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The Ledge 1905-01-25

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r. t: lowery,
Editor and Financier
v^AlVd Abi*
You will become like
Solomon jj 3'ou read
The Ledge regularly.
os :
.Volume XII;, .Number t6-
'■''^■^i^i-,-... -   "        Prick, $2 a Year, in Advance
<?> »**> <i* <i» it* «*> *** <t* *.'* \t*o> s7* <** svav «* *.** *.** \t* <>* \** \**y*y* <t*y*
ft* ft*Vi*^i* ft* ft* ft* 'i* ft* ft*<i> fi* ft* fi* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft*
•a"> On <t* \V «.V VV *.V <t* \1* *.'* aV vV   vV a"> a.'- \**> vt">   «.T> *T/ «.""> \1> «.*> <alA «.V AlA^'i,
t*J£,?J*».^^«^.~%^i^.^i"*-*^«.*»*«-«i*.-*s-."..-.»,-. »-4.«<.«-«*.«.«»-»«»...4 » «^^.s^»-*-4^»^s>-.-<a>.4>>«-4s^*v-4ar.^a
VlCWViv /as ft* ft* f&*\tt* ft* ft* fi* ft* fiy ft* ft* ft* ft* to ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft*
'■ Chinese New Year on Febiu;ii,v3.V
Rnittobus'oi silver 'are to boused im
tho Waldorf. ' ■-
Joseph Jean reports busine.'s pood at
tin*) Imperial. * '■   .    '
. Mr. Slinn will return alone' from Of
tawa tlitB week.       '   * /   ■<•
Two Swedes made rife-iuterelir.g a'
the. Queen's last night.-'   ■
, Just   now   Squire..Mtttz   is ciitliii;
Dioro ico than any nr.iti in l-Vrujo.
Thai' three  telephone.  diggt'W woe'
discharged at thu Court on Moiitluy. -
,   The King Kdvv.-ird is cruwilmi with
guests from all pails' of the country. f
For.oxdtein-mt Fernie is still'ii Ion?
.distance in the roar of St ^Peti'i'Bhiii'g
There is always plenty of "Him staff, 01
life at Shim's store on -Victoria liVemiu
:..l). ,1,-1'olje.il.snn & Co,' til "Sdlstiii sin
shipping furniltir? to a!,l piirlsof-South-
em li. C.      .
- Iactu'riis from the. Ontaiio - elections-
will be given out at the Nupmii'c hotel
■ this evening.
,' The .Hotel Ferule >ill' open in a few
days.and Tom Hooks will hand the pen
.'tn travelers.   '•
• Manv, local merchants rop'tit un immense' business on payday.-   O1111 btorc.
't-iokMn SH,(500.   :.       -    '
Owinu to a rush of business iu the
city police court-, the- provinchl court
hiis to sit at ni-rht-,- ,    '■'
\Vhizz-z! Whirr r? ._\Vlnil is it!'
The naw business hum at tlio Working-
man's store iu Nelson. ,
George M. Corsuii died on Monday,
ii'--('.d- 7 years" and 5'inontlis.   'llie funeral takes place to day,,"      • ft  ■■
..I  C. llutcliinso-i   lilts' suds tlmt will
make any mini look like 11 gentleman
. The prices range. froin^-iO to &I5. -.
. '-The Kootenay Oitfiir Co has ihi charter
to do.business in Ferine, hut tliu Hoyal
Seal cigars get here ju.-ii, the. sai'mi.
Politics will be ram punt at Ihe Na-,
piiueo liotel^this evening.'.,Totn'Whelan
is gelling the returns from Oiitiuio.
A contingent of- Fernie  I'Viu'li's leave
on -tho road; Tie spent Christmas in
the-East,; aud says Toronto, is very
wicked;- -He saw several peoplo in that
city deliqi-ratt'ly betting one cent at a
time on black'nek.
'.Tho.B. Q. Ti'ltjphor.eCo. estimate that
it will cost s?(;,ijO,) to install then- system
in Kernie if the holes are not too expensive. To run a copper wiie from here
to Nelson will costiE-70,000. For $17,000
* connection can he made at Gateway,
md business for Spiikane'iind the coast
sxdiat'gi'd with the Inland Telephone
?o. No local 'or. municipal system in
3.C. can get a connection Willi Spokano     ' ',
,1 he- Canadian Bank of Com met ce,
moved into ils new quarters last week.
I lie bunk piemises arts small, but massive, especially the doors. They indicate solidity, i>nd are the finest in the
city. The new !manganese burglar-
proof safe. cost'fSO'l, nnd in probably the
only one of its. kind in B.C." It took
tin: bank ollieials six .hours to open it,
and if the combination is ever lost the
safe, can only he opened by dynamite or
sonio equally' persuasive explosive*
The Bank of Commerce is iu a flourish-
ing cnttdilioit, ivnd Tut'. Luik'h' ia, with-
di-.-iving its aeeoui'ils from the various
banks in II. 0 ami placing tlium all in
j,his, one, of the, greatest financial insti
tutions'iu Canada,
Jl \V. ICetit, geneial^siipfiriiitendcnt
of tlio B C. * Telephone Co. received a
discom'tenus frofct at the Council meet
ing last might. He came hero at the
urgent request of -Messrs. Hodge and
IKu'elimcr, and willing to do anything
in his power to carry on businets in
peace, and was prepared, if an opportunity had been k'ivpii him to grant this
city mtiie. Ihan, his coihpany had ever
done for-any'other place. "The eom-
ptuis'Sjvci'iild. put in* a free, fire alarm
system and give.: a continuous service
wbe,n they had seventy live subscribers,
hut,the Mayor will not ^hana-ehis mind,
lkvsays there, is too much Scotch in hini
ti) gi vts up uiilil'ihe bitter end, and would
-not change, his-mind. Mr.-Rout-says
"that"! his - company- has   no- nionev to
Telophobia has been rampant in Fernie for several days, and, is probably
now in the tertiary, stago. The, story
of the. telephone in this city ^interest-
ing. Over a year ago, at tlio request of
\V. ll. Ross 011 behalf of the Board of
Trade.vG. C. Hodge, of the B. C. Telephone Co. came to Fernie and looked
over the.field from'a hello standpoint
At that time the 0. N; P. C. Co claimed
that telephones would; be worth $100 a
year in Ferine.-, Hodge went west
without doing anythit.g. When the
city was incorporated K. 11. Hammond
applied to the council for it franchise
extending over filteen.'years, while I).
WMolt asked for one for ten years-
The council agreed lo givo Mott.the
franchise, providing he wuttld pay.the
expense of voting on the bylaw. Later
Mott discovered that the Goal Co.,
through their charter, bail the right to
build and operate. 11 telephone system
in this city, and while they did not
wish to hold back the enterprise in any
way, .they would not. relinquish any
rights, even for ten years, in order thai
Mr Molt might bave a clear Held in
this district. " Last fall Mott succeeded
in getting many in I'ernie to sum eon
tracts agreeing to use one of his telephones for ten years at $2 or $$ a month,
provided the system was in operation
by the lirst of March. Fortilied with
theso contracts Mott was, getting ready
to havo a vote of tho people taken upon
the matter when Hodge again appeared
in the city aiid declared [.that his company bad an older, broader and more
extensive ehaiter than the Coal Co,
and that his company would at once install an up-to-date service, ivith the addition of n long-distance one in thu near
future."■ Moti seeing that lie was between two fires retreated gracefully,'
and the. II..C. company promised him
the local ollice and management of
their business in Fernie.   . °
Mr' Hammond is willing to put in a
local service provided he' is protected
against the B.' C. company. Being a
local man our' patriotic city fathers
naturally favor him, and hand the cold
soup to Hodge. The Board of Trade
pass liinilthc chilly-sauce, and,when he
requests the council to show him where.
to -set' tlie- poles they merely file his
letter, hand the "foreigner" aud in-
truder'a"chunk of ice aiid proceed- to
couver notifying him lhat an injunction had been issued ugaiusc the ruty,
and since. Unit time, no attempt ha-
been made to keep Hodge out-of the
hole. . .    „
A petition was circulated and sinned
hy over one. hundred ratepayers ntkins
the council to put in a muiiicip.il telephone system. Arrangements were
made through the generosity, of the
Coal Co. whereby the temporary'use of
Kentvale, (int.   The line includes tw-
miles of cable at Richard's Landiiisr.
The Dominion Supreme Court hae
•granted permission to appe'al in tin
ease nf Price against the Oity of liumii
ton which was an action to quash tt by
law granting a live years' e-cclttsivc
fraiichii-i'. in the city to the Bell Telephone Co.-
i '  A rural telephone comp.'fhy is beinp
I organized iu  Waterloo County,   Out..
SI-* y* *T/ *'•',*-'•» *''J'» *T* aV \1s1\1a «.1> at/ «.*"> \*s «.(> a,v \'* *.»> >.v -»l> \lt il< «.»> »"» *T*
_1j. n      . ' * ...
,,      ,.-,,.      1 11 1    1   ii'*« *    -• - ■• *    1    T'l'J Kast Kootc'iuw  Lumber coin-
he o|ectrie l.gl,    poles could be had 1 and rlu,rC js mn_ (,ffon ,„ .,    inailn  (n , *
f. ee or at a  nominal rental,   bud.  an, ,m.e „„, k ,     ,   c0       .1       >       ;       ° ^   '     -_^ '""
otfer from the Coal Co ,ku.o.k btran^      -,.,   „ a 1IUIIlicilial eii;(.rnrl!ll..   A ; ^'> «t tl «. hi-tci   -au .,( th,3 luonth.
judging from their former-attitude uu\(tkW ,.„,,„ n,„„   „   -.',.,,„...<■.,'„,„,,!„,.„,>!     V, 111. (,onion hiis been apjMintwi a
_l*.y* *'*  *■**yrSl*S}* *-'* *-'* *^* ^T' ^T' *-'* *J* *-*' *-'* *-'*   *-'* *'> «»> \T> \'a ^f* »T» »f> <7>
CUANRI'OOie -     i-   Dr, {'.*>. CiUier, liewarded Member of
the Acndemy of Paris.    Inventor,of the
i Mat vellous Il\dro-Therino-Tbcrapeutie
l''rnm Tla- lit-iiilil.'
municipal owne.iship. However, the
Coal.0o., like all of lis, is inohably in-
teiisely-pauiotic and willing to dig into
their jeans in cider to prevent any
''foreigners" from reaching over, our
fenc«.and swiping the plums, This pe,
tition was preseututl to a fpe.eial meet- I
ing of our already overworked counci
comjiany was organized, but it was '■ J,lsn'*:« ui tli0 l)('i,co !o1' Cranbrook,
subsequently ab-iorbed by the Bell 'jvi-'aud received his coininissHui last
•mhoiie Co. ■   '      ' i week.
The- -Toroiilo' Board of Control has; lu:hi'rl Mathers ol I'ot't .Steele was
ri'coninie.iided thai the indepeuileni tel . fn town lust, Thursday fur a shor
eplione conipiinies be gj\en a Jiiuiu-ti; timo. Mr. Mat hers is hard at work
time to MiUmil offers to tlie city council [ lhis  wjlllp,.  wi,|,   bis Jog-iug cam]
"they will assist itr thocrentioirola new
-aerie.\ ...' '*.,''
■'    The smoke nroand' Fernie tlnos 'not
all come from Ihe coke, over.a.- Part (if
it is caused by smoking Kooteiiay-Belle
* cigars.' „, ,   "  '       .
Mrs. \V.' II. Campbeli, accninpahied
by her son, will spend a few days iu
.Uranbrook- visiting  her brotlinr. .Ioim
Dezall.- _
' I) McManus arrived iu Fornie tbis
week from the Boundary. Iloformerly
run holels  at  Aiia'c'indii ami Slocnn
.lunction. * • '
1. , - -
Bob Graham-enmo in 'from llie L-ir-
dnau hiot week, and will reiiniln here
until tho boom commence.' wiukiinj
fhreo shifts at'Poplar.-
W, .l.'Blunde'd has ojie of lim wised
(logs in the ,cily. Ilo 'sneezm every
timo'he wants anything aiulmigs his
ears when he ban enough.
Tho children of t|m city will' iii vo'a
concert In tho lOngles' hall, Ttnhl block,
on llio ovuiiliijf of Tliui'Silay, Fiihruary
1st. Thu proceeds will bu glviin to the
I red. .1   Milchcll returned Hulunlay
morning from the Must, mitl ishnfy this
week oiionliiir up n slock of rlolliing hi
Ids  new .store west nf   the Nnrtiiorn
'   hotel.
The ToricH and Grits will slum] tn
gotlmr this evening nt tlm Niip.meii
hotel ami make exe.UiiiiitloiiHiHllie re-
uiriiR from Oiiliii'lt) aro [ilacml on the
big blackbonI'd,
Fi |). Mdvtni'di* hns npeneil 11 shoot.
Ing gallery next to' the Kiiijfl'.dwuril
hotel, The gnlleiy will he u|iim front
il a m, to 11, p. m , aiid --noil 'ii'i/.fK will
be offered for Ihu hui-t slioolciK,
Weary Wllllu, 'llie 'faslenl hockey
plnytti'lu Itosiilaml, cliiisud tin1 puck In
Ftil'liio lust week, Willie linlicd well
Uinl pi'ospenms, linvlng nt li'fi.^l Hit-
bluck oyu itnd iwn icIgti'ftliH wlmu
Im si nick thU i'o,il camp.
The Phllhiii'inonU' Inly (Jiuiriclie
of Chicaild under Ihe itii,-.|iice.ri of the
Hockey club played lo a gmul ln»:i«m mi
Momlav ajv'eiiiiig. Tlio Imlli h are
urlihlH ami ein-ily lunch ihu lii^li hputh
In the world of inn-si,*,
Tlio GiiZi'tlc at lli'dltu' t'M.y lias ,ap
potireil, It i-liulh wilh ii I'-.llwli-r pieii-t
and tlm nilltni", whrn-u uiiini'iiHMegi'uw,
U said to In via it hunk aceniinl. The
Hlinut liuiki healthy nud IiiiiiiIsiiiiu', ami
should tiAvua lirillinut nu'iinr,,
Don Alton is about tu suvi'r hi» hunt
coniuictiou (with tlm ('. I'. II,logo ou
tbu 10.nl Ii0111 cim-l to eo,i.v. ivlih.if.i-
mous iiiakti of wnler and nllii'r pipuH
Thin Is uu pipe div,1111, nud Itm'i. tout
tilinldol irii'iiih tiloiig Iho (.'iw nn-li
him contlniioil kiicinhs.
