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The Ledge 1904-11-16

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Editor and Financier
You will become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
Volume XII., Number 6
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
^d^!-tM-t-M-t^!d-M-lMtM4^!4,M4^l4^!i a^Stslts!l*.sltsl*LSl* *t* «* «* <>* o* <t* \u
McDougall's mill closed for the wintor
last week.
All the local churcliaa will hold
thanksgiving services.
II. I>. Talbot has just received a largo
stock of horse blankets.
Tho mine workers In this district aro
electing thoir officers this week.
This seasons snow in Pernio is like
like Port Arthur." It has not yet fallen.
Tho pile driver for the Great Northern
is more than half way across tho Elk-
The Christmas tree of tho Methodist
Sunday school will be held on the evening of December 2G.
. Mrs John Turner's mother is probably the oldest person in Fernie. She
is87, and halo nnd hearty.",a
Macdonald it Sous will shortly, return
to Seattle having completed their (contract on the Great Northern.
John Gusty is nicely settled In his
new house, near McMaeter's meat market It is an ornament to Victoria
avenue ,
Judge Leamy will.hold county court-
in Fernie today. Thero are twelve
casoR on the docket, running* in vnluo
from 97 np wards,
Dan Alton was in town this week.
Dan superintends tho G. P. It. bridge
work along the Crow. When ho hae
time Dan lives at Cranbrook/
The work on the new English church
is progressing rapidly.   The. roof will
_1~ .__*.|-2 .1 . 1_.L 1....1.1! — 111
"anruii uiiH~weci»7"wiu" xiiu- uuiimujf win
be open for services before Christmas.
Hogular passenger trains will be running inte Ferae over tho Great North
ortt within a month. The time from
Rpnkane to thia city will bo twelve
hours, n
Tho Elk Lumber company hae
taught over 600 itons ol machinery In
St. Paul (or their new mill at Fernie.
When completed the now mill will have
a capacity of 125,000 feet a day.
W. J. Bltiiirloll has if sign that looks
as though the bu'ldiiig was cut away
from It until It stood out ln_bold relief.
It Is llio lirst sign of tho kind in Fernie,
and whon touched with gold it will be
an ad*tlint the rain will not wash out.
In tho Old Town on Sunday a row
among two Italian relatives ended by
ono man having part'of his upper lip
bitten off, disfiguring him for life. The
police havo net yet found Iho man with
the itronp teeth aud cannibalistic tendencies.
Lost — Souiowhoro between the
Napanee rlvor and Pernio a flno looking bartender answering to the name
of Con Whelan. Whan last seen he
was looking for tho I aimer House in
Toronto with a shamrock In one hand,
and a map of Ferule In tho other. A
reward of two drinks will bo paid to
anyone who dellveres him safely to hi*
homo In this city.
Nolson has four batiks and tho managers are afraid to take a chancn on
anything. Most of tho hankers In the
Want Rnotenayhave becomo afraid to
help somo of tho best men Iu the
country,and In consequence there am
days when they do not lay up a cent.
Hare In Fertile we have ono hank, and
it Is m busy that It la often nii<*<-**ary to
stand In line to get a glimpse of the
tellers smiling face.
Dob Edwards Is now easily the
greatest man In Calgary. Ha has not
had a drink fii three months, end in
that time has become rich enough to
boy the lArdaan Ragle plant from J J,
Young, the millionaire publisher of
Canada's greatest cow <-aint<. llnh
missed an Isine during the election
week, but that wen canted hy sorrow for the Tori**, and not from
boo** aa a villain Intimated to tie the
other day.
That it if a great different* between
Mrs. Iltidd of Moyio ia visiting friends
in Pernio.
All cooks aro not broke. One in
Fernie hns 810,000 in the bank.
Residences continue to multiply
across tho Elk in West Fernie.
Tbo enst end of Victoria Avenue has
entered tho crossing and sidewalk era.
Jas. Scott arrived 1" town from Moose
Jaw this woek to tako a position with
Fred J. Mitchell.
There are about 70 children on the
roll of the public school at Coal Creek.
Another room is needed.
The Mt. Fernie Lodge of Odd Fellows
will hold their final mooting for nominations on Thursday evening.
W. O. Robins of the B. C. Furniture
company mado a flying trip to Alborta
Saturday, letiiriiing Monday.
Dr. King of Cranbrook waB in town
on Monday consulting with local physicians over a difllcult obstetrical cafe.
Oh Monday evening J. A. Mncdonald
M.L.A., was entertained to dinner at
tho Napanee by tho local leaders of tho
Liberal party.
In Nelson- D. J. Robertson & Co.
have beeu elected by popular vote to
supply furniture to all citizens who
havo any cash in sight.
Mrs. Marion Rutherford, Dominion
organizer of the W. C. T. U , owing to
mistake in dates, did not speak in Fernie last Thursday eveninsr.
L. Atkinson opened his  cigar store
Hotel Fernie,   In connection with it lie
..will open a pool room in a few days.
Charles itjehnrds will open his new
storo in the Todd block on Friday. For
the convenience nf those in the locality
Itis old store will continue in operation-
J. R. McPherson left the hospital on
Sat iu dny having disposed of most of his
rheumatism. During his absence Dan
McMillan, of Sand Point, Ido., held
down his shift nt the Napanee.
Rov. J. Roheon, pastor of tho Metho.
dint church, returned Friday from Mor-
i-issoy where ho presided at thu quarterly meeting of the church there. The
mission at Morrissoy Is in a prosperous
condition financially and otherwise,
\_ J D. Quail-has moved into his new
block. Tho stores have a frontage of
i!0 feet, aud are connected in tlio in
torlor by nn .arched doorway. In one
store hardware Is carried, and in the
othor a complete line of furniture and
house fiirnlshltifis.
John Mcintosh, who lost his eyesight
by a blast In tho Knob HU! mine nt
Phoenix Is disposing of a watch at the
Napanee Hotel next Monday evening.
Ah blindness is one of tho greatest
misfortunes that can dl a the life of
man tho kiud people of Fernie should
take a chiiuce on John's gold watch and
llnanclally brighten the days thnt look
all alike to him.
Tho valuo of life Insurance to those
who have loved ones depending upon
them, or who wish to make an Investment that pnys Interest nnil (mows nt
the same timo Hnd what they want In
the Mutural Life of Canada. For full
particulars in regard to this gnat company Intending policy holders should
call npon Mrs. Harris at her oflica In
ihe King Edward hotel, Fertile.
11. Clark, cook for.tho Great Northern,
pile driver crew near the t-lly, haw
taken out a patent for an Improved
kitchen cabinet. Mr. Clark, who halls
from Whlto Fish, Montana, has received a substantial ra«h offer and a
royalty of Mcents on each cabinet wild
from a large lirm in the Status, which
ha rcfitswl As the Arm fwiimatml that
the royalty would Amount tn ft.Vi.uOtt a
year, It l« alino*t certain that Clark will
soon ci-aae to fry steaks hir hungry
railroad builders.
A nnanlmon*. call ha* been eitcndcd
Old newspapers for sale at this office.
L. It. Forbes has extended his trip to
E. L. Kingsloy. Socialist orgauiwr,-
was in town Saturday but did not hold
a public meeting. He left Smithy for
western points.
Tho delay in the arrival of the furnace  tB  retatding  tho Hotel Fernie
bnt it is safe to say that beforo Christ
mas this palatial hostelry will welcome
many a guest.
Tho Fernie hoard of trade might do
uood service by assisting the Mountain
Mill association to procure a morn
equitable protection upon the lumber
sawn in the interior of this province.
A citizen wants.the people of Fernie
to put-up prizes at'Christinas for the
children in the public schools, ''"lie
thinks three prizes for each room would
be none too many for a city liko Fernie
to contribute.
Mr. Mott hns secured a sufficient
number of subscribers, to warrant him
putting in a telephone exchange in
Fernie. The charge for business
phones is $3 a mouth and $2 lor residences, Tlie system will be in operation m a few weeks
Artistically the Rosa D'Erina concert
Tuesday evening was a success but in
a financial sense the inclement weather
math it a failure. The falling of the
stovepipes during tlie preformance
mane a few smoky,moments that were
not relished bv the small but select
A quiet wedding took pjace at tbe
Methodist Parsonage on Tuesday nij-ht
November lf)jh, when Mr G. Fred
Johnson and Miss S. Thompson, two
of Ferniu's popular young people were
united in the bonds of matrimony.
They loft nn today's express for a brief
Hon oy m ooirirl p To SptTk a no and other
cities. It's their purpose on returning
to reside in Fernie.
Monday night the Sfhool bell ranp
at 8 o'clock in accordance with the provisions of the curfew bylaw. Altlotiyh
tbe baiid was playing on the sfreetat
the time and a .political meeting in
sieht—attract inns'not to bosneezed at—
the youth of the town appeared to have
but one desire—-to -reach tne shelter of
the paternal roof. in. the least time by
the shortest possible route. In one
minute after curfew the only evidence
of boyhood in the center of tho town
was the patter of hurrying feet in the
The Fertile public "school teachers ro
turned Saturday evening, after spending au enjoyable week n't Cranbrook attending tho convention. Between 20
andni) teachers wore present. Inspector Wilson gave the whole bunch a free
trip to St. Eugene mission, where they
visited jibe mission school. Tlio trip
to the Mission was planned as a
syndicate affair, but when they returned
to Cranbrook the teachers claimed they
woro -'all up," w» Uncle Dave," to save
his Hock from the small debts court,
put lip the cost of the expedition. On
Thursday night a public meeting wns
held, when Inspector Wilson spoke at
length to the parents on their «hnrv>
in the educational work.
Wednesday night nf last wcul- flic
Conservatives held a meeting In Stork's
opera house. About two hundred per-
sous wero pi esertt. W. II. I loss, M. I,.
A., occupied the ch.iir. The r-'rwakers
were Hun. C. Il Mukiiit..s:1, the party
candidate, and W. Illakemnre, M. B.
Mr. lllskeni'ire was the lirst speaker,
and ilfmunaiwl the Iwu-'s tint from in
part) nut from n btininexs suindpolnl,
eh-aily showing the Injury to ll.e iiia',
lead and lumber intlit»ti-it-*of the province resulting from the policy of the
laurier giiviiiiuiient.
Mr. Mai-kliitoeb dealt more partini
replying in brief to Mr. Macdonald's
speech delivered in Qranbrook tlio past
week, and concluded by asking the
support of those present for the Conservative candidate.    ,
The next speaker was J. A. Macdonald, leader of the pioviucial opposition. This wus Mr. Macdou-tld's lirsl
appearance in Fernie, and the large
iniij rtity of the audience were anxious
to hear one who may at some future
period be premier of the province, Mr.
Macdonald is a pleasing and logical
speaker, and a clever manipulator of
tacts. In a speech of about an hour's
•Juration he presented the Liberal side,
of the caso in a very convincing manner. To tho people of the mining
portions of British Columbia perhaps
the most important subject touchid on
by him was a duty on coal, lumber and
lead. To protection for these industries
Mr. Macdonald expressed himself as
opposed, contend.tig that it would
work a hardship on the people of Manitoba and the Territories. However, he
claimed that the Liberal government
had a scheme iu the incubator that
would hutch piosperily for these iu-
diiBiiics. He also referred to Mr.
Mackintosh's .connection with: the Le
Roi purchase and tho suicide of Whit-
taker Wright. Altogether it might be.
termed a clever sj etch,
ft, might not be considered inappropriate that the tune played by the
Italian band ..welcoming the lender of
the provincial opposition was "Marching through Georgia."
Roth meetings in tho opera house
proved conclusively that a majority of
tlie people of Fernie are not deeply
mtciusted in tho outcome of tho-con-
test in Kootenay, as veiy little en-
thtibiasm was displayed at either meet-
-iiijn   " ~
W. Blakemore, M E., has the happy
faculiy of uett'iig at tho ipith of a question and ter-oly placing it before his
"Welcome to J. A. Macdonald, the
next premier,''was the legend on tho
btrenmcr across the street Monday
1'iIght.j^Succcssfiif'''■•Jiremiers nre not
manufactured out of iiien who use personalities in discussing public issues.
The Iculer of tne provincial opposition
should secure iindical advice on the
very serious disci dor known as "ingrowing intellect."
