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The Ledge 1905-05-03

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tv T'-iit'trtA'Wii
\%wm ■
- -< -■
Editor and Financier
You will become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
Vv'lumE' XII., Number 36
Price, $2 a -Year, in Advance
<l* *i_y.zsit£ii£ii.£i.s!te^.<& y.tyA£ii.y&y.i.y£yj^.i.y£.
4       > :  'A-.:-: :-■■':■. ^
For storage room, apply at this oflice.1 had''Jived iu Ferniea little over seven
Wanted—A good gill for small family.   Apply Box 270. ...
Mr. Davies la Adding a story to his
residence In tho Pbat-k.
''Getting iSveh''is one  of 'the   most
populur pnstlnieu in Faemie,
Bon.'*—In Fernie on April 30th, tiro wlfe
of H. Cameron of a son.
Hev. Dunn hns returned from Cranbrook fully reco voted from his into illness. ■  ". .'.■■•
G G. S. Lindsay ban gone to iSenttlc
upoii;oftu-isU business.   Hjb will »r«umi
in a week. "'■" ,"-'■''■''■'■  "  '':'
A great game of ball is .expected  In
Fornlo next Sunday "-ctwce-i Coleaian
•» and Fornie.
Last week the Trites Wood Co. received a 310,000 shipment ol spring
_gooda from .Knjjlaud.
■'Big J lni" McDonel was lu New York
the other day and made a strong impression upon Gotham. •
Colonel Tracy, of Vancouver Is In the
rfltv making un estimate upon.iho proposed city waterworks.
Wanted—A juulor clerk. Apply by
letter giving references, to the i Agent
Bank ol Hamilton, Kernie.
Ou May 21th It ia proposed to have
hose races, a baseball match and other
minor'events iu Feruie.
Tho building: recently vacated by F
J. Mitchell, is being fitted   up for   the
uptowu ollice oi tbe ti. X. Uy.
Work has net yet begun on the ateel
tipple at Coal Creek.   The Coal Co. hi
-vaittuj* for .onw of the plans from Pitta
a_)uittia number «t»t.v dogs, horses
and other animals are permitted to
roam nronnd Pernio in a nude condition.
The Bank of llamiltou open* in Fernie next Monday morning". \V J. il.
Murlson, fromSuakatoon, Sack..is..the
W. U. T'nillips who travels (or a
Moutreal milliuery house, says tliat lie
found business good everywhere in
British Columbia. *
Mr. Marks la rapidly recoverlug./roni
•this bljod-poisouing in one of his bauds.
With one.hand tbo otW day ha'did uj>
4150 wortli of goods. '/:*",''■''
Tho Ledge oflice moved last *y cek In-
v"-i-5"a "bulidlnj.lii-whlch ths-rwalla'ami'irb
ifeot thick," and the mice never break" iu
And steal*.   More anon.
Auarge 'shipment of Edison's phono-
•grapbtj and Columbia gramophones
with a.full lino of "records just received
.at the iKernie Drug Store.
Jt coat* 13 cents a pound to brings 10
_poundi'oi printers' ink from A'ancouvor
Co Fernie by express. This, is a hard
(blow at theifreedom ol the press.
The business men of Cranbrook
flhoUlatibuUd a wa^an ro id up the St
Mary's valley, lf-i building would
nnean a good dealafw Craubrook.
During; the prist woe'e a work train
Jias been loading cinders at tlie coke'
.ovens, and ballasting tiie track with
dhcin between Fernie *ud Uosater.
Loiulon, England, is the greatest city
in the world, and ithe wise  men   who
direct its destinies   allow   public hott
•sea to sell liquor upon certain iiours  of
Messrs. Woo 1 an 1 Lynch,   dirCs-tora
of the Elk Lumber Co., were in the city
•this week, tightou'ing up their bolt.-* b»-i
iore thoy pro'ended further west upon a
hunting expedition.
The Fernie Aerie, V. O. F.. meet finery Wednesday. This evening all
members and visiting brethem nre re-
.qnestcd to attend ns business of iinport-
anco will be transacted.
Joseph Nixon of MacLood, has been
amadc a government immigration a_-ent
and will bo stationed at Fernio to look
Alter the actual settlors on their way iu
,from the States to Alberta.
(ieorgo-O'Brien, one of the lire bosses
is on trial tothy for lighting fuse with n
match in No 9 mine. This dsngofous
practice has almost caused a strike and.
tho officers of the Uiik-ii will endeavor
lo have it stoppo.L
Tho citv of Nelson Is making a vigorous protest against Japs and Chinese
working at the mill at Salino while In
she lumber yards of Nelson some
Chinks sro quietly jiiling boards and
saying liothlnj:.
Tut. Lbik-i* Mascot is live years old
and Inula from Winnipeg. He was in
luck yesterday and had n big hag of
candy tn his credit before tho ("hades of
night fell athwart tho city. Ho has
-Bade a mental noto of the location.
years. He Ieavys a wife and a 18 yen/
old son. Tho funeral took place on
Sunday, nnd was laurel.* attended, the
funeral services being conducted by the
Rev Uobsoti.
Mr. Draper hns been very successful
In his canvass for tho Nclsr.n Nuwh
along the Crow, Between Cranbrook
and Fernie, inclusive, ho has obtained
103 huw.'subscribers.-:The News is in
great demand aiong the Crow upon
account of the telegraphic news U daily
contains, and Mr. Draper is just the
tuan to handle It and to push its circu-
"tAtlOR-'V*"       '•'•"'■*■"•'■. ~:i:
Some of the^ papers are making it
specially prominent about Bill'Callllier
becRiiso whoops enme through his 'hair
In New York owing to tlie effect of
blending a little Scnt-di wi tinea air and
dizzy whirl of a great city." JTurt tlie
same Bill with Ills iiocnslonal fault is
vastly superior to llio majority, of the
people who gloat over any piece of news
float that tells about a | ublicman when
he is out with a pot of real paint, and
has dropped thc brush.
It is reported that Grace will move
dis paper from iFort Steele to Crnn
brook. If he boosts Cranbrook ns much
ns ho has Fort Steele and  the  mining
will bave no complaint against his  advent, although he has a strong com put
itoron the Hi-rald • Simpson bas done
a great deal for Cranbrook, and hi • pa
per never misses a note whe** it comes
to blowing the bugle for that unofficial
city.   With two bugles Cranbrook will
have a regular newspaper brass band
May they both prosper and never fight
ji Theasouncilmeton ilortday eyen-
inpand adopted .minutes of previous
Wilson, Senkler, and Bloomfleld
sent in a bill for t he total costs against
the city of Fernie in the came with the
B. C. Telephone Co. atnountini*!* to
$2030.{53.. and requested a cheque
by return mall. The account was
laid over until next tncctirg.
The eourt costs in B. C Telephone
Co. caseamountihg to $5)02.42 were
ordered to be paid at once.
J. S. T. Alexander was given permission to throw stones over the bank
olthe El it Hi ver at Prior street.
The following letter from Mr. Lindsay was referred to the committee on
"We rsccpgnlze ihe necessity for
immediate increase 'of'pressure for
fire purposes, in the water service.
I have given instructions to build a
reservoir on the.east side of the town
sufficient to carry 80 pounds pressure
and to connect with the mains by a
12 inch pipe. So far as I am advised
this will bring the water supply up
opposite Hanson Btreet. In order to
provide proper pressure for fire purposes, anid to cover thc greatest pos
Bible area it is desirable to bave one
large main, and I have given in-
s:ructions to lay down a i2 inch nwin
along Pellatt avenue, from Gemmill
whoi-aw the crowd of MeSicatiBj-lif
had been witnes«ei ar.d weredisch?»ing
the tragic Bceno. In old dnj e, soJU Is
snid, tl« enrrjing out of actual'Win
fiction was not uncomnion nmohjjfjtlic
Penitents. ' -y
  ,     !
———— .        t .;..
Monthly report for April. .^X
  **« \_
Honor Roll for -iltcnd.tnce, puiiclifi</!it\
and deportment.
l)IV.  I.
4th. Sr. Ma> Limb. I'hilippa ^alk-
Raymond Giddin;;-.. T_!
lani     il f __*.
***** "-" '*"_
'   The following   pupils   were   rtt^lhcr
em, Ailecn Tullv.
'   4*lh. Jr.  I-'red  C'l.ipp,
The Telephone BxpeuHo
The City Council has received the
cx|K.'UBe bill in connection with
l he fig ht a_,'a inst the B. C. Telephone
Co. I^iiiiinuiits to $2(30.CO. Of
tlii-i ainouut the a urt costs amount to
$1102 42, aiid the lawj«T3 want$1128-
11 lor their valuahle scrviefs. The
c un os's have been order tl paid,
anil the lawyers ltttar filed. The
lawyers timy be uiductd to throw off
tiiat II cents and make tho iicconnt
even 'money. Law comes hij-h, but] L'rn P011-^
no.doubt Fernie will profit- bv the'ex-
piriencp. Tiie Labce gets nothitig
fur ils advice in the niatter.
«.T/ Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op OpOp Op Op Op<Ij_Op\Ip_*.IpOpOp
tt* tt*.
y.i. %$
m% ^ft^fimf^tit^^^m^f^ m^ia^^mim
resources of East Kootenay,  that city  street north, and to bring this same
Bob Green may be in Fernie tbis
Mrs. L. I'.lKi'kstciu Is visiting friends
J.Ti. Pollock visited Banff and Calgary last week.
Mrs T. H Whalon is visiting Mrs.
Chenette at Cranbrook.
Dr. Howe is spending a few days at
the Halcyon Hot .Springs.
Mrs. C-B Hart of Kalispell was visit
1-ig Mrs. T. liookes last week.
'"' Fred Kicbardsou, the crack   shot  of
^_C._ya«'ittii»olcity iaat week... ...."
■• >Wni. Handley?will spend a foa*tweoks
at Virden, Man., in search of health,
\V. J. Tim lick has  returned   from   a
succc^sftU trip in thu new western   pro
Miss Emma Biall of Port Huron, Nlich
was in the city iast wtmk, visiting
Mrs. Joseph Austin and children
wero the guests of Mrs. F. ' Back, last
W. II. IUrcy, C. P. It. claims ai-ent,
was hero last Saturdav upon ollicial
C B.Hart who holds the lever on
the Ilex ford express, will move his family to Pernio.
Andrew McLeod of Letlibrialgo came
in laat week to accept a position with
P. G. McLeod.
Master Frank Kllioti and Mark Mutz
left last Friday for Calgary where they
, will attend college.
IX V. Mott has returned from Calgary
where he attended a banquet given to
the Hon. Frank Oliver.
Alter a three mouths visit iu Fernie,
.Vis* Blanche Gre^sirn returns 1 on
Maiiulay to hwr home in Leduc.
Kaibert Pollard, a well known sho,>.
man (rati Seattle, was tn the city last
week with the intention of embarking
in the boast aud shoe business.