Tlm »•»<•<■ In imt iiiillrely tn lim (Jrent
Niirlluu'ii. A car of oil coniilgiii'd In
CIir». Iltcbtndh (Mine liver lint ('. P. H.
from Winnipeg to I'eiulo In tlireti d.tys,
Mich illl liliil-lmi bllliaL  of  hji-i'il   t.\„i\s
waste btit-|pluiityvto fight for its nghts,so
that the city now bus a long and expensive light on its .hands. Work was
resumed this morning by the company.
A- local linn refuses..to'haul' the poles
heca-.:;ij they- have been 'threatened
with a boycott, and-the company will
briu;; in a'team for that purpose, Kent
lids not the slightest objection to the
city putting in a system of its own,
No record of the few remarks on
telephone, appear in the minutes of the
council, and Mr Kent'"leaves the city
on Thiirsdny.with unpleasant .recollec-
tious, auibafler a while when ihe tax-
payers get' tired digging up for legal
"expenses ihey'.jyill think thatour mayor
should hnve beon a wise general instoiid
of a valiant but misguided snldlor.''
audthe. line, in theory, was ' just ahom'if,,r,tl,i! '»■"««"««'.■■<' "J A ^'""pelitive tel- ;.U)d ^ „., ul.; ,,.    baiieh Q)
, j ephoiii'. sivstein   111  the ctlv.    Ihe .ctlvi,
11 -   ■ * lo'^s
! udvertisi'd asking for offers on  ceriuin
built when a bnmb exploded, am
knocked the rosy scheme «iilley-wes
croaked, ami pied the entire form typo
uraphicitlly speaking, just' as 3.1 wa-* on
the hook r.ud the pnss cle.ired for ac
tien The council (H.-c-jvered what it
should have known Ions; ago. thai
■imtnicipiiU'ties in this province cannot
build or operate a telephone, system.
Citie-i can assist smelters, build tram
■vays, waterworks and other things, inn
the law does not permit them run a tele
phone business. Upon discovery of this
horrid fact, resolutions were drafted
nnd sent to boards of trade all over the
province: asking their assistance in
having the local legislature amend Ihis
disastrous out in the Municipal" Act. In
I'Aris,'during the days of the Commune,
the.mob would kill a man. find out the\
had got the wrong chap, ,and then
apologize, to his corpse. However, perhaps \\'.<j digress, but it looks from tlu-
top of a tree as though1 our worthy,
energetic and broad-minded council,
led by a bull-iii-a-cbitia shop sort of a
mayor, had a severe attack of concrete
selfishness with local pati iotisin for a
chaser. They have acted like a lot ol
liubes bucking a shell gaine on circus-
day, bcc-iuse some capper gave them
the steer, and are just beginning to find
out that the pea is not always under the
thimble,, nor things what they seem,
In attacking the masked birfteries 0;
the B. C. Telephone CiT.-and the mined
ground of the Municipal Act "our cit.y
fathers haye'displayed a sublime courage'
' that nearly always, wins when guided
-perilled tonus, bui ihe companies .lid I -M^.'. ied-At, tbo residence ol Mr.
not respond, staling tha tlm condition, j 1*>wsoii, Cranbrook, January 10. by
wero oiienins hence the, changes! atli- ! lil'v- '""!• •!■ Thompson, l'obort Eakin,
tttde of the council. jliirt'inau ef the C. P. II. shops, to,Miss
Tlm Stavk  Telephone,    1,-ighl  and i Kay Childs., lately of I.othl.ridgo.
Power Co ,-of Toroi.io,   has .submitted}     ^  jf.vngul, wi|| rem0V(,   tlie furni-
an olfer to the Toronto City Council  t» | luI.e ,rom his larse ,10lcl ilt Morrissev
mstal a t(?lo.|ihonw sysiom in tlie   city *
Fust Freight.
The Grout Northern railway agent
stales that his road recently delivered «
cur,of freight iu 1-Vnilo just eight days
iiftei' it left Muntreal, and not in six
davs, ns reporled Inst week. With a
ipiick connection at Dmimoro, the C. P.
II .can tlo/'vtui bciti'i' than this time. The
L\ P. It has 11 fust freight train called,
"Tlio Ihiilet" that leaves Montreal overy
day for the West, and It is safe to mty
that uo long-ilintiiiice freight service In
America makes better tliiui. Bring
your freight ou The [billet,
Tbu (.'.iiihtni mine ntCiiiiip McKiiuicy
Is likely to rusiiiue openitioiiHin March.
A niecling of Hlmi'ehiildei'H will be'held
in Tui'iiuio next mnnUi. Thoro is also
talk of Ihe Waterloo ciiinpitny milking
in, curly ."'art in eeiisolldutlon with the
Pnnteiioy i'uui|mn,v. 'Ihe.su ininoH nrti
ainfSng the lirst tlln'ovci'i'd In the
Moiiiidiry ciiiinlry. Tioiihluus iltiusH
befell tlium whon llie iniiiiiigcmeiil ho-
!;-an hiHixtlng and lliliilliligfltoclt, which
rcaiilted in luteriinl Ktlifts and 11 Hlillt
Cuiinell met hiM, ui^lit and mloptud
111'mill('.-< of previous luectliig,
liudgti's ap|i|lciititiii for putting tip
11 .vvtiiidfii bulldiug In lire district
was unt granted,
T. II. Whliu'ri ttwai'il was ordered
tat be paid. ,
Tliu use ol vacant room in llro Im'l
wiiTi' icmpfinii'lly gnintrd nRi|iiitrler*i
fni- nriiiiiry.
A coiumimlentioit doin W. Ilaiulley
«V<l*t uu It.
al   WOillili illiCUl 'll    /(sJllt   Mi. Ai'c\-
uuiit-r was relerred to wutur und
j/.rtViu' Ci'lllhli^ti-f,-
U, ii.S, Liudiiey's coiiiiniiuiciitlnil
wm* relerred 'n lerrltilailimr.iiininlttor*.
Tin; bill ol Mr. (Juuiiiiliigs whh re-
icried to the lliitiiii'i; committee,
W.W. Ttiilo gave uollee tliiltfil,
the nest, meeting im would lutiullicii
I.i liylmv ivgulatliig tlio number of
1 Ibjimr liceiiHc,*) to *ln' givtnfwl /irtrord-
from a telephonic, standpoint through
the session, and, like an ostrich with
its liead in the sand, thought that tl.ey
were safe.'  This action proved intense
patriotism, but a lack of wisdom upon
the part of our amateur mayor "and al-
dernien.   They slnmld .have taken the*
enemy ;into camp and made.the best
deal possible for  the city, instead of
through this and other acts endangering the credit of Fernie and the pockets
of ratepayers by tho shadow of expensive and lengthy litigation,' The wise
aro seldom hasty, preferring slow reason  to  rapid, impulse.    The • enemy
might also hnvo been nioro politic.ano
diplomatic.    If  Hodge  had been  au
artist in the use of sugar and the Bweet
words  that   hypnotize   the  ordinary
human  soul, lie could huve captured
the works without! losing a Hpade or
{filling at the literature of n blue paper.
When Hodgo saw that lio looked no
biggo'r to oiuiclty dads tliiui n deuce in
11 dirty duck, or 11 white chip in 11 Nelson poker game, ho called out his brigade and proceeded to purfornto Victoria avenue   with   holes,    Marking
stakes woro put iu along tho  stieei.
Like a tin soldier in a coml'' opera our
valiant mayor made 11 charge 011 the
stakes and warned the foreigners to desist, and thou with  11 triiHty aide-do-
camp he wheeled unit inim-licd to the.
government' buildings neiir the west
end of Victoria avenue In search  of
more Inspiration.   Hodge Hounded  a
relrciit for IiIb men and went iu the
hole himself,   A blue pnpur Hushed in
the air and  the ttilitplionu man was
Uikon to the justico mill nud lined $10
and costs or two weeks In the Imslile
for, wilfully causing da mnnii, injury nud
spell to the street,
On Thurmlay the city solicitor went
to Nelson in senroli of mi Injunction
from .ludga' Forin, rostniliiiiig the H. II
Telephone Co, from orei.'tlug polos iu
jy^-1. no ~i titini 1 ■ a o*»— eiruev^i'ii.iir-
,..,., L...^.iiAi-/ius:jinll_;ilJ Mil^init uinl is!
from gray matter, "and less by the
juices- of the pericardium. Amateurs
are bound to bliiudci',--atid sometimes
mistakes'are made'lhal will ptit a'cit)
The company offers lo sun] ly telephones at a maximum of if;i'i a year for
businei-s places and Sl;-> a year for residences, or, if desired, a toll rate for each
outgoing call, lt asks for a franchise
for 21 years, proposes to lay wires
underground in the-area- houmled by
Spadina Ave. on the west, Slierboiirnc
St. on the east and extending lo Blooi
St. from' the hike front, aud to locate its-
pole Since under the Mipei vision of the
City 1'jiigiiieer. llwill put up bonds,
will have its system in operation in ,:1.">
months and pay 2).;% of its revenue to
the city for live years, and e% for the
remainder of its term, the lines, etc., to
be subject to purchase, by the city at
any time on notice being given, or in
the event of any agreement tending to
destroy competition being discovered
with the Bell Telephone Co.
The Imperial Privy Bouncil recently
gave judgement in the appeal by the
Toronto City Council against the decision of tho Canadian courts iu its
"action against the Bell Telephone Co.
.The question was raised in lnoi,
whether the"to upany could erect poles
and open up the streets   without   the
Mints and put it in the new hotel at
Wsisa. -
Although January is considered tt,
dull month in every line of business,
the hotel business not excepted, yet
ii stranger who arrived on the heal
Friday bad to go to tin ce 'hotels before he could find a. room, Cranbrook
seems to be getting along all right at
any time of the year.
Dr. Barber of Fernie was in town
last Friday. He spoke in high praise
ol the progress Oranbrook had made
since he lived,here, and said that its
futui-e was no doubt fissured. Speaking of- Fernie the doctor said that
with all,the-bad luck the town'had
hail tin; past two y.-ars it'.was in line
shape now and was growing rapidiy.
There was a meeting held in Sirdar
one evening last, week for the purpose ol  iniiuj-urhting a movement to
organize a school as'there are enough
• ■•
children there to warrant, the government in providing-a (caeher. Chas.
Wright was elected to the chair and
A. J; McDonald named as secretary.
The work on two streets' was'stopped
and'a staled case was agreed on which
was submitted to'the courts. At the
lii-Kt-lienring a decision' was. given   in
on the bacon train aiid-'fvske-ii Caliban i favor of the. city, and oir appeal by the
of every ratepayer. It is to be hoped Bell Telephone Co. this decision was
that when all-the telephone froth has | reversed; the, city then took the case to
been blown away that uo injury  wil^
come to our young city.
As a precedent to tho troubles of last
week, a case can be cited lhat occurred
In Toronto some three years "ago. The
cily council ofi"|scted to. a telephone
company opening up new streets and
putting up poles. The case was thrown
into"court and the other day llie Privy
Council in England gave a veidici
against tbo city, and Toronto, like"
Fernie,. is now seeliing lo have the
Municipal Act .nnnnoed.
'1 in-: I,until-: slunds for .inuniei* al
ownership, but not when it means 11
loss iiislead of 11 gain to the couiiiiu'nity.
I'ui'i 'Li'nuio would uot attempt to drive
a tunnel through 11 grunile fnnnutimi
with a bologna sausage, lt would use
Btecl, powder and practical workmen.
Fernio can do without thnt hall-
luxury—a telephone—hut il must have
liy hi, water and sewers, ll the cily
owned lis electric light system and
charged current rules il would pay
hctler than the police court. If ihe t-.it>
owiuil tho waterworks it could make n
barrel of money at f'i 50 u tap, and we
would not have tu boil the water iu
order to remove the tasle of nniuioniii
Hint comes from the stables Along the
banks el Coal creek. There is 110 money
ill hl'WOI'S, excepl tbnl saved lu dnctiii''*-
fees. The city bus been ■ wild with on-
Ihusinsm lately over Un) hello business,
hut it has not whispered even a tliiu>
spneud word about air, light, waleror
sewers, We can live for centuries
without a telephone or liin^er, hut wo
the Privy Council, with the result that
tho company's contention, that its .Dominion charter over rides the Provincial
charter, in which there is a clause'that
the company should not carry any poles
or wires along any street without thu
consent of the municipal council, was
upheld. Thocornoriiliiin, having this
decision before it, is considering'llie
advisability of,going to Barliainent fur
power to nimble it to prevent the- cree.
lion of polos' and the opening up ol
streets without its permission.
'Harry Greenwood bus lived in 11
cabin for some time pact under the
hill in the far east ei:d ol' Fornie. Hi.
hud a successful chicken unci mush
I'sioni rniiiih until the iron horse run
through mid obliterated his bnsiness
l'roees' -of Cure. Also Chemist and
Proprietor of tho. Celebrated Natural
Products Company. Member and Correspondent of the Scieutiiic- Society.
Montreal, P. Q., Cau.
Fi0111 tliu I,Mnii-r
Dad Miller, the pianist, has gone
to Fernie.
The Leader litis learned f'roni u reliable source that the Sullivan smelter
at Marysville will be. started about
tbe first of March.
Mike Sheady came up from the
Tcrritoiies this week 011 a business
trip and will return in a lew days.
Messrs. I j rant it Sheady have some '
railway contracts on hand and are
prospering. They are located at
' Miss   Shander   and   Mr.   M. ' E.
Shaughnessy were married in Spo-■
kane Monday, _ January 'Jtli.    They
will make their home in Missoula,
Mont.   Miss Shander is a  sister of '
Mrs. Conrad of Moyie and is well amis,
favorably known here.
Considerable petty thieving has
been going on in Moyie lately, and if
the culprit or culprits are found they
will be severely dealt with. Tues-,
day a pair of piuits and some other
goods, which hml been stolen, were,
found hidden in the alley back of It.
Campbell it Co's store-
"riilll Till' TillH-1
P011 pore & .McVeigh have sent most
of their work horses down to Frank
where they will'work iii the-mine. "
Married—In   libiinnorc on   Wednesday, January  lb'tli,   by the Itev.
C. K. Cnrscallen,   William* S. "Wilson"
to Beatrice A'. Clark, bothof J3ellevuer
Ar. the Sanitarium  hotel on Wed-
If. J.McPeak, Charles Frandish-and
A-'. J. McDonald were appointed as
trustees. The- secretary'waa instructed to communicate with the
superintendent ol educalion and secure his .co-operation as soon as pos
A Chenette has leased the Falls
View hotel at Marysville and taken
charge. He had an opening hist
evening and a large crowd went up
from Cranbrcok to attend the (lance,
They report a very pleasant tiiiio.
