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The Ledge 1905-03-29

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 "       - • ^i-iiw-iifefi?JiUjK1*iW^'^,*!*^ ,-,•-■ . •
You will become like
l v-Ll   >vua  uti.aaa.aw iir.a. v
Salomon if you read ?
fhe Ledge regularly. (
V-.LUMK XII., Number 2'$
Piuck, $2 a Ykak, in Advance
^t.^^t^t^f^f_*'m^ m%*m% m^m^m^
Op O* Op Op Op Op O* Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op
A wire'foncc is boln^ built around the
Episcopal church this week.
A carload Qf live stock arrived in yesterday for th; Calvary CattliiCo.
Tho C. N. Trading Co. lias biiilt a
Bidewalk-'from their store to Victoria
avenue.    .*..-.     »,.-; n       -..- .
During • the Bummer,'commencing on
April 1st, the city olliuea will close at
I p.m. on Saturday*]. .
John Minion Is 111 In the hospital with
typhoid;'aiid ut hie, home two of his bona
aro sick with typho pneumonia.
James Bro ley has tho plans ready for
the 0 N. Trading Co.'s building.
The Italian band'now consists.of-21
pieces, which will bo increased lo 20.
P. .1. Spalding will soon   move  into
commodious quarters on Victoria   avenue.   ':,' .'.      ...
*■ -
ilatepayors .should vote .for. Bylaw
No 11. It will in no way increaee their
Mm Candle Chadwick has been sent
ten years to jail. It is a' good bet that
she will bo out in a few months.
At the Anglican church after tlie services next Sunday evening a chapter of
tho Brothorhood of St. Andrew will bo
The East Kootenay Hides, both companies, will nii-et for drill on Thursday
evcuin-* instead of Wednesday, as formerly announced.
A fountain now plays in I\ Burns &
Co.'h meat emporium." It is surrounded
with glaciers mii'do from relics of tlie
great tiro.of last April.
It is more profitable to invest in solid
concerns like thu Mutual Life Assurance
Co. than to waste money upon bogus
concerns like the Storey Cotton Co,
While bargaius me ail tho rage in
Fernie this ollice will for the next three
days sell Floats at a nickel each, and
old newspapers at eight for a cu.it.
,. All tuiiil for the coast cities and Spokane must be in the post ollice hy 5.30
p. tn., as it goes east iu the night and is
made up by the mail clerk for transfer
to the wesitbuuud train where the cross
is made.
' In Vancouver on Saturday the suit of
the 11. 0.'Telephone Co. went against
the City of Ferine. A per jianeut injunction was gr.iiited nyaiust "the city
with costs, but no damageswere awarded. Mayor Stork wired that au appeal
might alter the duai-inii.
The Elk Lumber Co.
■There are 75 men employed putting
thc Elk Lumber Co '» mill iu position
and condition for doing business. The
smokestack will soou be finished, and will be 110 ft. in the
air, „_.\Vork .on -a 90 foot burner
and tramway is progressing rapidly.
The groumlB aro being levelled, and the
Judgo Forin will hold court iu Fernie
on ""Friday. There aro two criminal
cases, nnd four or five civil suits.!
The contract for the new building of
the C. N. Trading Co. will be let iu a
few days, and tho block wnl bo flui-riicd
by July.
P. G. McLeod has moved his tailor
shopovor Graham's ineiii»hop. F. J.
Mitchell will occupy tho premises vacated by McLeod. '        ,'- ••
Shoppard & E.liott, eaully ono of the
roost up-to-date firms in B. C. have
beautilled their store front adth an, excellent coat of paint.
S. F. Wallace regrots that he did not
put another story on the lintel Fernie.
The hotel is frequently so crowded that
tho staff has to sleep in the annex.
The.local Nlmrods aro taking advantage of the fishing season. Mr, Whaleu,
probably the leading diseipli of Walton
in Fernio captured 52 lift Sunday.
Tho S. A. captain reports a grand
time in Craubiook last week. There
was plenty to eat, and nearly everyone
in tho village-rave then* a warm reception.
The Club Clsar Storejhas raad^ several
improvements lately and has a belter
window display than , foruierly. A
fresh stock cf choice goods will bo in in
a few days.
Improvon-enis aro constantly being
made in the Hotel Fernie. Tlie affable
and obliging manager, Thoiius ltookes,
is ever alert to Iho comfort of the travelling public.
Miss Suddaby, who lately arrived in
Fernie to engage in ihe leaching of
music, ia highly commended by, those
proficient in llie difficulties of thc mus
ical profession. •>-..-.-
Win. Handley hns the contract  for
cle»nit^'out the c-ollar ov«  which;i|w. 8ucpropftred for ihe plauing mill.
•CrowB*N«;«'lY*dl'2»-y'C.*>'_'«^ JT...S,.Jrt.~.. ,    -a- .*•' • -• .•*■ ■,   *t -
new block.   The contract will   be llti-
ished in 15 days.
Nothing: Was atone at thofiro brigade
meelltv;- yesterday evening owing to n
Alight attendance. Another meeting
wilt be held next week., More public
interost should be takeu iu this impor'
tant matter.
Robert Shaw, teamster for tho Fort
Steele; Brewing Co. reports busine-s
good at the brewery, and the health of
the little burg around the works excellent. No marriages, no births, no deaths
and the hens all laying.
The ladies of Fernio want tho. bust
neflS people'to remember them after the
rain and snow by swecpiug tho sidewalk (n front ol their buildings. The
Waldorf 'sets a good example in this
particular form of courtesy to the fair
There la music in the air down near
thc abattoir of the Culgiiry Cattle 0>.
The Incubator «n the hen ranch of
Webster, McDonald & Lawo gave oirth
to an immense brood of chicks this
■week, and everyone of them is calling
for its ma.
Many people iu Fernio havo lost
heavily in the Storey Cotton Co., and
its companion fraud, the Provident Investment Co. Il is always more profit
oble never to bet on the other fellow's
game, especially when the bait is too
bright to bo healthy.
E. U, Bird, maiiiij-a-r of the Bank of
-Commerce lus two children ill with
scarlet favor. His sou is very ill while
Jiis little girl has hut a slight attack.
Mr. Bird is shut out from his home by
the quarantine and has taken tip temporary quarters over the hank.
Fred W. Handley's littlu Bon, aged t
■years died last Friday from pneumonia.
Tho funeral took plnce on Saturday
from tho family resilience on Victoria
avenue. Tho parents hnvo tho sympathy of many friends in this, one of the
deepest shadows that can darken any
Thomas Pngue leaves next Monday
on a-trip to his ranch iu tlm Salmon
river! country, southern Idaho For
somo time Mr. Pogue's brother, who
manflRPS tho ranch has been very III,
and It is for the purpose of visiting him
aiul looking after the business that
Tom is making the. jnurney. Mr.
Pogue is ono of the most courteous and
fiquarest citizmn* of Fernie, and his
friends trust that ho will soon return
When S. Sllnn went away last winter
tho report had it Unit ho wns bent upon
matrimony. This report wns evidently
untrue, for ft little bird Uow into our
edlthrlal pnlaeo and sang th.tt he wjuld
ho married iu June to ono of tlm most
estimable young hullo* lu Fornie. 'I'.ils
is pleasing to the writer who dl'likes
to soo peoplo son I oust   for  nuyllilu-*,
The annual meeting of the Board
of Trade took placo last Ft iday evening.    The  ofllcei'8  elected  for the
coming year arc as follows,  A.  II.
Cree, president; "\V. W. Tuttle,  vice-
president; J. S. T. Alexander,  secretary.   The councillors elected  were
Messrs   McEvoy,    Richards,    Mott,
Quail, Blciisdcll, Lliggiii3, Stork and
TriteB.   llesoltitions f.-om the Associated Hoards were read.    The resolution on copper was laid over.  "The
resolution   asking  that a duty  be
placed upon corroded lead  and  products  was adopted, as   ivell as  the
resolution stating that all the  gold
and silver for use at the mint in Ottawa be purchased from the  Trail
smelter.   The only  resolution   that
caused any discission was  tlie  one
against the granting of land  to . the
Grand Trunk Pacific.   The  resolution passed,  thc only oppose** being
Mr. McEvoy who suited that  the  G.
T. P. could Le better financed with a
land grant than cash, and  that  the
land    was   not    worth    over    15
cents an'acre.    The  resolution  in
tavor of a court   house  and  county
judge also was adopted. -
At a meeting held on the.SSrd, the
location ofthe dumping ground was
left in the hands of the coiqinlttee fur
final action. _.        \
Twelve suits and tiats we're ordered
to bo procured for the fire department.
Victoria, 13. 0.,—A block of coal
land .com-lining 1.7,(XX) acres, owned
by a local syndicate in which Forbes
G. Vernon is very'heavily interested
lias been sold to tho Grand 'FrankPacific.     An   ollicial   stilts-merit    was
Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op opyp OrOtyp Op Op OpOp OpOp jVV*'
ft* ft* ft* fOft* 'IwiVV-."* fi* ft*.f,* ft* ft* ft* tl* ft* ft* tl* ft* ft* ft* ft* fl* ft* fl* tl'
Si*.:    .- ...   :' '
The temporary loan bylaw  was ui-icJis 'todav.   The'lands are in  Til-
passed. ,   '»
By-law   No.  12 was read  three
times.    It deals with a road tax.
ina valley, adjacent tu I'iilklcv valley. Th-.: fact that ..Senator" George
Cox and G. G   S. Lindsay ol" the'.
• The clerk was instructed to auk for Crows Nest Pass Coal Co, arc deeply
tenders for printing and adveitLing interested in the Grand Trunk Pa-
II S. Collins of  Spokano  was here
this week.
F. J. Dunn returned from Pcterboro
this neck.
Vi. S. Keith of Seattle took a look at
Fernie last week.
Mrs. Thomas Kookos arrived from
Cranbrook last'Sunday.
J. L. Gates, and his sister Margaret,
are ou a visit to Spokane.,:
. Dr Coulthard aud wifo.of Vancouver
were in the city this week.
J. F. Hitch ie, the coal baron at Blair-
more was in town recently.
M. Mclnnes. of Calgary went through
Ferniu to Spokane yesterday.
J. R. Pollock, and wife, visited Cranbrook and Marysville this week.
Sirs-; Robert Strathearn has been
very ill with grippe and quinsy.
II. Hell and A. Faquh.irsin aro in
town fiom Vancouver this week.
James B De Guerre has come in from
Winnipeg to work for P. G. McLeod.
F. C Mnlpas and family returned to
Cranbrook from Spokane via Feruie
Inst Sunday.
T,M. Roberts has returned to Cran-
brook aftcrECttling for the recent fire
losses on Pellatt avenue.
Max Heberlin, of Denver, Colorado,
was.in Fernio this week on his way to
tlie smelter at Marysville.
II.E.Mnedonnell, O. II Becker, W.
B Harris, and it. Barnwell, nil C. P. 11.
ollieials wero in the city this weok.
S. T. Coulton, formerly of Phoenix,
has returned from the east and is spending a few days wilh friends iu Fernie.
Samuel Gibson, of the Employment
otlicois in Spokane having liis eyes
treated, and reports favorable progress.
W. II. Cross, one of the extensive
real estate men of Winnipeg was here
this week, nccoinpauicd by J. L.
L Kribbs tlio kmdin,- sportsman of
Frank nnd Harry Ilomtnl, the Icidinc
hotel man of Blnirmuro were in town
last wuek.
Dr. Coiean has returned form Calgary, whoro ho hns been visiting his son
Kenneth, who is ill In the hospital nt
that city.
N A. MeKollnr arrived nlonn from
Van -oiiver Inst wool'. Ho says that iho
will return to tho Const In n short time,
nud not nloiie.
L P. Eckstein is spending a fow days
in Nelson, while P. K. Wilson of  that
city is a-tijoyinj- the rtirring life of  Fer
tiie this week.
