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The Ledge 1905-05-10

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hi  rf^
:   ""(V-^'i'*
"     '■ -•'.■.1-j^;"''lV*'(jI
. w:iA&:>_<.:
" l^|».f••iFffr!"■:(n*SS?', "
Edltcr and Financier
v«f. a</)ll h»r-nme like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
V.lume XII., Number 3-
V\i RNI iT I?"- C-V W K D N ESPA^MAV  .0,   it-s
Price, .$2.a Year,."in Advance
i   1 iPR IN FR1?NIE i
a*.-. 1
OP .. »»»
Vjv '.    -   ..........,t «.i> .lpO*  OP Op Op Op Op yp Op Op OpOp Op Op OpOp
^^i^i^^^^-^-^>^&^$^s&^^_^%r$> -vs-?*w*r*»i*r>_{_$V2*c _»_^-»2y->s^^^-^-?vi-r*?5^-»s:r.vi*c
Banff is to he lighted by clcctiii.il)
from Bsiukhead.
There is a gi-i«***b_ioin in fiuit lands
around Nelson.
The sufu for the B.ink uf Hamilton
arrived last nighl.
Arthur S. Plum'trcc is reuuesled to
communicate with his sister Gertrude,
•it 261 Meaford Avenue, Detroit, Mieh.
Prank Teelzel lias bought io,<»io
acres oi fruit land on the south end oi
Kooienay lake, and will .sell it in small
An Indian and his squaw rode into
town yenlerday, and looked sarcastic-
ally al lhe inhabitant.'" who call them-
selves old timers.
A Washington coal company, ovvn-
injc 16 square miles of coal lands in the
• Nicola valley, B. C, is testing ihe
properly wilh diamond Jrills.
'.Thecable for lhe C. 1'. R. commercial telegraph oflice is being put up today, and ticking will auuniencc vxhen
the operator aud iiibtrumeiHs arrive.
The Feruie Board of Trade has
asked for $9,000 from lhe Dominion
government to assist in building <i road
from thi'city to the I;l<ithe.id.
Thos. Steele of Coleman or J. VV.
McDonald of Blairmcae, will he ihe
I.thor candidate in that secli-in of Alberta fer local legislative honors.
VV'm. Kehoc. a lad of six years, fell
ofTa'log at jaffray anil broke his right
arm. His mother brought him to th/:
hospital in Fernie on Sunday evening.
The celchraiion here on Victoria
Day will be well worth slaying in Fernie
to see, and crowds from outlying points
will help make a holiday worth) of die
On Saturday seven lots v.ere sold in
the.Wrnie annex, by the Coal Co. The
prices, ranged   from   $-25   to    $560.
Squatter-: are giving the Company cun-
.   , kidi-njjitjijrouble^v
A great deal of money is, sent monthly from Fernie to foreign lands. A
coal miner remarks that this is so because foreign labor is evidently preferred in and around the ul)'.
Billy Gibbs died in Greenwood last
week, from typhoid. He was a well-
know and popular bunk clerk, having
heen for years wilh the bank of Montreal in New Denver and other towns..
Iiast Friday, George O'Brien, a lire
boss at Coal Creek, was fined $io and
costs for using a naked light when firing a shot in the mine. The trial lasted two days and roused considerable
The King Kdward hotel in Fernie, is
just a few steps from the C. V. R. station, on the corner upposite llie postoflice. Travelers will do well to call
and sec lhe proprietor. His name u*.
J. L. Gates.
The advent of the Great Northern
into Fernie has been of much benefit to
lhe city. It has reduced thc cost of living materially, notably upon fruit, and
daily brings in people who remain a
short lime on their way easr.
G. B. Brown presenteJ this ollice
with a fan yesterday, lie probably
thought it would be a necessary adjunct to an oflice with coke ovens on
one side, and an editorial page thai
seldom visits an ice factory.
The hose competition, Fertile vs
Cranbrook should be an exciting event
on Victoria Day. It vvill be a grand
opportunity for exhibition purposes,
and such tests as these help make a
more efficient lire lighting force.
Stephen Podhiclancik has purchased
the butcher shop recently run by Sam
Graham. He has learned the business
with lhe greatest meal firm of Canada,
and should get a large share of the
trade. He gives 30 days credit to his
Just as soon as N. Klausman disposes of some beer he has on hand he
intends to lake a trip through the North
west for the purpose of looking up another location for a hrewery. Tin;
LKIHiK wishes him success ior he is one
of the most honorable men that ever
donebusincss in Fernie.
For Htorage room, apply at tln'B olliee.
II. M. Smith of   H.iynes   L<tko   is  in
town. .
Dr.  llowo   returned' from   Halcyon
laet week-
.S 1". Tolmie cnino in on Sunday from
Victoria '■■:".
F,. G. Hazel in initkimr liineat Crou-'.-ii      .    ... .    .   ,
Ncsilake "v.'"."" I'" Krc-lJ.b.nyti.0. 1..0
TlK! District Hoard ol tin- l'nii«''l
Mine Workers will meet in Feini" '"
dav upon biu-liii.-H.jn connect nn with
this 'proposed two yc'ir'e ■_i-i*ei'iiii'.iit with
the Goal Co. and its employees. Upon
'Mr. Liii'ls.iy's return from Fi'itt'e thi-
week it is'iAiiec'.i'il that mariois willb.
amicably at ranged
'Ihe  Bank of   Hamilton   opened
Judging lrom the reports of rf.urn-
i„g ,,m-,.eclnrs it is   "0fc fAl   f*"1"1
around Timor-ali.   There is tt, ...
.',, i; (al'u j .'(■Hire ol himself an 1   a
""" V, ' "1, P.tsivGliirk in   the *Kof i>,ok-, of nominal  value.led  to
nation, >f^.*V+ :.:,"»  |.N,„|„KB»„liM3,..irt«-c*SU.by .Ins-
S,*ok....o   .'-view   ic^bcrch       I r a(urnomi  fi|r
story that n,Kl..Uth'_ ^ ^^   ^  ^
•Ihe Bank of   H.i.,i,..o. -■» .-». , .hvamiib mt now  CO mi»r    ' „.„„,„,„-
hiisini'SsiiiFeriiii. on Tue-dny ..mr... | Vliliy (;,uld not sco He dn.   s.dt «.,   Dm......
iir..   The lai-o safe whV..  is' cnni.iv, ..nvliliifr aW'V*. pi-oUibiy.^t 1: la. -■
. ""      ... a ..    ...   ...,t   -larivcil  I      '      •    .._  ui.,,.   „      UcrOh  I .'.l
I ►!' ^Ii^!d,J!^,^!'ii!c^!^,i!^i!c*t!i, y.i.y.i.y.i.y,i.y.i.y.i,y.i,y^yi* y.*si* *i*si* --14^14^14
i *"!> ft't'l* a'iV^.Vs'lv vlva'IC/JwI?  tl*"i'l* <l*"f\* t't* a'iv'a'ly *iW*> V[» ViCVJ-? a/J-T^^ ^_> ^Jv
■   \ Op Op .
.. 1 'is     _   t.k*
,aa;a^: »»^»>:.!| ALONG THE CROWI-
In- ilesiivof  N.  C.  Diiuriii:iii,
'il* "t* "t I
from 'Moofc-fiiw  has   not vi'.t  airivi-al I u u..,.,a ;   p.,
.  .     .   '. .    ..*  , ...      , .„ a niiiiii in the blocaii.    UelaJ h l.sl-
much to the inconvenience, of tins staff
Tlm haul; hns a two   veaia   ii-aM1. upm.'.''''c
ils presonl prumiiii's, -mil   nfUir,  il ox  I
pi re* may eicet n biiihliiii> in   Fcriiii'.    I
l.sv   .
was in Feruio on Munday loukni!! "'»'
Mrs, J. E. Harris returned to Nulson
yesteidny. V
Colonel Tracy returiiB to Vniicouvi r
this inorniiig.
The Alice mino at Crouton • hns/'resumed operations.
Ilogors and Prater havo opened n.
gallery iu Michel.
The Bunk of Commerce has opened a
branch at Tentletoii.
Souvenir views of Fornie and -leather
goods at the Fernio Drug Store.
Victoria avonue has had some of tlm
blotches removed from its f.iee.
\V. MeNeiBh, brother of D. McNVia! .  ,„..... _..„.._.  .
of Elko, is goaiiglo F'uropo on a vaca- \ \\, (j.-goveriuiieiit fo
tion. :1--' '■■ ■' -■ ■
G. G, S. Lindsay will return from Se-
iittlu toiuorrow. Ilo is returning via
Nelson. .
Tl.e   I'.'-illfi"'^'   two?.   --1   1:l-il'*
soutliwist ol Toi'.ol'iih,  ctn'   n'- <„„.
umiu lhat i-i the jfi-ea-test^-1.» .-j.  I
have uv.-1-su-en anywncrc.-.!* is Uie
Montgomery Slint-honfl. nnd .1 ct.*
ore.   Six lu'oi run-, li'oin
Bioley Bros have the contract for
building the Bank of Coiuiiioreo eililic.;
in Criuibrook.
Jml_-e Forin will hold court in Feruii;
today. There aru several civil canen
and one criminal. •
John liuitri' hae planted -lush-leaved
maples and Iwu Kuusitaii poplars tli.it lie
received from Calvary.
pairdf clia-es He hm beenmc a capi
, taliHt and b.tui_ht a big . WnHhiii'-tuii
f press with which ho will .icon In:  pi-.ut
ing a h.i"l,('i- paper.     Fred  lias   stayed
with Moyio oven when the pavstivnk
pinched to % 10 a month, 'nrd 'lesurve-.
to ho twico (id fat as he is at piist'iit.
J.,Gonrlav, nf Gait, Out, iv;i* in   tin;
cily last week on his w.iy e.'iit fimu the
Coast where lie has been in the interest
of his firm for Ihu pint two iiioiilht.   lie
reports' hiiBiuV'is   all   along   the   line.
The recent cut in the  price of sli'ma-lcs j
'ii'.is passed away ami all the eo.ist milli j values ill gold and "25 per C<
are doing well.   (Juite natui illy, h -ing i ver.' There lire about 12&-' p-
Scotch and from the ci"it Ii'-k Mr. Gaiur ' the etiiup, ni'jbtly   lit Kliyolr.'.
lay is strong in Irs cimilemiiittion of lliej gu h\i\\\ the l'.iil'.MlV at  Ton -|'
11. C.-governiiieiit for ptitiiiig a tax  on j automobile lo floldfield, .80 n,'
eastorn ilntanmers, and   thinks   it  will! .,„ itm,. .lnd _, h.M i0 two'lio-u-
not be.it'lit Ihe^coui.try.  _ j f].o.l; Uol„ffd!d| 8J in1lts , t0 ,. „;.,,,
  lonupaili and (.iaruclu  me  ,um!
C(.]P ! ("old C'uiips,   John MeKsiif'e '■•> h i h i-
liritr, ilieVe most -I'.sci-sa
ue i: iv occupied n fff"*'-- l'""1'1 ol'■
th,','.i,,'ii,.i.,ii iii.d w.is n-plde will''
u'-i,v..'S dctiiil-of tli    pf-1- I"'''"5 "'!
,h, Dingim.iiV     Del Cry Smiih. »t- ■ (>avi!ll|e
...sni-y l'-r tlw <li-r« i.il.n.t,   sii(cei'(l(«l,llU(1'^ •
a   ,     Mala'   illlfil-ar-     I llO     Ilii IDC    Of       Ala(l\*     I'1   '     ' .
I?.:1"'   ^:'::... !!„,' I,.,.  (ws,„,il,,i;     h^l D-'-w h» ^.1 lib interest in
";":;1;;:;;;:;,h;;;i;v-:.i -^ i^i..:^ i^a. m* «tM,..-JSv..«c ,0,,
(Kl-ajtll   t !|..'   I It-rat 11 a
Tlie're nre too inatiy  Chinese
H. P. Cheuette had reeovered.'.sill
.! tlie..llOr".
sliip|aing '"lnin'fs, which sup-.Iy the
tonnage to keep Mie reduction works
nwried by the respective companies
in operatiiin. According to lijut'es
,c:o[ii| ileil, .tho April oiitnut from
"Boiiiid.-u'y mines was 80,102 tons,
; against a U ml of over 90,000 tons fur •
die-iiioiitli cf March.
=-i;'" ^,i;:-;1:::i^
Tiio profits nl the Sr.  Eugene Con-
.sulialiited  Mining Ci>mp:inv   I r the
month   ol  .March, amounted   to   the
_., . 'enoi-motis-sum of  $77,(100.   This is
a l|..» ^v    na   a a a ». i s.s>   .. ..,_ . _          _ i ^ r
,i .a ,, i ,, i i    ,„,,  ,,.,,„, i,   „'«.,       I    ',"■',' .   'i'     .i ii        i   anceor ling tn th ■   liniineiiil   atatcir.ei.t
(I .. e !iiii''M!'il .-.Jtne inontlis ago.      a wlio liavecututti d'Hi tliei'oiulbi'iiiieli ■   ,    ,      " ....
