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The Ledge 1904-12-07

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••> l ;-a>     i .j-.,,.
n ^, ... You will become like
J      "EC 12 2QQ4        ~'l        So-omon if you read
l_. ^ y   '    The Ledge regularly.
Volume XII., Number 9
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
^JP^a^allWWWW^K^i-? ^l^l^^l^f'i^fl'*' W^Jv^'^lv^W'^Is^KTJv"
<a|> A*>
F. B. Hawthorne of Nolson was in the
■ city yesterday.
A choice line of old newspapers for
sale at this office.
B. F. Shaulev has revived from his
iUneas of ten days duration.
Shippers make a roar occasionally at
the way freight is handled iu Cran-
There will be considerable railroad
building between Fernie and Loth-
bridge next year.
Handley's now bus is by far tho gay
eat and most conspicuous vehicle upon
the streets of the coal metropolis.
Conductor Hibbert of the C. N. S.
Ry. has rented a house from Mr. Davys
and will make his home in Fernie.J
.... It ie just as wollto order your holiday cakes from ST Sllnn. It saves time
and money at the merry season of the
Robert Kerr has the lumber on hit-
lot opposite the Baptist church, witli
which ho will .construct a handsome
residence. „
E. E. LacRBse, .formerly of Ottawa,
arrived int the city last week to accept
a position with Mr. Sllnn as a maker ol
fancy cakes and choice confectionery.
Mr. Caravetta has |stone on the
ground arid-will [commence next spriiif-
the erection of a large building In which
ho will have & store and probably an
Mrs. Frank Hoelzel haa opened a
laundry on J affray street, and solicit--
a share of the local 1 business. She
employs only white labor and makes
a specialty of lace curtain work.
The building ot .the'O. N. S. railway
depot and freight sheds in Fernie will
bo com pie ted by February. The roundhouse will be built in Fernie in about
aix weeks. The temporary roundhouse
is now at Swinton.
A.M.Lupfer, chnf engineer of the
Crow's Nest Southern, came in from
home In Fomlo after the Now, Yoar.
Ilia wife and family aro at present
visiting friends in Texas.
Connell&Gray have opened a carpenter and joiner shop on Wood street,
nest door to the Calgary Cattle con.
pany'a market, where thoy are prepared to do all kinds ;of work in their
line, Both are experienced workmen
and no slop work ia done.
T. D, McNamara has gone to Coleman, where he will act as bookkeeper
for the^Hotel ^Coleman, He ia ono of
the best hotel men along the Crow, ami
•tone time managed an'hotel iu the
Southern Slates that contained more
rooms than tho combined hotels of
1 Wm. Scotland Charles Stevens are
going out to spond tho holidays near
tiuelph, Ontario. It only takea two
tie-kola to get them east but they will
have to buy four on the return trip.
In addition to hit other important bind,
neat Id the oast, Mr, .Scott will purchase a number of vehicles for the Fernie Cartage" Co., probably anion-* them
two hacks and an auto mobile bus.
Sam Gibson will leave In a fow day*
for Montreal to obtain treatment for Ida
eye», For eighteen months he has been
unable to read small print or write letter*. For Ida ago Mr. Oibson U ono or
tho .moat powerful men iu Fernie, and
I* at aloes to understand his present
trouble. Throe years ago ho had a
severe attack of smallpox, and posaihly
tha after effects of that disagreeable
malady lias nettled In his opllo nerves
Around JaSt&y the deer huutald U
iminded wp and put In corral*. On
Thursday Messrs. Met*,, Pollock, Whelan and other long-dlttance hunter*
will leave Fernie for Jaffray, armed
with a dynamite gun. This gun will
get anything It shoots at. ll kills deer
by the concussion Iu tho air, and en.
ablea hunters to obtain game without
having- II Mutilated In the al.ghtwt de.
grne, and makes death practically painless .to all deoiaena of the forwat that
run luto.tho circle ol Its great force.
N. K, 8eddj.by*haa moved Into th*
Hotel Feral* block. Ills new store \*
ftlta-1 up in a manner tnat makes 11 the
r»ai«t baa<boue drug* sstablinhinenl between the plaint and the salt sea, Th*
store rxmtaina three ***il»nt a*!**,
tuan"show cases, drawers aud shelving
of tho moll modern type with mirror*
Fernie Aerie of Kag.es will elect officers this evening.
Win. Mills and family havo moved
from Moyie to Fernio.
Tho now Tuttle residence on How-
land avenue is nearitig completion.
Swinton is tho name given to Mor-
risa'ey by the Crow's Nest Southern
The reward for delivering Con Whelan at the .Napanee has been increased
to six drinks.
James Reid and Miss Emily Green-
uvay wero married lat Coal Creek Tuesday evening.
Send a copy of Float to your friends
in the cent belt. Buy them at this
ofheo or from local dealers.
Tito finances of the province are much
firmer. The poll-tax collector was in
evidence this week around Fernie.
Bleasdell has one of the s wellest Christmas stocks in town. Tho same old
place for Xmas gifts is at Bleasdoll's.
Sheppard & Elliott are supplying the
Waldorf with silver-plated ware. They
have $300 worth of it iu thoir window
this week.
Yesterday1 Mrs. 0. V. Mott and
her daughter Letta returned from a
three months' visit to St. Louis and
other points.iu.Kansas and Missouri.
D. J. Robertson & Co. are in Nelson
to stay aud sell furniture. You could
not drive them out""of that city with a
battery of buzz-saws and a misfit hand
There will be an initiation this evoning iu the Mount Fernie Lod-je of Odd
Fellows. The installation of officers
will take pkea^the first Thursday in
Mott, Son & Co have been "appointed
agents for the Kootenay Valley Lands
Co. and havo choice fruit and ranch
prospects for sale between Pernio and
Kootenay lake.     .
AYJl?J .J!urdv_& Co, Jk,8t_pj3Jt JM*_fi,dJn,
the world and proves that the great
company has some generosity in ita
corporation soul. The writer saw a
pugilistic exhibition in the miners* end
of the passenger icoach, just before the
tram pulled out on the down trip on
Monday afternoon. About fifty referees
were present and the miniature Nelson
and Corbott enjoyed themselves to the
limit.   More anon.
The council met on Monday evening,
Aldermen Tritos and MncLean being
absent. Minutes of previous meeting
A grant of WOO from the city funds
(subject to tho opinion of the city solicitor as to its validity) was voted to assist in defraying the cost of a survey to
locate tho best route for a road from
Fernie to the junction of the Frneer and
Flathead rivers.
It was voted to offer J. G. Cummings
tlie appointment of .city engineer at a
salary of $7.50 a day, while employed
on city work.
The application of Leo Yang, re
building outhouse, was not granted.
Tho application of W. Kschwig to tin
the frame building in rear of Waldorf
hotel, ,was refused, and tho council
authorized to enforce tho resolution
passed at last meeting.
A. IT. Milne was appointed pound-
A. letter from E. V. de Rostern, re
city engineer, was received and filed.
The clerk was instructed to renew
the insurance on the tire hall.
A petition from several merchants
asking for an early-cloBing bylaw, was
laid over until next meeting. The merchants'want stores closed £at 6:30 p. m.
and 10 p. tn. on Saturday.
The report of the finance commitee
was passed. L. P. Eckstein's account
was handed to the finance committee
for payment.
The works committee was instructed
to have P. iCarasaella box and fill in
ditch in the lane opposite W. R. Mc-
Dougall's property.
ByJaw No, 6, relating to Sunday closing, was passed aud finally adopted.
The clerk was instructed to buy
chemicals for the lire engine aud charge
two fnrther up the gulch, this handsome
town will be drenched in the golden
rain that falls so copiously around a
camp with a big payroll
Fernie's leading excitement they had
(1,000 souvenir cards in stock. Now
thoy have had to order more, which
speaks well for tho cards, Purdy or this
widely-read journal;
A'difficulty has arisen between the
city clerk, acting for the corporation of
the City of .Fernio,-and Jamea Wallace,
until recently poundkoeper. In his
official capacity, Mr. Wallace had to
advance certain sums of monoy as follows; ground rent, 50 cents; assistance
in impounding cattle, Wc; rope for
tying eatihi I0e. In addltilon to theso
items, Mr. Wallace claims tho city owes
him 50 cents for Impounding n cow,
and 12 for giving evidence against an
Italian for breaking the dog bylaw.
In his reply the city clerk disclaims any
responsibility on tho part of tho city,
nnd contends that tho expenditures
"came within the duties of pound-'
keeper." Mr. Wallace will probably
take legal steps to secure a settlement
In full of his account.
Ni Klaiisuiaii has a very compact
hrewery in Fernie. Ho came from tho
Ronndry last year, 'and since than h«
has built tip a steadily Increasing hind*
nets. Ho is installing a new malt mill
and another engine and boiler. Tho
malt mill will run six times tho capacity
of tho printout hrewery, and Is one of
the most improved in the market, There
are neveii large ferinti'llng tuba in the
building, and nine largo flnUhing caska
in tho cold atorngu room, Iu addition to
an InitiietiHi) storage vat. The brew
houra, moaaurliig tank* and beer boiler
are all up to date lor the making ol excel lent, heiar. Thu grntjiidi In eonm.-**.
tion with the hrewery ar* 120 by 1W0
feet. In addition to Ida brewery Mr.
KUu-iiian haa a handaoma residence
atone end of the block ho owns on
llowhtnd avenue.
f Ciijr'T * ,,
The following accounts were ordered
D. M. McLennan, build'g pounds 17 50
J. S. T. Alexander,;intorest on fire
hall    70 00
S. Sllnn, bread for jail      7 50
Crow's Nest Trading Co.groceries   10 65
J. McMaster, meat     8 15
Calgary Cattle Co., meat      4 20
A. W. Bleasdoll, drugs .         50
Dr. Iligglngs, attendance.......    4 00
Coal Co., fuel     8 50
J.D.Quail, files         40
C. D. Warring, wagoa • 100 00
Chas Burrows, wages    76 00
C. II. Levers, wages    75 00
Public school, salarlos  890 00
Public school, repairs and aup'ls   78 49
P. Caraselta, ditching  187 40
It, T, Lowery, publishing bylaw    7 80
Trltes-Wood Co., supplies     1 50
King's printer        75
J. 8. T. Alexander, salary...... IM0 00
J. A. Ronnie, salary  100 00
The council adjourned until Dec 15.
A moeting of the Fernie Board of
Trade was held in the firC" hall Wednesday evening of last week, A number of communications were rend by
Secretary Alexander. Three of "these
dealt with the proposed trail to Flathead, all favoring the Fernie route.
After considerable discussion a coin
mittee, consisting of Messrs. Eckstein,
Mott, Bleasdell, Cree, K. W. Wood, W.
Tuttle, and S. F. Wallace was appointed to (present the matter in as
strong a light as possible before the
city council that a grant might be secured to pay expeusea of surveys, etc
A letter from L, Pi Eckstein, asking
the board to deal with his bill referred
to that body by the city council, was
taken up. The city solicitor was requested to go over the bill with Mr.
Eckstein, and the city council was
recommended to pay the amount agreed
upon by this committee.
Tho resolution in reference to the
prevention of bush fires, forwarded by
the Nelson board ofi trade, was endorsed by the board, ou motion of J. A.
MacLean and D. V. Mott. This resolution asks the I government to appoint
more lire wardens during the dangerous months, to pay them suitably and
to empower them to call upou all citizens to assist in fighting fires. t
Mr. Mott spoke in favor of au excursion from Spokane to Fernie to mark
the formal opening of the Great North- j
era railway into this city. He moved
that the .Spokane board be communicated iwith to seek its cooperation in!
the matter. He had no doubt the Great
Northern would assist in every way
possible. Dr. C. P. Hisrgina in seconding the motion, favored the holding ol
a winter carnival in connection. i
A. D. Kildahl, manager ot the Elk !
Lumber and Manufacturing company,
asked the aid of the board in presenting the lumbermen's cause at Ottawa.
The Mountain Lumber association was
sending delegates to ask the government for a duty on American rough
Jumber,~Boards of trade in-othsr-towiis
were sending delegates, and he asked
that one be sent from Fernie. Several
members spoke sympathetically of the
cause, but some doubted where the
funds were to come from, there being
only 159 in the treasury. The matter
was laid over until next meeting,
within five miles of their workings.
At CoaF Creek recont-ly a small
section of No. 1 was closed, and the
12 miner.-- and drivers employed in
it distributed in the other workings.
The Fernie Liberals.
At a meeting recently held the
Liberals ot Fernie elected the following ollicers:    *
Honorary president, W. A Galli-
hcr, M. P.; president, W. Coultlmrd;
lirst vice-president, Dr. C. P. Wiggins; second .vice-president, W. W.
Tuttle; secretary, R J. Watson;
treasurer, R 6. Lavvc. Executive
committee; Jf. 11. Trites, E. Rummer, W. Campbell, R, Kerr, James
MacLean, John A. MacLean,. John
Hunter, "Joseph Aiello, Jan Podbie-
lanc'k,  R Stork, W. W. Leach and
John Balke. __„
The Fernio Schools
The following is the November re-
report for the school,'- of Fernie.
There were 2 W pupils on the roll
Honor roll for attendance, punctuality
and department:
Division I
Xr IV-lUtey Milton, Elfrida John
Elliott Kirkpittrick. Jr. IV— Raymond Giddings, Arthur Geddcs, Eii|i-
hemia MeClinient.
Division II
Perfect, attendance—Ada Kent, Fred
Hutchison, Roy Hutchison,, lloy Kirk-
pat rick, Charlotte I'ennie, Ada Hobson
Thos. Southern, Laura Telfer, Edna
ruftle, Aaron Waldo.
Commended for good conduct and
diligence—Sr. Ill—Mabel Graham,
Amelia Scholield,, Amy Tutty. Jr. Ill
Elista Holmes,-, Edna Tuttle Charlotte
Rennie, Laura White. Sr. II— Rheta
Todd, Laura Telfer, Thos, Southern
Division ill
First Header— Lawrence  Wildman,
Martin   Broboyski,    Garnet    Dudley,
Second Header—Menlo Giddings,   Florence Davis, Leonard Dudley.
Division IV
II Pr. Edith Tutty,  and   Fairy   Me-
Dougall, (!qual; Walter  ISennie,, Alice
Quail.   I■Pr.—John Poole, Jas. Graves
Tony Carosella.