Judging from the following iu thc
Vancouver Piovinee some lawyers
think Fernie a fat thing.
The case of the tlritiah Columbia Telephone Co. vs Fernie, reported in press
dispatches from Ferine to have been
seltleal early in February, furnished occasion for ihe pus-age r.f aduLidcdlyjleit-
handed compliment from one counsel to
another yesterday in Supreme Court
An application regarding directions
for trial was being made before His
Lordship Mr. Justice Morrisson, when
a dispute arose as to whether tho unit
ter had not been settled out of court
Mr. L G. McPhillps, l_. C , appeared
for the telephone company, and a\tr.
Edgar Bloomlield for tho corpoialion of
Finally His Lordship Used the day of
trial for Saturday next.
Thereupon Mr. McPhillips bundled
his books and legal documents iuto his
brief bag, snatched the bag off tho table
and throwing ic acres* his shoulder
started for thc door.
In his exit from Chambers, Mr. Mc-
Phillipps had to pass the table where
Mr Bloomlield was sitting On leaving his neat, Mr. McPhilllps commenced
to mutteri^«,-.^i»j-.u:i,!^rti-)ii.ej^I3y...$Ii-!
time ho caino close* to^.Mr." BibbTntteld's
back Mr. McPhilllps *ra.a spe^kini- so
plainly-that ho could bo" hoard quite
dUtiuetly by those close to him.
Thc word "trouble" was audible as
Mr. Mcl'hillips approached iMr. Bloomlield. When he was a foot fro-n the latter the learned King's Counsel gaveex-
pressions to the words, "you d >1
The position of tho case of the British
Colombia Telephone company vs Fernie is apparently somewhat mixed. Mr.
MePhillips contended this morning that
it had been settled eoine time ngo. On
the other band Mr. Bloomlield was certain that no settlement had been
reached. During the course of the argument Mr. MePhillips, addressing the
court, said:
11 aai a tittle suspicious of my learned friend, and I may as well say so."
The standing of iho case will likely
be aired to somo extent on Saturday
morning next when the matter comes to
trial. Originally the British Columbia
Telephone Co had trouble with the people of Feruie over the installation of a
telephone system in leruio. The council of Fernie caused the arrest of employees of tho company and tubscquent-
ly Mr. MePhillips, on behalf of the telephone company, obtained an ex parto
injunction. Then some kind of arrangement was made, and the peoplo
of Feruie are now putting iu a system
for the balance of the year.
The dog catcher was instructed to
bring the cars of all dogs killed by
him to thc city clerk and make ulli-
davit to that effect. (-
Adjourned to the 27th.
At tho meeting on Monday eveni.-g
a communication from, Mr. McKvuy
was referred to the Work and Prop
erty committee. ' *'.', *
-. The clerk was instructed'to notify
the Fernie Cartage Co. that' no contract has yet been let for. grading
Thompson street and that' the Couu-1
cil would be pleased if they would
allow their tender '■ to stand.
Mr Mersey's bill lor analytic Iocs
cilic' undoubtedly.infl'teuccd. the purchase of the property...
The Grand Trunk acquires a three
fourths interest, leaving the- original
owners one quarter. The directors
are: Charles M. Hays, of Mon'.real,
president of the G.'and Trunk; F. W.
Morse, Montreal, vice president; V,
0 Vernon, Victoria; V. S.''Barnard,'
Victorit; b\ R. Uussell, Muntrcal; E..
V. Bid well, K. C., '..Victoria;   II.   II.
op Op Op Op »*> Op OpOp Op Op Op Op *tP_Op Op Op Op y> Op Op yp O* \1p SttSl' *7i
ft* ft* ft*ifi*ft*fi*fi*fi*ft* ft* ft* ft* tt* ti* fi* ft* ti* tt* 	
(From tbe Jferalil.)
Bradford & McDonald have opened
their new hotel at Bayard, the name
of the postoflice at Staples mills. The
house is a "comfortable one in every
respect anil tbe people of this district
who visit Bayard wiii always find a
pleasant place to stop.
Frank Clapp sold to W. E. Wcrdcn
last week his two siory block on
Baker street adjr.ining the Manitoba
hotel, fir $1,510 cash. The lower
floor is occupied by C. E Reid & Co.
and the second floor by the Manitoba
hotel. .'..
II. L, Stephens and   Matt. H-icknn-
tS ft* fi* ft* ft* ft* ft* ff
bnck*Icd up, Bruce'being' CaTiiglit between the l'lsr. two cars and so terribly mashed up that he died shortly after being removed to the Fran'*. I os-
pital.'". ■
The Rouiiin Cat'Olies of Coleman
have decided to tr.:.ct a church and
have selected a'sitf- on the hili just to
the right ol the police banv-ck. A
contract has been let and tne work
of building will be commenced at
once. Tin- cost of ihe building will
be over fjlO.-i).
Two carloaii-i ol muchincry-lia- arrived and the work of installing it iii .
the big tipple at N.). 1   camp of   the
Lille collicrit's   is   now   uudi-rwa.v."
i his tipple wlum tuuipt wiii bo  one
ays, Vancouver.    Ihe company is ,if,..f foi-niei'lv'nf'Mni-ri«'-v   s'ria'-n.w    t .;     i   . i        . i
...    ,      *.-,.,vw-„„     .    •■■'■■   U01"'. _ioinii.ii> oi iuu! ris.i".\, ,.r_ »i-■ .*. ; 0jf tno l-.rgct and uio?t   up-to-date
,1l|tl^a|M'yav lat      li. falVlilKl If Ifl ,*!-_    \    , .   . t .        >     i . f.       I \    ' - *
capitalized at ILCOO/XX).    It  is  re
ported that'$750,000 will be spent on
development work to be ready   fur
the railway when completed.
The Pacific Ncrthcin & Omenica
was referred tothe Finance comuiittee railway,, projected from  Kititnaat.to
also one from Mr. Reading. Hazeltoti, has passed into the lianas
"The communication fi-oni the pound of the Grand Trunk Pacific also.   P.-
keeper was referred to Aid.'Rubins.   iG- Vernon, J. A.  Mara,  and   F.   S
A communication frora"'"Mr. Warr- j Barnard, retired from c-ntroi in favor
ing re thc unsanitary condition ot theiof the Grand Trunk Pucilic. A sub-
Roma hotel was referred to thejs-(1Y of,-.$--.0jQ dollars a mile goes
Health Committee.        ■. ' ■ wl'--1 ** fr-J«- tiie   proviiieic.   An   at-
The polling day for.bylaw Xo. 11 _ teraP*' 'vi!1 f« -11:*'1-'.t0 chanare this in-
was fixed for April 8th.  -.-. „ it0 a lri[-d subsidy.   The road will un-
By-law No. 12 was pa:sed a^dUoubtcdly be used for construction
adopted. .-.      '' 'purposes.
From April 1st to Sept. 15 the citvj S'-mw believe Kttitria.it may be
offices will be closed at I,-p. .in. on icorne the terminus, but is generally
.Saturdays except in case, of cme-r-j bel-BV*c'd Uie Grand Trunk will con-
gency.    ,    ■ •■ r i tinue.to Tucks inlet,'near Pajrt Simp-,
! son.   The*co.il lands \:a1 re I ias-:d arc-
near tothisline.
in the hotel business at Calgary and [,\ViV\__ i„ (,^,,,,,1,1 ami will i'.-.,ilv Iw
fi-sjui re|)ort3 are doing a big business. I a|,|e to IiainUc upwards of 2 XO" tons
Mr, Stephens is a rustler, and if th.-n-j0f coul jx.-r dav. Automatic damos,
is any business in the comhiuniiy in i^akin^ scr. _)._ and picking tables
which he ia loomed'he will get hiij are now being put in pine.;. When
share, and :.u lms an jiUo'-affiUtunt,  this tipple is lully ci|i*i['|x.(l-motj; ot
Adjourned until tbe aBlst.
Mayor Stork will return from Vancouver this w°ek tall qf information
upon water pipes and telephone law.,
in Mr. R-jcketidorf.
Jud and Will Lan-jelyand U. LT.
Gaibraith were in town last Tuesday
looking alter some inining interests.
Jud L-ingly, who is custom oilici-.i- at
the fiiiirance to the Flathead distr:cf,
says that there will be quite, a movement into the oilfields this season.
One outfit that is operating on Sage
Creek; has purchased a boring outsit
that is at present at Kently lake and
will remove it to this side of the line
and commence operations as soon as'vl
possible.  •"    '   .".''.'   '" ':..
the coal milieu at Lille v. iii be dr-
iiverod through the "So. 1 and
hundled at that point.
Coal ciiVAi..
Some men a;v aii-ut to b-.?  put  in
No. 2 mine to do timbering -n-d o.her
1'accessary work.
..Lily, a fine mare cicph-yed in hauling boxos ia No. I tuuiu-1 p.-.--;-ed in",
her checks ljst week  regretted   by
,   (Kriin Port Sta-c-Ic Prospector).
The zinc-bearing areas north of
Fort Steele will be investigated in
the near luture.
■The Estella, situ<ited on Tracy
creek, after au idle period of a nutn-
When Corbin builds bis  road  from
Spokane to Yahk the trntiie   over  the
_ T_. , Crow will be incrawsed to an-enormous
The Q P.   It.  supplied-the  Mack j extent owing to it being the shortest
powder used ac thc recent fire on Pel-. route between St.  Paul  and  Seattle.' i,Cr of years will resume operations.
This means wtra fauslncsa1 for Feruie.   j ';ThQ sub.reC(irdinjjoWM known   as
Siute tt has developed that the nev*.-; .    . .    ,      ■„,.,_.
"■•.■•   .i   n r.  u       1 i-u-c „ r--    Tobicco P aius, situ.ited ut  Plailinp:-
road, via the C. P. U. and tho Soo line, *     ■ ■'
will be fourteen "miles shorter  to  St.
Paul than the Great   Northern   and 85
miles shorter than thu Northern Paeilie
the 'matter cf grades ov<*r the   Itocky
mountains becomes of, viuil.ijmpojtance,
res ii:
According to tiie \Yar Crj', tho Salvation Army is making Satan have
cold chills in Fornie, This is whal it
During tho past two or three weeks
many souls have been born into the
Kingdom. The soldiers arc all iu gnod
fighting" order. In the week end meet-
inu'S God ciiiiie very near. Two men
left the card tablo and came to the
Army, where thoy'sought and found
pai-i|on. Twelve aolilier.s r:aiiu' to knee-
drill to pray for power and victory, and
God answered prayer. Praise his
name, in the Lolitioss meeting one
woman la'ul her all on the altar. In the
afternoon a mnn and bis wife tonk their
stand for God and the Army. Two
more souls sought Godi in tho ui«ht
meeting making a total of siz (or the
week-end —Stobbnrt.
The Ferniu Bottling Works aro in
charge of C. J. Stevens. Tho works
nro very complete, and if husiticua demands it can, with Hiilliciont help, turn
out <?j,<XX) worth of soft wet goods overy
tnuntli.   Mr. Stevens is an   expert   a*.
j his trade, and e.m iiiakti any kind nf a
Win. Oliver, mayor of Luthbrldgo' flavored soft drink. He hails from
oven 0 wife, especially when tho wust' wnB in town a few days iigo buying Hamilton, Ont., and had charge of the
contains so many clover and excellent lumber nnd studying thu iutricato urn-, bottling works at Cranbrook before
WOmcu. _ chlnory of our munlci-inl sjBtom. j thoy wero removed to Pernio.
l.itt avenue.   It cast $3.50. ".*
A. T. Milne has sent in his
nation as pound   keeper.' Probably
his heart failed when the order came
•to bring all.the ears ot dead d;a_,'s beforo thc Council. ■ - ''.
w.Ovs-'NvBoa-, onjjehalf of tlie Fernie
gi-aiLinK Thompson" strcdt cUlming
that his tender had oeen tipped to an
opponent by one of the   aldermen.
