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The Ledge 1904-11-23

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Editor and Financier
j    PEC 1.1904
■ %x->RiA, is. °:
You will become like
Solomon If you read
The Ledge regularly.
Volume XII., Number 7
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
*jv /1* a-v* «*Sv /N a*!* ^i> <Iv rt* ft* ft* ft* ft* ^Jv^^^I^i-rvi^^-^fj-j^^j^^jji
8. F. Wallace and wife visited Mor-
risuey thl8>'eok,
Jack Scott is almost ready to retire
from thoihospital.
|,kI[ you live out of townilRend 15 cents
to this oflice for a copy of Float,
Mrs. tT. ..Whelan returned' Friday
frotn^aiWeek'SjVistt to (friends ,in Cranbrook.
Jim iMoran' isi pulling up stakes at
New Denver and moving to Goldfields,
Mr. Ennerson hasbgono to Spokano
for ton days, Ho wont over the Great
The greatest typographical triumphs
west of theKed river aro turned out
in this oflico.
Kenny*&'4MacLe6d aro showiusr their
numerous customers a lino line of goods
Justin from tho East.
Bring; your job printing; to this oflice
and see tho lights' glimmer on the
golden shore of satisfaction.
Harry Cotton, the popular railroad
cook is leaving Fernie lor Kalispel,
where ho will open a restaurant.
On Saturday Mrs! Wells died in the
hospital. She leaves a husband and
two young daughters to mourn her
Ilev-Geo. H. Find'ay of Fort Steele
occupied the pulplt,.of the Fertile Pros
byterian church last Sunday, Rev. A
Dunn filling the Fort Steele appointment, .■*.',-
 Mr. Monihan ia in town on a short
Tho bachelors gave ti [ball in Fomie
last night.
Light your Ore with old newspapers
and buy them at Tub Ledgk office.
John Anderson is'rapldly recovering
from the effects of a broken log.
The Thanksgiving Jsocial' in tho
Methodist church wasi a pronounced
On Thursday ovoning "the Odd Fellows will hold their semi-annual election of officers.
In street improvements ihe corporation'of Fernie appreciates tho line
Italian hand.
Iu Nelson, D. J. Robertson & Co, are
kept busy shipping furniture to all
parts of the country.
For lack of a quorum the council did
not meet last week, The next session
is on Friday evoning.
Mrs. McNeith, of Elko, who has been
ill fn the hospital for the past ten days,
will return to Iter homo today.
,,'J. W. MacLean is building a house
oil Victoria avenue. Wheni finished it
will be occupied by Mrs. Rennie.
Fred Waylott fjearne in yesterday
from lotrolia, Oi>t.,gto take a position
with his brother in-law, W. J. Bluadell.
Those with a tendency to matrimony
should get their wedding* stationery at
tbis oflice. Wo give a blessing with
every order.
The Fernio Drug Store has an excellent stock of books suitable for the
Christmas pre8entatiQn-tra,de_-Intend'
visit before leaving for his homo on tha
coast, He was formerly a partner of S.
F.Wallace in .tho Maryayille .Lumber
company.        ,
Mi'., •McLaughlin will wed iMish Ida
Subec in the Catholic church this evening, Miss Isabel McDougall will bt
bridesmaid, while Joseph Ryan will act
as best man. j
„ Saturday was payday in Fernie, and
many a dollar found a now owner. The
editor of this paper wns introduced to
several and recognized thorn hy thoir
resemblance to one ho found iu New
During tho past week Fernie has had
Bomo naturnl weather. The Hist hiio*
of tho season spattered tho city on Saturday, hut tho rain canio back again
and made tho beautiful look like the
soul of a delliuiuont subscriber.
After sticking typo for Ifonr weeks on
Fernlo'a loading excitement, Sain
Brokonshlro has gono hack lo Uossland,
where ho can talk to his girl over tho
'phono without getting hi* feet wot
hitting the pike in Canada's golden city.
George Tempest was Iu town this
weok, making it 'easy for his partner
In the city todny. Tempest has his
upper itopo well timbered, nnd looks nt
life In a way that menu* "standing
room only'- before his days Am ended.
John Mcintosh, tho man who lost hit
eyesight in en explosion At the Knob
Hill twine, Phoenix, eoino timo ago,
retried hit watch In Ferule Monday
evening*. Colo Murchlson won Ihe
watflh and returned It to Mtdntoih.,
Tho proceeds amounted to about |7o.
F. A. Watlo's Bt-ggnr Prince company will produce (hie evening In
Stork's opera house tho operatic comedy
"Lt Mascott." It li ono of the fun-
• idee! comedies on tho stage, and the
company playing It Iu Fernio Is ono ol
tho beet that ever increased laughter
along tho Crow line.
Young men nhutihl not wait until
marriage More Insuring their live*.
They ihotihl remember that whon hold*
Ing an endowment jtolley In tint Mutual
Life of Canada every year bring*
nearer the time when they will receive
tbe principal In full and the profits,
Call on Mrs. Harrl* at tho King Kdward
hotel K you whh to iinmro in thin great
company, which I* owned and con
IrelM hv thormlli-v holder*.
Geo. Hambly Is.now a resident of
Mrs. Kerfoot left on Monday to visit
friends in Vancouver.
Bruce White is examining the Morning claim on Rapid creek.
Al, Houston is back from Trout Lako
and is again at the Mother Lode.
Fred J.Hassen, floor manager for the
young people's dancing association, left
for Cranbrook Monday.
It is reported thnt a deal hns been
made for the Marquis and Gilbert properties, but no definite statement hns
been made by those principally concerned.
0. B. N. Wilkic, P.IL. S , is at Rapid
creek surveying the* Broken Hill mineral claim for C. T. Porter. It is reported Mr. Porter! intends doing considerable development 1 work 011 this
property^the coining winter.
Manager Cochrane of the Great
Northern Mines, accompanied by B.
Crilly,iia looking over tho company's
property here. All are auxiously waiting for the decision of tlie full court on
the appeal in.lthe Rutherford vb. Mor-
His'Honor Judge Leamy of Grand
Forks held county court in Fernie lio-t
Friday with the following lvsults:
Calgary Cattle Co. vs. Joseph Smith.
Smith ordered to Hay $10 a month.
Crow's Nest Trading Co. vs Joseph
Smith.   Referred to tho registiar.
Blazy Ossust va. Fred Brydy. Judgment for plaintiff.
Pollock Wine Co. vs. D. Alton, Judgment for plaintiffs.
Trites-Wood & Co. vs. A McQtiistoti
idg buyers should look in early.
A man from the territories came into
Pernio last weok looking-for a fruit
ranch. Ho probably thought we raised
bananas like theyalo in Cranbrook.
J. C. Carruthers of Nolson was, in
Fernie last ,weok isolling* tho;!Winner
brand of union. made garments for
miners. He reports business^!brisk In
his lino overy wherein the coal regions.
Tho local Union of tho .United
Brotherhood of Carpenters nnd Joiners
of America has botweon forty and fifty
members. The union has given notice
to contractors that thoy will ask for an
ulght-hourj day,'/,coii.nionelng! April 1,
1005 with existing rate of wages.
K. A. Bryn, of Nanton, Alberta, was
in Fernio this weok visiting his sister
and brother. He Is'inanager for W. R.
Hull, ono of the largest stock owners In
tho west. Hull has 14,000 head of cattle growing fat on the ranges of Alberta.
Mr. Bryn reports business good In Cat-
gary and other cow camps.
J. H. Pollock has returned from a
trip to Portland. Ho found tho (lowers
blooming and the grass green In that
city near tho sua. Tho buildings for
tho Lewis ami Clark fair aro well under
way, and the citizens have thoir roses
ti ni ed to bloom on tho 1st of Juno, the
day upon which the Fair opens.
A. Good, from Crow's Nest hailed this
ollice on Friday, nud stated that his
town was higher up than Fornle and
already hnd two Incite! of snow. He
expects a largo Influx of people In tho
«priu£ on tin-it nay to tho Flathead.
Mr, Good tills many offices In hla town
from being mayor lo teaching n das*
1111 Sunday.      	
TuilgThenfTor plaintiffs with claim for
$40 exemption allowed.
E.G. Hazel vs. W.II Wilson. Judgment for plaintiff.
W. K. Campbell vs. Philip Carosolbi.
This was an interesting caso for ^it.7.20
worth of cement. It was not settled, ns
ono more witness hnB to bo examined
before a decision can be rendered.
Trltes-wood & Co vs. Mike Pahara
Judgment for plaintiff.
A. Fortln va. Chas. Fulljatnos. Stood
■  F. W, McRao vs. A. D. Mcllao Lumber Co.   Judgment set aside
Zh.UI, Gambatth & Fnlconi, vs F. I).
Alexander.  Judgment set aside.
Sing Song vs. Marie McDonald. This
appeal wns set ovor until next court.
Eugene company. Messrs Sloan and
Young own" several, valuable claims adjoining the Alice mine. According to
Mr. Sloan's report the Alice1 bits, two
year' ore blocked out nnd tho future Of
the "mine is becoming brighter every
Mrs. J. B.Rudd lias taken a lease on
the Adam boarding house nt the Fernie
mine nnd will tako possession on December 1st. Mr. nndlMis T. H. Me-
Farhtiie will have charge of the .ranch
during Mrs'. Radii's absence. Mr&
Ilutld. will, give a big dance in her
boarding house on the evening of Nov,
BOth^which she extends an invitation
to everyone, ■      x
Mining in tlie Coetir d'Alene district
iu Idaho.has- been carried on for the
pas'i 20 years and some ofitliOjbeet prop
erlics havo'bceii ojenetl up only within
the last five years. The person1.who
says that Moyie will novor ho any more
than a one mine town does not know
what he is talking about. The Movie
campjisiabout seven years old and it
lias the biggest dividend paying mine
in-the province uud a half dottcu other
properties that will be ruiiuing it a
close race within aivery^few years.
Tho Two Yellows.
Are the placer and].hydraulic mine?
of Atlin to ibe worked by Chinamen?
That isjthA question. Negotiations are
going 0,11 at present for the.'shipinent of
lifly Chiuameu.to;.that.,camp. Mongolian labor was tried two or three, yea is
ago in those'tliggings, but the Mongol-
ware driven out of the country as they
were earlier in the Yukon. Conditions
are different now, however. It has
uomotna question of cheap develop
ment, and in some cases cheap develop
ment or noNlevelopment at.all.
Tottoxro, Nov. 23.-Tho Ontario
government hat been roconitractod.
Hon. J. 0. Ollwon resigns tho attor-
iioy-goiiorulship, hut roiimlus in the
cabinet a minister without portfolio.
(From thu ll«rulil.)
Cranbrook today Iibb a water-works
system that is not surpassed in the
Fred Hozon returned Thursday from
Poplar Creok where ho has been prospecting this'suinmur.
0. II. Bartiey and wife leave about
December 6th for a three month's trip
to Edinburgh, Scotland.
Dr. J. II. King received word this
week that^hha'fathei', Senator King, ol
Chlpinan, N. IL, was quite ill and Ihe
doctor left for the old homo this afternoon.
Mr«. F. J. Bradley, who lias been
coiiHiiimI at Ht Eugene hospital for the
pant two mnntho with an nttavfc of typhoid fever, Is now on tho fair road to
Invitation* have been Issit-vl fur tin
marriage of Miss Caroline llerllm M.^f
and Mr. \V. F. Gurd which ia to maw
on Wednesday. November Both, 1 p. m.
at Christ Church.
