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The Ledge 1904-12-28

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Editor and Financier.
x'tr  ■ -M'c
■V.-^_' „ o*
You will becoriielike
Solomon if you-reaJ
The Ledge regularly.
Volume XII.,., Number 12
l'uici',- $2 a \'i;ar, jx AnvAXCE
•>*> *J* aT> \T,» *.t**J* \1a ■O* *J* «* «* *"> «.V «."> VV «.t> \t> a.** \t> \V> \V «.»> *T> \V \"> •,'/
A. II. Croo speut^Christinas in Nelson,
Old newspapers always on sale at this
Tlio R 0. legialnturc will meet on
February !>.
Tho linest confectionery in. the market,-US. Slinn's.
• Tho city council will hold a session
Thursday evoning.
liny a copy of Flout and send it U
your friends anywhere.
$. Sliun will shortly leave on au important trip to tho Fust.      <
lt lookd as though a policeman mi-fhi
bo useful at Coal Creek.
,    For expositions ol tho art of boxing
Fornie boats all tho cities in B. C.
Hev. Mr. Reid has clini-f-o of .the
Presbyterians in.Michel and Morriesey.
In Nelson I). J. I'obortson is sell'mj*
pianos and'talking-election at iho same,
No arrests on Christmas speaks well
for the quality of tho whiskey sold in
> Fred Ritchie and 15. Uowlo.y aro'lho
new landlords of Iho lteco hotol in
The weather'is delightful iii Fornie,
witlt the snowfall a good - second lo
At Michel, tho -Eng'Iitdr church now
building will bo ready for services in
J. C. Fern.'iu has rented an ollice in
Frank and already work lias coin
menced ou the zinc .smelter.
A. Joyce has been 'appointed to (ill
tho several alliens-nl L. It. Forbes dur-
inj>; the tailor's absence iu Fngland.
The Canadian American Co. is producing; <>">0 tons of coal a ilay at Frank.
About two hundred men are employed.
The Fernie churches wore largely
attended on Christmas and a frenerum
people did hot forget the hard-work in;:
ft* ft*
*f> *J* «,T> Aj> »»> «.»A 4"> Ot- •.'* *.T> a."* \»> V.' a.V «."> \*> \l/>   «.t> «*> a.T/ \T> a,T> -.V aT» *.tt a.T»
The postolliee is moving this week.
ll was;il."i below zero in Fernie on
Sunday nigbi.
*l!iiy the fiuit for your New Year din
nor at S. Slinu's.
A social dance was given in thai Itoinn
hotel Monday evoning'.
Quite a bunch of Chinamen are working at tho coke ovens at Coleman.
The Kajrlos install [their -new fillicers
„!iext,\VednoMlay evening. „
Dick Twohpy dropped dead in San-
ion last Thursday.
A heating stove for sale at a bargain,
Apply at tbis ollice.
Tho Salvation Army entertains with
a Christmas tree on''Saturday.
.1 (i. Cumtuings will survey poveral
ranches near Gale**ay,this winter.
John Hepburn is spending a few
weeks of his valuable time in Nelson.
Sheppard & Wliott ship goods to any
part of the country. Send in your mail
Tho best d'nuci'B'nf Iho year were
given by the Fernio -''hotels on Christmas, .,■■;,''
; Fornie is entitled to just as lino a
posdollieV. as tho government has built
in Nelson.
The chances are good for Fernie having a Im-itl company of militia about
nest June,
The/dinners at the King Edward in
Fernie are *,n«>t surpassed by any hotel
along the. Crow.
The case' against Scott, for hitting
Sanford with a'hammer has been,remanded until Thursday"
Many of tho Slavs aro deeply religious, and v. ill sometimes kiss the. hand-,
of priests ia the streets of Fernio.
It Koaf and .. bride have nettled in
Carbonado Mr..Hb'af is outside manager of tho colliery at Carbonado,
A. Mitt/, was doing business iu F'rauk
last. week.   The product from his gi
mmes is vorv keen. Many of the old
miues nf Butte contain zinc, and these
ire now being exploited for that mineral. Two.companies, .have recently
been formed to operate tlio Alice and
Finma .mines near Pntte, and at the
Alice if50,tKiO worth of nine concentrating machinery is beitig put in. If our
neighbors can make fortunes out of
/.inc. there, is nn reason why the same,
experience should not bo repeated in
lirilish Columbia. If Fernio koops
alert, this city may yet be a center for
smelting of zinc, lead, silver and cop I
per ores The proximity ,of excellent
coking coal gives us an advantage over
all points iu this province.
At present there is n steady market
for zinc, the London price being i'-2l> a
ton, and within the ne\t yoar it will
not likely rise or fall more than a pound
iu price. Prices aro .always higher in
winter than in i-uniuier, owing to the
decrease "of .production in the cold
mouths. A few vears ago nine was
ft') in Loudon, 'llio demand /or galvanized iron goods in South Africa gave
ita push upwards and it has steadily
climbed over sinco. Its increasing use
in paints ami electrical appliances have
tended lo keep the price up. The extension of tlie use of electricity means
prosperity, for /inc.
Walter Kenton Ingalls, in a recent
issue of Metallurj'ie (a prominent German publication) iu discussing tho present outlook of zinc smelling in. the
United States, save:
1   o -
/life jsmelt ing in tin United States
may be divided into Eastern and West-
cm 'practice. (''astern zinc is chielly
from the old woikingB at Franklin Furnace, N J., Friedeiisvillo, l'a., or the
Bertha Furnaces in Virginia. The. ores
are lead free and make a very pure
spelter, which commands a correspondingly high inarket price.
J111&!):> some small zinc furnaces were
erected in Indiana, using mutual gas
as fuel, but with the failure of the wells
they were closed. In 1895, following
the. dih-overy of natural gas at lola,
TTurbomdy~on lead has b.een nFvery
little nssistiuico. to Iho Aloean mines"
Up to date Ilia* Slocan mines Lave, paid
in dividends fl,7tii!,2i'7, ".!
Wm. llatidloy has secured the sole
agency from Ihe Coal conipaus for (he
haiidlim* of their coal in the city. The
prico delivered is SI a ton
Mr. nnd Mrs ■ Lying of Sandon spout
C-iristmas with their ;<raught<*r, Mrs
John Gusty. Thoy were accompanied
by John Crawford and his wife.
Do jiot bo bashful about bringing
news to this 'ollice. The city editor
does not care about chasing items
through tho snow any more than is ah-
Milutely iiecessar.y. '" *
Trunk is making an effort to build a
trail iuto the Flathead country. The
Flathead is something like heaven,
judging by tho many routes by which
it can he reached,
The Nelson News states that Fernie
roke Is now delivered lo Ihe Nurlhport
smelter for %- a ton.   This is u reduc
■ tion of .V) cents from the price before
the 0. N. S, ran into this city.
It wns li'i below zero iu \\ innipeu Uo-t
Monday, and :)<» at Mediciuo Hat. I lie
►terms in Manitoba diirini; the pn-i
week have made nearly all express
trains iiuiuliig wext lieh!ud liiuc
The Oanbrnok Herald was big
a-miilifli laht week to hail from New
York If SimpKin can itiska- iikhh>\
111 a small Inwn nut of niii h enierpt iM1
ho. is entitled to rani, with Morgan as a
John (iibbs wn«a up iu the provincial
coni't thin wi'»lr, I'li'trged iifili rnp." t v
Lena lliidd, who was l:l years old last
June. The case was pineoodiu;* this
morning, wilh a I Ik oil hood of ('Hili*
lla-lllg MCUt up lo Nelwill.
.Iiidifi' l.samy nn J itnntrv a: will aibi-
Irate Ihe rase of %\ti   I  again*! Ihe
Uml Co., under Dm Cnuipmi^atitm A<t
Mrs. Lee's luiNhaml was killed at Mb l.el
Inst July, nud th<a company (luimtbiii
Ids death wns due to his own careless
Mr llrowa who aloes Ihe ai| nniiii-
for Sheppard & Klliottaif tl.i- rila in an
(•tpt-rt Kdsmlth. If every tlrin bamlled
ina-ir silivriii'.iiig a- Mr ni-mii iium nu |
hi*   III ill.   |.lil.U»bei»    tllA    lint rliiii,^
wniihl havn  mtiali  ninn.  money and
The refxirl caimeia In ui iluil lie (.in-
water has been a great boon'to the
squatters, as the-" ranchers' are called
In some places the water as it comes
from tho well is run 1'2«> miles throuu-h
open ditches. 'Two ditches are generally used because the constant How.of
water over the ground catnes the liag.-
to.arrow too thick and dam the ditch.
The Hags' dio when the ditch goes dry
for a short time!. The ranchers are the
most hospitable of people. The lirst
thinit'tliey do when you step into Iheir
homes is to set out a glass .with a bottle
of whiskey aud ask ymi to take a di ink.
What a pleasing custom instead nl'setting the bull-dog on a stranger. Alter
you tako or do not tako a drink the
next custom is to offer you a show t
'Nature does nothing by fractions in
Australia In somo of tho rivers a plant
similar lb water-cross grows so donsly
thai it impedes navigation and hus to
be dredged out. The grass-seed kills i
tho sheep, lt Bets in the wool and
works its way through the bodies of the
sheep, while the cattle tick has shattered many a herd. The rabbits have
been a (standing pest in A st a ia for
many years. The- living, fuxiw area
menace to fruit groweis. >Tbe Hying
fox is a bird,'covered with fur. It is
something like, a crow wt'i claws in the
winj{s. During the day they hang
head downward in the mangrove and
other trees and at sundown tliev sall.x
forth in Hocks and clean un orchards
quicker than a coon can ekin a hen
house. The animals,icvenitlio nativi
bear, nearly all belong to the kangaroo
family, and carry" thoir young in ■<
pouch or 011 their thacka." Tho native
bear lirisin the tops of gum trees and
-uhsists upon the loaves. They never
stay on the ground except/win n ch tug-
ing shifts on trees. The wail of tlieii
young when hurt is a phonographic reproduction of a human child's cry.
Drinking Water is kept- in canvas
bugs, aud little ice is used although it
is easily manufactured Iii the cities
beer is (! cents a glass, but in  the in
we li'ive'liost- I a'.» aV a" at. af> al/ ai-aM jV \I>'vTa al> aV at/ aV aV ai> ai/ al/ ai/ai/ai/a'/at/ai/al/
; f,* <t* *»> ft* fl* ft* *i* ft* fl* fk*ifl* fl* rf fi* fi* ft* fi* fi* fi* *lV fi* fi* fl* fi* fi* *,*
e  same  as  in , >f* .     <*■ * -,_
abolished.   Why cannot
men to deliver mail   tlu
;::,:;;:„::;;:iiitz:\L:::;;,;,;:::;;|| ^LONG THE CROW I
i* ■ ■■-■'        ■ .-&
sis a>T> at/ aV ^'/ a»> a'/ v'» ''_0> v'> »'.» *•'* *'> *'* -.V \»>   \'. *T/ «»/ *.'* ^t/ «»> «.a> .,»> ^r,
*/l»<'i>l*I'vl ^JC^I*'lw"a*^'«w"wIla*T VJC <i* Ai*'*l*.'l*'!r'ii".''i* *l*^l*'il*'il*Vi**'i*'(l\'ft*5'l*
Kansas, zinc Ftnelting was begun and | terior bo.izo i/hat■ ofteu  resembles Cal-
keep two piistmon. Can the council
not do aiivtliing in Mliis niatter, which
is a pioper nuisance '.' It is high time
soinething was dune, lo wipe this out.
Thanking you - iu anticipation for tin-
publicatio'n of this ietter, I am, your.-
ro-ipeetfiilly, A t'rn/.l*''.
Fernie, Hec'oinber.ilti, li»)l.
.1.1! Cum mi tigs returned to Fernk
on Monday, having practically completed tho sin vey for .1 route, into Uu
Flathead from this city, lie found foiu
feet 'of snow ou the summit, hut discovered a good place to build a wajrot
road free from snow-slides. The rouii
is eij-ht miles to the! summit from Coa.
Creek, and then nine miles down Uu
hill to iho valley. About $15,000 wii:
build it wagon road iuto the FJatheai.
over tiiis route, or 8500 witl put in is
good trail. Tbe citizens ol Fernii
shmild lose iio time iu getting this rutin
open and then advertise the. fact fai
aud wide.' "There's millions in il."
There has beeu-a boom iu pugilism
miring the past week in Fernie. On
Thursday evening Jim l'urrows iu loin
rounds put Arthur Waering hors un
combat and won a purse of §500. Oi
Saturday evoning Billy Burrows was
.;riisli'ed.in- four roilnds by Jack Over-.
• lorl'l, from Idaho, On Monday night
.Inn Burrows and Overdorff went at ii
for a'big purse. On a'-eduut of a foui
Burrows lost in the fifth; round amio
considerable dissatisfaction. The sum
nl' 5*150 each has been deposited as a
forfeit by Jim Burrows and Jack Overdorff to light twenty "rounds in Fernie
on January '21 for SI,000 a sido That
will be tho pugilistic event of the season.
This full limning was good arourd
I'llko." One day .--Hilly, I'oule.v got lour
deer, and sonic ol tho Indians made
even better-records.
There .arc a hour.' thirty school
children.'in   this  section,  although
out. At tlie present i-ato of production ft. will taku 7U,i.kxj yoar* to exhaust the (.■(,;•,| region ol which Pernio ia the eeutii', ami n man has a
j reasonable chance for his money by
I l-njiiij,* real estate in this city,
opinion is divided in regard to the j A scnsiihn was created by the an-
best kind o{' a# teacher to employ, j nounceiiieiitmadent a board of trado
Some. want, a male teacher, whi'e i meeting recently in Victoria that tbe
■ ithers claim that only ■■ ft woman j Victoria and Sydney railway was
•should guide the young i.i knowledge j about to be abamlotied and the Great
in tho three R's, , 'Norlhcrn   would wit lid raw  entirely
Alex. Watson  was in  Fernie last:Iron.   Victoria.   The C.   P.  It.  has
week   having'   nn   interview   with
Santa Clans!
Just now ties are. the  leading product'-of this camp.
Mr.    Hammond   of  Brandon   has
bou^lil; twenty acres ot ground lie
twoon the ..two railroads,   nud   will i
btiihl a lime kiln and  planing mill
tlntd a monnpoly of tbo carrying
business for Victoria and merchants
and others are beginning to awakefl
io tin* fact that they are at the mercy
oLllie giant corpui'ajion.
The Kooienay (Vntrnl. which cbn-
necis (iolden with the ■ I mil ndary, has
a Dominion subsidy of -ft./itjOu mile,
This means miite a payroll lor Kiko. j
land will seek at the coining, session
of the legislature a cash sul«idy, a
(Ki-niii I'oi'l. Siiii'li!   I'rii-|.|.('i.ir..
