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The Ledge 1905-03-15

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 fe-*5 "*  "-"-".
sS'vt'*'" '    >'i
Editor And Financier
_.y o
3    MAR 20 19
V U.
VvLume XII., Number 23
.. .   Price, $2 A Year, in Advance
Dan Alton was in tbe city last week   mine between Frank and Cowley aiid
is sold in Fernie at $5 a ton. It is free
from coke, clinkers, and * runs Ipw in
ashes," The Fernie. Cartage Co. have
the agency for the sale of both Lubric
and Lethbridge coal,- '
.';   M. Young," of Lethbridge was iu town
'-last week.,. ''"*■-,.    "-.••
,'"   W.Hoffman has recovered from hiB
, late illness.
<-i   It is reported that Spokano milk is to
- be sold in Fernie.
'" Mrs. Arnold Wallenger, ofCranbrook
is in the hospital.
A bicycle for sale at a bargain. Apply at this office.
A. H. Wallbrldgo was here with cash
registers this week.
.. L. P. EckBtein made a business trip
to Nelson this week.
Win. Handley is selling tbis week
coal from Carbonado.
F.J. Mitchell will have his store plastered and remodelled.
Nearly 30 miners have built aud will
build in West Fernie.
Kalph Lawrence is clerking in a dry
goods store in Golden'.
J. L.Gates has been afflicted lately
with a slight attack of pleurisy.
'.-. .Willie Turner is much improved sin
health since he went to California. "
D. V. Mott made a business' trip to
Elko and Baynes Lake, last week.
A registry of the Supreme Court will
be established'att Fernie on. April 1st.   .
A rock slide at the Loop east of Michel
last Sunday delayed traffic for oyer a
day. a .**','■
E Ennernon, of Spokane was in  tbe
city last week upon legal railroad busi-
'"*■ nets. • • .    " •    ,.
A carload of trunks, valises and bags
-arrived in Fernie last week. .
--, """tab Wade,' Jimmy 'Sullivan "and
. Chick-* Kanouse have gone to work at
■ Frank.'.,.' . *■_ ,.-.'.-
*.-'. Mrs. Halph Lawrence is on a r year's
.1 visit to friends in Boston, and Nova
' Scotia.
Resectable boarders wanted. .Apply
at Mrs. W.J. Davie, Pajet avenue, tie-it
% hospital.   - " " " . ...
; .   Bargains in old "newspapers at this
- office.   Must be sold to make room for
..Kid Scaler of Spokane, and D. Me
Carthy, of Coal Creek will box 15 rounds
Marquis of Queensbiiry 'rules for. a
purse of f 100 hung up by T; H; Whelan.
Tbo contest will lake place. at Stork's
Opera House on the evening of March
22nd, and the * winner will take the
stake and purse. A referee will be
chosen at the ringside.   ' '
v new stock". "*    -'
■v.- J  -   ..:- "    fi
-,■ ■■_. AM ■;WUmot leaves -today. for -
Wm. Handley has secured the contract for supplying the sand and rock
for the smelter buildings at Frank, and
is sending four teams there this week to
commence, work. He is also shipping
lumber to Frauk for the purpose of erecting a livery stable at that town, Until
it is running smoothly Mr. Handley
wilt have charge of iiia Frank branch
while his brother will look after the
Fernie end of the business.   .     .      ?
had just got their noses about an inch
above ground the frost hit the cjunp
killed tho'spuds and made every, rain
barrel look like a skating rink. About
the only things that can be successfully
raised around white Horse are Cain and
tbe fellow who,opens a jack, pot with
two jacks. It is cold there once in a
while-ahd Jim says the thermometer
once sank so low that even the parson
gave it up and would not recognize it
for a long time." However if Jim es
capes from Napanee without an attack
of matrimony lie Will come back .with
the flowers in May and dry up the rain
in Vancouver'with tho sunshine of his
merry smile, and the warmth of his
winsome manner. "Good-bye, Jim,
and take kecr of yerself."
$200,000 LOSS
Temporary Chutes Being Built
F6r,Shipping Coal
The lire brigade had a run on Monday.
Between the ceiling and the roof,"the
residence of E H. Holmes caught fire
from the stovepipe. . No blaze could be
seen, and water, done the greatest damage. The', captain of the Salvation
Army, who is making'quite a reputation
as a fighter of material fire was on
hand, and hoisted the water out with,a
shovel.. This slight blaze plainly
showed that practice.is highly essential,
to the efficiency of a fire brigade. No
one was drowned. "   ' „
rison where he will; spend* a few days at
f.iche"fipringai. ,;
,/;, FaU»er Cocolaluw been^22 years, in
VEaaf Kooteimy and is beloved .■ by all,
;• bis followers.- >;'' s .".,
.- '■' A. Joyce has heen appointed. District
' Begislrar of the Fernie Registry of the
''Supremo Court.
*    8. P. Dawson and his bride returned
lrom the east Jast week, and will make
their home In Fsornio.    ■'•--,
': ., Mrs. B. Hammond and children have
g"Onc' for a three months visit with Mrs.
..Beid at Pincher Creek,
Manager Eioily of tho Medicine Hat
hookey team was In Fernio last- week
on his way to the Coast,
( Willie Miller was bitten in the. faco
yesterday by a dog. The wound was
cauterlecd by Dr. Corsan.
Otto-H. Becker, travelling- freight
«aent for tho C, P. II. has just spent a
' ' week in Fernie on official business.
When the Are broke out at Coal Crook
Jack Hunt ran nearly all the way from
Fernie to the scene of tho conflagration.
N. A. McRollar, who has boon in New
■Westminster for soveral months will return next month( and it is said not
If you want to bur a newspaper,
■printing plant, gasolene englno, roal
•estate or old newspapers drop a line to
tthe editor of this paper,
MIm Johnson returned to her homo
iin f-Jpokane last Thursday. For tho
.-ptstiU months iho hns beon visiting
.., Mhor aunt, Mrs. \V, Tuttle.
i   The mine train pulled out on Sunday
Afternoon «nd loft t coach ladonwlth
lightseora .dead on tho track,   Thu
'   ■IgbUAefSisShould havo walked or gone
up by balloon,
Nat DarllttffaDtrao .In with • rush Inst
week, and filled the adty with choice
cigars and hU cheery unlle. Nat lu tbo
greatest drunomor lutlie world/mm our
point .off lev.
Don't'fool'with y<«ur duty to your
family, but'too to lt*tionce that your
neit policy will be with the Mutual Life
ol Canada whore you get 100 ceorUi on
the dollar of profit!
A convention.of delegates from the
* various) cos I unions Is bolug hold In
„ Feruio this weok.  Tbososilon will do*
«,luu llao lulutti yuYoij ul lh_ujit\ MiiiiJi«
in this prc'lnn nnd Alberta.
Manager Lindsay, of the Coal Co. ro*
turned from a six weeks trip in the east
•on Saturday, and wltnsssod tho dying
Hashes of tho big Coal Creek (Ire, Ho
mill iuOuiUy tviiaiikU 'u Vtiulu Calf
three months,
Chariot Edwards of Cranbrook wai tn
the city on Saturday. Charlojr does nol
feel at homo In large cities. Like all
frontier men he prefers a camp beforo
ft becomei too densely •patlrtrod with
pianos, canary bird*, bollod iblrtf,
prayor boolm and hyprx-rUy.
Large samples of Lubric and Lethbridge coal can be teen in the windows
Of the Fernie Cartage Co,. Lubric t>oal
•poimei from tbe Drlckenridge end Lund
Jack Ove'r'dorf the fighter who lost.in
the sixth round of a scheduled 20 round
fight with Jim Burrows in North "Yakima last..week on a foul has issued nn-
a side bet of $500 either in Spokane pr
in North5'Yakima.' Overdorf says that
ho has backing for $2,000, all of which
he is willing to. put up., Burrows.wlll
leave'for Fernie, B.C., this morning,
and will return'to Spokane next week,
when the match will be made.--Spokane
Review..   ,      ..   ' ,   •
NANAIMO.--At the recent examinations for coal mine,managers, held at
Nanaimo, Fernie and Cumberland, the
following were successful and will be
granted certificates according to their
classification by tbe minister of mines:.
First class -rElijah Heathcote, Norman Fraser and Robert Strachan. .
. Second class—A. Summerville, S. F
Webb, Thomas R. Jackson, Charles
Grahame, Evan Evans, and David Nel-
Third class-William McLellaa, R. H.
Hodgson, James W. Joinson, John Dou-
ey, James Perry. Joseph Smith, John
Weeks, David Crawfort, C. M. Taylor,
Duncan Thomas, A. G. Watson, John
McAlpine, F.A.Spruston, W. A. Jones,
Joseph Cook, Joseph Thomson aiid John
The examiners were E. Priest, T.
Boyce, Thomas Budge, A,Dick*F. II,
Shepherd, Thomas Morgan and John
Morgan. ' -   - - " '
The captain of the Sajvation Army
likes to be,, where there is excitement
anid,,something,to eat. On. Saturday
night after the fire alarm was turned in
the captain had just taken up.the collection... He.deposited his drum "and tarn.
bourlrie. onthe street, asked God to take
care of them, put the. collection'in his
pocket,' and'on the mine train rushed to
1 .Arnold Wallenger, late assayer- for
the North Star at Kimberley, was hi
the city Inst week. He is a mining ox-
pert of high merit and it is twenty
years ago since he Bottled in Ei*Bt Kootenay and became interested in1 tlio first
quartz mine cf the district. Ho fvns id
West Kootenay in '86 for a short time,
but did not like that district owing to
tho difficulty of riding a horse through
it, Mr. Wallengor's stories of Wild
Horeo and other points are oxce'ediiigly
iiitoreutlng to tho lover.of mining camp
lifo, Ho thinks that the great copper
mines "In B. O will bo doyoloped on
Whlto Fish crook and tho country adjacent to it. [	
the scene^f tlie conflagration. The
drum beat its way back to tho barracks
aud everything ended serenely. .' .    \
Scott ;& Ross are adding an undertaking establishment to thoir other
business. Thoy. have'purchased a fine
hearse, and a large stock'of caskets,
coffins and metallic linings which will
euftble the firm to preserve bodies for
shipment to distant parts. An undertaking parlor will be opened in a short
time, and Mr. Scott will tako charge'of
all funerals.
One carload of supplies, including tho
hoarse, have already arrived and another car will bo in shortly. A first*
class ombalmloir and undertaking parlor will bo, opened next weok in the
storo formerly occupied by A. Mathison
in the T. Buck block,
Council mot on Monday evening, min
utos of previous meeting wore adopted
Aid Cree govo notice that at the noxt
mooting lip will introduce a bylaw to
ropoal Soc, 8 of bvlaw I), Tlio hotel
mon wish tlio hour of closing bars on
Saturday extended to .midnight.
