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The Ledge 1905-03-01

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"SB" :   -&
-   Tho toeea were budding in Ferule last
■■' Win,. Low's and family have gone to
England,  i
; Harry Stonohouso loaves for Bevel-
stoke this week.
J. A. MacLean rctanvid from the east
alone on Sundsy.
Fornie sssma to be *tt attmctlvo spot
for photographers.
A. J. Fleming la at Moyie working
(or B. Campbell A Co.
The bridge across the river at Mor-
rlssey Is bearing- completion.
Tho window-dresser showed hla skill
la P. Burns & Co.'a shop last week.
D. McTavlab, of Cranbrook, attended
the dance iu Fernio on Friday evening-.
Thomas Huber, tha well-known stable
boss at Carbonado has moved to Spar-
Respectable boarders wanted. Apply
at Mrs. W. J. Davis, Palet avenue, next
See the Semi-Beady if yon need any-
thing in ihe shape of clothing. F. J.
■ Archdeacon Beer will be in the city
today on business connected with the
new church.
It Is reported that there will be a ball
given by the Fernie Dancing Club next
Monday evening*.
Herbert Cue, of New Denver, spent a
few days in Fernie last week visiting
. hla brother Harold.
Mrs. John Mclntyre will give a fare-,
well party to Miss Lou Farquharson on
Thursday evening.
The fruit and cigar stores of Feinie
are asking* for the privilege of opening
their stores on Sunday.
The rain knocked the dog races off
the map on Saturday, much to the dis*
consolation ot many boys.
In the tar at the Hotel Fernie Bob
Moore has the gTaveyard shift and says
it is the shortest in the city.
In her suit against the C. N. P. Coal
Co , Mrs. QuigR was awarded $900 for
herself and '1100 for tbe children.
James Sloan, late of Eatispell, is local
agent for the Great Northern railway.
, J. Belfry, ot Spokano, is the cashier.
A. C. Smith, who recently sold his
efore in Slocan CityA' ww ia Ferale last
'ttinttiea. '■■-■••-
. \he C. N. T. Co. store at Morrissey
Mh&s has been bought by It W. Sogers,
and A. McBean and family have removed to Fernie.
Stephen Ash died at the hospital last
week of kidney disease. The Orangemen and Miners' Union had charge of
the fanerial on Saturday.
From the appearance of things around
Fernie on pay-day many of the miners
must have climbed into the water
wagon, and intend to stay there.
Tbe Fernio Dancing Club will havo
an At Home in Stork's Hall next Thursday evening. It will be the last of the
season aa Lent commences on the Sth.
Dave Clark, the most typical western
landlord in all these mountains, came
In from Morrissey Mines last week and
refreshed himself with a look at city life.
Among the visitors from Carbonado
.at tho dance in Fernie last Friday evening were Mr. and Mrs. McKiu, and
Messrs. Stewart and Mitchell Mr. and
Mrs. Boat wore in attendance from
With every purchase of 25 cents
-worth of goods at the Fernie Cigar Store
i$ given a coupon.   Upon June 1st tbe
It will soon be coronation day for tbe
ico man.
Some dogs are liable to seizure on
Mr. Ticiick will return from the east
in a few days.
Jacob Flelsbmann took a look at Fernie last week.
E. D. McKenzie has closed his Fernie
shooting gallery.
Mrs. W. R Ross has joined her husband at Victoria.
Water has flooded some of the cellars
along Victoria avenue.
Tbe Tremont House is for rent. It is
owned by W. R. McDougall.
Joe Millward, tbe well-known musician, died In Nelson last Saturday.
The Oddfellows' At Home last Thursday evening wan a brilliant success.
Tho hotel runner is now much in evidence upon the arrival of trains in Fernie.
F.J. Mitchell can turn you out the
most stylish and up-to-date suits in the
Bargains in old newspapers at this
office. Must be sold to make'room for
new stock.
Fred Starkey, of Nelson, is in town
with a view to instituting a lodge of the
Sons of England.
J. S Carter, one of the most popular
officials of the .C.P.R., came to Fernie
for a day this week.
Miss Varty will open a millinery store
this month in the premises now occupied by E. J. Cann. '
James Broley will return from Toronto In a few days. His infant daughter died last month.
B, Boaf, formerly superintendent for
the Coal Co. at Carbonado is now underground surveyor at Michel.
Fernie is a great place for rumors.
You can hear them on all'subjects if
your ears ore not made of tin.
In a fow days Kid Scaler and Dan
McCarty will battle20 rounds for a parse
cf .$100 given by T. H. Whelan.
The social and concert given by the
ladles of tho Baptist church on Monday
evening was a decided success.
G H. Chapman, of Maynook,'■■was in
Fernie on Sunday and/reported a great
.alaTtlitTl-*1 f--.IT *hl*V*\**----r^-* **•" I* 'OH-
Wm. Handley has established a ten
cent parcel delivery.A Parcels * called
for and delivered in any part of the
Hockey is In the discard, but baseball Is just poking its nose out of the
snow. Fernie to bat and Cool Creek on
deck. '
A grand Slavonic ball will be given
at tbe Union Hotel, in old town, on
Monday evening, March 6. Everybody
If you want to buv a newspaper,
printing plant, gasolene engine, real
estate or old newspapers drop a line to
tbe editor of tbis paper.
W. Davidson fell off the train at Elko
yesterday and was severely injured.
He was brought to Fernie on a special
for treatment in the hospital.
The City Council held a special meeting on Friday CTcning In order to notify
the city solicitor to drop proceedings
against the B. C. Telephone Co.
Seven years ago it was mostly bush
where Fernie now stands. Today, the
value of real estate and buildings is
over ,$700,000. Coal ia great stuff to
make a town grow.
There was a hot time nt the session
of the Associated Boards ot Trade in
Nelson last week. Smith Curtis. In
dealing upon the selection of road
lands practically accused Wm. Pearce
and James McEvoy of having sold
thetDBelveBto theCrbwa Nest Pass
Coal Co. The Nelson Tribune calls
Curtis a mudslinger and other familiar phrases, and lands Pearce and
McEvoy clear over the transom.
Speaking of James McEvoy the Tribune says:
James McEvoy has behind him fifteen years' of hard, " honest, invaluable work in the geological department. He Is a man transparently
honest, and of a modest and retiring
disposition—the last man whom a
person with any regard for decency
would attack with one conclusive evidence of its justification, fle left the
government at the same time as five
others, because they were refused a
moderate increase in their salaries.
The application was endorsed by the
Canadian Mining Institute at a time
when wealthy corporations were
seeking the services of geological experts. Mr. McEvoy was one of a
corps who said: "We love our profession, we prefer the public service
even at a much lower salary than
private service, but we cannot live
decently on $1800 a year. Give us a
moderate increase and we will stay."
The government refused and six left
including Mr. McEvoy and the since
famous Labrador explorer. Mr. A P.
In the face of these facts (• ia not to
be wondered at tbat "Curtis was not
sincere in one word of his charges,
and he was merely juggling with
words," and In making this characterization ho was bat subscribing to
the popular verdict.
THE *r"GLl3PBfpN,-S.
The central officers *xinS b|li,t fnr
the telephone system in Fernie, the
cable boxes and awitcbhoard arrived
on Saturday, ■ and more: supplies left
Montreal on; Monday. ' The system
will cost about.'^,t^ and it win
probably be "April'.before the hello
girl sings over I the -'iflres. With a
little knowledge of mental arithmetic it is not very difficult to figure out
how much there is In* the telephone
business in Fernie. ,'
The strike at Coleman was settled
last week and the miners have returned to work. Last year the coal
mines at Coleman ; produced 5i,000
tons, and in addition to this output the
company erected a large plant and
buiit 104 coke ov.cna.' j It is expected
that the output for this year will be
about 250,000 tons. The strike lasted
two months and the citizens of Coleman are pleased wifh-dts Bhort and
peaceful termination../;
This is the month that^the lion tapere
into a Iamb.    ■_ ^_
In Fernie the fleshpbt is mighty and
seems to prevail.".    ■, -!
Eleven years ago last'Saturday there
was a hot time in Kaslo. -
An action which may incidentally
lead to the elucidation of many points
that vex the minds of tbe Rossland delegates witt be instituted in the. courts,
if not settled within the next fow days.
The suit is for recovery of tho valuo of
timber removed from the land reserves
in East Kootenay by the C. P. R.
The circumstances are as follows: In
1895, when Cos and Jaffray undertook
to .*»cure the pawajre,J&rutw'hdsgg??
■nnirr****rirani*aroTin"o-Crows  KesT^Slt-
Come, O Gentle" Spring and plant
some onions in our backyard.
Spring is near. Gold baa again been
diseovered near Barkeryille.
Enderby has been made a city, aiid
the place will soon be filled with trouble.
It would not takemuclitomakfitories
out of all the lumbermen in East Kootenay. Politics and the pocket are twin
brothers. ?.. -      .'■>
With two new provinces, a brace of
naval forts, with a mint coming up it he
pike, Canada is certainly entitled to
wear long pants and twirl ita moustache.
To make peace with Russia the Japs
want 850 millions of dollars. The relatives of Shylock must have settled in
Japan during the early days, and been
Last Sunday a freight train wont off
ihoTder of the greatest number of these] «■•> t»ofc near Goat River, and dolayed
(Coupons will receive a custom made * '
,auit of clothes worth $85.
fieon and Morrison will in s short
atln-o-put Id one of tho best American
8od»aW«tcr fountains, and electric fans.
An.ASChway will be cut in the rear of
tbe *rtflrOj and a parlor put in just as
soon as the weather makes the populace
thlnk ol ilceicream.
J. W. Greer hung up his stick In this
office last week, and loft for Oreenwood.
Jim is one of tbo best-known printors
and editors in RiCM hut he does not feel
comfortable as far east os Fernio. May
good luck always camp on Jim's trail is
tbo wish of the entire staff oi. this office
Thero will bu a hot time around tho
rear end of Sheppard & Elliott's storo
on Saturday afternoon. Tbo London
Fire Extlngulshor, under tho guidance
of W. E. Oibson, will show how quickly
it can do away witb a conflagration.-
Butt in early and get a front view of tho
At tho recent examinations in Fornie
for positions of superintendents, overmen, Are bosses, and other offices In
jcobI mines, ithore were .15 applicants.
Throo applied for first class cortltlcatea,
one for second class, nnd twelvo for
third class. The rooult of the examinations has not yet boon given out.
If tho minora proeontno grievances to
the Coal Co. before April 1st tho proiiont
acrrcemnnt will bo In force until Juno,
1906. H nny grievances aro prcnoiitod
-before tho 1st of April thore will bo 60
days bailorodccIMvoaction can bo taken
by either sido, No grievances havo ns
yot boon presented to the company, and
the lUtnornof a otrlko arc as yet without foundation.
the eastbound express about four hours
Tbe freight men were lucky to .escape
without serious injury.
