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The Ledge 1904-11-02

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Editor and Financier
, U# :/,-}f;
NOV 7^1904     !•;
You will become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
Vo'Lume XII;, Number 4
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
Dr. Beat tie of Cranbrook was in the
cily Monday.
. Dr, Walkem is opening an ollice in
H. Hnuson of Winnipeg wns a visitor
in the city the past week.
W. J. Hluiidell is moving his stock of
groceries to the J. airU F. block today.
Soon as matters are adjusted  a lelc-
. phone    system    will   bo   installed  in
Fernie.   - ' ^
N. E. Sucldaby will shortly move his
drug iind stationery business to the
Fernie block.
Miss K. Charlton, music teacher,
left Monday evening for her home in
St. Thomas, Out.
General Superintendent Drennan of
Ihe Coal company is "moving into the
Stockett cottage today.
W. F. Vance of tlie O. K. barber
s>!iop moved yesterday into the store
west of Quails hardware.
R. W. Tod, a Toronto drummer,
was drumming up customers for his
house Saturday and Monday.
"Brown's in "Town" at the Opera
House November 7. What if it is.
. Brown is not a short suit in Fernie.
J. L. Smith, formerly of Fernie, but
now a resident of Calgary, was shaking
hands with old acquaintances this week.
A big dinner will be given in Ihe
Union Restaurant, Fernie, tomorrow
evening in honor of the birthday of the
Emptror of Japan,
ATllrTTute, a well "known lioleiniinn
Frank Dunn of Coleman, Alia., is
in town renewing old acquaintances.,
D. McNusli'and Mrs. McNush of
Elko were visitors to the city this week.
A. G. McKay is moving his sawmill
at Poplar creek to East Kootenay, near
-. Howard Chepman of Victoria, was
taking orders for ladies' fancy goods
this week.
Mr. Langton, general auditor of the
Coal company, and family left for the
east on Tuesday's train.
The west bound passenger train was
three hours late Tuesday, owing lo a
delay on the main line."
Jno W. Wakley arrived last week
from Lindsay, Out., to take a position
with the Trites-Wood Co.
W. \V. Thompson, manager of the
Coal creek, was in the city on business
the early pari of the week.
A 100-yard foot race ie being.arranged between Fred Mitchell of Fernie and Retnvick of Slocan City.
Owing to the absence of the editor
in Nelson and Slocan, the local news
in The LiUk-.f is short-this week.
j. B. Morris, the popular traveler for
J. Hersch & Sons, Montreal, was taking orders for cigars in the city Mon-
J^  ._ . ___
London, Nov. 2.—Negotiations between Russia and Great Briiain looking to a
settlement of the North Sea affair are progressing favorably and there is not the sliohiest
danger of a friction arising between the two governments.
Ambassador Benckendorff is understood to have assured King Edward thai Russia's
disposition towards Britain at the present time is of the friendliest, lie is said lo have
conveyed to the king a further expression of the czar's regret for the occurence in
the North Sea.
Port Arthur Tomorrow
Tokio, Nov. 2.—An official report tells of an attack began on Port Arthur the night
of Oct. 26, and which is still in progress. Tlie bombardment is reported to be provmg
very effective. The Russian ships in the harbor are reported to have been badly damaged
and two set on fire. It is possible that the fortress will be in the possession of the Japanese
troops tomorrow.
Japanese Reinforced and Aggressive
St. Petersburg, Nov. 2.—The Mukden correspondent says the Japanese have received
reinforcements to-the number of 50,000 men. The Japanese have constructed strong fortifications and a frontal attack by the Russians is put of the question.
Awaiting the flaniac
Tangier, Nov. 2.—The officers of the Russian war vessels now here are awaiting the
coming of Vice Admiral Rojestvensky.
Still in Bond
•    St. Johns, Nfld., Nov. 2.—Election returns received today indicate ihe return of the
Bond Government.
of Spokane, and formerly of Kaslo, is
looking over the cily wilh a view io engaging in business.
Conservative Association will meet
in campaign rooms at Kings Hotel,
Saturday evening S o'clock. Cordial
invitation extended lo all.
Fernie Lodge, No. 31, K. of P., will
hold an important meeting Friday
evening in Odd Fellow's hall. All
Knights in the city are invited. A real
Pythian evening is promised.
I lalloween was celebrated in Fernie
hy ihe youth in accordance with ancient
custom. Hussitiess signs yyere changed, vehicles moved lo out-of-the-way
places, ami other practical jokes played
hy the lad.
Monday last part of Ihe material Tor
new Anglican church arrived from'the
coast, and the balance is expected this
week. Work will be pushed ns rapidly
ns possible in order to hold the Christina!! services in the church.
Con Wlii-hm, brother ol T. Whelan,
who Ivan been visiting at ihe old home
in Napanee, Ont., will return lo Ferine
aflerjhe Dominion election. Although
numerous rumors have been circulated
about Con, he hasn't yet brought any
extra railway tickets.
Nat Darling, the well known traveler
for ihe Mainland and British Lion
cigars, manufactured hi Vancouver,
called on Tun l.KiHiK Tuesday. Mr.
Darling hns* just returned from n trip
to the St, Louii Fair, without heing
held up or purchasing 11 gold brick.
He reports bu&incw on this irip In-ller
than It liaw been for months, He
leave* 10 morrow for the Slocan.
Tlie Ureal Northern steel in no*
within about two mile* of Ferule.
U'Ihjii (lie road 1 > completed I bin far, it
will itavu the elfccl of greatly luca-asing
lite output of coal, ItVwill nl*o bring
Spokane within a few hour* ride of
Fertile. Scarcity of cart ha* greatly
retarded lite output oftv.il mini* in the
pant few ivioiiiIh, hut wilh another
r.iHmrid thi* difficulty will he ovrrrnnir,
nnd the shipment* ol coat nnil coke
will he nearly doubled
S^ Stevenson, of Lelhbridge,
Alia, arrived in Ihe city Monday to lake
a position with P. G. McLeod, merchant tailor.
Wires nre being stretched from the
C. P. R. to the Opera House today
and a ticker put in to take the election
returns tomorrow,
Haglcs are requested  to clinch the
nails in their wings, lor there will be a
lly lime in the upper story of the Todd I
block tonight,
Tomorrow will decide whether it is
blue-ruin or not, according to the
political views held by each individual.
Fither the Grit or the Tory will see a
brighter sun on Friday morning.
In 11 few days A. W Wendsdell
will'.move to tho J. nnd F. .block
and his 'present premises will be
occupied about the 15th inst hy F. J.
Mitchell wilh a full stock of semi ready
made clothing.
On Thursday the 27th of October,
at the residence of James •hirrown,
linker' avenue, David Pritch.ird and
Miss Jane Ann Miller, both of Fernie,
were married by Rev, J. Robson, I).
A,, MelhoJisl minister.
Fernie Aerie, No. 561, Fraternal
Order uf Hagles, will open their new
hall in ihe Todd block this evening.
All members are invited to lie present, j
The order occupy the whole upper portion of the block, for lodge and ban-
quelling rooms. The banquet room
is occupied once a week for the meeting of the Miners union.
For uouie lime past the police court
ofl-Yrnie has done it large business,
more caws having come before il than
in any cii v of the population in Canada.
There ha» Ivcn a very noticeable de.
crease io police court bo*5nes* the punt
Iwo week*. Whether thin decreuwe
may Ins attributed to 'tho influence of
Tint I.KiNiK wo leave the public to
judge. However It U a fact since the
nrM Untie Ihe arreiti have been fewer,
and sinew the l,i*t U»ue only one case
wtiii before hit honor—a drunk and hi*
Tomorrow night the returns of ihe
Dominion election*; will lie received and
To Raise the Wind
effect that the Japanese financiers have resolved on resolute measures to provide the war
funds for the coming year. These measures are estimated 10 produce 770,000,000 yen, part
from the new war tax and 550,000,000 from loans. With regard to the loans several banks
have already pledged.themselves to provide 300,000,000 yen. Of this, 150,000,000 yen will be
taken by the Bank of Japan, nnd-by the post-.&stfvings bank, and the remaining 150,000,00j
willbe arranged for when the necessity arises.
The Fernie Lumber company cut
about seven million feet of lumber the
past season.
For sitting behind Ihe check-rack
one of the local experts was requested to call on the police magistrate
Tuesday morning. His honor inserted
ihe "pry" for $25 and incidentals.
R. G. McLeod of the Spyglass Mining company has given out the
following returns from the recent shipment of ore from the mine to the Mull
Mines smeller: 581) ounces silver, 7.6
ounces copper, 16.7 ounces lead and
X ounces -fine to the Ion, This ore is of
high enough grade to confirm the
owners' and manager's plans to continue work ihrough (lie winter with a
full force of men. These returns were
obtained nol on picked ore but on Ihe
average output.
'Following In ihe enrolcment, and
•u'ifnig-.- attendance at th* Fernie public Mchool during the month of Ociolv'r.
It will be seen that there has been an
increase of af> pupil* In Ihe month's enrollment. It would lv well for parents
to remember lhat the government grant
ii based upon the average nltendiuue,
and In order 10 avoid increased local
taxation for school ptirpouc* children
should he regular In their allendame.
In wwie of Ihe division* the teacher*
have loo many puplt*.    Following i«
Ihe report:
l*t. 'Jnit 9r»t. 1th. 5lh
Enrollment Oct. I 5W  M   I'-  49  at
KiiteftHlioOct...   r    i    h    i  10
Toini  115 m m in n
Averngtt alt../? Mll.»wai.i«li«frit* 44
Puulli tiUt-olW'l      'l"it
(junernl averafpi attendant* IW. 71
Madrid, Nov. 2.t-Prolonged and tumultuous scenes have occured in the
chamber of deputies during the course
of debate on proposals of certain deputies.
When the discussion was resumed
Saturday the disorder consequent on
the opposition's obstructive tactics compelled a suspension of the siding and
the appointment of a secret commit tee
to give judgment concerning the insults exchanged during the debates.
The sitting was subsequently renewed.
The opposition obstinately demanded
roll calls on votes, and the proceedings
were heated nnd disorderly.
Tho president, being threatened whh
personal violence, had to be protected
by the clerks and attendants. .The
crucifix behind the president's chair
was overturned by blows of Mocks; all
ihe writing material on adjacent desks
was swept to the floor, aivi inkstands
were (hmg ;u the viewri-v-iidua.
