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The Ledge 1905-06-07

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 a/ /
"   ■ ■ //■
You will become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
"Vvlume'Xlliy Number 3$
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
Fruit Growing
In -mother five years there will be a
million trees "bearing- fruit in British
Columbia.. Fruit growing will soon be
.a strong business in this far western
The hou6e (amise is gill - ou ia - Fertile.  ;',        -       '■•■' ■£ .■;; . -
.   A daily paper is to taaaeetobliai^l at
'   Medicine Hat;. ^\^^v,'vv -.
' Itisrumoredthat the Fernie:Brass
. Band wUl l»w*9r^i^.o'J;-.
The'miners are piamsioj- (or a awn-
ater" celebration on July.lrtj'J
v  /Nothing   like   Jiavtag/;-.|j'verything
-^iuindy.  A 4xugtrtwe in .Alberta aelle
'..'•coffins.' ..'".'* -•_;_".',"-
V. The smelter at Marysville lias finally
blown in. The hot event occurred on
June 1st. /
-    Dr. Howe, eye specialist will be. at
the Fernie hotel from tke lath to tbe
18th inst.' ■, ','',"""
In W. H. Whimster'B garden   last
". week there were blossoms on the apple
tree.   This Is tha latest in Fernie.
Tli-*. iron-workers on the new'tipple
at Coal CfeeJ* receive $4.95 per day for
iiiue hour shifts. >
The work Is nearly completed on tho
new rectory and the Bait. E R. Bart-
lett >.cipeela tb worn in early next
0'A meeting will be held at 8.30 ia.
Christ Church vestry in  Saturday" to
'   inaugurate a branch of the Brotherhood
'. of St. Andrew.
Mr. McLennan,'a milk man at Mor-
" rissey Mines died of heart failure while
out hunting en Friday.   The body was
discovei«d on Saturday.
Summer readied Fernio last week,
•rind. 8w«lled itl-eEJI*   Hirer to *aucb
Ahat it will-hardly notice, even  Fr«sd
. .Stork, as it rolls .swiftly toward?  tho
■■   sear" ' v-
;.   An Italian, Arsenlo Gargano, aged 04
waa fatally Injured on the track .near
,    Michel onSaturdai*.   His toga yere tut
off, and he died while b-eiB-r, 'tefcea  to
.the hospiul. ■■'■■.
John Orel, an Italian who worked at
-the mines was run over bv tlie train,
a alrom Cranbrook yesterday in the yaidsj
liero." He was taker., to the toj^Ul,;
•alive but cannot survivi.
The Matt»nl_WlraleM people gave
Frank Lewis left for Michel yesterday, on his way to Edmonton, from
where he will push on through to Alaska.' si
Come, and spend a pleasant afternoon
aad evening at Edgeclift See the
Maypole dance. Ice cream, tea and
cake. ■      '-   .
C Chancey arrived fram tho west
Sunday morning' lookjng for work. He
is a printer, and he is making his an
niial tour through the country. About
this time last vear he dropped off a boxcar at Fernie, broke, a thousand miles
from home and no bet on. Luckily he
got a job, for he hadn't anything to eat
for forty-eight hours. He worked (or a
few days on one of the local newspapers
until he thought ho had enough money
to last a little longer. One night about
twadve o'clock he heard a freight train
whistle and he could not resist the
temptation eo he rolled into a boxcar,
and the next time we aboard of him he
was working for the Tribune iu Nelson
"He held that job down for nearly a
year, but he couldn't stand it longer,
he missed the clicking., of the wheels
going over the joints of tho rails. So
ho struck out once more After a few
woekn roaming about he landed in Forme again, broke, although he was
pretty lucky, he came in on the cushions
this time and got a job
A Chnnsre of Owners
The Calgary Cattle Co. hae sold its
ranch and butcher shops to P.- Barns &
Co. For the present no change will be
made in the running of the shops, and
nil the employees will bo retained bv
the new owners. Wm. A. Webster will
still continue to manage the shop in
Fernie which is now called the Calgary
Meat market.
A Newspaper King
J, J. young, the newspaper king of
Albeita wan in Fernie in connection
with(the transfer of tho Calgary Cattle
Co. to P. Burns & Co.. Mr. Young is
gradually selling all his outside business with the intention of devotin? his
entire time to his newspaper at Calgary. He has been eminently successful and his career shows what the west
will do. for a man who brings intelligence to bear upon the opportunities
that present themselves in the land of
the setting sun.
They Don't Sling Slang
4j*t.e exhibitions in the opera Iwuso
,-three nights and according to reports
imust have clt-aral MEpensea. Wo learn
-that upwards of 910,000 worth of stock
myas subscribed   .    ,    -..    "'
The contract , for excavating in
' -connection .with tk*. watervorke res-
aaorvoir has been, let by the Craws Nest
Pass Electric Light and Power Co to
J-gessra Pearson and Jewell, The work
lis: now under way,
Geo, Ichikawa leaves the end ol this
month for Jtajiai) m a vfeit, haying
Bold out his restaurant to Frank M.
Fukuyama. .He will iv-sturn about
•Christmas. Meanwhile he tenders his
•thanks for the liberal patronage he
lias been favored with from the people
aof Fernie.
A red hot, exciting time is looked tor
.on Thurcday .afternoon when tho Fer-
tiie Baseball"CltAwill runup against
the Hottest Coons in Dhclo aggregation.
"Tlioy plr.y on the recreation grounds
,. and tho Italian band will bo present
A half-dollar admission Includes a lent
«n tho grand etaud.
Owing to the hlghwater In the Kootenay ltlvor at Katka, Idaho a washout
aoceured on Sunday, derailing the en.
•gino of tljo pasiengor train, The ongln*
«or jumped Into the river and was car
rietl away. His body haa not yet been
rocovsred. Nopauengors were injured. Tbe train was delayed several
An oxcurajon will ntn over tho Great
VortUern to KalUpttl, on Sunday, 11th
fust   The fare will be 0.00.  Tbe baue-
At the meeting of the City Council
last night; a letter from the city solicitor
was read, stating that the Council had
no authority to expend the funds of the
city in removing bodies from the cemetery..
■- A letter from the Coal Co asking for
atbeque for $200 for payment on dumping ground was referred to the finance
committee. '
-Tender from J. W. Nunn and J. S
Volume re auditing was accepted- at
$140 a. year. '
Bill from Wilson, Sinclair <&. Bloom-
field amounting to 5960.12 was ordered
to-be-taxed .^—
It will cost $700,000 dollars' to complete the smelter at Frank half of which
amount will be expended this year.
The capacity of the lead stack will be
10,600 tons a year, whilo the zinc de
partment will be capable of handling.
18,000 tons of zinc ore yearly.. British,
Belgian and Canadian capital are interested in the enterprise. This smelter
might have beeu erected at Fernie if
the pro-motors had received better
Old-Fnsliioned Nutcracker
Gertrude Whltty, of "It Happened in
Nordland" gav« a dinner at her home
the other night to a few of her theatrical friends. She hnd told her servant—
a wellmeaning Irish girl—to brimr thu
nuts in already cracked. When the
nut bowl appeared on the table only, a
few of the nuts were cracked.,. "Why
didn't you crack them all; Mary?" asked
Miss Whitty. "I could:t get tho big
ones in my mouth." replied the unfo-
phystk-ated Mary.
-1 think it is shameful the way tbat
girl spits slang, said a West Denver
girl to a friend. My, if I twirled my
talker the way she does my blooming
old dad would dust my duds till, dust
was thicker than flies in fly time. "You
betcher lii-ass and serve you right M replied the other young lady. "My parents are Sunflowers of the same hue,
and if I should make a raw crack iq my
conversation, they would thraeh the
rosy cussidncss out of my- angelic anatomy quicker than chained lightning.*'
and they proceed to suck the juice out
of a lemon through a stick of candy.
A prominent Gr.ind Trunk Pacific
railway official is reported to have
made the following statement regarding the terminus of the railway on the
Pacific coast: "Tho Kaieri . Island
water is far from, satisfactory. The
only place is Port Simpson. The road
will follow down past Aberdeen cannery
Inverness, thence-to Port Simpson, locating on the north side. of the harbor
towards the end of the Tsimpsean peninsula.—Victoria Colonist,
It is the intention ot the C. P. K.
company to build a large steamer, to
take tbe regular run from. Nelson to
Kootenay Landing. The new steam
er will be of steel and- thoroughly
modern in finish and equipment. It
is estimated that its total.cost, .when
completed will be in the neigliborhobd
ot $150,000. The steamer will be
built at. tho C. P. ,11. shipyards in
Nelson. Construction will lie Oegan
at at early date.
Fairs npon the following'dates will
be held in Alberta.
Edmonton ,. .June 29-80; July  1
Lacnm'be J un'e 80;   J uly   1
Wetaskiwin July 4
Calgary July 5 6 7
Inriisfall July 7
Okotoks    July 11
Lethbrfilge., Aug. 15 16
Raymond Aug. 17-18
Red Deer .Aug. 80-81
Olds .'.Sept. 19-20
Strathcona , .Sept 21-22
Maple   Creek.: Sept. 20 27
Macleod ....Oct. 3-4
Pincher Creek Oct. 5
Take a rest at noon
Tbe Victoria Times sent in a copy of
a writ* up of the City of Fernie, ordered
some months ago, and which will probably appear iu a special edition of that
paper next month, at a cost of 975, was
referred to ad committee. ■
",- The Salvation army mad** application for the use of Band Instruments.
. Several enquiries were received asking about the. issue of bonds for the
waterworks and sowers.,
Mr. Cummlngs was intsructcd to
write Col. Tracy for plans aud specifications.
Clerk was inttruetcd to write Coal
Co. re price of water work system
within city limits,
Publicity and Exposure
Investigation causes trouble for
legal or. unjust corporations.
honestTpeopie- fear-the*truth—i*.rouse
the rierht kind of public sentiment, and
legislative enactment will compel men
to prize uoneety.
Publicity and exposure educate .the
people. Legislation with honest fear*
lessoQicials will, bring the oppressive
corporations to time,, make lobbying
with the individual a crimo, and thus
take the temptation away from our leg.
islators. Publicity, exposure and honest law enforcing officials will deliver us
from this trust curse.—Commercial.    <
Get into the practice of taking a rest
at noon. Lie down if only for ten minutes, or five, minutes. If you cannot
lie down lean back ih a chair and close
your eyes. Just forget everything
Best; relax. This practice will make
you live longer. It will make you
healthier while you doip live It will
probably make pisople want you to live
longer. It will take the. tangle out of
your nerves, the irritability out of your
temper, the wrinkles out of your face.
face fuller...—Medical talk.
No Laundries In China
C. P. R. Summer Excursions
The Canadian Pacific Railway, announce low return rates to eastern
points account following conventions:
Imperial Council Mystic Shrine,-Niagara Fall.*-, N Y., 876 25; International
Sunday School Association, Toronto,
$7(j65; International. Turncrfcst, Indianapolis, Ind, $70.65; National Educational Association, ABhbury Park, N.
J, 585 85. Christian Endeavor Convention, Baltimore M. D ,$81.25; American Institute of IiiHtrurtion, Portland,
Me., 92.70; Annual meeting B P. O. E.,
Buffalo, N. Y., ?7tl 25. All tickets good
for GO days. For dates of sale, particular's of routes, and berth reservations,
apply to local agents or write, J. S.
Carter, D P. A., Nelson, B, C.
y*y.ty*y.ty__\i_^i.ts\ttity.i. y.ty.tsit.y.i.y*si*si*si*y* si*^*y*y^sity* *-i*.
<;^*K w;s,^cv:?v1*r*5i«;>?*>:*? ww;;>r5ri«i«icv^i«;c *>i-^;cv;-??i«;a7*;fv;?
y* ° • ■      sf*
•vie <> *j;«
y.ty.ty.z ytyi^^yty-Sii**.*_!*y.*s',^_tsi*y***f> sj*op*.*****-o_opop\i*y_,
fl* ft*"?.** ^f.*^in_*rfi*^.^ti* tl* Vtnirii^t^'^v^ W">;^;rt;c*aw*v?iwKv;?
The by-laws to raise money for waterworks nnd sowers, were voted on Saturday with the following results,
By-Lnw No. 14, waterworks,
For 60
Against 24
Bv'Law No. 15, Seworj.
For 70
Against 11
As It required a % vote to c/irry
tlitaW by-laws both of them won. out
and tlwj elty Is committed to tho ex*
At Phoenix $100,000 will be spent at
once in sinking a new' three compartment shaft at the Granby mines., Tho
shaft will bo sunk on thu Victoria plain*
a raise being made from the 400 foot
level to the surface. The headworks
aro to'be equipped with a mammoth
crusher capable of handling 1500 tons
every ton hours. The completion of
this undertaking places tho Granby
mines in a position to output 4,000 to
5,000 tons per day. An ndditlonnl fur
nace, bringing the capacity up to nine
furnaces, Is contemplated nt tho company's Grand Forks smelter.
