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The Ledge 1905-05-17

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—a r.
■'    "|T
1 "*■.**"'
' S.M
-.'■"■■' li '
.' -*"..
i .1. .1
—£_._-? a»«_JLi,_rt.«i_..„i.
'■a-   .*- .
.; *■■
*l..-s     -'
-"'.• ',
laf.. n,l_iw,_nll,tm
l' *
.   ft   :',
'■'   - -.'
.-  K/a-ll   ■'
1    a.        ,
Aa   ij
.v' *■
-""" -1/     '.,
: .***■
■     ' a «fc
■-■*. ■:;-
5-   - -   '.
1 -.-■'.
/.«'..h__.l_   .MmJL-,1
■■-"^7''*■.''■ •
i. ij-    '-..■ j-,*;,!
,'*•■    "-■J     ,■.'«»,■        '      '*"   '   "-'-ll--"   '"'ll-?--,   *.   S->. -■*        ■"."    l'1"
!____ ..K j' ■      ■,' ---  "'i --• ■  !  Ii     -im.- ai    ■
■        J ' ■     ,       . S.\. a    ,'      ll •     I
.   Ista j a      .-'I—   ' ■ . a>    '.     ' '.
)t'_-H&l> •> -r---v:---,-
■-•■X  *i^aft*'■ft-*'.-''.' ., 'V  ." ■       -',
-.*OCt___   ■■C,   I' .. "a*   *
-■*   ->J^,A__ ^._____
*. ir-l_.
""■ a "..-*    -a-   'I. ,    Jl.
-U&__L.J___.'   **' »»
an i.. .. ■
<i • ,:.*-..',-".;^'r,
, -' .'"iM-W&i
V i^§k£i
, * *'^.*if^-Vt?
'''"■'' 3¥-Si*1'!'*''
' ;&&£
R. T. LOWERY,      l
Editor and Flnuncler       $
fS._    w   (—
You wi'lbccomelike
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
FERNIE, B.C., WEDNESDAY; .MAY 17, 19--.5
PEiqn:, .$2-a Year, in Advance
s\*.y*s^y.*,Hi.ni,Hi.n{.Hi,HijH*. n<-Hi.y.*.sit.nt.y.i, nt,s:i.nt,y.ty*y* op op op
t»?t* ft* to ft* ft* A* fl* ft* ft* to tt* tfrVt*4 Vtfti&iZftf'tx'fW'iit'i:? >;-■
j:-ii!4i!4^^S.i!«:-i^*;^<,iJ4^H,.'*r4 HAHi.H<,Sj*,y.* gin**'* y* op Op Op Op Op
ffcft*f.* fi*f** f-*ft*fi**t* ft* ft* ft* ft*tt*fi?titt'tc *<•;»"?:?ti*'t.*"'t's,ti*'Vtcwvi?
Tlio ItitR will- prouatly niiMial on btf-lt
Anil iluttaieil in tlie brcezo. .
Now Hat to tlio UDlversttl cry t
"Sny Krod, yon'ro Jtut that cliooaio."
And whilo thoy mihir their happy sonfra
And minto tho welhln rlnir,
They loutlly ohooroal -'Goal navo Kiail Stork,"
l)ut wliooi-Csl not for the Kini;.
MrH. McLeod anil fainily "lirrfve/l
ficm Li'.tlibrld'-'e on Monday"h train.
Warnings havo beon idsucd hy the
civic authorities to sll citizens to clean
up thoir preaileea.
A branch ol tho Brotherhood of St
Andrew is l>i)ln<f organized here. Rev.
Mr. Bartlett has the mutter in hand.
Intimidation Fecms to be a favorite
game of Fred Stork's. Ilo muBt hnvo
made that poor show agent sweat last
TheC. P. R, will sell tickets nt reduced rates for Victoria Day. Tickets
-are good from the 21nt to the 2(itli   of
this month. ''   .
■       /
Kfie*i-*your eye on ITiib  Ledob  next
week, and you will Aiid one or two in-
(ereKtiii'r articles.   Wc   are about   to
eprlnp a mine. •
',. Charli-a Davey le in Caljrary and will
shortly have control of thedliiing room
niidilcepiiig-afiartrncayts ot the Hoy A
Hotel in that city.
The posWafllce at Caljrary should hire
better clerks. IVop'e cannot afford to
let their letters lie in that otlice until
the contents commence to turn gray.
.A may-pole d-mce is lieinir organized
by the Junior Guild of Chiint church,
It will bo held on May 31<*1 in Mr.
Davies' lawn.
The C. I'. It. will open its commercial
oflice today. Mr Barclay will be in
<*liar_*;«, and Is well known, having
been night operator' in this city two
years ago.
Mr. Garnet conducted hcrvires in the
'Methodist church on Sunday in tho ab
eencc nf Itev. Mr. Rubaon who is away
at conference at Vancouver.
IV. J, Blundell lias movul into !iin
new renidenro on the corwr of Hansen
nnd Ilnwland avenues. It is one of the
innsi benuiifiii cottages in tiie city of
The turn-out at the. opera hnuee on
Friday night was hardly-what  might
be called a ""packed house."   Thc play
-""Th**   Imprudent Ybj-iiK.O'ifil'il-J?1---
- ...AmuMiig- bu^tltb j.ihes were atw-tcnt.
At Macleod last Safin-day the celebrated case of t'nupnre .% McVeigh v.-
Iho Went Canadian Ctillicrics Co. wni*
twlltod out nf court. The case w*s 30
inontha iti court, and it N reported tli.it
the defendants settleal liy paying S9<XX)
The casthound Cow train met with a
eliiTht accidnnt at Chin on Sunday
An open switch derailed the engine,
and made the mail car look like a
eruahed envelope factory The driver
and linker were slightly scalded, and
the damage amounted to SI-jO
It Miikcs Tjik Lf.ixib tlint (370 was »
linge price to pay an outside engineer
(or making an ostlmatte on our proposed
water and sewer system. Surely thera-
r.ro plenty of men around home '
scould have done Ihe work just as well,
and for half the money.
While fishing at Proctor last week
Miss Martin caught a rainbow trout
that weighed eight pound''. It was
tirnugnt to Fernie and while on exhibition in one of tho windows of the Fertile Drui* Slore caused much comment
owing to the fact that rainbow trout of
that weight arc-exceedingly rare.
The postal <*a:s in use alone the Crow
are not built right to make life healthy
for thomnil cleiks. The lack of venti
lalionmakes the clerks look like a
poker player nt the end of a long session. The Dominion government
fchould see that all postal c'ei ks got a
chance to draw their breath.
Fernie is about to raise SIOO.OOO with
which to build sewers iind waterworks.
Tho ratepayers wilt not tcol safe at
having sin li a large sum largely at the
disposal of a blundering'bluffer ami
baby (led hnycuttcr like Fred Stork.
Wo should have a mayor who does not
make tho city's interest subservient to
his own.
Whan n womnn wads a paper, talio roiiiI»  tho
ail-i as well,
ll tliorc'ii nny liiformiitlon that the advert them toll,
And Tjik LbihiK is hulll on liunino-ii,   and   ull
. ^ our ail.) uni miuuro,
Ami you mia.n_ai;niir_rltiiiti-it for dollatr.. if maar
nd don't lino up thero
Mrs. Eckstein lias returned from Spn.
W. C. Hamilton visited Frank this
Jt. \V. Wocd left Toronto on Monday
on his way to Fernio
S. T Colton has accepted a position
with the W. C. Hamilton Co.
G G. S. Lindsay returned on Sunday
accompanied hy his wifo and family.
Thad R. Case, a lumber agent from
Winnipegepent a few days here last
Sam Neelands came over from Cranbrook last week to spend his holidays
iu Fernie.
F. W. Peters, R. It. Jamicson, and
other C. P ll. ollieials will be in Fernie
on Thursday.
Jas. Buchanan of Movie arrived on
Wednesday last to take a position with
the Elk Lumber Co.
A. L. Hunting of Cranbrook arrived
here ou Sunday and has taken a position]
with thc Elk Lumber Co.
J. G. Rutherford, of Ottawa accompanied by S P. Taltnie, inepected the
dipping tank at Gateway last week.
T, Truran, of Michel, master mechanic of the Cron s Neat Coal Co. spent
Sunday iu Fernie and left for Morrissey
on Monday.
Walking and Gillespie of Calgary
camo in on Wednesday. They are
looking over the city with a view of
opening a paii.t uliop.
Mrs. John II.inter passed . through
Fernie oo her way to visit her daughter
at Bcllinghain, Wash. Her husband
accompanied her as far aa ltexford on
Ou-itaf.  fn    al.-   .)..»...«.*..  *«...*..    .......
** "'I,   -a*     svs.v   s.v«i.t»,.a4o    aai«.ua*      U}*a.ii
her time by her pinno'pupils Miss Suddaby has resigned as organist i-f the
1'iesbytt-rian church. Stieis succeeded
bo Misa Knisely.
Ensign Lacoy and wife of Winnipeg
weie in tiie Any last wetk'<in their way
back'* fiom Vancouver, v -Ue -was the
first ritlicer the Army bad stationed in j
Fernie koine six yei.ra ago.
Fred  Stoik,  mayor  of  Fernio  and
owner of tho local liull in  which llieat
rical coinpnnleH i lay \m* lioycoMo.l Thk
Lkdou.   '1 honpent rf tlie, "Imprudent
Yoiiii-.'Couple Co." ciilletl at thin nlTiee
last week and instructed the manage!
to insert an ad  aiinouijcfng   that   InV
company would piny  in  Stork's Op-r.i
I House on Friday evening    Tlie ad w.-i-
put In  type when a telegram  was rt>
eeived from tliea-.-ent at Cranbrook in
structin<7 Thk Lkdcib to cancel   all nr-
tires.   When thu show arrived in Fernie its manager informed Thk Lunar
tIs."t Stork •V'siil'J not   allow  the company to play in his opnra house  if they
advertised in Tni* Lkikic.   The  company came tn town, played and departed, but did not pay this ollice arjA'thing.
but the bill inav he settled later  on as
Tun Lunal* has instructed its solicitors
to attend to the matter.
Our baby mayor should feel proud of
this great victory.'  He should hang it
up with   his  soldier' clothes.   It  will
help him to forget the  sad bungle  he
made of  his te-rific onelaught   upon
tlie B. C. Telephone Co. v. hen he cauied
the ratepayers of this city to lose thou<t-
andH of dollars by nltiiwiii_- what a mud-
braineri fool will do when lie is turned
loose, clothed in a little brief authoiity
Still,   pThapH   Stork   thould   not   be
judged too severely for Lis actions   He
may have pumpk initio, nni\ not bo able
to control himself, although idiots and
lunnticR are put   where   they  cannot
cause loss and annoyance to the coin
munity.   It U unfortunate for   Fernie
that Stork sits in the Mayor's chair for
the outside   world  wiii think  that   we
cannot tell   the dlffeieuco  between a
man and a Syphat, and are   liab'e   to
hunch ue all in the s:me  catalogue.
Wo rather liko Fred Stork and  would
lie pleased'to see him recover,l.-ilthougff
theatrical companies all over will probably hear of the ho\<-f»lf ami |«ivfi Fred
to sit on the throne alone in  Irs great
theatre, and listen to the rolling of the
pumpkin cecdg in the vaccuurn   of Ilia
upper stope.
-bowing little dlspnsltidr*. to;;'negotiate
fi.r ii   settlemont 4, ■-';-'V r
Sifton reckoned wlthiftti'j/fn^'cnully
of iho American, ongi'iPJjrt'-'jHje head
was not built right tpiiteti<&th'their
right Jgjjjj^7.*fih/;their
resourci'fi.liipss. Jj!m*o'<Xj(\t\<>tiahfiVp.
evolved a pro(i«|iiK]otrby tjb{ciliai'!<huge
canal can bi^wis-tiear^.tU-iffjinadiari
.     .      -     . "a   -aL.f'.Tt'i.