Owen should have scaled it with  a
pound of wax.
All male men between the ages of
21 and 50 who do not pay taxes or a
trader's licence in Fernie have to pay
a tax of $2 a year. Vuliin.cer firemen, and permanent employees of
the city are exempt. This ought to
vastly incrcase'tlie number .of firemen, but it is hard to tell why permanent employees should■";« .exempt.
It their salaries will not nand the
tax they Bbould be raised $:".
Water can be bros'ght ii.:o the city
from Fairy creek witln-.u; crossing
the Coal Co's land. This mi-flit save
the city some money for rL'i.t of-way.
The clause relating to dr linage in
this city was struck out 0: ;iie incorporation agreement with Kernie by
the B. C. Legislature. The city
clerk has written the loc.d legislature
member, AV. R. Ross re 'tiie matter.
It this city   caunot  ran  i'.s  sewage
has been transferred to the residence j ._a. ^ a„uhl , nl t, i;i
at Elk River of Mr. Michael Phillip^, I n,e sllUb(ira in[. ;irI,lviri.
J. P.. del u-.v uiining recorder. , ljUd tciuvlr!ll.v lWl!i A~{...
■TheCoai Co. has in'til'ed an auto-
ni"iticsc.i!e (an tiie tipple at present
used lot* the ouij-ut ot Noj. 1, f>, and J> -
.Considcrablo troubio has been experienced in putting oat the lire amid
the.coal \vh--i-u the tipple o'twd bt-tbre
it was burritd. In some places holes
had to be made to the b..".*.;ui ot the .
ojal heap before ttiu'stubb-ru fi.imes
would cease to d'j buiiucss.
The temporary  tipple   is quite  a
i success aud w.th two'shi",j the   uut-
lor a-i'c-
ti ick
Iron mines are scattered from   onel \_ bri*U"i*"- ->-r;d.'.i t-iNo,
end    of   the   Fort  Steele
ciiitria t
^^!^^fe^*'^ <**»*-' ^o"niui«ra.os""«^\\rtJo\.\I h-« a'ij^hc cLupiiw  has-
The highest poiut oi" tlie Hortherta
Paciiicii'Hoinest'tV-e, Moat, C10-") feet
s'-ibvQ tbo level of the tea. For a long
stretch through Montana the" rriad is
above &000 feet in altitude, aud at the
Mullan tunnel and the Oo**eiDin tumul
its altitude is ojOO fea-t '.ts maximma
grade is '1.2 per cent, of which thero are
several in its mountain division.
The highest point on the Great Northern is at Summit, M ait-aim, ol'Ji) feet
high. The grade 0:1 its west slope is
1.8 per cent, aud oti its east sl'ipe is one
per cont.
'■ The chief .engineer of the C P-R. at
Winnipeg was wired for dgurea 0:1 thu
Crows Ne-at Pass ami P. 1-". 1'itstied re  j
euvra-nccs ot hematite at Bull IU-.er,!1 llU ti.,n.,u.i wt^ther llie pennan-uc
I^os". Creek aud .it K.i.clu-iier have al ' u^ „--,._ bu W,M>1 ,,r s,Xnll
ready been brought to the notice   oil    «•!,„ lli„., ,..,..-
.,       . . ... -  . 1     i no  news tnat  fc> *.u:;.-v   ]-,m:h-i.-,
th.'Se interested in a-in-i 111 uimg. /.,..-._,_ ,,.,,"<;  ,.-.    '.   ,* ,
n |ailia-» Arr.'inrS. fiis'ei* hiri   beou   .if-
T..e Sullivan group ot   mines   will; rw„,,] j„ p„,-jv/_;;,;,,-__, (Pr „s,-, „  t<ifi
swm t.ike irs ; l.ice among the latt-'ej c. £. mail t'.r r. -. n,j--ien( run poses m
slii'-fiiigiiiiiu-s of British Coiuinbi.i.. c uiiit-ctk'ti wiin i\:-i atl'.iirs of tlm
with a forc-j of 5-me thirty to forty . •-^.rey Cotton Go ," and tlie'-Prov i-
men e-!iip!i-yt-i.l, the daily output is! dent f.'ivestu.i- :: C-." '•' "h of whie.'i
over ivOti.us. Th.- tr.iiir.vay is v\-.,rU-! comj^inis-s are ; r ••. -ui.ced IraaduleM
ing s.-ati.-faeu)ii!y and. can handle| l-uci^e^ concerns was s imethitig in
three times the aiut-un*. of ore which j tj,e s|,.,pe oi ft y?.t tt, m.,„y „ii7„.,-s
now daily passes over it.    On   Wed-  wJl0 |..l(1 inves'ed :!u if mi.n,-v  witb *
neidity the tnactiim-ry at the smeliei*- tht-te
wus in operation, ever\ tnirig was iii.'.b,i*.ii:i'.-sili,r.e lv  lln- ''.*"
plied, "Crows Nest  P.iss  is ll".*'!  feer   pcrllct• adjastmeitt and no hitch ofaiiy! (j0." in L'oiil Cn-.-k and v
tint occurred.   'Fhc l>:i_'  U-atl slack ■. j.n.,,,^ iU],\ ;l  (% _1_.t-'v.,:.;
high and has a one' pe.- cent graald.
will be blown in in a lew davs
Doubtless i: vrill "interest many of our
readers to know that I'aiui Ad-.lison 01
miners fame is a native of Penrith,
Cunibeil.iiial, Kiijiland That his fatlicr
was manager and agent for important
lead mines in that country Possibly
had Tom-ant been ot a ruvihg ili-pfsi-
tion he would Imve ih'iie m.'io lucrativ«-
; places the los ,.r. -"•',iji>.l
had "vv!* -ri,<JC0 i;-vt-su-d
work under his father. Toms brother
any plueo we will pooh Lv up against I Edward wasaee'r.ool mate along with
a rich harvest for doctors itntl under- j c. Varty who came to reside ir, this city
takers. Ilast summer.    Edward  Addison  made
If the Coal Co. had n */*! it would j *• fortune as Captain nf the Mercantile
stand deuce high when 1-dng at St j N-tw and owns nearly half the village
Peter. For sloping grotnui along the •" w,,ld' ■•* ras,dos "5 8" h"}r,,sh gn"
Elk Iti ver that is oi" no u>e except   to
*-'ro'-.i tt-.c 'iiar.ej
List week a inseball club wns organized in Coitaian with the fi>ll<!W
ing . otlicers: Hon. President,' A.
Cahieitm; FretMenr. 1). J. "Mclntvrc.
Vice President, J. IP H;iiilman; S-e.
P. Willmott; Tres. G. Morris.
MeL-wd llio-*., of this place, have
seeutvd iho con'.r.vct   (s-r   sap; lying
frauds "   The
'Sl.IVV   t.'alitO'.l
,.'i;ri:v wiio
,*u. esiiiii.iti!
O.'e tnii.pr
It wi.stlie
; ensioiM of lie I'ajs-i's C"ii.|'ii!iv io j-a.v
j a *en pvi* cont ill -•'•lei.d. TiioSf di*. [■
idt-jid" wei'a- i-.-iid protiip'.ly,-arid .*<>
; widl pleased were ihu investiirs that
j the dividen I \v:;s often n-idcd to tlie
i prineqisl.
j       I'LJ-LV.HANT ltKML\i)!3Itc!. ■■
II    L
iind at avtiieh  village the G<r-
man l-'mi-enir iili'^hts when   he   visits
fill out tho lormation  the company |the K:ul of L0MS,i:li9 the premier F.u-I
of the   English   Aristocracy.     Edward
ask $503 an acre from the city, as a
dumping ground for L'jfbuge. It
rock has become so valud'e in this
wonderful province tin- LWcnmietit
should try and keep a few acres for
future generations.
. ..(Jolorluas
. ..Titstt'ia-siii
per million
The report of the anaiy.-t upon the
water tKkeii out of I-'n:ry creek pronounces the water i-xci-U"ai' It is from
this creek that Penile pn|-.ses todiaw
its future water supply. Tr.e following
is the analysis :
O.lor  .'	
FrfiL- Aiimioniia.  'vM"
Allalllllilioiit AlllUWIli.l     ,1't' ., ,,
Totaal Aininoniii U-t .a ,,
Olilotlno        s a. „
I'onuirt'al KtyKiin .w •< ,,
Sotisl Mutter.. 1i;t aa ,,
Siallals, Votlltllo           !!.' ., aa „
No Cliiirrli.t'
Sltroi;uii 11.1 NltritOH—fuliif tin -.
., „ Nltrutai.a        11 .'•;."!<l>ormillion
Tlm water is soft, as n t'St for hard-
news only showed :r, mnt '"'mer is not
confi'leri'd hard, r\i-n ( i" ''oiler (iur
poses, unli-i-s it has 1 '->>'■ 'nets. Tho
analysis show-- that the v,.i'-"'s of l-Ylry
creek urn just what pen i.'imoals in itn
nuiiilcipiil water sjftim.
I.'i-t  Wa-.lne'aiay  aftei-aTion
taa-i'li'i- t-iit'-rr>iiii.'d li-s   aiu-'-
, .-ii'i l- -.'ir puTii'.s ,*;t iiis  l„> :ie
mine t'aiulu-rs fu* !!u-Lttnadian Aiuer-j !au ._.,._,„„,. ,v;:;t  a..,,::.   ..,,,_
ie in Coal Co.. at  i-V.uik.    This  will  ,„,.,„_,.'A;, Wl..„ mi.;J'im'.-,'.w
mean the giving or employment to'a! imuiH-ing Mr. S;. a-'.ili-r .iu a•:.-.•.•
number of men here tor some time to' lert.-iiuer    hi tl,..- i-vi-n:
COMIC. j ''•'•>' he t'tite-tilitii-'i Ih''
■riiin  Sri'i-i.-it):  -'.'ho'i! elis-
i-._- v:irl.s  of tin- c'i"i".
nted  him  wilh   a l">t-.-.ut:ft i
on P-l-
in pro-
I'.eut i-a-
ii- ••! tliB. ...-uni-
yc>mg   girls i'f
S. W.
'..-.bo, of Frank, lias Oisi--=-'otl!i,irl r,,p>';:'
...   1....   rn..   „..,■>,,  „i .,<„...„! of all his uiitiii.g iiiUM-csts in this dis- i ?"' ,l'"'° *1'l'>
seems to liavo ialii'ii   upon   pleas-amer 1 1 [|,
pathsthanhishrothorTo.il, tho   min- j ■-'''-'- »•"• espocw to leavo   wiil.iu   «j ,tlit—fcll.L>l|l ,,,_.,.„_,,,,,,.-,,.:i|l,,1.,.l.i.1,i,l.|
er's idul -ICom} j ■'•'-v *l-iys ^  Le* iston,     M,:.t.i:;a.; (if  ,lis  Work  am„.i;,sl  „„.,,;  in    llu,
WaaCIV IlC Will till*.' OVOr t I'.J til It) Ig
j ment of a lar-
caeesotacarlet I'''•'■"*•'-"'
e coal 1 -ro;-'erty ia that J
There are fnif* or fav
fever in Poruie in addition to a little ty-j    Tho two kilns of the Turtle   Moun
phoid    The sanitary caaiiditi nis in and'i;!*!!) i_ina. Co. just   Ivluw   t'uvn   ale
around this  city   ri'ipiiiv eoiiM.ler.ib!e j „[)W jn tll!l  .t^.^timi.    Tl.t-jo ' kiln>
etriet  attention,   but   the   ititihoriti.-s ; ,(r(, i)t.i„f:„,)l.r)ll,.li  by Sa-wait   alii'.*! ''-v M:';'* it:"u'>'' ali,i :i !"UM" llll"i
: ehura'h
-Un riuirsaliiy i.'v,.- ii ag after the Christian .Scii-ii.v inei'iin-r at tli'.- h-'iiie a.f
Mr-. M. i'uia-y, ivh:•!-!• M;-..-s;,-H''.>;er has
been a ir.-.lifa.i ••*,">:k'-r f-.-r .dan'.-* tl n'.s
yean, dait.'.y ia fr-.-ahnn-nts were -civ,-.I
wit l
Sparks, ol this plaCi', and it is   tln-iri
intaiiitioii to ue once  erect  .a  patent
scent to tic to) l>u-y with other matters
to haveh.ul timai   tai spenl   up.m   the
phvsicnl health of tins  people,    t'hia is
just A* necessary as  their   moral   Wt-i. | draw kiln uivmtlietr prupetty.
fare, nnd nn time should hi* li...t  in io-|    T. F raver li as secinvd t'-.v C .niirac:
during the danger to a iniiiiiiniiii.   Pet-, !or the building ot a block in   Frank
terhe. clean in eve.y tl.ing than   have ■ tor the Stauilttui Bros.   'Puis batldii'.g
thocometary dotted with tivslii-rar,!-,.   j ttm be Imllt on the east i-idi-  o|   IX.
j minion Ave. botween the depot and
   ithe Union I lute1 nt.il when cotnpl.iteit
A meeting will ho  held on  Friday i wil- •"- ,'<'*-'-,i ^l- '-->' SliiUiiloti Htvs. us
mat- -i
a.il '.a ei'.ttii |
• if llSpl-e!   ,-
the lit
tl-.'   Il'icl:   a
•! M- lull'.'.
