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The Ledge 1905-07-19

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_-_-7i'.-r1,?^ 'as^^-*^**
-"-___BT,-     - »JM,fr-- __> -  I     • _   ->A-  » --.       -_■->- — ■■       -  -   .       -. -    ■ r-    .-. -. —"Ts.   ,-iy __.-   -,    -    *.     -a -«—..    a   . ■,--.       ■!•-  a-l' - f. ;' -,r"        I    -Ii.-a
*w*L    'a ■_"-"*
-    ,-U.S.      "a*   T'    ^
■ -if *  •£
,y -
Yoir'wifl becpnitjlike
56Ioi7ion if *you reid
Ths Ledge regiiiarly^i. '*
.* V-LUmeVXII.-.. -Number 41
■ » a .^i
'-Price, $2". a Year, in Advance
Local Happenings in and
^Abdiit the City    I
interesting Itemi Aboutv ilany
v Ts.v People You Know. '
--'ii '-I
Fruit stores are now'open in Fertile
•-,-on Sunday, ,-„,   ', \"\,. \. - *-, :> ,
, ," 'At.Coloman the payroll for June waa
I -about fie.OOO. :.   :   -     .;"'v-        .
';: Eighteen more coke byent "are- to be
. *rillt at Coleman,.". -,'.-'
f s i '  *
Two porches now adorn tho, front of
*1he Hotel Ferniev ".«     , '      . '    '
'a   There .were 16 culprits inl.the city
- ""ipolice net last Sunday.   .. ■", ■*,'■.. ■ ...,
'"'.,' II:D.Talbot has had some difficulty
.- -witb bis Calgary, creditors. .
Alberta Liberal, will hold a* convent-,
don in Calgary on August 8»d*.'.,
'■ '.'-people who do not eat egg*' or meat
■•oldom auffer froth, typhoid fever. -
, ..'A barber shop-has been opened on
s.'. "Baker Avenue, near Cbit_.lW». '"'   >
> ..: Wm. Carmichael lost hia life last week*
- -by a rush o( coal in tbe Frank toffle.'   "
-.;,.. In-the east^'at Calgary, a boy has
- -been arrested for selling papers on'Sun-
;, 'Slav.-- "•"'-' ''■';"„'•>*■•■'»'   ' '    '•', ■'
■ _; a*. ,,.      . --. .- . ....   .,-   fs'-^ ,.._,,,.' ",    -'
V A meeting of cricketers'has- been
•called for this evenings In" the' Union
-fctAlt.v,  ;   .'.'-' ';   .,-'"*'".".*  " '-i- "*  .'..
>', The ' pitcher'  will   eventually   get
■*" -brokectv John  Hunter 1b; now' train
xinin__or(or the Waldorf..^  ,. > ',
y The -OityiOp-jkctf-«»»!_ eaaily; im-
i pWe*the rapidity with'. W'bIch._ it1;' pays
Che account, a-falnst the city V
\ \' N: Klausman: left. _«." fiatursday. fiir.
Vernon where he wiii bnlki a vbrewery,
"' '(ind incidentally-do aome;L_mfag -.
;, The Bank of Hamilton Iftts reeeived
, fts wire fittings from the east, and. the
eaBhlor now does 1 business, behind tbe
;?.acagatv-.'- -.-.*. , , )_).*"* :    T'.   "•""--
-"r' At.CpaliCr.eek the miners- pay H-, a
vThls isflagood investment for the com*
.   ■-     •'   1.  3.'   . j. ■••e-u-H-i. --•   '  •■-.-•-■•       .'vs..,
v wtiv.'-v.-f*■.■?'-'« ;,-:"ii'*.;■''• "• -" '"■•• ;r ,
'■ ,■** About the only^mah... in., town v .who
s, doesnt gajt ahofldBy itr the po^mftster.
'He haa_i\'w6rk*-vew;.*y;. including
^Siina^yAy^'H- '■■Ar^'""'"''
.'-.•■A.'ftuti-'.has bought; the- Elk hotel
building - At. Elko - from George: Hog-
. garth., D. McNelsb will continue to bo
its landlord.        ;.v. f /-■■*,'
...There-Vis/no permit .required *to
•mokea Kpyal Sea) except the.price,
, -The san\o rule^ applies to its relative,
tho,K.I..C...a,-   ' , •"■'.   ■
Pat Kennedy, yard boss at McDougall
ft Proctor's mill, is havhig a resicietico
built on Victoria Ave, oppoirtte the
-Baptistchurch. . -,  '
>', ,..,"'■»
■'' A mnn was Injured at tho mines yesterday by ono of the stool bcams'jisod
in tho Donstructlon of. tho now tipple
filling on bis foot.   -   -
A, D, Drummond is the Utost ad-
dltioo to the provincial pollco force In
Fornlo having been transferred laHt
week, from Michel.
.   Notwlellvflrv „ of stono 'from Loth*
bridice has dolayod tho 0., N  T   Co
bollt)lng,. Btono Is now being obtained
from Pinchor^Croek.' '      ■-,-.,   V
, The people nf Fornie who get the
' U|e of tho Park should not Interfere
with Its beauties'or disturb tho ponco of
tho residents who llvo there,   ,
When tho Corhln road from Vohk to
8pokao6 U flnliliod the 0. P. It, will put
on a tlirouglioxpreiaitrAln from St. Paul
to Spokane via tho Crow lino." . .
Joo Bpona was killed In the coal mine
llLilllolait week by a shot going off
ihon he was too dote to It for safety,
He was burled by the Llllle union.
Four Italians were charged with
ehootlng at n target on Sun'Uy, and
allowing thebultoUto whlitlo'V •* closo
to paiwri by, Judgment  rusurvcd.
The Sunday School eicurilon tin Elite
on the 12th wai'a huge iuccosi. It was
•tHladed by BOO adults and 800 children
fr-.irFernie, M from Morrlsioyand 77
from Michel,   ;
The ice-cream sold at the big plcnlo
h'j-Jlko last weok waa evltlently not
near the top of oicollonco judging from
the rvmorks that peoplo are still raak.
lug about it.
Nine lids andyoutiff men, principally
clg*r«tte,flonds were run in on, Bunday
Ibr taakltn u ntVii In tha nark Tht-y
were diiroBergecl with * caution by
Judge Moffat. ] -,,,;   ,
s Tltoie who giurariteed oubicrlptloni
In eld of the Miner. plcnlo are 'requested tt) hand J« the samtj to the Bee/.,
TbM.'BJfff'U once, In order that all
•Th«i Crows N«st Trading Co. haa the
•xcluiive right to fell In Fernie, Michel
Coal Creek end Morrlisey the cele-
bratedbra»b carpet ,and floor a weeper
made by the DuitUss Brush Co.
J. Schmidt, after living for 42 months
in Chicago has-returned _T make his
permanent home in Fernie. He was a
pioneer "resident ;,and contractor "in
For iiie having I i red here in 1897.
^Tlie'young men who went fishing last
Sunday to thn laaY in the mountains
between Hosmer mountain and the
Tbreo Sisters, were-highly -successful.
They secured ISO speckled beauties;
TheIra'ich dug ln*thflcentre of lei*
latt Avenue by. the Great Cinch should
be filled In, or covered'with planks,
In its present condition it .'is'a menace
to safety, especially upon dark nights.
Prof, Bueli,:ofBciai C. P. R pliotog
raphor was in Fernio yesterday and
secured -some excellent views! He
considers Kaslo and New Denver 'two
of thu most beautiful spots in the world.
, The, Episcopal ohurch-aiid rectory
have been beautified by the painter's
brush. Much credit is due;Rev.,_Ir
Bartlett for the, able manner in which
be has bandied .the finances.,of, his
chwchV"'    *' ■" ..   "■ /•. *"-•'.,•,..:   ",-'•-
While working, around a concrete
■mixer at the mines on Monday Philip
Carosella had his right hand badly lacerated. .:' No, _ bones broken, however;
and be hopes to lie about again iu a
few'days. '. ":■',''. ''-'.' V '"•;"- ' -'
- Constable Arthur Sampson has 5 been
transferred to Michel. He Is, an alert
arid- capable officer of long, experience,
and will see' that peace 1%. preserved within the llisits of, his ex ton
siveterrkory.'^'' >,':'".'    -   ,     '"-
Owing to a peculiar -financial., ar-
rangertient mado by jhe City." Council,
the city clerk.is sometimes.at a; loss., to
procure 'postage stamps.'.'The' Mayor
should mix; more bralus with his.adr
ministration       "-■* V !i:"
-' 1 ,     ,        , s.' . -'. ..,,*     - ■ ■  - ■ ,,-i •-"   :
Mr. Chardou. ia btwldtng a.fine six
rooniud double house on Pellat Avenue
on the site of tbe fire that occur_d sovf
eral months ago. One.half of the.builiV'
ing wiii be for rental while Mr. Chardou
will occupy tiie'ofher.. • '''• \ -. t 'A 'f
;.'.Mr. ^Barclay,.of the 0..N. Trading
Co.; wishes to apologize* to tbelrjmany
customers for Tlie inability to:deliver
goods or take orders after 8 p.m. last
Saturday evening. The great rush of
bueluess was the Cause.- V ->*„* f :.,*'"-   .;
■:k '*„,'. v  :.-'   ^  .-n^'.'-.'i-'- ■-.'.-,-
Weatheir permitting, the,, East,. Koot
enay Rides' wHl open their, range- at
d 80 .Frlday.saftertioon. " Befreshments
__-Representative Qather-
';v   ing of Ratepayers _■ -
**■ .   "* '    ■ 1   ' ' >
The City Council Plainly Criticized
'-•■"-' ,'for-Tbelr Actions   "       ,
" The adjourned meeting, of property
owners and ratepayers, called to discuss
and arrive at a conclusion upon the
waterworks question, „was held on
Thursday evoning in the opera house.
On the platform wei-e Mayor Stork,-
Aldermen Cree, Trites'' Wallace and
Robins, andD V. Mott,'A. JoyceiO. N.
Boss and L- P.'Ecksteiu.
..Mayor Stosk opened the meeting,
announced Its- object,and emphasized
the fact*that the council was simply
acting as public 'servants and it was for
tbe 'ratepayers to decide. He invited
any ratepayer .to addross the meeting.
_. _>. V. Mott waB the first speaker. He
reviewed- tbe proceedings since;the
secret mooting, and.defended himself
and the other signers of the notice
calling a public meeting. -It was not a
want'ot confldence in the city council,
but acts of. public, officials were open to'
criticism and he and others had a perfect
right to call them down The flrst
breaeh of etiquette occurred when the
council,- who had .their'mandate from
the people, had listened to the voice ol
1 the tempter, and gone- over to the
manager of the Coal Co.. and Aid.
Robins had dumped this nines of stuff
into Lindsey's lap. The t. ropositions
were unworthy of tho council's'consideration aiid if they were uoVfireparod' to
carry out the wishes o£ the people they
should roaigu. The Coal Co. uot only
wants the, free franchise forteh years
but. wants-pay for acce-Hing it. They
want us to pay for tbe hydrants to
hitch to their system, and-.about all
.they .offer in exchange" is free*wat'er^to
a,8uah ,Wr jsewers provided the. amount
required;jspot too much., -We""could
flush our ow.o ae'.yrars if we owned the
8ystem,'and'flo.l" bnvje to pay, for iwater
out of our qwa^-hydrantsraB-iMtii'WOi th-"
less proposition of the Coal Co. suggest
Jn.case there was a fire at .Coal^Creek
and Fornie. at the same time dops any:
CoiiieBuppose there,would be any. doubt
.with the Coal Co.;as to where.the.water
would- go~a clasjii and a'corifllet of
lotbr-stE ' would; Jjlace Ferul«|,„in .bad
Buyers trill have'an opportunity this
week to procure a stock of Boyal fteal
clgargfrom F. B. Hawthorne, the well-
known commercial tourist, He will
explain tho merits of this famous west,
ern cigar to: all dealers' who wish to
handle the best on the market.
•* F, J. Mitchell, having boon so sue-
cesful handling Semi-Bendy goods, _. Is
about to,take up the buHineeo in
largeritownsi' Accompanied by Charles
Wilson he will loavo on Thursday for
Port' Arthur and , Fort William
where ho will havo stores In. both
town*.   ■
. C. C. Wright has n\ovod Into Purdy'o
old stand and will carry n largo stock of
jewelry; The Wright brothers own five
stores In tho west; and intend to 0Btab<
llsli Another In somo town west of For*
nlo. Eventually tho buslnos% will be
put Into a company, and moro storott
established In tho west,  ,- '
The peoplo of tlio east will alwnys
find cool spots In B. C, during tho summer monthi.. Sunstrokos and heat
prostrations are practically unknown
ill this provlnco which ban In many
reipoots tho flnost climate In tlie world.
Even In the winter tho oltmato ospec>
{ally, la WestsKootenay Is dollglitjul
and freo from extreme cold.
Tho little Inland or sand bar to tho
right of the bridge that spans the Elk
noar West Fornlo, Is almost dally tho
scene of narrow escapes from drowning.
Small boys aro In tho habit of wading
to tlio outer edgo of tho bar In order to
flih, If tho ladoshould tumble Into tho
Elk thoy will nood nt> funeral for oven
a strong man could not battlo against
tho swift current. Parents should warn
their boys to keep away from this
danger point, and thereby louon tho
risk of having vacant chairs In tho
family. *
„       PERSONALS,
_»J*.»,»/"-\»^---v~WVv"S»'^'a*i' aj#Va_r i»_#-„_-_
iWt BlMnmPD la xipw u rcsiSiiui ol
' Fred Hanley and wife are viewing
tbe fair Iri Winnipeg.
Judtre Whimnti-ir htnt rfttiirnt**! fr<«*<« a
Hying trip to Victoria,
0. N. Roes and wife are attending the
exhibition at Winnipeg.
H, L. HtaebUr will return to Fernie
in August with bis bride.
