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The Ledge Jan 18, 1905

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"> *",-■ ■.■"V"
SSS.-.T'- '■'-
■ 5'\V4s--
R. T, LOWERY, ■   .
Editor .and Financier .
,      'l  O^Vw'lwiiVt1   /J'-ta '    -<
<;V ^s-- \ ? You wi!1 b^come like
,. v,i.f        ¥?''( Solomon if you read
u-Vi'* ft aj *•- -" n xjie Ledge regularly.
<■*■--'     '
"Volume 'XII.j Number 1.5 .-*.„... -'•'■
; rt*tmji ti'^   i"
Price, a$2 a Year, in AnvAxci-:
•'I'?*!''*•lv-'i> ft* ft* ft* fi* ft* ft* tt* <t* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* *t* ft* ft* ft* ft*
\<l»-\l*'<!*<l*<l**3*<t*<it<1* *3* -**> «* *f* *\V \tt-\t*   al/at»alj «.*■> -vV>YaVaVay*
T */J'5^iC^v^P»^P»~il-a"«(»-a^»^a-i-*?»-a»?a-a*-.-»^-a^ *..<»•.«».-• *"«.->*» a-^ »-.a.-.*-a.**-..-«^*-a»>«-a>-a-«». ■-<>»*»>•;*
svi-s?Vis~vIv<ivyiv•>* <riv ftvft* ft*-ft* ft* ft* n* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* tt* ft* ft* ft* ft*.ft*
>\ -Born—In Kaslo on January 12, the,
'wile of Av T. Garland of .a daughter,
'"-'.'.T. E.-llose'i's.is goim* out business
ain*Feriiie,'.;"-(* -7* r~\''  ' '.'*■:      "    ' -
Blake "Wilson ol..Nelsou was in tfie
., ;cUy yesterday.'.   . -•> >■    , •.',
•■-j.-'Ffco drawings-are held every two
wd.ek's at thc-Palm/   '-."■'-
*r., G. II.. Bolton, aeeom pa n ied -by h is
r mother, returned from Neepawa'th's
'morning,- -.r • ' '   ,      "      -
; ••' In Nelson tho local election did not
,:. damage any of the furniture in D. .1.
-Robertson's store;'".     •
■ ""■ A subscriber wants to' know tbe
difference between a load .und a ton
.of coal--800 pound?,'    ' ',. ;-, ".
•"'\Tlio Fornie Hockey^''club will play
, iu Nelson-on the 25th at ihe bonspeil
;~ tobe iYold'in that oily.),   -.'■ *"    -
- .,: Th^Sliepptu-i^EllitiVt-'Qtiail aggrc-
• gatioir-defented ,tho Trites-Wood
hockeyists last njght by-a score pi
4 to .3: .-       ■"' '■''     '"•''        '  .   ■
;■'Considerable lumber from l-lisi
-_ kootenay5 luis'-been tiuri'ied down- in-
' Winnipeg,  owing to tiie "impeded
* nulling;     . -      '
'V-ThoB. C. Telephone Co.  has'the
poles all ready for insertion in the
streets,ol.Fernio.   The dig'ging'tools
'.   arrived a few days ago.1      .-'   ■    .
'"* -    T.he loggMig-'C'imffe on   Sk-ookiiiii
- Chuck creek are busy 'gciting out
io»sv There is •■ plenty oi snow, for
skidding nnd'tho output will be large.
According 10 the Greek calendar
January--V is ChrisUnils,' nndr.-th(!
Blairtnore Times saysVmi the Slaves
. arcund that.ca.mp duly celebrated it,
Probabi*/meant'Slavs.-.," ":.-^.- . _; ,
.',T.hbs.. Grahan, cinana»er . of . the
1 ..leading hotel in'lUiehel,: hailed .thits
.   oflice on. jlbiida v, and' •expended - the
'   editor an unlimited-inyitTitfon tbcall
at.lhe only oasis in'onr sister city.
- irAt.Blairinoro -the, poles-are-nll dh.
and ' the ^^epliomr'l\ ii^T^viil","Rr
strung this week:.' "It seems ;strau"ge
tiiaVa village-like' IMiiirinore, shlniIri
be-in' advance of'a, nicu'opolis"iiko
Fernie. '
• The city council was sworn in on
Monday.;,'* ..   ■    • '      .*' ■
'"■•; Rossland ^ill play hockey, in Fer .
nie o"'t;Friday. ■      "'-"''    .-'-.,.
.*■_ County-court ih Fernie is now Bet
for February 0.
*   *-* s   - ' ' - '   ' .
-. W. J.-'Ctiwan.'late'of. Winnipeg, is
manager of the Waldorf.\,: :
W^itcto.T.-slI. Lo\*e, Nelson, B. C
wTir-n you" want help or a situation.'
• :-The -tte for the federal government
biiilding.in Kernie-will be chosen by
next Monday.
A ladies' hockey club has breii
(orinrll in Rossland: What's the matter with Fernie?
When you cinnot come to a decision in front of a bar,-always call for
.tv Kootenay Belle cigar.'
" Lost—Op. Saturday evening,- a
striped vest. Finder will "be rewarded by returning to j. C. Hut-
chiusj'n. '   "    -        '
There will bo an initiation in Mt.
Kernie lodge Thursday evening,- and
alPOdd Fellows are requested to be
in attendance. "• ., ■'
■ Mra.T. H.-Whclnn, antt Pat Whe-
la.ii "'"returned onrSaturday from a-
pleasant' visit to Spokane and ,thei
Coefir d'A'lencs ."*■*• ~"
r At Bliithuore last Wednesday. Mac.
lecd defeated the Turtles;.at hockey
by a score of 5 to .1. The Turtles also
got. it in the feet at-Pincher. ■
"The'Philharmonic Lady Quartette
of .CIiic;i'go~\vill j-ive au entertain-
'inent in Fernie on llie 25}rd, under
the'auspices of the Hoiikcy club. '-
. '•The"Bye-Opener states -that about
.half a million dollars was spent.'in
Calgary last vear" lor. booze.   It was
nearly  double that  amount ' before
Bob Kd wards quit drinking.
:; BlairiTioKO is getting gay, and will
hold a.hiixvsdress carniviiL_at^.its
rink--, 'on V -Thursday /"evening.
Last night the council passed bylaw No. 7; prohibiting the stringing
of wires on poles in Fernie; The
council'Claim that'the' city, should
own the telephone business, and arc
determined to drive the B. C. Telephone Co. ;'out of-the', city. G. C.
Hodge started to dig : holes lor the
poles on Victoria avouue. this morn
ing, and atit urgency meeting of the
council.hiis been called for' 2:30 p. in.
to consider the-trouble. Hodge expects any minute to have an injunction served on him. . A telephone
war is certainly hello!
- About 10 a. in., G. C, Hedge was
served, with a blue paper, charging
him with wilfully and maliciously
damaging the .streets by digging
telephone pule holes IPs case comes
up at.'} p. m., and his men are still
digging holes.
m/iSS    'ftiEETS&G
There will be tv citizen's
muss meeting in -the Tuttle
building tonight at 8 o'clock to
discuss the telephone question.
-" All citizens are requested to
to be present and-hear the new
council outline their policy.
Toicjo, Jan. 17,—The Russian right
recently advanced, ' occupying intrench tnents, There are reports of
an engagement in which the Russians lost 100 men and two guns.
r.iRiSj   Jan.. 17.—The   expected
resignation of the Combes ministry
j took.place today.   The premier and
j all the members of his cabinet snr-
! rendered their portfolios.
Council met Tuesday evening and
adopted minutes ol previous meeting.
The report on thc Flathead Survey
was laid on the table' until vthe next
meeting, and it was'recommended,
that a plan and re'port of the proposed road frem Fernie'to"the Flat-'
head be sent to tlie provincial government through our. local mem I or,
and , urging tlie construction • of the
road from the county a'.ul coinmercial"
center of East Kootenay.
Bylaw . No.- 7 was passed and
adopted.' '   ,   ' ';■ ;        ■•-;■•
II". W. Herchmer gave notice that
at next meeting he would introduce
aisanitary bylaw.
A court of revision will"'be held in
tho courthouse on Monday, February
27, at 7, p. m. '■ "
The following'committees'' were appointed':' .
Finance—Trites and Cree. -
Works ! and Property—Cree., and
Tuttle.    ' '     '   "
, Fire  and Water—Herchmer ,and
\Yallace.,    '" ■'   '.'
.:.-Health  and-' Relief—Robins   and
Tuttle.'      .. ' A      ■■   : ;      ;,
Legislation—-Herchmer and Trites.-
. The leading event iti Fernie last week
was the aldi'initinic election, tin; mayor
havinn liis second term by iu-clainatiini.
Tlu» day was cold, hut tho contest wns
fairly warm • fur Fernie, and <2.\U vnli"<
out of » |iosBilil«"2sl wei'f ilepOHited in
the box, four nf wliii-h were spoiled in
the inaiking. The i-otineil of Kernie is
now fniriv strong, and this yeai- there
will be siiiiietliing doing iu the right
ilivei'tion. 1'be following is the result
of tlieelet'liaii and the number of volet*
cast fer e.'ie.h enndidate:   ,,
W. W. TUTTLE..,.	
S. F. WALLACR..".'.	
\Y;0, 1IOB1NS ■'	
a ir.cuke;...:	
'At the lust--meeting of the.loctU
lodge of Odd -'Fellows, iho" following
officers were installed:, George CUipp,
' N. G ; T. Van  Dusori, ■ V. G.j T.
llcck, R, S.; 0. N. Ross,' F, S.j I. K
' Covert, Tresis..' ** •
. .,■ Hayden S.evenson of San Jose,
Cal., is ill at, the Waldort-witti in-
flain'mtitory/rheumatism.' Ho is a
-member of-tho .dramatic comimny
now playing in the city,'and'the
Eagles will see that he lias'every at-
.tention. ~
,' Sp11ldi11g.it Co. of this city, witli
overyJpli order for. cabinet-*, givo 11
po'i'ttnlt"Oi;by'BS,"ft'oo of charge,
taken either bust or full length. This
firm'.also have in preparation a'set nl
views of Fei'iiie that will surpass tiny-,
thing produced lu tbo Rocky mountains,      '
After nil Houston did not, keep his
printed word wilh the electors of Nelson. Ho prom I cd 1.0 shut down prn-
fi'SBionul gambling 10. minutes nfler
ho was elected but it iviih fully 20
minutes before tiie deed wis done,
nnd tho grief Klriijlvon giunblen' allowed to weep around, thiV grave of
that Goddess ol Kortune known in*
i   *
Fust Kootenay needs a. resilient
cotUity court judge, Tho judges in
West Kpolonny und the Houitdary
hnve too much fodo'iind'-nocoi-siirily
Fei-titti Is neglected. John* (Jibbs
elected'for a speedy trial, but. undor
tlio'premint conditions lio caniuit gel
a'-tiiiil In FornSo for' two lnnntlw,
when ii week filioiild bo tht: limit.
- Thin Is an Injustice,, but nn fault ol
tlio judges.
Owing fo llio r-c'ireiiy <>f water
higher up tho creek, the water Mip
ply of Kernie In drawn Irmn tho lower
tliiin, iind.unleKS tliu water I.i bullei)
woarelhiblo to hwuIIuw dcnil iIujh,
mul moHt any old thing "'that (louts
downward  from the   lown  iip the
It           t,   1       I          HI           .,     r*    ,   1.   i.lt I    ti
fc«»aa-«'.       *- '        »,,(
tJj'lve IK Ut",('(",•, \S\\  \\v Wnti'i' ("Mtv
pAliydoert ma own nuy brcwerle», hi
editor of the. ;local paper/will' prob-
ably..dreos'up.as an honest man.. '.-.
livsi a'-'Varty,". sister of 'Chan;
Richards,, will'shortly open up a
complete stock ol millinery, with all
re B.' C. Telephone was. received and
filed,- Adjourned until-January 21.
MRS. LBK "Wli-IS. -
riie/■'iiiiejji;"' PnYis" and: New York
fashions. Will "advertise premises
later."     '  '   ■ ,. "   ■
.'In "Macleod on Monday night Fernio'was defeated at hockey, tlio score
being 9 to.'t. Leslie Rhodes had* his
arm broken,in thc fierce contest. Thc
game at Pincher"' Crjeclc slated for
last night was postponed,.
Hall tho pleasure is . dissipated by
the cruel seats in" Kernie's only theatre" If the mayor cm haven bylaw
passed ma king it compulsory, to have
cushioned seats in all theatres, many
a lover of the drama will rise iip and
smother liis uaino in blessings.
[ .lames 11mrow's arid Jack Oyerdofl'
will have ii !"(T-*Vouhd "glove contest In
Fernio on '.lununry -'i for $1,000 a
side, There will" bo several preliminaries, and D, A. McMillan will
wrestle any live men in Fornlo and
agree to throw thorn ' within nn hour
or lorlitlt $")0.     ",
Tho Tilboral nswcluiion met; on
Moiuhiy evening and appointed a
committee to decide upon tho site in
Fornlo for« new postolliee building.
The decision will bo sent.to \V A.
(lallilu'i', M. P, and no doubt liill
will seo thnt Fornlo has at least a
$10,000 government building. He
received liberal suppoit in Fernie,
lint nsidt! from political reasons this
city is entitled to public federal buildings,
John lloustsiii was' elected mayor
i'ii' Xelson lust Thursday, nml his
li'luiul', miistly the uhaps who won
on iho election, crowded into his
ofllee nnd present*d him wilh .ffiOO in
gold, John dltl uot. like (0 tako It,
|ti'jil*-i!ily owing Ui liU'nttlludn on
gambling, iiltluiii^h ll, Is mild that
the sight of ho much money In,the
Tilhune office made Houston nervous,
llnwcvt-r, 'JO miiiiUe.ii after John was
(■k'lHul Im elnseil public gambling
aud put Kitty uu tliu hike, but thu
citizen* e.m mill sii)ulcu
A regiil.tr fMree.t mull with S\*)
Jlrs Lee of Michel has won her case
iiSfiinsi the C. j\V P. Coal i.'o. T he ease,
wns recently arbitrated in Fernie nnd
Judgo Leomy reserved his ijceision until a few dn\B a->-o'when it was given in
favor of Mrs. Leo -for $1,500 and eosts,
flic accident/was shown to he the re-
8ul,t of an undetected weakness in a
bloek of coid, This is the/'liist case
arbitrnted.iirthis section iinder'tlie provisions of the Compensatioo Act. ,
K. WriarirWiKWorth.....
L. M. Proctor.....'....
P. J   Watson....'.	
?a R. .Lundie,..-.	
