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The Ledge 1904-11-09

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.«--■■-:' as«,.
Editor and Financier
-»"*   NOVH1904     £
\   h* 'mm    04
You will become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
Volume XII., Number 5
Pkice, $2 a Year, in Advance
-*'-*- si*.
Walker's Comedians played lo a fair
audience in Stork's Opera House Monday night.
The new.brick hotel for Win. Tuttle
of the. Royal will he finished and opened
in about four weeks.
The circulation of The Lrduk is still
climbing at the rate of a hundred a
week.   The limit is a million.
.  The Conservative  meeting called for
Saturday evening was adjourned wilh-
-out any business beinjr transacted.
The west bound tfiijn has acquired
the very unfortunate habit ol being
from one to five hours late each day.
Colonel Lowery is calling on his
Slocan friends this' week. If they are
n >t pleased to meet him, they will be
relieved when- he gets through with
Rev, John Robson, Ii. A., visits Mor-
rissey and Coal, Creek this week to attend . the , quarterly meetings of the
Methodist missions under his charge in
those places.
' On Friday evening Fernie Aerie No.
561, P.O. F.., will give an invitation
smoker in their new hall, Todd block,
when an excellent musical programme
will be rendered.
A meeting will be held this evening
in Stork's Opera House in (lie interests
of ihe^X^oTfseTTanV-^TaTi^niaTel ffiihT
C: li.   .Mackinto>h,   Wm.   Blackmore,
The local K. of P. had a very successful niecling Friday evening of last
week. Since the lire the order has
been somewhat demoralized, only two
meetings having been held since that
time. Friday night il was decided to
hold an open meeting on the evening
of the 26th inst., to which all knights-
in the district are invited.
The hardwood flooring for the new
Waldorf hotel arrived this week and is
being laid. Work has been delayed on
the building for some weeks owing to
the Winnipeg firm not fulfilling its contract for the flooring, and finally the
material had to be "purchased in Calgary. The building will be ready for
occupation in a few weeks,
Tlie new provincial 'residence in Fernie is about completed. It is a substantial structure. Some of ihe rooms
arcmadc exceptionally strong, with "a
view to keeping brawlers and loughs
from breaking in and intruding on the
retirement of the regular boarders. The
regulations governing the conduct of
patrons of the institution are somewhat
strict, but where seclusion "is the main
object of the' residents this will not detract from its popularity
New York, Nov. 9.—Roosevelt swept., the country today. The indications nre lhat
the Republican majority in the next house of representatives will be at least forty. The
President has issued a message of thanks to the. people. In it he declares that under no
circumstances will he be a candidate or accept another nomination. The result" was so
plainly apparent that at .8:30 Judge Parker telegraphed from Esopus to President Roosevelt as follows:
"The people by their votes have emphatically approved your administration, and I
congratulate you." _^
President Roosevelt replied:     "I thank you for your congratulations."
The latest returns from New York state and city shows that Roosevelt's plurality is
about 26,500.    The legislature is overwhelmingly Republican.
The Republicans, so far as returns have been received, have 293 electoral votes, the
Democrats 151, and 32 doubtful.
Forward and Back Again
St. Petersburg, Nov. 9.—General Sakharoff reports that the Japanese vanguard
assumed the offensive on November 7. They drove the Russians back, but the latter
subsequently recaptured their original line.
The Commission
Paris, Nov. 9.--Admiral Fourhier will represent France on the international commission. The fifth commissioner will likely, be a Spanish admiral. The meeting of the
commission will be private, an official summary being issued each day.
At the meeting ol" the cily council
M. F.., and others will speak.
The man Connor, who had a slight
unpleasantness with some Japanese at
Jaflray a couple of weeks ago.'is still at
large, although the C. P. R. detectives nre doing their utmost to locate
The new Hank of Commerce, building is Hearing completion, and will be
ready for occupation in the course of a
few weeks. It is one of the handsomest, though not the largest, bank
structure in the interior.
Tho public school teachers of Forme
nnd other portions of Fast Kootenay
are this week rusticating in Cranbrook
-and devising ways and means by which
the youlh of the district may be educated up to the intelligent use of the ballot,
Great Northern steel is now laid to
the Klk riv.r, on the outskirts of the
city nnd pile driving has been commenced on Ihe hridga crossing tlu-
rivt-r. In a few weeks regular trains
will be running from the main line
into Ivernie
Mrs. Marion Rutherford, Dominion
organizer for tho W. C. T. Ih, will
speak in tho Methodist church Thursday evening on qiK'stioiisJ.Hlcclirig work
being done hy Ihe organization, Ad*
mission free. A cotdial invitation extended to nil.
The shuck owners on McPherson
avenue have been given thirlv dav* by
the city council in which lo irnnsfer
their building* and "household gods"
to some other portion of ihi* province
where unoccupied low are more plentiful and the population in lew* numerous.
P. J. Dunn left for Coleman, Aha.,
Wednesday, where he i* proprietor of
the Coleman ho'-I. He state* that 107
coke oven'* h«\«.- already been built nt
FndayTiiglit there were present Mayor
Stork, and Aldermen Beck, Cree, Lip-
hardt, Lundie and MacLean. The
minutes of previous meeting were read
uud adopted.
A petition was presented from forty
residents of the cily, praying for the
opening up of a drain north of the
skating rink, On motion of Aldermen
Liphnrdt and MacLean the request
of,.the- petitioners was complied with,
and a committee composed of. Messers.
Heck. Lundie and Cree was appointed
lo see that the work was done in a
satisfactory" manner.
The finance.commit tee presented the
following report, which, on motion of
Aldermen MacLean and Lundie, was
adopted :
October payroll,,.,..' $350 00
Crow's Nest Trading Co      0 71
J\ K. McF.wing... ,      5 70
Calgary Cattle Co.,....,,      ,1 Oo
Dr. Diggings 100
Triles-WoodCo.       5 15
Sheppard & Klliott      i.f-6
A. Stork..     15 jo
A. 11. Cree     .15 00
J. A. Maclean    34 24
Fernie Cartage Co ,     Jim
Cnnuda Law Hook Co      0 40
Jas, Wallace,,.      0 00
Provincial government, board.     4 27
The resignation of poundkeepcr, Jas.
Wallace, was handed in. Moved by
Aldernien-Crce and -Lundierihat!resig-
nation be accepted, anJ the police
jailer be instructed to act until another
poundkeeper is appointed.
Council then adjourned.
Total   $4X8 4;t
On motion of Alderman Uphardt
and .MattLeao, by-law No. 5 was re-
Moved hy Alderman MacLean, seconded hy Alderman Lundie, that age
in by-law lv changed from 12 1014
year*. Couimitteo lose and reported
by-law a* amended.
Moved by 'Aldermen Week nnd Lundie lli.it by-law No. 5 be adopted a*
amended   in   committee    and   finally
i    In ivRivruv 10 ihe 1 nfortviinitl  of
Jim Vallance is running h hardware
store in Vernon.
It would appear that the Tories
could nol even get Harden room in
Billy Jost has quit Poplar nnd gone
back to the cattle ranges of Wyoming
John Houston will^be a candidate
for the mayoralty in Nelson next
After a residence of 14 years Frank
Teelzel   has    quit   Nelson and gone
10 Winnipeg wilh David Bogle. j
After the way ihe election went in|
Nova Scotia we have lost our faith in
(lie traditional virtues of a fish diet.
A government Is seldom defeated in
11 prosperous country. Tlie love of
money rules more than the love of
All indication* point to a great boom
iu Fernie next spring, or; possibly this
winter. We are not in favor of booms
ft* Ihe after effects prove disastrous lo
i town, and it is heller lo go a little
slower and lull longer.
Tho liberality of the present Do-'
iiimiou government bodes future trouble
10 this great Canada of ihe Grand
Trunk Pacific'*. No country is safe
when the teeter U nil one side. Canada
would Iw much nafer with n majority
of io lint* instead of over 70.
The editor will return to Fernie this
wcvk nnd proceed to make this one of
Ihe iiiihI  interesting   papers   on ihe
Amerieatt, 01 any other ronlinenl.     A*
, the taul.ition i* limited lo 11 million
George Matthews and his crew are
down from the Spyglass mine, which
closed down for the winter.
Lardo has not fully recovered from
the effects of the wedding celebrated
there on Wednesday, 26th ult.
E. L. Monind left Monday for a
pleasure trip through' the Okanagan,
via Trout Lake and Arrowhead.
The Poplar sawmill has closed down
for the winter. Low price of lumber
in the Northwest is the cause.
John V. Cole struck ore in the tuunel of the Mother Lode Thursday, aud
reports the property steadily improving
with development.
The Hnndy  group  is  now   being
worked ,by contract,  Paul  Blnnchnrd
having been awarded the first 150 feet
of tunneling the past week.
' Halloween wus celebrated by a surprise  party  to  Gust   ut the Grand.
Dancing was kept up until 4 or 5 a. m.
and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Poi'UH, B. C, Nov. 5.—A. Jenc-
jewsky and Wegener of Butte, Mom.,
were in Poplar during the past week.
They examined several properties on
Poplar and Rapid  creeks, taking  11
quantity of samples.   They were favorably Impressed with the camp, and
left Monday for Trout I««kc and Cum-
Some of the rarest minerals are
I hose of lead ores. A choice^m-sta!-
lized"speciriTeiTof mendipite is worth
its weight in gold. Lanarkite specimens are scarce, and also are caledon-
ile, leadhillite, karyinile, kentrolite
and a dozen outers, all sought for
eagerly by mineral collectors and al
prices in instances beyond I heir weight
in gold.              	
The total production of gold from
tho mines of the world for 410 years,
or since there has been any record
ol the same kept, is officially given
at $10,03,230,802. The total production of Jgold from the mines ot the
United States since its discovery is
given at $2.639,503,1 id. Of this the
Ifttstorn and Southern states produced
$32,192, 048, Icavinjr $2,507,010,492
as the amount of gold produced hy
the mountainous country west of the
meridian oi Denver.
To Ihe young, unmarried, desirable
man of good habits and line prospects
who is pondering ihe problem: Do
college women marry? Ask one of
litem.—Minneapolis Times.
He climbed Ihe ludder, round by round,
By sticking to his trail;
His brother William got up, too—
He wus sent up—for graft.
(From thu Ht'iirM,)
The main street of this town  should
be lixeil up before snow comes.    There
are some places  that   need  repairing
Mr. King, principal of ihe schools,
is patriotic in the extreme. He has
the I'nion Jack Hying night and day
from ll)e I1:ig pole al ihe school  house.
A recent marriage in this district
showed the bride's name as Helmore.
There are some pessimistic bachelors
who would see something suggestive
iu thai name connected with matrimony.
Cranbrook has today as fine a bunch
of attractive bachelors as were ever led
to sluuf-hii-r at the matrimonial alt.tr.
Hut Ihcy are wary. We are begining
lo believe (hat lliey are afraid the ladies
are after llieir money.