Mitts Whtmster was visiting Miss
Molrttyre Is Coleman last week,
Torn Monro, who has been at Bank-
head for some time, Is In the city,
j   Mrs. C. -jE. Caswell Is on a thr<v>
' months' visit to her parents In Portland,
secret'for nearly aweeky Touching oh
the'contention that the city had rcacuud
the llmifof its borrowing capacity he'
advised thom to send tho assessor, to
Mr; McEvoy to-got pointers-on''valuation autf characterized it a& a weakness
in .tho camp of the oiiemy wlien the
solicitor for the Coal Co stated they
had made very little money out of the
waterworks'.' He contended if this w»s
truo Wo could supply the Coal Co. with
water cheaper than they iind boon able
to supply themsolyc-and the moriilnif
after our works wore In bpornllon Mr
Lindsoy would'como on tho run to havo
connection mado with our systom nnd'
to buy our water. Ho did not belinvo
that Mhdi'oy' would stoop to coercion
and placo. his company in the samo
position ns Standard Oil,tho Ilocf Trunl
and kindred monopolies. Ho believed
tho dostiny of tlie clty;.now lay In tlio
hands of the'cltlKons. Ho callod on
.tbo'Mayor and council to stiffen their
|'-ack bones, to quit wobbling at.the
knocs', to. stand erect and take heartr
they had tho poopla at thoir back,1 nntl
although, Lindsay had nald to thom
'-como to mo" and thoy cumo, now thoy
know wbat tho people required ot thom,
to no longer llnton to tho nirun but to
attend to the duty of the hour and carry
.out the main object of incorporation-
tho construction and ownership of
municipal waterworks and sewers.
0. N. Boss, tho next Bpoaker, was
opposod to gattlng wator from Conl
Creek for domostlc purposes, Tho
analysis procurod list winter showed It.
to bo (airly pttro, but wator nftor
flushing cIoboIs &e, at Coal Crook can
not bo pure. Tho reservoir on tho hill
will not holp out the city as tho Conl
Co. roqulres all tlio wator for thoir own
purposos. Fairy Crook water was piirn
and the city supply should como lrom
thero. IfitheConl Co. did (•<•• In •*• plont
tho city wonld eventually havo to taku
It over. It was said wo would havo in
tako ovor tho whole systom. This ho
understood was not so, We would
only havo to expropriate that portion
that Icy within tbe city limits, Ho out-
lln-saitt ii/aii wltotajhy in leu years tho
waterworks would pay for thetnxolvos,
and we would havo 90 years of Income
to meet debentures. Ilo praisod the
ability of Mr. Lindsoy and wished the'
.ily havi *vijuaa ft'tniuy in Uie round),
lie did not think Llndsey expected his
proposition entertained.
0. Itlchards suggested getting the
basis of arbitration price.
A> Joyce stood for the city owning
and operetta--; Iti own ijtiton., but if a
deal was to be made with the Coal Co
he oft-rud several mggt_tioui that
would be necessary to Incorporate in
tbesatrreement, notably, pure water, an
abundant supply, fixed rut*"*, gnaran-
1'ii-d sica-i ol pipe*, all nuhja'Ct t» cifr
•1 ^    '    S *.-  a    1   .- . . -'-.-'        ' '
engiheer'sa'pproval.'sufiicient pressure
in case or fiyej troe^water, for-flushing
sewers ana 'street sprinkling,;' and * a
penalty clause glvnig the'city tEe right
to takeover- the /system- anytime if
breach of a'greem_nt occurs. - •'""',
L, P. Eckstein was the next speaker.
He said ; the question was simply
whether.thecity'sh'duld'own and control, its" own. waterworks.;. '■ He was
strongly lb favor of the city owning its
water; Some people were afraid of the
£. L: & P. Co. and the rumors as to tho
terribletbtngein.store for. the people
if they opposed the Coal Co;, were nothing but the provi'rblalv red herrjng
drawn across the tfaek. Not one < good
argument jrnd been brought forward in
favor of the Coal-*Co*s proposition^ Citizens should statid shoulder to shoulder
free men'.' under^a .fiee -flag.... Thoy
should not, sink- iheir,. independence.
The Coal- Co. were all take and no
_•■■<*■-' v.- :..*..-_i. ;.*:- ',- ■/ ■ ■
* Mr. Quail etatng'-figures'going to
show that the city\Vould derive a rev-
onuo of at least $7,0Q0. a year' from owning and operatingfJitB < waterworks besides giving free water for, everything
except domestic'purposes, and concluded, witlt; the remark >■ that 'if the
cour'cii, drank' ba«f_.water/ they might
die,' but if the people, continued'to
drink.bad water..they;-were already
dead and should bivburied.r* '. :
-. Mayor ...Stork' maintained ^ that , the
council had tbe right.W' see'anybody
at anytime, and!, thajt" the'^council we're
strictly 'within bounjds In going: to see
Mr.Lihdsey.,.Tho proposition in writing was not; received-until Thursday
and he,took the earliest opportunity to
lay it before the "pebpje. He believed
he was right in hfs actions, and that no
one had any. right to call them rotten or
rank*. . He asked if_ihey were golngi to
throw Lindsey. overboard. He believed we had the uright of. ekpropri--
ation. He was as firm, In his belief ,,of
municipal ownership as everand asked
if- they were prepared to fightthe thing.
Two systome,;woultf not' pay, and yoiii
could not buy but a competitor when he
wouldnoCfleir.'"*--"*-'?''.-. ■- ' 'A'*'- -
" Aid. Cree still stuck to his old line of-
argument that we could not afford;, the
exfiendttpre and';asked if the- people
thought it" wis"donro*»",the part of the
city'to'banitrupt it^f Jn.order to own
its Wftterworks. Jj £>.' Quail suggested
tb'ait the .city -couid ^hayejts. charto'r. re-
vorked^and reverj/ta^-its , original "po-,
-sitioiiosWtojr.^ 'Ihcor^ratlon, as the!
object ,,of-' itVcoi-p_ratldil was not.
carried out by,tho council. Mr., Cum'
mingedrew attention to the estimated,
cost of tho waterworks and^ sewer ays-
tern and showed that too much had
beon allowed for contingencies, in 'fact
his figures gavo a saying, of 927,000,
from the estimated prieo.
0. N. Bobs said with' these" figures
beforo thom they could buy out the
Coal Co. plant, put in their own system
hnd operate the samo, without straining' thoir borrowing capacity.
.Mayor Stork then adjournod thc
To tho Editor!
• It In ''.vinqiiontloniibl-- a fact that tlio
ohrorilo dolny wliloh olmraotcrlms tho aotion*
of tha 01 ty Oouncll in tegnri to tho wntorworlo
quoitlon in a potont nuxillary townrds the
pUnsoftheEloctrio Mglitund Coal comimny
to wroKt tho franohlio from tho OU.y, I do not
propone to looturo tlio Mayor nnil Aldormon
upon tlio porformniino of thoir dutloa, TJioir
oonsolonoo will do tlmt. If tht Council hnvo
any doulit aa whoro pnlilla opinion Hon thoy
may oimlly t«Nt, tlio ramo hy roHlsnlim llioir
itcntti nnil nooklno; rcolootlon, Hnvo thoy tlio
oournao to do tlmtv It In not ni plain ana pi lie
utulTtoall but thoOounoil thnt that liody has
lout tho ooiiflilenoo of tho pioplof I im-flrt that
imbllo opinion i# iirrnyiiH aanlnitt tho 'Malay
prooeiM" of tlio Council, Tlio worthy Mayor
and Aldorm-.it may anvil aiid nV.uo ni thoy
plane bnt tha peoplo In thU Initnnos nt lomt
arsai strongly united as it li poulble lor any
pooplo to be,
fly tho "dolay procem" theoltlatemmny have
nnd I think will hnvo tholnitnllntlon of muni-
nl'Mil watorworki -yntom poxtponed, Thnt In
nil, bcionuiothoultlninto outoomo will bit In
Wnltln_l»uti|ileninntbnt,lf It bo attended
wltli the flmil ^condemnation of thono wlit,
oompel It, tho pride will bo nono too trrfat,
Thoindopendtnoo unit' manhood of n people
ennnot be oririh»i||ov*m by the Idelay procem
of a wiiakand vaelllnllng Mayor and Counoil
Voure truly
A Plain Uhvarnished Tale
of Things That Are
Something for Fernieites to Serious-
, ly- Consider    .'.'■
Tho projrom of tho Trltos Wood Oo
building has boon retarded by tho woi
weather delaying tho brlckmakors In
Luthbrldgo, nnd  tbo closing of tlm
Wardrop mill prevented tho delivery "ol
larg-Jolstav However'both these dlfll
cultloi have boon overcome and tlu
b_i'_.nx wiii ot runtied rspldly to com>
pletlcn. Tho company expect to move
In by Oct. lit with a largo stock ol
general goods,' Tho upper slory will bo
used for house furnishings, carpets, etc,
Pino,, largo show rooms will enablo tb
company to properly   display   their
iuiin.iiH* titotsk of goods,  After the ro
moval tho prtsont storo will be used to
carry the cheaper grades of goods,
whilo the tiro proof collar will always bo
ni>d, , 1
Llko a spoiled child'tho Grows -Nest
Pass Conl Co., and its subsidarles want
all the velvet in and around Ferniu and
If nny opposition is offered the ozone is
oscillated, and dire threats or honeyed
promises break into ..words. Truly autocratic it sits upon the ^throne,, and expects tho Bwlanceofthe community to
crawl along tho Brussels, and kiss its
toes/jam and all,-' It has crushed the
manhood in many* of Fernie's citizens
until their soil Is have "'acquired spiritual tubercolosis", and bliuded their vision with sorvility to such an extent that
it is only witbgreat difficulty, that they
can distinguish George Goldwin Smith
Lindsey from the Creator of the universe. The truckling (if these unfortunate people to a little autocrat like
George proves the .power of suggestion
when an artist wave's his hand towards
the land of promise,. and a golden
heaven.- The hypnosis becomoav com-
plete,!and awake or-asleep they can see
nothing but George. To their minds
all'else is mud ' *'" -^
1 The Crows Neat, Pass Coal. Co; was
set up in business by the government
upon the plea that cheap fuel would be
a great factor in building up' the glorious west. Like most beggars who are
hoisted onto cayusos the Coal. Co.. no
doubt thinks today thfit it is the only,
.fly iti the'efeorn: The company pays
miners 55 tp"60 cents a ton* for digging
coal, and five miles froin tho mines it
costs the consumer SI a; ton.. It sells
coke at $4.50 a tou which is probably
the highest priase in 'the world,. The
company should'pay more attention- to
coal and coko... anil ?leave' the public
utilities of Fernie alone.v-", '   ■
,, It also furnishes the City of Fernie
with-liglitrwBter"a,Td"terephon<->B_ and
has stunted the growth'of the place by
its' selfish treatment" nnd' inordinate
greed. '-Shortly bcfoi-o'Ferriio wafljn-
vcofpbrat'ed ' tt'bad a- $i"00,O00 five
chiefly .owing to thtf-inadequhtc ,fire
protection furnishndsby;the* measly
littlo wafer miiins provided ny the company. " Tho'citlz.us' bore tlioir':ioddes
'-.yijtJjaut _n^_|*ltfsta„«brfr^
Cjnch.' In som.e ,cities an indignant
populace would hn.ve. plugged, such a.
water/ystem so." tight that it would;
have ijever again havo mado n squirt..
Not Bp 'the. me*..; "people of Fornio,
They.hnve rebuilt the city whilo thii
water mains huve not grown an Inch.
At (he present moment the city is just
as mudi in danger ot Are as it was upon,
that metnorablo night In April, 1001. '*
At times tho water furnished us to
drink U so irnpuro that, oven one of
our celebrities bolls it before using, al
though tl)o;procoR3 does not stop, the
whools in his upper stopo. At tiraos
thp wator in flavored with' mud, dead
dogs, human oxcrement., horse stable
ammonia, pquinol manure, coal dust,
wash'houso,(trainings, nnd puniplngn
of tho mines. As a beverage it is worse
than a."blind pig"" cocktail, and In
color is a blond botwood a bilious tint
and a (K>nd Hiniflowor. Tho nqua we
uro now drinking doos not scorn to
hurt tho cltlKonn very nuiuli aa there
aro only a fow cases of typhoid In the
city, although about ovory othor man
has a uoatod tnngno, and droains In his
sloop'Of Ih-rnrds and bullfrogs,' If you
wlhh to tent tho water wo aro now using
Ho u picno.ol muslin over your water
tup and turn on tho stuff, In a uliort
limn you will find tho niuelin coutod
with mud, cnaldURt, otc. Hotter not
show It tn tho company or llioy mav
want a prico for the real estate in It.
Fornlo lu In an unsanitary condition
owing to tho lack of a sower syAtmn.
Seeking to romody this, < and at tho
narno timo provldo a pttio and unfailing
supply of w/itor, bylaws woro recently pasontt to ratio 1100,000 for thnt pttr<
poxo, This dons not suit tha local nu-
toorncy, and stinrls aro hoard from amid
thohiy, It tloos not ohjnet to tho city
putting In flowers, but wator, nyo
(hero's tho rub. The golden ogg Is
llablo lo be denied, and a cipher rubbed
ofi* tho dividends so a looming BOttnroH<
Ity hits tho Cinch and It gols busy
running u trench in the centre of Pel
UK'avenue vowing that a 12 In eh main
will soon stand between Fornlo and
(liu /liu domon. J'lus is a grand coup
oven if tho trench now Rapes at tho
H(»rs while belated traveller*" along tho
avouiio tako a chanco of going Into tho
hole. Tho Cluch does not wish to sell
out to vhb ttiy and noon vague rumor*
of alro calamities to tho commercial lifo
of Fornlo are heard In many place*,
,Tbo samo old bluff with a now face,
l-ropoiitiom and counter proposition*
aro. now tho order, but .with « City
Council weddftd to th* lor*I autocracy
there seoms to bo littlo chanco ol a
oathop at tho .«nd nf tho deal. The
Coal Co, should take ita greedy paw
from tbe throat of Fornlo and give tbo
city a chanco to breathe Instead of
driving the peoplo Into rebellion. It
nhouhl r-t.y morn attention to digging
•<*vil nnd burning coke, and less to har'
losing the city overmunicipal utilities,
ft HhoWd seek' to aid thi? city In every
way instead of making" a realism of
Shylock: -The miners and business
mon are just ns essential to the prosperity of this locality as the Coal Co., and
any company makes a fatal mistak*-
when itjtrcats ihem in any but a broad
and gnncrou«ispirit. It is the'duty of
the City Council to Immediately proceed
with the installation of what the people
recently voted for. The ratepayers
and uot tho Coal Co. elected thom.
Culled   from    Exchanges
r Along The Crow
General   Progress   and   Prosperity
All Along The Line
After the minutes. of the last regular
meeting had liecn read' nnd udupted,
tbo minutes of a special meeting held on
Saturday night last were read Tlu;
bui-toss of tliis special meeting consisted In receiving tho resignation of
city clerk Vnrtv to take effect the 81st
July and to offer the. position a tn Mr
Nunn, accountant for'the Trites-Wnod
Co. at the same salary,' but' exempting
him from police court duties.   '■■"■_ • .
