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The Ledge 1904-12-21

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Editor and Financier
*<    DEC 27 1904    --
You will become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
Volume-XII., Number ii
Prick; $2 a Year, in; Advaxck1
J. C. Ferriau was in Frank on Saturday. '■•'
Office and 'pocket diaries for 1905 at
P. Burns & Co.* received a carload of
poultry this week.
Beck's bowling alloy will open tor
business on Monday.
0. L. Boynton is ou a business trip
to Washburn, Wis.
Dolls in great variety—quick-selling
prices—at Suddaby's.
Jack Scott is almost ready to again
commence carving steaks.
Richard Nimmo is in Vancouver as a
delegate to tho Socialist convention.
Malaga grapes, Jap oranges, celery,
etc., at S. Slum's, in the A Beck block.
There is no truth in the report that
J. K. Rogers is to be niai-ried. He is
loo busy.
The Bauk of Commerce will be ready
for business in its new quarters on
January 3rd.
B.'Dawson is laid up at the King Edward with a mild attack ,of iiillamina-
tion of tho lungs.
0.11. Larer,, came in from Coleman
this week to assist his brother in hi?
painting contracts.
S. P: Dawson goes next week to Sar-
nia, Out,, where ho will spend several
weeks at his former home.
S. McDougall lias returned from Win
nlpeg, where ho was on* business in
connection wilh his lumber trade.
The Salvation Army banquet on Saturday evening was a pronounced success, over 835 being realized in solid
Tho lovers of the fistic arena will
have au opportunity to witness a swift
glove contest iu Stork's hall on Thursday eveuiug.' ,''.'■'■'
Her.'A. Dunn will conduct special
Masonic services in the Presbyterian
church next Sunday afternoon at 3
o'clock.   All invited.
J. Gray the contractor is on a visit to
Christmas numbers of the magazines
at Suddaby's.
Twenty below zero would move the
postolliee in a day.
For an art gem see Gibson's "Greatest
&ame in the World" at Suddaby's.
The ladies of the English church had
a very successful bazaar on Monday.
Andrew Hamilton of Cranbrook li on
a visit to his brother, W. 0. Hamilton,
In Fernie strangers can see the ele-
pliant at the Trltcs-Wood Co. It is gray
The Burlingham sawmill has been
moved to tGateway from Uayne's lake.
H. R. Larer of Fernie hns secured
the contract for .painting the C. N. S
stations -0 ' ■ «•:
When completed the Episcopal church
will be the finest building of its kind
in Fernie.
Sign rainier Hawthorn is visiting
Simcoo, Ontario, aft?r au absence of
nine years.
A constable has been appointed for
Fort Steelo. The inhabitant must have
changed his brand of whiskey.
-Tributary to Cranbrook the men
working in the woods are only about 80
per cent of die uutiiberjomployed.a year
ago.' ■ , '."' '■  ".
The Chinese cook at the Angel's Rest
is an artizt. He has constructed a
Christmasjcake that takes the cake for
artistic design.
H. H. McLellan was taken on Sunday night with symptoms of poisoning,
and Dr. Carson (had considerable difficulty iu bringing him around.
Aid. Trites returned on Saturday
from his trip' to St. Louis, Salt Lake
City and California. Ho left Mrs. Trites
ill in the hospital at Los Angeles.
. Porter Bros, have gone to Grand
Forks. Part of their railroad outfit
hits already been shipped and the
balance will follow in a tew days.
•—I^AtKinTil^imarrlceivea a combination pool and billiard table at the cigar
store. He will in a short time put in
an English billiard table.
N. E. Suddaby is selling his immense
stock of holiday goods at reasonable
prices, as he has no desire to carry any
of it over until next season.        >
Just after the churches wero out on
Bunday evening tho electric light went
oft shift and gave kerosene a chance tor
several hours. Strangers thought they
were in Nelson,
The Methodist Sunday school children will have a Christmas tree and on-
tortiiliiiiient In the church #on Monday
evening. Admission ii free, with a collection to defray expenses.
,  Travelers should not forget tho King
Edward hotel when they reach Fernie
It takes less than 50 seconds to roach
it from the depot, and tho bus passes
the door overy little while,
A. P. Shownn, a veteran commercial trsveler from Montreal, and well
known iu Fernio, it retiring from tho
road after 38 years of active service
The story ot his travels In Cuuutla would
make a huge book If but halt wns told,
Two rich men from a little town
called Cleveland In Ohio went over to
New York the other night and dropped
$11-1,000 gambling, 'limy should have
como to'Pernio with their roll, Thnt
amount of money would lust them n
lifetime, even If they stood pat nu
deuces nud drew to 17 overy night.
Charles Hwwtucy, the big gun behind
the Marytivlllesueltor, hangiven»l,t-M
to.tlie building of the V.M.O.A Iu Spokane. Charles is probably after votes,
but he might igrt better value fur his
money by handing it over lo bid Norman, who is hot on lilt trull wilh a
brand now paper called Tlio Critic.
A, Beck isihavlnz the baietuent under his store lilted upas a howling
•Hey, and adding tu addition In feet In
length lo hit building. The bottling
alley will be 7*1 feet long, It will have
an entrance trom Victoria avenue; also
an inside entrance from the i'airnle
Cigar fitor**, and bo llghhsl with dec
tricity. A shooting gallery will Im run
In connection.
This evening at «*)W Ml*a Eva lk>«
Irtcatt IVckuil will wei Frtnlerirk C.
Wildman. The marriage will take
place at the re»iil«in ia of the groom'n
brother, llerl Wildman, on Hot* land
avenue, and the Hev. A. Wutin will (to
th«a knot.    A   IsiVf  n«m1al>r rat" Mi>f"<
~CMtracTors~T)avo been ordered to
leave their outfits at Fernie, which
would indicate that the Crow's Nest
Southern will be extended in the spring.
About 5.000,000 feet of logs will be
sent down tho Kooienay river, next
spring. The .loggers are thick along
Sheep, Skookum Chuck and Wolf
Robins makes more money out of
weddings than the parsons. He has
orders to supply seven homes with furniture, all from couples on the brink of
matrimony. ■
During Alderman McLean's absence
in the East D. A. McR&e will have
charge of his business. Mr McRae recently severed hi* connection with tbe
Curbin mill at Lauravlllo.
. During November the St, Eugene
und North Star mines produced 00 per
per cent of the lead production In this
province. These two mines are in
East Kootenay, a (cw hours west of
Lewis Williams came to town last
week suffering from typhoid (ever. He
Is from Strathcona, Utah, and being an
Eagle, ho Is now iu tho hospital and It
being well taken care of by tha loca-
At the drawing in the Fernie Cigar
Store, J. Dooruiiocker, the well-known
cigar mitiiufacturi'r, won tho nicer-
Mchaum pipe, while J. Josllng of the
Fort Steele Brewery carried away the
cam- of two pipes,
W. W. Brown, alter an absence of six
years, left on Saturday for a visit to his
home in Petrolla, Ont, Mr. Drown la
miperintemloiit ot tho electric light
plant in Fernio, and hat a daughter
who U a milliner at Mrs. Todd's, and a
son who is one of tha engineer's at the
Coal Creek mines.
A. W. lileasdnll |haa secured the tele
agency in Fernie (and vicinity forMc
Klnley'e celebrated sheet music. The
line rain tains some of the moil popular
innatlc ever produced, Comic, sacred
ami •etitimental selections. Kvsry
sheet la printed in dear typo, on good
tvs-x-r, and the price I• only 10 cents.
Last Thursday in * C. P. R. boarding
mt tt Vtm'.t, i. fcavu hit Chas Sardoid
on tin head with a hammer and frac-
ture-l his skull in two place*. Sanford
had an operation peiformed ofi bit
skull Monday and may din, Scott Is In
jail and will come up for trial Friday.
In a statement mad* to the authorities
JThe schools closed last Friday for the
Christmas holidays.
Barney Mooney will spend tha Christmas holidays in Spokane.
Special services and music in the
Methodist church Christmas.
There is only one case of typhoid in
Fernie and that was imported.
When you want a Bell piano write to
D. J. Robertson &Co., Nelson.
As stated by The Lsdou two months
ago, the zinc smelter will oe built at
The Calgary Cattle Co. received this
week a carload of Christmas meat, fish
and poultry.
Mr Page of Coal creek was married
on Monday. His bride arrived from
Scotland Sunday.
H. L. Stephens came in this week
from Morrissey after a load of turkeys
for his Christmas boarders.
The Napanee hotel will give the best
dinner ever served in East Kootenay
from 5 to 8 Christmas evening.
The Elk Lumber company is putting
the roof on their new mill. The machinery will arrive in ten days.
Bob Irwin of Nelson was in town this
week looking for a chance to lease the
Waldorf.   He was unsuccessful.'!
Soon as the government inspects the
C. N. S. the regular passenger service
will commence. The agent arrives here
A. P. Cheuette was in town on Saturday and stated that he had leased the
Roma hotel, and would take possession
next mouth.
The local'consumption of coal is over
400 tons a mouth at this time of the
year. It is delivered to your door for
$3.50 a ton.
The Flathead survey party has
reached McEvoy creek. By this creek
the route is five miles shorter than by
The International Coal Co. at Coleman ships over 400 tons a day of cleau
and screened coal. The screenings are
made into coke. -
Hector McDonald, who had his leg
badly crushed at Coal Creek last week,
is lying in the Fernie hospital in a
critical condition.
Robert „ Str&theam - list
Feb. 22—Coleman at Fernie.
Feb. 27—Coleman at Pincher Creek.
In order to shut out crack players
from Sandon and other poitns from
playing occasionally according an they
are paid, Rule 15 was altered, stating
lhat players must live fifteen days in a
town before they can become members,
and must be registered io days before
they can play in a league game.
In East Kootenay, on White Fish
creek and about eighteen miles from
the smelter town of Mnryuviilo, are
copper properties that give every indication, whem properly developed,
ot being the largest producers of red
metal in British Columbia. Owing
to a lack of transportation and cn.pl
tal the prospectors in this section
have been unable to do much in he
past with their rich showings, but the
approach of the iron horse is drawing
attention to the locality and before
many months a veritable boom will
deluge the district with capitalists in
search ot the metal that has grown
so valuable in recent years.
For ten years Mrs. Jennie 11 Harris and her son, O. M. Harris, have
owned and worked ten claims on
White Fish creek. Through till
these years Mrs. Harris, who is well
known in West Kootenay, has never
lost faith in tho ultimate success ol
the district and, aided by her son,
she has held and worked the proper-
ties in spite of difficulties that would
apall and drive the most of men
crazy. Once, through a set ol middle men, she bonded the properties
for $125,000 to Senator Brynes of San
Mateo, Caliorroia. who aimed to lion:
surface gives il'J per cent,.copper,'or
a value of over :j'8) to the ton. The
price set upon 'iie ten claims is
.$U-*5,000,"although.they are. easily
worth a million. Having completed
her mining and other business in the
city, Mrs.'Harris will return to Nelson this week to spend the .holiday
season' with her fninjly and friends.'
Tlie council met on Monday evening. Minutes of ■ previous, iiieetiii"
read and.adopted.
A •communication was rend ' finin
W. Jl. W-liiuistta!!' regard in;* hissalary
as police iii.-igisti.tie. Tin" city clerk
was instructed to write the ] rovin
cial secretary re the mutter.'
It was ordered that certain im
provenicnts be made in and around
the jail. -
A loiter was rend from ,1. 0. Cum
initigs accepting' the position -.iiereu
him as city engineer.
The- government 'analyst at Ottawa stated that, .Hie quantity of; Con I
md Kerry creek water sent ltim foi
■inalysis was,, not; siiflicient and advised the council to send a largei
quantity to the analyst at Winnipeg.
A communication was read, from
tlio li. 0. Telephone company- it.
Tefa.Ta'iict! to regulations regardin»
the placing of telephone poles in tlu
city. Nearly the entire council were
ipposcd to the 15. (J. Telephone Co.
doing business in Fernio, and it wa.-
tigreed .to send the 15. C. Telephoiu
Co. a loiter stating that tlie city-
council are not prepared to instruct
where telephone poles are to be
erected in Fernie.
Mr. Ik'ck's oiler to grave! the streets
fi* ft* fi* ft*fi* vi«iC7i^--iC^:?1wi*-;«ia:^KV:'-,vja*fi5;cwvi*r 5;?^v;w;«*w'w;-*
-& - .'•■.-.. ...
li. w
't* . <y?
'*v/iv/if^^^'^wvia"^^^^}^*^ <;?/;--wvi>:;>• <;>-*>:>*/iv"J:s*
,;l-'roui tin? llt-nil<i.)
I..M.Matihliekl ul' .MtiryhVille was in
town Monday, arranging for a ntejit
■aipply, ns lie lias opened a maiket in
V. Dilliiif-er, a former stiperintetuletit
of theC. I', it., Iihs left .the loitipany to
eiii-ago in the luiiibcf Imdness at Kit-
ithei.er. He was in town several days
this wruk eoitsultiiig with local lumber-
Mr. Ilennehi-try, wl-.o lias charge o|
Hiitie milling opertitii'i'iiS on Perry creek
The St. Eugene Mining Co. have a
big contract on hand, They have to
get out of tlio mine 'H,tUi (oiis of oro
anil concentrates before ihe lirst of July
next. Tbis means a daily output' of
270 tons.