No need of ThnnkH
The Frank paper ii tho latest newspaper along the Grow, eicept thu In*
vailon of Cranbrook by the Fort Steele
"ball club engineer the outing and the P*°»P«ctor,   For a first Issue It U tbo
ixaln Ituvo-Tat 0.45, arriving tt K«U.p*l S^jW^l^^^i!!!^
*t 11 DO and reaching Fertile on tho
return trip at midnight.  The tickets
nre limited to 160.  Graat preparations
aro being mado for the entertainment
of the visitors at Kallspet.
r.ewls and Clarke Kxposltlon at Porta
land, Ore.—Juno lot to Oct. 16th.  Fare
•27,00 for round trip,  Tickets on sale
from June lt-t to Sept. 00th and llmltad
to 00 days from dato of tale, but not
later than November 00th.  Stopovers
will bo allowed at any point In either
dlroctlon wftnln limit of ticket.   A fee
ol fifty cents will be charged at Portland for eitoDtlou of return tickets.
la no wonder for Charley Smithorlngalo
done timo on Tint Luixik whon Its ban*
ner fluttered in thn hot brnezos of old
Nakusp, His partnor Is called Drutiim,
an excellent naino for a newspaper
man, and botweun tho two thoy should
make enough to have honoy on their
hotcakos ovory morning,
It's a funny thing to^me said an old
sea captain who for many years waa in
the China trade, tlio.t nine out of • every
ten Chinamen wlio come to this country
open laundries and engage in. a business which does not exist, in their native land.
As everyone knows, the Chinese at
home wear soft cotton and woolon gar-
Monte, according to the Benson, and
there is not a„pound of starch in, all
China. Stiffy starched clothes are unknown, and the Chinese do not do the
washing us thoy do in this country.
Neither aro thero nny laundries in tho
Flowery Kingdom. Therefore it is
more than passing strange that Chinamen aii/mld. all come to America nnd
enungo in n trado so foreign to thoir
home industries.
Another Oil Company
. One of the late companies formed to
operate in the oil fields of Southeast
Kootenay is the Southeast British Col-
umbia Land and Oil Co. It has a capital stock ofSS7o,000, and the head ollice
controlled by. the company are.situated
in block 4593 in the heart of thc, section
chat is being developed for oil. It controls somo U00 acres of land. .Severn}
citizen of tliis.ciiy._nre interested iu this
company. . .Since ils inrp.rpQralionJn
January the company' his purchased
and paid for a corhpleto drilling plant
at the coHt of 918,000 and hns it installed
on the ground. r The plant consists of a
first standard drilling rig, sawmill, well casing, and in fact, everything necessary to pibsecuto speedy do'
yc-lopment—Rossland Mi tier.
(From the lltuttlitj
,Conductor G. II. Mannhnn is another railroad man presently to da-s
en the ranks of t\v\ bachelors, lie
will be married in Belle vile, Ont., on
June 15th to Misj_ Muriel l.obin ol
The Fernie football team gave the
Cranbrook team a bad deleat last
week. The score was seven to one.
The field wa3 a mass of mud and
slime and although tho Cranbrook
boys could not keep their feet on the
slippery stuff it seemed ns if the
Fernio boys had no trouble.
" G. E. Haywood*"'who has been accountant at the North Star mill, left
today lor Mansville, Saskatchewan,
where he will engage in thc general
merchandise business with _>\ _G.
Long, formely with C. E. Ried &. Co.
Walter McKay, of Brandon, takes
Mr. IIaywocd8 place at the mill.
Neil McLeod Curran manager of
the North Star property, returned last
Friday and went to the mine on Saturday to arrange for tne resumption
of work on that property and also the
Midnight, Stemwindev and Ontario
claims' that are on the same liill as
the North StatC Mr. Curran said
that he wodid pat on a small force
and thoroughly prospect the property,
with the view of locating the ore body
in the Star and develop the other
properties. This is good news to the
peopleyjf the district, and the .fact
that Mr. Curran will have charge of
the work is au assurance that it will
be systematically done and with the
best results.    ','.'"
From tha; .Times
The International hotel at Coleman
has again changed hands.
Mr. Burnett, cf Lethbridge, has
leased the Paden block in Beitevue
and will open up a general store in
that town. -
Jock Cameron, one of our well
known miners, has located a hotne-
-"tend near Burmis and will turn his
attention to farming.
T. Plant, of Fernie, is erecting a
block on Second street Coleman nenr
the Coleman Hotel. * It is the intane-
ion of Mr. Plant to occupy the building lfimself and start up a lirst class
Walter Gardner, whois doing some
prospecting on the North Fork, had
his camp robbed last'week and was
obliged to return to towa^ ior more
It is understood that the
mines are to be fully developed this
year. C. P. Hill who has been east
all winter is expected home to .take
personal charge ot the development.
A Honp of Insurance
Questionable Siiccomh
\        PERSONALS        \
W. W. ThftmpMn, **if Coal Cr««k U
ont visit tofl nolph, Ont.
Maypole Dance and let Cream aoelal
today'Wodnosday) In the park.
Charlie Laderonto has resigned hla
)K>la'Ua>1i Ai Ita*) i»i>Ui aval  itUa-AlCa.
jl Bpeoea Lyons has gone to Coleman
\o tend bar for Btovo Monaihan.
Touey Uepner loft on TuMtlay to ac<
sept a position ai cook at Moyla.
Dr. Howe, ty$ ipoeUlUt wilt U at
the Fernie Hotel Iroin the 18lh lo thn
18th ln*t
Walter 8. Crone, one of the veteran
drummers of Canada waa In thn cily
iaat woek.
Mr. McFaddon antl family left (or
Calfarr la-* Monday evening whw
th*/ will rt-»ld« In Hit* futtm*.
An elderly clorpymftri who attended
tho Baptist Ministers' .minting ln*>t weok
told ol nn occasion during tho pnst win-
tor when the joke waB on him It was
a vory cold day, and tho sidewalks bo
Ing nllppory, tho clergymen had some
trouble In walking. When ho came to
tb* itops of hla residence, he tried to
climb thorn, but was unable to do io bo-
cnuso of tho thick coating of ico. A
lUtloboy pn«Blng along the street lent
his arm to tho old man, ait-latlng him to
tho top stop, and thou wns about to run
awny, whon ho waa called back and
"Oh, don't mention It" Raid tho boy.
"I am mod to thnt. My father comos
homo that way almost overy night.
Col. John T. Moflley, a famous confederate scout in tho civil war, now
special agent of tho dopnrtmont of jus.
tico, sold ono day in Washington, apropos of success: ,
Tho other ovenlng I mot Blank hurrying along In his brisk, energetic way,
tlio hopeful light still shining from his
oyes, nnd tho confident smile still playing about his firm mouth,
My heart wont out in pity to Blnnk.
He wan a hard worker, a very hard
worker, yet In everything houndortook
he failed Three times, in tho last ton
years, Blank hod failed In business,
So I stopped the poor fellow, and
shook him by tho hand,
Blank, said I, It is too bad, With all
your push you don't noom to succeed.
I don't, eh? Blank replied, Hnvon't
I made a succoisof my povoral failuroh?
And ho IhutIo'I off to maltn, rh ho
Informed me, another fat deposit in hlH
wife's namo.
King Edward VII is ono of the most
heavily insured men in tho world. No
ono can cstimato what amount the Insurance companies will bo callod upon
to pay at his death.
Lord Rothschild's premiums nre
about 040,000 annually for a total in.
Ritranco cover of about one ami a
quarter millions.
Tho Karl of Dudley is insured for
nearly a million dollars.
Mr, Gcorgo Vanderbllt's assurances
aggregate about live millions.
Tho late King Ili'iinbott of Italy cost
the Insurance companies bovuii millions
and a half at his ilontli.
Tho Gorman Einporor is a partlci
pator in lifo assurance to tho extent of
(Ivo million dollars,
Tho Czar of ItUHola Is known lo carry
four millions but ho is Mho a continual
■•risk" for tomponiry nflHurnnnoH taken
nut by panic stricken Hunsian Block-
holdei'H, His ckii-it ilaughtur, tho (1 rand
DuchflHB Olga, is I in ii red for two nntl a
quarter millions', tho Cxaritsa for a
million and a quarter,
Mnny distinguished Indies carry hi;-
policlus, Lady Citrxou has about hull
a million.
The fishing was never better.
Some chicken thievts have been
getting in their fine work iti Moyie
.. James .■.O'Leary.. hns returned .to
Moyie and' bas'resumed"liis position
as at the mine.
A. P, Stephenson has purchased the
logs in the boom and- lias leased thc
sawmill of the Moyie Lumber company. He will start sawingtheso logs
about June 20i)i, It will reqnlro six
weeks or two months to complete the
work, and ho will give employment
to 2.5 or 30 men. The lumber will
bo shipped just ns It comos from thc
saw to ,T, Ilnnbury'a mill at Elko.
Mr. Ilnnbury tins ngrcul to buy the
entlro cut.
The SonUtiol publlihml at Kamloops
colabratod Its 26th birthday last wook,
It waa founded in UNO by Mike Higan
at Emory Bar, naar Yale. We knew
Mike yoara boforo that and fired on a
Washington many a day with him at
tho lavor. Hagan once ran an after*
noon papor lu Buffalo and was city
treasurer of that cily, two occupations
not usually found (ogoiner. However
Hilo iirlUcsl Uitu CjuiasJaV rtiid t.'.UaJ-
llihad papan at Wyoming and Port Arthur before coming to the Pacific Coast.
Noxt to tho Sentinel Tim Lim-in Ih
tha oldest paper In the Interior of Brit"
kavlt aStiivalUvllt, aula* it ilia Cud <jlta>   pftptl
with any degree of ago upon It that hai
not changed ownari or edltora sinco Ils
Inception, It haa bom boycotted by
aomo peoplo full of country rock, but
It bai nuvor bwn raided by tho sheriff
nor anowallilaJ by commercial war,
Thk Luxir will probably be publUhed
In Fernie tor aeveral hundreds of yean
and after that probably there will be
tm opening In aomo other locality.
Come in with your adi. Don't bunch
your order* but bring thorn In kind of
•teadyallke to that the typographical
ertiiaf will not luffar from proitration
Jtiutlco for it Poor Mnn
Earlr In the year tho Crows Nest
Trading Co. of Fernie, was declared
bankrupt and Messrs McDormld nnd
McUardy of Nelson, woro appointed
tl.0 cRlchl artlgncc?. As ft cf
tbMr admlnWtratlon ofthe rmtf\tr>i, Messrs
McDormld and McUardy announce that
thoy aro ready to pay tho lirst Installment of a dividend on tho claims due,
which amount to f IH,21*18,37 including
in-,.**-i«* *<1-ilm*. nmniinllni** tn $1480 94.
Tho assignees are now paying $15,002,.
47, amounting lo a dividend of 69 cents
on the dollar, In addition thoy think
they will subsequently bo able to pay
another ton cent* on tho dollar, which
will bo almost payment In (ull of every
claim> The rctMiH U none tt» timtal
and Mew* MvDsrmld and McUardy
think It to be unprecedented.—Nelson
In Chicago tho other day a poor Iron
molder named Prod Krappman, who
had a nick wife and six hungry Hltlo
children at home, ntolo n loaf of broad
from a box in front nf a grocery storo,
Hie wnn arrnntiatl, <ln»-rt AMI and *«*»nf. to
prison hy Justice Wilcox. Rn rnpoita
tho Chicago Tribune. Just why
Krappman was not sent up for life it is
not statod No doubt thn flno sonsu of
juiticeof tho Chicago judgo was out*
rag<rd because tho poor molder did not |
steal a railway or wreck n bank. Thon
he would have boon treated like a
king. To steal a lonf of bread to koop
wlfo and children from starving li nn
unpardonable crime In tho eyes of somo
of capitalism 'a pervertn, but to steal
the rights and opportunity from the
peoplo and drive them into starvation
aud misery scouik (o be a highly ro
•portable builncai.—Cleveland Cillzmi
H. O. Milling   Production
... UMM.ii.Vi
.... 1I*,5M1,1!W1
Total production for nil yonrs up
and Including 1001:
Gold, lodo,,,.,	
Coal and Coke m,_n,WM
nitllillnt-- nta-inn, hrMit. ntf 't/Wl t*VYi
Other Metals     11!.,7M
Total    tttti/JQltlUt
For thn year 1WM  thn output undor
the above head was n» follows;
(<,.....•!»,■ V-'-"
*t i La..'.-
Gold, lodo (ounces). . 222,012 fl.M^rnV)
Gold, placer (ouncas)   Bfir7iJ.*V l.ll.V'OO
Silver,(ouncpi)..,, Q,'mM !,7l0,.1li)
Copper,(pounds)...35,710,123 4,478.037
Lonil .(pounds) IWVMO.IM-I 1,121 ,H11
Coal, (tona2,2'IO lb*., I,0S.V'28 8,7M,fiRl
Coke,(tons2,"2'l0 lim.)   8£U,102 1,102,110
Other materials  MO/MO
n.n.1 iininiilly print-Hi In aitvTUC I tf\l\C
a>l>l»>a,aiUt.t> Kl Ul« HaW* ait* \ RC   LCl/UC
I  «U.a    _lp.m,Ais Pllllll nllal rltl« t   til
& Note Heads r^-STW^W;
H»»t |<i tanvnolor, nt thu nf-
\ iWu tit —— ■■• —— —
ProfcsHor Doyd Lnynard, of London,
England's leading author of woik on
hygiono, gives theae twelve rules for
tlioHt! who dusiro to live a hoalthy and
long lifo:
1. Avoid evory kind of excess, eapce-
ialy in tmtlnp* and drinking,
2. Do not live to eat. .Select tliosn ailments mriKt suitiibln for nourishing the
body and those not likely to Impair It.
n. Look upon fresh air ns your best
frlond. Inhnli! Its llvo givinK oxygen
much aa poMblo daring (luulny, while
at nlglit hleiip with your lii'iliumn window open at the top for a i-pnno of nt
least four or I've Inches. Follow this
out oven In the depth nf winter, It Ik
ono of tho tii'i'iit NocretH nf a long life,
4 He clean both in body and mind.
Ol.mulliHMK I* next tn llodllness," It
is a fnitlllcatlnn agiiltiHt dlsmiNi*.