' In the opinion of the city soliiitor the
city cbuld purchase Fairy Creek water
ont of the funds derived from the sale
of the debentures and mi motion of Aid
Trites ho. was instructed to proceed
with the'purchase Aid. Robins did
not wish to incur any expenses until
they found out where they ■ were' at,
but it was suggested that the Conl Co.
or some others might secure Fairy
Creek water and hold up the city 'for
.Broley Bros, will construct'sidewalks
commencing . at Iloval hotel corner
down Cox street to connect with IIow-
land Avenue nnd down Thompson*- St.
to Great.Northern depot, order for
lumber being passed. ..
Before adjourning, cityclork yarty
rnnde n few explanations relative to the
auditors report, mentioning that as he
had the police court duties,to attend lo
as weir as his work for the. city,' it
was- impossible for him to have had.his
books jiosted up. J'He urge.! tho , unfairness of the auditing, and promised
developments at a Inter date.' He also
claimed Saturday night's meeting ■ was
Illegal as1 24 hours notice bad not been
given, the clerk'was-absent'and no
public notice had been .posted on. the
door, as required hy law;
; Council adjourned _ uutil-oth. „
- aSome fear hns been felt lately as to
tho future of,Coleman, -NvW; T', and
has been expressed in'-' tlie ' press* of
British Columbia, on ..whoso Jborders
the new coal town lies.'. Tlie peoplo
of Vancouver have, read with .interest
"tfiQ-'fact, 'thatvthe-^ranlby - Sraoltfnjf
company has signed a contract binding It tb purchase' all Its. coko frbru'
the Crows Nest Coal,Co., whereas iho
smelter used to got half it? coko trom
Coleman. . Tho rctmlt of this (leal has
been variously guessed nt and the'
fnar lias been expressed that it meant
the shutttng down of Coleraata, ■ or ht
least a largo curtailment of Its operations-,. ' '
WJth.a viow to discovering what
fate was in-tore (or Coleman, a World
representative Interviewed Mr, S. If.'
0. Minor at the Hotel Vuncouver on
Friday night. Mr. Minor is not only
a largo shareholder In tho Granby
Consolidated Mining, Smelting nnd
Powcr'Co,, but ho Is also heavily interested in tho Coleman mines, and
ho-speaks with authority. In nnswor
to questions on tills point ho lnlornietl
tho' World man tlmt, whilo thoro li id
boon somo Utile friction among thoao
inlorcaw, It would not affect tho prosperity ofany'ol them. Jlo.nnd his
ossoclntOBfolt very friondly towards
every body and tlio coko contract In
(piostloii would simply moan n change
and not n loss of market to Coleman,
llu iiRSiii-otl thc reporter that, tho coin-
pnny wnn oonlldcnt that It could find
a market for all iho, coko ft could
nuiko, C'oloitmn would lognlo.ig u
luiplly ns ovcrj In fact thn company
contomplarod tunlier dovulopmont.
_____-l-_-*tl I « l aHm___n
From tliiil'riJ.pnotor
Mining throu'.'liuiii Somliunst Knot.
iMiny uontlnuos nctlvu with tliojutw.
tKicta Jur tlio opening ol soveral producing mined within tho next twelve
Somo of tho older proportion In tlio
district thnt; havo lain Idlo lor nov-
oral yenrs aro holng put In uliapo for
farther ('.cvi-Li't-iUii.
Scvun men nro now engaged In
prospecting on tlio North Star mino.
As soon m clocmnitancei warrant the
lorco will bo Increnied. C. Hammer*
Rtnrtt. who haa N-rnln t'i« espJiy
tho company for a number ol yearn Is
Ii K. Jonot, hai a force of seven
men at work on the Btomwlndor and
Ontario miner.!!' claims which arc
iltuitcd about a mile nbovo Kimberley.
Krr-d ITms-aii loft this week for
Maryivlllo, where ho Intondi dt.lng
aomo work on n propirtv owned bv
himself and II. ft Itamie. The
property Is * graphite pro-wnMnnnnd
is only (Ix miles front tliu Sullivan
. 'From tlie Kriinli I'ttiwr, ■    -' ,
The police evidently  intend  enforcing the law against Sunday-1 fish "
ing, as they stopped eover-ii .jH-rstnis
from going out on Sunday,,..*    .,
It Is. rofwi'tt d t\e Lttbreck .tmwnsito
is "soon to be pat on tho" market. - A
gra'n elevator ia amo_g tho institutions plannr<l 'for the pro'wsed ' nt-w
town. ■   - .-•   ■',,
The jollcc are gettitig quite nctlvo
in tho matter pf forcing Suiulny oh-'
servaucf*.    Amqngdher things some
work that wns' b<-ing' d-mo  at,-the
sniellerSunday wast)top{.d    -
A "curious looking lot" of lionrs,'
which some ^persons" judged "to he
thatoof a prehistoric, aniw.-il, wns
found in the elav pit at the. briek '
yard Monday. Tho Botu-s,.\y.ere., unearthed nearly 20 feet below the stir-
'l ' V     V    "a
face. .-;._ ^ T
Doc Livingston, who has/becti en-,
gaged the last few days laying hut
the preliminary route..for. the Flathead trail  from  Blairiubro  to the
South Furk.  was expected lo reach
Blairmore last night.    Capt. ° ljarebe.,:
who is to'have charge * of''tlio; work,'
will now go over the route, anil when
approved work will.wart iramfdiatc-.
ly.   Capt Beebe expects to'.ha'vfi- liis '
nien'at work in a few days'!-' -A ,_,
Families who HvV otuthe - Blair-
more road just1 west,., of the jBcctic' ofJ
the former rcsirJctcd di-atniitire cbm-;_
thft'wonicn of the half,.world .to-'re'
.t-stablishi in that   vicinity.V-r They"
were not al lowed, to 'rebuild after the i
tire, ,or. rather-,th686,who live -by,.
renting the liousea were, not,1 but a-
place whs.bullt"in t.he'treesju-ii'vjrest.a
of the old .location.   ThlB.Jsthe'cauaei'.
ofthe'p'resont coipphilnk,,;THelnnow
placo/contj^be: 8fejiij*v fr^*':tne*^r*o«d'
and . tlioi result • Is-■'. that   strangers
among tlmt class of men  who frequent such resorts almost daily visit
the._ homos of .respectable-' people,','
eilher to inquire thd-way or under ;a
■mlstakori itupresslon.    Ono woman
roporif* having often been annoyed of'
late, and in another''case 'a highly. ■
respected woman was grossly insult-
ed by n half drunken brute.   It isuu-
(lcrstood complaint haa been lodged
with (Jic,authorities..'     -  „-''■  ''
From Iho Herald  '
A. P. Cltonetto of Morysvlllo, was
In town Tuesday en route to Montreal
and othor points In tho cast. Mrs,
Chonctjo accompanied him as ;far as
,). Pollock,-of Fornlo; United Stntes
consul, for this dlsliict, spent soveral days In tnis part' of tho district
tills wook securing data for his' Jnn-,
niiitl report to t'jo 'dopartment nt
Washington. -
• The firm of" Mlglitqn and Kolinll
hasdlsflolvi-d, Mr. Mighton -coutinu-
ing tlio liusiiicss. Mr,. M.ghlon has
what is no doubt tlm best oquipptid
tobaccoBtowin tho west nnd a linn
bualnuss, Mr, Kclsall lint, not yet
tlotormlucd whnX bo will do but ho
fX|KiciH to engage in bitsliio-ni Iti
Woid has boon rccelvtd In town
that Mrs. Olive K'ml.iiiitioii dittl
hinldoiily at Uilcliiiul, Ciilifornlti, mi
tlm fourth nt'.liny. She wan walk*
lug a long tho s( root nt iim Uinc ami
had i> tuiddcn heart attiick. Tho tlu.
censed was a nUtur tf Mr*. \Uh\\
UutclilBonnndMrs, A. W. McVittlo
ol tlilii city.
on Wight Much.
Tlm NVUuii Irihuiio had thin to nny
aliottt l''tirnin loino weeks ajjot
" TIib lit ill* vlty of l'rrnle I, inning
In on right Hum, -The city rnumil
omploynd ii practical oaglneor «o rcftirt
tiiw umi ui • -waKarworks .sy»(«iii
and ofaseWer system, ito eiilniita-s
tha former to co»t 160,000 and tho latter
UW.OOu. Whon at In, tho city should
aw|..1r_ the electric light ivatom, which
is now OHa'ned.by the Crow's Kelt Pass
Coal Co. Ono hiiiirlrw! and 8(ty thotm-
ami dollnrn invested Intheio ihrt-n
uttlltlns now wnuld nnt only return *
good proPt on tho mouoy Invested,
whlth would go Into tho pockhts of tbo
poopla of IVriile, bnt fli* paopla won I.l
ho In a portion to <U thf rttoi paid for
thi unit of the uiilitiea, which Imti ti-
vnntng* thnt should not beovurlo'fllo.'ii"'
Wa > UU
kV. "\Va      *-l-si,N-    , *■   .*;« s; '■
¥-<■■--.•■,:•-■■ V.'-V^s.!'
sV--     ^i-''-a--.s-
'    *,-».-*   1 l"*-
-S/.'s-,   si..*.,'V
•■vfi***?;-   -
-,   llll
y;.'".fe^,!i--*' ■
■s   .^  -1 -i V-,ffi , ^r. i1'-*i-*is^".^..--s-".ft- il
' > *«'A-jofj z\iA£']-'~'A'-.j0'_-'
,-».••- „*■-
r"*iMv*1,.'i -*l_ij--i_*ii.>-ifr*_<n -_■■*• fa-nya.  rrr--r  "'.nf- n/ " "i n "fi '-Ji rt'n.i-1 in  ■    ■ a if IW-J i
I-"-**—-—"    -■■■V-a-"1 i*Sr-f* r-t"--. >   -•*-"- -i* ~ " ' w J- ' ,
THE .LEDGE, FERN__^,B,C,, JULY .g^go* .
Head Off ico .r Hamiltor/ CaRaftfl-
fapttflKf. $2g35,gqC>," cr£#^*ite:;H#2jZatei^
,'.;rrV •■   V few &&&_* $Z?,5iM£P0 >   ,"V:S?;=
*.\-:.--Hon.uWm- .GiB's6N,^PresideotV':v-'."-:. '."■*"-. "'     -'"''-'" ^V-7.''-
I     -    -   *1   '        T , ■ u?>-     "J - _ T> ( -, .   a* ,     -    -a       it,,l~     ,
-•■. J.j Turnbull,- Vicea-JPjesident and'General Manager;-•"';■.
A Ge_er«l Blinking Business transacted"-. Current Accounts opened -with" Merchants', Mann
faoturera, aad MiMiioipalitiea'on tbe'*-no_y reasonable terms - fiankinn-facilities gladly
extended to all persona desiring to open "bnsiness or prjvate' accounts, - -, Special 'attention
ariren to all'o.ut of town aooonntB'.: --Interest at Current Bites allowed ,on .Savings .Bank
Deposits front" $1.00 upwards. - '"Collections effected in all-inrtB of Canada at Lowest Hates.
Draft a issued, payable in Canada or Abroad.', British, American, and Foreign Draft^ cashed,
,.    <-."-._ ***  An'office'of this Bank has bee*) opened at Fernio".:*'        '-, ,A-.*a-'"-' "
All Correspondence addrtsaed tb the Agent will be pivr^onally "attended to,"""     ' "
■A ' J" ,        • ' .".,.-     X- "-»!*.     *•" -_/■:Agent, Fernie Bbanch \A
i*w-.-v ? r*-'**^^ Tv^"-^:^Y:^:^r'^Ti'rTiTi^A^i')
The Canadian governinpnt .hits' determined to drive United Statessilver
coin out of tbe D-uninion by setting
-,;.... - ..        .—. i the. banks toe •Ilect; and sliip it across
Tin: j.Kim»:iHjpuoii-iiii>ii every Weiineiiiay the lwixlcr.   This inoKtia a scarcity
The Le doe.
H.T.JjOWKRY, Kslitor nnd Finnncier.
ini'erniia, Jl Ci Tii« prion i-t - a -/ear.
-tisiilg ruteai niva-n .ni.an ,iai|ili»ntion.
Adver. |
Selfishness is one nf phfi greatest
^itUMttiof human misei'y.
"When yoa get bilious squeeze the.
•Jiiice of a lemon h-toa cup of water
'aiid drink it in the morning-.
. While the cityot Fornie is waiting
jfor its sewer system typhoid lever is
£eltln{r acajri.-unt.ed wjth rouny of the
-r,~ jr
A lawyer when  he   becomes' the
mere tool of a corporation usually de-
' freiierate* into a, iuei*e lying machine
jjor his employ era."   ,.
iBcware oi the man who is always
flowing* about his moral character.
As a rule he will be absent when the
time comes for a. tc_*,
1 ..„i. a,      ..     •  l-'a '-,   '
ofsihfi'coiu unless Canada  frets n
move on with its mint.
TJje Washington Pi'ess correspondents who recently flitted through 8.
0. were wild with'delight over the
sccnet-'y around Kootenny I_iko. Ii
cliey'hud'_oon Slocan JLake they
would probably hnve gone?crazy.
There is nothing to. equal it in Ainer-
isja. . *.','"
We always thought Philadelphia
was a good town but of .late the de-,
. jusion haB been shattered.' Thus one
J»y one lhe p)Ufifi la,de.     ' **•-   .,
V *'or & piece of waste land theCrowa
Nest Pass Coal Co.  once naked  the
■<city of Fernie $500. Greed was certainly rersonified upon that occasion.
The man who digs the coal baa
pot been conanltud to any extent in
reference to our water system. Yet
.without him there would, bo no Fernie.
4 -mere creed and going: to churcb
,dotj8 not. make people good. It. is
deeds that show jthe cbaracter of a
man, and often the meaner a'nd'more
dishonest he is he,will parade himself in church circles in order to hide
his spots wkb the -whitewash ot con-.
ventionality. The honest man needs
Almost every .throne in Europe has
a Sleeping volcano benenth if. The
people are growing tired of supporting autocrats, and their mnsh-
braineii families, and are gradually
asserting the independence that
should exist' in every man. The
autocrats ot Uu3sia are rapidly learning-, .the bnnm'ei'ang business and
losmg' their,iron collar business.    ■
cinch in this city, and have retarded
its progress" to-flirther their own onds.-
It is their desire to control everything
in the city, and kill independence in
the cltizena   The- Nelson "Tribune
has tho following upon" the subject."