Some of the miners would like to have
more lights in the car running from the
city to Coal Creek. In the caso of an
accident the bars across the windows
might prevent some from saving their
About two months ago A. Farquharson took up his residence in Vancouver
where his family will join him this
week. Mr. Farquharson was one of
the pioneers of Fernio, and was warden
of the jail here for soveral years.
The Carpenters and Joiners of the
Local Union of Fernio desire to notify
all contractors and tho public generally
that thoy aro only working eight hours
a (day after April 1st, next, instead of
nine as heretofore.   E. Hick, Roc-Sec
Ai the Court of Bovlslonhold Monday
thero were 50 appeals against tbo assessment of -»al estate in Fornie. Fourteen
appeals. were allowed, rcdncing the
asaessmem!: £6,550, which is not much
off an assessment oi 55-13,050.
F. J. Mitchell has tin* best col of
mirrors that over came in the eity, being a large triple mirror with oxidized
copper framo. This indicates that Mr.
Mitchell is not afraid to lot customers
see tho back of thoir suits bo.foro purchasing.
Mr Bushncll, organizer for tho Good
Templars, held a meeting In thu Moth-
odist church on Monday evening. Several oillccrB woro appointed aud tho or
ganlzatlon of tho local loilgo wns completed In tho Presbyterian church on
Tuesday evening.
way charter, an agreement wa- executed between Cox on the oue side, and
Shaughnessy on the other, by which
the C. P. R. undertook to pay all the
debts of the old B. C. Southern, amounting to nearly $100,000, and alsovto hand
over to Cox aud Jaffray all tho lands
received by way as subsidy except what
they required for right of way, sidings,
etc., and also 6,000 acres of coal lands.
The C. P. B. claimed that they were
entitled to all the timber on such lands
as they required, and accordingly erect-
<ed a large mill at Coal Creek, and took
out many thousands of logs, as well as
using all they wanted for ties, telegraph
poles and construction work. The
Crows Nest Coal Company claim tbat
"land" in this case means land only
and has rendered an account for a very
large sum, which we hesitate to mention, but it runs into seven figures. The
bulk of tho logs ftken out were destroyed by forest fires in 1899, and on
the 20th of June in tho same year the
mill was carried away by floods. Both
parties are busy collecting evidence
from those who wore in the pass at that
time, and when the case comes into
court there will be a battle royal.—Nelson Tribune.
tako the •"$
WaaaWbg- J*
Tattl* mat.
htm over
■■aWa-VOlt   Tvill
^ House at
''"«., Bill
nossoda wif
j-£.-s-VbHe'* io
Wt Steele Pros-
- Many j-*-,
fill up with, bu«
pector uses the clear stuff.   When tho
editor is shy on matter he  throws   in
some Bull River iron ami  watches its
tonic effect upon his eub'criber.
Last month while coming west to visit
his son in Fernie, S. B. Sllnn of Ottawa
met with a railroad accident east of
Medicine Hat in which eight passengers
were injured, Mr. Slinn's case being the
most serious. He received a severe
gash on his head over tbo right eyo bo-
sides soveral bruises. He was taken to
ibo city hospital at tho Hat and attended by Dr. Smith, of whom he speaks
very highly. After eight days ho was
able to resume his journoy to Fernie but
has not yet recovered from the severe
cot on his head. He expects tho C P.Ii.
to make a genorous settlement with
him, and the claims agent will be In
Fernio this week for thnt purpose. Mr.
Slinn is 60 years and may reside permanently in this city. Ho will always
remombor the severe bump ho got upon
his first journoy to tho far west.
In Spokane the other day four men
were arrested for playin"- draw poker
in a saloon with the chirs at a dollar a
stack. They should hive been wise,
and played in a club with the chips at
$10 a stack. Only the .'jur got arrested
for gambling.	
Strange how some men fall from
grace. Jack Began dt* silver in tho
Slocan. and now he ha- bought a sawmill in Cariboo, Maine .ind ia cutting
pine into commercial srips. Jack must
have grown tired ol lo;* tunnels or ho
would never stay in Miitie where thcy
burn sawdust instead f fuse, and trade
eggs for almost anythbg' except eggs.
Jack was one of tbo w itest haired boys
that ever bit the early.rails in the Slocan, and we trust tb-t. he will some
time again turn his fae tho west and
mingle with the form.iion even if he is
married and owns a a*-mill.
(Prom Fort Steelo Proapcotor).
It is tbe intention of the Provincial
government to accept the surveys
made by the C P. K. company, in
block 4,589, South East Kootnnay, as
The following are the dividends
paid by .the North Star and St. Eugene mines during 1901.—North Star
$78,000; St.. Eugene $95,000.
The copper deposits in the St.
Mary's Itiver district will receive
considerable attention this year.
Upon the blowing in of the smelter
at Marysville, the zinc industry of
Southeast Kootenay will be conducted
under rapidly changing conditions.
It ia quite certain that zinc smelters
will soon be erected in British Columbia. Large supplies of ore have been
shipped to American smelters which
can be treated profitably and to the
best advantage in the Kootenays.
The official estimate made up by
the Department of Mines show an all
round gain ot 12J per cent in the
mineral prixluction of 1904 over that
ot 1903.
The latest excitement in mining in
Southeast Kootenay is in placer mines
which are rapidly being taken up all
over the district.
Negotiations are pending towards
the bonding of the Blue Grouse mine
at Sand Creek. Mining men *vho
have visited the property predict a
great fuiure for the miue.
On the line of construction of the
Kootenay Central Railway, it is now
known beyond a doubt that the mineral resources are as varied, as they
are rich.
The production of ore at tho St. Eugene has been exceedingly heavy
during the past three weeks.
Op Op Op Op OpJSp-OpOp Op O*1 Op Op OpOpSl*.Sl_Sli.
y*. o*op
Op ^'^■^:;:.'*i^';^->'V,.';.;>'..:^"t:''f'^^-
ft* 'Md&AAAAtAiA-ftfl&Atrt
OP Op Op Op OpOp OpOp Op Op Opyp OpOpypOpOp. sI*OpOpOpOpOpOpOpOp .
The new Angliran church in Fernie
was opened last Sunday, Archdeacon
Beer preaching the opening sermons,.
The attendance was especially large in
the evening. The building and the
grounds coat nearly $6,000, and the
rector, Rev. R. E. Bartlett, M. A., who
only came here a few months ago has
displayed remarkable energy iu tbe procuring of funds to erect   such  a liand-
spme-edifice iu^ucb.a short time. Many
donatioiiS were receivea trom'a'ifisittiita-
and are still being accepted iu aid of
the building fund. The church is in
good financial standing aDii a meeting
will be held today to discuss the building of a rectory. A new pulpit will -arrive shortly from Vancouver, and by
summer the grounds around the cburcb
will be beautified by the.planting of
grass, and the erection of a suitable
Oonrgo Woodward, merchant, bankor
and mining man of Moctozuma, Sonora
has sold the San Juan de Bautlsta mlno
near that placo to the Bcncdtctlno Mining and Milling company for a consideration rcprosonting nearly f'.OOO.OOl
The company is part of tho Washington London Ginirantuo Investment
Company and Is composed of capitalists
of .Washington, D. C. A party Interested in tlie Bcnedlctino company, headed
by Col. Tyror, and all from WuHhington
has jn«t visited the property. It la
claimed that work will bo commenced
on tho property as Boon as posmblo and
thoro Is talk already of a roiluctioii
plant. Tho ores ;tro gold nnd the mini!
is ouo of tliu nntlguas of Me*Ico.
Tananaissaid to b up against it
strong. To that canp last summer
were shipped in all thi old eggs that
Dawson had on hand The eggs wero
too strong to sell readi^*, and wore displaced  by  fresh  cio«.
Tanana was jobbed d the usual fron-
tierstylo and got tho aicient stock. Tho
Tho stories coming frcn Tanana now
about eggs hatching o ncitig so fearfully to the bad, like titi Tabs, aro frequently told about that fo-vn.
■ Bear grease, onions. ;limburgor and
a few othor potent artia*l-?s of food are
mixed witli the eggs, but even this
seems to have no smouMfring offoct,
and tho Tanana egg supply would havo
been exhausted long .ii»o but for tho
fact that tho eggs afasi'rtcil themselves.
Fairbanks faces a calamity- It is all
because of tho unsuspivteJ capacity of
the populace of tho \wx l.inana camp
Tho tlvo thousand people thoro arc
drinking tho whiskey supply danger
ously low, and it begin* to appear as if
tho camp will havo to pull through till
spring on diluted cocktail:-. In fact,
tho drinkB aro always siwpucted of bo-
log diluted In sorao of tht! less scrupulous resorts. At the t-anio timo tho
whisky supply lu Dawson is protty
well reduced, and within the last two
two weeks an advance un.' place in tlio
wholesale quotations.
It is reported that tit) Lewis family
while on tliclr way to Kngland met with
a disaster near Spokana'. The boy Lewis
fell off the train and wm killed instantly. Mrs Lewis In ntt-mpting tosavo
liiin was so seriously Injured that sho
iiuiy dio. i
Hello, Mr. Editor.
Well, what's the trouble?
Why, have you not heard?
Heard what?
That the Salvationists are having an
All Night of Prayer at the hall for the
salvation of the people of Fernie.
When does this happen to be?
On March the Ith.
Can anybody come?
Oh, yes.' but especially the Christians
of other churches. We-cive them a
special invitation to, come and unite
with us in prayer.
Things are looking up in the Army?
Yes, eir We have hid quite a number of people converted to God.
I hear you are forming a band?
Yes, we are. shaping that way. We
have quite a few who.know Q from Z,
ami with a little practice will be able to
make a noise.
. ■ ■■■3LAIRMORE.
i From Tho Times
Dur'ng the week a large force of
men have been put to work clearing
off the site and gettiDg out rock for
the foundations for the zinc smelter
plant being erected at Frank.
R. Steeves, of the Imperial hotel
Frank, has lately purchased tho Ber-
tau Hock adjoining his hotel and will
have it fitted up as an annex.
T. P..Robinson, of Winnipeg, and
M. N. Garland, of New Westminster
who examined the Lundbreck coal
mine last week reports that there is
ten million tons of coal in sight.
The Ilill Crest Coal & Coke Co. has
obtained a Domii.ion charter of incorporation, with i?50J]000 capital,
and head office atMontreal. The incorporators are Rufus II. Pope. Comp-
ton, Que., G. W. Fowler, M. P.. Sussex, N. B., II. A. Pringle, M. P., M.
P. Davis, Ottawa, Wm. Farrel, Sher-
brook, Que., and C. P. Hill, Frank,
Wednesday a deal was closed bv
which an'option and bond was secured
on tlie land of Joseph Little on York
Creek, about one mile above town, by
John F.Wilson. A force of men has
been put to -work".and Mr. Wilson
will proceed to open up the extensive
fire-clay deposits that exist upon this
property. This will mean in a short
time a brickyard and fire-clay man-
facturing plant for Blairmore.
During the week the telephones for
our new telephone system arrived
and as the wire is here and the new
building about completed it should
not be many days before the connec
tion with all our neighboring towns
were made.