Messrs. Bennett it Clark of Sandon
are'in the city looking tip an hotel
The people 0!' Cranbrook are pretty
well nei-uiiinlt'd with the merits ol
flic coal property that is "lieitig developed hy Breckeni'idgc it Lund at
Luudbroi'k, Altn., aud will ho pleased
that a limited amount nl stock is going to be placed on the market. The
property has been cnpiuiiized lor
:iTi(X),0(K) and -JiTi.O'X) -.hares at the
1 liar value ol :!'.! liave  been  taken bv
lie has always b.;cu of an iuvi-ntivc ] Mnssrs. Ilreclieiindgt it Lund lnr the
turn of mind, and since the wreck of j j)rope.i'l,y, the balance remaining'as
his chicken coops he has turned his-u.(.l(f)U1.y (,l0(;;-t   tiI(, linn of Arnold
attention more than ever io the dilil-
cult tusk of inventing, and has a I
ready obtained, or applied for, three
patents, They are for brakes on
mining, litrecf, nud polo or snwlo^
ear.', A I Ui.) pound pressure on the
lever shows 7,L'IKi pound.' ol' weight
against, Uni whirl*- ol  11  sawing cur
it Huberts hnve been appointed as
brokem for the company lu handle
all slock that will bo pl;ice,d nu the
mnvl'ct iu this part, nf the, district:
Next week ihe Herald will hnve
Jsj'.iu: iuleivs-Uny data about ihe prop-
iertv. It Is itndcr.siood that the stock
i will be plnci'il on Ibe market at lln
For his Mrect. ('ill* brake patent li" 1 cunts, nnd flidt only a few thnimnd
.available Iur Cr.ui-
has been tillered si:.'.'»,Wi,   imt hii-a jK|,lin.,,   tt|
isilciit piiriiier   would imt permit a J hnuiU.
NiloiiUlMt llgnre.   Mr. (;r*..M.»v,i-.| j    silt^, M(,,v.,,n. (•;,„,,„„„ vi;, (;()1IJ,(.oll
Is also liusy   wilh  a   .in-put sieam j||jij]{  ()V„.. (|u. ...^ Koo|(,|||iV  WH
cm. nuly live weeks Mithom loud, days j ,,,,*.*.'   Mint will decreas,-. Mm   ,-...,•; |1(1(| ,,„„.,,,„,, „.,„„. „, „l(! ;„„„„.„
i.iilmv ill per j
wiiboiit water and four iiiiiiuicH Willi- j ^iuii|itton of cmil iliulni
mil nlr.   Verily, ImhiVi'd brtuhre.r, wi
1 live swallowed 11  mountain   without
is belli-- nt.itng In
tl.ateven Mil., great ralliu'.ii;.o,npcll.lin« l0 I*'l»"<rt*t.*ii.   say,   ono   retail
mm iiiiiUim lim oiher it-lluw Immp.        j iiCv-'ii.c ' > every b'.O people, ami one
(lnorge Horton, v,ho m-IMIk. t-clc j »J»"lt'*.«l« lifLaiiieiii every »,(XXJ. Mr.
brateil lltie Pr'.an «nd ni!.ir lig-n-, i» "i'»t*ilf* w-tll also IiitnulncR a bylaw
h.-Hdi-d for Fernie.   (Ji-cr-n Is mi« nf' r.-gul.iling lite sulfiOllliiUortomJllor-J.
the oldest and must popului* ilruinnieio'    Council adjourned sine die.
At a Hpcclnl niettllng on Wednesdny
each member of Ihu city council pi<'t|-{'i'<l 1 ,U1V p(,pMn
bin wurd to HUppnit tlm civic iiuthoi'i j  -	
tien until lim Hindu of Ihu telephone 1 ..Tb'l-b.l'llO.'VIC TIPS.
trouble Ih reauhed, iiml nwcut  pence
wprcitdh lln white wings ever thu Hnd     A "•b-phoiie lln.
«re«t bump iu our iiiuulvl|inl Iilatory. | iwimmi .vii>»ln nu>l iVMiciuii lb (".
A uinsH meeting til cltlneiiH was called
for Unit evimliiK hi1 Tnttlo's building.
Tho dlhciiHslon whh conilnuicil by ninny
of nnr moHt pi'iiuili.ent i'IiI'/ciis, iiiulll
was entirely ipni'locid telephone.   Al
iii.      ,1       H
KIW.-H  a.* lp 11 1 J.   i,,.a.,   l.lt. iia..,,,^    ml   ^....s.^,
wij't warmly in Iiivdv d( a mnnli'lj.id
On 'Vhiiwlny Hodgo got a who from
II. W. Kent, Viiui'iiuvor, teblnu him In
keuti  diguing,  iih an injunction  hnd       ,   .        ,.„.,,
1.   ..   i...„?.,l ...a   .1 ..  ,.!t,.      a ,,,1,,'III. illdi'|ie|id"lit    lelepluuie   nvnti'ta
the dirt commenced to liy uud Jailor C
H, Levers with his piiminerH were or-
iletod ou the double quirk tn the dig
giii|* line to till the liulex im font as they
weru mude. Tht) ini^ragcinutit eiuhd
by three nf the telephone men being
arrcstuil, nud then  llnilge had a sum
ci'tll and yive ciHlitl I'cstllls with the
IMTsent inethod-i nl prodiieiii;| power.
More, iiuuil.
they have, been bihy iniiluilg im-
IH'iiVi-nii'iits iibuiil 1 |ii> pbii'u. Ai' a
I'i'siiU they have iiiin ul  the  neatest
ncsday' afternoon  the "Rev.   C.   R.
Carscallcn united in marriage J. Annate of Frank to Mary  A. McAllister  ,
of Bhiirmorc. ,
Mrs.. J.  Paden now occnjiies . her
new sloj'e at-Hellevueand has largely
increased her stock of general mer-,
chandise. ■ '
. The young men of Frank will give
a grand lull to,, their friends in the
Frank school house next Friday
With the completion of the new
bunk house tho coal company at
Hellevtie have now twelve buildings
iu use by their employees.
At, Coleman the deadlock between
the coal company and thc Miners'
union mill continues, but it is said
that next week bids fair to see the
existing misunderstanding settled
with honor to both sides. It is to bo
hoped that such is the case and that
the big plant at Coleman will soou be
TheC. P. H. detective in arresting
tlcoige (joldiug in ('.u.inectiou with
the rnbbiTV a',; Coleman is likely tn
have gotten his employers Into a
peck ol trouble, 11s ("corge is more
than likely'to enter suit against that '
euiiipniiy fur damages, The grounds
upon which Holding was arrested
were su absurd that the C. P. K.
should be made to pay for their
In (lie l,ii«*t*ing Camps.
The amount nf sawing- cut in the
Knoti'iuiy valley this winter will
reach between six and seven million
Al deary it Duyle's camp at Sheep
creek -.{VJI.OfiiJ feet nl logs hnve been
etti uud --kidded to the rivoi: bank
ready Iur the spring run.   The nut-
The iv. w.i.i pli'U'.y (-f g"*."l I.M'I
; in Fernie lii.ii week,   The  l'"-->,!:iii-l
The Kliigi-iim.iiiiiMi'ln, (.'by < oiincil I club played a draw game, ou Friday
liiisuniiitcd 1111 cM'lit-ive friuichisi' fm" cvciiin;;, the wore being I tn I, Oil
live \eills tu Ihe Ih 11 Telephone t.'n.        ! SuLlll'ilny   li'ib.-ilillnl   deliii.ii'd    l''i'lllli'
The Kibuoiiloii, 'Aba , I'iiy Cuitm il hy it -(."uv nf 1 in il. Tlie pla> Ing <-li
hns passed n I't'soliilloii iicci'pling thi-i |),,th sides wus the best, that bus ever
ollei' nl lim Kdinuuiou In-triri I i-le., j,,,,,,, „,.,,„ in ,j,js ,.j,Vi 'p|1(i Ferule
plume Co., to M-ii mi puiiit uud .iiimuev,, 1|()>H wll] ,,|„y ,|un,|g i|„, ,\i,y-Hii\ tin-
fur tn>J*i, as from ,l,ui. »st. i nuuspicl   In 'l.osslnud   next' month;
Thiiiir.ipo.aiiiofilieSiaila T.-bipbi.niiij,!^,,, N(!|.()1)  l)l(, ,,,nn(! u,j      '■•*,„ 	
I j.ibi nnd I'iiu'i'i'I'n   TuiMiiln 10 inslnl . .    11       1   1 I in pi ''pi li'iul.) to p.i'Ui.r tin
i.yiiiiinii 1 iwumi,, iiii.iuin.io |i",>'"-l.m.|,.|i.nitj *■„, tw„ (-Hmes iiiFcinlei    ..' .     ....
md 111u.1l ii'ti'aclLvi: huii'l.-. in this see {put uf this camp  will  be   at   least
,"i,l),)i),IVXJ I'linl.
A hirjjii I'liiifiiinl ni' lu|-s have, been
cut at the Wolf creek camp.
Mr. Miller at Sknukiim Chuck ruli-
iiiah'rt hi.-, cai nt live to six  hundred
lllUII-.'lllll   fl-l-l. ■
II, Lnndiii 111, Skimkiim Chuck will
thni nl Hie f. mnlry. Tlm bar, ollice,
rinuliiig I'i'uni iiud dining room have
all l.ii'cn cuvei'i'd with linoleum, the
wo'id work ha-, been p/iiut''d and
wlii'i'i-vei' an niiprovcini'iit could be
iiiiiili: it h.i-s bleu diiiie. Mis, (iuu-
gi'oii i-a {jiving hi-r pei'sumil utti'iiiiuii
Ilrnulford, out , on/1 iiiicmi ytnr fr.iii-
chUi', has been declined by tho ("ity
Press repiii'Is from oitrtwa state that
the Dimiiubm (iiivertiiueiit liu*- iu contemplation   the Introduction  of   leglv
ll:i-"sbir|d iniiii-a iluriii*-  the | nut vein'
ifoiluci"! Mi.:,!!1. loin, value I ai.';i,i * > •
Inlioli foi tbe m ipliriliuii by liu- tim
nmiiH isHiied ngaliiht I.evt:i*i for Inter, ieriniimit of the 1:1111k Hues of tele
fe.rlng with his woik, lu the police | |ihmic.*a mul ti-h-gniplm.
court tho threu men warn rmiuuided I Tlm Hell Tcl.-pbrnm Co. ba-i pur- \oli. Thelo.il loiinage for 111* camp
until Moinbiy, uud the ca-'i nijiiiiiM U'liaiaeil tbu iii'lepi'inl.-iit trl-pliini.j bin: iur the 11 >ears since ore was lb •, pm
Lovcm wan drnppi-d. On Friday tlie- lictween Denluntts, Pitlianls building, ■ aimed ii ■.!,i''Ji>,l,,.l ion**, «f t total value
Miyor received 11 tclegrnin from Van I Murksvlllo, Sail n-'n I'.nciiinpuieu'.  und of illJ,vl i,1M,
1 1    lln.l.g     il      Iilli'      I'll    11,1   -,-,       nlllVll
u'.'i!'i':ii'.ii-i| by tli" ell',its 1 mt fi.tt!' by
UI ilio,
ie t i-ni'li- ol I'in.-i Knsiii'tiiiv will
uilol which "ivaiiit fur «-x|.f.hk" 1'cr , '■'■"'^'"l«'i1, "''• ';illi.-r. wl... i.ill-d tl..-
nie's .'scellcnt l.u-kcv l«iim is ,|(,.!'""" i" l"^"^'1 "I''-"I'-'-V ^nctbing
serving a li<.i.r..vandiiben.ls..pi«.rt.!Ilk,lil V™ >W, »».d wa. al'terwavd
Liui uIkIii in tlm l''crnle rink Hn> ;.••*• I'lhtcii alter a l.mg trtal ut the
hmiiH iciim defeated Turtle by n ; Neb-m ii.-asu.-.i. lln lelt his wile here
•-(.' 'i'i-  if'! tn I. '
tu the. dining ru-iiti iiiiibiipv.uirs, and lent I'i 1,011 feet,
l...i«    ,..,.,...       ,.      .,,    ,, - ,1. ml    ,,i.iiliaa:i   i.tllip aji    CuUiliv.
. -   a    a   ■■ 1    '    ■        '"1      • ■ ■   ' 1,      1    - -     , ,    1 1      1   1        \    , ,     ,,.i
.    -,i ,    ■       ,'...!.  ;.,.-> .'.-.( li _lil._
AU tin: ln;,'*a tit tlie.ie camp-* \sill be
-i-iit dnwti tlie river to Wnrdncr,
having been cut under cuiitracl lot"
the Ci'utt's N't'.-.t Lumber i'o, — Fort
MitIo I.Vuspi'iiur.
The Payroll/
S.itinilay wns piivday for the i'nl-
lierie.-a aiutu.d Fernie, and lor wages
ilieH. N. P. Cnal Co. paid ont JI'J.1,.
»:!".!">. The. money vt.iitlUriliiitcil
as lolluws;
,'tl|i! v'tii'led fi i*   FiMiiee, but   It  is not
whether he. >wii! there or nut.   L:im
\\\o\ ■•:■  .■!■■::! •■M,:i.iil,i--'kriL- ive I;,^.-bmadu.
a b'tti'i' l.oiii a  iuu.1 cuiitnlnli.''iliul
fulhiv,in*; card, which will uu doubt
' be read with Interest hy life readers
.olTlicH-raUls ,,    ■
CV-.tl Creek,
.-* li.t'iiii fti.i
.  :iii,in; iu
.    »'.'.','.W'.l Wo
..flJ3,G13 15 mA*mmWHmmm**mm
, i..  ,.-..-„.j.-f-JW-**i"*^"^--.vsi.st.i.r- *•
1IJUIIII ..,.1.1 I Mill, '
p»J«W. '■'
~™...-..-.    .-.-.^^-y.-^.^.-..,,^..^,—.. ■  .
think 1
childher- inn cunvulsiotis, an
ought to yet damas-es."
Tlie lawyer pondered   lor  a   few moment-, and suid:  "I   think,. niuJain, its ;.-■**. *■*•
ii case oi'damniiiii ab^pn- injuria."
'.That'.-, wbafl towld them, mi*,'and
1 >.iid a )!;real deal worse than thnt to
them !"— Clitcw-o Inter Ocean. '
Up to ttit- Kabbil.
Seth--Do you think you can bit'a
rabhit ?    ■    '
Joaie—;13epena|s* .wbure the luhbil !*
when llie -41111 (iocs oil".
• ^t* *$_
1 fne
The Ledqe.
Il.T. I.OWKHV. Kilhor mul Kiimiu-ii.-r.
Thk I.kimik is imlilis,li<>il i-mtv WimIiu'mImv
in Kuril in, H t". Tlio lirire i-. -i :i vein-. Ailvi-r-
tisiiiK nita1!, Kiven npiin njaplir-ittii'ni.