Iguartititee of lxmds or a land'sub-
i'sidy, la case, iionti of these three
| plans,; lw acce|>l.ed   by McUridv, it is
guutie brewery in Fernie is popular all
"over the Crow line.
Dan Alton was in from Qranbrook
yesterday, and said ho knew nothing
about tho* building of a new C. 1'. B
station at Fernie.
The inenu'eard used at tbe Christinas
dinner of '.iheiNHpanee hotel Was the
lines! typographical work ever tinned
out along the Crow.
Owing to the natural ad vnntages,!eoal
miners make about $1 a shift more at
at Frank (ban they do at most of the
mines along the Crow. *
Westbound express trains on the C.
I\ 11 aro nearly always late these days
passing Fernie. Last Saturday the express was ten hours late.
.A nine mark here means that your
subscription ha-t expired, ami lhat the
edilo;' would he pleased to learn your
intentions regarding the future.
Fernie should bave a daily until service to.Spokane, via Hie Crow's Nesl
Southern, but as it-mul it will tako some
time to unwipd the balls of red tape be
tweeii here and Ottawa.
The t'runbronk Herald says that in
November, Is"-;, Alex Stewart was the
only lesldmit of Fernie, and that he
stalled the lirst hotel and made $'.»7,uuo
hi Uiiiban niinths.   Lucky Alex,
Mrs. M laiiuey still continues Chris-
llau Science ineiatingia at Iter home on
Via toria avenue. Experience meeting*
every Wednesday at n p. m. Itegului
meet nig*. Sunday at lp ni. .Ail welcome.
Up lo T»K-"l.-iy only !<''.> v«t«"rseligible
lo v»le at the municipal ••lection h*.|
,'.ili lad Uia'll lliilli"-i  am   iim anti-id   j|a.|
■ii  I'eiuie    Kviilenlly there Is a hick
'<f ".'ill-lie *-[''i'it in the «ivic.'tffjil.s of this
I'ud.'t the fcuidaueaa of W. Hill, tie
rntlroaii instinct ion car ul tbe Natioiml ]
('oi'ienpiiieli'iiiia udmoi Va/ts in IVrnie
Ibis waek. In H.U Car, which liavel*
nil nv<*r Aineiii'.i. practical liiHtrui'tbins
nraa givim iu ihe working nf sir brake*,
t>le»*tnc lieadiigbls, locnuiativps, etc.
Theintertot'iiHIiit car is «• wonder In
ln'tnittl, »m <-<|iiijtU-!e i« llaa> loo-eliilia*! v it
there are now in that state '20 plants,
.with GO oven's, and about !17,500,000 retorts, with a yearly consumption of
about 5,000 tons of ore per .oven. At
lirst ihe gas wan very cheap, but when
of their property, prices roso. With the
increased uso of the gas the pressure
began to fall, and the plants were com-
peHed to imrchaso larger rights to
secure themselves ]n their supply. In
none of the plants was the gas consumption measured, but calculating
from the fuel requirements of similar
ores, it has beon estimated thnt about
1,20(1 cubic metres of gas, costing' about
no vents, are nceo-sary.por ton of ore.
The increased cost of natural gas,
combined with the increased la oor
rates, bothal" the smelters and at tlie
iiiiuosof the Joplir. district, have worked
together to raise the cost of zinc in tlie
Fiiiled Slates. In I'.Krj and l!»0:i this
steadily iu create. I until tbo end of the
latter year and for the lirst half of 1001.
the demand sunk so" rapidly that to
stimulate il prices had to bo reduced to
such an extent ih.it any further reduc
tbu would have forced Ike mines to
At present the main source of ore is
iu Joplln di-triet. The uow sources in
Color-ido, British Columbia and Wisconsin, are, however, entering Ibe mar-
gary \\hisln>y flavored with cayenne
pepper, sulphuric acid and brimstone,
is sold for two bits a >>;urglo. The poo
pie as a class are very sporty and will
as n rulu go broke ou a hprse race, al-
to the delight that comes to tlie soul
from looking at an ace in the hole oi
viewing witli fond eyes'the .beautiful
expression on the face of a black-jack
when il falls your way in n lively game.
Nap is the national card game, although
lately some Americans have introduced
draw poker, aud if it spreads tike rabbits and other things not indigenous lo
Australia ,the fotir-ilush uisy yet be
como the'eiiibl«m of tliu. land of the
Southern Cross. Sinco Charley Adams
died and his sweepstake lottery lives
sub rosa iu Tasmania, tho government
satisfies tbe mad desire of the populace
to bet on horse races bv allowing a
machine called tho Totalizer to be
operated at the races. It gives every
oue a square deal, but the government
gels 21 per cent aud tbe operator lo per
cent of nil the money till'en for pools ou
the races,
Australia is  tho land for oranges,
bananas, mangoes aud pineapples, bin
The Fornie.Cartage1 Co. is bringing
coal to Fernie. Lust week O. N. Boss
visited Lethbridge and secured the
agency for Gait coal in tlio district between Crow's Nest and Kootenay Land
ing.   TheJirm will build a wiarehmisii
close to tluT C. I\ It track aud keep
from live to ton cars of coal on hand all
the time. Tlie price is p) jier ton de-
livered, with ear lots ut a less rate,.
The firm has also the. agency for Bain
wagons, and in a few days will have a
large stock of sleighs, cutlers and
wagons for side.
Witliiiuwinearsa large number; sujflfeslcd that .in dealing with rail-
of power plants will   be established ! *-■>'--   •^•'••'"ST   axsistuncc,  the   ad-
in   Southeast   Kootenay.   The   Bull
river plant, now under c
preparatory to bein
j ministration   should   set   aside  the
nstruciion ' ,"0VeilU(' accruing from lands likely
installed next
spring, witl'"-exceed 10,0X) horsepower.
While all the mines ih WestKor.te-'
nay report larger outputs in November, it is an interesting feature that
the bulk of the increased yield in
lend came from the St. Kngene, the
big silver lead n:;no ol Southeast
Production by the North Star mine
continues. The company is j-reatly
benefitted by the advance, in the
"TTTerMTTnTTlTor^t is cm lidenlly ex7
peeled that'l.'Oii. will show excellent
Many inipfoveinsnts will be made
at the Bull river iron mines this winter. Development work will .commence about ibe .second week in
■laiuiiiry.   -
'Among the great natural sources
ol wealth in Sjuutlieu'ii; Kooienay and
one which with <|u- building ol the"
Kcoteiiay Central railway will yearly
become more valuable, niv the vast
timber traet>' found in th" Knoienay
valley in tlie vicinity of Wlu'o river,
The greatest gilt Lesiuwed by the
bounleoiis band ol untii-v on Southeast Kooienay are her rich mineral
widow!' and heirs of the deceased |de|sisits. Time is only required lor
miners   lining   resident   iu   foreign; their exploitatioii and  tlm   period is
not far dk'ant, and  the jiower iii-ees-
wiry fir the eeouoinieal   Working ol
to be developed in the near future by
railroads, nnd allow the railway
bonds to be guaranteed by such lands.
A party of Seattle mining' men
who were racently at Hedley, staled
that the railway question was finally
scttbd, but that thc'public would not
get the details until the railway com- -
panics were ready to give it to them,
and that would not be before the provincial 'legislature, met. They had
the hum authority for stating that
both the Cantuliiiii' Pacific and the
fjreat   N'n I liem-.iiaiL_iliUiiiil#LvL-Ait'
The Coal company has arranged
to pay six of the widows resident iu
this section ;it the time their husbands were killed in tlie ('iirlw)iiado
mine disaaler last November, the
sum of 11,01)0 each, under the, Com
pensutioii Act. The balance of the
claims are in abeyance owing to the
ranged to go Into the Similkameen
as soon as preliminaries could bo
lixcd and weather permitted. The
0. P. li. was compelled to build because the Great Northern was doing
so, and commissioncs from the two
great railway companies had met
and arranged the routes so the lines
would not parallel each other and
tupd'liferent sections ot tin; country
through vaiiicii tlit'\ p.i>sii|. "Tin:
Great Northern would build under
the V. V. iV. M charier. When tin*
provincial legislature mods llio G.
\\ B. will ask for jiower to expropriate lauds, and ■ with privilege tie-
cured actual construction into the
Siinilkameeii will begin, and the C.
I', B. will go into Nicola.—Siniilka-
meeii Star.
j Greedy for Money
a poor place to raise apples, peaches j Through his lawyer-, W, Iloiiwjek
pears or plums. Potatoes are raiIm-j f ||:,„(.uLt*i-«Ml suit lo r«'.c«»vtM* irom Vietui
lame,  and  the  wheat grown is   soft
enough to make brains for the avcraga*
ket and musl react iinla vorably on the j Ontario politician.
prices of Joplln ore. The main lim*
adopted seems to be the recovery of the
by.products, through rousting or sub
plitnir and,  and  Ihe cmi'ltiua- of lead
Mr. and Mrs, Lindsay, after spending tt lew duys hi Crtiuhrouk, Nelson
aud the Okaiuijiaii, will sail for their
►amtliorii home on the  Aoningi  (sky-
liollius of Cranbrook the sum of i^U
laullius was tlm s'.akeholdcr in the
race arranged to come oli at Crun
brook between lien wick ami Mitchell
of Fernie. A garnishee Miiiitnuns
was served mi K'olliiis  lnr t!-e nuun'v
1 utod in
' stroii im
and silverbeioleg ores,  wHli furnace* j strupei) January U.   It is the intention 'deposited in the itilerel  of Mit<he!
either located ou outh ing parts of the
natmill gas Held, or 111i 11>:i• i-r gaseniH
fuels made from roal.
William l,(ul-.a>- and his wife -p.nl
(lie iiioiiiilnins ho has hnd his eyes open
to the possibilities of the oil and coal
belt in and near Fernie, nnd ex|H*cls to
invest t'oiisideralile iimna-v in ilii* prov-
4 fntt »!.■»> md J.-i me i.i»i aa,.,.la. 1 lien t in,.,, before very long. His wif<»|a,de-
present home i-. in |!ri*li,-uii., Australia j|ijj|(l4.d with the w.mderliil scenery
Mr Und-:«v i-   i C-tn••diaii, although , a,„i glorious climate of British a niutii
to  eventually relurn to  Canada   and;Tint  lace  was culled   oil' and   lien |    T'
make his peruisiient  home in Itrin-h | wick's liiouey Was  ivtui ne.l   to him.
Ciilnnibia.   Durin,- Ids travels ihr.uigh ; ||t. |M1((W m\uii iu ivcovcr the :t'3«)
A Choii'i Light.
Nalural   gas  is  a great boon to
the mines can be cheaply   ami easily ?Medicine Hut.    Il, is owned   by  the
siipjilicd ii\ the eleclricpoivei geii'i' i town, as it also the  waterworks ays-
ie neighboring rivers and ;■■<..„.   The .pumping stntion oi  the
; waterworks is run with nuturul gns,
,\lovii-: iiind nil the engineer lias to do is to
ot and smoke his pipe ami occasionally oil the machinery.    In private
Frank \h-De\ill has r. tiirm.l Ifoiu ; hi^i-a-s the gas i» Used  for lightinff,
i heating and rooking.    In (urn ices it
Ijigene ; is u great stieceM -n i c lal to shovel,
I -
Ihe (V.iiilcMol; hospii-i
ie new pinup at   tin
his wife bad the |h>l sleigh ride of her
life In Fernie, In Ibe early alays t»f IV
trolU, '-o' , Mr, Liuil-iy made ion
»ide|.lbli tuoiley out of oil, but lo«t It at
|de|sisltti| by Mitclndl, which be
ebiinis is fuileittMl, according lnim
toiii in such matters,
!    P\iMs, Dec. -.N.-.-'Hie  Kusihin  le
will be llluiiilig ilia d:ty oi  two.
The Moyie  Odd   I'Vllows navede
elded on January :.'i'th a-. Uu- >la(o for
giving tin ir d.nee.
V .1. Hill left  S'iM/l'ic t..r i -in-!-io
Iil«.   The scenery >pi>eM|s to her more ; Cil,   ,IIW |nil(||l H (|,.nmilI| ,,„. Uu.
strongly than to th* aversge "omit,
owing to the fact lhat she belongs in
inn of Ihe uio»t renowned families uf
Miiiii.nba, Where he will
home, and win ie   be   '■■
the iili'renriiile lei-iua---'.
Mrs. II. I', Daiidiii.md
D.UetUi'.iiel   .ll.d   Io'.ilm
arrived   in   Mi«vu-  I.i-'
largo in ll... in...| boon, U.hI swept ,ive,  mitU  ,„   Australia.    TIiouwiimN oi
the we,. i„   Hi,   Itein.nlng lo |Vtr..liS | (ri „ wl„ wt.h.nm. Mr  Uuti,m% ,„.,,.
he kiieN the l«.mi side of llumii-lnl lihtj mm„.„t „,,„„,,„ |hi ,„„, „, ,1JH ,,),„,.
for nmn.v immiH, but   «..a ever alert lo; |.„ i, « „m„ „f Mer||n- iui^i.tv and  uilltift  w.i«  !nt.nd«d   hi   u-e -I the
leiiirn <>l the l.!in,mi itaintU ot nlh
ammunition seized  by the Chinesi
atitiioritie,al KciigTuin on suspicion||0l|„ |;(lV<t.lli(| itl>1| Uii!
that ii was intended I'm* I'm t Arthur, j |, „,„, )„.,.,._
The I'lH-iaih claim  that  the aiiiiuti-'
I.K.- up I.i.
■ni'-i ."V'd in
Mi-.  Mlli..
i Giidtll a ltd
Wi-iIih'mI i v
Its ;i I "    their
no ashes, no dii«r, The lighting U
very cheap, hi the largest drug
store the loi.tl light bill U only 75
ictitta uv.'.itii. In a large plivalu
hiiii.se it costs ttoin liu t lil.'iit uioiith.