The iii st six of the above liBt are. thi-
e.lectcal aldermen.. After the result wa.1-
known there- was' considerable jolity
ni'ouiiil town, enlivened by tlieba^iiipef*
and a torchlight procession, but not »
life was lost, altlioiijrh it is reported
that Robins was seen drinking ajiollin-
arie, while Steve Wallace relaxed his
countenance' Ion"- enough to smoke
three cigars. • As fur as can be learned
from consulting burke.'s ^Peerage ami
other sources, this is the way the. personnel of our new city fathers looks to
the writer:
Alfred'.Stovk, the'mayor, came from
Bolton in Ontario lonsr before Pernio
was", clothed in-l'inff pants. He hap
clinilind thetpolitical Will so well thateven
now the lights of Victoria oceafiionally
"litiiinev before his eyes His Worship
jA_eoumiunication frouilG:y1CTil9dgg-lA'^i:! ;1 peisona|ity that ■ wins in, many a
ft* ft* ft* fi* fi* fi* ft* ft* fi* fi*.fi* ti* ft* fi* tt* ft* ti* tt* ft* ft* ft*ft*^t*ti*Vi*^C
^ ■'■-.•. ,   ,&
y* \t> \*a «*> ■»"!>> vV al> a.T> vV *J* \V \1* -sV \T/ vV S»* \V  \»> «.""> «.T/ al. *r> *»* «t> a.T> «.»*
ft*ft*fi* tt*ft*tt*ft*ft*ft*ft*ft*ft*ft*ft*ft*ft*ft* tt*Vt*ft*^i*ti**i>Vi*^K<I^
From the Hernial.)
Hurry Whyte is the head day man at
the Cosmopolitan . hotel atni he has a
host of friends who are aiways glad to
ace him.
London, Jan. 18."—Lord Minto, Jay-Usher, was in town today.- He
.speaking at Minto, near Harwick, lBa.''s ">at» bif-logins- camp has been
tonight on the proposed colonial con- Mtal-llslieU on K Mather's ranch north
ferenco-nnd the fiuestion of prefer- P» P"«-t Steelo.
entinl treatment, stud  Canada could     Th« nlnnn hell for lim lire hall has
not wait for ever, and if she received !heMX M,U'rcd ,u"' i,! H s1""'1 ti,nrt rt li:i*
nothing but a bucket ol  cold water
she would bo justified in saying there
were other up|-ortunities before her,
Nagasaki, Japan, Jan. 18.—-Gen.
Stoessel,' his wifeaiid 2-l.r> ollieials
from Port Arthur sailed'last evening
on the steamship Australia.
Salt Lakh Crrv; Jan. 17.—Former
Congressman George Sutherland was
today elected U. S. senator to succeed Thomas Reams.
OnicuLix, Ohio, Jan. 18. —When
the Citizens' National Hank failed on
account of Mrs. Chadwick's operations, many, students of Oberlin college were left destitute, the means to
pay their expenses being deposited
in the bank. Today they were all
reimbursed, Andrew Carnegie furnishing the funds.
'On Monday evening Watson's Dramatic Co; opened their week's engage-
ine.nt'iii Fernie, The troupe are worthy
of large liouces. They present comedy
thht makes you lau«h and pathos that
touches the heart and throws a (spray
into your optics. The play oil Monthly
WflB",Jliii,-the Westerner," The pint
iti about as weak as Cranbrook whiskey,
but the coinie.situiitloii'* with which it
abounds drowns f 1 h literary delects in
n Htm ol jollity. John Williunih. in his
pni'trnyai of a country fanner in New'
York, and his wife, ilenisha, by Miss
Allin Wallace, delighted thu audience
with their lniihlinly ox position ol' (-e.nu.
ino humor. Kvery clianu'ter in ihe
comedy w.is well Misluiued, and the
photograph incident iu the Inst act he-
tweeu Jim and Jessie was beautiful,
and a great .pointer to Wentoin men
when they (-n i'iisi|in sotireh of an ulllnlly,
For yearn past it has been tjin eustnin
with many of the miners working iu the
Coal Creek minim to take a half holiday
on payday without the.-o being any
risk of losing iliuli' 1,'1111,/H. TIiIh year,
as New Venr's D.iy ctuno on Sunday,
und It; that caso Monday being a holiday, qiille a number nf llio limn did not
go io work upon thnt i\ny, tlm majority
'crowd, alt boil's h his'experience in-the
Wide. West has not blotted, out all the,
narrow streaks of his early training He'
savoys many of the'tricks of politicians,
although iu the present local administration he cannot pljt-y both ends to
catch the middle; and' must turn lus
cards laceup'ninl abide by the decision
. W W Tuttle came into Fernie with
85,000 and ran. it up to &3G.000 before
the (Ire burned a hole in it. lie is a
great climber,' having in six months
climbed from tho bottom to tho
top of the poll. Tuttle is a typical
Western man." resolute in character and
his decisive manner should bring him
uiaiiiy"ln'urel8 before the year has passed
away. -	
In 'Victoria • last Friday Manner
Lintlsey of the O. N. 1\ Coal Co, appeared before, the assessment conoids-
sion,and Ptated that he was opposed tn
taxing the. lands of his company not in
use, at-5 per cent as wild lands. The
coal measures, ho said, wore capable, of
bein<- attacked from four points only.
Three of these were under tly? control
of the company, which was taking out
all the coal there was a demand for.
This land was of no value except as
coal land.* There were about twenty
.acres worked out,each year. ' Tbis land
■was-of-val ue-on 1 v—a«_i t_''a m p.—i n t o-n si»_
-l • "~~        ""■"  -
by  reason of the coal   be.ins"  mined.
Authorities, lie contended, were against
the taxing of land under such circuni-
•itance.s.   Mr. Lindsey thought that, in
view of the fact that royalties, etc.,
were, collected on coal mined; the lands
should thus bo left free of't'ixalion.
(■>.. F Wallace spent many yeavs on
the. plains and since his arrival in Fer
nie lias'hoconio one of our most sue
ccssful eitf/eiiH and largest taxpayers.
At a enst of $2.3,000 he, has recently completed an hotel that would be a credit
to tiny city in the West, thus proving
in a practical maimer the faith he, hae
In thu future of Fornie. Tho city wants
more'men like Sieve Wallace within
ils eiiviionnients.
W. O. Itobius is not only an alderman
hut he. looks more like one. than any
other mui) arniuid the table, lu spite
of the,fact that ho does'not dally with
lionwi or ■ chase' the holt1, card into a
uuruer,   He
has been iu the West mr
upwards of twenty yearn, has 'hml his
tips and downs In husiuesu, hut always
paid loo cents on the dollar, Besides
being a successful merohiitit In Fernie,
ho has largo ranching IntereslB in the
Northwest, liu Is well posted in unit-
tni'Hof llniiiice, 'iiuil can be depended
upon'to keep Pernio from throwing
money at tlm wronir kind of birdH,
A, II, Trite' Is at the head nf one of
thii greitti'-it Bttires in this province.
This fact alone Hhniild heaiillleiciit proof
of Ids ability in net as au iiltlermaii,
A. II, ('rue is niio of onr oldest nnd
.   , ,, . ' most respiicteil eilUi'iiH.   lie Ih u uiiih.
of whom seldom lose at.y time „» ,i.v .    . (), ,,„ irirllll„„, ()f ,.lst(! ,n ,,„.„„,,,,,,,
diiVH.   Upon go ,„? to the mine alinnh |lUll „,,,„,,,   WVf ,„.„.,„.,, wllll nn
thirty of iht'iii fntiiid that iheir liinuw *    ( u. „,'    ||1Ilb(lM hi||1 ,Ulll  tlll.
hml henii -rlvuii to othern, and that thev '
were Husp.md,,l for a time. 'TliiKnc.; ,mV(1 |( ,„ok "lU {\    UMnn  i    •»••--■•'"   """ " ■,;,- ,; ^"^
Hon nf the company c:ui*i.'d t'oiihider-    t ,,„.,„„\\_ !,cw tlH''8 "•* *  nn l    '"* ' ll
ablti ctjiiimeiit union*'  the men, ami a
week ago Tuesday nijjht they held a
alarm  hi Cianbionk   will awaken the
people iti Old Town'and Fort Steele.
Harry Bradford is pushing the work
on his new ,'ltntel at Staples as fast as
the weather, will permit; He expects
to have the building ready by the lirst
of March.
~ .lames Creer and1 W. T. lleid visited
I Ft'i'iiie. lat-t week tn itxamiiie some of
1 the, new buildings for the purpose of
pit-king up- some, ideas for the new
store buildings Mr. licit! will erect on
hia present premises. "
A'local lodge of Eagles will be organ.
iz?d on tlie evening of ihe Sth in Odd
lfellowa' hall. There will be. between
seventy-live and eighty members in the
new lodge, which gives every promise
of a successful organixation,     '
In Hie suit of Mies Palton against the
Crow's Nest Pass laundry for $5,000
damages for injuries'received in the
nature of a crushed hand, the court
handed down a judgment'awarding the
sum of SI,500 to be paid lirliiatallnmutB
nf Sl.iiO per week under certain "conditions.
Messrs. (Javen &, Bates, the scientific
farmers, are talking of Blurting an
agricultural college in Cranbrook, The
Dominion government, haa offered them
some vui-y flattering inducements aud
if the local government can be properly
influenced, Cranbrook may have a hayseed institution of learning.
The (Ire wardens have a responsibility on theii" fihouklers at this time
that should not be .shirked. It is easy
to start a lire with a stove or furnace;
that is not properly protected. Every
business place ou the business streets
slum lit be careiuliy"TiTs~pecte<L Alnove
now may save the town'' from destruction later. And during this cold weather
the lire department should see that the
fire hydrants are. in condition for instant line.
Last Saturday two miners working
iu the St. F.ugene mine at Moyie in
some, manner fell through somo boards
that they had over the top of a chute,
and dropped one of'them, M B Uazlett
going tn the bottom, a idistttnee of V>0
feet. The other, K<1. Shearer, fortunately stopping at a much less distance
and escaping with slight injuries..' Mr.
Hu/.k'tt, however,'jwas badly bruised
from ,'lii'fltl to foot," but sustained no
fractures, llie was brought to Craubrook that afternoon'und taken to tho
St Eugene hospital, where, ho is now
doing very well.
(leorgo JolniHlone, eusltiins nlllcer jit
Nelson, spent three days last week In
town checking out K. II. Small, Iho roll ring nllicer for (Jranbrnnk, ami Installing ihe new ollicni', llui'iy White.
Mr. .lohiiHlniio is u veteran in the business and is a fine old gentleman Mr.
Small Imd'iiiit been checked up for 22
months, nud yet with the thousands of
dollars and the thousands of entries
made during Unit time, he checked out
wilh ttvei'ylhing aliHiiliilely correct and
was t'limiillmi'iileil  bv   Mr, .Inliimtoui!,
P, Mci'iiiim-ll has snid his canity and
fruit InmiiiuKS with Ihu building te
Hugh Stewaii, who will lake pokbi'h-
shin mi lhn 1st of Kebnuiry, Mr. Me-
Council is a pioni'i'i' of (Inuibrook ami
(iced to exhaust the placer mines in
this vicinity, and there is ground
enough that will pay to work for years "
to come. It only needs a trip through
the mining district tributary to°Steele
to convince the most skeptical that a
magnificent future awaits this portion
of Southeast Kootenay in point of mineral wealth.
The mint-= of Wild Horsu creek have
I been among the oldest and richest placer mines of British Columbia, tind
while considerable ground has been
worked, there va yet a large area that
will pay, and furnish employment for a ,
largo number of miner;**.
At Brewery creek a drift ii being- lun
that is expected to penetrate an old
back channel. When ll.o channel is
reached, the enterprise, will bo placed
on a gi.ixl working basis with surticieni
capital to fully exploit it.
There Ib, plenty of bit; work in prospect for next season in producing placer ,
gold from deposits in Southeast Rood--'"
The property of the Bull River Mining and Power company, located on Bull
river about sixteen miles south of Fori
Steele, is attracting considerable attention by reason uf the magnitude and
success that" has attended recent development,
The North Star mine continues ex-'
ploring with indifferent results. Recent *'
developments indicate, however,. that
the mine is reasonably certain tn do
better this year.
A rumor is afloat to the effect that
the Sullivan mine at Kiniberley will re
autne operations in tlie near fttturi*.
ii ,
With the building of the Kiintenay
Central railway will come the revival
of mining in the Kootenay valley, with
Its early record of big pnnlm-lions and
Ita glowing promises for the future.
Some good looking copper ore has
been found "on the "Mystery group of
claims, located on "Wliitefish creek,
during the past month. ■   '
There is no change in the strike at
S.S.Taylor, K. C, of Nelson got a
hot roast in Victoiia last week from
Chief Justice Hunter. In the course of
a judgment delivered by him inCente.r
Slur "Mining' company vs. tho Kossland
Minors' union, au appeal case in thu
full-court. The plaintiff company whs
awarded .$12,000 damages against the
union last lJuly, but before, judgment
was entered Taylor, who acted for the
defendant, took over for the plalntilf
ihciKossland Evening World, belonging
to the latter, as security for his costs,
and then sold il for ■*fi7f) before it could
he nei/.ed hy the sheriff, in coiiHeipiencu
of the award made by the court.
The  Center Slur Mining  company
instituted an  action  to   compel   the
llossland Mlnei's' union lo restore the
plant to the sheriff, but the application
wits .dismissed on the ground of Irregularity  nf  pi'oceilui'i!    The appeal was
taken to the full court, which in now
Hitting here aud was sustained,
In delivering judgment, Chief Justice.
