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The Ledge 1904-10-26

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 ff-  -•   .-,">•.   =t'/.«;.-,
Editor and Financier
You will become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
Volume XII., Number 3
Price, $2 A Year, in Advance
*.t» *!iL*V *lt**>L*S» *V \J> <lA *JA <lA *JIa ^*   *V \V \ V Sf> \V S.V \V S.V \V W *T/ *T/ *,V
WV *1» *}* *JV *J> *£* *JV <|> *8» *1* ¥l\ <j> *JV   <fiV *JV ♦'i* *JV *i> *V> *■»> <o> *i> <t> <iS •jV *i\
»^^$^^^^^^ #^#^^#^^^^U-
W. A. Batt was in '•.town from Frank"
on Saturday. •   ■>-•
Chief Warring has gone .into the
mountains to bunt big game for a fow
A. Carney of Kaslo wan in town this
week, He inspects timber for. the
province. *
There are about nine cigar stores in
Fernie. Atonjr with the coke ovens
they keep us in smoke.
The Fort Steele brewery commenced
last week to transport beer by wagon
from Fernie to Morrissey. ■ -
...J. Lorimer was in town this week
selling drugs for a London, England,
firm,   lie finds Canada a revelation.
When you have money provide for
those dependent upon you by'taking a
life iusufance with the Mutual Life'uf
Canada. °
At Coal Creek on Sunday the accidental discharge of a gun made a hole
in one man's coat aud raised the hair
of another.
Colin Murchinson moved his camp last
week from a mile - west to half alniilo
east of the city'. He has 90 meu working ou the Great Northern.
W. C. Hamilton, late of Frank, will
open his store iu tie Eornie Hotel
block next week. He will carry gent's
furnishings, boots, shoes and Fit lie-
form clothing.)
The postoflice will be moved and
settled in the new quarters in about
__tblriv_ilavi, Ln.ihcvmtiautiin&iio boxys
are for rent in the present building.ar.d
the public will'be joyful when the
change takes place ,
W. VV, Smith,along with Jack Allen,
came to Fernie on Sunday to invest thu
large amount he mado last Friday by
defeating Renwick in a foot ra«:o at
Slocan City, Smith is a handsome
athlete and can move faster than almost anything tljat has two feet.
Georgo L Brown brtho new drug
clerk at BloAHdel'a. His home is at
Brownsville, near Tllwiiibiirg, Ontario
Brownsville is a celebrated "placo.
Some years ago at a wedding iu that
town, tbe bride, bridegroom, minister
and 18 of the 52 guests were Browns,
lt is even Mid that the rice thrown after
the happy*couple was brown.
The.Llberat association will provide
a treat for the citizens of Fernie ou iho
evening of November 8rd. They have
engaged Stork's opera house for that
evening and will install a telegraph .instrument aud give out the election returns as they como in from all over the
Dominion, A programme of vocal and
instrumental music will bo provided to
relievo the anxiety and cheer the despondent. No chargo for admission aud
everybody welcome.
R. H* Jameson, whn sells tea from
Seattle to Winnipeg, was in town yes*
terday, and Mate* that business never
was better. Between Nelson and Itoss-
Und he told four tons of tea, which
proves that tho people of tho«« citto*
roust havo cut out boozerine In favor of
tbe cup that elevate* without iimking
the whoops como through your hair.
lie also state* that the growing of hop*
at Agailx li becoming an Important industry, often yielding a return of 9M0
to ihe acre.
John McUtthlo, the well-known surveyor, baa 11 year's woik ahead of him
for tbe 0. I*. R. He will make a mr.
vey from Crow's Nest to Midway in
order to determine the exact amount
of right of way and lands owned by tho
C. P. H. Mi. MtUlclii.i will take
astronomical observations and make a
note el tae kx*Uea el m^tUng aWi*
tltt rente Eren.tbo whittling board*
will be dotted on ;hla chart, aud by the
time be walks Into Midway -he will
probably have counted every tic iu a
distance of MX) miles,
Joha Scotl. head cutter for V. Burns
Changes of all adds-must 'reach this
ofh'ce hy Mo>ulay afternoon.
Tom t Hooks of Craubrook was in
town this week Rizing up tlie hotel
ur Strange, from the Oknnagan, hns
bought lot (S in block JJ, West Fernie,
and will build two greenhouses.
Fernie should have a city hospital.
Hamilton By«n« dropped into Fernie
last week and suid a few tons of hardware.
W. J. Bluudell will open his grocery
store next Monday. Ho nlrcndy has
several carloads of groceries in the
Hammond & Turner have two men
at Pincher putting in nn electric light
system for 'Jack Henderson, who runs
the big hotel in that town.
J. R. McPherspn, one of the high-ball
toaaurs at the Napanee, is in the hospital coaxing- an attack of rheumatism to
let go its hold on one of his legs.
J. W. Grier of Poplar, Harold Cue cf
London, nnd Sam Brokonshiro from
Rossland arrived in Fernie to edc that
this paper gets out otrtiuie aud that no
man waits foe his job printing.
Drummers arriving: iu Fernie complain bitterly about tho hotels in Cranbrook. One man said lhat in order to
wash in his room he had to stand on
the bed. Perhaps he did not strike the.
right hotel May havo mussed it in the
dust. t      .
—lloleir-ScotrrFr-WTScott-Wfll 'Clifford"
Lane Bruce, of the Harold Nelson company, are from Napanee, Ontario, and
while in Fernie it was like homo to be
at the Napanee hotel, 'Harold Nelson
is from Nova Scotia, and the effect ot
his early diet is plainly seen iu his
wonderful theatrical ability.
About one hundred 0. P, R, trackmen came to Fernie for a holiday
la<S Saturday. Iu the evening about
fifty sat down to a banquet in tho
Napanee hotel, given in honor of A.
B.'Low, vice-president of the Maintenance and Way Employees. (Jenrgo
Clapp was chairman. God Save the
King wns sung and then came tho
toasts, replied to by the following
CKyof Fernie, Messrs, Stork and
Ross; Sister Organizations, Charles
Fvfe; C. P. R., R«.bt. Reading; Our
Organization, A. li Low; The Ladies,
A. J. Sai-up. The speenfi made bv
Mr. Snrup was very clever, and
evidenced the fact that in matter*
feminine he had been a close observer
and a careful student.
On Saturday Williams and Ed
wards, two Ethiopian piano players,
were charged with vagrancy and
lined $?» and costs. Both settled,
which proves from a monetary standpoint that they were not vagrants.
On Monday two drunks were taxed
$5 and costs, which they paid. Ono.
was a stranger with an outside jug
which put him to sleep on tlie street,
and this fatal proceeding in Fernie,
coupled with an opposition to the cop,
landed him in the bastile.
s '         	
London, Oct. 26.--Owing to tlTe North Sea tragedy pre-
limniary orders for mutual support and co-operation have
been issued by the Admiralty to the Channel and Mediterranean home fleets.
St. PKTKRSiruRG, Oct. 26.—At midnight the Admiralty
announced that they had not yet received Admiral Rojeet-
venkys,reasons for firing on the English fishing fleet.
London, Oct. 26.—Late last evening the foreign office
announced that no further statement in reterence to the
North Sea tragedy would be issued tonight it being considered unwise to'make any intermediate proclamation concerning diplomatic-proceedings, in view of Great-Britain's
announcement that the matter would not brook dclav.
As the football .match Saturday For-
nie defeated Coal Greek by a score of 1
to mo.
In the linndicnp dash Fred Mitchell
defeated Gui-ty and Nuun for a fat purse.
'Ibm Whelan and W. 0. Kohbiiu did
a bundled yard dasiriu a Heeling manner. Tlio stakes wero u lot in Mor
Tlm Italian band furnished'excellent
musfe during the day,
Crow's N«»t will bu a town of noine
importance, It is about fifty miles east
of Ferule at tho emnuiit. Next spring
theC P. it. will cut out Macleod us n
divMAiial point, nud establish points at
•Lethhrldfio anil Crow's Nest Part of
the lake at the latter town will he IIlied
In and used for switch yards, A Good,
Mie only hotel keeper nt Crow's Neil,
Intends to build a much larger hotel
thin winter.
The Japs fotJght an engagement at
Jaffray— last-Sunday-and-caused-onc-
lumber jack to flash the white flag.
Another lumberjack, by tho name
of Connor, took a can 0! coal oil tram
a brownie at the point of a gun,
piled hay under the Jap boarding
car, poured oil over it, touch d a
match and let the fierce flames chase
the bed-bugs while he held tlie
brawn.;.men in subjection with the
ftarofhis gun. Whori the lire had
burned long euough to suit Connor,
ho in true cowboy fashion waved his
gun and tlia brownies extinguished
the cleansing but destructive'element.
Hy this timo excitement around the
camp was pushing the safety valvt
and, telegrams' jwural into Fernio
stating that a riot was in progress,
nnd to send all tho {lolico in si 1:lit. A
detachment went forward and arrested four mon who wore taken to
Cranbrook yesterday, but Connor
was not among them. Ho Is probably caclird In some lumber pile,
und wouder'ng why man is so strenuous when hn Is loaded to the upper
stopc with lighting whiskey.
flight'Be So.
New York, Oct. 26.—Yesterday,, for the Standard Oil
Company,., T. Dodd issued a statement denying that the
Standard was or ever had been in any way interested in any
business not directly related with and necessary to the petroleum trade. Neither had the company or any of its ofliicers
taken part in securing nominations of any candidate for
Remember the Crane
London, Oct. 26.—The firing of the Russian fleet at the
fishing boats off Spurnhead is looked upon as a deliberate
act to draw England into war. Last Saturday momingjthe
ITussTansTiTed into the fishing fleet sinking the Crane and
killing its skipper and one other man. Other trawlers
were seriously damaged by, shots, the Mino having 16 shots
in the hull.    Intense indignation prevails all over   England.
In the supreme court at Greenwood on Tuesday, before the chief
justice, Ur. II. C. Shaw, instructed
by Kckstein & Ltiwe of this city,
moved on certiorari proceedings to
set aside the conviction of J. A. Sloan,
made by 0. G. Moflatt, J. P., for an
alleged contravention of the Hush
Kire act, iu allowing fire to escape
from the right of way of the Crow's
Nest Southern railway near Fernie,
on the 7th September. The trial of
this case in the magistrate's court
took up several days, The evidence
oi several witnesses called by the respective parties was taken, and at its
conclusion tho case was adjourned for
consideration. The magistrate found
the accused guilty, fining him $100,
and in default of payment 30
days' imprisonment. The counsel
at. the trial were W. R. Hose for the
prosecution and L P. Eckstein for the
Mr. Shaw, instructed by the same
firm, also moved on habeas corpus
proceedings to quash the conviction
ot Clyde Westlake who was on the
11th of October sentenced by the
pi 1]ice magistrate of Fernie to Nelson
jail for six months in default of paying a fine of $100 for an assault upon
Joe Asn, occasioning bodily harm.