The proposed working agreement until March Hist, ISM7, between the coal
miners and the Coal Co. has been re-
jaaa'tcd by tho mon. The main question
In dispute. Is tho wagen of drivers. A
committed wlU moot .Mr. Liutlsey upon
his rmurn from Seattle next week
when It is expected everything will ho
amicably arranged. No trottl-lu is anticipated.
David Clark died Inst Friday evening
from the effects of the terilble accident
lie met with upon Master Monday. He
eyas born in Xuw Brunswick lu 10*0, and
Customs nnd Revenue
Customs collections made at the Out-
port of Fernie. B. C, for the month
ending April i-nth. 1905
■■vniAJKOr utmirru
Dutiablo S",fll0 00
Fruo -" a,-.»5(i.00
T--tal   Sl0,ll)*,.00
main along Gemmill street to Victoria
avenue, and along it to the track.
From this main,' laterals of C inch capacity will be started along Wood.
Hanson and McEvoy streets, I would
be willing" to allow the city to put in
hydrants to connect with these laterals and main, and 60pply tba-ui
witb water at reasonable cost for lire
and 6treet watering purposes,. I
feel it to be tuy duty to advise tiie
city of our intention so that it may
be generally'known."
A letter from ilermon and Burweli
ot Vancouver re wooden water piping
was filed.
By-law No. 13 relating to streets
was read and passed its first readiBg.
It was decided to ask tenders for
building a sis foot sidewalk from
Victoria avenue to the G. N. depot.
The tender for grading Thqmpson
street waa let to II. Plante, the eon-
tractor to-file a bond ot $260 for the
fulfillment of- said contract. -The
workaiust'^^befibhjlie-l'by4he eudcof
May. -
The finance committee  was  in
stracted to }>ay the   police  magif>-
t-rate's salary-to the end of April from
date of taking the office.
Adjourned until May 9th.
Duty Collected    $>,__•> 10
Inland  Kivcmio colli«tioii« for  thc
moiith of April 100J.
Spirits  .$1,3S3 17
Malt      (WO VI
Cigars       SA W
Total Collections Sl,'2.'i7 en
Edwiutl Mnrslmm, one of thc 6tnff
of Clms. KIclinrtls'store wns married
last Saturday evening to Miss Isabel
Vane, who arrived from England
Inst Thursday. The wedding took
place at the residence ol W. J. Davis
on Pellatt avenue, ami the ceremony
was conducted by Hev, Kobson in thn
presence cf a Inrge number of friends.
The happy couple will reside in Ferule,
Long gln-ascs arc in vogue at the
Iviig Kdwnrd.
Slop at the Queen's Hotel when iu
Trout Luke City.
The total wheat crop of western Canada in 1901 was oC.'Gd.oMJ bushels, or
an average of 17 buthels.to the acre.
Cut it is possible to find something
much more interesting than official statistics to prove that western Canada is
really tho most wonderful wheat country in the world. A recently issued
pamphlet shows that eighteeu wheat
farmers, living near Indian Head, As-
tiniboia, have, in sixteen years, increased their juitit worUPy wealth from
$J0,'JO0 to $rai.0sH3. These farmers report an average crop of about tliirty-
onc bushels to the acre during that
time, on summer fallow, and about
twenty-one bushels to the acre on
The Canadian Pacific road will be
completed 300 miles to Edmonton by
Sept. 15th, according to George IL
Shaw, trallic manager. It will be an
extiiiision.of the main line from Port
Arthur. The system, by the middle ol
.September, will he 1200 miler. long.
The climate, in tho vicinity of .Edmonton which will soou be the western
terminus of the lino is na temperate as
lhat of Minnesota. There is a wide
gap in tlie mountain ranges to the west
wai-al, through "which tho warm broczes
from the Japanese ocean current blow
over the interior plains. The wh?at
crop is already iu and looking line.
Farmers in.Saskatchewan and AsMiii-
boia are expecting very, heavy yields
iu iht; fall
Albany, Texas, is Ihe inventor and
ai.lt: proprietor of a remarkable coincidence viz: The pastor of the Methodist church is named Brown, the pastor
of the Ba-ptibt church is named Brown,
the pastor of the Presbyterian church is
iinmed Brown, and the pastor of tl.e
Christian church is named Browne,
flic negroes have a church and :n pastor and his name is Brown.
Trinidad, Colo.,—On the cross just as
the Saviour died centuries ngo, a fanatical member of the Penitents is reported to have died at Torres. Las
AniuioB county, Colorado. Several
Ti-liiidad people claim to havo been
among the witnesses, but agreed not to
talk for publication, so details are not
known. According to reports current
he was nailed to a cross of his own formation and died in an agony thnt he
did not seem to feel, wrought up as he
v.'sm tn tl''!liii!iu by. religious fervor
Tho story of thn crucifixion is vouched
for by Henry  Hobciwn, of thin city,
absent nor l.ue dui ing   the   moiny
April. CU
2nd. Reader Class.    Sauiider-f|l'di.',
Nellie Hd-ell,   Irene   Robson,   Knur,!
Telfer. -  *|
3rd.   Reader CIjss.    Eliza   rtohiici,
Charlotte Rennie, Edna Tuttle, 'Litur.i
While, William Ross. '''
DIV. III. ,   --*
v *.
and. Reader.    Allend.ince,   Leonard
Dudlc-.;   deportment,   Nellie   WaUate,
neatness, Menlo Giddiiigs.    ,     S'\
1 st.    Reader.    Attendance, . &«>bcri
Atkinson; deportment,   Margaret vj'al-
terson; neatness, Garnet Dudley.*/}
OIV.  IV. *^,
1 st. Reader. Neatness, H«"uel Hand-
Icy, Alice Beck; attendance, .Walter
Rennie, Alice Quail, Tony Caramel la.
conduct, Edith Tully,    Fairy. MtDou-
2nd. Primer. Neatness, Angus; ,Mc-
Dougall, James Patterson* sittendance,
Marjorie Broley, Thomas G-'ayeti,
James Graves; conduct, \Villiaiii*UaIk-
"       a.'- .'  t :
ham, Bessie Read. • ,_
div. v. *p-- \
A. Class*. Harold Wildman, Cora
Plante, How Hum Forth. '*  ■
B. Class. Clarence Nicks, Lewis
Card, Catherine McClement.        \ ■'•
C. Class. Clyde Hammond, . Fred.
HandWy, Albert McUean.
Average ihiily attctidunce
The Forest-r.s
The Pernio ■'Independent Older of
Foresters will   install   the following
officers on the 30th of May.
Wi J. Morrison,  Chief Ilantrer
James Elliotf,  Court Deputy'
G. Padiey. Vice.cliief
Ijuuis Caroselht,   V 111 no ':t I S< crctsry
Philip Cai'ost'lla. Tiea-urer
J. P. Lunihcrt, Rcc. Secretary
A. Milton, Forester
•I. Sunlierg.'Sen.-Wi'tviward
E. N. Galloway, , I tin. Wwl ward
K- Hiiubischaud, Sen. I'.'-.dle
V. Miscisa,  Jun.-tk-a-JJe
Div. i.
"    2.
"    3-
"    4-
Total       213
Owing to illness of Hev. Dunn the
proposed services last Bundny in
commemoration oi the 8Cth anniversary ofthe establishment of Oddfel-
lowship have been postponed until
next Sanday.
The order was founded in the
United State3, April 2Cth, HI1.', and
its membership at present is close to
1,500,000, more by 100,OCO than any
other fraternal society in this country
or Europe can boast of.
Tbe society is growing faster than
any similar organization and since
1903, considerably over 150,000 members havo been added. The Odd
Fellows is not an insurance association, but they give relief to members
who are ill or in distress, and since
18.30 over $100,000,000 has been * expended in relief work.
The total receipts ot the society
since 1830 exceed ?3C.*),000,Oo6.
There are thirty-three Odd Fellows'
homes in the United States, and there
>.rc similar homes in twenty-three
otfler countries.
A Bungling Oflleinl
Some of the ollieials employed in the
■jovcrnment officer at Victoria are of
litilo practical use except to draw their
salaries and bungle the business of the
country. A caso in point is tlio establishment of tho Pupreme Court Registry in Fernie. It waa to bave been iu
readinossby April 1st, but no fcal arrived until Inst week, and it ii of no use
except '" tho County Court. Tho bung-
iing ollicial in the Attorney General's
office should be tired, nnd somcainc hired
who will attend to thn business proper
ly. Mr Ho*s haa done all he could to
hasten tho establishment of thi* regis-
trr, but bii efforts have been nullified
by a blockhead in tlio wrong vocation.
From tha; Tiineai
J. Poupore returned on Tuesday
from a visit to Oltawa and other cast-
This was Jim's first busi
ncfrs trip east in some years and he
remarked many a change for ihe.bet-
tei1 even in the slow goi.ig east.
At the Frank mine the fire is sup
[lostd to be under control, hut it will
uc sunn: days *iei. Oetni'r it-in in >>a'-
thought safe to open up that |ortiou
of tlie mine to see '« hat damage, hat
been done. In thc meantime a force
of miners are at work- in that |*ortion
ot the mine between tliu. mouth and
the fire, which is about one and a
hall miles.
The. Canadian Metals Co. who arc
erecting the zinc sn clter at Frank,
have purchased the big steel stack,
105 feet hi-; h, formerly used by the
liejublic Power &'Cyanide .*-•-"••. •''
Republic Wash. The stack weighs
ten tons and will require ihree flat
'cursto transjort it. liisldfsthe stuck
they have also puichns d from this
cini'aany about thiee carloads ol machinery including two sets of 2(1 inch
steel, an II crusher and a number ul
mine and mill cars.
Uapid progress is being made on
the smelter plant, the 'tottery group
building being more than haif upand
the foundation (or tl.e main building
is completed and the walls are being
run up by the masons.
Thursday afternoon  one   of   the
epirtii g houses in the red light dis-
 trict below town was discovered to be
Ai, Excellent Showing |tn ,irc'    A 8tro,« wil,d W:,s bl,min»
The annual meeting of the pari,hion- i i,tl!'e "™™d lb* H'"e ''"'f'^' 8»,re,K!
ers of Christ Church ttok place Moudav !totlle sdo»nih)S houses and dcst.oyed
evening: Owing to the energy of tbV |lhe tl--'et" bouses to this row. Oi.cot
Qurchwardeiis aud .vestrymen during i'i"* bouses was the propeity of Geo.
tne past year, the financial Handing of- Atwell and was insured lor the sum
tbe church is excellent. The liabditiee j of $1500, the other houses belonged
are uow onlv $1,509 55, with assets j one to Tom Logge and the other to
amounting to t?,G82 17. fhe depart j Ethel Williams. It is not known if
uroofK II Bird to Nanaimo, ib deep !