The iirin who got and made enemies
talking polities was a fool. Fvery man
is entitled to his opinion, but 00 niao
has a right lo insist thai bis side is
right and the other fellows are thieves
and scalawags. This is a new age and
a new order of things.
We were amused at one individual
who was asked for his photograph for
ihe Hearld's annual edition. He told
us with considerable unclion that he
could not think of permitting a picture
of himself to appear in the newspaper,
and within ten minutes he was in
IVesl's studio arranging to have his
photo taken. The newspaper man sees
a jot_of funny things hMt^ worjdj__buI
says nothing.
To illustrate the danger of using the
water from the surface wells in town
for domestic purposes, it might be said
that Ihe men digging the ditches for
the water works found place where the
stench wnssso trong that they had to gel
out for relief. The formation of ihe
ground oil this flat makes it possible
for all sewerage to run "through Ihe
gravel, and naturally all surface wells
on the lliil are little belter than cess
pools. The persons who use lhat
water for domestic purposes are taking
their lives in' their hands.
Some two months ago when Superintended Stocks, of iho water company,
said Ilt.it they would have (he water in
the pipes by ihe first of November.
I le mude a close estimate, its it wns
7 o'clock on the nigl.it of the 31st when
Ihe water reached the town districts.
The dam h not completed, hut it is far
enough advanced so that the water
will How Into the take all right. There
is great liiiste now in gelling the connections made before frost will make
il necessary to cease that kind of work.
There arc many applicants and Mr.
Sttn Us is endeavoring to meet all Ihe
demands made upon him in this respect.
The elections throughout the Dominion on Thursday last resulted iu a
sweeping victory for the Liberal party.
The Fernie Liberal association had
engaged Stork's Opera Douse and
put in a telegraph instrument, and before 12 o'clock nearly the complete returns liad been announced. The victory was so sweeping that the majority of the Liberals present, out of
consideration for Ihe feelings of the
Conservatives refrained from applause
as the returns were announced.
In announcing the returns  from the
City of Halifax, Mayor Stork expressed
his regret at the defeat of Hon. R. L.
Borden, and paid a high tribute lo the
integrity ol the leader of the opposition.
The mayor also  feelingly referred to
the election of Joe Seagram  in North
Waterloo,   and stated   that although
few. in   the audience were  personally
acquainted  with   Mr.   Seagram, many
were familiar with   the  brand of goods
manufactured by him.
The result of the election was not a
surprise lo lihe well-posted politicians,
but the returns from Nova Scotia,
Manitoba aud the Territories took
away the brealh of many of Ihe Tories
present.    Following are the returns:
L.     C.
Ouebec ,	
Nova Scotia ,
New  Brunswick	
Prince Fdward Island.. ..
Northwest Territories	
T--1-'-1-  US     75
In British Columbia there are two
constituencies In which the elections
will be held on the 22nd inst. One of
these will go Liberal and possibly both.
At the election in 1900 the parties
Ontario     37
Quebec...     5K
Nova Scotia.....     15
New Brunswick .,..     9
Prince F.dwurd Island..
Northwest Territories...
British Columbia......
'33     «a
Services will he  held  in the cily
churche* neit Sunday m follows:
KnrSy str vice X a, in., wilh «horl in
The Strategy of Edi-11,
Adiim waxed snuautk. "If tla>)
want Port Arthur to f«ll,"hn simrlerl,
"why don't they offi-r It nn apple."
Withailclout kirk at the Ichthyosaurus ho passed Into I hit iUrk|i<*«K.
The Chinese still make the Niati
Coleman, and n number of these: arc 1 by-law  No. c, it wan moved by Alder- V,"""*,"'"".".'  " .
lf^ft'of.ivtut'ut£ whi, ,m>*I -th'p-ftrtHi
are trttng rvgid.tr!> inadk- to the Boundary Mm her*.
There will be a niecling of Fernie
L-tdgc No, 47 I, O. O. V. itMitorrow
ev«oing,   Yrurvl.iy,    itrilfi "uiMaitt, nl
oh 11 Ltw »onl  LunJie, tii.ii mihhjS ik-ii , „, ,       ...      ...
,'! -is fNwsihle on Ihe *um«riplion Itnl.
tw rung every tnctiiiig al   bourn speci- _„ ,„„ ,
lied, and that by-hiw »fo Into fm-r nmJ The co»t of dredging placer ground
effect on Novemher n, 1U04; and also j on',ufI1nv v„rit-* tW,4def,,b»y, n.-csvd
that Ihe bylaw  lv published in local
.•'ll   V:-    ri-il    1 m.     TliV ''t'llrr ft fi!  f on   l»'
iSi-grci- wink  done by j vowed,   and  on
ing to the conditions.    The cmt In
New /e.iliod habout j rents a cobk
vl'Uhuj       |,,uv>      tt>»*»i,,ti,» j      *•»'* t>.Vt»w.»    U|
nintimj  of Aldermtn^noyi jJ|0,»n»oui of ground llwl wenl
TIhp',  iV-t;n- ■•-.
will be the first
the fmJgc iX*,-# nl* tk<\ ,*w»J m hrgt i HWk »n4 I.imkM*-,,1 «Im» rfcwk  «-.« In. lmc ^j (m, ^y ^r^rm ,,f ^y ptta
a|lc»d4i|icls rt-tpK-McJ. strutted lo have proper notices put upLu|)*c y,.,rj uf KrAVel.   The gravel was
Tlw curfew bylaw w.-t« foully {M«*<yJ *d*«ig river Iwnk oil an-nue. prohibit- i%w,f, ^Srnif *>.s rmr«. r*r t-tthtc inrrf!
Ml tiw -meeting oJ the aty council 'V'rh |'i»g the ilurnf>ing ol rcJob
struction in two languagei; high mass! India Ink
nt 10:jo a. m., wilh instruction in two
languages; Sunday school al nyi;
evening service, 7:30 p, m., with instruction, Service each morning al K
oVlotk, Km.. Faiiikh Conn.*,
Prient in charge.
In Opera HiM*e. al 11 a. m.. matin*
nnd wrmmi; eveunong and «eriiton,
7:30 f». mi Sunday kIiooI, j: to p. m.
Kiev, IC. R. H.viiTlurr,M^. A.,Rector.
Senl«iM ti m, m. and 7:10n.m.:I
j S-ibt-Mtli wrhool at 11 noun.
The Wlae VetretitHnu.
Nrhuehadntixxar rahnly chawed,
" I know what I'm about," said hi-
"watch mo raptnro tha haysei-rl vote.''
Tlu-ro was a man in a canon
Whd r<vtkfd it; and mUrt. h* *a* ihnw
They ilraxiretl all tha take
For his form with a rako;
le waa all thern was for ihi-m to «I««».
Fred. .1. Mitchell left Ibis morning-
I for Vi'lmin, where f 1 •* hns it insfr-li tomorrow with Hen witk. The dlstHncn
is 1<M vault ami tint nlaki-K IW, Uf
eoiirya Ihe people of Kernln expect Frerl
(A win.
W, 1. Illiind«-n, tie* IViple's Ower,
hrtu uinveil into Ihs new premise* iu tlu«
|Mistiiflin' liliick, where lie Is prepared
in (iiriilsliyjii public with tho choU'o*t
griK'erii'i*. ^
L*»t tii^lit the proprietor* of tin1
Na|iiiiii'« lintel nrnitikttil fur N'M-a-iitl
H\t+i ii„*r* nnd furiii-hi-d the iHnrntof
Hie r. S, ehH-tUMift to |iatrwns of thi*
A Imti^ii.-t w-i» h#M !ttt <• veiling In
the Snpsnee hotel hy tlie liewlv insll-
Ihvml Arrh «'h«|i|er. Almnt twenty
live KUi'fts tint down lo nn exeelleiit re-
(•n*l, nml 1111 enroyahle ovefiilijf wns
\ »|*et.
1  ii   V ■ ''■'■     '*
in stud fruoi nil
day night. The «<*!• v»l hell will he
rung nl K o'clock each evening, after
whkh licHir it would be tidviwihk- for
youth* under 14 years of age to be
safely h»Mi«»tl or ke«"p Ihi ir weather eve
open for Ihe cily police
gcci into fifv, ft! thi- 1 -''i io
Tl»e €pu-«ti.*i» of re«iww;d of <t|uti(ier«
Fine Miner* for Qiilttliiff
on Mt Phirstio avenue wns laketi up.; For stopping wi>rk 00 Murloo col*
Mowd l>> AIJtriii.01 Ikvk, Mx'Ottdi'd hyiiiery, Srahani Harbor, FngUrtd, wilh
Alderman dev, lhat «ity solicitor bv I out notice on three dales in Auj(u»!,
irtstnuled lo not Ifv stmainr* ili.tl if rev li jMinrnrrs fimve been fined $t.i< each
frtnii    .nnuie a di} d.oiwgfs .11.J loodemed  lo pay
Ihe bj low j mo*!   rennnii*   »h.wk*
■%'Ut\ifl ,''irfM' ,'f rl'S
if t.ourr.
Criae of Life nnrf r»«»nfli.
Richanl Mansfield watdinlns-one >U\ •
»itt» a ineoii. a mwy writer.   Hoi
Comer of Pdlatt avenue ami Wood!    Vt *%**.,,& twlm*. »fwjW...n, U .»;.j '
•tr*et.   Servlcw at  fin, m. and rr.to* bat I never hesrd or Itimuoied .u.h «'
p, m,; Sabhalh whool al 2:30 p. in.     ; nnn ss this fellow wi.J.i-»    IU>\ « ..„».
H*,v. j. kuhmiih, vi. ,H., '1 .ihior.    1 MbHi|n,i'«aoai.'iii MriitoitN, niti't i<vi>ir<rit!v ' v       "' *"
BAnm, jdorwnl eipeet to live murh h.n^er.l       * l't*b'...
Raker Klreet.   Service, at 11 a. in.     'IT*?'n,*;,..     .. ,   .     ,    <    N««--Nulihuh. ■ Wl>» d.ii'1
■ n-t-i     t   1 I    "ear   wank:   I r« t*nA the fn**"
• 7aT l\m"L    .   "^  ,'il*f-m- ehajitorf of yoar aerial atory in a maxa ,',K',''*" ,,um vf ,,,m" llw
Sabjrrttkw Sunday, Nov. ,y. Morn- ri^ c^ityeaaeod m« a manasrriM: l^ »» «*«•-
}««r.   "Tfm ShrplwTil  r«i»m;" ^-vtu}ropy nt thf) wh»tt* thing?   Vm"t,i<\ thy ,
i»»K, " l« ihe HiWe ln*fired '?" I nnntnsl reqorHt,rmt I'vegnt |<» mm thej *•''« 10 h* i»w furnace and I'm frying
Rly. V. K, ii. f'.-<»f r. P.. .tor.      fnf.ih of tfi.1t ule fief-ire. I •,^4.«,ui. '|    !:-. ;'.„„; iL.. I, .-.:... U.;..„.