Last M'Mtiltty evening our ratepayers
again ex|,re.-,sed their coitlitleiiee iu W.
A. Jteebi: by a looting Ititn overseer for
the ensuing m-.p-.
(I. M. Fripp of Coleinati bus been re-
elected by uooiamation  bv the citizens
ti Macleod syndicate, returned front i of ",at place to succeed .himself a..-* over-
The Payroll of the Crow's Nest Coal Company Now the
Largest of Any Company in the Province— Output Could Be Increased Tenfold.
Spsldlng in the photographic business
The firm will turn out the finest photo
work in East Kootenay.
Sheppard & Elliott have a line of snow
shoveli that are hard to beat. Attached to a strong boy one of them will
lift a tou of the beautiful every hour.
Leonard Sherman, a blind boy, and
his brother Albert were badly hurt yesterday * bile coasting on the Ftk river
bill by running into a barbed wire fence.
All the Fernie hotels had their licenses renewed at the last meeting ot the
local commissioners. All the renewals
of hotel licenses In tbe district were
granted by tho government last Thursday evening.
Thos. Wesontmerch and James Mo-
Coy will open a Turkish bath establishment in Fernie some tlm* next month
Tho Turkish Is one ot tho greatest
blessings of the age, and should have
an immense run In this city.
The Bank of Commerce In this city
hns sold its Ado brick building on Vic
torlajavenue to tbe Dominion Realty
Co., but will occupy the building as a
tecant. The price has not been made
public, although reported at $15,000.   .
Last Saturday was payday for. the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Cos collieries,
and the amount paid out for the month's work-was as follows:
Conl Creek....          .....;....$ 7.*','271.rtO
Michel... '..'...'       :$8,or>-l-.S5
Carbonado ;..... — —     1.*>,515,{)0
t visit lo lhat town tocl.iy.   lie expects.
io iticrea.'-e ihe force of men' at once.
,l. F. Adams, who owned a ranch just
iHJuw M.irysoillt; a few miles, has sold
iiis rliiiltiings, and within a few days
ivill leave for a visit to Kn-iland, where
lie will ritmaiii the balanceof tbe winter,
.Mr. Adams has sold to a good atlvan-
■age, a fact that al! who know him will
tie pleased to hoar.
.lee ltoulange leaves for Barryville,
t 'tit ,'where he will make, a protracted
v sit wilh relatives, nnd Mrs. Hnulnnge
iviil accompany hint. Joe came west
tvitli the coiiKhietion' and helped to cut
tlie tight of. way, helped grade the road
bed, helped lay lite steel, worked on the
iirnt train that ran, and for some time
lias been yard master in the Cranbrook
yard. During till this time he Iihh not
been'.farther east than Medicine Hat
or fart Iter west than I lie Landing. He
has earned a good rest and a good time.
A. Chciiolte of Fernie, and George
(.icoiigeoii of Cranbrook bought A. We-
I Villi's interest in the. East Kootenay
itotol this week, and took ..charge yesterday. .Mr. Cheuette will t-ive very
little personal attention to tlie hotel, as
• twiubai tu eiiar^e oi. Mr. Geougeoti,
who is vmy pii|itiliU' avitli liie people of
this community,- and for .years had
charge of a train on the Crow. Alieady
carpenters are at work waking some
TT^OT7sT~Jr1~Trur*iiiatiager proposes to
have one of the neatest pbices in town.
"ion won't know the plnce," said Mr.
Guouj-eoti, "when tbe carpenters get
through, Wo propose to make a number of changes and have an bptel where
ono can get the l«:.st.'
seer of Coleman for next year
The machinery for the rope haulage
system which is'being installed al the
Frank mines, is expected to arrive
within tbe next few days.
The main entry at the Hil.'orest
mines, below Frank, is, it >\v into a
depth of Got) feet. It is being driven on
a 11-foot vein of 'excellent 'steam and
coking coal.
A company with a capitalization of
$500 has boon formed in Coleimui Iur
tho purpose of pulling in a rink at that
place. Already considerable work has
beon done and the rink will bo opened
to the public in a few days.
Southeast I Kootenay 88 upon the
threshold of pros,.eriiy. From the international boundary thioiigh the
Kootenay and Columbia Ivalley to Hoi-
den. a distance ol about Im- mile', surveys for the Kooienay Central railroad
are nearly complete I.
The. untold resources of Fast Kootenay,oi mineral, ,'umbcr aud agriculture,
which are, rapidly being developed, tbe
large inllux of settlors into tlte.-o valleys, tire ihe prime ftu'lors in the construction of this most important railway
The route, to bo taken, on the. oast or'
west side of tbe Kootenay ami Columbia
Total j;5li»(i,si2.r>.-»   •
Although the oi*tput of coke and coal was greater than that of the previous
month, the payroll wns not so large, owing to the fact that ciitsiil> work
at which carpenters are employed, is always suspended when the &now
fails.   Work of this kind is handled to grcatcr.advanthge iu the summer.
At present between 1,800 and 1,','OJ men arc working in the collieries
around Fernie. Of this number nearly 800 nro employed at Coal Creek, the
nearest colliery to the city.
Last Thursday the Michel, Fernic-Morrissoy Hallway company took over
the branch line of tho C. P. H. to Coal Creek, under lease, and will operate
it In future. ThoM. F. & M. railway is owned by the Coal company, nud
it gives them connection with the two great railway systems now m totelt
with Fernie. The advent of tho Great Northern sy-teni into Feroio. will
Immediately have the effect of increasing the output ol coke and coil, nud
already cars are arriving from .lim Hill's lvad. Itemised ipvtutitivs <>i
coke will bo shipped to the smelters ut Untie, Helena ami > -real Falls. At
these points Wyoming supplies the coal and Fernie. the coke. There i>
quite ft market for Fern lo coal for steam purines in and around S|mlui»<'
and other points in Eastern Washington and Idaho. The ie;;ent oj en ing »-r! i
the feeder to the Great Northern menus a great deal <;.r the. e.al minei in
l'Yoln tlm l.t-ruli-r
Win. .lobnson of Trout Lake has
opened a  restaurant  in tho   Farrell
'J he members of the Moyie Methodist
chiiicii Mill bold a Christmas tree anil
entertainment in tbeir ohurch next
Monday evening, December-''l.
Ur. Watt of Fort ■Steel has been appointed quarantine ollicer for South
K.-jst Kootenay.
Thi-iv is i*ood sleighing around Moyie
but as yet (here is not a particle of ire.
John N.ehols lelt Wednesday for his
home in Wallace, Idaho, and alter re
to,'iitiin.: there a short lime he will go
lo Arizona, whole bis lather has charge
of ibe building of a eoiiietitl.'ilul'.
| Piaiik Mchovilt met with a painful
'• aooiuonl Tii''-day at  the upper work-
Will be prMffnt, tand an efcborate dlit \ titam«* in Mi** w»ttnr and wraWafwat.-*
Tho Crow's Nest Pass Hockey association held its annual mooting in
Pincher Creek last week. For the ensuing year tho following officers were
Patrons—G. O. 8. Llndsey, "general
manater of the O. N. P. Coal Co., Fernie; Mr. Jostles Horvny, Macleod; J.
II. Farmer, (Frank; If. N. Galer, Coleman; M. Morden, Pincher Creek.
Honorary President-A. C. I.lphardt,
Honorary Vice-President—John Henderson, Pincher Creek.
President-J. II. Hchoffeld, Pincher
ftecretary-Treasurer—W. A. Ross.
Pincher Creek.
Pint Vice-President-W. A. Kattnsr,
Reetwd Vloe-PresMeal-W, II. n«
cbanan, Prank.
Third VIctvPresldent-T. J. Moon,
Pincher Creek.
Fourth Vice President-Mr. Tinning.
Fifth Vlce-Prcs.dct.t~Mr. Tripp,
The leagu* gftniain «er» amftgttl aa
Jan. H-I'incher Creek at Macleod.
iij-s ol   Iho  St.   Ktigi'itaa   miin'.     He
spiaimd  his  right ankle sit batlly* that jibe OetielitHdiiirt and indie
, tiii-. M-ivtiv.-i ol a iloitot went iiece-iMirv. I acorui
the mountains around Fernio.   The output ol the Cro.v s Nest l',i«c.,.il <v j,,,, A it. ,.(kl.,( ,„ l)j(, (■.■,11i.ro„u i.<^-
at proBClU U a million tons a vuar, and it itan bo iio'fe.i -e I to ten million---  |,u;ii w. due^iay.
when a market Is found for it.   Coal shipiHil t';--n.i IVruie Intu ;!u; I'niia-d;    A. U.< i.-im-nt, nlli-Mnaii, and ouoot
I iIn- iieavioial pni|iorly boldi-iMiu Nelson,
! ,-tinl \\ tn. I m-lK-ll, a litinver of the Mime
States pays a duty of CO cents a urn.
nef wtUbetatrvatd alter the ceremony
MiM Meckel formerly lired in Norwood,
<»'-,,, mi Mt. Wi!ili.';jJa*j iptiit iu«ay
years tn Vlrdon, Man. This (.kuik,
along with their ho*!* of fri*'mln, winkm
wiwn tr**iiy jot diiia Hiieoeits.
Scott tn tsrory way.
ti. U, O. Boulton'* mother, Mr*. L
C. Honltrm.of Hertlortihlre, Kngtsnd,
Is etpected to arrive here the tint week
>•• ♦•• -;■. ..•'..-.,,.•'■ •!'•'* r.;,;,,!.',.. !,u
|« cituiple ol nxmlhi vwitfaf Ur ton ai
A quiet wtfddlng #ill take (d*te this! the Kin^r I".lw*id hotel.   Mrs Boulton
evenlnu when Mitt Clirittina Duolop
will wed Win. J. Itroley.   The bride i»
the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. II
Dnnlop, and one of tke t*li*« of the
-•Uy.   Mr. lk<i'.rj U lUn «i',U kv«».*w
is the wife >ot Huff Captain J. 0 foul
ja.ii, It. X., who |.ir years had ckatye nt
the hydrngraptde surrey In Canada,
and it at present on a visit lo her other
two*,')* .tUltal^VMM Slatt   HtWl|«ajra   wt»o
the prnpertiea in New York tor t:1,-; was laid u-ide until ■
m\fW.   Through tho crooked   nr-'    Ft w.-n re-oh-od  ".,.    i     .
tlotunfthe middle men lUlgatlonUion au<l cleeti n <•! ibe m-\i eiioeii
■prang Up, and before It was settled  lake pliee in  tio-  " ti-i   I   n       -ii
the death of Senator Hrynes put au I. A, Retime a* returning ..fiio, i aw
end to both deal and lawsuit. The W. II Wh'iu -,\; -r as ile( nv ituu.
romance connected with the lilstorv Si>g »!!::.
ol these claims If woven into 11 tern -I owing t^-ht lit, rt .,!<!,. ,, ,:
ture wonld make a truthful work i the buiMmg i,r a.iieno!!, ojm.im
that would outrival the llower ol Hit- nnl Mivei \\ <- hi I «.\< -r tm-.ti .;,i oi„<
inas'genlua I»- H tttmi'-nd'- !>*vr n-  i,-|. ,.',..,,,
D. V. Mott Is ono ol the moau-ner-: ■■•--- '>u'v ■■■•-i- '" M '""'<-'
(fetlo buslnew men In Kcmle or J'jmt |   ^•••'■,-   •'
Kootenay.   Uo has been the mtjiui,
through bis untiring elToru, nl Iu
doclrig more capiui to iiivmt m mn.     •"••»" '''"',,".','■
district than |»rwtwMy any attberiitsn,  -«-.^-'-a .ai<-.  "■■>
and thta meant the exploiting vt mr' !,>'t!"' ri,! '^vi'' "mi
natural rceourcee, with the added *!,J«r"- '
concomittant of ffi-eatcr population and
prosperity.   llzKagitiiing tlve.nM'Uy
m Mr. Mmt «e * wwiotor »nd d«*»t>
fcter. Mm. Harris has ewnrMl lil<* <*'•
operation la ttie j»l»cinf ot bor prop
ertlea with men who have the money
to develop and the intellect to rtcog
nlz« the wondertnl reaourves of White
'Vtrt-M-*      «-•   1«.-«»'    •      '•■•>■>,
■-'"''    'i   ' '  -■     "
miliar with tbe dUtrkt, liavlttg g> nr
i a >. «i !'•
■: i-.tuleol t
riverT*is asTert~mT<T(• termined, and remains a matter of conjecture. It, would
seem from reports thai the lino will
follow tiio east bank of the Columbia
from (Ibklen to Canal Flat, crossfiig
the Kootenay river at a point near
Finley creek, thence recto^ing the
Kootenay near Wasti, thence following
ihe east bank of the Kootenay to Foil
Steele, thence to a point on tho Crow's
Nest near Jaffray.