Mrs. T. IL Whelan and Mrs. A. P.
Chnuettt, of Kendo, are the ant-nts of
Mrs Geo. Gougron al the Imperial lintel,  (<ast evening Mrs  liongt-nn gave
Payday of the Ciow'sNest Pass
Coal company was on Saturday,
and Sl;.'i-j,f(Hi was pnid. to the
miners who work in the collieries
tributary tn Fernie, The amount
paid nt each icollieryjwas as follows:
Coal Creek S(ll,500
Michel  -10,500
Carbonado  21,500
It is expected thai this payroll
will constantly increascfrom now
on, owing to the fact that tho
(Jreat Northern will commence
next mouth in draw Fernie coke
nud coal to the smelters of Mon.
tanaond other plncts.
Prof.'IL D. .Brock, ot the Dominion
geological survey, who has already
spent several weeks examining and
sampling the Snowshoe for the interests of the proposed merger of that
property with the Lo Roi and War
Kagle-centrc Star mines, will probably
proceed to Rossland to examine and
report upon the other miues in the,
proposed consolidation, in another ten
days. Phoenix Pioneer
W. A, Gtilliher and Duncan Itoss
Kamloops. Nov. 23.— Returns from
Yale-Cariboo indicuto that Duncan
Ross, Liberal is elected by a small
majority, probably about 100.
Nklsqn, B. C, Nov. 251.'--Returns
received give Gallihei* 1,377 votes,
Mackintosh 907, and Baker 32.-3.
In Fernie Gallihcr polled Mil votes,
Mackintosh 81, and Baker 30,
Baker hud a majority in Coal
Creek, Michel and Sandon.
Gtilliher had a majority of 8 over
Mackintosh in Rossland, and 205 in
Nelson. '	
Percy Porter, who was operated: on
last Friday in the hospital fo.t appendicitis, is doing well.
The body of John Brindac was found
yesterday morning, not far from where
Uraiinnan was found Saturday night.
Ho ie the last of the victims of the late
disaster to be taken from the mine, and
will bo buried by the side of nis comrades in the Fernie cemetery.
The mines at Carbonado are very
rich, owiug'tn the enormous width oi
Friday Last at Carbonado Colliery by an Outburst
of Gas   One Alan Escaped.
One of those mine horrors which occur in mining camps, t-ppecially In coal
mines, and to avoid which'no ordinary precautions can be taken, happenod at
Carbonado colliery, about'eleven miles from Fernie, on Friday ' last. About
midday a gas blow-out occurred, killing fourteen men, all that were iu the mine
at the time.   Following is the list of those killed:
William Jenkins.- Riatticenian.
Louis Kraker .Miner	
Mike Gustik  Mule Driver,
Patrick Boyle...;.
Anthony Pechntk.
Wenzel Veverka...
Martin Knyzseky.
Peter Tahney......
.Married.. . .Knglish
.Married Hungarian
..Single ..Hutigaiian
.Single, American
.Single..... ..English
. Married. Bohemian
..Single .itoheniinn
.Married Hungarian
Single... ....English
.Married Bohemian
.. Bohemian
..Single .,
Ilouiidui'.v Mining Noti-H.
Utehtord l»cc«not attorney-general, | a tUuotig party a. the hmrf in bon
and ia replaced a* commbadoner of j
jmhlle work* by Hoo. \V. A. Charlton. Mr. Stratton'a lucceteor (a Hon.
(J. P. Graham, Mr. IXivls la toe-
ceeded as ewimlMloner of crown
land* hy Hon. A. J. McKay.
Mukdk-v. Nov. 25J.—The Japanese
ur oi
hergtiostji, and thouo prewnt had »
mott i'ny>y»lil« tlm«
The North Star hotel hat been mbt
under mortgage, and Harry llrew hi»
secured control of tame ami will remain In ehnrgti Mr, lirew It reenu
nixed an one of tl.o bent hotel nn-n in
(hvlng to the shortago.of water, work
hni;het-n temporarily tiiispeiided at the
I'hiima mine.
A force of about 1-20 mon* is now employed at the Ituwhlde, Hi'iioklyn nod
Stemwiuder mines,
The Hunter V. mlii'», near Yuilr, i-<
sbippiuit daily to the t Jranby, as well ns
to the Northport ami Trail Hatchers,
Thai I>i,minimi (upper Co. in nhip.
ping ore from the Brnotiivn and St«*m-
wluder dinnps to the Trail smelter, box
and ciinl tars being umi| fur that pur
A" a n-aitilt of the ti-cent Mrike oil the
Providi'iice, re|iorie<l in tbe-ie colnusnu.
work nun been Mailed en ihe Corona-
lion by 11. V. Fuller, udjoliiini; the
The new utrike on the IVovideace !«.
ihIiI to be. nf 110 I,ilii- inipnilniK't', tin-
lend having ben opi-n «d tip for tot) fuel
Up the hill I'lireiine. lleriniMly t.ow
liinabniit hi ineti.il work on tbN |nop-l
erty. 1
Thw I.ncPo I>f*-yfu«a-mim- near linn I
! Villi!, UU tin-   M-*ilVtttlli|l,   liiai   I a»uuieai j
operalioiw wilh a forti! of muiio li men:
4iii| i-« now |i!iip)iini» nre t" the tifniibj- |
iiinelter.   Tlii* pf<t{wity i« Mtu<itid only
duced cheaper there than at any other
colliery along tho Crow. The miners
killed were taking out boiler coal.
Owing to tho danger to (life in working No. 1, the United (Mine Workers
will do all in Iheir power to prevent
men from working in it until some still
unknown means aro discovered to pre.
vent tho outbursts of gas.
A local boxing contest Monday in
the Opera house, gnvo satisfaction to
a merry tiutllenco.
Development work nt the mines of
lite Canadian.American Coal and Coke
Co,, at Frank, ia being pushed ahead
as fast as possible and not only is it producing n hti'iin amount of coal for shipment hut preparations are about com*
plntcd for moro than doubling its
present output.
At tho old working)), tho main entry
which in now in on the coal seam 7000
feet, Rome (IW), tons of coal Is being
shipped daily, Here I he Company have
established flrreeiiR aud coal picker so
thnt this coal Is both freo from rock and
dust and consequently of Iho best quality for both donn-sUc am) stentn jntr-
The gallows frame over the new
shaft, near the railway, is completed
and this sludt will soon be ready to be
come one of the mail) coal producers id
this company, The machinery in now
all installed In tho new power bonne at
 Mule Driver	
 Mule Driver	
 Miner ,
......Miner's helper ..,
.......Miner's helper...
Anthony Brindac  .Miner	
Albert Johnstone ;.. .Miners helper	
Joseph Sucliy. Miner's helper....
James Oreunmau Minpr	
John Brindac.............. Miner's helper....
A gas blowout like this was never known before in the history of coal mining
As a rule a blowout gives Mtfllciont warning to allow the men work-inn to escape
to the outer air. About a year ago an explosion occurred in this mine that
killed four men, nnd all but two might have escaped as the blowout gave
svillicient warning to get away from it. At that time the level was filled with
1,500 tons of fine coal after the outburst. The amount of coal ground to powder
last Friday was very much greater. From the face back a distance of 100 feet
the main level is filled from roof to floor with powdered coal 7 feet hi-'li and P
feet wide. "
When the, gas commenced .to blow the men grabbed their clothes and lunch
buckets and started to run along the, main level to tlie month of the mine 2.000
feet away. At a distance of 500 feet the gaa caught them and they died iu four
minutes face downwards. At the time a fan was driving ToioOO cubic feet of
air per minute into the- mine. The -as drove tbis back and it was 35 minutes
airway, wan Btill full of deadly vapor.
John^Darey was fixing a ditch at the mouth of "tho tunnel when he heard a
noise like a string of coal cars -joing off the track. He hurried into the tunnel
with a view of helping the mule driver when his .'lantern went out before he had
gonesten feet, lit* at once retraced his steps and gave the alarm. Mine Manager
Simister and everal others went to work as>oon as possible and rescued bodies
in a short time, with the exception of (ireenmnu and Brindac. On Saturday
evening Carecnman was found, but up to Monday tbe body or Brindac had not-
been found.
The burial of the thirteen men took place in Fernie on Sunday afternoon. The
funeral was headed by the Italian band playing tho Dead March, while following
the rough wagons carrying their tleadlcomrades to the Jong shift in the cemetery were scores of friends and fellow workmen, and those to whom the disaster
brought the greatest aorrow-Um widows ami children. The procession was a
sad oue as it slowly wended its way through tlie rain, and impressed many a
spectator that the veil between the activity of life and tho stillness of death is so
thin tbat'at any moment it may be lorn aside, leaving Hhe weeping widow with
her broken heart, and the children crying f„r tho father who never returns, It
is the living and not the dead who suffer by death.
In No. I only twelve men are usually on shift. At tho fatal moment thero
were fourteen men, and nono i-.M-,t| nl. Pat Boyle was working an extra shift
driving iinules. W. Jenkins had stepped out of the mini, to o,l< the manager
about a job for hi* son Ho was returning .-uul was in iion iwx when the fatal
draft struck him, and his body was the lirst taken out. His wife and family |,a,l
arrived two days ago from F.nglaiid. They are left in fairly good circumstance*,
as; Jenkins was a tbiilty man. The. disaster lelt ; widows and tl children to
mour.i the loss of husband and father. The wives and families of Kracker ami
IVchiuk are not in very good ciri-uiiiHtanccttauil .tin* United Mine Workers will
xupply them with Ihe noi-e^nrii"- of |ift>.
The big tunnel at the Rambler is pro
graining favorably,  it   now   being   in
the shaft and everything ready to start j about i:mh feet    The present contract
-.ir-.   Thu lonii-ar.y are touttmpUtiiig |«d j:aa) {•-..; hi..,,.id !«-. ii,i,«.i., >i *\,imt ibe
the erection at coke ovens In the spring middle ni April.
and aUn figuring nn «ecuring tho erec '    ....     ,,,,..        ., , ,
..       ,     "      '*,.      ..... Ihe IHI l-ox near   .Mt-'iiiiguu   b»f»
tion of a a nc smelter at that pace, ,.      .  .,   ,„,,     , ■     ,.     „,.
,„, .,   ,,, ' „.     shipped out sunpliei lo work a forn- all
flu-town luelf Is progress tigstettdilv     , . ,, .,,.,.- . .     .
.   , . ,  ,    , .        .'    winter.      Neil   iii-ihutir  at.d ta,-urge
mil the volume of  bu-uncp* done   by,,     , „ ,.  . , ...
' i lleiidi-r-itn   will   tistve  cbai'-.'f   of   thi-
Frank inerchaiitH is slendlly on the In-
cr«a«e With a company pay roll of
over IV> men and a pionibte of a large
nnrnane In that number ha-siden the
pi'ispi'tt of a smelter and other enter
priies the hiidiioM men of Frank are
iwmia than miiti'li'tit In lite futnr* pron.
perily nf th# town ~ Itlairmore Thnett.
work,   They do inrt i-tpi'i-t to
*|irlnga* il en-Is too mm h In K
trail .i|*ii all winter.