The ijuehec elections will be held on
the 25th inst, and those of Ontario
a hw weeks later. After ihe victory
of ihe Liberals in the Dominion last
Thursday, aud with the party well organized, both premiers have decided lo
spring the "rush"on the poor Torus
of ihe cent belt,
It   will    probably   he   the   hotc->t
Ihing politically that has ever circulated
among the alfalfa growers of Ontario.
Many a poor fanner who has been" on
the ragged edge will soon  lv making
hnpilrhw ii,-' to the M.tHUt;,   of tin; w!i.»f-
tcrcd banks.    It is difficult to innke 1111
climate ;t% 10 ihe results of the elti li.ni,
as there litis Wen so much hallol-iluff-
ing, bribery and crookedness In   the
politic* ol O'ttario Ihe  pure, lhat It i«a
tpiesiion whether there are any honest
voters left in ihe province, and if hone»t
whether they could not be induced to
vote the other way for a coiisideralioii.
A few years ago I*.oi;idS insl.mked upon
ihe ratiirt-ttgn methods of r*>fitidUn« fn
Ihe   foiled Stale*   with   horror,  hut
now. our political i(ni*ii»*oie h*» h»«.
come ifM*Jerni*ed, ami in iViIario and
Manitoba i* very una h up to dale. In
Selkirk,   Manitoba, 011  Thursday la-i
some  fifty vlcciui* were di*fi.tiKlii»*4d
by a new melliotl.    The dcpuly returning tnTii-er luul m voter** H»l wilh a red
10k in irk made ncrm% the nantrt of the
icV-l- I-. ,.,d fr.on M ttali.iii/ wi-M of! "r •', i*!,tt **«•»"»•-*■«-•» *« *»»f*"-
I I'orl Ailhur iueliflinr Knmnwiv Uke!c,,,M> ,h* «fertw* i" «h» opinion of thi.
fnnil river slramrr far-.tiny* nl r-*r«- atwll wy ,,,u-** --r>«-H»*«»« depU-r-«««"-««K
f.ai.- Hdrd lor the mmid trip.   «fn *«le|oft"nrr. and ihcy were not  allowed to
you t.ike
4-ikr and
^Ir   SaMtoh-a- fkv.or»e, if f   d,»   For
d.iir p«'hiiiun» lave nod heretofc*re
two prat tived in British Colonibi i to
any exii-oi, Inn re*til(* in aomt of the
CtMkl i»«i»tilui-mit.% t.annol be plated
above tusekioti.
Tho*. Pograe left this mftrnfajr te
»l«*i«.l * lew linyw m .Seisoa, t a^*„ -    ''.* *^ ■»*..*"»3^"-:
The Ledge.
R. T. LOWfcltY, Editor ami Financier.
TlIK Lkih'K is published every Wednesday
in Fernie, .B.C.   Tha price is $S a year,
tisin-f rates given upon application.
"All things come to him who
waits," the old adage saj s. Eleven
years ago we commenced to agitate
for tbe building of a mint in Canada,
and we notico in the recent news
from Ottawa that work is to be commenced on it next month. A rain*; is
a good investment for a.iy country.
It always makes money when kept
in operation. •
A citizen told us t'ae other day
that it would be 51,000 years before
the coal was all dug out in Fernie.
That being the caso we are satisfied
that we have at last found a town
where the payroll does not pinch
every time the moon changes, or
some director over in1 England
switchesiiis brand of beer.
The eleciric light is the poorest
thing in Nelson. It looks like a firefly working half time, but the people
have to pay for it just the same, even
when they- have to light lamps to
hunt for it in their homes.   .
Packing printing plants is not conducive to the production of editorial
matter, and until we get our job at
Nelson finished the readers of this
journal wi'l not find the editorial
page filled to repletion,
A stranger In Fernie might easily
think that he was in the inferno if he
glanced at the coke ovens before he
became posted on our great industry.
We have left our bulldog in Nelson.
There is nothing for him to do around
the city ot black diamonds.
Every honest elector in Canada
will be pleased to know that the lion.
John Costigan will not be compelled
to change his party allegiance in the
nejft five years. ,
' La belle has again elected Rourassa.
It is necessary to have M. Bourassa
in the house to bring out more dis-.
tinetly the loyalty of some of tho
other members.
It is to be hoped that in the next
four years a better mail service will
be furnished the outlying districts of
British Columbia, oven if Sir William
Mulock has to reduce his annual surplus a few hundred dollar--,
Altogether tho result ol the election
is satisfactory to Liberals.
Hob Kolly still appears to bo IT In
the politlcB ol Vancouver,
Tho deleat of Taylor in New Westminster was n surprise to all the
knowing ones. ■__	
Hon. Clifford Slfton's majority in
Brandon doesn't give any indication
of petering out.
Tho only redeeming feature In tho
flection of Ralph Smith is the defeat
of CJlve 1-hilllps-Wooley.
It cannot be said that North Toronto conferred a favor on either the
Dominion or the Conservative party
by the election ot tl-eorge E. Foster.
His place could well bo filled In the
house by an automatic enumerator.
The defeat of Hon. R. L. Borden
and A. B. Aylesworth is to be regretted, as both are above dishonest
actions, and one half the rascals
elected could better be dispensed
with than the services of either of
these men.     _____
,,. Major Curry, Well known in the
was defeated in Dalton McCarthy's
old constituency—North Simcoe—by
Leighton McCarthy. In the hot contests years ago between "I Bet You"
Cook and Dalton McCarthy the electors in Simcoe became so accustomed
to getting paid tor voting that since
then it is difficult for tlie people to
determine which party is tho least
Tho defeat of A. VV. Puttee in Winnipeg will ring down the curtain on
tho Labor candidate who allies himself with either of tho old parties,
Mr."Puttee was to much, ot a Liberal
to be Labor, and too much Labor to
be Liberal, llo attempted the impossible task of running with the
hare and hunting with the hounds.
Ka'lpli Smith must bo credited with
more foresight. lie used the labor
clement au a stepping-stone towards
his entree into the Libera! |iarty, He
got off tho Labor perch at the right
lime. A fow years ago, «s» president
ol the Dominion Trade* and tabor
Council, in hU opening address, Mr.
Smith said : "I havo lost faith in the
word and the honor of the memlier*
of tho government." To day we find
him elected as a supporter of that
government In which lio had so little
faith,   Ralph is the stuff out of which
It I* said that the mcmbcr-elce, fur,c»biiiet miuI»tor« aro manufactured
Victoria never thinks aloud, or other-1 in Canada.
wise.   Fortunate Victoria I
really liked the excitement of the
sport more than he really did the
monoy he might win. In all our
previous play, as I remember, he
and I had about broke even. What
he won from me at one sitting I generally recovered the next, and vice
Though I run sure we had been at
it jor five or six years, and never
missed a sess'^n whenever he came
to the city, I don't *-uppose there was.
$500 difference in all that time We
generally began "playing for $10 per
game, and often wound up. by staking 8100 on the result. This day he
challenged me as usual and invited
me to go with him to hi3 room in the
old St. Charles hotel to play. He
hadn't the remotest idea of my
straitened financial condition, fir I
still wore as expensive clothes as in
my flushest days. Instinctively I
felt in my pocket and my hand came
in contact with a solitary note; it was
a $10 bill and all the money I had on
earth. Something whispered to me
to go ahead and play my planter
lrlend, but prudence said: Better
make an excuse, for if he wins th<
first game you will be broke, and ii
will be humiliating to confr-s-* umr
impoverished condition.   B sidns, he
The   reputation   of 0.
■ Diamond Hall" is continental   for  the quality
*md reasonable prices.of
its precious stones.
The same care is exercised
in selecting Hie Mont! for our ,
$J5 oo sol tairc   rinjr  (No.
i.-Ws.i) a*' lor one at'iix or
oiy!it timo that cost,
A complete catalogue of our
many department* wi'l be tent
on request.
In Fernie, is a pleasant
home for all who travel.
Rooms reserved by wire.
'ff/»   cst/»  f$»   e$t
-r     t     -r     -r
Is'one of Fernie's oldest and
best known hotels. The
Proprietor's name is.
Wm. Eschwig.
.•Vllft    i|i    t|*    tVlV)
•r    -r
T. Whelan, Manager
BENNETT & MUR?HY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now. the best hotel in the Slocan.
. conducted on strictly first-class principles.
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
The Dining Room u
The rooms are
Queens Hotel
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing', "Everything   "
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c-      Tickets §7.       Main St., Sandon..
If you are looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Hotel with'Henry
Stege. Home cooking, and the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or,wir»>
, for rates.
fienry Stege
newmarKct fiotcl
Dew Denver
Pates  $1   a Day
This hotel h a, home for all railroad and lumbermen.
Ohenette & Ross.
Dr. Sprout, who received 70() majority on Thursday, has represented
Kwt Or-sy for over thirty years.
It U not true that tho doorways In
the home will have to he enlarged
when Duncan low* gom to Ottawa.
Bvery perron who knows them
will be pleased at the elect! »n of
Frank Oliver and Walter Scott in
the Territories
Jam. McGoer, the independent
candidate In Vancouver, mado a good
rat) (or an Independent, and came
within a thousand votes of wiving lil.i
TVi-* «,« twthlTiff rtnw M» for
Duncan Horn, the Whcral candidate
far Vale Cariboo, but to g*t a *mt
In tht how* near lhat eminent ex
ample of political conthitcncy the
nun. Mti \A*fVi)(*n.
Flrwn later* return* received it i*
qelte evident that Nova Soot la hut
gone Liberal. This result would Indicate that tne government had twen
libera! towardi that prw huu>, i%>*
tbe NoraHctflerware a earrfal and
thrifty peoftte.
It has l«en more than « qnarter ot
a century since I touched a end
though in my iyouth tho fascination
ol play waa m great that newly my
wltolc time wa* pimetl^ihftt way,
wild It, T. f/»«trange. At time* I
hitd been very lucky and occasionally made heavy winnings. Then
then- earno n jwrio-l, which his hnjv
| r-encd In the life o( at! who court
' fickle hirtnitr*. whon it teemed lm
Ijumlhle lor hip tn ifm into n game
without loaing. I lost al! my ready
cn»h, a productive and well stocked
farm, juwelry und every ai'Llcle ol
personal hoJon«|ng t,lmi, euuW ho
converted into mono v. In all ahuit
4.IU.WM and wlien this had boen
wi|««i mat i w-it tlm Hiticidal lm|tulM»
very utrongly. I might indeed have
succumbed to it. bnt I was ynantf
and healthy and naturally of hnoy.
I InthM-w days one of the great
1 games of the .Southern country wan
seven-flp, and the jwijile playetl It
I for hightr itakea,  I Imagine, than
they do now.   Owe day, when my
alrflttVlt-la M:;t-»IM'4 ml lilt'lf   ll.l*('?>t f'»Vl \
• met a'rteh ynnng sugar | lant*r with
: H!x»m 1 h?id <4^n jibiyi-d, snd mho
was~ai~go6TranmTy^r"hs"ir.Tii«T[ r«
membered what bud lnrtun«> aitund-
ed me.