Paul Poliski, one of the officials of
the National Board of the United
Mine Workera of America, and wlio
has been in Coleman for snrne time
helping to adjust the labor trouble in
that camp, left after successfully accomplishing his. mission for his home
in Pecns. on Tuesday.
ly everyone was in bed  asleep,   arid
by the time they were   aroused   the
fire got u good hold on the log stable
and the frame building   "between   It
and the hotel.   For a time it  lobke'd
as though both the Central and. the
Moyie hotel3 were doomed.   Fortunately there was a drizzling rain and -
when the bucket brigade got to work ,
it was not long in getting the fire an- ;'
der ' control  and  out.   The   waterworks were frozen  and the   bucket
brigade alone had to be relied upon. -
Tbe damage done to  the   property -.
will not exceed §100.
Dan Mackenzie, an in3une man. is
at large and is supposed to be hiding
from the imaginary pursuers somewhere in the vicinity of Moyie. Mac-
Kenzie came from Cranbrook about n
week ago and npnlied to W. R/Stono,
who runs the St. Eugene boarding
house, for work. Stone gave him a
job driving his team and the man
seemed all right until Friday morning. Yesterday morning hedeclired
someone was trying to kill him and
he came running down the hill like a -
wild man, jumping over fallen trees
and embankments He went into
Manhattan'hotel'and asked Charles
Armstrong to hide huh. He seemed
perfectly saneand Armstrong advised "
hitn go to Constable iioutli for pro- '
tection. He left the it .tel and when
last seen he was headed towards
Cranbrook.        '."'■■
A meeting of the shareholders of
thc Moyie Water Co. wa3 held at the
court house Wednesday. J. A. Harvey, president of the company, was
not present, so the meeting was presided over by A. P. Macdonald, the
vice president. The old baard of directors was reelected with the exception of Felix De3auinicr, C. A. Foote
taking his place. The directors will
hold a meeting in March, at which
time they will elect oQicci*3 for the
ensuing year.
:' i&ti$AA?:iAAMs>i
feRivS^'':;■ Ia???s*A
' '?Afc;A:SAA"yA,i
■   ■ F^^wiM '--i,**).' :-■
-•    "*^;aSSSi,-v';s''&i
i/H'.,"-'"-1 -.hVj-- f ■"''-■'■ -' ->-sSa
fifvE*^7s£.''-■-/'. '-,•■. .:.,/.y_
--■• HHSr""""
■'.'■ I#|fti'l8
..:._   :AA;m^m\
' AAA!:A>t%%\
'   -'■-:L^,'-'-/r',,-.':"^v*i
" ';■■''»■*>''fM-4r^-
■-■' •■/J*"-!-*.';;. -Ws*-rt t-.v/
*.-•• ;■;',,■'-*'"- '■*■'&•'*'*••'£
..    . .i ,/.'.•:.■'■(.•      !-., >v,;,rw*
Tho minutes of previous meeting
A letter from the Carpenters Union
was received ami tiled
Clerk was Instructed to send a resolution protesting against the government
reduction in school grants.
The petitions sent by Dr. Fngan were
sigued by the Council.
Wm. Ksch wig's lotter was referred to
tbe Fire committer.
The bill from Mr Griffith was referred
to tho Finance committee
The city engineer was authorised to
set grade steaks un Thompson aud McEvoy streets.
Aid. Cree gavn notice of a street ami
sidewalk by-law at the next meeting.
S. F. Wallace gave notico of a by-law
tolrepeal by-law No. fi.
Aldurmeu Herchmer, Creo and Tuttle
were appointed a committee to investigate tho question of a civic hospital and
report at an early date,
The noxt meeting of the .Council will
bo held in the daytime.
Tho Council agreed to meraoralbro
tho B C. government to erect forthwith
a suitable court housi: its Fernie, with
nceeHHiiry oil iocs for olllciul-i.
Tho agreement between)I .1 S. T.
Alexander anil the city was approved.
Tho mayor and clerk wi'i-e instructed
to attach the seal nf the city to tint retainer nf Wilson. Senkler al-i Illooinli..ld
Council adjourned till March \i,
From thc Lender
The ladies have postponed* their
dance in aid ot the Fire Brigade to
Easter Monday, April 21th.
The semi annual election of the
Moyie Miners union will beheld next
Saturday, March 4th.
The Moyie Rifle and Gun Club held
its first shooting match yesterday afternoon at the site of the'Park-Mitchell, sawmill.
Willie Whitehead while skating
last Sunday fell and hurt himself
quite seriously. He was taken to
the Cranbrook hospi al, and is still
there, but is recovering and will soon
be out again.
Sam Spear3, who ha3 been employed by R. Campbell and Co. for
several mouths past, has..accepted..a
position with tlie East Kootenay Lum- j
ber company at Cranbrook. He wil
be in charge of the company's supply
(From tlie Hernial.)
^.Mr,. and.Mrs. T. H. Whelan, T.Mre. „
Chenette and Mr. and Mrs.  Gougcou
attended a dance at Jaffray  on Friday evening and.report a   most enjoyable time. ' ", .
Silas Baker has leased the baths at
Blairmore hot springs and will put
them in fine shape for the public.
These spiings are well known and
there is no doubt about the .virtues of
the water.
Mr. F. G. White has been transferred to the Canadian Bank ot Commerce at Fernie. Another man 13 on
his way here to take his place. Mr.
White is a conscientious worker and
made many friends in Cmnbrock by
his uniform courtesy to all.
Leroy .Sage is still in the hospital
atS'a-okai.e,.where he underwent an
operation. He got through the operation all riirht, but he is still'" very'
weak. James 'McArthur is in charge
j of Mr. Sage's business in thc meantime. ■■-.*
L. M. Proctor of the  firm  of   Me-
Dougal & Proctor, of Fernie, was ia
town several days last week. Mr.
Proctor is one of the best known men
along tho Crow in the  lumber busi-
Advortiso In Tun Li:t"iii.
Thc action of Bert Disney of Movie |
in which be claimed :j>-l,O,J0 damages j
from the Movie Lumber and  Milling'
r,    , "   , .  .    . .     .'      iaiong mo urow in me   linnuer  ous
Co. for personal injuries received ut *~    , . ,,
., ,     -M      .i   ,,.,    e *..    iness and a more jo ly chupnevcr hg-
thecouipanys mill on the Uth of June        . .*    J.      r n
,   „ ,.    •     ,    -,i      ... ,i   I u^d on a car of lumber,
last, was dismissed with coot *   at the |
supreme court sittings in Nelson. j Nuise Chambers, formerly ot Cran-
R.E Donallvn miner died at the | bl'°f' lm,3 acce*,J*ed » «<** -JOsition
bunkhouc ofthe upper workings, oilWItlt ,ho ll051'lUl at trank*
theSt. Eugeno mine Thursday night | The Standard Lumber company's
of pneumonia. He had been i'i the |niiil •"■ bei«^ ••"■v<*-* f™"* Mayook to
camp onlv a short time and verv lit ! lJukt-r, the name of a new station
tie is known of him. He was not a | *>--l'*r E'ort Steele
member of the Miners union, or ofj On Monday evening, March ("th tho
any society as lar as is known. He |C. I*. It. Quadrille club will give its
was buried in the Moyie cemetery to-1 last dance before Lent. . This club has
day. Tho Mineis Union took charge | given a number ol delightful parties
of his remains and looked alter the |during the season and in all proba-
burial. j bllity this dance will be ouo  ot   the
Little Elizabeth Shaw, only seven | *j05f-
and a hall years of ago, came all the j J. E ArncII, o! Jaffray was in tow.i
way from Dalton in Furnos. England ;on Thursday. Mr. Articll has been
alone and landed in Movie thism.i.ii-;engaged tall winter on a contract,
ing in the best of health and her with the East Kootenay Lumber emu-
pretty face beaming with smiles.'jiyny for 10,L.'00 ties, and tt.e other
The little girl is a niece of William 5day hod over V 000 of them iuspec.ua
Stephenson and has been adopted by [and in thc Iniiu-h there only two
he and his wife.   She   had   a   very; culls.
pleasant trip and received tho best of j Strathcona Plaindealer: While do-
care and treatment. Before shesturt- i in?i business iu Strathcona this week
ed out an Odd Fellows' emblem, the j Mr. Dan Alton was the guest of hi*
three links, was pinned on her coat, ■ brother he.'e, Mr. J. U. Alton. At
and it is needless to say that she was Cranbrook tho other diiv, on the cvn
kindly looked after by the members
ofthe order, with whom she came in
Movie had a close call from being
ol Mr. and Mrs. Alton's departure lor
Calgary, where they will reside,
they wero culled upon by a nuu;b-r
ol friends.   One of the pleasing   fea
wiped out by lire early Monday ;tures ol the evening wa.' the ju'Chcii-
mornlng. About midnight .Sunday, J tatimi ol a tnagnincant silver tea set
the chicken house just toiht- rear nf I with tray to Mi's. Alton and a largo
Dosi'iilnlor Br>w' log stable wa-t dis-! heavy oak chair trimmed in leather
covered to bo on tiie, mid the flumes j to Mr. Alton, toki-rw ul the esteem in
were liijjktng nuid headway.   Near-' whieli lliuy ,-irch'jhl iu Cr-uibro''!;,
ca Why put your money in
the savings bank at a low
rate .of interest when you can
.-.-:•.-.'.'./-:'l-->vv--;t;-.iT,v-.-.-'■-■-.-.•■■..-.■•::,^sv:-,'/-.3«;J.,-  '■
___    - *       r  * t "   *  .
i-^s-YAaWa-H '•'/■fe^liirjftVf-t'rV ■ r-'V, >',.'■       '	
jn the great city of Winnipeg
£y paying-   ' '    ' "    .
•down and the balance in 6, 12
and 18 months. Lots from
§75 to $ioq each according to
location.   •  ■    ..
W^ haye 500 such lots in
the Chicago of Canada for
sale on the above terms. Call
and see us for particulars.
JL.T.W. glopk, Fernie, B. C.
■fVgott, Son ti. Co.
Agents in Fernie for T, 6. Proctor, Nelson
02poclt0 tho I'opot, FJlRNTE
,-The home for railroadmen
and lumbermen.
'\'^s!S&_____^^' xi?&i*- '
uh-srp &
The Ledqe.
B. T. LOWERY, Ealitor und Hnanolor.
Tub J.j.dok Ujaublliilioil overy Wedno«ilny
in KBrnio, B.C. CfUq prlaiH U 32 a your. Ailver-
tihlnif latos given ttpftn application.
£OSS BROS, Props.
Finest  Liquors and  Cigars.
' r _£*-_i-_
„.     y    "iV^O   '/
'a      l„VA_*.t*rt m
'"^'j'itfej? _r ■k
>r -;■■
^-""lii^j-*r    '*efr£_____t_ust.
In Fernie, is a pleasant
home for all who travel.
Rooms reserved by "wire.