The zinc enriching plant now being
tmill at R isobery in the Slncnu will be
tiuibhed by Christinas, although the
works will not be breaking ore until
April. The company operating is not
tin: sit in j that piuposes to build a zinc
smelter In the coal regions. Owing to
the fact that many of the stockholders
iu the coal mine operated by French
capital near Frank are interested in
zinc, .llio smelter will lie near or at
Frank. At first it will .employ about
thirty men and bundle forty tons of ore
daily. U will be the litst zinc smciter
in Canada, ami will do much to stimulate tho production of xiuc ore iu the
.Slocan. At preiHjnt zinc ore is worth
very lltiln In thut UUiiict For Instance,
a iiinio near .Silverton received an olfer
the other day of *.*0) u ton (or several
cm loads ot ore carrying -l« per coot.
zluc and •.'■I'tttt-.M.* id tilvcit.
McTnvish wi-rd the judges. F-ullortcn
declared that Mitchell won the race, but
Harry Wright declared, upon his honor,
that Renwick hit tho til lie lirst. Aftet
considerable energetic oratory Mc
'lavish settled the cathop by declaring
Renwick winner, in spite of the protest.-.
of Fullerton, and mai.y disinterested
spectators. The Fernie. man offered to
run the race over, but the Nelson sports
would not do it, evidently! thinking
they had a Wright to the money, and
not even to uphold the fame of their
fair city by giving an even break to all
comers, they remained trim to the mud
in their eouis and held onto the dough
like a pack of peccaries at ithe golden
wedding lof a r.swill-barrel. The event
has blackened the eye of Nelson in outside sporting circles, Reuwick publicly stated lhat he is willing to again
run against Mitchell for [another purse
Mhchell has answered tho challenge
and will run, provided the race is pulled
off in Cranbrook. .Ho does not care to
have to beat an opponent 60 yards in
order to win a race.
Cole Murchison had a tittle time on
the sido over the latest sensation in
Nelson He held stake money for
Harry Jones and a man named Johnstone. Under tho circumstances 'Johnston refused to bIIow Colo to pay over
the money, and Jones tried to force ah
issue by getting out a warrantor Cole's
arrest, probably thinking that (betting
was a legal business. However, Cole
got back to Fernie intact aud still has
tho money, although the telegrams ate
pouring in from n lawyer in Nelson,
asking him to givo it up. All of which
makes it a fact that betting on races is
about as uncertain as playing the hole
card when the other fellow has a sign
ou its back.
A very enjoyable mietingof lln-Kp
worth l-*Mgji<! has In II in tim Metho-
din church Monday evening at which
the following programme wmt given;
lte-uling,'iMiay and I Are Out, .1,
W. Nuniis nolo,'-True, True Till Death,"
T< WnK'i nwilatli'ti,'*What Thi-y Say,'
Mis* Grade Dudli«t; mdn, "Wtn» Slmll
lie Fa I rent V Ml»< M.T<nH.tiut<-i- ii-.nl-
Ing, •'Old Man In a Siylhb tJInircli,''
Mr«.T. II. Wl.lt »lo "1*1.1* vv,ii it..
l»t\) with th* tiiiirfiiia, ra-aii.i niiagin-i I'l „„ M .  «,  ...    , .    ,
»rv,totUerr.ni,..., «,,.| K^enav l.v [^ \J'"*"'"" »v««atInn "N*-,
Mr. Oall.l.f-r* four rears' «ij«.m, |„t*1"MI4''* ,u«m ,'••'*-, «>'*«•.•■ M,m L
Ottawa. The m^tit'.g mncl,,,!.,! with ■£l"'^U -^niweMal,: I'Kiilatio..
cheers for the kl,«.n.lMr. M*.-U..i**. [SS'^ w?^1,7        " "'"''
Tho Eagles held a Smoker in their
now ball last Friday evening which was
attended by 800 guests. In the opening address Wm. Tuttlo gavo a short
synopsis of Kagledora followed by L. P,
Eckstern who also spoke of the Order,
Mayor Stork delivered an oration, and
thenW Ross, M. L.A. delighted the
aesttmblage with a few remarks upon
serious subjects. Ho was handed tho
gavel and nppointcdjprincipal bird of
the convention. Ho opened tlio proceedings hy having A. W. Rleasdell
arrested for nut granting more liquor
licenses in Fernie, and lined him 75
cents which was promptly paid. Then
several gucate were lined up before the
chair charged with a variety of offenses,
all the way from being Grits to refusing
to pay the printer. Most of the unfortunates were fined from 80 to 40
cents all the fines being put Into the
fund for purchasing surcease from sorrow. The sad part of the Smoker was
relieved hy songs and recitations while
the Italian hand hutted in with their
sweet and stirring music. Deer, sand,
niches and other delicacies refreshed
llio inner man while Tom Whelan
passed around an enormous vase III led
with cigars that could he smoked In*
doors, The event closed at the hour
when the ghost walks and every guest
went home feeling lhat this old world
U Just as bright as we initku it, The
next similar event will bo held in
Stork's opera house.
iv «•> ».•> «.•> *y* <t* *.*> *.*> v> «.v •,*> <v «r> *■> ♦.'> <»> ♦.'/ «.*> *.*> \t* «.V «,»> *j> «.*> \t* \V
,'ifC,;,S"'5v'^,5«taSa,5'«V",i,15^VMS*J"W',i,Sa K«> •s»S^«,^>i--»5>Ka5»«S»aii">>J«>i-*5iK»5a;»5a3»3a
*i* «*»* «*i> a'i* *t\ fi* «*iV **i* »V» ¥.\ «-i» a»t» a-iS   fO> *i> *l+ *•* *i» <.\ *i* *£. *i> <j»> *i\ *i\ <i>
Stoesell Stands Pat.
Sr. Pjc'ri'iiRiiritr., Nov. 16.—Tokio advices from the ormy before Port Arthur
say thiti it is reported that General Stocssel has been wounded and is confined to
a hospital, but that he refuses lo relinquish command of tbe garrison. It is also
stated (hat the Russians are shooting men who attempt to desert. The Japs
ihink the Russians have almost reached the limit of human endurance.
Advance Daily Expected
Mukden*, Nov. 16.—A Japanese advance is daily expected. Large masses of
Japanese troops are moving eastward and the Russians expect them to strike
on their left flank. Tbis is probably the commencement of a general forward
movement that will end in a decisive engagement.
Looking For Fishermen.
Cure Foo. Nov. 16 —A Russian torpedo boat destroyer lias just entered the
harbor.    She has not been communicated with owm-; to the roughness of the sea
Too much Powder Smoke.
St Pktkkshl'kci, Nov. 16.-A dirpatch from Chee Foo says General Oragi- in
command of Japanese army besieging Port Arthur, is dangerously ill.
Want flore Profit.
New York, Nov. 16.—The steel billet pool is understood to have advanced
prices $1.50 per ton today.
property should be' permitted in that
more than in any lothor branch of commerce.-1'	
He said that 'some people seemed to
think that because a man kept a public
house he must therefore desire to make
his customers drunken, but they did not
apply tho same lark of logic to a butcher, and say that, bis one idea was to
make his customers gluttons. There
was a good use for meat and a good use
for drink. And their object should bo
to get both meat and drink and all the
other good gifts of God used properly,
wisely aud temperately. It was abso-
lately contrary to tho truth to say that
alcohol was, an evil.* A friend of his, a
West Knd physician, told him that somo
of his patients were di inking themselves to death, hut he added that a
greater number wero eating themselves
to death. They nvould never sweep
the licensed vlctualors away, ami,
therefore, they should seek to improve
him.  (Oh, oh)
After a somewhat excited discussion
an amendment was adopted, "That,as
the trade ol the licensed vlctualors as
at present carried on Is one ol a special
temptation, no Christian youth should
be encouraged to enter It,"
„ , „.,.„ n
A man by tho name of Vsndervoort
went to New Denver a short time ago
in search of a job to install the machinery in the atiuc warks at lloaebery. Not
being sttcc* s--fitl ho peeked liU trunk
intending tn leave for Litlihriiign aud
settle down on his ranch. Campbell
of the New (lenver eh-ciie light work*
got him to remain a day or two in order
to fix the wati-r lltiine.    While doing
The council met Thursday night, till
ihe members except Aid, Trilcs being
The deputy fiuancc'hihiistcr at Victoria wrote slating that the city ovvi-J
S40 on trades licenses, being the* pro
rata amount for July collected by the
■.-ity. The attunii.it w.v.- orJirn.il tu bi
paid al 0111c.
Tbe coinmitii-c .-ipjH/i.iu J ;il the l.ut
mcctiiiK reported lhat ihcy had looked
rarvfully over the ground and thai thev
had favored a drain down Jallmy Si.
with sub drains lo it in the lane. They
miisidcrtnl 11 bo* drain desirable but
bad itMVrl'tiiied that this would
ni-at $JJ&. In view nf Iht- f.nt th.il lln:
iity would MHin  h.ivi- n  <n,*wir syskiti
 1-     '■   ■       ■    ■■ '    SI VMM g
that another member be added  to the
committee in the pJacj^of^ldi_Tjjjj»s„
who was absent.    Aid.   MacLean  was
appointed to the position.
Various sidewalk improvements were
brought up bv ihe different members,
and the property and works committee
was instructed to carry them out as far
as (heir funds would allow. Considerable discussion followed as to the ways
and means of raising a loan for needed
The Mayor spoke of the advisability
of taking preliminary steps towards
putting in a sewer system and a water
works system. In regard to the latter
two things were first necessary, on
analysis of the water from Fairy Creek
and securing the water right. Acting
on this suggestion a resolution was
adopted instructing the clerk to send
die sample to the government analyst
at Ottawa.
An application for the position of
poundkeeper from R. McKane was
The council then adjourned to meet
on the tfith. -_________
so near llox canyon tin slipped, rolk-.l!,h,.v (H.||t.v„j ,i,w ,(> i„, ,rt,hJK m 1M„.
into ih« whirlpool and  wan droaiH-d.),   '   A)J  ,,MllJje „ . nwlIlhrf <>r llw
In leaves a twrowlng wife on tb* lone I ,„.,„„;,„.,. f l(„ri,, „,, ,„»     ;     <l( ,,w
U  uto.h tHHm   Liliibrubjn.    At   (««i ,.   ,    , ,, ,.
.   1,   1   1.   1   .      .  , ! pn-*n.-ut »»i»»n diti'b Jnwn  MiT.snv   St.
ah.mot» hi* botU   hud   not   W»-n  ri<-tl ' ■'
covered.  - jwitli another Ic.uling  to 11 down the
Line from  tbe   sk;itiiii»    rink.       Thi-.
whiIU nut   U-  i-^pi'iiMVi*.      Ihe other
itteitiht-rs   TilliieJ   lltii    viw*w  nud  lb,-
1 .—
*■*   myita+w
*»**i \ti mrfrn ivnr v'ft^ 1fl 'be Mrtllfin
and It took fljfht men and three hm\t*
ut old ry to get onr pttm inta the tar
The prtm kicked aln*mt leavlnjf 1'eplar
for it eTfdf-ntlf knew that is wnuld be
*-X*f-t>.1 »a  *+»*%   :v f ..Vit,        1*■ >;    -^
FtfMeilMMt ti Ia m^ve the t.«ma
frtont, and three men handlfni it «iih-
<wt break ing a button nr tapping eny-
thlnf «ir»*pt n water Hp-*- The fello*
»bo moTtil the plant In Poplar adiould
Hmedau became u KockrMl*-r if hi-
does not Uu-s fiirate aed km bis ten).
lV.it ill tVe l-Vrnlt' Vi-f./V;-!ci'-n.i, (A-i"il,
Mr. Dunn was one of the piwiorr mh
■Imiera ot Ma rlmrrh In lb* mfnlrt?
rampa of Sontherw Rrlihb (*r»lnmMa,
He wsa In lh« Rlornn wh#n it wa-i at Its!
. ,   , ..... .   .
