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The Ledge 1904-12-14

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Editor and Financier
,    Ucj1   -•'-''I'..   A      *•
.     O£C19l904
■ " -' Op' A.. V-'*     ii
'■)   You will become like
Solomon if you read
Qj. y,'g .'   The Ledge regularly.
Volume XII., Number io
Prick, $2 a Year, in* Advance
«&»&»«& *3S*H£&g£^ ^^^^^-^^^^
ft* ■**-**» m •"*     ■""-***"       "**" ~     ■—~~* *\;    * ■**- -"-****        <is"
R. McMordtoileft on Saturday to (ill
a position in Michel.
, Hobins has beautiful pictures for salt!
at about half the price asski'd in Nelson.
Tho Fernie Dancing club will give
the lirst ball lof .the season on Friday
W. J. Timlick loaves this week for a
two months';visit at his firmer hoiin-
in Arnprior, Onf.
Mrs llanoy has moved into her new
home on Victoria ■avenue, where she
will sell cut (lowers, plants and birds.
An enjoyable card party was given
iir the King: Edward last Thursday
evening by Miss Gates to a few of her
many friends.'
Santa Olaus will camp in S. SHnr.'i-
atore until ho iills all his pockets with
fruit and candy for the rising generation of Fornie.
Dune MoFarland left, Fernie last Friday on'a trip to Toronto.-Tie was accompanied by Jack Ryan of Waidnei\
and Al. Doylo and Vic Rollins or Cranbrook.   n
S. Slinn lias a fine display of cakes in
his window those days. With his span
of ilyers ho delivers goods io yiitu
home ''■"before' the steam has time to
leave the bread.
VV. J.'Blundell is now settled in the
large store of the postolliee block. • lit
is a cash merchant, and at night when
ho counts' up has the goods in sight 01
the money in his joans.
Con Whelan vvas restored to Ferine
last week. At the Napanee he was
lined sixteen drinks for being late, and
sentenced to serve behind the bar while
Tom went to Jaffray after a carload ol
Aid. J. A. 1 MacLean- will make his
. nuuunl visit this week to his old home
at Arnprior, Ont. Mae is one of the
most popular men in town and the people are lolh to have him go away even
for a few dayr.. ■ ■«==
S S. Manalian returned to New Westminster last Friday.
E. J. Cann moved this week into tho
store recently vacated by N, E, Sud-
daby,     ^    ,
Charles Estmero, C. 15., of Vancouver
was a guest at the King Edward for
several days last week.
11. M. Reid ia spending Christmas in
Lindsay, (hit. J. Frost holds tho
lightning during his absence.
Before Christinas send your friends a
copy of Float, It is better than plum
pudding, and leaves no headaches.
Mrs. E. J. Cann returned from Loth-
bridge, last week, where she had been
on ii visit to her parents (or the past
three months.
The carpels aro being laid and the
furniture put in on the lirst Hat of the
Hotel Fernie. The electric wiring is
also completed.
Mrs. S. Graham we,it to Lethbridge
hist week to attend the funeral of her
sister in-law, Mrs. Ott. Mrs. Ott left a
husband  and .five children  too mourn
lier loss, t
■^ t>
A passenger train will leave Fernie
on or about ( Saturday over the new
feeder to the Great Northern—theC. N.
S Trains will run on schedule time
after the New Year.
C. 1\ Hill, Wlio made a fortune in iron
has yrcat faith in Fernie. lie bought
the ground last, week where the Victoria hotel stood befort* the lire mado it
an ashy wreck. '
A. A Rhanley came in last week from
Havre, Montana, where for three years
he has been in the employ of the Great
Northern.'< lie will h'vve charge of the
work being done by his father iu Fernie for the C. N. 8.
.1. ll. I'ollock  left on Saturday for
Forest, Grove, Oregon, having received
a telegram that his mother was dying.
She died before, his reached home.   He-
Jo i 'ereij,u rniiigJU r. Pollock will spend a
ajTXJnnollgT^nrjrut nTclophoile
syslein in Fernie next month for the
H. C. Telephone company. .-Tho rates
will bo $4, $!> and $2 a month, the same
rate as is charged in Nelson and other
places whoro'this company duet* hind
D. A. McUao, manager of the Oat-bin
mill at Lauraville, should have been a
comedian or a humorist instead oi a
lumberman. Every time he comes to
Fernio the sun looks twice as big, and
the cloud* go away back over the
range and He down.
Last weok Ernot«t Neye died on board
the steamer Ciirsiar en route from ltov-k
hay to Vancouver. Ho was accom-
■muled by his wife and was on his way
to Vancouver to obtain treatment tor a
supposed attack of (paralysis. Ho was
nt one timo a prominent member of the
Socialist party in Fernio.
Assessor Nolion from Cranbrook was
in Fernio last week looking up the p< r-
soiial property ol tho Inhabitants. The
city taxus the real estate audthti'-ov
eminent tho personal effecte, so, as the
saying In, they get you going and tinning, and the shadow of taxes ever hanr>
over us like the sword above Damocles.
Charles Kittnero was In town hint
week looking up local capital to hack
htm In lUkiiiff the only available belts
of timber up the Hkeena river, It is
Ids luteiitloii to •point the winter alon^
tint Skeotua and go to Alaska In the
summer. Ho oxpivls to see a lively
mushroom city at Port Esulugtou dm*
Ing tliojjulldiug of the western end id
lhe«i.T. I».
.I. A. i.io'u',., S'i.. .k I'.iuii, K. »'..
Hrtiloy, Wm. Semi, Charlett .Stevotn*
anal many other* have gene <•«»•. <»u :t
variety nl mlstimm. Some to fee their
wlveai, other* to get ono or Nee the old
Wkaj at holm'. It *p«*«ks Wa<lt fir Mi<"
|irot|H'ritynf the Wt-st, when *« muni
van make the long jump to Ontario at
aajn—amj-S"tai~iruriiaiiu*'.       ;   " :■
A'glove contest will take placo in
Stork's opera house ou the evening
of December 22, between Jim Burrows
and Arthur Waer.ing, straight Queens-
bury rules will govern, and Burrows
agrees to slop Waering iu 12 rounds
or lose the-decision. The purse is $2ii0
a side, ami the admission $1 and $2.
F .1. I.Mitchell, who deals in semi
ready tuilofiiiB, will move into the store
now occupied by A. W. ltleasdell just
alter Christmas Early in January he
will take u run east to Montreal for a
spi ing stock, and also visit his old home
from which he has been absent for
oijiht years.
.Miss Gales and G. H. ■ Helton had a
narrow escape on Monday evening,
Whilmrldii.g in a cutter down thejlull
near the imwinill the britchen strap
bioho ai'id the horse ran away, throwing out theloi't'iipants and making the
cutler a wreck. With the exception of
a few anxious moments the young
couple escaped Injury,
An mu-lion sale of Ihe nwts of the
1'eriiio Maitufacturing company w.ts
held ou SHttiiday hut uo sale was made.
The upset "price vvas fbt.bOO. O, V.
Motl hid *-i*i,<»0. and was the only bidder, other arrauiji'iiieiits are now Iw-
iii(* untile by the t-t-nkholder* whereby
the iTi'dltntx will receive about 50 cents
<m Hi.' dollar.
The Indies ol Ferine and surround-
ing tnvviis, lieliiri'. enmpletlujr their se-
li-iiiiiii uf holiday gifts, should cull on
Mrs, 15. I'cilil mul nee tho varied as-
Smallpox has broken out at Tobacco
Plains, Montana.
B. F. Shanlcy has gone to Kalispel1
for Christmas.
Rev. A. Dunn has secured apartments
in the J. & F. block,
.. James Sheppard  should bo talking
Hockey in Pincher today.
Dr. Higgins has moved to his new
oflice in the postolliee bloek.
It is whispered that the postolliee
will surely move on Saturday.
Robert Strathearn, formerly of Kaslo,
will open a photograph gallery in
F. McRae, millwright at tho Lauraville (sawmill, has gone ou a visit to
The Fernie Cigar Store has a line of
pipes that make excellent Christmas
S. F. Johnson, who recently became
a benedict, is enlarging his house on
How-land avenue.
Two of our most prominent young
society men have recently decided that
the moustache must go.
The few patients in the hospital are
all doing well. The health of Fernie
at present is rated high.
The clerks of the city aro very desirous that the city council ^should pass
an early-closing bylaw.
, A license was granted the Waidoif
hotel last Friday, The application for
the Calabia was laid.'ovor.
The. ".Club Cigar Store has a line of
f-ooils suitable for Christinas presents
and gifts at the New Year.
G G.S. Lindoey, 'vice-president and
general manager of the Coal.'company,
arrived in Fernie yesterday.
1) J. Robertson & Co., Nelson, have
a warehouse full of. Hell pianos which
they aro willing to sell at any time.
Tho infant daugliter^nf Mr. and Mrs
Caraveta will be baptized in the Roman
Catholic church on Sunday at 10 a. in
Mrs. J. II. Brieker left on Saturday for
her home in Stratford, Out. A large con
course of friends bade her farewell at
the depot.
Fred Chapman wi|l mirry Miss Louise
Logan .in'Calgary next   Wednesday.
Fernie is already a second Newcastle.
but'it" may become a second Butte,
Swansea, or Pittsburg, if the citizens
and others awaken to the great possibilities for what is now the leading city
between the grass lauds and the sail
breeze country on tlio western fringe
of this great Dominion ol Laurier's. In
a short time Fernie can bo mado the
second city of Canada west of Winnipeg, but in order to do it we must get a
move on and get everything we go
after, without regard to price. A nickel
policy is out of placo in a community
with millions hovering round it.1
Fernie should control the trade of the
Flathead, even if it takes $;)0,000 to get
a road in there.
Fernie should get the zinc smelter
now talked of for Frank, Our coal for
smelting purposes is superior to the
Frank in tide. , We have the best sits.-,
for smelters iu 13. C, but they will not
walk in here. We must go after them
and go it strong. No weak dallying
will do. Within a short time the output of zinc ore in B C. will he worth
millions every year. If we can do the
smelting in Fernie it means gieater
prosperity for us all.
Fernie should help tho lumber industry in every.vvay possible. Next te
coal at present it is the greatest source
of income we have.
A board of trade is of great assistance
in the uphuilding:of a city/but the one
in Fernie needs an electric shock. Ai
present it is so dead that it miu'ht ai-
vvell be sent down to Macleod for burial.
Fernie can always be a coal town. A
live board of trade can help to make it
one of the richest cities in the Greal
West. Look at Calgary how it has
forged ahead because its citizens were
full of public spirit and reached out foi
everything that would help their city.
|*iirtniimt ol gumls she ban in MOek,
I «tiit;i!ili> fm' lln- pi'i"i|i|it'it!n!i piM'tnit nf
the year. They will Mini a wealth of
li.Us riiiiauiiu, itlnven. and the thnimatid
lie! mie ,'iri'i-lei- Inuiid Iu an up Irritate
millinery -lure, that delight the fi'ini-
mui.* lu.trt
The i.;liieis of the Solvation Army
mute lliat reihie in one of the innil
iliihi-nlt pt.'i
of Fernie
The city council oi Vancouver has
generously donated $250 towards the
heuelit of tho sufferers by the Carbonado
Geo. JI. Williams, traveling agent
for the Great Northern railway, did n
large business for his company iu Fernie hist week.
An endowment policy in the Mutual
Life makes a substantial Chiistinae
present. Get one from the agent at the
King Edward hotel.
J. F. Spalding has bought f PrcptV
photographic sttidio.oppoBitethe Methodist church, and, established himself
permanently in Fernie.
Mott, Son & Co., With the aid of,), <!.
Cuniiiilngs, are preparing a map of the
country lying between Bull river and
the Alhertan boundary.
Tho Provincial Licensed Vinlneri-'
association has appointed W. W, Tuttle
a member of the executive committee
for the license district of Fernie.
A wise man haB said that all things
come to the chap who waitw, 'iho saying is likely |o hold in regard to Hie re
moval of the local poi-lnDica*.
The wa«on road to Merrissey, six
miltrs west of IVrnh*. hs* tM so re* k-
ltiHs.lv as to render It valueless nn a
highway The changing nl the route
might obviate tho dillleuliy.
The furnace fm* the Hotel Fernie left
Toronto eight ilnyn ago in a rush height
car. It will be {mt Iu by swift plumber*
un ils arrival in i>nia>r tiiat tins liuici
f-nu lie opened lo the puMie In fourteen
Hindi!?** was goud iu the police court
during the week. About (encases were
tried and the treasury imreared about
Sit*). Au Iuii.ui wii-. line.1 for I...itin.c
taint*. P. nut of a l*re.   He wm also
tSfiFoTlToTblg town can spring up neai
Calgary and rival it for the trade ol
hundreds of miles. Macleod had just
as good a chancel'as Calgary, but it*-
people sat with folded lianas and lei
the chance of making a great town fall
over the dump of oblivion, and now it
might .just as well le pushing clouds
with tin angels for all the good it is on
ibis mundane sphere. For the love ol
posterity do not let Fernio sink Into tin
t-ravoyard of undeveloped enterprise
and opportunities. Fortune is Hying
by our door. Let us h.sso it even if we
have to use a golden wire.
Corliss engine will be used with a 75
horsepower for the planing department. The company aim to have
complete equipment, including machine and blacksmith shops and
electric light plant For fire protection they have a 1,000 gallon pump,
with a sprinkling system'that will be
attached to pipes running through
the yards.
The lumber to be sawn will be
mainly cedar, spruce and taniarac,
and the principal market will be in
the Northwest territories. In connection with another mill now in
operation the company already maintain a general sales oflico in Winnipeg. The company has twenty acres
of ground at their mill site just across
the Elk, and 100 men are now riuild-
ing the mill and digging a canal 10
feet deep and HO feet wide in order to
draw the necessary water supply
from the river. The old mill on the
site is cutting lumber for the .'.construction of the new. It will be dismantled when this work is finished."
