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 \l"?U7Z*i'*t'U-iS }fa*$\it*^£*.^fi ^rfVt^Cj^-^twt^ai^u,
4, % cfi^
You will become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
UhJP/,/ *?,rr £Ift
15 is *■ Y
Ha •
Fernio Beck sports the first automobile in the city.
A dozen snowslides, ran ion Mount
Fernio last Friday,    '-.-'.   T)r
Ninety men ere employed at Ward-
roper'a mill in 8parwood.
Cornmcal was mach ia evidence at
tbo ball on Monday night.
Kenny it McLeod will receive their
aprlng stock la a few days. ,  ,
Trains laden with ties are passing
almost daily through Fernie. ■ ' i
The Fcrniq Dancing Club gave tbe
last ball of tbe t_atoa on Monday evon-
faff. .     .      ,
Wm. Tutty and family have moved
to Fernio from tha Fernie Lumber Co.
mill. .  -
The beautiful display of Spring shoes
in aSenkblol'B appeal strongly to the sole
of man
Two coal cars jumped the track at
the chutes last Friday, slightly Injuring
one man. >i ,f
Ralph L&WTeuce and Harry Stone-'
house have Jgone east to prospect for a
bank roll.' , ,.".
Respectable boarders wanted.. Apply
at Mrs. W. J. Davis, Palet avenue, next
hospital. <-
Bargains iti old newspapers at this
office.   Must be sold to make room for.|
new stock
During Lent services .will be held in
tbe Episcopal church on Wednesdays
and Fridays.
Tbe Slavonic ball at the Union Hotel
on Monday was attended by large numbers of people.
* 8ome water got in the cellar of the
King Edward last week, but not a drop
of ttreacbedthe whiskey'."• * .   •'   -
*TJie newly organized lodge of Good
Templar* will hold a meeting on Thursday, evening at 8 p.m/in Eagles' Hall.
-The display of china and glassware'ln
Bluhdell-s window is a credit to the
proprietor,' sad a delight to sightseers.
A pleasant social by tbe ladies of tbe
Methodist church was given Tuesday
evening-at.tbe.residence of  H. A.
Wilkw.- --"--'.;..".
-In spite of Lent, John Gusty, the
enterprising manager for P. Boras & Co.
reports business in tbe upper.levels of
-prosperity. - -., Jv*--\
- ;  -_. --■.'_.       "* v-   -■- .-j^itA.yci
-' "1At^.T\ntiif^iJ_iV^t_iAt_f ata i*?A*;atlft-i**/aji-a*Maiv-
'to iwnme^rtilbos kvtbelr ritlKftttV :ufj/ti^ll^Wwjlmu past-ft
neV planer wllfbe tn*l*lled brfc^iWw- has Mid f-ooda on the road
mw^m^^M^ mttmrnimm
C J. Cowan, late - manager of the
Waldorf has returned to'Winnipeg. -
Reports of the hockey matches at Ottawa will be received Thurday and Saturday evenings at the Napanee Hotel/
"J. E. Rogers will retire from the
candy and fruit aroaa this month, and
enter the photographic nuslness wilh
W. J. Prater. Mr. Prater'has recently
graduated from the Illinois College of
Photography, the only college of tbo
kind in the world.
*       . 1 .
Four years ago Dobson and Willing-
ham bought ihe Fernie dairy from David Whitney, dlnce then the stock has
increased from 18 t/v-""2 ot tbe finest and
fattest milch cowa'-'-iii the west. Tbo
cows are fed on bay, bran and oats.
Grain from tho brewory is also used
when it can be obtained.
'  ins commences.    ".■'-..'    * -t-S **   *
-. * .'     • -*■-_>. .
It; you want to bur a newspaper,
printing plant, gasolene engintv^real
estate or old newspapers drop a lino to
the editor of this paper.    .
' H. D. Talbot is puttlne Inaregular
harness shop in his building on Victoria
/■«Wnue-:l:The^Te^irIng''r6om iinowin
-." the rear of thebuildinjr.;. ,      ■; :4 j '
The bursting of a water plpo on the
street in front of tne Hotel Fernie one
day last week created a miniature lake
until the break was repaired.
A few days ago one of the plate glass
-windows in :the Calgary Cattle Co.'s
shop collided with a quarter of beef, and
sustained a severe fracture of the crar.
face'>>f"'>';;-' "A' "":■.'", ' ..;■"" '";'] ;~.:'
Dqp*t tool with your duty to your
family, but see to it at once tbat your
nest policy will be with the Mutual Life
of Canada where you, get 100 cents on
the dollar of profits:   'A.A'A.:'-
A prominent merchant of this city
states that in four years' business with
the foreigners of this city he has only
lost on one ot them. This speaks -veil
for the Slavs and other foreigners.
Ia future all Snnday laws must come
from Ottawa, and municipalities and
provinces will bave to go out of tbe
business. In Vancouver the hotel men
claim (hat it is lawful for them to sell
liquor on .Sunday. '
Patterson, tbo man who was so badly frozen at Morrissey In February had
•both hands and nearly all bis feet amputated by'Doctors Ctnrsan and Bonnell
A fow- days ago. He is doing well and
Will recover.
With every purchase of 25 cents
worth of goods at tbe Fernio Cigar Store
is given a' coupon. Upon Juno 1st the
bolder ot the greatest number of these
coupons will receive a custom made
suit of clothes worth $85.
The Carpenters and Joiners ef the
Local Union of Fernie desire to notify
all contractors and the public generally
that thoy aro onlv working eight hours
a (day alter April 1st, next, instead of
nine as fc'oretoforo. E. Rice, Roc.-Bee
.-.Theref'was an all night prayer meet-
iBj-f in tlio Salvation Army barracks on
Saturday, nnd sorvlces were kopt up
un|U 5 a.m. without tho lights going
otiV Baptists were thi* only outside
Chvistlans in attendance. Be'resbaiontB
Wero sorved nt midnight and tho captain
reports that 22 converts havo como to
Jesus sinco bo arrived in the city.
During tlio summer months -*ro«t
numbors of Pernio peoplo tako tho train
for Elko evory Sunday whoro they can
buy boozo, cignrn, candles, soda water,
nnd Ico cream. Many of theso pooplo
arc opposed to thoso who stay in Fernio
on Sundays being able to buy tho refreshments spokon of above. Consistency may bo ajowol, but Is off color in
E. E. Phair took charge of the Grand
Hotel in Spokane on Feb. 25th.    This
hotel is at the corner of Main and Howard streets, a*Sd la up-todate.   It   is
heated by steam and has telephones in
every room which makes It so easy for
some guests fn tbo dry moments ofi the
morning.   This hotel has been remodeled and furnished from soda to bock,
and a freo bus to and from all  trains.
The Kootenay daily papers are always
on file.   The plan Is European and the
rates 75 cents to 81a day.
- E. E. Phair is one of tbe most widely
known hotel men in the west,  and resembles Tom Rookcs in some respects.
Fourteeijcyeare ago this spring he came
into Nelson  with  several  other good
people, and watched the hotel that bore
his name so long grow from tho grassroots.   For years he was a prominent
figure tn the life of Nolson, and  in his
present wider field it should not be long
before,he has gold piled up' in  every
bank tn the city.   When  our myriads
of readers go to Spokane they  should
call on Phair, and tell them tbat  they
read this paper.   It is an open sesame'
with him.	
Tbe Crows Neat Trading Co.
Bennie andBrlcker bave retired from
the Crows Nest Trading Co. and the
firm is now composed of W. G. Barcley
aud John Podblalancik. Mr. Barcley
Im/lkd 15yearsexperlencein mercantile parsaita and he.will be^aaHa^awirA
March 1st, 1005.
To the Editor :
Sir—I would crave a small space in
your valuable paper to call the attention
of the public of British Columbia to the
alarming rate of fatal accidents in- the
Crow's Nest coal fields durihg the year
1903, according to tbe" returns of the
Crow g Nest Pass Coal Company, Ltd.
and the British Columbia Government.
'The following table shows tbo rate of
fatalities in thetwo competitive states
(Washington and Montana) and also in
the chief bituminous coalfields of the
Xo.cfmen No. of men No.oftons
killed     killed per  mlnodlflOJ
Washington 34
Montana 12
W. Virginia 159
Illinois 154
Crow's Nest      14
1000,1SOS    per person
7 70
t 4.48
' 8.85
peg firm and baa plenty of capital.- His
partner is an old and highly respected
cltleen of tbis city, and we predict  a
great success for the new firm.   In order to clear out the present  stock to
make room for the new they bave commenced a sale this week which  will
practically / bo all bargains.   This sale
will be taken advantage of by all the
daises of people in the coal regions.
/Work will be commenced at once upon the erection of a brick  and stone
building, 60 x 80 feet and two stories
high with a cellar the entire length.   It
will he finished early in the summer.
;i Their new stock of goods will consist
ot everything carried by a first-class
store, from gum boots to  chocolate
candy:  It b the aim of the firm to have
the finest store in East, Kootenay, and
to reach out for the trado of overy class
ot people.   Thk Lkdqs wishes tbe new
firm a long and prosperous career in the
metropolis of East Kootenay.
If we compare the rate of accidents in
the Crow's Nest Coal fields with all tbe
coalfields of the Old Country and the
United States, wo find that tho rate is
more than double the rate in the countries mentioned.
When wo consider that 1903 was just
an ordinary year as far as accidents
were concerned and that 1904 is far
worse than 1903,1 think that all sensible
and humane persons will admit that it
Id time something was done to increase
the asafety of our mines.
We arc frequently blamed for trying
to keep unskilled labor out of the mines
and when we try to get legislation
passed to increase the aafety of the
miners, the whole power of corporate
Wealth Is used against us.
I will state without (ear of contradiction that the miners of the Crow's Nest
Coalfields face greater danger than any
rain ere on the continent of America. We
desire to call public attention to these
facts for we wish to have the help oljthe
British Columbia pnblic in order that
we may be able to remove some of the
causes of these too frequent accidents.
I will later on give figures for 1904 and
will undertake to show that the rate o(
fatalities in our mines is greater than
any war of modern times,
I am, etc.
Fiiank.H. Shebman,
President, District 18,
U.M. W. of A.
Victoria, March t(rThe .fic,mo1 -*■••
passed ita second r ^'--S -his afternoon
by a vote of 28 tcE ^7-7- "Bill goes into
committee tomorrojf.'' ]
Minneapolis:— Fdjiner Judge Hanson
was today appointed receiver of the Coo
Commission Comp|iiJJ-"' A grain house
which operated alt0er the Northwest
with a bratjeh in Wjimpeg. It got in-
to difficulties In thOjrtcpnt wheat buy.
Ottawa-The Bat PwrUge hockey team
defeated the Otta-f|a*,ieam in the firnt
gamoof tho Stanle^cup Bi-rie3 by a
score of 9 to 8.   '
New York—The Ss|day o( the strike
on the Rapid Transfii system resulted in
the service given fa \the Mibvvay. A
most inadequate sewlce on the west
eide elevated lines,wid no service at all
on the cast side IjnOa. Tlie subway
service was demoralized for a couple of
hours by a colllsioifiB which 29 persons
were injured.   * v y-j
A city by-law states that all wires
from a certain date must be put under
g«w-»<i..s In faca ot tbla taw we find tbo
fa#cfe^i the KWjW.***^ sWrMff n^teUfeioni
f three yea^'he7wire* overhead, and no doubt'oixa'sion-
A Baptismal Celebration.
There was great rejoicing in the "Old
Town" on Sunday. In the morning
the two weeks old son of P. Mantolli
was driven to the Catholic church to be
baptised, and given the name oi Set-
punl lEcoli Rafaela. After the ceremony the parents returned to their
home where they were mot by tbo Italian band and escorted to the Union Hotel where CO guests sat down to a grand
banquet followed by a ball in honor of
BcipuniEcoli Rafaela Mantelli. If there
is anything in a name, this young chap
should certainly be a winner in] life's
battles. Tbo incident also proves that
a baptism is a greater event to tbe Italians than it ia to the English.
'■Ily -running an  electric  light  wire
through tbe atmosphere instead of under
terra firms.   Tbis proves tbat the interest of tbo Coal Co. is paramount to
all others in Fernie, snd that the mayor
and aldermen, with one or two exceptions, are merely automatons who dance
as their king pulls the wires, while the
taxpayers dig in their jeans, and try to
be happy.   It is probably right for us
all to take onr hats off to the coal barons
for to them Fernie owes its very existence  Their welfare should be ours just
as long as the porcine element ia a mere
trace in their adminstration.   Fernio
and the Coal Co should live in harmony
like two doves in a brass cage.- With
out eastorn capital Fernio would still be
in all its virgin wildness, and probably
our good friend .Stork would never bave
had his name iu tbe papers, nor been
able to run a town, own a theatre, and
be an expert upon tho location of federal bulldtogs, all at the same time.
However, the telephone is about to ring
up, and No. 7 has riot beon flagged.