That this road will be built and without uniiecetsary delay early in ilea coating spring js a foregone eotiolii>ion.
The promoters have declared that construction will commence ut an early
date aud that work will be pushed a.s
rapidly as possible
The building of the Kootenay Central
will mean muoh to l',.t>t Kootenay, and
it i»J impossible to ovete-UilMlto the
benelit Io be tbirivel. ',! lie refer will
open up a new district wiib jjieat agricultural possibilities and ln.nberiiu and
mining resource,s of otvat p"t.-ntiiiiiiy.
I'ltat tbe (,'oltitubia and  Kootinay val-
loi, tt ill be ollilllgitil   11 Kill   u .seein, (,( i,ia-
pros.-iiuii, caii:-ei| by a lack of transportation, to n hive of i.(isy iiidtisKy
by the ftdvotit of tbe K. C. 1!
Tbat trad.- ivill I,.. stoiet! «!i.-l I eyoiM
calculation in a eerlHitny, but   with nil
t dial wnl
■ aconie (rioo Ibe construction ol tin*
I'aiUay, the |iios;ii i ! of giibt/ d- tb"
Canadian 1'ucilto an alnw-l duet t fwu'e.
,iild a i,mi|,.ll,i:ia< ,< a-.,r.y :;i.oi>- S o ,.'li.; e
tbe Itocky mountains I- a .on-1 economical |»'int, nud ii Im^e |>oi'Hon «,i pas-
•ieiigor and  heavy height  traibo  Hill
t 'I'll'.l.ti  I'll its
here tills  Week adiuptini* thi
ol.il.. I,',.b.«rt l.'.-i-ieier.   Mr. i pniaia t.vor the Kootoua
,.   ;   ..,,.,. i.    ,1   ., ,,    I,  ■    ,     ;,.,   ||  ..   (I.   ,   \   * «liy lo III"  I'M''"!!" " < >    '
t.reiii-iy « tilt .\it'. Niodor-t.idt.
|-'..i|,,-i- I '.- i •,' i ». ,- n;> in..,, I'.'tii'f
tin, hi.!, two1-,tug afli'i -otoe taaltel's
|'.-Hioi.o; t > the  in iv « alh'.iif I'hllirh
.\ll\l\'.   I'Alt Aa'lUI'HS,
Skvl.ttk  itatui
i no
t  I tl is     Im-OII      |---atl,|a-,|    .|ll«l
,1-. I    ('..tlti.lrtlll    ,>••!,Ilsllll  I|M»
.■   «.,il.   Iii tin, w l.i'ii   It   aaill
A.-, ,itihi>|f  !•<  pia-a-'tit 'ar-
«.     !|,.<    t'.-l    s.., v,a"    «il!   be
I    ll, !■  '
■I- aa, ■ i
i < . d i\ .      i In
..- Ill-id   Utef.
,   bid «,-i
at.d   l'i.'«. lnv.   tb-oi.'l.   I-'
gives t-inl.-ii (   I"-,  no
,ilie «,! the ISonii'bit'y 'li-'i
l» liu' liiio-1 |-i.id.ii i-, --t ,;
v.-t etpo-id
'lilt I'lg lintie
t.-r   I'P.'id
11,.'   1
and   ttu-
la:»- b-.'.-i
a   I
and wil
l.'i.' i'o>
receive t
,'• .",   H,l -
lei .!*• -e.
I,'.   I  ;tuull.\ \\ AilMM.
' '» 0<it    ''
I'ttl-fllV -IO.I
-11 I.
. ti,'
• t
'In pM«\, i'la;   i !■■!
i.ht'ii' i,tl.-ifi.i", ii..'t
*riiea-!.ltlu'li it'll , trio'.I
tt..-   \'<
.-I   I
I l-s -li
• li.i«l
K.»-!i'it'ia ,!)■«<  sat
,,i. ■
I i,
•a-I 111 <■
l.jlt,,- III.')
■  'Ol di'itt. t.
-I    -„<!•<   I   glll.l"
t.'H.^    I'lVer,
I ni,.I   illnl »li*»
'■% ■'■-'• ■ ■   ' "   '■''>■■
ilirf.      I",,..,! ii.a- ,
iibiili   !    .li•'11
fniiii-i ii   i *tr.-' «
contractor end Is to be emgtataUted j remaiiieit in this country, lAfetber wHh
UpOU aCCUfialg SUd'.aUtiatf'taaVUaaiyua.i'gitt. ll.  Ct.   kitialUaWI,   wbfB  taMHf >»tba»
iAdy tor a iito partner. Ii«v. A. Utinn
•111 fa**torn tbe mttf tweolal eeetmmj,
T«it I.i:i»m. ia effawinrrenirratnlstiimf,
tnsnttt ttnat the btM»<il*>f ef tMr li?«w
wfll Mwg atrtteufct 4*1 Jot, |*»<* *»<!
waa itwailed by tb* British »dttlraU<r
mmetwelve .yean *g». »hotm\f the*
Ma mother's risft, Mr. BelteRi slater
Muriel, who te new -*mdyln» portrait
|isl»ttiif to T'Atl*, Ttxtm, wjH
t t*nf to him.
.Aia, *—i»imev. tU(iie,aia»i»irmort»
Jan. U-llAtiomi at Fernie.
J*».»—T«tileM- l*t'»*fc*r(V««4i.
Jan. 11-Hacltod v. Turtle, al Blair-
•V*. i<«   h.i«ii«ti laiiia.iai.M,
Jan. is—Turtle t. Oot*man, at Coleman.
Jan. 17—Fernie at Pincher Creek.
Jan. **—Tattle w. Yernit, tt Ftrule
Jan. M-Piacher Creek at 0>lera*B-
Jas.SO>-Mtielee-] at l-lneherCnmk.
Jan. 81—M«<.lw>d>t (Mew**.
Pen 9—Ptiwhef CtttM at Femtft.
f«t», »~T*«**tt«*at *M»rtaVa-!.
Fan.a-Cotctaan v. Tattle*, at (flair
"wLle-Cektwanat StoeM fe*1"^* ^_f*Uf™\^U* ^,t,-f',,ri,
m. H-Plnefcef Creek r. Turtle, at\*T «-• Nelaoa ^1** ** *•'•«>«   ,"h'i">" *H   'l '
Btainaar*.; nibttel toppe* orw.   An *«»y rt-     ii.,.,-.,;^-::. - ■ t;,.-
FcU. U-Fetabea* UWeae*. (eetrtty takew www a *hrvwm£ on the' fr ■«:■* u. >,- <-«. -i*.it
-tli ti a« that
i i'. i. ■ f'ttit i'i v.i'1", w, d.l I'.'.idity
- jo. "n i-niiic i>'i t ot »»,«* til tlm talll.
i -IT- t'luaa's ,*»!•»*. .ili'-lai th* <'ii.il
i,- >.ua  11t>i,i  i '.»■-'>   l.'.'V   Hi   lliitaa-
,-!»>...  ,*l   ■'' *,*ai,,#',*    K**-|. iii'iV    |«^»-
.e. ii-II ai|a |.-4lltta'».tl.<tt )■**<'«' lt If) *
f*lllt„ir' inll       - -Il{.     (!■'■     ■■'   ■ ..■;■    ■
t'rna,r uiitlv 10 Hie NiimI I'l.it'
It WOiiM Im .'< tlii»l.0lt|ii" li ti
a,*^«* *i i-l.- pH.loO'ed, i-is Ut s i
giro* a"tn| !••> inrlit S«» SI lit ad «,i'-
tt*Uf liu- "i.ll'a»i|.,lli' f'i I I" ■'
ai ,.,..(- ..... t„ «■. :• '  ■
Hfv tin* l.e .'un   t<v   I'll*   '">•■■'<■■
■tin- gravis li I ff"li»  the  ,'(-i  »   ti*
a it-nt I'frtitti 1 i<> Utrf. I'.,' j.»ai'»
t« »fli*t Is li:i|'|^llll,g   111    ■'*   'I"/'
■„l I*
oterlt au-me time ajr«» In cotnisiny  u«»-«.»efi
with one of tfce beat eop(«r ex-Kim
ttxm Ihe United States, awl tw* a
nap In preparation of the ion* I ity
Th* itrrrtrt, %»r* itfin mmrj.:iv<nlt<>
report Ht the claims lyirut tni thai
!uJtlt5 of Kuotcuu-y t'lvttr. Om fi-«.
to* Harris jrronp of eiaimi cm u*
ae«fi at th* tiBmm d %km S.-v. ,<' '• ■
t >'!»■«■•'■
,   sit.4  *
'-j--Jr« -1 nd-   •:
■■•   am<f lh.# ' t
mA  -'A
(hi- amrlltHi
a* .il
:. a
. '>'.«
!►*"» i,!*. .»>-i t
l«-ii(.y tm-i^j:t
■ ;.»
to t
t»«-tla-'U».    «■'
1 -
• ■it-
i -.t.'.t'l.i
.   V
S.»\   I K IV
I'f*t«a>i'.,   **
f.-i-'t flight t->
•• t
. ■.'
tafcf l
, i ,■ -i i -,!V
A',- tion a.f msna-r*!*
f- i* i,
'.<• i '   !■"■
il   ll.tt    T-
'j. -. _A
i»-   -),iftt'(4t   I**
»*,pi»-tb<tl A tbe
. . ■■/,'    -,l;.|',il*--i|*(
t«»l   a.g   !."•   S* ••
h*-*f   »rr S «'«<ta-
\    I ft    tft*    (*'»*!» . fl*t.
iMl -f;.-*!i!.1 <H-A*    fli'.i't
f Uti1
l',i,  .%lvl    I'.,*   "doi
ttlt ir       | f*-aa»t,».     J-
n«-l t •*, Sail.i tsi'l it
* l..,lA « I «-%l ,!*\  '•
4   !'
it ■'
.1 htraana  l»t-«niiit«i.
allr>.»<a.       i »'»'*•*     '«*'"
»<t* *>" *.>r;'-*s»"* a' ; i ■
1r*At-tl »h»t ltn*rt»   '-
Mt'ftk*. <»**  '*•**>
lff"i''-:l-i •'.!   -
■nt   t*-r-t<
■f»«,|    I'lf.f    f.rti-.''    »-a     fha*
i-l tke KusiaUr«•.-*>   * "'tilt-*'
iia-a      \\t rM.*"pi >r f)'. - • THE LEDGE, FERNIE, B.C. , DECEMBER 21, 1904
The Ledge.
ll.T.liOWKKY, Kditunuul KlnuiKiler.
Tin: l.Ktx.K is nublislii'il evory Weilnos.Iu.v
iuPernio, 110, Tlio i.riw is fin your. Ailvor-
tiaini* rates K'vi'ii upon iippl'iaidon.
The sun has made its annual halt,
and turned north to gladden the
heart of man. Christinas is upon us,
with all the joy that comes when we
sink self and make glad those who
are near or far from us. It is the
time of the year when the Christian
world thaws out, and does more to
br'ghten the lives ot each other and
touch the leaden sky in this vale of
tears with the silver of merriment,
generosity and goodwill, than at any
other time of tho year. Families
have reunions and amid the carving
of turkeys and the slicing of plump
plum puddings, mor al man makes
'merry, and for the nonce forgets that
every trail lias its thorns, and he is
very poor, indeed, (or dyspeptic) who
cannot upon-this joyful day bring
danger of separation very near to the
buttons on his waistcoat.
At Christmas we should forget
everything that is evil and remem
ber everybody, even the printer.
Then, here's to Christinas! May
it endure while this sphere runs on
schedule time, and Thk Ledge wishes
everyone in the world unspotted merriment upon the day around which
cluster our sweetest memories of the
forms that have vanished, and the
voices thut are stilled.
for produce, Manitoba and the Territories would almost find greater pro
tection of the lumber industry worth
"But the question is of wider im-
importance. The single aim of every
province should be the upbuilding of
tho Dominion as a whole. The
United States has proved the value
of a home market. By the development of a home, market every prov
ince is eventually a gainer. Imports and,exports are principally
valuable as they build up the home
market. The farmer this fall realizes
the value of the home market when
he notes the price of wheat acoss the
bordor, Bees himself debarred from
his own particular foreign market,
because Russia happens to bo exporting very heavily. It is the home
market that counts, and why, by the
way, should we buy so much lumber from, the States, when they buy
so little from us ?"
last night, trying to coax the furnace
to give out some heat. In the midst
of my work the bell rang and I hnd
to answer.it. When I opein d the
door this man stepped in and tried to
sell me a patent fire extinguisher!
The lumber industry in East Koote
nay is suil'ering from an attack of
commercial biliousness, and is aiming to receive the necessary physic
at Ottawa in the form of protection
against the mills of the United States.