Ihi' V/'lllllUtll (,'iltl ll-H .1
at work, but wilt soou In
<to«L'f, n. if t» aa, «Sni.,.| ,,,;;
hip  till
'■|«  the
the  winter
Tji.-> h.v
elevi'M i-"ir>i "' 'ir«' III1* -tu i
brnllifbt ill I hi* tl<-ii'l.|t.»rln.ii I ■><   *!<>
Ill O.toba-r the HIiKati tuiuci thippa-d ! k.ti««-atn i.tarn*.   Tin« .mie-i ■, wi.t j
IVtituio*.   tif thin Akl loiu   wan titicJMMy l« t n cunrarl I -r lln> uinti-r.
11.ill  new
"l    llln'
..'-!■•   1m4,
.'    »l).)|'|H'a|
■:'     aaliirl,
• 1
TllJaana »ia aiaaas ata   ai.ai   ...-/.a   ii»h;i   im,-ii   in i
the country and hie many friend* will »**»« «««■ »«•--•• ••»•-« «»•• «--«»«-'»
m4<4*mv4m,4*A    atxtj **H>
R. Rlimiihaa movwt from Ihe Um < vt-.mTif.r 17 :vthH^ un) juv t I'JJiwJh-
parary quartern made newman* by the: J jiiUf^rtcnod.
fire, Into a flae itore In the A, Heck
to fh«ri»#*if *bi-bii»^ tbM  br  bn-
under lease for the pa*t few year*.
block. Aa a baker and confectioner he
hae few .equals along tin- Crow, and
«n*%M » »na»rl»1r*- i%f e*)l-ij fc.r .„,,,» T1^,«
parti««. Hit cellar it tit/a-.l witi. th«*
cketorat Okanagan upptf**, and at fires-
eat he it bu*y tonipoundiiig rcripei for
ChrUtmae eakM that will bring j-iy tn
Vauih,  Xuf. 23.—It ia report«d|
that tho aooond divUton of tho Baltic I
*1nA»   An    tfu   tiria.   |»il,« l.,.t'..it,..l
received infraction* to avoid the
IXajrifer Itank. ,„_
I^»w)K, No?, 23. —Japan la buy
The IvAiihue U uhipping 2-*i ton* nf
zinc to (Un hdor Itro* , >[wiliaiii'.  foi
a  »,  ,.,;.,..   »l ,,,..,,1
.d-'-tcnii-vj.. iu   :,V -'u.t.      - .,• .,!iV  i„  ■ '     ,!u^l,^;iV-b  lun-'i,-   f|.,|„    V ., '„   '<■
Mbltijt* 1oU- «t.»t1i-l  -'t-iiih'  a   7'»i   fun! | M"\b' wbffiabe bsii nci-epted a j>n>i!!i.>ii
) liiiiin I. it force of li nia'ii i» to !«•   ke(»t I * lib the St F.ii«a-iii-
bn«y and t».# new mirtiliia-ry »ill ».«oi!    fj,,, \\\w ftir,| j, VAfnn. ,\ltwn „ or
Tl a* t'.k>!M-   lol-   !,\t i.d   the    '.»..! l.u.i;
, between Ihe Nn. ">-iii'l  *»'i.   ..'   Ii-\il<li
\ Mi-**i»  lbo»o 3ai;«i Smith, tbe biti- fun-
;*#.*..   *«. .     a >■*■>*.■ " ' * ,   '  ' . ....        I.I.H       1,1
The American hoy is looking very-
welt l» in reported that they have
made i. nJnke of 17 incln * of line grade
,ii i*. i liey have a couple of cars reudy
for #b!)iiii'nt. Tiny have rebuilt their
'if.t.Uiwti.Mv. .Hid ure now tu uliapo lor a
'teady wiiitin'* work,
A il-i-iib-d imjiriivenient b.-u takaMi
I lien in tin* long driit at the Calumet
run! Ilnia, which property piiimUes to
liiike Hlie of the bent milieu of Springer
I'n elk At Hie «-!»*o of hi-* week the
(nlVf-tn-ll. Iiml widened out to tlifee Ja't't
•>( mi nnl ore, and the ground win getting Milid. Iur the tune being W He.
omit l» w mkiog alone mi the proportr.
I'l.rri.it ih iiidii.
A.,. idio^ ti ,* iii»|»ich from J-air-
i»ui).". Ibe chief city nl tlm Tati«n* di«-
uut,nwn>K in h j.;i'iiarai »bi>rt»g«» of
-ill.phi-it, the re-iilt nl n heavier iiillnt
tli.ui   v»»»  »-V|n-tt«-«l, price*
lei i'n •»',»",• . '',-.i-.i i- I
Wi.liJtMv  II ail
I la-nf   «|HIIl5»ll V ti' '111 '
a-lil,Iei,ib it i f I'.,
I'vmlittet t^ t.tfitt
'lim rif.a
!•»♦       I,   ,!■•
4  I
'I.     'thi-tf
many a home.    Ilia confections will in* w*5**,h **** « OantHlf.  One pur-
•aittty any tweet tootha in the coal eh«* ol ft thoeaand torn U reported,
wctropoiu. l and either orders have been {daoed.
¥nm it* t#«al*f fbeweiva-at aavt-r the «.r*';tt   Na.rtherra! n{ „,,,x\\\* week.   Tbern aio four   men;    'n„.ltl:;i„„.„M,,i,
rv*r. i(.-Tr-.,- ,-...,. -t. .     i . .   >      i   ' t, '
■• -    -i i    • '-■'   ■•■*""■•• i 'i- '•*■.. * ■«. •.».< hi '- »,i.»,fi-r.;i. ; ting in tabu'* ii»r lii.i »i,-
trail* and bridge* lor Ih* .Ibttkt  h|   Ttn mennwa n}!.ni*.i at  the  Sky      The Idaho mill at Alamo h*i re«tiriM-d luo »?•«» m lh»- h-U* *«   rri*.*M «r,-t
hereamlb'uiiuiwrneinen lo *>ik ntti^tk under Foreo.an  Uowe, «i.<l tho*#'niilling again, after a temporary flint  put king K *«td troiog nn.    The ., .|. »t
Moyie'*  etreeta  maknif   many tnth |hiten»»t.-.| «ra» i»t«r»llv pbn^.| al ihejdown owinsrto the ermhrr breaking   ti.-oer< Uns>- never «em ibe *w,w  ludil
needed repair*. jexreSb-m ort> Wiii^ t.nki-n out  of th* Tin1 inin* l« looking in firil cUm »|,»|m> „t< wloiif in iba^r f»o».!li-,tiiifi.    *-tmw
W. P. HitMii. waale MrtyiofromCr«»-|l<>*er waking*at!thymine.    ,\»-iir nf • ami tbfre wai never more ore In thv nf iha- ndll*ar«-Miffrring from totti.it,,>
tonthla weak t^iiw W*par*n«*r, O.  h. f on* i# n'-nfr fo i.e ->-nf .oi fn the mo,-It • »\A\m than ut pretvtu.   Tlu'.;, tti-.-. <et■ 1 aaUi Va; ».U. *..,'..j,,, ,.-i,„.,j,n \„ ,.p
' ting unite a bit of clean ore. I «rat« with.
M. Vouof, who ia employed by the H' er early neit w«*#k.
to i .null io i-nrrv over the  Willler  \t I*
te>t niiiikely tbat the old HawMin *tnry
• >l ultiiiull* piu-a-d lor tin* mori* ili-licnta*
article-i will I'i' tii«e.ileil lii-fure tipring.
\1    T;», ..,., *     .'i: »',.    r,.a ',  <»    -i»   *<i ,■    . • .
(morel, m.'tl 'ai i» *." a i-.i»«" aii't **n«b*-'»
*l* Tl---r<- **>tm-- t-i be * »Ei&f*;i^*i *»f
|K't»p>», for Unl tiiiiiiiii»lily coiiunaiid*
li .V) a ji.siinl, l'rc*i< t-eniiail «ytt«»r*
*'a n ran. utt-l fre-«b tn<-it*Are very high,
»t«-4k» *i-Hiii* *t i-,i,:*) a fx'iurKl. Kgg*
Hie v-i> "'MH-, atel ecu nn high an li."»
• t».*»f THE LEDGE, FERNIE, B.C., NOVEMBER 23,. 1904
The Ledge.
It, T. LOWKItY, Editor 11 ml Financier.
Tits Li'duk is jnilili!.lieir cvtiry'WVitiiii-nlivy
in Fernie, II.C, Tlio priiie is 'in your. Aalvur-
tisinu rates f-ivon ui.1011 uppiii'iitioii.
Last Thursday was Thanksgiving-
Day in Canada, and t:ie people ot
this Great Dominion were thankful
for the many blessings bestbwed
upon them by the Providence that
tempers the blizzard with the Chinook
when it blows against a flock of
closely shaven lambs. A little
thought shows us that wo have in
deed many things to be thankful for.
We are thankful that tlie Dominion
is not all Grits.   ,
We thank Jim Hill for shoving his
road into Fernie and giving us a
chance to sell more coal.
We are thankful thnt the shells
from Port Arthur do not drop into
our back yard and shatter the
We are thankful that Fernic|has
plenty,ot beans and bacon and that
no man need have an aching vacuum
in his stomach.
We  are   thankful   that    Fernie's
gtrnnla am !''V<*1   '-nml   thnt;   t,llB__dii?sir-
tho next four years along tho track of
thy Grand Trunk Pacilic.
pated snowslide can never wreck the
peaceful homes of this prosperous city.
We are thankful 'that the Coal
compauy always has the cash on
payday for the hard-handed and
honest miners who make its existence a possibility.
We ■ are doubly thankful that this
groat coal camp is free from strikes,
explosions or troubles of any kind.
We are thankluf that the elections
arc over, and the bung-hole ot the
. Grit pap-barrel plugged almost tight.
We are glad thut a low turies aro
still left in Canada to cheek the Grits
from giving away the entire works
to their poor relations, and them-
We are thankful that our job hook
is choked with orders, our bulldog
asleep nnd the black cow gone south
for the winter, whUo our hank account is gradually silling up and
taking a little nourishment.
Fott $2fi this paper is sent to any
address lor life.
In* Fornic the coke oven is mighty
and will prevail.
Within" ten years  I-enite may I hi
the second city of iiiii»)itm;cu in Hi it
iah Columbia.
A hnoii can never becnine a great
man ill the title sense ol the word
any more than a j-if kn ■••• fan i*Ii-hi^»»
itself into a Pullman car.
Till-, iiai is mined by hU own iii:*,
and the trickster by Ins own tricks.
This is why so tunny iKiliiiciuns in
Ontario tire tainted to spend their old
■go tn the |mcr-hoUf»e m jail.
Tin: olde*t thing <at eiuth in a ey-
presa tree, »'-,:.''■■ J year* «.!d. I'p t<>
now wc I bought the oldt-si'. thing on
earth wax the joke a 1 mm ilm inan
looking «iek htauw' he was luun
la the. L'n;t»d K:.»: -.■ ! i nearly
forty yean there have bi-.-n lew
great men hi piil-litr life. Tb■■• j rival*-
Jiitftles iu tbo Matin v*. hu hiv»-
aiMMed inillt'iiiA by legally r..ii'iutg
th»»    ?»a»»ifil«»      bftVO    Ibett-    li-ieW    ilmr-t
and nllevvrav* l*-4i">"<t bv t«ibM-
eian* seeking favors In the il-ty* of
old it was the strong poblie inn who
had the emwd nt thi» Kick «b*'r.