*$^ Whfelsiri,.; Manager
■-:* ''8?'%K£i'A*A'
-,s,. *^.-,^"
***     tt        _. "a.     .    -
'^&8ty Meals,
.   Easy Beds,
Nerve Bracers
Of Every
Pete   McGregor   of    Kaslo   was
brought up in tho same town as Carnegie, and has a weakness lor giving
away things.   While Carnegie hands
outllbrarics Pete's taste runs to building homos for aged and graftless politicians.   Pete baa made a fortune iu
ico  and  intends when tho  zinc  is
off the ground in Kaslo to commence
the erection of a ho'mo in   which  all
aged, and worn-out politicians,  together With alftheir friends can live
until they die. without hunting for
pap barrels or snatching tho crumbs
from some chap with  a government
graft.   The scheme is a  noble  one
and plainly shows that that grand
old Scotchman, Pete McGregor, has a
heart in his formation! big enough to
hang a {elephone on,   and the nation
will bless him  with double-leaded
prayers if he bailees one in  every
county in Canada.
The home in Kaslo will be a grand
affair. A switch will be run to it
from tho railroad so that wh'skey by
the car load can be run right up to,
the cellar, and a "barrel oi old rye
will be in every room. A mock parliament will be' held every day, and
a professor of prevarication together
with a juggler of graft and a con-talk
orator will be employed so that the
inmates will not become rusty with
honesty oy.sick with-the ennui that
comes with an easy life and plenty of
whiskey. Pete does not say what
kind of whiskey will be used, but It
is more than likely, that - it will be
our very best thought*
To deny it is.
loug  been needed
many a long day.
in  Canada for
lVi   F.   JARVIS-   PROP.
Eoery Purchaser
of a dozen cabinet photographs
at $6 w'ill receive FREE OF CHARGE
one b}_ x '8}4 portrait taken in any
position.   "   "'"   '
Photographic work of- every description. Interiors and Flash Light Pictures a specialty.    Picture Framing.
Spalding & Co,
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Importers
of Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
"jplfltriet Agency for
Pommcry Clmmpazne
'    "'•       and Scblitz Boer
Distributors of,
i ''"" Chamberlain and
"■' ''"'"'   '''P'larfloh Cigars
•a-HH.N.r.H*   b. o.
The Besfe
nion Made
Ooerails, Shirts &
Miners' Garments
ai-k Tin:
K/a,nr- riv
,..-.,.- *■■ i.   ""->'..
the union labjkl is on ever,y>
■.'''    "  g^kMent.
j. C. Carruthcrs
Agent for Kootenay
llox 56 Nelson,
The workingman of today is a
thoughtful student, not easily moved
by divine flashes that aim to stir tlie
innermost parts, of the heart, says, the
Seamen's Journal. Deception, often
practised by the spontaneous orater of
volublo tongue, has taught the toiling
masses that it is dangerous to suirender individual thought to others. The
best interests of the working man demands a higher grade of oratory, because industrial problems arc proven
lo bo tho most difficult-to solve.
Therefore, it requires constant study-
to obtain full knowledgo of the con-
ditions^outot which thesp problems
An address to be delivered before
an audi .nee of working men should
ba thought out ou careful lines. An
intemperate, thoughtless, irrascible,
irresponsible address, charged with
misstatement of facta,, brings forth
evil results. The heart should be
full of the subject to be presented on
any occasion iu which working men
are interested.
The presentation offacts in a calm,
cughtful manner impresses the
mind with lasting effect, where passionate flights of oratory are superficial and fade from the mind once
ont of reach of tho ring of tbe hnnian
voice. To pleaso the vanity is not
BUflicicnt to arouse tho mind to grasp
tlie oternal truth, in ignoring which
tho working men havo made somo
co3tly errors. Iuordorto avoid the
6am? experience, tho industrial problems require a profound depth of
thought, and words spoken to' right
and wrongs of man should flow from
the soul moved by an. inspiration that
exalts the mind with lofty purpose.
The boisterous ranting ol' th? crude
labor orator is out of place and withers before the wisdom of the now-day
pratpr of bright ideas, with the power
to (edge Ihem in fertile minds. It Is
tl*o quiet, thoughtful advocate with a
largo fund of knowledge who finds
the way to moyo the untrained mind
of tho working man.
Tho intelligence of the latter day
toiler enables the working class to appreciate a well out Jiticd effort. Pub-
licspeakiug is not fbr entertainment
alone, but to instruct the mind to
higher, thought and tho epul to
breathe aspirations for a standard o!
living that is elevating to mind, soul
nud' body^ Thc living rights of man
aro too sacred to be lightly dv/oit upon.   Tho labor problem is worthy of
I was informed a few weeks ago
by a gentleman who owns.large flour
mills that the craze for white bread'
Is boing carried to ■ such extremes
that many millers are putting In expensive machinery for the purpose of
actually bleaching theflour, says a
correspondent ofthe London Times.
Thi« is being done by ozone and
nitrous acid, the object being tomako
an artificially white bread and to enable grain to be used which wonld
otherwise giye a darker color to the
flour. -
The development of the grading
process during the last few years'has
been such that the old-fashioned
stones have been replaced by steel
rollers actuated under great pressure.
' "The germ nnd other nutritive constituents of the wheat aro thus to a
great extent abstracted and the valuable character of the bread tjreatly
reducod.    •
It is tbe opinion of many who can
speak with authority on the subject
that bread, instead of being, as. formerly, the "staff of lifo," has become,
to a great degree a indigestible; non-
nutritive food, and that it is responsible, among other causes, for the
want of bone and for the dental troubles in tho children of the present
It is doubtless true that the variety
of food now obtainable in a measure
compensates,' in tho case of those w.hp
can afford it,-for this abstraction of
phosphates; but I think I am justified
in stating that every medical" man. if
asked,- will give it as his opinion tbat
very white bread should'bo avoided
and that "seconds" flour,'now.almost
when pqmp.i
men. •*In"«i i
yearaonlyo '
language' ti  i
while,j;he hi ■
hesitate ■ to   i
when In for u
She says (ue <
dames andd- *
each other o..t
guage'that i.
any man'lf v
this in Chica.
tho westl*
J,'-* *  *
tfiei'hoiie girl 'says tbe
tv are polite .indeed
ci with the society .wo-
e ter.niico'pf eoyeral
■ • :n !.is,used profane
i r r • <v, j the . phone,
■c . v wp'tnet* do not
: ,- '.-olanity, at   her
• iaf ihe lino is busy"
!■   i. ,*. • too/ highbred
ii,,* -frequently.cuss
v   :!;o.jyIres in Ian-
n>: ..uiso.the arrest of
M un tile-street!   And
(. ei'
.'t tre.it me
'f    •    *
•n\      .    v
• e1 treat him?
Fohiiniin; '
Husband- Vo'i c
Smith's wife treats
Wife—How dues
Husband—Why, nd( puts her arms
around his ni :k anii aMost loves}' him
to'death. i- -j]   •-  -
. Wife—Tc* and she'll; probablv
sneceed in/t cour-sj, of .time. He
recently luui .lis lifeinsurpd for $10,-
000 in her favor. '
i i"
'N. Y. Stock ' -'     '
Chicago  Grain  and   Mi'-'i-g"
Private Wires •
Continuous Quotations
Regular margin, 3 per cent.
i. .«>♦.
If you aro looking-for'lushing,'Bathing
Hunting,. Boating or Qlaoior Climbing, go tq
New Denver and stop a few days, weeks on
months at'- the *iNFewmi.rket'*Hotel with-Henry
-Stege. Home-copkiog* and the fijiest-beveragea.
3p the world, }no.udjng water., Write or .wire
fpr rates, ' " •*  lli     '    "•"■    -
Dm Stege
Mmmm Wti
,*t. «.
British Lion
Via-*- *'!■;!' ..' '.A'.; "h
U . '..I
, 'pernio    ;'
First Class in Every Kespect
' IMRS. g. JEifNINGS," PiioiTOiri'itEss. . .'*'
Is the home qf all {""loc*1.**. people traveling -to and from Poplar.
Strictly First^Clas-'
Up to Date
Electric Lighted
Steam Heat
Is of the utmost importance in
It has remained for an Italian woman to break all maternity records.
She has, in the course of 19 years of
wedlock, become the mother of 62
children. This extraordinary attainment is vouched for by many creditable witnesses who testified to its
truth in a petition before the Italian
government asking for the woman a
yearly pension of |370. Of theso
children 59 are boys and three girls.
Eleven times in succession in nine
years, the prolific female gave birth
to triplets, three times four boys arrived at one birth and once Ave boys
and a girl. The other "twelve wero
born single bjit very close together.
: V,CIt.])aiilslies Flies.
—.,*.'"-fl' "   n
• Place in:every'irooi-Q this • mixture:
•Hnlf'a.teaspoonful of .white pepper,
one teaspobnful ofsjbrown* sugar, and
one cf cream., If cream is not avail-
*  a..       .   » !,   J *» ■
able^.Tise strong green tea well sweet-
ened.':\,,v*/ j    .    -
'      '*"-" "-vTin      "a
'-Plan GJerinnn Theatre.
The 150 German aicleties of. San
Franelsotxare planning' to erect a
magnificent structore that will  furnish aHh'eatcr, a Inrge assembly hall
. -., *  ■< ' - *
meetingTuoms, a library, classrooms
and clutti
.'   -< ?'.'
be feell;
all proQt
ever.—Boston Tranj
tKolc-days -of" modern   life   when
.' "s ..     /. . .       .
minute may sometimes mean a million.
Always have s*. watch that keeps the
correct time, and if it will not, talk to
C. O. Demaurez
'    Of All Kinds at
Canrfs Bookstore
L.T.W. Block.'
•'A-s-SHAVE,   4»
Kccruits for tho Bench.
"Canada's judiciary is fast becoming a happv hunting ground for lawyers who arc politicians enough to get
into parlia*nent and lawyers enough
to do the worst sort of partisan chores
for. their loaders 'yhen they are in
parliament."—Toronto Telegram.
In connection with which it maybe
noted that the following judges have
been appointed from among Liberal
members of parliament since 18915.
Judge Lister, Judge P. Porbes,
Judgo Lavergne, Judsre Choquette,
Sir L. Davies, Judge Bntton, Judge*-
Porin, Judgo Dcsmarain, Judge Fraser, Judge Madorc, Judge Russell,
Judge Morrison, Judge Champagne,
Judgo Carroll.
Both Talklnfi- at Onco..
Mrs. Jawkins—I've been trying to
talk lo Mary over tho telephone, but
I could not understand half she said.
Mr. jawkins—You'll ti.nd ic easier
if you were to talk one at a tirno my
Doubting Thoina8.
"Whisky" roared the temperance
lecturer has "filled more graves than
anything elso in tho world.
' What's'the matter with the doctors?
queried a small yoicc from the gal-
A Miyi's Opinion.
Lady customer—Do you think that
a photograph ofa woman in order to
be good should ncccesarily bo decoiv-
Photographer—If it is a true likeness— yes.	
With tho Mii.Htreli*.
Bones—Say, I've got   something
that will ticklo you.
Interlocutor— tVhat Is it Mr. Bones?