The application was granted.
In botn cases the crown was represented by Mr, J. P. Myers Gray, instructed by the attorney general.
_ JTheJley.JtIo_merJLi._MeKinney.,a
Methodist minister of Freeport, Pa.,
and one ot the best known evangelists of the Erie conference, has been
working a new and strange graft.
Representing himself as two or more
girls, he entered into correspondence
with men living In the west, wrote
them affectionate letters and promised
to go nnd marry them if they would
send car fare.   He caught quite a
number at W>Q each, but two Call'
fornians who started east to Investigate met on the train, compared
notes, nnd seeing that they had been
swindled, placed the matter io the
hands of the poral authorities.   The
reverend evangelist la now in jail at
Pittsburg awaiting a court hearing.
Martin Quincj.—A quiet wedding
took place last Monday evening at
the home of the bride's mother, Fernie. The contracting parties were
Harry E. Martin, electriciau, and
Miss Dorothy Drew Quigg. The
bride looked charming in a gown of
black silk and white chiffon. Her
sister, Mrs. Ferguson, took the part
cf bridesmaid in a gown the same as
the bride's aud Miss Jennie, younger
sister, did the duties as maid of honor.
Mr. Albert E. Ferguson acted as best
man. The happy couple haye a
host of friends in Fernie who join in
congratulating them. They icceived
many handsome gifts.
Fernie is well supplied with hotels
and has more building. The King
Edward and Imperial are hard to
beat in any town., The Central,
Northern and King's1 have an' immense business. The Roma is run
by two Welshmen, and the Queen's
appeals to railroad and luml-er men.
The Napanee was opened a month
ago and is up to date, a splendid system of electric call bells having been
put in last week. The Waldorf will
Boon be opened. It will be heated
with hot water and have all modern
improvements. The Hotel Fernie,
with its 46 elegant rooms and steam
heat, will be open to the world about
the end of November. W. T.uttle is
now building what_will_uUiina_tejjL
Tho government will build a wneon
road Into tlio Flathead country and have
appointed a nurvejer to loolt over the
ground At present tho V. V. It. ha* a
pack trail leading Into It from Crow's
Nest and Morrlsm-jr. All think that the
lN?«t rouiit U from their ien<*rtlve
town*. JMIley, who linn tiien all over
tho Flftthead, stati-it (bat the best route
for a wagon road l# from rVrnio in the
direction of Coal creek, A meriting of
the Fftrnlo Hoard of Trade will l»« held
In n ghort time to ill emu the matter.
TlieliviMingof »mh a 'wagon road to
Ferule mean* a gie.tt deal of trade for
Coal in New'Brunswick.
St. John, N. R,'Oct. 26. Branch railways from
Adamsville to Hccrsvillc, a distance of seven and a half
miles, nnd from Becrsvillc to Mount Carlisle mine, two and
a half miles, are now complete. The coal found in the
New Brunswick fields is said to be of excellent quality,
while the boring for oil has been attendant  with  results of
!*st Sunday, on 11 Itrail near Coal J ,jK, most e„couraging nature.
Creek,  Nansen arid Shearer had a J *       - 	
row over a dog which both m thom Connor In Montana.
claimed.   Moth, men had been hutting and had guns in thoir hands.-     Jai-tkav,   Oct. ao.-~-l\ 1\ Connor, who set  lire  to the
They rf 1.1 not hIhwh eaeh other imt  ,     boarding. car here on Sunday, and generally played the
hud a row In the old fashioned man. 1J ' A , '
ner.   The eiw wa* heard In the |-n> -j wild west act, has been seen in   Hayden,   .Montana.      1 lie
vlnclal court on Tuesday and rtto-i^ j>  R, and Provincial police have tfone after him, and he
missed.  This proves that even a dog j   '    '    m   m t,_   _ , ,„    	
The uutvoi' of Fcr»l« U Fred Work
The iilileriiieitare \u>mn. A. 11. (Vewf A
n,-Ti»Mi, A C. Mphart, J. A. UacijMn.
ment during Mr. F»rbe»- vacation.
The engine whirh runs thr
St.   V.it-
»to., mM who a ftftinliil at* td«*nl wntfe (*
*\**Vaf &iWm*U -»>*» ' Mi ibmit" uu is uu. 1 *'••' "•'■';' ';'v %-•'' '\ •'■'"-••-'
d«y.   lliihortt tlipptd 00 a |H«c«of  i^Ulkr j>) >J«c
tt«a*d WI t» iho gWMrtRMl mm Sunt*     TM««r»rti ifc#iftty
underneath.    The . hotae   scampered
■way. leaving the rider lyJn« wattm
tuHumtiu a 011111 jKiuna mu-iuic el un
left leg a«tr the ankt*.   lit was takrn
te tae tofpitai by J   xemmer and
day f'Vcii'vjr.   Darin* tlie abn-iu'
A. VI Trite* In the en«f A.C jjpharijt
'it.,1, 'him: 'hi* j'i'i*ii*-«»» -t*i*i  'niihiice com
mltt*#.        ___' ^;. ..
Font hem
Raised to Tens
Winnipeg, Oct. 26.—Quite a number of praised" one
dollar United States bills are in circulation in Canada.
Clever 'penmen' are converting them into tens. The
Treasury secret service department says that the counterfeiters are men of-ability. The word 'one' aud the figure *i'
on both sides of the bill have been changed to read 'ten' and
•10.' The substitution can be discovered only by the brownish, halolike appearance of the 'raised' letters and figures.
Dr. Mfggins will move his ofllee to
the i'ostofllce block next month.
The steam boating apparatus it he
Ing Installed In the I'ostofllce block
this week.
The collieries around Fernie are
producing at the rale of a million
tons of coal a year.
The provincial lock-up now build-
Ing in Fernio will lie completed next
mouth and will contain Nix cells.
After being knocked oat for two
days the pllo.ilrlver it again driving
thing* for the Ureal Northern la
West Fernie,
I'rofesHor Coo[ier, the blind phre
.wlogist, after a very tueceastal trip
to Fertile, leaves tor hli home in
Idaho this evening.
The chap* who spit toWooo Juice
on the floor ol the Opera I loose should
carry their own spittoons, or ex pec
uu ate in their sleeves.
The Septentlicr jayroll of the col-
lierietttriUuary to Fernie amounted
to Si IX,HH X,. It ts eiptcted to he
much larger for October.
Dr. Walkem ot Cresftoa t* io Iowa
for a few days. The doctor is a
brother of Judge Walkem, and hat
iMT-en qtitie prominent in the history
<4' 11. U, having been a member ot
tlm;, leghUtuiv for two seaslooa.
I rnartv hrmAt \i\ Wf*». I-Vrfl^. !ri t.hM
Atiokiiwi   Kaww. j pretty *o'vorh John Toruer has a
Smith  is  matchcil   to run afwi-llnjBlH**! heniMinr l»ef»f»tfcm
belh^^ingorhisnew Hotel Royal.
He has the plans ready for a three
story brick and stone building on the
old corner, which will hnve elevators
and all modern conveniences. When
the corner building is ready for occupancy tho wing now building will
boused for a hall. Hy tho end of
the year Fernie willl have more and
totter hotels than any city of its size
In the world.
"-'jrSw'MeMntlln I'**1'00!* nwner «f Stirling is* charged with stealing 1,200 sheep
Affair* i.l govern, belonging to H. droits    In a storm not long ago the sheep
A* tending to »hnw 1^ *
others, and It will pmtuhlv M nmrly rl.if,.ii.la U Piing tip it it iwt«<il ihm •
twomealhs bsfore J»ck wilt again he j Imperii*) vslb*?, in S«n IJ'i-gn tminty, |
•bte te carve Jelcy »te*U   He has the i • hieh bud n»t a vm. r two ymt* »g<». 1
urmpstfiy of a n*)8t q( ftUU-JU iu UU J,*.5, *ij»t<i .•vrptnnWi-r i\, r>->{i*t"'if<J
will eomctliiins eatw exjienw nnd will likely be extradited on a charge ol arson,
0n —;—~e;Wt AH Over Sheep.
h.U. Korl»ea, hnvlng olitnlnwl a j    I.KTiiitKiiniK, Oct. 26.   j. Seeley, a prominent  Mormon
month's hnve of afwi-nce, his gone
on a trip t»0;tawa,
ii attending u» the rtfTairs nf govern, belonging
straved from the bantland (mmd Seeley'v.      When
Seeley stated that hi* hid bought them from Gray, another
eiwmiMbr,iktMimv,,I.vid,iv««.,r.^,,lrancher, and denied  that  Orote"s sheep   were   with   his-.
and us ■ictuu.ct'in.'iu.i! it wn* ih*v«-^«> jSccley has Iwen remanded until next   Saturday,  hail* being
Iu i.*li.i'si.- iJnwn. *i.irmf  «.if tin.-   u.iirkin^1* J
and I»vofr«.ww of the mert.      It   witl S^CCptCtl,
11 tmmM) Am* t,tm*i.    iini vmun- jfroh-ililv tnkv five or vix d*«% in r«*f».iir! *
Mm,U\j s.»t»i.^,utt|iii s,|)(. i),,in.iK'«!' nod to   gvt   tbe   mill in I
Owintr W llw «rar».Iiy J      RaVMOND,  Oct.   l(h "-Hilly
™u,,.,,,,,,,,,»*,......«.«««., <w ttilh Kc„,it. lKK Bh,,u Iwavily l«ck«J by Ihe momon^^.l^lTmwT
,.; to run the  null,    It   1*    in   Ki$ lutrsel * "*"
AMftmnii Larjdie and Hamad
Krvitt* vtoited ferry creek fatter.
day with the view of looking apt
wAier*o|>ply for Fernie. Plenty of
water was f jqii<! and samples el It
hrnajrht to ihe elif to 1m analj-tert by
A Grout Benefit
If there should be nny doubt in the
average mind as to the direct benefit
accuring to the Boundnry from the
construction of the Great Northern
branch from Grand Forkn lo Phoenix,
a realization of the comfortable payroll
for the mouth of September will throw
some light 011 the suhjeet—thnt payroll
being in the neighborhood of $125,000.
