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The Ledge 1905-05-24

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 * _3fc*3i*ti.j$i
- p.-ft'.
Vi-  .-' •-•:■ .    --
- ■" ' "'/ir
,.      0-i*5«S&
-    '•!. ,1 "
,. .v"'*>Jl905
You will become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
VhsLume XII., Number.33
.A,   &
"a* '
Price, $2 a Year, , in Advance
V_tt •-'*..,'*"*' aa      "" " £'•£
,   At Crow's Nest Andy Good, has added
more horses to his pack train.   '
-,- It is reported that afiother Liberal
Association ia being formed at Fernie.
- N. Klausman leaves this  week   to
prospect for a brewery site iu Alberta.
. A prize ball under the auspices of the
. Italian, Labor..Cicele' will be g.ven on
June 3rd.
All the Iwsinew wen burned out at
■Coleman have secured temporary i£uart*
era and will remain with ihe town.
. Eckstein and I-awe will dissolve partnership at the end of the month. Each
will practice upon his own account after
that date.
The Nolson Neva has a live correspondent in Fernie and that paper in
aconscqueuce la filled with news of the
coal regions.
E. H. Bird aud, family will leavo for
Nanaimo on Friday. T. B. May hav
ting arrived on Monday te take charge
of the Bank of Commerce. •
Snow fell lo.Fernie on   Sunday and
Rex is the eldest dog" along the Crow.
He lives at the hotel in Michel arid Is so
•fat that he wobbles when he walks. ._.
Mr. Proudfoot, of Nelscn was in Fer-
nle taking orderr"for strawberries'
The firm he represents have ten tons of
strawberries, at West Kootenay to sell,
•nd most of it will be shipped to Alberta.     ''■.'-
There will bo a strawberry festival
And ice-cream social in. the Salvation
Army hall this evening. Strawberries
Itnd "cream will be two bite, while one
dish of ice cream will cost one long bit.
No charge made for cake.
Fi C; Green of Neltion has been doing
-'■•me-work for tho C. P. R. in  Pernie.
- He will spend the summer'on Little
Slocan lake surveying "the C. P. II. reserves in that rich district of timber
and fruit lands. This Is the day of! the
great rush from Little Slocan lake "to
make records at Ratio.    '
The~ Ledge - ia too.. buBy this week
to make any lanher comments upon
"; Willie raining the roof of tha C. P. It.
Station at Cranbrook yesterday the sup*
ports gave way and injured li men
V "tfo oue<was fatally injured, but Wm.
Small and several others are in a serious
condition. The following are the names
of those hurt. W. O'Brien, J. McDougall, F. IL McKay, J. Caldwell, It.
Bayne, W. Small, E. Williams, A. J.
English, C. Bewliiig, D. McAllister
aud C. D. Dowling. The office staff did
not have to get other quarters.
Mtnera* Meeting.
. The miners' held a meeting in Stork's
opera house on Monday morning with
John Bucket in the chair. T. Biggs
read the result of the conference with
Messrs. Lindsev and Drinan. F. H.
Sherman read the new wage scale, and
tha main features of it were discussed
in an intelligent and thoughtful manner.
No, 9 mine and the drivers question
were the main poiuts at issue.   Messrs
Sherman aud Jones-gave their advice
there was no necessity to sell ice-cream; [ a»d opinion, upon the matter wnlch was
. ihe boycott inaugurated agaiust.it by
Fred Stork. The weefei.n press has
given a.decision against-oar baby,
mayor, and It is quite likely .that
theatrical companies will not care to
_._play -in a.town where the business of
^ih^press'is" restricted by the coercion
of tbe little czar who carries the key
to oar only opera house.  _ ^;
No Strike Necessary
The coal miners aud the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Co. have settled all their
grievances and tomorrow the new
agreement will be signed. This agreement runs to March 31st 1907. The
voting of the three unions was ten to
one in favor of the agreement. The
majority was 481." The ch.'ckoff system bas been adopted and all the coller
ies around Fernie from now on will be
strictly union. Tlie best of feeling' has
prevailed during the adjustment of the
new terms between the miners and the
company. Frank Sherman is highly
pleased with the peaceable and satisfactory ending of the conferences as
since coming to this section two years
ago he has ever worked for peace and
unity of purpose between tho C. N. P.
Coal Co. nnd the men who dig the coal.
The people of Fernie are also highly
delighted with the decision as it means
22 mouths at least of. continual pros*
Dan Alton was In the city this week.
J. E. Morris, ot Itichraoud, Va. is lu
the city.
Ti A. Rtngwald has returned from
fit Paul.
: D J. Elmer,, of Moyie was In Ferule
last week.
I). B. Dulmago has gono on a visit to
ludlatiHcttd. , ,
George Brown is visiting his brother
near Calgary,
" Frank O'Nell is looking nl tho wlient
wear Pincher.
j).V. Mott is still confined to the
house from tho effocts of his late illness
J. A. McLean, of Spokane, wns in thc
city this week on his way to tho Alberta
oil fields
J5.'H VI«or Is in tho city doing bus
ineis (or tbo Lumbermen and Coutrnu
tor of Vancouver.
A. Hi Wnllbrlilgo, the celebrated
cash register man from Vancouver whs
lu tlio city on Monday,
well reserved ■ by the men. Ballots
were taken for and against the new
agreement as presented by the committee. The result, will uot be given
out until the result of the balloting in
Michel is heard from.. During the voting, Messrs.; Biggs, Molt and Haysuni
enlivened the proceedings by singing
several popular songs. Harmony.prevailed and everything was carried out
in good order, much to the satisfaction
of all present. v
The Great Explosion.
Monday was* the anniversary of great
explosion at the Coal Creek colliery, in
1902, and* the sad event was commemorated in Fertile by appropriate music,
procession and religious services. For
a short time in the afternoon the bus
iness houses were closed while the ser-
vices were being held in Stork's opera
house. ■-. -, _, -■ ,
■•-'.■ Western Federation  ,
• ,    , s.,t    -       -.
- The annua! convention ofthe western Federation of Miners opened in
^itTKawCity^n'MomlayT^   "■     _*;
Nelson Miners' union will be represented by. its secretary, ."Prank" Phil,
lips.-  The.Kootenay district, No. 6 of
the divisions of the - federation, .will
have an additional representative in
James. A. Baker, who is a meinb-r
of. the executive committee.,  Roes-
land Miners' union wiii send two del-'
egates.   Phoenix, Greenwood, Slccan
Silverton, Sandon, Moyie.'Kaslo and
Grand Forks are also entitled to representation.   Ono important, matter
tu be considered in ^convention will
be the "black card" and  ways and
means of oppos'ng it.   Tho "black
card" system has been adopted by
niine owners and mine managers
within the Inst two years.   Possession
ufa cord practically certify Ing to the
bearer's good conduct, is required of
ail applicants (or work in tho mines.
Good conduct In this connection means
abstinence from    participation    In
strikes.   Tho operation of tho system
\ Is therefore equivalent to an effective
black-listing of all mon who have
over taken part in a strike.
Ono ot tho tasks of tho convention
will bo the devising of somo plan for
meeting the move if the employers.
Somo suoh system has boon followed
by individual mino owners at differ,
ont times. But now it is said that
tlio "black card" system lias been,
or is being generally adapted.
The celebration today in .Fernio
promises to be,"replote with pleasing
and exciting events. The band will
play all day; and ail are requested to
enjoy themselves'regardlessof expense
The following is the program with
probably a few minor changes.
10 a. m. Parade and Military Review.
10 30 a.m. Foot ball match, Cranbrook vs Fernie for silver cup present
ed by the A. A. A"   -
12 m. 100 yard dash, open. Prizes
?l5and8l0..    .  ."   _
1 p.vm. Standing broad jump, running broad jump, hop step aud jump, (5
and $2 each.
2 p. m. Baseball game, Kalispell  vs
Fernie. ,_
1 5 p. m: Pony-race, fourteen two and
under, best two in three heats, |5  and
Horse race, open J^ m'-e dash, 110
arid $5.
7 p. in. , Fat man's race, over 200 lbs.
Putting shot; Chinaman's race, each $5
and 2.50; tug of war, lumber, jacks vs
miners, for a purso of $25 Also children's and other races too numerous to
mention. '
9. p ra.   Grand Ball. Admission $1.
AH sports except football and baseball games'to be held on the public
streets.'- \-, '■> -   t
..Entries, for  pony  and  horse races
must be handed in to W. \V. Tuttle the
evening before the celebration.    ■
Fernie Licence District.
THE half yenrl,y Jnestins of the Board of
Licence Commissioners, Ferraiaj Licorice
District, will bo held -t the Court House, Feruie, oa Friday, June 16th, 1305, at the lionr of
seven thirty o'clock, in the afternoon, when
the following applications will come beforo
tha hoard:—
W. J. Mooro, Australian Hotel, Morrl-stay
A. B. Trites and R. VV. Wood, Miner*' Hotel,
-...,.-    ,       ■ i Morrissej- Minus.
D. McN'e'sh. Klk Hotel. Elko
D. T. Williams, Deer Lodgo Hotel. Jaffray,'
T. Hi McMTJLlilN
,i Chief Licence Tnipectoi.
The Zinc Smelter.
is being
Western crop Prospcctx
Winnipeg—The weekly crop report of tho C. P. K. It aa favorable as
could be dimlred, and the only nolo of
complaint In It comes from a couple
of districts in the Red lUvcr Valloy,
whore the rains have lad t tendency
to set tho lowlands back, All points
on the wostcro line aro shown, and
at evory point tho nffont reports that
tho crape nrs well above ground and
erowlni*; splenjldly, Tho universal
ralniof Ustweek have boen a won-
dei ftil help, and the growln« grain
U vigorous and of n dense and even
D. P. Lltilo leaves Sandon shortly
for Helena, Mont., to supervIbo and
ereot a concentrator Tor the East Piw
clllo Mlnlntr and Milling Co. Ih will
havo eencral oversight of tho Installation of the tram, mining machinery
equipment and construction. Mr
Little will hold his Interests at the
Payne and tho business will go on as
usual. Sandon mill mon aro always
In demand.  Sandon Standard.
roil SAM!
A Britannia Encyclopedia of ,**t vol
utiles, guide and ense, Cost $75 but
will sell,for $45.   Geo. VV. Cnrrutliers.
Frank greats progress
made upon tbe ..fraction,;pf* tho zinc
smeltor by tho Canadian Metal' Co.
Under the abl-* uiana^eiiiont of Thomas
Jones 75 men are loBinj,* no time upon
the work. The potter group of build-
in_rs are ready for the shingles, and thc
walls ol the main building are'.growing
every dny. The oflioo building hns
been finished for sorao timo and occupied by tho staff, Work will commence
upon the flume to Gold Crook this week.
It will bo.December beforo.tho works
nro completed, and the cost will be
J, CFornau-hns arrived with his
wlfo and nine children. Thoy will reside in Frank nt least for tho Rummer.
Thomas Jones, the works mnnnger hnu
purchased i-omo lots In Frank upon
which he will erect brick buildings for
rental. L C. Criiufurd whs in Forme
on Saturday aud paid over $2,000 In
duties on the machinery thnt Is being
brought in from Republic, Waili.
Zinc mining and Ptnollliig will soon
be an important buslncsH lu Eust nntl
West Kootonny. Thomas Jones Is
largely the cnune of this for It is mainly
tlirouyili his liivetatlgiitlonfl in llio .Slocnn
thnt our zinc resources hnvo been
brought to thu vnltto of capital. Mr.