Premier Maura was   present  in   the
ministerial bench.    It is repotted thai j
Premier Maura will suspend the sidings |
Services will be held in the city
churches next Sunday as follows;
Kaily service 8 a. m., with short instruction in two language* ; high mass
at 10:30 a. m., with instruction in two
languages; Sunday school at 2:30;
evening^sorcice, 7:30 p. m., wilh instruction. Service each morning al X
o'clock.' Ri:l„ F.VTIli'it Cocm.A, „
Priest in charge.
nii'Ki'H or i'N<;i..\.\u.
In Opera House, at 11 a, m,, inalins
aud sermon; evensong and sermon,
71,10 p. in; Sunday school, ^;,?op. in.
Rev. K. R.illAiin.i 11. M.A.,Rcclor.
Services" 11 a. m, and 7:30 p.m.;
Sabbath school al u noon,
Al. present there is no regular minister, but it Is probable ihe congregation will extend a call  to  Rev,  Alc\.
PH'.m, Villi'' ll.i-i l.'t'l'Upil.d    lliC pulpit UU
Ihe past fvw Sundays,
Corner of IVIIad avenue and W-m.!
(KioiiiTliH ll«r:iMi
Win, Gordan has opened an ollice in
the Mrt'alliun block.
Dan Itremner is recoveiing from an
allai le of appendicitis.
A bear occasionally conies to Fast
Konienay mill and looks at ihe town.
Work is progressing in a most satisfactory manner on ihe waterworks
plant and the water will he turned on
in a few days. 11 is going to prove a
great convenience to ihe people aud as
rapidly as the work can be done conned ions are being made for ihe many
For the benefit of those who do not
happen lo know,* it might be staled
:11.11 any person whose name is on the
list will be entitled to vote at any place
within the legislative district in which
he is registered. That is to say, if a
person living in the Fernie district was
registered in lhat district he might vole
any place in lhat district from Crow's
Nesi to Klko, but he would nol be
allowed to vole at Wardner or any
place in the Cranbrook district.
Tom Pi odor, of Nelson, was in town
several days last week. Mr. Proctor
represents ihe Kootenay Valleys Land
company and said that there had been
a steady demand for the company's
lands the past year, and lhat tho«e
pieces lying near Klko had all been
sold. The building of the Kootenay
Central will create an additional demand fur these lands and in fact Mr,
Procter is of the opinion that within a
cultural portions of (hat lauds will all
be sold.
Harry Mellon has relumed from
Poplar t'reek and for the past month
has worked ou Ha Ha Ceeek, He has
associated with him this year J, P.
Schumi'k, an old lime prospector of
Weit Kooteiiay and one of the original
owners of the famous Sweed group al
Poplar. These gentlemen are doing
further development work on Mr. Mel-
Ion's iron properlj and the more they
do the heller the properly looks. They
came into town last Monday for supplies and expect lo keep up work as
long as the good weather lasts.
The City council mei Fridav evening
last with Mayor Stork in the chair.
All the members were pioeni with the
exception of Alderman Triu-x.
A. J. Purdy rcieived permission ti>
move his building to his own loi, but a
resolution was passed thai no more
would be granted within the lire limits.
A lesiilulion was passed ordering ihe
purclia.se of a safe.
The report of the finance conuuiltee
was presented by Chairman Campbell,
recommending the payment of the following accounts: School hoard, !S<>o.i;
F. J. Wiilson, lumber, S.'i.fM; Moll &
Fnrquharson, carpenier work, $2^,10; <
Registrar oi' land liik-s, Nelson, $10;
J. R. Wallace, printing, $711.70.
Aldermen MacLean and Lephardl
introduced the Curfew bvlaw, which
received a first, second and ihird rending. From March 1 iu October 31 the
school bell will ring at S p. m., the
balance of the year at 9 o'clock. Child-
len found on the street after ringing of
curfew will be taken into custody and
ihe parents notified. The In-law will
be reconsidered at next meeting ot
A comimmicaliou was received from
the board of school trus-lecs, asking
that water connections be made-with
school building, and on motion of
Aldermen Lephardl and MacLean the
request was granted.
Council adjourned lo meet Friday,
,4th November.
and ask the chamber for a vole of con- \ street.    Services at   11 a. m, mid 7: ai
tidence. | p, ,„,. Sahbalh school al  2:30 p. 111.
Rr.v. J. Uiiiiso.s, II. A., Pastor.
II. 0. Totiiiei'o
The Inst issue of ihe Kvlowna Clarion
contains n most Interesting tu'couut of
the tobacco Industry in thai fertile section.    Kelowna toKirco is of superior
Maker street.    Services at   11 a. in,
and 7:30 p. m.; Ilihle school 1 j;t«ip,m.
Subj.vis fur Sural,ly,  Nov. 0: Mom-
..... .  .    ling,   "Neg.iliui   Religion;"   evening.
quality nnd Inn Weil pronounced '■> j..(-,„,>,,.„ ,vfy (JihI >"
Rev. I. R. li. Poole, Pastor,
W'Milling Hells
A very happy event look   place in
Lardo   on Wednesday,   October   -ifitli
when   two   of   l.ardo's   most  popular
young [people were   united in  matrimony.    The  contracting parlies were
George A. Proiilx, a prominent young
mining    man,   and    Miss   Culharine
I'leli her.    This being the first wedding
10 lake place iu Lardo made it  a  most
interesting and  pleasing eveni.     The
ceremony look place in the dining room
of 1 lie Commercial Hotel,In the presence
of al'oiil   forty  invited  guests—Kaslo,
Argvota and Ilowser being represented.
Rev.  Fuller Jeaniuitte nuVi'iled.    The
bride was assisted by  her sister   Miss
Rhoda Fletcher, who were twlh prettily
..tiltv.l l',« 1 the ,v,\i -ii'ii and F.   S.   ,*iL-
poiiiitd ably I'oniii-d the dnlies  of Ix-st
>ii;m,    Ai'u-r the iirciiioiiy  ihe  gucsls
s.it down Io a well spread  lablo,  lo
m hi, li auiple justice was iUm\:    Songs,
speeches and dancing was indulge.1  in
until   a  late hour.     The   music   was
furnished   by C,   MacOonald   of this
town  and   A.   Anderson   of Aiginia.
|;'iank Mi Ouiliiii abh  filled  the position of master   of 1 i-n-mimii-s.     The
g.ivherlog I'm illy dispersvd, all   j'iniug
j in wishing Mr. and Mrs. IV011U a long
I ml    uriMvi'.nK    i"'»rr»#,t    li'V.       Tlirf
! brrle w is the  recipient of man)   useful
ami handsome* pi»M-ii!«*,  denoting ihi*
high t-shvm In utile!) site Wat   held  hy
In 1 many  fiieiid*.    The   happy   1 ("iiple
|,.li. 011 tlie boat fur  N't turn  and  oilier
.ifttNH4.il »ji.-s.» iu fftiw ».i» m.iiJt i.Kimmim.i'j   .it   Hw   i.>(Ki.t   Uintuc.    A
uu  k..ii4iii.i   111  ins   ,\ut011.111   .luiiia'.ij 1 uia-.n.,n   piu^iiioHus;   uwiu   t'ie  given lo
e^veniog.   Nnone «p|V.<rtd aii>iou*to|HK»ihec\iieuie pjrii/an*. Ihe arrange*
«.uiu •>.   lint* 11 i.'i fkititiMi Iht MHlM*jaMU>*ui' io tl/wigtwlf ihe.iinuityiwi«il
»urpfi«c« when  llie vUmhio   returns j association.     It   laurier, Sifti»n and
rnmc tn  \1 ftsr-il   tvrttttrt <r»« ti <•>> *l»i'*r ' Kif-l,Hm» ttrmiH  ^
t-st'ukucs mr wltat affiriim in tlw Nel-
mm l>4ily New*. Accurding to that
piper Ontario tan*tiiiuciuk-s that have
heniofore' glvtti a Con*svri'.iiitv«  iiiii-
j.»riiy M finwn $00 M 2,00m willy at tlili*
iA'>:!.;..in,rslifr"n f.ifi.;ri.f'.
Litxrids in the audi-tore nre ntpiesSed
lo pr.i) irimidibly. If Dkk Ikwdco,
.Sam liughet and Iktck Sproule gel
caught in a land-slide, gom) Tories
can't he eiperied to pray eitlier nudibljr
•u- toauiJibfy.
uuiite 111 AiiHirttt
At the  so-Wion   of the  Terrilorial
l^giflaiivti Awnembty, jutt concluded,
Ihe Game   Ordinance wan nm<iuk-d,
.1.1       «      -     *.- 1   • •
hmiU may now begin on Ihe ijih of
November and continue 10 the evening
of the loth of ihe mme month. Tbe
•eaaofi (or ger»e and *wnrt* now roim-
dde whh thnt for duck*, and the use
of automatic «ho4 gun* Is prohi-
expi-rlH iilmost   ei|ti:il 10 the  lliv.-m
leaf in quality and fl*\«>r.     Alihtuigh
Iwrnptred ai pri-seni by revenue and J C||KMATK|) ,N Co|(B OVKN
customs regulations which actually ihs-
criittinutv against the diuiiestu. pi'ttduk 1, M.isoniown, Nov. *.—Sieve H>n>k,
the Induiilry Is bound lo grow, and it is' employe\ al thu' llessemer cok«' plain,
cupelled lhat tlie manufacturim* of I reported iiilnv iho Inie lis* i»i..lu lv
(cigars cm m targe tnale will vn»n lvi saw n m,m thrown imo u coke ov.-u
resumed, ihe improved variety nt teal'i Mint rremaled. Corok s ivs he vr,v I *»*'•• in Lardo.
now being grown has alir.uled llu- at-j thrv« nu>n sciillliug on top of an oven)
tetttion ol manuf,uiurrr» in the i-a*tland a moment htu-f saw t«-o of them) Mo«lt-rn Iterpim.
and it is expected thai there will tv nn! jump to the ground ativt disappear In!    lL"»vo ymt prmtU-cil on tt* p(««o:'
t*'n-    »,".'•■ • -    '   • '      '' -'
-    ■      ,>  ^   ,i.  1.. .u., ,.f. . 1. .......... -        ■   .1. 1,     ,, 1,   ..I..,,, i»'i^.-,s...     (t'-»T'i '11*1 »»   on01s   r-^ui .j j
alt the iob.fi,co Itml ran he gtoun. | from ihe oven as chough fuel had been
There are at least 10,000 nrre* in thcfluwd into it. IWoner H ig.m IihIiv
vitiniiy of Kelowna, 1 ap.ibleof prottuc-! ordere.1 the oven dr tw 11 \ihen ht.itken-
ing liitiacto.nndii is tsiiuiai. J ihil eight i «il human Imiws and let*th inn- found, j
—A t J lie -World-s-Fai r- i n-St^
coal-tesiing  plant  erected  and    maintained by  the  United  Slates government for determining the composition
and testing the fuel value of American
coals.    Tlie plant  includes   machinery
for the manufacture of briquettes.    The
government made an  appropriation  of
«i\ly thuu'i.iiid dollars lo cOver the <os£
nf erecting and maiolaioing  this plant,'
though  some of the   machinery   was
contributed by manufacturers, and tlie
railroads made no  freight charges on
the equipment.    The object of the tests
is lo put on   record a  mass of careful
compiled data that  shall  have all  the
weight that   comes from  government
supervision and shallserve to establish
certain   standards   for comparison of
chemical composition  mid   fuel  value.