The company will probably erect 50
cottages for the housing of their married employees. Two hundred men
will bo employed when the saws
commence to buzz, This will mean
to Fernie much more than sjine
citizens realize. It means a boom in
the spring which will not- be all logs.
fi* ft* ft* fi* ft* fi* ft* fi* f,* 'i*5t*fi**i*Vi*'v.*'v_*'fi*'5i<:'f.*' *"Wo wr*--:«:;*s;cvc
'i* fl* ft* ft*fi*rlV*l*
£ii.zli,y.i, y.i.y.i,y.i,y.i,y,i<y>y'y'y.i,y>y* «•■-■ *.v w *.'.» -.v ♦.*.» m> «.v «.»> ^ ♦..,, *{>
fiffFVi? fFVtrfitv.iViZVti'fF'fi* VtiVt*'yi*fi7fV:'fii: www^hic^Hi^Hi-r
FKOM CKOW.-5 NEST. 'shorter the distance your  money goes
  the   inoie likely  it  is to cuine^back.   "'
(H|.'.i-iai <■<»•'■"*!«"»''! ■■• That is Ihe way many communities are
In spile of the absence of snow*, hunt- htiilj up. We can't expect to have peiv
era in this vicinity'are having very fair) pie follow out this plan unless we do
sport this-'season. !l"le shuts ,-ue cun ; ihe same,, If-a nuin owns proper!v in
stantly heard at the Imp-I from all di-| Oranbrook the growth of the town is
reetions. Some, hunters, a few days ' Mr more important, than to save a towage, brought in eight line'deer, which | cents on the purchase'of something'
were shot within a mile «if the town. ! down east. The way tn make, a town
Trappers are also in luck. Charles is1'""'N to stand-'together. The • prop-
Kobhins, who is trapping on the Flat-j erty heroines more valuable, and the
head trail about tea miles from here. ''"an who''owns properly is better off.
has already caught over thirty marten, ;,**>0 let us buy  from  the fellow  nearest
Just across the Elk river, in the
beautiful suburb of West Fernie, John
rumor has one of the most complete
henneries along the Crow. Ho has two
hen houses, one 11 x 5(i feet, plastered
nutside and inside, and one 1'2 x Ki with
in addition 31 feet in length. At
ihe, end of these buildings are scratching pens. In these pens timing the
winter wheat is raked into the soil,
aud the hens have to scratch for their
food, giving the necessary exercise to
keep them healthy. At present Mr.
Turner has 150 hens and pullets. Most
of them are White Leghorns!.imported
from New York state. The„i Plymouth
Uocks, of which he has  a  large mini-
besides several mink ami e. easels.
Sandy Good, the proprietor of the
Summit.hotel, has added to his other
diverse occupations a liir-purehasiny
department, and has shippe'd:,';drcaily
over fifty marten, some of which bioii^ht
as high as §15. All fur caught in this
vicinity so far have fetched a good
price, as they are oxci-ptioually line
and dark.
The trail from here tojhe  Flathead
is still open.   Travelers  from  that dis-j
triet  report  very   little- suow   on the I
summit. I
In  consequence   of  there   being  no'
snow, the CrovvV, Nest lakes are furnishing first-class sport to skaters, ih :i
ice   being unusually clear and smooth.
Mayor Good's zoological gardens look
rather deserted now, as the eagle, owls
and hawks have, been rciiird to their
winter quarters, the. hears and coyote
being left alone in their glory.
Contractor Wallers reports the bridge
lill'int! at the black, cut1 progressing
favorably and hopes to complete his
contract in'two months.
\l'i..in   I-'". >   :.,.■'■>  ;i.i-.|n.-fr,r!.
The clean up this fail o'.i.Wild Horse
creck«is on the whole larger than was
anticipated at Ihe beginning of the
It is the development ol natural
resources that make a city or u nation rich. Look at Kcrnie today and
what it was before the Iron horse
plunged through the Push and capital
guided the hand ol lalier to the coal
kc'iiiii*. Sinter to our wealth of eoal
in tho largo tracts nl timber that
skirt the Klk, nntl fringe in green
the lower extremities ol tho Kocky
Through the energy of (). V. Mott
it company ot pnieiieal IiiihImtiucii,
prlnei|>iilty fi'iim the statesol Wiseon-
nioii and Minnc'HoUi, have been in-
diieeil to embark in husliiess at
her, make tho best table birds, but
the Leghorns carry; the palm for producing choice hen ifruit. The Leg-
hoi'H lay a white egg, while those of the
I'lyinoth'sare brown and larger. •
Kggs for table use.sell ifor from' -10 to
"i oentH a dozen. Kggs'ifrom March to
■I line are sold for hatching purposes for
*2 a sitting (111), or Sua hundred. The
lien houses aro heated with coal stoves,
uu notwithstanding "all advantages it
is dillietilt to raise fowl successfully in
in the altitude of I'ernle.
Mt" Turner uses a Successful incubator iu the hatching of chickens, The
incubator holds 2U-I eggs, and is kept at
a temperature of KM deurees of heat.
It takesithree! weeks to hatch a brood
with the incubator, or Just .the same
time fas the natural process. After
birth the chickens are kept from '21 to
;• i hours iu thu incubator aud then put
into « brooder where they are kept
from three to six weeks,
I.overs'of poultry will nlwiiys'llnd il
pleasant to talk with John Turner. He
h an industrious man ami lias ,>tns-
pereii In IVrnie owiiinir valuable real
estate iu the center ol the city in uddi
lion to hl.s many lots just ucroMitliii I ,lk
It is believed thai the building of the
Kootenay Central  railway will change]
home,—Cranbrook Herald.
Eagles Elect OHk-ers.
Last Wednesday evening the Fernie Eagles elected officers lor IDUfi as
'to! lows:
President, G, ll. Lawrence.
Vice-president, W. W. Tattle*.
Chaplain, Wm. Wills.'
Conductor, R. II. Moore.
Secretary, II. Miard,
Treasurer, Leslie Miljs.
Aerie Physician, Dr. C. P. Higgins
Inside Guard, Chesley Herriet.
Outside Guard, F. Kiceardo.
Trustees-']'. H. Whelan, \Y. W.
Tuttle and II. ll.Trites.
;To tho Eljidieatl.
Last Thursday J land ley's pack
horses left the cily with supplies for
tho party engaged by the city to
survey the route for a tvail or road
from Fernie to the Flathead.' The
party consists of Messrs. CuMining*, ,
Kandall, Sloan and Miller. The city
puis np.~ 100 ior the work, which will
take about twent'yfldtiys to complete.
lt vviiuId have been much better to
hare made the survey hist sumnior,
but probably our council cannot think
of all great things at-once.
Wilson, of t,ht> firm of P. Burns
completely the coal supply of the entire' ^ Cov, butchers, mine, owners and gvu-
Pacilic ocean.
The. North Star ■mine is .still shipping
to West Kootenay smelters. I!very-
thing at this properly is reported as de-
velopiiii" very satisfactorily.
The liiill Uiver Mining and I'owet
company have a c.i'ew of ah-esl f-nty
men working steadily on the construction of a dam on liull river, and \i ill
continue to woik all winter.
On the Tiaer-Pooriuriii group of
mines, owned by John P. Lai wen. -onu-
exceptionally line copper me has been
struck. ' The lead leis bee:i.i!cveluprd
to a depth of over Too feci.
era! speculators, aeeoiii|ianied hy A,
Sharp, M. K , and I-', il. Hums, vvas in
town Monday, haying driven from
Greenwood in a convey'mem. Thoy
went to lioiilder creek t«> examine a
iiiiW, .proposition which .Mr. Huriis had
the loiesigiii, to secure a few years ago.
It is. n mine ready In ship jis soon as
the railroad is built. The party also,
rch-tahed som,- ,',i;o i ,-,cres oi coal funis
on Nine Mile ci ei I. From their hurried manner it ic.-is evident their bitsi-
ness was of great moment aiiii tho «e-
cinir.g of the coal land would seem to
justify any amount, of haste, as it is
considered very   valuable     Mr. WiI-joii
KUelihlVc lull,
earriei! on  iieM
group of iniiH-f
liiiail for carry ing arm*, and iu nddi-
h ib. y inerfi.iiiidSnwhUlil,i"",ahi* *'•■'•*■■ •»"",'*'l«'<- had  hi* «un
and cartridge* aonlisa-atiil,
Imnl w.iit: the rtimy \* holding Its own j    Tlm laictuninoilntion uu the <". I', |(
lii.ni..iaUyinil.«i:il>'.*it..l holdim.' the MjirrM,llai   fi...» ova-r  the trow  I-|l(lT   c,t„)(, h,   (nm   \V,shbu,n, Wi,„
m.„|s„,;,v,..,.   AM,..,,,.-.  aiidpibiteelaW'he'vvorM,,,  America       I',|, k     „,,  u „  .h.-,^ltim
i anil !>.« jtite-i  iii  lnai iiaiiriik* on De 11 . L. flmiild nol  *,-U In ki-U In pa^en t
!,..„,l«r ir.f.om ,, ,., h ,,. ,„.   V.*«ljg*t.u..h ««,.»<.... i.rovM.-.li..ll,..il,«"w*in'   »n'1  k,,',w* a" ^"'H   lh<
',,.   ,-.   .,. .,    . ,.i .--,..!..   ,,,:■>   (,,. . .,„. '..M-i    T" '""'- % *'•'*' '")•' >■'• '.-»'    >-' 'hiHiiN's-i front ftlinvelln .' sr*d.i»t  in>.
lH»irnol tlio nitflit lake wui|[s,mill •>» j     .  ." ,   '''."'.    "" ''..'.    '", t..     a       .'"..'  i       '.'      .'« n,-,. >„,],. i,. .I, la, ,* (,»..* ...» ., m,-
* lit   'vtd'd  »f»''i* ttii' lnHiqu.t, meI  tbac ».!.'ttien Imre to af'itiit tip  dirt tn'tri.t ent 'a fin* Hole Ul nriv it.g  leg* »»n  ,i tut
m., when a ta*ty *not*t roiiuiia-.l ti..- .,-      ,Ui- ;„,U(.n Wllil Vliw ,„>,„„ iM m „,MV l#, jhultJitl-Wream.   Tht» tiit.l t»..w »«i.,g
plemur* lhat wmivti from a ut»*ht  til
Kev   SaVI't *;,« ill   the   li'V ttlt« WaH'tV. !
«fll   -tainling   lia-mi   tickH-   nl   \nnt-r | j*,(t (ma f^j pvery Ti li hmifs. ,*tl,d  l!u
,**'**' t'oinpitny hnssuttieicnt tiiuher tiilai
Clirlntutiai without treaslng tlm inhber
ImiiiIh artinml their hank roll. inn-lot m the Miimr.   In #pii.. „| the|
Th« lUiliAlom hall last 'Yid.i) n.„'h!
wa* a grand •utft-w, n» inerylhing \*
that the liailielor* ol t-emie Itaveniiv
cotmectlon with, tlver »lily w»ii|.|in
partlcipitti'il In full ilrmm, and mnde tl
blitsftil |«n>l Ira I motion. Dim-fug i
very popular in the nnttrupolis ol lb
eon! re-tlonn,
The provlndal Rtw.-'mmfln, xhinUi »'^«« »».*>•»■* *'»«" **•**«•  Th# r«ff-
The store ol Hie iW. C. Hamilton Go
iu tlu< Hotel r'criiln block Is one of tin
dm--t in the city. Two of the larga-nt ■ be •hniblct.
"fih-iit salohiiii'ii''hi the city were pui
iu last week, They are ten feet in
length, and are artistically lllled with
giMiaU Iur men, such  an tie-t, cnliars, j M;irysvi:h- bh-i
Tne company is callwl The Klk !»hirts, hc,  dd each ,side of the store !„,„,,.',ti.„', ,i   ,
LutlllK-r itlld Millltltacturilig Co., jar.- large itall rased filled with good* j |u. j,,,,,, \;,, i„ ,
with n capital Mock ot f'.'.VI.Kni. 1). j ind nrriiiitte.1 with the same sklllfni ( \,j,|,. (.,,,, >
A. Holiertiaon ot S. I'mil i* the presi I '■a»i" **> evident in everyllung abouM I(,I)M|V,. mlu„,,,
dent, und ,F. C. WimI ol tl,,, Kiimi-j.hi* elegant establishment. Furs, bats,« U(| ,„,„,!,,,
eitv, vice-|.re»ideiit. V. li. Uuruvvs i' 'l'-- ,'""f". -*1"*-"* -»-»•! rnhherh an- k.-pi , ,.„tr«>, ,-, .., -..
of Fernie ii necnMry, and W. P. !'" M,,,k »•■"«■';•«•"l" »•'" •»»">' •»'•->'; ki„.,., „,.. j;.
nutlonol Wi,i,iI,-.gis't,.'.,Hm,r. Mi-.i1'";';, f.u'r?l^nA ,,",u(r; w""h!.,,.„„.,.v ,-. i,
.....  .,  ,     .      ,     , .' ol 1 it lleform r'tilliiiii* are on the w.iv,  ,.    .   tl.
hlldtthl is Ihe Ittml manager,  nwh ■*•,,-. l!nttli,,g is rapidly making  tl,,!1" V",!,H'
Mr. tVutcn tn-U as MU[itlnt.i.dent,  Iltl<11  „„ <tU,Mt.tn Um\„m_u,    Tb.■•
The general inanagir, t). L H»vn-   ||„„tii(,m c„. i.,,rry «,„„!, mr the miner
iiho dig-.coal, or the nun. uf Li-hiou
i*>:■■'*.■ .lila-t front i* full of ib-Mn'-nd-,
Ml kii.d* »>f glands for men, from a pair
.1 iivcrnlL lo m Wedding hiiit, e.iu be
jumiiriil tu tliii «|ur# .within a f< w
.■,,-( .;»,,., I'at-eiity wardrobes ni!! I,.-
'iddel io n U"* days. Tlie Mote ia _■>; :v
' .'•.■'. so "in' wilh tin i,tliu* and litliit,.-
f.. on io ilia- n-«r, and a inoi'meni w ith
ii i.n-ie 'lonige (,','ipneilv, l|, p- n
;.). iMii-tn vitva tin- gimilia at this aitis
The Sullivan tiroiin Alining company i stiite.-. that there is no donlit about rail-
Will rush Ibe eoiis'i ncthui ol its -un-Uer | way cohsti iictioii :u the spring, He
at .M.-il'}HV'ille to colnpleli'.ii The '-ill- | thinks Princeton all iihal townsilo and
livau company is coiiiponi! of cmiM-rv a- j may pos-dily itive.-.t hen- in ;l Imriness
live liiiniiig men. jsite.    Mr. Wi'xnn i* Un-Co, m tin'tirin,
Goiitiaets were lot this week !oi 'pack-! •■'i,:'''' "•'l|s ■■•'   I'.'tail  bnicln-r  shops in
ilig supplies tn Miel'.nll liver iron mi in-  > •'■ *' • and have in tin-' fe\t ending   trom
It is report-'d  lhat n.<. sm-a n■• siliin-ient
supplies ri-.leb   ttie   jcopnva   uliini'ei
of men   will   be  eiuplo\iit   in   ilevelnp-;
ment work.