 1___ Dmisioxji_____       ■   _,
Class A— Jas. Patterson, 'Hannah
Jewett, Max Kiansman. Class B—liar-
old McFarquhar, Cara Graves, Harold
Wildman. Class C—Lylia McKane,
Mike Kost, Sylvester Van Diisen.
y* «»">
The writer found the little city of
black aliamonda dull of llfo and prosperity, wilh wedding belli ringing and
more tu follow. The street* are filled
with bright and lunching thlUren, al-
waya a good atgu In any camp. Tho
Urge »tor« of tho Trltex-Wood Co. la
one of the bu»le«t place* In tho Kocky
moriut/altJN The firm acll* almoit
everything from Ixxwrax loan auto,
malic Ukkuii* mule,
The nchool hat an attendance of 05
ftupU*, kiwi (Mt vhuitla provide* aha
Morrisioy has boon a busy place during the past summer, owing to the construction of thu C, N. 8. Jt contains
three hotels, two stores and some choice
spirits. A gramaphone works overtime In one of tho hotels, where the
apple pie does not contain a trace of
lead. The entrance to the town Is romantic. It Ih made over a footbridge
strung on cables, and tho oscillation
when you tread it will give you a ion-
tatlon like "cooning'' a log in a rising
stream, whon your upper atope Is
Hooded with tho esnence of aDonny*
brook fair,
A little over two miles on a ritung
grade from Morrlnsey is the city of de-
forred expectations, well known aa
Morrlaiey Mine*. It looked to the
writer as though the boomer hnd toyed
with Its younger days. There are fine
hotela and an occasional store, The
towntlati la an Ideal one, and aome day
ita quiet street* may teem with the
feverish life of a great coal camp. Tbo
town haa on* of the flintl hot<-l« to be
found anywhere In tho mountains, un-
occupied except by a watch man and his
wlfo. To And audi a building and Ita
furnlihliigi la thU town of exploded
dreame it Ilka finding a nugget of gold
In a seam of coal or a golden liu on thu
deaert of Sahara. We found all tho
li'Hal men iu the camp clicetfui and
eober.    Davo Clark, eaaily the moat
W. O, Robins returned from Pincher
on Monday and states that the people
of thnt placo aro deeply interested in
the oil wells south of tho town, The
Itocky Mountain Development Co. is
operating nt the base of Chief mountain,
six miles fiom the boundary line, forty
miles from Pincher, and about one
hundred miles from Fernie. Mr. Jiohins
says that tho company has one well
1,120 feet deep, tlut pumps 75 barrels
every ten hours, The petroleum Is
dark igreen in color, cnriying 50 per
cent Illuminating oil, 15 per cent ben-
line, 20 per cent lubricating oil, and
Iho balnnco tnr, paraillno and other products. The well now being drilled will
he sunk at least 1,400 feet, unless oil
flowt in vory largo quantities above
that level. This depth in some oil
Melds would be considered very shallow,
as tho writer haa seen many wells
drilled 8,000 feet In mountainous districts before the greasy wns found iu
paying quantities. The tanks are full
at the It, M. 1). CoVilpuuips and it ia the
Irtention (o build a pipe line to Pincher
and erect a refinery. There ia a fall of
1,700 feet between the oil well nnd
I'tncher, so that piping the product in
tho cheapest method of transportation.
At the drilling rig the furnace under the holler Im (imI with oil tprayod in
much the tame aa tar U injected uuda-r
the atilli of refineries. The country
between Pincher and the oil will l>
fairly level and adapted for rnuchlng
Coal in November.
In the month of November the three
eolleries of rile Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Co. produced 71,'BS tons of coal, and
the. coke ovens made VyJIil Ioiih of
coke. Owing to a shortage of C, P. \'-
ears iho coke ovens were not in full
blast. Nearly two-thirds of the coal
was day; out at Coal Greek while the
making of coke, was divided between
Michel and Fernie, At Carbonado all
the ovens were, cold last month.
Hojie, Dr.ci, 7—The Pope l« ill with
Mi!i>ki:n, Di'i.'.O— Xocliungein general
conditions. The prospects for a bi^
battle havo disitnpeitred.
Xi:\v Yoitk*, Di:i'. (I—Mrs. Chndwick is
suffering from nervous prostration mid
strenuou* efforts are being made tu set-
liu her affairs.
Kootenny Central Survey
The Kootenay Central survey party
iu charge of T. S, Aruistrnug, were
cam|H*d at Wasa this week. The survey has been completed from W'inde.
meia) to Wnsa.
The. piwty ur snow eugap-d In mulling a line on the west bank of the
Kootenay liiver to a piint near I'm!
Steele Junction,   As soon an  this  line
is located, a tine, will be run Irmit Wusa !'»>•'■•■* ■■''s <"'" ,,,,'> <•-  *l,"'v «l
•t.) Fort Sli'ele. mi the ..'int:   I. ■ -111.  . !   -I- '''-iii'i'iin mi"<'- Hie l».'iy artHnrl
Kootenay, tiieiiec.south to  a point   on
the I'row lino near .lallrnv.    It  is ie.
(Fmiii tliu Hcralil.)
lt looks jib if the rink proposition
would be. a fa ilii ro in Cranbrool;. It is
pretty hard to arouse enthusiasm over
a skating rink in a town where there
is as much sunshine us can be found in
Mr. .Mi.Gri'j>'oi', who was accidentally
shot a few weeks ago and brought to
the St. Eugene'hospital, and aftcnvimi
left it, was compelled to return then-
last Monday, as his condition had taken
a turn for the worse'7
J nines l'urkc.tt, an old-timer in Cranbrook, but who has been at Crow'H
Nest for She, past year, was in town this
week. He may return to.Cranbrook to
live, a move that would meet with the
approval of his many friends iu this
Jack McGrath,'.foreman nt camp fi,
iff ray, wns hi night to town Tuesday
of last week very sick. 'Mauricetjuain,
who has been sliackiii-, with him, came
to the" hospital last week and has
been sick since that time. The. complaint is in the nature of pneumonia,
but in Quiiin's case it was not as serious
is it is with McGrath.
A few of the men in this community
who toil not, neither do they spin, have
been given a nice blue paper by Con-i
stables Morris aud Hoskins.* There has'
been iibout as nasty a bunch of red-,
light deadboats hanging around the
town for the past two months as could
bo .'found anywhere in the west, and
the ollieials are doing a good act when
they send them out to battle with booze
and tlie cold world in some other camp.
Minard Ferguson, a miner employed
at tha St. Eugene mine at Moyie, died
last Sunday at the hospital in this city
of blood poisoning. lie was dumping
ore. ears a few days ago at the mine
ami a car of which'only a part of the
oro had dropped out ran back on him
aim xn uftttTTiS"foT5t7inwsTii];~~l tTTmjfty'
badly and lacerating the flesh in one
place, lie laid off for a few days and
then went, back to work, thinking he
was all .right, Blood-poisoning set in,
however, and he, was brought to the
hospital, but it was too lute, mid he
soon passed away. Mr. Tom by, secretary of the Miners' union, came up
Monday ami remained until today en-
deavori ng to secure word from'the
relatives of the deceased, nmlyesterd'iy
he received instructions to forward the
remains to Nova Sectia.
penditure consists of wages to minen*.
railway employes, and men working in
smelters. Some of it went to support
Belgians or Dutchmen in Belgium or
Holland, but most of it to support
British Columbians in British Columbia. The margin of profit mado by tho
mine would, apart form the. Dominion
bounty, have been too small to attempt
the company to resume operations.
Therefore the lead bounty has been of
distinct and positive advantage to the
Interests of the country. Tho advantage of a bounty is more direct and obvious, but not so permanent and far
reaching as the advautage of a duty.
As people's minds aro influenced greatly by what is direct and; obvious a
bounty may bo good politics, hut a protective duty would have been hotter
8tatesinanship,--Nelson Tribune.
Considerable activity is being displayed around Golden at the present
time by ollieials having some connections with the Kootenay Central Hallway. Levels are being taken and
sights staked out with a view to preparing plans to be forwarded to headquarters for consideration by the company as speedily as possible, so that the
grading contracts may ho let immediately. Of course all this will tako som o
time, hut it is given out that actual
work on the construction will begin
shortly after New Year's, and the, Columbia Valley will present tho tiustcst
sight in British;.Columbia in many
wnys.—Golaen Star.
The following hotel and liquor
men are applying for licenses in Fernie, Cranbrook and other places along
or near the Crow:
Kitwi Un- l.i-iiili-r
C. I, Armstrong is again in charge nf
the Manhattan Motel.
lt is reported that Hov.C. MeDiar-
mid, the Presnytei'ian minister, has
gone east to get married.
John Daly came over ifrom the slocan this week and has taken up his
position in the St. Eugene otlico.
The output of the St, Fucenu mine
for ihe mouth of November was 2I,i*h)
Ions, of which about 1 .">,ihkI Ions was of
etiiicoiiiriiteti, and thti Imluncu of ii,0oo
tons wiis;oi cleun|nie.
I Sam Grant.^formerly mannger of the
I Moyie I,umber Company, but for wuim
] lime a r.tili'i.id emitraelor in the Indian
Territory, met with a severe lo.-s a
I short tiniai ago by hav ing nearly his en-
! lire (jlltllt ilewti'OV'cd^liy fire.
j    So  tar   tins   is   one   of Iho   mildest
winters evur e.vpoiiet.ivil iu tlm history
j nl the KooteiiuvH.   Tltin time last year
the' St.
Hie l:il.-e
were frn/>'ii over und mercury hud been
down as h>w n-ii-dx i|egrr'- below  zero.
ported that if sulticieiit w»«-it bu'tinl ]
freights is secured the line on Uua wot j
»iko wilt he built. The uiaiu lioeuf Hie '
Lootenny.Centra! will be   located   ami
The people are praying for the advent |i'iiii»tniet
of the Great Northern. from a point about loiiriullo  n-<r th of
A aamplejof the oil, piobably n gal-1 Wn-,i to a point on the Crow line  nt>,ii
Ion, will be on exhibition in Tut*. Li.u;i: I Jaffray.
oiilcav in a ilion time. j    The Mirvvy   party   will   move th nr
I'lalUO to the Vii iuilv of lull Stride Millie
linn- during   the  iMiiuog   rtir!.,    I nil
Steele I'roipaHior.
•t tegular  Interrala.    Mr. 8uild*byj|,*{|frtr thMm w»,rtf,rnr,M wntuvMaiM.
.-«.»,.*,r«y*.» •***.*,...«. .**..«, *' »"-*«ca*ronjl, (0 |f#ay<ai|,  other t\mtchtmt^'ctan*'l<iua ,as"i,oril lt> ui* th«»amoan
, «mi utter o« iw tiuut ut tha town.
I-oetry of .MotInn.
The Fernie Dancing Club waa organ-
Wed Monday evening at a meeting held
in tho oflicea of Herchmer U Herchmer.
The dub will hnve an awwuibly cvety
fortnight during tha dancing watoii. S. j next few y.-arni IWainU CoUiiubi.i will
Herchmer la president; J. L. tialen.ihuau lut|>i>iUiil l'.i'U>i in the pi'i-lue-
vice-president; A.N. Wlhnot.m-cretery
Ireiwurer; ami Masars. Cree, Uwe, Ikd-
ton, Whelan, and Kaatner, a committa**-
of management.
Trf1.1t>n Iti the iirrtii\j»rmi*ti1 ut Vl-tu".'-
-vtnporlnni of drug*. Wv.t. (stationery,
and lauc) good*. ItU> new utock tm
Cbrtataua dota not dieeord with hlamtr-
?!(*»  *   rVnnn   T»   t>   titA.^aA  it..
f rai mroum dot* hi* indueiion.in Knox
cheircai om Saoatay mwiilaf to quite a
1arg» and appreeiative confiegaiioo.
Ill* able n>r»oa wa» upon Ihe building
of C1iiiaMa» komm, and ita tnflaaive*"
upon tka ytnmf. R«*r. I/uan la •
cleier aveukatu nud U dwv.vUi.^; U *
biwrtjr mf§mt ky all it* l'rt*»brterian»
..,., t,,
wluia,   i..V.» it,   ^ilttuj   ULkii1.   uoVei   111 VilaS |
ri.»r-..„ «.»„ ^i«-..„. ».«_„. .  aiilya whei-o he quicllr ni««lttatot upon
«l« all> bliwaidlo l»«--*»l««*;   Ito ^w tft0 thin to take any more
UMnhujr tMHitaf* *r» «*la**« and fnmlab . , „ J .    .
evreellei.t mwiJ*. tmUemim whotoll lm-1 w!__Zm.''u'    .V"" ^'"^  r;,***
math itu. *«rf.c ol tbe «,,tb.   Many J Tl?     ""'? T " "T °W '"*
«(ll*e minora Hub together, hire. W.k|ftfW<*,Mnm''n ",0W,y I*"1***"?'
ami run ih*lr own Ho-inling home*.
I'rtiHiM'i'U in--outlu'aHt  Kootenay
on th** iniKl sitleof Ibe rivet < *''''.v '"'v-1'1 '-■"* >' |,,"k*i v,r>"   ",,'-b  >"•
11 a-'M.-t i nil 11 'il w.iil. on   tin<   K'ltili'linv
Ca'tiiral railway would -lOt.n comiiii'iire.
1'iiii Steele i* ihi' pinni'i'r cal'ifi of the
' I'tn'l Siai-le Miiiiiu* ))in!rii'i,   and   until
jtbaa iiiiiiibiiit ni im- i iii«»   Si-^t   tiraticli
' ' .ai"; -a.... , 'mi'    i.ppiv    p'.uil    LO    iii!   Iliial
j •.eil'.iu iii.w iiii'litdiail lllidef ti,t< ln-,».l ot'
- .un ,->-•  K   ■.•(■• .-m       V* !■■.-   I -.•'    -,..
i|"-.,!ui   i-i'.! (J ii er Mi!iiiii:f   \\ ,%*   lartinl
nu .il  \Ui'i lliiiv i ira-i, ainl   li out   liial
• Im   1'ii'ui liu- llii're  is «    iai^e   part    of
Un'I'll  it in lit it.   111 J-i.ll l I   lllh»lll„'    i.'tl
lied till III this Vicinity.    The lll»t   hub-
it.Un- in* ati.l ut ll,;.   .UoViiit   »>^l^   tbe
Ivmili'iiiav Kill" ittel    vvft.   ri'i-iirited    In
|-.is      Jin- Nmili   Mar   vv,-i«   the   lirit
ii,, lie nt  tin   in-ti u t »«* »III pi ne, aiel tbe
"nPinnp^CaTasello, Roma; John L.
Gates, King Edward; Wm. Eschwig,
Northern; Thos. II. Whelan, Napanee; John F; Jarvis," King's; Mrs.
Sarah Jennings, Central; Alexander
P. Chinette, Queen's; Stephen F.
Wallace, Fernie; Antonia CaravctUi,
Calnbiii; William Mills, Waldorf.
For   wholesale, licenses,   Pollock '
Wine Co., and Ixrois Carasello,
A. Ii. McDermut and A. C. newness, wholesale. L U. VanDecitr,
Hoyal; Dun McDonald, Manitoba; J,
It. Downca, Cosmo|xilitiin; ifoggartli
& Hollins, Cranbrook;
Joseph Ilrault, Canadian; M. J,
McPcak, Fust Kootenay; W. Small,
Imperial; Bhclton A Clapp, transfer
to Win. KolliiiB, Wentworth.
\\r. M. Stewart, Grand Union;.!.
Hurrell, Morrissey, W. J. Moore,
A. Gotxl, Summit, Crow's Nest.
H. Ilereluner, Michel hotel, Michel.
F. Lnlielle, Canadian, Hosmer.
A. Mutz, Union, Fernie.
W. II. Willson, Miner's Mort'Imcy
K, C, Willson, Alexander, MorrU-
scy Mines.
J), Chirk, Clark hotel, Morrinmy
ChiiH. Furrell, Wcatero, Morrltaey
N.   Hanann,   Windsor,   Morrhwy
John Mott, Hotl'man, Klko.
!). MeNeihh, Klk, Klko.
T. WlicUn. Jaflaay, Jafl'ray.
Jessie IM-de, iCosnioj»Htan, Ibyncs
lied lioo, S. LjuI.s, Kooivillti.
lohn 11'vine. Hoyul. Gateway,
J. II. Scott, trantfer to Central.
James l.ruwit, International, Ward-
A I litHiv tor Zhie.
aim is? .'i-rlaiii thnt  within
tl«.u ol /ineoii's, iMiyiatlie Mining lie
■ imrtt-r ol  Denver, <«i!t»,   Inveiati^ia
There U a fine tla«< of |*t«pbt In Coal
Cita-rl,. alihi-mxh many of themB-mtk
of Fi-riilt» In n Mtirt timehinf with <wi*
About th« Coal Co.