A prominent  manufacturer pertinently
suggests   that   ihe   lests    be   further
elaborated by lest ing the practicability
of burning coal in the form of dust us
well as iu the form of briquettes.    This
suggeslioii  is  so    reason,idle thai  we
gladly call intention lo the matter. The
manufacture nf briquettes, while un attractive possibility in this country, is at
present   practically    confident    to  the
Slate of California,  and  ils  growth   is
scarcely likely to lv of importance,  except   in  certain  localities   where    low
grade coal can lv briqiielled at a profit,
owing lo the high price of good  coal.
No doubt the process will  be  utilized
some day for making  i;<'hI   fuel   (Vein
dirty aud friable lignile deposits in  (he
west, or for   mili/tug   mine   w isles .1!
some of the great coal-burtiiug  ivnltes
of ihe east,
As a fuel pulverized coal is an actuality, not a possibility. In die manufacture of poil land cement, it his Iven
of high value in reducing Ihe cost of
burning clinker; indeed, it is perhaps
the one factor lhal has ilnoe roost for
the rapid advance of (he Ann-firm
Portland cement industry lo its present
coiiiMiainliiu' position. \» a tViler f'i-1
il offers those special rulv-iitiagi-s'
Thorough looibusfion, small amount of
ash 10 Ik- handled, and reduction of
m.liH'at labor. Special deskes f"l
hunting coal diisl have been installed al
a number of m.muf.iciuriiig planl* and
million   pouod* of high   gr.id«- 1 igar I The murdered man and  his .issailai.!.;    Then vou nnv iro ont •ml pt*f for
ii-liiiiui iiiigoi be itniiii.tiW gioviii, mvretm'UuoAii, iiriiimiiutes,   I.ih-.
places   where   Ihev   will   spend   ilieir
l liofieviitoon  alter which  lluv  will  n..| «'«c ri-MiIis rrp-»rUa sh.nv ,«  large   |W
iviiI.ikv ol stvmg. U MoulO ss-eiu,
therefore, thai oliict.d I, sts of coal dust
.<» boiler fuel slioitiJ |o« m part vol tlw
work now under way al Si. Louis.
•pi...   „■■. •. r■■»- ,- 1   -i       .- -       <
' shovel as ordinarily pi.i. li,ed needs 00
reminder. Hence Ihr ulilii'tiiori •■fthe
higbist postibte ixneiitagi of the heat
units In a pound of coal should appeal
nol only to the man viho pais for ihe
cortl, hut tr;c\ery mail »*tio think* of
fhe Import.toco of ronsrn Irn; »f'.- f% I
rrMXifies of thti touniry.
A»t4 read Prnfeiwor Sitnion'i b-tturo
0111.reel mi*
Y«»#, nioilier.
Arid siuilust jriitir ealeulu* f
Von, mat her. '. ■**.*•?:
••fjij    How much the enjoy- g-
••& ment   of   an   evening's jvj
entertainment, depends on \£
the quality of your Opera
The Ledge.
K. T. LOWKRY,' K'litor uii.l Kinii>ii>ier.
TlIK Letmik is pulillslu"! evory Wn'liios'liiy
Inl'crnte, B.C. Tlio jiricn iii «.'ti voiir. Ailvor-
tisin-f rates (tivun upon application.
The following editorial comment
from the Bracebridge (Ont.) Gazette,
comes at a most opportune moment.
We know of no more despicable trait
in politics than that which -lositively
refases to recognize 'anything coin-
mendable about an opponent. To
such absurd extremes is this partisan
rancor at timcR carried that men stif
fer in their business, friendships are
broken, and blood 'relationship
estranged. Especially do we realize
the absurdity oi this political hatred
when we remember that politics are
after all, with, the principals, very
much like a game of cards, in which
each player in striving to get the
better hand often employs every
known device and trick both in
shuffle and deal toward that end.
The erame over, both winner and
loser chat socially over their victories
and reverses. Or like lawyers in
some legal squabble in which the
court has ofttimes to intervene to end
as a personal quarrel; but the case
over, the two legal combatants are
seen going to lunch arm in arm.
Let us strive to rid ourselves of
this vice. Remember that each side
ol politics has its virtues as well as
Its fallings, and while "you may bo
justified In the formation of your own
peculiar party views, others aro no
less privileged. The opposite sido
have an equal interest at stake. It
Is not to bo supposed for one moment
tbat they are more ready to barter
away their birthright than are the
party to whom you claim allegiance.
Be more manly, more- charitable,, in
your judgment and treatment of your
brother man.   Tho Gazette says:
"There Is a disposition in politics
now-a-days to combat everything
brought up hy the other side, whether1
good or bad. This will have a ton
dencyto farther Increase tho dislike
of some one's opponent's political
views. Somo Tories have a tlis'iko
to everything Grit, nnd some Grits
dislike everything Tory. Jn consequence of this some ot the cleverest
men and ablest citizens receive, vory
Httle warm friendship from any hut
their own political follower*. Sir
John A. Macdonald wa» not loved by
many grltsj fow Tories have good
words for cither Sir Wilfrid Liiuricr
or Hon. G. vV. Ross, and iu like manner Messrs. Boidun and Whiliioy aro
not killed by kindness from the opposing party. Thu man whu cannot
•ee any good In the opting party
Is only half a man. He mi*s«h hull
the opportunities tor developing tho
human aide. What Is more tiroKomo
than eternally hearing jieophi iirgno
politics or discuss <|Uc*Motia when tho
whole basis of Argument U whtit has
been read in a political pij^t ? And
despite ear hoastal hiti-lH<,'i:ncr and
the spread of education, the vn-t majority Of people UvMh: i''!il;c*!l)
from only one source of supply. Huw
ridiculous to no often ht-nr, m-'oin-
panled by oaths, the oplnl .ri oik; hit*
of tbe bftseneniol tome lending man
ot the opposiug party, who, after all,
tune* llkftlv to h* «n fir  »   *-<i»i»M<i»„
for ladlea as he Is mft«t»-out mtn-v
In politic*, religion, in wuhnnMy, In
varied relations of lif« a little mora
dlserimlnaiion would certainly show
more noMe manhood."
It m Bttlawful to hct or hold stake*
on an election in Cannda.   th-mem
her this tomorrow.
'Thkhe is but a tliin partliion between jealousy and insanjty.
A wkek. from today most of the
Grits and Tories in Canada will again
be on speaking terms, and the hatchet buried in tlie backyard.
In the U. S. presidential election
voets|cast,several people killed and the
on Friday there will be 15,000,COO
ozone split with shouts of both parties.
It has been proven that alfalfa
can be grown around Medicine Hat.
Little by little "does.'tradition fade
away to the minimum end of nothing.
According to many authorities this
is tho age of graft, but according to
our experience for many moons it
looks entirely, to us like the age of
draft. _____     ,
La Presse, the great French newspaper of Montreal, has been sold for
over a million dollars. The Leege
is for sale at the same price, one-half
cash, and the balance of payments
on easy terms.	
Beware ot the newspaper habit.
Once formed it is almost impossible
to cure, and will lead a man often
deep swamps that do not assay a
trace of gold to the mile.
A Calgary paper boasts that its
city has trebled its population within
the past seven years. This looks
small, besides Fernle's record. In
the past seven years the Coal City
has Increased Its population a hund
red fold, and still the good work
goes on. ■
.Abraham Lincoln said that those
who deny freedom tor others deserve
it not themselves, and under a just
government cannot long retain it.
Abraham merely repeated what had
been known by wise men "for cen
turles. In tho human race selfishness makes us want others to act and
think as wedo. If they do not, our
first impulse is to knock them off the
our names. Get room 3,280 after
paying bill in advance.
Op. m.—Start for our room with
ti:.15 p. m.—Reach it.
7 p m.—Got buck to lobby after
depositing grips in room. Three
hundred people in line at cashier's
window for supper tickets; we get in
line the 301st.
8 , p. ni.—Just seated in dining.
Man from Mississippi at table has
finished hearty supper and is telling
long story. Having had no breakfast or dinner we attack the biscuit.
9pju).—Have had supper; being
late the menu is thin; but we tilled.
Just got in line at hotel postoflice for
my mail; forty-eight people ahead af
10 p. m.— Aave just found out that
there is no mail for me. Think 1
will go to Ixd.
10:15 p. m.—Start for room.
10:10 p. m.—Arrive at room.
11 p. m.—Ring for bell bov and
order pitcher ol water, but it doesn't
arrive. Ring again and giv.e boy
ten cents. ' Water arrives at once.
11:30 p. in.—Have been try-ntr ti-
go to sleep; when party in the ncx1
room on the other side of paper p:iiti-
tion get through takini: shown-
dently lined with shvt iimi. aw
water falling sounds likv tai-.;i t practice
12 ni.—The man in ihe room on
the other side of me has conn- in and
his wife is inquiring about what delayed* him. Extended argument-
man getting the worst of it-seems to
have no imagination at all.
12:30 a. m.—Am satisfied that in a
few moments now I will get to sleep;
thought comes to me that 1 have
traveled a long way to get into a
wholo lot of trouble.
A pur thnt cannot fail to     i™
(five    Butiniucluin    i<    our i k*.
kpet'ial pi-.'irl mutinied, No.
90104 at $S.,.>o.
Our ttorc't reputation ol
fifty years assure* latitlaction
in purchasing. Send lor complete catalogue.
In Fernie, is a pleasant
home' for all who travel.
Booms reserved by wire.
«$»  «!•  9$
0     ~. BENNETT.& MURPHY, Proprietors ■■-*..       '
The Filbert is now. the best hotel in the Slocan., : The Dining Room is
'".     conducted on strictly, first-class principles.   The rooipa are'",
large,.comfortable and properly taken care of...