Southeast Kooteiiay   i.  %'■■■■  gt",iU-t
Hilverlead piodiiciii,;  ili-lin-i in i'.iili-!,'
l.'olumhia, vet in a !.-v,    -,r,io, '■:■,   •■', •(;••
eoiiipletioii   of   the     Ro i'.i;,ii     ! euH.-t
railway, Ihe outpui   ut U,c o.-:i » t i-o,
Mexico to Kooteiiay ;.-iml tie- Nimillu-
liieeii. While it m-ems sonie» ha», in-
i■nli;.' roon- in ,1 lni- llle^s which deals in
oie and niinMt)-!"., yet il i» ive.-illh-jiro-
dueiiig, lor tin ■ I'. linriis in. ale niil-
hoiiaiie.-i and hole an honoi.iliio repn-
':ili"ii "<li V\ il 01 Mali - tliat I-ni iv ■*>
aii- ---till   vvorhnig ,.ii  Ainii-
^ 1 111
i   !   i
I     \
n i.
,   I   In
', W.|, I -
ll-ed     111     ,he
t Noi'hrrii r.ii
- alel l'li'iioiiv
H  HiU'l
tic   i .a
hi   nu
nk   h
ll ,1 V
, are
I .'l-.-.ii
ni'i -,
: \i i
v .1
• U 'tl.-i   f|i
i j'M I lei -
,p!--a    I '1
'.-■ I: iiiini.,
li  1». .-aii
ai liti h
"! the
•ll , iiiilnl
.ia llilela'd
i  Well
-   ii.iuiiun
• s "HH»|. ll*
!,'■    J'l.lllt
I'll Hi.'
• i that
■1„ \|oha:,a
n ,,■'•( '.aot
i- il   li 111  |v
'Ihe   lo.
].:iui  hi. •
ur.'.is i.ii
illi.-l'  P.
c ■:).' i	
111,1V   l'i   i >
'( l-.e
oi ,;.iiii-
VI el I,    1
•1     II.-
>  to  it.
H a- ).■<»,•
i nt I !,.■.-
,l  v\ .
.%X KXTI.XHIVK l»AlltY     -itiry to Kcrtih* u* ke*i> ii j»"Ing
.'•fculas all «^mi.i.   ..a^sa.   ita^ii    rua,!* amn   n -*■<*
In ii il V. nnl (iii nrlh-iiii'i; 1.1 a.1  Ve-1.'.   ;
tnV.ni Ihe ivet't.Maty ftlepu to j.**,-" v
rovfno.  thkto mnvlncr.1 lh.it ,1m- r« i
,    ,1 ..  ...   a .   -..!
M'i.'"*?      !'   in'av
•,.tl',.,i.     *%„.Sr     . ,l.y^«-    l,\ '
1«>, Ixi*   liifim* nf fiur *
«»o i, Sunt" lldnii  lhat   tin jr liaaal ihin.1
lilic   Un  r\l*
;!•»•»   l*iS'*-|»»  * *!» alv».>     .-11-.il.-        >i'l,.,li   ■
. llnli.J el1   II a. .a.',:,.  i',-l   .   ' , ...     .'
»    'i'liv mill   «-'«'   '•■j'idiiig   sviii  !-
a *-iJi t>.i*-iiiM-i-id.    rttei    toi    iuiit     m
■'    ' ■• •'■' ' '*: f'    '•	
''On* i fit fir if  f-  in  *>!■•*> "t U.4 'f,'i.iwoi."*n4r, gi-jMiiriili    {m;   .tjlf'li
(WW hrrt* U .fwiaiMMht! ,'i,*er«..eeoiM«a.M **-*•* <* *i««m.»>  hm\y «^ ! i^ni^ , .,„, m „1|iriv i^ (,h|,:iIf, ! + .,, ,   ' ',     , . ,,      ■,,
will prrtt/lilflfnndi for the oM,.t,t«'ii«t.|*«t« ■'■•"■»• i*«:«^« »«».l tm*~.  Thr> I     Mxhu    t.    i4u   htm   T|„.fW,|r .   , '       '    [" '
' -,'11 -i I 'inil.i.
ti,.- r,
. l ',,.;:, i',   v ■
ill   tin
. !|    V.IO
'      h I, i S
,1   a..'.   ...   ,i< .
»aj Hal «rtt toug a railroad un' ruu
ttvmth*s*i»*i i-MltrA|t«>(t» into iht '.xt.-i
thnt will yet litfto tlnv »orld with iH«.i'.
Tb« elly «wtt«eil and th<- l*.«tnl ni
tradn art* awaiting this advent of ,M'
Patmatt lato IV-ntlt*.   Th#v inlatot t>>
litv-'il). :••!'
it, 2 «Siits ■'
.1 ih- tn-*i  ',i'*,^'^'*-,*'i-«^irr»«virHlWtvea,«uv »«»v«*r.   A Ma
jit    ' ■IHIUI)','   JllJJJ    J
■Ifl'l.    j III
JU.»l   !*ff>f,'» txMAft.
;t*t»(u|tiiity lni |«fcJ-.ii;"-l   .'-*• 4".*rS<
loSI  sej.aif ,t!or l» lt«- .1 to |»«tl tin* i H-JitM ,
I. *. t„v,.,t a.-.-l Si,** Nnnt |tV'.--;--.-m Ih* •««"«. *«•» -««'■«.« ""■ **"*\l* M*i!' mfhm*y [l"Ui ,,", w"lk-
'..■«■».• iti-i i na* * at Iff t«-»»da-*M"** •-.« Mr-, : 'I*** lha» htm *a*il l-f-.« •jo»-ttiti«iln»(i"' AlIU ChalUit:l> t.,". :»t A»hl:U.d,
t'.cel.'i, ,r. t f ■i»»t,'fi.,„k ti»l   \V«-.l|i..».f*J   '"os't.-rmllav,     It   f.-.pi^.-s   tW«- WlgOllS j Wirt.    Thft     Hllll    Hill     ie-   fajl,i|-j fd
P |»..-» ti.f.t ar«iT,-t! in IVrnie a nwiW,  in «fl»wi«-rite'. i*«. in t»im»-i sodilivr-r ^ Willi l«-*»try tUAtHt* r.rcuUr «*•> '-:i
,,(    |||H|'ia    -i,'-«.vte.i •!,• tl   Uilt f|,'-l- lltt'l     Hil"    ln,i„,    to   i VI-a, .',„■ r,,      \ lo'   HlllOtifit j |JIU; Sl,J,v aWJ u    lJ(„,Ul,,Jij    ('aim.!.'   A:.i-
rs^i '|.mi« •;.|,ara1mdlf'Tit!.M.ilier, in i.ddi'.iot. t-,.
Jje,»n*tir tr»t«
#bow bitti ttm! refill* « Ibe <>i-t p"
In all Cattaala tor lh« toeAtiM*o1 a *ii«*'.»».*a>rtf<f »h •<■»■♦ i..tl-.- ra.*v,|i-m»»-*tf T \V. -li«ti'M»tit<*a| •« j-w-w-nt
*m»Her.   In af-i»r to lu'tfi lJtta>  *.n\,< ».t*i !»,*'.», mi.,-.-«..; '.-••r a*r- i-l,»-».f*?.'  rtirtier ■; tU* Rt r*>' >"*t< »  n:i.%<;%
coal a»itM or be«*rt town Uaa it wnis?!.!, •*» srrviasl, th* rta-ningw** iwwaHl i«^ara» ■»«.{»> t>> t;,*', , tfvlt.and h'i*i«--»*
W *4<ilillilS*  I* fhtvtifl! it twwt'-f M *.:««*-. * $<! "•" -I."  «"*:*»?   :-•■< ««■,.--.«      Wr  Ofi* *-tl ]U- *-s|».-.-1   ',fi   ?'' "    ■■: ■ '"•■   1i»1i>   >d   I'-lade
oth#r-whit aloajf the Crow, hulfor the | ami fu«'voiio.»  briih-   have UU-tx u*i!T*«* j.taipii.-i..r»>A the ri-rultt I'iuivlit-
«*1»,mrttfn^M*liieawa *iritliht fan*!-. l!.«*irr«**t-t*vi.<-- in thrir ha^-ifttifttl hoti»#|t«*ri«l to !,*-*■••'^irr-.tisi with «he timet
IWaW it**** H-nral" W   *»»  tiiAft |-*i»i a* *.„, •■* i <',,*U  Ml *-.'.-
C.tluiltAU LutdUw iuv-utuU-icia iiy li' Uo'iu'i Io.« ,uA ln-u:
l*'ew*«- * tkf ***** «l »4ifi*a>«»«y. t
I'm., 1.i.i*,k uinlla.*,:AftvS Aiii itotfA**- tfe'-ii" i'«-*.i »'•! '>*'aw».
llyott   vt tUi.1. iU'i-i.i..til t >i,  L*sU.,ii
"grtni*!- tn th+ *-*:«»! f#-ji««.
the !rttt'»iT. itiiinovf.j   la!io- ;i\\t^ .!/-
vic« tl At f<» l« mnko the  tip lod'ite
«t#tui.i.   KV^ i*ukr \»,*it t»,i. .*«
fat.D Woir«a*rf*>«^r, &<n-o>w>ns   t4  t*t»
^Atjuti/iiit/i 1'W'if nn-.H "■> >Mr> ilvi*
fn''th' fiMrrery iti'f ^or in r?-e . 'h-r
To men if* **»tmii > ,*u f*.«r ti*mtt
'Of-! h.ltlta*i| A t''i'M-'{ ffei^ht ill l'*"IViia-
ile fi»» fmiaida f»la|a- blllhSilii,' ltl»!<'f«.»i
-•ii bis |.>| aippai-lte Tut: I.I.I..I. «>!!(» i-
fix lha* t-ii-rti.ait t-f • l.vrye iivi-rv learo
Ol Itse -'.rinj,'. ll Will tie .!»! a M, f.-.-r,
'•if! tattis* *tOt»l'S h«„'ll. "I |ia» f,i.f».-»
iV Ol  :,<■  !,,-[,, on |l|i'   lil-t    llniif, lei-i|  rino
rarii*f«"* Mt Ih* aws."rot»l. aiel •», 'r»»-ii»-r *'■
*'(*f %i/i" ini-int iismla* M tli* tup nil      'I * '
httitahiijc mil !«Jiv#alI tni-lern imi-iova-
l-rf-t.ta .   ''.Irft .'I Iltljf    *«l    • *»V»V<T,   »!.-1   '»'    .'
Ilea*  tuMtly tire-pro"f a-it i* poH.ibte
,!.■» !i„vte it Trust,hug of Uii- kit.'!.   To
,'fJli't','    Mi    ilf*    <i*i«<tt»--#    ,»t    Ut*    |--l»«ala"
, liUn.   *lt,.„     li.4Ui.iU >      U.-IV     Ui'u'      ivsi
■ tw/r»«H »,t»i :m ra-ht<{<**i««? all lain.!*.
.1. \v
on l.n.c "
tlo»   !»<•
I". » mdl.
t   ml ta.,i!,
f..r  :■>  .•<
U le.---
lllkit'sit'. '-*■   ,--4.,
*  i;„;i
ru.i. i.
xti*: si'
%"■■■%    '. ■; .1
I U ,f |. ; ,   ,.u; •»,
I ..,,..>'
• i     I     '<    o i       fit     •,       !
i. li     j ,    s,,t„   v,
. •   t,.i    ■   U  <
!s'i'»af|.'»   !   I  T H    1
--.,  i
a I 4
The Ledge.
It. T. liOWRRY, Eilitor ami Finnnclor.
I'm: Lkix-k is iinlilisliiiil every Woilnesila.v
inl-'uriiic, It.O. Tli« price Is W u yoar. Adver.
tisiiiu rates given upon npplicutien.
If the Honey Grove Siernal is not
biased because Teddy once broke
bread with an Ethiopian, its remarks
about the rou^h-riding president ol
the United States would indicate that
he has more paternal dignity than
wild-horse sense.   The Signal says:
"A Boston paper printed a, story
about the children oi President
Roosevelt chasing a turkey over the
White House grounds and pulling
out its feathers. The president at
once issued at, edict that the offending newspaper should be deprived of
all facilities for information in the
various departments. This is Roose-
veltitm of the true typo and the
country will see much of it for the
next four years. The time may come
when those who offend the Great I
Am will not be allowed to lick a
postage stamp, wear government
socks or observe national thanksgiving day."	
fits who think they are patriotic
when they aro suffering from a rush
of meanness to their lean hearts.
Genius is sometimes found in surprising places. Some of the married
men in Cranbrook have recently
thought out a scheme which gives
evidence of greater ingenuity than
was supposed to exist in the frosted
banana city, even with its monoline
The wily benedicts, when they saw
summer fall off the lap of winter, entered into a conspiracy with a local
merchant to put on bargain sales between tlio* hours ot 5 and 7 a. ra.
During these hours stoves, hat pins,
needles, cradles, patent medicines,
etc., can be bought at a discount of
ten per cent, and a stranger in Cranbrook who is forced to get out of bed
early, comes to the quick conclusion
that nil the ladies of the city are
Catholics and never neglect high
mass Ono of the jubilant husbands
of Pernio's sister city informed our
rciiorter that since tlie scheme was
put into force no Cranbrook husband
hfid started a morning fire. The
whole scheme is a villainous plot
against the fair sex, and we expose
It chee rfully, even il we lose all our
paid-up subscribers in tho capital ot
Southeast Kootenay.
Talking about the best way to
educate the masses against tapping
the flowing bowl too strongly, the
Hamilton Herald has the following
wise remarks:
" The cause ot temperance—or, to
put it more accurately, total abstinence—is sure to be strengthened by
the recent action of a great English
insurance company. Up to the present, the insurance companies in
Britain, and indeed" most companies
throughout the world, have not discriminated in the matter of rates
against the moderate drinker and in
favor of the total abstainer. In fact,
it used to be considered that the moderate drinker was a better risk than
the man who totally abstained from
alcoholic stimulants. But the decision of this English company is
likely to cause a general change in
insurance rating, for it is based upon
carefully prepared and elaborate
statistics representing several years
of investigation. These statistics go
to prove that the average life of the
total abstainer is much longer than
the average life of the moderate
drinker. And so, having arrived at
this important piece of knowledge in
a scientific way, the company has
decided to insure the lives of. total
abstainers at lower premium rates
than those charged to persons who
indulge even moderately
AVc have received a circular from
Toronto, asking us to boost the Canadian Preference League without
prico. The league is being formed
for the purpose of getting members
at $1 each who will promise to buy
Canadian guod* in preference to til
others, when the price and quality
are equal. Tho league Intends to
Htart n paper lor the rurtheranco of
Iu niins, and will give it away to all
lucHil/cia will-dig up a dollar. The
l/'iiffiie rcqacits Canadian news-
pi'l*r» to help tho cm a*- by iiihertjng
a largo advertisement free, setting
forth the aim*, reasons and ends for
thin latest Kni-tern lad, Wc are per-
feelly in accord with It and will he
only tm happy to publish a steady
ad. in order to help it along, provided
the League pays mmtts ol our jjajier
hill* in TVironui and Imoou t-ernle's
leading excitement every time thfy
I«im; lor a thought. We love pat-
rioiliin w our native fatiada, hot w»«
like it mixed with generality. Cheap
I'fltrl'.-tNM ia .viiucthing we have no
live w. It Haul's with the sympathy
that l„i» im ii.tini-titry vibration when
the hand of htte hitn dealt yon the
h«iii{" mit and the vacuum in yoar
,rNo doubt other companies will
follow suit as a matter of business,
and then there will be established a
permanent and powerful incentive to
total abstinence. More than that, the
fact having been scientifically demonstrated that booze, even when
taken in moderate quantities tends to
shorten life, there can be no further
excuse for the plea that regular
though moderate drinking is good
for the health. Those who deliberately go in for "a short lilc and a
merry one" will not be affected, but
this class is not, after nil, very numerous.