Hunter described Mr. Taylor as having
k'tm guilty of misconduct in his defence
of the nisi* from beginning to the end.
Tlie solicitor, ho said, must have hnd a
poor nnl Inn of professional honor and
wiiBll'miiilcrlngina'-nngiiili-oof Ignor- j i,-,., ■„.,.„ ■„, i,.,.^.....^ for u number nl
unco, not to know that it was a itrlnin j yenrn tit tho ohl Muml,   He will gn tn
'Coleinan,-7ilThougli tliiTgmiernl npTmoiT"
is that the company  forced .the strike
on the miners for reasons best, known i
lo  itself.    Caler   is' still   absent, ami
"there ie nothing nnicb i/uli-hlu-of uuii't-
iit'-HK Mi-omul Cirif.iii.iii.   Tlii'i'i'. are now
•111) men'women and  children  in  that
town dependent upon 'the United Mine
Workers   for iheir support, and as it
coats the members of lhat  great body
less than one cent a .month to pay tho
keep oN19 people, il is not likely that
the strike will be off for a longtime.'
The union has made all arrangements
In legard tn supplies, and thero is no
want or Buffering in Coleman.
for the debtor to transfer his property
to defraud his creditors. Ills lordship
nlxo coimiicnleil strongly nu the leller
addressed by Mr. Tuylnr to his clients,
mlvihiug them to make a transfer nf tho
properly us the ease had gone iigiiiiisl
them, and snid that such uu net Ion was
an indictable offence and cnulniiipt of
cijilil. He wound up by quoting the.
ruinnrliK of Sir Alexander Cuekhiirn on
the duties ol solicitors, thai limy should
wield the iirniH- of a soldier nud imt the
knife of an iishuhsIii.
mini to receive si rangers whim they I    Vancouver hint  ll lull of snow a
II.  W.   Ili'icliinur  Is a well-known
..iasS..K!etli.gtodsci1M.hi' .....viler.   It  , banging tn one ol tlm oldest
lining Iuto at night and iiiipo-Mihln at I
ioynl l-joal jthnl.tuir to Hiittlo tlm matter with the''
ollicial*, lun mini inMciitiiiii'ti in have
Province rulers to Its   "The flaky
white stall'Uml foil around town this
morning wns not goonn -feathers, as
wo will have to lilimm Mu'z«*rTon»
Wlielniittir it, or the new runnel!, j lume and Fernio over tlio O. N S.
A durk rumor Is Hunting around that will Im iiiuuguraleil {vune lime next
nn idle day on Weiltioduy mid thi'mal.
ti,tt„.aiti.bi.,t   fttinuieu in I manv people mipiwHod, hut ti strange
(Viundn.   hi civic' iiffnli'K he run be de-1 Sllbstnncfl that ill known Imck miht tlH
'pendedupnn to see that the ci use nl i snow.     Snow   liclongH lo  the
Ids much next summer, hut is biiilillnn
a Iilinut south of thu Catholic church
where his family will I'i'slihi. Mr. Stewart has heen a resident nl Craubrook
fur the past year and will iniiki* a huo-
ctiHKuf tlm hmili.i'Hii, ns Mr. McCniiiiell
has dune.
ll'llllil    I'nll    Si I I'll'    l'|lla|ill'll>ll.
Perry creek is the center of a rh-li
plncer mining district and bus bei'iiitm
iiiipnitiiut as a drift mining ciimp, hi
fact three iiiipiii'tai.I drill minus urn Im-
lliK iipi'i'ittnil,
The Thels company have a shaft
euiik and are drift ing nu bedrock, The
IVrry Creek Hydraulic comimny
tliu i.Kii priispi'iiitig their gravel hy
I   ■'.'.    ...I.I       , t 'I'I,.    ..vltwtraM  oh
J-M'tivp point tif Hn' Tlnnnpi'iMi company
"V" I lo the tlndliig of nn.ancient channel, an
the lis'-iol liieii .drank all ine waUT
lilgh up Coal iMf.'k in order lo force
tho t'lti/.tiii'i ol I'Vrtilu P> swallow
Hccoutl-liuiid iniua Him or liv tosplrk*-.
int'iill In nnlcr tu <'.-c:ipe the titsto
thai ciimes IVom  g>i/,x.iiug  a  lluld
1iiniit.li,     lift   lim   gn'vniiim-m    iiiiiii-
niiMici'il work mi tho mutter lung ho-
Cure llie. hi.tiil of triitln briuehi'il thu
Hiibjccl.   It always lakea ei.uslilef-
il nmnttcrou^iut itliciumiistM, inn .
.     t,   l        aa-    I i .    .i    .    i     ,. ,    Hinin lll'l
met all day WediiiiMhi-. al thiur hall iu
thu Todd block, mul while iiegiiiialltins
Vrnle's nxistent'ii will not be unduly |family, uml sometimes comes in tlie|ullJ.„„wl, nn^ .,f virgin kioiiihI, the
•'I'"11'    ... ... Worm ol hail.   How it came to Iw in juxihtonceol which ims lieeu provnn by
Willi Pitch n council as we nnw have!this vicinity Is a mystery.   It wnajdrifts in  sliaftn  sunl;.   A   luimbcr of
v,.*!'0t.ciiUr'.i-n*'U.-u  i..-iwi'.'ii ..,'imi    ■.'»..«*-; '-a'. :.   , •!•' '-■; h.Ar-lin-  '   i..o»...i,.iiw. .l.r»„ . mW.,n.- n.ii».-.l In nnlv.. ...inln-r op
clnlHOl both tin'. (Ininii and the CtialCo j mn, and less likn a villnije uovi'i-iird |m Wu Vancouver |>eopl(i gntherlng it
the iiiiijurily of tho meo weie reiiistiitetl i by havHeeds itiiat in from the fmiii.   N" j „|, jn palls and himkcw with the Men
eratiniis, ebielly  in  taking out   pay
gravel frfun tin* old i-lntnntl ol I'errj
creek now beitiK tapped hy thi"ie ilrlltn,
Tlm most important gold llrhU  In
The lumber trade of Knntentiy ha-i
tint iniide iiiiiclt pi ogress during the
past year, but the rensoii'i lire well
known to all whu are intiu'esletl iu the
IndiUatry, dl reel I y or Indiructl.v. The
iiiiirkut In Mftiiltohn and the Noitbwe.-at,
of which so much wns expected, has
been mude a dumping ground by ex-
poi'torsol rough hi iiber limn Wii-JiIii;--
ton Thi'oughoiil the dlstiict the uit'
of limber was less tm' Iflul I ban fur
l()0',t. Hut hopes are cniurtiiincd nf
early relief aud •'iicouiitgetiienl. t'nn-
HCipiently, while ihe mills neiieritlly aie
shut down, uml will mil I'l-iipi-u until
the spring, hush cutting hi going on
very extensively, nml ninny, iu f.ict
Ihe, greater number of the mills, have
increased their cutnicits.
Tlie district  uf   Ko.itiiiiiiv  has been
divided for limbi't luspiii'liuu pui|i«i,*tes,
Went Knnleiia'v and a purl nf N'orlhcitst
Koolemiy are still  umlei   the, supervi-
slonol.l, If, Martin, wIiomc hi'iiilipiiti'.
tera lire hi Nelson,    His teirllnry con-
tuliis the following lu.ubt'i' iiiilU: TluifiU
ol the Vale Culumbiit I .umhei cOiupntiy,
with mills at Naktisp mul  Weitly; the
Arrowhead nntl Dig Ueud coiiipiitiUiH,
both have mills at Arrowhead; I'tivei-
stake ami  Kinpire I .niiibi'i- coiiipHniiis
have mills nl Hnvelstoke, the  l'',inpire
lui'i nnoihiir nt Cntimpliv uppn-iiti' llnr-
lisim   Hul  Splines  is   tho    I'liigniitu
('leek   cti|iipiill>'rt   null;   llicre   U,   the
Wlulnw  mill al Wii.l.iw'. at Scl -ii tl.t.
Konteimy lllver Lumber i.iinpan*,; the
Untnrlu Slocnn  compauv   operates  at
Slocaii  nml   Ituseberv;   Hi" Columbia
River company hnve mills .'it  »'n|.len,
Denver, Cnrlin niul Knelt; ami also in
NorthrftHt Kootenay them urn the Wil
...i •; u., \ All..,'..,,,'! ' '   '
plant*1. The f'nlnmhbi Vivcv | imiln.ia
company Inletul to opeiata next nitm.
mer on a very extensive hcale, it being
the intention of this i-ntnpunv m run
their mills night and day :hi'iiiighoui
All the owners nl in.lln und tiiubei-
hind f,f ii i-iiril i-iinp Iii  iicilvi- tij'fin
tion.   If tlio lioli'l  UJi'fl  h.ivi! don
.-*■,■% M
S*-*-    I
limits urn mnkinj; ettt-nise npei.ittoiis
ami the lmfnnrn <;f ihem «, re pm bacfi j1'1'!'^, eleiiient or faction.    Absolute 0| |!rcm:rvlnir It nn a ciirioalty Iur the ereek now b.-iiiK tapped by thfin drift*i.  for H bit/ output fu.   1'.-...   'll.e.v• ,mi,h
nhln timo I'i dmii"u it mull route, I hi work on Monday, thii" finliug (Imj power giver. Mi tit t<> t> ninny, and in ,w|.L,jjt A[ t|lfi|r children nnd tlielri   ','1"1 I»0Kl '"iipoitant gohl Ili-hU lu d.-iitly hmk fm ,u.b ineasmo-. ;i>, iv.il
und make hew arraligmntmtH for the W™Ma-   >■' «»'«/«'«« -troial.M of this tlm cml becmneH « hiionmnuig.   Any    ,,„,,„,„.,,  c,,„(|rei|   ,„ thc (|liyB u, Soulhetist Ko.itnl.ay are on Wild Hor.e  amir.' l» ll...... |..e uiail.et.,(t,,e .„-
,    ,,   , , , , . I|;:,i I ,,|in i„» tti-i. hi. -d hv rb.a iiiiinii «;. Iriiiuniitiiltv itliMiltiti'ly tiiidnr the rower .   .   „. „.„„,,.  ,, „,,.,,., crenk, four hi I«m from iu< luwnid   nil   nmiinii plain.l In I vibm.' the diiniiit
llnvoietl mil. the ^11 nml .-rape eavry.ng.   nm\m uve* the tailwnys ;  J^J '   • « .|i( vUnf_.h ,„. „„,„,    ,„„,,„„ lll)lit (oi. come,   tt h mw«<A   I at a nVVly im.   	
II tl,„ rallr.miU In (hnad.t carried' ^..y „f7!.' m.*. «■ ■ '..'".».  ' > .,,, „!.l..'al,,.!,-of fr md intelligent human |l» I*t in ft slumcniic at tlio nmscmn j for ,i|iI||ivlnR (|mt „,;,   J^  Wl.1( | n,Ilt,.rml.    );,.„ „/,,.,.,„, ,   „,*
|...t..«   ninif'-T  ir.'.-.  ..I rli.irn'B   any ||loUll   . UltU   lU ,„„,,, fcllJll („>„.l,l|1 j b.-iugs    Ymi might n* »fll ImoMyour j»t llio librnry, nnl m lliuruiilv Mtmiy ,,,,.„„,.,, vrlni, „,„„ wllk,h IIUN, <,, ,„,., v,.ar „ „,,,,,.„.,, l(1 ,.,„,,.,, „„ ,,„„„.,.
this everv'tmo ol ilu>m >hn\\h\ W ■\viMU> e. .uld he clmiiifeil in a day.   At '.,.,,1,, Hhyhily n-lathu th. ir .!i-iiplin.-e.julhbihim # way nt the oilier.   We (people In tliisjutrt r>« the world who, jm,„„ ••,,,( gold .|iinrl/,  vein*, are l« | y.-nn >n the hist..r\  nl Ituuberiiig in
||n«l fl lilinilr.'.! ilrinkuiitialHi'iiti-nci-il pre-ai-i.t the p.itii'iii'..: ot' tlio people isj(lt .|mM?ilH,,„ „• {jlt. Nl.iir vV|„,l( «»*-u-*i-j>" ] »«"t «t I.«I'I0 iiu'dhun in S'oiiii.', ami nic anxlou-i to m-k what rcal_s«'»w .««ii-at, stitch ar«s |n«i-tic/itiy intia,tu>ia-ii,j liiiA |Ta.viiia**f. -uni ol i*..i»r-a' our pn>\-
to rend the Free I 'reus I'nrihu liiilaue.-! 11-u.iiiy wdrn out Wluro tlm hist yard -ull,C<ttii-a>ainti» tuiiamau? th«» 'hiopping j w« trutt that our new city t-.mmu will 1-xik^ like, a mnnll udruls.*iiou f»r«» * v* ill Int-mmi prrHliit-in*; mines in tl.fi imliy tn the iniiiket will c. itainlv do-
ot tlieil* natural Hrc* K>f roi ».<jt! Is |*n.i'i*rly iitr.rvanil.       Ul Old ^uVn niiim«l •m.ihcn) tout. liilwaj^Sioiibleto |<oini the wav. -could be ehar^etl.'' Imar (uiuif.   I'mty yearn Iiuvk imi mil-' rive ihe eurlieit bviulit. >*
Finally   he  telephoned  the   nurse:
Abuse him; make him mad.   So the
nurse wtrit into ll e r.iom and began:
You great bLf b&by, she said, >ou
fuss  about  nothing.. . Winn   >onr
mot., e ■ git \ e vou  b rth she suffered
. <•*
more   in ;>  minute than you have.
-nft'-rid during this operation.   Yet
vour- mother uidn't complain.   You
d ut't know what real siilt'ering is.
Whereupon Abe blurted'out to the
nurse; I'd iike.to know what in h-—I
a uu  know abiu    'u.     I've, li.ul   aa
ninny ns you've had —Atchison Globe
The Ledge.
n.T. I.OWI'IIY. l'Mitnr iiiel I-'liitu'iclcr.
'J'lIK   J.KIMIK   i.-i   |lll.ilUl||.||   fli-ry   Wl'illlu^illl-,
in Kernio, H.(\   Tliu pi-itv i-. ,-i n 'veiir,   Atlvi'i".
