,     -, t ,        ,,    , .1 .     ,   ••       .ii        i # t . i _ ii      »wiotoraboe.     The   KtiynlHJ.o*
fnetil-  tint wp  are <** »me,  Mid .lo'ni.     Vt, ju*t take meint for Inn in-tde outride and for year* that he  or  the '**»,*ii|4ior«, on linker irtr«*t   In Sutma
... ■.» lV,s *.mis i.t i.r -. i be orn- wil*tV*f j-io'ie making tbe t tat which was meant tor \v$ om-ftiat, nlor a i,   there ia noth>i)gtCAn furahdi aa_____,in«l  oi fuw4»c*r
'Other.'" Kk\ • intuit:
hi Miii.--;. tutluink   has  si   fe i
., • ...ivi     pU- i^> «l U»
tiild,  favor.
< vi-rv terrible about it
i that I* mjul
%J '»rre.< •;'.•■'.-
Eleventh Ye\b,
W^PiP^ ^i>21-LHP 05??WfS'P'SSV£>flP'ATVSm *>_>_;> r^K95P:fiP*,9iSmit!,> Jolll> Henessey, Jas,X. Prather,
W^aj^<^fid5^ab^liff^^0^aDt_^dS''y'*i ^G£6G^'  C Carlson, G. Carlson, Ellen Carlson,
NeVei* G?VfcUp.
sssss&sasas .jbss ^n^sssa&sssss
In one way, at leiiBt, the best years of
our life are the early years. Childhood
is the age of genius, and of hope.
Everything in the world seems new,
everything seems good, everything
seems possible:        ' s
It has been truly said, and it cannot
be too often repeated:
"Every child is in a sense a genhn
-and every genius is in now, ways a
child " '■'   "
Tlie child is a genius because he is
orifiiieil, because his brains development and brain activity are extnionjiu-
ary in proportion to his vital force, be
cause he St os everything in his new and
orijiiual light.
The genius is a child in the fact that
he has kept his early enthusiasm, kept
the power to see things with liew oyeB,
tho power tojimagine, to believe and
to create
The saddest thing in tno world is the
gradual change in the view of life that
comes over so many millions and millions'—the great majority of us all.
We begin as boys with a lirtn belief
in the futui'o and its possibilities. Passing years rob us one by one of our
hopes, ambitions and plans.
Every man of forty, almost can look
back at the years as so many milestones
where bis different aspirations and
biillant hopes were dropped.
The possibilities that seemed unlimited narrow down to a routine of bard
work, with little hope ahead. The
mind was that all expansions oecomes
dull, contracted, utmost hopeless.
In different ways, but with the same
result, Ihe gn-at majority of human beings gradually sink into a slate free
from real ambition.
Some of us blame "'our luck." A
great majority of us fail to blame orn-
selves. Many find iu dissipation a tern
porary and painful cure for disappointed hope. Some settle down humbly
and sadly to the .admission that they
"haven t got it in them to succeed."
It is to these lust, the humble minded,
who at thirty, forty or fifty give, up
hope of success thut   wo   wuiut  to talk
It was working hard, after all, more
than any thing elBe, that made Grant
succeed. The determination, the
sticking quality displayed by Grant
and that won Lincoln's approval and
suppon, will win approval and support for every man in whatever liue he
may be working.
Tho main .thing is to realize that the
world wants bard work, it wants cheer
ful, determined effort. It doesn't want
growling, grumpy discouragement.
Let the man who is down and who is
about tn dispuir determine to begin his
lite again from today. Let him mako
up his mind to appree'ate what begets,
not grumbling at fate because he failed
to realize childish dreams without manly effort.
Men should remember especially that
it is at foriy, forty five or later that
their best chance comes, if they have
the right stuff iu them.
There is no better age than forty,
for instance, lo begin getting an education—or, if there is a better age, it is
after forty, not. before it.
Don't settle ''down to failure, don't
give in because the world has not come
to you. Get up and go out after it.
Say to yourself, "What Grant, the
discouraged drunkard, did in a big
way, I shall do at least in a small way."
You may be sure that in this world,
where there is so little real determination, so little power,- you can make
your way and make up.for the darkest
kind of early, failure if you will.—Frisco
Edward Corkerv, I). W. Morrison, G
B. Taylor, G. H Ke'ley, T. H. Tollifsen,
I). F. Anderson, Hegina Carlson, Ida
Carlson, J F. Donnellv, G. Turner, E.
Guibb, T. Foster, Anna Carr.'T V
Reed, W. Malanfant, C. E Slone, Cora
1$. Slone. Bartin Bergetrou I\ I Lev-
ander, Mahel H. Haekett.
Jos. Astlev (Win ,1. Astley, agent)
Jos A. Kinnev (A. S. Thompson, aa:-
ent) ,1 E Grant (J E" Bluff, ageni)
J. W. Phillips (A. Haekett. agent). E.
E. Phillips (Andew Haekett, agent).
It. S. Lenuie (I W.Dalbv, agent). S.
D Howell (I W I)albv,ageui). \V. B.
Hudson (I W Dalbv. agent) Oscar
White (I W. Dalby,'apent). J.Fred
Hume, W. MeAdairis, J. Stewart.. J. L.
Iletallack, Fred Elliott, W. C. Mores-
hv, S. S. Fowler, P. C. Cuddle, R. A.