"The evil of intemperance can be
put down by business measures lar
more effectively than by legislative
enactments. When all insurance
companies discriminate in favor of
total abstinence, when railway and
steamboat companies employ only
total abstainers, when total abstinence becomes a necessary condition
of employment in any occupation Involving danger to life and property,
will be a remarkable decline in the
drinking habit.*'
Events Ho Was Proud of.
Some entertaining reminiscences ot
John Thomas Smith, author of the
"Book for a Rainy Day" (17(.,i. 1883)
arc recalled by "T. P." Smidi had
seen and heard much that was interesting. Iu a friend's biographical
album he wrote that he could boast
of seven events, some ot which great
men would be proud of. Hero are
six of the seven events:
Was patted on the head by Dr.
Have frequently held Sir .Toshua
Reynolds' spectacles.
Partook of a pint of porter with an
Saved Lady Hamilton from fal'ing
when the melancholy news arrived
of Lord Nelson's death.
Three times conversed with King
George III.
Was shut up in a room with Mr.
Keen's lion.—Pittsburg Dispatch.
If you have ever lived in the grain
belt, you have undoubtedly witnessed
with pleasure the manifestations of
enthusiasm on the part of the fanner
over an unusually good crop, suys
the Daily Mining Record. You h.i v'e
seen him carrying around a pai'ti-.u-
larly large ear of corn for tin* pur-
pose of exhibiting it to his friends,
for he has something worth prizing
and he points to it with laudable
pride and remarks; "That's what
you call corn." The local weekly
paper offers a premium for the larg-
• a-
Our gentleman's 14k.
solid gold, hunting-
case watch (No. 12617)
sells for $40.00.      *
In ft -5-vt-ar jjnl.l-fill.-d cw,
(No. w6i8l tlie same ex.rl.
lent "Kane" movement sells
for $m.oo.
A lady's solid gold
watch (No. 12576) with
guaranteed "Ryrie"
movement will cost
you $25.00.
In a aa-vear ^old-filled case
(No. 1J210) it a-iwin only
$17.00.   Send for i-atitlogue.
If you are looking for Fishing,' Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Home cooking, and tho finest, beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
tienry Stege
tiewmarket fiotel
Hew Denver
In Fernie, is a pleasant
home for all who travel.
Rooms reserved by wire.
The Best
Union Made
Overalls, Shirts &
Miners' Garments
Lenz & Leiser
J. C. Carruthers
Aj-ent for Kootenay
P. O. nox5d Nelson, B.C.
c$» «r\t» «$•
T. Whelan, Manager
Queens Hotel
Rates $1   a Day
This hotel is a home for all railroad and lumbermen.
Pat Kkrwi.v is 107 years old and
lives in Pennsylvania. He ia past
all redemption, the Republicans say,
lor he voted Democratic at tho recent
The St. Louis Fair did not jwiy. It
was too bij», and the peoplo hnvo
grown tired of suoh thlnj.j* ps'wtully
when thoy aro cinched by the local
htwInt-HH people.
C01-1-KR mlnlnir was once a sue-
ce»~>lul pursuit in Ireland, and even
today some proajK-etors who never
heard ol Kind Kootcimv nre wastiiij-
their time looking for the red metal
In tho Iftndof Rncn.
lit the West hurtfulm tmlt>ta tire always a partial failure*, The iiii-i-
chant can mark his gc*U down to
S'l.l*?, but th* Utk tf e>tr.u.'w ii<*ia-
Injf change give Ids feminine an.-
totners the imprttudon thut he. \* taking an nndao fldvanM»o when he
fti-oopa tn thu JI.'iO and hsmltt ik-Ui-
Iiik buck hut, Hwi;i't; thaiik*. Tlu*
cent licit still holds the wvaieftt tov
(to ttie Jover ol larnrains cot into tratv
1 turn* uwt win not ittviiti; bv live.
lent-with year ujjto. The cheap
spirit M,inti ihli |.«.te*t M «'|| «af«h j Tnriif. km note «,,>* tk,i, ,>m u,
imny A i'-mvU'a self sacrificing pay the cost, ot o.urt. Inntowilin
wibUi-u whn will l.e only too k.juI j Wiawrs-mln Mi** itmnm hr;.m*ht -.
■■/ uuiinnin. HiujJiny cttM into ami uwi then aUndoned
it.   The jtulgt «kn.nrTial l*eca*a«« he
kirn!'4 a »•♦•«•<■ lr»«m that <«»nt*r of
l«.ik itii.l unc''«-.»lv ft<l«—Toronto, lie
I'ttiio-ic-. by nil means, ye sons ol
Ciuad*. hm n«ver get too cheap.
The Cat.ndi-ui   PrefercRC*   league
'•iu'.,.:.' '.., 1,.',.
would loie hk fees.   Th.» fair pi a in
tiff threw htr amtf- aroan.l the judj**
and ki.md him three timt'4, wh«r«
opon ht* dbmlss^d iht* r.i,*« with n
■" .■'."i" ganryi* the backs Wittii, living that sometinie* the
tA tin* t-.liti.ri wl^Hin thu witvs hwidsfVKf I* m}>*hi}t»r thin th,- ".ench. Iu
ivehirti ihr -h-i .-vrtn-ily think Jiveh'erim hwtm* *m aetvj- «ulcd in
Vftm mstira irv^n the c1f»ad», r*v!th««h.ive miBji«r.
ihtJf f'rihu 1* ■Hiih e**iler;<Jaed omm. i	
flnd Slotht* rhotnstsl*-** with lU elrctt-I    SuNcrihr  for Tim t.imt, onlj- $$
ten |v*t»' «9t he % lard <>•( wwrUl WiU- ■ 1-h {.ft} -t 11 o numher,.
irgt"^aT~a5ri»re~pr^ucea"' within a
given district during the season,
and the rivalry becomes intense and
The miner is the same kind of a
human being as the farmer, but his
product is ore. Look in upon a mining camp and you will find the claim
owner exhibiting a piece of rock to
his friends, and no citizen is so unimportant as not to be permitted to examine the prize.
That's good for $10 a pound, declared tho miner, and I've got two
inches of it-struck it last week in
the west drift and it's w'denin' out
Got three feet of the prettiest stuff
you ever saw—will run better'n a
hundred dollars sampled clean across.
In mill dirt all the way, and I'm no
gotiating with a friend of mine to
put in five stamps for a starter.
And this uiiner has a bjnanzn, indeed, lie knows it and thero is
nothing left for you to do but to get
happy with lilin.
What a magnificent thing all this
optimism isl   It represents the kind
of stuff that success Is made of--tho
very hack-bone of Western progress.
Point to the man who doesn't beliovo
it Is a good thing, nnd wo wilt show
1 yon somo ono who hasn't paid his
grocery bill, or who ate too tnnny
hot biscuit (or breakfast.   There Ih
, something wrong with him.
I   Those who nro far from tho nrr-no
jof   such   optimism   and   bulldog
I persistency   aro   sometimes    hard
j to convlr.ce what thpse things mean
J to it miner.   Kli Perkins remarks
that a mine Is a hole In the ground
{owned bv » H»r; but the owner must
! be the most foolish liar fn tho world,
jhc-canno he believes what ho says
j hitiuflf.   The chances nre in most
jiaM-s that tlie to-called liar knows
[ what tm U talking itUmt, and his en-
J ten rlw: is always w«nh looking into.
{Among the cx-wrlcnced mine cap!
i one who dotthto what he Is told—he
j knows that his dotilrt* will rob htm
f'-nlHtfr than all the faith In the
! world. He got'H and tret for himself
! or hi* Kfiiids nouns one lo «•■• for him.
I He cannot aiT.»rd to lie nnlnformt-d,
(Many an energetic and sanirnlne
s pt'u»Livcu>r w Dtt the |xiy mil ot thews
j very ctpitalints. Ask Moffat, Cam*
'. ,-"*/'i A..I. i>;'..ci» 'now many men they
, keep l.u*y looking for openings.
1      tVat.i..*.. -..,   t.. ..  ,,,,.-1.  ...«     . . >
■  ' ■   ■' '- '-m *' *- '.,.-'"4.
: tengtr, hat it nuut he liacketi np hy
V'liitthing incr.' sahttantta! than the
} »ttiio»phcr« it lHc* In. Though mines
j iwniHfma-f f"*ty for their own careers,
jthey generally rr-ioiro capital to
llirin? th&m to frnftfon. Thom; who
j have capital for investment will And
s abundant opjwrtuuiti^ io Uus tnint-tt
j and nrwf«ci« ot ifc* \\\m, and th«w
j avpap-wtvnitfei will not flay Um Mm
j If ho mn» tho same Imsttwai jualg-
iratnt in wch matter* as he docs in
I the pQrcfiaMe t4 * heme ami M
In Three Forks is one of the
oldest hotels in the Slocan, and has
never closed ils doors. The meals arc
always tasty, and ihu landlord never
allows his whiskey to Ilirt with the
vviiter barrel.
-——— HUOH-NlVENrPropnelorr
»  o
ff*    f$»    <-$».   *f/»
•*r.     v     v     v
Is ono of Fernie's oldest and
best known hotels. The
Proprietor's name is.
Wm. Eschwig.
t|»   a^   a|»'  a|»
Foreign and Domestic Cigars,
Pipes and Tobacco
Full lines of G.H.D, B.B.B.,
and V.D.T. Pipes
Abjoining Fernie Hotel
Offliv ; M.nt, Sun .V Co., I..T.W, 1'il.Hk
FtiiNU-——Hriiia.li (oluinhi't
Tasty Meals,
Easy Beds,
Nerve Bracers
Of Every
18 Central -
H First Class in Every Respect H
l/J ^rRS. S. JENNINGS, 'Puopniin-iiKss.   ' L*J
Is the homo of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLAOHLAN BROS., Props,
Will open next month with
46 Pirst^Class' Rooms
Everything Up-to-date
On the road leading to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
lias ample accommodation
for man and his horse.
The bacou, beans, beefsteak, eggs, oats, hay,
boozcrino and_ cigars cannot be beatenlM tlio hills
of the Lardeau.
The Exc-iaiigo Hotel in Kaslo ia
like an or.n.s in an Egyptian desert.
Slocan folks flock to it like Ix-es
to a ilower garden.
■MiM4^4iM4^!4J'!4i'!4M4M4^!4>!4M4J''i^T>^!i5!>^!4iT>^'> •**> *" *"■» <** '*J* \'* •>'*
I The Fernie Brewerv I
4. N. KLAUSMAN, Prop.
Ill '*'■
D es D-rl^-^an ufactuiterSjOf-Lagcr-BeerT-Botried-Be
s\*, Howlantl Avenue, Fernie
ft* '"
-a?  .7,', j O11I1I mul HllviT-—*1J«>
."fij 1111I1I, -tilva-r, vot.i|H-r im
Siam-iln liy  mull  rwiliu  |iraims>t  ntlintlniil
I'lu.r Until,  IU tori*,  mul   lllrli unit Jluiit-lit
Ki-wl fur Kri'i' Jliilllnir Kiivh. nnil I'rlco I.M.
ITItA Ar«|iiilino Nl,.   Ilriivvr, t'oln.
\_.A1\1 Biuiiii'iiiuuiiiil Cai|)t'Ml»;iiiii Joiners
of America, No. 1220
The Carracntcri* Jt J«>itu-r« of I'ernie
ineei the i«it and ,"rd Toe-Jays In each
munl'i nt the OihltVllows." Hall.
K Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. W
Coal Miners - - Aitetsf ion I
A good chance for a future home 011 reasonable terms.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
l   Kootenay Valley ^
s Co., Ltd.
Ahout KtoOHcres, Mixed KARMINti .'imMiK.VZIM;    3
Laiiiln on the KOOTKNAV KlVliU m S.\NI>
CKHKK, 10 miles fritm lil.KO.
Will Ih> Milxlividi-d lo suit purchaser io hint !<» frnin
Hit acrt«i upvviirdx.
o    Price front $,*.oo tu S7.00 per licre.    Terms--  1--1I1
a rauli; (h.il.inie iu yearly hihlahitviilH al 6 per
cent, interest.
3 '
JtgB9l»89afltt998 ft.M„BJ.«J) ft 8.fl„ttJ„g„tl,P,a O MJL8 JtftJl J
Agfial.liiKfmUat f    f%     ft , III    I
Mott, Son & Co,      I. ll. PrOCIOr Managor.NelSOn
^I^W ^mmK,^^^^mm^ r^^^^^m^^^k ^^^^^*^^^ ^^^_______^^i ^mm^^^^*^^\ f^^^m_____^^^
i^UjifJ^t   mmmmmi*^-**^*mmMt   »mm'mA*a^^^i__mmJ-^ •^B***W~W'<aai*^^*^ •^■■la>j^WWM^ni*eM ^m^mmmimm--<^^m'\ i^^^e»»*.>. ,-<t^"»
Mott. Son
A Co.
m^J ^J^^t^J k-rf^^-*^^     l^^*^*^^ W      M
■«a*Um\  laf-atateV*,.,   .--^at*B*,   ^m^___ ^_^_t^l      ^■B^      . _^m\   WL   J_\,
Hotel Strathcona
0 0
1    *.V il ^i'J.'^'J.'J.'i'i! lu\i.miiOO akia»» a'l'Uut lU t»ali*CaJUkV'H
tjtu Im men »U (he l***uly of tho (truntl M-t-nt-ry
tlM mmmiiiti, hem* in, *utl juluriiH tlie \ni*y
city of Nflnon.   Hi* tho botnti of tourint* und
tiftslrir»^*» frif'ii frroi. lit   .^a-ta rA  *1.«   ...*.w1.t       "Tt .
u '''       "  " ' ''        * "
<ututne never drug* in lb* mire of mediocrity'
nm! every room i* an enemy to innomnln.   I
yon m*e«l rooms when on the way In, tonrh the
win> aud tbe deed in done.
