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The Ledge 1905-06-14

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 ■y-crs. d>L.^&~^---^^
You will become like
•Solomon if you read
-The Ledge; regularly;
.Va lume ,;XI I.,'" NUMBKli  -\6
> Yjagteiative A*2\
r***m&$) cvi   ■
* JUN 19 1905
'ctqria.% "■
^. r. LOWERV,
Editor and Financier
. The I'liiik-nf Cuin'incri'O will be open
f.uni 7 to 9 p m. 011 SiUuriliiy, Juno 17..
.. The Bank of Hamilton will open on
i*j*iiunl«y evening, June 17th, frotii 7 to
"Ve-lock. '. • '
S*tuidny was pay day at the St*. Eu-
^eiit} initio.   The amount Uistributuil
••■as in tho neighborhood of S30,U00.
Mis, Goq. Cody has received' word ol
he deatli of her uncle,, the Right lltv.
Alexander  Macdoiiell, Bishop of Alex-
mdri.-i who died at Montreal on Mav
.9th. ,
Snow on tliu luountuius,  ■■     "     "    '•
„    ' Diiat on the otrout,   , ."*!.•
Tlili-at in your thorax,.
-    *aV'lio..e turn to trout.
People with small wings should never
try to Ily high -.
Fernio will play' Cranbroftk football
team at.Craubrook on thu '..3rd.    '.
The stores closed up hero on Thursday while the' ball game was in progress."       a- <;
■ Dr. Howe^ eyo specialist'will be at
the Feruie Hotel from Iho 13th to the
lath inst.
Tho return football match, Fernie vs
- Coal Creek, will take  place   at Coal
Creek, ou Monday 19th.
. , Tho Christ Church Junior Guild are
rohunrsing "The Rough Diamond" aud
will shortly preseut it to tlie public.
■ For «a quiet afternoon, Thursday
loomed up big.' Everybody who could'
get away was out at the ball grounds,  i
The foot ball match between, Fernie
and Coal Cr<iek resulted in a win "for
Coal Creek. . Score',.Coal Creek'],,' Fernie 0. .    .i       ■
'  Diiinn' Droon. the Miller.
'The waters too hisli fur fishing,
,A Httle too muddy to swim,
Ssil.ha mo.,t'bf tiu mii.-iriuj";
Wtint thuir bcur j-lus.je..,
Filial up protty well to' tho brim.
Noto nnd Comineiit
■ A lawn so-i a.1 will be heklin tho Park
on Tuesday 20th inst. uy the Ladios
Aid of tlio IVeo'ivteriaii Church; Band
iu   attendance.'        * .   *
• UA boxing contest will* anno off in the
opera house on Monday evi'ning,-June
iUtli between C. Burrows of ferniu aiid
J. Wilson of Havre, Mont.
The Kootenay Rifles, will parade  to
Christ cliurch ou Sunday afternoon at
3 o'clock, where sei vices will  be con-
" dueled by the Rev. E. R liarllett.
. A billHliat would abulish open, gamb-
liny is'before the Nevada' legislature.
Al present the gamblers pay a license,
the revenue going, to the public works
In Genoa the policemen wear silk
lnus and carry silver headed walkiug
sticks. Genoa seems to bo tho only
place .where ii policeman can. look as
big as ho feels- .  *
** o
j Thoro will be »-. public meeting of
Lust Wednesday night the plant ff
the Fernie Manufacturing Co wns destroyed by fire. The loss is estimated
at about 8.10,000. Insurance 813,000.
Origin unknown.
The use of loose blasting powder is
to bediscoiitinut-.d in the mines of tho
Crow's Nest Pass Coal C<). One of the
"permitted explosives" sanctioned by
thti .British government is to be substituted, probably "roburite."
Mr. Reading proposes to give a series
of anthems, interposed with popular
hymns and vO£al solos in Christ church
on thc 2oth of this mouth. Admission
will be free, but a collection will, be
made in aid of the choir fund.
a ' -.
Mr. McCrea, a wood turner employed at the Elk Lumber Co'a', .works
.iiiut wilh ii'Soriuus accident on Monday.
A chisel ho was using' caught in a
knot and slipping trom his hand flew
up and struck.him in the' eye. lie was
taken to the hospital.
For some weeks a rumor has been in
circulation that' the Coal Co° will trect
and lease a club house at Coal Cn-i'l*.
It is said a,largo rcajrealio'u hall will be
.run in connection? and some of tho men
assert that beer will bo sold at live cents
a schooner. This minor is not eon-
iirinod. >.
A Montreal minister speaking of pew
rents before his congregation the other
day, statod that the reason they were
uot charged in that particular church
was because the imposition of a lixcil
rent seemed like dictating what tlie
offering of e.ich should bo to the service of God.' Thai is so, and the niv-
urend gentleman might wilh truth have
added, it ofi lines resulted in the best
seats in the church being told to parlies ' who will have ■ no seat in the
congregation of saints.
Phu it Cherry Trees
■ -Tlie people in Kaslo ai\s complaining about hard times;" and yet hist
summer one chi'rry'lre,- in that town
produced $13 worth of fruit. If the
citizens would plant cherry trees and
stop waiting for something to turn up
tliey would * soon need tnoro than
three restaurants in the burg.
A cler
I. O. O. F. Daco-*ation Day,
Fernie Ayyoal Case Dismissed
Sunday, June lSih, is the day so!
apart for ducoralin'f the. graves of de-
cea-ed brethren .of the Independent
Older of Odd Fa-Hows, and it i.sr, quested
that all nic-inhers of Mt Fcrui', Lodge
No. <i~, and till vii-,iiiiig bivthrcn in the
citv will meet iu the l.OO. F. hall at
■2 p.m. oii lhat dale to march to the
ci'ineti-ry. The services of the Italian
haul huve been secured and it in hoped,
there w,ll be a largo turnout tohonor
the dead.
rgyman was recently telling«
marvellous story, when his little girl
said, "Now, pa, is that really true, or i.-
it just preaching?" .,
A chaplain at a fashionable contincn
till winter resort, having lhe charge ol
lhe children's service, when catechizing
on the paiable of the unjust steward,
received the following answer:
''What is a stewaid-1'' he at-ked.   ■
A little bny, lately arrived from England, put up his hand and eagerly an-
"lie is,the man, sir, who brings you
tho basin."
-\V -vV -V'> <■■> •*-,*■> <!+ -vT> \V •*-.*> -\V  \V +1* -vV \V *\1> <**• \V *v»> \1a \wj W^VJkV *vT-* '*.* ^¥>
i'i** «<iV *fr *V> -*'i> *_> *i> *t> #VV '_>   *fi> -^4* /*V *i\ *k\ /*V *iV Vi\ •!»   a/4\ ifty *4V 9*1* *J* /*v *;>
\*A ***" *
**-* A
.-     • ■  ' fi*
\1p Op Op Op O, Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op \lp  \1p Op Op Op Op yp Op Op _v_a
ft*   ft*   ft*   ft*   ff   ft*   ft*   fl*   fi*   ft*   ft*   *'t*   fl*    *t> «*> ff   ft*      ff   ff   ff   ff   ff  ff   ff   ff   ff
Beforo tlie full court at Vancouver on
Thursday last, the appeal in thu caso of
Leo vs; the Crows'Nest • Pass Coal Co,
was dismissed.   The case is an appeal
from an aibitration awaid at Fernio in
June last, under the workmen's Compensation Act.   Robert Lee was a t-hot
lighter, who was killed in tho mine of
the C: N. PrSoal Co./near Michel   His
widow made claim for $1500.' .The matter was-" tritd-b.foru  a   county   cuuri
judge as arbitrator and he awaidcd the
full amount of the claim.   Tho  company appealed against the arbitration.!
The court held that tjiere war, no reason
for interfering with the arbitrator's decision, and dismissed the appeal   with
A Nursery Conveni-meo
A bridge is sadly wanted across
the St. Mary's river leading1 to the
valuable copper claims on"   "White
Fish creek.   The river at prcsc nt is'
too high for prospectors to ford it and
tlie progress ot.this great copper belt
is retarded by the lack of government enterprise.   Hoh," U.  I'1.  Green
has promised a bridge when capital
conies to develop, the Harris group,
but in'' the meantime: the section is
suffering*  for'   the  lack of a $5000
Western Terms
CrtizaSrrsnirtlie'Opora House on uFriUay
' evening next, to discuss lire protection,
" brigade ma'.tets, etc    It is called by
authority of ihe the Council. '
Tjie annual decoration of graves "by
the Oddfellows will take place on Sun,
d.ty June 18;h." The uieiiibers of the
order will meet at thu hall at 3 o'clock',
and proceed in procession to the cemetery.   ' ,,
The •'Hottest Coon in Dixie" played
in the opera liotino liuro ou Thursdu-.
ii if. lit. Willis has a great combination
and put up a good clean show; On his
return he should be _■ reeled  with  a
plUlatd-llOUSO. ■ ,','..'"
The nilnir.i eel eh rate hero on Do
minion Day, To our out-ido readers, a
pointer to _at here on that day is hard
ly necessary, for it is enough to state
that tho miners are spreading them -
selves, and the time of your lifo is in
eight.   '       "    ■  '
Mrs. G. G. Mi'tkle ami family nnl veil
from Winnipeg on Siiturdiiy, and have
tnkeii up their rosidmice at '2<1 Victoria avinuio, Thk Li'ii(ii<; inancot wlio
lum heen running wild for the past
mouth will now have some ono to look
lifter (dm.
The b/ifitilml! match, Fornlo vh "Thi'
Hottest ConiiH in Dixie" drew out a fair
crowd to the recteiitloii grounds on
Thuri-tliiy nftt'i'iio.in. Ou the bourdi"
tlm "Coons'1 wero nil right but on the
diamond llio Foniii' boys weren long
way ah end 'IIiohcoi'ii was Ferule' 10
llottciit Caotm lu Dixie ft.
A circular Ittttor from tho provincial
secietHiy encliihos it copy of a loiter to
tho lleutoiiitnt governor from II. Vi.
Goode, president of thn Lew Is and
Clarke ci'iitennial ovponitioii, contiilu.
Ing tlio hifoniuitltiii thnt the woek from
.hily :lnl to July 8th, Itu-ltu-ive, Iiuh
been ett iihIiIu as a IlritlNh Ci-liimiiln
week, nml im-Miiif Unit tlio niiciuloii be
drawn tn thu fnct through tho piojn of
the prov'lnc-i
J, A.  HkiiiiIo, lhe uow man i;*nr  fo."
W. It, Mi',,iitv rdun.' lu fniiii  K(>i',.lii on
Monthly Hnd ui unco as.iiuiiiiil hi.a i.tinj
illillos,   Mr. Il'iuiie Is n lu-hia, ,- nt.tn f
Of 8011)1) OXpUl lt-t-.it), liliiil.lg ll.'Ul (iiail-,-,'
of A iiuiicrnl luemiutili) ui.'.ah!i.shiiiuiit
iu Manitoba, fur some yearn, nml Inter
on In Fertile. In the latter plan*, of
which luuviiH Dim nf tho I'luiim-m, lie
ronductoilhis own biisincsH till ho wan
imniiid ulit tiMir a >ear<igo ilo Inn*
alio lit-i n city cl««fk und tioiiMii'er nf
Feri.ia.—Vedioii Nctt-s.
fHiorlly  lifter trnlng to   prcsi \ .i*:
faa     a , ,
aa^'aa.a,»<Vai,ai|,     *     ''
The weather mail' has not much consolation to offer the 'man uho is weary
ofnmud and carries an umbrella. The
rain storms through here huvb beeu
sudden and frequent, aiid ahhough the
licence" commissioners have recently
Fcrnieasadry town
The Baseball excursion on Sunday to
Kalispell was well patronizetl, souioi SO
people digging down for tiie neceesary
SO GO The boys repoi't a good time,
wide open and generous, but tho Kalis
pell bo\ s were toot too trniiiy for Fernio." The score Btood, Kalispell H,
Fernie 10. The party returned at 3 a
m. Monday.'
A meeting of the delegates of the
four Protestant churches of thoii'y was
hold iu tho Methodist church on Wednesday evening tho 7:li inst. tb; make
arrangements fur a Uiiion Sabbath
school picnic. It was decided to hold
the picnic at Elko itr tho second week
in July, the exact ditto uot having buen
decided upon ou account of no delimit)
arraugeinuiilB having lnu'ii madu with
tho railway company. Tlio next niout-
Ing wuscalii'd for ,Tuesday, llio 20th
iiiHt. in the Methodist chinch, at which
all intcresied nro invited to attend A
list of the committees was drafted ami
the preliminary nrniuuemi'iits iiiadu.
It Is tho intention to make this occasion
the largest excursion that has ever
been held In'tliis part of tho Province.
-  I), C. Corbin, of Spokane is hern,
J, P. ['.Illott took a trip lo Calgary
lust week.
Pi od KIrklinm of .rrnVTurucr &, Co.,
Calgary, was horo ou fjntuiil.ty.
Ur ilowo, oyit specialist will bo at
thu Femlo Hotel from iho 13th lo the
I.Sth [list
J, F. Don no, editor and proprietor of
thu Nelson Dally News is huio una business trip,
Mrs. W. J. illundi'll will rrcolvont hoi
now lionie, Si)iini'u Vloiv Cottage, Frl-
day Juno li'tli,
Mrn, C Rlclinnls anil family, sail for
I'mglaiul on July (Ith, and will piubali-
ly remain*till xprluu.