Mi\xh no more destructive than
nature. He goes to war with other
human, creatures, carves them into
small pieces, and destroys everything from virtue to government
bonds. Nature does the samo thing
without appealing to any international law. So it would seem that
war is necessary in order that man
and tho earth upon which he lives
will not be covered with rust and
moss. Nations, like men who never
struggle, soon get atrophy of the
muscles,,and are only fit for the soft
side of a grave. Action developes
character, evon if your nose occasionally looks like a collision with a
claret bottle,
The tendency ot indust.ial progress in the United States is favorable to the capitalists. The wealth
of the country is steadily concentrating in the hands of the trusts. This
is not a natural condition, and is
rapidly developing discontent among
the working classes, who, in the
main, are the producers of the wealth
that the capitalists are absorbing.
The working men can see no means
of relief but in organizing among
themselves. "ATiirTli^e^OTganila-"
tions are steadily assuming a dangerous character. The (negroes also are
dissatisfied. Taere are twelve rail-
lions ot them in the republic, and
though emancipated from slavery,
are generally treated with contempt
especially in the Southern States.
Under one pretext or another they
are mostly prevented from voting.
They won't stand it always. The
country is now enjoying a high degree of prosperity, but discontent is
seething under tho surface. Following the usual course of history in
Huch matters, the great republic is in
j view of a terrible civil war, and there
arc men now living who will have to
i face it.        __
when he was told he had better take
a walk to Tonopah, L-"8 miles distant.
In other words, ho got a dose of the
same medicine his father had been
so liberal in giving miners in Colorado. Colorado will recover from-the
effects of the civil war; but it will
take time to heal all the wounds-
Nelson Tribane.
A civil war has raged in Colorado
for u year between the Mine Owners'
association and the Citizens' Alliance
Jon   tlie  one sitlo sind tho Western
j Federation ol Miners on tho other,
i Tho one sido asked that the will of
; the peoplo bo cairied out by the passage ol an eight hour law tor men'
' working in mines and smelters; the
jollier side said that tho will ot the
i jieoplo should not be carried out, and
i having tho governor in accord with
llhclr views aeeiu'cd tho services of
;he   hlali)   inUtlht and proceeded to
break up the locals of tho Western
■ Federation of Miners.   The olllcers
of thut organization were arrested on
: trumped up charges, jailed nnd hull
'penned; and the rank and iilo were
iiibitiarily  dcjiutUid    fivm  Cripple
Creek and  TelhirSde.    Such  highhanded   actions,   whether by mine
owners' associations or I it I tor organ-
i/itions, i-iuld only havo ono result
in the liinl. and the end has come in
<■iiit.i-.tlo.   Tho governor who hired
the iu hilar v lorcoa of the state to tbe
Mine  Owners'  association   was defeated nl the (mils, and his nuitowIuI
>.)p.|n:lil,   win*   ia   iittgt-ly    il.UitaJt.tcd
in mines and null*, deciatva tho lawn
rf tbe sr.-itr- shall be f-nfbm-rt, but not
I'trbitrarilv through the employment
of the militia.   Mill owners In one
tll.-Hl .a.I _i | I'UIII Hlf J    JJ.lt U
There is a great deal of activity in
and around Phoenix at present. The
Greaf Northern railway has removed
the Union and Miners' Exchange
hotels out into the street and is driving piles for the crossing to the grade
on the south hillside.
Grading on the main line, spurs
and siding is being rushed.
The Great Northern railway improvements have cut up the town
very considerably, but its entrance
into the town means more than long
streets would. The bunkers up on
the hill on the branch to the Granby
upper levels are being rushed to
completion. At the mouth ot the
lower tunnel some extensive, crib-
work is being put in, and large ore
bunkers will bo erected where the
jail now stands.   Taken all in all we
-•»»»...,-v—u\*-t-vs—ww.. ~.-a.V*w... »—.huh .i.jiK     viw-
busy and as well as at present, The
Granby is running its lull comple
ment ot men, and the Montreal and
Boston are employing about sixty,
with prospects of early increase.
Phoenix stands to hold its position as
the'premier mining camp of British
Columbia, undisputed for a long
time.—Greenwood Times.
God never meant man to cook anything. Cooking is man's greatest
folly, and tho curse of his health.
Cooks aro not nocded on this earth.
Tho Lord made food, hut the devil
mado cooks.
So says Stewart McDougall, a
wealthy old resident of Brooklyn,
taking issue with Owen Meredith;
who closed a somewhat famous vorso
with tho lino: "But civilized man
cannot live without cooks."
From his mansion, which, with Its
grounds, occupies a -square block at
Forty-third street and First and
Second avenues, Mr. McDougall has
ousted all cooks and scullery maids.
His kitchen lire Is ns extinct as tho
dodo. Never an egg nor even a cap
ol coffee in now cooked for his use.
und ho Bays thero never will bo.
Mr. McDougall is 08 years of ago,
a widower, and formerly was prominent In Sonth Brooklyn society.
I am not a faddist, nor evon a
vegetarian, said Mr. McDougall.
For ono year now I have had thrco
meals u day and not a part do of
cooked food. I feci twenty year-
younger and today I am In bettor
health than I havo been in thirty
I eat anything I feci like, meat,
Huh and cereals. I liellcve the
chomlcul action In cooking poisons
mote or lem all cooked foods. Coffee
cooked Is Injurious, but colTeo raw
you will find to lie a beneficial and
healthful food.
(•od never meant that his ,ooditu!l»
nhntihl bo cooked. If I had my way
all the cooks In Now York would ho
shipped uff.   Then you would find all
This quaint old-style teapot is one whose popularity "age dolh not stale."
With   fine   SlcrlinfjT   lailvcr
mountir(!» ami .i")- mono-.
I'raiii,  wc M'H il for $10.00.
It lias a white,   (,'U/cJ to-
ir.ovuble "ntci-pcr,"
Ordering by mail means .
prompt and satisfactory [?•»
purchasing.     Send   for p
In Fernie, is a pleasant
home for all who travel.
Rooms reserved by wire.
T. Whelan, Manager
If you are looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting,-Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks or
months at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Rtege. Home cooking, and the finest beverages
in tho world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
fienry $tw
newiitarket Rote!
Hew Denver
QaeeRS Hotel
*$*   f$»   C$9   *$»
.. ■ «r     f     -r     f
Hotel..- '
Northern " ' '
Is one of Fernie's oldest and
best known hotels. The
Propi'ietor's name is.
Wm. Eschwig.
.4.        +.        4>        *.
«v|j *&> «|.) */j*
Pates  $ 1   a Day
This hotel is a home for all railroad and lumbermen.
Chenette & Ross.
GeRtral - HetelM
[t\ FERNIE (Jfj
o First Class in Every Respect n
Is the homo of all Slocan people traveling to aud from Poplar.
meals always beady.    McLAOHLAN BEOS., Props.
Will open next month with
46 First-Class Rooms
Everything Up-to-date
Tasty Meals,
Foreign and Domestic Cigars,
Pipes and Tobacco
Full lines of G.B.D, B.B.B.,
andV.D.T. Pipes
Abjoining  Fernie Hotel
Our Prices
are for those who wish to
Our Clothing is for those who
like to dress faultlessly.
Our Methods take care of the
money of the careful
And Our Guarantee protects
Would you like to buy clothing on that
basis 't Our clothing i'mi'i iu «,*<>i»-
ri-tllion witb anj-Jhini; **du..in.''
v\V would like you for a customer.
P.G. McLeod
>,i.Iii U\\   a'igllt
itt\r n?i  fr<*;T:'ii"!a
I .(.
ralLffiowt t.-iiicii and in* inv u i,' -i v <*>*
eotnes a tyrant,   r.-S.iii.»! jvii;,-.- ,ii«-
joit the same.   Who"»fbt->  i.:r,<• t».*i
muchf<Hvor iho r»*'h, i* aUi-^y- Un>
■time.   They j-mck th** fi-.-iil.i-rs mit
<A thi;   Jj'..i.«i!   w-*'d   r»"    -- .?•' "     . ^.^
until the gotmc rt*fa-t-«  u, I.i v. or
WlUlmUa •tillt'iaif    •*>*•** Ilia- It-itUii'ltt hit
.   ,     MnrlW    Mv own (Victor frlondr. nro
 lu ---'-•" "" l"c "k"*-*-••> |,,ow trvin^ my CUWi nfi(tT lmv)nK
l.ui if it- bit j treated rae tor year* In vain. I »op-
u.!.«.>.•, HiA the llauvds t*tAt%\ aiiil.) |««w I»>r Udtty yeniv, until I turned
!»..•« <u« out in a dav.    Tbo president I chIIiik:overyUdnjc raw, I wan trouhlwl
, .    ,1,     MiT„.    Omifr,'    n^ririitlnn ' w^h IIIV alOWach.     I tttti  the htSt In
,   ,     ,', ,. . ,.', ,     1   i-i   •       j tun iftiKi.    1 on 1 ir  it-ii, wen,   1 bad
Ju !«<• udimtai 01 udorado fepnngt, {a|way*iomealiment. ThUIattyear
n <t only iidvoaiic-d the dcportaiioti I bave not had a tingle piin.
(>( memU-ni ot the Western! Fedrra-
il *ii oi Miner-s but justified their l«-
ins,'killed.   I lis son recently visited
f,''..' I'.l.-li, XovA-t-.i, htuidp.-d'.'of ailfes
di*t«nt from Crlpflo Creek.   He had jrtnmiJingi to ofim" ami"*"%*|V"t7»i
N-i'ii Hi ifoitliieiij  but « snort lime (ol muter.—New Vork Herald.
ro|>rovc hi* agllltv Mr. McDou-
pll langhinely ran lightly oj«talra.
Uu-r he mat down to a ucven counw
dinner, ranirlnff from cocoannt milk
t i-avhich is )m »mp). with raw meal
Mott, Son
a     f '.»(-•» »ra   a %*,-.*•.
......      ».»»>», t*, i.lv<4
If you have property to sell,
or wish to puich.m*. call
un us.
"Easy~Beds7~^     '■.■■ i ",   ~
0   Nerve Bracers
Of Every
J.   F.   JARVIS    PROP.
On tho road leading to
FiTguson and Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for man and his ho-roe.
Tho bacon, beaiiH, boof-
steak, eggp, oata, hay,
boo/.eriue aud cigars cannot bo beaten in the hill*
of the Lardeau.
The Exchange- Hotel in Kaalo Ih
like an oasi* in an Egyptian desert.
Slocan folk* flock to it like been
to a flower garden.
*y* *j* vv
ft* ft* ft*
i''i!ii!ti!ii!tJ-' si* *•** *r* <** *i* *t* *»> <t*'<i* «* \i* *J* *l* \i* «v ai*
<V a.»> vV
Midland Avenue, Fernie «-,♦/
Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Bottled Beer& Porter
ft Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd. 8S
Brewers of Extra Fine
La«*er Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
1 K^Ki^Ki^f^^Ki^rSi'l KZ^Hi^ Ki?^«i^fC?< K=>^i
W   W W   WW   WW   'WW   wW   w W   "*^W    w w   wwwww^<^J w^^^l
'    I'^-^tau-.^^-^   fl      mmmta^mmmim P      aW.',«>^ I^^Umm..^ 4^fca^.4a^ ^*mm.~. .^mtm"*    *9a4»mm^MmlamUUm\ |ai»»»^fcww^.fl^      tl^HhM,. - -aa*^ k^Wmim. „ «J*^  W-^tmm. -a^HH     J'%At~~*Jm9Mm\ I
Hotel Strathcona ft
*%, %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%«
Ih in n dadftthlfiil hjcatinn and from it« Irttleoniea
can bowi-n all tin* Ix-atily of Iho grand peon cry
that Htimttindx, hcniH in, ami adnrtiK tho l>in<y
city id NcImhi.   Jl 1* tint home ol t«inrUt«i and
I ,,.,(,., „. , ,. ,. ».,, ,     , a»    i      r ,i « a      n«a
■ -'   •■■'■'•   (  •   •»•■     •■-' - •■ ••      -• •■■
fVlVllif  ,t.il->'l.-,I    ll'.iu';   "j.i   Jj.'f   J.VJJ-1.-  1,'H   .'..'I. •.'?.'.'.'.'V !■ J I'
and every rcjotu in an i-iiemy lo in*omuia.   If
ymi nnd ivxim.-. latii-.'i mt ilm nay in, lomh tliu
wire and the deed ia done.
