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The Ledge 1904-11-30

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' i &. V-
■ Volume XII., Number 8
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
f *^^«-M-^C^ &«»-^ &&imtmMm&^
WW^TtTa-^y^^ *i*?VK<I*7Vi*» *i? W^^l^lWifJ^VIv
^••af-N-a^ |-^*^^^la^a^a^«C^«5«^»^K*^»--.*a>t«*>a>^
•/.> <t> nv «*i> /iv **a> w nv w *a* <*>
Bobn.—In Fornie on November 2G,
to 'Mr. and Mrs. J. A. MacLean,
a daughter.
J. E. Wood of Seattle was in the city
last week for a day.
Samuel Graham has purchased the
Palace Meat Market from J. McMastor.
In Nelson D. J. .Robertson & Co poll
beds that even a defeated candidate
* can sleep in.
Fernie has the finest stores in East
Kootenay, and the finest sidewalks this
far west of the Rod river.
E. Ennerson has returned from Spokane to superintend the balance of the
Great Northern work in this city.
Dr. Walkem's wife and family have
taken up their residence in the city.
They arrived from Oreston laBt Friday.
Wm. Tuttle is an old Iriend of Presl
dent Roosevelt. Teddy did not forget
to write Bill when tho election was
For taking $15 out of a trunk belonging-tcA Joe Roebuck, Henry Yates received on Saturday a month In the local
A sneak-thlef has been working the
town the past week. His specialty is
clothing. Tom Pogue of the Northern
wa* one of the victims.
The city clerk has just about completed the assessment of the city. He
states that the population of the city is
still largely cosmopolitan.
8omc!of our hotel men havo quit endorsing drafts for foxy drummers. One
smooth villain worked Fernie men for
about WOO a short time ago.
C .0. Demaurez is anxious to sell a
carload of white diamonds before Christ-
roaa. Diamonds are nice presents to
send to editors and others during the
presentation season.
W. J. Blundell has the honor of getting the flrst car of goods over the
Groat Northern from Spokane, to Fer-
the hut car over this route.;
Jacob Fleishman was in town last
week.  He is much opposed to the high
Born—In Fernie, November 20th, to
the wife of Albert Mutz, a son.
Work hns been resumed'ou the building of the English church.
Paymaster Olsen of the Great Northern railway was in the city on Saturday.
Blackjack is rolling high, and occasionally the bets scrape tho paint off the
Send a copy of Float I to your friends
at Christmas. You can buy it ready
for mailing nt this ollice.
Dave Dover of 'Nelson was in town
last week showing-some of tho nuggets
ho found in Poplar last summer.   ,
"Big J tin" McDonol has a contract on
the Toronto-Sudbury railway. Ho
,/i'obably has the old mule with him.
The Great Northern depot will be
commenced just'as soon as material can
bo brought over the Elk river bridge.
. During tlio matrimonial season it is
just as well to remember that this oflice
prints tho most recherche wedding invitations.
Win.'Baker has <*ono to the Boundary to work on the Great Northern
railway. His brother Fred is looking
at the sightB in St. Louis.
Handlcy has painted his down-town
oflice in blue and white, so that the public will not miss it amid the busy scenes
on Fernie's main artery.'
Itoss Brothers have bought Chenette's
interest in the Queen's hotel Mr Cho-
netto intends to resume business at
Staples, not far from Cranbrook.
The Fernio Quadrille .Assembly will
hold the first (lance of tho season in
Stork's opera house on Monday evening. Tho music will be supplied by
Staebler's orchestra.
Frank O'Neill came in from Now
Denver last week to tako a position
with the B. C. Furniture company. He
reportB an excess of tranquility around
all of the Slooan towns.
 T~i—"vaimmbw—>.~i\i—nulla—3'ICI. \ urail.il~
were wedded in the Catholic church
early Saturday morning. The happy
bride and groom havo entertained a
license bylaw ol this cltyiand states that
It breeds monopoly. He intends to test
the matter in the courts this winter.
O.N. Ron had a visit from his old
enemy last week. He thinks of taking
a trip to Halcyon, where the natural hot
water will In a short timo umko rheumatism look like the minimum cud of
80 cent*.
In a telegram to Fred Stork, W. A.
Galllher expreases himself as well
pleased with the vote ho received in
Fernie, and stated that this city would
receive something later on. Give us a
poatoffloe, Bill I If possible, before
Many a widow In Canada blesses the
flay that her departed husband took out
a III* insurance In the Mutual Llio of
Canada, aud all women should urge
their husbands to take such a precau
tion. For further particular* call on
Mr*. Hams at the King Edward hotel.
Plneber Creek will put In a telephone
ayitetn that will connect with nearly
all the ranchna for a hundred miles
•round. If It could be extended to
Fernie we might occasionally call up
• George Jordan end And out how many
horee* he would bet on a Nelson four'
It i* -rettlnf to now thatyon aro liable
to find coal almost my placo In British
Columbia, even around the roots of the
apple tree* la the Ok*uag*n. The latawt
r.iport state* that the bUck stuff has
been found ni«ar Enderby. Thi* coal In
■oft and the aeam 'four to ill feet wide
ea tbe larlaee. A tunnel ia being run
to teat the talne ol the discovery.
A nan whoa* Iront name Is Harry.
WMt te live a short time a§o in a shark
near tb* brickyard. One morning last
weak he area* early and went ouis.de
lor aome wood. Jaat then a big cotton
wood (all aeroaa lite little building aud
•mashed It Into a farewell. The tre*
fcil acre** tae bed, and fl Harry had
not btw toeb an early riser hi* name
weald now be Deanli.
A B. Oraee was In town lant week.
II* baa asad* a fortune running a netr*-
paper at Fort Rteote, ami would not
leave tbat baaatifal spot for any other
abode, except heaven. Oraee ha* hl«
We down to a system. He write* stir
ring editorial* tn the forenoon* upon
tbe 0*114117 el Ball rirer iron and kind
fa}a4 a-*a.*i^aila.44y #**« «*t* Awi,*.*^*.*** -wi, .^^
l'H)'iS> id fliiViiy," Mir- Wr In n. j.Vi ;m1
drt*ttu»dWu»btdhy th* triad of the
maddened tbraag. or tbe burly ahetiO
witb a l«af aafceat el Ma* paper.
Tbe Great Hortbern bridge over the
'AJik IVIttM *a iAMWM. U* <ku*4iUiUA, mmk ml
kauldiafeltbedeBOt aad janta will be
ceaaaasnred tbis week. A atab fwieen-
KW train win Ubely ba pat ea ii#ht
away l* rwa Mara-a Ptwnt* aad Ret-
fatd, wbat* ceaMttiom la made witb
tbe aaaln Maa, eaabHnf paa^aagam
lenrisf aereat« a, tn. to roach .-ipO'
tan* a*T»t§f».«a., «r neaity an lw«r
teas Umw H take* !**** H«Ae«* t* He*-
host of friends during tho week.
The Beggar Prince Company played
twice in fernie last week, and gave the
public full value for their money. A
good troupe of this kind relieves tho
impression made by so many punk outfits, that all shows are bad.
Tlio Mutual Life of Canada lis ono of
tho (greatest companies iu the world
and has millions behind it. Its rates
are the cheapest anil its profit* the
hit-hest. For further particulars call
ou Mrs. Harris at the King Edward
After livitn- for ten years In Fort
Steole K. J Cnnn has moved to Fernie
and opened <i music and stationery
storo In the I.. T. W. block. He will
have his Christmas goods all in place
in a few days and expects Santa Claim
to camp in his place (or tho next four
Since opening his cigar Morn In Fernie, L. Atkinson Ins been agreeably
dlwipi-oiiiied in the volume of hiisliioss
transacted, ll, is greater than ho ox-
jtectcd, althoii'-li with oue of the linest
stores, together with his courteous
trwUtuei.t of all cin-tomm*, it is Utile
wonder that ho is doing n large bind-
.1. F. Spalding will open a photo
graph studio iu Ferule just as noon as
tlm building now te-enph'd by the post-
Allien is empty. In tho meantime he
will tnki-i photo* at tin- homo* of hit
customem and do -ccnlcand archltcc-
Ul.il Holla.     Hi* aiim*lll  (UUil MlJIUliy
am excellent and Ins term* ren*nnahl«,
The 1iam.ii) Wild it 411 a**ct to the
cityjid Fertile, and it should tie en-
eoiiragail iu every way, Within Its
rank* are m;iiis ut the W*t embryo
mu«h ians in tho West. With proper
Mipport tht« hnud can esiily he made
proimhly the he»t in ItritUh Coltimbla,
which wonld certainly be one nf the beat
ads Ihls 1 itv iiiiill hiiii. tilvi* the hand
your hearty a**Ma»a-**, and we will
whiii Ih« kfinaaii f»r nitiK'tlitiia tM-*ide«
ntko and coal.
Tho academy convent tiulldhig at
l-incher tret k will Im- lint.bed In January. It (•* <»iir mtnrtei in hctgfii and
will be aitendiii liy children from various town* along the (Vow. Madame
IA lloilte «•£# in tlie a ita; thU Wavek lul
leclliig ti\wh lni» tln« Institution,, but
m«t with indifferent *uc«e*», owing to
tilts mA'it'i   a.-Una.  *i   |-«'IM-.«i   «.|-ii>iH   KaTiHr'
Webb's chocolates from ten cents to
84.00 a package at Bleasdell's.
Master Wilfrid Keath died in Spokane last Friday. His father was once
a C. P. R. engineer at Fernie.
Don't forget the recital in Knox
church Thursday evening by Helen
Lazien Peake.gold medalist in-elocution
At Morrissey Mines on Monday the
jury exonerated both company and employees from all blame for the recent
disaster in No. 1 mine, Carbonado.
B. F. Shanley, contractor for building the depots and signal towers along
tho Great Northern is confined to his
room at the King Edward with a slight
attack of congestion of the lungs,
A.J. McCool, provincial road'foreman, came I in from Cranbrook the
past week, having finished tho season's
work for this district. He will winter
in Fernio.
Mrs. J. W. Nunn and her young son
returned to the city last week from
Montreal. In that city for tho past two
mouths her son's eyes were treated by
tlie celebrated eye specialist, Dr. Bui-
ler, with the result (that his eyesight is
greatly improved.
J. It. Koaf, outside superintendent of
the Carbonado colliery, haB gone to
Wilkesbarre, Pa., to wed Miss Frey.
Upon his return ho will meet with a
warm reception In Fernie. Miss Frey
formerly resided in Fernie and is a
sister of Mrs, Tonkin.
In the Presbyterian Church last night
Rov. A. Dunn, D. D. was inducted.
Rov. Reid of Michel preached the sermon to the people while Rev. Fortune,
of Cranbrook conducted the induction
services in a manner that made a deep
impression upon a large audience
After the services the ladies served refreshments and a pleasing musical pro-
In Fernie a proposition is now under
way by the miners and others to organize a company with a capital stock of
$50,000 for the purpose of acquiring the
business of the Crow's Nest Trading
company, and carrying on the business
of general merchants. The company
will be co-operative, and carry on business in the various camps of the coal
 ;-"-k""*"aiv-,-w»—**»a-»-i^si ui«ihivv^t-i—*>nai*— »i imu-
stor and Miss Kirkpatrick, 15 merry
couples surprised Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Bricker|last Monday evening and danced
until the hours were small on the clock.
J. II. Bricker and wlfo w'll leave this
week ;(or Stratford, Ontario, where he
hns a position with thu Globe-Wernicke
Co., aud their departure from Fernie Is
regretted by a largo number of friends.
Mr. ltrkker was among the oldest residents of this city.
At a court caso in Fernio not long
ago a witness gavo evidence who
spoke a little of four languages,
but none complete. Ho was brought
up 011 the borders of Russia, Poland
and Prussia, nnd his lingo was a four-
timer when he throw in the English he
had learned around Ferule. An interpreter was found at Coal Creek who
hailed from the same town and being
more learned, ho readily explained
why tho witness was apparently a man
of no nationality.
Shenking, Nov. 30.—The'fight of
the Japanese against General Rein-
inkampff lasted from Nov. 24 to Nov.