Froiilebeux, I. W. Dalbv. H. N. Leu
nie, John Elliott, M. S. Daws. T. M.
Ward, A. H. Kelly, A. Whealler, W.
G. Buruham. XV. P. Tiemev, W. II.
Thompson, B. N. White, W. J. Wilson,
Isaac Coward (J. Astley, agent). Anna
Astley (J. Astley, agent). John Astley
(J. Astley, agent).
^c» |it-Tji» i lyi— —™—~ "J
We wish that some power could im
press upon all men the fact that it is
never to late to hope for success, and
especially the fact that the age at which
most men give up hope is the very age
when hope is more apt to be realized.
Wo all suffer from an insane desire to
early succeed. We all feel thut our
mere hopes, our mere wishing, should
briiiit suiHO-is to us " We will not
realize that, hope and ambition can act
but as guides and inceiitivos. Wo wil:
not realize that it is timo and long
effort alone that realize our dreams,
D.i you know the mail of all men in
the United States history whoso example should encourage tho disappointed,
broken-spirited man of forty and forty •
That man is General Grant.
General Grant's 1 fo should encourage
every discouraged man, it should make
the despised. Ihe failures, evt'ii the
drunkards, Uke heart. For General
Grant, before, the World ever heard o
him, was discouraged, lie had (nilci
in eveiything that he had   u .d.-rtiiUon.
And General Grant, hcJiro ho went
into Hie army to ti^ht for his country
nid win fame, for himself, wa» despised.
Men that had known him for year*
ci'ii-'cd the, street to avoid meeting
him ami In tivoiil lending him small
mint*of money, A relative who gave
him some very humble enployitiui t
prat'tii'itHy without pay, fnima that he
wa* "not woitli bee pin/."
tieiierml linml wit*  iliMimratfiil,   for-
nalieu hv hi*   friends,  find   tie   wan  nl
drih.k.tnl, getting w.<l| mi in y< his   by
fnre the sligiiO-.-t »mn ol iiit'cms came
to him.
To tell of itur* great man's early   fail
Ih/S Hint fioUlli'S i.lllliill lillrt lilN    liit'iit
ory; it rail lint add lutei to liiiachieve
iiniit.    Fur tiu« iiiiiii   wini  sinvee Is in
*p,h-nl dunk ;onl of   lailure   i» Into i
Umii tie wli .si' |'.iMi is *iiiu ah (luiii  lie
lii'.liiiiin .
!(•)« tn.tnv uteti ultl *ft> tlii- I'.i^i" to
thn" uii.'lii oi le.o n a li*-t-iu tiiiin ttn«
lilory el liiH'-t,   Mil    ijn'rt'.l   gi-i I.
II i» in hi* n«i*n wild   in.'ki it .iiili.tiini
hi*'* *<"|-. #'•»«'   ***•*   *'.,.* **'#*< U   'ir'i.rif    ,i,i
th*u (i.-.oit «,i«    wU,-.i i.e   w_ik-d   !i»*
may (r>nu the t< tto n t> tin* lop.
Il^tiiln.   iitn   .in,-  «|t«;»;ln,  wl.ith
III ll.ll i \,'ii s■ li.ll 'All.'U In- ■ ..iil III   W   U 't
fcfi p «|. a cei-iiim ni.lk   "il   ii   iiml*   ah
iiinunei."   If '!■•:■ ru,i,.ui.fit  li.».|  turn
iii j*cl.-i-Unl nvfj.  :*«d  f<:il   I'-i'ili'i-il,   ).f
W|.IM*l| Ittiu'l'H'ir th HV* thfWI, r,F.O" ffHtrJIi, «llff*HiV
n-il -1  »l Ife- f'Oiit .Vfure
1( ii wiei't too i.o • rf.ir tii-nt■» n'i- »vr
VI....H.  'I.,   ■(*    II   'III!''.!    .   '. . •,!*   *|M*    ',   '.'i     'I''.   ■ /,'  >**>>
tii.i.t t» p.tfc luiii-... I   .if.   m,,f  intt.m
the i»**t. why *hotil<| it »:#  i>*t l*t«»  <<»»
yen, or for son*  di-t.-nr*.. .t   fii.wl   f.»
w.i-.in >ft« i«,iy hut.ri   thi«   iw-*»j,«;es/
X«H *w*t? fnitere r*n mik« ho,-,-. It *
It !,'f,"jl'(-'Uf. ill' 4 >'V-    H"ii«t'lt        I'vl
tnt'tf f-linn    . 4ti  »»«o  moaniti/  «mi
CO A l.   AND   OIL   1.ICKNSKS.
A group for which  Angus Cameron
is as:wit composed of:    Wm   McGregor,
M. A Ni-wby, E. Anderson, 1. M. Hod
son, J   G.  PiitiK'.tn, S.  A    MeCa.lum,
.1  Anderson, A   Wright, A   M. Hay,
F. Dinsiiiore, A   W   Anderson, 1).   W
Mutiio, E  M.liav. E   McCallum, A. J.
Dunl.ip, L  Wright,   J.   A   McOahum,
E E, MiCalluni, V. McCallum, M Ken
John Watt grpup, comprising J. G
MeCnv, George  Watt,  Alex   Watt, J.
E. Smart, J A   Ford,   Alfred F.  Mar
cus, Mairirie Watt, D   W. Rhodes, .Sar-
nelson fair
Second Annual Exhibition of the
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Association
September 28-29
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write for Prizo iJlst.