Newspapers are valued by thc pub
lie largely by the standard the editor
sets up.   If he is willing to take any
old thing in exchange for advenis
ing he will have his den litercd wilh
trashy books, nursery stock, tuneless
pianos,   theatrical   passes,  iron clad
railroad contracts, and innumerable
other articles of doubtful value.   The
majority of country editors tire cheaji
fools when it comes 10 trading w!th
fie mercile s public.   They (ill their
columns with non productive ads, and
t hen roar because they are always
poor.   The majority of them   would
be richer if'they would saw" wood for
a iiying.   The press is the greatest
power in the world when in the. bauds
of men who understand their busi
ness.   When it is not it becomes a
slop bucket for cheap ads, and an
easy thing for every jay with an axe
to grind.   An independent  press is
tlie greatest boon  that a.people can
possess, but as a rule an honest editor is crushed by those he helps, and
smothered  in   mud   by   the jealous
members of his own profession.
" '  We need a more independent press
in Canada, one that will hold its head
up and dictate  terms, instead  of becoming servile in order to culch a
job of printing, or dwell with the
toads when a competitor is.alter the,
same ads. • -   '
" The giving of ads by local legislatures and the Dominion  parliament
praises regardless of business  value
is a species ol bribery that is an expense as well as a rank injustice to
the tax payers ol Canada. -Thousands
cf dollars are spent every  year iu
Canada suckling a servile pi ess at
• thc expense of the   masses.     Until
honesty becomes a greater factor in
politics we cannot expect au improvement in the press.   Kditors will continue to lie in order, to obtain the
privilege ""of dipping their bread in
the Urease of the pap barrel.    Verily,
tho age ot graft  maketh liars and
turneth the press into carbon paper,
white one side and black on the other
en 1 uraclii"oners which shall be free
from abuses brough" about by professional rivalry and jealousy, and
which shall ensure to every medical
man of sufiicicnt knowledge to conduct his professional work properly
ihe freedom ol practice tn which such
knowledge and skill entitle him in
a free couutry. We want, no star
clumber methods in this province in
ihe medical or any other profession."
bandit   crew    of  Nelson   telephone |
builders, aiid put a tin ear o,s even
one of thorn.
You need never be afraid ol the
chap who makes a big noise, and
constantly roars about how many
men he can ann'liilate if somebody
'will just hold his- coat. He isn't iifit
with the silent man who says .ioth-
ing but hits hard when the occasion
demands.    A bully is never really
Ficrxii*  needs a  resident county
judge.  This city is the scene of more
civil and criminal court oases, thin,
probably any other citv  in tl*i in
tenor of British Columbia, and  vet
for the lack of judges law and ju-ii. e
alike suffer in -the greatest city cl'l v.>_^    Tr.^.r*    fc>*r•*•*«S
Fast  Kootenay.   The citv is filled j ■** lX1'   1UsU1«&,  *  L'U$J.
with energetic people and   we "are
surprised that they do not make a
light for better judicial iidininisiraiinii
Royal Hotel
J11 Fernie i.s iii a rapid
course of construction,
and  will  soon  be-   ready
""""-a. ,
for the I ratio of the world.
T11 Fcr-nie, is a pleasant
home for alb who. travel,
llooms reserved by wire.
Tf you are looking for Fishing. ..Bathing
..limiting, iloating or Glacier Climbing, go to
.New Denver and stop a Jew days, weeks or"
months at" tiie Newmarket J lot id with Henry
Stegc. Home cooking and ihe finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
, for rates. ..  „■
tnnrv Stcge
RcwtiiarKet 6o(e!
m tvf*
Lv British Columbia the jVge is
mighty and will.piv.vnil. We notice
that Judge Form specifies in what,
paper a certain legal ad shall be
published, when there are two papers
in the same locality. A judge should
brave except in a big crowd, or alone !-'l'--de1' decisions, but not dictate «s
with some  consumptive   individual |^ where Icetil advertisements sh'-uld
who cannot strike back. Merit makes
the least noise, for as the poet says:
The. loaded bee. the lowest Hies!"
The richest pearl the deepest lie-:;
The stalk the most replenished,
Doth how tiie most it-" modest head;
And thus humility we Hnd
The mark of every master mind;
The highest gifted lowliest bends,
And merit, meekest condescends,
And shuns the fame that fools adore—
The puff that bids a feather soar.
At times life  in'.Ferine becomes
exceedingly strenuous.
One telephone in the bush.is worth
about five in Fernie.
In Fernie lately G. C, Hodge has
become an inverted Stoessel.
be printed. ' Boosting from thc bench,,
even  for a newspaper,  seems to be
inlra dig for a g'eiitleman upon whom
has fallen the mantle injudicial.ad
Thk  telephone . caso   has  pro veil
that after all the'Coal Co. has a 1. ,.n.
We   understand  that  for' tcli'pi"'iin-,
purposes   the'company  has  ill" red
Fernie  the tree   use of the elicirn
light  poles.   This   proves ihu.   tin
company ' has   Fernie's   interest    in
view, and is willing to go agaii.sf,'hai,
piratical combination-known as the
B. C   Telephone- Co., thus throwing
the Irost into monopoly,  and, giving
us a chance to tnko  the  hollo collar
off our necks, Hurrah fur tlie Coal Co. I
And the "foreigners", continue to
Those who live on monopoly, are
frequently averse to helping any
other monopoly.
There is plenty of iron near Fernie
which will some day help to make
tuis city'a second Pittsburg.
Concrete selfishness will often
cause a man to shave off his 11 ise in
order to play-oven with bin face.
Concrete- selllshness is curse to
thojlndlvidmil imbued with it and to
those nround him. A ral.il ease oi
it was discovered in Kamloops a
short time ngo, and the Kootenny
Jl'uil thus comments on it."
"Kiunloops has tlevelopid ono ol
the Kro&sost abuses of professional
privileges heard of in this province.
A Belgian doctor started practice
there, and by his ability and success
organized a large pn.cilce, wljlch
cut intu that of Dr. I'roctor. We
liiivo^known Dr. Proctor a long
time and held liini in the highest
esteem, but ho now stands in n posl.
Hon which in anything but creditable
to himself nnd the medical hoard. In
conversation with him the other doctor told him he was weak in medical
knowledge of matters nffeciing the
brain, Dr. Proctor is a mom ber of
the medical boa id nnd the liul|*iuti
doctor claims that as a member ol
that hoard Dr. Proctor used the Information he Iind given him to make
Ii'h (|tit!Htions mainly nu mibjeels affecting the brain with a view to nullifying I.Iri cxi.miuufinn, The Htd
glim doctor narrated the incident,
whereupon Dr. Proctor matin cnin-
|iltilnt and the mud leal bwrd threat,
encd 10 remove his name from ihe
rcgimcr tinli'NS he apologized tn Dr,
Proctor. This the ml.or iniiii declined lo do, contending his slate'
ii.unif- were true and justilhd.   The
Kvkx yet they occasionally have
in Nelson a card party at some ol the
hotels for the benefit of the church.
Is now open to the'
worid. Il contains
36 rooms and is the
V" !-j ,OQf
. i    i . a <-0*J
T. Whelan, Manager
Queens Hotel
Rates $1   a Day
This hotel is a home for all railroad and lumbermen. . ■
First- .Class;.in Every- Respect
Ts the. hom'e of all Slocan people 1 raveling to and from Poplar,
meals .a i-w a vs k i.\ T) Y,    McLACELAN BROS., Props.
.1 iuLf
Rates, §2 a" day and upwards
The minds of thc unthinking can
generally be changed as quickly as
the water can bo turned in a ditch.
FiciiNiK is an ideal smelting point
and no doubt before very long an immense smelter will bo built in or
close to the citv.
Hkitisii Comjmwa ftetmi'' to bo becoming exclusive, as witness the no-
lion of tho .Medical Council towards
•t doctor in Kam loops.; aud the telephone war in Fernie,
I.v somo respects Fertile is generous lo ii high degree. The people
last week did everything in thoir
power lo keep the P, C, Telejilione
Co, from going In tho hole.
A humor bus floated down to Fer
nie that thc reason Hose was defeated
in Nelson vvas owintr tQ_the_l;ict_tli;iL
Doc hud not taken a bath in'live
years. If such is (he case it merelv
proves that Kose is farther advanced
and has , more seiise than-the majority.. It no doubt is adviatible at
times to groom,the skin with a brush,
but this constant jumping into water
and burning your cuticle with soap
is injurious to the system nnd causes
rheumatism -a-^ncl a world of other
diseases. Some of tlie greatest men
tlio world has over known were
11 verse 10 bathing. Nelson did not
wash his bauds for eight years, and
Napoleon hated a bath worse, than ho
did the British.
.    Mosquitoes Kill Ohickons.
Big galliuippcr mosquitoes that
seem to have can openers instead ol
stingers nre attacking' chickens in
tlio. East End, and .they aro said already to havo killed twenty-two
fowls owned by Jlrs.-Bridget Owens
of Fulton street. All of the chickens
were iittaclu-'d while roosting, The
mosquitocH scorned to descend towards ihe earth from high in the air
in the evening or after darkness, and
attack animals ol all kinds. It is
thought that they breed in "low,
marshy places,Sjut liy high most oi
the lime—Louisville JJerald,
Union Made
Overalls, Shirts -&.
'Miners' Garments
TaPty. Meals,
Easy Bed?,.
'   Nerve Tai-acers
, Of Every
, Description.
j.   F.   JARVIS    PROP.
Will open next month with   -,
46 First=C!ass" Room 3"
o . ■ • '  ■
' Every thing .Up-to-date-
It is snid that no gentleman is
over in a hurry. If that Is so there
must In.' great numbers of them taking this paper, judging from the
long lime lhey take to send in their
In* llie I'nUcd .Slates it Is now pro-
|«Mcd to raise the Hillary ol thu president, to !|s7r>,f<)i' a year, and niter retirement .iL-.VM) yearly fur life,
There aie thousands who will take
the job for lar li'ss money, and tlitnm-
amis more who will pay for the po
sltlon and bu Just aselllclentas 'IVil.lv
A iiiatKKr simp l-i lining opened In
Nelson, and dally rcpnrl.-i from the
stock excbangi'ii In New York nnd
Cliicagn will give the people a elmnce
to (*titnb!o In wheat. InMnxd of piilllii"-
-<'winner brand"-
Lcriz X- Leiser
Till- UNION LAIilil. IS ON li-VIiRY
J. C. Ca ITU thers
M Agent for Ivonlenay
p. o. Hon •-,(">     - .      Nelson, ii.c.
On  Iho   road  lending   to
' ■ I'Yrguson and Trottt Lake
has iimpie iicconiniodiition
for iniiii and hi.s lion-c
This bacon, beans, heel'-
Kleak, oggn, oats, hay,
booziirine and oij;nrs ('minor, lie lii'tiU'ii in tho hills
of the Liirdi'i.u,
In Three Fnil'-i. is one of thc
oldest, hotels in lln* Slocnn, and has
never closed its-doors. The meals are
always tasty, and the landlord never
allows his whiskey to flirt will) the
water barrel.
' HUQH NIVEN, Proprietor.'
y* «.V \'*y* \V -vV \»» \'f \*/i \** «.»> a,v vV \V aV-aV «.',» \1* \** *.'* \1* *■** *s*> v'> vV a.v
ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* fl* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* tl* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft*
ft* <»v
SliSLtSl-.S1* S** *-r* *-'> *'> V> <>* aVV- M>AV a.v \V O* «.'y a.i> «.".» «.v yi* \i> a.r> a.i> ^
ft*, ft* ft* fl* ft* ft* ft* ft* fi* ti* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* fi*ft*fi*ft*_ft*fl*_£t*Jti,
M a nu f;ic Hirers of Lnefer Beer, I3ottled> Beer tk Porter
flowiantl Avenue,  l7oniie
AVIieii ymi pmokfi a cigar
vpp. that it i-- UNION nuidii.
Illiu; lVi'.i'.JIcni'y \*iuii!, ColUMbns and
flnvaii.a Wl:i|) Cigar.s are Unioii Goods
wi-'rV- KlLBOUltNT/ & GO.
<'       WliinlpfiB, Mini.
no|ii'i>scn(."l I iv OKOitRK IIOHTON.
li'i'ovoroneo In Vrtmt Uow.
A Topoku preacher lells this story:
I had ocoiifislon one time to hold
Christmas services in a llttel town
not lar from Topoku. Tlie elrilr was
composed of two old nm Ids' ami two
bacholoi'8, When thu olioru-i tu the
ofllciitl Christinas hymn whh reached
the old iimltlH almm Hang "Unto Us a
Clilld'H Heen Ilorii" and tlie old haulm-
lorn lollowcd up with " W o u tl o r-
I u I, W o n d o r f ti I," Then mmiic
wag in tlio I rout pew liad to suloker,
Thai nettled It, The choir imii.
Pulled Oil' Nnntii's. Musk,
II was a Mnlwail Irish wnniiin, .iij-
("riovi'd nnd nggrcisive, that n-ivnlly
I'lili'iv.l lln1 Dllii'i* of n iinin of law in
lln.' Kenpi'i' hlaii'l< in ipn"ai nf ii'ihi'ss,,
"lie go I   tin-   IVIkIiI   o(  b
little bnv did," sho Mild,    'm nn
Hotel o,
Is une of Iu'i'iiio'H oldest
bi'Kt  known   IioIoIh.
Priipi'iclor'H munu in,
Wm. Eschwig.
*Af> -aj*
th  efc
Why put your monoy in
I hi'1 s:ivilli's li;inl< at it kuv
r.'iU* of inu/ro ;t when you can
buy ;i
iia liu-, nn-j In ihu f-refit ciiv of Winninog
"N'llll     a.l'l»    I |„.    ,a   ,..!..
iiicdiciti IkihkI louh Mops lo carry out i in, j-ii I'.it oii iJmi I it»\- c 1 and Handsome |i"*iri ' w'..s just li.kin' him  llimiii.di tl
J.V iJiCnl.',  It JiCfi.Upnil ,/uaLpi'i  Millllll,
K-C, isMied an b junction ngainst
tliotioaiil.   What cuucein.-a the pub
lie Is that an- iusiittiiioii  like the
tnt'dleal board enn  b-cniuc a  »ciir-r>l I
I'nr hcamJiil ami that its iiieiub.-i's can |    Uv.ilih timeunext year wu will
urostly abuse the public privilege-, havo militia, in' Ferule, and when
;  i
Charley, and kt'epiiiu' the money nt
home,   (iamhllng iu Hiocks at a ills
tiincn is wdi'sc than playing jHiker
will, a huh! in the table,
given them to tho advantage of one
practitioner ami the disadvantage oJ
Ids rival who may bo un abler man
tlum lif.   We have no lieslMfl-in in
any new cntorprice attt'i)i|its to invade tin; city against our wlalies wo
will s,.iniid the bugle and off goe*
their head-.    l,\A, v.cek  ll  wu Inid
gi-i.hhid ihu while uliiskers aiul pnlleJ,
an' wbiila-iTi iin" false fun- mi' nil canie
off, iin' whin  ihe  poor chilJ s.iwihei
iiii'in' own lace, as cross tin' ugly us ihe j
I .Hail, lu-   bad   .1   ll-(;ul,ll    fit.     Now,    )•'
saying that in view of tlie (acts In I heiiii fiirtunate enough to havo l.ail|ibink ihim ninrc people should have; ]„']*.\\?, Blri-I*, I'Vrnit
store, when we Wen across one of
llic.n fool Sniily t'lanses, dhrcssed in
red, with a  big  while heard,  an' llie
Innocent child--InA only two yi-.n-i l.isi
r ii       ii '     '■■■■   i ■ ■■  •
- ■ " . •       . ....... - .... . . , , , 4     S, . | .     , I , ,     , | V.      . 1     .
see  Sunt v.     Whin   I   lifted  him   he i
.I-, ***, n<*t
You can smoke your
"■'   VIVE
iii peace'if it is llllctl with
bought at the
-   L. Atkinson, Prop.