R A \Vrl«lit, JD'.i'1'llor of Leilibridt/i!
aiul C.iriUtm:, Ih licio luuking fir pii'iu
Italtii tii il|.l'll Up LlDillllll-J
,i U. Whli.'uTi', of NiIioii, lopi-imiit
iiig tho .M.isiiii ami llicclt Piano Co  nf
Toronto whs in town ihU week.
John Mltclioil, priihldiint ol the IL M
\V, of A UexpectOal to bo ou hand on
PduiIiiIoh dny nmt ilcllvnr nn i '1 li "*.
New OttUi_H
A little maid' who had not yet
readied her third birthday wa3 one
day recounting to her mother tlie
mnny accomplishments ur' her adored
cousin, Murgti'v, who looked,down
on life from the cxaita.d height, oi
eight summers. '
Just ihiuk, mamma, Margery can
dress herself, und. button her own
shoes," and" bwush her own hair, and
buf.on little Edna's clothe--, and. hold
-Tiny-Da by—,'uid-pu:-on-herTra*irwTIb-'
bers and-1 coat- and' hood, and-and
(casting,about fur still greater -marvels) maybe she can even span!' herself and save her mamma the
A new comer to.L'Yriije' in making,
some purchases tlie other day, asked
'the grocer, '•how niuch are" potatoes
a bushel?''
"You're from the east, Eh! ? he
queried. Well, noihing is sold' by
tlie bushel here, everything -joes by
blie pound.".    ..      .    -
"I'd taken few "pounds' of eggs"
said the customer.
"Oh, eggs, theygoby'theqti'arlcr,"
he laughed, "u dozen for a quarter."
The next man,..the newcomer
called on handled "wood'.
'.'How much is woid a_cord?l'Jio_
A Friend at Court.
Every man in every town durin_: Ihr
court oof a lifetime has to ask a favor
of an editor—not an exception to thii
rule, sa.>a an exchange. A man mav
escape a doctor, keep i leur i f the courts,
but ouco in a lifetinie, al least cvurj
man haa to go to the newspapt r to havi
a certain piece put in- a deal 11 nutico,
a man ia»o notice, etc., to have a certain piece kept out or to Iim-i, his utiinc
printed in, or emitted from some item.
It is tliorcforo to your interest to treat
thu editor fairly. Ho desires'to bo fair;
hu would lather do the right than, tlie
wrong thing, Imt If you give him a
kick thu dent of it may he found in the
top of your own hat some d:i,v and you
will niivur know how it nol tlii.ru.
Don't think you aro iuiiuui.e; dmi'i
think that I-rnvldt-uco lu.s ispecially
favi.rod you. Your timo will enne,
and when it docs como it will bo a (Inn
Investment if you haven fiieinl iu llio
editor's olllcu.
Tribute to tlio Old Prospector,
iioro ho coines, with IiIh overalls or
corduroys well imiik»'d with giiuj-nor
_4i"i'iisi', iistially both, JI is whislscrs aio
raggnil and ho Iiuh ii hiini'iy ph.Vblog
iioiny. [.Ii-tcii to his tale of ilchi.s lo he
an|iiired if only tho hole could ho sitnli
diii'pir. Who is il.u i'ti-H, anyway'
KumetlincN ho Ih an individual wlm
Ciillld I'l^ui'ieit n gown IsaiikI hy Ilii'
prnft-ASor of oiii most iii'tud uiiivoisiting
ultcm-r ho Is u pluln cltizon wilh lluln
HcliDiillii)!, lint vi riai <1 in the lnn> a f null-
Vlillllll ClJllt'll't .1IItl bl!i',lgll|l ll^aillaSt it,
Nitit-i/1   Nut niuch—only l/oru wilh
"Cord, cord;'1 said he,, "where have
I heaid that word. We don't sell
wocd by the cord, its.by the rick."
"Ai.d how much is a rick?''
*'Well a lick's a boxiul.'1 •
"How' big a biix'r"r      "**
'"A wagon box." ,.
"And how uuniy Loxloads in a
' Oh three or four, a half a dozen
perh. ps."
L_ a queer country.
Hy lhe Ivlitor
From Pernio to the land of, fruit and
IhiweiH ou Kootenay lake -lis but a
lleuting spell-aboul live hours on tlie
fatst Crow exputss wilh its four dollar
dinners, and your vision rolls against
one of tho groat beauty spots of America. Kootenay lako always has a
charm for tho writt-r although for a
sixth of a century wo havo glided over
Its Mirfuoo in crafts varying in size
from a dugsut to tho stately Moyio,
an 1 never iu all that thai) stood off the
liu hoi- or had to swim ashore from u
Nelson it) a city of lliwors, gaHolliie
launches and municipal war, It Is the
most delightful summiM' city In Cniiiidii,
and tlio.titirihts »ho ttray within Its
walls aio loll) to leave it for thoir more
homhro homos.
We found r.nido in n stnto of com-
motion, Jack MtLiiclihui hml a lien
nursing a brood of young duckt," and
tlu'lr foiuluesB for inpiatie spoils is
j-iuiliiailly drlvlni: thu hen to tho vi-r_-o
of nervous prostration, nud Jack I.as to
j-ivuhurn Cnlliim every mnriilii|{ be
foro the can cat her biuakfast,
Poplar suuuis to Im happy ami Im*
one hotel to every twelve inhabitants
Tho citizens incut .ill.express trains,
ami ninny of thrni havo --olil nuygi'ts
coiireak'il iu their ilotlum. Thoro
ni'imiH to bo |/liMity of hope ami gold In
tho camp, but the go'd Iwih no legs It
can nut walk out lo tho rnilroad nnd
"1 want to gel a got.-d dining room
table," said the customer, i;if you can
sell it to me lijiht "
"1 can do that," answered the proprietor i.f the furnilu.e .-t'-ro. "Yc.u
have como to the rijjht place for a
squaru dml."
"liut I don't want a square deal 1
want a round cornered black walnut."
C. I'. It.'s Spokane Uraneli.
Tl.e Bonner's Perry Herald of Saturday has the fallowing lespccting con-
striutioii work on the road thnt is to Inbuilt from a point .on the Crow's .Nest
branch of tlie C I' 11 , soutluvestt-rlj
through Bonner's Ferry lo Spokane.
"Tlie liist icaitractors to arrive for
the construction of tlie Spokane & International railway were I'woh'y Bros.,
whose outfit reached here Saturday,
consisting of l"j 2,113 laden with horsc-i,
cars, tiack and other coustrnotion 111a-
lerial. M. .S. iti.ss, tho gciit-r.al tnaua
ger of the outfit, is on li.e ground, and,
on Monday, ho was veiy busy with a
gaugi.f men lr.-iiis|iiii'tiiig the nipplu-s,
etc., to the headipiai'teis of tl,t;ir con
tract across the river. '1 heir contract
begins about one mile east of .Oiveu's,
ranch ai.d continues t.iwaids the .Moyie
for a distance of six miles,
•'Durns cc Co. rocoUi'd the1 contract
for°furuUhiu_; llio fresh meat for lln-
coutractiirs, and Biiko Wil-on of Nei-
son, .1 member of the firm, arrived on
Tuesday lo mtiko tho .preliminary ar
ningenieiits for suppl\ in-** the nia-at.
" I'he ICo.jtei'ay Willey-.c-rprofs and
baggage car was usi d to its-full capac
ity la.*l 1'ucii'l^'^o^uijJiLUiaLU^-i^-CJ'iJ-Wji
Vrom tlm Timus * *
, Ahx Beck, of Fernie, lastnl-en
over the Interi'.atio::al hotel at Coleman.
Ii. L. Cutntr.ir.s left yesterday for
Feinie, where he wiii have charge of
*,he engineer's staff on the construe
(Frum tin. Miiiiilit)
It is too bad tint the Craubr: ck   '
lviiitl li is become d. fr.net.   Tins t-.w.,
should haveab.i'i.,1  and a g.iod uic
The  inf-lriimeiits are  here and. .--if
{that is tu eded is plavcts.
■■       s,„..i.uo-i    •pi.erewasahliglitbl.-.zoal.Stiiplf'-i
lion of the railway from Feruie to!...-,, .....
mil! last Mni-.dav.
Word   wus  nceived   during  ti c {t;ft,li»--. | ],-(_iiiii_^"
week   lrom   Kegi-ia that no permit jprotccikm th -t the iniii .-md
would' be gianted   thc hotels here to '
keep open liner than usual on Domiii-
ia 11 Day.    As a coimcqueiaCe ou.'' ce!e
bration has been declared off for litis
The Crow's Xest Coal Co.. of Ferine, are increasing the coke output
at their Michel collieries, owing to
iheir 'ia viii_" secured another c-. n'r act
It, siarii-'l   in
siiaviii'.'.s lhat li.'ial"gti::t-n mi ihe r if
••.ill,   laiit iin- lint- Ihe
:nd t.r mils
is fci'ppiicd 11 i:h ui'.tdo the iv* .iiigui-h-
illg of till: 11.1111::* a 11 (Jllf.y it a'.tu
there was iit'.k* nr n.iil.'iiuaga-'
IJj-seiiod Sovon ChiUlrcn.
C. J. Sou Ivsciretarv (f the Chiid-
ri n's Ai'l S-'ciety, leaUimd heme ves-*
...r,-„w...v.v. ...iui.1111 a„ 11 1 >ci; 1, ni.iv f..(llu ;l (..|,i:d.saying ('xpe'di-
for cuke from Montana .puin'is.    It is'tion to F.-ist Kootenav,  says'tliV Var:-
their   intention   to send CC0 tons <■( C0(lVl.r I'lovircc.    Mr &.iitf-bn-ug1 t "
coke over the Crow's Nesr. H. il. via j b.,c!. ,,;| ,.,-,, ti\.\\,\n.n ,.\'Ay\o famiiii **.
the Lethbridge route into Montana.     I'   ,., ••- ■>>       ■■     •'  •    *
,    si-vi'i* in nil -sn tli.-it !se had a ieal
Monday two miners empluyid at .lively time on hi* ti-f!i.
the Bcllevue mine were caught by a'
gas explosion and   had  their hands
and laces badly scotched     The lire
boi-3 had  been  to  tlle lace as c us to
ot laiidlo'ikers miln* to Albi-rt.t. There
was much couiine.ut among the past-en
■;ors having to pa,\ 7 cents';!, mile and
tide in a baggage car Siaudiiig room
was a premiuin. Thu "l.landliiokt-r-.
wouhl transfer., to the Crows . Naini
branch of theC. V  ii al Sidar junction
me on in- tn
Tin-re were tiiree chiklren of the
Mi.vd:v:h laiDily-.Sadie^igcd '.», Jack,
aged l\, and J..mes aged 1.    The par-'
, , . ei.ts  wi-i-a!  nsidi'iils ff, Fo'rnie   ami
"ijn-y, --ter a shot  had  been Hml, ! pam-d |,„r J,ltlll: *   '
» 1.I1 a safety lamp and fi u,d in. gas. I u-.^bie
Sl.ur.ly afterwards J. Klliacn ,, «l S. ! youu-tcrs : n*s,r :o h,.v« been , rae '
1 um-ilc wm.tm to work when an ex-' lic,„y  ,,,„,!,!, W,.,L    0.,o  ^.?   0
Pl(*i.-n   of  c,l3 occurred,   fcco:c!iir>-!ohut witness i„ a so,iS,,ti.,n,:l  nMault'
bou u«ju        ei   were takcu.to the casea, the as^es r-ce, tiv at ft-rni'
d< n? t'," U^U,,BM ;U,J ™     Th« «"»"■ [;i11' C!'il(1-' Won^l ,
uoi 1 t.o.n„ »,.,!. j l0 a r.iniiJy !lumt.a Iuml()n M M;ing_
W htle hunting on Moidny ne;.r j villi-, a n.-w snu-licr t.,wri a short dis- -
tl.e "No. 1 bush camp ut Cnm's Not, S'tau e si-uth ul CVai.brook. The eld- '
Mrs. W. F. l'ollok ai d Charles 15it.oks. ; c--t is a gii I ul 11, and the next a'bi.y
d'aColeman. ,-i.Cs.unt,'i.dalar,;eb!,-.ck|ol 11 Tie \oulli had bet ri'jioorly-•
bear. Mr. bear showed fk'i.t, Iuu!cl..d during ,|ia v.iistt*!-, ai,d w.-is'in '
vyns quickly des|-atched hy Mi-.}.s:c!i a lugkcted coi:(liii.,n- that I e "
brooks, \\h.< is an  exoi rt r lie .,h t i had become .veiiki'i.cd
:n\'.   '1 Im i;-i'tiicl--aV:..-i
lo. k" itftif tin in, and the
The boar was  brought into (jwie
.it emr 300' poui.ds. It was pinteti
on e-xhibitiun an.I was the "centre ot
an admiiiiig ciov.il tf e-nvktis bun'
to tl.e i-oin,t'of
lotss    liu  had  been" tutting wood '
' At llie opening of "iho Council last
night the city solicitor was - relieved
(n.ni aUoiahinec unless his services
were required.
A telegram fi'tin Victoria Times
asking about writo up W113 reaii.
iMunuscript was ordered returned and
illusi,va'iioii3i.l tlie oi:y will be usod.