While the policy of protection is not
in linn with the former principles of
the Liberal party, it seems about the
only medicine that will blow health
into the lumber business around those
parts. The present condition of the
industry has been brought about by
the greed of the lumbermen in Oregon nnd Washington. When they
saw the great demand for lumber in
the Northwest territories they rushed
into the market like a drove of hogs
into a rljKS corn Held. Their policy
was tu cut and slash prices, and with
no regard lor their Canadian |bretli-
ren, to get trade at all hazards. The
policy lias acted an a boomerang, for
at tlio present moment the mills of
Whshlugto/i are in u atato oi financial
collapse. Tlio loggers refuse to sell
logs below a certain price, und tho
railroadc maintain tho same position
In reference to freight so tjiat our
greedy neighbors are forced to shut
down their mills or raise tlio price ol
lumber. The latter course will make
protection from Ottawa unnecessary,
but it will take at few months for the
mill* of II. C. to recover, from the rash
raid ine-do upon their natural market
by a lot ol grasping meddlers to the
south of this glorious province. In
an editorial upon the matter tho Winnipeg Cotiimerc'al snys:
"Manitoba and thu territories want
a convenient market for produce.
Already largo imantttles ot dairy
product* from Manitoba are bought
hy British Columbia, and the Pacific
province I* nu im|ioriaiit market for
Allierta producer*. The develop,
ment i4 the ItritislitV-lumliia market
la, then, a matter of great importance
lo Manludi't lain! the Territories, and
undotiUiillv the growth of that mar
is reUrded, il nut mi art-sly threat-
rile*!, .by tin- demonetization of the
lumber Industry in British Colnmhtn,
which is very largely, if not entirely,
due to the exUting linn".
When the press can be controlled
by wealth it augurs ill for the com
munity or nation. The people are
largely to blame for this. As a rule
they are indifferent in support to a
paper whose editor is honest. They
often allow him to starve-while fighting their battles. The fo!l"wing statement from the Springfield Kepublican
will show how wealth muzzles the
press, even in England:
"One way to undermine a cause
or a party is to buy up its newspapers.
In the passing of the London Standard into the proprietorship of Arthur
tives, who have been standing out
against Mr. Chamberlain's tarifl'
schemes, haye lost their only support in the daily journalism of Lon
don. Tho .Standard, with its Tory
traditions, has been an irritating obstacle to Mr. Chamberlain's efforts in
turning tho Conservative party into
a protectionist organization So Mr.
Pearson, the millionaire friend of Mr.
Chamberlain and tho publisher of
many Ijournals and magazines, comes
along and snaps up the Standard almost while you wait. Tho power ni
money is nowhere seen so clearly as
in Usability to dictate what the people shall read in their newspapers.
Such, indeed, la tho less in of tho sudden flop nf the London Standard from
free trado to protection."
Kvkuytmng   Is   not   brass   that
Today Is tho shortest day in Iho
year, although within the past six
months we have seen shorter.
Violet cordial, a drink beloved ot
Yorkshiremen, is one ot the best oi
the hoine-breweddrinks. Made from
freshly-plucked sweet violets, it is
often kept for years by farmers, who
drink it sparingly in tiny glasses, yet
it retains all the delicious aroma ot
the fragrant flower from which' it
takes its name.
Home-made sloe wine is a drink
which takes a lot of beating us a
thirst quencher. It is especially
popular in Durham.
Cowslip wine is another prime
favorite unknown to the inhabitants
of cities. So, too, arc a tost of " eas,"
famous in.rural parts not only for
their refreshing, but a'so for their
curative powers.
Years ago, before the tea from
India and China could be bought
cheaply, beverages brewed from
mint, pennyroyal, dandelion, wild
thyme, marjoram, camomile, balm,
calainint and similar herbs, were a I
most universal.
Even tod.iy their fame is in t. dead.
and they are frequently resnr.cd 't>
by housewives in hot weather, and
when any small ailment shows iuuit
in their families.
Leaves plucked from strawberry
plants and currant bushes make a
fragrant beverage, as do ribwort aud
r lay year our sta- p*
icjlhr-r rood
*"*>■*" dcp.*rIn er-.t Ims been
exteiidin<*    is    buiness
thrci-ghoi t l!ie Dominion.
We a»',|l •sen.*, r»wi-s pi a paid,
75 lull bin t.s 1 i l.iicn .line
at'iilini, I .,," r, a-li'ls, «J in
color M'iOl    -ai:>-L   i.lhi'-l.   »««
73 ■i-nvil.-iHs li> matth for
cu'y $1 00.
Frpravirg ol cards, wedding
'nv'ia'iors, cU„ promptly
attended lo.
In Fernie, is a pleasant
liome for all who travel.
Rooms reserved by wire.
If you are looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
"New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
mouths at the. Newmarket Hotel with'Henry
Pfege. Home cooking, and tbe finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wive
for rates.
fienry Stege
HewntarKet fiotel
Dew Denver
Snt Wilfrid Laukikr can afford
to seek health amid the Ibwcrs and
sunshine of the glorious climate ol
Southern California, while Borden
has to content himself with the rigor
of tho breeze that blows against Nova
8cotla. _____
Thousands of people attribute
Lauder's succctw tn Canada, and
Kuooovelu In the United State* to
the personality ol the men. The real
reason is known to thu wine, but it
will do no good to discuss it In a local
O.vk oi the best ways to build up a
town is to sulwcrlbe for the local
paper, and send ns many to your
friends as your meum will i*niilt.
At a distance the jieople Judge a
town more by iu titWM'ut-icr* than
anything else. __   __
Thk LetMitc was the tint pap<-rto
advocate the building M a mint in i
TlioTamglilaOTOrfelaTRnnrafn as a re~
fresher and curative, being found in
very many households.     <
Strange as it may seem, a drink
can be made from sawdust. Here is
the recipes
Two tons of sawdust are boiled
with sulphuric acid for three hours,
the liquid matter then extracted by
pressure, neutralized, leftforeightcen
hours to cool and clarity, and then
fermented for four or five days.
The resulting alcohol is then distilled and rectified, but a yield ol
about nine and a half quarts of spirit
to every hundredweight of sawdust
is obtained. Quantities of this arc
consumed in Fiance.
Palm wine is made from the sap
oozing from the cut-oil' blossom stems
of the oily palm tice, and of the cocoa
tree. It is a pleasant, refreshing
beverage, and notsulilclentfy known.
Isitshimlyana Is the weirdy name
given to a deadly intoxicant made
from molasses by the natives of Natal. An analysis of this drink made
some time ago by an eminent doctor showed that it was WJ per cent
stronger than any known alcohol.—
Straw Stories.
FiimIiIoii Fooled.
Thomos Fogarty, the illi^traior,
wan talking about modern fashions
in dress.
•■ It Is lwrJ to keep up with the
fashions," hn said. "They ore certainly confusing. The other night
at the theatre a man In the rear neat
all ot a sudden juuqied up excitedly,
" -Down with that red umbrella in
front!' liourltMl.
"Hut his wife pulled him back into
his chair,
** 'Kor mercy sake, hudhl' she wliis
IHstviJ.   That isn't an umbrella} It's
a now winter hat'."
The Best
Union Made
Ooeralls, Shirts &
Miners' Garments
c$» <&* c$»
T. Whelan, Manager
Queens Hotel
Rates $1   a Day
Tin's hotel is a home for all railroad and lumbermen.
MAIM' nv
Lenz & Leiser
J. C. Carruthers
Afieni for Kooienay
I\ O. U..X 5'. . Nelson, B.C.
lit Three Forks is one of the
oldest hotels in the Slocan, and has
never closed ils dnors. The meals nre
always tasty, an J'ihe' landlord''never
allows his whiskey ti» flirt with the
wiiter barrel.
HUGH NIVEV, Proprietor.
fjjt    €$-»    f$*>    C$»
-r  .  t ■■. -r     *r
Is one of Fernie's oldest and
best known hotels.. The
Proprietor's name is.
Wm. Eschwig.
tg»   r|»   <|*   <|>
Canada, and the otlit-r day the con-
rp-to-iiiitp (-out 11 mt*.
Mrs Patrick Campbell, famous for
her dramatic art ami  hot jy>t d >si,
j Pinky Panky Pun, a Japanese *panl
The most acceptable Xmas
Present for a smoker is a
Call ami see our stock of
B.B.B.      O.B.D.
Peterson and Lowe Pipes
, ♦♦♦*
Ahjoining  Kernie Motel
J. in. CUMMINC.8
Olli.V ; Maltl, Sam ,\, ('..., I..T.W. Hlnck
I'Vkmi:        ~ lliiti-.li l uliiiiihi.i
Why put your money in
the savinirj, hank at a low
recently went driving ont. dnj and
Incidentally dropped  In  to   sec  it
frlfltiil    Tho air wah chilly, In liii-t
4h «4. **    **C-t »#(-** ***f"
■k-LHU   *>*1tAA
fii't;  Juu.A>t .1      '.1      .i.'.l    :i
UnUjiXiat]     Ml -it!'*,    Jllel     stiW<,,Ua;'ll
lav#tiit.lj»aHo*i ti,*« iKt-i.Mre.MHi at, (Sir* thru,
opinion  tli.u  the  Ituulwr   Indu.stiy
shoultl    itft'ivii    luuic   protection. \
Vrin'it* irui cry   in iviitinmim iiiifj im,'
TenitorifB Ins U*rn for cheup lorn-
htr, it i* a fact thnt thist has resulted
In wri'imly rpiar-liiiK tho gr-iwth ot
tnelr own innkuiar market ncrxm
Ihe Ruckle*.   Th« *>rtw|«*>rity <4 Jlrii-
i»hOt)iMfn>Mii d«-iundn upon tbede-
relopiRftMfifilifi r.fttaral wwiorewof
that jirovirtrf, f/fie <A the. most imjmt J
ant oi which is lanj-niihin* forliekj
tt pMcaoii.   U *etmt io tu that
Merely trwu. tU ittiprovtd uurketj
tract lo bailtl one in Ottawa waa ltd
tit a cost for thu building alonu ol
$*ita,(XlJ.   ThU ihow» tho powctrot
tli* pr«*j even il it tl 4* uWe a lew  _.. mt , .,__ ,,.      , „ ,
.. _L .   . 1        - 1  .*.!        1.   .   cold, and Mr*. Camplwll worn a loiiir
V*aara-»   *n   lirlnra- (aria-»»l-a tfilairrp .ilviat   ' r »"••-»
_ ,uiMt  *m   iiuaauii   ftjOjc.    lihky  or
It ha* been r»*cemly diwovered I""   •*
that there hi a crack In the moon
ot hiRli culture, while in Waithinfffm rate of interest when you can
bttv a
"«   m   a,   WatUU   B|<.,a
in iho ifn*tt rita-
' !hy p'tviiv^
l-af   WJamM-ararT
8&6Rtral - Hotel
n First Class in Every Respect A
L*J MRS. S.JENNINGS, Pkopiuetbess. W
Tasty Meals,    .   "  ■  „
ICusy Beds,
Nerve Bracers
Of Every
J.   F.   JARVIS    PROP.
Is tlio home of nil Slocan peoplo traveling' to and from Poplar.
meals always heady.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
•        On the road leading  to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
lias ample accommodation
'  for man and his  horse.
.   The bacon,  beans,  beef-
Bteak,   eggs,   oats,, hay,
., bobzerino and cigars can
not be beaten in tho hills
of the Lardeau.
The Exchange Hotel in Kaslo is
like an omu in an Egyptian desert.
Slocan folks flock to it like bees
to a flower garden.
rinl.l ( .TBI(lolilhiiiISilver—Mint
l,**tl~— —   ."& |<iold,»ilviT, o>|>irr I.S11
HumptaM liy mull ra.celvii i.ronipt attiiitloii:
I'lii-ur tl .1.1,  Itiitorln, nml Itlch ilun IIjiiuI.i
Html for Krf« UtlllnirKnvii. mid I'rlw l.mt.
1118 Ar*|i»hon *!.,  Driiv^r, Oulo,
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners
The Cnrpentcrt & Joim-rn of I'Vrnu'
nnx't the 1 st and 3rd Tue'adays in cacU
inniith nt tlm OJdfillcmH* Hull,
"Will open next month with
46 Fi rst=Class Room s
, Everything Up-to-date
sl_,y.£y_\y._,y.*.y.*.y*_i* *v si* s1* »** *'* <>* *** *!* *»'* «>v *,** *j* <i* <r>» \?> wv>
i*nle Brewery
N. KLAUSMAN, Prop. <
i Manufacturers of L.ig*er Beer, Bottled Beer & Porter
TiiTwmnii'TWenue, henna"
*■'* Si* *-'* *'> *>'* *•'* *J* v> »v M* \V *'» ♦.»> ma »»> *y* *t> »f> «,»> *?> »t> »»> »»» »t> »r> »
Bj Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd;
-Brewers of Extra Fine
Laser Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Coal  miners - -
A good chance lor a future home on reasonable terms,
Kootenay Valloys Co., Ltd.
Ahiuit it...,i;i,-i,-s, MIm-J KAKMINtinndCiUAZINti
t'KI-.l-.K,  »o mill's ir.1111 KLKO.