Gt&eral Miin^cr Liiiduf ol ;la: C.
N. P. Coal company will arrive in
F<rn.# alxwit th« KWh,    Hhwllv afttr
hit arrival tha SI. F. iv M. ity. will
,,i   at.,. W|, ,..,,
fin-   ].i--!.Mc
' A'rcndv  It «eeiu-   ].i.-;.l.]c !.,r   :':J.i
'on-ito U' inini'd »•» ,stii.-h, witloiu ri
J lying f-" thi* pn-pUm- nietul r<>n\t ut-
-t  1  -.,'a'lie tat- lw-a-|i ila- V ejopa-ii llil'i   t tlf
Uke o?er Irom lh« C. !'. It., en
leave, the abort line now in operation j
between Coal Oeek arxl Fernio.        i
There la abaolutdy no truth in the
ramori elrcnlau-d by the Oranhru.k
exidutiivclv In; worki'd tor s*<s
zinc valuta,
Tin* MnruioiiM in Xtn.nlii.
plefa'<«M VuU J»f* ptU(li.t-l(v:   ul)
ot Fiu-uk Aud wklwUy.  Cbw» U-m.Vttti'
ft*«t■»i•tM•twtte••IItli•I*Jh^^re■i»|*«**•<',• "»*»«* **«• »* »*« -*••»« "»•
iMtheir itagNr. |fia»tif*riy by tnJ*!'*-** I**-1-*'-'.* **T ***** wlfMav ol tl*
tMlwt-Mitai AffAot wiTtvnand Mi«*w.| «•*•**'»'»••'• •<*■•' •>-* -•*•*- Hwr.
Sti*a«|-mt ata^fftitta* iaiVrityovcr^tin J   "Thti*Vml  tom^nf   pmthlM fr«e
kmring ft*r, fhnnitnif thi* fi,*irmonfoiti|.i ifi*Mti<'o of rTee ni(fei',ffi alt cdtueru,
fmt* atHk hy ta« eu*U*«t taou.       'In* ptobaWy !(■« only lr«« railroad in
of Wetttern men alowly paaaiDir away
ht tho Mat ridea over the iron trail and
bull* in where lone* all waa broad-
[giujte, and   tbo   word partner waa
rnv.T.mc*l with a diamond hitch that
can only be apprecUtwl by Utoao who j Hefahi and other falao aJaim*. tii»t
-   ,,,,,„, , ,   J »•*• eat tke trallaln thefarwwt, and 11^ |V«! mmrmnr Inta-ml ^iMIitr ■'•
•Mr!* and th* feather Ivala to tome and
f*t* tfc#i fAwm t«f f««1-«T-e.
There la a future for Morrlnaey Mlrtf*
atthooAfi Ida very tryittf for the-i«opte. .    ?
iHl*.i.,-il,fM,rt>1t ,twj mmtfa,ii. wajatatt»Ufc a %^tua3,_mUbitttJiijU9H^lhty„„ pmtit.%..inJ „,,
[ WLCU UvuVtaaiVlMU »^ IMaaM>r*«ll(iwa>lUitlM ."MWaUall'fcll  gU*l   UiwtilHiHV*  |tl4i(lUUVka, j in,„,   „l    Ih."    V*ll*»i    Irt    \a a -\ 1.1
liattrtfMlac* of Carboaado, a mile orlby Uieeoaifauay to allow l»br»xksanbi | hnibilni? wt» «**tikn»*.a* tas.
Ht.ltl >,lilt,til 111.
i We ietii'n tVnin private whitci'h that     •■ [„. Sulbv-Au .v.'h. „i i,m . -
nieieo In ne i-Hr t.l |he li(--.|    j
ll,i the pi'itVitli'i'. » «'«iliiiili-r.|li|e
Ii.ii bi-i-ii ►liti»j,.-il, aii'l it
miita->! Ili.lt lltt-fat iirivi-i  \-n0.i\,,n
"i^lit,     'lln- ;.i»ii|.*.i-!iiai 1.1    I I.i-    Mm-
|l,,,  I...U.       hl       ..]'       I'.        I     IM.r.l^U       ,|',-
i veston* i* wriou*>ly couniilerini; tak
_ Iinif hold ol a pl*o|»etty which  will al-   '»! ki.
*t Marvrvji'.! will riLibh*  Un»
iniiiiH. tn file (| (ire-'i'tii-ti' t-I ii
th» laud tin-** run in 1'«liriiii*'.-»t '» ■'■-.'•■»
hotel at CoBtCwk.  .Hovt'mlf»ru«.*fif'iH,,*,i,f iN,""t f;"„!',/iiJ  W!';"
ha»e etmatanUy mule overture »«! *«^;" "" l'« • l™"/'" ;•."' * ts!"
,. „ * ,    , . Mlfiitd Ifiilii 00e<'li.l i.i lue a .iii V  1 ■ li,i-
thutrmjmnytor fmmimim tomnniMhttv   Th#(.hnrH( h,Hf(., .„,„,; s „,,
tavern near the tnlnea, ton have »-*!forth«!pui|*i*».M»(k*i-,.tiii! u.itr j>-.»i4.
ti.f ('tflmiiig utiiitr-
ol ttia* i'r.ivifi(«
A. A. Currie, tranaler ol Wardner
!■/»<!, Wardr.tr.   ILUrt tVuhatt
Sidiiey HeddinK, Im|«erial, Fort
Steele Junction.
II. Heineman. trausfcr to Imjieriitl,
Foil Steele.    N. Uanaoii,
II, S, Slather, Wliulior, Fort .Steele.
IL A. Fratcr, Btrathoona, Fort
■s. uuiusuk, I'vetaier, hi-fepCreek.
II. W. Ihew, North Star, Kimber-
.la*. Carroll, Ontario,  Klmlwrley,
ir* " '.-. '     W. S   fnrHVtl-)*- Hntnt Klmla..iM'
I  »i.c«j    .1.  \kiknmhi, tiAMltsr to lUtlmrl
aim.unt | ,l<,»inf.'.f», 4Vntrkl, Marytfille,
Finch ,v June*, Falls View, liaiyt-
W, ||. llradlord, St. MaryX Su-
uliver Jtorire, Vttry Crtek n«*l,
1'efM'  a"a-/»l-V.
. in*
*<ii,.ii •-
tiikst. i:r-.t;\i:.
Tttc in.ui who rtrxtr iro%tevi a bfiJf;»»
li/ilil   !»«:   J^i'la   10   it  v*r»t*im*"t. fjila It»
t rtw» it *hcn he r«.a*,|taf,» ttur riarr.
hi Mtir m.ontff* tin  • •'.. Kn^-i.e   titiua-
t» iiriwlwa*'! »t«i| «-.arl,4»t<-l iftatUf «4
iiiiUii.ii <l..Uvr» aa.iiiii of l<»■! .ire, ami
an-'t .**.*».«**» wer»» fti^'fitfeil t<i  ««'rufia t!at|>,n'-"   A"d it •»!**» laugh* m )».y, d<«J
|ra*»nU.   A Ur|*«-pra*|»wti<m ivfthat ft I thrnMfttr nrfu*f^ In take yt>ii vciioualy.
*" Liu«*l. anj t\te *mnU I.«ui>>h «lih THE LEDGE, FERNIE, B.C ,  DECEMBER 7,  1904
The Ledge.
It. T. I.OWI'IIV, E.lilor anil Kiniuieinr.
Tiik I.kdiik is pulilinliiitl overy Weiincsilnj-
tn I-VrriKi, ll.O. Tlie juioo is y2 il yeiir. Ailvtir.
tisini; nites f-iv»n upon application.
John Houston is out for the mayoralty oi Nelson, His platform appeals
to all who really have the welfare ol
Nelson at heart. That city is suffer
in£ from partial paralysis and requires some strong' spirit to sit in
front and pump air into its sagging:
tires, Houston seems to be the man.
Ilo already has done more for Nelson
than any other biped that ever
breathed the ozone of Baker street.
Ho has some faults, but nothing is
perfect except an embalmed corpse
going eaet. Houston does not love
tho gralter, nor the wobbler nor
the chaps with the short pants
who suck their Scotch with a straw,
and blow the atmosphere full of
"Aw" expressions. John will have
the support of the real people in his
city. Those tied to corporations and
beer wagons will clutch his throat
like a bald-headed eoon reaching for
Hies, but the citizens who desire
their city to become progressive will
mark their billots for the old battle-
axe that has blazed, many a hard
trail, and made himself poor in the
service of the public. Nelson needs
a jolt to get it on the track again,
and John is the man to supply the
against the establishment ol a sanitarium for consumptives at that town.
There is no need tor suoh alarm. In
Los Angeles there are over So,000
people all the time more or less
tainted with the white plague, yet
that city within tlie last fourtcn
years has grown faster than any city
in America. Kamloops people might
stick this argument in their petition
against allowing unfortunates a
chance to breathe ozone around their
windy location.
There is no truth whatever in the
story printed in a Vancouver paper
that  the  Methodists would open
Nowhetc was there, apparently,
any relict for this ferocious waste of
human life. These people were ens'
into the turmoil of the let-alone civilization of America; no one paid any
attention to them, or cared what happened to them—with the result that
many ol them were literally worked
to death.—Ray Stannard Baker, in
"Tho Rise of the Tailors," in December McClure's.
Our facilities are unsurpassed for obtaining the
best possible assortment
in cut glass.
3-vi    Aiianiisomc one-quart water
""■"        Kittle, graceful in .hapc, is
No. 15717 »t only $5-00.
Send for our mail-order
catalogue. Careful consideration is given to seeing, that
goods ate delivered at just the
time required.
It pays to be a man all through
and at all times.   There are rewards
1 j for those strong characters who do
tavern in Winnipeg, a la tho Bishop not measure all things by money,
the main line of prosperity the town
might as well be marked a flag station, and the cows turned in to keep
the grass from hiding the scenery.
An editor always considers that
one subscription in* his hand is worth
live on the books.
Potter gin-mill in New York. The
Methodist church is radical iu many
respects, but it will never attempt to
convert souls by selling gin-fizzes as
a side line. The church and saloon
can never be successful partners, in
spite of the fact that Potter thinks so.
Salvation is always free in churches,
but such a thing is out of the question
with the saloon.
In Fernie, is a pleasant
homo for all who travel.
.Rooms reserved by wire.
fienry Stegc
If you are, looking for Fishing, Bathing
"Hunting, Boating or Glacier Olhiihing, go.to
New Denver and stop'a few (lays, weeks or
months at tho Newmarket Hotol with Henry
Stego. Home cooking, and the finest be.vi'i'i'gos
in the world, including water. .\\'iito or wire
for rates.
newttiarkct Bote.   «■'■•.'■
■new Beaver
tm *w
Autumn* weather hangs on to Feline like an Ontario Grit to a pap barrel. It is loth to depart and toys with
December like a June bug with the
butter. We wish it would go away
so that the beautiful could carpet out-
streets with a mantle of white and
the tinkle of sleigh bells again oscillate the ozone outside Out* editorial
palace. There is nothing like hav-
says  the Minneapolis Bulletin  and
The country appreciates such men.
The recent elections show it.
Folk of Missouri is a good illustration. He stood tor clean government, duty, and a clear conscience.
It matters little what Folk's politics
are. What he stands for and how
consistently he stands for it is what
the people of his state thought of on
election day.
Principle must guide every man
and every businsss. The people
may be a little slow at times in fer
reting out him whose ways are dark;
but the reckoning comes'"sooner or
later and the public is sure .to re wan I
the man who gives the people, a
square deal all the time.
It you have been in business long
It duz me good to go back hum,
Where all my folkses be,
An' git th' rousin' welcome thet
They alius have fer me;
1 like tew see my neighbors, too—
Th' vvuns I uster know,
When I vvuz jes' a little lad,
A long, long lime ago.
The ol'housc looks about th' same,
Anestin' mungsl th' trees;
Th' birds is single' jest as sweet,
Likewise the honeybees; 1
And up and down the front yard walk.
Where once I uster play,
The same stinflow'rs thet bloomed thai*'
Is bloomhi' thai*' lew-day.
t)lc Sbep, who's knovv'd me ever sence
1 vvuz a little boy,
Will alius meet me al th' e-.-ue
An' bark an' jump fer joy;
I notice pap ain't quite so spry
lvs lie vvuz years ago,
An' mother's he.iJ is mo.s' es white
lln last December's snow.
T. Wlielan, Manager
Queens Hotel
Rates $1   a Day
This hotel is a homo for all railroad and lumbermen.
o First Class in
RS. S. JENNINGS, ri:oiMtiETi,Kss.
__        ' ;{■.**»        1
' >*4 /MC
.«. -. -«*,!
IL ubnibiL-liuiaHL
£V*» KM
with Christmas just over the summit,, is seriously out of place, especially in Fernie, where the latter part
of the adage about a {• recti Christmas is not necessary.
Genkuusity begets generosity.
Think ot this when you are writing
ads for the newspaper.
Oxi-: of the best wuyB to help your
town is to subscribe for the local
paper and pay for it in advance.   ,.
It seems about the time that the
Doukliobors should shed their clothes
and start out on 1. pilgrimage fo
Winnipeg.      _
Tin: Herald says thut Cranbrook
is iu the banana belt, It probably
means that hanaiias are brought to
the village in refrigera'.or curs.
With two railroads there is little
reason why Fernie should not become
a wholesale center. All it needs In
to have the rates adjusted to suit the
It is useless to help tltoso who will
not help JietiiKelvt-ra, Conluclus remarked many eeiituries ago, This
dots nut apply to tho chap who Bteiila
your in.it just More a blizzard.
Ji.KMi: Inn one advantage for the
newspaper man. Hi* ii Hehlom
sttipiMil on the street by the chap
who hns a piece of rock to show him.
In |Uiit;:, cam'** edltora arc aoms
tinier driven insane, by a rush of rock
lleiid-. to their ollice,-..
Consumption is mainly a house
disease, caused by breathing bad air
and not enough ol tho outdoor article.
Breathe deeply of pure air and you
need have .10 fear thut your lungs
will ooze uwuv in small clots ol
phlegm. Tho more wo breathe the
more wo live. Burn up tho carbon
in the flesh by deep draughts of ozone
and you will soon know what, it
means to be alive and doing well.
In Canada consumption is rampant;
because ignorant people rely upon
heavy clothing to keep them warm,
Instead ol exercise, shut down the
bo located, you have probably seen
merchants conic and go. Some of
them piobably lacked ability. That
explained their failures. But others
who had ability were using it in the
1 wrong way. Thoy were giving the
litugh to the honest, sincere and
(rank business policy. They could
make money easier than by that
avenue. They seemed to prosper
for a time, but it was soon over.
When the crash camo the truth stood
out. Thoy simply could not fool'all
the people all the time.
Whether you are in business or in
politics it pays to be fair and frank.
Tlio Coiiiiuerelnl Spirit.
We urn called acommercial nation,
said Stephen V. Weston, tho prcsi-
Thar' hain't no spot on this green earth
Whar 1 kin feel es free
lis back hum' whar' 1 alius know
A welcum waits fer me;
I hale ter think about th' time,
Which soon er late must cum,
When thar' won't be nol*ody left
Tew welcome me tew bum.
—Ohio Suite Journal.
Tasty Meals,       '
Easy Reds,
Nerve Bracers
Of Every
Is the home of all Slocan peoplo traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLAOHLAN BEOS., Props.