. A report from J. (.1. Citiinulngs re
grading was ivcoivid arid illutl. A
letter from tlio Oeiiei'.'il .Manager of
tint Coal C-i. stated ih.itthe Co. wotiM
not sell their waterworks within the
city limits, but nli'iTcd 10' dispose ul"
the hydra nis. Luiier Hied fur (mure
The Coal Co, ol-JiCted paying ttxes
on some i-rnpertlus In 1 I.o JA-i-uso Annex, I'ofi'iTo.. to Court j(  Revision.
lietiiniiiig ollicei's report ol voting
on bi-liiv.sNui. 11 and J.r) ivns ac-
Oiler from JIl»s .lutloln, slcno
graplior, was iicccptcil.
Hy law No. KI wns Riven  its lirst
J''ium I liu I.L'.'iiliT
.James Cronin brought three thor
oughbred Trisli terrier pups from the
east with him, two for himself and
one-lur W.1I. AldriilBeof tho'Trail
smelter. lie procured them from
leatherO'Uoiman, ofUaiiatu'-qui', Out.
The pups' sire is ihe famous Uadger,
'7rn~WTrncrr, ami ci*ituil tlu'.t.his father
took l.'.s'eari:iiigs «iid spent tlieui for
whiskey, in c int.,Mr. y.itiili wa3
•jiv*. 11 char',0 ni ihe ci ildrcti.
yiinko Took Uoot Oir.
Au Allentown, I"a ; desja'ch says:
Siiiila-s 1.re tut in Lehigh, aid according 10 the declaiMtitn of .J011
lii'll'man, ot Sitsholtzv illo, one. big
bli-ck snake :n j articular is a living
boi-j.ick. ■ Hoffman limped intoJJc.l
Lion with one boot ill' and otic bi.it
en. lie iis.-etU-d ilint lie h,.d tried to •
kick wli.it he thought- was 'a stick''
(ait 11 the path whui he wassuddeiily'
champion   of  this spcekil  bre.id  Im ji,lll,l»,,i "I1
both United States and Canada.   Tlio I ' ■■*CuVl'''"» llis sa',tu nd *-L'nae8 •'?'
imi s tost nearly .1,70 eac!i landed in I1"11"'1 llu" 'l -*uv-"---'"-'- black smiko'
laid   coilitl JikII   its lithe, sinuosity
ai'qui.d his left l)j>t nud ihe otln f
Man's inhumanity tomiui was iihis
1 rated at Calgary tho oilier tiny.    A I
resident ol Lctlabi'itlgo arriv-d  liuro '
alitor lour days walking, \\ith> boots:
worn out, feel blijitiTednnd   "In*i'I;<j"j
llu has a bi'uther at Letlibriilgc worth    ,.               , ,,    ...  , , ,_„ ,
„.„  ,.„       ,           . .                  .        ol ;i i-nai.e,   bait alter it had gone a
.foO.iOJ,    who would im comribiuu   .    , ,. , „ ,,,,     „
',              _.   ,.                          ,            flii rt d:.>t:i;.cu it niita bi'i all.l »s I'llti-
t.0 amount ol 1r.01.ey  lo pure Mao a ,     .     .. .   ,   ,,  ,     ;	
,.         . , ,,      ■ J       '                  in r, w.'in  1. q.iiii'l   1   tln.ro vvas a
in livay uckct.                                             ,      .                ,,       , .. ,
jprt.-ich r in iiiu eiMWil, its hit wnnteil
Tlio(!i'.ct:,.iiiaf't!K'JI„iibitry|.l.ii:.|L,Uiikl. ,,.,, ,,,„ ,,   H lll;, l.,,lsS, x.
Ing mill at Klko is bin ily tlu- l/<-;: in 1.    ■     1   .     > ■   ■
uingi'l belter tinics k rilic town wliiil
is already weiiiiug a Dri.d'i r ap|ie„i-, n j,,,, u,,.,, ;i|
unco.   Tim  mill v\il| tmn  imi   ha.-1. • M'")V(.;,,,
nail ai'otntti a mnall pine tree.    Ili.il-
m..11 ii ied 10 ,\ auk  llis loot loose and
the. hoot on ine 1 If,   Tm rilled  by his
1 xpi-i i.inca d, he (lul.
A party 11 ihudiai t'.j went iu scn'cli
of il
• liilili'd, lie, il, 1 lud U1..1 !i
1 a Uia'ck •»,■! ke cr
lu«-fiilHtV»ulBcvi.|i..v live Ihi-UMiiil ■,,,„,, j 1. .,•„,_,„■._.,,.,.. |„
reading.   'J his is .'in iinundiiiont lo i/uei p.i d.iv aiul  will eti.i h.v ;.!> -*it ,',   1 ,.., ,,. , , ,■ ,...
,       ,. , , , . I    ., '       .    .       . . I ta.t t| /lill.ClS  la.l laCU   0,1 .'.la
• 'trade licence by-l/ivv" n: d  ivlnti-s, thirty iiio.\    I liuluiiii.'er >vdi bi pin-1
loliawktrs aiiti  pediars    It places .chased green Iruin thu m-ar h\ mil!.-' "~"
tlio license at i'o'J for (i monihs.   It jiii.il \v III Im H,ariu!. i lam d aiid diit-u
a I .It
." till'   .Kil",  CI'-'
I III In   li '.■,, 11 ki||
I' l,i.r coi lirui.t-
a    I'I  ill.' alf.-ifl.il,
fillOI'f-l'N   il.'.-U-   il'.ltlt
 .s.,     I  i.l lia a,   ,1 | |i|   111 | I'I I  |  ' ' '
paused Its sccon I and third reading [nt llils mil'. Tl.e f.utpu w II-In ! Hhtitv ll'/f-tus i>.q mlil.v ing hi 'Im
and will come up for riC.m.iidoration j.ilil| pe-il to I'imiiiIhii, vvhitn tlm mum ^lir ot ili,i,u| i,ui* i.u.,Ii.t nl tiir.,ili*-
at next meeting. Ilrin opt iMieS a h..»Ii ami do.ji |..ct. i^, |;i e.t, fin \i,ir, ,-.» l.ir, Im tan
II. A. Wilkes appeiirod beforo the   '■■   -    ■ ••
Ctiuiieihuid fipolto on lire |:roieution
nnd tho Htaloof tliu lire lighting up-
paralus. Ilo w.ih given <i carelul
liearing and assured theso uiiiUcr.s
would boatleuiled tnat. once,
.Mil. Ttiiilo ivas nuiliori/.t'il to cull
Kit AX If.
I'i'tin tliu I'liiiila l'<i|i. r,
Two b >; ems, I-iadcd vvith coiu'iu-
trateH from tho St. IJigi'iu; inlni- I'i'
)'!Uid tl.it'j o. ,,,s,
Oil  V slllll ' lull! i.l    j,,
h  atlaclla .1   l  a ,|   Va l'\
till-   tl'.lp    lla.ll       l-i,|   ,
Iii'lin'-a   iii|,;' ,-!,;
.1 ill  ll^'l   ,il.       Ilia.ll   ,|
ll I  1  I I -I''    I .a l|    !  'i<,   a
I'la'     I'.I'I,     i,|      |
i'n S r,da\ |-i.-r
ti.ijs, he loiii,al
l'l„r    ll  ll"W,        A a
, ii„':.l il.i> end 11
.*'•'. -ity i Mem, I
Ml',        ! Int     |)  ;,|'
' l, '■•,;•■'! t f w m.i
|>   I' vi,.,-.   , ;,«„ ,,_
TlmCiovvijNest I'.ihs C>i.iI  Co, nn
"d, building iiit^olllcH, hivu'o imhmi *h  tn
it-1.1 at yUiKWl   in  honor of >!,k. , for nouio time to cm...   Tin, bmWhi"
:l..«Uy.(,,nt.o.,e.O.   Tl.o, 1,11.1,c, „,k- f uIII «,,** ll.. co.npleto .s„.„„o|,!AllH|,:,
iiirittrl woro «dinlr*bly tri,im>.| l*y liy Uuwlnn.1 and iu|,tt  «»..„,w   „„
Mi«. Ihinbr, Ml« Ihll M,*J Mil IN Jcox nnd I1„„ko„  rta* ,.   fl Lv w
air.   .nofrcHimentHHoro M.ppllul |.V Im b„||tM|ll, wmm block., n„tl Utlul
thti-iiiulorOufl.l.fit.,1  Ih,. ,„.( .NvI,.i..)„pma,nod..r,ufv|a,   Tli„w'e   ! .
«iii.H-.Mlo-m» which «„ ,ovv„r.U r^dy,,,,,!., »„y ".„., wl Tr.pki'v
(uriilijilnjr-i for Cl.rut Chun-h.   .\ v,;y\ v,uU,.,i t0 ^n^,-,^ M "'*
for a town, and tin; saw mill liuuiu wtin
Mllllhnrn. Ifowi'Ver thn iIhv will cuitiia
when that mill will run, uml ih.'ti tu'ns
lp it,   Tlio hrlg-lit htiiishliM!
rifli'Ctoil fniiii llio suow uiosi-i's vihiili
""'""   1.! ■   1   ! v. !   ,.,.,!. ,   ,;,u   a.^i
Htri'tflll'tl  "f    llllalllltltlu     I IIIV.  I",      llliaj.jjj;
like a frti/ei. r eiMin ppici<t  l„foi'.. hlu,,,Cll|ll.rVi   Trout Lako hn*  h.imui up to
a» I.o -inte, fii.io a ht-ir utrikun* peak. ,Uu, ]n.„il]xl „ j,h|n iu !illlUll| „,„, it u „
I ho vivi.1 miiimKh whirh Im a.lniliiM fl|. ,1|Wn t)|lll vvii, y,,t „„,,„ ,„ ,„ 0W|,
most tljilly, the i'\ii_."x iJitloiiH of tho ul-'
HIllSl Iii'i''   liU ii'itni'll   I.Vial     "'■      ■ '
, av!,j-,i   I   ivni.il   ho i|||ik"j!l lit .,i|;t"3
I iii.i) Vaiieii  l».'I d.    So .Slji'i: \   <l  I.V-
l'' ''"llll .1   " tll.is.ll I1"    ill   llll!   Ill via,   W lll'"l  .
,.    , ,    , ,( '"'   e .used Iin,iii ti) Miort with ra;;i', ni.'C,
r.u.cheiti near I'lnclu-rLreek, It t on       . ,       .    ... .    , ..
  , .     ,  , llisll  lilll.11' 4111 \     Up   till!   ll.ll.la.       HllV-
 ^____ I Illl's-flilV <i( oust ivct'l- iiii 'i" '•■"■■ • !   ' , .    ,     i     ■        ,•
.,,.,,, ,       ,        iiiifj nmi ;iC"iiiiipli-ilii d tlm oltp ct • I
An advcrilsonii'i.t in Thk Lkikik Nitilpio tlm old oimtry, iriiln-r vt:, •' c1
day evui.iiij-", tbo llitii Ins'.
cnj'ijnblonftttriifinfi mid iivtidiitf wm>
»p«nt,>nd much  |.r*i!«a ln-duo to the
Junioriiv'iUi < fVtulat churtli who laoiRALL PROfiWMS j"/''-*;'",--"*'*?"•
kindly mri.Ut.cd li-U iwvrf ffvrm of «>.; ™$..™W*™
peiity will   iikiiiii   iii'mifli)   with  tho j i"«ati Ity peoplo who have  money to jk'-'oul lakos ami Madura Fa IN
    '" r '   ' upend.   Ih jour t.d in? I   I'itichir Creok n!:l hold i
-- - —  - — jmictoii July <i ami I.
         i    l'>'.II.M.rw,".nwo hav,, won thej    A .^ |,ri,i^ |mrt 1m.„ ,mi, ,„.,.,.'
Any in/in ivho han mil _,'|fi| with  tin*■iiv-t;h*"i» ,,i *•' i <•'■ " ":• <? ''.•■■ •,_. C.^_.  .-  •   ,   .
1,1  ll.'ll';,*
tn   by  ll.e
ii a inoi'f
C   pl'iad'.Jl t t
"...e iiipKi'tiii ic   hunii'i'. .ho  mistlmr,
ilii't ii;-li Uni lua.1    wliieh i'i-. n p ly
,;!it al la'itip  tn  all  hi-   lia i.liles.     | „u
b-.ii-t   w.h a  niii'.'i ilici-tit   cilvi ii'i",
'I'I   I      ■"'       ' ""   '*"     ".'       "' .'   '.'        ...s,-    >•
Iiled et.^lll. Ii-i-l b\   M.V, II    lit, llll' ll. t*
ha ilaH   111    I MYlil'-,I   COl.a.a.l   tl.       Vtli.l'
i-:.\cj!■::.• im.: iiAi.f.uT.i
Ill   Ik
! at
MM! ty. r
.'li'll     Sa
a":  t'.l.l
till,     Of     I ll-aa
".llll   S.k.V'*  lia
ll' bHMii't |H.wit.:r, *oh- n,.s.„r, _,,,] i\,ia:,! Muiu„i   p^uuV." Th«"w»|\Vr'Vi."ir!''" Mll>''tt"' ,u'r ''n*'"v'
lUr  till" J I'" IsUl-l tjl  ill ill,' lll>ll.    Ula.. ','. .1. a . I        ... ... .'    	
|!f-elltl>  Him  I'S|.,,,I,   ,,
e!« iVi-, ;n
alf.V     la.ljl.^   Ill  ,[    l«itll.<llt '-'ill)l>.  I</||
lhe,   l"l'   lliat     llll'it*    ll'.Il of    l' I-     I,', .'