1 .... :iaf the. eompany  ncently   issued by
| Manager JanusCfainiii.   Thlsthrows
ll"'1'; tlie j r.-lits ol any other nunc in   Brit
"•" -"    ■    ,,.      .h',.r 'i  i...i   ii.i.I,' have bmu'-Iil serous '-liaises, will leave   the   Crows   N. st   brain1
hmightloi's'itnlie. Liter, J i Me
Kane, foiinerly ol Uoss'Sd'i P. C
bought I.") per cent if iho ~'<A i ■'■
•flCO -J-J-J, and the stock -U sc!..i..,' ..'
.•j*. .iLliare.oi'.'r-'.otO'}X3lortli •[ i ., eit\
It is li'ee ore-, with 75 per fee i.t ■■: '!.-
1    '•    l'     •"'■>    " '--  r, ,  _
Aii ii-i'iuli said ic'Jiave been coin- J in^'t IV right nt Ys.hk.
init'cal al Milan ngn'm^ the <•< "'il'u
!a-t Siind .\, 'ed to the line iiiuruo'l
Mn'.l ni.i \
The -jM.ii.1 tax on   comiueivi il
c-oiniuir to li.i.i^h Oalumbia is ra^i,,-;:*,;/olu|iihi; ;,;,„,.,,„,,., .U|ll  it  u
[ay     Tne   testimony  showed   ., iMVith thecotninercialhotels,   lien: -; „„,,.,, t||.m.a|„. War Ka*?li!   and" Ceil-
j.ll!   HI
1, by
les in
.  ami
•it Dii gnian had kicked the woman
'luring a quarrel over I.is pic'tire and
-line I'j'il'-s that were in lhe _os-
*<•>- on ol Mm. Dingin hi at the heme
••I 11 r parents.
Mi-. Diiigi-.mii has worked in  r> <*-
i'UiiMi.*.-ii.  thk, ei y ar.d   New pert,   th(, h. u,, tl.,j(k.
W i-ah.    A  dy Iivaii lia.i also wi.rkid
in SpJikaue and  Xew|ni't..    All   par-
.n Ci'iinbrook it is lelt as several hm v
ellers have pa s;(t right tiirough ihu:
;tjwn the past week -who have always '■
_stopped here lieretol'n.e. 'The hotels.
, have lost their hiisim ss ;* nl the' bu-i- \
■ ne'ss men have h.'St just that  much 'ofi
e tax  is a
edged sword and it c-uts■'■otuin,
ti'e'S:ar u.inis in R sslanil eirned  in
thn e uioi.ths.   The 9:. Eugene stands
as the gn-'Hlest silver lead  mine   in
Cai.ad.i and has lew superiors on tl.e
'American, cniiii i.rut.    It is si ip| ing
, regularly over IUJ tons per day  and
w'-''i has niainiwoih ore reserves to  diaw
*•-■-- ,lIU .trom.   Three bund id men are'given
going, -i..:e!i io tiie detriment el ,h,-, >[(j.ui.. fi]    ,y> mi.nl )d ^^ __ ^^
l'"A ''ia'' i.-is that paid   in   nr.y  otht'-r  mining
TliL-reaieal! l*i!id.i(.|"r.|.poiuiiiiti.'Sa(1j3ll.ic-in t|i0  „.,„.[<,_  ni.d  ,he   most
in Sytiiheiust K.jotei.ay for  the small | uji.,11\ feeling | levails between  etn-
I I'sU-ii.er.    It   has been .leino;,=trat.tl;, |oxcr ;u:fi employees.'   Truly Mojie
  j that this district has the right sinuate | is ;i 1Vl-II„i1.,.fui mining enni.; and  is
....    ... .....       ..        ,       Sfr,r huit nWw~> lhat jt '■*' :U1   hlcal I vet in its infancv.-Movie Leader,
I he Kingston Uhii-contains n leng-!   ,aC(, fv_ [|l(. nl_..   , (jf        ,.,._. ^i
thv a.bitnai v    nl  '1 lioin.is    .\lielin   win!.    ,       .,      .     .     .. ,    ,       '.   , I 	
_.   it lias thu best J   niarkets   right   at
t iii.eea-;-nre   .wd.'lv   I-iiohp.
I.ano Ui»view.
I)j;*.t!i of Vetorsui.
The~"Oddfe1lowa  of   Ferr.ie   ....   ,
brated the Sli;h lU'.niveis.irv of  their i'•u:e11 U'C1       -       ,
inception last Sur.dav   bv 'attending .(ull-v-   l.:w ««wsscd a   fj*riiu,
divine service which was held in the '-"^  :it  *i-WJ.OoO.     U.     I U:n
opera house .   The sermon   was ih^'l!jtta 1'*5 cn dLl'-d ,l™h J'8-,  * '''"''T"
liveredbv Hev. Dunn whose le.mu'l*.   l-"» Tlioni,««.n. Bill  ^.rlugu'. .I.n.t.
were Aloug the''lines of Kiiend-i.ip. M^ l,nd scores.°J JtUer »..,t? dun _ 	
r      •   •    ... r~    .. , ,,   i trv oeoole are now"do<vn tlaie u-iently d-.ed m Nripanee, Out., a_rrd i.i ,
Live   and   Truth   and     was    »b!v'll> 'cc>1''1"!1'ro-v,;._, v ,-.,... Nl.,„.   n,. wai thefatl.erof tl.eWhil-n, i hani!. ■',,:d ^'a !':(J'lri;im llome tl,elvi
handled. '• *   =an^a,,,h   mi i
Ka-v's  I'uulc Robson
Fernie is ui on the eve of a great era.| Bartlett assisted in-the service,   and
...       . .       a  . I   .       ...     ,..        ni..a. I ,1.1
of prosperity.-   (Jet iai.eaily and eecuia
a place on the high seats. :.
H. Ii.'Wright, the well-known engineer has hud mi attack of stoinach trouble during tlie past week.
How Fooc, a Chinese merchant' in
Fei i.io paid $076 iu duties last pear up
uu goods he imported from China.
e!i,     ,v, ..     ^
..i,iv i try people aro now'doWn tli*.i>•
"'.'il   "it is well known that when Vi \<.i\.i-A •'•'■'^-   H" •"•■:'•■ thi'iatiieroi iitmi m un   .
ami ■ . iii,     . in-aiiiie, - -t l-'.M-niia    Mr   Uiiii'n w i si  is ni.1. a  more attractive  section   on
i went to Tuiioi-ii h he was dcii.l bi Ac,   l1"1" '  '--1""     -;ir-   ■'"•'■••. "■'=• ,011
1 ■     ■ ,   l).,i a r.i the umniy of Ki.dare, ie. Irehiiiil, earth tiian nirht atvitnil  Cranbrook.
>meil ihe iSn;i«Ji aimy at an c.uly ' Fifty to one hundred  truck   farnurs
lajre.   lit- s-i« les tir-t si-rviee in S'jiith   within 11 radius of-ten niiTes around
,      .   .        •   and a   Nelson   district  mar.    f:r'**»i
l ho Male Ulee Club rendered  beaut.-,     k,,d llim .mh .^00. \, ,t.    ,„. .,« „, „.«i « - ,  -.-■-,       ,, 1(P,,,i.
I'ul and appropriate. inu»ic    The Ital ■    . Ull no5   vi3it ',ho   Ooi-ji-r   Ii'.ui" (lx-KA ,„ .h.,K,mr War    After ret... 11-; Cranbrook would mean much for th
i.iiv band headed the aidlcllowsj.ro I 'in   Dl. ,.h Vailev,  wh.c'i  I'ir.1  In.r to Ki.glu.H in IS'.!  his .egmiei.t j town. and yet there is no one  to tell
cession, and upon their return  from 1^^ am, ^^ BLr*ncyf •        ■  ■
ate 0!
the services several-excellent pholos ^',7c'loC;l.ed on a grubv.iki m itiv
of the precession were obtained while ([ ^'^'^   1Jcnls   c-,ark   ai|ll  I1,y?l.1,
ing to  r.i.giu.'i  ...   .u „..       , uv,„4l	
Maaisanuliarcl to the Cii.nca where he J (|f lllt>se adVantages in a   svs:e,.iatie
O.i Monday an empty car weighing
110 J pounds ran over John Ueid in
No. I. lie was taken to the hospital
in Fernie badly bruised but with no
broken bjiies,
0a Sunday. Win. Grant died  lrom
! io'.I;
I that
part   in
'    llll;    Uaiaaaaaa     a......u     ..„.,,,    ..
_ a (11  llll rat: tivi»,a n va.n v^ .....    -   	
ue.".. ly all th- laattli's 01. wayg() thaj",lCOljllJ ^fa 1)(J \„,\xw^\ t„ j ft ^0kc of apoplexy at the residenco
• *' •*>      If,.
1   -
tirnl.V campniiMi.    Hj i(.'i's:;\tal ,.   "•'"""         ■■    ■ .
.    ..   icome here anil s-.-ttle. lhat is wbat
Cranbrook needs,   an org.inizaiiun
HOW rOOC,   ll   ivllllluai;    men..,,,,,.    ...    ^,,  „..„ 	
Fei i.ie paid *07o iu duties last pear up-  it was in front of the   i.ublic  school !l,rull,C1'   ut:1"'*   *v'"  . , .   .     ..   .
on goods he imported from China. lhe ccHlection-ni.ounted to about $35 Howcvertl sent William Uc.ry o\.-i" three nie, ,1,  ...• hi, brave h™- '»  Cl,lub,00,. ncc(L.    nn    01-„iniz;llilin
' al,n,-i.   -aiwl  l,n     1,-ie    nhinnr-il    me    it,.., dei"t>c>'( I l.lliil.allll n   I l.lg.   111   lUllllillill "*■
Mi-sS'AiinicJuduoiii arrived in 'fiom '.vhieh w»*s giyer-.mt.he Ladies I-'en 1 WC}L\; .. , ,' „''.'!r','l11'|,, ., , I to hmi bar-uiven t«> . 11 for iheluttl „; that .wonld uike care ol inquiries
Harrington, Wanil, this week to 'acco,it evolcnt Society. j samples vv men 116 got." . .:e ._ '_e "p ^ \\tMs naiaUt.iv 1, iukt-nuaii an.I' ;'hmg this lino and ■ furnish the reposition us typewriter with Eckstein A.                ! peats to Ins W feet cr  mcrj  *.v,ik-.  vitlb",lHllI,;,L               '                           'quired iiilormation.'   It is true there
l-.™«._,v ,'....                                                                liAS-liUALL The sp« ciincns include the liiiest inal-      Uu w:l? 0!U. 0f thehiM-oe* uf the iun-!'-• the br.aid of trade, but a  boaril ol
The Central Hnul has be'-n thorough-                            jiicliite that  I  have ever seen,   and  ous thai ge led by Lieut. Tvrmi at Alma'-.,-,..de with no  means ot securing   a
... -... ,._....,a „i,:_ „,,;„..: tvith iVluu"■■ 1 ■■ Pendai ft"*- Coleman played a. game ; lime are copper glance t.r.vl -copper aud was ail ovo witness to unit f;.uuiii>t' alc.lt)y  revenue    with  a,   secretary
if his daughter.   Mrs.   Duncan   Mc-
, Ferine and Coleman played a game j tluic are copper glance t.v."id'"Copper
i>f hasobalf in Fet-iile'lt-si Siindav."~Tl'..' jcx'ilc,* and "evniT-- ■*ii_r&\V,**''£bfifx!?
score was 10 to ,'! in favor of Ft-niit-,,si.rinkled till through it. Simples
and slt.aMS that good ball in plavc.l hit n,n all0Ve 50 j,_[- cent coppd'. Ol
this city The next game vull he' ^ u j3 ,nacC4...ib,e now, but
p.a.ved will, 'mclier Creel: but »« . Boras:Smith will I -. M .-1 mtl-.v.-ix- cliis
bkelv on Stindav, as the  inanaya-inei-.t . ,      .      *       ,
*    ■■ . ■ vear to his   bota:;   v.a'ks  m   De.ith
After the Cnmea Mr.   Wlii'lau'.- ret-i-  '-'_a
The Central H nel baa bc'ii thoroughly rotiovatuil this spring.- with- p.iiut,
varnish, and the addition of neiv carpels anil linoleum.
A large shipment of Edison's phono-
giaphs and Columbia gramojiliuiio:,
iv ith u full line ofreeords Just received
at the Fernie Drug Store. ! »i.*'„i"iins,.iiiii| would he   a   greater
Theic is auotiier Shetland, pony in
Fernie. Ue stand"! nine hands high, is
e.illa'd Midnight, and ia chii-lly ruled by
Not 111,1 and Verne Hovutuii. ,
The Cal'-nrv Cattle Co   use a   Iieat!aud-S-i would .-av they were naugiity  >    Advices trofi ioi,.., ...-..j »...	
little bos'tW.j'wt holds ii di./.ei. ,.-_,8l «"«*«"? «° this co.i.l.tion and  the   fad   Montgomery S!,„*:i me which is now , mam.a.   a.",l «•.-i.A-'1 i.i.d !i ,hh   r„
.     "_ '(oj that the na«eball   enthu-rists   are do    filing |.,.-eo;, .■__,...,  was offered to'1- -""■    ■   '■    ■■""'h'1 1   'he ple.--.iic >•
'       '        '■-'■'■     "' i-Mii-       ..       ",      , "*    ....,     u-,11..,,,      Wina*-,-.,.; hi-   '.ll'1-.-l'II.IM-'       Ha'    i-.   -lalMVL'il   l>*
I.ennan.   The di c ased w.is 75 years
-.id, and a native ot Scotland.