_A -'.    ■-"—-
Fort Steele Brewery Go., Ltd.
^ -*a
:     ,,-      ' "    FERNin, B.C..     «
■Jii'pwors or Extrn Fine
Laf;acr Kcer aii'cl Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
i\ Specialty.
ts     to
h^CDSh    a-tiuiJH'i'aJi-'i-".^)  ■-*   *•*-  u'^ ^g.w?ay tii
A good chance for a fill tiro home on reasonable terms.
Kootosiay y«31SQ"ys <Sov Vkdn
Aboul i.Oooacres, Mi.Ne.l l-'AUMINi! mul tlU.AXINC
I .mills on ihe KOOTKNAY RIV 1*1* at SAND
C'KlvICK,  m miles iVoip KLKO.
Will be siihtlivhlcil io suit purchaser in bloclis from
So acres iipu'anls.
Price from Jfy.oo tn.S7.00 por acre,   'IVrnis—1-5II.
cash;   balance in j early inslahnenls at (1 per
cenl, Interest,
AciMitHln l-'ni'i'li'i ■»"     r\     r\ , HI    I
Mott, Son & Co,      I ■ b. rrOCTOr Managnr NOlSOn
(^%-%%*V»   li^'*s*t%%*l^-V%%'%^-V%*%.'stk*^^1^^ (MJ,*%1k*^-*|»
tlown. aiul the Imlaucc iu 6, 1
and   i.S ini>iuhs.     Lois   Iron
^-•t   In '--'.iri  . ,» ..'ll  , r t
. ••  .  '■■••-*• *'
, We Isavr
_ rio sncii lots in
Hic-Chica<,M> of Canada fov
sale on the above terms. Call
md sec if; I',t particular.*..
n. r.
thIn Cif.C It Iti I'lC flr.-it duty of pitlii.i-, U:<il  imiilui,   what   a  irnuid mimt» j'iiiido iheir fool S.tuiy-. -.till; on  tlnii {
HKilit (0 ivpoitl  tlm IcKii-latioii «dti. j play our m-Me friend Captain Stork j liil-e I'aces  midi:\>bis|-ei*.s   lUdit   aiul ■
xtltutliii; tltis mcdicil  Ixuid, and tojcutlld linvi: uv.uh:   M tho   head of j »WinniK uith  liict'-, or uluo or n.iui-.'. , ■'H V I if
devise some plan of  IIcciiHlnj; inidi 'the tro-.j* in- cuiild havet-luu^cil (Imt Uiinn, >oon not to bo dbrlvin' iumnviit' A^nts in Fciiiic tor T, U. Iioctor, N.lbiin
tt, Son 4 Co,
otel Str
Th in it ilollRlilfiil loi-nlinn and from \\** balcoi.ii'H
tan !a. .-im, .ill (it,, i«-<»tii(\ ni iim f'liiini f-u'eiit-'iy
ll/.'U .iiJKuoiiii-a, liciiih in, iuni atioiiii* iim iim-y
oily of NoIhoii, \\, in llin liomo of tourisiH nnil
biiHiui'HH men from nil pnrlM uf tlm world. 'Iho
milKino nnvcr dra^H in tlio iniro of liitidioitrtty-
''.'»''    l'.'V."."y    a's,ts.i*.a    '..-.   ....  a .aa ,t, ,     ,M    nl. aitliiilu.        )
you jici'il rooiim whon on tliu way in, i-moli flit-
wiro und tlm dfod Ih doiit'.
L%%%v*S sL-%
-5 i-t-sva-vO
4h%%*%A*\At%>%*%%*'%s% -aV-a- m -v-a. •*.*». x,<_. *yt. ■*,
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
^^^S^K^M^^^^CrM  ^ rC-?*  **".__?«, r^^^f^rmm^^Am^^^m^M
Ziu wow w^Wrww-!*w wTW U^W wzW wzW w% wzwiArffiS
'/*•! c
!•   "?.:
When Lucky Baldwin was racing bis
famous string of hqrces on the Chicago
tracks he was  noted  for bis  untouch-
■   -""-. - " -s        .-T?s
ableness, says a  well known sport niy
writer. '"      -. .-■•■'
He had a reputation as a man,who
absolutely would not stand for a touch,
no,'matter how....scientifically, the same
was engineered, that was heart-breaking to- the brigade of well-dressed
touchers who inhabited, the down-town
; hotels of Chicago during tbe racing
One night the racing reporter of the
paper for which I worded was telling
us about Lucky's adamantine countenance when he was listening, to the
carefully -rehearsed tales of .touchers,'
•when one pf the listeners—a new man
on the paper,.who dialled from the Pacific coast—chimed in,
What you say aboul Baldwin being
the   craggiest   of  living   proposilions
when it comes to a louch is quite true.
He has thc same, reputation, but nnig-
•nilied, on tbe Pacific slope.  ,
I never happened to run across him
when I was in San-Francisco, for when
I was out there he was spending most
of bis time-here in the east with his
siring of runners.
Bui, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll
, bet you $50 lb $25 that tomorrow afternoon, at the-racetrack I'll successfully
touch Lucky Baldwin for $200, rendering him an equivalent 'that will not be
worth more than Si. Am I on ?
, "That's what you are, said the racing reporter. Thai's like getting $50
in a letter. You don'l know what you
are-'going to'stack up against.    ,
All right, said the reporter from tbe
coast. I'll go out to the track with
you, and you see me  make  the touch..
The next afternoon the racing reporter and the new man went out-to
the track together. The ne.w man was
got up ii'i pretty hefty style—paddock
"""coat, flat-topped racing bowler, field
glasses and the resit of the racing
make-up. - '
On the third finger of bis  left hand
he wore a ring—A big sparkler in the
middle and smaller gems on either side
. of it.    The ring was a phony."
Where did  you  get; it?   asked  the
racing reportei of the  man with whom
_he_haiLUie_bel = 1—'■ —1—
'   Boughj it on Clark street tbis morning for six bits, was the reply.
When the two men"reached the track
the racing reporter wenl into tlie press
'stand to attend, to liis work, and the
man who was going to dig $200 out of
Lucky Baldwin made for' the betting
ring. ;
Two races were run  off before tlie
racing reporter saw liis. colleague on
ihe   paper  ngain.'    Then   the   latter
' lurned up in llie press box and plucked
.the racing reporter by the arm.
Come on down into the betting ring,
he said mid lose that $25.
The racing, reporter followed the
other man. Now, in the race that was
about lo be run oil", one Of Baldwin's
horses was entered. Tbe bookmakers
didn't figure thai Baldwin's horse had
a chance in the world lo win and so
they laid $20 lo 1 against thc Baldwin
The man who was going to touch
Lucky dragged the racing reporter
over within seeing distance of Baldwin,
who stood chewing on an imlighted
cigar outside' tho circle of betting men.
Here^goes, said the new . reporter,
and be rushed over",to where Baldwin
Sir, be said, stepping directly in
front of the 'California Croesus," I don't
knew who you are, or wbetlier you are
in'funds or not, but I' do know thai I
am not. I've just dropped $2,000 on
the favorite in the lust race'; and lhat
tapped me' for today.    ,  -,
I haven't time to.get to my bank before the next race, and I have a chance
to get even and a gieat deal better by
playing Mr. Baldwiu's' horse, in ibis
race .to Win. Lucky's horse simply
can't Iose|'this race, and he's at 10 to i
in the betting.
This ring, pulling the phony, circlet
from his finger hurriedly, is worth $500
and it is a good deal more valuable lo
me than that on account of its associations.    Let me bave $200 on  it until
after this race.
I want to go to Baldwin's horse, and
Buldv. iii's horse can fall down and
win. Ill the remote possibility -that
Baldwin's horse does not win, 1)11 redeem the ring tonight upon my return
lo the city.
It was a star play. ' Tbe reporter
from San Francisco knew. Lucky's
weakness when.-il came lo a question
of the ability of his horses. Moreover,
his make-up was great and he had a
very persuasive manner.'-. Lucky sized
him np carefully, chewing on his fire-
less cigar.
D'ye think Baldwin' has such a cinch
with his horss ? Lucky asked, after
a minute's pause. .
Baldwin's horse willstrOll in, said
the newspaper man.
Lucky- reached into his trousers
pocket, dug out a huge wad, peeled
off two hundred and banded them to
the newspaper man, taking tbe ring-in
return without more than glancing at
the hit of bogus jewelry. •
- The newspaper.,man thanked him
profusely and returned in triumph to
the racing reporter, who saw' the whole
transaction. The. racing reporter, with
a woebegone countenance, doled out
the $25 that he had lost.
Baldwin walked over to the"bookies
as soon as he had delivered up the $200
in,exchange for the counterfeit ring,
-and-in-live-minutes—lie- had/spr;fddie"d
enough money around „lhe rjng "on his
horse,10 knock the price down lo 3 to 1,
A lot of big betters noted'this, and
suspecting lhat there was something
doing (,on Lucky's horse, plunged o'n
the nag themselves, and the horse went
to the„post second choice in the race..
Lucky's horse "won galloping by ten
Directly after the race the two newspaper men hunted up Baldwin,in order
lo return the $200 and to make an explanation, ' Tlie man who had made
the touch told thc story to Lucky .md
the latter grinned gnod-humoredly.
Here's your $200, said the newspaper man, handing1 over the pair of
hundred dollar bills. l'ir~tnkc back
Uinl glass ring.
Baldwin handed him back the ring
still smiling. „
Keep tho two hundred in your
clothes, lie., said. Your warm cincny
conversation about my horse gave me
thc nerve to get enough 011 him to'jolt
Ihe bookmakers.to the tune of $65,000,
and you may call the two hundred your
rakeoff. But I'll say this for you—
you're good,
"You've  been   very   kinJ   lo .my old I
sral when she was sick   s--o  long, and I j
want to do you a  good   turn. ' «J.'heru's
going to be a •grand  dog  light in tbis ]
parish   tomorrow,   and  1   can  t-vi yer
into the inner ring,"
r_mmm HTTu..inioinni.ii
Two of a Kind.
' Representative Dixon of Montana is
telling of the experience of a -.young
Kaslern woman with one of his constituents. • She left the train al a way
station on. tbe  Eastern Montana rail- j
way one  afternoon -and asked the onlv 1
■*•    -       o      . ,.   ,       - 1
man in sight how she  could •■et.lo her j
destination, far out in tbe counlrv.    -,' I
"You'll have to wait for the stage in
the morning," said tlio- man.' "You
can't get any rig here."
'.'But where ami lo stay ?" inquiced
the young lady. , "There's nothing
here but the station, and I can't sleep
on the floor."
"Guess you'll have to bunk with the
station agent.-", '
Sir!" she exclaimed, "I'm  a lady."
*'So's the agent,'' said the man.
i__ys__j m.
Cost of a Modern Hotel.
-One of these  hotels  cost  seven million dollars.
• The decorations of its royal suitepl
six rooms cost seventy-live thousand
The plant to filter the air cost three
hundred thousand dollars.
The tulip-wood bed from the old
French chateau cost ten thousand dollars, aiid so did the piano which adorns
the adjoining reception room.
The solid silver fittings for each bath
room in the hotel cost twelve hundred
dollars. .->      ■
The paintings, marbles and bronzes
which decorate the house represent an
expenditure of half a million; and, on
the other band, each door-knob in the
hotel cost ten dollars.
-The daily amount of money spent for
flowers  is at least five hundred dollars'."
a chap is
Miss Budd—Whal sort  ol
Jack Higgirigs ?
Miss Swift—He  is what   might   be
termed an oscillatory kleptomaniac.
May  I kiss  you ?    Not  much.   cAII
I wanted only one or two.,
A man is always .willing lo admit
lhat he married the best woman on
earth—on the day of his marriage.
.    Itdsbetler lo take a reef in the sails
than io sail the boat on a reef.
Ora ... Whitman of Pulncy, Vt.,
found Ihiil thieves wero carrying olT his
garden truck in large (|imntilles, To
abate tho nuisance, he set six large
traps aboul bis garden and awaited developments. Ileaiing no ('alls for help
during the night, he roso early and
- visited the garden, when ho found that
the thieves had htolon all of his traps,
Close lo llie shore of Uastern River
in Went Dresden, Me,, thero is an
apple tree which him fow equals, It
stands thirty feet high, measures 10
feet 3 inches around, and sptemlH 50
feet. Iim owner, Mr. I Iain, has
'{inhered In some years thirty buhliels
of iipplcN from (ho Iree, which is snid
to be more than 100 years old.
Leander Collins foiind a bear lmng«
Ing head downward from the limbs of
11 tree In (he woods, near Ik-ulnn, N.
H. The animal hud been caught In n
irap which it had drugged some forty
Trouble will get pasl all bearing .
If you pel it. ■
Grumbling,weeping, whining, swearing
Only fret it.      ' »
There's a better way to treat il—
One that always will defeat it,
Jusl outface it when you meet it,
Then forget it,
Trouble ihrives on recognition,
Still (lie more it
Has the liner its condition— ,
•''   . Don't restore il.
'When it shows its ugly mug, it    ■
Will be quite as well lo slug it,
Never in your bosom hug it—
Jusl ignore it.
Brooding on it only makes you
Feel tl|e sicker.
Rim from'it, it overtakes you
All the quicker.
Look for it and you will find il
Waiting, with some more behind il.
Go ahead and never mind il—
Let it flicker.
Is created not alone by the man but
also by his dress.   It's inst the same
*        1 i       *i*
with a letter, it may be, well writ ten,
but a lot defpendson the paper and the
printing. That's where \ye come in.