Bones—A feather.
Itiswlated*tbay_,__   -
eccentric'M. P.-? fo^j'Cork, having
dined not wisely, but^too well, went
up to Ihe late S'fr Ellui Ashmea.d-Bart-
lett in the lobby .pf ihe House of Commons and abruptly iremarked "You're
a fool." Sir E:ljs fixed him with his
eyeglass and. ia disgusted tones, replied, "You're ilpnk." I suppose so
retoited the IrJli'man, ''but then I'll
be sober. to-r.orrow"—in the most
plaintiff tone; then," in a crescendo of
scorn, "vvherecjyou always wilt be
afool." Morep.erasTannerslouched
down the lobbyihe'was heard to say:
*'lf I do get a Leadache, I've got a
head to have it Iin, not a frame on
which to hang m eycglasa "
. Mrs Giddy-t'thought you. were
entirely satisfjktVwith your. hat.
Mrs. Dresser-j-SO'I was until my
husband got thj/iill.
Mrs. Gidday-fOh, why should bis
growling worr.\you?-
Mrs. Dressery But that was the
trouble; he didi't growl at all, showing that I raigk; easily have got a
more expensivi one.' —Philadelphia
Press. t
Mrs. M. Raney ^*
Has a nice stock of ladies' and
misses' skirts, blouses and shirt waists.
Also sells cut flowers., house plants, imported ringing c.-inarics, and ladies'
goods. Corsets made to order. Ladies
are requested to call and see goods.
Home Wednesday and Saturdays and
every evening,
Hot and Cold Baths
Billiarc" and Pool -Ropin Large Sample Rooms
*» ' Bar Room Unexcelled
Rates : $2.50 per day
*>{. KLAUSMAN, Prop.
ft* ft* ft* ft* tt* ft* ft* ft* ft* a**"*^!-"^-*^-""-Vi""^^
*»-.■        ..    -        .     ■    ■  ' *    y*.
-:»l^._-^___..^«__. |
^ Manufacturers of L<iger Beer, Bottled Beer & Porter ,jr
% yX
«.(■£ '     Howland Avenue, Fernie JiJ
ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft^ttvfkTtt* fl*fl*tt*tT*
Fort Steele :Brewerf C6:rtta.
The womftn Idiarry, he said mast
look qpon me ai the greatest man In
tho world. Oh well, she answered,
you may find one. *V("hcn a woman
loves sho is nbt only blind, but absolutely dovoldjof, St -so. Chicago Record flcrald.j__  __.
Ned—I don't aw .vhy' yoq. should
(eel insulted becar. •! your eyes were
llko atarB.". I|c83r 'oa* .don't? Why
stars keep wijik'in, at''yon all tho
timc.-Philadol|h   Press.
"Aro yon lookii for work?'' No,
answered,the pojii ut! candid njan.
"I'm looking fori   noy, but I/m will-
!„„.... „._il. ...l,-yi',     *^T     -.-a.     _.„.     I.
Opposite Court House and new Post-
oflico. Best 25c meal in town. European and American plan. Only white
labor employed.   First class ba"r.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. * Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
J, A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rou.h and Dressed Lumber
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms.
Hoofenay Valleys Go., Ltd.
About 1600 acres, Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
Lands on the KOOTENAY RlVER'at SAND'
CREEK,  io miles from ELKO.
Will be subdivided to suit purchaser* in bjocks from
8o acres upwards. '
Price from $3.00 to $7.00 per ai-irp.   Terms— i-jth
cash-; {balani-c-in yearly instalments at 6 per
cent, interest.
Agpnti In Fornie:
Mott, Son & Ct>.
L G. PrOCtor Manager NelsOil
ing to,worfk,; be<^
other wise. "_____£
Mrs, Fondmaif-
ter sits and (ja'zos
hours at a titnef
take excerciscw
•ul can't get
octor, my daugh-
to that mirror for
can't get her, to
r. I3rufl-Wel[ I
prescribo another mirror at tho othor
end of tho room.   ..
"Their pay is shocklnplj* stpall for
some of our public qhcMg," said tho
broad minded man.^"Yes" answered
tho cynic: "bit It averages up, sprno
of the public officials are shockingly
small for their payi
Advertise in Thk^eixik.
Jfi ia a delightful location ;a**4 from ita bareoniea
can bo seen all tho beauty of the grand Bconery
that surrounds,'hems in, and adorns the busy
city of Nelson;' It ia .th© homo of tourists,and
business men from all parte of the, world. :; Tlio
cuisino never drags in the mire o( roedlocrityA
and every room is nn enoi**.y to inedmnin. I
you need rooms wlien ojj tJ)p wajr in, tjouch the
wire and, *bfl deed is done.,
ianager, Nelson, B,C.
a', ysw.&'%i$li.i.',#
•W f-U'r/i.h.h^!
. _—«_*■■■*»■ ftT Jtunn
lyj-Jra.:.ra_>>-Jr.->r._i*fajj*__.._siJ?tf-- «'-.___■--?-:_«______Gar.■'..-'jyy .(fl
"£sVJi-".'.-'^-/fc-■,■■-■-% ,-)^
■KIB- B.C., MARCH i, icjos
■;1sf- ,-■■
: '-*s;';-
* Atthe present .time   pneumonia i1 \_
(Claiming its victims,by thousands,   nnd
plhcr thousands of otherwise intelligent
rpeoplCj are ascribing it to a mysterious
jlispension of Providence, or, in fact, to
any i 'cause other than their ou n   criminal neglect of common  sanitary   pre-
pautions,      Disease   never-comes   by
chance.    Do notblame Providence, 'It
js n mean evasion of your own  responsibility in the matter,   Why   is 'pneu-
-nonia rife?   Walk along   the   slreels
•find examine the houses.-    See if-you
'pan dele'ctf an' open' window.    Possibly
*so"me of'them may have been open for a
. i.fow'minutea at'somecarly period ofthe
..day, and.tbose.few   minutes .are  supposed to admit a   sufficient   supply of
- fi-cslt air for the day in a dwelling where
•. the air should be changed  three   times
' ; an    hour.    But    no,   people   are  so
afraid ot fresh air that thev take   every
. precaution" to   exclude ; it   from   their
dwellings -and   breathe over  and   over
again thc foul exhalation  from various
bodies, cleanly and   otherwise.    Is   it
any wonder that systems become so debilitated by this poisoning process  that
•they fall an easy prey iq- the pneumoc?
fus?   The baneful effects   of  this   im-
' becile practice are still further enhanced
' by the almost   universal   gastronomic
folly   of   excessive    eating.      In   hot
uveal her  the system   naturally    rebels
against an excess of rich   and   highly
seasoned foods, but'in winter the appetite naturally increases, and nn excess
•pf food is partaken of, the result being
'fermentation and an increased   ppjson-
ing af the blood—the very   fountain of
life.    When will Ihe   people   at large
- learn prudence in the niatter of health?
' Js it any wonder thai pneumonia is ex-
*'actingi"such a. heavy   toll :wl|ile' this
"criminal disregard of hygienic and satr-
■ ftary laws is so widespread.
Fifty Cents fed Family.
New York.—To maintain herself and
..her six children, Mrs. Naialc Peprado,
J-foboken, was given just fifty cents a
day by her husband. She.told. Recorder Stanton yesterday, and arranged the
'ollbwing menu to explain how she did
Two loaves of bread and coffee...
Garlic and macaroni ,.,.....
J*1.* pork and stale bread .*.
Horace Greely, lhat great journalist
arid statesman of his lime, wrote the
following paragraphs iu a letter to a
national convention of Abolitionists that
was held in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the
year I845.
"Lei me state what I conceive to bo
Human Slavery:-
"1. Whenever certain human beings
devote their timp and thoughts mainly
to*obeying and serving oilier human
beings, and this not because they choose
to do so, but becausa* they must; there
(I think) is slavery.
"2. Wherever human beings exist in
such relations that a part, because of
the positions they occupy and the functions thai they perform, are generally
considered inferior class to those who
perform other functions, or none, there
(I think)is slavery.
"3. Wherever the ownership of the
soil is so engrossed by a small pari of
the community that the far larger number are compelled to pay whatever the
few may see fit locxactfor the privilege
of oc-upying and cultivating the earth,
there is something like slavery.
"4.* Wherever opportunity to labor is
obtained with difficulty, and is so deficient that the employing class may
virtually prescribe their own terms and
pay the laborer only such as thuychoose
of the product, there is a very'strong
tendency fir slavery.
"5. Wherever it is deemed more rep-
utablii to live without labor than by
labor, so lhat a 'gentleman1 would be
rather ashamed of his descent from a
blacksmith than from an idler or mere
pleasure seeker, there is a community
not very far from slavery, and,
"6. Wherever pne human being
deems it honorable and right to have
other human beings mainly devoted lo
his or her convenience or comfort, , and
thus to live, diverting the labor of these
persons from all productive or general
usefulness lo his or her own special
uses, while he or she is rendering or
has rendered no corresponding service
lo the cause of human well-being, there
exists the spirit which originated and
still sustains human slaacry.
The'Mutual Life
of anada
Tlie Only Canadian
Life Company that
is    Purely   Mutual
•S 34 years old ;
HAS Assets now exceeding $8,000,000;
HAS a surplus (on Government Valuation Standard), of nearly $900,000;
MAS'nearly 30,000 policyholders;
HAS nearly §40,000,000 of Insurance
in force ;
HAS paid over $6,500,000 in cash to
policyholders or to their families and
HAS in Reserve, for their security, over
7,000,000, In solid assets..
Married men should remember the
uncertainly of life and protect their
wives and children by a policy in the
Mutual Life.
Young men should nol dally with
lime in regard tp life insurance. The
sooner yog commence the sooner your
profits will come to you. Il is an investment thai always pays.
Young men who have relatives depending upon them should take a policy
in ihe Mutual Life. It will help mother
if death should reach you its icy hand
before your youth has fled.
/i" *\if *'.< -
'---''MK   c'J
WE have all experienced that delightful
feeliinf, when after having dined off
ihe best and enjoying a good cigar we feel on
good terms with everybody and satisfied that,
after all, this is an excellent world to. live in.
The man who advertises in Thk Lhogi: has
exactly that same feeling. Mis business prospers; he gets fresh customers and keeps them;
and   no  stale   stock  encumbers his   shelves.
-Advertise in THE LEDGE and see the cash roll in.
Mount: Fernie lodg^||(|||l|i
. o, ;^C*^^lilll
Meets every Thursday evenin'ff'/'-fe'%Ai;;
.p.m.'in ■I.OiO.'F. Hall. '^A'AimA,
■ ..-,;., I'm s-^;,-"-^^ v :'■".;.•;;■■ .'■■
't.'Beck, i^Gf*>Rite^■;v-fi;i'
■   •    '•    • '    'x'.;'.'?^lT.^'/--:-.V''.:i^'.:
United Brotherhood.of Carpenters &$ai$$Sj~A;A
'." V: of America^ No,'l 220: .^IfftlfM
The Carpenters & Joiners of *?ermeWg#r:::
meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.'iiisj&ch^
month.at the Oddfellows'-Hall.     '^^AlAiiM,
    .. . ■ lis&AAAAJAi.