Flag it, and increase respect for local
St Petersburg:-—Thai, directorate of
the strikers since the withdrawl of tbe
economic Commission Js endeavoring to
get the municipal antf state workmen
to join the strike, in "order to paraliae
the state authorities'knd compel the
granting of the men^s';demand. In St-
Petersburg 12,000 mehTare idle.
Council mot'Tueajiiy evening and
adopted minutes of previous meeting.
A letter from Dan'A'ton about water
pipes was received aitd filed.
A resolution" Fn faro* of tax i ng ra i 1 •
way property in city limits was pas«ed
How Foon's letter-waB referren to the
Fire committee.     *>'",
P. R Lundie applied for a franchise
toput in public weigh scales
The contract for advertising in Victoria Times to* the extent of $75 waa
approved and passed^'.
A committee was appointed to see
Mr. Whimster iu or-ier to arrive at a
settlement re his-a
By-law No. 9
rate of taxation *a,tj
poses    Tar
ceive on
15 one
apsed, fixing the
ills for all pur-
,5th of June re-
(From Fort Steslo Prospector).
There are several gooa zinc mlneB
in Southeast Kootenay, notablvamong
these are the Estella and Kootenay
In Southeast Kootenay .scores of
prospects are Leing developed which
will eventually become mines. Other
parts of the Kootenays have been
more fortunate in regard to rail ways,
and consequently are farther advanced, but the Fort Steel district is
rich in mineral aud is rapidly wming*
to tbe front. ■'  : V
A crew of about 30 miners".has begun operations on the Sullivan Group
of mines. Manager James Finloy is
putting forth efforts to place the mine
in condition to make; large daily
shipments as soon as the smelter at
Marysville is blown in,
Tho smelter at Marysville, which
has been under construction for the
past two years isaboatcompleted and
will make its-trial run in a few days
The news from Perry Creek i3 to
the effect that there are a considerable force of men placer mining in
that district, and that new machinery
i3 being installed.
1!B, Durant, placer mine operator
at Perry Creek, is preparing to sink
a shaft to bedrock near Old Town
He was at Steele Tuesday and employed several miucri, who . went to
Perry Creek. :;-.'..'-'"
Jack Thompson and Erail Banks
have a abaft down 44 feet. As soon
as the bottom deposit of gravel is
reached drifts will be started in two
dtrection3 in search of a rich run ol
pay gravel.
J. Henneberry Iia3 commenced
permanent work on his placer lease
on Perry Creek. A hoisting plant
and Cameron sinking pump has been
installed. A shaft is down about 40
feet, and enthusiastic miners claim
that the gravel will pay $10 to the
man. '. :A
Collihs & Armstrong are drifting on
a bench just above Old Town, and
are now in CO feet. The gravel coming ont is said to prospect well in
Mark Shilling is drifting for "an old
channel in the vicinity of Sawmill-
Creek. He has spent Be**orn.V anona-l™
la prcapecUugiho'gmrma;'and   witb
active mining" expects to secure big.
Op Of Op O* OpOp Op OpOp Op OpSIp Op Op OpOp Op Op Op Op OpOpSIpSTpOpOp
fttfiffif *&Voffctt*~ti?t_*'Vti vpw^iah^v;-? ^lahi-^^vi-r^-rw^KW
* ■"      'i   A
'\t-H~ ' *
*' !        '
.; ■"'"*•- - ;,
a   -7 *    s.   ^- /
a* >. i   -S,.
f ah.I   i     (
*:- AST I
Va'aa^-'   ?i
i    i ',i •
ity  i>,•.a, v
* "f *■ > j   'Ai
'/'-""ifs.    '
rJAA   "" "if
'""    ,^uw  i-      ->g
A ;-5v
i    U', I
i   ',   >&
J. 'i'M
Editor of The Ledge.
I would suggest to the health officers
of tliis'cli'y that thoy examine into the
milk supply, and see (.bat everything in
connection with it is handled in a thoroughly sanitary manner.   No attention
aeons to be paid to one of the most im
psrtant food supplies in any city.
Yours for Health
Hiram Cooley
March 1,1905
The electric light took a vacation for
a short tim; on Sunday night, but in 60
seconds Tom Rookei had every-room in
the Fernie lit with tbe light of ancient
days. In one of tho charches the collection was taken up with the aid of a
candle. It has got to bo mighty dark
before tbo modorn church overlooks thc
force that makes the world movo without friction.
Tbo Marysville smelter will put in' a
copper stack this year. Bwoonoy ovl-
dontly seea'tho great future for tbo rich
deposits of copper oro up Whlto Fish
creek, which whon proporly developed
will send millions ol tons of oro to his
smeltor for trcatmont.
The output of tho St. Eugene for
tho month of February wa82,551 tons
Water from tho flume is again being
used and is famishing about half the
power for the mill.
Sbarpo and Irvine, pf Kelson bave
oponed a branch offlco in the L. T. W.
block for the purpose of buying and
selling New York stocks and Chicago
grain and provisions on margin. J. A.
MacLean will have charge of tbe Fernie oflice, Quotations will bo received
about overy fifteen minutes, and the
market prices posted ou the blackboard
Sharpe at Irvine will also open an oflice
in Cranbrook
Miss Varty, the young English lady
who is about to opon a millinery storo tn
Fernie loarned her trade in London,
England, She ban executed ** ,.k for
tho Hon. W. E. Gladstone's wife; also
tho wlfo of General Duller, aud many
ot tho wives of the officers In charge ot
the military collcgo at Cambridge. Sho
has had much practical experience at
tho nensido resorts of Wales Hnd England, and especially nt that queen of
watering placen, Llandudno, North
Wales. Miss Varty linn recently inspected all tho millinery stocks In Mon-
trcnl, and her success in Fornlo Is as.
surod. Miss Varty can make a hat
from tho making of tho first straw tn
the putting on of tho Innt fouthor.
James Broley rcums to Fernie. this
Wm. Timlick hai relumed from Arnprior.
Haoiikon Byers, -(Nelson was in town
last Friday.
Miss A. McGuirc, of Calgary is visiting Miss Sheppard. .
Daniel Hayes of Elkmouth is. on a
visit to Pincher Cretk.
W. M. Walker, C. P. R. auditor
was in Fernie last seek.
.'.-H. Cameron,.of tit*   'Moyie  Lumber
Co. was here last wi-ek.
G. B. Powell, of Calgary was here
last week buying lumber.
Mrs. Dr. Higgins visited Mrs. Mc-
Mahon in Moyie lasi week.
Arthur Wheeler is in the city looking
np ads for the Victoria Times.
Lester H. Jone.s of Raymond was in
the city last week baying lumber.
A. B.Johnson of Libby, Montana,
was in town last week buying furs.
Byron Sharp, the well known broker
of Nelson was in the city this week.
R. Helme, the Dominion Express
man looked at the coal city recently.
Big Nick came in from Toronto last
week to have a talk with Tom. • Rookes.
C. S. Fyfe, the C. P. R. day operator
is looking for 30 on the grippe situation.
Dr. Bishop and Ross Tale of Cranbrook were in from the banana city last
On Sunday James Fraser returned io
Rat Portage. Fred Dolmagc and wife
accompanied him.
John Hepburn w.is in Fernie this
week selling Spyglass stock. He goes
to Calgary this week.
Fred Burns, m.-uuigorfsirP. Burns &
Co., in Edmonton camem last- week to
talk wilh his old friends
J. M. McDonald of the Calgary Cattle Co. is confined to his room • with a
serious attack of gripr*e.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Re'd leave for
Colemau this week where they have secured situations in the Hotel Colemnn.
S. Marks, mansiger (or Richards'
Baker avenue store Iin* been seven
years in Fernie without I^ing his pleasing iiuiiiners .-md gracia.'.!-* address.-
Walter S. Crone is in the city. Mr.
Crono has been thirty ya-.irs on the rond
and sold goods in the wf-i when the
nearest approach to u I'tiilman was n
Red River cart.
J Gourlay, of the tirm of McGregor
&-Gourlay, Gait, Ont., was in Fernie
last week selling mill machinery. His
firm has been in business for S3 years,
and. be does the selling from coast to
coast At Revelstoke he took a $8,000
order from the Empire Lumber Co.,
while iu "Pernio he sold about 54,000
worth of planing mill machinery to the
Elk Lumber Co., and a machine for
planing iron to Bean Bros. Along with
the Canadian firms in B C he finds
many from theSt.rtes, and more coming
in. He predicts a bright future
for tbe lumber trade in B C , and is
certain that the necessary protection
will bo granted at Ottawa. Mr. Gour
lay is now at tho Coast and will go east
in May. He states that freight comes
through to B C. from Gait much quicker
than formerly. Cars often reach thie.
province in ten days, while the old time
generally took about three months.
Mrs. Todd on next Monday will have
an opening for spring and summer
ready-to wear ladies nnd children's
goods- Ladies raiu cloaks, epringcoats
and shirtwaist suits iu endless variety
Shirtwaists iu linen, silk and muslin.
Hosiery in every shade. The children's
ready and under«*e*r will be the finest
and cheapest ever offered in Fernio.
Ladies underwear in every pattern,
and latest novelties in neckwear. Largest assortment of ribbons in tbe city.
Mrs. Todd will havo a grand millinery
opening before Easier By the 10th
her dressmaking parlors will be opened
wltb.two skilled dress makers in charge
, From The Times
Donations were being solicited in
Frank on Monday for the purpose of
erecting a Catholic church in that
town.   ;■■•■•'■-. • 	
Blairmpre is now supplied by two
dairies,"i the ;Frank .dairy having
commenced the delivery of milk here
and is supplying many of ita old cti3-
On Monday evening a mass meeting of tlie citizens ol Frank was held
to again petition the Ottawa government to build a road over the slide,
A. (i. Trellc has now got hla new
block in Coleman well nnder way.
This-ncw building when complettd
will with his other block which it adjoins give him the largest block in
Married in Coleman on March ist
by the Rav. C. R. Carscallen, Miss
Angelina Trotter to C. Percy Willi-
mott, both of Coleniani,
Mrs. McCall and children left on
Wednesday fer Calgary wherefj^they
will make their borne. '-Mr. JJScCall
has accepted a position as MasFer Mechanic at the Bankhead mines and
will have his family reside in Calgary;"
This'week has seen a full force of
miners'again at work at the Coleman mine of the International coal &
Coke Co., one hnndred men beinfjadded to the payroll on Wednesday the
first ofthe month. A force of- men
are firing np the coke ovens which
will .soon again be running at full
blast and turning out a large amount
of first class coke. The big 11: foot
Ca pell fan is again in motion; the air
locomotive is busy hauling strit.gs of
coal cars from the mine to the tipple
where the elevators, picking tables,
and box-car loaders are again kept
busy. This company having now
fully'Installed their plant and having
settled any chance for a dispute with
their -employees  for somo  time to
come is in a position  to pr,jduce a
''vfii**SQ?Tg-5 TOnringe"«"ai-3a'i*"RTiai--co\iaa. -
Frank has not only   rapidly regained her lost pri Btige, but  she  Is
what might be justly termed booming
at the present time.   The Canadian-
American Coal Co. of that place  are
getting out a large tonnage of coal;
keeping development work well   in
advance of the mining and  poshing
everything generally and are   preparing to erect twenty five additional
cottaees at once.   The new cottages
will be built of frame and brick and
will be erected west of the present
company cottages.   This besides encouraging others to build will enable
25 more families to find house room
and thus add that much more to the
business done by the merchants.....,-,
Besides the Coal company which
gives steady employment to some 200
men, Frank is bow assured to another
big pay-roll.   The Canadian  Metals
Co having ■definitely, decided upon
their locution  and  having  started
with a large torcc of men upon the
erection ot their zinc smelter there.
Thc smelter is being erected on  the
north side of the railway and just
west of the Frank Brick Yards. Some
fifty men are employed   upon . the
work of excavating,   clearing  and
building and these works both during
its construction aud when completed
will give   employment to a large
number of men.
and several other men who happened
to be aroand, a } oung man, George
McKcnzic, son of the gentleman who
had the shooting gallery, and Charles
Ward, a painter, were arrested.
Quite a lot of the goods were found in
a house of prostitution kopt by a colored girl mimed Dolly Cole.. The
next dny the accused were arraigned ■
before Magistrate Armstrong and
young McKcnzic pleaded guilty and
was released upon suspended sentence, as liis youth-and other conditions ir.dicited that he had bjcnniade
a tool of by other parlies. Ward wus
committed for trial and will 02 taken
to Nelson. The colore! woman has
been inacerateil and action may ■ bo
*aken against her. Mrs. Powers, the
lady who owned the. good *, 13 loser,
several hundred dollars by the outrage.