I'Iih includes light, heating und
••'kin':, lie* price tliiiyed lor thu
g;u is lioiu 11 • to .'A eeiii- pi-r 1 'XX)
i.i ii
lu-tlrr hi* i-aiiidition. A'«ml twenty I )„,„ done more to ndvertiMi Canada iu
year* ajro a Matt was mmle in Au»H«!ia « AiisiralU Unit *a«s»iMv »nv «,\l»-r .i,,/,-
t,y k.'uiii) I aimdiaina to supply lln* I |iM|ivelmtl. Tho writer whohn» know i,
ranclieri with water lay drdljiu-arti-fiaii j |,|„, f„r m vears, wlttlies ban v..v<i.-..
n,;«.. b'..t Ua* o, ^,«..i «ii.aii,tj4a*».i.'iit j,,„( n tpeealv ra'turit tu the l.in.l m
jthe compiuy del n !   pr..i( .•*, ami Mi   i |,-mri.-r and the ni;rpl# l.-nl
A-s laiiiaoiiitcral in onr (iilii*nn<i ovfir; I.iiid*.*ty wan m-japA to $» lo llu«Jandi —	
two iiiiaiitimat'o, the lirst zinc mnidter of tli*' Samtbern  <'ro»* and pboe the! ^| \|.*w |)|'|>o'|'
in r,-trmd.ii i» Oi l«» buili fit l-'ratik, about f«ffaiM of  ihe  enuipaoy ou a payfin*
i\tv mibs ••niai of Ferttia-.   I'Vnilt*, nl« j htt*,U,   He ituemlid to M«* a year, but      A year ago the <". I*  K, inlend.-dto
71.1. /.L\C   .VNUI/I..K.
vevoi'M of tlnaC   I", I,'., Iwive l.a-t-n iloliiii I .'i       . b -       -.   _   ..      .   , .   ,
tiieiHetitiiKH ft A alj't'w <•*>•!  iiJUPiili'iia,
.1 ,b ,•.»■;■■.' j.vii i,\. '   :•• .'.' :,;: : .,-,,
tbeir c>ii5 j-irupivibia iic-t- ibjit i.ao<p in
tlw immrfliati* fi»tir». ilm-rwr l*ei,i"hf
mill* rtt*t of *Vrt;f<»,
! «un-llef. on in;- In fl.e fiait Uinl the ini»tt' atl.t.l, (n ii tl,.
i«tna.».|.,, \.-
<;\* I'Vtvil
*,-itl<«U  UUltl'tl.
M I'.U I,, Mtllll., Dec. _'s, - A'tol
liev-Geiieral Moxly Ii.h eoinuumnl
sllll ligailnat tlie Gclirlill I'.t|*l <"i'
and oth.-r p:tj« r compahii- ciaiiii-
ing wbat i*i known u* Tlm l'.|«i
is :m unlawful t-'inibiuatiou.
l/M*>v,  Die. "JH.    Adinii
iOmtiel (baa Mi.elh-r i.r.i.e,-! «,n a»«>ti, ...iiti,.1v  .>(  latm.t-oi, (mm  IVn nib,, '' ttirnngl. hu< king ^,.,w *,, «i„1;ivi . tb,
•ten.!.-! hi Ilia* wHUrf «f rrtal ndiiliig jTlti. iompt!.y   hts  tvnlera«|  great, r! work   w«* alrft-rreal.    Tin- Cra.ibrM.S,
x.    It is cbaiged   that  the  tiioi   iniMnl
oi,.-.,I I
al    Sou
-I ii     .-i«-i.» ajl    s.'.a a \   ..-,»-, ,n
■   **a I '■■'•• •'"    v '' '    ,
A   G.   \|..iil,!i,,ii-,-
day |or .i si^ Weil-,- '.
II"    Will   spend    In..,!
N.'W       Vol!;,       w le-re
brotbi'i-, and -i-tei . 11
I.. W.   I'atim.re   U
II..i;. >     I.i tv   .»u. .-
nnd o.'l- iu.of-
'. ti..
I-l  lo
I.I' I,,' .',' I,-
i  ll  iii ihe l„i«t,
id    loa   lime il,
In-    mother,
'   I I..'   ,-.n.'ltl>|   .11,,)
""i"i.il   io;oin,»rr
..(nl     tie-iter, »»I|
noli'.I   in«   (.pi-Ill
Two ad-
li.iU'.li-il.jiJ    till'   i-4*
'■I   't   i-.|   ..»;-•> I \,i >~OfJ
now   in  J   A
on,- e   ,u  l', ,it,|i|,,,k,
iipi-heati hi  lo  I... ad-
.ii'ii , \ '
men  ami   i    i.
• ih
Mr   I
-   I I -::
•   -ti.i
I* Oi
i .i i -
im ..-.,. .1    |',  l.
..I ti.e 1 .1.11,l.v
innilia'.'it lli.il !
in-vt a !•»•■ ui iiopn
itli.il .al liOliii.
| ,..-.•■. .-! tt,- .),
I uts daily, vaiit be ii.tlnilci in I'ebriury.
'I lie item in List "Ai-ek'n Slur it-Ia-ri inif
lo ihe b oiibiirf ol the Millie miiieral
•■It-iii r- ;ir A-,!H'ioft ea the Cdnbo-,i
'Mill,!- i-oiiliii.iej.    The   I...ltd  isfoj 1*.
1 di'*, ''ie!   !!<>'   |,,i,,|   uiVictli.eiil 'Alt!
Miiiinliit   l,iH»i-'!fi,     Mr. ItogCMol tlltt
l'll>   «  <l  .   II' if'->. II tie J.ui, I, .,a..f( ill,.!
will pnl mi n  iiu.M-  I.oi (. i.(  men  nnd
-pa'ful    ' 1  'il,'
tl   (il
-»•'■ <•••'-»■ i**•»«.« t»  Auai.ani  unit any oilier ; lleralit now iUtnt lhat **flit«»i d.'(«.t
111- MIpmI ncrflr.1li.tf m«I, c-tH-tw \     ' *', "i"**'. *%i >^ ^T^ " ''UU* > wm»""<> that h„ ,ver ,n*i-r*uA in .!„• I. to Im built |n Fernie, .|ih<.iigli Uo
lt.H 1110,-M. at.oralliiirtonluan.ivt.t,.^,. „/ t!,.. •)*»/ .bd..   *t \',.,,V, wA U  '^»->."^-».^lt»i.   U   |. .-v.'iA >».».   ♦,, !-tile nf  , ,v., .,,.,„„„.  i.   „,»     ■,
I:rtni«m« iltrXi^^iiV'im^'i''   """";'  ""■ ,,:;:1,"',,"M   ""J ^>':^mU^^^V^>A^^u,V.noomy M.-« tie^t ,.t ,.«,-
8" "'%*V l* "", • '""'*; m'1," f1' l »••«•'«•-• •■'■* » "Her. Wl.ru lift in „,*•-,. < hn* . Urj* waMt-xi*- i>i lt»h».,,,a-, ai,4 ! m.| i«^lrr„ |VPr
.-.,,«.   ThUprrmit«ih.*M!d*f«M.key „„„(, .,„ ,.,„,,|f(V ,|M„, ,id,H„„.„, ■.|,ii|,»,„rM|,|ll avervmrtofAtH1
l..'|l|.IV   .1,'..
-•'-'.     I "very.
. i   , .   »'.
•p Ai
'1 •
nthrrM a drug *r m«lirin<s l*t _wl.v j„,M|, |r-w Iu *t.,.ph  ai tit*t from th.-'ir»iMt»v«.,.i N.rtofh,.   W.ater It f.-und
hn»ml ♦IkiiiI.I Iw* nfittt mil and initt* nt i „,,„,.,,.. „,„,, ,,i*,,k ,.i «i,„ <■),_._,. „ .i  «..,....... .,     i .     .
, ,    , ,. j caiusi l«.l.1titi_   li'AU'-. ol ll.c M..i ,-ui/del   !.ei,,-iUi lln-  liiiiioi.j   »,i,t,t»  nl out no   i 	
lotveal iloe* not appear re»toiiiilHi ii. i„„ /„„,. v.m,  i; „,,„,...   .,,,i rf.,,,;,:,...,,.,   ,_..,. , ..'—....
MVMMlivlnrmabrMtliiii-liiiilkillrt , K-»-»..i>   rni.1 ntLer ; m«|« », ,|n.lh, wr>i.1(i from ■£.*>*#\ To the Witor ©I Till: I.i ...fi.
»riT->fi«iiviit*i«ri*itw»ii»tiiii-i»iik.iiet,,f^|.N,.lf r» »•, „|,^„.   , ,„- ,.,.,. nimwA»    I vm f.-.-r ,-,i„>  ,„„,.. ,,r il„,  «.-(•'  (t.t.i,'    -o,   v,\ni,' I ,, -, I „       k    ' '
J  lv l^.^i.anii*- l^wl'r.y.erj    ..,»,«,. K.„, „„r ».« I,r,„„r ve.j ; ,tMy *<. mmi, H. (..„r ,ai(li.„, Sm<>M]Uwm«'*lmJwr*t»\<m
• ere Ilinrrii'd MT   tbe  l...ine id tin- bi'i'a-t t |.i.|*,1,.   ,•(...)    >«   ,,i'/U|,;i.,; ,i, at iH ».wf. '*»•   ,.\,-. •*, . i   .,,.., •, ,,,.-' ,
,„,   MtirnUi' etnAtiz.     II.,   „„ld,,„-  u„ H uiWntbi.- M , ,„ m* ,,... ,„.■,-. ]„. »,„■ ,„„,„„  „,.,,.. ul.4 ,.,,,,,,, U*r ^.motlbrenng^i
««* a r,«lft ofo, and lW rrromony I*-,-; tbe Situ ah it ua*. to..kt*\ uk-..n f-.r . l.-,r.#:- W« Imnb-.i he *„„..,.,. v., »,.,» ,„ ,lv#!    |, „ mm rm w* ^,,„ , ,,M „ ■. „
i4Wru.l4yt.4v. A- Itamti.   1 k i..«.;, i-n* *. a cum, ki »«r n» »l.».|.|*i,*« f «««• ^ ..|,'i m..,, „,,., i,„! !,(.,„. m)„; ^ (,„ j)t j,,,^,, r    m.f,      '
fnWpl«-»f#ra-ry|*P»Mr In F.-rnK tt,A .,- .■on-lder.-.l .i bh^lnr th* irrntttf^ ; the I'UHw*,! t.*,. .; .,.'. .Imwlt, oyJ tmebettwobeeetnit, »r,,| j. ha-,.,,..,
1 V.'i- \''.'«*!'; *•■:'* a*!'.iivr.
Sr. l*i:itK»iu;mi, \hv,  ■_•■<
!.. < ,!   ..,,- j   ..a   is.,,    ,i;   .
aUUkirilia■*  Will   Im;  «-»•«!  t>
.al.ii JJiArrilil.t'O! lilffl i|lj*-a,
Sr. I*i iKit-nt Ira;,   I he. •.'*-,- '.rittnl
(Mktr Ali'\ifa i-  Mtial   t«» l.tVH the la
«oriit-« ji p^kiI  l.y  the tiiiui-t. r  «i (,, Luiin tin i,,.
I.    T,
i-i.'ij   !'.
f, ,11.-1..(
.il :.r ..li'
'ti (
1 llllll
11   ; '
-ti-.tm 1
Una  '
eo it
•I     the     II   ill
l''Mint   th. Ill to the
-.'■.I    'Jt'irb,    .(did
'I in. lit   hiSui*
.  i   ll, . v
...    I'e-UiUifU
*»',,'i»,    .»,   i '   "
it,- ';d!cd nn I
lliilefn.<,(   tu
 ,,.,.-*.    /.
»o sU„n »Honing
or   i.a- \. tnkitjjf
ibe ltli| b'n.ilijec-..i i«-it|,» C(,mj I'iled
i(    i'la
*!,.>» i oil tin- I'lule- i|.o;>. ll.e H#dley
none i-> ii.'Ih-i ii.-.in uittiiiiiK" rver
(..iiii'l .'.( fiipp!.- * .'•.'!-., i 'i.larnd.i.
ltnn«Ma->ay l»»» »..t|*f.y" it»j-,   'ibey mill. fnutr»*|.ra'Mji«rily,   .\«n*<t tfcifi low. irt .^rml .tia^i .»,,.f
f.«»«in<r..ftnfc*'   riort  .fir     f  rfiinf.    If   tvo.lf.f •;.
r*»>«l»t tm I'atibMt uaenoe.
M(V«N*mMM*i|llr*l.<iM|ww-m|   •-,,   jiKttU,r>   at u-rA^ro.U'«•!!.«• «•««,,«, <,«,*. ,,t«, ,,<
!/.*'!»',      1*ee.     •"•!   - 1..,..'d   Cl",-'.
i icl.-.-.<• <l<I !,)j-«  been   ,'i^pi.iiili'd tu '-ii'
fi-t'4 A liisirsl IkmajiiviMr- tn nititituixl
tA iim M<t-'Jit«Tra(,a,'ftri ««pia.{r>-tt
t*,.',-i'i-  v;,', i. ., -',,'.,■ ■;',. i   V-.   '    : ■
i » ••". i uf    ".-    :   r.   ,-;     .   '•■ •
' Kit -Ik k<f»i rJglit on •,.*&>'.%,•.
No llntr/ei  nf I'lii. Iitot-
In.  .'tiui,   i;.i-  i io,j....'   <.''"••
•Ut4-a|     if)     :|      „ j,< . .   ',    ,J,   I   ;. , ! , ,,J
!»iue ;«iJ-» in !/ei.i-,l     fh'a' "'..•  •   .
(•«,!(» Ill Uii* t 'l i«\V -    \.--     ■ . a»;n  ati-r»
-»*   l-i;. i,»',ie   .:',.,' • • ,  ni   i ,/,■
■-"■•.F'H-Mt;.:ti..i   i-„;,u...     . 7. .-il  .....  it;       «,,„
i)(-*tr» ttt-fi>ro U»a» KJiAt w-a'.t pinch'v,,,iitin|. f,.w.ii»,w,, H,»,„u-r
it    iir,noe'
«4iA »*j» V
The Ledge.
H.T. 1,OWHIlV. lvlitnrnii.1 Kiii'iiiicii'r.
Tin: I.Kino: is in.il.lisjii'.| .'vi'i-y Wiitlii.'i.liiy
in Ki'i'i'ii.'. It 1'. Tlie pritt.i is «! n yenr. Ailver-
tisiiii; nit.'s Kivcn upon ii|i[i!iciitioii.
ritKSUosirv is sometimes fatal. A
■prl in'Minnesota died the 0:her day
from blowing her nose tot) hard. In
somo of the other states dm iiifj tiie
year several men have died from the
♦jirls blowintr them too hard.
The path of literature is filled with
thorns and torn roses.   If you would
taste of 1I10 roast goose of life, never
become a poet, author Oi' edit; r.  Yon
may pound the gray matter in your
upper slope to a dull red evolving
thoughts that btirn, and line! as a rule
that the careltss world will let you
starve,  to death   and then build a
monument to your memory that will
cost more than would  keep a dozen
poets in mush for their natural lives
For proof ol  what we say look at
Bret Marie.   He died at (>.') Worth
$1,800,   while   common   personified
pork   like   Rockefeller  wallows  in
diamonds.    Look tit Frank  Norris,
California's great novelist, who had
$1,000 when lie cilshed in and took
the route to that land where the coal
b.iron has no agents.   Then, again,
see how poor Artemjis was when he
went through the shadows, leaving
$12,000 behind  him that no one has
ever  found;   while    that  child   ol
genius, 'Edgar Allen Poe, once wept
lor joy when he got a job at -$20 a
month   working   for   a   magazine.