5, Worry not nor grlavn. This advlni
limy mo ji lint ciilil phlliiHOpliy niid be
tiaKlcr tn give tluili to follow; titiVMrthti'
Iuhh I li'ive known persons nf ii worrying diipo-'ltlnn nlinont entlri-ly btt-ak
Ilii'innnlvi'H nf it by a Mlniplo effort of the
will.   Worry kills
fl Loam to love work and hnln Imlol-
enco. Tho In/.y man never bueoines t
7 Hnvo a hobby. A man witb a linii-
by will never din of senile deniiy. Me
hns alwayri somotbing to onupy
mind or limlv tliorpfnrr< lliny rcninln
(it.hIi anil vlKorntiN,
H Taku rogttlnr i-xerciso in open nir
but avoid over exertion.
!i Ki«p reuular hours and Inaiire ml-
liuiont sltii'p.
10 Ilowaro nf passion, llnmember
tlie vory oiil'mm'* shortoiiM life to a
certain dogreo while oc-caaionally It Is
11 Have nn object In lifo. A man
who hns no piirpm.a tn llvo for rarely
Uvea long.
12 Seek a partner but not too I'urly.
The   inevitable   has  ocenred  at
Goldlield,   The crowd is leaving and
and tradesmen  arc  panic  striekcti.
That does not mean that the camp is
no pood    There seems to be no doubt
that it is a.- greut and rich mining
region.   Thc in >b is merely moving
on.   ■ A eorres-randent writes from
there as follows: The town of Gold-
field is experiencing its first dull per- .
iod...    During   the   past    eighteen
months tlie camp bas been'the Mecca
toward which thousands ha\e turned
their laces, and there has hardly beon
a-day-iis-iliat-time-or.-whieh some big^
sale has not been,made.   Now that a
dull period has come the people do
riot know what  to make of ,it and
many ot them arc becoming panic -
Btrlcken.     Every man who leaves
.udds spmetbing'ito the apparently al- .
arming condition, and there seems to
bsnlmosta pnnictogct safely from
under.   Real estate", has- gone down
below par, stocks nre dull, rentals
have dropped out ol sight and there
are several "closing-ont sale" signs
to be s;en on tho streets.    Tho explanation is simple   enough.     Thc
camp has grown In ndvnnce of tho
district, and now that Hullfrog offers
so many more enticing propositions,
there lias begun a stampede to the
newer camp.   It ia also noteworthy,
that a great mnny, 'hundreds of persons all over thc country have Uo*
tcrrcd" I rotn coming in hereon account of tho reports that thoro woro
epidemics of sickness in Tonopah and
(foldflehl.   In short thero are hundreds going out and none coming in.
Disrobing Hullots
A no vol dlHi'iihltij act Is creating
something of a H-intnition in London nnd
will piobnbly boHocu in thin country
next Kern-on. A young woman in full
evening dress mounts n pedestal and u
Hhnrp'hliooter ctimmciici.nllrlng ht her
with k rillo. Hv an ingenious arrangement of atrlngRonch bullet removiM, a
portion of her attire,
Uiinklieuil Coul
Uauklii'iiil nili.i'H tlio only nntlir.irlto
coal iu Cuimila. mul tlio production at
nt tlm niine in i'n|ilil|y limri'Hslnur. It U
now iiIkhiI HO.) tuns n iliy, mul will hooii
Im liicri'iifi'il to IfXl toiiH, Tlm iiiliin
will noon hi- shipping to Kpokann nnl
oilier \V..s|i|ii_-tMii poiiitn. It Ih In
ureat deiuauil wliurevnr known for open
f I icii.
Ail attempt to nmki> iiKpuniHh omelet out of Alphonso hnn lailed, Preni-
dent I-ouliot miii,t renll/.o by this
time somo ot tho Inirdcna nud respoit-
rii utit,. , r ,.t ,., ,
s   *    ......S.i>   W.    l...,,i'k
I/ird Minto Is suid
ed In   agriculture.
Hon ol n  hired  iii;in
would make.
tn bo Interest.
Wonder what
Major Maudo
!»• . ||ulal.|..,l   ital. i.a Ih thai  «|.»l.     t'llllllt   I'lal   Ha
The UdgclK?;/:::.!!:^^^     LEOCE
I .
The open sp.-tt-Ci nf I^muKhi mc;i«.uri-
ji_ ii-ii,,.--- i-.iiii's. Tlie iiggrt'gnlt' < <ast
i-.icli vonr iaf the   niatiiiteintiiu*   of  llie
CIi.ih. .1. Ilonaporte, of Haltlmoio,
U to Ixi tho American Siicretitry of
the Navy, Tho Vankoc papcr-i will
tio'.v tell us that ho has Ms din-
tiiiuuished n;itiiehiiki! Iieatun tn dt.».th
for Mr.itegy, Certninlyj thnt'* nd-
milled.   Ili'goiiJii"! Jul-. ,
ii.:"Its IV lt-a-a ill,ill
An «dvi'rti*mnent in Tiif Lruii'. U
i a-ij.iiict of.t iniiiiviiii by (vnplti who lt;i Vt>   m-Jllfy tu
IH]»i'it<l.    »» \ciki -ad iw ',
______i fHE LEDGE,'FERKIE, 'B.C. JUNrE.y, 1905.
-l-~l^'**.i».-«-_4.   ,
The Ledge.
It. T. I.OWKIIY, E lirnr untl Fiimm-it-i-.
Tin: I.fikii-: Is -si|i,li--is,s.i ..a.,i,.\. W,>ilr»ialnv
'•• l-V-niV. I! C. Tlie prico is ii ,l your. AUvui.
1 -Iv.k ratoi Kivrn niiuii tipplR-iUiui!,    „
The Caiud'un posf,agc stanps aro
so roit.n that great cant)is' necessary
in handling them lest, they go to
puces ip your hands.
Captain Mallcy of the Fourteenth
infantry tells several stories 01" the
Irishman as a soldier. "One illustrates
the manner" in which "Ki Ily'and'
Burko and Shea" arc to be tound in
in every light," no.matter where or
between whom it is fought. A nuni
\)&v of American officers at Cavite
twere watching the arrival of a" body
pf Spanish prisoners of,war, tattered
and hungry.. One man suddenly step
pd from tl)e Spaniards' rank and,
galuting an American Officer, said
in the strongest brogue: "Anycliar.ce
pf getting a j >b in'your army. I
think it's about all up with us wan."
Another is of, a captain who had
just got a new company. Looking
(lown.the_ muster roll, he saw the
names run O'Brien, Maloney, Murphy,
Sullivan, 0'l'*lahcrty, and so'on. ."Is
pvery man in this company Irish?"
said the captain to the sergeant.
•'.There's wan Swede, but he; doesn't
1 *     . w
"jmye much to, say," was the response.
Portland Oregon ion
Then there is thc sleeping car fare,
§M each way from Chicaog, or of a
total of $28 hv 37,500 persons, or over
61.COO.00J fjr berths. Meals at a
conservative, estimate will probably
amount to $503,000 more.,, AltoirOh-
er thc 50.000 tourists spend in excess
of $10,000,003 in travelling, and this
is an exceedingly conservative estimate, as tlie average tourist to California prob.ibly spends more than
$200 on thc item til travel.
Of the $18,003,000 expended by
tourists during the season just pas»cd,
$U, 030,000 were left 111 Southern
Ciilitornia, and but $1,000,003 around
San Krai.oisco.
~& ~i:u a G" "U'A*SB"
PtoVL.15 -in].i Columbia some-
, '.imes grumble at the length of  time
it takes to get a case settled in court,
but in comparison to Sf ain we have
not the slightest cause for complaint.
Spain boasts probably the longest
■jawsuit in thc world. It began in
1317, and is still subjudico. The
pase, which concerns a ponsion, is be-
, fween the Marquis de Viena and the
Count Torress dc Cabrera, and the
accumulated sum in dispute would
have reached labulou? millions had
pot four centuries of attorneys, barrl-s
(urn, and court officials taken consirl
ei'cible measures of appropriiuion to
prevent tho sum becoming unwieldy,
"jn 1872 the case was, in the duMber
ate iiv'nd of Spanish jurisprudence;,
(lecmed more or less ripe for decision;
but circiunBtiinces every your iirosi-
which necessitated its being set back
(0 the i\ie year foi It ■whip-, Tl.c judges, however, have now becomu 111*-
prolii'tisive lest tho suit should reach
jta fifth century, 'and as this might
reflect upon tho promp'.itudt! of Spanish procedure, the cu-i.omiiry di-i-
patch U lo bu Hill further stimulated
toKfiiHiro that ^iidgoiu.ent   b/i given
' within iv period not cxoouuing two
y cars longer.
A strikcor a lockout proclamation,
is a declaration of war.   "War is the
result'of barbarism on one side or the
oilier, or bath, whether waged by thc
Caput's and Napoleons of thc military
world, or the Captains of capital and
labor in the field of Industry.
. • For  months there   has existed  in
Chicago, and Manchuria', conditions
which givo the lie to our boasted civilization.   In a great part-of the world
the voice of Peace cannot be heard
because of the shout of battle and
roar of fire-breathing, deat^dcaling
instruments ot war set to hellish music by the hand of man who stands at
the head of the'Greck Church.   This
representative of Christ wlioss lowly
birth was angel-heralded in a song of
"peace and good will to men,' 'is engaged in a war of conq-ia-st and criminal aggression, and getting sixteen
out of his "Christian" army by the
heathen .Lips.   It is. what ought to
.happen to any nation .who unshealhs
thc sword of war in thc name of Christ
or civilization.    -When Christianity
and civilization fail to stand for peace,
no earthly meaning can be attached
to the terms.   "We mean pence at all
times and everywhere.    The civil
ized man, to say nothing of a Christian, can fight only in defense of liis
itinlien.ible rights.    Kesist invasion.
Repel attack, on p'irl of the birbar-
ous and beastly    When he becomes
the"invader he ceases to  he  either
Christian or civilized,   This is true
of men 11 nd nations, commercial   bodies aiul or uniuiis.
In Chicago n great strike-war ha."
raged lor months, and fur a time
thi'ciitonc'd to end in 11 revolution,
A dozen limn „hnvo already been
killed, iloth sides aro to binmu .for
tho existence ol war between capital
and lab ir. ■especially Is this true in
Ciiiiiieutioii with tha li?iiiiisr,<.r's slriki-
and a large share of tlie n-spianMhil-
ity rests on thu l.oatls of Frederick
Jul), the lire-eat inir, i'nii-unk.ri labor
idiot, und C. I', Slum, ot the
Ti'iimsti'.rs' organization. Jobs j>.b
and salary depends upon tlie amount
'of hull lie onn mis..! in the ranks nl
i>i'..'iiiiiz tl liiba.r. Shads a narrow
dullish agltati'i* wlu by gull and gab
Wiirkctl himself up to his prosuiit, re-
sponsible post.iim.
Tlio garment workers, tlin>ii_>li
'ohiinbia should make mil-jiSliiie, Induced   Montgomery Wanl'i-
tuatiHtd'H to strike, mid then lu'oced-
0 ! to nettle their own t,\H,,,'.h-, leitv.
ing tho itiamsicrs' strike to spio nl lo
vast _iiii|>ni'loi.n t\ith lis iccoi'tl ol
riot and Mood. In t»|ilto of Sliae's
hlunilt.r the could hnvo Ikumi
Haitilctl in short ni'ili'i', had It not Ikm-ii
lor nud Ins Imi'.ki.i'is wlmurn ln'tit
on i'.iu.*liiiig organized laliur at what-
vivtTOwt. They tiro Inhuman miv-
ages. 'ilii-. i,i an ,'igL! id uri-niil/a-
lion. AVurlvingtiicii must organize
or h.'as.'inu tdavi'i). Hut the object of
or^aiiiziiiuii 011 tin! pars of Kith cs.ip-
itnl and labor .should Im poiec, not
war. Id Inidgo a clnsin, nut, widen it;
tn 1 ivvoiU not. breed revolution
The sole, purpfi-tn of nririini/'itinu
-.Iviiild Im in make. Ii pos.-lbhi for cap-
it;il and IiiIkh* tn t'oine together, not
liitbtisiinson!»,'», tK*)t' uri-ts came to: in wild bi-iihts, Imt mh brother*!, r.nd
thu S'.nte, nnd nn  Ilia* Mime  IiiihIh of suttle. iiicv'tiililn dill't-reiicefi aH men,
.   .It I .    ,  .1 .if'        f' a      .   >   ,    I    1 ,       1   -
._   .* _-!-».   .1.^.- a.   .*..„.. J.....      .....     a^.ai.1.^      <...,;. -      .   .—   *..,   , ,■.,-.       1,^,1,        VV,),        a'j|,li:,l,aa_ ,\;\ti -|
huccoed in di*troying the Teamstow'
Union thoy will next attack tfnino
other lalxii'org.inintinn, mid  ym on
Ijiibor ' Brokerage Company to be
known as the Employer's Association.
