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The Ledge 1905-02-15

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.i-<'' ----  ''A
-,-«.   v-t- .•...•„'-*--,-.-:J?
'■>*.*,. .   _...'■*   '- ■ -I»i * *''      h '
'   '    'l ,  ■;      •>  J -    i  ^.i *    ,-* -. *   V   t ■ >:*    "a. ..
/'^ I V"*
■   ■i-'-t , FEB 2-Ol50l>-v^
Editor and Financier
You will become like
Solomon ii you -read
The Ledge regularly-.
Volume XII., Number 19
Price, $2 a Year*, in Advance
► O* Op O* O* O* sU *>"> O*0*0*sl£S1£S1*S**.
Good board
Mrs. W.J
'"'WiUlEschwig has been' laid ud the
."'. jiast week with a light attack of pneu-
' jmonia. ■-,   :"-
. Keep a lookout for the new. spring
suitings that J. C: ■ Hutchinson ■" has
bought for.the coming season. ■ "
. 6.S. Taylor, K. C, and W. A. Mac
donald, K. C, of Nelson', were In the
city last week attending county court
TonyKuski has accepted tho posi-
Jtion of* chef at the [Waldorf, which is t>.
guarantee of the best meals in East
iKootenay. 1"   .
Found—A ring between postoffico and
,,Lkdge office.   Ownw can have same by
proviny ownership aud paying for this
. »d.   P.Mullen. ',
Dr. Milloy has purchased the dental
"business of of Dr. Stoddard and will remove from Rossland to Nelson on the
first of MarcH. '
From the man who hoots in public
against tho tin-horn and sneaks in at
the aide door to "hit the,kitty,"good
Xiord deliver ua I     ;
T.H.and Mrs. Whelan of theNapa-
nee hotel left , Sunday for Rossland;
{where they will remain until the winter carnival is over.. . ...
/   Ernest Kirkpatrick left last .week for
Chicago to tako a course'on thtVtype-
1 setting machine atHhe; Inland Printer
school of instruction.   ~        ; ',.
Chas. Culver lis putt-ins*' in the machinery at the zinc plant in Rosebery.
. He is one of the best known and capable mill men in the West.
'-/' F. H. Crane of Winnipeg," representing tbe'Fairbanks-Morse gasoline engines' was in town this week canvassing business for his tirm.-   ;:•/" ".
, -fcAmeeting ot tho license commission-
■-. ers for the Fernie license district will
•* be held in  the court house, Fernie,
'Wednesday, Marchl.at 7:30 p.;m./. ;
The Fernie.hockey team left Tuesday
-."morning' for -the   Koralau'd carnival,
where, they will *tost"sticks, shins aud
- heads with the .West Kootenay shinny
. "Axnerta.! I  _.^.A .."  -"    A:'.   .-... .'.
carpenters are the first of the trades in
East Kootenay to start the movement,
although in the Boundary the printers
have been working an ,8 hour day for
.sometime... ;     '., .  ,. ,...    .  ■
' The only places In Fernie that are
now allowed to run. wide open are the
opera house, the Salvation Army barracks .and the club. Certain persons
are restricted the privilege of using* the
•tree's, except at certain hours. Pre-
amiably this regulation is not enforced
in evenings on .which entertainments
ire being held at the opera house. We
.could BUggest for the approval of the
Police Commissioners . the " following
regulations, which would be very much
in accord with their recent enactments.
1. Workingraen shad only use. the
strcots between 6 and 8 in the morning
12 and 1 noon, and 5 and 7 in the evening, except- when entertainments, aro
being- given in the opera": house,' on
which dates they will be allowed go to
and from their residences in an orderly
manner. 2. Business, men shall take
the most direct course ..between their
residences and business places, and
shall not loiter on the way. 3; All lights
shall be out at 10 p.t 111. This will
not only prove conducive to the health
of the people, but result in a vast saving to the Electric Light company - 4
On the appearance of: any of tho police
commissioners, the common people will
at once remove their hats and remain
uncovered until, the dignitary has
passed. This regulation need not be
observed by persons going to or coming: from the opera house:0 Later it may
be found necessary: to incorporate the
Blue Laws of Connecticut into the police
regulations of the City of lernie. -.-■-
Rex v. Briscoe. Prisoner charged
with stealing. Case withdrawn. Herchmer for Crown, S. S. Taylor for defense.
■. Rex v Gibbs. s Rape. Case dismissed
Herchmer for Crown, Taylor for defense.
. Shaw v.Simpson. Garnishee against
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company, .Tudge,-
ment by default. Taylor for plaintiff.
Eckstein for defendant.
Trites-Wood Co. v Walters. Judgement for plaintiff. Herchmer & Herchmer for plaintiffs,' and Taylor for defendant.        V ,
A. B. Trites v Walter. Judgement-
for plaintiff. Herchmer & Herchmer
for plaintiff.   Taylor for defendant.
Eschwig v Chaso & Chandler. Action
for damages for non-delivery of goods.
Adjourned to next court. Taylor for
plaintiff, and Herchmer for defendant.
Kettles & Co. viTuttle. Claim under
Mechanic's Lien Act for 8150. Judgement for $14140.
Cameron & Kenny v Tuttle. Judgement for plaintiffs under Lien Act.
Marie McDonaldgv Sing Song. An
appeal from Summary conviction of police magistrate,   Appeal granted.
Fortini v Fulljames. . Adjourned.
Herchmer for plaintiff. Eckstein for
McDonald v Smith. Question as to
costs. Costs allowed. Taylor for plaintiff, Eckstein for defendant.
Application in Chambers under winding up Act,* to sell assets of Fernie Manufacturing Co.   Order made-.   .*
Therefore, it is* the opinion of this
Board, that in order to advertise this
section of the Province bb a fruit grow,
ing country, and to stimulate the im
migration of settlers interested in this
branch of agriculture, the Canadian
Pacific Railway and the Great Northern Railroad be, and herewith are memorialized to undertake the subdivision
of these lands and • the establishment of
experimental farms thereon, with the
object of bringing under cultivation
large areas that are at present unproductive, and that copies of this resolution bo sent to the Canadian Pacific
Railway, the Great Northern Railroad
and the Provincial.Department of Ag-
The school bell should bo rung at 2
. and Breach; afternoon so that the police
"commissioners, mayi' know, the;, exact
, hour at which to commence and stop
. blushing. ■'. '    „,
' -A ball will be heid In Mtehei on'the
.evening of March, 17, In aid of the hospital fund Tickets, including lunch,
.'•ti per couple. An excellent time .is
promised. .. •
The new Hotel Fornie will bo.opened
•Saturday next.. The Fernie Is one of
the finest hotel buildings in the interior
ofB C, and its furnishings are first
class in every respect. .  ,  - , •   ,   ■   ,
■ Goo -Horton, tho popular represonia-
. tivo of the W. P. Kllbourtio, Co., cigar,
: .manufacturers,   Winnipeg,   called  at
". Turn Ledge oflico lnat week    Mr. Horton reports buslnois exceptionally good
. all along the. lino,    , '.'.•''
, Tho Carpenters and Joiners of the
/Local Union of Fernio desire to notify
* all contractors and tho public gonorally
that thoy aro only working eight hours
- a iday, after April 1st, next, instead of
nine as heretofore,   E. lticn, Roc -Sec.
The local legislature wns oponed last
Thursday with tlio usual ceremonies.
No sorloiK trouble is anticipated durltig
iho session.    Victoria, will bo wide-
" opou in the matter ot draw and Scotch
while tho |members continuo to mnlto
the laws more ambiguous and tho taxes
' higher. "
Tho Henderson Directory mnn wns
in town this wook, compiling matter for
« directory of Alberta and East Kootenay. The directory work will bo done
at 'Cnlgnry, nnd tho flno prltlng, in"
eluding half-tone and advertisements
will be done by Evnns & Hastings ot
, Vfcncouvor.
Snporlntondont Hodgo of tho B. 0.
Telephone loft by Sunday's' train
for Nelson 'to look nftor the Went
Kootonay agenclos of I1I1 company.
Foreman Irwin limn clinrgo of tho Installation of tho telophono ay-atom lioro,
which will bo turned over to the Coal
company ns noon au completed,
W, Mackintosh, orgnnUor and dole-
irate appointed by tho United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiner- of
Atnorlen, visited Fernio oh Tuesday,
Fnbrnnry 7th and was ploannd to Hnd
thn local union I" "0 flourishing a condition. Ue In vlnitlng nil tlm principal
towns lu B. C., organising no ho goon,
and has been vory succoiifttl in his en<
Tim ntni'.Ulvii iv*iJ.v til 'r*uaj mil]
discuss tbo question of govornmoot ai-
sistanca to the Coast-Kootenay and
Kootenay Contral railways, lt Is about
lime tho people and tho government
OJal>-»'«'»*V1*   laa'aC    usAta<.t»kt(i'    .,   iaW>k>llt>')»   Ka
business proposition. If tho promoters
behove the line will pny, they'will
build whether a subsidy Is grnntort or
not, Ifthny will not build without a
subsidy limy nru sun ply cliartormongers
On tlm flrnt of April, tho rarpnnfflr-i
and joiners of Ft-rnln will inaugurate an
t»!/rht hour wnrUiinr daty, ln«t<--jd rt/nlio**
an lifrnturoiu, This In Im /iCC/irdj»iito
with tint decision arrived at by nearly
pll tlu lutei national t'ninim In thn part
year to redurc the houm of labor.  The
Morality of'people- can" better^ be
guagedby their private life than.by
their public. utterances. Some of those
who have been .loudest in their con
demnatlon of gambling, have been the
most constant patrons of the games.
Seven of the unfortunates whom the
pqlice.commissione'rs ,.oniy allow on the
streets' between^ the. hours of 2 and 5
intojbecomiiig"subscribersi to the council's "alleged^ "municipVi owned" • tele;
•phonee.-.'i-EUher.-'ihese.'.,. people ..have
equal rights with other property1 owners or not. If they', are bona fide owners of property thoy aie entitled to use
.'tho public thoroughfares at all times just
the same as other ratepayers, and it is
a presumption on tho part of the police
commissioners to arrogate to themselves
tho power to deprive taxpayers of the
uso of the streets. True, they can
through the police depaitmeht levy a
syiatom of '-municipal blackmail," but if
this is done, the oity places itself in the
position of deriving revenue, from the
earnings. of fallen woman--in other
words tho city takes tho place of-the
" pimps'' This is just the position
which tho city has taken in the past
in roforonce to gambling.. It has been
a silent pnrtnor in the gambling giimos,
for a considerable portion of the city's
revenuo has been derived: from dealers,
Now, Mr. Mayor, ns chairman of the
police board, wero you legally and
morally right in tho past sovon months,
or'aro you now legally and morally rljiht?
Evon you, Mr. Mayor, must see that
thero Is avnet dlfferonco between your
policy of tho past sovon months nnd tho
stand .you are taking nt tho present
time. If you nro .right now, tho city
has, sinco its incorporation, boon n
pnrtnor in and benefitted financially
from tho earnings of crlruo.
In an honest endeavor to suppress
vrlmo overy right minded citizen will
support the civic authorities, If this
Is to bo an Eastern town by all moans
make it purely Eastorn. Enstorn Idons
nnd Western conditions do not har*
monlEO, Tho Wostornor bollovos in
short prsyers nntl long nets.,, no does
not. bollovo in sldo-Btepplng. Ho is tho
sn.no person tho whole sovon days in
week, bo it good or bad, -■ Ilo can live
harmoniously with gamblers or parsons, so Ion*; as thoy pay ono hundred
cents on thu dollar. lie expects evory
man to chargo a roasonablo prioo for
his warou, and ho doesn't expect to bo
robbed uvo/y timo ho hIiovob a E»cont
ploco over a dry goods counter.
If It It to be East, id us have an
Eastern city pure and simple, If It Is
to bo West, tho Westerners would like
the police and licence cntninlsslonors to
say so. In either enso, thoro should he
n doflnlto coursn followed, and ho more
prlvuto partnership with, aiuL public
Council met Monday night. All the
members present except AldiHerchmer.
Minutes'of previous meeting read and
A letter was received from the Fernie
Lumber Co. asking council to endorse
petition to government for building a
bridge over the Elk river Clerk instructed to forward ^endorsement of
council to W. R. Ross, M. L. A..
City Engineer'Cummings was instructed to ascertain quantity and quality of
water in Fairy Creek, and also distance
of piping, pressure, etc., for city water
works.   ',■,.'•
A committee composed of Aldermen
Tuttle and Cree, appointed to interview
Mr. .McDougall in reference to water
rightsj>n Fairy. Creek.'