It is the custom with these railway
coniractom to pay 00 the ?nth of fmb
month for the work done during tho
previous calendar month, Aivording-
ly, lust Thursday un ofuYial from the
office of J. W. Stewart started out
along the line to distribute the pay-
chcqiies, nnd wns expected to reach
Phoenix, where the largest bunch of
of men on the line huve headquarter*,
Of the total monthly payroll probably
$40,000 or $50,000 U paid nut in timi-
ilifques before payday to the conwdvr-
Mti |nopoiiinii of laborer*, lino nro
always moving ulottg. Oflfw $75,110,1
».iy i«uialiiio>i, ul li-ast $45,000 in paid
out to men who are working on the
conilruction iniuwdi.ittly wnrounding
Phoenii. With ihe $45.1^' P-»hJ out
last wri-k lo (be minm cuipli'Vi-J In
the properties of Plto^nii, this makes a
round total of $70,000 piid in wngi-t
hirre this mofith.—Plotn^r.
Ln«tt>d a Your
Denver, Colorado.—Tin- strike ol
coat ininenofdistrici No. »$. fulled
Mine Workers i»f ,\ 111*1 i,,«, uhlch lw»
heeo on ftw a year, Im* »hv0 practkitlly
t'luMI-d Up   wrwOing lo M   d<**p«t« ll   to
ihe New* from Trinidad,    The com-
oiitt-trie* art ctoted, niosl of the lent*
1—,v  I*.*.. »m*.■!■" w>«ll «.,J .,.1   ,l,\U M<«
Jiiii.'.vj,' f.A'    1.
«.*« n*i <l»em.
,',..V.V. *     ** n. i*W » * »
. 4,^'v ',
work of too Iwrw power cn){ir«e.     I* J
will It* rt'pinlml tititl .1 iu»* one oidmd I
paiafal niahap.
I VOlM«.
How It U lioiio
wltirh will b\« of at) lior*c«powt*r. With ^     A p.ilrnn of a t citatu iw* -pajvr mu -.
tin* new engirM aod m"»* pomp  •<   *••! ]*w<i, "Mr. iVioter, how i* it you  nvu-r^
lie P»h»IN« lo .fs-rate itw mine  rvgarJU jcull   on  me few  fwv  for \mw fnpt.-*?'
•i.».».    ul    «IH*    W.ilrr    Mlpp^     Ifi'ilt    till" "Oil!'    V.lJ   I hi*   lit,', II   i-(   Hp>.».    ""•**'•
[t!timi-*.-"fxnJ«-r, ii>. ,.r   ,.»W   n   ••,••!.». >■ .>•  f»r  -..■>••■.
"lodoedr* Ihe piilron rtpli*d.    'ilo**
lo %»u «i«ait,t|te lo girl  «l«»ig  when lw
J.irTl f-ivf-    -'Wby.** MiJ   t«ic
«*f ir,|J tend, *",*fi*r .1  nrrtoin  ii.n*
cKkhfOr iImi it** u not si gctitkttKin jthf analyst in the employ ef the Goal
' *
Melancholy Dajra
Tl...  ,,. .T.  -.*.».     1 I
The *»o\ir»t of the year;
Too warm for whisky Mralghl, hygum,
Too «*I f#r l*g#r beet.
I^endoaen Rnd a*ti*f*ttlon»n lH# *••
siutuwu of tlwiir  V\*.mM,\» u>\'n*t tb»t
Italian talltrw el ice errant no kmt-r
%U*km ilm MitK) if! klifll i»*>lr.«>in«. \\  -*'{;   *
■< L I ■ L    miammm.
man cannot stop the-train and get off
when his ten hours are up. Intellectual labor never talks of the hours
of labor, -Writers work whenever
the iiippira tion i3 on Some get up
at one or two o'block iu the morning
and push the pen,
The Ledge.
H.T.J.OWKRY, K.litor nm! Kiniini-icr.
Thk Lkikik L-i ihiIiIKIuiI o\fciy \Veiliie.,iluy
in J-'ernit-. ll.C. Ttiv piire i- -2 ti yunr. Advur-
ti-.iiiK riitus ftivi'ii mum hppliontion.
The Ledge has moved into tlie
liocky mountains, and is now printed,
published and edited in the greatest
coal city in British Columbia. Its
editor expects Fernie to become tlie
second city in this province before
many years, and it is the aim of this
paper to bring this condition about
as quickly as possible in orddr that
we will all be rich bpforc Time
has touched our locks with tlie frost
of age, It does not require any great
foresight to see the future of this
city. Vie have the coal, the rail
roads and the geographical position,
and nothing can hold us back except
an earthquake. In fact, even now
we are progressing so fast that it is
dillieult to recognize the city after an
absence of a month or two. Buildings nre constantly springing into
existence like mushrooms on the
dewy side ot a quiet meadow; but,
else in common with the mushroom
about the buildings in Fernie.   They
arc built to stay, many of them of
brick or cement.
Wc did not come into Fernie unasked, like a hobo at a Lord Mayor's
banquet. We canto hero because
largo numbers of people grasped our
bund when we struck th<> coal metropolis, and in a manner born of enthusiasm urged us to camp in their
midst, and hold the lever that Rubles
the world. We hnve camped, and
the citizens will do the rest.
\Ve do not come into this busy
place, located nearer the hcavent-
than any other city in Cannda (although when  we look  at tho coke
No newsuaper in tlie West has
evi r commenced its career under
more favorable auspices than The
Ledge makes' its entree into Fernie,
and we trust that it will stay here
until the last pound of coal is dug out,
and'wc are all-pushing clouds with
the angels and .singing hymns to
Him who runs all human events, and
has the power to forgive even an
atom that attempts to stab a brother
man when he is far away and has
no telephone.
llox. A. G. Hl.uk hns reformed.
He quit politics last week.
Wheat is rising, nnd we haven't
enough of "Hour around the works to
make a pot of paste.
The striking of another oil well in
Alberta will have a tendency to attract capital to Enst Kootenay and
Alberta, and incidentally to Fernie.
The advance in tlie price of silver
and copper means much to the Slocan and the Boundary. Incidentally
it means an increased coal produc
tion at Fernie.	
The building of the Kootenay
Central railroad will open up a vast
territory"tributary "tO"Fernier~a~iaei'
that should not be lost sight of in the
rush of other business.
There will soon bo no better city
in the mountains than Fernie as a
wholesale center, and wo should
touch the C. P. K. for the necessary
railroad freight rates,
your neighbor's garden, applaud her.
When your cow fails to come home
at night, dont whip her when she
turns np in the morning. Apologize
for not going alter her.
The  Disagreeable  Englishman.
When  in April, 18G9,  we sailed
from New York for a year's residence
and travel in Great Britain and on
the Continent, we were told that the
most disagreeable man  we should
meet in Europe would be the disagreeable Englishman.    The conse
quence was that in all our travels in
first class,   second-class   and   third-
class cars, we were constantly on the
look-out for the disagreeable English
man.   In lots of cases we found the
fact to be quite the contrary.   A Loii
don stationer of whom wc sought te
buy a diary, insisted on making ns-*
a present of it because we were an
American.   At Geneva, Switzerland,
an  Kngli h gentleman   insisted   on
going a long distance out of his way
to show us the meeting of the t\\°
rivers, and secured for us tbe best
scat on the dilligence to Chaniouni
The only man who seemed likely t
be disagreeable was a big Engl is
parson who, employing a cnr.i'e i
do his work, spent most if 11 r ml hi
Jim Baker is in tho field in Kootenay as a candidate for the Socialists.
Being a strong man with the miners,
| he will dig a deep hole in many a
bunch of Grit and Tory votes,
There must ho something in a
name, for Hat Portage has been
changed  to Kcnora.    Before  long
ovens at night it puts us in mind ol a i mmnbody will want to change Mcdi-
place more tha.i  I,(JUL) feet below lli»
sen level; lor the purjoso of stirring
cine Hat to (jassvillo, or MoosejdW to
A case of gambling hns been discovered in Ottawa, Tho suspects
bave been quarantined and it is
thought i. v.' that the community
will bo safe until tho old farmers
come to town and bet their hay on
tho elections. _____
TiiK'poor downtrodden farmer In
Canada in not uaylii-r a word against
the ris<: in the price of wheat. He is
never dumb very long when you
<iiio:« him a price for coal, lumber or
other thingu thnt ho cannot grow
around lib ranch,
up Mrife or snatching tho "pi"' from
a biuiier printer. Wo aiu hero to,
publish a, newspaper tli.it will be a '
credit to ourselves find the citv that
fin iiihliCM It with the greiiso of commerce. It will probably i>e nearly a
month before everything is running
smoothly and tbis j«i|»er up to our
ideal, but cluck your impatience and
the nwes ot delight will bl-xmi in your
heart In-fore the days of Santa Clans.
First ol all, The Lewie will lie n
newspaper.   Standing, as it dots to
day, at tlio   head  of   all Canadian
Joiirrinl.i ns a pnrvpynr nt ni-t*»fii.'if
and selected humor, it will in Frjr-!   Ln-mx will again try to win tho
nfc always curry a line ot humor j American   chnmpionscip for yacht
that will please without Inflaming, I racing and has ordered another boat.
delight without illsgnating, ami make! He should lmlhl ono with wings on
every reader leel m* though thu i-un \ it.   li we had Upton's cold cash we
whh ever shining.    lfn editorials w ill j would not fool it away on swift boat*
lie oji to date, anil written in a style; that always If mo.   Wc would expend
ealenlati.il to win the maa*e*.   It»;«.ine of Hon baying hig wnter pipes
l«-«l  j>untj;n.pt.» will  I* nt times }ur u*o city of bluck diamonds.
like |*:lh'ts blown trom a camion, and j _,w.
«t other times like honey In.m tin-     Si^k ».ve l« Jubilant over the fact
bee* of California.   Its ads will ai- thai the Great Northern will soon be
lonUh  the world, and draw trade Into Fertile, bringing tho great .coal
within the thrift I* of every advcr-Mty within twelve hours of Spokane.
liner.   it* j.li print iii),' department The connection will cat off a vast
will l,c decorated witb ihe gri-atent '< amount of travel that now passes
array r.f typigntphlcnl triumphs west i thrcngh Nelson and ent the present
ofthcliftd river. j timo down 1M bourn.   Spoknse poo-
Tub Lei*.* doff* its ping hat to 1 pie have made much   money In
beside as at Lucerne; but when wi
quietly told him what had been sun
to  us on leaving home,  aid  how,
after meeting all cbssis—receiving
from  the Royal Society a   vote of
thanks, moved by Field Marshall Sir
John Burgoyne, near the head of the
the British army—dining with the
Baroness Burdett-Coutte and meeting
on  the most friendly terms lx»d
Hnrrowby of the queen's privy coun
ell—the lord bishop of Gloucester and
Bristol, and other distinguished Kng
liahmen, he became at once a very
different man from what ho had at
flrst seemed to be.   At Rotterdam
later in onr travels, there did come
to breakfast table oue day, discuss
ing tho London Times and growling
at everything,  tho two most disa
grecable mon we had met in out-
long journey, and we said to oursoll
we have at last found the disagree
able Englishman, but before leaving
tho hotel wo iound they were both
Americans,   and  both  camo  from
Maisachusetts.—Geo. T. Angell.