This ia the program and plot by which
men who toil ;;re to be deprived ot
liberty and the'pursuit of happiness
and ultimately reduced to a condition
oi* peonage.
I am neither capitalist nor wage
earner, and my judgement is not
warped by sellish interest. As an
unprejudiced by-stander I want to
register a protest against further war
between Capital and Labor, Any
elfurt on the part ot Capital to rob
labor of the inherent right to organize for its protection, wilUead to revolution. Thc movement led by Job,
and festered by the "Walsh-Parry
typo of capitalists is a breeder of anarchy and hell on earth. It-should
be checked now. Labor organisations ■ should get .rid of fire brand
leaders and place men of brains on
gUiird. Tho voice of reason and
justice must be heard in the councils
of both capital .and labor. Humanity
has claims whioh both must respect.
The life of the "Republic is involved
in this controversy. A nation of dependents must.not curse'the land of
Washington and Lincoln. The
creators'of wealth have a right to life,
not mere existence; to liberty and
the privilege, not only to pursue, but
a chance, to overtake happiness this
.side of the grave. Every, man, who
reads and thinks must surely know
lhat tlie cuiuinnat-on ofthe present
conditions, will either result iii industrial slavery for the masses, or a"
revolution and a reign of terror such
as France never knew'. "_Jt is peaceful revolutiun along humane lines  or
,.E uuMivicnuiflL nuitL-- im
Is the home of all Sloeau people traveling to and from' Poplar. • ■
meals always'beady. . McLAOHLAN BROS., Prop's.
ia -
,   "*
, :n "KASLO.
The door of the
ISainnisEton-i Canada.,.,,'  ' ■  ,
"IHlesevve;*- $2,100,000
Has not bccn.Jocked for many yc.trs.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morn-
bracers. • Mail orders- receive'
prompt attention. .
Allen ■*& 'Palmer
O|i)>osilo tlio llepot, FERNIK
The home for railroadmen
and knribcrmen.
•'E-iaa-*} ©fgiae s
Capital * $2,500,000
fEotal Besets - $27,500,000 .... '  **■*-'■
Hon. Wm. Gibson,* President', ■"     ,:'.•" '"■
'   J..TuuNBULL, Vice-President and General Manager. .
A Gonei'iil BiinkiiiR Business traiisacted. Current Accounts opened with Merchants, Mnmi-
f-icturer-, nml Municijialitios-on the moit reasoiinhlu terms. BnnkiiiK facilitiea Kindly
e\tcndoil to ull liurBon'ii desiring to open business or private'iiccounts? ■" Speciul attentiiaii
Riven to all out of town accounts. Interest at Oiinent Kiitcs allowed on SuvinRK-Biink
iJoiicits from s*1.0ir unwind;-. Collections olTeotud in all purtiiof Canada at Lowest Rates.
Drafts iajsui'd; payablo iu Caiiuda or Abroiui. British, American,and Foreign Drafts cashed.
An oifice of this Dank has huen opened ut Fernie. ,
All Corrqspondt.^ice a<4-*"'C'>s*!*- ^° the Agent will be pononally attended tq.
''./'. .',  -'■* '.'    ■'    J. R.LAWRY- ■
, Agent, Febn-ie Ekanch
Fort Steele Brewery: Co., Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a. Specialty. ,        •
Finest   Liquors  and•"Cigars.
Jiiiiis out uf tlio uuirist tt'iuli! cvi'.ry
year. Wu littvo tin: -.-o'iiIh imt tlii'V
liro not iiilvtirtliiotl to sntiy (-reiit cx-
ttnit. I/Ji'k at our udtflibor, Calt-
Tlio pmutist tourist mdhkoii in tlm
lilHtory oi C'lilliofiiU U jmt cltwhi},'.
U>ll!lil0«l  .f.|H(XJ),0X)   to   OlllilOllllll,
aiiid inilli'ins iiiort' io t!m I'liilnmil.-.,
llllll hfil'tl llllS ll'Jfill H')IV|| llll' H    l)l«,'.,'l!|'
i;ri»|i ii'*xi.   Kuity ilioiiiitiKl ti;iir-
UU cuius to Cilitairni.i tltis mm ion
'I'lrny Ktiiviitl on mi iivoim^'o of filly
•Iiivh iiiicli iiis'l (*|aiint on an avcnit^e
yf Ili'HV lliail $»i a ilav.
Witliln ii (U'.uilc tlie. to'.nlbt Wusiii-
{•SS fil'l'lillltilTil l luis trifitt'il tn ;in    in.
tltistry of coinaiili'viililfi lavurnini'iii-i
nivl U N.i,nii|iin',' alitiiiil oit'll yt'.ir nt
a I'PMiiii'italilv- rati'.
Its revolucloti by sTt5iT]~und~bdm~h
and torch," aiirl blood, and death.
Which shi.II it be? If driven to des-
per<ition and tlusp.tir, the lioivn-trod-
ilon and discontmiti-d will (ind. a
'Marat;, and who then shall answer
for tlie rivers of blood and tears- required to quench the.{ires ot. anarchy hell his hand niiiy ijjnitc? It
mipht he well for thc millionaire
: trust iiinuimU-s who nifct in fjililfd
dens and talk t:\ilhy of ways, airl
means "to crush nnioni-un" to ro
. tm-'niber that in n general uprisiiiK1
tho miiittiry arm, their present hope
tn.rt slay, cannot be, dtqiendt'd upon.
Armies nre recruited lrom the ranks
ofthe prior. Few rich nu.n arc will
injj to f^ive up a life of ease and luxury for the hard fare ot a  common
soldier. Barbar.itis metho Is in
in1,' with human problems, compel
resort to barbarous solutions if tlm
dilllculticB which rise. the
i"it;n tl law ends DIvch will lv un
able-to Iind protectioti auywl.erc It
ilierofcre be'iiiMves bunest men ot
ivealili and sense'aoj.iii) their broth
era of brawn and lirniu, in an earnest
desire to set tin by arbitration—tho
only plan consis-ent with civil!'' ilion-
all difl'ei'iincos which atiso, buiwecii
cnpiinl and Iniior. .Job and liis comforters and cniiiiHtillniB must be re*
]'•.cted. and all the fire brand-;
(juerichi'd iu tlio.-at.lll waters of peace,
i lle-rin today, 'Pomorrow iiiav- be
too line. Let tliu Morgans Fields
and Rockefellers cot acquainted
wiili.Tohn Mitchell, Samuel (Jumpers
and Ij.'U'iii'V Cotu'ti, lict, acquainted
todny; lo morrow may bu too Iuto. --
(le.o. II. Wiiidle.
J. A. MacLean
In Fernie,' is ;i pleasant
home for ail \ylio trnvel.
Kootus resprvcil"' by wire.
IS in a rtolii-lilfiu lo-
. cution nnd fiom
.il-R ii'ilt-onie-i l'uii l;c
scajn till t.lieboiuil.vof
tlio' Ki'iiml .-.L'uiH'ry
l.litit siirrounaU. licms
in, nntl mlorns tho
tansy iiitv of Mol.-.on.
1(. i_^ tlio homo of
'Umriat:. und husiro'i''.
men from nil parts of
tln> world. Thi) a'niii-
i n p 11 t've r tl rn ii-s ii i I Lio
niiiu nl iiH'tlioi'iily,
iinal evciy raioin i.-. an
I'lia'in.v tn insruiniiii.
II' ya'aii ue.-ai niniiis
svIh-11,011 tht- way in,
tniii-li' tha'   wire iiiiil
t llf lIlKJlt i's lllllil).
B. TOflPKlNS, manager
T. Whelan, Manager
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Roufjli and Dressed Lumber
year It Ih. cisUmiUcfl Ihhi year
toiirlrit-iwpciitnt len*t S.KJ./.t/J.UO.'J.
Dvt'i* tltrofl-htirtlis of tlm tt.tirlsU
ai (jilifornij travel tt tlistiiii'tvol over j mull   l.'iiloiii-nii U dead.    .S-khi as
i>/i iiiilin lo reach the Golde.i Snip I they Hit: able to control the labursit-
.    V        l'l"lll'.al",y       U|lt:|')l\   flil'    I'.lilW.r,"   , U.l'.iaVa'a, ti.a-.y      iXptll     tl-     tu^.llli/.t)     a
,.   ulonc *f.)lW a piece, so thnt from jifin nt tru-.l l:i lnl»or, mul men will bt»
vli'i came trom i^iiicmo or lar-
-it tlio rnllwayH recflivc in tlu*
•., ,<•. „f Tt,.VjfJ(>/.' nml die
Init'il uinl tt.eir lali'.r re-old at u
pri.llt like any otlu-r commodity.
The ysml iii.'lustrii's whlcli i» the
C'liloairo tital jl'.*i>t eitmlaycd tlic'r own help, will
•;   ■!.'»• »,iXV lin theiu'.uro ik-al only with the -S-".,!*
1 jallV>
i. M)
IC?>  ill
r a
I liUh
Shirt waist Suits
Dri'ssmaUinj-r Parlors
; a pleasant home
for tlie traveler.
Wm. Mills, Prop.
Wliolissalo Do.ilurN iind llln.ellinp'il'teiis
of Wiiion,'pHirt*. nntl Cij,'i»rH,
District AireiitH for
l'oiiiinnry Cliitiii|ni«ue
und Ht'lilltz licei"
DiRtrihuterit of
(Jliiiiiibcrliiln mul
l'luiranh Cl^nm
"P**HJ H.NI IS     33. O. ,
Philip Carosella
t-(;i<M«;, ti,*,,
Goneral Merchant
.   In
UI7~nv IVriXTLU-!
■■ • f
Aberdeen Block; NELSON,
■; Il.C'
,   . .Day and Eoehing  •     .: '"/:
Bookkeeping,   Shorthand,   Writing-,  Arithmetic,   Spellings '
Correspondence,  English Branches,- "Etc.
Correspondence  Pupils Coached
Low prices and individual instruction make it tlio       '   75      Tl/|     Pt'inioo '
chaiice ol'a lifetime." ' "" .   .--'-*•   irL   V-- i-UitCfO
■      ■  ■■ «g»
■f ■
fern*ie ■ .   ■    : ...   :.
rjs-ri C*iri3L's^ir_lX^-C-"**-P-/-S-'f—
MRS. S. JENNINGS, Pkowuktukss..   . '   '.
TL. \.YLpJi-__L__*A.fl.OjC_.
i*   *ct   "ft   <"   "f   **^   ***   tf   y*;   <*   '*v   '*>   "5   "*?   "**     "ff   *r   "*-*   &  *-v  f> ft   ■*<   **t   ft   -ft   *   tt  fr* -flr    v
Cigar Store
All coinpotiiors for coupon prize must
band in their coupons to tlie htore not
later tliiui rJu»0 7th■
Coupons must sealed envelopes,
linch envelope must have niiuii* ami
ndih-ess nl ciiinpetiior and n urn her of
coupons contained therein.  ,
No ciitipuiis will he issued afu,r..Miij
.Strictly First Class
Up lo Date
Steam Heal
Hotel Fernie
I lot and Cold Maths  . '    ' .
liilliarat and I'ool Room Large Smnplu Rooms
Har Room Unexcelled   ■
, a    ,
Kates: $2.50 por (lay
J,   A.
a   .   ',
■" •"/-   '■"   "
'a. .( ./'.ai .IT,,
.,,./,/.   Hi  ,'*,
I, ,,,/>,../ nil, tltlitfi.P
, -. ..,!., a, » //, -;.../
'•'•'•■-   ,.',^"'"V"V
'in   a. iff   til   HilfA>-rt  It   fijt
f.ttt  •*,/■/,« '.rA/.rV/,!
tJi i tit f» •-,-(»"""' rf,f/ririf ,| *t'* tn ll if tii/ lit,
tjnif-.t h*^r I't-in.m vi 11 t-.if.tY,,*' /<, vr i*.t ait.
p. it   Hi ft-,/ .•)   mjntkt   r!_\i   /tVr-"''M.'f ni 7 arri/ im.
t.'ta*   ,'t  ti.t /*. /.*,;    ttfirmtuUfati,!    /ifr-tlaj,
ti.t 'f in   fit   ntnttj, t//,'iiM. *,/ U\t j,i.rt(r»t « -.,//
f rudti'J t..r /fy /■"■w/i/iii-^f*/-,,
•rtvn,  -
W   t.0i4 ("i.** eh it *H*Wt
,.l   C t-*f*t*fl'tA.,al»f -Ml| "V,,*1lfrt*»<
t\,*i//«it *ivtiet*tJJif   Af+rrv (fAtt uw'Uti  run tt
l<r_i<„i ut  i-fUl.ttatta   l^^,^t^   tjfi/^'jftfv (Ai /*i.^
/miiti* g/th  attn *'ttw/ tiftif at /a*ft        -' '
4,i.*l ii ..t.,' tltit*. m,.,f,t...f
'.'ill, lit.It J.*,n4jl.,t tl... «.n.nnp/«f.,a
Nia ail t,.*t ,1 tto /.-,,! /.,„!/, ,,tt%'
('aa./.i'l'.a' /,'!■:,'.I; tl^i, t,
, .1.C00D,
1',-t/H.I .. ... _'.i  ..ttf.p.l.' »,^»,r
i,,„.l, ,. >'•  r.,^,j,',./y,n i),,/ ft,„i.,i,„,
,,'•   -     I., a ".,I.,.(»!,,   ,1,   .,-, .„,!...1,4 /„,',„
'< '.«'! '   ',''   a,./'' *.*.«'/" ''-.'.'*
f.aa, ',1'ji.nJ .-..11 ^..'.t */»..'.. fa,, *,,rll,..J-.'.,„„.