Poor  chap!    lie  died   with  not  a
friend to smooth the path that leads to
all or oblivion, and yet his name will
live and be handed around in padded
even by the 'worms .that least upon
everything that is dead, or rotten
As there are exceptions to every
rule, we are triad to say that as the
New Year stands in the door we can
see two lij-tires on our bank account
Unis bright spot in the lives of those
whodraw inspiration from iho Itiinni
lied ether and weave it iuto words,
is the fact tint; tluy seldom tlio ot
Jlright's disease.
Education in advertising is just as
necessary as in other pursuits. The
fakir preys upon the ignorance of
some advertisers just the same as"the
three-shell man ropes in the smart
country boys at the lall lair.
The druggists of Minnesota are
asking for a law to do away with the:
selling of drugs to dope iiends. The
passing of such a law in that state
will make it impossible for Hands to
obtain sleep outside of the store that
does not advertise.
in Prussia
A recent
iSinte-owned railways
appeal' to bo a success
Ueiiin ct bio says:
"An olllciiil memorandum of the
Prussian ministry ol railways, showing the growth ol the slate-owned
system sines \*~'.\ compares the
rates and the management with those
of private owned lines in foreign
countries. No figure* ans «ivcii con
corning the United Stales lines, but
this* generani-ation is made: It, id true
that the United States rates are generally lower, csjitciaHy through
freight 11 rid bulk goods than with
u*. I/t'ul charge",are lii;»,j, t}ne<|tial
uud fliietutitliig, and aie so olaxsilled
lhat shipper* «>lti-u are unable to de-
termini: in advance what the rale
will be, li.'diieti'Uis and incrcasOH
olten lbll'iiv each i.ther in rapid sue
ees-ilon. TliU U a e .niHinni which is
jtlKily (Miidctutieil  by industrial ami
Atpplnej   ,-  ■   1   '.. 'I1'-. ■      .   .      '   .  ,,n,t
nl iinnilvriicieia
W. J. 15kyax has turned relic
hunter,'and has already obtained a
punch bowl that ence belonged to the
Democrats' patron saint, Thoiuaa
Jefferson. This helps some, but if
the silver tongued orator of Lincoln,
Nebraska, could get some of the
punch that Dad -Jefferson used t>
drink, he might strike a jig that
would make Roosevelt change shifts.
It cost this year to pick the c >Mon
crop of tlie Southern States $100 030, •
000, but this will probably never oc
cur again, as a machine lias recently
been invented that will do away
with hand-picking and reduce the
cost 80 per cent. An invention that
would destroy  the gas in coal mines
a detailed description of the girl he
was to wed got the much wanted information. The license .was is-,u. d
and their marriage,, took place that
evening. __ _,	
Happy Death.
Representative Fitzgerald of Hos
ton, has a story of an Iri h couple in
that citv who, despite a com para
tively happy married life, were wont
to have violent misunderstandings.
Nevertheless, the pair were devoted
to each other, and when the husband
died not long ago tlie widow-was inconsolable.
Shortly after the funeral a friend
who had dropped in to see Mrs Milli-
gan, chanced to remark:
"Well, there's one blessing, Maggie,
j for they do say that poor Mike died
"Indade he did,'1 responded the
widow. "Tlie poor lad! The iasht
thing he done was to crack me over
the head wid'a medicine bottle."
Distance  is   no  oh-
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denlin'jjs"   with
boose'    Write, lor
mail-order  catalogue.
In Fernie, is a pleasant
home for all who travel.
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Stege. Home cooking, and the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
RewmarRet fjete!
new Denver
IKI l<>   1'-*+.
The Tail Hold.
The following bit of .humor lloating
around is full of truth: "We hear
much about forging to the front, taking time by the forelock, seizing die
bull by the horns, and the like, b t
the man with the tail hold is emiivla
ignored Nine men who foil-ov sac
cecd, where one who charges around
to the Itont all the tima. Il you uu.-s
the forelock seize the tail. It is t.;e
hansjing on more than the particular
hold that counts. The man will go
just as far or nearly as lar who holds
would receive a royal welcjuie in the
caul-seamed mountains around Fernie
The e a     °
Union Made
Ooeralls, Shirts &
Miners' Garments
Queens Hotel
K Central - Motel
Qflj    = • FERNIE fjA
First Class in Every Respect™
Lenz & Leiser
J. C. Carruthers
.Ai-eni for Kooienay
1\ O. !>.■>; v> Nelson. B.C.
Rates $1   a Day
This hotel is at homo for all railroad stud lumbermen.
Is the homo of all Slocan peoplo traveling to and from Poplar.
meals "always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
ToTlTe tail, as tlie~~one~l)auging on to
to the horns, besides he can hold bet
terand is in less danger. Young man.
Tin*, statistic* show  that., drunken- do nol be tao anxious to get rapidly
ness is on the  increase amongst ihe to the front, but hang on to what you
men in Ontario, Manitobi and Nova  have and you will get ahead in the
Scotia, out it is pleasing to note that world just as last us you deserve. ■-
the women in those provinces are not Sentinel Newsboy
drinking as much as in former years
In the  cent  belt the   women rely
principally   upon   tea  and   revival
meetings for hilarity, while in Ib C.
the weaker sex arc more prone to
gurgle  tho  {•in-tizz out,  ol  a long
glaws when they .->e;;k exhtUiration.
An* oyster from Shrewsbury river
was opened iu New York the other
day and found to w.imiin l';'."> pearls,
valued at$l'iU II this item tins not
been scut out to b <>m the oyster
trade or the little town of Kedbank,
it certainly behoov.-s ns all to pn»s-
|M3Ct lor new ground. However,
when summering on Shrewsbury
river iu 'K-* we lost all our Jewelry
and this lat oyster may inst l.avo
caught them up, altboii-jli the dispatch says nothing itb.tit diamonds. ; from the town of  Mojiive  in a plnee
,  i'>vliere iht> ui'ouiiil |h tatrtiMii with rook*
l.v the United Nut-, it .1 m in steals ; ,„„, ,i(iuM,„.Ki   ■„ l>f0,hillJf ,*,■„ (lil „,
.V)  cent*   Im   is   liable to g.-t   «<*li ? r..ual» iiarrltoi-v llituilllnn muMmI lift,
years in jail; but it ||.» xm-hU % mil- ;t,i<. upon a mii.-iII nick.   Ti million nay*
lion his chances aia-l.tii f t irtontiiijg tlm   li.iiiitltuti Ml lo the -*roiii>tl: m
Not every one cun kick holes in the
toes of his bouts on gohlen nuggets
Them is a man In Kant, Los Augelcs
who literally stubbed his way to iillln-
euee, saysiin ttxvliiiiige.
Hamilton did nut always have the
prolix of " Lucky," Three or four
years 11^0 he might have had "Uu
links" for a tide with all pin|irieiy
Sueh was his iiiiaiicial straits that he
tied tu the desert for relief lie hml
lieaitl th.it rich linils were being tntole
iu the Mojuvi) desert and ht* |iroeured
» prii-|ieatiu'H outfit and stnrlttl nut
aciuss the hiiniing plain. It was in this
ri'tfinn uf terrors that lurk wus waitiiiK
He hud hnrtlly be(*un his fjuest when
he met with fortune.    Not  many miles
In Three Forks is one of the
oldest hotels in die Slocan, nnd has
never closed its disors. The' meals are
always tasty, and ihe landlord never
allows his whiskey lo flirt wilh ihe
u-mer hnrrel.	
I1UQH NIVEN, Proprietor
Tasty Meals, •
\_\i(.y Beds,
Nerve Bracers
Of Every
Will open next month with
46 First=Class Rooms
Everything Up-to-date
<>* \v <.v \i* vv <••> \** \i* \w* *y* v *f* *&* *t* *t* -vv \t* w *t* *t* *t* *t* *&* *.*> *s* \*>
4b ■■'   '^$
The Fernie Brewery 1
J.   F.   JARVIS    PROP.
Is ono of Fernie's oldest and
best  known   hotels.
lVoprietor'H name is.
Wm. Eschwig.
$* $* •§» •!»■
«if   .Mner'ctn  rt!!na\-
a Henator. J^ettsuti I5t|li.:t, til* tlm
White Swan snick swimtle, hisie-
ceiitltf beaMi sent t>. jiil I'm' tli»e«>
mouths nnd lined -V)i f..r rubbing
s.au''..u j tile ciiillditig piibiio cii'. «.t t»ttivi-t i.i
fiiiveio-tire Hiles! uiouev. Alter the luwver.igtiUtin.iigh
wbii-!i (,-fcm
latef d.ito, intist
omptiing the
with  his   ill g.'i'.i li   piiar   in;  jn-4-.i'iiv
could not pay any iii'.r<j Unin s.vo,
but the law railM  hive  ih'v.x  moce
generoit* nml  given lum l!i years,
rfuch a btiriesipte ot j.Mic* i< un in
I'onilvc to crime.
yearly tl.wn t.. th<
Hot   ht'   .oi'gnjteii   III
('(110.111  w th  Atut'iieaii raiiwavs."
The  nieiii'r.iiniutri   siys   that   the
I'ruNiinu raiei i,t*r kilomttre bauleil
Imvt! Iteeti  ri-dueed I!'. \xn' ceiit uliu'e
lHT'.l, wlieii Ibusia   b.'gan  l» inttion-
uliz.i Iur na.ls.    The exi-atinjj rate*.     Tlieie are tnanv  inehb-n's n*u ti I-
nre nli-iiit tw.ithhila tho.su In Grout ing the k*uti>ee *>f itotn-»g- !:.-i-;>"-
liriuiii,   taking   nn-   |/Mtdwii   mul Im Ortintv Clerk .Ft.iw-' f-niav, mv-i
Northeast etii    n*    -tandiril.     The
NOT IN ri'llMH.
\inumv, .,( ii.'i^nt in I'litant has iii-!,.|n^|t.m(,!,|..raMi-
tTl Ifx-.l   i -".'  |<«t   fl'll
l-clpt* I'-'T pI i- et;,».
'I rlipgr. *w iv.
Tnr-: way •" .1 iui n y i-,
ffin»l resiifiilioiis
I'.tvcl with
It'i'lSton l.'lil' 'lli-'ir,   ind   >•'••• Oi-i<
linn- -ini'iit t'*>fc
plate liming t'.tti.iaiii h..h. A
young man wlm Sii.j ie k-i. tr.mi
S'irgtiii.t aiplifd f,.r -t lii-.i,-.', nnd
when   he t';iiiif f<> tin-(•.•nr if "ivitig
j the l»i'ld''V  li.1l».a\ 41-tlUl   li',!   *?':!|J'k -\A
any rate, the roek rolleil over, /nut
ll.'iiniititit, when he nrosit, caught a
(•ItinpHii nf yellow III Ihe sliuie. It
Iw.kfd |itniiihiln'-, nnd he nt once pul
a*i»rl/...|   tliu   fiii.'l;   ivtvt   h.ifu.x.1   i.i.it  \[\\*
.iiiiiiuiiiive chunk something like a
.hdhtiH worth nl the |iri'i-i.nn inrtnl.
ilii was from llmt utmneiit "Lneky'
II -t in .li ..tt icUiiihmI in .Mi.j»ve, tiii-ura.l
a la-ani iiiiiI begun haiillng the Iixim-,
>lu'iiitej!inla"il ijimti-' whirli lay nn the
- Nurf.ii-e to the #tniinii. When lie h.nl
nnir lima, of iwk  lirtiile.1  lie ulii'ipeal it
; to tin Mueller. It lietteil him #l,<Mi|uj
tin tun fur Mirfate nre. lie wa* ti«*lt {
rti.d .-.iiiH bnw fiihl hix elrtitn iiatiifj
li.ilr-],t iu| iiimiiv lli,i||a.,'tiii|i»   uf  •hil.mtA
\i- ttftiM-il nil uffertt j
1I,«';>I'I.HI ni'laj h'r* tlx.il ^lf.[:.\ % •"!,{•,V, '
: iifa'in witlrlt In' cm draw »i« any thu*'
a...! li.ia-.t I.i■« attMilt hulii.r.-'l A'i-.iiI ,
, ii :e a j'f.tr he i*ni-» up to Ihe ittttn» mnl (
il-.l'iia. u'.at !M   (••*   liHII.ll ed
anil Billiard Room
and CIGAR IHT 1-iS
B.B.B.      (i.B.D.
PctcrMtu ami Lowe Pipes
Call nntl In-aped our Sirvk
,. ♦♦♦„
Ahjoininj^  Forme Nolo!
PKDVIM l.\l. A.M)
iilli..': Mon, Son .V t'..„ L. I.\\\ lllavl.
I'l kvii; Ibiti-li I'thniihi t
On the road leading to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
luiH ample accommodation
for man ami his horse.
, 'i Tho bacon, beam*, beefsteak, ej;gs, oat«, hay,
boo/.erine and cigars cannot be beaten iu the hills
of the Lardeau.
The Kxi !-.*igo Hotel in Kaslo is
like an oai-is in tux Egyptian desert.
aSlocan folks flock to it like I ices
to a llower garden.
■MnirufTCtOTersnjH Porter _.*.
Howland Avenue, Fernie ' ^>
ft* .. 0 ft*
\i* *y* *y* *1* O* vV V"> <'* \t* \V *.** *'> a,!* \!* V*> v!> W «* •.'> O* *■** \1* *S* V*> a.'/ *f*
K Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
(1..M   —•        —i   tf. Id.ililtiliilHIIvnr—Him
1^ nil         .*.'. i Until. «il*IT. t*nn*r t.'M
■-a«M|>tr« liy   »a,*il  im|««  |.t>im|4  *ll«liUo«i
i'li.i-  'I .1-1.   IUt..rU.   Itllit   ItUll On-*.   ttaaUtbtllt
S n.l r..r tp-traa Mslllni* K.i\ <  anal I'll.* l,t«t.
0(a>fiN   ASSAY   CO.
It US .»r«|anhiM> Ml,,  |i»ii««r, t**>l*».
United Bitithcthoud of Carpenters & Joiners
nf America. N<i. I??0
Tlif ("'irpenlcrfi at Joitu-rt of Frrnlt1
iiirt-t lit*' i-l nml jrd Tut,,Hlit)ai ii* cuaii
iiionib nt tlta-D.UIfallnwN* Hull.
JBrewcrs of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Goal Miners - - Attention!
A good chance for .i future home on reasonable terms.