By law No. 8 reconsidered and passed
as amended. _-■ - ,v -
""Clerk walTlnstrueted
to^Eave -"city
furniture insured, and also to post notices in reference to dumping of garbage.- '.-.; ,-'■"'.   ."-..-. ,- -   ;
Council adjourned.
There was a largo crowd at the mas.
querado carnival in the rink last night.
For the best represented characters
Mrs. Pollock and W»ltG"- Harwood, in
Indian costume'received the award.
J. C. Kenny received the prize for tho
best dressed gentleman; for best dressed
lady, Miss Snow; for best children's cos
tume, two little Japanese were awarded
the prize. The Italian band furnished
excellent music.     •     -
:'*" The annual meeting of tlie Crow's
Nest Pass. Coal Company was held in
Toronto, Friday last;-at which" tho report for the year 1904 submitted to tho
shareholders showed a net profit of $400,-
049 as compared with 5310,491 in 1903.
As to the fnture, the directors report
says some advance has been made, in
extending domestic trade o(, the" company^ which it is hoped will yield much
larger results during the present year.
The large araount'realized by the pale
of treasury stock at a premium, amounting to $1,700,000, has all been paid in,
and expended, and. future dividends
will have to be paid entirely out of profits earned by operating. It is expected
that new capital .will be required for
development purposes.
sits in the look-out chair of> The
Tribune and tells the world what to
do on Sunday. All these things have
a tendeuey to make Nelson resemble
a cemetery at midnight, and^the inhabitants like the angles who flap
their wings around- the throne in
paradise. The atmosphere of Nelson.
has grown so pure o( late that it is a
pleasure for all good people to dwell
within its walls, even if they are
broke. ,      , *
Associated Boards of Trade.
At tho meeting of the Associated
Boards of Trade of Eastern British Columbia to be held in Nelson on the 22nd
inst, the following resolutions from the
Fernie Board of Trade will come up for
discussion, and it is hopo will meet with
approval.     .     .    '       a
1. Whereas the "Municipal Clauses
Act" now; grants powers authorizing
municipal ownership of ull public utilities, except telephones,
Therefore, be it Resolved: That in
tho opinion of this convention the
"Municipal .Clauses Act", should bo
amended so as to empower oity municipalities to construct, maintain nnd operate telophono systems within the
boundaries of thoir respective municipalities, with power to extend tho same
into adjoining districts and connoct with
trunk lines of long distance telophono
2,. Whoroas, a waggon rond .from
some point on tho Crows Nest Branch
of tho Canadian Pacific Railway, to tho
coal and oil Holds of tho Flathoad country, Is necessary to facilitate the fur-
thor exploration nnd dovolopmont of
tho resounds of tlio public domnln; And
Whereas, such rond should bo so constructed ns to protect and prosorvo to
tho merchants tradors and carriers of
our own Province, tho trndo and tho
carrying of freight arising thorofrom;
- Work has been, for the time being,
abandoned on the 1000 footlevel of the
Ymir mine. The oje which was struck
about a month ago, find a small quantity of which was milled in the stamp
work will have to be still further continued toward the east before pav ore
can be expected on.this level In order
to.do thiSu work" it will: probably be
necessary that further funds' bo sent
from England. In the meantime there
is a considerable body of good pay ore
to be] worked out above tho seventh
level. ....
■ The llcenso commissioners appointed
for tho Fernie license district are W. H.
Whimster, A. W. Bloasdell, and R. P.
Lundie, nil of Fernio. Chief license in-
spocor, Chief Constable J. II.McMullln
of Fernie.
Cupid  got oven  with plenty of
peoplo yesterday.
Hold your, breath.   Tho loglshv
turo ia incubating.
While living out in what was' then
regarded as the norlh west, a mechanic
now living in Oneida, N. Y., was prevailed upon to invest $10 in silver mining stock: ,|Occasionally lio has run
across tho certificates'in niinraagiinr
around among his old papers, and several times was strongly tempted to
consign them to the. fire as worthless
and ah annoyance as a reminder of the
old sayiug about the fool and his .noney
But recently thero came a letter, and
he is now glad tho certificates were not
destroyed, as the letter was a notification that there was coming to him about
S700in dividends The company had
been trying to communicate with him
for a long time, and only recently got
trace of hiin through inquiry back
where he formerly resided,
Kennedy J; Hanky won th« Inst
round in his $100,000 suit to recover an
oia-hth inleri'st in the Slanoltuni nii-.i- at
Wardner, Idaho, from tlm Empiro Sr.ite
[Julio co"*;-,0*^* when thc federal curt
of appeal-- at.'Sun Fnnicisco on Muhd.-iy,
affirmed the decree of the lower court.
Mr. Hanley lias been {!•=• Iiiiiii*- the. c;:se*
for Beven-year-s. Jt lias been one nf the
most celebrated mining suits in the history of llio northwest. It liii-i been before the court of appeals half a dozen
times and before the supreme court of
tho United States twice. The result lias
been an almost uninterrupted 'victory
for-Mr. Hanley.
,' In a receht*issue of tbe Archives dee
Sciences' Physiques et Natuielles, Messrs Jacquerod aud Perrot record their
.investigation on the melting point'of
gold and expansion of some gases between 0 degrees and 1^000 ■ degrees C.
The thermometer used was.a gas thermometer, in which the glass bulb was
replaced by a bulb of silica soldered, to
a' capillary tube connected   with   the
sl£Sl*s**s,'*s,*s''* o*o* \i*_y**y* o*__.r*s**s**si* «* op o* o* op op o* op op
£!£>!££!£ _Zteii£ityi£itsi£-Ztsi*-£*-&_y£yty£. ■*•*-* y* opopop o* op o* <■> op
EAST KOOTENAY MINING   . ceeded in the opening of a comfort-
able room for reading purposes. Last
Tuesday' night there was a formal
opening that waB attended by a larg-e
crowd of people, '.'
C, Has
(Prom Fort Stoele Prospector).
At Bull river the prospects are
brighter for a humming camp in the
good old summer time.
Mining men in Canada are being
attracted to Southeast Kootenay, and
are much interested in thc mineral
production pf the past year.
The first carload of ore from the
Sullivnn thine reached the Marysville
smelter Saturday.
With the St. Eugene, North Star,
and Sullivan mines- in active oper.-i-
tion, the Silver-lead output otSouih-
east   Kootenay  this   year will
During tho month of January the in the Frank mine,
St.  Eugene-company milled  12,918'tween
tons'of crude ore and made 2.520 tons' chutes
From The Times
Mcltae of New. Dr-nver, B.
been looking the camp over.
Harry Howard of the "Cosmopolitan hotel received a carload of Bvllc-
yue coal yesterday.    '
i    S.'W.  Gebo, "general manager of
jthe. Ciinadiun-Aiiiericai) Coal 0a, ,ot
Frank,   has  bceii  in Wiiuii'iog on
It is un ill wind that blows no wavo9
against tho enemy's ship.    .
Judging from tho postofilco returns
Fornie is full of romittanco men.
Business is reviving nt Poplar,
hotel burned down tho othor day,
Tho people around Kootenay lake
are patting thoir bots on fruit trees.
AU it costB in Vancouver for a hotel
license is $350. and $C0O for a saloon
Sinco last month Nolson hns bo
ot concentrates.    During  the latter!
part of the month the mill broke iii!
records and the daily run was l2CtLje(UI'v\[q\x
tons of concentrates, or about 20 tons
more per day than was ever made
Tho Sullivan has one "of the bes'»
and up tb dale plants of milling machinery in Southeast Kootenay. It
has resumed development, which
will be'pushfcd systematically. There
are now several hundred tons of ore
at the junction of tramway, awaiting
■the completion of the railway spur
which will be finished by Saturday.
With a new and large smelting plant
at Marysville the Sullivan, promises
to become one of the best paying
mines in the Kootenays.
At tho annual meeting.of the Howe
Group Mining company, held in the
Great Northern master mechanic's
oflice, Spokane, J. ,D. = Farrel was
elected president; J. J. .-Fitzgerald,
vice-president, and Thomas O'Laugh-
lin,. secretary and treasurer. The
directors elected included, in addition to the-above named, William
be business connected with his company.
W. Bulling, who has been driving
giit ci light bf-
a  cur  and one of the co.il
and had three of his ribs frac-
1, « -.1 t r- .-  jsl   »S.t.-
On Friday evening" His Honor Judge
Forln arrlvafld lu Fornie, aud court was
opened at 8 o'clock.
lht-ttrfal ffi-iii on Uifl docket wnu Hob-
orts v 0. N. P. Coal Co., under tho Com*
pnnsallon Act. Plaintiff ankml forfloOO
cotnponsatlon for low of her husband In
an exploilon at Michel, January 8,100-i
Judgement ri'snrvivl. 8.8. Taylor for
plnfuflffand W. A Mn*!6*nald (or dc-
fiiiidant.    ,
f{-»T v McGinn. Defendant wa*
ch«rg«d with lUU-tiiptl-i-rto "roll" M.
'•".vans. K«nt«tir«d to two mouths at
hard labor, Herehracr for Crown, and
8. S. Taylor for defence.
Therefore, bo it rosolvod by this Con- como so good that lt is not necessary
volition of the Associated Bonrds ol to koop thu olootrlo light going after
Trado of Eastorn Hrltlnh Columbia, thnt 1 a, m,
tho Provincial Government bo asked to
npproprlnto a sufllclont sum of monoy
to construct a good waggon road from
tho moBt convenient point on tho llno|of
tho Crows Nost Urnnuh of tho Canadian
Pacific Hallway, to somo central point
In iho Flathond Vftlloy, on or noar tho
Flathoad Itlvor,
Ilv thu Kaslo IlOAnni
1 That, whereas tho roquoBt mado
lat*t yoar to the Dominion Government
for tlio appointment of an expert to examine and roport ou our zinc resources,
which request originated with tho Associated Silver Luad Minos of Ililtish
Columbia, and was subsequently on*
domed by the Executive of tho Ashoc-
Intoil Hoards of Trado nf Knstern Hrlt.
Uh Columbia, hns not yot bonn com.
plied with;
Therefore, bo IfUssolvotl: That tho
Dominion Government ha agttlu urged
In tho matter
2 Whereas, larffta areas of land. rnit-
t/iitilng approximately Ion million acres
In Kant and West Kootenay aro nt*lw
owned by tho Canadian Pacific Hallway
and tho Groat Northern Hallrotil; And
JJWhorenH, It has beon shown that
much of IhU laud Is c«,-rtlilo of producing h\'£i\ qtuntitlciiof tlsuli.iijl.s'.s.lj-ri'.sj.'.
of frultj And,
Wlia.t'uu, llio, ii'.HUtt of tint Kl.limiunt
nf fruit from tlm interior of llritlnh Col
umbU for exhibition In Great Britain
and nlsflwha-fff, has crested a rimnand |
Tho usual spring boom came out
and looked around tho othor day,
especially in the direction of East
Kootonay nnd Port Simpson,
About.ono half of tho world Is
crazy and tho balance do not Know
anything. Tho crnzv ones do all tho
brilliant things, and tho bnlnnco put
up the money.	
In tho Slocan tho nilno-owncre, or
at toast somo of thorn, havo more
trouble. Somo of tho oro tho sent to
tho St! Lonls Fair wan riovor placod
on exhibition, and others havo not
ynt boon pnld for ttiftlr wimples bv
thn Dominion government,
It seems Impossible to put on an
oro tax in this provlnco that will suit
all those Interested in tho Industry.
k     -.will   »•*■-•   r.rt    nil   M.-fl *it*flf\»(tl.A    ff'Hfl*
(vat.    WM*'.#t.aV    »■*•-     *#».     a*-. .       t ,   v    ^   '    ■>     *  * **•    *        I
out regard to Iw value, would slm-
plifly mattors, and givo outside
capital a Cianco to sco at a glanco
what the government royalty on ore
is in this provlnco without havlnc to
hire a tuftthttiiictlclan to do thn calculating.        	
Professional gamblers have Wen
shut out of Nelson, and, while tho
idol of tho  [topic  Is conntructing
foTuSaTuHabinToVfniiV'culturc; |.•gMirtfo*   at VtCto.U, lilaki-morc
manometer and likewise made of silica,'
t'hisbeintr a very refactory material,
whose expansion is about twonty times
less than that of platinum. A piece of
gold wire, placed bosidb tho nulb in" an
electrically heated furnace, closed an alternating electric circuit including n
telephone; the latter would cease vibrating at the moment of melting. Ac
cording to these experiments, the molt
ing point of gold on the nitrogen thor
momoter scale'tvitb constant volume)
would bo In the neighborhood of 1,0;'7
degrees C.