!*,,. *,,(,..._, ,,,.,..,   .Jt,Jti.t.J,) l*,l^,.,f.**,ij .,*,
III' TMS     '
B.C. '.j
/ Z.L   4   B.I.I,/,aal I
) / \A /s ,
t   w- \
' \ '*    ::->*,-.. \ / /   I'M nut-r \
to the
mm lUUWAAWmmfmmm
"TTTTirrniTmini iBnninmiiin ^
Wholesale Commission Merchants & Manui-acturcrs' Agents.
Tlio LuiiiMk'n Roller .Mills
.The \Viipf|lii Roller Mills
■ •"    . Lover.Hioilit'J"!« "Sunli-'lit Soup"
Dalton IlrvuhaTi" I )i%h-toml" Soap
Tlir Vi'i'i'l P.'icltinj' Ci\.
,' The niaionui'ii Lime Mfg. Cn.
Fruit and Produco of oil hinds.
P. O.   BOX  36.3,
The Miiniiohii Ciiiiniii'* Co,
TlicW. «! Rajiicoh Co., I.ld,
riUi'iiit Mniiiifiiitiiriar*
The (juolpli Fiunulry Co;, I.|J,
The "Armitr" Co., Ltd.
Th.- Mrt'lt- .Mill X' LnmhM'Co,
The U^'iene Kola Wine Co.
Correspondence SjHcitcd.
The Son WKS-Prai'»k        ~r
Thonias W. Lawson said llie other
day.'of a slock -manipuhuor'" whose
methods he purposed to expose.
lie is like the Paint Rock farmer and
I shall be like the fanner's son. Only
I shall act deliberately, whereas the
non was only blundering, -    -
This lad in llie wheat season, -drove
up to the mille.r's and submitted a-hand-
. ful .of wheat. •'.**•
s The "miller studied tlie wheat" attentively, and then said to the bojv:
How much lias your father got of
this ? '     ' .    "      ,
He ain't got no more like it, lhe boy
answered. He's been all morning
picking that out.
Senator Gallingcr'in an attack on an
opponent's argument, said:
My friend is ingenuous. His ingenuousness, though, reflects no credit oil
him.' Il is like the ingenuousness of
a child I know.
The father of the child  was  ill.    He
had an ailment wherein ftuit   was pre-
-^ scribed. , livery  morning, on   a   table
beside liis bed, there was placed a, delicious basket of fresh fruit—cherries,
plums,   white "grapes,  oranges,—and
every  morning   the   child   came   and
talked to him," looking covetously   the
while at tlie. array of luscious fruit.   •
1    One morning,   noticing   the child's
longing looks toward the fruit  basket,
' 'the father said:
You wouldn't take that fruit away
from your poor, sick father would you?
No, the child answered. I wouldn't
but—very slowly—1 tell a story when 1
say so. "
Barney Oldfield, the aulomobilist,
was talking of a trip through Manitoba.
The most dangerous town' in. Manitoba, he said, is Brandon. Hargrove
is near Brandon, and on the outskirts
of Hargrave,'in front of a little inn, I
-' I found the landlord and another
man silting oii a bench, They were
both very old.
Excuse me, landlord, I said, but can
you tell me how far  it   is to  Brandon?
The old man jumped up and'hobbled
behind the bar.
Brandy, he  said,   in  a line quaver.
Yes, indeed, sir, and very  line, brandy
-it-is.——, . : r
He put a bottle and glass before me.
I,asked you, I said more loudly, how
far is it to Brandon?   ;
The best brandy, of course, sir, lie
answered. 1 dont keep nothing but
the best. "
In despair I turned from this deal*
veteran to the old man on the hench, „■,-
Look here, J.said, cm you tell me
how far it is lo Brandon.
The old man, with a grateful look,
rose and limped .hastily to the bar,   '
Thanks; he said, I don't care il'I do,
——— "——"-" —  •-        ' aa
.   . . -a '
**• '  "
A Cruel Experiment
Miss listelle Reel, the general superintendent of Ihe government's Indian
schools, was talking aliout cruelty,
Cruelty, she said, is hick of imagination, It isn't true thai onlv savages
are cruel. Children, till they have
L'iiriH-al to think, are cruel invariably.
Lei me tell you aboul a little hoy:
To this liltie bov there were given two
images of plaster, coaled on the otn-
side wilh pink sugar. Me wanted ' to
eat the images, hut lie was warned on
no account to do so,
They are poison, he told, If you
eat (hem, you will die.
However ihe liille hoy was dubious.
Jle had been cheated before this by
grown-up people. Day after dny he
asked if he migli not eat (he images,
Finally he had a young friend, Richard
Howe, to spend the day will) him, and
lhat night it was discovered that one of
the images had disappeared,
His mother, nearly frantic, rushc.1 To
Harold, she said, where is lhat pink
image ,-•
Harold frowned as he answered de-
I gave it to Richard Howe, and if
he's alive lo-niorrow I'm jfoing to cat
the other one myself.
A Suspicions Landlord
Representative Cochran of Missouri
wished lo illustrate some remarks thai
he was making about suspicious cir-
There   was   a   man, he said, a well
dressed man, who came t.i St.   Jnstph
with a lot of luggage, and registered at
one of our hotels.
As he stood in the oflice,   in coiwer-
.•'.'.  „.•,!.  .1 • ,
....... a*.,       ......       sl.l,       _....»S.s...k,        ii.        lii.,iVl
took up one of his boxes so roughly
that the handle broke, and it heap of
shirts and shoes and collars and so on,
rolled out over the floor.
Thc guest and the porter began to
pack ttiejc lhiug:i into the bu:t ag.titi.
Tho pn-prietor, Mantling hy, noticed
tiinoiig them an odd contrivance—
ropes, a block and tackle, nml a big
steel hook--and he pointed lo this con-
|-*iv.iiii.v_ saying:
* What have you there?
Thai, said the guest, is a patent" fire
escape. I never travel without it. In
case.of-fire, I can, with'this invention,,
let myself down from any hotel window
no mailer what its height may lie.
Tlie landlord frowned.
Our terms for guests with fire escapes, sir, he said, are invariably cash
in advance.
;.   .. Twill run 2000 Years	
It was recently announced that- Rich-,
aid Slrutt, ijpn of Lord Rayleigh, had
invented a clock that would  run   2000
rl        . ss»
years. The invention-is based on the
fact' thai radiations .from the strange
new chemical, radium, have power to
electrify metals with which they come in
contact. Two pieces of gold-leaf joined
at one end and suspended in lhe presence of a small quantity of radium,
gradually becoming electrified, and
spread apart thru, mutual repulsion
until they touch the walls of the receiving., vessel when they discharge the
electricity and fall back,-only to repeat
the process again and again. . Obviously such a mechanism would continue to
operate until tlie material of which il is
composed is worn out, or until ils rad-
iuin,rays are exhausted. According 10
the rough estimates 111118" far attained
a quantity of radium would require al
least 2,000 years. It is said ilii it Sir
William Ramsay has declared that a
practical clock can be constructed with
motive power.
Sucli a mechanism as ibis, in its present stage, is obviously only a laboratory toy, but it suggests interesting pos-
ibililies.- Such a clock is an engine in
miniature.'. Supplied with its quantity
of practical incshaustable fuel, it sets
to work and becomes for all practical
purposes a  perpctual-niotion -machine."
Founders & Machinists,
 aNELsof-, rj.c.	
special (rain for Bristol" he exclaimed, j
and on seeing the oilier man   inslanth
drew back wilh a scowl on his face.. •:.
The impatient .actions  and  gestures
""■      *** '*    ***** **■*■>■ *■"- •.-■ nfc *■.-»■   -tA, mtt t_f m
Mill and ■Mining' Machinery.   Complefe
ofthe two characters gave Vise" lo iniuii 1'Stock of Siiafliii<-v,'l'ittiiigs" etc., ul-v-iyfr
Tho  Wily   Chicken-Raiser
"At a Clover Club dinner, said a Phil-
adelphian, Charles M. Schwab- told a
story about an old man in Loretto.
Mr. Schwab said tbat this old man
had,a hobby of raising fine chickens.
In his handsome chicken runs, wilh
their netting of silver wire and their
floor of clean white sand, beautiful and
rare birds livedo The Loretto' people
often, came lo the old man to buy settings of eggs. He charged them always, for these settings, a fairly high
What angered the people  was . that,"
when there was no demand'for settings,
•» ..■-■"
grocer at an ordinary   figure.    Bought
direct for .setting  purposes,   the   eggs
cost 20-ccnls'apiccc.   'Bought-through
the grocer, they only cost 30  cents  a
One season the old man displayed
some unusually line chickens thai took
•prizes everywhere. His lownfolk decided that they too would- raise these
chickens, and ihcy flocked to' him for
sellings. Hut his price was so high
that only one or two would pay it.''.'
. Those who wouldn't pay it' laughed.
, They had,discovered,a. way lo get-
llie better .qf thc" old 'man, and they
wondered wliy tlie Vuse 'had not. oiN
curcd lo'lheni before. The .new eggs
were a' little peculiar'in appearance,
experts such as the L'orclio chicken
growers were, could easily tell Ihem
from ordinary eggs; and every week* a
large hutch, of them appeared "in Ihe
grocer's shop.
The experts prat-ended lo buy their
settings of lhe new breed of chickens
from the grocer at eating prices instead
of from the old man al breeding ones,
Day hy day a group of esperls could he
seen in the shop, going over' great
baskets of eggs with anxious care, selecting from ordinary eggs those nf the
new breed, News ofthe mailer came
to the old, man, and, (hough he seemed
a litllo hurl for none of the * eggs that
they had bought from (he grocer
hatched successfully,' All went wrong,
There was a general disappointment
in cliicken-i'atising circles,
Someone told lhe old man aboul the
disappointment, and he expressed no
surprise.    He only said.
They should come lo me for their
seltin' eggs, Who ever heard iV buy-
lii' selliu' eg'tfs in a grocer's shop?
When I sell i'ggs foreaiin', I just dip
(lie ends in hoilin' water—kill Ihegeim
Them was eatin' eggs lhe grocer hnd,
If these people want set tin eggs they
should come to mu,'honest like,
Two Lovers IliK.o Torn Wife.
In the days when Iho telephone was
a toy and the motor car an expensive
hobby, no one, save royally, over
dreamt of cjmrlering a special   railway
comment among iho railway men, who
.V s *
inh short space of aiiiic, lia J the- two
specials bowling from the station! . lt
was some days before the whole story
leaked,out, "aiid every guess of -the
raitway officials as lo the reasons of
fhe "specials" was wronj":  ■
It w<is a race lor a wife. The lwo
gentlemen'were stockbrokers, and both
loved lhe same girl, who,, however
loved No. I. He was a most iunitcn-
live lover, and it was only the merest
accident that brcught lo light how
sirongly he did love.
No. II, on theoliier hand was most-
attentive.,, In fact, he oppressed (hi:
lady with his devotion, so much so, indeed, ihat she fled to her native -Bristol
with a breaking heUrl. No. I was the
only one , for her and No. 1 was
In the meantime No. II' showered
letters on the lady at Bristol, and .in
despcrntion she answered one of his
piteous appeals in the affirmative. She
would grant' an interview al Bristol.
It so hrippeiiea' that the offices pf No. I
were below those of No. II., find by
siime mischitiue—perhaps the post
man was tired—the very letter addressed to No. Hand making., the "appointment was delivered til No. I's.
Without looking at lhe address No.
I opened it, and realised whal had happened. He al once sent the letter to
his rival,- and the scene on the platform
was the result.
At Bristol the   inhabitants   of r
on hand    Estimates furnished.   Sera).
li ou ljoiiffht by' tiie cal load.   Itepairhi;*
and Jobbing.
d'oht. -sca:
Terrace were treated,, to a.neck-and-'
neck race • between two cabs,' "from
which two men descended in as composed a manner', as possible. ..What'
took place inside it is'' not known,, fur-,
thet" than lhat No. II returned to lo\vn>
thai night, and, that No. I, "arriving
Ifite'the following morning,- anii'uuneed
the fact lhat he was to be married' in
lhe first week of November.