\Vc print letterheads and envelopes;
also all kinds of job printing*.THi: Ledge
Mount Fernie Lodge-No. 47
0.   Fa
.Meets every Thursday evening at S
p.m. in.I.O.O.F. Hull. '       .,
,   ' " 'r T. iij-CK,  P.G..R.S.
i United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners
of America, No, 122P
The Carpenters & Joiners of Fernie
meet iho.isi and. %*rd Tlle-.d;iys in pai'h
month at the Oddfellows' Hall.
J. SB&r.'-Jiser
a   L.D.S.,   D.D.S.
T. W.   Work,   opposite  the,
Oilii-c lioiirs—Kii.m. to N p.m.
! ■"■'. U- Ha---" J. S. T. Al.KSAMirlt
!       Ross & Alexander
J I'l'li-.MK, li. C.
(Ulliv Iii I,. T. tt'.'l'loclt, Vli'-orla'.-Wvinuj.
Stick at the old, weli known
!e!!ance cigars
The Reliance fCigar. Factory, Ltd., Montreal,  Que.
First maker of the"-" FlordiNGidiama," ""Rosebud," and.,,'
"General Ar'luii*''bince 1.S7O ; over 27 years in exisiem-e.
.  . \ Wai.tek Croxk, Western Representative.       ' >
3 ■-' ■   , «s
g     •  ..' - *-*■
ai ***■
|v ' %8009800000000000000000000000000a80jtj?_0j?jJJlir)l__
1 1 r    1' \ <   .1 ,
l./M,a ait.k'ia. twiii..'...^  .ti*  Haa.
l III.  114.)'
ic'i-. .illiiclH'J In the VhU)', -ujJ  il 1* hi-
Hevcd that the  hear coiiiillitled Miicide
In order io end In ittts«ry.
"    »
At Hurl ford, Conn., it is proposed to
coiiilit 'l (vrl'iin *il-irm   ran   lit,'   l""V n"
(cm immediately idler vnch murder, an
11 iai',"iiiil io put Ihe oDlci-rit throiiKlioiit
the cily on their f-ii-ird at once. All
Mispicioim chiiraclcrH could then bo
taken in hand on tho shortest notice.
Tlie rubuiUliiiK of tliu '{'inn of Corea'h
palfffcc, which wnu recently destroyed
by lire, piiplor-iniicbc will be twlely cm-
ployed. To oblnin n -iiiflkicnt i|iiimtiiy
for tlio purpose there It.oa been employed.» staff of t.ooo Coreans with
ttrong tsfsclh tor chewing op pnptr.
A Snco, Me.,' (-rumier returned to the
city thu oilier day alter having shoi a
jwlridge which hnd only one leg, He
inferred thai llie bird got anight in ti
trap or that the other leg had been shot
off by somo other hunter. The pnr-
Iridge was in line condition in spite of
tlie fact that it was so badly crippled.
W, A. Winstead of Vaiuleriabtirg
county recently caught a whilo squirrel
In his cornfield. The little imimiil litis
pink uyes and is perfectly while.—
Louisville Courlcr.Jotii'ii.il,
A custom In many Ivnglish villages
In that of visiting the hives of bees
when a death occurs and of whispering tho iiuwh to the bees nnd also telling llifin when the corpse Ih to be
lifted for interment, If this is nnl done
it in urged that bad luck will follow.
The faint meowing of a cat nailed in
a box In the center of a 300-pound hale
of col Ion waialc for iwo wctIci led to
her discovery at I'nssiiic, N, J,, iht-
other day.   The bale came from Wor-
k-iaa.1,   .!*...->>,   .anal   b,iJ   been   MllitSlllal
-u'd Ivmyvd -d'W'l 'id f/vi^'i'   ii.tiita i'lii
■>    NKLSON
■ ■■<•»—	
Oppofllto Court IIouho nnd now Post-
ollluo, Best 25c nieiil lu town. I'lirn-
noan nnd Annsrlcnii plnn. Only while
labor uni ploy oil,   First cIiihh bin-,
Tlie door of thc  ;       "V
Has not beei,") locked for many years.
The-'-landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks ihin-.
ner than'the lean ed^e of ah altoini-
aied wafer. Try one of their morning bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer
- «,
,   "J
Di8 sal
.South African War.
Apply P.O. Bok ;,.|', j
Land Scrip
"ernie,  15.C
',11. W. ili.isuiMUt.   .       Slllsiiwnoi) I1i:ik:ii.mi:ii
!        Hetclimer & Herchmer ,
'i'iAI'I'I.-          SoLICiroHS,   ETC.
I .
'■] (lllli'iss ovi'i 1*. Hnr'nij & Co's liluck, Victoria avu
i'L. IV Ia-k.-i.'...n K. C. Lawk
Accidents Sickness!"    Eckstein & Lawe'
IVMtiiisa-nins-Av-l.AW,    iSoi.iCiroiis,   y.w.
, . l.'iit!i.;'rt lilock, I'\;rnlo, U. 0."
Weill.: (or purliaihirs about my Accident
nnd .Sicl-iioss Polii-ii-s, the bcsl in thc
BUB   <&&U
Real Instate Al;viU
Nelson, B.C.
;and turner
Electrical Supply; Depot
j. ir. love,
Help   of  All Kinds Furnished   en
'*'" ,      Short   Notice
Ya!   Ya!
'('AKl'KXrMl'S ■& .I0INEKS
Xi'af ilsmr lij t'silKiiryCutlluCn.,  Wood Struut
W'oik ol' All KiiiiK.     Uncus IlcHsjonalile.
Estimates given-011 all' kiiula of
Wire Work. ■. ■ '*
Klecfcfio Light Plants  .Installed
in any pari of the country.
Ollice : Moll, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
I'-iiRNiE British Columbiu
J, A; MacLean
N Founders i Machinists,
iv    ... _    r*      1        1      ! Mill nnd Mining Miicliiiit'iv.   ('ouinlctc
Builder and Contractor;sn.ek nf.si,afiii.«ti.Miti.WH. etc «Ly»
jiiiilmnd    HsIiiniilcH f.unihhi'il.   Scnip
Iron himi-'ht hy tlm cinhi/iil.   Itt'|i,-iiiiiij;
mid Juliliiii"-,
, -¥*
-#\ M
Af   ,'.-; i   X'i,--'*'a*-*-V
■1' "s-,, 1 r   c-   ','   '    .%r.,\.\iy sy
j.   — ^  J*~-—\|I     \-^„*'.-'   i\.*** ft,-  *.      ,', /
Short  Line
Viotorin ami Vnncoiivor
Daily Tkains leave Fornie ul toion
n',111., roiicliini,' Viinronvi-r and Viciniin
tllO NltXT Al'I'KUVOilN. Uoliirn tllilll
rcacliOH Fertile Si.'ii p.m.
■ •■ ..Dwilor in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
B, C.
TllAVIS,   M«N»r.ll,
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Minoral Claims Surveyed   •
'■ -    antl Crown Granted.    '
ri). llox Ml,        OfHcc: Kooti'iiaySt., NelM.11
(,'„lil j .7?.. (j0|,| „)l(| silver—si mi
Li-nil    .".'i I ilolil.illvcr, l'0|)|k;i- I..V1
SmnplKH l.y  mail  rt'ci-lvu  prompt, utteiitloii;
1'1'ii-or Uolil,   Itcloi-l.-i.  nml   Itlcli Ores  Uuiii-iit
Si'iiil for Krcii "il.illlii'-Knvs. anil I'rk-e I.i-t.
17!"*i Arii|iiili.iii St.,   Donvatr, Coin.
t^pbh°oxn1s8#2   sandon
'   "DB3NTISTR."V,    '"
I DR. i\IlLL()Y,U(Tcfu-.'
; Huh nun 17 'isiirni!X|wi-|i'm'ij In ilcntiil work,ami
■ mnkiH 11 MM'rliitty oftlolil llrlitKu Work. VUU
j   iimi|i- to thi' sioi'iiii ii>)-iiiiirly.
Onli't'    yon i'    hull    Suit;
Nutty Suitinj-H now n'rrivin^
/;. /;. Licbschcr,
Sllverloii'H Hush Tailor
Ivill.VKII CITV I.IHKiKNO. .'Ill, i.o.d.r.
1 i~   >iiinili,ii,  K.n,   .Mri.tliiMH ill lim Union Hull
li'v.'ra, l-ilil.iy 1 vi'iilnt-nl 7:.1li   VI.'IIIiik liri'tlircii
1 t'.iiilliilly Invlii.-il to Htti-nil,   .1, 10, LovKlllNll ,
. ' NVIili-1.mini; A, I,. Ciiaiij, Viu« (Jriind j \V.J„
! liAiililli'l", Krcri'liu'y,
lllllO  M'l-alllllll.l.'l   Itilllii.
^Ij, R.Cameron
Kill,noil llnllu no«- Iii ..link Ii inn  Hull;,nil 1
I'liim-i- mi.iI ,Juimi>, I
Is  tlm tii)Im-   tn  o-ii. to   ulwin
you wnlit 11 htiiiitiicr
IIIOI'.-IAMIS    OI''    l!!l IT    AMI
N.I.-IIKM'AI.  Tltl.l.S,
A Trout for tlio Olorfrymiin.
The luti' Dean  Ilnle of Kni'liiNiur,
{'.tf-.iuVis',    '■>.>?!    .1    111.Ill    I'I     lllilll',    J-i HILl
slorieH, and one of liis favorite nner*
doles cniiccrned a (<iiin*ashiro minUler
who received a curious invitation. The
iiiiiiititfr in -|m-sti<m wiim sitting In h'm
study ono ni^ht when a visitor was an-
nouiued, and n miner, 10 whose wife
ho had minUteri'd durinj" a lon.i» ill
ncsn" tnlrnd, Having raiiilnuiajy
looked around to see that there were
no listeners, tiie miner I litis iiddresKod
Ihe clcrf-yiii.ti), uilli nn air ot (grave,
mjMcrioiis impcrt-ince;
Wimiipej,', St. Paul, Cliiia^'o, Toronlo
mul all I'listt-rn pointn.
New Line
IIIiimIii.Ii'IiiIi'iiii,.,      Itus,r
mul   llni'i.y   I'lnilla   Tiii'   I'ii.)   I'luiillii','.
1|,i|ii,' (IpiU'll  illr. Iiii|mi l<"l
lllll'llllll,     Ill-Ill     llllll'    I  Iliaal'V    St-I'llia.
Al-A'lljri In    l"cl> I.i rt':i- ill.
KKII'rll.lKI.IN -IIKI'I'IIIVI.I \   'a|l|'l'I.IKS
lill'I'll    llulliai'    fll'l    ol     I'l'illll-,    I "III      l'"l' la'i-l'.
l-'lnl' ,|   Will Is, IIII.V   lilll ■ I    : a 11 < t    ,ll-ll|l    'M- Ill''
l'lllllllil'i.,1 'll,
CiiI,i|mi;iii;  liu',   i,|-  .-..II i i.il rViilnlli,-   ..<n li.
Viiiii'.Mlai'i'i It.(I.
Eoerij Purchaser
(>!' 11 dnA'ii r.iliini'i iihiiiii.'-r.ipha
ill Sii nill iv,-i-iM' l-'KIW. Oh'I'll M'l.l
[one d'i x IS1.'
I i'" ',:	
I        aa, 1  ' 1 • ^
jllon'.'    Intel mm-   'I'.n.rri.i-h  Uj'i.l   r'-'
tlllON il   -.Pk'a'i.lllV.        I'lallllv-    l''l.llnil'L,.
Suit of Clothes
Ih' has lim noiihii'M   1 niiin^i j
lo n'lciil frniii, ami llie 111 nrnl ]
l«Hlla.tlllllhlli|l   l-a   III,'   I'i' t. j
IS"    '.III"
-I,' <"\N ,
Till-! l-SSI'NTIAI.S
Is pivpaivillo tlo liiK" waiclij
p.irn.ru nii'eii in .i.i>; ivpairiiu;' al llio
.|"V,-c|ty Stole, n|)'in>.it(- tin* Nolih-
•in hotel, I-'itiiIc,
Spaldina & Co."1
J.™!™™*"'"."?.8. .   THE POLLOCK WINE CoJ
,|ii''l    I'oi 141-1    pri-jndiii-   for
,1   lllslllH'llt !
I he chmuiiIiiiIh im" .1 u.-ll
liiiiiis: -suit "I ' h'lh-s-> ma- pi'i*
pei ilt.---.ii; 11I111;    1 .iii'lol iMiitini'
1 *,|.s I I U"l lsn',.,i, .hip li.ilhl
tiiili'i in;; :mil  im'ii I   tn.ifi'i i il-i.
Tjli'-i'di'liTlllliie. Ihe III uml
hiiii-' ol lln- I'.ii'nH-iil •- llie
■.till' ihe ashape - -Mill III'1
pel niiuieiil 11 I,-nil >n nl lln"-i-
ijii.ilili. . ilill il,;; liu- ;;,il ilk-iil'-s
I'.. e> e i <i IM.. ... hi
im . 1 >-111 a 1! v, iin .1 l.i|'.- lire
tin, -. ll .'. lie','. '),. i •■ .1 '-a ill "'>-
1,1111  llie   UI.IMllUlill   M.'itlHlllC-
Furnitiiro and
niir:.'iilni* Iii
Wall Paper
i I ho ctitntiii'le vi'lai ot It.-ir i ixiitn*-.", 'iiie
{ Hlltlnll i'irtll' Mil'IOI" l';X'*'i ill   he-*.  Hew,'.
•' Letter I'rca-tna*, ltdtiiii'l mid I'oo'. Tn'ilc-
j ' ".i-h JJc.'iiatcf'i nmi mll.iT a,jieii;tl.tie«,
'    Mall   U<.l.i>   i;...i*.    ir ,.l   Alt-..I;-..,
U'liuliinah' IV'tli'rsiiml l»iri'i't linpnitei-:
ll'   ^'i/'l-a.   !.'l|ll',l'-i   -III.I *'l('  lf>(
For r.itesi artd infonualii'ii call on •- -.»*-,.
j.s.Tiio«i*M>.v,..\Bi;miU. Llliott, Kaslo, i5.C,
(i;.,t.-i, 1 .\;,'"'|t'. hr
I'i'iiiiiii'i) Cluiiiijiii'.'iii'
lltld ^l-lilit/. Heel1'
llrtl'dilll."'..- ol
Chutiilifihiin  nm!
I'harmih Vigiir* [
FIBRNIEJ     B. O. '
IO.I nn .hi- • ;
' lilll.- " I. ll .,•
!      I';ll      1 III
.11 I'j I.he, .I.
.Seiiil-i e.-'il',
il'    si-i , „|l|..s,
>i',*     li.-li'
".lis-        Ull
, I i I   I    .111,1
llie    |'|.