Within the last live yoars tho consumption of mni-nesito in tlio United
States has increased 135 por cent, and
it is now rated at di),000 long tons annually. The larger part of this comes
froth the Island of Uuboea, in Greece,
and from Austria Hungary; tho balance
comes from Silesln, Gonnany'nnd California. Somo depoHits are In Minsati,
Hungary, in Swedish Lapland; in the
Ural mountains of Russia; in Quubuc,
Canada, and lu India, and^loubtlUHS,
within the next fow years bettor transportation facilities will permit of their
development. The best quality of
magnc-slto that comos to this country
Is that from Grooco. In tho crude state
it contains sometimes aR mucili as OH per
cont mngncHium carbonate, nml usually
averagos from 01 to 03 por cont. In
addition, It contains approximately _AQ
por cent calcium carbouatoi .08 per cont
ferric oxide; ,f>2 per cunt sullen, and 51
por cont water.
Tho Mt. Morgan mlno In Qaconslaud,
Australia, Ih probably one of the Brent-
est gold minus the world lii.ii hccii. lt
has produced upwards of eighty-two
tons nf gold during thn hint olghtcun
years, and hns pint) in dlvlihulds $1)1,-
000,000, It Is prnbiil-lu thut this mltm
will also bo known as n largo pi'oiliiivi
of copper, a considerable body of enppn-
oro running over three per cont having
boon opened up.
Don't expect millions lo pop nut of
your cliiiin as noon as you have! worked
It (or a month or two. If you do, you
will very likely ho dlsssppointrd.
Claims that turn out wealth from thn
(-rniisrnnts nm s'lhintn found, and only
bcirninft nn -i-xr*|illon to tin* gniii-ral
rule, lUuiH'iiilinr, no wealth wur taint)
without kooiI, hard, Intelligently np
piled labor, and iu thu evolution o
making a mlno out nf a pronpoct plenty
ot muscle and machine energy must be
laxiKinilcd. Money, labor and thru1
must bu consldurcd In the nuking of a
Twonty yonrs ago, or In 1<W», tho
Riokpn IMI Proprietary mint) iu Australia wan located and It lui practically
hcfiti In aiiiiTMUin over nlnco. l!p tn
O.'ts-ihcr *M Inst yur, it Ji/ui dlMi'lbutnd
iu dividends a total of tlH.W.OOO. Klncv
its IIrut oro was nilni'd uml tip to thn
prt-HPiit timo It has produt'cil 7,11^,87(1
tons nf ore, that has yli'ld<uliWvJ,'2e« tons
of lead, 1,1,00 tons of auliinoiilal lead,
l,fi';t ton.i of ciippa'T, $,">'}% ton* of silver,
atnl2.5 toiiKof gold ^Tlii'm has boon
lu'ieiuli'd lit plant i.,:ll7.l[;l, and IX\-
UyO^Xl it. wfl(-«* to worlaini'ii.
"Pannon, JamesnjrantjJ'rhos. • Hyan,
and Daniel Howe. The property of
the company is located on St. Mary's
lake in Southeast Kootebav district,
fourteen miles from Marysville,'
where the Sullivan smeller is under
construction. It is a silver-load
property and is developed by a 100
foot tunnel and a 40-foot crosscut.
The logging camp of iV-   Thibo-
as been getting out loj:s,
under contract for the P.  McLaren '
Lumber Co., was' disbands.d last Saturday, he having completed his contract, •    '   : ■
'' ' • '
At the Frank mine Work is'progressing steadily both in adding new
equipment and in thcusuiil development of the mine. The output of the
mine is malntained'at over CiOO'tons a
day and a force of some 200 men is
carried, on the company's payroll.
All of tl.e machinery for the new rope
haulage system for the old workings
has been delivered and is being installed as tapidly as possible. This,
haulage system will have a capacity
for handling over 1,000 tons of. coal
every eight hours and will enable
the nrne management to largely increase their output. The capacity nf
the Frank mine is only regulated by
the amount of coal that can* be delivered onto the cars out of the main
entry, and the new haulage system
much larger'quantity of coal than at
present. Nearly all the coal of the
Frank mine is taken by the C. P. \R.
for lotjoraotlve purposes,"; and it 'is _
giving tho best ot satisfaction to thnt
corporation. No work ot any moment is being done by the company
at either the shaft or No, 2 entry, ns
they are devoting their attention almost exclusively to developing' tha
mam en" ry of No. 1.
(From tlio Horald.)
The new flro bell hus arrived and
hus been placed in position. It is a
big ono and will mako more noise
than Gabriel's trumpet,
Mr. Pnssmore had ono of, his eyes
Injured this woek by being struck
by a small piece of brass while working in tho C. P. li. shops.
There has been a new pestoffice
created In tho district to be known
ns Staples, and it is at tho big mill of
Oils Btaples on tho St. Mary's river,
Married, by tho Hoy. S. J. Thompson, nt tho parsonngo,' Cranbrook,
February 8th, 1905, Thomas Cuin-
oron to MIsb Mabel Webster, both of
II. M. Cooper, who came to Cran
brook  as clerk  for Superintendent
Erlcson, has n-signed to tnko a position with tho Canadian Bank of Commerce.
W. D. Hill returnod from Calgnry
on Wednesday, whoro ho lad gone
with Mrs'.-Ulllon account of tho un-
fomuiatu iicu'dcnti to ilmlr young son
Stanley, who lost an cyo piaylng
linckoy ono day last weok. Mr. IUU
snid thut ho left the boy doing nicely
under tho circumstances and that
Mrs, Hill will remain until he can
leave tlio hospital and bu biMUiiht
Grant Downing of JuiTray was In
town Saturday ami ol course won ihe
diamond ring at tho rafll i that, even
Ing. It Downing fell over a eawlog
ho would scramble to his (cot with n
sawmill In his arms.
A letter from .Too Honlang^r, who
Is spending tho winter nt Arnprior,
Ont., says that ho does not want any
nintri Ontario wlntnrs In his. Hn Is
thinking of Crnnl.i-ook and tho banana belt, but ho doesn't know thnt
things aro dllToront this yoar tn this
pan of tho country,
fl. H. Webster, of Calgary, mnna
Hit    V*i   tii.*,  Wt£ C. -J. *', A^U'-t'.Vnwii,
returned homo Inst -Sunday nf'«r
siKwdlng a lew dnys In town. Mr.
Webster U n ru.itlcr and it Is said
thai Im works sixteen bourn a dny
and dreams tho other uight whut ho
he w.UdailUili.Hi'Wiitg day.
Scarcity of Iron Oro.,
Iron ore is to bo advanced in price,
about sixty cents a ton.   The, estimates of production in the Lake Superior region  during   tho   coming
year are that tho total will be something over 25 000,000 tons.   This*..*
based upon - tho present urgency nt
buying and the fenr that is being
expressed ,tlmt the supply will fall
close to, if notshort of,,tho needsdur-
ing tho  winter,   At any rate the
preseiv. lively consumption of ore and
the docreaso which will probably be
shown in tho amount on docks May
lat  will not leavo  the surplus for
operation next spring which wns serin
•lie first of lust May.   It Is recalled
that the furnnces hiid enough ore on
hand to run them pnst tho first of
August without any renewal of sup-
ply.   Such will hard I >  bo thii caso
thif» year.   The supply being nb„ut
equal to tho winter needs, tho buy<
Ing will, of course, bo heavier this
year.    Added to that tnctor is thn
I'not that tho number of liirniiccs coii.
sinning ore will bo Increased, nnd
pig-Iron conditions Indicate thut they
will hnvo a good market In tho north
lor their product.   Everything i-olnts
this year to an enormous output, since
tho fiteol  hiisiiu-ss seeiim to   Iihvo
started on oim ot its Imums whioh is
likely t<i go to i,u extravagant extent.   Tho di-mard for ore, il.ur-.foro,
and thc shurtogc ot the supply of It,
will have a teiidmicy to Increase tho
prices C'liBlderab-y above thc lovel
which thov occupied Inst year.
IjUiigcr-i' Ca.iaajiitiou.'
The nnnti/i! meeting of tho Canadian association for tho ptovrntlon of
consumption will Iw held in Ottawa
, Ull a-lia! ia">w»  iiaiicil   HUM,     TilO rtlttll ■
DM!  ll'ljllaii dt'J'aWud    U>   lllil    IMJtllltl
buaiiiinisM ol tho aseataclattluii. hi tho
evening a lecture will he delivered
by Dr. Adaiul of Montreal on somo
phase ol t!<c crusada against on
sumption, '1 lie governor general
will pre idc ou tlm occncdoti.
It is a fort-gone cnclusion that
mining In the Windermere district
will hum next fpriug and summer.
Tho numerous high-grado pro**'rtlf.s
CranbrvioU hns a tree reading room, i now working nre developing to mio-
Tho movement  Inaugurated n few cfxufully  th»t it Is luiplrlng other
works ago by a number of yoane * l,o!drr*i of |>ruinl(ilr-|; |iroi*crtlrAto jire-
A harg.iin i* wli.ii you need and can j ntcii  h..s   ifono   flhcatl,  gaihtring |«r« f«r greater things next soft.
pr,y for, 1 strength day by day until it hus sue- nn, • Wiliner outcrop,
\% THfi LEDGE,  FERNIE,  B.C , FEBRUARY 15,  1905
-^.-V-a-i  _Ti ■ r-?**T~i
end ot the divided interstices qf the
disc, the growth of the plant is as
perceptible to the ear as to the eye.
The Ledge.
•J. f. "T^s'iygliy, Editor ami Finftneier.
Tin* I.KnnK in published every Weilnesdiay
In Kernio, n 0. Tlie price in .-'i a year. Advertising rate-a Riven upon application.
duct of commercial relations. The
States are putting forward the band
of friendship to Canada, and thev do
not disguise the belief fhat reciprocity
will lead to political union.— B. C.
(Canada's domestic affairs aw P-
fery mapj) pppcerrf to t)*e outside
World just ppflc In England politi-
plans arc studying the subject, some
pf them, like JJr. Bryce, making
fheir enquiries first hand, and, of
course, their conclusions vary ac-
poi-jdiner  to  party  standpoint.    Mr.
' tfrycefu}; told his constituents that
"^anHad^ jyas increasing fast in
■wealth and population and needed
po help'rom preferential tariffs. Sho
#8? hjaftjly at-tt^t4 I**. 1-bo Imperial
cqij^ppiloii, Ind the only tiling that
could weaken it was the notion that
- jrc sought to restrict her self-govern-
fliept.'!, Mr. Bryce is^ no Little Eng-
jander, but his fiscal views are those
toJ the free tpadBr-,
The Chicago Daily,Tribune, in the
aiourse of un article entitled "Reci-
f)*-6PSfy: w.ith Canada,!1 Vfhen referring to the recent general elections
in Canada, pointed out that "the Lib-
t(W:alg qrp tr-iditlonaHy.ron.r.p favorable
lo rccipppjty with the United States
Jhan \v$ iii**5 .Conservatives;" and it
j»|tj that if America had come forward years ago when |hP Canadian
"Liberal  party  was in power, and
>   Ti)ft$p ft prpRos*! -*°r reciprocity, "the
i American continent would not now
be divided^ \\y hpetilp rariffs to the
Commercial disadvantage of eaph
section." the TfjbflHp |8 gratified
\»y the victory of the Liberals, believing that the time has come for
 'America to.make-araend8.for_her.fbri
"Jnpj ihort-sightedness.   It urges the
1 Amei*'pl*P government to make the
^flrs't a^yanf^a   Finally the Tribune
goes' on V assert that "the natural
■nprsisteief ijitere'sts of, both Canada
jMidfhe'Uuit'ef} States dieinandi pq$
^uerciaj  utiiop.   -fhe t^unclnry be-
iwgp-j them ia wholly artificial. Tbe
States need the vast natural resources
cjj  (ftp  territory  to the north, and
('capat*la npeda the hig.hly.developcd
.indust*;icg a.nd products of the States
«pRn?^?B w!-i Ip^6 - most lmp°rtant
jjioty" unperformed- if it does not }n
-augurate a policy looking towards
,ihe commercial amalgamation whioh
nature   j"ntpnded.     Political   union
Will follow If commercial union proves
the success anticipated."
rTJhefp^'lje-*^ plainer qpoi>l*inp
'4than this. ' f{!l.o 'Gjta'tps WQ tblnkjng
,91 .flow "Hjnpfl. Hitherto the Yankees
jajRYd Mwa'yi- i^hpught tl^oy had but
,to hold jjp flipir hngcr and Canada
^qg'j^come running to Washington
,U)V Reciprocity. Now thoy have
'been disillusioned. Tho tjept'inont
'for f])p )\f\.^\\ jjaff W been so
strongly c|lsp|aycd that American
ji.urn.il tots arc driven to denying its
^xisteiipo. Admittedly, "Comtner
'ciiil union leads to jxjUtlcal union;"
'furthermore, in plain words, the
.-Tribune says the United States, w-m:
.Vt-Ji"'hoar Bomotinien a good deal
.f.bout the "sordid bondB" of colonial
^preference from certain critics who
nrofc^tq'llijljljp IfflRprty- proposals
\\vo thoap ajerpni^ha not playing In
,t<> tl^t, \tfnjfo o,( tj]o ynjtcd States ?   If
nntjitlilrj wl|U  (ipt rcc||>rocato with
tC«nada, It soet^s olca^', th|*,t|hc States
will do bo; and It Is equally qloar,
(rum tho utterances of Canadian public ,mon, that If wo deollno to enter
,'thtu iVelercntiiil relations with them,
thoy may'Wi^ to, ■■■ policy of cun
,^erclal recfjir.oe'l.y vy|'|| fhi'lr nuarcst
Cann4» \n lb© mv\f*\ W« ^|\»t
reasonably coniidor her advances
and reciprocate her favors. The re-
'jucjlon of them li not merely leaving
filing* ai they arc; It may h,e tyfltn*
mount to drmpg ^s,|i»|ia% mtp the
upon arms o( ^i(i|\rica, If we lout
Cannda 0i(, secession of the other
self-gov.emlng colonies mlg it follow.