-S,   A   SHAVE,   egj-
"*-    SHAMPOO    v
'-<$»   OR    BATH   fo
*¥* ALWAYS HEADY AT        *-^*
Having opened a shooting
gallery in the Beck block, next
to Ihe bowling alley, we',.solicit
' (lie trade of all who tlelighlin
the pleasures of marksman-
,ship. Call in and take, a shot
or two."       '• •"
'■   VEncent & Muby
'.!.,1... .1 .-aa   vs.,1.1        I,!   lillJ-al   ll,,_)*l    ,\ , 11|   .1
prohibitive luMiry. Tuin.* Lai;
changed for las! year has: been a record ono for special trnin-".
Nowadays u t-pi'dal Iraki, though
cosily, may bu had as a mailer of
course, aiul, strangely enough, al llie
time when the "special" Jinn reused to
he regarded as anything uncommon;
romance has slepp<<d in to mivc it from
being consigned to the promiie position
of ai) "ordinary."
i)n. day last year there was a fluMei
of excitement at one of lhe
termini of Londul'i. A _\wU divv.cil
gentleman nit-lied up to the Irall'ic mi-
pcriiilendeiH nn.l brenthli-ssly nAa-ii
for a special train  to  Hristol.    Hard I'
Se^esr-aS TSbousqriS
,'.8flBaB,89 of
'    :" •'.    .a '-■
..",'' , t
Mott,- Son 4 Go,
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, 13. C.
Agopts in Fernio for T, G. Proctor, Nelson
The Smelter Trust
(Tlm Aiiaiii'Iciiii HiiHiltlni- nu.I Itnllnln'r t.'.a.)
Is capitalized for $150,(100,000. Its
assets,'iinoiini loonly abt)iH!ji'j(i,ooo,ooo
—yel il fiirces the miner to pay ili\i-
ilends on $1 •"o.oi'iV-nii "'" water.
Cit'orge's Weekly will show Ihe miiH-r
linw lo escape from this Octopus.
Send ftir 11 copy of Ihe issue of .March
■}lh, f()i\v   Address—
Geoivjo's Weo!t.[y,
Donvor, Colo,, U.S, \.
-* \m f\ tn-nstw r> r^ .^ rr* v
• a,   1< * r-aa taw *.* *jat   u-l au %pA    ,ft
p      PHOTor.nAPHEns      p
-jL^-O. "VV^-*VlV'V<isV**4 Vi^iVi*v*lVi->
?c?cS^>   SANDON
.Vldunt*' Fernie'- Lodge No", 47
Meets: ey.rv   I->idav evenim- at "«
"rtTin. iiri-tX-C^F.-.*^^^.     '
T. Bi-ck,  1\G.,R.S.
1.   B&VhGF? -L.D.S.,   D.D.55.,
.    oaa-a-AOUaa ,
I L.T.W.    Uloc'k,^ opposite" the"IJank
'   .Ollia-o lnmr-.—Sii.iti, to t* I'.iu."
k- ..- ,.. . •*•
\s*. ii. itoss' '"   •
►^Wff^^vtrV^^-i.-i-il^!-. «*y*<l* *?*\i*O* OpOp Op o'p
.»-. fi* ,i* fi* ti* ti* vi* ti* ti* t,s ^^^^i-^k*;:?^^!?^*:^^*^^^^
" "    J, S. T. Ai':|.:.\-.\.\"iihi: i ^7
'. R6ss;'&'AI^ai*fc!$r• •■-   ' v""
"■      When viu smoke a  cigar
siw that it is UNION niade.
Hltie Prize, tlenrv Vai:e,' Colii'iibiiH and j-„ ,„,,„,.,.„,    v.,.,',,,..;   ,   ■ a
Havana V.'hip Cigars are Cnio;i,Goods.! -----Ki-IS 11:11$,   hOl'JCl I'.iiiS,   KTC
m:i(l0 b-v-     r _ | '*   i-'Kitxij:. ]j. c.     "'
\\ .    J}.      KILBOUJtNJ.J    &    CO. j    Ofliw in  L. T. W.'l'lcc!;, Vituri-a Avi-mic.
Wiiuiliicg, Mini
Hi'in-e-cincl liy GKG'tGR IlOIiTON
II. \V. li'i:iicii"aii:ii. Siiri-.ii-ooia l!;a;t iij,ii,
Herchihcr & Herciimer   ■
llAill.'lSTlCltS,   _SOLl(*li.   aS,   KT'V
'kkhnji:, ii. o.
{.Ofile.'s ovi-i i'. Haiiis.&'tVi.l.loi'k.Vieti.ri.i nvt
TS a publication that
. , only appears once
in every century. Tho
•20th century edition has
been on the market for ■
nearly dvo years and is
not yet exhaiiRt-od.
' lt contains in addition'
to many eturies and illustrations by other
writers, many boa mO'ts
'Sketches and essays by
It. T. Lowery., Three
Western poems in the
■edition are easily worth*
runny times the price of
lhe publication.
Jt is sent post-paid to
any   address upon, re- .
ceipt of J5 cents, or two .
\   copies for '25 cents.
0       0      ■
Address all orders to :-
27)e %e$gp
_ta es.
VaetsBpSa a'nsS i*7aE5coii"ve'it
Daii.v.Tii.mns leave Fernie al 9:^5
a.m., reaching-Vancouver and Victoria
the Next , Afthrnoon. Return, train
reaches Fernie 9:15 p.m. •
Winnipeg Si. Paul, Chicago, Toronto  PHOTOGRAPHQ
and all Kasiem points,
'■ L. P. Eckstein
n.\nitn'i"i*n-AT-L.\\\*,'rroit,   i/ru. ■
. Ci'ililicrt UlocI:, Keriilii, I!. C.
P.- G, Lacoe
Tost Oliice Block, Feruie, B. C
•    J. II. LOVE,
Help   of  All 'Kinds Furnislicd   cr.
- °     ._ Short   Notice
:' ■   -. Ya!   Ya! ,
OALiPEXrEPiS" 1&..101NEKS '
Xoxt tlo&r to Calf-nry Oittlo Co., Wooal Street
AVoik of AH JCinds.    RiUaj-, Keiwonnlilo."
LAND SURVl'VOR        *  .
Ollice : Moit, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
I'ER.Vii" British Columhia '■
Provincial-Land 'Surveyor
ca , ' , "
1 * ' 1
Lands and Mineral ClaiinsSiu-vcjed
and Crown Granted.    ,. -.
TO. Box M.-'., •      Ollii's-: J'ot>tiiiiii> St., Kolsi-i,
Fliriiitiu-o and
1'   ' Undertaking1
Bargains in     . „, .. *<   ,
■"Wall, Paper
Two complete sels of Cur Fixtures, one
Uritisli Pinto Mirroi-'-KixOO ineiieB, new,
■Letter Press!;.*, Jillliarcl.aiid J'6'ol Tallies
Cash Kegisturs und other speci.'ilities,
Mall  Owlur.i  Kccelvo  Prompt   AtKftii'oii,
K.« Elliott, Kaslo,'B.C.
CI,,1,1 _ <f ,7,-, I fjoM ami Silver—f-Mii
Jjiiiid —   .7.11 (liilil, aaiivi r, i.i))i|i?|. j,w.
Siimjiloa lay mull  rcueive  |n'orn|it itlti'iitloni
I'ltiuur (Jolil,  UutortiJ,  mul  Hlcli drtM Jlmifilil
f-aiirt for 1 Fix ii MitilliiKMnva. null I'rlccl.i-t,
llUa Ani|>ii1ia)t) KI.,   Diiiviir, (.'nlo,
iew .-Line
l;or riitca nnd iul'orniiilioii cull 011—
J.\Mli!a S'i.oas, A^ent
Nuw's your.chance, "   .
Clietipehl .-md best in Kernie,
liesl lit and best equipped Mmlioin town
Cabinet's $.) lo $5 a' duzen
,    'y'i Citljini't       .] lo   ,|      , ,,
Carle de Visile 2 to   3        ,,
Stamp Photos 50c lo $1    ,,    .
Flush  li'jhls,  ciilarginj-  and  copyinj-
done.    Dont luro'l  llie address, opposite ihe church.'
J. P. Spalding
I      Jt, JIICYIjA.N'J), I'm-ilai'in 'iinU'raivlii-'lii
J1 •     J.lllllJ ,-allll('.l'';|,     JkA,S|,fl
|i"j*ili: K \".'l.ll   l|( Iin .'.i.i, lln- !,
I   niL'/a-il      R.'llt-*!-———.lllt'tf     Tiini1!   •*'     ".« laulill III llllir|'.,V,
uuwcm   i\ain..*i        j*i_.>i   111111. rui'U.K m j'Ai'Wfiin'ii
.    EH3l jrilllK   KII.IIKK'I" IKilKI,   in  Km,.1.,,,   ia  II
„, ,, , ., .,'      . I     ••       111 i|,|ll|l|,|ll  14 |.,l  I   II  llltll.ll,  |. taa  l|,|,|   II
loronlp,   .AJonlrc'iil,  .New A oil:,      L., h"Iut.    ' jiii.s.M-.ri ;. Ml iil'H V, j*i..|,-,
Miiritluie   IVoiiiuvs,    New   l''ii|;liind. I' '
1 rfc"l"11, \ !■ I i,;;i.\ llu'l ,.l. in ,-.i-l,. .11 ih 11 Imvi
West ! s-  ■■" *' T'"1 '■•■■■
\'iiuii*.ii\ri", N'ii'loiia, Scaille
Ciililin'iiiii Points
laaf   ,lll   %llll|||-|.   Taif|a   I HWIIV  t'lailll   i.aili,,
l..'»l  llaaal-aas |aa|-s| l| .. It V» alfl fill'   . li'lll,
W. !•:. M.-tiANltJ-fHII, 1'rt.ia'ialor.
 """/"  ,l:""- h|.<l.i:ill>    1IIITI.I..    Vllllt.     All   ,„..!, I-..
I   .'1       llll'.I.HI lll.'lll.l,     >S,l|ll|.|i'   |aa,,|Ii,   |||   I- ,1,1,1)..
Unequalled l,assi;nft'crSei,viw ,m- *' •«■ •'■■{.■,!i*;:!{VnS^.V;i'r,,ii!,ri,.,,,!,ri.i.,r.
Standard and Tuurisl Sleepers, pui-jsiont ium'mVni^w'""chp™
a'. ... !n .1 .Hit'    i -il.i.l.'   l_,ll .» !   l      ' ■ " •"" ' ■" '"' a '■    .". ..l-i ."a slll-s.   It,rai|||.
" '<       '"      IfMlll'J   l'll|ll.|-l.    UlllV    Wl.ll.a   |||.|.|   lllll.|,,vi.l|
,   ' a-  ,1 a ,, ',1   '. a   .a.   an..   I ,. a t 1 I III' l^ailt]
1/. ,     ,        in. M aa la lilll .la ll', M ,W.UN K .<.  TH 1.1111,1,1'S
,,.,. ,    ,  ,,.   ,, ,.,',..    a,,   ,    aa-  ,   ' n.AitTi.trrr norm:, t r»...riv Ai.- <.'!,.:.
Wl.M      li'.lU-   l-aiUMolae   .Mull.,    \,cU.,|j)    iHlImliiM >1 lllt.ay |,t.||.|  III  Ni.|,.,i,.     Ill.ll
Tlmr., Sail.'la. .Seiittlu ,\ \',uKiiiivcr.    -s tt il-i 1»-1 ■» t-m'-Ii.-, > il.   <i,   W. II.VUII.I.T'I',
I ;i|"0|al'|. i'.r,
Kasi--li'iivi'    lliinmoi"!'   tor    Toronto  '   —   - 	
Wi'i)   iv '."ii ■   Iur M.w.iivil   Mon   i r'"'" '■" ''■■■■ ' ■■■:,'-'*>"'*a I* ll"' 'i. i /
IMil.   l\    _a..ll.,JOI   .1  .<IIIH.II,   .UOII.      I     ^l,„  „, w„|,|„ H|rl.II,|„.y   ,,„     ,„    Yi-iflVim.
tv rri.;- Iur la.oston, Iti, J mi'Udnn'MI. ■.■ iimcic, i'ui|iiii..m.
'I1III'    11IIITT.IN NIA    IIOTI I. Iniiii.'lilll.
fi-lV'rrM'll.jjsa <R-3-->ang»ta"l.*|ri Mar, .aa.raai     '•    i'-l lill'l llir lint ll  lln' J..._aiii.   liolil milsi 1*
ii.X'il.l.xiU ^tOnillSitiij,!/i{*j*3'loy i ,hV:i,i-twj.-,..Tn.' idtii-.
Throii|;li !iiiiil'in|r*_tn and fmiii (ileal I   WholoHitlf..   MovolULntrj,
Mril'iln nn.l thf't'niiiiiti.'nt. '■  — •- —
'iiiir. MrtXTiinMi'ltv (v,, i,m„'W|i'.j.,..i,Ii
I I  M ti.'.'iii-tii.'i'i
t-a -t
► I'
I. . .
. . .