},.-.Ve/y drop
water into the new .chaflti-]'ijnd leave
the Milk River bit thc,Can&lan side ae"
dry as a chip        ,   ',   1 AA   _ x
Roosevelt has given pr(l«8'to the enV
glneers of Reclamation Sen/JcA" to p.ut
this master stroke iuto ^ci'ivithoui
delay.       ,' •''' /."£-/    ■ r:Z
All of which goes to 8ocw,";'tbiit..th'ore
are some awful dtiba at OUjwa'.'..  ' *■..'.*.
.'       ' a --.      /. y J*-
 . A'  ••'   , ''Mftn.
' ;•.. K'"
; meelingof tl»oCfincilon.Sat.,W^^ on Mon-
vening the  piep^lon of tho day; wft|l sl,pp,;es for tj,e gt>   Ma    .,
y-laws for tho sewer araPwater ays I.i.- „._„_.  .„•,„,.„ ,«,„„ „,sn   ,„   ,t,     '
,. -   .1   *,' -        --juiBtrict, whetetnev will do  the an
>,ms were discusfieai at lenjth, -,-, ■ , *  , ,,r
Fernio lost the zinc smelter now
building at Frank forrea-ons given in
this paper last winter. Tn.>reisnnother
chance now in siaht, ami if the citizen-
will bestir IheinRelves Fernin may have
a smelter. The Great Northern railway intends to erect a 51m Iter in sr.nie
of tho Crow town?, and its lnratiun
means great prosperity to tbo town in
which it   ie  situated.   Fen io  si oulil
At the
urday e
It was moved by Ald^l'tUlle' seconded by Aid Trites that the city solicitor
be requested to attend^atnectingB of
the council.   \jost.A'.A>&f>-\
Upon motion of Aid-wbifns second-*d
hy Aid. Wallace the^cijyi^j-ilicitof was
asked to roBign.   CarHejl.    -
It was moved and "secAiilo'd by Aids
Tuttle and-TYrte.s that^etity offer A
McDougall i|3;50p"for kli^iit right to the
water of Fairy Creek. ■_■*.
A Three Porlia Horror
Otis and Cliarles-Kurnlia were found
tle.-nl in their cabin near Three Fotks
la-.t.Thursday. Ov.e was in thc hunk
with his head slashed in several places,
and \Xi_ other on the floor with a gun in
hia-i-annd, and his head -£lirit to pieces.
The case locks liko. a'murder and
(filicide. The brothers li»d lived for
years in thin cabin, and were quiet,
hard-working men. It is likely that
the lonely and humdrum lifo they led
drove one ef them in.°aiii', nnd made
him to push his brother over the great
divide and follow him by tho shotgun
(From Fort Steelo Prospector!.
It b reported thnt the Sullivan
mine will resume operations about
June lsf.
* Common reports have it that the
Marysville smelter will be i.t operation on or about Jane 1st.
'-'■There is a rumor a round that  the
Mackenzie M.-nn mines  on   Huckle-
-berry Hill will bu consolidated and a
company formed to operate property.
There is   nothing doing    at  the
Marysvil'o smelter ns  yet,   except
"hot air," but the big lead stack will
be blown In about June 1st,   A large
amountof ore is being roasted prep-
aratory to'lsmelting: '
._*ayhite,Sta*ri groap^-Jne Tacnhaa-
ni.Hi.y.i.yj_yj_y_y_y* o* •>'> *t* *»*«,> op op op op o*o,. <yp ^A «»> op\*p o.
y.i.y*,y.i. y.*_y._ y.*y.*o* *-'* *•"■> *t*sf*y* *r* *•** »v o* op o* op op «.»■> op op <
ft* ft*" fit ^«N-w^*j^;-r^-"Vj-:^^;v^;?->N-^KW ti*'$i<rffo£f't*-?_hi*''t;
From Tho Ili'mlil.
J, Ilnnbnry, nf Rrandf.n, Man., k
In tfiwn looking after his interests at
the North Star mill and Klko. Speaking ofthe new plant that he is putting
in at Eiko, Mr. Hanbury says that he
expects to have everything in shape
for operation within six'week*.
Governor Hanson, of Wa?n, wag in
the town- several davs   this   week.
TIitp is enniide.ralile activity among
prospect-rs ar.d claim owrers in this
viciiiin-.   Under the d'rection of F. M.
Ricketts active developement work-"a;
in prn_;i" ,-s at the Dorninion grotif),'sit-'"
uated some 18 miles  from this town. '
The Sullivan mini**-* Companp will   ro-
sume  operations at their mine'three '
miles   from    Kimberley  right  away
There wmi a temporary alinl-down «Itife
an   addition   was   beinjj   mada- to the
eri'.sher bui'a|i!i^<- ;-.t the -uii''.j.ter here
Rebuilding: Telephone Line
Next week the Britiih Columbia
Telephone Co. will start wofk on rebuilding the line between Phoenix
.,..l^...'.   -    ,a:»a—-.«fl   -a* „-     .a-
r.ai>t v^raca^titc,   a • a.lOMaaaia^aa   all    OI/IIIU      _0
miles. New .cedar poles will be
erected for thc entire distance and
new insulators will be used throughout, and the line pat in a first class
keepitaeyuoneuterprls-is of ib*-"-i»d !*'<"'.'■']■■-■>*•_ generally.^ George -C.
""'  ' /1ftxlg", of Nelson, the district suDer
Through his foollph actions
aga'nst thn 11. C. Telephone Co. l.iat
winter Fred Stork caused this city to
I010 thousands of dollars, and as far ns
can bo learned ho has not signified his
intention of making this loss good to
the ratepayers. He pliould do It or resign his position as mayor of this important and growing city. Ferule- cannot
afford to havo a fool or a boycotter at
the head of Its civic administration.
Under the auspices ol tlio A. A. A.
Victoria Day will Im royally celebrated in Ferule, on May 21th. There
will be pony, dog, hose tool, and
Chinese races; jumping, uliot pn'.tlng
etc. Orm of the lending events will
be a baseball match between Fernio
and Kuli.ipc!!. The proceedings
will clfaso by a grand ball In the
evening and all visitors to the city
will be agreeably surpilsed and delighted with our Victoria Day cclc-
In tlio Net.
Capt. James Smart, ol the Calgary-
Fire Department, while on a visit to
this city recently, had an experience
which ho will ruueniber for some
time. He had taken a room at the
Napanee Hotel, li cited about two
blt-cks from the Cr-iw's' Nest Fass
Coal Co's large coke plant, and during the night he was awakened "from
a sound slumber by the glare ol light
thrown from the burning oven3. He
did not wait to Iind out the causo ol
the. Hght, but nis thorough training
as a fireman led him to believe thai
tlie town was on lire. On the im
pulse ot the moment he decided that
sell-preservation was the lirst law ot
nature, and grabbing his dress suit
case he made a jump trom the *wn-
duw to the court below. Luckily lor
Cap he landed in the meshes ct u
wire netting that was stretched over
the court in which a couple of bald
eagles are confined. This broke Ins
fall, and probably saved him lrom
going home on crutches,
Alter bouncing up and down a few
limes he awoke to t'le fact that there
wad no tire, and ho immediately
called ior help to tako hiui out ot t!*e
lueslics ol what lie at lirst supposed
was a life net.
The Canadian G.izette recetatly   • 11b
intei.dent, is letting the contract for
the poles, Steve-Irwin, of~Ross!and
ta i.i have immediate charge  of   the
ntial assessment -vork on the White
Star group cf claims.
• The Doherity—This property Is situated on Wi'd Horse creek. Colonel
Doherty still continues to develop
what he considers to be one of the
largest free gold quartz mine3 in
Britidh Cuiuinbia.
Everything is running on a most
satisfactory basis among the placer
mires ol Wild none creek. There is
plenty of water not less than 3,COO
inches, running through big ditches,
and the histrric old camp looms upas
one of the most productive and pr s-
perous placer mining camps in British Columbia.
Mining men are unanimous in the
opinion that Southeast Kootenay will
be in the immediate future, upon the
building of the Kootenay Central
railway, a great mining district.
.More attention is being paid to de
velnpuicnt work, in the camps tribu
tary to Fort Steele than ever before.
rp.      • ., , Marysville U Imililiiig up rapidly ami
The governor has his new hotel near-, today  has fl- )_f_£tfW:\.HM«u.A;
1V done and is' now * tilting iu tlie fur-' ..tores h'r. mi-fltiin^t'hd wimer-tus mini?
rikure.    When   everything 'is"'com- 'era an.I rancheri*, who'm-i!r<Vthi*-plac
a thrice a week traiuV-eVviee, hut -upon'
the Mowing iu of t'.e smelter, a daily
service, from Cranbrook   wi'l  be inau
gur..ted.   F.vt-ryihing points to a very
busy ai.d pros-perous summer here.
The s'rects nf Michel are clean and
Rase Rail Facts.
Baseball was played as  far  back   as
1810 and the fir«t baseball club was   or
g.'itiized in 18l."> in New York.   It  was
known as thc Knickerbockers.
The first match t-ame was   played at
Hobnken, N. Y., June 10, 1810.
The first   rules   governing  baseball
were dra wjuuv^ew -York in ISC-?.
Tho fir*.t baseball league was Jjrmed
in New York in 1807.
p'ete there will be a big opening and " tlwtrlieif)qiiartur*rnin|.>ifirly pilrtt.   %
a large number of Craubrook people!.. Just at .pri-seiit''M<irv>'ville-: liasiouiy
will attend. '■ l   ..  - .-..*.,•> ■:     *•    ..
Dr. L. C. Rishop has gone to Marysville to locate permanently. The
dfctnr during the practice of his profession in [Cranbrook made many
strong frl nds who regretted l:is de
parture, bat wish for him every degree ol success in his new location.
There is a great need of rain these
days on the ranches. In fact if there jft credit to the population,
is not rain before long there will be There are jil>->nl COO men working
a great shortage en all lands that are'in this camp, and :hey are all yros-
not irrigated.   The light fall ol snow j perous. ■    -
last year left thc land with little mois-j K. Hammond bas rstabJUhe.l for
ture and r.tins are absolu:*ly [for Coal Co. a cl-ck .svs'cm which
necessary now to prottct the growing' keeps tab on the watchman every
crops. hour of the night.       -.       -••>-
Michel, hen an excellent fire  en-
J-ine for us,. jn (.ase u,e hyd^ntg "g,'.{
c.hnk'd with s-ind, and tluj'elfcfric'
light is unsurpassed along the Cro*v.
Rishop Dantenwill blessed the bell
of the. Catholic church' last Sandav
evening. He was met at the depot
by a large number of his churchmen
who escorted him to the new church,
many if whom kissed his hand.
Father Coecola accompanied the
b'shop, and the pr c-sshn wis head-
■i by two pretty girls carrying large
The Herald is in possession of information to the effect that the North
Star Mining company propose to com-
mencework again on their property
This is good news indeed to the people of Southeast Kootenay, who all
hold a tender feeling tor lhat property. It wi'l also he good news to
the people to know that N. McLeod
Curran will return to have charge of
the work. Mr. Curran has Leen so
long in this district that his departure
was the source of univena! regret &
and everybody will be pleased to S boqueta of flowers,
know that he will soon be back here.
From tho Times
"Michel Irs only one hotel, and it is
unsurpassed along the Crow. The
landloid, Tho*rws Crahtn .3 a model
one .ind take? -n->.|V.-Iv<'Wr4ce^Of the
monopoly he ei-j?)'". ~He~isone(ir'a.,'r
million.   He sells ten beers for a do/-
lislu-s the names of the oflieers who will 1 *vork-    T-,c present lirievt'as built  in
command the letvil Tommy Alkins who'18M. and at that time waa  the only
aysteni of wire service into the Boundary country, it being before either
railway -was-constructed-'into this
comprise  the - Kast .Kootonay   K'fles.
