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The Ledge 1904-10-03

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j Wa t. CbwgRy,      I
$     ^drtor- A Prr]apjcf^r*   $
• you ww becorpe 'fee
Soforpo^. TF you r^ad
I Tiie ue^se i-eguTatfy.
Volume XI., Number 54'.
A pay streak has been struck in
the Democrat.
Ore shows in tho face of the two
drifts on the Mrytlo.
Three crosscuts aro being driven
on the Queen Bess.
The new oro sheds at the Reco
are nearly completed.
. Tho Cripple stick will make its
first shipment next week. <v
A shipment of 20 tons is being
mado from the 11. E. Lee.
LaBt week the Enterprise shipped 20, and the Ottawa 44 tons.
The underground workings of
the Neepawa have been surveyed.
The machinery for the Cork mill
arrived at Kaslo several days ago.
Geo. Petty and A. R. Fingland
are having some claims surveyed
near Three Forks.
About two tons of Blanfield ore
were run through tho Chapleau mill
realizing a $90 gold brick.
J, M. McGregar is now a professor of applied chemistry in the
university at Toko, Japan.
Operations are beiug resumed at
the American Boy. It has been
closed down since last spring.
Last week the Slocan Star ship*
ped 84 , tons;   Ivanhoo,  54;  Last
Bob McFarland iB working the
Doadwood fraction,,-near tho Me
teor. Work is to be resumed on the
Red Eox.
P. D. Aider is the now manager
of tho Idaho, W. 8. JonkinB having resigned. Mr. Jenkins nnd his
wife are roturning to Scotland.
Tho Black Prince rawhide trail
i* finished to tho Lily B. A connection will probably bo mado with
tho old trail at Arlington basin.
Tho properties on Twelve Mil©
aro attracting some attention from
raining men. Between tho Ottawa
and Kalispell there aro quite a
number of likely producers.
At tho Jo Jo on tho north fork
of Carpenter crook, another tunnel is being run to tap tho vein
that carries gold values. Tho
losses will make a shipment next
The shipments of oro through
and to Kaslo have boon very heavy
recently. The Lucky Jim shipped
800 tons, Mountain Con. 42, Bismark, 22, Antonio, 22, Rambler,
17. Tho Lucky Jim shipment was
sine oro consigned to tho Kootenay
Ore Co., atKaglo.
Tho tram at tho Molly Gibson
will bo ready to work just as soon
as tho telephones aro put in. The
initio will employ 25 men when
tho bunkhousc* are finished. The
quarters for tho mon ar* being
orocted in a place perfectly safe
from siiowsllde*.
M. 8. Logan ia negotiating for
ihe purchase of tho Mountain Con,
but none of the published figure*
are correct Ho Is going east to
confer with tho Juno directors
nlKint putting In a mill, and while
in Montreal ho may do something
with the Con.    Next spring he
Fred Stock tho original lessee of
the Chapleau mine has given
The Ledge tho particulars about
tho man E. E. Savage who recently skipped from Slocan City with a
$900 gold brick. Some time ago
Mr. Stock transferred his lease to
a Seattle company. W. E. Fry of
tho Seattle company engaged a
hard-faced individual by the name
of E. E. Savage to build bridges
at the Chapleau for a wage of $3.50
a day with authority to hire two
men for assistants at $2 a day and
board. Savage mined some ore
and ran the mill without any
authority whatever, and a short
time ago skipped out with a $900
gold brick without paying tbe men
he had hired or the other bills he
had contracted. The Chapleau
mine and mill has had a troubled
career, but its bright days will
soon be here. The police in
Seattle cannot find Savage, but it
is only a matter of timo until he is
located, with or without tho gold
Tokio, Oct. 2.—The Japanese
generals who are directing tho campaign against the Russians are by
no means youthful. Marquis
Yamagata (field-marshal) is sixty
six years old. Marquis Oyama
.(.field-marshal) Js-'sixty-twOj^Count
Nodzn is sixty-three, Count Kat-
sura (premier) is fifty-seven, Viscount Sakuma is fifty-nine, Baron
Knroki (first army) is sixty, Bar-
Oku (second army) is fifty-eight.
The September excitement has
passed into history with nearly all
good marks to its memory.    The
second annual Fair held in this city
was .a  pronounced success,   and
caused an immense amount of satisfaction.   The hotels were crowded
with guests, although up to the
timo of going-to press wo have had
no report af anyone sleeping on the
street.   Even   those  who  played
blackjack in*some of the hotels evidently had enough left to get a bed.
The streets wero lit by stringers of
electric lights while on the corner
of Hall and Vernon streets alone
caudle sput and sputtered, a dim,
but forcible sarcasm \ipou this city'B
feeble electric light.   Visitors came
from many parts of the couutry.
A preacher and a policeman came
in from New Denver, but Rossland
was not represented owing to the
walking being sloppy.    Of course,
the only Maxy waB here, but he
does not count.  Sandon sent a fine
lot of farmers, and from the smile
on Ewie Cameron's face he must
have got a prize for something. Bill
Brandon, who has  a  forty acre
farm back of Silverton got pointers
enough for a lifetime, although if
the truth wero known he probably
BM-vftd his time on a ranch near
Guelph long before he mined silver
oro in Colorado and the Slocan.
Kaslo saved the vegetable exhibit
from   an appearance of lingering
consumption, and Theo Adams filled his sack with prizes,  besides
the baby show. At a Fair babies
should receive more consideration
than any other exhibits. Without
them we can have no /airs, but
even the dogs got better quarters at
the Nelson Fair, and few bachelors
were on the directorate. The babies
should always come first, and everyone should get first prize. That is
the only way to successfully run an
exhibition of babies, and may often
.-»ve lives, for there is no telling
what some women will do to a
The poultry exhibit was the best
this far west of Bruce, and gives
great promise for an abundance of
fresh egg in the near future.
With bread baked in his Dutch
oven on his ranch far'away from
women or their China cooks John
Miles, the veteran prospector secured first prize.
For a country that depends so
much on Mining the mineral exhibit was nothing extraordinary.
W. A. Jowett, the well-known
musician had charge of it, and ores
from Ymir, Slocan, Nelson, Rossland; Lardeau, Boundary, and East
Kootenay were shown.
The Trail and Nelson smelters
had their products well displayed,
consisting of silver, lead, copper,.
E. Radley, on trial before Judge
Spinks on Tuesday for shooting a
Chinamen whilo intoxicated a fortnight ago, was released on suspend
ed sentence. Ho had been guilty
of gross negligence but his offence
was scarcely criminal. The judge,
though ho could not make an order
to that effect, suggested that Radley
should reimburse tho Chinaman for
loss of time, doctor's bills, etc.—•
Vernon News.
more ways than one the Chinese
procession was a winning feature of
the two days' show. The Chinese
entered into it with great enthusiasm and spent their money freely
in providing one of the most unique
spectacles ever seen in Canada. The
procession represented a wedding
march in China. To the writer it
looked like a combined 12th of July
and Kalithumpian parade, or a pictorial supplement to a New York
yellow journal. It most certainly
was an orange processioni. The
music was grand and resembled the
bag-pipes on the morning after St.
Andrew's supper. The success of
the parade upon the first day was
so great that it was repeated upon
the secoud day with the addition of
the Chinese wedding ceremony upon
the grounds. The famous marshal
of the day, Charles Waterman, led
the procession and his skilful manipulation of the Celestials had much
to do with increasing the gate receipts.
In some respects tho Fair was
rather tame. No.pockets were
picked, and not a hayseed got a
chance to bet on the shell game,
although the limit was raised
enough to let some of the gay boys
look at the hole cards.   Not a sin-
WAS OUT W72.000
Sheridan, Wyo., Oct. 1.—Joseph
Leiter, the Chicago millionaire, is
about $4000 richer as the result of
a wild all-night play in tho faro
Young Leiter came out here
from Chicago a short time ago to
get a little rest and recreation and,
incidentally, to look after the big
"U" Cross Cattle compauy's affairs
in which he is interested, near
A few days of ranching palled on
him and he came up to Sheridan
from the Clearmont ranch last
night for a little excitement.
, Shortly after midnight he strolled
into Fred Littleton's saloon and
casually began to play the faro
From bets of from $50 to $100
on a card they increased as tho
wheat plunger went deeper and
deeper into his cheque book. Finally as much as $8000 was played
on the turn of the card. In less
than three hours Loiter was $72,-
000 to the bad. Through* it all,
however, he chatted laughingly
with Littleton.
Luck finally turned and when
the game broke up at 4 o'clock
in tho morning Leiter was the winner by $4000.
Price, $2 a'- Year, in _Vdvunc®^T q  jq^a
Rossland, Oct. l.—Tho Roissland
Power and tho White Bear concentrators havo under way  flumo
lines that   will  solve tho water
problem for   tho supply to both
mills, which will largely increase
tho daily average of orb crushed
hero.   Tho 8pitr.ee mine haa eon*
eluded it* new treatment arrange*
raont  and   will  soon   comin«nco
mining on a larger wale than ever
before.   Tho Velvet-Portland mine
now has a 50 ton  addition   to it*
concentrator well under way.  Tho
plant is expected to bo completed
and running by tho end of tho year.
A great deal of ore is blocked out
in the mlno and no further underground work is coutempated until
tho mill ii finished.    Tho miners
aro laid off, hut their number* are
replaced hy the construction crow
  ■  i  - mi  nm   i--»
nRAirn roRKM
*     I*
Off Again!
On Affaiii!
Gone Again?