-Electric Light, Hot Airi,, Modern Plumbing, Evebythixq
TJp-to-Date.    -'   ' -
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50o.      Tickets 87.       Main St., Sandon.   -
Bjiilbh hay Is »iln u'imiI in a
Medicine Hat j«i|#*f, Tin- j.hjit d-N-«
not say what it was balled for.
From tho dairy of a Kornlo visitor
to St. Louis.
11 a. in.—Arrived at World's Fair
dejiot. Get in lino at gate, and make
inside grounds at 12, Walk on-
mensurable cement surface to Intra*
mural station nnd arrivo at Inside
Inn at
1 p. m.—Arrive at Inside Inn hotel
lobby, |HH>plt-d with trantio mob oi
ill**) peoplo,   all  trying to got tn
clerks at counter a mllo long. Women
nnd children camped on floor; full
over a thousand grips; also punctured hy several umbrellas; get one
eye on czar la-hind the register at 2
p. in., hut ho regards us as part ol
tho landscape and does not deign to
notice «p|»eals for room.   Visitor just
! married pushes ns under the table
I whllo endeavoring to get a room.
Woman  with  umbrella pushes u«t
I aiifiinst a port, whence we find that
: the tide has thrown us a block away
trom the counter.   It Is now
j   ,11». 111.-Crowd prevents as from
getting watch hack In pocket, no
j leave it pendant. Have lost overshoe
j and one tall from coat.   Push toward
'counter, and man In front of as whom
< wu »u*p on glares at as with murder
,10 ni* eye.   htunihie over grip and
j fall on man while Biologizing.   If he
I could got his hands np ho woo Id do
j murder.   After two hoar* ol this at
, -     )   •    *">" > 'i * W,   j*k>%*   '.^-M'Vtlt       *l>'^,li^'l,'*jtl'»
{the czar with oar prohenslles dug
■ into the register,   Alter looking «t
■ hl« I rack for on« hour, and endeavor
! ing to get his eye. he shoata "Call-
lornla," points to the two register*,
What 11 UltiKh Really [s
A hlush if a loinporary eryihoma an J
culorifu: vlTulKence of the physiognomy
aethologi/i-il hy one port'epiivvnes'i of
ihe seiisorium when in a prediaimeni
of uiii'i|iiilihrily from a sense of'ishiinio,'
anger or other cause, eventuating in a
ptircsi!* of ihe vaNomoter lllaiiHints of
the facial capillaries, whereby, being
divested of their cl.isiiciiy, they nre
siilTuxed with a radiance clTeiuinuting
from an intimidated pnuvorda. — Kx.
At the lowest prices
compatible with quality the
headquarters in Nelson are
T. Whelan, Manaaci-
Qaeens Hotel
Pates  $1   a Day
This hotel i<3 a. home for all railroad and lumbermen.
*§»   "«$»•  •$/•"  *$*'
O    1}
In one of Fernie*s oldest and
best known hotels. The
Proprietor's name is.
Win. Eschwig.
± mt* m*. mtm
V^>      *JjS>      tffi*     <*>
(Jiilekor Way
J.'Who owns lhose acres?" asked the
Mranjjer, as they stoppinl to look nl a
low, marshy tract of land hy the roi id-
"'It's in dispute," said the real vsliile
figeiif. "I believe (here's n Mill of
sonic kind on hand now lo cpiiet the
"If Ihcy want to do thai," queried
ihe other, "why don't ilu«y turn a lot of
Ih»j-!» Ivmsc on tliosc lVug»r"
A Timo Limit
"I'm afraid you snioUe too innch for
your own good," said the physician.
"Well," adoiitfed Ihe piilicnt, "I do
smoke •iltno'.t continuously from morning till night,"
"Whv do y.ni do tlvOV" usl;cJ th*
M. I>. *
"Itccaiise it's the only lime I have to
imoke," replied ihe victim. "I have
lo sleep al night."
Druggist and
fy $ fy
1'ieMi'iipt ions carefully compounded
and sent to any addrow.
•§• ^ *ff
MugazinoH, books and newspapers
of the day always in stock.
Not Kvi-ii it Tour
TVruterlv she liid the «it<-nr utiite
form rw<titlc ttiove itint tinil ynm- Iw-fore.
She ntnde no outcry, she did nol weer*.
Siirh a moment was too prerloii'* to be
spt'ot in idle tears. Hut soon flu-re
i.iiih' rt linn- «lieu n h(<i!ii','i 11.ru.11e
nature niu»t give way. She lifted Iur
vow?, mid cried long and loud, Her
cry was taken up hy other* who Were
m-:«r, and it cclnvd and re-echoed mt*r
ihe ground*. Tlicn suddenly nit was
wtid wi- ire Ibttcnr-d out by the pUsiiiUall. Wlui «.c.i% ihe o t u! it all? Shv'
inUiortc Irmacl mrfacc an w* wrhr-!««.uKt t,n. .i.i..thu v:;r t «,,.>n,m    J-\.
Our Prices
are for those who wish to
Our Clothing is for those who
like to dress faultlessly.
Our Methods take care of the
money of the careful
And Our Guarantee protects
U'oidd you like to buy clothing on lhat
iMM* t vjui uoUuiig i»u I in unit-
octiiioii uilli Hiiyfhiiig "ihewp."
\V«» w,-<w»y libit- ymi tor a tmtomtr.
PR. McLeod
Ghenette & Eoss.
fienry $\w
* -«
If you are looking for -Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Sti'ge. Homo cooking, anil the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
Newmarket fiotel   «   «   Hew Dcmm
Is tho homo of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals alwa ys brady.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
Meat Market
Frofili and Salt >roats of every kind. _ Fish and Poultry in season. .
J.  MoMASTER, Propr.
Tasty Meals,
Easy Bods,
Nerve Bracers
Of Every
J.   F.   JARVIS    PROP.
On tho road Jeading to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for man and his Iioitc.
The bacon, beans, beefsteak, eggs, oats, hay,
boozerino and cigars cannot bo beaten in the hills
of tho Ltirdeaii.
**"""" '" ■'•■■n*-- ——*****-i. — iii." '11—...» ■■ in . 1 iiii..«   ■  u,m„mm   ,
The Exchange Hotel in Knslo in
like an oasis in an Egyptian desci fc.
Slocan folks ilock to it like bees
to a flower garden.
Has opened in the Todd Block a perfectly new stock
of Millinery, Fancy and Dry Goods, Furs, Corsets,
Ladies Hosiery and Underwear. Ribbons in endless
variety and color. Everything in fashion can be
found in this store.
With which Is Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, t8,7(W,000.       Reserve Fund, $3,000,000.
Agsrrojrato Resources Exceeding $83,000,000.
HON. GF.O. A. COX, President. B. K. WALKER, General Manager.
Dopnftlb Received and Intercut Allowml
J. L. BUCIIAN, Manager.
T.G. Procter
Real Estate
Mining Agent
Ranches and City
I'roporticB For Sale
Several Choice Blocks of Frultlands
Improved and unlmproveil, con-
veniont toNolioiion tho West Arm
The Kootenay Valley Co.
Have 20,000 acres of the bent neloc
tort tfiittl* tn Ka*t Kootennv nrijncunt.
to the projected Kootenay Central
Railway which will ho built; nhoril v.
Price from $8.00 to $10.00 per acre.
Five yMrs t«rms,
xaEsaesxsxsxsacsxa kjkjbskjki
Hotel Strathcona
In in n didightftil location and from Ita balconiea
can be mm a!) the Ix-auty of the grand acenery
that mirroiinrh, hem* In, and adorou the b«*y
pity of NpIhoii. It Ih the homo of tourlata and
biiRlnewi men from all parte of tho world. The
ciiirdne never draR» in tho mire of mediocrity,
and every room l« an enemy to tnaomnfa. If
you need rooms when on the way In, touch tb*
wire nnd tlio deed fa done,
B. Tomkinsf Manager, Nelson, B.C
„W0m9mm% mw9mm*m*^a*'aUmm%   1^^^       •>^aW     $^^»s**«i*«^>^^
The statement recently made that
there are yews in-England which are
the oldest living on this earth, is.not
correct, says Thomas 0, Ireland.
These, yews are'old, very 0W5
there is no doubt about that; some of
ot them were stalwart trees even before Caesar landed in Britain. Then-
is one now standing in the church
yard at Fortingal," in Perthshire,
which Decandole, nearly a« century
ngo .proved1 to ■ the satisfaction ot
Iwtanists to-be over twenty-five cen
turies old. How Decandole arrived
at an apparently correct estimate ol
the enormous age of theso living
trees is a simple thing, and the principle is doubtless well known today
to all. The ' yew, like most oth r
trees, adds one line, about the tenth
of an inch, to its circumference each
year, lie proved this after an In.
ve8tigation extending over several
years, and we know, now, a hundred
years later, that his dedue:ions were
correct. The old yow at lludsor has
lias a trunk 27 feet in diameter,
proving its great age, and lt is in a
flourishing healthy ' condition now,
likelts brother at Fortingal.
Their years are-few, though, com
pared with those of the trees I had in
mind when I inade-my first assertion
that the statement printed about them
in a scientific journal is incorrect. In
one chapter of his writings Ilumholdi
refers to the gigantic boabab tree in
Central Africa as the oldest gigantic
monument in tho world: This tree
has a trunk 29 feet in diameter and
Adanson, by a series of careful
measurements, demonstrated conclusively that, it hsd lived for-not lesb
than 5,150 years.
Still it is not the oldest organic
monument, in the world, as Ilm.ibnld:
declared, for now Mexican selentists
have provedjhiU a huge cypress tree
standing in Chopultepee. with a trunk
117 feet and 10 inches in circumfer
ence, is older than it—older, too,
by more than a ^thousand years—for
-iirtra?"benrBhwnniTTSoTratQsl vel y~aT
these' things can bo shown, that i*js
age is about ti liQQ ye/irs. To Ivcome
impressed with wonder over this one
has only to dwell on that duration
for a little whilo in thought.
■ Yet it is not so "remarkable .when
one stops lor a moment to remember
that, given favorable conditions lor
its growth nnd sustenance, the aver
ago tree will never die of old age-
its death is merely anaccident. Other
younger and more vigorous trees
may spring up near and pcrl»ii| s rob
Its roots of their proper nourishment;
insects may kill it, floods or winds
may sweep it away, or its roots may
como'.In contact with rock and become gmirled and "twisted, because
they have not room to expand in
thoir growth,' thnt they literally
throttle the avenues of Ita sustenance;
but theFo are accidents. If such
things do not happen, a tree may live
on lor century after contnry still ro'"
bust, nourishing, sheltering with
Its w-de-sprciidlng branches the men
and women of «go fitter age,-St.