Will hi- subJividcd in hiiii (lurchiiM-r in hKtcks from
K.) iii'ivs npwiirds.
I'litv fruin $\.mt to $*\oo per iit*n>.   Tonus—1.5th
'■•tsh ;   Kilntiiv in yearly inMalnii-nis nt 6 pvr
I'a'llt. ititrti"-!,
CftftiULfi AAAAJLH .QJ.tLC fl..a.tLflfl ooooooooa no p e qfl ft ft ft!
MoMon'&Co.     T. G, PrOCtorManager NelsOll
Hotel Strathcona
uiidcriicatli   the   coit,   h\$   tln^yl $10
With tpou oo the «m. . '™^J>h««*h^. M»ej«»«l iil.!ie t«eib f j
Ian., aid the «rl« «t the «ack In Ot-1W.1* °?L       , . \^tt a,,d il 1monl.,l,>* W™M\ M
.......    .     ...      .  .. anrlllRI
•Oli, what tl  loveiy rmt thMA*.''1 of S-;.<K) w?fh<Mtt
with rnmirt mightier M*net .rrd I* ^ ***** b» '*»* "I* «■ «■*      ... _       ...
MMhed into broken *nd Ik-ttirig j'««/«-/■' »" h««Ike l^n." Wc have 5-» such lots „,
-torn* upon the tnAim ei.mn** of £ ?h<> to* •""^ ,'1»^» 1.^*1. |lhe Ut.ca^o of Canada for
%mett ' j Pinky r«fial«cd the gentle
' - - fwlth»in.if>
Intoti-rHhW frmocatlon.       i ■■ t'JIy 1m*vbiii!" excWowd Utew-j,   « .„   n.    .    .,      .     „„
I admit that I Mt ttif iilnlntlff uM |tre-tA fhpnd    "Whst I* t!,-,i'-"        I •« I. W . UliKk, I*crnte, R. C
SoW*l«, *nd I'd do H a/raln if™       |    *(>!ir*    c*c..*l//i,.-tl    this    hc
magitainiie, tiori't ulk ttmt *my.       i th»l% got under • Hut-i-.ii'. hide. - r Wmt_mr~^m_tr-^mWm^-m_tr~_m__r^
J^!«M dw.« to my edbr|N..ttrtTta-» | ^h in fmk hl 1.iL\^.™Jl\\*^
n\iwtu'. sale on the above terms.  Call
'•ind sw us far p.irffctif.ir*;.
In in » il«dlr-htfnl hwlnlinn uni! fmt»» tt* ta-itrv*»itra«i
win Im» tioort nil tin' tai'ttnlv #*f tin- a»ntnd eoi-nr'ra,'
1 lint, unrrmnuli", Ihmh'' in, and udtirni- tlie l»itf*y
oity «f NelwMi. It Ih the Inwio of tntm^* mul
IiuhIiic**** men from all jkii-Iji uf tho world. The
cuifdiK? nit'ir drug* In tin1 inirt' ot iiitilhwiilv
uinl wry mom in mi inihiy U> iiiwuitiia, I
you im-«*i1 room* wIk-ii on tin- way in, toncli the
wiw and the deed i» dum-.
%%%%^% %%%%%%%%%•%, %%%%.%-!»•!,•%,%%%%
"$Mott-Son4Co.i8 B* Tomklns' Manager, Nelson, B.C. jjj THE LEDGE, FERNIE, B.C.,. DECEMBER 21, 1904
Wild orgies and the stillness of death,
the boisterous singing of jovial soldiers
tonight and the heart-piercing cries of
the singers tomorrow as- they lie
wounded in the Manchurian millet
lields, calling vainly for human help or
divine succor—such are t'ie two stages
i-f the grim dance of death which i*
now being performed by hundreds of
thousands in the Far Kast. Ofiiciul
and journalistic reports, indeed, describe the men as cheerful and eager
for the fray, but athwart the smoke of
the battlefield we catch a glimpse of
soul-searing pictures which words cannot reproduce; and the Russian people, realizing them in their dim, vague
way, hate the very name of war.
Death, certain death, awaits so many;
but it is not only the end they fear, but
the nameless tortures lhat accompany
it—the long nights srrjnt in muddy
t enches or on .slippery hill-slopes, the
long days of gnawing hunger, maddening thirst, and mortal terror, and
then Ihe endless ages to be passed
amid the dying and the dead in agonies
of unrelieved pain.    That is one reason
resolved to justify their reputation for
intrepidity. They had been the scourge
of Diighestan.
"I should like to see you at work," a
correspondent remarked to one of the
chiefs, "You cannot see us," was the
answer. "We shall creep out at de*id
of night, and the crack of rifles and
the moans of our dying victims are all
you can hear. Next day hundreds of
Japanese wives will be widows." And
the same, correspondent saw the men a
few weeks later, tollering into Mukden, haggard, pale, dejected, their
heads bandaged, iheir arms in slings-
piteous objects, till of them; "At what
battle were you wounded?'' he inquired
of oue of them. "I don't know. None
of us knows." "How is that?" "We
were tit no battle." Where did you
get wounded, then?" " We don't
know." " Hut surely you fired on the
Japanese or they on you." " We didn't
lire on anyone. We" never saw the
Japanese. Fire from heaven came
down and destroyed us."
That fire from heaven has been oflen
likened to a   hell  upon earth by the
they often beseech the assistants to put
an end to their lives. To be conveyed
in a Chinese arba is exquisite torture.
Men wilh limbs almost severed throw
themselves out, refusiug to be drawn
in those vehicles. And even of these
there is only a small number. Crowds
of wounded soldiers have to drag themselves along fer sixty-five miles tohave
their shattered arms or injured bodies
washed and dressed.
why so many men, summoned 10 arms"! soldiers  who patsed   through   it and
prefer to blow out their brains or enter
the "open door" in their own way
rather than lo be drafted lo the front.
In Odessa, during the mobilization,
strong men went stark mad; women,
praying that their husbands might be
released, brought dead children prematurely into the world; and whole families sought'speedy death by suicide,
and murder, rather than  face the hor-
rors of the battlefields. For they had
learned some details.
A wearisome journey of weeks in a
mephilic railway' truck, and the.soldiers tire dumped down in Harbin,
Healthy, pleasant, simple-minded fellows, most of them from the soil. In
Harbin they "rest" and "prepare."
Vodka, cards and coarse pleasures are
the preparations made by most, their
•maxim being "Eat, drink and .be
merry, for tomorrow we die." Drunken soldiers, General Volkofl declares;
in his order of the day, are met with at
every hand's turn, in the streets as
well as at the railway station.    M:iny
outlived the experience.
The clouds rained bullets, shrapnel,
and bombs like hailstones in a summer
storm, says one man who witnessed the
last great engagement. ..-Whole .companies were literally riddled with steel,
and the soil was made muddy with
their blood, A few remained, but seeing no officers, nothing but corpses
and quivering forms, calling for speedy
death, they turned and fled. The
colonel slopped them on the "way.
"How dare you Yun away, you	
he shouted. The men hung their heads.
The officer used strong and still stronger
language. Then one of the men said
"We cannot face the lire your excellency. There are no officers, no sergeants, no—" "Back to youi places
or I'll have you shot. Begone this
And they went slowly to the butchery
and returned no more.
It was appalling to watch the officers, each one advancing at the head
ofhjs iiien.,writes the.corresr>gndent-of
Oh, Christmas tide is coming soon with
mirth and merry cheer;
'Tis time to think of presents now for
, all our friends so dear.
What  matter if we're very poor and
destitute of pelf,
Why, don't you know, the nicest gifts
arc those you make yourself.
We'll take a broken sewer pipe for an
umbrella jar,
Just put a coat of gilt paint on—and
there's a gift for pa I
A sofa pillow for mama—oh how her
eyes will dance;
She'll never guess 'twas once a pair of
father's pants.
A quinine   pill-box   painted   blue   will
make a bonbonniere,
A picture painted on the top, to give a
stylish air;
From  uncje's old suspenders we can
fix a belt for Kate,
And  mark   it  "Price $2.00," it  will
please her, sure as fate.'
An empty pickle bottle will make such
lovely vase;"
Tie scarlet ribbon round il, label "With
much love for Grace."
A box with ma's old wrapper, too, upholstered nice and neat,
Will be a handsome footstool for our
dear old grandma's feet.
Oh, won't our friends be glad lo get
these presents we have made.
They're sure to put all purchased gifts
away back in the shade.
For naught's so useless, worn and old
but by device or shift
We'll utilize it somehow for a homemade Christmas Gift.
fflfyen you Want
Do not toait for the
telephone but carry
the message to::::
27)e Hedge Office in jevme
§ fpHE   typographical |
£ *t   manipulators are $
5 artists & can produce §
5 startling triumphs at 5
8 short notice. S
S 5
Mount Fernie Lodge No, 47
1.0, :^9CjifN -0.-F.
Meets every Thursday evening at 8
p.m. in I.O.6.F, Hall.
Owen* Ross, P.G.,R.S.
J. Barber,
L.D.S.,   D.D.S.
T. W.   Block,   opposite  the   Bank
Ollice hours—8 b.m. to 8 |, m.    ,
of them are insolent and disobedient,
lie adds, and have to be tried by court
martial. And the general's sketch's
thus filled in by a Russian:
"Scarcely had I quitted the train at
Uaoyang when the wounded began to come in. Some were in Chinese twoaAvheelers, others on stretchers;
while many limped along holding each
other, Gradually the- moaning and
groaning and shrieking of the bleeding and bandaged soldiers grew in
volume, till it deadened the din of the
railway station, More mid more the
the ulinQsplierp became saturated with
thut peculiar smell of blood which is
known only on the battlefield.
MBut that melancholy picture had no
sobering effect upon a group of elegant,
dandified Cossack officers who had just
nrrived from St. Petersburg, Five
piictjs from thtj dying and i|ie dead
I hoy mt merrily drinking their champagne and flavoring It with obscene
jest*. Only in war are such contrasts
possible, for here men cease to wear
their mask*, and show themselvet* ur
they are. IJard hy lie the, wounded,
(he dyh'H nnd the -It-nil, among them
k|hc hlnck figure* of Catholic and IV-
Ihodox priests, walking to and fro,
ihiw you hear human inuumi and
shrieks, now the tlitinuVroti-' boom of
cannon, find yon note Ihe arrival of
olTlceii, lean and wanted hy hunger
and hardship*, and, cheek by jowl with
thene, you wilneam the orgies nf half-
dfvttiUcn men, faauUk-'ly tlrv.i.Hd h)
the most fashionable tailor* uf the a'.ipl-
Is the only hotel in
Fernie run by Welshman.
It is the workingman's
home. Board and room
$i fi day or $25 a month.
the Russkia Viedomosli, trying to keep
up their courage. For death was wril
large on his white face. The soldiers
followed him, making the sign of ihe
cross, The second battalion marched
into lhat field of carnage, then two
companies of the reserve, followed by
two others, then another company and
auolher battalion, but not one came
For three clays wo havo had nothing
to eat, said a soldier to a war correspondent. Here, tuko your lilt, replied
the hospitable reporter. I can't eat
here. Why nol ? There is an officer
with me, and he is worse oft* than myself. Well, call him too. He won't
come, lie's ashamed. But if you'let
me take him some food he will bo
And the journalist saw from his tent
the figure of a famished officer leaning
against a wall. The commissariat is
said to be much belter than it wu»
during the Turkish campaign, but
judging by the private letters of officers'mid tlie casual revolutions of cor-
respondents, it could thirdly be worse.
True, the roads are often impassable,
Had transports cannot reach Ihe tiwpta
for days. Sometimes, too, a whole de
Uu'hmcnt is clean forgotten.
We sulTer endl-.'** hnrd*hlp», writes
an offi.cr, and we live in tilth. It in
Ihe Red Cross and the societies for auc-
coring the wounded that have frequently to feed the soldiers on active
.ikitiav. The liuid deli gale of ihe Red
Cross write*: The troops at  the front
Kettle Valley Line.
At the next session of .the B. C. legislature an application'will be made by
the Kettle Valley Railway company for
a subsidy to build a line of railway from
Grand jForks up the NortTi~Fork of
Kettle river through Franklin camp to
Fire valley, then along Fire Valley
river through the Monashee mountains
to Vernon, following the government
wagon road. At Vernon it will connect with the Sicamons branch, where
direct connection can be had, with the
coast over the main line of the C. P. R.
From Vernon the road will be continued to the Nicola coal fields.
Mason ARlsch pianos aro like (rood
violins. Their tone quality Improves
with ago. Unlike cheap instruments
they are an well made Inside nr. outside. II. L Staebler, ngojt, Box
271), Fernie. B. C.
Royal Hotel
In-Fernie is in. a rapid
and will soon bo  ready
for the trade of the world.