Grand Porks, B.  a  Oct   I.—
Tho Great Northern has finally decided to establish its division point
in the Ttnnndarv district at Grand
JFork*.    Contract* haw been leM*1*'* •""
for grading yards 400 fwt wide
•ad for building » five stall roundhouse, tank and workshop.     Con*
fttrnctton work on the Great Northern bridge two mile* beyond the
Granby smelter Is ncaring completion.     It is of heavy timbers
awl crosses the river diagonally.
showing a pumpkin that would
make a grand headpiece for some
of our B.C. legislators. Tho Kaslo
peoplo took a great interest in the
Fair and wont home crowned with
laurels and perfectly sober. Arthur
Goodenough had tho Quest apples
in sight, but they failed to draw
cards as the judge considered they
wero2 travelling under an alias.
Bob Grcon'sjpluras wero not elected
becauBo they wero too big. Most
of Bob's plums aro that way. Owen
Desmond's dog got first prize, but
then Owen novcr owned any other
kind of dog.
Tho Boundary did not get In to
any extent, and lost a grand chance
for a free ad, Some fruit from
tho Okanagan was exhibited unofficially, but really almost auy-
thing grown on Al Gray's rauch
would mako it look like a star at
high noon.
Many local merchants mado fine
displays, but most of their names
we do not know. Wadds Bros,
showed views of scenery that intoxicated every orll«t iu the crowd,
whilo McArthur & Co. displayed
their furniture itt a way that is
liable to increase matrimony, and
Patenaude occasionally (lashed diamonds that wero worth thousands
of dollars.
Tho exhibition of fruit was dimply wonderful for a, country that
ton years ago raised nothing hut
preepwH Haw. the reut, and ol»*
jectiona to the mineral laws. It
shows what work will do amid this
grand sea of mountains, and in the
glorious cll.nate of Southern Brlt-
iah Columbia.   But a lew short
gle man wao shot, and tho police
The exhibit from Ymir consisted
of specimens from 35 Ymir mines,
and weighed 1,500 pounds. It is
now in Spokane and will eventually
be sent to the Toronto nuiversity
Specimons from tho Ottawa, Cripple Stick, Reliance, J. C, Juno,
Monitor, Highland, Greenhorn and
other properties wero on exhibition
and received diplomas.
A bar of silver worth $475, and a
gold brick worth 87,000 wero shown
by tho Trail Smelter. The brick
was chained down when our report
or went through tho building, pro
bably owing to tho fact that Dave
Carley lives near tho Fair grounds.
High grade copper ore from
Whito Fish crook in East Kootenay
was shown by Mrs. Jennie E. Harris, aud her son, O. M. Harris.
One specimen carried 29 per cent,
copper. There are over a dozen
claims iu tbo Harris group.Jand the
building of tho smelter at Marys*
vlllo has mado thorn very valuable
Tbe exhibit received an Association
diploma for copper oro.
Tho Fivo Metals Co. had a fine
display of silver-lead ores from
Crawford Bay, and McMillan a.d
Robinson showed splendid iron oro
from tlio same district. Tho Greenhorn mlno took tho silver modal for
gold specimens, aud Ymir got tho
bronzo for tho best collection of
Tho amusements in connection
with tho Fair inside and out were
many and varied. The Italloon ascension might as well have been cut
out, and the performs nee in the
Devil * Chimm**/, for it fa no real
amusement to see foolish men risk
tbeir lives merely to make money,
and sailnfy mot bid curiosity. Tlie
prize fight between Burrows and
Curiey resembled two lame chickens
bition at
apples   are   on    exhi^vc^.^E,_^S;
the  New  Westminster
had to arrest no one upon any account. Such a record is hard to
beat even in ParadiBe, and shows
that the far west has lost its wool.
After the show was over several
exhibitors complained that their
exhibits wore stolen or destroyed,
and their prizes and entry cards
thrown in the discard on tho floor,
and annoyances of this kind should
bo prevented at all future fairs.
The Nelson Fair has cOmo to stay
and should grow in greatness with
each passing year. Next year the
timo should be extended to three or
four days. Tiik Lewie makes no
attempt at publishing the prize lists
or printing everybody's name who
took part in tho affair. It loaves
that to the ordinary papers of the
The citizens of Now Denver held
their second meeting on Sept 28 to
consider tho advisability of going
ahead with the rink. A proposition was moved, and seconded, to
form a building committee consist
ing of Messrs. A. Mclncs, Ed.
Angrignon and O. L. Spice. The
rink wi'.l be built at the hood
of Slocan avenue aud will cover
an area of 7500 square feet. The
finance commute, Messrs, N. Mor*
ison and Ed. Angrignon, were instructed to collect at once all subscriptions offered, which hen1
amoiuted to over 1500.
Wt'**M V   i**** ^Mi*****.' •**• | «H.«i*f*i#«<*.»| 4>«44   «* •«««_«£. Vi •_*****-* *»*.*-
Ottftl*   O.    (.UHK-ffe*    *UU   --U.A   ju»CJ l Hitt-4.      1u-_   U»»;..J%Vj-.ljui.v.
enough to brew nectar for a family many » child's heart leap with joy.
of Olympian gods. When we first j The vaudeville performance detme-
solled our boots tn the mnd of Baker ted some of the crowd from vi-Hing
jfk,v.d vimr watch toO. 8tvi.Uw'->vn
I Kudo, for repairs.
WlilWJii     ItttrtVi     'tl'tkri     W.i*U....'(,
around this horticultural town ex*
cept spring booms, cold decks,
praises of the Hiker King, or an
<i<»c*«loit*] wln»of> from Freueh Joe
b A'.*K.iui j'ivuv    »_"jAi.iW»     -_>»-•_»«*_.,     ttuhkiv     --'..lei..**'
Shirley delighted all who saw her.
Tlie Taril and Fernie baseball teams
played some of the 1**4 hall ever
seen iu Kelson, and whilo Trail got
fh*» prfim Fernfe has nn reason to
or Kerw Jack   ffrth*** wfrr* no* evr-n
raised, and that put* us in mind of be ashamed of her hall toatete.
Kroger has returned to Three
The Slocan Star is 13 years old
on Friday.
C. K. Lyons is visiting hi*
mother in Boston.
Tho whiskey in the KooUv.iay
never loses its flavor.
*ft*» Gmwi* Wsito snd children'
\ have f*one oast for the winter.
G. H. Murhard fa agent for the
Inland d(^r Co., of Kamloo||#.
The tailors aud shoemakers of
this city are working oicilluie.
Mis* Moore, of N>l*on, has been
Appointed teacher of the public
faddy  Murphy   has  returned _
from the L-udean hating *unp<-nd* j
wf work on the WlnsfownnfJF n«nft! * *M*MJ»nw»
In spring. j croft.
rectors of the Great Northern
Mines Co. held a meeting, W. B.
Pool resigned his position as manager in order to make a long tour
in the States. B. Crilly was appointed manager. Mr. Crilly is
at Camborno superintending a
cleanup. Tho mill will probably
bo closed down until more stamps
aro added.
Tho directors present at tho
meeting wero: Vice-president God-
sal, of Cowley, Alberta: J. J.
Young, M.L.A., of Calgary; W.F.
Cochrane, of Macleod; James Lade,
of Camborne, and E. M. Morgan,
of Poplar.
Kaslo will soon lie a zinc centre.
By tho explosion of a lamp, Tom
Devlin lost his house a few nights
Several   prizes  camo  to Kaslo
from tho Nelson  Fair, principally
for vegetables.
James Rutherford has returned
from an extended visit to Scotland.
He reports mining matters below
zero In Ixnidon.
On Ilammil creek the Argeata
Mines Co. are stoping ore.     It Is
reported that ther«« fa KO.flOO  (nun
of concentrating oro in sight.
A. It. lleyland has nearly <x»m-
pleted the surveying of eleven
claims for the King Solomon Oo.,on
W-sslberry er**ek.
.loo Uyan who bnilt several
-smelters out of air in this country
is now running a bureau in Cmn-
lionfc for the collecting of bad
Mr*. A. T. Garland and her son
Tom Whelan, of Fernie was in
the city last week looking at the
ball game.
The curfew bell now rings in
Nelson at 7:45 p. m. It does not
apply to dogs.
R ed Paddy walked into town
and looked at the Fair. He fonnd
in it no resemblance, to Donny-
brook.        <
Miss A dams, of the Jessie Shirley
troupe sang the Lost Chord in tho
Congregational church Sunday
Stewart's Comic Players open
for a two nighter in tbe Opera
House this evening. On Saturday
night Harold Nelson will play
Heart and Sword.
Last week Billy Perdu© sold a
lot on the old piano end of Baker
street to J. W. Teinpleton for $1,-
100. -He has'a. deal on for tho
sale of the Queen's hotel.
. George L. Pedlar, principal of
the public schools in Fernie returned to that city yesterday. Ho
spent the summer in Vancouver
attending tho normal school.
J. C. Murry,   proprietor  of   the
Trout Lake Topic looked at  the
HeTeJwrts" bTisi""
Lake, bnt is
ness good in Trout
not averse to selling his paper and
plant to a live man with the cash.
November 3rd will probably
wind up those pap ads that have
been running so long in the Liberal
papers about Yukon regulations.
Such a waste of publio money has
a tendency to disgust all honest
John licetor and wife wero in
Nelson this week. John keeps tho
only hotel in Nakusp, and says
that Tommy Abricl is packing his
valiso for a trip to St. Louis. Little things like tho Nelson Fair aro
too small for Tommy these days.
Al Gray was in last week, and
invited the force to visit his much.
Ho stated that ho sold apples, hut
gave them away to printers. AI
says there is a heap of difference
lietween spending all year raising
a pumpkin in your backyard, and
running a ranch.