28. The Japanese were repulsed
and were never able. to approach
nearer than 600 yards.
Toiao, Nov. 30.—Official dispatches lroin Port Arther are anxiously
awaited. The newspapers here have
accounts in them!,.which says the
Japanese right column, after repeated desperate charges on Monday,
succeeded in carry ing t the greater
part of 208-motre hill. Tho Japan-
enese now hold the entrenchments
near the top and are endeavoring to
effect a complete occupation. The
bombardment ot the warships in the
harbor by tho Japanese is now,more
effective. One of the ..'Russian warships has been struck fifteen times,
but she was able.to shift her position.
It is announced that tho time is not
yet ripe for the Japanese to torce the
interior ot the fortitication.
London, Ont., Nov. 30.—Rev.
David Williams of Stratford was today elected Bishop of Huron in succession to tho late Bishop Baldwin.
San Francisco, Nov; 30.—Young
Corbett was defeated last night by
Nelson of 'Frisco in a 10-rouud fight.
Judge Spinks was in the city on Friday and Saturday, holding an investigation on the conduct of Archibald Dick,
iu hie capacity as inspector of coal
mines. A letter published in the
Clarion at Vancouver an i written hy a
miner named Dickson charged Dick
with having given untruthful reports of
the Coal Creek mines prior to the great
explosion. The investigation ended in
Fernie on Saturday evening and was
adjourned to Nanaimo. Tho evidence
taken ,here proved little, if anything
Frank Sherman stated that Dick's
methods Jwere old-fashioned and out of
date in reference to present clay coal
mining, and 'that the current opinion
wag thatJiis ri'innrta fiLvni-Pfl ihii Qri\iu!a
Nest Coal company more than tho
miners in their employ.
Archibald Dick has bHn coal mining
since 1850. At one time ho- worked
sido by side with tho elder Duusmuir.
He remembers when Duusmuir drew
his first coal with ox teams from the
mine on the Island. Also the time
when Duusmuir took in a partner who
had horses enough to a..<»•..• the eoal to
market. Later Dunsnmir got a colouel
and a captain to go in with him, and
then a railway was built Seeing millions in sijit for htm, ..Dunsnmir got
bis military partners to quit for some.
thing like 1700,000 each, and now Jim
la said to have more than $28,000,000
lying around in different altitudes.
Provincial Police Court.
During November thero were thirteen
cases before the provincial police court
In Fernio, nud thu fines amounted to
a»5. Whiskey was back of all tin-
trouble, except one lonely case of
jail, and tho government pays the city
40 cents a day for keeping of prisoners.
In October the city had a balance of
$4,55 coming from the government.
The present poundke.eper was discharged and the clerk authorized to
procure another by hanging up an ad
in the postoflice.
Council then adjourned to meet Monday, December 5.
Rossland, B. C, Nov. 20,1904.
To tho Editor of The Lkuob.
D'cau-Sik:—In your report of my
speech at Fernio, you say "To protection on thcee>industrieH(iumbcr, coal and
lumber), Mr. Macdonald expressed
himse'l as opposed, contending that it
would work a hardship on the people of
Manitoba and the Territories."
The only tariff question affecting B
fo ft* ft* ft* *-iv'/i^j^;«^--;c,^«:^K,w^v;-'WW'5ic *-rA*iv^;;7?;«;7
ft* ft* ft* ft* fi* ft* fi* ft* fiZfFf.tt&Vt&FVi&tt'fi? wv:vwf;v,;:cv:>'v:>"Jic>i?
Recent advices from the Winde-
mere district report the various
camps in a very active condition.
Five or six companies arc taking out
pay ore.
Compared with a year ago tho
present situation ol the mineral Industry in Southeast Kootenay is vastly improved.
Coal mining at Fording River will
C. industries discussed by me was that °°m"™™ -» ^ near litture. The
relating to lumber, and on that ques-100*1' arfl* isonc °- lll° larRest. In tho
tion. I emphatically declared for a tariff fw"a Nnef <«•-■•-■«•■    n-» ' •- -< -
on 1 lumber aud a dumping clause to
protect our lumber industry from unfair
foreign competition.
1 quite believe that your reporter did
not intentionally misreport me. And
as the question is to my mind an important one, and one which our lumbermen are about ito again take up and
press at Ottawa, I feel that my attitude
should uot be misunderstood. Yours
truly, J. A. Macdonald.
[Tho representative of this-paper certainly did not "intentionally misreport"
Mr. Macdonald, so to one of two causes
must be attributed the alleged error in
the report: Either the reporter wasspell-
bouud b", the eloquence of the speaker—
it very utiuusal occurrence in the life of
a newspaper man, or the speaker Was
carried away by his own enthusiaem—
a not unusual happening in the "declamatory" period of a .young politician's
life. The everlasting difficulty between
reporter and spell-binder could be satisfactorily arranged were the young legal
gentlemen who overrun the country
during a political campaign to have
their speeches typewritten and published iu the local paper at 10 cents a
line, cash. Then, owing to tbe financial
benelits acctuiug to his paper, the reporter could afford to overlook the enthusiastic lapses from sanity.   We ap-
pruuima- mr; jai«a^.njiiaiuT*—jiu-Hiauir
when Jin Fernio—an 'apologist for the
mistakes and neglect of Mr, Galliher
and the Laurier government. AVe also
appreciate the fact that he is leader of
the Libenlf.oppoBition in thoiprovincc,
and that hisjattitude on tho platform in
Fernie will not add to tho strength of
his party in a provincial campaign.—
Tun Ui*i-ouTi"R.]
■wWi"!  iu   hi'-i   Iii1'  n'-inii,' lis* Crte*',
«H»»-clt»Hy at t'laobrna-k, I'obmaa anal
CoattonMliaita-d nlt'mt fi%rty per rent
iji.  '.iii'.   v.''i.».i   ■,'.''.<.,.J.4.1.'   • i. „i, ..itI...I,.a.* •.'....,
ways U»t \t*t.   I-ia'anf- ■ IM! tn i'.ng
land hom ilm Ya'ilUi.ire wwl fia*ld*to
I.Aftdon, » iti-'»iit**»- *•>( l'i« m'!*-*, rnMe
It IT, whale mat i* caittral itmm ihe
CerboiiaUla? totd rr/ion
C*bk**«V a all*!* **""*-■ ol 2',
(Jood hotels are a groat benefit to
auy city, and Fernie has, and will have,
whon those building are finished, tho
finest hotels ol any placo of Ita size in
Canada. S. F. Wallace expects to have
the Hotel Fornie ready for business by
Christmas, Ho la investing nearly
twn.OoO in Ihe building and furnishings
Tho hotel is Ithree stories high with a
baaement, and contains in large roouii,
and not a dark room in the house.
In thebaaemont will bo the barber
shop, billiard and card rooms. The
barroom, which ia 011 tho llrat Hoor, will
bo tho lamest In tho cily. Tho reading
room U 17x21 feet, well lighted, and
plentifully supplied with d«*ks and
chairs. Tho olhco and aittiug room
chaira coat |lb each at tho factory. Tho
dining land lining rooms will be elegantly furnished.
The dining room is 'Ji\xH1\ feci, with
a 14 foot ceiling, and has eight windowi
to light it by day, and eight large cban
atelier* by light. Mr. Wallace baa bad
lift) worth of mouldings put (11 this
room, which further enhance* the
beauty of iu apfaolnttaeet*
The bed rooms will tappeai lo all who
lovo comfort. They aro 13x14 feet In
eix*. with high ceiling, and a steam
radiator In each room, awl electric return call-baHe. Tbe laltar aca a blew
lug, wptcially In the Ary momenta of
the early morning. The hells are all
feat widn and larga windows predominate throughout tho  entire  building,
Willie M)0 ttttAfaiXMi*  aW«  HiirM <u|> au * I
HAJ   ,i'..W  14 ii!   .W.li.Vv   J.Vi'   iuJ-l   .11    AlU'ty
luiui).    All tU ivomn Are tmt-wili'
iwim and tli* m» h*« a cbaae* to tooth
thfm every day It shleM.
The eart*t« and furnltur* havo ar-
The city council met on Friday even
ing, all the memlieiH being ipresent «<x-
c«->t Alderman Trltes,   Minutes of the
previous meeting wore adopted.
A loiter was read from .1. L (iates In
reference to draining bloek 27 Into the
present open ditch running ilowu
Jaffray street. Uefurired to the works
commiitee, Faulkner A JoIiiimui were
granted their request regaiding a dmiu
to the poatoahiii block.
A communication from I„ I1. Fckstein
regarding his account was laid over
until sfter th* ner.t m<ci r.ln^ nf i.Iii>Ii.i-u-i1
of trade.;
Dr. Bonnell was jappninti'd medical
health oflicer for the 1 itv.
City Police Court.
During iNovembcr nineteen casej
wen' tried in the city police court, and
the lines amounted to $175. FivegninbU
ere, one drunk, one slugger, three
thieves, one destroyer of property, one
indecent exposure, and four drunks
with trimmings ipasscd before ihe beak
during the month, and received their
various doses ol legal medicine with all
the grace ithey could command under
the trying circumstances.
Mining Reoordta.
During November (our sand creek
iron claims were recoided in tho sub.
recording olhco in Fornie. Tlio claims
were recorded by J. II. .Turney, T. M
Turner, A. McLean and Jan Podblo-
Crows Nest district. The coal is of a
high grade for coking.
This year silver-lead mining in
Southeast Kootenay has shown very
much greater activity. Operations
at the St. Eugene indicate -.hat the
mine has produced more lead than
any other mine in the Province.
The North Star has also shown an
appreciable increase this year over
that of 1903.
The year of 1901 has' been one of
steady progress and development in
the placer mines of the district, and
throughout the quartz camps a better
feeling prevails. Attention is again
directed to the quartz mines by the
near approach of active construction
of the Kootenay Central Railway.
Hydraulic sluicing on Wild Horse
Creek is about closed. Water has
heen turned out of hig ditches.
Cleaning up is now progressing, and
from all reports thero seems to be
reasonable assurance that the 1901
production will he iound to considerably exceed that of last year.
In the silver-lead camps ol Southeast Kootenay tho St. Eugene at
Moyie continues to attract much at-
tention. The_Jarge_Qutuut-haa„tsii^
possession yesterday,   ife,   will   go  to
Moyie sometime next month to live.
Ole Lund-past an employe at Kings
Mills met with an accident las'. Monday
that might easily have proven fatal.
He fell from a Hat car and lighted on
his head and Bhoulders, receiving injuries that rendered him unconscious
for several hours.
The Knightslof Pythias gave a very
enjoyable "At Home" last evening in
their hall. There, was a large attendance and a most interesting program
ivas presented consisting of vocal and
instrumental music. The. crowning
feature was the lecture on Damon and
Pythias by ThomasUooke!-, illustrated
hy colored pictures thrown on the, wall.
Cards were indulged in hy those cariiig
to play and about eleven o'elock an appetizing lunch was served.
Although little haB been said about
the doings of the West Canadian Col-
lories Co., of this place, who own and
are operating the mines at Belle vuo-ami
Lille, this company is one of the strongest aud largest operating in the Dominion. Work on their properties has
been carried on continuously and .systematically for some time past with the
result that the properties are well developed and eqtiijied and as a producer
they now are of first rank.
At Lille, when: thoy have one of the
best laid out and built up towns in the
Pass, is situated the coke ovens oi this
company. These ovens, which are
fifty in number, aro of iho Soivey type
and the first to he built of that pattern
in Canada. These ovens are charged
and drawn by machinery and although
but 31 of them are in operation, they aro
turning out 120 tons of lirst class coke
every twenty-four hours. All of the
product of theso ovens is being shipped
to smelters of 11. (.'. where a ready ealo.
is found for it as  well   as  considerable,
abled the company to pay a sub
stantial dividend. Tlie showing of
the North Star is most favorable, and
a three per cent dividend has heen
declared. Work on the Sullivan
smelter is progressing, a largo number of men beiuer employed. As
soon as the smelter is completed, the
company will put & large force at
work taking out oro from the mine.