"fertile is involved in another controversy, in whioh tho principle of
municipal ownership of public utilities
is* involved.   Last time it-was a ques-
tlon'of telephones; this time of water
supply.   Why there should, be--any
doubt or hesitanoy in Buch a matter
is a puzzle to outsiders.   Public utilities owned  by, private • corpoiations
are a delnsjon and a snare.    Of '.all
these, water is the" moat important
and indispensible.    Fernie1-has"already paid $500,000 to find; out that,
company water is not available  to
quench fire  when  required.     The
strongest objection,, however; to the
scheme proposed—apart from its violation of the principal  of, municipal
ownership—is that theCoal Co. retain
powor to fix  the rates chargeable
withontany restriction.   People are
beginning to ask for what purpose
was Fernie incorporated." - -    J„
Mount Fernie Lodge No. 47
%0, ^^J!X O.F.
,  Meets   ev ry. _>iday, evening at-8
p. ••fritr I.O.O.F.' Halt. AA r'
-a,,     -."V-a*  BKCKtP.G.,R.S.  .
-> -f 'I
Aberdeen.Block, NELSON;
''    ' B. C. ■,'.•"
J. Barber;, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
'•V. ' DENTIST V.-vV:',
t maattmtammmmtmvtm
L. T. W.   Block,' opposite the  Barik
"»  • p p ^ ^ *■
'   Office ^oturs—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.,,     ,,   -
':-":^v^liNIE';/' "s/.
.'\. '-.'■'■..1. -''--to-    -' :,_•*-
; * AND RETURN,.. •   . *".;
.    THAT'S WHAT    S
'    "..    J   a.'o ■•' .   ,    ,.-s,    "   . ~     ,_
Is   offering., ..as' a
r to customers
Billiard and Pool Room}
:. ' ,W.".".'"v
''Hot and^'Coid BatKajy'Vv! .,- ; :'-?-\ ,
V -'-.'.   (w.- AA-"-'' •'• -J
..LargeSaxnple a&oi&s
Bar Room Unexcetled
Rates 5 $2.50ipei^;4ay
5. ff. WALLACE,
",'        '   ., Proprietor -
■' '". = -*,' -"..' Manager
., L. P. Eckstein
Bahrister-at-Law,   SowciTon,t Etc.
Cathbert Block, Fernie, B. O.''"'
The Daily Neva of Nelson' takegi
fio editorial interest in Fernie .or its
affairs, whil^ the (Tribune 'of that
- 'city ii just (he reverse.   Why is. this
yote titne^ and ' money to get the
tourist-trade of the world; No one.
town. In'the-province' has money
enough to do all the advertising that
is necessary. It should bo a provincial at*fa|r, and'aB such can be carried
to a - successful ending, push this
along-ye press, writera on prosperity.
■       *      - -I   ., .  . , - , •    r
In a_ local school the other day the
teacher asked the scholars to .write a
sentence with the phrase "bitter end"
in it., Cf course one scholar, handed
in the "statement,. .■•Ru'ssk" is determined "to „»ht out thepresenhwar- to
ihe bitter end " 'Another said that
the Etister holidays had corneal! too
The eentence, that took the, cake,
however was that written*1 by- a ten
year old boy, who is responsible for
the following; "Our bull pup chased
Smith's black cat across »the back
yard, and as she was getting:' under
the fence he "bitter end."-—Bruce
Herald. .„'"■'
DOFT SCp    :
1 '**.'. ■: ■ "..When you smoke a cigar
see that it is UNION made. •"-
Blue Prize, Henry -VaneiColutiibus arid
Havana .Ark  Cigars are Union ".Goods
made by.- ■'"   '..'..  ;   •    ^ "    .   j\:
'>■'.,      -»  '••_-'•    .,,    ,    .,*Winnipeg,Man.
KepresenteflbyGEOHGEHOEXON.,      .   ''  .'■
s -.'?•»   i>
• V
t, a ..."    - V'r V    -.   •     '"'-,,
'S". *-/''/   v WEENIE   ,        ,   _,   .
W. Q. BOSS    '   , J. S. T. ALEX-NDEB
Ross & Alexander
'-'      '-  ,      FERNIE; B. C. .-.' *    '.'      '.'
*-'--. *        '      .a'-.    l .-   .
01Hi?a In h. T. VlT.'Blockt Vietori* Avenue. *
F, G. Liatoe
Post Office Block, Fernie. B. C..
In some western towns the parvenu
is much in evidence, and provides
inuch amosement h)f tli.e wise, es-
po<r}0y Jflicn ch'e'nce pjfncos him in
Home public position.
.The Japs aro not all white. Thoy
.dro fighting Kussia in tho cuuse ul
justice and humanity while in. sunny
'Japan some editors huve had to quit
business for expressing their opinions
I.i tho Chinese langungo thc letter
lean be pronounced 1-15 different
yttyi, each' pronunciation having a
different meaning. This may bo
ulry all Chinese wash bills look
.n.ljko     ,   . '  '"       -
, Kven,thfl reds follow M,custom and
te»mnplc. An Imtlun womnn Jn Mon-
.ttina is suing for ti divorce bocaut-p
her hubjby'drniilc too much flro-water
ant| 0}«|y'pd nw'ny from homo playing
Wubnll. \
In tho Stitefl'tlifl o^hcr day n
tli'ummor watt ^ti'O'l lor smoking cigarettes In Indiana. .Ilo Bhoiild have
pm»M then) In tyUUh' Ciilumbln
.where there 1^ 110 law agaliist tlio
Tllhltl pooplo should H»ay away
from' IIuhhU jintll thn unplcauuiit con-
illtlom In that cnuntrv li«vo pnnscd
jiway. Juut now |/i rftimo of tho
lowin thny have a man for breakfast
overy morning.
According to its'size Switzerland*,
has seven times as many hotels as
England. • This is-caused by tho
tourist trade.' British Columbia must
have according to Its size tidy, times
ns many hotels as'England. This is
canard by the high price of drinks
and the dcslro of so ,i))D|)v successful
rock finders to stand behind tho bar
in order that their diamonds can
llnbli in tho mirror.        .    '
V .     .____.__.
By keeping the price of coko.. ot
$4.50 tho Crows Nest Pass Coal Co.
arc retard Ing tho progress ol even
their own mines, At a lotvcr price
tlu* smelting und mining industry
further west would bo stimulated to
greater notion, and more minors 1*b
employed In tlio collicrtos around
Fernio. Tho policy cf tho Conl Co;
is not liberal enough to cnuso a irnmt.
expansion, It has too muoh greed,
and loollrihly wants, all tlw-1'0 Is on
tho earth, especially around Fornie.
ir. Price's
Baking Powder
Always m-akes the'perfect
biscuit, cake and bread.   ,
•   .-****" • **t*. w
Prico Baking Powder Ca,
Herchmer & Hercamer --■   *
*'i  . ■ .-  ...      ..; ' 1  .'
* f">A!FEBNIE,'"B.'0. '
Office*, ovei JE>. Burnt jfe Op's block, yiototi* «ve
ear. patronize home industby i_»
.. ;S__\_TO-E^__E3 ;:;
tjjsrioisr .3____3____    ,i
Crow's  Nest   Special,
Minep-'s. Favorite Cigars
|Jatch 'em alive 'PvC
Sticky: Mj Taper -^
B^ill 'em; dead 'o C
y Davis FLt FELTS
. , Remember this brand- of .
_ ,*_ Fly .Poison/papej^" ,*J: '\"..-:.:i
'  It is theiBestr^
I FirstXlass in jByecy Respect
■"; ;'■ k ,r.MKS." 8. ..JENNINGS,' PBOPBimrBEse..', /,," -'.'
s',''   '-i'1'-,    ;,"';.''.i'"    .''"- '-'l   '' ..?,/'  1 -.-'.'A:',i\.A;'.V-.'i'-r " ■*•"■->'l\'..
\'V   "*'"vr".,;-.s. >;".':-■'"•' ''--^"; ^"i- "*'■' ^'-'' •' ■A/i}'2 '■"•'■ v"'v'A : ,--J-B"
« -:;..1*0999999999999999999009999999999900999990% A -. «,
.  T-**l * _> - 1 "■..■> al 'A •     ■   *.      J l»lif _l ■   >L     »   __l T      - _SI
*".V'"|-.:\* Vi—::IN".KASUO v'-vvvi'/.l
-8 '"'*■'•■"■ Tahedoorof'the'-V-".-.-,.    V -'-. "'.:.'.■.-.'* '■•! ■_
\*? ^._\i%&?i.p4<ikr_^^
P    *J
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lnnds and Mineral ClalmsSurvoyed
ind Crown Granted.
PO. Box Son, ,     Office: Kooteoajr St., Nelson
Drug Hall
,        ' "     -   , .  , > sj 1      _     .   '.
Graduate of thirty-eight years' expononoe,
Agents--       --"' '       '../;■
Lauglillo Fountain Pons
- ■ Moore's *    „ ,,   .. ',,
-, s," Liquid Voneor.  ■
Prlnkln„ In .'.ngtand Ik on the do-
oronio cRpoclnllv In tlio Wcit End of
JLondon where It it no longer tnshlon.
n'oie io drinK aBtinntnir or. If tlio
^iglWrdetort tlieit* beer what will
become of the qurtli,
.The foliy o( fflvliitfinvtty the pnbMo
(ioniitiii topoinpiinlita Ijko llio Ci'owr
N-'»t Ifitsa uoftl Oo. Ik plainly won
Tlilsoitii'iiu.v iniR thveloped into a
pri'Rtit commercial do? Booklnic to ab>
hoi-Ij iicn;:|y ovt');vtahiiiff Iii filfflit, It
nut ken monoy indirootly out of liquor
ti'Mfllo, nnd liao^oqnIsjiK-iyn tocharfru
couiU'SiMis t'xtrnoitlltiiiry pi'lccn lnr
rt'iil cututis, even II boiijo of |t» nice
Tdi'oiiM) BlnirclioldoiB tonoli Sunday
Hcl|oo|, on_ ,
iirny _vft(y ilitv
(or ilnmw to wmh
thejr NlintRHaty,
Tint (vnnptttiy In Ito liuiitltblo tjrocd
Inio wvrlod nnd ImmBsod tho pooplo
of l'V|'iilo olti'ii to a point of IntiHuy
and robolllon, and ltd Afyoa'ttfmo
(tnmo Ico wus olid down Its collar, or
It will uiiolco todoiitli from a tooliattty
iicrlun ol lu Abnormal nppetlto. Wo
wntii no (tuiocruu tills far woat, nor
civ-ntou ot toady (am and seildom.
More « non.
JftF you've got a good thing-
J push it, don't let business
lag behind;
ga^OR the wanl of a little cf-
![•< fort, of the  advertising
-Wfi*^ can show you how to
|j5> do it, it may tftke you
by surprise,
JK) see the money roll your
" way.   Why  don't  you
—in Tun Ledoe.
OITicc: Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Fhrnib British Columbiu
Oold « .751 Gold nml Silver—•1,0c
„euiJ--~——, .ti | Gold, "llvor, eopiwr 1.60
Bd-nplen liy mall reoelve prompt attention)
Plnonr Gold, Hotorti, >nd nioh Orel Hour-lit
Henri fur Freo Mailing En v*. end Prico Lint,
1 Tan Artapuhoo St., nonvtr. Colo,
(_i>to niiiiyer Kelnon Smelter)
Oold, Silver or Lend *eaoli fl.no
(iopper »U'-    Oolil-81lver,,..,,fl.lW
Ohiirfa-*.- for other moteli on application
P. 0, Drawer ltMa,:  . -   Phone Aq?
ot.been locked.for many years.'v;;'-^,,.-^   t"
andl6.rdsrvare*--alwaysyhappyi'"!i:?'4'a5 •.. ■ ,^
i-fien their bank-roll looks thin- :tJ3 $ * - »5
an the-lean-edge^of. an at ten u-   'f 5'     1_ -,
- even wf
^ ner than^ the -lean .edge
* ated wafer,v^Try^ohelof.their morn-4;':.
trig bracers.;;"*Mail;,^orders/i_Qeive:* "■
■;" >v.   aV   '. prompt attention;'. >   ;      ;.
The Bpanlih soldier Hvob pn two To love It to llvo-
iDt_.Ua day.  memdtnK ciKarotwi. Totoroono. self Is to llvo In hell;
Jt was tbe clg no donb   tint rasdo T» lovo nnothcr U to llvo on earth;
To love all others is to live In heaven.
jilro lid down In Cuba wben Uncfe
Bam tornod his blae-eoat<sdlH>yslooip
ion E|ap Juau and other hot spots.'
Th* Myroll at Rowlsnil in .Tone ""   -
iraifl-HflOllandafni th* cry got.1 ,'° »',ncn thoiopplyln/jrol }un\u
pp that Wand u doll, hlooki to;wIt,) water in tbo handaof^^a prlvata
uitobaona'wora whsUntW |XMisi.w^rotlonwouldh.a rolnoos mis-
rhaisar.rb9fore.a-/sn ff »wt of It*''"Lko/,TV,,ft,P*!. _' th° |yWp'8,
f)ll|«ns "fotand «M for tbelf gori..   The Coal Co. already havatoou«ata
H. D, Talbot
Manufacturer and Doalor In itII
kliulaof llglit and heavy harnoti
HarnnRs made to order on short
Collars, Bruihei, Combi, Whips,
Snaps, All kind* of harnoxs parts
on band,'
Mining harnoss a *|Melalty.
Fornie, _l. 0.
Tennis    •
: . Cricket   ;
Football .,
ORFOLLOWTHE    ' ; . '  ,,'.
Example of Ike Walton^
•      ; X'*W
YOU CAN PROCURE tho nocoaiary
AIDS and
Paraphernalia ri
Tha Feme
Drug Store
Fort Steele Brewery Co; Ltda
-'.'  -'•'„/„•*■..     ':      FERNIE, aC. v --. ';.' '■  ■   '"
.''■■ ■ Brewers' ;of Extra Fine•'.'«'. -t
'•' Laigrer Beer and Aerated    „
.•'.•","   ■        *. '   ■..,.,• \ .',.■ -
Waters. Bottled Goods f
■        a Specialtyi, '■'' •- X^: .-■■•,'!
Tenoher of tho Piano
(l„-.nliitfih6j- Method)
A thorough trainingaiiured each pupil
J, A, MacLean
18 in •« iT»llKhtful to.'
* cation nnd from
It* baloonlei cm* lie
-non nil UiebeRutyof
tho grand loontiry
tlmt mir "ouniUi h8ni»
In, (imt adoniH tlio
liu*v oity of Kohon.
Ik U eiiA homo of
tourUtH nml buiintti
tht world, Tha cnlt-
mitt of maillonrlty,
. Uoors Houth llowa llntol.