, D.v.Si'.AA
•T. \V.   Block,
Ofluie hour.-,
opposite  the
-8 a.m. to a p.m.:
' BixniiX:
■ ii-.-ji* ■>-■>'
Stick at the old, wel! known
For full particulars call, on our agent
at the King Edward, in Fernie.
Lowest Rates Best Time
Toronto,   Montreal,  New York,
Maritime   Provinces,    New   England.
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
California Points.
Total 50
:She declared she was kept on this allowance for months, while her husband
saved $5,000. "1 bave not tasted meat
in five months," she declared, "because
the father of the children vows he will
~?ai*ie $5,ot>p>iiiore.*'   , .
., Thc husband finally agreed to give
■his wife $t a day to maintain her. family.
Tako Census wjth Befida.
The recent census of the natives in
(he Transvaal with beads. Each head
man was furnished wi(|i a. number of
beads qf different pojors and. twine on
which to string then*. A big black
bead represented an adult married native, a big yellow bead a* grown single
•nan, a big blue be-jd a married woman, and a white,bead a -voman over
fifteen years old. A small yetldw bead
-stood for a boy and a small vybito bead
a girl.
Brnbnilii'H Proverbs Popular.
The old English proverb writers used
Pilpay's proverbs very largery-r-in fact
}f it .was not for'thc old Brahmin there
Would be many fewer English proverbs
lhan there arc. The proverbs have
been translated into "every European
language and into many Asiatic tongues
—Persjan, Mala,y, Mongolian, Afghan;
Jhey'are tlie proverbs ofthe world.
Dr. W. W. Keen, the Philadelphia
surgeon," has n number of scrap books
filled with anecdotes about physicians.
These,anecdotes arc odd, from the fact
"bat, they-alt tlir6w*.updn' 'physicians "a
piost unflattering light." To ' iilustnitV
{.heir character, Dr. Keen quoted one
pf them recently. A"'physician was
drivjrjg through the street, he said. A
friend stopped him. Doctor said the
friend iin*fiouslyl ha.ve you beard that
- horrible stqry nhoiit Williamson? No
Said the docfur, VV'luit story is that.
A story to thc elfcct. that'he was buried
alive. Buried uliyeS said thc doctor.
Impossible. He was one of my patients.	
Dlfforonco lu Farmii-^ ; Motliods.
The nveruge gross returns, per acre
from cultivated land In ilii- country
is only $10,50 per acre, and fro-u, (and
devoted to the growing of cereals- but
$8.03 per. acre. In Groat Britni,n, the
extensive system of farming lias brought
the average gross returns up to vvitli.Su
the neighborhood ot 830 per acre.
The woman's cause is man's; they
rise or sink together.—Tennyson.
Earth's noblest thing, a woman perfected.—Jas. Russel Lowcl).
Woman is tlie masterpiece.—Confucius.
Women teach us repose, civility and
All that I am my mother made me.—
John Quincy Adams.
There is 11 woman at the beginning
of all (-real  iliiaiga.     I_-unartlne.
If womtm lost us Eden, such as she
{done restore it.—Whittier.
The world well   tried—the   sweetest
thing in life.
Is Ihe unclouded welcome of a wife.
—N. P. Willis.
All the reasonings of men are not
worth one sentiment of women.—Voltaire.
O, woman} lovely -woman! Nature
made to temper man; wc had been
brutes without you.—Qtway.
Women admire strength without affecting it; men delicacy without return-
ing-it.—Jean Paul,
Woman is the Sunday of  man;   not
his repose only, bu^ his joy, the salt   of
bis life—Michelet.
As for the women,   though   we   scorn
and flout 'cm,
We may .live.-with,   but   cannot  live
without 'em. —tDryden.
Unequalled Passenger Service
Standard and Tourist Sleepers,
Coaches and Dining Cars
Tourist   Sleeper   Service
Wi*st—leave Revelstoke Mon., Wed.,
Thur., Sat. to Seattle & Vancouver.
East—leave Dunmorc for Toronlo,
Wed. &Sun.; for Montreal, Mon.
& Fri.; for Boston, Fri.
Atlantic Steamship Agency
Through bookings to and from Great
Britain and ihe Continent.
For rates, folders and tickets apply
to local agents, or to
R. Reading, agent, Fernie.
J. S.Carter, D.P.A..,
„.. - ..-    w*Ss*l»OD.
- - -        VAUuouvor
New  Crop  Now   in 5tock
llfiim. Grown „ti'l Irnporteit
OAU1-KX. FIEt.lJ mul  Fl.O\VK.'l  SEEl'lS
Wlivlenalt! m,.|   lii.rnil i
Spot-iiil  J'rice.-, to F:irinoi-'.s In-.tEt
Tlioiiuiiiils of Fruit  nnsi 'Ormuiii.ntiil Trued
I'lifiitiiili-iiili-oiu,    '.ItfisiiMt,      Cr.-i-iiliiiuM-
iuul   Hfirily   I'ii,nl«
now Krou-Iiii- in my mii-jor'a.-.-, for
f"!,rir.« i,lai:t.ii.«
EiMtur*-prica-ior Uass.-. Wliitf t.alior
;  M. J. HENRY,   -,■■
Vuiicaiuvur, IJ.C.
.11)10 WeHtuiIiifitar Ktisul..
w. u. nusM j. a. t. Ai.uxAxiiKn-;
Ross 8c Alexander       i
KKll.VIE, Ii. C.
Ofllic In L. T. W.'Jllock, Vk-torli Avuime.
II. \V. ilmxil5(Eli. .SlIKlllVajoaj-IlKRCilUf-H
Herchmer & Hercliiner
U-ARRLv    ...,   SOLK IIUI'S,   ETC.
'Fr.K.VIS, 11. C;
Offlt-csj ov.-rt 1*. i'ururi .Ir Co"s bltiul.. Viotoria ava
/.. I'. E(.ICMi.,.\ p. 0.-L-AV.-K
Eckstein & Lawe
Babbisteks-at-Law-,   Soucitoks,   Etc.
Ciiililurt lilock,   Fe.-nlc, Ii. C.
...-■,-. J. H. LOVE, ;'-".-■■.
Help   of All Kinds Furnished
Short   "Notice
The Reliance'.'Cigar Factory,  Ltd., Montreal, Que.
First'rnaker ofthe '• Flor d. Bahama," " Rosel-jd," and
'IGenci-al Arthur" since 1S76 ; over 2- years in existence.
Mill and Milling M.iehinoiy. Complete
Stoek of Shafting, Fitting.-:, etc., always-
on hand Kstimari's ii.-niishi'il. .Scrap
Iron bought by the enrlnad. Repairing
and Jobbiii"-.'
estern Representative.
Victoria and Vancouver
Vnrylng VIowb on Hod Hair.
In Spain red hair is ubliored, on the
ground that it is "Judas hair"—Judas
■jscariot having been supposed lo possess ncry lochs. On the other hand, in
New Zealand a redhaired woman is
Considered on the rijrlit road to paradise by the Mnories.
' Hcss—l have a pain about my heart,
jess—-It wouldn't be much of /pain
even if it went nil, the way around your
Japanese "Novo'r Conquer-ed.
Speaking; of the Japanese, Voltaire
said it was the only nation that had
never be«an conquered. In the thirteenth century the Japs repulsed 107000
Mongolians in a naval welfare. They
fought w^lh success in Korea, and
China, and Drv Bertillon says that they
are- invincible on account of ' their  Jiu-
Jutsi,' "-" ;
 .—. ,—. —
A Record in Trees.
The largest tree in the world is to be
seen at MascaH, near the foot of Monnt
El.na, and is called J'T'ic- Cbesnut Tree
of a Hundred Horses..'''' Its name rose
from the report that Queen Jane of Ar-
agon; with hot principal nobility, took
rcftige from a violent storm under its
branches. The trunk is 264 feet in circumference.  _^
Thc Standard Oil Company has lately shipped 1,400,000 gallons of California refined oil to thc Orient.
Daily Trai.vs leave Fernie at 10:00
a.m., reaching Vancouver and Victoria
the Next Afternoon. Return train
reaches Fernie 8:30 p.m.
•""PHE LADIES of Fernie
1    will find an  Excelle,,.
Stogk of i o?
i__\oor of the
\_k<v -t been locked for many years.
Tht ...milords arc always happy,
eve v lien their bank-roll looks thinner .; ui the lean edge of an attenuate wafer. Try one of their morn-
ini* rracers. Mail orders receive
■ prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer
When vuu smoke a cigar
seB that it is UNION made.
Blue Prize, lla-nry A'ane, Coluiibus and
Havana Whip Cigars are Union Good?
mudb bv.
\\. \>.   KILBOL?iiNit'-"& CO.
 Wlunli>a-|*, Mail.
It.-pre-cr.tO'l I'.v flEOliRK HliKTO.N".
"Ya!-' Ya! •
Sr-y.: sloor to Cal-fary Cuttle Co.. Wood.Street
Work of All Ki:,.*.,.     IUitus Keasonuble.
J. G. 0UMM1NGS :-.-■
Office :";Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
I'kknie———Briti.sh Columbia..'_.
. 00000008000$ io(>sc00000000eo000000000000000000000e000
Winnipeg St. Paul, Chicago, Toronlo
and all Eastern points.
For rates and information call 011—
J. S. TllOMPSOK, Aga-nt
. I.--'
Infant's Wear,
gloaks, Drc$s«,
Beautiful Cream
$il« RoDe$, etc.
at my store in the Todd Block
Tlu .'-irst Class Hotel of Fernie
iHJOct.of Commorciiiliiii-.I Tr.ia-talii.j.' M-mi
tel is elegantly furnished with
ha i
is i
■me new furniture throughout,"
d by steam and has return
.11 bells in every room.
$2.00  a  day  and  upwards
-.   r^tU.**-i-*.»-^^
Ju^t forget' prejudice for
,1 moment !
The essentials tor a -.veil
littini- suit of clothes are pro-
pt-r dL-Mguin-*—careful cutting
- -s.-Nps.-u ua'ikiii.iii.sliip—hand
i.iiloiing and good  material.
These determine tin.- fit and
!:;;ng of the garment — the
style — tlie >Iiape — and the
pernianent retention oi these
qi:.-!itie-> during the garment'!,
Bec.iuse you like to be
measured with a tape line
Ja'cs it fa-How tliut you will ob-
t.iin the -maximum satisfaction on these points from the
" little" fellow who tiies to
design—cu^^—tailor and sew
all by himself?