Captain Foreland was iu town
last week. He has run on tho
Columbia and the Arrow lakes for
many years, and besides being one
of tho bent Swedes wo have ever
known he is also one of tho Ix-st
captains that over turned a whr-el
in British Columbia.
Jim Kelly was in Umit this vu*k
on his way to the Silver Cup at
rVtgiiMoii. Jim has hwn out of
luck having lieen laid up with
rheumatism since last April, Ho
was a pioneer on Cariboo crefk in
the tlays when Ben Uodd sold
Isxire iu Nnktifp's log tavern, and
Burton City fas in bloom.
Nelson and the (X V. H. are ee*
Ralph visitMl the Nelson Fair, mentwl In other ways than the
tiiint year tlnlph «ot firnt prize In abrupt collection of tlie road tax.
the i*liy show, but age liarred him The city owns weigh so-lee, and
out this year. .hires a weigh rmwter, yet CM'.K.
weights often go when coal arrives
in the city. The C.P.R. weighs
mir coal, aud collects our taxes,
Ytrily it has grown into * won*
derfullv bennvelr*nt instltntion.
uf.ti jimmo fiyviuiuu.
Tlie following arc the returning
l-Vi .v..-..,.v:,
    .  ■■ , .♦ g/J-I'-J.'.l.'Ji'J  J.'.ii.V
Joliu UoultliM*. l.****,"!*"*^ that ho thiuk*  tho  cap*
' tttifti* of the Mnyie and Kokan-***
v  ,. jare deaf or short of sight.   At Five
-Geo. \. rrnscr.      j ^^ fm Saturday he ftnggetl them
.■!«'••»  ■ ■   **■•   «i.' *   • - i *'..',» f .*►>. v». M* »..W-t Wta* W»*^    trv**
Victoria-!!. J. Siddal', I Mm to carry his pack  into the
New Westminster—-T. J.  Arm*
-F, McBaiu Y'.nng
I). 0'llnni, Asn-
city, and vibrate theotone with
profuse profanity. Perhaps the
captains took him for a hold-up
man when he fired the gun, and
' Itiirrfwl on to the Hty withont
-_-_■■_ -*-• >>.>.:..
Eleventh YeA_1
"Funny that James has embarked in literature."
' 'Not at all. Feller knocked him
down with a copy of Tennyson and
literature has been running in his
head ever since!"
The Ledge.
R, T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
Published every Jloitiay morning In the commercial centre of the Kootenay.
Subscription, $2 a, year In advance or $-60 If
not so paid.
Fellow Pilfrrlm-: Tub Ledqk is located at
Nelson, B. 0., and Is traced to many parte of the
earth It has never been raided by the (ihorlff,
snowsllded hy cheap silver, or sulidued by the
fear of man. It works for tlie trail blazer equally
as well aa It'doesr=ior the Champasiic-flavored
trust lietid. It alms to tie on the right Bide of
everything, and still firmly believes that ltd!
should lie administered to the wicked in largo
doses. It has stood the test of time, and ihe
payst.reak has never entirely pinched out, although at times it has been no bigger than lite
shadow of a»lciil'ebl.-ide. It knows that one of
the noblest works of creation Is the man who
always pays the printer.
Address everything to— -   .i
Nelson, B.O.
■ A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription la due, and that the editor
•rants once again to look at
■your collateral
method of living upon Sunday. The oblivion.   The world cannot stand
Alliance seeks to stop all work and
recreation on Sunday, and make it
a day of rest and gloom.  The good
people evidently   think they   are
right, but if they really want to
help the working man.we' will, tell
them how to do it.    Cut down the
hours of labor upon every day of
the week, and teach people how to
live temperate and regular lives.
To work a reasonable number of
hours every day is far better than
to work .10 or 12 hours for six days
and spend the seventh in laziness,
over-eating, or listening to sermons
that appeal more to fancy than rea-
•'That Jinkins is a queer fellow.''
"Hoard that whisky was good
for a rattlesnake's bite, hunted up
a rattlesnake, got bit, then drauk
gallons, and had to pay a doctor
850 to get him sober again? '
Send your watch to 0. Strathearn
Kaslo, for repairs.
Stop at tho Queen's Hotel when
in Trout Lake City.
Musical goods and stationery at
0. Strathearn's, Kaslo.
Masterton, Griffith & Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed
by lumber camps and mines.
Visitors to Sandon need never
fear tho pangs of hunger. The
Sandon Chop House is always op.n.
At the Kootenay Saloon in Sandon you-dp not need an introduction to get a drink. Put the price
on the bar and the mixer will do
tho rest.
Ten Per Cent
In our last issue we published an
editorial from the Poplar Nugget.
reflecting somewhat severely upon
the firm of Galliher & Wilson for
retaining ] 10 per cent, from the
creditors of the bankrupt firm of
son. The Alliance wonld have no
streetcars on Sunday. This does
not affect the rich man and his
buggy. The Alliance wants Sunday to be a close season for hunting
and fishing. This shuts the poor
man out for the rich have time to
hunt all the week. It wants the
saloons closed on Sunday, but says
nothing about the rich man's club.
In fact the Alliance wants everything closed on Sunday except the
churches, the preacher's month, and
the slit in tho collection box. Their
still. It must either go backward
into the barbaric stage, or else onward and upward to that grand
peak of sublimity, where all see the
Great Light, equally and no man
stabs his brother that a creed may
live. Th'o'popo has his eyes turned
to the past and does not see the
glories and beauties of f reethought,
a religion that maketh every man
a brother, every woman a sister,
and cuts down tho monetary rake-
off to the terminal end of a mini
On being informed that a Texas
man had predicted that tho world
would cOme to an end some timo in
November next, Brother Dickey
said: "Don't make no diilunce to
me;—I done quit payin' house rent
in advance, en w'en dat owent
comes ter pass I won't have ter buy
no mo' wood en coal. It's all free
in thenex' wori'I"
WANTED—Quickly, few persons to represent
long established w liolisule house among
retail merchants and agents. Local territory
of few counties. H8 salary nnd expenses paid
weekly. Expense money advanced. Commission extra. Permanent engagement Ilnsiiicss
successful. Trevions experience not essential,
Kiiclo.se self addressed onvrlonc. Address,
Sui'KniNTKNDKN. Tuavki.kus, 845, Dearliorn St.,
Filbert Hotel
.     BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors      -
The Filbert is now. the best hotel in tho Slocan.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.   Therooms aro
-   large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing, Everything
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c.       Tickets $7.       Main St., Sandon.
If you aro looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
Now Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Homo cooking, and tho finest beverages
in tho world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
railway contractors, Carlson* & Porter for which tho Dominion Government recently paid in full. Mr.
Wilson in that pleasant and winning way of his explains tho matter
When Carlson & Porter went on
the rocks of adversity their creditors
placed accounts in the hands of
various law firms for collections.
Some accounts were sent to Galliher & Wilson. When tho, government decided to pay the accounts
the cheques wore sent to tho various
law firms and and in settling with
their clients they deducted the usual
10 per cent. Creditors who had
sent their claims direct to the
government saved the 10. per cent.
Mr. Wilson says that while ho may
be unfortunate enough to havo an
M.P. for a partner ho fails to soe
why hoshouldnotbecntitlod to the
usual foes paid other firms in the
country. From a legal standpoint
wo believe Mr. Wilson to bo justified in collecting his commission,
but do uot think that any lawyer
should have been paid for collecting tho accounts against Carlson &
Porter. If tho lawyers had collected tho money from Carlson &
Porter it would be simply businesh
to receive their 10 per cent. When
the government paid the bills in
full we fail to see what tho lawyers
had to do with tho collecting. All
of them simply took advautago of
tho situation to make a lawyer's
honest dollar, and (Salliher & Wilson did no morn than the balance
of the gentlemen who live upon the
mistakes mid troubles of mankind.
In further comment upon this
matter we do not see why the
Government should have paid the
debts oi Carlson & Porter. If the
Government intends to make good
all tho debts of broken railway con
tractor* they certainly open a grand
If Adam was inside Port Arthur
the Japs would havo a snap if they
could show him an apple.
If you are friendly to us to do a
little boosting, and see that your
merchant gets his ad in this paper.
Friends of this paper will do tis
a favor by buying their goods from
the merchants who advertise in its
columns.       •"'
Judging from the weather at
Fair time your prayers for rain
must have been delayed in trans-
talk about'helping tho laboring man
is nearly all bosh, Their will carried out will make him a greater
commercial slave .for six days and a
listless thing'without a free soul on
Sunday. Wo want freedom of action upon every day of tho year.
Tho compelling of peoplo by law to
observe any day is a mistake aud
contrary to nature. Nature works
overy day, and why should man
stop? Any man if ho wishes can
work every day of tho year without
tho slightest injury if he does not
work too long. Intemperance in
work, eating, sleeping, drinking
and^the sexual functions is what
ruins tho human nice, and puts 99
out of a hundred in their grave before they aro due, Tho tampering
with one day of tho week will do
no good. Wo must live right every
day, or else all down the line of
timo our lives will bo spattered with
holl, and mired in misery wo will
eventually skiff our earthly shell
glad to leave a sphere where ignorance has over sought to make
us good by blowing off tho blossoms
and leaving the root intact.
Pruntytown's newly organized
brass band was about to perpetrate
its first open-air concert, and the
various members of the aggregation
wore comporting themselves after
the fashion of village musicians.
"Here! Here!" impatiently ejaculated their director, who was a
.one-time brass-bu'ster with tho
Greatest Show on Earth. "Quit
gappin* at them girls, will yob?