'• 11 r 1 • *
1      t<l      lajl.lt
re-ei.'-.-it 10 Uiin   us a
; <l  .'ipl'l  -v-illliasil    f|-,i|,|
illlllg    tthlf'.ll     M    hi-i
Mi". .-M.ti'bt.T has re
al ii.'i •
his   miiav
•erii'ai! iriend-. w,?a e.ini everv s.^-civ-
PLAY  15.VLL,   1KHN1I'*;!
this kv,-::vin'c.'.s f.vm.st
A  Wl'irk HKO till"  l"a lia'.ljs.ll   |)(ixtll'_'  I'Otl-
ta-st between i'.i-! .Sealer, ul Sp .k.iii.-.
till'! I>. MeCinhv for :i purse- of jp n
hung up by T. II. Wi,i>!,-iti einia-d in 11
draw Thi-. eveiiing 11 Ja) found '■ Kite''.
iaa'twis.'n the same men will taisi- ji! la-a-.-,
evening,  March Ills:, at tlm Napanee (a meat market.
Hotel for the purpo.-e of reorganizing!    Monday afternoon the tirni latal ac
tho Pernio I'asetMllCli.h, anil discussing \ ckkl,,t ,„ t,ccur ;ll ^ 1^.^ m'm^
the.iidviMability of   entering a league i (1, ,,|(J  ^^ ClU,.uiilin (joUieis   UK.ki'" Sh" U's °l"',:i 1,,",M' ■" " *• *]ur<''
•villi Craubrook, Ne!«'>» ami lb^l,.i„l ;  ^   ,r.)w R { voungii.anl    T!l" ;i-t !< f f f* l,,'r"' oI Sl"*". '"'"•-
All interested in the greatest of -ill; * .    ,    , . ,        "   , ■
Ameiieau liehl pimvi, s'„„ulal be pri'M-nt' w"" ll: (1   ^e^i'L'.gglng at tl.e mine
and .:ive th.-i." vi..«s tip-m the ma!ter.   ]'ml ."vho t»adjits.been prot.io'.ed t.» be
.. '-a aii-ieei'   hi'iii"-   f!:,a    vias,;.,,       *ia.'h,l,,-, .
nr r"U!i'l?  for a  air'a-i-imi      111
j up bv    l". It   Wiisvi'.:, and   "-lik) s^iko
I tiioiia-..- i.i aiidisiain.    i\s a preiiiniiiAiy
Cam'A li.-la:i ai.al .Lia IIiuiowh u-.li h.av
Aba.M-laallteain isaatg.,..-it HiMvia:i« to;:"-i''«v',i'. w™'A   -''^   vie'.utl.    V. Iith- j r,,,,. ,.,,.,,„,, ,,„.., .i,,,.^),,,,    -plm milil.
young men and a liv.fiy ad fvr any city.' e.-tning out ol tb<! mitte, a car juuij-cd | train ,»i,i U
'l'ho ineeiii'.g take-! plaecs at.H p.m.       ; thc  truck   and   the  stf.i'.g  of cars; -*_..*«*.tl Cr.-a k
live 11! II: la ta>'ice'i-iimo.l.ite
vi^;toi .1,
fly_i->-~   i-l-   ^-i
Jj£i THE LEDGE,. FERNIE, -B.C , .MARCH 29,- x$os.
-Motti Son &. Co.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B.C.
Agents In Ferni» for T, 6. Proctor, Nelson
Opposit* the Depot, FZRNTE
The home?for railroadmen
and lumbermen.
*• ROSS BROS, Props.
The Ledge.
'B.T.LOWERY, Editor nnd Flnanolor.
Tub Msnoi- Is jpubllahed -very Wodnesdny
In Jfernio, B.C. TW prioe '. 88 a sear. Adver.
tlnlng ratals given upon art licatlon.      	
Finest  Liquors and Cigars.
••.-■>.-?": ::-/:•
In. Fernie, is a pleasant
home for all who travel.
KoomB reserved by wire.
•_irf_'rl-S -r.
1 Jsv..5'v*f"v"f','"
>T. Whelan, Mana^
<•!"'• *., Z_-^.^^9^l____________t____t' '   "'"
__,,^J^'^Vs'"f_v^*^:.ij*.    >
ft .'' -<;.i-l!'*>-V-,-- --11
Ewy Beds,
Nerve Bracors
Of Every
a. J
Eo$rg Purchaser
of a dozen cabinet photographs
at $6 will receive FREE OF CHARGE
one 6# x 8# portrait taken in any
Photographic work cf every description. Interiors anJ Flas.h Light l'ic-
tures a specialty.    Picture Framing.
J. F. Spalding
— ■■ ■    ■    - "    ■-■aa- "    " I   '     ■    '■"-—      -■' II   ■■
Wholesale Doalers and Direct Importers
of Wines, Liquors aud Cigars. ■
District Agents for
Distributers of
aSmmery Champflsmo
d SC'
and £eblltz Boer
Chamberlain and
Pharaoh Cigars
Zr-EIK.'frsTXBI     B. O.
The Best
Union Made
0pcr$ll8,; Shirts &
uxna nv
ImZ; & Leiser
J. C. Carruthera
Agent for Kooienay
f. G. Box 56 Nelson, B.C.
(By Rooky Mountain Dick)
The skies were leaden hneil,
And clearless was the day
When a call came from the court
Saying, Rocky como this way,
I turned and started down the street
Whoro Calgary has its sign,
And thi: cop tried to tell me
How all the fanlt was mine.
We soon did reach the courthouse'
Where a prisoner shares his fate,
.Tndge says "yoar name ia McClnre,
Yon came a day too late." [sir,
We gave yon plenty-notice
But you disobeyed the call,
I start you off at Bis days,
Yon may not get oat till fall.
The officer then led me
To the place they call the cell,
It was my first experience
Sure, I thought 'twas	
He seemed to feel quite sorry
To leave me there alone,
But yoa may como out to'morrow,
Arid help as hammer stone.
Then I telescoped my bedroom
When I was left alone
And my mind changed to bedbugs
Instead ol hammering stone,
JV>r they came from every corner .
From the ceiling to the brick, .''.
And they Baid he is a good one, •■'.
For its Rocky Mountain Dick.
Ono busy bug among the gang
Got" right upon my ear,
And said, I'm glad to meet you,
Wbat. do tell, brought you here? -
I answered him quite saucy,,.
■'/Only,'Vn'a,joke,V:f-;i;'-:':   "'■" -^
I.was'sorry that I spoke,     • .•
"or they, hit me many ways
And the'bossbngshouted, goat him
He'll just bo in six days. [boys,
flags, Bags, Bags, Bugs.
Tt I was a Fernie policeman,
By a lawful justice made
The first bunch that I'd round up
Would be the Board of Trade.
I would draw them up a form
Which I picture here below
God knows, we sadly need a jail.
And I am sure that it will go.
To the Legislature of B..C.
Gentlemen—The Fernie Board of
Trade petition yonr honorable Body
to provide means for the construction
of a proper jail in this city that will
be water, fire, and bedbug proof,
witb the accent on the bug.
The above poem was written by a
gentleman who recently through a
lapse of memory did six days in the
local hostile for contempt of court It
is thc first poem on spring that we
have published in the city, and our
readers should excuse dissipation. It
is-a spring poem because bedbugs
bloom in the. pringjust as well as
the flowers. The author made refer
encc to the white bean fed the pris
oners each day, but we cut it out because the bean comes cf a respectable
though noisy family. Dick's poetic
tale ot the way ho fought the bugs to
a red finish was so pathetic that we
suppressed that verso for fear that it
might drive our readers to the flow
Ing 'bowl, into which so many people
chock their sorrow, even when it can
swim. However wo agree with Dick
that bedbugs should not be kept In
our jails unless tho government
makes un allowanco for their keep,
Bugs have no right to live off the
poor prisoners, and haantthoirdrearas
Vrlth that peculiar pcrfuino which all
bugs of good standing carry with
thorn. We do not know from whence
bedbugs originally camo nor anything about their creat or family tree
Burkes Peerage, Pilgrims Progress,
Shakespeare, or Bob Edwards make
no mention of them. They must
come trom a very low family bocause
it is so seldom that you meet them in
first-class hotels..
Wo also agree with Dick tbat Fernie should have a better jail. Wc
should probably have ono with
feathor beds, and patent bug alarms
in every room. Tho dining room,
♦should be spacious, and tho tables
decorated with flowers in order to
make tin birds more roflncd. Six
conrao dinners should be served with
wine for those who" drink it . For
those who do not drink wine. Bevera
of the leading brands of whisky
should always be on the sideboard."
None but the best cigars should bo
given the prisoners as inferior tobacco haB a tendency to degrade men;
just as much as feeding them on
greasy'soup, consumptive porridge
and a boan on tho side. Tho parlor
should bo filled witli pictures and an
orchestra always on hand to cheer the
unfortunates in their confinement.
All the latest papers, books and magazines of the day snould bo kept in
the reading room, as literature is a
great elevator to fallen mankind.
Balls in full dress should be held at
least once a week, and a parson provided for each creed of which the inmates are adherents. The prisoners
should not be allowed to play' poker
later than midnight for fear their appetites for the various breakfast foods
would be impaired.
We think a jail run npon the lines
we have just outlined would be a
great success and do away with tbe
many objections we bear expressed
against them, and few prisoners
would take the trouble to escape,
especially if physical culture was
taught instead of the art of breaking
stones. We farther believe that a
jail of this kind would never cry out
for lack of business.
' Heaven has a different meaning
for different people,
'The nimble newspaper ad is better
than thc Blow dodger.
Millions of people . in this world
will have a birthday on Saturday.
Zinc is becoming the • ideal of the
Slocan, and will yet bring millions
to that camp.
•^MpsTAi^^^podJfo Jho memory
quent suracrlbers.'
.- When you hear a man Joudly
ooasting about his • moral character
it is just as well to look elsewhere
for proof.       	
Women will forgive almost any
thing that a man does except cowardice and too much attention  to another divinlty._	
Call a man a gay dog and it is an
even chance that he will buy the
cigars. Call him a pup and he Is liable to abrase your face with bis
bunch of fives.	
The big smelter at Marvsvillo is
drawing attention to the great copper
deposits np White Fish Creek. -When
developed the world will open its
eyes in astonishment.