Kootenay Valleys Co., Ltd.
AIhmii Utoo.irrvs Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
CRIvlIK. io nilln fraim KLKO.
Will Iw* adibiliaitlatl lo nuil purchaser in blanks from
Ko airt'u iipuitrdai.
IVt.v Cri'-.w tf^.t-o l.v $;.i»'o rvr aitt.    Tuuu—i'^ili
liisli;   li.ilam••.• in )tarly inslalnifiil* at 6 pet
tvnl. I»ilt-rv*-t.
Jet)BOOoooooooooo _ o tt _ fr Pftfta » • W fl» ■ » RHJ_•
Aafn'*li> tVmla-:
Mott. Son & Co.
T. G. PrOCtor Manager Nelson
K^^^^po-aaama^^^l ^^^_ - "•a^^^ ^^^m"-- *^^^^m t^^^^gf**-^^^^ ^__^^r-n^yg^m I^^MF •~>'«^|| a^^^raaw^^^g. ^^^^r- -■"• ^^_j ______'' '"w''-^^_—^A -^^^a«—"--4t^^^* ^^^^w^aaa-^^^f ^^^—«-b—..^^^^ ^
^™r»*rinrainninrain fm*^tmJ^fm*mlJam\ r^*m^^fn\a^^fM*^^m\ }m^___f^M\}
^^mw^*^jmm^i^^mm^jij^m^i^^^-M_^^jmw^A m^mmwa^j^^mmw—^ ^^^ma^^i^^mmm_^.^^mw^J _m_^^_m_l.
i^^^ik. ^_.-,.mmmm%   I^^Aa.*..***!^^^ ^^*m*„r. _>a*^^V ^^m9m___r mi^^mA ^'"■•fc w.      _^mU\ ^9^m\^  .     ,,_^-**u    ^t*****fk>,.,.     m_^^m% ^l*^aW. „      mUMmm      a****^l**lLc.   . .  ^*******B ^al^Bfc,; .,„    ,^^t*****4 ^^HhwK  ^^J^^B     ^^^|fc«»K..^J^B I
I  Why put your nun
Ihe savings bank at a low
|.»ii«tr.i nnil | rate of interest when you can
tli.i. I. tllilia 1.'.'lijiis tin'«-*m-in.l a.mi.   I,,,.. ..
i'.«'i tt.H-' t».*vt(*"<l'.  Hai **y* tn«i ha'i|.#* 1     * ■       X
Hotel Strathcona
^%%%%%%%%%%%%«*i%%%%avt%%-MMk%«%-VI   IMk-%%%^
ul;',   Mf.
IT U mu -.v.-n'.'
if yi.fi hav,- V..v
In .'I'lVl-ili-.',
Tilt'.   I,.M«.f.   IA- *(,.-i   <-.,
Ina*l<i!.i.k,' it* it,-:.ii<j.ii-m
A Jl.t{;»> Nciv VaJtr
.■-a .Ul.l    istl'jaV  ||<|V%
i t(i-& worI«t,;
•■ ***» .«-* 1.1 iw rik. j
fN S>;...-ivi!itr.
fliilil tr-*s r.-ca-ij
li«;*Jt     'J'lte ;•»!•.■
If?) Aif «•... •   »
Fv «i littja- town
baittttah-.   Thi-ii
|*> tin1-*.* «L   '..-?»".
M.ti*..,    A
V   !»,r> I   aa r
' a s.'c.-tj'it In*
■fl    fW.I
Mill! J. is ihi-; i I'* il.
i *• *
1 lAfi'.i'hli-if 'h ' -fiii'd! i
I . *
: h.t'.r Into .tcut.i ..*:
| OO':  ! Iia4 Lt (-1! tl.-r < i.i   ! i'.r.' '■  :
! Ill- in'ltJnO,   til- 1 :«*--.-   i- .;  Tl >l    111.'
K-innvV   I  *!« ***"** «' -tt i- C '
pttt, Uia.O^I.    I   C-tllaal    I.i f    hit
J.t!i"l   it.t; I.i -t I tlniiia   i>'j»"'tn «!;.
Im   A   ti.        W-tii     Sua    kl.U.-kt-
fl>.f    wi»ll   fra    a|l»V#l(a-i    »ti«    aaa>«».a       It-.  ' P af*P"ir ' "   ™
ni...»i y i«-tlar ill Hml iMtnk  t*utn staa » ''» j
...«.i,    .'tint* ..r *|aitMliUaaj ra.hiara.; 111 the k»ri*at City Ol   S\ llllllpej,"-   1 1
tiala-    rt a   I'daH t   lljantl   lit*   liKItk.      lit* j J)\'  DalVilltf
'i .-'n'liw if i5jI-;/!'-, aft 'Iw una*-, *t.ai jlt-tj
I'.- I. I a (.1 jtl-l I| H* lit!  WHIlU ll.
* *# >*
Itl      iJia^Hl'illC    )>• I '
i.Wi  i iiC   i».u.ilia a'   |,|  ll,   til
tl.iiin;-<J iiit Ke.t'l har-I aii-l ai
t.-i-.   s:J,.      II):
•■ ,uA !,■• !.'.! t-
■ ii.x-l KicKfii li
tt'r w«4a* im<.|.-'<
(!i «i-    ?    "..;'.■.
»;tT«\<»itwrtWa**k*f'!oaco,   Iw-   «-v,. I
.ti i * ijiowirt*] m m -ttrk-|Ji'.«tf I th.u,
..i;» .a-Jain,' Wii,rikii>»*f*Ur fci'a^afiry *■**•.
.."!   ' ':   .*:ii.»>'-'iPiJf  S'lJil!,1*- A'it' "V'-h,      t't- 'K
t'V   if  M-n
i -.iii ti..ai a.-
. .1 K
-■* hf
n O-tia-
li'U J
■ :*tVf-
'i .i i;
■XVf t
it' m.
i in'    In iilMMtlfl   'LifiM
» mho ir •• i t.niMhtiy, " land i,H months.    Lois from
tt.eoe'r \,-m un ii... iwil-*r<vin;$75 to $iooc.ich acconlinjr to
!.■ I^ain.|.iry i% *jro«iu^ Info n v.itt llocaitOfl.
t   .',     Tl.a'   lat-jal   ll*1   larftt   «-\(Wi^«al   (.If f
■.nr bir.«i;#,| |>fl    Tla« irsn it. one',      We  IlAVC   JOO Such   lot.-,  in
di,-.. r.-l,-fi.«.r -I W'l.f'fi ■)(•'■■ f.',.|-.    tu".'.v, \{\\Z    C.UC.V^ai    x'-X   <\\tuu\.%     i\'i
*'-w^>: isale on the above terms.   Call
in' t.ia-..a'lii t)n:<i.Ut» uuita"   \**A1   ta.ati-
U«««0..,   htm   r*-»BI»a-a<   aajari**!!*-**
* .1l» » t■'<•! f" <■•! ffrn,f ttrfii- j .,»«, MtA 11
«ft* »fstf»jr»tr»jr ttre tt* thef'.rittitry mmffri-r
.and w ns- !.m* jvirlicnlars
I..T.\V. BSsvk, I'Vrnie,
l* in A ilelif-lnful loonllon nml from it« Imlr-rtnlm
ma Iw Mem all thn beauty of tlie grant] winery
thai unrmnntfi, h»»mi» In, an«l a<!nr*n* th* howy
Hty of Kriwn. It i* tho liornn. of tourinta ant]
i.iiiHiiif.* itiMi iiciin mi }ian# t>i rue mm (j. rtu-
nilnlne nt-vn* dragt In Iht mire of tn«lia-»rrily
and livery room I* an t-in-my to fntomnta. 1
you n«*«s] room* wlii-n on tli* way in, loaeh tit*
win- and lite deed l« douo.
%%%%%•% %'%%%^aytv%%-%%
2 i
i i
...»  I,. ,\(   » IfCU'
ftrnl witti-r .-ir.'i.-r.if ft,rtr f.n'-n,r«*-*        ,,'.*if'cf nr> tho
*•'• sr
M ft C''""a r°"{S B* Tomkins' ManaSer' Nelson, B.C.
I P^I^^^W^II^^ad*^^^j™"^"^ UU*.^_W^ W^-.__,^^ ^mAi^_^at jl*^^^-'*"*! """■t^^***** ""■"(^^'"■■"--C^^
L....1.    ..__.-_.._    l.    a:    u_...,i...   li.i. l-J*-.* M_W_.   il.    .*»- 11^***- iL-*■-.   ....     ■■     ia    .Am..    .*     Mm.     t_    *mm\     1.    _**■-    i*     ^*1_    m*    Mm.     Ik .***•.
, %#«*.«-» tn. tri*-e l«W    \,t», r'm'ttff, l*t»t".**-»} ■ ji
-^Jkwiw"1 THE LEDGE, FERNIE, B.C., DECEMBER 2S, 1904
Everything points to 1905 as an even
more prosperous year than any the Canadian West has enjoyed since the
opening of the present period ot rapid
development. Owing to the unusually
long period of fine weather, fall plowing hap been carried on far beyond the
limit of any previous year. The result
is that a large increase in the acreage
under wheat can be, counted on. This
year the total wheat acreage in Manitoba and the Territories was something
over 3,300,000. A conservative estimate gives 4,000,000 acres for 1905.
•At 25 bushels to theaacre Western
Canada will have a crop in the fall of
1905 of 100,000,000 bushels. At 24
bushels, the total crop will be 96,000,-
000; and even at 20 bushels, the total
crop will he 80,000,000 bushels, which
far exceeds Canada's record crop for
Ihe year 1902.
The same favorable conditions will
apply to the crops of oats, barley and
other grains. There is an acreage in
all these grains available in 1905
largely in excess of ihe acreage this
year. The Dominion colonization
tigent at Winnipeg—who has special
facilities for securing reliable data—estimates that there will bean increase
in th acreage in the Territories for al'
kinds of grain of at least 25 per cent,
nnd that the total acreage in the Territories (which, of course, does not include Manitoba) will be next year
2,500,000 acres or over. It was 1,800,-
000 this year. Though the increase in
Manitoba will not be so large, there
will nevertheless be a substantial increase in the. acreage for all kinds of
While wheat is tlie pivotal influence
prosperity of Western Cannda, one
tinils in many other directions indications pointing to the same favorable
conclusion. One of these is the enormous program of railway building
planned for next year, "It is expected
that building operations will be commenced on the new transcontinental
road early in the spring, both east and
west of Winnipeg. As the road is to
is consistent with thorough workmanship, this will involve the spending of
millions of dollars in Western Canada
next year.
The Canadian Pacific also intends to
do much building next year, both in
the direction of double-tracking the
line from Winnipeg to' Fort William,
and in the building of-extension of
branches throughout the West. .The
Canadian Northern will also push its
main line forward to Edmonton next
year, and probably build several important branch lines. All this will
have a material influence upon the
growth and prosperity of Western
Reports from immigration agents in
the Western Stales, as well as Great
Britain and on,the continent, indicate
a large increase in immigration next
Perhaps no more reliable sign of the
present and prospective development of
Western Canada can be foundJhan the
rapid growth of Winnipeg. A few
years ago Winnipeg was a comparatively unimportant town, slill staggering under the effects of ils exploded
boom. Today it counts a population
of nearly eighty thousand, and confidently expects in the next year or two
to pass the hundred thousand mark.
Millions of dollars worth of buildings
have already been contracted for in the
next year. <r
And what is true of Winnipeg is
equally true, on a minor scale, of other
Western Canadian towns. Edmonton,
particularly, is growing at an astonishing rate, partly by reason of its favorable position in the heart of an excellent country, both for farming and
small ranching, where Western American settlers are coining in in large-
numbers, and also because both the
Grand Trunk Pacific and the Canadian
Northern will make it the chief center
in the far western country.    '   *
Brandon, Regina, Calgary, Prince
Albert and many other, towns are making equally satisfactory progress, each
being the distributing point for an important farming or ranching district.
Battleford is in a state of suspended
animation. It possesses the unique distinction of being the only considerable
town in the west which is asyet wjth^
out nHlway~^onimunication. Next
year, however, the Canadian Northern
will reach Battleford, and probably by
1906 the Grand Trunk Pacific will also
be completed to that place. Battleford
will then take a new lease of life.
and to give the company power to sell,
lease or otheiwise dispose of, tb any
railway company, the whole or part of
the railway lines or property of the
This is looked upon as indicating that
the Great Northern company is about
to begin construction of the line from
Vancouver northward 'through Ihe interior of British Columbia by way of
the'Pemberton. Meadows and Quesnell,
The line has already been surveyed and
the Great Northern is believed to be
back of the scheme.
The intention is thought to be to ir-
vade the northern section of the proa-
ince before the Grand Trunk Pacific
is built. By means of the New Westminster bridge the Great Northern
conld make this country tributary to
Mason & Risen pianos are like good
violins. Their tone quality improves
with ago. Unlike cheap instruments
they are as well made inside as outside. II. L. Staebler, agejt, Box
279, Fernie. B. C.
The Victoria Times states that nn
interesting communication has been received by J. Musgrnve, secretary of the
Victoria Game Club, from Allan Brooks,
a naturalist, who has spent most of the
past fifteen years on expeditions In different parts of British Columbia. He
makes a number of suggestions regarding amendments to the present Game
Act il is proposed to introduce at next
session of the local legislature.
The most Important of these follow:
(a) The number of animals to be killed
in one season by an individual to be
restricted as follows:
Klk, one; caribou two; sheep j; goats,
lwo; mule deer, sis; blacktall six;
whitelail, one buck, (b) Open season
forikcr lo be extended to January 1st,
and not more than two to be killed in
any one day by an individual, (c) Not
more than eight of any one species of
grouse lo be killed In one day. (d)
Not ttwrt than twtntjr-five ducki to be
killed by an individual in twenty-four
hour*. («•) One Indian in each reservation—or gronp of reservations—lo he
appolntsd a game warden under the
local authorities. (0 Sale of all gamt
animals and birds 10 be prohibited- (g)
Naturalists to be allowed a permit to
collect for their own collections nnd
museums other than the provincial
museum. (This should only be al-
hw*d for cabinet specimens—skills--
and not for mourned or ornamental
Mr. lirookt' communication to Mr.
Mmf-rave %ayt, in p»rt:
"Knowing tbe interest you take in
lite question of game preservation, I
venture to make some suggestions re*
gtwaling the atmtaaJinents you propom
1.1 »*--<tr#a tn lias. w»#»«» ft****  *
Just forget prejudice for
a moment I
The essentials for a well
fitting suit of clothes are proper designing—careful cutting
—expert workmanship—hand
tailoring and good materials.