TiaillK riata'-i KiViMt ttpitli ii|i|ilii'iiliui..
All the world loves a cinch.
Last week not a rose bloomed it)
the- gardens of Kernie.
Hillious attacks have a tendency
to make some people religion-*.
You can put broadcloth on a liuilc,
but the mule still remain^ a mule.
Fkknik may be cold just row, but
"\ .Robins can  be  seen  on   ihe street,
every day of the year.
The last shall be first. That's what
Bill Tuttle thinks alter counting the
votes at the recent elec'.ion.
The man who rises above his
neighbors in anything, is sure of
passing through many a mud shower.
The Cranbrook Herald will be put
under the ban if it does not quit pok
ing fun at the Sunday laws of Kernie.
I.v its treatment of the press the
Grt at Northern railway can give the
,0. P.'H. miles of space, and still have
plenty left.      -'     «''
From the weather we have had
lately it'looks as though thc. element
and the, coal barons belonged to-the
same family:- -_--
Do not be too harsh upon the man
with the narrow mind.   A'porcupine
is not responsible for ils mode of de-
Dhinkino   whiskey   and   revival
m etings are similar in some respects
Taken to excess they will tilt your
' eqailibrinm*and drive you eruzy,
Fkknik should go aho'itl rapidly
this year. It has a council composed
almost entirely of energetic ami
broad-minded men, wlio believe that
their own interests are identical with
the welfare ol the entire community.
wide; bu-, the false lal's away like
blossoms; for nothing that is false can
be lasting.—Cicero. '
- Those men whom .Jews and Christians li'nve iibu-iively called "heathen's" had' much (--better and clearer
ideas ol justice and morality than are
to be fount! in the Old., Testament, so'
far as it is Jewish; or in the New.
The answer of Solon on the question,
"W Inch is '.he most perlect ]iopular
government.*"' has never been eix
c'-eded by any man since his time,
as containing a maxim of political
morality. '.".Th.it," siys he, "when
the least injury, done to the meanest
indivlilu.il, is considered an insult to
the whole constitution. Solon lived
500 1). C.-Thomas I'aino.
How are we to be guided in these
troublesome,days when rash persons j
have   insisted   upon   revealing   the
open secret,  and  the esoteric creed
of the sensible man   has  been pro-
claimed so th:u; they yvho run may
read? On ihe whole the sensiUe
man would reply: "You had better
hold your tongue. We, at least,
who have no new gospel to preach,
will not set. up for .prophets. Let us
look on as calmly as may be at the
huge turmoil ol conllioting'controversy; smile with equal _ calmness at
the bigots who would.damn people
lor losi: g their way in the dark; at.
the pompous dogmatists who would
face it outothat they can seeasclearlv
in the dark as in broad daylightpat
thc feaiher-headed enthusiasts who
take the lirst vvill-o' the-wisp for a
safe guide and p:i:,ch np a new religion out ol scraps and tatteis of
half-understood science; and at the
simple-minded philosophers who f ancv
A young lawyer was sent, firm
lilinburgh to a country'.north ,of the
Korth to, ttct as junior counsel mil
licensing club case. He had" to"cross
examine the certifying justice, who
wns very diffuse and rather evasive
in his answers. t .
Speak a little more simply and to
thc poiut, please, said the counsel,
mildly, you are a little ambiguous,
I am not, sir, replied the witness,
indignantly. I have been strictly
teetotal for a year.—Ram's Horn.
'; ,   ,     ,    ,
Royal Hotel
In Fernie is iu _* rapid
course of construction,
nnil will soon l>« ready
for tlie trade of the world.
Wm. tattle, Prop.
In Feruie, istt pleaoant
home for all who travel.
Rooms reserved by wire.
If you are looking for' Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
■■NGw-Denver-and-stop a^few* days, weeks or
■months at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Home cooking, and the fineHt beverages
in the world, including water. Write or .wire'
for rates. . .      '
RewitiarRc! Ijotel
Dew Denver
"fk-T $
T. Whelan, Manager
Queens Hotel
to become reasoning animals
lie Stephen.
Feknik needs n direct mail sor
-vice to Spokane. At; present that
city can be vtntehcd. by freight and
passengers in less than (en- hours,but
,ii takes a letter ,'ill hours.' Mulock
needs a ptitent sysiem for the quick
changing of mull routes. The system
now in vogue is too slow for this swift,
and progressive a^e.
The man given to lying, to trickery and dccep'iion, dwintllefi iih lime
patiseK; the liar is tlestroycd by his
own lies, and tlm trickster hy his own
When one thinks ol tho real agony
one him ftonc through in conneqmmco
of false teaching, it makes human
nature angry with lis'teachers who
have added to the blttcrueis of life.—
General Gordon,
Keliglon does not. and cannot, con-
template mini as fret!, She ticcepfH
only the homage ol the prostrate,
und scorns the oll'eiiiigs of those, who
ulnnd erect" She cannot tolerate the
liberty of thought. Tlie wide and
Hunny Ileitis belong not to her do-
inuln. The Htur-lli heights of genius
und Indlvldunlity are aliove and beyond lief appreciation and power,
Her Btil'iretB cringe at her Icot,
covered with the dnstol obedience, -
It Is not true that a iiiun can be-'
lleve or disbelieve whnt ho will, Ihu
he Is certain thut an active desire to
llntl liny |ini]Kisltion true will un
eonscloiiHly tend to flint result, l.y
illsmlH-tlng importunate suggestion*'
which run counter to the hcliul nnd
a , . 1 1  <   .    .• -       ,,,.
aKiauMIKIK a.l.o»L!   tWlia.ll  ill km    il.    1 In!
!■*>) vhlAtsjfteul   J.'4ir, !'„'■;   »;■ ..,','j .ii't:
what inUMcbts us, ami only ■i.v.iiui
late what is adapted to ouo cowlI.Ion,
causes the mind l<> select Its evl
dtfiice.-fi. II. Lewes.
It winl finely said hy .Soenttrs that
the shortest and mo-it direct, rum I in
|-opularlty Is "lor a luiin to he the
thu Kuini) that he wishes uv bo takin
fair." I'eoplu nro eggregl'iiisly min
tnken If f.h»«y think they ever <vm nt,
lain to |iO|iiilnrky l.y liyjKunisy, by
mere nuuliic. upj.ruiai.cr:,, ami by
i|isguiniiig not only their language
hut tlmlr Imki*. Till.' p'.|,uhiiiiy
(akei (Jec). root und  spn-ads iuell
,   Wished to Help.
She was a charming lady in .the
lirst flush of mature womanhood, and
the glow of pride in her eyes as she
surveyed the bonny, little three-
year-old child wlio accompanied her,
lelL no doubl, as to their relationship
hy and by, in the sociable way of
well bred chilcden, lie had made
friends with'a middle aged bachelor,
who was 11 fellow-passenger in the
Have you rtbfc a muvver? asked
tho little fellow, altera while, in thc
IiiCDiiseqiieiil, not to say personal,
m.'iuiici of his kind.
Nn, said the bachelor, somewhat
Nobody at all to love you and kiss
you y
No one at all, said his victim, grow
ing iinaecoiintahly itiicomlorluble.
'rius little li'llnw,, loiil'eil nitviugly
into his face, ^ind then sidled up to
his inofhor,
ilcatletl, liss liiiii, 'tos
10 love him ul, ull-
Got the Cinch.
Governor Brady ot Alaska, tells
a story about Swift water-Bill Gates, a
noted Klondike character. Alter
Gates got to Dawson he was smitten
by the charms of a woman who sang
in one ol the concert halls there. She
favored his suit at first, but later
rivals, with more money than Gates
had, came into the field. Swiftwater
Bill became alarmed. He^aw the
prize slipping from his grasp, lie
learned thafthe woman he desired
to wed detested canned goods ai.ti
pork and beans lhat formed the prin
cipal diet ot the community and ,ivt-u
principally oh eggs, ol which th.-iv
were a few cases in Dan sou. Tla-ie-
U])onohe went out and bought i-ver.\
egg in Dawson. '   '
Now, then, my honey, said he.
you must marry me or' go without
eggs, _ She married him.
A .Job in the Yukon.
"When the Yukon was in the.throes
of a territorial election a couple.of
years ago, one of the closest observers
oflhe, rathe'r_turbulent_poI it ics_w li ie 11.
the Far North was
of the Moosehide
Mummy, he
he's giit uo one
oh, poor mail!
. .The  young
mother  IIilsIkmI,   the
middle-aged bachelor frowned; but
it certainly was unkind of tin- oilier
passengers to tlttor as they did.—
London Answers.
(.'renin I ion of Dimil Soldier*.
Military critics say that the .Itipiin-
oso have a grunt itdviiiilagn over
L'hrlMlaii" nations in the. niniler of
sanitation, h.-causc ol their method ol
disposing ol the dead hy cremation.
Alter Mm great battles ol the civil
war In the Unlid States the si-Idlers
slept In ginvoyiirdrt nnl drank the
wilier tainted with thu seepage from
the graves of the dead. During that
war mi.! man iu i'm was killed in buttle, one In i'li'idled of woiintls and one
III 1,'i died t'l'disi'iisi),
An   KIlit'iiMil   lionrd  of llenlfli.
Vou musl, hnve n remarkably olll-
clout, b'.ard ofliciill.li in this town, I'm
marked tlm stranut'i', Cniiipibctl of
helcn'.l.v.s, I preniuiie ?
An, Ml',
Nol miti'liv \VV ihui'l allow tlnetors
nr uuih.-rinki-i'.s (iniiiirbM.'ii'.lof health.
Then what sort ul men have you
iiniinlti'i'd '•J
Lite ii Mtr.tiiue men.
Coiinili'iiting mi thU interview,
Ami'l'k-iiii Medieiiit! Siiys;
"Wliu b'tier than llie iusuriince
etiinpiiuiis litis rci-'iiii fur taking n
si'i-imi-' Pi'ii'i--' In |.iib!i" -'.'inlfjitl'iuV
They   pnilh,  hy   every advance iu
His -iliCil a i k -»«.".. j *, i -|-,a   .liiil    pi'ijili'h.i, llllll
th.'V reap the inn*-,' diieet iidvaiitilge
(nun t v<iv Ic.v-ci.iiig in the death
Chief Isaac, ruler
Indians, a tribe living near Dawson.
The chief, . who is exceedingly
shrewd, heard the words "job" and
"jobbery", often used in the campaign speeches, and endeavored to
ascertain their meaning, but without
much success. ~lle noticed, however,
tht't money was always mentioned
in connection with the two terms, and
after considerable reflection called
on one of the head officials of the* territory.
Me wuntuin job, ho announced.,
You want work 'f asked the ollicial
In amazement.
No wantnm , work,,, declared the
the chiel, haiuily. Me wuntuin get
rich quick. Me wnntiim gov'nient
Jobbery. —Chicago Hecord-llerald.
Dip nn' Done Whl It, ,
Bishop Wllmer of Alabama,' a famous raconteur, often told the following story:
lie had baptized and confirmed nn
old negro us a member ol the Kplaco
pal Church South, ■'
In a few weeks the bishop learned
thnt the old miin wits' a "Hliotuin*
elder" lu tho A, M. M mooting house,
Several weeks Inter tlio hmhop
hoard thnt ho had resigned that
membership and had boon Immersed,
lii'comlug a professor of the HaplM
When next the bishop mot Die old
negro ho'iisked: •'.ksliili, why did
you lonvn my church r Anybody
hurt your feelings tlicro, or unythlng
like thnt?" '    '
"Fill, no, Malsn Hooker, la nol De
Tiscbpnls cloy Is gom'men el tiny
ain't nottln' else, Dnr ain't nobody
Im't my leelln's-i. No, sub, I |«f dnt
chti'ch 'caso I couldn't read In do
book, Dey nil reads an' tttwnlm back
ho cheerful Ink, uu' tics kuzo 1 can't
read I can't come In right, iin'de
lolks looks Voun' when I iiihiiIis
wrung an' lienrty. I hmn' to leave
dni chu'eh,"
"And why did you louvo the
Methodist church so suddenly ?"
"Well, ymi htm, Ma Iho Hooker,
-Hum Moi.kiis fnli-M dey , is .al'a'B
|lim'iiura imiry inuutin', Now, you
know yo'ritif, MiiHo Hooker, cullud
i men can't stun' too much quiilu' into,
11 'bilged to quit dnt chu'eh."
! "Do von think, .Tn-tlnh von ci»!
stick to tho I I.i p'. I nt church? *
"Lit, >as, itinrtsm 1 'Kii/o witl <1n
linptirits hit's jes' dip nn' tlono wld Iti"
iv Is now open to the
world. It contains
36 rooms and is the.
,'   Finest Hotel
in   East   Kootenay.
T    '     f   •
Rates, $2 a cltuj and upwards
The Best
Union Made
Ooeralls, Shirts,&
Miners' Garments
Rates $1   a Day
Thisliotel is a home for all mil-
road and lumbermen. '   *
Ta»ty Meals,
EaBy Beda,   '
Nerve Bracers
Of Everj'
J.   F.   JARVia   f'RGP.
M First Class in Every Respect M
Lenz & Leiser
J. C. Carruthers,
Afjcnl for Koolenny
P. 0. Box 36 '    Nelson, B.C.
On the road loading to
I'YrgiiHon untl Trout Lake
Iiuh mnplo accommodation
for ninn nntl hin horse.
Tho Imcon, heann, beet-
Htitak, eggfl, ontfl, hay,
hoo/iM'iuo and cigars cannot he heaton in the hills
of tho, Lardeau.
«|» «$• ,t|» ^r
Hotel • j .
Iu ono of Fernio'eoldeHtanil
h«Ht  known   hotnla,     Tbe
I'rnprielror'H.naiiio in.