The Gazette is very polite for it designates a!! the 'lieutcnssits,. Inehtding
Stork, as gentlemen.   It does not  i-av
what McEvoy is, hut as he has  been
made captain it is presumed that in the
army this title is hh-hor than that of a
met p. gentleman    TliuGiizrUeiloe.-* not
mention tho word genllt-man   iu connection with the. non-commissioned of.i-
cers, and we suppose they  are merelvi
men until so :ic political influence  or ('Mayor being present.
other force enables them to wen.- .-.n-1    Amongstsever.il mit'or communi-
other stripe or two on their nice  gov-'cations read wns cue lrom  Mr.  Mc
The first championsliip team was New j
Yoi k ::: !8iS. '
At the meeting of the City Council
t held last night there was a full attendance,   all the  aldermen   and   the
Ufa, Russia, May 17—Sukdovsky,
governor general of tho province of Ufa
w.is shot and seriously wounded this
morning in the public gardens The
assii.sain escaped.
Warsaw.—There wero disturbances in
the Jewish quarters tonight,* the police were aitacked by a mob and
.-"hot audi  killed   one  aud   wounded
another of the rioters.
Tokio May 17—The news that the
ktiH.'siaiii fleet has returned to Ilinkhe
Hay has created j-reat astonishment
lii'io. Count OKum.i former premier
of .Inpansaid that only.the happy nicin-
oiiusofthu former rotations between
France and Japan, remain.
WtJaXii-Ki*, May 17—S. A. MacGawof
Goderich, Out., and Kelly uf llrandoii
have deetded to erect a .WOO barrel
llour mill at St. lionifiico.
Vi'in. Iaiclt whilo helping to raise a
Hiiiukeiiliick at Kiko lust Snlnr.lay met
with a purhuiH accldeiit. A Mdtion ot
the stuck fell 011 him crushing ono of
hi-t legs tin hmllv that it had to bo amputated after bin arrival at the hospital
iu Fernio llich is 11 line yniun* man,
and comes from llul Dior in Alborta.
McDonald, Siinpson & Co.-, 'the well-
known    CninmisBioii    Men bants   ami
Manufacturer.*'Agents at Cal|-aiy havt-
re-organized and incorporated and   is
now a full fledged Limited   Liability
company    Their capital stock is *10,
OOrt, iu $t(V) i-hares.   The firm now consists of Mr.  McDonald,   president and
managing director; H  A  Dreany, vice
president; and \V.  A. .Simpson,  sccrc
tary.   This firm has a very solid standing m the Territories, the name of "Lit
tie Mac" at the head of the concern  be
ing a guarantee that thev are hustlers.
The-work of clearing rff the Alh- liar when he might as well sell eight-,
lletic   grounds   at Frank    is   being jand not a drop tf wet grrcorir-s can
Tho i\Vw Vaark Clipper gave the first  pU3l]aJ a,onff flS fast flS ^^^ yoc pet on Sunday.    Xo f arn'es  of
'%tfirstsala^d t'L wasCinciimati     J. W. Powel, lateof L.dysmiUi, B.  ^ance are permitted  i„   the   hotel,
in 18-58 C, is now mine foreman at the mines and WI,h fonr .b""'."».™ '" ** h^-
The Professional National association [ofthe Internationl Coal Co.   at   CoJe-| mS V° Unext C'''n  PSC,',fe   the (,-DP°r-
tumtyof bathing except through in-
ertiti.   The cuisine brashes the apex
nr.d'"e\'ery  lover of   g-istrnmonic.'al
Ciilciirj- K.ve 0|K'i:er.
Haw haw. haw ! What will hm-onic
of Hiftoii's Milk Hiver ranch nov, ? For
some timo past Canadian and Ameri
can engineers have been scheming for
coiitii'l of the waters of Milk Hiver,
which, rising in Montana, traversus
trnitory on both sides of tho lino. The
Canadians recently tapped the river,
leaving the American side, ns drv as a
biscuit. This create-; a virfai.il air.-u^Iit
iu tlio irrigate! ecelious of Montana,
rendering iiscle.is a costly system 0!
eatialn a couple of hundred miles iu ex-
luul and destroying crojs on thousand.-,
of acres.
Within the past two years a monster
diiin hns been constriiclual by the Canadian Northwest Irrigation Company at
Lethbridge anil li» miles i>( canal dug
into the suri'ouudiiig country. Avery
small ipiautlty if w.ater sli|s past
Lethbriilge thuii   li tn Moutaiia.
A short lime m/n C. W. W'ulcutt, tlir-
ector of the V. S giolegical survey,
wa* sent tn Ottawa tn cenfer whh I'un-
iidian aulliiiritU's. Hit ;anipu!'i'il a coui-
priiinisi'd silicine. hy width the M'ttlcis
on bulh sldt'H tif Milia K v,T whhh! ie.
ceive benefit from tlm water of Milk
This was Siftiui's department and -Sifton was liciirily inii rented in tin) Milk
lliver I'ouiiti y. so Mr Wnlct'it leeeived
no siitiafafiit ii, tlie Oilawa  auihorliics
Dougnll offering water for all pur
[Kases from Fairy Creek for the sum
of :>3.COO giving the right of way r.nd
an acre of land on tlie river bank.
The city solicitor .wrote demanding
reasons for his dismissal. The motion
regarding this action at a previous
.n.citing.was re.-cir.dul and the city
solicitor reinstated but in the future
must attend all meetings ofthe Council.
The resignation ol Mr. Rennie. city
clerk, was received. .Mr. Rennie lor
business, and other reasons having
accepted another position further west
was after a round of complimentary
addresses lrom the aldermen and
mayor relieved of his duties terminating at the end 01 llie uioiil'i.
A letter Irom the Coal Co. in reply
to one from the C<nir.cil  stated   that j
was formed in 1891.
!    The national  league was formed in
The old American association was
formed in 18-S1   and disbanded in 1801.
Tho American association was the
first to award the series to the club with
the best percentage.
The reserve rule was adopted in tS32,
The Players league formed in 1S90
and disbanded in l.sii'J.
Largest crowd at a game— Philadelphia. Oclober I, li-Si.   attendance ••O.ixx).
First glove used for lift hand—Douglas Allison, Cincinnati Reds, lSS'i.
Catcher's mask invented by F. W.
Thayer, of.Harvard, 187.>.
First 1 to 0 score, Chicago and St.
Longrstthrow known: Ed Crane, 1S-S-1
I'fib yards. •KM feet and 'ai inch.     Larry
i Twitehe.l, now of Ct-liimbns, beat it hy
2 feet, but no ollicial claim  was   made-
Greatest number of innings"; Fargo
vs. Dev.l's Lake. July IS, 1S01; score 0
to 0, 23 innings.
Largest number cf games credited to
one 1 layer in one season, S. L. Thnnip
son' Detroit: 1SS7.
Record for running bases 13 15 se
The Roman Catholic.church being
built in Coleman is nearing coinple-
,, ,   triumphs delights to place   his feet
t.on ar.d may be opened by   tl.e  end  beneath one of Tom's tables.    It   is
it this month.
The election held 11st week by the
Coleman Miners' Ui.-ion for check-
weighman resulted in the election of
.John Uuswcrth.
The Coal Cai. at Bcllerne have
about got through the squeeze in the
slope at that property and are again
into coal.
That portion of the Frank mine
that, was discovered to be en lire
some lime ago is still sealed   up  and
j it wiii be at least two weeks yet b---
lore it is. unsealed,    It is   presumed
j that the lire has been stnothi.ml out,
but the-company are taking tm
chances in opening it up too soon.   In
wrrth the trip anv time to stop 1 fT at
Mchel and see this model hotel and
landlord.- Everything from soda to
h'ck is replete wi-h the tact and
taste that comes from the guidance
of a gentleman who h'is learned the
b-sson of lifa- so well that it is a pleas:
tire to dwell wiihin the walls of his
i-legently appointed hotel.
Spread the ICnovi iedgo
The follnwini; lrom the Denver
Mining R'-pirter has .1 Ircil apji'ica-
tion in Bri-isli Cuiuinbia as well as in
the United St itos, and might be »q-
u-illy true as n-garls tiie dissemination of know lfd.ro ol mining, agri*
the iiicatt'ime a large    number  of cl,!tural and other resouiccs if a ilis-
mincrs arc working in other parts ot
the mine and a large amount of coal
is being taken out and shipped.
On  the question   if publicity    it
might be well to point out that   tho
co.,.l*;Mttrtvll.,g"...?[„diauapolis, 1895. j Wednesday afternoon the Frank j »J-*st jrac ic.-tl | Inn for spriading
First series of world's i-bamnionslei.;: and Coleman baseb ill teams met onl-'i'ioati kii"ivli-dge < f the lnineral
Providence vs. Metropolitans' Isn't.'the Athletic grounds here. Front the! wealth of mi ing districts is w sup-
I'rovi.liiiice won by three straight. j very start pi th-; game it was easy to; P-'it clean, h anestntid well edited lo-
f The American league, (originally the J see that the Frank team was out-'cal newspapers. ..Supporting a local
they were not disposed to sell their 1 Western le.\gue) was formed in lsot; classed and struggle as they would newspaper d- es rot simply mean
waterworks plant,   particularly   in | with Ran Johnson as president. i they Went down" to a  defeat by   a ;pa> ing a sulisciii.tion,  but also  by
view of the extensive improvement) The second longest buselwll gamp on!scoreofiato,; inf|Vor of Coleman, girng it the news In less than a
now under way and in contemplation 1 record was ,.l«y,-«l at Rest.,.., .May H,!The b:Utcrics were forCoicniun- Kerr * uioiish items which origin..llv ciuan-
Thc Clerk was instructed   to  meet _ 1677. between the Manchester, ^^"j !,,,„, T ompson; for Frank,   Kanouse ated f.Mtu the 1 cat paper   will  have
'and Ue'slui'.v. [appeared in scares of other papers,
Mr. Lindsay and ask terms at which j professional   nine  and  the
thc Co. would furnish water   for   firc |i'"Hege team, the score being 0 to 0 in
and domestic purposes,  number of|21n!l'""nf'f9.'_
hydrants they intend to erect, etc.
Front tli,' t.a'ai.li'
reaching the ?yes of many thousands
nt readers elsewhere. L»-t stich information be reliable nnd good mast
evcii'.iially bei'eiivci by the locality
to wlrch rcferur.ee is made.
The   third  longest game  on record
. wasplaved at Tacoma, Wash , May l.\
A committee was appointed to see; w% ,,',„.,,,„ 1-.,,oina IlIU, anii .,,ltt|e.
Mr. McDougall and endeavor to have j Tacoma won in the twenty-second inn-
water for power purposes, fan n litui- | ^ hy a score of *> •» j.
ted scale, included in his offer. !   The greatest ncor.l for long distance j    Billy Williamson was in Spokane;
The same committee-'were  to see ■ liitiin:- was  made  by Teal .Sitlliviiu'-. • con-jnl'tinff an eye specialist.    While!
Messrs Johnson and Mofllt  re salary I Waco t«;.m in tl.e Texas league during i wprkj„„"n the" initio last week   ho!
•or atulitinff. \t'M.   In one ga....' on   tl.e  Coisicina j e .()f. .^ ,n   hjg cvCi    ^
Dravnten will be asked to tender -,0,,,,,ls *'"-'   U;I1'1   "'am   """-" /'""''returned home Wedne^liv and will „ < , ,„
■ n.-.ti'iiiaii  gettin"  fnir,, rc'aint-(' Ion-c " <*'•"' sl,'*J > -,n l" ""-.tho name of a company of Minnesota
The Reward Mining  company Is
at price per day.
By-law No. 11 ro waterworks w.is
i lionin   rur.s.
! Wolfe three,
Wa!.-h  one  and  Welter
scon be able to resume work.
'capitalists which  has been recently
read and tlisctissctl.
[ilaco on June .'lni,
Voting wilt take i
Tbo Waldorf Leased
Free "Miners Licenses
I    Wcdncsiby wr.s payday at thc St. f'. rtnid to exploit Nettie L mountain
■Eugene iii'iie.   The amount dis'.rib- onthcSitith  F.^rk of  tho   Lardcatt.