Will open next month with
46 First=C!ass Rooms
Everything- Up-to-date
Wh ^r^-^^c;:^-';
J.   F.
windows tight, build a big lire in the ,lent .(,f t,1.° Anl1-'H}I- colle«°'. 01**0'
stovo and wonder in tlio morning,
that they aro sick. It is really u j
wonder that sonic people live as long j
as they do. ;
lT.oi'i,i' from the United Htatoi arc
UMmlly called American*. The title
rii*hily Ih-Ihiui, to nit who nre l-orn
in Aiui'i'iCa. Tho nal American Is
the  Indian, whuH) folks were here
b< till
•h'.-.t I.miilit-
and there is nothing opprobrious in
such an appellation, for it is good to
ho commercial, to bo industrious.
At the same time, though, this spirit
should imt be carried too far.
There was an American who car-
—  j ried it too far in Scotland.   Uo went
It was no uncommon thing in these i with u party ol tourists to sec ono of
BWeat-8ho|» for men to sit bent over the grandest Scottish ruins—11 gray
a sewing machine eonilnu-.ii»ly fn«i>i e.tstSc, centuries old, that crowned u
cloven to flitcen hours a day in duly I beetling crag.
weather, o|tcr.'.tlng a sewing machine ; The guldo pointed out the wonders
hy foot power, and olteii -■> driven ui'the ensile, and the wild, romantic
that thoy could not *top Im- lunch- \ view trout tho dill'on which it staxul.
Tito laUUMOiml character uf  thu„vv'-i,d ;    "Tin- estate,"  he said in coiiclu-
meant doinonilizing toll fnv n lew
montlm in tho year, and a ict b'.-i
demoralizing idleness fur the remainder of the time, ('onstunprinn,
the plague of the garment indu-try,
carried ot!' many ut th<-<- wiikir^
poor nutrition and exhaustion many
h'mii. "Ikh been in the family of the
Mul nl Mnr lor four centuries."
Then it was that tho American**-
ton eoinineieiiil spirit cropped out.
Kiiibracing with 11 gesture the. bleak
-yeii", he -aid:
•Tour centuries,   Hi?    Well,    1
•r     *r     t*     -r
Is ono of Femio'8ol(lfi.--t nnd
best known hotcln. The
Proprietor's name in,
Wm. Eschwig.
•$• *£•<$•. -$•
;don't vvotider.   The only way to got
They  dared   not   Mop   WH'kii.%   rid .,1 a property like this would lie
knowing that there were plenty ot t.eut it up Into building lots and sell
other nii'ii ready ItKiimly to nke it at auetimi, with a free exctmdon, a
their place.!*; mid the I'oiitr.iei-ir, him
Ir 1-;t,.--iti|i. (i,r »i HricUh nthjept
to legally voti: in Ihe. t'tilled Hute*
Itirriiu- th" wai betwi't-n the Noith
.nnl .Siutii in-iiiy Canadian* fought
i^t   i.»    «nion  wuttuui  iiiHiUdciugj|*»ice wt'.iit down,
men    .tioni.mci!    01    V.teat    IwiUlllt. (UUalai Wutli l»'lll>t msi
"t in-M- men a.,ii  vote in  ibe  (iiiiliil j ward  to  kei-p [m-
>:.'i:i.-. n.:'.,.,.r* Hxiu^ ..uit-im *4 iuai tticy d<v/p**,*I „m u
country      At  li-ant ono 111   Fernie
ifil'i* th«- < tlV '.Iri'r.
self the victim ol ft initial <-■
tion and tho tool ol the inumia. nin 1,
a!w*yf }*avi:;g k.vt..., '.'....'.. •,....!..
fears, always deitutnL:.,' ,1 .v.. ;!\,,
|«ice, forccil the prico v.»n-t.ti.:ly
dnwnw.iril. ft, by «-*..t«■ ■-••, < 001
appemtid who wan »» hihli-) i'.vjiii
or ho unn.siially rnliu.i, th it. In uM
do a few more pieced in a .lav, the
ll.il   the   Hi.ihi-i
>n>    nj'UJIeil loi'
I1M-.I »nt| ainl ,1 hot lunch thrown in,"
( ii'.hiri itilxbt's Dlsoiiht*.
rite !.<
ll.e  i"<
I'oroirrti nnd nomo-Jtio Cti^ar---,
Pipes and Tobacco
...   *♦♦<
I'ull lines of G.n.D, H.H.n.,
and V.D.T. Pipes
WI'll   llSII).  tlfitli
In one al thtio »wi,»t
a Wi'mt-vn wrirka-r ">v  •'■•
ol, gave liitih tu u t;,
enrtain hung ,.t :?,-<- ■. ,ti
noUy  room.   Aintin
avtolen .*a few Motue-iN tu
The child  wa*  l> ni
the rnothrr MW  th:;*   •
•(■.1 .'iii'tiiiy
Mtrui «•.*,'«.•! 1* mm u-awl in tasking
l»i'iit th ni implemcnu of war. Th«
jn-ii i-a »tiij mi-jlitier than the twonl.
The iwonl is a rude thing ami aj»-
\*;th to the brut* in man hy »fM*r
loree, wi.,.., tiMi! •*« in iim lamlnol 1 deJki, »h* eri«-»l <mt,  »«<*,-.
MilUtit'l     »lnl    !r-i>|!f,il    l-Vfierla*    r>Ar>'f>rdy    turn    U>W   o.-'r f>'i -
jiiovi- li 1,-it 1 ii, j,. icum or Uimk tbt-idnod Im- vyus,
rhaint thnt Mod fr**«Io*n in tt.are.ry.     "Tfiank fknl *" »Le  -■.■■«':-!
Nai^o-iti **- tight wfnen f* %tnl h* not t»\to euro of it."
wtvuhi raiha-r \*t#  h*t,im ^yc***!*     And a few  «l'.iy«  !.,*.-•
ilM'ii 'i'.'ir  ?<•■*/ 5in-t*3* ueHA'it^i'M'iMtfkiU At 'her j3i« m {/,«.■.».
nih't a
i   ii.id
;■. >-..-r.
V. I.. :,
11 vv-,.
r fi
TLaiioiiut  A.iiL h.j.'.U
.;,. ..;',i ;',',*',i .initio^ o! the
, ;i,ii. liiadieal n.-.-«M'lrttloH, I'rof.
■I tlie New York |n«t grudu
ii, is MiitI to havo Htartlcd
ii.vi-niion by the aniiniiticcmciit
Mm, he l ii-lit.'veil thai, Hi'lghti'*dU«tttie
in the larlv Mnt'f-H, at leaatt., wan
artir.ai-ie. lit* treatment conniM* in
in* ,i,j.. .i .ii ol .iriiKi directly inui
de k: li.evf*. Aeiiiidilig to the iiews-
»..i|-1 .it.-i.oim..-. in: ii.ti cured ti caw*
imd iiiitol '.<:; which  he has treated
h i> -;i;ii iiv iitaity thai in tlw early
v,»„'. .■ r..tS..rr .in liith-tiiiiti) olirsisc—
a 1 i'i. ut e 111 euro him-klf by a rigid
d'Vo»:..n io b'it'trrmllk. W<f have
know,- ,u Ii'.t4 one,man, a very bill
ilii;*, iii.-ip, who f..imd fbN ifmpfc
fi'ineaiy vmrtn lli.tn the rti«-a*e. Af-
'■''■' '.'■■• ■ >■■-■?<''■ : '"-f I;- '.hh.•; fm i.ut
t«;i(,iiik Im f^nl that lie prefeira-aj to
die, mA I* dJnl.- Kv/rjh-elv'-'V
\a.arlt i vi iv 10.111 i». ati|[i«f>i«  f(>»f>«ni|
CMO.t.'lt.il-    aVaafth    «»i    tiilK     tia   • ,< a f  (', l*f a,
Adjoining l-'emie Mole)
On the "road leading to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
lias ample accommodation
for man and his borne.
The bacon, beans, beefsteak, cogs*, oatH, hay,
boo/.erine and cigars cannot, be beaten in the hills'
of the L irdcau.
Tlr K.v-'.ii mgo Hotel in Kanlo i.s
like tin 1.1 is in nn Kgy*itiau ileKcrt.
Slocan foil;; flock to it like Ih-<'h
to a llower garden.
sity.t_ii.y.ty./'.y_ y.ty* *** *<!»»!/ ^^ v* <vv y* o* w <<* «.*,* <<* o* «* <*? «.»> o>-
fl* <t* fl* 'iV <i> ».V ^iv a-iV *iV *l* f.\ <l* tt* ft* fi* *iV f.* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* fl* ft**t*
y.i. "■*.»<.
E'V?s «*-»»
X. KI.AUS.MAN, Prop,
>:>  iVianuntciiirersoT Laifer Deer, BolT!eul^ocr~?5rPorlcr y>
y.i. '«*
ft* a t       i       i   a i- fl*
£t> llovv.iaiii.1 Avenue,  revnie \tj
"fl*" *<]?
*v y*y_y* y_,s** *■"'!. *•'-* *>■ • *'' ^f> vT-* *-** ^T> •>'* *■> *i* +y> -v* *•** *.*.* o* a'» ..»• «.*^«,»,»
* • -«i"^.»-**-.»»^*"^*--a>-a«V • >4 >» • <^at K> ■-4>t-« -a;a>.« ^kraV^ti*.* ^*. * ^A- *-«l*r 4 ^*. + *-tr- •> •**—a *.'k- i.*a>ft--*'^*^^-al *£•* A -Q»- • -at *-l. 4k.d
<t* ft* ft* ft* 'i* ft* fl* <l* f» ft* ft* ft* fl* fl* ft* fi* fl* fl* fl* fi* <"«*• ft* fl* fi* 'JV <,v
*i Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
J5revvers of Extvu Fine
Laft'crJSeorniMl Aerated
Waters.   Uottled Goods
a Specialty.
•StqiMC     >'4:.*9<" "*S*»1K yt
iWc . 5*t W... .'>»{W_„ MO
ALLEN  & PALMER|CoaS    IlilieS^S
H *l
'iillil -■-        .I.'i jtlnlll llllll MlVIT .1.01
l.niil   —      .7,"i |iln!i|.-ilvi-r. i-upj^-r |.,'.t
Siilii|ili-.a liy   llt.lll   lni Ur   (iruiiijit   atli nltiin;
I'li.-n- iillil,  ll.iMio,   in.!   llieti Oi-i-h  II imlii
Si-iul fi.r I-'i.i- M:tilln" I'lia-, anil I'lli-i'1,1-1.
oum:n assay eo.
lT.'.l Ar.i|i;ilnii' SI,,    lOilli'l-, i'n III,
United Bi'utlit'ihooil of Carpenters & Juinm
<f A'v.r.:n,N,>,l?20
A qooil chance for a future Inline on reason.thie lenns.
\b.-ui ',(.,.i.,,.-ia-s, \\\\i-a i-Ak'Mivi; mul i,,'.\y,i*\t;
I.nn.la- mi iIk- ianvn-;\ v,' kivi:u ,ii S\NIi
I'UI'lhK.  iii iiuk-s ir.iin ! l.Kt>,
S-i .li 11"
ivii'...) I" -i
The I'arpi'iikis t\- Joimis i'f I'Vroie
inivt tlu- i:-,: >iiiJ ,,ul TtU".u!.i>-i in v.itb
iiiiinib ul the OiUHVIIuvvV 11.til.
I'ii-h ;    h.ihiiia'a' in   y v;n lv   ii> t.iluu-iiK ill  o jni
iiiil. inlt nv!.
■ I?
ClftBfla. ZAUiU.H.1.& k JUS R, 3. M. t»..P i'.'lSJ Z.$_5.2SL&.a$S>Jl$_)
iV!ott,"soii'& Co.    I. G, Proctor MauaRur Nelson
Mott. Son V
!'J\ P*^^ r*m**\ r^^HP^H^^'
W   m-__t^^"m_<__i ^W,V-J ^^a-^-^iV^J '^^^^lA^^i^^*^^^
a     *■ <     m
»        ■       a-
» 4
, p<
MntVai.     WW.      Wtiii      *«tW.      tit A*.    *d h*      M*t_tU
Hotel Strathcona
|Mk%*%^l   fMfc. %%■%% ♦% %-%.%%-*%%%%%%-%.*&-%%%%-•% %%%%^
-mil   IVXITW VVi'l,'
L.T.W. HIiK-k, I'crnie, H. C.
M you h.uc properly u> ^'llJjtj|
or whh to ptarch.-.H*,  c«.33if'jl
on us. f.f.
t>   •>
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l«- In ii d««ii|'lilfn) loTrttinn nnd from ih l»i(< <.»>!.
frill Ih» t-tH'lt llll tilt' lia-iUi'V   nf   till'   I'lillnl   h'l-i i'i v
tint fiirrotindi1,   bi'iir- in, roul .-nlnri;-' tbt> I.i;--\
i-ity of NcleMi.    It  i    tin* Iimuic tif tuint ti ;n,i|
l'U-.|IM-i-,   llll'll   lltlill   Ilii    jlilll-'t'l    li"'    Htlll'l. ly
Mii'liia™ ut-viT ilr,vj*» in lln"' lulrr nf Jiii'diiM-iii".
and I'Vi-iy riMiin U an --unity to in,-u!»i.i;»,    I
ymi i»-i*il mom* vvlia-it ihi lln' vviiy in, (•<«!• It fl,«-
win- and tint <<V*-d i» th-iif.
Aget-t! iw fa*rfl?e fa'  T. G. ?mhy, H<:i:_n])C
i .jC* _m.
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C. V
-ympf "Tnumt" *j*a«t*r *■
0     0
t*    r
0     0
aaL-*%%*»Va»    4^% %■ V%.%-*.•• <aW*afc, ».•».4. "aVak- «,% A k-vaiaaKi. av A. Ar lhat, .W* 4
«•«■ H- '* <aV 'at't [ *--«,*"
That an ordinary American<beer mug 1
should be the means of creating one of
the most tremendous sensations in the
history of science, that it should drive
a ureal man from fame and fortune to
the life of a common laborer, seems almost inconceivable outside the realm
tif fiction, yet this is jusl what the miniature imitation of an ordinary beer
mujj lias done for Professor Beal Slcere,
Michigan's most eminent scientist,
vviio.ii short time ago recognized as
among the most famous of living
zoologists, is now an ordinary truck
gardener and peddler.
Never has a story of great human
interest been told than tbat which has
driven this man, tlie leader of many of
the most important government and
scientific expeditions ever sent out from
Ihe United States, lo weed, dig and
clean vegetables, and then to peddle
tbeni among bis hundreds of old as-
soniates in bis own-town.of Ann Arbor,
where for seventeen years he bad held
a professorship in the University ol"
Ask any of tbe thousands of new
students at Ann Arbor who Professor
Heal Siecie is and they will tell you
that a while back he was an instructor
there, and thai he has a big zoological
collection in the museum.
Ask any great student in any part of
tbe world and he can spend hours in
describing Professor Sleere's exploits.
Kuropean scientists will point out that
Professor Slcere lias in the British
museum the-greatest collodion of birds
ever brought together by one man;
thai he was the lirst scientist to undertake the exploration of the Philippines,
and that in tbe Brilish museum alone
he is represented by fifty new species
of birds. Others will tell of his great
scienlillc expeditions for the United
States government and the Smithsonian institute, and of the priceless
South American collection he made
for tbe Buffalo exposition. Vet
only a few of these, if any, will know
that, in farm clothes, battered hat, and
cowhides,   this   gieai   zoologist   now
niarkable steps in  the history of great
, He became their truck gardener and
In his rambles in search of birds and
animals in the swamps about his home
he had discovered a tilled-up lake—a
tract of-ink-black loam and muck,
situated in a wild marshy stretch, far
away from neighbors, and here, six
miles from tlie university, he ■ began
raising green stuff for the tables of his
associate professors and for the boarding houses of the hundreds of students;'
he bad once taught.