0  0 0
H   l
00       0
ii i
n i
L.T.W. Block, 1'ernie, B. C.
\U you h.\vc iiuii*..v ii» scil,i|J('
j    or wish to purchase, call If I
on us. ^'J • -^r ^
i  i^___^i ,'^^^,^-"Bata>^^» ^^^^^^^^% ■^^^■^m^J*^^ ^^^^j^-a^^^ ^^^1^^^^^^  ^^^^Ba^-^^^  i^^^^a_____i'^^^_ ^^^^i^BM'^^T ^^^^la'BM'^^l  ^^^^■■^■""k'^^1 J^^^-^-j^-*^^^ ^^^^^^■mm^^ <^___^^
f kg*nn in f^,A u, 1 a fw,*, ft,^r) fcrV>^^Kz^aKz!WW?!Wfc-c!W ULTM U2iW WC** W% UzzW k%W%o
.-5   M» **%■*! 4     Mb
'ij B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C. Vs THE LEDGE, FERNIE, B.C., DECEMBER i4)  1904
Be game:
Be dead square.
Get good habits on.
People can't eat books.
Learn to think on your legs.
All the world hates a quitter.
Cut out being too good a good fellow.
Strikes ? I've been striking all my
Save yourself for the last rounds of
Football does up more men than
Everybody ought to know a little
It don't hurt anyone to have a little
Don't knock loo hard. It's a waste
of energy.
A graceful lover's a diplomat and a
The water wagon can knock out the
band wagon.
Nobody in the world ought-to marry
without love.
They promised me a place and gave
me a morgue.
The older you get the grayer and
wiser you get,"
Not every one who shakes your hand
is on the level.
The mistake of my life was to cut
school at thirteen.
Go slow I Don't train to fast or too
fine, young man.   - '.
You learn something every time you
make a mistake.
This is a kid-glove age and they've
put mils on men.
College don't do any harm to those
who can afford'it.
I guess I'm a philosopher because 1
came from Boston.
Knuckles beat knives for settling
Everything that ever came my way
Was hound to come.
Every boy should get a good education to start life on.
Polished brass will pass on more
people than rough gold.
I would be rich if 1 had been a light
aar-ul  at.itla naav laafaiaw
What are we paying a 100,000 standing army for?   Easy life,
I don't care much for women in general.   They don't think much.
If I had Carnegie's coin I'd build
hospitals and homes foe the poor.
I'd advise a young man to gee next
to a good trade or try farming.
Vice began in the infancy of the
world and will be in at the death.
I like comedy because it's got more
philosophy in it than tragedy.
Get your dukes ready when the other
fellow begins to talk arbitration.
Of all the alleged lire-proof buildings
there's only one I'd bank on, nnd dial's
a t-cservoir.
You can't kill the game of "fighting
as long as there are two real men left.
It you've got a million, put the dough
in circulation.    It gets stale tied up.
The Spanish war was a bum imitation of the real thing—a regular Jeft-
Munroe farce.
Most fighters are featherweights in
intelligence. They have no philosophy
in their-think-tanks.
Brain may be better than brawn, but
men will light—so why not with their
honest bunch of lives ?
There is no reason why a man should
not live as long as an elephant, say 200
years, if he dou't get too gay.
■ The Prince of Wales surprised me by
his democratic manners when I met
him in London.    He's a mixer.
I believe in arbitration. If you refuse a friend's invitation to take a
di ink and he insists, arbitrate with a
little water on ihe side.
It takes sweat -, 10 make a man
healthy, wealthy and wise. The man
who don't take,, exercise enough to
sweat is no better than a dead one.
I fell off a train once going 45 miles
an hour and I believed in fatalism
when 1 found myself in a hospital.
When I pipe off all these patent
medicine signs in the street cars, 1
wonder  if we're a nation  with bum
■ii       .
Every man ought to save a big wad
for old age. A fa' roll is a mighty
good friend when your hair's gray and
your wind ain't what it used to be.
The secret of happiness ? A fair
education, a good wife, a nice family
of children, a good farm home and
Si00*000 invested at 6 to toper cent.
New York's the money boss of the
country and little old Wall Street elects
nine out of ten presidents to its own
liking, no 'matter whether they are
Democrats or Republicans.
It does the boys in the gallery more
good to see a kidnapped kid restored to
ils mother titan to see a high and
mighty duke stab another in the back
and come off without a scratch.
I've always been on the level, treated
cheated anybody out of a dollar. That's
why 1 have so many friends and why
the American people have liked me so.
If a young man has gone through
the high school and is looking for
something higher, I'd advise him lo
become an electrician. Electricity is
the coming science of the world. Put
your trolley on the wire.
If 1 was president of the United
Stales I'd favor culling out a standing
army, making a modern navy, the
election of the United Slates senators
by ihe people, reciprocity with Canada
and government ownership of railroads
and telegraphs. That's old John L's
platform.—San Francisco Bulletin.
financial profit to himself. Must Thackeray's books be barred ?
Don't be foolish, brothers. Times
have changed since Leigh Hunt was
sent to jail for calling ihe fourth George
"a fat Adonis of fifty."—Hamilton
Herald, ■".:"'-'■-..
On Sunday morning's years.ago, when
but a little lad,
I used to come and  salt the sheep in
the same field with dad,
The little clouds that floated round I
thought were bits of wool;
The sky  was blue as  'tis today and
calm and beautiful.   ,   '   ".
Now dad is, gone, and mother, too;
they lie up on tlie hill,
Just by that clump of popple trees beyond the old red mill;
For Time has kept a-creepin' on, and
you and Tare men,
And little Robbie thinks the thoughts
that I was thinkin'then.
There's a  brown  thrasher in the tree
that stands there on the knoll.
Just  hear the  little  tyke a-sillin' his
immortal soul I
Our preacher says that man alone has
got a soul, but yel ■■■ ■       .
What pretty critters God has made, and
loves 'em too, I bet!
I  know the city  pretty  well; 1 lived
there once, a while;
But I was the homesickest boy you'd
meet in many a mile.
The very horses on  the street  looked
sad, it seemed to me,
There wan't no colts a-friskin, round,
nor lambs as I could see.
So when in June the breezes blew across
the prairied West,
I packed  my grip and told 'em   I   had
got enough, I guessed 1
Of course, there's cily  folks who keep
their faith in God and man,
Though if they stay there all the while,
I don't see how they can.
We've had our troubles, wife and  I,
wc buried little Dot;
Upon that slope we made her grave—
a green and sunny spot;
And death will never more to me seem
terrible and {"rim,
Since I have seen my little girla-smilin'
up at him.
And often now I come out here and set
     i"» fir......  n   _<^_\\
ArmloHH Mini MttkcH ArrcHt.
Many peculiar things happen in the
county attorney's office, but one of the
most startling occurrences lhat has
come to light in some time transpired
in the above-mentioned ollice a few
duys ngo. There were several of the
office attache* silting urouud ihe olTau
ut Ihe particular time mentioned, uud
alio the sheriff of the county, when a
man with no arms walked into the
office accompanied by a young man
who was tied to him with n piece of
hemp rope, about eight or ten feeet
long. The armless wonder told As-
hiktitnl County Attorney Will Ford that
he brought the man there to nuke an
affidavit ngain¥l him on a grave charge,
The assistant attorney listened to the
■tory and then informed him that there
wa* not lufltclent grounds upon which
to isiiue an affidavit on the ehurgt- thai
the armless man mentioned. At ilii*
the  cripple became very angry and,
employs an attorney without respect to
his religion, bnt solely on the ground
cf his supposed ability to win the case.
And when a church wants a choir, it
generally chooses singers wholly by the
criterion ot llicir ability to sing. We
side unhesitatingly with Ihe bishop in
his ci'iiloiriiji). ll is religiously and
ailintically airivvl. Fuau unbeliever
or an irreligious penon to lead the
worship of a congregation by singing,
for example, *i.e'id, Kindly Light," is
a profarw and blasphemous performance, ll is also au inartistic performance, however well it may be Ming,
becaase the soul of the art is sincerity.
Where rustlin' leaves and waviri' grain
seem whisperin' "x\ll is well."
1 wish that all  who'd like to feel their
dead are safe from harm
Could come out here and spend with
me a Sunday at the farm.
—Chicago Record-Herald.
Royal Hotel
In. Fernie is in a rapid
course of construction,
and will soon be" ready
foi the trade of the world.
Wm. Tattle, Ppop.
Will be ready for business next
month. It will be up to date in
everything, and will be a home for
commercial men.
founders i. Machinists.
—Nelson, B.C.—
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Fittings, etc., always
on hand Estimates furnished. Serap
Iron bought by tlio carload. Rcpairm-:
and Jobbinsr.
B. C. TRAVIS, »«N.ct«
•Order   your   Fall   Suit   now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher,
Stlvtrton't Boit Tailor
Electrical Supply Depot
Estimates given on all kinds of
Wire Work.
Electric Light Plants  Installed
in any part of the couutry.
Steamship Tickets
To and from European points via CHiiaillnn
and American lines. Aiiuiy for sivllhij,' dates,
rates, tickets ami full Information to any C. 1*.
Ky. agent or—
C. P.M. Agent. New IX-nvei.
W. l\ F. Cummiims, Q. S. S. AirU, Wliuilpa-ir.
Write for particulars about my Accident
and Sickness Policies, the best in the
R. J. Steel
Real Estate Agent"' Nelson, B.C.
Coal and Petroleum Notices
IVrOTICK is hereby Riven thnt lifter the
*-» expiration of'JO clear days from this date,
1 intend to apply to the Ass'stunt Commissioner of Hands nnd Works for the district in
which the under mentioned limits ure situate
forii license to prospect I'.ircoul and petroleum
for it term of one year over tliu followi'iitf des-
crilied hinds ; situate in the District of So'itli
Kiut Kootenay about two miles West, of the
'Summit of the Rocky Mountains nnd about
oit-lit, miles North of the Kooteimy Pass trail
commeneiiiB at ii post marked fsoutli West
i-.orni'i' of Samuel 1'. Tuck's eoal and petroleum
locution thence runniiiK EastH'lchains thence
North m chains thence West ft) chains thence
South KO chains to place of commencement,
contniniiiK ilto acres more or less,
Located and dated the L'nil day of November, WI.
SAMUEL P. Tl'CK, Locator.
David Black,. Agent.
NOTICK is hereby given that after the
expiration of 30 clear days from this
date, I intunil to apply to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and W orks for the District
Iu which the undermentioned lands are sit na ti'
for a license to prospect fur coHinn.i petroleum
for n term of oue year over the folio vim* iles-
_cribed Jn-Ml-k situato_in th«_District of South
Mount Fernie lodge No. 47
■ 0, _^C'M^ 0, F,
Is ihe only hotel in
Fernie run by Welshman.
It is the '\vorkin^man's
home. Board' and room
$i a day or $25 a month.
Meets everv Thursday eveninfr at 8
p.m. in I.0.6.F."Hall'.'
„ Owkn Ross, P.G.,R.S.
J. tBariser., l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L. T, W.    Block,   opposite'  the   Bank
.Ollice hours—s a.m. to i p.m.
to-* -«
W. II. Boss 1. s. T. Al.KXA.vr.Fii
Ross & Alexander
T. W.'HI.ck, Vk'turh Avenue.
J. R, Cameron
II. W. Iii:nrinii:t:,     „    Shi.icihkhi I!ei;i:i!.mi:i;
Herchmer & Herchmer
Is the tnilor ... -r-  t»  vv.n,, | BAUH1STKUS'    *>---" 1™*.   KTC.
you want. ;i  si.i,".iii,c.r j rT'.l'NlK. H. C.
| i ''lllcrs ;,v'er 1*. Hums .<: Cu's Sikn-k, Victoria avo
Suit of Clothes
lie has the wiLIiicst .suititifrs
to select from,.nntl the lit a nil
workmanship i.v the best.
SANDON,  '*.
IN   TI11C   SI.uCAN
Lowest Rates Best Time
Toronlo,   Monlreiil,   Kevv York,   :■
Mnritime   Provinces.    New    Kni-land.
Vuncouver, Victoria, Se;ttlle,
California Points.
L'nei|ti;iIleJ Passenger Sen ia-.
Sleeper.-:,   TouriM   Couches,
 ])',uilU>' Cut:-' -
S'-mitif-l About iho (Jr-orjxo-i.
A|H>i.tle Dowie, from his printing
xliop in /.ion i.ity, tn Rentiin'; into
C.nt.i.I.i whole ur lot* uf hi- m.it;.uiiie
i.e.ttca nl I idling. Wc observe llltlt
M-verul esteemed contemr*or.trie* arc
cilliaj; upon tlu* post ollice .uitluiritica
ipiltintf on hit foot, the Minn n« nit ho tleity the privilege of llw mall tn ihi*
angry man tloet on hit hftn.l*, he J7.ioiii-.iic literature— not lvcuii»a* of the
tlouhltil up hi* toe*, thook hi* fool in j peculiar J.h nine wit ilii Dowie leache*
the face of the man he had ttire*teil. bui Kvauie he «[h-tktaflighlin'-ly about
unJ lold hiin he wa»|*ettiii"'off lij-luhjio) alii v and royal personage*. For
mtal that he hnd a notion to give him it j exuttiple, ihe cpa»i!.e mj» Hwt "alio^e
punch in the face. Tlie nrinlf<>« oaan'niiM-r idli-H in.Hiri.m klnt»« of I'*>»,'-
then Mt down on the floor und calml) land--the (norm > - • were ihe heads of
rolled tt tlj-urelte wilh \u* ti<e« .tiul, the Chun It of Lut-luiul mid defender'.
asked   thoie   tMndinf   nearhy   L>r  niofilu- f.itih."
Ilialtll.     lie thttlt pfa«aa.aJiu III llnlJ ilia j      U\   I.. , v   (he    |M>Si.ir.ic    auUinritii.*
••me twtmt-en hit toes, strike it itnJ j will not p<> my Lea J to the dem.irtd*
lljjhf ht* opnrette with rrtair,    'the feat j trout «>tir rateeiw-il   Nit   Mir-erseriMtm-
In the Kootenay ktiowH 0. O.
D., tho watchiniiker. Ho ban
repaired 100,000 watches with
perfect RatiHfnetioi), ami is pre-
parol, to repair yoiirn at nliort
notice. Hoiiefat work and
honeflt prices i« my motto. A
fine Btock of watches and
jewelry always on hand. He
on the look out for his Christ*
§s stock.   Two doors north
p.mk building, 1-Vruic.
u u. DEflAUREZ.
VVanteo.—A young inan for ollice.