Louis Globe-Demacrat.
For twelve years twaJapanese, belonging to a very humble class of
workers, have been drawing a pen
sion from the Russinn- exchequer,
says the London Answers. The payment has-been suspended on-account of the actual state of war.be
tween Russia and Japan, but it will
certainly bo resumed when peace is
proclaimed, when also the accumulated arrears will bo handed over.
Twelve years ago these two men,
Kitagalchi and Mukobata, were j in*
rikishu men, making tlicir living by
running between the shafts of thoso
lulu-wheeled, chairs which me the
hansoms of Japanese cities. In May,
100J, tho present czar, then heir to
the. liiissi.ui crown, was making a
tour of Japan, and tlie two men were
selected to pull his imperial high
ness through the streets of Otr.u, near
Ki ito. The two men relieved each
other in running1 between the shafts
of tlie carriage.
Elaborate precautions had been
taken to protect the imperial guest ol
Japan during tho tour, but atOtsu
he had a narrow escape.. Among the
police, on duty was ono Sanzo Taiida,
a fanatical hater, of the foreigner,
perhaps a I iuto insane on this point.
It was a danger against which no
ordinary precautions could avail,
Tsuda suddenly drew his short sword
aiiTT rushed at the prince. Ho had
wounded him slightly, and wuuki
have killed him but for the twojin-
"rikisha men, one of whom grappled
with the assassin, while the other, by
ii swift movement, turned the little
carriage aside.
In grateful recognition of their Ber
vices the Uussian government gives
a yearly pension of 1,000 yen (about
$500) "to the two men. It was paid
regularly to them through the Japan
ese local authorities. Japan is a
country where wayes and prices are
iioth much lower that) in America.
fcV a Japanese workman a yen goes
as «ar or farther that $5 goes with a
J wandarcd' to tlio grogshop, ■Tmn
utood besidft ihe har,
And drank a howl of h-nioimle and
iiuoIumI a had vlitur;
Tho same old ken* nnd (mrs were there,
tho ones we nrnjil to know
When we were on tlm roiimt top, 'Coin,
hoiiio fifteen yearn ago.
I asked about o>ir ol l-tlmo frl«-n<K
tliimfl t-lii-rfuli.-.l njntrty tn»»», *
And some worn In the piJorhoims Tom.
and Mine wow hi the pen,
And ono, the ono we liked the bout, the
hangman laid him low,
Tho world hunuuh the muno.rhwir Tom,
an flftw-r. yr-nr* ago.
N«rerowdi line np aga!n»t the bar,
and call for.crhntort Ink;
Now handcar** irnrnMlmj; *> 'J -y j'our
thr»ltttfY tlif-j- •hntihtn't drlid,;
tint Mill Ihe Mine oM watebwnrd ring*,
•• This round'* on m«, you kniw!"
Tho aamo old rry of doom wn hr-nrd
noma rlftiwn yesrs ngo
I wandewdtotJitclmrchjratd. Tom.nml
Mere i *** lire jjidivr.*
a'A a>M»Mi»!' M/»>* i*,l».*, ntu'.ii'l.. ti" mi* in .*. 1 i
Ut tai, (ertJMJiiled *avi.->; tui.ni
A*il (Iw «**»<(» W *•.««»» •lifwf'.njf tfri***-,?-,1*?
.where grM<4ii<l daUi-'a grmi.
So Kiragaichi and Makobata found
tl'euiselves suddenly comparatively
rich men and promptly retired.
Thev are still living, but the contrast between the present position of
the two old comrades is ono more
proof tiiat money counts for less than
character as an element of a success
ful life. Kltagnlchi has managed to
live comfortably in retirement" on
aUmt 200..yen per annum, banking the remainder with the pension
ollice.,. so he is now worth 10,IXX) yen,
a small fur tune, lie tells his nlogh-
bors that he does not complain of his
pension being stopped, for '*wnr U
war," and 10 has enough to live on
in his hi vestment*, lie has oven
sent 500 yen ns his contribution to
tho war fund, His comrade Mukobata has always been a poor man.
He has auent his money as quickly
as ho received it.
A few days ago a lady in St Louis,
while walking down one of • the
f-treeis of that city was attacked by a
bold highwayman who attempted to
rob her of her belongings. Did she
faint or scream or beg for mercy, or
do any of the other things, novelists
delight in ascribing to their heroines!?
Certainly not. She calmly and deliberately drew her rapier-like hat
pin and proceeded to do business.
The footpad struck a gait that Major
Pol mar might envy, and according
to late accounts is running yet. And
the lady still possesses her goods and
Another story from Morristown, N,
J., is to the effect that a Mrs. Stephen
Haines, by a terrific fight with a
mad bull, saved her husband's life.
It seems the animal had attacked
Mr. Haines and trampled upon him,
when the good lady rushed out, and
with a few telling jabs with a handy
pitchfork put the enraged animal out
ot business.
Still another story, illus rating the
strenuosity of the modern woman is
told in the dispatches from Omaha.
Louis J. Piatti, a prominent lawyer
and Democratic politician of that
place, filed suit for divorce against
his wife, alleging that his better hall
assaulted him with an ice pick and a
revolver. Shades of our grand
mothers! Talk not of man's superiority over woman. That is a
happy delusion enjoyed by our grand
But the average man of today must
speak soft while the wife of. his bo
som carries the big stick—and'uses
it  when occasion demands.—Commercial Appeal.
"Spirit op the Japanese
Royal Hotel
In Fernie is in a rapid
course of construction,
and will soou bn ready
for the trade of the world.
Wm. Tattle, Pvop.
etlllf® v
aiirf-*--'" FERNIE
Will be ready for business next
month. It will be up to date in
everything, and will bi. a home for
commercial men.
Real Estate, Loans,
Electrical Supply Depot
KstimalCH given on all kinds of
Wire Work,
■ Ivlectrie Light; Plants "■ Installed
iu any part of the country..
In. E. SUQDABY       8
Fernie Drug: Store
Just received a. full line
of High "Cirndo Art Pictures. Prices from 75
cents to St.
Ten Million Dollar Hotel
(. hi -i-,",- i> to huve the largest hotel
in tin.' world. It will cost $10,000,000,
lv twenty-two storiw high, and dwarf
in size and magnificence, it is prom-
Ued, any Mruciure of the kind ever
The Iniihk-rs and owners will Ins a
jnymlhaic of ("hii.-tgo and lumtern
.aritiilit!-*, It'..„lnl by Otlo YlHing,
who will Icon? them reeciilh* an|uired
block of frwiniage in Mirlilgan avenue,
k-iwirn liubbirditnd Kldredge phiec*.
I lie liolel will occupy the full property,
uu iMiring 41x1 feet In length by 171
ltd in doplti.
Hotting on KleetioiiM.
It i* not geiwralty known by the
public tho it H a rriitthinl nfTcncc lo
hvi ni.'iu y or hold Klukc* upon (lie re*
miIi of nru-lectlon.   Hire I* the law,
HvuH.J-»*»inU»i<» oft.iiiinla, i*. 150,
1. 0 provide* th.it "everyone who be-
»nun s ilte 1 iiM.Hli.in or Hie depotitury
of iMiy iiMiny - itaked wagerrd or
plt-djjed iij>«*i) lln re-Mill of any polilical
%w ohhi'k i|v,it i4rtiii»«ii—}■• guilty of a
inhctciiKMiior," Revi*cd Stultiteff of
CiifciJa,  c.   145, ».  7  pivwitlcf lliat
Lieutenant Yoshlchiyo Sato arrh ed
at the Fukushima station on his way to
the frout, where hta old mother was
waiting to see him off. As soon as she
caught a glimpse of her son, she ap
pri>achj!d.him, and gave Jilm a drink of
sake which she had brought with tier.
It is a proper thing for a Japanese woman to offer the cup on such an occasion. And then she gave him a potato
thrust through with a bamboo chop-
stick, and said: "'Stab the enemy
through like this, my son, when you
arrive ou the battlefield."
It was at Kokura garrison thut
some of the train-corps men were being
sent to tho front, while others were to
he left behind. A first-class private
suddenly went to his officer, dragging
a comrade, and said: "I am a bachelor
and can go without any anxiety; but
my friend has a wife and three children.
Let me go in his itead.'*
Tho other would not hear of It, and
said: "li is true that Nakoa Is a bftoho
lor, but he is an only son, and his old
mother has no one except bun to care
(or her, Let me go, pray, rather than
let him leave hit mother.1- The ofllcer
hardly knew how to decide.
A first recruit was In his sick bed,
murmuring all tbe time, "My sickness
grows worse and my strength Is dis
appearing. And this Is only one chance
of a thousand years to tight Huwla. 1
am enlisted in tha military reserve,
and am not able to respond to the call.
What a misfortune t" And he began to
grow worse, and presently all hope
was gone.
Suddenly he stood up In his bed,
changed bis clothes for a uniform and
ran toward tha dear. Ha tumbled
down at tha entrance, and uttered hit
last words, "Now let mo go to the war."
Oue captala, who kowmid gloomy and
troubled, was asked by his friend, -'Art
you III T He answered, "Not a bit, my
friend. I am awfully afraid that t will
H>«m be promottd. That's my cause ot
•-Why so t 1 should say that It ought
to canto rejoicing," tha friend said.
The ofMeer repllsd, "Donl you know,
my friend, tbat if oat becomes a major
h« will ti* moved to an Idle post aad
deprived oLtha great chance of gotag
to «!■* front r*
Oll ta Coal
It h hardly neevstwry totomrntni on
lh« fart lhat (he coal productrt of
Oregon and \V«»hington art combining
to rwrrbat the general Imrtwhictioti of
CaHfomlri fuel oil Into the northwest.
Before oil was discovered In CdiArrol*
Union Restaurant
Fernie, Furnishes Meals at
all hours. Everything first
Geo. Ichikawa, Prop.
The Club
Cigar Store
A choice line of cigara always in
Htock. Headquarters for
Ingram & Storehouse, Props,
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in ,
Rough ami Dressed Lumber
D. McArthur & Co.
See our line of Morris Chairs
Velour Cushions $8.00 & up.
Sole Agents: "Mason Risch Plan a
*-• i-Y-3 J
Order   your   Pall   Suit    now.