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C. . «i tit <■
"* ^IJW-^'T^"™
Probably no article of commerce
commands greater attention than copper, which, in a comparative sense, is
as staple as gold or silver. Of course,
all the superior metals are subject to
fluctuations, and the speculative possibilities of copper and silver markets
are greater than of gold, but Canada
is destined to become a copper-producing country, perhaps as important in
tbe future as the United States is today. Already the copper industry has
attained considerable dimensions in the
provinces, of Ontario and British Columbia; but Nova Scotia, though containing, as it has proved to do, extensive deposits of copper-bearing ore, has
hitherto neglected, her opportunities.
That province has shown commendable
enterprise in developing her gold, coal,
lumber, fishing, and other productive
resources; copper and lead, on the contrary, have been overlooked. The
natural advantages of the Maritime
provinces Jot*' the successful operation
of an additional industry are unequalled.
The opportunity is unique for the establishment of smelting works con-
" venient for all parts, and "accessible by
rail or water. Tbe whole region included in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
Newfoundland," Queber and Labrador
is, according to eminent authorities, a
copper and lead country. For example,
Newfoundland is,.,-; nowadays, mining
and shipping 80,000 tons of copper ore,
while the lead ores of tbat colony do
not seem to have been touched. Ores
mined in these northern latitudes
might, however, have to be accumulated in the winter season, during the
suspension of navigation. Still, that
is a detail to capital, aware that the
few advantages are of minor importance compared with tbe value of obtaining almost a virgin mineral field on
reasonablS terms. Tbe phenomenal
development of the copper industry in
the Western States haw not been accompanied by the same advantages as
pertain to mining in Canada, but that
development   was   only facilitated bv
enterprise in founding reduction works
foi the treatment of a variety of ores at
central points, easily reached from surrounding districts: There is a steadily
increasing demand for copper, and the
visible European stocks of that metal
arc actually insufficient, if supplies
were suddenly cut off, lo meet consumption for a fortnight. Irrespective
of any thought of a copper famine or
inflated prices, there is a universal demand for copper that will always,
probably, stimulate shipments from
whatever quarter of the globe they may
come, and in recent years the necessity
of additional arrivals has been emphasized by diminished exports from producers, though, compured with former
yenrs, supplies have enormously increased.-—!). C. Review.
How often we picture the possible day
When fortune will camp on our trail,
When, blest with enough we can rest from the fray,
Be safe from adversity's gale.
We picture a future of roseate hue,
Fair skies never dampened with rain,
And great is our scheming of what we. will do,
When we get to the turn in the lane.
Ah ! bright are the dreams as we sit at our ease,
And the leaves of the future unfold,
When our sbip comes a-sailing from over the seas
Ail freighted with coveted gold.
What fancies go dancing on shimmering feet
Through the intricate halls of the brain,
Of joys of existence unspeakably sweet
When we get to the turn ol the lane.
We gaze far away through tbe vistas of time
To Ihe beacon of hope on the hill,
And vow to ourselves we will ceaselessly climb
To the summit'with resolute will. °
With firm resolutions we'll do and we'll dare,
Will dare at privations and pain,
Then revel in ease that's awaiting us there
When we get to the turn of the lane
—James Barton Adams, in Denver Post.
not cognizant. Several instances have
come under our observation where the
manager or secretary of a mining com-
panyor both, hayejpurchasedcostlyjmin-
ing!machinery of a new and untried type
which failed to come up to the standard claimed for it by the seller, when,
if the same men were^paying their own
money for the machinery it would not
be purchased. Very often mills are installed before there is enough ore in
sight to feed them for twenty-four
hours. And this error is made sometimes by men who know better.
Thero is scarcely a mining district in
the Western States where Ihwe urv
abandoned mines that has not its
monuments to Folly in the shape of
rusting mining mnchinery. Thousands
of dollars have been wasted in the purchase of mills of various devices not at
all lit to treat the particular ore for
which they were intended, concentrator* which nre not calculated to concentrate, cyanide tanks for ore which is
not amenable for cyaniding, rock
crushers which were not ni'cessnry nnd
other useless machinery.
In late years nn clement ha* entered
Into the business of dealing In mine
supplies and mining ni.uhhu-ry, which
i» not in uccurthiiut- with thu Mriclly
honest and conscrvalivo ideas of tinmen who have built up great business
house* hy doing business on legitimate
lines, while preserving their honor and
TliulJ statement alone would hardly
enlighten the trader as to the drift of
this article, and as there are sufficient
expression* of thought available", the
Review nit*ay* deem* it fair in leave
no doubt an to ils meaning. The question would naturally arisi-, from what
has been s'dd, as to how cerlidn dealer* in mining machinery arc rc*pon»
Now, at what conclusion must we
arrive? There is only ono which is
discernable under the light of intelligent thought, and that is that there
has been collusion.
One of the most vital of all the necessary things to make mining a success
is generally overlooked by stockholders
and directors in mining companies. If
the wrong machinery is installed it is a
dead loss to the company. How very
important it is then tbat the question
of purchasing machinery should receive
attention from those most "interested in
tbe successful operations at tbe mines,
the' stockholders.
Reputable firms will not stoop to the
methods of bartering dealers and therefore stockholders should insist that machinery should he purchased from some
well-known dealer, and that no untried
or "newfangled" types should be purchased. UMperimeiils in thai line arc
too costly.
A safe and practical mine engineer
shauld have charge of (be purchase
and installation of mining machinery.
If he stands well in his profession he
will not risk the loss of his reputation
b> dickering with 'Sharp practice'
dealers, and he will be careful that the
right machinery to treat Ihe ore is installed.—San l-Vaiiu-isco Review.
has been reduced to a pitiful plight. In
Quebec there would seem to be in the
choosing of candidates a sort of throttling match between the candidates,
with boundlesy money to spend, and
those who represent the interests of
the people, Fortunately, in spite of
aberrations, the ruling spirit in the
party is one of true patriotism. There
is the desire to relieve itself, if it can;1 of
these parasites, who are far more
dangerous to its practical success than
the most powerful opposition. There
In Fernie-is in a rapid
course of construction,
and will soon bo ready
for the trade of the world.
Win. Tattle, Prop,.
Waldorf Hotel
Will be ready for business next
month. It will be up to date in
everything, and will be a home for
commercial men.
line in politics than that between patriotism and selfishness, and it is to be
hoped that if there is to be a fissure, il
will have one thoroughly clean side to
it. It would be of comparatively little
odds to the country which side got uppermost in the first bout, so long as
good and true citizens had one thoroughly clean political party to which to
cleave—one whose altitude towards
public responsibility might be held up
before the young men of the land as a
model and a guide to their aspirations.—Montreal Witness.
The lowering of the ling of the old
Conservative 'party in this province,
whether the rank nud file concur iu il
or not, und the very pi-or .showing ot
the Coiitaemtlivi'* in Canada as a whole
seems to seut the Liberals tint (irmly on
the throne. A party %o strongly entrenched never fails, a* the ajuelvc
Conservatives are mtctilating, to breed
an opposition within itself, and there
arc not lacking »ignai of a lU-un- in the
Liberal ranks. In ihe natural order of
thing*, such it IKmui' should ili'ii-lnja
hetwei'n the ■•Hrinti and flu* pmiii.a!
politicians witb vth.i'ii tbe Liberal
p-irty i* tinfortaimtii-ly i<» mhiu- mli-nt
infe-ted. Till now lh.it p.uiv b.ts lilt
itself more nr less al lh<-   nii n y of men
Real Estate, Loans, h
Investments   v
a*-*>a^r<y»C>^aK>-<*aU»^€>-<&*> ^|
E'liECTl-tlCIA JlS
Electrical Supply Depot
Estimate!- given on all kinds of
Wire Work. "
Electric Light Plants  Installed
in any part of the country.
8 Fernie Drusr Store
Just received a full line 8
of High Grade Art Pic- §
tares*.    Prices
cents to $4.
from   75 ^
N. E. SUDDABY       El
J, W. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Union Restaurant
Fernie, Furnishes Meals nt
all hours. Everything first
Geo. Ichikawa, Prop.
The stockholders of the Sullivan
Group Mining company will meet in
Spokane on November 24 to consider 11
proposition to issue $400,000 bonds to
be secured by a mortgage on the company's properties near Marysville, 13. C.
A call for tbe meeting has been issued
by Charles Sweeney, president, and J.
(\ Williams, secretary of the company.
The call for the meeting included a
resolution which Ihe slockholders will
be as.kcd to act upon. The resolution
tion provides that $250,1100 worth of
the new bond* shall be issued to take
up outstanding bonds of the company
fur that amount, nnd thnt the other
$1510,000 worth shall bo used for additional working capital and for the completion of the timelier.
ODIcen of the company nay that the
•mielter will be completed about the
first of the year. When Mr. Sweeney
took the management of the company
a-owral months ago the $250,0410 worth
ofbondu mentioned in the re»oluth»n
were issued lo build the timelier and
take up outstanding indebtedness nnd
the additional $150,000 Is wanted now
to finish ihe Mitelter.
who were In poltih:-. fi*rM-lf>-iggraiidiA-«
units lor many of llw failures in min»|«ncnlt and even ot ih«* r*nd n-genu of |
mg. ii\um wno are laiiitii.tr v.tilt tbe
fact* know thai n grcnt many mill*,
co«iceiitf.ni>f», engines and air com*
prcfMri nre made lo sell, rather than
In rrtmn   ,,«   *'.   it*-'.   -■'--'■'.....■■'*• •*■.."        f
their maker* At lo the eff*iiifene*» of
Ih«ir work. Th ere hnve been sever*
instances of this on Ihe IWific coatt.
Perli-api there are few mining companies aware of the tact that very often
the buyer af .ttiuiiig avud.'.-wa*-* gtU
certain terms of discount from the
seller, ot which die «.t«Wholders are
niom-y iiinitMii.iltt'i>»,    IIh-m- are 11 mi
ally of the rleyerent, ami they* never
lack the »inew* of  war.   Surti men
hnve grown rich unJvr the aegis of a
„,» 1 *.»....*.      ■ <
,. ' ,  ' ....>.'.......   ,,,'.< -)    *. ■
the protett which tbe nolkl people of
thu country mud* against the family
compact, and rontinurd against other
regimes of aii»Iu>iu--.iy. It i* Mid iImi
there is  going  to he a camiJa.raMi'
»h«kkha|g UT   I A*    SWaia   Oia. Uall'ltt.alaa «-a|    III
Cold nnd Dross,
The fire of hate'i the only hell—
For any man lr» see;
Tlie fire ol love the only heaven™-
In all eternity!
I be lire of hate to avbe*t turns—-
The dtM'i of laHfiiunt pain;
Tlaa* It fa* nf t,aa>i» fia l»i»<a.a»«, a.......