Jones is a thorough expert upon selnt-
having had over 40 year's experience hi
handling that mlneinl, When thc
Frank Smelter is completed It will
hnve a cnpaclty of 45 to GO tons of ore
which will produce about 20 tons of
merchantable zinc, and tho byproducts
of lend nnd silver. A plant (or making
zinc pnlnt will probably ho Installed In
the future. This smelter, tho lirst nf Ita
kind in Canada mentis a good deal foi
Frank, Many ol the skilled workmen will
como from Wnloi, nntl their wanes will
run from St to 10 a day, Feruio could
havo had this monitor if the proper Iti'
diiuemontH hud buon extended to tliocfim
pnny. Tlio operation nf audi sine!tons
mvnn a great dent to tho buMneHH lifo
of tha towns In which they nre situated
Othor Htneltors will ho built along the
Crow and it behoovuii Ferine to roach
[By the'EditorJ
.Wo"dropped into Blairmore the other
evening and found tbo people hopeful.
This towVihas several stores and hotels,
and a .weefclY.newsyapcr with Harry
Mathcson behind the pen Harry keeps
his cyo over three towns, and seldom
lets n-now8'item emigrate. Frank is
an easy walk from Rlairmoro especially
if you drop in and see Fred Kanouso.'
Frank is noted for being the homo of
the first zinc smelter in Canada, and
the great slide that went off its limestone base two years ago, and entombed
BG victims in graves upon which n»
•lowers can be planted. Frank is about
to enter'upon in era of prosperity that
will soon make it one of the beet towns
in the Pass.- Wo found Gus Oleson
here and Charley French. French was
true' to the old flag and dug up for
Fernie's leading excitement We were
surprised to see Gus for we thought he
waa in Nevada' packing gold bricks
along with John McKane to the bank.
However, Gus explained the reason
and cleared up the mystery.
From Frank to the cow region is but
a brief spell, and to eyes long accustomed to looking at a ..country-stacked up
in heaps it is a pleasure to gaze out of
the car.window and see.a bunch of
cattle butting,a wire fence or running
a race with the iron horse. At Pincher
wo looked for George Jordan but he
was not in sight so presume he was
riding the .range-or teaching Sunday
.School somewhere in the settlement.
Years ago we attended George's class
in Trail, and found him well versed in
all the intricacies of. raising the limit
with a sunny smilo on his face and only,
a pair of two spots in his hand.  .;
About 18 o'clock the local pulled into
the Macleod depot and unloaded its
human freight. Macleod is something
like a Mexican tivaVn. In.. Mexico all
from1 the depot. 'At is supposed that
this was caused by a conspiracy between the hot togialo railroads and the
bus drivers to rob the public. After
sending, on two - or three telephone
messages a bus,.fame flying over the
prairie, and it'wastiui; a spasm of time
before we were.rustling for a rooin at.
•he Queen's, r Just ho** all the hotels in
Southern Alberta aro full and it is
better to touch tho wire than run a
chance ot Bleeping beneath tho stars, or
gazing at some of the natives shaking
the dice for horses. The Queens is one
of the best hotels east of Fernie, and
even the price is high grade. This
horse enm pis about 25 years old, and
its Inhabitants are real lively nud sociable When we woro there Jim Poupore
hnd been tolling stories for a week, nnd
every other story teller In town wss
laid up with lockjaw, Jim is one of
tho fftw men who carries his own telephone lino, nud Ih well-known in tho
west having once made n million In one
day by buying Yellow .Tucket stock in
Virginia City. Mnclcod hns two newspapers both run for tho benefit of the
It Is 109 miles from Macleod to Cal
f-avy, nnd when no rows buck the ong<
Inu for a doci»ion tlio trnin fills' the gap
In ftOO minutes, Tho peoplo nro so
good along this wide cxpnnso.thnt they
do not need Sunday trains, nnd Beldorn
put nny wntei in their whiskey, We
did not see a desperado any plnce, oven
nt High Rlvor, although mounted police
seemed to bo thicker than boycotts in
a^o when J. J Young took hold of the
Herald tho plant was worth $1,700. To
day it is worth (50,000, and the office is
00 days behind with some of its orders.
Colonel Porter, editor of the Horald is
a picturesque representation of a; Ken-
tuckian iri the far west,
• We'met'Mr. McDonald of the McDonald Simj son Ca) We did not
learn what M stands for in front of
his back name but. we know that ho is
known to tho world as. Little Mac.
Mac may be short in stature, but otherwise he is bigger, tlmri most of men
He ia fond of humor, and has no limit
of good foelimj towards his fellow man.
He Is more like an angel than almost
any humnu being we havo ever met.
nnd when we cash in our earthly
checks we expect to Iind Little Mac
sitting at tlio gate beside St. Peter, and
shouting for all the boys to como in,
pass or no pass.
Here in the coming capital of Alberta,
wo found Bob Edwards and hla celebrated paper, the Eye Opener. He is
called Bob much the same way as Jim
Hill is called Jim. Bob comes from
Glaskie nnd 42 years have flown 6ince
he first saw the light of day. His paper
is ono of the most famous in the west
and Is highly' appreciated. Bob Inwards is a genuine humorist, and has a
soul above the power of gold. * He le
one of the most picturesque figures in
the far west journalism and it will he
many a long day before his name will
fade from tho annals of Calgary and
Alberta.. Thinking of Bob puts us in
mind of tho following words by Ruskin.
"The finer tho nature, tho more
flaws it will show through thc clearness
of it; and il is a. law. of this universe,
that the best things should be seldom-
esttseen in their best form.. The wild
grass grows well and stronglv, one year
with another; but the wheat is, according to the great nobleness of its nature,
liable to the bitterer blight."
i!u!t>!ii,iJ,4iTi5Tti''i!t ^'4'ife <'u'> **'> o* o* o* op o* o* \t* o* Op Op «.».. ...
'.si* *■!*.
Op Op Op \tp JpOp Op O* Op Op O* 0*0* O* O* O* O*" Op O* Op Op Op Op Op Op Op
tiit'tc'fii' w^ar5i?-;:*?v:«:c*Jic^'5i^N^i«i*«:cvjsr ■Ji^rfww^wicvi^
Dr. L.
s    From The Herald.
C. Bishop and R. E.
Snide Shows.
Many of the shows that play in Fernie
are fakes, and the people who pay big
prices to sit on hard chairs are practical
ly swindled, out of their.money. ..The
Imprudent Young Couple Co. played in
Fernie the other night, amt did not
■atiisfy tho audience. This.is not the
house for there seems to be no system
by which he or the public can1 find out
in advance what they will get for their
"money. These mushroom troupes rush
through the country so fast that their
reputation does not catch up to them in
time to save the people from__ throwing
their money away on enide entertainments. The Imprudent Couple Co.
muBt have been pretty '• high" for even
the rather timid Nelson News gives
them'n jab, and Simpson of the Cranbrook Horfald comes right out openly
with the green paint, and hands them
tho following bouquet of withered
flowers :—
Cranbrook peoplo nro to a greater rr
lesser degree the victims of inisplnccd
confidence so far ns theatrical matti-rs
nro concerned, It is is Impossible for
the managers of the hnll, tho newspapers or anyone else to tell whother n
combination is- nil right or not. Lnsl
Saturday night nn outfit arrrived In
town duly heralded ns mic of tliu finest,
They hnd flue notices from pappri-
nnd attractive paper! Their particular
grnft wns the presentation of n comedy
known sr tho , " Imprudent Young
Couplo." The play wns nil right, but
a more oxnspcrntlng lot of people who
pofc as profOHrionalA never filmflnmmcd
nn audience in Cranbrook. They woro
weak, Ihcy wore deficient In everyway,
they did not hnve their lines, thoy wore
in other words, run!' and punk. A com-
pnny of nmntourH could be organized In
Crnnbrnnk nnd trained ono week that
would discount that outfit.
have opened a drug store at Marysville.
Work was commenced this week
on tlie plans to enlarge the C. P. K.
depot in this town. Tlie second story
will lie raised to permit the building
of another story and when completed
Cranbrook will have the best depot
on the Crow.
A. E. Watts has been named as
deputy frame warden for .South. East
Kootenav. The position is one that
does not carry any salary with it, and
Mr. Watts has accepted the responsibility simply to assist in the enforcement of the -fame laws of this province. ,
The Sullivan mine will.be working
with a full force of men withina tew
weeks.    > ...
As soon as Ne'l McLeod Curran re-
urns to the ■ district, which will be
some time this month, w»rk will be
resumed on the North Star mine. -
There is enough gold in Wild
Horse, Perry creek and the npper
Moyie that will be gotten out within
the next ten or twenty years to pay
off the debt ot the Dominion.
The St Marys valley is today one
ofthe most promising mineral sections
in all of Canada and the time is coming when its wealth will be enriching the people. 0
Mr. Durrant, who is operating a
steam plant on Perry Creek, will
move to the north side, where he will
sink a shaft to rim rock. lie abandoned his old location owing to tin
shifting sand that made the. sinking
of a shaft a difficult matter.
The hydraulic company at,Perry
creek have had considerable trouble
gulch, This has been.remedied and
the flame put in good shape lor works
Everything will be ready for active,
work within a lew days.
From the Lender
The Marysville smelter will be
blown iu on May 24th. Tho town
will hold a celebration on thnt day
aud a special traiu' will run from
Constable P. G. Routh has been appointed by Mr. Armstrong as ch rk
ofthe smalls debts court in Moyie.
This court will be held on tlie last
Tui-sdny of each month. °   -
Mr A, Leitchbf the East Kootenav
Lumber Co. .says thnt all thi-ir mills
are in operation, and that while the"
price of junibcr is not so mnch better
than last year the denisuid is a great
deal better. He predicts a pros|>er-
ous season for his tympany.
„,E. II. Hill was in Cranbrook yesterday attending a meeting of the liquor license commissioners. R. C. Mc
Clare'and J. M. Carrol were refused
license. A. P. Chcuette's license was
transferred to Messrs. Gougeon &
Coleman's big- Mlno
Around ..'the Coleman plant of the
International Coal & Coke Co. everything is running smoothly and all of
the muchincrv in use is giving entire satisfaction there being a large
surplus of power in every department.
The company is at present working
but one eight hour shift per day and
.ire producing over .S00 tons of coal
per shift, This being a larger out-
put than any other mine in the district, some ot whom are working
twice as many men and full time,
The slope*which,is now down -iGOfeet
has been pumped out. and will be.
sunk to a 1000 foot level. A large l
Cameron pump 16xlGx8 is installed
and. is expected to be able to handle
from present indications iill_th_e water " \
,  Front tliu Tlmen "
Frank Drurani is about to start a
newspaper In Frank. C. E. Smither-
ingaie of Slocan, B. 0. will have
charge of the mechanical end of thc
business.-'"' ■''■;,[.'■ . .
Ai)i horse power gasoline engine.
Apply at this office.
Most of the Uismond Acids of the
world lis In British territory. People
generally will bo surprised, however
by tha declaration of a Canadian gel*
orris*, that a nnw and nndlscovercd
diamond field lies In Canada, some-
whero between the Great Lakes and
Hudson Bay. Men of science will not
Ks much surprised, Dlarocn.ls have
Heen found In Michigan and clswliero
in the terminal moraines of vanished
glaciers, and their origin evidently
(n a diamond field in tho north,
wheneethey were torn by the ice
sheets. The theory is perfect, all
Hint remains to be found is the birth-
)>lii#e of tlio diamonds,
Old nrwupfipi-Tfi nt this offire,
out and do something when the tliiui
opportune. "
Tlio following letter has beon  re
celved from ouii of tlm jurymen who acquitted  KoborlR,    "if M   S. Davys
thinks thnt twelve Nelson jurymeni are
*'.,'.i.iAwi'll..i-A.iiti!.i ,m., troln-rtrtronvlct an Innocent man ot
•.ailniii* Villi Ull lsi\sitaa>X A* Iti si Oaaia.0      .. .    , ,      ,.    _   ,     .„    i„,i..„,.
attempted murdsr In order to Induce
of tho undersigned up till the 20th of
May for Iho excavation nml rolling of
about 6000 cubic yards of material on
tho.sltoof water-works reservoir cant
of the town of Fertile, and far the excavation and back tilling ef 7000 lib.
font of ditch.