Must be nn experienced stenographer
and typewriter, and able lo correspond
in Knglish and German. Salary to
start $3 per week. Address II. 0. G.,
711 The Ledger.
II. O. G., 711. The [Ledger. Dear
Sir : 1 beg to offer myself as nn applicant for tho position advertised this
morning. I ant a young man, 37
years of age, have had 23 years business experience, being connected with
the U S, Kmbassy at Madagascar,
and feel confident if you will give me
a trial. I 11111 not only an ekperl bookkeeper, proficient stenographer and
typewriter, excellent telegrapher nnd
erudite college graduate, but have
several other accomplishments, which
may make me desirable. 1 am an experienced snow-slioveler, a first-class
peanut roaster, have some knowledge
of removing super fltimis hair and clipping yuppy dogs' ears, and have a
medal for reciting "Curfew Shall Not
Ring Tonight!"* ant an experienced
chiropodist and n practical farmer; can
cook, Like tare of hur-.es, crease trousers, open oysters and repair umbrella.1*,
and am nlno the champion tobacco
chewer of Pennsylvania, my spitting
record being 38 feel.
Iking possessed of great physical
hestuly, I would nol ouly Ih* iiu-fal but
ornamental as well, lending to ihe «n-
tred pre* im Is of'your ollice that delightful charm lhat a Sat-umu vase or
a MulTed billy-goat would, My whisker*
being quite extensive and lin.nri.nu,
my f.ue could Iks u-ed as a jn-n-wipa-r
and fcdlhrt Juvti-'.    I iviii furnish high
recomincttd'tiians from Chauiuey IK*-   ,      ,     „. ,,   _.    %.    ..
 .,, ,    Jewelry Htore, onpoMtt- the North
K^'-'"*rf   ". * l'i^i-l.^, - ■ *
oftt man wilh no arms arresting a man jrontciripurarva**,    lat 11s have no "lese
nnd tying himself to him and marching J «M}a>te" or o«> thing rescmMing  it 10
4.^.  »«.,«-. »»-.-. .*.- —v  *-:--. .......". 1 ■-■> ;. -    ...1 -1- ..*..-. .....4 ..* ^..ft, (   Jk   ajuamage 0( }a»ur mutir
fiftr, IJii'-J.-. J. i'.."*.'), Ha:.h<S
itr Gro'it, Ctptain Clark, the Prime
Minister of Dahomey and ihe Ahkoon
of Sttat.
As tit salary, I Uantld leal   thai  1  Was
robbing  1 hit   widi'weiJ,   und   swiping
sponge cake from the orpltaned  if i
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
A. Maihison
Is prepared to do fine watch
repairing at the
era hotel, Fernl**.
Furniture nud
(,'      U4-<'V       4'a.-'
III.! ,1.1   L-I
Bart-win* in
a * **ia
r»„ .■	
▲  ««|*a, A
, V
'Ih* lnr tl'l* ,*l IM1/ilt:umMIHtti%tl&  .111- 111
"''■'"'' ''■'"'"  "" * """""»"" "•'   "lt  ' '"'1     '' '"""     ' iaa,«me ti> tKCvptmg   tU*   UltUtOUS Mtlta
talk i-f Ihe eerily t,lT«W,  /,,   |h. )..••   JJ.,,1, ,1....-U lv filial.,   .,iJ   vt^l0( fj<w0 ^ „wk(  and  w„u,j  K. w. j j™' *_
nRi.tr iitir mrifii,    TIW •Sfitrttm.fce-t* m*« U »,t*l I ':w*«".'     a...,.  ... t  ..!.».
!' w 11 wti|ilinVv,i!. iai',1* ill   li.ll   1'itiliH'
Rrittrh I'ffiie Minnr 3'\'«, iuiln. 1.1 v.-
Kirst liuotenfty aliout two m lliSslVest oft.
smimiit of tlio Uockv MoiiiitahiB nml iilinut
ulna." miles Xorth of tliu Kootfinivpiiss tniil,
uoimmmcin-r ut a post nutrkod South Wost
imriH'i- of Sydney A. Kelly' tuioal ami petroleum
lueiitioii, tlience running Kant M i'liiiin>.
tlidiii'c North Hticlinins, thence Went Siii-liains
thence South|SH chains to place of commence.
iiii»ut,.'oiitainil]|*ia'i acres more or less.
l.oeuteil uml dated the 2ml ilaj' of November,
SYDNEY A, KKI.T.Y, Locator.
David Ulnck, Agent.
NOTICE i» liereliy ulven thnt after flu-
expiration of .'it) clear days from this
ditto, I intend to apply to the Assistant Cuin-
iiiissiiinerof Lands unit Works fur the Ilistrict
in whichtlie iinderinentinned laiid» are sitmiti
lor a license to prospect for eoal and petroleum for a term of one year over the followiriit
ilnscrilit-il lands; situate in the ill-.trit-t of
South East Kootenay ahottt tvao miles West
nt the summit of the Itocky Mountains mid
admit ten miles North of the Kootenay l'n«s
trail, eoinnieiiiiiitf at a post marked Kouth
West corner of John I'atlnrsoii's eoal and
petroleum locution, thence riiinilnu Kttst so
i-liiiii.», theiiee North Ko elmlus, llniuee West
Hi) chains, thmice South >«i ehaliis to place nl
commencement, eotitaliiini'iilfi acres more or
Located and dated tl-o 2nd day of Novemder,
David llliiek, Am-iit.
NflTICK Is lieredy Itiven that after th.
aixpirtitioti ol SI eleiir days from Ihi.
date, I intend to apply to the Assistant Cinii-
iiilssiniierof LiiihIn land Works lor the District
iu \ihich the uiidcrmeutiotiaid lands arc
niluittai for a license to pros|sict for coal and
ni tioliiiiii fur a term of one yi in over the fi.l,
lowliuidcsciil.C'l land-; sitiuite iu the District
uf South Kii-t Kooteiuiy aluiut two and oiii
luilf mile- West of the summit of the Hock}
Mouiilnliin uml iilinut eleven miles North i-l
th<> liiiut. iiiiv l'uss trail, ciiiiiiiiein lim at h
isist marked   tiouth   West corner ol   J.   I.
ltui-l.«li't ,-..4l uli'l l*dro!**lllai l.s'iatl'.ll. tl,,.|.. *■
rutitiiiii" IJasI hoi lui.liis, the lice North *n- hai n»
thiticH Wist aaneliuliu, tlinni e South miiliiilii-
to place of comineliciiiunt, coiitainliiK tit'i
Hi I'es iucja^ or ll'-s
liui'iate't nml ilati-d tliMSfieldiavot N.iV. luliei.
.1  I, HI't'llAV, I.e. itui.
David HlNi'k, Au.iit,
N'OTI«"K J. Ii. avdv Ria.-i. ajmt »»<•■ t| .
ev|iliiit|.iii of ."»! eli'ur dais truni tin'.
•late. I intend tn upiilv tn Ihe Assistant t'.nn
tnls.iiiiii rot Lauds and Wink-fur ihclMMili i
ill whlcli (hi, UHila-ritW-lltlollvl lllli'ls arc
siliiatelor a lleein* to pros|w«t for n.ul mil
i*. a„,j. .,„, f..r h ii-r# vt <m- i.mr .c" » '!■•
lotldaviiitf ili'scrlU-l Uii'K; sitiuite in th.
liUtrli t iitSoiitl, Kia-t K.iuteimy alum tin..
lluimlrilii. uml j.Ih.ut I»live lulli" Nuitti
ot tin. Kiiut,n»c I'n.. trail, foii.tnciieliii.'
ut    u    pusi     luiirkel    North   Wi-»   cirnit
i.i     I'.lll'l     M.   <l<lll>   a    <l„ll    Ml"l    (slluit i.II,
Imiii'IoII.   ad,'in .•   riiiililnit  S-inali   >vi  limii.-
tlic'itf Hast *ii liaina.ilii-ii.i- Nurili »'i ham..
thill.<• Wist a»» a Im ills to |ii»< a- of i uiulu.-m .
li.. !,«,. ..litiill.iliat i-ao*. !*• in.if,. ..I I.— .
I,... iiti-t »..'• .i,»la4 Ihe al,, .1.. v .,. N'n. i«i i
DAVID M.rAIII.KVL.  .t.,1,
I'm; I lll.uk,  A«. i.i
\*oflt I'. I< h.-ii-i.)'wtvaii tl al aflar tie H|lti-
i-A ti'.n ..( aiel.at il»)«frmn tliladate I ItiieuiJ
t,, npi-la; P.itic Aan-adant t"«>iiinila«i.^w-r .,t l.tai.,1.
,eii Wa.rlt- ti.r the ilt«i||. Iju Khlili Ihe iu,-li i
imiltlollKlUlntalarr lttl|at<-,(ur * li«-«-|l«« t,. [.I- •
l»-ri t.-r cual ja.'.'t i»trut<iini <<i « tirm •( ,.i.»
jf.if oairtlic l.iltoatliitr.l,-t-rltui) |,i,.ta, .,i„,i,
"..it- Itl.'1-.ia ■'/.* uaati I MtKiacui »>. .'• ■■••
mil, < a>,»l ■ t lit* auralitll of tha- It.ill >l -h
t*ta-». atK] Kt»<it lwa>ltaa*nllt>«'V«lh «l tie- h'-.t>
i.iv  l',,i* tfull   ' amniirni In,- nt  • |« -I   m.rki'f
 ■'■.  il, - t, '• .'-. :•<    I  H-.-'ir «.. •' •   , ■'..'■ ■■   ■
(iiulja-truli'-iiiii ).i»-»tl*i, t!.«-»M-*'futmiiiir iiurtli-a.
i i..,i..*, U»> ... *   *.-*t   ll-   I l.,*,;.^,   it..,..-,     ?...*'it    ''
. i.»l»*,l!iv I,.. ».«! «n alx.t.. t-, |,L. « ..ti.»i.
in. Wlllll l t.< i*t»l|.l«.n**i Wfi»   ii..«, ut l"«
I,,, ll.,l   »l.«t 4«t»at  ttaf Htl ilav i.t S'rta»f»t«r
l—l. Hla'IIAHIM' t'l.AHJa    I   - 'I••<
!   ll,.} I.I   Hindi,  \  ■• 1,1
Vii'I'lrl'" I" licl.'i.y fciacii thnt Mttet (tic < V|li i
»^l   ik.i. «,l *«»'m*t .tijtai from !»«»« A.i*. ! n*t"i
j i,ai^ilr t'»tlw \»**»t.«utl •*».«!»«..*-*•. r.uf l.m.'i.
j a,iciO,'«ara| li»'t»»rvailwatr t«,» » ll«'ti.« t,-c>
i'acar   a-i'f    t»»-
Toarist   SS-sepa;-   Servsco
Wo.-'t from Rcvi'IMoI-l- .Mon., -Wc-.l.1
Thut"., Sat. lo "Scat lie iv N'ani'miwr.
Iiitst from Dunmore, Sun., Mon., \\"nl.,
l'Vi. lo St. Paul'; V,V;1. & Suil.;la- lo
Toronlo; Mon., Moulieal ; Fti.,
MonliTtil ami Host,in.
Atlantic Siea-S8 jM-j Agency
'Through huokint-s to and from (iroat
I>riluin and the Conliia'tU.
All liiK'.s represented.
I'or  rales,   folders  and   information
npply to local agents;.
R. Ki'.ADiNi;, ;if;ent, I'et'nie.
K. .'I.Covl
I.  V. Ki.'K'^n.iV p. C,J,a\vi:.
Eckstein & Lawe
EAmiis'i'Eits-AT-LAtv,    .Soi.icniuis,    Ivm.
Citllilicrt lllock,  Kernie, 11. C.
I'liws—fioM, Silver or Lend  ,... .ijiio
Ooid-Sther iiiSilvcr-l.eiul sl.tl)
I'.d. llox Dll.'l    „ YSI1K. H.'.l
Ya I   Ya!
CAIilV.NrERS'e- .101NBUS
.Next iloor to Calirar.v Cattle Co.,' Wood Street
W.uk of All Kinds.     Hmci Keasi.iuilile'.'
.l.S, Ciutei. D.l'.A.
Notary  and Commissioner
0 rOl'LAH   AND   KASLO ';
IKUt) Wi-stniiii.it.-i- U.ciil.
100,11(10 llllllis  lii.iv  ill  ..'.o, I;  li,,!ii   lioll.iiiil
Ki.iuec nnil .lai-nu.
TIIOl'SAM'-t    OF     riM'I'l'     AM)    Oil-
NA.MLN -i'AI.   I Hit:-,.
Klntiloilenilr.ini.      It 11*<
llllll   Hardy   I'liiuis   l".,i-
" Home tlf.iwn  nn.I I i.i
(ilil'ili 11,     I Iclil    uud     I I,
Always oi   c„i, in -,
FMlTlUSI'll.s   hki: iiivr.--
(ii'.'i.'U   hoii-c   full   "I   l-|,(i:; .
FI.T..I Work.      Huv ,!ii,, 1 :.n
l.'.it.i|,'Klle  free,   or   .-.'ill  nuil
I \!-","!(K.'!'   *il AN A( i EIf.   W,\ NTH! >-I'l :»M,\-
!' nciit t n^itioit : ti'l'iil ailvjio.iuient : .uliiry
an<I ciiii'ii ■<■■- : full ii.ftrin't ions tree ot i-hurtr,.";
■ I. Hi. itcirnlile I.,ii-ii.i>s. Tin- .1, I„Nli'lili|,;a
< l I., I.lllill. .:. Toiunlo.      Mention (Ids |.;i|,ei)
1.1 ,.'ii house
nl.    l'l'tiiliiti{.
ol   few
j    1 ,'i i-
I fi:.-:'..
j-.; iii
ri:i>-V,;i'kli. lew  |,!!r-,,)is to re|.r.ci-i:t
re  e.lulili-lii-d   aaliol, «-n|(.  In,use ninoni.'
'Ill l.'ll llllll    11,ll   iltr.lst-.      I.'..'ill   ll'llllolV
ciMiiai'-,    -]s s;ili,ry ii ii.| i-\j*-tii,> * \>nii
l'\|i. li'H  U'olii-.v  ii.laaiice.i,    I uiuniH
Ua.    !'■ l iiinticlil i'!iK'ii|.'eU"'Ut    ilu^iiifis
• ii.;    i'liiiou,, c\|«'ii. -in ,■ not e... -nt id.
-cli     ll.|.i|cs..ld       eliM'li.Js-.     Ait'lr. ss,
mi M'i;.}i TliAM i.l.tis, .1^:,, lieu I'i,i n M .,
M. J. 1IEMJ.Y,       !
fain nil i i-l ,   11.C. ]
Cigatf Store
A t'lioii'i' line of  cio:tr-   rt!\v.tv ■-  iit
t-tock. Hi'iitiiiHuiti*    I'or
Ingr.im &. Storcliouse, Props,
I Iii* t! .