Well, to cut it short, I dt-lh'd prudence and went with him. Lt I had
been the possessor of iholhutk ol ling
land I would not have wanted any
greater capital than the lone §10 in
my pocket. The first game I won
and many succeeding ones, and at
tho end of two hours' play my opponent owed me $2,000. Then he
smilingly proposed, to play just one
more game, which would decide
whether ho would pay mo $4,000 or
nothing. In other words ho wanted
a chance to get oviii on this one
game or else to doublo his indebtedness. I know his che'iute was good
for a good deal more than $1,000,
and yet, broke as I was, the $2,0001
had won seemed like a million, and
it looked criminal to risk it on a
single game,, Again something told
mo to play him ami I consented.
In tho first two deals he made six
points while I had hut one, and in my
heart 1 wns already cursing my lolly
for such odds are not. beaten once in
thousand times. While ho thus
lacked one |>oiiit oi winning, it was
my turn to deal, which made it even
worso for mo. I turiird » club and
my opponent led out with a king ol
that suit promptly, on which I played
the nee. He also had the tray, hut
to his great chngrin I had the deuce.
As a result I scored three polntu,
making my total lour, while ho got
nothing. It was now his timo to deal
and again clubs were trumps. Scanning my hand, l saw it contained the
jack and four, nnd I promptly played
The pi-in tors hand contained not a
single trump and so the game went
in me, nor did he ask lor any lumber
contlnnnnco, saying he would bo revenged ut some future time.
With the $1,000 r thus seqnlred I
shook oft the dust el Crescent City,
took a solemn vow never to play
; a card again for money-n vow still
I unbroken—ami going \\ est w»-nt into
(mining in Colorado, whero I met
| with suiscese   Bat I often wonder
< •»...«* wvwrui    •>.«•«'    iJivviiit.- IM   tUV ti I |
.VWt'ii'ti!   il»U iinlii   Lit.ll    IJtAauC. '~ li'aUM   |
i ingtoo l\mL  i
i       Took Him nt His Wont.       i
[   It was Gerald** tenth birthday.!
■  k*:*fe   fc.V.v'.<'t,l4    4*%Um6       U-i* •!>     t*kitlJt&      iU'n^MS      i'tHll"
| tratta were discussing the advantages j
!of lite in Auntral-a.
[    -'When ym have lived a certain
time in Australia yoa get ten veers
younger," sahi the nncle.
(   uerald. who was sitting under the
1 table, snddentv eallpt! rmt trt«rlit<»rif*T,
)   Why, then, I shall he tiirthifig.''
Druggist and
•V-    f    -r
Prescriptions carefully compounded
and sent lo any address.
Magazines, books and newspapers
of the day always in stock.
Our Prices
are for ihosc who wish to
Our Clothing is for those who
like to dress faultlessly.
Our Methods take care of the
money of the careful
And Our Guarantee protects
Would )HU like lat IHI) lIlllllillK uo thnt
hii<aU 'f Onr clothing isn't in cmn-
rvtillon with anything "<heap."
\V« would like you forn cuviomer.
-G. mcLeocl
Mott, Son
& Co.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B. C.
If you have property to sell,
J    or wish  to purchase, call
]    on us.
Is the home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always beady.    McLAOHLAN BROS., Props.
Palace Meat Market
Fresh aud Salt Meats of every kind.   Fish and Poultry in season.
J.  McMASTER,- Profr.
Tasty Meals,
 F.rruJRmIh. .
Nerve Bracers
.  Of Every
J.   F.   JARVIS-   PROP.
On tho road loading to
Ferguson and Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for mini nnd his horse.
The bacon, beans, bt-ef-
Ktoak, eggs, oats, hay,
boozorino und cigars can-
hoc he beaten in the hills
of the Lardeau.
The Exchange Hotel In Knslo is
like an oasis in uu Egyptiau desert.
Slocan folka flock to It like lioes
to a flower garden.
Has opened in the Todd Block a perfectly new stock
of Millinery, Fancy and Dry Goods, Furs, Corsets,
Ladies Hosiery and Underwear. Ribbons in endless
variety and color. Everything in fashion can be
found in this store.
The Fernie Brewery
zk Mr
sk Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Bottled Beer & Porter aa
s[*, Holland Avenue, Fernie A ^
Goal Miners - - Attention!
A good chance for a future home on reason.ible terms.
>°    Kootenay Valleys Co., Ltd.
Ahout ifiooitcren, Mixed FARMING nnd GRAZING
CRHKK, io -miles fra.n ELKO. '
Will ho subdivided lo suit purchaser in hlockx from
8o acres upivarUs.
Price from $3.00 to $7.00 per itrre. Terim— i«5th
cash; balnnce In yearly instalments nt 6 per
ot'iit, intercut.
T. G. Ppoc tor 5^!!^ Nelson
r ■■f","*^Bl  kHf>w*-^jt^  i^^m.-* mm^^a^^mm*™*a^^^^^>'*4m*^^2^^+<mm*m^^   (^^Hwi^^f^^Mt,^      t^^-w——^^^ »^^-.-— «a^^ ,^^——^^^
■ ^tmmm9mmxv»i9mmm\  ^mm%^mm^-0l9mm\ t^»*fc.^Pa^ni ^^^wmh^VBI ^9KmMmmasm9-t% ^mm_*mmmm*9mmfl    IPMVimmmmJHV J^m%lmmmil0mm\m%\      Hta,MJH| PInimJH] PCtH«MH
Hotel Strathcona
%t *%%%%<
Is in a delightful location and from its balconies
can bo seen all tlio beauty of the graud scenery
that snrroiinds, hems In, nnd adorns the busy
city of Nelson;   It is the home of tourists and
bUMIaCVW .lll-ll JI Mill Mil   LMItAVt   UtO  WUi'lU.       1(10
n.^iui: never uliaga m ibu unib ot m«uiiiicr.ty,
and every room iu tn enemy to intomnla. It
yon noed rootna when on tho way in. touch the
win* and the dc*d in done,
B. Tomkfnsf Manager, Nelson
ltjip'4__z_~y4P€~~y*}^~~^ —X »C~~**« MC—"m »At.—1%% **:—m* m—im
f^^\r^yr^-^^^^r ^m~mfr^,f^'^m-m**^»*m*mmmJ*1'mi. f^*^^^,*% r^H^*^^ ^^»a»M^^l mm+mmt^m\ mm\mm_1^—»
^Um^'»mW.^Ljmmw_JL^^m^jL^mmj^j^^mam^j l^^A1_J I^^^^^J I^-P^^j L-JmmK...J I Jt    J
i -i£-
It is not the usual.proceeding? to sue
a dead man, but such instances have
been known. Only recently a dead
.nan by the name of Pierce was .sued
' for somethingoyer $5,000, the plaintiff
declaring lhat, having-become entitled
• to a fortune, he was introduced to
Pierce, wlio al once suggested a game
of baccate!. * They • played all night
and Pierce won $5,000 and over. The
plaintiff acknowledges that he was
intoxicated at the time and believed
that he had been in the hands of card
sharpers. He afterward tried to
find Pierce but without success. Finally
some months later he chanced lo meet
with one of the other players from
- whom he learned that Pierce-hud committed sucide. He at once commenced
action. The judges, however, declared
the story to be impossible and said lhat
he could.not convict a dead man of the
grossest fraud.   . **-
Dead men, however, have been found
guilty of even worse offences. About
ro years, ago a dead man was cited as a
co-respondent in a notorious divorce
case and his estate was mulcted in
damages over $20,000. Similar to that
of the Pierce case was one which occur-
ed in 1898, when a dead man was sued
for $50^000, money won at gambling
and, at horse^raciog. It was argued
that the deceased was at the time of tin-
transaction aware that his betting companion must have been gelling his
money by fraud, since the young man's
income was only $750 a year. "Hearing
that legal proceedings were being taken
Dunlop committed suicide. The hearing of the action lasted two days, when
a settlement wns effected.
A dead sea captain figured ns defen-
„ dant in an important shipping action a
few years ago. His vessel, the "Nov-
grayoff," had run aground, and her
valuable cargo was lost. At the hear-
.ing of the salvage action it was urged
that the captain who lost his life during
a storm after the foundering had been
guilty of gross ncgligenre and evidence
duced against the dead man. The
judge in summing up, declared that
had the officer been alive he would
most certainly have been arrested on
' a serious charge, and as it- was, the
plaintiffs wop their case. '»
...Among other cases of this discription
In England was that of a gamekeeper
who was convicted of poaching over the
estates of a well" known peer. The
man, however, protested his innocence
and after- serving three months' imprisonment took steps to obtain a reconsideration of his case. His efforts
were successful, for the real poacher
whs discovered. Hut in the meantime
the peer hud died yet the convicted
man forthwith commenced an action
for wrongful imprisonment und was
awarded $750 against the deceased's
The-prosecution ftgninst "Lord"
Buttrick for obtaining money under
false pretenses was proceeded with for
several weeks after liisilcntli. Thisjnnn,
who hnd at one time been n valet, suddenly gave himself out to he the heir to
a peerage nnd .1 fortune He victimized tradesmen nnd clergy in the west of
England to a remarkable extent. Some
days after his arrest he committed
suicide. Hut the hearing of the
charges took place on three different
occasions iifterwartln nnd wus only
closed when the principal prosecutors
refused to oiler further twtlauc under
the circumstances.
It in Ukual, win:n it defendant h.u
died since the commencement of an
action to stop further proceeding*, or.
In criminal cases, to cIomj Iho prosecution. \yh*n Ihe 1-Wstcrs In England
were tried for long-firm frauds', however, although William the eldest of
(he three brothers, died in h!» cell on
the wscond d >y after his arrest, the
whole case wait on. This h-J to h
curious nnd unparalleled error. Sen
tenet el vac jcar*' a;v.I Mglttcen
months' hard labor was pawed on
Ralph and Frank respectively. In
filling up the papers, the name of
William Wns accidently lilted in, with
• {simiUr tvetiM»Ke to tlwi itu-wmcJ art
W«»l«la «i«t| i-A •» rtrt*»il wan n>ts  *a«*li*illa*
PtWWVtlM In rw5«ww.
A most inteiestiug study-.is afforded
by'a comparison of the ships. Year hy
year .they grow larger and attain
greater speed and carrying capacity.
The great Cunard leviathan, the
Brittannia of 1840, had a speed of
eighteen knots an hour, a' tonnage ol"
1,154, a. horse-power of 440 and a
length of 200 feet. She was considered
a wonder in those davs.
The Baltic of 1871 had 600 horsepower, was 420 feel long, had a speed
of thirteen knots an hour and a tonnage of 3,707.
Now comes the great Cunard tur-
bine quadruple steamship to be
launched in 1906, which is to have a
speed of twenty-live knots an hour,
and a tonnage of 40,000 and with 75,-
000 horse-power. This vessel will he
800 feet long.
These floating palaces that cross iIk-
ocean carrying thousands of tons of
freight and thousands of human lives
make ocean travel easy and pleasant
and reduce lo almost nothing the danger from shipwreck. They are so long
lhat they reach from wave to wave
and do not go up and down as do (he
shorter vessels. They do not roll in
the trough of the sea because they are
so deep ami huge and they can duly
the fiercest wrath of Old Neptune.