Wad. da youse guys t'ink dis is.
anyhow—a rubber-band?"
When you smoke a cigar
see that it is UNION made.
Blue Prize, Henry A'nne, Columbus and
Havana Whip Cigars are Union Goods
made by.
W. P.  KILB0U1.NE & CO.
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented hy GEORGE HORTON.
ticttrv Stege
newmarket fiotel
Hew Denver
Victoria Hotel
Victoria Street, Nelson.
A   SHAVE,   if,
OR   BATH   4,
'i*^»*i>. 1 r\  *»*.»»«»*..- »*»■
The Holy City
The Freethinkers recently held a
convention In Home, the ftrong
hold of conservntiHin in matters pertaining to the church. Naturally
tho Pope was much worried over
the event, and stated that the con
vciitiou was a new cause of bitter
ness added to the many anxieties of
the present day iu keeping the iini*
vernal church in the way he would
have it go. The pojie wishes to
have a solemn function in Kmn«
to atone for and wash away
the stain put upon tho Holy ('ity by
thespewhesof ungodly freethinkers
lie cousidei'H that, their meeting was
an outrage of Divino majesty, and
"No, my son," said a Kaslo
father to his boy in Nelson, "those
aro not fire-ilys. It is tho electric
light of this great city.    ,
Tiif. police raided a Chinese
gambling joint in Toronto tho other
night and found 50 Celestials with
$7 amongst them. Thoy must have
been playing niggorloo, or some
game thoy learned in Phoenix.
A hoy who diives a wagon in
Nelson bought a bnndloof our publications to send to his friends in
California. In his way ho is doing
moro to advertise this city than tho
majority of tho people who live
within its limits.
If the Archbishop of Canterbury
had como to America in humbler
robes, and in company with someone elso than Pierpout Morgan his
visit would havo had moro effect
upon tho masses. Pomp and tlie
dollar Is already too much worshipped in America.
From Crow's Nest, B.C. to
Flathead Townsite
is only a distance of 22 miles ni d there
Is a first class trail. Guides, packliorscs1
etc., furnished at Crow's Nest. Applv
to A. GOOD, Crow's Nest, B.C.
Is tho home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
Of the Miner's Union Block
Is tho only hall in ihe city pultahlo for Theatrical Performances, Concerto. Dances and
other public entertainments,
For bookings, write or wire—
Secretary Sandon Miners' Onion
T£_ Interior view. Seating capacity 350; mod
em .taKC.Anulianccs; furnace heated throughout: population to draw from, 1,500.
Grand Bold Job Printing
N-^ff IN POPLAR,        f*\_30 <_ZJ
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Best dollara-day  Hotel  in  Nelson
Board and room, six dollars a week.
Board and room by tho month, twenty -
five dollars.   Meal Tickets (21 meals)
five dollars.     	
No Liquoii Sold on the Pkemises.
'PlIONB lit8.
Thk whiskey men of Winnipeg
have a cinch. With a population
of 80,000 only 48 liquor licenses are
issued. Hero in Nelson we have
20 legal license* to our 5,000 pop*
illation while in Slocan City seven
supply the demands of .100 hoiiIh.
The trust in Winnipeg fa certainly
a strong one, for on tho Nolaon
standard It should have 020 gin
inlllH, and ou tho Blooaii City rat*
ing it would get 1500. Wliinkoy In
mighty and will prevail.
« V
f.f  f'.n-li-i.n ft roilcr'n  fli-Vj
like a hid for vote** iu Wc*t Koot*
en*j, and tho tir.il of mth a courwH
fa death to the party, or the conn*
__■»•*.:      «##       44
About Sunday
Vxnm the guine largely of aid*
lnj{ the working man the Lord'*
Day Alliance fa twckinjE* to hnvn a
law pained in the Dominion govern
mm danger ahead when men iw
hum the bund*of auy enwd aN**m*
bio in the very fchadow of hi* throne
_.    1   V       . ,1   .   I     ii •
>-_.<»'■»'"    '.'*■   '       '...■■     >..',.|.,t    t,     >M..„^    V >    ]^>. *i >, I. U.
mankind. lie intiKt know that the
world fa Iteglnning to think, and
that the day fa not far distant wheu
a more rational and inexnenalve
reliirion will prevail, and gwitly,
(Jurat dlfferenco In aome peoplo.
Two chaj* from Winnipeg came
into our office and wanted uato
give them aomoof our publication*.
There are too many cheap guyt»
like them in Canada. When they
huv anv readinif matter »Vv wan*
flittrt weiph hftftvy, and woll-nofiVod
in colored, ink. Two men from
'l""ri<M*o M_mc in __m» other day and
bought 45 copie* of our publication!,
to *«>nd to tlw'ir fri«*nd# in dlff«T**nt
part* of the world. Perhaps their
eycfiight waa belter than the chap*
from Winnipeg.
Westminster Fair
Soiling dates: Oct. 1, 2, 3, 4.
Good to return till Oct. 12.
St. Louis
World's Fair Rates
St. Louis $60   Chicago $65
Soiling date*: Oct. 3,4,0,27, 28, 20
Note additional date*.
Change in Time
Oct. 9th.
rartieularg from local agents.
ia the homo for all
ing tho great gold
camp. Tasty meals,
fine liquors and soft
beds make it a pleasant home (or
Sacobson $ Anderson, Props.
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
pniiLirj^  emporium-
Ac! dreSS
On tho road leading to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
hau ample accommodation
for man and his horse.
Tho bacon, beans, beefsteak, eggs, oats, hay,
boozerino and cigars cannot bo beaten in tho hills
of tho Lardeau.
The Exchango Hotel in Kaslo Is
liko an oasis in an Egyptian desert.
Slocan folks flock to it liko bees
to a flower garden.
The Cigar Box, Kaslo
I). I', A , Nnlion.
A, tl. I*. A., Vnncxivfif
K. & 8. Hy.
Lv S:3oa.m.-8audon-Ar 4:25 p.m.
Ar lo:4f>a.m.-Ka*lo~Lv 2:oo p.m.
Importer of High Grade Cigars, Tobaccos, and Smokers' Sundries.
Dealer in the Sweetest Candy, and the
Choicest Fruit mado and grown in
tho World.
Try a thousand of my best cigars.
Mail ordors rocoivo prompt attention.
Itotail and Wholesale
Hotel Strathcona
►*^»v»  ^%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%i»%%%%%%%%%Vt
LV . .?i4t _<,.».'. - .CttM'tii-A1   14 .VA) ft.IU.
Ar4;3op.iJi.-N_tliwn-Lv 8:oo a.m.
TklitcU mU to til umu ol tfiu Unitrxf
StatM and CuiukU via Ureal Northern
and O.K. AN
Always havo a  bottle of Kandon
fa\fv Iu youv   pocket   when von g«>
bnt surely ptndi the ancient form* fjihiug.   Writ** to the New York
uaut placing .c*U.u.k.ub u}*>u U»» of wot«S.ip n.Ut..i> inu> .in- u»»b of i I>.«m<,*} ttnd get a o*»e
Cetnptny'n lines.
on tn mi
ls in a delightful location and from Its balconies
can lie kocii all tho beauty of tho grand scenery
that surrounds, horns in, and adorns tho busy
city of Nelson,   It is tho homo of tourista and
1<Mn**«<v«n *.».ll  f«».»lk   «»l   ..,..!-,   , f   It  .    ,.  . .11        *t*t ,
.   ..     ■ ..  ....   , -,. ..    , .    ...,     .,,..„.,       * ...
niMne ni'vi-.r ilrjj^" hi \hv luhv >rf .vwKva'vvJj',
and every room in an enemy to iimnunia. If
you r*f«d rooms when on the way in, tomb tho
wire and the deed la done.
ROBERT mVlNO, Mtnn**«r, Ratio
L~J L J L J fit
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
INCOUVKH 4<w> WflWOW, H,<*   w   'y.~-*t,^***-. —. ^^.^***.—..^**I.^^.__..'^*^^*** -..-***! ^**__. ****! ^**..._.^**< ^**._—^**» Wm—^^ *_■__»_; WM^ __ ^-f *_-*^^j**I P»v^^_W Mit
.%%%%%%%%%%4%%t> j_i_W!_S*W-!_WW__^^ Eleventh Year
Serp5 oF Tho^Sht     |
0 ripest roBe upon.Time's topmost twifr!
Mo3t mellowed monarch of  a wide,
wide bloom!
Harvest is ready, and tho yellow rig
Bends with each ear a heavy  quickened womb.
Why sliouldst thou woop? A wiser from
To feather forth a moro unerring dart.
Thy   mission   is   accomplished,
here iB death;
Rest thou in  poaen.  and  bid  voung,
brighter wings
Blaze forth another self, n stronger
To hand to other yoars life's borrowed breath.
A man should never bo ashamed to
own ho has been in the wrong, which is
but saying, in other words, that ho is
wiser today than ho was yesterday.—
Tope.         _^	
'Tis safe to lay your cares aside
And rest awhile each day;
Be Buro no other man will come
And steal your load away.
—Chicago Kecord-IIerald,
By ilivino right the clergy owe nothing to tho state. If they contribute to
its needs, ,it is through pure condescension. They sojourn in the state solely
to be protected, respected, remunerated;
they do tho state honor enough by honoring it with their presence, aiding it
with their prayers, enlightening it with
their wisdom, and relieving it of its
The preservation of health is at least
not less important than the preservation of Hebrew mytholagy; and communities who force their children to
sacrifice a large portion of their time to
tho study of Asiatic miracle-legends
might well permit them to devote an
occasional hour or two to the study of
modern physiology.—Felix L. Oswald.