! uted was nearly $L'J,0.X).   It  was   a The company hns secured  111 claims
I got*! payday so far as the town  was wl.ic'i they  propose to  develop  by
Thomas l-n-.ii-- return, d from his trip      Pr."-3p.*clors and owiu is of minon.l (concented.    Miners who ran store ac   mi'inw of a long tunnel.   Tho tunnel
to Lucille, liluli... lust .Saturday,'' ami 'claimsshould bear in   111 iml the ."1st;coiii)'s during the month paid prompt- will   ctvsjcut   tin-
has lea;cal the Wnli.oi-f hotel for'a term
different   leads
 .day of May'when all existing anuiiiii; I v, ami not a man 60'iir in.is known  known to exist at a  depth ot over
wK;*i^ l^vinif unpaid  hills  UXO feet.     The work  has already
n long time, aid Is  i»ipular with  the'nuts: be renewed on that date or the : behind.     Tiie  town    was   orderly , been surveyed.   Thc scheme when
wTl'tlm vum«1^ flt l,lte:,t in!whk'h s!;ows -I'coxeellent  class of can led cut will b> a big factor in tho
prTse.'"" :"UU0'H'"    '""   '* *"   0,'t,'r*! oniei-tiiMvc their property. ! incti wi-rl;'::^' litre. ld".v..-lopim;ii'. of the dis'.rict.
"7*^*~*xpr?)"r" 7^**p^___
7^tFvri A rpnn~~*i
^—mmmmr»nm*tml~iitil''i4~li> •:p^*V^i-V'*^~'™'Wl!'*it^>f>^'^Wpt~r'trftr**T-
O'i-ia,  vrt*4l "   ,,. A 1AV AA *'A ,  ,,»
"-aynTg^f-t'tr"*!";"*!! I I'-y*-
.   f      .       ' I. . .... ^a       ..^ -
*      f*-'      I   j(        -t^ r \      !       1 ■■■*. 'ii  l-t    *        ir    t -w-f  r        i    **  *Er-   -"JlS     »,      t -tr-P£ ^-
"  +.   f ^ '1   1   ,     *■ 1 *P*" T
, - - ._ ■•"•"-"Tirs'i-.«■ »*"f-' !r-v-*- ""i»* 1        r "" "- '""' ■"■"   *"*        ^••■h*
«^c—^w~ -»«B^--MlS««-w-Bl»a--aaa-iris»ms^w»-.,.w
 r -——ri»r - ■"• —-■ "•■" -"■•"
!ott, Son & Co.
L T.W. RJoek. F&rn'ie, B. C.
/Jger4« Hi fernie for T, ti. P-rp^y- fle.lson
.Oppo.if.tfi .tho Ho-i.pt, PplCa'Ij?
a- [
The ho-me (or raiiroad-oiign
aw) J'*n)bftrfli^«,   .
R0S3 BROS, Props,
Finest  Liquors and Cigars.
In Fernis, is & -jjeasant
jtiome for all who travel.
Jtoo-jfs-j **e8erved by wire.
' -^  ^ -*§»
Va. Wfcelani, Manager
-.»:a..,',j..' '-...--a.*..'
—: *4» -;-
Js ,a plg35»n.t frome
fpr the traveler-
■Wii-*-S¥iVBSaS'iS;:a?-s: ■
^  .' :;.: V-;r**s|*^
Wm. Mills, Prop.
.■(HTholeiial* Plcalprs ami Direct importers
o/ Wju©-», Liquors and aCigara.
atr "
pistriCst Agents (or
Pojn*»ery Cfearopairna*!
and Scl'lit** Beer
jDislnbuters of
CUainborlain aud
Fharwh Cigare
•J-HRNiB    S. O.
J,atest styles in Hats
Shirt waist Sutti
Pressra.-iking" Parlors
& Wineiiester
IV ftrj.ck .end Sjtone ty'prk-
Fir*t-,cla&j vc*rk Ri/a--antcfti.    Contracts taken for huildin'** .coke ovens in
, /jny  part ol .4^ic country.   Estimates
Pj Sb DM j'-H- F-crfl,tV B.*<-*/
—"B. T. LOWKRY-, Ealltor ftiitl Finiuioter.
Thk JjKIhik i-t nubli-iliotl ovory "Woilno-idiiy
in Kcruiu, Il.C. Tlio prico I* »8 n velar. Ailvor-
tinliiK rute.-a pi von i,->on tipplia-iitton,
Never bite
your lace.
your nose off to spite
A despatch says that Russia is
livirg" on hope. IIopo is quite a filler
but it nquircBtorce to win battles.
Isolati m. and a diet of bread will
cure that form of insanity called jeal-
Tbe C. P. R. will use electricity to
operate its locomotives between Trail
and Rossland. Thii would help that
district by lowering  the  freight  on
The ratepayers of Fernie should
take more interest In the administration ot civic affairs and attend thc
council meetings regularly.
Iri Vancouver water is supplied to
residences,'including the lawn sprink-
iintr service for $1 a month, Rain
water can be hud for the asking, and
no charge tor it.
Tho Modern Woman.
The following- satire on tho modern
woman i i said to have been written bj
.Mrs J 15. Sniitli and read at a recent
mc-'tiii'r of the Marshall, Minn.,_ Wo
man's Club, its text hiing- St Johu ii.,
H3: "Mitke not my Father's liouso a
house ol merchandise."
0 Loral, I come to tliee in prtiyer once more;
Dutpurtlon if Itloniit kneel before
Tlj.v gracious pretcnco, for my kneei aro sore
With no much walking.   In my chair inntoatl
I'll nit in easo nnil humbly bow my liencl,
I've labored in Thy vineyard, Thou tloattknoav;
I've nold ten tickets to tlie miiistrt'l -.hoti-*
I've cnlle'l on iifteun .itnitai.'u-N in (ain- town;
Their conti "tuitions to our chtaroll puttloaa-n:
Pvo laakoJ a pot of beuus for Wc lnea'lii*-,»
An old time supper iti coing to 1-e;
I've tlrB.ai.eI two tlull.-i, too, for onr uiiiiital fair;
Anal mntlu iicnkaj which we must ralllo there,
Xo*w ivitli ThybonnilliiKS wwlom so sublime.
Thou knowst that these (lutit-.a nil take time;
1 have no time to iiitht my .spirit'a fee.';
I have no t mo to montt my liiu>lianil's clothos:
My cliilalreu roam tho btieetj from morn til
I have no time to teach them to tlo right;
Ilut Thoii, O Lord, considerinir ull my cures,
Wilt count  them  righteous, atuo heed my
Bless tlm lieiin supper and the minstrel  sho---.
And put it in the hourt-s of nil to go.
Induce the viaitor.s to patronite    •
The men who in our pro-rranimo mla-erti-ao;
Becau.ae I'vo olmsot  these   lueiclmnts   till
they'iu hid
Whcn'er they saw jpeoominK—ye.-t, thSydid
Increase tlio contribution* to our fair,
And Iiie.-.* the people who asdomble thrre.
IllonTlion the BrKli-bBs and thc Bypsy tent.
The flower table und the cake Unit's scut;
Mnke our whist club bo to our service Meat,
The dnncinR party gayer thun the rest;
And when Thoa hast bestowed these blessing.,
Than,   :■
Wo pray that Thoti wilt bless our souls.
TdBexpansijn of thc Pominion is"
proceeding upon similar lines to those
which characterized the early history
of lhe United States, and therefore he
who would forecast its future ' limit
carefully study the hijtory of the
great republic to the south In both
Instances settlement took place first
on the eastern shores, and the early
colonists wero of British origin. -Then
the love of adventure sunt thoso rug
ged pioneers further and ever further
into the unexplored vasfness ol  the.
west, and the great agricultural de
velopiuentof the conn'ry commenced
"With millions flocking from Europe
to the .States, population grew' rapid
ly, and whilst the west  busied itsell
wilh wheat raising,  the- east established manufacturing industries. An-
other twenty-five years  pasted, and
thc east while west  was  no  longer
wes1. but middle,  and   the  western
frontier had been _ushed a thousand
ini'es or more towards the  Pacific.
The last fifteen years  has  seen   the
centre of.the mining and manufacturing industries move after ihe wheat
raiser until Chicago,,and not  Pittsburg, is the base of supplies.   Meanwhile the latest development is  for
the establishment ofjnany industries
at the Coast—mining,   smelting,   i*c-
'ininjrand to a limited extent, manufacturing.   Thc enormous and rapid
a-rowth of such western cities as Spokane Seattle, Tacoma and Portland
is due to this movement.   'How i3 it
explained '}   S >lely on the irround of
thc discovery, winutrg and assembling of the raw materials requisite for
manipulation, into a finished  article
nearer and ever nearer to the new-
centres of population.    Thc effect ol
this has been to che.ipcn cjst by reducing transportation, and to attract
a large ii.dualrial population  to  the
cities to supplement the ever inc.*eas
ing agricultural development.   Thus
the whole community has been rounded ou*. each contributing its share
to thc upbuilding and enriching of a*
new country.   How is tbis paralleled
in Canada?   ^Yith*ex.^ctnes3 np. to n
ceit iin point.  -The east  has moved
west as far as from  the  Atlantic to
the Great Lakes.. Then comes that
thousand mile-of haitus which  has
produced nothin?*; andwhict/is both,
a severanco and- a cbnnec:u*g link
with the ereat west  beyond.   That
west, that Canadian* prairie, which is
destinatcd to feed the empire, is rapidly bt coming peopled, and  already
the fringe has overlapped the Coast
province,    It is too early ytt for this
new garden land to duplicate the history and experience if the American
middle west,   but  not  too  soon lor
British Columbia to have demonstrated that in every raw product essential
to a repetition of the   work  of aSan
Francisco and the Coast cities she is
richcr-than any other Pacific  province.   The  prairie  stretching from
Fort William to thc Rockies, nearly
fifteen hundred miles,   is practically
devoid of mineral, if we except low-
grade domestic fuel.   In fnctthcie is
no smelting fuel between Nova Scotia and British Columbia.   This pre
eludes the establishment of any extensive mnnlacturing  works  in all
that vast territory,   At-.-present requirements come cither from the far
east, or from the Suites by the way of
thc Great Lakes.   How long is the
rapidly developing Northwest going
to pay freight on its necessaries from
a point of origin ranging from fifteen
hundred    to  twenty-five    hundred
miles?   That is*|tI.e problem for the
west to solve, and on  the solution of
which its progress depends.   In every
agricultural implement, every piece
of machinery, every article of furniture, every suit of clothes, every pair
of boots  required in  Alberta,   Sas
katchewan, Aidhaboia nnd "Manitoba
were inannFiijjtcivd ■•- ■ diff.-rcnt
poihtsibet\veen'yanconverar.d Winnipeg, what would it not add to thc
population of tfio west? Instead ol
cities In British Columbia of 20,000
each, we should soon have halt a dozen of 50,000. Thewuol lor the tex
tile goods, the'ilctitlier for boots; an
both produced on the prairie, shipped
to Ontario, inanufacturetl there, .".ni!
returned to the we.'t. The precious
metals abound in this province, and
are already being won profitably.
Wo are mining the best smelting luel
rn the continent, and have more of it
than the stato of Pennsylvannia
We have unlimited quantities of flux
and iron ore of the highest grade,
both at the coast and in the interior.
What hinders ?• British Columbia is
destined by nature, and nothing can
permanently resist her laws, to be
tho workshop ofthe Great Northwest,
theniitiingand manufacturing province of Western Canada. When that
day arrives she will be populous and
rich beyond any cistern province,
and will stretch out h<r hands not
only, to the prairies on her east, but.
to tlie Orient, waiting lor her industrial priiduct-.- What hinders? The.
political pell of eastern manufacturers, and the self- intcrcrt nf the transportation companies.—Nelson Tribune.