A young daughter ol John Campbell's fell off the bridge into Coal
Creek last Sunday,- and  was  with
is thaigo leu uy i.ieiu. i.ai..ii.aa.a    .if.nc .-a •■  •   ll jditVtcultv rescued.
id waslih ovc witness to mat fi.uuuis,'steady revenue,   with. a.   secretary .    *jmjei. ti,0 gU\(iance of  Andy -Col
ilr"'V*atHrred:i'U'arii''>*>' tlie-L/ight Bri-1 wt*chiR*; id' iQYe, ^•*iV0nl>;..9l8l!S^J^ir^^
gade at D.ilaUava, a charge that ttart-'len  mam\wrs   who won IJ  attend   " | mines of these paftA
Fed the militury «oi-ld, nml has since  1.-1    i--   Httl.. i """*-
l,e,.u   it-iidciid itnmc.rt.il by lhe poet
Ta'iinv-. m
meeting if one were called,  is   little
', more than an ■ornament to a   town
U     {jUUIttlllJU     Vat .**.-~-j _
t>*jl£jricva__r.\iiga in the- c
cse parts.'   -• *-■ x  ?
y   W***Jr_
lion Id
an brook
I     After the (. iMiu-a ....   "~ *•  --    ^.^ eV(,rv oppl-tuIlity should  be j
tlli„U bnseball would he  a  greater   <h-;..;;;j^ taken advantage of to bring in   per'
namial a-uccess in Fernie if played i.-..»>!   '        ' - ,-,„,  copi,cl. Bllu..  ' -
row and to insure j        AXOTHKK COAST LIXE
it.iy other day.    Many in  IVn.ie wlio   in IL miles of tl*.    Hi.' copper BltU" H
are in lavor of Sunday ^ames have not 1 h.is really a won.'.'.rial copper show . a_
the nerve to support it for fear tliat St.- ; tag. | untii his ila'ath
aud-H-i would .-av they were naughty  I    Advices from Tu:*.'.; ih say that the '; euvt f .1 m. 1.
,riuv iff lni-r.'. vMtliac.m'o-t  ; uninciit S"t:lers who wdl b
pn-io'ii ai'I ra-.ii-'l hi N.i|.ii.ce;ets ar.d also buyers.
without giving any  egij  a  chance
touch shells with its.neighbor.
j sirens of  pluasiiii,  the    entire   public.
lie wa- UiKiW"  ■*>' "'*■
arv  lii.-irii'.'-.  clieei'i'til
.•.I ai.al hia'.ilv  res
■ f:
He is ?ui'vived by
Mra.h.0.  Bnttgs arrived in Venue .-.„ t||e futur(; aM(1 .u^Aot[tm,u. l0
h,M week from  \\nslil.«ir,.,  Wis.   She! )li(ln;n,i(lrtV, , lhlJ ,1;IV  in  vMvh
was ai-compaiiied hy .Winn and Verne, j ,,.,„ ,g   ,av'(:,, .„ the ci| ^   j, |si.baH is ,,
O L- Iloyntoi. s beautiful children.        j ivM_   mr',( „„, licll,v*lU.scl villir „f „„
-.   .,._   1-11. ;   , . -  , .      '    .     .
   '* "'.   la.s    a-iVl-II    It     In
>_■„ Cook, and .William   SprlDjrer| ^/'X'm^.'/t
"'I Cornelius .ive in Fa-.ni-. J.I''. ■»'   ^al
.»     ,   ,   ._-,-,.   Oiilairen,   Tl'.mna?.   1'atrick,  ami
Sunday ball will prolubly  be cut out,. six %vcck6 .,K0 |(1,. $1,0.0for the whole ,
- Frona   I*.alt
ele l're,
ihitig or $1,000 for a  big   control.
Thev considered it salted and passed  .   v",, ,„ .,
* a iu .> aipn.u t .
it bv. -'.''..
Mr-. 1'atiick lileeson.
ihe iis-sistauce that can be given it  bv
ibe populace.
\ntural Oas Smelter | CITV CiM'-NCil.
1 .        " ■ I .	
!    \v. \V. Wbyte, fccoml vice president; "~
'' ui the C 1'  li. was at Medicine Hat hist j     Council met m Council, chamber  at
eveniii!:.     1'reseiit:-
The billiard match played   at the  week.   He was met .t  the dipot   »;yjs.ir, Tuesday
*■' s ,        1*  a..l   fa«I. a.al 1,1^ 111 In re-it III t  . . .      st-    .    a  . .    .
O. L. IJnynton, manager of the Elk
River .Lumber Co. will build . a residence in Fernie At present he will
occupy the cottage owned by C'»arl'.-.»
W. It Hose, M. P. P.   has  improved j    me ouuaiu maaauaa ,.>,._,^«    _......
his home on Howlaiid avenue by   putt- j Kernie Cigar Store   between   teams ; Mayor Forster aii.1 asked his interest in j ,,"•'. -)V _, __.,.   *.hl. M.|V(,.   ,.mJ  ,,|(>cl
ing iu a stone retaining avail, anal tilling I .vpreacntiiig Coal Creek and  Fernie  li"' 'i*1' of .natural ga- at Medicine  Hat J l*' s " 1''   •■-'•-■■
in the ground with black loam in which  ',.0SU{U;(i ju"t will (0>. Fernie   by   "A,'' •■'' lh'~  smelting  of  low' grade  ore-',
.replanted trees and (lowers. | ,^nl3 on U:e a„Kre!r:Ue  t(.._l!s. "t^ ; pointing cut that lhe cheapness of the
.lame^.nart,chi(.foftiredepart,n,,,t|[CtUliSWcre(.ilsklc aml cacI) .te.un'gns  would offM't the freight   haulige. ■   ■■-   C
nud A. Moodv, proprietor of the Hoval , ,.,. . irom the uioiintaiiis winch haul would ; e-t'.eq.it- tui »■'..>- iu.
lim el, Cdgary, aro here in tho interest' won UU'ec "amL'"3'    l llc iCon's 'Vcrc ; i,e the C. I'. U A   11- al-o pointed out i     Con1111u11ieati1.il irom ,
,    The Spokane Chronicle  savs that
D1*(W '111'    1 ' *       "
.-     '      .the.Spokane and   International  rail-
I way— D. C.  Corbin's new   line—is
seeking an outlet to the Coast.   It is
I further stated that surveyors who are
vrunniiig the propesed line   west of
! Spokane have i\ ceived orders to rusff^""
trmaa r..n. ..... ........ ...... j their work and  have everything  in
A report ti'oin Kimb.'fly is to   tlu | readiness to b gin grading not later
aiVet-t that the North Star. .Mining; Co. .than June 1st.
will tuimtdiately build a vva^on.road ; The theory advanced is that the
from the Star road to the 5:einwiiider| western outlet f. r the Corbin road is
mine. lover the  Kettle   Valley tine, some    ■
Gravel mining in the  viciuitv   ot i imes   dfiioiuinated the .'"Uot Air" *
Wild Horse Creek is  showing grea: ; rrud..  It is said U dav that tie raid
activity at tho present time. ', ii.l5 .. xww name and will be cal lid
learned lrom an rtuthor.tative
the Spokane and 1'ritish  Columbia .
j men
I Tuttl
dee,. Kul.al'iiis  and
It is learnetJ irom an au-n-.a,^..a.i»,_- _....._. ..r	
source   that  some  . esti-n.-ive '   im-! railway and that this   line   and the.
p.'ovomci't* and addiiii.ns are being;Spokane and Itutr.iattonal will form
;'planned f"t* the Maekcrzie Mania j a new' route to the Coast from the
; grout, of n:tv.es on  Ikek'.eb'iry  Hill . ju'tciiain of thc last named road with
and thai the-Xji'ih Star .company., is , the Canadian l'ac'ttic.
i ----- ...
T. A1"N-' Jil-so'to j-nn in tl'.e pragr s
of the '21th. celebration at Cal|_ary, and 1
are stopping hi lhe Napanee
Without success a  New   York  paper
' -.11
s tollows.
Coal Creek
! that the "railway at thn point had a gas: ander, re duinpinir!
\       A     . ....-...«.   ..    ...111-.^..     -..,..' 1   ...l,.s.^...l   l.aa"atn
The mar.a!
it'-" direct..!"* and share ■      1'OVVEU FOI1  HOUNDAUY
Without success a .vmr hhk ("ai'ia a
offered $100 to any parson who would | N\- "Wati(>n l(Jt)
read a ceitain chapter out of the bible, _ W ^ alkdenlOJ
to his congregation. The chapter was • C S'unnioinis '.k">
the lijth in the Hook of Ezektcl. ill.Cattell    ICO
In the park, the Coai Co. ia putting j W. T'j'jt'.'.ey T"i
in a tennis court for Iho use of tlm otli-i 	
'      ' b_'A
.,       l.,,iiK.rs.4t!ieUs>ideii  Five  L-nuip of
iwelltlmt»v,jtil.l{.ro.lii-o.a millio.r feet! an:l retcrrat t'> i-mniu e...   . , 1,,-id a nieeiing at ?|K.kan« on
[{ -*mith       r:i plaved E. Jarvis 100i ,„.,- miv, stai-.d-i..-pra.-tica.lly idle.   Mr.l    Cotniuunicau 'iifivm CI. liao   -.-.„;_/.;
J   Henderson Sf)  Wl.vti!*a-Ued ibe >I''>'.c to prepare Iii:- i ,v.UL.nv.,.-|;s   aid
S  Henderson LO! i.n^reg..rdi.ig tho g..s resources and |
W ma.-nl 'irt im- Md.ir.it them by letter lolmn at Witim-;
A\ St.bl.ut ,l^iv,i(.lllall!r ,„,!„. season be would;
I). Johnson     .-*.». i"--- ....
The proposition to deliver chctric
u.wu- in the. Dour.dary lrom the falls
"   .1. Carrick
vbit Medicine Hat. ni.d bring with him;
...1.,. ;.  la
&■=>*-*• i
-d   cf t!:is''ie-|Ml"*'r,'a-:Vi*::1
II, manager ef, completed tit-.
cers aud employees. It is Ilo feet
■'qtiiire with double courts. When completed It will be one of the linc.it court.-.
in the province. 1 	
Coal Creek now gets its muil in the | Under the aiispxes ot the A. A. A.
morning thanhs to the clf.i-ts of ->'»■■• i victi.ria D.iv will be rovally eele-
Walbicew.io   negotiated  tl.e arrau,e- j ()wti>(i it, k,,.,,^ (m M,!y 2kl* T|:m>
I (V)' VI* it   .VICUIVIIK-   ""a- '■""  .............   ...... j
__ i "ai 1
I paitmi'iit «.f theC.
tlu« Trail smeltar, aii'l manager of llie
a ...il mining works at Uaiikhe.-ul Attn
Mr. White aalinired the natural uais
l.ttups on tbe -"tra-i't-1 and on tl.e depot
platform, and was f.lad to know that
Mi-Heine Hat was -rowing.
ewer   rceeivx-d   ;Miiy".!id.    The object oi the meetin.*:  ,„	
l'lstiiuated e;a-tof waier worksf.V. ).*.)') was to raise the mressary ca* ital  t" on the Kootenay River at Ujiinitigton
1-Istiniated cost ol sewer sys-.eui   *">'),- 'develop the 1 ivperty. 	
l'cceiit ilevelopinents indicate  per-
niaiieiice, and i: is probable tliat the
Sitiiivau .-,iv.jp-..t v.:!..'-- wilt   nu me
.■red C.'i. Tracy :t,{,ti:<-<. i.fe:iii->t p'oalueinir  mini's   in
d each work could be
,e a.,1 three iiv"'i",'.iis.
VoIl< uf thank
,l!    UUl    UiaillS-aa.-i.'.sas.a    ■.         . -  ^ - ,.,.(,, ,
,.      an. ,(1 w;.,, ,iK..r„ ,,,. id, ser-   m-Ai ..'.iSunihia .:. •!>" -" '"-"
1 .......   .        ..   a.   ..,»:..;..■ .at   tla.'   1
vice-. auieaT-illl' to :.'■
N'it ices   ol*   inolion
nu'etiui-' ei'i'Iv   e!' .-in
that   at-next
'   !iv-Iaw   and
■ will be pony,   dog,   hose   reel,   and
i Chinese races-; jumping, shot pu.ting
I etc    One of the leading events  will
.; i.e :t baseball match beUoen  I'eiiiie
S"MK \"cmrs ag.» .k'hn McKane wa>
dcteatci I'-'i' j.ar!iamcntary honors in
Ko.it'. nav by
W. A. Galliher.   .John
meats n ith the  1'. O. inspector.    Mr. i
Wiiilaetvtuku-a the  mail  up   the gulch
every nu>rtiin_! by it.i_roit.