J' E. Amiable, See., Nelson, B.C.
I bos.    B.   Watt,   .Mauley
J.ihn Watt aiid Alhert Wiejrand
John Hutctiinson, .V.   H.   Bal-r, A.
W.  McVittie,  E.   L. McVittie, James
pinker,  H.  N.  McVittie, I. Baker, C
Hirchinson, W   F  Gurd, A  T. Watt,
H. L Stephens (A. H'tckeit, auent )    .
J   1C   Miller (James Cameron, agent)
\  E, Tower (James Cameron, agent)
E. U. Wehiler (James Cameron,agept)
W.   A.   Protl   (Win.   Forrest,   ayent).
lames Cameron, Angus Cameron  (Jas
Cameron, ugfiii).   Win. Furred, Albert
I. Goodeli (Win    Foriest, agent).   S
B Jouill, Jan. E Spaultfo. E.  H.   Red
oath, Hu_h MeCntcheoii. D.   It.   Watt
■ion, M  E. Aunahle, J. A. Cryderinaii,
Wilson   Cliiidiolui   (Janus   (?niin-roii,
agent).     Ileiitv   Foster  (J.    1'.  Bluff,
ageni)   Emilo Goto (J  T. Bluff, agent)
Chas, Hav.   \V.   J.   Bsssett,   Geo.   W
Floyd, Hi M. Spinks, Win Cook, W. B
(ini'iiville,   Frank    Miller,   Eli/.aheth
Cook,  John   Mclntosli,  Jas    Newhv,
Stanley Wilin, II.  K   Cnryley,  T. C
Tollef^en, Hector Keil«»y, Matliew Taylor,  Jas    Ibidxou,   Tlininas    Newb'v,
Ani Kellv, N'eil Y. McCalhini. W.   \^.
Siatv,   I'etnr   Wright,   (J.    A.   Evan.
Mmviirei J.   Mctiregor,   Win.  MeNee
L"ii h • McEncn, A C. SineLdr. A    H
Bio-k,    (ieorue   A,    Winn,   8nm tel
ll'iiii"', Anh Itui-liiiiiiiii. ilohn leiupie.
Frt*il l.ntviii', j   Y    lbnvn,   l'eler   T.
M.t'.illum, ,bts. M.'Ardle, l'eter Wright,
It   W. Gregory, I'l-rcy Sivoid. A    E.
Bhicki'Witv, C'lia* Cn>son, W.. C    Put
ui-iii. D. McMillan, \V. .1   M'lrrlmm,   F.
,ll.ofius. J  Mi-.\i»ht. W II   Hoffman,
M. W .Sullivan ami Fied Wnldmi,
A grmip with A, I. Ainh'riyn n»
ii.eiit, ei'inpriMiur .bdin Tuttle, Sain
Flviin, A- I. LiKouix, (M-oiyo A TitMle,
Eifwit'd l?iiiiniei>tir, W V iMfim-
imeker. Lucille Miller, It I) Miller,
Win. Blllmv, (Je.njje bee IIopkliiH,
SaiievtS iiailmv. E A Zindel, |{uht.
Abnrir, ("ha- MeGiiir», Itutit liieh-
'fird^, If.l.t I. Mi-hmI. .1 H M.i.i-lv. W
E.fi t'liyue, ,1'itin line. I' ,1. Kin^s-
Uury, lie ir^e Uu*-! I, .lolni Gluyne nnd
| K   <i    l--;«n |i'i<Mll-.
W t't Win Furre t n* fH'Hit—XV |».
Shea, J .1 OavU. A. J B»ul", |» V.
Ka»>*. A* I! Miii. S II M Whii.-, II.
(ien->-ti<h. L A «i"irffiiili, M V. Biad
flmw, G, ll.irtin, A. T C«ii'Utid, \ S
* Itiiilnii. J Im Milliiijilon, 1' II I
Wnl h, U .1  Kii^wi'"'!, I
I     A 4l.iil|>lir   wini h    W    .1.   Itluff  i» :
' •« fl'ht  C   III! •»« it of   ,I«IH'    |t lift,   (i   III'■!•• I
! I    .pilll.l.   I;     A    Inimt.   A,   .1     Ithtll,
! MiiimI V |i| iff, To in » II   Aim Inn- !
; ^iliiiiu ('. Yee, A, I.   Dfni-iiii ami 1'li.m j
l».  N.-Hiii.m,    .*    "A     V. hcii   i\Y. ,1, •
I l.nt.ah-y. it.'i-i.ii     Ih*    *';i»!»  iW. J  ]
• LliijU'V fil.'l'lit ;      t"     l.ii|l;.'liUII-l.
Tlie f 1 imiii;r t.ifg li-« i* ti-|it»-»t»it|i-i| ■
■ lie An.lii'w II .ciii't' i « f/i'Mir     l- i(o--.i ■
lli.ieit,   l»« a    V.    lit. t «•• i.    ,l«ii.tt'
Kilii-v,   J .tin    Miner,    t{    .1    I. >,an,
■Mi'V   tVitii'i'    divr.i-   M'ler,   \V    A,
' Il4i lil'tl, Jiillll All ll'IMIH   .1   IlK-i   |l,»!l'|.