Thero was considerable discussion
over tho salary of tho police magistrate.
It was shown that tho pollen court fines
avorago 8300 a month. Tlio salary was
finally fixed at (50 a month.
II. W. Hoi'dimor gave notice of Introducing a bylaw to inflict a road fax
of 13 por annum upon all persons not
othorwiio ausoflBeil.
Somo progreus was mado on by law
No. 10. It roi a ton to health and con*
tains many pagoi of typo writton unit-
Tho Fornlo Lumbor Co. tavo a price
of $14'a thousand ou sprucojand tamarac
lumber. ,. '
The Klk Lumber Co, gavo pt'leos of
lumber from %i. to 114.60 por M,
AM. Tuttlo roported on dumping
ground, and TrltOBreborrowing money
Adjourned until Thursday.
At Pernio Gait coal, the best article
on the Western market for all domestic
purposes, is delivered anywhoro in the
city limits for six dollara "per ton. In
Golden, coal from the Bankhead col.
HorloH, about eighty miles oast of hero
on tho C. P. R Is delivered to you at a
price ranging anywhoro from ten to
twelve dollars, and you are in extremely good luck if It Is not half llmo rock
Discrimination is all right in its placo,
biitthls is carrying It too far.—Golden
Star.    '    ______:_____.
TniMa-niili-NialU drnppnd off « Pv.lltr.flfl
lait week to mr hin brother Frank for a
few hours.  Jim ii on his way from
White Horse to epood a fow wcoks with
his fnlki at Napanou, Ontatlo.  After
that ho will como weit again and probably j*row up with a fortune and Van*
couvor.  Jim spent loveral yoars of bli
frollcsomo career around Now Denver
beloved by alt.   Ills laugh #a« alwayi
cheery and could ho hoard for 120 tnlloa
on a clear day.  Jim wont north three
wlnton ago and mado a small fortune
which ho had in his jeans last week.
Ho states that White Hono and Dawson
are not what they havo beou, and that
thu crowd   Is headed for  Fairbanks.
From what Jim says White Horoo Is not
a desirable locality for farniors,   Tn the
middle of last July when the potatoes
Michel, B. C, March 4.
Mosaru. Hawthornthwaito, Houston,
Williams, Davidson, McNIvon, Heiulor
son, Joiioh, Clifford, Frasor, McGowan,
Stratford and Gilford, monborsof Provincial Parliament, Victoria, B.C.—
Gentlomon: At a regular mooting of
Michel Minors' Union, U. M, A,, hold on
tho above dale, tho following resolution
was unanimously pntwedi
-*Ro8olvo<l, That tho'iiiombrirs nf thl«
unlon, now assombled, would fail in
our duty If wo did not rofor to and ox-
prom our appreciation of the noblo stand
taken by ynu, gentlemen, In supporting
tho bill in favor of an oight-hour work*
ing day for smoltormon
"Wo are satisfied that whon tho bill
was drafted and presented, that you
gentlemen gave it your careful con*
■a-l-lnenM-.n, «w! -mrip-irt-ail  It ujiin  |t«
mnrlts alone.
"We aro of opinion, and feel that It is
a duty liicitmbont on evory votor who
has tho workman's causo nt hoart, to
tako a firm stand hereafter in tho selection of a candidate to repronont the
causa of labor,
■'Rosolvod, That wo doprocato tho action of tho opponents of tho measure,
and particularly so those of Mr, William
Itoss, the present roprosontatlvo of tho
Fornie district,
"itcsolved, That tho forcgetug bo
published in tho Fornlo Ledge, Nolson
Tribune- and Nu'son News."
tfeeretary Michel Minors' Union, U.M A.
A disastrous fire occurred at Coal
Creek, five miles from Ferr.ie on Saturday evening causing a direct damage of $200,000. upon which there is
an insurance of about $100,000. Tbe
indirect loss to the company may
possibly run the figures up to nearly
half a million- (The fire broke out in
the weigh house, and its cause will
be investigated ;by the C. N. P. Coal
Co. The last man left the weigh
house at 5:15 p.m., and tbe doors
locked and windows fastened. About
two hours later Mr. Strachan noticed
that something was the matter. He
broke a window,and saw a blaze near
the steam coil, and tried to extinguish
it with his coat, but had to run for his
life, as owing to the oil saturated condition of tiie trestle the flames swept
along almost faster than a man could
run.       ..       ■'"
■;!The fire burned 800 feet of trestle
across the valleyrtipple, weigh house
one 8table,/75 mine cars, and coal, 6
railroad slack cars, 4 G. N. and 2
C. P.. box cars, and the hoisting plants
of No. 2 and 3 tunnels. - <-
Owing fo the destruction of the
steam connections the electriclights
went out, but in four hours through
temporary arrangements they were
again turned on, and the. candles
abandoned in.Fernie.
The mouth of No.'2 tunnel caiight
fire but the flames were extinguished
No. 1 was saved by, the use of explosives. ,
The saving of the power,hou6e was
a grand and heroic piece of work
every citizen of Fernio. Its destruction .would have meant a direct and
indirect loss tb the, company and. this
city oi over a milliondpila3^...Uni*tor.
.(he direction of chief engineer. Wright
aod.Andy Colville, G. C. Hodge and
his telephone men, -.he train crew of
the M. F. & M. By., Messrs. J. B.
Turney, McDougall, thc captain ef
thcS.A. and otaierstbis Uii'ding with
its magnificent plant, tbe very heart
of thc entire works, was saved from
tho flumes which looks to tho writer
as though Fernio was not always entirely out of luck. Thero should be
nothing too good in tbo coal metropolis for tho bravo-men who have
saved this city from months ol more
than ono kind of darkness. ■'
At a conference of rill tho iocaI.officials of tho company it was decided
to make llio best of tho circumstances
and produce all thc coal possible by
tho uso of horso power, jury machinery
and other temporary arrangements.
Tho material -to replace tho trestle,
tipple, etc. las already boon ordered,
but it will bo July beforo everything
cun bo replaced. A temporary bridge
will bo thrown across tho creek bo*
tween No. 2 und !i lunncls.   No. 1, 5
nnd 9 will bo worked with temporary
clintcs, although with a mine producing 2000 t./ii8 a day nnd many orders
ahead It is easily socn tho difficulty
oi keeping paco with the demand
undor tho wrecked condition of necessary adjuncts ton lurge production.
Work Is bolng prosecuted on tlio
temporary chuto on tho No. 1 sido of
tho valloy, day and night,  and a
mino run of coal for tho coke ovons
will bo going over'lt boforo Friday.
Tho oflielals aro taxed to tlio utmost
with the strain of tho situation but
expect to make qulta a showing by
tho ond of tlio weok,'A fow minors
aro digging boiler conl In No. 0   No
coal can bn taken out of Nos, 2 and I)
until n temporary brldgo Is builtovor
Coal Crook.   Tho small bridge over
Coal Creole was not destroyed,
Thu aceno of the disaster has boon
visited by lnr go crowds nil weok,
many of whom wero Booking work an
carpenters nud   brldgo mon.   Men
Ul'u laollirf pal iiJ Itulk lllivii-Vci ll  is
possible for tlicm lo doanvtijJnjj. TIjo
wlrcn In Fornlo nro kopt hot with or*
dcrs for supplies ot all klndb, and on
tho surface Coal Crock iu a great
hire of activity,
Tho alarm wub turnod Into Fornie
about 7.40 p. nr, Saturday evoning
By 8 p. tn. tho mlno train with Chief
Engineer Wright and his corp ol gal*,
lantflro lighters pulled out of tbe
city at a furious speed, and reached
tho mines In 7 minutes, Attention
was Immediately given to the saving
of tho jowcr houso, It was a hard
Job with tho Haines shooting at thorn
through the timbers of thn ttpplo,
backed by a stiff breeze, bat there
was no flinching for the men behind
the hose stood pat until tbe fire demon faded with quick consumption,
and the S. A. captain above all the
din waved bis red banded cap, and
ejaculated, "Praise the Lord."
Serious as the loss is by, this great
fire it carries with it one redeeming
feature.- Not a single life was lost,
much in contrast tb tho other great
calamity which not so many years
ago filled Coal Creek with tears and
broken hearts.
s\*,y*y*. yjLyjLytyzSLty1* o* <,*sl*s',*sl£s,* o*_o* o*_o* op *x* -»•> *?> *»> <
Vtt *:«:*? *tt*rti?f_*~fittis'f_.v.. f^$Vi<ffab-itt*,!t_&&i&&^
Smelter men mu3t have read with
amusement, if nothing more, the
statement of one of th& legislators at
Victoria against the eight hour law
that the employees really work live
or six hours instead of twelve, and
"have their waiting rooms where
they may retire and smoke and read
their magazines during their hours ot
labor. Less than six months ago the
Granby smelter management threatened any employee found reading a
paper while on shift lat. their works
here witb instant discharge, and
even the shift'boss had to sneak in
some out-of-the-way corner to read
the war news. And there is not a
job up there' where the employee
must not always be present to prevent anything going wrong, and
every employee Ms .personally responsible for his special department
during every minute of his twelve
hour shift, as the frequent ten days
lay-off demonBtrate.—Grand Forks
Sum  .., .
(From Fort Steele Prospector).
-Work will shortly- be resumed
Bull River.
■ Development work is shortly to
commence on several Wild Horse
creek pfopertiea These properties
were accounted rich several  years
afi.°*. „ .
„ Great activity prevails in the Kim
berley district.   TheSuIlivnn Group
Mining Company, composed  of Spokane people is doing fine work on its
property. , •     .
The general preparatory work now
going on at wild Ilorso creek continues to be satisfactory. It is. ex-,
pected that the placer season will
open about March BOch.
'All indications point toan unusually
active season in the mining c-iuids
around Fort Steele,' with more men
at vtoik and more new and old properties developed and worked than
for many years betore.
The Imperial Coal & Coke company
which owns an t-xtensive area 'of coal
lands at Fording River, has found
that certain of its seams carry a good
grade of gas coal; ' Tes's show a
production of about ten thousand cubic feet per ton,,which would qualify
this coal for gas production when the
western country needs gas.
below the main *- entry,   will| give
plenty of roomfor miners and,, allow
of the management largely increa3- -
ing the output.   At present the company is working but the cue shlftand
are getting out for shipment,some 30J
tons of coal per day.   Tlie output of
these mines from now on need not be
limited by the.facilities" for' handling
and loading the output after it leaves
the mine as they have a most com-'
plete and up to date plant capable of
easily handling 2000.tons of coal per
day.   The elevator at the tipple can
j hoist And load into the bins 150 tons
Ian hour,  while the compressed  air
locomotive,. that handlts .the ' cars,
from the mine to the tipple can easily
handle that amount of coal to tlie tipple."' The output of,coke ii*um  thid
priperty will soon  again reach  125
tons per day, as about hulf tbo coko
ovens are already making coke and'
the balance of them will! all b_ in operation by next weok.   The electric
larry cars, which are used for bringing ihe slack coal from tho tipplo to
the coke ovens and also' in charging
the ovens,, 's iri operation'and giving
every satisfaction.   The best of harmony prevails between the company
and their employees, and a contract
has been entered into., between them,
that does away   with  any   fear  of
trouble for sime time to come.