•Hibw tlreenwiwl r»r tlioenis were
Iboeght if, and had the dimintlinn «(
being nne ef the ibrra parent* offer«il
henerary ?»ettib«*r*l»fp In tbe Midway
Tiiirleen club. It I* itot jet known
wbetbtr or iw»t Mr. Ihtnn will tti-rrpl
tlie call,
Monday rivcnlng the Idlx-raU hehl a 1
HIT* »I«X III Hir   HjtlA   (H'«M'  'O ll«tCII 10 i
.,-, .L •('.'..' ,l..,.v.' •', ,'. ,1. i't a   ni   it'if. pi lit-lit* I
il.vl .^•^.>-i'lii-/i ISrtMf-cii tmi ami j
Ibw** kmwi'Jirifiill jwfmjpf# w*«# p'*f*-ii>i.*..i}, a'% -'
c?n*lv<* of ?Iu- band
Mr. IM.r-rt   Cnltbnrd   nci-npled   the! City and bmLe tU !«<»'».   n*,, < i^r.!-l>-m tim*> nv*.   Ilk t«-*mntt.« In*
v»A,i, *.*,.,   iki«;|.»i   .wiih mhh me  iiimi  ley 'wniniK'try Mini Mtier s|«/j't»j in .V<) I mtitli iit'tv'/triiiim4imHiL
II*  inotwl:  "Tl«t  thit «Mifa*'ra»'nciC
At llClt mnillll s awirnl iril<«*|lllg tlierf!      . .... ...       ...nim ll.i- ii'i.h-J   tt»  i»i>l .-Mm,■(,•■«   ,m
,„,,.. " ! mil nnM,ilH-r nf   llif  r«mrn«nt»a-    «»>«! * UawiiirmiiT ctt retu   11a  i 11 a Mim.tir-*   <m
•a)' III    | ir*    ft     il.   1    '•! ,'■ ^
 ,__—.™» I gmni public bonne Is an advantap"- to n 1 '<•
aJ*l*» llr< M'lll.vll.M). j parish. I    l-Wling nntbi* MiggcMion ihe rotn-
Sr» »ald Tanon lthf»li-« HriMow at tlii-!»iilt« ibis morning  dedded tu have
ftprtsfcer.   He tnadeal*n-niinnu*s|iearhtMiri Imcltiil liiMtwii-k to run a r*«*iB
doling tt.rlriHjM.llv with il,e iH-m-lii* | }i*\mn agabift FrH Mitehi-II <4 !*• -rnir
A  *\wt  VtKir u,iti lUih Mijitb dn-j .siatiiiMaiH> inii docanal ciHiinrencn at sihc Uiirb dug nl tmt* by day lnbor.J
fiati.l IJi«ti»ii k 111« f.«it race at *l can j M Joiinn mi»*ton ball, »U'imor.d«-y, a j    Aid. Ikvk reporting for the IVorH-ny
I   M-        '
.     *        ', •   v.  .',    . ., ■ .    ■   ^... .,..   ...   »!(,, ,Wi,U l-fc-M* v * t*%A ) H
l».»J tH*«ri iiiiiitdc to get men In otari
] work «Mi the rt<Ht>ing<a ul  note,     Wm,
10 •
rrmgrdae that the trade of a tk-t-i,<*.-d I
thai will fa%mltl» il.* iwmitHtMhrnngh!for a pnme r.t *v»> a side. M.-«r».| victualler Is m*i-iis»ary for lint »e*.l» «d' h*h*ni H'ui refuel to put in ibc
the«'0tt.«tructi'*n .of tin- tfrand Trunk j I'ligaa. Mhii!h«i.ii, Mdrheli and ixIh-mj lli*Mi»rii«mnilv. awl tbat a* mirh.j-ffori* fm-**,f •>--b-*|ik ««pp.«.ilc bi* pr.*p»riy
I'aritir. jr*«t ap tint Ftinie |ii»m» awi Hi.- r.t**! ktvwtal »»<? made t«» enrrnir»g*« im-n ol ;--*• I-'1--' Si   •--*4j lh«? «"onimiu«v  was
ffi- «•'«»   fiifhuvi'if   by   IV   ff   1*k<i   V .'«,-i*-t.> .iff U 'i TUiiV   Lt.   ; > •',   \ .'..-. ■»■.«■..- . I'.^'U    '-«..»a'.a. Va »    *<A' '„% Vil i*l IA li   uic L,   ...nii-.iu.il I" ii.iu- i> tli.m-   ;ilnl   vlurgi-j
L. A t «h« •imkf for abiatit l«* inii,iit.*('Riice.   M«*«Mt*» FalteHrm, Wright and * e»t«f  it, and tbat  n« ro«rl**atwft ol'it i«» Mr.  Iwbwig.    Mr.
The annual meeting of the St. Eugene company was held in Toronto n
few days ngo. A quarterly dividend of
i per cent was declared, payable on
December 15. Kxilusive of this the
St. Eugene has paid to date $110,000
iu di.idcild-a. After paying a debt of
Sjfi.ooo, there was n nish mirpfiii nt
the end of ScpteinlHT of $131,000.
The old hoard of director*! wa* reelected
and all were pleased with the future
prospects of Moyic's greatest prinluivr.
Kunteiuiy C«ntrnl  IlitlUvny ,
Ihe Kiwtciiuy Ceniral survey party
miHi-d camp from Mud creek to Skw>-
ktun Chuck* this week.
The final hurvvy i» living complsled
a* rapidly n» pus-aible, and tiiii.tniition
.*ao m»i long he diLiud, a* within
iilmui four or five week* the (|uenkin
\-f tWx *«!! bi" ili-j'ir.i;».y wllltd.
it i> siiiJ that the K<wurM> Valley
Company will build a hotel al Can.il
Flat .tin! l.iy out 11 timnsite there, and
pfa>b.ih!y install a MwrnilL—IVi)*-
f *•'■'l0f * 	
«V«   V.a.- 1. .r   -■ •    < '          »    •*   -,.;-
(will he **M   ill   sill   ("   IV H    «»nli»n«
V.iiH.iuvtr   lo   t.'iggiin   and   I'rnw'a
j .S»»t, im (tiding KtMti-nav branch** al
■.\*i.f%? fom fw tin' titMl "up, |ji,vJ i.i!
N'miintwr ;4th.
The itf.n r,n ai-t-.,» . ;'• »  «...   *>•■•■     -   ■
thug giKnl tim* did not mean thai ha
had brt-n throwing dire for lb* drinks.
Don't forges the Thanksgiving u*hl
tn t>c-lu-IJ in Milh.-dtvt  church Iluirv-
day  evrning.      Kt-frcahmritt*  will  be
M-ri i\t nnd ;i    fir-f   pri-^rix-      <n- i-.ife^-
U»'!«►! t»*lc>«, diH;t» and 411 .imu»u;g  rv»nto»
Ik.U   .iikfJ   ii»i»ae. *•!.,   All f.<»   ,>j rr/:i«
r— "■"•"■■•"••••BSBma^pa^JH
The Ledge.
, II. T. l.OWI-'ItY, l-Miti.r nivl Kiimnoior.
TilK l.Knr-i: is iiulili.shtnt uwiy \Vp<Iik.->>Iu,v
in Fernie, II.C. Tin- -u-k-e is si a yi-nr. Atlvor-
tisitw'roll's (,'iviai u|«Jii iijiiiliriition.
In future campaigns the Conservatives of Canada might find the foi lowing advice from the Toronto Telegram worth taking:
"Canada should have defeated Sir
Wilfrid Laurier on the iniquities and
dangers of tlie Grand Trunk Pacific
"The Dominion-government deserved to lose on its demerits.
" But did the Dominion opposition
deserve to win on its merits.
"A wise country will never pardon
the faults of 'a'tried government because it doubts tlie virtues of air- untried opposition.
"'Canada [usually"' insists "not only
that the government shall deserve to
lose but that air opposition shall deserve to win.1
■"The,Dominion'opposition simply
did not deserve to win on its own
"The opposition's merits were few,
of no practical value except its tardy
"aeciaTauroii iur puoric~ownerRmpiirar
saved the day in Ontario.
"In the main the opposition lacked
industry.    It lacked courage, lt was
ofteii lazy, and not seldom cowardly.
"The lesson of the election is that
in Canada an opposition cun seldom
win on the faults of a government.
The Conservatives must learn to
light at Ottawa if they expect to win
in the country. They should defend
the people if they expect the people to
defend them. The, true science of
modern politics docs not consist in
netting behind the corporations but
in getting in front ot tlie people and
staying there."
It was an old subject for discussion,
this pagan London, long" before Archdeacon Sinclair revived the problem
at St, Sepulchre's church recently.
"Church or chapel," lie said "are
only attended by about lrt per cent,
of London's population. That means
that four-fifths of the-people do not
worship God at. all."
Many clergymen ascribe the decline in London's church going to a
weakening of religious belief. But
there is no reason1 to take so pessimis
tic a view,'.. There are many other
causes which affect Sunday attendance, causes which directly arise
from the growth of our vast city,
from the strenuous competition in
'modern business, from tlie nerve fag
and brain fag of the worker.?, and
from alterations,in the manners ami
customs of nil classes of society.
The village church was tlio center
ot the village life a hall'a ccnturv
ago;, and in many parts of the coun
try it remains in. this respect unchanged. The chapel shared and
still shares its.-position. The children are taught their religion in the
Sunday schools by whatever branch
of the Christian creed these estab-
ItUILMXi.   ll'   Yont  TOWN.
Are you helping to build up your
town? if nut, why not? Do you
speak hopefully of it to strangers?
Do you speak favorably of the town's
business houses, and mines? Do you
patroiii/,e home institntl-jim ami humc
uuterpriscH nnd uoods? Do you lat
licvu in the capabilities of things and
jieoplc here? Do ymi applaud the
man who is trying to build up sonic-
thing Iur the ci.'iintry's betterment?
Do you tlu ymir share of the public
dead work, a ci■ Main amount ol
which exists in every community ?
If youth) all these thing* you are
assisting in the material upbuilding
ol the Ci'ii-tuuidty.
(hi the other hand, il you buy goods
abroad thai oii-;ht to Ui L>u„*ht at
home, il you malign men at.d enter
prise Ji.i»t from j-t-Uv j.-aI;.uHy or pure
cuaacdncrts, il > ou place ymir litmint-tw
with uutaidt! ageuu who hatter yuti a
little, rather than with those who
maintain oilkt-s in your mi<U. ll
you refiiM! yniir tiiiie and talent* to
help along public iii»vt'iiu'iit!ii,nly tn
aTitioiw tlt'Wa1 who do, yoti are n<-t
agisting in the hctttitiicittol thing.--.
Your idi-.'iai iii-ty ililf.-r f'tvnu «».l er>-, !•.-•
the j-utdie hav.' the K>n*-flt ot them,
but tion t milk 11 they are mt accept
od.    'I be ii»HJiirit,v |j| nn-re Ji:ib|ot<>
TOHimeiTGs are conmreTetr"ot- "iifani"
tamed. They grow up to associate
Sunday with the old place of worship,
to reverence those who lead and con
duct its services. Few, even of the
youngest, are absent, for the parents,
should they stay at home themselves,
like to get the .children it way for the
As iii youth, ho is the riper middle
age. The church anrt chapel become
the meeting ground nl the villagers,
separated by scattered farms and
lonely cot'.ages during tbo working
week. They gather before the doors
after service, greeting each other
and saluting those above them in station. Should it well known ligure be
absent, it is understood that he is ill,
and inquiries nro. mudo concerning
The s-ijuire ami his family regularly attend. They may be modern
enough in their views, c.h'cIohs
enough in their religious observances
when in London Cor the. season, hut
011 their own land, among their own
people, they IHI the great pews un-
dcr.ihc ancestral co-«t ul arms just as
their forbear.-* Illled it, fut'.-ui example,
would almost seem that you must
first reform the system under which
wc live Yet if wo give more leisure
through the week, less aid->r to-Commercial and professional existence,
how are wc to hold our own tis a nation against America [and Germany ?
There can never be that reverence
and ail'ection for a London church
that the country people, feel for the
gray old house of God perched upon
the hill and ringed about with whispering elms and melancholy yews.
Their fathers and grandfathers wen-
married there, and now lie buried
under the waving grass of that peaceful acre.
In the old pews they sat as children, fretful under the eye ot tlio
clerk as the sermon droned into
tedium; there were they married,
and at the ancient font their firstborn were Christened. 'The greatest
joys and deepest sorrows of their lives
arc bound up with the village church
ami its graw.yard. And as it is with
them so has it. been with their forebears through the generations.
But in London wc change too
quickly. From one parish to another
we Hit with no regret for broken associations. Where were >•««:. c'.r s:-
ened, where married?   Anient win
•souis-oi-tLe ttuc btcd^c^.ukuii'h.-s-J^t.
i-i-i'il?  L
"The doctor came a little later.
This poor chap is done for, I'm afraid,
he said, glancing at the prostrate vie-
i tim. Then' he knelt down, lifted one
of tlio man's .closed eyelids, and
peered into a duli, blank, unseeing,'
lifeless eye. Yes, he's dead all rignt.
Take hi in away, said the doctor.