And" if one goes to see Professor
Steere today he will find him down
there in the black loam, in'the marsh,
perhaps on his hands and knees weeding onions or picking potato bugs from
growing vines. For hours. he will
kneel, dragging himself along bqivvcvn
the rows, and then will slip away to
some corner of she field and become
absorbed in a work of science. It may
be thai in the morning when he goes to
his onion or bean patch he carries under his arm a rare beast or reptile,
whose stuffed skin needs repairing and
upon which he works during the interval of "rest." The barns and sheds
and house on his swamp farm are filled
wilh the rarest collectioi's, and among
these he spends all of the time he is
not at'work. .. "
Instead of rising at 8 o'clock, in time
to get a light breakfast before meeting
his classes, he now rises at 4, and milks
cows and feeds chickens and pigs. Instead of leaving his house the immaculate Professor Steere, be has on the
rough, 'cheap clothes of the farmer,
stained and soiled witb the work of the
fields. But the greatest and most
pathetic change is seen when Professor
Slcere goes to town, driving a truck
wagon loaded wilh onions, celery,
beans and other garden produce.
Everybody knows him and everybody
is willing to buy. And each lime he
comes and goes his road lies along the
campus, and as strange as it may
seem, his great  ethnological  and zoo-
uninhabited country he came upon a
number of ruined villages., around
which human skeletons lay in great
numbers. Still beyond this he encountered a solitary family, and held
them captive for several days, until he
found that another hundred miles on
was a whole tribe hurrying for the interior in order lo escape a terrible
malady that was destroying them.
This disease 1 Professor Steere found to
be measles. In the course of a fortnight be overtook the strange people,
who called themselves Jamamadi, and
lived anion   them for some time
After an exciting career of more than
thirty j ears, during which he has led
eight different scientific expeditions,
few people believe that Professor Steere
can nlvvavs [devote himself to the rais-
I ing of garden truck, but if this greatest of Michigan's scientists has any
pians for the future be keeps them to
But science the world over would
not be surprised if they learned tomorrow that Professor Joseph Real
Steere, peddler, had been suddenly
called upon to lead another great expedition to-faraway part of the world.
But until then this great man will
continue to raise vegetables for those
among whom he once lived.
and peddler.
At the time the fatal beer mug came
into the life of Professor Steere, he was
recognized as one of the greatest, if nol
the greatest, of living zoologists and
ethnologists. From 1871, when he
made his famous trip for 1,00a miles
up ihe Amazon, up until his second
Amazonian .institution for the Smithsonian institution in hjoo, when he
discovered a new race of people, he
was constantly called upon to lead new0
Unfortunately for himself, and the
world of science, Professor Steere had
become an active temperance worker
years before tbis, and in spite of the
protestations and warnings of those
friends who knew what enmity his
active campaigning against lii'uor
vvould bring against him, he continued
the light in his own university.
Kach year be made fewer friends,
and more enemies. Brother professors
argued with him, and, finally, it was
pointed out by the faculty that the
University of Michigan bad no pla*v
fur Professor Steere to set up as a temperance preacher. He was ihcre to
tench zoology and ethnology, and he
would draw his salary as .such.
But Professor Steere was, not a man
to be brow-beaten ur threatened, lie
became more and more enthusiastic in
bis hitler wur against liinior in the
university town.    No sooner would lie! an
Silver Production iu Mexico.
Mexican government reports show
that more silver was producedin Mexico
during the fiscal year 1903-4 (ban vvas
produced in the United Slates. The
value of the silver exported by Mexico
during the year vvas $78,987,891, as
declared at the custom houses, divided
;ts follows, the figures being taken from
the Mexican Investor:
In bar silyer $45,788,106
In Mexican coin   >s.f>35,595
In other forms  14,564,189
Total 1903-4.. $78,987,891
The amount, of silver coined at the
three mints and put into home circulation, aparl from the coinage exported.
was $22,025,450. Tbis amount added
to sxports, bring's Mexico's total silver
production for the yearto|$ioi,013,341
making Mexico the greatest producer
of silver in ihe world.
Royal Hotel
In Feriiie is in a rapid
course of construction,
anl will soon bo ready
for the trado of the world.
Wm. Tuttle, Prop.
Electrical Supply Depot
Will be ready for .business" next-
month. It will bo up to date in
everything, and will bo a homo for
commercial men,
Union Restaurant
Fernie, Furnishes Meals at
all hours. Everything lirst
Geo. lchikawa, Prop.
toTJicTiF"coIiecTions, nunifiering IuiTui-
reds and thousands of specimens, stare
out at him through ihe big museum
windows. Yet never will one of these
specimens be sold,tor though Professor
Steere works hard for his meagre living, he would nol aceeptmid by sacrificing them.
He seeks few new friends and does
not force himself on his old ones Hi
liltle world is now on his swamp farm,
wilh his family and his scientific
treasures, lie has aged rapidly, aad
resembles ihe forceful, aggivssive man
whose indomitable courage and rare
perseverance called him to all parts of
the world, litil mentally he is the
same, and should the Smithsonian institution, the I'niied Slates government, or tlu- liritish museum call upon
him tomorrow lo cross the world for
science, as any one of llieni is liable to
do, he would still Iu- one of the best
men in the world for (he woik.
liis great scientific wmk practically
began with ihe famous Suviv Ama/on
Kxpcdilion up the Amazon thirty-throe
vvats ,tgo, though tli.»v vs.is after his
expeditions to Formosa anJ Australia,
when he peuelfuicd fun her into both
countries ili.m any oilier white man
had June, 1'i'nlc .-'ii Nuvi.:'•• liur.iUiiv
on caniiih.il ('iocs is ;niioiig Ihe most
v.ilu.ihk- in a-vi-aeiii 0, ,111.1 il was oil his
lirsi A111.1/011 i-s.pe.liii.ni th it he person, a 11V ill.l.k-   III-.'   ,|i',pl,lillt nice nl wild
used to narrate incidents of his early
life as a clerk in a dry goods store of
I.eitersburg, Md. Willi one of these
incidents, as a parable, Mr. Loiter
would often illustrate some point he
wished to make.
"I>e frugal and careful in your dealings," be said to a young business man
one day, "hut never be grasping.
Never try to overreach. Such courses
too often make a man ridiculous, and
give him besides a bad reputation .that
lasts all his life.
"A reputation of Ibis kind was acquired in a moment in our Leitersburg
store by a woman, and she could never
shake it off.
"This woman came into the store
and said to me, in the presence of a
good-sized crowd of people.
" 'How much is this guimpe, young
man ?'
"One dollar a yard, ma'am," said I.
"Hut she was slightly deaf. She
"'Two dollars a yard?' she exclaimed. 'Well, il ain't worth it. I'll
give you a dollar and a half, and that's
all I'll give.'
"One dollar, nia'aui, is the price, I
repealed in a louder key.
"'Oh,' she said, 'That's much loo
high.    I'll give ye 75 cents',"
Estimates given on all kinds of
Wire Work.
Electric Light Plants Installed
in any part of tbe country.
Steamship Tickets
To and from Kuro'ieuii points via Crtiiailiiin
nmi Ameilfiiii lines. Apply for aailliiK dates,
rates, tickets and full information to tiny 0. r\
liy, ai;eiitor—
C. 1'. K. Airent. NfSw Ileiivoi.
W. I'. F. CummiiiKR, G-. S. S. At-t., \VIinii|ic|-.
Wanted Immediately
A K>"f»l'li*aa To sell Fruit trees, Kufnlicrry.
■£*■(_* at/ll aUfS Gooseberry and Currant hushes
etc Good limy weekly ; Outfit free. There is
liilf money In this work lor trustworthy men.
Over 600 acres. ^sA
tlv'Htlon, over lioo ac-i-es of Nursery Stock ineHnl-
I11U the choicest and best varieties lor Urehiuct
nnil ii arden plant lni-. We will il< liver iwds to
euslo era hi .-nod condition, freight liaid. Our
agents haveovery advuiitaue that tills line ol
liusiness can oiler tliem.   Apply now for terms
Pelham Nursery Co.,
iST  .Will make arraiij-einents for local aprency
or the lianillliit- of exclusive territories.
Coal and Petroleum Notices
Mount Fernie Lodge No. 47
M.vt.s every Thursday evening at S
p.m. in I..O.O.F, Mali.
Ov,'!-\ Ross, l>.G.,R.S.
Is-the Oiily.hole! \\\\
Fernie run hy Welshman, j
It is the workini^iiian's!
home. Board and room \
$i ,'i. day or $25 a month. !
cs«   KtSS'^SSI"^   L.D.S.,   D.D.S.,
r.iiS.t-3 G im s
T. \V.    Ijlork,   opposite  the   Hank
lli'lio  !i,ii:r-.--s. inn. to s p.m.
£. B t7 E a J      (X,      tS «j> «!)!>*» r. __} ft« 13
NV- 1!- i!(1" ■'■ s. ;r. Ai.r.xANium
Ross & Alexander
liAllIMSTKKS,   J-Ol.UTn'ikSi   KTC.
i- !'!:.*'i:-: it. r.
iM?i,,. is,   !.. T. \\ ,'HI-k. Vict-„-,•:, Avenue.
J. R. Cameron
Is the. lailor to i;o to vvhi-ii
you vv.'tiit a !atiiiniiT
Suit of Clothes
Hiv has the nobl'lcel .snllii)'-;.-
to Mdcut from, aad tinv-m ami
workmanship is llio hot.
SANDON,   --•..
m in -1
i\   nn
i \i' ii
*>!    (  V s
11. W. Ill K: u::i,;. Siii.H-Vuuli Hr.HrUMl.u
' Hu'rciHHcr & Ilcrclmier
;-iai;;;!--'! \:u<.   Sul.iriJUII.S   ETC.
I'KiiMi-; 11. o.
I lillli.vs ov-.-l- I'. li;.,i:.i v r,-.'sl,l..i-|., Viclui-iiliiv.i
j I.  1*. ]-:i:'::-!-i.j\ K. 1:. I.wvk
i        Eckstein & lawe
' Pi.na.-iM'i-a'i.s-.'.T- L.\ vv,    Solicitous,   Etc.
i",i-.;liii. rt lllnclt. Ki.-riiiu, H. I.!.
Order   your   Fall   Suit.    now.
Natty StiitiiifjH now iirrivinij;.
F. F. Liebscher,
Sllverion's tto%t Tailor
-.av.ijjf   tiih.'s  ulio-v
o     «\     *' Ii     I '       ,
piiplo   atv
1 in
lvluni S'luin mif uf 1/ . i.vrn.Jii'un";.-. iuu<
lliv wililernsa nl' l-'ormosa, .Vistria,
Suulli Ainciiva a>r (lie new Suatli S(-,»
islands than lie would I a la- up lliv a tid-
ge\ au'itn.
Then came the straw  that lirola- il»v
vamt-r»i hutU,
The M-nlor class   at  llie iiniviisiiy
adopted ti iH'cr uttig as llu-irt'inhUiii.
The jjaMt /iHiloij'ist kiiipaiaiin' w.n
wa* wa|*(-tl alu-.ipcr ih.iii ever   iiniil
tlie etui came. lVofesimi Slairi'* asi^. | li w.is lu-n- ih.it 1
natiim wan osUvii for, and lie liaudul 11 !a'nll.-aii,»i il  tmj
fe-sor Sla'a-io
illl'iM-OI Iii   Ml.
•■aia-lllilli'   Win
i;iral cii
av iU! ,111
over   to
Hiilisll mils
I   iiiilili iiiUii-slin;;
('   ' >!■--:     ij-p-- o ,-,!. in
tin,I   liu-   hijf il!iu,i|,i.
fi lion In- (,; iilu ii ,1 ii.1111 anions
i'lliii   Ul|,a,ai|   It tis'-a  W.ls llit (li-tl
hi-,   iivvu   iini-.i 1 sity   an.)  tlh'
Ill    INK;    lie   l< ,1   ai-.u',l,v»-   i-\iii Jiti, 1,1
ill',1     (III-     I'llilippilla--,,    Iviili-"    ih,-    t.i^i
j sa ieiltisl a'Va I  tt' t*i'ili ll .id-   iiii! .inliiliy.
■ ut,-   Uu- f;ii-.iK'.,l
a-\l-!.-i„ ,-,  .1
In tlio Kootenay known 0. 0.
I)., tho watchmaker. I Mian
repaired 100,000 watchen with
perfect Batinfuetion, and ih prepared to repnir youro at short
notice, lloncnt work and
lionest prices i« my motto, A
fine ntoek of watchen and
jewelry alwayH on hand. lie
on tlie look out for Ihh (,'liriHt-
tiuiH Btock. Two doorH north
of Bank building, Feriiit'.
111 wilhoilt II word. J ii. lion of   5,0.  1    ju. i.n
What would the tjreiit HaieniiM alo."    | Huti-.u 11111 -...-ton,   ,».ti »
Would he go to n (-real  ea-ucii n'l-' "<'y   sp.-.-i-n.-n-.   1 ■ ■ .-<.
Ii-^e lh.it had  IrieJ  lo n*t Iiim ■K/aiiei'j *■•"'■«>' > Sl> '''''«• ,'«'1-    I-
Wotiy he  iK'CCMlie   ustaH'i.ttcd vvilh Uu--evpi■ htion tli.it   li.     1
SiuilliMmian iiii.lilulion,  in-  would  |u-j linly ihiv   niii. il,  i   li      h-.ili. il.