Under tho auspices ul the A. A. A
Victoria Day will be royally celebrated in Fernie, on May 21th. There
will be pony, dog, Imsc reel, and
Chinese races; jumping, shot puttinc
etc One of tlie leading events will
he a baseball match between Kernie
and Kalispell. Tho proceedings
will close by a grand ball in the
evening and all visitors to the city
will be agreeabh stirpiised and delighted with our Victoria Day celebration.
Aberdeen Block, NELSON,
B. c.
J.- R. Cameron
Is the tailor to go to when
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
Ho has the nobbiest suitings
to nelc.ct from, and the tit and
workmanship is the bent.
Meals and Lodging
$25.00 $26.00 and $30.00
per Month
Breakfast hrs. 5.30 a.m. to9 a.m.
Lunch „    11..30a.m.to3p.rn.
Dinner       „    5.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
First Class in every respect
Order your .Spring suits now.    Natty
Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher,
Silverton't Brat Tailor
The Smelter Trust
(Tlie Anie-ia-i.1*. Smeltini* onti Refining Co.)
Is capitalized for $150,000,000. Its
assets amount lo only about $20,000,000
—yet it forces the miner to pay divi
dends on $130,000,000 of water.,
George's Weekly will show the miner
how to escape from ibis Octopus.
Send for a copy of the issue of March
4th, 1005.    Address—
George's Weekly,
Denvsr, Colo., U. S. A.
*-V-*V-tV*lV(V-^*aV*VaV*& &4$/4^*_s*A
Cigar Store
50 dozen New Pipes just
Briars, Clays & Meerschaums
Cigar and Cigarette Holders
Call and have a look at them
-^  ":
L. ATKINSON, Proprietor
~ *.**„,. p. A pi     H'   vou   aro ' iookinp   for   Fisliii-K,    ltot-hing
tMlirfPfl-Xli1^    ffu.Jt.-'g. Bonling op Glacier CHiiiliing, go to
XJ/I U A)   ^   jj-jw Denver nntl Htop » few ilayB, w«mh <-r
v wu uyw    ,„,„.{];_. „t tlm Newinnrkct Hotel wiili Henry
H.-f"._y.. Homo cooking, nud tho iineab beverages
in the world, including water.   Write or wire
for rates,
jot Stege
imvmtun fjettf
1      "     M©
I First Class in Every. Respect i
MRS. S. JENNINGS, Phopbiethj-ss.
^■f-^-H'-^-H'-J'-H^'^-f -^•fW-H'W^-H-'f'W-H*
Is tbo home of nil Slocan people traveling to und from Poplar.
meals always READY.    McLACHLAN BROS.,I Props.
Strictly Firsi Class
Up to Diitf
Electric Lij-Iite-J
Stcum ilt-iit
Hot nnd CoM R.itlis
Billiard and Pool Room I-.-ir(-c Sample Rooms
Har Room "Jiii-xcelled
Rates : $2.5'0 per day
Is of the utmost importance in
these days of modern life when a
minute may sometimes mean 11 million.
Always have a watch that keeps thc
correct time, and if it will not, talk lo
C. O. Demaurez
Shooting Gallery
Having opened a h hoot in f-
Kallcry in the flock block, next
lo the bowlin-j alley, we solicit
lhe trade of nil who delight in
the pleasures of mark-man-
sliip. Call in and take a shot
or two.
Ylnoent &. Huby
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
For sale at all times excellent
sand for plastering.  Best
sand in the country.
Apply to-
13. Plante-,
No. 55, Old Town
j. A. MacLean
' *      .
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms.
Kootenay Galleys Co., Ltd.
About i-Sooacres, Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
'■'Lstml. on the 'KOOTKNAY RIVER at SAND
CRKEK,  10 miles from ELKO.
Will be subdivided to suit purchaser in blocks from
8t> acres upwards.
Price from S3.00 to $7.00 per acre.    Terms—i-sth
cash ;   balance in yearly instalments at 6 per
cent, interest. o
Af-ontti In yornle: "»•..     A       ri , RI      I
Mott, Son & Co.      I, b. rrOCtOr Manager nlelSOn
Its baths cure
all nervous and
diseases, its
water heal all
kidney, liver,
and stomach
ailments and
tncy eliminate
all mclalic
poisons from
the system.
Laboratory of City Analyst, Edinburgh, Scotland,
March 3, 1898
One gallon of water contained Ihe followm-,*" in
••"redients, the results are expressed in parts,
Chlorine  S. t.\
Sulphuric Ai.iil  .1f"_j.-}_*
Silica  7-\-^l
Lime  84.57
Alkalies as Soda .., 5.71
Miif-ncsia   252.00
Lilhia     '   .86
Sulphuretted Hydro-
J'en     32.00
UsU« ii "I Ji'iSdSi' '-Ai' '}i-
w»^.i* wT«.^wq *fls**/aaW«M^«faaMa*«a ^a|.'»,-.^rts«WlJ'W''ai*.a-tt-3,---J*f*-*
JC-sJ *Wi.-(/a>*li«l (   u .  h<jU_   isaty   trull >l Jai.u    un
lajjr assail fey^jt, ,&.i,^u_;
'!?n^'*'*i "'•-*v   '■**•** -a«-> ^*^"" * "   1 ur*"
3_*y«,aH?ija?^. -f , aaTJf-J-1- -I
__^'^SS!aimmam :J.*_J_zJLz^>-^*>t^^ V,, r. - -.■■■■.." ■■•■".,:■"-: .;,-> i.'."- *K .. :v. ■***■, -.,:•. ... *__•/.
"   ^"-    ■■'*■*■   —""-•■   ,  ,    „, ai j.____* *_J-.r--*   -—' -■.'...        '  ,     ■■-      '.. . .. . ..    ■■■■■.. -,«,.  1. ^
' /■/ ■■
-    '■        '
I    .1    '»',.'•
— *■ v.. 'j : * ■.■.
a    .a- .    . ,
r.n .
*»   * I- I.    *
,4     .•
TFJK IXDG.E, FKRX.IE .,B,C,,;, MAY 17, 1905
I    f t "- A   -aW-lfc    f j
■- ■«*■      I    ■i'--MNN*-||||IIIUU||)|
Ripples of laughter folfoivcd him, hut
with 'llie"laughter there were many
(tears, for he knew how to play upon
Jiuman lieart-strings and runnitif*
■through the joyouH measures there
•were sometimes tones lliat were sobs
•net to music. He was a nalurul actor,
1iut really what made his performance
«o effective watllie truth that under his
.acute mind, there was a heart great
acnougliV to encouipass all his fellow
.men, to take up their, burdens and help
to carry them. His would have been a
01.irked personality, even had he never
_ -seen a theatre. This is what gave his
audienceo an iinprension that, while
aclianniiig them as they had never been
.charmed before, still he was not doing
liis best; that his mind and thoughts
•were higher than anything he had ever
portrayed or ever could portray.. After
Manila and Santiago, when the nation
was wild ever the great news Chaun-
ccy Depew said to him: "Jefferson,
liow do you account for the marvelous
.victories?" "From the actor's standpoint," was the reply, "1 should say
those other fellou/* had not rehearsed
<cnough. "It was a light answer, calculated to make the listener laugh, but
- in it when analysed, will be seen -j. full
.comprehension of all the causes lhat
made (he Spanish squadron helpless in
the presence of a real   fighting  enemy;
a full comprehension of llie years of superstition hereditary ignorance, slai'i.ili
tear of those in auihoi ily, lhe ilisiuic-
gration thai comes when (lie poor of a
nation are long kept under the lash of
tyranny and the fear thai superstition
involves a people in until iheir manhood
Jies and they are no longer capable of
standing hehind the (-iins of a ship
when death is in the a!r and annihilation imminent.
Ofc-uu'rsea'm.'in   so   gifted   and   so
warm-hearted as was Joseph   Jefferson
was gr'eally lined,    No  man   obtained
a position so high that he was nol glad
to be regislered  as Joseph   Jefferson's
friend; tip man was so   humble that  he
feared lo greet him, no  child   so   timid
that   it   feared without   hesitation   to
climb upon his knee, for Jefferson   met
his fellow men as llie  devout  Catholic
kneels in church, with a  king   on   his
left and a mendicant on his right, without awe ol the one or scorn of the oilier
for God is so   near  that  all   men, fire
brothers.    The very highest in his profession looked 'jp lo hi m,   trusting  his
superior   judgement,   the   lowest   approached him without fear, confident of
his sympathy.
A world tilled wilh such men as lie
would make a translation lo a better
world unnecessary; a few such as was
he make lhe world belter.
The darn fo.il, continued llie Senaicr
had broke a pair of queens and held up
I lie king queen and ten of diamonds,
pulling in the nine and jack of diamonds, nnd he had done it before he saw
llllll 1 was standiug pat, I having lhe
last draw, showing as 1 said before,
lliat he didn't know much about lhe
game. Hut my courtesy saved my life
and I lost about a dollar on the hand.
Slick at the old, we!S known
Then   re-
"William A. I'inkerton, the head of
ertie noted detective agency, was talking
in Chicago about amateur thieves.
There are, said Mr. I'inkerton, more
amateur thieves than you -*r<aold believe
—men of good standing, even churchmen, who suddenly yielding lo an overpowering temptation, r.teal a pen from
a stationer, a toothbrush from a druggist, a book from live house of a friend.
Often the stationer, the druggist and
the friend overlook these thefis. Why
for the sake of a few cents, disgrace a
man for life? Sometimes, though,
they are afaie to retrieve iheir loss with
interest, yel without tainting tlie amateur thief's g«.tod name. I'll tell you of
a case in point.
One of Chicago's greatest millionaires
began life as a clerk in a general store
Sn the country. He was a good clerk.
He had his employer's interests as well
us his own at heart
On a certain morning" there entered
the -.tore a rich farmer. The farmer
bought ten pounds of wool nt 50 cents
.a pound, .-inJ then, when the clerk's
buck was turned, ; grahbed up a five
pound of cheese and dropped it in his
bag on top of lhe wool.
This honest farmer, you sec, had
been unable to resist a sudden great
temptation. He was scared now at the
thought of what he had done. He
•trembled; he looked at the clerk anxiously; so strange indeed, was his demeanor that the clerk became suspicious
He looked about the shop and missed
the cheese and al once knew ■ what happened.
The farmer was a good customer and
a good citizen. It would be unwise to
ruin his reputation. The clerk as he
made out the bill for the wool, asked
himself how, without exposing the thief
he might get back the cheese's value.
Suddenly a thought struck him.
By crinus, he said, 1 cin,l remember
liow many pounds that was.
Ten pounds said the farmer  prompt-
■iy* ■'■
It sciins like more to me, said the
clerk.   Arc you sure il wasn't more ?
Ten pounds, I'm positive was all, the
farmer said.
The clerk took the bag from lhe
man's hands. •
Just to make sure, lie said, we'll
weigh her again.
And the bag put on the scales a second time, registered of course, an additional five pounds, the weight <*f the
stolen cheese, which now 1I.0 farmer
paid at 50 cents, the rate per pound for
wool, instead of 1 2'cents, the -rightful
rate for cheese. Then this amateur
thief slung his bag over his shoulder,
And  departed   with   a   gloom*",   sour
the sequel will show. The opener he I
a white chip and the bank clerk, who
sat two seats away from him h'isteJ the
I saw that he had drawn two cards
and figured it a>ut thai he had fours.
In fact, I had 110 right lo count on anything else, seeing (lie play he'd made,
and I felt in my bones 1 had him
skinned to death.
Then I did the courteous thing and
said lo him, young man I've got you
licked to a standstill, but being as I'm
host of the evening and living as I'm
slightly ahead of the game I'm just going to call you.
I'm darn sorry you're so polite says
he.    I've got the best hand I   ever   had
in my life, and with that he threw dow 11
the king, queen, j.ick, ten and nine of
A Mothor'fi Love
Senator Depew, al a dinner in VVash-
iir<ioii, praised lhe exceeding love and
devoli.ni that mothers lavish on their
This maternal love, he said, is perhaps the most beautiful and ihe most
heartrending iliing in human nature.