Iv regretted, his tinaucial tact and abd |
ity having done so much   towards   the i
Another Feruie lilock
The Trites Wcod Co are clcaniug
tlicir. lot on .Victoria avenue, and putting iu trenches for Steam heating pur-
noses, and foundation piers. The company will shortly commence theerfctio'n
0/ a durable and compact store building. It will be two stories high, 90 feet
iu width audTU'.feot in lenj_th. The
front of the store will be '".draontou
pressed 'brick, trimmed with Calgary
sandstone. Tbe building will be completed in timo for the autumn trade,
ai.d it* cost will be 820,000 Thus does
Fernie move along in the. race of pros
there was any insurance  upon these
last two.   The fire loss   will  amount
material   progress   of
which be is devoted.
the  church    to
to over $1.0.OCO, as besides the buildings the contents were almost' entire
ly a nsuiiitd.
At Coleman the mine is producing
'~.r:-_i rr^ii-'t_T9^VSir^v=a^_^v-'ti*ume*j! ii-z.i&
I^ar^er .Store,—.-~>.. .-
F.J. Mitchell has moved  into the
•L. T. W. block where he has tne of
the neatest stores in' the  city.   Mr.
Mitchell is a tailor  tf   many   years
experience, arid is  rapidlv  buildi.ig.     . .-, -   -,   ,, :„ ■■„„ „ ,,,,.,,.
r-     ; ..-'.-  •._.-....'    ••-   . • -.-. ,   -on it, which in itself is enough to-iuj
up a great  business in semi-Heath* ■ . . ,.   _  ......    ,p,,„"r"v„""'."
,-   ,. ,,   ■   .  -, * :port a fairlv good town,    llie  iSo. -
clothing. Pracrcal exrer.ence enables him to suit all iu search ol tasty
durable and up-to-date c'othiug. '
iKn.tii tlm Hi'riilal)
The i corporation tpiostion will Vc
ECttlfd next wei'k at Victrria, one
way or the 1 tin r. Those who are ii.-
lormt'd say that the counter position
coiitiiiiud -ahi ut as inaiiy nanus,
property cotn-idcrtd, us the original
Mt't-srs, Clnnelto and MeNenl, of
the Kails View hotel of -Marx'svillc,
will give a- ball on the e\ening of
May ,'Six.I. ".very arrangement will
be made to give those attending an
eijoyable evening.
There has been n slight change In
the closing nrrargenu-nts. The
stores will be kept open Saturday
nights,'C. P. itV payniglits, nights
pricedincr holklays nnd Wednesday
i.L'iits. Other nights all stores will
c'use proiiipily at six o'cltck. This
seems to be a fair an.ingt-uieiit to all
There has been some good work
done bv the constables in cleariig
the town of a most uiidc-irable class
but there should lie no let up to the
good work. Cranbrook has been a
great haven for this class and they
■will not stay away unless they aie
made to uidersrand that Cranhrdk
air".is unhealthy
'iVe had a ni tilication fn.-m the. post
master at I'.utte ilont., theotlir day '
to the 1 Hi ct that the paper nddresstd
to Sam Mi'clicll was refused. This
is an old game.- S.1111 Mitchell haa
beet, taking the Herald for several
years anil has not paid his subscription. He adopts this method of getting nit uf it. If his soul can stand
such a contemptible act wc can"stni.d,
the loss i.f the moi.ey, but he can
rest assured that St. Peter will have
that account marked against h-m.
You are gciug to hear a lot of healthy kicking in Cranbrook as well as
in many ether towns in this province
when the new school ac; goes into
effect It will hint when the tix notices show the effect ot*raising $2000
to $3000 in a small cominuiiitv . like
Cranbrook to carry   on our  schools.
pI2«J^"2,J^sPec'a-*^y*'--'n all the other money.   .
500 tensot which is shipped and fon;e „cr goes to the Cc-astand onfv a ifjuii«
i 250 tons used fur the making of coke
; ujon the prciniiies.   1 he   payroll of
the company now cairies 215 names
or main entry, 'is' now in fonie -10 0
feet, while No. -i or the coking seam
is in ,T5C0 leet.   Thus it is  seen  that
~     . I the development work of the mine  is
The IIi_r Mill "j well in advance of thc uauers   and
The Elk Limi i.t---' 1 ... b ..I steam up'. (_laccs tllem in a posnum to largely
increase their output at   any   time,
soon  <'i3'Tli(-company arc now installing   a
ulieied   up.; private telephone sxstitn  to cohirci
Logs are being itu- ,.--*ully driven on ; all o{ t|iC different pans of the works
thc river fivin llosuier.   Tlie   p.**y- [and building.   The pumps have been
st.irted at the slope which   will soon
at their big mi ' on .Mot <iav ami will;
be running full on    ju-   •■•* =«""   »~A
the  machinery   te •»   I
pcrtioii ol it comes back again.;
roll from this mill ".-i!! soon huve a;
salutary effect uj-uii the"c-.iniiievcial '■■
lite in Fcrn.e.
be pumped out and thus make i'loiii
fur another force of miners.
A Kapid Rise
West Fernie is a di'lialitfu' suburb nf
Fernie just across the File, and perfectly safe from city taxes Four years
ago land sold for tKXi an acre. La-t
Monday, -lohii Turner silal three lot*.
fo'r?lOi) each, which will give out>idei°s
an idea how this di-.trict is forcing a
head against all the difiictiltit-s
have been blown across its p.nil.
I Krallal Ilia- l^'Haia-r
j The output nl the St.- Kugenc mine
I for the moiith of April was apptvxi
' mately .'1201 t.i;is. it an average of a
'. little ever 100 tons p< r day,
that; lhe members if the Movie aid
_Cratii".r*"i.k j-ran clubs are  talking   ol
(From Fort !»tei'lt» Proiiacctor).
Placer mining on Wild Horse creek
is now in full swing and helorc the
intaiuh is closed nearly excry plactr
camp'in this district will be in steady
opera 1 ion.
What is the luiiircof the St. Mary's
copper district iiia qii stion that has
lately received much attention lrom
mine owners operating in this portion
i of aSouthcast Kootenay. Individual
opii ion is tu the effect that copper ore
exists in great quantities in the hitherto unexplored regions, of the St.
M'.r> 's and i:s tributaries. It is predicted that wi-"hin two years tlie
Marxsvillu smelter will have sjx'enil
cup-ier stacks in operation..
Coiidiiipiis in Flathead nil fields are
not what they should be. It is 1:11-
1:1 urci-d that wi ik will soon start on
a derrick to be constructed on Sage
It is again tcportul that the North
S:ur mine will scoii be in active op-
Judge For'ui will hold court in   Feruie 011 May loth.
City of Fernie.
•JM'.NDEIaS will bo received by the undersigned, up till noon oil Tuesday, the
9th inst. -—for tlio laying of -alewalks
(labour only) within tho limits of tho
City of Fernie.
All   the  necou-ary material will be
supplied and delivered on the jrroUiid.
Tenders to bo eo much per 1000 feet
of lumber.
Lowest or any tender not necoiaarily
City Clerk.
  j having a friendly  contest   in  either
City l\.liee Court : j'o ie orCranbrook befu'e long. Tl ej tn*iitiuii.
During* AprM there were :!'*> cases  in • Cranbrook   lei 111  will   piob..bly   be      Southeas'.  Kootenay  mining    (lis-
the police court ami the aimmit paid in ! m-ni^ U() 0f Hyde  liaker, Alex Moll" 1 trict is still in is inlanty,  and there
fines and costs amounted lo SIM.
this ainouut S'frlS was contributed
fallen women.
"f!fttt,  .T.  F.' M.   Pinkhani,   ur.d   Dr. 1 is any unit tint of good  mining coun-
"    while  the  Moxii. icuin   will'try that has never been  j.fosprctcd.
Provliiclnl  1'ollce Court
During April there wero 1*2 aascs
tried in the Provincial Police Cotitt,and
the flues nnd costs amounted to 91-10.
, I'reen, while the Moxie teuin
I probably be mtuU* up ot UtiL'h Cam
;ci"on, Robt. Cauq iieii. Ciuuics Ai'ni-
' strong and Wi b-tcr I'-tirton.
i    Six muckers, F. Kellv, Fred  Fge.
•P. Ilartigaii, Charles Melding,   Otto
I Webster nud U.Sheridan, tiuployid
Capital cattru tinda richer Held f r
iu*a (-"siiaial tit t null   HI   ttaC   i>OV*   OaCCiO
O, t•tations will commence on the
Mx.-iery copper (roi city Monday.
Uibirt Dewai' left .St. ele Thur-day
A  nEK-BT comes'lrom Princeton ! ••'-   the  St.   Kugenc   mine   plei-dc- ,■ x» uli.-cvcml men. a,,l a large amount
that Peck. McSwi.ii, has anew dog. j P-*"*.**' "■"1 «'er, each lii.ed ,-';.0.'..,.l| ol tu,, lies, i(. comn.cice oieratmns
Peck is very fond ol cats, dogs and i*-"**- vesterday f.,r vi.Ju.tug t'.e Kight
cold water." While in Sandon  xcarsj I!"**'*Iil,v*   '■-* case was  tr.ed  bu
wi'icouie 1 ,"ore I.cxxisTlioni|son, justice  ot tl.e
Thos. Morgan, the iniiic
ago every animal was
where he worked, and he fed them
on sour paste or anvthing that might
bo eatal le. When the editor had
eaten nil the paste, Peck would buy
meals at tho hotels for his pets. Ik-
broke himself by lii.s_phi'antliropliy.
and had to leave the camp 0.1 n
freight pu'imnn- Peck is also a noted
poet, and his poem iif>on How The
ParsonV. Dog Lest The Liver is a gem
that should be read on four conlin
Wk read in a pa_er lhe other day
thai a newly-married l.'dv in Kaslo
by mistake gave the dog a piu she
had made for her hubby. The dog
died but hubby has bought her an
other ono.
peace, 'l'lios. .Morgan, um mine 11.
sptctor tor the ilistrict, intended to be
present, but the train was delayed
and the trial x.ns over when he arrived. On theS'h ni.diUi ol March
these men were working in tl 1; shall
level. Thero was a rush of work
and they were askrd to work overtime in order to have the time I.
cleared away lor the shilt foPovxing.
The matter xvns rcjKirtcd to the. 11 ine
inspccti'i". xvho iu turn caused the ar-
ri'f-t 1 f .he. men. There is also a
heavy tine kr a coiupimy viulaiintr
this Iaxv, and the case against the S'.
Huge i.e cttr.pany xxill come up latir
mt. Mr. Cronin is not in town, ** it
Is not I'Pssiblc to give his views on
the matter.
011 1 In* Mxvery claim which is h cated
1 n Wl-iti tish trcck, a tributary of
the Sr. .Marx's.
Strike in Fernie
A striku wns un in Feriiie. last M, u-
day lnr a lew an\ 011s inumeiits. Tbu
einplii.U'i's nf the l-'urt Svele brewerv
alemaiiali'd n iHia-u of "Js'i cents a day a. d
wall.cal out, but rulurni'l t»» work pemi-
ing a ini'i'tiiig of ilif iliivctiu?, xvlusii it
is expt'cti'd lliat an agi'ceiiit'iit will hi!
made I I'tween nn'ii and company fir
a 1 eritiit of (.am- yt-jir.--.