"But tlie. pale lips of tho injured
man moved slightly, and a feeble
voice mnrmured, 'That was my glass
eye, you fool'."
Papa Wouldn't Kick
Out our way theie is a boy whose
mot her is bringing him up according
to the moi-t ennect ideas He came in
the other day with his poi-kclo quite
full of' marbles—{-lassos, ctockios, jaspers and all tlio other kinds boys hold
dear. His mother asked --whoro they'
all came from.
l/won'eiu playing keeps, answered
the boy.
Tho mother was properly shocked
Why, said  sho,   don't,  jou know it's
wrong 10 play for keeps?   It's nothing
but gamblinc, and gambling is wicked
You must t-ivt; them all back or I shall
speak to your father about it.
Oh, that'll be all right, answered the
hoy. Speak to father, lie won't care.
He didn't care a bit about that silver
dish you won at the euchre party, and
1 guess he won't kick at my keeping a
lew old marbles.
In Fernie, is a pleasant
homo for all who travel.
RoovnB reserved by wire.
«J»" fl
n wm
BENNETT & MUKPIIY, Proprietors     ;.-.   '     -  ' - ■
The Filbert is now the best hotel -in the Slocan."   ...The Dining Room ia
. conducted on strictly first-class priuo'iple->.. The rooms are
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Et.kotric Liout, Hot Ath, Modkkx Plvmiuno, Kvehytiuxo-
We Set the  Best Meal in Sandon
- Meals fiOc.       Tickets 87.       Main St., Sandon.
T. Whelan, Manager
Qaeens Hotel
Pates   $1   a Day
This hotel is a home for all railroad aud lumbermen.
Chenette & Boss.
Tf yon are looking for Fishing, Bathing
limning. Doming or (ilacii-r (Mini hi ng, go u>-
Ntw Denver and stop 11 few days, weeks or
iponths nt tho Xewiuarkct Hotel with Henry
Stege. Homo cooking, ami the. Jinost bcvrragoK
in the. world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
fienry Sttge
ncivinarRet ifotel
flew Denver
Is ono of Fornie's oldest nnd
best known hotels. The
Projirictor'B name is.
Vm. Eschwig.
get. Where.will you I
some well-kept .dismal p<rU, where
you will lie with ..tluHt»ai.ds cf :lu:
other forgotten dead, who in t. n \ cars
have none hitc to lay the wiv.-.tii upon
tho marble slab above tlieui, or lo
stand and think upon their memory.
In the village those who knew the
gooi man or gentle hearted woman
whoso "tombstone rises beside the
walk to Ihe chinch door will speak
of them for ninny years, even pointing out their graves to tho children,
that they, too, may remember gome
ono who did his duty in tho litt-e
community in which ho dwelt for a
while, ,
The clergy of all denominations
aro working harder in our greatest
of cities than ever before, ltianot
their fault thut pews stand empty of
a morning, hut the jwrishloners have
lost touch witis churches mid chapels.
The great sea of Ixmdon has swnl
lowed tlieui up. When old ties nnd
old aBHochttions aro broken, when no
onc'.knows his next-door neighbor or
troubles to enquire, when gold Is the
supremo desire ol onr Iratik civilifri'
' I tion, when l.-ibor is n feverish struggle
it Iur limbing else. . , ,.,.,,        .    .
Arc there a,(„i,.b, tic  held. t..o!!ono,-,l,re *?"" ,,,,p ******  U.ta
clergyman . I*   oil   the   cuinilUco. l"oUa''i,,wc ll';U t,,M Htw-'ll! ,lmo,t«'
There are Kiipju-rs lor the Inilli'liig-
ci'rf, cxcuruioiH h«r the choir, iron's
the clilumoya has lost tho inllueiico
of theold tower thnt rose nlxtvc tho
(.„• tho Snnday hclitxd; there .re | ^n Ulmmm ,n ,l cK,",,or' BWwtor
iiiothcis meetings and clothliigclub.-t. I *'f'1
The non-conformUts bold tln-ir .ocial j    U h«» «* >U^m t'"\ «"e| glons as.
gathcringH..i.id   emens.     Church i ?:Ct f tJ"' *u'iA *"»'[*> la.tkw
ami chapel Mill .vim in the h.ibof |,,,cb ,K! '^^^^
!th»'Kuci'il wheel in rnt';t! I'lngland.      • —...-.
... 1    .       •-   ,vi ! hnme an 11 Hog.
Are they hj in town.-'   Tin; «ptes '
tion would be liiit-iluibli) were not the I Tlu'l-, lli »«■iM *--.Vhtg th.it a <h>;j-
autiwt-riiiiiil.jict of icgiet to many |l!,at will bring a loo»« b.tie to ymir
,,t us. jhotiio will  carry  one away,   Tlm
tv-ndon h a iiiiihi ol hutnanity j-*«»«t««r of ihe alwve vrit* a pixifotintl
j.iti-lit iii il togethii by a enrelert-sl**---*'-'-'*1 -*•* huinaiunttiuv. aaya au ex-
late, io j,|-«>ak impajittahhi truth, i •ihaitgc. When a ptismi c«mii-i. n.
there is in city In tlm w< rid that i yw'r -,<,*we **•••' fl'ilts a l«'«5 ahoiit the
I*«c4-«*aje« -1< *.« oi -, ciir|<»raio cntitv. |fl**,"i!w*"-N*»1* ,''* -'a-hi:*^ >mu ju*i »it
What [<-»t -HUgc i.-t v..i pr-jplc acotd : ",*U|,,,,,' »,!rtV Xi,il •••'*' ,u'>^ •»>»•!ilumb.
Di u^ist ami
ff/» «$*» «w
-r    ~r    *
I'rcKoriptiotiH carefully compounded
mitl sent to'ft'ny itddrtm
fjf   ef/» .f$u
•mmi        ^f.        ««|>
Magnzinea, bonks nnd ncwapnporo
of the dny nlwayn in utock
Oiiia Prices
«nre for those who wish to
Our Clothing1 is for those who
like to dress faultlessly.
Onr Methotls lake care o( the
money   of   the   careful
And Our Guarantee protects
Tasty Meals, _
Easy Beds,
In Iho homo of all Slocan people, traveling to and from Poplur.
meals always READY.    McLAOHLAN BROS., Props.
Fresh and Salt Meiits of every kind.    Fish and Poultry in season.
J.  McMASTER,  Profr.
I I C. ...J   j
■ I .'I
.'■) \ i..,-..ii,-, v:t i!,.i'.
h-uais 'f Our clolhing it»n't in coiu-
iH-iition with iinythtng --cheap."
Wc wimlJ like you for a cuMuotcr.
P.®. McLeod
their vi»t« in a c<uti'v oaincll «-l«i'
U- ti-;lit lii.ui >uu,
t ul«. __
Th* man wImi alt* in hi* idmir and I
wmrl*, *tiiirl* at tint ga'ivi-rttim-rtt, ati
the t'Oiilii' "itinaW, at bti»>inr»^ men.!
nt prop«M*d '.atth-rukings*, at the I
lx»rd «»t trade, nt f!n- flinrr-fM*. »t
thn t*n«'Vi.il«'«t -ai»i'l<',tte-*,  nt evetv-
Vl'llllfi,     '"-•»'■        ..-..,!."'.<,        .»      ..!'....1, ..''..,1.1
ntirr ornaiiiciital in the eointhitiisv
lie nHtht-r h**!| a nor adni'its tha- tow v,
where he  livvj.   Don't l>e n tU-ad
weight, don't Iwa w«t idanket, dmi't
tie 11 knocker, he a |<witive, hflpftii
*-<■-g4}n-   »__,,..,,,	
item* i it*, I>,i*.k..
IIho?    It  t* ;iWurdlv ohimII.    TIh-i-i
unli-wyvu prefer to l»*»t the crhtcrj
lithe pn Hum-••*, fir  .\uU 1MI1 leal as
,u U,,"""J'nly|iirit thoiiKandu «»n tl.'.ai»aiMla who ih»isUm*tllat >'"»» wi" «»m« in tor ywir
nut know what ltiridi tlw-v live h». •■•twr«o* »kww tbe rn-xt timn y,«jr;
',.1    |.„     B»l|,   ,,.   (|,,,„,,.l,|     ,      ,,,.11        ..I
ottf Son
& Co.
„a,i lYmMJAvrt."
Nerve Bracers
Of Every
J.   F.   JARVIS    PROP.
On the road lending to
Frrgnso'i and Trout Lako
hat* 11 tuple ncooinmotlation
for man and hi« hoii-e.
Tho htifon, ht-nns, lm»ef-
Btt'iik, <gg.«, otitB, hay,
hooz-'rlno ami olgiiiH ean-
noi* bo In-aten in the hills
of tho l/irdttiu.
Has t-pom-d in tho. Todd Block a perfectly new stock
of Millinery, Fancy and Dry Ootids,, Furs, Corsets,
Ladies Hosiery and Undorwear. Ribbons in' endless
variety nnd color. Everything in fashion can be
found iu thia 6tore.
The E.veluui;;o Hotol in Kasdo h
like an otii-ia in an Egyptian <1e*c,rt>.
Slocftti folks flock to it liko 1h>ch
to a (lower garden.
^ -^4* **> *v> u* **^ •'iv <i+ us *^i* ^i^ *i\ fi* f4> <i> <A> *& *i\ slf Vm\ /i> ^iCViCViCVJC^K'
I ¥te: Fer-tsi© Bp©^/
$fe N. KI-AL\SM.\\, Prop.
s\*. Manufacturers of La^cr Beer, Bottled Beer ck; Porter
\Ia Ilolhnnl Avcnuo, I'Vrnle
y*-2l£.sl> si* slzslts1**'* si* si* <l*H*.*'U y* £■**_?* «•'**.'> 0* *»* *v cv<t/ ♦.»> «»> Nt>
«*> a-»» *o> ♦*•> <iv n+ /*» <i> fit *4» *i\ .0 *»v *4v y,v *,\ *i\ ft* U\ fk\ ^-, *i> *;v «;c vi» v;-?
4#OS2 lff«liHItS7tl -*»      "        "*     kfV.tLm.^i.mm.mW
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms.
■«n S
I    Kootenay VaStays Qo»f Ltd,
%    AlHHit itimiuavs, MiM-il KAU.MIXU iinclCiK,\/,l\f,
0 tiin.ls On the KOOTKXAV RIVIiR nl SAM)
*     '     CKKKK.  in iiii'liw from l-I.KO.
» Will lH.-Kiihilividv-cl to suit purchaser in blocks fnmi
, Hii.acics upWarils.
o I'ricc front $3.00 to $7.00 per itrif.   Tcrnw—i-jlli
% **;t^ti;   batiince in yc.uiy instiilliicnis ;il 0 per
;» ctttt. itHa.*h-Kt. ■.,-'■
it.-."- ''-.''.-■.."- - * ■ ■ >..".'..."., "i"
JOB PRINTIBie.- Th© Ledg®
Sa___mamta*-mr^%^mmmm  ^ma^-m''*^--*tmamm—*   mammmr'-~L'   f*^^ ^^■#naW« •^^"'<«*4i|^ i-^^f* «™a- ■—aj^^^i    |l^^^*-»""-«U^^^ aamtmm^'*~-' "m\mmmm*M     ^a^^ta"">"**"~*%B^^| ±_~^>'~'^'>**m_wmmmf ^_^_y^,:
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Hotel Strathcona !
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n-l.iv (■* '*".<"* by utayinflf in t»ed uutiil: Kinallv tw«> ttn-n picJrrd htin »f\ car-!
iwmv, ii<4 him i# the «t iii..n and pi*e«|' If you have properly lo H*n, j-Y
If In ri delightful Irtenffou and from U« iMilrvwp-i
f«tii la< *«'ii nil tin* ht-iiiity ,of the grand f-cem-ty
that •surround*, hem* In, atnfl adorns thr» btf««v
city of Nelfort. Tt Is tlm lioim- of lotirlala and
t tt«iii(-«4 men from all |«art* uf tlio wmht. The
r-uiain« niwcr drain* in the mirw of iw-diawiiy,
mtnl a»v«-ry nv>m la an f<m»my to fm»omni«. If
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Ol    ».M-4i    m   jniiiii.tH',    v.til,
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
W-M*9* ^^^^.^^*^m^_^M^WmA^_.:»mmm*.^__Mm ^k.    mn WwAMammm4 Wa^,-^ W9* ^mw4 ****_...J*l PC ._,JUMUmjr_~JKim.Ul
__*>_._,_ _mm_ u , —^ _• t mm t > aaaj •"••^^ ^ ._mm'_..j \ ****_ _ _ __.—__ __ u ....***._ _ _ _a">...  . ±.  .-mm*_. u^ -***..   /   •? THE LEDGE, FERNIE, B.C., NOVEMBER 16, 1904
had to (leal with it—the editors of the
religious journals find it a' theme that
. A frail,  slender vgirl, Mi^s Nelson, ! must In? treated in a trenchant manner.