Tb«* I'nl.l of aji>avf,,| f-rttrt »
 William HruntiM*.
The Glub
Cigat* Storte
A choice lino of cigars nlwnys in
stock. ir<>nd(]nnrtoTH for
Ingram & Stonehouse, Props.
3010 AVt^tiiiiliKtiti- lUmil;
Is'the only hotel in
Fernie run by "Welshman.
It is the workingman's
home. Board and room
If 1 a day-or $25 a month.
J. R. Cameron
Is tbe tiulor to go to when
you want a .summer
Suit of Clothes
Ho has tbe nobbiest suitings
to ("elect from, and the lit and
1      workmanship is the beet.     ;
IN   Tllli   SLOGAN
Lowest Rates Best Time
Toronto,   Montreal,   \Te\v York,
Maritime   Provinces,    New .England.
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
California Points.
100,000 I'ullis now in slc-k from Holland
K'-aitiv. unil Jiipiin,
Illioiliiili'iKlroii--,      Italics,      <>ri-i,iiIiiiiiKi<
mul   lliii-ily   I*l:uil»   fur   Call   riiinlins-.
Home Grown nnd Imported
Giii'ilen,    Ftvlil   anil    I'lowur 'HueilH.
Always in   lock iu scitson.'
(jri^'ii liouso /nil of I'litnts, Cut KltiwVrn,
KI(,r,'.l Work, Huj- dirc-c-t uud sircuri! audit's
CiitaloKU" frt'<.'' or oiill Hiid exaiiiliu! stock,
In the Kootenay knows.CO.
1)., the wntchinuker. He has
ri'piiired 100,000 watclien with
perfect f-atisfat'tion, ami in prc-
pareil to repair yotn-H at .short
notiee. Holiest work and
hoiia'st prit'crt iH my motto. A
line stock of wntchcH and
jewelry always on hand, lie
011 the look out for bin ChriHt-
mas Block. Two doors north
ol Jhiiik building, Fernie.
Unequalled Passenger Service.
Sleepers,   Tourist  Coaches,
• Dining Cars——
Tourist   Sleeper*  Service
and Vancouver.
Ii!ast from Dunniore, daily to St. Paul ;
Wednesday i*v Sunday to Toronto';
Monday, Montreal ; Friday, Montreal and Huston,
Atlantic Steamship Agency
Through, bookings to and from (Jreal
llriluin and tbe Continent.
All lines represented.
For  rale«i,   folders  and   information
apply to local agents.
R. Ri'Aiii.sv., agent, Fernie.
<JB Barker., l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L. T. W.    Block,   opposite  the  Bank
Oftkt! hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Ross & Alexander
FKR-VIE, n. 0.
Ofllee-ln' L. T. W.'UIock, Victoria Avenue.   .
Herchmer & Herchmer *
irEliNIE, B. C.. *
OflU-i's ovor IV Burns «: Co's block, Victoria »ve
I.. P. Kcksti-ij- p. 0. Lawe
Eckstein & Lawe   .
B.'\itliISrEK,S-AT.LAA\\     SoUClTpKH,    ETC.
Outhliert Block, Fernio, B. 0.
IVIcis—Gold, Silver or Lead	
Gold-Silver or Silver-Lead...
I'.O! Box D113
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, $1.00 each
Any two, 81.50;'any three, 82.00V
.Siuii|ile»  liv mail  receive jirompt  attention;
X-lacei dm, Ketorts Hlid ftit-li Ores touglit.
17S5 Arii|iuliiiu St..   Denver, Colo.
,I.S, Outer, H.I'A.,
'K..I,Oiyl«, A.U.l'A.
Notary and Commissioner
J'neut position ; rapid adviinei'meiit; sHlnry
iiii-l exiK-iistiii; full inni met ions fre»., ot i-hnrKu ;
i-leiiii ilesinilila l.iisiness. 'J'lie J. h. MCIRU.S
(.0., Limited, Tiironto.   1 Mention tills |m|«ir)
UrAXTED-l^uickly. few i>er»oniitorepreiwnt
ti lii.K i"ilHl>lUlit<l wli(ik»«k! I1011.sc iimoiiK
i-i-ikII men ti.uiiH anil aKtiilH. Lmul territory
nl few count leu. a» baiiiry nud ext«nH'ai piUil"
wi-ikly, Ks|ieii»a) nioiiey lulvmieeil, OonimU-
*•<"'» extra. I'i riiiiiiient eimuKeinent Duaim's
(iin-resMlll. 1'fi'ViiiiH I'Xlvrla-llett not «HtXllltiat.
Knel.'oM selr H'idrebrfil enveloi*, Aditrtwx,
Sri-iiiiNiKMiKsr Tiuvi:i.i:ii«,an, lie»rljorii St.,
Outer   your   Fall   Hull    nuw.
Natty HuitinnH now arriving.
F. F, Llcbscher,
SllvtHAA'* fruit Tailor
Gordon &
Am jiri'|Mirt'i| to <h> Ki'ie Walfh
mpalrlng nt lln-
J*w<-lrv Hloro. nnw*\to tho Wiilh-
l*rn hntpl, l>Vmh».
A S.ile liy An, lion will he held al the
l-'.-utoiy of lhe l-'eiiiii- .MaiHil'.nluiiiin
I'omp.iny, I.iniiltJ, iii I-Vinie, 11.C, on
Saturday, inlh l\i i-inlu-r, ii'ii|, at j
n.ni. ol' lln- (.'"injMin's S.i-li and  Dour
n'loiy; li),;ili».-r wilh .',1131 iiiie-, ol
evci'lh'iil Timber situate at II.iyiu'%
l.alie, It.C.     l-"arli>i v in lir-.t-i li-is oidei
VI    ' ' . ■ ' 1  ,     •     1     .
.-!.. \ .,, ,a , _.    t. ,,.j,*.i   .*,,.!   i,|iM,i*U.it«. .
Tlie lii{;lti'^l or any bid not neu'^arila,
I'm i'uititer partii-iilni-'a apply to—
li. li. Min-IAIT.
I.i.litidali'i ol lln.- I'Yiiiii- M**k'- - "•, I.id.
l-niiie, It.l'.
Steamship Tickets
To and fi-mii Kiiru|ie.-iii iiohiu via t'uiinilliin
Hinl Aiii'-rii-an linen. Apply (or *nllln» datec
i-Hte*, ticket* Hint full iiiloriimil'iii to Htiy (J, I'
Ity. aijeiit or—
(8.11, (iAKItETT,
0. I', It. Ak't'llt. .S'naV DcllVttl,
W. I". F. CummliiKs (J. S. S. Aitt., Wliinlpi-i,-,
Furniture and
Harprfilnfi In
Wall Paper
Twnc<>in|>h't« wttaot Rur l-'ixturtvs «>!»<•
Riitich Rlntn Mirror-liixl'tt i'ltlieH, nnw,
Li-iti'i- 1'ri'M.c.,-, Ilillltiril nml I'oo! Talili'c
I'iNi Ua-^ihttfrN nn<l otlii'r H'li'i'lnlitlnn,
M.iil   i)i,'„r»   Ii, evlv,'   rr<tiii|,t   Alii'-iitiim.    j
II. Elliott, Kaslo, IU). |
Wanted Immediately j
,*k<*'4*liiu ' •' ' '"" '""' ■ l>.,*.,,.'.ilj. 1
;\*^1 lllrl <|,»,„|„.|tv'iiiiiirnrrNiit lnHi.-« I
etc liiin.1 liny w.,l,ly; M .|Dt li..-. 'I'Uif l» !
lill* itioliev  III   Ilii*  ivi.rli   l"l' t(11 -tw-riliv   itiec   '
Over <K)() acres.
li.t» li,i(| 11 ye»r» injmrieiieo in denial work, and
■make* a -jHirUity of Gold llridifi) Work. VUll
nnailu t>j the Slocnn u<KuUrly.
ta|I.VKK IJITV f.OIMIK NO. .'Ill, I.O.O.F.
ij Hawhm, 11(7. .Mi-elliiKia In Hie Union Kill
every Krlilay evellili-f Ml 1:*u VWUbk liwUireii
eiirilltlly Invited 10 titt.nd. J. IS. CovSH|M«l,
.Wileurunds A, I.Ciiaiij. Vic«»OriMMl| W.J
<■ Ail lit.'IT, Sereliaiy.
jtANPON   I.IIIM.i;   Ml   !H„     K.   Of   I*.
i> Meei-ei-ery W edi,e«ilay evening m » n'rli.ek
inllie I'yllilnn ria.Ml« llitll, Hnndon, Hojourillna
iiieltireii aaill u-VKivi: a I'ylliUli Meleolne. b.
IhAUMis.C.C.      Ai.i'MKii i, HAM., K. li. li 8.
IOIIS   Ma-L.tTCIIIK.   Tlnmllilon mul  Tro-
•J   vlnel»ll.niul Htirvvyut.   NiUm, II.C.
A     la HKVI.AN'H, KniniMor nnd IVovloeUl
t\,   liitiiil Mirveyoi.   KAHM>
•IMIi:  tll.Ill.nr  IIiiTi:i.  in sm.Ioi, U lh«
'. f    »..,• i>l ir,, < . tl- !■■■ a,, tl.. 1'ity
III.N.MITA Mt'ltl'HV, rvoi«..
•I'lIK \ UTi ill IA IIiill-l. in N«l..iti i.nlnaven
I     ...1   ,.., .11.11 .-,-   1..11,. «at.H,y Irotii liolne.
I,'i -I »   iiir on till., urtls.
w 1: m 1 A.Mi|,i«iH.j'i<.|»fi.t«r.
We   li.iar, j
tlNdrr 111I- ]
tlrillloil, i-Vel i'/h ;ie|-r« ■•( Sltnufy M.nl, lneliel- j
liirftlieali,.U'.»t  mid U.i   »iail, ti.- I'-t I'r.ImM i aj. ||lltl    H«IT|--|„   VHIH.     Allmwtwil
.,l..ll,«|,l. ., pUi.tn,!.'      Ue Will «l. IHII  ('.Mia tn j ,||     l|„),f„Vtt(„,,tv.    aami,!,^ r.HMlH In foumc-
ruati,   ni lu.',», i ■'.,.,d.tl',n. li.ia-1,1 j..i..I.   Mm ,;♦,,.„      | (,.- ,,..i| Ht-I-. !n*a Imtel Hi Yllilr,
Ini>ii»... nail
,|VI.„I  .
lliii  tin- lim
.lli-r lie III.    A|i|'l)   m<«   l"i ti'lti,"
KiM.AY Mel.Koll. lniflitUir.
\nill  I.I" In !'■'
Ill, I    *ti,l|i-l
ll tl.l   J'l^   1.1
'iDjillll  .     I.II
. M
I I,.'  I
1',-, J,., ll,,
I 'l.'li- i*.,lii
ri..„   -h   11,
■II.- lln tl,  H,
-*■ ,., >  11,.
Pfalltrilll      Vlll»U<ataV    #'*! lH* -MONT Hilt -hV.. NKLSMJI,     EarV>n
I Clliaill    i\ 111 NCI ,>    \j\taa    I   tai.ti AiiH-rhai-i |.U«i. W«i..»i«it*i Rovm-
' !nm, t e lljilo tl (inly wlille ti.l|i a-m|.l-,)w1.