, Montreal, March .14th:—The Rat
Portage hockey team defeated the Wanderers of this, city in an , exhibition
game tonight by a score of 14 to 5.
St. Petersburg, March 14:—General
Sukomlumoff will probably' succeed
General Kuropatkin.
Tokio, March 14:—The newspapers
ing a new army of 400,000. men in a
short time."       ■ ■<	
(From the HeroM.)
A picture of Craubrook's -. court
house and'government office should
grace the walls of parliament. Tfiey
are the worst in Canada today..
John McNeili Jim Hickman and J.
McDonald, who have been working
all winter on the oid Ridgeway tunnel on the upper Moyie, are making
their cleanup thi3 week and it isi reported that they will make a  good
Thomas Lawjaon In his last instalment
on Frenzied Finance, has this to say
about copper mines. ' '   '  .    „
It requires, even today,.with all of todays facilities aiid "rush", „85,O00^OD0 in
money aiid live years of spending it, after a copper deposit has been found, before' it can be made to yield returns.  ' ;~
Nearly 100 men are pushing work on
the building of the zinc smelter at
Frank, The foundations for tho boiler
and engine rooms are laid and work has
commenced upou die foundations of the
main.buildings. These buildings will
bo80feot.wide and.850feet in length.
Winchester & Wrlglesworth, of Fernio,
havo a contract for most of the brick
and stone',work. The. smelter will require five high chimneys, and is being
built under the direction of Thomas
Jones, the father of thejslnclndustry in
British Columbia.
. In a letter from n correspondent In
Victoria the following appears:
. Respecting tho address in reply to the
Speech from the Throne, very favorable
comment has been made, ooth tn and
out of tliu House, on the manner In
which the mover, Mr. Ross (Fernio) acquitted himself, and on tho marked way
in which he Is fullllling the high promise ho showed in the House last bob
slon.   Mr Itoss holds tho responsible
position nf Chairman nf the Prlvato Rills
Commlttou, and, In that capacity has
already this session done the country
excellent servlcoby weeding out annin'
bor of thoRo useless nnd often Injurious
pieces of prlvhta bigislatloti, which, If
not carefully nttondiid to, nro apt to delay business and harm public IntoroHts,
In moving tho second reading of the
bill to carry out the ngreome'nt respect-
tho Incorporation of tlio City of Fernie,
thu Pioinltir took occnslnn to refer in
very complimentary terms to tho marked and rapid growth of that city,* ltiwai
owing, lie said, to this satisfactory development that tho hill now boforo the
Hoiino hnd hocoino nocnsiary, In order
to give effect to an agree ment, agree-
ablu to both parties, already made between tint city and tlio Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.	
showing. ■ '      '' " - ■
As soou as the smelter at Marysville Uows In it .will be necessary to
put in_a;.daily; ser.vlco 6ri tHe"'JiIa'ry.i};
ville branch, and the people ere pray-
inga*4*iat sufficient accomodation will
be given the passengers so that they
can get' some return for the faro paid.
The.license commission met today
in Cranbrook. Ed.IIill of MoyIe,W.
Edwards and A. Dcyle of Cranbrook,
members were present with chief Inspector McMullln, of Fornie. There
wero three new applications, U.
Chenette, for Fort Steele Junction,
and J. S. Carrol and W. Forsyth for
Kimberley. All three were refused.
In tho application for Fort Steele
Junction there were protests from the
lumber companies located there.' In
thc Kimberley applications tlio board
held that thero was no demand for.
any 'additional hotel thero at this
For the benefit of those who drink
in ilk the following remarks by profes-
sors'.ire'printedT   rf""i '      ~
A dispatch from Tonopah is to the effect that McLoan and McSwoonoy have
bean awarded tho contract to build a
railroad from Tonnp.th to Gnldflold,
Tho work will conitnnnco within the
■v'r.t '"-n dij"* nud '"III <.■•? flnMstvl In
four months. Thn road will bra twonty.
sovon mllos long, It U not sottlcd yet
whether tho road will go to Diamond-
fieldi as at first planned, or direct The
probability Is that the Dlsmondflold
cairn* will bo taken In nn tho route.
A company, posMssod of unlimited
capital and backed by some of tho leading mining mon ol America, hat just
secured control of the Richmond and
Con Ktireka mine*, two of tho leading
properties In Novadn, located at Ktireka, in thu cat-tern i>orilon of -he tsUte,
The dual was mude through the agency
of Mr Gltoux, now of WUItai I'I no o-uu-
comity, hut formerly iiiterenltd with
Sonator Clark in tint copper properties
n round .Iflroino, Arizona.— Novadn
State .lournal.
From tlie Leader
Mr. and Mrs, Dill, who run a dairy
north of town, had thc mUlortuuo lb
lose three of their cows this weok.
The cows were la-olsoned in sotuc unaccountable manner.
Twenty-four thousand doll-ai'fl wits
distributed yesterday by.tJio fit. Eugene company as tho payroll lor tho
month of Februnry. This Is $1,000
less than was paid out on tho tenth ol
last month, The dlfTeronco Ih on account of February being a short
month and the closing, down of the
mino for n day or two.
The regular seml-nnnuil election
ol tho Moyio Miners Union No, 71 was
hold last Saturday nnd tho following
oilicora wero elected for tho ensuing
term I
Chas, Hasting*, President;
John Morrison, Vice-President;
Thou, Kelly, Financial Sccr'yi
James Lcmiuon, Recording Sccr'yj
John Blackburn, Troatmrur;
John 1'owera, Conductor;
I'hlllp Summers, Warden,
Trustees— Win. Stephenson, VA,
Walsh, Alex Cameron, John Kirk,
Dun I). Snlllvan.
Flnnnco committee—Con. Lynch,
J. I*. HennosHay, O. A. M, Young.
C. L Bmith,'editor of the Inland Farmer, spoke on the "Economic Feeding
of Domestic Animals " He compared
-the-modeft st6ck?anlntt15*"W^
ine, and-showed that as-close watch
should be kept over the amount of food
given the. animal as is, kept over the
amount of coal that^s fed-; to.a locomotive. ' -       ■'..     ."   .'A: ,^4 »
Profensor E. E. Elliott, in charge of
the agricultural department at Ptillmnu
spoke on tho'"Good und Bad Bacteria'
in Milla,"rtiid said In part: 'Thu common idea that all bacteria (n milk carry
disease is a mistako. Under certain
conditions pure'hiilk contains a certain
amount of bacteria, which como.ifroni
plants and other herbagp, rtnd'ft.o not
harmful. As'arulo the .milk that comes
from a cow in ah' unclonu. stable, or
which is milked by an unclean person,
contains bactoria which is full of
distiiiHU. There is milk, thottith, which
might contain from 60,000 to l,000,0uo
bacteria and not bo harmful, .Tho
harmful bacturla do not usually como
from the cow herself,' but are caused by
conditions .which biirrbund the liiitmal.
';An arrangement blioulJ ho. m.idn
wlioi'ishy no dairyman bo allowed to
sell' nitlk which comes from a"poorly
arranged stable or one in an unsanitary
or 'dirty condition, Tho a-*rluiiltttrnl
collego professors have pro von to tho
dairyman beyond a doubt that It Ih not
only unprofitable to produce milk uiulur
unsanitary conditions, but that it would
•till largely tn the profits If stable.' were
kept clean and puro milk produced,"
Tnttlotown Tuolurnino county, list- a
''barled.troastii'o'.'stbry that has been
revived of latu and thi! liudlng of which
would tnalto someone comfortable for
lifo,   Iu the curly llftlni', whon thu rti-li
of gold HeukorH IJockod to Mormon Creek
among thorn was ono who afterwardi-
bucamu known as "Old Man Campbell ''
He built a cabin at tho point whoro
Long (Jtilch meets tho creek, which at
that time was vnry rich and Is said in
have ylnlded W,60u,(W0 .   The old man
who remained on the trenk over forty
yearn was Industrlou-i, always being at
work and \ery thrifty, never h|m)iiiI1iik
aiiytlilng inoro than for clotln-K and tlio
niicoMurloH nf life, h/ivx thu Mother 1/ do
.Mngiiiit.   From his rahiu ho lind a view
up ami down tha creek a quurtur uf it
.i.!e o:: raib :,! Ir, &-.J •*]..., „'; *„.'#. !.„
novor   (rot   beyond  th<i limit, ii*tvnv>i
keeping thn building In sight. 'If any-
oik. approached It, liu would stop work
return home and koep watch until th t
party loft.   About ton years ago lit was
found dead lu lilt* fdbln. A ft or 1iN ilaaurii
It waft  reported that  he had t7o,Oj)
worth of gold burled near hi* place. lln
li said to have shown one nuirgot that
weighed IM ounwur.   His cabin was torn
down and thn irround around it slulcitd
and MOOn worth of gold found   Of UlA
ncvt-ral ■■.aril.;*, tutuo of Uimo with iliv-
tiling rods, have boon working ainuiid
. ,„, , . llni niliatij lim ulil inlnii Irving   in iuu
the new future.   I Ho mul-i t'titry on |0II ,0 lhM bllilI1M0, tll(.bwMlr,.Mai,.,
this property In now lu nn  tho c^t-il i _,	
vein ft depth nf 8,0X1 feet and gives it j    The. King Jvlwatrd hit-, b.-nnne oue ..f
vertical duplb oo tlio cim! of ;>".•;» feet Utie lauit \.u_wu tiolulnm Knnt Kootenav,
Frofn Tliu Tluie.
Tho new head ofttdnlsof tho Frank
Miners' Union nre ll. Mewlln, pv<**l-
dont nnd J. A. McDonald, secretary.
The International Coal & Coke
company, at Coleman, ,has now 75
minors nt work and about 50 men on
repair and con»truction work and
this force will Ihi largely added to in THE*LEDGE*, FERNIE, B.C., MARCH 15; 1905
, »   *•%.'«>'*   \ ■t'rvi*.lwr*
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Several Thousand
Shares of
", MlrtBng Stock
For Sale
Mott, Son & Co.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B. C.
Agents in Fernie for T, G, Proctor, Nelson
1 -an iu ■ar" ipapr
OpCKHit. tha D«pQt, FEttNIB
The home for railroadmen
and lumbermen.
Finest  Liquors and  Cigars.
•tn ■ ■ i*e-i—-tim:-
In Fernie, is a pleasant
tome for all who travel.