*. one line nisrht early in April, 1903;
sat quietly beside her mother. From
the next room, where the two little
children had'been lett playing, came
a strange grating sound.   The older
, sister stopped to the door, between the
two apartments, only to turn- pa'e
wilh dismay and diorror, for there,
last asleep on fie hearthrug, lay the
little brother and sister, and crawl-
. ing slowly across the Hour toward;
thorn a great, slimy lilig-itor, evidently attracted to the house by the
hope of young kittens or puppies. Its
wicked, stony eyes, critn with baleful light, wore Used* on tho unconscious babies, and tho wide jaws,
open nnd ponderous, dripped with
the foam of eager, unsatisfied greed.
Frantically calling tb the dogs out
side the front door to enter and help
her, tho brave girl caught up the
largo lamp that stood [just within the
mother's room, and hurled it full at
the. horrible, gaping j:iws. Then,
leaping nside to escape the luiious
onslaught thus brought upon herself,
she stooped quick as thought, and
tossed upon the high bed in tlie corner the suddenly roused and frightened children. She turned from r.he
task to find that the infuriated aliga-
tor, diverted from its original purpose and confused' by tlie unexpected
attack, had dashed straight through
the open door and made its way to
the bedside of the helpless, terrified
mother. Without u" moment's hesi
tation the devoted daughter rushed
to her aid.
A shovel of, hot coals from the
glowing lire thrown directly against
the vicious eyes of the angry creature only served to strengthen and
intensify its* fury. Apparently his
entire will was now bent upon the
* destruction of the helpless woman on
tho bed. Tho awful, snapping jaws
were within a few feet of her body
when the desperate girl, returning
from the kitchen with an axe that
had jubt recurred to her memory,
"iiilTinr TiTTliFlHTvu-firili»rilTicir
neck. Narrowly escaping severe injury in the death struggle that followed, nil hut fainting with nervousness' and conflicting emotions, tho
brave girl followed this blow with
others no Jj*.s tolling, When the
still quivering, hut no longer murderous creature hud been reduced to
nb~oluto impotence the entire hou>c
looked as though it had been wrecked
hy vjiiidals, and the weary eoiiipn-iw
found herself si.ll'elilig liulli litany
bruises.—Womaus Home Companion.
Toronto New*: Throughout the
Domini,in iho pulpit seeitis at Inst to Ik*
arointed to tho ditty' of -denouncing tho
corruption in eh-cliniiH that hns distinguished this province during tin-
pa»t few yi aw. The rovotai Puis in recant election trial* hnvo nerved to ini-
pross upon tho ndtida' of the moral aim
rullgioiiM Iwidi'i'M tint neeecNily of npi'.-tk-
ing out, oven ut the rmk of oITeiiitinjr
parti "aim iu their coni:ri'{,ntiori*. Thi*
movement, which m-chi* genernl, in in-
dicattv.? of a #tr<nig aiul growing pub
He si'iillttieitt. In Ilnteiltoii th* Mlnla
Undid aii-.oeiiiliiiii, e<HM|HiM-il of all i!e-
norntnatloiH. fw-wd nr-*'I'it ton < _-
prit*iaiiig nlann at the growing ton-
dency toa/ai'ds con nut pmetlcivjiii our
flfttetlotii, and calling upon iho elector*
to "HtRiid for a pure ami riglit«<ou»i cam-
pntgn ** /It Snn«f>T. N. ft , thi-'ilfnl*.
terinl nnsoilntlon p»s«*(l a like rcsolu
tion, ap|M>allntr t« thn ah-cuim to "loht
In a irmioral vilott in km out Isml 1*1 »nn
political liiiiiiiirnllty.*'   At lVt«-ii>oro #i
Thus, the Christian Guardian, ropre
stiiitative of MtMhrTdism', savs: "The
political life of this province, with nil ils
vaunted Protestantism, an.!, indeed,
with all its \-muted Methodism, has become a hissing and a by-word1 among
its sister provinces, and among tho nations of tho world, for flagrant and re
pealed instances of politicttrcoriuptioti.
Ontario polities'is a.phrase to call up
to the minds of all who hear it tho dis-
giace.ul revelations which our news
papers have been giving to iho world
of unspeakable rottenness in our public
life. Surely it is time for those who
v.ilue not merely tho good name of this
fair province, but common decency and
common honesty in those who aspire lo
be its public servants and repro.iciitn-
lives, to rim superior to all Macro parly
coiiHideiatioimauil insist that only mun
of- character and honor and probity
shall rece.ivu countenance and support."
Strong words these, but fully jitstilied
by the records of tho election courts."
K'-uuliy lorceful is tho call ol the IY__-
o,\ len.au to the work of politicalrefoim.
It coinpateB the prevalent conuption
to gangrene upon an injured limb—the
life of tho piitieut requiring its removal
ny moans of the surgeon's knife. Continuing, it says: "And the surgeon not
only deals with the (li-"ease locally, but
lie seek:'to tone iipthe whole s\stutn.
Aud this is the wurk which leaders ol
public opinion iu pi ess and  pulpit are
called le do today We very
much mistake tl.e spitit and temper ot
the Presbyterian pulpit if it should keep
silctKo at such a time as this or fait to
make tho eternal truth to vibrate
throughout the land, that 'righteous-
ijcss exaltuth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any pciple.'.''
The Canadian Churchman makes an
earnest appeal to the young men of
Canada "to prove, that Canadians are.
worthy of their name and lineage as the
standard-bearers on this continent of
the great .word power whoso name is
synonymous with pnbhc honor and
private character the world wide
sound." liy thu Canadian Baptist we
are told thai "Christi-in citizenship was
never more needed in Canada than at
ihe present hour, and il never promised
more in the way of responsive inlluence
TftHTrnTloeTnirniese days,1*
What is the Mgtiiticar.ee of all this if
it is not lliat the public eot-srieiico has
ti.-eii anniM'd by tlie exposures of tlio
past few \eais? Is thero hot a mes-
«tge f.*r Queen's Park'in ihe chorus of
denunciation that is hoard from every
.■mciifin »>f the province, Iho niovoinent
will fail if the' puiiifliuient does uot fall
diiectiy upon the ministers and poll
lici'itm who pmiit by the corruption,
which is so lively denounced by men of
.ill parlies.and so readily condoned by
Liliei als wheii'l .iberai corrupt ionist>{ tro
exposed, and by Conservatives when J
C0.1t.MU vative wrongdoing calls for con-
dciilua'Uoii.      .__     	
Soldtor'tt Sou ho of Hiiinor.
The late Hear Admiral llmiry C.
I'ay.lor often cited as ait attempt at
ghastly Iniiii'ir no incident that befell
a young woman during tlm civil war,
mtys the Iiailiiiiiiru Herald.
She was stood and kind, ho .would
say, and tliuiuu the war .-he visited the
leispitalu daily, tllstririulfug fruitaaud
How ■■m ami tracts.
One morning 011 hoi- rounds a young
Koidint, iintut-dialety Hller sho had
pusseii him, set up a loud laugh.
Hlie turnod and h»"kt-*l nt him In stir-
ptim. He set'ined a pitiful case, Nothing of liiiil but Inn (;tce was viiinleoii
tho liltle tvliite bid, and thin young
face wu* sadly thin and pale, Nuvm-
tlu-h'Si helaligheil like ono possessed.
Ilii inii tli fcHoniidnl through llio grew-
minitj riMiiii,
'I ho visitor returned to him.
"Will you toll nut what aniiit-os you,"
»ho tend.
* Why, in Vain,'* Mid he, "hero you
havo iiixeo mo u tiact  on llio nm ol
trimilar rmnlntion was mlnj t«i hy tht dmicin.'. when \'\o got hotti io<r**..o
inlulMeii, while .at Cohoura tho paVtors >'«.'- \Vtuhiinrlon IW.
of  tin*   Mfthothid and    I'ierbyt«rian ~~"~"
ttinrchM nforiwl "in■cAtlili.jr tr.rms to Tlio Si-nnlliti} Wlfr*.
the degeneracy if pntltU-ii''  Th«y d»-  He wanted a practical «irl to wm\—
jilorctl Ihf fact t'liT the ono-huiiihtdth A t!dy und tu'iihiblo giil, h<i wittl;
jiart ot Iht* iivll wnrk had hot been Ajgirl who w»* knowing, yet not tw>
brought to tf«ht.   In OriiUn a inovft. \ tn*t-
iRrnt haa Inm-ii atarti-d to phnifjif the | Heii-imhid and ho searched and he
•Ipctom not lo nupjiort with either their I found hrr at lait.
vm or iiiNueiiro la any *>'**imi0iij,„,tthu «.„»y«rtml ahatf «^~
i\ vi-air nmi n ht.ll tnal timt wi ined at
' hri»r*a only at-ruel and ticnitli-ss Jota, j
I for wasn"! hownt to tht»i-» liar lo «tiotie.
(From Fort' Stpulo rrii^pec-tov).
A meeting of the directors of the
S.illivun Mining Compaii'' was held at
Spokaiie on Wednesday Nov. 9th. The
Blanket they will pui on the mine- will
be about $400,000.
, .Wild Horse creek as a placer mining
camp, is making a heller showing than
last year, according 10 a statement
made by a prominent mining man.
Each successive foot diiven in Ihe
tunnel of the Koolenay King tivne
shows up better than the last. Hilly
Myers is satisfied wilh ihe outlook.
According to reporls from Tr;i"y
creek, work is lo be resumed on the
Eslella group ol" mines. No delimit*
time has been set for the resumption ol'
Heavy stockholders in the Sullivan-
mine, who have personally visited the
mine- arc well pleased with the property. In fact they were highly enthused
und were wearing broad smiles, t until
they were assured that it was necessan
lo put up another $150,000 before the
smeller could be completed, and operations resumed at the mine.
The construction of the Kootenay
Centra! railway through the Kootenay
valley will demonstrate the necessity ^
building the Kootenay, Cariboo and
Pacific railway lo connect with the proposed Grand Trunk Pacific. As an indication of the importance of this road,
the immense mining, lumbering and
agricultural resources of the i.ir mirth
are quoted in the summer season reports of it)04.
The old placer camp at Perry creek
maintains considerable importance as a
drift mining district, productive and
prospective and bids fair lo become an
important lode mining center.
Southeast Kootenay is enjoying a
irreut activity, especially up Wild
Horse creek, Hull river and Pern
creek. A large amount of capital is
being expended in developing these
p trticular sections.
—Thcafell-iit  tiiTsnjitf"ricT'Enmn"^
contain placer gold  is  large  and  onls
been    touched,    leaving   still   virgin
giound well worth prospecting,
Il is safe to say that I wo of Ihe greatest silver-lead mines of the woiij aie
iu the Fori Sleeie mining district.
A rich deposit of nickel is about to
lv developed im Wild Morse creek
This deposit is repoitcd to be 10 feel in
width and has a northerly trend, The
deposit has been cross cu( by tunnel and
drift and shows up well to a depth of
40 feel.
Reports from Hull river district says
that, the iron deposit on I'enwick
mountain is"the largest in the Kool-
eiiays; the hematite analysis is from 4S
to 67 per cent nictalic iron, with very
low phosphorus. The ore is pronounced of Hcssemer quality.
Among those whh great future possibilities is the Hull River Mining <V,
Power Co. The company has four
placer leases which will be worked liy
modem hydraulic mining, mul will install a large power plant for electric
lighting and supply power lo mines in
lite Kootenay valley.