Semi-ready is the product
of specialists assembled in
units—a master tailor does the
designing—expert cutters- cut
the  cloth  and  skilled   tnil-.irs
Furniture and       i
Bargains in
Wall Paper    y
Cash Registers and other specialities,
'■ilfll   Onlairs   Receive   I'rumpt   Attaintion.'-
l-R.'-E-iliotti Kaslo, B:Ga
Oaual ■—:—{  ,-,-, Uuilal ami Silver 31.00
l.a.-tut—• .;_ | i;,-ai,|.ui|vpr, vopi.c-r I.JO
S.iu:pU-a by  mail  riic-'iv.- promi.t atttntlon;
I'l-acer ij.jM.- ll.-t-art.-a-  an! Ilieli Ore- BoiigLt
Semi for "-Yee ILiiliiii- Env-. and Price Li*t.
l"I-5 Arnimline St..   JJi-nvajr, Colo.
on  alio paiticular parts
iiKikii;;: of which  ihev
in tht
Tho results of lit—expression—shape and permanent
retention of these i|ii.ili:ies are
due to these effects bein-- kept
iu view." in every operation of
the iiiaikimr.
P. O   BOX 185
Telephone 22
i)R. MILLOY, -?iLr-.
; Ua^ tiaa uyear.-ieiptrleiK-e in ilentil work, aad
! niiakaias a j-iei-btly of Gold Brlilge Work. Tl-tl
'.    ii-.-ad.> to tho Sl.iean rt')-ularly-.
1 lalLVKK CITY LOKCESO. till, I.O.O.K.
{ a"*! Saiialuit. H.L". .McetiiiMS ill tlie Unlun Hull
; cii-iv Fr.d.iy evening at 7;-o VL-lriu» lirarthrrn
, eo.-illfljly iiivirti! t,., ntt.nd. J. K. horkRiicO
I Sijlilii lanir.d: A. U, Ciiahs, A'ico (Jr.ind: W.J
: UAHUcrr.sVi'retnrjr.
K.   OF   V
lo.isims i.<»ix;s-: no 21	
'■ 1* Jtiat--.,iv«ry \Vc'liiis?iIij cveiaing.it So'clock"
j 111 tlie I'yiiilau Canilu Hj.ll, si-nd.jii. Sj.jJolixning
1 Ii:«ttirin will receive a I'vililan arelreine. S.
j ISAAes-jN, C.C.       Alkhki> J. Hah,, K. H. A 8.
AK. HEVLANB, K»slr..-or Knd Provincial
..   Land Slirvcyoi.   KaoLO
r  |  MITTi-in I ' - ---°-^^ —-
i     I      J I       IH i   I   \JI I LLL JTI,K KAS'-O HOTKI.. in Knslo, U tlif I«»,t
I   l    ii.B IiMtei in t!ir- i-ity.
iim KLK i- I'AI'WOllTH.
Order your Spring suits now.   Natty
Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher,
Sllverton't Uoss Tnllor
J. R.Cameron
Is tin) tailor to go to when
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
Ho hns tho nolihii'flt suitings
to select from, nnd the lil nnd
workmanship Is tho heft.
Ortl^UUIN,       *       |.[   T|t.-   HI.OUAN
_     'I'KK   KII.IIKH'I"  II'iTKI.   in S-.ii,|0u.« tU»
I -*-    Li.ia!.i-itar't-M isii ..I.-rii-.eli^rrt fol!ic Ci
Its ballis iu-—
all nervoti- .uul
diseases, ;>
water he..'.ill
kidney, li-,,-r,
and sloni.i.li
ailnienls "id
they cliniii-.iii*
all nietii!'-.:.
poisons fi.-iii
it Spr
Report ol* Analyst
CM' Samples of Water lYoni 1!
Lake, V-X.,  -Tth
you lk-t Spring-*, Arr
i-hruary, I Si)S.
Lalwraioiy of City An
ilyst. l-'dinhurgh, Sciitl.in
March  ,\, i.**•).*>
One  gallon  of water contained the lollowing
gredients, the results are expiesseil in pans.
Chlorine  K. l| !   Magnesia    i,
Sulphuric Aaid  ,i'*.i-I.i !   Ia'lii;i	
Silica  '"'l--''> I  Sulphui-etled Hydiv-
l-ime   '"*"•• 57         t,'eti     .
Alkalies as Soda ... v","i
l-'ishing and
Terms :
$15 to $iaS
per week.
acca'rding to
residence in
hotel oi villas.
la.-a !.J'iiir-i-M (an .ii. rrnvrl'-araa to etc Citv
.ii Sile.T. r.K.V.VKTi'fc Ml Hl'll V. iTepa.
Till: VIiTuUIA HOTKL iiiXa-Nainhnliaveu
». f.,r a.ll »trti!.-{4 Turiwa tiw.i.v from huiuo.
U..»: li-iiis.- for^l ia iIbv mi tliia cnrtli.'
VV. K. ilcOANDl.t-ill, l'r.ii.nVstoi-.
Ma-I.irdll    HOTIIL
l.-ni ra.viliieiilia.   S
ii...   Tlu- oi lv lin.t-i'lafia'ln.tcl in Ymir.
U.M.AY Met.KAIL), riKi.i-l.-t.,
\*nn.     All moiiiTn
iiic-ni^.   Sumiilfs ro ins j» i^.ihi.i--
pAItn.HTT IIOi;SK. (iirinrrly tiioUlirk
1) la ttii'li>at jl ;i ilav li.ittfl In NVIiaijii. Krilr
satiila-  li.-lj, asinj.la.yiU.    O.    U".  HAttTI.KTT,
; -j'lii-: hotki. i-*i:i»!r:.-ii>.v !j ttm hem.. -,f
I    SI. ..s.iiii I •'I'-paV aa [i.-ii !Ii..\-   ,tn>   in   Ki-lKU-ajii,
Mi'liuXNKI, .d lll.ACK, l'i..j.rii l.rn.
,'jilll-." IMtlTTANNIA IIOTKI. IkUio aiid-
I -■. est laiiM lln' tirat In the I.nric. (lolal neekeis
! ativ.u-J n,-l,-,.iii,;        Ul.vn; UltOS.
. in:
VKKY Co, l,t.|,.  WlmleiaiilB
■iri  uf eli.'ii-i) C'/|ifiietiotnry.
M '   I    .".lACIMlN W.H  A   CO
.a ti--.., X.-
;VI.-;IisiaaIii Mar-
mul   Mlniiii: Snjajillax,
I; eTUlUl-.v X ci)., wnni.Es.U.K di;al-
I i '"? .''r.'-ll> ""!!'.-'r!. I':>>'A"S, Cliui-sii-.  l'liiiliioai «nal
Prillt, .V.alai.ll, II
,V,    MrlMI.V.lI.O,
l-'Mllt,   Na-laaaatl,   ll.l!,
Wlu'i-.nl^   Utnirsr  ir-.,
WAA At A &~<ii(2f&
r;.Xl: .y;T.'* titi,'-'.^ *'.•'.'.U..*-i-'-5j!
'. Zt'.-'i-f r..~'.Li*i*l*.i*t*Avl*i?3n?j.
'■'IV' m$m_mmm_wimmMMm
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital •
Head Offic*
Tbis Bank transacts every description of Banking Business, including the
\a_t of Lciiers of Credit nnd Drafts on Foreign Countries, and will negotiate or
telltct bills on uny place where there is a bank of banker*
Special Attention, is .directed to the
following Advantages^ Offered by. our
Savings Bank.
-©sposSts. ©f ®m DoNar,
and upwards   received -.'and - interest
allowed a{-current rates. '•:*'
is added to. the deposit 'fwlcn- in each
year, at the end of May and November.
Th® m.@posl4o.-r-,
is subject to no delay whatever it: thc
withdrawal of the whole or. any portion
of the deposit.
The ^iMnild, Simpson Go.
• 'X      ■' m.'mVonaj,*}*;..-.-,^-.!'. ;,.:.• *: w. a. simpsom    '■',
:-    Whol^aletComm Merchants
?        and Manufaeturers' Agents
*:Tho.Lu'nisden' Roller "Mills' *'"■••
" The-Wapclla Roller Mills
. Lever Brothers.-'Sunlight Soap"..
' Dalton Brothers "Dish-towel" Soap
■". Tlie Vogel Packing Co.
The Manitoba'Canning Co.
The.W. & R. Jacob Co., Ltd.
Binoult Manufaatarsrs
-The Guelph Foundry Co., Ltd.
The "Armur" s£o.*."Ltd.
The Moyie Mill & Lumber Co.
Fruit and Produce of all kinds. Correspondence Solicited
?\      P.O. Box 363, Calgary, Alta.
:r=: "73^2
#c]le acs QMm Reimfly
/Both \
Every remedy guaranteed to do its work
Prescription DrMd Store.
Agent fpr—laugfylin's Fountain Pana
Uorrio Fountain Pens
International Stock fond
Liquid Vender.
. \ - .
TsJaTOTICElS HEREBY GIVEN that the reier-
•l» vatlon established In purauanco of tbo
provisionb of the " Columbia and Western
Hallway Subsidy Aot, 1830." notices of wfiioh
ware publinhed tn tho JBditUh Colombia Q-_-
etto and dated' 7th May,- 1S9C, and 4th Jane,
1890. Mnpeotlvely, arc hereby oancolled..
Crown land! situated within the area em
braced by the Bald reservation will be open to
 .     Element, lease and other disposition,
undor the provisions of tho "Land Aot," three
& Winchester
For Brick and Stone Work.
: First-class work guaranteed. Contracts takes for building coke ovens in
any part of the country. Estimates
furnished.' ^
.  P. O. Bos 383, Fernio, B.C. .
;;'s. •?,■*■'
- * ^J.&g&FFI-'k'i'
TAKE NOTICE that I intend to applj to tbe
Board of License Commlailonen for the
City of Femla for • transfer of my liquor
lteenae for the-premises known as the Queen's
Hotel situate on totio,BlockH,in the
Cjlr from myaMlf ti
JMttvar tl,Vaa.
Hotel situate on Lot io. Block H, in tie said
&tj from taywlf to William A. Bess.
sale, settlement, lease and other disposition,
-    -- - - - - \i' "
of this notice in the British Columbia Gazette;
firovided, however, that in all oases whero
ands are so sold, pre-empted, leased or othcr-
the "Creditor's Trust Deeds Act, 1901" and
Amending Aots, that Archibald MatbiesOn of
Fornie, B.C, lately carrying on business as
GORDON & HATHIESON, Jewellery Merchants, at Fornie by deed bearintr date the 21st
day of February,. A, J>. 1906, assigned all .the
real and personal property credits and effects
of the ssid Uordon'& Alathleson and. of tho
said Archibald Mathioson forthe beiwfit of all
creditors of the said Gordon &-JIathi';«on and
Archibald Mathiesoir,-"unto" Gerald George
Moffatt. of Fornie, B.C., accountant. Every
person olaitni-iB to be entitled to rank on the
estate must furnish to the assignee particulars
of his claim, proved by statutory declaration
and- snch vouchers as the nature of the case
admit of, and state whether he holds any
leem-lty for the samo or.any part thereof, and
the value of-suoh property, ohm before the
Slat day of Uaroh, A J). ISA,- after which date
the assignee will proceed) to distribute the
assets amongst' the creditors of whose claims
lie'shall than-have reoaivod notice.
meeting of the creditors of the above-named
Archibald Mathleson will be hold on the 7th
day of 'March, 1905, at. Si p.m. nt the office of
Messrs Eckstein ■& Lawe, Cnthbert Block,
Victoria Avenue; Fernie. B.C.