That the knowledge of mining, and
especially gold mining, dates back to
a-timu "when the mind of man runneth not to tho contrary," is,abundantly shown by the constant mention
in the"a.ost ancient writings. Among
the earliest of these is tho, reference
io Tubal Cain in the Old Testament,
who is styled "an instructor of every
artificer in brass and iron." This
was before tho Biblical Deluge, and
evidently refers to a time of quite advanced metallurgical skill, tor they
already had gained the knowledge of
smelting and of alloys. Alluvial gold
mining must have been vastly earlier
linn \his.
Perhups equally earlier are the
records of the clay tablets found in
Nintvah, and Babylon, where the
kings of the vory earliest dates were
accustomed to receive tribute of gold
precious stones, etc.
That gold was obtained in India
from.time immemorial is evidenced
by allusions to the metal in the Rig
Veda, probably one of the earliest
writings extant of mankind. There
■ire references also in the same poem
to jewelry and to drinking and other
<:ups of gold and silver. English
companies have reopened with great
■succ-os* some ol the old Indian mines.
In South Africa, in Matabeleland,
many mines were opaned by prehistoric races. Some people believe
these were fie mines of Ophir front
which S-ilomon and the Queen ol
-Shoba drew their stores of the precious
I'pon this continent, peoples long
a.«sid away, and of whom the
i-< s< nt imcc ot Indi.uis has not even
ti'iuliiinii. mined for copper in the
In Fernie, is a pleasant
home for all who travel.
Rooms reserved by wire.
f|»  fj»  ff»
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors'     ;,     '-
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the-Slocan.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles. -Therooms aro
large, comfortable and properly,taken care of.
Electric Lioiit, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing, Everything
-»• Up-to-Date. ' "
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c.       Tickets 87.     , Main St., Sandon.
T. Whelan, Manager
Queens Hotel
If yon are looking for Fi.-hing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the .Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Siege. Homo cooking, and tlie finest beverages .,
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
ticnm Siege
newmarkct Hotel
flew Berwr
Pates  $1   a Day
This hotel is a home for all railroad and lumbermen.
Ohenette & Ross.
Is tho home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACKLAN BROS., Props.
-.-    KINDS    -
Terms Spot Cash
Wo Po Tieraey
Phono 205
Baker St., Kelson
Aliciii an peninsula, while at coeval
1,-iu sotner miners in Mexico quarried
haidian, which when manufactured
into arrow or spi-ar heads, was ex-
c tanged for the copper of the north,
(low early this trading w as done we
may perhnj'3 never know.
Kxiimpl. s net d not bo multiplied.
Mining always has been and always
will he man's most necessary occupa
tion. Without it. he would havo no
tools to carry on other trades and era-
plo> ment. Without It man—-womon,
too—would be hard pressed for articles of ornament, nnd the stimulus
which gives activity to acquisition—
that most needful oi Inciters to am
bition-would be woefully lacking.—
M. and B. Hoviow.
Magnetic Concentration.
The|magnetlc system of oro concentration Is proving itself capable of
solving many problems that tho old
gravity processes could not touch.
At the same time no one believes that
the magnetic process has other than
a limited application. There can bo
no qnestlon, however, but that the
magnetic method li receiving a more
and more respectful attention from
mine owners with difficult ores to
We learn that tho ores ot the Gol*
conda mine in Nevada, which are
being worked by tho (ilnsgow and
Western Exploration cotnjuiny, are
being successfully treated hy the
Blake static electric process. We
understand that extremely good sav*
Inge are being made. The success
ol magnetic or electric concentration
is now beyond question, and it la
merely a matter of getting the right
kind uf a machine for the oro to bo
treated. Of coarse, where ample
water mtnuu ma, ami iocio « *uifi
Tasty Meals,
~Ealy~Beus; : ~r
Nervo Bracers
Of Every
J.   F.   JARVIS    PROP.
The Horse Know.
When Thomas McGulncss, a well-
known horseman of Philadelphia,
went to Kurope some time ago, he
took a blooded horse with him. The
animal was in a specially prepared
stall on the deck and enjoyed the
trip despite the rough weather.
When Mr. McGuiness thought land
would nun be sighted, says the
Philadelphia Telegraph, he asked
tho captain how far tho ship was
from the Irish coast. Tho commander
of the steamer, in his usual grofT
manner, replied! "Your hone will
toll you: watch him."
Thu owner of the animal conld not
understand what the captain meant)
and he was not particularly pleased
with the nnswer. Finally, however,
a couple of hours before land was ob
nerved, the horse pat hit head through
the grating, and, Mrctohlng his neck,
whinnied loudly. -There yoa iw*,"
aiild the on pin in to Mr. McGoinesa,
"your hor»c smells the land." The
horse was like a different animal
thereafter nntil tho coast loomed np,
The captain. In explaining the odd
occurrence, ttald that the thnroagh-
bred detected the odor ftom the pat*
tnre 1 md* that was wafted far seaward, and that horses on board ocean
Hi.f!Hiiu-f« always give the first signal
when hind is near.
On the road leading to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
hae ample accommodation
for man and bis horse.
' Tho bacon, beans, beefsteak, eggs, oats, hay,
boozerino and cigars cannot be beaten iu the hilln
of the Lardeau.
The Exchange Hotel in Kaalo is
tike an oasis in an Egyptian desert.
Slocftn folks Hock to it like beon
to % flower garden.
Of the Miner's Union Block
la th" only tin.ll in tlif city Miltflblo for Tlm-
airfcaI rcrfonniiiu'CR, (%)ii<-oit8, 1 niw ami
uthor nubile entoiuiimiieiiti).
Vox liooktiiKB, wrl'e or wire—
SANDON.0.C. .   i
TOt InteriorvIbw. Seatingrftimdt}' 850; nvil
ci stage Ktiu.Uncea; furnaco heated throughout: population to ilruw from, 1 coo
T.G. Procter
Real Estate
Mining: Agent
Several Choice Blocks of Fruitlands
Improved  mid  unimproved,   eon-
voninit to Netcomm tho West Aim
Bandies and City
Properties For Bale
»^*ms»'»Wi*»v.*ii**«mvh»»»wi^h»i*   ^* ■ ■    i-r-i-*ii->f-ir>nr»->».
The Kootenay Valley Co.
I luve 20,000 lUTonnf the bent pplee
toil ImihIh iu Kant Knotuniiy mij u-cnt
to tho projected Koutenny Central
Hallway wliieh will bo built short lv,
Price from fit 00 to tio.ou pur'avie.
Five yearn tonus, ■"'
. ji i
With which is Ainslg.i mated
Tald up Oapltal,|«.70O,000.    » Kescrvn Fund, «3,(W,o00,
Aggregate Uenourcw Exceeding 9rtl,goo,uik).
HON. GEO. A, COX, l-realdaiit.       ~B. K. WAbKKH,(Jeiioritl.Manager,
Jte|»tlt« lUteulvwt tiii't Iiilirwt Alluwi'il
J. t. nuri?AN, Manager.
toM«*"*l*'n'lHMa A^-—+~*- *au|j^f ^^^aMawm^^^. ^^y0OTHa«^^^ ^mjmma^*mm'm*^_mmmf   ^m1mm0immama^^-^m^^_mmmmmmaM^^-it      ^^^^anammt^-^^ ^^»>*^^ ^^^. v*ll^^^^     ^^i»PH«^^ ^^l"^^
^J*^^^JBI^J^JW^J^3Bt^J^3B|^j ^JBI^j^JW^J C^JMt^JC.^mL.JL. _JN**m__j ^W^^^UlJ
^^P**^ ^^mmnmmmm-**m   ^■^mm.mM^BJi ^BVMtawrt^^i ^^N«-«^W|     j^B^MMg^HI ^Hktaw^W       l^^»*H»*«^^ ^^Amm^immUUM j^WL*.   -J^W     J^KmM^^~A»UUU\\   Mk^M
Hotel Strathcona
ment trnin »rni tummy wtiereven »*«*««), ««»» mt) now acwanoiiiert
uiumi,  m toey   m too titan ol toe ,up|*iki.umilj( i\ji Kimv. a\m ui«tui4ut«ut. cieuk uiiteitute i^dnvto ti'te ftpi^ioc
ctwl Iwgrimmed miner, or Iwnrsthj  ——— fraflllea   of   the   mineral! to Iw
l>#lrj i:tlunette. *eparaled, water owicenwaiion vi
Alwayn approach a cow  In the
, ri.'i.ir ft-nm »ltn rU»l.f ;.t,ln «ir>(l (to
ol the  winit!
It honon  the
toe diatrtomt wutli
whined  millionaire
... *..,,,. .. „.,..,».,.»».....
nana a rallroai!, rnixe* high iialli, j "tiiwl owning.   IU** ><mr <ml wit
leUsdry g<)«l(i,«r»ltteoflrir«athrofyjyw5'"   Always lilt yoor hat when
npw the ftttnre atate of man.   We \ ent«rit»g the milking corral.    AI*
il***!re to help every man ar**! c**m ! wayt In jnlro If tlm cow alej* well
mnnitv to rl«c rather than th-wetd. j Itememlier thai a kind worn from the
U.HUUHI li,Vj» iitCUUVC tl'lO   KmiUAi ot a
ettoonit e-jotrovewy.    Prate*   has
heen aia4e againU the payment of a
hold its place par excellence for many J 2ft per cent, ad valorem dnty, on the
n tiwi(» ifntf —Mt«fT*n> U#»T'ir»ri*>r ' frrtmn-rt tlmt rsdtfim t« nm * ffimwit-vil
 m n.l, 1. i.,.m[nmiHi, but n« a crude mineral
If onr* ef Labor. t honld Iw •droitted free.   A meetinf
_^   , ... .    the United Bates hoard of appralien
The Ijoflw of labor can m\erbe wU, [m hi»,d tocorjMer thin <! Wctilt
nnlvenally regulated byitatnte law. j,,acMion, and several experts will
Tht ftiriirtiiaa will tUh ontilstrength i««Uy.   Tbe consignment over whleh
falU htm when he ttrlkeu a|ttri{J^f'^^'lrl»wN»iJI()OD
la in a delightful location Mil from ita bnlcoiiiee
ran b» wen all the beatity of tho grand (wenery
that ntirrottndn, hetna tn, and adorns tho hmty
citv of Nelwiu. It la tho homo of touriiHa and
lumincfw men from all part* of tho world. Tho
e-ftWno never drag* In tho miro of rw-dinerlty,
and every mom (• an enemy to Insomnia. If
yon need rootna wncn on Hi© w%y In, tottch the
wirt' And the deed ia done.