Wm. Eschwijj,
•§• fy $* •§•
9   Is the homo of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar;,   ,*,
meals always REAfiY. " McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
Will open next month, with"
46 First-class.. Rooms'-
j " -    ■   ^
Everything Up-to-date    !,
•tp Why put your money in
■   thc savings bank at a low
rate of interest when you can
buy a
in llie great city of Winnipeg
by paying '
down and the balance in 6, 12
and 18 months. Lots from
Jl>75 to Sinn curb nrcordlog to
\Vre have 500 such lots in
the Chicago of Canada for
sale on the above terms.  Call
When Alw lliirvuy had Id* lc« cut ;i''tJ we t,s ■**■'* particulars.
oll'tlm trainod nnmo wim an iinnlcnt| 1..T.W. Hloelc, Fernie, B. C.
• inuiihiii iiiuiiHil Atinic llnriii, Aim
jtlhln't, wiini! out from ninli'i* thein-
: lliitnii!!! ol fhluroiiinii promptly, hikI
j Ihe doctor was a gowl deal worried. | AgctiU in fernie for T, G, Proctor, Ntlion
Mott, Son H Co,
Jn Three Forks is one of the
oldest hotels in the Slocan, and Ims
never closed its doors. The meals are
always tasty, and the landlord never
allows his, whiskey to flirt with the
water barrel.
HIK1H -NIVEN, Proprietor.
When yon smoke a cigar
see tlmt It In UNION made.    ,
Blue Prize, Henry Viuie, CohtaibuH and
Havana Whip, Cigars are Union (loodo
made by.
, Wliinlpc-fiKan.
Hepi-BMiitfl hy GEGaiiK II0HT0N,
Y>qu can smoke your,
in peace if it is filled with
bought at the
L. Atkinson, Prop.
/*> ti*ft* tt* f_^i^t*^_*^.^l^i*yl*fi^
31 The Fernio Brewery |
N. KLAIJSMAN, Prop. •■-,''§fe
"ft? *'-'•■'■  .'".'■ 3$
8*. Manufacturers of Lacjer Beer, Bottled Beer & Porler a»
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
 '  ..... ..      .,   ...           ---■■-.—...... mm-*..**. m.,m "
Goal Miners - - Attention!
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms,
Kootenay Valleys Co., Ltd.
About 1600 acres, Mixed FARMING nnd GRAZING
Lniuls on the KOOTKNAY RIVER ut SAND
CREEK, 10 miles from ELKO.
Will be Buhdlvlded lo au'il,purchaser in block's from
80 acres tipwnrds.
Price from $3.00 to $7.00 per ucre,   Tenm—1.5th
cash;   balance in yearly instalments at 6 per
cent. Interest,
lJuuuuuiLiuuuujuiJsiLiuj 0,0 o,a.,n.muuifl-flJumjij>j
a'fir-. n
Atfontnin Furnlui "1*    f\      f\ ■ mt    1
Mott, Son 4 Co,     I. b. rfOCtOr Manager NelSOII
a ■■"■
53 Hotel Strathcona
In in a delightful locution and from IU hnlconleH
run ho maoh nil tho l-tonniv of tho t*\*\\t\ prnnovv
f *J «/
thnt wnrrnundn, ho,«\R In, and ftdnmn tlioi huny
cily of Noliion, It Ih tlio homo of touristu and
IiiihIiiohh men from nil pnrto of tho world. Tho
diiIhIiio never drugH In tho mire of modloOrity
nnd ovorv mom Ih nn ornfimv lo Insomnia. T
ymi iiticd rooniH whon 011 tho way in, touch tlio
wire and tho dood ia dono. 0 #    '
ii if
M B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelsori, B.C.
■I l*
- ■ J ■''■■■■«-:-'-:-'t''/,jr. \*
There is at least one foreign visitor
in the United States who takes an active interest in our more" spectacular
life. . Although he has been a globetrotter all hi* life and lias seen about
all the world from Ounalaska to Ujiji,
It is,in Chicago' that he finds that,
which is more diverting and at the
samo time most instructive, -The boy
bandit and the club woman, .the glug
in the streets and the gilt iu the mansions, the small talk of: the cafes and
the serious discussions of the' universi-
uts * appeal alike to this many-sided
This-visitor is A.-Von Schelle, of
Belgium, a friend of King Leopold and
more other people than you could count
in an eternity. "The Baren," his
chance acquaintances call him, hut he
says he isn't a baron. He doesn't like
the name, but he answers to it, any
way.      During the  World's Fair   be
'Was Belgium commissioner,, to the exposition, and later. he represented his
government at the live stock exposition
in Chicago. Mrs. Von Schelle was
formerly a Chicago girl, and that's the
reason the baron is here.
' Just at. the present time Von Schelle's
interest is absorbed by the, Chad wick
cfcsc. He saye it is an indication that'
sointe people in this country move at a
pretty lively rate, but, like the English"
man who always could go his American friend one better, he says he knows
. of a case in.Belgium that outshines the
Chad wick affair.
, Herr Von Schelle is a ponderous
.man who grew horizontally almost as
rapidly as he grew vertically. Upon
bis atlas-like shoulders sits a head tilled
with such a diversity of learning and
memories of experiences . that if any
publisher could transfuse it into.cold
type he could furnish almost books
enough to All the. Carnegie libraries.
Herr.Von Schelle is the president of
- tbe Belgian Red* Cross society, and' as
st-jctt went through the war in Cuba.
He is the Belgian authority on agriculture, and what he doesn't know oil
draft horses isn't to be learned.' He
can tell you. about the, habits,of the
cliinbing: vines in the forests'of Australia', and . enlighten you . on. paganism
. among the., tribes "of the upper Congo
region.    He knows  how to  make silk
bale" was  to  be  iiaiulled   hv onlv one i
On llie othei; hand
(hose    men   and
•v  ,-_.-ii       "\      ■    - *■-=*■
Bisschoflshein the. books and asked
him to check off the securities, while
he (Kindt) examined the packages supposed to contain theui.^ By his smooth
manner Kindt succeeded in convincing
the president of the bank that the books
were all right. Tho president naturally supposed that the securities'were
in the vault, so long as the books
showed them to be there! . ■ .,
.. But B.isschofTshein was not satisfied.
A day or two later he again demanded
an investigation, and this time he told
Kindt to check of the securities in the
book, while he examined the packages.
My friend picked up package No.
7,379, and when he examined. it he
found it stuffed with old newspapers.
The securities were gone. Kindt appeared to he the most surprised and
outraged.man in the bank. He swore
some one had stolen the securities, and
he at once began making preparations
to detect the scoundrel.
A little later in the day Kindt said
he wasn't feeling well, and added lhat
he thought he would go. home for a
little while. Inasmuch as the president did not suspect Kindt, he was allowed to go.        •„ - *
Kindt hurried away, got to England,
and took a boat for America; He did
not'eross the Atlantic, however, for he
was --arrested at Queenstown. Lolo
was wilh him. Both the man and the
woman were taken back to Brussels.
By this time an investigation started by
the bank had revealed, the fact that
Kindt's operations made him a defaulter
to the extent of 27,000,000 francs.
The trial was,the most famous eve*
held in Belgium., Kindt, posing, as an
innocent victim of sharpers, demanded
that he be treated as a gentleman. He
asked not to be placed in jail alongside
of criminals. He' even demanded an
apology from the bank,, president, from
Bisschoffstein, and the court.' He
had a bearing more austere than a
comic opera king, - and he acted so
serious about it that he convinced a
great many people he was the victim
of unfortunate circumstance. . '.
.. But bis dignity didn't save him. Pie
was convicted and sent, to jail. Lolo
was not tried.:. In jail it* did not take
jCindt long to forget his mistress.^._The.
fos.1 and i-lnihed |
:    them'  di'avnt I
treatment.    ,1   made  them cry out :uiJ
thank me' for showing them that they
could   expect ■ decent 'treatment   when
they.-carned  il.    One  of these fellows
came inlo my "ollice one day  -.villi a lii^
knife:1-'.He jumped around and swore i
and  split  the air,  and. made  several;
dashes'toward'the  desk.     Finally  ll
turned to him and said: "Jump away, i
you rascal I -Jump  till you wear your-1
self out.-, ° Bui  if you  come near this!
desk I'll, break you   iiy'two.    He quil !
his jumping. |
From bad men the.>baron  drifted foi
the subject of war.
I vwas   in  Cuba  during the trouble
there;   he said' with  a chuckle, and I
knew  all   the-newspaper  men  in  the
fteld.    They used to come to us to ash
us -what had been going on during the
day. • Oue of the  young fellows  was
an awful liar.    He was, sent  out from
London,  and   he  was  more afraid of
seeing a Spaniard'.than  lie was of seeing his  grandmother's  ghost!    In the
daytime he wouldn't slick his head out
from under cover, and at night he kepi
close Io ihe  crowd.-   He came  hi me
one day and asked me what I had seen
during the  lighting, and   l   asked him
where  he   was.    lie  said he had been
in another part of tlio field.    I knew he
was lying, and I told him 'not toconie
to  me begging  for  news.    I   advised
him to sail back  to  London  at .once,"
where there are no lighting .Spaniards.
The baron has-many  hobbies.-  His
head and hands are full, of schemes all
the "while.    One day  lie  wants lo interest American's  in  scientific-' agriculture; the next day he-wants ihem lo do
something else.    He is now talking ol
going  into- competition   with   the silk
worms.    To morrow'he will be wanting
to tell the city ollieials how the authorities in   Belgium, sprinkle salt  on  the
streets to melt, the  snow and save the
expense of removing  it.    Next  day he
will have something'to say of improving  the American  draft  horses.    And
perhaps  the-next  he  will  be- relating
what lie and others-have done lo transform, conditions   in   the.upper  Congo
region.    He is a  many-sided baron:—
Chicago Iuter-Ocean.
Is created not alone by,the man but
also by his dress, it's just the same
.with a letter, it may be: well written
but a lot depends on ihe pape/ani) the
printing. That's where we come in.
We print letterheads and, envelopes-;
also all kinds of job printing;TliK Lodge
Mount Fernie Loctee No. 47
0, F.
Meets every Thursday evenina
p.m. in l.O.O.F. Hall.
at s
T. Ri-cis*, P.C.R.S.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joineis
of America, No, 1220,
*"V -.      ,__J	
The Carpenters at Joiner1?'of Ferine
meet llie i>l and 3rd Tuesdays in each
month at the Oddfellows' Hall.'
J. Barfcer-j l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L. T.
\V.    Block,
Otliiv liiiur-.
opposite  the' Bank
-is nan. io s j> m.
I \S'.  II. lliiss J. S. T. Al.KXA.MII'l!
|       Ross & Alexander
I'r.itNiK. 11.1:.
Ollice in  I>.'P..\V'Hlork, Vicl'iil-i Avoih'c"
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance
, out of beets, and. how to make dollars
out of- almost anything/ Altogether
the;' baron is a * very serious-minded
a\a\rt,     ' ?
In his roam in„the Annex the other,
day Herr Von Schelle began a rather
lengthy conversation—-a one-sided con-,
wwtlon—■by bringing up the Chad-
wick cat*.
I'm very much' interested, in life in
thU country/he said us he gave up the
easy chair with true Belgian hospitality
and took what little comfort he could
out of a anutlj, straight-backed piece of
furniture of the sort selected by you tor
your wife's Christmas present, lam
interested iu this Chudwick case, he,
continued. Ivn't it marvellous how
easily your bunkers have been fleeced ?
But 1 can tell you a story that is equally
startling. It is like this; There wus in
, Belgium a bank secretary named litigant Kindt. He wus a, young mun of
the best social standing .in Brussels,
Every one regurded it us a great favor
to be known as Kindt's friend. This
young man wus a nabob of the lirst degree. He would speak to you a hearty
good morning, hut he did it from
away up there ut the point lo which he
thought he towered. His dignity
reached lo as greut un altitude us thai
of any one 1 huve ever seen in my
travels about the world.
Kindt had a sweetheart, a womnn
named Lolo, the beautiful daughter uf
a trumpeter in t|ie army. He kept this
Woman tn Brussels and dresved her
lik« m princess. Tee young womnn
was one of the most stunning type,
and Kindt's aflfecllon for her wus no
doubt genuine. While he wns secretary ol (he Bunk of Belgium Kindt he-
gpajpttulutlng. in oil, und evidently
hU losses were enormous,' All during
the period of this speculation, however,
ht kept up a greut appearance. lift
hid charge of (he deposits In ihe bank,
he hud care of the books und till the
private papers entrusted |o the bank's
Ono day a friend of mine, HI*nchnfT.
"tMn, while looking through the newspapers, came ucrotls u notice of a transfer of u large number of shares of bank
Mock. Inasmuch as this friend of mine
wus a tinancier, he read the notice
carefully nnd wm astounded to see
(hat they were of the same istuo nnd
thi Mima number* he himself owned,
When my friend IwUnl into t!:i mutter
he Uum*U at once thut the shores hj|d
b##n deposited by Ihu Bunk of Belgium
with another bank to raise a large
»mount of money. Disschoffsheln
went at once lo Iho president of the
the Bank of Belgium and (old him
what he had seen In the paper. The
banker wouldn't believe it He sent
for Kindt, and Kindt, with u front (Imt
would have embarrassed a Moue god,
demanded thut an Investigation of the
warden of the jail had' a
daughter and Kindt soon began making love to her. He was such a smoothtongued fellow that he made the warden think he * was doing :rreal'gentleman , an iujury by keeping Kindt, in
prison^ Finally' Kindt, married ,lhe
warden's daughtei,' Some time after
this Kindt's sentence expired, he went
to live near Brussels. There he lives
today and I would not dare to say for
publication in just, what manner, he
makes his living.
, So ycu see, tfaid the baron, rather
proud of the telling of the story, that
Belgium has had its-Kindt, even if
France hits hail its Humbert and
America its Chad wick. Thc baron
thou drifted into a discussion of line
horses,und war, and what not, Finally,
after traveling a circuitous route, he
bumped up against, the subject, of
women's clubs.
I  notice you have in   this country
what you cull the woman'H club, said
Ihe baron.    I uttended  one  u short
lime ago.   Of all the silly things In
the world that club heut anything 1
have ever seen, and 1 have seen a good
deal.   Some woman got  up nnd said
something aboul   nothing   on  earth
worth while,   Another got up and objected, nnd so tho fjiice went on.   I
hud a notion to get up nnd sayji Tew
things myself, but I remembered that 1
was the guest.    I  wanted to ask them
what they would do for their babies if
tho little fellows Bhonld gel mi attack
of stomach ache, or what they would
do for their husbands If they should
fall over with  uppoplesy.   It's a wonder more of' tho men do nol keel over.