Atid'^taln w|ll t|o well* to ^o'niuin-
b«r that v/hen our Amcrh-an colonies
.begi^ri to quarrel ^jltjh us nlno y^r&
before tho relMiUloQ, their first retort
\vas to crttc*' into a bond among
themeelyes tb uso or wear no Eng-
'jtah Manufactured goods mull (he
Military titles sound well in the
atmosphere of military life and action.
Scholastic titles and degrees are
properly and gFapefal}y ernp}oye4 on
thc lawful occasions pf scholastio life.
But it js. all sham and, folly and
child's play this Bystetn ot writing
"Captain" this and "Colonel" that on
hotel registers and, business d.es,$gna*
As bad or- worg^ Is the misuse of
ti)P titlp.-i^L.t).-1 in the attempt to
glorify lawyers and business men
with the rank of V Doctor."
Canadians holding rank in the
militia should only be colonels, majors, captains, or lieutenants when
they have their uniforms on.
Canadians, who are honored with
the toevet" rank of "LLD" should
avoid vainglory, and pattern themselves on the simple dignity ot the
one scholar in Toronto who has earned
more scholastic degrees and is entitled to more scholastic degrees than
any other matron Canada, and still
claims no other, distinction than that
which goes with the unadorned name
of Gold win Sinhh.-Toronte Telegram.
has shown  b'mself unable to
loose from the corru.pt influence.
That is a very excellent: ep'tome
of some of the reasons for the defeat
of the Ross government. The Commercial refers, to the principles upon
which it came about as a straight
business proposition. Mr. Ross did
not, or could not, deliver the goods
he had promised to the people, lt
adds another, which it claims contributed materially to the Ross defeat.
"$e had, sepiired, the support of the
temperance vote on various occasions
by promises which were not made
good. Tho temperance party gave
him chance after chance to fulfill his
pledges, b,i*f while they rallied to his
support, he temporerlzed and practically turned, , j;}iem down. The
promissory ,notc, oft renewed, at
length went to, protest, with the result—political bankruptcy."
; Eh*. CJarkeof the Ontario depart
ment of forrestry, in addressing the
Canadian Institute, said 6ne of the
greatest national problems was the
mtflntenancc-of-'-a-forest-cover on its
non-agricultural lands for the production of timber and the conserva
tion of water, in fact, noting \*-puld
contribute more, to tlm d/eYplqpment
of the Dominion than an abundant
tl^Ler supply. The forest's other
sphere of usefulness was in the conservation of water by checking the
surface run-off, owing to the sponsry
character of the forest floor, by giving the water which does not at once
enter the soil time to penetrate, by
presenting obstructions in tho shape
of leaves, twigs, moss, etc., and by
attributing the flow from melting
sno.w. In nn evergreon forest over
weeks 'insfpfld of days, thus preventing disastrous flood,--.
Referring to tlip jiipome which thc
different provinoeti p.( the Dominion
miglij hope to regpiyn from their
forest lands, Dr. Clarke pointed out
that Ontario alone had at least 60, •
000,000 acres of land which could be
retained for timber pruductlpn. Jf
practical mothpc|s, woro adopted in
tho removal of tho present crop and
every care taken to avoid injury by
fire, tho value of tho annual growth
ou this area' should In two decades
bo,equal to $20,000,000,
Canada's fo^eB.t \^_ fared foa^y
In a {ire ov^njj-. to th^r. u^ -fuoky
floor, "jj flipso flros, which are ot
frequent occurrence on the enatern
slope of tho Rocl-y mountains, wero
not chc-ckcd the, amount: pf wqtpr-
available for Irrigation in t^outliorn
Alberta and Western Asslnlbola
would bo profior lountoly {JeoriH}B,cdi.
Tbe Edmonton Bulletin says that it
would be a financial disadvantago to
the Territories to place them on the
same footing as the other provinces.
It pointg qi*t that in ten years the subsidy to Manitoba has increased from
$437,599. to $553,327, while the subsidy to the Territories has increased
from $223,261 to $1,111,000. The
grant to the provinces, except in one
particular, is fixed, and the.Bulletin
says. this: operates to the,, disadvantage of a province whose population
is growing rapidly. A cash subsidv,
increasing annually with tbe population, is its recommendation. No
doubt tlie proh,ah|Uty of a yery rapid
increase in population is an element
to be considered in carving out new
provinces. The rapid increase, is
likely, to continue for many years,
and, therefore cannot be used as an
argument for delay in granting full
provincial powers, twu there is no
reason why special arrangements,
should not be made to meet tbe special
circumstances of the West. As to the
size of t^e new provinces, it may be
noted that it has never b,een alleged
that Ontario, Quebeo or i*cw Brunswick a^p top la^ge, while it has been
ajleged that the Maritime provinces
aro too small, and proposals have
been made for uniting thorn Into one,
That experience may be a guide in
the West,
He that takes a wife takes care.—
Woman is the prgan ot the devil.—
Woman is ■ a charming crea'ure
who changes her heart as easily as
she does her gloves.—Balzac.
Trust not a woman when she
weeps, for it is her nature to weep
when she wants her will.—Socrates.
A woman finds it a much easier
task to do an evil than a virtuous
Nature is in earnest when she
makes a woman"—Oliver Wendell
Woman }sthe most precious jewel
taken'", from nature's casket for the
ornamentation and happiness of man.
—Guyard.    ,       -' •
Women'are too imaginative and
sensitive to have much logic—Ma-
came du Deffand.
The most beautiful object in the
world, it will be allowed, is a beautiful woman.—Macaulay.
There nre three things a wjs,e roan
will not trust—the wind, the sunshine
ot an April day, and a woman's
plighted faith.—Southey.
The one who has read the book
called women knows more than the
one who has grown palp jrj liberies. —Houssay e.
On buying horses and taking a
w|fe, shm. your eye? tight »P*- commend yourself to God.—Tuscan proverbs. '
If you would, make, a pair of good
shoes, take for the'sole the.tongue of
a woman; it never wearsput.—Alsatian proverb._:_^	
A story is going tljc rqunds ahout "a
green recruit ft-Qin the old sod who was
walking with his brother through a,
railway cul on a-pleasant Sunday afternoon. When a tain .came'up behind
them-and whistled, the experienced
Irishman clambered up the bank; while
his brolhea struck off a-jowii tl-e tr-a'c-k
as hard as hesv.could run, only to be
overtaken and tosseJ about forty rods
by the cowcatcher. The brother rushed
to his side and shouted.
"Moike, are ye hurted?"
"Sure!    I'm killed entirely."
' ."Why didn't yeclimb the bank?" ,  ..
"Well, if I couldn't bate it on the
level," snorted the wounded Irishman,
"how in thunder.could I bate it climb-
ing'hilisT-     7™      ~ .
Opposite the Depftt, JJERNIE
The home for railroadmen
and lumbermen.
Ijenry Ste^e
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Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go tu
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
mouths at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry.,
Stege. Home cooking, and tbe finest beverages
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Finest   Liquors  and  Cigars.
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In Fernie, is a pleasant
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Rooms reserved by, wire.
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. A Seasonable Query;
I often wonder if, when florists aim
My purse to touch, . ,n
A rose by any other name
VYo'ud   cpst as much.
TT-Philadelpliia. Press
Many a fellow lies abed late in the
mornings after he is married trying
to naal-e i*p sleep he lost while he
was courting. •    .      -  ' '
Thfl WIH^^P*? Pftmmorclal hat| (in
editorial on tho ronult of tho Ontario
olectloiifl which contains eomo rather
moaty observations, says the Victoria Colonist. It says that It was
more than a more partisan victory
(oy \\$ (Conservatives,   Ita slgnlll-
P-^IW iQ m n f"Wfi'> *\\^ tho Con
BptjnUyc!' won and the Llborulo
wtTsO defo^fd. *[t was tho Inevitable
revolt agulniit tr-'aftinur and corruption j It t*m iyn emphatic declaration
l*y tho people' of"that proylpoo that
U10 promlor mtiHt either 'bo hold *-o-
■ponsible lor any corrupt ip|"aptice py
the party henchmen, or hayo such
abuBijiii|mii)arlly')iut down. While
li. W, Hobs deplored cortal.1 dis-
iTnia-fafnl Irrci'iiliirltlon, to u-"e a familiar euphemism, during his ad-
nilnlijtriiijlon, Ijo" chilmed his own
hiincjB ^ovo clean. Tlio party organs
hiiujo g'-cat capital of'1 bin personal
l-Mputiittor, for  being ' straight,   but
V*joth,or cotjritry changed ifa attitude Ontario hns at length declared that
jowRijIi'ilio^ Ti-idn and commore«' tjio ajlogoil ^rnl'gii^ifw of its loader
peilri'ihA ao,/]ii«|iHi*tii*(* nml amity of la no Jaottlleatlo'u for the returning
actions, and 'tho only cxprcsHlnnolof a corrupt govomment to power,
J^r'natlonal frlondehlp is in the M>rr-c-a;.(-cl illy when tho leador In iiuos
Aided by telephones and a phonograph, a Long Island parson recently
pushed the good work along In spite
of a Sunday blizzard. Sermon and
sacred son.gs were carried to the
earn, and, it is hoped, to the hearts of
his snowbound parishioners, Years
ago a genius of tho Jules Verne order
took an Imaginary flight to a distant
planet, and,, among other wonders,
found tbat tho people sitting in their
parlors cou,!d. hy a'toueh of ^-p b-*.-t;qn
turn on heat, light, eatables, lectures,
sermons, opera, tragedy,, comedy
and so on through tho list of life's
luxuries and necessaries, Tho people, bo it noted, woro of a, different
order, of ofeittures from any wo know
about on earth and tm,ilt in just tho
right way to appreciate without
abusing their fairy land existence.
«o*iof In Koli/rfon.
Tho Daily Telegraph has, during
tfyc last two mont-liB of tho yoar that
has Just closed, 'published' 2,000
columns of communications, in the
form of lettors and sermons on "Do
Wo ncllovo?" and tho most striking
(cftturp pr tl\n jjttbilpatlon is the fact
tty\t t|*p pub.Uo do boitovo in (rccd^n
of thought. A hundred yc^ra ago
mon would havo boon Imprisoned ns
heretics for holding such extraordinary vlows as onmo of those which
have been published. It,Is said that
in answer to many requests tho result
of the discussion Is to appear In
pamphlet; form, bat It la hardly to
be expected that tho mass of tho
peoplo who 'would really benefit by
thin work will mad It. TnrllfmrpnRn,
rather-than actual diBtfalief, Is thn
py\l which |b rooting out tho old faith.
Hour Plnnta Grow,
■ptyo Oormans havo discovered a
???i&$ *?y '"'•••---• --icy *->ui heats'.
PljWt?. 9row' In tho nppnratt-8 the
Kf4\YlnOl«Vit'!n connected with a
disc, Imvljig in Its coritcr an Indicator whhali mp.vcs visibly nnd regularly, and this on a Ronlo fltty tlmcm
magnified denotes thc progress and
growth.' Jtoth disc and Indicator aro
metal, and when brought in contact
with Inn electric hammer, tho electric current being interrupted at each
Is of the utmost Impor-tanco in
these days of modem life when a
minute may sometimes mean a million.