Mining Aiitlniii-ito
The cost of mailing anibiaeiie coal in
lViiii.-ylvaiiia is frum H.Hu In 5J.UI u,
ton. Tlio freight and selling of it cists
?t tl tn $1 7.i a ion, giving the coal
i'oiu|iiiiiies 11 prolit of from HI to :w cents
11 ton.
vtr?h*Ti!il ....
■i'-t I
. , £
THE LEDGE,' FEfcN'-E. B. C MAY 3, 1905
Mott, Son A Co.
L.T.VV. Block, Fernie, B. C.
Agents in Fernie far 1". G. Proctor. Nelson
The Ledge.
t»  is  rnnitsn^,   rail*-
O^iaaanila; Ills' laVPflt. FEUXl'l"
Xh? honr-c for railroacjnien
and lumbermen.
THK 1.KIKIK la imlilirilieal _\uty XWdmnalii-.-
in Keriiia-, ll.t". Tun prioe ia tfn'yHir. AflVL'f.
riisliitt rutc*. (tlvtatj upon upijliaitttiou.
Fear rulei* more peoplo than
mon sense.
Tue flue Italian   hand   is  plainly
visible in. the roxv at Ottaxva.
,T||E Kr.altor has  blottsoms on  his
yall around Hedley city.
.Fines':  l.iquors and Cigars.
Ju Fetnfey ti 9 pleasant
home for all who travel,
glooms reserved by wire.
r .'£*/?    'J
.       ,'J.'^*C--_*
•-=;<■■*"■ -•-
■?{■'"■ !
#■> 'A-.>.sS>._.
****      T
T, Whelan, Manager
fS.    ^--SMM^-Mf"*,^
Accordikg to the Eye Opener Cal
gnry is n dangerous place lor lady
type x\ riters.
A mix should be introduc'-d in the
parliament ol Ottawa restricting the
immigration of bedbugs. They arc
already too numerous in some pans
ol Cannda.
The Dominion gnx-crnnicnt could
hnve saved a great 'leal nl ill feeling
in Kernie by building a postoflice on
each comer in the citv.
pxeept a l'tlle sleep, and a foxy ideas
lrom other ptpcr.*. We like to see
an honest man ect a show in Canada
even if he is a Grit, nnd we expect
Frank willmako'tliem all sit up in
Canada is too young a country' to
have trouble over srpanto sclur-ls.
The government should not permit
elrricnl8 to interfere, with the laws.
Such interference ruined Spain and
caused a war in Mexico. It is largely thc cnusp. nf tho terrible tro'tble in
Russia nnd in South America the
Roninn Catholic people themselves
nre demanding that their I ishop-*
keep their hands eft" the politician!-.
Surc.lv Canada should tako a warn-
ing by the experience of other countries. 	
UE\y.\itE ol xvheat A man in Mil-
waqkee rubbed a bank ot $1,5'J0,(XX)
.-.11.0 der to speculate in xvheat. lie
sh'iuld be sent some placo to saw
wi-od for a lex* venrs.
Frank Olive-i xx-as once a poor editor, lind now look where he i* m this
broad Dominion. Frank hasclinibed
from the Ink barrel to a seat near the
sack in Ottawa by being honest, lie
would use language occasionally that
is considered profane, but ns far as
we can learn he nex*er stole anything
Unsanitary conditions in any place
xvhere a large number of people arc
living will ctuse disease of every
kind Typhoid, cholera, small-pox
and many other so called diseases
are all caused by filth. The Asiatic
cholera had its origin in Mecca lrom
tliu rotten, food collected together, by
the followers of Jlohomet. In reference to the recent plague scare nt
Tonopah the San Francisco Mining
Review has the fuilowlng:
Three years ago when the great
mining camp in Nevada was in i s
infancy, reports floated across the
desert and found xvilling ears in Retjo
and San Francisco to the effect- that
a mysterions disease had spread its
xvings over the city and thai its inhabitants were dying rapidly, every
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
\  ^l.y^i      *■.•£*
Wm. Mills, Prop.
■*&-—■-■■"-- - ■■      " '     '     -.,....——
"aVhi-losal* Dealers and Direct Importers
ol Wines, Liquors andCiga.r?.
Vistrict Airi-nts for
Puiiiiacry Ch-tropatrne!     .
and Schlitz Beer
putnba-rrH of
Cliambsrlaiu mul      *
Pharaoh Cigars
"fERNIE    B. O.
|-aie?t styles in Hats
Shict Waiist Suits
Dressmaking Parlors
There is no better
than that sold by
k I Furdy & Co,
Used in.-MillioRS qf Homes.
50 Years tHe Standard. A
Pure Cream of Tartar Pqw-
der. Superior to every other;
known. Makes finest cake,
and pastry, light, flaky bis-,
cuit, delicious griddle cakes,
—palatable and wholesome.
Astute mfcdieal men, xviio xvcro at
alosstoaccciiiit for the prevalence
of the diseaW, cave it as their opinion
that the"ore in the inines:of this wonderful campenrtained arsenic xvhich
xvas poisomng the people. Others
thought that line particles ot gninitc
xvere being inhahd and xverc destroying tiie longs. The water xvas
also, according toother eminent authorities, responsible for so many
Finally-some old fashioned practitioner, wht'Sc common sense xvi.s
used prior to looking for the cause In
a scientific way, suggested that perhaps the unsanitary conditions of a
town which had grown-up like a
mushroom, and b-canic populated so
fast and uo thickly, might have some
thing to do xx ith the deaths, lie prescribed plenty of chloride of lime,
less bad whiskey, ar.d cleanliness.
Presfcd   the plague di-xnppeared.
L'ke all patients, Tonopah had
evidently forgotten tlie remedy xvhich
restored her to health. It mi. lit be
xvell to try it while waiting for a good
sexver sys'em.
.But it i3_singular, and xvould be
laughable if it were not such a serious
subject, hoxv scon the public forgets.
The same old cry of plague is heard
again. It is nothing new in mining
cam* b xx Inch have suddenly, by the
very face ol their richness,- sprung
into existence and become populated
thickly before sanitary arrangements
were perfected.
The same condition prevailed in
Dawson, in Nome, in the Coeur d'
Alenes, in Ibmdsburg and in every
"rush"' mining camp in the world.
That is one of the conditions which
confront a nexv mining camp. Another is a;baptism ot lire, because
precautions are rarely taken to xvard
cither off until expensive. - lessons
haye.bee*vlcarnedx ". _
"~-"f$$^\\iA'6Ti_s~ •' tho alarmist.
"Bosh"sa>•<* the man with a thinker;
Its simply acute dysentry.. The
same old prescription should be effective. Try it. If sanitary rules
were enforced there is no more
healthv plac3 on the globe than the
San Antonio desert, and no   more
healthy town than Tonopah.
The reports of deaths have been
wonderfully exaggerated anyhow.
The mine, aro all working and the
miner.* are all xx*ell. The bears of
the stock market are those who have
profited by the scare and they are
the ones who sent out tho cry of
A few years ago certain doctors
who had a little axe to grind report
ed that Asiatic plague cxi'tcd in San
Franci-co. It may have, but none
of the inhabitants xvere affected. We
think the inhabitants of Tonopah ar
not badly frightened.
The Smelter Trust
(Tina A-norlcnn Smollliif* aft^ TXfiOnlng Co )
Is Ciipihili^fd- fur. $150,000^131.113, \tS
assets amount to only abpn_t S^.wp^op.t*),
—yet il forces the miner to pay dividends on $130,000,000 of water. ,
George's Weekly will show the miner
how to escape from this Octopus.
Send for n copy of the issue of March
-•th, 1005.    Address—
©eog-ge's Weekly?
Denvor", Colo., U. S. A.
Sharp 'tt Irvine
■ ahica ,ra * *as*r-.     * str*nt*f.£.   ■
-    -- - aiaju^raiavi;   rnjLln ■ _.   g
IfiOO Intornntionnl Coal S  .2(U.<
100 North West Coal      1 50"
250 Alberto Coal    "...      CO
WOO St Kiigeno -. 40
8000 Sullivan   11
20()0 Gieat No.-tl.ern Mines 15
S. A War Scrip .'...,: f_n:i,00
I OUO Centre Star        .10
H)00 War K-ifi-lc        .11
■.OX) Iinnihh-r-Cni-ihno 18
Wire or write for tjulck Returns
Turnei-'Bocch Bid., NELSON,
Is of the utmost iuipoitancc in
these days of modern life when a
minute may sometimes mean u million.
Always have a watch that keeps the
correct time, and if it will not, talk lo
CO. Demaurez
If you are looking for Fi«liing, Baf-liing
Hunting, Boat'ng or Glacier Climbing, go tq
New Denver and stop a few (luyH, weeks or
lnonthR-at the Newmarket Hotel with-Henry
Stcge. Home cooking, and thu finest boveragea
ill the world, including water. Write or wire
(or ratals.-''
First Class in Every Respect Ij
MIIS. S, JENNINGS, Pitopiuetrksr. U^J
Is the home of all Slocan i>:oplo traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BEOS., Props.
Strictly First Class
Up to Date
Klectric Lighted
Steam I lent
_t_t a «rt>s**ft«a tarn me* 0
-a/tv-xjv-Vs-tv^/**./*^ -&%«*v«
Shooting Gallery
Having opened a shooting
gallery in the Hock hlock, next
to thc bowlinp alley, wc solicit
the trade of all who delight lithe pleasures of marksmanship. Call in and take a shot
or two.
Vincent & Huby
' Price Baki no'
Powder Co.,
licvrr 5*0 into ics v.-oous away irom a
doctor.xvith.a che-tp alum bakinj; powder
in th'.-ouifii. You want the bt-st baking
powikrin'the world—and' it is most
eco-.'.otnicr.l iu Use end.
& Winchester
For Uriel* and  Stone  Work.
First-class work -juaranlectl. Contracts taken for building coke ovens in
any part ol the country. Estimates
P. O. Bex 283, Fernie, B.C.
Dr. A. Ml HOY
Aberdeen Block, NELSON,
I'., c.
J. R. Cameron
la lhe tailor to go to whon
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
Ho has lhe nobbiest sultinga
to (.elect from, and the (it and
workmanship is the beet.
CANlHON        ♦      OLDEST   TAILOIt
Jt\l*iU\Jl*tt        «       IJ-    TnK   SIjWAa,-
For sale «tt nil times excellent
sand for plastering.  Best
sand in thc country.
Appl)' to—
Ilo, 55; Cid Town
Cigar Store
50 dozen New Pipes just
Briars, Clays & Meerschaums
Cigar and Cigarette Holders
Call and have a look at them
Hot and Cold Baths
Billiard and Tool Room Large Sample Rooms
Bar Room Unexcelled
Rates : .$2.50 per day
ft* tl* t't*it* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* tt* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ff ft* ft* f(*
^a? $*£
| Tiie F®i*ni© Brewery |
iii. N. KLAUSMAN, Prop. $!$
*.*. Manufacturers of Latjer Beer, Bottled Beer 8c Porter g*,
tt* a ft*
Howland Avenue, Fernie
t.^t\ft^.*f_*fi*fl*t.*' f.*f.*ff ft* ft*ft* ft* ft*ft* tf ft* ft* ft* ff ft* ft* ft* fl*
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
FERNIE, B.C. ;.-.