Tier.' Crop Kuw in 6tw.k
ffomt Orown and IniporUd
Wliblmla amlifUtall
rrlcoi t
Tbonund* of Ycxil
o Fartnai-a InntUuUi
t and Orna*_t»t-l Traaa
nhada4*n-]ronf.     Raaaa,    OraanlntaM
•nt) Hardy Ptant*
now crowtnt In nny unrMrlaa fer
Hprtnf plantlns
SanUrn prlo«i or Iwi. W'Mf* f,»1ihir
PBRtlt.W_R»-ME« HrV'E8 a »v?ruKa.
SOlO IfaitailatUr »_•«.
.   and
Latest' Styles
Jf/mtft .?A/a/tt/oti» in ihe City,
Mrs. E. Todd
Builder and Contractor
Dealer io
Rmigh and Dressed Lumber
Now's your chancs,
Cheuneit and best In Fernie.
_••( lit and beat equipped studio in town
:   Cabinet*   / $4 to $5 a doiirn
tf Cabinet,    jto 4      „
CMrtade VWUe » to 3      ,, t
'  Stanip Photos' 50c to %\   „
Flash li«lit», enlarifinf* and copying
doita.   Dont forget tho address, oppo,
sits the Metltodtit church.     '!
I P, Spalding
Ya! Ya!
Hut door to Oat_arrCattl« Co., Wood Strait
 .,   ■;,-;   -    1
Work of Alt Kimli. ' Rata* tt«»»onalil#,
anilav»rrroomli an
anamy to Iniomnla,
It yon neud i-onmi
whan on tha way In,
tpuoh tlie wire ana
tha uivtl ii done.
"fit. ' »w_-w •'
B.  T0HPKIN5, Hanajfr
Philip Carosella 1
General Mflrohanf
a       ,.             ..    "              .          'a'
and CIGARS -
a.     t                                                   *
-     "S-.
, ' ,Id Pernio,7|b;-a pleiuiftut
homo for all who travel,
Rooms roeervtMl by wire.
■ '..$:$y4>'"'
'   a ' ,'     .  s- '
T. Whelan, Manage!*
■ m>	
h « ptt»««tnnf; hcjr.C
tor (lie traveler.
Wm. Mills, Prop.
Wbolwle Doalori and OlrMt Importers
of WIxim, tf*ju<jrs aadCtsjtrs,  -
-Hts B-Mr
t*Mritt Atrorit* for
' 'Vbmtnery Cljsw,
DUtnbntsrs of.     - -<
Chambsrliln ;and
Pharsoh Clears
•r_n_i-*r__D   »,0.
. ii
A_J^ #
' >"'   **- '-a, .,---'-W ,-• " 's A'A-*'-:-.^'' -.a,','--"'r'.t-.-'r--^-;-.jOf><*j^'-...-gt--?'iV-::-^*^.^r''*-^vfVt'-V'"-^*r'*::C!.-s<*.''. -' "'-.-."'.t!,".V  -''"'"  '""-*1"' '-£3*- -r;**"
■•-He* .v"""i^V--V*'" ?-*_- -' *
■■•.': 'iff.'j
-*„    _-   *..--__,     „**V
._    .J"*!*---***   "*i>
-     3S.-I »•_■ *   -
:    U.*"K
rsai   .
s-.^Itoin^BHce of|a-lA'^_^'*_ll_k^v'
s   *-.     Cornmiasslon'er James _R.' Garfield, al.
"*:,'• <*_;,?•*■ t_We? in'Tbpeka told'this* stot*y: V--S-'-
! * Va- .*""*■. iv't*tnwr*-" was a -certain -crusty'bit. i bach-.'
*"*'. >C;'«!or who had employed for' seventeen
• •-'•*.- ' - '.yetiT? a.-raitnttM cook;':- -.,-■ ."-*. A,;^.-.-•■ i-*1
r^.yA% ^^^'fed^'hair-_^cW^;ai-^
, >- ,, ,7wcross^
$?.''""„;   • ^ >" *. ■singularly even' and white'. v-'Herage^ I-
■ ■ -. jj^-V"^'^
' "    vv  '^ ,/,c**ThouglJan'jidept,wilh'the-'saucepan"'
'. V -and the rolling pin,-- this' faithful .wo-
|- croan co-add 'net^aread.'   -Therefore • she*
.-,*.agot,:hW;empl6ycptb.;tt*an**ifi:t >11, buslr'
' ,    jness for her.   SKehad a'bank .account
,;- --"'. ■ xtf apout Sido that he managed.1' ^ '}f
-" f.V'phe day .the. cook wanted to'.'.with--
,draw   all  her,-savings fram the bank.
"*' ". V^ler employer was amazed.'  '   "'.
*--•'-'-- It has taken you nine years.' lo save'
;,' 1. ,L''    -' athat money he -said. • \Vhy do you wish
" K:*^: -Y^'to dra^eotit;1^; A 'j:. ApAA^ AA-
,    *■""_' ; *   *-* Because', sir, ceplted^tlie cook, last
• "'-••gl'-'.I dreamed the n_twli*ear of the new
! dottery.,, .It was Ca  million,: and "one;
That's the winning number and I'm
-T-jgoing to play-it.*',. *.: •" ^ / ry5.',^)A .-,
' j. The (MchoUir laughed at ..the cook's
rflream.. < He called her a; superstitious
.. xiiumskull.- He" adjured1*; her .not- to
.'.■.waste her money on a lottery,   ,  '« "■_.
_\ But. the* »:6ok  showing ' her *a*hite
* „eeth in an .obstinate smile, ".persisted.
, ,-fihe 4a*»k her money out pf _ tKe bank;
-Sherisked it.all in a, full chance; on: a
->  • Million'orid'-'orie:''""*'"'•"• *.i",'"~;' "*""? 'V
'      .      - f     _ . ,      S      .   -      -   ..   ,       _ s   .      s , , .   _ p.
'-A,.-    Thereafter the .bachelor ol ten joked
^-    rher"over;her folly. i-:He often asked her*
(      Sfshedid not-regret-the jeopardy, she
' 'had put" her money'in.' ";She  would
._,;. frov,;i\, blush, blink her cross-eyes, and
". v ileave ike room in silence.-- '■        ...   «.
-,    Now imagine this man's amazement
' -when' one morning a Yew" weeks' later
-,   ,- tibe read in a newspaper—in those days'
•the lottery was _ legal—that a million'
-,,   and. onati had taken"the grand' prize'' of
- ..^isb.'ooo,';/: y.vC_■■ Cr'.s' ■--'„■".' -■._-
"."' Hrhe bachelor was net rich.' Such, a
sum.As $t5o',6oo*meant a great deat to
,. *-.hiiri.' Furthermore he-lknew-1,that,JJ*is
ifaithful.cook had long loved-him afar
. . aot?.'^';v..v^>'\';. .c■•>;.;-;.;;,'•-■',.  ;*
■'*,'.■■ • And she could pot read,'', She knew
^nothing of.her wonderful fortune. ,-'*'*'
,':/,• He summoned her. Then and there
, 1, 'he proposed honorable, marriage..' She
-' accepted him..-.That'-night, these two
T^-b^a*aaine^Tie.I,'ft;•;''';' V.1''''- ■'■'■;,;■■""' -.j*''-'■ ■ -.(:
perfumes; withtlie oils of verbena, rose;
bergamot, citroneiie, cassia*, catechu.1-, :
^emperance^MpIe. would.""be";sur-
prised ir-they knewftharrum is - _n_ch
asfi lZAsivor to%co*with; - Rtfm, iti
facV is'thebase o£*Wr!y r aii'-;: tobacai
flsivoring recipesi■. it is-used,v thongh;
ia very-small quentities.. i have; never
5f^atfa.b!?^*uffi*:i-;n-1y; rum"-sbaked,
t6,mak.apmah drunk;,and f;r "suppose
it is better.to| employ ! rum " that way
than to.drink1 it..:-;.; ..-•'". . V'•"
_: THEXEIJGE, FERNIE,, B,C;, JULY .a 19&5..
.(^   'a-*
"N^S? t,b. *Jerei*y' »iven ■'-•'■* «> daw after
ai date.I "utend to.apptv. to tho tiooncB
Comwis„onerH/or the FeraiaLlo-nci JDUtrict
ifntSS* A'ia''-»2'-»n:Hotel-at MorrJ_iey>
B. 0., to Joseph K. Stephens of Morrissey. ■   '
Dated atJPernle.this soth day of Jdne, 1905
*'V. "•■;. . .-',-■ '. -/'"W.J.'MOOBE. *
&Pz\i:#vthe old"- well known
'■rj'-.V-' -   '■ '    . • ._■' v'' ' i* V '''<•" . "'  •
Reliable Relianc_'f Ci^r*
"4?r "
.*     a*-
^*T ,      _.
•f   -a
*    i
.-•* J-„.
■   I- £i
• f'lj"
• ' If.'.
.   .   TIMBER NOTICES        ::
NS^fi:«,8.he??V»*''(■• -*•"*- -*■>' daysi'" kfter
nhUriS™LnU1d t0 mAke "PPl'catton to the
2iLnl»i0i*»i»!,I"1?ner ?f L*}n*-'' --nd.Worka for a
ffifm ?v,i»e?i*e *-° o-ttt-nd^carry a,way timber
irom the followine a-legorihed landa altiiRtMi
on-Boundary CreeV.-West iooteiiay Urtrtot
K£.i?JS,n!,*oI,,-*2*-llont-10'rn--M *e*t of
nnrfhS^ rlver at ? P°st »dlointng the
northweut oorner post of A. J; McQnlre'a No
.6 m-jrked No. 1E. Mallandalne^ortheaat oo?:
ner thence south Saehalmi thence we»talun_
ptaoe of beginning. »-, a.-,     .-,-   , ..        "
*xfrt&_n.menleint fifi '«-*»•* -»dJoJning'.the
" _fiuSwf„ ? eomer. of No.l, markeH No.S . E.
a.nht?n.ai.n.e *-°rt--e«.»t'Oorner, thence south
a_L?-5inB» th,no*' wm« «--on« International
' c_a?n.Rt?..i^C V^HlH »«m« norths, ,
•ginn°Sg   - -       *  * ch»-"-»t<>.P-ace of be-
•Nn'nrth_?_?me"oln^5J* P^8* ftdjoining tba
: M»te„tiC0nlMiOJ No- *• M-wkatL No. 3 E
" m ii,ttin^,VlB0Utheai-t.comer,"thenea north
;_S«t_"_?S„iJleaof_w«,'fc w °-»>»-i thence
''P?a^a\1?tt|nt^;e-B,st.» ola^.,to
1^°-4-'.----'-n---enoi_g at a post adjoining :.the
lftri&.corn8ta?'No- r-nartld _*lSf_ E*
'- »«&ine A? •***-e-»»- --o™« thenoe north
.BUohalua,'; thenoa yre.t- 80-. chains
,, thence   south 80 , ohatis,a thence east & I _
ohalua to plaoa of beginning. "TV" . »_
No; 5. Commencing at a iwat'at)]oinln_ thn •
«w,„«?nali\f -*orth«-*?t corner, thence south
"" ?°0--»in». thence went along- International
«h„«nIda.„**ne W chaIn3. tienco "orth 80
glniihi'g' - n***a&t'"»-•-•»!■»» to place of be-
NnVf^i._l^me™iln-,:fi**',p*>l* --dWnin'g the'
' vinTlJ;. corner„ f No- *. marked No. 0 E."1
_i_hSfn-llSf north*»-»- comer, thenoe south
■S,S«5..8' ti.*n'¥iWS,t, alon-- International
i-eh»^nd.aX-line8l)a0^ai,l8>.th-,•-<!•, north 80
ginnin' ****!llc,e •-»»**) chains to .place of bt>-
Nnn7;n.«^mel*cI"*->ira' P08i '-adjoining', the
*S „h_i„?-no southeast corner, thence north
-_?tS mJl,,,it-*°?_e-;,'rMt< 80-sCliHins, thence
of ,g__£Sg^?s- ^•no<-/»"-t 80 ohains'to place
Staked and dated J una SDth
« Llmlted-UabJIity. . -
-Wholfe^le Gommission^hMts „ Manufacturer.' Agents.
■*"|;v,«:- '■■>■'.
The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd., Mohtreal, *Que.
.   ., First maker of the "Florde B;thHma,':-Rosebud," and - -,'
' .   ^'General Arthu'r'; since 1876 ; over 27 years in existent      ''-
•'.*..'','"-',," Walter Crone, Western Representative.
*'   ■ ■ ' 0  .'.-'." *'     *.----. ^ -■ a       '   '',
S    j  - •■"''"     % .-> * -* ij^
5       .a'-„' -   -.-..- —'      ... ,       TELEfaHnvi*.-     /OFFICE--    41    __»'
■    : ' " '..- . The Lumsden Roller Mills
■'. ■•*.,"■'     .'    The Wapella Roile> Mill's   '     ,. A
•\' -   }■'     -.*,    Lever Brolhers-"Sunlight Soap"'
."   ... -        . aa     ; Dalton Brothers "Dish-lower'Soar
'  ",    '".'".     '   ...TI-e-Vogel Packing.Co."
-    . ;*,    •    * -•' The Blairmore Lime Mfg. C0; •
Fruit and Produce of all kinds'.'V *
II- * - -_.'...!
The Manitoba Canning Co;^"
The W. & R. jac0b Co., Ltd.
Ti.„/-*" a .      *-Bis*»-'t Manufacturers'
* V, &e,ph FiunaryCo- L«d- — i
The ,.'Armur,,Co.; Ltd/"
, The Mo>ie Mill A Lumber Co.
The Hygiene Kola Wine Co.    •■
Correspondence Spirited.
4. g
RESIDENCE   .76   g
Scott & Ross ]
' ;A'-   ■ '   -   .      s, S
B. MALLANDAINE      '',s
:_ Agent for A. J. _c_uire & Co.
"As' complete stock, of Coflins, Caskets, and
1, ,; P^rial .Qoods,-also Metallic Lined Shipping.Cases
J'laia"   ,., .i,-.     1   ,       .'    , ■ ,      . .,    • 4   "■.* °
9   '-.       >       ia, „„-,„ „ :' ■_ .Tl .     ' " 1
giParlors in the T. Beck .Block
•>*'    •** "'  • *':    ',__*'/   f".    T      ■' '...'-.-'' ■". .,1,', "(k
Victoria Avenue I
i «.s
',. .""/iAs they^ped westward.^nJ -...palace
aCar on their honeymoon,.the man look-
N^if w1**?^l**^1- -*"•■' »''daya after
tZt-* X ln.t<"i**t0 mBl-e application to" the
?J^f eomm-Jsionerof Landi and Works for a
fSfSJ-ii11?*?.88 '.° on} •*«-•- c»«-vr a way timber
from the following described lands' siMiiito/i
on Boundary crae-i West K^M&.Dfafatet1.