Always have a watch that keep.- the
correct timo, and if it will not, talk to
C. 0. Demaurez
The Beat
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Miners' Garments
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Photographic work of every description. Interiors and'Flash.Light'Pic--
tures a specialty.    Picture Framing.
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Wholesale Dealers and Direct Importers
Of Wines, Liquors nnd Cigars.
District Agents for
P-rniroory Champagne
and Sch,It?, "poor
DistributcrB of
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About i6ooiicres, Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
* . CREEK,  10 miles from ELKO.
Will he subdivided to suit purchaser in blocks from
80 acres upwnrtl».
Price from .1.3.00 to $7,130 per acre.   Term's—i-,*jth
cuhIi ;  balnncc in yearly Instalments at 6 per
cent, interest.  '      . .
MoMoniCo,"- T. G. Proctor Manager Nelson
?W'-y P\U your, money in
tho saving's bank at a low
rate of interest when you can
buy a
in the great city of Winnipeg
by paying
down and the balance in 6, ia
and 18 months. Lots from
.$75 to $100 each according to
Wc have 506 such lots in
the Chicago of Canada for
sale on the above terms. Call
and see us for particulars.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, 13. C.
Mott, Son & Co,
Agonli in Fernie for T, G, Proctor, Nelson'
53 Hotel Strathcona
Ib In a delightful ty,witlp,u and from its bnlconlcs
can bo hcoii All ^\o btmuty of tho grand HConory
t'.^rit curr'ounda,' V-Ctaa in, aud adorua thc lu^
city of Nrfoofl. 2ft, 4!) t-hc homo of toujJi't'j aud
business mon (vow all porta of tho world, The
culfiino never d,raga {p the mlro of mediocrity
and every roopn ifi an onorny to lnnomnla, I
von nor-d room-* whon nn thr* wnv In, tonoh fbo
v ti *
wiro and the deed is done,
VJ B. Toinkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C. M
KK2^}CS5CS3JS2 K3 S23 53 S3 KJ-S3-S5H -'.   .    .
*i A
11 is interesting to know how "suby
..elephants are.trained • for ihe ' circus.
At Bridgeport, Conn., is, a "traveling
•kindergarten for b:iby elephants com-
- posed of eight little pachyderms jvlio
•ire   receiving   iheir". education   to be
come performing elephants in .a.  great  strikes fur good measure and the pun-
baby shakes its head at first in stubborn
mood and trumpets in defiance, but tha-
heavy, trunk continues to fall, and al
last' the little'one drops on his knees on
tlie'fioor and calls plaintively for mercy.
Colonna - gives    him   a ' couple more
jcircus. From S o'clock in tin*, morning
until noon, and from *t o'clock in the
Afternoon until 5, these baby elephants
.are kept busy at their lessons, and
-tlieir early school' days will continue
throughout the long winter months. "
The elephants have a regular system
of rewards and punishments, and no
.child was ever more sad than a baby
elephant under discipline for beini*" bad.
, "The school lasts all year round, but it
is moved- with the circus, and the hours
are changed to suit their liberty from
llie ring. Seven of the babies are from
.-Singapore and the eighth and youngest
is native born. They are part of the
- jierJ of a well known circus.
The seven little fellows from the East
Indies were brought to .the, United
Stales a little more than a year ago and
jjoined the kindergarten at. Bridgeport,
where the circus had its winter quarters. - Coco, the An*(*rican, was too
young to take lessons in tricks, for.it is
only a little more than two" years old,
'hut since that time it has been enrolled
-md nbwshows signs of overtaking the
.others in its studies.
The head teacher of the school is W.
Emory.    His assistant is   T.   Moohey
There is a whole staff of tutors and occasionally and older   elephant  to  take
".the part of a monitor.    The pupils bedsides Coco, are Trilby, Topsy,   Prince,
Keetah, Bun'ihih,   Annie and  Curzon,
•the last named after the viceroy of   In—
.dia.      "
In an elephant kindergarten  one   of
the' babies  is'taught alone until il has
learned a trick.    The first trick usually
-is to lie down at command.    The  head
teacher stands by a little fellow and says
"Down".      The -babv  doesn't   know
•what thai means,-so llie tutors pull  its
". legs'fro'm under it and throw it  to the
floor.. All   the° time the head   leacher
' has. been   repeating the word of com-
„ jiiand.    After a time,   perhaps,   before
.the end ofthe first day, the baby begins
:to understand_wliat is  wanted ...and dit
lies down alone.    Then it is petted and
'•'Did you send Mr. $obley the   samples he asked for?" inquired llie tailor."
"Yes" replied the clerk, "I'm' just
finishing our letter *to him. Which
shall I say,-'Trusting lo have your order, 1 am' or 'we are'. "
- "What! Cut out that 'trusting' and
make it hoping.'."—Exchange.   .
ishment is ended. This lesson has. a
wholesome effect for behavior in school
next day, for a whipping at home has
followed discipline at the hands' of the
richer. '
"Another of the tricks taught early to
baby elephants is pirouetting. One is
turned round by the tutors until it. has
learned to'do the dance its-elf. Then
the lesson is gtven lo the others by ex-"
ample and pressure. After a time they
have learned to dance together and a
good start has bpen made in their training.
The babies have now- been trained to
go through a war scene. ' Three of
ihem (ire a cannon and one falls down,
apparently badly wounded. Then Capt.
Mooney, who, is in command of the
army, also is shot and drops to the
ground, his sword falling by his side.
One ofthe little elephants picks up and
waves a-wl»ite flag, another covers the
fallen officer's body with the Stars and
stripes and with the aid of a third carries him from the field, while a fourth
brings up {lip rpar with. the sword.
Two of the eight that take part in the
scf-np have been trained to act as understudies for the stars, but thoy never
gejt mixed, A|l that is necessary is to
give tliem the right cues at the starl of
the performance. Then they go
through it without a,break.
Puring the current circuit season at
the coliseum (hp elpphants will . have
very little time for school, but as- soon
as they go back to Bridgeport they will
have to take jjp jllje course again and
put in full time. Meantime they will
not suffer for lagniappe, for if they are
good in theL,cij-C'|s ring they get it just
the satin? as Ijjey do in winter school.
. A well known city , officer
Reekie was celebrated for his cunning
and wit." His mother having died in
Edinburgh he hired a hearse and carried, her to the family burying place in
the Highlands, He returned with the
hearse full of smuggled whiskey, and
being leased about- it by a' friend said.
"Oh, moil Jbere'is nae harm deen; I
only took awa (hi: body and brought
back the speerit.   .   '
The whole purpose of the big pro-
motors whom wo have bpen brought to
call our leading financiers is to get'., the
public to invest. It-is by obtaining the
money of a large number of persons" of
"^and^a'Ioaf of Ijreadis given to it.        "
-   , The day after, the baby  has   learned
ihe meaning   of the word "Down"' tjie
rest ofthe class'.s taken into the school
room.0 The  new '.pupils  are   ranged
.along tlie wall with their heads toward
the centre ofthe room..   The baby that
has been taught how to lie down is put
through the   performance  again   and
again, while the others tool*, on.    Then
one of thc new pupils is   taken  out   to
, 'the centre and the word of command is
given lo it.    The order means  nothing
to the baby elephant,.so the little fellow
is put through thc snme course   of in-
. struciioii that taught tho lirst pupil.
Bui while it has been standing with
the others wntchinglhe actions- of the
one in the centre of the room some kind
of :in idea, has taken root in   its brain,
'-nd there is enough imitative tendency
in its nature   to make   it lenrn  much
mpre readily than if it had never  seen
the lessons I'iven to the other.    So one
by one the whole class is schooled until
Mil know enough (0 lie down when the
■order is given. . s
At the end of ench morning session
find again nt the close of the afternoon's
work and before they go to bed at night
the good little elephants nre treated to
"Ingninppc," in thisciiso 11 loaf of bread
which in one of iho greatest dehicicies
for.clcphitnis. Lngniuppe is 11 south-
prii'word used hy animal trainers in the
circus nnd menus si sweetmeat or other
delicacy tfiven to a child as 11 reward
for something it has done right. Only
(lie good little elephants get Ingninppc
ihe bud ones cut hay.
Sometimes Coco is unru)y or mis-
chcviouH. If It Ih In the morning there
in no Ingninppc for It nt noon. Then
Coco wiilltt uud whines und trumpets
nnd coaxes thc head teacher for thc tidbit. But it ix uo use. Discipline is
strict. All Coco |retR is advice, But
Coco noon learns why I hero Is no loaf
uf bread, and in the afternoon there is
liu Ingninppc when school iv dismissed
nor Is. there any ut bedtime, There is*
only another scolding, Then -Coco
fries again and gcu angry und tries to
vent his bithy spile oii hi. niollier. Next
inornlng, however, thc storm lum passed
juid Coco to llie most obedient and will-
lni" of ihe lot, for he has not fnr|-ott.>n
the Ions ofthe bread.
There nre times when Cnco has been
hud In school mid hus been punished,
(hut hv goes home in had humor.   He
trumpets and stumps around and hath-
1.'       .1      /•> 1   .        1      •      ,1
t«. > a..* ittv...stj ImS^..,........   a^,..b. ,.,.-'£,    aa.**
big elephant in the side with hit. head
and behaving liko unpolled child. Col-
, pimii Mauds It for 11 while in patience,
l|>ut ut lust .will put up with no more
tantrums. Then she bucksi the naughty
boy inlo ihe corner ;.ii.l \vliijv- w hit her
trunk, "Thwack, thwack," the blows
fall aerosi the baby's body, not on the
lie-it! or shoulders, but on thnt part to
which the ni.'ilcrnal .slipper is applied
\n  the  cave  of  human b.ibics.   Tin.'
small or moderate means- that the or-
.' ' ■      r- ' ■
gunizers-   of the   alluring    flotations
WE have all experienced that delightful
feeling, when after having dined off
'the best and enjoying a good cigkr we feel oh
good terms with everybody and satisfied that,
after all,: this is an-excellent world to live in..
The man who advertises in The Ledge has
exactly that same feeling. His business prospers;" he gets fresh customers and keeps them;
and  no  stale  stock  encumbers his  shelves.-
Advertise in THE LEDGE and see the cash roll in.
schemes are able to make "something
but of nothing.", The big gambler
offers something which.he" says is worth
$■00. The man with a little money to
invest buys, this "security" for $100
It turns* out shortly that this ^.'security"
is worth only $25. The individual who
had savings to invest has lost $75. The
great financier of Wall Street has made
$75. When this sort of a transaction
is perpetrated in a small way we call it
a "confidence game," or "obtaining
money - under false pretences. The
guilty man, if he is caught, is sent to
prison, und tlie righteous indignation
of the public is appeased, And this is
as it should be, But the men who
carry on similar transactions on a scale
a million times as large become' pillars
of churches They wear expressions of
sancity. They do not neglect opportunities to have their names linked with
,      11
those of conspicuous clergymen. They
remove themselves from the contemplation of the ruin Ihcy have wrought,
They do not like to be reminded of the
homes they huve wroel-cd, or the suffer*
ings they hnve caused. For in the end
iho fruit of this mighty und fraudulent
gambling game in which thc big life
insuimice combine has its guilty part
is widespread personnl sorrow. A little
more than two.ycurs ngo these promotion schemes through which thousands
of people were duped und robbed, were
nt the height of their success. 11 wus
then thnt an attempt wus mude to float
the Shipbuilding trust.—-Henry Shedd
Beurdsley in The I'm Muguzlno for
Ilii* Uogiilnr Lino,
"Dr. Post is nt work on 11 collection
of poems now."
"Whutl   Why, ho'* n atoll J old doctor of medicine. "
"Yes, hut he's ulwo coroner. He's
examining the poems lo see wlml there
was In ihem lo Induce Ihe editoi lo
shoot the writer of them.'
The government of Chili has decided
to build dor)?!;' in the harbor of Talca-
Japan's rice crop for this year is estimated to exceed by 20 per cent the average annual crop.
It is said that an' Austrian railroad
mechanic has discovered a method by
which smoke from warships can be entirely consumed. .
The government now has on hand
about 462,060,000 silver dollars, which
require about 1 i5,56o cubic feet of space
to store in the treasury.
In the Slonewall mine, San Diego
county, California, an earthquake so
twisted the shaft that the timbers . were
twisted arpund to the'opposite sides of
the shaft from their original position.
An English decision has determined
.lhat piano' playing is a legal nuisance
only when it is carried on with intent
to annoy. Continual playing does not
ih itself constitute a nuisance.
Thorium nitrate to tlie amount of 63.-
520 pounds valued at $232,155, was
imported into the United States last
year., for use piincipally in the manufacture of incandescent gaslight mantles
Before a recruit can be said, to have
joined the British army, his name must
be entered 62 times, and that of his - su-
perior officer 29 times, in-the'documents required by the war oflice.