Formnpii, spriflflrntlons, and nil  In*
formation apply to
II. B. Wright
Chief Engineer Crows Nest Pass
r-lectrle Light A Power Co. Limited,
M. S, Dnvys to iomnln In tho country,
ho is very much miitnkon, and thc
sooner ho lonves the better
Oliflfip Tele-phones.     "
In Kepawa, Man telephoned cont tlo
* year for t*«..liIoiicv* mid 82011 yeur fer
business places, In Olcotoks, a little
town in Alberts, thn rnt«i I* 190 a year
for rcialdencei, and Wfl for linnlne**
Calgary In n lively city, and in filled
with prohperlty. Its 17 IioIoIk nro full
every n!_*lit, nud rooms nro often nt n
premium, whilo two thentres mnke
ennui senrco overy ovenlng, At pr*-
m-tit tho Lyric thentro Is used on Hun
tiny for the holding of services by
tho Prosbytcrlnns, nnd wo t-otlond
tho pnmon'fl hlhto being used ns a prop
ntonenf tho plnys during tho week
However the nctors may hnvo not
known tho vnluu of tlio hook thoy were
Calgary has * gr*st mnny mnmlvsni
of thn Mack pant brigade. Most of
thi-m wnnrlho white hat of tho plains,
drink Hcntch out of long glawssoa, and
tnlk about thoir mwui'lies In a delightful
innnnor. rioino of them are broke
while others could  uot count thoir
mraiiftv In lafliw tlmn thrfao hnitr».
Th* U*incliftr«'Club Is largely cflmpnsnd
of old fopslls who drink II & 8 and tnlk
about tlio early days. Tho Alberta Club
is compon«d principally of tho young
nnd more energetic mon of the city, and
within ita porttals no (•nines of chance
nro permitted. Amid weirorn clubs
this feature makes It a shining mark.
Tim citizens of Calgary nro extremely hospitable nnd would not permit its
to pay for anything lu tho town. They
iintortninud 111 nt tho Club, paid our
ItOUl hilt nnd precscd us to retain a
week In their miiUt. In fact we shed
ti'iint when our train pulled out fur
Calgary seemed tnore like heaven to us
than any plnce ua hnvo been lu since
wo left home and mother. It Is also a
giest town for printers.   Twtlvo yesrs
J. A Rennie, city clerk, hns resigned
and will lenvo for Vernon on Junn lird
where ho hns accepted a responsible
position with W. ll. Mograw He made
an excellent city clerk, nnd at thu Council meittliiK tlm othor ovonln« tho members piild hlifh tribute tn his ability,
nud deeply regretted his departure.
Mr, Ronnie Is milch attached to Fornie
having lived hero many yenrs, aid
mado mnny friends. Kveti now he
would not leave provided he conld
rent a Biiltnblo Iioiiho to llvo In, but
having sold his ruiiidence to F, C Lnwe
ho IIiiiIh It iii'i'CHimry either to build a
new homo or movo onto thu fruit conn
try. Many friends will Him him depart
at tlio depot exclaiming, "ajooiloye
Jlii), Uko Itst-xir of yermMA
On Wednesday evening, a meeting
was held in the Blairmore school-
house by the tho delegates appointed
by the different labor unions throughout tiie Puss, Tho meeting wns held
to determine the result of tlio referendum vote submitted to, the unions
for the selection of a candidato to
represent thorn in this Hiding, A
majority of over 100 votes was declared for J. A. McDonald, of Blnir-
moro, who wns thereupon nominated
ns 11 labor candidato for this Riding
to stnnd for tho labor Interests at the
next election. A committee was appointed whose duty It Is to look altci
thu details of the political cnmpnlgn.
Around the Frank mine everything
is agalh running smoothly ab >iit 'ICO
tons uday being taken out of tho new
workings. The stoppings where the
Into flro wns will bu removed wiililn
the next lew tinys when tho old workings will be again worked to an ex
tent ot at least .VX) tons per dny,
This will ngnln givo the Canadian
American Coal Co. a tonago ol at
least 800 tons of coal per day without tlio opening ol auy othor parts ol
their property, A slope Is to bu huiiI"
and a cross-cut to bo run to the othci
known Roams on this property which
will Insure another large tonnage li
tho company wishes to push development In that .mi-lion ul the property.
that will be encountered.
The corapa.iy has just had pa„
into their timber yard by. Fortune &
Frank, of Crow's Nest, about.100,000
leet of timbers. The coke ovens are
all running and 12f> tons ol excellent
'coke js being turned out and 'slilpped
per day. Thc main entry of tho
mine is now in 4000 feet and 12.r> men
are given employment about the
The coke made at Coleman is readily taken by the smelters in B. C.
while thc coal produced owing to its
excellent qualities finds a ready
market, tho C. P. K. taking all it can
uocurc. Both the mino and tho plnnt
of this company aro capable of producing nnd handling 2000 tons per
day and as soon as thc market conditions justify thc company can add
to its force of miners and produse it
—Blatrmoro Times.
Stool nt Itovolstokr,
Work on thc Lino to Nicola Lake
is to be started just as soon ns tho engineering stair of Mr. C. li Loss, tho
contractor, arrives, and tho men are
now on their way westward. The
steel to be used in tracking the
lino is now stacked at Kovulstoke
and it will bo shortly transported to
Spenccs Bridge This Btnel wns formerly a portion of tho main lino of
tlm C. P. It. It is sixty-pound material, and wits taken up and replaced
by 801b. iNillHdiirlng December nnd
January lust. The steel Is s.ilti to be
lu a llrKt'Clttfis condition, and it will
bu gooi for service nn the NIcoIh
railway for many yeiir*. Altogether
nighty-six miles 01* rails uroctorud at
From (-.ponce's llrldgo to Nicola
A Dig Having
A clear saving of $80,000 per an-
nam, or, tn put it in tons, from 1.1 to
15 cents por ton of ore, on tlio prener t
treatment capacity of the Granby
smelter, Is what Superintendent
IltxJResIs claimed to liuvu aecomp
llshed with tho recently Installed electrical chanting device, which Is
now in full and inwrt mircewfnl ■■p-
r-ration at tho company's reduction
A Vancouver despatch states that
tho Canadian Pscilic railway com.
j*iiny  liaiali li.a al LviV.l'.'.l't    11/1'    alaC    C'vii
stmrtlnnril a railway from Speiicrr.-.'
Bridge,.a distance of i>> milos. While
the present contr.ict calls for only 4.r>
miles of railway, it Is announced that
It Is tlio intention to run tho lino ultimately through the «in»ilknin*en
nnd through the Boundary country.
In the meantime tho now branch
will give tho people of Nicola an out
let with direct connection with tlie
Construction will comnxneo im
mediately and is to bo curried nn
during tho stimmera It la px.n-C'i-d
thnt a large business In connection
with coal mining and other industries
wnl h_ built up by tho new lino,
The KoottMiiiy Oeiitml
A rp|iort hiiH been received at Fort
.Steele lrom Winnipeg to the effect
that Mr. Whyte, vlco pee-idem of
the Ciniiiliiin Pacific railway, hns
snid that all thu directors of the 0. P,
H, worn In favor ol tho immediate
building ol tho Kooteniiy Central,
and: thnt as soon as 8lr Thomas
Khanghiinssv rnturnd from Fnr-lnnd
tho decision ol tlie comimny woultl
bo made public.
coal cinu.ii
Gt-orgo O'lltien, the well knovrn
flro Ik*m leaves this week for Wales
lor thn purpose ot escorting his mother
to this country.
It Is expected that the lock-np will
Ih: (luiahi-d some time in .rune.
The Oonl Co.  will erect ft f*VY*0
building to bo nscil us a club by tha
miners.    It will contain a   library
nnd b-'pr and nilier refnahmrnts will
be sold on the preiiiiup*. '.   .     . V
iffKt: V^EKS-E,. Mttttfe, «,•£' /MAT 24, -s^°
■ *» +*-tu*4j*, -g. •»., hin r mjy
Uf |l-f  1*1,1 l"*1"
The Ledge.
' Il.T.LOWERY, EtliforHiitlFinimoicr,,
'Thk I.I'.disk is imVlM-.wi every V
jiit Kcruiu. Ii tl.   THupricia i-■*«  veit
ItlsillK r.llt(J.I UXVl-ll lapi.au iai>!>]ii'latlO!l.
r.   Ailver-
fiyiTf: and ignorance are neighbors.
A Jackass sometimes  sits  in  a
jOiaj'tP.r's chair.
A MT-iiE brief authority  makes
(Some men grafters and others tyrants
*Lv tlie Vaitod St
,wi'i;ck is mighty and
ites   the ' train
scents to  prc-
Nelson is desirous ol reaching out
jfor the trade of tourists. It has the
jgoods and-should advertise.
'We nominate Bill Galliher, Minis-
(ter of Mines JE-.*r -the Duminion ot Canada. '• Who will second the motion?
, A cixy is cursed indeed when its
•tjyyor stoops to tricks that wnuid
JJllickpn ]"l.ie ••etjutaiioii of a
Aster all Fiank Oliver is only a
^politician. II he had been a statesman .the capital would kayc b-on at
^aigory Instead of Edmonton;
You c,"*<nnot make a gentleman out.
■pf a b-wr or "i jickass, even if you
_flres3 him in sjldier clothes, and let
phn sjt oij the throne of-tny ci'y.
•This is Victoria Day and1 many a
-town in Canada is celebrating in
years sat upon tbe.iliroi.e of England.
■Somebody might write a song  en
■ faded ''You can't clay in my hall if
ryou.advirtise in  The Ledge. V.  It,
-would be a groat hit with  the child-,
/•en.   -> ,
Rossland is getting its head out of
.the soup bowl. „ It had a $132,000
.payday tlie other day, mid the local
.editor is thinking of buying diamonds.
The Montreal Council has extended thc".cuarter of a local gas .company in an illegal manner, but it will
probably stand unless some private
citizen takes the tinner to the courts.
A city council that <loo< not obey the.
law laid down for their guidance is
liltie betler than a baud of outlaws,
and should bsi suppressed.
British Columbia docs not like the
idea of the Great Nurthern railway
dipping iii al! thc g.jod points-of its
territory and then carrying*, iho goods
principally through United States
territory. Still we raise no objections
to the C. I'.. R. tapping Spokane or
Seattle in oyil.v to divert traflic to
and through Canadian territory,
Si-oca*" lake is thc most beautiful
o' all thc lakes in America, and tlio
mountains around is contain vast
stores of mineral wealth, but uot a
paper is left in any of its towns to tell
the tale of its wonderful climate and
resources, A community, without a
newspaper these, days is much thc
same'as a ship0 without a captain.
Liable to hit the rucks with the first
strong squall.
Thi* Dominion government is about
lo spend three millions ot dollars ' for
1 i a ■
forts at Quebec This is a-lot of
monoy to expend en keeping out the
savages of other nations wiio are
liable to get greedy and, want Canada's scalp'. It eos's money '"to be
warlike, but until the world has
icilied selfishness we must-"continue,
'.o build forts, and furnish soldiers
with their bread, cheese and guua,
Several Thousand
Shares of
-■ *   if
fining Stock
..'.'v-HV."-■   .'
For Sate
•The mayor of any city who so far
jforgcts liis high oi'iico as to descend lo
.nets that would make a'burly riiilian
vtho laughing stock of liis pals is ctr-
'ainly a menace to peace and pros
Speaking of J. A. McDonald llie
jtossland minor puts a Q. C after his
•mino. ' Just what Q. C. means it is
Jjurd to day. Might bo '_uito capable
■md hnvo reference .to tho coming
•Thi* man who.would stoop so low
aa to vent his spite against a fejlow
•nan by intimidation and bjycoiting
^ri a tllsgrnco to his frieiuls and in
jSitlis tlie flag by uil.ig allowed, to
wear soldier cloihco. ■
Duncan Ross has b.-como tpiito a
imosti-r t"i' thc Gi't'tit 'Nnrtlicrn rail-
y/ny hincu ho went, tn 0:t,u\vii. I'Yom
jvh.it the Nolscn Tribune says It IihiUh
'is tliuugh Duncan would Bull his
pountry fur, probably, Just the honor
-.it milking a tioi-.o agaiiisi tho 0.   I\
Monty Davys has closed some of
liis mines near Nelson; and will leave
thc country.   This will be a sad blow
to llie mining industry, and- about
the only tfay it can be averted Is to
lctoAIonty'run his mines hb he chooses
and bang anybody who looks cross-
ways at him. Monty is one Englishman wlio lias made mining.pay
around Nelson, and it is to be regretted that he,cannot be allowed to
mine, in peace."'' , .