Jaint'H Wallace, the mail eiirr'ter has
eoinpleted the renovation   of  bin two j "*-':l "aseiMn ui.uv. ..s.     .. .
cottages on   llowlaml    avenue.   Nice.1 "I'd     Kalijpe'.l.     The    proceedings driiie.l tu Nevada i.roke, and U  now
porehes have been built at ouch  house, I will cla.se   by a   grand   ball   in  tin:' wt.nh twu mi'dii'i.-.    Hill   rtrilte.l  tn
and theouthiile lir.ish.'.l tu pl.iater imi- j eveuii g and all visitors to  the  cily ■ Oit.-iwa ,'.i',>l |:a-bindy become   :.roin-
tation of stone     Fiilljimos ami   Kuiu-1 will be agreeably surpi Ned   and  de-  im nt in Nt >v V..',!..    McKane .-ihould
The streets are  being rlcaned.   ami
the reu.nents ol the disastrous  lire are
disappearing-     There   should   he
trouble now in making a   clean sweep
of Victoria avenue and Miving die prm-
,.,„.,! business .ertiom.   of   the   city   a
tnoroiighfareii. keeping iC.ili.he inag-
.iilic..,,. blocks thiil adorn In sides.
iner were tlu: coiitiactors.
The horses in Feriiie continue to run
uway. bast Siimluy Slinii's team got
wheels in their head in West Feruie
and made a wild dash until stopped in
the alley behind the Hotel Feruie. The
rig received a few fractures and Shun
was sen siik, hut e.-ai'iipcd with no mi.-1
I terinl ii.jury.
Fernie has been a good town bar en
nojergetic iimu, Su \e,us ago Wm
I'.-elnvlg came lo town with s|,i).>.) uml
today he ownu the Northern anal \\ al
dorl lintels, and his wealth is e.at'i
muled at S:i'i,iWt) IIN Wal lurl is 0111
of tho best appointed houses went o
lighted with our Victoria   Day
eelc- iF.vide his pile
with GallUm*.
'.1 ith  a
iie new
Mayor .Stork hist   Fri.lav   pre
the children of the public .-chou!
l'uioii .liii'k, and ileliv.'i  .1   an  ;
taa the teachers ami chilalraiii.   'I
Hag was rnised while, the chtldn'ii sail;-"
tke Maph' Leaf, ('ainula'-i uittiomil -.aaiig
'I'lie, Sehainl Faaiaid   was.  representa'al   by
Messrs. T. II. White ami .1. A    llennie
a\t the cl.i-a' of tie1 patriotic ei'ivmmiie-a
lhe I'bililieu gave three eheers i'"i"   tlaa'
, Maviar, while   the   thi'g   kept   time by
! tiatltiii'- with the breeze.
A Glasgow pat ai'says that Canada
lhasa swilled h.Mil. Might be -■>,
: bin. the
by-laws t'.a !.v'i"i"a.w .--"l!'a.,1.1.i'm tin'"sevva v
and water *-\ .-.cm w.'tihl be .-ubmitted
Clerk w.a-iii-'.ni'."eil t.i   vvrite   the
a-lactrie I.i,'ht sV Power Go.   re what
they waT.td !"i' their water   si stem
wi.hi:, il.i' city iiu.ai* *.
1    Terder ta'..:ii Klk "'IaUiuber t.'o.   for
■ plank 1 r   e T.-truciiaan of siaiewalUs
VVa*-  .as/C    '•"a-'il.
\ Tin I.'i'.i".;: v.;i-aw;ii",ici the e--n-
,'.rae! u-reity \•vinting for baianec ot
- the vear.
S'est inei-tiug Tlir.i"-.';iy night.
'i'lii-re is nine'.: activi'y at the old
placer camp on i'a-rry t'tvek, vvtieiv
a large auiiatinti-f sleep placer mining
is now in prugriis".
The.**: Kugciia'- Mining company
has airdeivii a new li..'-drill ei.:iipfe-.<,'r
ti'i'iu the .leiick''- M.iehJiu' Co.
T:iis iiiacliine is !a. he >hippa,d, hi
stalled ami in rr.taiiing older by the
tii.-: A' AuL-u-f. This additional
ei|:i:puii':;t vvill provide .'",. "drills,
there being m-w  in   use  cin
■tes-a r
,-ipacity U-r-J'.i tvekdn
operated by the West Kooteiiav
i'aiwor £ Light company, liis assiunod
such ii. finite shape thatsurveys are*
now being made by V W. (niernsey
and a It roe ot men irom lu'asland,
tut Iran-1 Fi'i'ks. an • sruue time this
siiiniiier it is the inten ioti to be in
shape'., de'iiv.-r ab.ut l.OJj horse.-
pauverlroui the hydro-electric vv. rrtsi.t
: It.'iiniiigtou to the < "ratiby  company
: in ca-i' :haii' is a short tae ot the present piaver a-ail ible at C.tS-Mdc Tlu
piv-eut tin * ■ li'"iii Ix.nnington to Ross-
d.in. 1 wilt be u*. d as tar as   it  gw.-",
1 aii'ltiiaii the line runs via tl.e Velvet
mill'' on S ap!,i(. inouiitain to Cascade
. and Gt'.ind Forks.
.'.I'll !.
tori!. Thev are
,,| t|,e |), iiiini.-v.
,.,|v ha.- b-.-n ■ '
re largely responsible-
found iu every part
aud so (ar no  rcu-
,".d to make thcni go
in I'.r
■ n, IVi-.
., ii uiai.
;i*!i .'o
.    All «
vi • ;llHO, aiid riib'aii'ity
■• . .Tii'i'the M'l'oii.'i city
.,.'.ia, We have the
a- ;.enl   is   iiioi'i;  nigns
and diUltiiiii'i-
11 the road.
Tlia> Dig Mill
The Klk NumbsT .'". had steam up
at their big mill 0:1 May Is' aii'l will
be 1 tinning lull bu.,/ jr.*: ;.s -0011 as
tin- machinery gets I'm ibe red up.
I.<ag - ai".' being >Ua.'.'e.sslu!!y driven 1 i|t
the rivi-r from llo-mcr. The payroll ii'iiin this mill will s--a«i
siiltltai'V elTixt. 11pa.11 tlie ci iu:iia.!'.:.a
! hie in I'Vi'iiic.
l'iisiee.ix—Uu ing to thc
some n! tlie ten tuuiai'i'.' in
ti'.e   three   dis'.rict    smi'Iters    have
ha; p-M.eal tti be  in'price.-.* ul  repair
t'.i'.iiii!; the l.'i-t inonti'.,   t'.e  tonnage
■..ii:|-ii" fi'.'tn the mine-  A'  the  1' 'itn-
-  dary is .-..mevvhat less t .r Apt il  than
nive  u   I'.r Maicli, which latt.-r mad" a   new
ri eol'd ill'his re-pil'l,    "i'lie a-hiel ii,!','
'■eivtice, ..■! ea-.'.ti'.-e. was with iIm large
, \V. ,1. I.an-ley, and ('.. M. Judil who
: are iiiteri'.-ti'l in several cl.tiins tn the
' l-'iatlii-ad leit ('lows Xatst lastwceli. with
thl'a e lila'O ,111.1 half ,1 toil of   pi'OVisiOllai,
net   that   pa.wilei'  iiiad   milling tools.   They   ex-
t.'-i.-;   in
peat t>. woik all sum ner in the Flat-
he.ial, ai.d flood's pack train took in
tl.a'h supplies, Good has orders tu
li.ia.-I. several other onttitn in the near
I'niiai'o The tiallic into the Fhithead
ui.l he very heavy thin nimnier. Gal-
hi".itih uinl Harvey, of I'mt Steele, and
-a'va'iv.! others are interested with Judil
ami I iinglfy in Ilo- '.ievih.piiieiit of
their coal cl linis.
m j.tfi'' mmmsms.xrt
1. <*•**
■^f-"     "t*
'   'J
THE LEDGE, FJERNlfi, B.C , MAY ro,  1905
^t- *-;
_?9P Sal 3
lot!, Son & uo.
£.T,W, ;Kiasfc, Fertifc, B..C.
^gejiti ;io f ecnie far T. & Pf odor, Nelson
- AitU
ueen 5
The Ledge.
B. T. LOWKRY, Kali tor ami I'iimneiVr.
T«K I.Klic.K i.i puliIiJiajal every \Veatni'..alii.i-
luJ*ei'iii», II 0. Tliu priiii! ij-Ju yciir. Aalvor.
ti.siui,' rtitc-r. jftivuii npajii n]>p!iitiitluii.
«ti.Kinttu tim i»<-iwt, f"*bn".,i*
The home for raijroadni-en
and lunjbermen,
Cimnwiiook has left its measure for
a long pair of paiila.
Sir Chas Tupper 1ms been blessed
by thc 1'ope. This is more than the
Grits would do lor litui.
Ix a town near Boston there is a
man who lives on a cent a diy, and
is strong and' healthy. lie has
learned a' lesson that few under-
finest  Liquors and  Cigars.
In Feruie, ie a pleasant
home for a}J wfco itravel.
ItoomH r«i6e?v«2d by wire.
q_%9 H__+ tm
T    T    ▼
*$!, Whelan, Manager
-."a     !»-   v 1,. .«
»l II ______.! ■    I
fs a pleasant home
for the traveler,
;- ••' lAvt'A-A.
_ , ..   . p*>
Toronto is to have a building i5
stories hijjli. Some of the inhabitants
will want to live on the roof in order
to save the mileage when they start
lor heaven.
Alcohol, is found in all fruits aiul
vegetables except the carrot. The
carrot is strictly iion-alcoHolic, and
should be the emblem for all temperance societies.
Mice are responsible lor more things
than scaring women. Uccently they
stole $700 worth ol jewelry out of a
vault in Stratford, and in the Slocan
wc have known them to get in our
oflice and chew up all the $20 biil-j
lying on thc floor.
A torpid liver often makes people
think they are religious.
Kxyy, hatre.l, greed and jealousy
keep most ol the doctors, lawyers and
pHrsons busy. Abjlish those passions
and they would soon be ro'ativcs ol
Mrs Yanderbilt wears diamonds in
the heels of her shoes, and manv
other ladies are getting ready to follow her example and already have
the heels. Mrs. Yanderbilt, is a lady
who has lived in New Yosk for sonic
n j -..vi I li tt5 n-Vaii- brj'i i.i Kern ic.
I.v 18'.)2 the government of B. C.
robbed a lot of people by selling them
real (.state in New Denver, and failing to keep the promises that were
The design npon the postage stamp
in Canada couid bj improved. Kaeb
stamp aceording to its value should
have a Canadian scene printed on it
with tlie word Canada printed across
he face. In this way we could ad
vertise the country wherever a lcf.cr
was sent. To Car.adiais, Canada
should be first, even on the postage
stamps. .. ,....',,,,,- ' ' - ~'.;'
The world is not all of the , same
mind. In one city of New Jersey
the parsons are loudly in favor ol
Sunday baseball while iu another
part ot the same state the parsons are
loudly denouncing Sunday funerals
claiming that snch processions area
desecration,of the day which they
think should be devoted to listening
to tlitir theories about other worlds.
•.-.f »-/-.-'■.
Wni. Mills, Prop.
J    '
I 1
t  1
a   .
1   '
(tflioieMile Dsaters&nd Direct Importers
of Wiucs. Liquors audCi_-ara. ■•-■
■ •> 'L-a****1
putrict AgentH for
roimaery Cliatjipaenc
and St-blitz Beet
.Distributer.? of
Chamberlain and
I-baraoh Cigar*
"P-H1R.N1BJ    B. O.
un \ iwrRY I
.Latest styles in Hats
•Shirt waist Suits
jDr.essnjakaing Parlors
r«" '-r
■.-gJUIL If ■!   '■.    '"f f—
& Winchester
i\of UrioJ- ,a.nd -Stone W.orJ-,,
1 i
First-class .worlt g,uar--nteajd. Con-
ttracts taken i*or building coke ovens in
;ar»y part .of -the .cauiiU-y. iKstiinate:*
JP, 0. Box 5.83, .Fernie. B.C.
The Toronto papers have lately
made a great outcry abuut religious
frced-uiu in that city, but the statements are largely, one sided. Thc
minority in religious ideas and ceremonies have little freedom' iu that
city of church spires. We have seen
men shot and stoned in that city for
going to church in their own way.
The majority rules in Toronto just
thc same as in nearly all other places,
Oil! you may take the wings of the
And flop round the earth till you're
dead,        s
But you can't get away from the tuna
that they play
To that   blooming old  flag  overhead.
So you may plant your ads  In the
And wait lor the heavens to fall,
But you can't get  away   lrom the
papers that pay
And The Ledge beats the  best of
them ail.
Taking the cue from Salmoit would
appear that the me-n with tho queue
are gradually getting their saw and
axe into the country, ar.d even the
.Swed'.sure pretesting as wc judge
by the following letter which we
have received from Kaslo.