\\a\ ■*;*[ ««- S,*,e tMV imU hrf . tUJUtU k w.icth two ^ilAVUef tuttk ^ i *—*• »— "-» "w w,*w "'-'^ |«w|'»>lirl«oiilv A faw «Mlna.»4ifcel
r**hlngrA thfertnh U j^rtect unless(the pall. When yoor cow has ^iken j lenno) of fish. lUHroadlng, tele* j "vpn u ,|p »„,,/««„, w*„ ^fft^
it >s *ii-vt, w>»»nnd y«Br c*f*$c« »«<wr; * ttroii in your »iow^r gmrderi appear i graphing, issHs if* work to l# done w» fi4VAt WtoeUori tn Um prlee of m-
iiii-iakf^ %m\ wc win reeiprveate.      ■ not to notke it; when yo«i find btr inIregardless of hoars.   The traveling jdioiw Ucx|iccied.--lllnlng Heporter.
H tL* m^m, mm* ac. .
f^^t^^^^^^ ^^^^^^.
—I!!^^1^1^1^1!*^ *N^*^ jwtfw*^*"* *
■ i wniWbiWll'j-'"    ig, % , ft-"~
Kootenay Valley Railway-
The annual meeting of the Kootenay
Central Railway was held atTort Steele
on-Wednesday. At the provisional director's meeting a.stockbook.was opened and 15 per cent of the total capitalization of the company was subscribed.
Owing ,to the, absence of W. A. Macdonald, who represents large financial
interests in - the enterprise, tbe meeting
was adjourned till October 29th.
C. Hungcrford Pollen, who is financing tbe enterprise, stated that under an
agreement entered into witb those formerly in control of the Kootenay Central Railway company the surveys made
in 1908 have been extended and art
now nearly finished. Tlie Canadian
Facific railway had shown a friendly
spirit toward tbe. enterprise, and bad
through . president Shaughnessy promised'reasonable traffic arrangements.
The president of tbe C. P. R. had also
permitted the employment of the most
experienced C. P. R. surveyors for tin
survey of tbe route. It was now thought
certain.that the provincial .government
will no longer withhold the bonus thai
was promised at. the last session. In
conclusion, he stated that he was aitth-
orided to renew the contract for immediate, construction with the government
should it assist the company in a reasonable way.
The Fort "Steele Prospector from
which the above report is taken, says
that construction will be commenced a:
soon as the surveys are completed. The
paper further says there is no doubt tin-
construction being' commenced before
January 1st. 1905.
Frlghteuetl by Bladders.    ■
The , groundless" terror of two elephants at some blown bladders afforded .amusement'to the visitors at
the Zoological garden, Philadelphia,
a while ago. „
"You know that elephants are afraid
of small objects," >aid .the head kecpei
nl the garden. "Last July we gave,
our elephants a bath every .afternoon-
We threw half a dozen inflated blad-
<    A Dog's'Ruse.;
* The other day I witnessed an ..amusing incident.of canine sagacity worthy
of.commemoration in'.print. *> I was
staying with friends who have a varied
collection of dogs—a Blenheim spaniel
and ber five puppies, a fox-terrier and
two fine deer-hounds. This happy
family are allowed to spend part of the
day in the drawing room, provided
they conform to certain rules as to
boundary lines and an amicable agreement among themselves. 1 he hearthrug is the favorite coign of vantage
wilh them all. Zuna. the deerhound,
sauntered in one morning and found
every approach to the fire blocked by
the" slumbering forms of ber companions. She tried gently to scratch a
passage for herself, but was repelled
with growls. So, apparently suffering
from extreme lowness of spirits, she
retired to a distant corner of the room;
hut not to sleep. For ten minutes she
crouched there, pondering silenily,
UiL'ii, suddenly bounding up, flew to
the window and barked as if an invading army were in sight. Of course
everyone, human and canine: followed
in mad haste. The hearthrug was left
unoccupied, and Zuna quietly trotted
round, stretched her huge form before
ihe fire and in an instant was snoring
heavily, leaving us all staring out into
vacancy — emphatically sold.—Land
and Water.
The above reminds us of a story
about .Benjamin Franklin, who, when
stopping at a country inn 011 a winter's
night, found every spot around the
fireplace filled, with no intention whatever of- giving him a chance. Ho
ordered, in a loud voice, tbe landlord
10 give his horse a pint of oysters. The
whole crowd went out to see the horse
eat oysters; meantime Franklin had
obtained the most comfortable position
at ihe fireplace, and when the landlord
returned saying tbat tbe horse wouldn't
cat oysters, Mr;.nklin said: "Then you
may cook them for me."
ders into tbe pond one day when they
were in to swim. - Al first tbe bladders
almost seated them lo death. Then
Kmprcss struck at one with her trunk,
nnd when it bounded into the air both
trumpeted and scrambled out of the
pond. Venturing back soon after,
Empress, who has the curiosity of her
sex and a mind of her own, genlly
fished one of the bladders out of the
water and then kicked nt it with her
hind feet. No serious results following,
she continued her Investigations, which
ended by her putting her front foot on
the bladder. It exploded with a loud
report mid Iho two elephants scampered home in terror."
And yet it would be easy to fill a
volume with interesting accounts of the
intelligence of elephants, one of the
best of which is that doubtless familiar
to some of our readers, in which nn
elephant puts its trunk inside a tailor's
open window, expecting an apple or
some such luxury. The tailor pricked
it with a needle. The elephant withdrew Its trunk, went .to a dirty pool,
filled Its trunk with muddy water, nnd
returning, poured il over the (nilor.
Short History or tho Wur.
The Jap
Has got the Rosa In a trap;
The Jap
Gives the Itoss another ship;
lilts tt)e Hois a rnpi
The Jap
Catches the Rum in * napi
Tho Jap
Has a snap;
The Jap
Is on top in the scrap;
Tbe Jap
Tipi the Rass a tap;
Tbe Jap
Makes tho itoss look like a yap;
The Jap
Wants to put the Row off the map.
The Kims
Is getting mixed in a maw;
Tbe Rum
Finds the Jsp a lively cuat;
The Ross
Imt rals'ng ranch fu«s;
Tbe Ross
 'In vuiwit" iirpiuuiiit
cent until'I go'up again next season
and go over the work again. So here
I am, after a whole season's hard work
and the. outlay of about all the" money
I could beg, borrow and steal last
spring, returned to Seattle, with nothing to show for tbe labor performed.
But the loss of a season's work does
not daunt Mr. Est mere. He has formed a combination and will go to tbe
Zitmotez country to look after limber
and coal. Being a practical surveyor,
with the knowledge of botli timber and
minerals, Mr. Estmeru is jusi the man
to engage in an enterprise of thai kind,
and will be in a position to make money
for himself and those who are associated wilh him. Tho territory he will
work is one of ihe best-nlong the proposed route of tbe Grand Trunk Pacific.
Mr. Estmere's experience in this district during the construction of the
Crow and-since has given him practical
knowledge that will prove invaluable
in that Held. — Cranbrook Herald.
Everyone in South East Kootenay
knows Charles Est mere. He was a
pioneer in this district and a great hus-"
tier, He came from the States. lo
South East Kootenay when tbe big
boom Was on prior lo construction of
the Crow's Nest line and was first engaged in surveying on the Wardner
(ownsile wotk apd anything tbat would
boost the country or turn a dollar towards Estmere, he was always found
at (be front. He got interested in
mining and witb more faith than capital, he spent all he had developing
some of his properties. The claims
were all right, but il takes capital to
place the best of properties on a paying
basis. Mr, Estmere found this out
but still he never gave up and this
summer he started for the land of Ihe
midnight sun. He got there, but Ihe
hoodoo seemed to be with him and in a
letter to a friend in Craubrook, he tells
of his experience as follows:
"No doubt you will be surprised to
hear from me. I have just returned from
Alaska where I havo been since Inst
spring. Bui 1 did not return witb my
pockets lined with tho yellow chunks
its you might suppose. I earned $2,200
up there by good bard work in making
it survey of placer claims, but as I bad
neither a compact wilh (joJ Almighty
or the Devil I wns doomed to lose
that. I will explain: I had worked
in the field as long as 1 could and expected to get back to Nome. (I was
up on Kouitwne Sound on the Arctic
ocean.) On my arrival at the count I
found that the regular mall steamer
plying between Kuixvhmie. Sound.and
Nome bad misled a trip for some reason. As I had no lime to spare I took
passage on .1 little two mactid trading
nchooiter which had been further up the
Art'lic toai.1 and wan on it* way down
lo Nome. Everything went lovely to.
fur n* Cape Prince of Widen, when we
i-iuvuiiicnrd h iutusy kuuilmsiit gftle.
We were driven on to I be Sitvriwi
roa»t, tbe seas broke over the ve«*e!
mid swept it clean of every'thing • that
wan not bolted, incluilve of my bl.oiktU
containing my iWld notes.   When wc
Ore is now being shipped from the
new ore bunkers at the Brooklyn mines.
The owners of tbe Silver Cloud are
getting ready, to make a shipment of
their high-grade ore.
Total ore shipments from the Mother
Lode mine for the month ot September
were 14,784 tons.
The work of erecting the ore bunken
at the Rawhide mine has been starlet,
and is now well under way.
Nine cars every 24 hours is the output of the Brooklyn mine at present,
making 1,890 or more tons per week.
The Senator, in Summit camp, is
once more on the shipping list, begin-
nihg last week to send out ore. A
dozen men are employed.
For the month of September the ore
tonnage" of Kootenay and Yale runs
about 115,009 tons*-, Boundary mines
contributing a good deal more than
 Thejiew Nq^3 tunnej_orebinsof the
C-ran by mines are beginning to assume
shape. Foreman Wright has a (large
force of men at work at that point.
October 25th the annual meeting of
tbe Providence Mining Co., Ltd., will
be held at Greenwood, and the report of
a most successful year will be heard by
tbe shareholders. It is not unlikely
that another dividend will be declared
at thnt time.—Pioneer.
1 '
Electrical Supply Depot
Estimates given on all kinds of
Wire Work.