Wm. Tattle, Pfop,
Help  of All Kinds Furnished  on
Short   Notice
Coal and Petroleum Notices
lVTOTJCE is hereby given that after the
-.*• cxpirat ion of 30 clear days from this date,
1 intend to miply to the Assstant Commissioner uf I,units and Works for the district in
which the under mentioned lands are situate
for a license to prbspectforcoal and petroleum
lor a term of one year over the following described hinds ,- situate in the District of So'th
Eitst Kootenay about two .miles West of the
Summit of the Rocky Mountains and about
eiwlit miles North of the Kootenay Pass trail
commencing at a post marked South West
corner of Samuel P. Tuck's coal and petroleum
locut ton t hence running East 80 chains thence
North NO chains thence West 80 chains thence
Smith Ho chains to place of commencement,
I'niitiiinimt mil acres more or less,
Located and dated the ifnd day of November, VM.
SAMUEL P. TUCK, Locator.
David Black, Agent.
hereby  given that after the
30 clear days from  this
Accidents Sickness
Write for ptirticularsnibout my Accident
and Sickness Policies, the best in the
'■  Dominion.
R. J. Steel
Real Estate Agent Nelson, B.C.
Ross & Alexander
Oflice In L. T. W.'Ulock, Victoria Avenue.
H, W. llntciiMKK. S11r.11v.ou11 Hoi hhik
Herchmer & Herchmer
BARRI.      -.,   SOLICITORS,   ETC.
' TF.UNIE, H. C.
OHIccs ovei V. Purns It Co's block, Victoria avi
la. 1'. KCKhln.N V. C. I.AWK
Eckstein & Lawe
Bahristkhs-at-La«-,    Solicitous,   Etc.
Cuthbert lllock,  Kernle, H. C.
-Gold, Sliver or Lend	
Gold-Silver or Silver-Lead	
P.O. Box Pus
Electrical Supply Depot
]\rO'fICK   is
■Lt   expiration of
,lat„, I intend to apply to the Assistant Com
mUsionerof Lands and Works for the District
in which the undermentioned lands are situate
for a license to prospect forcoal and petroleum
for n term of one year over the folio ffing described lands, situate in tbe District of South
summit of the Hocky Mountains and about
nine miles North of the Kootenay'pass trail,
cuiiiinuticing at a post marked South West
corner of Sydney A. Kelly/acoal and petroleum
locution, thence running Kast 80 chains,
thence North B0 chains, thence West 80chains
thence Sotith|S0 chains to place of commencement, containing (Mo acres more or less.
Located and dated the 2nd day of November,
SYDNEY A. KKLIiY, Locator,
David Black, Agent,
OTICK  is  hereby given- that after the
Estimates given ou nil kinds of
Wire Work.
Electric Light Plants Installed
in any part of the country. 	
&   GRAY
Next door to Calgary Cattle C<>„ Wood Streut
Woik of All Kinds.     Kates Reasonable.
founders 4 Machinists,
In the Kootenny knowH C. 0.
D., tho watchmaker.' He has
repaired 100,000 watches with
perfect Hiitififaction, and is prepared to repair yours at short
notice. Honest work and
honest prices is my motto. A
fine stock of watches and
jewelry always on hand, He
on tho look out for his Christinas stock. Two doors north
of Hank building, 'Fernie.
I'd; jou heir I lie pf-p of chfititp-ijjnc jure Mi!Tiri«K Iioriil'ly fumi tin: lad* of
bottlt'*,  tho liiUK'h lhat KivcU rilinl.1
Jests nnd nnd amndoles, tlw rt*i|.iesiK'
uf painted women, who, even at this
KUpreino inoiiK'iil, iry to wheedle l'ii»
iiflfcem out of their lar.t rublen.    ll i-
lo ho regretted, write* III* lending war
corri'HfioiiUa'til, Nemiroviteli  Dumrlien-
k«, llml toioti olikern on their way to
Join iheir r«.-|{iineiiltf «o wi far wt to
treat the Siiier* of Clmrllj at. llwy are
wont to treat women nf the tin**, thai
follown in the rear of the army.''
Si*on the men are re*lnl and ready
to be sacrificed to the Moloali of war.
They march over hill* and inouittaiitk,
dragnltiK heavy gum* up muddy nU>pe»,
Humbling   ami   tailing  on (lie   way.
fr'aan ,aa'l,,r fiaa-   <a    ,"«aa,*>   ,aa,,».-l»    !• »Ai»,
ihia r-tltam' 'if 1hi»ir rat'ofTf-atai,     Al   nit'li'
they sleep on the tide of n mountain
Order  your   Fall   Suit   now.
Natty Suiting* now arriving.
F. P. Llebschcr,
SJInrtAA't Bum Ttlhr
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer iu
via itiiiU, of linen, and of clothing. The
Red iViass MK-iety distribuiek bread,
lea, itugar and tinned nieatu to the soldier in battle. Hi>ol» and ovcrcoata.
come from Ihe *ume k»»urce», nw from
the raimmltaitariat, Sleep h nlmmt a»
hard to obtain tin fwnl. We officer*
cannot lie down at night, write* « Ciip-
lain la» hi» wife, even after a day of
killing fatigue. We mtiM viand over
our ulcvping men wid watch, for, rent-
k-s* and nervou*, they jump up every
now and agtaln, lire 4»IT their rilU-k and
h |uii't* tii.iiv*, one (tart of the Iroopt
liii/mg away ai unoiher. We Ate re-
traonsible, and have to take St in turn*
10  W.llvtl.
fai a . ...    i<.     '     t     a • _■_*   \^
.'n'vanli',   <'/Titi>.;   ;in   fifViri-T .   for   1n-1'"'
tiart!U-rit<* a«»",iit   tbe  wounded.    When
Totnillnnn Kutoinian faolnt- via Camdlati
, .._.      .-)|l(y
•nd Amtrlrtn HntM.' Ay
rultm, lickrU and full Inft
.._.,  for ullln* al»t#«,
oiin»tlon to »»y V. V.
lit. tftnt or—
O. I'. II. Air-nt, N«w iMnvtt.
W. I>. r. CaunmlMti, (I. HH. Ant, Wlnnlt»n.
Steamship Tickets | Rou^h and Dressed Lumber|
A. Maihison
Is prcp<ircd lo tlo line watch
rep.iirinjr at the
Jewelry Store, opjHu-itu the Xoith-
rm botol, Fernio.
uxiilratioti of SO clear diayn from tills
.lute. I fiitend to apply to the AnsUtant Com-
inls^liinor of I,amis and Work* for the UUtrlnt
in wliU'litlintiml^rmentlonod landaareiiltuato
lor a lit-oiiki, to prospoot for coat and jietro-
li-tnu fora t«rm of one year ovurtlm following
,i,.-,,ril ,,,.1 landu ; Mltutatu In the I lint r let of
Sniitli Ku»t. Kootainay aliout two milim Weat
ol tin, NUinnilt of Him Hocky Mountalnn and
iilinut ti'ii niiloii North of the Kootenay l'aan
nail, I'oiniiHuivini; at a uoitt marked South
West (-oritur of John 1'atternon'a coal and
pHtroliiutn location, tlmnvo running KautNt)
iliiiiiti., tlii'ni'u Niirtii mi chalna,thence Went
HedmiiH. tlii'tioc South no chaiiiK to place of
ciMiiini'iiconii'iit, lontaliilnifiHo aorea more or
I.itcatLil and dated tli* Uml day of November,
JOHN PATTKH80K, Locator,
David Alack, Aireiit.
OTICK irt hereby itiveti that after the
DXiilnttlmi »jI At .clear dny* from thin
ilatu, I Intoinl to apply to the Aa»l»t»nt Com-
mUsiiiiii'r of l.aniU and Work* for the IHntrlct
In which the undermentioned landu are
.«ltiuitu for a llrenut to pro»|»ect for coal and
iM'trolcuin for a term of one year over the foi-
lnw'iiii-<li„„'ii)i«d landu; "Ituiito In the District
nfHiiiith Ka«t Kootenay aliout two ami one
hulf inllij* Weiat of the nuiiimlt of the Hocky
Miiiiiitiilini and about eleven mlln North of
the Kmiti'tiity Viimx trail, couirnunclui' at a
iioat iiiarkod 8011th Went corner of J. 1,.
lliirlmir* coal and tail-oleum location, thence
ni'iiiini- Ka«t NUchaliiii,IhenceNorthauheln,
tlinma, \V«»l aochalne, thenceHoutliiWclialn*
to pin,,- of (-(iniiuencenient, contalliitiv 041)
iicr«'«i tiiiirn or l«ai
I..Hiit,,l uud dated the Knddayof Novarnl'er,
J. li. lU'OIUN. l.oc»l(ir,
Dm 1,1 lllaclc, Anciit.
VTllTHK U hereby itlvon that after the
i\ uaplratlon of S) clear day* from thU
date, I intend to ripply to thn Analitant Com-
inU.inm.rur.'.iiiiiU and Wuik» for tbe Hl.trlit
in which tli" undermentioned land* are
■ iniiiic for a llii-ii«i to proaiwct for coal and
iH-troia-uiu for a term of 011* year over tlm
,,.U,,wlntf .t,.wrll»«l leiiiU: •ltu«t« In tin-
Di.irlct of Mouth Ka«t Kotitetiay about three
mil,* Wa-ot of tlw -uminlt of the Itmliy
W ,11,,ttln.     nnd    ftln-.ut   aw^tl*    *i\lla*   .Swilli
ni tin, Kooti'tiav I'«»» trail, coininniii-liig
nt 11 pu-t marked North Went curner
,.( 11,1 a i,| M, t'lirli'.v'n nml and petroleum
> .tti.u, ll,, in, niiiiiiiiic S>'uth hi 1 hailia,
thi'iiic l'ii»t hi elm lite, thence North Ho chain.,
tin lice \V.,»I hi chain* tu plaieof ciiuiniaace-
on nt,I'niitiaiiiliigUKlacre* mor« or !»»«.
I..,, it, I aiil dated I tie »th day of Noacnilwr,
" KAVII* M.(*AHI.KV,l.oaaior.
Miiald III nek, A.clit.
XiiTH'K l« li.ni,> kIvpii lhat afUf the eildri-
II,11 uf »icti-*r ■larafnirn thlnlal* I Intend
in apt,la> l.ithc A-ah-taiif I'aiiiiliiMoaieriil l.and«
11,'i aViiik.lnr th.(llaJr1.t*lii which-ft* uiid.r
iHiiitiimid hnd" nre alltiate, lnr a llcenac to pfi*
j.-, 1 i,,r 11 ml ami |rtrolfUiii fur a trrm of one
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Flttlnga, etc.. always
on hand. Estimated furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. Repairlu-*
and Jobbing,
P. O. BOX 1B5
Notary and Commissioner
B. C. TRAVIS, MtNaare
J. R.Cameron
In the tailor to g-o to when
you want a jniiiimflr
Suit of Clothes
Ho Imn the nohhlcit milting*
to neluct from, nnd the tit and
workmaiiHliip Ih tho belt.
nent 1 ositliiii ; nipid adauucemeiil ; xilary
and expennea; full lnatrtu-ti<inn In-c of chara-u ;
clean (TvHirahle liiiniiic-n. Tlm J. 1.. NICHOLS
CO., Limited, Toronto.  (Mention thi* iui|M<r/
WANTKD-Qulckly, few iiersoiiK toreprcamit
1 ii:if establinhcd aaliuliniili' hotixt humhk
retail iiicrcliiiiita ami agciilK. Local tcnitnry
of few countli*. HH mlnri' and cxia-imc )>jtl,|
weekly. Expeuae 1 oncy uilvaticeil. C.muiila.
aloli extra. I'ermaiictit tiiKMi;nii, nt Kuiiiief"
aucceaaful, 1'revioiit ex|Hirieiicc n,,t c.-intiul.