.\.,llilii« ,)<U,»ia jtlxMd Si* t,Ua<at «ir*M Iht «o)l|
.1. ih. .«(* HAMlNK * TltKaiiMXH.
IllliiiV III,   US I MHO,
, an   ,.|.|.|,.\|.
■ ■ ". ,!, ■., 11.-I I. 1
T 1(1 Hl|.* lilt i I. i *i II.."
: 1 . lull . .11,a ■■ nm,
' ' , .1,, ...I »..(,,
i',.   -.,i I l.ii   Nmi
1 .a
im «e.
HT    Will  im"ii-   ur i»(:-'i 'fii i.ta (uf I i'» I 'ii'» |.('_(
iii  tin   I.Hi.dll:.,r  ,.l   .i'l.K.i,   ltiiii„ria<»
Mount Fernio Lodft'u No, 47
I. .1- ^(C^ 0. F.
Mn'l',    i ViM      I lltll '..f.il    l^Mtillj;'    .11    h.
p.m. in  UU'U''. Il.ill,'
i.' < i ■•- Ki-'-',. I' t. ,U.s.
IIAtlTM'TT IIMI'air.   f,<w«rlr   tl.* Cluk
] t    In Die lv «l   1 * .1 e> U It) In .-arlKm.    Uftlr
• 1H!»* ti- ((• ««n,Uiynl
iimj.rl. tui,
li.   W. IUMTM
Till: lll»|l I   rntf.1 *ll-* ft »h# Horn* »l
fati I H.V.VM,* III.At'K. I"i»i*f»1.*»
Hi   iiiiirrANMA   iiMTr.l, i«tti« ltd-
i-    'il'l'l'i   t,< •• t'l tlie f.lil tn     Muttl tattturt
»;,»,:«,.!,,.„-., I,   I.VIMlKlM.
Wiioloatilo   Mororuuits.
I     i ,   .  .  * -   I ,. ,t     .. . . .   4 ...... 4
llllll    »l.
''■.-I ,a,f sin,'
. ! i,f;,'|.     nl
''. "   •   '        T*,'l.',1i    -ft]
• teilean i..l,lwtt<.l,»ry.
Sr»m*>ihTw« tfteria art f*\*o nf.irmi sis
too Riilil fttfiki-* iund tlie pi'nj-k' a*ho
,i,,v •ti'vimu 'twtiomt) unit, i'mt not tun'
of tlam i* ever ikterrvd frotn nuiklng a
rush over nml over again.
U'dnliWitl* l»eal«-i**i»il Uit**t lfn|»«>»(ei-;
I   i. , v i ! I » 11 ,>..■!.
•■' y    f r  I' t'li'",   '
Ma'a"! 'ItlMI  I "l
|a r ll',-. . ,\   A!
V.TIi. '"''■
I ,.n.|..M
Provincial Land Surveyor a-^^-Ii?*-*'-?"^
If SocialUm'* lirnm wtn ei-er lo he
put into fnrca*, wouU tbe prmpettcc-.
be a« fi«rni;-!>t in thtir scanli tor iioU
Ontario,   n-bw, hy re-if«*ti of tlwrn, jnmhev are ni*»w wlwn their t-lrlkM »rr
a»Ht| «-«« once e*H«-J the R«*hww party j their tmn.
DUitkt Air<*ntti (or
l'iMnfn*-ry Chumfni »n«-
nti'l j-d-lil-: |!<-a>i
fW«ttrtfint<.'i"' o( ' ,,
Cbamlwrlain ami | ['^,
I'K.tra)"*'   ('t'»"*r« :
yrmstttim   ma.
*r>M t.
a I'.   < .'-,
It'll * i J
W ■.. i
^_   fc    te-..'..     :      h,    ......      ".',','.."^J*. ",,*,''..'*,    |V|.»V,...*
Kf   tt.Ui !'<.!•• I.   I.*t»r*, IfawaW. VfkttmtA aV*4
'.<»!ft'i: »l,.,t f.«: ■■ hi I. i if i fi. it
*..r< : I,. .;,.■:.--,..• . it ,  i'„,r (,.! ,
. t;.|.<). ■!•,!. r.  I. a •! , (".,, |.,.t,'i' |..li   e* I
*..(   fit!,',    ,"•    it '   I |-»   ti..*tl|„B   I..-I i !
i"a|.iirt«r-,.   .,(..'.'.(.,», Ifur.i ti,i.. .!.(,. I
J„)iini« iiini iiihi'i.iil (.'ijuiMtMirt'cyvi
mitl Crown (.rai.|.-l. \ ¥tm f,:t*m' lU'\., __   _..
I»t» |i,t vv        in"!.-   i',i.MutM ,Kri<„i,; i; r»:lMit aaO". *.*,'«■. .Vj*»a». lie
,; IV,
***>■ .'!»■.|rr» in Win**. t,\prn iwittftkn.
Agt-M* *(>» I'al't l*tt _
.i i
• ! irit.'K.t;.
«.»': !',»« Hi
0 V*NCOyvf.« »» Mti«OM. B C 0
I   .%.   M.|)ttVAM>,
'I.   VtnH   J****-w   III*
Wb«A»«k   I»a4l4»  la
Ot9n«r«Ll   ®ior«.
.. Mfcll.1.1',    -IHUkr.   .-.
(>.-H<«ltM. IHj llv»V.«, I.W,
I   1. Kfcll.Hj   ■Ull.l.K   A*..>H*,*, att*krls
I *J a. T
r*HEBE is nothing like motion
if you would keep your Wood
in circulation, and your upper
stope from the hats of inactivity.
Get ap early and go to work. If
you need a persuader to rise in
the early hours of the day invest
$1.50 in a SUNRISE, or §2.50 in a
MUST GET UP. These alarm
clocks wiil almost awaken the dea^.
and you can Becure from—
We. have a
good range of
aateitaiKk Bros.
Palace Meat Market
Fresh and Salt Meats of every kiud.   Fish and Poultry in season.
J. McMASTER, Profr.
in all the latest shades.
Also Overcoats, odd Pants,
Reefers, Mackinaw's, Winter
Caps, Mitts, Rubbers, Heavy
Shirts, Swe.iters, etc. In fact,
we keep everything in men's
Call and Sec Our Stock
W. C. Hamilton Co.
Fernie Hotel Block
Christmas Cakes|Just Opened
Are the Order of the Day
Furnish the Material
Do the Work
The Combination can't be Beat
Fresh Table and Seeded Raisins, Cleaned Currants, Crosse & Blackwell's
Peels, Sherrif's Extracts and Pure Gold Icings, Shelled Walnuts & Almonds
r~P. BURNS & CO.
A new line of English Underwear that can't be beat,
.per suit $4.00 and $5.00.
Also a nice line of Sweaters and Jerseys. Just what you
want for the cold weather, prices $1.25,   l.iT5, and 2.50
You will find here, a full line of Cent's Fu nishings, such
as Suits, Pants. Overalls, Shirts, Collars, Ties, Braces,
Socks, Shoes, Mitts, Gloves, and a complete line of
Groceries, Tobaccos, Cigars and Confectionery.
§       PROMPT      §
§     DELIVERY     §
Give Us a Call
W. J.Blundell
The People's Grocer,   P, O. Block,  Fernie
Have one of their largest stores in Fernie. 0
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
•HE LADIES of Fernie
Will  find an   Excellent
StOCk  Of   arf    al£
€tc. etc.
at my store in the Todd Block
Fernie Drug
A Full Line of: ::
Ghrittma* 4 Presentation
Now on Hand
Art Works in Burnt and
Crushed Persian Leather
Poets in padded leather & cloth
Accidents I Sickness
Write for particulars about my Accident
R.J. Steel
Real Estate Agent Nelson, B.C.
The rapidity with which the^de-
velopment in the mine and outside
improvements have been pushed
along at the mine of the International
Coal and Coke company at Coleman
ia a record performance in the annals of Canadian mining:. Within
the space of a little over twelve
months one and three-quarter miles
miles of development have been
driven on the coal measures of the
company. Where a year ago existed
a prospect that could hardly supply a
carload of coal daily is now a de
veloped property capable of producing with ease one thousand tons every
twenty-tour hours. Besides the main
entries, which have been driven on
the coal, a slope 500 feet in depth
has been put down and iifty rooms
are ready to put miners iuto to break
down coal, just as soon as the big
tipple is completed, which it will be
the first of next month.   The. vetv.i-
Goldwln Smith on Elections.
It was'noi hard to foresee the result
of the Dominion election. When there
is no exciting issue, the odds are al-
weys in favor of the ins, who have the
patronage in iheir hands and can hold
out lo venal interests hopes of government expenditure. The government
also seems to have had a large election
fund, the sources of which it is not difficult to guess. The railway sets all
schemers at work. Wealth made by
unjust taxation is used to make taxation still more, unjust. Quebec has
been true to her national prime minister. The minor provinces had been
secured in the usual way. The Northwest has voted for the railroad, the
new immigrants, .moreover, being
much under the influence of government officials. Ontario holds out alone,
the milch cow against the rest of the
confederation. Conservative's are to be
pitied if their object was'place, hardly
so if their object was principle. Liberalism could scarcely be weaker than it is
in the keeping of ex-Liberals,
Phone 196   P.O. Box248
A Qood chance for a
> -Alteration!
future home on reasonable terms.
The Best
Union Made
Overalls, Shirts &
Miners' Garments
A select range of
•ntf*?    ••h#a»l     Mat    tlllVtnllt
Come in nnd see our stoch
• .t. SuddaDy
That Cough
U annoying you. Do not wait
until ll become* chronic before you do
•omtthiflg tor il, but call at the
Popular Oity Drug Store
•nd get something Hi relieve
you. We keep all the up-io-datc pre
pamliont in tin* line, nuiti »*■-
Aver** Cherry fYtioriul
Norway ffine Syrup
Hagyurd'y Tectorial Hiilwnn
Red Spruce Gum
l*iK>'tContaimption Cure
ft.'.t■'.,.*,- r*,»i«r...»a»%aiVn (''art*
Ranawm't Hive &**nip
ih. l.ibnon • hyrup ot
Unseed and TurpcnliiM.-
Stiflatl** Km«S»i"<^
PerroII, Etc, Etc.
rV—erteilen Oi-vfi Store
United BreHwrtiood of Carpealmlt kmn
of AmcrifJ.Ne.1220
Lenz & Leiser
J. G. Carruthers
Agent for Kootenay
I'. O. no* sn Nelson, B.C.
Whon tou aunoko a cigar
Kon thnt It Ih UNION inmle.
Blue Prix
Ilavmni '
ni.nla hy.
niuo Prlzo, Henry Vnnc, Coltunhtin nnd
Ilnvnim Whip Cigarn are Union Uoodt)
Wlniilju'tf, U»ii.
H#r.r<-»*ntH I.y IJKOItOK IIOHTON.
The Carpenter* & jeinm of Vtm'tr
nv*t the i«4 and *trd l«u-«aniv in *«.»,* h
month at the aidMkmV Hall.
plenty of fresh air is supplied to nil
parts of the workings hy a 10 (out.
reversable douhle Cupell tan, \\ Inch,
without changing motion, cm t>f.
used as cither blower or-exhaust,
driven by a 150 horsepower hii'toi'
and delivering 150,000 cubic feet of
air a minute.