Electric Light Plants  Installed
in any part of the country.
of luscious roust lii-el the aiiputizliigoilnni
ofceniw* and lliu ricli In own ftrnvy ti irkln- '.<>ni|)t-
liitflytn t'edisli. Tlmt Is tlie kind 01 <vii«i« our
l.eef prmliu-(M. Tender, Juicy, iiouiisliinir. It
will mnkr yi-ii lmilnv nnd lir.ovuy
Of i-hiirVc wui-plf the eliMrest cuts uf veal,
In nib, pork, «U'., ttmo. Hut Jii't now \\u are
tulLing Lct-f,   Bei'iwnro of our olTerliiijs.
Fernie Drug Store
———————— M
Just received a full line #
of High Grade Art Pic- (8
tures.    Prices   from   7:" ^
.cents ,to,S_i.,	
Oil in Alberto.
Says the Pinclier Creek Echo: On
Wendcsday Mr. Johh Lineham president of the Rocky Mountain Oil and
Development Co. reached town with
the good news that one of the company's wells was pumping at the rate
of two or three hundred barrels per day.
The How wns sudden and steady. Not
having the necessary tanks on hand a
good deal of oil has been wasted. On
Friday Mr. Lineham left for the oil
wells with a tinsmith and a large supply of iron sheeting lor tanks. It is
the intention of the company toinciease
the How. There is now no doubt that
the oil Is there in large quantities nnd
the company is to be congratulated on
the success of ils long and faithful prospect, In which large sums have been
I'ort 1'artiprrnpliH.
Many a woman could make a lor-
tune if she had the face to do it.
At the lowest prices
compatible with quality tlie
headquarters in Nelson are
Founders & Machinists,
——nelson, B.C.—
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock^of Shafting, Fittings, etc., always
on hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload, ltt>.puirlni>
and Jobbing.
B C. Travis, man*.-™
Gordon &
Aro prepared to do Fiue Watch
repairing at tho    -
down:to date
Jewelry Store, opposite the Northern hotel, Fernie.
N. E. SUDDABY      %
Builder and Contractor
Denier in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When you smoke a cigar
see that it is UNION made.
Hlne Prize, Henry Yane. Columbus and
Havana Whip Cigars are Union Coods
made bv.
D. McArthur & Co.
See our line of Morris Chairs
& up.
Velour Cushions 8S.00 & "--■ l
Sole Agents:   Mason Kisch Fian s
Furniture and
Ilarfrains in
Wall Paper
Two com plot ii sets of Bar Fixtures,die
British Plato Mirror ■illxW inches, now,
Letter I'ressc.-, Billiard ami I'oo! Tfllik*
Cash Keg-isters and ot'itir specialities,
-Mall  Orders  Receive   Prompt   Atii'iiilon.
R. Elliott; Kaslo, B.C.
Order   your   Fall    Suit,    now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher,
Sllverten's Boss Tailor
Nothing makes a more
charming-   ^ift   for (?;'
■'Myladyo fair'**" than
a 'silver-mounted, perfume bottle.
Ni>, 147116 t'» *i>et'i.t! value ;lt
$.l-i",.   I' <» i-t'l'lcirot rr,}'*, .
t;tt t|!;t**.- ornament*-,! wjth ,
oj>,m p.uie'.m in sterling .iU\,
vef tii.jH»svl.
jj-:d|,Distani4~eis annihilated
when you order of us
i by ■mail.     Catalogue
5; en I: on request.     ,.
., ASSAY.Kit..--; -■:'■"."■>■■■ •       ■-CHEMIST
Pi'H'i'.s.-Golfl, Sihvr■ur-,'1 Je'(i<l ,......
Onlil-SitviT or Silri-r-Loail.
I'.O. li<..x-l>]i:r ■ [:r;-■'■'"'
YMIK. 1! 0
—* 1
Rc]iri>sento'l l.y GFORSE HOHTOX.
Is tlio pioneer hotel of
Three Forks, and a pleasant home
for tho weary traveller. Koouib
reserved by telegraph.
HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor.
A man may smile and be a villain
but he cannot hold his job un one on
tho stage if lie does.
Is tlie only hotel in Fernie
run by Welahmeu. It in the
workingman's home. Board
and room 91 a day or §25 a
lieuiis & Combes
TTwtfftttfirpiffttfrrrtwnitJi'wt sroiwwrrwi murt wwrrrn tfttrw
()pponlto Court House and now Pout-
olllco. Bust '25c meal In town. Kuro-
peun and Aini'rk'iin plan. Only white
labor employed,   Finn cIari bar.
J. R. Cameron
Is the tailor to fjo to  whon
you', want, a "summer
Suit of Clothes
Ho has the nobbiest suitings
to Belect from, and the (it and
workmanship in the beet.
Gold,Silver, Coppor or Lead, SI 00 each
Any two, SI 50;  any three, $2 00.
K:imi>'u«   Iiy  iiiimI   n.-ilvS   (>roit'i>l   attoiitjoti;
l'laoi'i fluid, Ketort* mid Ifirli uns bdUKlit.
KUS Arit|iiiliiu< St.,   Dfiin-r, t'olo.
;P. O. BOX 185
-oldest, tailoki
I ' ll.l-iil J-<i«i|'i(ill ;   I'tpill il(.:,!'! elm.
nnil v\|m'iim-h ; full iii«)riii.'ti>'>iipi freo of'i'liaiW;
i-icii 11 ik'i-.iiuSjli.! )>iiAii,(vs. 'II,i; .I. l,.,NJ<'!iol.,-i
CO., K'liiiictl.Toinisto.   i.VSiiiiitiii iliix imjiyr'
ll'AN'TKll-i.'int'U1?'. ji.w iK!-5tin>* (oreiiO'b'i't
II      I .1 'it i^tnl,lt-,lii-il  * llilltmli-  ililltilO aillllliit
tvtuil  n;irrl,;mi< smI  itl.:«nt'-.   J.,i/i:a! U-I'lil.ory
j nf ft.v,   i.,,vinrii-s.   i: 1« Miliiry ami i-s|i»'Iim^ l«»i'l
I witi.lj'.   K\|„-iit.« nullify ji'h/iiiyi''!.   (IuiiukIh-
lllil: 1 Atl'ti.     I'rrniUIH'Ilt I'll^riV-Jtlllii.'Ilt     riti*llii:l>ri
KiliT'l'.-lnl.    'J'l'l'V i,i|l*  i:\)J,l il'lli-i:  Hot t-^FIItl'tl,'
Km I..mi   --ill   ful.lnw-ol    riivi'loi*:   A-i-lt<•»...
Sri I i!lS'll:M.I.M' TcATi t.I.KIIM, Sift. IVarlmill W,.,
Victonia Hotel
Vk-torln Street, Nelaon.
W. K. JbCANOLISII, Proprietor.
lh»«t ilollar-B-day  Hotel  In  Nehwin
Ikmrd and rofim. *\x dollari* a we<<k.
Hoard ami room by the month, twenty-
live dollars.   Meal TleKeiH (.'! menhi)
live doll»r»,	
No Lnjnui S01.11 os Tilt; Pukmikich.
'Phovh I1W.
A man feci* rompliim-nleJ to lv
called a *'*ly doK," but junlr try "deceitful puppy" on him once.
(Jray  hair In uddom oiowd by In-
UlkiUliil fli'oit.
•«■ ..   :, .1-   -f .»,.   r*t.
no ilv.ncf- fur <• "•'1
' nnd J.:\"' no ilv.ncf-fur'- "'■p''   "■'«•   r;v\
out anchors but tin* fjfiU- « a* v.o lu-.n-y
TblnK* ht hsti eattghl ta cctc-jof; J *h*t nt** swwtwr* ilr»f!«*rj »,nd wt t;r*4-
I* tr*tttne it In th« «*»r>ri»tn**
Itnto^toit tho»;
Qrowt I«m «ltitadlnoaf.
T* tMtfwfohwf *« T-R
—New York lion.
A cut Iia« ift itm, 5 on tmch front
foot *o4 4 on •qch htn4 fox.
ually drifted on the beach. Portun
aliK. ulnHil ihU iinic Ibt- -linm ht up,
and, utwr tuttr tiny* wmii ol hfiliurmn
Ihe hrcit vt finally *"< -«vJfd hiftVu-ttlng
Iur a|*ain. Will, lo make the long
»lory »h«iri. ««fWr wxtivo dny* of mora
or k»» 4.'i|H:ri«;nce 1 filially laiidi-d Io
Niwiw. A* iJk* *«»*ofi wii* al hi rhmt,
Ibrr* w*t« nixiiing for on* to do hoi Ut
gtt oul of ffb'TV. I .-."iff n-if :k\m- ft
Crnl *m nn woik a« t **•!• not in pmi-
tioa m «k1ictf ptant.   X«r tun I g*t a
One peculiarity nbout money l* lhat
it t.«kv» *m;,.«b longer lut.ii.i it ili.in
It dtK» tO vp» 'id it.
A b.-ihy d*H*i not ».ee why any one
t*lw kIiohIJ want lo »Ut-p when it in not
xifupy.      ____«__„___«_
1  •<<»)   .».«J   K.tl   ....   ..n,   UMitlli  ,»    »»'«»,»,
' '.      I ■.' ,"     .
«t.ia iw *^ it. i».^t.
All K-''». rcu.ifdk*«» uf their .tj-v,
Tbi.'i!. l5tt> C&rt mt.
Wlwrt »•«<• l*ivf tea •<tir«vk»«'v<J iniA
iui|*|jiiiJ on « J.«i|;e ♦cil*- 'f W'htn
Henry VIII di4*fttYttJ list Pope** Ihili
Havo frouli meat every
day atHandon, and in
All the fthopfl operated
hy them In ftritfoh
Columliia. No con*
tnwt too largo for I bin
firm, Annie* nnd
I'ttllt'oadM HUpplIed on
■10I0 \Vr>liiiln>lrr llnitil,
Westminster Fair
Selling datCH: Oct. 1. 2, :i.
flood to return till Oct. 1*2.
!)R. ]\IfIJl)Y,1,°1?.1ifI
H;ist Iii, 1 17 j I'ltrn ii|miti'iH-ii in dtuiUI worh,
iimkej* im:»i^|*«i|y ot <i,i)il Htlilijt' Work.
iimilii tu ilii! Kliiciinje'ifiiliirly.
r4IMK AMlsi:i; „nr ActIi- Jf wi'llery, nsmli*
X.i livnii iiiitht- >.('.i/t"i. ,|"'in« w.iii-li miiitniiK
MCK Kits'IS llif.|.'ni-ll.-r.i»iiln-rKt.,.S'»!l«uit.
St. Louis
World's Fair Rates   |
SI. Louis $60    Chicago $65
SelliiiK diite«: Oet. !l, 4,5,27, IW, 2«.»