Ko ti»   Miirope, where liU I.iiih- wasi .an'ma.al ...!U-.» tha-  .to,,..    »i.-  bu
Himself the prince of luimlni^s,
li.iiiuiiii was in a posiiioii iu speak
with authority when he declared that
pvoph- liked to he luniil>uj.;^a.-J and
would ineel the fakir half way. The
New s iloiirH* il the hankn of Decatur
could sell $| gold pieces at auction for
501. 011 their lace, Hut if one of the
uiiv of long-haired, leathcr-lungeil,
bi.i/iu-lhroaled "UiHtors" hits- the
llio town wilh a twanging banjo and a
singer or two wild a voiie which iai a
1 ioss lat-twtTi) a keyhole kiw uud n
'* J1 »i iiahi ller, he I».»*s> only lo tear olT a
n >, in lln jiVw \,udsof rag-time and handout a|
«aii„ h vvi-u J |,,,I( 1, „f j„ju.s  ||,;i(   |,|cw <nvr  im itit>
I M.ivllowei when I he average irowd \*
I n'|v tiii vvii king. A pleasing array of
j aaiiinis and olltt-r paralitica) anoiivtrosi-
J. A, MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Denier in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
!'.   -I   1-1  ll       |    •
.h:il'i;„' Ihis
,   I   .01   111-
-.»,.;ltl I
i lies a.i»ilypuis the crowd  into a  stale
I •>) Mispidiau a*, |4i wIk (her or not lliey
Tlli-ri" aa-rri*   r-V.a-VV   a-iaja.t.-.  .,as..n a,a l'i   I" 'ki.,.,, 10 tt. • n.Oin-a-it i.v,     ,,,
Sti-cff, but lie rltiKe none of tlu-m,   Hi-'     \t\ \<- , , >A<    «-    "'•■ '   ,
Ji-id not (teetHiuiaitieal a  fiirtuniv lor lln-  s»*m   IVo , ^ -r   »i. ■ u 1 , .1
j»r«»al Irive lie rao»ist*sait»tJ for liis veork had ' b;>i )l«! •   In !   ii   - ',    \
made him ftjwmt  all  hi*  nva»!e in n--i tw,. n I'lt-.i .ml   \'<-u «,
-;1,'.',.-. '*(    'li't-'i'l..       1.1.^     !','i,',^    '. .',«,',' I11.-,..    '..,.       ,..,,,     -,,,,  ,,
ferent institutkw*. imhuling his aiwni u.iti -u.. In ii.. t*"-..) ., n
university, with rare anJ valuable col- j "Si, »n- Un.Im;:-" i<. ■ tw
lectiom, Imt  I'rofe«M*r Stwre was ii*oUo!i«l.!-r-ii>U-    iiim':i   ■
lliucll .1 ItH'Cr of at/iciKu'   l.v   ask itliitlev '' vvplnil was \l-,c ,Ji -., .,  , ;
frmuneratiam f.*r lluse.    He cihiIJ not \iu w rave  in   1,    .    »',»,t
veiavi, m\<1 ■i'.itl, .vlivw'it, Iw.vi'lhi'A..e., Iu ' ... v.',.v..   i., •;  -,"   ,
JivlineJ att wlTer* nude hint. ] I'uru* iiv,-r, 'm
" it,  nltif   «rvrnka*vn  yeai-s  n*   -»«-r-•     .1110 nm,     -   - ,
v'ue.niytmn university tkve* rw»i a.ire kati.»n   tor    »..    ..ui .:..,
frir rrtt I will  gii  lo  no  enhw,"* in- vx- ,' r.'.siur.ii   !,i      t
plairftnj li»hi* (t'tvOiU. i Ain,,-rr,".itt, IVi.ii-s-.ir  Si.-i-r,-
Tlwo IVtafcaiMjr Sl*vr«.- lM-aj|\-d ivuiit-' iitiw the   u-K,-*j,«!.»ff4 «iUI-
inn; coilt iipaan \tw  he.iJ* a»f Ms «m- j vvmh! lite  M,tr>i><xc.i   Viii.
tiuiiJr»-Js  ol   jail.
...  ....
i,   .-.,,1 '
A. Maihison
Is prepared to do fine watch
repnirinfi- at the
Jewelry Store, oppoHile the Northern hotel, Fernie,
Furniture and
I iulcrtuk.n«
H*,»-*tlt**> laa
Wall !>!\prr
VTOTICK is hiTuli.v Riven that nftiir tlm
i» i-xpiratiiiii uf-Hii-luuriliaysfriiiii this iliito,
I Iiitiiiiil to apply to the Ass'stunt Cominis-
sioiiurn' liiimU unit Works for tliu ilistrict in
avliinli tliu tiniler nieiitioiieil luinUaru sitimto
forn lii'unsoto iiru-iiui-t for 0011111111I potriilimiii
fur « tiTin of 0110 3'flir over tlie followiii',' ili's-
i-rilii-il liuiils; situutii ill tlie UUtriet of South
1'iut Kontuiiuy iiliuut two miles West of the
Summit of the ltueky ilountiiins nml uhrmt
i-iirlit niiiiH North of the Kooteimy 1'nss trail
I'uiniiiuiirillK lit 11 post iimrkeit Sontli West
i-nriierof Siiimiel 1*. Tuvk'n coal anil-letroleiini
locution tliuiiceruiiiiinK Kust Wicliiiin.i tliuncc
North Kiichuiiiri thonce West Wcliiiins thence
South mi I'liiiiusto place of coiiinii-nceiiiein,
i-ontuiiiiiii- lilo acriis inoreor icss,
l.oi'iiteil und ilateil the -'mi ituy of Noveni-
her, luol.
SAMTKI. 1'. Tl'CK, Locator.
Daviil Ulnck, Aifeiit.
NOTICK is hereliy uiven tlmt after the
expiration of ;>o clear ilio-s from this
• lute. I inteiul to upply to the Assistant Coiii-
inlssiiim-rol l.atiiis iukI Works lor the l)i>trici
in \aliieli theuiKlermeiitiolieil lainlsaresituate
lor iijicjujj^to^^apejg^ojuma
TCTii teiin ofoue yintir over Ihe folio A-imi iles-
eriheil liuiils, situate 111 the Ilistrict of South
Kasl Kooleniay about two miles West ol the
^mmiiit of the Itocky Moiiiitains ami ahoui
nine miles North of Ihe Kootenay puss trail,
eiiiiimeiiclnu ut 11 post iimrkeit South West
ooriier of Sydney A.KuIly'iii'onl uinl petroleum
loeiition, thence riiiuifnie Kust Ho chains,
theme North unchains, tliem-e West Mchuiiis
tlieiii-<iSouth|Sil chains to place nf couiiiuilici"
ment, ciiiituiniiiu lil'iiici-es more or less.
I.ociileil umliluteil the imliluvof Xovuinlier.
SVUXKY A, K-KM.Y, I.ocutur.
Diivlil Jlluck, Auent,
NOTH1K is heiel.y Kiaen Mini niter the
evpirtitiini of .'H clear iluvs from thU
ilutc, I inleml toapply In I lie Asxistui., <'.• tii-
iiiusi.iiii-r ol I.Hii.ls iiii.I Works foi'lliulilslrict
in wliiclillieuiiileiineiilloiiea lainlsuiesitiiaii-
lor a license to |iin»pcct, lor coal ftiel pelro.
Ii'iiin lnr 11 term ol one year over the lollowiin;
• l.-.i'tilieil himls; situate in the Di-liiri of
Soiilli Knst Kooleiuiy aliout two miles West
of the summit of tlie Itocky Muiiiiluiiis met
iilmiit tun miles North of tlie Koote.uiiy'1'as.
trail, coiiiiiieiieiin' at 11 post tmirkeil South
We-.! corner nf Jolin Patterson's conl uiel
petiolelini locution, thence iiiiniiiiir Kusl Hu
cliulns, thence North *i i-liiilim, Ihelice West
Kochiiins. Illume South Ho chains to [.liu 1
commem-iiiiieut, collialniiiti >iln acres mnie or
I.ni-iiteil uinl ilntini tlie Klul 1I115 of Novemlier,
.IOII.N I'ATI'KHSIl.V, l.oialoi-.
Ilavhl Ulnck, Audit.
]\T<»TlrK is luifel.y wlviill Unit niter tlie'
A'   itviilrallon uf ;m clear iluy- tnnu  this
• lute, I hituliil to apply to the Aa.lstimt I'oin-
ml.sinner of l.iiu'is iiuM W'oil.slcrlhii IHsirlci
in tiliirli the uiKk'tlnt'iitioiiC'l Uim. an-
nit Hilt a* lair II license to   prospect   lor colli IIII.I
pftrulf tun for 11 term nl one year over th>< liil-
ll.wll.U'la-i'l llii-llllllils; stllllile ill ihe I'Kl (i' I
nlS.,nlh i'.ii ■{ Kooleuu) ahoui Min ami m.i
hull miles West of the. uinuiit of tin- !<u'-!,i
.Vloiiiiialus ami uhoiit. vli-veii miles Ninth nt
1 In- Kieil.'inay l'ia-- ttiail, a-viuina-ie-iiii: at u
i«j»t iiiHikeil Huilth West coiner nl J. I,
Uilcliiau'n 1 .ml alel petri.ill-lllil 1 «>■-ti 1 i• >11. Iliem i-
I'lllilillIK Ku»l snelittllm, lliHii-i' Nollli "11 cliui ii-
tliiiiic \V<-»t **• chain., Ilieniai Ninth »ii luiin .
Iu phn-c nf 1 Hinineiii 1 m.ht, ciililiilliini; HI-'
ncren mure or lens
l.'ii iiti-I iilel 'luleil the J-'Inl ■liij- ul \um nil • -r.
.1 I, III IIIAV. I.o. nd..,
I'.n.u lllni k. .V«i nl
Y<'Tll'K I. lii-n-l.V illveii Unit alter the
i' evii|l«tluil uf .KI i-li-Ht iluvs Itmii tliu
.Idle. I fiili-ml Innp|.lv lo the A.sl.tuni Cun.
ml.-luiieiof l.aviula nml VVmU for Uu- In.In, 1
in aalihli tin- 1111 h-ilu. titi'.in I l.iiiU ,11.
>jtiiati-fur « Iii i-li-e to pros|«.it lutrmil iimi
|s-tiiiteiiiii tur a  linn of nm- vmr uur lln
,, .it,,.. U .. . 1 ..1.,,., ..:,...ii ,,, i„,
lil.trict of South rliist Kuolciuiv nlmiil ihin
lllllca VVi-.t of flic .iiiiiiiiII ul lie- llui-ka
Vlniiiiliiiiis uinl nl,,.1,1 Iwilte mill« Nmih
ul liu Hnulcnav I'uus llail, .oniini ui-iui.-
at u po.t market Nurtti \\. ,t curini
nl I'Kill M. I'm lei's culll llllll |«>t I ,.1,-uli,
liicaliiiii, Ihiiiie ruiiiiliii; Sooth No rhnln.
lln me Kia.l xi ililallis. Ilieio-e .VoiUi » n limn
liiilii . Hi-Isii llillns to |>i*"-a> ul 1 iililui. ni 1
liii'lil.i-ntllliillll-it i.tOlu re* Inure lit  l< «i
LiMlllcl Mlel >ll I Ilia. 41 h .III) nl Nmii li.l-i-l.
HAVIH M.rAltl.KV...•i.-iiinr.
li.uil 111.,, k. A«n,t.
N'liTH'K l« liin-n lila.n Ih-I nil. r lie- . «| In
ll.ui ul I'rli.ir  lu>«li ,ni thi.il.il,. I in'. - i|
to apply  Inllic AsdlaUliI l'ullllll!..|(li. I nl   I.nil I-
.aiili tVulk-fi.l lliciliatrf-l^lll  lllllrll tin-   nn.l. '
mi'iilinln il liinl- .ire allntlc.for a lli-i n« I-- |>i  •
,„.! 1 I. f t-,i,il    lull   |>, If..I.iisn,   *  .1     ,1   niin   ,*    ,i.
ae.»r ■larilhc |..ll.iaalntf#l.^rtll..il liiuh, -lln ■'•■
ill lie- |I|.|||. I nf HullOl 1.1.1 K'..tcinv..il..ill I, >ll
mllK aai«t "I Hie miiiimif nt tin-link) VI .111.•
...... ■'.;. li-'ii ■..-, -.I'll,. .,..:-.-., ■.-;.,..,::.. S> • ,
mr l*i«" IKll. i-a/niiwiii-lnir tat 11 |« »t >n<ik><l
-a .,.11.    Wfi  I-.lli.l   ut   U..I..1.I1    Imli.i-.M
,i,.li-In... ulu 1-..li 1.   tie mi Itli.i.leu' iiulli. •••
. luiin., tin in* 1.1.1 tti alinli.s, On ui- •■ mo  ~
itmlim.lltiim   m-ii <». itUln. I. pl« i- ..inn
lie mi nn nf.i -imnllllnu nl'i una  t-i"i' • m u >«
|,..c:ilcil   -mil  il.ilml   lliellh .In  nl Vuu-u In I
l«>, Ull'IIAIIlM'.a'I.AIlK. I..s .1 1
i l>ii|.| III11. k. V,.-. il
IiTIIT. lalnr. hi 4,-Ha-ll llual »fl»r ll.    iaj !l .
Lowest Riles        Ik si   ltm_]
Toronto,   Montix-al,   N'tiv Vml;,       I
.Maritime   lVovinccs,    W-w   ]-Ji:;I,uiJ. :
West ■ -!
V'aiu inner, Victoria, Si-atlle,
Califoiuia I'oiuts. !
UiK'HiialloJ Pas'.eni.;L-i' Servir-.-.
Sleepers,   Tourist   (."o.-niii-.-,, ■■
 Diiiinc' Cars --,-,-- ;
Tou:-ist   SSesji'os-   Sefyscs;
West iVoin RevelstoUe ilaily lo Si-oliK-
and Vancouver.
I'ast from Duiiniiiiv, ilaily to Si. i'.mi ;
,Wednesday ov .Sunday |o Toronlo ;
Monday, Montreal ; l-'ridaj, Montreal and Boston.
Atlantic SteasnshSp Ageacy
Through bookings ici and tVom (iv>,-a!
Iirilaiii and ihe C'oniinem. ;	
cm: ,\u st
■'''«•■>-C'l.L.-iiV-, i-v,i' !,:m1\ *i.,„,
i,i.:,! s-,|'..11 ,,i- Sihcr-l.i-ail.. $1.10
''''  ''■* o"1'1- VMIK, il.C
;:  ..    . "MaosS
f-       r   >i   " ■*  thcrs
"-' — • __
'J" VA"!   '    K    '        , IilJ'ON,  B.C.f
<_*\    <- a. v   . 'v."a,'i5.i '_y4Z/§,<&l&
V;> V      v.,  ?
. •:   '■' •    . .«..  11-'   .
fl?W TV'??      T Xr ff^TJ»\V
''.\!;!M:Nn-::;s a- juixkus ,
■•'N.-v -I'.  i-i"i'!'i!.-..!-y(.'nti|,-('-,., Winiil Street
\". ■ 1'. "<■   '■■'. lon-l..     -Hate.. l4eusoimh.|e,
t" i     " ■      1 •' -* v ■* / r *
f .   .    .,   :\^Vlfl\nV'
>   £ U C. a J (     ■vi     1 {
a. S i*-» & _i
All lines represented.
For  rales,   fohK:
ipply lo loeal agents.
Ii. lilvAinxr,, a.£;eut,  l'Vniie.
I-;. -I, Coy In, A tl.I'.A
I. S. ("niter,li.I'.A.,
JO.» I'N KEEN ."
Notary  and  Commissioner
I'lipl.-.M;.    A\l)    laASl.U
old VVi-lmiii
* -W* B-u
lii't. »>
1(10.llllll  Cullis   1,,
'.','   ill    -.llirli   limn
Hint   ,l.,|,;iii.
TIIIM'SAMIS    OK    i-i:t:rr    ,VNI>
.najii-:N'i',vi.  riuas.
Itliiiiloili'iiili-uim,      llnu.-s,      (;ii i-iliiiu-• :
llllll    lllal-ll-     IMsinl:.     foe     K;il|     l'I:a ll t t l(j;
11.1 III.- <ll-i\ll,i   .-on!   I,..i|...|li   i
(iill'lleil,     flclil     llllll     I -lull,-)-.   Si-,-iK.
iVhvuVs in   ini-k in -r■!■ ,ni.
FKIITll.lsi:i.':i    lll-;K  lUV|-> ,v   -.|,!'1'I.!K•;. ■
Ifi-e-.-u   liun-e   full   ■■!    CI.ml .,   Cnl    !• 1 .-w,.|-.
1*1  l.l Wnit,.        Kill  illro'l   .nnl   ,11'iin-  :u;i-i.i'- ,
C'ltliin^ill'   fn-o.    ul    ■ :i'l   lim,'   iv.n.Mj'       tini,.:
M. J. IIENUY,       I
"V .iii.'.iuvi-i, it.r.       ]
TKg Gk-ib
Cigar* Stor-c
A I'lioii'i' line uf  cinaiii nlvvuys in
stuck, Ilcaili|iiiii'l.rrs fur
lll'Wf JlU'il-l:'.