Si'''■''?-. "a/ianjflad over-*--.
J '->'?  *.fl '1 odieedi 'and I cun't do that,,the bride
","'_'   fiu\d simply.  „ You laughed -.and joked
.V v.     About it so, | sold it to the butcher last
a '.'  wek.x ■ ' ; N"       ,-'" •" r
The Erudition of Boston .
A. J.brexel Diddle of Philadelphia
, wan on the Riviera in the spring.    At
(the Nice ntces  he described  America
■to a group of Russians,
Your Boston, one of the Russians
aaid. she Is called Hub sometimes,da?
,V Blddlo Inujjhed good-liumorcdly. ,.',
Ves tiiat is right, he snidi-'The Hub
.of the unWcrse.'\ 1'hat is what' we some
Junes call Boston. , - .   ■
, Pa, said tlt_" Russian;, -You call, ■ her
' f *• .ft-
HubforlJiat Intelligence, greut leurn-
> ing, thore shall prevail. , Yes, Da.
" Yes da, said Diddle.   , Every inhabitant of Boston i«.liberally educated.
-. Exemplify, said the Russian eagerly.
Tjie propfa.   Slmw, If you canproofsi-
.The Anierlotn thought a momeint, *
Well, here Is one proof, he said.' A
-1 young man in a Boston • restaurant ■ or-
'; tiered a sandwich.     It was  brought
., „■ promptly to him, but It contained  no
meat.'., Ho called the waiter over. -.
Look here, waiter,- ha (-aid.   There
is no meat In this itandwich,'
The waiter elevating his brows said;.
Then .why call  It u sandwich, sir?
- Willi a_ minimum of erudition   ono
•hould- be able to avoid a rhetorical
* fvolecUm so cacophonously glaring.: •
• ■ • 	
The Tobnooo Expert
Pure tobneco,-absolutely pure? .Well
f .era li some,   try It.'
Aud the tobacco expert extended to
,   J-ligueil, ajar ol dry, brownish stuff,
ft ituff that retembted riigi and. dust.,,
The giiest filled a pipe, Unbred up,
blew a few | vile •i-ielllnff cloudi of,
anioke, cb'uglicd and looked grave.
_ Excuse fn*, he said, laying the pipe
-ulde. This may be pure tobacco, bnt
It looks like shoddy, and It tastes like
shoddy, loo. V
H !■ pure tobacco, all the tame, said
the Expert.   Il  If  Iho tobacco  from
which the best Russian clgarets are
!m«de, the tobacco ofthe Caucasus.
''P^.-.-l,.    -.»..'!.» ..«. t     !•      ..,.!.,       .1 ,
■* a *, *..,     «.«.s.a.„sau,    as.     i«,.^aa.>j,      waaa.
;|nost aromatic smoke In the world.
_ 2 Bui purir, quite puie, It Is ai you  see.
Andnll tohacconurelike that.    Willi.
" out adulterntldn they are worthless.
-h   Nttre mutt b* add*, to smoking to-
'.bacco to make It Imrn well,    Ortniti
' lharmtete chtmlcals' must be added to
•make It kefp vttlt since, otherwlie, It
•would crumble Into dust In a  few
months.   Tobeoco^lritenJed for plugs
' 1« steeped In licorice.    Infinitesimal
'Huamltfetof gum arable are mixed
«Hf« W_r»frt toMcto tohohj It together,
to thai it won't drop out in small por-
tides from the clganet's open ends.
Pipe tobarcot nrt often flavored with
' ____h fflAtIf at / p09' pIant«d on* the
..northi side of Boundary oreett, marked No. 1
trl-i.Ti, jir*?-**1 'F?   • northwest    *  thence
,. jpnth.ao_oaina, thence went alone; Interna.
^°n'lB.1ib<,,-.n_"w»' -Jn**) chains, tbMcS*o?th
Sm1l2L^th*n?e eost w "hn-n. to point of
oommeneement,:. -,- v -■:.-..;-, -, ,- r..   .      -
^n ''*V.,?nie--<'>"-B at a ""post' due west ■ l
- Sd No° l A* T^rV1, "O""" £' No 1 mltk\
il-i-.    n»*M.we»t oornar. thence sonth so
-_miirvhT°o^ ""-i-i!-' "---tornationat
«„.»»   X- w a 6*-a.-n--is  thence,-north 80
S?nnin_. en°* WMtW oha,DI,to******C
NS'«Jt h£S3B*,noll,a.»* * Pout • dloiriing ■' the
northwoit oorner of No.S, marked No *i  4
■ £ *fc9u--,f,--ortheaHta corner, tlwnca .onth •
, chainB to plaoa of commencement :
N?,-8.. Commonolna' at a pout adlolnlni* th«
plnoe of oommanoemant. -"-a-na to
8takad and datad Juno snth.
'-     .- f   a; j.moouum!
'"*   aVorA.J.McOniro&Co.
Its baths cure
all nervous andi.
, ^   muscular
diseases, its
', water heal all
•kidney, liver,
..' and stomach
. ailments and
they eliminate
all metalic
poisons from"
,". the system.
on Hot Springs
it hi
•<ow under the new nianagemenr0f Harry Mcintosh,
Hoffman Hontte. Ito-ulmul
Report of Analyst
|   Of Samples of Water from Halcyon Hot Springs, Arrow
| Lake, B.C., _7th   February, i898.
Laboratory of City Analyst/ Edinburgh, Scotland,   .
1     March 3, 1S9S
eredSnf, ^"on0o1f'WRt-3r ""'^"^"ihe following in-
f,redients, the results are expressed in parts. '
Sulphuric Acid..
Lime '
Alkalies as Soda
Magnesia   232.00
,£il1h!a :     '  -86
sulphuretted Hydro-
ff-"-1* •'■•■.     32.00
. Fishing and
Terms ;•
'$I2"to $.8
per week,
according to
residence in   ,.
hotel or villas. .
I   ^;>- ''      ' V ' "'"-    .   , ' "      <•" . , I    I
,/";Have one of their largest stares in Fernie. "-',-■: ,.      ■(
Lamb;, Veal,' Presfi and Smoked Fish.    5
FresK Fish corista l
_^_^_a_a/_^_»_bi1_>___>___.4_>_a>_a>_a _»_. _i _._,_ ^. _'_'__'' L   _ ' 0
k. ^„?_a^i.>An81?5^^^W
■;   - *M,' SOLID   SILVERIHE   CASE '
Dust and dam-vproof, fitted with the very host
;. npvei.-jenaln.l_i.aiN or Waltium movemont.
satem-winal ami set, and nhuol-itoly Guaran
tkbd yoij.lt Vbviih.   Alio ft baaullfnl chain
.'^wi6ilnCJVT?,tC!l.1 fwthonoKtSOdavs. All com.
; plote, 10.80. SeeinB Ib beliovin-r. Cut, this out
and Bond it to un. with ymir Nnmo, J-oct Oilleo
and Exprem Oitlo* lAddrow. und wo will aond
.,?*.* i .. ai'* °l?*-'n to y°tt, "if oxaminatlon.
of JO conta ia required aFanutto,^ Prepaid. ■ If you order O. 0, 0, a donoi.1.
Owleraf. nv,"u. "^i,i!:r».!lL^T.?*'.v9r'<U0'' 'altlj, which amount will 1,0 di'duavtad rromyour 1)111
writiiiB montion tlila papor.
■?   _i,f_l_t____aS__"_?*ir-   ■"we,ir ftflrft'"'   w-»*"».wrIUiiB montion thin paper:	
E. WACPJEB & Co., 163 Cordooa St., Vancouoer, B. C.
-5 If. you nro looking for Fiflhh.g, Bathing
nuntiug, Boating or Glacier Olirnbing, go to
New Denver and.stop a few clavB, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Ilotoj with Ilenrv
Stege. Homo cooking, and tho finest beverage.
In the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
ncitwkcj Retel
awKiB _ PAPwomn.'
■pHK'PHiBEItT JIOTEIj In Randan >■ th.
-- 'irrmrovitntnti
tion, Tin on    "
lrf_Ps?J'B 9 _-l.U--.Vit. r.
FIN I,AY UeUtOD, l'toprletor..
\'   "     SUMMIT HOTEL/;;
' ''Tf.,i'.'.i'/.]'."."/'/", •',"•'*••'*]'•' '•«-• ri*7ur/iD
/Sr-.     .I'I p*i,l."trf-y I'll, fi.- H, T....P
_L_. ^_/L'______.__.» "f .t.t.t .JA...
I* l.,.r,.I.I.  u.   ,li,r ,„,„ Ul./t.-l,;^/t„-/. .
I..., r..t,r ,,t -.., ,i..p,r   ^   '' "*•* *V
s.„P.t un. „./„,., •.„, ,MmJll   ;;**
.     .i.r t. a,tj„i„.j u £„„_ iW ^       j„.j,
- nt'f" .'/* •?-'* *■«*"»* r*>.*.»zz,T.:z
'»-'|'V«'//,l.a»l,/.(/<r^    ."-<■...-■
'   '(*S-..«/«™*'w'»»rfy7 rlifiw.Av _,'*,'
, . *. ■«,. U, .„„ _ tmt, (^.aulmpt*., .-_.
"     G"?M *""'>"'*'  *~**-f*3**tt_.'t.
/-..f., gStJ.' ,l„. _M Umtttfr*?!' "* J**
" r^ATHEAb HOTEL     '
^.al.lW,|.«,„.1»1^n,B| ,'
Z'il1/:_.^r   ^'•'^'•!o\a^    :
''r^rr"'i-/ttrai.Ur, tflfr ft  •
\    ,      A..B0OD.
« . «. „«..„ „„„ ,l,_u,MKtain*.A"^,
;• A.
-a • ■ * \ *
-,     <*■
to the
Hnvliifif opened n shooting
gallery in the Ruck Mock, n-:xt
to tho bowling allny, vvc solicit
the trade of all u-ho delight in
the pleasures of marksman-
ship., tCall in nnd take a shot
or .wo.
Vlno.nt & lluby
•Whol-milt-  M»_-ohnnt._,
Inaa and
j   Soveral Thousand
Shares of
*mmW\W\ ■      -UlKiM-JM-SaS
Mining Stock
Fop Sale
Twitching Eyelids
indicate, eyestrain,
The slightest Iiint of it
should not be neglected
We test eyes free of charge,
and recommend glasses only
when absolutely necessary.
A. C. Uphardt
Jeweller       Onl'lnton
Mott, Son A Co.
L.T.W. BlocJf, Ferrrfe, B. C.
A|*«nt» In remit for T, Q. Proctor, Mttm
w«ll in«k,iyou l.rali.y and brttwiiy "K' "
.....P' mmwflava noil thu tlia-loo«t cuta of v*al
Meat  Market
The Smelter Trust
(Tlie AmurlcAi. Rm&lHiig anil nutlnlnir Co,)
Is cnpltullzcd for $150,000,000! Its
unsots iinionnt to only nbont $10,000,000
—yet It forces ihe miner to pay dividends on $•••0,000,000 of wntcr.
George's Weekly will show the miner
how to escape from iIiIh Octopus.
.Send for n copy of thu Issue of March
4th, 1005.   Address-
Georfjo's Weekly,
Dsnvar, Colo., U.S.*.
Ai-orns lhe outer man, «nd
raises the wearer in the
opinion of the critical public
Ordir y_ur Summir suits nor, Natty
Suitings now arriving. *
& F. Uebscher,
WlvttUn't Oan Tallar
Sewing Machines
Thnsfl mnclilnce nro now .--tin* mI,*
m lower finctaa, ^unllty conslder/d.
thitn «ny othor, either for caiI. or
on Instalment of |3 per month
N*BDUM*ndOir. for8»Ie.
S_tvinjr   UwhmM  'frpnira-I   or
J. R Houlahan,
PERNIB, B. C.       „ AflMt
J. R. Cameron
Ih tho Ullor tn jro to when
you wsnt « siimmm-
Suit of Clothes
Ke htn ths nobbiest lultltigs
to telnet from, and tha lit «ml
wnrlamiin*li1n ta thn »,».(
SANDON,   «   ?re„„ffi8
Geo, W, Carruthers
Retui-Bii RgttfFs
Portland, - Ore.
PHOTOftW^PHCt-l-ft ^
tNCOUVEI«1 ..,* Nf I.H0U   e c  0
v*v*%*i,*a.-^-v <»,-». av^,% ^
A Summer Suit  1
J3 ■in.UiWy Ih* proper
* caper at ihU thnt
of tho mr, ll you
hata » dealr. In tbat
Kenny & Mcleod
'*** """   ■■■■*■**"   '■ w -.,-_
Lewis ti Clarke
- f __: &_ p_ s _£
For full  pMtlmUrai     ttii/«a»    n..,a
vatlrirlm    ^T    'l**^*  ™ ' M«T
■Htlons,   Apply to l<ieiUKflnt,
„ ' •     U. Tteadln^
r _,' ■ Ajr-snt: at I'Vnii,.,
K.-.C<irl«, A.O.P.A,
Furnituro and
n_r,.,„.(B    u"dortaki»i«:
Wall Papor
I "a" _*5P,rt ..•*'• M ,Ur F»«wr«. •**•-
BitUfhPIatuMir/air MaOflInehn. orw.l
UtaU'v fn****., lUlimnl lM„k ¥<*,' \ n>l|M j
C*«b Ht-jriKer* an-) oth»r tprclalttiM,   j
Mnt'a   Wet* flx-lr*  Vrnmt*   Auni".in.
June 1 to Oct. 15
Fare $27
Ticknts on rule front Juno 1st to
September HOUi, ami ll.nltt-,1 to nlnrty
days from datfl of sidu-hut not Inter
lltAti Movtiitthfr 80th    Ktnptlvi.ru will
Will   ll*   nltftli--.il   ni    „.,..  .     >    ,  ,
«llr*i'Hf(t, wltlilu \ „i ..j »3,jl«.4.
A f v of tiny r.'nts »-i|| i* , |mr ».•(»
*t r_rtt„nd f.jt tixivMavion Utn.ni Tit to t
Jamrs Sloan, Aj-t-rt
For sale ;it nil times excellent
Rand for plasiorinp. Bent
*aml in the country.
Apply io--
H, Ptanto,
No. 88, Old Town
......   a.ra'^i.   n-nn*   Moil*   AUpii-Lw.    I nit t    (rriikai   at'_»..   t_
u vmr.it Ta-r^i   t» « 'BILL (iEADS lU'/.r^S"!,:^'!