Noto ndditional dnte^.
Change in Time    ;
Oct. 9th. i
I'Artieulnrn from Uh-h\ it(>ei)lK,
Oil Vl'.lt CITV i.oi»< r. NO. .'to. I.O.O.F.
i*1   Saii.|..n.   H.»l.   M.'.-Hm"« tn Hh> rnimi Hull
i rvi-TV l''nil.>v I'vi-iilni' nt
>'.,;.il«;;>   i.ivli..i| !., i.;:
! -,'.il>!i>t,r.'in<l: V. I, «.'i:.v
j li.vioiurt, N<-|i!itiy
i   Vi-fiimr lin-iliM'ii
j    ,1. J.   I.iivi;jii,\u,
Vi.-c llr.tiiil; W..'
SANIMIN    l.lllllil
M..I- ,.i,n V.,
Ill I):,.  I'llhi i|i  C.I-!
in, *li;> n n iii   !•■•-. I
!:■ i..«   .«'. , l   C.
.11   ''I.      K.   Ol*    I*.
; ,v vvvuhitt nl KtiVliM'k.
II .1!, S,iH.tiil,    Kiji'iuriiln*!
ISiIiImii «i'li'i.|in».    K
ii i un- J, 1UI.I., lv. H,i S
[OHN    Mt I.AillllK,    iJitnliitoli ami   l'tw
I    vliii t.-il I..ii.<i Stu vt'.yi.-r,    NVtwn, H.I!.
U. HEVUVSO, KiiKitinn »i.rt 1-n.ivliifltl
l.itiii) Suivium.   K<s|,u
1 Mill.
i.oii   Jioni
.;l?.lV>  lilfli*   •.        '
I i.i (.nit Sir l •
All  111,'iVtn
nn,!,. |., i,.... in ,.,t|ii,t,-.
.*» )i..-< i ir. \ mil,
M. I,!-."!', I I' i.fklof.
J. H. (lAIU'KH
II. I- A .Vthi.ii.
K   l,Dill,l ,
A. II. I'    A.. Vi
'III :|il\«.'t Mill It
Itiii.iiiiii llulli. I,.,» in .u„k (turn H'.lU.i.l
Fl..!.!!      1M..I    .U,«tll.
tiiiiiham»h  or  rniiiT  a*i> mt-
I 9. i I llhnilmlrnilrnn*.     It»»ri,      llrrritlitiuw
V  W , ni.,1   ll..i.l>    lUitU   tut   Vtttl   I UitMiiK.
*•*( Hrtiiii* llr-mn *«.| |in|M>r1f«l
■ I      UnnUtt.   tlfM  nnd   n«*«-r   *e*A».
p^~ I AlW**» ill    Im'll  III rf.1%MI
■ ¥ |    lln*ii  tfiniw  lull nt   I'lttit*, l"«l   ll.w,i».
™  M I It'll,f,-I IViii-k..       Iluji illi'inl unit i,i'i'iii'i! M<|i'iil'<t
mr"ym i,..,,»«,»,I».|t:.tt,
9m% JH     ^HUh   ,mmm9Uwi\    fj^tftimt        ^*^m     W^^*i:-*im*mmU*m    Hmc^W  j
Vmtrnatflfi IIT,
l      I •   !(■'    l,.lll'n»t!
ii-Mtn: It. i'i..(ii»t-«t,r.
piil.AKl^l ll'H'»♦■;, Vht.vtS      llur.iin-iiii
I    hiiil Vit'tri.. 1.1. ,,l.n«i,   iiJ.-..It, i.'H'i iil». Ht»tin«
ff Ml, .' ■" «;• !■> i l.    (!.,)•<    «!>'>•   I.i lj.  t'ltt|»l .|wl.
.S..'lliti;»: Vifll'iw ,ilii-nl  tin   i-l'iti-  - n-fjii itir irolil
-t,ii,.-,„(,■ H.tt,uxi: \ THi.i.it.i,i;*.
INTEKNATIONAI. NA\H.ATIuS *; |JV;^VJ,^!^^ ,"„' n ■,*...'„ * omJ
i)   w. ii.%iiii,i;iT,
It in «ii»ier lo find « m,in wilh m«»n*y
to Invent in a p*kl mine tb-m it i* Iu
fiml a mm«*r «!lb a *.'t»t»tl mttw far "».itff.
T?T> A v»r
tk   ik»«4.^«%W
t?T n.-n't *ttt,*ii
Wfintefl limiitHifntely
\<r/n>i<j T.)»»I1 Friitl lit*., Itmi.i trrj.
l5**IHr* ,. ... i,-,   ... 11'.....,»i.,.t. ,
Provincial Land Surveyor
ttm-ny i  ii nn if,,,.,   'i in-ii |. j
th'.t »..|k  ll l*Ki«**.,f.l.f  «swn
i-li     i.kikI ijiii#t
'Over ttOOacrGM,
tlnttigly nf money ili*"«e *!»«»,<. Uwt it
r«lly uket ««-*f tmt'% mpjti'm.
miittr in!
lit nil.*. •■«*• >t»i *rnt« -4 Vtiffc-t» Aim k i». lu.l-
lnf ttw, t"l».4»*.»«  «M«i !•»«   VtltrftMlnrOT'lMiril
•n,| t>*rti*.» |.i*iti|t K »t will il» lt»t r x<»«l« <■•
, i.«.i . .<« In #>•«! ri'«4tltfm, lit-l»'hi i^il Iter
•*»«»*•<»»»«"*#fI ••l**.f»l«g<* ll»»l V*t* ll»»# «4
I-'i .in,-4- rim ■ tf.'t- ^.'>m     Arifjly nnl* f»r rcrirw
KAhUl k .SS^C-A^ ilAii/A AY,
K. & S. Hv.
• ■
J,v S-IbiB.m, -Sandon--Ar i :'J.'• put.
Ar lii:-tt*Vft,tii.~K»»l«»-l,v 2:i«i j».im.
HU-aiiH-r Kflwlo. j
Lv li;to |»,iii.-K»i»to-Ar II;i»o a.m,
Al »;.»op.lii.~Ai t!-uU   1.^   .>.u«i a.nt.
Tttktt* wl-t»« *H V*nt l>- -,l" t,|i''"''
SUl«* Alii! €ai*A.Ia l'«J''r.,i !»*.... i
JHIli O. It  &. N   Cnlll|t*tiv*f. l.l.i;>.
Fur blither imitSi uS»i  mil i-n <. -i '
" iuiBKHT IHVINU, Mtii*K*r. K*»: ,
Steamship Tickets
pill* ||i»l-l I   »"i ir«:t .ti»,
" "'  ' '.M.,'l.,.% H!..s'rK. f.'..:.i.
I',* Ii.itii.
■    t">t, u
mil it \*>m \   nm i.i. imi
i i.\
.il ... t.
"Wr b ol ««NrU«-»
m % runs * * ii   «
•I .'.11
, *..-'». I. II t
.':.: r.x.
<fl,I* *> I
I    !<!.«(
landiiinil Minrrtl C1*lmtSnrvi*j<il
»'v-lCf'*»ft«raii'*.'-I. ■•• j     T^,,,,,,,,,,,*,,^,,,,^,,,.,.., . .
vo.mtmm.   iMb»*.K»*»*yN<..x*tMi!i-*ellmiit Nursery Co,%\^^^;,^a^AM*:' -'
Htojiatthe QiieenV li<»tcl wheii
In Troot Like City
j T«H*»*TO,   OVTAMIO.
i **"   Will M»<t» *mt»«iFiM*ftt* 1*i*-*l*r*rrj
Kf.. tcriit «if ■
vr ifac, tufAabAt t.1 *trtmr« urt%uti*m.\   W, I'. f-i:««.»«.'W«,tt.* K. Aft., **
ii U i,AUi:l . .
f* J*. R Af*ft. Ji*» l». •»>
\      M. IIIIN Al l>,
|'»i,ii   V.V        In"
t    r. <•» • *•
1    C J*J«H     i.j,    .1.' .
A 5 !•<•       V.   T    '
t lm.ttf'%
I I     •/
.   *'!«li|,
i.V. ,,,,,, ,.,»r*mrimm^^
<&> "
HERE is nothine' liki- nmi.ioii
if j 011 would keep yoni blond
in oireulatimi. and yntir i:)i|ier
Ptope from the l>at* uf n-iiciiv'ty.
Get up early and •:(> to work- If
you need a pei-Mindi'i- to rfce in
the early hours of tin- day invest
§l.f)() in a Kl"N UISE, or *'2.:><) in a
MUST (HIT VV. Thew alaim
clocks wiil almost awaken llietleiii'
and you ean peeure from—
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
Only the best fruit handled
at easy prices.
€$•   c$»  c$»  c$»
•r     t*     •*•'     f
Js ono of Fernie's oldest and
best known hotels. The
Proprietor's name is.
Wm. Eschwig.
+ ^ JL* -±
«/iv* t|* *_* *m
Real Estate, Loans,
Bulll River Placers
Not since  1864-1866 has Southeast
•Kootenay furnished a placer camp that
justified  the general  attention  of the
mining public outside of the district  in
which   the camp   was   situated.    But
lately, a number of mining publications
have   discovered   thai    ihe   old   time
placers situated on   Wild   Horse creel-
has been a constant  producer of the
yellow metal since thai  time.     It  has
also been brought  to  the attention  of
capital,* and   mining men,  that  Hull
river, "liiuden away" among the foothills of the main range of the Rprkies,
is one   of the  most attractive placer
mining camps   in   British   Columbia.
That American capital is now engaged,
not only in developing its placers,  but
also^the immense water-power of lhat
river, -estimated   to be about   15,000
horse power.    Within a radius of a few
miles are a half-dozen mines lhat  have
been partically developed, that have a
considerable quantity   of  ore on  the
dump ready  for shipment.    .,On  Fen-
wick mountain,  overlooking the Bull
river placers, are situated not less  than
forty locations made upon the immense
body of hematite iron discovered in this
section of the district.     Several  thousands of dollars have been expended in
the development of these claims showing up the largest  body of hematite
iron ore in British/Columbia.
The building of the Kootenay Central railway will give to these mining
and industrial enterprises adequate
means of transportation, and the
harnessiug of Bull river water-power
will furnish cheap power and light lo
ihe mines and towns in the ' Kootenay
valley.—Fort Steele Prospector.