Viell-t   » !|s.«itvr    llie ll.'ll' f'd'
Iur ll.-*, r. „,«•' toi A thu um, H ja> (j)((j,. j,,,.,,,^. „f ,||0|i|>v jn ^ , ^^   ^
1 l " '      ■' -> . a J    a  ..    ,   .'.    ,   ,v_ ...fc     _,{. J •_.'_,- '"  ."    .■■>• '-    >al... "-.J ai,a» si,.,    t.tB     p.-,'.. - -ft*
-—■     ' . *
Is the home of all Slocan people traveling to' and from Poplar.
meals Always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
The door of the
The Ledge.
R. T.LOWEKY, Editor aijj Flni.no.ler.
T«K   LlUXlE  U   UVlt"1-"iliajll   «Vory  W(>d*-oisliay
In KajrnU, B 0.   Tlie Pf leu U ii » yeiar.   Advor.
■t Mn-r r»t»» kIv.u up('ti niipli(.,ation.
Thi*. Dominion i-aOveri.uieitt ia getting Billy. It or**«red \\.nt a dozen
railway olUciula °ut of St. Thomas
• because they •n'ere, not Canadians
, probably to ple0-*e fl j-olitician in the
rival aixl je&iyQH .by of I/indon.
Suoh petty tcu,^ against cities of the
United States Is *-'orthy the contempt
•nf all broad funded people The
boycott acts hs i- boomerang whether
used by an individual or a nation,
.and ihe politici*1** at Ottawa should
timber their upp*--r swpea with swae-
thing utronger -*->-an potty ineau-uesa
tigaisusta Deig|i-**or.
Names **t fm-itans
1 have been a-Udyinj*- Uao Puritan*,
•said a Minneapuli*> ant,iiiaary, and
*wh*t most 8trtl**k nie was the intensely Cbriuti-1-! chart--*-*-* of the
mines the Purlins trave their children of the seventeenth century.
lam «-3.ad,tt'e Purit«n fashion in
jnaiuesdid not lContiime. Those ap-
iMS,liationB must have'been extremely
... a wRward. Hf****** arc *omo ot thcra:
God Rewaivd *--inart, Stand tVt on
High" Stringer. Be Courteous Cole,
Repentance AY-8, Head the (Scriptures
Moreton. Fi'gljt.the (J-xxi Fight ot
Faith White, More Fruit Fowler,
Hope tor Bendii-g, Graceful Harding
Weep not Billing*," Seek Wisdom
Wood, Elected 'Mitchell, The Peace
Kipling and Fume
Rudyard Kipliog- visited my apart
ment once, said a New York publisher. He snt in that chair there.
He was in the height of his funic at
that time It was betore the outburst
of the Winston Churchill historical
novel and the Connn Doy'e detective
story. This brusque, jerky young
man was probably, just then, the most
brilliant star in the literary tirmanent
He talked beautifully. On his departure I eecortedshiin down on the
elevator to the ground tloor. Then,
\vhen I got into tho e-levator again to
go back to my rooms, I couldn't resist saying to the elevator man:.
Did you notice that short, thickset
gentleman in spectacles who came
down with me? Not partie'lar, why,
the man asked. „
That, lutiswered was Rudyard Kip
Kudyard Kipling? the elevator man
exclaimed. Uud yard Kiplitig, ,the
great African explorer.
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Fernie, 11. 0.
Teaches* of the Piano
(Lostlia'tizkey Method)
A thorough training assured each pupi
The Exchange
Has not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morning bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention. "
Allen & Palmer
ank of Hamilton
Latest styles in Hats
when thou art laid lo
rest with thy
We have qiJUe a,te»if old caps that,
■we wouldn't like to sella little below
the market pr>ce prevailing iiT-I/Hi-
don as per the -ollowiiigs
Asmnll si*ct0ontli century drinking
.cup carved out  of rock,   cryst-al-
. mounted, and enameled with   gold.
was sold ntutK-tioh  here  yesterday
afternoon for #31,375.   It is s«ld that
i tho cup was purchased for J. P. Mop.
•gan of New Y^k.   It belonged to J
Ga bites of Lr/i-'-on, who p|.,ced the.
reserve price »'• $25 OjO.   Thero hns
been much di8*-usslon over Us nu.
thenticity, btft the l$rUi»h museum
has pronounce'-' it genuine.
The bidding was fn»t und furimw
from $25,000 to $50.0(10 but thence
torth the duel vv«w between two protiv
incnt London -ieuleru. It Is bcllcv-.il
that $81,375 IU the highest price ev-..r
tiaid for a Rlnii1'-'object ot art iu uu
Enifllph ftUctl0*<-rooiu.
The JiiputieHe Tragodlnn
1 attended -"-io theatre otton in .Jn-
yijih, aald a n»*Val olliccr. I botanic
very londof Jupuneso noting. Your
Ji'ipuneBe tvu^aiian Is oltou a greut
lie does mflhy things though, to
fl'poll the IUii*»lon. Ilo will for in-
Btnnco, ulay ti'miBulf, with revolting
realism, die •<■ a gront puddle Ol
Hood, nnd gu'upa tew nilnutcs later
•and stalk ofi' t-ie «■.•>..•,
What rlglit have yon to walk off
tho itage aft'"!* you are dead ? I said
to an actor of10''.
Why Bhnul'-1 wnBtc my timo lying
on tho hard (Ki? ho answered. My
part ii playfdt tho nudlonco knows
I'm not dead •"•cully; tlmroforo It is no
harm ior met *-*> Kct up and go about
my huilncM-
That la th" *••!»' th« Ji-1*-. >"*-|?ard
tho theatre, »>ul thoy do things on
tho stago thnt wo would never tnlopn m
Tho star, tor i.,iit.'.ne,', has always nn
attendant at his elb >w with ti lantern
to light up t'U fiid*,. The star Hctu
trroat store °h his changing fncinl
«f*xP'-eHlon«, -ind the attendant with
tho lantern *••- tho end o( a lininlwo
pole, isalw/tVu nt haul to throw a
atrong light °n the loatures of hU
I ij»ka*i tf •> J,-t*> wJw aboy? the «h
anrdlty of tl-U
It li no m°-"e absurd, tha actor an
•wcred, thr>n your limelight.
In some/•'imnono theatrea I have
teen the o**r'i drcSHcr follow him
about tho iftfe throughout the per-
<ormHnc«. h tho ni-nt trylnw" tnoui*-
aenti the r\tii**ar wcaiM rearrange a
(allfn told o'the acwr'i rob*, or dab
ji litiletiior* powder on hit fa-ee, or
•straighten f-» lieaddreu, All these
ttfinjrji Jap**--\t**Ki audiences uka a< ■
emtter ol otMm.
Ten Conimaiidnieiits
T.   Thou shalt not go away from
thy home to do-thy trading, nor
son nor thy daughter.
II. Thou uhalt patronize thy home
merchants, thy home printer, for yen
verily doth.the home printer spread
over the tidings of thy goodness and
many will patranize thee.
III. Thou shalt employ thy home
mechanics, that they shall not be
driven from their homes to Iind bread
for their little ones.
IV. Thou shalt not ask lor. credit
as goods-COSt_inuch_and._the_.mer-_
chants brain is burdened with bills.
His children clamor lor bread and
his wife ubideth at home for lack ot
raiment as adorneth her sister.
Blessed yea, thrice;, blessed, is the
man who pays cibIj.
V. Thou shall not ask for reduced
prices on thy influence, for guile is in
\ our heart and the merchant readeth
it liko an open book, He iaugbeth
thee to 6Corn und shouteth to ids
clerks, ha, ha.
VI Thou shalt do whatever I leth in
thy power to encourage and promote
the welfare of thine own town aud
thine own people.
VII. Thou siinlt not sailer voice
of pride to overcome thee nnd if other
towns entice thee consent thou not
for thou inayest be deceived.
VIII. Thou Bliiilt. Bpend thy parn-
IngH at home tnat they may return
fourth generations that they may he
nourishment to such as may como after I hoc,
IX. Thou shalt not bear false witness against tho town whoroln thou
dwellcst butspoak well of it to all
X. TliouBhiilt keep theso com*
inumltnents and tt-ach thorn to thy
children oven unto tho third nnd
fourth generations thut tltov may be
mmln io llourlsh und urow in plenty
Shirt waist Suits
Prayer Drinking
During my stay, in Gambia, saiil
the sailor, the king was taken sick.
He rolled all over the mud floor of
the royal kraal. He groaned and
swore, and he touched his fat stomach
witb botli hands. He had, it seems,
a cramp.     •
Gambia is on the African west
coast, and the people there i-i very
primitive. "When the medicine man
arrived to treat the king, I went into
the krall behind him, being anxious
to sec what a Gaiubian prescription
would he like.
The~~king stopiwd-n3fing aboutT
He lay quite still on his back. His
stomach, much swollen, stuck up in
the air, and ho rubbed it gently wilh
the palm of his hand.
'• Do yer best for me, father, he says
to the physician.
Ua\e no fear son, the physician
Then this African M. D. took out a
wooden shue and a charcoal cru'-on
and he began to write. Scrutcb,
scratch, scratch, away he went.
The slate tilled up with fine, close
Do your best father, repeats the
I'll spare no paius, suys the physician.
What aro you writing, Bays I.
A pra>er for our7' great king's recovery, was the answer.
When tho slate was lull, thc physician took some water and washed it
clean, and he sitvrd all tho dirty
water 'nticup. In this hero dirty
water he said, is tho prayer 1 hnve
just wrote. Drink my eon the
draught.   In It the prayer lives,
The klnir drained tho darkish
fluid out ot thc cup. Then he sighed
and said:
I feel better already.
The Gainbinn people told mo that
tho drinking of prayers In that way
was tho only kind of medical treat
ment thoy ever got.
Dressmaking Parlors
Greatest Aid io Cookery
With least labor and trouble it ma!to9
hot-breads, biscuit and cuko of finest
flavor, light* sweet, appetizing and
assuredly digestible and wholcsor.io,
i c
mice Oakinci ro»,voeii Co., CHioAoa
The^-*g£>- ~
!,' 'I O       a
IS in a delightful lo-
1 ctition uml from
itsbalconios can I'O
Mien all tho boiiuty of
the' i-Tiuitl xcpiiory
that surround.-., heniH
in, nnd adornsa tlio
busy city of Nelson,
. It ih the homo of
tourtstii mid business)
men from all parts of
the world. The ouia-
ine laevordruKSin tho
mire of mediocrity,
Riid every room its an
■ enemy to insomnia.
If you need rooms
when on the way in,
touch the wire and
the deed is alone.
B. TOflPKINS. nana'er
Head Office s  Hamilton-, Canada.
Capital * $2,500,000       TiZesevve * $2,100,000
IZotul M&zets * $27,500,000
Hon. Wm. Gibson, President,
"j. Turnbull, Vice-President and General Manager.
A General Banking Ousiness transacted. Current Accounts opened with Merchants, Manu
fnt-turer.', and Municipalities on the moot reasonable terms BankiitK facilities Kindly
extended to all persons desiring to op<»n business nr private accounts. Special attention
civeu to all out of town accounts. Interest at Current Bates allowed on Savinas Bank
De-po^its from *l'io upwards. Collections ett'ei-tert in all parts of Canada at Lowest Kates,
Drafts issued, payable in Canada or Abroad. British, American, aud Foreign Drafts cashed.
_,.       "' An office of this Bank has been opened at Fernie.   -
All Correapoudence addressed to the Ajent will be personally attended to.,
Agent, Fi-knik Bua.nch
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer anil Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Day and Eoening.       ■
Bookkeeping,  Shorthand,  Writing, Arithmetic,   Spelling,
' .Correspondence, English Branches,  Etc.
Correspondence Pupils Coached '    '
Low prices and individual instruction make it the   '        fl     M    Pr-JtfiOQ
.  ,_,,_     chance of si lifetime.. * **>.   iU.  Ul 1111*50
Iu Fernie,. is a pleasant
home for all who travel.
Rooms reserved by wire.
•£'■•£ ty
T. Whelan, Manager
Is a pleasant home
for thc traveler.
Wm. Mills, Prop.
Wliolonnle I)onlorn nnd Direct ItnporturH
of WIiioh, Lli|tior*i mid Citfnra,
Dlitrlut AjrnnlH for
1'oinmury Chnrnpntrtio
and Huhlitx Door
DtritributorH of
Chamberlain and
Pharaoh Clifiiri
intiTtyttm   bo.
Philip Carosella |
General Merchant
Gentral - Hetel
MRS. S. JENNINGS, Puidphiktbess.
' ti '' i i
Aberdeen Block, NELSON,
'   B. C.
The Fernie
Cigar Store
All competitors for coupon prize must
Imnd in their coupons to the store nol
later than JuilO 7tll.
Coupons must be .in sealed envelopes.
F.nch envelope must have nnme and
address ol competitor and number of
coupons contained therein.
No coupons will be issued after May
v —
Strictly First Class
Up to Date
Electric Lighted
,S tea in Heal
Hotel Fernie
Hot and Cold Baths
Billiard and Pool Room Lui^c Sample Rooms
Bar Room Unexcelled
Rates : if 2.50 per day
r*.i,. t't *<*.,,lift m l*i rnlrtnt i,'I'i fttilttftfO
\it\tti\t  tnnf tp-fj ttiftj ,'»■* *t\U\Jwt* th Timn */
fltlhiJ      Tin   trt  it! *iH *J tit  «..V   gttJiJ Ituafitfj
ft* A\(h tu »t t/'td iff,19 ra-< *th th JixUhtt m iu-
it AttrtuitU Ui tUt** itittt uttfinui*** /./.i-V-ji
t*.»f     (*»fir ItJtAttA   jl*f«_iir
Mir *'*{t dirtum* alutntt ti *n* i* nW intf n't,
Gturtt iarga re a/ nut% turf imfttrt^ tAin tirt tt*.