Roojnt* reserved by wire.-
T. Wheles,7 Manager
Tasty Meals,
Etay Bods,
Nerve Braocrg
OI Every
J.  F.   JARVI3   PROP.
The Ledge.
It. T. LOWERY, Editor and Finanoter.
., Tint I.kihik iii rmblltitied evory Wetliiendny
In Kernie, B.C. The price is >'!! a ,vear. Adver.
titing rated ffivou upon iipplinntion.
m aa—t. a
Ecertj Purchaser
of a down cabinet- photographs
Ht $6 will receive FREE OP CHARGE
one bii x ,% portrait telten,in any
Photographic work of every doscft*v
tion.   Interior)* nnd Hash Ll("lit Pic-
\\trw a specialty.    Picture Framing.
J. P. Spalding
"WholeuU Doalersenil Direct Importers
o( Wines, Mf-uora and Cigars,
putrid Awnta far
l'<»u,,n&r*- CUrapAjrno
and Bchllts Deer
Plstnbuters ol
IfhinberMn anil , nt
Pharaoh Cigars
rK*R,i*riin   a. a.
Canada has been shaken from sea to
sea o\er the separate school question,
and ihe life of Lauder's party looked
for a while as though it had quick
consumption.. In order to escape thn
frost Laurier has had the bill modified, and the danger of rebellion has
taded'to a faint flush. Just as long
as the church seeks to dominate the
schools of the Dominion we will have
discord and expense. There should
be one national Bchool all over Canada, and only one language. A nation dividedfwill always b3 subject
to heart failure. Let the children ot
Canada study in one school, and get
thei.* creed at home or in tie particular church to which their parents
adhere. Separtite schools are a matter of unnecessary expense and tend
to breed hatred j. and strife amongst
children. In addition to this it separate Echools are granted to Protestants
and Roman Catholics we must in justice grant the same privilege to Jews
Mormons, Greek Catholics and tin-
many other creeds found in Canada.
To be a freo country, ungoverned by
the force of might all shades of. religious opinion must be respected and
havo equal rights.      -.,._.■   °-
Laurier stated that schools without
dogmatic teaching are nurseries cf
crime. For suoh a. clever, man to
the initiated from whence he draws
his inspiration, and like a flash - we
can see the narrow streak in the gray-
matter of his upper workings. It is
the same with nearly all men who
have had their intellects crimped in
youtli by dogmatic teachlngf" All ovi-r
the world denominational education
of any kind is conducive to ignorance
hatred, tyranny and crime. . The na
tional 6chool system is the parent of
freedom, Intelligence and morality.
Morality is a thing apart from religion. A man may bo without belief In any creed, dogma or religion,
and yet bo iho most moral and high-
minded citizen in the community, or
he may pray every hour, and repent
every day, and be a Satan pcrsonl-
lied. The christaln world is full of
churches and schools teaching forms
of worship almost without number
While tho village is poor Indeed where
some theological exponent, does n^t
drum trado fop h|s route to heaven.
In epito of all our boused civilization,
•iur churches, our creeds, and our
brainy parsons the christian world Is
deeper today in the mire of slit than
It wob before tho rlsoot Judaism and
tho birth of Him who on mo lo ativo
tho world, Christ Is needed today
mora than Uo was 2000 years ago,
especially in suoh places as Ottawa.
In America tho jails, lunatic asylums
and dons of lnUmy nre full to roplr.
t|on, whllp moral, social, linuncial
and political corruption never sleeps,
Examine the register of overy police
Btiuls-rt, |u|l, asylum and poorhouso in
tho Und, and you will Uml more than
1)1) per cont of tho Inmates arc adhcr
cntsol somo denominational religion.
In tho light of ail then facts we think
that wise men will .admit that it is
timo the world changed its systems
of religious teaching, and lntroducrd
something that will make us nil good.
Man as a rule wishes to be good, but
how can ho be 50 when he i* taught
In his youth that no matter wlut he
does he Is suro of heaven, provided
ho loves Jcbus, and gets sorry, even
alter tlio clock strikes eleven.
run entirely on business lines
we arrive at th it stage political cor-
ruo.ion will become very lean Pol-,
iticians should be educated in the
profession of politics just the same as
men study, law, medicine, etc. No
man thinks ot making a success of
any other profession without years of
toil and study, yet almost any Yahoo
or cheap raised Canadian will bump
into tlie political arena and think litis It. Politicians should be honest,
educated, clever and above bribery.
In Canada they are just the reverse.
Their great aim is to feather their
nests and help their relatives at the
expense of the,country. No- gentleman will descend to such dirty tactics, but its the rule, and not the exception in, Canada. *     '
When j of the dramatic art. • As a rule they
have little else in their tipper stopes
except cigarette smoke, and know as
much about'literature, as a stork
knows about the political economy ot
the early Romans.
A City divided again3t itself must
fall. '	
Moyie will soon have a night of
tears. A local minstrel company is
about to perforin in that camp.
Large .lumbers of Russian Jews
have settled in. the west. S'jon as
they learn Canadian they will prob
ably be asking for separate schools.
. A woman in Boston lias invented a
whipping machine for, wile beaters.
It whips a man without inflicting any
permanent injury, and should come
into universal use,,
A Vancouver raan'o recently 'married a woman be saw it*, a dream.
This is the latest way of., getting a
wife, and should appeal to students
o| phyBJo phenomena.
A Baptist church, burned down in
Calgary the other:, day..- /This ia
doubtly strange as ono would ..not
think that God would destroy a temple in which water is such a strong
f-w-tor. '
TnE birthday otthp saint who drove
tho 8'nukes out of Ireland will be celebrated on Friday. Tlie blrtl'.day ot
thc saints Walker, Seagram and
others who drove the snakes into Cun-
ada aro celebrated every day.
Canada should be careful as to the
kind of immigrants it> allows in the
country. You cannot make cream
out of the contents of a slop bucket
any more than you can build a great
country oii*. of the 6cum ot Europe
We want plenty of emigrants in Canada but nothing that will lower the
grade of the people already here.
Cheap foreign labor is not wanted
and. those who settle on our lands
must be the right sort it wo would be
free from trouble in the future
Sharp: &: Irvine
The Nelson Tribune says that the
McBrido government narrowly escaped destruction over the school bill
because some of its supporters prefer
playing poker to attending to their
duties in the House. This is a terrible state of affairs. The fate of a
government hanging upon the fact
that some of its members could not
get cold feet and break, away from
the hypnotism of a jackpot; It poker
is so dangerous to the stability of a
government McBriJe should pass a
bill prohibiting all< members from
handling the chips while they are on
shift in Victoria. <■
Now, ~said  the  voluble counter
hopper, here's a piece of goods that
speaks tor itself.   All right, riot-irrupted,the weary buyer* suppose you
keep quiet for a couple of minuteB
and give it a chance.™
Advertise in The Lebgb.
The Beat
Union Hade
Ooeralle, Shirts &
Miners' Garments
Lcnz & Leiser
J. C. Carruthers
aAgstat tor Kootenay
f. p. Dot tu NfUson. tl.C.
Ykv i* tbe greataist ounw ol poiiii-M
in Canada, Tho majority of voters
support tbo party for what there is In
It! ind not for any particular prlp»
rlj.li*> or lnv« for thi-i Greatest irood to
the greatest number, Nearly everybody ti after the dollar, and that Is
wbat they voto for. Tho present
{fovernmont at Ottawa is a hybrid
affair. It hss some clanks of Ita own
find anrnn from the toriiw. To hold
votes it Is freo trade in some sections,
and pruU'Ctlvc fn othera. It run*
oseleae ads fn papers that: He for it,
and wastes pablle mon«y In order to
kwpn*ra(tcr»from getting: sore thro*'*.
Pup should be flinjlnatcd from politic! entirely, ami the government
Percy Gtdenrath has again hit the
trail. This time it is for the Week, a
lively publication of Victoria. Percy
is tho well-known author ot the Uo-
mance of Poplar Creek and other
stories, and should eventually do well
in this country.
In Toronto a dog has boon exempted from taxes for the balanco of his
life because ho gave tlio alarm whon
an hotel wns on lire. Tho wave of
generosity has at last reached Toronto. Fornlo would have appreciated such a dog last. April.
Thk city council hns money to burn
for n write-up in a gilt paper on the
Coast, but not u cont for tho local
pipers. That is tho way somo people build up a town. Send ho en ah
out of town nnd expect tho local
papers to pulT tho city for'nothlng, except abuse.	
' Thk papors have recently beon full
of reports about alim Wurdner bolng
surrounded by Indians in Mexico.
Probably tho rod men Oaitnoout of the
mcBcul und attacked Jim. Tho
pulque and mescal in Mexico Is always full ot Indians especially to
thoso who have Ikjcii brought up on
Ah a rule women buy In tho ohcapB
est market. If 11 Jap or Chink will
sow, wash, or cook cheaper than
whlto laborjilne out of ten women
will give their work to the brown and
yellow bovs. Even If working for
iheir own living women havo littlo
regard for those who slavo In other
spheres of labor.    Prico rules and
...    •»   .. .
Ik Onto tho uaiivcitCaM. swuiiov, almost anything. A two yoar old
child In tbat auto swallowed a doll,
fully dressed, and coughed it up at-
for t* fnw rtnyn wlthnnt rcwilvinar any
damage. If that child grows up and
comes to Cannda it should have no
difficulty tn swallowing that story
about the Urand Trunk 1'acilh starting work iu JJ. C. this summer.
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First-cUss work Kuaranleed. Contracts taken for building coke ovens in
.-iny   purl ui   me country.    j-,i»iiiimu»
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Manv theatrical companies that
rhar^ft 10 and 2.'» cent* ndmifukm at
thc Cou&t raise the prices from frQ
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Mott, son & co,   Lb. rroctor Manager Nelson
In in k dflUplitfui locAtion and from ita Ualconioa
wiii im noon nil tlio ixututy of tlio Rrand Bcoiiory
thnt surroundn, liemn in, and ndornn tho btmy
city of Nelson. It in tlio homo of lourista and
busIncBO men from all parta of tlio world, Tho
cuUino novor drags in tbo iniro of mediocrity^
and overy room is an onemy to insomnia, i
yon ncod rooms when on tho way in, touch tho
wiro and thp deed ia done.
Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B,G. kl
[il .■?..
" It is'ratlier surprising to   find? con-
&niedvarsenic.«!t*,ters.among the lumber-
''.•mcn'oF-thit ""North woods-; of Canada
writes-a Quebec,-*or^8'pondent  of, "the
"a New York Sun.    It   appears   that a
middle aged foreigner,' who passed for
.    a Galician and  worked as an   expert'
?• -''axeman in one of the,.shanties, attracted
•; i ifre; attention of his'fy lows by ,his youth-
,   fuj appearance, freedom from sickness
:! at all times," and ability to   endure - fa-
'. tigue and tto keep his .wind upon -long.