A lly-Lnw to provide for theoon-
aStructlon of a wtitcr system in
tlio City of Fornlo, nnd to iiitth-
ori/o the issue of debentures of
tlio Corporation of t))0 City of
Fornie to llio mnoiint of Sixty
ilioiisniul dollm-H ($(10,000) for
tlie purpose of raising tho stun
re quired therefor.
WIIKIlKASIHHiliiialrnliliito RoiiHtrnut mid
njaiiiiitit ii wiitur «y.*l.tj)i) wllliin tlio C'lt.v of
H'lanilt', uinl to ii'!<iit'ro cqrtniu wntui ilfflitx,
Mi'i'nritlii-*tn tlm'iIiuih thiarufor propuroil liy
.luiin (a.Ci.uiiiilm'ri, Unf).-,, U. K., unit Tliomim
II Trin'.v l'-qr tl. K. mul ualopti-il liy tlioO»un-
nil nf tin' Cdi'iiiiriitlim of tlm mild City,'mil tn
nilr.ii Hit Mini of sixty tliniimuul ilollnrii ('1*9,-
itpn) to In niipliml tn tlio until purpoHO.
AN'H Wlll'llKAS ill oiiIit tlfiiliito It- will Im
iii'ciMsury tn lawim ilotjiiiiturun of tliu niilil Cur-
piinitiiin lnr tlit> mini of Hixty tliniiwiml tlnl.
liirt-i ( iiyKKOiiHlniritlmiftui" larovlilutl (whltili In
thi! alitlit, to lo rrniifinl liy till* Ily-Luw) tlio
priii'i'tula ftf ttita hiiiil tl-aliiiiitiirfi- Jai lo npjilllal
ip tl.ii purpoiii) iiforiHiiln uiiai to no othor pur-
AN'li WIIKUKAH It Uit-atlriililit to ■ Unit tin
taiilal iliiliiantiiruN ut ouo tlinn nml to nniliii tlm
prliii'lpiit piiynlalti in ruin kuin nt tlm onil pf
;  "   .    ..     .'-;.. - ;.*i.""'_ _u._-_.ij
j tliirly (80) years from the dato of tlio issue of
tlie .suid ilcbentiue*, unit thnt the interest on
tho samo shull bo payulilo annually during
the currency thereof.
AND WHKRMS tho lotnl amonnt ro-
quir.ii 1 to lie ruined umifially lay special rute
for piiyinu the suid ilebt and iiitorest. as hereinafter proviaJo.il is Four thousand Two linn-
alred and Twenty-live dollars (.'4^5.00) whereof
Thr e thousiind dollars (^3,000.00) is to bo so
raised fur the piiyuiout of the interest during
the currency of the said debentures, nnd One
thousiind Two hundred and Twonty-ilvo dol-
lur» -.ilS-S 00) 13 to bo ko raised annually for
the purpose of creating a (jinking fujid for the
payment of the debt secured by the debentures,
AXD whereas tlw amounts of tlio .whole
rateable laud aud improvements of the' City
of Fernie, according to tho lubt revised assessment roll theroof is Five hundred and Thirty
six thousand Three hundred and Ten dollars,
(-.630,310) ,      ■ _
AND whereas the sajaj Municipality has no
existing debenture debt.    ■' '
THEREFORE the Council of tho Corporation
of the C'ty0of Fernie in Council assembled, enacts as follows:—
1. Tho .sum of Sixty Thousand dollars ({00,-
000) shall be expended by the Corporation _ of
tho City of Fernie in constructing a system of
Wiltorworl-s, and acquiring certain water
rij-hts, according t,t* the plans thorefor prepared by John G. Cnminings. Esqr.C. E. and
Thomas H.Tracy, Esqr. C. E. and adopted by
thu Council of tho Corporation, .arid for the
purpose of raising the said bijim debentures of
tho suid corporation to the.suid amount of
Sixty thousand dollars [.63,000] in all shall be
issuod, in HU-ns of hot less than Ono Ihundred
[$100.00] each, on tho Second day of July, A. X>.
I'M"), each of which debentures ahull be dated
on tho day ofathe issuo thereof and shall lx-
piiyable on tho Second day of July, A. P.. 1!85,
thereufter at the'City Treasurer's office iu the
said City of Fernie. ■-   ,
2. Each of tho ;saial debentures shall bo
signed by the Mayor of the City of Fernie, or
by somo othor person authorized by by-law to
sign the same, ami by the City Treasurer and
the City Clerk b'l.all'ittti.cjh thereto the seal of
the Corporation.
3. Tho said debentures shall" bear intorest
at tho rate of Five per cent [&'/.] per annum
payable yearly at tlie City Treasurer's office in
the sni't City of Fernie, ou the Second day of
July in each and every year during tho currency thereof, and shall have attached .to
tcrest which coupons shall ho signed by the
Mayor and Treasurer of the said corporation.
4. During tho currency of the said debentures there shall he. raised annually by (special
rate on ull rateable land and improvements
in the City of Pernio tho saM siun of Three
thousand dollars f-aiiOO'.lXi] for payment) of interest' on the na'cT'dobehturoB, and the said
sum of One thousand two hundred and tw$n*
ty-lti'o dollars [-fl22.-i.CX)] for the purposo of
creating a sinking fund for tho payment of
the debt, hereby secured making in all the Bum
of Four thousand two hundred and.twenty-
live dollars [aSiii'S.ooJ tobe raised annually by
special rate us aforesaid during cuch of the
said thiityl.10]years.
!"- Thin Ry.I.aw hlmll tuko effect on tlio Sth
day of J line A. D. "005.
(1. The votes of tho Eleotoru of tlio City of
Fernio blnill be tukien on'this Ily-luw at the
following times and placon, namely; on the
.'lni day of Juno A, D, 1005commencing, at the
hour of Eight in tho forenoon und continuing till tlio hour of Four in tlio afto-'-ioon of
tlio sumaj day by tho City Clerk at tlio Court
House In tho said City of For nit),
7. Tho City Clark shall attend nt his
office in tho said City of Fornlo on tlio slrd day
of June A.]). llinAiit tholiovr nf Four lu the
iiftornonn for the purposo of count ng tlio
ballots and summing up tho number of votos
cast for unit against tha lly.I.iiw,
R, Thi* Dy-luw limy hp oitud us "The Water
Works hy-I'iiw."
Head a First, Second nnd Thirtl time OR tlua
lllth dny nf May A, I), llio.",
Rocoiisidorod uml finally punned oh the lHtli
day of May. A.,I). l!io.1,
Itegistereil in tho County Court of Kootenay nu tli ii        dny of .Mino A. I). 1IM15,
L>rtl_n.i.<d oflrrtjctcal by ...
, Son & Co.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B. C.
Agents in fernie for T, 6. Proctor, Nelson
Oppoult-9 tho Depot., FERNIE
For sale -ait atl,times excelteflt
sand for plastering. Best
sand in ithe.country.   ,.
Apply to— ■.'■-.
Hr PiantSa,
No. 55, Old Town
ll«tl*--****'   *W**Pil--aV-»|
1-! j?ifflis -are'ioo^ijjg't IfGsr Fi.**mg. , Bathing
3I*-efSin_g_ Jlt-taliing .w'''i©iftciey^>CJj^hjng; go to
New Xteni'&r ami stop & i/kv 'days, weeks or
moiithe M tht*. %ewiaakike& Sotel with;Heury
Stcge. ^nfeieo'okiiig,'&jid ihe'firiest beverages
iii i^^'iiT^ihixhi^g'wJ^'p' Write "or wire
Sor rates. ,*'   '
tiw mmt
'. Dr.A. MILLOY ;
"at . '
Aberdeen Block, NELSON,
"    .     B. o.
The home for railroadmen
■ and lumbermen.
Finest   Liquors and  Cigars.
City Clerk'
TrtU-a notice that (lie above Ik a true copy of
tlm proponiiil by-law upon whioh tlie vote of
tliu itiiiniu(|iiil|ty will bo takim at tho Court
lloumi on Saturday the ;n'il tiny of a'nnu A. 1),
lOnAbiitwnon tlio linumof Klitlit In tho fern-
noon ami I'our in tho nftornooii, [Ilutwoon ti
n, in, ami ."> |>a iu, lounl time]
a/. 4/ JJonnio
City Clerk
Halcyon Hot Springs
Its ll.llllS IMIIU
iill iR'ivotis mul
lllSt'llSl-'S,  ||a|
water heal nil
Uldnt-y, livtr,
nml slaiinnrli
jiiluifiils ami
they I'liiiiiniilu
nil met alii:
pol'.-mH from
the sy.sttm.
Report or" Analyst
Of .H'liiiplt-i. of Water from Ifulcyon Hot Springs, Arrow
I.nlte, H,C, 37th  1'i'liriinry, 189K.
Lailiiiniloi}' of Cily Analyst, lidiiilnir^'Ii. Scotland,
Maun 3, ilM_v*i
Ono iralloti of water contaiiu'.i the following in-
grcilioniK, tliu rosults afu cxpressud in parts.
C.lilniiiie,  H. 14
Snlpliiiric Arid  *,6%*_,.|3
Silica  74. it)
•-■".a  'ii-\ ;"7
Alltalics as Soda ... 5.71
aMajjncsiu   ...X..,,,, 232.00
Mlliiil. 86
S'ulpluireltcd Hydnv-
I,..'*""'..::     J'-f-*-
PI-1'.'h-K nnl
per week,
accordlii',' to
residence in
hotel or villas.
In Fernie, is a pleasant
Iwicfi for all who travel.
Rooms reserved by wire.
A  A  A
T. Whelan, Manager
hotel The
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Wm. Mills, Prop.
Wliolosnlo Doalorsttiid DfroctlmporterH
of Winoa, Llquora nud Cigars.
District A Ron to lor
rommory Chumpngnn
and ScLlitz Boor
Distributers of
Chamberlain nnd
I-hjirftoli Cigars
FURaNIH    3D. O,
Latest styles in Hats
Shirt waist Suits
Dressmaking' Parlors
J. R.Cameron
Is Iho tailor to go to whet
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
Ha ha* tlm nobbiest sultlnff*
to wtt-ct from, and tiie IU am
wonVmiDnlilp la that bfut.
Ol.tlE-lT  TA1I/>I
**>< Jfm,t
*H*H^-HHN4i ■
First Glass in Every Respect
MES- '& JENNINGS. 'Proprietress.        ""'
Order your Spring suits -now.   Natty
Suitings now arriving.        "     .
F. F. Liebscher,
-   Silverton'* Doss Tailor
The Smelter Trust
(The Ameiiemi Smelting nnd Refining Co.)
Is capitali**t2<i for §150,000,000. ' Ils
assets amount to only abont $20,000,000
—yet it forces the miner to pay dividends on $130,000,000 of water.
George's Weekly will siiow the miner
how to escape from this Octopus.
Send for,a copy of the issue of March
4th, 11705.    Address—
Georflo's Weekly,
Denver, Colo,, U.S.A.
, Is the homo of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS.„Props.
■ i
T.IflE  '.
Is 'of the utmost' importance in
these days of modern life when a
minute may sometimes mean a million.
Always have' a watch thai keeps the
correct time, and if it will not, talk to'
hooting Gallery
Having opened -a shooting
gallery in the Beck block, next ''
to the howling alley, .we solicit
the trade of all who delight ill ..
the pleasures of marksman-
' ship. . Call in and take a shot,
or two.        :**:_.,       -:■_■.'.-..---*'---
Cigar Store
50 dozen New Pipes just
received. ,,
Briars, Clays & Meerschaums
Cigar and Cigarette Holders
Call and have a look at them
l, atkinson; Proprietore
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Fort Steele Brewery Co.; Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Goal IWineirs - - Attention!