On Wednesday Mrs. 0. B. Henderson, wlfo of the president and
manager of tho Hull Ktver Mining
and Power Company., tried her hand
at placer mining. Mrs. Henderson
secured two imnaof pay dirt from tlio
lied of the stream and washed out
$2.C0 from one nnd $l.8T» Iran the second pan. Mr*. Henderson will keep
the gold as a memento of her visit to
Southeast Kootenay. -- Fort Steele
v*mi "iruin~am--,a.T-
Operation* have, been Mopped at Iho
Mountain Con.
The capacity of the lend rellneiy at
Trail lias been doubled.
The force at tho Ottawa waa reduced
to seven men on Sunday,
Sainton mine* last week cx|«orte<l 'im
tons of galena and zinc.
A Luvi'i lutv.!.£u demand has fmtwl
copper up to 1*> cents a pound.
Mure r,r.» «a*lit  and  Mipplii*   were  Hiijlw held   Until   tho
sent up to the Graphic on Sunday.        L,,, U) -n BBrBMncnt.
Tlio.Mlti'lii'll'Heiiivh'k loot-race
A conplo of weeks ago Mitchell ol
Fertile und Kemvick ol Nelson rati a
foot-race at the latter place, and the
decision wus against Mitchell. The
result waa not satisfactory to the For
nic sporty and they issued another
challenge, the race to lie run in Cran
brook today, ami $2<*l forfeit was put
up hy both sides wilh V. A. Hulling
lloth sprinters mul hackers arrived
yesterday hut ns thero wns snow on
the ground Mitchell refilled to go
ahead, nnd today his hacker, Tom
I'ogUe, had an Injunction net veal on
ItollUui, the stakeholder. The money
two 'milieu
The injunc-
A letter was read from J.S. T. Alex
anderrethopuichaMi of the fl,.. hall I   •"«""««*»* -'veryui.iig ha. n#en;tUm  ,l|Wetd|„B  U   a reminder  to
lot.    tmlnictioiia were given to -«v jl*"i«-«- •"[ *"*-•"- -**-■* --'« •-*•* "'"jCranbrook   |«eoplo of    the  Nevin*.
the Interest due him. j,,m,M' ,*"••■l'••'•■■,, Mitchell race a alx-tit year ago.    A»
A petition was read a*kfng for an] --no third of lh« force at the Black j ,„„ (>r|glnal raeo waa not jmlM ml
aarlycloshig bylaw. A* tho petition ^'rime wa* let out during the week, nmMwr WM ii%etl „., |M,tww.n •(,.„
was signed by others than huiineM men \ thoro Mug now l««« than *» men nm- {
of the city, it wa* not le^al and the >!"»«'•-• j
cf»umil would take no eogiii/unn-o( n ,    llillv Cottatill and partner* ar* dm-
TheaolkHir wa* instiutt< 4 io pi« pmein^ wtll on thi Kfntlmri Ligf.t,   Tin--.    .        .   _,     .   .
a proper early c.i*iog bylaw for the hare driven Ih le«t o„ ,,,,, w^ ,„,, ;cletn«t .ill ami the race nin at thre«
IU* ol th* rouuHK *.ty-l>* hu-hm nf ore #t|«*ml.     A   -*h*|-- ' OVIf.-cfc.    It   pTOVCit   a    pUddlllg   for
Arcount* were ordenil fnf»a-p*id*       incut * ill b« made ahorlljr. «K«nwlck, wlio won  it  in  a   walk.
McLeod A Drown	
nnm^v; 7V~xnnuccuoii	
is being diivcn, and is about eomnleteii
between the. No. 1 and'-- camps with (he
intention of working ihe whole ot this
mine through the entry at No.  1  inimi.
This connection necessitates  the   driving of a raifo of 510 feet to connect   the
two workings.   A   force of  carpenters
aro now al work putting in a large tipple at the entry of No. I   which  is directly upon  the   railway.    Tho  Lille
mines of this company   are   looiiiHted
with theC. P. 11., nt Frank, liy a hUii-
standard |"iiuge, railway built and operated by this eoal Company.
At tho llellevue mines, which are situated one and a half miles oa4 ol aud
directly upon the. C. P. \i?, a very Isitue
amount of both outside and underground ileveliipiiieiit win U has heen
done within tho Let twelve months.
Itoom ft-ryareVi hs" heeiieM'.ivaia'd ainl
side tracks have been put in to accommodate empty and loaded cars Tip-
plea have been erected and a pros
porous village built up. The main entry on thei'Oi'il seam at Helleviie is inw
iu a depth of over •ii*-)-.i feet ami the
coal takeu out hero is eoiUiileioil ahoiit
the best uiliied in this <ii*!rict. 'J'lu-re
are sli coal senm* in ihe m-hV* (,per
ated by this ('oiiip.-iny that varii-t from
*iv to twenty feet in tlilektie-s and all
of which contains a nr»t cl.i-- «ji i!t>v <>|
ste»ni and (okiiit- coal.
l'hi'OiUpul ol Ill<« lllllle. nl   Ul)!*   coin-
|a-iiiy al pi'i-etit is '--inn- l".j too- .,( cm!
per ila.V IllO-t of ivhii'll     i-   ilrliveie.t    III
theC. P. It. for Mi'.-iiulu^ purposes.
The output will be move than d»ubii-.l
An soon 11- tin- pie-out m-\ i-ioptiietit
work now umlerwav i-iomfileted.
IWsides the mines at 1 .die and   llelle.
vue* which un-being operait'il  by   Ha.
COIIIpalllV,   tiiey   also    aiWu     tlie   llvfiill
Cr«"«k   and  liiainnoie   luiieiii-.,   i.uth
i'»ii»u*ive |if»ipa>rlii-», hut lahi.'h nre , (!<■
■ I present   —-iiisiillno|e  i ill  •«.
wick and a man named Hammond,
he to have three >»nl»-uit in !<•>,
tlie |«r-4i t*» I* i>*J.   Tne track wa*
Clark Broa. Co.
N. 'K  HudaUUy.
Coal oompany .
Kite Lnmherl'ii.
Wm. lUntlty..,
li. lUmunaVKl ..
i-i:i(itv <m:i u
The prospi its ol i'a'irv
Very {,'i«"i ;<l*t liuav mi't
proiul»a*» lo I"' A l«li»y •**.»- io
Mr. Trow, of the  V- n ,
,|f nM-ii" »<i-l M' '■!<'„'!'"     '» ••
rftliiJ 'd lie-It iog.'ii.i ai-d u
sawin/ l» foif >prin- lo -.
further »«ilk oil (hetr |>Ii»M
i. Thi«lnp>ii.it *t»'. ii..- (Uli., ••->,-
woikitif a«ay <>ii iJn-.r -*».a;i no-
4o» 11 Ul U'#l a lei 1-'. 1
ioVh.fk.   It  provc-il
Ken wick, wlio won
• •"-*>♦   KaMern f.piiah.ta have bonded n,,.*-n-B>«llaic!y alter the r*ec Mr.   Mc
•'•■''iiirant, a *ilvtr lead propoaiiton on th* (Tavish i-fferwl    !«•    run   kenwkk
IH 'I't'.nnrih fork r,( Woodbury creek.   It w*« ag«li»»t Mltclwdt h* l.ui u» J."*!) and
*• &»!aiwneal by C.   Hfwtiter and   I). (Irani,!give him two vanU the »tart In  the! r«t t«> al..»u'. .'dfect
.U iw'1 t,„s m,,, ,,ro,*rly will t-a wotke-t thi* :: ix>.   Mitcheii ilechnwl thechahenge' pttuuvg: m a -i-aiu. i-i
a a   ,    „ ,a      .  a a     •      ..» , . *-v
ffi) ivA *V,r''«* «-'>rd». ■■■••Mi •*.*•/* r**
I     .1   henre*<«-n%  va.-ot   ea
■ tbl*'Wr<-k t«t s«'ij.)ii,»'«. tri-l
, ai.«.Aii4.^ A * i.\*i *^. -.^        .   *
I'll'.4.     luck
|«< M     «f;l«ll|l
uiv H.a^ »:
reel.    IL-
a'.J'a -t    r,
4 :   «..)ne
in.ln'l I-'i
iH'Vt   »pt»l»J!
t    i
,!   !.«
In m-
'■■!' '•"'
von    Tli* M.ibniiiSdo'i
1 will *trilii- «f 111 f'«»» ».''»i'i
i lit
li. .1"
!kit iu> race wa? arranged, a* MJteh
> ell** twekersi mid ft. war* !m*rn»iWe to
; Hnd a truck at thf* time t4 tho year -
.'Cranhmik Herald
arptwattM are em th* way tr«aa th*
K-»»t. A *t««ni liter ariittrd fnsaa to
rwsto tm Moaday to put in Ike boiler,
|4f#« aad raalUlAr*. Tbe ba**ller to a
in Wiiioi* i«ilowpr«*ein« aetttooal ene, and tell
. mil**, for U rear-itatiaf, wakieg it   ln»po»*4Ue la»
tmti* 11 ton   )*• 1 i"i » t  hi 1* itrofujin ; carry M»o wiwte Hfim aoo AveiVieai I'ftr
b*( 1\ I f.vr   Tn-,1*-*   If.-es   th»-   minM t,H<* I raWMW*.
At.\t   an   t\*   '"f   »».»,l'.'t- I   a-lwaft-'t.M-rei     "ItiW M«tal* lit i'.l«nbr<atlal will ka* i»»**«i
Itata. tm mm w« cM 4oww ttwiiwar *m* imk >hm tm W4. It t*jc«*»k aaai lb« Ihimimx nu wUI N
tiuiefrw»r«ri>le l» VkuttM, Vawta- l»*it nt. f,. *»1 wia W» * trvt+i*aw]ttJW » Jkjr. V#mto la* rwiaeaiMlii
v«r an-! atkaif eaaai clttoa U Uur*,|*aliy «nd lu «t»ut km weut.*. a«4 wlttfprouJof Ilia luutilmtna hotel and the
Wfcaw.it* Qtmt Xorthem edrwlbM-iieiilr^oi-h H«.Im., .^^ ioWmt«ifyon!trarelfr>x poMic wW Meat J-wwft Wit-
1U1 «aa* tstaaaffajljr Hat tn-io fmm|a1»ti«lleif4 it wmu*tht**dt<ttrHmmramm fat ltiraM'W*i u*m WM* **& •
tMrwtaW tka*> aaa> .»lliai*ataiJ# #*t*<aui[«*at.»uk*aiii*L*ua. iktu. u. uxcu id W'lvkWmS&milm wUcc wLcu. (At a«a>;
**t wtnfa^r,
il .-'a *.-H^.|ri« t<»«  hitherto been an nn-
'H •- known mineral in Ihi* ramp, at lean,
JofcB IfatiMt*-* 4 to.    no* f to,* (n },itnr|, yet kniltration* «l it werr
'''' :"', |.itlk«.ii up liai*   ***,.*..     iii\i.   :S»i*rtH   w«
'* M iT ufwatay, banded iuto tin* ollice »w«e ? ""'"*""*''*!"'""""""   "" "" ■'■"*"*"■    ji«gettcia,i>
*,,,_, »; ,; ,,.,«.«t«{.,.4-i»ii#k»d-aii'L«iup «i tb« u*-'"ronnnok tlerald Ljivirnv
,iZ.T!!^I^I    tt IT     it! whHberlb* mineral«iW* in .piaatitr. I    F. W. «tow oivl   ki* two torn  e4|«H.
™JZ,tT *'"■ -'-"'* int**f,t* (4tSm ■y"'* •Hrt-|Ja*«y, left twotlr tot lxm**m, ting I Tl.niW.*-.i \..t..*H
Tbechwtof i«l fe wa* in*lrufte«t t.. „____".-. *:.,   .»,        , ....        ,   ...    «■    .       The l{*nlw>*«'«>t i:#ord *-ij'*."~
... '     ,   .,.   ., ; ,   ,,   ,      ,      t Mr ithirer I* anivtaf li»rt In the- Kt*>t-\    ,,   ,   ., ...
irMUtWin. V.awlaWiN *«. ir*.,.,*-■„.,,,■.„ .    A. U. Mmua te t«riahli  V.^ks   •v**|-MM|-%i(WMtL„|,fc|4, WM   ,.       \    V. •'-a-A. :»■■■•* '.--   ai'. .*■-<'.   w-   .-
katitaltftf witblii a we*k ttmt ibe lack-. »**n awarded tho «*f»«f*e« to erect >     ',( tf     '' f !**«►*«** *'*.«*» "»thia tmnty m S*v. a.