The local c-.*jiis:ables should lose no
time in ridding the tow.fi of Cranbrook cf a bunc 1 of pestiferous parasites that have been increasing in
numbers here during' tbe past few
weeks at an alarming rate In the
afternoon, when the sun shines, they
swarm up on/the sunny side of Baker
street like a-lot of chipmonks around
a brush heap. They toil not, neither
do they spin, but Solomon in all his
glory was not arraye.I like one tf
They make their homes  with  tha
unfortunate women ol the "row" aud.
on their shame, with now and then a
side graft, they live in  luxury and'
ease, a curse to any community, and
a blight to the good   name of any
town.   Fernie, Nelson. Rossland and"
Spokane havo been* cbasiug  these
specimens of human  scum  out' and
maDy seem to have come   to  Cranbrook.   Constables Morri3' 'and IIos-
kinc have a duty to perforin  and it   .
should be done at. once.   There  are
trains going both ways each day Jind,-
walking  is   getting    better    right
along.       r	
■. '         *v
..  •Thcu-j*.__fxi_.iuf . .ltas.*.lo-.^a.i>a{-i<-\o—sthaiKlr..
lumber business locally,- ther spring
trade not being open, but the. "niill-
men are very hopeful of a good summer. ,
Operations at the Bull river1 logging camp were closed down on Saturday !»3t owing,to February thaw
which carried off the snow.
Logging at Sheep creek will bo
carried on all through the summer
By an order in council, dated the
16th day ot ■February, the corporate
name of the Cranbrook Sash & Door
Co., Ltd., has been changed to the
Kimbcrley Milling and Manufacturing Go., Ltd.    .1
Operations still continue at tlie
Cherry Creek camp. The cut is estimated at 40U.CO0 feet.
A large amount of supplies are" be.
ing sent to theSkookum Church creek '
camps, which  indicates-that-active
operations arc going on in that vicinity.—Prospector
> T-
,'a4,   ^al,--?,*
'"'-iV.   I
The.W. C. Hamilton Co has the finest display of dresn suits in their windows ever seen in Fernie, and nothing
to surpass it hai been seen this far west
Tlio firm has lately secured tho services
of A J. White, ono of the artistic clerks
of Winnipeg. There will bo a grand
opening at this storo just as soon as tho
balance of the i-pring stock arrives.
Ten of tho twenty Fit Reform wardrobes aro already in position, and this
is the only establishment In East Kootenay handling Fit Bolorm clothing.
Ppalding &■ Co. hnve redecorated
their studio, opposite tho Methodist
Church and made It ono of tho best
lighted studios in the west. Their appliances nre up to date, nnd the work
produced Is uiiMirtaH.-iMl in Kootonay.
Tlii'y havo the Intosl Hash lamp, ami
enrrv in stock magnificent viows of
Pernio scmiery. The Hash light takes
views without itny glare, anil Is prac-
cnlly the stiini* w alayli^lit.
iF-om tbe HoraM.)
Harry Bradford and .Tohn McDonald expect to have their new hotel at
Stanles open by tho tenth of this
It looks good to see the car loads of
ore going through to the Marysville
smelter. Many people in this district
do not fully rcalizo the significance
of this now doparture.
A. W. McVittie expects to movo to
Cranbrook the latter part of this week
to resumo his work us a surveyor.
He will establish nn office with his
brother, Harry McVittie.
J. Netterflold has bought an inter
est in tho Queens Hotel and in a short
timo will assist in tho management
with Messrs Gougeon and Chenotto.
Mr. Netterfield has been cutter nt P
Eurus ai Co. lor several yuars and is
well and favorably known all over
thi3 part ol the district.
Last Tuesday morning ono of thc
sample rooms of thc Cosmopolitan
hotel w.is broken open and about
$500 or $1300 worth of
and hair goods taken. Constublo
Morris was uotilied, and with tho
helpot E. II. Small, of tho Cosmopolitan, Geo. lloggarth of thc Cranbrook,
The" placer season will open about
April 1st. A large amount of preparatory work 13 being done, such :i3
getting out logs for rillles. building
flumes and boxes.
Applications have been made for.
leases ou ground near the mouth  of
Brewery creek.
The placerclaimsnear this vicinity
embraces thc creek, channel and
bench diggings. The gravel to be
handled is from ten to forty feet deep,
that prospects well. At least six h\£
four-inch giants will bo in operati.u
this season, and operations on the N'p
and Tuck, and Invicta. cluitcs will
corainenco iusido ct four weeks.—
From that Li<H'li'r
The Board of Trade is to ho revived.
The gun club has been organized.
R. A. Smith will be tho uew postmaster.
Bert Hamilton was arrested this
week by Constublo Routh for catching
fish out of season. •
Mr-and Mrs P.l">. Hope ha\e returned to Marysv-Uo'.to ruside. Mr.
llopo will havo a position in the assay ollice of thc smelter.
Albert Birch, aged '"-!', died in the
Cranbrook   hospital'last   Saturday,
ladies' gowns * Feb. 21, of pitcutnonii.    Ilo was tun-
ployed by tlio North Star Lumber
Co., and was sick only a low days.
Mr. Birch was a brother ot Mrs. ICd-
wua'd Barr, of Movie.
^jSsjto'U' u
f»s» __- ^yV«t'y^.weXin
g.   the savings .bank at a low
rate of invest "when' you £an
1 s_ -.•■*•.
|n tta grea^ city of ^ioAip^g
Jjy paying
down aud the balance in 6, 12
WTi8 months. Lots from
$73 to '$100 each a^cco^ng Jp
|6cation.' ""*_*
» j-W'Soo woh lots in"
the Chicago'ot Gapada 'for
gale on the above terms. Call
"and see us for particulars.
j-.-y,5y. B-ock> Fernie> B-c-
lottfSon '£ Co.
•ents in Fertile for T, G. Proctor, Nelson
Congress a.weslpm member who grit
drunk regularly,, pyery ;riight. bat,
showed up \n the house Rro/raptly the
tiext^mornl^g'.appareptly" npnve_v(the
worse oi the wear.
. •'How'doyoi*.'do it B-?" asked
MoAdoo one morn li) g- •    — ~~~ •
"Easy enough, was the reply,?when
Iigetupinthemorninftlent a raw
ofitan, .take a drink'of gin and pome
to tho house feeling like-.a fighting
cook.     . ' -.    < '   ,
"' -Yes" retorted "MoAdoo, -'aridbrjriell-
inglike a blljy goat. "—New york'
Press.       '• ,.     "
.» -
rienry itege
If yo*i «re : looking for1 Fishing,- Bathing
Hunting,'*8pat;ng or #JUVcie;r Climbing, go to
New Denver i'm stop a few days, weeka or .
mouths af fcjho JfewmnrkeV Hotel with "Henry J.
BtegeTHomo cooking,'aivJ tho flnest beverage.?
ia the y/nrld, inoluding water. , "Write or wire
Jorvatea.^ '._„.,'„...''..:   '\._. '.
B. T. 10WEBY, Editor and Finanolor!
Opposltt tho Sopot, FKRNIJ!
g-he home for railroadmen
' and lumbermen.
. ■  1 fi**-.-.- --•
iWSS BROS, Props.
■Thk I.*tDO*"^sjrmlilUhed every Wedne-dny
•n Ferule, BO. The price la 82 a year. Ailvr-
tliice wit. ijlvan upon application.
In B, C. itifl a wise man whoknowB
his own coal lands.
.•Pbe gepar-ate school question will
eventually wreck the government at
Qftawa. *     '	
According to the Nelson NewB we
Old Man's Home in the country and
make the paleface like 1}}? red brother
o'f the early days. •
' Religion is pflfelya jjjatter of fraining children' {**.' their early youfh.
Children',-will . believe anything
taught them by parsons or their parents. It is possible for a man to have
a dozen or more children each with a
different belief, when'they arrive at
the age of maturity. It is only necessary to teach'them anything while
separated from the others. When the
notice that '.G 0. Buchanan has, been train to soft and growing it will rein th-at■■!&!?*■' •'  J tain any doctjino, no matter how ab-
m »-•*t wty.  „  ,        prided it is instilled into the
f population is aWt2QQ.00O, at Vhom
not moFe tnankoO are white setters
As usual in suoli vrirs tales of fearful
barbarity aro freprted. Massacres,
tortures and.ottfer|er)dish acts make
up the ltet.-Cj-ic'ajo New8,
i « - w -*    *.w
a                 *                               »                                                                                                        1
Finest Liquors and Cigars.
. v—y.v."
"~  - a            *            ,,
The Eyeppener is very rude, and
butts into Cliff Sifton's amorous adventures without the shadow • of an
Spring Beemstcr.have got in early
and taken a frflfitf h&i. The oldest
Inhabitant baa-no better record to offer the publio	
'f   "fS_^\.~^
' \-'_'_?&?r
av i&-__!jriw_Z,>-'    -
In Fernie, is a pleasant
home for-all wjio travel.
r,.-.,.-r-   IVaT   , t*    •''
EoomB reserved by wire.
Do not worry a"pxiut fernie. ._, %
be 7,,00Oya2aVs before all the coal* is
dugout, and /'after tbat something
else will spring 'np,.     .
'.If some chap wandere into the Flathead with a modern drilling rig and
strikes a flowing oil well there will
be a'boom around^ fernie that will as--
tonish the fforlii.   -
The.kiiling of-brakesmen in the
Boundtiry-8eemB to have developed
Into a steaijy "ausineas, and to attract-
ing!aa*much attention as the tonnage
of ore in that district.
' Lethbrid^e hw thra? banks, but
hei*e fn ^erjuie We worry along with
IttakeBinoneyto keep banks
young mind by a ser}p(ua process.'
Weigh well what yon "teach your
children, for. the effects of early train-
ing are never entirely obliterated
from the mentality and clings to tbe
individual nntil-death like perfume
to a broken vase.
P. O  BOX 186
■      -- -   fEJIlN^
First Class, In Every Respect
MRS. S. -JENNINGS, Pbopbi-ctbkes.   , ■   .,   .■
*■"-■'     *~*tTiE '**■ *■'<£_<    if-.   '<MF -ii]     m*\mmr    ' . •**U*T**        _J*W»        T **•*?*:**
'».J.),V»-I       S.,1 ._      I  J.-,    V    "ffU     r-^-. J .S,/^.#"taS       .
[--'lf .-,- I   ~r-«&,„Z''Jl_AL^'l'l££&].Ar£>. t-a'.*■"-..iV ***&***<<_.
going"and, Letbbridgo'must have
stacks of It? that they, cannot born.
•'&&i>'r£3i " ■"""'"■
075 Pounds to Break' an Egg.
An eggshell can withstand the internal pressure of 65 pounds per
square inch and an external pressure
of 67£ ppupda .per. square inch, according to experiments made*by Albert
e. Guy...-:, ."-■■    . *;..,.
.' The eggs were taken aft random
and the contents emptied by flrst.
boring a one sixteenth inch hole at
each end.
The shells were tes^e^ in three
ways—ny pressure applied on the
long axis, by internal pressure on
the whole shell and by . external
pressure! As the whole shell is porous the difficulties met w^'^n trjr-.
ing $t_ la'i-"Uw.o teste were overcome
by using an ordlnary'tdy "balloon.- of
thin.rubber £. r'"i ^."; ,/'.""
' "For'ttfe Internal testVone-sixteenth
^-•y^.^*^ ^'-"X.-*
li- "-
£• «-*^-ts*   *>
;y MealB,
Jp^ ]Beda,
' Nerve Bracers
Qf Every
. ' *"    '   •*   ''
gfenj Purchaser
 Tof a'^dVzen" cabinet' riiotographs
at ^wiUTv^^'Ir^latE^POTARrE
■lfae'b'%!'y'%y. portnut taken in any
*6osit!on; "
/ Photographic work of, evenr descrtp-
£m.    Interiors and'FTfasth-tight Pic-
rcs a ^a^i^y.',J,Tractlire- Framing.
1 -r *.*<*ijj0&'
•JjftaolcBale Dealers and Direct Importers
'T    of Wines, JHlauors -and Cigars,
i*r.   ,-a**.-l-' ■ "• I-  -"i
District Agents-Tor
that the^phe'rs have^donne^ttien;
sfffcg BUits, and are out' "ev/ry' "day
gamboling on tlie green, and watching the tenderfeetgo.in the hole..;
'"■i- j,oi» inch'tube, plugged at one"-;end: and l
tSaSfe Ht^feJ^C-ffiHe*1 'lu"~ttie' .side-was,*,
Gout waltw Energetic.
A^ M. Welles,' i mining expert
from Colorado, Vldthls Btory at the
Waldorf Astoria thi other night:
, "When the railnad first came into
Leadvllle the Widiw Flannigan used
to board the section bands in a house
down by the tr(cl5» She had,a pet
Wily-goat, on ]whi*h .she Javished
great affection. { As the widow was a
good cook, she 'lad many offers of
marriage, which she always rofused.
When asked why ihe was so cruel,
she.'would reply, 'Well Billy is com-,
pany enough for roe. He dosen't
drink, gamble or.stay out nights.'