Latest Nusf. krom Kaslo
Fred Spears let a contrack for cutcn
200 coid ol wood to Barney," the
Chineynian, and SO idel men in Kaslo, things arc picen up. Koste him
well and all so the murchants and
the people, llopen 1 will sec ic in
your paper I remanc
Yocrs truley
Andrew Savirer
wood cuter in Kaslo
Owing to the fact that hundreds of
coke ovens blazs eternally in Iront otj
onr oflice in Fetnie we are in a position to do roasting at reduced rate?,
and if Andy will capture Spears and
send him here by express wo will sie
what can be done in the matter. The
-Swedes are among the best class of
people who come to this country, and
we dislike ('fheariugth.it they are
compelled to stand around in idleness
while ihe yellow loys saw the wood,
for one good, big Swede is of more
real spending value to a community
than half a dozen of the week and
lowly followers ol the rat and rice
"ods. But the fault cannot be laid at
the doors ot Spears or the "Chineynian.'' It is with the people who de
niand that the cheapest bidder shall
get their business, and seemingly
forgot that thc pursuit of ud-j policy
must eventually act <'isa boomerang.
It we care not for our fellow men ihcy
will eventually play back and push
us against ihe cinch. When selfishness is dead wc will hear no more
about the troubles that Andy complains of, but the greed for money
will always make buyers see no-difference between a Swede and a Chink
when it comes to .apparently saving a
few cents. The surest way to right
all troubles is to. follow thc Golden
Hule laid down by the great Chinaman, Confucius, many ccntuiie3 ago.
Do to others as you would be pleased
to have them do to you, and the Sunlight from Paradise vvill break
through the clouds that bang like, a
leaden curtain between our lives of
grcpd, and the condition where all is|
peace and happiness. Many a man
only cries aloud when he is hit, and
not the other lelluw.
a men man
..JjPco,,j?r''..O.OrJ?!c!'lii>i'i whoso name is
familiar loallirlriiil-ers of good whiskey is dead with about 20 millions of
dollars to his crulit. He wus a great
financier and it" is said had a mortgage on most of the churches in Toronto, lie was'also largely interested
in the niinrs at Kossland. George
had the reputation of being very
generous and cil giving large sums to
objects, worth1, ol charity. He never
drank much of the booze that mule
him famous, and I a' a man who always had sumach whiskey on hand
was never known to go on a bender.
He was a very iimi-'suiiiing man, and
looked more like the piii'sun of a village church than one ot the greatest
financiers of C.inada. liis family occupies in .Toronto about the, same
niche that tim A-=:..rs do in New-
York. One sta-tcd on the road to
wealth from pedaling milk, and the
other from tralmg with Indians
Thus are liirtuni-s made in America
from small bejiiiiiiitii;*-'.
ffleafe and Lodofng
§25.00 $26.00 and $30.00
per Month
Rcnry Stege
If you nro looking for Pishing, Bathing
Hunting, Ikialing or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver nnd stop a few ilayi*, weeks or
months at tho Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Siege, Home cooking, uud .thu finest beverages
la thu woM, iiwJjjdjng water. ' Write-or wira
for hi lea. . •
Hflvsiarkt fjM
Breakfast hrs. 5.30 a.m. to9 n.m.
Lunch „ II.30a.m. to 3 p.m.
Dinner       ,;    5.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Fli-Qt P.iasR in fivsrv/ .■fistiflct
. .. — ... .   . j     . t
fl    °
s y p
BRing rswuer
Awarded 'highest honors
World's Fair." Highest teste
U. S. Gov'tChemists.
Pries Beking Pswde? Ga,
CHICAGO, U.S. A.'.     .
Aberdeen Block,  NELSON,
D. C.
J. Ro Cameron
Is the tailor to go to when
you vi-.-iut a summer
Suit of Clothes
He lias tho .nobbiest suitings
to Felect from, and the fit and
workmanship is tlisJ best.
OrJt'r your .Sprint; suits* now.
Suilinys now urrivini;.
F. F. Liebscher,
Sliverion's Boas Talhr
First Class in Every Respect
M1.S. B. JENNINGS, 1-iwi-riotuebs.
Ih the home of all Slocan peoplo traveling to and from Poplar.
mkals always HEADY.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
Stiicily First Class
Up to Date
Electric Lighted
Steam I lent
The Smelter Trust
(Thu Amaru-ail Smultini* nuil Hu/iuiiiK Co.)
Is capitalized for $150,000,000. Its
;'s;s"ets ainouut lo only about $20,000,000
—yet il forces the1 miner to pay dividends on $130,000,0110 of water.
George's Weekly will show the miner
huvv to escape from ihis Octopus.
Send for a copy of the issue of March
4th, 11)05.    Address—
6eorgQ-*s Weekly,
Denver, Colo., U.S.A.
0av«-^/|_yt_v-(V^--y^<-e_ •l^--_v*l_>y-**^'-£_/-*3
For sale at al! times excellent
sand for plastering.  Best
sand in the country.
Apply to-—
at PSasaie,
Ko. 55? Old Town
Cigar Store
50 dozen New Pipes just
Briars, Clays &.Meerschaums
Cigar and Cigarette Holders
Call and have a look at them
Hot and Cold H.illis
Billiard und Tool Kooni Large Sample Kc-om'-
liar Room Unexcelled
Rates : .^2.50 per clay
Is uf the utmost importance iu
these days of modern life when a
minute may sometime)" mean a million.
Always have a watch that keeps the
correct time, and if it will nol, talk lo
C. 0. Demaurez
Shooting Galiery
Having opened a shooting
j-allcry in lhe Uecl* bloek, next
lo Ihe bowling alley, we solicit,
thc trade of nl! who delight in
the pleasures of marksman-
ship. Call in and take a shot
or two.
8ii.uo.-ii.   ta.   m
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brewers "of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
<,p|,w*a-v *■**««-***.
B**C_">»a ja*C _^»*ii
L. ATKINSON, Proprietor
J.A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer iii
Roush and Dressed Lumber
^     D       Q
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms.
E&ootenay IfalSeys Co., Lid.
About 1600 acres, Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
Lands 011 the .KOOTENAY RIVER at SAND
CREEK,  10 miles from KLKO.
Will be subdivided to suit purchaser in blocks from
80 acres upwards.
Price from $3.00 to S7.00 per acre.    Terms—-i-stli
cash;   balance in  yearly iiistalmenls at 6 per    0
o cent, interest. °
AKontia til Pernio:
Mott, Son & Co.
T. G. Proctor Manager Nelson
Its baths cure
all nervous and
,  muicular
diseases, its
water heal all
kidney, liver,
and .stomach
ailments and
they eliminate
all mctalic
poisons from
the system.
Report of Analyst
Of Samples of Water from Halcyon Hot Spriiiffs, Arrow
Lake, Il.C,  -Jtytli   Kebruary, 1898.
Laboratory of City Analyst, Edinburgh, Scotland,
March  ;_, iSyS
One  gallon  of water contained the  following Ingredients, the results are expressed in parts.
Chlorine       8.J.1
Sulphuric Acid  3->J..|.»
Silica     74--0
Lime      S-1-S7
Alkalies as Soda ...      5.71
Magnesia   j_j.oo
Litliia     '   .86
.Sulphuretted Hydro-
Kcn     .I^.oo
l'""i^l)iu^r and
$15 to $18
per week,
according to
residence in
hotel nr villas.
A^-aa^-aV-p «_yi_v-v^*aViivt!v^'*v«^**vv«"^
Is in a delightful location nml from ita ImlconicH
can be hcoii all the beauty of tlio gnmd sci-nery
that fiurrouwlH, hem.3 in, and adoniH the buny
city of Nelbon. It i'h the home of totniBtH und
buaincss men from all parts of the world. Tlio
cuiHine never drags in thc mire of mediocrity-
and every room is an enemy to infiomnia. I
you need rooms when on tho way in, touch tho
wire and the deed is done,
-tM-v-a^ ,I^'--vfc/i,y-*"5K<*i"v*"^ <W-*v^'-v**l
B. Tomkios, Manager,  Nelson,'B.C.
"^*-*T*ia.   ¥  J ^^-j-»»^i**W*«1*p*<*tf' lt*fn*ifii*>}**>tl-*r Vi
LUttMli^Jjr .S^j.iifu....,
MA-trtfttm, -tm •i>>*-*j*ri**--***' -**»»*« "tt"^!*-*"
.« /"'
•i.   in _i
1 a_ij 5, fn^Mx_i*i!iaffv<v4
-r      , .t    A '     '      _,
-*—jl-ij«*». tajf a-J^«-*, •=* -t r?** Jl   ."i*"*-***-     -a.       -.y \-t J~1
A .M*-      ,v.      '    » i. 1 ,'    y,
ri i
.. ii...ins *..
aa  a   I .    -     as     a^
"T fT«""T'i_. *,
i 1 n la. 1
,.,..* ,  .„.l.-j ..'.	
.. L-*..r„..„,t.,,rj'a_,t ki...,.' ui. .^,r.......At.„A,' f1:.a.L./i...'J .. l.....V,...r..',./ .,..ii,...s,.  u t U,%<i-i-i-(r
■* iy.'-i^ -^'•im'L__i-.
_.„ _ ,., .'ajilgmi-Sragrea^^
THE LEDGE, FERNIE   B.C.', MAY to,  (905
The Rich Dominion
■ (1&C&
The resources of the   Dominion   o*
Canada are an unknown quantity, says
Hhe Hamilton   SpoeliUur.    I'ifly   yeurs
ago .lhe only valuable asset we had  in
•Big-lit; was lumber, and   the trees were
chopped down and burned in   order to
.clear (lieland for agricultural purposes.
AVhen Canada began   to discover  thai
athere wstti wealth ia the pine and maple
it wa-. almost too late lo make the   for-
£Sts available for the  wealth  that   wan
in (lavein, fur I he l-t-st  of lhe   woodland
was eithCf jfiven away to   favorites   or
«ohl fivrjisong.    Withiu Ihe   past lull*
century pecrolcuni was sil'ioourfed iu llie
«ij.<t<-j-n part <»f llie province, but   Canadian capital Jus not eiijoyacJ  much of
(he wealth that /lowed  w>   freely  from
thc wells.      Outsider*;  cmiu-   in   and
carried off the   profits.    Tlie  lame  is
true ofthe wealth of Sudbury   mines—
one of the ridu-sl fin J*.* thai Caiuda ever
producattd.     Tlieraj  ia" but   one    xjt'ur
country —\'ew   Caledonia—in   which
nickel of any vidue has been disa'^y.-c-reJ
and tluu country is wiuve  €7,1x10  iiiileu
from New York; tiwrctate out   oi   the
twiy    of competition   wiili   Sudbury.
N id-el is now -me of the  iua»>l  Lutpor-
ianl ineUilai Altering  into  manufacturing induriru-a", and yet  while Cnn-ida
can, and does, supply the   world   -avitii
lhe raw material as it comes  from   llie
wine, but very little of die   prolila*   enrich this country.
The o_vii«ig ol the great Canadian
North v. est brings lo light more vi-ealtli
than one read* of in f.drv tula*, and il
Canadians will not learn after past experience, lo talccadvaaitage ofthe gooal
things lyiny around their own door-
yard llien tin; fault iu theirs. The
prairie Imult* produc* every tli lug- to feed
not only its own population but with
plenty to spare. To furnish fu«-l ia the
absence of lhe woodland, natim- has
stored away unlimited coal fields.
And tlu: latest Iind, and one oi the
greatest in the world i->" thudiascavcry of
petroleum in Briti--.li Columbia and Alberta, N. W.T. Li the eureme
south'*'.-*tiTti %eclw.il of Aibiria, live
mile-." fiioiit the AiT-.-rican 1-our.Jary line,
a distriat lliat covers over li*" mil*s or
more-, ')•■ oiievM.i tysteui el'un.lergri'unj
tanks oi petroleum, ii-or a number of
•Tars then- have been indication., of oil
The Politiai.nl Keonomlst
John .Mitchell, ihe labor leader wiis discussing an Knglish linancier.
His ideas of |*olit'cal ecu lomy, Mr.
Mitchell said, remind me of Marshall
Saunders of BraidwooJ.
Druid wood is an Illinois town, and I
p Sled my boyhood there. Marshall
Saunders had a fine apiary. He raised
good bees and gnod honey. It was a
pleasure to visit his neat, well-painted
city ef hives.
Marshall had an inquiring mind, and
he would sometim.'K ask himselfUrange
questions.    One   of the questions   he
a-,laltin,,.,lli. ',_•!/,.,!   I,;,.,....|,' „,.,., ,l,l...
- /   —-----  • — ...-«..   ......  	
Have l any right to rob these bees of
their honey?
And for a long I.jiw- he could not
answer that qiu-aiion to his uwa Kalis-
faction. Finally, though, lie G;aund an
answer. I heard him tell it to his
friend* wilh pride.
I used to feel mean, he said, about
robbing the beehive*, hut afler thinking llie matter over I see now I'm in
(he right. If It wasn't for me taking
lhe honey, all them bees would be out
oi houev the whole of next summer.
A Dangerous Sport
A. E. Macdonald, who recently made
at Oruiond, with a ninety horse power
car, five miles in a little over three
minutes, is a prudent, no less than a
skilful chauffeur.
Mr. Macdonald has no patience wilh
reckless motoring,. He believes that,
with ordinary care and caution, acci.
dents might be  altogether  eliminated.