At ttm mAtm*om >«*.-t^im-t <*, i,y  tfc«;rt-w-art'lewl-liirWi^'aW,-^ ijtnm ismmd
I ( .Hitlfii-liv
.'■II. II'" i*
.* .1 *>,i H..%
Hid   < intlil.a-t
..■.„;!,»!     ,.
oi-   ent',; ill I 1 ■
ir. t
wa* ai« t«atnKW»t te «m <>«-a«|t*«Ultci Ort*i Northern brwMb** mml     *  *       r
utL»?m«tml*rmm. ' \*Z£" tn^1Tl^^JorlMWm *"«* ^^  **k - «^!^kH three MA« to utM M* rftW»
rvmim iur Um ». t.xwtvumip ?'■* ifrrfftrt «< tfhwte fttft trt tht ttair-fi M j   V****y tu^mm %*a $tAr^mmti ia*; <**•»>« ^4  <£vmtm*ii *f«» xic.  ■.-•i
Octaacruutofiitt   Tu« .■«-, y.ivuttuiJi'uiM^Uw. dluuuui^u* JL   m'jkklUwMm (tautti Jtai'to at. S6wiia[*np,«   iHnrti**.. ■w,* "r"* ,,^,M" wn"
ttt* aaMtk l«4»w«ltk«iwllk«Mttrf Twltwt, .    1 $mmmt —*awtawaawaw, —i .taw>*l|»Jaaa*atla-p,tt4 ttotky tkyty^t j .,
f'",W. .
* -.1x1.4
JcaT J5 dajs to Chriilmis
every atockinB In our w-inlnhf,
a hole in It     __________
It may be snowing aiourol
town, but the fall has not vet c
to Port Artbar
Canada Is filled with pine
in  platforms,   but   broke  v* 'ilt
comes to votes
The arm will make a stand tn
2lst of next month and tvfnaa, t
»ny further son tlu
Is Germany the kaiati i gL
■evere.     He  recent!-,   ra.) wv
a bishop for cnrsin!*; a. a.a,im,ii.rv
Dominion politics hare gr
one-sided to be anj longer i
lag    Too much  suj*iir ends
The Dominion elections h i v i
away but the j. early. nl'
Cipal  battlei wil!  sun
witb all US oralonuil tut
«! '
■With its prosperous niuu    niJ  h  i ii ]_.
Great Northern in tin  il vi   r 11 * '
should be able to near lis l< "*, pan!     «
without breaking any sii»|n.i ihr i_
The Dominion   {-ovinmint   l 1   «,
now do as it wishes null luulii     f    n-,
Imnblfl.   There „ no lurtln i 11 j ci
in granting na lavure noiv  tint tn
bride is won and hisbeveii iui„
The politics oi Ontnn ■ m. i v  1 li"
that justice shivers nnhed   m   Hi ' '
back yard while tbe gralters I *.   m "'""
pabhupantrj   in search ot -i ., n '
stake for them ilvcs   end tn i ',- 'L
Backers who yap at tl dii In 1 * '
Alt, exchanges should be -nm "' '
this paper at tcrnic It took tb |''Kf-
Spokane Chronicle ten jeiir* to tin It}- -lt
out that we had moved lroni \akadi I'" m'
to New Denver AH our mail rcichta "-1-1-
ns but It is better to send it dirtu       1 "-r '
The Toronto News cries altraJ <-*n '
against corruption and then sen la'
out circulars offering il» panel at la.-™ ^
than cost to Western pen* 11. It inn-t ] *•*" '
have some t*ralt to Iwost or el^c suU t-"
generosity wonld not be found mouli* '
Toronto _____ "A
Every  little while a  st.ri.ei  i_tr le_.
runs away in Toronto and -rtiti-s 1|ra j
more or less of that chemical chung j.^
usually called death and the uu-toi |(rmt|
man is blamed ior losing: control oi two
hiacar    Probably better U-akia. or[ t!| t
better paid niotoraen would m
ir safety for tho unbllc
It is getting near CI ristniiaB Tin.
other dajr we received n nicka-p
from home contain ing a -<air ot yik
and a bottlo ot old-time catsii|i, mi I
by mother, and a tio nil- |<td in i>
b-.ll.ut, by our woo hi-mli t *-mi
Mother regruttod that .hi did n t
havfltlpic to Bcntl __ a iitjii alort
So do we, bat In the iin-ru-iinn wn
wilt keep warm at ulj-ut-
ct i uf f r it hciromi-iad Mrs Imks
-v I imilv that no mnttei "lint the
ir thus did hewmll dr nk nothing:
lut lurf-cil vvat r and 1cm initio
1 Ir Jcnks -Bine ininc itxiut 2
jodn.1, walking very caictttllv nnd
cdiittlj Mi-*. Jenks was n»v ike
mil she tnnn.il np the  „in n    he
1      Are jou Bute -ottdidnt dunk too
\io hurl me when you _p_nk
I ki il_t, ouid Mr Jtnk suniuivlint
ndi-riin-tlv        ILid onlj twu sin ill
I    Mi-s   Ii-iiks i iv bn-kon Inr pillow
rt„irlii,„   him     Lnd.r h.r Rn/u ho
i av i in .i i iielul to his o» nl) 'ns
I li !_.>«,_ to the -.riper pincta Hi-.
tn.lm(, «ire hurt anil lu.--.asde
t rnniiiil tt ^hovs his vvlte how nnjost
htr sii i icioiis wire lie vv i_ _tand |
inj at tht tutmnitrv w ishstiind in ,
[ il t >ritpr j! th- room v,htn _hesjnike
i„n i   nnd   it  na- not    o niuih thi j
1ih 11 m
< h tiles ahe said via un hi |
\ ivitl-u[ tlvlilf, to lifih lli nl1
mm fa nett lints hi chid niiii
'uiin-w iste-I I
nfw-ii ,jt
i ><1 ci
V\ ols or I otitu it L-, iiIli-
i> lif-omc a }n lineal loiidei mil
nm ii lit- ]aj_t succcs^lollv ru
t a.--, mil Mfcitani-i Mild ii well
nn | liticinn In thu thicklv
lid s . nn- if Ili-dilphln the
1 i 1) u me. a bort of unolbciai
,ir smrdinn mi tiUwr "f hls|
ltULiito    lit, can nevei iniioio ii
,it.t>t lllIOMl 13 tut fluid uutonlj*
ilnlniiiud who make., it hut alt
lit. hum ill afcUul  the  lender  ie
lv   ti nkt   btr  I ibv   into   lil_
i <, nli I   the luitherw ntontol
... t. lv I .ir   i ween b v bit   Agam
u      un™  aitr-iu   1,,, n i-itilnl  uji  at Joclock in iho
ii I 1 it 1l->_ than m(niiuir t>v tvv   men v\ho hnd a dis
u k wt i n    Thu ^ulc ajl(i w,llltc_ |lim to arbitrate
ni i- ii i-e-saij h«* 1() IS(.N|AcUU ,0 ^e .hat the poor
.. huve tin. govern   ,WVL ^^ to •„,! out those who havo
A tli_*r lick jfme   ]„,,_„ n,-,..^,-    u, secure work toi
iiLidaiiuitj tho-_s  oat ol (.mplujment,   lo have
police a_-a ruuitt_d and to *itt_nd
I^"rn}^yTb wnrria-es picnic and fnnerals.
,ii n uiimbei   irouij    0ue   tlllaa>   „f  voters rcnonllRed
ult   be   -ilwantilv   jllln|«tmine„tly  becau-e he did not
I' law i     1 hi   is t [1(   _ htn  lh_   8QVtn ^ eor^Id  ^j,
ti-. Uibk &t> that   ihomui bTOke h]sle_,
. 'all3'!.l,.'l.%?."™!af. Hntluidnt know that he had
br ken Ins leg   the leader protested
^nre, uud you should have know u
it    wis the reply
Hut I didti t even know jou hid
iIn iljck mil Hoout into thi
md maud i ■ tin. lost not
jmvvhat tin. Dummlon rov
nt would do i vie had on_ ur
in<rviitive inuiitieri in B C
w uldit-ivp I-fuut Rv?i Hi{,
rd i'n. ithira n thi ir warm
i the Hick r   in m u m-va nod
c I ill*-1
In d m„  ■«• tlu v   WUQltt
I i ai li i * luiuhia und wi. uii>,iit
I I'l-IK       .1     I I    NIUILtllll £ \
ivuii inch i I tit-nil mijintv,
i 1,) w.-wi in ti Imlj the West
I' ii in im  li m gi t ua -n a -leip
ih i m it iv mil    in uur-Wu.
1 li tsc le-> it esolaimed tho
latin r who [taking up his hat to h/ive
nuiiirkiid 'Churle Donnell> would
would have knusvn It tvivcr a meal
huvu jun at. In me house."
Thb World thinka Umt \imoavn
nwr bouib dny uo Inrgoi tlmn Saw
York. Thi* li an ox ruvnunut a*
aertlonthut aamiot Iwdiiiir-.vud im <
leaatti. bioeKy Woild iqu a dak
We venture to throw in thu n-_a i lw,>
bars that within ten >cur- inn
wilt be the focond Inrsom mv to
British Colatnhln, uud wo Iwvui i u '
farm or a galmon uaunliiff fiutnj
within hilling distancij ul tho <-ity
vi vim  i If-hi   d\N lliV
lKl-suingIu_thanltB'rlvlnq;|iiv«.u '1Lri *w" l" '
nation Mayor J II I'owill ut II n ~* ' " *" l
derson Ky,has not ovirl/ikul ii. •* ■'"" ' '-.lir
babies. lie sajs thank- -tumid i_ " '' '" -l '
given "for tho most charming in |i ■*'"'"'■'' '" ,l
of beautiful babes ever bora in thai ' "1,ir'"Bt w
old town alnce creation tfowtwd an 1,' uu "-*' l>1]'1 '
the mo*7ling atars anng ti^ithtr '''*■' ' ""' ,rn"'
Sweet, dainty, darlimr one. uu mm '"l " ll "
beamain shady places, kick ui vn-ri ' "' ' "
little heal? and make of onnh h'"Mr««w«i-wl
heaveV - ,•*»!*ti tlu gr..