Lniighs and Laughter
Speaking of laughs, the most heartrending laugh is the laugh of the summer girl that shook you, and is gadding
around with some other fellow.
- The most demoralizing laugh to the
married man, is the laugh of the family
doctor when he comes up and slaps the
the married man on the back and
shouts, "It's twins, old man I"
The most grotesque laugh is that of
the, fat woman, at a picnic when she's
got a pickle in hcr^mouth.
The hollowest laugh is the laugh a
man laughs when he sees the necktie
his wife has bought him.
The cutest sweetest laugh is the laugh
— li inmAPiAllit A.-v^i.fj.-
-»i— ^\.uviniiT~ " --—- —
■ v.r*n-T"-fi:
couple of theatre tickets and a dollar or
two hack hire, though.   The most dangerous  laugh  is the laugh of a man
when he's gelling shaved at the barber
shop.   The most untimely laugh is lliat
of the boy who is making off in the
darkness with the dropped watermelon.
The most hilarious laugh is the laugh
of the fellow who scoops in the slakes
on*a jack-high bluff.
One of the most comical Irrughs is
that of it person  who's  got  thu  hives,
where the mouth sticks way out lo one
side and the nose acts as though it was
mad   about it,     The most enjoyable
is the laugh that's on some one else,
—Kx.       _________
Why He DIod.
Ctvssr fell nt tho base of Pompey's
n "It wns a campaign likeness," thoy
pityingly explained.
Nobody (wondered that the mlijhty
Julius hnd dropped death
Onoot tho wildest wiwlnrn town* in
1872 was Yankton, South Dakota. At
Hint time Yiinkton wns tlio only town
tn tho whole territory. Cowboys paraded tho utrwts with revolvers f-ti'Hp-
ped tn their bolts ni'd swnrnicd In and
out of the rrIooiih, yelling, citrtlng aim
pick li. jf quarral* with wltoinsooverlhe.v
met, says tho Cincinnati Ktiqulror. It
was only hy elianco that a quiet porion
' As he said thin hti placed hand to his
"Al heart Toothpick Jirn was a cow
ard and I knew it, His threat made me
1) mad that I jumped up in the air and
cracked .my heels tog-ether. Then' I
began and gave him one of the worst
rakings a man ever received in his life.
I was unarmed, and if ho haa known it
I believe he would havo killed me
When Lgot through he was as mild as
a lamb.
"The girl appeared in court the next,
day. Sho was dressed up and her hair
(•tilled up and kinked all over her head.
As soon as I saw her I knew it would
iiselen- to go to trial, and I had her go
homo, change her dress and comb her
hair down flat. This she did, and
when she came hack she looked like a
girl much smaller than she was
"I won the case and Toothpick got
II years. He was granted a new trial
hy Judge Brooks and Biieceeded In having his sentence, cut down to two years.
"Tho judge is still living in Dakota.
He i« not what we would call a good
judjo, but he knew how to play poker
He was elected to a second term of
ollice and Toothpick Jim electioneered
for him.'
"Tbat remind-* me of a hig bully
known as Big Mike, who a few years
8({0 was the terror of Southern Wiscon-'
sin," said P. II Bflidwin, a well known
traveling man, who has been in almost
every state of the Union. "Big Mike
was inouaie.li of all lie surveyed, and
his rights there wore none to dispute
Janesville, Stou-jliton, Beloit, and Wau
kosha were his favorite Haunts.
"Big Mike was almost always spoiling
for a light, and as ho stood six foot six
iu his stockings and was built like a
veritable Herctile~i, unbnbv eared to accommodate him in a fi»lit and like Ar-
kansaw in Mark Twains o'er true tale,
he traveled chiefly on his bluffs and bad
"One night Bin Mike was in a saloon
in Waukesha, kept by a German with a
patriotic name of Yankee Miko, was
hungry for trouble. He insulted everybody present, imposed on tho bartender,
and made himself a disagreeable nuisance generally.
"Presently a tall gaunt, consumptive
looking chap drifted in. He looked as
He lounged up to tho bar and in a voice
sweet and deferential as that of a school
girl called for brandy and soda.
"Mike stiigiceri'.d np to him and an
uoimced his intention to drink at the
btrnngcr's expense.   The latter paid no
attention to him, drank hiB firewater,
and turned away.
"Mike'became abusive, He followed
him.about the loom, cuwing and making pugilistic demonstrations Finally,
the consumptive looking stranger turn
ed and said:
" 'My Christian friend, you seem to
be yearning for n thrashing, Bo kind
enough to favor me with your address
and I will send yoit home to your family
when I get through with you.'
lie handed Mikts his notebook and
pencil, and carefully removed his cost.
The audacity of the stranger paralyzed
Mike. Ho tried to crawfish, but the
stranger 'wouldn't have it.
"•"I ve heard of you fortwoyears past,
ami I taint! to Waukesha especially to
whip the insolence out of you,' lie said,
■and ri)jht here we mix,"
"But they didn't. Mike mude a break
(01 the diioi-, and 1 umleroUnd he hasn't
been awn In Waukesha since, it was a
beautiful bluff. Tho thtu slramrer could
not have hurl him with n lutiiimnr, Ho
died two works Inter of consumption.
"Talk about the tough element—why,
i'.'H most itetitirally found in the. milling
i'Aift|n, nod III bet that l'iwth-, Col.,
knocked them all hollow when it Unit
slHited," hpoke 110 W. II. Coombs, A
member of tho Silver King Mammoth
mining company.
"Not so many years ago there wns
was elected nroii-culor of the county in
which Yankton Uxttunted in 1*7.!. lie
was the tirst Democratic prosecutor,
and, up to ilnte, l believe, tho last over
elected there
The writer was recently In Chtrtign,
and while stopping there wm* foi tiinali-
enotigli to in»k.» Mr. Oituii'M •i-qtinlnt-
nncc, and heitr njveral stories related
of thu wild and wooly Wt«M by ililleu-nt
parties.   In speaking nf Yankton, Mr.
"Yankton in 1»72 was a» wide open
a town as I ever wa* In. Indeed. It wap
not an urni-nial thing to •«» a win nlmf
nearly every dny, itivt often iuwh than
0110 pernon would bite the dust when
the town got on a drunk,   ,
"111   l*«*M«t.   I1H-I*  «*»(«.  i,1.», H1UI..1
Royal Hotel
•        In Ferine is in a rapid
course   of   construction,
_ '        anil will soon  ho   ready
;        for. the trade of the world.
Wm. Tattle, Ptop.
Will he' ready for business next
month. It will be up to date in
everything, and will bt a home for
commercial men.
Real Estate. Loans.
Union Restaurant
Fernie, Furnishes MealB at
all hours. Everything iirst
Geo. Ichikawa, Prop.
succeeded In living in Yankton very
lonjr.   OH11.B Ortoii, now of Chkago.ibut one restaurant in that place. It was
The Glab
Cigat* Stot»e
A oliolco lino of cigars always in
Htock. Headquarters for
Ingram & Storehouse, Props,
Electrical Supply Depot
Estimates given on all kinds of
Wire Work.
Electric Light Plants Installed
in any part of the country.
Fernie Drug Store    |
Just received a full line p
of High Grade Art Tie- M
tures.    Prices  from   75 fi
cents to $4.
I N. E. SUDDABY       |
J. W. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Victoria Hotel
Victoria Street, Nelson.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
 T»-*.!.. l~tl_ 1 It   a._i s XT _a	
"Dciai-uuiinr-a-u;iy   ximi)i~in _i\iiiMinr
Board and room, six dollars a week.
Board aud room by tho month, twenty-
five dollars. Meal Tickets (21 meal's)
five dollars.     	
No Liquor Sold on tub Premisks,
Those 133.
J. Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L. T. W.   Block,   opposite  the   Bank
0tlic(i luiur»-8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Is the only hotel in
Fernie run by Welshman.
It is the workingman's
home. Board and room
$1 a day or $25 a month.
D. McArthur & Co.
See our lino of Morris Chairs
Velour Cushions $8.00 & up.
Sole Agents:   Mason Risen Flan*a
Order   your   Fall    Suit    now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher,
Silverton'm flon Tailor   .
3010 W«»ttii|ii«ter KuhiI.
Too Mndi For Htm
Ht danced one ni|;ltt whh n n<*tton
t.., t.
In a Ki'inll lo/c-ibln, llttfil up with roujrli
whimIiu Inbii-H and il nil* Tin- tniinu
would (owl tlm wt/iyiiitf quitlitiun, I tUro
nay, of any fitnmarh. Tho waiter* wpro
wriillod from tlm tnitjrlia'Ht olmnnnt
that hn«l ll'iaii'd Into Crmdo on tli« firiat
liii'ini, TIh'.v Imlitljci-il In nil the pletur*
v*<\uo »]t,Uit »l llit) ration in flllinfror
"who of tlm t'ii*tflttia->ra wan an old
K-cntl.-nmn with Ioiik Ilowlnjr Ward nno
gmvii uiiiiMi'wir, who nmi liou'iiDotw
iiiiiii* to frniti tli« «'«*>!. Willi «• inucli
inanity •* if h# mttA gSsinji' an orilrr In
thniKM Sow Vork Itoimo tlm old gen-
tk'iimii <*»lnt.l lor a cup of milt 0, Tlio
w/tlli'i', bcin-r lni-«y, vi'ljt.'d In 11 rough.
viilce to anothwr: ,.,,,,.	
1    -• -isrinjf in « c tin ol coiow lor Ui»i 1  -. "   „
Iii tho Kootenay known 0. 0.
I)., tho watchmaker. Ho hot*
repaired 100,000 watchoH with
perfict NitiHfiutioii, and Ik pre-
juni'd to repair youm at i-liort
notice. IloneH work and
honcHt pricct* fa my motto. A
flno flock of watohe* and
Jewplry always on hand. Bi»
on tho look out for bin Christ-
inn a fdock. Two doom north
of Hink building, Fertile.
100,000 Ilulbi now In htock from Hullaml
Vrauco and J»|nin.
THOII8ANDH   OP    FltlllT    ANI»   OK-
niioiloilt-nilrnnii,     no***.     Ori-i'iilmiiKu
nnd  Uurdy  Pliant*   for   Full   rinntiitff-
Home Grown ami Iiii(M>rt«it
Onrilen,   Flulil   inul   Kl»««r  Mrmlii.
Alwayt in   luck In m-h*oii.
Oroeu hoiiw full of I'lnnt*. Cut  Klawoif,
Floral Worh.     Ilur direct end HH-uris mn-iit'«
Cat«lo«ru« fr«, or cull »nd cumins Nlock.
Vtuiruuvrr, II.O.
Wanted Immediately
itvonfo Towll Krult tiww, HutiWrry,
JrAft, vJI tu liaomilwrry aiiil Currant Lii»l*«i
fiti noodltny w»#liljr; O.iittt fn*. Thwrai l«
lilg money (n tliU work (or milworiliy men.