*-*  «1
y* ■
WHO  fails tlirouajh ij^nor-mi-e or fal.^o economy to use  priniud' Lnvejopt.-;,   Leiterlieuds,.
.     Ihliliwids, Kit.*., in ilu coiiduii oi his busiiK'ss,
comniiss  an error is fatal to iho yrowili
ol hi> bank a'ceoum.
i»* *■ i
^_i^._t._M^_r_mvr\i—■■s.nai«giiMr.sM.^.n^i*wwM *
I     j"       Ji.'Dt"I'*.S  a  firm   by   the   ;ipj*e i ranee of ils
S     a prinii'd   sl.itionery -miicli ll,..' huiio as iliey do
-.    ii drum.mer by ll-.u eul nf liis clotiia.'s.
TypoKraphieal Triuniphs arc lii_rhly
essentiial lo tho pio.-.pi:riiy, of your busiiass,
and siiffi'e.a-lioii.s aiv j-iven frei- at this olliei.',
when- all y.'ork' from llie tiny lieket to
the Uil and hi^lily-riilored created by-
artists .who know the difference between a
bli'lclv and the artistic ari-.-iu_._ement ol" type,
ini; ar.d paper.
,f i*
Wye. Slebge, vend?.
a-JM^7_iKrTrr-A^______~j* n^—^r-mmcova
"A, ?
**• • -at
► •^
Stsck;at the. old,, well known
-Reliable Reliance Cigars'
JU €i€MS'
i^#-i-i    '        .ih
10&dMI£MS$ .  _. I.
mx &mh£iV-_tii
*—*-■--*'*'J-'*■-•"**■ •*-**— fai iTt -Afr*A.'3£--^yiJiaGg^V-QMtf,-CT-». ., ,___**-*-J&ffififfir_
The Reliance Cigar Factory,  Ltcl.,., Montreal, Que.
First maker of the " l-'lor de Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"Genera! Arthur*' since 1S7O ; over 27 years in existence.
Wai.tuk Ciio.m;, Western Representative,
/l- Tf you nre looking for Fishinf};, Biitliing
? Hniitiiifi, IJoaliiif* or Cilacior' Climljiiif*, go to
y Kuw Denver ami stop a fow (lnyH, weeks or
monlaliH at l.!io''Xi'wninrl-p|i ITotci wilh Ifeiiry
Hlofrii, Homo. 000kiup;, and tlie finest liever'ngeB
in tlie world,' including water. Write or wiro
for rateB.
f,m Sfegc   «   «   Rcw'tnarRct l>oicI
new Denver
^    llavo one of (lu-ir lurgost .--lorcri in l,\'i,nie. *
i_ Lttinb, Veal, i'Ve-sh and .Smoked Kii-h.    w
$    ImtsIi Fish constnnilv arriving  ?
<* ' -,—&
«> aA^V-^'"*^ _VaaV^*^-3l^ ^MA%^£/rAti> V.Xt'l/Ui'ZAtSVUtlmS- *V%^*4^%, o
'j      New Crop Now  In Mod.
Hanna. Iii,,nn in,.I liii|inr!
(lAHJil'.N, I'lKI.I'  I MilVKIl  M:KIi>
U iiaili,.iiln nml Jti'inil
W|..-.'l|l|     I'll. I',    taa    |-\   Hill.|'„    [I'-llHlla  .
'I'li'aii.'itii'N ul   I'i'ill   nii'l   Ol Mi 11,1 lahil 'I'i ia \-
Itliillllllli'lnlllillH,        llaa.ak,        lil'i'l'llltnilMI. j
llllll   llutaly   I'llllll.
i.anv tii'inlii.!  Iii  ini' inifs'.arii-.. fair
*>|allilk'   |l|,al,til,l(
I' a   '('I II |irla a - ail   la  . a. W li •' •• I..1I..1I
'I ■■i-.iu'ii.isi'.KH' iff:(•: nivus .4 si*i'i'i.ii'.H,
I'ltiiriiiM i'i', Il.C.
aoll)  U'i'>ll|llll>li'l'  Ita.llal,
l-'or sale at all times exa-V-un
saiul 1'ov plastorlnj.*-.
saiiul in the couniry.
Apply 10
Ur Plnnte,
Mo. 55, Old Town
—, ,1	
F-?   .
.m* !",»!.•:, f.ilJu.. ,i;i.J tu'kwU .iip;a, I :«„[,,..,.I,u
lai   I'llaai,.,," |.|V||(I.',.Vli]
to when
.,   J. R.Cameron
";'».'lV/     /!-%) 1$$$) lH ""> tnllor to «"o 1
fvrvMi.jji \-',y*t----■) .*, Suit of CIotlT*
!«!'.•<-'.      (     \<  .     ! -,
I ,;!«.'-  1    / /   /   a     a
la li'ial a;_c7iN, 1,1 in
K. }.i.,u>'.\a*, .«/;<.fit, J'Vniie.
I.s.l nrli r, I i.i* \
i;../,f..,Vla',  A li  1-A.
'■' 1 rain lliniir. I:»:.■*, CIi-...*.', rr.Hiiwv 1,1,'.
'"ri!/t,.\»'»«'.ti,» c,
I A. Mi>l)i»S.Vt-l>, Wli!,. .,!,■ IV.ilnr ii
•I,   I'ruil   Vc!» i.i . ll C.
lln litiH tho nolibit'dt sultln^R
tn nelcvt from, mul llio lit it ml
workmanship |,h tlio belt,
SANDON,   «   jnKi1HA!lfiJl
!BILL HFAnS::!!rf^t,:,T;'!,1:r^^
,, , .. , v> ,.  ' i.i. 11.1'.i'i" i"-nn   Va.11 'ini ir nr 1 rnnr
(inlfi-y,mi" SninniiT suns, M.uv, S.Uli , „ h ,.,', „,„k ium.H 0111 l.y | Ht  LtUuL
Suiiinf-s iii'iv Jinivinif.
V. P. Uchschcr.
Hl'.i wort'* Vo%% Ttlkr
O I t\ I UIVILI1 IO tciiutiii
.lev   Ni'iaiU i.iliii.i miai fur   I rnpr
,.,'. iii-"..ii;.. dtiliv Int  LuUuC
r m^esm—mmmsmmmm
IMF.\%8&*ma twsrss, f-c-.-ifstw-.-y; «m
The Canadian
u" wff'Sj?
Ijleud Office : TORONTO
.5-aid-up sCa^tt^ --c §,8..7.QO,000 Rest V .- $3,500.*OOO
Special attention vis ,-j^ up the following Advantsiges .o^Q-^i by
Our Savings Bank. ■
peposits of &i t«*^3-jpw-vcjs rec_\iye_\j and interest •"tjjpwt?-] nf Ci*jrrent Rates.
-Interest is added it.-*-J Iiie rjspQJ^ ^"A'-ja-PjE in,e.iii?h year, .$1 the nvid pf May apd
November.,   'phe ^epQ.sjtqr i§ subject to no .df-lay whatever in.tli? »'U.b(Vau:al
,i)f.ih.e wiifile or any portion of tbe deposit.
■ all parts o/JC&NADA, TH£ ^NJT£D STATES,
^Rl-:AT'|J.RJTAi.N   .-XN-D   EV-RpI-fi   Bpuj^)t  uni   Sold
gj JLpjV'*st l$atj*$,
' •    .- ' T. B. MAY, Manager
f»»  SALE,
deac'ei in fernie being Lot s, Slock 1.
West Fernie, containing House fo s So, Utfceai
n$$ plastajrw, with i-vodiih*d outbullal-
iiij-a. One acre, cleared, furniture will B.lao
be sold.   Apply tn owner, L tt. Forbes. Fer_nie
AJ land Avenue, near th,e Fernie Brewer;
Apply to #. KUiwnaj}.
vaalux-ie-i, Guide and Case.. Cost .JS but
will sell forVst'a.      Geo. W. Carruthers.
Apply at this office.-
We h#ye a swell line of ,
Patents, Black Kid and Box Calf
In Nettleton's famous fine Shoes for Men,
thjeij) before you sete# your Summer Best.
YQiiirliiiij-Qfe fc-$Qt(&nqj^ sojsie. o/ tbe foHovvlflgj."
V-?aIi -totf   . jioueiess. Turk-?y   Corned Beef
Chjckeu "Loa? Bojveless. CWckea   g^a-st Beef
Ham Loaf ,, Bon^essDuck;       Lunch Tongue
Sliced Dry Beef       Boneless Pigs Feet Vienna Sausage
ilIJ»*'iliia-"--*'"***'il**l""-»-»»!a^^ i  i   »•—aMa-—im
Prqpfift D©Hv»ryjCash only.   Money roles the Earth
■U/PUAllll-TflMffn  Men's Outfitters 1
riT*KKFj|R-(|     WARDROBE
*900099900090b -
Apply to A. Beck, Feruie.
When in T/out L^lce ("ity stop at tlie
^Queen's Uolel.
You can iri ways f*ct the httesl in
ja-tyle ut Kenny & McLeod's.
aiGet jn the swim hy buying youi
^clothes //-a*;*" fte-jjiy & MlffcjiPai.
Trites, Wood & Co. expect to occupy
jtheir new store in Sep^ej-'hcr.
Another prize spjipinpis-in -spntein-
j)latibn at the .Kernie pjg.iir S.lore.
Pressing and -""leaning -auj..'* called foi
.^-.nd deliv^flul;    See i--. J, ftlitchcll.
A-prominent business man of Fern'u
(lias sold out "■•*$* Mil} s|,VS»rtly leave tha.
'f his is the last day for handing ii
,prizc coupons at the Fernie Cigar
Thti-pfftpprly of the Cedar Valley Iffi-
j?roaV|5ine-it Co. has been sold to F. H.
£iale, of Enderby.
Quit# -i nHi-nbef of men in Fernii
&ave shaved their faces clean. Thej
will take no chances upon gx;tting froth
tpn their whiskers.
Mas^ersbn, Griffith & Co., Trout
_pilf& ))**>•£ all Jl),e supplies needed by
jjrumber camps and mines.
The total amount ot customs and in-
jjand revenue collected in Fernie during
Mjty was $7,428.37.
J. C. Hutphisoi. is still  doing  business at the old   stand.    Have   a   chat
.. jvilh   him , about your   next   suit   ol
 ^lollies.     ..   --■ VjL	
■Pr fl<7w«,*j'e specialist will bis at
the. Fernio hotel from tho 18th to the
18th inst.
Semi-Ready tailors* who are specialists in collar-making or in moulding
shouldeis etc,, do nothing elst, therefore must get perfect. Sec FJ Mitchell.
li. Malta Ralph has been committed
to stand his trial for sJ*o.ojjng Jphii
Before you go east aor to Elko call on
Jeo. W. Carruthers; -ind get "», nobby
•uit of clothes.
Don't wait, for weeks on a   tailor   to
isivc your clothes cleaned and .'pressed,
•jt notify V. J. Mitchell,   he    will   alas nd to  ihem   at   once.  . Semi-Ready
The Kootenay at Sandon has not
.icked the door for nine years. Right
anjy for strangers when tljey'rj* OHt
ite, and caiji-tft tr;id-i tlwir thirst for
J. C. Hutchison may not be in the shop
uosl of his time but he is always ready
o Hike orders for  tailor-made clothes.
Patronize Kenny & McLeod and support home industry.
1 *STATflAill, lust heaird of in ifiu-leoai, Alberta, .hiiu- SJait, JlKil. H* also livctl at No. It
London, Ont.    Is ti nutivu of Salloral, Mian
—       •      .a        X. »!...«    ¥..   .... 1.   u....u..«
Thirty ilavs after date I intcnil ta apply i«
me Chief Commii, of Ij-,nds and Works
   .,     for permission to out and curry away it-nlier
cliostor,'Eiii-lt.ii-tl.   fjwther Joseph Stnthum j frjijtn the followinj jieacrlWl jands, situated
inquires of his vrberualio * "'   ' '   —■■—--' -"     '-■'■     **-
V, 0., Albeity,N. W.T.
outs. Address Okotoks In F.a»t Kootenay district. Commencing- nt
the northwest lynner post marked "F. H.
Hale," rumunR ttience north faOchains, ttience
west 10 cbaiuH tn line of C. P. R land^ tluenoe
south Rloinr C. P. R. line 100 chains, thence
?aait 10 chains to southwest corner post of Lot
MM marked ' Cedar. Valley Camp Mmits,"
thence north Ml chains to pohi*. of commencement.
F. H. Hai.k
Date.1 at Fernie, B,C„ May «, IM*.  .
TZCXDERS miirked '-Tenders r« DemHureJ;,',
udalressvd tu the assi^net-, will be remv-
eal lay liim up to noon of the litli June; l'«6.
for the purchase of [1] the stouk-in-trude ol
C. O DeniHurcz, consistiiiRof watches, clocks,
jewelry, etc., [*] the l.cosehold premises of tho
suid C. 0. Uemnurer now in possession of tl>«
estate lieinf-Lot four (4], Jllouk thirteen 113],
Victoria Avenue, Fernie, British ilohimuin,
nubject to a demise to Kenny a&itcLeod ■»» to
pait thereof.