L, ATKINSON, Proprietor
J.A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
A good chance for a future home on .reasonable terms.
Kootenay Valleys Co«, Lid.
About 1600 acres, Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
Ij-nds on the KOOTENAY' RIVER at SAND
CREEK,- io miles from ELKO.
Will be subdivided to suit purchaser in blocks from
80 acres upwards.
Price from S3.00 to $7.00 per ncre.   Terms—r-slh
cash ;   balance in yearly instalments al 6 per
cent, interest.
Agcntii in Kaarnic:
Mott, Son & Co,
T. G, Proctor Manager Neisoft
.GO a day asit-. up
FffaaSs and Lodging
$25.00 $26.00 and $30.00
per Month
Breakfast hrs. 5.30 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Lunch „ 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Dinner       „    5.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
S&iUZU W!!W W^WW2^" W!!VWS-W WT^S^rw V-*£W W^WTW WT>4^y
First Class in every respect
Order your Spring suit i novv.
Suiiitii-s now arriving.
F. F. Uebschcr,
Slhvnoi.'t Don Tailor
0*Ab>J%^rtv^f<&% *§/*ty%i%'mb/VA '^^^/l&^^-l|V*VV^^^/^-&^^'1'aV^
I« in a delightful location and from its balconiea
can be seen all tho bcanty of tho grand scenery
that flurrounda, lieniH in, and adorns tho btwy
city of Nelflon. It ie tho homo of touriatB and
buHineos men from all parts of tho world. Tho
cuisine never drags in tbe miro of mediocrity-
and every room is an enemy to insomnia. I
you need rooms when on tbo way in, toucb tbo
wire and tbe deed is done.
•^/--'_/--_y^j/--_/-*y*_)/-W   G^*i_,-fV*'aV*aV"@
tffk'i* f<.*fc";"".
r'&FFA !
' :''".
u*t~ra*p*. w^a^**^Hu*) _s nv^n^f^p^m
*ifiv<r-~jmnptfjrmi ^' i|'i~" va im»(gaa-ai.t'i ■ nj'i|w_i»'iirjy<~"r)'-'"u|.T""{'l>gy-j'r.."i »n>jr-
-"ai"l|s.'ja,awiy ',u.Iiami,^fsy|-ss^y.wgty^»Mfyy,nj^w«-ys^T.^wtmwiia, ii^|s,n^^.^.
'^ffay»WW.^a_|.'-^'3'a^"-""»—"*'"t f ssy.w^»y^s*y^ M..i..^_i,,.ini.r.i..a.M^.^.l....^|.i.
't    '     - sal laj     i 3f t-     {
jrt**rJt w   %«ja
'•^m^r^^^^n^~/ijb     _ S U ■'■, --■■--iliac-—_37Ta--wr *-a-"'ri'-•oTT-ijna.jraai'---
toy*.,.fkjtjwv, ,•}
', .      *.*a**        ...*.•>..
The progress ot the Canadian west
this year is evidenced by tlie iiiunens •
suiiount of activity in nultvay building
and Improvements..'" The Canadian Pacific Will doubletrack the 420 miles between Winnipeg and Fort William, on
Lake Superior. The same company
will htiilcl several hundred miles of new
lines on its various branches this year
and is spending large sums on improvements of the permanent way.
The Grand Trunk railway has not
begun any actual construction work,
but it is said that arrangements arc
making to put,45.000 men at u'ork as
soon us tlie company's plans are 111a-
J°___The Canadian Northern railway is
rushing ils main line on to I'dinonlon,
besides devoling much attention to
branch lines. It has just established
thru train service on its main line from
Winnipeg to the elbow on thc North
Saskatchewan river. This , company
has 1,950 miles of 1 rack west of I-alee
Superior, In addition to this extension, it is planning large terminal improvements in Winnipeg, which will
probably be worked out in association
with the Grand Trunk Pacific.
In building new lines the Canadian
Northern has lo cross the Saskatchewan river, north or south, five limes..
The five necessary bridges are of steel
and masonry, and will cost the company $1,500,000. On the main line
llie first crossing is that of the South
Saskatchewan, fifteen miles from the
flourishing city of Saskatoon and 485
miles from Winnipeg.
The main line next crosses the North
Saskatchewan river 514 miles vrest of
Winnipeg.    At a point 577 miles   west
.of"Winnipeg, lhe main line again crosses the North Saskatchewan; again at
Fort Saskatchewan, 811 miles west of
Winnipeg, the North Saskatchewan is
crossed, On the Prince Albert extension thu South Saskatchewan river is
crossed at a point 525 miles from, Winnipeg and sixteen miles southeast of
Prince Albert.
The extensive railway building planned tor. this season and the following
seasons is the salvation ofthe country.
Immigrants are flocking in in such
numbers from the Stales and I.urope
that it would be absolutely impossible
to provide them wilh markets for their
pi'OuUCts ,'f iiiuusaiids of miles of uev\
railway line were not built.
The indications are that the wheat a-
creagc alone of western Canada this
year.wiir.be about 4,500,000 acres
With fair luck this will give a crop   of
almost 100,000,000 bushels, nearly
twice as much as was raised last year.
When tin-other crops, to say nothing
of (he cattle, of this .country, wilh ils
vast distances, are considered, it is
plaiiii iliiit lhe railroads have a tremendous problem to deal wilh.
The iinmigratiun this year from the
Stales seems 10 be larger than evei. A
curious feature is lhat many of ihe new
settlers come from as far south as Texas and Oklahoma The other day a
party of settlers from Texas arrived at
Kdnionion, ;'5o miles north of ihe
boundary i.i Alherla.
Alherla is proving very pop ilar with
settlers who desire irrigation, cattle
raising and mixed'farming, The first
and second of these flourish in southern
Alberta, and lhe second and third !n
northern Alberta. All the towns and.
cities of Albert'1 are profiling-fr.im the"
influx of immigration. Among them
are Red Deer, Panoka, Innisl.-i.il,'Olds,
Airuric, Naiiiiiii, High River and s^lar-
esholm. All are in a prosperous agricultural country, and there are splendid openings for commercial and industrial enterprises as well as for farming
in the surrounding country.
Stick at the old, we!! known
eliable Reliance Cigars
(Corner Howard and Main Streets)
Kntircly remodelled and newly furnished thioughout
Steamheated and telephone in every room
Free bus meets rill trains
Kleclric fire alarms in each room
Kootenay daily  papers  kept  on   file
Rates 1  75o  to  S2.00  per  day
G. €. Phair, Proprietor
I.rite of tlie 1'linir Hotel, Nol»ain, fl C.
Good Short Stories
The car was crow ded to its full capacity and the two who had just entered
were compelled tu hold to thc same
"We see->i to be sentenced to hang,"
observed the maid.
"Yes," whispered the young man, as
his fingers closed over hers. ' "Capital
Congressman James R. Mann of Chicago, was in the chair the other afternoon, when Congressman Robert* Baker of New York, was declaiming vigorously on the horrors of the Russian situation, "Words fail me, Mr. Speaker," exclaimed the orator, "words fail
me." "Well, its all the samo," said
thc presiding officer, .calmly, "thc gentleman's time has expired anyhow."
• »
In southern China the air is so lu -
mid in summer that, despite Ihe intense heat clothes cannot be dried in
thc open uir.
The first J.inane-sc newspaper was
, published in 1863, only 4*1   years   ngo.
To-day Japan has   1,500
papers and periodicals.
The water is so clear in the fiords of
Norway that objects an inch and a half
in diameter can be distinctly seen at a
depth of 150 feet.
An old negro died iu Kansss not long
ago, and as he.belonged to no church
or society, three or four negroes volunteered to bury him, and they were iho
only followers in his ln-.ii*. After the
coffin had been lowered into the grave,
all seemed to feci that something ought
ti) he said. They appealed to lhe oldest man present, who delivered the following: "Brother, you is gone, hut
we hope you is better off than we think
you is."
* *
.   *
Logic sometimes triumphs over dog-
r,;.i, as illusir-ted in ih* raw. of a little
girl who had been brought up a belicv
in Christian Science. She was visiting
ber aunt, a non-believer, and in the
course of thc afternoon fell down stairs,
whereupon she began to cry lustily.
"Are you hurt, dear?" inquired the
aunt. ''No," was thc sobbing response. "Then," s-itJ the aunt, nol
without a touch of wicked enjoyment,
"why do JJyou cry?" "I'm crying,"
was the reply,  "because   I   can't   feel
that I ain't hurt."
* *
Tlie American entertainer known as
Malini recently performed some of bi>
tricks before a gathering which included lhe Queen. At the clo-ae, one of tlu*
visitors asked Malini lo (ell him how
much money he had in his pockets.
"That is easily done" replied the magician. To allow of no deception, Malini was blindfolded, and at bis request
the visitor placed all the money
on the table in full view of the
•spectators. There was a dead silence
for a few seconds. '.'You are Mire il i«.
all on the table?" "Quite sure." "Then
uir, you have no money in your, pock-
rts." No one enjoyed this simple joke
more than the Queen, who had eh ifleil
the "victim" on his tcmpoiarv poverty.
A Canadian named Casey was appointed to a'government place. ...Technically it had tit be held by a lawyer,
which Casey was not. The Henchcrs
of ihe Law Society, however, undertook to obviate the technicality. "Well,
Casey," said the examiner, "what do
you know about law, anyway?" "To
tell the truth," replied the candidate, "1
don't know a single thing." The examiner reported in his affidavit "lhat
he had examined Mr Casey as to his
knowledge o'f llie law; and, to tlio besl
of his information and belief, he had
answered the questions that he had put
to him correcilv." The aspirant was
thereupon admitted.
* ♦ *- '"
Robert Mantell says the hew press
agent of a dime museum went home
widi a glass eater lo spend the nighl.
Both were overjoyous and made a great
ado in opening the door. As they
scraped over the   key-hole   a   window
was raised on the floor above and a
whiskered person reviled ih'a-m in terms
that would have been pungent in sheol.
The press agent was there with a
line cf fancy invective himself, and he
cut loose with one of those scorching
phases from which there is no adequate
come-back from any male.
"Nix, cull, cheese!" cried the glass
eater in alarm. "That's my wife—the
bearded lady."
. *    *    *
,A professor in an agricultural college
had a hobby. Ho believed and preached on all occasions that the foaid of "animals should be cooked, just like tbat
of human beings. One day, while out
driving in thc country, he passed a farm
the owner of which was standing in , a
pen near the road feeding-to a drove of
swine generous quantities of corn in linear.'.'This caused the learned theorist
to stop and forthwith hail thc ..violator
of his theory: "My friend, don't you
know that it is wrong to give, those
hogs feed that has not been cooked?