These determine the fit and
hang of the garment — the
style — the shape — and the
permanent retention of these
qualities during the garment's
Because yon like to be
measured with a tape line
does it follow that you will obtain the maximum satisfaction on these points from the
" lilile " fellow who tries to
design—cut — tailor and sew
all by. himself?
Semi-ready is the product
of specialists assembled in
units—a master tailor does the
designing—expert cutters cut
the cloth and skilled tailors
work on the particular parts
in'Ihe making of which they
The results of fit—expression—shape and permanent
retentioiyof these qualitiesare.
TJuTloTliese effects belng^kept
in view in every operation of
the making.
A Favorable Impression
Is created not alone by the man but
also by his dress.   It's just the same
with a letter. It may be well written
but a lot depends on the paper and the
printing.   That's where we come in.
We print letterheads and envelopes ;
also all kinds of job printing. mi: I .edge
.   ■            ■-■" ■                '  ■
Union Restaurant
Fernie, Furnishes Meals at
all hours,
Everything first
Geo. Ichikawa, Prop.
Will be ready for business next
month. It will be up to date in
everything, aud will bt a home for
commercial men.
Help  of All Kinds Furnished   on
Short   Notice
Coal and Petroleum Notices
NOTICE is hereby given that after th*
expiration of 30 clear day* from this dttte.
I intend to apply to the Asia stant Oominia-
dioner of Lauds and Works for tlie district in
which the under mentioned land.) are situate
for a license to pro.pect for coat and put-oleum
for a term of out year over the following described lands ; situate in the District of So th
Ea*t Eootenay about two miles West of the
Summit of the Rooky Mountains and ubout
eight miles North of the Kootenay Puss trail
commencing at a. post marked South West
corner of Samuel P. Tuck's coal and petroleum
location thence running East BOchams thence
North 80 chains thence West W chums thence
South MO chains to place of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less,
Located and dated the 2nd day of November, 1WM.
SAUCEL P. TUCK, Locator.
David Black, Agent.
given tbat after  the
clear days from this
NOTICK is hereby
expiration of «
date, I Intend to apply to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands ana Works for_the,Distrii;t.
in which tho undermentioned lands are situate
for a license to prospect for ooal and petroleum
for a term of one year over the folio it ing described lands, situate in the District of South
East Kootenay about two mi'es West of the
summit of the Rocky Mountains and about
nine miles North of the
commencing at a
Sat a poi
he kootenay pass trail,
at marked South West
For Sale
South African War Land Scrip
Apply P.O. Hox .*.•*, I-Yrnie,  P..C.
Accidents Sickness
Write for particulars ubout my Accident
and Sickness Policies, ihi' hest in tlie
.J. Steel
Real Estate Aj*eiit
.Nelson, H.C.
EHrfcaFSupply Depot
Mount Fernie Lodge No, 47
.'0..>TC,JFV 6.F.
Meets every Thursday evening at 8
p.m. In I.O.6.F. Hall.
Owen Ross, P.G..R.S.
•J. Barber,
L.D.S.,   D.D.S.
L. T. \V.   Block,   opposite ihe   Bank
Olhcfc hours-is a.m. to S |. ui.
W. H. Kihs J. S. T. AUS-taXM*
Ross & Alexander
KKll.VIK, 11. O.
Gftl.r in J,. T. W'.'Ulonk, Victoria Ava-uua. •
11. W. Hl-lirllMKIi. SlIKHWoOb UKncflaiB
Herchmer & Herchmer
RARIMh     ... ,   SOLICITORS,   KTC.
KF.HN1E, li. 0.
OfflM-s iivei I*. HiiriiH i Co's blmlc, Victoria sita
L. P. ECKl>IK..\ F. (". I.AWl!
Eckstein & Lawe
B.U'MSTEltS- AT-L.UV,     Soi.lClTOKH,    ElC.
Culhbert Mock,  FeriiUi, H. C.
Pilots-Gold, Sliver or Lead 	
Hold-Silver or Silver-Lead	
..SI W
P.O. Box DM
Ya!   Ya!
.NV\t .li.i.r to Cals-ary Cuttle Co., Wood Strnat
Work of All Kind*.     Ital«* ftuasouabla.
J. D. Quail
Is back at the old
stand with the same line of
goods he has always sold in
comjK-Jletl to instruct the Indians as to
tlio game laws, nnd be required lo con*
trol the Indian* during the close seasons.
"Elk should hnve complete protection lor a period of yearn, though I uni
afraid they are doomed to speedy extinction in any event. The whole
northern portion of the Island hus, in
dilTerent localities, isoluted bunches of
elk, which will die off through lack of
fresh Wood.
"Caribou should also be protected
more stringently in the southern portion of the province, as they are getting
wry scarce.
"The majority killed in Cariboo dis-
trie! are killed from February to May,
mostly cows.
"The white-tailed deer of Southern
Okanagan are getting very scarce.
These have a very restrict eJ range and
should be protected.
"On (lie other hand, black-tail and
mule deer should be allotted to he
killed up (o ut January. At prenenl
they are killed by mom hunters throughout the winter regardles* of the law.
Kitentllnt* the teaton two weeh. wiiul.lI *""1 Amrrtranlln**. 'Apply tor Mtll«f data*,
give thewj a chance to kill their winter's j "r. «(t"»« **
meat without breaking the law.
Royal Hotel
In Fernie is in a rapid
course of construction,
and will soon ho ready
for the trade of tbe world.
Wm. Tattle, Ptop.
Sixteen Souvenir Cards witb
Kig.it Views of Fernie.
Beautiful work, and the
Canadian Coat of Arms on
each one. Sent by mail for
2ft cent*.
A.  J.   PURDY   &  CO.
Steamship Tickets
Tn smj fi-xn KarofMn trinti tu Canadian
"  idy tor Wfllttf data*.
"Mule deer do not now come down
to the foothill* till December, atiid mo*i
men wait until the neither i* set cold
before nheoting any.
"Thtnale of all game except, perhaps,   Wild   fowl, Should lv pr.illilaifi-il
"Th* bag of game per d.iy should
be limited. This is much eu*t«r of enforcement than controlling ilw seasoai'k
"For Instanre, trrmemloti* bags of
g<ou«e art being made this «e-a«on in
0.11. B. 4 f tttt, nam Dmivm.
W. IV V Cummin*-. <t. H. tl. Act-, Wlaai-Mf.
In the Kootenay knows C. O.
I)., the watchmaker. He Iiaa
repaired 100,000 uniche* with
perfect satisfaction, and Ih prepared to repair yours nt nhort
notice, llontwt work and
honest prices is my motto. A
fine stock of watches and
jewelry always on hand, lie
on the look out for hits Christmas stock. Two doors north
of Bank building, Fcniic
vomer of Sydney A. Kelly'.) coal und petroleum
locution, thence running Kant 80 ch-ilim.
thence North 80 chains, thence West 81 chains
t hence South|R) chains to place of commencement, containing Oil acres more or le^s.
Located and dated tbe ind duy uf November,
SYDNEY A. KEU.Y, Loo.itor.
David Black, Agent.
NOTICE In hereby given that nftir the
expiration of 30 clear duyu from thu
date. I intend to apply to the Au^Utant Com-
mi»»lo!ier of land* and Works for the UNtrict
In whioh the undermentionedland»»r«slt«iito
for a license to prospect fur coal and (M-t roll: mn for a term of one year over the followiuK
dMsurlbed land*; idtuate In the Dint-Wet ol
South Ea»t Kootenay about two milen We.I
of the summit of the Rocky Mount* ln.t and
about ten mile* North of tha Kootenay ?***
trail, commencing at a pout marked Houth
Weal corner of John Patternou'* coal and
petroleum location, thence running Kant 8u
clialna, thence North 80 chain*, thence Went
HO chain*, thenct. South 80 chain* to place of
commencement, containing 640 acre* mora, or
Located and dated tbe Hnd day of NommU-r,
I'arid Black, Agent.
in hereby given that after the
tiiration of so clear day* frum thi*
dale. I Intend to apply to the A«»l*tHiit ('..in
inia>i..ii«r of Land* and Works lnr the lii.irl. (
in which the uiiderink!itluni«l land* ait-
•Itunie for a license to proipei-t for .-..hIhh.I
petroleum fur a term of one year over Ibe tul-
lowing (lea.-ril.ed land*.* situate in the Diatr'il
..fHimtli Kai.t Krx.teii*)- about two and .un-
half mill.* West of Ihe summit nf the lt.«kv
Maiiintaltis Mti.l about eleven utile* .V.irihil
the Kootenay I'as* trail, coinnieiu'lng nt a
iw.t marked Kiiulh Weal iM.rner nf .1. 1.
lluidiaii'si'oalan.l tielroletiiu lij.-ntl.in. I hut..
running K»»t »..-li»ili*,tl.»u<e.VuMl.ia.i l.sln.
Ibeiii-e Wesl wit'liiilns.lheiii'eHuiitht-i.'tiHiiia
to pla'-e of i-ommeliceini'iil, rui.ii.li.InK ''<'
inn.* iu.hi. or l»»*
Locateal ali.l .lula»t the Sinl.l«v<.f N«.a. n.l.i r.
J. I., lit THAN, l...»f..r.
Uavl.t liia.k, Awutit.
I* li»rel.y given   that   ati.-r   ihr
KHtinmk'M given on all kii.tlt* of
Wire Work.
Kliictrie Liglit Plants Installed
in any part of the country.
P. O. BOX 185
founders & Machinists,
——nelson, B.C.—"
Mills-iil Miniiiif Miiehiiiery. Complete
Stock ul.Sliuftiiif*, FittiiiK'.i, otc, alwayg
on liiainl. Kstiiii.iti'H fuiiiiHlii'd. Scrflp
Iron I'niit-lit liy tin- nirloiiil.   ltopnirlng
Htlil   .Inbllill^.
D   C. TRAVIS, -mi*,*
KKANK   KI,rc'.VIircR
Provincial Land Surveyor
houh iiiiiI MiiK'ml (,'laiiiiaSiirvnycil
mul Criiu'ii I iiu lit I'll.
I'll, Ihiaj **i:i,        oilli-i-: Ka..ili-iiii|f NI'.,Nel<i li
Notary and Commissioner
nent potitlon ; rapid advancement; aalary
and expenses; full inttructicins free of .'limit* ;
clean desirable business. The J. L. MCllULU
CO., Limited, Toronto.   (Mention thi«pa|wrj
WANTED-Qulckly. few person* to repra-««ut
luctf established wlmlasule house amona*
retail inerchiaiiU and aKcntn. l.o.:»l tt-iTitory
of few counties, tin salary an.lcx|*ii»e*iMild
weekly. Expense nt.ini-y RilvHiiceil. (.'oinuils
•ion extra. I'iriiinii.-iit i-nKHKein.-iil UuslneSs
•ucceasful. Previous exiwiiciii-t' nut e^entlal,
Enclose self addresseu enveloi«. Address,
Snt KIM ikhukh t Tn A \ ».j.k«b, Sits, Iiearboru Ht.,
flat bau U laanaxparlenua iu dental work .and
makM a tnecUUy of Oold Uridg* Work. V Ul I
made to In* Hkiean regularly.
NOTICK       .       ..  _
axplratluii uf   *l clear day* from  Mil*
date. I Intend to apply lat the A*sl*lant C.-n.
OlLVICH CITY LOfH-RNO. 'M. i.n.o.r.
O  Handon, 11.0.  Meetlims In Ihe UnMi Hall
every Kriday evenliiK »' '■*>   V'Wilin- hrvthrru
cordially luvlletl Iu atl.iiil   J   K   LovMilsJu,
NobWaiiraiid; A. I. l.'ssiu, Vl.elirand; W J
U*k»im, Hasrrrlary,
OANIION   l.tllMIK   NO   M.     K.   OH   I*.
i5 Meets every WediirWaluy ti a-nl«« al a «i'«loak
Hi Ibe l*> UiUn «;*«Ue Hull, Msn.lui. Ni]iiuriilii«
liietbreu will reaelve » I'llhliaii aaet.-iiine, $.
llUaCakiX.CO.      Aimaii J. H'LL. K   R »».
l. ., ■*,-■". +'■>*—' •»*••   •>*** t**tit** iitti
"I  ht»»*#h»da»»la^t>^ta>a-r»1fa*»^VV-1am^W t.V     I'lV^l     ..,'    Ji.'aa-
In tM» Hn*, ** I buy* »»***n c<wtlnu-|mlniit.an, Vtruituiliy ) .aist-u. *utp .at j
ootly In Iht (WU for th« U%t 6ttre»l*l% ef any tme kf-i.l mt gm-mw, .,-.,)
ye*n l» dilferwrt potikwn ot th« f«w. j jahtaatflint fn a -lay, bm eiglu »tn»ulj U-|
inc», ami ttavt «l» teen tbe working ] ample.
u^ i^i* u"....*."^ ai.L.a u.*. l.aaI4. Li4,*i^t^u 'j.*,^!* l
"Th* frttent lav. If enfor*-*d. It
•bout Iht best in Amtrkm, laktitg il
all round. Too «tingtf»« rr^uUiwo*
ar* apt to malt* too many men into
tvv hni'thm.
"Th* gt*a*wtftl*ia*it*ftt b nadoohtaKl^
t»Haa.aviu«ai U»/ w*ti»ra*», •nd  ih* esril) k rvirliar-vwvl  ih« VitaVwivrr,  WiwHtii'in-
«ray ia eoMrol ihrtt it try liw »ppoinl-1*'«.* anJ Yukon rail**)- will -ar-r»l*r fair
mtir-1 attf a number df trtttim t,tnnt mitf-a ju- io -Vin-iiS* tim ihe c*piui tfotit ef\
d*m—mf ona tadlMi lo *mh r-M*rTa-ftha»i.-aitipaiij thai! t» Uwrtii.»«J tVu*i»
lk«, who wt-auld act wadtr ih* kwti|ii.oa-**t„«>«i lo $it.tmm,eonn, **» fit-n-vi&i
AUthOtit'ttA, ItiWI Ih* liwtaf far |h«-   ^.•aarip.Vf'.an  of ff),a
"The ImTmn aftnis tttouU alio le\tAiU*y »h*ti tm «stam«ktj bee re*t*,
ijii.iu  nnl:  (n.ii'iiiiiwii. uiumiii H' nh i
tamed m permit te evitrxt ftwa-a-ihwaau-
bird* tor their own rrtleartkim uml fa.t)
•hot* of the target  muteums in ilia
Mtl and m Katj-U-xl,"
f«> Uutlti Nttflhwartl,
Al lh» »rtl «r«*iiMi of ih«- IXmitnirm
Pacific Ky.
Fernie to Toronto
Montreal & Return
i.<.n*»l*rt.Uni»t  >.airi to alt   emketo
fmM* from all Kootertajr lUiia-o*. .