/tramps through deep snow, or  iii   thc
""•-iteeth of gales. -'.'*. - •   '.'■_•
He attributed these virtues to the use
...  of a tiny bit of .white   substance   with
which lie.dosed .himself three or. four
v      ., It.
times a week.   The name he gave the
stuff, hidrak, communicated nothing of
.  its character to the others.
Adventurous companions were soon
,.   willing, indeed anxious, lo buy the drug
...   from the owner, but found they   could
obtain only a minute portion at a time.
,, They were strictly cautioned as lo  the
• use of it, and began wilh a" liltie mor-
. • set the size of a pin's head. Gradually
,'-.   the dose was increased   until   double
thai amount was taken. The Galician
himself took a bit the size of a' large
garden pea. ;
All. thejneh who had beenjqueslioned
..    report that ihe first dose produced bum-
..;, ing; pains in the stomach, sore mouths
,    wemtting and feverjshness. - When these
symptoms passed a feeling of exhilara-,
;   tion and strength was experienced, and
greater zest was added to ther appetite.
'/   ' v.It-was noticed that when the grip be-
..   fame epidemic in its intestinal form the
.   ° hidrak eaters, and they alone, escaped
its ravages altogether;-   So with other
ailments.   The'fame of the medicine
consequently, spread in the district..
'"    Andrake Minskinske,   the  Galician
- ".was the.only source known for the drug
.and jtbaugli his charge was . high,   he
'.. -.was not at all anxious to dispose of any
"'.   pfit.'- .The probabilities are that he had
,  In some surreptitious manner, obtained
, ,    . "a"'1"!*       *       rf 'ala. „ *       * (- '^       -.■        - >,■■
'   possession,of a large quantity   of  the
* drug in his own land, and  feared   lest
,.   iie should not be able to get   more   in
-,    this country.   ;     l     .       .   —      "-.
Men who used it for some time found
i ■   itiiat without it they became subject to
Avtolent palpitation jpf the heart,- depres-
intoxicatirig liquors/ They experienced
again all the buoyancy of youth, their
countenance had all the .bloom of
health.*- ;Tney.,c6uld work without- fatigue. The most quarrelsome among
them had no desire to be unamiable.
As it happened; one of these 'men had
a warm regard for the medical .man,
who attended his family, and told him
of the precious drug he had discovered.
The doctor looked into Ihe matter and
found th.it the man .- was an. arsenic
fiend, who in his.two year's use of tlie
drug had trained himself to take something over six grains daily of pure ar-
senious acid—more than a deadly dose:
to one not habituated.to its use.- Most
of the men used a similar quantity
daily, or every other day, as the case
might be, as each one felt the need of
it. The doctor has taken steps to put a
stop to arsenic eating in lhat neighborhood.
There is a stream'in Cumberland in
Great Britain;'which still bears its ancient name of Whitbeck, or the Brook
of Wisdom, wliicb contains arsenic in
appreciable quantities.- The water is
fatal to fish and ducks soon die if- allowed regular access to it., The cliil-.'-
ren living near it are said to be remark:
able for their rosy faces and the, people,
for their extreme longevity.
In Northern Ontario or New Ontario
as it. has come to be called, there is a
deep lake which seems to possess some
what similar properties. Though of
great clearness, it contains no fish, and
is never visited by'.fowl. A family living near the outlet of this lake always
attract the attenti'in of the hunters who
pass that way because of the beautiful
complexions of the children and llie
mother. An amateur chemist thinks
he has discovered.traces of. arsenic in
the lake, and the writet has no, doubt
tha all the members of that beautiful
family are unconscious arsenic eaters.
.A little while ago one of, the boys
was sent to a/boarding, school near
Sauli St." Marie, .where" he sickened
mysteriously and died, the doctors
thought of nostalgia, but more probably from being suddenly deprived of the
arsenical water which he had been all
his life accustomed to use.'
,'■sions and irratibility. Tiie craving for
A it would not,be satisfied. .."--,■; . v
,-r --' So'|bhg as they, used it the most  tn-,
f temperately disposed'had no desire for'
Tha M utu al Life
.'^Canada ";.-.■
The Only Canadian
. .; Life Company (that
is    Purely   mutual
IS 34 year's old;
HAS Assets now exceeding $8,ooo,ooo;
HAS a surplus (on Government Valuation Standard), of nearly $900,000;
HAS nearly 30,000 policyholders ; ,
HAS nearly $40,000,000 tjof Insurance
"   in force;
HAS paid over $6,500,000 in cash to
: policyholders or to their families'and,
still . *
HAS in Reserve, for their security, over
7,000,000, in solid assets.
. Married men should remember, the
uncertainty of life and protect their
wives and children by a policy in the
Mutual Life.    ,
Young men should -not dally with
time in regard to life insurance. The
sooner you commence the sooner your
profits will come to. you. It is an investment that always pa*"s,
Voung men who have relatives depending upon them should take a policy
in ihe Mutual Life. It-will help mother
if death should reach you its icy hand
before your youth has fled1.
Stick at the old, Well known
Reliable Reliance Cigars
When you smoke a cigar
see that it is UNION made. v:--. A.
Blue Prize, Henry Yar.e, Columbus and
Havana Whip Cigars are Union..Goods
made bv. :". ■ ■ ■"  -       :
" "   " *      * Wlnut-Jeg'TMan.
Represented liy GEGllGE ITOHTON.
P. O   B.-JX 165  .
Mount, Fernier Lodge -No. 47
I. o. i<m^ 0. Fa
''  Meets every Thursday evening at
p:.m..in I.O.6.F. Hall.
T.Beck, P.G..R.S.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners
' ', "of America, No; 1220
"!  '    '■'.,. "* * :' }
The Carpenters & Joiners of Fernie
meet the ist and 3rd Tuesdays in each
month at the Oddfellows' Hall.
The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd., Montreal, Que.
First maker of the " Flor de Bahama," ", Rosebud," and
^"General Arthur'' since 1876 ; over 27 years in existence.
Walter Crone, Western Representative.,
founders & Machinists,
——nelson* B.C.—
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
."-Stock ot Shafting, Fittings, etc., alwnyt*
mi hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought hy the cat load. Repairing
and Jobbing;
B    C. TRAVIS, aaiaaut.
For full particulars call on our agent
at the Hotel Fernie, in Fernie.
;  The State of Illinois has- an .approp
riation of $5,000 to feed^lieTblFds- of
the state during' the'.winter. This ac l
speaks volumes for the refinement and
humanity of the good people of Illinois.
Lowest Rates Best, Time
',, " .. . East ...
.Toronto,  Montreal,   New York,
Maritime   Provinces,    New   England.
'"   'West .  ■
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
California Points.
Unequalled Passenger,Service
Standard and Tourist Sleepers,   '
Coaches and Dining Cars
Tourist  Sleeper.  Service
West—leave Revelstoke -Mon'.' Wed.,
Thur., Sat. to Seattle & Vancouver.
East—cleave    Dunmore   for * Toronto!'
Wed. & Sun.;- for Montreal, Mon.
*'.. & Fri,; for Boston, Fri..       *
Atlantic Steamship Agency
Through booking's to and from Great
Britain and the Continent.
- For rates, fSfders and~tickets apply
to local agents, or to   ,
R,'Reading, agent, Fernie.
'.' Occasionally this excess of wives in
"Vtali leads to amusing consequences,
,';" as when one of the I'apostles invited a
"'"svlslting gentile lo dinner.' The guest
lost the address, and   looked   up .the
.apostle in the directory.    He observed
>«hat his hostess, though she answered
,to the proper name, seemed unprepared
' for him; and presently he heard her at
."  tlie telephone. -"'Oh' Emma? Is-John
Jjyinjj at your house- this week?   Is ht
tUpccting somebody to. dinner, today?
, Very well.   The  gentleman 'will  be
■ :   there in a"few minutes."   Then, returning to the stranger she handed him ti
. ., paper slip.,. "You came tp, the wrong
*,",bousefilri. "r,Thjs.is the  address  you
want."   On.another,occasion, a; little
fiU\ came running into the parlor while
sa visitor.was.cnlling,  ,;'!Mama, mama
-■- -papa wnnts his suit' case packed.   He
• Ugoing to live with Aunt Emma.this
iveek."-—Leilio'8 Monthly.
,   The most foolish.crcuturo that lives
\    is the ihecp,   If you hold a  slick  in
';  tho air iind.forco the first 'sheep to jump
)    Aver it, you can withdraw the sticknnd
;    every other sheep In the nock will jump
..'just as high when ho comes, to that
,   -place, without -asking* any  questions.
.,Now there "a great many sheep, men
jind women.in Denisonj they have  no
. minit of their own, they will follow any
*   ;;fool that,comes along.   Get ot*ostarted
' and the rest nro sure to  follow.   One
-.,   woman'in Ueniuon can set tho. fashion
'-   -for the entire town,   Bvorybody wants
v<   ; to huve s'omoililng just like hers.   Ills
> > ihe spirit of envy U'J'Ich prompts women
>• f.to follow'tho fiuhloiin.' They can't
" , benr to hnvo their nciif'-.bort dresB bet-
> iter than they do, nnd tlioy won't either
A If (hey can help it, and   to .curry out
their foolish notions n greut many men
'   - have to sufTer and keep their . now Jo
'• |he grind-stone,-—Dcnison Guiotteer.
,   ,' ;-'•'' '"      ,   '""., :   ■   .
*    ""IVJiySCf *J'!'?*'.?,i*m FlinMafliArii.
"Tiic'umxMg nl'atrmpnt wns marl*1
^fhre tho City club of. New York recently that while tlie'nggrcgate nomln-'
, ail capital, of all the compnnlci which
filtered Into the Consolidated Gns Co.
of New York in ihty wh*, i»>i7,«»o(.iJt»a>c»
,  on the same day, of tho consolidation
"". this capital was raised to $39,000,000,
. although no cupllul wns contributed to
the consolidated con-puny except that
which was transferred to it by the several constituent companies. In pilii..'
words, $33,000,000 was made in n day
," by those who manipulated the combiri-
atlon, and  on  this  vast amount  of
water tho citizens of Now  York . who
- patronite the gas company mukt -pay
interest, for all the . Consolidated Gas
company's'stock!" and bonds sell above
par and pay good rates of dividends or
inteicst. One ofthe constituent companies was allotted $7,500,000 of thc
new capital stock, though the entire
amount its stockholders had paid into
the company was $750,000 and they
had taken out of it in dividends during
the fifty,years of its existence over $15,-
000,000—lhat is, they had received
their original investment back twenty
limes over.—Leslie's Weekly,     •'■■ '• :
■ 1
Causes of Nervous Prostration.
Believe me, snid a Spruce strcet'iphy-
sicionwho makes a specialty of treating nervous disorders, It isn't .overwork
that superinduces nervous,.prostration.