The cinch held so long bv one Arm
in the colliery towns ot Michel, Coal
Creek, and Carbonado shouldjbc broken. The towns should be open to
ail classes of tradesmen, or else closed
entirely.   •    _	
IIoman nature is selfish. As arule
anion men are great sticklers for
anything touching their own trade,
but indifferent about union men in
other callings. Consistency is necessary if labor wishes to always receive proper treatment.
Business is lively In Calgary notwithstanding tbe fuct that Bob Edwards is riding on tbe water wagon.
Tne humorist of the great cow camp
became ilarmed at the latest brand
of boozerino. It is called the Under
taker's Delight
..   He has the nobbiest saltings
. \"      "workmiustflp isHha'beat Af;'
1.... •
QAMnnN'   *   a   - OI-DEST   TAILOR
OAlSUUlli.:   «      J}*   the  SLOGAN
. he Jap was always clevor, but
tbe***world did not respect him until
tho prcsont war with Russia proved
tbat be wns a fighter. The world is
still like a lot ol boys at school. The
best fighter commands respect and
admiration, while tho boy with
brains in a weak body is passed by
llko a torn card in a wet ditch. '
The load miners want a duty on
corroded lead, and Fleming has
promised to give it bis duo consideration. - While It is against the general policy of a Liberal govornmont
to increase or put on duties we see no
reason why eomo assistance should
not be given tbo corroding of lead.
It is a now business in Canada and
should havo everything done within
reason to foster its growing days. If
any place in Canada is entitled to
protection on Its products, tho Slocan
is that placo.
The coal miners around Fernio
will if necessary apply for legislation
to have the towns of Michel, Coal
Creek and Carbonado opened. At
present they cannot be opened even
with a triple set of fours, and in justice to liberty loving people that is
no way to have any place in the
great west'
Women are treated better in America and ■ English countries than ill
almost any.others. In Russia a woman cannot go to the next town with
out getting a passport, and her word
is.of little use against the other sex.
She probably cannot buy a hat with;
out first getting a permit 11n Canada
all they need Ib the price, but with
all our boasted freedom the women
of America, and especially "Canada
have some rights that have not yet
been granted them.
In America the dollar seems to be
mightier than tho press. One reason
fortbis is that independent editors
are not wanted by grafters and bood-
lere, and people who can rise above
the hypnotism of a dollar are not
numerous enoUj"li. A muzzled press
and lickspittle editors who cannot
rise above any kind of bread and butter are of no real benefit in any community, except to their masters. If
editors would stand together and
eliminate fear they would make this
world a vastly better place to live in.
Most, of them prefer any crumbs that
fall their way. and delight in fighting any progressive or independent
lharp L Irvine
N. Y. Stock
Chicago Grain  and  Mining
Private Wires
Continuous Quotations
Regular margin, 3 per cent.
British Lion
J. R. Cameron
' Is the tailor to go to when
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
Silk SMrt Waists at $4
Haiti #!oa!.$
Eadies' and Children's Underwear o? ail Kinds
- P. D. anfl €.£. Corsets
Infants' Gjear ana hosiery
at my store in the Todd Block
New Crop Now in Stock
Horn* Grown and Imported
Wholesale and Retail
Special Prices lo Fare".,,.'* Inttltnt«-
Thotuands of Fruit and Ornamental Tree»
Rhododendron-,     Ba*>««f,      Oreenhouao
and Hardy Plant*
now growing In ray nur»erle» for *
Spring planting
Ea-tem pr!e«« or leas. White Labor
Vanconrer, B.C.
30IO Weltmlmter Koftd.
& Winchester
For Brick and  Stone  Work.
First-class work f-uurantee'l. Con-
tracts taken for bnildi'-'? coke ovens in
any purt ol the country. Estimates
furnished.      •  j
P.O. Box'583, Fernie, B.C,
There is no better
than that sold by
Bc-tii-v am
4     tt
If you are looking for Fishing! Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver nnd stop a few days, wcelcs or
montliB at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Home cooking, and the 'finest beverages
in the world, iuoluding water. Write or wire
for rates.
mwifiarki gjdtt!   «
First Class in Every Respect
Is the homo of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always READY.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
Is of the utmost importance in
these days of modern life when a
minute may sometimes me*»,n a million.
Always have a watch that keeps the
correct time, and if it will not, talk to
C. 0. Demaurez
Cigar Store
Gives a coupon to every purchaser of
25 cents worth of goods. To the holder
of the greatest numbi-r of coupons by
al)JJ0fl,Jsi«-^CUSAO^-i^derAUil pfy-^Csthcs,
JW'ortli*-$35 -will Be'given.; AH coupon
holders,intending to compete, for the!
prize musl hand in their coupons not
later than June ist.
L ATKINSON, Proprietor
The Club
Cigar Store
Is now entirely under the manage"
ment of thc undersigned. In stock,
all ihe popular brands of the day in
Cigars and Tobaccos.
Pipes a specially.
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
y^ Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Bottled Beer 8c Porter |»
Howland Avenue, Fernie
tfoi£Steele-Brewery Cd., Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
-0*$al  EHiiiers <-*> * Attenti©n 1
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms.
ryyyg sc a a a a v'&'Tarannraf.rtt^^
Kooienay. VaiBeys Co.** Ltd.
About idooacres, Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
CREEK, io miles from ELKO.
Willbe subdivided lo suit purchaser in blocks from
'""8o acres upwards.
Price from $3.00 to $7.00 per acre.   Terms—i-sth
,-,::   cash; ':bulance in yearly instalments al 6 per
,,; cent, interest.
.JUUJUUA&^JUaUJlJU^ m A.g.g fl JU
MotCfonTco,      T. G. PrOCtOr Manager NelS0t1
I  il
la in a delightful location and from its balconies
can bo seen all the beauty of tlio grand scenery
that surrounds, hems in, and odornB the busy
city 0! Nelson. It is the homo of tourists and
business men from all parte of the world. The
cuisine never drags in the mire of mediocrity
and every room is an enemy to insomnia. I
you need rooms when on the way in, touch tbe
wire and the deed is done,
I ■•
.. jMSm$k'>
.i^^t^wais^T^^,-?*^ iP^^^g^
In the Annual Coal' Number of the
Mining Msgazine, - of New York, appears an editorial on the condition of
the coal Industry, evidently prepared by
an expert in possession of reliable data.
The following figures are of universal
interest and permanent value.
Estimates of the production of coal
during the past year indicate an output nearly as great as 1903, when the
production of bituminous coal was -185.•
000,000 tons and of anthracite; 59,000,-
000 tons, a total of 344,000,000. In 1904
the output of anthracite was 57,492,-
532 tons, and the estimated production
of bituminous coal 281,000,000 tons, a
total of 338,000,000 tons. During the
year our imports of anthracite were 75,
526 tons, as against 151,023 tons in
1903; and of bituminous coal 1,556,149
tons, as compared with"2,oo8_857 tons
in 1903. Bituminous coal exports In
a!go4 were 6,345, 126 tons as against
6.303.34l tons in 1903, and 5,2-8,969
tons in 1902.
Referring to the gravity ofthe present situation and its bearing on the
question of probable strikes, the figures
given by the writer arc of deep significance. He says that the miners' organization reported for its year ending
November 301I1 a balance on hand De-
cembe'r 1st 1903, of $-,106,198.68,
Receipts from members' tax were $303,-
597.30, from assessments $474,647.76,
.and other sources 74,425.80, a total of
The Mu-tuaf Life
of Canada
,$?S-«»77'*-86, expenditures for officers*
salaries'and expenses were $199,72•_.80
for the relief of strikers $i ,067,300.47,
other expenses $87,992.95 leaving a JS 34 years old j
balance on hand of $603,952.32. This
shows the year's] expenditures to be
$502,246.36 in excess of the receipts.
The treasurer's report states that the
per capita tax of 10 cents a month has
be»n wholly insufficient to meet the expenditures, the latter having averaged
37 cents per member per month. It
states further that the weekly expenditures at the close of the year have increased and recommends a per capita
tax of 50 cents per month during the
year ending Nov. 30th, 1905.
The usual arrangements for a wage
adjustment from April 1st will take
place during this month. The operators In several of the districts will be
forced to offer a lower schedule than
that uow in force, and tbe miners must
cither recognize the relation between
good wages and the commercial value
of the product, or begin a strike which
the treasury of the organization is not
able to support without calling a heavy
assessment on the members. Whatever scale is finally settled upon will remain in force until April/ 1906, at
which time the wage agreement at the
anthracite mines a|so expires; so a year
hence.both the miners and operators
will have to solve an intricate and delicate problem.
TB10 Only Canadian
Life Company that
is    Purely   RlutuaB
HAS Assets now exceeding $8,000,000;
HAS a surplus (on Government Valu-
'■' ation Standard), of nearly $900,000;
HAS nearly 30,000 policyholders ;
HAS nearly $40,000,000 of Insurance
in force ;
HAS paid over $6,500,000 in cash lo
policyholders or to their families and
still    •■■■■-..,
HAS in Reserve, for their security, over
7,000,000, in solid assets.
Stilck at the old, well known
Reiable Reliance-
Married men should remember the
uncertainly of life and protect their
wives and children by a policy in the
Mutual Life.
Young men should nol dally with
lime in regard to life insurance. The
sooner you commence Ihe sooner your
profits will come to you. It is an investment that always pays.
Young men who have relatives depending upon thorn should take a policy
in the Mutual Life. It will help mother
if death should reach you its icy hand
before your youth has fled.
When you smoke a cigar
Hee that It la UNION made.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane, Colurabus nntl
Havana Whip Cigars are Union Gooda
made by.
Winnipeg, Mnn
Repretacnted by GEG-UiE HORTON.
P. O   BOX 185
Mount Fernie Lodge No. 47
I.O.-'/l*Cj8Sk -0.F*
Meets e.x-rv Thursday, evening at
p.m.-in I.O.6.F. Hall.
T. Beck, P.G..R.S.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters &i Joiners
of America, No. 1220
The Carpenters & Joiners of I'ernio
meet llie ist aud 3rd Tuesdays in each
month at llie Oddfellows' Hall.
For full particulars call on our agent
at the Hotel Fernie, in Fernie.
The Reliance Cigar. Factory,  Ltd., Montreal, Que.
First maker ofthe " Flor de Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur" sinco 1876 ; over 27 yenrs in existence.
Walter Cronk, Western Representative.
Thera seems to he s«me -prospect of
tlie heirs getting the Ellington estate
in Scotland which has been in chancery
since 1449, and is valued at $80,000,-
000. Mrs. Jennie E. Harris, of Nelson
at present in Fernie, and whose maiden
name was Kerr is ont of the claimants
to this vast fortune.
The Eglingtot* «s1ate has been a
.hard fought for property. The great
castle was one of the strongholds of ihe
Scotch during their wars with the English, and was cocorolled by the Kerrs,
■and held by tlieui for many gen cautions. During the 100 year \var be-
ilween France and England so many of
the Kerrs were killed thai Diptain Drum-
mond, who had married a -Kerr,
claimed the estate, and bitter quarrels
were waged between thc Kerr and the
Drummond branches of llie Eglington
tree. There is now a fair prospect of
the matter being sottU-d after so many
centuries of wailing and liligation.
marked effect it has had on my brother,
his partner. Now I want to show you
tbe real reason he is enabled to show
such strong emotion. He keeps this
onion in Iris pocket (putting his hand in
and pulling it out), and, rubbint' his
handerchief on it, he rubs his eyes with
thc latter. Hence these, tears at the
proper moment.
Tea an Ideal Stimulant.
Every litlle while there is an outcry
against the practice of tea and coffee
drinking. Lately it has been alleged
that the degeneracy observed in the
lower classes of Great Britain is largely due to the immense quantity of tea
that is drunk in -that kingdom. Without any doubt a few people do drink
too much tea and would be better without it. But tea drinking, as in China,
may be tlie salvation of a people from
much greaterevils- The decoction has
at least, Hie advantage of having been
sterilized by heat, and water drinking
tn China has its dangers, as many an
old traveler can testify.