II jh n.ei r; 3e.irs. ,\j, I'l.-uee in it, nml work, nnd
ii.tke- a Ki.i'tlulta ■■•! Oolil ltiiili c Work. Visit
itn.ili- to'.In' Moci'.i r.iunliifly.
w-1 • » l.K t I I V I.11IK.J. M». ,JU. l.o.O.t .
,~    Snii.i. i,    Ur.    M>'.,i|iii:s tn tlie t'lit-'U H:ill
, M-rv t rnl-ty
y--!'"-  ii    i,;ai
'. \i,!Tii.
; A, I. ik,
m     \ I'lMlii-   lilctlili'll
!     .1    i .  ic 11 i.i.-i",
V.. .-(u.ii-il;  W. .1
., Willis    l.aalia
r> m..i .. ii \\-
M »  *: i .
-l.-> niiiii
f)f>     n/iTi..i
■    I   .<' \l I 1:1    .   .1      |U( I.
Mrl.tKlllt;,    Iloininl-,
il l.i.lel Sl.l lien.     .'■-! "i- 1)
la.   <U     I'.
: nl »o i lo! a
!- j,.nri;ii.K
"ii h.'a s.
. and   I'L,
II ('
l«   llcVI.VNIi
■ r «i..l I'r.f-. 1
kha.nk  Mj;n iii-.i;
Provincial LanJ Surveyor
■ a r'.l "ti. It
!'•»  li
!D0NT i'C'AB
st'ia   tl,  ,•   !' '    V !'
Mill.' I'm,■    .  U '     '
llitv-u,.i VV'ii,j< t ; ■  i . „,,
ife.t.'l',' ' ■.,
\\      \>      I H I'.,i  i'\ r
"|;|   1(1 i\ I    |lii|  a,|
t I t I It'll -I
tai Ixc it circus rterfuruirr aiut ti. iJa i
Hear ilic Ji-juit,- Dallii»Tnni"s IKi.iU
. ^     •/! prcjh'h*r .»nj ka-n-ftini* }out lik* io*tir«*al,
k'    *'        ' j hut at** la* (mirta!  a  lu-aita* fm itialigi-ni
I ,i.tn..»,u-r   Mulivk   «.,(.•   t.a h,ar tl'*-*| rtt-i^p^t -a^k-.n^t  ,md «tj..w  *  free
Mtitle nnd Piety.
Vthtn a MtfKtf  l1««-|Ara*\l,   iht  «»tlta r
dajr* lti.tt tliurclt tlioir* tattamM W piotM,
the WKKaMMjam »*♦ aJk-*«r^r-J aw MartlitaR j I >.»♦*.«.- f.if«-r ««»m tb,* ir».«i.K K-asnt:*i- it I tK-»| in th.- Crtt'n ll«>mc. Kr.ath", i-ltl
Nml re-wl»taao«iaiy hy lit* titi.y (*«-*♦ | *-h-,«"<-. Ji.ra's{>-aj?»slly of the Unit | nwn, your unlw-.f J-. f bounty hwJm
tti*t %hr. \\«m *n* irivrn  a &A r»aiiu'. tivniiji's •   \'% nn ii.-nu Sw t,mM <n,t',u-1'1'1.''.'"'' u',,'-'l""1-''-u •l Mh-1-  j]   •"'•   "''w-
. ..        I,       , ...     aa', . a      ■■ r*a".»«*4.»,«*i nnwt   *rv«<'ar   Ilka?   mMMrMi
hraaffinc   «a*nJ  n  frttmtivervt p^u^o. \ f,"t* ther ««*■>-» t     \\t>.\. tlw m-,;ir*t twt|„,ri,,.,.M, „ "
Iht t«*««t ft* th»*, frr-hiuMy, t* v'"'- \ t*i-"a'*r Un- - -,'■' '-. ; t\. p ,pi-» i* »« .n\t& j ' (•„„ ,',,-j jiU^ ,,'^a,, ;if„., f,„ n*, ',,,*,_
that tit* ttjtattnliat-ra of ehurA diotr< arr * »•» mi!k (,mtpMt*i with wbat that j or tan Nr «#« Sttn«].tt m«*rninj; ».■» th*
imtr fitNtti, htti ilut there i**oui<!h'w'iWit'M i'.-i-nh»% ^mt'i-u*. TimA-tnt., b**{ '"'*■ **■• 3?,t' t-:|Ufl!l- 5 *. *ji j J ai.-iJ 3 :«k
^a-Vifctta^tto  Iht,  ttwOl («*.>. i««iu«.t   -xhout  tha-   Crtovg.* Mid  -^  J^!!Jnr^nH,"j^i*m^
WftaHti * <t*wwf«-f-iMi Witt* *  (lii*a»*i, ■M.ifttAv «ifi>*..'ii»i, IH.i.i ,*****.* mvm V.mg-  inil_,.   1;t   ^   *,„,,-,,,,      Jj,^ .^tlu'tit
HA thtf   -ti1ttayfmff*»t    l*t>H»l*t*trWll*ff alaX   "ft I tra.fr .ItrlKafta <r* W If ft  m.i, ft   iaf»f»>,»ltsil» AChf ' ^nitn-at,   tt iff",
|,„'„',aatl.-«     «4r*,"lll:#st     I'll- !■», I H*l-
. .    .  «jsi--     1,1      l,s,i       1-o'Hl      "!       - ■>■■'''>       I      ' I
're*Afj, ltilit.1t.I mul IW T»'iit+ f K.»4»e«». **■-«« .4** jni^ *•;*';• I',**,,*:1',';";;.; j.
fUtt'if muimg to   g\\*   Hay   to-ftitr*   llaH |Clft*lb I.'*,gl»ii«;l* Altai laiUl »|ti"» t#«itaa-»,     j w;^ ^;,i:''K.r',,^^''|^ irait r.^wet-ii'^
1UII   llral#r«   Ma-rvtlv*-   fr.ma-4    Att.t-tl.ua.    Ul i |,.»i  -niilftl   ttaiaitli H.I f-wl «M   '' IX'
Iilofd   ll •   l',»lt   »nd   la-lr.*-l|ir,   !■*■<«(.,>,.    tl'l",.*!*"1
T711lft«»      l/.ta-t-'a     1»   #" '    **'-•  *   '"*"«  •-—»■-"•   '      "   '■	
*!.,*. *. * *. '^ % ,a,^   it t. a-s-,,. i * *-*s)   * * * v- -  ; (,,, ,,,.,   , .,„,.,, i  ,,».'.,„ ,,},,   „, u,,i.  ',   ,i,
.,...,„. j' [,> i.i, .-4   .,,,la.,a»>-1,,'1''Ul^ll*    ,l',|at,ili^iw'   '.&'
} «>-##.■«' (■'•■.
|y.i«»«'l <i,-l aU"»«4 «!«• 1'hfHj >■*  N. aaints-t.i
t*'| I   II   lia.lSH.S, t.„« v ■ *
iMtWItUa*. A«-»'
I, la Hra.Ju, »Iu-tc   cti-n   tltc   uwti.- -.^ mA  hy ar„p,{nB„M.,umof f,.^
IlUls    Wl'i'laK'      Ilv'W sjl.ifvr*    l*Wt    pilO! ! ^-at«r «'4ark,   m^^lj   ('ivf   a,,.'i*.i    nn   aaaja^taf.
fill    liia| lit! t;i,l ail>   ,.
H--    \  ': I".   '..<'.'.   '.     |..-,  \l    h      I    • :    ■   •     -  •
MM      Until
-   ,      ■;  ,    |      •   ■   ,       I,
I    '   ',   !'',  t   I!' '"
I hIiiIkiiii --, ii^.nn».i tin   kifi|; niikl cm- tin nt i limn)- nl tail   i am l'   on trinili'J   yt't'l tlo-
I'unik .aru miWrn^i^n-h (-*n«ar*J.'     | n.»t*M*rt*  U» yatur" iliutalt,   «w.tri|r )tw
Bill  *,aailajrt"t it tV    .1     tl
1  ItllTI'-l ! V«l!''' '♦►.•M-aj rtar*», all
i.im i i.i». i ty   fk.iKnt „,.„> 4„,«r
"'AT' i i c-:..- > • i n. I o   IA o t*o i •» n n tn
ihin a l
WhrtMt.ifia F»i'n?i»ri.in't I'f-i-i-t htipi-rfiir-
ot Wtm*. Uajtiwi aitxt t:ij[*r*.
ilita nf».i»s
>m%%!.. ,.a
a |.,*|i*t* f.aiht Jla»4««»»it t'•».»»«»..'•■,-•
f luHl^U M O* •««*•».« i* anti'i,
:    .■,.,  Ho,.I- i'„   I' »-■■-- f,.i- „.'..,
^  |j.S i 1.4 4 .-Mil -^ K>1 f^,.l', .4*l»aKl  '^ <t  *.'*■',■.,.
{-•**' «H#t ;»,.*t.»v# «te.*TW*4ttn«4». »-.<
.-. U
■ t.». i.>;ai.
Ditlrid Agt'ttin h>r
Uinl   Mil',''  r.'a-T
tHin itiuu>r« ot
jrm£<tui£:   n. c.
> *»♦,■ b* IJ» • .«»»«,'.» '* It,- « fa* «", .'. *
I .'„*!»'.', ^,,.'v**e* ««l4'* ii.-„r^, fe* Jiiw ik,-, i.. -1 t'a-
I «rttt. i-».««im"*a<«aat*(j"> U » i»»» •» lf»M *" "a**» "**  '*'
rrir-Mif •?   .|l,;i'H«.S -a. «»"«'»   I '",1 '   fl'S ■:••'<■   '■)     •
i I'.n-tU *.,i,ht<m*-»'**-*• ing *.•.'.*•".«. * ■ i*!!"1. '»-• ■■ '■'
{•1...I.  »i a-ti.J'.«,l.!*l. >• unw'.t'   *" iti.il"'. Ific •■
I **#H tan, f-atalii^a** -*ik**- a* **m*mnM****-n-   --*-
._. a   .-* I tuali'l*'* "! til -n i**. fci-** o.f Aa*.
VltA't+W   't "»ii'*W"i      V»- -a-1' i   Mi'I   •'!   I*S   /»«■ 111- ()•■ I    "■'   ■'.   '' ■' I'    -'I
1*4 HUito*^Ktl   I,* it.*.
, t *<»V .a. t r>.( \.
>*>*> it t».
Ctonoml   OtOfO
I   t. •tr.t.tv.  in;;i,.K  »•<"*!.*.
'..*   *        -*« .* ■!, %.« tTteiK.'-      at,'*.*    ■   0    ^.-'aw»'.     «,«■■-   . THE LEDGE, FERNIE, B.C. DECEMBER 14, 1904
The Canadian. Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital -
Head Office
- $3,500,000
This Hank transacts every description of Banking Business, including the
Issue of Letters of Credit and Drafts on Foreign Countries, and will negotiate or
collect bills on, any place'where there is a bank or hanker.
is added to the deposit twice in each
year, at theend of May and November.
Savings Bank
Special Attention is directed to the
following Advantages Offered by our
Savings Bank.
Deposits of One Dollar
and   upwards    received    and    interest
allowed at current rates.
The Depositor
is subject to no delay whatever in the
withdrawal of the whole or any portion
of the deposit.
Have one of their largest stores in Fernie.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
Everything in
Gentlemen's Neckwear
A Swell Line of
Ascots, Derbys, Strings,
English Squares,
Knots, Etc.
Call and See Our Stock
W. C. Hamilton Co.
Fernie Hotel Block
Watch This Space
For the Holiday Trade
We Sell for Cash Only
Therefore we can give you the Best Quality at Lowest Prices
Call and Be Convinced
W. J. Blundell
. The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block,  Fernie
|5... PROMPT      §
§     DELIVERY     §
Xmas Cards
Xmas Calendars
Xmas Presents
-npHE LADIES of Fernie
will  find an   Excellent
Stock of o# o#
Dress Goods
etc. etc.
at my store in the Todd Block
Fernie Drug
Services will be held in the city
churches nest Sunday as follows:
Early service 8 a. m., with short instruction in two languages ; high mass
at 10:30 a. 111., with instruction in two
languages; Sunday school at 2:30;
evening service, 7:30 p. 111., with instruction. Service each morning at 8
o'clock. Rei.. Father Cocoi.a,
IViest in charge.
In Opera House, al 11 a. 111., matins
and sermon; evensong and sermon,
7:30 p. in; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Rev. E. R. Bartlett, M. A., Rector.
Services 11'a. m. and 7:30 p.m.;
Sabbath school at 12 noon.
Rev. Alex'Dunn, B. A., Pastor.
Corner of Pellatt avenue and Wood
street.    Services at   11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m.; Sabbath school at 2:30 p. m.
Rev. J. Robson, B. A., Pastor.
A Full Line of: : :
Christmas & Presentation
Now on Hand
Art Works in Burnt and
Crushed Persian Leather
Poets in padded leather& cloth
A seli-ct range of
Sunday   Sohool   and   Juvenile   Books
Come in and see our stock
N. E. Suddaby
litis  pllllllilM'll
Prost's Photograohic Studio
aippo-aiii* .Weiltoilisl (.intuit,
and is now open for business
Victoria avenue. Services at 11 a. m,
and 7:30 p. ni.; Bible school 12:10 p.m.
Rev. C. R. G. Poole, Pastor.
A woman might be happy without a
new bonnet if no other woman has one.
Model .1I1-.
Endless Variety at
Cann's Bookstore
L.T.W.  Block.
Just forget prejudice for
n moment!
The essentials for a well
fitting suit of clothes are proper, designing—careful cutting
—expert workmanship—hand
tailoring and good materials.
These determine the fit and
hang of the garment — the
style — the shape — and the
permanent retention of these
qualhies during the garment's
Because you like to be
measured with a tape line
docs it follow that you will obtain the ttlBXimttm BBtiHfflC-
tion on these points, from the
" little " fellow who tries to
design—cut — tailor and sew
all by hiiiiH-II ?
Semi-ready is the product
of specialists assembled iu
unit*—-a master tailor docta the
designing—expert cutters nil
the ilolli and skilled tailors
work on the particular parts
in the making of which they
The results of fit—c-rpri's-
slon—shape and porimincilt
retention of these qualities 'ire
date ta> these tikai-, king kept
in view in every upvralion of
the making.