Don't you know that if vou would co.k
that grain before issuing it they would
digest it in just one-half the time it
takes them as it is now eaten?" "Waal
stranger, suppose they would;   I'd   like
to know what in tho time is  to  a
j_m^._tm_m__________mkm \
The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd., Montreal, Que.
'First maker of the " Flor de Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur'' since i8;6 ; over 27 years in existence.
Wai.tb'k Ckon"*, Wesiern Representative.
fju Dens a Machinists,
 'NELSON, B.c	
Mill and Mining Machinery.   Complete
Stock of Shnftiiig, Fittingi*, etc., nhvay-,
on hand    I'Miiiintes funiiKhwI.   Sern]
Iron bought by the eiirlnwl.-  llepairini;
and Jobbing.
B   C. TRAVIS, xnNAccaa
Meets   cv rv   Friday  evening'at   •*•"
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall'.
T. Ili-c-K,  P.C,.,R.S.
J./Barber.* i..d'.s., d.d.s.,
L. T. W;    IJIaacI*.   opposite- the 'Bank
'Olliee iKiuri.—Mil.in. toM |t ii'i.
W. II   KliSla
"J. .S. T. Al.KXAMiKH
The door of the
Has not been locked for many ye.irs.
The Landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge oi an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morn-
bracers. Mail orders
prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer
Have oue of their Largest stores in Fernie.
■ ■..-■■■ . Lamb, Veal, Fresh and .Smoked Fisli.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
9 ^^%^^^'^%'^m^^^^t^^m^AU^%^/%^t\j*_^*_v4^^^ --iV**Vt_V*iV-Si,-tl, O
The First Class Hotel of Fernie
The ttcaort uf Caimiacr.'ial ninl Triivt-UiiB Mi-n
The hotel is. elegantly furnished with
handsome new furniture throughout,
is heated  by steam and has return
call bells in every room.
Rates:  $2.00 a day  and  upwards
Lowest Rates—-Best Time
Toronto,   Montreal,  New York,
....        pf-.s,'!, ,...aa: Visl.s        I'linrlVmiJ
Victoria and Vancouver
Fernie Livery and Dray Stables
Careful drivers furnished when required.
Teaming, draying and packing promptly attended to.
Safes and pianos carefully handled. Supplies sent by
pack-train to the Flathead or any part of the mountains.
Baggage transferred to any part of the city day or night.
My city bus meets all trains.
I haoc-th". sole agencij in Fernie For the sale of the
coal of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., and the price
per ton delioered is $4. Clean coal and prompt attention to orders. Wnia Hag,dSey
NOT-TO: IS HKKKHY GrVKX thiiT the rtwer-
vatioii e.-*tri«Mi.*ili-t I in _jiur**miiu'i- of Hit*
provisions <ff the 4* ('ohiriilitii ami Wc-t^rn
Kuilwiiy flnli.-tldy Act, ikkj," not it*** .4 of wlm-h
wer** )ttil(IUlh-i. in tlm JNiti**ti Coliimliin (tjiz-
ctti- and <tiite-l 7-.h Winy. is;*.;. iind.VIi Jiinc,
(row n liiiid*- 'rii'iiHto'l wit li in thu itron 01 n-
briiee I bv tlio j*nid re-orvntioii will 1 *■> 0|*#»n *o
sue. •sf-Ttlpiuent. U-n.^c 11 d other <li *\u -dtiop.
utid»-r thn jirovi.-aiiiriH of fltf •'I.uiftl Act," tliut-
montli-i aft«r the-' data- of the Hr->t |>iihlir.'fttinn
of thi*-rot it c Iu tin* Itri'i-h (.'ulumi-i.-i fijc/ftti*:
pmvidi'd. howovt-r. Tlu*t in till rii*.--. wlicrt-
Inrid.-. nn.' so sold. prff*-mT>*edt Ic*i-?ud or ntlirr-
Wi--.*  tllipnnr,;.|    liy   fll<?   f«()Vn.TIIIMCIlt   Jttld    UU*
-•uh'it-'i'ti-'iitlv found, upon tin* survey■» of tlic
(Vduiubi'i und Wf-ati-rn Uttilwuv (*n'u-imii\•.
block■.. t«t lit* wholly or iu purt wit .jin -otidi
b!ocUH, tht>i. tlif K'r-*<'iiH nr .u:(\ulr\\4U r-utdi
luiid.. ohitlt (ttfit;lri- tlifir HHt. thereto from
tin- Riulwny Comfntny. wl'i. hnw uiri**'«ii Tn
iUmvI with i;iii«h ptiM'liu->h)k, pri-t*niptnM, !»"-
Mi***-, etc:. 011 tho nit me tcrru.-t null coiitlitiuii.*. u**
th** GuVi-rnm-.-nt wouhl muh-r tin* provj-aion-*
of tin* "Lund A»;'.'* i*xrtfpt in ru-*pt".'t ro iiuil.i-r
luii,li 011 t\\*- ('oirtpjuiy'-* liloi'L*. which >hitll
1m» ttubjet*i to th*? ri-*;u!(itioii.s i*»«.i:'-d bv thf
Company r^Utivw to th«. cuttiutr of timhtTim
thi- Columi.iu und WiMtvrii Jtuil-Ajiy I.und
\\\ S. OOUK
I)rputy rommi.-i.-iior't'r of l-nud^X- Wtirk*.
J.und-> und \V rk* Departnit-nr.
Vii-tiiriii, it C , S.inI Kobriuiry. I.' i.r».
Ross % Alexander
p.Ai'aitisTKiis, soi.icrroiiaS, etc.
.      KEHXIE. II. 11.
Offlci' In I.. T. W.'llluok, Vii-Kirl'a Avi-iiue.
H. \V. IlKIII'llMKII. SlIKIlavixali I!Kltl'llMI **
Herchmer £-. Herchmer
bAiiklsteiis   .soi.i' I'loits, f.t"!
Onii'a'a aia'afa 1*. Huria* st t'n'fi lilnrk. Vintaari.i aa-fi
Ij    1'." KfliSt r.i>
]•'. C.  l.AW'K
When you  pmoko n ci^'.ir
a-eo that it in UNION m.irli'.
HI in* I'rizc, Ha-nry Vjii.c, Cialii'iilnis anil
Hnvann'Whip Cigars are. Union llianiK'
IllJldaJ laV.
\Vllllll|a<'|.-, Jill II
Buprcsentcl liy GEOUGE HOKTON.
r-Iew  Crop  Now  in  Mock
llaiuii' (araiwii aiul Impm-tV'!
OAIMU'IN. KIKI.I) iin.i  Kr.fHVKIl  SKKliS
Wliolesiili. timl   Itrtnil
Special  I'rii'es to Kiirnu-r's lu-titutu
Thousitnil- of   Kruit   nml   Oriiaiiu-ntul Tri'es
KlwiilrKlcuilraiiiai,      2.i>4«-ai,      llra-asnliotiN.
mail   llHraly   i'ltaiataa
now.Rroavlnir in my nur!s<;ria..i for
Spriiii: ii'.uutit.t*
Kiista.rn pria-i-.a or la'as. White I.alaur
VniH'iiuvar, Il.C.
30111 1Vp«tlialli»taT Konal.
4,   A   SHAVE,   ^
■f    SHAMPOO    *
4,   OR-. BATH   4,
**?"      'ALWAYS KEADV AT        "V
The Mutual Life
of Canada
The Gn!y Canadian
Life Company fthai
is    Purely    SlutuaH
Vancouver, Victori-i, Seattle,
C:iltforiii."i I'cials.'
Unequalled F.issenger Service
StaiiJurJ iintJ Tourist .Sleepers,
Caiaclics find Oininp Cars
Tourist   Sleeper   Service
Wkst—leave Revelstoke Mon., Wed.,
Thur., Sat. ii> Seattle at Vaneouver.
Kast—leave Dunmore for Toronto,
Wed. a*v Sun.; for .Montreal, Mon.
at Fri.;  for lloston, Fri.
Atlantic Steamship Agency
Tln"oui;li Imokinj's to and from Great
Ilritiin and the Continent.
For  rates, folders and tickets apply
to local agents, or lo
R. Ri-:,Mi|Ni'., agent, Fernie.
.1, S. Curtiar, tt.!' A .        E. .1. Co.vla'. A (I t'.A.
Nul.aaaii. VitiK'aiiia-i'r
l.lltll lilir.ll.linr  alt  NvlS.ill  Clllla,
Leave oi.ler.s--P. O. Draw io.
Daily Tkaixst-leave Fernie at 9:45
a.m., reaching Vaiicoover and Victoria
the Nkxt Aktkhxoon. Return train;
reaches Fernie 9:15 p.m.
Winnipeg, St. Paul, Chicago, Toronto
and all Kaslern points.
i l-'or i.ites and inl'i'tinalion call 011—•
j Jamks Sloan*, Agent
Day and Jftoening
Bookkeeping,   Shorth.ind,  Writing,  Arithmetic,   Spelling,
Correspondence,  English Branches,  Etc.
Correspondence Pupils Coached
Low prices and individual instructia'ii make it the A     IVf     flr'trrtno
iha.Keofalifefmie. n-   1V- •   UI 1111^^
The McDonald, Simpson Co.
Wholesale Commission Merchants
and Manufacturers' Agents
The Luaisdeii Roller Mills j
The Wapclki Roller Mills j
Lever llrothcrs "Sunlighi So.ip" !
Dalton Hrolhers "Dish-towel" S.a.ip !
The Vogel P.-icking Co. '
Thc Manitohii Canning Ca"*.
The W. at R. Jacob Co., Lid.
lli-aciiit  M.iniif.K-furi'rn
The Guelph Foundry Co., Ltd.
The "Anmir" Co., Ltd.
The Mode aMill at Lumber Co.
IS 35 years old ;
HAS Assets now exceeding S.S,000,000;
HAS a surplus (on Government Valuation Standard),.ol* nearly .Sajoo,000;
HAS nearly -n.Oaio policyholders;
HAS nearly S^o.oaio.oiao of Insurance
in force ;
HAS paid over SO.500,000 in cash to
policvholders or to their families and
still '
HAS in Reserve, for their security, over
7,000,000, in solid assets.
Eckstein & Lav/e
I'aAiiKlHTi i:h at-Law,    .coi.iii"kii:.-i,    \'.r'.
CuiliUr: lilnrli,   Ki-nlc, II. C.
j. ir. LOVE,
Help  of All KiDds Furnished   en
Short   Notice
Ya!   Ya!
■ (JAI! I' K N 1 KI'S at .101N K ItS
Sv\t ilniir t.i ('ultfit ry f'nttlt* Co,,  \V I Str*.-'.!
Wtiikof All Kiii'i.-..     Riites t£i.*u>nimltl*.'.   '
OlTice : Moll, Son ".'Co.. L.T.W. lilock
Feknii-: Ilriiish Columbia
Provincial Land Surveyor
I^iiuls nii'l Mineral ClaimsSurveyed
and Crown Granted.