IX A PERIL'OUS POSITIONS    ' ' " "***' h".men-«'i-un..mlesot"lea-'i*S_,
without apparent damage by   some  of
The late L. Clarke  Davis,   Pli'dailel-] the most robust peoples in   the  world,
o.-tu-T than, ihe Chinese, ■ such,
ample, as the   Russians,   the
Lowest Rates-
Toronto,   Montreal, New York,.
Maritime   Provinces,    New   England,
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
.. California Points.
Tibia's dijt.nffultlved -jourr-sliit, ; h'>>> - n
broad knowledge of the American stage
together wilh a great number of theat-
aricnl anecdotes.
Mr. Davis would often tell a story
that had been narrated to him by Edwin Booth.
Booth, he wouli begin, once played
at thc old Ardi street theatre of Philadelphia, the hero's peart in an old fashioned drama. These were his early
days when his weight was not much
more than a bird's. The hero was
.supposed to be robust, but Booth was
sunable -to give him that appearance.
Well, one Saturday night, the old-
fashioned drama progressed very
-smoothly up to the middle of the third
act. Booth, as Maltravcrs, the hero,
-i-at, then, in his daughter's sitting room,
his head bowed in his hands. The
wife of Maliravers was very ill. The
•poor fellow feared that she was uigb
.death's door.
His daughter to comfort him offered
him some refreshments, but he refused
ithe offer.
No, no, dear child, I cannot eat he
The play had gone well -up to this
point. Bui now when the gaunt
Booth said, No, no, dear child ,1 can-
«ot eat, a young Irishman up in thc
_gallery sang out:
Can't cat? You can't cat? The
saints forbid I was a million chop before ye. — '	
Unequalled Passenger Service
Standard and Tourist Sleepers,
Coaches and Dining Cars
Tourist   Sleeper   Service
West—leave Revelstoke Mon.,  Wed.,
Thur., Sat. to Seattle & Vancouver.
East—leave   Dunmore   for   Toronto,
Wed. & Sun.;  for Montreal, Mon.
—     & Fri.;  for Boston, Fri.
Atlantic Steamship Agency
Through bookings to and from Greal
Britain and the Continent.
For rates, folders and tickets apply
to local agents, or .to
R. Reading, agent, Femic.
J. S. Carter, D.P.A.,       E. .1. Coylo, A.Q.P.A.
Kelson.- Vancouver
Some years ago the members of a"
.celebrated law firm in northern New
Hampshire were trying' a divorce case.
Thc talking member of the firm was a
*ery eloquent man, nnd thc other mem-
-bcr, wlio, by the way, has since been
Governor, easily moved to lears was accustomed to use his handkerchief more
or less during the cloi|uet*l pcrioJs o f
•liis partner.
The opposing counsel, knowing this
procured a large onion and brought it
Into court with him. Jt was a cold
winter day, aud his victim sat in thc
courtroom with his heavy overcoat on.
Unseen, the jokcrskilfully slipped the
onion into the outside pocket of this
The eloquent partner, dilating on
the wrongs of the fair libellee, caused
him to use his handkerchief a good
deal. Tho opposing counssl arose, and
during liis remarks said:
Gentlemen of the jury, you have
listened to the eloquent speech of my
brother,   nnd   you   have   noticed   Ihe
for   ex
Bay voyagers, and the lumbermen of]
thc north, does not testify to its evil
effects on general health, under proper
conditions. For a cold country it is an
ideal stimulant, reviving the energies,
even after almost apparently complete
exhaustion, and affording a feeling of
comfort that hardly anything else can
give, and this without any noticeable
uncomfortable after effects.
Of course, in our civilization there
arc some who take too much of some
things for their own good, but even in
these cases it is hard to say that the
evil is as great ac sometimes charged.:
The practice of giving large quantities
of strong tea to mere infants, which is
common among certain of the poorer
classes of our cities, of course, cannot
be too strongly condemned, but it is astonishing how many infants seem to
thrive on it.
There should be some discrimination
in the general condemnation of such
stimulants as tea and coffee. They
probably do more good than harm and
wc should welcome iheir use if by any
means or to any extent they can be
made a substitute for tilings that are
worse, and if the habit were universal
in swine of our insanitary communities
we might find it the safeguard against
many serious evils.—Journal of American Medical Association.
Cry of the Conservatives.
Down at the Palm Beach recently a
young Englishman, who is deeply in
sympathy with ihe liberals in Russia
was trying to explain the condition of
European politics to an American girl.
But what is a conservative anyway?
she asked.
In England il is a highly respectable
gentleman who goes around stepping
ott the coat tails of progress and crying
I suppose in Russia he steps pn the
whole coat, man and all, and then cries
Fire!—Denver Republican.
Even in DrenniH
We must have overslept, said Mrs,
Binks silting up in bed. John, she
called, shaking him by the shoulder,
g«t up—its awfully dark this morning.
Raise the blin.
John rubbed his eyes sleepily. In
his dreams he caught her concluding
words and muttered scornfully.
Raise tlio blin,!? On a king higl&
Well, 1 guess not.
And liis snores continued where they
had been interrupted.
Victoria and Vancouver
Daiuv Trains leave Fernie at 9:45
a.m., reaching Vancouver and Victoria
the Next AnrERsooa*. Return train
reaches Fernie 9:15 p.m.
The door .of the
Has not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morning bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer
Founders a Machinists,
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Fitting!*, etc., always
on hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. Repairing
and Jobbing.
The First Class Hotel of Fernie
The Resort of Commercial nnd Traveling lien
.The.hoteLijs.ele/Jantly.fui-nished with
handsome new tumtuiva**, mrougtioux,
is heated by steam and has retnrn
call bells in everv room.
Rates : $2.00 a day and upwards
NOTICE Id HEREBY OIVEN* that tlie reservation e«t.iila|iaha.| in imrmiiiiice of the
provisions of the "Columbia and Western
l-iiitwiiy Knlnialy Act, lWili.-' noticed of which
were piibli.heal in the Baitiah C<iliimbin Ouz-
ette unit dateal 7th May. ISyS. uml Sth June.
1890 respectively, arehereby cut-celled.
Crown laud* situated within the area embrace'! lav thu .-mill reservation will he ojien to
Hale, -settlement, lease a- al other disposition,
unala-r the provisions of tho "i.anal Act," three
month* ufter tlio date of the first publication
of tliisnotice in the British Columbia Gazette;'
provided, however, that in all ca»e< where
lands are »o sold, pre-empted, leaned or otherwise alienated by the Government ami are
subsequently fouud, upon the surveys of the
Columbia and Western Railway Company'!,
blocks, to lie wholly or in part within snch
blocks, then tbo persona so acainirim; such
lands shall acquire their title thereto from
the Railway Company, who have agreed to
deal with such purchaser*, pieemptors, leasees, etc., on the same terms and conditions as
the Government would under the provisions
of tho "Land Act," except in respect to timber
lands on the Company's blocks, which shall
be subjeci to the reit'ilations issued lay the
Company relative to the cutting of timber am
the Columbia and Western Railway Land
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoriu,B.C. 23rd February, lftoi.
L.D.S.,   D.D.S.
VV.   Block,   opposite  the   Bunk
Office hours—H a.m. l(. 8 p in.
W. R. Ross. J. a. T. Al.KXAM.KII
Ross &• Alexander
Ofllee In L. T. W.'liluck, Victor!-. Avenue-
Herchmer & Herchmer
Offices ovi>! 1'. Burns i Co's block. Virtori.i n\ u
L P. ECKM.-..V F. C. I.AWB
Eckstein & Lawe
BARi'itm-ns at-Law,    Solicitous,   Etc.
Cuihbcrt Ulock, Ferule. B. C.
Help   of All Kinds Furnished
Short   Notice
Ya!  Ya!
Xext door to CalKiiry Cattle Co
Woikof Al! Kinds.    Rales
Wood Street
Dissolution of  Partnership
THE   partnership   heretofote existinc between J. F. Spaldinir and Robert Strathearn as photographers has this day been dissolved lay mutual consent. J. F. Spaldinu will
collect all accounts and pay all liabilities.
Fernie, March 7,1903.      K. STRATHEARN*
In the matter of the petitions of R. G. Edward.-,
I.eckie, Frank W. Peters, liny H. Kirk-
patrick and Sir Charles Hibbert Tapper
Uuder Section D, of "The Coal Mines Act."
NOriCE IS HF.REBY GIVEN that the above
mentioned parties have filed petitions to
tlie.l'i'lite of this court to decide dispute.-, it*
Office : Mon,'Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Fern-ii* British Columliiu
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Minorsl Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted.
PO. Box 6«3,        Office: Kootenay St., Selu-c
fcs> als- t-aaxha.r»r titles a.« i,T,«...sa<ttl\\(K Ubmw»is <<.« .1 ___   ...      .__        ........    .
I t&a, (otloavaiau aU»oriWt lui.Tls, that a* to aaay.— \TT*llT->Tll"t"."I"l"r<>   *"*IV1<1
\ .annate Ira Kan Kootanaiiy on thoenst aaislo ot I •*- WJ--".".Vavll. V3   c11lI*U
the Flathead River on Oil or Sane Creek mid I
from about 5 to 8 miles north of the Inter-
national BoiiudiirvJ.ine,    Hosa-rip-iou of land   Rm-a-ntxc in
staked bv the aforesaid ft. O. Kdwurds I.eckie:   oart7ul"" »*"
Winnipeg, St. Paul, Chicago, Toronto
and all Eastern points.-;..; ■■..■■';-'
For rates and information call on—
James Sloan, Agent
Shooting Gallery
Having opened n sliootinjj
f-iallery in the Beck blook, next
to the bowling alley, we solicit
the trade of all who delight in
the pleasures of marksmanship. Cult in and take a shot
or two.
Vincent & B.uby
Order your Spring suits now,
Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebschcr,
Silverton'i Hon Tailor
Have oue of their largest stores in Fernie.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh anil Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
O •"y"*a/^^/4aV""t'*a/"*a>-**s/*&'^^ -*S>^,^,-*V*Ek-8s. 6
Day and Eoening
Bookkeeping,   Shorth.-uid,  Writing,  Arithmetic,   Spelling,
Correspondence, English Branches,  Etc.
' Correspondence Pupils Coached
Low prices and individual instruction make it the ' ]\     \J\    flrimoQ
chance of a lifetime. -^-   M*   Ul llllttO
Cuniiiielicinx at u post on the north-west
laaukajf Oil Creek, umrkeal. "II G. K.I»nnls
.Lect-ie'ia.**._£- Cornet". aJjuiuiliK Sir C. H.
Tiipjivr's S. W. coniur post;"theiict- nurtli xo
cliuiii.,; tlit-iice west Wchuina r theiu-e.-oiitb
SO ciiiiiii-a: thence emit M ihniti» to point ol
coniiiif-ict-nient. contaicilii: i'AII tlcres.
Sit a.a ie in ljiast Kootenay on the eiast sido of
the Klutheiial River unOil or Suite Creek, and
froi'i iil.oiil i to S tuilea north of the inter-
niat'omil lloiunliiry Liue ljeacription of land
stake*! lav the uforejaial Guy. H. Kirkpatrii-k:
Cajinmeneins ut a jaoat on the north bank of
theCreek. marked '■(>. H. Kirkiautriik'j N. VV.
corner'* wiwiniiifi Mrn. M. K I.ur.e's N. K. corner |.o-t: thence south 80 ch:iin»: tli. i.ee east
A}chains; Iheiu-e north Sticliuins; them-e weit
iiO cliiaiiis to point ot coniuieiis.-t-nivlit, coutain-
il)K ail'i acres.