After the meeting nil you could hear
was dress, dress, dross, and huts, hats,
huls.   I'll venture to  suy that there
wasn't u woman there who wouldn't be
seized with it violent case of hysterics if
anything happened to a member of her
family.   Not one would know how to
wash a baby, but tlwy were, all cocksure they could save (lie country, and
maybe save it twice.
You've got unoihe'r thing over here
I huve been ruther envious to see, und
that is your boy bandit. My friends
have been telling mo to walk In tlm
middle of (he street und curry u cudgel.
I don't believe in that. 1 go my way
peaceably, and tf a hold-up comes ul
me 1 will break him across my knee.
We've got criminals across the water
Here's to the Garden of Ellen,
Which Adam waa always a-wuudin'
"Till Eve, by mistake,     .^
That on tlio ripe "Pippins was fe'ediif.
Then a longing it soemed to pos.sess her
Forciothinu sufficient to dross her;
"And ever shice thon
.It's up to us men •,., .'-... - -
To pay for her. drosses—Clod blass her I
— Wallace Irwin.
Fop Sale
South African War Land Scrip
Apply V.O. Ho,\* 34J, Fornie,  B.C.
Write fur particulars aboul my Accident
jindrSickness Policies, the best in the
The Reliance Cigar Factory,  Ltd., Montreal, Que.
-   .    -       First maker of tlie  ".Flor do I>aliaiii.*i," " Rosebud,." and
■' "General Arthur"' since 1S76 ; over 27 years in oxisleiice.
'Walter CkonkT, Western Representative. c
S' • . .  .   •      _ . . Vi
V , ^
■g '   ,    \_a0000000900009090J)0090000M0P_9J}_WJS4sl8ti##$s^^,\\=
What He Would Do.
What,would you do. if you wore 11
king? asked the man.,6( vaulting
I don't know, answered thoinatter-
ot-fact person; 1 suppose I'd follow
the fashion and wear a look of worry
and a bullet proof shirt.—Washington Star.
Opposlto Court House nnd new Pout-
ollice. 'Best 25c meal in town. Hiiro-
penn nnd American pltin, Only' white
labor employed.   First elans lmr.
Furniture and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two complete sets of Har FIxIuvoh, one
British Plato Mirror-IflxOfl indies, new,
Lottor 1'renflo,', Billiard and Pool TnlileH
Cash Koiflfltors ami other BpouinlltiOH,
Mall  Ordara  Itci'clvo, Troiii'il   Atti'iitlon.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
Short  Line
Victoria and Vancouver
* ,
The door-of the
Has nol .been locked for many years.
Tlie landlords are always, happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an'attenuated waferT Try one of their morning" bracers. .Mail orders receive
prompt attention.    ;
Allen & Palmer
Ja Steel,
Nulson, B.C,
'^t.'iti.' Aiji'iil
and turner
II. W. IIllltCllMlllt. SlIKilWUUli Itr.lirilMI li
Herchmer St Herchmer
BARRls     _r, .SOLICIfOHS,   ETC.
'KEKNIE, B. 0.
Ofllccs ovui 1'. nurns & Co's lilock, Viclf.riii iw
L P. Kckssu.i-N J". (!. Lawk
Eckstein & Lawe   *.
BAititisTKitt'-.vr-I.AW,    S<>i.K'noitM,   Jvn:.
Ciuliliert  lilock,  Kernie, Ii. C.  ,
Help   of  Afll Kinds Furnished   on
Short   Notice  .
Ya!" Ya!
Xcvt ilimr tii't.'alyiuy Chi I lu C,j
Wink ul* All Kinjs.
Wficl   Sill:
Kiiti.'-. iU'hsuumIiIi'.
F15 R XI IS.
Electrical/ Supply Depot
lCsliiiial'PH given on all  kinds of
Wire Work.     '
Electric Light "Plants  Installed
in any part of tli« country.
Office : Moll, Son ai- Co., L.T.W. Block
Imirnie Britisli Colufnbin.
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
,    ,'IIIKI WiimImiIiinIi'I' IIiiiiiI.
t-'ouNDEns da machinists,
-—Nelson, b.c.—
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Lands and Minr.ral ClftiiiiBSinvcyetl
and Crown Granted.'
PO, llox toll,       -"Ollleu: KnolPimy HI., Ni-laoii
' Jailil --.; ,7,'i I (tulit aiii.1 Silver—tl '.">
l.t-nii    ,;.*) I (iiiiii.Hiivi.i-, i'Ciii|n'i- 1 .'>■>
.Sumi'li'i Ijy  mull   rcuulra'   ihoiiiM  hi twit Ion;
I'lm-iT n.jlil,  IlL-iort.i, anil  liU-ii Oim  Ucuj-lit.
Kfiii! fur Frt-u .M:illlii){ Knvs. :nul filt'i; List.
17/in Ampulid!.1 fat.. ■ I»a>nvtir, Oiiln.
Mill nntl Mining Miicliinery.   ('oinplisti'
Slock of Slmftliij,', Kiltin^K, uti1., hIwii.vh
im limiil,   I'*sliiiiiitt',s (ittnislii'il,   St'nip
Iron litui'-'lil
liy tlio I'liilmiil
ami .Idlililii"'.
B. C. TRAVIS, MtN-orn
10(1,0110 lltillu now ill
Vniiit'i' nml
\iiii av \t;'.: buvc hi-rc, I l;»u 1^1
chur^e of whole groups of (hem in
DrustfeU. One lime I, had cure ot u
lot of criminal workmen, lacy Iouih, nil
of them, und b.itl men, too. They
worked in »lxe«—thut iti, nit of them
would work together to lift one bale ul'
liber, I went to ihem and ordered
tlirm to mnnd atide. i am u very
strong man and can lift a great weight,
I picked up that bale and lifted ll
above my head and laid it upon ft large
Daily Trains leave Fcrni*-nt 10:1m
11,111., reaching Vuintoiivor and VU'lori.-i
tlie Nhxt Ai'TiiKNiuiN. l-ii'ium train
reaction I'cnile 8:;to p.m.
yUlCK 'l'IMli a\ l.nW KAll'.Sir-
Winnlpeg, St. Paul, l'hia,ii(-u, Ti'i'mnui
and nil Kasitum point-..
xltii'lt I'l'iun  K11II11111I
TIIDI'SANIlS    ll|i'    I'lllM'l'    AND    011-
Illllllllllll'lllll'lllll, ItllKI'K, (Irt'l'lllmllHl-
11 ml   1111 lily  1'ImiiIn   fur   I'nll   I'liinlhii'.
Ilninii (li'iwii nml Iiii|iortinl "
(liiiili'ii,   tliilil   ami   I'luwi'i'  Si'iiiN,
AlwayH in   toi'li In 1-i'iiHiin.
t'l'i-i'll   limw   full   nf   I'lillits.,   Cut    l''lnWW~ia,
1 Klii'-al Wnrla.     liny iliin'i nml "icnio iimi-iu'i.
l.'llIilldKllll   fri'l',   III'   ('I'll   llllll  nltllllllllli   htOI'K.
j       M. J. HENRY,
I " " Vitni'iiiiviai', ll.r.
jBDcry Purchaser
I ol"n dii/on i'iibiiit'1  plnniigr.ipli'"
Jul Sir v.111 rvai'tvi' l-'RKK Ol' C-IIARllK
Imiu (>•>  x K'*i  pairirait   lakni in'anv
j pll.lllillll. ,!
riaaitii|;tiipiiir umil I't a.-Vtij liv'-aiHp-
', linn, lii(triiu> anal l~'|-ts|> l.iulil I'ic-
i linv-i ii spi-i-i.iltv.     I'la'tiiio   I'Vimuiiif,'.
P. O. BOX 185
Older   your ■ Fall    Suil.
N'titl.y Siiitliig.s now niTiving.
/:. /;. L'wbschcr,
Sllv.rtnn's llota Tailor
J. R.Cameron
Ih  the. tailor In <-'i> lo  '.vlii'iil
you want a siijjimk'i-     , i
Suit of Clothes
III!  llllS   till!  llllllllll'l't    Mlitill".*.
to Hi'li'ct from, ami lln* jit anil
\*'<l|]alll:ll|-s|li|l   Is   Ilii!   lll'ft.
ni'   -
Spalding & Co.;-
Is prepruvil In do fino.w.tlch;
repairing' al llio i
DOWN 7 0 DA it     \
.li'wi'lty SUiii'. tiiijiriMilf Ilii- NuiMi-'
11 lioli'l, Fermi'.
$W__} bu mad* At one*    Kindt gave I shelf.   I then gave order* that each
iKilnHiiln iK-alfirtiHinl I'ira'i-t liiipnilr-i-i
of Willi-*, l.!i|imr-i nml I 'i^iir*.        '■
Si'll-. ('ill   fli'iii't*', li(iii->o plain*. -'
P-U.ACIUndTOL'RIS*l\SIJ'KIMiRS!!'»l''-«r*UV,K^^^ , , , .„   , 7 .-
jinrliiilliii:  lati'st -alvli'a. ol  wallnni* mul   Uiflint A'/'-nts fur
j lllllll-r  •liill-,  >.ll-.pt'lllll-|N,  llClll'll lOrM-IS,   . r.'llillil'l)- <"lM»lllVl|_a|,
J sliimlilcr hr.u'is an.I »'hilJri.-it*«a wai-atv 1
! Calf »*• I-a tlluti- ti* oida't.     I -tdia-a i,r,' t a-; I >l»t 1 I*'Ut t-r-   nf
tiliicsfoil 10 caltaril mv Buodi.    I Ioim- Cli/itnl.iM:lriin ami
For ratten und iiiforniriliam Catll mi"-       | Wrdm-hdnyat nnJ Samral.ivs mul i-uti
J. S. Th.»mi-mw, AKrr.t'.t-nninj,-. i _T E.R.N IEJ     13. O.
Jiiit I'ltif.-cl p'ri'jii(li(V fur
a iiiniiu'iil !
Tin: t'.SHitiiliiilH I'm' a wi'll
lining Mill o( clotlu's aiv pro-
pi'r iU'sifininn    iiiii'lulriittini;
I'-.pnt \viiilvinan,ilii|i liainl
l.-lih'iiiif; ami |*niul iniili'iial*'.
, riii'-.i'ilitlcrililili'. I In- 111 ami
li.iiii;"  nl'  lln-   ijiiiiiii'DI —■ Ilu-
Sljll- llll'      >s|tiipt'   •     ■  llllll     ill-'
pi I lll.llil'llt    ll Il'llliiill   Hi    llll'ssi-
ipialiiii". alntiiu; tin- ("ainii'iil's
r.-'a ui>"   *,"ii   liiii'  ti> hi-
IIH'.l-slllril    Uilll    II     lapi'    Iilli'
iliu-s, it liilltnv that vuu w ill nl*-
min tin- iiiiix'iiiitnii KtitiHhic-
tiOll   (HI    lIlI'VI'     ptlillls     llll'll     till'
" Huh- " iVH.i-sV who Hies tn
ili"s!i;n i'hi ■ (.illor ami -si'w
all hy liiin-i'll :-
Si-ini-rt'ailv !-< 1 In" pioilni'l
nl' >.pi'i i.il'r.1'. ii-asi-iiinli-d in
iiuii-,' 11 mi- ut 1'iiliar iim'* lln'
ili'MKliinj:  • -i'\pi'il  riilli'is rnl
m'.i.    ill/ill    .11,11    '.IslHill    lailnl-a
Wi'll. .Ml liu- p;.i li. 11l.1l p.ills
in fin- itl.al'in;'- ni' i1.Iiiili tli'.-y
i'\i il.
'Ills'    li-.llll-.   nf   fit      4-VpH-s-
..'. ,|,     ■ 1 1. I    ticriiiniifMif
It -If !ilinil nl l!li"'i- i|il.llilira .14 a.'
title tn tlla'M- ell'i'i 1-. l>i-ili'- Ucpl
ill 1 it ,v ill every i*pi'nili»i|i of
tin- ii'i.iltiiu;.
11 lib liiul 17 yuarr-i:x|>urli:i>('0 In dull lni worli, uml
niHkiui h HiM'dally nf (liilti llrlilci'Wurlt, VIkIi
111111I11 to tin:- Hl'ii'iui iHKUlurly.
SI I.V Kit (MTV I.ODOK NO. Ill), I.O.O, r.
Hiimluii, !!,(!. Ati-i'tliih-rl in lim ("nl.111 Hull
<~v(iry Krlilny I'vunliiK nt 7:.iu VI.'iiliiK iJictliii'ii
oonllnlly Invited to uttuiil, .1. i', I.uvi:iiinh ,
Noliln (Irnnil; A, i.,l"llAl<l, Vic.i tiuml j W..I
iiAiinurr, Hi'ci-tititiy,
SANDON I.IHMli: NO 'M, K. (if I'.
Alt'ulH iivt'ry Wi'itiicHiIiiy nvt'iilii.- «t ,h oVUiik
In lim I'yllilnii I'lintln Hull, S;iiiiI.iii N-j .iliniiijt
lirolliri'ii will lut'vlvii 11 l'ytlilmi »i-li'i;iiii', -s.
IUAA(.-H0-V,t;,0,       Al.lllKIl .1. IU1.1., Kit 4- ri.
A    It. JtKVLANH, KiiKiiii'ur mul I'ruvliii-liiI
,  JiMiflsiirviiyoi.  KASLO
! 'pin: ka--i.ii iiiiri-.:i,.iii Kh.
■   *    im: iiiiicl in Hi»i-liv.
I i'iu'KM: \
III.'   I,.:.,I
I'pill' Kii.Hi'.iir iii»ii:i. iu siu..ii.i> n »!».
j     I       lli'llilillllllli'l . I'll nil TlilVi'lll-rriti. tin- t'llV
I ..I Mlvi'i IlK.NNI'.rr.v Ml lll'IIV, I'ru|„..