PO. Baix *»a. Office: Koolvnny St., Nebi u
Furniture and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
["■wo complete sets of Bar Fixtures, one
t'ritii-h Plate Minor •ItixOli inches, new,
Letter Presse.', I'lllianl and i'pn'. Tablm,
■V.-i»li Krgisters -uiri other .specialitie.-i,
Jlail   Orali-rta   Kii-vlva'   l'ra)tn|.t   Atta-nlion.
H. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
■fE?EPBHCoVE¥2        SALOON
Married men should remember lhe i
uncertainty o( life aud protect their i
wives and children l.y a policy in ihej
Mutual Lite. \
Young men should not dally wilh!
lime iu regard lo life insuranie. The;
sooner you commence the sooner your I
profits will come to you. lt is aniii-j
vestment that alivay- pays.
Young men who have relatives d.'-;
pending upon them should take a policy '■
in the Muiual Life, lt will help mother'
if death should reach you its icy hand ;
before your youlh has fled. j
For full particulars call on our agent •
at Ihe ILitel Fernie, in Feruie.
I ia.ial- •<   .7*. ' (l.alal .iml Silvir ' 1 1*
I.IJl.t ■ —     .T.*a jClaaltl.ailaaT. (—I'ilT   l.'"
-"nmialta lay   mail   ran-rive   |>riaii'i>t  ntt'iitia.:.:
I'l.e.r (," !at.   II. t.arl.a.   inial   llii-l, 0:rs   I". ni.-!.t
Sa'iial fair Fi.,' *alia:liiii.- K:i\.-. mul Tris-e l.i-t.
17'*i." Antjuiliop St.,   Drlnrr, t'ulo.
Now's your chance.
Cheapest and best in Fernie.
i!e>t lit and best equipped -ludioin loivn
■Cabinets ■$4 to !?5 a ,d.>/eu
_!■_. Cabinet _-.lo    4 ,,
Carte deVi>iie 2 to   .* ,,
StHalip   PllOtO-.    ja'C  tal Si       ,,
Fla-h ligl:.'*, enlarging and copying
dame. Dont lori-et the addres.-, opposite the Methodist church.
J. F. Spalding
lt   HEYl.AN"l>.  Ktiel:ia.or iai.il I'lvvliifUl
, ,   I.H-.aat >ur>a-a,,t.   KA>t.u
'1'IIK KA.~I.' > Hl-'i'KI.. in I a...:...j, t:aa.;>ai.i
-»-     im; l.iata-l ill III.' a 'uy.
IKihl.K. ,V r.\f\Vill!TII.
Fruit and Produce, oP all Winds. Correspondence Solicited
P. 0. Box o63. Calgary, Alta.
uhe fernie
N'ictori.i   Avenue
(Oppa)>ile   rultle'.- new hailel)
MISS X'ARTV is now
displaying" her Sprintf
nnd Summer fasliiotis in
all llie la lest styles oi
millinery, I'Vendi, 1 •English, i\e\v York and Toronlo. An early call is
tin itoe!.
•|*IIK   FI.'.I.KKT   Hs'TKI.   it:  Man,!.,:,  :". ri„-
JL,      ||, ,,.1.11 war'a-.-* la. Mail If I* l-i. a t~ \" th;- I'l' V
: •■! Sila.r I'.K.N.SKIT.V VI Kl'h\ . I'i  i- '
i 'PHK VlaTailtlA II11TKI, iii N. 1-1,11 1.1, :,,,v.:i
!    *-      I.af   .ill   "'ra.laa.-'-   Ta'tlv-  laalaaV   Ir.all.   I.-•<f>-
II..-I   |l..ll-a. Nat     I !a .!a,V .a|| till, , u|t|,
W.K .•.U-i:.VM'l.t-'ll.l'r„|ariirasr.
Mal.i:i,l>     1IOI KI..     ..allK.       A  I   lia.l.li
ll;:   r avi tliclil.-.    ."aiilll|.|,..  Ii> Ills ;u 1   1:1.. .■-
, vl   ll.    Tl..' aai I,  lir.-l-rl-iM laa.t.'l li   VIIIir
Kl.N   .AY   .Ma-LKl>Il.  I I,i|.II In-.
: j'iti;.in»>r iioi'.sk, nm.sh.v    t;ui-„|».;i,i
;   I     «;.al .Wlta't il'iall pillll.   iaiar.aLa. i^aa'aalat-a   H.as-li..
'. ir 1111 •! i- U|i l.a rl.   Only   wl.ltt- li.-l|i t'lla. I ■-..-.1.
:  S..lilll ._• I all .ivalli. Ill   (he  l.l.-.al-   l-x.-.-t.' tla- ^.-.li
I i.tiifufr mai.unV; t TitKiiii.i t's.
HAISTI.KTT If llJSi;,   f,irin,rli   th, Cl.aila
(<••:.'.c !--.-•-. -.1 .1 alav laaila'l  iia  .N.-l-uii.     llnly
i  aliito iVl|a e'ii;ai..'«!."    U     IV.   llAltTLK'l I'.
!    arujirlatiar,
i -1'IIK HOTKI. KKIt'irsiiN  |a the honiu -if
!   1     SI-a-.ill t»"l'l<- aa la.-u th.V    lira1    ill    t'l't|,-U.*.ll.
! lU'l'OXSKl. & l.l.At'K, Traairlal ir>a.
j '1'IIK lilt ITI'AN MA HIIIKI. Istlic aalil
• L c«> inial lhe laa.at III Ida' l.aar !ai. IJaalal sectsa-r,
i  ilwaiviaa'iVailiai' t'l.VIS Ultil-a,
VVliolooalo   Morolianta,
i'lalll-* MUNTilOMKIlY Caa , 1.11..  \VI:nli'..iil>,
!     i       Mil I. f ias-f llr.-r-s.    nf   a-llaaia a;   Caal,iVa't|a,llll r.
; N.-!-.-i>. III".
| ^JTAKKKV .* CO,, WIIOI.KSALK. I'1'..'.l.-
I 'J tt- In Ilullar. K|?Kit, Cliiatna.'. I'rasjiiiaa innl
| Fruit,.Ve'!"-'ii. H 0.
! I A. >la-l>O.S'.VI.Ii. Wli'ilcal, Healci .ill
!-).   Kniif. .SVi'i'ii, lit:.
a"waasfa_^a«(-«a(f-| «-~™«~*fn|^mr|a-f—•
^"I—'"-1'"'Vv-V   a-^?~
-:. ~ r--'J-
-i fa-TOC,""*-', ■a.*^^.MwJ'*-('-c__i^^f^^lr<(Ta'';;*;,->.--■
I. ■*■,■:*.--■■■
Af'tor -
.44! a   ,
■*■}.- •} - '
al^l .
'•*v\ .it.
THE LEDGE, Pf'rNIE, B.C. MAY 3,  1905
the Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital - - $8,700,000
Mead Office
-j   j.;, •A'.'.i.KKR. Oeni'rul Maomiror
Rest - - $3,500,000
At.KX   (.AMD, Aast. Oun'l Munauer
'maiii'il nt the rollowlnu rutc-a:
and under.. •
sgj   ......	
Over Sit, and nol exceeding fio.
" S10
" »io
3 cents
6 cenls
$30    10 con lu
"      * $y«     15 centts
«-, 1.- - a,-.-. PnuaMa at Par nt anv ofllee iii Canada of si Cliorter45<J Banh,
T Yul^JeS '.nil nl'ftoprinci-il banking point, in the United States.
' VK'inrianl.K Al" .1 KIXKI.  HATH AT
form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money with safety
and at small cost.
Three essential preparations for -,
50 cents a bottle
25c. -i package (sold also in bulk)
Liquid Veneer Furniture Polish
■ />•( cenlai ai I'aittlo
For mukiiiK nlal tliinea new.   Accomplished
without jail-Will*.
FOR KALE AT .■.-.•"
Bleasdell's Prescription
Thin wnek uu uris a-liOwiiiK
Agent for MuKinlav 10 c*»iie Sftoot  Miulo.
Cull or sonii for outnloguo.
*     *    *
"     *
The Crow's Nest Pass Electric Light and Power Co., Ltd.
has laid out a townsite along the Iin ■ of the new line of railway. The Great Northern, to "he
J-no.vn as THE "FERNIE ANNEX" and. whiel^-id joins the present  or'original town-
tailii of l-ernie.   The land is within the  municipality of the City of   Fernie and com-.
' prise* aboul 550 lots.    Lots in the present or original to\i*iii.iu*: of Fernie which originally   '
Sold for
are worth
$4000 to $5000 to-day
The advent of the Great Kortliern Railway has given an additional impulse, to the
already rapid growth of Fernie and it was a work of necessity to lay out this new
townsite to meet the urgent demand for residential lots. An auction sale of lots -.vi."
• he held on Saturday lhe 61I1 of May, at the new ollice site of the Coal Company in
Fernie, at the hours of 10 o'clock a.m. and 2 p.m.*
Plains will be furnished on application.
JAMES   .fllcEVOY,
Land Commissioner.
Straw aud Linen Mate for Hot Days. Tbe Newest Shapes and Best Makes.
In Fancy Vests and Sweaters we are vety strong.
Sf'K Ol'H WIXJJOWS t Iii * vravl for 6uu'|,l«' of tbfMi OnoaU.
The W. C. Hamilton Co. |
Fit-Reform Wardrobe Men"s Outfitters
PelOEroPT eelsveekv
be   built
Call on Kenny a* McLeod and get a
suit for-Via-loria Day.
Get a ,'nobby suit for sununei at
.Kenny & McLeod's.
Thp'Fernie postoflice may
wilh Sirdar granite.
BokX—In Kernie, on   April  26th,  tbe
wife of W. Purcell, of a son.
Decorate your parlors with the latest
spring furniture.    Robins has it.
Before you get married pick out your
fumiaturcat lhe B. C. Furniture store.
- Pressing and cleaning suits culled for
and delivered.   See F.J. Mitchell.
The-Fernie Cigar Store issiill giving
away coupons with every 25 cent purchase.
VV. J. Blundell sells Armour's celebrated brands of ham and breakfast
' Have a, look al the leather Turkish
chairs 'when you pass the B. C. Furniture Co.
Trunks and Valises—The Largest
Stock in die Kootenays at the Trites,
Wood Co.
The Coal Creel, people want a better
mail service and Siulock should sec
lhat they get it.
. An auction sale of lots in the Fernie
Annex will lake place, next Saturday.
See ad. in lliis issue.
- Al the King Edward hotel ice cools
the"h_»er,' arnJ makes it laste belter than
Sunday ice cream.
Before the days get hot call on  Geo.