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms.   .
Kootenay Valleys Co., Ltd*.
About i6ooiicroH, Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
.    CRKKK, 10 mllv> from ELKO.
Will he subdivided to suit purchaser in blocks from
80 Hcrcs upu'iirdu,
.Price from $3.00 to $7,00 per ncro.   Terms—i-stli
cusli (' b.ilnnco in yearly instalments nl 6 per
cent, interest.
'.Min I'uriilm f     f>     T\ 1 KI    I
Son & Co,     T. G. PrOCtOr Manager NelSOIl
Agon in In I'ltriilu 1
Hotel Strathcona
^t%mf%%f%^%i%%p%*%*%%»mst%t4^^ tmj%
Ih in a delightful location mul from it* btilconicB
'' 1 I'i'     ' •'      '•  ia  " '11.1
»..*.»  _L t:l*..,t iti* itHi wlMUrJi   fl   ».i-.   |j<«a>.>at  i^i.ut.J
r.vji auiTiiuutli, ItvLuu htt auud i'uluru.i i)io busy
cily of NoIroii. • Ic in due home of tounut* ami
luhint'sa men from all. purta of tlio wot Id. The
cuIbIiio ntivor tlrngs iu -tho miro of mediocrity*
i"ani"|'   Aa»A».a.    taranm    lea   _j«jtri   /iri/i»vaar  *o    taa a'Aainaal^^        T
yon need rooms when on tho way in, touch tho
wiro and tho deed is dono.
Jj B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C. jV
' a".-  ."•si*.
^-i-a..,.. *
f   ■
„THE LEDGE;. FERNIE   B.C., MAY .24, 1905
-V-*-.!" -■*»*-*--
Gentrali^fcion offv Potoer: I
A datiffereiKS movement in Cueadian
'"   j-po'ltttct-*is-the gradual ccntralfantion  of
'   'political ^power in  the • federal ({overn-
iment." EncrouchiHeirts by the federal
*• authority upon provincial and municipal
..Jurisdiction,  ace'V.becoming  common.
iPiiai-liaaienl. has assumed to -take away
front the  municipalities   their control
-never their own streets in tlie matter of
•telephone poles and  wires.   The fed-
-erargoverniiaent recently interfered   to
.prevent-the city of Ottawa from saving
..   .htrreelf from  oppression by . a  nion-
.' topoltstic    corporation.      The   federal
•Authorities, hasten   to   declare purely
* tprbvincia! rail ways* to be "wori'Lafor the
-general advantage of Canada." Thus
transferring them   from   provincial   tb
.federal- jurisdiction.    At   the present
moment parliament is, at the dictation
of the federal government,  tyr.inically
a<itora.vttc*-.i*s£ iipou provincial rights   by'
. (prescribing for the two new western
provinces a system   of  education,  de-
.-spite the fact that .the constitution of the
.country-says'that the provinces shall
have the exclusive right to establish educational systems for. themselves. '"'
. Time was when the Liberal party
was the champion of provincial rights
against federal aggression. How manfully and ably and.-successfully^ Sir
Oliver Mowat fought for. the rights of
his, province and all lhe provinces
against the attempt of the federal 'authorities to appropriate powers which
belong, lo the provinces, is matter ol"
history, How Greenway and Sifton
"blleJ .tie attempts of two federal governments'to coerce Manitoba will not
soou be forgotten. . AlasJ .the champion has uow changed sides. It is the
Liberal party which now stands for
federal aggression, ,and unfortunately
the Conservative party has no heart lo
take-up tire task of championing the
cause of provincial right's. The cen-i
tralization of power at Ottawa goes on
rapidly;—Hamilton Herald.
Manuscripts-to Bum
Clyck Eitcb, who could sell a piny a
week if he could write lhat fust, was
•encouraging a budding dramatist to
"'- Keep on,' said Mr. Fitch, Work
aevcry day. Don't permit yourself to be
idle a moment. It is in our moments,
of idleness that the numbing influence
-«f -Aiiicouragement comes over us,, In
.our hours tof work we never despair.
"Tikeroad is uphill at   first.   It was
■-uphill for Shakspere,  for   Finero,   for
Sardou at first.    All  these men, like
you: were once, beginners,   anil were:
sneered at and brushed aside as beginners, amateurs and know-nothings.
' It is,  indeed,  a tremendous under-
, Caking to get a first play produced. .So
many are,written, so few are  put   or*
.An English playwright, wilh a gift of
, -humorous exaggeration, illustrated this
.•this fact once.    He  told  me how he
-submitted a comedy to a   celebrated
actor, and hoWj iu'iiie course of  lhe
conversation, tin* actor said.
- 0 Don't you think the room is rather
■ .cold? "    ' .    '.    ■■
It is rather cold, said the playwright.
*Ti..» n.-i.\* r_mr :uarl_;i cnrviull nn,".
,_ James, lie said, put three more man-
auscripts oii the fire,-
I have nothing to do with that part
of it, ma'am, ih'e girl answered quiet-
The northerner stiffened, I hate a
maid who ivill answer back, she
snapped. There now, you've spilled
my water.
I—I beg your pardon ma'am,   said
the maid,' her voice quivering,  but  I	
There, never mind,' said the southerner, we'll put the napkin over it, so.
The girl straightened with understanding of sympathy, and laid the
table neaily. When she turned away
the northerner cried with exasperation.
For myself, I can't endure a fawuing
maid. All I've got to say to ,you is,
you're too good. No wonder . your
maids stay if that's the way you treat
them. Wlio wouldn't ? When I want
a maid I awant a maid, not a friend.
Well, and don't you succeed 2 said
the southerner mischievously, and she
refused to return to the subject of the
first girl.—Chicago Record-Ikrald.
4 " l
A Bad Monopoly
.At the sak* in New" York of" tlieT*ral!e.' — ■
Surrogate J. H. V. Arnold's "collection
of autographs, a lawyer said.
Do_ you see this autograph,'this auto-,
graph is ef.one of the richest men in
tlie world. Well, Surrogate Arnold,1
in s-h *iwing it -io me, told n-e a0 stcry
about.its author. !    •
", The, rich man, it seems, had been arguing with Mr. Arnold about monopolies—had been claiming that there are
good and bad monopolies, and lliat
those he was connected with were /.distinctly of the good and helpful sort.
Then he shoivedwhat a bad monopoly was. He showed lhe character of
a bad monopolist.
He said there was a young man in
the south who had 'all the characteristics of a bad monopolist highly developed. This young man went, one
summer, on a visit north. He sought
out another young man on his return,
and said impressively. , > ■
Look-a-here, I understand lhat you
to«->k advantage of my absence from
town to go callin' on Miss Henrietta
You're mistaken, the other young
man answered, il is her sister, Miss
Clarissa Brown that I've been calling
on.     .    r. *
Well, sir, said the lirst, that makes
no' difference. I've gol my eye on,both
them girls.
4>: A SHAVE, 4>
T    SHAMPOO    ▼
ifc   OR    BATH   4,
*        ***r* ALWAYS KEADY AT        -**"»
Uhe J'ernie
" Artistic
Millinery * Establishment
Victoria Ayenue
a ' .' O
(Opposite Tutlle's new hotel)
It happened in Field's tea rooirt. It
was ut the rush hour aud two busy
professional girls wandered in and
seated themselves at a table for four,
The other two chairs were ulr&iiy oo
<upied by two very well-known North
Side society women, who were not
strangers, by-sight,.tp the two profes-
itlonul women, but to whom tho professional women were strangers, Tne
one wns a matron, young, handsome,
noted for her gentle charm of niitiiner
and .tbe wJnHJW-yt.i'f* she had brought
ivitil* Jier from the south. Tlio other
wus tt member of a northern family,
Hong accustomed to the best in life, independent, intellectual nnd assertive.
They were discussing a servant Intones
•which could not fail to reach tlie cars of
the two professional women.
Wi'JI you're* wonder if you enn get
' •long with her, said the Nortlicner- 1
never had such n vixen in tliu house.
And deceitful I Why a thief In the
night Is an honest man comjwed to
Well, taint is certainly strniif-o, answered the southerner. I liuvo never had
di belter maid, She is respectful, interested, nnd most Hunceptuble lo kind-
wess, «sv«n If her temperament is some-
fvliul peculiar.
As I say, I don't understand It itt nil,
returned lhe Northerner. I tried to do
everything I could fpr Iter, lull she's
left no stone unturned to do mo harm
ever since I discharged her. Dm you
ive such a saint—
Nonsense, inlerrupled the southerner
and just then Ihu young girl wlio hud
taken (heir orders hurried In with a
flushed face.
Sorry ladies, she said, but we nre all
out of adikkcn pie.
Oh, now, that's loo bad, mlil the
southerner, but wo cun order some-
Jhing else.
I'll do nothing of the sort, crlti the
northerner. Perhaps if we hadn't
been forced lo wait ages to gol our orders filled we could hnvo hud wlmt we
wanted. Give me what yon'vobrought
Tlie girl whs not accustomed lo the
*.-„ „r ......_!...  „ _»     ,..i     ».,
The toutlierner looked up mid imiled
(it the glH.
That's ull right, she said kindly. We
urelnablt of a hurry, and we'll just
txutkt ttt-i'ie thine;!! Jo tod.iy.
Well, It makes me angry, went on
the northerner as lhe girl turned to dn
|h« servinjf, Why don't you have
jtnetaigh prrp*re,i <•*» **"«'-" your cuao
mert'tiht demanded.
(Corner Howard and Main Streets)        , -. ,,,
Entirely remodelled and ^lewly furnishe.l thioughout
Stcamhcated and telephone in every rc-oiti
Free bus meets all trains
Electric fire alarms in each room
Kootenay daily papers kept on file.
Rates i 7So to  92.00  per day
€. 6. Phair, Proprietor
Luto of tlio I'htiir Hotol, NoIkoii, il 0.
a ^ ^»- i ■fr^^-sT^fTnnf --nnrtnrif
Have ono of their largest stores in Fornie.
Lamb, Veal, Freeh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
Stick at the old, well known
•      • ' s-„ -" ,'   • a*
" ..   "w '
Reliable Reliance Cigars
Mill and Minin-r Mneliinery. Complete
Stock of Shifting-; .Fittings, eti-., slwaji-
on hand Estimate's* furnftflit-rl.""- Spra_i
Iron bought by this i"irload.. Rcpairin--
and Jobbiu?.
The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd., Montreal, Que.
Eirst maker of the " Flor de Bahama," " Rosebud,*-1 and
"General Arthur'' since 1876 ; over 27 years in existence.
Walter Crone, Western Representative.
The door of the
The Exchange
Has not been locked for.manv vears.
* **■'*■■
The landlords are always happy,
.-'even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morning bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer
Op Op Op^Op op Op Op OpOp Op Op Op Op Op op O* Op Op Op Op O* Op Op Op Op »?>'
ti* ft* ft* ft* tt* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* tt* ft* ft* f£* ff* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* fi^ft*
Hi. . . 0 .   Si*.
Lowest Raitcs Best Time
Toronto, Montreal, Now York,
Maritime   Provinces.,   New   ."nulmid.
Vancouver, Vlclorln, Seattle,
California Polntii,
Unequalled Passenger Service
Stnudnrd and Tourlnt Slcepen,
0       Coaclics nnd Dining Cars
Tourist  Sleepop  Sepvloo
WitST— leave Revcixtoko Mon., Wed,,
Thur,, Sal, to Scuttle .-a- Vancouver.
I"Asr--lenvo   Dunmorts  for   Toronto,
Wed. ft Sun.; for Montreal, Mon.
**l   a" •       i>      ai a. «
%*.  a i.t,    lva    lJ^>,*lilf   It,.