Billy waB of a eunny disposition
and used to amble along, the tracks
picking up stray iraiiroad spikes as
happily as any goat could. But in an
evil moment he'.met up with a railroad torpedo, and swallowed it. Returning to his home, he perceived Mrs.
Pannigan's Sunday petticoat fin the
clothesline, and began to utilize it by,
way oi dessert. *
"Mra Flannigan ran oat, and see;
ing the tail end of the petticoat van-"
ishing from sight, picked up a .stool
and threw it at liilly. It hit him
squarely on the side, and the torpedo
exploded, scatterin-f goat, petticoat
and hardware' promiscously about
The widow'was thrown against a
fancA uninjured but very much bewildered. WheiUbehad recovered
her equanimity J||temarked:
- .:«, -Sure, I di^^^w Billy to.be
so energast^j^^i^^^g the pet-
Sharp &. Irvine
N. Y. Stock   •   .
Chicago Grain and  Mining
Private Wires * ',
Continuo|as Quotations
Regular margin, 3 per cent.
K    "->*>
rt     *      * •    *"    •       ■
' Is the home of all Slocan people traveling tp. and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLAOHLAN BROS., Props,
Away north in-Edmonton the - people have become §p' proud tbat they
I5pell all their ^ordsm Capital letters
They'fiia^ even bar Oliver out unless he cuts his-profanity down to
parlor size.    	
. More hockey players are killed in
. panada than Bnli'*ighter3 in Mexico.
Canadians go wild delight over suoh
brutal sport as hockey, and football,
bnt fall dead with indignation when
'a, ballflg.b.ter ;s menUohed.
Oil and gold when found in sufficient quantities will populate a country quiokerttiaq anything elee. We
liave known a town aflargeln* Vancouver to spring np in six months
under the Influence of a big oil strike.
We hopeto'see' history "repeated In
the Flathead'before many mchitha
hftI3gFed' ",  .
Lent commences today but It has
no terrors for ns for we have often
been 40 day a without meat Aside
from its religious aspect. Lent has a
beneficial effect upon those who observe It. , It is good to cut out" meat r
arid YnbVwere' then put -through
holes carefully, drilled in the "ends
and the balloon tightly tied* oqtslde
the shell. The small "tube was sol
dered lo a pipe plug for connection
with tbe pump.
For the'external pressure test the
eggshell was tied up inside the balloon.—American Machinist. .
Tof^dayii and it would'be better to
cutito'utfor 40 years. We do not
'wish'to hammer the butcher's business, but the use Qf meat fills as many
graves as the use of high balte and
other nerve bracers, -*V
.   • • -f-t • '-      ?
s .       .,_    , <
British Lion
\;;  .Cigar
I Manufacturers of Lager^er, Bottled 3eer& Porter &
Howland -Avenue, Fernie
jJa--s,-of.. -nodern., life. «>ben .a S-fiP1—y»i-*—   .^'T^AiAuA'. -.,*<** -,•',.<■,
 -*2*-- •Ty*"   ,a> - -V*      t>j. v 2^, ■  *      '     inifcajfc     ^V "»       W'l t-  . ^      -     a    *■*■..**.> "•"-•j' 0£a.t   "-    '      _.*. •     At ;1«JV'I
minute msiy sometime^ nican"*a'miluotar]*
-*_•_•• ----
rlct Agents-Tor*
■fit ^*ai**a-iy<Champaz;
Schlltz Boor
•Wstnbutcrs of •* •' •*? e* ••
3/-.-        Chambertaln and
_ .   ...    Pharaoh (Jtgars
,-tttA   A,',.-*    a***"**       -
s. o.
Jhe Bes-I
Li/if    -- -*■»•
In her younger days Mrs. Chadwick worked as a chambermaid -in
the Mayhew Hotel, ThamesvIJle, Ont.
From tho way things have turned out
C&sglo" would probably be glad-ty she
had never quit making beds in some
country tavern. Now tfcat tsjao, has
be'eomo ndtorfdoa tibpnt, ^verj other
'fefclwiUola{jn(l^tat|e slang ljash.
or filled water pitchers" for '"Ihem 'fce-
fore.Bbe trod the trail with a prison at
the long end of ft.	
M  Ooeralis, Shirte. &
Mineri' Garments
.-./ /*.*»  ^tifibt nv*
- ■Z'V'a ■■','t*\ARMgW/**'*'■'"' '■
'Agent for Kootcn&y"'
v_0. llox 56 '"    ' ' Nt-lson, B.C.
,r    • ... ...,.-.•..,;■ i.'*..
/CI Dr. Osier saya that men' are little
/ iofid1 aftor,4P^xaa.ra of *ge, end that at
60 they sHottlff'fie killed.-', It Is true
£i&«i)iiof 4tf nle^ tfdcline .physically
but mentally they sboittdj ^0 bettor
end able to acfcwith"mofo rei\soa and
Ind^ment than inrthedaysv>heiti the        ....
c-aYbb'tf-Jn* your blood will not lot. yon, , Germany has poured money and
sit down. 'Iw-> iv* time w mttch as I men into the district until tlio trcas-
Trouble in German Africa-.
For many montlia past Germany
has been struggling with a native
uprising in German "Southwest Africa
The Kaiser's soldiers, instead ot
making their difficulties lest?, seem to
be Btirring'np more troubjft all the
time until now there is a . little uneasiness in portions .of Sonth Africa
outside the German possessions White
men are asking themselves, '% the
other black nations -should take up
the caose of the Eereros ana*, the Bot-
tefltoie; thSP vhatf" The rebels as a
race are war like. They immensely
outnumber-the whites. If they ate
•jquarty well armed and, well organized there nVighi be, 'it Is feared, some
sort of a replica of the Indian mutiny.
One who is familiar with the situation
stiyB!. It wottfd *,be 'sjmpjy.stjicidal
for either the .English'or the Dutch
colonist to become associated with the
German officials in their indiscreet
proclamation of war to • the death
against the.Hereroe and other revojt-
,_<£ tribes.
It has Seen found difficult to name
the exact cahse of tho uprising. 'One
report Is that tho Herero nation became deeply in debt to wily German
traders, to whom they werecompclled
to turn over great herds of cattle and
l-irgo tracts of land. Finally they
were bo'impoverished that their only
reconrse was'to take up arms and
drive tho white men out. The cli-
• ;m.ak Iseald tohave cotn^when some
^Germani"ficers sVot one oUhe natives
In cold Hood. While tho Hcreros
wero planning their revenge the Hottentots at the southern end of the colony took up arm's and began pillaging tho settlers. ' While the governor
of the province was putting down this
febe5[U6n",the Horeroa took advantage
o^tho\oprx)rtun'ity' nfld ,b,egan their
fiprce campaign.',   ''''''
tiona eelect^l^^i^SSere'the|s*Woi
.,y_~. »w _      TB&_Wy_WP~-iv^*_-'!:£!-'*'_-*''
man'a Home. CjHiBiqwi^nw^the
TnWfly***" *  2* ■*__' *J a?  u     "*'»j*
following iis^hci^mt^^elpml ^qtr-
toes.  They areVprth'remembering?
"There 13 8bmethfing"-^tferl-tban
making a Hying*^kjng a'llfe^r:"
"Our success inilfe' depends ;itipon
our will to do.", :\' [ V * '*:] .\ ^fig^
"It is never too lite tobe ^batyon
•"■light have bee_nl,,|^:"^'.'*'^r '':\};:"
' "Great principles are In, small' fictions. If Jve fail lr/ our.^eVent circumstances to live' nobly,'" we need
not imagine we should bave done better, o**,' a, grander" "scale. . ttevelop
great character In simple duties and
fn inconspicuous trials. "
To be of gi»d cheer in case of disappointment; ekei;ciseJgreatfir charity
toward t.he errVng and make more allowance for fhe- opinlofls . of people
iWboae v^ws^affer from mice;'to
Bmile more and frown learj,'-  • -.
"Tobe honest, to bo kind, to earn
a little and tojBpend a. little, less; to
make upon tha whole a -family .happier, for, his .presence; to renounce,
when that shall he necessary, and,
not be erahi^ered: to keep a few
friends, and'lhese "without capitula-
tion; a'apve a)t fD the same griip. con-,
dition, to keep'friends with himself—
here la a task;for alt that a man has
of fortitude and delicacy. -
wrong living tbat makes us old.
Wjien the world learns how to livo old
age will be ''ft pVoasuXCahd the limit will bo raised when wo should die
hnd'bo folded in the . formation. To
.k'iU'ih'onat'COmlgii}be-agflin to na-
'turb, but It would bo id terrible blow
to civilisation rtrid' shatter our ha
mano isocletica,   It would ruin every
uro expended'now'reaches' well up
into tho millions,. Tho territory involved la as largo as tho stntes of
Texas, New York and Connecticut,
and it is as arid in somo districts as
tho Nevada deBort.ThoJ heavy German troops nod'themselves greatly
embarrassed In their effort to 'catch
their fleet opponents.   Tho   whole
**'   **Vir 3 ■*********BtaMH***MMHV * » 1 ^      '*'» * ^--
VANCOUVER »ijtjN**L80,N. B.C
Mrs. M: Raney VS
Has a nice slock of ladies'and
misses' skirts, blouses ant*l shirt waists
Also seUs cut flowers, house, plants, imported singing 'canaries, and ladies
goods. Corsets made to order. Ladies
are requested to call 'and see goods.
Hoine'Wednesday and Saturdays and
every evening* '   ■        '* '   ■' "
J; A. MacLean
Builder aM Contract^
'Dealer in
i-^^er Be©r and Aei*atedi
Waters. CBottled Goods
a Specialty,   "-i
,B2    m
7 A'good chance for a.'iuturat3 home oh reasonable1 terms.
' nnr!-r*ff*ff*^^ , *'
Rojjg&.anii Dressed Lumber
ICoof ©Busy.. ¥a!S@Sfs ©o-? Lid*..-.
About, 1606 acres, Mixed FARM ING nod GRAZING
'-•    SanVon the.KOOTENAY RIVER at .SAND
. CREEKr 10 ijntles from.ELKO.       ,    ,
, Will be subdivided \tx sui^{*u.rchaser in bjocks rrotn
80acresupwarfls.*"-       '   --   * — '     • ■   u.
'.Price from $3.90,10-^$7.00 per acre/* Terms—mUi
• cash; [balance in yearly iristalments at 6 per
'.".   'cent. interci^.V-y ; .'-.:•.•.•-.      ■ -   ' _
* . r1.-        . 1.3   , '.     .' •-.!',
*t'V   -• *   !<'
..A»cnt»ln"?isral8,: ,
Mott, Son & Co,
JB*6/Pfoetbf'Manager NelSOtI
Good TStro*- ttom Gotham
Police Comfljiiaioner McAdoo Is a
(jobd story tillaiaf'ttnd has a , fand • of
anccriot&i'of'llis years In Congress
which he wil} somotltnes retail it to
his friends.' One ot his stories is of
how ho -learjly loet'a re el,ectipn froia.
hisdistric},"theT*Hud8on coutity district of 'If^^oracy, through a mistake ot tho-' Etepa'rtment' of &$<<*}■
ture.       .'-■"■■
Early In tbo Bgring'' McAdoo had a
quantity ofsecflsfJent to h"im for dis
tribution anioDg hlo' constituents.
There Was a'creat pile'of'bltf, yellow envfilopes*; labeled ',*Gras3 Becd(
tor lawru,"ivblejt he -fitacked up in
hiooffiee.id Jersey City*, and 'doled
oat to every visitor. ■Spring waned,
sammer approached and tho JsVIoAdoo,
seeds sprouticU-r'?!1^ 1*l8b.!"<hcro ■3adl
beon a r^kvpka in tlio department in
:patt'iD-fontbo l^K a,nd, hal.*" tJl.0'
lawns In IIujIboo cpanjy were prow-
Iner tobacco.
'^iio epegrrwa'-n bad -0 Bf)Cnd a
Uii'ko part"of the ounimer in npolo
ffiziiitfilnd oxplainl'icr to tho owners
of ruined lawnti, bat manapred by
hai-d work lo regain bis Btandlnp* it)
tho community before tho fall elections camo on.
Tlicre'Wiw •»-  McAdoo'.-"  timo in
, . , / a  .1 .- -     .
Ib in"a» delightful location and irqxft ite balconies.
' ean be ecen-'all thobeau,^61 the' grandiBCpncvy
th-it 8ur/oivulo;'b.em8 in," and adorna. tho b,n?7
oifgr-ol 'Nelso'n.' It is the homo of tonriBtff and •
■ business men from all parte of the world) • Tho
.cuiBine never drnga in'the iniroof iqedlocrltvy*
and, 9ycr*/ ,room.,ip an enoijiyjto inBomJ|i*.. \
'■ *j*oai}.^d,rooq?B when on tljo way in, topoh tJic
wira*i and the deed .h dono.
ins,* Mariagef,;
J* I.  ,!
M toii*VHMlf-~Trw?**?