A_L_ pT-***
v'-.; .■¥'*?>:
'""?':•:"",— "\V"- - "■-, ^'-V"f,-^--Ofri-',.-*"---s''-''«-'-.*V:,'*'*a, , •-*-,- "v**;'.   s;VV*w"''*'I--■---.''-'--Sff''rf'<3!i,,'-.'
.-.- -i    s„ ■ .-_- ..  .-.,_..,       " o'*V . .-._.- .",,'    '-    *-. -.  i, .-'*..--.- - '">""■'"•-• ;"-*"*^"-5.'--' -V.'
K.M1.M.' 'W'tr—
"il .   '
-   i
"" '".a.*-^** -■"**
*'- *-■*•     \    -
'"■     s.-"",.;■■ ;,s--; ---.    ■*;.?-. f.-'
--T-T' •--, .... -, a., .-i »_*---*   - - -"_-
;;        -'..*-•>/.- ;<5-sT ...     s. „-
1 - s.'-s'''••'-•
- "- ' \n  •    .   *..-.:--.'v:',",>. -v'.-": .,?,--;v .;    *   ">■'.-''" .'-\ - - - " '-A'A''-'' *-v- * * " ';' ' *" -•'    "..s"V '   ~f .      '"_-"-
ll „.-        .  , .   ......    _ r' ;,-'.    --■■■  .. —„   ■*  V-    '-..? ' '_   -.-*\ -v.      .  _* - .      ■ _   ...  .. , . -  . ~
i ■
■Mamij i^^«frrviiin,m
,—. ai ^- -f .»*
LEDGE^EKNIE '" E,C;vj0iY »W ?•#!."
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
"     '■-'•'<"'. /.    tj> Head O/ficp : TORONTO        "
' s^W-up Capital» ^i7_D-,9P0V Rest--$3,500,000 -■
Sperfiil attention j.s directed to the foHowin'R t^ivtttitugn offered, by
, Our Savinfjs B-ink.       "'"   ■,-,
Deposits of *%;j" OTi-tf upwards received, 'ijuji Interest--*,l_wed at Current Rates.
tiitej^-atl-iaifde-r to tUeDtjposh'TWICE ineicb'year, at the, end of May and
,$<-#£•■"■'*■■•    The Pe'poMtor i$ si-bject to no _el_y whatever in thenvilhdrH-val
nl ili_ Whole or any portion of the deposit.
fi RA FT^    Pa-™h,f" 5n ?*1} Parls of.CANADA, THE, UNITED' Sf AXES,
GREAT- BRITAIN   AND, EUROPE   Boi}ghr *apd. Sold
ut Lowest Rates, ....-..-
0    T.' % MAY, Manager',
j_'-?■' _".I-__--l ■■'    V-L -.»-._■.
K.«nhy & NJc^egd always hnve'foom"
fi.>r ont* n.ore ord****. *    .
Tlie bells at St. _-\ndrew,V church',-
"fcr-idHfld, are run-*; by women.
• Surprise your friends by *"etting it
pew siji|>a| Kepny & Mcleod. '
' Sm-*U» '«-* K.'K. C. cigar and see the*
fight's glimmer on the j*oldpn shPfl- 'P-"
t-fttisfaction. ,
A Brixton'pnblican possesses a' cojti-
. jjlete set of the bu'tpps pf tlie British'
'army;     -    '    ' '
A Lqn(Jqp bookseller has recently
jjad his shop trout rebuilt in the old
|U>ndon  style. ■ }  A
Gift'.' W. Carriithcrs ran make you a
'suit-of clothes that Will just suit  the
pic-pic season,1
Tlie Royal Seal is one of the most
cek-Wiafed cigars in B. C. Ask the
barkeeper for one when next you, line
pp to the. bar.
A- fVent'lipiflaivUyirtjf ait Nunhead has
as pets ft enrrion cr'oW. a: se,» g«».1 a
Jfoltl_it .ph«-_s4,rrtr' x miigpie, a raven
iind jackdaw. All are al liberty in the
garden. ._. < ,   ,' „    _
The King Edward Hotel occupies   a
'prominent   position in Fernie only a
jtfep or two from the C.  P. * R.  depot,
\}w city.    ',
, The kootenay at Sandon lias not
locked the door for nine years. Right,
|iandy for strangers when they're out
(ate, nnd.cannot trade their thirst for
anything;; ■     •
En>ily, whola-lll with typhoid fever, Is
doing ifff •roll m could bo expected.
Mrs..li. Dudley, accompanied by her
four suns, isvisitin*; hor daughter! Mrs:
It' E. Taylor, of Kimberley.
Mrs. H. JIub>, and Miss M J; Huby
will leave next Saturday upon a* three
months' visit to friends in Calgary.   t
Mii-s Dora Tnzzn.au,' ncconipanied by
her mother, loft on Monday forBoitlnud
vhorb they will spend n couple of waeks.-
W. H, Switzer, ofthe Bank of Commerce, has been transferred.to- Prince-
:toif;' He is one of Pernlo's niost popular young moii aa eyidencpd by the
grand baitquet given him- last night at
the Hotel Fernie.  - . ''
this heading,-iilserteii ut the ratp of One
cent a word each insertion;       >
yr this offio?,     -..-*„■ **■" -a.42
Apply at thl^ office. n        ^,
AJ land Avenu9,nearth(f Fernio Brewery
Apply to N. Klausman,   -
volumes, Quids arid CaBe.  Cost -,73 bat
vi.ill sell for iH5..  -.Geo. W. CartutherB.-
and two up'to-uati J&ipress Waftons.
All .goods |s' pfirae condition, and' Prices
ReHS.qnablB. Is^lson Freighting, and Transportation Co. Nelson, B. 0.
Apply to A. Deck, Kernie.
■a. the Palace Meat Market ou Victoria avenue to rent. Suitable for otiices or buohelor
quarters,   Apply to P. Burns & Oo.
/VWNERSof opi*- Areas, aud timher limits,
" may firid'a ppSBible pnrchater by addiess-
Ing Capitalist,' chto of box 25, Fornlo.
Owing to alack of enthusiasm over
that great*out door' Bpott, baseball in
Fernie Is suffering from hydr-xemia.
"We have a good team in this city,
and wfth a ltitTc assistance't'Hey can
make a record lor Fernie throughout
the west that will be valuable as aii
advertisement. The citizens would
be helping a manly, scientific and
,Jat-dablc sport, by subscribing liberally towards sending the tram to. the
baseball tournament in Calgary
where, large prizes nre hung up for
the three best teams. L.i&t Sunday
and Monday Fernio, dcleated Kalispell, the scores being 7 to 13 and 11
to 13. but djd not "make expenses, tbe
oh Monday, $3-;.7o.. jlven if we
■al'b a little lak.hi turtirng out locally
let us stake the boys and send them
to' the front where the winning of a
prize- means ai wide advertisement
for tliis, great coal metropolis.
■ • Rert'Smith is very \)\.Yrl\b |yphoid
Mfr^lGiJo. lie)), of ^ediclpe "flat, is
ylsltiii'f her sister, i\'|;rs. Hnrry Wilkes.
Mrs. I)..}. iylstliiftB »pd chll/ii', of
Wlnn'peff, jmw visiting in penile this
It-reek.  ,       „ "   '■
M/-H. John jbtisty a'nd faojlly l.eayo to-
_4ny lnr Santfon, oil a viplt to Mrs,
' fcyons,-
i Fjfan^W.dWJUnKto-ilia'it risturtiod from
/llis. survnylnu trjp and is stopping; nt
the .Central. . ■'
t Miss Kastner hap roti_rned to Jior
home hi Craubrook, after a pleasant
ylujtln Feriiip.
fC«/f f(mw iw |n Mexico loQkinjr
aft,or t)ip tn)nln(j Informs o( 1). Burns &
Cq. In thnt f'onjUr-*. .
S, T. pouflnn, for sopietlrrje wltlj'tlie
W. 0. Hii'mjl'ton Co., Iir|) nccopted a
position In w'li.nlpejr.
John Wothors Is jn town frpin W«l*
laco, Idaho, to bo with |ils hrpther .Sam
)vho is III In the hospltnr Wlllt typhoid.
il. Cameron, yard forpinn'rt' of M, F.jJ;
iti. Uy,, has .ono on a visit tb walla
\VHlla. He will return in a fow d'aya
fffth -Mn, Cameron.
Hlfn, J'Hrt!,Hty nrrivod from Montreal
/fn Sn*__"V to join hpr huHbHtid who hns
prints u\ thf ,C, I' It. commorclal
Joleurapli ofllct* In thts c|ty,
Min Cocllla Kolwtolu hna rottirnml
jiomu for hei- liollrinyi' fronif 8polf»nn
Hera iho lui been uttenttlny tho
^codotrtja- of the Holy Namea.
Mn. ». 0, 8, jf.lndioy rtutl Umlly
hi ro arrived tionotf utiet ^wntllng the
ivlntur In,California and \\\u fprifix >P
Kurnitt, II. U —Toronto OlobW.
Krmik H, Bainple, furmarly a carp.n«
HT •'- r'ttrnlv, L.mtnltted aulclde In
Raatt|«t hy cutting hit threat. Too
inucb booterlns wa« tbp oxeltinfr catiid,
aj* aaf        a*    ,,   ai ,        ,        ,
.■.i. un* J^a. -\, \p   (.l(luill|(<iOil lltt.U
tntivt'A into ^(.\r v.-rlrtonrri nn Hirer
Ihntik Av«mm   Mrs, Huntingdon will
he at homo on tha second anil fourth
1 Friday! of eaeh month.
John Turner, of West Fomln, leaves
(Mi itiuininy \tf>a>n ti tnji to 't hfitonvtit
Anil othar coaat cities, lie will visit
I't4 ui in 'Frisco, also hla lUfer, whom
he haa not saeu for tan yaara.
I) J.Earratt- of Spokane, formerly
♦dltor of th* MorrUwy Dispatch, wai In
Fernla (ait m-ek II. haa aold the
y»liy n*port hi Spokane and will take
a cuuri. in th. Toronto Univ*rally,
Tba many friends of Mr. and Mn,
pavlfi, of "he Park, will be plaaaod to
team that their eight year old daughter
A titiAD-Ctl* CQLUSON.
Hiisebhll Tournament
,. f- "   . i v-s-:-:,   ,.   -   -■
-~^a—a/ancunii ^ iuu- iiiauicnia'^wHI—IRKC
place nt Calgary, beginning" about
4ttgust lOthr Tlie prizes are to be $850
first, $100 second • aud 850 third. :The
following teams are expected to take
part, Nelson,- Trail, Kossland, -Fernie,
Edmonton, Wetaskowjn, *^ed Deer and
Nanton. Nelson, Trail and RWdaiid
wM'eB-h play Fernio on their wav
down to Calgary, liates for .these
matches will, be announced later,'
The C, P. R. west bottnd local waB
cancelled yesterday owing to a wreck
about ten miles east of Frank. Two
work trains met ih a head on collision
:and one,of.the engineers, Ernie
Bi-oyyp1,; nf Cranbrook, was killed.
The onglnes'-Atf ca6bD8e» wer'o Very
badly smashed^ Aa fur a, can bo
loitrno/l one train was attempting to
reach t')o ' Middle Pork . for. wator
on theotjiep tfnfn'staiiue. Tho accl-
jdent occurred aljoi't f> ft. ip.
]'Yuiik.I_>WftJ_ yrJro ^8 gpporajly a
gond fellow, was cWired vyith btfiiitr
off tho water wagon ami Ipt go tjpder
a vtispcpded sontenco,
Tom James got two wc'Alctr iii tho
hnstllo fpr being a vagrant' Tom
hnij l)een lhe>*o hjoforo, and probHbly
likefftKe jiv-hitc beans.'
Lifo in the WntvopollR was cyidentl v
too Hwlft for t'llifn Wright and B,tbo
Gorman ot'Michel. T|_o,v got tatiglod
ivlth a Jag op Monday night for which
frolic the loaU tuxed them $10 and
'the Q'uoon Studio
Sinco „A*- Lean established the
Queen studio in Nelson he has built up
a large nnd constantly increasing bus
incss in photographing', and the sale ol
views ana ' pictures. Ho enlarges
photos, frames pictures, and offors sug-
gestlons upon ...works of art. Those
interested In works of art while vUiting
Nelson should never pass the Queen
Studio,   They should go,In,
Fa-yotUuH r^onjruo i<;()riifoi|
The Crows Newt iMas Football league
was formed at Cok-innii nn Ju|y l}th,
avilh the following ofltuori;— Dr, Weflt-
wood, Coloman, President, Ed' Jarvls,
Fornlo, Seny, Treas. M\itti ami rcg-
nlntloits wero adnptml and ti draft ot
gaini'i were mapped ont. Th*tf foWgtto
Is putting up gold mediiU for linttipcti*
tion and It Ih i>p Ip soma pf our sporting
phllanthrnpliti to show th«l|-gon«rotllty
by donating a cup,
Tho Mloliel Ooiobnttlof-
The^Michel Mineya Unlori will, hold
their Annual ' calebraiion on Monday,
Aug. j (st when a big turnout Is expected from Fernio, Morrlsiey, Frank,
Bhiirmore nnd Coleman. A good- programme of sport* is tying prepared
and lihernl prizes will be given. Train
arrangements will be made Inter.
0. l\ tl. -looping Onr Sorvico
To accomodate present heavy travel
Kootenay's to Vancouver, Victoria,
Seattle, Portland, etc., theC. l\ R,
has established sleeping car service on
fmpcri.U US. intween ArruwheAd and
Vancouver, tcatlng Arrowhead Wed-
netday*. Friday*, and Sundays, leav.
Ing Vancouver Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays. For b*ph rtverva
tion apply to Ic-oti agent.
Qeorgo Colodej who,has been dry
goods manager for the Trites-Wood
Co. for six years,' has taken over the
Semi Ready , business. from- P. J.
Mitchell and' is adding a stock of
gents' furnishings.' The tuore will'
have shelving for that purpose." F.
Johnson, who is invthe employ of
Herchmer &, Herchmer., will be his
partner, but.Mr. Colode will be the
manager." Mr. Johnson is an old
timer in, Fertile having beennwith the
Coal ■ Co. for a number of ' yeai*s.
They stiart business on August 1st.
Last Saturday was payday and the
C N. P. Coal Co paid out the following
amounts.  ■ .    '   '      '   **■
$70;847.06   *    •   "   '
88,578.45        *.     •
.17,923.15  '
Coal Creek
Total ,-
$127,318 65
Lnwson fn Minnesota'
Minneapolis, Minn.-—-Thos, VV. 1,n\i-
son, of Boston' wns the guest of the
Minneapolis Commercial Club. ■ Mr,
Lnwson spoke before throe hundred
members of the club after luncheon
.If.-: Said, in pari, I hnvosewritl'inillinns
mysplf nnd I wronged the' American
people hi gotting' it. "But t did' not
knowltnMho time, When the time
comps frwW'give vhemtliut money
hack tp them.