»«• "' .y*/ il tjirtt iUti tthrmtht, i ■•/•>/f#-7 ttm,
,/,r /. ii.1 jr,tI,«tJ tt n-*,t t»J f%,Att /Jrr»</ta>¥
111/.7 M fi, „r,*.tj tf ftitAnJ U*t >nr|/fvila vt/V
H»i"/»-'-' ft/j h**at*>y iii/tra'y.
Tilth. *'itii'f,)t/lt'i t An   hat* Cttst Mil att**       '
, .   .Wtamtiat.\tA^iA,t.ft_,lt(*H%A,tli»»^»f *>**>•
CunJ/ntkitriiHiiirtJlt 4t-i'rw $*i an't/*t rat, ta
idii***1 tf rttmiaftt ratit {i f^'J'*/f* ■'•*•' /"x
•/trttU* f/th tlm Jtttf ttlta ut iii,
whtA || utJtr tit If -ni Miciyf-tif-it
Titu iah.it tfirm.tl Jit*t aUn tiitmntJtfttuAr
■••« tmj   hutt   ll   M*    hwitt plttlith Hftft-
rif^ffhr /*r**Siti*r>t vMtV *•
rrr-.iAi' (t f*t t/tL **.»*/ _itj**>'_* itmmar
ttttt-U «» #** G**>utt.4H forth /Kif Thmt*t.t$i>M
,/ram »4tr4 M.t/toftJft %U mmt uttti**>h4 (ultra
UA (j tit Kl***nl4 tip** *1 tlll-^li^tt*.*} H_t*t^ltfil 1'i/t.Vt
ttmt ittfl tmJ awtaH i«-aa.' *ta.m4t% H,, n,,flttt»tiaa4 Mt*M<
th* f-W'/fe.ay n^.tmkj MitmliM Af t**r n/t«t*t/tr ***
'•af^/.l.ly t.J   it*,*j
or TMC   ■
*" a/ftal.   4  H.I.I ./aaal
to the
WhQicsale Commission Merchants & Manufacturers' Agents.
The Liiinsik'ii Roller Millx
Tlili Wupellu Roller Mills
I.cver Brother* "Jiunlifjlit Soap"
D11II on Brothers "DixlMower' Soap
The Vojjt'l Pm,l«,.i*.|T ('*».
The Blairiuore l.iiuu ,Mfj{, Co.
Thc Manitoba Cunning Co,
The W. & R. Jacob Co., I.ld.
liUiiult Muniifnoturnri
Tliu fiiiflpli Foimilry Co., I.ld.
Tht* Mo>lr Mill* Lumber Co.
The Hyifivnc Kola Wine Co.
Fruit and Produce of all hinds.
Correspondence Solicited.
j *
a   *■'''
tv:* \U
THE LEDGE, FERNIE   B.C., JUNE 14,. 1905
f *■
To the Land Hungry
■ The lands in the Columbia ' Valley
hetween Trail' and Robson- "'on' both
sides of the river are unsurpassed' for
fruit raising. . This i- true of ihe bench
lands as well "us the men .'.•-: w-; t"':-.it lia'
close to ihe i'iv-. t. On ll" l.tnJ ■_ ms.
pears, apples,,*-:tiv >. ;vrrii.-. ar.d "» 'iit-
i.'-s grew to |.crfcc in.!, w! :!e all k. v.l-
-..:"f-fariia-ri pr'-duiT yiuld p'.jnoinin<j, returns. '■(' ■■• _  '•
The farmers of -.""ire. val :y, -.vhici.   is
considerably north of the section  aibng
the Columbia between Trail   and-Rob-.
son,   grow  wheat to perfection.    It is
certain ihal the bench lands along  the
Columbia if cleared, would raise wheat
This fact would make the  section par-
si . .. r
licularly valuable to those who desired
to embark in the raising of chickens,
turkeys and ducks. ' By raising wheat,
the best food for fowl could always be
secured, and as fowl of all kinds bring
the highest prices the chance for making big profits in chicken, duck and
turkey raising are more than ordinarily
The orchards around Trail,  some of.
which have been planted for nearly ten
years, produce enormous quantities of
, fruit and show the capabilities of the
soil. ..In the neighborhood of_ Kaslo,
Nelson and Creston a most encouraging degree of success has attended the
efforts of the fruit raiser.. In thc Nelson district in particular, all along, the
west arm of Kooteiiay lake between
Nselson and . Proctor, every available
acre has been taken up, and orchard
after orchard may be ' seen from tlie
steamer.in passing. In the section he-
Trail aud Nelson, and along the Arrow
lakes' for that matter, tlie soil, temperature and everything in fact, are similar lo those which exist along the- west
.arm of the Kootenay lake and offer
equal advantages to   the   fruit   raiser,
' the small farmer and the raiser of fowl,
or to those who" desire to' embark in
dairy fanning. There is this difference
however, lhat lhe lands along the,, Columbia can be purchased for less than
one-half the price for which it can be
obtained along the west arm of Koot-
cn.-iy lake.
'" It is a singular fact that nearly every
business and professional man in Nelson has acquired from live to fifty
acres of land at some point along "the
west arm of Kootenay lake and is engaged in improving il by putting up
country residences, clearingthe' land
and planting orchards.    The residents
nearby and equally valuable lands
along the Columbia River. In a few
years they would l'e,Jerivingxlarge incomes from the sale of fruit, and' during the interim they would luive pleasant retreats, where they could hiihland'
fish during the summer and .fail
The hinds along the Columbia   River
have  lately   been opened  to  purchase,
and those who ilr-.ire to liuy^ lln-m  ca.i ■
do so 'or a noir.in il .'Ign v.—¥/•:.. ,
cheaper. A Bellevue hospital physician," when asked1what all this meant
confessed himself at sea. The sedative
qualities of coal tar produced were well
known, of coitsc, but lie never heard
now . • - 1-at".'      jiTeil   a.
.1' i-ki' be :
"..■.■.ii ' ."•. .
'••.■.i", V; .
'.■!■■> .1 ii'.o.
ie '^ ' ti''- 1
ll'"."';,' Wil-a'l'
■   eP.es.
: tain
.:.   . 0
■ ta- .,■.',"'
.--sihie i    ",ie 1 • .ict-rloin.
v'u\v Yt.rk Dispute'..
H .".■. ■
11 lion *,
qil -     -
Andrew Carnegie has said: "The
best friend I ever had . in the world
were my competitors in business. You
only hate those you do not" know."
Mr. Merchant, cogitate -upon (His!
Think how much more can be done for
the general good in any line of busin
ess by friends working' together than
bv enemies holding aloof from each
I low. long are Canadians going to
stand the present absurd and antiquated system of obtaining divorce?
If this remedy for certain ills cfmarried
life is permissable at all it .should . be
granted through a responsible court of
law, after regular process aiid-other
regulations which render'' it available
to all sections of lhe community. Al
present although the right or remedy
is recognised, the cumbrous and expensive method of securing it hy a private
bill requiring the assent of both houses
limits it to the rich.'' The door is opened to the use of private influence and
the procedure lacks the safe guards
which this particular class of case imperatively requires.
■The other day a divorce bill granted
by1 the senate came up in the house aOI'
commons. It was discussed at some
length and carried on a division;' Can
anything less conducive to the public-
interest be conceived?' Divorce is allowed by law and should therefore be
granted where the necessary causes
exist. Presumably in this particular
instance they did, since the senate had
'So found, yet valuable public time was
consumed upon a matter whose nature
specially iinlitted.it for discussion by~J-.ii
irresponsible body. Common fairness
calls for the establishment of a court ol
competent jurisdiction to deal with applications for divorce, The present
system is unjustifiable because if deprives injured parties of limited means
of their legal right to redress and tlie
properand impartial administration of
justice.—Rossland Miner.
The meat bill of a family—say, of
six, often equals if nol exceeds lhe
grocery, provision and fisherman's bill,
all'together. it Meat is the most difficult p:irt of t!v> hill of fare to most
liou*-' ."ecners.     ■.'  frw  a.iiivv   ln'w   lo
of ii.-c* il lenip-
196,876 square miles.
Mackenzie—Organized Oct. 12, 1894
562,172 square miles.
Ungava—Organized Ocl. 2, 1865,
354,061 square miles.
Frai.kliri—Organized Oct. c,2 ' 1895;
=,00,1)1' ; sqy re miles.
Franklin--Organized'Oct 2, 1895;
joo.oi.o ■sqii-ui- miles.
The area of Greal Britain is only S8
396 square miles.
The ignorant furnish'a lot of bread
and. butter to men who live upon
llieir fear-i, and work them through
The lack of thought-causes many
a mau to bump hiniself against failure. .
An undue desire to get rich keeps
thousands poor.
It is about time the Russians realized that they are out. of date. Their
system of government has ruined
their soldiers.
founders 4 Machinists.
——Nelson, B.C.-—
uhe fernie
Millinery Establishment
.   Victoria Avenue
■n '  ' _ .    ,
(Opposite Tuttle1-* new hotel)
Manufacturer and' Dealer iu all
kinds of li«*ht and heavy harness.
Harness made to order 011" short
Collars, Brushes, Combs, Wdips,
Snaps. All kinds of harness pans
on hand.
Mining harness a specialty.
2 Doors South Roma Hotel.
4>   A; SHAVE, ,&
-*•    SHAMPOO    +
4,   OR    BATH  .£
*•***■*■ ALWAYS HEADY AT        .**?**'
About the' next nensa.ioii to come
along will.h'e the allegation that Henry
Cluy ''"rick is at lhe head of ihe 'greatest "Dope Trust'' in lhe country,' and
that Andrew Carnegie, A, J. Cassatt,
George Gould,lhe Baltimore & Ohio
and other railroads running through
the bituminous regions are a pari and
parcel of a conspiracy lo sell coke by
the ounce instead of ihe millions of
Tho police ot New York probably.
will be called before the next congress
investigating committee in this cent,
they having made a raid on a disre-
putnble place in First Avenue, near
b'ifiy-Ninth .street, where half a dozen
women and a couple of men were im
ilulgiiig in an amazing orgy, brought
on they suid by "coko snuffing" and
"coke eating."
Thin ix Ihe newest and the worst, llie
detectives say. They halve had some
experience In raids on degenerates iu
the Tenderloin, stretching far up town,
mid have southed the glassy-eyed cocaine lieiul.s loa tit.indslill wiili a club,
or coaxed the worshippers of "Blowing
the Hli'iio" Into slumber mul a patrol
wagon hy wiles of their mvn; hut net or
ho help the detectives, never, did they
slugger against Iho "coke dope" before.
They had little trouble In brc-ikiug
into the place, the women and men being too dreamy even to lock llie door,
and only lying nrotiuJ languidly, wilh
the lower whiles 0!'their eyes sliowing,
the expended pupil), turned upward 10
to the lid-*.
Vi'NT'iimln nil mirt-i nf tin in otlu'ri,
nnd the detectives were piuxlei! nl finding not n bottle of dope, nor a hall of
opium for the smoke, yet all In tho
rooms were under the influence of nomo
nnrcoiic. Int-ir np.i vavic M.nnvCi »»it
with carbon, while the teeth of tumui of
women were an black as .1 betel nut
chwwer'rt." On the window hills, in the
hand* of the men, and pocket*) of the
women were found pieces of coke, and
and a tight dawned on the raidert.
Dctet'.tivi- Ucuberg questioned the
h omen, vi Im were lhe mo»i cumimin-
Icatlve, ami tluy s.iiJ they were mil)
"ci'Ve   eaiing" and  ".aiw «ii'iti'.ii;."
I I  ll.lli  .HI  I'i'.aVt    iOllta;litill>-   ll'aa'J aaiC.ll.ll'
'.III*.'   ...i.'wC'i,   .1.1.!   ".i.aa   i..i   ..,-   i;,,,,!,
'..'i"\a  '..ie   ;ie;i;i
ing'".'     , '
Tlv "lieaper culs i' e .vaid to he just
as nu ritious, and Ileitis a poinlci:
Gei live pounds of good, meaty, boil-
ingb'sjsjf, having enough fat for richness, but not enough to be greasy, Put
it tn boil early in the day, keeping a
slow steady lire under the pol, and
sailing when partly cooked. At noon
remove enough ofthe broth to make a
nice dressing for llie potatoes, thickening as usual, This gravy will have a
llaivor of blended beef and chicken,
When the meat is cooked later, remove from the stock, which will i-iake
a nourishing soup for the next dinner,
Slice the best pari of lhe beef cold for
tea, and use a portion wilh potatoes
for hash for the morning's breakfast,
Make croquettes wilh what is left by
chopping meat line and mixing with
bread crumbs and, potatoes moistened
wilh egg or milk. If a little meat is
yet left, put-ll in with proper ingredients and make one or two mince pies,
The slock will make the main part of
any coup which requires stock for a
foundation, as vcgclahle, lomnlo. macaroni or noodle, What more can be
done with .pi cents1 worth of mem?—
March Housekeeper.
Having opened a shooting
,. gallery in the Beck block, next
. to lhe bowling alley, we solicit ,
the trade of all who delight in
the pleasures of marksmanship. Call in aud take a shot
or two.