* " .'   .<      -^ *" A'^i^-^fyAyV:";    r:
■*r-:;^v-*-. "
One of thc'sidc issues raised , by   the
.defunct preamble tr» the Rosslarjd resolution at the recent convention gf the,
Associated Board of Trade is th,?  prico
pfcoal at the   East   Kootenay  w-ines.
As is well known, there is a clause in
the C. N. P. Railway charter which re-
/quires thc company to sell coal at $2, a
i<)h at the mine,' but it must not be forgotten'that they are relieved frpm this
restriction whenever   the   government
reserve is thrown open for mining purposes.    Meanwhile, what is   the position?   That purchasers are getting run
pf mine, which' means unscreened coal
at $a into cars.   Thc question has. heen
raised whether the statule does no'  require the company tb give screened coal
.oh the groun'd'thkt slack or  fine,   although technically, is not in thc usual
acceptance of the  term,   coal.    As thc
fine can be used for,coking, we do not
see that it would involve the company
fri any great hardship if they   hi*d.   to
give screened coal, expopt at such times
as the coke trade is dull, and they have
a surplus of. fine.   Apart  from that,
consumers may as well understand that
Jhere is very little profit ]n -soiling coal
/Lit this price.   Last year the actual cost
pf production was $1.75, a very 'high
figure due to the natural difficulties of
faults, irregularity of strata,   varying
dip, gas, and water.   Qne other heavy
item of cost is noticeablp, and ;will ln-
cre-iseas time goes on, it is the tremeh-
^oys crushing of coal workings by   the
superincumbent pressure due   to   the
weight of the' rnontalhs .-.'which overlie
them. -This.condition necessitates, the
'caving of larger   pillars   for support,
and in many ways adds to the  cost pf
production.    Looking   m   these facts
and at the average price of coal at the
pits-mouth, both at   Nova Scotia   and
Vancouver Island, where it is at least
<$l a ton higher lhan at Fernie, it is idle
to expect cheaper raw fuel, and equally
idle to suppose .that  in   this" instance
competition would effect; a  reduction.
It would undoubtedly result in a   combination and higher prices, since neither
one nor a nnmber of mines would-continue, to work long without a fair profit
and under the conditions of risk  and
heavy capitalization   inseparable from
coal mining in the Crows Nest Pass, -25
cents a ton is a reasonable margin.    In
fact, a reference   to   the   charter will
show that 50 cents profit, was actually
contemplated.    By way of comp-jg-" iri
= F
Wp may note that lasj. ye.a.r Jfre Dominion Coal Co., Nova Scotia, show a profit of $1,600,000 on the sale of 3,200,000
tons of coal, or exactly 50 cents a ton.
The Crows Nes.t Pa^s £ompany made
practically all their profit on coke.
That brings us to another and by far
the most important phrase of this question, viz., the price of coke.
The company started ofi by charging
$5 a ton which,  during the   agitation
and outcry by the associated boards and
°thers in 1901, was reduced to $4 a ton
bul subsequently, when the excitement
subsided, was jumped to $4.50, where
it still stands.    Now, anyone   familiar
wilh the rebates in parliament,  at  the
time the Crows Nest charter was under
discussion, knows that the government
and in particular the Hon. Clifford Sif-
ton, defended Ihe infamous   land   and
coal grant on the ground   that   by its
means he was   securing an   abundant
supply of cheap fuel for thc smelters of
British Columbia.   This was the justification.    Now what fuel do the smelters use?   Why, taking Ihem all   into
acpount, they consume twenty tons of
coke to-one ton of coal.     Those using
electricity, as Granby and   the   B.   C
Copper Company, require practically no
coal in a raw   state.    Boundary   Falls
Company, still working by steam power
use pfpbably one ton of coal to three of
coke',! Trail, although furnished  with
'electric power,  uses   raw   fuel at the
roasters, and the same is  true  of the
Ha|l Mines smelter,    It will ...be, seen
/rom;this statement that coke is of infinitely more-importance tb the smelting industry than raw coal,   and there
is.np doubt that when the charter  was
framed it was the  intention   that   the
product of coal-rcoke—should be governed by tho   same  restriction  as to
price.    If th(«i were not so,  the benefit
(o t]*e industry would be   more acade-
micthan practical.    Now, the price of
coke on the basis of $2 for coal would
be $"".50 at the outside, a figure which
in the Boundary,  fpr instance, would
reduce the cost of smelting 35   cents  a
ton. .
This i; a fair ground of attack, and
one which, if tested in the courts,
would not improbably result in establishing our contention that the obvious
intent of the statute was to govern the
selling price of coal, whether technically in a. raw or rarified condition.—Nelson Tribune.., ■  •
It is difficult to name a grt?at and far
reaching- conquest of'thc mind which
has not yet .been given to the world by
a TOar* on whose back the sun is still
shi«*ir*g. Thejeffective, moving, vitalizing work of the world is done between 25 and 40, those fifteen golden
.years of plenty', the anabolic or constructive period, in which there is always a balance in the mental bank and
the credit is still good.
"My second fixed idea is the useless-
ness pf men above 60 years of age and
the incaluable benefit it would be in
commercial, political and professional
life', if/as a .matter of course, men
stopped work at this age.
'' The thrilling'expcricnce of Mr. Fran-
pis Lake, who for the' last five years
|ias been in the employ of the' Austrian
government as a secret service' agent,
read more like a volume of Sherlock
Holmes* adventures than chapters from
the Hfe history of a living detective. *
,,"lalways had a lining {of police
work," he said to an express representative, "and have worked at it since I
was qnite a youngster. -
"I had a friend in high office inScot-
|and Yard who knew my liking for defective worlc, and he Introduced me lo
a service agent nf the Austrian govern-
pient working-jr*. Jxndon. The latter
-U once offered to pay me a salary to
assist li.im, and for $*( months I worked
{is secret Brrvice spy. At the end of
that period he offered to retain .me in
tbe secret service.' ••*'.'.'■
- "My first duty was to sign a bs-md, in
London that I would, never divulge my
business or my'whercabouAs. even to my
relajtiYes or friends. Not even my wife
knew^ty real otcupatip*i during .these
years,'and in feet I^told all'jny triends
'-ind others with whom I came in con--.
(act that I was in the employ of thc
pastern Telegraph company, which
would accounLfor my constant absence
abroad. For a sHort^'-ine while in the
^ecretjsci-ylce, I;worked; for a newspaper in Fleet street, the editor having
no knowledge of my real occupation.    .
.'.•Afteftsigning.tho bond of secrecy I
wasvsa"}aftjto.:\ncrina, and spent the first
^" months* irt familiarizing myself
•with Austrian criminals.   ,
By jaax the most extraordinary arid
grilling case with which I have been
cqni*ectcd was that of the murder In the
Rua /\r.colc, in Paris, on January at,,
looz. Thc n\yrdered maii was an Aus-
"t'riari by b'\xtf\, but for a minor political
offense was scq'fnced to serva*. seven
years'. banishmetiJS fyorn, his native
country. Ho went %nt to Franco and
tjopit up his residence in flaris. -
..,IM first met him in December, kjo*.,
\n Paterson N. J., and havji^ q^laittcd
f'crtain Information from'him iper^uad-
"eii hiin to accompany me to Europe.
After making a short stay, in London,
where 1 was endeavoring, to pick up
more threads of the inquiry upon which
J. was engaged wc crossed to Paris.
-■' On the second night after our arrival
"Jnthc French capital I invited him to
dine with meat the well known Cafe
Vicnnois, In the Rue Montmnrtro.
"While sitting at the tnhlc I noticed
ho got rather fidgety, and at last suggested that he hud bettor leave 111c to
.(inish dinner alone. On inquiring the
reason he called my attention to a
group of five well-dressed men nt an
-adjacent tabic, and informed  111c that
Ihe knew them, and.it Would be  better
for me'nof tb"b'«r*scen Tn His company.  *
"On looking across at the group I
recognized POP of the men as a relative
of the murderer of the Empress of Austria. I persuaded my companion nnt
to leave hurriedly. A few moments
later one of the occupants of the other
table noticed \x\ and, after scrutinizing
us for a time, rose, came over to our
table and addressed my companion in
his native tongu,?,    :
"At'the finish ofthe conversation the
two men raised their hats to each other
and my companion, turning to me
begged me to come outside immediately, ""Once in the street lie turned to
walk toward the' opera house, and I
asked him to tell me the meaning of
his strange'behavior. He would not
answer a word until we got to the corner by the opera baP^se, when he
stopped abruptly and said.
"You are only a young man and you
don't want to die yet, Jo you?"
' "Not if I can help it," I replied and
clutched my revolver in my overcoat
pocket, thinking he meant to attack,
me; ..''
■ "Well," he continued, "taken-iy advice. I have done a little sen-it-^ ami
you have done me several little kind-
nesses* Go to the commissary police,
ask him for' a protective escort,; 'and
don't stop traveling until you are out of
the country.. if you don't folio-*- my
adyi.ee. "Red Wool*-will encj ytji-p car-i
eer. Au revoj*;at-rj bon voyage, monsieur, and he immediately turned and
walked away towar.4 Cook's tourist offices.    ,
From that day to this I have never
succeeded in solving the mystery, foe
the following morning my companion
was found dead in thc Rue Arcolc—
stubbed to the heat t with a knife, round
t,he handle of whic'i was tied a how of
"red woo).."'—-London Express.
The Mutual Life
of Canada
Tito Only Canadian
Life Company that
Is    Purely   Mutual
IS 34 years old ;
HAS Assets nowexfljpd'ng $8,000,000;
HAS a surplus (on Government Valuation Standard), of nearly $1500,000;
HAS nearly 30,000 policyholders ;
HAS nearly $40,000,000 of Insurance
in force ;
HAS paid over $6,500,000 in cash to
- policyholders or to their families and
HAS in Reserve, for their security, over
"7,000,000, in solid assets.
Married men should remember the
uncertainly of life and protect their
wives and children by a policy in the
Mutual Life,
Vogng men should not dally with
time in regard to life insurance. The
sooner you commence tbe sooner your
profits .will come to you. It is an investment that always pays.
Young men who have relatives depending upon them should take a policy
in the Mutual Life. J J: will help mother
if death should reach you its icy hand
before your youth has fled.
For full particulars call on our agent
at the Hotel Fernie, in Fernie.
Lowest Rates Best Time
Toronto,  Montreal,  New York,
Maritime   Provinces,    New   England.
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
California Points.
Unequalled Passenger Service
Standard and Tourist St_ep*t», -•»••--"•-* "*'■'■
Coaches and Dining Cars
Tourist   Sleeper1  Service
West—leave Revelstoke Mon., Wed.,
Thur., Sat. to Seattle & Vancouver.
East—leave Dunmore for Toronlo,
Wed. & Sun.; for Montreal, Mon.
& Fri.; for Boston, Fri.
WE have all experienced that delightful
feeling, when after having dined off
the best and enjoying a good cigar we leel on
good terms with everybody and satisfied that,
after all, this is an excellent world to live in.
The man who advertises in The Ledge has"-
exactly that same feeling. His business prospers; he gets fresh customers and keeps them;
and  no stale  stock  encumbers his  shelves.
Advertise in THE LEDGE and see the cash roll in.
r ■
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable! Reliance Cigars
The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd., Montreal, Que.
First maker of the " Flor de Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur*' since i8;6 ; over 27 years in existence.
Walter Crone, Western Representative.
Atlantic Steamship Agency
Through bookings to and from Great
Britain and the Continent.
Baltimore—In his farewell address
at the anniversary.exercises at theJyohns
Hopkins university, Dr. William Osier
(who is abou* to become head ofthe
tycd'tcal school, of Oxford university),
ger-lared that n'thing iii the world is
accc|x**iplv^t\caaJ; by a man more than 40
years old ap~\ that men of, 60 years
S.iov-Jcj. be £a*Jtira*al| dp chloroformed,
"My idea as tp, th^e comparative use-
lessncss of men above -^o, years of age
he said,"may seem shoeing and yet
the world's history bears ou.t the statement. Take the sum of liumat) achievements in action, in science, in art, in
literature, subtract the work qfthe men
above forty, and, while wc should miss
ercat treasures—even priceless treasure.1)
wc would,be practically be where wc are
For rates, folders and tickets apply
ttjl-jcat agerits, or to
R. Readisk}, agent, Fernie.
J. 8. Carter, D.P.A.,
E. J. Coyle, A.G.P.A.
^(Qtos-ia and Vancouver
Daily Tkaiks leave Fernie at 10:00
a.m., reaching Vancouver and Victoria
the Next Afternoon. Return train
reaches pernie 8:30 p.m.
Winnipeg, St. Paul, Chicago, Toronto
and all Eastern points.
For rates and information call on—
J. S. Thompson, Agent
J. Ro Cameron
Is tbe tailor to go to when
you want a summer
guit of Clothes
Ho has tho nobbiest Hultlngs
to fidget from, and the lit and
workmnnH.'ip Is tho beat.