:«.ni, E   II, IJiivi-.A;  L    Uiwi,.«s   .1     L
'■ M 4 It it l<i?.   A 'hv   r.tle-y,   .N«ir«    l,*li.-l,
'VM»","..n«,». <'»'"i.-V..« :\''!C<«>>1 y\>i"2\
Andei* •»., *»».-»«# >lt.«w, I. tw*r<l A<»!•••
. ...It, t>*lw|t4   .V «<«•>'••»**,   t .•Hlfftlltt    A«-
1 iitir»*■'>. >i, Rfcim-v   tiH"i|(",ir««,*i, Wb*     tuilm-K-
? * »»*. I'diri»l»f*»   l.#v*it»,   It'-lnetrsi   t.'i.»9i»,
V <*  l»riiiiMter,   Jt.!in   O Neilt.   K    A.
ft-rn"»-. »*!'.- Hf*f,r'-m«  ^    Hett*-. t!  H
I    ilflji'll-il.  I ,  1'.  'I'i.|!»,    'Villi.    Jliilililiftc,
Mi»rli» / MalllM"W». ' M. Iinl#, |» Ii.
f.i k*. M-t»n.a H..1. >».*h A K.«... «:.
A I'rMki'r, A'** V.. An»lii;, Air<»n
IJ.rri».!\VV I).»'..-..Ti.M*. A ihic.il,
Minnie M Miiir!. M I»4iu»<'.S (.,!»
i.nm, '*!.% \l. Utitttwiti, M l»l».tt-r,
I l«rith-i K.ii*?«-*f«. It A ll-itct.ii tit.,
1 . )J -iiuili. r.n HI4 .*. Mm e. A'i-e t
<.it»t,.*f»'t».t». .1. It l*f.*«l.rr, Anittf S
i'.*..i.n,   UAkiiv.   C.    .....,»..,   .!*»     It.
__p* i...i_ a_fk. a r-\ _rv j^v.i.
Over Wallace-Miller bloek, Baker
St., Nelson. Speeial yearly contractu for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning. Goods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
Order your Hummer Suit now.
Natty MiiitiiigH now arriving.
F. P. Uehscher,
Slhtiion't l!t». Taller
Im iln< lailur to go to
you want n ituiuitier
Suit of Clothes
He lm« lhi> nolit.ii'nt  -itiliij
to n+lfi'l from, and (he lit n:
«iili.lil»H'lil|i   H   til,*   )rM.
w-.      iilt.
R.Cameron | W
nRY nnnns^
w • •   * WIV  WUV   Ji
Ih t»u! InrjroHt In tin* 11
AIOCAII.       f#»(liOK   out
town sltoultl wrto for
eitmilne  #,»« »>»»t *><-,«.
.....,ii|»,vi 1.11,   |<i, tviii.
4 vaweouvtit..,» mcv«om, • c f
has been moved from New Denver to
Nelson, bag, baggage and bull-dog. It is now published every Monday morning and circulates two
hundred miles from its home before the sun goes
down. It is one of the most valuable advertising
mediums in Canada, and probably has the largest
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It will always contain racy paragraphs, breezy editorials and the latest news by wire and otherwise.
Find  enclosed Two  dollars,  my  subscription to^
The Ledge for one year.
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in with some collateral.
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neighbors need a little space to talk about the goods
"'-^_(^_f       -^Bt _,^_l __-^^^_J _^^*
_ ^^^^•'••wiw,^^^   uu ' -mam
\' THE LEDGE, NELSON, B.C., AUGUST 15, 1904.
Eleventh Yeah
than by any other Liability Company in B.C.
c> I
For Particular! Write— "<r
ncDermid &TlcHardy,
NELSON, '— -■—====■-■■: ^
Agents for East and
West Kootenay   T
J(^ | Have fresb meat every
day at Sandou, and in
all tlie shops operated
by them iu British
Columbia. !^b contract too" large for this
firm. Armies and
railroads supplied on
M short  notice.
Greenwood is losin<r its rep as a low
grade camp. Tho Elkhorn, Providence.
Silver Clouu, Helen, Barbara and other
§100 ore properties are making that
eity the high thing on a rising market.
We are specially fitted up to do all kinds of
repairing. Look into your jewel cases, you may have a
good brooch which only needs a pin, or a ring which needs
a stone reset. We may use ihe-old setting "or reset
anew., If stones are missing we will furnish new ones at
a very low price. We want your repairs as we arc sure.
to please you in doing the work. Do not neglect your
diamond setting, ir is perhaps time you had it reset-;
this is our special work and we guarantee satisfaction and
safety. On receipt of a postal card we will mail you a,
wooden box to insure safety in transportation.
Meals at all hours.
Manilla and Kninloops Cigars for sale.
Phoenix should soon .be..a humming
camp. In and around the town 1000
men are working in the mines and on
the railway. The payroll for litis army
of men is about §80,000 a month, and
some of it at least will be spent in
A strike of gold and silver in large
quantities has been made in un old
abandoned mine in the ShawaugiinU
mountains, near Oliuville, New York
State, according to a Dispatch from
Middleton Samples assayed by experts
were found unusually rich 'I ho mini)
is believed to bo the famous "Lost Gold
Mine of Mamakating," from which the
Indians took large quantities of the.
precious metal.