Over 000 acres. JSa,^
tlv»ilmi,ov«r««ni-r*««if NitrnerirStork linlu.l-
liur lh» clnilrtJt anil Iw.t v»i1itl^« lurOrcli»rl
tint Oardmi pltnllnir   W« will il< llvir k<>oiI» to
cuilo 1 en In irxxl ronillllon. fri-lwlit iwul. Our
»«miUllftVuuviiry atlVHiit»a<* llattI. tliU liuu hi
l>u«lnr*i ran offer th«m,  A|i|4y tiuw for lfrm»
Polham Nursery Co.,
UT Will mata an.niffffl.iit, tor W.I «pnt,
u, the ...iffinc at cicltirivr kftti.jric.
Gordon &
Arc jia-jwrcd to do Fiue Watidi
repairing at tho
Jewelry Hton?, oppoftHo the Northern hotel, Fernl*.
J. R.Cameron
Ih tho tailor to go to when
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
Ho has the nobbiest Riiltingx
to delect from, and the lit nnd
workmanship Ih the best.
W\ R. Ross J. S. T. Al.KXASur.11
Ross & Alexander
FERX1K, n. C.
Ollice In L. T. W.'liluck, Vivtorla Areinie.
II. W. HKncuiiKii. Siikkwuoi) Hkiii-iimkk
Herchmer & Herchmer
Ofllocs over P. nuriia & Co's bhxk, Victoria ave
li. 1'.  KCKSTKIN F. C. I.AWK
Eckstein & Lawe
Baiihihteh.s-at-I.aw,    Sowcitohs,   Eto.
Cnlliljurt lllock,  Fornle, U. C.
Prices—Golil, Silver or Lead  u.oo
(ioIil-Silver or Silvcr-l.cail $l.tO
P.O.«o.xDll3 YMIR. B.O
Gold,Sliver, Copper or Lead, SI 00 each
Any two, $1 50; any three, $2IX).
Snmp!t4fl  by mail  rer.Wve jironi|>t attrntiou;
Plaitsi OolJ, Ketorts urn! Rii-li ore* buuylit.
172ft Ai-h'ihIiok Nt.,   Drnvt-r, Colo.
P. O. BOX 185
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed
Ht ciktnt, you net;,   Iront  ili«   tunny
And lie couldn't st-tntl lite chill.
Nnttirnl For Him
Jncfc—Mv  hatN-r  rot   mt  tm  tlw*
Mrvet tact night h»J I fell protuktJ.
frflol,' — IffKi* t'lrfffi*.     Ifi»V f.ir^wr
cutting tm, too, <Almi )i« klwtve* ok-.
" 'A Iltlltt iiiwc hell on tbu Jdc*k !'
I.K IfliViltKit inliJ'l'tKi llrlivi'l hhl 111
A|,v-.V..*»*'■ •*■ V.*   a»rt.V»i»a*'*n^ v.,a,'.vw   . i.»»w.*|.u i*.
Jim    11« *** A iiiictliu' It >m Mi»wMi i'i    * ii a mU-xk *fi* linm-|hi in too rare,
A»A wftttlid ij^ht Km • «*»s,#«i<** m*Hi'J«-«»..I m,4 % tmlwwt -n-AM tk%\ ll W- tw4-f«il
"♦Tontnplck  Jim jttit   hlnm-lf   Into n«.,iii, the svnltt»f vauttMyu:! to tho niuk:
tronMo one tiny.   Ho nttfiuptrtl tokilt
la |i/i ti«i.i i,>>u   liniiiv.,   nit,   Mm.     'I iii'
jflrl rune io m« *nr| «ol.l h«r rtory »n.lU \mh\* onr rl»y until hn fr«w lEr^I. nnd
the e*m wm Mil Inr trial Mora Jadg# j ro«t to l«»v#, mhm a waiter hullnwl:
Broi-vln J    "obi mnn, Mt itown «R»in, (iml kwp
••Tho evening bcfor« llio trial I vu j >tr iHmf nn-lll huttlo In thi- grub for
walking atonf Iho   »tr<vi and  rtv-t ■ vou dirfttly.'
Tiwthple.Ti .11m    fFi« .isfn-if t?i«> If F hi-. !    "Au-t >.h'   £ ' -. I'ti'H'   '-'at 'town  mul
1» '    ..... »   ,«•.,.   T».r.»
tnK«1 t« twn    V.n'ri-'
fti»an and Aw-rlran plan,   'inly whltf
lalwr MnpUtyml.   Klr»t claM bar.
THOMAS'4 EmCKSON'. l-ropa
In lh« pioneer hot*! ol
Hire* Korku, and « plnamtnt home
.ft»r tViv   «*i»»ry  *.ir*%«*Ufr,    K«Mim»
gftlitf to [itimtntf Mm.   I aai*! lhat I j waU«i wbii«» Jm» hni<.h««l away a drift »f j ^^.Vy^l |JV t4#«rat»ri.
na.i    'If )omlu,' lie aaM, 'I  Kill iili (Huu* £«i»n. iu»-. LiUiv. ,La\, U.ul t,»..*u m,
yot». Jthroufl. the ihmi* »w t»i^ teg*." I HVQU NIVCN, I'ropiMor.
Lowest Rates—-Best Time
Toronlo, Montreal, New York,
Maritime   Provinces,    New   Ivnglnnd.
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
California Points.
Unequalled Pmia-ntfi'r Service.
Slevpera, Tourist Coaches,
 Dining Cars*——
Touritt  Sleeper Service
West from Kevt-lstoke daily to Seattle
unJ Vancouver.
Ivaiat from Dunmnre, daily lo St. Paul ;
Wednesday K. Sunday lo Toronlo ;
Monday, Montreal; I'riday, Montreal and Hwlon.
Atlanllo Steamililp Agenoy
Through iHwkinRH to and from Great
llrilain nnd the Continent.
All linen represented.
I'or rate*, folder* and  inforntaiion
apply tu lmal agcnti.
K. Kk.mum;, a^'a-nt, Fernie.
J.K.I'«it*r.lM,.A,      K.J.Ooylr.AUPA.
.VaUon. V««K-u«»«r
aliiTCrown (iraiitcd.
PO. Uox5iU.        Ofllw>; Kont.-iiay St.. NelKoo
11 nent {Mifaitlttn ; rnpiil niixiiiiat-iiu-nt ; Kiilnry
nil*! exiK-iiittif; full Instiiiil ion-, frru of iliir>r«:
cliiiii ik>»lrul>l« lm»iii(i»s. Tim .1.1..NlflKH.H
CO., I.iinili-I, Torimto.  <kIt:iil:oH thin jiai*r)
UIANTKH-tiuii-kly. Wm iierwiiw to rc|ir(iav>nt
ll      I iL'K J'-tMlill^lltil  -hIh.UhhIi-  liOll»C BIIIOIIR
retrtll virri'liBiiU niid niti-ut*. U»k| territory
of Ikw coiiiitli-ii. km mliin mul <xi«iim-. i>«M
wt-vkl)'. Kkikiimi iiiiiiii-.y iiilviiiio.l, Omimlii-
xiim extra. l'l.-riiiHiiviitvtmHKeuii-iit |Iu>Iiii-m
imrcwiuiful. I'lrvimn I'XiK'lIniii' Iml t-.niilUI.
Kni'liMti will mlilri-n^i i-nvfl„|;
Sill >:KINTKKIiKST Thavki.kkh,
nvil„i*-.  Ail<lrii<ii,
.S-tS, |iearl«ni M.,
Iw ban 17 jMU-inx'wrlent-u In dcuUI work, and
Diakat a apeflaHy of IhM ItrldKo Work. V UU
made U> tlie Htocan reRularly.
ni>MK ANH HIK our AifMle Jemellery, mtile
17 from n*tlv* utmion. Klu» watrti ivnalriiiit
Mt KKKMiiS tb*? Ji-wi-lliT.IUkt-r Hi., «<$*».
SI I. V KB CITV liOIHiK Ml. :i», i.o.u.r.
HaMkM, ll.C.   M,«tlni.k ti. tin: Uiilon Hall
•vm Krltlay cvciiIuk nt Mo VUltlnir lmihr»n
lUlly InvtM to «tt,iul   J. i:. l«tvuiiN«i,
.VoiilflGramlt A. I..(Jmaiii. VI*,, iiraud; W.J
tUanorr, Herniary.
Sanoom t.oiiriK nn «i. K, nr r.
U<«l« wvttry Wi-,lni*iLiy «\ruliiR al « oVtm k
III IIm- l-ytlil»ti liiiitlc Hull, KaiHlon, l*'>i>uniiiii
litKllmit mill nx-five • I'ytlilaii wi-li-umr. H.
I»a*i-»oN,(!.0.       .li.ntm, J. IUi.i,, K  H.fcM.
tOIIN  Mrl.ATCIIIK.   IN.mliiMi mid  I'ro-
(I   vlndal f.aml Kurwynr.   Nrt*m. II. (.'.
Steamship Tickets
. tn«0 l>*r<i|Mllalaill>'a tM Imm/lam*)
irtn nmm.   Aupir f»r »«Uln* «!»•».
n»»«f (utlOaf-ifanalU*! to »»y I'. I*
J., tr*4 tn*o
mmit kntpftrtn
rat*§ 1UA
Hf, 4»»ll« Of
O. I*. B A|f»iil, l»V» l*-«»«i.
AH. IIKVtAM), Kii<mm>r and I'roWnrUl
,   UadNnrwyot.  KAHI.O
.I.KOIl   IIOTICf,.   VMIK.     Al!  Muifefll
U ««-»»-+U«« l,.-*il tn Ytwlr.
nil nr»f"
AV MiLKtill, t1i>j.fWi».
.11 li,iij|>i»in*iif •. H«iiij.ti> tiHitnft iu a-tilHtM'-
lluli.   Th* oiil; 	
1 »nd Anwtiaui |4*n Uutt, iSavatt. Hu-xhi
from t'r tip tn «t. itiiity wtittar h*l|i tm|>l<iy»d.
NiMtilntr >• Uow alxiit lilt! tU«»- < a< *i.| ttw aulil
HKHOMT Hill itK, SKt.siiM     Katr»|>#«n
ta. IUmm
NiMtilntr >• Uowalxiit llx iU«»- < a'<*l.t ttw «ul
ll, UM **W. U A MISiK * 1 HK<J| 1.1X1.
RTI.KTT HtiiaiC. formtrlr «•«• Clara
U iw htm tl «(Ity I" t»i in >< l*'».   Unlr
TMK IHiTri. rieHiti-woN »• ilw hm* ur
HfiiPtia IWftfia," *t»fi llM-f   airr   in   #rmt«Hl.
MClKlNMKI.« lll.*l H. 1'i.i.iiH.**
"Val n'l'i-l tl.*r»«-*t In On- T.nM...   »»,,t,| ..ran.