Sated this ilit d*y of February, A.D. 1905.
,."   .:   . aSolioil.ora for Assignee.
subsequently fouud, npon the surveys of tho
Columbia and Weate.-n Railway Company's
blocks, to lie wholly or in part within suoh
blocks, then the persons so acquiring suoh
lands shall acquire their title thereto from
the Bailway Company, who have agreed to
deal with such purchasers, pre-emptors, leasees, eto., on the same terms and conditions as
tho Government wonld under the provisions
of the "Land Aot," exoept in respect to timber
lands on the Company's blocks, which shall
be snbjeoi to tbe regulations issued by the
Company relative to ihe outting of timber on
the Columbia and Western Bailway Land
Grant. . -
W. S. GOBE.      .
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Lands and Works Department,
.    Victoria, B.C.. «3rd February, 1905.   .
■"-yOU'-i .• irvlted to call and see the flrst stock of Fit Reform
Clotlii R i n 'is own Wardrobe system) in East Kootenay.
'*. .Ail si.-s, .'1-—4fy -a", short, stout, or thin.   We have suits
- for c <ry one from $15 to $30, price marked- on every
garnk it.
The W. C.:Haihiltoii Co*.
*#$$$- $3ffl$Hit^^
Why buy case eggs at high prices that give the worst kind
of results this time of year, when,you can buy from us
New Laid Eggs  .
g       PROMPT      §*
§     DELIVERY    §
The People's Grocer,   P, O. Block, Fernie
In the matter of an application for a dupli-
-  cate of a Certificate of Title to Lots 19 and
to, Blook 9 in the Town of Fernie (IIap 754).
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month from the first publication hereof
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to the
above mentioned Lots in the name of Stephen
Francis Wallace, which Certificate is dated
tbo £5th day of November. 1903, and numbered
!i9<MA.. H. 7. MACLEOD.
-    - _   Dia i* riot-Registrar-
LandBefristry OfBeo. Nelson,B.C.- -  •    >'
Sth February, 1905.
.1'   rVi ,
. i-''v^r^.'A
St. Petersburg,—Next Saturday is the anniversary of the
emancipation'of the serfs and rumor has it that the day has
beenset for notable events.
ar" '
Chicago,-|Dr. Harper of the University of Chicago was
operated on the other day for cancer and is improving rapid-
ly. ...   -•    ,:■   -/     •     -
San^Francisco,—In a fight here tonight Battling Nelson
defeated .Young Corbett in the ninth, round.
Mudken,-i-Fighting is in progress today along the whole
line, the Japanese attacking everywhere. All attacks were
beat off and the Russians made counter attacks in many
places. Tha Russians have seized'the head of the bridge
across the SJakhe River in the centre ofthe Japanese lines.
Ten determined attacks opposite Yansintung were all repulsed with heavy loss.
Victoria,-4The Esquimalt naval station was formally
abandoned by the British government today.
Smelting at the new plant of the Sullivan Group Minin** company.atiMarys*
villa, should start vith the first furnace
about March 1. |lhe second furnace—
a duplicate of thdfirst, with a capacity
of 200 tons, of lead ore daily—Is expected
to be running Mtrcb 15. The last of
the machinery ison the road, and cold
Weather is the oily.thing expected to
delay operationi   *
At the mine, l£3r Elmberley, abont
85 men are 8t/**ork on development
and stopiDgr- ,)">pen. the smelter starts
its first .furnace the crew should be increased to ft^tW miners^7 Tbe tramway 6S00 t&oiftoM^^^^^ the* mlue
with'the'C£asaxl3j^,^^^^iravdiy, is
runnlDg- and^re|s\beii^%oved. The
bins are complete^ and/ore is.,being
crushed, while t& shipments of about
a car of silicoua o e are being", received
daily from the Qiilp mine at Republic,
Wash. The QuLpi has a contract with
the Sullivan for supplying all the sil*
icious ores required.
Lime ore for flui is being- received
from the Hunter v|mine near Ymir B.
C.   It ia a low irrado silver product.
A feature of the smelter will be the
new Haberlin converter. It is being
tried experimentlrl by *ho American
SmeltiDg1 and Refiling Co. at its Pueblo
Col., plant. The converter for tbe Sullivan, which was made in Spokane, is
designed to reduce the sulphur and facilitate the free ext action of the zinc.
The crude ore n ia about 15 to 25 per
cent sulphur. It i crushed coarse and
is roasted in a revolving machine to cut
down the sulphur marge to 8 per cent
Then it Is further converted in the Haberlin plant by a hojf blast which heats
the ore almost to ftsion and cuts down
the sulphur cborgijto 4 per cent. The
ore instead of beng reduced to fine
annuals, as iadoinj in most roasters, is
left in good sized ileces much like coke
and the removal dj the sulphur leaves
air passages all though its texture. It
is fed into the smelting furnace without
the expense of br^aettiDg-.
- Additional Locals
Stop at the Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake City.
Sewing machines to rent at the B. C.
Furniture Company.
The King Edward haa become ono of
the best known hotels in East Kootenay.
We buy, sell or exchange new or
second hand furniture. The B. C.
Furniture Company.
Masterson, Griffith &'Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
lumber.ramps and mines."
' W. cO. Robbtns has received his
spring-'stock of-' wall- paper. Prices
rangefrom io cents to $1.50 a roll.
' If you'are troubled wtlti'rheuriiatism
you wilt find the Pool of Siloam at
Halycon. Write for particulars to
Sanitarium, Halycon, B. C.
At the Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
you do not need an" introduction to get
a drink. Put the price on the bar and
the mixer will do the rest.
Ladies' Winter Skirts
Ladies' Winter Blouses
To make room for Spring
Goods now arriving I will clear
all ladies' skirts   and   blouses
Todd Block
Cigar Store
Gives a coupon to every purchaser of
25 cents worth of goods. To the holder
of the greatest number of coupons by
June 1st a custom made suit cf clothes
worth $35 will be given. All coupon
holders intending to compete for the
prize must hand in their coupons not
later than June 1st. „• , ,
Palm Tree Wine.
The natives of Ceylon make a kind
of wine by tapping1 palm trees and
allowing the sap to ferment in vessels
attached to tbe trees. A species of
parrots (Coryllis indicos) has discovered tbat this Bap tastes good, and
parrots are frequently found drank
near tbe trees.
In the smelting
cured with about
old time methodf
Opposite the Post Office.        Right in the .Centre of the City.
"N.B.—-After the 21st March all accounts due us will be giveri to our
collector, who. will make a house to house call.    Watch for him,
'   wearing a red coat, white plug hat, green trousers, and carrying
a blue umbrella.
■sw-'^'Tf *'****r*<rnn~Tl
iimace fusion is se-
■rice tbe speed of tbe
since the blast is
swept ric-ht throi&rb the porous ore.
There are only two products from tho
smelter—the silver-leed bullion and tho
iron-zinc sulphur Blag. The third product—a sort ol middlings made from
slag mixed wiih lead—which is produced in smelting practico under ordinary conditions lea voided.
It is not expected tho Sullivan will
engage in custom smelting for the
present nt least.
It will tako. some time to got the
plant into the most economical working
Thoro is a vast reserve of oro in the
Sullivan mine tbat runs about 83 per
cont In lead and 14 ounces in silver.
Superintendent Weeks is in cbargo of
the smelter. He is an old smoltor man
with a large experience in -western
plants. The Sullivan Group company
is controlled by Charles .Bweenoy,
George Turner and the Federal Mining
and Smelting company.—Prospector.
Last Saturday the people of Cranbrook were shocked to hear of tbe
death of "Tim'1 Love, one ot tbs best
known characters in South East Kootenay. He had been in poor health
for some time, bnt still it was not
thought that he was near death's
door. He passed away easily and
quietly and is now at rest. Timolean
Love was 77 years of age. He was
born In Lancaster, Ky., and was a
veteran ot the Mexican war, and for
whioh he drew a pension from the
United States government to the
time of his death. A strange coincidence, Gen. Lew Wallace, the author
of "Ben Har," and a Mexican war
veteran, died the same day, and
thero are only a few of them left. Mr.
Lovo has visited most of tbe mining
ftalcla of tbe world and for vears had
been a respected citizen of this district.	
Lampblack ia a very finely divided
form of carbon deposited by any combustible material, usually resin, tar or
oils, burned without sufficient air; In its
crude form it contains more or less unburst resinous or oily matter. It is
mucb used in the arts, especially in
printor.s ink.
L ATKINS^Profrietor
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted.
PO. BoxSSJ,        OflU-e.- KooUn»j- St, Net-on
The trouble with most rubber
goods U that they crack or. come apart
at the scams before you pet your
money's worth of wear out of them.
For our slock we havtrnade a selection of flie best and most reliable-rubber
goods to be found.
-The prices we charge you are (not
more than you will pay some pUtcfi for
inferior articles—more than that you
have our guarantee At thc back of every
Hot -IVater Bottles^-a bandy-thing to
, have in the-houte juict now. .
Combination Hot Water Bottles and
- fountain syringes.
Household Syringes, Enemas, Nipples,
Breast Pumps, Ear Syringes, Medidoo
Droppers, etc., etc.
Ufa §nn  -iBa-i
Dispensing Chemist, Fernie Drug Store
of luscious roast beet ttw appetlztD-r oaori
oicape and the rich brown -cravy trloi-Jet temptingly to tl e ilUh. Tbat U ths kind or touts onr
boef product*. Teador, Julcr, DcrurlaWng. It
will m«±= jroa brainy nnd brairny
Of coan« we sell tha cbolce-t rata of veal,
lamb, pork, etc., alio. Bat Jtirt now we art
talking beat. Beef ware of our offering*.
The Club
Cigar Store
Is now entirely under the management of the undersigned. In stock,
all the popular brands of the day in
Cigars and Tobaccos.
Pipes a specially.
There is no better
than that sold by
• . t ;
A. J. Purdy & Co.
Day and Eoening
Bookkeeping, .Shorthand,  Writing, Arithmetic,  Spelling,
Correspondence, English Branches, Etc.
■-. ..''•*»',_ -1—.I——■■—     - ■"
Correspondence Pupils Coached
Low pria's ami individual instruction m-ike it tlio H     M    Clp'iCftOQ
chance of a.lifetimc. A.  1»I.   Ul IHIWO
Fernie Livery and Dray Stables
Careful drivers furnished when required.
Teaming, draying and packing promptly attended to.
Safes and pianos carefully handled. Supplies sent by
pack-train to the Flathead*or any part of the mountains.
Baggage transferred to any part of the city day or night.
My city bus meets all trains.
I haoc th***- sole agency in Fernie for the sale o# the
coal of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., and the price
per ton delioered is $4. Clean coal and prompt attention to orders. Wm*
Havo one of their largest Btoroa in Fernio.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon


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