Ils beauty and its pathos have been revealed lo us by J. M. Uarrie as by no
oilier writing man,
Senator   Depew paused
Permit me lo .-bow you another side
Ol maternal love, a side that Mr. Uarrie
had not touched on.
In one of the Grand Central stations
a mother sat with her little boy.
An official passed through, an official
in ;i blue uniform, 11 harassed look on
his face.
The woman called this official 10
What time, she said, does the next
train leave for Camden ?
The official frowned savagely as he
T-t-tcn lb-thirty, m-m-ma'am. I've
lold you s-s-six times in the last h-half
Ves, so you have, the woman answered smiling; but my little boy likes
lo hear you stutter. Will you say il
again, please.
THIrtvilaysiiftfrtlatflir*t*n.l to mi-ily to
tha.- Chief Ct>miiii-*iiTi«'raif I.iiiul.irtiiil w or<*
for taerinUaioii to cut anal i-nrry u-any .tiniU-r
frniii Iho fotluaviiiK .liMttril u I lini'lf, .s'.luiiti-'l
InKrt-t Kooteiiay ali.-irict. Coinmi-iiciiiK nt
tliu northwest corntr |m-t lniirkoal "1-. II.
liu!..," rutmniK tlieni-onorth sotlinms, thenne
wo,t Hi t-hftiiiaa to line of CI'. It land, thence
,.nitli iiltniK C.P It. lino HU chums, thence
eii-.t lilchnit.ai-tai Miuthweat corner iao.taari.aa.
MY1 nmrkeal ' Cealitr Valley t-iunii l.nniti.
tltetica* north M chains to liuint of commenci-
""•'"t- ,.   ..   ti   . .-
V. H. HtH.K
Pa ted at Fernio, 13.C Ji«y 4,1!"^-
j o o«o o tf'rBTrsr's'o'o'irirbT^
(Corner Howard and .Main Streets)
Entirely remodelled and newly furnished throughout
Steamheated and telephone in every room
Free bus meets all trains
Klea'tric fire alarms in each room
Kooienay  daily  papers  ki-pt  on  file
Rates 1  75c   ta  S2.00   per   day
€. 6. Phair, Proprietor
I.aite of tltc l'hnir Hotc-l, Nchon, H.C.     .
Have one of their liirgct-t stores in Fornie.
Lamb, Yeal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
O a-jkas*-V--j__^/^'V*aaV*aVa-{^^ *t^-«lV-5y%'*aV% 9
Proved Value of Courtesy
I found out the other night that
courtesy pays, even in a poker game,
uaid a United States Senat.tr from one
of the Southern States. I had a party
of gentlemen at my house for a social
flame, and 'long toward the shank of
tlieevenin" there came a right smart
I dealt the cards and the man next to
me openin' il, I squeezed out the only
straight flush I ever held in my hfc,
from the seven to lhe  jack   of  clubs.
Of course every ma«» o' the six that
were playin" trailed around and when
it got 'round to me I ji'-' naturally
r«isedittheliniit,wlii.li, by ll"' «'">'
was very small.
I'vervbtuly stood the raise and all
hand*! drew iluce cards hut un- and
the bank clerk, a yumc Mk'w who
■Julii't know min h alnmi the game, as
Lowest Rates Best Time    Victoria and Vancouver
Toronto.   Montreal,  New York,
Maritime   Provinces,    New   1'iigliind.
Vanuvjver, Victoria, Seattle,
California Points.
Unequalled Passenger Service
Standard and Tourist Sleepers,
Coaches and Dining Cars
Tourist   Sieeper   Service
\Vi*sr—leave Revel-stoke Mon.,  Wed.,
Thur., Sat. to Seattle a*v Vancouver.
l.*-,s"r leave    Dunmore   fur   Toronto,
Wed. a*c Sun.;   for Montreal, Mon.
& Fri.; for lloston, Fri.
Atlantic Stoamship Agency
Through bookings to and from Ureal
Hritain a'nd the Continent.
For  rates, foMcrs an.I tickets apply
to local agents, or to
R. Ri-.iDisr., uncut, Ferine.
.l,S,<*i.rt..r.li."*..V..        i:..l.l'.'vl.'. AH I'A.
,Wt.,.|,, \iiiii'..ii",I'
I.lit.. Iliaa.ta liaar  lit .S'a-l-.lll 1'lllla.
Leave orders    i'.O. Draw lo. |
Daily Tkains leave Fernie at 9:45
a.m., reaching Vancouver and Victoria
Ihe Nkxt Afternoon*. Return train
reaches 1'crnie 9:15 p.m.
Winnineg, St. Paul, Chicago, Toronto
and all Fatstein points.
M®w Line
Fur rales and information call on   ■
J.uir.s Si.oa.v, Agent
The Reliance  Cigar Factory,  Ltd., Montreal,  Que.
First maker of the " Fbr de Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur'' sinct-j.S/G ; over 27 years in existence.
Waltkr CiiONt, Western Representative.
us S-
The door of the
Has not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the loan edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morning bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer
*"* 1 q
Op Op OP OpOpOpO^Op^lPO.iO.t OpOp »j, yp O, O, at, O, O, OpOp O, *y_ .
jpi'/iv t't* fi*Vi*ti\Vi&i?i'i?f,* Vi*fi* to ft* to ft* ft* fo fi* fi* ft* *,N *»* *
OP Op Op^OpOp^
Wlwia ft* fi*
-   ** .   ,
N these'days ol* advanced civilization Job
Priming plays an  important part in the
Commercial Life of everv nation.
WHO tails through ignorance or false economy to u-e printed Khvelopes, Letterheads,
Billheads, lite, in the conduct of his business,
commits an error that is fatal to the growth
of his b.tnk account.
tr/je Stranger
Jl'lXiI'S a firm by ihe . appe.iraiu-e of its
printed stationery much the same as they do
a drummer by the cut of his clothes.
Typographical.. Triumphs are highly
essential ta> the praasperity of your business,
and Hij-i-estions are given free at this ollice,
wheie all work from the tiny bread ticket to
* the fat and highly-colored poster is created by
artists who know lhe difference between a
blotch and the. artistic arrangement of type,
ink and paper.
STje Zcdge, ffevmc.
tag I
. ■*--•-*
Op a.l-_
Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op OpOp Op 0*.0_H*£l' Sl^Hi. i!i>!C
■i"^iwi^i>*i*S'KW*I> ft* tl* ft* ft* ft* fi* fo ft* fi*ft*f't*fi*
Founders 4 machinists,
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of .Shafting, Fittings, etc., always
011 linrnl Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by tho carload. Kupairinp
and Jobbing.
B. C. TRAVIS, Mavxiaatt*
NOTrCF. IS IfEnKBY firVF.X tlmt tin. reservation entaliliHlistl in imrasiiiinci' aif tint
provisiuiiH of tlie '• (.'ollimliiit itiul WciK-rn
Kiiilwity Siihrti'aly Ac*.. IMS." notifa-.a '»! wtiii-tt
wer« piililiathc'tl in thu B.itinlt C'uluijiliiu Gaz-
n-T« nnd ainif'i 7iii "aaat.a. IKA ala*.;'. !.1V, .Ir.r.c.
lWa; ra-Mpec'.ivt'ly^ 11 rialiorelaycdncflli-il
Crown limits isituntuil aa-itltin thu urea pm-
liruci; I lav tlio mt id rit-orvution will La. ai|n.ti taa
siiIh, atettk'inuiit. loiihe 11 al otlicr tti*|n.ii!liriii.
uiitlitr tlio provisiiiiis of tli^ "J.iui'l Act." tltn-a-
inontln»lterllitiil«t«t of tliaa (ir.it |itil.lifiiti>iii
aif tlit.siiotii:itiri tilt; Jlriti-.li Col uml.in flaizi'tta":
tarovialaial, however, thut in nil cai-e. wii.-n-
liintls lara- sa; saal'l, i»ra-c.-iiii>toatp Itattsa-al air otliatr-
wise iili.-naatoil lay the (jovei'inri'iit aii'l lire
si|lisi"]iieittiv fon'ti'l, upaiti the survey, of the
Cnlumbiii anal We.tern Itnilu'iiv f'a.u.piui.v-
laloek.a. ro lie avholly or in p'nrt wiijiin snttli
ialoa:ksa, lii,-r, tho -•••r-ititiA.::'- ae'|Hiriii(» -aia-li
lianaU shull tirquiri' tlie:.- t i tlu thereto .from
the Ilttilwity Ctiiiipiiny, who . hnv,t neiet-al to
aleitl with s'tli-h pitielin .er-, pre ernptors. !e'-
ste-.. eta; , on tho .same terms anal a'onajitiaitts ns
tin, (jaiverianieiit avouhl utailer tlio proviaiaans
of thai -l.itnal Act,''■uxcept in re.-r.e-it taa tiinln-r
Inntlion Ihe Coinpany's 'alaacl;-. avlita-li slinjl
he stilajeei to the re'-iilutions i-siieaj liy the
Gniiipiuir reltttive !•> the rr.ttincof tiniher on
the L'olu-nbiu uii'l Western Ititilwa*,- Litn.l
W. S. OOItK.
Deputy Commissioner 0II.unJ.1S: Wor);-i
I.anal.-itiul W'.rks Depnrtnient.
Vietoriu, 111". ilnt Keliiiiury. lir.i.
Whon vou smoke a cigar
Feo that it is UNION rmule.
I'luc Pi izn, Henry Vane,■Cnhiiihiis and
Havana Whip Cigars are Union (Jooil.s
made bv.
W. .J;.  KILDOUMR.■&. GO.
Wiiiiii[iey, Man.
Represente'l hy GE0tt'3E HOKTOX.
New Crop  Now  in Mock
. Ha.iaie drown nnai fmporte'i
(J.vni.KX. KlEl.li unat Fl.OVVKIt" s*KEI»S
Wht-U-sitle itnal  Itet.-iil
Sjaea-iul  i'riees  to Kurmer's Institutes
Thottsunals of  Kruit   ami   Oriuiiiutiitul Trees
ItlliaalaHlellllraaaas.       Hoses,       t'reeltlltiltHai
:   nntl   liiirtly   rtitnlN
now a-ra>wini- in my nurseries for
Sprilai-   [alltlitil.K
Eastern pria.'C- nr less. Wliite l.tihor
Vancouver, U.C.
3010 Westinlimter lloiad.
4»   A   SHAVE,   4,
^   OR    BATH
fount-fernie Lodge No.-17
Meets   ev rv   Friday  eveninj,' at   ri
p.m. in I.O.O.I'". Hall.'
T. Beck,  I'.C.R.S'. '■
J. Enrhepf L.D.s., d.d.s.,,
L.T.W.   Block, ■ opposite-the   Bank
Oflltje hours—Su.in. to H p.m.
tt". Ii. RtlHS
J. 8   T. Al.KXA.NI.KR
Ross & Alexander
"FEBXIE, II. C.   -■'--
OfMce. In Ii.'T. W.'iJlock, Victorl-i Avenue.
Herchmer &• Hercnmer
BAKUlSTKIiS,   SOLIfir.    fi,   ET'J
KEItNtE, ». C.
OfHs-e? ovata I'. Hnrin & Co's hloek. Vla:tOiia nvo
I.   1'. Ef.Kt-ir.,".
F. U.   IiAIVB
Eckstein & Lawe
l".,.:::i!a,."!:ns at-Law,    Soi.U'rroi-s,   1-!t:.'.
Cullili rt lllniU,   IVule. B.C.
J. 11. LOVE,
Help   of All Kinds Furnislicd   en
Short   Notice
Ya!   Ya!
Next aloor to Oali-'ir? Ctttt Ic Co., Woivl Street
IVtuk of All Kimlj.     JJnte. [leiisonuhle.
Office : "Mott, .Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Ferxik British Columbia
Provincial Land Surveyor
Day and Eocning
Bookkeeping,   Shorthand,   Writing,  Arithmetic,   Spelling,
Correspondence,  English Branches,  Etc.
. !___	
Correspondence Pupils Coached
Low prices nnd individual instruction ninkc it tlio
chance of a lit'otiine.