Atlantic Stoamslilp Agonoy
Tlirnij*;h brtokiiif'i. to and from Crent
Drituln nnd lhe Continent. ,
For ralen, folder* nnd ticket! apply
to local agents, or to
R. Rk<vi)ino, ngent, Fernie.
J. 8. Curler, D.P.A.,      R. ,1. Ooy]*, A 0 P.A.
ra»l»on, V»not>uv*r
Shotpf  Line
Victoria and Vanoouvor
Daily Thaws leave Fernio ut 9:45
n.m., reaching Vuncouver and Victoria
the Nittr Ai'Tkiinoon. Return train
reaches Fernie 9:1$ p.m.
iMtm l1*hl*laair of N'«tlV.ra Unla.
J.eaie orJ-tr*— I*. O. Drjiw io,
Winnipeg, St. Paul, Chluign, Toronto
and all li.uleni point!.,
RIgw Lino
For r/ife* and inform.-itinn c*\i on—
jAMr.s Si o.i.n, Ager.t
N these days of advanced civilization Joh
Printing plays an important part in the
Commercial Life of every nation. ■
27)e <3Ka«
WHO fails through ignorance or false economy to use printed Envelopes, Letterheads,
Billheads, Etc., in the conduct of his husines.*,
commits an error that is fatal to thc growth
of hit, bank account.
-2/je Stranger
JUDGES h firm hy the appearance of its
printed stationery much the same as they do
a drummer by the cut of his clothes.
Typographical Triumphs are highly
essential lo the prosperity of your business,
and suggestion!" are given fn.-e al this oflice,
where all work from the tiny bread ticket lo
the frit nnd highly-colored poster is created by
artisits who know tho dllterence ^between 11
blotch nnd thc artistic arrangement of lypc,
ink and paper,
G/je Zedtie, yevnie.
. Founders & Machinists,
—--nelson, B.C.—
B. c. Travis, M.NAit«
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES" thot tho'reservation estabiisltOal in pursu'imce of tin-
provisions of the " Columbia nnal AVeaatem
JtnllwaySnhsMy Aot, 18U«." notice.-, of which
wero published in the JlsitUh Columbia fa-iiz-
utto und dated 7th May, lsii), uiuiSiU June,
lSHii rcs[)ec-.ivo!j-x are hereby cancel leal.
. Crown lands bituuted within thu area embraced by the s,aid reforvationwill bat open to
sale, settlement, lcn.se at.d other ilisi.iisilioii.
iiiuler tiie provisionn of llio "l.mid Act," three
months after the, dato of the drat publication
of fnis notice In thoRritisli Columbia Qnxatto:
iinivitled, however, thut in ull cn*i'o where
lands nre so sol'l, pre-oniptctal leased or other*
wise nlienutod by tliu Government uml ure
siibncquelith' fouiial, upon tbe surveys of the
Columbia and Western Railway Comptiny-i.
blocks, ,-*> Iks -who'ly or"in part within hii'cli
lilat&lis, fiion tbo porsms sr acquiring such
luniks -slna.il nc(]uire thi-ir title theretai from
the Railwity Company, who hnvo airieeal to
ileal with niu-h ptiiclniiers, pro-emptors, leasees, etc., on the bit nm ttrms uud coinlitiams as
tin-Government would under the pruvlMons
of tliu '-Lanal Aot," except in respect to timber
lunaUon the Company's.ltlock-i, which shull
lie subjecl to thu let-ulations issi.eal b\> the
Cs-ampiutv relative to the cuttinu of timl'eron
the Columbia and WeatL-ru llailwny Lund
Deputy Commissioiaer ol Land-, it Works,I
Lauds nml Wt.rlis repiirtment,
Victoria,!} C . -KJrat February, 11105.
•  "When you smoke a cigar
tee that it is UNION made.
Illui! Prize, Henry Vane, Columbus and
Havana Whip Cigars arc Union Goods
niiidu bv.
Wliml|k'K, Man.
Rcprcsentc'l by GEORGE IICKTON.
1 New Crop Now  in Mock
Home Grown and Imported
■■   Wholesale anal Retail
Special Prices to Farmer's Institutes
Thousands of Fruit  and  Ornamental Trees
Rhododendrons,      I*'i«af*a,      tlrocnhousas
anil   Ilttiily l'luuts
' now (-rowing; in my nuiDerics for
Spriii|» plantiiiK
Eastern prices ur bsss. White Iiftbor
M. J. nENRY,
lrHiieouvc"r, ILOi"
,1010 Westminster lioitil.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Liimls and Works
for permission to cut niid carry uway timber
from tliu following tlu-uiil;eil itiudH,*Nituatod
in East Kootonuy district. Cominoiicini* nt
the northwest corner poat marked "F.aH.
llol»," running thence north wii'liiuns, thence
west 10 chains toliueorc.P.Il' land, thonce
south iiIoiib C.P. R. lino lUOchaliiM, lliuncn
ou-t 10 chains to southwest comer jtoi.1. of Lot
M.VI mnrlteil "Cotinr Valley Camp Limits,"
thence 1101th wo chains tu point, of couuiiuuce-
Dated ut Fernio, B.C., May 4, lHUTt,
.j. lwl     l«l     , ■      ,   -
Day and Eoening
Booklcecpinji-,  Shorthand,  Writing, Arilhmctic,  Spelling,
Correspondence, English Hnutchcs, Etc.
Correspondence Pupils Coached
A. M. Grimes
Low prices nnd individual Instruction inaku it tlio
ilianccof a lifetime.
IS a publication thnt
-** only opium™ uni'ii
In every coritury. Tlio
20lh enntury edition 1irb
buiiii on iliD.iiiiukut for
nearly U-o yearn uud I*
not yet exhaiiHlcd.
tn tnimy Htorleu and 11*
luhtratloiiH hy other
wrltrrt), milny bou motH
HknU'hiHiiiitl cm/i.vh by
H. T. Lnwory, Throo
WisRtcrn jio'-mu in tlie
edition am ..MasHy M'sirih
many tiineH the jiricuor
the (mblit'iilioii.
It Ih dent poHt-pnlil to
any Hil(lii'K-) ii|ion ro>
t'Olpt Of 15 CtllltH, or two
coplni for 25 coiitri.
0    a
AiMri'HK nil onliirN to :■-
'Mount Fernie' L'odgevNo, 47
1.0, 'y^jiSL'.'O. F.
Meets   ev ry   Friday  cveniiiji- at
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.
T. Beck, P.G..R.S.
«Ja  BaSx5i3i,,ji  L.D.S.,   D.D.S.,
iV        C£^TI3T
L. T. W.   Block,   opposite  the   Bank
Office hours—8 a.m. I o S |i m.
\V. K. Itoss
"    Ross & Alexander
'■ , FERNIE, B. C.
Ofilt-e in I.. T. \V.'Bloek, Victor!* Avenue.
ItfW. HHIICIIMKH. SiiKnn-uou IIkkciihis
Herchmer & Hercnmer
,   - KKRNIE, B. 0.
Offices ovei f. flitrnia & Co's block. Victoria nve
I.. 1*. FxK.hii-.iS F. C. Laws
Eckstein & Lawe .
B.UmiBTKItSAT-LAW;     Soi.ICSTOIIS.     l'.TC',
■    Cuiliba-rt Ulock,  Fe ale, U. 0.
Help  of. All Kinds Furnished   on
"   Short   Notice
Ya!   Ya!
Nortiloor to Calirniy Cuttle Co., Wooil Strert
Wmk of All Kiiitlii.    Itiilu-i Hi'iihOiiiililp. ■
Ofiice : Mutt, Sim & Co!',L.T.W. Block
Fkknik British Colunihiii
Provincial Land Surveyor
; Lahda and Mineral ClaimsSurveyed,
and Crown Granted.
FO. Box 60S,        Offlci!: Kooteiitty St., Nelmii
Furniture and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two complete sets of Bar Fixtures, one
British Plato Mirror 'KixfKi inclx-a, new,
Letter l'resae.-, Billiard And Pool Tablea
CjikIi Regiutcra and other speeiiilities,
Mall   Order*  Rccelvu   I-rrHiijit   AttcnUon.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
 1 .7.11 (lulil uml Silver—■rl.ttc
r, .*"■ I ll<ild,aai|virlci'|i|<jr IM
Hiim|ilen liy mall  rocclvo proni|it nttfiitIon;
I'l'liMir (lolil, lU'lortH, mill ltli'h Ort» J|aaii|>lit
Bend for Frio Mullliii- Kuv«. nml J'rk-u l.M,
ITJM ArupuliiMt Ht..   Ilaiitvor, Volo,
Now's your chnncc.
Clicn-x'sl und host in l'\'inie.
Ilest lit nnd host ei|tiipped studio in town
Cnhinets        $.\ In $5 a dozen
\_ Ciihinet       ,\ to   4       ,,
Carte do Visile 2 to   3       ,,
.Stamp PliutoK 50U to $1    ,,
I'lash litilils, enliit','in_" and enpyinj;
done. I)i»nt fori*el the address, opposite the Methodist church.
J. P. Spalding
Qfte Zedge,
tfevnte, SB. Q.
All, HKYUNI), Kiikiih't lard I'rovlni'UI
1   l.mul hurviiytai.   HAM.u
l-plll.  KAtll.O   llfVri'.la, III   la-Li..,'* Milt  ll'llal
•L   Inn Initiil In t hit tit v,
cochi.i' it I'Arwniirn.
'1'IIK    I'llallKIlT    IKfJ'KI.    Ill   KlIll.llHl   |.   lilll
lll'Ui|llUlir!l>l<a liar llll tlilM-llcr.tia llii, ("uy
Miivaar.     UK..N.M:rr «.■ Mtitrn v. i'n i..,
■pllK VICillllU HOTKI. l>iNa.|-',ii li ta lain.11
"L   for nil »tiii|i|ti> 'J'aiflf. iivaiiy frmii liiiinu,
Huat litainu liar I u <lnv mi tliUuirtli.
W.K, Mi<sA.N'lJlal.SII,l'fu'irlttiir,
All tilaaikrii
lIul.KOII   IMITKI..   -JMIIl,
tloli -.., ...-	
l-'IM.AY Mi-I.Kiil), I'loiirittor.
IllllaralVt IllalllU,    KHlll|.lu rillillu III CUIIll't'-
tliti oj.lv llri>t-i'liiit» IikIi'1 In Viiilr.
Ala ki
Llmltoi!, Liability,
olesaic Gommissioa Merchants & Manufacturer* Agent*.
Tho Lunudcn Roller Mills
The Wupcllii Roller MiIIm
l^sver Hr ol hers "Sunlight Soap"
Dalton Flr.ilher-i"r)t-..li-towKr Soap
The VokcI I-acUlnjr Co.
Tliu I'l.iifiiiurt! Lime Mf|f. Co.
Fruit and Produce of all hinds.
The .Miinilohn Cunning Co.
The W. & K. Jin-oil Co., Ltd.
riUtilt aVIkiitiraa'tiirori.
Thc (tuetpli Foundry Ca>., Ltd.
The "Armor" Co., Ltd.
The Mojio Mill* Lumber Co.
Thu llyi;.ajiu. Ivil.i Wiitc Co.
I     «a-,it A tttiarl..ain atl-aat     Unal.   V. a-aarat.    V...  a.a.
from it c up to II.  Only wlilM lnl|i liaiilnynil.
Mfatlilni" vt-llnw nisaatil ftta' -ilntp t-ifMst tlir- i'i.IiI
ID till -if-i. MALOSk li JIlKllllaliUH.
BAUTI.KTT HOUHK, furiimrW Did CUrk
ll ttlfl Ikmi tl * ilay Tioul III NcUi
Will lit  llfljl
I    ll ttl* baMltl at llJy TllaUl  III  Na.l«OU.     UlilV
iiiiii tia.11, tim|iiKytii. (», w. ii,iui'i.i;rr,
)"*'*l"   Its'l"*'"'*,   jl'*.i.a»a.'Sit *a    .'*   .'.K   a. ^»ri   ii,
Sli-Min-Miiil-' ivla'ii tlify nn1 In t'cruuinii.