*~ - |Iho timie ot   lliihiti  out il rto puor
I-iTiMi in high  Altlindcs has n |IOUlio .Toronto Toleitniiii
teudepoy to make Borne |i_ople iiimno 1 	
and other* confirmed linra   In nil (set. mi iiappkkb i& i'i.hmk
townata whioh we have lived Unit —.	
were several thooBnnd lost ubovo TiioroHn rjian up on UiilEut hill,
the »ea wo have notteed tlio oflcct ot aava the fVhahhu-tnn I'mji wtm snjs
the rarfHed atmospliorc upon tin*, with a wmbtrof old college Dluima
Could Mitkv Uao or It
U a dlntmr to tho Archbishop ol
Lameibmy in   New   \ulk    UUIiOp
Ul.al_ttl Ol   UllllH-atODtdBOllClllClI
Is there an>tldng tamor ho said,
ilmn u hear a man jirnt-u hlm-olf-
n   i jitti  in  ilia- ihan to hoar a judf,e t-rnlso tt duel
l l iln I'm will bt <n»ii In. hits just made oi  n Chug)
i'-iHiuuiu «>l lln  nwnjirnboniioniiijnliohnsiiriMioliOd''
in Iai wc ull   von iibout (icorHiln
ill it imvi nut mil iraWna otrromaii
n tm i hi v « >uld Aiaillnnt-r.iiiiil-i w tide one ho
i ni i iuii <• Hi 'h..«ii tiinlk >l lim own ilii|iiun_o
in ilii) M umdi ti lit Ulkiit uf it a long timo imillj
In dintHhjd a tj-niKJii vvliorowltli ho
<   \> \i\   nl mil tin   Imd |-inwid on l„'i niuiii j tu Inidd it
li ia  iln  i i md -ttiiifitiili«iit iiowclnuoli
i   Ii 1  rtlmi'l an I      II"   ikild   thu   this   Bnnnuii   hnd
vhui tn tinisuroin thr-wn tho-imgioffnilin intiiii tian_
iu In liUi ^"it ot hb.inllt]    1 rum nil iddiB of
ii   |uli  lim ii ilik tK-u-taji-ium there had re-»*itidid
i   ivitu       'ti ii*,   '"It   •""   in. mints  ul   sulntcrl) tluiis   of
,.ti „ I'm o.ii.    1(<-U     r *JOU.)    ovlii ol JiiXJfJ
Iftomuihad advanced'to thu altat
U  mun  truly in   and thrown in tli.ir wutohes lliuh
.'i.i   obhj-atkusd rlnea and thoir bracelets. Ono young
I i-itio IflailjthSnf- viotnan Imd oven —
I'Tniok I    Bue hero n di-.tln_-tti.had bishop in
i» ni ut tirod build ' torrmaod     lie  honi loiwn.nl  anil
i n divert Cnmidian t»i>i>.d tne apeakoron Iho.liouldoi
furk ot kw-rtiijf Uuld. j ou lend nui thut aouium,   be.
w hlapomd
In nvlnlng tu> In nvv,r*) tliht), otac,
fuw win liljj lortunea But iho IhH
uru. nro nu more numoron* in ininln*-
tlmn In busmen* _
SdbsQllhc for "Tin* T-iuun mil) $j
foi lluj t> <- nimibom.
ei?   $•   «f§f»   -pffc
-s-      -t*      -f-      -r
Ib one of Fernie soldi.st and
best   known   Imtih      '
Piopriotaii 1 name i-.
Wm  Esc!swig
«$fl   ef»   c§»   «$»
*.      ♦-•
Foicifj'n ind DomosiitLtgiis.
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ire for those who is tsh to
Our Clothing is for thost. who
like lo dress ftuitltssly
Our Methods take care uf the
money    of   tho   c ireful
And Our Guarantee piotocts
Would >ou Hko to Ini} •UiHtlnK on Hint
Iijih!* (   Our uloihii n 1 n'l in mm
pidtlon  witti nnjthiiii,        hmp
V\u w JitlJ like )uu for n ruaiomur
P.G. McLeod
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oi ncii iv
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If you linvo piciporly to soil
or wish to purchase, call
In Ternie   if
home for all
a iileisant
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New TJen\er and "stop a few cUvs \u.eki or
n -inthi Jt tin, Ni»wnmki*t Hotel wiHi Honrv
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jh Will (»pti   rtt\t month with
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J    F
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The PARK HOTEL -;,-*«-, ^"li^ssssa
ull nut f iki
The  tm on     hem   ,   hi of
■■teiik      ^j"    'ml       hnv
not h    b Hten  iu tbe lnll<-
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i, H\ '    igp Hutol m KjsIo ib
i im t "* i m an rgyptmn (lescrt
Slot-an folks Hoik to it like bce°
to a fiou r _ irdeu
y Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. M
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T. @B ProGtep^S Nelson
Hotel Strathcona
U In n (lilightlul lotHitlon nnil fram its bulcoiilis
run be HPrfii nil tlio I utility pf the jjnmii iibpiipii
tliivl HiiriiiiiiulM, lii'ina in, ami inlniiu* tlio liiinv
t ity ot NqIkou It la tho liomr of tourists ftiul
liiiniiii-Ha nun fiomuJI paitBut tlm vvuiltl llio
loialno mvop cliug»in tho mffu ot medloDPll^i
and ovoiy room la in; mieraj tn iimomam I
von iwoii looms wlion mi tlio wivy iiv, tou-. n tlm
wirt) -mil tlio doutl is flono,
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
E"-a*Wr*-"ft^a-,--Hii^a--|^-aaa™*-a1l tmmm--f^m\ Mmj^p^^m, ^Hmbh^-I, _m^fg^^imm.__^^^M^^_,.^a_\fm^m^jmm^0, THE LEDGE, FERNIE, B C ,  NOVEMBER 30, 1904
In the Salt nines.!
There are. four silt mines in Roti
mania, two quite close to one another
it Slamc and Doftana One of the
mines at Slamc dates back to the time
ofthe Romans, whose methods nere
not bo scientific as those oftheirmodern
successors They made botfle-sliaped
p-;cavalions quite close to one another
with the result that the wedge of cirth
beta-wen bottles constantly threatened
to subside Indeed, the other day
enormous mass came down with
crash, and the old mine had to
abandoned Modern methods iv<
such danger Instead of burrowing
down again into a new mine, jou cu
horizontal galleries into the rock, iiuj-i
pillars pfialt are left standing to support the earth, and fresh ct
hollowed out Thus, w ithout an-.
extra amount of labor, it is possible tc
extend the mine almost indefinitely,
and the pillars serve to confirm the
ecclesiastical enact of the greit subtGr
ranenu basilica
I saw the old Romato mine from one
□f Ihe upper galleries which his
reached by strange, almost endless
tunnels, illuminated with gay Chi
lanterns A little verdure alone
needed lo complete Ihe illusion nf the
gardens of Aladdin The impressions
afforded hy the view from ihisgillerj
were so unique and so marvell ius that
I hesitate to attempt to describe them
Some minutes were necessary to grow
accustomed to the twilight A feu
braziers contain ing shavings soaked tn
petroleum were flanm* up in □ feverish
manner, and as I looked over into the
darkness of the abjss I wis reminded
of Dorcs version of Dante looking over
into tlfe uttermost depths of hell
What struck me most was the tn
secuuly of my position There His
of course, no danger, n hit ever, and
the ledge on which I stood wis furl)
brand But it possessed no pinpcl
and tn order to look down it v __
necessary to come vcrv near to the
brink What added most to the sense
of insecurity was -i kind of pier or com
mencement or a bridge wlm.li projected
over thenbvss I do nol know whether
it dated back to the dttjs of the Romans, but it inj rnle it v. is almost
prctnstoi it, in aspect I did not iilciI
ihe advice of my coin pinions to discourage any attempt it w liking iho
plank along this roid lo destruction
but t have seen few places cnpiblc of
affording more temptation lo those with
auicidul inclinations
Suddenly a signil was gut-n ind
enormous bonfires were cast down from
the roof of the mine Sever il long
seconds elapsed before (hej fizzled out
in the pond of silt water hundreds of
feet below The effect was extraordinary Tirst the gnj walls were illu
minated ns the huge molten miss
hlazed past them, then itiey were overcast with Reeling, ghostly shidows,
and at last plunged once more into
darkness, which was onlj emphasized
by the flickering lights ibove
Perhaps the prettiest object in this
old ni-ne was a common tub which hid
been placed some J cars ago upon the
ledge to receive the droppings of silt
water 1 tasted this water and found
it so salt lhat it almost bit ind sohdi
Bed my tongue As the drops fell the
greater port of them immediately crjs
talhzcd w'lh incredible npidilj The
original tub was no longer to be sctn
It had been covered up entirely with
glistening encrustations, which gave
It tlio appearance of a huge snow fountain adorned with motat exquisite!'* ni*-
tigtic designs, It nns now about sis
feet high nntl M\eml feet In thickness,
while, n piece of utrinu which Imil hocn
■unpa-ntUu above il had now bocoimi u
rapt} of molten not-rlo, .
Rewriting nlontf tlm tunnel, wo
p-attetl n lltlla. trni- J gar nboi|t two loot
iqunra. Thin wufl pulloJ up, nnil 1
was nrWHegcU; to look 0am Into llio
WW luiiW mul behold onooftlwinohl
ntiflnrlfiibte ilfthtfi to bo ftwml In iho
world,, HuniW of foot bulow, upon
n rug-feu GuW of alnwlln-r wlilluiniai
lUf-fiflsllve of (he ke>nnck hi the Aretlo
mftloitii, licrvli or man, ffliclt nppnroiitl,'
nt lur^ai ns n cheese inliv, mov'.il tibout
revttrliiliiy Hha the Qccupntittt of tut nm*
lienp. Hero nnd thero point* of oliu>
triu tight shown Ilka si'SpuuiM Mum
Thu genernl Impression wns thnt oi w
lnnecti viewed throvigh ti Bralnllgmi-
trial) inngnHyiiiB Klnm
A hunh-il llnlcUnt{ iroNo enmo up
from tin ut)|iili!i hho fhit> roui-h,, 1
thoiii-ht I ah<uilil never tiro of wntoh-
ing; tlio erni-oful movement-- or those
reinolo huu-an insci-ts, I nlinoat hcgmi
tofaaw thftt they must lielonfl to iih-
tfjiw planet, And snch wns lim extni-
onllhary tMeintttton oxerql-od by this
taWulatfel ^JiLt l fountl H a t>'
ful wrepo]i\B tSPr my^lf nwny
MUldiMmyo-rajmuj-fid^ qrauclilnR i
ihla pwpojs for hj-^rn, iuuJ I folii-ulto
n5noy«ii!Mi.liHliiJ tllrvtEtar -ot tlio tulno
when hti patently remia^ejl l«8 thnt 1
still hatl-V?^ uiHol, (q Beo hofora Ihu
S» -a* mMhM alrsof-.Mli! tsMtan
Etna entecMI ons «F llie, p^WotIhI lifii
of salt from the bottom
Ihe director issured i
tbit I need not have an
the capacity of the lift ,
The convicts who  i
liny w
)st ai, well off as the frea. mineral
|)t th it When their d nlj task is o'
:) cannot quench their {.reat thi
the tavern and must return   to til
ictuillv   pud
red ueight-
- of s
i-irrj ""-er ;
Indeed, i
ifc* ■>)
:mirked this tu I
.i. workers  tn   tl
so   perpelinl    i
(„ v of tliLm tin resist
become  Inbitu tl
ir work teetolih-.m
udjing Un
frescoes on the wtl
merelj geological form
but the-,   isiumed  the
j  -alarm about
entv-live hund
t crawled dou
had in  oppoi
Thev    wor
•tld   i
-hapes  hei
l serpents     there  of   beiutiful
.c patterns, and ever-, now and
impossible herildn.   rfnimils
n  dados, I  men! ill)   sunlmed
. stopped oji on the floor of a Tt
Cathedral i vast bitiihrii uhcrt
-s mi(,ht Invo knelt
nnd where people who km
world might easilj inni^ine lhat 1I1I1
w is the tintvei-Ke Lien the great
strong lIecii-ic globes could onlj creitc
dun religious [light in this hugr edt
si. Tha.loIt> w ills «ere marked with
irlj stripes ol sp irl ling gnj ind
tthila. running up ind donii hka. tlie
temper uous oca     Along
usles n
a kind of cull
of salt Here ttucksvvere
i be fed bj the miners who
up ludders md element an gang
'eirtng lo ido from ih.