Ingram &, Storehouse, I'rojis,
n iii,
Mm sua:
1 i! ■■riiic-i'     ! \N <o; :•:!,'   VV aNTKH-I'KIIM A-
I ' i-.-: ' - ■   .a--.i     i ■!•'■■'■ ■•<■ '.-im i i,l :  -alary
i.ii ■ ' ' | ■   ■    ,   ■ .   '.'..'i i  '   ' : .1.-' .-.ii- .'I.'.- "I ch>ll't;e ;
  ..'. I.. Ml I IIII.S
Mi-.itmi,   tin-, Ji;i|,i-1-)
iii i,',,;.!,, :, m j. r. i.ni, iu jej,rebuilt
' , -: i;i,-! '.. I i.: -.Oi- InuiM- liiniillir
. ■ ;, :.:-■ . ...i n„. ii'-. I.i- ill li-ITllury
■•nil-.        i'.       u.ii.l   mm i' VJ..-11-lf ]l,'||.|
I, 1 ,i— ii...|,,'.v .nlliliiiv.i. (.'..InlillS-
;,       I-. I :   ;.|" nf . i,l !> i-'uln cl||      lln-illi-ns
I       !'r.   , ;-..-      ,   -.' .'.- ii'l.i .-   lii.l ('.--1-llli'll,
,.:     , Mo     ,)'    , :ii.-l..ir.    .V.hlrcs,
o oi,'. i   11  vi ii I i -  I'l-ailniill St.,
lni. :w-fU.()Y,",W.m
(1.1.    ;',,,,,•,;  -1,,-i,,.,   ,„.'.......	
.'.- ■ , i .it     .! i; ,|,( Mri
In.US' l-i IS" -sl'.i nil l'i j.;iiii:!l>
in-iin  ,i. i'.i uinl wn'rl(,nntl
•' '• 'l'i IV' ' "«' Wui-li.    Visit
.'.'X1 :"-'.oc-".rv;:TiES
yii.inili.iil   liilniKMi. ail, l.il.ll.l'.
^   ■-'■..'■      ■   :- :       •    - i--  ll,- l'i.-i-.ii H.ill
-.. - ? \
I i.o
V ,-.,'; :.
, !  . .<■    V'i- niii^ Im ih,in
'. I. .
!.-.    i
»V|!  .:  ,
•1 ;   \    I.
.;  mi    .1    1.   l.'.vl.liiM.i,
■ i. .,.    V.-., -lii.niil;  W.J
- a \
1.11 r
i    ' i
.     MUL
.         «•   . 1.     K.   Of   V,
,..., l.i,.' .il h ,,i |ui'l(
1      I'. ~   il.'lnll      SnJulirillllU
1  ' '!'!    .i   '■•■ 1 ..'.     s
■ ' i . i   .   i    il ai 1    l\   |f. ,\ S.
. v ; ; row,
\  s,h-
l'".iilotV i'
t niiip.iai..
p.ni, oi   si
I-.:, !..,;.
..'V.i II, ol
Like, i:.i
'liie hi.'t.i
,n i i-jila'.l
|-.'i  lial'.u
I".  \ I li.
I     I lie    l-'i
t '. . '
!'"( -     '•■  '   V  l<  nil  .     '.-" .-...; .0  „l„|    l'|u-
•I      . , .   iii i.. ,.,' :-..:., )..   .     \,U. n. ||. (;.
I  i.i'i'ii.ii iilill I'l-uMlll'llll
I, ,1    l.li
M» i 11 »,
,      !l...    I.'i-I
■•.'. i--!;llt,
■'nil    .      Hn
1.. ll.-.   I  itv
IV    I',.,,.,   '
I     II    i'n f:,l 'i.f.
< V   '-1 i .-. I,':    in   .1, III
'    V'lli.l"" "
■    I   i     -i >     I I. |.M. lnr.
'.-',''.»       1 ni'.,(N »n
,,m-    lln,.n,,,
■   '-•' "■   i,. in I'm,.!-.),..)
1   ■• ■   -     - ;■: il.i .'.-il
i   ".   I iii i.ll.M'st
u   -i... i i nd
V. .1 1.1.1 I".
It Klliott, Knslo, H.C. ;;:,
ink* by Uking on*; of th*.-  u'ost re-|v.-r»irtj-
'."     ,\ Tin, ll,    1,1
'   li.els  |,i  liny   lln-  "y.iiiis" lli.il
at ir.irKfi'il ii.i iru.rni' a-vs-ri.* HI fri.MiM
„", of -.oitts in twins.   They pay
'>■ !i ••'- I*1 ' . ; in jo rents for looilt snap, and lata*
- nnin mhi-ii'm'  ,i  jiiiifi   lakes   a liv,
i in. nt   il.. ; that e.ut K-  had ,u  any >*riva-rv* vtore
•■■   !i(   i " >  for s iiiiu.   Il*- aait m-II a ijilileal nt< kc-l
i* o    in    • K "aii.50 i|uiaker tli.in a houu; mcr--
n!   i l.t.l. ;a ; . il Ml! i.MllJ ili«|>,a^. »»(*   ;,   doillalo   flll'lt'
"">->li io    -it  I tli: S4IIIV   pllaV.
■ , M i.i .mi in.111   1.111   Iai"   iiiiin'miijj;eil
■in .it'll   hisi   i^nor.inae   of m*>liein«*,
si' '   J -aa « i't*.|ikilj.'>at-J   f.altir   a ,11V   •wa.Vrt \
.  .il  .'.i..I'-ji -fk lip ni.»i iilinning a,vtiiptoni».   Iu {Dlttrld AtTi-nt* lor
.    I'   .•   uisef tin'   *i«iv»a   a-/ .»)!  uiiiorHt ot\ l''i»iiiaiNJ'l,l.*.Wi'i4i4>ijr
[ni.l'i,,.'  011 Skin    (f.tuw-*,     •altvlt     illlJ     '-.oM-tifM.k
,  aa*.'.v ("<«'". I »<■ io.-itv^.,, m,-f aw <-fcMH-iir»,-*aJ fjMit Vhimtan.
AlUr   ir.««?T.   Illffllltrt kfla-n    « hit   frr- «,l< r.lMfiftfa*
-.i)f.«TaU'«i|.«!v(«t,    |K-vdiuf .\«-«i«. J rBRNIIE    B, O.
I !•< ,-iH'fl i" lln" .V»»J« »l.I * .«iiml..,| ,|i< I u(
j iiwninia,^! Iii.'U.m'v .iliaaU l,„ 4 In.n-. 1 , j.,.,
Tno i-niiijih-iit st-tn <,l Un liviui.s, „!„•, •■••' '"' '   :l';"- ';';"1, :"■ ! '  '';'.1 c   ,
II..11   I    lil_.     til .      ,"..,       , *• if     i'»'r     !(<•      f-.(liia-||i|f     iViolll.'l     I.i!
Iintlhh rlnto Mirror l<i\'»«i iiiihr*. m•»•,   ,, ,,,,,,„     „   ,.■,„    ■„,.,,„i,.   ,..*    » ,.,     .
Imim \'rt*mu, llilimril .uni I'ikiI 'r*liii-»; hi»-n ii»». »»««t (>.< wii.» »,..i.,«u,. »,.,,.„
U.h IC.JCir.Utr-* HUH Utl.«r M.oei«l.ll.-s,     1;;,'««, l^^^v'^XiX "'"ntX'"
11*11   «i»4n-*»   tlf»-«ty."    l'»-«i'i.«    .%!■■-:■.* ti      ■  '•  • I"-*1  i.»"'V-*-<   a»*uti  taa   ...*■,. r . I /    -
'i'.l   -.it.s   ;     1;,,
*. % IV     11'Mt I,  ., -1...   ,,1.|
,iilt'«.,l   1.. , J...II..    ilo 1,1 * In. Il»l   s    . ,,    |...'
.pr Mai •>• rl> .mH.H*lir»  a.«,ll|  »   . I, tlii-l , 1
j 2 '• *a* -4 ,-«A-,i'ii,v, a.i(*6''iir-i'.-, a.,..tiintfi,   ',>-   ...... 1
I. m-*r .4 A**. I
J    I..*.»»«! .111 ♦ ,U»irvl Ha.' Itlail.i'uf N.,a«.|,,l»,
I   ll   I.UltH.V    I,..
I»«»|.| III .i k. V,'
1 1
Wliolcuil* l>i'al»-r»»iiil I»in-a*t ImfMitfi
nf U'iii/'s, I l«(t»i'iri .iii.l ' 'i.'-*ri
aiia'l svi.lit/ I"*vr
I)l*trilltltf'l(a   of
ChMllAnH'iMltl  *»|'I
Vkitntoh t'i;*ftr»
,, ...j
j \JH|'fl'K Itt-lri.f ula-'rli lh«I ..[irt »n-  > al-ifi
I »*•    n-4, .4 •i.i**'*' •!*>« tru*ia|M> .t«l«- ( I..?, i-
I tn if.l lv t,il»',. ,f»,l.(ll,if f'..in !t,f-..)..1,. 1   . '  I   n    '
.1,1) VV 'It,"-   lot   till    'II   Ollt ill Willi ll   I   ■•    -I- -i   :
; in*iiltnii**tlaa»l. afaa *tai**!.' t--t al;.ni,
i 1*1) |.,f i-ih.l ..,,.! j.-ii.-i. uni lnr 1 n r.ti
, ....a i!**|.,vWat»„a« »l#«» iili.-,i i.im). »ii-
I'lmill'l nl -l.il.Ui K»»J I,-.,'! 1,11, 1,1.   li! '
{ •*♦( fcf t»« a*„.mi|,.» |l,   U.j., won,
' al.at tt.la-Wrti *»tV,. »■, .*tv. .»<».. I...1.
,   l,|li'>l,.|»lll,UM'IHiU^f  _t » 1 '•»<   InlilU-'j   *
j.t.rmrnf AnMi-n aa-il'il}'«'''•'.)  nel 1
I lii'!»tl,.f«. ItUllttil rottlklutf fc«4'tt. «n 1 'Inan
{»*>! «, iliiliii. !»«„,.,- naMllli la.iti.iiii
- itntiMI *>■ -lllihftlial<ls, ■■ Sb-t>t '1*'   '   lIKill'iiln'l;
|, talaMlaa.-- «'.**• »* fw*. w.«'h» .'* |n».
r.....,i.-f hi 1 ,i.i,.f ii,., ni, .1
'Mi UI'.nM
„♦ ii
. I   'V
r .',-"
,.   I...'.
»|"V|. I
> '
.1.- .VI,,.
-. -r|l:-».
1 ( f.   1.1.'»1
,'      a. '.   '.
^ i 'l 1 ■:,     fa.
At'LMLs S i";i;H.|,.. ■!....
KatU lllvk.  A viil.
'.K   Vii:,t
! .   >. I'.'-.l   ', ,     :,...:'.{
l.f   - , !H n   I •: >'  11  *,--,  1     1.1
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital - - $8,700,000 Rest
Head Office. -./TORONTO
- $3,000,000
This Rank trans'icts every description of Banking Business, including the
Issue of Letters of Credit and Drafts on Foreign Countries, and will negotiate or
collect bills on any place where there is a bank or banker. <•
is added to the,deposit twice in each
year, at the end of May and November.
Savings iBank
Special Attention is directed to the
following • Advantages Offered by our
Savings Bank.
Deposits of One Dollar
and  upwards   received   and   interest
allowed at current rates.
The Depositor
is subject to no  delay whatever in the
withdrawal of the whole or any portion
of the deposit.
A ploasiiif* Christmas Gift
Bearing  Carpet  Sweeper
Solves tlie Holidta-.' Gift Problem
If you tire in ilouht what to buy
for mother, sister or friend, remember thnt ISissell's "Oyeo" Bearing
Sweeper never fails to please, and it
is a constant, reminder of the giver
for ten yenrs. It reduces the iuuor
of sweepini? ti.'in, confines all the
dust, hrn-lituns unit preserves the
carpels, and will outlast 40 brooms.
Price, $3 to SO
liny a llissell "Cyco" before Jun. 1st.
and we will (rive you free a handsome curd case witli no printing
on it.
CHEBUCTO—Nickel plated
MICMAC—Nickel plated
Plain or ridged blades.
Just . :
Everything in
Gent lemen^s Neckwear
A Swell Line of
- Ascots, Derbys, Strings,
English Squares,
Knots, Etc.
Call and See' Our Stock
W. C. Hamilton Co.
Fernie Hotel Block
The suit of A
Watch This Space
■'■„■  '-. '..'...FOR      -',
For the Holiday Trade
We Sell for Gash Only
Therefore we can give you the Best Quality at Lowest Prices
Call atid Be Convinced
W. J. Blundell
The People's Grocer,   P, O. Block, Fernie
___Z_M.J_J&   GIFTS
§       PROMPT      §
§     DELIVERY    &
CLUB & HOCKEY for boys
All skates purchased from us
are put on free,* while you wait.
" Special"
know about them.
Sheppard & Elliott
Tinsmithing —
D. Hopper, representing the Spokane Falls Gas Liejbt
company, against Andrew Hackett,
involving 2,500 acres of coal land,,
was dismissed by Judge Belt, it having been settled out of court, says the
Spokesman-Keview. Mr. Hopper
brought suit on the ground that Hackett, who is a prospector, had agreed
to locate the Gas company on 2,5^0
acres of coal land in East Kootenay,
and that he had failed to keep his
contract. It appeared that after locating the land, Hackett disposed of
it to a third party. ,.,
None of the parties to the suit will
discuss the terms of settlement, but it
is understood s that Hackett cotnpro
mised by locating Mr. Hopper on an
other 2,500 acres near where the first
locations were made.
-T-HE LADIES of Fernie
will  find  an   Excellent
Stock of oJ jj
etc. etc.
at my store in the Todd Block
Services   will   be   held   in  the  city
churches next Sunday as follows:
Early service,8  a. m., with short in-
struction in two languages ; high mass
Fernie Drug
A Full Line of: : :
Christmas & Presentation
Now on Hand
Art Works in Burnt and
Crushed Persian Leather
Poets in padded leather & cloth
A select range of
Sunday   Sohool   and  duvtmllc   Books
dune in and see our slock
N. E. Suddaby
at 10:30 a. in., with instruction in two
languages; Sunday school at 2:30;
evening service, 7:30 p. in., with instruction. Service each morning al 8
o'clock.        Rel. Father Cocoi.a,
Priest in charge.
In Opera House, at 11 a. m,, matins
and sermon; evensong and sermon,
7:30 p. m; Sunday school, 2:30 p. ni.
Rev. li. R. Bahti.kit, M. A., Rector.
Services 11 a. 111. and 7:30 p. m.j
Sabbath school at 12 noon.
Rkv. Alkx Dunn, H. A., I'astor.
Comer of Pellatt avenue and Wood
street.    Services at   11 a. 111. and 7:30
p, 111.; Sabbath school al z'.yi p. 111,
Rkv. J. Robson, 11. A., Pastor.
Victoria avenue. Services ut 11 a. in.
und 7:30 p. m.; Hihleschool u»:iop.in,
Ricv. C. R. li, P001.K, Pastor.
Subscribe   for The I,hi>i;e, only $*
fair fifty-two numbers.
The blindness of love enables young
people to economize on gas.
When a man has reached the point
that lie believes his own lies it is time
for him to reform.
Accidents I Sickness
A Husband Badly Treated.
lo the district court of Lamar county
W. Strickland has instituted suit lor
divorce from his wife on the ground of
cruel treatment. In- his petition Mr.