Me said the other day :
It is a shame thai horrible fatalities
so often occur in automobiling. lt is a
shame lhat, at motor races, it is possible lo hear what I heard not long sicca.'.
An important race was to be run,
but at the hour of starting there was
some delay. The people became impatient. A man in a brown ponyskin
coat accosted oue ofthe officials and 1
la.'ard him s.iy :
Tlm race was scheduled for 2, and
here it is almost three. What is the
trouble;*'    Why all this waiting.'
TIm." official answered politely:
The ambulances and  surgeons
have not vel arrived.
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance Cigars
in Alberta. A farmer used to gather
the oil in barrels from the surfar.it seepage*, and sell it to his ueighbur* for
lighting and lubricating purposes. In
iooi a ueailhy lumha-rnuui at Ototokos
Alberta, went up lhe valluy and investigated lhe stories he had heard of the
oil find, and die indications being so
strong he concluded ta get an expert
from IViiiiaivliannia oil fields to make a
report. A company was then organ-
t-ed, and in 1902 operations were quietly bargun. At a depth of 1,0*0 feet oil
u'a* struck lhat .lowed 300 barrels a
"dnyA The hole was plugged, and then
the company -secured practically all the
land within the too mile area. Then
the cotnpany became oil crazy, but not
till the richest part of lhe territory was
jtaked out.   During the past few weeks
number ot* wells have been bored and
the oil Hows out even faster lhair it can
bat taken care of. This oil can be refined- wilhoutthc use-of sulphuric acid
making a saving of about from 40 to
50 cents a barrel.
Tits Canadian Pacific and the Great
Northern railways are building
branches tn Oil Cily, a new town lhat
das sprung into existence within the
past few months. Capitalists are rushing in to get on the ground Moor, and
from present indications it will not be
long before the Standard Oil company
will get its hooks on the whole of the
oil territory.
If you do not see what you want in
the way of wialththat Canada has under and on top of the earth, dig down
and help yourselves.
Enquiry   from Cruubrook
To reinove bedbug-". I have moved
into a house which seems lo be alive
with bedbugs, They come down the
walls and llie garret. Hou cun I get
rid of them? I have heard of smoking
ihem out widi brimstone. (Van it be
done? 11* so how much should 1 use
iu each room, aud how should it be
Tlie easiest way to burn brimstone is
in the form of sulphur candles, which
can be obtained from your druggist.
Iliirn one in each room and see thai
windows and doors are securely fastened a*o that the funics cannot escape.
If you cannot gel the candles burn
brimwtone or sulphur by throwing it on
red coal-, inian iron keltic placed in the
middle ofthe room and slu.l ihe door-,
and windows carefully. Von will have
to burn liu: brimstone ii: every room in
which the vermin am.
Pear Ik in Coconnutsi
Pearls are nol only found in oysters.
.Sometimes, said a lapidary, they are
found in cocoanuts.
1 once cut a cocoa nut pearl. It was
the size of a pea, and ils quality was
good. It resembled very niucli'an oyster pearl, only it was a little duller.
Cocoanut pearls are found in the
heart of the nut. Il is thought that
they are formed by the hardening of
the nut's flesh. They are, so to speak
a kiud of ci ytitallized   tumor   or   wart.
These pearls are rare. They are
rarer than oyster pearls. They are alia- cheaper than oyster pearls, being
less hard and less iraiislueent.
FouiNDErs 4 Machinists,
;. —— Nelson, b.c—■
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Fillings, etc., alwnyi*
nn hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. I.epairin_.
and Jobbing.
B    C. TRAVIS,  Maaaaaoca.
Mount Fernie Lodge No, 47
1,0, _^J_C-jtS. 0. F.
Meets   ev ry   Friday evening at   t>
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.
T. Buck, P.G..R.S.
J. Bariuer-i l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L. T. W.   Block,   opposiie  the   Bank
Olliee hourai—R u.m. to 8 pm.
Vi. li. UOH.S J. S.,;T. Al.BXAMiKU
Ross & Alexander
KKI.'NIK, ll. <J.
Ollli'ii In la. T. W.'ll! ck, Vii-iorl- Avinue.
The Reliance Cigar Factory,  Ltd.,  Montreal,  Que.
First maker of the "Fiord.' li.ihama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur'1 sini,.- i.s'-i, ■ invr -7 y.;ir^ in existence.
Walter Ckoki:. \\'.-.-',oni Kepresviiliiive.
Tho Irrentstible Power
Jamie had been an interested listener
one Sunday morning recently to his
father's remarks regarding lhe Russian
Japanese war, particularly concerning
the wonderful work of the Japs in taking Port Arthur. When Jamie arrived
at Sunday school his mind vvas filled
with thoughts of war to such an exlenl
that he paid but little heed lo the lesson.
Presently the superintendent, who
had been dwelling on the theme of
miracles, asked:
Now cliildion, who is it wilh whom
all things are possible?
Up went Jamie's hand.
Well, little boy?
i    The japs, was the answer that elec-
j trified the whole Sunday school.
■*",-**-**a**»-*"1******ta-"----*- V
I      U   UVtfVUuOuUUVUaJUUUUI'UVUW'/WiiaV«aivvv«   *» w   w»UJU'JllUU..J..
(Corner Howard and Main Streets)
Entirely remodelled and newly furnished thi'-ughout
SteatHlieated and telephone in every room
Free bus meets all trains
Electric tire-alarms in each room
Kootenay daily  papers  kept on  file
Rate* s  7So  to  S2.00  per  day
£ €. Phair, Proprietor
IM* of tbo Chair Hotel, .Vebon, O.C.
to^vryirgTnrir^^ H
The door of tin-
Has not been locked for many years.
The landlords ;u*e always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thin-
tier than the lean edge oi' an attenuated wafer. Try one of thoir morn-
ine bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer
ll. W. l',i:u::linr.i:. Sin-.KHnoia lli:i:a iuu E.
Herchmer & Hen 'u ._er
I'Al.i.'l.STl'KS,   SOLIlTl'.    .S,   KT*J
KKIIME, li. C.
Of]lc,'i"iivi'> )'. flariii.-. fn',. l,|(ji;|{. Via-tc ir i.i -.aa a
"VTOTKT IS Hl'ItEUY (11 VE.S* tliul. the- reia-r-
■1*     viit j.-n a t.-tiila|i-*hsi I  in  |>iir.siiiani'i. nf tin-
Jir.JV'i-.iaaus lit 1.1.I* " I'ullUllblll mill W'l'salfcril
l.'liilaa-uvSlllMMv- Act, Ha'aai," notil'U.4 nf ivlm-ii
v.-.-ro ;.::h!I.;!iO!i i:: '.!:•-■ J!.!!:-.!! •_•...!'".■' ia: '.':•/-
a-r Io iin.t alut,;a| 7t!i lluy. IWhI. .mul ,*,t!i Jinn',
1 -a:«» ri'.p -r.'Ively, lira.' hp'rulay cuiift'Mi-al.
Cr'aiaia  lanal. siliiaitiaal  witliin'rlie iira-u <-in-
larill-a'.l laV till' allial rO-CTVIltIOII will lia- 0|ll-ll 'aa
rail a*. •SI'tHa'tlll'tlt. laallht' H   at   ollla-r ali..|aa.sitiaill.
uiaali.r tin' praia isiaaus of ilu* "I.iinal Aait," tliri-a*
laaaallth-ufti-r 'III'alaatl-nf llll.' lir-t |illlall, ill iaall
i.f [lain a aatiia- Iii ll,.. JIriri-.li CnlliniMai fiii/Mti-
i.raaa ia|...|, lioaai.a it, tlml in nil t';a.-as- aa'ha'li'
lutli 1- la.|. .saa ,-ail'l. Iirl.-a-inialaa'l_ li-lla-i'il air i.t l*a-r-
a'.'Uta atiiiiiiit,..| lav tlia.* li.iva.riiiiii-iit  laiial lan-
nlll'.-a-II1IM111V" laillUal. a|Jaa„l t la.' -lan .>y. a,f I |aM
Caalllllllaljl   anal   VVi-sta-tla   ltiiilavnv   t "a.'lll |,tl li *.-•-•
Murk., ta, ll(. win,Hy ur Ita para villain mia-la
lalooli,,, tlu'ii Ilia- i.e'r-a.na ^ «i''(iairii ir hiaa-la
liiinU hliull iiiii|iiiii* t In ir tit la- llai-ic-'aa from
tliu Illlilaviiy CaiiupiUiy. aallaa ilaavii atari a-,--1 ta.
all'lll avi'Jt .-.Uf-la lliuaill'ai.sl-r-. lara' a-II.[itair-. I.. -
M-l'f. ..-1 <- , aall t tic- asltnil' t .rnn s lllaii .-<Jlla.l i * if. I a -a ia.-
Ili,: (iaiviriiiui-iil avtitiM ni.iliar iliv i>ra> vi-if.ii.-
i,f the "I.ii ii'i Act." a.-vaj|..it in rn*|.i'i'i la, limlur
halial- am tha- t'aain|i:lliy si l.laaa.-kn, aa li'rli -tnill |
l.|.   nlllljl'lai   III   till'   tl'a-'ltlatiaill.H   iltlat-'l   liv  til.- I
(*.iti:|aiitiv ri'lntivu to tin., a'tittiiiit aal tiinla-r a,n i
tli.- I'.aii'tini.iii iaii.1 VVa'.at.Tn  liu ii»i. v i.uii'i l MCI .SON   IC.M I'l.O V .MiCNT   AG1CNCV
\V. S. OOIIK. !
iJi'iiiityCoiiiiiii«imi*rof i.nii.i,sv: vv..rk, j Help   of All Kinds Furnished   en
I.aiaala llliai W   rkas llfpal r'llll-lat,
viutuiiii. iii;-.si-'t Ht'iaruiiry. i!>..'a. Snort   Notice
1.    V.   KCIsMM.V V.  {',.  LAWK
Ecksteia &, Lawe
liAIIUISTKIIS  AT-I,AIV,      F'ol.lflTHI.S,      ICtC.
Cn.lila. r:  llini'k,   Ki: nle. II. t;.
J. If. LOVE,
Op Op Op Op Op Opy*0*Sl&Sli£iil_y.^l_y*2lUl*&£?.*_$
W?lC>;*T>I'»'5IwIv ti* ft* ft* ft* ft* fi* fi* fi* <i* fi* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* fi* fi* fi* •'t* ft*
Aii In>;ei»Iou8 Thief
When 1 reached Altoona, said the
detective, I went to bed at once, for 1
-*as do^ tired,
—In the middle of the niylit a Might
noise awoke me. I sat up and laKiked
i.lx*ut. The room was tilled with
moonlight, and in that soft, pale light,
I saw my hat r'ue up and lloal slowly
out of the window, like a  large,   black
For a minute or so there wan silence.
Then ensued a fumbling, scratching
sound, though 1 siw n.ithiug. The 1
a shoe arose, darted acro*s the room,
hanged into a chair, drew back and
ri*e up higher and finally vanished,
like niv hal, through the window.
Aha! I suid lo myself, 'the BoNer
And I slipped on ■ my trousers an.I
went dov 11 Mini;-*, nnd nut of diiors very
1 found oui there vvl,.ii 1 had c^periled to Iind. I found, M.iiul.ng oi' die
sidewalk hcloiv my w'nialow, a China-
nmn wilh a very long and sleiid.-r tish-
ingrod. He was rohhing me with md
nud line, >ou see. lie w,i.. ivniking
ou me an'old |;amc tll.it is well known
ill China.
I wa died him for so'im tmu*.     -h*-'
little black pile ol plunder   before  him
grew and grew.    He got my
illy    uiuliTClolli
nurm.' nnd uiy «.ita.h.
Have one of their largest stores in Fernie.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
».V"J^*SV*V''t'-V,V*iV«a-^^ I.  M,
Daily till 15 May
LOW 3©*iiiei*s? Katss
I -*">
' $<•
i '»v
\ ft*
I Hi.
>. ft*
; Op
1      *>-«-a«
1   tl*
N   tlie-e days of advanced civilization Job
IViiiiing; plays tin important part in llie
Commercial Life of overr nation.
WHO laiis through ignorance a*ar false economy to use . printed Envelopes, Letterheads,
Billheads, Etc., in the conduct of hi." hiiMnes.<,
commits an error that is fatal tu the growth■
of his bank account.
JL'DGHS a firm by the :ippe.ir..ni-e of itr-
printed stationery much the muiic as they do
a drummer by the cut of his clothes.
Typogniphic.il Triumphs are ■highly
essential lo the pr.isperity of your luifii.es-,
aud Migi'c-.tions are given free at this ollice,
whete all work from the tiny bread 'ticket to
the fat and highly-colored poster is created by
arSt>!s wh.a know the ditterence ber.veen a
bloiJiV.and the artistic arrangeiiieiit of type,
ink and paper.
iT/K Ze&ge, ffevme.-
aaaaa-awllll ~t \l«   M_mmlKam-_________mtmJtmrmm,m__.mmm_r_-m
j •>■"•• j '   ■   '■ "   | Sit* | | V*-g |
Whftn you einokii ;i c-ig-ni
hee that it :s UNION made.