" t»
.     «*a
-,*rir »5*"**rH,T
I Has niTbeen locked for many years. §
§ The landlords   are   always happy, '§
§ even when their bank-roll looks thin- |
§ ner than the lean edge of an attenu- §
5 ated wafer.    Try one of their morn- §
f ing  bracers.    Mail   orders   receive ^
§                     prompt attention. \
1        Allen & Palmer 1
5 a>
The First Class Hotel of Fernie
The Resort of Commercial and Traveling Men
The hotel is elegantly furnished with
handsome new furniture throughout,
is heated by ste.im and has rctnrn
call bells in every room.
Rates :
a day and upwards
New- Crop  Now  in Stock
Home Grown uml Imported
Wholaj^alo anil ilctuil
Specliil I'rice.s to- Karmei's Iintitutea
Thoiiiundj of Fruit und  OriiuinuntHl Troci.
HIioilanlollilroiiH,      R<>it<>i),      Gra-i-nlioiiHii
nnil  Hardy l'lunt-i
now urowinf; in my iiurst-ric-s for
SpnnB pluntini-
Eastern pricc-i or leas. Whito I.nbor
Vancouver, B.C.
3010 WoHtmlnBter Itonil.
Fcu;-.ders a. Machinists,
Mill and "Mining- Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shaftin-r, Fitting, etc., always
on hand. Estimates furnished. Scra-i
Iron bought by the carload. Rcpairiuj-
and Jobbing.
B. C. TRAVIS,  MtN/aacn
■ When you smoke a cigar
see that it is UNION made.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane, Columbus and
Havana Whip Cigars aro Union Goods
made bv.
WlnnliiPg, Man.
Rcprcaented liy GEOHGE HORTON.
Just forget prejudice for
a moment I
The essentials for a well
fittin.-* suit of clothes nre proper designing—careful cutting
—expert workmanship—hand
tailoring and good materials.
These determine the fit and
hang of ihe garment — the
style — the shape — and the
permanent retention of these
qualities during the garment's
-life. '
Bec.iuse you like to be
measured with a tape line
does it follow that you will obtain the maximum satisfaction on these points from the
" little" fellow who tries to
design—cut —tailor and sew-
all by himself?
Semi-ready is the product
of specialists assembled in
units—a master tailor does the
ile-signing—expert cutters cut
the cloth and skilled tailoa-s
work on the particular parti
in the making of which they
The results of fit—expression—shape and permanent
retention oi these qualities are
due to these effects being kept
in view in every "operation"of"
llie making.
'     i,
Mount Fernie Lodge No. 47
Meets every Thursday evening at
p.m. in
I.O.O.F. Hall.
T. Bfxk,. F.G.,R.S.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters <?■ Joiners
<rf America. No. 1220. „ j f .J*.,
The Carpenters Si Joiners of Fernie
meet the ist and 3rd Tuesdays in each
month at the Oddfellows' Hall.
L.D.S.,  D.-D.S...
L. T
W.   Block,
Ollicu hours-
Opposite   thc   nank-
-8 u.m. to 8 ii 111.
Its baths cm-anil nervous a:U
diseases, its
water heal all
kidney, liver,
and stomach
ailments and
they eliminate
all mctallc
pnia-nns from
the system.
Report of Analyst
Of Samples of Water from Halcyon Hot Springs, Arrow
Lake, B.C., 27th   February, 189S.
Laboratory of City Analyst, Kdinhurgh, Scotland,
March  .1, 1S9S
One gallon  of water contained the following ingredients, the results are expressed in parts.
Chlorine      S
Sulphuric Acid	
Alkalies as Soda ..
Magnesia .
Fishing and
Terms :
$15 to $18
per week,
!Wi.ordiiig lo
residence in
hotel or villas.
W. 11. R0S8 J. S. T. ALK-CAMlKR
Ross &, Alexander
Onioas In la. T. W'.'Ulock, V'cturl". Avenue.
II. V,". IIi:i:fll\lKll. SliKllWuOli llKIICIDIKIl
Herchmer & Herchmer
UARKI.-      —,   SOLICirOItS,   ETC>
Oflli-cfi ovim tJ. Hums stCo'Bliloc.!;, Viutorin. nvo
L   1*. KCKMK.S
J?. C. LAWS;
Eckstein & Lawe
PaA-iHis-rais-at-La w,
Cu-libiirc liiuck.
Solicitous,   Etc.
Kt-.nle. II. 0.
Help   of All Kinds Furnished
Short   Notice
Ya!   Ya!
Xext aloor to Caluiirj* Cuttle Co., Wood Street
Vo:k of All Kinds.    Rates Reaaon.ibla.
ORice : Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Fer.vie British Columbia
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral ClairneSurveyed
and Crown Grauled.
PQ. Box 563,   .'    OtBce: Kooteaay St., *a'el«( u
Furniture and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two completo sets of Bar Fixtures, ono
British Plate Mirror -iBxlW inches, new,
Letter Presses, Billiard and Pool Tablea
Cash Registers aud other specialities,
Mall  Orders  Receive   I'romtit   Attention.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
Gold ? .75 I tfolal ami Silver $100
LuaU —   .75 j tfolil,«ilvur, co-ayer l'.So
SainpleJ by  mail  receive, laromjit attention;
Placer l«. M, Rctnrts, and Rich Ores tjiiglit
Send for Free Mailing En v«. and Price).Lat.
17^5 Arujiahue St.,   Denver,; Colo.
i)l\. MILLOY, *W<:-
Has bad 17 vear. exiaa-rititea1 in alentil work, and
mmhes a 3;'echUy of Oolii HririBe "Work. VUtt
made to tlie Slut-au rej-ularly. -
O   JS-iivlon, Ull.   Mi-t.tim.-3 In llie IJiito'.i Hall
ever.v t'riday evuilpaj «t Visa   Yi-ltlui; laietlireii
eonliiilly invlta-il to nil. nd.   J. E. LinKnixo ,
Noble iii-aml; A. U.OuAiU, VieeGraurt; \V. J
i"ahiiutt, tiecatiiry.
iJiAMION   UllXiK  XO   Si.     K.   01-*   P.
O Ma-eti. every V edne*al:iy ea eniug ol 8 o'clock
in tlie 1'vthlan Cnslle Kali. buiiJuu. i-<a>J«uriiiiii*
brethren will receive a I'ylliian wela-ouie. S.
ISAACS'JS.C.C.       Alviikii J. Uaix, K.K.&S.
K. HEYLaAXI). Euu-ineairauilProvlm-liil
J,»nilaurveyoi.   KAsLU
q*aHK KASLO. KOTKI,. in Kia.alo, i_ the Und-
-*•    inn li'jtel in tii^ t-ify.
rpiIK  FIXBEBT nOTF.I,  in Sainton ia the
J.    Iii!iiimiiirt(.rs fairiiU ttai.a..«lla>is lo llio City
of Silver.
Iil-"NXE1T& Ml Itl'II Y, I'roim.
rj*U E V tfrruttlA IIOTEI, iu Nei-i'u U n linven
A-    !nr nil s,trniii-e Turin a«uv from homo.
llent Iiouki.' f.ir
I ii siiav am thin
II, I'l'i'itU'lor,
tlel.Klili 1IOTKI.. V.ill It. All modem
*'L Hiiiiriviiiitii'a. *s:mi|.!e rn. in» In iviiiiec-
tloii.   The oi-h lira.i-pln.as tiotel m Ymir.
FIN LAY Mii.E'il), 1'ioi-rietor.
ritl-IMONT IIOt'SK, NKI.SON* Eiir.,p>»n
I    ii:.il AiiR-ii-:in I'l.m.   M^.ili. t.-x-piil-a  Ii.,,.iti-a
fr-ini i e u|a t.i ?l.   Duly aa-i.lie |iel|> ciuiiljjeil.
Sotlilii,'.-yi'lljia-aluiiit Ihi-    ' '  '
j. tin.- -iiie.
Iiollt l(la- ;a|aa.-(s e.\>-«<-,t the ajoltl
.MAl.tl.NK .V TUElUIJA."-".
ia tbe bwtjl niliiy lictel In
IIOI'M]',   furiiicirlv tlie Clark
I «iliiy lictel In >'«l«oii.   tinly
whitu belli eiii|,loyeal.    (I.    W. HAHTLKTT,
'Pill-: HOTKI, I-t-lt-'l-.-'-fa*- |, tlie lnmie of
l Slueun heoiiii! wlien tlwy aatat in Fajriruaou.
MCI)OS"XEI.& lll.AC'K, I'roi-rlel;".
rpilK ISKITTAXNIA HOTKl, tMhii old-
A. rtt »nil iiie boat In the l.arln. tloiil <eekera<
nlia-^y.ava-eleomo       lUaVIN MHOS.
"\Vli.olos«alo   "tvCoi-olaa.ntB.
rpilK MdXTfKlMEItY Co.. I.t.I,, \Vliok.,«lo
a.    Maa>»tiriii.-tiir..i->  a.f cll.'.aeu canifoi-tion^ry.
N.-I.aiiii, 110.
U'llOLESM.K liKAl,-
, Clioij.ao, l'roaliue nnil
A.   *tIi-IM)NAI.I),   Whole
I'ruit, Kel'a'iti, B.C.
air  In
_.tt*-?g «ii>i
•J" -ii i   _'fiih     44.
-  "TfK*.
^W^**^* h4
-.' •,:: -;?.s'i
. * \-J..r,'_1>,_i'-f
S" - '-i.Afi
*5i"'A-,*i^'    ',
SB   Ai-t.--*.;?
.-"-•v ■*''
Tliis Bank transacts every description of Banking Business, including the
Issue of Letters of Credit and Drafts on Foreign Countries, and will negotiate or
collect SbrillA on any place where there is a bank or banker.
Special Attention is directed to the
following Advantages Offered by our
Savings Rink. '■
Deposits off Ono DoHap
and  upwards   received   and   interest
allowed at current rates.
is added to the deposit twice in each
year, at the end of May and November.
is subject to no delay whatever in the
withdrawal of the whole or any portion
~i.~:of the deposit.
The McDonald, Simpson Co.
Wholesale Commission Merchants
and Manufacturers' Agents
Tho Lumsden Roller Mills
The Wapella Roller Mills
Lever Brothers "Sunlight,Soap"
Dalton Brothers '-Dish.tower' Soap
The Vogel Packing'Co.  ■
The Manitoba Canning Co.
The W. &. R. Jacob Co., Ltd.
Biscuit Mannfaotnrers
The Guelph Foundry Co., Ltd.' -   -
The "Armur"Co„ Ltd.   .. .
The Mojio Mill & Lumber Co.
Fruit and Produce of all kinds. Correspondence Solicited
P. 0. Box 363, Calgary, Alta. -/ ■.
#e!ic and Cholera Rtint<iy
/Both \
\ Sizeit/
Pain fti-tita
Sforaaei) and z\w imm^
Every remedy guaranteed to do its work
$£ *\^Ol' 1-re Invited to call nnd sec the first stock of Fit Reform
aJKa       , CWhinff (in its own wardrobe system) in East Kooienay.,
•M*, ^11 sizes, 34—461 t'll'i short, stout, or thin.   We hnve suits
i&Z,       ■ id every one  from §1$ to $30, prico marked on every
£*,       , garment.
I Tihe W. C. Hamilton. Co. §
Prescription Drug $f«re
Agent for—Langhlln'a Fountain Pons
Morso Fountain Pons    -
International Stook Food  .
Liquid Vendor.
CANCEIJjATION op reserve.
& Winchester
For Brick and Stone Work.
., First-class work guaranteed. Contracts taken for building coke ovens in
any part of the country. Estimates
P. O. Box 883, Fernie, B.C.
Notice of transfer
TAKE NOTICr that I intend to apply to tho
Board of License Commiasioncra for tho
City, of Fernie for e t-nnafer of ray liquor
license for the premise-) known si the Queen'!
Hotel gituato on Lot 10, Block 21, in the said
City from myself to William A. Boss.	