The ptikl month has been one of
sU-.'idy progress and development In Ih.-
mining districts ol Southeast Kootenay
and a In-tter feeling prevails, Al Hull
river ullentton te now being directed in
placer mining and the development < f
ilia ioiiik-osv ac.iici ||>o\>ii. Operation*
are to be carried on during ihe winltr
IljJr.aUaicing season in the Wild
Horse district 14 about closed, prom
nil report* ihere seems to lv a ra-awon*
uhle HVfur-tmv thai the n»ej gold production will cacced lh.it ol list year,
nnd will rvath $,,11,000, ,tn  im rt-a-e oi\
A small iucia ase of pl-tcci \mnJi is es-i
peeled from IVrry creek, A Mt-aJyi
production will now be made from tlie'
IVrry Creek Hydraulic rompanv, whoi
ttilll«.d Lit tC.llt.1  .Old lUllilM'l.uJ OJH'l.l- j
lion* during lhr month ot Sa-pii'iinhcr. ]
It U  hard   to   c-'diiii.ili-  i-ic in sight, '
Royal Hotel
In Forilio is in & rapid
con mo of construction,
and will soon h<> ready
for the trado of ihe world.
Wm. Tattle, Pvop.
Waldorf Hotel
Will ht; ready for business next
month, It will bo up to'date in
(■vorylhiiig, and will hi. a home for
commercial men.
Real Estate, Loans,
Union Restaurant
Fornic, FurniHhos Moals nt
nil hours.    Evorylhing first
Ceo. Jcliikawa, Prop.
The Club
Cigap Store
A choioo Him of cignro nhvayn in
Ktook. H<-iid(|iifirt4-r» for
iiowt-piiporn.    •'
Ingram & Storehouse, Props,
Tn tin- Kootcnny known (\ 0.
!»., tho wittehinaltor. Ho hftf«
M-pnlri'd KMi.Ou'i wan-ben with
pi'ifi'ft witihliietioii, mid in pro-
pjiii'tl to rt-pnir yonrx »t nhort
not hi*. Hiuu'-t work nud
hom-nt prici-sa in my motto. A
line stock oi wntolicH and
jewelry nlwajH on hivud.   lie
♦Ul Ihe ItMik uht fill his (;llliht-
iimih *.tiH-k, Two diMim noith
of Uuik Imihlinji, Firnie.
Electrical Supply Depot
Estimates given on all kinds of
Wire Work.
Electric Light Plants   Installed
in any part of the country.
Is the only hotel in
Pernio run by Welshman.
It is the workin^man's
home. Boaril and room
81 a day or S25 a month.
M« BapSiePj, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
{ I-. T. W.   Block,   opposite Ihe   Bank
] Oiti'.-c hours—8 u.m. lo .s \> m.
W. It  Hoi's J. S. T. Au'vanhkii
Ross & Alexander
rnitNiis, n. n.
iillUi- In I.. T  \V. IiJ.^i., Vii-l»rl-rAvi;imc.
II. W.l!l-U< llMI.il.
SlIKKHiHill 111'l-t-IIMI'll
g Fernie Drug: Store
M     '    ' M
 ,  -H
Just received a full line m
of High 0ratio Art Pie- M
cents to $-1
Prices   from   7.j \\
J. W. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Victoria Hotel
Victoria Strcot, Nelson.
W. K. McCAN»LI.SII, Proprietor.
Best dnllar-Mlay   lintel   in   Ni'lson
Board and room hy the month, twi-nty-
live dollarB.   Meal TiukotB (21 incai't))
live dollars.
No Litjoou Soi,o o\ Tin: Pki;.misks,
'Piios'io m.
aoill U'<>hIiiiIiik1i<i- Itoilil.
1011,000 ItulliN now In stock I'roui Iloll.-mil
Kritui'c nnil Jic|iiiii.
HIiiMliiili-iiilruiiii,     Itu«OM,     riri'i'iiliouwi,
-mil   llurily   IMiiiiIk   Oh-   I-'iiII    I'lunlliiK-
llomii tliviwu mul Iiii|iiiih-,l
(liinli'ii,   flailil   nml   Klinvi<r   Hi>e-il«.
Alwnyii OT  I'K-k In isciiidiii.
(in-i'ii lidiistj full of I'linils. Cut KlnWvrK,
Kl'ii'.il Work. Ituy i|ir<-it nmi M-ciin> iwutV
(iiiiiliiKiKi fiix-, or i-nll nnil mnnilni- htock.
1 Vimi'iiiivi'i-, 11,C
Wanted Immediately
Agents '^{-'«'''»^. «««•-'-«».
4,   OR^BATH   4,
f       AIM A
4,   A  SHAVE,   (g
hoi,, airiiidinj;   In  expert   npiiiinnt Ihi
Suiliv.in lia* ovt-r 4i*»,«*t».» t«iw ri.iJvi    lipfimiita* €<mrl Hihim« mul iikw |*iv»t
jteir mining miiJ »liiptiknt. H*n«*--   *<♦**' tin: nia>«l In town,   riim |
j    'Ihr foHiwiw S.imlnr.t   K«H.ti*n.v»*,VkiU ,uuk-ihlt*Hi*H *Uh'   '*-*->  *,,!*rt
t.O.r «-iii|'iii><-"l.    Iir»i i-jii** lanr. j
1HH.VIAS**. Kt-Ui"KM>\. 1-f.nrm
miy   <-j|t,iti<!niP   nm«ttf>d  In the  ap-!
pn^rliiny Ih-miiiluM m \m>\mvi}\\ tux-
tlmiiit for hiilii'iv tn vurritiili-iM on the
purt o( tli« entnliituKf or tiU agoiitn.
Th«N I* tUm *lu-«uid in ilii- iHiivinc'e j
•ml lmvimd ll * a-rowim* few vh H*.n tlmt < And kiwwliijr! hi r kiiowlo.t«e alttiiwtl
lh« Ui«t tliityol eiti£«itirlii|iMt tiiH|Uo»<i i« iiwgiii*
eilUlllllt l» U» palllaSH Ulrt «Urrtt|a|h»» Ul*l t •»•"•■'»"»--*-•  -"•«-'" *•-' *'*UiU»W> UUl. IHlil
k**lwrn^uiimllt'd, ■»•( l»»jfimrd th# udUt*, |mlmii haw iwlj Si.iWii; In ul»i".}
hkiini bUAt3A itt initllW      hmt^i'Ai.itm.'*'ltiftt'M^'',t^%'!,^'>'i''*f'.^h'^)lt^ .       , a .. .       %" .   ,
VA.m%vefA%Aihmtui*.,   Hunuiaiia*',       »_ . » , *        , ,|d«-n«J«i   l*»  d.ttr-:    (nw a   Ni*t.   i<.,,|,'
»ion tn tlm pul'.it, unit i» twU«cil In lh« (*u*;i(l%'-»l',»-**--*>* •" l-»' ****'"*•>''"  $,,,„,<,,,-.    x„r,tt
r<-JItfU>«» .!»«■«•#*,   K<* Miiw«*r»i»ia», mt*l **» • hfe! | , '''
nenriy jrte-»i«'jii in umn»t J,*v- h^n Un>: ut.<g <iuwmm twtev «k *wwM.»ii»ir»
AH- ttfatmt.* tn |*»U«k*l i*rra,.'l,m; Wtw»«trtthM»#«..pa *; her ffi»*o* »m»
from minl«inrr, liwih i«hn!-y aid cr.il-, iMir—
Itftifely, ttiat it U fair 10 Infc-r that; \v»,f>H} |r*elitnlb«inip^iKHin*VMl#nc»>,
Ihtrei*u t««va.m*nl mimns tho mh>H < \vt,ft h-rn«My *mA£* fpniUdm* m'tml
ten mrd rffii*i«'i.H t»*i»cl»fr» *t«!»i*i tho:    . ...._.,_...«_»_„„..
th* fiawafntt »to t\rt\lng with it a* lti*-y s r'*-?li *»»t|«•»!•» I*wi imw ho  nmh\ fldi | J;«v. m4 l\«.-««»».»»•■ m.-r it* *.tv tli.it V\e j
»«Vail aital Wda.laJ—Hn li»|   IWVrf tlni«lfd     *»>  a»-*a»il*   lavuic. — l.-K:lH.»li  illlkllltr,    r«'JV«U'il, J»n.l   '.  -.'i >M-.r i«i't |»
M-rry nnil tliirrHiii Imi'Ihii
Ii-    UiiiHllliii)'   Miikl) j   11 lilt  (Oi:   'J'lu'ii- i»
lilit miint-y in thin wi.rk Iii- im*lwi.rttiy  hkii
Over (KM) acres. ,Iv},?1^
ilvHtl-Hi, ifVt-r omi iii'i-i-n 1 if Kui-vi j- Mui-k iiiihi'l-
inii tlm i-linli'idt nml lK-»t viiti, tli<» fi,i Oi't-tiHiit
.mil Onnli-n |il«inlii»f Wi- «-i!» tl- liv 1- i;.«*l-i i<.
•ii"tn a'M In rfiMnl i-omlitl ny, lri-li;lit 1 iikI. Our
MaTi'lilHtiinairvftry mlvitiif.<»{■' Iliii 1I1I1 linn nt
l>U-tlla-K,a cnit (.lit:* ill. III,    AlU>l>'  HUM   ("I   li-lllit
Pelliam Nursery Co.,
43T   Will make arraiijiri'iiimit'i fnr'.x-rtl ai/i-w-y
ur llio luinillltict nf i*»rlniilvii li-rrliorii-i
Gordon &
Arc |ir«jnit'sl to tlu I'i'.ic Watch
ii'jiaii ing at tho
•lowi'lry Htoro, opjioNito tin* Xnrth-
i»rii hotid, I'Vrnli'.
D. McArthur & Co.
■} ^	
Sec our liue of Morris Chairs
Velour Cnshious $8.00 & up.
Hole Agents:   Mason Risen Hairs
Onlor   your   Fall    Suit    now.
Xatty Suitings now anivinj:.
F. F. Liebscher,
Sllverton's liosn Tailor
J. R. Cameron
Is tho tailor to <ro to whi'ii
VOU   Wit lit   ,'l   KUIIHlH'l-
Stsit of Clothes
Herchmer & Herchmer
■JAKkl^'IKKS,    S'H.IUiOltS,   KTC.
iKi:h,nik, ii. c.
iilllri- nv.-r 1'. Iiuni» ,V Co'nliluok, Victtiriu nv«
I,, 1' I'-.i-k-u i\ V. t; Lawk
Eckstein & Lawe
Hai.-immi i:.n at L.mv,    Soucithui-.   Kt<;.
t'liiliiurt lllni-fe,  IVnili', It. 0.,
I'liits— (Inltl, Silver iii I,c:i,I	
Uultl-Sihvr or SlUur-Ui-ml.
I'O lin.t i ina
YMIll. 11.0
(Jolil, Silver, Copi»or or Lt'ail, .*1 00 t'.'tch
Any two, $1 50; any throe, $2 00.
Siinijilin  liv mill  ri-ci ivo  |in>n,|il  .-utinlioii;
1'i.KU (iilil, Hi.li.lts illlll lili'il 0|-(^ lj;.Uni)l.
t~~r> Aiiili.ihui- ft.,   ilillviT, Ca.lu.
?k?epBH0oxNt°l2   SAKDON
fkank fli-;t<jher
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lniiilsiiiiil Mineral ClaiiiinSiirvoyi'd
""" """and Croivti (irniifod.
I'u lti>\ .V.-i, Ollii-L-: Kiiotc-iinjr St., Ni-lunn
IxNTItU'r MA\AC!i:i{ \v.ivrn»-raiv,t-
I' ihi.'11,■ilu.il : r,:|>iil. i|,.iiiii-ii:,'lit : »;ilury
nliil i sim-i. ,^' loll il:^f' tirlin i| -. tin' 1,1 I'll, irj^i '.
.Ii-.ii il.-,pin.!.' Ll.,!!.-..    Tin- .1   1. MUIOI.H
liu has thw iiolihioct Miititi^!''1'-l-"1':'"'-'l"";"t"- '»"■"'"> «»■»"Mivr)
to fi'Irri frfttii. nml tlm lit niiil '
viirUiimu^liip is tin! hc-l.
\\' ' .VI Hi-t.M'i-l.l>. Kw   ln-rai>ii> tn ra>) li Ka-Tlt
H     I  ..   i   |hi,|i,|i. ,1   wl.oil-ah-  liiil.ni miiiinK
SANDON,   «.
; i, i ul ii.. I, li in- m.iI ii mm-. I.iu-nl it'iritnry
.ii an--ii «i. ii /.i. I ''' !l'w ••iiwiitli1*. . »ih Mtinrr mul I'NiH'iiWf, inilil
iv ni .* ii «,.'Vv •*-"'-'>■- KviuiiM- k.odi-s- ii,H;n.i-i.-ii. C.,naii!»-
'"    «ii«-   •••'* *-'*''!-i..m I'Mni,   l'i-riiiiiiit;iilvninic.'t'iiii'iit   I'lu-im-fi.
    j 1*111-1 -K-.i-l'-il.   I'rcvlniiia i',xj«'rUi!i'<! nut i-»»intial.