Situate in Kast Kootenavon the east side of
the Klutheiial Itiveraan Oil or Surfel'iet-k anai
from aliout fa to Hniilt-s nortii tat the International Boundary Line De.cription of the
land stakisl by aforesaid Frank W. lvtersi—
Caimineiicini; tat a po.t on the north-wost
bank of Oil Creek matka'd "Krank \V 1'eterV
K.K.comer'adjoiiiini; ll.U Klasards I.a-okie's
S. K. corner pant :.thence south si chains;
thence west asHchains; thence north Ki,-lrsin»;
thence east Hi cluiinat to poiut of commencement, cotitainini- tU'i acres.
Situate i» East Kootenay on the east side of
Flaiheiiai Uiveron Oil or Sasf* Crea.k mil fraui
about 5to." miles north of the Interim'ici-al
Ilonnalary Line. Ila'scniirion i.f lai'.al staked
!>}- nfiiresiiiil Sir Charles llihl eri Tupper :—
Coiunieiii-'ini; at il post am the na.rtli-w.sf
kiinU of Oil Creek uiutked "Sir C. II Tuppa-r's
corner" ndjoinins Fred Peters' X. W.corner
IKist ; thence north ->lchains; thence east so
chains; thfiice saitith Mai chains: thence west
K: chains tu point of conimencement.contiliii-
ins ilii' acres. ■    '
Xotice is hereby i-ivon that His Honor .Judi-e
Forin bva-rder dated February -.'"trl. l'.«i.i. has
onlara-.tthat any person intoresteat in the subject mutter a,f sai.I petitions or bavins* any
objection to the prayer or said petitions bein r
grunted shull ou or laclore the 1st aha.v of May,
ltat'a. Alt with the fle.-'strar of sail Court at
Cranbrook a petitions or statement settina;
forth litsclnim a.r tha.' atraimi..! uf his sitiat objection anal verif.a the sitine under oath.
And tlie said .I-.nlge luas further ordered that
a Copy ot said petition shull be forwitrdCal to
any party utercsted by such petitioi.a/rs or
their saalicitora on application beini; «iadc
therefor to the Heiti.irar of said Court at
llta.ta.al the tth day of March, V.K&.
TupiKr&tiriiliii, .IF. Armstronc,
vuncouver, Crunbruaak
Wall Paper
Tvro complete, sets of Bar Fixtures, one
British Plate aMirror Jaix9G inches, new,
Letter Presse.", Billiard nnil I'oo! Tables
Cash Ke'j-isters and other -specialities,
Malt   Ordeni   Receive   Prompt   Attention.
K. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
Saalrs. for Petitioners.
Its baths cure
all nervous and
diseases, its
water heal all
kidney, liver,
and stomach
ailments and
they eliminate
all mclnlis*
poisons front
the system.
Report of Analyst
Of Samples of Water from Halcvon Hot Springs, Arrow
Lake, Il.C, 27th   I'ebruary, 189S.
Laboratory of City Analyst, luliiiburj-li, Scotland,
. aMarch .-, 1S9S
One  gallon  of water contained the following ingredients, the results arc expressed in parts.
Chlorine       8.14
Sulphuric' Acid    '('"••n
S'l-Ci*.    "74.il)
''H. •••     »4-57
Mkaiiesas Soda ...      5.71
Sulphuretted Hydro-
j_j 2.00
l-'t>hing and
Terms :
$15 to $iS
per week,
according to
resilience in
hotel ur villas.
 i .75 j Ciolilanil Silver '1 CC
 ."i | Clold, lilva r, copiitr IM
Sampled by   mail  receive  i.roinpt attention:
Pilfer Gold,   Retorts,  and  RL-h Ores Bought
Send for Free SlaiUnt,- Envs. and Price List.
172S Arapahoe St..   Deliver, Colo.
Hu hail 17 j ear.-ei|x..rieine in dentin \aortc..i:id
makta a SLtclilty of Gold Brldye Work. Yui t
-    -*■-1., theSlo '
mude I
ilovau reo,'ialarly.
ILV£U CITY I.DIKiEM). 39, I.o.U.F.
Siiiiduii.  ill".   Mcfctiu>.-s in the Union IUU
eveii 1-nday eveiihij-ai 7:i0   \ isitiiiir Inelhrrn
co-dially luvltrd to att ml.   J.  E. Lovuiinu,
.Nubia-i.rand ; A. I.. CRAIO, Vice Grand ; W.J
G.MtnUTT. Ssxretary.
O Muts every Wedne-alny evening at S o'clock
in the l'- lln.Mi Castle Hall. Mnadun. -xijouruiiiK
brethra ii will receive a Pvihian avolcotn.-. S.
lSAACSoM, CO.        ALFRKlT J. liAU., K. R. 4 S.
AR. HEYLANI), Em-ineor and Provincial
,    Land Sutve'ol.   KASl.a)
-JM1E KASLO HOTKL. in Ka,!o,u the lead-
A-   ing hotel in the citv.
■pill-: KILKERT HOTKL in Sainton ii the
A- beaaliiiiurlerM lor all tniavllcr.ato the City
ol Silver.        BKX.NK'n'«t Ml HI'HY. I-rop*.
'•PHE VICTORIA HOTEL in XeUm is a haven
A. tut all straut-e Toriea iiaa-ny from hon.c.
Beat liuu.att faartl a aliiv ou tliU aarlli.
W.K. McOANlil.I-all.l'rojirii-tor.
IJcI.KOU   llOTtl.,   *a.illK
Jl    tiniiriivtineiit.a.   S«ain| la- ra).
ciull.   Tliu o..la Iir»t-cla5it hutel
i'lNi.AY Mcl.Krl
All modern
ins in conncc-
in Ymir.
i, I'loirlctor.
PltKJIO.NT HllU.-aK, XELsnX Kura.|«-an
I    n'uil Ami-ilcaii plan, ilealx, :.*ai-enLi   Ho-din
from it v up tu tl.   tinly wuite help rmptuyvd.
Sothltiityellaaw-about the jil.-iae cta-eot tho af.alti
ia Uie -afe. .MALUNE 4 TUEIIILLUS.
BAH rl.KTT lIulSK,  formerly tha Clark
l» the bc.-st i>! ii il.-ty hotel in Xadioia.   .0"!.''
*hite help einptujtd.
■piIK HOTKL HKKGttSUN  In the home
1    S|aaa-ni!_laa.u|alc »lu,'ii they   aie
ill    FurKU-aalla.
i IlLACK, t'ioirielnra.
1*111 K   HKITTA.VMA
*-    i'M anal (he Uaat In liu
.ilu'-i va aa-eli'asini'
III) I hi, llllll'  dial-
l-iardai,   (iolij KCekerH
WiioleBa-lo   Moroliants.
-piIK MONTOOMKIIY Co, Ltal,, Wholaiaalaj
A-    .Manuffteti'.rurd   of clioiuta eonfoa^tiouaary.
Xl'laai.Il. J1C.
'• U TAKK MY .* CO
•3   era In llutla-r. Knn«
1 Krult.Nnl.-aiii, Il.C.
('Iiiicm',  I'raalm'O and
•  f   A.   McDONAl.I),
1 O ,   Fruit, Ncl«uii, Il.C.
Wlioicsile  Dealer  lu
^■)iwif-^^«Sa?a)aSii^ 'tiA.:jL,:.: ■'.
;--,-s«r^r«. •
'--y^AtUygm^irri'n^r^i 'is-i's'i''ir--":'fr™''L!-i'a'.
■'■■;:v">-'.. ■a.
TH& LEDGE;. FeMiS, B.C. MARCH 29, 1905
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
.$5and under - 3'cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10 6 cents
Over $10       „        „ $30 10 cents
Over $30       „        „        $5o.' 15 cents
f These orders arc payable at par at any office of a Chartered Bank in Cansid;i
nnd nt the principal banking points'in the United States.   II Negotiable at a
'fixed rate at The Canadian Bank of.Commerce, London, England.
FERNIE BRANCH : :' E. H. BIRD, Manager
Fernie Livery and Dray Stables
Careful drivers furnished when required.
Teaming, draying and packing promptly attended tol
Safes and pianos carefully handled. Supplies sent by
pack-train to the Flathead or any part of the mountains.
Baggage transferred lo any part of the city, day or night.
My city bus meets all trains.
I haoe th->. 80lc agencq in Fernie for the sale of the
..coal of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., and the price
per ton delipered is $4.   Clean coal and prompt atten
tion to orders. Wsu   ""      ""
■ To the many people who may
require a course of treatment wilh Cod
Liver Oil we would recommend',"our
EMULSION wilh the hypophosphites
of Lime and Soda. "."'
Il has none of thc " fishy ".odor, is
pleasant to take, and on account of the
special process by which it is emulsified,;
it is easily absorbed by the weakest stomach. , .  --    '":..
11 is the best remedy known to science
for chronic coughs and colds, Bronchitis,"
Consumption, Scrofula-, . Enlarged
Glands, Rickets, and all wasting, debilitating diseases.of either children or
adults. ".'"■.;
Price, ©Oc a bottle   .
Dispensing Chemist, Fernie Druj? Store
This week we  have  special  values  to offer in .   „   .
Hen's Fine Oxfords -
'in Patents,  Tans and  Velours.
Also llnee lines of Miners' Working B.ots from $2.25 to $3.25.
jii"guaranteed solid leather.
' The W. C.
'* The Home of Fit-Reform
See our window for the finest and most up-to-date stock of
glass ware ever shown in Fernie.    We did not steal'
them but the prices would almost indicate that.
Lemonade Sets,  Tatile Sets, Wine Sets,
Cheese Dishes, Fruit Dishes, etc.
' "*        • Call and see for yourself.
Men's Outfitters
JOHN. PETERSON has bought
out the business of J. S. Beckett and
is prepared to supply all customers
with wood promptly..
Orders can be left at Fernie Cartage
Co. "S office, P. O. block.
§       PROMPT!   1 § -
§,, DELIVERY     S
§ <S
The People's Grocer,   P. 0. Block,   Fernie
BY-LAW No. 11
A By-law anthorizinjr tho Corporation
of the Municipality of thc Citv of.
Fernio to borrow the Hum of Five
thousand dollars (§5,000) iu anticipation of the receipt of its revenue
tor tlie yoar 1905.
WHEREAS by virtue of thn lUmicipiil
Clause.! Aot, u-vcry,.iIun:oj|iality mny.
audor tie conditions therein contiiiiiad, burrow from any po-aon isiuli mm oT money not
exceeding an amount urjunl to tb'.- total
►mount of tuxes levio t upon In-nl or real pro-
tipTtv as shown by the rcvi>e.l Aa.so.sia--iit Roi'
s "Municipulity for tbo c-.trrout your, arid
Scott & Rosa
I i'*S!§S5
Ol Clio m-.unia;ia>uaia,>v  ..... ........    .
liearinu aiuch ratu of iiitcraat iw m*-- bo raitiai-
iilte, to moot the current loi-iil exro-ictHnro 0!
tha Corporation whicli !i,:cumiaa due und iivv'-
tabla out of the annual ruvenue ImfoTO the
raiTonui) lor tlie year Iikcuiiibs psynblo by the
tax pnyeM:
AND WHEIiEAS to niuct tbo current IqrkI
expenditure of the Coi-aorntion which becomes
payable oat of tho (ana uni revouuo before the
revenue (or tho year lucornss jmyiible-byth»
■ taxpayer it is requisite fur the Corporation to
-borrow n sum not ctcimdiun-- Five tkoiimind
,V ■ THEREFORE tlio Municipal aOouooil of thw
Oorponitiou of tho Municipality of the City of
;.' F-irui* ensoti tan follows:
1. ItilidllbolaM-fulfor tho Corporation of
the Ifuniciniility of the (.'ity or Fornie to borrow upon the cr&slit of the'siiia'a Corporation
the sum of Fire thousand dollars ($5,000), in
Nuch amoanta and at Kuch timo- it.* thy tame
Ditty be ro'juiral, liufirin-; interest at a rato
sot oxce-linc Eight por rent. (>"ij per annum
S. That tlie moneys so borrowed shall bu
rapoynble and repaid on or before tho 31»t day
of-December next.