MClKlN.VF.Lt ULaTJK, I'roiarliiU.rn,
*■ rtt tatial llir bunt It. I hi- l.ar.ln. libit) .wlairn
«lw«yiw<-l.'(iirin.      (JI.VIN HUiW,
P. 0.   BOX  363,  CALOAkY,  ALTA.
Correspondence. Solicited.
WUoloaal©  UorohnntB,
-pillv ■loNTUUMKUY fa>, I.tal,, Wli.tl«.«l»
*■   X aiitiftii Hirer* «.f ttioli* iiiiifn.llaiiaiii'.
S..|,'.li.lll! '
'   , ,1.    ,	
jsiTAHKlKV * iUt., Wimi.ERAI.r I'F.AI.-
'•--'  main lluliir, K(-ii«, l,lt»Ba»t; I'rulnt^ ftiitl
s Knli VasV^i.U C.
|!   I    A     Mr|lll>M\t.ll,   WUuio^U lK,,i|»r lt»
i iJ ,   fruit, Ni<lf.m, ll 0. -    Va.*
■x, I-0-*;.* -*
s'-'  -" / .s-;>r.-.-* *..'-    .'. -"-"" "..ai.1 •„--.*.: .---- .-"-a-
-     .,-s-a-. -* -.^-    .    . ,-.. .*;   .a-.. v^.    —   - >. . ,
-,. '^-..- ..■ «*_ -,-  _    , s  •- >-    >.  s,   ;..__'
■ "■•'^.^vv-f:'-"^":''^;^'''"; •■ ' *
iva*-       a,      -*;«« -.!•   i\""ii^--S.^?-.,v?'i -.   r"..*;,(*-A"*.t   ^-.,.': '■    -..% V1*1 ■* - ->' *."   > ,i-  --t- c-*-'-'- *--0^***-T;-^.,---y^*y'-... *-"'irV*' "** " i-'   '■■--Vi-*--\ ^   **--*-*\afc
-v>V.^V-i^?-1^^ \-  V-'^    ;-"'.^.^'<>. :Wto^S ^^^ ^*"i& .-^^'^
•"■]5 ?.\ -.-J*>r a
■-. ■■.. iv.-A* ij=
, - '''^'^ 'MtjL
-AAA. ;';t#"l
" '.-*;,   - -- '«*&$';*.*
■ ■ w.*. -»*•-•» » **3*--ar -
/£K£ t£1>OT,-*^!£tE, B.C , "MAT *V. 19*5-5:
■aWH.'|ttlllH*l  am li '      a       ' tlTWllll' JUJI ■     it ■'■   ''.* *'" -*■*"-*■■
The Canadian Bank of Gommeme
•Head Office.-.TORONTO..
^aid-up.Capital ♦ -*JS8J-Q0.eSQ  -..■•  ..,:;-■.fipgl-
O' ' _ - s.   ■ ■",'?'• .
. -Spuciul.iKlent'mnis .directed to the follaw+rjjj Atlvuata^cs oflered ..by  ,.
.Ogr Si-viiigs Baiik.,,   ..;•■    o. ■'    -"* * * "   ; '■   .-•
©epak*ks .of :$^ uiiU aUpw;u*d-s received, ajnd inAe-rest allowed at Current Rates.;
interost is>ddod loihe Deposit TWICE in each year, at the end of May and
. $.o«--*is*.r.er.    Jim £>-jpo^tor is subject to ho dej-iy whatever ji) tJxi* jyilh^rMWal':'
of tlie whole or any po/tipn i>f liu?adisposit, .:,••"
-Payable in al} parts of CANADA, THE UNITED STATES,
Gii£AT   BRITAIN .'AND   EUROPE   BpuglU  and   Sold
at Lowest Rates". .       *        .
,T, B. MAV, Manager
Xbree ^sserttLi 1 •*fa*£a«iiii*ns for
f!oi!$© €Seanl!i|}
Quick Kill Bug Pof*s#n
50' cents a bot tl»    ""
Dalmatian Insect
25c. a pacUage {sold hIso io bull*)
Llqulrj Veneer Furniture Polish
:-  - * Si) oeiit-ii a bottle
For raakiDR .old ..thjjigs new.  Accomplished
•       -        without ruliluns,
;: KOa S-VLE AT,\ ■. -. •       „."'•.
Bleasdell's Prescription
Agent for McKinley 10 cent Sheet Manic.
- Call or ki-iia for catalogue,
1*. takes 35 tajl-ffs. 16 make one Sein'a.'
•Ready goat. They are all specialists
,011 thai pari al v|jiel> Uicy exofcl, V. J-
When in Trout Lufce City slep ai the
tiQueen's Hiilel.
Rocking ctairs *fO"- $" UP -*>l -J-e B*
ii*. Furniture Co^
You can always   Ifel   the   laijcsat   in
^atyle at Kenov & iM-:lLcaO'i's-
(Jet in the   s*w*   hy   buying   your
idiiihes I'raiiii Kenny & McLeo-J.
Pressing and plt-ioing suits called for
and delivered.    Sec F.)f MUchd",
It-i'-rn-ani freezers (and refrigerators
jjjusi arrived at -the B. C. Furniture  Co.
The Fernie Cigar Store is still giving
a«i-ay. coupe ns with every 25 cent pur-
From 10 cents a |o|l upwards is the
price of wall paper at this 0, ,C. Furniture Co, -   •
•, Trunks a d, Valises*-'J:he Largest
:Stock in the Kooteniiys -it *|ie Trites,
"Wood Co.
See Georgj   VV.   Cam. thers   before
*you-get married and  h.-.ve hin*   iiiake
■ -vour wedding suit.
s. A full line of Edison's phonographs
and Columbia gramophones with u
.complete stock of records, can be had
at the Fernie Drug Store.'
Semi-Ready tailors who are specialists in collar-making or in moulding
s'louldeis etc,, do nothing else, therefore aiiuj-t get perfect. See FJ Mitchell.
., The King Edward hotel in* Pernio is
only a few steps from the C P. R. station, on the 'cornei- oppoiilte tha post-
office. Travellers should not forget the
location when they arrivo at ihtt coal
metropolis,      -   .     ;
The Kootenay ai Sandon has not
locked the door for nine years, Right
handy for strangers when they're out
late, stnd cannot radc their thirst for
. Don't wait for'weeks on a tailor to
have.your clothes cleaned and. pressed,
but notify F. J. Mitchell, he will attend to then* nt, once. Semi-Ready
.Call on Hutchinson.today. He wanJs
to see you on important business.
Steve Mahahan is managing the
Hotel Colemon.•"* He recently bough, a
half interest from A. Mutz,
The payroll of the C," N. P. Coal Co.
last Saturday was $110,151.46,
The Elk Lumber Co. has ils mill i|V
full running order at Fernie. It can
cut nearly a million feet every seven
days.  , ■ ,
Since last fall properly in West Pernio has advanced five-times in value.
- PTit T-?Afnrm   ^R ^ew,suits and Jf
wrHixeiorm      overcoats     m
^£_    - Seiid you greeting and earnestly invites. *» 011 to .call aitd Bte ibenu 1ft
♦!■»  >T**»HEY'RE proud of their appearance and they're eopiewhat **gtuck ^{J
ft&   *■    up."  ,They havti reason to BE too, fi** they, are wttalnly Iho *^*j
\$p  Handsomest Garmc.nls that ever graced » clothing house.
J|£ 'P*HE?MAN who comes to us for his outfit will find himself in clo\._ „„
ISfj?   A    We 11 quote no prices, becauso prices count for uothing unless 5W
y,*  yon eee the garments.     If vou como here for your clothes you'll get ^;i
Q the BEST CLOTHES„that your mouey eau buy. •■ ^
W VOU ran Bank *>n"this Statement.. The more you know about FIT- "?{*♦_
gi.   f. - REFORM CLOTHES, Our Prices and our Business Methods, the §»
.Better, you'll like uu.        -, •.-" yp
«THEW.C.HAiVIILTON CO, »«*0utfitters"
Vip o* \i* o* o* o* \ip_y* o* S** si* a'> S** si* sizs** y* y* s** si* S**. *t* y* y*. *i* H*.
.New';^Laidi: Eggs
2S cents por daz©n-
Mastcrson, Griffith & Co., Troiit
Lake, have all the,: supplies needed by
umber camps iind mines.
Boys' Blouses ^- All sizes in Dark
and Light Colors. -
Trites, Wood Co,
J. C.Hutchison is still doing busi-
n.-ssat the old stand.. Have a chat
will}, him about your next suit of
clothes. *
. The Fernie Cartage Cp. has beert appointed shipping agents to the Imperial Oil Co., and when.the oil warehouse
is completed refined petroleum will be
delivered at your dcor fresh from a tank
wagon.      % '   _'    ,_'__,
A By«Law to i>ro*ritf e for the con-
Htruotion of sowers in the City
. of Fernie and to authorize the
issue of debentures of the Corporation of the City of Fernie
to the amount of Forty Thousand dollars ($40,000) for the
purpose of' raising tho sum
required therefor.
Young housekoap^. fitjd in
jits use th«? beginning of suc-
f rice Baking Powdsr Co.
Billy Martin, lhe well-known hockey
player is returning to Rat Portage,
Owing lo counter attractions /at
Marysvijle thc fire brigade from Cranbrook will not appear in Fernie pn the
24th,- much to the- disappointment of
those who love a hot hose i«cl race.
The C. N. P. Co. will erect new
oflice buildings at Coal Creek,      ■ '
J-lunt up your coupons for L. Atkinson is about to give away that suit of
WHEREAS it |sv deutrnblo to ' constmot tl
system of bcworu In tlio City Qf F«rnio uccoitl-
ing to tlie pluiiu tlmsfor prepared by Tliomus
H Traey, Ksqr.,C.. K, and adopted by the.
Council of tbe Corporntion of the ml id City,
and to reiio tlie sum of Forty thousand dot-
larp IWO.OOd] to be applied to the said purpose.
AND WHEREAS In oralcr thereto it will be
necesijiry to i-.su.e-debentures of the said Corporation for tliosuit) of forty TiloQiiiind iloU
lurs ['•■10,000] as hereinafter provldod IwliioU U
thqdebttobecroated^laa; t"*i»-By-l-aw]. tjie
prooeeds t,t the utild debentures to be applied
to tho purpose ufurenaid und to no other pur-'
AND WHEREAS It is denirable to insiie the.
said debentures ut pne.time and to make the
principal payable in one "sum at tli* end <)f
Thirty l.W)yeiir» from the ilate of the issue of
tho 'said debentures and that interest on the
_.umA'Bl,«11 _,._=. nn t',.l_al.j- ftiaa>n',alltf_tltirlllg_tllia
ourrency therpo/.  .
AND WHEREAS the total amount re(iiiir*d
to be raised annually by up-ioial rutf fur paj,
iiiff tlie said debt and interest as ))oreintifte-
provided is Two thousand etRht. hundred nud
sixteen dollars, [P2S10.00] whereof Two |thous-
aiid dollars [iiO O.00] Is to be so raised for the
payment of intiirost' durintj the ourrency of
thesatddobeiituro.-,andEiulit hundred and
ijxteen 4oIlnri' [i81rt.0ii| la to ba.ral ipd ai,nnp,lly
for tho purpona of ovoatln|» a sinking fund for
the payment of the debt scoured by the Raid
AND WHERFAS the amount of the whole
rateable land and improvement* of the C(ly
of Fernie aocordiiut to th* last revised anacss-
ment roll thereof is Five hundred and* thirty,
nix thousand, three hundred and ten dollars,
[aJ*S16,31l>].   .   " -   ' "
AND WHEREAS tho said Municipality hus
110 existintr debenture debt...'"