A. M. Grimes
IS a publication that
* only «|a|'L'ar.-i once
in every coniiuy. The
•JOth century edition Ims
boon on the in.'iiki't fur
ni'iirly t i-n yi-arsand ia
not yet exhausted.
lt contains in addition
tn many stories and il-
l.i-tratioiis by other
writers, n.aiiy bon mots
sl't-'.'-his and c-says by
11. T. Lowcry. Three
Western pneins in the
edition are easily worth
many times the price of
the publication.
lt is Pent postpaid to
any nddress upon re
toipt of l."i cents, or two
copies for 2i> cents.
Add.TSS al! orders to ;
Lands antl Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted.
TO. Box fry,        OtHce: Kootenay St.; Kelsi n
Furniture and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two complete sets of Bar Fixtures, one
Piritish Plate. Mirror 4G--.9G inches, new,
Letter Presse.*, Billiard and Pool Tables-
Cash Ke^iaters and other specialities,
Mall -Ordure   Receive' Prompt   Attention.
K. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
F. H. HAWKiiyS
?e?Epbh0i?n1e6252   SAWDON
Ootil $ .i'a I C.ailal nntl Silver il H
|,,;iU ,7.'a tO'jtd.-ilaer.c.i|a|cr 1..VI
Siimiiltf-i l.y   mail  receive  prompt  attciitimi;
Placer Ctjld.   Rataarts,  and   Rich Otes  V, unlit
s-Vt'd fair Free Mallini- Knv«. and I'rkcl.i-t.
l7'-.*> .Vrupiahoi- St.j   I)<"ll\a-r. Colo.
ffevnie, "38. C.
Now's your chance.
Cheapest and best in Fernie.
I'esl lit and best equipped -.indio in town
Cabinets        $4 to $5 a dozen
'; Cabinet 'lo   4        „
Carle dc Visile 2 to   3        >•
Staallp I'llOtOS   5a'C to $1      ,,
I"la>h lights, enlarjjini; and copying
dope. DsitH forget the address, opposite the Methodist church.
J. F. Spalding
IC. HEYLAND, Kni-ineor RLd ProvincUI
I.«.ttl.*'tirve''Ol.    hA>LO
'•■ '\i\\V. K.VSl.l) HOTKI.. in Kia-lai.i.. the leinL
i   i-      iill! llaa'i'l in til.' a-itV,
! l-i-Olal.K st rAl'U'OUTH.
iTilE  Kil.l'KltV liOTKI.   in Sitinlatu i- tlw
li,'ii.l'l!.iii"fr. I.irji^: 'rii.'..-tJ'.r-*;(' _}a«-l.'tty
f Silver. '      Hr.'NNKVr'ja. Ml ItlilV. I'roj
^111   It.atKU.
! ri'HK VIiTtlltt.V l!i>TKl. in NYl-i'iti-aa I"'v-'ii
'    i.     liar   ,ali  »tr.lt.t"r   'falll,-, la w a l   ll"'    '    	
The McDonald, Simpson Co.
W. A. SIMI'.->v>N'
Wholesale Commission Merchants
and Manufacturers' Agents
The Lii'ii-.deii Uollcr MilK i     The M.r.iiiob.i I'aitnin."' *
The W.tivliai Kuller Mills
he Pernio
!«■■,* Iin.-i- fur   l :a lilt aait thi- s.'llttll.
I W.K .Mst"A.Nli|.l*H.rif'ar"a.taar.
\ ll 1 K
111 tk-rti
•.■  ta.
. in
Till- a
1,1s   Mas
\'ictoria  .\veinie
(Oppstsite   l'mile'.- lieu" hotel)
: PltKJlli.NT lllU'sK. NKUS'JN Kura.iaa:jn
I 1 tt.atl AiiiL-rli'ian |'lun. Mi'.ila, »i'«iU. Hoaatm
a a": :iu .' i- lij- tat •!. a Inlv wl.iia. It.l|i einpl .yeal.
i .S..tllili|-Vl-IK'«'.lt.i'Ut llaa: pl.ne a-Ja-ejat |Ih'ara.ld
; ,„ in.. -i.tV. MAl.ti.Sr! t "ntKlailJ.l'S.
1  I > \K1 I.KTI' ItaifSK,   I riiLlly   tltet'liirk
! 1)    I* tlia'lwat -I .a-l-ia U Id lia -N-lis.u.    Oiatr
j altita-  h'l|a attt.'ai'sa-al."    ti     \V.  li Mi Tt.KI'l",
I'I'HK norci. rKiuiCsii.v n ihe h<niiu uf
1      -il,,,. lit I-'.'.l.' Itli'H Ita.-a."    lira-    ill    r'a-rKUSi'tl.
; Mt't'('a.N.S'Kl,.V III. at'ta, I'll!, '. 1'li'M-
A Kentucky ctlitor who n-Itctl   his
TltC W. at K.   I.U'.-'t  I'a'..  I.III. i .Hi..q'.''iit Sill'SlTi hers "t:> |.ll>ll*.: iMll
,,     ,       ,lt.    ,.  a,, v-     .,    ; ' Hi""!'' Mm.-ii.. "..i"*   i;it th-1 o!li-:i':uul li.iiiiilatt',"   mi"   ns-
Lever I U...KTS   Sun|,.: u S ap       I     ,,u. (;   ,.,„ ,-,    ,j       ,,, ,.ul. , ,
Tv    Tr'    ,        k      '     TlK'VmUM"^s'/:'l,i'., |„a;<,1.TUt„i,„l(lhilionU.of   ,l,iNv
illaLt»'i,_fc4(lilal^lt.l\- '■ ..1
■   ,..--,.  '.-   'vi ,   -     ;,.   a  i ,a;i'l|.a'.'   avilh  |l'f.
■■.  ,. ." .,;.iti liaul lia: ]'ii';c.a
'I'lli: llltl I I'ANMA IIIITM. l-lho atlil-
i i.'nnai lhe In'^r. In lhe l.aardaa la'ahl nektraa
ilasia-aa,' n- fl.VIN Kill >S_ __
i   Wholoai-lo   MuroXiants.
MV   S    I -a-a-i-.T iV,
.'::J-!iV'"  Sa»!
•J'lll".   '.ilaNTlaalMKUV   I"",   t.lal..    Wittt-J.-aallo
ft.     V, . jn>.-**-..-r in•■ r-     '    '    ' '"   ' '"
>..■!  |!f.
!".. .  I.I'I,.   Witll'J.-aalla
ilia.l-e i'aaiafi:,.tiiiil|.ry.
Fruit cind Pros-luci' ol' ill ldiids, cm
P.O. Box: 363, Calgary, Alta.
al'litf   llil.'U'llliil'y,
1 ••!■.». liKKV .t I'O,,   WIlill.KSAl.K t'KAl.-
"r   ,1    .:,•■ i-   "••.■<   n..,i,..i:,  I'r'nlui'e mid
.-. .    .•:..   .... 11 c
1    A      >l a-IX IN.VI. II.   W'.l Ail i.k UtlUl iu
•I,     Knit!,   X.lij'lll,   IH'.
' UfiawMw.
'a-a- ^ml<n"< rf4iamasrera-jirfi(*j--MaT--^
.'_ ■.    a-.:- a.C'.  j;.l',l.,-S^.I.-'l...| „lZil.,.r.U^..W''...l' -~ —'   -    I   ...a.....       .       '-     "--' ' — t-^.s^,^. . , _ $£
-1 ■'
:g*fe-'' " H
i*"'-;;'i -B'^-S'fry'.:*'.
l*-^,*"a    ti   "*<***r,*'^"%f-i,t a. - -
Sr..';U   3    —*l fe"!s>.>i".
.     S^.S £(-,£„_   |^   ».
V   '•:' "r
rafaf .■■'■?, '-
•'-- -i
Tim L-gpG!>t-p-ER-NlE, B.e,MAYt?,' 1905
*- JS|
*  f
A'- j
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
n-,.i... r>..:..i      cq 7i*in ni-i,-> Rnci. . <*.-! "inn onn
Paid-up CapilaJ - - $8.700.000
Head QUlo*.
P. E. W-UiKER, Onc-rul Miiiiiti-or
      Rest - - $3,500,000
ALEX. LAinn, AHst. Gen'l MunHfcer
latMioit nt the followi'ip: rates:
$5; and tinder     3 cents
Over $5 and not 'exceeding $10     0 cents
" Sua      " "        S30  io cents .
J' $30      " " $50  15 cents   "
These order-i are Paijobls GtPar at any oflice in Canada of a Chartered Banlt,
(Vukon excepted) and at the principal lianking points in the United States.
They form an excellent method of-remiltin-*" small sums of money with safety
and at small cost. '
•Three essential preparations for
g-2sOr^5Q   Cleaning'
50 cents a bottle
PaSiiss^oin insect;
**-raa»*)ii l l. ■ 1 ..
25c. a package (sold tilso in hulk)
Liquid Veneer Furniture Polish
iVI eoiilsj n laaattle .
*"or nmkiiiR old tliim-a new.   Accomplliilied.
without ruhhitni.
Bleasdell's Prescription
. 0RUG- STORE v ""
il* Ot Op op \ipopOp Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op a.T> *t* *»* »t> .r. .*.
$       • •..—.—~ ■   ■     f
Sit      THE  RAINY 'SEASON   88 £8-307   HiitZ       &
fl* V *■.—
A.  . ^ ti*
«c y*
_j,Ja We have a complete stock of Wet Weather Goods.   Shower-proof Coals   fj"*
■^  ' Umbrellas, Slickers, Rubbers, Elc. ' ">jS
f£p To arrive this weok n full assortment of Pod-aril's Shoe Dressings for *j*
•3? all J-inals of leather, and Canvas Shoes. 5;$
I The-Wo C. Hamilton Co. I
Agent for McKinley in cont Sheot Mimic.
Call or ijoiitl fur cutaloa-im.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Men's Outfitters
viv Hi,
Hii1* Op 0* Op Op Op Op 0*y*S'*S,i.y* *>*■£ *i* iT> S1* Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op *t>
" You may tnlknboi t aroiir printii K, your lat-
tcr-lit-uilK nnal ashi'li,
Your orilinnry Job  work,   Imt   thoy   don't
amount lo imicli
Jt'nlo<s they'm nicely -irinta 1 on gooil stock.
Now, Imrii'ia tho wl-iIi-i*,
.."i'ou cun set thnt stylo of itiintiiifr, nt the
ollit-o of TueLkihik,
Pearson Elliott is prospecting for
health in Alherla. He can find plenty
of it around Kaslo, which U not i» Alberta,
It lakes 35 tailors to make one Semi-
Ready coat. They are all specialists
on I hut part .'it which they excel. F. J.
A full line of Edison's phonographs
and Columbia gramophones with »
complete stock of records, can be had
at the Fernie Drug Store. , . "
Semi-Ready tailors who are specialists in collar-milking or in moulding
shouldeis etc,, do nothing else, therefore must get perfect. See FJ Mitchell.
When in Tmut Lake City stop at llie
(Queen's Hotel.
Rocking chairs from $*^ up at the B.
£. Furniture Co.
Vou can always get thc latest in
style at Kenny & McLeod's.
J. R. Pollock is building a $3,000
residence on Riverside avenue.
Get in the swim hy buying your
clothes from Kenny & McLeod.
The Great Northern uses about 40
carloads of Fernie coal every day.
Pressing and cleaning suits called for
iind delivered.    See F. J. Mitchell.
It is said that Jim Hill owns 3-10 of
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. stock:,
Ice-cream freezers and  refrigerators
just arrived at the B. C. Furniture  Co.
Settlers coming from the States can
*iow have .their cattle dipped  at   Gateway.
The Fernie Cigar Slore is still giving
away coupons wilh every 25 cent pur-
From 10 cents a roll upwards is the
price of wall paper at llie B. C. Furniture Co.
Trunks an J Valises—The Largest
Slock in the Kootenays at the Trites,
Wood Co.