Tho Canadian Hank of Commerce
The Canadian Rank of Commerce is
still engaged in the task of covering the
Dominion ot Canada with a network of
offices, and it has recently announced
that.two more have been opened, one at
Lloydminster in Saskatchewan, and the
other at Nanton, Alberta, both these
districts being in the North-West Territories. These two new offices will bring
the number of offices to just three over
the hundred, the bulk of the branches
being iu the province of Ontario, where
the bank originally conducted most of
its business. The " Financial Times"
adds, "by its recent acquisition of the
Halifax Banking Company, the bank,
howeAer, obtained strong representation
in the maritime province, whilst the
absorption of the Bank of British Columbia gave it a considerable number
of branches to Manitoba and the North-
West Territories. The widespread
character of ils business has also compelled it to open live branches in ihe
United States, and the acquisition 01
the Bank of British Columbia gave it a
well situated office in London."
During the year ending November
t,o the net profits of the bank were
$1,124,973.66. The bank has over
52 millions of dollars on deposit bearing
interest, and over 18 millions of dollars
on deposit that does not bear interest.
IjV buildings for its own use the amount
New Yokk, Dee, 14.—Mrs. Chad-
wick leltfor Cleveland last night.
Lisbon, Dec. 14. —A teleerratn from
Mos-uuinds, a town in the Portuguese
colony, on the West Coast of Atrica,
announces the arrival there ot 21
vessels of the Russian Baltic fleet.
Mossaraeds is 1,100 miles north oi
Washington, Dec. 14.—Negotiations are now pending looking to the
reconvening of the com mission for a
discussion of the Canadian reciprocity
Chicago, Dec, 14 —John D. Rockefeller is said to have given between
two and three million dollars to the
University of Chicago for a school of
engineering. _______
Montreal, Dec. 14.—Yesterday
was the last day for filing election
protests. Six were filed in Nova
Scotia, all against Liberals. In Quebec two protests wore entered in
Montreal, one Liberal and one Conservative. In On ai'io, on Liberal
and twu Conservatives.
invested is a million dollars. This great
financial institution holds its annual
meeting of shareholders on January io.
Sit-ftir iu Ontario
The Oiit.ii io Sugar Company at
Berlin turned out last season 7,000,000
lbs. of sugar, and this year the output
will lie consideringly larger. Monday,
the Berlin industry will pay out $26,000
to the farmers who brought in sugar
beets during October; but in 'that
month the receipts were light and the
payments for November, which will be
tiiadejri Decemberl_win_ii^^
J. D. Quail
To Reform Criminals.
At a faith cure convention in the
east last week a woman testified that
she recently woke in the dead of nighl
to find a burglar in her room. She
did not scream, but immediately began
to give him treatment by prayer. She
prayed that he might be reformed.
" Suddenly," she says, "the man looked
at 111c nnd left the room. He did not
take anything with hit)). The next
day he returned and begged my pardon for breaking into my house. 1
prayed with him, and today lie is nn
honest man with a responsible position
in a bank."
Nxctirslon Hilton KitHt
The Canadian Pacific railway announce n low round trip excursion rale
lirst class from Kootenays to Monlenl
and all eastern Canada points, except
points* north of Gravcnlmrst and west
of Pembroke, Rates from Fernie lo
Montreal and points west is $58.40,
with corresponding rales fiom all station!* lo all eastern points. Tickets are
ou tattle daily till 31st December, with
transit limit ot 10 day* going, 15 days
returning and good to stop over east of
Port Arthur, final 'limit', three moullis
from dale of sale. For further information, tickets, iK'rths reservations, etc.,
iarjMy U> liv.,i .iguiu u* write J. S, Cuter, district passenger agent, Nelson.
The Mutual Life
of Canada
The Only Onnndlnn
Life Oompany that
b   Puraly   Mutual
IS vi year* old ;
HAS AsteU na>wc*a*M-ding$S,naao,ooo;
HAS a surplus (on (iuwdiuiiiu Valuation Standard), of in-aily $//k»,ikh«'
II VS nearly j^j.uoo polkyholdert*;
HAS nearly Sjn.ooo.ooo of In mint rife
in farce ;
considerably larger. In York County
the farmers are only just making their
shipments. Frost does not injure them
and as cars are sometimes difficult to
procure most of the crops do not reach
the factories until the end of November
or December. They continue running
until February or March. The probable output from Berlin alone this season
cannot be less than 8,000,000 pounds.
With a jump of 55c. per 100 lbs., in less
than two weeks, it is easy to compute
what benefit the shortage in foreign
countries will be to Canadian telineries.
The price today is $5.18 per 100 pounds.
Now OfliCOI'N
Al  the last meeting
of the  Fernie
lodge, Knights of Pyihias, the following
officers were installed.
J. C. Hutchison,
C. C.
T. Heck,
V. C.
C. S. Tutlle,
Wm. Scott,
M. F.
G, Ciirruthen*,
M„ l^jfifcufe...
W. W. Tulrle
M. \WwF^''
J. S. Volume,
K K. and S.
C. II. Levers,
J. L. Gales.
K. 11, C. Hammond,
O. G.
Tho KugliHli View
The Kent Courier, published nt Tun
bridgts Wells, in its issue of November
5, has a long article under the caption,
"Mrs. Landor in Hritish Columbia," in
which (he following Matcmunt appear*:
" In many respects the motherland
would do well lo follow the example of
this, one of her youngest children.
During my xi'iy in Vancouver (over 11
month) I have not seen a public house,
11 gin palace, beer simp nml -a.iloon, nor
have I seen a drunken pertaon situe I
left Kngland early in April, although I
have been out and about conslaully,"
Tlii«i i*. hardly cnmpliiiienlary lo
V.uiiaiiiier, .is it is ihiUtI lor many
"♦.w ell" Kiilot-mi and drinking places.
Tha* Liverpool lu'ho, in tin- 5-,mic of
November 11, has the following anius-
big fi'iragrnph • " V,-nv»'Wvii' !4,»<J,
Hriti».lt Columbia, if a Ivitutlftil, nlnnrst
1111 earthly pAM-Jitae, but lack* live*.
I*t an unm-iirrieti woman go lo Vancouver Island and the 'courtship' U-
gins immediately, The men have gold
to offer, (bey own tvuiiiH, they b.tvt
Carbonado Relief Fund,
Following is a list of subscriptions so
far received for the relief of the widows
and orphans of the miners who lost
their lives in the disaster at No. 1
mine, Carbonado, on November 18:
John Beaumont. $   5 00
Chatles Lathroot...      5 00
Simon Dragon.      5 00
Collected by John Hunter.      2 00
W. A. Galliher, M. P     50 00
L. P. Eckstein.     25 00
W.J. Blundell      2 00
Collected al Blairmore.     44 5°
Collected by Miss J. Telfer      9 50
Stockel   Miners'   Union,    No.
2,301 U. M. W. of A.     25 00
F. C. La.we   ....     500
J. A. Macdonald, M. L. A     15 00
Total. .'...$178,00
Additional Locals
Webb's Chocolates at Bleasdell's.
A man doesn't have to be a millionaire in order to become a sinner.
S. Slinii has 475 boxes of .apples in
his cellar. ,
A man's conscience is 'continually
reminding him of his neighbor's sinfulness.
Xmas presents for everybody al
it's fortunate for mankind that but
few of our prayers are answered.
Slop at the Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake City.
The more some men arc worth the
more worthless they seem to be.
Sewing machines to rent at the B. C.
Furniture Company. -
HaT^isn't very much in love "if he
writes sensible letters lo his best girl.
Slinn has a line of toys that will suit
every child in the city.
H. A. Senkhiel has ihe finest display
of boots ahd shoes in the city.
If genius and egotism always went
together there would be a lot more
We buy, sell or exchange new or
second hand furniture. The fi, C.
Furniture Company. -,
Some people are so egostical tbat
they imagine everybody they meet
is glad to see them
Mitsterson, Griffith at Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
To pi oh 11 the innocent is all right;
hut ihe young lawyer finds that there
is more nu i;ey in defending the gnilty.
If you arc troubled with rheiimiilisin
you will linl the Pool of Si loam at
llalycon. Write for particulars to
Sanitarium, llalycon, I). C.
Women have better control of their
tongues than men have; in fact men
have no control whatever of women's
At the Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
you do not need an introduction io gel
a drink. Put the price on the har and
Ihe mixer will do the rest.
Travelers to Fernie in or out of the
holiday seaton should slop at the King
F.dwnrd hoiel They will find il n quiet
home and the table one of the bout in
the city.
Have you seen S. Slinn's Mock "»f
Xmas good*? If nol, do nol delay for
he h.t.s the finest sintk of dulU and toy*
of all kinds in the ilty. Order* token
for all kiinle of cakes.
Drugstore |
Agent for—International Stock Food Preparation
■Harry Webb's Celebrated Chocolali:s
Why buy Xmas Gifts from
Sheppard & Elliott?
Because our name is a guarantee of quality and you
can be certain of getting the best possible here. When
your friends know goods were secured from Sheppard.
8t Elliott they at once are certain that you-.lhdught the
best was none too good for them.
For Father, Older Brother & for HIM
For Mother, Big SIstor or for HER
Razors         .     Razor Strops
Ladies Companions
Skates  '     -,
Pocket Knives   Shaving Brushes
Embroidery Scissors
Manicure Sets
Skates               Leather Cuffs
in case
Nickel Tea Pols
Snow Shoes
Lamps   ■
Carving Sets.    Ingersoll Watches
Nickel Sad Irons
,;   .
Drop in and see us anyhow. We
either a Match Box or a Calendar for
and friends.
have choice of
our customers
Sheppard & Elliott, Fertile, B.C.
Is Purified by
&'4 ?***■*■* **HP_.
MA,   Hail M
lltK   lt«a|Ml
, - ■ * "» i.'t tin *|..j»iiii(ttt ,»l«rt
• I..-I ii.* ni (, l..r,<ari!itravy iiUUU. la-mM*
•" 'i '""" '"■'." "Ml>'1'! V'': 'M/'i .-1 r,wn.» ^.,1
t-r.t ,<f.*ln,a'.. t.-n.ft t, iiiiij, t*,*irt«Mrii', It
aaill iiku.* a..'. «.! tiny .'<,!,! iitaa mv
uf..„„... „., .. ;; ,»,„ ,-i, ,,(„.,• , ,,t, „f ,.,..tl
t * '«! *'      *' ■■ ',*■" '. '    '.       f *'■■,*    :.(-a"    r/.W    u (■■    tr.   S  J* t.** t"i >
*..      r       '(      ■ ■ ■   ■  " U..I*   '■.   "-.-I   HJl.'.'llltCH,
la   il.la.K    all   tllC OKI
stand with the same line of!
I goods he has always* sold iu
MAS rwitl ovrr Sft tran iv*n In i-atla •
potuyUolitersor lo their fimilie* »nd |»"i**"> »w**^ m,m '*'•** "a>  WiU-* «|
.,,„,' li^wuu1 tiuuau io tive m.    liiey wilt hire
JL\.S in Ke*«ne, Iur ihe'r ttxitriiy, over  thiiunwn or Iwlf larettlsa, nnyhtidy to
-iW.-Xa., I-.- ShiWiill Hfiait"*., J d|,» aBvt' li-lfd H'Ctfk, i'1 a«l!)   .a JJOaHj-lla-aik-
...     .        _ ling woman will light the p.trlur lamp
Married men  Uiould  rcnicjiilver tin-Li nti'lti ar»J i»t N the tirrMilr wrtltimr
rija-w^ifi* IVnift Hn*it4> »r».| w*m t*Ml>!
i«>;tn ttriat ,Vtn»»triir» (vl-»r»    lInly whit**!
UW rHiiilA'«i|.   I"ir*t clitM iitir. {
'ni«»\tAS* K«JI(K.V»N, iVftf^lA,
.....      J.l. :. J... ..,;,       -.: ,        ; , ^        4*,iii       | »| I 't I I   I      VllOl
wttictand iltiklren by it policy in ihr
Ma !at.ll Ufa.'.
Yo ing men tltoailj not dally with
dine in rrj'.ird to lift* intairam-f. T1m*
•<<Htn n y*>ti coiimii-iice ihe Mioner your
prcfit* mill caatne io ycau.   11 i* an in-
,i.^U...!,',  il..,'.  ilUata rcl}!),
V<nm,» nwn «ho bust relative*, dp-
prrtiJing i-van theirt fhiaulj l:iU<- a pc"!iry
in il»« Muu-al Lik. It will help nuxlitr
if aJ»lh »H©"jial re»rh xmi h* try h»n$
beh*re yowr youth hm rt«l.
Hiita-t-n Souvenir inrth with
I'Agltt    Vi«*a«*   «{    tVriiie.
I'lautifu! atuL, atu! iUa>
(*»n«i)i«n (*o«t of Armn on
»wb «n<*.   ftiafint hy itiaii tor
'jo «*nl*.
Tat/ full (VHt'tcufantjiTI tin .-nu ^g«n
J.    PURDY   t%   00.!'•r'''■•K'•■tT■L,'•,■r■■,r'f>','••n■f',
tot hw /iuvImiiU <o aoine /limn-, ian*
»4* fna* *€ni o niimliatc «f U* Niglu,
i.ip.iblc women to lnr Kl.ttnl, but still
it lw» n«a«lof more."
Nothing iuivml*. like si succv^ful
illt-lVHI    i»Tr |apf     .'/      MI,-,\-vfl.|t    f.u!i.Hv
and il i* rwx wfo ti> brag abmit it.
Utlf ti Ai! Eistfti Ttnithti
Sfiort   JftiStca
Pacific Ky.
Fernie to Toronto
Montreal & Return
l**»rr<.*«if»nii»lin){ r.itrn to all  cittern
|HimW ti aaaaa .ail I*ta«i4a;(a«a¥ aia»ti»a>»t*.
Our leading Cine
Jh tlm
Slater Shoe
Fur Men
ftrttU, B.C.
fi. R Senlibiel
What Is It?
Why It's
The Painter
Jror (iaJa'rU, Firrt <'!»«» ni fouiitt
Skaftasr reMcntatitiiii, rtr further parlt-
rnUn *ff*f tn Irtral a»(*a*«i«t #w twiw
I  ««. (<*rlia«. It ft .
If. I I WI*  * «' P (
CllO. KIIIKAWA. IVaipiiiiur
GbviBtmae Mnncv
Oyster, n to Crcmc
iiinieil Salmon, htftf Sautv
Lobster Salatl
v-'|.«.vv»   t .'.iv.'t,.i V»ii.tiW'iJi''iii'   Hmi,   \ -ilJIil,!  >.IIH'i'
Stuffed Turkey, Cranberry Sauce       Domestic Ducks, Jelly
Prime Ribs of Heef au Ju>;
Mashed Potatoes Sftfjar Corn Cr^-n FV .
I.CUUUI, Mince, .utJ Guicti Apple PJc
English Plum Ptuliltnif, Hraiuly Sauce
Raisins Nuts Fruits
35c. «*>crvc<|*r°mNw»ntn7"mvm'  35c.


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