The affections of the higher animals
aro not less tender and warm than
those of man. The fidelity and devotion
of the dog, the maternal love of the
lioness, tlio conjugal love and connubial fidelity of doves and love birds
are proverbial and might serve as examples to many men. If these virtues
are to bo called "instincts," then they
deserve tho same name in mankind
Lastly, with regard to thought, the
comparative consideration of which
doubtless presents most difficulties,
this much may with certainty bo inferred—especially from an examination
of tho comparative psychology of cultivated domestic animals—that tho processes of thinking here follow the same
laws as in ourselves. Experiences
everywhere form tho foundation of
conceptions, and lead to the recognition
of the connection between cause and
. . . Many Christian missionaries,
who, after long years of fruitless endeavor to civilize these lowest races,
havo abandoned to attempt,- oxprcss
the same harsh judgement, and maintain that it would be easier to train the
most intelligent domestic animhls to a
moral and civilized life than these
unreasoning, brute liko men. For instance, the. able Austrian missionary
Morlang, who tried for many years
without ihe slightest success to civilize
the ape-like negro tribes on the upper
Nile, expressly says that any mission
to such savages is absolutely usolcs s
They stand far below unreasoning
animals; the latter at least show signs
of affection toward them, whereas Uicbo
brutal natives are utterly incapable of
any feeling of gratitude."— Haeckol.
Mankind has never wholly rccovarod
from that reign of insanity. Indifference to many of tho plainest health laws
called civilization,
about tho golden
While undoubtedly the miners' maxim, "follow the ore", is a good ono, and
as a general principle is a better ono
than that which advises vertical shafts
and mine workings laid out with absolute mechanical accuracy, it is unwise
for tbe mine operator to follow the ore
so closely that no prospecting beyond
the walls is undertaken, says the Mining and Scientific Press. Many, good
mines have been closed down and abandoned for years, simply through "the
failure to extend the work 'of exploration beyond the walls of the vein. Ore
shoots in veins pinch out, overlay, and
send out branches, and it should bo the
aim of the careful mine superintendent
to keep in Bight all the possibilities of
his mine, by moans of properly-disected
crosscuts, as well as to explore the
single fissure in which he chances to
find a body of pay ore. Some years
since a mine operator bonded a mine
in the Southwest, pushed development work expeditiously, but always
in the oro shoot, stopping work as soon
as the workings ran out of oro. As a
result the extent of the ore shoot was
soon determined, and tho mine was
disposed of at a price much below that
which had beon anticipated. A short
timo thereafter the disappointed
operator described the conditions found
at the mine, saying that the oro shoot
"feathered out" on the edges, the wall
not being in sight—there being heavy
salvages of clay present. A mining
engineer to whom these conditions
wero described. at once gave it as his
opinion that the ore shoot was only
one of a series and that another would
be found by cross-cutting either to foot
or hanging, and this proved to be tho
case, for within 6 foot a second shoot
waa discovered by crosscutting to the
hanging side, and this proved to bo
characteristic of the occurrence of oro
in that mine. When a mine is first
opened, it-is wise to have the workings
follow the vein closely, but later, when
tho development of the vein justifies it,
it is often economical to sink a vortical
shaft in the hanging wall, which will
intersect the vein at considerable
depth, or to sink an incline at a uni
form angle in either foot or hanging
wall, preferably the latter, that.tbe ore
might be hoisted at less expense and in
greater amount than through a shaft
having numerous changes of dip and
other irregularities.
our 60-
Our moralists rant
strootS of the New
Jerusalem, but find no time to oxpur
grate the slums of their own -cities; our
missionary societies spend millions to
acquaint tho natives of distant islands
with the ceremony of baptism, but refuse to contribute a ponny to the establishment of freo public baths.—
Oswald's Bible of Nature.
To combat pharisaism; to unmask
imposture; to overthrow tyrannies,
usurpations, prejudices, , falsehoods
superstitions; to demolish tho temple in
order to rebuild it, that ia to say, to replace the false by the true; to attack a
ferocious magistracy; to-attack a sanguine prioHthood; to tako a whip ami
drive the money-changers from tho
panctuary; to reclaim the horitage of
tho disinherited: to protect tho weak,
the poor, tho suffering, tho overwhelm
ed, to struggle for tho persecuted and
oppressed—that was tho war ot Josus
Christ! And who waged that war? It
was Voltftlro.—Hugo:
For my own part, 1 would as soon be
descended from that horoie little monkey who braved his dronded enemy ;in
order to save tho lifo of his keeper, or
from that old baboon who descendinf*
from tho mountains carried away in
triumph his young comrado from a
crowd of astonished dogs, as from a
savflgo who delights to torturo his en*
cmlflH, offers up bloody sacrifices,
practices infanticide without remorao,
iiwtta his wive* like sIayus, know, tie
decency, and is haunted by tho grossest supersUHons.—Darwin.
.#arql_l_{ A Gilbert
When multitudes of citizens belong
ing to the dASttes distinguished as "the
hotter" make a hero of a politician
whose sole aim throughout life was sue
cess, regardless of principle, and have
nvon established an annus! commemoration of him, wo are obliged to Infer
that tho prevailing eontimflnts are uot
of a very high order,    Nothing Approaching to Adoration is called forth hy
those who, on the death of a youth who
went to help in   killing Zulim, with
whom lie had no quarrel, and all that
ho might increase hli chance of play*
Ingdespotoverthe French.thouglit him
worthy of high fuunral honors—would,
many of tluun, indued, have given him
the hlfhest.  No fooHntr of ravweneo
Arises in one's mind on thinking of peo-l |_ J
ptowno tooAuu on who approval or  " *"'
. toierAneo whom a sailor of fortune, who
hat hired Mnudf ont to an tjw.te.tr.
tyrant to elay at tliu word of cowmand
was honor*.! lt«r«  by a  banquet.    A
imbue opuiieu  which rnwgmmt  no
criminality In wttolftttle homieloV, an
long as it is committed by a eonstitnted
political authority, no matter how vite,
or by its foreign hired Agent, is a public opinion which escitti. In mtm At
;m> t'aU', an etnatlatv tw'sm'g  Uv civn-
tempt   than   to tukwation.—llerNirt
ftp*.tec f.
On the west side of Poplar creek,
opposite the Swedo group, is what is
known locally as the Marquis & Gilbert
group,    comprising   the Gold Park,
Ochro, Ophir and Ophlr Fraction mineral claims   This group was ono ol tho
first locations on Poplar crook and is
one ot tho best.   There aro two largo
loads on tho property, besides several
small ones.   The two largo leads lio
between walls about 200 foot apart, so
this wholo 200 foot may safely bo called
ledgo matter, as it all carries freo milling valuos,   On tho foot wall thoro Is
a load 22 foot in width, which has been
opened up by surface crosscuts for a
distancn of between threo and four
hundred foot.  Tho lead is quartz carrying arsenical iron with freo milling
values.   Along this (hero havo Also
been a number of crosscuts mn through
the schist—carrying carbonates—which
pan freely.   Between tho lead and the
hanging wall there is a small quartz
Ioail, averaging about 12 inches in
width, which carries high values.   On
tho hanging wall thoro is another largo
quartz lead, It feet in width, which
gave 112 75 in gold—mill tost—to tho
ton.   This If ad has Also boon opened
np by crosscuts for a distance of 800
feet.  Thnso nnd Also four small loads
north woflt Af those, from one of which
a shipment was trade to thosmoltor Uit
fall.   Although the owner* do not care
to hAVA the returns from tho shipment
published, the values were more than
satisfactory. Tho load from which the
shipment was made has been stripped
foradistancoot250foot, and a 20-foot
shaft sunk on it. Somo very rich
specimens have been takoiv from the
group, ono sample running $11,600 to
tho ton In free gold.
From Cascade to wost ot Rapid creek
there appears to be a continuous belt of
freo milling ore, running east and west,
and from n milo to a mile and a half iu
width. Tho Golden Eagle on Cascade
creek, has tho same formation as the
Swcdo, Marquis and Gilbert, tho Broken
Hill, and across Rapid croak on the
west through tho Morning group, and
possibly much farther west, as sullicent
work has not yet been done as far as
Rusty creek to determine whether tho
lodgosand values continue. On tho
Broken Hill, Rapid crook thoro is tho
arsenical Iron carrying vory high gold
valuos, just tho same as on the Swede
and Marquis & Gilbert group. On the
Calumet and Heels, Rapid creek there
Is tho samo largo quarts lead with free
milling values in tho schist alongside,
as thcro is in tho Marquis and Gilbert,
Development will probably prove
that tho high grade bolt extends east
and west o distancn of from twelve to
fifteen miles. On the surfaco, the
Swede, Lutky JauU and iUukeu Hill
Iiavo shown tho richer oro, hut It Is
probable the average values will he
about tho same Along the whole holt,
Have freili meat every
day at Handon, and in
all the fthopa operated
by them in British
Columbia. No con*
traet too largo for thin
firm. Artntea and
railroadA snord-ed on
short notice.
58 rS-**" f**fl F*s*H I
or&™ SHOES ™
Knr»ill now tor ItMik kw|K-r, KlmitliMul »ml
Tf*»**»*tilf><*. Onul«*,*H> am*- In 4<t»4*n4, Ht*4
T<*    ♦♦»*l    •*!»>*« AA»"   tifi.ftt    l-il"
Thro* Fork*, And a. rd«**«nut hewn*
for the wearv traveller. Room*
reserved by telegraph.
HUGH NIVn.N, Proprietor.