Tho discovery was made by a contractor whose men were taking out lead
ores. _    	
Patenaude Bros.,, Manufaculri!.? %woiier«
If you are looking for Fishing. Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Home cooking, and the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.    *
fienry Stege
newmarKet Hotel
ilew Denver
T.G. Procter
Real Estate
Mining Agents
.(18 Miles From Nelson )
"T'ainily parties can~T7o. supplied" with
from milk, butter, eggs, etc , from the
HomeJRaueh Redmed Hates by the
week.   Apply to :
T.G. PKOgTr.Hr-tffWIE^rAroYfl-itti"
^■iksiSou. Outlet, Hotel I router
Blue Prize, Henry 'Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
Goods, made by
Winnipeg, Mnn.
Roiiresentct by OEORGK HORTON. ».
Is the Leading Hotel of
HUGti NIVEN, Proprietor
The Britannia mine, on Howe Sound
will soon be shipping ore to the Crofton
Smelter, on Vancouver Island. More
than $500,000 will be expended in improvements at the smelter, and ere
long the Britania will be, one of the
largest mines in B. C. Several hundred
men will be employed, and Victoria is
looking forwards receiving some of the
benefit!.    __^      	
When ahroard Americans ehould
overcome the habits learned at home
and put their valuables in the hotel
safe. In London lust week a chambermaid, employed tit the Savoy Hotel
while cleaning out a suite o'f rooms
recently vacated by a gentleman
and family, probably from Snokane
found iu the nslipau aVilk handkerchief
containing five diamond rin^s, a turquoise ring, u diamond tiara, a gold
pencil case, a gold watch, and a purse
containing £50 in Bank of England
notes and SI20 in American notes. The
total value of the tind is some thousands
of pounds. ,   '   "■
Filbert Hotel
BENNETT & MUEPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.   The rooms are
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Aik, Modern Plumbing, Everythino
We Set the Best' Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c.     ' Tickets, $7.       Main St., Sandon.
Eanchos and City"
Properties For Sale
The Exchange Hotel in Kaslo is
like an oasis in an Egyptian desert.
to a flower garden,
The King laid the foundation"stone
the other day of a cathedral at Liverpool. The project has been hi the air
fur twenty years. Now all arrangements are'made for carrying it out. The
building is to stand 155 feet, above the
river and will be one of the first sights
to those who approach tho ci'.v by
water. In area it will exceed any other
in England; being capable when completed of holding eight thousand people.
The height of its nave-up to the vaulting will be fourteen feet more than
■Westminster Abbey.
Mosquitos are more vigorous in
Now York than in Burton City.
La6t night Bill Kelly walked into
Bellovue Hospital with his .arms
and face badly swollen, as he eaid, from
mosquito bites The man was attended
toby Dr. Xicoil, who said that his case
was serious. Kelly's arms were swollen
to almost twice their natural size, and
his lace was even worse- He said he
was employed in Central Park, and that
a few days ago he had be.m ordered to
prune some trees. After he finished'the
work hiArms commenced to swell.
'THIRTY DAYf lift r (Into Wo intend tonicity
1 to tho Ohl.f Commissioner of Lands mid
Works, at Victoria, for a special licence to cut
and carry away timber from the follow instructs
of land,
Commencing at a post planted on the EaHt
hank of the second west forkof Wilson creek, in
tlio West Kootenay district, about il miles from
ihe mouth of Ihe* .g- ream, marked M.H. K
S 15. C, thence west 40chains thei en north ]ii<)
chains, thence cast -li) dining, thence south Hi"
chains to point of commencement.
M. 11. KENXKV.
Dbeuted tho 28th day of'.July, l!Xjl.
Commencing at a post planted on the Easl
hank of Wilson creek, In the West Koutenny
District, about TJ miles above the falls, marked
J. U.. N. E.U., thence south nso chains, them c
west 10 chains, thence north' i<W chains, thence
east 4« chains to point of commencement.
* Located the 28th day of .Inly, MO I.
With which Is Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, $8,700,000.       Reserve Fund, $3,000,000.
Aggregate Resources Exceeding $83,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President. B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
, Deposits Received and Interest Allowed
Ul. George Clarke
me   of   the
Hotels in thene mountains where the stranger feels
fit home. The landlord has a smile for every fluent,
and the creature comforts of the Hotel are iuimii-
passed iu the Silver (lily. The meals are free from
lead, the bedn from bugs, while the lliiids on the h:u
produce a reasonable amount of cvhilwation without
a disustroiis result in the iiunning.
•Ck,        <^.        ^ -*        «;v $(MKlCH.
A 2J- Horse Power Gasoline
Engine'for sale. Price $100. Address—R. T. I.owery, Nelson.
Job Printi
That assays high in artistic- merit, quickly
done at New Denver'.s print in.!*1 <in|>ormm—
irand fiotel
IX l'Ol'LAR,
h tlie homo for all
.Slocan people visit-
inij; the great gold
camp.  TiiBty meals,
lino liquors and eoft
beds make it a pleasant home for
3wMb$on $ Undersoil, Props.
On the road leading to
I'Vrguson and Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for man and Iub home.
The bacon, beaiiH, beefsteak, eggs, oats, hay,
boozeiine and cigars cannot be beaten in the hills
of the Lardeau.
A Nelson piano traveller had a plert
saut timeJin Siivertfljia HfiJiMA-BiaLfl.
for cash, and struck tho camp when
Dan Sinclair was pitching high balls.