Vincent & Huby
Evolii'on of iho Dominion
The expiimiinii of Canada xiiico con-
federation, 3H years ngo, is briefly
shown in the siaiiement of dales of admission of the several provinces nnd
their iiri'.'i, following:
Ontario— Admitted July 1, t86.-; a6o,
86* square miles,
Ijuebec—Admitted July 1, iMj; ^i'
87^ fiqu.iru miles,
Nova Scotia--'Admitted July j, Ifi6;;
»l,^;P, . s'('.;.-jc  iV.'i'-v" ■.
New Unm'-.wii-k Ad mil led July j,
iSf,*/; 27,<*).->,'' square mile-:.
Munlloba—Admitted July 15, 18711;
7,1,7,1* .""qmirc miles.
Britlsli Ciiliinihlii—Admitted July 30,
■Kyi; tf_,hk\a sipinre miles,
Prince lid ward Inland—Admitted
J i'y 1, 187S; * 184 square mill/*.     -
Saskiiti-hewaiwAdmiili'd   July    1,
iO-'Sl ,100,000 square mlleR,
Alherla—'Admliicd July i, ion,-;  150,
,030 square mile*,
1    The otln-r terr'uorics of Canada,   not
, ycl inatJe provinces  and, liiu dale of
their organization are an follows:
Kcwiitin—Organi-ed April   i,  iK;fi_
.j7o,."i6 <*qiiiire milaa-,.
1    Yti!ijra--Oit;«i:'..i.!   j...ii.   i-,   *d«y.■">;
Sovtaral TSnousand
Shares of
MSning Stook
For Sab
Mott, Son d Co.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, 13. C.
Agents In Fernio for T( G, Proctor, Nelson
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting^Fittings, etc., always
on hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. l{epairin_-
and Jobbing.
The Smelter Trust
(Tli- .Viiiorl-'iiii timoliliw nml Ho/I n In if Co.)
Ih capitalized for $150,000,000, Its
asset.* amount lo only about $*to,ooo,ooo
--yet it forces the miner to pay dividends on $130,000,000 of water.
George's Weekly will show Iho miner
how to escape from this Octopus,
Send for 11 copy of llio issue of March
4th, 11)1*5.   Address—
Qoorjjo's yWookly,
Dona/in-, Oolo.. U, fi, A.
B.C. Travis, «»«»««
^ VANcouvr.n .«« nelson, o.c. •*
iK-%*W^*V%*V«V*V% V%% %r*
?c?r.;«"oV£0&   3AND0N
When ynu emoko a cigar
see that it is UNION made.
Rlue Pi-izft, Henry Vane, Colu>*.ibus nnd
Havana Whip Cigars aro Union Goods
made bv. , n
W. P.  KI1B0UME & CO.
Winnipeg, Man,
Kepreseiitu'l by GEQHOE noRTOX. '
Mount Fernie Lodge No. 47
I. 0. /f*?C.Jt\i .0. F.
Meets   ev ry   Friday evening at   8
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.
T. Reck, P.G..R.S.
J. Barber-- l-u.s., d.d.s.,
L. T. W.   Block,   opposite  thc Dank
OlliuoJiours—8 tt.m. to S p in,
\V. It. Koss
TS a publieation that
*■   only  appears oitce
in every century.   The
20th century edition hns
been on the market for
nearly t a*o years and Ih
not yet exhausted.
It contains in addition
to many etorics and il
lustrations    by   other
writer?, many boa mots
sketches and eta-iVs by
11. T. Lowery. ..Three
. Western poems in the
, edition are easily worth
many times the price of *
the publication..'-
It is sent post-paid to
any  address upon re
ceipt of 15 cents,.or two
copieB for 25 cents.
0       0
Add .-ess all orders to :-
■jflye Zeoge,
ffevnie, SBiQ.
Portland, - Ore.
June I to Oct. 15
Far® $27
Tickets on eale from June 1st to
.September HOth, and limited to ninety
tlnys from date of siile—but not later
than Novomber llOih, Stop Ovon* will
will bo allowed nt any .point in either
direction within limit uf ticket,
A'fnoof fifty contN will ho clinr-inri
nt Portland for oxionnlon Hniurn Ticket.
Jambs Sloan, Agent
Ross & Alexander
Oflloe In L.T. W.'Uluok, Victoria Avenue.
II. \V. HlsIICIlMKIl. SlIKItWuOi) IlEliCllMlill
Herchmer & Hercnmcr
BAU111STKRS,   SOLlCITi    S,   ET'J
feiixie, n. c.
Ofllee* ovei 1'. Darns & Oo's bluuls, Victoria nvi
L. P. Eckstein
Barkisteii-at-Law,    Soi.icitoii,. 1/rc.
Cuihlji.rt lilock,  t'ernle, li. C.
F, G, Latoe
Post Olliee Block, Feruie, 13. C
Help  of All Kinds.Furnished   on
Short   Notico
.-.~      Ya!   Ya! '
Xext. iloortoCiilguiyCiUtliiCo., Wiiotl Street
Woik of All Kinds.    Kates Ronsoniililc.
Office': Mott, Son & Co.,'L.T.W. Block
'    I-krnii" British'Columbia ',
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral Claini8Suivey(<d
and Crown Granted.
PO. Box 503,     ° Oflla-fc: Kootonay St., Nclsi-i
Fui'niture antl
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two complete sets of Bar Fixtures, one
British Plato Minor HjxOO inelicfi, new,
Letter rrefsiH, Billiard and Poo! Tablet
Cash Ueg'isters and othor. specliilitios,
■ Mall   Onion   Hccclvu   l'rom|at   Attention.
K.Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
 S Mi I Oolil und Silver—fci.oa
Lciiil .7/11 Oold, nllver, cnpiicr \.U
SiimploH by'nitill  roeelvo pr-nnpl attentluii:
l'liiecr flulil, ,llt:torln, mid Jtlcti Oms lloiia-ln
Sond fur Fno Mulling Kiiyh. mul 1'rk-a J.ii-t.
173"> Arnjiiiliiiii St.,   Dtanvnr, I'ailn.
H:i)AcimC' Ky.
Summer Schedule
Effective June 4
Through Express Trains
Hot.treal to Vancouver
ICootenny Section connect.*, with
Imperial Llmlfoil
Caist Uilu ^'v-it
S. S. "Princess Victoria"
For Folder* and Inforinalion apply to
Uvul A^enis or write—
J. 8. C»lUf, U.V A .       K. J. CAflt. ACIPk.
Ja'tUon. V»ni-onf«r
Now's jour chaiiiT.
Cheapest and best in Kernie, »
Best lit and best equipped studio in town
Cabinets        iji.j. to $5 a dozen
). CahiiiL't       ,• to   4      „
Curie de Vi.siic 3 to   •*       „ -
Slinnp Photos 50c to $1   ,,
Klahh  li|*hls,  enlai'-in)"  and wpyin_j
done.    Dont forj-ol the nddrcmi, opposite Ihe Methodist I'luircli.
J. P. Spalding
l     It, IIICVI.alNI', KimiiiHir nuil Provliit'lii
/\,   UnitNiirviiy-ai.   KA*t|,i1
ri'lll': Ja'AHI.O II(ITKI„in KiUli.J^lli.a loiiil
■*•   Iuu Initial iii tliuiilty.
t:i)l'K'l,K It I'AI'WOItTII.
*|MIK KII.III'IHT IIOTl.l. In Siimlnii U t|n
'- liriiiilfiiliiriiirn fur nil tuivulliaralo Ilii'(,'lt\
ofSllviT,       IlKHM'/lTaV MllltI'lly,l'fc-in.
fl'lli: VI(*T0lllA IIOTKla III .VaalMlllhai hllVl'll
*• lnr 11II atninitii T'arii'ri inviiy timii limiiia
IIunI lioiim fni'«l 11 aliay mi till* 1'iitili,
W.K. Sli'.isA.NIi|.WI|,rrii|irliili>r.
\(nl.l'OI> IHITItla, MiUll. All innilaria
all iiiiiimvuiiuiitH, N«iii|ilii riiniim in ('i.iiniii'.
tli,11.  Tlio (ia.lv rirhl'i'liiHH liniiil in Vmlr,
KIN 1,AY Mi'l.Kuli, I'mi'ili tor.
Iiii.jiaj.s, 1   ilip'C.li:, liUi..,/.',       i,„!•/,-..I,
ir.ad Awiiili'-aii |il»n.  MenlK, irfiiniitJi Hn'W-
ll In: S < ill  I-l ti.    I ll.l)    N.'.J.a-  l,i fy l,li .,'. jul.
Jjiithlnp1 vfillow iilii'tir the Til"",(i fw-iiilhii -olil
Hi tlin.afaj. MAI.U.NK It Tltl'tJll.liUS.
VT>»i!iisHi!i*t-I>^!4^l4il4A!>A!>A!> op op Op op Op Osypyt op op o* op opo* op
SI*. «'■
BAHTlaKTT IHMIHK, (a.riiinrly Hit (Mar).
It lim Irnat ul . ilai) liMfl In tf"lii)il.   Huh
• hltti li<'l|» «i»i|iliiy«l.   0    W, HAKTI.KTT
ft* .
fl* _
Op     '
Op     •
op op
ff ff
IN  these days of advanced civilization Joli'
Printing plays tin important part in lhe
Coi'nnit-rciiil Life of every nation.
,©#e Man
WHO fails throuj-h ignorance or false 'economy to u.-e printed Hnvelopes, I.ttlvrheads,
Billheads. luc, in tho conduit of his businvsM,
commits an error that is fatal to tin.* growth
of his bank account. '"
Utye Stvangev
Jl'DGKS a linn by "the appearance of its
printed stationery niuch lhe same as they do
a drummer hy tho cut of his clothes.
Typographical Triumphs ait e highly
essential lo ihe pro.-perity of your buMiiesi,
and suj^j-estions arc j^iven free al this ollice,
vvheie all work from the tiny bread lickel to
the fat and highly-colored poster is created hy
artists who know the dilierence between ;t
bloti.li and the artistic arrangeinent of type,
ink and paper.
GTje Zebge, ywnie.
tf ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ft*t't*7i*Vs ffft*
' Op"
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance Cigars
ffsimaiam,   £
'JT_KA_IA A//>/**_//__/«H^	
nn <Vjf/i*v **&— Irfijit VT   :.
mhRFAWW fvf
The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd."; Montreal, Que.
,. First maker of the ".Klor de Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur"' .since 1876 ; over 27 yenrs in vsistence.
Wactkh Cko.nk, Western RepresenlatiMe.
If .you ft re looking for Finliinp, Batliinj*
ITnnting, IJoatiii-* or Glacier Climbing, go to
Mew Denver nnd stop a fow (liiyH, wtoJch or
inontliH at tliu Nowmnrk.'-fr Hotol with Homy
Stogo. Homo cooking, aiui the lino«t hovorngon
iu tlie world, including water, Write or wiro
for rates.
iKtiry %m
newntarkct Rotcl
Dew Dc«vcr
lluvo one of their largoKt Ktorcn in Fornie.
^ Lamb, Veal, KiokIi iuu] Smoked I'IhIi.    \
\    Fresh, f;ish constantly arrivinti:
• %%^%%>%%%*'*%s%^m*^+*^4^\,4l%Wl*VfA% %*V%%-%^% •
New Crop Now  in Mock
lliiini' f'lniwii mul liii|ini'tiii|
(lAUMIN, I'll'l,]! inial ki.owkh r-i:i-:i>s
WIidIi'hiiIh nml  lloliill
Spi'i'llil   1'ila |.« tu   l-'iiriili'l'ii Ill-stllliti'a
TliiiiiHiir.ala nt  I'fiitt   nml  liiniiiiu iilnl Tit<i>^
lt ll ftlt aaall'll it 1-iiliw,       ||aiaa,aa,      l,|., I'lillilllHi'
untl llurily I'lunli
now i/io-s. mi/ In in.v iiiir.nili'as fur
.--lailm- iiiuiitii u
Knsiliirn |al|ri^ iar li.,a. \\ till,. Jul ur
Vliniiilll ar, 11,1'.
,'lsllO Wt'Hl lillnaaltM' Ituilil,
I'or sale al all times excellent
sand for plastering. Best
.sand in the country,
Apply to -
H, Plante,
No. 55, Old Town
THK IIOTKt. HKlUatWDN It ilir li'iiiii* ■•'.
I    flll,<s|ll| laa'dlalaa allilMI llli'J'   Hri-   In KVrifll».Hi.
MClJONNKi<& HI-.IHK. I'rrai.rtrt'int
*|1|1K   liKIT I'ASNI A   IIIITI.I1I1 II111 old.
L   vM Hn<1 (lie U'O In ilac Mnli)   (lulil aaai-kifa
nlwiay-wtilcnmi-      t!t.VIN IIIKW,
"WKolonialo   M**>roho,nt«t.
r\V\Y. MMNTfiMMKHV t'o . 1,1.1,, Wlwiliaaul,.
JL    Hllllltiiajlaaaurai  ia( cllaalio i •ill'aH ti.alaaarV
NlalrOII, nn.
rr«tn Rn'tir, Y.ts*, Ctimain, I'rinlur* And
fruit, NtllVan. n II.
A.   M-IHIVll.il,   WtKaU..!-In-i.a.* ll-
J. R.Camcrbn
Ih lhe tttllor tn n<\ to when
you WHH I r Mimnior
Suit of Clothes
Ho li»« Ilif* tiolihlr#t miltlti^n
to di'lcct from, uinl tlio lit nnd
worlaiiiHiiHliip In thai heat,
m     IIMIICKT   T4II.'ill
*     I.V   THK  M.H*Ay
f   A.   Mfl»t»\\l.li,
•),   fruit, Kelt)*). UO
OrJer your Suinmri »a/ils noiv, N.illi
Suiiii*j*a» no *- arriving.