Oppo*H* Court lloniw aih! nnw Tout*
office. Ha*t 2** wesl In town. Knrft-
pwtnsrfd J merf-rm pfni*. Only wMfr»
labor mntttftyrd.   First _Iaj-» har.
TiioMAh * Mill KSm.S. t-»*>•>_
has been moved from New Denver to
Nelson, bag, baggage and bull-dog. It is now published every Monday morning and circulates two
hundred miles from its home before the sun goes
down. It is one ofthe most valuable advertising
mediums in Canada, and probably has the largest
circulation of any weekly paper in British Columbia.
It will always contain racy paragraphs, breezy editorials and the latest news by wire and otherwise.
The Job Printing
■„'■■■'■■' o
Department contains  something   less
than $60,000 worth of material which renders it
possible for our artists to produce typographical
triumphs upon short notice. Orders taken for any
kind of printing, from the dwarf-sized visiting card to
the leviathan poster. The work will equal anything
west of the Red River, and the price will not suspend
your breath for even a second. Send your orders by
wire, mail, or word of mouth.   They will have prompt
attention, and satisfaction will reign supreme when
your gaze rests on our Job Printing. Paste this ad on
the wall for it will not appear many times. Our
neighbors need a little space to talk about the goods
they sell.
f«*^™0|"*******-|lf*^^—fc f»^^*»f|*******'*-*f|»w^f *g^^|*j_«ll___qbM|^^^. t|^_^__HM_VM^^^ *^^^^M»     *H_f»|^^^  m^^jjA"*****^^^^ ^__T***^__F **^^^**"******i"p*«»_^»_.  pfc^^^J*"**-********^^^   i|^^^p_-*1w(_fc^^^  ^^^_^        * -afj,-^^^   ^^^^VP—OMr^^^d    •g^^gj*.**""--""^-^^—   A^_g^__M»q_^^^^|  •*^^^^-"~_?jf-^^^—   ___■ __0****™"_______l ^f^^-^**"****"^*-^-^ ^-y      ^^
r^^-^^-**"^ ^^§^tf^\ ^^^^j^^ ^^^^***^ ^^^f-fc-*^^ ^^^^^^ m^m^^^^^^ ^^^^**^ ^^*^^•»^^ ^^^^^^ ^^"^^^^ ^^ m^to^^ ^^'______f^i ^^^^^^ ^*V^_-^*l*y^l^-^_»**1^^   M
^^«^*****%j^^ ^^^-^"Wf^J ^___K^^^^____f ^^*^"*^*n^^ ^^^!^9W.^^J y^^^^Wf^^J ^^B^\^^*^mW^^J t^^.^iW-^J ^^^^*****»<^^ L^^^»**»*»f^^ ^^^*****»**'-^^ ^^i*-^****"*.^^ ^^^>^**»**»**»^^ ^n********-^^^ ^^i^r^^J ^^^^******|^^'^^*J
^•******-_-»«i_-»*****»*l l^***»»A»«B_ii»_"»»*****»» ^^*»W_WM_r«J^^-l ^»****»»*____.*-»»*****»t _^»»»fc_«___.-_*»»^*»* ^^^»«u_i_.__J^***» Mt>**M J^****%*»M«_»-********»I ^^**fc».,*,_-*******»! _^^»». .-_,__*»**»**•  ^*»»*^_t_»»_ i«_-^*»*-. _^l*»_(» _-_^****»   _^****W_ar»-,   i-^1****!  I^l»*fc_t*_____.^»»***l _^***^fc_*w__._f__^»*****»W J^^__«___Ji*»**»»l _^^*»WP__« «__^*»*B _^> j«W
Provincial Land Surveyor
IjiihIs and Mineral ClAimsRurvnyoil
And Crown UrAiitcd.
INI. lin* htt,        Offlif: K(KHfri»» Hi.. N*l»or>
(}nli|,Rilv«r, Copper or LcacI, II ill HAch
Any two, 11.601 Any throe, ti 09.
H»mj.U-« l>y mill rMriv. tmmpt .iK-ntleR;
I'liw-n Or,!, HMort. mill Hlih (nn Umiht,
1TSA Arn-whor. SI,,   It.MTur. Cairn.
3010 *»Vr»linlh.t«-f lloml.
i'l    iini'i'Vinwn*",   H»iii|.l* f^
flu- only liM-i l.»> li'.l, I in Vinli.
Alt m«l.»ii
in ,-,iii,..-
100,000 llulli* Iu nrHv. mmii Irum llulUml
KraiH-f „ml JatH.fi,
tilOtJAAKIIH   OF    rill'IT    ANtl   OK-
|lh«*lnil*'nilrH*n,     11 »«•>»,     llrt*«>*ihrt„«*>
■nil  llnrily  I'lunt*   r»r   Fi.ll   IMwnlln**-
Iluiui' Orown iixl liiiiMirlt*!
«*»rtlr*i,   fit-IA   iun4   Vtumrt   *r+4».
Alw.yl In   U*k In _i-mihi.
<1W«I8»   kit*M»   (»U   'J   I'l_Rt».  C**   t'l.Wirr.
Fl"r«l Work.     Hut tlirert am mature -_.iii'»
UtUluKu. Irw, Of c-lt -nil coin In. .Imli
al* J* II-SiVKYy
V*tin>iu«pr, ll.C
Wanted Iinnicclintoty
AflMltltll   I'aMI VIMI *'*«*. HuniUII)
/Tk|_,S"II Sir* ♦vy,-(*-1(.rTV m-"' *''if»»ir« *,«*<-i*
tb- i.o«Ili*y w»klyi «M_t Irt*. 'llw>rv u
lUgtuituty In (i<l* wink I"* iruiilwi.rlli/ mcii
Over (100 acres.
ZlNI.AV M'MCIiH, l'|..|itlM.ff
'I'lll. KIN'Ti* MOTKl.tii t-'KUiifx-u t*~i hwr
i ful liunii- I«r nit (r.*«'l>"f» l<i |U- l_>nli-«ii
h_ih|,|<- ll-.-in*. ¥   ASK IIAHtTKII. I'f 4.n. t- r.
nilKMO.M' IHM-.K, N|;|,hhN      Hur..|«ni
1    Hliil AH"»I> _n (4411.   Mu.iH.li.rent.. Il,i.,ni
frrnn .'t-ll|i hi fl,
In Ihe
ih\U »hli.-
iifil-l .j«il
Nullillitfytlli'* »li'Ul flu- iiUiii r«.«l4 lliiiiotil
t•-*<- MAI/INK * Tltl>I|l.l.t,H.
iiy '
i «i
II_. hul IT •«_r. r*|nrl*«o« Ih
_,.       »■«.
urnkM • m*u UHy of (MA llri.1-r* Work. V l.u
m»i|>- l<i Ui« HkM-«n r»R.Urly.
AHTI.I'TT IKIt'AK,  f.r«i-rlir lli« ('lurk
 VI (.. •
II.   W. ltAKTI.KTT,
|*"i» ""* •* *' *( »>i'y K*ft»l )«« V-i«.-.n    iiniv
vbiUi bil|i fnii.hiywl
(.fi/Kl- ti»r,
Tin: iihtici. rr.Hii%%mi
1    H|(»«iii |i.-i|ili< ttlwin llw-f  »rt' in   Fcr«.'i*wi*i.
la Owl Iimiw* «»f
U( iMiSSiKI. A ill..*.* K, l>...|#iH..«
J_   t*t »*i<l tlif trail In il_* l»*r'l'«   ih.W «*_»i*
_|»,V'-.l<nl,i«..        L't.VIK lilllM.
(MIMK AN l» AltK imt At At* J»w*ll.r>, ir»d«
\l   from nillvu itintM.   Klti. *»*lrli rri-ilrmf
s|rhKI(H"S llii- J.«ii Iter, tinker HI., N-1**.
8Boiuin> mooTMmmm
Cii.* •«« t!ivv MitMia no. j». i.n.o.r.
J*f K«n>i4i. lid. M*»«ln#» l» Ifc* f7_*t*« HlM
rw-T, >*fI4*r #***ilr>ir ti r-S* vwt»*<* b»»ti.***»
«vmtl«lly ln,lt*.| ui -tf'fHl t. K. l,.»«»l-ii.
V,^.H.r«ml; A. I. C__W, Vtr*.llr_k4i Vi.i
•Ufciirrr, Hfri-t-ry.
4-ANIMIN   I.DIM1K  NO  t*.
n   Miwt" ««i!fji HViltii»»ilii» nvi-iiliif «i h ii'i-li>i-b
Steamship Tickets
Tn*.rvArrr«n V.oth[+aa *»4nt* via i;nM«H»tl
*i*<l AIMln■ Nimm.   Ar-fJjr tnt **Bln. •!«■•-,
rifti. ft.tfc.-r* >t,(i.t full |lir)i'ni.'ill>,ii t>i  liny  *'    I'
111. A4tfUtl Vt—
w i*. r ottMkiirai,(j k:», a.* , winit<<
WV k»v*>.
HMltl «■«»-
tUt.l-'O. ornr tua net** nf Nur*<>rr -l"' *- "" ;" '
In_ IM th4rmt •ml l*»l »»iHI< • f«»r'»ri-(i«ir.l
_«_1 N_nU» lM_iillnr    UV will-i-lu.r .-..I- i.,
t««ni*tui• *t.r} _.imrii*j/v Uu« »lil« I <•!
b-_ri*i«Mi*«*t«ftrlJrt«.  k\\ii nuw f»r urnii
Polham Niirsor>r CoM
vniuyjmt, Ontario.