The next morning eome josher (and
there are one or two stilt loft in Silver-
ton) told Dan that he had borrowed S10
upon-the- previous evening-• from the
piano man. To make the joke good the
man of music admitted the truth of the
report, but told Dan he could pay it
back any time within ten years. Ho
was'iu no hurry as he lived in Xiilson
and had plenty of money. Overjoyed at
this Dan bought a hud pair of socks at
Carey's store and presented them to the
musical financier as a slight token of
esteem. Dan is all white and will be
smoking a^iew pipe some of these days.
1'OI.VOAMY   IN   Al.ltKKTA.
Ill a recent address at Grimsby, Out ,
Mies Lilian Phelps spoke in an emphatic
wav upon tho Mormon* and women
Talking about Alberta she snid:
"You will hear it said," went on the
lecturer, "by the Mormons of Alberta
and other parts of our Dominion that
thev do not practise polygamy. It is a
lie." They do; but the trouble is that It
Is almost impossible to convict them
because tho women will not give cvl»
denco ugiinmt the men." Cases were
instanced where women had perjured
themselves about the parentage of their
children. The marriage ceremony was
always a tecret one, performed at gieat
length in the temple, and further lo
louiplicate. matters, tnere was muili
juggling with the terms 'sealing' and
'mnrryiiij?,' which was made to c.iver a
multitude of sins,   The religion of tin
Steamship Tickets
To and from Ruro)iean points via Canadian
and American lines. Apply for sailing dates,
rates, tickets nnd full Information to any C. I*.
Rj\ agent or—
O. P. R. Agent, New Denver.
W. P. F. Cummiiigs, (J. S. S. Aitt.,' Wlunlpi*'.
Is tho home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
Of the Miner's Union Block
Is the only hall in the city suitable for Theatrical Performances, Concerts. I anccs and
ither public entertainments.
For bookings, write or wire—
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
"fla Interior view. Seating capacity 350; modern stage iDDllances; furnace healed throughout: population to draw from, l 600.
SmOKE : :
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Fittings, etc., always
on hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. Repairing
and Jobbing.
B   C. TRAVIS, M«N«aiH
K Hotel Strathcona K
191 W
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral ClaimsSurvoyml
and Crown Granted.
PO. Ilox MS,        Ofllci': Kootenay St., Nclaon
CIGARS ^ The   *
airof B.C. is perfumed by their
aroma <&,<*,<&
HO, Sandon.
f HK KINO'8 HOTKLiii Ferguson isa eheer-
1 ful home for all travelers to tho Lardeau.
sample Rooms  F  ANK BARBER. Proprietor.
1 and American plan. Meals, iSconW. Rooms
from lie up to ii. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the «old
In the fate. MALONU & THKOILLUB.
:I0I(I Wimtiiilimlitr llniiil.
100,000 lluIli« lo nrrhe -.ooii from Holland
KniiK'i! anil .hipiin.
tiioijsani»h   »F   rimrr   anij  on-
t^pbh°oVe8|2   SANDON
BABTLBTT HOUSK,  formerly the Clark
Is the best #1 a day hotel In Nelson,   Only
white help cmpluyed.   O.   W. BAKTLETT,
'PHK IIOTKI- FKROCHON la the home of
I   Slooun iieopl
Slooan peoplo when they are In  Ferguson.
 *A ■; BLACK, Proprietors.
THK   IIKITTANNIA   HOTKL Is the oldest and the liest In the Lardo.  Gold seekers
always welcome.     ULVIN BROS,
ItllOllodl'llllt'OllH, HlKI'l, (ll-<'l'llJ|lllllll'
mill   llurilj'   J'IiiiiU   for   Frill   I'limtliiK.
lloinn drown mid Importeil
fiiii-iiiMi,   rii'iii  niiii   Fin win- Httmix,
Always in   t'M'.H Iu mc.'ii«oii.
Mornioiifi was but another inline for the I pkhtiliskisk-»KK IIIVKB & Kl'ITI.IKH.
rlt«K nf tho hfathen god Hai'din*; it
w.ih tl.u ilugradation of womanhood fur
nun of the fundftinoiital doeti ini's of tho
Ir in a-,MiSU«-.t! It.,::....-.;..! fi.-i.. is--U»!.t«.:..N
t'.'tl*  \H' rtH-i, ..II  tin' !n-nit\    ill'   lliii   ^i-llill   f-M'Hi-ty
llial mii riiiinil!", Ih-iii- in, ai.il ;iil';ijj- lbr Ihihv
fitv <if N«*h-4ni. h i- Un- Ikhhk of tourihtc iiml
litl«iih»'N«< tiM'ti fnnii a!i i trl*• i.f tin1 Mntlii.    Tlif*
* *
0 #
rtiir-iiH^ iicvit ih i;;- in t!.«- tuiii* of iiH-iliiicrity,
ami rxn\ ttiotit »> «ui ■ iii'iiiV hi uiMiiiiiil-i. It
you lu'fd rt«nn-< w»»»•«» »<n un* ,mi\ lit. lom-ii »l»t*
wit*' »il«l tin* ilt'i'ii it- «l hi .
church ih that no woman linn Immortal*
ity tixveut thrmmh mni-ti««»t*.