my I hid eu
-. is vera drj
.pliere  wai utlerh unh
r   bre ithed  elsewhere   It
verj  pungent  highh
lirating    like some   mmenl   n
nud into gis    There vv is i plea
quiffiugil   wilh  deep  breaths but
presenllj is jou  holed jour lips jou
tasted salt, jou  smelt  silt  jou found
jourbolf impregu iti_d Willi silt     It
utmost possible lo undirsl nid the
s it ions or Lni s  wife     I tic prevj
desire «js   in  mordinite craving for
>   of b
, cnfoixLtl   ind
ing   i
their  wij   to  tin.  tank of fresh
winch is 1 cpt neir the bottom 01
Hie lift    but diroctii thej emi.r{,o upon
thi. outer cirili tlu v   m iIcl   1 suunpi-de
2 neiru.1 public  house   ind spend
of tin. night  ns v-oll as n grvnUr
pirt of  their wages    in  a   coutmuil
But thej nre not so much tn
is   mil,lit   bi.  iiiingineil bj
readers or 'sensation il hUion nhout the
horrors underground bj Nihilists in the
;ilt   mines   of   Russia      Indeed,   the
,ccond fict, whia.li the director told mt
MS   tint   the chu-titi. of Tsnlt mine is
he best in  Ihe  world     It is tven said
o ho a Lerlain cure for consumption
Ihnugli in summer the even tern
pcrature of the heart of the c irth must
. \ erv pltnsun t as i rcfugi. from the
isttng Ruumant in sun nnd even in
inter, tfter the iretic ntmosphDre outside, the work is undoubted!} hnnl
and probahlv monotonous To the
strij visitor it possessei a. chinn of 1
awn The workers ire divided up
into sounds of six Each m
(or himself an oblong piece of the floor
of the mine, about ns big ns a tomb
11s business 10 scoop
round it wilh his pick n lutlo chnnnel
ir mout, samo five inches deep When
ie li is dono llun lie summon-- the other
Ive members of Ins squnil and lliej
,tand bwldo him on tho alio Then
iliuj nil rnho thoir plohs, togeihi-r mid
bring thorn 'low 11 slmultnnooiistj nt tin-
on! of e0mm-u-.1L A good tliml
luaoisnccctisnrj, hut whnt is much
itioru hnportnni 1* thnt thoy Khould
striko wilh rhj thmotlinl ncov
tliB)1 ilo not strllw wgortwr nml In tin
right plin-'o iho vvholBollVjot Is ripnllviil
I WDinleceu Ihut thoy i!U not hhi-; nl
lliutr Vaiariti UB tho SonmlU ito, 01 ilmi
the nutiitiilsimiiun vlitl nut \nvvh\o n
hni»l, hut I \uw tultl ilinl hi illtu of
loiiK pmailvo thoj hnvo hemmo ot-
irftOidliiHrilj e\poii, nnd Unit ihuj
sen reel j uvoi ilhtrRO 11 linli s Inomlili
from thu potul ul vvlikli tlioj nlm I his
procuHB -loon not IiinI mtinv nilmiloi,
mill us noon nn tlio lupuj hns 1mm-
hidimU uvvii-, loot* enough, tho men
know hy u hind of luMlna from the
tiouiiu of ihulr lilows tlutt tlio job is
dono Iho p-j-»lstunt hluvvs httvoJe-
looliud iho xlnh, wlilili nm' now he
mlscd hy n i„\u with u bni- stmuti
8troii(- pull of ihu sl\ men loj-eilioi
ihcj hnvo 1niM.1l oiii! sIuH
ihoj procoiid (Q tlio otlioia In turn,unlit
thO} hin« riltsoil nil sis ll Is a shnplo
form of ui oporution
ThcnvtuTimnn tetiini'- to his own
stub nntl hieitks It up Incuhunhi, which
n. trudt- sontiin-bv/Hh-
nnda-radiWil 10 his mwmint ^ vur;
iWlivo mnn \m onm Horn hulf t\ cicwi
to tliroo kIiUIUirs n Jiiji hm hui-'inlm
roust l» conwiit, with n-gODtldontlcsa
*Gn,t,h. twin Itns a, ptsrtlwilnr murk or
tjgn whioh ho ciirvii. itpQti (snuofthft
lomns in lila truck before. 1,0 senJa il
«i$ to be w*-leliOvl,
and Mri Oirln  Uovvo, who hvi
1 trgo fnrinnt Ctvstnl   went iniiv
nv rouiiitlv   luiving thmi li vamr
old ilniffhtoi, iMiuna, tu  ken), linns
ork fro
pence a day which is enough lo encourage their industrj and a.mb!e them
to obtain a few e~tra comforts snch as
The work of superintending the con
nets in the mines cannot bo by anj
means a pleasant one Thej hue in
unpleasant hibit of dealing with an
unpleisant tiskmastcr Appirentlj
without premed ill lion thej gather into
knots in his neighborhood ind then
all ofi sudden he finds himself sur-
roundi.d In ihe course of j. fc«
lies all the braiih hns been
squeezed out of his bodv, md on more
than one occasion men hnvo nUuallj
killeJ in thKvvin The object of
this icilon is, like, thai of the round
robin, to shirk responsibillt) iVooni
ct more llniti anotln.r has dom.
the deed and it is dillicult to punish
ivhok giunj to [he s nne oMenl
li would be possible m the case oi
or tuo As iIili-c is no capital
punishment iu Rouitmin tin- tunviui
reallj not much worse off when
ItuU hus added ont. more cnmi
to lltur record Tilt onlv possibi.
punishment is lo knotL ofi ihur small
forti jnd j-n ikt,*." ind lo iuHilI
irj conlinen-ei Hhtth in hi, c^_i
ori whole giui, Honld iiiLiii knocl ing
oITwork for some time
Perhips the chitf diarm   of a Ron
initn salt untie is lb it u  perputn itt-,
c same old methods and the s line oiii
iplLiiientstthichhuelycn in use eai-r
ice thed irk lb l ages     An  it tempt n is
ldi_ it one timeloitilroducemaihinerj
but this wns found to  idd  too much u
jit of prodjc ioi      It  is Irui 1I1 u
1 itlunes produced  more salt inn
1 sp ice of tune nnd that  m inual
Inbor   u istes  about  _a  ptr  cent    hv
ibhng and powdering ilia, salt wilh
pieks     but   as   n
1   chui
-   Ihin
■    md ns   tin. supplj of sal
practical I)    ineiliuuslible
eLononij  to   id here  to  th
icthods     And 1  \isitor to tin.
ill Oi
:   facl   \
in   opportunity   uf  wit
idLrful and   romantic  n
icnt limes — Herbert  \ i\
Strand SI igizine
Ton ns Gul Show od Bin
As  1
trump   vvlm linil lieon   «1111111111 tin
boltllv oiitflrcil the hoiino and d
mantled SQlllOt.li I ul, to cat of tho htth
girl She set out a lunch for him aiii
Ink ho wns eating ho growkd
1 If tllLrasanv monoj in this hnuai
I want vou to »ut ft foi ina As soon n'
. gnb through with this feed 1H look fm
'III see if I rin got something foi
on  runlled thu Uuld as sh<>  left  tlio
She went into nn adjoining room,
chmboil into -t than ind „iit down her
fathers rltlo tt wns not loadul but
she Idled tho maga/ine
Tbo tramp looked nn in the muzzle
of tho gun whith was resting 01 er the
buck ot 1 choir, with Llio child a snap
ping oyos rostlng behind thi. sights ami
her linear on tho trigger
Now Mr T rara n you 1 tin awn j ho
ftn-elcniicoiinttan, or III shoot von
dead ns sure as mv nmno's 1 mnui
Rovtq,   One, two, three '
There was nothing to- do ior tho
trump but to Rot out Uo wns tboi
ougiily Irlehtonail The Httlo kit! kept
hun covered until Im wits well om of
rnn^o •—Poiihiiul Arena
Al.tinilvllliiilispntuh ot lnat Snndnv
HfljsUnit ihu■(tunlQgtstrlkouvor nuitln
in Oolonulo inlnhiir vmnih nml whnt iu
Im Hi} \111l tohotlir>lmt{o»t hoily nt lilicli
{frBttooroewoi fontnlln thnunrld, Intvu
hQtm tlollniH"ly%|oontoii mulm- CSirtniatlu
HVQuiul iu tho Uiuhlllu hti'tii 'Ihu
nmoniil nt wonlth in »lijht Is ulinaat his
jnntl thoiiiiwoi ot ubIiwco to vnlcutatu
TImtHivlllruii Into tho liiinilroili ol
inllUnuit Ib hnj mul illgputti
otoruvvhltih linn homi iilae-ivorM lin*
liono Iidj (rati thu mutation, of tho com
puny Ittinit, nil hough lim ilrtll-linloHniti
wuro miuli noitn loiul to tlm hflloC thnt
nn uttmiBSvu am hmly \' oukl ho nptnuil
up Thoniu it iitiujitunl)-, nil hitch
"-rtKlutlUuiQualDntlmu,, ulth imowlnn
ill luiitli-- ol LtuhniiMu unit trnino nui>
plmlo, MnuhntltwlU hvoihro thlilv
\mnvuri In Hilvur tn thu tnu, whllu >umii
oE tt irfloa QuhhiiluinhlDhiKhui'
Dosotvoil Sjlll[>lltll.V«
Slid—UllB -.OUl-   lalOllll   lulIK   hQUIl
Iwlil?   nolnokaaoymu-'J
Ho—Ho. wnuboui bo
SUo-Tho. poor ttihig -TU ttila
J. A. MacLean
Bi*tlte ani Contractor
Royal Hotel
In Ferine ih »i a rapid,
conr^e of rott "atn 1 c ti on,
ao<l lvriil 1001 he londi,
for tin* tituli" o£ Um1 Wfirlil
M\tm. Tatbic, Ppop.
Will l.p nailj  f.ir hiia-iiii-i  1
montli     Tt  will  Im  up to ihu
ithmi-  mul nil! In   t homi
Real Estttv, Loans, £
'n.estraerts f
Electrical Supply Depot
F'-timates given 011 ill kinds of
Wire Work
Electric Light Pl-ints Installed
1 anj part o( the countrj
Steamship Tickets
nnl Vmtrlmn lliipii    Arniij1
Wanted Immediately
AtranTC Tosell Frull Urea, llnnnlnirv
S-^'Hj» G-xutliDiTiBUilCurraiilbiiJliBS
11    OpoiIiuiij ia*ekl)    Oilllt Ins   Tlipre I-
Over 600acres. __%*%
Pelham Nursery Co.,
Coal and Petroleum Notices
Vtmct*  ls  beieljy  Riaeu tint nfter tin.
-. ™ 1 tt «t the ItiM-ky Moimtiiia, nnil ia!u til
' ""Ii" "uei*      f'     o t* Ko,)S"n1l,j^1*,la" *ni11
Tout>!st sieapes- serwics Piovmcul Laiitl Suiveyor
Union Eestaurant
Iii-nii    [m iii->!»- "\I< il- jI
all Iidiii-s     1 v.rvtliint,  ln^t
Geo. lehikafln. Pi op.
The Gleb
Cigai* Stofe
ilioRolint   uf a igivn ahvnjh in
«toik   Himkintttir-a lni
Ingram &. Storeliouse, Props,
i r,'i
Older   jour   1 nil
Nfttty hmiitiH** now ni
F. F. Liebschcr.
S'licmn > ffou   al'
MOTII-E  L»  lisietr  bIv™ that al
.?.  -■*.|-i™t-aJ» of W ctaiir ilnj. lp
111 foELmniSiitKlvVocksfortlio
Atlantis Steamship Agency'
■ mVr "isi"fn"t A kti]
v-utir^ll^ldllil'iad tlie VII tiluyuf \dvomliv
■yiiTILE  U  liar-lil   ttJT-n that Mtor tin
1 ita. I fntonil toiiPiilv lotlm Aialstnni Com
PMiril HCll-a   11   I    I 1\ 1 -I ll I II-*
iiMnnil*.! "
"""ihJ.' IIKNIJV,^
Ifwrnltnro anal
DniKHlua In
Wall I-npi-r
Ivvnotinilihtt «'    . i   1    1  l»r     nm
HltttBll t'wtia \ ll l 1, I I "III III IV
UlSll laHRWlirl'llltlll i">t- -I'lllltni'S
Mnll   Ontini   ti nil     I      " 1    I" 1 'I •»
B. Etltott, Knslo. IS.C.
liu 1 nu icnaliin tptlralsum lootaltun tlutna-*
ni .rliii. Es»t sinhnins tbatira^urihsu UiUi4»
t 1 nto-lun 1 lutDil UiB "n 1 la) o( Non-mlmr
J I   IllClUN   lopaint
Hm 1 Ultni'k   Vrnii
1 He V'iitTn "t'onPiiiy tVtlio A«.l»t™r. n'
hi"iri "ffvlTitfi JSut BKouiU|"iav'iil'u,lt"ilin','
ml In.    vVint   of  tin mmiull ol  Hi     Itiki
VI iiiatnliif    anil   titan  nvilajai   nill-<   \oril
"il   I'.vlT'vt   tlitioy'.  SgW   Ual "ueln Ictlaai
il. u     ki   ( *.<-Ijill-U llloHJJJ. Vuat||«i  liHIli
''                    litM%}Ii.hA5l nil U'""UF
x^r,11.,; .,i*,l.iT±!isKxh,?.,t.i'/'ri:i'. .*2te
'tillJS'ihw'iiSi IS AK liwiji'i
1,1,11.  iVlllia  VVMt *l jWlM b   I'llll
in nti-iiiniil iKiiitBinliiiiiHiinim mu-u artei.