The .men who . succumb < to nervous
strain nre not tlie men who work continually under high pressure. Tlie man
who hue,no relaxation has no time to
brood over his health, and brooding is
fatal to a mnn whose nerves are high
strung. If a man is constantly busy in
mind from morning, until night lie Isn't
in any danger of nervous trouble. It's
only when lie reluxe's nnd gives himself
a certain amount of leisure that ho. is
danger. A mnn is a good bit , like a
piece of machinery. lis Hid relaxation
lhat tells. Tako Russcl Sago, for/Instance. Ho celebrated his 881I1 birthday today, nnd hois in tlio linrnoss nil
(he time. Should ho givo up even a
part of liis daily routine tho probabilities
are that he would be n dead man in six
months. The man whoso nerves
trouble him is tho mnn of compiirativo
leisure.   Philadelphia Rucprd,
'•    Neluon.
Short Line
Victoria,and Vancouver
Daily Trains leave Fernie at 9:45
a.m., reaching Vancouver and (Victoria
tho Next Afternoon. Return train
reaches Fernie p; 15 p.m.
S    *■"*■■ '5
■Ot Vat
I       The door of the S
The Exchange
Has not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morn-
bracers. Mail orders receive
-(1        prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer
The First Class Hotel of Fernie
The Resort of Conimeroiiil and Travullng Men   <
The hotelis elegantly, furnished with
handsome new furniture throughout,;
is heated by, steam' and has retnrn
call bells in every room.
Rates : $2.00; a' day and upwards
TVrOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN" that the re&er-
1 * vutiou oatublUliO'l in ,aur»un.i)<*»i of the
provisions of the " Columbia ■ and WeKtcrn
Unihvny Subsiilv Ac*, lWt;.'' notjeos of which
were piihlinhtiil in tho B»itisli Coluiabiiii QaiB-
ette nnil aliifed 7th May, 18y6. nniiAth Juno,
18W icsiiee-.ively. urc hereby cn.necllod.
Crown lands shunted within the urea embraced by the snidieservation will be open to
sive. settlement, leaKO a. d other disposition,
umlor the provisions of the "Land Act," three
inuiath- after tho date of the* fir^t publication
of this notice in the British Columbia Qitzette;
nrovidud, however, that in all- casoj whore
lands are go sold, proemptedj' leased or othrr-
wi->e alienuted *ii,v tho Governnicnt and nre
subsosiuentlv found, upon the survey* of the
Columbia and Western Raihvav Company's
blocks, to lie wholly or in part within such
blocks, then the persons sr acquiring such
lands shall acquire their title thcroto from
the Railway Company, who havo ai-reed to
deal with such purchasers, pm-oinptors, leu-
sees, etc., on the sumc terms and conditions »h
the Government would muler the provisions
of the "Land Act," except in respect to timber
lands on the Company's-'bloelis, which shall
ho subjoci to the regulations issued by the
Company relative to the cutting of timber on
the Columbia and Western' Railway Land
Grant. (
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works
Lands and Wurks Department," ■       —
Victoria, B.C . 23r<i February, 19S5.
j. Barber^ l.d.s.,
W..- Block,
Office houxs-
oppoVite  th«   Bank
■S a.m. to 8 p.m.
W. R.'R088.:    ••    •-     .-.  J. 8.'T.'ALKXANDKIt
Ross & Alexander
, Oflice la Ij. T. W.'Block, VIcMrtr. Avcuue.
n, W.I'KHCIIUEB. Siu-»wooii HXI1CJI*-1.H
Herchmer & Hercbmer    l
BAllRIls     _..,   SOLlClrOKS,   ETC."
Offlcu ovei P. Burm & Co's blook, Victoria a\«
L P. ECKSjb'.N y. C.'Lawu
Eckstein & Lawe
B-.IU11-STKE3-AT-LAIV,     SoLlClTOKS,-   "EtC.
Ciuhb^rt Block, Kc nie.'B. C.
Tlio dollnr or Unit hundred
which you hnve In iiny way
tome fellow out of will do you mighty,
liltli) fiood, You may lliinlc so nnd
feel richer thereby, but there !k a power
aJmlcvcim up things In tills world, mul
wliul you guln In weall It hy dlslioncut
ntetiioili will- be' lout in tome wny,
Tiling* aro iwoanureU back, to you ,in
about the mirjw nieanuru you uw..
Mnku It your liivnrwblo rule to. deal
lianwttly w Ith cvcryotWi Jt will pay.-—
Brownwood Banner UuiWliri/
Winnipeg, St. Paul, Chicago, Toronto
and all F.nstorn pointH.
New Lino
For r.itctnnd,infom-i*llf*rt, cpjl pn—
"' ' '•'JSiMils'StoAls.^iJt
There is no better
than that solH-by
6j'Ja.r ytmr SpHn^-' suMs now.   Nutty
Suiilni<(i now arrivin-f.
F, F, Uebschcr.
. .   SlWirtan'. Ban Tnlhr
J. R. Cameron
Is tho tailor to ro to when
you wnnt it nummcr
Suit of Clothes
1I« lit-in the nobiilont «ultin(rt<
to nelRSt from, ftiid tho Ut and
workmanship U tha licit
Havo one of tbeir largest stores in Fernie.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.  Try a gallon
•%/V%'V'U^'**l'>*st^^ 6
Day and Boening
Bookkeeping,  Shorthand,  Writing, Arithmetic,  Spelling,
Correspondence, English Branches, Etc,
Correspondence Pupils Coached
_____________ *
Low price* und individual inBtrucllonmaUe it Ihe H    M   flt-imoo
chance of a lifetime. n>   "*••  UilUUSO
TAKE NOTICE thnt I intend to npp'.y to the
Hoard of i,iconi>o Comniissioncrs for th'e
City of Js'ernii) for u tnin»fi:r: of my liquor
license for tbe panxuses known us the Queon's
Hotel hituato on Lot 10, Block ill, in the uaid
Citv from myself to William A. Ross.
February SI, 11)05.     '       A. P. CHEN-ETTE
Help   of All Kinds Furnished, en
Short   Notice
■' Ya *   Y«i *
Next door to Cftlijury Cuttle Co., Wood Street
- Woik of All Kludd.    liuted K.a->onn'ble.
.   .      LAND SURVEYOR
Office : Mott, Son & Co., L.T.'W. Block
I-Y.kme—: British Columbia   „
In the matter of tlio petitions of Jl. Q. Edw ards
Leekie, Prank Vi. Petc-rn, Oh.v 11. Kirk-
putiiok anil Sir Charles llibbert Tujipor.
under Section'J, of "Tho Coal MineB Act."
NOTICE IS HEREtfY Ct'LVEN tlmttlie ntove
m(!iitior.ual -mrtio.-i huve filed petitions tn
theJu<l«o of.tluti court to decide disputo* nu
to the right or title to proupca-tiiip-Jiccneca for
tho followinR do-jcribo'l limda, thut is to my:—
SI'.uatL' in Knst Kooteniiy on the cast bi.Io of
the Flathenil llivor on Oil or Skru Crook und
from nbnut 5 to 8 miles north of*tho Inter-
national lioundury Lino ■ Description of lniul
btiikol by tho aforesaid il. O. EdwardH I.eclsie:
Commoncliif; at a post on the north-wunt
bunk of Oil Creek, mnrltud, '.' H. G. Kdwardn
l.oiikle's S, E. Corner" iidjoiniiii} Sir 0, H.
Tuppor'a S. W. corner post; thence north 8(i
cliiiinsl; tlioneo west aSO chains; tliouce south
80 cluiins; theuco eimt 80 chains to point ot
'commencement, coivtuinliif- i'M tioset. ',
Sitiuite in EKist Kootenay on tho oast ntdo of
tho l'lutlicftil .Illvw on Oil or Si-Re Crooki nnd
from about fi to H milus,.north of tbe Inter-
niitioniil Bouiidnry Line. Description of land
dtukod by the aforesaid Uuy- H, Klikpiitrivk:
(jonimonoini; at a post on the north bank of
the Creek, marked "0. H. Kirkpntrifk's ,V. \V.
corner" aiijoinim; Mrs, M. E. I.uno's N. E, corner po^tj tlioneo south 80chains; tlmnco firist
Hi)chains; lhci.cnnorth KUchalns; th<>iic« went
Kflclmliib to point ol csiminonijijiiiout, oontnin-
inir din aorus.
Sltuato in Past Kootenay on tho cast sido of
the PliUhoad llivor nn Oil or Su|jti Cru'ik ami
from about .'i to, H miles north of tliu inter,
national Iloumlary I.lno Dosoription of Iho
Iiiml utiilteil by aforesaid Prank w. l-etorm—
Commenniii'* tit. ii pout-on-thc nortli-wejt.
hnnlt of Oil Creek imirkod "Prank \V. Petor*'
N.E.'cornor" luljoiniim ICO. I-Mwurd» I.iioI'Iii'h
S E, corner post: (bunco south- Ml rhaiiiN;
tlmnco west D.iihuliih; thonvo north V)iilmiiih;
tlinima east ro cliutiiu to point of uouimnnco.
munt, coiitiilniiK* oio iic.iou,
Sltuato In East Kootnnuy on tlm runt »M» of
Flulhciiil Klvoron Oil or Kano Creok unit I mm
about ft to 8 miles north of the liitunmlloiml
lion min ry Mne. DesDrliitlon of land stakoil
by iiforo'iild Klr/.Ujiirles JlJhbcrt Tnppur :•-
CommeniilnK ut a poiton iim nnrth-wiiht
lunik of Oil CrriiK iiimliDil "Sir ('. IITnppur's
comer" nilJoliiliiR Krml Puters1 N, W.ooriinr
po.at ; tliiiiii-e north Hunlifilnai; tliainnn east «'i
Vilnius | tlioncH aiouth W) chiilnsi tinmen want,
isocliiilun to point of camiituMct)inoiit,ui)iitiili|.
Inir fllDiiuriu.
Nollro Is hereby rjla'nn Hint Ills Jloiior JinliiP
Forln liy ordnr dulel Putiruiiryn.lril, lt>iS, has
onliireil that any pi>r.aoii litteiuatud iu tlm »nli-
Joot innttnr of sni>l pittitions nr liuvlnii imv
iib|iii-tii)ii In tlm pnivnr nf said piillllulls Iwjlu'-
i[rulll(nl ilnill on iii-before (Im 1st ilnvof Mitv,
IHIi.', file Willi the llci-istiiir of said Court at
('riaiibrinali n |,"iItimm or saiiitiiril'-ut HHlMtii*
fonll lllw I'.llllin ill-Mid UKilllliI of Ills Slllil lib.
joi'tinn mul vi'iify Ilia, mi inn ti 11' lo r milli.