The sight of birds is' extraordinary,
and the simple fact that the eye of a
hawk or pigeon is larger than their
"wliiJlFErain gives some idea of what
-their powers of sight must be, and of
how easily they can fly hundreds of
miles If they have marks to guide them
The invasion of Tibet by a British
force, was a "mission." The army of
2500 men now being sent into the
Nyam country, Central' Africa," is officially a "patrol."
The art treasures at Windsor castle
are said to be worlh over $60,000,000.
The king has had them rearranged,
but has nol been able to insure them as
yet, owing to there groat value.
The coiil measures of Coahulla district are being  extensively   developed.
They are the only extensive coal
mines in Mexico. The minimum daily
output is 3000 tons.of coal and 1500
tons of coke'.
The cultivation of heps in Great Britain Is restricted to some six counties of
of England, the total urea of hops outside these counties being only 188 acres
as compared wilh aj7.f111 acres within
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance Cigars
Moiint:Fernie CodgeiNb.l47
Meets every^Tliursday'-'evening at
p.m. inl.O.O.F.iHhll.* ,-..- ..; v    .
j    - i' .vJ-'T; Beck,:."P.G.,R.S.
~     *, .'***       r ^   .i^.:_ „.itl •-*■;-•{
United BrothectfoodofGarpentersfr'Jbiiiers
'" ;, ..,ofAmerica,:.No.l220
The Carpenters'& Joiners of Fernie
meet' the ist and 3rd Tuesdays in each
month at tlie Oddfellows' Hall.*   '
J. Barber,
opposite  the
\V:   Block,
Ollice hours—8 a,ra. to 8 p.m. t
Wi 11. Ross - - *■  »-•_■• - -j."s. Ti aux-.n-pku
Ross & Alexander
a " I* '       V   ,.      . ,,
fekxie, n. c.'      ■   •'. ';■
Offlec In L. T. W.'lllook, Vlctorl»"Avcmie,
J. R.Cameron
Is the tailor to go to when
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
He has the nobbieBt' suiting!
to select from, and the fit am*
workmanship is the best.
The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd., Montreal, Que.
First maker of the " Flor de Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur*' since 1876 ; over 27 years in existence.
., Walter Crone^ Western Representative. ^
f        in kaslo"     "■"!
The door of the
The Exchange
Convenience is a poor paymaster.
Electrical Supply Depot
Estimates given on all kinds of
Wire Work.     ■.
Electric Light Plants 'Installed
in auy part of tbe country."
II. W. llKUCUMKIt. ■ SlIKUWllOI) ItKltt'llMKU
Herchmer & Herchmer
BAREUfc-     .._-,   SOLICITOUS,   ETC.
KfclKNIE, ». C.
Ofllee- orei .1*. Jlurns & Co's block, Victoria nvaj.
it,. 1'. EcKMHih '"■ -•-_ J*, c. Lawk
Eckstein & Lawe  ^
Bauristkus-at-Law,    foi.iciroiis,   Hit'.
CuthUrt lilock, Forii.U, Ji.-.C.
J. H. LOVE,v-r
'.■-'■) V "    '     "" -, ■- ;- **■
Help  of "All Kinds Furnishc d   en
Short   Notice  .
Yiil"-1    -
&   GRAY-
JL tii-a
Next door to CuIkuij* Ciittlc Co., "W^on-I Streut'
Svorl; ot All Khi.l».     Hull-, iW'.'jiiiiUu. ■.
H«is not been locked for many ye.irs.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenur
ated wafer. Try one of their morning • bracers. Mail - orders receive
prompt attention,
Allen & Palmer
New Crop  Now  in Mock
,  Homo Grown unit Imiiorted '  *"  .
Wholosale nnd Ilotiiil, '
-:- Specinl. P'rliie*' to Fiirmor'ta 7,imtltnlo«
Tliousumla "of' Fruit und Ornamontnl Trcerf
miodiHlaiiiilron's,     Kamrii', -    GreainhouMai
nntl Uaraly riants
"*    now Browing in my nuriwrlos for
-  Siirini? |)liintii-,(-
Eiiistorn nrlccH or lods. Wh'itii Labor
Vnnoouver, 11.C.
ItOlO WaiiatmliiBtair Itoiid."
provincial" and
land surveyor      ;
Oflice: Mott, Soii'& Co., L.T'*\V. Block
Fernie—*—-British. Cojunibiii
Laniis and Mineral Clairn'JSiirvoy'.'d
"and Cro.wn Granted.,«
PO. Box 5«3,        OlUcb: Kootenay St.', N«l»tn
0 VANCOUVER .no NEU80N, B.C. 0
Short  Line
Victoria and Vanoouvor
StoekliiKH -•lliittlod" Jiidfro.
Mm, Emily Rlclmrds and Mro. Lizzie Annblron«, iwo^'ouiik society wo-
mi-n nfColumhiiv, fin. i-nnirrfloil nhnnt
tlio ownemlilp of 11 dozen putr« nf silk
fltocUin(l« nnd wunl to law over It. Mrs.
Riclinrdu suid n wunlicrwoiiiiin stole
the liosii-ry from Iter nnd sold the ar-
tli'.k'H (0 Mm, Anmlron(". * Jud-ye liny
r I I*    I        a»,» ,1       ,     a *, -   .
...as*y as«,s. s., a...v ai.a^.vs.i.a l,,^ >s.v>alJ ha,v>4
tlio disputed properly) s.iid liu cotild nol
decido until liu Imd seen tin) HtocUin^i-
ivliercupon Mm, Arnistriuin- furnislu'd
evidence reijuireJ. It wus Jtiplicuted
hy Mi'M. KicliiirdM, who clalnivd that
liu; t'M> p.isir'A lu.iulicii, Tliu ii'mpl.t)
ivini su unusual llmt Ills honor wns
thrown oil lint bul.tncc lnr 11 inonuni.
Then he -liMnWiiCaJ tlto ensf, snyinj,' he
It.id nn doubl ninny uomen in Uie <.!iy
a ore similar ankle*.
Daii.v Tiiains leave Fernie at jo;oo
11.in,, rcacliln(r Vancouver nnd Victoria
Ihe Nkxt Aitkbnoon. Return train
reaches Fertile l":4'o p.m.
The First Class Hotel of Fernie
Tlio R«nort of Commoruliil uml Tmv*illn« Men
The hotel is elegantly furnished with
handsome new furniture throughout,
is heated by steam and has return
call bells in every room.
Rates : $2.00 a day and upwards
Vfl'HVfT t
Order   your   Fall   Suit    now.
Natty SiiitingH now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher,
Silverton'1 Bon Tailor
,75 I Gold ami Silver—fl.oo
.761 Oolil, <ilvaT. co|i|K!r l.so
ruci-lvu |iromi>t atu-ntkaii;
ami  Itleli Ore's- Ucu-rlit
LuuU -*■	
Sumplon lij mall
I'lticor Qulal,  Itctorls,
bund for Free Jlallliif-Knvti. and Price J.itt.
1TKK Aru|>»li»« St.;   Urnver, Cailo,
p. o  nox 185,
tliu nml 17>iiurnuJUKjria.'iiue In ilyntal work,* nil
DiftkuH A aitci-tnlly of 0old Il-I'lutf Work, vl'lt'
mtido to tlio HIocaii rt>trul«rly. '        ■•-.,
Wimiine'T, St. Vitti), Cliic;i/;n, 'lornnlo
nniJ nil Kiisteni point:).
New. Liise
Yor r.Ut» nmi infonn.ilinn fall on—
J, S. Tiiumson, Avja-nt
In Three Furl'i* in one of the
oldest hotels in the Slociui, mul hns
never clu.skU iu Juur-a, Thc iikmIs arc
nlwnyK lusty, nnJ the lnndlnr-1 never
iillowM Ii'ih uhinl-ey to llirt with the
water barrel, »
HUGH NIVBN, Proprietor.
'•-   '■      l IU'H.,1, I J I J     ,
Mill tnd Mining Mncliliu-ry. Complcti.
.Stock nf Slmftlnp*, Flttlti-,')1, etc., ulwnyi*
on Imnd KrttlinritoH fnriiiMlKiil, ScrAp
Iron IjoukIh by tlio cnrlo'id. Itopnlrlnj-
nnd Jobbing,
B  C. TRAVIS, «Mi«n
U'hon »mi fmoke a ctif-ir
nen thnt It Ix UNION mmln.
Itltio 1'rixti, Hunry Vaiio, Oolumbn-i nnd
HnvHiia Whip C'tftiirri _tn Union tloori*
liihild liv.
W. P.  K1LB0U1WE & CO.
' Wlniil|H'if,JUn,
Baaiiri-wnlH hy DKOitOK IIORTilN.
Furniture nnd
n»rjj*Hirm in
Wall Paper
Two coinnlftn win of Hnr Flxturen, oihi
l.rUlnb l-lntc Mirror WxW Im-bm. i.a>.w,
ll jittiT 1'naaia.ci, li.'ttnrdi ntv\ I'onl Tnbti1* i
U-.hllp-:lrtfW»ii«i«*rtUri.|-«-Wi«M-.     ,„,,„ „„,! AiniTican PUn.   duly White
W*ll  Or,1<rai  K/tvlva*   t'r m*4   .Ufntl.ri.    , Uti ir <-tn|<lnV«'<l.    Kir<l ctii«<-insr.
K. Elliott, Knslo, B.C."
''pii'-»!'i: Cxiirt HouisC -itnl tic.u Pust
illHIli).     Faffl   -'*>|-  UH'Iti  III  tiMI'fi.     Kuro
Juit fcirj'Oi prejndico for
a iiinnient!
Thu OHHontlalH for a well
fltliiiK suit of clothes are pin-
per desi(,MilnK--aiarcful,ciillin'f
— expert worUiuniihhlp--hand
tailoring and (*ood inau-rinls.
These dotcrilllilC llie lit nnd
hunt*' of ihe (,'iirinent —- Uie
Hlyle -~ Ihe vlmpu —• nnt) the
' permiincnt retenlion nf llie>«e
iiiiiilllit'S duriiiK the a-armt-nl'.-.
llec.mse ynu liUe lo be
iiH'.iinri-il with a Itipe line
does it tiilloiv thut yon will obtain the nm xi in ii in HtiliHlbiC'
tlllll Ull tllt'M' poiuU fiaini Iho
" little" ftllnvv who tries to
ileaalKii—cut ■— (iiilor and ww
all liy.hlnisell? _
Siini-reuily is the piodml
of speclalKlia assembled ' in
unit*— a master laiUir doe» the
desi^nini'—cxperl ciilleria cut
I'll*   Clot It   illlU   lldllctl   tillloi*.
h-pjIi oi) iba- p:jiliii'l.iJ •ijil,'-
in the makitif** of which they
The rtMiillu of fit—ajuprt-i-
taiiMi—xliiipe .mJ perntniiont
relentinn nf ihent* qu.ililiei* an-
One Ki mew etti-ns 'rti-iii'* Wi*pi
in view in every opermlon of
lilt* mahini,'.
!j 'Siiiiilnii, 11,0.   Mi'iitliian In lim Union 11*11
iivufy Krlilay-ivi'iiIhk ul 7:ilO   Vl.lllni; Int'llurii
COIllllally  llivll.ll til Hit. llll     J.  li    LliVMIIMi ,
NoliUiliiAnil; A. I., ('iiaiu, VliuUrumi j W . J
I'.uiiiDrr, Si'crnliiry.  ■
Itivu uvi-ry Wi-iliii-Jiiluy um-iiIii^ at t> iiYI'H-k
lu llio 1'ytliliui G.nllii Hull, Huii'lon. HojuiirnlliK „
luiillirvii will rcrtivii ii I'ylliluii wuli-a mi-, s. r,
IHA*l"iiiiN,i;.U,      Al.rlirl; J. lUl.l., K, It. 4 h.
Alt. tll"VL,\ISI), Entails.-" rtLal'iu\iiH'ir.J
. l.fiiiiisurvoym> kaslo
*piIK KAKI.O IIOIKI,.iia-Kw.lo. I» t|m |vi»l ,
A    lliM li'itol ill llifii'ltv. ,""
__.*. ..*..+ —in-   ■    ■■—■ m i— ..if— ■—^■.■iiii  »%i   mmmaa,m,Wmf..^,..nmw,:it
r ll I IK KIMIKHT llO'n'l. In Knii'atun li Hit.