Klicloae aelf aililresst,! cnvcloiic. Addreii,
Sl'1'LWNTKMir..Nl TKAVKl.tllH, Hi!,, JlcBll.oril St.,
Rm had IT ye*ra ei|jrrit-uc« iu di
II. C.
ryaaraeiperjcnic In dental work,and
makat a apeclalty of Gold llrhigc Work.   Vialt
made to the Hloi-an rcifutarly,
.101 n Weatinliiater Itoad.
which l» often *o ttrep that ihe more i we wen* fn;hliii|* llw  lk»er«„ we esurti,
eiperieiifed fHit n hettp of \VMtet to
hcep lh«m fra>m ftllini?.   A rninMnrm
w.i...,,'.'-'■'■-••'•'"'»."'■"jt ■-'••"■■ •■■■•'*) f,'-'*''"»'
to Ihe *kin, Al night, J-ideJ and fa<H-
fore, Iher are told that the food Iran*-
port* have not yet «rrl»ed, wmoait «t
Uiem throw tlwitiiMrhwon the uraund,
wra|i tlteir bod'e» in iheir an*erf«««t*.
uni «<■".*. t.ftc vhotl -"..ace of ■Awi* if
■ntki|-at)«M of lh« endle«* deep <rf
ilv.atll.       Weil   laua't,   iatca-vlaal,   itw^-j
one kept .-a hitllet in re-^rve fiw* hirmelf,
for fe.ir of Chinese Inrtiireit.    Hut tlum'
.•i,,r<vl,.i,.^,,     iliai'rtl*     lllJl      Vlli    Ulltlee    MllHI
wlt.at IiiiiiJieJ- uf our poaur felluw* un-
derifai n<>w. Ilinirn often quia before
they are niched nn, and ninny lie hidden in the millet field* or in the Uen-
(ln-% for a  vah.ale J.ay.    D^rUnea.* and
t-.tt,wluWa,i, .v.lkH'.vkl U'avUa-a'a l>a tiaaffu*ia1|{
(*raun«, told, tliint, and piercing pain,
ib* leeliit|{  to uiier hvlple*«new, the
jroung W»ow», tltey often die m'nrmo fear ot creeping nutdncw or advandiif
gelling a gliwpwe of ihe e«e*rty. Ii|ak»lri» are t.fti*t*vt* red'mni ortiy hy
wa* lh»* tlwt « fine body ot «-a*faa>a*ttfo«te wh**» ha* ur»d*fgor»# them. AM
Caucatojiw came recently 10 Mukden, wlteti al Un tlie wou-Mled »re re(*m««d.J
Fernie to Toronto
Montreal & Return
G*ere»praoJtr»ir rate* to all  e.nlern
poind fraxn nil Kootenay ttaiion*.
anr na.illif Ml.iaviiii/flcwflb-al lamia. •Ilnalc
Kaet K«i*cnar,Rl«-til foul
1.i ... w, -t id Ihe ruiiiniil uf Hi* iWkf Uimti
io i... Di-liut nl Haiulh K*M Ki>*,!ti»-,al»Fiit four
ml.« w, »l nl Ihe rum
tali • unit lalmul Hacheinlliia north of lit* Kioti-
. r I'1"' lr»11 (imimm<llii( at • (a at mar kid
->.i,lti Wc-I Ciriier of Rlrtiaid Cflark'a'ciwl
, ..|!»l-rtl< 11m hvatliin th*»»-ii run,»l»f n^rth■*>•
, h»h>«. (hence ea.l *> rtiallia. Iha-lile n.utk Ml
. l-»iiiJ,i!wiiea» m**t »n rtMlite In tlait oftajm-
111M,, •iiutit.C'iiitaiiililKAWarrrt n.irfn.r leaa
l,»4tn|  .mil daUil ita«4lh day of Kovenile*.
1 „| Kit IIAKDC.l I.AKK. I^irator.
j iMal.l Itla.k, A^.nl
100,000 Ilulha now iu etock from Holland
Kratice and Japan.
Tir«MI«AVIW   OV    FltlflT    A>fl»   OH-
Itliododriidroiaa,      lluant,      «lrareilhuua»
and  Hardy  Plant*   for   Kali   I'lr-iiUti*.
Home drown and Itn|ior»e<l
(lanlon,   Field   nnd   Kluwer  Meed*.
Atwaya In   l>*k Iu aeanni.
drawn  houaai  full of I'latita. Cut   r*loW*ra.
Klurjl Wurk.     Iluy direct anil aieure Ment'*
CataloKue free, or call and eiatnllte atock.
Vancouver, B.C.
OILVKIt flTV IX>IMIRNO. 3». I.tl.tl.r.
k5 rlandoii, II.0. JUuaitilij-a In Ihe L'iiIkII Hall
every Friday fvenlntr at 7:*J Vhittliiir hrethrcn
conllally InvIM tu attend J, I. 1/ivkhinii,
Xolilaa Orand 1 A. L.(.'»*iu, Vi cdrm.d, \V. .1
(laRHOTT, Secretary.
Uea-t»every WclncMiay evanliiu *t • o'cIm k
ill the I'y lid nn Cattle Hall. Sainton. Hiijuuruiua
hrellirrn will tfceive a I'ylhlati \viha,jne. a
bA*l.'itiiN,C.t'.       All Min J. iUt.l., la   U. k H.
JOHN  Mail.ATCIIIK,   IKitiilnluti and  l'i<i-
vlticlal Land Surveyor.   Nalanu, II. C.
Nnl it'i; l» lurch) alar a thai alter Ihe n|Jra
titiii 1**iclear ala*r» frnmthladate, I iiitcml
1.-, ihi.ly in the A.ulnlaiit,t',iiiniitai,|iiiieii itC Uii.li
...t <\,,il«l.a- tl.e.ll.trkt ia athartl tlwuftd.t-
,i»iiiliiai«l laiidaaraaaltnat* tnt a llowne tn wi»
Furniture and
Rar'-ali** In
Wall Paper
. ul,      .      . ..       ,,.. ..m ,.„«, *im, »#aJua*a#, *,# * i.-i*h <A **t* 1
« M"»ti'ir<|.lil(i M-COl IWr I latlirea, iitii-j ;,.„   ,|V,.r    ,lw   -foliowlne    n>ari11#.l   lan.l. I v,v„■;■■
V.rill; li Vititi- *,Vim m   1 ■>''   m,'. ,■, .'.'•,..,.„.,,..    ,„    ,,'„:     i'.hhiii.w    ui     .*»iuiia     H^al
l/attnr I'reofi*-, liiliinr.l nitd l-oo! Tal.tca' K«. -,M,ny »l»-i»  fiv- mile. **«<«*}"«>»»»}_
iCh lt.»Lt«™ aim i.t» »r Mi.ri alitia *      I «*•••'* '*" *» Menial..* ffjv4 »l»*«t IWrtatri. itillr.
VAAtt laejrifcU-rx ami titr.er *\» tuostn *,   j ^^ h ,tUtm K,„,,,B,y |-a>« »r»nf c«iu-»-b<-Ib*
lilt'   ,l..i...    1........    I',..„|,.i      llif„li.'«,      I «a •  |»»«   -tu-ital   N*ttkt*»l  ****** Mi. ti.
RVIIInrf     1/tit.. I j.    II  ■"*   1 .unotnewe.t ai.haliia tfcanac north ». rhaliw
*   CillltMla   IVilhlUt   l»tV7, i H ,,.,,■ ,,,.! «., il..inn.lliel.ee »„jlh mirhalual,,
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lamln and Mineral ClaitniSnrveycil
and Crown (Irauted.
|N1 II..IV.1, 0*t+; Kiwt«f)*r^.,aaal,»iti
When you amoko a cigar
•M that It in ti'NKI.N ina.lt
HI 111- I'lir.c. Henry Vain-, ColiiiulinM and
Ilavana Whip Ci^m* Ato I'liioi, Uixiala
maale hy,
AH HKVLANH. Ktiiniawtr and I'rovltn-ial
,  Lauidrlurveyot.  KAMl.11
THL KAM.ti HoilX. 11. ia  1- ti,.  »«,i
A.   in* hotel In the. ity
UK hl.i: A   I-AI'WUHTH.
ill   -<Kl,iliili
»|l|IK |*ILIlKIIT llciH,
A- liealiiualti -t. )'<r nil li
olMlaar IIK.NM'ITA Ml Hi'llV. I'..,|..
. N'el.,,,. U * Iiiim 11
*     fur  all  at-al,,-.'  T„ll,- «*«l   te■•:•  le
lU-.t ln.li-e li.l >l a   tar nl, tin-,  Kit.
W K «,( AM.I.IMI  Ifiii
ti, 1.Kim
llorr.L.   VMIIt.
l«iiir»iarin»nt».   Haui|l<- t
.   The ni.l* tiratclaaa I.
riSMV M.I.M'li   l'i
.ill III.til,I
III lllllllll ■
i ill \ lull.
■a J* a, *.
THKMO.OT IHU XK, NUl.viV      Kim^c
and Aiturhan |'lan. Mc»l», I'mita It,, n,»
Sf^u.l t «f*u «i.   >",,/   •*
M'j<hl-i« ytllo* al-*it the nl
•ai. Mal-aiSr *
u. Wad
fr*,*  i|,u|, t iaij-1 ,)«"l.
tarr Hi'f| t llw »,iid
lllti.tll I »
ItiANTI.KTl HOt.'an,  furvnaritr <l
II   U lhaa Ual »l a day I   tel In S. i». m
• Ma* '	
t»rlfa eflilrfny-aif
tt     W
the I'Uik
IIAWll.t- II,
iii'iri ->r U«*.
t^a at.,1 in I dafat t** Oh ataf '4 N.KtawUv,
I It «1<»HI«JV. |j>f*<»
DaaM lllatk. Aftnt.
I«'       ll I'll Ilial'tlVia     e      IU.     T*K W*rfM. rKHfitlMIM  la l»*  I.■■■'».     «
m.,*,.lfy, M»a,   j       , 'I.   _,
„ti-/|1,7»iroWr,*«lirairT(>»! 'IVM   «*,«»'<.t.v»,'.«    #...-*#.,'	
( *.   mt and tti# »**Mn th< I si 1,   i.til •■♦«.. <»
i_lm_t*m.lt..nw.      I'l.V I.V MK'>*»
JSOTICK. J ™-—..-....-	
\T>iril Ki.t.-rrl.aa-la.i.liintlUHII, l.»m»-r|   VtrttOltaMMle*   *Mtei»*0>*ir\nt*-J
i™    alcl  Matiaifa-tiilltiM a'a>iii|«any, l.liiulinl. j _. „_. ,.,   ....„...«—  *
tiaae ,ul.ii,H'.-l lo the I.lenleliaitt (kvevtinvj ,.,,..,  ....vnuiUH/v   i
i»«W»»-a*|.*.^-v.*l a,!..,.., "T*.* «a».va«r.-1!T,'f-. Ui>\HU)UKU\   I
,,...,.,, .!.. ... ,..     I..     ,     '     ..■!.,,     J-l'i.    ■.■"'I    '.'.«.,„.     .       1"*|,'^.t	
tlf-atii.g »»i-l i»m,»a(i,# nf nhatrurlh-ti* froma    "•''••'«• •'*
tlwaKik Kiier »r<.f« *»i«f arn.^1 --(•tl,,ta a-a. law
Xiiflt K if twrehy aim tkal an«etla*«i|itrt
1,.« of mini da a a truta Ihle dale I laMtkat
I f.i v-.t't |.»-I»A*4iI*n
i »mf \V    >•*--•■-   "
tllt>HaWlwtoM«f otlAHiU
... .. iV,,-ka fi* th«  ll-tihlhaiaktra |l.« uiukf-
ter-> ,., ii.,„r,iiM.r<ar«a*iual* toe a llawn*Im tr
f |.*«tf-irr.«al »»d5ai-»r»4#ii--»*wetl»flal efmwa-aaur
Am. I ..aa.a I..K immtOnmi laiaAa, aunata- tn tlie i j^, tU tuti 4,^»,w* .'j IU H»|—mi mat *
KiMXt-aat.abu-Mf-'»sr *W**e     f^ nt,t tlt, („n.rUrnm***, rafl«r.«, Irtalh*
tar a»«a»lrt»laa aM t „f »,^,   ,|,ra„.r  |*,l„..r ,fal>, ar.t  "      '   '
<'».„■'« Saaa flan. t. •.< tl,» iai,allan !"•■'ifc.
IUlla» a» tt, m -taiitil «,fia> Hiil» i|.>a»n a<r»aam fraim
the Ot,v»rtin.«i,t hl#l»*av >,»i-lf» evraf«» the
aald R|a*r »l lli« tin "f IVmU.ali k|i|ii»ll,
t,i.*<* ,HO*tf<+ it ilMtcu Mile*. a»fl tut
makinf H.e .atit Ki for r*'tin-*a» t ttrhirtf
ttwr»fin !««*, «iw.i*r. Irnnl*-, rati, an i • rati*
TtW Unit* t«a tm »(f»»«aa.t *■» «lia> mH »a.»k«
in nin.ni.t ,iiniMi,m .ni aim'■,«!.( v.ik Hi
1  HAtiio> a in a
• It   rhanu    liri«a,ft .
tV,» I'taS, >"»»*.(,. II <
< tt..   W f^4.at,W «»»■
,t..t   Mix11 f HiH-t''"*-
8TAHKKT * t«»..  ** Mul.R-aal.K lit-AI.
trala HaiU-r. ►*»•«. «"V-*.  l-fi-liit* .M
f ... *.* % ir.,r
rr»N, Netentt.il b
yKKtn'mx a < *»-. \-*-". oc   v.<.-■■■
tai*4Mbft l« Wii»». I.i-,. r» a».,ti,-.n.
l-w»'l» •'■* I'Om ><w-
For tkket-t, Fin* cla*i or Taniri*!
SJeer-tee r^iietrtratkiw*, or fawiher ft*nS*
culai*s apply to laKstt a-*ctu* or write
l^«.^^***.t   t.*a Iw *   '*— '
Wla,*''.»k   I la.1,1* f    t«
K.J.t*oyU.AUf A.