li V ' m ™\Kl ajitowlni "ttaSrW WI"
Viliolt iVj VlJiinWliiHliiiiliitailtlilrlttiinill .
inaliiftiwKoiittiBiJ' l1*-* Itali foiiwiwiwhu.
ai n [uul mirhwl Smith hsut wtnpr u( I   It
itii'iiilitit -aool »' cH"*) llwiira uWli w i Iml
»iimii> mm| rh uiiiiiiin iteiico wulii do 1 linlin
uccof vatiiniun{4iiiciit, ffliiitftlnliiB nv> an
IwatuitfUiI tlntvtl tliolthilBiat Xovomht
pit I Q UOttlKjN liiKwiar
fisugh and Dressed Lumiwrj
WliQl-SSIliO DOfllOTHRtlJ ttlrii 11 H|«irtl*i
otWliMia [.li-itorainiiiH i„ai»
DlBtrict AstMil-i Cnr
rtm^l"'3^lUt, ita
DlBlithutovs of
Chtunlnnlum ami
1 t Iwrnoli Utgiwu
B-BE.MIS1    S. O
loCiltbii MtiM wtmtnBlvwUjW iiiiftliii*. l\wm
*iMtft> elinlilllb iilnca at tuiminiiiitwiitiiii <«n
»Jiilnaiil«"iO"« mviwawtw-*,      ..        ,
lioiuiDit una i\i\vi\ imhiiilu nthuwmlw.
JMouiit Ferni2 Lodge No 47
0   /^STJ^  OF
Istheoim lnlcli,i
I ermenmb* \\ L!slm, ,n
It lb il,o »ork,n.'.i ml
liome Boinl mil 100m
Si itiu oi S2-,    it out!
LEWIS  &   CeOiftBES
.MiA    PI
i u ■; , d
D S ,
i  n    r' ,
It ink
J. R.Cameron1
I-  tin   I nliir  ii^i    io  nit, i>
y u  b-im n  hi r
Suit of Clothes     [
Ross 8_ Aie under
i Nl I us        ), ti nnl S    J-TC
ILiJittur & Ifcrchmer
i i-i a 11 inn -,  t rc
Lowest  R.ius B^.t li.ii
M,c„!n"!"l', „m".V     „„l l'!,";„„
Eckslein Ss Lawe
a^ti *±-^sAAAtSA.-&A^&m**.A^
# KftNCOUVEfi      d fa £ I. SON    QC   af
■    *^»*i.<V*i-iV*-&^^-fc»iItV*a^aV-'
-t rrum Hnimin
Wnlne-Jn \
Moniln    Man
Notary   anil  Commissioner
In tin Knmnitv km - r l>
T> tin- -irtiltnulu II, liiu.
rcjinirpai HUMi'iii -villi Inn Willi
[ipilut '•nti-fai titin ui.l f \nc i
[iitrail to ra[nir viiiirt.   it •.hurl
i',°„'-t (,„'"',?„„",';„„"i
line "■tuck itf vvnti hii- ami
jpivcln nlvvovn on hunil li
mi thi lot k out- fm hi- ( hn-t
lnisntnik Inoihiora north
of Hank mttMiii,-  ttnin
Gordon &
Uopni'iin'il to do ri tc "\\atc-h
reptiumg at thi
TO WHOM IT M,U («\iHt\
\,   dun i     i «« it  UIiuil sitFiilliV
STVllKlvV  « lai     IMHUBsAlRHRAl-
m  ii  tuiiT   t^Ki  ttx-w   I'mlulv mul
1     IKIII IsiaS   Km    \etam   [LO    VVIliJo
"t' Vt«inft1"** llqu*,re "i-1 ""l1""
I.   ■Mill  \Bl*m   Ol
Ooneri*-.!   sta-ja-aa,
JtV hMiW.  THKSK   FOEK1 iVoulorlll
• Oraasg-loh 0"S dooO. Bto.
______i '■—39*.""T
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital -
1 lend Office
This Bank transacts every description of Bunking Business, including* the
Issue of Letters of Credit and Drafts on Foreign Countries, and will negotiate or
collect bills on K-ny place where there is a bank or banker.
is added to tlie deposit twice in each
year, at the end of May and November.
Savings ia
Special Attention is directed to the
following 'Advantages.Offered by our
Savings Bank.
Deposits of One DoHar
and  upwards   received   and   interest
allowed at current rates.
The Depositor
is subject to no  delay whatever in the
withdrawal of the whole or any portion
of the deposit.
^HERE is nothing like motion
if you would keep your blood
in circulation, and your upper
Btope from tho bats of inactivity.
Get up enrly and ro to work. If
you need a persuader to ri.se in
the early hours of the day invest
81.50 in a SUNRISE, or 82.50 in a
MUST GET UP. These alarm
clocks wiil almost awaken thedeuA
and you can secure from—
«    «    «
Everything in
Gentlemen's Neckwear
A Swell Line of
Ascots, Derbys, Strings,
English Squares,
Knots, Etc.
. Call and See Our Stock
W. C. Hamilton Co.
Fernie Hotel Block
Christmas Cakes
Are the Order of the Day
Furnish the Material
Do the Work
The Combination can't be Beat
Fresh Tabic and Seeded Raisins, Cleaned Currants, Crosse & Blackwell's
Peels, Sherrlf's Extracts and Pure Gold Icings, Shelled Walnuts & Almonds
atenauae Bros, nelson
Have one of their largest stores in Fernie.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
W ^
§       PROMPT      I
8     DELIVERY     8
♦a <5
Give Us a Call
Just Opened
A new line of English Underwear that can't "be beat,
per suit $4.00 and $5.00.
Also a nice line of Sweaters and Jerseys. Just what you
want for the cold weather,..prices $1.25,  1.75, and 2.50
You will find here a full line of Gent's Furnishings, such
as Suits, Pants. Overalls, Shirts, Collars, Ties, Braces,
Socks, Shoes, Mitts, Gloves, , and a complete line of
Groceries, Tobaccos, Cigars and'Confectionery.
W. J. Blundell
The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block, Fernie
Phoae 196   P.O. Box248
/pHE LADIES of Fernie
will  find  an   Excellent
Stock of o£ o£
_Jf%._A-_J_J_ __ fl _A__.-_\A^
€tc, etc.
at my store in the Todd Block
.Services   will   be   lielJ   in  the
churches next Sunday as follows:
Early service >>  a. in., with short iti-
iUijj:liuuitilM^_j[ansiliu «sj*jJuidlJaa££.
The amalgamated, Copper Company is said to have its experts in all
parts of the mining world looking up
copper properties that are obtainable
at bedrock prices. A Boston authority is quoted on the subject as hollows.
"From information which 1 have
received I believe that tho Amalgamated Copper Company has had
experts all over the world looking up
desirable, copper properties which are
now in the prospect stage, but might
be developed into large producers.
"I take no stock in the reports that
the Amalgamated is contemplating
thejpurchase of any large producing
mines whose shares are listed upon
the exchanges, tor it would have to
pay too large a price lor them.
"I think the Amalgamated people
would have purchased the Green
Consolidated at around $10 per share
if they could have secured it, niiti
that they tried it and failed. They
would not purchase it on the basis ol
$22,000,030, for which the property
is now selling in the stock market.
The same holds true of Utah, United1
States Mining and other companies
operating in the Bingham district.
"Amalgamated has missed a nuiu-
Fernie Drug
A Full Line of: : :
Christmas & Presentation
Now on li.uiJ
Art Works in Burnt and
Crushed Persian Leather
Poets in padded leather & cloth
A select iui!i*i ol'
Sunday   tohool   and   Juvonlln   Hooks
C.ime in ntv.l • ef mil' ■■' » I-
N. E. Suddaby
at io:.'o a. in., with instruction in two
languages; Sunday school at 2:30;
evening service, 7:30 p. in., wilh instruction. Service each morning al 8
o'clock. Kki.. F.vniKU Cocoi.a,
Priest in charge.
CIU'KCM   Ul   KM'.I.AN'I).
Iii Opera House, at 11 a. in,,'matins
and sermon; evensong and sermon,
f.i,o p. 111; Sunday school, 2:30 p. in,
Rkv, F.. R. B.uni.i'Tt, M. A., Rector.
Services   11   a.   111.  and   7:30 p. in.;
Sabbath school al 1 • iiqoii,
Ri:v. Au;.\ Oi'.sN, I). A., I'astot.
Corner ol' IVllatt   avenue anil Woo
■atreel.    Services  at   11 a. in, and 7:30
p. 111.; Sabbath school al _:^u p. in.
The pastor will preach al both services. The morning subject will be:
" True Values iu Life." levelling sub-
jt'it, "Three Serious Questions; what
an.-Aver ?"
Rkv, J. Roiisox, B. A., Pastor.
Victoria avenue. Services at 11 a. in.
and 7:30 p. m.: Ilihle school i.t;io p.m.
Ki v, C. R. ti. I'noi.i;, l'aslor.
fill  ilii   '. IIK.U oflell (all    iliillillg wild
spit iil.iiion. Bui wlio ever heard of a
btisiiii -.-■, in,ui who n-iVbeil a 1 nine as a
I'l'ie gift '.'
Another calamity has overtaken the
miners of the Crow's Nest valley, fourteen men having met their death by a
sudden outburst of gas in No. 1 mine
at Carbonado, li. 0., tlie, property ef the
Crow's Neat Coal company. Tho outburst took placo on November IS. 1901.
By this disaster, seven widows, four-
teen'ehildren and threo dependents
bave, been suddenly deprived of their
broad winners and left to tho mercy of
tlio world. Most of these families havo
lately arrived in this country and are
fn poor circumstances and iu need of
immediate help.
We therefore appeal to the. charity of
all people to come to the immediate assistance of these pooi widows and
fatherless children.
A relief committee will be appointed
to administer any funds that may be
Donations may be sont to J. N. How-
brook, box 811, Fernie, or lo Dr. W. 11,
Willseu, Carbonado, B. O , who will
acknowledge receipt thereof.
A list of subscribers and balance sheet
will be publisher! by the press.
Phasic H. Siikuman, President.
J   X. UowimoOK, Sec'y-Treas.
District 18, IT. M. \V. of A.
'Accidents Sickness
That Cough
1>« annoying vou. Do not w.iil
until il In-it'ines iluoim Ivtoie vu d"
something for it, but tall at ihe
Popular Glty Druji Store
,inJ   git    wain iliiuj;   in   I* In .
you.    Wi? keep all ilia' up-lonlan pn-
■vir.ilions In litis line, -uih .1.
Ayt-r'-a ('lurry I'n idii.il    •
Im j' 11 in ul.11 s .tboill ill), Ai 1 iiit 111
.uu! Siditii  Puliiies, llio best iu the
I l.niiiiiioii,
II. J. Steel
.•al I'.sl.ile Avji nl
Norway P
s) flip
Hagyanl's Pi. toi i.i,
Red S'ti'utc t.vim
Piso's CuiiMliiipliinl Cure
KIlitCH''* CaMIMIIIlplioil C'tlll-
»» a.,,,-.   !»:.    v. ,,... :
Dr. (iihson's Svrup ot
Lilian! .ami 1 iii)m untie
.Siaill's l.lliulaifn
K«'inr.,itl.   I-.''...'      I''-
Pr««oript(on   Oi*u|| Store
The Best
Union Mode
Overalls, Shirts &
Miners' Garments
in  1111,
* 4    4   4   *V   ■,   *'   j. -' *   A       \ j.." 4 -* .1 -. d Jk, If.