Natty,,Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher.
Sllvertoa'M Boss Tmlhr
.Victoria Hotel
Victoria Street, Kelson.
W. 13. MoCANDLISH, Proprietor.
'-..uest doiiar-a-rtay  lintel  irF^elson
Board-and room, six dollars a week.
Board and room by the'month, twenty-
five dollars.   Meal Tiekets (21 meal«)
five dollars. „      ,'  /■ ■•
No Liquor'Sou* om tiik 1-khmi.sics.
J. R. Cameron
Is the tailor to go to °when
you w«nt a summer
Suit of Clothes
He has the nobbiest snitinpi
to select from, and the (it and
workmanship is the best.
J. Barbery l.d.s., o.d.s.,
L. T. W.   Block,   opposite the  Bank
Office hours—8 A.m. to 8 p.m.
W. B. BOSS, J. 3. T. Al.KXANDKlt
Ross & Alexander
OBtre in h. T. W.'Block, Victuria Avenue.
ti. W. BMCHMKK. SlIFHlVlXlI) liKia iimi:k
Herchmer k Herchmer
Offices over P. Burns & Go's block, Victoria ttv»
Eckstein & Lawe
Barristirs-at-Law,   Soi,ihitors,   Etc.
Outhliert Uloek, Kernle, 11. C.
Prices—Ootd, Sliver or l^eaii  ^.l.eu
Gold-Silver or Silver-l.iuJ ti.bO
P.O. Bos »113
DiiKi 1Voftliitlii8li>r llmiil.
10(1,000 itiilim now in Mn\k from llollaiul
Krtim-n mul Ju'mu.
ltli<iiliiili>iiili-<iii>i, ItimcN, Ori'i'iilioiiDo
nuil   11»nl >   I'luiiU   foi-   Pull   I'luntlng.
Iloiiiu (Iriiwii nnd Iin|)orli'il
Oui'ili-ii,    Held   mul    I'luivor   KnoiU.
Al-v.iyn in   i'»'t in KUitruiii.
Gii-'-ii hmiM! full id l'l«ntn. Out KluWer*.
Klni-i I Wiiil-. lln}- il'ii-it mid wciirii mii.-iit'K
I'rttnloKuu Iki', or null mid nxsmtnu slock.
Viiin'inivi«r, II.C
Wanted Immediately
\ «*,<nilttt T«ii«II rnilt rr<*«, llmnilwrry.
^ »K Ulia W'K)M'l>Hr,vi«tii|CiirrMiit lni»hiii
ill- rioml liny wcvMy s O.tlll fri-i-, 'I'lii-rr l»
liliriiKiiny in llils work fur liii*l'Vi>rtllY imm
Over <H>0 acres. ^TJ'
tivitilnii, i/vii im in w-1 if Niirin-rr Woi-k liuluil-
luir On? t-l»iVi*»t si.il l*-i v;.il..|l..« lor <'nh«r<l
iiii.| r,fin1(ii |iIhiiiIhk. Wi- Mill ■!■ liv.r «<i«l» In
.•n«nt ■ ruin h'liul i-i'iulilliiii. frvti:lil imiil. Our
iiaiiil* liinr i!>«ii> iiiH-iiiiliiiii- lliat lliln llim »l
Imi«i«i *•> iim r (Iur Ilii in.   A|i|ily now fur Icriiw
Pel ham Nursery Co.,
tiT   Will m»l<i« iirr.niirfimiiiM fur lin-nl nm-iicy
t.: i:.i !..va.....^ nt i ii li.iUn uiiUi.rti>*.
In the Kooleuay Iciiowh (.'. O.
D.. the whU'IiiiimIcoi'.    Ili-hn-.
repaired 100,000 whiiImh wilh
perfect flutiftifti-Huii, mul in |ia-
pareil to rp|»nir \ouix «t fchori
noliri*.     Huiifi-t    work   mul I
hnni-Ht prh'OM i'm iny timt.fo,    A '^ . Q
fine   Mock   of   w:«tohe«  ft»»«l! ItOT*^!0T1   AT
Jewelry alwayR on liaml.    ifc.jWiuvil   Wt
on the look out for hta (ht ift-
innn Hook.   Two «loot* north
of ll.ink hnihlim.', I'criiii'.
i     Arc |»nj.fin'.l to rh» li'io Wfttoh
j repairing Ht iho
j.Ji»-v»>lry .Strut*. np|HMito the North
jt'rn h»t«'l, Fi'i'uit*.
v-'Pacific Ky,
$16 55
Westminster Fair
Selling dates: Oct. 1, 2, 3, 4.
(lood to return till Oct. 12.
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, $1 00 each
Any two, $1.60; any three, $2 00.
Samples by mall receive iirompt at Ion tion;
Vucti OoM, R«tort» und Jlii-li Urot bou^lit.
17*5 Ar«|mhue.8t.,   Donver. Vulo,
St Louis
World's Fair Rates
St. Louis $60    Chicago $65
Selling dated: Oct. 3,4,6,27, 28,20
Note additional datei.
Furniture and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two.oomplcte sotHol Bar 1-ixturi'n, onu
Letter PressejJ. Billiard and Poo! Tables
Cash Registers and other fipecUlltics,
Mill  Orders  Receive   l'rOin|it   'Attention.
R. Elliott. Kaslo, B.C.
Dimmer manaoer wantkiv-pkkma-
ueot-jutiuon ; rtpldadviini'einrnt j »»lnry
anilexpenw*: full liiitrur.-tlon» free ol cluriiD;
rlean de.lnil.U blMilKM. Tlin .1.1.. NICIKIl.a
CO., Llmildl, Toronto. (Muiillori tliln pa|>er)
WANTED—Quickly, few penum (« repns»-m
I'iEg •»I»TilUlied whowMle hoiun kdhiiik
r«UII unercbkdU and airanU. Ixx-al Utrritury
of f*w oountlt*. |U tuOti-jr Kiitl exi#iiM>» imlil
wetkly. KsMime money advamiil. CoinniU
•kmtxtrn. Permment engngtinciit lluhlmnn
taooM«fttl. PrtvlouJi eiMrlnmie nnttikwiitiiil.
KneloM Mlf uddKuMd tnveloi*. AiMk->.,
HUfitaiimuiuBirT Tmavklkri, sua, Ix«ri>iirii st.,
Change in Time
Oct. 9th.
Paifirrtlam from local agenta.
a. h. c A HICK
II. I'. A , N«V»ll.
A. 0.1'. A., vanrouvtr
BmImITy«*rt.i|j.rniii4* indenUI work.ind
mAtaftiMcunrofOoldliridi'tj Wurk. Vitlt
ouMla lo to* Mhwan r««ularly.
\J from nuttve iUiiiiii. I
r Aiftle J» *«-ll.ry, mml*-
. Kin* wntt-li 1-i-iinlnri^
Iter, llnkt-r Kt., Nt-Um.
flrjooiUDT soozsiTxaua
Steamship Tickets
0,11 OAR KrtT.
■S. V. H. A»MlL ir^JlMfM.
iln«*,tt.H.CA«t., WlMlf^
Ta »i»l riuni.KuraiiBWi jhjIiiU via C*u4lM
mul Am«rli-«n Uiiw. AujJy for aal!ln«
«!.-•, n*M*«mt full liifuwiitlim to Mr
l.». uKvlltut
W I*. Y Cmwmlnjr*,
- •„ i. ii \.
Orwn*lt# Crtnr* ll»-i«»»» <i«il •"■* 'v.*
.,..,.'.....,....,-, 4.Vh..«j(» *.x itm iimtt*pim*i(Ma n«c», M(vnmMliifn«rHi|fl||'r#l    m^t yv i,,rnl U\ mwri.    Im.-
pfananri Ami-rimn |.l«n..   «hi»v wl.itf
labor tmplor«-«l.   Pir*i c»«*■• l»a r.
THOMAS * KlHfK W, 1'^r.«
—— NtXSON, ■.C—
Mill anil Mininir Machltiary. Complate
Stock ofMltafUnf, Klitinjr", fit., alwayt
»n liaiul. KitlmatMi ftioilahi»d. Kcrap
Iron ImiiKht hy Out carload. Ilapalrlnf
and Jotibltiff.
ft. c. tnawit, •«-..
,        - .     .......   . ,   ,..,;   ut.*- |wviwn«» m va.hwUi*  W«ii( ikOuifMOMra
mm ,%i t.>'iMiuni Uw, ot by i'intMHto pay fancy prkm for coal from oti|(b-
:'i, '•■ ^i'.:'.h:j  ,"! i%   n.hJiVriiMM.}*Mij_ AUiAA.      Non   l>M   |!«<i3illt*   tot
iitiid t» IiiMc ti> '«.- trn-ii, indicted and j transporting oil hy pip* line lo the «nt
Who wept ami dipd ol hnlu-it hu«l'b!!v^,i«,^,.,Jtt-^5»T»*i.*r{f.a*vfl'«•w^^r.•■ |.'nJ««il hrdwp wmwt»mk mt*imt% wiht
*urt»* ircMifiii >tw» ngo juor im- J.-itiir Uw i.uprtvnc trnm h»ul »on'«wrM,j» wHrri^ tiw fvtMem <*l
Whrni ym wnoka a dftr
\ Hliii* t'rlf.*' HwrV"VanV, r^lnmlwi* and
luvAita Vfcttip uamraare talon UaoOa
HaaxtM, BAX aUttlon In Itw UriWn Hill
•van Friday molnt at Tiw VWiluir Imthrrn
corfllatl* InvtUd lo attrnd. J. K. I>i»mnnu,
NuUkOrandi. A. L.UIAI0, Vlc.Oraud; W.J
OaimnrT, ftoertlarjr.
Mrata avtrr Wadmtday «v«ilnf al * u'i-Iin k
ninal>ytliUnOaMlallal.l,ttariituii. Hujuuriiiiiit
irtiaran will rw«vt a >'yibUn wvh-utiiv. H.
Hitman,0.0.     Auratii J. H*u, K HlH.
JOHU MatATVUIB, Ourolnloti and I'r^-
VtMtel liABd Harr»yi.r.   Nfl«nn, II O
MrLBOO  IIOTHL.  VMI*.    All m-Wrii
UAMAtnmmu. Mm-A* rwtwii hi nmin-«--
OMTBOVHII, NRWiON.    K«r»i#«n
ARMriMR pUll.  Mimm.prautM. Rauui*
i *p la W. Only •UU b*.