I !'ii,-i<'«<    -.i-ll    Hil<lrr.«"i-<1    I'livctiiin*.    Ailitn-p.-.
ril.tVCMUtN, ,%.'!->, [Vf. rl.iilll Sl„
j .-l:i I'.lil.VlllMiK.st T||
Lowest  Rates-
-Host TimJDR. Mn^OV,^'.^
j a.m luu n >o.tir, t?,\|B-rs« iji-i iii iIp.IiUI work, an
Toronto,   Mon trout,  New York,
M.tlitilllU     IVOa'illaV!,,       Nl-VV      I'lll^liliul,
\'-|ini.i!i\vi, Yit'toiiii, Si-.iitk-,
("alii'innia .I'niiiis.
I'liL-i'ii.-ilU'il I'.Ksciiftc-r Scrvii-i',
Sk-i-jX-r-.,   TiMirUt   ('.».»«!ti■*,
„—~i,)iiiiii|' t'iic. '
 ,, ^»i»-rifiiri in umiMiwurK, anil
iiiukcuii fijii-i-i.-i'tv ul tidUt KrlitK« \V"rk.   Vliili
iiikiIi- tn tin-, hlnf-iii ivitiilnrl)'.
( Ml K AN ll HICK „ur Aiidile Jtw, llcry, nimlc*
\i   (i-i-Mii m,il«,,' M-iH    t-'hu. w ni-li I'li.-ilniii;
N H 'h I-.KSii.V |l„. J,*H|(.|-, Itiki-r Ht... N.Wi
Toui-ist   Sificjior  Sorvioo j'
W.-.t fiom R.-'.\!-.!i.l.v chiilj t" Si.iitlt
ami V.iiuviiwr,
!!,i,t tViini huunuiri-, Jiiih lo Si. I*.ml ,
WYihh-'iluy A- Sinuliiy lo ToriMiiii ;
Mnmliiv, Montti,al ;   Kiicl.iy, Mon.
H-.-.ll -»'!.! Ho--"!!. "    ,
i-II.VI'H CITY LllliCI! Nil. ,|(i, 1.O.O.I'.
O    .V4llit„.l.   II.C.    All-a.lilii.-. Ill   .ihi l.illtula  Hull
i'\«tv i iiil(i>'i'Vrtiln«' at J> ■''-iiliin liiitlinii
i.,i«li<iiv imii.ij I., ,ot in! J. I-. I.HVKIIIKII,
,\,ilili-«<riiiil; A. I., (.'auto, Vin'tJumd; W.J
• ci'iii.-u, Sviiiftijr.
V«IMmv   I.OIMJi:  NO   M,     K.   Ill'   r,
p Mnt- HVi-ry Wi'iliumlajp a'vwiinit al H n'rln k
i.i tl„ IS tlil'in t'jflJii Hall. Saii.lbti- hfjirtiriiiim
l,li.||in-ii wilt rw-a-ivn l\   I'vttllnil cat-l.tuu .    H.
■-a.ai.-.v,i'.i',     At.riirn J Ham., K. ll.* h.
i _„
il I.nml Mil \-i V"i-     Vi-Ntin   It }'
j   JOHN    M. I.A llll IK.    IXrtiili,i/rtl^,,«|
Atlantic Clo_,:.i^Ii.|) Ajianoy \'-—'"'''
TlinMii'li !i,t.<kiu;;- <•> .u,J li.jin (iiv.il '  A
,, .     , i  .,      , -       • ' /* a
Sl.ir.     MlM-r-la-;ut,'
All lii'.i • ft-|
l-'.>i-  n>,  ,   )'. i i..
iipjily lo lo»..t ,;»;a-uu
K.    Kr   VH|\I
I   S.l'itd. i. It.l-   i|
l-i lit.-,.
It  UKVI.A.Vl». K.ii-ii,<vir«ii»| 1'i.Uni-lfiI
Lici'iit >iurv«yi>i.   KASI.U
i run   Jin n |
l-i  i
I:. M-.*!.   \
I » I liia-.
I* \
IMIH.      Ail   ssrAtu
I..,.- t,.   r»«iiii'li< |-«f.ini< i.-i ruiiliti-'
t ie vi I i ini", l, -i> I ti. Ymir.
I'lM.A,   M' 1.1,'tH   l'|..|.l|.*U«.
rill.tlONT HOI HI-;. M.;i,H.iM       Kur.|..,ii
I    unit Aii.n-11- mil jfcii.   Mr.il*. *.'• rtiil*. Il,f.li,a
; tf ,l;i 1  I- it,, '••■'.!      tlulC-    Ullii;   III |jl   l'*fl!.|i>JI'il.
>.ilhll,»  |> It-iH aI" ul   It**' j.laa-»»  t-Ctr-avlft lllf afulll
A'l'LA N"'ll<' i -" -,w '*'''• mami.vk ti rJiKi.'n.i.i h
Steamshii) Tickets: ir^* i" ,*^r;ru ^f"5g
i .
\\  v r
i   r
it n •. V  I
\ ,     a * ,
'('•It   IH»l » »    II Ifi.I »<a%   i.  it >  I
I i-        . >. ,
»!• , M  i    c  |.l   Mil   ll    Wl.i   <«
I- <       I   "I I I   C N -• ! I
IKI I I |.  ', ,1 ,
..»!.:.      I,.,!,|m,-|,.,,
■i . -. ■ *-. It -i .-        I (A IVtlliii',
W no I tjHw*. iu   Mot-ohnnta.
w '.l-i! tmi »nti
ft <■ i-.•iii
j llnvnti.i \Vln|  l.'i'-,'4i
I   fjHt'll'   l'>  ,
I  tii«n!»
"■ IW. I».   MI/ISOI i;m: A- <<i.
Jl.»rilON llllt   < •»,,   \v.
"'  lli'l lull- f ml   If i ( lln   t.j j.    '
H»   4.lt|-#ll>l;>.r"llli|'f.lJ I   f *
\i.i j.f.*lmt-»    tin), »    ,
*i!!«r.i-> Ij.hi I4„!,,}>    • ii
I » V.K.X  »ll\   »   I «»., \.
Alhlfctwy ^»?i.» t».iJ !v..-h   ...-nt  to I. \* tno |ifnri<v-r lw*f. 1 f<!\',%\, I1',*,1, *'n.,
tv-jj Mr.  r%g*'  p4rJ««J-Mf.   It'^i;.. ''''I'W- Fork", Mo\ n pli-rt.-mt  » ninr '
f ,,..;,[
'■i *•■■• -,-
for fh*»   «f,trr  finu-fh-r.
,rcwrv«'<l tiv li-h-yrai.h.
DI Si \\\ U {.'WilNCi
1|»l»0»« \| »,_
'   S-',        Hi
n >,
IS .!•■»   ill
tit-Ill! NIVliN, lYoj.nilw.
WMMWIIIII Vlll     I    _._».-,..   ....     **|   ,   .,».
CO., LTD. * hklU  » *{"\ Shinto j. - --
Uafitural   fcitoirao.
«} .     Ill-Hr     1 ultHa , ifAUt Mt
IM$ lia»*l*. Mm. K-SV
-a • l*JV*"**i
r*HERK is nothing like motion
if you would keep your blood
in circuhttion, and your upper
Stope from the bats of inactivity.
Get up early and go to work. If
you need a persuader to rise in
the early hours of the day invest
§1.50 in a SUNRISE, or 62.50 in a
MUST GET UP. These alarm
clocks wiil almost awakeu the deiu\
aud vou can secure from—
Fort Steele Brewery Co.,
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer anil Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
'F**^ -^1^ *3aW*V'
We have a     *
good range of
Hsya! Brand
6aEnpSie§8's Cioibiiitg
in all the latest shades.
Also Overcoats, odd Pants,
Reefers, Mackinaws, Winter
Caps, Mitts, Rubbers, Heavy
Shirts, Sweaters, etc. In fact,
we keep everything in men's
Call ami See Our Slock
W. C. Hamilton Co.
■   Fernie Hotel Block
A Nice Breakfast
Griffin Brand Sugar-Cured Bacon
Strictly Fresh Eggs
S *
§       PROMPT      J§
S     DELIVERY     §
** §
We Can Supply You
Give Us a Call   ,
W. J. Blundell
The People's Grocer,   P, 0. Block,  Fernie
Our Ctadiit
Is the
For Mod
fernie, B.&
Have oue of their largest stores in Fernie.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
^^-m4m\  U+9m\h*tm*miUUUM   ^**MMM****mm**9W^   l**'\mmmmmmJ^'%U}\lt\\^tu**~--.**m
;wrv k^w^l
rl First Class in Every Respect'ft
LPJ    ' MHS. 8. JKNNIXfIS, I'ljoi'ijiiru.i^.
£<: Our reputation of fifty years
jjjV: assure, sati-'.u-tioii in deal-
-' *- injf here-. Mail-order cata-
loguewillbeseitton rcqmbt.
Not every kind of ring
seems in keeping on a ■
man's hand. Our Signet
Rings however ate at
once handsome and characteristically masculine.
A special Gold Signet
Ring set with Bloodstone
is No 17705 at $7.00.
1 I«  lo   t'24,
Yonfte Street-       *-,-
"TOlTONTaT       "
prizes wilh each  package.    The   new
larifl'is as follows: „ **
Applying between coast points to
Montana common points and ihe intermediate territory west jtlieroof, on mixed carload .shipments ol" crockery or
earthenware will be charged for tit the
less iliau ctu'load rale on. the basis of
its actual weight and the established
•arilT" rale will be charged on the
cereal product.
The lliitish Point of View
There rVa well known story told by
Dean Ramsay years ago of two old
ladies of his chunk
" 'Wits it no' it wonderful ihinjj.'
said of them, 'that the Oreetish were
aye victorious over the French in bailie?'
" 'Not a bit' said the other; 'dinna
ye ken the Dreelihh say their prayers
before giien into battle?'
" 'A\e.' returned tlie lirst; 'bul
canna the Frenchmen say their prayers
as wee!?'  -
" The reply was, 'Hoot! Jabberin'
bedies! Wha could understan' them?'"
The   sermon   Sunday   evening  will
have special reference to Thanksgiving.
Rev. J. RoiisoN, B. A., Pastor.
Ihtker street.    Services at n a. in,-
and 7:^0 p. in.; Bible school 12:10 p.m.
Ritv. C. R. G. Poole, Pastor.
A new line of English Underwear that can't be beat,
per suit $4.00 and $5.00.
Also a nice line of Sweaters and Jeraeyn. Just what yon
want for the cold weather, prices $1.25,  1.75, and 2.50
You will find here a full line of Gent's Furnishings, such
as Suits, Tauts, Overalls, Shirts, Collars, Ties, Braces,
Socks, Shoe*, Mitts, Gloves, and a complete line of
Groceries, Tobaccos, Cigars and Confectionery.
Phone 196   P.O. Box248
Subscribe   for  Tiik Li"<>gi*, only $*!
or liftv-two numbers.
Foreign and Domestic Cigars,
Pipes and"Tobacco
♦♦■ .
Full lines of G.B.D, B.B.B.,
and V.D.T. Pipes
Will open next month with
46 First>C!ass Rooms
Everything Up-to-date,
Abjoining  Fernie Hotel
Additional Locals
I'lii' King Edward hotel is never behind the times.
W   >4i
1 %-%•%%■%<% %%^^%^^%^%^k^^'%%^1l^-%'^-%'*V%^V*-'*%^'%^
The Imperial  Hotel {
I« tho Hortdi'iinHona In  I-Vrnie for   Ciitr.mori-hil Tiavclt-r-*     J
Joseph Jean - - - - Proprietor. |
A  Famous Victory,,
The news thrilled all St.  Petersburg;
Front mouth to mouth it passed,
In limit and street, "tlie Russian licet
Mas won a light'at'last!"
A crowd of bloody fishermen
Attacked us in the night,
But'we stood by to do 01'die
And sank them left and right.
And like that hero of (he west,
Unlvnila'd and grim,
Who kilted a sheep, brave man, to keep
The sheep from biting him,
We fell upon those fishermen,
And shot and shells Hew thick,
And bravely   fought,   what. long   we
A foe that we could lick,
No more we blush with shame because
The evil Japanese.