5ee George \V, Carruthers before
you get married and have him make
jour wedding suit. *
- aMastcr^on, Griffith & Co., Trout
aj^it'c,* have all the supplies needed by
(jmber camps and mines.
Boys' Blouses — All sizes in Dark
land Light Colors.
'. Trites, Wood Co.
J. C. Hutchison  is still  doing  bu-si-
»nessat the old. stand.    Have   a   chat
with   him   about your  next   suit   of
between a good and a poor baking
powder would not amount for a family's
supply to one dollar a year. Tne poor
powder would cause doctors' bills many
times this.
is the most economical in the end, because it goes further in leavening and
insures perfect, wholesome food.
When ordering cf the grocer always
call for Dr. Price's Gream; Baking Powder by name for good health, and good
food. It makes the finest cake, puddings,, flapjacks, biscuits and .bread,
p     ■>   - \ -
NOTE.—There are many imitation
baking powders which are sold from five
Price Baking powper Co., cents to twenty-five cents a pound. They
Chicago. - • should he carefully avoided as they are
;" •  .,      made from alum and are unhealthful.
t, ... -4 »,,..,./....< .. <i, ...in.f 1. it, ritTnrxo
1.U..J.     Tt..  l.:.t.,..ll,f ,., ..-T,r.t.t t.„..,..,
/..iM,~,.l.pul l,.„, ,.„ m,i, ,1, f.tf.,,, '_ t/_
,«**"•»-"'■'«■"«   M>- *!•'.. td.Jl.mt.. I.P.--J,.,
■!...,    Imp.- ..t I...I   tf..p.. f
".. ...J, t.^.-..t d.ui.,, „ „,,, -,. „.t„f.-,.
*•"-.! I..,, ci «.„   -._, „„.mj u,_, ,,_, „___
*.. B.j*, „ .j.rU ,u„ i,r.-.,„, ,j.....,, „..
.ii. t. a'.ti.-i^.j .1 K.^_^_utU *r,~p...
-i., .. tt. ..._r, ?n.ti..j /iv ^-..,~.,,„f,
*nJ— *• —- Jfr :"*,y ..1 f.. t^.
T.,,.,l,,-,(/t,lu* , SO   au||-n>/l*VrfiAT
. . ip^i*i''S--^~^t^,l(^.,Ail^'lJ'j.>-~
Cl.ff..H--K,,..JtU   i*^,,,U ,~'J„  „„'■.
.-*.«( tf*W».. ti, f.to. jn«.«_r«an.»c
71... t^.t, Jir.MJI„t -/.„  .~.._^,c- A-
••M.rf   l.^t  ,1   ei.    «.„.r_i.„/A „„«•
tir-^rltim jU*~tt,r, j^J/y f.
Cr..,/*,, ,, ... ^a. --t/i.pj.- ..»»„
r„.rt. ,« u. c.^t^./krtt t*a. ri.-~.t.,-.
Jtr-i -1..1 U./-nfJt.  ,t,  .i..~n.l.~l.tut^-,
»-,<i.».«,„i ptp.M.t.*u.rt-**}^~./i,*ij_.j
t.-. /.T..~l.-_u j.*. *-_t.. a.. -^rii-~l^.M_n.
t^-Z_f*ZAZ£?Ujt''*'*' °" '-7-^—'**" "■
. 'The politicians of Cranbrook are
posiiive that a provincial election w ill
soon lake place. Might be so.
' Work has commenced on the building
for the Crow's Nesi Trading Co. Ii
will be erected at a cost of $16,000.
At lhe County Court in Fernie last
week Derbyshire charged with having
carnal knowledge of a little girl, was
Ther'2000 settlers that Joe Carter
says p.issed through Fernie last week
did riot leave many traces in (he coal
C. h*. Smilhcringale has movi'd his
printing plant from Slocan to Frank,
and will start a paper in thc smeller
towii ofthe Pass.
Over 2,000 settlers passed through
Fernie last week from the Stales on
their way to Alberta. If this keeps up
the Yanks will soon have the country. *
Don't wait for weeks on a tailor to
have your clothes cleaned and pressed,
but notify F. J. Mitchell, he will attend" lo them at once. Semi-Ready
Judge Forin disappointed quite a
number of people in Fernie last Wednesday, but we will let Ihe judge off
this time provided he will jiot do it
The Kootenay at Sandon has nol
locked the door for nine years! Right
handy for slrangers when they're out
late, and cannot rude their ihirst for
Simon Dragon returned to Fernie
yesterday from Nelson. His term in
jail was shortened owing to the petition
sent into the minister of justice by the
citizens of this city.
aAfire.i.n Coleman last Friday destroyed five buildings. The Coleman
hotel was_ saved uilh great difficulty,
all the pjate {-lass windows being injured, * The losses "amount to .over
$10,000  _   •
The Kfng Edward hotel in Fernie is
only a fe'v steps from the C P. R. station, on the corner opposite the post-
office. Travellers should not forget the
location when they airive at the coal
Subscriptions- are being collected
Ihroiij-liout the cily in aid of the celebrations on the 2^th of May, and judging from the hearty manner in which
the citizens are handing out their collateral ive certainly will have a banner
day in Fernie on Victoria Day.
Aid. Herchmer announced at the
council meeting last night thai he was
not in f.ivorof a sewer system for Fernie. He probably stands alone upon
that side of the question, for any sane
individual knows lhat no city can be
healthy without an efficient sewer system.
Sewing Machines
I AM agent for Singer Sowing
Mncliini", imd all kinds of Sewing Mnchhui Oil nml Needles.
All kinds of Scivinir Machines
ropaired and exchanged.
J. P. Houlahan,
 '      "  ' llllll      I 1 I           a III..I..H, .11       '
CREAMERY BUTTER..       Fresh Every Morning
,    . Once used aiway.s asked for
§   TELEPHONE    |
S ° -4
o     *u> »
The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block,  Fernie
If you want a Suit nf Clothe*
FECI LY      :-:      •-:
Call on-
Kenny & McLeod
§Sead Office :  E3ami(ton; Canada.
Capital * $2,500,000       TResevve * $2,100,000_
Qottil Mssets * $27^500,000
Hon. Wm. Gibson, President.'
J. Turnbull, Vice-President and General Manager
otctaiiHluil to nil iwr-aim,' t|„.,irli„- to up",, | ",?,!,,"VV,    r?v,!tT?,. "?"kin'< '"oUit.M Bln,I|y
lintftu,s3,i,.,„1,i,t1.Iel„Oi„ .'"Al;-,^
An ollli'« of tliu Hunk l„, ■ |,0BI1 „,„.,.,_(_ __t Fvlnlti ",,oa'
All Urrouiomlenuu iiddrc.ml to thu Aa-amt will be personally attended to.
Ac-tin-f Afft-nt, Fernie Branch
Example of Ike Walton
YOU CAN PROCURE the necessary
AIDS and
The Genuine Reduction at Chas. Richard's
Store, Todd Block.
Will make it worth your .vhilu on SATURDAY, to call and inspect
thc following lines :—
„ . Bc-RHlnr Sntnrdny
?kirt3      8r,° bW
MM.lt I.*t      a -jr. q nf,
ladies wA.sii skir rs .v::::/.'.'.: • i;^
Willi'KMUSL-X BLOUSKS....   	
1 (M
I havo only a fow  Lndi<>H Fancy
Muslin Shirt Waist Suits
Iloduce.il pricosSaturday a 25, -1.00
4 75 por suit.
Ladies Flanmletto and Print
Wrapper*,   ....Heanlar ....1 25
Saturday    00
5 Doz. Lnrtip.-i' Blni-k Ciis'imerp
Hose, Soainlai.aH Splistd [Ji-oIh
and Toes, pure wool, fast dyes
.Saturday ..".. .25
flen's Furnishing Dcpt.
D-jpendaiblc Shoj Bargain.
.Men's Chrouio .Mining Shoes
Be^ular ... .4 50
Siiturdny ....3.25
.Mcn'H    Fino   Tweed   and
HeavySeriji'SnitH, ferfectlv
tailoro I In overy parn'cillfif,
Up-to-Ddtu Siy|V•■
Regular 12 50 and 11 00
Saturday ,...9..>"
Jleii'6 Derby. Bow and Tuff Ties Re-fular  .GO    Saturday .40        *^
1 Todd Block -      &
.THEKI-Y in ii doDie-Ue nntmal,
kcoplni: il'imootli-* Im,.*. IIIM pr|„.
olptit datlti- nro tomnlce trockaHint
tniutata. l'inla,r ii pa)»i)rfiil nita-raa*
Riape ito lonk* iimriy «» Inrgaj aa Im
tlooat, In the lmttfr dixli. Amonit
-nalflntlaatii lliat prulvulnn lasillvayn n.
n f-i-rm peilltr. Solent {tie meii nlso
-Mut-re iu tlu.ynra. In lltttatlnng«r of
coiiiiiiittttiir riito Hiifci.le A irrcut
man.v illc« nre ttlwn.v^ ontofiiiolt
■ nd-loukiiiir for hi.inotliliis to a|u,
whisii uiac lit k.tllol tlioreiirenlwu)-.<i
two to tukohlaplttto.
* II you have more Flies than you really need
Fly To
For Screen Doors and Windows,
or Green Wire
AllI Sizes in stock. If you are in doubt about the si/e, we
will take iiieasure.nents if requested, h,ing ,|,e Doors,*
and do ii m short notice, no trouble, no worry.
We Sell Fly Killers. Price 20c. each
In different widths.
Price is very  reasonable.
L-BEU.P..— In noama-iy on Mny l£tb, tbo
aaifc iif Krnnk LtiBoilo ofa daiiKlit«;r.
PLANTE-In Woit fcntic, on   May    lltu,
"Jury Plante, auoai lt yoari.
*> r tris with lU'iLmxG.s os now.
**  .*-" lalul Avenue, uofir tbo Fernie Brewery
Apply to.V.KlKiismtin.
A good  amr, fob SMALii family.
Apply Box 'iK.
A bli   ROUND   THE   HOU--D
of lu.-K-laiii" roa.at bflal the nppellzlnjtofforj
escape mill Hit- rich broaa-n pr.ia-v ti le\let tempt-
im-ly to t c tliuh. Tlmt li ilic kii'iil of >im.iM out
licel iirudiii-w. Tender. Juicy, nourlslilnK. !■
will tnalie yaau bnalaty anil brawny
Of canirse ttrtirell the- th-lcest cuts of veal,
Iamb, pork, etc , al,io. But Ju-t t uir avc are
t-ilkiiitr beef.   Ura-fwarc of our ofTciiued.
67 §
TEi.i:rno.vEs    /•J"''c*"--
Scott & Ross
A  complete stock of Coffins, C-iskets, and
Burial Goods, also Metallic Lined Shipping C.tscs
Parlors in the T. Beck Block
Victoria Avenue §
Q tk
■*"**- work.   Apply to Mm. W" It. Hot,.
Feruie, JJ. O.
Teachar of tho Piano
(iVtMcIiotizkoy Methotl)
SSTUU*! _p
'Phone i.
Opposite the Post Office. Ri,,|„ ;„ ,i,„      .      t ,     ,
^sl^,llt m tlie centre of the city.
A thorough training Assured eneh pupil
Philip Carosefla
¥\-\\mV£.* B.C.
General Merchant
Wholesale Dealer
Twitching Eyelids
indicate eyestrain.
The slightest hint of it
should not be neglected
We test eyes free of charge,
and recommend glasses only
when absolutely necessary.
A. C.Liphardt
Jet-neller       Optician
Dressy Suits
1 have mnvpi! my t-iilor shop next
door lo Sheppard it ICIIiott.s ; ri/-ht in
the centre of the city; and am prepared
to manufacture any number of up-to-
date suits.
Trites-Wood Co.,Ltd.
Just Received this week
'New Dress Muslins
Delanes, Ginghams
Prints in alt the
New Designs and
New Hosiery
New Parasols
New Gloves
Geo, W.
Carruthers t^
.-Y..N,.    * ■„.


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