_ar  Will wmIu* _r*_mr«mtn» it*l*-*lmtmy
Of lit* hnlkflln. tut ti^lmlm- irn*i.»rw>*.
t.    ._!.
1    MAI HOMAMl  «
|t«I t'trt. .S«.«.i., HA,.
• II,,  Wh<4.*_i# Mtt
«t»t   Mlnlrttf Hnn4fc-».
I fTT    ... (i, Bu-tn
i r imt. hi-ii-iii, ii
t!0., WII<il.KM.\t.K liKAI.-
♦*»•■*•   11'>i-*-*r    f*r»»1irr  »*lA
k. or r.
Jit HiiVlm-b
m 11.- r»t».l»n V'Hl* IUII. H»t^W. H-J-Mirnlaa
».r»*hi*n will fur**!** «  iWlhltiw WflwiHi*-.    *.
|..HI»«,I,^ *M»ll'|l.  *IAtMH A, to  - i».
lOifN  Mrt.AVrniK,   T*>m£>Mi; «i<« IV.
•I   vfnri-t M«A *_rr#T**.   N*w**, It. 0
<r**l«'*  itAtit  *•»•*!»'* <J Lawtff'-
Ctotai, _H tfiAWHii. »»«l m -..:•»  >*
f<1*_f   %>ri4   %..   nfif   »,f>*»**>   f.»if.»»4
AA4r»|H,   U. t h*>***j, H«I»*»
i» r»'.it'ii'*o*4 a «'o„ x*»»,«, tie  »'i~v
I',,   Ml».l..»l.r» In IVtiw*. |Ji|uu** »m|<-)«*!*.
A,-M»l- r l*»l.«* !*••»
I    •*•
♦J,   V
M< tlOXAI.Ir,
mil. NtUkin, IIC.
Ub.ptv.nl*'  lv,*!«r li.
CHAi.tar.'i'i.li    t*ittot,«».
f    T.HM.M.   TlllH-'f.   l-"»riK**   A
t),  fifjirnti*, I»f» »»w«*». Km
il.f ti
|     IL MKVtA«I>. IU««--_of A*4 IWWIil
^   %   , W-*^"*.       -•*■*•  HH jj'.A; ii*.  'il..l>W>  •
«3 ANTT A. R.nJl-1.
AI.VION   HOT   ArNINfiA     Til*  Ami
UflilHi al ilaltftlft I* tllHAlft tmlit K-» .iy
il,»t n»»l. *:»««• ib_ l4K-**f*tJ,  Il H -Ml km **»
**»li»_Ub_ii*II>t*»_»ii*«^»»l   T%»tom**li «»I
r.«,(»lr,« f^Mtfw   T-**k»h. •Wl.ai .114  tln._At
'..IM Tb»i»u.m*p* fi*..' NMR p*»i<wtf nf llru
m_t )•«<■, M>l*flr>. .f«Alirnttl|*i_ 111 *»!*»• (»•>
«U   lt*»T,   kMlN-f, Mitt   •".***»#*   _HfM«<.l     A
., f. p-1,11 fp.f W»1 |.p|-<p«.tn«-    T«» Ht-lll 4*11»
mat wi»_|r-|_*i' i»*___i»W.li-»-.
N. <*naBWBwmmmmmmemmmmmKmmm
Eleventh Yeas
Do not fail
to Call
At PATENA.UDE Bros, exhibit during
the Fair, you can buy a fine watch at a very
reasonable price. The finest assortment ever
Patenaude Bros.
Manufacturing Jewellers & Opticians.    Phone 293
20th Century Clothing
Is without an equal in cut, finish,-price'and durability.
Prices range from $10 to $22.50, and no trunk can hold a
better in vestment.
FALL UNDERWEAR for men from $1 to $5 a suit.
BLANKETS, all wool, $2 to $5.
Tho finest assortment of NEW FALL SIIOES in Nelson.
Strangers always welcome.
BROWN & CO. - - Nelson,
Only the best fruit handled
at easy prices.
With which is Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, $8,700,000.       Reserve Fund, $3,000,000.
Aggregate Resources Exceeding $83,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President. B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
Deposits Received nnd Interest Allowed.,
J. L. BUCK AN, Manager.
At the lowest prices
compatible with quality the
headquarters in Nelson are
Founders & Machinists,
—nelson, b.c.——'"
' WILL-BE'      .
British Columbia Day
Railroad Tickets can be purchased at
On Tuesday, Oct. 4th, Good Returning Until Oct. loth.
Band Concert by Fifth Regiment Royal BritiHh Artillery Band
of Victoria, B.C.   Big Vaudeville Program in front of
Graud Stand.  Six Exciting Races.  $2,600 iu purses.
H<'iul for IUce Prog-Am.
noiIT. II. COSGHOVK, Hccrolnry nnd Marmsor, WOKANK. WASH.
tr_n_r.nrn—nTt**-**—" _•.* r " —---■*■■- --—*-•<• -.->-__-_.
T.G. Procter
Real Estate
Mining Agent
Ranches and City
t'ropertiea For* Sale
Several Choice Blocks of Frultlands
Improved  ami  uiiIiiiiuovcmI,   convenient to Nelson on tlio We*I Ann.
The Kootenay Valley Co,
Have 20,000 mires of the bent wine*
nil IhiiiIh In Kant Kootonsy niljiicnnt
fo tho r»rnjwt!*l Knntomf (!''iilr/»l
IC/iilwny which will lit) built shortly.
IVict» from fil.00 to f lo.'*) per rute.
Vive ywtrs tt'rtrm.
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock ol Shafting, Fittings, etc., always
on hand    Estimates furnished.   Scrap
I •_•-"-_--.\-*__-_■_•_-_■._!_u_. _■!___>....____ milrwc.il	
.ivtrin/UiHiiv-**j—v**\j-i~m iwn\.»~
_.**_?£--:*_* "'ft;
and Jobbing.
B. C. Travis, man*..*
Order   your   Fall   Suit   now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Licbscher,
Sllvtrton'i Bon Tailor
JOB PRINTING - The hedge
J. R. Cameron
Ig tho tailor to go to wbon
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
He has the nobbl.it suitings
to select from, and the tit and
workmanship Is the beat.
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
8t., Nelson. Special yearly contract* for Preeninir. Repairing antl
(Meaning, flood* tai let 1 for and
delivered weekly. Tent*and awning* made to order.
John Carey made a business trip to
Nelson Friday.
E. Baillie left Monday for a trip to
Nelson and Rossland.
None of the proporties on Rapid creek
are at present working.
Goo, Mathews, foreman of tho Spyglass was in town Friday.
Hugh Williams was a visitor to Nelson Friday, returning Monday.
A. 0. Ostby went to Nelson Monday.
Ho is after a contract on tho Spyglass.
Railroad avenue is now a place deserted. Not even tho red blinds arc
Chas. Diamond has accepted the position of master mechanic at tho sawmill.
Eight inches ot clean ore is now being
worked on in tho upraise of tho Spyglass.
The man, Tamarre, who disappeared
from Gorrard throe weeks ago has not
yet turned up.
Geo. Gilbert, of Marquis and Gilbert,
camo in from tho Similkii'mcon country
tho past week.
S. F. McKay returned from Nelson
Monday. It is probable tho mill will be
moved to Fernie,
Henry Smith, of Smith & Rogers,
Rapid Creek, is now pounding a drill at
tho Reco in tho Slocan.
W H.Jost, and John Slattcry camo
down from thoSpyglass Monday andiwill
spend tho winter outside tho district.
Police Court business has been very
quiet tho past week., No ono in town
appearing to have been enthusiastic
enough to yell.
Oro is coming in the tunnel on the
Mother Lode, at a distance of about 140
feet from the portal. This will give a
depth of about 125 foot.
Fred J. Hazen of Poplar has tho only
pure graphite mine in the province. It
is situated on tho St. Mary's river, and
the lead is three feet wide.
A farewell dance was given by J. H.
Casey of Go'dliill on Saturday. A large
number ef Poplarites were in attendance. Mr. Cagoy_:left__thi8-.weok_-tQ
spend the winter East.
It is understood that the bond on the
Hecla group, Rapid creek will bo taken
up when duo—10th Octobor. Nogotia
tions for a cash payment, at discount, of
whole bond have been completed.
Tho young people of Poplar had a very
enjoyable dance In the Nugget hall Mon
day evening.   The music, tlio best that
could bo obtained, and also tho cheap
est, was a phonograph.  Such are the
traits to which the votaries of Torpsl
chore are occasionally put In thoir on
deavour to wear out their soles and tho
souls of persona who have to work
TheChar harvest In being roaped on
Poplar crook. John Y Colo caught ono
Sunday that at 0,80 weighod 12 pounds!
at 10.80 it weighed SO pounds; and at
11.80, whon wo loft tho Mother Lode
mine that fish was exactly 40 pounds.
Before tho paper la printed the weight
should be 80 pounds. So it is safe to
say that John Y. speared a flah in Pop*
lar creek weighing 80 pound*.
Amy*'from tho Klondike,'Tenderfoot crook, glv«i valuos of W0 in silver,
|2.80 gold, and 10 per cent copper,
Load!, from 10 to 12 tncho. wide, gray
copper and galona. Work his boon
commenced on the largo load of tlio
same group. 8omo nice galcn.i oro was
brought down Saturday by Ben Law*
■on, The lead In from 8 to 5 feet in
width, solid galona, and assaying from
110 to ISO ounce, of silver to tho ton.
Twelve men- are now employed
at the North Star mine. In September shipments amounted to over
750 tons.
Just Received
From the
Oil mining will be one of the
great industries of Southeast Koot-
enap in the near future.