^aplalt. Only •kUa'a«l|> ruiii»>ni.
' —        »U<ut Uw "*   -..-». - ..
t l.l«« rli#14 lite fiiid
IIAKTUCrr l*OV*K.  tm,
N*|a#>«i.   t»nlf
rl. ... 
Hkvan wwU. mkim \U»y At* iu ¥*tttm**i-
MaMlMKa\.fcm.*CK. lr..|.kt.i».
rtmm BKirraMiiiA Motai, im*. «w-
!•   aMftnd lit WW |» fafmvrto), «<»«d KVktf*
iZ!l"vfla     .   ^',        i ( IH4«Ji llV. ——.—
Wltoimmmlm Mararuantt.
lAOINIMAt t» * CO., ffc'MN»a* W*»
*i«M, orwanx and M Intuit a«|filM.
nfiTKilauii. «,C.
And tbtrt Wiprc fttvt* mht:Tt chlMrtnf
•h.pl,l,«v..^pt   irmaar Av-ar.l  m, nJu J    .|ki^, )|ftJ wffef
4ful ol th« w<m tloii tMAiki*i! ttir-l. I -   t „l(. t.,rtH» ;H ,Jw, t1;|lw ^jer,,
i!fnl t«)r»rim ht**;
AndiKM|h a tall, »Wte mmtarrieat, in
dr. JJ.-J (1h* I.i >r in be- tlwl ihoa* «ho to
K-t .*»i»il put up nnwy aro ar\Y«Mr{ai
(heap fuel for tht nwtnu6iclurer«i)f that
lection and Ut mill ultimately compel
coal mine ownm to he content wilh a
nrawtnable nrolit.
A ittnfirwrnf ttmm m th# nfirth
\V?ilf"«*;tr.HA ear-lt-tl, hat ilwafh
iW«iVi iii«i«i Vikiii inw, nm- iM-jtrch i-j-s U:m troinK on fori em eoaal of Fraaoa are mw cm
Tha man who wmS to aell tlw» 1xm."\y-Am, n» «lty lr*« w w>n frmnd'n«*ted  irttli JmAm by t«»l*jt»»orir*
toiae tiiuea ye*r» ago,
; jm- riaijjfwty *a«'**i i«r \m twwr.    |TIj« eharf* li |2 for thm mlimtet
la the jiloin<i h.ii*
Tlirwt'Fofka, anil a |»h*a-at;! r««»un*
for th*   wviry  ti-au'H. '■.    !!'- .
rfatfred by t«i.«r»i-h
HUOH NIVKN, ]'f..i,ihtor.
. ,r, -. ? . .i...
i.. f   ;f .-.   . .
•%<.)   t.^'.i  jfin *
of.'** '■   l-.A    '
mil!.»«.«nefntf iiLtk-. t#mji».
»    rt.il t. ii» am I i.i *«mm vtit
liu-iri. :   «i   i.Miriiti'.'fur.   li
.<»likt vttil l tamuf
- )f llw «l..4-    "
*..f    l«.
IUt Jii.l **)W <«« nro
I     t«l ■^rfrlllll'i..
Provincial Land Suncyor
m*itrt«.*-*»» v Tiwit .
rrmlui'f ant)
cjTawirirr a rn    m*«m»-
ErsMUaoa a eo.t Xrawm. «c  «h.j».
,  atltawttnfatiriaaa, Uquon trdrlcarf.
AfaMa lar Fabil aaar.
•I.   WtWm. JWiMI. PC
WMt**!*  !>-ii«r  in
Unit and Mineral Oalm»Baf»ay««i
111 Bo* MS. ime**<»A*mAtm~mmmom\ti,  8
OKana>rml   Stora».
.. MULT. THIUtC r«»RK*. doalfi In
Of«««rtia, DryO**a», Ii*. THE LEDGE, FERNIE, B.C., NOVEMBER 2, 1904
>HERE is nothing like motion
if you would keep your blood
St** i" circulation, and your upper
stopo from the hats of inactivity.
Get up early and go to work. If
you need a persuader to rise in
the early hours of the day invest
Sl.no in a SUNRISE, or £2.50 in a
MUST GET UP. These alarm
clocks wiil almost awaken thcdea«\
and you can secure from—
atenaude Bros. -*« in
0 Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
'     Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
.a Specialty.
Our Coding Due
i- '
Slater Shoe
Is the
For Men
fernie, B.fr
Ira Wetherbee, 70 years of ago, and
famous among mining annals as ono of
the discoverers of the second 4argest
nugget ever found in the golden statu,
winner ami loser of half a dozen fortunes, is working night and day in the
wilds of Trinity county, California, to
strike pay dirt. This old man, who has
endured with stoicism-reverses of tho
sort which either make or break a
character, became aware long ago of
the significance of worldly riches. He
now wants only what ho needs, and
luxury has become a thing unwholesome to the man who of old earned
royally and spent without care.
Wetherbee came to California from
Massachusetts in 1854 at the age of 19,
going from San Francisco to Marys-
villo by boat, thence by freight wagon
to Pentis ranch, and from there to Dog-
tow n on foot. After two months of
working for wages at $8 a day he
bought ouo-fourth interest in a claim
ou the east bank of Feather river. After three years of steady labnr.wluch just
made expenses for the Jour partners,
about one hundred feet of the mountain
sido slid into the claim, where all were
at work, covering their sluices and al
lowing a bare escape. Indomitably
they renewed work.
While working through the slide they
discovered- that the soil was of a different character and also the gold. The
ground up the raviue where the claim
was located had been washed gravel,
but the material in the slide was a mix-
turo of broken red rock, quartz and
red dirt aud the gold in much greater
quantity than before was unwashed and
Followinfflhis indication thoy worked
up to the origin of the slide, and the pay
kept getting better, the nuggets running from 15 to $1,500. They hired 11
"men to work the new pay and continued in the prosperity of the lucky
slide about two years.
"One morning 1 walked up to Dog-
town," says Wetherbee, "and while sitting on the hotel porch suddenly
noticed all but two of the men coining
up from the claim. Without saying a
word to me they picked me up ami rat
ried tne in, sat me on the liar, and or
dered the drinks for tbe crowd, tuvit
Ing me   to drink with   thorn,   and
describes a method of stopping a leak
in a no leas novel and ingenious way,
and not so trying to physical well-
being as that adopted by the heoric
pilot. The Norwtgian bark Flora,
bound lor Cape Town, experienced
in the Bay of Biscay such terrific
weather that she was obliged to lie
to for six days.
In the buffeting that the vessel received she sprang a leak and began
to take in water at the rate of six
inches an hour. All hands were
kept at the pumps day and night
without intermission. As the gale
abated the bark drove beforo it Into
calmer seas.
Captain Mattson found tho leak
was getting worse and set his brains
%•) work. He constructed a great
waterproof canvas bag, sixteen feet
long and six leet In circumference.
This he kept distended by the'means
of hoops. A window of glass was let
into the side, live feet from the bottom. The captain stepped into the
bag. and by means of tackle was
drawn under water so that he could
see the leak. The other e.id of the
bag being open and above water, he
had .plenty of air and could communicate with his men. Two sleevee
had been made in the bag and were
tied tightly about his wrists so that
he could work troe'y.
In this* way, looking at the leak
through the Inserted window, the
captain worked steadily while the
ship was hove to. The vessel rolled
in a heavy swell, and sometimes
Captain Mattson found himself trom
seven to ten feet below the surface.
A1; one time the chaffing of his feet
against the vessel's side wore a hole
In the bag and the water entered
and covered him. But he was drawn
up In good Jlme, the bag was repaired, the work continued and the
leak stopped.
NOTIOK is horoby civon Unit tlie Elk Lumber
* ami. ilanuftU'turUiR Company, Limited,
have suliinittcil to the Liuutniiunt Ot vernor
in Council » propositi under - Tho Rivers and
Strimms Act," ll. S. R C, Gimp. H«, for the
cleuriiig nnd rumiu''tig of oWructiona from
tho Elk liivcr from SiMrwnori Station on the
Crow's Nest ilriinch of the Cimailiun Pacific
Railway ton point ono mile down stream from
the Government ImkIiwmv bridge ueross the
sail! River nt tho .City of Fertile, uu approximate distance of nineteen miles, and for
makiiip the samo tit for rafting and driving
thereon loss, timber, lumber, ralt» and cralts.
The lands to be affected by the ».iid works
are nil lands nuutthiu-oii.tlid said Elk lliver
for the full distance of the proposed works.
The rules Tor tolls, iiouniacu. raftinu, driviiiR
of Ions, timber, lumber, crafts and for takiiiR
care of same until* delivered proposed to be
charged is siiuh an may bo iixed by a .liulf-e ol
the County Court pursuant to section in of the
laid "Itivors and Streams Aid."
Dated this Wild day of October, A.1>,1!*U.
per Ross & Alexander,
Solicitors for tlio Company.
Just Offered
A new' line of English Underwear that can't be beat,
per suit $4.00 and $5.00.
Also a nice line of .Sweaters and Jerseys,
want for the cold weather, prices $1.25,
Just what, you
1.T5, and 2.50
Yon will find here a full line of Gent's Furnishings, snch
as Suifis, Pants, Overalls, Shirts, Collars, Ties, Braces,
Socks, Shoes, Mitts, Gloves, and a complete line of
Groceries, Tobaccos, Cigars and Confectionery.
Phone 196   P.O. Box US
Oil Tuesday, Nov. i, a Watch Fob
and Locket, between the Fernie Drug
Store and Northern Hotel. Finder will
be rewarded on leaving same with clerk
in Northern Hotel.
H. 1\ Nrlsosc,
The Fernie M.-inufiicluring Company,
Limited. Sash nnd Door Factory, including' 2,031 acres Excellent Timber.
Complete and up-to-date machinery.
For further particulars apply to—
Liquidator, Fernie Manufg. Co., Ltd.,
Fernie, RC.
Have one of their largest stores in Fernie.
Lamb, Voal, Fresh ami Smoked Finn.
Bulk Oysters.  Try a gallon
MGcRtral - Hotel 8
Si First Class in Every Respect
yU MRS. S. JENNINGS, PitoiMtitrriiKrw.