-1- Iii'ii'liiuiiriiii'. fill-nil Iruiulliir. in iha-1 uy'
.ilSilM-r,       IIJ-;.S.M:tT& Mllll'IIS M'h.Ii.,   ■
"IMiK VHU'lllllA llnriHj in Mum In « IkjiWi
»•   lair til ptriuia-i' 'I'i'rlua uwity rritm Iidhm-.
|llja,t llOIIIV llll il II Is'lla (III tllj. i-nrlll.
,     . W.li. M^ANI'l.bll.J'i-wnrli'iAr.'
Uaal.lJOO   nor
IllilHOVaUwIitia,   aSltll|ilal liHifllia in (•./lla.a.l-
Ttiai niata ilrit'i'lii-t Imifil in Viinr,
\Hllt.   'Ail'ifiiMl.r i
ll|i|al liHifllia It) c,lla,a,i-
■,,,..« Jiulitl in Vlnif,
Fl.S. AY MrU.i'H, l-di, rldor.
I'llKMO.-aT IIOI'SK, Nli'.Waftt      Klir..|i.ilti*
I     a.;,!) AllieilCaall t'ltlt,    tll..ll», '•.I'HtH    ltia.1,14
fnnii al uuplmi.   I'uly «Iilli! Imlp inn,,|,yul,
S'tilllllill 3 iilluW rflii.tll III* til.ll* a-Iit.ll i|lti juuj
iii thn-»fj, il.ll.UNK b TltKiillaM'S.
.. ll
Attrr.KTT HOt.'HK.j'tivriii
' nil
„   Iii ili« lim I hi - ilny Imlul tu
• tilt* ti<:l|> emiiloynJ
ly tin (•!.'•*
.    . I'l'UII.    ''liy
W.   UaiU.Ll.M-.
•IMIKlinTl'.f, VKIttlinill!!  U IV lirmii' >iJ
1    .*i,,s ai, l»yi.i isi.ul laV-.J   H'a-.   1,1   *»||IU<-H,
'I*IIK   IIIIITr«*<NIA   HOTl.t. '»«»•« -V.
A.    i»l llllal tllil Mt llllh* Uf l.l,   tli,lt|M«Ju«a.
•laauvia Wa'ia <atna-       UI.VIN,'liJUM
*'.-;■   ...i ^r. m'jsL" -
a^ia-w te'lh",*.lj*-pj*f)»a*«t4
'PIIK UOMTOOMKIiV Co, Md„ Why.•*.«!*   '
*•   M»iiul*i-iiir-ir» nt choii-tx roiafwOoHi-ri".
NVIhuii. II0. -   -   *   '
•-S"  y m ***'»mi. -■^aam..<>.w>iinMP—i»r  "i       ■ il«iM»lmj*B- — im     i>> p mai^
I I    »«A(*»MISAI.II * CO., Wh<>!r^|,*iKr.   .
! .V.   ali'iit-    flnvtili'ai «mt Mlninif rtuiKill'i,
' Ilo* tuw, NVIwin. IMS.       v       ' ,* "   »•"     • »
air.M'.iil.l * M»„ WIIOI.khAllK-l'KAt.-
\*1 rr«ln llulfrr, Kffifl, ChaM>*v. I'na<rtii t aaaul
I r'r«ll,.N(li>ri, It (I
-a-fi-aafia- ft   F'a|».»»i;ara^-    |a,„,-
Fl      fl/HTOIin   I   11.' ri:;i'.i.-i»N *«"f»..N.-u.>i.. h.c. .u.,,'..,
, Ji ml 1 uHLLLl*??!■ '^^i'TlT
1     X,   Ma-IIO.NAf.U.   Wla.WiJa!   i*,i'„r   i_,
XtU.il, IIC. ^
. V4M*U*M._*J+>iWf.*. -J
■■in ■*!■*■ ■»***»*.*c "i
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
- - $8,700,000
jHead Office
- $3,500,000
. Tbis: Bank ttHnsucu &■?ry description Qf Banking Business, including- the
\ssy_r(tf\jt.t&t* of Credit anil Prafts on Forojgn ipountriw, and *w»ll negotiate pr
■*jol!fct bil4*.pn mny place WfopifP (here is a bank or bAPfrpr,
js added to the deposit twice in each
ye»r, at the end. of Mny and Noypmber.
Savings Bank
, Special Alteptifin is directed to the
following i\dyantaj-es peered by our
(Itpttita tf ®no Dolfar
§nd  upwards   --ec^yti'l    and» interest
allowed ar current fates.
I L     ■ - .«*"
TSw D«posHoi>
is subject to ho delay wbatpver in , the
withdrawal of the wljpie or any portion
of tbe deposit.
FERNIE .BRANCH : 1 E. H. BIRD, Manager
The highest evidence of the superiority of
Stransky Steel War®
*,----}5 inaih^fecttW It has been more widely
"* " IMITATED than all other tine?, of
~v ""ENAMELED   WARE   put   together,;
r-F*ull Stoek carried by
thejH»l«> agents
Our Windows
Sfteppatnt & EBSiott
Opposite the Ppsi Office,
' Right in tht? Centre of tlie Ojty,
*a*)*a»-*aj**p**»**l'»l '■***L'|a*ai,M*ll****ll«jlWi-*a*^
Get the Habit
A full- range of
Fit Reform Clothing
now in stock.
. The latest patterns in. imported tweeds, worsteds and
serges. To . fit any shape..
Tall, short, stput, or slim
mens, frpnv 34 to, 4(5, ALsp
overcoats, pdd pants, ^fency
vests- etc, -,-'-,
W. G. Hamilton Co.
Fernie Hotel Block
Why buy case eggs at high prices that give the worst kind
of results this time of year, when you gan buy from us -
.'„    New Laid Eggs
Great Reductions!
*'© ■ -
Ladies?  Winter Skirts
Ladies* Winter Blouses
%     PROMPT      §
S    DELIVERY     8
<, - a*
W, J. Blundell
The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block, Fernie
is the Cigar Store
"WjHM FPy ty*>in obtain almost every-
'\Mnft a K-noker requires. Some thing*
we don't'kcep—-mostly poor quality ar-
4tt-les.   .But we do stock the but of
■: f verylbinjf.' "'" , *     .
-j.*._*.   '«•   •**» '
£bi.cagp jgmin and Mining
; "V-., . • Stock
PHvate Wires
Continuous Quotations
gcgyJ*|.r-,!-nargin, 3 per cent.
•».,.♦♦ '
•J-URWEB - BptWH UhD,_
ila^.'ail/ii i      '.'■■'■■'   ■■■ -
'PHE UP*-38 of Fernie
will find an  Excellent
a,,",,"--     '    * "*   '   .
fit^li Pf  «jf    mt
want* $ ww%
gloats, to****-
suit wmf €tcf
*t my store in the Todd B|ock
. During the week there has been all
kinds of rumors in regard to the settlement of the labor trouble at Coleman,
nwny clRiming'that it was settled for
gppd,. unfortunately fbr the business
men of that town all such rumors, when
run down proved to be without any
foundation of truth, The {situation now
appears tobp more pf the nature of n
lock-out than of a strike, for while the
men appear to be ready'.. to return to
work they find that the officials of the
company'have to be reckoned with and
that it is easier to start trouble than to
satisfactorily settle it, Manager. Galer
has been in conferance during thc week
vyjfh ptjier officials of the company "in
regard fo tf)c djffepgiice with their employees and from news giyen out. to the
press in Vancouver it Ipoks as. jf *n §p(r
tlementqf the trouhlp was.   farfher  off
.lh_a_n_e_ver, W!hijeJalLheee^_hope that,
the mine will resume operations at once
many fear that it will be midsummer
before"**; see the big ^Coleman plant
again operating and only'then when a
complete understanding has been arrived at witli the Miners Union.
Whether tho miners were hasty in
bringing oh the trouble just whan they
Jid or not the' fact remains that a continued shut-down at Coleman, while
not perhaps materially hurting tne coal
company, will work a great hardship
upon both the business men and miners
of that town. Just where to fix the
Maine far. thJ5 trpyh!* '• is perhaps a
little too early to determine as no tjpu,bt
both sides feel th,?y have grievances
thut should be replilied,—Blairmore
Times,     "      ;     .,	
Sentiment is la heller argument with
a crowd than *vUb nn individual.
The lar-fpr p-irt of good will is with*
out Met, yet the larger part of tact is
good will.
■■-■-.l-JiLJ^I^i-l. '     '    1     .'''.■       ■        '
Mr. speaket and gentlemen ofthe legislative assembly: In meeting yoii ;at
the commencement of the second ses-
ioh of the tenth parliament of British
Columbia, it is a source of much satisfaction to know that general prosperity
prevails'throughout the province.   -
I am glad to be able'to inform you
that the measures taken by. you last
session have done much toward placing
the finances of thc province on a sound
basis, and ijiat for the first time in
Oliiny years, the public accounts show a
balance of revenue aver expenditure,
In order to ascertain whether the
present system of taxation bears equitably and evenly on all classes of tax
payers. I appointed a commission to
enquire into the matter and their report
will be laid before you.'
. The subject of the financial relations
of the province and the dominion has
had the serious consideration of -my
government and a memorial has been
presented to the dominion government
showing the strong grounds that exist
for a recognition ofthe claims of 3riu
ish Columbia for belter, terms.
'The extensive, works undertaken
some years ago for the protection of the
lands in the valley of the Fraser River
having been completed, although in
some instances at a greater cost than
originally estimated, the necessity of arriving at a final settlement with the
owners of the lands affected suggests
that the !ali"|We.*- shpujcj receive consid-
pration during the present session.
In iht n»»t*«r 0/ »n ■.ppUeivtlon for a dnpli.
eiaU of» Cortifie-at* of Tit** to Lota 111-md
K, Block 0 in tht Town of Ptrnit (Map TM).
V0TI0B IB UEIIEBY (UVEN that it U my
ti.   intuntlon to iuiip at tht txpiiutti
ont month from tbt first publication b	
t tfupliettt of tht OtrtlSoitt of Titlt to tht
•HuntieD to iuiip at tht expiration of
month from tbt first pnblioatlon htfeof
.  . jpliettt of tht OtrtlSoitt of Titlt to tht
»boT* mtntiontd Lot* In tht u*.mt of Rttphon
 ,,. „    r - »™r. i""" "■* "
tMU,    "'■■" ,r     U.K..„r„
moTt mtnuontc    _,	
Pr^uM. Wtlltaod, whioti UrtiHott* li tfaUd
tbt Xifb *"*.]> -|f Npv»mh»rjl!aM; and nntoblir.sl
Keep Up
"Uqwld Vwwr"
"trill-janf uj(i btififWinR «ni^ /p ||if
^tirfuff of furijlipre, piano*, carrjug*!,
•^pudwork of any kind.
Require* no rqbjjln-*, ntytr itrenkt,
Knd li fi-fIly «pplj#i|,
l»rlp# |OC HinJ sop.    Sfljrf qnly .il**?
ii»ait to»--l,4*ijihlUi,» "FajanttlB P*n*
"•"^ ill* JMmltln l»«Bt_
The Mutual Life
of Canada
Tbo Only Canadian
Ulo Ooropany that
to   Puroly  Mutual
There is 'no doiiht that the develop:
ment of important sections pf (he pro?
vince, rich in natural resources, cannot
be effected without an extension of our
.    ''    '-■»     ,"'"
railway system, and my government
has under advisement methods by which
transportation facilities can* be secured
for these districts without placing un-
due burdens on the Provincial"exchequer.
It is satisfactory to know that the
mining industry is entering on a period of great activity, the effect of which
cannot fail to be of benefit to thc whole
province.    .
The past year has, on the whole, been
a favorable one for Ihe agricultural interests. Thprc has been a considerable
influx of settlers, nnd there is a prospect that the nrea ol cultivated, |and will
be largely increased within the n»xt few
years, particularly in the districts suitable for fruit r.iising,
Measures will be submitted to you
amending the "supreine'court net" the
"county court!- act" the "public schoolw
net" nnd the "gninc. protection act
. The estlmfttes for the ensuing year,
which will be submitted to you, htive
been prepared with (Jhs consideration
for economy, compitlible yvilh efficiency
In the administration of proylnpin! af-
{ tfvjnt your deliberntlon will result in
prompting the welfare of the people of
the province.
A descent in a submarine is not as
harrowing an experience as might -. be
imagined. At first thought, two distinct forms of death present..themselves
to the iniiid-^sufTocallon and drowning.
But ihere is less danger -of drowning
than there is in a surface! craft of the
same size; for the submarine, strongly
built-to withstand a calculated pressure
at 350 feet depth, cannot spring a leak
from any accident less than a collision
with a stronger craftrr--wl*ich can be
avoided by diving deep enough. As
for suffocation, that fear* disappears
when Ihe mind disapassionately" considers the forty cubic teet of plr, compressed to the pressure of 3000 pounds
to the square inch, and carped in tanks
cqiivenjen'ly distributedaboutthe boat's
interior. This Is more than five thousand cubic feet at .a normal pressure;
and added to this, a tank or two of
pure oxygen may be carried to' replace
what is absorbed by the human body.