NOTICK is hereby gi.ven tluittlieElk Lumber
Hint Mamifauturiuf* Company, Limited,
hnve submitted to the Liuutoiitint G< vernqr
in Council n proposal uniler " The Itivors nnd
Stream* Act," R. S. » C, Chap. IW, for tho
nlenrine and removing of olistrut'tions from
the Elk River from Sparwooii Station on tho
Crow's Nest Brunch of tbe Ciiiuirfiun I'neifio
Itttilwtiy toapouitouoniiloitou'iistream frm.i
the Government highwiiy liridire ucrosm the
.saiil Hivcrut tho City 01 Kumir, tin approximate distance of nineteen miles, unit, for
milking tbo sumo lit for raflins; tin,! driving
thereon loirs, timber, lumber, valt-. and crafts,
The ln.ii.li to lm nlTeotuii hy rliesnid works
are all liunln abutting on thu',■-aid Elk Jliver
for (be lull distance of the propo-eil works.
The mroj) for tolls,booniiKjo. ruftiiiK, driving
of Nitf-., timber, lumber, crafts ami for taking
cure of same until doliveied tunposuil to be
uhaiguil i» .-.lu-li as may be li\ed by a Judge ol
the Comity- Court iiumutint to soction in of tlio
said '•Hiveri. aud Streams Aft,"
Just Offered
A new line of English Underwear that can't, bo beat,
per suit $4.00 and $5.00:
Also a nice line of Sweaters and Jersey.". Just what yon
want for the cold weather, prices $1.25,  1.15, and 2.50
You will find hero a full Hue of Gent's Furnishings, snoh
as SuitH, Pants, Overalls, Shirts, Collars, Ties, Braces,
Socks, Shoes, Mitts, Gloves, and a complete line of
Groceries, Tobaccos, Cigars and Confectionery.
Datul lhi„ auiiil dny <jl October. A n. 1!HH.
"   per llosn it Alexander,
Solicitors lor I bo Company,
Drug-gist and
f$» c$» c$/»
f      f      «T
Prescriptions carefully compounded
and sent to any address.
ff/»  fj»  f$»   .
. -r - -w- - f
Magazines, books aud newspapers
of the day always in stock.
Phone 196   P.O.Dox24S
First Class in Every Respect"jrj
MHS. S. JKNNINGS, Phoi-wbtkkki.
The King Edward holel is never behind the limes.
Stop at the Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake City, ,
Masterton,   Griffith   &   Co.,   Trout
Lake, have all  the supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
Visitor.-- lo Sandon  need  never  fear
Chop house is always open.
The New York Brewery nt SanJon
*j 1 nakes beer that is famous all over B.C.
X   Write for prices and then buy a few
J   kegs.
«^O■<»%><**><***■ <J>%> -*iJM> <*
^*-»^™   mm"^m+^.. „«*W"^   ^mmmm'~-,      .r^****   •    ' '*•*    ■
\V*z  >4
Have one. of their hirj;M stort-H in h'eniie.
IjuhI), Veal, Frehh and Suioked Fiwh.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
KKItNfK, 11. (J.
I-*ri**li and Silt Moatv  a i'Vi-ry kiud.    l"i«h and t'o iHrv   in fe.von,
J. MoMASTER,  Profr.
Union Restaurant
Fernie, FtirniHlics Meals at
all hours. Everything first
Geo. Ichikawa, Prop.
The Club
Cicjatr Stotfe
A choice line of cigars always in
stock. Headquarters for
Ingram & Storehouse, Props,
Royal Hotel
'   ■ 1 . '    THE
J! Will open next month with-
46 First=Class Rooms
Everything Up-to-date,
■Iu Fernie is iu a rapid
course of construction,
and will soon be ready
for tho trade of the world.
Wm. Tattle, Pf-op.
II ,j   ,..    ...      !.'..(' '•'     »  t     f >!       '      .....        ."      .1 ,       , .     ».
.! J.5.1 * 1 . .,   .,   ...   ,.,.     «,..,<    >»iii i.   •»   |», < 1.1.11^   iii-rt  nltM'M
iif    MiSiililll,    I'lMnS    It Mil     S*IV   'mi'iiI-1,    l*"»tl'«',    <'or*»l't«,
I/tiif." I! 1- 1- v ami Finh 1 'tv**.»r. J{il»!»,»nn in eiidit»M
varitly an I col ir, l-'.vi'iytiiiii;; in hi-liinit run l«»
foiiml i«t fhH Mon>,
Sixteen Souvenir Cards witb
Klght View* of Fernie.
ltenufifitl work, awl the
Canadian Coat of Arm* on
oath one, Sent hy mall for
25 c-entu,
A.  J.'   PURDY   &  CO,
Just received a slrong line of healing stoves .-.i pii.es IroMi $5 >>arh and
upward. Tlie U.l". Furniture Company,
The highest rash prices paid for
second-hand cook stoves and furniture
al the B. C, Furniture Company, in
At the Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
you do not need an introduction to get
a drink. Put the price pn the bar and
the miser will do the rest.
The King Kdward is one of the
largest hotels iu Fernie. It contains
37 rooms, and U filled up with a view
to the comfort of guest*. Keep ihe
King Kdward on your mind when you
buy your ticket for Fernie.
Adam certainly was not a financier.
What did he overlook ?
When he proposed lo live, if he had
had ihe proposal copyrighted see what
royalties his descendants could be
A Fittshtisg copper dealer has received a shipment of 15,000 pounds of
copper from Korea. The shipment
represented a load of mulilaled copper
coins, est i ma led to im from j.ooo to j
;l,noo years old. The copper was
bought al the rale of 14 cents a pound,
The Mollk- Gilm>n silver nugget in
one of ihe chief feature* in the Colorado display in (he mines and metallurgy building nt St, I^nii*, Tlie
nugget came from Ihe Mollie (iilwnn
mine and i» nearly pure silver. It
weigh* 307 p»*unJ« and if <*ol«ed wotiU
make 6,f».vi silver dollar*.
In tho Kootenay known CO.
D,, the. watchmaker, llohas
repaired 100,000 watches with
perfect, sr.tinlaction, and is prepared to repair yotiru" at short
notice. Honest work and
hoiient price* is my motto. A
fine utoek of watches and
jewelry always on hand. He
on the It ok out for Inn Chrifit-
niasHtoek. Two doora north
of Bank hnilding, Fernie.-
A Hardware, Man's Wifo
T.\LKIN(i of women and tho help
they can givo their husbanda
when in business, said the old
man, as ho leaned back in his chair,
reminds nie of an episode that happened to a friend that was in the
mini ware business up in Wellfieut,
If it dou't show how a devoted wife
can thmw herself into the breach,
with a willingness to give up all to
save her husband from ruin nothing
on en-ill can make plain that state
of mind
TJi|8jinrd^varejn8n_was dQinsr_a_ jy8_aJM,SMMeiiffhj	
"good"business'aiid"for" a number* of And captures every gazer,
voars mado inonev.   He wa8 a gen-      Tho only Implement just right,
eroHssirtof a fellow and ho gave This-'Real' Safety Razor,
his wifo a nionihty allowance of a      Tis hard to estimate its worth,
good, r«ir sum    Told her to spend Twonld puzzle an appraiser,
what she ha I to and save the rest.      Hut the best shaver on earth.
He ran aloiij- in this shape fur about Is the "Heal'' Sahty Razor.
fifteen years, and then cot in a
speculation and got caught, as any
man is likely to ho
(To be continued.
Tlie Real Sufety Razor.
Here is the latest thing that's out
A joy to king or kaiser,
The shaver which you read about,
The "Real"Safety Razor..
, To see it you will fall in love
Anil straight become its praiser,
Socletv meu think hi-thlvol
Tho "Rear" Safety Razor.
See our windows for everything- you need  in  Shaving
Sheppard & Elliott
'Always in tho Vnn."
In   th»» Sm-ial nml  ftiminiim
Line, Try one of  .My   Fall |
t i.nsiih. I». ts.
m mi *a ■*■ •» «% *> ■
m » m 'A . ***< i*'«»*«Nr«i^#'««
ml       ......
Our Prices
arc for those who wish to
Our Ciolhttift is for ihosc who
like to dress faithlessly.
|Onr Methods take eare oi" the
monev of the careful
And Our Guarantee protect*
*> <.»*.«_} out.
Will ho ready for bnfiincsa next
month. It will lie tip to date in
everything, and will lm a homo for
eommereial men.
J. Harbor, i-.o.s., d.d.8.,
I.. T. W.   Ilhvk,  opponite tlie Rmk
IHHw liniir*  1 *.m. I** * |» tn.
W, It. tUm 3. % t. Awx MM*
Ross & Alexander
RAiiniHTKi'LS H*»uermiLS, ktc,
. Over- ffl
Inr-       la
Heavy Fall and Winter Shirts
alls, and Fleece-Lined Under
wear for Men. Fine
Selection of
W Gkas. Richards, Fernie
I f t iidi io 11 r ii T,ll4 ^f^
Tbe Painter
\ Woottt you like lo hoy rtoltnnr; on ttmt
- * 4 Y   * I 4      %K~ma**   •.»■ • *%««r   *•*■*!«•   rf%      I h»*U'f    OitT ctottltriK •**««"« <« COO*.
Impspial  Hotel Jthepoll^ktodco.! cs^a.-s-si^s:
n.','Aii»a, 1,
11 U  li
I*  th'*   H«-a<?«>i!nrtT!<  i«s   I'Vsi.i-;
Joseph Jean - -
for  fViiitJiiei't l.ii Trawlira
• - Proprietor.
Wi»»|i!t*At» I Vnt^r* aiH IHrwl ImjH-vittis
i.f Wiiw-t. Li'iufm mi«t ( ijf.irt.
F%%-%%%'%r'%'%%'%%%%'%^%%% % %-%%%% v%% %%%%%%% t
f>ittrkt Ar*-ni« (or
IVuini-rj (Itamfmartiff
•mt Hdilits titer
•i   ». W m Wjk,4
MtfWiM f* m
« Itj»nit«tfUin »n<t
I'hiiri'ifi ♦'V^'iM
FKRNIBL    13 0
# v*NCOUvrn .«. MCitOM, • f. 0
U. W. Hfmmmnrm. iWnn«■»t»nt>m«r«i l*»i«mmik
Herchmer L Herchmer
UiV'^l'*.'   I*   I*.**.*     a |^i'(,*,.!i'i^'H.''| '^f"»'t    4
rr.nstK. n c.
j OAt-ei <>*#» P. llann li t,V*. U<».<k, Vlrl .fl» »v»
!l. V. I>«*t».in' f i; |,t»r
,       Eckslcia k Lawe
|, U ^^iui*.vii;u* Ai-t.A*,    .iAt..i^*u.i.*,    iU*.,
* i;«ufct«ti %**+*, r*mu, ii. u.
Kenny & JVIaeLteod |
FERNIE, B. O. .       fit


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