,l--,s'liili!i il
.   ''   .    '
iO' ........
,~ Mi-.,.. nviT.v Wi'iliii'Hiliiyiivciiliifriil H u'rliirk
111 liu- l'> llii.il, t':i.7lli' Hull, S.mildli. h(iJoliniii:i|
Im llni'ii n ill  ii'ci'Ivii 11   I'ylI1I1111 wi.-Iriiiiic,    s,
, 1-a.m -...:>, ('.(I.      li,nii;n ,1, IIai.1., K.li.aVN.
-,   J     l(, HI'YlelM), Kimintiir nml rr.ivhn'lftl
! J\ ,    liiil.il Siinryiu,    K ASM)  ,
- <"g-ii 1   K i,..| n iin'i'i-:!,. ii, !■
i   ■-   il.ii li..r,-i iii tin ,lii.
I». i-. (In- ia :il
(iil'lari.!-: .«.  I'.U'WOIITII
■\|*i 1!   inllil-
llie   1 iiilli   ,11,si    M.lliril    I,illiil -.
U 1 I it   ill   Hie   p.ii lis nl.II   |,,u l-i
1 I.
'I    I.
l-ai  |,
ls-U'1,11 '11 el ilia- ,s' >|lMh|ii' . .He
d-.e ! ' '.!.-•   .' 1 I!'. '.-> I'si,1;''  hi j I
m \ 11 ,1   111 1 ■.eiy t;j 1 iiiti.mi ul
ll.s- 11 .ihiiii-
I'ihii: ni.in.ut iinTr.i. in shihIum u tin.
; 1 l.i.i,.|i| iniiii 1 lnr nil Iria\.i||i.i« In tlm Cil y
j..|^llv.i WINM-'.'IT-, Ml I(l'IIV(l*ru|ist.'
; ll'lll. Mi inlllA III 1II :i, 11. .\i-1-„ii: i„ 11 Uv.-n
I 1 Ii,i ,i|l .-1 r, 11,ir 1 - 'I'.iiii , uwiiv limn Imiiii',
i lli .1 I,,,'i-. I i.i 11 11 ,liia 1.11 1 hi-111 rili
W. I,   \li-l  XMU.IMI.I'fi.iiriiM.ir.
. \li l.lill.l    'III II I.,    1 Mill.     All  iiiikIiiiii
.'I     iimi-K'Vi Ini'fiti,   ->i|ili|,|i   linillm III C1H11111-
111  "l Hill,
1   > 1.; -, .... > 1,,,;, 1 in 1 ihu,
I IS I,AS   MrlJ-'UP, I'liil.ili'liir.
riicMUM* iinrsi;, nki.son.   Kur<>i>«aiii
I ii.,il A ,111 1I1 nil |,1,111, Wi-.il*, <;,lTlll.a. ItillHIia
nmi ' s-li|,-M I III,I.V Wlilll' lii-lli <-lll|.|,.>'|i'l.
>■ lilll-,- 1. II.■«,ill,'III   III!'   |i|/l(T   I'li'lllil UlI'V'illI
I. tin-  -.If MA 1.1 IMC .V TKKllll.l.l'N.
HAItl l.i:i I'IIIHi'-sK,   |,.|im>rlv HmtlUlk
l» til- ll. a| tl || ||,H  )|,,|,.|   ll)   .V, In,III,      IIHJV
  ,,V..i.       .1.       .1.    I.til. I I.t.'  I ,
: tiroi'tli "T
''pur, iinTr.i, ri-.i«.i'sos Ik iii.< i„.u 1
1  I    sin ,ih |,i i.i.b hIumi Hh'v   urr   ill   I'rrnil-siili.
• \ti-|iu\"\|. I. t, lil.U'K. l*r..j rUt'-i*
i'l'lli;   lt.ll I IAN.MA    UdTI'l, Ntlm 11I1I-
1     1 s' iu   1 Mm Iii H Iii lij, J,:iri|u,   (lull) »nki'l>
■ • 11. i>. ' ■ fl VIV II1KW
i   Wholonalo   Mot'ohantn.
■j'.ii; «'is"iii(i\ir.iiv r.,
I   I      M 1.1.I .• '1111 i-i   1,1   1 li
;\, i-..i    IH'
I     MA« I»
' ,\ a    i-l, .'.|»
.   I.t'.,,   Wll ill-all!,-
•it i> 1,,1.It-, ti..in ri.
M.\l IMISAI.II  •*
l.ri«irl ■
s..,- .1,. H I
I'O,,   WleiliKHlaa Mar.
n,.|   Mftnr 1- sii|i>-M'»
I « I  \ HI JaS. I  \   A  I It.
- a >   ,r. r, i!-;tt,r. !■.,■
rn.li,.\.l« .11. II ('.
\a Iff il-V-ss 1I.I-- |i|*AI.
*, ('1,[.»,,   l'r-»lu<i-  Ni.it
F1       F/1ITAIIP1   I    1; 111-'--» *<»*'*««».. NM-  , n»'   wi.,-1,.
j. m 11 un L LL '•■■";;-'»-"'"-"""'","""'"""'","'
A.   M.lniSAMl,
liiiil, NVIu-ii, II I'.
Va li
I-.. . V V^'V*"^.-"/*•£'■■-,'---'"
*'■"•'-    "> .  -i-       J- -
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital
SS. 7 00,000
He.id OiYi.-i
'This l'ank transacti everv   de
-1 ripiia->ii of n.iiikhi'.
Issue of Letter-. of Cri'J'u and Draft-, en 1'oivign touniric-
ColleiT bills on miv pla.v where th.eiv i-> a hank or hanker.
Hus-inejss,  iiu'ludini"" the
and will iii-gol'iali: or
' Irtteres-l
1 i-* added  to the tlepo-.it   I'.vu'i-: in each
j\e:;r, at the end of May and November.
Special Aitouinn i.-, diluted \o th,! The Bepositos-     _
following  Advantage-,   OlTeied   by 001 11*- sahjeci to no  delay'whatever in  the
Savin"s Bank. I withdrawal of the whole or any portion
Deposits oJ One SSoHlas-
of the dc-po.sit.
anJ   upwards
idlowed at current rates.
y^if *' '■ »■'■ I',
A GoSd DoHar' for 99 cerats
This i-s whal we will give to any per-.on who needs
a -tove thi-; nioiilh. The 0:10 illustrated is well
worih $15.00.    We  will deliver and set il  up for
jll-at      , .. "
$13.5© Cash
A lew othei.-s for .sale al the same price, ratio.
To- H-j^y
Will have ;i few words to say
about   HKl.l,   next    week,
Rij-lil in the Cenlre of the Citv.
Get the Habit
Go   to   Hamilton's  for  your
Our wardrobes and Fit-Reform clothing have been shipped, and to make room for.
our new'goods we will give
20% off all suits, overcoats
and winter goods until
February ist.
W. C. Hamilton Go.
Fernie Hotel Block
<fast' Foods
Which Do You Prefer ?
Quaker  Oats,        Rolled Oats     ,   Force Malta Vita
Orange Meat     Cream of Wheat"     Wheat Flakes
Wheatlels, Shredded Wholewheat Biscuits
We Have Them
Gall and see how far a dollar will qo.
& ***■
§       PUOMl'T,.     §
§ .   DELIVERY     S
a* s"jj     ,
r. J. Blqndel
The People's Grocer,  Tf^O. Block,  Fernie
Of All Kinds at
Cann's Bookstore
''    L.T.WV Block.
There is no heller
~ 111 ci 1 r
" illefll—-5VIu—avy~
| Tlio Daly lli'.ihiction Cn. nt- Heilley
I,Ins   ennsidei-itble   dilliciiliy   with   its
■ ivi'ter t-upply, necessitati-i"' a pnrthil
j workinir of its hii-j-c, mill.   Tho shoit
.-lu'tinf wiiii'i- is tine to the excessive
1 ili'oiiih nf l.-tst yoar, tho naluiiil resei"-
i eoii'ii   being-   ;i|!   red need    below   the,
■ lowest former record Malinger llixlgerp
! in.'iy yet decide to tap the .Siiiiill'anieen
; for 1111 unluilin'r supply, in which case a
j lini.-rlltisiif ivonld need to hi<constnietcd
' With the ciil.-u-a-'oiiiciit of the mill lo 100
i stamps additional   power will   be   re-
; quired, ami the slnelter has also to he
, ri'clc'oned   with-.   The   grunt   valuo ol
the Nickel Plate ore ijiisui'i's a cleanup
01 about $5,011(1 per day oven with a tie.-
(.crt'iised niniihur of stamps in operation.
The  .Siinilka'ineen '.has- othor   Nickel
riate.s which  only a  railway can  tie.-''
viilqp, its  the 'cotit  of  fi,iii»,litin<* the
■A. J: Purdy & Co,
c-ial resources of even a Daly company
■ " - , Is hack at the old
stand wilh llie same line of
goods he has always sold in
-THE LADIES of Fernie
Tins while sands in Western County,
Now Mexico, ami '.xleiuliiig inlo Dona
.■Vila county, are anion''- tlu; j-Tunt natural wonders of the.Vmthwesl, says tho
Miner and Maniiiiicttirei1. They tins a
iiiosl.conspicions object in the landscape'
Jr\        /"\ j having- a leii-'th of -10 miles inula width
IB        U   \ 3 1 d § I V'iryiiiir from ;, u>_0 miles, 'and are ens-
I     __J i     \ '»Li0.i dy I'l'iielied rioni Kscomlido, Do}-Cnnon
^ Alniiio-''(irdo, l/t Luz and Tularosa, the
di-slaiis-i! vary iii'- fiosnl'ito   '20   inilus.
The.y nre "real dunes of white gypsum
broken ililu line, •■inins like sand, which
j niovt! lo and fro with ihe wind liko sand
[dunes on liu-hoii coast.   TIi'ib "'y'psuin
j Mind, w him as snow and as lint! as corn
: iiie.al,('Vl'dt!iilly (.■oiiii.'H from an old lake,
bed, c.ivii'.'iiis- about 1.0(i*,t|iiare. miles, in
which th'* winds have lie.cn nt work  for
ii'-i-s opeii.tiiij- a Hand blast, , Thu ittea
ol these, sand hills ia tiiioul CiOD sqiiuni
miles, and except around   tlio   od»"es,
where lluire an*,small "roves of eotton
wood n-pcH, lai'j-o areas nf peppcnniiit
and plants pecnlinr to the locality, some
\       ,1 , \        -ni'tlii'in ott'ln-;'Iniiii! eh.iinie.'il   pi'.ipi'ii'
/]      IllliatlCS   Hk«l\      Jjj   '    !jl" "' u.v|iMin., lielii» i.i-nrl.v  colorless.
f-f ,     I    U PiS I'lieri' is 1111 annual or vi'^eiabie lifo in
i() litCilUlillG "/       ihe desert,   The whiteness ol the rn'-ion
undi r the I'll'! -;l,uv of ihoi-iitu \>, so (hi/.
l/linf1" ihai fin-a soon hecoiiii'- hllmli'd
! ulih'.-,s ptiilccled by "io^H'toH.    till   llli-.H)
i wyp-iini saml.-s i,-, the Imints of llio. 1111i*.*ii4*<■
j.-iud here, it, plays its   nToalo-4   pi'iiul;«
j with distanen, pei'spectii'i! ami  crihir
at mv store in ihcTudil I31ockis;"n"li":",,il mint-H tim %viiitn hills hiKii
, iihovi.' iho siinMuiidini'-   li-n   edunir.V|
       "' I nuil.in;;' tlii'in iNpceinlly  t'on'',pii'iKiiis,
j al other liuic-i it covers ihc.111 with  ver
I iliii i* nnd iiuililiiif" sh.idinvs, and  ii^'iiin
j indi.". ilicm behind   an   tipat|im   wall
' Ci'iiient is now Hindi1 of the .ypHiiin, ill
1 a I'nctiiiy at Aliniiii'iiii'dii, ami in  used
, I'll' hlli.dill"',
The Slocan Star lias^olil 2 500 tons
ol'/inc ore lo the U S. Zinc Co., ol"
Pueblo, Colorado. The ore assays ■;()
per cent zinc, and Go and 70 ounces in
The machinery for the Rosbeery zinc
enriching plant arrived al its destination the past weela-. It was not .shipped
via "ihe Horn" ns was reported, but
made a record ocean and rail trip, lt
crossed the Atlantic ocean and the continent from England to Rosebery, - in
twenty-eight days. This is a remarkable quick delivery and speaks well for
the tianspoilation companies. .The
machinery is-now being unloaded and,
will be placed in position as ■ soon as
possible. This means that the, Rose-
berry plant will h.i ready for business
sooner than expected.
Thc Last Chance is another mine to
be counted among our zinc shippers-.
Since Manager Pratt, resumed turning
operations in the-upper workings !v
uncovered ft big body of rich zinc.v ore.
It is of a line shipping varieix, ass,. .
ing .ji) per cent and over of zinc aiu
from 60 lo 00 ounces in silver. A ca
load was sent to the Kaslo sampler ol,
Monday to be tested, and will then be
sent on to the United States' Zinc Co.
in Pijeblo, Col. If satisfactory returns
are received.ii contract will be- made to
ship a'good tonnage. There is plenty
of the ore in sight,* and as the' Pueblo
Company pay for tbe high  silver values
body of silver lead is also showing up,
and with the rich zinc as a by-product,
it is hoped that the "Chance" "will regain ils standard of former days, when
between 'So and'cjo it disbursed dividends al the rate of .$10,000 a month
for ei^hl successive months.--Sandon
Standard. _j	
Ono of the most-interesting subjects
brought before the Assesmeni Act coin-
mission now silting in Victoria has
been tbe tax on coal lands. Since
everybody heard has obje.Med to llie
burden of the taxes imposed by the
"in'st Conservative government of Brilish Columbia," it ,is not surprising to
find Ihal-Mr. C. ('.' S. l.uulsey, vice-
president and general manager of''the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Co., declared
that the j. per cent tax' on coal-'lands
was excessive. He. said ihe intention
of the act was 10 make people improve
iheir property, but it was obviously impossible to improve coal lands in the
manner o( other lands." He-urged, on
behalf- of his company that coal lands
be ireaied as real lands or in a class by
themselves. He thought tbu latter
plan the best. lie staled lhat under
tbe act the company had 1.0 pay $1500
an acre 'in lands worked, and thai the
company was really paying a triple tax
through the operations of tbo aci so
much complained of.