Adviccwfroni Nowfoutiillandhtati'tlint
tho colony In niiffivring from a luiiihcr
fautiiii', Uuriiig tho |••st two uimnlm
the forents nf tint iiUrriui h.ivc been
ravaged by fnrc-i Hresof no ant:t and
gravity liHiiertoinniiuullt'd, Va-t lract«
of Hum tlnilieii'd country haw been
Kwcptitnd tin* Miininu'.r bi*in/« volition
ally tine and dry tin abronce ol i,un ln»s
eiiiilili'd the lire* to iniitiiiUi Im nl'iioi
nial (icriodi, honcriuu* l* the «iiuutiuti,
that many nutliMiicuts biiv» been nSiau
doiii-d, fitlier> liuve bi't'tidi^ti'n.vi'il, and
mill nil.i'i'' «r« tl.rrnl.'iirl, While the
I'lnmUof unwk'i tilling tlnumrtheni bivf
ni«t<i< navigation lUniterou.t, ttrn) have
catt^rd Mrveral Mnindiii^a.
I he iiperattoiiN nf the limib.r inillx
ha\<> lii-rti ni-iiiitifly hampeiid hy tin-
lite», uot'tlily the smaller cuiu'eiini, and
an Ilii' l.ir^i'i iiioi-n have their oil put
virtually nil cmiti acted for I lie hi, n'li-
ax ni|»l)ie (i»rlin»l i onnuintitinu art* vi?ry
, -       ltinit..fiii-t»o    i„i..,„ ■„ tt... ,'...i 1  !..ti."
%     ft jl I ndoiiy ui»w i* ttreatur than «vi'r. |
tiiii'ii lm\t»*) full uf |-!iinl». ('til KI<iWur',
Flur.'l Work, lluy illrci't and wcuro «i|i-iitV
Cnl.ilu)fiiv (nv,  or  cull end oxnmlite stork.
Wniitod Immediately
A tri\t\i a I'"1*" ••** «l ■ »«■«», Ksspt^rry.
iV^V^IlifS lliMifHlKiiviindCmriiiit ImtliiS
etc (ii.oil'iuy wt-i-kty; O till frit-, Tlu-rc l»
liiir neiiii'f 'ii ttil* work lor 11n*t»v«»rtt»*• mi n
Wf liavii,
iii.d rrul-
Uviili'ii, - vii- il <> neri'* nf Nurwry Him k ini'liiil-
inif llie i ll>h i-'l mill ln'ii vurd tin* fur (irrlmnl
tint liiinlmi pltuitlnK WV will it Hv r bimI» In
i imln t-rs In rfmi't i-iii'illll'ili, fnf|.'lit imid. Our
d«riil'i ti.nei-veij' iiiltiiiilfui- lhtl  till* Him nl
Over (KM) acres.
.uin»-rum ll'i Hi. m    Apply nuw fur li-in,"
Pol ham Nursery Co.,
t4T   Will nwiiir nrrsniriMni'tiM for '""'il »(n>m->
m'  the )l;»i'illlnl.'   (it   il 'linlri'   t,.fill..ri. .'
World's  Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson  Slocan City Nakusp
Rosebery    New Denver
St. Louis $60    Chicago $65
Toronto $8r.35 Montreal $98
Halifax $121 80
New York $101
Three Month's Limit.
.Tune 7, Id, 17. and 18.
July I, 2, and 8
AiiffUrit H, 9, nnd 10.
Ko|itemlier 5, i\, and 7.
Low Excursion Fares
I'm- all eauternpoint* will«Uoher|iiotid
i;iiln^ via I'nrt Arthur all rail or lake
route, returiilnjr xauin or via ClilcafC"
and St. I .mi In.
1'i.r full |>Hrilculitrna|ijily to lornl agents
"Wlioleaale  Merohanta,
erslu Huttcr. Kkrs, Cheese, 1'rodate nnd
Prult,Nelson, P.O.        	
j; I'KUOUHON* Co., NoNwi, I1,C Whole-
Vj, sale ilenlert in Wines, Liquors and elirsrs,
1)11, MILLOY,KOK   A
H»in»d 17 ymirsM|»srlenM In ilentsl work.snd
m»kM a <weUUy of Oolrl IlrUtfti Work, Visit
made to Ihe Hlwan rexulsrly
Oronoral   Store.
f  T. KKLTiV,  THRRK   r"ORK8, dealer In
•I •  Uroeerinn, Dry U'kmI*, Kte.
tJll.VK.lt CITY LOIMIRNO. 30. I.O.U.P.
H WAivt-.n, ll.C Movtlr.i.-* (t> Itvt 1'i.t rj, H»U
W't Krlilsy cvrnliitrst 7 .to Vl'lilnir Im'thmn
pofillslly Irivlinl to att ml .1 K I/ivdhiKO,
VoWnilrsriiti A, L.Ckaio, Vlc«nr»nd: W.J,
OAttiturr, Kwrutftry.
SAHIION  I.OOOK  NO 9*.    K. Or  l».
Mi*t" evrry Wi>itn««1;iir cvfiilnit at * o'elnfk
In Hit Vy ihUn Cistle Ifall. Hmnltm rViJunrniiiR
lirullirvii will wrlvs a l'yihlsii welnw, H.
iNAAtJiiN.O.C.     Ai.iiim J. IUII..K. HUN.