'Vlifn inn  Mrif.lt' n   H"PT,-'f*
'IIK   IIIIITT»VM4    HOrH. Mih* t.M-
In lt»* T.if't".
»l»ayt»»»fc-oi«i*.     II.VIV IIIUIH. ^^_
-ViniolaMaalo   Ma.ohanUi.
that lt It I'NIHN mad*.
|lf   «II%,T«*I>W»'»!>    «',.      1 • I
UlltUlKI.,1,1, •■! > U- ',  *  . ..ui». kU'UKiy.
Wne I'rlwi, Henry Vnwe, lk>liimb«« and.     M^„„;,^, „ . „m
H*T*fe* WMp t'iff*t* mt*'Vmlm tU,f,i*] \, thlKbm   ^.trr, , j,;£ WiAiti' »i;|fw
MACIHi^AlO * tit., WlaiAaalt attr-
made by.
I ftvn i'** <fti**,*Ht*
*>'(,'!*    »»-i-».Ja»»     •»'.*    'M'\ «'.-
At ItMT««M I «>a«  U «l tb* »K*1/Jlf # "i *»
****m AW*, la* H#fcbta»*»a»f«»y trl«-kl« «««H*-
iftttytvH'*4mk. 'T**ii.«»»i»».|<.i »«m«i
M t*««t«a-*»» Ttavlar. int'r. n.»irUI*iiKf. I»
will Mtalw yaw Wabar ««4 hfiarHy
(.V tawtm »♦ a*lf tfcrt ftttAfom **«t* t* ♦ "I.
lamH, fork. ««,. •*«. tm* )***»* w» art
ulkifcf faatf» lim laru* At mt tJStim**.
0O.» LTD.
\v. v. KU.uorHxr* •$' rujaivAMnatv *«.*«.. uHoa^n^nKAi--
H I li ulJ«fV  Muli
Rtt**a*M*4 l-T OKOMK IIOKniS.
rf«ft^'*t*»«i. u b.   '
tf rnnuvAn* * «•»., »#§•*. hc
fi,   uta 'I'l-riit. «|...i. l.a.ji».M -■■
!   van.
f   A,   flrlinMAI.n.   »> I
•I,   fm.1. IN-***. Br
l»ml#» in
CH»n«rtal   Sioi-a*.
1.RRM.1,   "flltthK   ►••HH'», »»•»«» \»
titJittHA. illfjr li»»U, t.U- wmmmmmmm
tflERE is nothing like motion
if you would keep your blood
in circulation, and your upper
stope from the bats of inactivity.
Get up early and go to work. If
you need » persuader to rise in
the early hours of the clay invest
81.50 in.a SUNWISE, or §2.50 iu a
MUST GET UP. These alarm
clocks wiil almost awaken thedeai\
aud you can secure from—
aicnaudc Bros.
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Our Leading Cine
Js the
Slater Shoe
fernie, B.£.
Candidate Herrick of New York
enjoys the unusual privilege of having a son slumping for him, and exhorting the citizens to vote for father
for governor.
Mrs- H, H. Linch is carrier on the
rural mail route between Elmer and
Woods'owp, N. J. Several bridges'
on the road were'washed away by a
rec ;nt storm, making the road im-
pas able by wagon. Mrs Linch iu a
woman of do or die disposition, so she
slung the mail b.ig over her shoulder
and made the trip by bicycle, and
thus continued her trips, until the
bridges were repaired.
Mayor Hayes ol 'Pittsburg is official
horse buyer for the city, purchasing"
all tho animals for the police and lire
departments, as well as those used in
construction ol public works. Ilia
honor attends to the duties ot this position without any assistance, because there is nothing that lie, likeu
better than a horse, lie is a familiar
figure around sales stables, not only
in the two cities, but also in towns
for many miles around Pittsburg.
Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria
is 74. He has reigned for 5G years
and has been called upon to stand up
against heavier misfortune than any
monarch of his time. Deleated in
every battle he has fought, driven
first out ot Italy and then out ol Germany, with his heir a suicide and
his empress the victim of an assassin,
he is still a great monarch, the universal referee of his 18 kingdoms
and principalities, with more soldiers,
more revenue and more subjects than
when he began to reign.
Marquis Oyama is a giant among
the Japanese. Six lcet tall and
weighing nearly three hundred
pounds, he is the natural patron ot
* resiling and of swordsmanship and
the idol ot the artuv. JJotwithstand
ing the recent honors won by the
foreign trained - generals, Kur.iki,
Oku, Notlzu and Nogi, this repivsen
..,.:„«    ~
iii— —
The   People's   Grocer
FRESH GROCERIES at Lowest Prices
OUR   AIM—To Please the People
Just Opened
Call and be convinced
W. J. Blundell
A new line of English Underwear that can't be beat,
per suit $4.00 and $5.00 --' "    _       .
Also a nice line of Sweaters and Jor-wye. Just what yon
M-ant for the cold weather, prices $1.25,  l.TS, and 2.50
You -will find here a full line orient's Furnishings, such
as Suits, Pauts. Overalls, Shirts, Collin's, Ties, Braces,
Socks; Shoes, Mitts, Gloves', and a complete lino ,of
Groceries, Tobaccos, Cigars and Confectionery.
Phone 196   P.O. Box 248
Furniture and N
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two complete sets of Bar Fixtures, one
British Plato Mirror 4fix9G inches, now,
Letter Presstw, Billiard and Pool Tables
Cash Registers and other specialities,
Mall  Orders  Receive   Prompt   Attention.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
NOTICE in hereby given Unit thu Elk Lumber
unit Manufacturing Company, Limited,
bave submitted to the-Lieutenant Oivvrnor
in Council a proposal -Older " Tlie Rivers mul
Streams Aot," &. 8. B. O., Chap, His, lor t lie
clearing and removing of obstruction* from
the Elk River from Sparwood Station on tin-
Crow's Nest Branch of the Canadian i.'iK-ilie
RftilwKy to a point ono mile down stream from
the Government highway bridge uorost. tlio
said River at the City of Fernie, an approximate distance of nineteen miles, und for
making the same fit for rafting and driving
thereon logs, timber, lumber, rafts and crufth.
The lauds to be affected by the said works
are all lands abutting on the said Kilt River
for the full distance of the proponed works.
The rates for tolls, boomage. rafting, driving
of logs, timber, lumber, crafts and for taking
care of same until delivered proposed to be
charged is such as may be fixed by a Judge ol
the County Court pursuant to section 10 of tlie
said "Rivers and Streams Act."   .
Dated this Mud day of October, A l>. lltti.
per Ross & Alexander,
Solicitors for the Company.
Additional Locals
The King Edward hotel is never behind the times.
"I hear that Jenkins and his wife
tight like cat and dog."
"Well, this is ihe first time they've
been married."—The Smart Set.
Stop at the Queen's Hotel when in
Irout Lake Cily.
Mamma—Why did you run off from
school nnd spend Ihe whole day rowing
ilioiit the river? Boy—Papa said he
Minted me to prepare for college."'
Masterson, Griffith & Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
Have ono of their largest stores in Fernie.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh ami Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.  Try a gallon
Central - Hotel 8
First Class in Every Respect K
MRS. 8. .JENNINGS, Fitoi'itiKTitiw. W
The Imperial Hotel
Ih tho IIc.ui<iiiftrtci* In Pernio for Commercial Traveler*
Joseph Jean - - - - Proprietor.
In Oif Kocla! and Htmini-w
Ijln«, Try nm* of My Fall
tra-vmr ii r»
FouKDcns * Machinists.
—NttSON, B.C.—
Mill *ml Milling Mneliiiiwy.   Ompli'tfJ
Stock of KltMftii-jr, Fitting, elf., ilwuj*
on hand.   Rutin™to* furiiii*li<-il.   S. rm<
Iron Urn-flit hy lln- rurlmtil.   Iti'imiriim
tiiid .Jnlililiijf.
.alive or trie sain"ararcia"ss~i8Tlitrianr
of the army, which regards lii.n as
the embodiment of the sfjiiii ol'olu
Japan. Marquis Oyama U tiit-youngest of. the empire bullderi ul Japan,
among wiiom Marquis Yaiu.igiiaandJ
Marquis Ito a ro best known.' He is
now about 02 years of age,
By tho Patch.
Mrs. Murray had advertised for a
skilled gardner to work by tho day
in her yard, and 60ine\vhat lo her
embariiBsmcnt she was obliged to
ohooso between two applicants who
ap|>cai-ed at tho samo moment. As
she stood on the doorstep, questioning lir»t one nnd then tho other, she
became aware that her mother-in-
law, seated on tho porch a short distance from tho men nnd directly bo-
hind tlicni, was frantically gostlca-
Tho old lady, satisfied at last that
sho had attracted her daughter Inlaw's attention, pointed unmistakably
toward the less prepossessing of tho
two men, and tho younger woman,
sui pwing that her relative had somo
personal kttowledgo ol tlio applicant,
promptly engaged him. *""
•'illas tho man ever worked for
you, mother't asked Mr*. Mu/ray,
whon tho two women were nlono,
-•No," replied tho old lady. "I
never saw or heard of cither of thorn
until now."
•-Then why In tho world did you
choose tho abortc.* man'r* Tho other
had a much better fiico."
"Face!" returned the old lady,
briskly. "When yon pick ont a
man to work in tho garden yon want
to go by tho overalls. If thoy are
patched on tho knees yon want him.
If the patch l» bit the seat, yon don't.
A Doubtful Compliment
Some of the winlle* we use In Mug.
Ii-.li loexprt-sw admiration h-ciih doubt*
ful to fort-tgiicr* who \m\h. Ii.nm.il ihe
langu.tKa} ai.ideniii ally, n*. for <?*»
.iitipla-, "A vnlrt- like /i silver bell," or
-A lOinplfiinii like nlabnuier,"
But tin* sometimes work* botli way*.
A Sale by Auction will be held at the
Factory of the Fernie Manufacturing
Company, Limited, at Fernie, B.C., on
Saturday, ioth December, 1904, at 2
p.m. of the Company's Sash and Door
Factory; together wilh 2,031 acres of
excellent Timber situate at Buyne's
Lake, B.C. Factory in first-class order
—Machinery complete and up-to-date.
The highest or any bid not necessarily
For further particulars apply to—
Liquidator of the Fernie Mfg.,Co., Ltd.
v * \
Will open next month with.
46 First=C!ass Rooms
Everything Up-to-date,
lumber camps and mines.
Mrs. Knervz. rang the bell for the
servant. "Nora," she said, "I'll feed
ihe canary myself after this. The doctor says 1 must take more exercise."
Visitors to Sandon need never fear
the pangs of hunger. The Sandon
Chop house is always open.
Young Author—When I write far
into the ni^lil I find great difficulty io
getting to sleep.
'Friend—Why don't you read over
what you have written?
The New York Brewery at Sandon
makes beer that is famous all over B.C.
Write for prices nnd then buy a few
Counsel—Have you ever seen the
prisoner at the bar? Witness—No, sir;
but I have seen him many times when
1 have strongly suspected lie had been
at it,
Ai the Kootenay Saloon In Sandon
you do not need an introduction to get
a drink. Put the price on tho har and
the mixer will do the rest.