:'pill-: VJi-Jf Ull.V JKiTi-.l. luNi.l.i.nU iiliiivi-ii
I 1    iur nil »linii|ji- T..IU'. mwiy limn luiuii..
: He.1 hiiiiM- h.r ►! 11 iluv uu 1I1U1 iirlli.
j Wi: .\li('AM'J.|-,ll,l'ru,irii,|..r.'
l.lvOO    IIOTII.,    Willi,     All   tnoili'i'li
lllljil('Vl'lllHIitn.     Slltll|.||.   |,Ji|il|»  t||   I'lJlllll'l'-
Tlii. ->iily 1." 1 • I"- I.- '■! ti. Viiii!,
KIN LAV M-I.D'lJ*. hiitiiliigr.
j |'lti:.MO,N I  HOI hi;, NKI.hil.N      i-:.in.)ii'..ii
1    H'.ill Aiiicrlinli I'laii.   Mi'*il«, I'iifiiU. l|.i.iin«
! frmii i I- h|i iii il.  only wiiiii- *i.'i|i rni|,i .\ni
. Niitliliif vi Hula .li.uiil tin' iiIuit i nil, 1 ilii'tiuiil
; 111 lim nnl'.' MAI.uM. .\   IK Kill l.l.l -<
HAIt'l f.t.i"!   HOI'-ai;,   l.iiiin-ilv  Un, lliul.
U Ilii- In »t »l 11 liatv li-iti'l In .V'laun,    onlv
•■•!'•''.      / .   ■     ■    "/   : '.. ...... :.
J i>ru|ii'|a'f>ir.
I'l'IIK HOTIII. I'KIKII'SON   U  Hi.- Ii"l".   it
1  I    n|m'-11 |a^,|i|i> wlirti lIn'V   iiti.   ii,   l'ri)riisy,M,
! MlTHiNNi''.I..V III.AI'K. r'rii|.iM.i«
'pill!    llllll I'ANNIA    IIM T I.I, i« III.. <ll
A.    ial Hint lln- In-lit In tin' I. it,1.1    ii.,1,1 -,ct.i r •
: xlwn-jnaaali'iiiiu
l'l,\ IS Minis
New Line
ft.ul .-ehlit/. ll'i'i
i'ilitlAi'il  ' I,,'.!!*"
"WIioIohkUo   MerohantM.
rpill; MnNT(lo.MI-:iM
I    Mni'iiln'-tii
Ni'taon. II ('
tt-i.-r-t  i.i
a ir>>. i'ii-
.... II a  .
I ....   I.t.I,,   W I,,ill-,illy
l|.,|- .■   ' i.l.tl. t Imn |\ .
VV!,. |. »»U Stn .
.I   ili-'iii t' sii|.| |i,.»
JTlllKKV * I'll.,   '.\ lllil.V-
if* 111  Hnllt'i,   K|-s-   ilir, ".
l-ii,it..S.-l-"li, ll I'.
\\ i: liKAI.
rimtui-i" nml
F!        lUITniin   I      i;n:ii«NiM(fi.,v,:. ,m:   wt. u
, J, mITCH ELL ^^:^»--  ' \tt.
K.   UfimV 11 la.
Kiu-.t   N*n 1;., Hi'. THE LEDGE, FERNIE, B.C , JANUARY. i8,~ 1905
The Canadian-Bank of Commerce
,  \_!_1
Paid-up Capital
Head 0!.ia*.-
This Bank trans-icts every de.-cKption'of Bunking Business, including the
Issue of Leller* of Credit and Drafts on Foreign Conn trio:., arid will negotiate or
collect bills on any place wliL-re there is a bank air li.ni.ker,.,- -     -
inggs Bank|iaildac
d  to ihe deposit  twice in eacli
! year, ut lln- .end of May and November.
Special Attention is directed to the
following Advantages Offered hy our
Savings Bank.
Deposits of
and   upwards    received    and    inlerjiii
allowed at currenl'raU-
!        ■ The Osposit-ot-
lis-suWa-'c? to no   delav whatever in-the
! witlidr
i-.val of the whole or any portion
of the deposit.
j FEHN1E BRANCH ': : E. H. BIRD, Manager
£-7   ' -■^-^--s?*^-*"^^^-^'4*^""''"^ ^:-\
#_yJ .-:.^r^^\^^bTST^___„_^_-^=__^^~_.-._ _\" r.\
Get the Habit
Go  to   Hamilton's  for  your
-   BOOTS and .
\        CLOTHING
Our wardrobes,and Fit-Reform clothing have been shipped', and to make room ' for
our new goods we will give'
20^ off all suits," overcoats
and winter floods until
February 1st.    •
W.C. Hamilton Co.
Fernie Hotel Block
„ 1
^P^^^^AiA^, i^^^wa-iaawtaiw^
Opposite the I'o-at O'.Vice.
yygta f a- /a, iy
kSSS t* Li li *il
'** WtA,^!-ii-*»«S>«
fs__     ^t_? t_
Rit'h! in the Centix of th
iii*- S3s
Which; Do..You Prefer?
Ouaker  Oats Rolled'Oats Force Malta Vita
. Orange Meat     Cream of Wheat    " Wheat Flakes
','   , -■ Wheatlets, Shredded Wholewheat Biscuits     "■' ,.
, * v.
a We .liaye Them
Call and see how far ii dollar will go.
^990000000000%   \
^ f , ' vr
.|       PROMPT      I
S    .DELIVERY     §
^S60ti00a00{iUii*\ \
JTELY % <* <?&■ <*= & ^ K-fc&' r%7_
*-■•..'-■ • •' ■
"The People's Grocer,- P. O
tt fiWl'*>-|lTiVa.n
*rt fj*.*-v~.--*1A-J,r-L-iaWB*«*"«
Of All Kinds at
3 I
1      I'l-o.'iPt'cloj-'K ii'jiled Dinner.-
I In :\ medium A/.':<\ ui-niiilo kettle Iwlf
: Idled wiih y.'ii'.er, place, tlie ruiiiniiis tif,n
; su •ar cured linn). I'm Loll gently over
i a slow lire for ithout llie length of time
! required  to pmokiva   l__ rent   cuiir
i Then drain off tiie liquid unci add JrtiPh
j * ,
I '.I'jttir. then lioil  auaiir'fof   one  hrnir.
] Then quarter and con; a 'fmiall lie.itl of
,{ cahhage,, audi after adding this secure a
Carin's Bookstoreif^i'^i''"■■'»'■>"• -■"• *-'»> .t,,n>* ««»*•
i "in Cheyenne" and .-uid  tnese together
L.T.W.   Block. ' with a fiw of any-other vegetables'nou
happen to hnve. Ii.-uiily, except gourds
~ i  .     , and cncoaiiiitE n ith the slit-il on.   Tlie.n
! prepare a namjile. of the broth . to lie.
! analyi-cl. lt should a«say a'nintl as fol-
I lowi: Kpriiif^ water. Ill) per eiiiit.; ani-
[ iim' fill and iims'.-lc, (I kilo; ham hone.
I in scL'ti'His. ?, of 1 iii'.'lre; t-iiltpbtre, 2_
! per ce.nt; salr, MJ0grains; motuitaiirr'at,
"l I ti.-U'e. If'tliu rtnal.vsis is saiipfaetory,
| proceed to boil gently for abo'itt this
j length nf time retniit'.'d to thaw M sticks
_Li.£_tl Lii'iii; tjis^-Vi A.'Jjlil-V-n:l ni JXr.'-i u.lJ i A_n aziill_
j Then- fdd   tlid.ilmnjilin^s.  which' are.
; inadiVas follow*;: Fi 1 a toijialo i;an two
! thirds full of water, then a'tld' Hour, salt
 'L_ j and l)!ilain«' jiowder,' equal  parts, until
i yotts.hiive, a dotijfli of alimit tin: con-
Jip**.       ' r>?        ''     nn r sis-tfiifyif ii'.H-wly-niiiilc, Mi-xicinntlolie
JTa fi \ ^ t" 'iirii'lc, nu  in chiinks tli« proper him.,
i  I 1  ll I \f\ it biiin*-' sine to  allow  for e.xpiinsion, and
■    I J d     llliOIS 'Ii'-'I" in <i"(- nt a tiinii," to avoid knock-
^, in.u the lj*;tti)in  out of tiie. i>ol.    llien
boil briskly, say 'J.'iO In 1100 boilK por
Is back  at the old | minute foi'the fspace of time required to
.J ."plit and feU'h  in  :v woiitl  hnx  full of
j wu.id    Now totnovt! the dyniunite,from
' the oven, if it Imsn't'explnfleil, and set
tin- pot of diiinpliuuH in a tluirly place
.until  the. tenipci'iUiiit' tsiiliiiides to WO
I di';i i-i-t*,-. 1<" H., and Hi'.i'vn on a tin plnte,
!    N. ll --DuinpliimN inade, after this ro-
A |*V] \\l   LADIliS   of  Fernie!"'''!" yum-nnlee.! full weight and stand-
-, .■ nl qirtliiy
'   There is no better
'-   thahn that sold by
Tho Slocan district no sooner gets
rid ot'oiK! trouble until another looms
up larger than e.yor. - It'wus thought
theie.ad bounty wtmlil forever dissipate'
the dillicnltii.'s Hiirrouiuliujj the iiiiiiinjr
indtihliy, Imt nisluiid it st;eins to have
aroused covetous le'eiiu^s in tli.iso cor
poraiions ilopeii'luiit upon that industry
Miinjj,owners assert that the smelte.r*a
have peraistentty' raised their rales for
treating ores, and thut Ihe latter are
{fetling the major portion of the Sl.'i
btninty on lead. They claim thev can
ship to Europe, and that the diar»es
of- freight.' treatiiient, leliniii}? ancl
niaiskethig' wem't he &;-5 pui* ton more
than local .smelters are. charging rcsi,
dent ores.    ,
The Drill has been reliably informed
lhat unions the etnelier*- abate what an-
alleged  to   be  excessive charges, the
otltpiil from the Slocan for  15)05 will be
greatly restricted   T.'os.--nines having
contracts with the fmelteia to June. :)•■
will (ill them, but alter that d.ite wni,
sicinand new rates for treatment     li i.-
helieved-lhe  Marysa'ille smelter, now
Hearing eonipleti-ui, will  he an  aenvi
pureliaser oi oitjs, and, if so, Mien- i
sniiin relief in  Sight.    Faiiinu   li a: ih
Slucjiu will have another hard iii.n s ..
son.—Slocan Drill
A. J. Purdy &- Co.
list'ords at HoKsland.
; The records at Uosslaiid show quite
a change from.a few years ago. Last
year there were J5) mineral claimsaiid fi
iiliiccr'claiin-*- recorded,.and 75 certificates of work There were two instiui-
et?s where claim owners elect-id to pay
There are coal mines in operation*
near , Diiinferinlin,- Scotland, from
which eoal has been extracted for upwards of 500 years. u
A lirsl-class coal should nol contain
beyond 7 per cent of ash.
A law has been prepared' which al-
lo.vs all foreigners to mine in Japan.
The di-scovery of rich ■ blue diamond-
iferous ground in" North Borneo is reported.
Some success is born of conceit, and
much conceit is horn of success.
Colombia, South Ameri.-a, prod 11 ed
in gold in 1903 i?2,ooo,ooo. 'It lias remained tn, about ibis amount for the
past three years.
Death Valley,California, at its lowest
pari,'near Bennett's wells, is 427 feet
below the level of the sea. "
-s- v.
The Champion Reef Gold Mining
Co. of India last year declared ,^,4 16,-
cxio in dividends, or 160 per cent, he-
sides' can-ring   forward  a  substantial
baliiu.'e to the new yc.'ir.   ''.
Ri, li ..Ihivial gold discoveries are re-
po te i iro.n ilho.lesia, in the Victoria
district, in win, h is situated the ruins
of Zi1im.1i~1.vc, supposed lo be the site
of I\.ii!i,;Solomon's Ophir.'
J.i-iCpli Warton Ihe millioniiire 111cl.il-
lur^isi of Pniladclphia,' reports llie discovery of palladium, a. produei that-is
more valuable than gold, in .the, nickel
ores at Sudbury,' Onlario.. He says
that out of 300,0.16 tons of nickel-cop--
per ore treated heoblained 3,000 ounces
of palladium. ,," "        .• ^
' In 1893'a pipe line 12 miles in length
was laid .from ihe Colorado river lo the
Golden Cross mines inCarga Mnehacha
stand  wilh  the panic line of-
goods he has always sold in
will   find  an
Slock of _$ o£
hundred doiluis' worth,,of work. There
were 17 bills of sal.-, 1 agreement 0!
sale, 2 notices, I supreme court'order, 1
power of attorney, il water grants ai-t}(
1 leave of absence (placer). There were
isbue.d three hundred and sixty free
miner's certilicntes, three special e«r
tilicates and nine company cortilicate.-a
Dual on the Alpha.
lii'tice White and associates are negotiating,a deal to acquire the Mackenzie interest iu the famous Alpha
silver lead mine at Silverton, the liyures
bring around 5100,000. The Alpha
once-occupied a prominent place and
shipped a pile of ore, but for tlio last
ei*>ht or ten years has been idle, owing
to a disit'-reein mt among the owners,
If the deal is fixed up the Alpha will
give Silverton a taste of itsoM-tiinolifo,
It is well known that the King Edward is it bleach, all style and "price,
and little to eat for your money. At
the theatre .the other night a topical
or-itor hit it with a fitie shot. On the
stage he hands 11 boy $2,000 and'tellB
him to ko tu the Kiiig Edward and
bring bac'i a sandwich. Before the
toy gets past the witigs lie 'calls him
back and hands him another $1,030
to have some butler put on the sandwich. This' happened .in Toronto,
because tho, King Edward i.fFernie
isno bleach. Eor $2,000 Jack Gates
will give yju more, sandwiches than
you etui eat in a century, aud throw
in the butter. ' '"   '       .   •
Proved Mo Owned iho Horso.
A P.ipagu Indian came to town the
other'day and his attention w.ts a,-
tractfd by a buckskin horse hitched
near the'eity hall plaza, lie went to
the sheriff's ollice and told of having
found 11 horse which had been stolen
from hinf a year ago. .