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Ronrh and Dressed Lumber
Wlii'ii voti ainnl'c n cl^nr
atti tlmt il i- INloSl iiiii.In.
 ..„.», , Ri"" ,'rii"l,;,,.,"',rr v-"--!*(''.,l"'"1",1" "n.'', -	
mi.»i.in«railLand, and Wo«k»fnrthel»j*lrlii i il*aV«iin \\ Iilli < Ijfam tn; I llinil (iiinilhi  .......   _, , »»,„
In   »l.1.1,  th*  underm*iill.in*.l   lands  •"*   nunlti l.v .     Ii   i.tihiiT;
,it.mti.f..r a li.'.«n*«t.i|.t-.i«t.wt f..r.-....l  t» " , **' '• '    ,, , „,,    „     illt*J   "b.«UU.*i.dH^
i^iiulsuin Iur a terwi ol one vaar «ivar fli.-j \\      1»       liillUH  l!M     A-    (ll     	
fiillnwins;  .le.^rll.e.1  lands!  situate In  thr* ".    I ,     IV I J. »VM; Ilii I.   l\    VM.i   »     |( IIICVl.ANH, Kn»riiit«>» ana I'rovtBolal
HUlrlit ufHnulh Kasl Kaxiteiiay about thraa-i \VIiu.I|>k Man < A .   Li 	
tlSulaJ-.^ '.tuV'miV;",,,^ ^nl, f «'->.• n,..r,„<,,K....H,.,.N. I „rtrr,wr „
a.1   the  KiMilenay   I'ass  trail. .' ..riiiiiaiicii.x 1 -       - ~ | HOTIOuo
l«i»t '   '    "■'   "'
Tl'IIIK,  Hucnlniwn and r*iv
Yt-fW.     !tti*<14, b, t.
i.aiidiiuVv«y"oi   K*hDT
marked   North   WV.t   turner 1
"f I >av III M. Carle j"
I.nitl<m.  tlienre  runu
lli.li.eKaat "Jnhalli
iht in t \V»«I W i-lialns
<u. ht,. ..iil»li.lh» i'.IOsi raa im.ra- or I. «•
l.iHnle<i aiidiUla»l Ihtllli dsyof Xuaeiailai
*** HAV10 M.CAIII.KV 1,-a.aa.ta.r.
ihi aid lllaik, Alal.t
.,tt.eii,e.\,.m,«..i...... laJ.    rC« Wdlllvl \Jli I *   "'•,'
nslii place nf riwmiriai c j __	
K4»-f t» IKrTKI.. ir. Ka»J«.»» tl.« i«»l
« I...l.l in U.S. Ha.
Oil Wl.i: a I'Al'WiiHTM
lln- ial!..r lo «o tn valii-iii,,,,^ yn.ur.ut Utrm, in h.,,.i.,i, i, ti,.
1    Ins l..ii«ii»r« b.rall lrai*lia>ii *« tl>* lltr
i ->,!..i      HKNNKrra mi iii'iiv. i'i..i.*
for tkktu, Fava iUu or TaswrUi
Sltarjwr reutrtrAtitim,, m (mfoor fmrtl*
ruUrt tipple to t*%itt itiyot* r*r write
i 'isjia.mrs.
A. Maihlson
Is prepared lo do fine wato!*
repairing at the
▼ *,,,,,,.♦;  n. .. • -       * ,  a -       v
. , . ^.. j v..«*a>>i.,, Luyyjti.,.,'    V.VV. . (a.. v»»-
era hotel, Peroie.
Wwatanat* Ri*tat«t«airaTHra-ctIrftfaftrt»ra'
«l Vtltm, VtyaAv* and Cigar*.
TWrUt A*t*A. it*
I-ajmcD«r| Ctumpatfud
and rk*tiit Bavr
DlMhViiltn «f
ChaMfc-trtaln aa»f
n»«riflh (Iftrt
NOW I' l« lurmif uirtti tt.sl t>|li>r Ihe 11| tm '
ti.»n ,A J.i-lnr il»-tlr.mitl.la.M. I i.ii.i,.;
Ui apply tti the Assl-Um t'a.Uiuilvl**r .4 I..I..I. |
anal Aula lor tiir altst-i.i^Ui aalila-MIW uai'li-r I
niii.ii./iiiilUi.rtasri stlasii ,(,.i a Hon** (.< t«i*
perl for rual slid pa-tradrum fur a Irfni >.t ua.e
tMf over ibe lollowlncua-rrllaa-d lan<t«, «li..air
In UiefiliUiai|i>IHoulhK*siKa»>ini)r.at«rtii l-i.'
w>im areM *A list MWMnlt ol IM « r»» Mutin-
lalna, ana) elm-tl l»»»|vemlhwBatrth nt H» K'«**-
n»f r*m tt.lt i-iimm»»HB« at a t»*i »**rk<Ji
(a, mtli *'*•» Os-tatr ut HUbaio* »' tisis's ca.l I ** **
»i«Jis-Jruh-oui li-ratlu», Vmim* run*....* »..nl. •< j
rhafns, 0»erir# #i«l *» rNaln*. Iha-nr* »,«ii. *>■!
rlaaitaa, UsMu* *»•*» »' tlialus t» |>lw4- .4 «-.aa<>' j
inciireusstil.tiwntaliiliisjaeitarraa ma-t* aw le*»
U«-steal antl aleWsl lh**«ih dsi i* >«i»ewl*f,
Itli'llARU C CUUtR. haitaV*
t la«*M Hatafe.AfSKI     !
J-.ill    Valillt    II   -IIIIIIIK-r
Suit of Clothes
II.' Im- U.m iiulil.i.-st sililln^aj
In f.-l.-.'l lllllll, Jill.I lliaa III an.)!
U..rt,ll.ttl.'-I.!|i  i-a Ilia* Iwat,
<«l.|ir.»*T   TAll.-skf
l.a   nn, -%i.«si-a'« •
'fill, tji i'llU.UKilKJ. In.V«l......... a,»a.a,
a    |.,, «ll •liti.f*   I   in. »»•» li.... I. ./.i.
|it>at hoiiaaa l.nl a day un H.U atartti
UK Jal.CA.Mil.l-lll'/. W'-la".
All    ttMl*l*«i)
tlil.KOO   JIOTKI-.   %MIH
.'l   imiirafa/«tmi
ik.ii    'fliaoiilr
riNI.At McUUiU, lluprUMf
imii-ua/tnauit*.  Marnpla fo-.n* In ii.niira-
'ftiaa amly llMt-rlaaa h.it#t In Vt»f».
, I'KKMONT Hillaa,. MKUaON     tafop.au
! I    a .A AtnawV •«. »4a*i    MMlav, HtlAM Hnutiil
f fraatiar a aaptai ll.   <anly  vhta* btlp *ini*V>}*d,
W'HI.||.« <rl|,,fl il..,i,i Hit- Linn |.|r*u it«« dol4
MalOXKt TUtaiTt.tlM.
I. xlw.fv
1 lit.
In III tVi«l...l.i-l.<i   ll.iii.I.
BAitriKM inn n»c. '.riiwels iii* i'Lu-k
It Hat %»*t il t d»y t»*tt Ia S*»m
lll.l.lll.al  Hull.*   I ■■■'
I, ,ii„„i ! sahib- h-ll. a..ni,l„v..1     •»     W    l««t'T
-»      ,     , a ,.<*'. ^. "..' ''.'..■   * ...,.„
lU   IMa U *i tmat a*t* ttomt this aUi#, I n.i'.ni
.,. ...luil' lull.. f...i.nlii.i.l t'i.ililnlil..l-..ni>- i.',!.,.., ,'.
ataafwltsltialatr Ihatlt-lrtH la whirtt th*-n...1..r
uxuOm*0 UtitianOiiuU tor a lk**<* t.Wim
tart lot rtal raM tsHfottaai fasr a trran of »u.
^M   vcw   ft*   'i___*^"A   SaaiittMssJ   ttmu.jia.
■• t..     .il     >■
»* % M » »a • A t.
I < J      . J '
'.Kaalmi'*  I. Om h.-...' »f
pwl   vent
«ttt»l*    III
•s)     aaVnjlh     V.,l
Kuot*aa». atwMt lv* mitm mmolltm tmmnit
of th* rana-kj MiWMftlaa -»nd al^ait tMrtr-sii fnlb■»
mrmh rdfatar KinMrnar ♦*•*• «*»W fi**"
ki 1. lasaa ll.sl silI. Willl.l. 1*MV lalll'liKI ill .1 II
iuni.at'« Hsl aasl imMmm» twa«ksj,. -*«»«•
to tkalm timet* *>**!> At rhlt**
Hh...|.. I, ...l.i.n..       Ilnst t,       l.rranl..."
•m4   M.r.'a   Hla««.   t*u    lid   •■»k...a6..(
If...!".;♦ <ti..-il.   »n-l lli.'«'.rta-.l
l.si.lai.,   tli-I.I   nii.t    floasrs   sJsr.l*.
Ata?s>s li.    l-wk III ,r i*m
r, \ r i ii 11' i ■ r i' ■   if' ' -  ' ■' * '     *     .»...,..
"   ,<|-MK IIUtl.1. VA.t
I      Hli.l.KII I* .,|4>   »l.iu,ll..»    «'.     •<>    #.<««
„ i Ml l«l.\.\»-.l. t IH.AI'K. I'n.Hirt**)
TIIK   KHirr«*«%•«   HOtri. fstaa
tsM an-l ib* l-si tu llw U'l«   0<M
ih#iw« mm « fhaiata, tbom* mm*A »> rhslia»i
idle* ti taWM«tar*W*at, a-nsaUlaliai- AH *<."-•
Lasfataal »«.J 4>l.sl Ike Ilk sUt csf .%.««-. I«a
J II IJalRUiV, l>.» <
\T<>TI«:K (a hmttf tfttm ttol »ft»r th* * Mr*
1» ti.m .if *l »l«i»r Unj-i dramU1 a l»u t U.'.v..-.
Uiaplit t*tk» Aaak-U»< t>«ain«-«t,«.ft <* HtmAt
.aJlimkaU* Urn stMrtM I* •*** Ife* a,t*r
.a*i»:f!tt««¥y|»«*vll» lr»«tr«ai»* f.a# « ll.-.-n ■■■• •■■ ; -.
t«ril.^r<at ta4 tsuroU-naa t«n » i^iaa / ■■<.' hi-
..a»r |J*» MJasrtM AtmttAa* iaasta*. situlr in ib.
IsHtrVt <vf *k« th Katt taatniat. O'** li** •>»•<•
• laM al HW- Hi ttmA «f Oa* W*\ t m'tuunIm* a/..
tA*m thiftf*> tmiMUAmm ***** A..*tm*t l*av
trstt s.waniaiifta» aapasstuw.i'w.l at,*th W.sa
nstistf *4 Aaktsa* -a.ttt«>'«av*it atasj ymtrtun.
Matte*. th»i*r« »aaMlasy tstsltk At rh*.|-aa. Am**
tti.li-i     I.    ',-*'
Vi.#o W--s.
«..i«B.aats.- ■•■-',
t'*Ul'*a«-   It-
»|-tay«w»li-..nia-      I I.VIS IlIKM
/,,,',<„> ft.a.,..     VaTttolt-Mml*  1sterohavnV*.
;;.,(   ,,l    ' i.,1,1--.     t ..I    tt.*-(.»*. i
II,| .I...   I  and   ...ul. s«. lit'*
.,1  . ..It ar.l ratn.ln* *l«i« !
M. J. 1IENKY.      1
TIIR HoJUTllOllkBV C« . Ltd.. WkotsMat.1*
Maeu'a. la-s-r* a.f t|»W« tuf,l<wtia>-.*«y.
»»»-«w»a>r. «.c.       I wariMtnato a eo.. Wh.*«st. «*r-
'     '   ™   A. thaaM.  nnrasrfra a»4 WlttliNl Hafs-dM
r«a»l>M. Ksaasoa.Rt:.
wmttutm   no.
UsUdust'-aal in *.a. ak-L-a» U lssj*to
lj»tit*-t *#•!
I'm iillure and
•Ratr^"».11**> in
Wall Paper
T*ti>romj.i-*fi« a«a>f« uf f'ai r»*iluri'»«»«Wta*
m, I Htklwh t'lttts. Mitr.-.r l-t'»i iwhtt, wetr, \ I  *%_5*22?*,*2*;.
■**| I.*»«#t l*-»-.i*#a.., |t-.|t,i»».« MiA VftmtTAhAt*' "•   'AZT'l ™    '
tnta ••*****, £««•. ******», VtixHta »i4
fiUU..VuU.ui, U C.
V rmuovMA a tm., tt,k*». uo  wt-«t*--
r.,   «it*a<»art-s ia, «*a.»<   1-iva.ist *»^ .4«*»r».
S ranis Ut ?*!*% l«sw..
xm m t'Sa-at^^yrwm^r— 'Kmt* "«•*•*««*■■* »m ",***'r n**Mntm,
..I tla* «tk ^jmtS**4*»*aM.
I*k5T«. ol*%.l^-t)asjr.
I*ii4 Itlsj-a, Ai*n«.
Mtl   «*»,f*«   tt--"i't     Vr'in\4    lt»/i,!im.
*AlM«>a«t>   I*,«!«»   in
ta»a.«-.t «St.
R. Elliott, Kanlo, B.C. J. w2KtV"
flRK    r"l(KS, aliatstltt
'<*/il»   h(#
f * **c-,*a-*, *' -a-^T-tta-.-Ti _XK*_w-iiw*az. —.-*
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital - - $8,700,000
Ile.id Olluv
This Hank triiif-iic!* every Jt-scriplion of Baukm-'' Uusiness, iiK*luJii.*» tlie
Issue of Letters ol'CreJil aiul "Drafts on Forcif-n (.'miutries, and will m^otiale or
collect bills on any place where there is a hank or hanker.
Savings Bank
Special Ailention is directed to the
followint* Advantages OlVeretl hy our
Savings liank.    *
Deposits of One Dollar
and  upwards    received , and    interest
allowed at current rates.
We halve a nice .
line of Men's
Smoking Jackets
Bath Robes
and Bedroom Slippers
is added lo the deposit  tu ici-: in each .      .
vear, at the end of Mavand N'ovemher.   Slltt.lble   IOT    Amas    presents
The Depositor
is subiecl lo no  delay w hates er in  the
withdrawal of the whole or any portion
of the deposit.
Our leading Cine
Is tho
Slater $boe
All kinds of Tie.-;,  Handkerchiefs, etc.
-.) '
Call and See Our Stock
W. G. Hamilton Co.
Fernie Hotel Block
Christmas   Presents
We cau supply your wants
Confectionery :
Robertson's, Paulin\saiid Cadbury's
Creams and Chocolates.