FANCY BISCUITS       ®-8--
f»*aW*a--****aW--****-r*^^ ■
We hive just received a consignment ol W. 4$-. li. Jacob's Biecuits,
Ireland, iho best assortment ever seen in Fernio. The proper
thing tor Afternoon Teus Cafo Noli', KHJ..Fingers, Ginger Nats,
Polo, liutter Cream, San Toy, Afternoon 'Pen, At Home, Home,
Marie, Alexandria, Variety, Cyclist Chocolate, Wind'or Wufers,
Italian Wafets, Etc.
tl «»
*■» •-. 3
•        a*jL_P e
The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block, Fernie
•».».. -s s,    • -_nt
:.     SUMMIT 'HOTEL ^
TAnii tit *,**istAf.af'.* tii *:tt.,tt t» tt* fiATHr/lD
_4._tri.t /*«»/ ■*->-VTif--'-»->f*"*-- t»(t*j»rT- tit lim.* */■
/i_tA.*J. 71'f CwtJtfm^irtr *.t m*J f'lJtV Alttlf *4**J
jre_rJ.MfMj*t\Atti**H* •••* »l*r f** AifAAt* tS Uit
4 m m**TA wiaU   ti*   Mt*-   ttatf   t_kfam.tm.rn t.^_+'Jtj\
'ait*!.y<f««r -,i-t■"f.•4 *e?h*
Tilt m.ml. 4t*c:t*a4  d.ttr.rt it  -•fi  *• r,tt fmf *.t.
SaWtWAl Ur/0 !■«>->/ -an** "••"•* mtt.t-.J tAtn fatf t.A-
tmt» Tit- «-»•/ A$ Sji'tt r/»l» t*r*tm,A»-t fJ'-f *»»/ fm.
./_.;   /.  <ttl t*mJmt*J   tC   /.ft-* 1*4 /tAtdtt    fler+Jtmj
*A.'a£*f tm (L ***_*-*_* tf/7_tt*%4 IaU j*.rtft**i « _^n
JriJ^tmf*** Jfo (_**fJiy -*,//«r rf^,
' Pi.Af tri*~{ *&/__•', > JS/7 rtmX C*~i A*t •>» <«v»
t   .    _£****->-• M* nma-mpf  Umtif-A* A\fl —•* **f •*•*'
GfJ}$.iAiT*mt,1kM(*   At+**1 OtU f'J't   mum t-t
€4t%a**J %t   VtU\**t%lU    TAUt   (j M/tUfty f* /-Cf /*-*-
7a**-  l»t_t_}  J»Tll_At.j/a+jt Win   UwUf***m*'JAt*rmi/i*T
t%. *>Am A*J    I—a/ £t  '/£•   /mm-tlt }*t**ih  r*U_\'
n*-J-r*i*r UmUf^JMt, A
Cr*** t%& ,-*_*»»• j/"X*-. f^^f-/,*/k*/.** 0**,*
fttAft4 IU .£*« ,C«•»*•/•-■ ^rtKrf.A. Tia^*-mtAt
Srtm   fc-4*'».i ti*,/M..t*lm*t   M    warn* ,t4,f.*.I.I lm*t*
*** tj M-a r***m'-*ii /•>** ti.*.U' CJn__Jfij*^.j., tA*J-rX
t.mt Jsrj* 0+2 £**_**_**-*• t**"^*t *• X*-* mip-fU—Jf**! m~f
tmm ,*ffU.*,  mX^-.ttamy,/Jt*ff.J &• **' »/—•—/*"*>
to the
df ,ynu,Ta-ant a Ssjjit of a-olotheia
.'that *Sl'*yEU I-OSE-.XH-EIilt
.SHAPE.   .a,i,"(*   J-'IT    PJtMl
Cult Ola—
K^Jiny & McLeod
¥>.UUK "JV-isiors will he received at the
*^ pftice u/rC*ro.w » >"n«t Tradinc Company iipitUJ tiiHy 4t.h fur all Trades for
tho en-etion .(tf ^4»"0 storey brick and
stone I'luek. 'Plans and specificatioui.
may  ho -lien aiul nil other iiiforiiiaiinn
ilitiiined from N *f'. i'r^ny. Post olliee
block.   The lowr.at or atiy tender not
i ((•eth.nrily ntiei-.tcd. ..:*
.        Fornie. B.C.. April20.1905
Dissolution of Parinarshlp
■TAKE NOTICE that the partnership
here to-fore existing between Nieh-
olaH Klaiinnnn William Esehwia- and
Sarah Jennin-fs under the firm name
and stylo of the "Fernie Brewery" Inn.
this dav been dissolved by mutual con-
.ssijnt. The said Nicholas Klaiisman will
cull ret all moneys due to the said part
tierehip and will pay all liabilities.
Witnens, Nicholas Khusman.
ghprayoc'l Hsrebuisr.
jKor Tlie following Lines.       These goads are of necessity
-       fight, -]»d If jou will give .us.a call, we will .fysnyinpe yo« th.tt we SEi
'.,    '     .. themright*—
STEWART Stoves and Ranges
HARDY Universal and Acme Miners* Picks
STRANSKY Enamelled Ware, the best made
CETURY Refrigerators
PRISM Mixed Paints
GRANITINE Floor Finish      .
ELASTILITE  A Superior Varnish
N.B.-r-Hjiy# you tried a io cent Sample Bottle of Liquid Veneer ?
FEME, B. ©.
'Phone i.
Opposite the Post Oflice.
Riyhl in the centre ofthe city.
W.'Carruitieriranu leave your uieusuie
for a coavl summer suit.
:At ihe J;i>4 P.iloi dr.i«ing of the
casoil Mr.v J-'icJ iiioik won a'four-
pju'nd bus of eliocalat-i-i,
Mastrfson". Griffith * &"* Co.,rTrout
Lake', hi'tve all?lhe supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines-
Material is beint**' g°{ together for
the erection of the Fernie office building ef the ON. P. Coal Ca>.
Bbv.»* ' Blouses^— All sizes in Dark
and Lie.lii Colors'.
"•   Trite*", Wood Co.
Semi-Ready ganmnts same price in
the East as in the Fernie Store. Prices
put in pockets at factory.
We have what every man wants and
tint is a. lirst-class suit <f clothes at a
medium price.    Semi-Ready.
Semi-Ready leads, others follow. We
are the original.others imitate. Styles
most up to date.   See F. J. Mitchell.
Mrs. Ii. Todd has just received a
large shipment of English ready-to-
wear hats direct from linuland. t
J. C Htitchlaioo is still doing business at the old stand.' Have a chat
wilh him about your next suil of
The Good Templars are talking of
an excorsion lo Klko on Victoria Day.
Many who are not Good Templars ex-
curt their every Sunday.
A compressed air locomotive haulage
system at a eo-al ofS-jo.ivo is to be put
in at No. IS mine in M'.aJiel. il is run
at aboul ha..' tne com of mule power.
The Kootenay at Sandon has not
locked the door for nine years. Right
handy for strangers when they're out
late, and cannot trade their thirst for
J. F. Spalding, the well-.known and
artistic photographer of Fernie gives
free to every purchaser of cabinets to
the value of $5 an extra silting, and
half a dozen photos upon, beautiful
folding mounts.
D.J. Robertson & Co.,' Nelson have
rccutved several carloads of spring and
summer furniture recently that they are
selling at prices compatible with the financial pulse of the country. Drop »
line and catch their prices.
At their undertaking parlors Scott at
Ross have a fine exhibition of caskets
in oak, ro.icwood al*o, broadcloth
caskets in black and steel gray, and
children's caskets in white and plush.
A brass crucifix holding seven candles
is used at Catholic funerals. Mr.
Scott is well .versed in the business,
having gained his experience with one-
of the largest lirnis. in Toronto. |
1 iic M-ee'-o!" l-Vniie are tilled wilh
lUiaig >..;;!;.-, of uinv p:iper, while many
;i.i eanriiy cm I'i". cold mid neglected in
iiie naiiow alleys. If the municipal
authoii.ies have no power in lhe matter
ihe th'aMaeii might be li.iined to keep
die ci \ le.isonahly free from lhe altove
Wo;, ha.-*, upon the tieaii y of our streets.
The .sy.siem iaiaugui.iied by Lady Aberdeen might be tried to advantage in
Capital *> $2,500,000       Weeevve •*•* $2,100,000
Gotal &seet8 ■ $27,300,000
Hon. Wm. Gibson, President.
J. Turnbull, Vice-President and "General Manager.
B (Bmeval SBanhing SBneimeo tvnneacted
Current Accounts opened with  Merchants,'Manufacturers and   Municipalities
on most reasonable  terms.        Interest  at  current  rates allowed  on  Savingn
Hupk Accounts from one dollar.
An office of this Bc'ink has been opened at Fernie
W. J. H. raUMSON,
ActinjT Agent, Fku.-jih Bbamcii
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
Wholesale Dealer
of lu-fiaaun rnn.t txjasf tlio nppaitl/.lni* oalori-
cncapa-land lim rich ti-oirn uravy t'ickloa tcm|it-
Inicly to I e JUh. T", *tl» tha ktuil of ifinila our
laet;* |aroaliu-Cii. Tem'or. iuit-y, isCaurtshlnK. I
will make you taralaii onu brawny
Of caaursa we «elt the t-li-Iceit cuts of real,
lamb, pork, fir, xlno. Out Ju><t row we are
tHlklna-laCdf.   Bc-cfwareofourcffcrliii-J.
■     ■ ■ ..
This is the lime of year when
disease germs begin to renew their
Such places as drains, closets, outhouses, cellars or anywhere where dirt
has been allowed to accumulate, should
be thoroughly disinfected,
For" this purpose we have :—
Chlorid^ of Lime,
Carbolic Acid (pure)
Carbolic Acid (crude)
, f     Ktc, etc.
At best prices.
Moih  Balls to protect your furs and
winter dothing.    Price *oc Ih.
"IB-B      fABftO,
l/l3J)VM3Mi;^ >.'liai'iai.>l, » y
lift.if S*aara*
— ' -f»   -a--- - |
Your Eyes
need the best treatment you
can procure for them because
eyesight is invaluable.
Let none but the best opticians fit youreyes with glasses.
The best is the cheapest.
Our optician has given the
best of satisfaction to others.
He can do the same to you.
A. "C. Liphardt
Jeweller       Optician
Dressy Softs
I have moved mv tailor Bliop'-rjexi'
door to Sheppard at'Elliotts ;  right h
the centre of the city; and am.prepiired
to manufacture  any  number ot* up^to .
date suits. , ..
Fresh Asparagus
Qreen Onions
Turnips, Parsnips, Beets,
Carrots, Etc.
Todd Block
A^--iA}i' --....'
** OFFICE - •    41 '^
Prompt Service
at any Hoar
or Day
67 *
A  complete stock  of Coffins, Caskets, ami
Burial Goods, also Met.iHic Lined Shipping.C.iscs
Parlors in the T. Beck Block
Victoria Avenue js
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
 . li-ja
. Just Received this week
New Dress Muslins
Delan.es, Ginghams
Prints In all the
New Designs and
New Hosiery
New Parasols
New Gloves
-^m-* nf^  -^-^-'(--^*^-»--*^--*-™<,w--f^a^-^
y r
ujf-i/*!* *rfV frnc1'
ti   J,   .a I  1      .    A A"'-.
, if t w. - 3
" • 1 *i \   .h


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