In iidviH-aling llie treatment.. of tbe
lan.N a-s ,i 1 ,.iss by themselves, which
-should ne" l..s;''.l less heavily, Mr, Lind-
•s-.iy l.nJ -siie-s on llie importance of
some sin h method because of the competition which the Brilish Columbia
s"o.d mines now have to face from those
in Alberta, w bei-a* no royalties tire demanded. 'During ihe course of his evidence Mr. Lind-ev strongly' insisted
that at no time- was the Crows' Nest
Pass Coal Company^ a monopoly. He
urged the local, government to woo capital rather than lo place lax obstacles
in the way. die felt, he said thai there
was no such province in the 'Dominion
for natural wealth as this bill it ilemim-
A most remarkable dog story is told
by it gentleman just relurned from a
prospecting trip around Qiialsino, on
the bleak west coast of Vancouver Island, lie reports ihat .1 Newfoundland dog kept • watch for over four
years for his master.
In Nmeinber 1SS9, .llie Peruvian
barque' Liberated was wrecked on ihe
west '.const. After enduring lerrible
privatinus, the captain and crew were
rescued,by a sealing captain, who landed tin-in at Cape Cook. After wailing
two months'for favorable weather, the
crew set out in a small boat for Winter
Harbor. The dog was left' behind by
some means. „ .   ,.        **
- A short lime ago this gentleman bad
occasion to be in the neighborhood of
the shipwreck and saw the dog. The
ithi nial had kept up a lonely vigil for
four vears*. It was thought best to kill
the faithful animal as it had^ become
somewhat wild.
, Is Purified'by
,|****^i*|    T0DD block   „|**»**f;
'  1
~ueu"iarge"c;fp'ii*ari-o"i:ieveiop~iiiiic weiiu 11;
-Vancouver World.
wiii   find  an
Stock of o£ **
Infant's likv-r,
#!oai;$, Dresses,
RCaHiMtn &um
Silk Krtts, etc.
Messrs McGoldrick and I/immers1
have incorporated the Royal Lumber
Company of Minneapolis, with a capital of $500,000 lo operate their D.unean
and Adams Rivei* timber limits. Messrs. Harvey, McCarler, and Pinkham
arii unending to Ihe legal end of ir.
A deal is on for the purchase of the
Arrowhead Lumber company's mill and
timber'limits, the price being over
The Canadian'limber and sawmills
Company ;tl Trout Lake has been reorganised and llie mill will shorlly
stail up again,
l-OK   IT
*" 1
M-McFa.ideri f.
il' The Painter
' I' HAVK all  Ihe si,unlaid iinigb
and cold piep.irati'iiv. bill lluee
ue   •
of the most rctiunii
$.yrup of m\A -gh«rrv,
menthol ai..il ^Diorottvne
Syrup ol lUbSie Vine
Rousseau's Cyriij) of tai'
and god Over Oil
Kasv i.i i-il;i- aii.l .".iiinni   b ■ i-ir
British Lion
.\NI>  IIKI.1'
1111-; WOULD
Xova Scotia Con I.
The prosfint prices of civil in Nuvn
Keolla will lie ni'iintiiiiicd during i,lm
your, Thei'o Ih not likely to Im si uy
reduction In wages, 'n view ol i,he
,'irraiigoinont mndu by tin* Dnmlnlon
Ctml Co., whereby this proseut ncilti
of wages lscstnblialicd Cor three yenr.s
Last year Cnnwln sliinped lo tlio
lliiiled Stales l'>S,018 toiib ol coke
valued at .t':.-(,0,.ri07, besides over one
uud ii hull million tons of coal, valued
ut over lour million three 11 und red
shout-uni. dollars,
Marriage, which should make one
out of two, often iVhiilha in sixes and
ScihI iho chiklron lo us
llioii*  pons   juhI ' pencils,
.a   I       *-.s,.| 1aU!va...-
•I,   -   -,1
The Fernie
:i »\
\\ KKV
Vt.l N 1 s   i I'M'
Gall Coal and tin* I Iain
u-iulcrs iiiui copy books, and
all   the   otceleras the  rising
generation rei|uire.s in an eilu-
*      1
a_.a 1 imi'i.VI   Va ii'i .
We have a well assorted
stock ami keep the prices well
within range of the parent's
pocket hook.
James Cronin of SpnUane, manager
of 1 lie, St. Knyene Mining company, of
Moyie, 13. C. , »vho lias been named as
general mim;i'>ei' of the War Kii-jle and
the Centre Star ininin<- companies of
I-lossland 15. C, lo succeed lulinund R.
Kirby, assumosl charge January 16.'
He says that reconstruction of ihe' concentrator ill-Trail, H.-C- will not be
.sinned until spring,- hi nee work will he
cheaper then. As regards liis policy al
ihe mine, he says he will not regard
whether miners are married or single,
nor will liu consider iheir affiliations.
Thiil is taken 10 mean an opj*i* shop
policy, such .as he has followed in running llie Si, Kugeno. Me says he will
nol permit tlie lorcing of miners lo
board al the company boiel nor. will lie
dictate who shall servo as company doctors, lie will give tlie men their
As' ii souvenir of llio high regard for
Mr, Kirby, Ihe "miners of llio Cenlre.
Star pn.'seuled him with a magnificent
gold avnli'li and llie miners of llie War
Knglc gave him a line shotgun,
Col<]t>H. lNnee In (ho World.-
Waivliean.sk, Siberia, Is .considered
the northern pole of cold, or place of
grealesi cold in Ihe northern hemis-
phcie. A U'liipci.iliire of u.'.H degiecs
centigrade below wro- iho fivezing
point of w;iler- has bum obsuvcil
(here, but later the Russian paiuler,
IioiNsow, h.is I'lUind n lenipentluie of
711 degrees ceutigiiide below zero
registered on a minimum thermometer
left hy an Atislrian exploring expuili-
tion in 1S7- iu ihe Straits of Mnlnch-
lviti, N'iiv.i /.eiiiba, Auoiher inasimiim
llierniouii-ler regislered 1 | ilegsec,',
absive Zs'ru ci'iiligcidt1 as llie highest
tcinpiTiiiurc simv iHj-j, Appaienlly
ill.- pi.1 e h;i'-. 11 good title in be regarded as the pole of cold.
Pld il evi-r occur lo you lhat summer
glils and pe.n he-a disappear siuudlun-
enii-.lv ?
The widow of an express messenger
killed ou Grand Trunk got $10,000
damages,-   and  two   children   $3,000
Three of the big new 1 So'per cent
engines have arrived at Field and throe
more will come out to work the big hill.
Jim Hill says: .,"The' Canadian ' Pacific Railway TYncc.put on a line of
steamers from San Francisco■ to its
terminus at Vancouver and cut the
transcontinental rales. The ..Iranscon-
tinenal pool'then in existence paid the
Canadian Pacific half a million a year
to discontinue business ou! -ot San
Francisco.       .        ""     "■ >
Peculiar Mexican  Etiquette.
' Mr. J! Henry', tins veteran nurseryman of Vancouver, has ' been commissioned to secure somelhing.-Jike 3,500
pounds of iho much wanted • tree sesds
for export chiefly tb Denmark."
<- Mr. Henry will he glad to lake all"
tbe clean Doug la-* lir nnd cedar seeds
he can get, paying $1.50 per pound for
theloriner and 82 a pound for the cedar
seeds. These seeds can easily be,. Secured by gathering the cones froli)   the
'-V . . - J
trees or after they have fallen, and
spreading ihem out on it light, floor or
on sheets of paper ih a dry room. In it
few days the cones will open and the,
seeds will drop out by stirring them
over occasionally. The seed ciui -thei*
be cleaned with very little trouble by
the use of a "sieve, or by pouring from
one receptacle, into anotherin  a slight
By* Buying   ,
A AVatch from '■
Mexican ■ ctiquelte is peculiar,'as is
shown by thc follcTwing quotation from
a'lelter written by a Spanish' woman
while (raveling in' that country:
There is one piece of etiquette entirely
Mexican, not- ctn I imagine .whence
derived,'by which it is ordained that
all new aerivals, whatever Iheir rank,
foreign -mini&lers not excepted, nitisi,
in solemn print, give notice lo every
family of any consideration in the capital  thiil  they have arrived,  und  put
themsclve= and Ctleir homes al the dis-
position nf- the residents, failing in
which plii"iietle , the newly arrived
furni'y will remain unnoticed iind-un-
known. ■	
Humors of tho Law. .
Law and equity are I wo things
which God has joined togetlier and
man has put asunder,
When ti prisoner in Justice. Mimic's
court was asked whether he hail anything lo say ..why sentence should nol
be pronounced upon him, ho replied:
" I wish God may slriko me dead if I
stole the ducks." Mnulo waited for
about it minule, und ihen said; "Prisoner, as* Providence has nol interfered.,
I musl,   Three monllis' hard labor,"
A mayor, on taking Ills- seat on the
bench for the first time, informed the
bar thiil during his year of .ollice lie
would spare no effort to be neither
partial nor impartial.---Address of Sir
Albert Rollil in Loudon.
breeze to separate the light seed and
dirl. There is good_ money in , it for
those who will lake the trouble. To-
anyone living iii the neighborhood of
logging operations particularly there is
a good opportunity lo make- .money.'
The cones can. easily be collected by the
sackful, and the rest'is easy?
Wiijj-on Co.|n. e. SuddaKiy
Ol.kir  in I\)M-i>I'|,Cl- Block', nppii tic -!;tM<,"
|)is*H-ii-a!ii-*(.!lu-iiiN:, I'Vrnii- Ding Store
*/«, •a^tV-VVl.-,^Vt|.**V-l1l^•«►^,%.'*aS^^
0 \m /1 imni«. P>rjr«<p*» *\
|)     V*  *>^ )_*■__* *_r   tW«i<a>a*sU*    |)
%,H,SA4m"%-X,'%<A<<*fm %T_tXm.%fJ
'tiorfi. Knack
Itnl walk into The CI.!*!. C'UIAR
STORK .nnl c.Ninninc their Moilt
of iinporii'il und doiiia'slic cigars,
fig.uvtics and Inbiuviw,
'I lie   tine-l    ii'aaiarimenl   of   iil'.iT-
si'h.turn, bti.-ir pip*"*, and Miiokera'
-tmdiu-s tn ibr iiiy,
All 1 lii< iii.ig.i/iiu-'aiind Jiiily paperia
ill A".I)-a  ill  -al»ac|{.
In<)i*am <& Slonc!io,is&
T»*,l- a-, tt-si.tl-1   U'a*». a' I'  ■,'
The Mutual Life
of Canada
Tho Only Ciinnilian
Lifo Company thai
Es    Purely. Mutual
IS ,*.■ yenrs old ; 11
HAS Assets now exceeding $K,000,000;
HAS u surplus (on (ineernmeni V.-iln-
iilion Sliiiulnrd), of nearly $000,00(1;
HAS nearly ,{0,0110 policyholders ;
HAS nearly $40,000,000 of Insuriuuv
in force j
HAS paid over $fi,500,000 in cash lo
policyholders or to tlieir families und
HAS in Ueservta, for their serurliv, over
7,000,000, in solid assets.
Additional Locals
■Situation'Wanti-U)—A woman wishes
situation in hotel or privaiu Iioiho.
Hotel preferred, and 'i-iifuronees fur-
nialiiitl if dnsirctl, Address I'. 0
Dmwei' Iii"). Foi'iiio. (    2w
UletisdelKs for Ha by' Hive Croup
S. Sllnn hns .-.7*5 boxes of apples in
liis cellar. " ,
Ille.'isdelPs for,popul.ir nuisic, 10 els,
a copy. }
Uleasdell's for any old thing in llie
Drug lino,    **. , ■   '
,  Stop ill   tlie   Cjueon's   Il'iHel when in
Trout Lakc't'iiy,
Sewing machines 10 real al the II, C.
I'urniliue Company.
nieasdeH'l for Wilcli llii/el aiul Al-
mond Cream for i'h.ip|jcd*-skin.
Kenu'inbeV ihe roi unsure warin these
cokl niglits at llie King -I'd ward,
We buy, sell or exchiinge new or
second hand fiiriiiiiuv, The II, C,
Kurniliire Coinpriny.
If you are troubled wilh rheumatism
you will filial, llie I'-'ol of Siloiim al
Halycon. Write for pariiculars in
Saniliiriiim, llal'iiai, II, t',
■MiiMerson, tliilVilli i*\' Co., Trout
Luke, have all Ihe supplies needed hy
lumber camps and mines,
At the Kooienay Saloon in Sandon
you do not need an iuiwlinlion lo gel
11 drink, I'm the price ou ihe bar and
il ie mixer will do ihe ivm,
Al.t,   HOUND   THU   HOUNIl
of lllSi.'imi.' must, lll'lil llio iippi'tlzlilK oilOTa
siscni.G nml tlm.i'ii'li lirnivn uravy 1. icl'li?«tlui-yt-
uii-ly to ( L- ilisli,- TJuit ii, 1 lie- liinii of   inihl.^ mil- ,
Ikii'I  |iiiiiliH'i-i>.   'I'l'inl'ir.  Jnii'j',   luiin IhIiIiik.   It-
will nial-i' yon lii'.iinv mul Ijr.oa'ny ,
llf I'niir.-su wis t-ull tlm 1 li'li-csic (Mltfl.nf veiil,
li'.mli, purl*, i'11'..iii.-ii), Iliii jn-t inw «"u iuu
I nllvinj,' lii'L'l",'   li'i'fi'mc of our uirurlii'tri,
Married men should remember the
uncertainly of life mid protect their
wives mid children hv a pa>licv in tha'
Militia. Lile.
Young men tdiould not dally with
time in regard to life insurance. The
soivcr you commence the sooner your
pi oil *i will come 10 you. It Is an investment that nlwiiys pays. "
Young men who h.we relalivt.-. dw-
peiuling upon ihem should lake 11 policy
iu the .Mutual Life, It will help moihei
if ilea lb should reach you iis icy limid
Iwfon* your youth Ims fled.
,    Grand
Winter Carnival
1 '"
Single Fare
On Sale I'eh it;, ifi, 17, good to reltirn
till Feb, jo,
Hockey    Ski Kunning    Snowsliociiig
Complele IVogiiimnio of
Canadian Winier SporU
Haw ono of tlii-lr larj*osi htontH in I'Vrnit-. 0
T 0
v Jjiuiiii, \ciii, j-ii'i-li uud ttinokuil I'inli. <f».
| Bulk Oysters.   Trya gallon . I
Day and Eocning
Rrtokkc-ppiMtf,   Shnrilinrul,   Wrifinn-,  ArithmvUio,   Spclliaj;,
Corrcspoiulcncc, Hn^lish Hranclics, Mte.
Tor full particular*, a.ill 00 our iigi-n
.'X ilia* King I'd'V.ird, in l-VrnU*.
CoiTajsponJciu-o" Pupils Co.ichcd
A. M. Grimes
l.u'.v priic-a and individual iiiNtiuilii>n in.ii.i' it tlu-
a hrn".<v vi" .1 ItlVtiiiH-.


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