Th« stock-in-trade nnd-title deed may bo
inspected upon application to the assignee or
his solicitor. v
The highest or any tender uot necessarily
accepted., ■ .
Assignee, Fernie, B. p.
L. P. Eckstein,
S-ql'ujtor faor AssJuSPtS, .-   .
^t ijIsiUes 35 tailors to niakp otip Semi-
■jResidy coat; They are all specialists
tpn that part at *yl)is*l) tlje_y pifcel. F. J,
A;t.!thB inquest over the accident that
{killed Peter Ferraella in No.. 5 mine at
£pal £reek ()_e jtjry brought in a ver-
,«liqt;pf accidental death caused by a
■prop being "out of place, and recoin-
^nended that in the future tire bosses
,se£ that iheir orders are obeyed by -the
•(•lion in.their ditTe^enl positions,
The Kansas Cily woman who con-
c-aled $300 worth of jewelry in her
b.istle and then lost the bustle seems
t> be about $300 in ' arrears.-—preen-
ville Messenger-.
Thc scriptures tells us that where :■■
man's treasure is there will his heart
a*e also, andlhe same statement applie.-
to women. So here we have a womai
ivithout heart, rnoney or shape, and
her sad plight should be a warning ti
all women not to let their bank account-
■"-let-behind-—■—^ ■*—-— =	
For Kalispell
Excursion train for Kalispell,
Montana will lenveO. N. Ry.
Depot, Sunday, ' -
June 11th at 6.45 a. m.
1-artieB wiphing to p«rta*ke of.
this dav's otitni'r mutt p'rocum
tir-i cts at. tht- (1. N. City ticket
. office adjoiii'pg thc Nt nliern
Hotel belure u p in. Saturday,
June 10th ns only a liinitt-'l.
numbor pf tickets will bp sold.
Sale of Furniture
Hev. C R. Q. Poole will sell at his residence next to the Park, overlooking the river,
all liis Household Furri'ture consisting of
Beds,Mattresses, i5ewinB"Machine, ltookcases,
Smith Premier Tyia/swriter, Sideboard, Pictures, Lounge, CiiTiaets, Rubs, Mason Fruit Jars,
Matting, Child's Red, l)i ni-i Room Extension
'Kabljs, Kitchen Tables, Revolving Study
Wiair, Lady's High Grade Bicycle, Stoves.
Wood and Coal, etc., etc.
Goods can be seen mornings from in to lit
o'clock.   Afternoons from 2 to 4.30 o'clock.
Sewing Machines
These machines are now heins* sold
at lower prices, quality considered,
than any other, either for cash or
on* instalment of 93  per month.
- aud Oil for Salfl.
Sawing , Machines    Repaired   or
J. P. Houlahah,
FERNIE, B.C. Agent
5      5      5
the Peopte'* Orocer,  P. O. Block, Fernie
A Summer Suit
Monutains jire Pncteria -Proof
Mount'iinous regions -ire healthfu
because bacteria cannot live in them.
Bacteria at an elevation of 2,500 feet,
A swiss scientist has heen experimenting with the bacteria of. various
diseases, and it is found lhat the minute
creatures ceased to flourish as they
were brought from low to high  tracts,
inally died in the thin, pure air of a
The King Edward hotel in Fcmic is :-*.S^ •"•"•- elevation.
tonly a few steps from the C P. R. sta-j Ii was on this account that the moun-
.t.ipn, on thc .corner opposite the post- tiins are so healthful. It was on this
oflice. Travellers should not fortjat. the account thiil, lljcy agree so .well with
■location uijigfl t|)e«y iifi^vji -.iiij  alip   (ioal |the victims «f aU .l*iic|4>rii|| tjispases. Hy
the same token, low, swampy regions,
where bacteria thrive, have always
much sickness and many deaths to
answer for.
E a Talbot
Manufacturer and  E)ealer  in * all
kinds of light and heavy harnosa.
. Harness made to, order on short
! notice.
Collars, Bruahes, Combs, ".Vliipn,
-Rns-ps, AlUkiudsof-harness-pa-rts.
on hand;
Mining harness a specialty.
2 Doors BoiitJbUoiuifi IJotel,
IS prcbably the proper
1 caper at this time
of tlie year. If you
have a desire ia that
call ox
Kenny & McLeod
Junat ith   1905.
'"        No. 1 Company 0
Capt. James McEvoy, Comnmnding
Tlie Company 'avill tuirado in Prill Order
ut the Armoury, on Wednesday eveninr, the
7th inst,,at 7.45p.m."
-.'Lieut, and Acting. Adjt.
(Corner Howard mid'Main Streets)
Entirely remodelled and newly furnished thioughout
Steamlwated and tej£plu»ne io every room
PreV bus wieets nil trains ",
Electric fire alarms in each' room  .
Kootenay daily papers kept "on file
Itateti 1 76s to •8.00. par day
€. €. Pbair, Proprietor
Late'of the Phair Hotel','Nelson, B.C.
*a aryyyara-TTihrarg »°<
A reirutar meetinit of the Board'of License
Commissioners for the City of Fernie will be
held on Wednesday evening, the Mth day of
June A. D. 1905,. in the ■ Court House,' in the
said City of Fernie.'atthe hour of 8 o'clock.
Business, to consider tlip renewal of the following tjpensesi.
Example of Ike Waltort
YOU CAN PROCURE the necessary
■fWE undersigned having sold out his res-
I. ta'tirant-to Frank M. Fuknyama |the
•aameto tako effect on June 19th], leaupsts
that all persons owinc him to k'ndj.v cull and
settle up, and anyone having iicodnnts against,
him to present t*|imc for payrnent, and thanks
tho publio for nast, pntronitfu and soliqits a
continuance of the same for his succes-aor.
June 7th, lOOR.
William Woodward Tuttle,   Royal Hotel.
Stepl.en F. Wallace," ■ Hotel Fernie.
Sarah Jennings,  Central Hotel.  ,-
William Mills,   WaldoM Hotol..
Philip Carosello,   Roma Hotel,
John L..Gatcu,  King Edwivr4-Hotel.
Willium Eschwig,  Northern Hotel.
Thos. H. Whelan," Niipantu Hotel.
William Ross,  Quajen's Hotel.
"          Kine'sltot
mperiitl Hoi
Tlie Pollock Wine Co. v.r',.. > *
Louis Carosello,      ...'iVs,   ..
A ' ■ ■   ■ "'-atV D. WinRtwo,
a ■.".-:    Licenso Inspector
Irernie, B. C, 27th May.l90J.
Ih A. Mills.  Kinir's Hotel,
ijih Jean/ Imperii-! Hotol
Specials This Week
71b. Onions 25c;
*' ■  ■
White Star Baking Powder
15c. per Tin
•'The -Nelson Ncivs sIiomM «Pt U'Ued
,up. Thc publishing* pf the city by-
iJaus   in  TiieLeik;k |)i|«   nothilW tq
,4-)  wilh flip bpyt-'ou pii-cp'l upon ti
py Mayor Stork. He dees nol lil:e
The Leuuk because it lists heen lion-
^■.t enough to show what a human
ask" will do when clothed in a little
,1'rie'authority, and will not permit
/ljeal|-ic|il qimpj-nip!" in play in |iii« lil(|e
jll-jjl If l|>py :t'|vertisp jn T||ti Lbiwb.
•There is no plficp fqp a (yrai-f pf this
j!<;i free, H'C'l-ini pr,\\r\lryt }\e is
.a disgrace to good, Ciii)iia|iitn »t,|ilii'i*
clothc.i, and.should |*o to Russia where
ilw IjHl'yin 'mUi-V'ty h'is •• bpncr op-
oortutiUy pf sppwiii'' vetnon and hoy-
coif * over his fellow man.
A full line of 14-Jtson'tf |ihqno_*raphs
•-nd po||,l->l-'n Brainophon(is with a
complete stock of records, pun he had
#t thc Vww> ®rmt sl°rp»
Dr. Price's
Baking Powtiar
Made of purtj cream of ttar-
tar, it safeguards thc health
Price Baking Hniw Oi,
CHiqAOO, U. I. Aa
. Fine Out Fnctti
Toothhruslies and tooth powder are
to be supplied to the inmajesof the
Austrian prisons,
A London cabman has invented an
automobile l|iat can he usud as such or
be drawn by a horse.
In the Swedish (""hamber a Government, hill was liUt-oducpd fiJ-inj,' punal-
ties for llie declaration of'strikes.
The total number of bankruptcies in
England and Wales lusl year was 4,-
615, nn increase of 256 on thc preceding year.   >
Wild pats arc nn the increase in
Scotland, One mensuring four feet
long was captured in a trap in Poolewe
a few weeks iigv*,
Experiments jufstify lhe conclusion
that increasing the linen-ill}' of ••«■'■
-100,000 times does nol .'alter lt,s velocity by as much as two feet n sepond.
Lifeboats were launched pn service
no fewer than 2<)\ occasions on thc
American Coast last yon* nnd wived
519 lives. The fleet of lifeboats num>
ber 385.
Gn.VNTS of lanalniuileto Vohmtijern, their
liolrn  or aMsU-iiN, uinier 'IU
thin Act, are taiililoct to the com
       - anriB.   ail«a..
Iitiirai  or an»U»iiN, urnler imMipriiy, of
 tut, are laiililoct to the conilttion that
mioh IuihU niiuii hnvo been heleote.l by tlio
rniitee* on orlioforo th-tflntdny ofJuly, IIK16.
Notice In, therefore, hereby 1
cntioiiK fur micli Innaiii tiiunt
(ifii-)iout Ofllca- by that dato,
Olilof Commiuiiioiier of I.undii Si Workii.
I.nmlti nnd Work-. Ita-mrtment, '
•   Vlotorla, It. 0, Mth May. lOttt.
The Fereiie
Drug Store
Todd Block
citv of fwiinik
THE Citv. t)t Ferule Invite tender- for Bten-
ou-mpliy per folio for ny-Law*, not letm
tlitan nis copied ruqulred for each ny-Lnw,
0. VA11TY,   „,   L
- City Clerk,
Gibson takes the Limelight
\\fV. wish to Impress upon the pood people of Fernie
* that wc are Head Quarters in anything pet-mining
to Plumbing Work, carry thc Stock, have the Tools, also
thc Ability to Use Them.
OUR Mr. W, lv. GIBSON is  a  Past Master of his
Business,  which is Plumbing.    If you have any
doubts as to the truth of our statcrrjcnt ask your neighbors.
Sheppard & Elliott
• K..iWa. «^*»a»    -Wl-r   ■*-  *   *       «,<■-•■
■Illione.i.       . Opponllc tlie I'oiat Onirc.
i" r ■""Tir"iT"i"""" "'""■""" ■'"""""
Ull*lil 411 the centre ufalie cily.
Paste this in your   hat,    It
will pay you to remember it.
of lu-clnim ro«"t beet the nppelUliiR odoit
eti'iipe Hml the rich brown xravy trlcklet tempt-
InRly to thn dlMi. That la the kind of -(wnito our
hoof prodiifOd. Tender, Juicy, nourUhlnif. Il
will makityou brulny nnd brnwny
Of I'oiirM wuMll tho tli'iloent ciit" of veal,
Umb, pork, tin., al»o, Jlut Jimt row we »re
Ulkim* liter. ISaefwurQ of our offerluitd,
Meat  Market
Tiu-riioNKS   [ RES11)ENCE  l: I
Scott & Ross S
A complete stock of Coffins, Caskets, and
Burial Goods, also Metallic Lined Shipping Cases
J Parlors in the T. Beck Block
Victoria Avenue £
Tbiriy-eiKlit ycuru in llie drugbuslncM.
Millinery Estaiii-ishment
Twitching Eyelids
indicate eyestrain.
The slightest hint of it
should not be neglected
Wc test eyes free of charge,
and recommend glasses only
4*Www*/•-»*•» j t
It 4*4-.**   *ii-ij
A. G. Uphardt
Jeweller      Optician
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
'PHONE 28 for Prompt Delivery.
■ -piiiwiwiiMiiwiMiiii-w-iwiwiin UU 111 mil IJIIU'IBIIIIIWIIMIIUIMIIMIHU
Make your Way
to Our Store for
. Victoria Avenue
(Opposite. Tuttle'i new Itolet)
           '"" ■■■■■■■
Fernie, D. 0,'
Aoohvs tlvj outer man, »nd
raiKS die wearer in  Ihe
oplnifin of |I»p critinil public
Ttftohti* iff tlie Piano
(^••ila-Uiluy Mithc-al)
■A'flMrongfi ttAifogAWtt'fl pH' P"pl'
*-^             ..   a.             ■*■•■. * f     -Wm.     •»     J
USE The .   .
Best Creameri) Butter
WE cxrry n complete fine of A" Kind-; of Canned
Meats, Canned Fish and Bottled Goods, suitable for
Lunches, Picnics or Easy Made Dinners.
•Tones AT
Ft-trnlA, MInhol,, Moi*rtstoyy Goal Or*eek,
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.


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