The waiter wnitcd. "Beg pardon,
sir!" he said at length, "But lire you
a lalPs heml or a fried sole?" "Eh?''
said the muii. "No—er—I'm a
The Waldorf wilt lie one of the best
furniiahcd houses In the Interior of
B. C, the furniture being similar to
that in the AlbuU al F.dinoiiloii,
A schoolboy, when asked to describe
the marriage customs of the Greeks,
replied thnt they only married one wife,
a ).)>leui which was culled  monotony.
The King Edward Is one of the
large*) hotels In Fernie. It contains
27 room*, and is fill*] up with a view
10 the comfort of guests. Keep the
King Kdward on your mind when you
buy your ticket for Fernie.
Mrs. Newkld—John, for goodness
uike wake up nnd run for ihe doctor,
New kid (drowtilly)—Eh? What's
the matter?
Mrs. Ncwt'id ~ I'm ufruld there is
somelhlng dreadful I lie mill Iur wilh
baby. She has kloprwd smiling in her
A Bu-Lavc to Regulate the Hours
During Which Children Man Be
Abroad Unattended.
The Counotl of I lie Coriwratlrtn of tlio City ot
Fernie in Council ae»eiubleil uiiuvU a* l'ol
\. The Counoll ahull provide a bell ami
tthe.ll cauee the mime to lie runic ut tlm hour
of Up, m. every evening tliirinir the month* ot
li>rfl to September itii-luxivo mid at the hour
of 8 p. m every evening iturins thu mouth* of
Ootoher to March inoliuive,
8. Iletween the hour* in tho hut precaution
unction appoint**! anil the hour of 6 a. m. on
to be iu or upon miy p ibTIa iitri-etjawi, iilli >-,
tho'roTlowliie momliiir it uluill be unluwful
for »ny chllif under tho nifn of Fourteen yean
mnet,Iftiii., iilliv,
_,—,.,  . tint or oihor un-
ooeupled uround or other jiublio uluoe within
bridse, park, tquare, vacant lot or othor un
occupied fa-round or other tiublio ulitoe within
the ilmttn of the Mi.olulimllly unlemi auch
ehildUlntheolutrge of and U aoeomnaiiliMl
byiUparenUorsiianllanor m.mo adult i»r»
iion therennto duly «utliorlx«il by moli imrtjiit
3. Tbe police i-mmtublfH and iuoIi other
peraone at the Uounnit may iitiuolut. Hhult
have tbe power to armtt and take Into una-
todyanychild iii.paniitly under the miu of
Fourteen yearn luuml uniitteiidml tu livrnln
before provided diirlnit the time lii-ruliy prolti.
btted In or Ujion any pnblio iitrt-ot. Iiuio, «ll«.v,
brblffei park, eqiuira, vacant lot or   "
oooupled land or other publio place.
briitfe.park, equiira, vacant lot ur other mi
jcupled land or ot her publio place.
4. Every conetable or other uttktr who
ahall arreet or tuke into ouiitody tin) itliinl
under the aire of Fourteen yean Hi provided
Id Maction I, rTbi-ee) hereof nhali forthwith
take toch child to bu or ber liuina or place of
almda anil ■hall warn the parent or imreiiti
of»ttiliohildatralunt thu hreui-h
nihe hearincof any informatiini
A Hnrdwnrrt Plan's Wifo
t'liAi'i-Kit u -ii«ci.iii)i:ii.
11 I) -trose aril went to the
liiirt'im ilmivvr. He. nat. and
lonkc'd :tt ln'i- in aiii.-txi-uitMil.
She breuglit the book, handed it to
him ami said: *'lt ie all votirs, dear.''
lie toiik it a ml a-ictie I it in n <l;izt-il
tnaniier Sin' Indh liaianc-e.nf SiiS.lO.
—Haul wan1 I)«.»lers' magazine.
Is this what you aro looking for?
Iloro is a common ...
Prices range aecoiding to weight,
from 50c
nim.^iln Vtj"~
We carry five stvh's
1'ii'i'S frnoi $.1 to $6
Mi-s. Potts Brons
in sots of live pieces
l-hiii ami NU-ke.l Plated
A-l* to see onr New Sail Iron
Sl EBBiotf
rutioi. ._._ _.--. _.  .  „ 	
thli^lia/'LtiWj it"ihaii appear to "the
t  If ui
Under  th.. «i/«m»w, sk vuaa>i   ia|>|n,<iar mi
Uasutate. Ju»tUn of the I-nai<e, or other •■mn-
peleut authority before whom »uoh Inforinn-
iiou U heard that the wariiinii mentloniid in
•eetion Four(4) bei«oi ha* l«a duly kIv«ii Iu
tbe manner therein iWecribeil, ami thnt tlm
offence baa been rep»»ted, miiIi Mnautfun-,
Jautloe of tbt 1'eau or other coiii|iet«nt
thqrlty may impoM a line not ext-eediiiii
v* Ikiliarf (Ift.OO) for each otTetice with i'i»tn
uuoa nuuli wnild or upon tbe parent or a-uar-
dlan of the laid child and In default of pay.
or tnardian tliall become liable to Imprison
— 1 for • period not em-end In** Mil ni)  *
t'poa any proeeoution nnderthtali)
tk# ♦vld*nee nf any wlliii-aa tb.it 1^ tbw I«.t
Inotextieedinir Hli mi ilav«.
  that tal thw b«»t
of bU or ber Jmurinent any per<ou, with
reference to whom any eui-fi proonciktion U
belufbroucbl, U a jier««n under Ihe ajre of
Uf Mi
tfonrUanyearikbalfbe prima facia in-noft hat
>uch per»oi.» i» und*r the axe ol F"*iK«*n
WAT. and nhall ea»t upon tbu defendant th«
onueof provinKlhal.uili ilnld le of itraaler
Tl'iU By-Law to
evenlat of the I It I
^ come into effeit on the
Ittb Imt.
rnKm-mTm ^A*mmm,,.„^mtmamA\ l^k»,w.(l>»  P^^fca*^^,fm*Wm\I) | \ \ \ B»"■»■.._„_^a*■ tat 111111 l^aumm^^_..^m^mmm\ ^mmmmnr.- ^.ew™** m*^m**a*Hmmm**^mm* f
r | 94MmW4to99909M«miQ**e*^ fjf
1 Picadilly Clothingf
XI «0t—7—9—etiqt»»ttft—0t»»»i^nn§mit»f O
f\ ;just opknk!) n\ )Q(
iter Shirts, Over- M
Ltnccl Umlor*     ii
Heavy Fall and Winter
alls, and Fleece-
wear for Men." Fino
Selection of
Jjj Gkas. Richards. Fernie
KHj^lf  H.^^^_^ ^^^^_m*"-''*mi^mm_mQ ^^mm_mmrH «*|>^^| Ilii j aa^^B t"m^Amm1t 'I'll' AAa^AaP'1 ''"•~^^m—mt m^^^m 1^----*
•Met Um etptraiion ol s«day* from ilil.tUi*.
lo» an Hotal llM*ea ttivter <h* |.#**t»".t»»* ef
Ike MHtMklMf I'tattiaM AH." to "mII .v.iiiluu...
li^aore In tW " WaUorf,'- eltnaie on l-.t. H
aiial l&,>iaeh ll, ferule>w*aite.
IHatott tbe tnb day of X..v«ml*r, l«»t
Wff.l.MM miJM.
II C TUftVtai
'»♦ iHuttriam i'khuhm una j uroci IlJiifif-rtern!
of Winen, IJqnora and Cifan.
IMttrirt Asrwit* for
i'omrnery Oitm|Mi^n«
jumI ^clilifir Ik^-r
iMmibmten of
tti4ini>ermia nud
Ituar-iArt < "lustre
r«RNii,  mo.
.,.,i«,   ..Wn^i.iu    ll,ailr.i.ltc     tmtH^MHi I kk^-p,
w*,.a»-.»*.'«•.* u, i.'^i'i m«». i.uinvi.iKk:* in.     ..The Mj.„ic SnHnR nnd Oilier Ta!«
j ia Ii«*tli»jt ioo f-iiihluMy, UN? rwuli i» U Western Ufo," by D. W. I%f li».
|,,|4 to 1* ounUti. Uornmty tpenUtr of iht B. C. l»gl*N.
AyoonKjapawH' naval  officer «»• h„re, for ««le nt ni«iMltll*s Prwcrlpilon
. trrtift-.t   a   f'.nrittv-vn h-tl    In   V...'.t'T   •.. A   , .
„,„_„ w,,...,.„.,. a  ,,,„,*, .„,,». , jW.W^>'iWlt.       1J%Vt'%tlOO)    •IHallalHIlWl   III
lit?   j.i»Kva   «iver.ii   in«K«  wiiit   uw  || Ct adwenlnr* fbouHd raid this book,
lUiKhur of an Amcriuin C»n*ult and „, evCfy !ftcMen| ,„ |f h tmniitioniact
t-xortsial hi* admiration thu*: .....       . .
',.     , ,, ,., H«-— I «H»n I urukreland tomr *>tlrav>
*'\ <»u dan<« swttilr, mi*i; j«i>,i like ,   ., , . ,
ag.tnct?!   Ilcfore w* were marricU you
'had  the f*r*iliilw*n  ol
I A.
Eight Vitw* of Fernie.
Jh-atitifnl work, anil thf
(nti-wliati C^it of Arnii on
tut'h nnp. fVnf liv mail for
"25 it-nt.*.
J.    PURDY    &   QO.Uw u^wiUhti kmkiwy iw umi*.
.t di^»."
j    The elephant iu hi» \*Um »)«'#|«*,»-.i-iH»nk-al! Sha^-aweetl*)
»i.n!v nvi» lirinr* n nl;»h», mwl »>w» «M/-r
Kri rtnf
•Hut you for-
;*.-», ,f.».if( th:,t K'-fa-y «-e «vre niurrfcii
1 m'uiit't tmt the tttooM).
!He.rt»w*«r—Yon  miy ymr *l*»i»r!
wlllbedown In it raJnot*. Willie?'
Thill* food iwwt. I tbotifht r*rh*|*
iht wanted to h$ exetued, «i the did
tha other day.
■*♦ iu it)—;*tn wm utim.   a juuy »m . u
I)uh*wfty—What did yon do?
WUIle>-I Mid you were aootber
fellow I-London Tit Itlu.
What Is It?
Why It's
The Painter
Well. Parker to a ml* t»M». unjrhow,
tmid Herm#*«T. He It. wtltf l>«<vli»vf
bat 1 wttfet aoroe tma fit* tun Up com
Mammm_MmmmW smW jMkjLgWl*' _-%* J_%JAJA-a_m _-** JAflm\_^m*mmW _***   m^LW M  -mm. *1AmmM.mmm^. eja... mAmJAmA *Am*.  .mmm..m^m.ja» ._*•■*-    -mm.    «A am..-
| Henny 6t jvIaeLteori r4


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