The Paradise mine, situated in
Northeast Kootenay, will put in au
aerial tramway.
In the Wild Horse district is the
Tiger-Poormau group, which is
soon to be reckoned on ns a pro*
ducer. Numerous other properties
are being worked in this section.
The Fort Steele district is underlaid with deposits of the precious
metals and it only needs a little
perseverance aud the expenditure
of capital to bring them to tho surface and double the already great
production of mineral wealth from
the mineg of the district.
Many properties on Tracy, Wild
Horse creek and Buil river are already past the prospect stage and
will become paying producers upon
tho completion of the Kootenay
Central railway,, while others" are
giving great promise of developing
into producers.
Wild Horse creek is a gold-producing camp, and has the basis for
a mild boom upon the completion
of the K.O. railway.
Great activity , continues in the
construction of a smelter at Marys-
There are some sections in the
vicinity of Sage creek, iu the Flathead valley, where it is only necessary to put the drill in the ground
to produce oil.
The Bull River Mining Co. is
making a splendid showing, and it
is reasonable to believe that ex-
Up-to-date Suits, ranging in price from $15 to $25.
New line of Shoes, $3.50 to $6.50.
Fine Stock'of Gent's Underwear, Top Shirts, Pants,
Overalls, Sweaters, Gloves, Mitts, and Rain Coats.
Complete Stock of Groceries, and everything a general
merchandise store should carry. Outside orders receive
prompt attention.
Phone 196   P.O. Bex248
Terms Spot Cash
W. P.
Phone 265
ii iierney
Baker St., Nelson
. A PRINTER capable of managing a local weekly. Must be a fair
writer, good job printer, and of
steady habits. Good position for
the right man. Address, Box 1090,
Post-oflicc, Nelson, B.C.
Help of All Kinds Furnished   on
Short   Notice
ASSAYER                CHEMIST
I'llcos-Gold, Silver or Lead  $1.C0
Gold-Silver or Silver-Load. $1.-0
I\0. Box Dili YMIR. B.O.
ceedingly rich ground will be opened up on the completion of the dam
and flume. Excellent progress is
being made on the dam and foundation for the big flume.
The Kettle River Journal prints
the following base libel upon one of
Nelson's prominent hotel men.
"A good story is told on Gus Eriok-
son, proprietor of tho Grand Central hotel in Nelson, B. C. When
he purchased the tavern there
wero no telephone connection with
tho house. Gus wanted to bo in
the swim, so au instrument was
placed in the hotel. In stringing
the wires thoy did not mako good
connections with central, Ono
morning Gus thought ho would try
tho phone, so ho picked up the ro*
coivor and shouted, •'Hollo, 1b decB
ban do middle?" Later on, when
Erickson became a power in. politics, ho wanted to speak to tho
mayor in his office at tho city hall,
aud thia is how ho asked: "Hello,
center; give mo de horse's  barn."
ncnt position ; rapid Advancement,; salary
nnd expenses; full instructions free of eliariw;
clean ilosiralile Itu-lucia. The J.1..N-CU01_-
CO.. Limited. Ioroato,^fMentloii_-tUistJi*iuorl„.
special licence to cut and. carry away timber
from tho followliiR described lands, (situated on
i?,°xW.C81 cml of Summit lake. In West Kootenay
1?lStrJ?t:.c?mnlcnolnB at lMXM" marked"D.M.
*}-W.C.," planted about ono lislf milo couth of
a-jR-J-Jlnnlwid- post, and at M. Hliit-.licrBer-
N W.C., tlicnco norlh 80 elialns, thence oast KO
chains, thoneo south SO chains and thonco wu»t
80 chains to placo of commencement.
DAN McLEOD, Locator.
Dated this 18th day of Aupust, ukm.
Until further notice tho Monitor
and Ajax, Limited havo moved
their offices from Three Forks to
New Denver.
M.   GlNTZBEltaEU,
McKinnon &
Carry the largest stock in tho Lardeau, including
Minors and
,(*A .-»»*. _wv;
«_*• •_■»__•
nc i MKinQ
*_•*   -_.#«••»•__•>*_■>
ior Unpaid _Mu.qv.ftnt tales in tbe Nelson Antetitneat District, Proyknee of BritUh Colombia.
IMKHKUV <«IVK,JKUTIUK U»»l <«t W<-.|_,..t_-,il* •w.ifm ,'.» ,4 !»,•„(»*, A.M. WM. »f ik*hiMtnHwHttn'tk*kt iwkw.m tteOattrt Ilotm.
•.♦twin, I ihftll MlUt |.nW»f *.„rt|.,f, tttf.|.*t,«» I,. irtrmtti--». 11 nf .if iln u-,,.„n» I,, „„|,| u*l Ii. i..ln;»rii r»«I <.u», l>r Uw il»Ilnnin 111 t.m.i unmlil by
»**I  f#*»iw» iWi  tht* Iflfltlffw* rtxt  1,1  Tte
l.lll PHI,. IfPlP   in lull htillllll  fiuiO ,
y«m«»/P*r»,n A_»_>«k1.
!>»*»»*,Itt.mp I,
T**«   f IliUT.
•mm 1 • M
Cut-mlp-ift KwAimAr IUtl»«» 0...
nonr.irr * nr.u«t(K
A-fp»*M>t _«n.%*rtk<«>nf, >M
t*i*» I »«Ji
ttotwut x*»«fl»,nr*.
imnt l»». I«\, W**A _t-*p__M-f,
sneiii orrmiEu •zoo
Toronto, Out., Oct. 2.—A lady
living on Walmcr road in tho heroine in adventure of a real ''Arabian
Nlghtu" flavor.
Tho lady In question reconfly
made an eiteimlvnfftour of Europe,
Egypt and the Holy I-and. Whiln
In Jericho «ho bocamo ac<qnaint.*d
with a Hebrew convor(>ed to Christianity and through whom nhe waa
onablwl to vlult a IMouIn ennwnji-
ment near Jerusalem and to see
the details of life tinder the black
tents aa few foreigner*) have been
privilege to do.
White ahe waa olwervlng thene
«.W(lV«  U4.4.U.4 llll. IIH.OU VI   WV <A4tWS
w*„u-Wr«.UftiWf »milu .»_n gr_4_kr
intereat, for the lady had scarcely
returned lo her borne in Walmer
mad when she waa aurprised to re*
.    .,       , »     ■»   » ,     . .
*v>>..-'»'_ *i..i,sm_|olwi wa «<wvim.   .*.it>*v«« a
propoml of marriage from the gay
aheak. The letter waa couched in
Oriental elaboration of phraae and
waa «|ually Oriental in aulatance.
He offemf a prtte nf $nm for Ihe
lady'* hand; caah on delivery. Tho
oilw will not Uj »»x-*i»ietl.
C. 8. Haahdall haa returned from
a viniti to tho Arrow LakeB.
J. Dibbeh nasKed through here
on his way to Spokane lact Monday.
The Dagoe are putting a wire
fence along tho track to keep the
cattle off,
Dan   MeLachlan   and    Henry
Btege have been granted hotel II
cuncua for Roauberry hotola.
Barney Chandler, station agent
at Naknun, is in the Slocan Hospital with m *evere attack of typhoid fever,
Ban Mi'T-aehlan haa got. the
licence for the Kmolx-rry Hotel
and opened the bar on Monday
W. 8. Jenkins ia giving over the
Mnirin f\>ntM>1idatiMf Mine* TAd,  to \
Mr. Ahier.
CltMMrge M- Taylor, Superinteit
Exchange   Hotel
Keeps a lino of Nerve
Bracers that aro not
surpassed in tho Goldon
West, and there is not a
cigar in tlio house needs
n windy day to smoko
it. Furnished rooms always ready for tho
needy. Poplar prospectors always welcome and
jjivon tho host.
A 2\ Horse Power Gasoline
Engine for sale. Price $100. Ad-
dross—Ii. T. j-owery, Nelson.
Furniture and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two comnlcto sets of Bar Fixtures, one
British Plato Mirror .8x96 inches, now,
Tetter I'resso-, Milliard and Pool Tables
Cash Registers and other specialities,
Mall Orders Receive  Prompt   Attention,
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
See our lino of Morris Chairs
Volour Cushions $8.00 & up.
Solo Amenta:   Mason Etsch Plan eg
® <9
# JtlAJtv-XUJr
Saturday, Oct. 8th
and hia company in the remark*
ably successful Romantic
Comedy Drama
Tho moat complete and beautiful
scenic and coatumo equip*
ment over seen here.
Prices: $ 1.00 & 75c.
float* on  aalo al McDonald'*
Fruit Store Friday morning.
Lumber and nulldorg'
IfntoHnl      Hnivlwnw. I
Orflnitownr^.   B?ov«*«,
Lnmps, Tents, Paints,
OIIr, Etc, Rtc,
Wert iJS rtT^I"«" OTaECT»  pop^   *'°
thia town.
...     i^n'ii.    \>,
The foundation for one of the
ainc plant buildings at Roceberry
haa been laid. The citiien* want
a wagon road to Tloaelieiry. Il
wituUl km tif great »d«ant*^eU> thia.
town, and would not cortmneh tojlegeof gtHUnga llfing ood«r tlie
I build, i ■eariefe banner.
RiatX KRlAftN
In Spokane on Saturday the
women of the town paid $1,000
into the police ronrt for the privi
lJl-L-i   MM UlJlfJ-lJL
U a weekly paper published
nt POPLAR, II. C.    It gives
nil *hr* Ttr*w« f»f thnt  rm>n1
gold camp. It coats 12 a
year to any address. Send
your money to—
i*uri._,i_, b. a


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