Ami tlm iiriM .liidijia linn liirilier oriloroil Unit
li cupy ol mi I'I iiutll nm isliull lu forwiirded lo
any pnrty utuniaiiid liy mhiIi pittitloiiflri. or
llii'lr'soliultiiri nn ii|i|ilii!iilion bolnir iiimIu
tliiiix-fiir to thu Huulnlriir of suid Cuiut at
Diiteil tlm Uli duy of llaroh, 1S«JS,
Tiiimurtt'Oitllln, .). K. Arinslroiirra
viiiicnuvur, Ciiiiibioiil',
Holm, lor I'litiiioiiurii. Hni<Utriir.
Lands and Miuetal CUirna Surveyed
aud Crown Granted.
PO.BoxaWS,        Office: Kootenay St., Notain
Furniture aiid    j ■;.;
Bargains in
Wall Paper :,
Two cotnpluto sots of Bar Fixtures, ono
BrltiHh Plato Mirror 46x9<J inelios, new,
LetterI'reuHOaa, Billiard nnd Poo! Tablea
Cash Ueffisters and other .specialities,
lsf-.it. Order* neccivo  Prompt   Attention.
R. Elliott, Kaslo;-B.C.
-* ,75
I (lold uml f"Uver-v~n.i»
| Uuld, silver, cupper 1.S0
Suinplen by mall receive prompt 'iiiteiitloiij
Plncer Oold, Hi-toils, and lllc'li Ore*, Uoiiiflit
Pand for Pao Mulltii^ICnv-a. nml I'tlccLiM.
17»5 Arii pub no St.,   Iirnvor, Colo,
IIm had 17 >o»ri-a:i|a<ni-iii'ij In i
.   -,-.-.  . ..i ilcnini work.atid
iiiaaUM • »j.coliiHy of Oold llrld|*o Work; Visit
niRdo to tlio Kloi'iui ri-KUinrly.
oi.dwt taii/w
Halcyon Hot Springs
Its baths cure
-all a-iar''i*ati« nnil
disciiKCM, its
water Iica1 all
klilnuy, liver,
dhUva l>lsg.i,atoSv,b
(illinenls nnd
thoy eliminate
all mctnlic
poixoiiR from
Ihe »y.ucm.
Report of Analyst
Of Sample* of W:*ler from HitK-yon Hoi Sprln-ja), Arrow
Lake, U.C., -17111  Kiihrtniry, 189K.
Lnhrirntnry of Citv AnnlvM, KdinlnirKli, .Scotland,
Mtircli 3, i»("8
Ono R.illon of water contained the following in-
grcdlcntu, tho renults ore cxprobucd in purls,
, Mni;f..'siit   *,*i.oo
l.lthia 86
Sulphuretted Hytlro-
}{en....     i'liw
Chlorine      8,i-
Sulphuric Acid  363.43
Silica    74.20
Lime    K.|,57
AlkntiiM iih Stula ...     5.71
per wetk,
iiccordliii; lo
residence In
' hotel or villas,
OII.VKIt OITY LorXIRNfl. ati/.i.o.o.r.
(J sandon, !!.('. Mtmtlmm In tlm Union Hull
ovary l;'r.diiy cviiiiluir nt 7:J0 VI/IiIiir lira-'llnvii
■.•ordliilly Invltail tu uit. nd. ,1, K. mivkhin-i ;
NoliiiiKmiidi A. (..Omul, Vli'u(Jr»udi W.J
OAIIMU'IT. aS'Criittlli", ..     . '
-|-~i-ir im --ii.ii    11        111 ii.  1   un-       in      (iim
OANIION I.ODUli NO 3sl, K. 01' I".
iZi Mi-fil-ovi-ry WddiicadiayflvoiiliiKttllo'oliit'lc
n Dm l-ytlilnii (i-hiIh Hull, H.iiulon. soji.unilnii
ln.ialiiii'n will wi-tlvo ii I'yiliiiui wiiliiiniia,
1iia.v(.'Hosi(",C.     Au-linn J. lUi.i„ jt. K. i-
AH. HKVIjANI), Kninnroi-iiridrrovlni'Ul
i   IjuimI aSurvoyol.   KAM.U
rVUK KA.Si.0, Jlom.iln.Knulo.U Hid Uivl-
■*-   Inn hotul In tl>« city.
cooiaK iii I'Ai'Wonni.
riillK KIMlKH'r JilVl'KI, Iii Hmialmru Dm
■A- liniiiliiiiuiiiau liii nil liniiiMura In thai l.'Uv
aif Hllv-jif.       Ji)'.NM-;'IT.V Ml'ltl'llY, I'ri'l».
rpilK Vld'OUIA IIOTKL In .NcUrm U »lunc,
•A. fur all klriihui) '|'orlia.< iiuny Irniii.liouiei,
llimt IliaUhii Iur'I il iliiv llll I liU a ii rlli,
IV, K. ".iulMMllalcall, l'lM|i|jUtl'r,
Mtil.F.lllr   )IOTI'.|„   1.MIH.    All llloilnui
imiirnvrinem.il,  Humiilo rui.mia in cf.m.i'i--
tloii. Th<- only tirnt-clim* Jmta-I id Vinlr,1.
  KINI.AY MM.Kiil.», I'm-itU.-".
pilUMONT 1I0U«K, NKI.HHN     K_Mu.ii ■
I   n..d American iiUn. Kl«ul«, .Stent*. Ilia-.iua
Ir"?,* c ul!.-° **-. On'/ "I'll'' "'«l|» ••■rilj|..yr,al.
Sollilnir vulliiw -ilamit flu* plmua cii-«|.i OmiVnnl
III UlllMllU.
AlAI^II.'al, *   I Ha'.t.ll.iit*.,
n.lHTI.KTT IIOUMK,  (a.niinrly Hit Cl-rU
D„ l» lli.u t« « ») » day lKa>l III >'. !»iiii.    ili.li-
-iroi>rla tor.
■|MI»". IIOTKti I'l'.ltmiSON Iii
1   Sldi-iiii [UMijiln wlimi ilioy  urn
linia-.a-VIa"!    i HI   K'l,"    !•? 1,1,
the 1 loiiri uf
lu KurifiJ*.!..
'rilU   HIllTTANNIA   llllTKh li Iht nl.U
*•   Mt nnrt ihe tnxt In tl.p l.ar !••■  Unlit H'l-kn*
«lav»y-wtali-om».   , DI.VIN IIIIOH, j
*Wh.ol0aala» Merohamtn,
rpilK UO.NWOMKftY Va.. t.l,l„ Wl.pj*-nl,,
*- MiliiiifiiPtiirnM nf rtifll'-n (a.infiaa-tianiiri-
NMkiiii, 11(1, ,
STAUUV.V * *"«»., M'UOI KM." I.K ^'.M.-
., .*ri.*1! *,0,!i'r*, *-«<(•. ('Ii"«»wi rra.liu-e nnil
Krutt.Kaltun, II,tl.
•a  tfr.it, Ntlion, 11.0. '   - . I'. ■ <1
_-i_.LJJh, x-iiKiNiK, B.C , MARCH 15, 1905
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
.   v '    "'   ISSUES o    .
$5 and under. 3 cents
.       Over $5 and not exceeding $10 6 cents .
Over $10       ,,  -    ,,     „ ■ $30....... 10 cents
Oyer $30   •   ,,        „        $50 15 cents
U These orders are payable at par at any office of a Chartered Bank in Canada
. and at the principal, banking points in the United States,    "fl Negotiable at a
. fixed rate at The Canadian Bank of Commerce, London, England.
■'-■'.   FERNIE BRANCH t i E. H. BIRD, Manager        .      '
Just Arrived ,
The McKinley Edition of
1000 selections, vocal and instrumental
for the ridiculous price of.
10c a copy
This edition includes compositions
from the world's most noted composers
such as Liszt, Bellak, DeKoutski,
Bohm, Chopin, Paderewski, Mendelssohn, Handel. ,.
Selections set mandoline and piano.
The McDonald, Simpson Co.
Wholesale Commission Merchants
and Manufacturers' Agents
The Lumsden Roller Mills
The Wapella Roller Mills
Lever Brothers "Sunlight Soap"
Dalton Brothers "Dish-towel'' Soap
The Vogel Packing Co.
The Manitoba Canning Co.
The W. & R. Jacob Co., Ltd.
Bliiou.it Manufacturers
The Guelph Foundry Co., Ltd.
The "Armur" Co., Ltd.
' The Moyie Mill & Lumber Co. -
Prescfiptlen Drugstore
Agent for—Lnughlin'B Fountain Pent
UoraiefountamPena- "
International Stook Food'
Liquid Venter.
Get the Habit
I Trunks, Suit Cases, Grips, Etc. |
We have several nice Bureau Trunks in s'utes 34, 36 & 40.     -    7ft
Trap Trunks, good, strong, canvas covered, sizes from 28 to W
48. Prices from $3.50 to $20.00. Sec us if you want a trunk. W$
The W. C. Hamilton Co*. I
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Men's Outfitters
Fruit and Produce of all hinds. Correspondence Solicited
P. 0. Box 363, Calgary, Alta.
These "uncalled for" goods are at the Express Office
at Fernie.
*[ SUIT—1863 icorth $16.00 tciil sell, for
SUIT--1900       „ 24.00   „ (i .  ,.
SUIT-1929       „ 28.50   „ „     ;,
TROUSERS-1962 7.00   „ ,. •   „
SUIT-2008     „ 21.00   „ ,,     „
SU1T-2017     I,, 27.00   „ „     „
Easy to Take
/••    ....
To the many people .who may
require a course of treatment with Cod
Liver Oil we would recommend our
EMULSION with the hypophosphiles
of Lime and Soda.
It has none of thc "fishy"odor, is
pleasant to take, and on account of the
special process by which it is emulsified,
it is easily absorbed by the weakest stomach.
It is the best remedy known to science
for chronic coughs and colds, Bronchitis,
Consumption, Scrofula, %, Enlarged
Glands, Rickets, and all wasting, debilitating diseases'of either children or
adults. ,, .  . _      "   "   ''
Price, 60c a bottle
N. E. Suddaby
Dispensing Chemist, Fernie Drug Store
See our window for the finest and most up-to-date stock of:.1
glass ware ever shown in Fernie.   We did. not steal...
them but the prices would almost indicate that.
Lemonade Sets, Table Sets," Wine.Sets,
Cheese Dishes, Fruit Dishes, etc.
.Call and see for yourself. <*.