February il, 1805. A. P. CHr*NBTTE
Cigar Store
Gives a coupon to every puYdiaser of
25 cents worth of goods. To the holder
of the, greatest number of coupons by
June 1st a custom made suit cf clothes
worth $35 will be given. All coupon
holders intending to.compete for the
prize musl hand in their coupons not
later than June 1st.    - -, -
L ATKINSON, Proprietor
NOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN that tho resor-
ration establish-)-! in pnrsuanco of the
provisions of the " Columbia and Western
Hallway Subsidy Aot, 1896." notices of which
were published in the -Bsitish Columbia Gazette anil dutud 7th Kay,-1836, and Sth Juno**-
1890, respeo'ively. are'heroby cancelled.'.1 >
Crown lands sltnatod within tho area cm-
hraoed by the said reservation will bo open to
Bale, settlement, lease and other disposition,
under tho provisions of the VLand Aot," three
months after tho date of the first publication
of this notico in.the British Columbia Qazette;
provided, however, thnt in all casos where
lands are so sold, pre-asirmted,-leaned or otherwise alienated'by" the Government1 and are
subdequontlv fouud. upon the surveys of tha
(*olambia and .Western Railway Company's
blocks, to lie wholly or in part within such
blocks, "-then .the' poraons so acquiring Buch
lands shall: acquire their .title thereto'from
the Bailway Company, who;have.agreed to
deal with suoh purchasers, pro-emptors, lessees, etc., on the same turms und conditions as
the Government would under, the provisions
of the "Jjand Act," except in respect to timber
lands on the Company's blocks; whioh shall
-  * -if ; 1—: - LL . , _.
bo iiabjeci to the .regulations issued ,by the
Company relative to thu cutting of timber on
the Columbia und Western  Railway Land
W. S." aOKE.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & -Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria,B.C.2SrdFebruary, 1905.   " '
In the matter of an application for a duplicate of a Certiflcato of Title to Lots 19 and
20, Block 9 in the Town of Fernie (Map 734).
NtO-ITCE IS HEREBY GIVEN that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month from the first publication hereof
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to the
ahovo ment toned Lot s in tho name of Stephen
Francis Wallace, which Certificate is dated
the 25th day of November. 1903, and numbered
Distriot XtegUtrar
Land Rei-ist ry Office Nelson, B.C.
- -    Sth February, 1905. '     - ■     "
K*»a<^>-ai»*(^Wi*-"£^--lte>-i*__"3B--< v*-Z_jn p**r*_"**at P**cr!i"rfffa*C_jwl"*"aC_j**a(pa^_jB"*(
J*.**. Sj*..,,. ._
The fisljin,* season opens on   March
3Sth.       I
A butterfl; •v'-s secn ,n   Fernie  on
Sewers an! sidewalks arc the crying
need for Fenie.
Stop at-- Me Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake City.
The Fort Steele brewery has increased
its boiler capacity.
Plenty of»ire pulling on Victoria
avenue these days.
Sewing imchines to rent at the B.C.
Furniture Company.
Today is Lent but ham and eggs are
still being sold In (he city.
R. "vV. Couilhard is still suffercng"
from the*effects of hockey.
The Episcopal church rejoices in a
new pulpit from Vancouver.
Spring is here, but the only Robin in
sight has bee" here a'l winter. . '
Drummers from Toronto are thick in
Fernie during the past few days."
"This, is the season when  the secrets
of the back yard are made public.
A. D.- Drummond   now   wears   the
star and carries the baton in Michel.r
'.During, February   thero   were  251
pupils on the roll of the Fernie schools.
In Fernie grippe li,is alincwt left the
cily, although there is no by-law against
The interior of the C. P. R. station
has been beautified with the painter's
brush. j - -.- -
Trains lea\e Fernie  on   ihe   Great
Northern at 9^ a. id., and arrive   at
J)."i S p. ni
N. E. SnjtiSliSU ready for the fish
stock   of
Having purchased.the stock bf.The Crow's Nest" Trading.Co. at
" airate on thedollar we are selling all broken.lines of men's goods •
at considerably below cost..   We are forced to do this owing to.
our temporary building being so small/, and to make room for
new goods arriving...
Stiff Bosom, Cuffs detached,  Regular price $1.25 and $1.50 for   50c
,,       ,,          .,,. attached,     . „           ,,      1.00 and    1.25 „   ~30c
Negligees~                                   -»          >>     .1-00 „     50c
„    V.25   - „    75c
Lake, have
lumber camps and mines.
&   Co.,  Trout
e supplies needed by
Hen's Working and Fine Boots       Hats
.Regular Price $2.75 for $1.75
2.50    „ 1.50
2.25 „ 1.25
1.75 » 1.00
Fedoras in Pearl
Grey, Browns and
Blacks. . Regular
Price $3.00 for $1
The King Edward
Is convenient lo all  the
important places of business in Fernie.
J. L. Gates, Prop.
r*Sl _
has apparently dropped in early, but finds us
well equipped to meet all requirements. We
have just finished  marking off one of our
Spring cars and you will fine our stock very complete.
: What's the matter with cleaning up your yard and thus avoid a visit
from the Health Inspector ?
We are sole agents'
V' for London
F'ire Extinguisher
50c 60c & 75c
Opposite the Post Office.        Right in the Centre of the City.
N.B.—Wc will inaugurate a Clearing Sale of Granite Ware next week,
when particulars will be announced. \
Order your Spring suits now.   Natty
Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher,
Sllvtrloa'M Boss Tailor
The public'schools" now "open a'tV a*
m. and close atr-3.30. None but the
children object to the long hours.
In Fernie during February the -customs collections. amounted $4270.21,
and the inland revenue to $3420.72".
W. O. Robbins has received his
spring stock of wall paper. Prices
range from 10 cents to ^1.50 a roll.
Mud slides at thc gumbo cut a few-
miles west ofthe city have caused thc
G. N. much trouble during- the past
A free reading room and library in
Fernie"would be much appreciated by
thiise dwellers in the city who have a
desire for literature.
C. O. D. says he cannot reduce his
prices because he is always selling
goods at the lowest price" compatible
with commercial safety. "
At thc Kootenay Saloon in "Sandon
you do not need an introduction to get
a drink. Put the price on the bar and
the mixer will'do the rest.
E. Rolph, the tailor, clothes cleaner
and repairer isnp-to-date in all branches
of his business. Call and see him when
your suit needs attention.   ....  '-   *
^ The'Hotel Fernie is being touched
with paint. The top floor will be ready
for occupancy next work. The oflice is
to be adorned wilh plate glass windows
and a door put in thc corner.
Walter Dayidson, who fell "off *lhe
.westbound local near Elko, died in the
Fernie hospital last week, and his^'fuh-
eral was conducted by the Knights of
Pythias* and the Brewer's Union,- •,      "
D. J. Robertson & Co., Nelson have
received several carloads of spring and
summer furniture recently that they are
selling at prices compatible with the financial pulse of the "country. Drop a
line and catch their prices. .' *
Tlie robins are out and   so   arc  the
l*\* -' a>* \   a. ■*      ■»
people wearing'the elegant spring suits
made by J. C. Hutchison at his shop in
Fernie. His suits" have adorned*- tnany
a manly form in East' Kootenay, and
while Hutch can shove tlie needle7'and
shears they will adorn many more; "
Women, no matter what their' profession or occupation can find no safer
investment than buying a model endowment policy in the Mutual Life of
Canada. - They are profitable as.an investment, in addition to the life insurance provided. See facts from the lady
agent at the Hotel Fernie.
Runaways are frequent in Fernie.
The sight of so many wires. overhead,
and the roar of commerce onour streets,
probably make the country horses nervous. One small boy was eight apples
ahead by a runaway on Saturday*. -It
is a bad runaway lhat blows no fun or
profit toward the rising'e-eneration.
+' *i ^^
Why buy case eggs at high' prices that give the worst kind
of results this time of year, when you can buy from us
New Laid*. Eggs ■•'■-'■
5 IS*
The People's Grocer,   P.O. Block, Fernie•
Ladies' Winter Skirts
Ladies' Winter Blouses
To make room for Spring
Goods now arriving I will clear
all  ladies'  skirts   and   blouses
Todd Block
. $liirtafai5i$«it$at$4
Eaa$e$\ and -Z&iidren'i (Mir-
'    : wear ol^afl Kinds;' -.-
Wmii', (Vear ana finery
at my store in the Todd Block
„„, Tho trouble with most rubber
goods is that they crack or come apart
at the scams " before you get your'
money's worth of wear out of them.
For our stock we have made a selection of fhe best and most reliable rubber
goods to be found.
•The;,prices wo charge you are not
more than you will pay some places for
inferior.article-*—more than that .you
have our guarantee at the back of every
pUflt-ftUaV .*"''
Ht^Water"Bottles—a handy thin***? to
" ^bavo in the house just now.
Combination Hot Water Bottles'and
, ,"'-fountain syringes. -
Hapusehold Syringajs, Enemas, 'Hippies,'
Bfe-tst Pumps, Ear Syringes, Medicino
'•*•' Droppers, etc., etc.
Dispensing Chemist, Fernie Drug Store
Fernie bss a great many plnyera and
admirers of baseball, and should be
doing something this month. At Boss-
land it is suggested tbat a Kootenay-
Washington league be formed and with
this end in view correspondence will
soon be opened with Nelson, Grand
Forks, Qreeenwood, Phoenix, Fernie,
Cranbrook, Northport,. Marcus Jind
other towns with a'Sview to inducing
thom to form leaguo teams. A baseball
team is a great advertisement for a city
and Fernie will do-well 'to be strongly
repreacnted in the proposed.leajjrio.
(Corner Howard and Main Streets)
Entirely rcmodclicJ and newly furnished throughout
Steamheated and telephone In every room
Free bus meets all trains
Electric fire alarms in each room
Kootenay daily papers kept on file
Rata*8 1 76s to $1.00 per day
€. €. ftok, Proprietor!
Loto ot the Phatr Hotel, NoUon, BO.
■ ot lasclotu roitt beef tbe nppetl-ln-* odon
escape sod tlie rich browD gnry trickle* temptingly to tt.o dlab. TtuU. U tbo Und of rooflU onr
baaet prodacia. -Tender, Juicr, nourlthln-f. It
will make jou brtiny and brawny      :
Of couric wo sell ,tbe «-holc««* cutJ of veal.
Mart), pork, etc., al*o. Bat ju-t now *r» an
talking- base.'.' hketvure ot oar ottxtzei.
The Club
Cigar Store
'Is now entirely under the management of the undersigned. In stock,
all the popular brands of the day in
Cigars and Tobaccos.
a"-'- ."
Pipes a specialty.*
»-   -a -
There is no better
, than that sold by
A. J. Purdy & Co.
^-uJ. {; ii.j-nijilinHn'i-sis.aitiVl'il"
Day and Eoening
Bookkeeping,  Shorthand,   Writing,  Arithmetic,   Spelling,
Correspondence, English Branches, Etc.
Correspondence Pupils Coached
Low nr'n-!" and individual instruction make it the 71     ]U    flrttYiCXi
1 chance of u lifetime. a'   u*   v*11"1*-*-*t--"
Fern ie Livery and Dray Stables
Careful drivers furnished when required.
Teaming,, draying   and   packing   promptly  attended   to.
-.-a Safes and pianos carefully handled.    Supplies sent by
pack-train to the Flathead or any part of thc mountains.
Baggage transferred to-any part of the city day or night.
.:,-.;. My.city bus meets all trains.
I."haoe.'th'-t aolc agency in Fernie for the sale of the
coal pf.thc. Crow's Nest Pass Coal.Co., and the price
per ton. deiioereil is $4. Clean coal and prompt attention to orders.
Have ono of thoir largest etorca in Fernio.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
0 **ys-*i^t*y--y--y.{y--^^
« J
>a          ■   1
.     .
'-         '-.
■ r
J                 ■»
■ I      <    j
1 1
, V
■        ll
WK**  »*'
\* »
; ;  ' *-.-v-« »^ .
-,-« »—,,*^«
. t-ay-ptrr-as-*1!*
*ajiVa 'A.  *»J '.;:... ■■■..   .-.!   ;.. .'.i,*y: '_JM'__"__\
'   ' *■ '   ■Jliaai«-'''aS^*y'l-ir -„*■...        ~-
'.i r
'*'. I,"
, I
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capita! - - $8,700,000 Rest - - $3,500,000
- $8,700,000 Rest -
Hcnd Office.: TORONTO
This Bank tr;inswts every description of Banking Business, including the
Issue of Letters of Credit and Drafts on Foreign Countries, and will negotiate or
collect bills on any place where there is a bank or banker.
is added to the' deposit twice in each
year, at the end of May and November.
Special Attention is directed to the
following Advantages Offered by our
Savings Bank.
_ OeposSis of On© BaK-ar
and  upwards   received   and   interest
allowed at current rates.
is subject to no delay whatever in the
withdrawal of the whole or any portion
of the deposit.
The McDonald, Simpson Co.
Wholesale Commission Merchants
and Manufacturers' Agents
The Lurasden Roller Mills
Thc Wapella Roller Mills
Lever Brothers "Sunlight Soap"
Dalton Brothers "Dish-lQwel'" Soap
The Vogel Packing"Co.  ■
The Manitoba Canning Co.
The W. & R. Jacob Co., Ltd.
Biscuit Manufautorera
The Guelph Foundry Co,, Ltd.   •
The"Armur" Co., Ltd.
The Moyio Mill & Lumber Co.
Fruit and Produce ofi all kinds. Correspondence Solicited
P. 0. Box 363, Calgary, Alta.
t> a       a""   *•+*%'**'«
*» j.--W        * ■
"5 '        ai*., >   "V?-.*,      *
■ %,ri;/.;-.-">■■ "*- *
l4W-.?$£&?:;'I" '
.^"-■"•WT-'l        a.