The Indian proved tint it was his
horso, for he hid his 'iron" with him
and it lit-tod the brand.. He is supposed to have been carrying the iron
ever since he lost the horse in order
that he mix hi be prepared toptove
his' property on the spot,—- Arizona
Republican. , J
'A       A Lucky Find. 1    -
Great rej licing up at thc* college.
Wlnt's the ctiuseV '
They've found a new man to play
center oii next season's football team.
'What's his name?' "        '   "-
I dunno. -But he's four feet wide,
iweighs 2% pounds, and is familiarly
known  as  the ."human    caboose.—
.lai/an nf :1111s: 'rilis: liis.-s-   i-ni-ii-sliis.l s-iiR.- _^^^ ^^^ ^__,
 r--".---■; -p:> '-.■--7-;'--:n-ci(Ta^iMdTlainlJealer;
000 gallons-01   water  daily,   lilting  il)
500 feet at a cost of  18 cents per ion of
ore crushed. - Steam" power was used,
the fuel being wood.    '
lling Haijsiim, well-beloved, was wont
.     'to say, '   .
'-- When "aught went wrohgioranylabo
-   . . failed:   ' ' ""*
"Tomorrow,  friends,  will'be another
day!"'-    -. ■■    '   '        ,     *     ,'
'And in that faith lm slept,-and .so
-. ■     prevailed    ?   '      . . ..  •■
Long  live 'his- proverb!  ' WJiile  the
world shall roll,' •   .     -   . ,
■   Tomorrow fresh shall  rise'from on!
■' the night, ,  s ".-
And new invest the indomitable soul
.' With courage for  its- never-ending
j  -      finht. ^        —Anon.
Tlio Advance in Silver.
'Without doubt the stability of the'
price of the white metal, 'nnd,, the
ciuse of it,climbing over the OO-ccut
mark, has been the act'»oI- the Mcxi-
..tn '._~:_
By' Buying-* ..,
A Watch ir'om *.'-
lixcojlenl 1
KAST I-'K^KiilT.
infant's UJcar,
(ZIoaHi', Brwscs,
Beautiful (Zi'Mii.
Siiu wm: etc,
I It is plun'-ant to do lnfriiin'-ifl 'with the
ulreiit Nm-lliern lailwuy. On .Moudny
] a cii'i'lintd of iron henKteatls fur \V. 0
, IJ .j Di js -1 anivid, by miliiiiiry freight
I i'i'uiii M-Jiltlei'l iu fix d.'ijh 'I lil> is
' Wiuidi'i lul s| I'i'il and piove.-a ihitl the
,(1111(11, Nmlhi'i'ii peoplo iii'i; I'tlivti lo the
, value of quick ili-livcry, Many 111**1*
U'lianiii in l'Vniit* will bilnu nil their
,fieigli( iim in ihe, l'l.tsl over ibis fast
; I'.ititc.
'    'I'lii'  I'l'iiilpi'tiuii  uf ;;iiiii  in  (.'Iilli In 1
i I'i':t is .si-ned  In  have  bavu valiU'd at
is.'i7;..iVinii,   (oui| uri'il  wilh  ■l.'i'ni,'!')1]  in
' the pi'en din:: year, while  enpper pn-
in   ,-i;;..ii   I ■'■•V'-'.'
V. .1 Hill, formerly nccotuilntit with
tho St 1''ii|"uim com puny,'-wus niai'ricd
in Citriiiiin, Miinitnhti, on liet'iynber
■20th to Mi-is Mouii Sliiliti<i of that place.
Mi', untl Mrs Hill will reside in Carman.
f*J/d| '■;',;■ *■. .-■■■■'..,
British Lion
T«r«-«, P.€.
. I'mlir the I'l'lgiuiu law iiiiiuai'rleil
1 men over 'J„*i have, one, Vole, niaiiii'd
1 nieii mul IwiduWi'in wilh lamilii-*- li.i\'u
1 Urn vuie,1, nnl  iitestti and  nllii'i- per
»ii|i,aul pn-.il inll I'.llM' tlll'eii Vutl".     So-
, vert- pei'-iliios iim; .iinposi'd  itpon tlti'-e
who I'n 11 to vote,
The preliminary plans and estimates
ore now being made for the purpose of
looking jnio the praelicabilily of driving a tunnel to drain the Cripple Creek
district al a depth of.soms1 1,500 feet
lower than ihe present drainage tunnel. This would mean the facilitating
of mining operations ou Hull Hill to a
depth of about 4.000 feet. It is assumed by the mining men of Cripple
Creek that the portal of. the tunnel will
he somewhere near Marigold, near the
old loll gate ou the Canyon  City road.
Woialville. III., wilh.f,oiioinhahitanls,
is a coal mining town pure and simple,
and j 1000 men and boys are employed
in the seven mines in the vicinity It
has thirly-one saloons and I wo churches,
one Catholic and one Protestant nnd
the latter congregation meets but once
a fortni^lil (or worship. The parish
priest speaks seyen languages, uud he
is still unable to in.tke all his conj-re-
gation understand him. There are
Colanders, Italians .Spaniards, Portuguese, Irish, (.lei'in'ans, Knglish, Del-
giaus, I'ronch, Mexicans, Africans,
Russians, Lithuanians, Danes, Swedes
and Norwegians in Ihe city, besides a
few Anieriru'ns.'
C ' AS fa A
■'ui' Men
li H
i'lL-iul the chiUlrcn to us
1 lor their pens ami pencils,
1.slates a nil scnnblcrs, sclutol
j reader.", anil copy hooks, ami
(.ill   the   etceteras the  rising
V. iv wti$| y^|/| !;,'iMH'n\iion requires in an cdu-
''*/ "* iJ,fh * •"*' * VB .cJitioiml uav.
Ailditiontsl LoenlK .
Fiuinlain pens at Pileasdell's, $1.50 lo
$10.00. - * '
S. Slinn has 475 boxes of apples in
his cellar.
Stop al the. Queen's Hotel when in
"lrout Lake City. '
Sewing machines lo rent at the B. C.
Furniture Company.
Mini's mission in life is lo pay for the
things ti \10111t1n wants, *•
Silk-I'met'. gowns imeresie tt woman
moiv'lhau hliver-liiK'-J clouds.
Remeni!*'.'!* the rooms are warm these
cold nights at the King luhvnril.
We buy, sell or exchange new or
second   bund   furniture.    The   13,   C,
si  '
Furniture Company. *
Dr, (jiiison's Syrup* of While Pine
Sc Tar Compound, 351: anil 75c a bailie.
Hlensdell's Drug.Store.    ■    ■
If you are inmbled'wilh rheiunalisni
you will lind the Pool of S'iloiini at
llalycon. «„ Write fur, purliculars lo
Sanitariimi, Ilnlycon, P. C,  ,
Miislerson, Griliilli &' Co., Troul
Lake, have all the supplies needed hy
lumber camps and miues.
Al llie Kooienay .Saloon in Sandon
you do nol need an inlroductii.in lo |,*el
a drink. Put the price on the bur anil
llie mixer will do Ihe rest.
A woman';-, idea uf happiness i-, her
abilily to purchase something the woman next door can't nll'md.
Is Moving
This Week
■■ '9-1 ^iiM~4m_t^sl*^^w ■
value ol 50 cents on the Mexican
milled dollar, says Ores and Metal ii.
This simple annotthecment' caused
t'ie price to reach the GO cent mark,
and the fact that Mexico is to borrow
$-10,000,000 in gold, to form a reserve
fund wltli which to protect the value
oftliedoll'ir, was a cause which con
tributcd to thc further ^ascendancy of
silver.. vThe fact that China is'allietl
with the Mexican government, and
that she is a purchaser of Mexican
dollars at the increased pi-ice, and
tho decision cf the Indian council ol
London to make purchases of, silver
at, stated'Intervals, hns all had the
eircct of causing the price to ripe,
and It will not he surprisln-y to ittio"
silver quoted at (ifi cents an ounce in
tho nehr^futnro, while 70 cent.- is a
Most Powerful Dredge,
■ Tlio most powerful' tlre"d«e iu the
world is that us d by the Susqno-
Imiinii Iron company nt lhill'aluto dig
through solid rock on  Inland harbsir.
We have a  well  assort eel
)T1*I "PI * /> »   " /A X'C     "''Vi:    al     WUII     il.SMUIIL'U
The rernie Cariacju  Corn pany|suvu ami u^ i he prices *_u
(ia!! Coal and ihe \\
1 \i x:" v
I \   I'.lv »
w'uh'm rantje ot' ih
e parents
via..Uv:l luio!-;
e    ill   I   a'
I i i
1 i
**, \ '
(ii'Oil    Cd.iKfil
.I •*• v •*■».
fiL £.'Suddaby
j J );■.'*■») ai,»g I'liC'lli,',!, Fl//lil.' illllii .*>.a'«v|
Post Office Block
EBom't Knock
Hut walk into The CIAHJ CIliAU
STOKIC and examine their Mo.k
<if importvd 1111J doiiK'sali*- rigur-i,
Vi^an.'ffi's anil toh.irrns.
The linesl   iissortiin'tii   ni  nicer-
■sibamii, briar pipe-., and  Monki-is.'
sunilr'e*. in tlu- rity,
All the magazines ami Juily papers
;d'.va;va in >b\"lt.
In{]i*nm & Sionohouso
i H,.,/,,,.1. tl'lll. till' 1.V,*i'i, li I...1, 1
The Mutual Life
of Canada   *
Tlio Only Gnnadlnn
LIfo Company that
Is    Purely   JWutuaS
I M -O     '    '■■■'•
J IS ,** years old *,
HAS Assets noweN(Teiling$R,ooo,ooo;
HAS it suipliin (on (lovcrwnrirt-Valu-
niloii Standard), of nearly Sjiyoo.ooo"-,
MAS nearly .V'i00" pollryholders ;
HAS nearly $ pi,000,000 of Insurance
iu force 5
HAS paid over JiSfi^nivjnn In rnili I"
policyholders or to their famHici' anil
I! N**. in I'c ervr. fur Iheir ".et-urily, over
-,000,000, in *ioHd assets.
Occasionally a man meets a woman
and marries her, hut more often she
overtakes him,
Down deep iu his hearl llie uveriij-e
miVn In nn shuts Ii'i see some other man
l*ct it ih the neck,
A fn!her, in reproving his son, sjild
sternly lo him: "IVnl uni .wr ni1 m*.
do such 11 thing when 1 wji>i .1 hoy)*"
Several inillions of poles stiiluhle for
leleplinne purpuses will ho required hy
Ihe Citnadian lelephoue irusi thai is
being, or has been, formed. The proposal is to extend llie rural telephones
on a vasl scale tbtoughmil llie Norlli-
wesl Territories. The poles, il is es-
pecled, will cnine mainly from H. C',
of In admit riiiist luM-1 Ilii'iip]i;'ily.liii-.oi!iii'*i
I'Seii'ii-iiuit llii-.rii'li liruiMi'.'i'iLV', liirUli'K lomjit-
liiKly to t as illsli.- "Flint i.-. Ilir l<iml a»J~' amsts mil'
lii-cl- |irm!m-i'.a, Ti'iuiui', jiilry, iiduilsliiii*,'. .It
will niiilic.)mi I11.11I11V iiliil.lii-.ivvsiy    ■     >     ■     *
1 .if I'niira'i wo "i-ull tin: ill ,i<'(j.n cuts of .vi'ii|„ ,
IhiiiIi, jiiii'lc, (ilK, msn.-  Hut-ju t;< nn-  WC Hlo
tiillsinn liu'f.   ltivfv.'au1 of imi'otri'i-liiij'H, -,    ,  ,.
, • CO., LTD..',.  .......
Best Time
rEaat ■"•*■■ ■    ' *'■
Tnrouio.   Monireal^-Nbw 'York','" ,
Miuilime . I'rovinces,    New .luinland.
- West     ;■'" '/7:'
V'liin onvcr, 'Vicloriii, Seullle,"
I'iiliforiiia Poinls,  • ' •
- ■ ■
Unoviualled i'as.senfi-cr Service,
Siandurd and Tourist Sleeper**, a
C'oacli;,"a uud IViuiug'CiirK
ToH-'Jsi:   SEec(3ui*  Sepvlpo
Wi-st--leave Uevelstoke. Mon., .Wed., '
Thin'., Sul. to Scuttle 'v.Viincoi'ver,
IJ.tsr—leave D'unmore -.for Toronlo,
Wed. iv .Sun.; for Montreid, Mon.
iV I'ii.; for Hosi'on, l'"ri.        /
M.lanx.0 SioacnsliEp A((onoy
Throui'h bookings In anil from Ureal
liiilitiii uud the C'onlinenl,
l'!or rules, folders ;mi| lickels apply
lo local iifjeiils, or in
U. \iK.\nimi, njjenl, I'Vrnie.
.I.W, l'.iiil'.v. D.I'.V,
K.iI.Ci.vln, A,(l l*.A,
Ilavn 0,110 of l.lii'ir liirgwt hUiwh iu Imtiup.
.Married men should remember the
uncertainty of life  and  protect their
u-ia'i's--imt  rliitdien by :i  nolicv in the
Miiiual Life.
Young men should not dully with
lime in regard tn life insurance. The
sooner you rommeure the sooner your
profits will come to you. It is au in-
vi'stineiit tliai always payia.
Young men who have relatives de-
poudiuf- upon tliem should take 11 policy
lni ihe Mtitti.tt Lite,  li viiU lnl|> inullu-i
it death should rencli you ils icy hand
K-f«>rt- voiir voutli has lied.
I'*or full partii-ul.irs call nn our nga-nt
.ii i!a''K!jt-; I'd a.:; J, in rernif.
Jiiuulj, Yoal, ImuhIi untl SiiKiked KInIi,    0
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon ■■       t
Day and Eoening
nookkccpiiifr-  Shorlh.iii'.l,   Writing,  An'lhiuetio,   Spellinjr,
Correspondence, Knglish Hranches, l_\c:
Correspondence  Pupils Coached
A. M. Grimes
Low prices ami imlividiial instruction make it the
di.ioic >>f .* Itftliiaif.
~ i


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