I'aluo I'l-izi', Hi ury Viiiie.-Colnr>ihus ami
Havana Whip Cigars arc Union tiood-
.\Vtinii|K-i;, Mini.
Ki'[irc»eute'l lay GEOllOK HORTU.N".
I Ya!   Ya!
.Wxt a!i,i,r Ha Caluiiry I'utt'.nl'n.,   VYnaiil Str«-t
Wank ail" All Kim!,.     Kate-, tte.'',a)i:nl.l<;.
New  Crop  Now   in  itock
iiiatlla.' Graiaa'll alltai   Il]}|aaarta-.i
ftAltllKN, FIK1.LI ian.l-Kf.OWKU  SKKHS
VV'llllleiHlt'   un.l    Itttllil
Spceinl  l'rtt'L-ia to  Kiarmer's In-litutr-
Tiiaati.-ainiU of  Fruit   uml  Orr.unaa'iiritl Tnw
I" taaattiitlellalrillta,       Itost-Nt       lirctslllititlfli*
Hiaal   11.inly  I'liaiitx
now Braiavitai; in my marist-rii..* for
Sliriiii,- plsiiitii.i;
Kii.aterri pria'-s or It.a.i. -Wliito f.ubaar
ViaiiconvtT, B.C.
3010 -IVL'altliilltKter lCaataal.
Oflice : Moll, Son .vj Co., L.T.W.'Block
KkIs'Nh: Uriiish Columbia
fi*   !
y.i. !
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands an<l Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted.
I'D. llox M.4, Olllca-: Kooienay St.. Setci tt
Victoria and Vancouver
I   Op Op Opy^O^Op0^lpy.POpO^Opyp^1p\JpslpypOp^lpO^O»Op o^o^o^o^
j 'i'i*'it*'ii*'f^*f't*'f'i*f'i* ft* fi* ft* fi* ft* ft* •>i-«""'.w_wJw*w*wIw2'w.wIC'■"i>"J'I>,/I>'
.■"end for your friends  while  low  rater.
are in effect.    Prepaid Tickets delivered
by inaiil or telegraph without additional
v et coat
my   stav.k'nifj-a,  my
' Then I    ll.-bbed
Westbound Tourist Cars
Leave Montreal Sundays at Thursday*
„    Toronlo Tuesdays at Saturdays
„     St. Paul D.iily
|'i..« lUtt'i«, Tii'I.ftH. TtaiirlBt Slcep'-r
fla'iihK Aiidciiiiih'te iidoa'iiintioii apply
to local aiJcnU or write ; —
R. Rkauini., agent, Fernie.
.f.S. Ciirtor, t'.P A..
E. .I.l'aiylu. A Ol'A.
I)aii.v Tkains leave Fernie at 9:45
a.in., reachinj,' Vancouver and Victoria
the Next Afters-ikix. Return train
reaches Kernie 9:15 p.m.
RUSiMRS-^   snunnT
*-j> \-> \j a 1 a. _u_ O kj      uunv/vti
Day., and Eoening
Bookkeeping,   Shorthand,'  Writing,   Arithmetic,   Spelling,
Correspondence, English Branches",  Etc.
Correspondence  Pupils Coached
! Low P'-i'-'--* •"'■J individual ir.*'ruction make it the I\     \]    Clolrrtno
■ mce of a lifetime. 'I-   --•   Ul lllltiO
IS a 'pnhlicalion that
1 only appears once
in overy eeiiltity. Tin:
■iOtli ct-til ury edition hus
been on the latin kit -for
nearly t*t> ycitrnaial ia
not yet exhnui-teil.
It contains in addition
to iiitmy ftories and il-
lu.itratio'ii!* by other
vviitiT.-",-uuiiiy bon uiot.s
skeichi.1- ami e.-f.-iy.-, by
1J. T. Ltnvi.'i-y. Three
.Western pneins in the.
eitition are easily worth
many time*, the price nf
the publication.
It is sent pos'-paiil to
any atldres' upon re
ceipt of l.'i cent.*", or two
copies for '_i> ca-iit.-*.
0        0
Add.'csi all orders to : -
Furniture and
Barg-ains in
Wall Paper
Two complete sets of Bur Fixtures, one
British I'Jiue Mirror'JtixDii inches, new,
Letter Prc-se... Billiard and PoolTableu
Cash Regiiatera and other specialities,
Mall   Onltr.a   Kt'i-a-lve   l'roni|it   Attention.
R, Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
-.-..;-AS S A YE R
j Clolal i .:'• I liulal anil Silver Ut
1.1 Ull — .T.'a i (ia^ld.ailvir. Caapja.-r  l.'all
I SiLin;.tti.4 bv iniiii receive ).ruu.pl attantlun;
; l'l.Ca r Us.ial, Urturti),. aiul Itiltl Ihcs It- IIKl.t
j    .-"fiial la.r Frit" M.illliik- Knv.». ami I'rke Li.-t.
j        IT'-irv Arttpiihnt.' St..    U«n\**r, Colo.
i Now's yaiur chance.
j Cheapest and bot'in Fernie.
i Best lit and best equipped studio in town
Cabinets ?4 to $5 a do/en
,'; Cabinet .; to   4 ,,
Carte de Visile - to   ,;        ,,
Staaiip Photos  50c to $1     ,,
I Flash lights, enlarging' and copvine;
I done. I)stiit forj-et the adJres.*, oppo-
I .-site the Methodist church.
j J. F. Spalding
K  HEVLAXP, F-iiKiiifyr ni... Frajvluclal
LaittlMjrveaui.    h.ASLO
;*[*HK t'ASI.n  HOTKI.. 111 Kai>!a... i. tin' lou.l-
'  X    ni- li.'l.'l ill tlu- I'ity.
I li'ihl.K i rAI'lVOI'TH.
' T-1IK   Ftl r.KI'.""  W-TKI.
. X    |i^.i.|aj:4.irt,.r. |..raill tr.iai'l!aT.'a> rlmCiry
i.f >ila,-r.	
-sal.'lr.ll   ia  Haa)
mcvM.rr .v su urn v. Vnv
rpiIK VIlTnltlA lll'TKI. in *-a*cI..a-i. i. 11 laaaaaii
X Ja.r .all >ta:alt^.. X.'i:.'. aassuy Itaaiu iaamasi.
ti.-..: la.'ll-.- laT   I aa aim "ta lln . ratrtll.
W   K  .\l.l'AM'LI-aH.l'to|,rlrtur.
l.aati. rtiarilutii'r taf Ntiirtni I'lula,
Leave oi-ders— !'■ O. Draw 10.
Winnipeg, St. I'.tul, Chicajjo, Toronto
and all Hasten) points.
I'oi" latcs! and information call on —
Jamus Sloan, A__cnt
The McDonald, Simpson Co.
/, ^^ llsl.l.llll    1IOTI.1..    ..ailK.      All   tat tU-r I
/9 _Y7 £2 ?*r} f &     •   •"      ailll'aV. Illvll...     Satt.ll -l<   I.H..III.   Ill   IMll.tl-
*__»      ktr     *-* /   #««-aV     ; .1.11.   Tlas: an la lir .l-.'lu.-as lii.ts'l 11. Vii.ir.
M. M lU'NAI.li
Wholesale Commission Merchants
and Manufacturers' Agents
\'ictoria Avenue
(.Opposite  I'utile's new hotel)
FISlAY   Ml'LlM'l'.   >'laa|.nrWr.
i pitK.VIlINT IIOL'SK. M-'USa-N Kur,.|»;ain
1 I n;.tl Ainvila'H-i |'l.iii. Jli'al-1. t.S i-aiiil.-. KoaaiaaU
! arailal - lltl'taa -I. Hilly Wlalla.' tlvip a-lll|i|.t_r*ll.
!  NiaUllllL- ytlls'Wal'i'Ul  llie   lal.al'a.-   vxa-ta|,l llaa- i,-o.ll
I ,i, lltu -.IK'. MAI.i'.ar. t TKt:irtl.l.fS.
ilKTLKTT IIOUSK,   t..iiii^rlv tlmlllaik
III   .Vt-laaalt.      I Inly
O.    W. lLVlULETI',
l>    M Ilia.' lH'St-1 ".ll.iy lla.tcl   III   .Vt-laaalt.      Hilly
aliilii hi'l;a a. a a a j a I s. • j a. < 1
i ,ilu|.rktaar.
The l.irnsslcn KsilliT Mil'*-
The Wapell.t Kt'Hci Mili>
Lever Hiolhcr.* "Sunlikilit Soap"
Dalton Htothei"-. "I'i-h-ifiver'Sonp
The Vo„'l'l l'.n'ldui: - '"•
j     The Miiniioha (.'aniiim,' C'o.
;    The W. aV K. Jai'i.h Co.. Ltd.
Ili...'iail   M-alaliLa-ttlriT-a
The Ciiielph Koundry Co., Ltd.
The "Arinur" Cs>., Lid.
The Movie Mill i*-" Luniher Co.
Fruit und Produce of all hinds. Correspondence Solicited
P.O. fioK36S, Calgary, Alta.
I'l'tll* HOTKI. FKUISIISON Irt that hiiniit aaf
J 1 Slaa'.lll |aal.|ill- whj,'ll llia-f nlf ill Kerk'UJuii.
i .all-inINNKI, k lll.U'K. I'lu^rii'tot*
i'lMlK IIIIITTANNIA HO I'KL l< than olil-
X in! ill a.l tha* U'aat III III.' t.airl.a. liijltl -.at'lsara
llMIMaaaa-lt -111111' t'l.VIN Htt(«.
Tiikkk is no nli-JL-uiitty in nature or
inntiiiiiiite ol'ji'Cts. It i-s created hy
the itiind ot iiian. Tho pure mind
cannot an! impurity in unj tliitiir,
whilu thc impure mind in ever read-
ini: lietwei.'ti the lines  and   crying utakkkv * co., wi
.      ,      „,, .    , . '      C   er- In fliitlir.  k.iti&. CI
aloud.    1 Iiiiinorii a tntnd needs juu' i Krnif. N--i-.it. h <'■
"Wiioloaalo   l^oi-ohaiatite.
rpilK   "al'I.VrilUMKUY   l"aa.   |,t,l„   Whaaluaaaalu
*.    M iiaiifaii'tuii rj  aif i-lia.iiaj funfaia.'tioiit-ry.
ilicatiain the iiit'fi' ci^ily it can sec,
tlie mote in iithct's oyes. I
"t'l'AliKKY & CO.,   WIIOlaESAIiK UKAI,-
"'lliai'iaa-,   1'rajlllCfl   ftUtl
,\.    Mi'llitS kt.la,    Ult.,:a.-.,iilaj hauler iu
Klalit,   "a'a-as"'!,   IM.'.
■ggr??"' '■h, :i^Tjr^vr^r^r"Ai'7K'^ "T '^--TjrTir
s-q..fsw*ai^aaJlj},la"^.'lla l'M-.'fa'Jl-*
- V.U «  lJ     1   -!'   IS.
■■"n**-ta' T-"_Txr-"rT"i^'r{\A "li t{ 11 7, iV'Ti'-S
7?^?^r""r^ A. .AA'rA.>r>>£X-A -. ''^.'A..Ai'.'a.Z--_x-j}^:
ia-saii ,   ■
.-'"".'a.^-sa^'.-; t
. -A.V.;?.\, -   -
" " .M.s*. „. ,<
* ....,.<-. .,, .
I * ",-,-,"!*r,>a  -5 ,
, .-ir!>"'- ,.
.,,,;■ *-to^
ri-l'K  LliDOtJ,   FK'RNlli,  B.C .  MAY io,  1905 /
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital - - $8,700,000
Head OlVu*.
B. K. WAl.KKH. flenornl Jlniiiu-rr	
Rest - - $3,500,000
Al.KX   IiAlHP, Aiast, OfliriMimuRor
Is-auoil nt lli« foll(i«"iiiB rules:
■3 cents
6 cents
$jo    10 cents-
$50      15 cents
Chartered Ban.?,
$5 and under
' Over $5 and not exceeding $10.
-' $10
" $.'-'
ii a,™ „riws ire Pmiablc at Par at anv office in Canada of a Chartered Bonn,
1 n YSk,^««mcd) anJ «I '"* P---U-' ^W P"inl> »' the U»ited State8'
MltlOTIAIItK AT A |-l.\i:i)  II.VII'  AT
Thev form an excellent  method of remitting small sums of money with safely
and at small cost.
•   FERNIE BRANCH : : E. H, BIRD, Manager
Three essential preparations for
tymok HM Stag Poas.om
50 cents a bottle
EQaBsEnatioHi Brassct
25a-. :i package (sold also in hulk)
Liquid Veneer Furniture Polish
1V1 COlO ll 11  ttuttlo     . I
For nialtin-*; olil tliiui*. new
without riiliuuii*.
Bleasdell's Prescription
- DRUG   STfflKE
A front for MoKinluv- 10 cent Slieut Mimic.
Ciilltir itoiitl forcutuloKiii).   .
Paris—Admi nil Jonquiercs, commander ofthe French
.Asiatic squadrons has reported to the .government that Ad-
-.miral Rojestvenskys fleet h.is left the coast of Indo-China.