& Winchester
For Brick and Stone Work.
-    • >?■	
..First-class work guaranteed. Contracts taken for building coke ovens in
nay part of the country. Estimates
P. O. Box 583, Fernie, B.C.
Notice of transfer
TAKK NOTICI* thnt I intend to apply to tlio
. Board uf License Commissioners for tho
City, of Fertile for a transfer of my liquor
license for the premlsea known a* the Qucon'8
Hotel iituato on Lot lo, Block a, in the Raid
City from m.ysslf to William A. Boss.
February H, 1D05. A. P. CHKNBTTE
golic ami Cholera Remedy
/Both \
V 8l*W
Pain mwn
Stomach mi l\m zmm
Every remedy guaranteed to do its work
Y' oi' are Invited lo call nnd sec the first stock of Fit Reform
,- Osihi'-B ('n '-s own w-,r-lrobe system) in East Kootonay.
All sizes, 34—46, tall, short, stout, or thin.    We have suits
'   iv every one from $i_ to $30, price marked on  every
f£ The W. C. Hamilton Co-1|
Prescription ©rug Store
Agent for—Laughlin's Fountain Pens
Morse. Fountain Pons
Jnternntionul Stook Food  .
Liquid Veneer.
NOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN that tho reservation eunbli-lioil in narnuancci of tbo
rovisions of tho "Columbia  ntxl Westom
vatton eunbli-hoil in narnuancci of tbo
provisions of tho "Columbia and "VVevtom
Hailwav Subsidy Act, 18!XJ." noticou of which
were publiaheil in tho flsitinli Columbia Q_r_
ette and dated 7th May, IBM, and Sth Juno?"
1800, renpeotivoly, nro hereby onncolled.. ..
Crown lands situated within tho area om-
bruooil by tho said reservation will bo open to
sale, sottlemeat, lease and other disposition
nnder the provisions of the "Land Aot," three
months after the date of tho first publication
of thin notice in the,nritinh Columbia Gazette;
Cigar Store
Gives a coupon to ever)' purchaser of
25 cents worth of goods. To the holder
of the greatest number of coupons ,by
June 1 st a custom made suit cf clothes
worth $35 will be given. All coupon
holders intending to.compete for the
prize must hand in their coupons not
later than June 1st. ■..._ .
L ATKINSON, Proprietor
rovlded, however, that in- all cai>os where
anils are so sold, pre-empted,- leased or other-
vise alienated by the (.Tovornment'and'are
subdcnuontly fouuii. upon tho surveys of the
Columbia and "Western Railway Company's
blocks, to lie wholly or iu part within such
blocks, then the'pontons so acquiring snch
lands shall acquire their .title -thereto from
the Bailway Company, who have agreed to
deal with such purchaser)!, pre-omptors, lessee's, otc., on tho same terms and conditions as
the Government would nnder the provisions
of the "Land Aot," except in respect to timber
lands on the Company's blocks, whioh shall
bo subject to the regulations issued 'by tlie
Company relative to the cuttinf- of timber on
thc Columbia and Western Hailway Laud
Grunt.    -, — - ■
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works;
Lands and "Works Department, -
Viotoria, JB.C. sard February, 1905.
In the matter of an application for a duplicate of a Certificate of Title to Lots 19 anil
20, Block 9 in the Town of Femie (Mnp 734).
NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN that it Is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month from the first publication hereof
a duplicate of.the Cortiiioate of Title to tho
above mentioned Lots in tho name of Stephen
Francis Wnllaco, which Certificate is datod
tho :5th day of November. 1903. and numbered
23MA. '       H. F. MACLEOD,
*. District Registrar
Land Registry Office. Kelson,B.C.    "
9th February, 1D05. ,  "   '-
A butterfly was seen 'n   Fernie   on
Saturday J?
Sewers an' sidewalks arc the crying
need for Fcnie.
Stop at' the Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake City.
The Fort Steelo brewery hasincreased
its' boiler caf.icit)'.
Plenty o'f »ire pulling- on Victoria
avenue these days.
Sewing irachines to rent at the B. C.
Furniture Company.
Today is Lent but ham and eggs are
still being sold in the city.
R. W. Cou'thard   is   still, suffering
from the effects of hockey.
.. .The'Episcopal church rejoices in   a
new pulpit from Vancouver.
Spring is here, but the only Robin in
sight has been here all winter.
-. Drummers' Trom Toronto are thick in
Fernie'during the past few days."
•"   This* is the season when  the secrets
of the back yard are made public.   "
A. D. Drummond   now   wears   the
star and carries the baton in Michel.,*
•.During, February   there   were, 251
pupils on the roll of the Fernie schools.
In Fernie grippe lias almost left the
cily, although there is no by-law against
The interior of the C. P. R. station
has been beautified with .the painter's
brush. J , .    .
j     j,    .   .*  ■ f k * -a.
Trains leave Fernie on ihe Great
Northern at 9.45 a. m., and arrive, at
9.15 p.* m.
ready for the fish-
new   stock   of
Having purchased the stock of The Crow's Nest" Trading Co. at
aerate on thedollar we are selling all broken linesof men's goods -
at considerably below cost.    We are forced.tb do this owing to.
our temporary building being so small, and to  make room  for
new goods arriving.
■-'.!fi»,tp     .-
s       ^vtS-.s
Stiff Bosom, Cuffs detached, Regular price $1.25 and $1.50 for 50c
,,       ,,          lM. attached, ,,           ,,      1.00 and    1.25     „ "30c
Negligees ■" „           ,,     i.oo ,, 59c
'      ,,                     ~ 'v --      1.25                      a 75c
Hen's Working and Fine Boots
.Regular Price $2.75 for §1.75
,, 2.50 „ 1.50
»       2-25     11      1.25
1-75   ,,    1.00
Fedoras in Pearl
Grey, Browns and
Blacks. Regular
Price $3.00 for $1
Lake, have
lumber camps and mines.
iilithV&  Co.,  Trout
the supplies needed by
has apparently dropped in early, but finds us
well equipped to meet all requirements. We
have just finished  marking off one of our
Spring cars and you will fine our stock very complete.
'    What's the matter with cleaning up .your yard and thus avoid a visit
from the Health Inspector?
We arc sole agents
v*' for London
Fire Extinguisher
50c 60c & 75c
Opposite thc Post Office.       Right in the Centre of Ihe City.
N.B.—We will inaugurate a Clearing Sale of Granite Ware next week,
when particulars will be announced. "■■■
The King Edward
Is convenient to all  the
important places of business in Fernie.
J. L. Gates-, Prop.   -
Order your Spring suits now.   Nalty
Suitings now arriving. >
F. F. Liebscher, *
Sllvartoa's Bos* Tailor
The public schools now open at 9' a.
m. and close at/3.30. None but the
children object to (he long hours.
In Fernie during. February ihe customs collections amounted $4270.21,
and the inland revenue to $'3426.72.
VV. O. Robbins has received his
spring stock of wall paper. Prices
range from 10 cents to $1.50 a roll.,,
Mud slides at the gumbo cut a few
miles west of the city have caused Iho
G. N. much trouble during- tho past
A free reading room and library in
Fernie'would be much appreciated by
thaise dwellers in the cily who have a
desire for literature.
C. O. D. says he cannot reduce his
prices because he is always selling
goods at the lowest price'' compatible
with commercial safety.    ,
At the Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
you do not need an introduction to get
a drink. Put the price on the bar and
the mixer will'do the rest.
E. Polph, the tailor, clothes cleaner
and repairer isnp-to-datcin all branches
of his business. Call and see him when
your suit .heeds attention,   ... ,   --"  -
-The Hotel Fernie is being touched
with paint. The top floor will be ready
for occupancy next work. The office is
to be adorned with plate glass windows
and a door put in the corner.
Walter"Dayidsb'n, who'"fell 'off the
.westbound local near, Elko, died iri the
Fernie hospital last week, and his'funeral was conducted by the Knights of
Pythias and the Brewer's Union, \
D.J. Robertson.& Co., Nelson have
received several carloads of spring and
summer furniture recently that they are
selling at prices compatible with the financial pulse of thc country. Drop a
line and catch their prices. -
The robins are out and so are the
people wearirig'the elegant spring "suits
made by J. C. Hutchison at his shop in
Fernie. His suits have adorned'; many
a manly form in East Kootenay, and
while Hutch can shove tfic neaidleand
shears they will adorn many more.
Women, no matter what their" profession or occupation can find no ~ safer
investmentthan buying a model endowment policy in the Mutual Life of
Canada. . They are profitable as an investment, in addition to the life insurance provided. See facts from the lady
agent at ihe Hotel Fernie.
Runaways are frequent in Fernie.
The sight of so many wires .overhead,
and the roar of commerce on our streets,
probably make the country horses nervous. One small boy was eight apples
ahead by a runaway on Saturday; -It
is a bad runaway that blows no fun .or
profit toward the rising'Feneration.
Why buy case eggs at high' prices that give the worst kind
of results this time of year, when you can buy from us
.  New Laid, Eggs   ■
§       PROMPT      §
S'   DELIVERY     §
<*• -3
The People's Grocer,   P, O. Block, Fernie
Ladies'  Winter Skirts
Ladies' Winter Blouses
To make room for Spring
Goods now arriving I will clear
all ladies' skirts  and   blouses
.   Todd Block
eg*   OR   BATH
**."■»•        ALWW8 READY AT
SDirt mai$t S«it$ at $4
. Raia.#!oa!»
•    '    * -I __ * * a. l     ■    4 4,     /■ I ■„
■-•-     wcar/ot a!? Slnds     .-:
Infants' Wear ana ffositry •'
A-    -
at my store in the Todd Block
Fernie has a great many players and
admirers of baseball, and should be
doing something this month.: At Boss-
land it is suggested that a Kootenay-
Washington league be formed and with
this end in view correspondence will
soon be opened with Nelson, Grand
Forks, Greeenwood, Phoenbc, Fernie,
Cranbrook, Northport, Marcus arid
other towns witb a view to inducing
them to form leaguo teams. A baseball
team Is a great advertisement for aclty
and Fernie will do - well 'to be strongly
represented in the proposed leaj-ao.
B   tima
Dispensing Chemist, Fernie Drug Store
(aCorncr Howard and Main Streets)
Entirely remodelled and newly furnished throughout
Steamheated and telephone in every room
Free bus moots all trains
Electric lire alarms in each room
Kootenay daily papers kept on file
Rstns i  70o to 81.00 pet* day
e. €. P&air, Proprietor
Lata ot tho i-ltalr Hotel, K«l«on, B 0.
'- .of la-clotu r«5t laa-art tte eppetfdn-ri-wori
escape and the rich browo g-117 trlckla*» temptingly to tl 0 dish. Tb»t te the kind of roust* our
beef prodocc*.. Tendar, Juicy, noorhblriff. It
vi!'makcyott'breiny »nd bmwny
. - Of conr-o ar* tell the «hotee»t cuts of vet.1,
Umb, pork, etc., »l«o. Bat ju*t now wa atr»
tkikiog bear.' Beefware of our offerinc*. .
The Club
Cigar Store
Is now entirely under the management of the undersigned. In stock,
all the popular brands of the day in
Cigars and Tobaccos.
Pipes a specially.
There is no better
/ than that sold by
/J;Purdy <LCo.
'^wt iu^tim
Day and Eocning
Bookkeeping,   Shorthand,  Writing, Arithmetic,  Spelling,
Correspondence, English Branches, Etc.
Correspondence Pupils Coached
Low nrirfs •'•■■-- individual instruction make it. the fl    M    (^f-iftipQ
chance of a lifetime. '*••   l **•   ul""**0
Careful drivers furnished when required.
Teaming,  draying   and   packing   promptly   attended   to.
:- Safes and pianos carefully handled.    Supplies sent by
pack-train to the Flathead or any part of the mountains.
Baggage transferred to any part of the city day or night.
...-■. My city bus meets all trains.
I haoe th*. sole agencu in Fernie for theaale ofthe
coal of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., and the price
per ton delioered is $4. CIe«in coal and prompt attention to orders.
Havo ono ot tbeir largcat etorco in Fernie.
Lamb, "Voal, Fresh anil Smoked Finb.
Bulk Oysters,   Try a gallon
6 ^*»/a**yi-y-*y-"y*-v,'al!»^^ i
_ The trouble with most rubber
goods is that they crack or come apart
at the scams before you get your'
money's worth of wear out of them.
For our stock we have made a selection of fhe best and most reliable rubber
goods to be found.
...The: prices .we charge you are not
more than you will pay some places for
inferior' article*.—more than that .you
have our guarantee at the back of every
pura-jteisc .   '
H<y\Water Dottles—a handy thing to    £ j
-r--%havc in the house just now.
Crimination Hot Water Bottles'and
•'"/fountain syringes.
Household Syringes, Enemas, 'K.ipple's,'
Breast Pumps, Ear Syringes, Medicine
-'"- Droppers, etc., etc.


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