3. Thnt the amount so borrowed shall bo 11
liability pnya'oh out of tlio uiunici-jal reva>nut>
for tbo current yenr.      -'" " f',"'
4." That tb<\ form of oblr-ation to. be given
rial an acknowledgement of tfueh Inability dhiall
lo■» proraisiory note or'nota*, as the butrts
, may n* roqulreil nuarl aJv-auuul slirlicd by tho
Mayor anil tho Finance Committee una tho,
. rriaslta pay«,\.le orr<ir below the'aist. day ot l * " '
' December noxt. '  • *-  - » '" "-1---:   '   " 1
- Thlj Dy-law may "r* bitted "a* the "First Tem-'
-poruij* Loan By-law of luoi."    '
Usad o first, accoiiii and thinl time on the
JSth day of March, k.u. UXjS.
Heeonsidorcd, adopted and finallr panaei by
thai Counoil this      dny of ItareU, A.i>. 1905.
Certified correct by
Kosisterod in the County Court of Kootenay
thi*      day of atarch, A.b lbOS.
A  complete stock of Coffins, Caskets, and    -
Burial-Goods, also Metallic Lined Shipping Cases
§ Parlors, in the T. Beck Block " Victoria Avenue |
\ -'iAAp&ii
Take notice tbat the above is a trim
copy of the pfoposedby-lawupon wliich
the vote of the *DHnicijialia*y of the Corporation of tbi Cily of'Fernio will bti
taken at the Court House on tha 8th
day of April,' a.d. 1900, between .the
bourn of 9 a.m. au'tl 5 p m (LocalTime).
J.. A.   ItENSIH,  '
.. -,*-■"'. -.-■'.'.,■■- -Citv Cletk.
""V**        Late Gardoner of Nelsou Club.
1 J   Leave orders—P. O. Draw ioi '
Now's your "chance.
Cheapest and best in Fernie.
Ucst lit and best equipped studio in town
Cabinets  vv; $4-to.$5 a dozen v
y_ Cabinet       3 to  4       ,,
Carte de Visile 2 to   3       ,,
Stamp Photos 50c to $»    „
Flash lights, 'enlarging  and  copying
done.    Dont forget the address, oppo-
«lte the Methodist church.
J. F. Spalding
' Miss V ARTY, Artiste*m'MUUnery,'
will open for business this day
Wednesday, March 29
In the premises lately occupied by
Mr. Cann in the L. T. W. Block, .
Victoria'ave., when she will be-able
to execute any orders the ladies of
Fernie and district may ertrust; to
her charge.
Ladies' own designs in any artistic
pattern executed at one day's notice.
Hats remade and done up in the
latest styles whether bought at Miss
Varty's establishment or elsewhere:
Miss Varty invites the ladies of Fernie and district to inspect her styles
and stock, whether purchasers or
otherwise. v    -_•;.,'.-/.■
At Elko the bite for tlie new mill is
being cleared.
Stop at the Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lal;c City.
Sewing machines to rent at the B. C.
Furniture Company.
An oak and ebony showcase, silver
mounted for sale at ihe Fernie Drug
S. R. hand tailored clothing have no
equal..  See F.J. Mitchell.
Lawn grass, onion sels and many
kinds of garden boeds can be bought al
the Fernie Dmg Store.
Fernie's best dressers wear Semi-
Readys finished up by F. J. Mitchell.
Blundell, thn original cash grocer of
the cily, expects a large shipment of
crockery in about two weeks.
J. C. Hutchison is still making suits
at the old stand. Leave your measure
aiid avoid the rush.
At the King Edward hotel in Fernie
the rooms are always cool in the summer, and ihel.mdlord greets each guest
with a smile. -,
" Wc buy, sell or exchange new or
second hand furniture. Thc B. C.
Furniture Company.
Charley Wilson, of Rossland is^.now
a drummer for F. J. Mitchell. Years
ago he was a crack foot-runner in the
Mastcrsoh, Griffith' S. Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
A snowslide has never hit the Kootenay in SanJiin, und the patrons -never
feel nervous when ihcy line up and call
for life-savers.
,W.   O.   Robbins   has  received   his
spring  stock  of  wall   paper. . Prices
range from 10 cents to $1.50 a roll.
The Fernie Cigar Store   is   handing
I out plenty o^oupons,jhese-«lavs.jind
*^ntie>irttoTaMfTi^jtitf*fconte"5jt»*i3 Mlaaty. ■ in-
'creasing.   Drop-in arid get a bunch.' '
For a stylish and up-to-date suit or
top coat see S. R's.    A complete stock
that will fit the stout man as   well   as
iheormal.n :
T,ee Sing, formerly.gardener" for the
Nelson club, in Nelson, has started a
garden ut Fernie nnd advertises for orders li* be sent to Box 10. -   -
A note was sent to the Palm last
week by a Chinaman asking, for 10
cents worth of tobacco. The man who
can interpret it will have a glass of
cider coining.
In tlie excitement when you reach
Fernie do not forget thai the King Edward Hotel is still -Joing business at
the old stand. The proprietor, J. L.
Gates, has been here a long time and
always makes life cheerful for lonesome
strangers. - / ! V   '
The fishing season lias opened, the
birds-are singing, and many a heart
is glad. The gladdest of all are probably the chaps who had their clothes
made by J. C. Hutchison.
Improves the flavor and adds
to the healthfulness of the
Price Baking Powder GoB
CHI-SAGO, U. 8. .C ■      '"•'
D. J.' Robertson &Co., Nelson Jiave
received several carloads of spring nnd
summer furniture recently lhat they are
selling at prices compatible with the ti-
nanual pulse ofthe country. Dn>p a
line and catch their prices.
Trites-Wood have a ■ heart after
all. They advertise to sell on. credit
cheap us others do for cash. Here is a
chance for industiious people to get a
life's stock of goods. They can have a
million dollar order'at this oflice soon
as they send a clerk to jot it down.
Cheap for cash, should soon be .trite,,
and lose its charm.
Millinery Openings
This is a glad week for the ladies in
Fernie. Mrs. E. Todd had her millinery
opening 'yesterday and her store was
thronged with thc fair sex, all delighted
with the elegant hats displayed in endless profusion. In-tlie evening the
Italian band of 21 pieces discoursed
sweet music, easily proving Mrs. Todd
to be one of the most enterprising business women in B.C. The opening continues to-day.
Miss Varty, who is anjartiste of grcal
taste and ability, has an opening torday
&«»« ^»vy*r^.*ajfcaj(^rt*i*rtaaa.pt-s»«-««a.»^*^.*5r*rt,'v--
bloclt". Her iiiimense stock of the latest
in hats will.surprise and delight every
lady who has the pleasure of viewing
them.. .
" I can supply all requirements in the'way of
' *• Salt and Canned Fish
Salt Mackerel
Salt Herring1
Holland Herring"
Whole Codfish
Boneless Codfish
Shredded Codfish
Canned Herring, Herring in Tomato Sauce, Mackerel, Haddie,
Smelts, Kippered Herring, Sardines; Shrimps, Oysters, Blue Point
Oysters, Anchovy Paste, Caviar, Bloater Paste, Lobsters, Salmon
Todd Block
(Corner Howard and Main Streets)
Entirely remodelled and newly furnished throughout
- ■ Stcainheated and telephone in every room
Free bus meets all trains
Electric fire alarms in each room
-     '   Kootenay daily papers  kept on  file
Rotes »  75o to S2.00  per day
€. G. Phair; Proprietor
I Lata of tho Phair Hotel, Nolson, H 0. ,
■ HONT<-,£At. -ft .TOUOMTO
*' You must wake and call «w <arl(',
Call me early, Katie dear,
Because the house and steps need painting,
Aud thc summer.sun is uehr.
"8 an? going-to uso-'the Prism Brand
Ws the -bast eves* 2
Mouse   «ind   Floor   Paint,    VarnSslics,    Stains,
Enamels and  Brushes.
Full Stock—Prices
Opposite the Post Ofiicc.
The Smelter Trust
(The American SmoUIng and Refinina Co.)
Is capitalized for $150,000,000. Its
assets amount lo only abont $20,000,000
—yet it forces the n-iner to pay dividends on $i3o,ooo_ouo of water.
George's Weekly will show the miner
how to escape from this Octopus.
Send for n copy of the issue of March
4th, iqos.    Address—*
George's Weekly,
Donvor, Colo., U.S.A.
LONDON.—The Times St. Petersburg correspondent telegraphs : Thc
entire absence of private and press telegrams from the front together with a
laconic messaga* from Gen. Lincvitch
to-night, dsited Harbin and saying, No
reports from the armies, involves fears
that communications have been" cut and
that ihe-Japanese have turned the Russian position. _ " f.
TROY.—Three men were killed.outright and another so hadiy injured that
he died in a few hours by an explosion
at the Schagticake Powder Mills this
afternoon.; 'The cause of the explosion:
is not known.    ;;'v ; r   „.__   *-..
LONDON.—A dispatch from Madrid
says thousands ol people arc starving,
in Andalusia where the crops arc a
ASKAHABAD. — Refugees from
Kuehan, Persia, say that the palace of
the Khan ts besieged by an armed mob.
" CHICAGO.—J. J. Connor, General
Superintendent of Armour &. Co. was
arrested to-night charged with, interfering with a witness summoned to appear
before the Gland Jury on theUeefin
(The McDonald, Simpson Co.
"it. m'donai.d W. A. SIMPSON
Wholesale Commission Merchants
and Manufacturers' Agents
The Lumsden Roller Mills
The Wapclin Roller Mills
Lever Brothers "Sunlight' Soap"
Dalton Brothers "Dish-tower' Soap
The Vogcl Packing Co.
The Manitoba Canning Co.        a
Tlie W. & R. Jacob Co., Ltd.
Uisciiit Mauufactarera
The Guolph Foundry Co., Ltd.
The "Armur" Co., Ltd.
The Mo-ic Mill & Lumber Co.
Fruit and Produce of all kinds. Correspondence Solicited
P. 0. Box 363, Calgary, Alta.
Just Arrived
The McKinley Edition of
iooo selections, vocal aiid instrumental
for the ridiculous price of
10c a copy
This edition includes compositions
from (lie world's moft noted composers
such as Liszt, Bellak, DeKoutski,
Uohm, Chopin, Padercwski, Mendelssohn, Handel. ...       " ,    .
Selections set mandoline and piano
Right in the centre ofthe cil)
Pimripifon Drm Store
fnlvrinitioiiiil Stock i ood
IJiliitil Vajnaor.
■'   V
a    •.Si
AM;   ROUND  TflF,  IWHNl)
of liincloiia ro.ii\t liftof the nppetlzliiB oaom
OMCn',1! nrul tlm rkli brown Bravy trlet-lin- tfliiipt-
limly to trc altah. Tlmt I* tliu kln-I of "»i«t-> «","
Iwaaf -irwilnrc.a. Tniiilur, Jiiity, iiouil"hliiB. Il
will malic y'iu laralnv and brawny
Of rii'iMs) wo coif (lie «li'alci'.i* cuti of veal,
lninli, pork, otft., itina. Ilut Jn<'. toar ve uru
tailklnft- litof.   laawfavaro of our offerlnxa.
Kid Scaler and
(Of Spokatne)
for S"i5© Pursc anc* $"8
D. McCarthy
(Of Coail Creek)
st.nke money.
A  Four   Round   Preliminary   for   decision   between
Con WabeSaro .-.nd Jim Seuirpows
Boxing commences at 9  p.m.   sharp.
^™.^««™imm.-?r'.-!'T«*J?*TI -Wr'T/"**..
«     «*.      *-**?! **w*m**f*"i rtv~+qi^^'"V«£y'-*


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