St. Petersburg.—General Kuropatkin has finally been
relieved of the command of the first Manchurian army and
recalled to St. Petersburg.
Paris.—Ambassador Comber, who represents France
in Great Britain, arrived here to-day. It is supposed he has
been summoned for the purpose ol acquainting thc French
government fully with the British position concerning neutrality in the far East.
St. John.—Thc total seal catch this year is about 30
per cent smaller than last year.
Plymouth, Mass.—Forest fires have done considerable
damage in this section of the state.
Bombay.—Fifty persons were killed in an earthquake at
Bender Abbe, Persic-^ on April 25.
Chicago.—The firms involved in the strike had 1600
teams working to-day,"the larger departmental stores, and
the express companies having their business on almost normal basis. Other.unions expect to become envolved in the
Gel yoor uniforms niiide by Kenny
& McLeod.
Coal is being shipped from Banff to
Winnipeg. "  .
When in Trout Lake City stop nt the
Queen's Hotel.
Get a nobby suit for summei at
Kenny & McLeod's. .
It is about lime the C. I\ R. built a
new station in Fernie,
H. Plante has opened a restaurant
near the C. P. R. depot.
The government may erect a drill
hall and armory in Fernie.
Geo. W. Carruthers nn make you a
nice suit for the 24th of May.
Decorate your parlors with the latest
spring,- furniture.    Robins has it.
Before you gel married pick out your
furniture at the B. C. Furniture store.
Pressinf*' and cleaning suits called for
and delivered.    See  P. J. Mitchell.
Mike Rossi has bought Paden's
vvholestdo liquor business in Blairmore.
\V. J, Blundell is agent for Armour's
celebrated Star brand of ham and bacon.
For the first time in 12 years, hogs
are being brought into Canada from
the United States.
The Fernie Cigar Slore is still giving
away coupons with every 25 cent  pur-
*&        T* A J   H        _ JUS   _ fl~   ®^L       5C
*'* Vtf
... . . Op
*F We have a complete stock of Wet Weather Goods.   Shower-proof Coats, Q
$£ Umbrellas, Slickers;Rubbers, Etc. •$*
(£-*Tn nrri
■JW all kinds of lnalJicr, and Unnvas Shoos.
vo this week a full aasovtiiimit of I'ockar-rs KIioh Dressings for  *{*
§ The W. C. Hamilton Co. i
S& Fit-Reform Wardrobs Men's Outfitters $&
Hi, *5jC
The First Class Hotel of Fernie
Tho Hositrt orComiiieri-inl nml Trim-lini* .Mem
The hotel is elegantly furnished with
handsome new furniture throughout,
is heated  by steam and has return
call bells in every room.
fink: large sample rooms
Rates :  $2.00 a  day and upwards
Bowlby's Goods
Horse Shoe Brand
Do ynuuso thftm ? If not, Why not? They nre tho bOBt in, Ihe
Mnrket; W'n handlo 11 full lino of Hint popular hrniul. Pears,
I'cnchoaS, .St. Dennis Itaephoi'i'ies, Cherrius, Urutin Gagonnd LimbHrd
IMuiiiH. . BemiH, Pens, Tomatoes, Ktc.
Jft 900000000000*
& ***
^   TEU" PHONE    &
-» 5 »
o       (La? e
The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block, Fernie
'ft*.,11. M-4p.-t ». I'i '..lr..t i.t/. PiiTHr/ID
f,ltr.rt /mm .U. l.*ia*~ ~J*.A'- rtt K-* '/
/T.IA..J.   n.t 1:1..—It rj .J .-■ f,.t.J l...v,.rj
fimAM, «.- .Atl't..,!, r..' -.i* ll. t.tt..t. ," ....
..t~r..l.l. Ill  Mi- ...I.. (Jy(.«'..*/..Vaji
,i.f4** t*d *****  it**}**
Witt m**ty d,%»4***+4 d,At**rt -A **i-\ *t r**t tad *-t,
St*••*•*'  i»t*f»  -*#■/ aaa/.O.  '*-**»/  _»<•«-#.«'*•/ Citrt   /.tt HA-
•mm  aStni/il  *S*r*t t/*4t  S*tmmth*wt **+*•*? ttal »■•»•
tl_m t* 4*t}**l*-*J %t f7*m~ utU 9ktiU   /frr^/A's
A*mM*f M   tl* r.r.'-MtV tf St_/i*A*t i»at #*» ****** _ _«//
* /iW«^ **«* _fi/j tm+vfgjf 0*//*r fy.
XS*** <*»*.*( MMm, J /in   iMtM Cawa.4 /K*T A»,P*
_.   Zptt*"->»**-***tr».pt amtiC*A**m*\'m»*,**J'r""
GAtJlttl Strut,*n-U(*  Aemvto a»J jtpUto m* •**
tttuT*~t Ut Ttt$0 fJt*   nIu  j? t/flrtft' **' /*•***
/•m6p   *fti»   thm* mUit/utm A*   tit-
»**{$*(*§ **£** It* ukAm* mA+*f*m**t
Tlit* -\**»l» JtrmtAAj'tT.t t**A*U   -\'***m*m*mtnt.-*j:»
U*AM »mmi    /#■*-*    A*    tii*     ttmt fi«t*tl*   N*l|l
r*rJ*+tA,t- J***i«tAm %ff.lt t*
A* OOO0.
Cr*mt/%tt   it #*<• _/*m* m/*t /'/ta^A** t***•***'
'aWsorata   t* Ut   C*-~-J__*/TppftA tot.t. Tit m***»fAi*A.
• Jr*m   mtmatk l*tJ~S*ttl*m   *tt    mtmt *** tf.m,ttj tajst*
t-» ly tkt t+~*>****    #'}*** rl.J.i'/V-^ *>-_*..-/,,   tAtJ.^i
1*m*   /i-y«t»W -Mtt^xi fU-iai fiM ..fU^W *r»<
t*.* ,WaV.v .w^^J^/^-jy./ JX*it**../*mm*/-rtJt
ttatJimA.mf #.i tttA^mf
...."  •     PLAN
or THC
f 17Ah
to the
If ynu wnnt a Suit nf Clothes
SHAPE, and FIT PERFECTLY    '.:-:      :-:
Call on—
Kenny & McLeod
Sewing Machines
1 AM" agent for Singer Sowing
Mitchine, and all kinds of Sew-
hi}j Machino Oil and Nuedle.s.
All kinds of Sewin!; Mitcliinea
repaired aud exchanged.;
J. RHoulahari,
IBi.ssa.ution of Partnership
*|**AKE NOTICE that the partnership
here to-fore existing; between Nicholas .KlniiMTian William E.silnvi'- and
Sarah Jennings under the linn name
and stylo of tho "Fernio Brewery" hab
this dav been dissolved by tuutinil 1011-
sent. "The said Nicholas Klausman will
collect all moneys due to the paid part
ner.ihip and will pa'y all liabilities.
Witnesp, Nicholas Klausman.
tjherwood Herchmer.
From 2 to 12 q-iarts
lis one for $14
•Wo  have  Otheuh,   COME   IN
Another shipment of GARDEN   HOSE  just receiced
Opposite the Post Oflice. Right in the ountre of the city.
Have a look nt the leather Turkish
chairs when you ptiss the I3. C. Furniture Co.
Trunks and Valises—The Largest
Stock-in the Kootenays at lhe Trites,
Wood Co.
The 13. C. Furniture Co., has recently sold considerable furniture to hotels
"along the Crow.
Before the days get hot call on • Geo.
W. Carruther.s' and leave your measure
for a cool summer suit.
Masterson, Griffith & Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
The output at Coal Creek is 1,500
tons a day. The haulage plant for No.
2, will be finished this week.
Boys' Blouses — All sizes in Dark
and Light Colors.
Trites, Wood Co.
J.C. Hutchison is still  doing  business at the old   stand.    Have   a   chat
with   him'about, your-next   suit   of
clothes. "• ■     ^
It takes 35 tailors to make one Semi-
Ready coat: They are all specialist
on lhat part al which they exa*el. F. J.
The police court took in S55 from
three male Ethiopians charged with
being found in houses where virtue i.*-
practically a stranger.
Semi-Ready tailors who are .-pccial-
ists in collar-making or in moulding
shoulsJeis. etc., do nothing else, there-
lore must get perfect. See FJ Mitchell.
Don't wait for weeks on :i tailor to
have your clothes cleaned and pressed,
hut notify F. J. Mitchell, he will attend to them at" once. Semi-Ready
The Kootenay'at Sandon lias not
locked the door for nine years. Right
handy for ..strangers when they're out
late, anJ cannot rade their thirst for
J. F. Spalding is doing business for
a few days in Coleman and other towns
in the Pass. Those in need of good
pictures should wait until begets back.
He has a new lense for taking life size
photos.       •     ■ .     .-:■•..-
«>  tots'with nun-iwxos ON" HOW-
O   t-i li,,.,! Avcnue.nu/irtlio Funiit-Brewery
Apply to X. Klausman.  .
Extimple of Ike Walton
YOU CAN PROCURE tho neceseary
AIDS and
A   a-TiVii>   Gum,   ?OU  SMALL   FAMILY'
■»- Apply Box Kal.
work.   Apply to Mrs. VV   ft. Hoitd.
Fernie, B. O.
Teacher of the PSano
(Lc-Kilietizkiay Method)
A thoroii-'h training-assured ench pupil
Philip Carosella
'     F£ftri6Es, B. C.
General Merchant
Wholesale Dealer
wmizs uqmus
. of lu*clf-ti* roast Iwol the niipctlzlni-oalor.-
ent*apc anil thi- rii-li ltraiwit uraivy t.icklia temptingly to t 0 tliah. Tnat Is Hie kitul of -oasts our
beef itrodudM. Tender, jtiiey, -innr'shlnf-. It
will niiilic you lar.ilny and lir.iwny
Of eourse «-e fell the a h .Iccsi cuts of veal,
tnniti. pork, elp, in.so. Hut ju-t mw we are
titlklngr U'ef.   lieefware of our oflerluKS.
Head Office :   NasniBton, (Danada.
Capital * $2,500,000       Tfasevve # $2,100,000
iTotal assets -= $27,500,000
Hex. Wm. Gibson, President.
J. Turnhull, Vice-President ;*tul General Manager.
A OenornlDniilihiK KiiiliiiHi tr.tnsiti-totl. Ourrcnt Aceountit 0|i(.ned with Moreliuntu, Mnnii-
fiaait in oris, mi.I -Mutaii'ipitlit io-a uu thai iuo.il. roiinoiuiliiu terms Iliinkluv fnellitiui Kindly
t'Xttiuileat tat nil pi'i'iimii tli'aiiriiiK taa oji.'n ImsiiiCHi or privaitii na.oo.inU Specliil utlontluii
u'la'i'ii to nil out of town iita-ajiilit.-i. llatollut ut Ciiritallt Itatt-h nlltfwual on iSuvlllRH Hunk
Dt'liosits (linn -1.0(1 iiiju-uriU. Colla'utton.* olfantoal in nil imrti ofCiiniiila ut I.owuat Ititta-at.
lirutta, is.*ned, pitynlilo in Ciiiiiidn or Alirtittal. llrillrsli, Amcrieiiii, nnd ForeLn UrufU caiiabed.
An aillis'u of I liis Hunk luii. been oreiicil nt Kuniiu.
All Cornuponilonea) ualdres.sod to thu Attaint will bo porjaonntly ftttendcut to.
W. -J. H. mURBSOW,
Acting- Afrt-nt, Fkknie Uraxch
Fresh Asparagus
Green Onions
Turnips,  Parsnips, Beets,
Carrots, Etc.
'■   * ***■ '
;! V, Todd Block
Prompt Service
1st any Hour
Day or   Night
tl ■
tl .
tt Parlors in the T. Beck Block
Scott & Ross
A complete stock  of Cofilns, Caskets, and
Burial Goods, also Metallic Lined Shipping Cases
-   An'up-to-date hearse in connection
OFFICE-- 41 j
Victoria Avenue g
Twitching Eyelids
indicate eyestrain.
The slightest hint of it
should not be neglected
We test eyes free of charge,
and* recommend glasses only
when absolutely necessary.
A. C. Liphardt
jGtoellcr       Optician
I li.-ivc inovi'a1 my tailor shop nest
door" to Slieppanl at Elliotts : ri^ht in
the rtntre ol" tliu i:ily; and am prcpari'il
lo mniuif.icturi' any iiuniher of up-to-
date suits.
Geo, W.
oocl Co., Ltd.
Just Received this week
^V  UKHlMlJ  tts^oi/iviivtiiiv 1
■        a   ■ 0I* '
New Dress Muslins
Delancs, Ginghams
Prints in all the
New Designs and
New Hosiery
New Parasols
New -Gloves ■
*WA  t-J    •■-tV^SffiSES
- V!'..*. "., f
f*"**t--,t*-*Ti-'( _• —r>*-■•n-a
~\\     XTT-*t">^np i,*CT,y r 1 ■"  ^   ***   V*
^' s.
r1i^,*ttl^***il*'HWM" '■'-''^*,-ww''-w*»'^m,at-^ri<^
,.—.< kran^mti^mmtp.


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