Will open,next month with
46 First=Class Rooms
,   ' Every thing Up-to-date
I The Imperial Hotel
In the neaihjuartcra hi Fertile for  Coiiiincivial Traveler*
Joseph Jean • « • • Proprietor.
tho Sodal ami H»inln**n
\ Try one of   My   Full
alt       W*
Mott, Son
& Co-
pkiimik, 11. c I
„„ I   IVCf'n « •s*nv*
then they ordered mo tn piy
bill, which I promptly iii-1 U'hi-ii
finished at that place, they curriud tne
to the next bur, where they put me
through the same ordeal, mul bj on
until 1 had become an unwilling customer ol every saloon in town,
"After all thin was over thoy took me
back to tho hotel porch aud Bat me
'• Well, nova, now that you have
packed me all over town and got your
stomach* full ol whiskey at my expense, tell me what all this is about.
"One of them said: 'We bave found
tho daddy of all nuggets, weighing &1
pounds,-anil worth f 10,t>t0.'
"The. devil you have!" Bald I. "Then
let us take another drink.
"Wo went down to tbo claim early
next: morning, and Arriving at tho
cabin 1 saw the nugget just as the boys
Bald.   It looked as large ai a house,"
Ten days more ol work under the impetus of tho wonderful strike and the
partner! had gathered a little more
than a hundred-pounds of gold, the
biggest load they had ever brought to
San Francisco In their monthly trips
with tho treasure.
Soon after tho pay dirt gave out, and
Wetherbee gavo away his interests
and established himself tn tho hotel
business at Chlco. He mad* money lor
sixteen years, when his hotel burned to
to the ground.
Another hotel, which he put up at a
cost of 1115,000, suffered a similar fete
after nearly five years of prosperity,
llainptiied by debt, ho faced tho world
again, penniless, at the *gfl of 48.
He took to the mlnei again, prospecting on Unite creek and winning fortune
hack until the enactment of th* debris
law stmt him down. Then he worked
throngh Hutu- county and Pulmas with
indifferent success. Ho found conditions changed from those of th* early
60s. Mining had become a edenee and
men were delving deep Into th* bowels
of th* mountain* with machinery.
For ten year* he tolltxl with a partner, whom he lost by death. Sine* then
he has been prospecting with hU pre*.
ent partner, Jack Drenan, In Butte,
Shasta and Trinity counties, in the last
of which he ia now at work.
That he will make another hrrtnnw
may ha Interred from his words;
♦ We hav* worked op tali rartae now,
Rubbed the Prescription.
it happened In one ot the large
li(n*|ii'alR in a big city, where it has
heen found necessary to introduce
certaln-thae-savlng— devices-in—ths-
dispensary. The patient gets a
printed prescription that calls lor a
preparation that has been already
made up. At the same time he gets
directions f r ita uso. One morning
in Novemhor a jiatient, a man, came
in and described the symptoms ot
The interne gave him one of the
piinted •lips and said, "Now, Pat,
when yoa go home have your wife
rub this on yoar b-tck."
"Thank you, doctor," and off ho
A few minutes later the Irishman
reappeared, seeming rather embar
raised, and in his hand was the pre
" Well," asked the Interne.
"8hure, doctor, and which side ol
the paper must 1 rub on mo back?'
Is the only hotel in
Fernie run by Welshman.
It is the workingman's
home. Board and room
$1 a day or $25 a month.
££, ^!i_
ViV    >!«'
Sixteen Souvenir Cards with
Eight Views of Fernie.
Ueauliful work, and the
Canadian Coat of Arms on
each one. Sent by mail for
25 cents.
A.  J.   PURDY   &   CO.
A Hnrdwmo Man's Wire
ciiAiTrn 11.
K USKIl all the money ho had,
anil tlu'ii stretched fits credit
to the hreiikiiiK point. There
cf»nit> a time when 310,000 would tide
him over Without that he would
uo to smash, and ithe labor of yenrs
be list l'ut he. did not know in
what direction he could turn for the
money Ho irien anil tried again,
only to unci with failure. He pave
it up in despair, and went home and
told his wife, jimt how mutters .stood
and wh:it lay before them
She. liHicued quietly with her hands
clasped helnre her.*   When lie was
•throHgMrKho-namrJ13»iiri7"you'h>ive   jjaS^^S
been a gnml hm-hand to me    You
have been kind and generous    For   Hardware
years 1 have tried to oavo n liltle. '
I will jrive it to yon freely. If I can
aid to sat e you 1 will. 1 will i»riii<f
my wiviii;.'« hank book, and it shall
he yours."
November 17.-
If you're expecting tho family
to dinner you hail better look over
your table cutlery and nee if yon
have enough to go 'round and who.
ther it's good enough. Look at vour
carving lenifo particularly. If that's
not right wo can sell vou ono that is,
with the fork, from $1.50 up.
Romemlier tb.it we sell nil kinds of
tulila cutlery, knlvc*, forknaiul spoons.'of
H qiiHlily you nun ilopoiHl U|>ou,
Samples in Our Window
SKieppaB,d & Elliott
FKItNlR.  1J.C.
The Most lleautir.il
Love of country may grow at home
like the sturdy plant, but in a foreign
land it blossoms into glory. A writer
In the New York Sun says that some
months ago hundreds of Swedes were
turned away from Carnegie Uall, whom
the Swedish students were giving a
concert. Every seat was illlod, but
the unfortunate late comers lingered
for hours, hoping that thero might he
returned tickets, which they eould purchase at the last moment.
One woman, with tears in her eyes
•nd voic«, d«Uml that she had como
twenty-five miles to heir the Swedish
national hymn.
For mora than two hours a lovely,
blue-eyed girl stood with her pale face
almost pressed against the gists
doer. Finally tome one (aid to her,
"Como down here by tin open center
door, and yoa will hear better."
"No, thank yeu,H said she, In tho
softest voice,  "I can tee the Hag here,"
Then, toward the end of the program,
came the national hymn. Kwy we
man's head was bowed in reverence:
every man's hut fame off. A Hwedlth
listener, to teat one of the bystander*,
a young girl, said to ber, Indlffereutly,
"I doe* think lhat tune if very wonderful."
Instantly the cyte Hashed sparks of
Hre, and ihe low, soft voices returned,
OM-li'lv IN
U'holfhal* IW-afer* »ri'l Irir^t |intK>r!*r»
Ol  HiiM-S J.H'UOJ'H Alllj VlgHtK
District A-wit* for
I'otnmr-ry Champatrne
and SfJilit* Hi-cr
l>i.|rii>iit«*r» of
ChamlMnialn and
I'liaraoh t'ijMrn
jr-WRMTf     r». O.
beautiful in alt the world."
11 •
.   VI
III     1
»»i'i.-k 'r.
»   Villi 11
»». %.
MVlAVVm* Irtfiwr Mat «a*« ^riiantr.
JUmta««**rtm*m nMh* ***A •** *rr-,J J«« •**? <«r ™* '*• **?" ^
getting.   That pleee weight f» and 	
one $1.30. The roughness ef tae gold
shows that it baa not traveled far, and
we hope soon to work op totheledgt
lt««il   If  *>nm»«J   Irn <n   »»n1   »1.«»*    " •,-','   '
t"fitx)ualtjr Kudo wed.
The animals In the ark were having
If you have property to sell,
or v,i fi  to   purchase,  c.v.11
on us.
An IngenlouH Captain.
Many have read Mr.  Hop*!
.Smith's story of "Cap'n DoV who
•torifredop a rude In hto ferryhoat
with his arm, and that aevad many
lire?.   The Loudou Dally Exyvtm
It will oase away, said the tnrtoii*
Keep a stiff npeer lip.
That may be easy enengh for yoo,
groaned tbe tapir, but what's the n«e of
giving that kind of advice to me, you
.  Stop at the Qortn'. I hurl when in
Tiuui L<ik« City.
Adtlltioiinl LnculH
The King lulvvard hotel is never Ikv
hind .the tiines.
The issue of Tint Lwc.r hns Increased ,v>o in the past two week;*.
Scoly Spalding, rcpivtientiiig Davis
& Suns, Montri il, i* a guest at tht-
Mastcrnon, (Iriflith .t Co., Trout
Lake, haw .ill tin- supplies needed hy
lumber camps and mine*.
The B. C. Furniture foinpany**rc-
ceived two carloads of furniture for the
Waldorf hotel this week.
Visitors lo Sandon need never fenr
the pangs of hunger. 'Hie Sandon
Chop house Is always open.
The cily clerk has request local
nu-rchnnt tailors in put in lenders for
uniforms of the thy police (mv.
The New Vork lUvwetynl SimJon
makes beer thai Ss famiHisnll over B.C.
Write for prices and then buy a few
In Fernie hut week n capitalist
issued a cheque that w«« «mh- by lh«*
feet iu size, nnd the writer never burns
hU tn^vcy.
Al Ihe Korilenay Snl«*<m in Samlori
you do not need an Sotrodoclton lo get
a drink. Put the price on ilic har and
the miter will do the rest.
The WakJorf mil» he one of lite he*t
f    * 1   *   1 ....
I'   C,  ilk-  Tm ii'ui'i   lir'v.^  .•..".v.'.'.l.v   w
l)j.<l ill the* Alii r J.I Hi rJllK-llllHI.
Mr. Lmj't'tv', liUMiJ .uOiioi of liW
cixil toiiipany has wild nil hi* Itounhold
furni«itlin."*ii to tfi»> ft   C    ♦•%irnt»rireiv..»',,
party, viUkh llhi-y are m-lting «i half lln-
prii e o( ntf*'.
Ihe King l-Uward U <w of lite
l.irgcU h.iul* in IVrtiH*. 11 ii'iil.iiiii
if roomi, and U fitlrd up wilh a view*
Uv   llial   »W»itV.i'l   i.i'  ^Vw»U.      Kttji   llit-
King Edward on yoar mind *fi#n y«»t
buy yoor iktust tot fernie,
«PicadiOy Clothing g
Heavy Fall and Winter Sliirts, Ovor«
alls, and Floccc-Llncd Under-
wear for Men. Fine
Selection of
Gkas. Richards. Fernie M
I a9m%mmmm„*m^-*»% ^^•WtaBlW*.d<^,^ ^mmmmmh.^   •m»^^4A\%\l\ t99m%^^IMitmm*Um%l\^f\l^mm% l*^,-,*J ^^Um^^^^aWmUmf, ^mmmm^yt^^j/mUUUmi K, J/§
What Is It?
Wbyll's    1
The Painter
■ 1.^^;. t»^^.wwiK-Kr>;r. aaeatt/
_7^SJgteKa^^^j^>w,^k4^B«B|^a|.^B^Are^B»_^v<^K-a|^SMaldk tk^'aV ,lhJ*|MribMk jja£KfegK^s*-jMJM^I^.^V4'^',lsaala*a\i*afe2


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