11 I' A , \il«mi
K. 4.COVI.K.
!».»*. I*. A., Vunennvrr
Twi-lv*   I »cW   iiunil"r«   rf l.owrrj's
Clslrn. nil nltfnri-ii»,  «iul  a    <.(•>   i,|
lnsl  will   in im» ni)ilri«*, |iiw>i|ififl
AiM i-sk.   It. T Lnwury, N«l*.ni, ll.C
t** • r»? r\   «   r*»  A*r
rOIIN  Mrt.ATCIIIK,   Dominion srirt I'm-
>)   vlin'UI Lii nil Nnrvtynr,  Ncl*m, II. O.
i    H. IIKYLANn, Rainiwor and Provlni'lal
/V.   Uml ««rv«!rM.   KAHUl
        The *ml-
ariumat llnliion it »ituait»t tmliim »ry
tarium at Flstifon it »Uuait«l
llml rlvnL i-vi-n ifm l.umrni'.   II is wnl kiinwn
;.,.   t„...'. i-i-i tuunn.imt i.-i(ii*4 an iiatt WCChl>    |>il|)Cl   ptliilthlieU
valued triior llflnw i-i/r ilia, .idoniiu^ .»^..»,   ,'»»    i.   ,-,        »,     »
tn qiMlilv.    II   i*  >i   iii.vil   alliiatintiJllf POl'LAK. iLC        K fflVOft
f  O.   MKLVIN,   Mi\nufactarlng  Jeweller.
•J.  Expert Watch Repairer; Diamond Setter,
andRliiKS.   Workmanship ftuaranteed equal to  '
any In Canada.   OrdoraJ>y mall solicited.  Box
n»a twnlihand |>t«»»ur*r#*irt. Th«larinshot*-!
n-iilsln* iilunffn Tjirklsli. ulnam and tliower
lmth». Tfiiiiisniiih linvu ln'su ctitcil uf tlii'U'
rnalhin, itlutlc.t and unuralirl* lt« wilrr* hr-al
nil liviil', lililni'.v, mid h'.iiiiiniiI* iiIIiiiihiI.ii. A
mr* mrf fnr Mil |iai%.nlnir Two mall* dally
awl U'Iium|i|iI«- roinmiinli'slliiii
rjualitv.    It   In  a   imvi-l   hituntinti, l.ur rUt'ljAH. H-tj.       II gK'i
liiirtni; »t»« |»a*« In yearn tiu< rotouv I   ,,    , ,    .     '        A
ha* i.liiHiM.'d ait U nti|i|.|y lioin local illII   tllO  11CWH   Ol    tllllt   ffVCtlt
HOtinex    [Sow It i.i iiiiixirlliitr. S      , ,
lAj nver, litmlit-rttiitf «i>i thft tivul mmIi* will   ' ,, ,,      ,
Jij  Im» remimnl. «»il lln-n Ihe lrtM|in.Hy i Veil!'to  liny   IKKlrCfiS.     belli!
"liortap- li PX|i<Tt<*il tnliirreli'iKi-il. i'lic j *
total *d the 'itmlifr ex| orte.t ilih -i nwu. | y».»Ur mOIlCy TO—
will «»Jieee«l *nyttilrijf in lii*t«rv, ,iin|
will |trotmbl\' i|i|ii<aili sikiv   in : im j    .l^-uwii'i   m.*TT f* mnm
^■^-^--.-- -^-^-^-r   ^-w    w-r    Mkr   *-•*—*, 'Vkrvr.,'«•«■   Th« Tli.il«-r   K«t«t^   I. ,„it,,|,     THE   NUGGET
U.n^oii.m.^.udoD.Ar 4:23 i».m. k^^.^^»pllfc.h,
\r lo:45».m.-Ka»lo-Lv 2:oo p.m. |»»• «jii#r»i*wiffhr«wgiifaMHbtyl>|r*hHf  	
" inoM-y *'lv»«ml.
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
K«lati»»,   I. ruited,
hCZMw*LTx4wwZj4 fcc   ** *c X k!^w w*^M yc^^d \wL^^4hCZxmii00!)li»t to South Am«ric*.
cj*.  rr,   i
Lv I:Do p.ni.-Kualo-Ar II:oo«.ro.
Ar4:!lop.rn.-NeI«wn-Lv 8:00 a.m.
Tickets rinld to all parts of tlio Unitod
States sml Canada via Grwit Nortboro
and O. HAN Cornpitiy'ri Ilnw.
Fir further rmrUeiTlar 'rail on nr art-
HUBERT IRVING, Minafftr, Rtilo,
!wittuir M«ly or «vnu«man to m*n*»
I bii.liwf- In this county ami anjolalairt»trlwry
• ' ■   -   -     1 «,!' Hind
»•    -  **-   «   ^       thtslary
inn ■•mtnyiiy «h«f h dirsrt
frmn li - odiiuwlM*-  Kill
! V,    HI  ...      1* —«• .«►*..! t
MiiiiiWI(ii'fc,'OlBV«#e.fJj|ir«fi*». ■''"""'
—»"—ins m'mm.,m«-#m*mmmmmmw n wimmi       »■■ ■■■wnwiisf—
Oold,SiIv(tr, Cor»p«; or Lead, $| 00 earh
Any two, II Wi My thrw.« CO.
Sumpfiii hy matt wMfvn kf. u'.vl atuutlu»v
l'ki-t 1 (M4,0MHt. t*« Kltii unw UhmjW.
1T«» Amwli** »t., l»#n.«f. r*u


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