\       PROMPT      §
X     DELIVERY     &
•5 5
W. J. Biiiii^ell
1 *     *• -a' I     '      ** «        "" '"" '     (
The People's arocer,   P. O. Block, Fernie
The Express Agent has had instrtictions to change
the C.O.D. to our adoertised selling price. The goods are
all custom made and rare bargains. **    '
i   1 J
TAKE NOTICE that tho Annual General
Meeting of tho Sliurclioldaira of tho Crow's
Neat Southern Railway Company will be held
in the Head Office of the Company, Nos. W-.7
Manning Arcudo, Toronto, on Monday the 3rd
day of April, 1305, at 3 o'clock in_ the aftor-
^BoOnrtu'receive-tho reporfc=of=tho*Direolorai"for
the year ended 91st December, 1904, to elect
Directori! for tlio onsuing yenr nnd for the
transaction »f suoh other bUHlnoSs as mar bo
transacted at a General Meeting of the Shareholders.
" Dated,.Toronto,'Canada, this 17th March,
1905. G. G.8..LINI)SEY,S«creti*.ry. .
Dissolution of Partnership
THEJ partnership  heretofoie existing between J. V. Spalding and Robert Strath-
eiirnjis photograDnarsJias _this_do,v,been,dis-
■olved by mutual consent. J. F. Spalding will
collect all accounts and pay all liabilities.
'     "       ' J. V. SPALDING
Fernie, March 7,1905.      It. STBATHEABN
ALL  BOUND  THE   ROUND      .      -
of luscious roast beet the appetizing odors
escape and the rich brown grary trickles temptingly to t'.e dish. That Ih tho kind of roasts our
beef produces. Tender, juicy, nourishing. It
will make you brainy mid brawny
.- Of course wo sell the choicest cuts of veal,
talking beef.  Beefwaro of our offerings. " "*   ' ~
CO., LTD.  ,.;   /
Keep Your Other
On The Flathead
Special Sale of Granite Ware
Wc .ire overstocked in some lines, also hnve a
few odds nnd ends which must be cleared out.
While r.n»innl\Va»hI)&»tn
Mimwinir iiT***M*a
Ho, wr-mrl Kimm-al Vhmtv-
Ing Kettle
E. J. Cann closed his store on Saturday. . '
West Fernie is full of bustle and
Blundell gives three dozen new-laid
eggs for$i. -
Suddaby has a complete range of
fishing tackle.
Stop at the Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake City.
Sewing machines to rent al the B. C.
Furniture, Company.
In Fernie the slowest thing on wheels
is a house a-moviflgl
S. R. hand tailored clothing have no
equal."• See F. j. Mitchell.
For that tired feeling drop into the
King Edward and swallow a Collins
An hotel license has been refused to
Mr. Caravelta, and his $2M refunded.
In Fernie death is on the* trail of
every" dog which does not carry a tag,
Fernie's best dressers wear" Semi-
Readys finished up by F. J. Mitchell.
R. Strathearn has* sold his interest in
the photograph business to J. F. Spalding. ,.
J. F. Spalding has bought R. Strath-
earn's interest in the photographic
business. "    ,_^--
. Contractors are busy making estimates for thc Crows Nest Trading Co's
building. .
The licence for the Queens .Hotel
was jtransfered from A. P. Chenette to
Ross Bros. ."     .    ■*
John Peterson has purchased the
wood business formerly' carried on ^ by
j'rSrBeckefTt        !        """"""    '
I We buy, sell or "exchange new or
second ' hand furniture. The B." C
Furniture Company.'
. Large numbers of settlers from Washington are'passing through Fernie on
there way to Alberta.
Maslcrson, ■•"Griffith &■ Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
lumber c.-imps. and mines.
"" There is quite a demand for coupons
at the Fernie Cigar Store. They are
valuable on the 1st of June.
W. O. 'Robbing has received his
spring stock of wall paper. . Prices
range from 10 cents to $1.50 a roll.
Jack Frost returned lo Fernie last
Friday, put his mark upon the water
und blew hope into every local hockey
For a stylish and up-to-date suit or
top coat see S, R's. A complete stock
that will fit the stout man as well as
the normal.
Tickets for Si. Patricks concert nre
for sale at BleasdeH's. The plan . of
the hall lias been nicely decorated by
Miss McHail,
Fernie should see that its fire pro*
tcction In of the utmost efficiency. Regrets cannot bring back the building
thnt is burned.
Thomas Huminond him opened a
photo gallery next to the King Edward
and makes a specialty of button and
slump pictures. .
Joo Ilrickcr returned to Stratford
last week after a residence ot many
years in Fernie. He sold his house to
Chin, Richards.
There are 60 men working ut the
Lubric mine,, The mine* in Alhorlu
aro besieged with rnnclierH looking for
II chance to dig coal.
The old Hotel Fernie building is being' changed into aj*umber of sample-
rooms for the use of the drummers stopping at the new Fernie. '1
. At the Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
you do not need an introduction to get
a drink. Put the price on the bar and
the "mixer will do the rest.
Hugh Tucker, who drives the team
for P. Brfrris & Co. knows how to keep
horses from looking seedy. His team
is one of the best groomed in thc cily..
The many friends of James Nicholson will regret to learn that his wife
died, on March 6th, in Spokane. Mr.'
Nicholson is proprietor of the Delmonice
restaurant in Spokane.
The big fire at Coal Creek, did not
effect thc spring suits now being made
by J: C. Hutchison. He always has
room for one more order, but do not
leave yours to the lasf minute.
As usual the newspapers are being
asked to puff the Dominion Exhibition
in this province for glory. Glory is
great stuff but it cannot be cashed, at
any bank that we have ever run against.
Molt, Son & Co. have been appointed
agents for the sale of Spyglass Mining
stock, This is one. of the promising
properties of llie celebrated Lardeau
district and is eleven miles from Poplar.. ■ ; .
Thc Great Norlhern train now leaves
Fernie at 9.45 • a. m., and returns . at
9.15 p.m. Passenger traffic is very
heavy over this line and the outgoing
freight from Fernie often amounts to 50
cars a day."        ■
,* Safety first, profils.next. These factors for 35 years have placed the Mutual
Life of Canada as the.true policy holders company in which to insure.   Just
Lent is now here
I can supply all requirements in the way of
Salt and Canned Fish      „ ,'
Salt Mackerel
Salt Herring
Holland Herring
Whole Codflsli
,   Boneless Codfish
Shredded Codfishi  •? \
■■■■." -•■■-'■:".#
Canned Herring, Herring in Tomato Sauce, .Mackerel, Haddie, _ S U
Smelts, Kippered Herring, Sardines, Shrimps, Oysters, Blue Point
Oysters, Anchovy Paste, Caviar, Bloater Paste,' Lobsters, Salmon
Todd Block
Commencing on Thursday morn*in«, March frith we will place on nale nt aoe ench « bur mmnllty of
first quality Granite Ware, including Cuvpidoret, Preserving Kettles, Sauce Puns, Dippers, Round und Oval
Pudding Pans, Covered P«,ls, Creum Pitchers, etc., ONLY 39c, guaranteed pet fed, and of a quality and
sIf'Mliat.ii generally sold at from 35c to 50c   It will pay you to come und come early,
Sheppard & Elliott
Opposite the Post Office. Right In the ctnlre of the cily.
N.B.—.Tho Fr-te Pre* will hive another Hit at 49 and 9-1 scent*.
JOHN PETERSON has bought
out the business of J. S. Beckotl nnd
Is prepared lo supply all customers
with wood promptly.
Ordi*r-* rnn hi* !•»*> at Pfrnli" C.nrltnr*
Cn,'.* tiffin*, P. O. Work.
investigate by calling on ihe agent al
the Hotel Fernie.
. L. Atkinson of thc Fernie Cigar
Store has added an . English billiard
table to his club room niuch to the' de-
lit'ht of llie many, players of English
billiards in this city. The table was
made in Toronto.,
The Todd block is one of thc' finest
in Fernie. It is 6ox(io feet with stone
walls, and a basement. The Eagles
and Miners Union huve handsome
halls in the upper storey,' and thc block
is valued  at $12,000,
D, J. Robertson & Co., Nelson have
received several carloads of spring and
summer furniture recently that they are
selling at prices compatible with the financial pulse of the country. Drop a
line and catch their prices,
S, Sllnn will soon make extensive
improvements ut his store in thc Beck
block. He will add an ice cream parlor, nnd ". fiodd water fountain. His
father, S. B. Slinn will assist htm.
Sllnn, Sr. was In business at Ottawa
for 34 years.
Grand fiotel,Spokane
(Corner Howard and Main Streets)
-   ,     Entirely remodelled and newly furnished throughout
1     ,    "'     Steaimheated and telephone in every room .. ';
Free bus meets.all trains.
Electric fire alarms in each room.      ''"*."
Ratae 1.78e tu S2.00 par day
€. €. PsWif* ProprMcr . >*\n
l-te of the'Phair Hotel, Nelson, B.C.
Fernie Livery and Dray Stables
Careful drivers furnished when required.   -
Teaming, draying and packing promptly attended to;
Safes and pianos carefully. handled, Supplies sent by
pack-train to the Flathead or any part of the mountains.
Baggage transferred to any part of the city day or night.
My city bus meets all tr.nns.
I habe th<>. sole agencu in Fernie for the sale of the
cool of the Crow's Nest Pass Goal Co., and the price
per ton delioored is $4, Clean coal and prompt attention to orders. Wb|b Mn|||||fty;
Save Installation Charges by getting in on the Ground Floor,
THK Crow'* K«it Tu* Y.iaetU Llibt ana)
Fow*r (Vmipon-*, I,linlt»i!'hftv«»nbmlt.
ta)d two umnle- of Watter, on* from th» d»m
tabova tho mlnii.oni th* otW from th* lowet
ii»to, to I'ror«|ior KntUm of MeQIU Unlviar.
»lty,Montra)i,l, for atnulyili, Ur HUrksj-»l
th* sam* tlm* marla » nompUt* •nit thorouah
h»a*tfHolo-fltm! *ia*miniat!on of th* w»lsn
P'UIi raiporUim now to h*n<t ind *tat« that
In tb* w*t*r from th* lower iltm th*y s»y
that no -Unnrani fsro-i could t>« liotaUd.
In *l.*r nl thi* ripail rnrnt* nr «h* mrml
flun-*aa)Unl -aQtherlll»<, th* CAtntAnf (**i a*-
•ur*i that th* uopplr from tht lower dam .-
tar* to ns* as a pofablt ir»t*r. and at ani
tlmaafUr this daU th* waUr inrat-r bf Uk
Cttyof K»»nl*in*y b* labtn from thaiaonrc*
'   JM, Ma-KVOV,
F*mi(,UR.   , Uml Cominl.tloiur.
Uarch Ulh. ICn-k
While tht3 present staff of men arc engaged in
putting in the telephone system in Fernie no
special charge will be made for installing
Any order for phones sent in before the 25th
inst. will be filled without this charge.
After that date as nien will have to be specially   H
engaged for making connections, the cost of in-   ft}
stallation will have to be met by a special   -01
arrangement with, and charge to the Subscriber* •       	
The Croto's Nest Pass Coal Co. Ltd.


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