THEREFORE the Council of the Corporation of tlio City  of   Fernie   in   Council assembled ciiauts "as follows-.— -
' I, Tho sum of Forty thousand dollars |WV
00U] shall bo exitended by tho Corporivtion of
tl*.i- City of Feruie in constrnotiug a system of
'sewers acooralliiR to tho plans therefor pre*
pared by Thomas H. Tracy, Estjr. C. £. and
adopted by" the Council of the Corppration
ond for the purpose of raiding the said sum
debentures of the snid Corporation to the said
amount, oi Forty thousand dollars ['40,000J in
all shall bu issued in sums of not less than
One hundred dollars [1C0.00] eaoh on the Second
day of J lily A. D. l'.)05 ouch of which debenture*
shall bo dated on th< day of th* issue thereof
iind shall be payable on tho Second  day of
J uly A. D. 1935 thereafter at the  ojiico. of, .the
City Treasurer in the suid City of Fernie.
.  'i Each of tho bait! debentures shall be signed
by the Mayor of the City of Fernie, or by somo
other person authorized by b.v-law to sit*n the
same, anal by the City Treasurer, and the
City Clerk shall attach thereto the seal of tho'
Corporation.                           ' ".
' S.' The suid debentures shall boat Interest
at the rate of Five per cent [!>'.) per annum
payable yearly ut/the oflice of the City Treasurer in the said City of Fernie, on tho' Second
day of July in each and every year durinc, the
currency thereof und shall' have attached to
them coupons,' for the payuiont  of'the said
interest, which coupons  shall bo  signed by
the Muyor and Treasurer of the suid Corporation.
.4. During tlie currency of the said debent
ures thero shall be raised anniially.by special
rate on nil tho rateable land nnd. improvements in the City of Ferhie tho said'sum of
Two Thousand dollars [■2,000'] for the payment
pf intorest on the suid debentures* and the
sjiid sum of Eight huudred and sixteen alol-
Jars ["(tlt*.ixi| fpr the purpose of. creatinu a
a sinking fund for the. payment ofthe debt
koreby secured, makiui; iu all the sum of Two
thuusfiand eitfht hundred and sixteen dollars
[S^SIII.OjI to be raised annually by special rate
as uforosaid during; euiill of th* snid Thirty
.30)"ycivrs. ■.        -        -..'-•
■ y. -
5. This By-Law shall take effect on the 5th
duy of June A.D. 1S05. -.
ti., Tho votes ef tho - Electors of the said
City of Fernie shall bo taken on this By-Law
at the following times- und places^namely-.—
..    .   Singer..
Sewing Machines
I AM agent for Singer Sewing     ,
Machine, and all kinds of Sewing Machiue Oil and Needles. ."*
. All kinds of Sowim* Machines
repaired and exchanged.     '
J. P. Hbulaha'n;
lust acrived a fine Stock of
Ouailil-y the Best.     Price'the Cheapest. .
The People's Orbcer,   P. 0. Block, Ferni*
% .- fe
a*        ' C     "        -■■•'it
I   *      ■ s
If you want n Suit,of Clothes
'SHAPE,   nuil- FIT    PERFECTLY      >:      :•:
Call on-
Hoacfi Office :  HaimHSoii, Canada.
Capital * $2,500,000,      nesevve *» $2,100,000
Qotnl Bssets * $27,500,000 ;..:
Hon. Wm. Gibson; President. '      .* ; ;
J. Turnbull, Vice-President and General Manager.
A GeneralBankini*Business transacted. .Current Accounts opened with Merchants, Mann*
faoturors, and Municipalities on the most reasonable terms Banking facilities Kindly
extended to all persons desiring to oswn business or private accounts. Sneoiur'attention.
civen to ull out of town accounts; , Interest at Current Rates allowed on Savings Bank
Deposits from $l.on upwards. Collections effected in all parts of Canada at Lowest Rates,
Drafts issuod, payable in Canada or Abroud, British, American, and KoreUn Drafts cashed.
An office of tbis Bank has been opened at Fernie. '
AH CorroSpu-ideuc/addrossed to the Agent will be personally attended to..
*'   Acting: Agent, Fjsrnik. Branch   ,
Kenny & McLeod
Example of Ike Walton   °
YOU CAN PROOUIiE the neceaeary
AIDS and -
The Genuine Reduction at Chas. Richard's ■„
.,        .     , Store, TotJd Block. . .   *''''"•'
Will inuke.it worth your while on SATURDAY, to call and inspect
thti following lines :—•
Begular Saturday
SKIRTS.. ;."...:       8.ar»0 6.60
SKIRTS...; '.'        4.75
7A.it. lit t,f-tij«,*f ** Hi •*\r**»>* t* th flAlttMQ
t/.tltut  ittuf *\tj lin'ji'*/ mAt*/*m th Tt*t */
/t.H*t*1.   Un t*fhi*mt4 **f ut 4*d fttJ.J 4im<7*«V
ftmAMt »«•'•/« il l**\*t ttm *\U*t ^' <t*tt*utf lit   JIM
f/1 lltTtwttl*   l4f   A,***t t'ttlU tiSr^m *»t tr/*tm'_ftjt
•*•-#/      ('*£**   fd  ******    if/H^tf
f4i| »*«-{j H.Mfpatr*'*' dtutwttt «| *v«i I* r»t/ ftf nt,
GtltWAi Ktf t»ut *****   MN «hr-»»f»|-/ Uin fift tijt*
o*n ft* nut fi «^l-"»» *l»».  l.UmiAitti ftWay tttt n«t
.**¥ 4* tf\iA-*'d#^ || 6f*» t*U f%'t*t  dttt^tmj
*'*hf *f   W CMi4r-/>f +fft*tfa\4*tV* >fK<ftMJtVI*V
^l,-,| (t_.,,(ty,trt» * fifl   HM fa*,* /Htf ittH*
C,ttUJf,iJtrttit»»oJiu -4a?*f## $*4 »•"■>*♦ fii.h
iHu.tt^ ut *.ttl,ttultt nti *j*/pjiyff 4*U /.*+
/frtstt-Vr (/Uu «If*» rf.t.f.t/ fVi* »» tlm
ti.U I, .War Ul It-, HHfwal
Tin, 4.1.1, J,r»*tf,^l ,/«M t*).m*_l,kmjtf
•a.. :t al..,* ,1 M.   bCm., pHnlk nlia'
fit Jt*U.r /4«*ff'K*' <VMtV ••
r.,0000. '
r>«., A.I >• aa. f/iA mij /l.pJ-v -.-aa.*
K,,rt, i» If, (•*.t,,,/)trtl m,l n,m».U,H,
Sir- .'put li, JtllId,{ ,1, ■,iiihi|,.UUi>.
... '-, ll. ,..*..,i f-P". 11,^,1.1 tt-ttlii^pu/,, M^/nl
''««>   i.tfltlU .«." -.N4^».J,. «4a, ■«>vif...s'Mj,.afr*
Im.  ,1.1, t»V  M.ft,r.ttj/ll**jll a.#^/.a>.
, •tt.i.-t,7t ,.<■>     '     *
' "TV*..,   4 M.'u./u4
-,-mt-riV "i "«"!•"
*     • i
to the
on tlT^s7d*aii^of~JuireVA7I)rilio5 coinmenoiiiK"
at the hour" of eif-ht [3] in the forenoon and
continuing till the hour of four '(*) in the
afternoon of the taamo duy by the City Clerk
a,t the Court 'House.
' 7. The City'Clerk «h(ill attend at his offico
iu the'City oriFernie on the 3rd day of-June
A. 1. lUti*. at tho hour of four [4) in the afternoon for thc purpose of counting the liallota
and uumuiiiiifiui) the nuinhor of voteu oust for
and iiKiiliiaat the By-Luw,
8. TliU Uy-law , ma'y;.he lotted as- "Tlio
Sewers "Jy-htlw."
Uoitd ti Uri>t, eooond nnd third timo on the
l«Ui tiny uf May A-1). \'m'j. Rvcaimlilc'red and
iluully paktaed on tlip HUtli day of Huy A, 1),
1904. "" '      . '.
Ca-rtifiod corroot.
ItoKiiaterod at the' County Court of JKoot-
uiiny oii llie        d|iy of Juuc A, D. 1006,
■ City Clerk
, i
' Take notice that the above It- tv trtio copy lof
the propohual by-law tijian which the voto of
tho miaiiiolpality will Im talien at the Court
iIou»» on Stitiuiiiiy tlio awl day of Junu A, J'.
IWil liotwgajii tin- ho urn nl' Kliiht In the feto
noon and Fonr In the afteninon, (Uutweuu V
ii> m, uud A |>, in. looul tlmuj
J, A, Itonnlo
City Clerk
Drug Store
ALTON—In Ptrntlipuna on May 10th tho wifo
•f Jjiiii /'atUuof a  noil,
3r OTfi with
14 r    ' ■
laml Avenue, near the Konilu llrowery
Apply to N. Kliiiunian,
We 5ell 'and Recortimcnd
(hla Mn«
Good Evening!
Have you used w
ape. fach
5PC, each
♦i.oo Jbj.
$5.00 Clot,
AnooD aim. foii bmam- VAMiiaV
Apply Jinx »1(1'
work. Apply to Urn. \V It. Kom.
Forute, n, 0.
Toaaheit of the Piano
'",unt:hotli'k'-,v Mutlioil)
A thorough triiiiliiKiHburcilt'ith pupil
Philip Carosella
I hnvo onlv a few Lndies Fancy
-'-Muslin Shirt Waist Suits
. Reduced prices Saturday 3.85,4.00
4.75 per suit. " - ^-   ■
- ,1
Ladies Flannelette nud Print
"iVrappere, •'.;.. Uegulnr .;. .1 25
.-■*.'"      -;.-'*, Saturday..... .90
5;Doz, Ladios' Black Cashmere    .
. Host., Seamless SpHei-d. Heels
, aud Toes, pure wool, taut dyes
■Saturday ....,,.25
1 yiai-t'iKir T}/*iii
F-l/Oi vj f-__r\*.
rten'5 Furnishing Dept.
' Dependable Shoe Bargain.
Men's Chrome Mining Shoea
<.   , ltegiilar ....4 50
Saturday ....8.25
Men's   Fiue   Tweed   and
Heavy Serge Suits, 'perfectly
tailored in every particular,
Upto-Date Styles
llegular:1.2 50andl4O0
-    -     Saturday ....9.50
I a-j"--j.vaj:rmat ~
Todd Block
nf lUiMildim niimt I'Ool IIk* uppajlulup, iiiloi'H
tmciiliu und tliu rlt'li lii'0'.vii inuvy ttii'lilim ti)iii;il>
Iimly tn tl e 1I11I1, Ttiut in lim lilud of ,<innt« iiiiv
litiHf proilui'CH, Toudnr, Juicy, niiurlsliln-r. li
will make you brainy nntl br.nvny
Of I'tllll'HU IVUfOll  tliu ll|ii|l!Clll I'lltH Of Vt'lll,
lamb, pork, elf., mnn,. Hut Junt nm wo arc
talking beef.  Ilouf wiiru of our oiTurlnun.
{OFFICE - -   41
41' I
A  complete stock  of Coffins, Caskets, and
Burial Goodi;, also Metallic Lined Shipping'Cases
Parlors in the T. Beck Block Victoria Avenue
Sheppard & Elliott
romiE, b. o.
Tlwne 1. Opposite the Po»t OfBct,
Wght Jo ltl«? ttnitt of lhe cily,
Genera! Merchant
Twitching Eyelids
indicate eyestrain.
The slightest hint of it
should not be neglected
We test eyes free of charge,
and recommend glasses only
whon absolutely necessary,
A. €■ Liphardj:
Jeweller      Optician
Wholesale Dealer
Dressy Suits
I linvc moved my lallor sliop next
door (o Sliuppurd St Elllottn ; rij*ht in
the centre of (he cily; nnd nm prcpnrcd
lit manufacture tiny number of up-lo-
dute mils,
Geo. W.
Trites-Wood Co.,Ltd.
Just Received this, week
New Dress Muslins
Delanes, Ginghams
Prints in all the
New Designs and
New Hosiery
New Parasols
New Gloves
Trites-Wood Co,Ltd.


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