Around tho coke ovens everything
is now iii readiness and a full hundred ovcdb will be lircd up just as
soon as the Larry tracks aro completed so that tho slack coal from the
bins ot the tipple can l),o delivered at
the ovens,    This track should be
completed   next   week.    The nir
haulage system for the mine is now
completed and ready to start up. The
pipe line Iron, the power house to the
mine is 2,200 feet In length of fi inch
pipe,   which  has been tested lo a
pressure ol 1,500 pounds to tho square
inch,   The air is furnished by a four
stago 'compressor, which compresses
air to i.iXX) pounds to the square Inch,
or'i.W foot of free air per minute.
This Is tho second four-stage air com
pressor to bo erected In tho Dominion
and was installed hy A. W. Cleveland, an expert on air from tho Hand
Drill company's works atSherbrooke,
Quebec, and his workmanship is a
credit to both himself and his company.   Tlio brick and atono power
house, 80x80 (cot, is completed, nnd
the machinery Installed, which con
ai«U of four lM>lh?rs with a cajnteity of
<<G hon»e|»oavcr, two electric genera
tors of 325 horsc|K>wcr, and four stago
air compivnwr.   The hoist house at
tho tipple la completed and tho hoist
Installed ready lor Imnlneiw, as is ahto
tho tuiuiiVwclghtscale*and tho 100
ton railway scales.    Tho box car
loader, with'a gumantced capacity
for loading 150 tons of coal per hour,
it being \Um\ in jwitlon awl will
bo ready by the 15th.   One of the j
ovut ttituftate iiu-shlne  ,*!>*{*   in
Western Canada hits I*cn fitted up!
by thin ccmiHiny, and contains, Iw-
Hides the ordinary rqtilpmont, a 1*0
inch lathi; with  III,** U*i; .Winch
drill warn; -0 aduipliig uiuchliv*, re
H*-**ao l«rtlMtir*»*fliti<»  ms«'Mn#<. tohlo
(*ai»w, 'it-Inch twing mmr, \tmt Inrinel
j maehlno, pttnr.ti and fiftf-ar* lor half.
Inch Mate.   All of which hi driven
by a 25 ltoi*a«t»pnw»*r clrctrlc mntor.
J All <>t thft c<»mpiiny,» buildings nre
W«l»llTtil,itu '.,,«  V...I ,..(.».<t.. I AJ..U   JlltlMl   'IHM,   'tUH.'Mt
The iilacinir ot all the machlnr-rv '*l '•***'-«* ?l!*t* •*-**-%tm »w»'«w«i« mt.m-
haa I>«cnnwler the direction»r Mat- }-«>r■•»«■ •*■••»*■■ ThMi»itwfci«i«.»n..i. mt
t«r Mechanic (J.  i<  lTft8<-r,  while *»"Prt^y<«ii.f*tn»»miT,riiw1iy
<j •   .       a      .    a-      a>     l. at    a       »        Offa'aira* «t# well th» ati.4>-r.t r«s». tj a/cal,
npervbwtl the out*4e ami uwler-1U>M'^iml '■*■«•••«•••**»«.
grimiwl dcvflopnunt ami Mb  ul Oil 0/iD\/     DITTl C
in*tly j»r--nd (A having mt thH uplfii- 'IjhIIIHIII      IImI  ill
,rtW rtwrni t«-r mining in ..«• *r*t- AJn•l-«|P|,■ ■       u" "•■-•
A. J.   PURDY   &  CO.M«*'rwo« rime*. j CO., LTD.
oppoHltn Court Housn and now Pout-
ofllcp. Host 25c meal In town. European and American plan. Only white
labor employed.   1'irnt claiu har.
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete!
Stock ol Shafting, Kitting*, etc., always
on hand. K<4tlm«t(»n furithnhr-it. Scrap
Iron bought hy tho carload. lh*p«Iriiiu
and Jobbing.
tt. C  I (tAailS, a..«»«.
Additional Locals
Tlu' Kingjlidward hotel is never be
liind ihe limes.
Sewing, maihines to rent at the B. C.
Funiiiure Canipany.
Slop anlTe~^OTerr*r"HBteHvhen-in-
1 rout Lake Cily.
We buy, sell or exchange new or
second liand furniture. The B. ■ C.
Furniture Coinpaijy.      ,
Maslerson, Griffith at Co., Trout
Lake, have all t'.e supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
The hustling prospector may not
always strike it rich, but the slothful
miner never makes any strike at all.
"Finders keepers" makes men hustle
lo find gold lodes. And the best part
of it is lhat in this case (here are no
If you are troubled with rheumatism
you will find the Pool of Siloam al
llalycon. Write for particulars lo
Sanitarium, llalycon, Ih C.
The mountains of Western America
have hardly been scratched over for
their mineral wealth. And this is do
irridescenl dream I
At the Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
you do not need au introduction to get
a drink. Put the price on the bar and
the mixer will do the rest.
I fold Columbus hud ever dreamed
of the billions of n>'Id that were lying
in the new world be dWtovered, uould
he have been consoled for the hardships he suffered.
In Fernie the King Edward holol
occupies a p-1*''""' convenient to all
the business houses in the city, it is
also close io the C. P. K. depot und nn
ideal home for all travelers,
The Liberal  parly have been promising during  the campaign that in the
event of success at the polls they would
introduce   the   continental    European
tariff system,  of a maximum  and a
minimum   rate   of  duty on  imported
goods, according to the country from
which   they were exported.    It  is $
complicated  system and hard to work,
but has   merits   that  commend it to |
European countries.    It is not certain
that it would generally, suit existing
conditions in Canada.    It is already in
operation against German goods, and
has worked unfavorably  in  respect  to
imports   from   that   country.      Goods
paying thirty per cent duty from other
countries have to  pay  forty  per cent if
imported from Germany.    The kaiser's
government   allows   Brilish goods into
his country   at   the   minimum   duty,
while  French goods have to pay the
maximum rale.    Canada got in for a
long time under the  British rate, but a
few years ago was discriminated against
and put on the maximum list.   Canada
immediately  relaliiatcd  by  imposing a
special surtax of a  third  extra oti Ger-
mon   goods.     Between   this and the
British   preference,   reinforced  by  the
dumping   clause, the Canadian tariff is
now in rather   a   confused condition.
Tlie^^m^ing~elause sccmelTToT>e™in>
imposed chiefly  for political effect, but
Kocle^ay MEeys Qo.7 Ltd.
About 1600 acres, Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
CREEK,  io miles from ELKO.
Will be subdivided to suit purchaser in blocks from
So acres upwards.
Price from $3.00 to $7.00 per acre.    Terms—1-5U1
cash ;   balance in
cent, interest.
yearly instalments at 6
did not work well even in that respect,
and soon dropped out of sight for political purposes. A few importers were
fined under it at first, but lately nothing has been heard of il. The Brilish
preference is more troublesome. It
covered all British goods at first, but
now exempts woollen cloths, but nol
blankets or other woollen manufactures. The result is lliat a hundred
dollais worth oflweeds, for instance, if
imported from England pays thirty
dollars duty. If imported from the
United States they pay thirty-live, and
if imported from Germ.my they pay
forty. The making nnil working of
tariffs is a difficult science, much more
complicated than is generally understood, and constantly increasing in
difficulty as the business interests of
the country expand into new channels.
Tho maximum und minimum European tariffs cover a wide field, and are
often used to harass or favorjmporters,
according i.> their personal or political
relations townrd the government.
A   PARAGRAPH in The'LkixiE last week aiienl the carved letters of
Mr, Blundell's si^n,  reminds us that we haven't been  saying much
about Tinsmithing and Plumbing lately ;   but at the samo time have been
doing considerable in this line.
Take a look at the cornice on the Post Office Block ; this, together
with the letters was manufactured by two of our tinners, Messrs. Hamilton
and McCulloch, they do lirst class work, and besides are good looking fellows.
ai>iifc-rViiwiwiiVr^-rT~-'""-na»rniii«iin iiiiiainm'ir*im i~t"i" iiiyr v;rT^--rTi'rr,miMmw
The man who carves u-U-mto
one ol our iiiui fjis-vim* setn lii'cuusu liu's
suns of Ktiltin^ :t Ituifu tlittt will tuirvw, i-.ot
ItltKifle tilt) llla-iit.
All our I'utUiry is of ili-pphiliible steel.
The kind Unit's niiniii for hni.1 sorvit-w. Our
Presentation Set ^fJ^ti£-
illcs. put-kml in u hiimlsoine  suHu- GJC
&>r\ nfl'wts you n KiiUnnliil knife anil
ip/liUU fork, Bulistiintiiilly put to-tetlior
6>n en fora knifo and fork, nine inoli,
$d.i\)\J plain bolstertttuK liniidlei*.
&>A  cr\ U nil ,wo iisk for a set. that's
aJ>T"iaJU'Perfuut in every iletull.
TABIE  KNIVES, made of linely .tempered
Mtt'd, li'oin $2 up to $5 the Met.
T1UI     UtnUprl""*ir™'"''«"<vn«.-.M-«.'n VW~
Biitc«ii Hourcnir C^rtl* with
Klght Viewi of F<*rni<*.
ItcAtitiruI work, and thi*
Canadian Coat of Arum on
I'Ri'h out', 'foot hy mail fur
**." ft*nt»
Services   \till  lie   held   in  the
churches nrN! Sunday ns follows:
Enrly service 8 n. in., wilh short instruction in two languages'; high mass
al 10:30a. in., with iiiiiiiuiioo in luo
languages; Sunday school nt 2:,\o;
evening hervite, 7:30 p. 111., with in-
utructlon.   Service each morning at K
oVIlHk. RKI.. K.YTIIKK 1'oCt-I.A,
l'rickt in charge.
Cllt'lU II  Ol' KM.I.AMI.
In Opera Hou*e, al 11 a. 111,, iniiins
and Kcri-1011; t-vi-niH»ig and w.rinoii,
7:jo p. 111; Sunday m'IhhiI, ii.jo p. 111.
Rkv. K. U. (Uhtlktv, M. A., Reali»r.
Service* ll a. tit. and 7:30 p.m.;
SabtMlli M.I100I nt 1 j noon.
Corner of IVIIatl avenue and U\h>
snwt.    Scnirt-s nt   11 n. in, and ^i-n
p. m.; Sahhnth school at J:,pi p. in.
Riv. J. Ronv>x, It. A., P.iMor.
It.ikt.-a' *lrtcl.    Sa.rviii-'a ,u 11 a. in.
and 7:50 p. m.; Hiblcschwl t j;iop.in,
Ri;v. I.. R. i». i*t»»H.n, I'.i-ior.
f*_<j 1    U IV l'a*
Royal Household
Is Purified by
.11 ."■■) o j •.i'^^AH-V *-I>
r&       1  HAVK       r'
Our Ccadino Cine
Is tho
Slater Shoe
txttitx, ii.k/.
For Men
b. H. Scnhbki
„^*«, a'"»i---'*-r^'^:,*i"--i'r-C;"''
(flf S^'iSsiS^S'^S**':^*^*^^
In Thfie Fa»rk* i* ow a»f tlu-
oldanl   lnXal*  in   the   Saav.wt,  and  h i-
nevrr ch*i«dl its ajoor*. Tht? n»«.-.il* are
.it'j'.vV'i t.u*iy, aad llw t >•'■!■■ r I i>.^ •.■>:
.illo«« hi* *lit*k«y  l«> flul   wilh  tin-
n,i!u  ('.ti'iuf,
MU<1M NIVEN, rm|*r«t0r.
What Is It?
Why irs
Tk PalBtar
i° GSSm^ GcfSt^Jiic ■ iT^atf^'. trjirtfr\1'C''^


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