•John P. Riicfcfeller is worth ?-joop
000,000, and ? mn Htl' down'and', show
you in one peck's time It'oW he' got
every ponny of il. Kvery dollar that
John Kod.fcHcr has lie got It dishonestly.
If 1 live I'm going going to make
the American people sell, overy dollars
worth of stock they hnvo nnd by that
lime they'll know better that* to buy
hack. Mr Luwson scored thp liquit-
ablo l.lfe Assurance company l_cnvjly.
Every stiate o-* territory in wHich gold
and silver have been found', in any
quantity -wis its stories pf discoveries
wliich,' wittVfr they seem;. like-romances
when tolit; are examples of' tftp., adage
that tririh is stranger than' fiction^
Montana furnishes several of tlie' more
interesting.- - *.       ''       ;-
• Every prospector of the Rocky mi>iin-
tains has' prpbably-heard the tale'"ol
how Tom Cri^ise jiscovered^'-tbe. Drum
Lomond „ initio. For years the old
miner h'adl bf-errsluicing out the gold
in the bed; of tlie creek a few ..miles
from ..Helena,,.. .Some days ■ he secured
less than a' dollars worth and other
days five'times as much. The uncertainty was discouraging,' but he" had
experience 'enough to know that the
ledge from' Which' the gold" had been
washed must' be somewhere ia the
vicinity, so lie explored the valley, but
without result., Then"lie climbbd the
si_i*_ for lmndredsof fear. At last he
'saw a ^projection which was apparently
eovered' wirti'earth and leaves.* -A few
digs with' tli. shovel laid bare the' oat-
cropping oft|ie ore vein 'which* was to
b'ecoinsf one of the;niOst fitmaus in' the
world.-, ■ ■■ ■ "     •-..■„
Montana also contains the Granite
Mountain mine,- which was" supposed
to consist of surface ore. The' shrewd
superintendent noted indication-; which
red' him to* believe that another, ore
body lay beneath. The mine^"Qwners,:
however, disagreed, with hifri and. he
began investigations for himself when
the , veins* appeared to be exliausted.
On the very day he received a telegram
ro' abandon the claim he made a discovery of the lode beneath. The telegram he sent hls_ employers caused
thern, to give him carte blanche inothe
way of spending their ipon?}' to reach
the ore.' It Was a- n>a\tec. of history
that' the wealth of this mine has erected
some of thfe' finest buildings in St. Louis
where tlie owners invested their piofits.'
' In the'long list of accidental discoveries which, have ipade fortuiwis either,
for the discoverers or. others to whom
the "divulged their, secret that of Park
City, and m"ahy of the miners in Utah
to.thisr day' still' call ...il-. Parley's; Peak,
to rest," a, prospector began knocking
away at the surface with the pick without thought that the_»point was,entering a mass pf silver' ore' which has
.-•ince. been' mined for over-ten years,
footing''the glitter of the fra«;iiienls
' ■.    .'rt in*V a - -■ *
he look them to the nearest town,-and
a#-»*-       '.a ,  T  . •
had Irhein assayed-more out of cu'riosity
than 'otherwise, .for apparently they
'contained tb much of ■ the white metal
for'it to' be genuine.   The assay show-
|ed no'less-than tz' pounds' of silver to
the ton.       / .   £.'.
Newi5 of the discovery soon spread
and openings, were mnde from wliich
ore\ yielding't over 3,000,000 pounds
pure silver has thus far been.taken)
and no one knows how much mure lies
rrt'tlVe bowels' of the earth.—Tlie Pilgrim'. '   ' '
No EdltoiH In Jul!
There is a littlo ptnpcr publis.hpd in
tho ponltentlnry of Mlnnesotn, "Tho
Penitentiary Prhion Mirror," which
propoundi tho following questions)
Why Is It thai from tho first inception
of our paper to the present time we
hitv. not hnd nn editor to sojourn In
our midst? Other professions have
been; represented.    Of pmacher* we
ll.l it Iium btia/u^a. aa>    iuf_IJ.ll    »ub.>laalla.C
lo.in AMcnn rhlrf for _' ytur; of Hoc-
tor.< eitough to depopulate u *ia'(e; and
lawyers enough to establUh a good
Klzcil colony In hades. But editors
nof one.—-Ex.
Mixed Tonna
A well known newspaper puhllshor
stood the drinks at thc Vancouver club
recently. When asked by the Japanese
attendant what ho would have? bo
•aid: Bring me aome Gooderhtim,
The Jap returned and handed the newspaper man a glass and the dim decanter. What la this? saiiTtho papanna'n,
and tht Jap replied Good rum, sir.
I have l)oug_t' out the business of Mir. J. 0.
Hutchison, M^jiant Tailor, and'for ths
balance of th*s oionth am frtfetln-* "special
indueementa,'.    •*'«-. ,. -,,-'.'.-"
a    - aa,'   ' - -. '      ' .*- , '■   '   \ -'
Suits Maifefe
af; Reduced ;Prtces.V
Come A and have a look around. -      " - -..
I thittbihave what you'd Ilka. ,'     * • >
j. Carmlcha-I
TM Jowelor
li„b Amoved into Purdy's old stand and has
now more* convenltmt quarters in which to
display his oholoeatook-, •  ,
V       'i'
This week hp'Is making a ' >- .,   . .
,     Display of
* '  s-        .)   * ' .    [f      .'        '
in niokel, silver or gold cases, fitted,with' any
of the standard works you might desire, and
in uUsizoa. You oertainly can be suited both
in qu'allty and iii price. . >   ..      :,','*
■: .-Five:, Stoi*_s ''■':"'
a      *R.' A. WIUGHT, Lethbrld-fe. \ ■ '   "
"  A. M.'.WRIGHT, Medicine Hat.'.
B. W. WRIGHT, Rosthen?,     .-••'--
F. W,"WRIGHT,:Priuce Albert. "
'     C. 0. WRIGHT, Furdy's Old Stand
FERNIE      .     -     -     - .    ,fj.0.
1  - I l a I --af a-aK
■ aaaaW^M
la       >l^.'--     I"   -
la'.ilmau-i in'
*r Tfii.'-ii i nimlt
*rSliE$& i»_yJ he gfi*)Qdslinesi;_at ffieyVare notrin it with
PiMMtipr Dellvei*y
ThtB People's, QroWr,,. Pi Oi>.Block, Fernie
' Uf   .
-'      " tt.       i -. m.
Around Ooloinnn'H Mino
t^ork at tho mines and plant ol
the' Irttorn'n't.lonoi Coal and Coko Co,
nt Coloman it? prpfrroaslns' much tho
oamo ns _8i*al, * Somo 700 tons of coal
por day is bolnu mined, of. which 550
tons la delivered to tho C. P. H,, 100
tons oor day. shipped to fill d'ommor*
clalovdtU-s,' and 50.tons boliifr nscd nt
tlio coko ovens, Dovolopmont. work
at these mines has boon can led on
vteotousl'v and ByBtoniaUoiilly nnd ns
tl' conscquonca It Is In oxoollont shapo
to produce a very' htr^o tonnufjo ot
conl whenever tho markt-t demand
Jtistlllos it. Work on tho slope Ib bo-
in« pushed alioad nnd it will bo
sunk to the 1000 loot level - nnd tho
conl both ways from tho slopo developed and blookod out. Tho.coko
ovens nro running nntl it Ib tho Intention of iho mnnngomont to havo
the rommlndcr of tho first bnttory of
ovonB completed, which will rIvo
thom 101 ovens In tisi. nt once. Tho
plant of tho Iniornntlonul Ib thorough*
ly up to ditto nntl tha Inmost nnd
))cst crjulpt of nny In tho Pass und
with the mino developed as It Is this
company enn nt any timo now pro
duoo and linndl. fully 1500 tons of
conl dully.—Blnlrmoro Times,    .
.'. -.:.' -  '/f-NOTiOBS    ,.   '-;."'
Notice' is hareby given that I intend to.apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for license to prospect for Coal
and Petroleum on the.following lands. Be-
cinning at a post marked R. A. Welsh's
north wist oorner. thenoe west one mile, thonce
north one mile, thence*past .one mile, thenoo
soiith" one mile- to-, the' point of commence-,
ment;- ...     '-.'■■_
July 12th, 190& ^ per J. B. "Perguson, agent
."Vtotlcfrishere-y given that' X intend to ai>-
■-.▼ply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for.license, to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum on' the following lands. Resin,
ning at a'post marked "B. A.yWeUh-iijnn"tn-_
west corner," thence south one" mile, thence
east one mile, thenoe north one mile, "thence
west one mile to.the point of- commencement. ' .'    ■ .- , ' ■  '        j- V
-' R.'A1. WELSH "-
;July 12th, 1905.   •    .perJ.B.Perguson.agont,
Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and .Works for licence to prospeot for Coal
and Potroleum on the following lands be-
sinning at a post.marked,- "R. A,, Welsh's
northwest oorner" th-mce east one mile to the
Elk-rlvdr. thenoe north one mfle fe-llcwintr
the bank of the Elk' rive*,. then"! weM on?
mile, thence south one mile to point (Jcbia.
moncement, ' ,, ' "- ,... - ■- , •"? "-,
_        ' I.E. MILLER.    <     ;,
July 12th, 1905. : pcrJ.B, Ferguson.'agent,
•^JottooisherebvBiven that I Intend to ap-
' *-^J".*J* tll t'l0 °^et Oomm'saloner of Lands
and Works for licenoo to prospeot for Coal
and Petroleum on the following -desoribod
lands. Beginning ot a post marked 'R R
MoKechnle's northeast oorner" thenoe-west
one mllo,thonce north one,mile, thenoe east
one milo, thonoesouth onomilo to.noint of
c'ommoncomont - >.'  .    .
• G_ORGE MACDONALD       '   '
July 12th, 1908     perJ.'B, Forgusoh, agent.
Notioo is hereby given that I will apply to
the Oh nf Oommissibncif ef Lands and
Works for licenoo to  •■ '-   -   ■
Potroloum on the fa
ning at a post markod
eust oorner" (plantad on tlio -vest slioreof the
Klk rivor one mile nbrtli' froih Coal and Pe-
trolanm olaim 1874) thonoe south ono milo.
thenoo west ono milo,.thonoo north one mile.
thenoo east ono mllo to point of oomm-noe-
July 13th ,1005, J, B. _ MRC1USON,
Potatoes with Whiskers
Thi *»r'i<,«'- dv.V»t?a*t t cfarc'rinut,
liild It In thr wlni-l*V«,.> In *,\\r\\ ti vvny
Ihnt a Wrick htuite an jts side did not
Thin coconnut reminds me, he snid,
of bltf yellow hnlrcd jjirl named Gretel.
orei.l watt treiih trom ihe old country.
She walked In old Miss Greene's kit*
chen, and she enmo here to do-her
One day I hnd a window display of
cocoanult, and'Grelel stood outside and
itudieJ litem a bng time, for she had
never seen a cocoanut before,   Finally
•he entered the phop,
Please, she said, how much Is them
mountain p-Matoes, with whiskers on
them, In the window,
Notice is horoby glvon Mint I intend to an-
ply to. HiJ Chief Commis-tonor of Lands
and Works forlioonoo to prospoot for Coal
Preservitig Time
.-*   1" '"-•'V*1' "' '' i^-'s      '■       a        '-      s*'   "     '"'■--.
.Now. is;the time' to buy'your " V, K
Sugar and Fruit Jars
■ hii'Vi
• Prices are right,; in fact the only placed to; buy ; is „
fromr as us we only deat irt'eaf Fbt's—therefore chieaDer.
'      _t-' . > ' .-•    .p- '.*   v.      v.      .,a--._ K   jj.
Pint, Quart aWd Half-Ga&n *-';■
Fruit Jars ax\4 Rubkrs
■■   •  - ';" ■'-   -' ""     ° ' '        •■-■--'.   -,.  .
, Ah abundance forjevery'p'ersbtf ,.',■    ■•;"..- '* -,'",(' r
.' v Co'me.,with the crowds'" " *": ■" •#- 'Y '!\\ ;-"> !.' -   . - '
'/■.-. Btferness is-booming"'--''. -' .'V.-   Yi -"I:'--a'-" ' ' ;' •■ • " '
F_T>n1s-, Mgchel^ MorHsseyr Coal Cri*ei_k. >
ttj - ''af >' -'» * ~*+iUfJpir*!*i'
V V* - V4._Wf ■•.,___! -U>
and Petroleum on tho fnllowliig lands, Bo-
niiinintr at a post marked "J, IJ, Ferguson's
nort toast cornor, thonoo west one mileV thonco
?a?r-i,M0n?m'1,0'.?h*"}-10 *.-* t--° w««t •lioro of
the Klk rivor following tho said rivor Houth to
tho point of oommoncoment.
July 18 th, IOCS,    porj.il. Forguson, agent.    •
NSit.,,0.0J"*V°„reAvi ",lv^n th.alliI •nt""*- 4-> <-P
stlply to tlio Chief Oommissioner of Lands
and Works for lcono* to proBpoct for Coal and
Petroleum, on the followlnn ilo-crlheit lands,
BoBlniitm* at a post markeiP'R. E. MoK»ohnln?s
northeastcornor" thenoo oast one mile to tlio
Elk rlyor, thenoo north ono mllo followinff tlio
lino of tho Elk river, thonoo west one mllo.
thonoo loutli ono mile to point of oommtnoo'
niont,   .
July 12th, lBOlf.
pet J, B, Ferouson, ngon t.
Plain and ruled in a
rli '
Lottor Heads   Si*»t v_-ri«t> ortiiu.
The Ledge
host in any uolor, nt the of.
11(18 of-
Chas, Richards'  Icfeai Blend
40 and 50 cents per pound
.rtfsn? ABBITED
Long's and Good Willie's
Peanut But ter, .35c per bottle
1   * -
Lettuce, Green.Qnions/.RaUishes,
and Turnips',.—Fresh Daily.
T*odd Block
We Want Your Trade
Courteous Treatment
■     ■■   ■        'V.l.     .a, _____
Favorable Prices
■'■■■■■■■■■i  !■  ***"«M_W-l_______-_-_^^
nntl HuffianS«kn'-
v _nw_h-_  -___•* 4t^0 w -t^ U<Mk  DWk
Sheppard &
•Phone i. Oppoiite the Voul Ofiicc.
,e^l^^ ^3 ^9 ^S ^S ^5 ^9   ^9
, '      a * * I*
Right In -h« wni^o/ihevlly..


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