An air purifying apparatus "also *'can
be carried lo free of its carbon and carbon dioxide expelled from the lungs,
leaving the oxygen to be breathed over
Most of the perils incident to a seafaring life are avoided in the submarine
Yet there are dangers . and inconveniences, of course,-.peculiar :to this
mode of navagationi and do'not .pertain to surface craft.
Aside from the nervousness that one
feels at first when' enclosed in an' air
tight cylinder with' several feet of water
overhead, there are no bad sensations
to afflict one.,, You are . practically in
an engine room, with the smell of oil
and gasoline iniyour nostrils and -the
buzzing of a motorin your ears. While
the boatJsonlthe-surface.^you ca"n_feel_
the motiq'ii of tlie waves' and hear the
wash of the water, but not when it. is
submerged. •*' I'liere is no sinking sen*
satipn, such as is felt in an elevator qr
on a toboggan, A' depth dial .will tell
you how deep down you are, and an inclination dia.1 will apprise you of the
anglo at which you arc diving or rising,
but aside from the vibration of the. motor, you feel nothing, except, perhaps,
in a heavy sea. Then,, whether submerged or not, is tossed about and lifted upixnd down by the passing w^ves,
there is a toellng of latarel pressure,
such as comes to you in a swing. This
is rather remarkable" since you feci no
verticil sensation'.'" ■
Thero are rules to be observed. You
must sit still in the place given to you:
for should you wander around, you
would bring trouble to the mind nnd
profanity to the sr/oech of the man at
the harijqntal steering gear, In thc
li\lic type of bant two men can walk
forward and walk aft without disturbing the trim more than a -"^w degrees;
but, in the sh,nrtt n'or«> mobile Holland
type,   this   is   not   practicuble.     You
must not smoke;-for there   is   gasoline
fumes and "battery gas" aboutyou and
a lighted match at the right spot   and
moment might cause an explosion that
would*overcome, by internal pressure,
the 350 pounds of external resistance in
the stout steel walls of the hull, and you
might not   live  long   enough   to-be
drowned.    You cannot enjoy the •scen-'?> •
ery of the sea except through a limited
periscope; hut you may eat   hot   meals
cooked on electric stoves, aud read  fine
print under as good  electric" light .as
you havo   on   shore. ,   Should   water
come ih through a leak   or   carelessly
opened sea-cook, and overcome the 300
pounds reserve buoyancy,  you  have  a
means of escape denied  to you" in  the
closed compartment of a surface   boat,
For instance, the Fulton,   whiie . lying
at a dock with a force of machinists at
work, sank in a few fathoms, and restated on the bottom, while the water coming   down   the   open   conning   tower
hatch, filled her as full as she could be.
Now,  it  is .almost   increditable   that
more than one or two men  imprisoned
in a sunken surface craft should he able
to swim up through a small hatch  and
reabh the surface alive; but in this case
every man leisurely,■> each, waiting his
turn, came up.    This was possible because of the automatic, air locks included in the structural fittings of the ceiling', in each of which, as the boat sank
was an air space into which the   water
could nol enter , Standing erect on the
battery deck, the average   man's head
would nearly touch the ceiling, and these
men by.ducking carefully from 'one air
lock to   another,, finally", reached   the
midship section and swam up .through
the conning tower   hatch.    Air valves
are fitted in each of such overhead com-
man is caught without air  enough   he
can draw from   the   tanks,   force   the
water  down, -and   breathe' until   he
chooses.to move to the next air space.
Another means of escape, in case thc
boat shoul&sinkjby-i*,— leak,-and   the
conning tower hatch be held down by
the pressure of the  sea,. is  the   more
spectacular and theatrical trick of ejecting men   through   the  torpedo   tube.
While there are no precedents' for this
it could ce,done.   A man may. crawl in
with a cork.jacket—a lifebuoy   is ..too
large—and when  thc   inner door  is
closed, lake a long breath,   then   the
outer door is quickly   opened,  compressed nir is admitted, and • he is shot
out inore or less forcibly, accordintr to
the pressure applied j and   in   case, the
ear drums do not suffer,  there is nothing to prevent his reaching the surface
uninjured; for the human body itself is
strong, tough and elastic, able to withstand many atmospheres of pressure.
Dogs have been shot out, experimentally, nnd suffered no more  than injury
(o their feelings, and a man   certainly
"To make room for Spring*
Goods now arriving I will clear
all  ladies'  skirts   and   blouses
l    a".
Todd Block
has the endurance, of a dog, if not his
other good qualities. Submarine navigation, therefore, is not nioredangerous
than travel on the surface. ;;,You are
inimumc from the heave of the sea, and
the menace of a lee shore, and are subject only;to internal explosion Jand under water collision, which -must, be
guarded against by the same care . and
forethought as they are under surface
conditions,   ...
A Tomboy .8 a girl who' is boisterous.
Thero are wheels within wheels,
even In diplomatic circles.
Most of as are as sympathetic as
we can afford to be. ;,       , •} ,,
" It's a good plan to keep your heart
warm and your head cool' A
, Money talks, but its, salutation is
more often good-by than how de'.do.
No man Bhould invest in a' get-rich-
quick scheme unless he can afford to
lose the money.    1     -^^^=
Rybher Goods
The trouble with, most rubber
goods is lhat they crack or come apart
at' the seams before : you get your
money's worth of wear out of them.
For our slock wehave made a- selection of fhe best and most reliable rubber
goods to be found,        ■
The prices, we. charge you are' not
more than you will pay some places for
inferior  articles—more' than  that you
have our,guarantee at the back of every
purchase.- , •   '->'   .■•-'*   -
_ ft. .*'
Hot  Water Bottles—a' handy thing to
have in' the house just now.
Combination  Hot Water Bottles and
'• 1 fountain syringes.
Household Syringes, Enemas, Nipples,
Breast Pumps, Ear Syringes, Medicine
Droppers, etc.,,etc. ...":-
N. E. Suddaby
Dispensing Chemist, Fernie Drug Store
The cynical bachelor rises to re-
mark that, the longer a.man is married the less' he seems to mind it     ■*.
■  The largest deposits of nickel are
on the island of riNew "Caledonia, a
.French possession in the South Pacific.
"Drop me'-'a line!" cried the excursionist who had fallen overboard.
" What's "the use ?"; calmly rejoined the alleged funny man of the
party; "There isn't any postofflce
where you are going."
aSAr*.*.t\«**l*tt**_ f*m4
a^tU ftl
ytf   ■ ■' I'.f'.t  . 'I.. 11,.-ura,* >■■*.■
l>ut tfftlk Intf fjif PJLUtt CJQAU
>TCHtP int4 «t.*n*Jn« their Mock
fl Import^ tntf «J*if.e»rtji pfjarti,
■   ptPKf"/* m\i XoUccoa,
Thai %ifUV JMiftrijntmt  of meer.
sjrtHiu-r, Ww'r'p"! *-n4 --roftVW'
tfrUi (n t»
th* city,
Alt -ii* maiK->aU'n*saiul dally utt-iaK
nimyt In stock.
fw ff**ft '/>!» *■» F»H-?rf «--**-.-
fS -jf ytfta old;
MAS A*Ml«nWf!irfed!ng $8,000,000;
MAS ii Nurpl-iM t% fipayprnmeni Vnlu*
ntlon Standard), uf neufly (1000,000;
HAS nearly 30,000 policyholder!;
HAS riswrly $io,oog.Qpp of Jm.uriinca»
In fpr.ee {
fJA?} pali) over $^500,00*0. |fj rash fu
pol-cylWlfifN pr |p t|)pir fomllJp- and
tIAfl In Rii-narva*, fnr Ihftr f*rtjrlfa»  oa;i'i-
7,aoo,tioQ, In «olli) nuKuti,
■■■.. limvtiv™ .in
Married men iliould innienili-ef the
uncatruinty of life and protect their
wtve* and children by u policy In tha
Mutual Ufa.
Young men should not dally with
tlrflf in Tf%*t*> to life Insurance. The
•oon«fynu commence the tooneryour
profile w||| con'f to you. It li nn in*
vestment tffnt Hlapyti pays.
Young mpn yb(! llivc relatives de*
pa-ndjiig tipfln thtm iihniiFd Mko » policy
in th,e M--|u,q| J,ifo, )| will help mother
If deijlh iihotild rt-iich you in icy hand
before your youth has fled.
For full particulars cull on our agen
M th« King Ed wur J, in Fernie.
rV nliwlonor.. Turnlo iioouoi
b« h«M mi thu Court Jtoqi-o, V. .
04ifl*»y, Karon 1, liluA, %t tht Hoar
'orpie, on Wed.
, Maroa 1, juun, nt nil iiOIU1 (If llllll pft'l
o'olonk in tli() lafUrnoon, wlmn. tlift
of tbo Board of Lliunee.i-'oni
• Dhtr|(
%t tht Hour M li
Mvtn  o'olonk in tlio nfltarnoon, Wnam  a.nn
nndermsntloinsl apiittoutluit will 110 oonnlilor.
'"w.H.Wni-oiitlr»n»ferto„    ,     ,
A. II. TrlUM tmi It, W. Wood, MlntM
Olilait I.loeim ImpeAtor,
45 cents a pound can
25 cCflts a half potmd can
Dr. Priced Cream Baking Powder is made from
pure Cream of Tartar derived from grapes, and thus
combines, the highest leavening strength with the
greatest purity and healthfulncss.
Dr, price's Cream Baking Powder is the most
economical to use, because it goes farther in leavening and insures perfect, wholesome food.
It Saves Money and Saves Health
Additional Locals
■ Situation W<vnted—A woman wishes
Bltuatlon in hotel or private houeo.
Hotel preferred, and'references furnished if , doi-iired. ' :Addro98 P. 0.
Drawer 25.. Fernio. 2w
Stop at. the Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake City."
Sewing machines to rent at thc B. C.
Furniture Company.
The Klnfy Edward has Heroine ono of
tho bust known hotels In East Kootonay.
. We buy, soil or exchango new or
second, hand  furniture,   The   B.   C.
Furniture Company.
If you aro troubled with rheumatism
you will find the Pool of Siloam at
Halycon. Write for particulars to
Sanitarium, Halycon, B. C.
Maslcrson, Griffith & Co., Trout
Lake, have nil the supplies needed by
lumber en nips and mines.
At tho Kootonay Saloon In Sandon
you do not need nn introduction to ("el
n drink. Put thc price on the bar and
the miner will tlo the rest.
fa* nr* at-* war w tr-v
of liiavlou- rout licut tlie npiii'llzliiir culori
s*fC»in*i Mnrl thn r|f li tirfiwn (jrty* nluli|c« fi-nifit*
JiiRlr tn t'««tu,h, Th-tlmti" ktiulol iimitl onr
niwf |ita)diic«i, Teutl«r. Juicy, nnurUtilnj. H
will nitkci you tir'lny anil lirnwny
0(s.-usi»waH(s i^ilf thai lU'.ls-em run uf Vi-al,
lumb, |Hirk. me., »i-(>. Hut Jiiat 1 inr w« »m
t« Ik 111 u \mt. ria-«fw»n* of our oirerlnn..
00,, LTD.
j - -   -
Day and Euening
Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Writing:, Arithmcticy Spelling,
Correspondence, English Branches, Etc.
•s.     Correspondence Pupils Coached
Low pricet and individual instruction make it tht* A    ill   nt*}ft1iOQ
Mrs. M. Raney vfi»
Has n nice stock of ladios' nnd
mlsse-i- RklrtH, blouses nnd shirt waisti.
Also sella cut flowera, house plant.-!, Imported ulnf/lni* cunurles, untl lailioB*
goods. Cornots mado lo order. Lndies
are requcKled to cull und see good',
Home wcdncidny and Saturdays and
every evenliiMfi
Of All Kind' nt
W^    **.      *-i     ■   1*   **» •*-■   ***
L.T.W. Block.,
Winter Carnival
Feb. 15,16,17,18
Single Fare
On Sale Feb 15, 16, 17, pood to return
till Feb. 2a
Hockey   .Ski Running   SnowDhoeinfr
Complete Programmo of
Citnndinn Winter SporU
There is no better
th.in that sold by
A, J. Purdy L Co,
IT/ivn onn of their InrgMt fltoroB In Pi»rnfo.
Lnmb, Veal, Prcnh and 8n.oked FJbIi.
Bulk Oysters.  Try a gallon


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