1»l,' null'*
Wholesale IValeraianil f>ir#ft iui|e
of VTiM--i, f-ic-tfiipai rtmf f V'tii
_ ,— 1 i~..irtai.,t-»«ittir'-aei	
j ««e«(»ftaV«'itamM>kttkal tbKkr teMrMalna aMI „■ »,^.
fllemrt \"l-n\v  lnr ,1,  mi  >l,.i',i,( lllllbllinlth ut Uui KunaUiuy l*«k*a» rarar- i.t »»«->» amtlt  .letlta-ra-l I*
l'</mmt!t* t'liamiifii'ft''                1 r"-il *'""" '"'•««* ataiawrl mi.r%a« >»,imti *a\i»i 1, u.lt.:-l». .wha.in»» i* Aka-i h. • J mi**.* I |
anal i-cbti..^ i-*er■ 1 ^4|{,«,tja>«M«rMMrta« taa-nk»a*****. *••*»! wM•.««./»,a»4thM««.»mt" ■ *
W»tr4ia«ter* *A I*■'*  "> **»*»**i**■•»*♦. «r«*k * ♦**•*-#. Mait.cci    g*,^ t4rt»*>*»itl 4a* tAihu**t, a *» J»4.        I ~~ "
I'fctaiafrl't l '-KAfi   i/ir»t#,i aMa4etwla*« «**»'*» !f'w»«ii»e, rAniw-m    .in. »«.,,-    „,.»»  ,v«-*
itt>4 AI'M»K*». 0«.tV,,|.ia»*i*-e.       I »*»**>»,.1 I'.i «*l.tW 1   T. ataRt.I,*,   MWtiV.T.   »- Ja»a.*-i
yW*%a IWi      8   O. I UMttmmaa, Aaeal.    ( t»ka*»»a-«#»*r*. !..•• ttwae,»«at-a(i*. \
A.   MeIKINAI.ll,
frail. If***. »f.
CH»n«*ral   Sto*»».
Jf, KaEi.i'T,   un-nair.   j"-
•   t*rj«arr»af, IH| iKau-to, ll*.
tit un r
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital,- -'$8,700,000. ....
Head Office
This Bank transacts every description of Banking Business, including the
issue of Letters of Credit and Drafts on Foreign Countries, and will negotiate or
collea-l bills on any place where there is a bank or banker.
is added to the deposit twice in each
year, at the end of May and November.
Savings Bank
Special Attention is directed to the
following Advantages Offered by our
Savings Bank.
Deposits of One Dollar
and   upwards    received    and    interest
allowed at current rales.
We have a nice
line of Men's
Smoking Jackets
Bath Robes
and Bedroom Slippers
suitable for   Xmas   presents
The Depositor
is subject to no' delay whatever in the
withdrawal of ihe whole or any portion
of the deposit.
Our leading Cine
Is tlie
Slater Shoe
JFor Men
All kinds of Ties, Handkerchiefs, etc.
Call and See Our Stock
W. C. Hamilton Co.
Fernie Hotel Block
Ternie, B.0. I»
—— B.E Sflikbic-I
The Story of Scissors
Years and years ago, in a big mill
where shears were the exclusive product, 01m of ihe master-workmen
conceived the idea of quietly making a very small—almost tiny—pair
of shears, When they were finished
he sent'his apprentice for the masters of tbe mill. The boy had simply bidden litem come, and as he
led them to the unusual exhibition,
lie proudly shouted, upon reaching
the spot :—
"Sec, Sirs!"
Thus  il  wtis that scissors  were
The scissors and shears that we
sell are high grade. We are not
ashamed of them. The kind we
can't guarantee, we don't want to
know about.
Everything from manicure scissors
to x 2-inch shears, and for every use
that a woman can conceive of.
Out of town customers please
remember I Our mail-order department" works while you sleep." A
postal does your part—we do the
He'd Seen 'Bin.
What business is papa in, mama?
asked little Robbie.
Why, lie's in the hardware business, my boy.
And does ho sell cockroaches,
W hy, Robbie! What a questlou 1
Of course he doesn't!
Weil, he's go*, a sign on»the stcre
window which reads: "We sell
everything to be found "In the kitchen"
Christmas  Presents
*We cau supply your wants
Confectionery :
Robertson's, Paulin's and Cadbury's
Creams and Chocolates.
A  nice assortment of Fancy Dishes, Tea  Pots,  Cheese
Dishes. Jardinieres, Watersets, Jugs, etc.
Call and See Us.
Open until 10 p.m. until Jan. ist.
W. J. Blundell
The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block, Fernie
-ft a. >4
IXmas Goods]
'..It ie reported that the Magpie claim
near Aehcroft has been sold to the Daly
Reduction Co. for $75,000. i
We have some special lines in ■ embroidery case's,
also scissors in cases of three.
Take a look in our windows.
Sheppard & Elliott
Headquarters   for   Christmas   Goods
J. D. Quail
Is back at the ok'
stand with the same line o
goods .he has always sold ii
Sixteen Souvenir Cards with
Eight Views of Fernie.
Beautiful work, and the
•——Canadian- Coat~of~Arms~off
each one. Sent by mail for
25 cents.'
A.  J.   PURDY   &   OO.
GEO. ICH1KAWA, Proprietor.     ■
Gbvi$tma$ Mnnev
Oyster, a la Creme
Boiled Salmon, Egg Sauce
S-A-L-A-D ■   ■' '   ' _
Lobster Salad
Green Apple Roll, Vanilla Sauce
Stuffed Turkey, Cranberry Sauce       Domestic Ducks, Jelly
Prime Ribs of Beef au Jus
Mashed Potatoes Sugar Com Green Pe«is
Lemon, Mince, and Green Apple Pie
English Plum Pudding, Brandy Sauce
Raisins Nuts Fruits
35C«     -Served from Noon to 7:30 p.m.     35C«
r%t A     W_\% Prescription
BleasdeH S Drugstore
Agenl for—International Stock Food Preparation
: Harry Webb's Celebrated Chocolates
Oyster Patties
J it*! fur-ret prejudice for
a moment !
The essentials for a well
litiinj* suit of clothes are proper desij*niii|>—careful cutting
expert workmanship—hand
tailoring and |»i>oil uiatori'ils.
These determine the fit and
hanji of ihe -{annum — ihe
si\le — the bliape — and the
permanent retention of these
i|ti.iliiie-< during thu garment's
I'ceutse you like to lie
measured wilh a tape line
does ii follow thnt you will obtain tlu- maximum satisfaction on these poinlta from the
"little" fellow who tries lo
di>ij{i! -a tn—tailor and sew
tall hy ll'misi-li?
SViiii-tv.idy is the product
of specialists assembled in
units a master liiilor dtH-'ia the
dis'u-ttinw--expert cutters cut
ll..' i luili and skilled tailors
nuil' on the particular parts
in ilk- ni.iiaiii|{ of which ihey
v\i a I,
I in-   results ol   in — cxpres-
sii")   -Jiape and permanent
rrtc-ii!, ,| ,.(' (Ih'm- <jti:«lilie* are
dm- i,i thi-»i- wlTeats beinn liepl
in via vv iu ■.-very a»pt-ration of
tin iiiakiiii'.
Waldorf Hotel
. _*^tsl FERNIE
AVill be ready for business) next
month. It will bo up to date in
everything, nnd will be a home for
commercial men.
AUj hound thk round
of limcloui roiut Iwel the «ppetlxln-*o<lori
i'sciii i« Hint tlio rlrh drown imivy tilckkc tempt-
lnnly lo t i- iltall. That Ik the kind ot 'ftatti our
IimI |irmlui><>ii, Tender, juicy, iiouiUhlnK. It
will make you brainy mid I'rswuy
Of r.iur-io are mil the i-h<i|r««t cut* of vol,
Itanili. pork, etc, m«o. lint Jtint now w« »r»
tull,iiiB Uif.   Ilt'cftvarc of our offerim**,
Additional Locals
Webb's Chocolates at Bleasdell's.
S. Slitin has 475 boxes of apples in
tis cellar.
Xmas presents for everybody al
A Slop at the Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake City.
Sewing machines to rent at the B. C.
Furniture Company.
Slinn has a line of toys lliat will suit
every child in the cily. „
H. A. Senkhiel has the finest display
During the honeymoon a woman
wears morning gowns, later she wears
old wrappers.
We buy, sell or exchange new or
second hand furniture. The B. C.
Furniture Company.
If you arc troubled with 'rheumatism
you will find tne Pool of Siloam nt
Halycon. Write for particulars lo
Sanitarium, Halycon, B. C.
Masterson, Grillith ' & Co., Trout
Lake, have nil the supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
At the Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
you do not need nn introduction to get
a drink, Put the price on the bar nnd
the mixer will do the rest.
Travelers to Fernie in or out of the
oliday season should'stop at the King
Hdward hotel They will find it a quiet
home and the table one of the best in
the city.
Have you seen S. Slinn's stock of
Xmas goods? If not, Uo nol delay for
he has the finest stock of dolls and loas
of nil kinds in the city. Orders taken
fur all kin Je of cakes.
The Club Cigar Store
Xmas Presents
Meerschaum and Brier Pipes
that are pipes.
Cigar and Cigarette Cases.
Tobacco Jars that wont jar
'   you«
Pouches to,fit the pocket and
the price wont empty your
We are here with the goods
Royal Household
Is Purified by
-"pHE LADIES-of Fernie
will find an  Excellent
Stock of jf o#
infant's Wear,
Cloaks, Drews,
Beautiful Cream
Silk Robes, etc.
at my store in the Todd Block
What Is It?
Why ItV
The Painter |
JL « 1/(JX\1vl7 XjL  \j\j9     j
Havo ono of their largest stores in Fernie.
Iamb, Veal, Fresh ami Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.  Try a gallon,
For Sale
South African War Land Scrip
Apply P.O. Box 341, Fernie, B.C.
Day and Eoening
Bookkeeping,  Shorthand,  Writing, Arithmetic,  Spelling,
Correspondence, English Branches, Etc.
Correspondence Pupils Coached
Low prices i-i)J individual instruction make it the fl     %/t    fir>irrti_o
rliHiii*of u lifetime. n-  •■*•>•  UnilltSO
!,.«« f.Ufatv.a*t.li
fioi's niutugrdUfiic 5tuuio
,aj>n,>K(«|.  Mi'ttt.a-IUl (ilUfi'la,
,|!lj i«  ll-m' ia{*a-n i-.if Nlafrlf Si
rum wlyi l.v
■ J
Mrs. M. Raney D
Si-!U in*   ('<»•* cria, hou*e pl.ini», *
ifii-*.!-i,\f •.!>'!■,•;..]!'» 1 .tn.ir'w*, t.ulir* t^iifnh, '
mAj.Ui^    I,   ■■'    -ll.-.   ol   M'rflfatftK   *taj-
unJifr -.t'ar<■». •.•.t-.fvnJi-r*, ha».alth comtt*. I
*»"'«■ wWiT   "f.iii'a  iic.J   . !/;t.J>•»'«'at   »'i»(*»». j
i'lira^-fa, m.iaJc ia> aWvJaf.    LtJcarti at ere* f
•r JiS'lA 1;* a'.iJS *-*) I  *4<e fi\A%.     l!.>.TW"!
WValrii-vf 1% -  .•*«af H.»ft*nJ.i*:* ntnltitrt'i
BeautiFullij Bound Boohs
We have the poets in padded
leather binding and the standard
works of I he world's host authors.
Vou can't go astray in giving a
good book.
Select Your Christmas Presents Now
Now is the best time to select
your Xmas Gifts. At your leisure
look over our large and Varied stock
of thingssuitable for Xmas presents
and I am sure you will be able to
make a selection to your liking.
Boxed Stationery
A special line of fine .stationery
in dainty boxes, specially gotten
up for the holiday trade,
Choice Perfumes
We have a large-and varied assortment of the very finest
imported perfumes, both in bulk and faucy boltles.
Mo  nicer thing to give a lady,
T> ' ' 75c io <»i ,ou jxrr tu.
lilWJ   UaJU.'Ci) 10c to $5.00
,1 .
a   itvv-.l   ill   l<
Hot© About a Kodak?
There is more genuine satisfaction nud pleasure to be
got out of a good camera than almost anything. Wc have a
fine stock of Kodaks and cameras, also keep a full line of
■•m-.t.£i.«|>,,ic Mi.itci-i.ii.-a, eo it you would dice to go into plioio-
Naaipfty we can lit you out complete.
J. E. Rogers
10 Cigars in a Box
Especially put up for
Holiday Gifts.
Confectionery, nicely packed
for Santa Claus to carry
on his back.
Delicious Fruit
for Christmas Dinners
n   %   rv   »
iii Art frames
From 75c to $0.00
An Inoitation is
extended to all.
N. E. Suddaby The Fernie Drug Store
Endless Varielv at
Cann's Bookstore
L.T.W. Block.
oppotjit.* Court Wtmm •»! rum Pmt-
attic*. Rmt 'l\r t*ittl tn u.tv*. |j»f.,
iiturn **>d Aunm km a pU*.  tmlv «l,nc
(AtKHr aamployt-al.    FiraK tiAttt h«t.


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