P. P. Khhschcr,
Sllirnen'i Bon Ttlltr
BILL HEADS Ste-i-si'W,:^
a||a lia V»'U'<■ al.il      Vial   />N)i *j II C     IChrtC
ta-I.V "ill   ast.itU  Iliri'Hat  ,,1,1   |.y   \f\j_    L.S.UUC
aj I A I UlVltlN I 0  aa Ill-unit r »f.u »ia|iin*
uiiv.  Nmiily|arliitaai nml Tiir   I rnpr
t.4all|..|«,t   tlllMinilillflhtl    InC      LUUUC l.^.i-1>'**3**'-'
* -* _    ■*.- x   i,   a . .
' *—V *» -rv^tJ »-«i-i .•»-»»,-u"" ■"rst,-_•■"*»— fjc —i** *m^
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head dilk.i ; TORONTO
•'-Vu'^9 Ca-jlJai , - $$,700,000 ' , fast - - $3,500,000
jSptyifi! alt«.'iitli-ii i.-> Jirocla-d  lo  tlie  fulloiviiij*; Advantages  oflered  by
Our Savings Baiil;.
pi'l"ii>Viis .ol' ,$i -"slid upwards reivived, and lntorost allowed at Current Rates.
jnlerosii is adJu.l to the IJeposil TWTCI'* ihoaa-li year, al the end, of May and
;\"ovejnlier.    The Papas'ior is suhjeet to nu lii-lay wbalover in the "avittidrawal.-
ol' tlio wjiole o;' any portion of the deposit. '
PQAjTTQ, R-iy.iNi'in aii parts of CAN.\rM;TlIl<; t*MITl-:D STATES,
tM'li    I O' GR'lAT   BRITAIN   AND   EURO'*'"   Bouylit   and   Sold
lit  I^silVL'-sl JialOi
T. B. MAY, Manasrer
aw>-T!0!V/\L LOCALS  \
When iu Trout Lake ( ity slop at tl #
■Ous-i-ii's ".loti'l,
Harry   '.'•jinijjing,   of   Culem-iji,   iu
111.'re on :i biisine-as li"I
\yu am al.s/ay-"   j-et   the   1,-ilesl   in
yiyie at Kenny ii McLeod's.
Gel in  'lis   iwini   hy   lii'vin:*"   your
t'loihes from i\eiiny 0c AleLeoJ.
Thus, Wood & Co. expect to occupy
-.heir iis,'s.y _iorii ii) He-)ieiliher,
l'ivi,!*iii_< and cleaning suits called for
/■■id delivered.     .See   1*. J.   Mitchell.
o  j ors with uni.rirxGs ox how-
-O    A-J laml At time, liajur tlm i-Vruie OiuWL'iy
Apj'ly to N. Klui*->Kmil.
YualUllH'-i, G aiiall! Hint t'il jB.    l'0-,t "-I.*! TaUt
ta-ill sc-11 for -""i.       Ouo. W. Ciirrutl.tfr's.
A   iJ"il01'SK 1'IHVKK (i .SaOUM* KNGINK.
Appl.V lit til "a" Oiiicaj."
** mul two up to-iliitc Kni'iu.*-. Wagons.
All nii'iils in prime coniiiiiun, a nil l'1'iua.-s
Heiiaaaiiiitile. XcUun ''iL-yUtiii;- nnil Traiis-
purtittioii Co. Xei.soi-., il. <J.
Jt   Aiiply to .A. Ik-uk, Koi-nUr.
Ur   Howe, eye specialist will ho at
"'tlio t'l-initaliuii-l from lhe li3.li to  the
lStli iiitet.
Semi-Ready tailors who are„ specialists in collar-iiiakini,' or in moulding
*alu)i.ildejis etc,, do nolliiii'*1 else, .there-
lore nuihl }^et perfect. See FJ Mitchell.
Uefore you _,ro cast or lo I*"ll*o call on
Cieo. \V. Carruthers, anJ yet a ijobhy
suit ofclolhes.
Don't wait for weeks on a tailor lo
have your clothes cleaned and pressed,
hut nni'ify 1'*. J. Mitchell, he vvill al-
leiul ii> tiiem al once. Jseini-Ready
si ore,
Thu   Kootenay  at   Sandon   has   not
locked thc door for nine years.    .Riyht
hanJy fur siiiinjjers' when   they're ou!
late, ar.d cannot  trade their thirst for
j anylhini*".
,w   ,-,* c .i      n\ • ti  , i  I     I. C. Mutchison mav not beinlhe shop
\\. tjryan. of the   Dl-iinncr ■  Hotel,      •'      _.. .   ■.      ,.,*-, ,
' ,'   most of his tune hut lie it; always ready
#.   NTATHAM, lu»t lifiual of ill  Miiuluoal, Al-
lalTlll,  .llllll'   •il.-.t", I'.lill.     lltJ lll.*.0 Uveal III  .\a>. VI
Luinliin, Out. Is il mil ivi; of Sn.Ior.t, .Mm.-
ulieoti-:-, Kimlmiil. Rrorlu-r Jii-oii'i Stutiicim
inquiita- ol ]iuwl|eiviikQiUi» Aitilru.wUkotoks
1'. 0„ Albeitii,X. W.'l* f
»-« m
Op Op ■vT,-. \ip <ip Op Op Op Op *!.» Ot Op Op .Op Of Op Op O* Op Op Op O* Op Op O*
ff fp> ft* ff ».V ff ff .p* ff ff .f ff tf ff ff tf ff- ff ff ff ff <l* ff ft*  *''V
• "Nettletohs" *.
•*,-*-.*>i.^l... fc,HJU
"•*•"• ■-'■■ T**—im
We have a swell line..of
Patents, Black Kid ancl'Box Calf!
In Netllcton's famous-fine  Shoes.for Men.   .See
y.i.   them before you select your Summer Best.
.   . -. *~a*u
ff i , •Va'
Op op ops** \vav o*y* op.o*ypyp o*y_si_y* o*y.*yp op op op opy* yits1*.
tfffff ff ff tf ff ff ff ff tf ff tf tf ff ff ff ff ft*ii* fS tt*tf ff ff ff
-..' We are Sole Agents for  ,
If ijon want the Best buy from us..
Prompt BeSsvory
uMl.e priiieiples of Cliriatian ethics, and
in the future, the moral standard is destined- to he lowered. It' is easier to
write a perfect system of ethics than to
prti>-tict}> it. A mini may sit all day
evolving ethical pioblenis, hut keep an
os e on him ut ni^ht.
*'l hate to see a'cold-hlooded, light-
liviiiff r.-iseul, who lias SIO.OUO.OOU, uud
can teach Sunday school regularly nml
drive his hard bargain .every week, always keeping just within the range of
.lie law. If 1 were asked what I tlitm;-lit
of fitieh a .nan, I would say lie was lucky
not lo be in jail." °
-.wis un at visit io irieuu-a in  i'crni
vs,eek. ,
The i'*c'"i)i..' C'giir Store offers a lirst
•;lasb return ticket, Kernii- to {""orliaud
'■-> a pii/.e to customers,
J "rail k Waiclliing'to'- '-*■"- 0I- Tuesday
ini a .*aiira"ewii_( tl ij) up the Slocan. lie
"\iil Iv j;one about ten da}.->,
Thos. Wlialcn, ol the Napanee Hotel
,iiid R. \V. Wood, of ihu lhe Trites
\\'ood Co., wure in .Spokane lliia week.
MasieiM-n, Ciriililli & Co., Trout
j^ake, lujve ail tiie supplies needed by
'uiiibcr ciimj'is and mines.
lo take order-, lor  tailor-made clothes.
Patronize Kenny & McLeod and support home indusiiy.
Pipers McLeod and Tucker accompanied the excursionists lo Kalispill
nn Sunday. They were arrayed in
full Highland costume, and-created .i
seiibaiion amoi)y-,t our. American
cousins, 1 „  • '
The train from the east yesterday
due here at 7,-15 ii. in. did npt a **rt--
rive until up. m, being delayed hy a
derailed freight at Cowley.
A full line  ol" P.Jison's   phonographs
and    Columbia   gramophones   will! a
complete stock of records, can   be   had
J. C. Hutchison   is "still   doing  bii.->i-  at the Fernie Drug Slore.
. IK'snal liieftid. ''.sl.ind.     11-ive'  a    cli.-' ' k&is
wmIi   liiui   aboul your   neitt   suit   of
. t-'lothes.
Eiliieal l>y Day.
li t.il-es 35 tailors to make one Semi-
—jhi.TO^_rCdTrn^"ri^ aii   speciallsTs'
f)ai lii.it (luri at which they excel.   F. J.
- The King I'M ward luVtel in Fernie is
only .1 lew steps from the C P. R. sta-
lioii, or, llu: comer opposite the jio.st-
ollice, Travellers should nol fnrgel tlie
'.-calkin aa hen thev ni rive al" ihy .coal'
Ur. Francis L. Patton,   President of
Piiuceton   Theological   seinifniry,
preached an~iiiteresting and powerful
sermon to the undergraduate body Sunday morning-on "Ulnisiiau Morality."
lie said, in pan:      ,
"Ihe meek shall inherit tho earth,
hut wi: nil want the earth, and there in
li'-iir show for the meek.' In the future
meekness will not be cnnsidci'i'd a vir
tno, but 'mi'.'lit makes right' shall pre
vail.   N.-iW iht) phih.'soi'lien*, headed by
Vital Spark of Advertising.
Tliirtt-ilii.Vi- lifter ainfe I inteiial In apply to
tlm t'lii'uf L'a'iiiiiii.-soioiioi' of I.11111U uml Wm-lt-;
for iit-i'iiii-i-siuii tu i'ii I unit uurry uway tinsl'i'r
from the follow-inu alasseiilivJ liinili', hiruiitaiil
in J'ai.-st. ltu'i'unuy all-strict. Coiiiini'iU'iii(- "t.
tlio  iiort.itvi'ot  aiiarui'i- i.'j-.t' minlit'al ,;'l'. 11.
Illllli," rlll'llllll" tlll'lHUIIIIl-lll Mll'llllllli. Illl'lllIU
ta-u»r ill uliiiin- taa lint, of C. J'. U lunal. tliei'i'i'
.-soutii iiidiif- 0. 1'. R. Iill|-i'ls!ili'liiiiiiri. 'lit'iuai'
1'inl Hi eliiiins tn Mimthwa'st uoriicr po.st of Lot
.">i'.i 'iuulu-al • ("fi'liir Vnlli.-- (ifJi-,-1 Limits,"
tlioii(.ii noitli tjjclniiiirf to jmiiif. of uuniiiK'iieu-
V. H.Hai.i:     •
Diitoil ut Vorniu, 13.C. Mtiy 1, l'.iai.,
■ J mm 11th 1!IU5.
r '   .        .''  ft
■   No.l Coiiiimny
Cui,t. Jami-s McEvoy, Coimiiuiiilini*
& 5 '*-
■i V?
«; oooeooooooos^
. J. Blundell
.,        --     '<!"',     *<
The People's aroccir,   P. O. Block, Fernie
Advertising: pays, pays handsomely
and'promptly iu almost every line of
mercantile pursuits. The, aim of all ad-
vertisiii"-" is to aid in tiie selling of some
lliino", If it does not 'kccouiplitdi this,
it has failed in ilo mission, aud the
money espelideil in the endeavor it
lofct. 'I he preparation of one's advertising matter is au ail important element in one's biisineBs. It deserves
time, thought and'sludy.
Good copy is the vital spark of ad
va?rtisii)o". if your .copy is not rijrlit
your .--pace is wastt-d. The best space,
in the woild can bu made utterly va.ue-
less by poor copy, or prolitably valua
bie by good, bright, clean, conviiic.inj'
copy. '1 he *pri*.o ytju*pay„for space i.-
not half tis important-ais what you put
into it, and not so vital as the story
that is to he told aud the luai.uer of
'lellinjr it.
Some busiiipss men will   chase a five
cent expense item  from the head book
keeper down  to tlie hteno^nipher-is>i'
economy's sake, and all. the while '.heir
< Thu Conumiiy will ijiii-nilo in l'riil Orator
at thu Ariuoury. on Wuiliiiiiailuy uvuniu-*, tliu
lull iiint., ut 7 -I*, p. m.
G.H. J30ULT0X, ■
' Jjitut. u.uil Actiiis Aiijt.
Nictzclio, .'ire slapping at the validity | advertiMirs.
j^^araM.,.,.    inmiatiin i,  a,iii iii ip»m ,i,»,■,, wnw» wi—annimMHa i i viu-iw»(jJUB^m»n»jMni«__mrwiaaij«ciMMMCa*^M______________a____
ail vert iMiia*>-KiTaTe"MTerru^ipw"COpy"iiroTe
than" a rubber pl.-int needs water. They
seem to'fort'et that adveitisinjr space
neglected' is an extravagant waste ol
iiioiu-y, that is, is a salesman thai is not
woikiiit-;, a lever waiting1 tobe used, a
_-ond machine Mandin^ idle.
No matter how extensive the space, if
it is not i:ellin<r'yi'Ur jjuods, orasniKiiiif',
it is: a loss and" the' op|Hiituniues il
poshc-sped art) gone forever.