Left not a ho.tl of ours afloat
l.'rton the eastern seas;
No iuoiv we hear uilh  humbled  pride
Thai Kuiopaikin's men
Have manlud to light, and  overnight
Have traveled hack again.
For victory nt Ia:»t is ours,
.\«ul iht-ugli the light began
With peril for our men-o'-war,
We did not lose a man;
Wed may the Kuimoii e,'i;;le scream
In the tnip',nan vast;
Hurrah, we've lie.tt!   Our gallant Heel
ll.i'. ',.,.u a li^Ui ,u J..-,.:  ■
Jamc Moiilugik-.
Furniture Company.
Stop at the Queen's Hotel when in
'1 rout Lake City.
We buy, sell or exchange new or
second lii..id'"hirniture. The 15. C.
Furniture Company. .   .,
Masterson, Griffith it Co., Troui
Lake, have, all the supplies needed by
lumber camps and miiies.
'Visitors'to Sandon need never fear
the pangs of hunger. The Sandon
Chop house is always open.
The New York*. Brewery at Sandon
makes beer that is famous all over H.C.
Write for prices aud then buy a few
S. Sliiin, baker and confectioner, is
moving into the A, Beck block 011
Victoria avenue where he will be
pleased lo see all customers.
If you nre troubled with rheumatism
you will liuJ the Pool of Siloam at
llalycon, Write for particulars to
Sanitarium, llalycon, B. C.
At the Kotileituy Saloon in Sandon
you do not need tm introduction to get
a drink. Put the price an the bar and
the mixer will do the resi.
The King Edward is one of the
largest hotels in Ferule. It contains
.7 rooms, and is lilted up with a view
to the comfort of guests. Keep the
King Edward on your mind when you
h'Y wus' lultvt iVr Fvruw.
i  if
In tlm HtM'IttJ mid IhtHiiiaW
Lftti-, Try ow of My Frill
k'k'.ltMl*:, u u
'    I i • ' *      . ^     aj; a) -        ■ *  «
. .»5«J *f|ia .i>(I»hJ,4   .ai.ii lui.a'M .     i.ailll|Hi"U'
IStlKk 0f.Sti.»ilil.»'.  a'ltldi^o, I'tl'., «Uiaai<
1*111 luaiid     K»t|iii:ttfr> iutnU1i<'<L   Sa-ra|
j Iron liinigl.t liy «!(.• c-if!.,...!.    }{'-|.-tin*!(.:
Mini Jiilo-in^:.
W   C   TWilaOB-    ,,.
A lawsuit   has   i.iiihiI   the   »"i«s;,liuil
of work on the Washingi,hi  &  Coluut-
h'i "itJ'.ff Jepol -il l\n,!htc.i, On.
Tin  bin  sttel bridge spannioK the
4.; . .1, .    • ...,    .,   u.-r.  .,    11        \  .     1...
It.'illj'la'.ad Sr,   tha. L'vt ,.f tl.i.s iiloi.lll.
A rep nt from Kittle I'.tIK  «.;o,s  (hit
flie -.aivfy   I'.'i"  lite  r<i!uj\i!'!.i  X   Sj»o-
k.iiu-1 Iri tiit railro,».l liuu is   progivss-
ing rajiiJily. ^ 1
t^'llta'taiJv  fi"iv,. 'M*,-,,-,.,.,,*,'*.!   -I   Vvl.i    ,<fi
r»i-;   r,»Mt«    nil    u !ir- O     (run   rtr«i1|..fr-'
H yon see a wan trying to sha'cc
liundia with a cigar suiro t-fllgy dun't
sua-nct hnu ot U'ing liuoxioatitl. lie
in pmhibly a 'candidate. —Toronto
Services   will  Ik*   Ik-IJ   in the* cily
a hut* bet iH-Kl Sunday »o» follimn:
HO».\S I \ I III hi. .
lyirly senice K n, m,, with shorl in-
|i»iiuciuin in iw»t language* ; high mass
J .it io;jii ii. ul,, v\iih iustitta'tiou in lv»u
jt.ingii.igis; SuuU.iy st|i«x>l at j'%\o;
jweitittg !H-Min-, 7:^0 p. m,, with in
(stritition.    St-rvtiii e.nli  iioniing .»( h
aVI«Kk. RH..  I'.UIICN Ccna-M,
I  ««l ••!    IH Vl.iltf^t.
Furniture and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Twri com|ileto sola of Bur Fixtures, onc
Letter Presses, Billiard mul PooTTabu*
Cash Registers nud titl'.er upt'eiidities,
Jl.iil   OnliTH   Itvcc-lvc   l'rotnjit   Attention.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
mass, V-a-iVSl Va7/%-'V%%'%%'-%^
l^k.%%^tf. %*&%>%,% %>%r%,%rr9
NOTICE.    ,
I^OTICK 1,1 liiircliyulvoii thut tho Elk I.nml.pr
1' mul MiuiHliti'tiii'iiH t'liniuniv, Lliuih'ii,
liuv« Miiliinittoil to tin J.ieutoiutnr (livurnor
in Coiaiuil 11 jirniiDsiil uinlvr " Tlio ltivms nnil
Strt>tini» Aot," II 8,11 0., C'linp. uis, fur tlm
clwii'ilifS lUlil leltiovil It uf IllirtniCtlilllri (rum
tlmKlk ltlvi'rfriiiiiS|-iirwo(ii1 Stntlon on tliu
Cinw'fi N«,t Hun,nil nf tho Oiiliitilliin I'mcIIIp
llnlhviiy tmt point mi>'inilii<l<r*'ii>.»riiiini fr»m
tin? tlovpiiunuur lililiwny liriittrii iicro^.. till)
fc-iH It Ivor n 1 th„ City of Ki<riiU',iin it)>|tro\*t-
11.11 in ilifVtiiui'ii «,i iJinti'ioi mlloM, mul for
miiklnu tlm mi mil lit for riitthiffitiulilriviiia
tlii-lviiii Inir.i, timlinr, liimUr. ixfUHinl v-rnitM.
Tin.- lumia In tm 11 line tm I liy tlm Mill,I work*
nm all liiiiiUnlmnlni- <m thu unlil Klk Hivor
Iur (lie lull ilibti ih'u i.i tlm |i.'ii|f<>MMl works.
Tli<>rutiix for tiilU.lKinmnuaa, niltlnii, ilriviim
ul lo,(-., lijiitiiti', iiiuilmr,iriiltai Hint Iur tukiiiir
i-iiIn ul i.nnii' 111.Ill il.ilhi.ii'il tiroiHiiH'iI tn Iw
cliarmul I* fiiii-li 11,, niiiy lm li«tnl liy ll iJ-?ilm> nl"
tllt> i'atlflll V <"a.|llT (lUfollBIlt to •Miction I'll art tllll
khM "Jtivum mul Htri'imifi Art."
HiiIuI till, j.utl Any »f Oi-tiPlw, A.H.JUU.
t:;k i-:j.k i.rui'Ku aki> manu-
I'ACriWXO W)., I,T1>.
|i>ir ItaiittiSt Aluxmiilir,
Kiilleltnift for ttmCuuiiNiny.
ll*«3 We can suPP*y >'our wants
  for Tea   Cans   and   Dinner Pails.
Will  limi   us   well   supplied Twelve   kinds of  Dinner Pails to
wilh U.tr Cork Screws, Botlle Caps choose from.    See our Windows.
Shakers,  Bar Spoon;,,  and various	
other lines.    We solicit mail orders, .
. ,        . As wc said before—
and   promise   quick   action.     Our
TriceTuTiri^nol^ 4CEtY=SKLAD=PiPtN"NA=PlV0"""
lard & Elliott
Tinsmithinp —
i()H   SAM?
A Sale by Auction will be held at tho
Kni'lory of thu Fernie Manufacturing
Company, Limited, at Kvrnte, B.C., on
Saturday, lolh Decendier, 1904, at 2
jvw. ^f th-.' C-'mfaye/j Sii.ih und Doot
l-'ut'lory; together with a,oji acres of
excellent Timber situate at Uajtie'*
l«ake, B.C. Viu lory in lirsi-clasn order
-"-.Mitchhiery loinphte nnd up-to-date,
Tlie highest or any hid not nt-ceswarlly
I'ur further parth'tihtm apply lo—
***   C. «. MOFKATT,
LU|uidator of the Fertile Mfg. Co,, Ltd,
Fernie, B.C.
WIllflfkAl* li- 3t\l't4AtUl UtilX'l IlllfWHl#r*.
Dittrict Ag^nt* for
Potnmorjr Chumwisrtiat
and ^liliiit tlopt
J>ijtlrd»«t«-t# o<
Chawil*rl*in aiwl
l'liar«nli I'l/im
pwnvtimt   n. ry.
"PAKBSotlCK tI,atl,H,fc niMta r.tti.*A, li*.
1 1.1.1 li, tmakti niilii nlli.ii 1.. Ilii- lUi»r,l i.(
l.iociiM-IVin.rnliwitttia-r* fir tti»<tV,r|«tr»iflti« .fat
llic lily «l  Kifli'c, fit il* fii»« nn-a-tlna Iwal.t
.it'n tiini<\tiliittl<ni nl ;t>iluji trom tliU lUfv.
|n|'nil llolt'I li'l.'li«a<   Ullill'f   tlui  ,illivi4illi* nl
ll„i- Mtlliii l|wlt'liaii«>. Arl " In wll•lairiliinil*
li-|,il«ifa hi. Un- " Wlll'I'H'l,*' »ltin»|,|.i» uu liilN It
*i.<l is.. Miatrk I*. IVml* 'rbw» ajl*.
iNalanl thp Mlt ,)m«aif ,»i.rtnral*r, l»»al
11 .........l*   M.l.tt*
BEG TO INFORM all my friends and
customers th.it I will open up my new
store in the Todd Block on Frid.iy, the
18th of November. I shall be glad to see
my customers on the opening dny, when
Tetley's Tea will be served Free. I shall also
have Special Bargains in all departments.
TODD BLOCK, nearly opposite 5tork*e Hall
I    Why Ift
The Painter
What Is It?
Hixti-r-ti Hntivi-i 11 Canlft with
V.igUl       V if Wit     »d      liltlta-.
i;«fititi(iil w.ii.. mul thr
('.itmtli.in ("ont of Vnn*» tin
each ono,   Sont hy mail foi
'.'*l   I'T'tlffl
A.   tJ    PIJRDV   &   CO
Pal.ni-i- VMiWi |ti>   N|t!i.a,-;iiit;i 1',   «A'itli   »|
itiiisi.iiii.ti tiirliiHvl nf >fM»«'i {V'linJ-*.       I
opened 1nr mrflir lb' new Wulg*-  nu-i I     K» v. H. K. t-,5:t;y rr   M   1    ♦*,.. t..r
j.iOim.i iU«,M .1... in.. .ii.,iin» Mount Feniio Lodge No. 47
•il.uul    i-i.V,WKW«,    i ,a..ii''>i.,^    ..,.«    y,. I,<i.).l, ^mamml**?   *■-
'■ »• tfifc&S °-F'
i in,' ill ill nl nit'   I i ii.i    ,| i 'ii-iiif   (nel   .ii| i
S;inJjfw»i»ll»   Ut.      The  briiltja*  i*  jlu-
l.nt^'^1   oo  Ilia.-  line  of tlie   Nortltern
r.iiitiiiiinJ »u*t ahuut $t,n<.x),'»H>. i
l>o N'ovemht-r 5 tliv <in-.it   S'ort»kni j
put into tffa.J si new tarifT Ih.ai   wilt;
] Jla-ljl 111*1 <l».a<lld.ta.'a'mi-» id 44.IV'||   1m.'.»1»-j
J IMtLMtV f KhlAli.
I    Scnia-a.-*  li  «.  iii. ond  ;:jop. in.;
' S»it>!i..ili «luHil fit I j noon.
»*!• I   fl.<i!»  I'll!   "H r   .III "il
Ml llltMUSI.
CaKIH-l »»f  IVU.IU   MVWllft*   illld W'itO
»lll»i,       Millln'a    111     11   il.   Ill,   ,11)1.1  J'-!
p. m . S.thh.ilh >*h»x>1 ;it  irj.ip, m.
Mevit r\try TliurMl.t)r *tfni»t«; nl A
p.m. in I.O.O,F, H«H.
Owl* Ro**, r.«.,R.s.
Notary and Commissioner
I'OVLAlt .v>v tuscy
8t ]VIacIicod S
FERN,:, B. C. . I
utA. t w
m IK #vmmW«m*te&'iim*>#<>«+


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