Strickland relates experiencesthal force
tears to the eyes of every sympathetic
husband. lie declares that his
spouse is morose, cruel and insulting
That many times when he would go
home from his daily toil hoping lhat his
wreathed in smiles his joy would be
turned to grief by finding his wife a
raging torrent of temper. She would
rage like a hungry hyena in the sight
of raw beef; her eyes would snap like a
turtle's, and she'd call him a nasty
stinking nothing. Furthermore in
order lo turn his life into a hell, mentally and bodily, she would sprinkle his
underclothes with red pepper, and also
fill the bed upon which he slept with
the same calorific vegetable. When
the weather vvas real cold she would
dash a bucket of cold water on him at
every opportunity.
Hut worse than all, one night when
he had to work late, she erected a
ghost in the yard oul of bed sheets lo
scare him. When he went into his
yard about 11 o'clock he vvas so frightened at the ghost that be lied in terror,
ran inlo a creek nearby, and came near
being drowned. All this time bis wife
vvas standing iu the door clapping her
bauds for joy and shouting, "run little
devil, big devil will gel you."
As we write this a number of leading
men are holding a meeting ut Dallas
with the object of devising ways and
means to crush the divorce evil. Ik-
fore going too far in their work of perpetuating human misery they should
read the tale of woe of this injured husband. To cut oil" his way of escape
would be a work of cruelty that would
fill the heart of any man with remorse.
Immense Variety at
Cann's Bookstore
L.T.W. Block.
In llirn  links is one of (lit?
.....   ,.    i,-  ..1,    111    i.'n.    .Si'ik.ui,   .IUU   iut-i
111   -ll    l|i".il   II.     1.-I-,        'Jilt     itIV.tl*   lilt*
ill wit vs li-iv, ami I lie I, i ml lnr J never
.allows Ins avhisUey to flirt with thr-
w.iter barrel
Ht'MM   MIVPM   TV. . .*.,♦,,.
■ ij ■ ■   - •   -
Hvftipn Mr>tiri*nfr Out!* wilh
Eight Vhnvn of Fernie.
Ib-'ititifiii work, nml the
CaiHwIiim fJoat of Arm* on
r«ch onr*. Hont hy mall for
'J't («i.t«,
A. J.   PURDY  &  CO.*
Write for particulars about my Accident
and Sickness Politics, the tasi iu tlu
R. J. Steel
Real I-.fct.ite Agenl XeNon, V..C.
The Best
itlnion Made
Overalls, Shirts &
Miners' Garments
11 t|TT»t»»ar«r»     r-ta-a  •* T'T*a   a,
btfiifci%fm ot\t\i\u
Death of Poabodyisin
The sovereign will of the people in
the State of Colorado has dethroned
James H. Peabody, says Ihe Miners'
Magazine' The peaceable, silent
weapon—the ballot—has hurled this
official 'degenerate from public life.
In two months more, the executive
chair of the State, which he has disgraced by his polluted presence, will
know him no more. The corporate
tool has met. his Waterloo, and the
very name of Peabody will only be remembered by the great mass of people
with loathing and contempt.
That he has served the corporate in-1
terests of the State with a loyal and unswerving fidelity, no one will attempt
to deny, but now that he has been
stripped of official power and authority,
that he has been relegated to the political junk pile, there are few even
among the masters whom he served tis
a truckling tool, ','so poor as to do him
reverence." The corporations nominated him in the convention, entertaining the belief that the power of money
.would conquer, and that wilh two
years more, of the Peabody reign, the
laboring class, through bayonet rule,
would surrender the last vestige of their
spirit of indepei'denee and kneel as abject slaves at the feet of despotic
The result on the Sth of November
demonstrated that military ruLe,Jsr not
yet welcomed by tbe people of the State
of Colorado.
Eighteen months of war waged
against the Western Federation of
Miners and the United Mine Workers
against the State of more than one
million dollars, touched a sensitive
chord in the hearts of the taxpayers,
and the war cry of Gen. Hell in his
military delirium: "To hell wilh the
taxpayer," doomed the corporate com-
binatfbn of official vassals to the political cemetery.
The people of the Slate hy their ballots have served notice upon the corporations that the murder cf constitutional law to attain their unholy ends
will not be tolerated in the Cenfennial
A Jefferson Anecdote.
Joseph Jefferson once told a friend
that during his long stage career he
had never heen associated wilh any one
showing undue familiarity with him
save one individual, a man named Bag-
ley, who some years ago was property
man in the comedian's company.
This Bagley annoyed Mr. Jefferson
very much by his somewhat ofiensivs
manners, but, owing to the valuable
services rendered by him,,Mr. Jefferson
had always been loath to take measures
more severe thau a reprimand. But
finally the familiarity of the property
man increased to an extent impossible
to endure, so he vvas summarily discharged. The dismissal occurred just j
befoe the opening of Mr. Jeflerson's;
engagement one year in Baltimore.
That night'Bagley got exceedingly
drunk. Paving his way into the theater, he repaired to the gallery, there
to see bis old employer enact Rip Van
The'ang'ry Gretchen had just driven
poor, destilute Rip from the cottage,
when Rip turns, and wilh a world of
pathos, asks: "Den 1 Iiaf no interest
in der house?" The theater vvas deathly
still, the audience half in tears, when
Bagley's cracked voice was heard in
"Only So per cent, Joe, old boy, only
80 per cent!''
,    Additional Locals
'.Never strike a man for a loan when
he is down.
Tlie King'Kdivard hotel is never be
hind ll.j times.
*a \A/rE CANNOT begin to enumerate our complete line of Christmas
§ » » Gifts as we have appropriate arid suitable presents for all ages,
1$ including :
■ «a
Ladies' & Gent's Dressing Cases
Gent's Shaving Sels
Fancy Stationery .,
Perfumes, a complete assortment
including the handsome burnt
wood cases
Bible  Stories,   Natural  History,
etc., linen covers, suitable for
little Mary
Ladies' Fancy Work Baskets
Ladies' & Gent's Glove Boxes
Decorated Candy Boxes, lacquer
or hand-painted
Choice Literature, padded covers,
ooze calf covers.
Pipes,    Cigars    and     Cigarette
■Holders, Smoking Sels, Tobacco Jars,  etc.,  etc.,   etc
Have oik-of their largest stores in Fernie.
.Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.'
Bulk Oysters,   Try a gallon
• */»V-J^*Va*^'%^-fc/-*k/al^<aVaV*j^ -Vtk**fc^^*% •
Terrible Colorado
The reign of terror in Colorado is
not ended. Peabody, the military
governor, who was defeated by the
democratic candidate, says he will not
vacate the gubernatorial chair, and he
has tho support of all the big mine
owners. The election is to be contested and the probabilities are thut much
blood will be spilled before order is restored. The greatest outrages known
lo a republic were commilled by Peabody and his military tyrant Sherman
Bell lust Spring, Miners and men
who sympathized with them were deported nnd do-tens of laborers were shot
down like dogs. The ll^ht is un again
and the indications are that Colorado
f will have to pa** through a bloody civil
war before the tyrant is dethroned.
l I. I'll St I I    A   I
J. C. Corratlutra
Ageitc l'.»r Koaita.-u.tv
r. O. I».n $(, s.
full   a>ti|iil\i"   »   a Ijfaf
\ lilla-iat
\Vllllll I'l U'Oh ill Tuxuh.
The price- of wood hat* gone beyond
i/diiniV iv.u h in Hoiiham. The Herman is stilii'iing from an attack of
iliiwii and gave forth the following
cold notes a few days since:
"Following are the prevailing prices
of wood in   llonham:    Cord   wood  $5
to   - all mcording tohow you strike
ihe popular 1 hold on the seller. Rails,
I'aiiieii, $| a wheelbarrow load nnd then
"nol much punk." RaiU. solid, al
-.olid gold prices. "Long wikhI" ut
Iouvhi piiift and shorter wails for ihe
money, Knot holes $1.50 per bushel,
t.ilav ilivoi as the) come. Kindling,
juM chop up your furniture   nnd  save
AiKliu'My Won Oi'itiilii.
In the il.iy» ot frontier army post*
.uu 11.01,111 untiling a amain caption
w.i. .i.a ianioua Uu ins louiage its lie
wi» iiiifurioiii  lor lti»  love ol  liquor.
,'. ,      .-„•.•    '<■-     l.l.iil^ii.    i'.i:    i'la.HaJ    ,a
luiigl.u  iii his quarters,   mi,  pistol in
li.tiv.l. In* -ii-^rHil Hrro-s-H «h<- li.-ill 1n th.-
Jiiliilg liHiill ai'Oair,
Ssirc lalilltgh, taWa?  MovaJ ,in ifttfudvf
at the siJcbaMrd, vvlure the silverware
vra* diipl.ived.
" What are you doing ihere '/" s.iiJ
liu* captain, rovering his man with ifn»[
**f *.■»»"■-" "»   ilr'n),'   ,'f   <i l.-D/.'-v-," it
A Had Condition
.At a meellnrj of the Prenbytei'tan i-yu
od in Winnipeg it sensation was caused
by the address nf Rev. Dr, Warden,
financial agent to the church who said
thrtt considering the prosperity of the
west and the great grtmth of tin-
country it was bitterly dissappointing
to him to note the paucity of the work
of the church wit* receiving. SuIim i ip-
tions instead of increasing, as might he
expected, were actually falling oil' ami
ihe missions especially were suffering
in proportion. Receipts towards Hit-
support of Manitoba College wi re also
failing off, and tiie piospcaisior ibis ui-
slituiiain vterc betuming al.iriiiing.
Sunday school work al«v was s.hovvirig
signs of rctravgression, and alto^vtliet
mallt-rs were looking serious for ihc
work of ilwituuvhi. He JiJ. iwh. I,-.
said, like r«*fi*rrirti» to th(»<i<a asvit*«*«*« ?.«
open session, but it was a matter Hi at
concerned every member of the church I"
and wns one that could not Ik* um- f
italcd. kev. Ur. tariniihael, siifn»r-j
intendent of home missions, spoke in a I
More women weep over onions than
over love affairs.
Slop at Ihe Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake City.
If time is money the lazy man's time
must be counterfeit.
Sewing machines to rent al the B. C.
Furniture Company.
If woman could have her way she
would never qua nel.
A man never has to go half way in
order to meet trouble.
Few people are wise enough to know
that ignorance is bliss.
Man, unlike oilier objects in nature
decrease in siz* the closer you get to
We buy, HI or exchange new or
second h. i.' furniture. The B. C.
Furr.'.uire v'oiipany.
It is easier lo secure a unanimous
decision that a bad thing is bad than
that a goo.l I'ing is good.
Masterson, Griffith & Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
K very thing depends upon comparisons—to the worm the tortoise is a
reckless chauffeur lor speed.
II is much safer to leave footprints
on ihe sands of time ih-oi on the soil
in ihe vicinity of your neighbor's poultry coop.
If yon are trouble.! wilh rlietini:itisin
you will I'm.I ihe I Vol oi Sil.Min at
H.iiyaoii. VViiie lor p.nlii il/.tis to
Sanitarium, Halyeoti, |{. C.
At I lie Kocienay Saloon in Sandon
you do nol need an iiiiiodui lion to get
a drink. Put the pi ice on the bar and
the mixer will aha the rest.
The milliter! of hU own fortune is
often like the aiiliiteit a»f his own
house, lie liiid-., uhen il h completed,
lh.it theie is no vv.iy oi reaching the
the upper stunt.».
III I'aillie    I'ila*    King     I'.dta'Jird    jllllel
occupies a  rs'siiion tonvtaient  l.» all
•,',.i  ',V.,.«,,v-.,» '„„i,-,,,.-.    ill   liii-   iii)'.       It  IS
,i!ni,i.,i.. loibel,'. I*. K. ala-paii a nd an
iiSi-.il home for all tr.avtlir»,
.NOT hi-:
V'OTJCI' (■.!<• ij.i-a (mi flea! n \t*-tixi mi*u
h,;hi ij, i'„■ «;.,i,u il.,...,, «,,„ fu4*1- .ag.Dtpj,
l *>-f ta.rf li,,- »| ,j.l». ,*iiu».., tor |,i.|r| s't,>r.»*.
|.i l*i.f-.a. »l
VV ■•'.'.
.'..a-r.,1,1 :;. H..*»l.
If:.. • '    '  l,li )    ■': !•'■ I;'J, ',\i
«'I  4\TV>V  VVVItfHVii
l.k*-»»«- %ir.%tftiiir.
hutfrl.it ausucicJ, i.ilmJy Ulliliji u gtass
W laaan
Mt (hilt il il a Nio-s |H«
Bliifl I'rlwt, Hmtf V»f>»«, (Viluttilm- niiiil j fr4»n> (,w rtf ,tw c-ipiaiivV KmU-*..
u«mww-.u««»w'r«,ii,whj   1Tw MhtwU fmw mrhuh).
\\\ v.' KiLiioniNi: Ar ro.
\\ li-.i.t^. j VI j 11
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B.C, Copfier Co,l*t«ly Iw-ld in N.*w j
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tho bank and tftWicia-iit t»*h to p»y tor
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ofiien. lii'M »vle ii»ia«tf iti Tynmi. Lunt
|-i»itand Ameriiau |>t*n,   "i.U  ttltitc
l<ll»tf t-tm-i.il I'it.      i"ll'*l  ti'.Va* inAI.
Royal Household
Is Purified by
Slater Shoe
Kor Mon
fertile, B.C.
^.  **r*_'„~--f* •v'-.a   -J
What Is I
Why irs    |
McFadden |
The Painter |
'^■/■l ,^3.'CT ,**JS ■^C;i*?'*-*^ ^C^JS;-^'* *iZx£!t^ •*-*"*"*^** /f)
Provincial Land Surveyor
IjiihIh uinl Mim ml ClahiifSurveyeil
ami Crown <ir«iiti«al.
I'll Jinx I.:.*, OIHri". laii-m ii„;| si.. Xfl.,n,
Al.Vi.VV.H Hl'.ltiV .vr
I          FOa-.M-CRB 4 MACHINISTS,
j Mill ini'l Mitilu'f Mai lilnt'iy.   (\nnpNo
jStoela «il Shaft iii;?, Pinlii';., »•{«*., ultvayt
nil liilllil      Iv-tillilll'S flllllislll'il.    iSt'l'MJI
i Iron hiiu^ltt hv tlm enrtuail.   I»'i'|»nirlng
; uinl Juliliin^-.
n c. Travis, -.«....
.,- K ■ *, '   * % K^^%/ t\
> «as^^i^*;*/tV%./jJr '
f )
J. D. Ouai
'■V'-mJ W!«!s ths iv..-™ Jjsac of
i^ootls he has always sv.UI in
; rviiia-.
•if.r,  MfMi trrr ft'srvii
III   ll!«|-|,.ll«  f.„l-l     li   ( |   tlH'   II jlj
#.»*' »(» »a.«l |!j» tkA*m*iwrt, c»:»a* J- f. t- tvk-
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I'iiii jii,.i* ,,.>ii  **  fcf
lln, ."til, ri »»l ,.-<ui .ti!iii!itiur«.
'Nit»MA* * *.mMi**t.\ IV,,1.4 I
|        »n tin- j>ij»*»!i iHts't Oft U H
j Ii«Iliv>;, l-af«i*-.   Alt twam hurt
5 ..'if  ftiftti'iyrti-fbn,
I    Ti-rin- s'uf, f*„-|f,|„
tMvJtvfAlaV. i.uutlAntnii,


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