A.  nice assortment  of Fancy   Dishes, Tea  Pots,   Cheese
Dishes. Jardinieres, Watersets, Jugs, etc.
Call and See L's. Open until io p.m. until Jan. ist.
W. -Jy. Blundell
The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block,  Fernie
S -     ____      g
S      ..     U H7TtVI    A   r^T       ^_^^r*_  ~   X
S " S
|       PROMPT      §
§     DELIVERY     |
jFor Men |
| TcrMe, B.C.
The Story of Sgbsbots
Years and years'-a(jo, in a fittf mill
where shears were the exclusive product,   one  of She  inaj-ler-worUmen
conceived the  idea  of quietly   making ;i very small—almost  tiny—pair
of shears.   When they were finished
he sent his  apprentice for ihe masters of the mill.    The hoy had simply  hidden  them  come,   and as  he
led them to the unusual exhibition,
he proudly shouted,   upon  reaching',
lite spot ;—
"Soc, Sirs!"
Thus  it   was  that  scissors  were
The scissors and shears that we
sell are high grade. YA'e are not
ashamed of them. The kind we
can'l guarantee, we don't want to
know about.
Kvervih'uig from manicure scissors
lo 12-inch shears, and for every use
that a woman can conceive of.
Out   of   town    customers   please
remember !    Our mail-order depart-
i ment " works while you sleep."    A
! postal  does your  part—we  do the
I rest.
Harry Sme.lsei* and family spent
Chiiotinas in Fernie.
Dr. Morgan of Cranbrook has succeeded Dr. Wilson at Carbonado.
Dr. Wilson and his brother Perry
have gone to Winnipeg. Doc expects
to get contract work on the Urand
Trunk Pacific.
Mrs. Ada Higbey has gone to lul-
inonton, where she will open a ruttaur-
About one hundred tons a day of ex-,
cdl.cnt coal is being taken out of No 1
at Carbonado. The faults that have
bothered this mine for eight months
seem to have disappeared.
g man
marries   a
down,  and
if   he
a riel
i one he
can settle u
'pHE  LADIES of Fernie
will  find  an .Excellent
Stock of o£
Following is « list of subscriptions so
far received for the relief of the widows
and orphans of tbo miners who lost
their lives in tbe disaster at No. l
mine, Carbonado, on November |8:
National Kxecutive, L\ M. W.     .
of America  $ 500 00
Thomas Crahan, Michel;       20 00
G. G. S. Lindsey       50 00.
Coll. by L. U. 123,5, l.ile.....  '. 52  10
Coll.       "        2314, Fernie..    656 00
Friend, Carbonado  3 00
Collected in Fernie • • • •    424 40
W. A. Galliher, M. P ......      50 00
J. A. Macdonald, M. I... A       15 00
Col. by J. Angus Macdonald,   . ,
Hlairmore...       4) 50
Slocket   Miners'   Union,   No.
2,301 U.'M.-W. of a.;....
U. M. \V.-A„ 2512, Clc I-bun
Ladysmith Lodge,  P. W. A.,
Wcslville, N. S 0.
Druimnond Lodge, IVW. A.,
Sydney, N. S	
Wm. Fernie,  Victoria	
City council,  Greenwood	
Colic.'ed hy Mrs. J. Telfer..'..
A frie. d..'	
25 00
50 00
2*   OO
2S   «V
9 51'
..- " ,5P ■
Tot. I. . .,
Services v\ill be held in the city
churches next Sunday *is follows;
Early service 8 a. m., wilh short instruction in two languages ; high mass
al 10:30 a, in., with instruction' in two
languages; Sunday school at 2:30;
evening service, 7:30 p. 111., with instruction. Service each morning at 8
o'clock.        Rr-x. Father Cocci.a,
Priest in charge.'
.      ClirKCII   Ol* KNC.LANIi.
In Opera House, al 11 a. m,, matins
and sermon; evensong stud sermon,
7:30 p. in; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Rkv. F. R. 1>aiiti.ktt, M. A., Rector.
Services 11 a. 111. and 7:30 p.m.;
Sabbath school at 12 noon.
Ruv. Ai.kx Dc'nn, H. A., Pastor.
.      Mirnionisi*.
Corner of Pellalt  avenue :ind Wood
street.    Services  at   11 a. 111.nnd 7:30
p. 111.; Sabbath school at 2:30 p. m.
Rkv. J. RonsoN, l>. A., Pastor.
Victoria avenue. Services at 11 a. m.
and 7:30 p. in.;  Bible school 12:10 p.m.
: Ri.v. C'.Al. G. Poou-., Pastor.
Toiiet-cases, Calendars, Picture Books, etc.
At Sacrifice Prices
Bt ■''_*-_       -Jl  '   Iff- Prescription
rug Store J
Agent for—International Slock Food Preparation
Uarrv Webb's Celebrated Chocolates
000090000000<?0^0i?000f 00090000009999000009999 ffC090000
We have some special lines in embroidery cases,
also scissors in cases of three.
Take a.look iu our windows.
Infant's Ufoar,
Cloaks, Dresses,
Beautiful Cream
Sheppard & Elliott
Wish their friends and customers.a Happy New Vear
The Fernie Cartage Company
Gait Coal and the Bain Wagon Co.
bfliee opposite C. V. R. Freight Shed, Fernie
at my store in the Todd Block
Additional Locals
'. Webb's Chocolates at Hleasdeli's. '«'
S, Minn has 475 boxes o( apples ii;
his cellar.
Xmas   presents    for   everybody   at
Hleasdeli's. '      '
Stop at  the  Queen's  Hotel when in
Trout Lake City.
Sexvjn&jij-irhiiK's'to rent at the B.C.
A   woman inii>bt be happy without a
new bonnet if no other woman has 0110.
Royal Household
Is Purified by
'Mffltmffim    TODD BLOCK    ^^^**fe
I   1IAY1C
Ciml in I'tMiusylvJiiiiii.
( > K <    ;   \
A iloji!//^
' V;\)iiTi/f(
Furniture Company.
Slinn has a line of toys that will suit
every child in the city.
II. A. Senkbiel has ihe finest display
of boots ahd shoes in the cily.
We buy, sell or exchange new or
second baud furniture. The II. C,
Furniture Company.
If you are troubled wilh rheumatism
\ou will find tbe Pool o( Siloam al
llalyeon. Write for particulars to
Sanitarium, llalyeon, II. C.
Masteison, l.ril.ith X: Co., Trout
Lake, have all Ihe supplies heeded by
lumber camps and mines.
Al the Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
you do not need an introduction to net
a drink. Put the price on the bar and
tlie mixer will do Ihe res!.
Travelers in Fernie in or out of the
^'''JSILS lJl.M,!lS!',tW,.||1S|..*.»l.-Wi'»,idi,>,Wi,,i»,» sl..-Hlti:st„p al   the  Ki.u.
i-M-.il j. 11 ml 11.1. ri.-ii111r.1a.v11 ur;iy\ l I.'Mi-k *«'«»*|.l- j |.;4|wnral hotel    Tlu-v will find it a .iiiiel
In III., a-..:.I-    j 1111*1    llll.l'l.    IfPI'ia    „.„.    liiKly t« I  a'alu-li.    llllll I* III!' lalll.l III    m*)4 oiii- 1 I
In til'Mil   i.« i llifit.  me oil!    , ,      ,.,   t..i r. J-tJ.-y. 1 .i-lil..-*.   it; home and Uu- table one of Hie best i.,
iloVI'll   III   lllO   I'ltllllMIKlllB   IllilU'S   til   will i.i.ilii'.yon I.mluy nml l.r.iHuy i   ,
nf .iiir-i'M-nH-ll I ln> i-li'ili'iiitt nil* i.f vi'iil,   tlle CltV.
The Mutual Life
of Canada
—The Only Canadian
Life Company that
is    Purely   Mutual
IS 34 years old ;
HAS Assets now exeecdin**' $8,000,000;
i\.\H a surplus (on (ioveriimcni Valuation Standard), of nearly $900,000;
HAS nearly 30,000 policyholders ;
HAS nearly .Sjo.ooo.ooo of Insurance
iu force ;
HAS paid over Sd,500,000 in cash to
policvholders or to their families and
still '
HAS in Reserve, for their security, over
7,000,000, in solid assets.
Why It's
McFadden §
s~P. BURNS & CO.
The Club Cigar Store! iv(
Xmas Presents | iSiwyivania i:.i,7ir. men.  orthiH = lHI1;(^•-•,•/,;:'riV-.r'".«r K.'."'^? ,,V.,w,,i-uv,;"n:
., . in-       ii'       l nninncr T_*.'',V.>1 were t>mj ■!< >v<>tl nn-  iiiuii.tr t.a-.r. ii.-.-rwiin. 1.1 ..m-..ir.-riiur-..
Alccrschaiim and Hncr  i'lpcs,,,,.,.^,,,,,,,,    ,,m.,w „10 Vl.-r i,lsl(|l.. ■     __
■'    ■ the. mliif» .'J7"i Hicn  were 'killed ami   P A I PA DV       PATTIt
!.'..•» iiijureil,   Mt..st til' the tneti were  yHLUnil I   •  UH I   ILL
kill»'<l by lalliiif,' twtil, only -'.'! iwiniri _ ~    . __
kllleal by txplosions of na-. ai;il cliist. j t/U,, LTD.
mm*:,     a-   »/
that are pipes.
CijLf.'ir and Cigarette Cases.
Ttihacco Jars  that wont jar
Pouches to lit the pocket and
the price wont empty your
We are here with tho noods
" z q ' "	
^>A Aut.
i-y-i  *>V\.*1J
m)M^,, ,
ihilar   your    I all    Suit    imw.
Nitttv Sitiiiiiif.-i iiou iitiiviiii,'.
P. F. Lfrhsctwr,
.SiOtrtu*'. lim* Hilar
Pro->tTi> Photo^raohiu Studio
Married men >hould remeinber the
uncertain;;, al" life and protect their
wives and children by St policy in lite
Mutual Life.
V-..inia iiie-t should not dally with
finu in re;-;.-.1 lo life insurance. The
sooiuryou commence ibe sooner your
proliis will i-n.ne lo you. ll is an investment that always pays.
Vonnu; men who have relatives tle-
pendiii;; upon them should lake a policy
llaie  vou  seen  S. Slin.i's slock  ol! !,n,1u'' M»H':'«'-'f-'.   ll will lieljt muila-i-
.. ' . .     . , . , ,       .    ' it death should reach von its uy band
Xmas uoods.'    ll not, do not delay  lor I |vfs>|V ymir v,nlth h;w „-..,
hehas the I'mcM sto. I'of tlulls and t.hs j '        '	
I of all kin.Is in  the city.    Orders lakei
; for all kiiule of i-akt's.
lfav«^ one of llieir liu*<»e.st ^Unen in Fernio.       '
Ltunb, Venl, Fiwh anil Smokotl FihIi.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
For full paiiicnlars call on onr agent
'at tlie Kiii)' I'Mivnr.l, in l-*a-iuie.
Dai) and Eoening
Bookkeepintr,  Shorthand,   Wriliiitf,  Aiilhmelic,   Spelling,
Cixrespoiuleme,  Kn^lish Hranches,  liic.
Correspi>iHleiu*e  Pupils Coached
Low prices and indi-.iilii.il iiisiiiiiiioniliake it the /I     III    (.t'ttttr><i
iliaiuvi.l'a lila-ti.iie. '*•   »"•   UI IIIlVCl
Select Your New Year Presents Now
Beautifully Bound Boolis
We have ihe poets in padded
leather hindinj» and the standard
\va>rkst>f the woild'shestauthors.
\ on can't go astray in jjivinj* a
^•ood honU,
Xow is the best time to select
your (iifts. At your leisure
look over our large and varied stock
of things suitable for presents
and I am sure you will he able to
make a selection to your liking.
Boxed Stationery
A.special line of fine stationery
in iluinjy Iwxes, specially gotten
up for the holiday trade.
Mil in n.nv
...Nl   V   'i.l'a ..,
I if  IlilNiita'-N
Choice Perfumes
We h.
.tried j
tn a Iai'i^c and varied assortment of the vei;
erfumes, both in bulk and fancy bottles.
.mi intii  iiniij,'   to j»ive a i.uiy.
■a-- in 1
'■'Ik 75c 10 $1.50
'■''''U'y l'<!.ill's , 10c to
per tv.
Hoto About a Kodak ?
There is more genuine satisf.iction ami pleasure 10 he
Uot out of a food camera than almost nnvthint'. We have a
line sdvk ol Ko.lnks n\\t\ onm^rn-*, 'i|«;-*t Voort -,\ f\\\\ ti-v- <>f
phoio^raphii maUrJak, eo if you tvoiilJ like lo ^'i)iulo plui'lo-
^r.tijrby wc cm Ik you onl complete.
IJ. E. Rogers
10 Cigars in a Box
l*'speeially put up for
Holiday Gift.-).
j Confectionery, nicely packed
!     for Santa Clans to carry
\ on Im bnck.
Dellolout Fruit
for Christmas Dinners
r.t)>nrRV\s <'ii«roi..\TFs.
S tiUf u'liiiii
til) ir.tllti-t-al
Mrs. M. Raney vAj^™i
a i I*.  Iinti«c   '>i.<ni»
■■■ ..•--. t .1'., -i'.m. t-
•i-fii' tin
f,n '
.la Is, !<>-„t!l,, |-<>»N« In,
Si- 11 - act
iuV-aiaftcl .■..,..■ J.,
*■■«. I'.i.ti'..; ' '. ■ '
lallJi t s|,iil • ,  ni,.
.*, ,.,!*,,    ...       .;.':•;,..,'. -, ,;.;,.
<V>iN..'fN nt i.f M i ir.T. -r. f,.(..li.-'. ..r:- i.
ailh~»fi-i.'t 1.a i.ilj nnl »aV ,'.a>»il*. H-*ifi
V.'i-.'ii.i -A ., - .:.' K< ■ ...;.*..'. ■ ,./i.*J 1 .. i
t\ 1 fiiri '
Art Pictures
in Art frames
rom 7.1c to SO.tM)
An Invitation is
extended to oil.
N. E. 5uddaby The Fernie Drug Store
Kndle*.s Variety at
.Cann's Bookstore
L.T.W. Black.
;    ttftpmitm t v.«i-t Umto »»»t nem iv«<-
[*t\i\-o,   flout ■Xbt mmt lit «**«,.   IIuku
Mlimi'l AtltCtHtlil   |>Ult.    O'lk   tll.lli*
iMhrl'tmt&'l} t<M,    ttl'tt tt*)M hut.
tmmhn » kkh ksw, r"r.»p#.


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