Thk Li'Hui" keeps an expert ad writer
on its stall wliose bei vices aie free to ils
south Ai-racA^r war laxd grant
.i ■ ACT
GRANTS of land nmi'.c to Volunteers, their
liL'iiv-i or iiaiisij-ns, mialur iiiuliority o!
tliis Aot, uri'. .-siibii.tt fi tlie cajiiatition tlnir
snoli liinai.-i sluill Iuivo 1 tftii -.ciroteil liy tlie
i;riinti!«.<'on or l.-ofanu tho lirst. clay of .Inly. UiiiS
Notice i.-., tliuiefoie, liemli.v i"ivi'ii tlmt iippli
oiition.-s lor suuli lniiil.s imint Lu'iildil ut :i liov-
uruiiiiiiit Oilico by tlmt iliitii.
Tt. V '(.l'llKEX.   ,     •
CliiufCommisnioiia:!- ait LiiiuU & Works.
LuiiiU iind l-V(iTks lJtiiiirniie;:t,
1 Victori.i, 11. G , L'tllli ilr.ys 11105.
ITIOR the oonve'nieiice of cnstnuiers tlio
liaiali aif Coiiainen-e -it-ill lie open <m-t;iiliii'-
iluy, Juiii'iTIIi, lrom 7 (o " ja. in , nml uuoli
puy-iluy tlioiuiilter, until iurtiitr notine.
Sewing Machines
' These machines are now beinir sold '.
n't lower priect*, quality considered,
than any ut her, either for ca-h'or
on, instalment  qf  $;)   per  mouth.
I\'i'i:iii,i's and On/ for Sale.
.  Sowing    iMaclnnes    Itepaired- or.
J: P./Houlahari,
FERNIE, B. 0. ,    ' Agent.
A Summer Suit
J3 pn.b.'vbly the proper
■*• eaper at this tinui
of the .".ear. If you
a have a desire in that
direction ,
■    Cam, o.n*
Kenny &■ McLeod
"if you-"'play
i '*■
. Lacrosse
■.Example of Ike-Walton
YOU CAN PitOCURE,the necessary
pr*srrirriT-j rrrKXJi'y virt^^
a"0    JUUUUUl'U..'sU!j^
■rt'Ttirn**iT>(*(ran-Mii(i*i*iif ■■ Tnirrw-ininriiiii i mm wri*
lU'h.ilhs cure
nil ncivoiis nnd
di.-aL'al-sl'h,   il.s
wilier hi.Nil nil
k'iiliii.y, "livit*,
nnd sloumch
iiilincnls and
they I'liiuiimle
nil mcliilic
pui.OiiS iVlllll
the sv.iieni.
Now under the new m*in.-iscnient of Hairy AIcIiUokIi,
HlllVlllMll   llllll,11, KllHrillltl'l.
ma—naaiaiMiifi■■■■!■! ■■■.■iibhiii h, nimwwuwwiiwii ■■!!—m—ii—ma^Maaw—i— ai
Report of Analyst
Of .Samples of Water from Halcyon lint Springs, Arrgw
4 Liila1,  li,a.:,,  /"Ill   i-Vbriiiiry, laSyS,
Lahoriitory of Cily Analyst, lulinburf-h, Scotland,
March .-, iSija-i
Ono  f-;illon  of wnler continued the folluwlntf in-
f'lvdients", the ivmuIis are oxprcussed in parla.
Siilpliiuie Acid,
Silica ..,,.,,,	
Vlk'ili'"* a-- Su;!,i
Mii'-nt'siu  ,, 2,;3.on
Litliiii 86
Siilplniri-lled Hyilro-
i;en      .I-'-'"
iM.shii)'* and
$12 to $18
per week,
uecordiii'-" to
residence in
'■hotel or villas.
rilHE iliuik of iriiiiiilton wit! liai oiiftii from
■A. 7 tilt f> \> m , on tfailtliriliiy, .liinu 17lli lor
(.lie iioiiveinpiice of t,ho>e   -.'lio urn iitiiiliid'tc
miicll tlio olilllO lilliilll" bUisillCan IlajlllU.
*|"111E imilcrisiKiip'1 IniviiiK sntal ont his re.-.-
JL tiiiii-iiiit to I'nuik M. Fuliiiyiinm [r.lio
.-limn tn ralio oIK-iit on Jnnii lfltli], ii'(ii'.o*t,-.
thnt nil lmrsons rtiviiii: him lo liinilly cull iiml
.^ijttlo up, uml uiiyoi.o liuviiii- iii'uoinit-.- in-iiiiihi
him to iii'Disiint siune loi-]iii.vnioiit, nml l.liiinlii-
thu pill.hi: for im.st jinI i-oiiiiru nnil noliiiits u
iioiitiiiuiiiici) ol tlio sitnio for Iii,* siu-i'o,s.>iii',
Jiiiie 7tli,l!)(i.i. 	
(Corner Howard and Main Streets)
Entirely remodelled and newly furnished thioughoul
Steamhcalcd and telephone in every room
,   Free bus meets till trains
Electric fire' alarms in each room
£3 ' Kootenay daily  papers  kept  on  file   ■• '
H '       ' '   ■--   - EUROPEAN PLAN
g*-V u Rnles :  75o  to  $2.00  per day =
Pi €. €. PDair, Proprietor
jo3" Lalai of tbo Phuir Hotel, Xclson, U.C.
Specials This Week
wrf-i ■r.iUitimayrm t__
PI'j'IIIAI'H.Siiloiiinn wiii) rl-rht when IiiihhIiI tliern Ih nnllilii-?
iii'iv iimliir the Min After llio iHriiitlitcH I'liuiu Into tlm
I'i'oiiiInihI I.Mtiil fit t-unitC iiiuiitlon Ih uwiile ol Iron ami Itri
iisn In nai'lculiiiri' und fur wiiiipoiiH for war. Tlir.sia who uni
cuuv-'isaiiiL ivlth llihlii liihtory will iccollcct that In ili'hcribiii'i
llie aiiiinr of (inlliilli It Ih Kind thiil IiIh hpemlieiid wel^lnnl (IUU
Hl.cltelrt uf iron (about Pj puuinl.-.),
A si'i", ,-ima, „,,,! liiuiiiwH nf lion are iiuuitlniiijil In I lie time ol David, mid Axiif), UnininiirH nml Tool o
I mi iu tl a' ii'lju of :>ii|iii:i,.ii, in |vt'|e>|;(nli's wn 1'i'inl tlmt if the lion he blunt nml liu do not whet tliu ud^ii
ii.'ii niiiis! in- pin in iii'iin Mi'rm-tli. Wti toiijd Mil ilesciihHa cold i'IiIhi'I hi'ttui' to ilny. A thoiiHiiiid yearn
11' lan- ('lii'iii, I l-i vi,!, prlur lu biiilil!u_- ihe iimiple, ccctiieil lion imiU for lim-lour* nml ■"iilus, mul in 1,1a
liasiiiii'iiiii.i. hi Iiih -mi Siliniiiin Im niyutliat Im lirul iron in abiunlaiii'ii. While ii'iillzliiir Im value it hi nn
o|ai:ii ipn^iioii vMiettii'i-or imt tlm 11-nil litim worn woilicii, of iron, for wu iwul Unit Kolmnon i*nnt to Minim,
,'iaf.,. ../ 'J,a *l, /a a   a.  laa.aal a.ail.l.lli-   laa   ,V 111 is  | lilll.      | 111'  l.lllllllt'HIIH   Willi*   IHIIIOUH   fljr   ll.l)   llllll   «) lilt III >'   (ll   tllClr
linn ami .ih el    lli'i'iiiliatiin iii tlm lidli cnitiny Udni'. Ulnisl, Hjieiiknof Ilium iih ii nation nf iron woiicerri.
Thn I'm'.ai.inai, Iii'iv Imfiiru ihu ChriMiaii uni, weru win-liurH
i.f linn, iiikI no mail coiilil bit kiuyr who hnd imt fniirc.d ami
ii'in'iiii'il hl-t own wiaiumni nf war Ifini'i'ai! a|„,t ,;_, ,.,..,.
Iii e >,iwili(,v mo >i 11 nimbi in I'ciHia
V,> tract from wltlm-.* hy Vi. \V. Mcl.iillau.
Our Trade Is incrunsln-c in Carpenters' Tool*.'
riiuiie I. OppuiMlc the J\"at Ollirc. Rij-lit in the cinire of the city. j
.InpaiiPHe dead aro hinied in a nqiiat-
Liny: poHture, chin ti| on Ihu knees.
Dnia'iin, the great .lapnticRe liv.fredlan.
is ali-o ihe most tjl.illl'ttl dancer jo
alapan - .
" Winnipeg board nf trade ui'ffos the
(ipenliifr of Hie HikIkou Hay rotilo A
Liverpool ciimpanv it* anjiminced tobe
ready to put on a fleet of Hloaiuiu'S.
The nmrniB nnd HsIioiIpb (lcpiirlinonl
Is pumllnj** from Halifax hy spwliil car »
lot of Nova Scot In loliBtorB and Pilnec
Kdwnrrl Maiul oystci-H to the Pacific in
the hope tlmt thoy will thrive there.
At every period of, lifo, in m.1 houkouh
nf tlm,viifir, nnil from tho Iroplcn In the
polio* In every cllniato and connliy the
ti'iiipuriiliiro of tin-human body Is the
Hnmu, to n degree—that Is, US of Fiilmiii'
'rhp Ilritlph iidmlralty Inis just mndc
Ur fiii-it iliiiitnl iippniiitment, A denial
Hiirfrcnn Iiiik Iicimi iippnhilnil for llio H.n'l-
ors ni.i| niai'inci' nt Purtsiiwnilli. He
will nnil' at a civil Borvatit, mid no will
uot wear a uiilfnnu.
In Iliii Montreal coiiforonoo, Hev. T.
Vi Hurkfj madu ii clmi'i'd of "wlrepull-
in,r" hy tnlnlHtei'H to Hceuro ijnoil sta
tlo'u,. The I'lmli'inaii Hhitt off iIIhciihsIoii,
lolllii/r Mr. Iliirkn If ho had cIimi'^ch to
mak(i limy hIioiiIi! ho liiitl aKiiliint iiidl-
Ou Iho borilms helwoou China ami
UtthHla In Ahln, iiliiiowt duo hi ml h ol
I alike Hull-iil, Ih ii _>oiii|-hI/(iiI town
luinwu it;i .Mniiiialcliiu, wlilch Ih cncIii
hIvcIv luluihiii'il hy men. The pliifi'
li/m a conMilcniblt. triiilo and Ih aKoa
military pi iht An old law furhid.-
womou lo llvo lu tills li.i'tJLory,
r-.i'iartV'SaS,   •7-A-iiV";
M.li   HOUND   TIIK   ItniJM)
III lll*l'laallS I ll.lft. Ili'l-I tilt) llli-li'llxl K IHlni'r
ll.al'lll I! II llll 111" I'll'll llMWia ul'iiw I iI'ldlM t('Ul|at-
lllKly If) til'illSll,   Tllllt IS lilll kla'all aif   ir.mtl (ll.l
lii-i'j iiroilni't'-.,   'I'oiiiliii', Ji.ii-y,  iiiiijiIialiliiK.  1
Will IIIHliI' laall lll'lllllt   llllll lllMWIiy
Uf I'lilll.aall ll'u rllll till' all tl't'Sl l'||tn l)f V'l'lll,
llllllll, lilll l(, I'll'. IIIHO. Hilt jll t, anw \VU llll'
tllla.il.(f laCllf.    Hs'lll'lVIIIU Ol OIII' Ijll'l'l'llllj!,,
" Meat  Miirkct
71b. Onions 25c.
White Star Baking Powder
15c. per Tin
.*■•- •-. "40c' per lb:   _
v| CHAS. im
r$<       .    *.'   ■ Todd Block
"   " ■* ■   sK:
Scott & Ross |
A complete stock  of Coffins, Caskets,.and
Burial Goods, also Metallic Lined Shipping" Cases
.Victoria Avenue
S Parlors in the T. Heck Block .Victoria Avenue a,
» 5
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
•PHONE 28 for Prompt Delivery,,
»«a»HM«ia«an«uii|a—.- »iaipmiii »M;a.»,«.va»l'i;»at<|.'"""aaH^imi| nil  m.mim-mmmm*m*mmmi*tmmmmmmaml
Jim j'T'll {fe*pr*T*T~vt* ™toa*nos*-+?*_*m '*.'"*' '*y-"»»',''^w-«™F**B'^^^
Tiimc t.iii.-i  in  your   iim,    ii
will pay you to  remember it.
(iKWIM'a'i'J'f' OVTAKIt) C'OU,l"<.'*,.
Tliiriy.vijjlit ycirsi in lln.- dnij{ Inivi'iia.'..
Twitching Eyelids
indicate eyestrain.
The slightest hint of it
should not be iieifleeled
We test eyes hai_ of charge,
and recommend glasses only
when absolutely necessary.
A. C. Liphardt
JeiDRllcr       Optician
ADOI..SS lll'.l iHIUTIIiiall, filial
rnNi.s ilii'  ii'i'.'ici-r  in   llie
upiiiion ol' llieuriiii.il puhlii."
r.i;r ONT. I'lUlM—•
Geo, W. Carruther
Make your VVay
to Our Store for
USIv The .   .
Best Creamery Butter
WE caiTy a complete line of All Kinds of Canned
Meat.1', Canned Fish and Bottled Goods, suitable for
Lunelle.-*, Picnics or Easy Made Dinners,
Fcrnta, F^3chot, R!ori*!ssoyy Goal Crook.
|^rt.--^»alaaa'>iaa*aii*a-M---ii-a^r»a I
[Trites-Wood Co, Ltd.


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