Lenz & Leiser
years to get some large producers at
prospect price, but Heinze is probably
responsible for this, as he kept the
management too much engaged in
"mending their fences" in Montana
to look elsewhere.
■'Arizona is tho most promising
copper held at present, but the
Plielps-Dodge interests are active
there in getting the most promising
properties since they realized their
mistake in not securing the Calumet
at Arizona when it was offered thorn
for $oOO,000.
In Ktist IKootcnay not far from
Marysville arc some of tho richest
copper prospects in tho world and the
Amalgamated should look them up.
There's millions in it.
The revival of an oid mining camp at
Ueveille, Nye county, Nevada, is an instance of the energy with which the
mining industry is being urged in that
i^t'ite, says the. Mining and Scientific
Press. Reville was an old and practically abandoned camp thirty years
ago. Dating the early days "in the latter sixties it was a shipper of high-grade
..:_*.._!...._.U*__l..l.-.........__.,„_.._.*.^.. ___.....	
uicny-uuv iin.7~rivii~nimiw~ia-i-ia3—mitv—nuiu--
erous enough for the times and gradually mining in that district came to a
standstill. Mow, however, with a railroad at Tonopah, only fifty milen away
to tho westward, new conditions have
developed for Uoville district, just as
they have for many other districts, both
old and now, in Nevada and Utah.
The veins of the district are large and
well mineralized, and the probability is
that some of tho now and long continued
producers, with some of the old ones,
will share fn 11 measure this revival of
prosperity. Tho camp is only another
illustration of how time ami changing
conditions make tho unsuccessful und
poverty-stricken camp of today, the
rich and prosperous one tomorrow.
This Woman Wants Skin.
A woman whose skin is a patchwork'
of pieces of epidermis taking from persons representing every nation on earth
is Miss limnia Gallahcr, of Hvanston,
Ind. Twenty-three skin grafting op-s
orations bave beeij undergone by Miss
Gallaher since she was burned from the
neck to waist in a gasoline tank eight
•years ago. Her left arm is still without skin and has grown to her body.
"Skin is higher price than oilcloth,"
commented Miss Gallaher sagely recently, when she was asked to tell about
her efforts to buy skin. '-The average
cost of human skin is about $1,000 a
square foot. When 1 once advertised
one hundred men volunteered to sell
theirs. Many of them faltered when
Ihcy came to tbe lest. Negro skin, the
doctors say, will turn white when grafted on a white person.. When I was in
St. Elizabeth's hospital for two years
thirty-three nurses volunteered to give
me skin, but 1 refused to lei them do
.so. All the nations of the earth .sire
represented in,the skin that covers my
back. You can call me Chinese or Eskimo if you like, and the chances are
thai you will nol be far from right in
sonic measure. 1 was originally au
American, but my skin is cosmopolitan
—decidedly so.".
Miss Gallaher is now trying to earn
enough selling sewing machines to buy
skin to cover her arm. Here's hoping
she'll succeed.
you can trmke a wiser selection as a Christmas present
for your wife or mother than
a nice Library Lamp. We
still have  a  fine assortment.
Prices range from  $1,50 to $15
Steam has been turned on in the
This heat ing plant was installed by
rd & ElBioft
TciiIIoiii'M a Day
Work commence!! in Germany nt (I,
U.rtO or 7 o'elock in the moriing, and
usually stopn at tho corrt'Bpniuliiig
hour in tho evening. The workman
has a quarter of an hour for breakfast,
from an hour to nn limn and a half tit
noon for dinner, nntl a quarter of nn
hour in the afternoon fort no, .Some
timex and in Koine factories the breakfast periotl la not authorized, sometimes nflenioni) t<m In omitted. The
average lennlli of the day's work Is ten
hours. In tho textile Industry It may
bu a tpiartuf of Milium' longer. Tlle
cure oi' women and children has cnu-
-"ernuil the titato far more than the
hour* of the male workers. Klght
work for women Is prohibited, nor can
they loinaiii In the whops after 5 :!0 on
Saturday alternoon, or on the eve of n
holiday. Tim law fixer* the maximum
of tlio woinmi'a  working  day  at 11
1(01114 ,CIV«pt   till   SiatltliUyia   all'l    I he
•lay preceding holiday*, when it la lo
hour*. A midday NM of one hour la
cimipulMH.v, and women with Imu-ai-
hold t'ltrea may claim fin extra half
i - a ■ r -11 a -
o r.
|, (]. Corrutlicrs
vi'.i ni |.»( KiHiini.iv
i .*,'■ NiKoii,
«:»t* tf
hixta'Ci) .souvenu Cariis vuiii
V.'ight     Vi.-u.u    nf    l-'.-nw.-
lteftUtil'iil    work,   and    th>
Cfcij-wlij,!* t'likt i.i Aii,i>- an
♦m*b out*.    H<-nt by mail tm
J.   PURDY   &  CO.
Wlic'i vou tmithtt t) tijihi
u iti* I'S'l'iS'made
I'.i-.i  S'i 'a/.-. Hi iitjp \hlif. lVi!i;rni<ni*, r.tni
Ilivmi Whip Cigars arc fuiuit thknh
*iia>l* l,v.
kildouuxi: A CO.
Va t***i.*..». Ua..
Soeliillsin Too flootl forL'H
The ntiiacrlyirig idea of Socialism
iB benevolent and philanthropic, siiys
tho .Sacramento Bee. Its doctriiicn
accordingly oppcnl strongly to many
peisoiiB who have largo private
means, and hence cannot expect to
bonelit hy tho Socialist program.
The objections to it, In the main, aro
that it in Utopian nnd impracticable;
that if tetid.s to pnii|iei'li"c tho people,
to lessen individual exertion and development, hy dliniiiUhlng tho reward* and putting nil producers on a
common level, liko bec« in a hive or
antia in n nest; that it could only work
well In practice when men heenmn
iinHcHMily devoted to the common
welfare, which is far from being the
case nt prcHcnt. In short it may be
admitted that K/cialiiui will come
with the mlllenium, but yet ns^ciied
thnt it WiiHiinpnietible uitiil inankind
reach a far moro exulted plane than
liu* yet been attiiiiiwl. Kven n» an
ideal condition, pruluund philosopher*
mieli an llciiH-it H|K'iiccr, hive con-
dfiiiiied it, lihteinllng totetrogrftaalon
illid llul to jldVHIiCtlllillt.
falKi Vila in a< ill I'luat-iia (illM
The search for valuable mint's  I
not *il«»yi* pnunptly luwur^dinl  by
the diMoveiy ol that tor which wuich
\h mi cHintntlv la-ing made, «ay* the
Mining nnd  Scientitlc  Pre*..    The
IH.Isl  ,v.'l,,1   fa, ,,,, ,,„„    %..,,.,,   \,    „
,.^-f|ii»piH'ir nviro thtin n  yivir jir"''
pec'liig wilh diuinond drill nnd other-
wiv  f<»r  iron tm in  the lteralioo
range in Northern Wiaconaln,   Fntll
recently their effnrt*  wero  frntllean.
■>o-iU oi ii nn ore found by meant oi
•lii'iioiid drill. Tin* illuatratra the
ne*«l of j*rf«vfranee under certtiln
circumfatnneci. The engineer* were
HAtUfh-d   that  the   geological   con-
aliiiwli.v WCi'l', f.kVcfiat.ly   t>i    tlaal    lAX'ali.'-
rcne« oi ore, if only they coahl find
the locality, by i»«-r^»*H-ntf tixritney
liare ditcovered » tulunble de-**it
UuA Jbey dispM-iiirini'.iS drill li.ig -aji
,t:ut\oa\ the entirn vWnity wriold
i|arc>)«lalv li»ve li-iri al»i»nilime«i *««n.   _. , ,.     . »
nrtfcmnWriir field m which  r»o iron f„    f(,„, „^f.rinn»
Immense Variety at
Cann's Bookstore
L.T.W. niock.
The Fernie Quadrille
uill /i:.!iJ it%
Monday next, Doo. Sth
Stork's Opera House
J^-ifacifif   r/'i'iii'icrir (•«   'it    t) V \]    al'-irp
Tuki'i*ji'i. IwiJit'v J'j-fc.
A bt-ginnt't* tl.ia,-* unit* m® tiTtm-nj
• a!;ifia iot( otx^ttr «ill be Iwtal (n*oi M |\ .\|.
v.* <» I'.NJ. ikr.ihtiwn, Qua. Ijkiik'*, s**■.
Appnritlons After   Ucntli.
Mow are we to explain apparitions of
the dead?   The evidence for these was
much"! ess coplou.H^^ujd^-, ne-a'e^e'is'il'-'.^
much less satisfactory. No coincident
crisis in the nflairs of the dead, could,
of course, be delected, as in the case of
the living'. Again , even if we grant
that telepathy between the living is; a
fact in nature, a ghost of the dead can
hardly hope to prove his identity.
To take a case: A young American
commercial traveler, alone in his room
at a hotel, suddenly saw bis dead sister
standing beside him. He rose lo embrace iter, but she fled like the shade of
ihe mother o( Odysseus in Homer. 1 le
went So his distant home, and lold his
parents, adding that on the cheek of
his sister there was a scratch which he
had uot seen In her lifetime. The
mother ex;!..'..;ed that in arranging,
when alone, flowers around the dead
body of tlu ^ ter in the collin, she had
accidentally si ratched ihe face, but concealed the i...uk wilh powder,
Now, if lelc,>athy exists, Ihe mother,
brooding over ihe memory of Ihe
daughter, might transmit the whole
vision of Ihe dead, scratch and ;ill,, lo
the mind of her distant son.—11,upel's
Additional LneiiU
The KlngJIvdward houl is never be
hind the limes.
Sewing machines to tent at the 15. C.
Furniture Company.
Slop id Ihe Queen's. Hotel when in
Trout Like Cily.
We buy, sell or vxcliange new or
second hand furniture, The It, C
Kiirniture Company.
Maslcrsain, tiriflilli' vV Co.. Troul
Lake, have all the supplies needed b)
lumbci i.unp-j and mini  ,
ll"\iiu are doubled with iliciitmitKin
you will find ihe IVv! of Silo.un al
II.iImoo. Wrile for piuliciilir* lo
S.iniiiuilliti, ll.iKniii, 11. i ,
Al ihu Konlciiiiy Sali-.mii hi Sandon
you do nol need an inlraialut lion tu i;i I
a drink, I'm die price un ihe hut ami
liu" mixer will do ihe rest.
In f'Vrnk'  the  Kirii*   MiJw.trd  bnul
IHItipil.'S    II    poaitioil    lOllUIIKIll    tal   .III
the bu»ine*s houses in the a ity.    11 is
also iliise to the (', I*. h\ ili-not  anil an
'ideal home for all iravilers
J. D. Quai
Is back .it the old
si.iml with the same line o(
goods he h.is always sold in
Royal Household
Is Purlfiea T>y
I Chas.
mr leading Cine
is (lie
Slater Shoe
For Men
Tcrtiic, B.€.
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What Is It?
Why It's
Mc Fad den
The Painter
lnTlifce FiM't-. !•. one o( the
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vv.iitr barrel.
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Mill ■nd Mining' Machinery, Complotn
Mock of Nhaftliijr, I'llliinf-i, etc., alwaya
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Iron uonjrht by the e*fload. Ilcpulting
ami Johhliijr,
B  C. TRAVlt, .......
Witt oeen in about tea d.vj'X \
GRAND CtiNTRAL HOTELi!'.'-.v (*lJnZ"h».^'.t1.* t>^"tmnZ'-v.'"i\»PLt\\ i\crrjihi»i*" Q11\Ain
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A   SHAVE,   d,
^   OR   BATH
"T*       AI.WAVB n»!A1>Y AT
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Uat-l.   tui   a-'i' . »-„rf.    |-,Vw jte** a ma »t ***•'
Uj>.>i.jk ilii*),   4,Ii..-Jiiii««,I iiui4iBt*'l»tg.
mm likely tolic found.
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Tarrns S.-trra.l'lta'fhtfT
MuUt.ite. Gvu<aiut«4t4.
nil  i'm»mt„


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